Game 4 Chicago Bulls vs Brooklyn Nets: “Back to BrookLin Pick-and-Roll”



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A formidable Chicago Bulls (2-0) team is visiting the Brooklyn Nets (1-2) who just lost a close game on the road against the Bucks. The Bulls have beaten the Celtics and the Pacers behind strong games by Dwayne Wade (18ppg), Jimmy Butler (20ppg), Rajon Rondo (11asts/gm) and Doug McDermott (14ppg). Brook will also match up against his twin brother, Robin Lopez.

The good news is Brook Lopez will be back after 1 game of rest so we can expect the great dynamics of Pick-and-roll with Jeremy Lin will continue to grow. Despite the emphasis on motion offense, it is encouraging to see Coach Atkinson’s willingness to adapt using Pick-and-Roll (PnR) offense by employing 46.6% PnR for Jeremy so far after Game 3.

After 1 day rest, Jeremy’s shooting should be back close to his 46% FG  in Game 1-2 before poor shooting(25% FG) in Game 2 due to fatigue of back-to-back games. In the past few seasons, Jeremy has shown the ability to bounce back strong after a bad game. Nevertheless, his ability to empower his team would still be there as evident with 12pts/1oasts in the Bucks game.

It will be a tough challenge to beat the veteran experience of DWade, Rondo and Butler but if any of them had an off-game, the Nets can take advantage by maintaining a high pace of offense and good 3pt shooting to tire the Bulls out. The Nets haven’t had good 3FG% (32.1%) so they are due for a good shooting at home.

Let’s hope and pray the Nets will continue their formula of success, play gritty basketball together as a team, and finish the game healthy! It is unknown if Vasquez (ankle) and Foye (hamstring, doubtful status) are healthy enough to play.

Let’s go, JLin and the Nets! You Can Do It!


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  1. the boys are back in town–thin lizzy

  2. Old Moon Madness

  3. when i was 21 i looked pretty much like the lead guitarist here; think i had that guitar…maybe i still do.

  4. They seem to get along well ….

  5. Jeremy doesn’t often get annoyed. Here he’s having words with Dwyane Wade during last years’ playoffs, following Wade’s illegal screen.

  6. Good news. They will change again soon.

  7. veteran nets fans say brook always does especially well playing against robin.

  8. I wish the Nets could ship out RHJ and other players for Nerlens Noel.

    Noel would instantly give the Nets a major dose of athleticism and youth.

  9. Lol… been calling this all summer that the analysts clearly don’t do any research on the Nets. And now they’re rating the Nets higher exactly like I expected.

  10. did they writeup about the correction or did they just quietly change it so not to appear a fool later?

  11. it wasnt even a screen hehe. just straight pushing into lin.

  12. I think Wade didn’t expect the nice-guy Lin to stand up to him and having some words with him (not exactly jawing yet)
    Wade wanted to shove to play mind-games with Jeremy to throw him off his game, since Wade got beat a few times.

    I think Wade respected Lin more afterwards.

  13. Jeremy thinks rumbling is a big waste of energy, but when it comes to it he does NOT back down. If Wade insists on jawing, then Jeremy turns right back at him. Amused me “muchly” the comment in that great Slam article posted last thread about him “point-guarding the $hi!” out of the escape room game. And his comment about running the show being his natural place. Be it bball or gaming, he just compelled to organize a WIN. Reminded me of those immature testosterone-addled posters last couple of years who complained he wasn’t “Alpha” enough. Jeremy is the very MEANING of Alpha – laser focused, patient like a cobra and with the same striking speed when the opportunity shows itself, always self-observing, secured in a deep spiritual awareness. If they can really jell and have injury- free luck, I think he can lead this rag-bag mix-n-match team to impressive success…but whatever happens, his trajectory as a human being continues to be such an inspiring and thrilling ride.

    Fangirl bigly?

  14. Powerful thread graphic….its hyping me up, big time!!!

  15. Here is the promo for tonight’s game again:


  16. “So the #Nets shot up 5 spots to 25th in @ESPNSteinLine’s power rankings”

    The prize for beating the projected #4-seed Pacers: moving up from #30 to #25.

  17. While Wade definitely has had his share of beef with players over the years, I don’t think he was trying to play mind-games with Lin on the rough screen. He was “getting back” at Lin for what he thought was Lin trying to diss him at the 0:33 second mark of the video.

    I doubt Lin was trying to start anything, but he runs past Wade and nudges him slightly after blowing by him for the score. Wade looks at the ref immediately afterwards and is like “Are you serious?” The ref doesn’t make a call addressing that action, rather calls Lin for delay of game for touching the ball after the basket. So Wade sees his grievance as unaddressed and reacts the very next play. The whole thing was a misunderstanding.

  18. Did the announcer screamed “Lincredible” at 0:07?

  19. Uh oh…don’t play like a deer in headlights now!!!

  20. He said in the interview today that he had hand-me-downs of Bambi costumes…

    And people tried arguing with me that Lin’s family was wealthy and affluent when he was a kid.

  21. LET’S GO, NETS!!!
    Looking forward to strong play from BrookLin & every Nets players. #HoldOurFront

  22. fangirl bigly? isn’t that the rapper nick young is dating now?

  23. this.

  24. Honestly couldn’t care less about ESPNs rankings.
    A chimp could probably do a better job

  25. funny.

  26. There is no other player that I worry about Lin playing against more than Dwayne Wade…
    He is one of the best 2 guards in the NBA and one of the most dirtiest and reckless players.
    All I hope for is Lin to stay healthy.

  27. DWade isn’t really reckless, but he sure is dirty. I’m also pretty sure Lin is on Wade’s bad side so that makes things worse.

  28. Why don’t the Nets have all their interviews with the players up on like most teams do?

  29. lin always shoots very well after a poor performance.. i expect a 25 and 7 performance tonight!

  30. This is basketball not MMA. So I wouldn’t be too worried about it.

  31. There’s NOTHING to worry about.

    Lin is the toughest guard in the NBA, it’s more about opponents worrying about him than the other way around!

    Besides, the Nets have their three headed shooting guard hellhound in JoBogSkil. Wade and Butler will have their hands full battling the best SG rotation in the NBA!

  32. LOL. Our ex-very-own SwaggyP? Is there another rapper fangirling him now? Since rapper Iggy Azalea is gone and his ex-wife just had his second child? He doesn’t need any more fangirl biglys 🙂

  33. doesn’t matter who Lin plays against, he should play aggressively. If DWade shoves Lin, he should trip that old man up on the next play…maybe stick out a foot at the right moment. DWade is a HOF and a great player, but he is a not a good person by any measure. When wade is on the court, Lin shouldn’t expect him to play like a gentleman either. I think Lin has his number though…we saw that in game 7 last season. Hopefully the nets crush the bulls and puts Wade in his place.

  34. man that was awesome! LOL! I see why wade did the hard check on Lin though…we see lin get frustrated and threw the ball back into the crowd after his layup. He got a foul call on that for delay of game, but for Wade it wasn’t enough. Like I said, Lin needs to get his revenge on him tonight!!

  35. identical twins always get along well with each other. The Markief brothers of the nba are the exact same way.

  36. funny video I found while watching that lin clip:

  37. Who is arguing with you?

  38. Let’s go JLin!!!!! Spank the Chicago kobe steaks!!!!

  39. Thats Ms. Jane if ur Nasty 🙂

  40. Yes “toughest guard”, and the routine double and triple teaming on him proves who is worrying about who.

  41. You could rest sured that Wade would play dirty tonight. As he got older, that is the edge he wanted; superstar calling from the ref. In a word, he feels he needs that to compete with younger players.

  42. Very fascinating David vs Goliath strategy between 169lbs vs 600+ fighters.

    What an expected ending!
    Thanks for sharing

  43. It’s ok we have scola

  44. gamblers elsewhere point out the nets have between the spread in all 3 games; so if you bet the nets all 3 games you win.

    spread tonite is: 6

    nets have beaten the spread comfortably in all 3 games. (tho the spread keeps shrinking).

  45. Ed Davis

  46. NBA History of Lopez Twin-Brothers

    Over the course of his career, Brook has averaged 18.3 points, 7.4 rebounds, 1.4 assists, and 1.7 blocks per game. He was named an All-Star in 2013 as well as an NBA All-Rookie First Team member in his rookie season.
    Over his less impressive campaign, Robin has managed 8.5 points, 5.4 rebounds, 0.6 assists, and 1.2 blocks per game.

    It would not be surprising to see emotions flare between these two, as they did last year when the two competed. “I hope to really give it to Robin,’’ said Brook following last year’s game against his brother. “He was kind of making me mad out there.’’ Brook ended up beating his brother, but the matchup was very edgy.

  47. I’m worried with Vasquez out KA will play Whitehead too much. The rookie is just not ready for prime time. Play SKil as backup PG instead.

  48. noel is miles more diverse game and of course much younger; and of course the 6ers want to move him.

    only question would be his health. (not sure if there are still issues there or not but seem to be with all the philly bigs).

  49. Yikes! LOL

  50. i agree with this; i mean the general concept of letting skil play as pg some as well as 2.

    rotate the players who are playing the best. where’s that 8 man rotation someone posted on a previous thread: that looked good to me. (it was using the players with best PER to date).

    kilpatrick has played 25 games with the nets and put up double digit scoring in in 22 of those games (and only played 30 minutes or more 3 times!).

  51. wow, @NBA is also getting hyped with Butler’s Bulls vs JLin’s Nets matchup

    Jimmy & the @chicagobulls visit Jeremy & the @BrooklynNets 7:30pm/et @NBATV! #KiaTipOff16 #CHIatBKN

  52. The Nets just needs to play fast. There is no way the Bulls can catch up with them.
    Again the weak link is ….Jefferson.

  53. kurt helin at nbc sports has nets up to 22 in ranks; thats the highest. but everyone has them at least 26 after almost everyone having them 30th to start the season. (from netsdaily)

  54. haha yeah…I thought the little guy was going to be crushed for sure…looks like a japanese video, they love these crazy fight scenarios.

  55. We also have RHJ, sigh!

  56. I was also thinking that’s the most effective strategy to tire out a 34-yr old vet like DWade

  57. Im really curious as to how lin will perform in back to backs this whole season. The 2nd game of back to backs. The nets have 14 back to backs right ? I wonder is there a stat site for players performance in back to backs.

  58. speaking of strategy; overall rondo is such a one dimensional player i would think it helps yer defensive thinking; you know he doesn’t want to drive to draw fouls (only 2 fta’s per game); he doens’t want to shoot (fewer fga’s than any starting pg but rubio) and he can’t shoot anyway (shooting a fabulous 21% so far)–all he wants to do is get assists.

  59. I’m curious to find out what Lin meant by “finding something to throw them off, make it difficult in the defensive end, throw them off their rhythm” in the pre-game interview.

    My guess is Coach KA would ask RHJ to use his athleticism to deny DWade to get the ball in his sweet spots that he can easily drive to the rim or have wide-open shots so it really throws off his rhythm.

  60. A couple of contract extensions / signings today. Lin deal looking more and more like a steal

  61. I hope RHJ doesn’t get pushed by Wade 😛

  62. I hate it when games are on NBA TV. I pay for league pass but then get blacked out. This is already the second time in four games the Nets are on NBA TV.

  63. ? What was the first ?

  64. ESPN or basketball-reference has the Split stats showing X-days of rest.

    For the Hornets 2015-16, Lin’s 3pt shooting % was the worst with 0 days of rest (27.3%) and 3+days of rest (21.4%)
    But surprisingly, Lin’s FG% with 0 days of rest was the best at 47.2%

    It’s too early too tell from 1 game but it looked like Lin would adjust well over the season.
    I had no doubt if there’s more stability with Brook’s presence in Game 3, his FG% would be higher due to better looks.

    See the attached image

  65. great point by Robin. The Nets need another playmaker so defense can’t focus too much on Lin

    But RHJ might be needed to defend DWade

  66. RHJ is bigger; hopefully he pushes back lol

  67. true, I’m sure all Nets players will be instructed to leave Rondo wide-open to dare him to shoot =)

    33.3% FG and 25% 3FG so far

  68. There is a pregame show on nbatv at 4pm pacific.

  69. lol .. JHam wants to tame the Bulls/Vikings

  70. rondo wade jimmy butler
    lin skil / rhj / bog

  71. I like the picture they used for Lin ?

  72. My mistake. I was thinking of one of the preseason games. I still hate NBA TV. If you are paying the NBA for games, why should NBA TV be blacked out? It isn’t like it is on another company’s network like ESPN or TNT.

  73. I like it so much I used it for my Disqus and Twitter profile pic.
    The Linsanity warrior scream is so cool! ?

  74. Luis being very gracious and shaking hands …

  75. Ya the blackout thing is dumb

  76. Skipped my morning golf round for this game. Put on a good show for me Nets!

  77. haha.. I wish =)

  78. Not sure if this has been posted. New ESPN Power Rankings for the week.

    25. Brooklyn Nets
    2016-17 record: 1-2
    Previous ranking: 30

    Kudos to Jeremy Lin, Kenny Atkinson, Sean Marks, et al. The Nets, widely billed as the league’s worst team and favored in Las Vegas to be the last team on the NBA map to win a game this season, outscored the Pacers by a heady 31-15 in the fourth quarter Friday night to claim a W that (ever so briefly) hiked Brooklyn to the heights of .500. These are the same Pacers, yes, who are such a trendy pick to make a run at a top-four spot and home-court advantage in the first round of the East playoffs.

  79. NBA leaders in 4th-quarter scoring:

    1) @BrooklynNets – 34.0 PPG
    T-2) Thunder, Magic – 31.7 PPG
    4) Hawks – 31.5 PPG

  80. yep. one ranking, nbc sports maybe (see posts below) has them as high as 22.

  81. hmm stats im looking at has rondo at only 21% as i have above; have 25% for 3 tho same.

  82. do nets have a mascot? (what would a “net” mascot look like?)–robin lopez is famous for has assaults on mascots.

  83. Agree. It’s so obvious for most observers that first unit needs more offense… We’ll see if SM and KA make it happen or let politics rule as usual since RHJ is their draft pick. They’ve been promoting him since preseason.

  84. I am hoping KA finally see the big picture that this team is a possible playoff team. I am very tire of the player development strategy that cost us Game 1 and Game 3. We would have been 3-0.

  85. RHJ is a FAKE defensive player, that’s the one guy that SHOULD NOT be guarding Wade!

  86. any good stream??…My league pass does not have the game because it’s on NBA TV

  87. I still disagree with that strategy. But there’s no reason why Lin can’t play with Skil many minutes in the game. I still think Skil is best used as a strong penetrating scoring explosive force on the second unit. Because when the perimeter shots don’t fall on that unit, he’s the only one really that can provide that.

    I think it’s much more important to have him in with Lin at strategic points in the game, during runs, end of halves and games, that it is to start the first and third quarters. I understand the reasoning of his point. And I agree with someone else handling the ball to take pressure off of Lin. It should be RHJ but he’s horrible at handling the ball. Bogs will have to handle the ball some.

  88. stream?

  89. yes floaters plz lol

  90. isnt butler a guard?

  91. skil and harris is 6 th men , whitehead backup PG , Scola Hamilton bench bigs
    reserves CMC bennet

  92. Hmm. Top 16. You are in the playoffs.

  93. Noone above 30 min except @JLin7
    Coach Atkinson wants a deep team like #Spurs

  94. go lin!

  95. But I do love the adjustment KA had made for game 2 and game 3. Go Nets! Go KA!

  96. Balanced minutes distribution. Kenny has a plan and he’s sticking with it.

  97. any stream?

  98. anyone got slingtv blue and know if the game is showing?

  99. I have a feeling that Bulter is gonna abuse Bog….

  100. Both teams off to a good start.

  101. thanks!

  102. What a leaner by Lin!

  103. RHJ to Bojan 333

    Great ball movement!

  104. RHJ making some bad shots…

  105. Good D by RHJ to cause DWade to miss

  106. Lin blows past Rondo!

  107. Nice take!!!

  108. This isn’t good. Bulls are red hot right now…

  109. Bulls hot shooting.

  110. Lin 2 to’s already??

  111. Terrible defense

  112. trevor needs to roll harder

  113. dude man cmon he gets 2 To too early in a game for gods sake.

  114. One was a miscommunication, the other a solid, veteran play by Rondo on a pass out.

  115. Our defense is terrible right now

  116. Ya! Bulls can take any shot they want …. smh!

  117. Bulls get wide open shots!

  118. Shrug them off. I think Lin should attack and shoot, not attack and pass. Bulls are reading it.

  119. are they trapping/doubleteaming him at all?

  120. 2nd one was bookers problem, why did he cut and then stop halfway…

  121. Not yet, no.

  122. ok thanks

  123. I’m beginning to appreciate Cliffo’s defense…

  124. no worries.. miscommunication w/ Booker who stopped to roll

    as long as Lin’s aggressive to score or pass, it’s good

  125. Ya, uncontested looks

  126. i think he should to the same hope kenny wont take him out

  127. true, Rondo can be dangerous to deflect passes with his long arms

  128. Lin steals it from Wade. That makes up for a TO.

  129. Lin stole DWade’s ball

  130. Wow, defense with so many holes.

  131. Needs to slow down. Nice dish there !!!

  132. Lin’s assist to Harris

  133. Nets are off sync

  134. RHJ cant buy a shot. JH!!!!

  135. What kinda offense was that.

  136. Lin’s the only guy closed out on shooter

  137. Yea why does he always have to shoot after he gets the pass…move the ball…

  138. Another nice pull up jumper!

  139. Our boy is aggressive

  140. Nice D by Lin!

  141. Great example of Lin’s complete game,

    1 steal, 1 assist, 1 foul-drawn by Harris in a span of 3 seconds

  142. Why did Harris shoot that

  143. Lin on fire

  144. Uh oh, Whitehead is in.

  145. RHJ looks pitiful on O.

  146. RHJ needs to stop taking shots and stick with easy layups.

  147. Lin has the ball and the team just watching. Give Lin some screens, make some cuts. Don’t just camp out on the 3 pt line.

  148. Lin’s jumper is so smooth

    4pts/1ast/1stl in 8 min

  149. D. Wade playing like a star even at his old age.

  150. Everyone is playing like street ball

  151. Omg RHJ, 0-3, 1 TO.

  152. Nets Transition D got exploited by Bulls for easy points

  153. RHJ should be benched if he cannot improve after 3 bad games

  154. KA should be the starter!

  155. I mean Klip.

  156. whitehead and rhj = garbage

  157. Way too many easy transition points for the Bulls

  158. No one but Lin can score tonight. RHJ is really hurting them — not doing anything out there on either end.

  159. What was whitehead thinking about going for an air floater.

  160. WTH was that Whitehead?

  161. airball on a layup

  162. Lin has to score this game screw all else

  163. whitehead is out of control

  164. Lol.

  165. Lin has the hot hand tonight. He has to take over and shoot 20+ times.

  166. j has 6 points?

  167. 🙁

  168. Nets has bad situation for backup pg

  169. The D is horrible.

  170. What happened to motion offense? Why is there so much ISO ball from whitehead and rhj?

  171. Bulls are making all the shots & exploited Nets weak transition defense 🙁

    Hope they cool off soon

  172. Whitehead and RHJ are very careless, totally out of control

  173. KA needs to see RJH is not making it the minutes given him…let him practice more for his minutes to gain.

  174. C’mon AK, if you want to win, please give Lin more play time!!

  175. nets has no urgency today?

  176. I think RHJ is bad until I see Bennett play. Lol

  177. Those are uncontested shots.

  178. This group is bad,,.

  179. LOL

  180. With all the open shots they are getting I don’t think their % will drop

  181. i can’t watch this omg lol

  182. Then Whitehead. Three stooges.

  183. Bulls have a deep bench too.

  184. Lin and Booker back.

  185. I am telling u. Shouldn’t compare this group to Knicks role players during Linsanity.

  186. Lin with a 3!!! He’s hot tonight!

  187. KA sucks. This Motion system is not working. smh!

  188. not much rest there for Lin!

  189. very true :[

  190. 4-4 lets go

  191. Sigh.. Whitehead still playing on my feed lol

  192. Net will loose ugly today!

  193. I can’t believe I am missing Foye so much.

  194. crazy Mulan hair … 3!!!

  195. Lin 3!!!!!!!

  196. Lin ON FIRE tonight. Making up for last game.

  197. Lin got fouled. They can’t stop him tonight!

  198. WHOA.. Lin had no hesitation on that 3!!

  199. It’s like a pro team vs. a good HS team.

  200. Lin with 11 points!

  201. omg 35 pts 1st qtr

  202. LIN LAYUP

  203. Lin is carrying this whole team…so frustrating

  204. Wade 3 pts has improved a lot this season.

  205. except the last one lol

  206. 38 Pts. Our D is terrible.

  207. Changed my mind. Start with Skil. I almost want to send RHJ to the D-league at this point.

  208. Lin probably should have shot that last one instead of passing to Scola. He can’t miss right now.

  209. Not going to help I feel no one else can hit a shot. What happen to the grittiness of this team. No effort on the D at alll.

  210. One guy from the Nets to play against the Bulls! Ain’t gonna to work…

  211. He has to play some point. He’s already scored a bunch. It was a good shot and look for Scola, he missed it.

  212. Lin excellent drive and layup over 6’10” Mirotic!

    11pts/1ast/2 rebs/1stl in 9 min of Q1

  213. at least is HOT

  214. He’s on fire. Looks great.

  215. There were 4 fouls though — next one would have sent him to the line.

  216. Geez Bulls acquiring the younger Robin Lopez (brother of Brook Lopez) and Wade improved them tremendously! I just got back home, was listening to the live audio and they are playing lights out! It’s a good thing Lin’s competing and making shots but he will have to take more shots and playing his mind out to win. This is going to be a tough game. Bulls are a better team than Pacers for sure!

  217. Will Lin get a new career high tonight?

  218. Good point!

  219. This game will be over by 3rd quarter

  220. jeremys the only one doing good :/ god dam. of course rondo and wade have to be shooting lights out lol

  221. Only if the rest of the team can play better. Haven’t seen any Booker action yet..

  222. Lin’s 5/5

  223. 40 pts night baby along with 10 assist.

  224. he’s not making all effort to make his shots grit yet and determination. needs to practice and has immersion to change his attitude.LOL!

  225. Can’t understand KA’s love of Whitehead

  226. RHJ, Whitehead and Bennett — worse than 3 stooges.

  227. Think positive!

  228. With 5/5 & 1/1; 100% PG%!

  229. I have been saying starting Skil over RHJ.

  230. Lin needs to rest dude

  231. Wow, Nets can’t buy a basket tonight… other than Lin of course.

  232. Game almost over. Nets’ D has many holes like Nets.

  233. no one is moving and screening him..4 players were bird watching!

  234. Re KHuang on guys with undeveloped fundamentals, yet again!…both Whitehead and RHJ are very young, both had to have big expectations for themselves because of all the high school honors, both left college two years early. Lin had exceptional emotional maturity at their age, prolly because of the obstacles he faced. They don’t have that…too young, over-eager. Even if they think they want to buy in to KA/Lin team concept, I doubt they know how to do that. It’s going to take hella patience to develop those boys. I think they are going to be an issue the whole season, imho.

  235. I really don’t mind if Lin takes 20fga’s tonight. lol

  236. Good drive by Booker
    2 FTs

  237. Wow. They have to capitalize these turnovers.

  238. Lin knows how good this Bulls team is just by the deficit! Have to be aggressive and make his shots.

  239. Omg. What the **** was that. 3 chances to make a shot right at the basket.

  240. wow..yeah we are losing this one

  241. seems they are playing without calm.

  242. The Bulls is good. Real good this year.

  243. That last sequence by the nets was just shameful. 3 players under the basket and still could not score.

  244. Play SKil at pg dude

  245. Lin got hammered…no call. And his teammates can’t make anything tonight.

  246. 3 chippie and no one can make one

  247. gonna eat some halloween candy and watch westworld. later yall -_-

  248. damn that no call. that was bad

  249. Yes it’s ridiculous, 3 guys, 3 shots and still no basket. Would rather they took the shot back out.

  250. Everyone need to effing calm down. KA needs to settle everyone down.

  251. Yeah. It’s a long game and Lin has a hot hand tonight. Just need to settle down and focus on defense.

  252. No 50/50 calls on the road…no 50/50 calls at home.

  253. Where is Brook?

  254. Nets D got a little better to start Q2 but offense has a hiccup..

    Defense need to hold

  255. Omg. Ham…

  256. Yeah. Effing pathetic. Sorry for the language but just got to say it

  257. like really… mirotic gets wiiiiiiiide open 3s? this defense

  258. I like Klip’s spirit!!!

  259. Rolled his ankle…luckily that’s not a big problem. Just need some tape and a rest.

  260. ouch, JHam rolled his ankle :{

  261. JLin 2nd STL! (1STL, 1 AST within 10 sec)! Go LIN Go!

  262. There u go. Play within the system. Booker with a steal. Now play some D

  263. We are ice cold.

  264. Nice pass!

  265. Lin hustling like hell despite no calls.

  266. As always!

  267. Alright, some energy here!

  268. another great Lin steal leading to his assist to Bojan’s DUNK!

  269. D-FENCE chants! let’s gooo

  270. Bulls on fire…Nets only have Lin.

  271. Lopez has nothing tonight.

  272. this is rough man

  273. What’s going on? Lopez non existent… no one can shoot other than our boy…

  274. No one but Lin can do anything tonight. Lin is the entire offense and defense.

  275. just stat pad j -_____- this defense is horrendous

  276. This is what happen when you sit a starter on the 3rd game of the season….

  277. Brook is short on his shot. I think KA needs no adjust for the second half. Slow it down and get brook involve more. Can’t be like a track meet out there

  278. Lin is going to have to play 40 minutes this game…

  279. Lin’s going to get good stats tonight, but they will lose. We wanted him to start, and how it’s going to be hard to watch sometimes.

  280. I have to admit the Bulls is a really good team, better than Celtics and Pacers

    Many playmakers, great ball movement within Hoiberg’s system

  281. yes, slow it down, but they have to work out who to play against this more talented team.

  282. you can’t play slow now because of the deficit…

  283. need to get brook going with some active pnrs

  284. Well, let’s see what happens…it’s a looooong game.

  285. price you pay when you go to a team like this.. he should statpad as all hell this season

  286. Lin playing serious minutes in this game. i hope you worry worts are happy LOL

  287. Call a few post up plays for Brook.

  288. the Nets need more than Lin that can play at the NBA level

  289. If play some D then it should be fine

  290. I’m with you, it would be good to get him on the side of – that guy is good, but his team let him down. You know, the press thing.

  291. Nets might lose but this Bulls is definitely better than Celtics and Pacers..

  292. Any PNR

  293. Triple Double pls…

  294. Hopefully Nets will not be behind Philly after 3rd quarter.

  295. I’ll go with you, if KA gets this team to stop playing like chickens without heads.

  296. their defense is atrocious and can’t trade basket and eat time too.

    they need fast bucks and in strings to be able to have a slim chance of winning

  297. Lin with a breather.

  298. Kenny is great at inbounds plays out of timeouts.

  299. only if the Nets can keep it close..

    hoping the Nets can be within 12 pts at the end of Q2

  300. He needs that bc in 2nd half probably will play long min….

  301. Gibson is really good. Hope we can get him.

  302. is this team that bad?

  303. Probably come back in this quarter once they’re in the bonus.

  304. Omg. What a terrible possession. Brook needs to post up instead of camping out at the 3 pt line.

  305. No. CHI is on fire with their long jumpers and Nets are cold except Lin.

  306. Ask KA… his Motion system… smh!

  307. Thanks for the talk-me-down 🙂

  308. OK, Brook may be getting into a groove now.

  309. There U go brook. See what I mean. Calm down And dump to brook.

  310. whitehead should not be allowed to attack lol. just pass

  311. He should go white-ahead and do that…

  312. Excellent vet move by Brook to initiate contact on Gibson who’s too close

  313. Should he go stand in the D-leage and mature? Would that help?

  314. Whitehead out, Lin back in. He’s so not ready for NBA.

  315. JLin play 15 min so far, with 11 Pts (5/7, 1/2, 0/0). 2R, 2A, & 2 STL; every minute he is contributing! Stay Healthy!

  316. Tooooo raw….

  317. Canaan on fire…bad luck for the Nets.

  318. Lol not sure if standing would help…But some of these players seem to lack basic skills.

  319. D is really bad. So many open shots

  320. yeah, being a rookie he’s not used to the fast pace yet…

    Need D-League experience

  321. lol you kidding? when you’re getting killed by canaan…..thats really really bad news

  322. yes, #1 weakness for the Nets

  323. yep, need to calm down and get some stops. Yep, trading baskets not good down so much against a more talented team. Chicago are long … KA needs to put on his thinking cap.

  324. Bulls seem like they are making every shot. The looks are wide open.

  325. Yup. Not sure why they leave Canaan open on the second 3pts shot he made.

  326. Just bad luck there. Rebound bounces long…Canaan happens to be standing at the 3pt line.

  327. i thought Lin had 4 assists. 2 only ?

  328. he takes way too many contested shots. he needs to operate the offense.

  329. Lin may only play 25 minutes tonight if they don’t bring the game closer

  330. Nets can’t shoot tonight. Also the bulls play really good and so much talent

  331. Hmmmm. Wonder why that is. Our D is terrible

  332. Darn it, just drink the sprite already!! Annoying ad.

  333. Alright, Lin needs to take over. Force the refs to make some damn calls.

  334. Nobody can make a shot

  335. D is bad. Still, I expect the bulls to “cool” off a bit in the 2nd half

  336. Need a big 2nd half and make every shot

  337. even rondo knows that thats why he’s doubling Brooks after the pass

  338. canaan looking like a star

  339. Lin to Harris 3!

  340. so careless….. my goodness

  341. Wake up!

  342. It’s like Lin is playing with D-Leaguers.

  343. Who?

  344. Lin got hit in the eye by Gibson! ><

  345. making chicken salads out of chicken sh*ts

  346. Holy, grab a rebound.

  347. Terrible defense by Booker…can’t even get that board that bounced right to him.

  348. Booker is playing terribly…maybe he’s still banged up from the other night.

  349. Lin took a charging!

  350. free throws plz jeremy

  351. BTW, Butler has been on Lin since the first few minutes.

  352. One of his specialties…

  353. Man, Lin’s still wincing .. Hope his eye is okay

  354. Lin with a drive! 14 points now!

  355. RHJ us soooooo bad.

  356. He’s hard to watch. Missed that layup by 3ft

  357. Great help defense by Lin on Butler

  358. Nice lin

  359. His PER is 1!!!!

  360. RHJ tries to make plays , usually drives, but he just does not have the touch.

  361. Guess the eye is okay.

  362. Lin should run a session on defense

  363. Man, Booker feet briefly landed on Lin’s chest on the ground

  364. not a good last shot…

  365. Lin took too long.

  366. Lin should have shot the pull-up 2.

  367. that wasnt too pretty by lin but its aight

  368. Why RHJ is on the court at all?

  369. defensive purposes really… he cant make a shot to save his life

  370. 19 points after horrendous play by nets and superb shooting by bulls… there is a chance…

  371. he has only one speed with reckless abandon!

  372. Basketball is a looooong game guys. Just need a good 3rd quarter and a great 4th quarter.

  373. Whitehead is making me wish for Vasquez to come back sooner

  374. He should’ve taken the last shot.

  375. End of 2nd Quarter; Lin 18 min, 14 Pts (6/8, 1/2, 1/2) 2R, 3A, & 2 STL; wonderful helper!

  376. sigh if only that were true, his defense is….trick or treating.

  377. he is terrible…

  378. 4 games combined fewer than 10 pts. OMG

  379. hes gotta use floaters they are seriously there aaaall the time

  380. man, Bog and RHJ has low basketball iq on offense

  381. I don’t think RHJ and Whitehead realize how much they’re still owned by their high-school star mentalities. Maturity isn’t easy, and it isn’t quick. My vote is for D-league.

  382. RHJ plays BB like a football player. Maybe he should have played football instead.

  383. Yup, if they can cut the lead down to about 10 points heading into the 4th quarter they have a shot.

  384. JLin with 14pts/3asts/2rebs/2stls/2tos in 19 min at the half

    Down 44-65, Nets D can’t allow wide-open shots to have any chance to cut the lead

  385. He’s not even getting rebounds or steals. Or picking up fouls by playing physical defense. Soft on both ends.

  386. sometimes one skillset is just limited that how much you juice it, little liquid comes out on it!

  387. there’s a chance… bulls were hitting everything…

  388. The GM of the Nets (Mark) please bring in better players… please

  389. Why his teammates all failed to make the shots today??

  390. They were certainly hot, but Nets helped them by playing terrible defense.

  391. Saw it, scary.

  392. Bulls will not play as badly as Nets did because they have Wade and vets.

  393. Yeah at least attempt the shot…it’s not like Lin didn’t give him enough time…man these guys really need to step it up.

  394. Send the tweets to

  395. man not gonna Lie this make me actually miss Charlotte days the games were close. this is some rough chittttt….

  396. Cut down RHJ minutes , give to Skilpatrick.

  397. Lin is carrying my fantasy league

  398. Conditioning not great early in the season. Even Lin needed a day off to recover.

  399. h3ll no

  400. even when Lin is off the ball…

  401. i feel yah but im happy that lin gets to take charge. get to see a lot more lin than terrible kemba isos

  402. None available. Only can turn under stone.

  403. Games were close, but Nets seem to be always behind and needing to rally.

  404. because… it’s the night of ghost and goblins? lol

  405. 🙁

  406. plz!

  407. How many minutes for Brook Lopez that half. Are they trying to limit his minutes this game ?

  408. Lin needs to go off for 40 points in this game.

  409. hope jham is ok. and i miss randy lol

  410. Well, that team had more depth and talent. Lin is developing his full game here, it’s just, there will be games like this where the Nets are totally outclassed. But, there’s still another half to go. Can’t be any worse than the first half.

  411. You do realize this is a completely different Bulls team than last season right? They got rid of a lot of their players and are rebuilding!

  412. No offense, no mo, no p&r, no movement. Most street balls,

  413. Randy and – gulp – Vasquez are missed 🙂

  414. Ehhh. Not really. At least Lin is the starting PG.

  415. It seems i have to stick with my original goal for Nets – 2 wins for the first 10 games . 3 for next 10 and 3 or 4 for the rest of season.

  416. I think Nets would be willing to pay Canaan $15 Mill per year. Lol

  417. They need to go small ball. With outside shooters.

  418. This team does not set many screens, they don’t move around the court. The just stand around the 3 pt line or iso when they get the ball On defense, all the players converge on the Bulls player going to the basket leaving more Bulls players open for uncontested shots. Only Lin is playing smart. The rest are having a brain fart.

  419. And they already play with chemistry

  420. they can easily spot on on who to guard and nets will crumble..even Brooks was missing.

  421. I said Nets’ record will be 30 at best.

  422. Lopez play 16 min, not bad on min, 9 Pts but with 0 Rebounds!

  423. Nope I get to see Lin take 16 shots per game with starter minutes. I don’t miss the ball hog, iso players at all!

  424. wade told the team, just guard or double JLIN and nets will fall

  425. RHJ can’t do anaything on the court.

  426. He’s a 3&D guy who can’t shoot 3s or play D.

  427. Nets are still in preseason form.
    Look at the bright side, they can only get better

  428. RHJ is just ATROCIOUS!

  429. 30 is better than most people have expected.

  430. Home announcers said Brook had several surgeries in the past on both legs? Said they might limit his minutes for healthy or trade. The way they said it made it sound like Lopez might seriously be traded.

  431. This is the result of giving too much freedom to rookies, they lose focus. Motion offense should only be played occasionally for this team.

  432. haha… painful process … painful

  433. 20 (last year) + 10 games more due to Lin effect = 30.

  434. but where was his defense? even his rebound were also missing!

  435. In soccer we say that everyone can defend, supoose this doesn’t hold up in basketball. It is like watching a slaughter

  436. Offensively , he basically has nothing. Defensively , I guess he is solid but he’s not close to elite level

  437. And no one created for him. He had to do it on his own. Nets fall into Bulls hand by playing fast pace. This motion offense is making everyone work very hard for their points. The offense, spacing and positioning are all out of sync. No one knows who to pass to bc everyone is moving around so much. No court vision. No defense either.

  438. still missing in action

  439. He even can’t grab the rebounds.

  440. If they play like tonight. But they can get better, if only if. Everyone needs to step up.

  441. Wade, Gibson, Butler etc. are not going to panic; they are going to milk the clock and take decent shots.

  442. Lol.

  443. If they play like tonight, Nets record will be less than 20.

  444. He should not start period. Play Kilpatrick as starter to see what he can do! Technically that’s what we should’ve been doing Preseason!

  445. he doesnt even try to get rebounds!

  446. Who said he is a 3&D player????

  447. It was an ugly 1st half, but I think a lot of people are overreacting again…

  448. Bulls have blowed out the Pacers by 17 pts. It is just normal that we are having a hard time against them.

  449. I know I am.

  450. nets to play fast, because they don’t ahve the luxury of time. The motion offense has no motion and tehy are not moving thats why.Lin need to make his own shot because no one is moving to position themselves better

  451. Please pleaseeeeee make a come back please!!!!

  452. I am not.

  453. LOL down by 21 points by 1st half, this is not overeating. Anymore and it’d be a blowout!

  454. But Bulls have blow out the Pacers as well.

  455. He has no D and no 3s. Just bad plays after bad plays.

  456. Make a run to cut it down to 10 by 4th quarter , and we’re all good 🙂

  457. they play lousy and with 21 margin…come on..they need energy and then maybe!

  458. It’s obvious the Bulls are miles better than the Pacers. They are a tough team to beat. Getting rid of all their old players and D Rose while getting Wade and new young players was the smartest decision ever!

  459. Why isn’t booker hustling?

  460. RDJ gave wade an easy one.

  461. Hope Lopez will play like a big centre!

  462. Holy smokes Booker went up high and intercepted that Alley-Opp!

  463. I like how Booker plays, even he is missing some open shots.

  464. He has no D…

  465. Yes! With Lin’s 4th Ast!


  467. omg thats a to on lin?????

  468. They also gave Lin, Lopez’s turnover at the beginning of the game!

  469. They are double team Brook.

  470. That was a terrible handoff, Lin never even had possession.

  471. time for more shooting training for the whole team

  472. After that TO, Lin STL 2 STL 🙂

  473. jeremy doing freaking everythign. he needs help from this stinky team

  474. Lin is a steal machine.

  475. Nice steal by Lin. They will need a miracle to turn this game around. Score looking like a blow out.

  476. man, Bog..

  477. can someone complain to the nba to take of that dumb as TO?

  478. how many steals?

  479. Lin should take over the control

  480. So far 4 steals

  481. Awesome rebound and put back. I’m so glad we have a monster in Brook Lopez!

  482. Give that TO to the record booth.

  483. Shall we call him “The man of Steal”…

  484. Alright, under 20…that’s a start.

  485. Still a chance…

  486. Lin may have 3 turnovers but he has 4 steals.

  487. Coach need to makre more plays for both Lin and Lopez. Lopez always makes his shots at the post! Teams can’t guard him not even his younger brother!

  488. I have a feeling they’re going to get close.

  489. Only 2 really and another was Booker’s fault (Kenny even benched him for it).

  490. hope they start their furiuous catchup right now

  491. Indeed ,

  492. They may need to play Lopez more in the 2nd half

  493. Lin was unfairly given Booker’s TO. Booker was the one who made the bad pass even the announcer said “BOoker TO” but the box score gave it to LiN!

  494. Nothing goes Nets way

  495. Lin not getting any calls.

  496. Plus 4 AST & 14 Pts, 2R!

  497. Bogs is cutting nicely but doesn’t finish well. Lin fouled by Lopez on that drive.

  498. Bojan…oy vey.

  499. rhj is useless…

  500. Sit Bog, he doesn’t have it tonight…oh coach made the sub before I could finish typing. Thumbs up for KA!

  501. Bog has messed up 4-5 of Lin’s assists

  502. That was a foul on Robin. Smh.

  503. So glad he’s benched. KA should seriously try Lin x Kilpatrick. Also where is Scola?

  504. Play Harris and SKil

  505. No surprise, Lin’s name always associated with UNFAIRLY Calls.

  506. RHJ with another dumb play.

  507. Completely agree!

  508. gg

  509. Take out RHJ!!!

  510. My god rondae…

  511. Whitehead and RHJ……………..

  512. Again! Lol

  513. Lol how does a PG have such little handle…whitehead

  514. this team sucks…

  515. Whitehead is unable to dribble ?

  516. omg whitehead crossed himself out haha

  517. Put lin back in

  518. nothing goes our way tonight. hard to watch

  519. So many nets taking bad shots especailly rhj

  520. Lin prob wont play anymore….damn

  521. rondae has proven to me nothing. god dam

  522. This is so ugly. Who was at the scoring table besides Kilpatrick? If I was KA I’d bench RHJ for the rest of the game and also never start him again! He just doesn’t have it can’t defend, can’t score.

  523. Announcer said this is a learning tape game of what shots should take and what shots should not.

  524. Im starting to sour on the idea of rhj starting.

  525. Come on get lin back in there

  526. You kidding right? Many of us were already saying RHJ should not be starting since preseason! Start Kilpatrick or Harris!!! RHJ hasn’t had any bright spots, he makes Vasquez’s 3 pointers look like highlights!

  527. this offense looks like crap motion…

  528. Bench RHJ. He is just wondering on the court. KA, what are you thinking.

  529. There doing there own thing…not looking for the “great” shots…no passion on defense…impatient and forcing, not follow throughing their shots

  530. The one day I call in sick to watch a weekday game and I’m depressed lol.

  531. Whitehead sit down.

  532. Put Lin back in for double double pls.

  533. this game is making me sick

  534. Should ask why was RHJ starting in the 1st place. Dude is not a starter can’t do anything and doesn’t affect the game!

  535. of course… lol… hope you feel better…

  536. Lin needs to get his twenty points

  537. Lol. Better luck next time.

  538. Are Lin and Brook going to come in before 3rd quarter ends?

  539. Lin + Butler would have been so awesome. i was lobbying for this all offseason but Lin wouldn’t listen

  540. Fratello just said this is teaching moment to review tape and teach guys what is a bad shot.

  541. Lol

  542. Lin would not start on the Bulls. He’d be playing from the bench! I’d rather Lin have his own team and starting!

  543. Missed first half. But I don’t see PNR with Lin.

  544. Thanks for the chuckle 😛

  545. See im afraid this will be the problem…Lin might get to start here but majority of the games might be blowouts thus making him sit very long

  546. Today it’s Motion system

  547. we don’t know that he won’t start. Fred loves Lin’s game

  548. Exactly

  549. lets bench rhj and whitehead…

  550. You mean NO-tion offense. I thought Atkinson learned his lesson.

  551. Nets’ shooting is off tonight. So frustrating.

  552. Could just be PR talk. Pop also praised Lin but never offered him anything during off season. Many coaches dislike Lin. Having KA as coach is a blessing for Lin, someone who allows him the green light to shoot and lead the team!

  553. Scola looks like he is running with boots on…

  554. Lin will adjust. He’s still trying to set guys up when he’s hot.

    From this game on, I think we’ll see Lin take over much earlier.

  555. I can’t watch this massacre anymore. I’m switching to the Hawks/Kings game.

  556. Lin def not coming back lmao damnit

  557. We will need Mr. 4th quarter to play lights out to have any chance for a come back.

  558. Motion system puts Lin in the corner 🙁

  559. No need to….

  560. this sucks. i wanted more lin

  561. dude its over

  562. No….

  563. KA should put Lin and try different up and see what is work….

  564. Loss in this way is so deppressing.

  565. Yet Wade is still coming back in while KA is resting all his starters.

  566. If lin coulda been the man on the hornets they would be third seed

  567. Ok, time to go trick-or-treating — Go Lin!

  568. missed it but did Scola just blocked McDermott’s face again?

  569. Lin payedgood tho no?

  570. This what people wanted? Lin playing on a team who cant create a thing on their own? its comedy

  571. LOL Scola the rebound machine but all these game are shooting bricks. It’s so awful! Why isn’t Lin in with Scola during 2nd unit?!!

  572. what is the appeal of whitehead and rhj??

  573. Guilty as charged?

  574. It’s almost impossible to come back from this.

  575. JLIn and Lopez did not pnr once this game…

  576. Im not sure if the motion offense can work with these players. High PNR Lin now.Speed up the game

  577. Better than sitting on the bench and scoring 8p most nights.

  578. Need to ask KA that cause I also want to know they are horrible! Harris and Kilpatrick are the ones who deserves the start and minutes!

  579. That’s not what KA wants… he wants Motion system no PnR.

  580. Feel the same way….

  581. 93-66 end of 3Q. 🙁
    Can Nets overcome the deficit in 4Q?

  582. whatever this offense is, it’s not working!

  583. The Nets weren’t defined yet. I think the team could use Crabbe and Johnson. Would have been a different team with them.

  584. 10 3’s and 10 stops will do it…. well not really.

  585. We have hope 🙂

  586. not almost. it is impossible lol

  587. absolutely would

  588. KA still stubborn about the motion offense, just give it up. PnR and Post ups are the way to go!!

  589. If KA let LIN play P&R, may be we will be closer…

  590. That’s it?? i bought tickets for rockets… he better not bench him in the whole 4th…

  591. The team lacks talent. Other than Lin and Lopez, there’s not anyone else I’d want on my roster if I’m the GM.

    All that said, the Bulls are good. I thought they would have an issue with shooting from the perimeter, but their bench is loaded with good shooters.

  592. I am trying my best to remain positive.

  593. Ya! But if they still continue to play Motion… dead end.

  594. What is KA doing??

  595. Lin and Lopez PnR and Post moves will do it.

  596. Thats it for Lin

  597. Lol

  598. If you go to sleep, I’m sure they’ll come back and win, lol

  599. Bulls playing their starters…Kenny going with bench guys.

  600. Starters are probably done for the game sadly 🙁

  601. Nets no chance to win 20 games if RHL keep playing like this in the first 4 games.

  602. Rookies need discipline and responsibility. You give them too much freedom, they don’t know what to do and show you their lower bound under pressure.

  603. the problem right now is that after being given a creation to shoot, they can’t convert a dime…frustrating. Jlin can score much here but still opt to involve everybody even they cant handle the pressure of a conversion.

    why is “Yes” seems tv coverage of Bulls? they seems interested in lifting the bulls rather than the nets. Halftime, they showcase the bulls rather than the nets?

  604. Lopez rebounds like a guard (a very small one)

  605. RHJ should be benched with limited minutes. Someone please knock some sense into coach Kenny Atkinson!

  606. Lin should have taken over when he was 5/5. Instead, he tried to set guys up and they bricked everything. I would complain about Lin being yanked early, but we saw in the Milwaukee game that fatigue IS a factor early in the season.

  607. Put Lin back in already!!!!!!!

  608. get Lin back in there for One more Run, if it fails, then pull him. Come on COACH!

  609. It’s not fatigue, KA went back to motion offense with Lin and Lopez left out to dry again.

  610. Can JLin7 please play entire 4th quarter. I believe in miracles!

  611. Whitehead and RHJ are back. Garbage time!!!

  612. Actually, glad JLin is out in this blowout… KA is trying to shield him from unnecessary minutes…

  613. Johnson is just a waste too with the money offered, he doesn’t clearly deserved the price tag. crabbe is also stinking or just average

  614. I used to wonder why a lot of coaches didn’t play rookies even though they were more talented than the rotation players. This is probably why.

  615. Is lin def done

  616. What a waste… i rushed home from work again…

  617. It is garbage time, let RHJ clean up his mess.

  618. yeah and shielding him from Wins. Kerr puts in Stephen Curry. Knows that games are about runs.

  619. Lin could work with their talents, and Johnson is better than Vazquez and Whitehead.

  620. blowouts never stopped harden from getting his stat padding.

  621. Only 22 pts. We might have a chance if we play Lin.

  622. It’s a blowout and Wade’s still playing, your point?

  623. well, we know that org and coach were morons…

  624. At least to close the Gap; Wade still playing!

  625. I just cant understand KA…

  626. With this team, not gonna make a difference… but i agree that KA is botching this up…

  627. No. I’m talking about sitting out this 4Q.

  628. Neither Harris or Kilpatrick are good enough either.

  629. Atkinson coaches weird sometimes. why is the second unit facing off with wade

  630. crowd cheering for dwade lol. embarrassing stuff

  631. Exactly it’s a blowout yet Wade still in there to seal the win. KA should not give up this early!

  632. The fans are cheering for Wade.. this is just sad

  633. Practice

  634. save Lin for the next game against the Pistons. i’m betting that game

  635. lol for the love of god give mccolough (i dont know how to spell his last name lol) a start over rondae

  636. It’s a hopeless cause… no need to put jlin in there… i think KA has a plan, albeit a highly flawed one… as for wade, i woulda taken him out… he is old and its early in the season… that’s my point…

  637. yeah. i like McCullough for his length and defense

  638. what is ka thinking??

  639. Atkinson is killing me. Atkinson does not have the mental fortitude to want to win. Lin has orchestrated every win so far that Nets had. If it wasn’t for the off shooting (he has trouble with deep fade away shots) vs Bucks, they would have won.

  640. Resting Brook for a winnable game against the Bucks was such a mistake…it’s one thing to do it against Warriors or Cleveland, but not a winnable game.

    Brook is not even playing 30 minutes..I’m not liking what they are doing at all…It looks like they clearly don’t care about winning when they should because they do not have their own draft pick and their current crop of young players should be in the D-league.

    Hamilton is not a center..He’s a PF…RHJ hasn’t shown me enough potential to even be in an NBA roster.

    Please, do not put yourself at a disadvantage for winnable games.

  641. Chris McCullough, so hard to spell, just called him CMC.

  642. What coach besides Byron Scott quits on his team at the beginning of the 4th quarter?!!

  643. Save Lin, Booker, Brook’s energy for next 2 games

  644. Atkinson gave up a long time ago

  645. Just to lose again

  646. RHJ looks like 3rd unit player

  647. Can Kenny put Lin and Brook in so they can at least get some chemistry….They have played so few minutes together, specially Lopez…Let Lopez play man….I’m already deeply getting frustrated with Kenny.

  648. Basically the COACH is saying we are not good enough to make a come back. That Jeremy can’t make a come back. Instead of game film, they need to all watch Linsanity and Hornets games against Cleveland and come back from behind Spurs game.

  649. AB isn’t a basketball player. i don’t know how he got into the league let alone became the #1 pick

  650. Way to early…..

  651. he relies way too much on his broke jumper. he needs to get down and dirty

  652. When a team gets blown out in the first quarter, it is mostly due to lack of defense. KA needs to hold his players responsible for it. A nice HC won’t get it done.

  653. At least put Lin in to try different lineups.

  654. Something fishy about Brook. I think either he is injured or he is already in a trade not announced

  655. The motion offense hasn’t been doing anything. It’s Lin’s play making that has been saving this team.

  656. but not with that price year, they can get better players with the right tag on them. they are better without them right now. but some players on the roster needs to weed out like RJH, Scola is abit slow and aged now, Vasquez, injury levert and a good center. when Trade comes in, they have to move if their possibility.

    right now..they can’t compete if their shots aren’t falling in.

  657. As frustrating this is, let’s all have faith in KA. To be honest, Jlin wouldn’t want to play for anyone else. He’s here because of KA. It’s game 4, long season ahead of them.

  658. even in the paint, he misses. he’s probably the worst finisher in the league

  659. And Lopez’s post moves are unstoppable! Why is coach not allowing them to playing their game?! The motion offense doesn’t work! Just give it up already!

  660. lol what did i just say. bennett is that big man at the rec that only takes jumpers and is terrible at it

  661. So tired of this motion “sickness” stuff. drop it already. jeez.

  662. well KA wants to involve everybody and has no intention on riding with Lins ability to score

  663. At least Bennett got a slam

  664. me too.. this is terrible entertainment…

  665. They’ve been losing since preseason, this is not “ok”. The only game they won was 2nd regular season game. Losing this they will be 1-3.

  666. The nets dont have the Talent to compete against teams seriously They have Lin and booker THATS IT get over it Lin cant turn this train wreck around seriously no one can be happy if he averages 15/7 because this team has ZERO talent absolutely nothing,

  667. nor his ability to play make. He goes away from everything that works. Heck, let’s not even play Lin in the 4th quarter. What the heck is that?!

  668. AB’s dunks are his only reliable shot

  669. Im done watching. Atkinson again takes Lin out the lead goes up. He then
    tries the third lineup who do ok for a little then he never brings Lin
    back in. Weird coaching. Players in our third unit wont win games on 99.9999999999 percent of the time

  670. The system has its merits. It is the execution. Disciplines need to put in place for those break it or lazy to get to spot.

  671. injury might be making him inoperative to his full potentials

  672. Bad combo of shots not falling and poor defense. Marks has a lot of work to do with this team. But Brook really has only played well in one game. I don’t know what’s up with him.

  673. not only looks but he is!

  674. Same here., I don’t mind them losing. But why take Lin out so soon?

  675. Honestly, its Impossible to come back in the 4th against this team. The Bulls is probably a Top 4 EC team – I’ve underestimated them. If guys are missing shots – there’s not much you can do about it… JLin7 should’ve went on tear in the 3rd AND the 4th – it’s a league of stars – he have to play like one to power this team. Then again, it’s one more game to learn from – Can’t win them all. We just have to win the next 5 games.

  676. I’m done with watching Atkinson coach!

  677. He gave up already…. if he continues to do so I think his boss will give him up soon.

  678. The losing streak is not painful enough yet for the the HC to quit his system. He will learn it the hard way and never make the same mistake again.

  679. Of course it has merits, but why use it as primary. They should stick with what they do best, and gradually experiment with it.

  680. Spurs? It took years for Spurs to be contened.

  681. Nets?

  682. He could have let Lin open the 4th and see if they could get on a hot run. Lin can stop the clock, draw fouls, and score per/min. With a couple good stops and a few shots from the other players from Lin’s passes and Lin’s defensive playmaking. He should of given him one last chance. But to not play him…come on!

  683. The team needs work. Lin doesn’t win games without others executing and the whole team playing defense.

  684. he gives up to fast? if he wants to imbibed a “never say die” attitude, he should start immediately!

  685. Bulls got so much better just by eliminating Rose from their lineup

  686. This is exactly my opinion..They probably have a trade lined-up for the trading dead-line and their main priority is to keep him healthy, thus limiting his playing time as much as possible.

    They clearly aren’t trying to win games man…That really sucks…To rest one of your key player against the Buck..a win there would have really giving them a good head start…Now, they’re 1-3 and already in a hole.

  687. Well said.

  688. Well, this is suppose to be a 21 win team. We are the only who thinks otherwise, and should still put our faith in this line up. This will be a play-off team, mark my words!

  689. Lin can’t even get the star treatment and a chance to stat pad, a bit..

  690. It’s JUST ONE GAME!!!
    Move on. It’s the road down the line. We will lose … sooner or later. And we will win some…

  691. Why is high PNR such a sin?

  692. He gave up before 4Q.
    Lin (23) and all starters (except RHS 28) played less than 24 min.

  693. I would bash Kenny, but we all saw how tired Lin looked on Saturday.

    Need to build up strength as the season goes on. Most guys in the league are looking sluggish (even PED Wade was only 5-13 today despite playing against the Nets bench).

  694. Let Lin pad his stats…Put Lin back in!

  695. we need foye badly.

  696. anyone know when foye should be avail? i think he was practicing today

  697. It’s a disgrace. Nets fans need to question the coaching and put pressure on him to play his starters reasonably. To call Garbage time at the beginning of the 4th or earlier. It’s a disgrace!

  698. 2018

  699. He really is important. Even though his stats are low, he makes the right pass and gets Lin the ball.

  700. many times you could see lin hijacked the motion offense by cutting back to the middle (to get the bal back) after passing the ball. he has to do that to impact the game within the motion framework. right now, its more a hindrance than something that plays to his strengths.

  701. For what?

  702. anyone have SlingTV? i can’t seem to find any NBA games on it…

  703. for his fans!

  704. he’s not a spring chicken anymore..injury will come and go with him. I Just hope that nets practice finishing better on the rim next time.

  705. It’s hindering both Lin and Lopez! This motion offense doesn’t play to their strengths at all! We won game 2 because of their PnR and Lopez’s post ups! Why is coach so stubborn to bring something that doesn’t work!!

  706. I am his fan, would rather he rest and stay health than play in garbage time.

  707. 5 – 31 in 3s ! Stop shooting !!!

  708. lol im not going to say anything bad about kenny until deeper in the season, but i will say this…..motion offense only works when you have knock down 3 point shooters. the nets, are not that.

  709. he will be out next year. he isn’t really trying and Lazy on defense….

  710. Lopez and Scola didn’t get to pad stats either. Just forget it, it’s a blow out. Better for Lin, Scola, and Lopez to chat on the bench and figure out how to make adjustments.

  711. I dislike two thing about atkinsons coaching style. One he doesnt stagger the minutes of Lin and Lopez.This is what most “good teams” do. Much more talented teams mind you. So Atkinson trusting alot of players to handle the ball and take shot that we all know wont go in. Unless its in rhythm and we are leading. The bench are front runners. If the starters are doing well they will as well. If not its over they will make it worse. Rhj shouldn’t handle the ball ever. Again we have a multi ball handler system when we really only have one true ball handler on the team. Maybe bog and Kil can do their own thing but thats it. Everyone else should never iso.I mean never. It will always be a miss. Too much bad shots and bad defense……..This has the potentail to be a looooonnngggg season.

  712. Lin has great instincts to get the ball to the right players that are heating up or have mismatches. He can’t do that when everyone is just jacking up crap!

  713. I agree. Once it got out of hand, the right thing to do is sit your best players.

  714. Lin IS the team. Whenever they go away from him for even a minute, it’s a total disaster. Even last game, Lin was ice cold from the field, but his passing and defense made it a nail-biter.

    From now on, Lin needs to be more selfish. He had the hot hand tonight, but stopped shooting to set guys up. That’s okay — he’s trying to be a leader. But it’s already clear that his teammates can’t deliver most nights. Kenny and Jeremy must adjust.

    Lin needs to be the Nets’ Westbrook. Just take over every night from the opening tip. Don’t shoot 40 times, but maybe 20.

  715. Stop shooting so many bricks! Players should be taking a variety of mid range 2s and cutting to the basket. KA have none of those!

  716. all the game right now is on Kennt Atkinson, Losing and winning. His principle and adjustments are so evident and needs to be developed also. I hope they brought in a consultant coach just for Kenny’s development too!

  717. They lost 3 out of 4 regular season and 5 out of 6 preseason games.

  718. KA should at least try at the beginning of 4th qtr by putting Lin back in. Maybe be Brook as well.

  719. Too many ill advised shots. This team takes far to many threes when it is unnecessary and odd looking layups.

  720. take out RJH in that line up and put some other player who hustle, they will be competitive.

  721. OK from now on 5 passes before you shoot…

  722. historically its been no lin no win here its no lin total embarassment.

  723. the nets bench players ie. non-starters took 22 3 point shots, made 2.

  724. I believe almost any NBA player can knock down a 3 given an open position. The problem is this “motion offense” barely breaks a sweat of the opponent let along creates a good open position.

  725. I feel bad for the ticketholders. They didn’t even get an entertaining loss. Lin will at least make things fun and high scoring.

  726. yeah but this is a BAD Precedents!

    Preseason was nothing but regular games counts.

  727. Lin x Lopez is the team whenever KA insist on his motion offense and not allow them to play PnR or post ups it hurts the team! You’d think KA would learn his lesson with the game 2 win but nope!

  728. To be fair, they do have enough shooters, but they aren’t starting + all their 3Point shooters are terrible defenders.

  729. We need to play less players. Play some players like lin heavy minutes.

  730. how bout 20 out of 22 misses for the non-starters. ouch.

  731. KA has no confidence for saving this game.

  732. Massaging pass doesn’t hurt.

  733. Either lin plays heavy minutes or we wait for these players develop. 2nd one will take a while

  734. yes someone here posted a 8 man tight rotation. that makes sense. most nba teams only play 8 to 9 guys serious minutes.

    you can’t do s.a. style here with the limited number of quality players.

  735. But if he’s experimenting, why not try to see what Jlin can provide on this scenario with the nets roster now?

  736. We need to stop taking so many 3s, only Lin, Scola, Bog, Harris, Kilpatrick, Hamilton, and sometimes Lopez should be taking 3s!

  737. Lin is 28 bro and some of the young guys they have here do not have high potential.

  738. I’m here to watch Lin, not some d-leagues play garbage time.

  739. That’s exactly the problem. Team can easily make a run and found themselves still in then game. No Coaches will give up the games at the beginning of 4th qtr…..

  740. no hugs for Bogs

  741. Such depressed game. Although Lin has 60%FG and 50% 3pts with assists and 4 steals.

  742. They had lots of Bulls fans there. Loud fans!

  743. Tough game to watch. Nets could not put a ball into the ocean. It would not matter if Lin played 48 mins and made every single shot. Nets need another player that can step up and take some pressure off Lin.

  744. my opinion and this is only an opinion has been and remains: lin will put up great stats and re-establish himself in the eyes of the non-lin fan as a quality nba starter.

    but this team will not be good.

  745. Otherwise we can give up every single game in the beginning of 4th qtr. Smh.

  746. Also Lin taking a back seat on offense to some really bad players. He needs to take the ball. For a while ther Lin tried PNR and when the doubled he passed. I know he doesnt want to foure anything but we may need him to force and take this team to where they need to go.

  747. Jimmy butler and kobe and harden just take the ball and do what they do sometimes. Im afraid Lin will have to do that

  748. i feel bad for the people who went to watch the game…pretty poor game…

  749. Losing the game is not depressing. Watching KA give up the game so early is.

  750. This was an ugly game overall. Here’s the highlights of JLin, and some lowlights of the team. 🙁
    Atkinson needs to somehow extract much better defensive effort from this team.

  751. It’s early, so he’s trying to set guys up. Also, Kenny doesn’t want to overplay Lin since it’s early.

    I admit Kenny was “right” in managing Lin’s minutes — the Bucks game showed that Lin isn’t it midseason form yet. That goes for most guys in the league, but especially Lin who plays HARD on both ends every night.

  752. seem will no longer develop here like Bennet, etc…RJH is just like a train without a destination. when he handles the ball, he’s looking immediately to shoot just like Bogs.CMC is waste right now just like whitehead (prefer Beech over him) many wasted slots for so little skills they have.

    of course, maybe after 4 years they might change into a more better players than today..LOL

  753. To be fair, today’s loss is mainly on starters, beside Lin, all others played bad. 5-31 on 3s, that’s sucks.

  754. Kenny needs to change also his culture!

  755. agree! needs for him to man up his development too!

  756. Yeah. Because KA is not even try to compete anymore once they were down by 20.

  757. btw guys that black referee today doesn’t like Lin, the skinny and ugly one

  758. KA needs to program the rookies before letting them play motion street ball. Disciplines must be enfoced like a reflex in practices.

  759. 4 games is 6 nights is too many at the start of the season. Lin’s tough game was the 3rd in 4 nights.

  760. I think half the crowd were bulls fans. So they seemed happy.

  761. Thanks for the team lowlights as well. Ha. From now one, Lin needs to be taking a lot more shots…even Brook looks helpless out there.

  762. just like Lin, haters need to see lin have a great stats and also winning games, if not then they will continue to say he’s nothing

  763. He also got banged up in the final preseason game and home opener.

  764. KA will not allow, evident by his words previously.

  765. lol :>

  766. KA really need to stop this resting Brook, players development BS aside. He should put their best lineup out there and compete every single night. Isn’t this is what Brooklyn all about? If you want to develop a player do it in D-League. If a player need to rest just 3 days into the regular season then trade them!!!!!

  767. I hope KA had gotten sick of the motion offense as he gave up early in this game.

  768. May need to develop the stsrters more instead of d league players

  769. KA really need to stop this resting Brook, players development BS aside. He should put their best lineup out there and compete every single night. Isn’t this is what Brooklyn all about? If you want to develop a player do it in D-League. If a player need to rest just 3 days into the regular season then trade them!!!!!

  770. so will be the team if they keep on losing just like the 3rd quarters let down..Kenny will just give up and let 3rd stringers developed..Bad attitude as a team spirit!

  771. OMG 2:34 Lin needs to check his body. That doesn’t look good.

  772. Brook had 2 blocks in 22 min. PT!

  773. what is going on?? nets gonna lose fans’ interest…

  774. KA will get to the stage when he has nothing more important than a win.

  775. Because they are not competing. They gave up the game at the end of 3rd to beginning of the 4th. No fans will like that…..

  776. First, this team offense needs to run through Lin and Lopez. This motion offense needs to go. Having every players jacking up 3’s is killing this team. Shoot some 2’s. It still some points. This part of analytics I hate. You cannot have 15 quarterbacks. Lin pass the ball and most of the time is does not come back to him. Once he pass it to his teammate, they start an ill advise iso play. Bogs and Hollis are the main culprits. Second, defense non existence, When Lin is your best defender, something is wrong. Third, can we please get some screens and cuts. Kenny is calling this motion offense but no one is actually moving. They are just stand on the perimeter. The talent is there for this team to compete. The coaching needs to adjust to their skill sets and not try to make them something they are not ie Kyle Korver. Not every player was meant to shoot 3’s. Can we have some mid range game ,please.

  777. that’s on the coach… he just gave up!

  778. The No-tion offense critics are out again and I’m with you guys. I was so upbeat after game 2 where you saw a mix of the Brook-Lin PNR. IIRC they did not run this play. Where is that stat where it says Nets run 45% PNR? I like to know how much PNR Lin gets to run with Brook.

    Why is it a bad thing to run Brook-Lin PNR? You are putting your two best players at an advantage on offense at the same time. If neither of them scores then maybe you at least get the Bulls in foul trouble. The Bulls were aggressive on defense. If they were in foul trouble they might have to back off on defense.

  779. That’s still doesn’t give you an excuse not to compete. The normal pattern is Lin and Brook will come back into the game around the 2 minutes mark of 3rd qtr.

  780. Exactly!

  781. During Halftime, coach Atkinson told Jeremy to get the other guys going. So instead of scoring, Jeremy kept passing the ball. COACH Atkinson…please let Jeremy play his game, especially when NOBODY else was doing anything.
    Unfortunately, Lin is their best player in all categories except for maybe the 3 with Harris and Bog, right there.
    Let Lin, drive to paint and dish out to Harris and Bog, with giving occasional PnR’s to Booker and Hamilton, and Post ups to Lopez. What more do we need than this besides defense?

  782. KA really did said that to Lin?

  783. wake up KA! JLin is your floor general… let him command!

  784. Rookie HC likes to put their “system” above their players. I remember McHale used to do that too, asking Lin to make the simple pass, quite similar to this motion offense albeit in a different name.

  785. “Not every player was meant to shoot 3’s.” Rick Fox said the same thing in the post game show. He was just shaking his head. Having guys who can’t shoot 3s just shoot 3s all day is bad basketball. 3 pt shots 5-31 at 16%. I don’t need to be an analytic expert to know that is not a good basketball decision.

  786. If this is MDA’s offense JLin7 would have 28+pt & 8ast. C’mon, KA – have to go PnR and Iso.

  787. i think that lin needs to decide what to do on the floor – he is there to win not to only listen to his coach. sometimes one has to be rough and tough and be selfish – the nets players can play but whether they were terrified of the bulls i don’t know

  788. No, but Lin stopped taking shots in the 3rd quarter. Kenny doesn’t like when Lin has a shooting guard mentality, even if Lin is their best all-around scorer. He wants Lin to Pass, but when nobody is hitting their shots and he is on fire. Start setting him up, not the others.

  789. because they know Lin is an abiding players , but with the likes of Harden and Kobe, coaches clipped!

  790. how do you know?

  791. He will when he has lost enough games.

  792. I see. I don’t mind Lin take less shot, but he gotta be on the floor and be the general.

  793. whitehead is not ready he is still a rookie but his nerves was so bad that he was dribbling himself out of bounce.

  794. I hope one day KA will just let Lin be lin and play his game with brook. Hopefully not too late.

  795. Again KA, if you wanna to develop a player, send them to D-League!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  796. sorry, i’m speculating based on how Lin changed his gameplay in the 3rd. Due to that it became a blowout because nobody else could score, so then he couldn’t even get back in the game to be the difference maker we know that he is.

  797. that will be BAD!

  798. Someone else made a good point. If you want to develop guys then send them to the D-league. There is no crime in that. Whitehead needs more seasoning.

  799. Lin only played 24 mins. Minutes wise KA is worst than Cliff!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  800. problem is they don’t have enough players due to injuries. Not sure if they can trade some players. I just need a big that can block and defend

  801. he tries to let almost all players night in and night out, even when they need to make a comeback.

  802. Yes, he needs to be the general but KA needs to let him setup the play so he can get it back for a shot or something else. They needed to set up plays for him, not everyone else.

  803. It will work if you have deep bench, all we have is a D-League bench.

  804. rookie coach wants to please everyone

  805. DUDE they got blown out

  806. KA loves Lin. BS hated Lin. But somehow Lin plays the same. No PNR. Scoring a lot is frowned upon. Limited minutes. How did we get here?

  807. yeah, isaw how JLIn seems reluctant to shoot the ball and always trying to make the necessary pass or assist, always on the 3rd quarter?

  808. He could’ve let him finish the third or start the fourth to see if there was a chance.

  809. Jeremy won’t be too happy tonight.

  810. There is no way KA should give up the game at the end of 3rd. He should still put Lin or even Brook back in around the 2 mins mark of the 3rd qtr.

  811. I agree. Instead of putting a circus show of whitehead dribbling the ball out of bounce

  812. I really think it was from Atkinson. Because if Atkinson would have given Lin the green light. He would have come out aggressive to score.

  813. Next game against detroit is it homecourt or not?

  814. and that’s the problem there..players always think that even though they are not playing well, coach will give them still the chance , so Grit will wane because of complacency.

  815. home wednesday. home friday vs hornets.

  816. Well said. haha

  817. Any NBA team can make a run and yes even the Nets. Therefore by giving up the game at the end of 3rd just make me sick. And I am sure a lot of fans will be too. I don’t mind the Nets are losing games as long as we put our best lineup out there and compete every night.

  818. that bucks game was a waste could have won that one making it 2-2

  819. ah thanks. they need to wake up and let Lin be the man.

  820. that’s a better way of seeing if they still have a chance to comeback, if not, give up and develop.

  821. True. Human nature. If I’m rewarded the same for a good job vs a bad job, why try hard?

  822. We need to get Carlos Boozer. At least he can pick n pop and scream real loud. Lin and Boozer had chemistry.

  823. Problem with KA I heard was that he is stubborn like Lin. So guess what motion offense all the way

  824. too much LOve; too much hate???as they say too much of everything is also bad…

  825. also rebound.

  826. lol scream real loud yeah true

  827. Stubbornness, inflexible, inexperience and rookie coaching mentality? Focus on developing instead of winning? Does not recognize talents? Keep doing the same thing but expecting different result? etc.

  828. Why can we get MDA or even George Karl??? Why KA? Spurs style? please understand our bench is not nearly as good as Spurs. This is like TANKING FOR NO REASON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! God I am piss!!!!!!!!

  829. vet minimum, Marks make it happen.

  830. Best pushing from the back NBA player ever. LOL. I love Boozer. He had a great sense of humor. I think he is probably too old now and hasn’t played a whole season now.

  831. Damn Cliff I miss you. Lol.

  832. and maybe , that’s their dis-agreement? they have 2 differing points of view on how to play the game!

  833. I don’t miss him. MDA I do.

  834. At least Cliff play Lin 40 mins…

  835. LOL, yeah, he did push a lot of people in the back. Used to hate that stupid foul he did all the time.

  836. acbc is a coach so I respect his opinion when he said Cliff was a bad coach. But if that is the case he is the closest thing to a normal coach Lin has had since MDA. sigh.

  837. why can’t we get some good players.

  838. are u kidding.. did u watch the games last year??

  839. He was, but maybe is all because of the order from the front office or even MJ.

  840. guest, why don’t u register for an account?

  841. Every single one. I hate Cliff too as he always try to make KW looks good.

  842. I don’t agree with that. Cliff has his blind spots, but he’s an effective coach. Atkinson may turn out to be a good coach.

  843. The only games I have missed was the Lakers year. I can’t stand BS at all. Oh yeah and, ball hog KB.

  844. when and how often?

  845. I gotta give credit to Cliff’s defense. And when Cliff wanna win, he played Lin. So still a lot better than BS.

  846. It was obvious to me since preseason. I had questioned KA’s PT minutes distribution and someone
    questioned my take sometime ago. Thus far, it’s getting clearer after each game that KA’s plan is to distribute equal PT among all players. So far Lin is the only one who can get 30+ only in games that Nets have a chance to win since he’s obviously is the best player on the team.

  847. OT against King. Not that often. 🙂

  848. Good 14pt 1st half wasted! KA need to ride JL7 like freakin’ Sacretariet once a while and give him a chance to be a superstar. Lead by example. Lin7 himself have to take charge of the offense too in the 3rd – 0pt, zero 3pter attempted, got layups blocked – KA need to tell Lin to carry the team (or give him the chance instead of swinging around and bricks by others off night).

  849. Yeah, I also didn’t like Clifford at all, specially with the foolish decision of starting Hairston.

    I also do not like what I see fom Kenny so far….He threw the game in the 3rd quarter and did not even put Lin back in at the start of the fourth to see whether they had 1 last run in them when they were down by about 22.

  850. Lin was a one year rental that became integral because of injuries. But I don’t recall Clifford promising anything that he didn’t fulfill. He said you will be the back up pg in a modern offense and he was. Never spoke badly and praised Lin’s defense repeatedly.

    Atkinson said he would let Lin play his brand of basketball. He forgot to add rarely.

  851. lmao

  852. KA will play him more often, but the problem is that he is so fast on giving up games for teams development purposes!

  853. That’s what I meant. Couldn’t agreed more. No way he should give up the game at he end of 3rd!!!!!!

  854. I have it. You’ll find the Nets on YES. And that’s all I need it for.

  855. Hey Hornets are 2-1, where a lot of us said they would fall apart without LIn. Nets 1-3. Just saying.

  856. Any comment from coach after today’s game?

  857. [Atkinson said he would let Lin play his brand of basketball. He forgot to add rarely]………….or “NOT YET”!!!

  858. 1-3 thanks to KA. We could have been 3-1 or 2-2.

  859. He’s no longer part of the league.

  860. we should be 2-2. Bucks game is winnable. Even a dumb person knows to take the easy ones and leave the harder ones later. Don’t have to be harvard grad to figure that out.

  861. Don’t wanna hear it. It was so sick that he didn’t put Lin or even Brook back in around the 2 mins mark of 3rd qtr to see if we might steal this one.

  862. KA thinks this is a D League. Lol

  863. soo true

  864. lol….

  865. Gotta have someone on the bench.

  866. At the same time, small consolation I will in all likelihood win a $5k bet that Nets will not make playoff.

  867. Somehow KA’s mind is not ready to be a HC yet… his is still in developing players first… smh!

  868. KA is like a rookie trying to do too damn much!!!!!!! We do have a D League team. If he continues to give up games at he end of 3rd qtr, Nets will be losing a lot of fans. Most of the fans don’t mind their team is losing game, but the absolutely hate their team or coach is not evening trying to compete.

  869. 1 bad game and all of sudden, blames come in wave at KA. Where were all the praises after game 2? Let the team play till year end and see what happens.

  870. Me too.

  871. I am afraid his coaching so far hasn’t elevated from D-league yet. He needs to learn fast or loses his job soon.

  872. Brooks obviously can’t play too much..booker needs to play more time. skil has to get ample opportunity to play with JLIN, bogs/harris needs to share until one learns to position themselves better; Hamilton ,scola needs to share brooks spared time.

    Ka needs to abandoned his defeatist attitude in lieu of his developmental mindset. He needs to change quickly from being and Assistant Coach to a full blown Head Coach who thinks winning first attitude!

  873. no blames but obvious critics on how he handles defeat!

  874. He made an adjustment. That was good. Then he made a mistake by resting Brook which cost us game 3. And now he gave up the game around the end of 3 qtr which Lin was suppose to come in to the game.

  875. I think he thinks every player can be developed like he did with Lin.

  876. then , what was your solution if there’s any?

  877. Paraphrasing: KA said the injury of Vasquez & Foye does not have any affects (on the rotation)?or something like that according to my understanding… He also said that he will continue to play Whitehead, MC, etc. for development purpose…

  878. Media talks. He has no clue…

  879. Lin gets to spend his prime years mentoring Whitehead and Kilpatrick. Yay!

  880. A mistake or a political move, that we don’t know. Just look forward, don’t look back. Fall and get back and move on.

  881. He regressed back to the soft motion offense.

  882. what kenny atkinson doesnt understand is that a guy like lin who can score points in such bursts will GIVE his teammates much needed energy… so Kenny should be encouraging lin to continue to score when he can.. lin has great judgement and knows when to pass when he is in scoring mode as well

  883. Omg. I am having a headache now….

  884. to be fair, I was always on a “wait-mode’ with Kenny, so I’ve never been praising him too highly..I didn’t like his use of preseason and didn’t like the way they were dealing with him even then.

  885. No..

    slow and always pop instead of many nets players doing that already, except the HOWL!.

  886. This team has been playing like this since preseason. Game 2 was an anomaly because they have not played like that since. Resting Lopez was head scratching against the Bucks. Giving all the players the green light to shoot 3’s is wrong. There offense is basically standing on the perimeter jacking up 3’s. I’m not even going to talk about the defense.

  887. yeah that’s part of the deal. Not sure if Lin knew about this. He knew that his team is one of the weakest but at the same time he took that chance to lead his own team due to discrimination.

  888. As a fan, we just wanna see our team compete night in and night out. Not resting their franchise player in the 3rd game of the season. He can play Brook less. But not sitting out.

  889. All great minds have controversial moves that draw heavy critics. I am not saying KA is that yet. I will wait until how the trade deadline unfold.

  890. They played the same way, except good teams will not allow Nets to come back from 15 points deficit. Against Detroit, they will probably lose by 10 points.

  891. they almost LOVE standing waiting for their 3’s!!!LOL

  892. Exactly! He seems to always take Lin out when he’s about to get hot. And he keeps on insisting Lin passing the ball instead of allowing him to score instinctively.

  893. im still wondering how in the world the nets beat the pacers… oh i remember now coach atkinson allowed lin to be lin playing him in PNR all night.. I just dont understand when any coach besides mda will let lin play his game..

  894. I just want to say it is not easy to be a Lin fan. Things don’t go his way most of the time. + (

  895. if kA coached OKC, westbrook would be playing maybe 5 minutes each game

  896. LOL

  897. Game 2 it’s Lin’s game not KA’s Motion but KA wants to continue his Motion system that’s why…..

  898. Thank you finally someone.

  899. Haha.. And then Westbrook will get him fired.

  900. And Lin played 30+ mins.

  901. too much motion offense that whitehead lost the ball.

  902. Only thing I wanted to see in this type of game is to see Lin go off for 40. I can’t even see that with Nets.

  903. Well, at least, Lin was able to raise his FG% to 42% and his 3Point to 33%…average efficiency.

  904. Rookie coach wants to win HIS way. Hope he can shake it off with enough loses.

  905. Tbh, I have been watching NBA for more than 15 years and I can’t recall any coach had give up the game at the end of 3rd when they were down by 20 points. So whatever.

  906. what bugs me is lin’s FT.

  907. Exactly. So if we can’t win then use the time to develop rookie…??? I don’t like it. His motion system is not working.

  908. He hardly can make 2 FTs in a row. Inexcusable. Come on Lin. You need to raise FT shooting to 85%.

  909. worst part about his game…they were terrible in charlotte aswell if i remember

  910. In an interview and a video, Jeremy Lin tells Abe Schwadron of SLAM about just good it feels to be the Nets starting point guard.

    “To have this role, I’m so excited I can’t even really explain
    just how happy I am. There’s days where after we work out or play pickup
    or whatever, I’m just like, Man, it feels natural. I’m a leader. I’m a
    starting point guard. I run the show—and that’s something I’ve done my
    whole life on the court. So the last few years playing in a backup
    position, to me, that’s not who I was created to be as a player, that’s
    not natural. I feel like I wanna be the guy in the front. I wanna be the
    guy leading the charge, and I feel that here.”

  911. when he was with knicks it was automatic.

  912. well he had 80% which should be his absolute minimum

  913. I missed heard the injury part. Sorry. But the other part is still true. He will continue to play the rookies to develop them.

  914. Give KA a few more games/loses to try his system. I still think he is a smart man.

  915. when he was with the knicks he got to the lin reapetedly because their offense allowed lin to wreak havoc in the paint.. here he hardly drives

  916. I don’t think he’s a smart coach at all. Nice & good person indeed.

  917. thinking too much while shooting FT? KA’s making Jeremy think much and not lets loose because of other players development

  918. not sure if you guys remember he would smirk before he shoots when he was with the lakers like he is trying to relax.

  919. i will give kenny 10 games before i full make my judgement as him as a coach. he has made numerous coaching errors, but he is a rookie and can learn from his mistakes.. however, when is enough enough.. only time will tell now

  920. Lin and Brook not given a chance to work together.

  921. Well, is not like we have any other choices.

  922. haha good point

  923. I just have a feeling that they will be shopping brook.

  924. Same here. Which I will think it will be another mistake.

  925. right now, he has to learn to “Never to give up easily”!

  926. So true…

  927. Motion is fine. However, nets dont have that kind of personnel. Hope KA realize that and adjust, the sooner the better.

  928. lol the only game they won was when they played together.. i dont understand why they dont use them together more.. i thought kenny was known to be a pick and roll guru where is that at? lin had 20 and 9 which is very good..

  929. yeah if and when they don’t trade lopez for a true center also.

  930. yes.. he did this the entire pre season…

  931. why? if you watch Yes network promo it’s all about Lin rarely brook.

  932. If true, KA needs to quickly decide whether he wants to be a developmental coach or head coach. Head coaches don’t sacrifice wins for “development”.

  933. I think they probably want to trade Brook bc he’s not fit into their Motion system that’s why …..

  934. idk hopefull kenny was just going by trial and error again.. maybe he thought the motion offense would work.. ive heard of 3rd times a charm, but never 8th times a charm…

  935. I suspect they will try to get more motion players to make more motion and more motion…… and without a center blocking the basket. =)

  936. its crazy tho.. because brook and lin were wreaking havoc on the pacers who are a very good team.. arguably better than the bulls …

  937. KA played them together but in a “motion Offense” settings, though i can see Jlin’s trying his best for a PnR with lopez but Brooks almost always POP not roll on some occassions.

  938. I am glad there’s a site like Jlinportal for us to vent our frustrations.

  939. I know but this coach didn’t like that… he wants his own Motion system…..smh!

  940. also rhj should not be starting.. maybe put foye at the 2 and bog at the 3

  941. lol yeah cuz if we spam the nets facebook page, the nets fans will hate lin and his fans just like houston lol

  942. why do you think it’s not happening there now? lol

  943. worse defense possible with no definite rebounder. most of Nets players doesn’t know how to boxed out opponents during rebounds

  944. they need some quality players one or two good ones.

  945. yeah lol we have all learned from being on the rockets and then the lakers.. i think by the time lin was on the hornets most of his fans stopped venting on facebook haha which is why charlotte loved him

  946. couldn’t agree more!

  947. could have really used crabbe or tyler

  948. I think I finally understand why NBA players mostly only care about their own stats because they have no control what kind of team, coach, teammates they will have. The best way to secure their career is have good stats. Our poor boy, always has something/somebody goes against him.

  949. yep just like the buck’s game

  950. One thing I’m happy is that more and more people feel the same way as me now, I have been wondering why people say RHJ is good at defense since pre-season. Good that I’m not that wrong. LOL

  951. i would love to get trevor ariza.. can knock down 3’s and plays awesome defense basically hes a poor mans kawhi leonard

  952. butler destroyed rhj tonight

  953. hype!

  954. I don’t hate any players cuz is not like star players wanna play for the Nets. I am also ok with motion offense as it is only the 4th game into the season so they might improve. The only only problem I have with KA is why he give up the game so early? And why he rest Brook, you can play him like 10-15 mins and let him do some damage from his post up game and change the tempo a little bit if needed to.

  955. I spoke up since preseason.

  956. not just tonight though…..

  957. shake hands

  958. a guy like spencer hawes would actually work well in the motion offense

  959. not really, he is super slow

  960. That’s not going to happen, specially when they’ve made questionable decision that can be perceived as them already tanking the season.

    RHJ will remain the starter since they aren’t prioritizing winning games and it makes sens to let RHJ play if you don’t care about winning games at the moment…..No team that wants to win every games, rest their key player like Lopez.

  961. i know lol im saying tonight he got especially destroyed

  962. yes. but not overpay them

  963. i also can see trevor as the right ingredient for nets success

  964. yes, but he can knock down 3’s. he had good chem with lin

  965. not that paycheck. that money will give the 2 a BIG EGO!

  966. and he could not finish better than Lopez

  967. The NBA trend now is to have a fast rebound/defense center, and Brook is not.

  968. man having trevor boker and lopez on the floor is not a recipe for successs in the motion offense.. the only reason why it worked against the pacers is because KA played lin style basketball and let lin run PNR with both of them… booker is not gonna make 3’s and lopez will make maybe a few

  969. I will take hawes over bennett super slow and useless number one pick

  970. your right, but in this offense he would be better

  971. uh, his 3s is not as good as Hamilton, and he could not finish as good as Lopez, and it is disaster if he put the ball on the floor, only good is he could pass.

  972. so whats the motivation for losing then?

  973. I don’t think RHJ was a name Lin gave either as, “surprising a lot of people this season,” like Kilpatrick. And I was really surprised he didn’t mention RHJ.

  974. as evidence by booker shooting 3’s today miss after miss.

  975. I’m more worried about JLin being stepped on by his own teammate than this loss or KA’s coaching. Does anyone know if he is OK?

  976. he is bad in P&R defense, pretty much what you don’t like Lopez, he will be the same, what you likes about Lopez, he doesn’t have it

  977. Isn’t this goes against what he preaches in preseason–Players dictate the system. Now it seems like the reverse.

  978. as evidence since the PRESEASON lol.. and i dont mind that at all lol.. but kenny needs to realize his personnel and make adjustments.. he already did vs the pacers, but it seems he has too much pride in his offense and wants to win his way

  979. booker is tailored in a JLIN brand of play, not motion offense system

  980. this is sad that we can only talk about players like hawes = (

  981. Someone should stop Lin mad. He keeps posting criticism about Lin on Nets daily

  982. booker and lin PNR is awesome man.. trevor looked like a super star playing with lin

  983. The whole team looked more comfortable letting Lin play PnR than the Motion-Offense. People think its been a mixture of both, but I think PnR, high screens, and Lopez post-ups have been there best offense scheme. Even the other players seem to know where to be and how to play.

  984. IC, I missed tonight’s game, only listen in, have not watch it yet. I will need to collect some courage to watch it, LOL, need some mental preparation before I start to watch it.

  985. correct stubborn like Lin.

  986. can’t you raise a bit higher on your players selection..LOL!

  987. Said same thing in preseason– ‘KA gives up easily’.

  988. I still think when Foye is healthy, he will play with Lin, you need that second ball handler on the floor with Lin so team could not just double him straight out. So far he is the best ball handler on the team…..

  989. he is fine. he got good abs

  990. his options i guess

  991. if kenny wants his team to shoot 3’s what better way than having lin play high pnr? lin either scores, passes to the big man, or if the paint gets clogged, lin can find the open man for 3.. its simple as that.. but ive said this before just passing the ball around the perimeter without penetration will not get a man open for 3.. plus it takes up so much time off the shot clock that they always chuck up a desperate 3

  992. yeah i agree. hawes come on.

  993. correction*

  994. lol im just frustrated man, but hawes and lin played wel together in charlotte

  995. KA needs to review the film against Pacers and see what was working for the team.

  996. hahaha.. hawes is way better than half the nets roster

  997. esp Harris who needs time to better position himself for a catch and shoot 3..with motion, Harris has no good form to shoot

  998. you guys keep saying play the PNR, play the PNR. but who is a capable PNR Big on the team? not Lopez that’s for sure

  999. I’m crying a little inside for Lin. I don’t think things are going as imagined. There is no show for him to take charge of.

  1000. lopez is fine, they did it against the pacers.. what about booker.. lin makes booker look like a super star

  1001. Ya. Keep it simple. Either high pnr with lin or dump it in to lopez

  1002. Lopez played post up against Big Al on the Pacers. there’s no more Big Al’s for Lopez to beat up on

  1003. thanks we switch our Monday tickets for Friday game with the hornets…hopefully, they would do better

  1004. true. that’s what makes it sad.

  1005. When is foye coming back. He gives this team an essential need

  1006. pls, just watch the highlights….LOL!

  1007. so lopez just magically averaged 20 points the last couple seasons?

  1008. NBA teams can easily beat the NETS by just preparing to guard JLIN and pray that KA use the motion offense still..LOL!

  1009. if losing all those years is what you’re aiming for..

  1010. Looks like it was on the upper chest. Looked really bad.

  1011. lol.. please.. lopez was and still is the only bright spot on the nets aside from lin.. they should start using their assets instead of hiding them

  1012. the game has evolved. his slow low post game is extinct. he doesn’t fit this offense at all

  1013. smh.. everyone in the starting lineup doesnt fit this offense except lin.. look at our roster manb we have booker rhj and lopez none of which can shoot 3’s so why not play to our teams strengths..

  1014. Game 1 and game 4 are so alike except that bench brought back game 1 in Q4. KA seemed gave up to let the rookie developed (which I don’t agree. I would rather the starting lineup developed more time together).

    Game 4 the game already semi-gone in 3Q where 20+ deficit is too much. Plus the cold shooting across the board. 3Q late when whitehead took over, suddenly everyone wanted to play street balls.

  1015. i’m telling you they can’t play the PNR without a capable pnr big

  1016. His low post game is effective if he gets it low. You want shots at the rim. When he gets it high and away from the rim is when defenses are able to collapse on him.

  1017. no doubt he’s got a nice low post game but people are complaining about Kenny not running the PNR enough which requires Lopez to be good at which he isn’t

  1018. Bingo! Teams are doing just that! KA is not adjusting to protect Lin. He’s trying to develop his rookies via his ‘motion offense’ system at the expense of Lin and Lopez, IMO.

  1019. did u not hear me.. booker can

  1020. They are catching detroit on the 2nd game of a back to back.

  1021. Booker is a step up from Lopez but still not very good. you wouldn’t want to run that all day. and what’s up with the attitude?

  1022. i dont have an attitude.. your just not listening, but we can agree to disagree dont want to argue anymore

  1023. “lol”, “smh”.. you say these yet your reply to my statement that the team doesn’t have a capable pnr big was “Lopez was and stil the only bright spot”… and i haven’t even given you fit for that

  1024. Agreed. KA is not putting much effort in developing PnR offense centered at Lin, taking it as a given and only using it to stop a losing streak caused by the motion offense. I bet in the next game there will be more PnR with Lin.

  1025. Well. I guess they could rest Lin. He has logged the most minutes on the team after four games. J/K

  1026. Not this winnable game. If Lin needs rest, maybe next B2B.

    Edit: Take it back. Next B2B is against Knicks. He must play.

  1027. No rest. He should play. He is the star player- he should be able to handle it.

  1028. relax.. who else on the team is better than lopez aside from lin?

  1029. so you’re saying run Lopez low post game? if so, that doesn’t fit the Net’s offensive scheme at all

  1030. I quit watching the game when it looked like JLin was going to sit. The game was almost too horrible to watch. But I did watch 3+ quarters and while it was terrible and KA is catching a lot of flack for “giving up” too soon I think he made a conscious decision to know that BKN was not going to win against Chicago- at least not this time around. Since I decided to give it 20 games and then re-evaluate I find myself enjoying the beginning of Jin’s career in BKN much more. What did we expect? Did we really think JLin was going to make BKN 4-0 out of the gate with this team? With a new and rookie coach? With almost all new players? With a handicapped roster? Be real folks. Painful though it may seem, enjoy the journey. There have already been ups and downs and it is only 4 games! Chicago is a tough, veteran team with a real beast in D. Wade and Jimmy Butler. They are a deep team. BKN did not match up at all except with JLin. I am getting the feeling that KA, rookie coach though he is, will do a good job with what he has. He is trying to feel what he has. He is giving himself some games to find out the character and talent of this team. He knows only JLin. For as bad as Whiteside looked most of the times there were a few flashes of good play. I thought he did a decent job on defense on staying in front of his man. He is fast and agile and may prove to be a defensive stopper. He was certainly no worse than Vasquez. RHL though, he is pretty rough. He has no real game. It is hard to see why BKN drafted him w/o any offensive skills. Harris had his moments. I think BKN will be an interesting team to watch develop and I trust enough in Jin’s judgment enough to believe that he sees something positive developing.

  1031. no we should bench lin and lopez the entire game.

  1032. lol. back to square one. thanks for the circling argument though

  1033. likewise

  1034. Well said. As long as Lin is starting there is hope.

  1035. so again, i ask how are the Nets gonna run keep running PNR all game long when Lopez isn’t a good PNR big? i’m still waiting for your solution to this..

  1036. NOW, overpaying Crabbe & Tyler Johnson got my APRROVAL!!!

  1037. I have no problem with your attitude; in fact, it’s laudable, and I agree. However, I did not agree with some who predicted FOR SURE that Nets would make the playoff. Let me repeat, I have no problem with people who hope and think it might be possible for Nets to make the playoff, but I do think it’s a reach when some people say Nets will make the playoff FOR SURE as if making playoff with a new team with non-super star teammates is an easy thing to do. This Nets team would have done a heck of job if it can win 30 games this season IMO. This is why I made my $5K bet with a poster who was CERTAIN that Nets would make the playoff this season. Had he merely said he hoped that Nets would make the playoff, or that there was a possibility that Nets would make the playoff, I would not have made the bet.

  1038. Will NEVER doubt Marks/KA – They trusted JLin7 afterall. And they’re smart enough to go after Crabbe & Johnson.

  1039. Yup and this is my problem here…It’s easier to guard Lin when you have 2 guys on the floor who can’t shoot in RHJ/Booker.

  1040. In other words, KA;s goal this season is to develop players and gel his team instead of throwing everything to try to make the playoff. I think his approach is Nets will play his way, and if Nets happen to win, that’s fine. If not, that’s fine also. I think realistically, KA will try to make a playoff run next year after several trades and gelling.

  1041. lol do u want to keep going on and on about this.. lopez is a proven pnr big.. he played it with lin against indiana.. booker did as well against pacers and bucks.. lin made booker look awesome those two games.. where was that tonight. now u answer my question how the heck are we supposed to play motion offense with booker, lopez and rhj on the floor at the same time?

  1042. Are they playing well now? Don’t really follow NBA.

  1043. IMO RHL and Bennett are pretty bad and will not even do all that well in D League.

  1044. I think you mean “lose” his way because he hasn’t won a single game with his motion offense! The only win was through Lin PnR and Lopez’s post ups! Yet he still insist on going away from their strengths!

  1045. well you still don’t get it so i’ll have to hammer it into you, again. lol. in the Pacers game, Lopez didn’t exactly play pnr. he played mostly POST UP against Big Al (not exactly a great defender). the Nets won’t be facing a sad defending big man like him for a while. and again, you wouldn’t want to play PNR with Booker all game long because he’s just a mediocre pnr big. right now, i have no issue with Kenny because he doesn’t exactly have the personnel to run a fast pace offense

  1046. I was one of the supporters of going after Crabbe and especially Tyler Johnson back in the summer. It’s still very early in the season, but so far both guys have been performing better than their prior season (which also has been an improvement over their first and second season, respectively).

    They would be a huge improvement over Kilpatrick, who would be taking over Whitehead’s role instead. If the Nets had Crabbe at SG and Johnson off the bench, they still lose tonight given how weak they are inside, but I believe they would have easily won against the Bucks and perhaps stolen the first game in Boston. Perimeter defense would much less of an issue.

  1047. ok were done here you just ignored everythin i just said.

  1048. Ha, ha. I am trying to be respectful. Or in other words, Nets can try to play like Hawks or Spurs, but they ain’t Hawks or Spurs. At best, they will be a poor imitation as the team is constructed right now.

  1049. Have a stiff drink first.

  1050. No way Booker can shoot inside and play PnR with Lin. Did you forget his amazing dunks in game 2? Or how he jumped and intercepted that alley opp that was going to happen if he didnt? RHJ is the one who needs to sit on the bench.

  1051. i’m sorry but if you think Lopez is a proven pnr big, then i don’t know what else to say…

  1052. With the personnel KA has I don’t think he has any choice but to develop what he has and try to make them better over the season. Who knows, maybe if he is good enough at it they will start to win games later on. After all, he does have JLin as the catalyst. If BKN had gotten Johnson from Miami or Crabbe from Portland we would be looking at a different situation but given that BKN is an entirely new team it still would have taken time to develop though the chances of success would have been greater and faster. The Nets have cap room, they can sign other players, the right players. At the All Star break is when other teams are going to reassess their personnel, their chances, their cap space and the bottom tier teams with some good players will think about the next draft. If BKN is smart as others say Marks is then there is a long way to go. As long as JLin is there great things can happen and it will be interesting to see how this story develops. To go into depth of despair at this early stage only ruins the journey.

  1053. Uhh . . . some did think Nets would be 4-0. Or at least 2-2. I personally think Nets did not fare too badly if they can go 5 wins and 15 losses in first 20 games.

  1054. If that’s the case how come Pacers had zero answer for him and Lopez posted 25 points and was unstoppable when Atkinson went to him frequently in game 2. All these loses happened when KA went away from Lin and Lopez’s PnR and Post plays!

  1055. I agree.

    It is important to have the right expectations. Bulls is a more mature team in age and Fred Hoiberg was hired as a coach a year ago so he had a head-start to install his system for the Bulls. Even then the Bulls had a disappointing 2015-16 season due to adjustment, Noah not fitting in, DRose’s injury, etc.

    The addition of DWade and Rondo as vets can only help them to be a much improved team. I was surprised to see how well they execute, hit every open shots that they deflated the Nets team.

    I hope the 30-pt blowout serves as a wake-up call to the Nets that they really need to get serious with defense if they want to compete this season. I hope they show clips on how open those 3pt shooters and lanes to the rim. That’s the only way the young Nets would realize the urgency of playing team defense. Coach KA needs to yell more like Pop to the experienced Spurs when they blow defensive assignments.

    But I do expect at least the first 10 seasons to be ugly and a lot of ups and downs.
    The Pacers game was the nice surprise but there would be games like tonight when the Nets’ lack of defense is thoroughly exposed. They tried to fight back but they couldn’t get a stop at all. It was quite ugly when defense is missing.

  1056. Lopez and Boozer can both play the PnR. It’s KA who doesn’t want to play the PnR or have post plays!

  1057. there’s a difference between PNR and simply POSTING UP. in the Pacers game Lopez mostly played post up against a very poor defender (Big Al). how many teams will the Nets face with that kind of interior defense?

  1058. Psalm, Nets were also down after 3rd quarter against Pacers. If they are to win more, they have to break out of this cycle of falling behind every game. First game against Celtics was close mainly because Celtics just took it easy and played dumb when they had a big lead in 4th. Actually, Nets could be 0-4 instead of 1-3, so it’s not too bad.

  1059. I was one of the early optimists who was hoping for “Linsanity” 2. But that “hope” has passed now that we can see how raw the personnel is. Since we are all JLin fans here and believe he is a special talent we can enjoy the unfolding story over the course of the season and just maybe we will get a pleasant surprise.

  1060. if he wanted to “develop” the players and not win then why on earth are we wasting our time? ( speaking for myself ) – he had pre season games to see which players are good to play – he had the pacers and the bucks and the celtics and now the bulls – wtf is he doing? if i can see who are a good solid group with zero experience then why can’t kenny see that? do all the players need to be motivated every single game because from what i saw only lin was playing his heart out. wtf happened to the rest of the team? who played so well against the bucks and the pacers – did they fall asleep ?

  1061. BKN does not have near the talent as ATL or SAS. But they do utilize a similar system so maybe the system isn’t so bad with better people. Looks like maybe Dwight Howard has found a home in ATL.

  1062. Al barely had any minutes in the Pacers game he was playing backup. Pacers went triple team on Lopez and they still couldn’t guard him. That’s why Lin had so much space to shoot mid range jumpers. Bulls also couldn’t guard Lopez in this game yet coach limited his minutes again. PnR or Posting Up are both the main reason Nets won game 2. You want your best players to score 20+ points to win. Resting Lopez and barely playing him with Lin when they clicked in game 2 just doesn’t make sense.

  1063. The HC needs to hold the players responsible in defense, rewarding good defender with more PT and play sets, punishing the bad player with less PT. Talking doesn’t work for defense.

  1064. Maybe those who were not motivated will not be in BKN next month. With such raw personnel what choice does he have but to “develop” them?

  1065. Unlike Nets, ATL and SAS use mainly PnR offense. Motion offense is just a small part of their style. What Kenny Atkinson is trying to due is just motion offense completely without screens, PnR, cutting players which means no offense at all. It just doesn’t work like that.

  1066. And will NEVER doubt Jin’s decision to go with KA and Marks. Works both ways so should work out over time.

  1067. true, loose defense has been the recurring weakness in the past 4 games. I don’t know why they lost focus in the 3rd quarter and why it happened throughout the game today.

    The lack of focus on defense was just hidden behind the strong 4th quarter run. With this blowout, the Nets would have to dig deep and accept they need to fix it very soon if they don’t want this to happen again.

    Let’s hope the whole team realizes that. Otherwise we could have 20 ugly games, not just 10 ugly ones

  1068. I agree 100%. Just saying thinking Nets would make playoff this season is not something I would bet on. I am not at all in despair because I expected 0-4 start. I am impressed that Nets won one game out of 4 games! Highly impressed. I repeat, I am not sad or in despair.

  1069. Rockets should have passed to Dwight more. Too Harden-centric. Dwight never had a chance.

  1070. correct .. Coach KA definitely needs to keep them accountable on defense.
    That’s the only way it will work. I’m curious how he will get the message across

  1071. Lopez was able to dominate Big Al early on and so the Pacers had to double team him which (as you’ve pointed out) freed up the shooters. but that was just against the Pacers and especially against Big Al. i didn’t see him dominate the Bulls at all. he was awful early on against Robin. he got going a bit later on but the game was already over at the half

  1072. Now that you mention it, you are right. It’s not even the same system. Lol KA’s system is a Communist version of the same system.

  1073. Agreed. That is a job for the front office. But I think it is way to early for teams to think about trading their players until they have a chance to see what they have. I think BKN pretty much knows what it has, who they would trade. But who is available at this point?

  1074. I am already pleasantly surprised that Nets won 1 out of 4 games. I expect Nets to win 5 or less games in first 20 games not because I am pessimistic but because that’s the way I see it.

  1075. Theyre not very good but they’re not very bad. Even the Hornets last season have losses like this. Pretty much most teams will have losses like this. Again, I don’t judge them by couple ugly games… Who can ?? It’s a NEW team, NEW coach, NEW system… But I still believe they can go 5-5 for first 10 games, 10-10 for first 20. At worst. JLin7 NEED to be more in Control and ball dominant.

  1076. I remember people used to criticize McHale’s offense similar to that. Maybe over-simplification is the common mistake rookie coaches tend to make.

  1077. It has always been hard for me to see how professional athletes at this highest level of basketball could not be motivated to give their best. How else can they expect to stay at this level and improve their lot in life. No, I think it has to be something else, like fear of failure or something like that

  1078. I missed the game but it looks like Lin’s shooting improved again and he got 4 STEALS. The team may not have won but it sounds like KA was responsible for that based on the comments.

  1079. Not now. Later when opportunities come up. And after this year. Like I said, this season is not the one where they will or can make a playoff run.

  1080. It’s a developmental year. It’s not just one or two game evaluations. KA said eventually he wants them to “close” games if I heard correctly @mark 2:51. Also, @ 3:21, he does not think w/ Vasquez & Foye being out has any effects on “changing things up”???

  1081. I don’t judge; I just think it’s more likely Nets will not win more than 30 games. Am I certain? No. Would I make a bet on it? Maybe. But I will certainly be willing to bet big money that Nets will not make playoff this year. In other words, I keep my mind open and observe, and have my beliefs of what this team can most likely achieve.

  1082. One continuing trend is that Nets fell behind after 3 quarters by 10 or more points in all 4 games; that’s something they have to avoid if they want to win more games. I guess when others saw Nets grit etc in trying to rally, I saw how easily Nets fell behind after 3 quarters and put themselves in a nasty position of having to rally like hel*.

    For once, I would like to see Nets with a lead after 3 quarters and see if they can hold onto the lead.

  1083. I would bet against you. I have 110% faith that JLin7’s Nets will make the playoffs – not as 8th seed but 6th-7th at the least. Its ONLY 4 games and they have been close for 3 games. So, YEAH! Hehe… I’ve said it before the season – JL7 can carry any team to the playoff. Bank it.

  1084. I do wonder how Lin would have fared with A. Davis in Pelicans though. Towns guy in MN and A. Davis in Pelicans — I knew they would be stars immediately. I want Lin to play with at least a very talented star. I consider Brook a limited NEAR star.

  1085. Believe it! JLin will carry this team to playoff 6th-7th. Developing players for a playoff run NOT just for trading (there’s no value there). There’s only value IF the players get into playoffs.

  1086. Bucks and Pacers were a level below Bulls IMO. I don’t think Bucks would make playoff. Pacers also might not make playoff. Bulls and Detroit will make playoff.

  1087. yeah i know but giving up against any team sd be a big no no

  1088. if Nets ever go down by 20 again going into the 4th quarter, one can expect more player development substitutions by the head coach.

  1089. From Lin…

    “Consistently, we were out-competed,’’ said Jeremy Lin, who had 14 points. “We didn’t have that normal pop, that normal explosiveness, that hunger we normally have on the defensive end. Actually, just in general we didn’t have that normal spirit or energy we play with. … Everybody came out flat.

    “Honestly, if we don’t come out with energy you could have the best players in the world and it won’t matter. If you don’t play hard in this league, you’ll get embarrassed every night.”

  1090. Since I already made a $5K bet with another poster, I will extend $1K bet offer to you. You can make a check available to J Lin Foundation. Lol I will give you 8th seed.

  1091. KA gave up against Celtics and Bulls. Right or wrong moves but he did. It was purely luck that the bench started hitting shots and Celtics forgot to take them seriously during the winding minutes.

  1092. Funny I was thinking of that earlier. He would have been with Davis and NOLA certainly has a better roster. Asik is there but so is Jrue Holiday who they signed for big money so JLin did not have a place there. However Holiday is injured now but we did not know that then. This is the kind of roster of vets and talent that JLin could have made better than they are. He would fit very well in Gentry’s system. Gentry of course was a protege of MDA and would have loved a free wheeler PG like JLin. I wonder if maybe the fit of an Asian in NOLA was not a good fit and part of the consideration. In the end though I think JLin just wanted to be with KA and build something in NY.

  1093. The way I see Eastern Conf, I think Bucks will not make playoff and Pacers will be fighting for 8th spot.

  1094. Too tired from playing catch-up in all 4 games, or coming close to winning against Bucks but falling short?

  1095. Problem is if a player fails to play defense who is there to replace him? BKN just thin on talent. How can you not be motivated to go all out when you are fighting for your professional life?

  1096. Bingo.

  1097. KA said in last game’s post-game press that their focus at the moment is still experiemnting with different combinations and let their young guys develop & gain more experience. I think he will only let Lin play more P&R for the game he wants to win.

  1098. Actually this game alone is enough for coach to reconsider his starters and go back to what “worked” (PnR and Post ups). I’m pretty sure we all agree Kilpatrick or Harris should get a chance to start over RHJ. RHJ’s had his fair share of chances to start and he blew it every time. He hasn’t had 1 bright spot in the games (including preseason). Even Vasquez had that hot hand 3 pointer stint before he was injured to help us win game 2. RHJ just needs to go to the bench.

  1099. Chicago looked awfully good, better than I thought they would be with Wade, Butler and Rondo. But I think the big piece for them was Robin Lope to stabilize the center! Like you said, Noah did not fit in and actually neither did Rose IMO. This is another case of a coach wanting to install a system with the wrong personnel. I thought Chicago was an ideal place for JLine because of Hoiberg’s desire to push the ball up the floor and attack, something Rose did not really do. I look for the first 20 games to be ugly, lots of ups and downs, then some personnel changes. If KA is going to play Lopez at the perimeter and have him shoot 3’s then they might as well trade him. JLin played good D with 4 steals. He was the only Net to look like an NBA player.

  1100. Feel like Lin is quite [email protected]@

  1101. Stopping Lin has not worked successfully.

    Stopping RHJ and Booker and Whitehead HAS worked.

  1102. Can Nets still trade players or waive them? If so I hope he waves the right personnel like Anthony Bennett. If coach wants to develop players why not give Chris McCullough more minutes? We are in need of a great PF to back up Lopez who seems to be on minutes restriction every game.

  1103. Somewhat disagree.

    Crabbe would have not been better than Bogdan, Joe, or Sean.

    Johnson would be an upgrade at PG over Vasquez and Whitehead.

  1104. Agree.

    Those players are terrible, Bennett not so much.

  1105. Exactly! RHJ has been playing recklessly and shooting is very bad (actually non-existent) even when wide open. He does not belong in starters, but the problem is Nets does not have any other more suitable SF in his place with better defense. They desperately need a couple of 3D SFs.

  1106. There’s a reason why even with the big contract offers, their teams matched Nets’ offer.

  1107. Let’s focus on the POSITIVES of the game for JLin and the Nets.
    Otherwise, we lose hope and can’t see any good things going forward.
    You may add more if it’s not listed here…

    JLIN’s Positives:
    1. Once again, he proved he can bounce back from a poor shooting game with excellent all-around game. With fresh legs, Lin looked unstoppable shooting 60% FG (6-10) and 50% 3FG (1-2) to finish with 14pts/4asts/4steals/2rebs/3tos in only 24 min
    He could have scored more if he wanted to stat-pad but like a good PG wanting to win, he tried to empower his team. He could’ve had 2-3 more assists easily if his teammates can finish well.
    As Lin’s fans, we know this so we get the credit, too ?

    2. Improved Season Stats after a strong Game 4
    FG%: from 38.1% to 42.3%
    3FG%: from 31.3% to 33.3%

    3. Strong defense
    Lin recorded the season-high 4 steals (Wade, Mirotic, Butler, Rondo) for himself and the Nets.
    His 2015-16 season high was 5 (2 times) and his career high
    His career high steal is 6 (2 times) during his first 2012-13 Rockets season as a starter.
    Note: Lin’s steal contributed to 1 out of 5 TOs by Wade

    NETS’ Positives:
    1. The lack of focus on defense was exposed and emphasized in a 30pt blowout
    It’s embarrassing to the Nets but coaches will get their attention when they insist on players to show consistent effort in defense. Players have pride so they wouldn’t want to get embarrassed again (hopefully). For now, their focus on defense was truly inconsistent.
    2. Motion Offense doesn’t work well with this personnel, especially against high-seed playoff teams.
    Coaches would have to plan for more Brook-Lin PnR if they want to win (or not get embarrassed) vs good teams like Cavs, Celtics, Miami.

    Again, it is important to have the realistic expectations for a newly-assembled team like the Nets in the first 10-15 games. There will be a lot of ugly games and glimpses of brilliance; the victories will be sweeter after they go through these tough struggles. Hopefully it will be sooner than later.

    I still stick to my range of 30-45Wins for the season if most are healthy. Also my 4W-6L prediction in the first 10 games.

  1108. Bennett needs to visit a sports psychologist. He needs to get a mean streak, get mad, fight for his professional life. He has the body and the skills. Its in his head. If he came out with a monster game, 25 pos, 10 RB and 2 or 3 blocks that might do it to instill some confidence. He just seems to lack confidence. If he could PnR with JLin, set HARD screens and roll HARD to the basket like Tyson Chandler he will have found a calling. RHL just looked lost. I felt sorry for him.

  1109. Based on the last game vs the Nets, it’s probably correct.

    But some teams might improve more than others after the first 10-15 games

  1110. I think KA needs to watch film his Motion system has lots of problems that he needs to fix it. He can’t always think…. we can use the chance for developing….??? smh! I am glad Lin is back to NY again w good person as his coach but KA needs to do his homework a lot better.

  1111. Ok google listed Bog as SF? Which means KA has been playing two SFs which doesn’t really make sense?! I rather have a SG in Joe Harris or Kilpatrick to start along side Lin! Kilpatrick definitely has the speed to get to the rim and share some ball handling with Lin. They can even play off of each other if Kilpatrick can pass to Lin for him to cut to the basketball or vice-versa. Lin’s offense expands when he works with another guard who can set him up to score in different positions. I think Scola can do that too but unfortunately KA doesn’t want to start him. Scola also can’t lead the bench on his own and needs major help.

  1112. Just for fun, guess if you remember what the 2015-16 Hornets record was in the first 10 games and 40 games before they finished with 48W-34L?


    2015-16 Hornet Season
    First 10 games: 5W-5W
    First 20 games: 12W-8L (7-3)
    First 30 games: 17W-13L (5-5)
    First 40 games: 18W-22L (1Win-9Losses, 7 game losing streak)
    First 50 games: 24W-26L (6-4)
    First 60 games: 32W-28L (8-2 run, Courtney Lee was traded)
    First 70 games: 40W-30L (8-2 run)
    All 82 games: 48W-34L (8-4)

  1113. I think 4-6 for the first 10 is realistic. I think low 30s win might be it for this season based on, beyond Brook, Lin and Booker, the players are too raw. I was hoping RHJ was better. Of course, that’s not cast in stone and we don’t know how much Kenny will improve this team. I an NOT against his offense or even his substitution. I actually believe he has a plan and a clue of how to improve this team.

  1114. it’s tough to guess how Coach KA will adjust on offense. But the glaring issue is definitely the horrid defense now.

    I was hoping for more Brook-Lin and Book-Lin PnR but the defense just turned things upside-down. I figure the #1 issue to prioritize would be defense. Hope they fix it quickly. Otherwise, fans will lose interest watching blowout games.

  1115. KA said offense will lag behind defense. And right now, defensive woes are far more pronounced than offensive ones.

  1116. Just for fun, guess if you remember what the 2015-16 Hornets record was in the first 10 games and 40 games before they finished with 48W-34L?

    (scroll down to see the answer)

    2015-16 Hornet Season
    First 10 games: 5W-5W
    First 20 games: 12W-8L (7-3)
    First 30 games: 17W-13L (5-5)
    First 40 games: 18W-22L (1Win-9Losses, 7 game losing streak)
    First 50 games: 24W-26L (6-4)
    First 60 games: 32W-28L (8-2 run, Courtney Lee was traded)
    First 70 games: 40W-30L (8-2 run)
    All 82 games: 48W-34L (8-4)

  1117. Currently, the Nets defense is very offensive to watch lol ?

  1118. Just from NY Post… their #2 & #3 PG are all not working… #2 injury all the time… #3 Whitehead just said he’s not ready for this level yet… so Our GM needs to work something…. smh!

  1119. I don’t think it was THAT bad.. it’s very simply that the team as a whole except for Lin can’t shoot the 3 worth a damn. 17% for the entire team? Many of which are known 3pt shooters? Nah, this is just one of those nights. I think they kinda knew it so KA rests Lin/Brook a lot and just see if the gang can bounce back.. well, they didn’t. If they shoot the 3 as well as the Bulls this would be a close game. So yeah, just one of those games. Some guys in the team has to git gud fast. Lin is back in great shooting form so some rest is good. I think this is another learning game and hopefully we’ll rarely see such a stinker again.

  1120. SKil is more ready to be PG/SG for the 2nd unit

    Whitehead just makes too many mistakes being a rookie, not used to the NBA speed which is very common problem. Jeremy also experienced it.
    After 10 games it should be clear that he’s not ready. He can be deactivated and be sent to D-League to get more PT

  1121. Why not try letting the SGs like Kilpatrick and Harris play as PG as well? Nowadays so many SGs play as PGs anyway. Again these should’ve been what preseason was about yet KA never experimented with. They handle the ball and play better than the PGs this team has minus Lin. I think Lin needs a SG along side him.

  1122. To other good posters here,
    I’m not writing this team off from the playoff. I have to see 20-25 games before I’m writing them off. This IS JLin7’s team and there will be improvements every week. They just fought real hard for past 3 games, so I will take 3-1, 3 good games to 1 “flat” game. And to Web Attorney: counting them off from the playoff is the easy, safe bet. The real bet, the big bet is counting them MAKING the playoff. JLin7 will lead them to the playoff. Bank it! I’ll be here.

  1123. I’d like to see SKil and/or Harris feeding Lin a the 2 guard position for a tripel threat situation like last year’s Hornets and vice versa. Again these are things that should’ve been experimented in preseason. A 2/3 guard line up should’ve also been experimented.

  1124. ditto….hahaha…thats the leader who is educating the young rookies NBA is no joke….either you come in prepared (mentally and physically) or not…there is no middle ground

  1125. lol…if the initial pieces planned were here, the whole mechanics and strategy would have changed. NETS got to do with what they have…its a long season and the scoring from both bench and starters are needed thru out the quarters.

    Most importantly the defensive mindset need to be set

  1126. Honestly, I was thinking Brook-Lin PnR would be regular staple for my 4-6 prediction but Brook’s plantar fascitis added offensive inconsistency. But on the other hand, the bench can get really hot in the 4th quarters so that was a nice surprise.

    So 4-6 can still happen if the rest of players are still healthy.

    RHJ’s inconsistency also bothers me a bit but it’s possible he is still getting used to this motion offense. There were times when he showed flashes of his athleticism but it is very inconsistent. For the Nets sake, hopefully he shows more consistency after 10-15 games

  1127. True lin fans don’t count them off? They just want the coach to stop wasting the season for his nonsense experiment.

  1128. I’m not sure Marks and Kenny are prioritizing winning games…I don’t think this is something that’s first in their mind..They want to develop first so guys like whitehead will see more time than he should and they also want to set the motion offense in stone, so instead of mixing things up that fit their best player strength, they will rather lose just to highlight the motion offense.

  1129. One of the few good defensive plays by the Nets tonight.

    I enjoy watching Brook swatting DWade’s layup (plus his reaction)

  1130. Exactly, To KA,

    1) You don’t rest your starter 3 games into the regular season unless you have a deep bench. Stop acting we are the Spurs cuz we are not.

    2) You are here to compete and try to win in a regular season game instead of develop raw players and weird experiments. Just look at the Knicks during Linsanity. All the star players were hurts except Tyson and yet they still able to beat a lot of playoff teams because they played their best lineup and heavy minutes.

    3) Not competing and develop raw players in a regular season game = tanking which is what most of the fans hated the most.

    4) You are tanking for nothing, nothing at all!

  1131. If so, it is the same as tanking which is worst than the 76ers as at least they were ranking for something. We are tanking for nothing.

  1132. I have no problem with the roster as I have mentioned before, is not like a lot of players want to play for the Nets. The problem is the coaching and the Minute management. KA made an adjustment on game 2 which was encouraging. But this game show he is the type that give up the game too easily and to often looking for develop super raw player like Whitehead.

  1133. I think KA shouldn’t waste player like Lin’s prime time to develop his rookie….Plus Lin said before vs Celtics game… he hates rebuild….he wants it now…

  1134. The funniest part was yeah it is a blow out game and yet, Wade and Butler still played more minutes than Lin and Brook. Smh.

  1135. The problem I have with KA is even we are in rebuild mode, we still should try our best to compete and try to win every night. If you wanna develop a player, send them to D-League, that what Long Island Nets are for.

  1136. I think when KA got the coaching job one of his responsibilities is to develop young players and rebuild the team from scratch. So hopefully at the end of the season the Nets becomes a decent team to be competitive in the league. This is no easy task because he wants to win games along the way during the development process.
    KA is not dumb. He knows Lin is a capable pg but he doesn’t want the team to depend on him alone otherwise if Lin get injured the Nets would be in deep trouble.
    The idea of motion offense is to build team chemistry while trying to get every players involved… not dependent on one single player.
    When KA feels that the game is out of reach he would rather take the opportunity to develop the young players than to risk injury for Lin or Lopez.
    I know its very frustrating to watch but as a coach you would seize all opportunity to develop your team in a short time.

  1137. Not really. Most here were saying playoff or close to it. I was in the minority view