Game 2 Pacers vs Nets: “Rebounding vs 3PT Shooting”



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Brooklyn Nets will face the next challenge against Indiana Pacers, a projected 4th seed in the Eastern Conference if Paul George is healthy. Pacers just beat the Mavs in OT 130-121 behind Myles Turner’s (C) 3opts/16rebs and Paul George’s 20pts/6asts/8rebs.

  • Jeremy Lin has a good match up against Jeff Teague who played quite well vs the Mavs with 20pts/8asts but only shot 5-15 (0-3 from 3s). Teague played for Coach Atkinson in Atlanta Hawks so it will be interesting to see if Jeremy will get insight from Coach Atkinson on how to guard Teague even more effectively. Jeremy should be able to win this matchup with his tight defense and his quickness on the offensive end.
  • Jeremy Lin will face familiar faces with 3 former teammates, Monta Ellis(GS), Aaron Brooks(HOU), Al Jefferson(CHA) vs. Pacers tonight in Brooklyn. Thaddeus Young also played for the Nets last season so he would also be motivated to have a good game.
  • Randy Foye is still out with a hamstring injury so Bojan Bogdanovic should continue to start.

KEY OF THE GAME: Can the Nets have strong interior defense with strong rebounding? Justin Hamilton, Trevor Booker and Brook Lopez would need to step up their rebounding game. Can the Nets come out with 3pt sharp-shooting? 

Let’s hope and pray Jeremy and the Nets can win their debut home game and stay healthy to build the much-needed confidence.

Let’s go, JLin! Let’s go, Nets!


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  1. Hope Lin get the W tonight.

  2. lol kawhi’s PER is currently at 40 right now.. thats insane

  3. come on lin atleast 25 and 7 tonight

  4. 1st

  5. Alright guys, won’t be able to chat much today. Festivities start earlier than I thought, so I gotta get there early.

    Let’s go Nets and Lin!

  6. Have fun at the game, Click!
    Don’t forget to report the juicy bits of game observation and hope JLin will rock tonight!

  7. Let’s go JLin! !!!! Spank the Indiana lemons!!!!!

  8. Thanks, and I’ll try. :p

  9. Its not gonna be easy against Pacers…but as Lin said…once the ball goes up…its all 50/50

  10. Pacers inside presence with their big men is the biggest threat for sure.
    If the Nets can withstand that and limit 2nd opportunities plus drain the 3s, they’ll snatch that sweet W 🙂

  11. I wonder who can stop 6’11” Myles Turner, the Pacers C, who had a huge 30pts/16rebs in the OT win vs the Mavs?
    JHam or Brook?

  12. Hopefully Brook can contain him somewhat. Not impressed with JHam’s defense.

  13. 🙁 will miss the game but rooting for the team!

  14. I think Brook can handle him.

  15. Me going too. So excited.

  16. Odds against Nets 114-103. What do yo guys think?

  17. Pacers biggest threat is Atkinson BENCHING LIN because Atkinson likely doesn’t think Lin is good enough to play against Teague even though Lin has MURDERED Teague since 2012!!!

  18. I don’t think Lin plays much this game.

    I seriously doubt that Atkinson will appreciate his boy Jeff Teague being BULLIED by Jeremy Lin.

    I hope I am wrong.

  19. Justin Hamilton indeed is terrible defensively for now, but he’s getting physically stronger every game and will eventually become a terrific defender sooner rather than later.

  20. I’d think you are wrong. 🙂

  21. You think Atkinson want to lose for make Teague happy???

  22. Change THINK to BELIEVE

  23. His career is in danger.

  24. If they lose in this game KA will be in a 5-game losing streak including 2 regular games. With this much pain I doubt the HC will be able to feel anything else.

  25. Actually, YES.

    Atkinson coaches as if Lin is committing mortal sins for scoring.

    Teague is Atkinson’s guy, far more than Lin. I expect Atkinson to strongly discourage Lin from attacking Teague who I’m absolutely sure Atkinson feels is “better” than Lin.

    Never mind that Lin has CRUSHED the smaller slower weaker less skilled Teague for 5 seasons straight.

  26. And I WANT you to be RIGHT!

  27. The KKK sisters are toxic to NBA players.

  28. I really don’t think winning or losing motivates Atkinson.

    I think he’s more focused on establishing an egalitarian style of play in a league where egalitarian anything results in TONS OF LOSING.

  29. I’m not worried Atkinson benching Lin due to the Fa-TEAGUE fear 🙂

    If anything, Kenny is trying to be to safe giving 8-min rigid rotation even when Lin got hot.
    He needs to bring out his inner MDA to ride Lin like a Secretariat for 3-4 more min or until he misses!

  30. I’m not worried Atkinson benching Lin due to the Teague fear.
    More like the Fa-Tigue fear 🙂

    If anything, Kenny’s rookie coach mistake is trying to be to safe giving 8-min rigid rotation even when Lin got hot. He means well to prevent injuries but he needs to learn to ride the hot hands of his precious star.

    He needs to bring out his inner MDA to ride Lin like a Secretariat for 3-4 more min or until he misses.
    We want to see heat-check Lin =)

  31. Omg. Gross. Are guys actually attracted to fake butts, heavy makeup and Botox? ?

  32. Don’t worry you are

  33. I hope you’re right. Home opener he should ride Lin hard – only chance for a win.

  34. You are entertaining with your opinions – I’ll give you that.

  35. Can’t wait!!

  36. Need big play out of a lot players if the Pacers play up to the level they did in the previous game. And that includes defensively and rebounding. If a W is to be had, at least 3 guys on the team has to really play well and Booker and others have to play strong and get rebounds. Pacers actually have a lot more offense than they used to.

  37. A good article by Pablo Torre about Tyler Johnson.
    Great story of being raised by a single mom who instilled toughness in her 5 kids. (she sounds like Mama Lin!)
    Many teams courted him (including the Kings who topped the Nets offer) but Tyler still committed to the Nets until the Heat matched the offer.

    Mad Money: When Tyler Johnson signed a $50 million deal, the world lost its mind. Here’s the crazy thing: He might be worth it.

    WHENEVER HER FIVE children were moved to tears, Master Sgt. Jennifer Johnson repeated a slogan: Get a straw and suck it up. “Meaning: Don’t be a crybaby,” the single mom and 31-year Air Force veteran recalls now. “Figure out what you gotta do.” “She’d say it for everything,” Tyler says. “It’s the most annoying saying ever.”

    The timing of Johnson’s expiring contract was essential to his windfall, admittedly. But in a market, timing is always everything. “Just look at the available shooting guards this summer,” says Austin Brown, one of Johnson’s agents. The top options under age 34 — DeMar DeRozan, Bradley Beal, Jordan Clarkson, Nicolas Batum and Evan Fournier — all immediately re-upped with their original teams on July 1. From there, it was no accident that Brook Lopez, the Nets’ star center, flew out with team officials to woo Johnson. Or that Rockets coach Mike D’Antoni wined and dined him. Heck, Vlade Divac and Peja Stojakovic, two Kings stars-turned-executives, both showed up and topped Brooklyn’s offer. Even then, famously cutthroat Heat president Pat Riley matched every single penny.

    No one was fooled into giving away $50 million. Exactly the opposite: A rational market deemed Johnson worth exactly that.

  38. yeah, Lots-A-Lin is the absolute must if Kenny wants to win tonight

  39. I’ll give Atkinson the benefit of the doubt that the team calculated that Celtics was an expected Loss to preserve Lin and Lopez to play all out this game for home opener.
    To minimize Lin, one of the best conditioned NBA players in the off season will be what to expect for the rest of the season.
    Is he coaching to win or preserve for rebuilding.
    The problem of preserving players for the future and not winning, it does nothing to attract future star players for Lin’s superteam – Animemaniacs. Prove us wrong Atkinson!

  40. @BrooklynNets
    ? @JLin7 is ready to play in front of #Nets fans tonight at @barclayscenter. #BrooklynGrit

  41. I think LBJ should be a FO manager or a HC after he retires from the NBA.

  42. I wish Pablo would say the same thing about Lin in his past or future article about Lin. That is, ‘Lin is worth every penny and more in Nets signing or Hornets signing’!!!

  43. I agree. Even if it is not about winning or losing with KA, I think his game plan definitely does not involve pleasing Teague.

  44. I am willing to give KA 20 games to show his stuff. If after that point BKN is losing by playing poorly as opposed to losing and playing as well as they can with their current personnel then I will openly question KA’s ability and intentions as you seem to be doing thus far.

  45. Go Lin Go! Go Nets Go!

  46. The Nets backup PG situation is real bad. Vasquez is slow and can’t defend. Whitehead is inexperienced and is really more of a shooting guard. Foye would be decent but KA sees him as the starting SG. Too bad they didn’t keep Gutierrez who was in the top 20 PG’s in DRtg. Maybe they can get him back. Atkinson needs to play Lin at least 36 minutes to minimize the time these backups are on the floor. His plan in the Celtics game was to play him 32 minutes but played him less because it looked like a blowout. 32 minutes is not going to cut it.

  47. Hope u have fun to watch Lin’s memorable game, @wizlin:disqus !
    Meet up with @disqus_ofjj1NSn9P:disqus and many others at the game 🙂
    ? ?

  48. Hi adele

  49. Hi Adele! Enjoy, have fun and be safe! Take lots of pics! Hope we have good outcome tonight. God bless!
    Edit: Love your hairstyle there!

  50. I have a feeling it’s going to be a great game tonight! Let us know how it goes!

  51. Are you at the Barclays center now? See you then?

  52. You look great in the pic! Love the hairstyle! Enjoy!

  53. I hope so. Just excited to watch the opening night and meet some fans around New York area.

  54. Thank you Heart. I will. I hope I can get a Lin signature. If I’m lucky!

  55. Thank you?

  56. Yes an egg might someday become a chicken but you don’t buy an egg for the price of a chicken.

  57. Hi Epie ?

  58. Our only hope is Vasquez can make hit some 3s to open up the game for him; he still doesn’t have his legs yet but he can distribute. But again, offense is not the main issue. Defense is the #1 issue to solve.

    I’m more concerned with the Nets interior defense tonight. Way too many easy points in the last game.
    And the Pacers big men are very formidable with Myles Turner, Thaddeus Young and Paul George combining for 29 out of 52 rebounds (56%). Al Jefferson also anchored their bench.

    If the Nets can compete in rebounding and limit 2nd opportunities, they can run fastbreak, score easy points and hit some open 3s. That’s really the key of the game.

    Pacers is not really a 3pt-shooting team but they did well vs DAL with 10-19 (52%)
    Nets need to play with a fast pace to surprise Pacers right out of the gate.

  59. I hope so. I have been so busy lately but I won’t miss the opening night with Lin starting ?

  60. Wish i can meet the other fans and take pictures with them

  61. unfortunately no, I’m stuck in sunny AZ =)
    maybe someday but have a ball tonight! Cheer hard for JLin!

  62. You bet!

  63. Go go go Adele!!!!

  64. yes, I’m sensing at least 3-4 threes!
    maybe 23pts/6ast game or more =)

  65. Sometimes I wish the Nets would have made an offer to Norris Cole for the backup PG position, but his agent was asking for too much money.

  66. i know what you mean ..
    No guarantee but I get that the market for the SG eggs was super-hot indeed this year!

  67. Go for the WIN BrookLIN!? Actually praying for them to win?

  68. Looks great, Adele. Have fun!

  69. Lot of fans in the house!
    @wizlin:disqus , try to find Melody, KP, Bob and g at the Atlantic Mall

    BWW in the Atlantic Mall :
    With Bob, g, Jim, Melody, and I

  70. Yes, I’m going to enjoy the game and not be stressed no matter what. ?

  71. Did you consider using gel to put your hair up in a Mohawk? I guess it might be hard to sit up straight in the car and drive like that though.

  72. Lol! I won’t compete wit Lin on that hairstyle. I’m used to driving with this hairstyle though but thinking about cutting it someday soon.

  73. Ok I will try to find them. Still traveling because I was working today.

  74. Whitehead good for energy mcoughla too

  75. espn says 7:30 eastern time

  76. oh ok… you’re not there yet..
    drive safely

  77. I know… I think this is w preview….

  78. yea sound right lol i usually skip that

  79. Trust Kenny and trust the process. He’s acknowledging what needs to be fixed.

  80. Jealous of all you lucky ducks who get to be @ Nets tonight…. I’ll be peeking my phone @ work for the score and hopefully watch a bit of action on LP during my break….?

  81. Hope the defense and rebounding is better tonight. Even slighlty better we have a chance to win

  82. Yea it’s been a big issue and I would love to see some improvement, especially from Hamilton. If he could rebound and protect the rim better he’d be an incredibly valuable steal.

  83. Ya they cannot win letting other teams score 120+

  84. Yep, in the past games I see a lot of the times where Hamilton only puts his hand up to try to block the shot. That’s not enough. Also need to try to cover weaknesses/speed of Brook, Kilpatrick, Scola, Greivis, etc.

  85. On Brook: Aims for good balance getting Brook in the elbow, corner within the motion offense

    On question on Jeremy’s growth as a person & ability to enjoy the moment and wrapped up in it
    KA: Mature as a person, Jeremy never seems overwhelmed by the moment
    Has air of confidence. This is what makes it fun, watching how he relishes it tonight

  86. I dont expect much from hamilton though. I dont think he has the athleticism to be good defensively

  87. Really hoping JLin will be a complete spark plug tonight. I hope he plays with fire and gets the team playing hungry for blood.

  88. On minutes: looking to use the full roster. Sigh.

    Will try to just enjoy Lin’s 20-24 minutes a night. Kindve like previous years.

  89. You might be right, but I’m hoping Kenny can somehow get him to improve.

  90. KA talks the talk. But so far he hasn’t walked the walk.

  91. As long as he is a plus offensively , he can be solid backup. Just hit those 3s or finish the passes

  92. Pray Lin plays well. Win. And everyone has a good time. God bless ya all.

  93. Lin played 28 minutes last game. He’s not going to be playing 20-24. I believe Kenny’s plan is to set both Lin & Lopez up for the long run and they’ll amp their minutes up a bit more as we go further along the season. I expect 30-33mpg avg for Lin.

  94. One positive note is that I really enjoyed his putback/second chance plays last night.

  95. Ya, anything offensively related with slightly better rebounding is good enough.

  96. For the money he’s paid? Definitely.

  97. Someone post a stream for the pre-game 🙂

  98. There’s a positive vibes from everyone,I believed in law of attraction.

  99. Amen, bro!

  100. great pose! it looks like you’re sitting on the basketball held by Lin ?

  101. You’re absolutely on the money.

    Defense + rebounding. If they can do it, there’ll be so many fast-break opportunities and easy assist for JLin!

  102. Wow! Good picture… !!!

  103. is always solid

  104. Haha, I’m gonna be sad if we give up 120+ points again.

  105. this gave me weird thoughts :<

  106. Lol!?

  107. not weird at all

    JLin’s still giving the assist to sit even when it’s only a giant poster 🙂
    Once a PG, always a PG!

  108. Lamar to Harden now Thompson. She’s bad news

  109. Herb Turetsky, the guy who scores the home games for the Nets, is celebrating his 50th anniversary doing that job. He is the only scorer the Nets have had in their history …

  110. if in doubt, give Lin the stats

  111. Pre-game stream from, courtesy of @disqus_0MkrSq0qkJ:disqus

  112. thank you

  113. Jeremy said he’s not worried about getting chemistry with Brook. (a bit too fast or a bit too slow)
    Still getting used to it

  114. Coach Atkinson has about 30+ family members coming for the game, being a Long Island native.

    Hoping and praying that Kenny and Lin will be celebrating tonight!

    Let’s go, JLin!

  115. Just heard the YES lady broadcaster reported that KA said he will use the entire roster… What does this mean for Lin’s PT?

  116. heading south.

  117. Coach KA on Pacers:
    a lot of tough matchup problems (PG,Teague,Myles inside)
    Defense & transition D are important

  118. I hope KA is not that dumb like last time to set playing time like robotic script again. smh!

  119. They’re coming out!

    The boys are back. #BrooklynGrit

  120. Psalm how will I post a video?

  121. got no workable poverty stream 2nite for some reason. have to monitor this site closer than usual. esp with apparently multiple boarders at the game.

  122. less vasquez more whitehead more CMC maybe some bennet

  123. try the link on the featured post provided by @disqus_0MkrSq0qkJ:disqus

    here it is

  124. Disqus doesn’t allow video upload but if you have twitter or Vine links, it will work

  125. yeah doesn’t work 4 me just some very glitchy audio no video; i have a reliable stream ive used for a year and half and i just quit monitoring a wide variety of other sources i had used before because it was good (and still is) but for some reason they’re just not posting this game 2nite. no big deal.

  126. LP is free for now. Check it out.

  127. I think that’s for sure.

  128. Just so everyone knows NBA app has free league pass preview today where you can watch the game live for free! I’m on my way home so this is helpful.

  129. Go Nets!!!

  130. Enjoy the game! Hope Nets get a W for you!

  131. Go Lin!

  132. Lin and Brook addressed the crowd to thank them for their support

  133. Nice runner by Brook

  134. Teague couldn’t keep up with Lin’s speed.
    Lin foul on the dirve

  135. Nice D by Lin on Teague

  136. Booker’s fastbreak for 2

  137. Nice pass!

  138. Wow, Nets are getting calls!

  139. JLIN 2/2 on free Throw

  140. That was a nice Lin’s assist to Booker’s layup

  141. Lin! Jumper!

  142. Teague sat with 2 fouls. (1 Lin & 1 Brook)
    Lin kept drawing fouls

  143. great jumper!
    No hesitation

  144. Offense looks better today — mostly because Lin is running more PnRs (3 so far).

    Problem so far is offensive rebounds (5 already for IND!!!).

  145. @JLin7 kept drawing fouls
    3 so far (Teague, Ellis, PGeorge)


  146. Lin sitting now at 6 min mark…Lokks like gonna be 24 mins for Lin.

  147. yeah, interior defense is a real problem
    No shot-blockers

    Worse after Brook rested

  148. He is still doing the even mins thing? smh.

  149. Lin will play with the bench unit. Good idea

  150. They got the stops, though. Just couldn’t get the board — 7 second-chance pts already.

  151. why is lin sitting that does not make sense

  152. It is the bench unit now.

  153. equal min for all.

  154. I am already sick of that.

  155. Maybe because Teague is out

  156. lol

  157. Even Paul George and Ellis are still on the court. What is KA thinking??????

  158. Maybe save it for 2nd half…

  159. so he can come back to start the 2nd

  160. Kenny too rigid with his rotations (“Teague out? Rest Lin.”)

  161. Lin is heating up but has to go to the bench to cool down again???!

  162. Sorry. Atkinson said in pregame interview he wants to use the full roster. So limited minutes for starters.

  163. They have a better bench then us. Goeorge dont need to start the second

  164. And that the reason why you don’t take all the starter out.

  165. he got his 2 ft, jumper, getting fouls and now he sits…

  166. Not surprised

  167. play them 60 minutes?

  168. An I the only one having déjà vu of Laker days.

  169. One of them, either Lin or Brook should be on the floor with the bench.

  170. Brook and Lin rested very early at 7min and 5:35 min mark in the 1st quarter
    Let’s see if the bench can compete

    It only makes sense if the Nets keep running and maintains high-pace to tire out the Pacers

  171. Extra bad idea because Lin was drawing fouls, which means they would be in the bonus soon.

  172. KA a tank commander in disguise

  173. I am sick of this KA coaching, that why we always behind early in the game.

  174. No turnovers for Lin. Unfortunately he can not shoot from the bench

  175. nice passing

  176. So wide-open 3s but the Nets bench can’t make it yet :[


  177. Harris! 3

  178. How about equal pay too? if AK wants to be equal, why not go all the way?

  179. Unintentional tank commander with good intentions. The accidental tank commander.

  180. Open looks.. where is the defense

  181. Lin in at 1:37?

  182. Good move!

  183. LOl we are all perplexed

  184. Al is good at low post man…

  185. Bench is actually outplaying Pacers

    Great 3 offensive rebounds to make it 17-22

  186. See what I mean by Al? He has beautiful post moves.

  187. 333

  188. I think KA wants to see Lin playing with Harris and Scola

  189. I gotta give it to Cliff. He knows how to use Al!

  190. 333333

  191. LIN 333333

  192. Odd substitutions but I guess he has a plan. Harris is driving too much, but it seems Lin and him have chemistry. Hamilton and Lin also. I only see chemistry with Booker in the first unit with Lin.

  193. oh yes…. Lin 33333!

  194. Lin Harris Hamilton. Three most effective players.

  195. Damn that was ice cold.

  196. Simple high PnR with Booker = automatic

  197. yes, 3 best players in the motion offense so far!

  198. Lin should’ve picked up at least easy 5 ast by now

  199. Hornets are gonna miss Al too. And Brook should be use like that too.

  200. Trade Brook to Charlotte for Lamb, Hawes and a protected 1st. Or just the pick and Hawes.

  201. Lopez is not as great at post ups. From what ive noticed

  202. Man, that was a good 3-4 feet behind the line!

    JLin’s deep fadeaway 3!!

    7pts/1ast in 8min at the end of Q1

  203. Yeah. Al is really good at post ups game.

  204. JLIN 1Q, 8 min, 7Pts (2/4, 1/2, 2/2) and 1Ast.

  205. Lopez looks WAY better tonight.

  206. Brook!

  207. Nice pass!


  209. Finally doin’ work!


  211. This is how we use Brook!!!!!!

  212. yup yup

  213. Lin playing PnR and transition. Brook getting the ball deep in the paint.

    This is how it’s supposed to be.

  214. Man, behind-the-back assist by Lin!

  215. LINNING formula!

  216. Brook!!!!

  217. He’s just blowing up Kenny’s plan.

    We love you Kenny but this team is not the Spurs or even Hawks!

  218. yes, let the bench play motion offense

    Let the starters feature Brook-Lin PnR until the Pacers can stop it

  219. Great defense by Lin.

  220. Win or lose, I am loving how we play now and the Mins on Lin and Brook as well!

  221. Brook inside-out to Kilpatrick…3. Simplified offense looks SO MUCH better.

  222. We’re finding a balance. This is nice.

  223. Actually a nice defensive stand by Bogs, too.

  224. I’ve been saying this all along,Lin and Brooks should always be the focus of the offense all the time

  225. I still dont get why we didnt do this last game but better late then never

  226. why is lin so hesitant with the passing?

  227. Maybe that will be the ultimate strategy that emerges.

  228. hows our boy doing today? just checked in

  229. Because people keep bashing him on TOs, ha.

  230. yup. everyone ese gets the scraps. bog can get his own which is great. kilpatrick as well hopefully

  231. Brook has been huge in the 2nd quarter

    Finding SKil for 3 was nice too!

  232. Those passes to Lopez in the post looks too much like how Hornet’s played with Jefferson last year. Not much motion offense in that.

  233. Much simpler. Much better.

  234. Another Lin to Lopez dime.

  235. 3 ast, 7 pts

  236. Yes!!!!

  237. NICE!

  238. First Brook-Lin PnR bucket this season!

  239. oh yea brook lin pnr

  240. bog cant defend

  241. Lin’s assist to Brook’s reverse jam!

    Great patience by Lin

  242. I’d bring Lin back in for the final 3m to take advantage of “in the bonus” FTs.

  243. Just too slow with bad instincts. He can defend post-ups but any drive or kick-out wrecks him.

  244. That was sweet ?

  245. Waived Vasquez

  246. That’s our PG! yeah!!

  247. why the heck is he sitting again

  248. KP3333

  249. rest

  250. No look to no one. Lol.

  251. Ya, KA play him in another 6 minutes break.

  252. Vasques is a big issue. I hope its the injury

  253. Hopefully to let him close the quarter and get easy FTs once they’re in the bonus.

  254. Every time Brook and Lin sit, it’s time to pray hard :[

  255. lol

  256. they need to switch bog and harris

  257. Lin and Brook should at least play 14 to 15 mins in the first half.

  258. Vasquez is not fast enough to guard JT

  259. Lead!

  260. too slow

  261. Hamilton!

  262. We can’t rebound….

  263. Brook is like a giant. Sin to take him from the rim.

  264. High PnR, I like it!

  265. Lin sees the whole floor!!!!

  266. They are actually calling fouls for Lin instead of giving him a TO

  267. Good foul drawn by Lin…gotta get into the bonus for FT parade.

  268. Benefits of being a starter!

  269. Anouncer said its the 2nd team foul so nope

  270. bring brook back in

  271. Seems like Atkinson heard all the chatter and questions about why Brook wasnt getting the ball.

  272. I meant that every foul takes them closer. Gotta get into the bonus.

  273. I’m sure most of his family members do read comments

  274. LIN 33333333

  275. 3333333

  276. 33333!

  277. 15-5 run !!!

  278. Boston was a faster team that taking Brook out was just a strategy.

  279. Dumb diehard Nets fans complained last game that Lin can’t run PnR. LOL. Such race-blinded fools.

  280. Wow… Another deep 3 by Lin!

    His range is DEEEEEP!

  281. In that case. Atkinson sems like a good guy. Doing a better job today.

  282. thats weird since thats what Lin is known for

  283. Finally watching the game live. Was on my way home and listening to the live broadcast. I like what I’m “hearing” so much more. KA finally featured Lopez on several positions all with baskets that helped with the comeback when Nets were down 10. It was smart to have starters vs Pacers’s 2nd unit for the comeback. Bench also caught fire late and helped. Lin started slow but finally made a 3 pointer and some assists to to take the lead! So glad Lopez can finally play his post game Pacers has no answer for a guy as deadly as him! I liked how Bog started? or played with starters he’s much more useful on offense.

  284. My stream is so choppy 🙁

  285. sesxy

  286. Wow.

  287. same need a better one

  288. omg they cant dribble

  289. LOL. PNR is the whole leagues friend

  290. Lin god

  291. Wohoooooooooo

  292. Clutch!!!


  294. I’m getting HIGH just reading the play-by-play…. LOL!!

  295. He gets cheated by refs??? NO PROBLEM. SWISH!!!

  296. Damn that high arcing turn around! Smexy!

  297. Net!!!!

  298. What a turnaround jumper by Lin!!

    With 1.3 seconds left in the shot clock!

  299. Lin is the best rim-protector on the team, lol. He’s stopped 4 buckets at the rim already by himself.

  300. Lin got that look now GET IT SON

  301. JH couldn’t but a shot tonight….

  302. Looked good though. They’ll fall eventually.

  303. Great foul, no easy layup!! Who was that? Hamilton?

  304. Still good shot. take it over and over again

  305. Use the floater Lin.

  306. Great pass by Lin, Harris couldn’t handle the heat.

  307. Okay, that was a great swat by Turner on Lin. Didn’t fool him with the left hand.

  308. Lin avoiding the 3 not good. Always going to the rim will become predictable!

  309. he needs to use a high arching shot there he cant do a regular layup against turner seriously his coach needs to remind him of that or he needs to get it himself.

  310. yes, .. I’d like to see Lin’s adjustment in the 2nd half on Turner =)

  311. YESSS!!

  312. Probably through he could get FTs even if it got blocked. Just tip your cap.


  314. RHJ is not looking good. No!!!!

  315. Wow Pacers, even I saw that Lin to Booker pass before it happened!


    Kenny pls learn from this…

  317. Lin Halftime: 12 PTS, 5 AST… NICE!

  318. Oh wow.. another Lin assist to Booker DUNK!

    12pts/5th assist in the 1st half

    That’s THE PG!

  319. Damn i hope he’s ok

  320. yup but hope that reminds him of the caliber of player turner is.

  321. didnt he draw up the play?

  322. This is so true Lin getting calls. Great to be a starter

  323. dangit, while I got a cup of coffee downstairs, lin got 3 and a 2, need to rewatch the game

  324. That inbound passed plus the emphatic dunk by Booker.We just need to win some until we can be lucky on the trade deadline.Bogs and Vasquez could be a good trade pieces.

  325. I definitely like Booker. And Lopez/Lin chemistry looks promising. Lin’s playing quite well tonight.

  326. Yup he assumed he’d get fouled but nope that was a clean block. Should’ve done a turn around mid jumper or floater.

  327. 1st half analyst, team should have played like this in game 1. I’m glad KA made the required adjustments

  328. Ya! 12pts 5AS no TO. Great

  329. Yeah, he defended Paul George pretty good in the 1st half.

  330. He will RIDE it for sure =)

  331. Bench playing great with the best Plus/minus of the team. Subbing has been phenomenal

  332. I underestimated him. His playoff run was no fluke.

  333. yes, very athletic and can finish strongly!

  334. Who was limping RHJ? Oh no I hope he’s ok, he’s very important for this limited offense team!

  335. I’m talking about the PnR, Lopez post feeds and transition freestyling.

    Very little motion offense ran by Lin after the first 5m.

  336. yes i saw that. We need him on the other teams best defender.

  337. haha… hold the coffee break in the 2nd half =)

    How’s the atmosphere in the building? Electric?

  338. Yea only took Lopez to “complain” before he changed! *rolls eyes” we could’ve be 2-0 for regular season!

  339. nope dude is a beast.

  340. Pretty cool?Basketball

  341. and limilted defense

  342. A lot better than Teague.

  343. Definitely. I think he should guard opposing PGs so Lin doesn’t get BS fouls on guys like Paul and Curry.

  344. 6-21 3pts. too many missed open 3s.

  345. Today they play Lin’s style game… haha! KA finally wake up…. His boss called….lol

  346. Ya! His teammates are not that good but they will improve…

  347. Dude was too reckless on that solo full court press and slipped. Hope he’s fine :/

  348. Lin played excellent 1st half. Can’t get better. Not only the scores,no TOs, passes, especially he totally control the game and save the energy for closing this game. Hope this is a Win!

  349. Wouldn’t call it excellent he had a slow start and is avoiding the 3. He has to mix it up a bit cause going to the rim too often will become predictable.

  350. wtf 12 pts 5 a lol allstar numbers

  351. Yup. that his role, gotta shoot!

  352. Not really guys like Curry or Thompson can get 12 in a quarter. Lin still has lots of room for improvement. He has to be more confident in his 3s can’t keeping going to the rim just cause he missed 1-2 3s.

  353. probably just 1st home game jitters.

  354. a lot of high PnRs, really really like that.

  355. Yup and Lopez made “all” of his post move points! See our complaining was correct and I’m glad Lopez spoke with the coach for adjustment! If Lopez wasn’t featured more we wouldn’t have made that come back!! Love the PnR between Lin and teammates! About time!!

  356. And 0 TO!

  357. Yup. Lopez can be used just like Al.

  358. Is RHJ ok?

  359. Brook!

  360. Lopes should get that call!

  361. Paul George is getting hot….

  362. It’s a game of runs…no worries. Lin will probably have to take over again.

  363. no energy in the 3rd quarter

  364. Bogdonavich cant be on PG

  365. Too many post-feeds will do that.

  366. Hows he doing?

  367. Don’t like this lineup, where is Lopez? Pacers had no answer for his post moves should play him more!

  368. 12 Pts (4/8, 2/4, 2/2), 6 A, 1 R

  369. No calls right now

  370. Refs swallowing the whistle not making another calls, Nets have to make the basket and not look for fouls!

  371. Brook 5 TOs already…for a center. Too many wasted possessions.

  372. Awesome… thanks!!

  373. nice block!

  374. Brook needs to sit and let Lin run PnR.

  375. How has brook been scoring?

  376. That’s one HUGE chasedown block by Lin on Teague!

  377. ellis

  378. Will that be FTs?

  379. lin sitting

  380. Teague only has 4points.. is due to Lin’s D?

  381. i think coach sat lin a little early…

  382. oh right

  383. Brook wasted his minutes this quarter.

  384. Is Lin shooting 2 FT ?

  385. im guessing lin is going to play major minutes in the fourth? my only concern is will it be too late by then?

  386. Too much Lopez this quarter — turned into a TO fest with no Lin attacks.

  387. KA needs to do something late 3Q always bad….

  388. Wow Pacers with all these injuries something is not right with their trainers.

  389. Yesss Harris was due!!

  390. lin should rest for a minute or two then come back in

  391. Harris with the 3! Back at you George!

  392. Sit Vasquez pls….

  393. Really wish we had Tyler Johnson over Vasquez right now

  394. Vasquez is really garbage can’t even make a layup! Why is he getting minutes?

  395. I say plug in Whitehead, why not. Vasquez is not giving you much anyways

  396. they cannot let the lead ballon to 15+ or else lin will not return!

  397. Bc we paid him 5 M?

  398. good job vasques. lol first time

  399. AKs got lin rotation like no other coach weve seen play under.. lin probably comes back at the 3 min mark

  400. Vasquez got lucky with the 3 point foul, please make the FTs at least! -_-

  401. Brook’s TOs killed them this quarter. Lin needs to take over the 4th and shoot 8-10 times.

  402. I have confidence, just placed a bet at 4.5 odds

  403. He just got lucky, horrible liability on defense and offense, can’t score to save his life!

  404. geez put lin back in the game

  405. we have no energy

  406. We will have a long crappy season guys.

  407. Ok enough of the bench, put Lin and starters back in before it’s too late!

  408. As I said, either Lin or Brook have to be on the floor with the bench.

  409. can we try to win a game? get Lin in already

  410. If they can hold the usual 3Q deficit to 10, they might have a chance.

  411. omg coach is giving the bench too many mins

  412. Totally agree with you! Since Brook’s post moves limits Lin’s s PnR. Brooke and Lin should have staggered minutes with 2nd unit!!

  413. Call a Time OUT! Don’t let the momentum shift any longer….It always happens in 3Q!!!!

  414. No, this is much better than last game. Kenny is learning one game at a time.

    And Lin is playing great regardless.

  415. his rotations confuse me…

  416. why is coach doing this its crazy…

  417. Lin is ready to back in!

  418. Lin in at 2:09 left in Q3

  419. The lead is dwindling

  420. It confuses players too. They can’t get ready mentality!

  421. Vasquez steps on baseline, ok I’ve seen enough guy is hopeless!!!

  422. Well, it still a lot better than previous game.

  423. is it me or are we getting no calls

  424. KA was complaining to the ref too.

  425. that wasnt a foul lol?

  426. Nah. Just bad decisions by Brook — terrible TOs. Killed all momentum.

  427. Vasquez can only play spot minutes , he is not ready

  428. Lin should go call on the drive that he has to gave up the ball. He got hits a few times.

  429. That’s why I wanted Aaron Brooks! At least he can run and score.

  430. kilpatrick…cannot finish his shots

  431. Yeah, he could get some, but he’s been allowed to play defense on Teague and Ellis, so I’m happy. I blame Kenny for not letting him attack more and get FTs.

  432. Lopez so active on defensive end! Again Pacers had no answers and he’s made almost every shot on his post moves! There’s no reason why KA shouldn’t have played him more with the bench who was awful!!

  433. stressfull watching these guys lol

  434. Back to back FT trips for Lin (3/4)…that’s what I’m talking about! Kenny needs to be smart and let Lin close quarters so he can get FTs.

  435. 15/7 so far.. awesome stat line!

  436. Alright. It’s time for MR. 4TH QUARTER. Just keep attacking, make or miss or TO.

  437. Good point!
    Pacers will be in foul trouble by end of 4th

  438. lets go lin!!

  439. We’ll b out of games waitg for ka to learn.

  440. 26 minutes already

  441. jeremy needs to use floaters lol. teague gets so many easy points with em

  442. Sounds like if we just replace Vasquez things will get better.

  443. lin was killing it with his floaters during linsanity

  444. every now and then

  445. Kenny seemed to forget entirely last game — Lin drew a ton of fouls in the 1Q but he didn’t let him close.
    These are rookie coaching mistakes…his assistants need to speak up as well.

  446. True. Why he doesn’t use it.

  447. well he is 2-9 so not that easu :/ :/ :/ :/

  448. they were more like runners, as they were off one foot instead of two.

  449. Nets came out of half with just no energy. What the heck?

  450. Rusty. But I’m fine with him swishing 3s instead.

  451. We know that, point is does KA? If he was smarter, Vasquez would not be on this team right now!!! He’s the main reason why the bench is so bad!

  452. His offense is good enough but yea more tools couldnt hurt. Pacers dont have a shot blocker so its unnecessary

  453. nice pass

  454. Probably because he feels like it’s better to potentially draw a foul, and he might feel he’s more accurate closer to the hoop.

  455. I agree. Hope when Foye gets back, he takes Vasquez’ minutes

  456. What a timely long pass by Quarterback LIN to Lopez!
    2 FTs

  457. Too many Lopez post-feeds…which he turned over like crazy (4 TOs in 6 possessions).

    When Lin makes TOs, at least the ball is moving.

  458. He needs to keep Lin or Lopez on the floor at all times with the bench!! Lopez needs way more minutes. Pacers can’t defend against of his post moves!

  459. Dumb TO lin

  460. Lin and Lopez needs to featured as much as possible! They are a deadly combo! Not many players stand a chance against Lopez!!!

  461. Nice drive!


  463. Great D by Lin on Teague!
    “Moving his feet”

  464. Ronnie price is available. Just kidding

  465. Whats the score?

  466. Ah come on, Lin was wide open 🙁

  467. Win or lose, Nets played the right way for MOST of the game. First 5m of the 1Q and 3Q will be to blame.

  468. 81-76

  469. Lin drew foul on Teague

  470. pacers will be on penalty from now on.A good spin dunk from Booker

  471. Oh my gosh!

  472. Four team fouls!!!!

  473. I mean Lin has totally shut down teague



  476. Perfect timing!
    Still 9 min left..

  477. Boooker!!!!!!

  478. What a SPIN-move and DUNK by Booker!!!!

  479. For a PG, Lin’s defense is ELITE.

  480. I’m not losing hope. The ball is round?

  481. Hmm. That was kind of a hero shot by Lin, a little too quick and he should drive to the basket instead.

  482. i think he was expecting the foul

  483. SWAG, baby. I love the confidence.

  484. its ok lol… i hope lin stays in the game the rest of the quarter

  485. And Dominique Wilkins says “Lin can’t guard Teague.”

  486. Jeff teague is 2-10. Lins defense is elite

  487. The building would have exploded – love the confidence more of that please

  488. theres no way atkinson pulls lin now right ?

  489. He rebounded the last 4 rebounds or something and played very good defense forcing a tough shot.

  490. Yeah. He has been playing at all start level. At both ends!!!

  491. Good heat check..
    It will bring the building down if he makes it & carries momentum

    Announcer agrees

  492. Lin has 30 minutes already

  493. Lin needs to drive to the paint, draw more fouls. One more they will be in the bonus.

  494. Yeah. I would love to see that tho. 🙂

  495. lol who cares about nique? great player horrible commentator.

  496. 3Q, 8:29, JLIN 17pts, 8 Ast, 6 R, 1 Block! Go JLIN Go!

  497. Damn booker with the turning Dunk!!

  498. Luv that!

  499. This better be a 1-2m breather. TOPS.

  500. love bookers dunks man. so emphatic

  501. With 8:29 left, Lin needs a breather
    He should be in with 5-6 min left

  502. Booker is becoming my next favorite nets player

  503. wow i jinxed lin lol

  504. i love that

  505. WTH?????

  506. Man, I don’t mind OT if Lin gets TRIPLE-DOUBLE!

  507. To be fair, there is another game TOMORROW. Almost forgot about that.

  508. even double double would be nice 🙂

  509. no wayy really?

  510. He is a very strong guy and works hard on defense!

  511. If only for 2 to 3 mins max.

  512. He took Lin out because Lin did not take the shot within the offense. gotta agree with kenny there to be honest. I like what Lin did there but it was a bad shot. Kenny is telling him that by benching him.

  513. yup

  514. KP!

  515. faaaaccckkkk

  516. No crap but starters have to stay in for rest of the game, they have to fight tooth and nail to win this!

  517. hehe.. we’ll take any double

  518. Hopefully, Lin rests 2m and comes back in at the 6m mark.

  519. Vasquezzzzzzz wohooooooo

  520. should be..especially if the lead balloons

  521. Vazquez for 3333!!!! WHAT?!

  522. What?

  523. Vasqeuz in? why?!! game in on the damn line !!!!

  524. Phew… Vasquez with timely plays


  525. Vasquez 33333333

  526. killpatriiiiickkkk

  527. Finally Vazquez makes a 3.

  528. Alright time to bring Lin back in at the next whistle.

  529. get lin back in

  530. I don’t think Kenny thinks that

  531. He’s doin’ work!

  532. Hamiltooooonnnn and 1

  533. KP!!!!!!

  534. YESSSSS!!!!

  535. Go Nets!

  536. Alright. Time for Lin to come back in and close the game…

    Nice rest and bench guys delivered.

  537. lol…ugly, but I’ll take it.

  538. This will give us a 3 pt lead if Hamilton will convert the FT

  539. dang i hope lin comes back in.. cuz kenny might say oh the bench is the reason we have the lead

  540. Wow! KA is letting KP handle the ball instead of Vasquez

  541. OMG Vasquez erupting in 4th with 3s?!!! I’d take it!!!

  542. Lin’s already at 30 min. They’ve got another game tomorrow. GV doing fine.

  543. is this our bench omg theyre good

  544. It was the starter bring the game back first.


  546. love me some sean kilpatrick!!!!!

  547. nah.. Lin can draw FTs like nobody’s business..
    He’ll be in

  548. it was a bad shot Lin went hero mode i like the confidence but in this team every possesion counts. i feel Kenny benched him to tell him that. i Like kenny so far.

  549. Love how they have vasquez give Kilpatrick the ball to be the ballhandler.

  550. I won’t go that far, but they do give 100%. Full effort; that’s what Kenny promised.

  551. I like Hamilton a lot, If he can improve his defensive game, he will be big!

  552. Guys your feed is prolly 2-3 mins late

  553. just use vasquez as a shooter. let sean do that dribbling

  554. Put mr 4th quarter in!

  555. And 1 by Hamilton OMG?!!! it’s a miracle!!!

  556. Brook in with 5:37 left

    Lin should come in soon

  557. 88-85 nets

  558. omg no lin…

  559. KP for another 333333333333

  560. Help us alot. Vasques is a good player but you can tell he cant move well right now from the injury. Kilpatrick is also good. we have a good team just need them to get on the same page

  561. SKIL!!!!!

  562. why isn’t lin playing…

  563. 91-85 nets

  564. he does pray .. so he got the answer =)

  565. Any sign of lin coming back in?

  566. OMG bench came through and KA made the right decision to bench Lin for rest! Now he’s back in to seal the deal!!! Can Vasquez please play like this for rest of the season!!

  567. After this time out

  568. KP!


  570. lin bout to come back in right?

  571. thanks for indiana timeout. now lin can come into game.

  572. He was out for blood, this young player is a competitor he deserves more minutes!

  573. now lets use that high screen and roll KA was talking about to seal the win

  574. yes hes at the sideline


  576. Maybe triple double for Lin?

  577. Will KA play Lin and Kilpatrick?

  578. The ball is round folks?

  579. To Kilpatrick. Thank you for showing up. Weve been waiting for you

  580. Pls do.

  581. Kenny almost fall asleep …lol

  582. Lin in for Vasquez with 4:28 left

  583. Play by play analysis, my stream is choppy haha

  584. Lin got the ball

  585. KP another 3333333

  586. Lin will get a triple double


    Lin 9th assist to SKil 3333333333333!!

  588. Yes, with LIN’s 9th Ast !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  589. KP!!!!

  590. ft’s for BOgs

  591. COME ON BOGS YOU FU””””’

  592. How many rebounds does he have?

  593. Bogs sticks the 2 ft’s

  594. triple double in reach

  595. shhhhh

  596. Triple double for Lin!!!!

  597. aww come on my stream keeps freezing!

  598. Ellis is having a very hard time against Lin

  599. 17/9/8 … Let’s go!!

  600. 1 more 3 pt plz

  601. nice pass from Lin to LOpez fouled for ft’s

  602. Just manage the game…and get the cheap FTs, Jeremy. Hehehe.

  603. 1-2 for Lopez 97-89 nets

  604. Yes, almost there; 17 Pts, 8R & 9A !!! if with a Team WIN then it is a happy opening !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  605. Lin is the best breaking down the D!!!!

  606. Lin’s 9th rebound


  607. Lin’s defense has been elite this game. He’s gotten stops on 8/9 shots on him. With two strips (one of which was a block).

  608. omg tripo doubo plzzzz

  609. emphatic blocked by Hamilton and isolation fom Lopez for 2.99-89 Nets


  611. Triple double would be better than 20/10.


  613. We’re gonna win this 1 guys

  614. Hamilton and Brook!

  615. Let’s get the first win and the first triple double of the season!!!

  616. Triple Triple Triple!!!!

  617. See what happens you win the game when you feed big man Lopez! He’s made almost every shot at the post!!!

  618. were gonna lose now..

  619. Lin might trip up and get a triple double

  620. Gotta play both Lin and Brook!

  621. i’m tensed up like a gitar string

  622. lol

  623. that shoulda been an assist ot lin no?

  624. Hope Lin gets some cheap FTs to ice the game and get 20.

  625. Lopez is a beast. That man is like the hulk. Lin is important but Lopez drives this train.

  626. Lin distributing to Skilpatrick, Bog and Lopez

  627. shhhh…c’mon. It ain’t over til it’s over.

  628. Woooooooo….
    99-89 with 2 min left

    Made possible by Lin kept drawing fouls in early game so Pacers are in foul trouble in the 4th!!!

  629. nets gonna win it. love it

  630. don’t break the guitar

  631. Hamilton defense improving already.

  632. Keep it simple. Feed it to Lopez or Lin pnr ….. simple folks 🙂

  633. 1 assist 1 rebound

  634. Lin triple triple?””

  635. Lin doing the job Kenny wanted–but through PnR and post-feeds, not motion offense.

  636. I’m so glad KA learned his lesson, Lopez is the franchise and you need to go to him as much as you can! Many teams can triple team Lopez and he’d still shoot right over them!!

  637. offensive foul from Ellis nets ball.KP is doing everything

  638. Lopez is the engine of the team.

  639. Lin fouled by Ellis.ft’s

  640. I hope this game will tell KA to dump that Motion Offense crap int he garbage! I don’t want to see that ever again!

  641. Yes 2 FTs

  642. Good D!!!!

  643. LIn sticks the 2 ft’s

  644. ice cold vein

  645. Let’s go! We should play something like this every game

  646. Good coaching. Ellis was burning Lin, put Kilpatrick on him.

  647. 1 more point.
    1 more assist.
    1 more rebound.

  648. JLin 2 FTs!!!!


  649. 1 more to.

  650. until It is done – lets keep praying

  651. Mannnn he will get this

  652. I’m praying, man 🙂

  653. Wo!! 19 Pts, 9R, 9A !!!! Lets Go!

  654. I am more nervous for this than for my wedding – lol


  656. I would hate if he ended on all 9s.

  657. dont pull lin kenny!

  658. i just want lin to have 20 points lol

  659. 1 rebound 1 assit

  660. Lin is gonna sit.

  661. I hope speed of lin is working his butt off right now, I want to see highlights!

  662. Wow, so… guys, Nets atlantic winners ???? haha

  663. Pacers just started to walk around on the court … =)
    giving up

  664. Come on lets get that triple double!!

  665. Like I said, game of runs…Nets got the last run.

    Kilpatrick should start at SG with Bojan as the 6th man — he prefers to chuck Crawford style anyway.

  666. THis 1 is in the bag just pray for Lin to get the 3ple double

  667. 50-50 now lol

  668. another 2 for LIn

  669. 21111111

  670. 21!

  671. was it me or were people chanting mvp for lin

  672. 21 pts!!!!!!!

  673. Lin so confident in his jumper — make or miss.

  674. Okay, now one more dime and board…

  675. LIN!

  676. Great Opening night !! Thanks God for this happy game !!!

  677. Please GOD listen to me, a non believer, just one more of those each, please!

  678. Yes!!!!!

  679. GG!!! Waiting on speed of lin now lol

  680. Perfect game for the NETS!

  681. Lin just steered this team to a win.I won’t discount what KP did though.LOpez I know that’s a regular for him.Everyone did their job.I love Hamilton,Booker and Harris with their energy.Vazquez you redeemed yourself

  682. What a win. Hard fought and welldeserved. Special thanks to KP.

  683. NOOO hahaha 21/9/9

  684. Killpatrick was great

  685. lin doesnt get the interview?

  686. Brooklyn need to play like THIS all season. No L tonight.

  687. WIn. Lin played well. Pretty sure all Lin fans had a good time. Prayers answered.

  688. K. P. Chan ‏@chankpc 5m5 minutes ago
    Fans chanting MVP when Lin is on the line.

  689. He is.

  690. Good job coach. Good job.

  691. WOOOOOOOO….

    Congrats, Lin fans! We all deserve this


  693. woohoo!

  694. We got our MVP in BROOKLYN…..LINNNNNNN!!!!!!

  695. Congratulations! Coach Atkinson’s and new Nets’ FIRST home victory it is!

    Kilpatrick and Lopez are interviewed court-side.

  696. Good job , this is how it should be. The 2 best players- Lin and Lopez – needs to get the touches most

  697. Didn’t know Kilpatrick was from Brooklyn. That’s awesome. I like that guy. Bless you KP.

  698. Excellent. This is a good night.

  699. man atkinson is finally using screen and roll

  700. KA went straight to locker room, probably mad this means his motion offense is toast and Lopez and Lin were right. I’d be happy if we don’t see any of that motion offense crap ever again.

  701. Great adjustment KA!!!!!

  702. Relief. Did not have to wait for a long losing streak before their first win.

  703. Er, I think Coach knows what he’s doing. He had weird substitutions but they worked.

  704. With Lin we win !

  705. Well, maybe he was hiding teas of joy.

    This is his very FIRST home win as a brand new NBA head coach!

  706. lol how is lin not player of the game?

  707. Lopez deserved the court side interview he was player of the game. We won’t win without him!

  708. Kilpatrick deserve it. Lin will have plenty

  709. Need stream of post game , is there post game ?

  710. thats fine. they gave it to SK right?

  711. Take it easy, it’s Lin’s team.

  712. That’s a given…so let the role guy to boost their confidence further

  713. they gave it to lopez and sk

  714. 9 rebounds for Lin!

  715. SK3l Deserves it

  716. its all good. not a real stat. haha

  717. kilpatrick +26

  718. I could live with it. Lin excel and there is enough help to have two players of the game next to him for the win. Will be a fun season if that continues.

  719. Lin only A. Why not A+. LOL

  720. Very close to a triple double!!

  721. Glad Lin rebounds lots today. He has to rebound to control the tempo or else whoever gets the rock just chuck it up!

  722. He just got his first win in front of his family. The man is happy

  723. ADELE wherever you are?you are the LUCKY CHARM:-)

  724. JLIN 34 min, 21 Pts (6/12, 2/4, 7/8) + 9R, 9A (2 TO), 1B, 1PF + 1; Good all round game!

  725. I’ll stop calling Vasquez garbage if he can knock down 3s like that for every game from now and play like he did this 4th quarter! He came through when Lin needed to rest at crucial time!

  726. Lins defense is all nba level no joke

  727. Foye please take most of Vasquez minutes, when he comes please

  728. Jeff teague 2-13

  729. Is there a stream for post game show ?

  730. wow

  731. If you take Lopez three point attempts away he is 10-14. Monster.

  732. screw the stat line. Lin took teagues Wife, kids and lunch money. This ones for you nique!

  733. LOL

  734. aside from that nice baseline floater, he did nothing tonight.

  735. commentators said they loved lin’s leadership out there

  736. JLin carried the ball off court. Guess he is presenting it to the coach for his first win.

  737. man to beat a tough team like indiana is a great way to start the season

  738. omg lol

  739. Wanted Lin to get the Triple double but he will have many other chances this season. Finally this with PnR and post plays this team is finally ont he right track!! We were all complaining correctly about KA’s offense.

  740. hahahahahahahah lmao

  741. Honestly did not follow the Nets. Did not know Lopez was so unstoppable in the paint. Becoming such a fan of his.

  742. And Lin made sure to save the game ball for KA after end of game.

  743. lopez is fantastic in the post one of the last true big men.

  744. He can average 25 with Lin here

  745. lol they aint seen nothing yet

  746. LOL

  747. JLIN proved he can lead the NETs to WIN !!! Lucky Fans who watch this opening night game!!!! it Worth the trip from overseas 🙂 🙂

  748. Did you watch the last season 35 pt highlights of Lopez in last thread? Always knew Lopez was unstoppable it was KA’s offense and limited minutes that was the problem!! Now we can finally say goodbye to the motion offense more like “zero offense”.

  749. I know KA is a smart guy, otherwise Lin wouldn’t have had an all-in.

  750. Haha…I was just now reigning myself in on the triple double GREED 😀

  751. Ya! He’s their saver for sure.

  752. That comeback was not a fluke this game as well. We have a great coach in the making

  753. Once Nets have had a taste of win, they will get more thirsty.

  754. Where are the guys who said Lopez “doesn’t fit offense” and “needs to be traded” instead of blaming KA’s dumb offense? Lopez is the franchise and you build around your franchise, not bench him and make him fit your offense!

  755. Good observation! I hope you are right.

    Really happy the team got the first Win for the new coach at home court.

  756. This the guy that just wrote the BR article, correct?

  757. maybe he’s been reading this site – and was motivated to play better

  758. He’s gone,he won’t take the hit…lol

  759. Today’s Lin’s game not KA Motion.

  760. Yes!!! The lemons has been retired to the junk yard

  761. Yes! like JLIN said WIN solved a lot of things! so happy for JLIN, his teammates, KA & NETs! So happy for us, JLIN Fans! What a game, what a starter day!

  762. Ya! Love HB

  763. NO MORE MOtion OFFENSE guys!!!

  764. !!!! 21/9 … He’s off to a great year. 34 mins.

  765. I think we sd wait till the next game first

  766. Congrats Coach KA on your first win in the NBA regular season game! Thank you for listening and adjusting to incorporate Lopez pnr w/ Lin tonight. Please continue to mixing it up to confuse your opponents and play to win. And thank you for letting Lin lead his teammates to a win today! –heart!

  767. So how about the Nets as atlantic winners hehe

  768. Yea… but im so happy??

  769. Indeed.

  770. new post-game thread
    Nets Beat Pacers 103-94 with the Arrival of Brook-Lin PnR

  771. Good job with the tweeter warriors!!!!

  772. Tell HB JLIN has 21 Points better than the 19 🙂

  773. Coo thanks

  774. Nice

  775. =*)

  776. The Nets’ owner Mikhail Prokhorov was there at the game, right?

  777. That is really touching.

  778. Well said, hahaha!

  779. wish it was a triple double but I will take the win

  780. That’s the way ..
    I like it

  781. so am I – I am still soaring looking forward to seeing the highlights

  782. He’s headed for a lot of those, to his potential, not that the cork is off !

  783. Lopez too! Opponents are in trouble when double teamed by Brook-Lin

  784. KA’s very first win as first time NBA head coach! Lin always does the right thing!

  785. yep. Horrible.

  786. Hopefully Vasquez is turning a new leaf and finally proving to us why KA believes so much in him!

  787. Lin x Lopez’s game to be exact!

  788. Come on I have bets on the division champ, don’t get my greedy hopes up! I just want them to win 20+ games and make the playoffs! Not too much to ask for! *If they win Division Champ I don’t mind of course XD heh heh. $_$

  789. Yes I am. My throat hurts because I shouted all the time?

  790. I did too. And the win over 20.5 game. 🙂

  791. Lopez is bloody solid in contact finishing… he’ll be Lin’s best big man partner since Tyson…

  792. I felt like today Lin got to be more of a point guard… still not Dantoni’s system but better… More lin, less motion offense. Lin needs the ball more to be more of a point guard.

  793. The team is hungry and this win reinforce more effort and team ball.

  794. Lopez is 10x better than Al. I cringed every time Al went to the basket. So glad he wa playing for the Pacers this game.

  795. lol they definitely need to win more than 20 games, that bet was a safety net so I don’t lose any money!

  796. Unless he sneezed on it.

  797. Indeed. God is good?

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