Game 3 Brooklyn Nets vs Milwaukee Bucks: “The Quest for the First Road Win”

BROOKLYN, NY - OCTOBER 28: Jeremy Lin #7 of the Brooklyn Nets goes up for a shot during a game against the Indiana Pacers on October 28, 2016 at Barclays Center in Brooklyn, New York. NOTE TO USER: User expressly acknowledges and agrees that, by downloading and or using this photograph, user is consenting to the terms and conditions of the Getty Images License Agreement. Mandatory Copyright Notice: Copyright 2016 NBAE (Photo by Nathaniel S. Butler/NBAE via Getty Images)

BROOKLYN, NY – OCTOBER 28: Jeremy Lin #7 of the Brooklyn Nets goes up for a shot during a game against the Indiana Pacers on October 28, 2016 at Barclays Center in Brooklyn, New York. NOTE TO USER: User expressly acknowledges and agrees that, by downloading and or using this photograph, user is consenting to the terms and conditions of the Getty Images License Agreement. Mandatory Copyright Notice: Copyright 2016 NBAE (Photo by Nathaniel S. Butler/NBAE via Getty Images)


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After the exhilarating and historic win against the Pacers in their home debut, the Brooklyn Nets flew overnight to Milwaukee and arrived late around 3 am. Will they have enough in the tank to beat the Bucks on the road in a back-to-back game?

Since only Jeremy Lin played above 30 minutes last night, the 10 Nets players should have enough energy to compete hard with the Bucks who had a 3-day rest after losing their first game against the Hornets 96-107 .

The pick and roll (PnR) offense between Jeremy Lin and Brook Lopez finally found its groove and proved to be unstoppable against the Pacers while Jeremy Lin lead the charge as the floor general.

KEY OF THE GAME: ย A Lin PnR (with Booker or Hamilton since Brook is resting), less motion offense for the 1st and more for the 2nd unit ย would help. A strong rebounding game (52-49 advantage over the Pacers) would continue to be the key for the Nets to notchย their first road win of the season. Better 3pt shooting (only 30% vs the Pacers) could also help to secure a win.

Snatching a road win in a back-to-back game won’t be an easy task without the energy of the home crowd and the familiarity of the arena. But if the team plays together under the direction of an experienced point guard like Lin, tonight might be the night the Nets get that road win.

Let’s hope and pray the Nets will continue their formula of success, play together as a team, and finish the game healthy!

Let’s go, JLin and the Nets! You Can Do It!


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  1. hehehe

  2. No Lopez today tho

  3. As we know, Lopez won’t be playing today.

    Hamilton will certainly get the start- good for floor spacing and he had a big block against the Pacers.

    Interested to see how Lin matches up against Giannis Antetokounmpo (6’11”, 223lbs), the Greek freak is long and athletic and is a much different matchup than Teague (who Lin held to 2/13 FG last night).

    538 had the Nets at 43% chance winning yesterday (which they did), and 22% (losing by 8) today. We’ll see!

  4. oh wow,… rest?

  5. yes, we’ll get to see how JLin will solve the Giannis puzzle.
    Great matchup!

  6. Yes sir!

  7. What an odd lineup milwaukee has. GA won’t be able to stay with Lin. Rhj will guard him

  8. This is a statement game for sure.
    “We rest Brook for our possible playoff run”

    And if we can beat the Bucks on the road without Brook, beware of the Nets =)

  9. haha, well…..maybe Lin will have a 50 pt game today!

  10. I agree, this tells me they expect to make the playoffs ๐Ÿ˜‰

  11. Not just about high… Lin will find a way to beat him.

  12. This is a winnable game and they rest Lopez?
    There must be something the Nets is hiding like they didn’t play PNR in preseason.

  13. Just wondering. Would we be okay if KA rest JLin in the next game?

  14. I do not see it. I just hope he does not llay 40mins tonight

  15. It’s B2B game, KA will not be that crazy. I think Whitehead probably will get some min.

  16. GA is very skilled. I watched him play in preseason and against Charlotte. He’s tough. I don’t like the Bucks because they are oversized in the smaller positions. Hopefully, Lin can exploit their mismatches in height. But he has to watch out for them cutting off passing lanes with their lengths. And he doesn’t have Lopez to lob the ball to.

  17. I agree with Alain. Lin won’t guard GA and RHJ, or perhaps Booker, will. Lin will likely be guarding the 2-guard. When Delly is in, Lin will guard Delly. I think. We’ll see.

  18. Will we see a lin 30ptt night ?

  19. Points

  20. I hope so. haha!

  21. that makes sense

  22. if he did, it won’t be 17/44 shooting ..maybe more like 14/20 and 25FTs LOL

  23. I don’t think Coach KA is okay with losses =)

    The Nets need Lin’s leadership in every game.
    We might see more that KA wants to limit his min to 30-34min/game but plays every game

  24. For those who missed these pictures in the previous thread, here they are again:

  25. I guess the answer is NO lol

  26. I keep forgetting about the Hawks. They are a playoff team no doubt ๐Ÿ™‚

  27. Lopez out? What? Why?

  28. He’s getting the Duncan treatment

  29. So early in the season? Hes only 28!

  30. I think KA said he believes Lopez has a lot of miles already and plans on resting him a lot throughout the season.

  31. 28 and getting the old man treatment.

  32. JLin’s PER is at 24.73. A couple of players from last year with a similar PER? Chris Paul, Kawhi Leonard, James Harden. That’s right, JLin is an ALL STAR.

  33. That is bizarre! What a wierd journey we continue to go on… lol… maybe hes injured… he risks losing momentum built from last night…

  34. Lopez is injury prone, like most Big’s when they play too many minutes or are the focal point of the offense. It looks like maybe Marks is bringing in his Spurs player management for peak performance throughout the year.
    What I noticed from last game and preseason, Atkinson will speak up when Lin is getting unfairly fouled unlike previous coaches just looking and not doing anything; even Coach Clifford.
    Lin is going to have a special year!

  35. Clifford was horrible!

  36. Sorry, hes 33… i trust KA47…

  37. watch out Jeremy! Delly’s coming after you:

  38. Delly is a pesky defender

  39. We need this Lopez for the season

  40. Why isn’t Lopez playing? Some tactical reason? Good thing: Nets never give up and fight hard in 4th quarter even when they are down. Bad thing: Nets have been down close to 10 points by end of 3rd quarter. Without Kilpatrick’s knocking down some shots, Nets might not have gotten close to Pacers for Lin and starters to win that game. Was an exciting game though. And a great game by Lin. He looked very confident and smooth. No hesitation except hesitation moves.

  41. I think they’re building him up for the long haul. 1) He’s a big guy with a history of foot injuries 2) It’s very early in the season, and it takes time for body to acclimate (for bigger guys, probably longer) 3) They’re playing a lot of games within a short time span 4) Can’t afford to lose him if they want to make a playoff run

  42. Expect lin to have more fga tonight.

  43. Googled him at 28, 1988?

  44. No.

  45. True you have bet against Nets making playoffs? Curious

  46. Did you ?

  47. Not me, question for Web.

  48. Whats a good site for stats other than and espn

  49. Fans of All Ages Pack Barclays Center to Watch Jeremy Lin Wow Brooklyn

  50. Coach Clifford, where were you when one of your Hornet players that helped you beat Boston, named Lin, gets tripped. One of the worst fouls that did not get on the “Too Flagrant Not to Call” video.

  51. NBCNews actually used the same exact picture I took, but they had a professional photographer with much better equipment and sat at the baseline…

  52. Oops, didn’t see you post this article already lol.

  53. yep this team is rated PG… the other across the bridge don’t think even qualify rating of PG13….either X or censored. LOL

  54. All good. Liked this article with a different focus

  55. Well, he was acquitted…

  56. By the way, Lin’s bracelets say “In Jesus Name I Play” instead of “In Jesus Name I Pray” (which is what all Christians say to end prayers). Clever.

  57. I think resting Brook is a good excuse to see if Ham-Lin can work. Though he played really well last night, Lopez is still not an ideal fit on this team and he can fetch a late lottery pick from another team.

    There have been signs that they are shopping Brook like they shopped Thad Young, and this is a perfect opportunity to test Hamilton as a starter.

  58. cbs sports, realgm, there are many; my favorite one from last year isnt up and running this year. an interesting player ratings (primarily fantasy focused) site is number is numberfire; with its “nerd” index, has lin (if you filter for players with limited minutes) to date # 19 over all 4th among point guards. hamilton also cracks the top 40.

  59. He’s 27 or 28, not 33.

  60. the online tweets from media are that this will be a season long thing; no back to backs for lopez. would mean (or so its reported i haven’t counted it myself) 14 games missed.

    actually rereading the tweets from netsdaily and tom lorenzo respectively it says he “may not” play in back to backs the rest of the season; not that its a given but a possibility.

  61. back to backs. multiple on line posts suggest he may be rested most or all back to backs for the season.

  62. Reminder: Lopez is dealing with an ongoing plantar faciitis. Ive been suspecting thats the case ever since I heard the words ‘bringing him along’ because its also how they talk about levert

  63. My favorite Lin highlight reel from last night. This guy always makes high quality highlights:


    “But the reality is if you are prone to plantar fasciitis, the likelihood is that you are going to get it on a recurrent basis. All you can really do is be preventive. “

  65. Source?

  66. This is exactly my sentiments.

  67. But aren’t these preseason stats?

  68. If anyone’s interested in some data, here are the 10 players from the 2008 draft (Brook Lopez’ draft year) who have played the most regular season minutes. The data doesn’t include playoff games, so that has to be kept in mind. The data is from basketball-reference[dot]com.

    It’s notable that Brook Lopez has played many fewer regular season games than some of the players. However, his “minutes per game” ratio is one of the highest.


  70. I can’t believe how much coverage Lin is getting in the news. EVen the highlights I’ve seen more than 5. awesome..

  71. Yes. I saw that… my mistake…

  72. if you click this link you will get a notice saying: this domain is for sale for an asking price of 4499 us dollars.

  73. nets fan posts elsewhere very confused and conflicted on the brook resting back to backs thing.

    would be hard to summarize all the varying views but mostly just: it doesn’t make sense. unless…. (fill the blank with various theories).

  74. It makes a LOT of sense now why Brook may be resting after doing some research.

    “All you can really do is be preventive. A few preventative things that work aggressively with a trainer or physical therapist to stretch out your plantar fascia and strengthen your flexor tendons in your foot to kinda unload your plantar fascia, number one.”
    “Give your feet a rest. Cut back on activities that make your foot hurt. Try not to walk or run on hard surfaces.”

    Also, the cause of plantar fasciitis is 1) flat foot and 2) overweight. Makes a ton of sense for Lopez to have lost weight over the summer to both get quicker and more mobile but also to help the plantar fasciitis.

  75. Echo of Jeremy Lin’s Glory Days as Nets Win Home Opener
    New York Times

    Jeremy Lin leads Nets to comeback win in home debut
    New York Post

    Brook Lopez, Jeremy Lin lead Nets to win over Pacers in home opener

    Lin Barely Misses Triple-Double As Nets Beat Pacers 103-94

    Linsanity is back, in Brooklyn

    Brooklyn braces for Linsanity as Nets win home opener
    New York Daily News

  76. I just don’t like the cynical and negative attitude some fans have towards the Net’s and Atkinson’s decisions. They have a performance and analytics team and they’re invested into sports science & medicine for crying out loud. Fans shouldn’t act like they know what’s better for the team unless they know everything that’s going on.

  77. What the heck! The Nets won its first game.
    How many sports writers could have guessed that the Nets could get its first win so quickly? Close to none.

  78. Nice! You have a good eye for an action shot.

  79. Well said. ๐Ÿ™‚

  80. a dirty defender who could hit your nuts when you go up against him but this time Lin is a starter and the call will be made.

  81. He has had high usage by other coaches but Kenny plans to use him for all the home games. Back to back road games! Nay.

  82. The Nets have prioritized the sports science aspect of basketball operations under Marks, organizing things under performance, analytics, medicine, etc. … . The Nets have also strengthened their relationship with the Hospital for Special Surgery. Itโ€™s ALL about getting the most out of players.

  83. Why not? He’s a super star ๐Ÿ™‚ its natural for super stars to get this much attention.

  84. Nice clean block, Lin has done same to other people.

    If Lin head faked, he easily could’ve drawn the foul and an and-1 opportunity.

  85. Who is backing up Hamilton?
    I bet ANTHONY BENNETT will see more minutes tonight.

  86. Serious? No one…? :/

  87. They are playing at the next level with Dwight, the rim protector that they have coveted for a long long time. You know, almost all players depreciated after playing with James Harden.

  88. Nets won’t win tonight. They might get blown out if the Bucks double Lin and make the rest of the team beat them. Let’s be honest, Brook Lopez is the only other established NBA player on the Nets that would scare a defense.

  89. Ya , dont think they are winning tonight. But please no blow out hehe


  91. The bench is expected to get the job done. They are really hungry for the minutes. You will see lots of motion an hour from now from the Nets.

  92. Yes, against Donmocow poster for 5K check payable to J Lin Foundation because he seemed so certain that Nets would make the playoff. Nets may or may not, but I thought it was a good bet. Gotta say though Nets don’t give up. Respect. My estimate is still 30 games: 20 games + 10 more games due to Lin = 30 games.

  93. Haha. Are we in philly ?

  94. Atkinson has been controlling Brook’s minutes in every game.

  95. Other good games tonight ?

  96. There are reports that brook has plantar fasciitis

  97. You’ll be surprised. Brook being out can be a huge motive to other players. I have a good feeling about this game.

  98. one thing i noticed when i started following lin is that team fan site posters are largely “cynical and negative attitude” to their teams. these seem to be the ones who post! its pretty consistent for all teams whether good or bad.

    and fans always think they “know what’s better for the team”.

  99. mirza teltetovic was in the starting lineup??!?

  100. All right Jlin team (fans). Didn’t he have a steal or two yesterday against Pacers?

  101. Not for today.

  102. i mean im just shocked that mirza telteovic was ever in the starting lineup.

  103. I know….

  104. apparently “we” have stolen the slogan; tho sometimes it stated in more totalitarian form: “trust the system”.

  105. just looked it up; 245 career games; 13 starts.


  106. Let’s go JLin!!!! Spank the Milwaukee kidds!!!!

  107. Oh okay, I don’t need league pass since I can’t watch 95% live.. can I watch reruns for free?

  108. We got this!!!!

  109. ARGHHHHHH…. 30 minutes feel so LONG!!!!

  110. I hope Anthony Bennett gets 10x as many minutes as he got in the first two games.

  111. thats yer second joke.

  112. The worst team in the NBA wins their first 2 out of 3? Even without their star?

    I hope you’re right!

  113. yes, according to my friend after I sent him Click Click link

  114. The PER should be for regular season

  115. Hamilton is starting in place of Lopez. Hope for a good outcome tonight! Best wishes!

  116. I am looking forward to that too. ๐Ÿ™‚

  117. Brian Lewis โ€@NYPost_Lewis
    Sean Kilpatrick was in Summer League w/ Bucks b4 landing w/ #Nets.
    Kidd: “He has the ability to score the ball in bunches..Im happy for him”

    Kenny Atkinson on resting Brook Lopez:
    “Weโ€™re all on board with this. Heโ€™s on board, Iโ€™m on board, the performance team, everybody.”
    “This doesnt mean he wont play back-2-backs the rest of the year..We take each portion of the schedule & look at it” #Nets

  118. It’s not. I am using it now.

  119. Clifford is so unfair to Lin by saying Lin is better playing of the bench in the past, now and (the worst part) future. It was the when he responsed to a reporter asking his thoughts on starting Lin after Lin leading Hornets beat Cavs. I cannot wait to see the match between Nets an Hornets nex Friday.

  120. hornets last game and 2nite even without lin same story; starters get behind; bench comes in to rescue them.

  121. Yup, bench outscored the starters too.

  122. You’re not alone.

  123. I really like Nets has very good 2nd unit which scared the opponents in the last two games. it could only get better when Vasquez is 100% ready.

  124. I don’t like this resting of Lopez unless he’s not 100%.

    My guess is they want to keep him healthy to trade him and are simply afraid that he may get hurt which would destroy his trade value…Brook had been a bit injury prone in the past.

    Hope I’m wrong on this, of course.

  125. He did not speak from the the heart and he knew how much mess Lin had cleaned up for the starters.

  126. anyone gotta stream link to share?

  127. More likely AK already had it planned. He is that type of guy.

  128. Here we go! First road win baby!!!

  129. LP is free this week.

  130. on a back to back! Dramatic
    The Knicks is so mad that the Nets gets the first win for NY.

  131. Well, at the end of the day, you still have to do the right way instead of the right thing.

  132. Here is a streaming link from (see article links above) courtesy of @vincent

  133. Thank you Brooklyn. With this kind of support Lin will be in an all-star this season.

  134. Lin is guarding Delladova as expected
    RHJ guards Giannis

  135. Slow start for both teams. Bucks are already trapping / doubling Lin.

  136. Bog trying to do too much most of the time….

  137. JKidd knows which one is the Nets engine to be stopped


  139. Bogs just dunked on Giannis and posterized him!

  140. Yes totally agree. He needs to stop trying to orchestrate

  141. Bog super dunk

  142. Nice dunk!

  143. Good pass from Lin as well!

  144. that was nice from bog lol!

  145. The Bucks are very long…

  146. i find sarah very attractive…wow. minus the voice

  147. Of course :p

  148. RHJ is frustrating when he keeps forcing it in

  149. Nets need to stop Giannis. This kid is a monster.

  150. why is lin not getting the ball lol

  151. Motion system.

  152. Bucks defense is causing issues for Lin and the nets

  153. Good thing is bucks offense is bad

  154. Hamilton just have drive all the way in instead of passing it.

  155. Yeah. They are long and they already double team Lin from the started of the game.

  156. Thank goodness vasques hit that shot

  157. 0-6 from downtown.

  158. very boring game, no?

  159. i’m sleepy

  160. Bucks want it that way

  161. never bored watching a game involving lin

  162. is kenny trying to get delly off of lin?

  163. I hope Lin can play at least 28-30 mins.

  164. Lin back in

  165. Lin finally scores… a 3!

  166. Ok my feed sucks

  167. Lin really has “no conscience” on his jumper. Misses 3 straight…shoots it again quickly….3333.

  168. I am not streaming and i am on YES network but somehow I am about a min late as well…

  169. Bucks full court trapping / doubling Lin lol

  170. lol

  171. Good idea. Try to wear him out on a back-to-back.

  172. Kidd knows what Lin can do

  173. All smart coaches do.

  174. Lopez is resting bc Bucks are so bad?

  175. KP killin it

  176. they are

  177. Lin with a block!

  178. I like Lin’s shooter mentality
    Drained a 3 after missing a 2

  179. Jeremy should have pulled up with a short jumper there…

  180. Alright, bad quarter by Lin and the Nets. Hopefully they wake up after expending so much energy and adrenaline last night…

  181. Lin’s got to go with the floater sometimes. I don’t love the indecision around the rim this game.

  182. some bad to’s….

  183. i dont’ think they gave him the block.

  184. took a hard fall too… should have gone with a floater…

  185. agreed.

  186. thank you skp lol

  187. Trying to draw the FTs. I thought he’d get them, but not today.

  188. Hard to drive on the bucks. Lin will have tp adjust

  189. Wow. That was a block! smh.

  190. I’m surprised that the Nets are only behind by 6 points after Q1.
    Guess the Bucks are going to have trouble once the 3 points of the Nets still pouring in.

  191. Lin gets double every time he toughes the ball, AK should set screen up for him soon.

  192. tough game so far for lin. he will figure things out if given the minutes

  193. Lin is off tonight. Might have something to do with going all-out for 34 minutes last night…

  194. Lin got bailed by BoG

  195. I was thinking the same thing,,,

  196. If they have to win ugly today, that’s okay. The 2nd night of a back-to-back against a rested team on the road.

  197. Good shots just missing

  198. Sometimes it takes time to find rhythm. I want to see Lin start a game 1-6…and then finish 6-10.

  199. Bucks is definitely not as good as Pacers or Celtics.
    Can’t finish or shoot as well.

    Nets lacked energy due to B2B, hope they heat up soon

  200. I don’t think Atkinson cares about win much for today’s game. Focus on the development of all players before the team gets really competitive. Plan for 82 games.

  201. Bog is gonna have to take over tonight. He didn’t do much last night, so he has to help carry this team that looks tired and out of it.

  202. Booker still playing with lots of energy though…

  203. Booker is good…

  204. This is one of those ugly grind it out performances

  205. Seems like a physical game.

  206. How many 3s have Nets missed so far?

  207. Skilpatrick with da 3!

  208. I really like the grit so far — shots ain’t falling for anyone but Bojan, but they’re keeping it close with defense and hustle.

  209. Booker had double double last night?

  210. 1/10

  211. Nice dunk!!! Booker!!!

  212. I like how Lin, Skil and Booker plays.

  213. Lin helps take the lead! WOOT

  214. Lin made layup after a miss

  215. Lin with the putback on, uh, Lin’s miss!

  216. thank god..

  217. Before long the Nets takes the lead.

  218. Lin with +6 help turn around Lead!

  219. was gonna kill jeremy for that

  220. Come on boys… we can win this!


  222. lol

  223. Haha! I love this “ugly” game. Lin and others are clearly winded, but they’re WINNING with grit.

    Even ice-cold, Lin is a WINNER on the court.

  224. J Kidd really prepared for Lin.

  225. This game is very winnable.

  226. What a complicated point !

  227. He wanted a free rebound!

  228. atleast it wasn’t another phantom missed layup lol

  229. I think he still has ptsd from getting hammered near the rim,,,

  230. LOL

  231. i love sean kp. he just plays the right way. very good next to lin

  232. i agree

  233. Bad stats happens to Lin. Especially back to back. But somehow that doesn’t necessarily mean his team loses. Whatever the stats good to see Lin do what needs to be done to win. Never gives up.

  234. Kilpatrick said Lin is his big bro. They have a good relationship already.

  235. Haha, is Lin purposely trying to sabotage his percentage

  236. ill go with that lol

  237. There’s still time too. Lin can always reel off 4 buckets in a row, especially the the 4th.

  238. He is not going to hit efficient numbers all the time. Back to backs really get to him though

  239. Great pass from AB to Scola!

  240. Scola rebounding well among the trees.

  241. Yup, love skilpatrick

  242. bennett cant hit anything dude

  243. AB 3333

  244. And they rob an assist from AB… smh.

  245. Anthony Bennett with a sick move into 3!

  246. Very impressive there.

  247. timing of this comment was just a fail lol

  248. KP playing good! Score, Block, STL and Assist!

  249. Foul guys no big deal. Gonna use a 15 man roster. LOL

  250. Hope bog starts nailing his shots soon.

  251. come on man….when delly drives its like a floater or a oop. not predictable at all

  252. Hamilton can pass too. too bad Bog missed that shot.

  253. Lin’s back

  254. “Jeremy Lin drew the defense in”

  255. OK, that was nice Lin.

  256. I like that, let Lin be the floor general and good thing will happen.

  257. The lineup change so much for rebuilding the team, Lin has tough game

  258. Lin and Kilpatrick with nice “ESP” as Clyde would say.

  259. That is one empty arena ๐Ÿ™‚

  260. Lin and kilpatrick have something nice building

  261. What stream are you on man

  262. This is a 3 point shooting lineup!

  263. Lin using his brains. Since body tired.

  264. Lin to Bennett, nice!

  265. nice set up lin!

  266. Antetokounmpo is super long, just like his name.

  267. Man these bucks are tall.

  268. TV

  269. Good foul AB!

  270. Giannis is an athletic freak.

  271. of cause it wasn’t a clear path foul. Lol

  272. Lin is fine in the 3rd stint.

  273. Lin with the good yell to cause Delly to miss his 3

  274. Bucks with good D (all that length) and Nets are tired from last night.

    Just win, baby. Ugly, pretty doesn’t matter. Keep it close and let Lin take over the 4th.

  275. Yeah, but he left him open. He has to be careful about doubling down against better 3-point shooting guards.

  276. no wonder lol

  277. This buck team is scary. Long and athletic. Opposite of Nets reputation. Tough match up, especially without your main big man. Proud they are staying this close.

  278. Wow, Pacers down by 20 against the Bulls….

  279. Back to back game takes its toll.

  280. Something wrong with Teague

  281. Going to be a close game, Nets obviously doesn’t have as much energy due to back to back game.

  282. And he can handle the ball too. I can see why Bucks put down 100mil for him

  283. Have to be really open against these bucks.

  284. Maybe not use to the system yet?

  285. Lins shots are falling short

  286. Classic sign of tired legs.

  287. Nice charge taken. Lin always playing. Shot or no shot

  288. Harris! Goaltend by Giannis counted as bucket…boo.

  289. Refs calling everything for Bucks now.

  290. JH!!!!

  291. Hamilton and Jefferson have cold hands on the road.

  292. Yeah. That was an offensive goaltending

  293. Down by 5 with Lin having an atrocious fg percentage. Lucky to only be down by 5.

  294. Bucks defense has our offense under wraps. Coach needs to make adjustments

  295. Hamilton has missed every shot!!

  296. Bad game for Lin..the good news is the Bucks should be leading by double digit.

    Do not like the resting of Lopez at all…This game was winnable with Lopez in there…The game is still winnable but with Lopez, the change of grabbing this game would had been a bit higher.

  297. Nice work despite cold shooting, just 5pts down on a road back-to-back.

    Lin’s gotta ignore the boxscore and keep shooting. Shake off the 2-9 start and finish 7-18.

  298. 3’s aint fallin tonite,if we just hit 4 of those .

  299. We still in the game and consider it is a back to back game and without Brook, I say this is not bad at all.

  300. No Ham-Lin PNR. Have they tried that tonight to substitute for Brook-Lin

  301. Its still very winnable without him there

  302. We are in the game, and shots not falling. That is good.

  303. RHJ has 3 off nights already?

  304. His defense is decent.

  305. What happen to screens and cuts. Too many 3pt attempts. I hope they adjust after the half

  306. I see.

  307. Too many dribbling and players trying to handle the ball, let Lin lead the team!

  308. They can’t execute it,no one is capable to play the middle.

  309. watching the bucks play is a nightmare

  310. I see them cut but no passing lanes. These bucks are so big and fast.

  311. Why is Lopez resting again?

  312. Sadly, watching the Nets play this game is worse nightmare.

  313. Reserving him for the

  314. as i thought this game was going to be difficult the driving game is not going to work on this team too tall. Might get a couple of them here and there but Lin should not be discouraged by the Fg pecentage keep shooting you are the best offensive weapon on this team FG percentage dont matter.

  315. It is ok to be ugly. Just win

  316. He’s young he can play more games :/ Not like he’s as old as Tim Duncan.

  317. so many close shots, if 50% of them get in, we are winning. let’s wish some luck on the second half. Bennett getting better.

  318. End 2ndQ, NETs 41 to 46; Lin 17 min, 5 Pts, 2R, 3A +3

    NETs with 19 “3pt attemps” (only made 5); 25 Rebonds, 8 Ast with 9TO, 4 STL, 3BLK
    MIL only has 10 “3pt attemps”; 28 Rebonds, 13 Ast with 5TO, 5 STL, 3 BLK

  319. Lopez not playing and they have to make up for the 25 points he provides. :/ They’d be leading by at least 10 points if Lopez was playing for sure. Lin playing too passive not aggressive enough this game, need to take more shots.

  320. Save his legs

  321. I think Atkinson is reserving Lopez next season when they have a better chance

  322. If we can hang in there, Lin will likely pull it in the 4th quarter.

  323. When Hamilton and Jefferson are cold like this, the Nets is going to be in trouble.

  324. Guess it’s a good test for Nets to try to win without one of their star players. But Lin really needs to be more aggressive, too much passing and guys doing their own thing.

  325. I feel bad for Pacers. They’re getting owned by Bulls right now. They’ve had back to back games on the road. We’re lucky we played at home last night and are playing the Bucks tonight. If this was a better team, we’d also be getting destroyed right now.

  326. Everybody is cold. Playing back to back games suck.

  327. I agree, Lin not playing well either these back to back definitely affects their energy.

  328. If he had made a few of those easy baskets like he normally does, we’d be up by at least 4 right now.

    Let’s just hope he can wake himself and this team up in the 2nd half and pull out a win tonight.

  329. This team is very long and it’s clearly effected Lin…I pray for a better second half.

  330. Lin with a nice move on Delly

  331. Oh, No, Nov 9th, play with Nicks, that is a Back to Back game; Wish they can beat Nicks at MSG in front of NY fans.

  332. Good PnR defense…better shot by Lin.

  333. Lin will get up for that game. He won’t admit it, but he will be extra charged.

  334. And-1 for Bojan. Need him tonight…just needs to play within the offense, not freestyle.

  335. Lin steal into Booker!

  336. Good steal Lin. Keep playing.

  337. BOOKER!!!!!!

  338. LINNNN DEFENSE saves a bad possession by Bojan and turns it into and-1 for Booker.


  340. Boooker is solid!!!!

  341. Lin about to take over…

  342. Bogs needs to take the intensity down a little. Too reckless

  343. What a great steal by Lin and finish by LeBron..uhm, Booker!

  344. When Booker smiles, he looks like a mini-LeBron

  345. Man, RHJ and JHam are ice cold tonight. Lin is also off with his shots. We need Bog and Booker to dominate.

  346. RHJ killing them.

  347. Refs are a problem this game. Lin shouldn’t get a TO there. He was hacked.

  348. Nets getting hammered…no calls.

  349. That was a carry…..

  350. da hell is up with this officiating

  351. can’t the coach call for a review?

  352. “Lin got hit, no call!”

  353. Calls are favor the Bucks….

  354. Come on Lin what was that? Wake up!!

  355. It’s been really bad and lopsided. Even some of the Bucks fans in the Reddit game thread agrees. We’re getting screwed hard by the refs this game.

  356. He got fouled man.

  357. He got bumped and no call. That was on the refs, not Lin.

  358. He is so frustrated right now.

  359. You’re not the 1st one to say that, playing style and facial features also similar. Too bad he’s no where near Lebron though if not we’d have a 3rd star.

  360. Finally a bucket from RHJ.

  361. Announcer also got it right, “Lin got hit. No CALL!”

  362. Finally a FT call for him. 1 out of 4 ain’t bad…

  363. Lin ball to Ham for 3!

  364. Bennett again!

  365. Ham!!!

  366. Nets needs to withstand his surge by the Bucks

    Stay within 5-7 pts to finish Q3

  367. Need to be more physical on D. See what the refs call and don’t call.

  368. AB!!!!!!!!!!

  369. Breather for Lin and it’s Whitehead instead of Vasquez.

  370. Yes, plug in Whitehead.

  371. Time to see what Whitehead can do!

  372. I like it

  373. Vazquez is injured. Out for the rest of the game.

  374. Win or lose, I like this game. All grit from the Nets despite awful calls all game.

  375. The Nets defense is making me weep

  376. When did they say this?

  377. And a back to back game on the road without Brook.

    Giannis is having his way with the Nets. Nobody can stop him.

  378. vasques is hurt BTW

  379. They announced it earlier in the 3Q

  380. sore right ankle, maybe turned it?

  381. oh my, Bennet needs to finish that putback :[

  382. bennett misses sooooo many easy buckets its amazing

  383. Even cold from the field, Lin is +3. He needs to be out there again. They can still win this.

  384. he didn’t have the legs in the 3rd… hopefully he got a final push in the 4th quarter

  385. Hoping they finally get some calls and he can get FTs.

  386. Oh, must’ve missed it.

  387. yup

  388. They should have fouled Giannis more. Make him shoot FTs, wear him down.

  389. What’s the score?

  390. Scola had great hands for the putback after offensive rebound

  391. 65-74

  392. Harris should never cross the 3pt line.

  393. Yeah, but he’s dunking on the Nets at will. You gotta hard foul him to stop that. Not sure Nets want to do that.

  394. hes got some ugly to in like the most random moments

  395. I think we’re all glad Whitehead is finally playing. I hope Vasquez is ok though.

  396. I agree.

  397. I hope Lin comes in soon, don’t want the lead to get too wide.

  398. Nice burst by the bench!

  399. Great defense by Nets!

  400. I think he heard you lol

  401. Kilpatrick is going to be good.

  402. Kilpatrick and Scola are the only ones from the bench I don’t cringe when they head to the rim. Kilpatrick definitely need more minutes and touches! I actually won’t mind if he starts over Bog who’s a bit of a ball hog.

  403. Scola need help defense on Monroe

  404. Whitehead over vasques

  405. Can see him being a borderline star, loads of potential to become their 3rd star!

  406. skp is saving us

  407. That drive and finish was very Lin-like. Love Skilpatrick.

  408. OMG KP I luv u

  409. YES

  410. Bench kept it close, but didn’t make up any ground. Lin and Booker need to get back out there.

  411. Kilp should on the starting lineup.

  412. Bench did great got the lead down to 7. I hope KA will try plugging Kilpatrick into the starting lineup. Bog is too much of a ball hog which makes Lin become passive.

  413. Start KP, sit Bog pls… He is out of control most of the time.

  414. Lead was 5 when Lin checked out. So it didn’t go down.

  415. Lin might have to play the entire 4th quarter to win this game.

  416. YES! I just said the same thing!! Kilpatrick should start not Bogdanovic!

  417. Preferably with Kilpatrick! Bog thinks he’s better than he actually is! Not that great at the rim, dribbles too much, and ball hogs.

  418. Mircacle shot, Lin.


  420. Circus is in town.

  421. how in the hell does he keep making those shots?

  422. Missed the FT though. Ugh, ha.

  423. That was acrobatic lol

  424. Wowowowowo!

  425. I just replied you but yes! Bog can go after this season not that great at the rim, thinks he’s better than he actually is and doesn’t look for teammates! In fact Kilpatrick should be starting over him I’m serious! I hope KA sees what we’re seeing!

  426. Lots of wide-open 3s…just not falling for anyone. That’s the difference so far.

  427. threes not falling tonight which is needed

  428. jeremy and his free throws……

  429. Finally getting some FTs though.

  430. At least Booker is aggressive.

  431. That’s the one thing I hate on Lin for…come on, Jeremy.

  432. yup he needs to seriously fix that

  433. Mini Lebron I mean Booker is great!! How long is is contract? Nets needs to keep him for sure!


  435. Booker with the pretty and-1!

  436. Game ain’t over, folks…

  437. Booker!

  438. Bonus time yet?

  439. Tide is turning…keep up the defense. That’s the key. GREAT defense by Lin again tonight.

  440. Time to make a run!

  441. In the bonus already! Time for Lin to have a FT parade.

  442. Freebie!!!!!!

  443. Please win… win..

  444. LMAO Nets will win on penalty fouls alone!! Each foul means FTs now!!

  445. Go Nets Go!!!!!!

  446. No arc on Lin’s shot tonight.

  447. No more threes

  448. Shouldn’t have passed to him that late in the clock.

  449. COME ON LIN man with the shots

  450. JLin shots are cold, but he did 2 STLs!

  451. Lin is making the call now, not MO.

  452. I change my mind keep shooting it

  453. Scola with the vet move!! Good job! Lin’s 3s are ice cold should try some mid jumpers instead to get going!

  454. why is your feed ahead?

  455. Yeah! Lets attack the basket more.

  456. How many pts does Lin have single digits right? (afraid to check…) Just win the game!

  457. Lin getting a breather…don’t know if they can survive a break.

  458. 10

  459. Pheww.. ok not as bad as I thought, maybe he can get to 15…

  460. 10pts/5asts

  461. We can do this, we looks like a veteran team.

  462. Guys/gals, we just need to pray for Lin to have confidence in his shot to go in. Believe is key. Don’t speak negative when he misses. That’s negative energy! Let’s pray that Nets pull through somehow!

  463. It is ok that his 3s weren’t falling, just attack the basket more.

  464. I hope Booker is OK. This Nets team is screwed if he’s injured.

  465. Omg Booker hurt…

  466. LOL Scola is so good he just throws it in!!

  467. SCOLA gives them a lead.

  468. Whitehead is the 2nd guard. In fact, he should play with Lin at times.

  469. Bog should be a spot up shooter!

  470. So much for the lead, lol.

  471. whats wrong with Lopez?

  472. Great ball movement! Scola with the 3!! Scola and Bog holding down the bench!!

  473. Scola!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  474. Coach resting him. I hope there isn’t any secret injury we don’t know about. But seriously, KA is treating him like he’s old man Tim Duncan!

  475. Delly making a dumb foul to send Whitehead to the line.

  476. Is lin off tonight or did coach not play much pnr

  477. Bucks are long

  478. Both, but mostly the former.

  479. of night for sure 3s are completely cold, can’t get to the rim due to Buck’s long arms.

  480. Bench getting outmatched now. Time to bring LIn back in after this timeout.


  482. Lin didn’t shoot well but he is still needed to draw fouls and play great defense.
    Hopefully he gets some rest and come back at 4-5 min mark

  483. Kenny should had taken whitehead out after the first mistake….let him make a few, than sit him to let him cool down…bad coaching

  484. put llin in plz lol

  485. No that would be a mistake. He cant be scared of making mistakes

  486. Whitehead is still raw, but a lot of potential

  487. Lin needs to come back after this timeout!

  488. RHJ has been terrible.

  489. Yes, I’d rather Kilpatrick started over him! I don’t like Bog either.

  490. That’s costly mistakes to put Whitehead as a rookie in the pressure situation.
    Time for LINNING!

  491. Nice, Lin and Booker are back in!

  492. Lin back in at 5:28 with SKil

  493. Lin is a bit off on shooting tonight. Already played many minutes. Ken might want to rest him for Monday’s game when Brook is back

  494. He did well for the most part but TOs started happening.

  495. Here’s the FINAL PUSH!

    FT parade, plzzzzzz

  496. It’s time to Lin this one out!

  497. Booker back in too. Good to see him healthy.

  498. THey have a day rest, Lin will be fine.

  499. rough game by lin in terms of jump shot. he’s gassed. been double teamed like crazy too

  500. Great dish by Lin!

  501. Lin’s 6th assist to Bog

  502. 5 minutes left but looks like Delly won the point guard battle tonight…

  503. MYYYY GOOOOD one three Lin pleeeease

  504. 3 arrived today is like playing half game.

  505. Great pass!

  506. Another great dish by Lin. No J, but got A.

  507. JLin 7 Ast !!

  508. Delly had better screens set for him

  509. Lin cant but a 3 tonite.

  510. Lin’s missed 3 is short.. tired legs

  511. 3 not falling, but man, is he confident in that shot.

  512. Another dime for Lin!

  513. yeah…looks like the basket is kinda anti-lin

  514. Come on Lin take some mid jumpers!

  515. Bad TO by Lin there…ugh.

  516. Man lin cant get a bucket to save his life man

  517. Just cant buy a shot today

  518. Didn’t Vaughn traded by the Hornets?

  519. OMG Lin 4-16 really out cold!

  520. o boy….. that was too cute

  521. Lin icy cold, thanks God, he still has 8 Assist.

  522. yup but his shooting has been waaaay off hope the confidence dont drop but hes had great looks really

  523. Lin can’t even throw in a 2 pointer ouch….he’s so cold it’s not even funny 4-16. But I’m glad Lin’s got the green light to shoot! When was the last time a coach allowed Lin to shoot this much even when he’s off! THank You Kenny Atkinson!

  524. I expected better from Lin tonight. Just needed 2-3 more buckets and this is a win.

    Still a chance though. He’s gotta drive to the rim, they’re in the bonus.

  525. Again, lets see how Nets doing after 10 games.

  526. Lin and the Nets need to dig deep here ..
    Not sure if he had the legs but hoping for the best

  527. Unless Brook Lopez is hurt, he needs to be on the court.

  528. Lin needs to take a mid range jumper, he’s only taken 3s and layups not good.

  529. Not over folks!

  530. We should be able to win this game if Brook is playing.

  531. These refs…jesus.

  532. Yes I don’t know why coach is resting him so much! Something doesn’t seem right!

  533. Okay, JLin, just give me 10/10, Please! ONE more AST!

  534. Ham!!!!

  535. Lin’s 9th assist to JHam 3

  536. Wow wtf, The ref sucks!

  537. Not in the restricted area…this should be reversed.

    Stayed FTs…ugh. Refs handing this to Bucks.

  538. The ref rob us this game.

  539. Hit these damn free throws lin

  540. yup…and I dont remember JL taking this many shots when his shots were not falling….good to see him shoot thru it…

  541. FTs for Lin. 2/2

  542. wow empty stadium

  543. LIN STEAL!!!

    If they lose, Nets fans will blame Lin. And he wasn’t good tonight, but he was far from bad with his defense.


  545. I”m so nervous

  546. Nice steal!!!!!

  547. Lin with the timely steal!! good job!! Winning the game with FTs and Stls even when his shot is off!!

  548. At least make 1 KP pls


  550. wHAT?


  552. Tie!!!!

  553. 108-108!!!!!

    Lin’s 10th assist to Bog 3!!

  554. Yessssd!!!!

  555. OT?!!!

  556. LIN TO BOGIE!!!!!

    12/10 double-double for Lin on a cold night.

  557. Lin Doble/Double! 3 STLs!


  559. OMG yes tied game Bog with the 3 pointer!!


  561. This is so crazy. Amazing game. Nets coming through clutch.

  562. Bog!!!!!!!! The best spot up shooter!!!!!!!

  563. oh man, this delay is killing me

  564. come on defend and we go to OT!!! Win this baby!!

  565. How about a steal and a bucket?

  566. OT?

  567. NOOOOOO

  568. NOOOOOO heartbreaker loss. Henson with the putback.

  569. YOu kidding me right?!

  570. fjkdlfjdskl;fjdskl;fmd;klfd af

  571. lol. goddamnit

  572. Ahhhggg!


  574. Booooo

  575. gkldsjfakoepjfidjfkldnfkl;dasfds

  576. OMG common sense you pack the paint!! no easy basket or put back!!

  577. Cheated by refs all night…cold shooting from Lin…almost won.

  578. Are you ghosting?

  579. Good game. I really like this Nets team!

  580. That SUX

  581. arghhhhh.. What a heartbreaker!
    But Nets gave it their ALL

  582. Did I scare u?

  583. wow thats like the worst way to lose it :// good game tho

  584. Again why did coach rest Lopez? With Lopez they could’ve won this!

  585. Booooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo to Refs!

  586. RHJ should have box out!!!!!!!!!!!!

  587. Boohoohoo =(
    But glad to see you here!

  588. Hi ๐Ÿ™‚

  589. Bucks are long. Its theyre advantage

  590. If I say yes do I get some candy o.-

  591. yes.

  592. NETS gave it all guys…the game was that close, and they did well specifically for a back to back game on the road!

  593. Really great effort by the team. As for Lin, he really played well in the 4th. Just didn’t have his jump shot tonight.

  594. If Bennett jumped for the rebound for the final play, we had a change. He was standing there under the basket

  595. Candy will keep u awake… so no!

  596. Sigh. still…double double on a bad night

  597. Not gonna kill Lin for this loss. He played really hard and made good plays. But 4-16 really hurts. I’m sure no one harder on Lin then Lin himself.

  598. Later in the year we will win this type of game. Building game by game

  599. Bucks are going to be a tough match up if we do make playoffs and face them. Long arm kept Lin from making layups at the rim. But Lin should’ve shot some mid range 2s not sure why he kept shooting 3s.

  600. Plus 3 STLs and +11; He try!

  601. Dispite his shot he played great. Shots dont fall sometimes

  602. Oh wow… quite a game. Having stomach cramp… Such a dagger but I think the Nets have put up a good fight… Lin really controlled the flow both offensively and defensively in clutch time.

  603. 10 more games, it will be much better.

  604. Good positive mind set

  605. Need to add variety to his offense. I hope he learns from this lose and figures out how to overcome the Bucks. Again he shouldn’t have taken so many 3s should’ve tried some mid range 2s or floaters. His floater is certainly one of his weaknesses.

  606. Plus the longest mins again – 32 mins

  607. This kind of effort on back to back without lopez, have to love the fight. Even the Buck’s announcers were impressed. Would think Net fans appreciate it too.

  608. Worst Halloween ever…The game was good though. Very gritty these Nets.

  609. How come that time out didn’t count? :/

  610. Just needed one more rebound. Or one more 50/50 call!

  611. Pretty impressive all things considered.

  612. This is what happens when Lopez does not play when he is healthy.

  613. I wish when he saw Buck’s were in the bonus that he just drive and draw some FT. Thought he would. Use to do that in the past. I’m sure he and coach will talk about that.

  614. They have a bad game and still almost won the game considering Lopez didn’t even play.I’ll take it.

  615. Lack of experience?

  616. Too sensitive to pain.

  617. One more FT

  618. Next time please grab the rebound! KA will have a lot to go over this game including Lin who was too focused on taking 3s instead of mixing them up.

  619. I think it was a good way to lose a game considering they’re supposed to be one of the worst in the NBA..

  620. 1.) Bennett is so Slowwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww
    2.) Whitehead was ok but you don’t use a rookie during 4th quarter.
    3.) RHJ was cold and did box out in the end.
    4.) Jlin passing great. I’m ok him missing 3’s. But his FT sigh…needs to make those automatic.
    5.) Overall they battled and played hard. Give them credit.

  621. Bennett look quite out of shape, has fat instead of muscles. Needs to slim down a lot! How did this guy become no.1 pick is beyond me.

  622. They need more plays for Lin. they are just trapping him forcing him to give up the ball.

  623. Pray Lin gets some good rest. Will need it.

  624. Lin got open shot after open shot. Just need to nail it. It happens though. Moist teams are not as long as the bucks

  625. If Brook plays tonight, we win. Who cares about rest now? Harder to make up ground later in the year. Need to win games when you can.

  626. Yes not sure what’s KA thinking, Lopez is still young he isn’t Tim Duncan and can play these games! rest Lopez when we’re up against an easy team! We needed Lopez’s height and strength this game!

  627. Why didn’t KA tell Bennett to run faster my son wanted to make this comment.

  628. Totally agree! If we were against a lottery team sure rest him but we were up against a tough Bucks team!

  629. This makes me wonder again if Lopez is 100% healthy.

  630. He’s too fat too run, guy needs to work out a lot at the gym! TOtally out of shape and why he’s been on 4 different team as a no.1 pick! The GM who picked him as no.1 pick needs to be fired!

  631. :/ Yes something doesn’t seem right! Either he’s getting traded or he’s injured and team has it under wraps.

  632. Bogs is good player.

  633. I’m tired about Lin needing to get rest. Everyone has to go through it. Do Lebron fans ever say Lebron needs rest?

  634. Good spot up shooter.

  635. I legit feel sick hahaa. This sucks so bad. Imagine how they feel

  636. Absolutely!

  637. RHJ and Bennett are just terrible

  638. I am actually ok with this lost. A lot of positive from this game.

  639. Too much of a ball hog though, coach needs to reign him in and make changes. Oh and Kilpatrick needs to start! Whitehead needs more minutes to be solid!

  640. My Son laughing at your comment. = ) But seriously, Bennett is useless and slowwwwww. my son agrees with me.

  641. Just wondering, how old is your son? ๐Ÿ™‚

  642. But we are not Lebron fans. Lol

  643. yeah. somehow I didn’t feel sorry for them because I felt that they played hard as a team. That last play was a mistake with no box out from RHJ.

  644. Back to back, with out Brook, gotta give them credit.

  645. Lol

  646. Dude Lin had an awful shooting night but my GOD his defense is amazing.

  647. Needs to learn how to defend.

  648. I don’t think Brook need to rest the entire game. Maybe minute restriction is good enough?

  649. I am 8 years old. <<< He is the one typing.

  650. Bennett especially is bad. Can’t believe he was a former number 1 draftee. An entertaining game though. At least Lin took 16 shots I see. Lol Delly is not a bad player. But this is the kind of game Nets has to win to make the playoff.

    Bennett is deceptively unathletic. Lol Guy looks like he’s athletic, but he’s a slow-mo without power or hops. Bog probably is more athletic than Bennett. Lol

  651. If This is the new bad Lin games geez ill take a double double any day.

  652. Very cute! Hi buddy. ๐Ÿ™‚

  653. That is a great idea. He at least is a big body to clog the paint.

  654. hello there. = ) <<<< He has been watching all the games with me.

  655. Did anyone see that dirty tripping attempt by dellavanova on jlin in late 4th? punk move…

  656. Agreed

  657. aww Hi little man! XD

  658. Is stamina an issue with jlin still? back to back should not be an issue anymore…

  659. -15 and -17. Entertaining but heartbreaking. Whenever I see RHJ try to create offense off the dribble, I cringe. Usually ends up with a TO or miss. Bennett is either the slowest guy ever or he’s just not trying.

  660. He needs to get in shape or else he’s out of the league soon.

  661. At least RHJ has a misguided motor; Bennett is a grandpa.

  662. Bennett doesn’t belong in NBA. This is the first time I am saying that about a player.

  663. Yes no fighting spirit, slow, out of shape, he’s a goner. Not sure why Nets picked him up.

  664. Booker I think got hurt this game and the last game versus Pacers.

  665. Me neither. Lol There is NOT even a fighting spirit there. Canada did something to him. Lol Not even a scowl like my fav player Patrick Beverley. Lol At least PB goes for the knees.

  666. Not even suprised

  667. more like legs were tired, 3s were frozen, couldn’t get to the rim with Bucks’ long arms. Also didn’t try mid range jumpers or turn around jumpers, just kept taking 3 pointers.

  668. Jlin is not as effective because there’s no threat underneath the basket so all the bigs can just come out and contest his shot. He has no one to pass to other the perimeter players.

  669. Yes, and besides the 12 points, he contributed 3 RB, 10 AST, & 3 STL! Wish he rest well and come back with more energy next game!

  670. Booker or Brook Lopez?

  671. I think booker.

  672. Agreed. He’s young and this is only 3rd game. It’s not as if Lin played 40 minutes consecutively. As long as he cuts out some computer games, he should be fine.

  673. Booker as in mini lebron

  674. I don think it’s an issue. Don’t forget he’s taking a lot of things on the court with new/inexperienced players and not to mention his defense is in credible tonight which can takes lots of his energy.

  675. Shows how important Lopez is. When he’s under the basket players have to double or triple team him which leaves space for Lin to make mid-jumpers.

  676. 79 games more to play – I’ll take 55% Lin getting hot and that’s 45+ wins. Good efforts by the team! JLin trust his threes so that’s that. No doubts.

  677. He was GREAT last season on back-to-backs. He just had a cold shooting night. Legs weren’t there, but all players have to deal with that and adjust.

  678. Man, you are on your way to being a GM in NBA. Keep it up kid.

  679. Really? Did something happen? He might have over did it last game with those dunks…

  680. Love the confidence on the shot, even with the misses. It’ll “even out” in the next game(s) with 4-5 or 5-8 from deep.

  681. My Son said you are exactly right.

  682. And he had 10 assists.

  683. Yeah. He was limping quite a bit but he played through it.

  684. KA seems not trust Vasquez now… He would rather use Whitehead instead.

  685. lol He’s very smart.

  686. GV turned his ankle.

  687. I see.

  688. Oh yeah he too is hurt and it’s just the 3rd game.

  689. He needs to stay healthy, we don’t have much guys who can go up strong, run down the court, and play defense.

  690. no doubt about that

  691. This shows he’s not completely recovered I think.

  692. True. Him and Hamilton are the hustle bigs.

  693. Lin saying he needs to hit more shots, if he did the nets would of won.

  694. he isnt. its obvious

  695. beverly is one of my least favorite players…boo!!!

  696. I like the way Scola played tonight. He made that crucial three but KA replaced him with the super slowwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww Bennettttttttttttttttttt.

  697. Typical of him to say that :/ next time bro next time

  698. He did the same to SK2 too after that…same old dirty defense from dellavanova

  699. He is a dirty player…

  700. He is his biggest critic.

  701. He should rest, being injured on court hurts the team more than help it. If he’s healthy and can knock down 3s he’d be very useful.

  702. Yes I’m not sure why Scola was taken out, everything went down hill after Scola was out! Not sure what KA was experimenting there! Scola’s veteran experience, power to get to the rim and 3s were much needed to win this! Bennett should NOT have closed the game!

  703. 3 steals not even a PF incredible vs dirty dellavanov’s 4 PF

  704. Happy he got the double-double, but I’ll be honest — I expected a big scoring game from Lin.

    I’m sure he’s disappointed in himself despite his great passing and defense. I was surprised he didn’t attack the rim more for FTs in the 4th when they finally got some calls. Probably protecting his body — can’t afford to get injured.

  705. 18 minutes with 1 REB…come on this guy has serious mentality problems

  706. I am good at convincing people thanks

  707. Scola’s is old. I think KA was trying to carefully control his min so he has fresh legs/arms. AB hasn’t played in G1&2, he better picks up quickly.

  708. Didn’t realize Hamilton had a great block on the lost shot. Good effort.

  709. Comon let’s reserve the precious Scola on a B2B game! Give Bennett more time to grow and build up confidence. I won’t give him up so soon.

  710. I hope Lin just relaxes and forget about this game. Do his routine practices, he will find his shooting back.

  711. Understood. But you don’t sit the hot player when the game was so close and he was in rhythm causing them to lose the lead.

  712. Lopez ‘said’ I should have played tonight, the Nets would have won. Lol

  713. Totally agree! Scola had the hot hand! Lin was dead tired and still played. No reason why Scola couldn’t be inserted last minute to make shots!

  714. i aint even mad… another road game, another game kenny doesnt really try to win by sitting brook. lin needed to play real well tonight to get the w, but his shot was off, his d was meh… passing was good. he needs to play better. some of those 3’s were wide open. he even said it himself. if he makes a couple more shots, we win… everyone else played pretty well. no real complaints. booker, bogs, skil, scola all stepped up. yes lin was trapped all night, but his shot failed him. that’s on him. he needs to do better. on to next game… we home, so im sure kenny will play for the win…

    PS: that offensive goaltending man it came back to bite us… why cant that be reviewed? why doesnt the nba have a challenge system… ugh…

  715. That last shot was goaltending? I thought they reviewed it why didn’t the coach ask for a review?! Every game counts.

  716. He does. In the post interview, he blamed himself for losing.

  717. Shouldn’t have settled for 3s, taking some mid or turn around jumpers would’ve helped. Lin needs to talk to Atkinson and bring back his cutting to the basket plays he used effectively during Hornets! They need another play maker who can pass well to Lin and not ball hog. Lin can be deadly at the 2 guard position if KA’s willing to mix it up. Lin needs to keep talking to him to make his offense better.

  718. no he means the one earlier. i think it was in like the 3rd quarter

  719. Oh I must’ve missed that one. Rather than that it would’ve been nice if KA and Lin tried over plays. Playing Lin at the 2 with Scola or Bog setting him up for cuts to the basket as SG might’ve worked. I think KA nees to explore Lin at the 2 guard position for more options.

  720. It’s honestly not even a big deal to me. Yes, horrible shooting night but it happens even with some of the best players. It’s not like he had bad shot selection either. Not to mention having Brook would have definitely helped him out. He still showed pretty good defense tonight with those steals and also good directing the offense as usual.

  721. He’s been dealing with weight issues in the past 3 years. I think Nets
    had helped him on his weight problems before signing him. Google
    “anthony bennet weight” and you’ll see lots of reports.

  722. No fighting spirit, too fat to run or jump for rebounds. Nothing stands out for him. Even Vasquez had glimpse of brightness with his 3 pointers last game and he’s injured!

  723. AB and Nets needs to do a way better job cause he’s still slow and out of shape. I know they want to try to see if this “no.1 pick” still has potential but guy needs to put in more effort. There’s no excuse for him to be this out of shape as a NBA player. He makes guys like Harden and Melo look fit.

  724. LeBron fans may not say he needs rest but LeBron did. He just took a 10 day vacation in the middle of the season last year.

  725. thickness and meat does not mean muscle lol

  726. They played with heart and without Lopez… that is pretty good.

  727. I wish he’d stop doing that.

  728. This wasn’t Lin’s first stinker and won’t be his last. He usually does better next game.

  729. Obviously stunk it up with the shooting, which if so-called “superstars” commit, no one blinks an eye. Probably played too much DOTA this morning when he should have been sleeping. Lin tends to bounce back the next game.

  730. Lin was due for a bad gams, considering all the good games in preseason, and back-to-back, and the fact he had to carry extra loads offensively and the Bucks knew this…So I’m not going to blame it too much on Lin.

    I put this lost on Kenny and resting Lopez.

    I could understand that if you had your draft picks, but with no draft picks and c-grade young prospect, this franchise should at least try to win as many games as possible with their current crop of player.

  731. Agree Nets are improving. But so are other teams. It comes down to how far teams can continue to improve. The trend seems to be: down and try to rally late in 4th. Has Nets ever led going into 4th quarter? Kilpatrick seems to be improving fast, unlike Jefferson and Bennett.

  732. Say that to a hockey player and see what you get, lol. Idiotic comment!

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