Game 9: Miami Heat vs Atlanta Hawks

For the second straight game, Jeremy Lin finished with a season high 23 points in only 23 minutes. His improving health allowed him to drive effectively to the rim to draw foul but with minimum contact as much as possible. This is an encouraging development since noone knew how long or if Jeremy would be able to get back to his athleticism prior to the injury.

The Hawks managed to blow the third quarters again to lose the game to the Sacramento Kings.

Afterwards, Coach Pierce shared with the media about Lin’s inspiring words to his teammates to play with joy and spirit especially in his own journey of playing again after 2 years of not playing in the NBA. It remains to be seen if his words will inspire the Hawks to discover the spirit of playing together as a team in Miami.

Jeremy Lin’s post-game interview

Coach Lloyd Pierce shared about Jeremy’s inspiring words to his teammates about rediscovering the joy of playing after being sidelined for 2 years


  1. Short, cringey rap video by Lin:

  2. Dragic’s foot has been hurting / injured, so he most likely won’t play tonight against the Hawks.

    Hopefully Lin continues his good play and Pierce keeps giving him consistent minutes.

  3. OK, I’m going to give my little essay and I don’t think some are going to like it but I think it needs to be said.

    I saw stats on the best and worse lineups in terms of plus/minus. Lin was in both. And almost all bad lineups had one common thing in them. T Prince.

    The one identifiable problem I can see with Lin’s production and general demeanor on court is when he has to play with ball-dominant players, he’s usually not as prominent. So, for me, the most important thing is to try to have a role where he is in charge of his unit. I don’t think it is a good idea to have Lin in a unit that has Prince in it. I think sometimes he’ll have to play with Prince, but I don’t like seeing Prince with Lin. I’d rather have Bembry if I had to choose between Bembry and Prince. While I don’t care for Bembry that much either, I think he’s more amenable to working with Lin. And Bembry is better at circus shots and is a much more active and better defender. So Lin and Bembry can pump each other up to make stops because Lin really starts at the defensive, not offensive, end to get his team going.

    So, I think the pairing and tandem that may prove most successful for the Atlanta team in utilizing Lin is Lin sometimes paired with Trae and with Prince sitting. Maybe mostly it’ll be Lin and Bembry working out how to play together. It’s up to LP to run plays for Lin when he’s on the floor. My hope, in addition to Lin missing a minimum of games with Atlanta and this entire season, is that Lin works to a place where he’s used as one of the primary players. Where he finishes quarters and plays deep into the 4th and finishes some competitive games. Where he no longer is playing in garbage time. Now he can because he’s rehabbing. But hopefully by December, that is no longer the case.

  4. Hope he had fun doing it. It’s almost campy.

  5. Biggest wish as in all games for the rest of his career, is get through it with no injuries. I’m happy with the last two games. I hope Lin does well but I don’t expect another 23 points. I just hope he positively contributes when he is in, maybe show a strong defensive outing. On Tuesday, barring injury, Lin will be playing in Charlotte for the first time since leaving them. He didn’t play in Charlotte as a Net (unless I’m mistaken).

  6. Bembry is going to view JLIN as a love/hate relationship. Bembry knows that JLIN is going to allow Bembry to get easier buckets and JLIN makes their squad look good on both O&D, but Bembry will not like that JLIN won’t defer the ball every time to him and will distribute it around and outshine Bembry.

    Prince is a blackhole when he touches the ball.

  7. Hope I’m wrong about Pierchelnk but all indications are JLIN only receives major minutes when ATL starters had suffered major meltdowns and for all intents and purposes Coach conceded the Loss — this is not all bad since any playing time is good for JLIN.

    This team is destined to tank because the politics of what Schlenk had to do to acquire Trae Yong — dictates they will live and die with this not-ready-for-NBA-defensively-unplayable point guard.

    As the season progresses, more and more teammates and possibly fans will notice that Losses could have become WINs had JLIN been starter or been allowed significant role before a huge opposing teams’ points barrage …

    … but unless there are injuries to teammates, JLIN needs to just make the most of his minutes and prepare for his next team.

  8. Bad defense can still win games just look at the Rockets. The problem is Young has to play with Bazemore and Prince who only goes for selfish iso shots. Young needs someone to set him up for open 3s and play some off ball. Only Lin and Len will be able to help him.

    Just look at how much Lin suffers andus stuck on the side when playing with Prince and Bembry.

  9. As two trends become ever more apparent :
    1. DLo crashing & burning and Kenny giving no leniency to poor DLo play
    2. JLIN rounding back into form

    … the more disappointed and resentful I become toward Joe Tsai. Tsai would have NEVER EVER purchased the Nets were not for JLIN. Tsai should have DEMANDED that JLIN have a chance post injuries to show what he still had before being shipped off — how hard would it have been for Tsai to say to Prokorov — “NO DEAL, sue me if you trade JLIN” and dared Prok to take him to court?

  10. Yes but Bembry is also warming up to Lin and was willing to pass back to Lin for an open 3 last game.

    Coach obviously designated Lin as the main PG and there’s nothing Bembry can do about.

  11. Young lucked out then. Dragic would’ve had a game night against him.

  12. Bad defense by a PG allows the other team’s PG to do whatever they want:
    1. Isaiah Thomas traded off Celtics after a record season because of his defense.
    2. Kemba Walker with two striaght losing seasons since JLIN played defense for him 1 season.
    3. DLo can’t play defense cause he is only an offensive player having never had to play defense in grade school, high school or college; defense is for chumps while smart dudes rest on defense (TY on his way to falling into this trap)

  13. Many of the NBA’s point guards have already had set personal records when playing against TY

  14. Harden can’t play defense either and uet Rocket still got no.1 seed with MDA as coach.

  15. Please Tsai obviously believe in Sean Marks’ BS. Tsai could’ve easily threatened to fire Marks in 4 years if Lin was traded.

    It’s a blessing, KA’s boring, solo motion offense and Nets’ poor training staff was the reason Lin got injured!

    Nets were never going anywhere without making Lin the main PG with PnR offense! Lin sacrificed his offense for the team and was rewarded with injuries and trade. It took this to finally wake up Lin to stop over helping and passing to his teammates. Look for his shots whenever possible.

  16. Kenny’s offense might be boring, despite everything here are the reasons why Brooklyn was the BEST fit for JLIN:

    1. When JLIN was fully healthy he had led enough WINS to get Brooklyn into the Playoffs running KA’s boring offense.

    2. Kenny TRUSTED JLIN and allowed JLIN to make the final decisions on the floor in the 4th Quarter of close games even when JLIN had 5 fouls.

    3. Dinwiddie was asked toward the end of JLIN’s first season, “do you think you should start over JLIN, now that JLIN is finally healthy?” and Dinwiddie said “no, this is JLIN’s team”. Dinwiddie knew that JLIN should run the team and we now know DLo was a pipedream.

  17. i dont agree. lin has played with kobe and harden. these are the most ball dominate players to have played in the nba. i dont think prince effects him at all unless prince decides to take a bad shot. if so, thats the coaches job to tell him to do different or bench him. Lin was just feeling his way back to health and rhythm.

  18. He was moved from Harden’s unit and Kobe’s unit. He played actually ok with Melo but Melo didn’t want to play with Lin. I don’t like Prince with Lin because Prince’s units have the worse plus/minus. He could play with Prince, but better in a unit without him.

  19. got it. point taken

  20. Sean Marks is not going to like it. Marks has paid too much to get DLo and there is no return for him. DLo is Marks’ PG as much as Lin was ATK’s PG.

  21. DLo isn’t Atkinson’s PG. KA loves CLV. And it makes sense. CLV is a lot more like Lin than DLo is. CLV has a long way to go but he has some of the qualities of a team player. DLo has been benched in the 4Q 3 out of 9 games. So, something has to give.

  22. Bench missed Huerter’s 3 last game. Lin needs Novak’ish player to shoot the 3’s.

  23. i expect trea to struggle with dragic

  24. He’s not playing. Out with an injured toe.

  25. He’s cleared to play.

  26. geez

  27. Baze is trying to do a little too much….

  28. hawkw 3s are falling

  29. Now a day all you have to do us bet on over on all the games and you should end up winning over all. Every teams are shooting so many 3s…

  30. still no defense

  31. Pretty much all NBA teams have no defense now a day.

  32. Please LP, please at least play Lin for 20+ minutes

  33. Lin in

  34. Lin!

  35. 5 Mins in the game but hardly touched the ball.

  36. yup. not gonna play much today

  37. everyone else playing well
    Lin didn’t need to do much

  38. Yea all fast break pts.

  39. Hope you are wrong haha.

  40. Damn Lin out.

  41. Lin out

  42. come on expected

  43. Well I expected Trae to come back in but was hoping LP will pair Lin and Trae a little bit.

  44. chandler tyson got a buyout. why not lin?

  45. prince is ugly as hell but hes smooth I like this guy
    just need to hide his face

  46. If Lin believe he is back in shape, then yes Lin should ask for a buyout.

  47. Lin doesnt have a team that wants to sign him yet
    He needs to prove he can still play first

  48. Trae’s worst. Lol.

  49. 41pts in the 1st quarter for the Hawks.
    Looks like Lin’s words resonated well with his teammates.

    Lin didn’t need to score yet but his drives opened up spacing for 3pt shots. Also good hustle with 1 steal and tapping out preventing offensive rebound

  50. Trae’s hair is messed up
    Idek what he is but hes good too

  51. what did Lin say? I missed that part

  52. my issue is rookies with nothing proven getting minute off the bench sooner

  53. Young may be injured. I saw him hold on to his hand or stomach or something. I do hope he’s ok.

  54. hand

  55. Maybe jammed finger

  56. Lin usually plays more under white coaches I find
    These guys are usually basketball junkies they studied the game and they actually like Lin because Lin plays the right way.

  57. The video is up there. Basically, he shared the need to have good spirit/joy in playing especially when he was out almost 2 years. He also said he challenged some guys and himself on some things.

    Coach praised his inspiring words to the media so that’s why reporters asked Lin about it.

  58. have to be honest this play unselfish as a team thing will get lin 10 minutes a game.. he has to score

  59. Or assists. Or be involved in the action. He took no shots and did he have an assist?

  60. 1 steal

  61. yes, he will need to score soon or have assist.

    Otherwise, he’ll only play more in garbage time.

  62. no plays called for him
    That’s LP’s instructions nothing Lin can do

  63. That’s nice but yet no one passes to him and coach doesnt play him/call any plays for him lol

  64. the subbing pattern is interesting for the Hawks. Usually, coaches sub-in their bench players to finish the last 5-6 minutes of the first quarter and depending on how your bench is playing, you start some of them to begin the second quarter for 4-5 minutes. And than you bring your starters to finish the second quarter.

  65. And a dislodge. I think he needs to go and get the ball. I notice that with Trae. Always hungry to get the ball. Trae has 8 or 9 assists already. He’s controlling the action.

  66. He’s overplaying Trae. No reason to play him so many minutes. He’s a rookie and not used to this intensity and games. It’ll take its toll in February/March.

  67. Trae is 20, no it won’t. Lin isn’t taking advantage of playing time, 0 attempts in 5 minutes? So what everyone else is shooting, he needs to get his, otherwise it keeps reinforcing that he is just a change of pace player. No need to play him if Trae is doing well. Won’t get minutes playing that way.

  68. Lin plays well last game
    now no plays called for him no one passes to him and he gets 5mins/half
    LP I see you ahaha

  69. Except you cant shoot when you dont have the ball

  70. Lin in

  71. He’s had plenty of opportunities bringing up the ball, but he gives up the ball. Not one attempt!

  72. I disagree. Rookies hit the rookie wall. Just about all of them. It happens in Feb/Mar. Trae is putting in big minutes.

    Yes, Lin needs to be more involved in the offense. That I agree with.

  73. Was busy with something else, looks like I didn’t miss much. Just in time.

  74. Lol Bembry likes running into defenders. .like go around. .. Bad ball iq

  75. Lin did not have any opportunity to shoot…He can’t just jack up shots.

  76. lin passing too much

  77. thats the play called

  78. I agree with LInBaller. Lin has the opportunity to hold on to the ball longer and ask for it back. He’s done so in other games.

  79. Maybe, but Trae doesn’t wear himself out on defense. Not an aggressive 2 way player. Is smart with efficiency of body and doesn’t go all out. I don’t think he will hit a wall. Just my opinion. Want Lin to get his, he needs to stay relevant and not get left behind even if the Hawks start winning consistently.

  80. They calling too many plays for the white guy
    Is he LP’s bed boy?

  81. those plays are called for the white dude

  82. I think Trae is playing superbly. But I think it is more the energy and intensity of the NBA vs. college that causes the rookie wall.

  83. Because he has to run the play the coach call…He can’t ignore the coach and start shooting..That’s the best way to get sub.

  84. Lol Juicy white meat

  85. Everyone thinks they are Curry now. lmao

  86. 2 FT

  87. If the coach is calling them. I think Lin is allowed to call plays, however.

  88. finally

  89. “Blacked”

  90. Assist!

  91. 3 assist now

  92. Yes, good to see. More active now. I like how he’s playing.

  93. Go Lin, pad the stats!!!!!

  94. Coach trying to get Heurter going, obviously part of Hawks future. At least he passes back to Lin unlike Bembry and Prince.

  95. I like how Heurter plays and has a good shot.

  96. im happy coach rewarded lin for playing team ball

  97. Teammates making shots but Lin should take some shots soon.

  98. 2 FTs

  99. Lin can still draw fouls.

  100. Assist is fine too. 🙂

  101. good to see

  102. What was Lin rewarded with?

  103. 2 FThrow

  104. minutes. weve seen lin play 5 minute haifs

  105. Bench Teammates went to help Lin, nice!

  106. BS call

  107. Thought he got to start, well there’s hope…

  108. Refs back to their cheating way! That was jump ball!

  109. Even Lin didn’t make the shot on the last drive, but it tell you that Lin still can breakdown the defense.

  110. Lin displayed some good speed at the end there…he still looks clumsy but he is making recovery. Needs to be more aggresive as soon as he comes in

  111. yah but its Dwade hes a legend so he gets it haha

  112. lin +6

  113. I’m glad he went for the layup at the end of the half. Didn’t have any juice on it but that’ll come later in the season.

  114. Overall Lin’ look really good. Just doesn’t have much chance yet, hopefully it would be more on the 2nd half.

  115. Heurter with the half time interview wow, they are really promoting him.

  116. he is using left handed layups more then i remember

  117. Should’ve gone for a 3 pointer, reverse layup, or mid range.

  118. Absolutely. Great defense by Lin and should have been a jump ball.

  119. Lin back to facilitating first when he gets more minutes, dislike this mindset. He should get himself going first everytime.

  120. Lin’s showing his value in getting to the rim with ease and draw fouls.
    0-1 FG but 4 FTs. 3 assists. Almost a strip at DWade but ref blew the call.

    Coach will need to play him to close the game.

  121. Needed to be more active in the first stint. He has to remember that. 2nd stint was really good.

  122. agreeeeeee

  123. Superstar call, BS! Even Pierce was mad, it was a jump ball!

  124. Wade with star treatment on that call.

  125. yup

  126. Surely hope so.

  127. No doubt!

  128. it was very late .. ref thought ‘oh it’s DWade’ and blew the whistle

  129. I thought Lin looks a tad slow on the last drive. I haven’t seen him clearly bust past players. Everybody is able to keep him on their side and Lin is simply relying on strength to get his shot up.

  130. Honestly I’m glad the coach can dictate who gets plays, rather Heurter gets those chances than, selfish Prince, Baze, and Bembry.

  131. i didnt see that. miami always plays lin rough in the paint. literally from day 1 during linsanity

  132. Yes. But that may be how he’ll have to do it depending on if he regains his speed. He still has NBA speed but can’t tell if he’ll get back his exceptional speed.

  133. After a career ending injury, we are lucky he can still play at starter level, one step at a time.

  134. I think it was because there wasn’t a pick but Lin was pretty fast consider it was a solo play.

  135. I really think he is holding back on his reverse layups, even though he may have attempted one in preseason. Maybe evaluated that shot and injury prone due to bad body mechanics when landing. Falling backwards after reverse layup puts extra stress on the patellar tendon.

  136. 3rd qtr breakdown?

  137. If Lin’s speech worked, no.

  138. jinx. depends how long starters stay in.

  139. Every time I see Lin and Heurter shooting 3’s in practice, Heurter always makes them.

  140. it did so far. very unselfish out there

  141. Agreed. Looks a lot more like a team.

  142. Bembry had a few Bembry moments but overall, yes, they’re unselfish.

  143. Spoelstra will adjust at half, hopefully Pierce can counter or adjust and force another adjustment from Spoelstra.

  144. ohh yea the fast break lol

  145. 22 assists in 1st half. 3rd quarter we’ll see. Players have to keep playing team ball and not get too full of themselves and make poor shot selections.

  146. I agree. He’s not going for them.

  147. im not sure if its treas defense but the lead gaurds of miami went ham

  148. Well, the only reason Hawks is ahead was because their shots are falling which have nothing to do with defense. Let hope the Hawks stay hot and take this game.

  149. Bazemore is overrated.

  150. You see how Young gets his drives without blazing speed? He has tight handles and a hesitation, then when the lane is clear he has enough space to in for a pretty clear layup.

  151. yea i think so

  152. Great look for Young. Lin-like football pass.

  153. difference is they are playing him close because of his three shot. they back up with lin

  154. I’m surprised Spoelstra isn’t making them play tougher D on Young. Young has what 11 assists now and a bunch of points.

  155. yeah, but Trae is able to get positioning and setup like a lot of good PG’s with tight handles. Lin needs to tighten his handles.

  156. So glad coach is benching Prince when he’s playing bad. Young x Huerter are the future of Hawks! Great chemistry! Hawks will win more games with Prince benched and Huerter starting!

  157. Not a good 3 by Trae even he made it.

  158. foul trouble

  159. Young takes ridiculous extended 3s that’s his specialty not a bad shot.

  160. I think Trae may have really outstanding handles. So far, I don’t see him tripped up except against the Kings.

  161. Lol I wouldn’t call that a specialty. He is not proven yet.

  162. Strangely, it’s in his range.

  163. You see what I meant now as Trae just missed one. If a coach encourage this kind of 3 and everyone is doing it. Then Hawks is gonna tank very soon.

  164. Proven in college that’s why they labelled him Curry 2.0 Trae made another mid range, he’s definitely heating up.

  165. Until he is proven in NBA otherwise it doesn’t mean anything.

  166. Nice block by Trae Young, definitely playing much better without Prince on the floor.

  167. Not everyone has that kind of green light like Trae, he’s the only player who has that extended range coming into the league.

  168. horrible turnover

  169. Defense went under. A lot of players are hitting 3’s from that range now.

  170. Whatever, I just don’t think it is a good shot.

  171. Curry also misses some shots like that, it’s what the team lives with when they signed Young just like his bad defense.

  172. Still have about 20 seconds left in the shot clock, you don’t go for a 3 pts when you are that far away.

  173. ive never seen the heat this messy

  174. There is too much time left on the shot clock which was about 20 seconds. There is no need to take that kind of shot.

  175. no yellow shoes? what’s up with that!

  176. They can’t believe they are losing to the Hawks and they don’t have Dragic to control the offense. Whiteside also not on the floor.

  177. He’s proving himself now. Trae is playing very well. This is his 9th game in the NBA. He looks exceptional for a rookie.

  178. That’s a fair point. But that’s today’s NBA.

  179. Trae heard the complaints and decided to go stealth mode. 🙂 lol

  180. No Dragic.

  181. Yup. That why I said if you are a gambler, just bet over on all the games and you would end up winning. Lol.

  182. Lin in

  183. maybe thats why they’re leading

  184. Very true, even announcers thought it was too quick.

  185. Dragic is pretty good on running the offense.

  186. Dragic out hurts and just like announcer says, tough for bigs for Heat that don’t shoot 3’s.

  187. No, I’m sure showcasing Huerter and benching Prince has a lot to do with it! Prince is lazy on defense and ruins chemistry with the starters! Coach subbing in Huerter for Prince is showing he means business about minutes not being set.

  188. Hows he doing?

  189. Lin’s relationship and trae is peerass

  190. for anyone not named Trae

  191. Dedmon blows a bunny, setup by Lin.

  192. Make the shot Dedmon!

  193. what a waste!

  194. dedmon is ugly

  195. Haha but he is pretty good. I like him.

  196. driving into brick walls

  197. Lin out

  198. wasnt doing much on offense

  199. He’s gotta get more into the offense. He made a few good passes to Dedmon who didn’t convert. But, he wasn’t bad.

  200. dedmon blew couple of shots that could’ve made a different

  201. nice pass by trae

  202. He’s made a bunch of nice passes.

  203. rough call

  204. op
    no one passes to Lin
    and Lin gets punished
    so much for the inspirational speech lol
    no one respects him

  205. that was a bad call

  206. Guys like Bembry and Bazemore never pass back to Lin and only goes for their own iso. Now Lin doesn’t have enough points, should always get his first!

  207. Problem is Lin isn’t holding the ball long enough and being the guy who initiates the plays. When he passes the ball notice how he almost takes himself out of the offense. I think that is what Pierce isn’t liking.

  208. what he should’ve said was if you guys dont pass back i’m gonna freeze you.

  209. he cant lol
    plays were called for other players

  210. Bembry and Bazemore only shoots for themselves. Exactly why Lin needs to shoot first and assist 2nd. Once Trae Young has a good game his minutes will be cut.

  211. 1 shot just isnt enough

  212. Only for Huerter! Not for Bembry or Bazemore! Lin should’ve went for his own shot the minutes Huerter was not playing!

  213. Trae is really not a super star but he is already getting the calls. Smh. To me, the most he is just like Isaiah Thomas. Imagine if Lin can get the calls too?

  214. c’mon guys! wade is an old man!!!

  215. Those are the plays called
    what can Lin do
    hes following orders

  216. no one setiing screens for him

  217. he’ll get the call until he becomes a DLo

  218. he’s been making mid range jumpers and getting his mostly by himself without screens! Those stop and pop 3s were by himself! He’s just not taking shots!

  219. Whatever Trae has done right now, Lin has done it with the Knicks if not better.

  220. He’s taking himself out of the offense. He gets minutes when he goes to the line. Wade has 16 points off the bench. I think Tyler Johnson has 15. Trae is 20/12. Lin has to be more assertive when he’s out there. He’s not having as much impact as he could.

  221. Well Trae is miles better than Isiah Thomas and taller.

  222. nope, not buying it. Lin has the power to call his number like he did in the 2nd stint. Lin has done this for years. Sometimes he just isn’t as aggressive as other times.

  223. agreed.

  224. with all due respect the kid can pass, pretty good handle and can also shoot some.

  225. The only different is he has a franchise support him. Trae is only 6′ and a half or so. And he is small….

  226. Trae is better than Dlo in shooting and playmaking. In fact he’s better a making assists and shooting 3s than Lin. Lin goes into passing mode whenever he gets more minutes dislike that a lot. He has not learned anything! Players don’t respect you if you’re only getting assists.

  227. Yup. He can pass and I do believe his handle is better than Lin.

  228. they can’t stop trae

  229. I’m happy with Lin overall and that he’s not getting injured (knock wood). But I’m just giving my observations.

  230. His handles are considerably better than Lin’s. He does carry sometimes, but so do a lot of other players.

  231. maybe because he’s lower to the ground

  232. But Steph is Lin’s height and look at his handles.

  233. Yup. Agreed.

  234. heat may win this

  235. I agree with Sport.

  236. 6’2″, Only slightly smaller than Curry but he can still get blocks, shoot and facilitate well. Extended range skills and playmaking skills are tough to come by. Trae Young is no doubt a star unlike DLO and fake stars like IT and Walker. Trae Young doesn’t chuck shots or take bad iso shots. He also doesn’t ball hog like DLo.

  237. Lin just needs to ball out in the few minutes he gets in the 4th.. just so he can walk the walk

  238. Yeah, he’s about that height. CP3 is even shorter, but a lot stronger. And a tough defender. Height isn’t everything.

  239. one attempt only for lin

  240. I don’t care, there is no excuse. 13 min with 1 attempt.

  241. he needs to shoot the shoot

  242. 6’2 is fake height.

  243. Trae is playing well this game. Got to give him credit

  244. about time they call his carries.

  245. Still pretty close to 6’1″, point is he can shoot well and gets great assists. That pass to Huerter all the way to the basket was impressive.

  246. They may. Momentum is changing.

  247. Whatever, only time can tell. He can be a starter in NBA and will never be a superstar IMO.

  248. Now Trae can finish.

  249. Have a feeling that Lin may not be back in this game…

  250. winslow is open twice

  251. I think he will be.

  252. Why would he when he only takes 1 shot. I don’t even blame Pierce, believe it or not.

  253. I am hoping…

  254. that’s a stupid foul by prince

  255. If fake stars like Walker can make it, Trae Young will definitely make it because he’s legit talented. There’s definitely things that Lin can learn from Young as well. I usualy complain about designated fake stars/shot chuckers but there’s really nothing to complain about Trae besides his defense. Trae already has another double double. Lin needs to go for his own shots and not pass too much.

  256. Hawks want Trae to be the leading scorer for Rookies. Minutes whether win or lose will help.

  257. Wow mad stupid!

  258. He’s gotten to the line though. So that showed some aggression.

  259. Lin in

  260. just let Trae play the whole 4th Q

  261. Trae is Hawk’s star! Now a day every damn team need a star whether or now if they really are.

  262. probably not hes not in their plan

  263. what?

  264. What kind of LP you are having. It is way way faster than mine

  265. Lin better come in looking to score!

  266. Lin be hesitating way too much right now

  267. he he

  268. Omg these ref…

  269. 22222

  270. what is lins problem man i swear he plays like a G league player at times…

  271. Not on my feed. Preview.

  272. 😉

  273. FINALLY

  274. Lin hesitating on his 3s and took a bad mid range. Defenders know this too well.

  275. nice vince!

  276. Need to make a 3!

  277. In the need future, we need AI to be the referee

  278. much more organized

  279. VInce!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  280. Lin will get his 3 minutes and out. No way Pierce doesn’t let Trae finish

  281. Please post this a lot!

  282. If Lin starts making shots, he won’t be out. Or assists.

  283. if they extend the lead Lin will finish

  284. heat clogging the paint when lin in

  285. I was wrong…

  286. He needs to play like Wade. Take the mid-range shot.

  287. Erik Spoelstra remember… 🙂

  288. Vince with the dunk put back! 40 years old and still playing like he’s in his 30s.

  289. idk

  290. Trae will be back, LP wants Young, win or lose

  291. Probably yanked with 2 mins to go lol

  292. They know Lin isn’t confident about his 3s; biggest weakness and what separates Lin from stars.

  293. You bet but I hope Lin closes with them!

  294. Lin out

  295. Sigh….

  296. These $(#@*_(*@#_([email protected] refs

  297. Bembry should be out for Lin. It’s messed up man

  298. Don’t act all surprised.

  299. tbh, they have a better chance to win with Trae. He’s played well. Go Atlanta. Try to win this game.

  300. Lin wasn’t aggressive this game and rightfully pulled.

  301. Bembry has done s– all game

  302. not bremby

  303. Alright let’s watch them blow it

  304. Bembry has energy but terrible BBIQ

  305. he played the right way and took his chances when given. He had 0 PnRs called for him.

  306. That’s fair. But he’s not injured. The aggression will come when he feels right.

  307. He can call PnRs.

  308. Lin is a timid guy he doesnt demand anything
    That’s why he hasnt become a star anyehere

  309. Can’t believe they are checking to see if it was flagrant foul.

  310. if it’s Lin it would’ve been a no call

  311. Trae bumping into the player who hard fouled him and Vince was quick to pull him away. I like that attitude, Lin needs to do the same thing.

  312. “Superstar”

  313. nba is getting softer

  314. Yup! That is the different between Lin and so many so call stars….

  315. Cause of Trae’s almost retaliation.

  316. New rules to ref closer, that’s why Lin got fairer fouls recently.

  317. if they win this one maybe they’ll think it’s Lin’s talk

  318. true. ultimately good news for lin

  319. He’s not always timid. That’s what is so frustrating. But right now, I give him a pass. This is his 9th regular season game after a horrible injury. So, step by step.

  320. For those who are criticizing Lin for being passive
    I get it’s frustrating but we know Lin. He’s not type of guy to demand the ball or plays called for him. Maybe he doesn’t have the confidence like Yao did.

    He doesn’t have a coach that believes in him or teammates that respect him. That’s why he doesn’t get the ball. He tries to play the right way and that’s the way it’s always been.

    Maybe he’s still not confident to take on guys right now.
    There’s no need to criticize him for something he’s never done before in his career

  321. Yup, hitting his head and certain things they would’ve gotten away with are now fouls.

  322. Riiiigggghhhht? They know who won this this game (if they win). Trae 24 pt, 15 assists. Lin isn’t even mentioned in any Hawks conversations excepts us Lin fans.

  323. but but but Lin fired them up…

  324. Agreed.

  325. I agree with your sarcasm

  326. lin is in

  327. Are you talking to yourself?

  328. Lin’s an NBA player, doesn’t need excuses or our pity.

  329. lin with a 3

  330. They weren’t respecting him last game either! Just cause coach decided to put him in early, Lin thought he would get more minutes. He will only get minutes if he’s shooting well. Not going to get going when teammates like Bembry are going for their own shots.

  331. free throws coming up

  332. there’s no way Lin would jack up shots like trae and not get yanked

  333. Lin in iso mode now….running the clock down.

  334. Lol no! They’ll credit it to Young and Huerter!

  335. Terrible decision-making by Trae. Those 2 3s were awful decisions.

  336. Trae has missed 2 or 3 shots within the 2 minutes mark. Smh.

  337. Lin was shooting freely last game! Nothing’s changed! Lin doesn’t shoot those kind of extended 3s, at least not yet.

  338. Lin killing it with a reverse lay up

  339. Hawks are winning or losing with Trae it’s his test.

  340. what part of it is excuses our any pity
    He’s an NBA player but a very timid one that doesn’t demand the ball
    A lot of back up guys are like that
    Accept it

  341. No you

  342. is the game still on? lost my connection.

  343. I thing this site may have “jumped the shark” collectively

  344. but that’s Lin he doesnt look for his

  345. yeah lin just scored 3

  346. “think”

  347. cool…..and reverse lay up too lol

  348. He’s not timid. He’s inconsistent with his aggression. The guy that made all of those clutch plays throughout his career was not timid.

  349. on to the next game.

  350. bremby didnt play better then lin but got the minutes anyways. Lin has to know. he has to get his

  351. He did last game and played very well! This game he just reverted back to his old old passive self.

  352. Yup. And get the hell outta here.

  353. At least a win after a publicized pep talk from Lin. I take it as a plus. Such is the state of Lin fandom.

  354. What game are some of you guys watching? Lin didn’t come in at all in the end and didn’t make a 3 all game…

  355. idk sometimes i wish lin had a little more selfishness. to iso or ask for a buyout

  356. actually thats true
    hes very inconsistent in that
    guess thats why hes only averaging 13-14ppg at most

  357. Their trolling

  358. Looks like Lin’s inspirational talk worked. Fired the Hawks up tonight. Too bad Pierce didn’t give him any meaningful playtime as usual.

  359. Lin was in during 4th quarter!l to give Trae a break. He was in early first half and didn’t look to score besides those FTs! Should always remember that coach will bench him for Trae when Trae is playing well.

  360. that was my imagination click cuz i lost my connection

  361. I see.

  362. Lin need talk to himself tonight. On to the next game…maybe he’ll be more motivated next game.

  363. Yup he should. This is Trae’s team and Lin really gotta go.

  364. Yeah, the hero ball stuff.

  365. been wishing that for the last 7 years….won’t work. It’s against his religion.

  366. You guys wanna see more Lin? let’s pray for Hawks getting blow out every game from here on.

  367. That layup was a crafty one. Would like to see more of those from Lin.

  368. Nah, we’ll see more Bembry. Last game where Lin got 23 minutes was a fluke and rarity.

  369. A good win for the team. Winning always feels better. Lin played 16 minutes and got to contribute. It’s not linsanity but a nice night for Lin. Thank God🙌. Keep fighting! 💪

  370. Haha true, Bembry is the PG of the 2nd unit now. Lol.

  371. Coach would rather close with Vince over Lin so Trae can prove his star hype. Lin would keep Trae from imposing his leadership, starting chances seem unlikely now unless they trade Bazemore.

  372. By now, I think we learned that if bench players don’t score lots of points, they won’t get many minutes.

    Not sure why Lin was not as aggressive as he did in the past 2 games. Perhaps he’s putting team first but he’ll learn quickly that if he doesn’t score, minutes will be cut short. He seemed hesitant to shoot tonight.

  373. Just wish Lin can take a little more shots.

  374. Forget about starting Lin, unless the starting PG can not play

  375. 6 points is a horrible night! Lin didn’t look to score and Trae got 24 points with the end of game interview! Vince and reporter singing praises for Trae. FO’s goals are clear, Trae and Huerter for the future.

  376. IDK, what would be the best scenario for Lin to be traded to a contending team who will actually play him meaningful minutes

  377. he has no future here. lp dont like lin size at 2 gaurd or loves bremby for some reason

  378. Exactly! Great win for Trae and his team and glad Lin was on the team to take the win, but he didn’t do anything. They could have put in Dorsey to do the same thing. And soon, that’s exactly what Pierce will be thinking. Why put Lin out there when he can get other playmakers and scorers in there. Just like him experimenting with Lin not playing in the 3rd, he’ll continue to give Lin less minutes if he isn’t making an impact.

  379. I think the subbing pattern is the problem here. With the Hornets, Lin would come in around the 4-5 minute mark in the first quarter and play until the mid 2nd quarter, depending on how he’s playing.

    On this team, He comes in at about the 4-5 minute mark to finish the 1st quarter, then get subbed out once the quarter is done. And sometimes, he’ll come in in the second quarter around the 6-7 minutes mark for a few minutes and Trae subs him out to finish both half.

    Maybe he’s still on a minute restriction. Not sure but I hope the sub-pattern will change and allow him to start 2nd and 4th quarter and than allow Trae to finish or even close with Trae if Lin is playing well.

  380. LP won’t start or close Lin with Trae when he wants Trae to make it or break it. Lin needs to focus on getting his every game! Coach won’t give him more minutes just cause he’s passing and getting assists. Lin looked invisible this game! No mention of him what so ever!

  381. I’d rather see him with the Magic as soon as possible because I think he can really help them make the playoff.

  382. The different is Clifford believe in Lin. If only Clifford can play ignore Jordan and plays Lin all the way….

  383. 16 minutes is fair. No injuries. He’ll play in Charlotte for the first time on Tuesday since leaving the Hornets. I think we should lower expectations and expect Lin to be up and down He had a good stint, he got to the rim, he can still draw fouls. So, some parts of his game are ok. The main thing is, he’s played 9 games now and will play the next one on Tuesday.

  384. there no minute restrictions

  385. Not really, Lin played 16 minutes and didn’t take any shots.

  386. No, Lin’s minutes were cut cause Trae was playing more and was having a great game leading to a win! They were going to live or die by Trae! Lin needs to remember that will always happen and he needs to get his every time he steps on the court!

    This games’ headline will be Trae leads Hawks to victory with 24pts and Vince turning back the clock. Lin was going to hit the backburner after that amazing 23 point game. Should’ve learned his lesson by now! Always look to score and get his before passing to teammates.

  387. Why take 3s and not midrange shots. How did Wade score? Not too many 3s. 3s aren’t that important. Scoring 2s, getting assists and going to the foul line and playing good D will keep Lin on the court whether he hits 3s are not.

  388. Bembry has been with the team and was injured his first two years. But LP wasn’t with them. Bembry has energy and aggression. Maybe what LP likes is aggression.

  389. He did take 3 shots and made 1. He got fouled while taking an additional 2 shots…So Lin really took 5 shots.

    The shots weren’t there for him guys. He did record 4 assist and no turnover which is great.

  390. Let’s be honest with ourselves. IMO they got Lin to sell tickets and raise their brand value for this yr. He won’t be back and has no future here next yr.

  391. You kidding right?! Cliff did not believe in Lin, he used Lin to do all the dirty work and deense while Walker chucked 30 shots and padded stats while playing both with starters and bench unit!

    Lin only got 6pts vs Trae’s 24 pts and the look how he’s treated? Back to being invisible. Only scoring a ton will allow media to notice and force FO to give him more minutes!

  392. It’s ok Lin fans, at least he has Asian Heritage night once in awhile to do interviews and photo-ops.

  393. In my wierd little head. . I think the NBA shipping Lin around totally teams so everyone can get a piece of the Lin pie lol

  394. He did allow Lin to finish with Kemba despite his size when he played well, so yes, Clifford believe in Lin much more than LP.

  395. I think Lin sacrificed his individual stats this game to follow through with his words from after last game.

    Lead by example.

    (if it was really about winning, then I think Lin should have looked more for his own shot in third quarter when assists he was trying to create were rolling off rim; first half of this game really reminded me of Lakers Hawks game where Lakers were on the verge of fracturing because Kobe had to prove his haters / skeptics / critics wrong by dominating the ball and scoring a ton of points, then they had that team dinner in Atlanta that Kobe attended and Lakers had that great victory: )

  396. Bottom line though is ATL won! So even though no big stats for JLin he was a part of a winning effort

  397. Lin-promotion. Lin going to different teams to promote their stars.

  398. What’s tickets? did you see the crowd?! No one’s there rooting for Lin! There were very happy for Trae and the win!

  399. He might not have any future in NBA playing like this to be honest.

  400. Not when Batum was there nope! Did Cliff close with Lin during the final game with Heat? No, they benched Lin to do or die with Walker! This game is the exact same thing, team will do or die with their star unless they are down by a lot.

  401. Sport just doesn’t like Cliff. But I disagree. Cliff quite believed in Lin. He didn’t want him to start but Lin finished a ton of games with the Hornets. He played Lin in the clutch. That’s when you believe in a player. You play them in the clutch.

  402. I think you hit upon your own problem with the game. The rookies are the future, not Lin. Lin is not competing with young or Huerta or any other hawk. There is no competition. Lin has already lost to them when it comes to the Hawks plan.
    Lin’s future is a big question mark. He may not even get picked up by another team after the season. Unlike young Lin has no future plans right now. All he has is today and I agree with Lin that he should enjoy every minute the way Lin likes to play. Every 16 minutes of the night .They are Lin’s to enjoy his way. Not your way .I pray Lin is appreciating every minute.

  403. And if Lin were on the Magic he’d play a lot of minutes. I don’t know if Cliff would start him coming off the injury so soon in the season. But he’d probably have 20-24 minutes per game.

  404. We’ve known that all season! It’s up to Lin to learn his lesson and look to score every chance he gets! Save the whole play as team crap. Starters are playing as a team now, just not with Lin.

  405. I agree. If we are honest with ourselves and humbly accept what Lin’s future is with the Hawks. (Which is no future with them). Then we can enjoy that Lin is here. He is playing. And he is a good player. Go Lin. I am so glad he is in my life.

  406. Let’s get back to basics here. Lin is going to be up and down. His primary mission now is to play games without getting injured. He’s doing that. If Lin plays every game until December is up and down, has some games where he scores 15-25, he’ll be fine. Expectations should not be too high with Lin fans and I think they are. He’s relearning how to use his body, a new system, and new teammates. Yes, he could be more aggressive but that’s secondary. Primary is he doesn’t get injured for a few more months. We’re in the very early stage of Lin’s rehab season. Let’s not get hung up on Atlanta, his minutes, etc. He seems more engaged, he shows some positives during the game, there are no injuries, and the plan for him is being carried out so far with no hitches. All of that could end in the next game with an injury. Let’s take nothing for granted and hope he continues to play injury free.

  407. You could then save your breath .It’s been 9 seasons and you know Lin doesn’t play selfish, get my type of game. He scored 23 points the other night because that’s what the defense gave him. I’m as much a fan of Lin’s character as his basketball skill. I would be disappointed if he gave into fear and started to play selfish.

  408. I don’t like Clifford either. He was too much of a company man, and he got fired when Cho got sacked. We all saw the writing on the wall when Lin left that they would return to the losing form.

  409. No, Lin got more minutes cause starters were playing horrible including Trae and it was a blow out. Lin’s speech knocked some sense into them and now coach has benched Prince for playing poor D and being selfish. Trae’s success will solidify’s Lin’s role as a bench player. Lin should’ve kept his mouth shut and let the starters self-destruct!

    That’s the difference between American vs Asian mentality:
    American: Oh you look bad, let me stand next to you and look good
    Asian: You look bad, let me help you get better (cause you want another rival to take your place…)

  410. Lin is doing fine. He’s not getting injured. That’s the number one priority. Expectations, in my opinion, should be measured. He will be up and down, he’ll have inconsistencies in aggression. He’s learning how to play basketball using his body in a different way. Most important is he needs to play as many games as possible injury free to break the injury prone label. The league knows what he can do. He’ll also have games where he scores 4 points and games he scores 20 or more. And some games in between. That’s not of primary importance. Staying healthy is. This is a rehab year. The Hawks aren’t important to his career. The only thing that is important is that he has some minutes and no injuries and things will work out. Believe.

  411. There’s only so many times you can say that. Every year it’s one thing or another despite his injuries. Yet he’s only worked on posture and his shot. His handles are still horrible, his shots degressed. Doesn’t demand respect on the court from teammates nor coaches. Call me doom and gloom, but it’s been the same every year with only if or coaches faults, things out of Lin’s control. Hopefully I’m wrong, but I’m watching Lin as a pro basketball player, not the “Asian” basketball player that had Linsanity. Been watching all his games since he joined NBA. Will stop watching his games.

  412. psalm, I think because his group was playing fine with him laying out and playing defense. But that won’t keep him on the court. I’m happy because of the usual reason. No injuries, on to the next game. And I’m happy he seemed engaged and maybe his talk with the team worked. They looked more like a team tonight.

  413. Being a score 1st PG is NOT selfish! In that case what was Lin doing last game?! Lin looking for his shot every chance last game and then reverted back to this! Not going to sugar coat it cause it’s a bad game. Heat knows Lin is afraid of taking off dribble 3s so they clogged the paint and they sealed his game today. Lin should’ve taken what the defenders gave him and took those 3s.

    If Trae Young can take off dribble 3s with his size, there’s no reason why Lin can’t shoot 3s fearlessly every game! Coach will bench him regardless of how he plays when Trae is playing well!

    Fans making fun of Trae’s height, sad to say he plays bigger than his height with zero hesitation and Lin plays shorter than his height! 7 seasons and Lin’s still afraid of taking off dribble 3s that’s what kept Lin from reach the next level.

    Instead of wasting time promoting in Asia, Lin should focus on expanding his offense. 7 seasons and all he has consistently is his mid range and drives for layups.
    Where’s the 3s, floater, extended range?

  414. I agree with you if he didn’t have that horrible injury last season. But this is post-injury. I expected Lin to be up and down. And he did play well in a few games.

    I’m also watching Lin as a basketball player and I’ve never watched him as an Asian player.

  415. Well, it’s obvious Clifford would be better for Lin than LP as for minutes. I suspect LP don’t want to give Lin minutes at SG because of his height. And they have some young players at SG that they want to play there.

  416. It may not be his height. He just may not due to lack of aggression and, he seems to play the guys that are most active. He also has to try to work in Dorsey from time to time and as you mentioned, other young guys. Huerter is beginning to play better. Lin seems solidly in the rotation, however.

  417. It may be 25. I’m not sure. I don’t think LP would play 33 minutes say if Trae was out.

  418. Stay healthy is the best scenario. Any team will have their own agenda and politics. And he can get playing time with the Hawks.

  419. Except when Lin has one of these bad games cause he kept hesitating take 3s while Heat clogged the lane.

  420. yes, I think that might be a big factor to lead by example. Give a chance to others to shine and not always put your stats first.

  421. lol It has NOTHING to do with height! In that case Trae shouldn’t even be starting then! LP refuse to give Lin SG because that would take away Trae’s opportunity to solidify his franchise respect and leadership! Same reason why Nets got rid of Lin and why Hornets refused to let him start with Kemba Walker!

  422. true, building a team chemistry is certainly not easy. This is a great step for the young Hawks to be a team.

    I also see Lin’s showing aggressiveness in the 2nd quarter to get 4 FTs by driving to the rim. He might not feel the rhythm and we know he wouldn’t just launch shots to get himself going at the expense of the team.

    Individually, Lin’s stats might not stand out but he lived by his words to have a team spirit. Let’s hope for a few winning streaks! 🙂

  423. Not according to media, and teammates he isn’t! All Vince and reporter did post game was sing praises for Trae and how he will break records.

  424. How else is he going to feel the rhythm when he shoot? He’s certainly not going to by passing that’s for sure! Purpose of fouling a player instead of letting them go is so they can’t get into rhythm as well.

  425. When Lin did well for the last 2 games, I just knew we’d be too full of hope for this game. We keep putting ourselves into situations of the greatest highs and the lowest lows on something we can’t control…the same way lin has no control of his situation.

    For myself, success this season is Lin making it through the 80+ games without injuries. No matter what kind of numbers Lin can generate, even if he has a month of Linsanity, if he gets injured again, Lin will never get an interest in his services. We worry way too much about points and recognition when his ability to make himself durable and injury free would get more suitors than anything else.

    With that in mind, I’m just happy whenever lin finishes a game with no injuries. Anything else is just gravy.

  426. Leading by example means having a bad game for himself? Lin needed to lead by having a great game not getting 23pts and reverting back to 6pts. No one’s going respect a single digit player.

  427. Not even about expectation of minutes or position. We expected Lin to look for his own shots every chance given including when he got to the rim not playing so hesitant like this. Getting to the rim and then passing to the big is the move I hate the most. You’re at the rim just take the shot already.

    He played so well last game and this game he just went into passing mode more so because he still doesn’t trust his 3s and Heat clogged the paint to prevent his mid range and drives. Heat has done that every chance they met Lin and he still lets them get the better of him. Just take those off dribble and fast break 3s like last game!

  428. i like it when we comfort each other during this difficult time. = ) On to the next game….who are they playing against ?

  429. Charlotte Hornets. It’ll be the first time Lin has played in Charlotte since he left.

  430. Highlights

    @JLin7 (6pts/4asts/1stl) and the Hawks played a great teamball (season high 33 assists🔥🏀 ) to beat Miami Heat 123-118

  431. Just like how Timberwolves needed a PG, now D Rose is their savior. Lin can certainly help Magic make the playoffs. Memphis would be better but they have Conley. Conley can’t help them at all.

  432. I feel better after looking at the highlights.

    Lin continued to show aggressiveness to attack the rim. After a quiet 1st quarter when his teammates got going from 3s, he attacked the rim and got 4 FTs (It didn’t count as FG attempts because he was fouled at the end of the 2nd quarter when MIA is over the team limit on fouls)

    The Hawks had a great, fluid ball movement resulting in the season high 33 assists. The Heat had good defenders in Justice Winslow and Josh Richardson so Lin made the right play not to always force driving to the rim. Eric Spoelstra also knew how dangerous Lin is so you can see he sent a double-team in the 4th quarter to Lin but Lin found an open man.

    Overall, it’s a quiet game for Lin compared to the previous 2 games but this is a great game by the Hawks responding to JLin’s inspiring talk after the Kings game. We can see the team camaraderie with a lot of high-fives. Trae and Vince Carter didn’t have good games in the past few games but played well this game. There’ll be ups and downs for each player so no worries yet.

    Can’t wait for the Hornets game in 3 days.

  433. Except Lin didn’t look to score 4th quarter with the game being close. He wasted 2 possessions when he got to the rim and passed to Dedmon who missed.
    He also didn’t take a single 3 pointer! Heat dared him to shoot them by clogging the paint and he just backed down.

    That’s why having an extended range away from defenders can improve his offense so much more. Trae is much shorter yet he’s extremely confident about his 3 point shooting way behind the arc and he makes them with only 2-3 misses.

  434. I think by the 4th quarter he didn’t feel like he had any shooting rhythm but in that possession with the clock winding down, he should have shot it anyway rather than passing it out.

    It’s tough because Lin’s a rhythm player so he needs time to handle the ball to gain the shooting rhythm but then again in his limited time he wants to make the right play so he didn’t shoot enough. It will be just like the Hornets all over again but this time I think he’s more prepared. He just needs to get confidence back in his 3s. It will help him to drive inside.

  435. I wonder if Jlin feels his value was better playing 23 minutes with 23 points and getting blown out or six points in less minutes and winning?

  436. I’m satisfy with Lin’s game tonight. 6 points but more importantly, 4 assist and no turnovers.

    I disagree with people who feels Lin should be more selfish and should simply jack up shots. I don’t think Lin would look good doing it. He’s slower and less explosive, less agile so it’ll be harder to create his own shots outside the system.

    His shots usually comes through PnR and he’s not the type of player who can easily create his own shot out of nothing like Kemba Walker or even Trae with great handles/ball-control.

    Tonight, there was simply not a lot of shots opportunities for Lin and he took the shots that were available to him…He didn’t pass up wide open shots or anything and he took his spot to attack the rim.

    Right now, we simply want to see a bit more minutes..20minutes at least and on some most night, hopefully, he’ll be able to take at least 10 shots or more.

  437. Winning. Lin did not look happy after the loss despite his performance.

  438. Lin gave the speech last post game. Can’t say something then do exactly the opposite imo. Lin’s a team first kind of guy. Like it or not, he may not have scored much but Lin still made an impact.

  439. Disagreed.

    I clearly remember when Lin was with Rockets when Morey was interviewed, and we all know how much he hates Lin, he said in Rockets only 2 players could create their own shots, Harden and Lin.

  440. I disagree. He’s nowhere near Harden or even Trae when it comes to creating his own shot outside the system.

    And when you take into account the fact he’s coming back from major injury where he’s a bit slower and less agile, I’m 100% convince he shouldn’t play selfish because that will make him look worse.

    All Lin has to do is take the shot available to him and not pass up open shots. He shouldn’t force too many shots.

    Lin is a system player. He’s not really great at one on one. The problem is he’s never had great handles that allows you to get to your spot at will. If he was Kemba, I’d agree with you, but he’s not. He can’t create his shot at will and you need that if you want to look good playing a selfish style of basketball.

  441. A Lin analyst, PLV, said Lin is a 5 on 5 player. And he is. He’s a system player. A 1 on 1 player has a lot of ball handles and fancy moves. Trae has that. Kemba has that. CP3, Kyrie Irving, Demar DeRozan, have that. Lin had a split the defenders speed and blow by speed, but maybe the injuries took that away. He has some nice moves into jump shots. But yeah, he’s more of a 5 on 5 vs. 1 on 1 player.

    The thing I identify watching him is he needs to facilitate when he’s in the second unit. Don’t let Bembry do it. When Bembry played with Trae, he gave Trae the ball to facilitate. If Lin is more aggressive about facilitating, Bembry wouldn’t try to take it over. I don’t agree when they say it is because they don’t respect Lin or because Lin is Asian. It has to do with how assertive he looks to teammates, IMO.

  442. @HawksBeat
    Hawks @JLin7 spending some time with the fans Postgame …Dude is a pro’s pro, really great guy.

  443. I agree with Dorothy and you. Right now Lin should not go one on one but in the past he punished guys one on one. He didn’t have the handles but he had speed, and still has height and power to absorb contact one on one. A fully healthy Lin will get 6-8 points a night playing one on one.

  444. WOW!!! What a great turn-out. WAY TO SUPPORT LIN, ATLANTA FANS!!!

    Who cares about Peachtree Hoops. Let’s follow some of these OTHER HAWKS MEDIA guys.

    Same guy (Edwin Powell) posted more on his Instagram: “hawksbeatHawks PG @jlin7 met with the fans Postgame and … look at the audience!!! Super dope of him to spend some time after the game.. he’s one of the good guys.”

  445. TOTALLY AGREE! Lin most definitely can go one-on-one. When bigs get switched onto him, he blows by them and gets to the rim easily. And can shoot over them. His teammates just have to give him space, and not clog the lane. CLASSIC EXAMPLE: Brook-Lin season, Lin leading the win, on the road, over the Grizzlies, with Gasol and Conley playing.

    But also agree, right now, his lift and speed may not be 100% yet.

  446. It’s not that Lin can’t go one on one at all. But Lin’s aim of going one on one is often to draw in defenders and pass to an open teammate. And Lin used speed to blow by players or brute strength to power through them and was great a finishing around the rim. But the type of 1 on 1 mastery Maria I think was referring to is off of a lot of strong ball handling that features tight dribbling. Trae has very strong handles. Harden has a step back jumper and Eurostep. Wade has a number of fakes and stop/starts and step back jumper. The one move Lin can make is a sort of cross over spin jumper and cross over, step back jumper. (That’s what he should feature and work more on IMO) But he doesn’t have that elite, tight ball handling that Kemba and Trae and CP3 and other solid 1 on 1 players have to make that his game. He’s a different type of player and more of a system player that exploits defensive breakdowns.

  447. The Phoenix Suns just bought out Tyson Chandler. He’s signing with the Lakers.

    For those who want Lin to do buyout. LIN HAS TO MAKE SURE HE HAS A LANDING SPOT FIRST. And then the Hawks have to agree to it. I’m not sure they would. A healthy Lin, on an expiring contract, is an asset for the Hawks. I don’t think they will want to lose a healthy Lin for nothing. If the Hawks don’t need Lin on the court any more, it is much more likely they will trade him.

    IMO, in the mean time, the Hawks will still need to play Lin for trade value. Even if it’s not big minutes. From Lin’s perspective, he can continue to play, rehab, get back to 100%, without unnecessary pressure to carry a team.

    Then again, I’m not Jeremy Lin. Or Travis Schlenk. What do I know.

  448. Couple of minutes of Young & VC highlights. Lol.

    Even though the minutes were low, Lin played a great game. I know I’m in the minority, but I always enjoy Lin’s assists. Lin was effective and made important impact. Let’s appreciate another healthy game and look at the positive.

    At 0:12 – nice hockey assist
    At 1:12 – nice court vision, no-look to Dedmon
    At 2:43 – ALL HIS TEAMMATES RAN OVER TO PICK HIM UP. Yes, respect for your elder!
    At 3:03 – bogus foul call! Lin has made this defensive play many times – good hands

  449. Yes! Important to maintain big picture perspective!!!

  450. Interesting background about Bob Rathbun, the Hawks play-by-play announcer. He hosted the Meet & Greet for JLin. This is his daughter, a competitive ice-skater. Met JLin tonight.

  451. The voice of Chelsea Lane. New Zealander. Wonder why Sean Marks didn’t try to hire her. GOOD THING HE DIDN’T.

  452. You are out of date. Lin has improved his dribblings and 3 point shots years ago. He’s a great one on one player.

    After injury, he intends to move with different parts of his body, the Fortius way. it will take him sometime to move in new ways effectively.

  453. Lin controls his own future. Lin simply has to play better and better day by day. He is not giving up. Only 9 games into the season with new teammates, people simply extrapolate too much about Lin. Lin needs no career validation from amateurs.

  454. The way the playtime allocation to Lin is extremely difficult for Lin to get into rhythm but not impossible. Lin is a veteran and he knows about the game and his body more than other players. He just has to make the best use of his playtime to get into game shape. His timing and speed will be back with more games playing at NBA level.

    Lin has to get his 3 point shooting back because that can help him get more playtime and allow him more room to drive if the opposition respect his 3 point shooting enough.

    This is going to be a difficult season for sure but Lin is still given his chance to play. Pray that Lin will explode like Derrick Rose soon. His 3 point shooting is a must for him to earn more play time.

  455. A very thoughtful card that someone wanted to give Jeremy last night.

  456. Some Taiwanese students at the game last night. Not sure they got into the arena with that likeness …

  457. Nice expression of support for Jeremy from Bob Rathburn, the Hawks’ play-by-play man …

  458. It’s the million-dollar question!

  459. The Asian-American community is gigantic in Atlanta and keeps growing.

  460. psalm, I don’t think it is not just points or scoring. Bembry gets good minutes, over 20 a game. I think it is activity. When Bembry gets the ball he looks to make things happen, directly. Whether it is taking bad shots or trying to make the assist, he’s active. Not hesitant. He’s in almost every play and looking to get the ball and do something. Sometimes Lin looks like he just wants to pass the ball and let someone else makes the play and then many plays go by without Lin coming to the ball to be part of the play. Coming off the bench, for this coach, that doesn’t seem to work.

  461. Great find!

  462. You know, I made bad assumptions about him when Lin didn’t play for the Hawks. I would have never guessed he had an Asian-American daughter. I thought he was anti-Asian from his comments about Lin as an opposing player. That’s a very sweet clip.

  463. With all of the negativity in our society today, it is hard to be objective in trying to determine the basis for why people say the things they do. I think that many good and fair people, for just rendering their opinions and observations, can be labeled “racist” or some other generalized “ist” term by people too lazy or impatient to try to understand where people’s opinions come from. When something like this experience, where an announcer you did not like and ascribed “racist” label as a basis for the comments is revealed to actually have an Asian family is a nice wakening moment, one that gives pause to the onslaught of forces who are trying to divide us as people, and maybe make us a little more humble. Nice of you to share.

  464. I like to watch Lin’s play because he plays for the win, not for stats. He always does the heavy weight lifting when he is given the opportunity. And I stay away from stat-padding, star-faking losing games.

  465. I thought Rathbun commentaries on Lin has been fair for the most part, even when Lin played on other teams.

    I think you’re referring to his partner Dominique Wilkins. Wilkins has been more positive on Lin since he’s been a Hawk tho.

  466. You’re right. I doubt they would agree to buy out Lin right now since he can still bring a few Asians to the Hawks games. Hawks has had issues with attendance to the game, so keeping him is a bit valuable there.

    As long as Lin doesn’t agitate for it, they’re keep him unless someone offers a late first round pick.
    If Lin can demonstrate he’s fully back to his old self, I think the Magic might offer something for him.

  467. OK, then it was my own bias. I thought he said stuff like Lin getting fouls was a gift, Lin was out of control on drives, Lin made bad decisions on some passes, Lin not able to guard certain players, that sort of stuff. Dominique was even worse. But I rather like them now as they seem to like Lin. I think some guys are just homers and I think they’ve warmed to Lin. But maybe Rathburn was never as bad as I thought and I was more flavored by what Dominique was saying.

  468. Could this game be won without JLin?
    What are the roles of the veterans in the fourth quarter? See it for yourself.

    Hawks: Len, Taurean Prince, Alex Poythress, Kevin Huerter, Trae Young
    Score was 93:102 Hawks led by 9 points to begin 4Q

    With 10:27 remaining, Spellman enters the game for Poythress 98:102
    With 8:41 remaining, Bembry enters the game for Prince 104:108

    With 7:56 remaining, Jeremy Lin enters the game for Young 107 – 109
    With 7:01 remaining, Richardson blocks Jeremy Lin’s driving jump shot 109 – 110
    Hawks offensive team rebound,
    With 7:01 remaining, Vince Carter enters the game for Omari Spellman 109 – 110

    Hawks: Len, Bembry, Kevin Huerter, Carter, JLin

    With 6:41 remainiing, Tyler Johnson made 2 FTs 111-110
    With 6:28 remaining, Jeremy Lin makes driving layup 111–112

    With 5:57 remaining, Carter makes offensive rebound and dunk 111 – 114
    With 4:54 remaining, Bembry makes driving layup
    (Jeremy Lin assists) 113 – 116

    With 4:38 remaining, Trae Young enters the game for Jeremy Lin,
    Dewayne Dedmon enters the game for Alex Len 113 – 116

    3:16 Winslow flagrant foul type 1 against Young , Bazemore enters the game for Huerter, Prince enters the game for Bembry 116 – 118

    3:10 Trae Young misses driving floating jump shot
    3:04 Justise Winslow makes driving layup 118 – 118
    2:39 Carter makes 16-foot pullup jump shot (Trae Young assists) 118 – 120
    2:00 Kent Bazemore makes two point shot (Vince Carter assists) 118 – 122
    17.0 Vince Carter makes free throw 1 of 2 118 – 123
    End of game 118 – 123

  469. LOL, who cares that we won. Those Z generation kills it. Haha.

  470. He won’t get the minutes to explode like DRose
    Thibs believes in Rose but LP doesn’t in Lin

  471. Another case of overly old white man marrying young fresh-off-the-boat Asian woman?

  472. If GSW couldn’t afford her, no way Nets can. Nets was to busy using Lin’s connection to get to Fortius and hire their staff to be head of their rehab.

  473. Small Chinatown compared to NY though so the community can’t be that big.

  474. *Facepalm*

    She’s adopted from China. In university now.

  475. She is his adopted daughter.

  476. There’s many levels of gradients for racial bias/hate. What we have to realize is that it’s not simple black and white when it comes to this very human “sin”. We all disrespect, don’t like, want nothing to do with, have bias against, all the way down to extreme hate. It doesn’t matter if you are Asian, black, brown, olive or white. It’s a slippery slope down once you allow it out of the lock and chains of civility.

    Many years ago, after moving out to the country, I tried to get to know my community more by joining a couple of old timers softball teams. Two years in a row, I was told that I didn’t fit in with their social group and was let go. I chose to let it go as a group of white people that didn’t feel comfortable hanging out with an Asian guy. There probably was some bias and a tinge of prejudice but there’s not much you can do when people don’t want to be friends with you. Here’s the thing, my mom didn’t like my first girlfriend because she was white. She wasn’t comfortable with it either. Eventually, she warmed up to her and we got along fine. Racial tensions goes so deep into the recesses of our dark side that none of us are immune to it. We all must constantly keep pushing it back into the box of bad stuff we carry within us.

  477. Everything Is forgiven once you start having kids and specially if the wifey makes more money than you.

  478. Had no idea 12% Asian population surrounding Georgia Tech area. Used to lived within walking distance from Georgia Tech and my office on Peachtree Street was overlooking down on the State Farm Arena.

  479. Well, NYC—

  480. Not only that, but Hawks will prioritize their future in Young and Huerter not Lin. The amount of minutes Young get is always double that of Lin’s.

  481. There’s more to one on one besides blowing past players. It’s creating space with dribbling and cross overs to shoot contested shots to create something out of nothing! When have you seen Lin take contested shots on a consistent basis?!

    Heck he would’ve even take contested 3s when Heat clogged the paint and took away his mid range and layups! That’s NOT a player who can go one on one.

  482. Jeremy doesn’t jack up stats for the sake of stat padding and accolade but on the otherhand, he does what he do best, score when it needs to be, either by an assist or by his own point. I rather say than disagree with you on the matter of JLIN creating his own shot, (remember the spin wheel drive conversion against lakers team just as an example) BUT right now, he can’t do that because of his recent injury and shouldn’t waste much energy for his sake alone. PnR is just one of his arsenal and if we doesn’t see his own versatility in terms of his being creative shot maker now, i don’t know where are we then when he’s playing to his potentials previously.

  483. Looking at the TJ McConnell situation, I’m glad Lin is with the Hawks. Here’s a guy who played a major part of the 76ers playoff success last season but since he’s undrafted, he’s relegated to 3rd string behind the #1 bust Markelle Fultz. Hope Lin finds himself on a playoff roster soon.

  484. He should leave 76ers ASAP.

  485. were not mind reader are we? we do know whether it is when it happen and when it happened, but right now, Jlin is recovering and not yet 100%. lets see when December or January or even up to march next year comes about what on LP’s mind and his agenda about Lin. lets enjoy Lins health right now until he fully comes into terms of his full self!



    I posted this because it was heart-warming story about Bob Rathbun being a good dad. And a wonderful coincidence that his daughter was so happy to meet Lin.

    And Bob being supportive of Lin while he’s in Atlanta.

  487. See, I’m not so easily impressed by those fancy dribblers who showboat in order to humiliate their defender. They may look cool and get on highlights when they make their shots. But when they don’t, those are BAD shots! Is it being efficient? Do they help their teams win? Do they involve their teammates? You’ve been following Lin a long time. That kind of one-on-one is NOT his game.

    Lin does have ability to create separation. Through driving to the rim, stopping on a dime, put his defender on his heels, and then hit a great mid-range jumper. He does have cross-over moves as part of this attack.

    If you need video evidence, there are plenty.

    You’ve been really tough on Lin since he’s been back. Has he done anything to meet your high expectations of him yet?

    BTW, you’re not the only one. So many who are blaming Lin and saying he should do this and not do that. As if it’s really that simple.

  488. You may be right. GSW hired Rick Celebrini himself to replace Chelsea Lane. The Nets hired someone from Fortius, who may be very good, but certainly not as well-known as Lane or Celebrini in BBall circles.

  489. Agree that Lin always brought fans with him. And adds marketing value to his teams. In the beginning, Lin has also resented it. But from his more recent comments, he seems to have embraced it more recently.

    But apparently, marketing hasn’t helped him enough to keep him on teams, has it?

    So, somehow, from a Lin fan perspective, it is somewhat cynical to think that Lin would have NO BASKETBALL value?

  490. When Lin gets his 3 point shooting back, he’s unstoppable just like the game that he defeated the Spurs for the Hornets.
    Nobody will take out a hot shooting Lin with 3s finding the basket.

  491. Pray that Jeremy gets his 3 points shooting back.

  492. lets see…lets see..crystal ball let us see!!!…:)

  493. Its also a little late many injuries have already occurred to players.


    (In addition to increased level of competition, and two extended road games, Hawks play every other day for rest of November, too!):

  495. During Linsanity, the New York Knicks donated one of Jeremy’s game jerseys, 4 tickets to a Knicks – Atlanta Hawks game, and the chance to meet Jeremy after the game, to a charity auction. The signed jersey was from the Knicks – Lakers game when Jeremy scored 38 points.

    The winning bid was $42,000. The money went to the Garden of Dreams Foundation, a children’s charity.

    See :–14022347/

  496. 4-10

  497. Some Post-Game Humor, too: Ronnie “Head of the Snake” Price Edition!

    “Second, third and fourth [quarter] ( ) we played Lakers basketball. First quarter we just came out sluggish and looked like [we were on] a back-to-back like we got in late. And they put it on us.

    “There are a lot of things we could have done better. At the point of attack we allowed them to get where they wanted to go however they wanted to go to start the game. And they got into a comfort zone. When you get into a comfort zone early like that, shots are going to fall.”

  498. Agree here. There’s not enough room for Lin to do what Rose did + Hawks has Young who will play 30+ minutes on most nights. And it doesn’t look like LP wants to play Lin/Young together.

    We’ll gladly take a few 20point games which is fine. On the games Lin is shooting well, he’ll get no more than 20-25 minutes.

  499. If a team can’t play together well on offence, they usually don’t play well on defence either. Team chemistry is even more important on defence. To begin with, the defence has to react instead of initiating movements. That lag means zigzagging by offence will always get by on the first step.

    Proactive defence is a pipe dream. No matter how great an athlete you are, you have to give the offence that first step. What great defence means is the ability to confuse by presenting misdirections and baiting. That must come with chemistry and planning. The Hawks are terrible because they lack the chemistry to instantaneously read and react to that first step.

    Instant reaction to help by switching doesn’t mean just the two PNR guys switching, it means the off man could also help to offset height disadvantages if the opportunity presents itself. It then means that the helper needs help to cover his assignments. To degrees, helping means you must trust your teammates to cover your man. Too often Lin helps only to have nobody help him. It looks like he’s blown an assignment so he gets the blame.

    When there’s no trust or if the team is too selfish, they will not put their own necks out to defend as a team. We complain about Lin passing on offence and not being selfish enough. In both offence and defence, trust and sharing is the same. The truth is winning and losing is not about who scores and who gets credits on defence. A selfish team can’t ever be great because individuals will always think of themselves first and the team last.

  500. I think this is on coach. For the past few games, I don’t even see them trying.

    As you said, this is a self-fish team and coach doesn’t even care, not to mention declined the players. Obviously this is a development year for the young players

  501. someone on here in a previous thread suggested this season was like lins first season in gs

    and i think thats largely correct.

    and i admit i didn’t see this coming.

    unlike a lot of lin fans here i was not suprised at all when the nets let lin go. it was clear to me he was in their minds the (as i wrote previously) “fourth string point guard”.

    and it would have been even worse for him there.


    its clear the hawks also have little or no use for lin.

    there is no holding him to protect from further injury.

    and lin is not playing poorly, he’s playing efficiently within the opportunities he’s given. the two and only times (once preseason once regular season) he was given full opportunity he comfortably and easily produced big time.

    i wrote before the season that there were only two point guards and three total nba quality guards here and he would get his minutes. the first part remains the correct the second not.

    (last time i checked lin was 61st in minutes among point guards, so basically a third string point guard on a team with only two point guards!)

    and the sad conclusion is: if lin can’t get any respect or opportunity here well there probably isn’t AT THIS TIME anywhere in the nba he will.

    to wish for a trade or buyout is futile because if the hawks wont use him (again for now), no one will.

    its like lin is entirely starting over: thats why i say this season is like the gs season. minimal minutes. little opportunity but in the nba.

    it could be the bookend to a career that has already been longer than the average nba career.

    or it could be the step before a linsanity 2 coming out of nowhere just as that did.

    one thing the generally venal sean marks was right about: “never count lin out”.

    ps. what have i learned from this post? that i have no idea how to spell the word opportunity.

  502. Don’t know if this has been posted. It’s Lin talking about where his body and basketball rhythm is now. He says about 8 out of 10.

  503. Lin and Len on the plane to Charlotte. Not sure why they are wearing hoods.

  504. Lin isn’t as physically ready to play minutes as we think he is. Minutes, although always a concern when Lin isn’t starting, isn’t really too much the focus now. Even his performance. What’s important is what we don’t hear about. How he feels after every game and how much close he assesses himself and his basketball rhythm. See Popo Chung’s tweet with Lin being interviewed by Raybun.

  505. If the Orlando Magic can acquire Lin via trade, Steve Clifford would definitely give him the minutes to prove he can get back to the level he was at pre-injury. That’s simply because Lin is a proven player in Clifford eye..

    If Lin can shoot 43%FG and can get his 3point% to 32% from the current 23%, I think there should be a few team by trade-deadline, willing to acquire him.

    Even if he’s averaging 7-8 points, Lin can always say he’s not being given enough minutes, so check out his shooting stats and his per36.

    That’s why I don’t want Lin to play selfish and jack up shots because it will arm his FG% while giving him a small chance of getting enough minutes by the coach to score enough points.

    Simply play easy and take and make your open shots. Keep in eye on your FG% which is more important right now than pure scoring output.

  506. Looking at that calendar I thought today is Thursday! and then I realize today is only Monday…

  507. Jeremy lin’s game vs hornets

  508. Westbrook might be out for awhile. Nasty ankle turn!

  509. Peachtree hoops says Prince is likely out for tomorrow night’s game.

    Pierce says he wants to give Huerter more minutes (in general, not due to the Prince injury).

  510. So Huerta’s starting for Prince which would hopefully open more minutes for Lin.

  511. no excuse for Hawks tomorrow! Knicks lost in double OT tonight!

  512. JLin still in touch with Dinwiddie, still “good friends”. Texted SD to congratulate him on the clutch shots in Detroit win. JLin sure has a LOT of ex-teammates and friends to stay in touch with. But I think that young group in Brooklyn was special. Because Lin was their leader. It was his team. Big sigh……

    It was a major blow to Lin to have been traded by the Nets. He knows he has to move on, but it’s not easy trying to get over it.

    Lin usually takes the high road and we don’t normally hear much. (Until his testimonials in the summer in Asia.) This time, though, he has already alluded to the trade several times.

    On media day, when he said that some organizations talk about doing things the right way, but do not actually practice what they preach. In his interview after his pep-talk to the Hawks, he confirmed how he was the cornerstone for the Nets, but never got the chance from them.

  513. Thanks for the vid! Yes – nice pre-game warmup! 🙂

    This is what a healthy Lin looks like. The first win of that Lakers season. BS Scott didn’t look too happy there at the end about the win though.

    Future teammates – they couldn’t guard him. Not Cody Zeller, Big Al, MKG, Marvin. For sure, not Kemba.

    Sad to say, not many teammates from that Lakers year left. Clarkson, Wesley Johnson, Wayne Ellington, barely hanging on. JHill, Boozer, RPrice, RKelly, Tarik Black, Sacre, all out of the League. Kobe Bryant also out (haha). Nick Young had a good year with the Warriors, but nowhere this season. Only Ed Davis, and Julius Randle, on active rosters. And of course Lin, the ultimate survivor.

    How many times do we have to say, we need to remember to appreciate Lin still healthy, still playing minutes on an NBA team.

    At 1:56, “deceptively athletic” reverse layup. (Kobe actually passed to Lin a couple of times.)
    At 3:00, CREATED SEPARATION. Step-back jumper after faking out Kemba on the drive.
    Both of these are part of Lin’s signature moves arsenal. (Another underappreciated move is his 360-turn around jumper.)

  514. Lin has fought to gain respect in the NBA his entire career.

    Despite your fatalistic view of Lin’s situation, I would rather agree with your concluding last sentence.

    As Psalm said in another post, Lin is a survivor. It is incredible that he is even on the court. So, yes, “neve count Lin out”. I’m enjoying his highlights through 9 games.

  515. Amazing! Didn’t remember this at the time. Then again, Linsanity had just started. I wasn’t following Lin as closely back then.

    But this was from 2012. Curious – is there any present day context for the story?

  516. One game each Heat, Hornets, Knicks. Possible against Kings, Pistons, Lakers?

    I think a lot depends on whether the Hawks can hit their 3’s.

  517. With a young team, I’m not sure that they are being selfish on purpose. IMO, it’s more because they haven’t learned to play the right way, to share the ball. It’s a skill, requires practice. Making the correct in-game decisions on when to pass, and when to shoot.

    Same with defense. Needs to understand where to go, when to rotate, when to help.

    I agree with @Acbc, that chemistry is needed, both on offense (reduces turnovers) and on defense.

    But, I also agree with you. It is up to the coach to hold the players accountable, to build up effort and good habits.

  518. Agree. Of course, Young and Vince got all the credit. But, in truth, this win required contributions from every player. Even earlier in the game, the bench helped hold on to the lead, which kept the Hawks in it.

  519. Loved the support that he got from the fans! Such a great turnout. The Hawks sure got their tickets sold for that game! LOL.

    Hope this is a morale boost for Lin, knowing that there are people in Atlanta cheering for him.

    Another wise and encouraging interview from JLin. Nice that Bob Rathbun also gave a shoutout to Lin after the meet-and-greet. And his daughter was so thrilled to meet JLin! A VERY UPBEAT EVENT!

    The best part is hearing, directly from Lin, that he is getting closer and closer to full health!

  520. I can never get over how much JLin inspires people. A very unique and special person!

  521. JLin (and the NBA) encouraging fans to get out and vote.

  522. From 2 days ago, JLin on Instagram, sounding very positive: Yup, need a haircut, haha.

    “jlin7: One foot in front of the other…one step at a time!! 一步一步走!#Godswill #Godstiming #joyinthejourney #ATL #needahaircut”

  523. Obviously Prince will be benched for Huerter regardless of injury. Prince is too selfish and hurts Young’s game. Huerter and Young have much better chemistry. They want them to be Curry and Thompson 2.0 Won’t be surprised if Prince gets traded. Too bad it means Lin won’t get a chance to start because they are all in on the young guys.

  524. Wade wanted to show Lin a friendly gesture in a game. Haslem didn’t like it.

  525. all chinese people have to including some talk about jeremy lin. LOL

  526. Huerter got 29 minutes in the last game, pretty good. I only see clips and highlights of games so don’t get to see much but from the glimpses I get of Huerter he looks pretty good, poised. He also looks a lot bigger than his stated height. If he can defend he can be a real asset. ATL’s 3 draft picks all look like they have potential so far.

  527. I guess that didnt happen 🙁

  528. no min restriction

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