Game 9: Miami Heat vs Atlanta Hawks

For the second straight game, Jeremy Lin finished with a season high 23 points in only 23 minutes. His improving health allowed him to drive effectively to the rim to draw foul but with minimum contact as much as possible. This is an encouraging development since noone knew how long or if Jeremy would be able to get back to his athleticism prior to the injury.

The Hawks managed to blow the third quarters again to lose the game to the Sacramento Kings.

Afterwards, Coach Pierce shared with the media about Lin’s inspiring words to his teammates to play with joy and spirit especially in his own journey of playing again after 2 years of not playing in the NBA. It remains to be seen if his words will inspire the Hawks to discover the spirit of playing together as a team in Miami.

Jeremy Lin’s post-game interview

Coach Lloyd Pierce shared about Jeremy’s inspiring words to his teammates about rediscovering the joy of playing after being sidelined for 2 years