Game 4 Chicago Bulls vs Brooklyn Nets: “Back to BrookLin Pick-and-Roll”



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A formidable Chicago Bulls (2-0) team is visiting the Brooklyn Nets (1-2) who just lost a close game on the road against the Bucks. The Bulls have beaten the Celtics and the Pacers behind strong games by Dwayne Wade (18ppg), Jimmy Butler (20ppg), Rajon Rondo (11asts/gm) and Doug McDermott (14ppg). Brook will also match up against his twin brother, Robin Lopez.

The good news is Brook Lopez will be back after 1 game of rest so we can expect the great dynamics of Pick-and-roll with Jeremy Lin will continue to grow. Despite the emphasis on motion offense, it is encouraging to see Coach Atkinson’s willingness to adapt using Pick-and-Roll (PnR) offense by employing 46.6% PnR for Jeremy so far after Game 3.

After 1 day rest, Jeremy’s shooting should be back close to his 46% FG  in Game 1-2 before poor shooting(25% FG) in Game 2 due to fatigue of back-to-back games. In the past few seasons, Jeremy has shown the ability to bounce back strong after a bad game. Nevertheless, his ability to empower his team would still be there as evident with 12pts/1oasts in the Bucks game.

It will be a tough challenge to beat the veteran experience of DWade, Rondo and Butler but if any of them had an off-game, the Nets can take advantage by maintaining a high pace of offense and good 3pt shooting to tire the Bulls out. The Nets haven’t had good 3FG% (32.1%) so they are due for a good shooting at home.

Let’s hope and pray the Nets will continue their formula of success, play gritty basketball together as a team, and finish the game healthy! It is unknown if Vasquez (ankle) and Foye (hamstring, doubtful status) are healthy enough to play.

Let’s go, JLin and the Nets! You Can Do It!


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