G9 CHA @CHI Game Thread

After 2 hair-raising Hairsanity games, JLin looked determined to power up the bench with aggressive scoring, suffocating defense praised by Coach Clifford and clutch shots in the 4th quarter reminiscent of Linsanity run in 2012.

Will the starters stumble out of the gate again? Or will Kemba/Al find the shooting touch?
Jimmy Butler and the Bulls are mad for losing in a blowout loss and are ready to dish a sweet revenge in their own home court.
Will the Super Jeremy Brothers ready to spark the Hornets off the bench?

The real question is how well Coach Clifford make adjustment during the game?
Will Coach Clifford bring in the bench early if the starters struggle mightily like in the Knicks game (down 21pts in Q1 and Q3)?
Or also bring in the starters early if the bench struggled in Q3 against the Spurs?
The Hornets can’t afford losing games because the coaches are so late to make adjustment that opponents are up 10-15pts

Let’s hope JLin continues to regain his shooting touch (esp. 3pt shooting) back, perform shutdown defense and be the most lethal scorer by repeatedly going to the FT line.

Let’s go, JLin! Be your aggressive self!

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    1. 1st

    2. Second

    3. Super Jeremy brothers… I like it good job

    4. Kemba&Al will do well.

    5. It was good to see jeremy drive more knowing his 3 pt shot was not falling last game. when he gets his touch back hell be unstoppable.

    6. I think he only took one and it went in. His jumper seemed to be falling but he didn’t take that many of them.

    7. Any news about Hornets?

    8. He has a definite size advantage over Aaron Brooks. He should be able to drive and shoot over him at will like he did the last time they played the Bulls.

    9. I’ll bet that the Chicago Bulls flagrant foul Lin to bleed him.

    10. No, please. But I think they will target him …. smh!

    11. Let’s go, #SuperJeremyBrothers!
      Swarm those Bulls tonight! Buzzzz!

    12. Jeremy Lin needs to protect his hair which has been intimating, upset, annoy, threatening,,,his components.

    13. Whateverth!

    14. Hornets #8, Rockets#9, Knicks #10, Lakers – #Bottom.

    15. Yeah. If they beat Chicago they would have same record 5 – 4 as Chicago but since they beat them they would move up above them. Would help if Indiana lost too. Then that would put them in 6th?

    16. Rox #9? Wow! Harden is really good this season. LOL!

    17. Rockets 7

    18. Didn’t they lose the to the pitiful Nets. The only game the Nets have won this season. LOL

    19. 9Rockets44.5005.03-22-32-14-4L110Suns44.5005.04-33-21-24-4W111Trail Blazers45.4445.54-42-32-24-5L312Grizzlies36.3336.51-51-22-43-6L413Kings27.2227.51-72-50-22-7W114Pelicans17.1258.01-41-30-41-7L115Lakers17.1258.00-40-31-41-7L3

    20. Ya! I saw last few min of that game. Heard that 3 evil guys said something wrong w this team… ? It’s home game. LOL! Also saw Mc looks so miserable. Haha!

    21. I do not know who to blame for Lakers bad performance this season after Lin left. Scott must blame every player except Kobe as usually. Kobe must say ever player is too soft except himself. I get it. Kobe is not soft. He is just too fragile – for 3 seasons.

    22. Zeller and Hawes have ankle injuries. Whether they play or not will be a game time decision.

    23. No… we need Zeller. He is only Hornets big who knows how to play PnR.

    24. I saw Hawes did some shooting today.

    25. 18p 6r 5a 26min

    26. Excellent article. More pressure to Coach Clifford for not starting Lin/Lamb or at least give more min


    27. Protect the hair at all cost! πŸ™‚

    28. No rumors, just opinion.

    29. Maybe Hansbrough will get a chance.

    30. Or more minutes for Kaminsky.

    31. Rest Hawes and Zeller bring in Hansbrough and Kaminsky?

    32. Blame the coach, I hope he stays. So the Lakers can remain the way they are.

    33. Congrats

    34. Paris in panic: already 18 deaths in a terroristic attack. Muslims again.

      Oh my God, hopefully Sophie is safe.

    35. I think Lin has double figures. Anything from 11-18. If more, I’ll be posting Linsanity or Hairsanity during the game. Depends on how many FTs he gets and/or if some 3s fall. He just has to keep playing great defense, I hear Clifford emphasizing that he wants that out of Lin. Take shots that are there, run the offense with authority, get out and run when possible, play strong D.

      I don’t think Clifford is that concerned about unit 2. He was, but not after the last 2 games. It’s the starters that need to right themselves.

    36. At least until 12/28 & 1/31/16 when the Hornets play the Lakers.

    37. 26 now.

    38. Not sure if it’s just the coach issue anymore. The FO really screw up LAL extremely. Looks like Jeanie Buss will be the sole decision maker for LAL soon, kicking out her brother.

    39. This is bad.

    40. I wish Jack Ma would bought Lakers next year and sign Lin as PG or head coach. Watch out, Steve Ballmer!

    41. You guys have to know that when lin does really well this year, other teams will look at him STILL AS A BENCH PLAYER.. because that is where he currently excels at as proof of his excellent off the bench play.

      He will not be a starting role on the other teams. Only way to do that is he gets to play pretty much more than half of the season as a starter and do well in it. Otherwise, no team will risk him as a starter. Get it? That is reality. Face it, eat it, chomp it, digest it, then finally accept it. Thank you

    42. 40. And there are 60 in a local where there was a concert who are prisoners at the moment.

    43. wheres the stats poll man?

    44. how do u know it’s those muslimios?? did they say or is it yo assumption

    45. Yes and No. Yes, he need to work much harder than starter since come from bench. No, other teams aren’t stupid which will see Lin’s ability. Especially, he close the game and lead the team.

    46. Yes. They said allah u akhbar when they were shooting people.

      40 people dead in stade de France where there was France Germany.

      People are on the pitch and players are still in locker rooms.

    47. Yes and no too. Only way for OTHERS to really see it, is when Lin does that in the playoffs.. not just the 1st round but the intense 2nd and 3rd round and finals. If he doesn’t get there, he is still consider an excellent bench player. Look at other bench players last year in the playoffs, are they starter now? No. That is the value they see at THEIR CURRENT position.

      Only way is that Lin STARTS and plays ‘linsanity and more’ continuously DEEP in the playoffs. Else they only see his biggest value off the bench. even the hornet radio said that this is his perfect situation, playing and leading off the bench while if he starts he might not be as good. That is what hornet’s radio say. I heard it. So it’s proof.

    48. So it’s a restaurant shooting and Futbol stadium explosion? Sad..

    49. Last thread: Postgame vs Knicks thread.

    50. Jeanie or Jim would have to be recorded making some racial remarks for them to give up the Lakers. They wouldn’t sell.

    51. Agreed. I don’t think Sports World or Sportige opinion pieces put any pressure on Charlotte or the coach. If ESPN starts saying something, that would be different. But Lin would have to put at least a few more excellent games together before any national awareness of his play.

    52. And a local where there was a concert. Still 100 people there under 3 terrorists with kalashnikov

    53. Go to watch TV and any news outlets are reporting this live now. Even here in Brissie.

    54. That’s what I think. Can’t get hung up on when he starts, his minutes. He’s the guy that is hurting the opponents and they are noticing that for sure.

    55. American “metal” band is the performer. Eagles of Death Metal.

    56. Eagle of Death Metal. That’s the name of the band.

      Other shootings in Paris, elsewhere ….

    57. this is so terrible :[ 100+ hostages in theatre
      I hope the SWAT team can save them.
      This is becoming such huge problems

    58. Thanks Melody

    59. https://youtu.be/EAjc0UF34wU

      A bomb during a football match. I don’t know what to say…

    60. Good to hear. Prayers to everyone there.

    61. Welcome! Just thinking what would be the best way to find out how Sophie is doing. Then I tried it out in Twitter and she responded pretty fast. That’s great. Still feel horrible to those victims and family members.

    62. Let’s hope they can be saved soon πŸ™
      It looks like it’s confirmed that these are ISIS-related attacks.
      Hoping & praying these evil people can be stopped soon


    63. Prayers to victims and family members of Paris attacks. Hopefully Batum is still able to focus on this game. Pray that his family is also ok as well as other French players and their families.

    64. Yep definitely is Islamic extremists works. No doubt about that. The supporters also said Rome, London, Washington DC will be next. Hopefully all countries are more prepared and prevailed from further attacks.

    65. Oh my God……

    66. This is so crazy. Countries need to go on the offensive to capture these evil people before they can attack again!

    67. Oh no. Hopefully the forces are able to do something fast.

    68. Yes. Any kind of extremists that use religion as reason is bad news. Their mind is distorted in every sense.

    69. SWAT team really can’t wait anymore. They have to stop these terrorists

    70. Yes. They need to. No time to play around. Those terrorists won’t stop until they are killed.

    71. Sorry my mind is full of Paris attacks and not on the this game. I’m really concerned about what is happening in Paris.

    72. As is the rest of the world Melody. This is terrible.

    73. No need to apologize. I hope this can be resolved soon.

    74. Indeed, Horrible!

    75. Pray and hope so esp about the hostage situation. They are killing one by one. Can’t imagine how many more deaths before this is over.

    76. They live in major cities. Then one day they have coordinated attacks. This may not be ISIS. It might be al Qaeda. Nothing will be clear for days.

    77. I’m also getting the live report from BBC:

      The more I read, the more terrified I’m to all the victims and their family members.

    78. we are all very concerned and saddened :[
      This is affecting everyone because ISIS already made a global threat to DC, Rome, etc.

      I hope tightened security in all sports venues, theatres and many public places

    79. Kaminski or Hansbrough?

    80. That’s what I thought. The coordination looks like al Qaeda. ISIS is more local and brutal in areas they took over and in Syria.

    81. Tsunami alert too. It’s a bad day. Definitely sport is put in perspective today.

    82. Problem is they also attack restaurants. US situations maybe different. Probably all those places that you mentioned.

    83. Read about 10 or so minutes ago, they cancelled the tsunami alert.

    84. OK, thanks.

    85. Report: Police storm Paris concert hall where hostages held: security source

      #France deploys military personnel for #ParisAttack Up to 6 gunmen reported. Similarities with #Mumbai raid of 2008.

    86. Paris attacks: eyewitness accounts

    87. They’re all the same to me, they’re all killers.

    88. Both.

    89. Sorry Socialism now I have to LOL. Worry about the border now?

      President Obama, did you hear that? They closed all the border.

    90. Essentially yes. But knowing who did this has to alert intelligence to be on the watchout and take further measures. Hopefully heightened alerts will foil the next attempts.

    91. 2 terrorists killed and people are starting to come out of there. Hopefully the majority are OK.

    92. Some of this may not be right. I was in New Jersey, near NYC when 9/11 happened and may of the news coming out turned out not to be true. While this is going on, some things may be right and some not. It will be hard to tell until well after the attacks are done with. Confirmed are 4 I think. There may be more attacks. Waiting for confirmation.

    93. Good news.

    94. Prayers be with Parisians….
      With the European refugee crisis, border security and public safety have really been compromised….
      Really wondering if there are any good solutions to this problem

    95. omg

    96. Good news for a while.

    97. Great to hear that

    98. Zeller Update: he’s out for this game

    99. That means they’ve expanded their operations. That’s horrible.

    100. Can’t let your guard down to neither one. Innocent people were murdered because “we try” to foil the next attempts.

    101. This doesn’t sound like a compliment to me.


    102. Nop. That’s why I didn’t even think about post here.

    103. Yes it is a complement. The bench players part is just stating the fact

    104. Did he mean by any start players?

    105. Sore loser’s way to compliment.

      Pretty dumb actually, since it implies that “any two bench players in the league” can decimate the Bulls.

    106. The fact that they are talking about bench players is somewhat of a compliment.

    107. Just got to smash Bulls HARDER. Use that as locker room fire.

    108. He knows who he has to plan against.

    109. Ya! Feel the same way. Then why there’s rumor about Bulls wants Lin…? smh!

    110. Trying to downplay their importance.

    111. BFMTV, Associated Press and Reuters report that the operation to storm the Bataclan is over.

      Various reports say two attackers have been killed.

    112. Recap: what we know so far
      http://bbc.in/1MsTKXd via @BBCNews

    113. That’s like saying those two models are as beautiful as any lady in the views.

    114. It’s fine. He says worry about them. It’s almost like they are more worried about these guys than the starters. That’s an acknowledgement of who they think are the big weapons on Charlotte.

    115. We foil them. We know. I don’t think any Western intelligence knew of this operation.

    116. just trying to get back in here thru disqus issues.

    117. Welcome back πŸ™‚

    118. The need to outgas our stress about Jeremy not being regarded as highly as he deserves can be very strong. But this doesn’t help. What is it that you want from us here? Do you want us to voice negativity more actively? Do you us to stop speculating about the possibility of him ever starting, or ever being valued? What does eating and accepting mean to you? Do you want us to stop being fans, or….I don’t know…I don’t get it.

    119. wt- is wrong with these ppl?!

    120. Bring back the sting

    121. welcome back, @1mtoldman:disqus πŸ™‚
      too bad we have this evil event in Paris :[

    122. Bzzz… Buzz city!

    123. Actually it’s stop specualting the possibility of him starting and to tame those crazy ones who will start rattling off and yelling obscene words to clifford and other who kept dissing on kemba. It doesn’t help lin as if someone read those will leak it to the locker room and destroy chemistry and then becaome another toxic houston.

    124. Bad news day. Saw earlier, a double deck tour bus careening down the street. many hurt.


    125. Well OK, that’s quite good advice. But – “He will not be a starting role on the other teams…..finally accept it.” sounds like something else entirely. As if his ability and ambitions and our fandom are some kind of sad delusion. Which would be a sentiment for some other site than this one.

    126. ty

    127. The JJ stingers

    128. also ty

    129. Welcome back.

      For a split second I thought you were typing Ty Lawson but was interrupted by “Disqus issues”.

    130. That’s sad. Sounds like they didn’t save a lot of the hostages. πŸ™

    131. I hope Nic plays well today for the people of Paris….

    132. Qui

    133. If the Pacers fall to T-Wolves tonight and Hornets beat Bulls, Hornets will be at 6th in the EC.

    134. Praying for Paris…

    135. Want to see Lin dish it like White Chocolat too. From other site. Fun to watch.



      Minnesota’s trio of rising stars (Karl-Anthony Towns, Zach LaVine, Andrew Wiggins) have 19 of its 27 first quarter points as the Wolves lead the Pacers 27-24 after one quarter.

    137. “Pacing” early… LOL

    138. More problem in France: Fire at Calais migrant camp

    139. by season’s end they will be #6 or better. Dont’ worry

    140. Lets hope the pups, I mean the Young Wolves, can keep it up πŸ™‚

    141. I think so too.

    142. Oh god… When will this nightmare stop?

    143. French police are very impressive, could had been a lot worse.

    144. No idea. Saw this about half an hour ago but it’s confirmed now.

    145. Any idea what it is?

    146. That hardware is there for #5 or even better. My concern is over software algorithm. πŸ™‚

    147. Sophia Paris, just say hi to us here so at least we know you’re ok.

    148. She tweeted earlier that she’s ok. Posted way down in the thread.

    149. Oh good, she’s Lin fan family like us too.

    150. She is ok and at home. Waiting to watch game. She is in Twitter and communicates with several of us.

    151. I’m not young. I’m slow sometime.

    152. Good. I just don’t have twitter. Thanks.

    153. LOL That’s ok. I didn’t know much either. I only know where this town is because I was in Europe last year. We started our journey from London and entered Europe via this port town. Then I read the update news in Paris attacks and saw this news.

    154. Hornets-Bulls Preview By JORDAN GARRETSON: “The Charlotte Hornets have won four of five behind improved offensive play, especially from their bench.”

    155. Thanks Melody for keeping us in the loop with everything today.

    156. more than a hundred people killed in Paris.

    157. You and blubell are my favorite, you guys are very impressive by bringing news and update here often so people like me don’t have to do all the hard work.

    158. Oh my God.

    159. Welcome. Didn’t expect to wake up from this horrific news. Happened as soon as I turned on my laptap. First thing I read was Japan earthquake and then all the Paris attacks news follow immediately.

    160. That’s a relief. Worry sick about her.

    161. Thanks for the compliments. I want to do my part in supporting JLin:-)

    162. Evil terrorists are NOT crazy, they’re smart and well plan. We, free people, need to be more aggressive.

    163. Hey, no other team even thinks Lin is good enough to be in the NBA let alone be a reserve or starter!

    164. Bulls announcers are fired up about “revenge”.

    165. *blushing* thanks! Glad to help fellow JLin fam πŸ™‚

    166. Start with Sophia.

    167. I hope Batum has one heck of a game. Leggooo

    168. That’s sad.

    169. Yep! Hopefully they’ll be disappointed. Stupid mistake by Roberts to get them riled up unnecessarily just to pad stats.

    170. Hopefully the death roll stops right there. No more!!!!!

    171. Thank you Melody. Worried about her when heard about the news.
      Very impressed with the big global JLin family!!!!!!!!

    172. Revenge! πŸ™‚
      (Talking baskeball here…)

    173. Mo 3!

    174. Foiled! πŸ™‚

    175. I hope he isn’t selfish this game.

    176. Really hope so.
      With everything going on in Paris, he may not be 100% focus… πŸ™

    177. Bulls think this is a walk in the park…I don’t think so.

    178. I’m good thanks guys !! So nice of you. πŸ˜‰

    179. Baboooom

    180. dude Batum is on fire

    181. CHA 15 Bulls 11

    182. i don’t think they do lol not after last time πŸ˜‰

    183. Great D tank

    184. And a floater

    185. Hairston has 2 fouls already. Time for the Jeremies πŸ™‚

    186. Kaminsky on

    187. The boy band?

    188. Jefferson

    189. Kaminskyanity!

    190. Starters playing good so far.

    191. I’m not even going to attempt to say that lol.

    192. The man band. lol

    193. Butler just drove pass Lamb for da easy dunK

    194. Kemba

    195. Where is JLin?

    196. Jeremy sighting

    197. JLin is about to check in

    198. Saw that….

    199. 2:39 left in Q1.
      Let’s go, JLin!!!

    200. Today is a little bit early… LOL!

    201. Kemba-Lamb is it working?

    202. Let’s swarm the Bulls with lots of Hairsanity! Yeah!

    203. Starters are losing a bit momentum so yeah…. Put the JLin engine in! lol

    204. No, Lamb can’t get the ball, don’t know why keep let Kaminsky took th3 3P shot?

    205. A lot of individual scoring from Kemba so far

    206. Whoops .. Kaminsky got a bad airball πŸ™

    207. Hairy Hornets? lol

    208. Lin is the head of the dragon now for D

    209. they predict trouble for JLin against Butler πŸ™‚
      They didn’t watch the last game

    210. Lin on Butler

    211. lin playing good D against Butler

    212. Ya! As SG again.

    213. that announcer is about to be proven wrong

    214. All good Kwok thank you. Not at those attack places at all. I was in the champs elysees ^^’

    215. announcers saying Jimmie Butler tough matchup for JLin. I’m seeing JLin do ok in boxing. Remember JLin handled Dirk.

    216. Is it Stacy King?

    217. Yeah Lol

    218. JLin is really strong. Butler got boxed out close to the sideline!

    219. Kemba get the ball to Lin

    220. Why playing Walker for the whole Qtr?

    221. Kemba’s blowing it

    222. Don’t like Kemba w Lin not pass ball to Lin.

    223. Take Kemba out

    224. air ball first play after JLin in. Weak of Kemba.

    225. Sub out Walker so the JL’s can do their thing.

    226. Walker won’t let go of the ball

    227. Lin is no PG with Walker

    228. Sticky…

    229. Icky..

    230. ha ha, the Lins Jeremy and Lamb.

    231. Yucky.

    232. Clifford tried to get Kemba/Lin going but Kemba has to pass to JLin and vice versa.

      No ball movement πŸ™

    233. I miss Clyde already πŸ™‚

    234. Mucky

    235. Kemba wants his today. He’s not letting go of the ball freezing out Lin and Lamb.

    236. Wheres aaron brooks?

    237. Kemba is the PG/SG and everything else,want to redeemed himself from last game.Hi Sophie.

    238. Kemba is still playing solo πŸ™

    239. Yes, the ball either stop at Walker or the person next to him.

    240. we will keep everything he says alive here and all year.

    241. Walker 8 shots in 1 quarter

    242. That is what I see, too.

    243. Yes, they have to work off of each other. Kemba is creating just for himself. Looks like he’s trying to shoot himself out of a slump and forcing things.

    244. hiding?

    245. Too short to guard Lin so no playing time.

    246. Glad you’re staying safe

    247. Maybe being on the bench 4th qtr in the last game has something to do w/his ball stickiness today. He’s really taking everybody out of rhythm by doing that.

    248. Cody Zeller is not playing.

    249. Frank should’ve gotten that rebound.

    250. why is kemba still playing?

    251. A lot of individual basketball

    252. TRYING to justify his paycheck…but accomplishing the opposite.

    253. Too many one-on-one moves, not enough ball movement

    254. Lamb d is awful.

    255. ha ha just called Lamb Lin. Love it.

    256. Thought he said Limb..

    257. It’s that baaaad, eh?

    258. Nice pass wil

    259. Finally, good possession with great ball movement

    260. Nice pass Lin

    261. Lin steal!

    262. NICE STEAL LIN!

    263. stealLin

    264. Thief strikes again!

    265. Too bad Lamb can’t convert the assist on fastbreak.
      2 FTs

    266. Away announcers should just use numbers instead of names.

    267. Lamb’s first 3 FTs.

    268. Hairston 2PFs and zero stats in 6 min.

    269. Hairston did pretty good challenging McDermott shot there

    270. What a stroke

    271. shots not falling today…

    272. Expect a barrage of angry Lin fans.

    273. I miss Zeller already.

    274. Im not too worry about it, he usually bounces right back.

    275. Didn’t like Hawes turnaround sky hook πŸ™

    276. how is lin doing so far? just started watching!

    277. 0/3fg. shots are falling short

    278. Awkward or ugly is an understatement to describe it.

    279. Lin had fed Hawes. Hawes has to wake up. That was an easy assist.

    280. Great Defense. Offense hasn’t gotten started yet

    281. A little off the start the game. No problem. Just keep shooting.

      The only concern is minutes…won’t get to close if he doesn’t heat up soon. No margin of error for Lin.

    282. Hawes for some reason tipped it back to Lin which caused him to force a shot

    283. I thought Lin would make that shot, though. Usually does.

    284. everyone worked it to SH and he bricked a corner 3.

    285. Right, he just rushed that shot. He didn’t intend to shoot it in the first place.

    286. yep.

    287. It’s not a normal rotation,usually Lin gets the ball as soon he subs in Kemba just freezed them out

    288. You are not talking about me right? Lol!

    289. Shots not falling, but sky is?

    290. So far Lamb gets to handle the ball and he’s doing that to get into rhythm. Hope Lin will do the same to get going w/his shots.

    291. For them, the sky will.

    292. was that foul called on lin? on rose drive

    293. Batum is in. Trying to recapture Batum/Lin/Lamb from last game

    294. DRose fouled JLin away from the ball

    295. ??? Lin’s gotta shoot it there.

    296. damn from box score alone Lin is -6

    297. hawes was clogging up the lane on that last play

    298. didn’t see shotclock?
      very unusual

    299. Zeller not in there is causing Chemistry issues

    300. Yeah. But Lin’s jumper has gotten good enough he can make a tough J now.

    301. I think he actually might have been confused. Very casual.

    302. noone cutting to the basket πŸ™

    303. Hawes is out after that poor offensive set

    304. Then stop looking at it, lol

    305. In and out. Nice attempt though.

    306. Lamb has no conscience about shooting. Lin needs that.

    307. current lineup sounds good on paper

    308. Not a good start…

    309. Bulls destroying Hornets on the inside… I am not surprised.

    310. Oh oh. Off night tonight and Lin isn’t allowed to play through any bad quarters.

    311. Hornets offense is not working now .. bad spacing w/o Zeller

    312. And Hornets totally confused on offense.

    313. Lin needs to sit now. Hope he comes back in stronger. He’s out of sync tonight.

    314. Guys aren’t moving quick and sharp. Maybe a little fatigue?

      Everyone seems like a step slow.

    315. Lin is playing fit in basketball again.

    316. poor spacing, they’re all Pick N Pop. No rolling. No cutting, No Space, shots seems forced.

    317. We cant break down Bulls defense.Idk if its a spacing issue.Still Lin playing great defense

    318. Al is not used playing with Lin

    319. Not really. Just missing his shots. Only passed up one look.

    320. Yeah. Just a bit off, but close

    321. Not decisive and imposing his will yet tonight. Not going out to get touches tonight and direct things. Maybe focused too much on defending Rose.

    322. Not about shooting, about not aggression.

    323. Last jumper looked great…in and out. It happens.

    324. Exactly. 4 shots already with not much room.

    325. Jeremy is out. Walker in.

    326. exactly ..

    327. Lin sits. Good, he needs to. 2nd half.

    328. It’s his aggression that isn’t there. He’s trying but he’s not quite right now.

    329. It’s there. He just missed his shots. Open layups aren’t always there.

      Every cool shooting streak isn’t a cause for alarm and regression to 2013.

    330. Unfortunately, w/o Zeller .. Al Jefferson is the best threat inside
      He can create good spacing by drawing people in

    331. Lamb is getting Hairston’s minutes.

    332. well Lin is not getting 14-15 PPG tonight. Unless 2nd half miracle. And if he fails to get 15,4,4 type stats each and every game and close 4th Q, it will be very hard for him to establish himself in the NBA again even as a strong bench guy.

    333. Lin needs speed this time,they blitzing him left and right

    334. What’s wrong with with Clif, Zeller out and Tyler still can’t find a min?

    335. at least Holberg finally got the memo and didn’t even play Brooks on Lin again. It took him 2 games to figure this out.

    336. Ridiculous WRONG post.

    337. links anyone?

    338. its true. NBA is a stat whole community. It’s how you get noticed in the NBA to average fans and stupid GMs

    339. Lin needs teammates to step up.

    340. Kaminsky getting more PT.

    341. Did you try the goatd.net link above?

    342. Al jefferson is such a bad defender!!

    343. Thanks God starters play well so far.

    344. Bulls smarten up and put rose on Lin

    345. They got out rebound. He needs to be whispered.

    346. Get more into early offense. When he plays this type of defense and athleticism, it’s best for him to push the ball down and make the other guys run with him.

    347. Oh i see Bulls changed lineup on Charlotte right? Bench now has snell. Also no more Aaron Brook I guess since goggles is back.. Bulls bench now better. and it’s got the long athletic wing to make Lin life tougher.

    348. He doesn’t jump in the air. Always flat-footed, outstretched arm.

    349. My guess is Clifford will try to get Lin going in late Q3 but if he’s not scoring, he might not close.

      That seems to be his formula to close games. Whoever can score & play good D

    350. thks..that’s better than firstrow.. which is getting worst.

    351. I want to see Tyler…..

    352. Rose is getting help when Lin gets by him. He’s actually getting different looks on defense. Lin now has to show he can meet the challenge and counter them in the next half.

    353. Don’t mind Lin is benched at all. He played in comfort zone too much.

    354. Batum is carrying them on this game.Not forcing issue too.

    355. yeah.. they keep it close for this game
      Zeller-less 2nd unit really hurts them

    356. I really think Lin is a finisher. If he looks out of it he won’t finish. If he improves, even if not scoring but setting other guys up, he’ll finish.

    357. Daniels is in.. hmmm.

    358. Clifford played small earlier which was new. Lin Lam and Kamba.

    359. Kimensky is not ready

    360. No foul for rookies,such a BS mentality for refs

    361. Kaminsky isn’t looking that good but he really needs to get the PT to get into the NBA pace.

    362. What’s with our bigs shooting runners?

    363. he’s trying to set up offense and his shots didn’t fall.
      Trying to get to the rim but DRose got a hand, I think

      Should try more to attack rim
      That 3 min w/ Kemba in Q1 was useless

    364. Yep

    365. Ugly

    366. Let’s hope so

    367. Need Tyler here with Lin

    368. That’s why he shouldn’t start. He needs to run his own unit. But LIn should look to do more when in with Kemba and Kemba has to utilize Lin better when he’s running the point with LIn in with him.

    369. They are together – on the bench!

    370. He stood still dribbling too much today.

    371. Nice quality minutes for Troy

    372. Hornets making the game a bit ugly But at this rate we will lose. We have to get some rhythm going

    373. zamm.. over 8 minuts and 0-4 and 0 assists!!!! wth?!

    374. They’re teammates after all

    375. Even as Lin fan, must say he didn’t play well.

    376. I think so.

    377. so he missed shots?.. jump shots? or layups?
      oh geez.

    378. Not an entertaining game. Hope Lin steps up in the next half. He needs to get into double figures to keep his stats up. Get to the line, just play better.

    379. Lets see how Jeremy react to the first haif. Hope coach does something. Have to say That group of Lin, Kemba, and Lamb had a bad effect on the game.

    380. Both.

    381. He didn’t play well. It wasn’t just missing the shots.

    382. Too premature to say that but he’s not playing well

    383. what do you mean? I thought lin kemba and lamb together in there?
      I thought they were suppose to be good?

    384. I think so. Don’t see Kemba passed the ball to either Lin or Lamb that much.

    385. Actually Lin made some good passes but the teammates fumbled or could not convert. He could have had 3 assists. He is driving but the bulls defence is making it hard to convert at the rim. Then he has not really had an open catch and shoot in the minutes he has played. He should do better in the second half. At least the starters are ok.

    386. Kemba iso all day

    387. kemba needs to prove he is da boss still..uhoh..smells like harden

    388. then that means he is trying to show he is da boss ..not the JLS.

    389. Anyway Lin played great defense on both DRose and Butler. My how far he has come

    390. Ya! I don’t think he’s happy got benched in 4Q vs NYK.

    391. I’m hopeful for a much improved second half for Lin, God’s willing.

      Most of his shot were a bit too short…needs to push it a bit harder….The last shot which was a 3point was good, but it simply rimmed out…I was sad to see the 3 rimmed out because he really needed that one.

    392. Someone tell Cliff don’t fix what’s not broken. Playing Lin Lamb and Kamba all the way to the end of the first. All mismatched with McDermott, Butter and Rose. Plus without Zeller, they need rebound, where’s Tyler? Hawes can’t jump.

    393. hahahaha if it rimmed out.. it’s not good.. so how can it be good!?
      a miss is a miss. in is an in..
      there aer 2 times when the ball bounces and rattles in..so they don’t count as ins in your term right?

    394. lin hasnt made a bucket right?

    395. Oh they watched him.

    396. the 2nd unit is disorganized. part of it must be that cody is gone and they have…is it kam?…someone else in there. no one knows what theyre doing and lin is dribbling the ball many seconds waiting for ppl to get into their spots, or directing them. its a mess.

    397. Lin always does that even during Linsanity. Remember game vs Wolves and Raptors? All need come back.

    398. It started with playing Kemba too long.

    399. LOL on the bright side they just showed Harden also has 0 pts so far for tonight.

    400. lin started out looking for his shots, then, when he wasnt hitting them, he shifted to trying to run the offense. except the team is disorganized and they couldnt even set up without a delay. not looking for his shot and trying to run offense on a disorganized team, thats where its been.

    401. Wanting to know whether they can “start” with Kemba (wishful thinking).

    402. Honestly, I really don’t care.

    403. Haha, only 4 mins. and Rock has only 6 now.

    404. When you play big men spacing, Tyler is the best of the team.

    405. Lin’s style is to probe and direct but it isn’t going to work tonight. He has to get into everything quicker.

    406. Cliff should really take Hairston out for Lin!

    407. Keep on shooting rose!

    408. He’s playing OK. He’s penetrating inside and looking to dish.

    409. Yeah true.

    410. He just shot a 3

    411. Kemba 4-12 8 points

    412. 4-13

    413. 0-13 still wouldn’t matter.

    414. yet you will not see him benched for that or other poor shooting nights

    415. Lin wasn’t either played about same time.

    416. Another 3.

    417. as last game

    418. Lin is not playing as badly as the stat looks. Its definitely more of a team thing rather than himself.

    419. rose 2-9, butler 3-9

    420. Overall he is dong fine….with 6 AST, and 8Reb

    421. Aaron brooks in

    422. LIN IN … I MEAN LAMB IN lol

    423. Nope

    424. I was about to say, put Lin in cus AB is in. Lin always torches AB!

    425. I mean Lin not Lamb! Put Lin IN!

    426. Lin at table now

    427. Kemba 4-14

    428. I cant believe we are close with so many people struggling

    429. Yes, he’s kinda of moving the ball and dishing. At the same time shooting a lot.

    430. The Hornets is only saved by 3 pointers.

    431. LIN IN FOREAL

    432. rose has been nobody for the most part.

    433. yup…lol


    435. kemba can go 4-22. it’s cool

    436. Kemba has to stop shooting

    437. 4-16 HAHAHAH

    438. Kemba tried to be the hero. He should have passed.

    439. 4/16 lol

    440. Kemba should’ve passed back to Lin who was trailing behind!

    441. Lin was trailing from behind!

    442. For sure he’s under a lot of pressure to shine a bit. All the Lin/Lamb love has to have affected him, even if he tries not to let it.

    443. Lin has not a touch since he came in except for that assist to Kaminsky! Kemba is hogging the ball.

    444. Lin’s defense never quits. He got that last steal too, but Kemba got the credit after he came up with the ball.

      Let’s just hope he can heat up as usual in the 4th.

    445. Terrible fast break by Kemba. He had both LIn and Lamb trailing him. That’s bad execution.

    446. I just want Lin to get at least 10 this 4th quarter. plz

    447. Hope so. He may have to get them at the line.

    448. Frustration for Kemba. Last game he was off. Tonight he’s off too.

    449. Aaron Brooks is in full shut down Lin mode. He is probably pissed from last game.

    450. Jeremy could have made that fastbreak blown by Kemba.Ah well…

    451. Kemba doesn’t have that drop-off pass in his arsenal. Requires real PG skills.

    452. 2nd bad fast break execution by Kemba.

    453. Haven’t checked in too much until now. Been doing housework…for real. Hope it’ll have some influence on the 4th πŸ™‚

    454. It’s so important Kaminsky gets hot this quarter.

    455. I noted earlier bc he was benched last game in 4th qtr. He wants his today and not letting go of the ball when Lin and Lamb are in. What he does is taking everybody out of rhythm.

    456. 22222222222222222


    458. WOW. That was some drive.

    459. Finally a teardrop.

    460. Big time move by Lin. Seems like every PG wants to pick up Lin full court or half court.

    461. Ach! Almost got that layup too!

    462. it’s working

    463. Just spinned out. πŸ™

    464. Lol rose back

    465. they know who the real threat is

    466. Hawes Clogging again! Geez, get a clue guy!

    467. Too many passes by the Hornets on the offensive end.. Nobody wants to take open 3s… why?

    468. That they do!

    469. A couple barely missed in-and-out shots by Lin. Difference between 1-6 and 3-6. Can’t complain.

      Hawes is killing the Hornets. He didn’t step out to get the pass again.

    470. Nice move though. Shows confidence…even went left!

    471. Lin blows by them going right or left but their big guys are waiting at the rim

    472. I’d like to see Lin go into offense faster. There’s a lot of dribbling and wasting time before going to his move. That’s something he can improve on as a PG.

    473. I’ve been a Hawes defender but this is unacceptable. Can’t do anything right now.

    474. Trying to get guys move into right spacing and reading offense.

    475. Good time out; unanswered 7 points.
      Bad defense.

    476. Exactly

    477. i don’t know why Lin doesn’t use his floater, Curry never goes all the way for a layup when the bigs are waiting

    478. It’s sticking to him a little. It’s not a major thing, but if he did that the offense would move faster.

    479. Another steal/stop by Lin!

    480. Is that really the play called by the coach?? A rookie Kaminsky vs Gibson??

    481. Don’t suppose Rose is lovin’ that steal πŸ™‚

    482. Lin stole that from Rose, right?

    483. 2222222222222222222

    484. Something is wrong with the rim the Hornets are shooting at.

    485. Confident J!

    486. No more Eremy Lin.

    487. i love Dell Curry. such a professional

    488. jeremys are off tonight

    489. Lamb blowing a lot of EASY buckets.

    490. Lamb passed up an open 3, why?

    491. pull hawes out! Put Batum!

    492. I cringe when Lamb is inside battling it out against Noah and Taj.

    493. Lamb should’ve done that LAST posession.

    494. Phantom foul. Lin snuffed Rose…should be jumpball.

    495. Jefferson for Hawes. Will that be better? Not sure.

    496. lin done?

    497. game over. no Lin no win

    498. Lin for 3

    499. Hawes just stuffing the paint on offense the whole time. Lin played some good D on Rose

    500. So Kemba can go 4-20

    501. Yea, no way Clifford is taking out Lamb.

    502. Lamb playing well looks like Lin is done

    503. Lamb gets to keep playing and scoring.
      Lin benched to keep his stats down.

    504. For some reason Jeremy rolling off Pau’s screen gave me the shivers.Too bad he was whistled

    505. well, lin is not playing that well I even have to admit now watching.

    506. Announcer Credited Lin an Lamb for scoring on 4th

    507. lin has 4 points..could’ve been 6.. doon’t know why the baskt doesn’t fall in that layup.

    508. He was beginning to find something. And he’s the best defender on Rose.

    509. No. He’s playing great defense. All he did wrong was miss a few shots.

      He was heating up on offense and they yanked him.

    510. Lin was did not have that many touches and was good on defense, please!

    511. honestly, i would’ve kept lin in just for his D on rose. Kemba not doing much

    512. but others are playing better.. even if lin is doing well.
      they need offense right now.

    513. No they’re not. They’re just playing more. Lamb went cold…let him play until he got hot.

      Lin was heating up. 2-3 right there. No excuse other than politics for this.

    514. yes, but they need offense.
      lin doesnt have offense rigt now.. while others like lamb does.

    515. He wasn’t getting fouls called. A lot of the Hornets were hacked inside and no calls. Lin wasn’t bad this half.

    516. Lin was starting to heat up, too. It’s all politics and race.

    517. he did get steal and blocks.. that is defense.

    518. Lamb will frizzle in 4Q. Gameover.

    519. He didn’t get that many touches. How many did KW missed???

    520. Put Lin IN!

    521. face it, his basketball wasn’t falling.. A LAYUP COULDN’T FALL IN!! I was aghast. that tells you something is wrong.. everytime if a layup doesn’t fall in a FEW times.. not jst one.. it’s not good for lin.

    522. GO BULLS. Kemba letting Rose blow by him easily.

    523. No JLin no win. Take a poll! Let’s see how many points Hornets is going to lose.

    524. by 10

    525. Everyone misses shots in the NBA. Even superstars.

      Lin made 2 of his last 3. YANKED. Silly to yank him.

    526. Game close to being over

    527. Bad defense by Batum and Kemba

    528. See Lin is needed for defense to get stops! t’s not just offense only! Lin was getting hot and got yanked!

    529. Actually Lamb not as efficient with Walker as he is playing with Lin.

    530. No Lin No Win

    531. LOL, Noah gave them 3 freebies.

    532. you can’t bench kw consecytively.. he is 10 and 8 so far, so that is ok and yes that is more minutes but still.
      don’t compare kw with lin.. it’s starter franchinse player vs a bench player. Lin always HAVE to do well.

    533. Bulls got this.

    534. Maybe 10 is too little:-)

    535. Lins minutes can Fluctuate from 15 – 25 its just too little time for him to start slow

    536. that’s true f-cker =)

    537. I dont think, Lin is not in because of his shooting or anything. It seems CC wants give it a go with the starters more minutes and see how they perform with certain lineups.

    538. People still think Clifford is a great and fair coach???

    539. he’s the 9th man off the bench

    540. Cliff is the last person I would trust.

    541. I think Kemba & Al were not happy so today it’s make up for them. Looks like Lin will not close today.

    542. Kemba out to get his, but just look at that FG%. Coach tries to pair Walker with Lamb instead of riding the Super Jeremy Bros. but it brings Lamb’s game down while it doesn’t enhance Walker’s.

    543. If Clifford is experimenting with closing with Lamb over Lin, doesn’t work.

    544. Exactly

    545. No much of team balls. Everyone is so wanted to be “hero” in this game.

    546. nope. never have

    547. I know.. but dude.. frank kam missed so many layups.. so he is benche..
      lin missed how many layups??? in this game? From the past when his layups doesn’t even fall, it’s usualy bad game for him.

      kw can miss some but not a lot.. If a lot the coach will bench him… but he has a bigger margin of error because he is a franchise player… so you can’t compare lin with him.. it’ nba business.

    548. Cliff went back to his losing formula,it seems Lin’s teammates doesn’t see him on the court,no players mov’ts just whoever can get the shots.

    549. Ya! From the beginning…. Kemba ball.

    550. Yep! What have we been saying. Wake up people!

    551. Can not let Lin and Lamb shine

    552. Want stop? Send in Lin.

    553. Learning that the hard way. ..

    554. Yep he is really “selfish” in this game. Guess he really “hates” to be benched in last game.

    555. too early.

    556. of course.. part of coaches job is to keep them happy.. I knew this will happen.

    557. I hope Bulls win this game. smh!

    558. Hat off to Batum he’s been a one hell of a player on this game,Kemba one hell of a chucker

    559. Yep they are going to win.

    560. yup…i think so as well…this is just the 9th game and CH is in good position, being a .500 team now…to do any kinda lineup experiments. Once you reach 20 games…there wont be much experimental options then….its way too risky

    561. No clutch scorer on this team but Lin.

    562. That’s game. Hero ball Batum trying to earn a new contract and misses another big shot.

    563. Put Lin in …

    564. Put Lin in!!!

    565. Not great but better than BScott or Mc.If this was Mc or BScott Jeremy would be DNP-coach decision

    566. sometimes…coaches need to prove a point or two to their players as well

    567. Agreed.

    568. Batum hit a lot of big shots this game.

    569. No, Lin in will not get any ball at all.

    570. Loss on Kemba and Clifford. Kemba wanted to prove himself and he did, just not in the way he would’ve liked.

    571. Let Hornets lose.

    572. I hope Lin will continue to do well with his low minute and leave Charlotte….I simply don’t see how Lin will get enough minute on this team.

      My hope is a team like Brooklynn or even the Knicks will sign him next year…but Lin will have to be very efficient with his low minutes…

    573. He’s going by feel. He’s feeling the guys now have the best chance to win the game.

    574. Feel the same way.

    575. No chance at going in. Bad coaching.

    576. None of the clutch shots at the end here.

    577. Go Bulllllllllls

    578. if they just go nimble away with 2 2s, it will be 101 to 100.. sigh.. they have to go for the big ones.

    579. No, Clifford does not value Lin

    580. Lin has to play amazing to get 25 minutes

    581. CHA is lucky this game wasn’t a bigger loss. Noah gave them a free 3pt on a shot that was 50/50 spinning out.

    582. Hopefully Cliff learns that no JLin no win. Let’s see how many more games he needs to learn before it hit him and Hornets. If they don’t learn, byebye playoffs!!!!

    583. If you go by feel, the guys on the court make sense. They have a chance to tie it up at least and get it into OT. I’m rooting for them.

    584. Can’t stand to not seeing Lin playing in crunch time!!!!

    585. Even then, it won’t matter. Depends on how Lamb or Kemba is playing.

    586. NOT NY as long as CarMElo is there.

    587. GO Bulls. Make the shot!!!!

    588. Guys don’t hit all of the clutch shots. They hit some of them.

    589. game over

    590. Too late to take Lamb out.!

    591. BALL GAME. No Lin, No win, Clifford!

      Gotta have Lin in the clutch. He’s BY FAR the best 4Q player on this team.

    592. the equation for cliff is that he wants to play lamb, and he trusts, or needs, to play kemba. and the rest of the rotation falls into place. thats why no lin.

      this is what he wanted to do against minnesota but lin was defending so well

    593. you odn’t know if he will be any better either.. so it’s all hindsight.

    594. No defense on Butler?? Who guarded him?

    595. I told you Lamb can’t take the pressure in the 4Q

    596. Hornets lose a close game w/o Lin in there.

      Here’s my shocked face ‘__’

    597. Do they have the Papa John’s free pizza thingy for away games?Papa John can rest easy for now.

    598. yah…and its been a close game and not a blowout…I dont think its wrong to give this lineup a chance

    599. Brooklyn would’ve been perfect. They have nobody and Lin could’ve been the featured player. However, Deron was still there when Lin signed with Charlotte.

    600. they get 1/2 off papa johns

    601. The opportunity on their team is low for Lin

    602. Lamb ain’t got it. Cho and Clifford’s love affair with him has to end.

      Getting 32m tonight is a disgrace, esp. since he doesn’t defend anyone.

    603. Friendly bounce for Butler may have sealed the deal. Wasn’t a great game tonight for the team. They have to reset and play better next game.

    604. Kemba playing surprisingly selfish…

    605. This site is becoming more and more toxic with these bandwagon trolls. Get a clue, the 2nd unit beat the Kicks 1st unit. Did you not think the bulls were ready for this. You should have known that big Al/Kemba were going to try to put on a show. Lin is the only player on this team that when his shots aren’t falling he does other things to help the team win. That’s why I hardly come to this site anymore because some of you act like the sky is falling if lin doesn’t play a linsanity game.smh

    606. No Lin ..no win

    607. Sounds good either way.Anyway do they have have it for away games?

    608. He’s one of the best players. He was scoring.

    609. I guess the trend will have to be Lamb Lamb Lamb; Lin will sit on the bench for most of the time unless Lamb is cold every night. They will try to make it work with Lamb. If not, the Hornets will start a losing streak.

    610. Back to his old ways! I blame Clifford. Without Lin on the court, any good defense can shut him down. And Lamb can’t score on his own either.

    611. No many can including all the starters. JLin is a unique player. That’s why he is called Mr. 4th quarter! Well, seem like Hornets doesn’t value that at all. It’s a loss to them.

    612. No clutch Lin on the floor, you’ll increase your chances to lose game, stiff Cliff!

    613. i think so cus they advertised it before the game

    614. Every game ill roll a dice for how much minutes he gets

    615. After one game? Let’s not get carried away. And it wasn’t like Lin was lighting it up today.

      Sometimes a coach goes with who he thinks looks best that night. Tonight, it wasn’t Lin. No big deal.

    616. Jealousy is looming on this team,I hope I’m wrong

    617. The other site is worse right now. I just stopped by here to see how it is.

    618. You’re not wrong. Some of us have detected long before you did.

    619. Everyone has off games. Lin will be fine. Just couldn’t get into the flow. The team missed Zeller.

    620. trying to stay selflessness is a hard process, so…..

    621. Clifford contradicting himself every game. Never has any consistent rotation or minutes.

      He’s totally flailing out there with no plan whatsoever.

    622. Lin had just made a jumper before he was taken out.

    623. I honestly believe Clifford is a Lin ally. I think its just Clifford’s hands are tied so there is only so much he can do. And Lin isn’t a sure enough thing like Lebron where Clifford can go all Lin and risk his coaching career on Lin.

      So this is what we have.

      Lin will probably be a career backup in the NBA, which is fine. I wish he could always just try to do the most he can in the minutes he gets, whether its 10 minutes, 20 minutes or whatever it is.

    624. This team won’t go far. its far too uncertain. Who evers hot plays is a ridiculous way to play. People watching their back now

    625. ditto…many still dont see the positive thats going on…..if we want to fill our live with negativity, then there will be no life to live

    626. I value defense more than offense.Jeremy played great defense tonight.
      No matter how many baskets Lamb got,he still ain’t good to me when he can’t even guard a wheelchair.

    627. All the guys came in their usual minutes. When the 2nd unit wasn’t really keeping the lead he brought back in the first unit. It wasn’t that inconsistent.

    628. Every game i see a new lineup. Like he is trying to kill the chemistry

    629. Lin will continuously be demoted until until the experiment with Lamb fails.

    630. Missed the game by nick of time…wow, LIn is like, 8th/9th option off the bench?

      Well, it’s confirmed. No Lin, No Win.

    631. maybe he IS!

    632. I’m thinking Lin may not have finished due to size and Cliff compromised defense over size/rebounding. We’ll say what he says in the postgame.

    633. Coach said last post game conference he won’t play someone just because he’s hot.

    634. anyone wonder why WOJ did a feature article on Clifford before the season? There was an agenda by someone to push that piece out by Woj. But no clue who.

    635. You can’t justify Lin’s benching in any way. Even superstars go 2-7 for stretches…and then they heat up.

      Lin also played elite defense tonight. I’m grateful that Lin is able to play his game when he’s in there. But Clifford needs to MAKE UP HIS MIND. Stop jerking Lin around.

      No doubt Jeremy is furious tonight. And he should be. His loser teammates lost another one.

    636. Ever wondered what did he and LIn discussed during the few-hour meeting?

    637. I think it does. I didn’t see the first half but was Lin horrible or what? He didn’t score until 4th. I didn’t tune in until around 3rd. I dont know how first half went but I’m guessing not all that great I assume. When stuff like that happens, I can see why Lin dosen’t see much time. But the last two games Lin was awesome and he played plenty.

    638. it doesn’t make any sense to close the game out with Lamb if you’re not closing it out with both Lin and Lamb cus how else will Lamb get his shots off?

    639. Lamb scored only 1 basket after Lin got taken out in 4th.

    640. Using Lamb is just like using a child to do a man’s job. His 4Q stats would always be his worst for the day.

    641. If Lin didn’t drive on the lane and get his shots he won’t get any points,they just don’t want to give him any chance to orchestrate the play

    642. JLin is the 9th option in the past few games.

    643. No.

    644. Lamb is in tandem with Lin most nights. We really aren’t helping ourselves making other guys the enemy when the coach chooses to not play Lin as much as we’d like. Lin is fine. He is finding his role and being efficient. Wasn’t his night tonight. Next game maybe things will be different.

    645. No. We actually witnessed live what was happening on court. Lin was playing great defense and just getting hot and got yanked. Defense was badly needed to get stops when he was out. Please!

    646. He’s very mediocre. CHA thinks he’s their future 6th man, but he doesn’t have any shot creation skills. He’s just a catch and shoot, catch and drive straight-line scorer. No defense or passing or dribbling skills.

    647. Anyways even with Lin shooting bad, I am sure he will bounce back. I really don’t know what imma get from Cliff game to game. His lineups come from no where. ITs hot potato out there. 1 year of this i guess. so much potential but Cliff is wasting it

    648. He had open looks. He missed them.

    649. no what

    650. lamb and spencer played no defense. Thats why the bulls bench ran up on the hornets bench.

    651. He has contradicted himself a few times this year

    652. Lamb’s minutes inflats to starter’s minutes and the team is right on its way to start on its losing streak.

    653. jeremy 16min
      jeremy 31min
      Didn’t Coach say that he will let Lin play enough minutes? LOL

    654. Ever since Lamb signed that extension, Lin was demoted from 6th man to 8th man.

    655. here’s the problem with playing iso heavy offense. your iso players aren’t as good as their’s. simple

    656. Not anymore. He has changed his mind once they are so happy to get the leftover from OKC.

    657. You’re wrong.

    658. For someone who preached defense,his lineup was questionable tonight.

    659. ok…

    660. When Cliff said he won’t just lay people because they are hot, He meant Kemba cause clearly he wasn’t hot.

    661. nah, Clifford was always high on Lamb from this interviews. he views Lamb and even PJ above Lin

    662. They might as well start Lamb. It wouldn’t change the situation. He couldn’t compete in big time.

    663. I have nothing more to add. Same old stuff Lin faces.

      He’s best player on the floor for CHA, but if he misses a few shots (like everyone in the league), he’s benched. And if he plays AMAZING…he’s benched to give someone else more stats.

    664. Even when Lin plays well he only gets 20+ minutes at most. Look at all the starters getting 34-32 minutes including Lamb who comes off the bench! Every team refuses to give Lin 32 minutes nor a starter role when he can shine the brightest.

    665. No to how you start out great and then take it a little too far. Do you HAVE to go to the extreme of “career backup”?

    666. Good for HOrnets that Batum is playing SG well for now and his starting SG role is cemented. If MKG returns to play again after full rehab, he can still play SG.

      Next question, if Troy and Lamb are shooting lights out and they are natural shooters, will LIn be perennial backup to Kemba? Looks like it then will Lin be happy just by staying in the NBA playing for a non-playoffs team and never be voted to All-Stars, no ring?

    667. Don’t think about hot plays. Kemba wasn’t but he was still in the game. Cliff’s choice is really getting more peculiar to me. He chose to play Kemba, Lamb. Looked at their stat: Kemba 36:48 6-19 16 pts; Lamb 32 4-13 12 pts.

    668. Believe not in his words but judge his actions from now on.

    669. I still think if this season doesn’t go well for Lin, he should consider opting out and going to star in the CBA. I would gladly follow him there. I know he can star in the NBA but it’s really too much politics involved.

    670. I’d be fine with that! Hairston should not be playing at all. And then Lin should be the 6th man as promised. Clifford is either a total dummy or Cho/MJ is making demands.

    671. Totally agree with you Joyce. I know Lin has bad nights but I won’t go all doom and gloom with it. I just can’t understand why some people seems to love letting negative energy taking themselves over….

    672. Lamb stats was better then he missed his last 3 shots

    673. Last game they won by taking Lamb out. This game they lost by taking Lin out.

    674. *eye roll*

    675. He does this all the time. Covers his negatives with fake positives.

    676. yep. they can close with Lin, or Lin and Lamb, but not Lamb

    677. Is Coach Clifford really on the same page with Lin for him to play his brand of basketball? Does he have faith in Lin that he can turn the momentum of the game to win it if he’s the man to lead the team?

    678. I’ve been High on Coach Cliff reg. Lin’s minutes up til now. Tonight, NO LIN, NO WIN. Period, it’s that simple. You don’t bench your clutch player of past two games. What happened to the Lin/Kemba duo ?? He didn’t try that long enough. Or he thinks Lamb > Lin…. ?? Smh… Go back to losing to some games….

    679. Lamb isn’t hot as well. His stat is 5-15 with 15 pts. Oops they changed his stat.

    680. It’s like he’s trying to play people when they’re cold.

      Lin only played 7m last night in the 1st half when he was hot. Tonight, he was cold and played 9m. And then he hit 2-3 in the 4Q…and was promptly pulled for more Kemba and Lamb. ???

    681. If Lin goes to CBA then his career would really be over. Even Lin said if he retires from NBA he’d join his brother in Taiwan to play basketball together and he’s far from retiring.

    682. Even Hairston is way better than Lamb.

    683. Please stop this going to CBA nonsense!!!

    684. I think we are fooling ourselves that Lin will get a chance to start on this team or any other team, barring a disaster injury to Kemba that allows Lin to shine by accident. I think the sooner we come to that acceptance, the sooner this site can feel better about his achievements and not be frustrated for him.

    685. i wouldn’t go that far

    686. Lin didn’t get bench last game

    687. No.

    688. Too many drinks tonight?

    689. Relegate Lamb as exclusive c&s guy and he’ll be fine.

    690. well, Clifford talked about playing a faster pace game but he’s doesn’t seem to realized some of his players aren’t exactly passing the ball or pushing it up the court

    691. there’s not enough opportunity for him to make his mark. it’s not a knock on Lin. the opportunity is simply not there. So he can’t establish himself.

    692. 8th or 9th doesn’t make much difference. Lin isn’t given PG role really kills the team’s chances of winning

    693. I wonder what’s going on in Clifford’s head. Nothing he does makes any basketball sense.

    694. Because that governs their lives.

    695. This is how I’m looking at it….you have to give guys, especially the bigger contract guys, enough rope to either get with it or hang themselves before you can totally push a new agenda.

    696. You can fool yourself all you want.

    697. Since the 1st Q,Kemba already freezed Out Lin

    698. after watching decades of basketball, there are many coaches and organizations that run this way. Lin’s just stuck on a mediocre organization. I’ve seen it before. Just painful when Lin’s the one on a team like this.

    699. Exactly!

    700. So you should stop following him if he’s that hopeless and rest easy.

    701. Kemba gets 20 minutes more then Lin

    702. They couldn’t wait to make Lamb a superstar for the FO to look good on signing him. But it would never work out else OKC won’t give him up. Lamb is just a lamb when time gets tough. He needs somebody to feed him for catch and shoot. Putting Lamb in his currently hold. He would sink pretty soon.

    703. Lin will get his chance.

    704. Then stop following him.

    705. He’s letting Lin play his game when he’s in there — that’s an improvement from McHale and BS.

      But Lin’s playing time is laughably low. I think Cliff has orders to play Lamb (extension) and Hairston (draft pick) so Lin’s PT suffers as a result.

    706. Lin is a rhythm player,he needs to feel the game 1st but Kemba didn’t give him the chance to do that

    707. Well the Hornets lost, so we will see how they adjust

    708. Honestly I don’t like how Kemba played tonight. Well, hopefully this loss wakes Cliffs up with how isos don’t win games.

    709. you guys on here say I’m insane and negative but so many people here just hating on Kemba and Teammates. It’s not everyone else’s fault.

      This is the NBA where there’s a reason Russel Westbrook just ball hogs and Melo never passes and Kobe shoots till his arm tore off.

      This is a league where it’s about “me” and you have to dominate the ball and score 1 on 5.

      That’s just the way this league is unless you luck into a perfect opportunity.

    710. and he’s twice as bad tonight. shooting 5-18

    711. The shackling of Lin will go on until someone get fired.

    712. Yes even when Lin plays well he doesn’t get 32 minutes yet other players can have poor games and still get to be starter. No reason why Lin shouldn’t be starting. It’s really up to Lin to get 20+ per game.

    713. As people have said, no Lin no Win.

      But alas:

      JLin didn’t play well and here’s why –

      Good D on Jimmie B
      Jimmie B too long and no Cody to work with, so easy for Jimmie.

      Chicago bigs > CHA

      Hawes ineffective

      JLamb, Hawes, Al Jeff … nothing on 2nd effort on offensive boards.

      Combine all that and when Lin is in, he wasn’t able to change the game.

      Now, … he did blow by Aaron Brooks at will.
      He did ok against DRose
      DRose got revenge on Lin with a chase down.

      One of those nights – you go out there, the game isn’t going your way, and coach went another way. Coach lost.

      This just goes to say, if beating Melo is such a hard battle and so glorious, this is going to be a long season.

      I liked Batum tonight, good playing.

    714. Hey wazzup?

    715. I hope the crowd chants Lin’s name at their next home game. That might be the only way to get more playing time…

    716. why continue this frustration when you know he can dominate elsewhere without the BS politics?

    717. Then just stop following Lin and stop posting on this board.

    718. Equally also slimes his positives with fake negatives.

    719. The only “consolation” is that Lin wouldn’t have played more even if he were hot from the start.

      It’s clear Clifford is playing guys the minutes he PRE-determines, not based on performance. Just look at the last game. Lin played well all game and barely cracked 21mpg…and it was for “defense” according to Cliff.

    720. lamb was roaring

    721. Hey:)

    722. So FO is Cho alone or MJ alone or both?

    723. Kemba shot NOWHERE near WB, thus hogging not justified.

    724. no Lin no win. also, no Cody cause Hawes is bad

    725. There is going to be alot of experiment…. On to the next game

    726. Think this is on clifford

    727. Yes – it’s a long season and there’s a long way to go.

    728. Uhm but based on your example:
      Melo-can shoot his arm off every game-STILL NO RING
      Westbrook-can shoot his arm off every game-HE’S PLAYING WITH DURANT,STILL NO RING
      Kobe-can shoot his arm off every game-CAN’T WIN ANOTHER RING WITHOUT A SHAQ/PAU GASOL

    729. not trying to put down the coach but I think what happens here is that
      Clifford does not look to play Lin like he does Lamb
      Remember 2 games ago when Lin finished the game, he said he tried to insert Lamb but really couldnt because Lin played such good defense
      thats when I realized that they are really trying to play Lamb more and more
      Lin not so much, only when he plays so well that they cant take him out
      Lin usually gets 2nd or 3rd fewest mins

    730. No one knows. It used to be MJ alone…but now it’s a group effort. I think. MJ also has other personal advisors.

    731. I know I missed you Joyceiiii…:-)

    732. He’s very intense and emotional yet made heading scratching rotations?

    733. Every stars will miss shots and then they will get hot again… Lin didnt get his chance to get hot.

    734. yeah good point. Beating NYC should be easy. When its that hard to beat a crappy NYC, it’s not a good sign even with Lin shining. It was too hard fought. I get that as well.

    735. well, he’s been talking Lamb up way before that

    736. lets not get personal here….

    737. nobody is getting fired. Lin will just walk in the summer onto yet ANOTHER team. would be horrible but he probably will.

    738. chicago are a talented team, even a brooks

    739. Oh well this is gonna be another painful year for Lin fans

    740. Up to Lin to ask for the ball from other players. Can’t just stand there and hope they will pass to him.

    741. seems like it
      dont think he really wants to play Lin big minutes

    742. I never thought that highly of Chicago. I still don’t. This Charlotte team could beat them if Clifford was better at substitution patterns and played the right people.

      His randomness is annoying but it’s not going to change.

    743. So now you’re a prophet.

    744. i think Lin is a way better player this year though, so that will soften the blow a bit

    745. Only thing that Clifford kept his word is that
      “Batum will start as SG and he will be 1st or 2nd option in offense”

    746. He did he was free at one point when Kemba was double on 1st q..watch it again on replay of you have DVR

    747. Chicago a good team,as long as they have Noah.

    748. I can tell you for sure nobody is getting fired. Not Clifford at least until the end of the season. This team will hover around .500 all seasons long until rotations are fixed.

    749. Lin’s minutes are by far the worst this season. Seems like no other coach besides Mike D’Antoni will ever give Lin a starter PG role with 32+ minutes even when he’s obviously the better than the starters. :/

    750. Next game is home game against Portland. Will be interesting to see how the team is heading. If they play teamball, it’s a win. If isos, chances of losing is higher. Really hard to predict how this team is doing because of peculiar rotation with players. Still can’t make up of Cliff.

    751. They didn’t take Lamb out until 20 seconds left in the 4Q. Lamb played most of crunch time alongside Lin.

      Remember, Lin and Lamb are a great combination.

    752. the point is those ball hogs are the team stars with big stats and big role on the team and star of franchise. It’s a sad pattern the NBA endorses.

      I am not a fan of it. but that’s how the NBA rolls.

    753. There is a Clifford scale in my head between 1 to 10. 1 for abysmal and 10 for excellent. At preseason it was 7. For the first 6 games it was around 5. Then it was 6 for the last 2 games. After this game it is at 2.

    754. You know what i won’t complain anymore. This is how it will be and have been the last 3 years. Something is always off. Lin will not get the right minutes all year. Hornets will miss the playoffs. i Think Lin will get pretty good stats despite this fact. Im becoming numb to stuff like this. Lamb will get all the opportunity in the world. Someone always comes from the back of Lin and all of a sudden becomes the teams darling. Ive seen all this before. 1st Melo wanting his team back then harden being traded right before the season starts. The following years Bev pops his ugly head up. Then I forgot the scum who was the “head of snake” and last but not least Clarkson the first Asian backcourt takes Lin out. Another year another man come in to take Lins minutes. Lamb is that guy. Cant even play 6th man anymore lol GEEZZZ!!!!!!

    755. oh …ok.

    756. Lin is definitely a much improved player compared to the last 3 years. I’m not worried about Lin’s performance just the head scartching subbing and erratic PT really kill my hope for the Hornets to advance deep in the off season.

    757. Kemba understands boxscore matters. NBA is all about stats.

    758. Good summary. It took a team POV and we should do that more here.

    759. I mean he got 16 minutes. Only 5 less than NY game. If he gives Lin any more, Kemba will revolt against Clifford.

    760. Lin played well.

    761. Good defense. not rewarded

    762. Ok, I will watch the game later.

    763. Yes, we can count.

    764. noah, and i watch bulls for mirotic. he’s what kam is not, yet.

    765. Lin literally has to shoot 90% every game and play lights out. It’s his only way out. To create a discussion why a guy playing so insanely is unfairly benched.

    766. In case you forgot,the ultimate goal here is the LARRY O’BRIEN TROPHY.Any star power is out when the trophy is in talks.The closer you are to getting a trophy,the more money rolls in.

    767. I don’t understand what Cliff is doing. Hornets won’t win without Lin on the court.

    768. so LinLinLin is wrong there is erratic PT for Lin.

    769. Guess who has the same FG% as JLin, but played almost 35 minutes? SMH

    770. the real concern now is that we can see Lin will not close games regularly. I think that is the true fear for Lin fans now.

    771. Lin taking Low pay to bet on himself may be a mistake. Clearly he cant seem to get any opportunity.

    772. Honestly I don’t think Clifford has changed or anything like that. It just takes time to read his real intentions.

    773. He is i think he will end up 10-12ppg in 22mpg and get out of charlotte

    774. I want Lin to be happy.
      Is he happy after this game?

    775. Yes. Tonight I’m not pleased with Clifford’s handling of Lin. Lin should have stayed in after that Rose foul call. He was trying to steal and tie up the ball, it was an aggressive defensive play. Kemba wasn’t shooting efficiently and made a number of terrible plays. He also played a lot of minutes. Lin was beginning to heat up.

      Lamb for rebounding? Maybe? Kemba can’t not finish tonight due to ego. So, go with Lin as he has been doing. Lamb is not a finisher, he doesn’t have the defense or that finisher savvy yet as a player.

    776. Bulls took out the short pg right away the minute lin droves by him. Chicago zoned in on Lin.

    777. The fact is this: the Charlotte Hornets don’t have enough firepower without Lin. Like everybody is saying, no lin no win. Clifford is gonna have to get it through his thick skull that Mr. 4th quarter Jeremy Lin will make something good happen if he’s in the game. Continue keeping him out at the end, and you will continue losing every single time. Stay tuned …..

    778. dont thinks so

    779. He barely cheered for the team today
      Looked pissed

    780. How did he do??

    781. OK. Don’t agree.

    782. God will take care of Lin. There will time when Lin will shine. God will create the opportunity for him.

    783. Its amazing how much opportunity Kemba gets

    784. well the truth is he is not playing well enough. Clifford cannot stick his own neck out there to play Lin over Kemba and others unless Lin is on fire or playing out of this world.

    785. I guess you aren’t fearful then.

    786. I am not happy either if he isn’t happy.

    787. All he has to do is play him over Lamb

    788. got 18 opportunities tonight

    789. my j-team name.

    790. I think God already did when ILnsanity happened.

    791. 2-7 shots. Played great defense. Didn’t play much at all, only 16 measly minutes.

    792. whatever you say …

    793. rightfully he isnt happy

    794. Lin is a PG, not SG.

    795. 37 minutes. lol when was the last time Lin got 37 minutes

    796. Except Lamb got contract extension. Lin should’ve asked for a bigger contract 2 Mil bench player won’t be valued over those with bigger contracts.

    797. I’m lost… Lin playing behind Lamb… I CAN’T take this. Playing behind Kemba is already painful but … Huh, …. No Lin, No Win. Period. Guess the coach or FO want to lose 10-20 games before they wake up to the Truth. If they don’t ever wake up and smell the coffee Then please trade Lin to someone that values him more. Please, I beg…

    798. at least 2 years ago

    799. That’s true. Lin wasn’t pleased being removed in the 4Q and he didn’t really cheer hard for the team. Of course, there wasn’t that much to cheer for. Charlotte never got ahead in the closing minutes or even tied.

    800. You telling me Lamb play better defense then Lin. He more then held his own

    801. they needed better plan … bigs bulls had it tonight. not much inside.

    802. while playing with the Reno Bighorns

    803. We all know these coaches dont learn

    804. In houston maybe the timberwolves over time game where he scored 30.

    805. The stats of Lamb goes down with increasing minutes.

    806. Let the losing streak starts early and they have LIn play major role and minutes then only the team has a chance to get into the playoffs.

    807. why? the point is to move on with a good k.

    808. Lin wasn’t forcing anything tonight. He played well and under control.

    809. Don’t even go there.

    810. Cliff thought Kemba was able to stop Rose and Aaron… Wrong!

    811. McHale inserted Lin when team was in trouble
      now Clifford doesnt look to play Lin more than 17mins a game

    812. Lin plays so little if he plays great he won’t score 30 points because if he scores 30 in 25 minutes you’d better just call him the MVP

    813. Except which coach would treat Lin fairly. Lin’s been on 5 different teams and coaches with all having bias and politics against him.

    814. Lin has never been close to that. Not even close. Charlotte is not getting close to that either.

      Even if Lin was on Cavs or Spurs or Warriors playing 5 minutes a game winning the title, that means nothing.

      We simply disagree.

      What Damian Lillard is doing is an example of how the NBA works. He ball hogs, shoots 11-34 sometimes and gets 42 points. He forced out LMA and now is the face of the franchise.

      That is how the NBA works.

    815. let see if clifford thinks that way. I am afraid that maybe they see lin as a role player not a star player

    816. when every one got up at the end he was sitting down
      I barely see Lin this discouraged but i think he was more frustrated with his own play more than anything

    817. Yea thing have gotten worse year by year. Even though Lin is getting better

    818. Lin will not get his 30+ points on this Hornets team with this kind of PT. At least, we got to see those in Houston.

    819. Im not happy if Lin isnt grtting the mins he deserves

    820. Good to hear that. Thanks

    821. his unit let him down so coach tried something else.

    822. Except there will be manyy games where he’d only get 15-18 minutes. Unless Lin can score 20+ with such lose usage it’ll be difficult for him to shine. He’s gotta look to score every opportunity he gets when on the floor.

    823. funny how the NBA works

    824. Lin never has a chance to get a core players treatment-learn and play through mistakes or slump on court. His leash is always shortest. He tries to play teamball but it won’t work in NBA. Even PB could get the treatment.

    825. I cant believe lin took a pay cut for this

    826. I am hoping lin is traded to NY. He fits better in big market.

    827. Been saying since Houston, bigger contract guys are valued over lower contract ones. Lin should’ve asked for more money!

    828. I think Lin knows Kemba is a weak starting PG and thought he could supplant Kemba. Clifford gave him the feel it was possible.

      But the reality is far from it. And Lin will be in a tough spot.

    829. maybe on nets team but nets is a tanking team

    830. I want to know who in the NBA is behind Lin’s marginalisation…I want to skinz him/them if I could.
      MOD you can delete the post if you find it offensive!

    831. Not with Melo and Dolan still there, forget it.

    832. example of lin being let down … he pushed an awesome fast break to lamb. easy 1-1 slam or layup. lamb let himself get jammed in traffic when it was open space.

    833. Bad coaches and GM.

    834. o____o too extreme hahaha

    835. It’s for the signing of $21m. You have to make the signing look good. So they inflat Lamb’s minutes but the response gets worse. The more minutes they give Lamb, the worse the result. They even want to make him the hero by giving him the last shot. It didn’t work!!!!!!!!

    836. Even Byron Scott gave Lin more minutes than Clifford.

    837. He got a choke hold on it

    838. Just want to vent!

    839. LOL

    840. screw bs and his bs.

    841. i know. There is no perfect team.

    842. he’s not going to do enough in 15-20 MPG to move onto a good contract. He is not doing anything new that the NBA has not seen before. It’s been more of the same.

      good game, 2 bad game, 2 forgettable game, 2 ok game, bad game, 2 really good games, bad game, ok game , ok game, good game, ok game, good game.

      NBA seen it before. Nothing will change for Lin.

    843. its not Kemba’s job to let Lin shine. It’s Lin’s job!

    844. Lin will opt out.

    845. Getting above 500 is not that easy…more competitive team in the east now

    846. I’m serious. I have no problem with it. I will watch the CBA for the first time in my life if he goes there.

    847. But he DNPed Lin.; )

    848. the only way is if something serious happens to Kemba via injury.

    849. If a player has been mainly responsible for getting you the last 2 wins – Jeremy Lin, you would think that you would play that player in the 4th quarter to try to get a 3rd win in a row. Sounds like common sense to most of us, but apparently not to Clifford.

    850. ok as you say. i dont want it that way tho.

    851. Clifford is not playing at all costs to win. He has to play politics and also make sure he doesn’t alienate the team just to cater to Lin.

    852. So now you think you know what Jeremy knows.

    853. On the bright side Lakers lose again. Now 1-8. LOL

    854. just like last year. Lin plays great then gets marginalized in the next game

    855. Almost forgot Lin has an Opt-Out clause for 2nd year so if Hornets don’t work out he can sign with another team.

    856. Not the truth.

    857. They are going for a record.

    858. Idk this is the 4 coach now who really don’t trust Lin all that much.

    859. One thing i am sure is that closing 4th qt with Lamb will not work..may be some games but hornets will lose lots of game.
      in 4th qt, defense is a lot tighter than first 3 qts..
      Coach will realize later that Lin must close 4th qt in every games…
      if he can’t realize that he gotta check his basketball IQ….

    860. I know I feel so bad about it. Not again. So Kemba is not happy… Today’s his time to show he can win but he can’t do it just like last season.

    861. Great job for BS! Please keep him for another 3years!

    862. Exactly….It looks like Jeremy is under a very short leach….If the opposition team start scoring and Lin’s man scores a few baskets, Lin quickly gets taken out for Kemba..

      While Lin started cold, 0-4..in the second half, he shot 2-3..so maybe if he had gotten an additional 4-5 minutes, he could had score more.

    863. Eventually Lamb will brick so many shots, he can build a house. If you don’t reel him in, he’ll shoot you out of the games like Kemba’s doing now.

    864. Kemba was playing like doodoo and chucking yet Clifford plays him 37 minutes. zero accountability. bad coaching

    865. At the trade deadline he can say he’s going to opt out and and demand a trade. Hornets would lose him anyways the following year and maybe Hornets could get a 2nd round pick for him. He could go to a contending team that needs a PG like New Orleans.

    866. Missed the game. Saw the box score and minutes. By the numbers seemed like Lin had a bad game. Came here to check the mood. See there are more things to be frustrated about. Somedays the clock is turned back and we have Linsanity. Somedays the clock is turned back and we have PTSD. Not even surprised.

    867. Ty lawson 0-5 in 29 minutes. ohh the opportunity everyone has

    868. Says the person with inside knowledge of what is going on in the Hornets organization.

    869. coach is showing he’s not a very good coach at all. he wants to close out the game with Lamb but Lamb plays awful defense and needs Lin to feed him the ball but he doesn’t want to close with Lin

    870. I didn’t see much dribble penetration by Kemba. They got a bunch of guys trying to get a 3 but Kemba didn’t draw the defenses in to get clean looks for the shooters. But then even if he did he’d just run into a tree. They need a PnR big to go in with him who he can drop it off to.

    871. I don’t know it’s Cliff or the top, today just tried to make Kemba happy. smh! Always the same like Rox. One good game then bad game again. smh!

    872. its self evident.

    873. Not really.

    874. Even Mchale let lin play more than 28 mins.. What makes Clifford not to give Lin more than 28mins??

    875. politics

    876. Lawson can do no wrong for the Rockets. That’s why Clutch fans has the Jeremy Lin thread, so they can hate on Lin to feel better about themselves.

    877. there was politics in houston too…

    878. It would take the Hornets several more heart breaking losses before they find out what Lamb is made of. He’s a lamb; that is it.

      The Hornets think they got lucky by having Lamb from The Thunder. The Thunder could have kept him rather than Dion Waiters.OKC chose Reggie Jackson, Dion Waiters ahead of him during almost over a 2 years span. The experiment has failed. The rushing of Lamb to the starting minutes has proved to be a failure! Nobody could cover for his softness in this game.

    879. Its mostly the strong hold Kemba has on the starting minutes 36 minutes a game. Then add the Lamb the usual sneak behind Lins back and take his role

    880. Whatever. Rockets ain’t goin anywhere. Speak these 3 words and they’ll be shaking in their boots: Golden State Warriors.

    881. So, politics IS: Not care about winning ?? Cater to Kemba, Al, Nic, and now Lamb – let’s see who I’m missing… ?? Oh, yeah, the biggest acquisition (MJ’s ) ? Guess, losing trumps politics then.

    882. I don’t look at basketball like you do.I don’t even hog basketball stars like you do.

    883. Chao and Clifford.

    884. he was paid and brought over to be a starter. here, he is a low paid backup and being used like one. he is lucky to get off the bench.

    885. He’s not a lamb. He’s a good scorer. He’s fine. He’s not a big defensive player.

      I think you know you have a problem with Clifford. If Clifford played Lin 40 minutes you wouldn’t care about Lamb, would you?

    886. yes now you are starting to understand.

    887. he is a cheap 2 million dollar safety net if Kemba goes down. No way he is getting traded.

    888. Well if you’re frustrated then just stop following Lin. He has plenty of supporters who are not fair weather fans.

    889. GO GSW!!!! woo

    890. rockets are going to lose this game. down 10 with 4 min left

    891. Doesn’t matter where he is, because that’s the not the issue and the cause of whatever you are seeing now.

    892. Where did you hear this?

    893. I think you guys are missing the issue. If Lin plays with direction, coaches play him. When he plays without that authority and direction, other PGs are chosen above him. If he plays less strong D than coaches think he’s capable of, other guys are chosen above him. But it changes game to game. I really think coaches want to sense Lin is confident and has direction. They don’t trust him when they don’t see it and I don’t think that’ll change. That is just how coach’s act.

      Lin played not great today. Let’s hope he plays great next game. I thought he may have a quiet game but it was quieter than I thought it would be.

    894. In the past Lin would have a bundle of turn overs but today he made 2 steals and no turn overs playing just 16 minutes. The sign of maturity of not forcing the game. It’s still a long season. Things will pan out shortly in this league.

    895. We love watching Lin on the hornets but we love them dubs too.

    896. Lin doesn’t have to be treated like a star…All he needs is to treat him fairly and give him at least 25minutes…Lin is averaging 13 point while playing about 21 minutes per game…this stat alone should be enough to give him more time.

    897. Just because I’d like to see Lin in greener pastures does not make me a fair weather fan. It takes a real fan to say he’d watch Lin play in the CBA.

    898. Yeah, but the drawback is, he’s not being aggressive in making plays or getting to the FT line. Just drive and kick to teammates for a contested 3.

    899. I was about to believe that Lin had found his home but now I have my doubts.

    900. The hard fact is closing games with Lin works for the team but closing out with Lamb has shown nothing.

    901. No, not really.

    902. Didn’t set the offense up. I think that’s why Clifford wasn’t high on him tonight. Problem is, didn’t have Zeller that plays a big role in it.

    903. Sure, but then all the teamball talk becomes hypocritical.

    904. Not true.

    905. Who other than Batum played great to day? Lin played excellent defnse tonight, much better than Lamb who got 2 times the minutes.

    906. i think one of the problem is that coach doesn’t let lIn play freely as PG.
      In lots of offense sets, coach tells give the ball to Batum or Lamb.
      Lin looks at the coach more than before. he sometimes looks uncomfortable and doesn’t know what to do…

    907. You have missed the point. Ever since the signing of $21m extension, Lamb becomes the first one to sub in the game and won’t be taken out until the game is on the wire and Clifford wants to win because this is his contract year. Today is special, Lamb is called upon to close out a game and he’s even given a shot that could win the game for the Hornets over his mediocre performance.

      Lamb has size, the look, the measurements such as arm span, and shoots gracefully at leisure. Chao and Clifford believe that giving him the minutes would make the GM and the FO look good signing him. Too bad he had sucked big time. He has never shown anything at the clutch in NBA. The last 3 seasons, he just sat comfortably in his backup role and has never been used big time and there is not a thing that supports that he can do it now.

      In fact taking him out in the 4 led to game winning. This time, Lamb was left to finish a game with starter minutes and the play for him to be the hero, he simply blew it.

    908. Can’t blame Lin when he’s not allowed to play significant minutes or even regular minutes. No one in the league can succeed under these conditions — being benched for missing a few shots while playing great D and heating up in the 4th.

      Lin playing great this season despite impossible circumstances. Give him 34mpg and then you can bash him.

    909. Cho made his choice of Lamb over Lin. A major disaster in the making when Lin leaves and Lamb plays like he always does w/o Lin to protect him. Tonight Lamb was junk minus a few layups created by others.

    910. The problem it’s not Lamb. It’s Kemba. I don’t think he’s happy about got benched vs NYK in 4Q. Don’t know it’s Cliff’s own idea for Lin’s min today or from top. But this is from Lin’s cousin allen Lu on FB:”I’m glad in the end we ended up w Jeremy in Charlotte. Even then the compensation doesn’t match the talent but that’s not the most important thing. Let’s just get some Wins and good team basketball.”

    911. 16 minutes, 8th man. Wow, Clifford, good job. This is how you reward a player that always plays his heart out on both ends, compared to other so called star players. You are really really better than BS in acting. At least BS won’t hide his intention, only with different lame excuses.

      Just hope MDA get a job next year and Lin follows there. After this, I don’t see which coach Lin can trust.

    912. pretty depressing when you look at where this is going. the writing is on the wall. lamb is going to get his minutes now, and kemba isnt going to lose many minutes. and batum. there isnt any math that gets lin anything close to acceptable playing time.

    913. Lamb is a poor defensive player. He can be a good offensive player if not defended closely. It’s not by chance that when Lamb played with Lin, with Lin drawing defenses/double team to him. that Lamb scored well.

    914. He posted this today?

    915. It’s obvious that Kemba and Batum can chuck misses every game yet still get long PT 32-36 minutes while Lin has to score and play amazing only to get 21minutes!

    916. You are “passing the buck”. This isn’t about Lamb. You’re scapegoating Lamb. Lamb is Lin’s team mate and the other “Jeremy” off the bench that add firepower. I like what both bring and I like them on the floor together. So do most Charlotte fans that are talking on the boards.

      When Lin doesn’t do something that is *perception* you blame others. That isn’t going to help Lin. Batum, Kemba or Lamb aren’t the problem. A coach wants to see a player have command and direction. Lin has it in droves sometimes and he has very little of it sometimes else. That’s a reality. And I feel that is why this particular coach is not playing Lin sometimes. He sticks with Lin when Lin shows it even when Lin’s shots aren’t falling because the team is responding to him. If the team isn’t responding to Lin, Lin has to fix that. Nobody else.

    917. don’t tell that to people here. they will call you a troll.

    918. There was no offense. Just guys looking for their own shot.

    919. For all of us concerned about lack of minutes for Lin, imagine what it would be like if Michael Kidd-Gilchrist didn’t get hurt. Yikes.

    920. I don’t know I got it from a group posted it today.

    921. I personally suspect that when it appears all hope is lost and Lin is done, Kemba will get injured and the Hornets will be force to turn to Lin once again. Lin always rolls that way.

    922. MDA is the only coach willing to start Lin and play him 32+ starter minutes.

    923. After a few games like this, the coach would be under hot seat. The Eastern Conference is so competitive right now, it’s not easy to secure a berth in the playoff. Could the Hornets say for sure they can beat out the Bucks, Pacers, Pistons and the Magic for the 8th berth?

      It wouldn’t take long for a team to fall to the level of 76ers and the Nets.

    924. So happy Den won over Rox tonight. I am glad Rox & Hornets both lose today. Ya!

    925. Not true.

    926. MDA wanted to start Deron Williams. Don’t get too excited.

    927. i knew this was going to happen. no zeller means no big to pnr with. means lin will suck. the whole 2nd unit stank really. yeah lamb hit some shots but he didnt get to the rim like before. it was all jump shots all night on both unts. really wished psycho t played instead of frank. frank isnt ready. too weak down low.

    928. Tonight wasn’t Lin’s night. Kemba, as I’ve said before, had direction. He made terrible decisions, was inefficient, but he had direction. It’s something that a coach wants to see.

      Lin’s defense tonight wasn’t enough for Clifford to keep him on the floor. He needed to get back in the game and score, not just preserve a lead or a see-saw game. I thought Clifford pulled Lin too early but I understand what he was seeing in this game from Lin.

      The Lin impact wasn’t there tonight. I think he was finding it, but apparently Clifford thought it best to go with others.

    929. I guarantee you the front office is annoyed with Clifford for not playing Frank even more.

    930. Maybe Lin knew in advance he will play short section today… not bible tweet?


    931. Rockets are a joke. They just got luck last year. This crappy version is what I always knew they were. Payback takes a long time though. so much patience is necessary.

    932. Lol

    933. This is a long season so only the toughest player could survive. Lamb is not tough enough even if he’s given the security of his $21m contract.

    934. Hornets defense get better as season goes? I don’t think so.

      And the offense is so predictable that it is either Walker ISO, Al post up or Batum/Lam at the top shooting 3. Where is ball movement? Where is team-ball?

      Talk is really the exact opposite of scores in NBA, cheap. Only scores is the currency. Not win or team-ball.

    935. I think first unit played with more direction. At times, the 2nd unit had some. But not enough.

    936. Well, you know what they say … if it walks like a duck and quacks like a duck …

    937. Everyone talks teamball, only the Spurs play it.

    938. Rockets has the same record like Hornets?!

    939. not gonna say he’s a bust, but it has always been obvious his body isnt nba ready. i still want to see him replace hawes and play with zeller as stretch 4. this game, he played with hawes and there simply wasnt any physical presence down low.

    940. Haha! For the first time I agree w him.


    941. so im a troll? haha
      there are worse things than being a so-called troll, which i am not.

    942. i am still positive that Lin plays well this season…

    943. No postgame interview?

    944. He will but

    945. Look up

    946. Warriors too

    947. Not you.

    948. thank you

    949. I see things the same way with you about how coaches see JLin now.

      They just don’t have the same level of trust with us YET in what JLin can do if he didn’t show the aggression early. The outcome is actually ideal that JLamb got his chance to be the hero and failed with 2 missed 3s.
      0-5 shooting in the past 2 min with Batum and
      0 FTs for CHA vs 6 FTs for the Bulls in the 4th. In 5pt loss, that did matter a lot.

      They can use JLin’s ability to drive & draw fouls but didn’t.
      JLin would definitely need to get going early to earn coaches’ trust, despite missing Zeller & having bad spacing with the 2nd unit.

      So JLin would need to continue to figure out the puzzle on how to score early to have a chance to close the game.
      It’s a good challenge for him.

    950. i don’t expect Lin to close games regularly.

    951. Fair enough, close second. Still very Curry-centric.

    952. A few losses like this losing close would change everything. I have been telling everybody that Lamb is not ready for the big time. He has been given good contracts sitting on the bench for the 3 seasons that Lin has gone through hell like trainings. Despite people believe that players with the look and the physical features of big players will succeed, many players has failed big time with very impressive heights, wing spans and good shootings when left alone.

      I believe that Lin will slug it out and getting back to his position to lead the bench. Given over 32+ minutes in this close game, Lamb did not help his case. He was given every chance but has failed so far except the time when Lin also played well.

    953. getting 20 min a game is not a good season, no matter how he plays, even if he plays superb.

    954. he said nothing.

    955. cant complain about minutes tonight. lin played bad. he just isnt the same player if he doesnt have a big that rolls to the rim. pnr is his game. last year playing with boozer/hill = this year playing with hawes/frank = bad jeremy. last year playing with davis = this year playing with zeller = good jeremy. this is obvious by now.

    956. not really any good questions

    957. I don’t think Frank is a bust. Frank is like a stretch 4

    958. Rockets are a product of ineptitude by Daryl Morey.

    959. theres nothing kemba did tonight that merits the minutes he got. unless you consider chucking and messing up fast breaks as deserving of time.

      its a not a merit system. and lin did not play so badly as to ‘deserve’ only 17 minutes.

    960. Lin’s facial expression was not happy. he said, we just got ready if our number is called, when asked about second unit meshing.

    961. It became Batum’s interview not Lin?

    962. Did Lin look unhappy or…? No video now.

    963. I know that Lin is only a bench player, but he is not a machine. It sometimes takes him most of a game to warm up. He has earned by his play last few games to play through rough patches. Every athlete will go thru them, none of them will tell you that they gAined confidence and got better by being benched vs playing thru rough games. If you really think that Lin only deserves minutes if he plays really well then explain Hawes, pj and other hornets who don’t deserve the minutes they get.
      Let’s face it these are double standards, and making excuses for bad behavior in the guise of reasonable coaching strategy is missing the real issue.

    964. cliff literally said it wasnt a merit system so nobody can be salty. do i agree with this personally? mostly no, but its not like he’s lying…

    965. yes, but playing with hawes is a joke of a front court. going up vs noah and gibson? this was surely a loss once cody was a no go…

    966. The way he’s shooting, I’ll take Curry-centric all day. Hey maybe we can trade Lamb to the warriors and have a Lamb Curry-centric offense : )

    967. Holberg got smarter and realized you cannot use midget to guard Lin.

    968. Frank should be with Zeller.

    969. yeah Frank is soft. Needs t o be with Tyler or Zeller.

    970. Not saying Curry-centric ain’t good, just that it’s not fully teamball.

    971. In the last bulls game Lin played 19 minutes even in a blow out. When ever we face a team that has a tall SG and he is regarded as a superstar. Lin will likely not play much. Lin has to adjust to that

    972. flat

    973. what’s he expect? shot 0-4. Needs to be perfect like a robot. Of course I jest.

      I hope Lin takes his talents to CBA. and says hell to the NBA. The gap is not that big anymore. And Lin can improve CBA basketball.

    974. Don’t expect too much from Lin, his window to excel is getting smaller day by day…not his fault but entirely on NBA not allowing an Asian to dominate a black/white sport. Unless MDA returns, Lin will never ever bring back Linsanity.

    975. I even don’t know why Lin needs to do this interview? He played less min among 9 players? Why not just let Kemba did the talk?

    976. You meant MDA?

    977. Perfect way to be labeled quitter.

    978. It’s a good adjustment by Hoiberg not to let Lin have his ways with Brooks.

      JLin got messed up by playing with Walker in the last 2.5 min of Q1 but also struggled trying to organize offense & get to the rim covered by DRose.

      Just missing Zeller very much in the 2nd unit & didn’t score enough to make coaches trust him to close the game. JLamb had his chance and failed. They might give him more tries before realizing he’s just a jumpshooter and can’t draw fouls to impact game like JLin & Harden could in crunch time.

    979. i dont understand why its so hard for cliff to understand: al, zeller, psycho t are your interior bigs and marv, hawes, frank are your stretch bigs. NEVER play 2 from the same category for long stretches. simple stuff really…

    980. I think unless Lin back to NYK otherwise no more that Linsanity crazy media period again. I don’t think Lin will stay w Hornets & since he’s just one year deal. He always will be the last one on court… smh!

    981. Yep. Cliff is being micro-managed on Lin’s plays only. I don’t see KW or NB have to look to the court side to get ‘permission’.

    982. Just not credible. Especially coming from B.Scott. Lin was playing ok. His shot was not going in at first. Kemba had a longer leash during the Knicks game and he was horrible. Politics.

    983. I thought Lin played well. He played under control. He didn’t get to play much pg role today.

    984. by whom? Lin haters?

      NO real Lin fan will call him a quitter.

      I know Lin will never leave the NBA until no more contracts, but it wouldn’t be a bad idea.

    985. asians watch his videos.

    986. But he didn’t do much on court today? So just let him showed up to his fans he’s OK?!

    987. Since Lin has declared that he trust Clifford, I also must have faith in Clifford as well until he proves to be as spineless as the lot of you think he is. So now that one game after 2 in which Clifford gave Lin a run to make a case for more minutes and maybe even to start, everyone is calling his head.

      IMO, there is a battle between the coach and the the FO for how the team needs to be run. I believe that CHO or CHO and MJ are wanting their own picks and expensive signings to shine and forcing Clifford to play the “stars”.

      BTW, this has been already been publicly documented between Phil Jackson and Jerry Krause. Krause was so jealous of Phil that he fired Phil because he felt he didn’t get enough credit for the Bull’s success. Krause was warned by Jordan that he’d retire if Phil was let go. The rest is history.

      Lin has been victim already to another power hungry GM in Darrell Morey who hired a coach who is nothing more than a puppet that follows his orders. You can also add BS to a puppet coach to Mitch and Kobe as well.

      Last game I suggested that Clifford was making a statement to CHO and MJ by playing the bench in the last quarter to prove a point. He had let the starters play most of the first half to stick up the place then put in the second unit at the end to win the game. This game was FO making Clifford play their people.

      The recent long blog I wrote about how Lin has had no luck in any organization he’s been a part of since MDA. We have grown used to seeing totally irrational moves by coaches that makes absolutely no sense. From what we have learned from 3 different organizations, we can see with 20/20 in the rear view mirror that each one of them had multiple personal reasons that caused them to make these irrational moves.

      The politics behind the scene is in the shadows but the facts are in the rotations and the noticeable lack of play time for the star of the last 2 games. We’ve seen how GMs would risk even losing Jordan to promote their own pride. Morey also got rid of Lin for the same reason. Mitch and Kobe also got rid of Lin to make sure Kobe was the only star. IMO opinion, it’s not Clifford pulling the strings on Lin’s minutes, it someone in the FO. Clifford wants to win, but his hands are tied. Clifford is doing everything he can to get the fans on his side and it’s working. Clifford is letting the stars enough rope to hang themselves with their bad play. The buzz is calling for Lin to have more playtime. Our only hope is that the FO will finally lose enough to let Clifford run the team his way.

    988. personally, I think so yes.

    989. Oh ye of little faith … SMH

    990. After he hit the shot to stop the bleeding, I felt he started to get going. But he was subbed out. If he played the entire 4q, the outcome would have been different.

    991. I have said what you said here for a while but got hated on for it. I do not believe Clifford is the one hating on Lin.

    992. Exacty what i was thinking and was gonna write, you beat me to it. The bulls were on a 9-0 run til lin hit his shot.

    993. Paul made a lot of the same points I’m trying to make.
      Kemba can get to the place he wants to on the court. Cliff is familiar with Kemba and knows Kemba can run the plays. Lin wasn’t showing he could get to where he wanted to on the floor consistently or run the plays.
      Lin gave up height to Butler or others, so it didn’t make sense to go small.
      Lin is not as good without Zeller.
      On to the next game.
      Lin wasn’t getting to the FT lines, the CHA wasn’t getting the calls.
      Offense was more stagnant with 2nd unit.

      It’s not that Lin played terribly. It’s just it’s hard to sometimes find a spot for Lin when the team is down and the matchups don’t favor his strengths.

    994. troll…lol…you guys are funny….lol

    995. I don’t think Cliff hates Lin but just don’t trust or like the way Lin plays… too free style & just can’t under his control at all. I don’t know what Cliff said to Lin before he signed the contract but I just don’t think they like each other now.

    996. lin was ok on defense. on offense, he had no zeller to run pnr. he just held on to the ball while everyone ball watched. if he passed it, he never got it back. it is what it is. we’ve seen this all last year when he wasnt allowed to pnr with davis. the only problem i see is that cliff doesnt realize lin with a pnr big is much, much, much, MUCH better than with these soft stretch 4/5’s… he sould have played psycho t tonight. and franks mins should come at the expense of hawes.

      i remain VERY confident that once zeller returns, the bench will “magically” dominate again. but it isnt magic to me, instead it’s quite obvious…

    997. I’m not buying it. The Asian market is huge. The sport is dominated by black players so having Euro players and an Asian-American player come in and play well is good for the market. And China with that population and Lin’s popularity. He’s a rock star there. The black stars are still there. When Lin dominated he was all over the place.

    998. Can you please change your avatar. Looking at BS is very upsetting.

    999. Not with Dolan there and NYK is running through Phil Jackson and coached by Derek Fisher. Nope.

    1000. i disagree. without a pnr partner he had no chance to attack the rim. hoiberg learned his lesson and took brooks out after 2 consecutive drives on the midget. the entire team settled for jumpers tonight. it would have been no different if lin was out there, he would be chucking as well…

    1001. Stop.

    1002. There was no difference except the team set picks and ran plats for Kemba, but ignored Lin on the court. Lin can get to the rim just as well as Kemba without getting it blocked like Kemba. Lin did a good job defending Butler, way better than Hairston or Batum. You don’t have to be taller than somebody to defend them.

    1003. I don’t think it is that. Looking at Lin tonight and some other nights, either the second unit looked organized or not. Tonight not so much. Last game and in Minnesota it was. And Lin plays most of the 4Q and a big role in the game. I think too much little picture just Lin and Cliff thinking here. He’s coaching 10 guys in rotations, not just Lin. He looks at how the units, matchups and such go and makes decisions some of us like or don’t.

    1004. seriously? he’s the most comical coach in the nba. you should be laughing at him like i am.

    1005. Fair enough, hear what your saying. But I agree with Grover, that Avatar and the voice does not match.

    1006. I don’t think Lin would have that much touches. He goes in with Kemba, it goes through Kemba and Batum and Al down low with Marvin and him at the corners. Maybe Lin gets a steal and a fast break or something or he inbounds, but Lin wouldn’t have had any huge impact IMO tonight. Better to go with Lamb and hope he can knock down some 3s even though his defense isn’t that great.

    1007. totally….

    1008. Only watched part of the game and for the minutes I watched, Chicago really adjusted their defense tonight to make sure Lin does not go off like the last time by collapsing to him on his every drive to the basket.

      On the other hand, they dared Kemba to shoot the Hornets out of the game. With tonight’s 5/18 Kemba is shooting below 40% again this season. I mean, when you are shooting below 40% in your CAREER and your team just kept losing, one would think any sane person would stop this madness by doing something different. So far I haven’t seen much that suggests the Hornets are more interested in winning than politics.

      Now I know why the bookies in Vegas had the over/under of Hornets’ win total to be in the low 20s. Fortunately, Lin signed a one year deal so he is not stuck in a possibly horrible team. Nevertheless, I am really not optimistic on Lin’s future in the league if he can’t even crack 20 minutes in a Eastern non-playoffs team.

    1009. No real Lin fan would suggest that he leave for the CBA.

    1010. Well then why isn’t Yi or Sun Yue still in the NBA? Why does Lin get called for silly fouls, phantom fouls, and non calls ?

    1011. Wouldn’t mind Lin being a little Curry centric at this time. Hey you change your name at some point?

    1012. Lawsons stats are amazing…: )

    1013. I believe this contract it’s trade off deal. If not for them agreed to let Lin plays his game he would not pick this team. His playing time for 1st half already very shot so I believe what Lin wants it’s 4Q & close game. Today’s very obviously for Kemba’s ISO day.

    1014. yes. lin the jumpshooter isnt the lin you want. lin the attacker is the one you want and he only comes out when he plays with zeller. this should be obvious to all by now. trotting him out there with a garbage non-pnr lineup is setting him up to fail. he NEEDS a pnr big to play with, that’s why he isnt a superstar. but pair him with a pnr big and “all of a sudden” he approaches superstar level and the big “all of a sudden” looks like a beast. coincidence? not even close…

    1015. Except NBA can get money from China regardless of Lin. Last time I checked, Lin’s endorsements money don’t go towards the NBA.

    1016. I just flat out disagree. I think Clifford is feeling things out and trying to win games. Batum is no big name, Lin is probably the biggest name of them all. Lin created a buzz and excitement in that crowd that sounded almost MSG like that I haven’t heard in that stadium before. People want to watch Lin and his spiked hair play.

      Al doesn’t have a “sexy” game nor does Batum. Kemba has some flash but people want to see Lin on the floor playing. There is no reason why Cho or MJ in their positions wouldn’t want Lin to play.

      But beyond that, if Lin can help them win, then I think they want Lin in there helping them win. I don’t even think they’ve talked to Clifford yet that much about personnel or assess personnel. That comes later I think.

    1017. He’s a tandem player. Yes. And folks here want to be against everyone else on the floor because they are stealing Lin’s minutes and there’s some FO conspiracy to keep Lin’s minutes down. If Lin needs a PnR big to look like a superstar, so be it. That doesn’t change that he’s a fun exciting player and fun to watch. It’s just he needs help. And you’re right, the big also looks like a star. Ed Davis is a great example of it.

    1018. They determined to trap him and not allowed lin to get going. Once lin hit that jump shot, I’m sure he can do that again. He has no problem creating the space against rose and the charging center.

    1019. Can MW and Lin get some PnR working?

    1020. They have good help defense. Plus, Charlotte wasn’t getting calls. Lamb got mugged a few times underneath and there were no calls. Lin gets his usual foul calls, then he gets some momentum going. Wasn’t happening this game.

    1021. It’s time to stop thinking like a boxer with 2 punches and think like a ultimate fighter than can use arms, elbows, knees and feet to fight. I believe in Lin to use all the assets properly instead of simple match ups. Matchups are for simpletons. How did Lin make the bench and rookies shine in NYC? Where are those players now with out Lin? He was entrusted by a coach who actually saw that magic. When MDA said”sometimes you just have to let them play”, he meant that Lin was doing things he couldn’t draw up yet. Lin was find people in the right places and feeding the guys who were hot.

      Last year it took Lin till February to finally understand how to play with the Lakers and he went on a string of great games until BS shut him down. Lin will do that eventually even if he isn’t starting.

    1022. Lin the jump shooter ain’t bad. His fg% is really good in close game.

    1023. can he roll to the rim and finish hard? i wanna say he’s not exactly looking for contact. zeller? dude gets flagrants thrown at him, gets busted open with elbows, etc and he keeps on trucking. he may not be the most skilled guy out there, but what he has cant ever be taught: size, athleticism, and heart. on a different note, psycho t has such a high motor, i really dont see why he cant have even a few minutes on court…

    1024. I think Lawson will go to bench soon. That’s what Harden wants…. It’s also weird… I watched last few min Rox vs Den… they didn’t pass the ball to Harden so he had to get the reb to take the shot…?

    1025. Yes, high motor. Volatile sometimes. Is that keeping him off?

    1026. I agree… Lin started to get going but Cliff took him out? Why? Bc his playing time for tonight’s up. smh!

    1027. i disagree, his step back is a work in progress. and even then, you’re talking about jump shots. he needs to get to the rim. layup, floater, drop off to the rolling big, dish to the corner 3, etc that’s linsanity. settling for contested jumpers is falling right into what the defense wants you to do.

      i even think the trap might not work as well if zeller rolls to the rim.

    1028. Do you listen to Paul’s videos? I think Paul explains what happened today and why the coach chose Kemba tonight for so much playing time. It’s not that Paul or I agree with the coach, but his reasons make sense.

    1029. Good answer. So weird they didn’t even put Lin’s interview on their tweet today?!

    1030. Agree to disagree. lin has clutch gene.

    1031. aint bad, but lin pnr is elite.

    1032. I like Paul but I don’t agree or think what he said it’s right every time.

    1033. i think hawes’ contract is the only thing keeping him in the lineup. both frank and tyler should be ahead of him…

    1034. The best way a magician to trick you is he talks and talks and talks and he tells you where to look so he can really do the trick. I watch Clifford NOT listening to him. It does not matter what he said because all I care was what he does. This is where I had more respect for McHale than Clifford.

      The very day Lamb signed the extension, I was the first if not only saying Lamb will close the game and eventually he’ll start. Why did Clifford play Kemba all 1st and 3rd Q today? That’s 5 mins of Lin handling the ball. Why did Lin again today looked at the sideline for play from Cliff? After the Wolves game, he said he wanted to insert Lamb in the 4Q but found Lin played D so well, WHY? Why did he have to try? So Lin was NEVER the plan to close game? The proof was today. Lin was benched no matter how well he closed the game the night before. It does not matter how all other teams saying their concern about Lin being let loose. No it does not matter. This is dirty and lies and the politic from this coach go all the way to the front office.

      Keep your promise or Please trade Lin please.

    1035. Compare Lillard to Lin. Both clutch. How does Lin make an impact compared to Lillard? You’ll find far more jump shots with Lillard. That’s how the team was playing tonight. If Kemba was Lillard, might be a W.

    1036. He’s awkward and makes mind-boggling decisions.

    1037. OK.

    1038. Lin played well and under control. He didn’t have any TO.

    1039. I was also warning people that with Lamb new contract, Lin’s minutes will surely decline…There were some who felt that we needed more time to see and that Lin only play small minute because “they were resting him” since some of the games were blow-out.

      Resting a bench player is simply laughable, so I never understood people who believed that Clifford was simply resting him for a long season…You want to play your bench players during blow out because it is the only time they can get big minutes….Lin doesn’t need rest since he barely break 25minute per game…and Lin is not old like ginobli.

      Do you guys think Clifford was also resting Lin tonight?

    1040. Me too. Thought Cliff knows Lin’s game as Mr.4th qtr, guess not when it comes to Lin.

    1041. Agreed. I think Clifford just didn’t like the way Lin looked and hope Lamb sunk shots so he closed. Lamb’s defense won’t have him closing games. I think he’ll go back to Lin most nights. But Lin doesn’t do enough when he plays with Kemba.

    1042. Anyone can make a record and call himself an expert. Youtube is free to post too.

    1043. Yep. They could have used Lin for defense like they did so many times, though Lin should also be a scoring option too for last shot moment.

    1044. Sooner or later Clifford will be fired. Charlotte want to make the play-off.

      Don’t worry, everything’s gonna be alright

    1045. Clifford is a political time management not a coach. Position by position, he plays you more if you get paid more.

    1046. I agree…Hawes is simply terrible…This guy is 27 but he moves like a 40 year old..way too slow and lambering…Bad pnr partner for Lin.

    1047. I’ve lost the respect for that guy.

    1048. i agree that lamb will probably close out most games. i agree that after lamb “broke out” it’s his minutes to lose. but we just saw a game where both kemba and al didnt close. i dont think this is as black and white as you make it sound. if the 2nd unit of lin, lamb, zeller continues to beast, it would be dumb to not play them more. and considering his job is on the line…

    1049. The true was out today. Lin was not THE POINT GUARD until the second quarter. WHY? Cliff wanted to make Kemba happy from last game, period.

    1050. It seems like you and I and a few others saw this coming before the crowd.

    1051. I don’t think Lamb will close out most games. I think Lin has a very good chance to close most games. Lamb doesn’t have the defense nor does he looks like he is the big time will a team to victory player Lin is. I think Clifford can see that. It’s just that LIn doesn’t get to do that with Kemba on the court when he’s finishing. The combination of Lin having that quality and far better defense than Lamb, I think has Lin finishing out most games or at least the chance to if he asserts himself during closing games.

    1052. y’all have to realize that lin only played 2 games where zeller was setting all the picks for him. and in those games the 2nd unit dominated. tonight had no zeller, so the bad performance was a given. all hope is not lost. once zeller comes back the lin led 2nd unit will dominate once again.

    1053. You did maybe even before me.

    1054. Lin always plays secondary guard with Kemba. Once Kemba sits, Lin runs the point.

    1055. I had made the same point a few weeks ago…The math looks dodgy at this moment….Lamb will get his minutes because the Hornets FO has to justify giving him the big contract.

      Kemba will also get his big minutes, about 32+ because they want him to make the all-star..Kemba also has a big contract that needs to be justify.

      So when you look at it closely, Lin is only guaranteed about 15 minutes..and if he’s shooting very well, he only gets about 21-22minutes…..That’s simply awful.

      I wonder whether Clifford and the Hornets lied to him just to get him to sign, knowing that Kemba had been injury prone….Lin is simply assurance policy in case Kemba gets injured.

    1056. Hope is gone. The true was disclosed. Lamb is the closer. Lin is the last to sub-in and the first out. Lin needs to play like Linsanity to have 25 min.

    1057. After going through 5 teams, with 4 treating Lin horribly because of politics and hidden agenda what’s so surprising if Hornets FO doesn’t think much of Lin? They only offered him 2 Million and bench role. If they were high on him they’d promise he’d be a starter. I highly suspect they signed Lin just so they can market their team better for the China preseason games.

    1058. Thx!

    1059. JLin: “(For end game situation), guys are comfortable playing with each other …
      We’re gonna stay ready … if our number is called

      Jeremy’s last statement in the post-game interview said it all. He clearly wasn’t happy that his number was not called.
      But he knew that coaches didn’t call his number due to the early struggle to get the 2nd unit going despite 2 strong games vs Wolves & MIN.

      He probably realized he’d to continue to start hot in scoring otherwise he wouldn’t get a chance to finish games. Especially as a newcomer & 1 yr rental status, he’d have to score a lot to be given as many chances as Kemba and Lamb who have long-term contracts. The level of trust from Clifford is just not there YET.

      That’s okay. JLin is strong enough so he will regroup and think of ways to get going early to earn the trust to have his number called to finish games.

      The great thing is Hornets went 0-5 in shooting (Lamb, Batum, MWilliams) in the last 2 min and no FTs in the 4th quarter. Bulls had 6 FTs in Q4, which mattered a lot in a 5pt loss. For the game Bulls had 24-31 FT and Hornets merely 10-12. Contrast that with the Knicks and Wolves game where Hornets got 28 and 27 FTAs. They clearly missed Lin’s & Zeller’s presence.
      Eventually Coach will realize they need JLin’s ability to draw fouls & draw defenders to finish games strong. JLamb is just not a game changer like Lin and Harden who can draw fouls at end of games. Jumpshooters will simply stop being effective when they can’t be a scorer.

      No Lin, No Win!

    1060. And if Zeller is down for any significant amounts of game? Lin needs a backup plan. And it ain’t Hawes.

    1061. Yes, because Lamb closed one game and Lin closed 5. Does that really make sense?

    1062. We’re NOT crapping on Lin’s performance. It’s Cliff who didn’t give Lin a chance to play out in the 4th when they truly needed defense. Lin was heating up and got yanked.

    1063. You forgot Batum? Kemba was always out when Lin in but not today.

    1064. well one thing about cliff is that it looks like he likes lamb’s size/length. there’s just no getting around that age old bias. so unless lin plays incredible defense, it’s lamb’s minutes to lose.

    1065. You affirmed it. I was going to give him a longer benefit of the doubt, but once he started PJ. The picture was clear.

    1066. I am looking at what happening. Lamb didn’t even play game 1. Soon the contract done, he’s the team 2 guard. Wake up.

    1067. Whatever, I’m going to sleep.

    1068. I believed in lin abiity to maximize his opportunity on the court but the coaching staff is not desperate enough to win and use lin properly

    1069. That’s the narrative you’ve given yourself. Don’t tell me to wake up. That’s your opinion. Not mine.

    1070. He isn’t even the first to sub in the game. He can only get in when all things failed with Lamb. Without Zeller, Lin really can’t compete with most teams by himself. Perhaps it’s the drawback of being the bench player. Lin from now on has to work on his shot so that he can come in and immediately put points on the score board instead of running the type of plays that he wants to.

    1071. Maybe Cliff does NOT know how. Don’t let his talks fool you.

    1072. Let see which coaches going to get fired first….BS, Mchale, george karl, clifford etc

    1073. lin was not heating up. he hit a layup on midget brooks and hit a step back along the baseline. he didnt get to the rim much, didnt draw fouls, etc. and that’s his game. no zeller, no linsanity… im fine with him sucking without a pnr partner cuz that’s who he is. i’d get worried if he had a pnr partner and still sucked. but he hasnt. and probably wont… cuz that’s who he is…

    1074. Lin looked agitated in his post-game interview. But, he’ll find his center and be ready to give his all on Sunday. He’ll be ready when his number is called. Hope Zeller is back soon.

    1075. yes, they thought they’d go with the hot hands to close games.
      But they’ll find out that Lamb won’t be the guy since he can’t draw fouls. He’s only a jumpshooter and sometimes he can slash. Chandler Parsons is actually 2X better in BB smarts & slashing skills than him

      To win close games, they need players like Lin and Kemba who can get fouls & get to FT line.

    1076. now I can’t imagine when MKG back on the team…will Lin get even 17 minutes PT?

    1077. Unfortunately yes, he’d have to have Jamal Crawford ability to be an instant scorer first then he can orchestrate the offense. Otherwise he runs out of minutes to play

    1078. I sort of agree. The team is doing everything to help Lamb to succeed. Unless Lamb fails big time, Lin doesn’t stand a chance to play significant minutes in this team. That is what most Lin haters hope for. Now the $21m extension makes this a certain thing to come.

    1079. That’s not an opinion, it’s the fact.

    1080. Really, nobody on Charlotte was getting fouls. So many calls didn’t happen.

      I’m not worried about Lamb. I like Lamb as part of Lin’s team. You know, if the coach thinks Lamb can finish games due to his 3 point shooting, then he’ll use him. But I think the coach has a lot of basketball smarts and Lin is a proven 4Q player. Again, the problem is, Lin doesn’t do much with Kemba on the court. That Kemba/Lin tandem isn’t producing. And Kemba closes games.

    1081. then he and the hornets are screwed. psycho t is a band aid solution but he’s not skilled enough or big enough to make an impact. high motor and heart can only take you so far…

      i’d love to see a trade to get rid of al and pick up an extra pnr big…

    1082. When Cliff told the world that he tried to insert Lamb in for Lin but because Lin played D so well, that spoke volume. Lin never was the closer since Lamb signed the contract

    1083. I really hope so. Lin needs his athletic big men to be fully effective.
      If not his shooting better be ready.

      He gets to see his buddy Ed Davis wearing Blazers uniform πŸ™‚

    1084. He played good defense and under control. He just doesn’t have enough minutes to get his game going at a high level. Coach Clifford mentioned that it takes a certain minutes to reach the optimum game level for players. Lin won’t be given that many minutes before Lamb gets his starter minutes.

      Perhaps my wish is for Lamb to start for the team. Lin can work with Hairston better than with Lamb in the 2nd team.

    1085. MKG won’t be back until near the end of the season. We’ll know a lot more by then. It’s a long season. I think a lot of people are forgetting that.

    1086. What else can he say? His face tells all.

    1087. Kemba is so ball-dominant and insecure at the moment. That 2.5 min in the 1st quarter was wasted as Lin was just watching Kemba pulling 1-on-1 moves & be the PG.

      Too bad Clifford doesn’t have Pop-like authority in Spurs to enforce ball movement.
      I hope he designs plays for Kemba/Batum/Lin for end-game situation. Otherwise, they won’t ever click to win big games.

    1088. yeah that was eye opening. however lin closing over kemba means there’s still a chance that there is a bit of a meritocracy. but to be honest the best we lin fans can hope for at this point is 20-30 minutes and him balling out with the 2nd unit. using whatever min he gets to the max. with zeller pnr we have seen that so i remain encouraged.

    1089. I don’t agree. Lin is there to run the 2nd unit. Get assists, keep it flowing, play strong D. But the biggest part of Lin’s unit staying on is the scoreboard. He brings the team back they stay on like they did in Minnesota and against the Knicks. He doesn’t, he goes back to Kemba. Lamb stays on because Lamb is a scoring threat that doesn’t need to touch the ball as much as Lin does to have a big impact.

    1090. I think Lin will be fine on Sun.

    1091. you have to admit tho, he literally said he was looking for a chance to put lamb back in but lin’s defense was so good he didnt. that’s pretty damning if you start out with the premise that it’s lin’s minutes to lose.

    1092. I think so too.
      He always bounces back well because he can figure out the solution quickly.
      He needs to be a Linstant scorer now to earn PT

    1093. That’s the problem. That’s why Lin is coming in so late. I think Cliff’s original plan was that Kemba played with Lin at the end of quarters and they would pose a double threat. But, nothing really happens good when they are on together. And Lin doesn’t do much.

      I think Cliff knows that Kemba/Batum/Lin is the best end-game situation. And really, that Al on the court isn’t. Nor is Lamb.

    1094. Lin not starter? Some still ok.
      Lin is last come in? Oh oh.
      Lin is first come out? Oh NO.
      Lin not the PG when Kemba and Batum on floor? Not good
      Lin not closing game? %^#^
      Lin under 20 mpg…….

      What next will you need to convince you Lin is a bad situation?

    1095. BTW, anyone watched Cliff postgame interview? What did he say about today’s lose? This team is really different… no news or talk on the lose?

    1096. yes.I remembered what lin said before in every win or lost games you learned something.

    1097. No chance, Lin has to play like Linsanity and Kemba has to be really suck based on game by game only.

    1098. You saw it differently than a few of us here. We saw that Lin made two baskets and was playing good defense. With good defense, he was just getting hot so scoring will come w/ his smart plays. Things got ugly when KW ball hogged and hardly passed to Lin and Lamb. When Lin did get touches for a few minutes when KW was out, he was trying to make plays, directing 2nd unit teammates to get into the right spacing for offense, but they couldn’t react fast enough. This may be due to their low bb IQ or having to make chemistry adjustment bc Zeller was out, whatever, etc. But Cliff should have let Lin played through 4th qtr & crunch time. KW, Lamb, Batum, etc. were not getting stops. Period. No defense. No FTs. Period!

    1099. Lin is closing games. He didn’t tonight. It’s a knee-jerk reaction to say he’s not.
      You’ll be right only if he doesn’t the next few games but you aren’t right now.

    1100. I think today’s not Lin’s shot didn’t fall or poor D…. it’s Cliff’s plan… smh! Well, just like the old days in Rox. One good game & when Lin thought everything will be fine from now on…NO NO…As long as he’s not #1 guy in the team, this will just keep repeating…. smh! But he will know what to do… it’s not the first time sure hope it’s the last time.

    1101. Probably not. By that time it’ll be 30 games in or near the end of the season. If they don’t make the playoffs, then he will be glued to bench even more I’d think.

    1102. Hope someone had a nerve to ask why Kemba played all 1st and 3rd Q and Why Lin wasn’t playing to close game?

    1103. I think 2nd unit needs to look organized. That’s his job at PT. And if the shot is there he can score. If he gets guys open looks or is able to penetrate with ease, he doesn’t necessarily have to score himself to be effective. Also play good D. That’s what Cliff wants to see.

    1104. He still does sometimes in this season and he will, but that’s not what he signed up for.

    1105. I’m watching Cliff’s interview. So far it’s all about Batum and the real-life situation of what happened in Paris. Since Batum had a big game even with the horror happening, he may be the subject of many questions.

    1106. MKG might be back in playoff but most likely it will be next year.
      If things don’t change regarding PT & finishing games consistently, Lin is better off finding another team

    1107. totally disagree. he wasnt aggressive at all. no pnr = no aggression. once he had brooks on him he attacked twice in a row. that’s aggressive. then hoiberg put rose in and he became a jump shooter again. without zeller nothing wouldve changed much. take a few more shots maybe but even if he made them it doesnt change the game like when he’s attacking, getting fouls, etc. its night and day how he plays depending on if he has a pnr partner…

    1108. I guess not.. bc no tweet on what coach said… smh! Well, I really don’t think Cliff is good (not bc he did not let Lin close the game or short playing time.) He seems to like old ISO game plan more than Lin’s team ball or free style to me. Really don’t know what he & Lin talked about it before Lin signed the contract….

    1109. Ya! I really don’t know why needs to interview Lin? smh! Why no Kemba’s postgame today? His plan didn’t work….

    1110. You have to be a third string backup to get benched if you missed some shots.

    1111. Kemba does not make news, in fact none of the Hornets does. Nobody would tune in Charlotte if it wasn’t for Lin.

    1112. I hope Lin will be traded by then. Many playoff teams would need backup pg especially one with injuries.

    1113. You’re just second guessing. Don’t you know Lin by now, he’s a rhythm player . He can adjust if given time, but his minutes are being yo-yo ed. How many times we saw Lin played w/ scrubs and he still made them look good. If Cliff played him in the 4th and didn’t do as you said, then I’d would say you have a point. But he was not in the 4th. And yes, he was just heating up and got yanked!

    1114. Exactly. In fact, Hornets is not that popular in Asia either. No matter it’s Taiwan or China. I read one report from Taiwan about that Bulls wants Lin for trade rumor and the reporter seems to like the idea bc Bulls is a famous team. LOL!

    1115. way too much overreaction here. let’s see what happens when cody gets back. then and only then will you see the real lin. i find it hard to believe that cliff will sit lin and cody in the 4th when they both beastin…

    1116. Coach loves Batum. Says it’s only 9 games in but he’s hoping to give him opportunity to use his high BB IQ. Says he likes his reaction time to make good BB decisions. Says rebounding is not a Charlotte strength. They have to improve rebounding. Question about Frank. Said Frank is a good offensive player. Has size and skills and is confident. Not physical enough, defensively needs work to get to the NBA level. Sounded positive on him. Said it took Cody awhile too to get to NBA level. Said, 4 man is important in help defense, like PnR and Frank is aware and learning quickly. Talked of Lamb, said he worked on strength since getting to Charlotte, can pass well and pass off dribble, better PnR player than he thought and drive and quick. Asked if he will get a bigger role, he says too soon to know. Can’t tell till after 30 games or so. And a few games doesn’t determine how it is going to be long term. He repeated starters are good with some firepower off of the bench and doesn’t seem to want to mess with that. No questions about Lin. HE did say that some guys are good in limited minutes but it was general, not about any player.

    1117. And too much pointing fingers at other players and imaginary directives from the front office to keep Lin down. If that’s the case, we’ll find out. But a lot of stuff is coming straight out of frustration that Lin isn’t playing as much as we’d like him to and coming in the game after other guys on the bench.

    1118. helloΒ΄new here on the board..just wanted to share my thought about jeremy lin in this game and the positive thing i got from it is that he penetrated with ease the few times he tried to..negative would be the minutes i get that clifford is still experimenting with the lineups so i would give it 10-15 games or so before people start wanting to curse clifford.

    1119. No questions about Lin. Questions were about Batum, Frank, Lamb. Cliff keeps saying he can’t tell anything after 10 games, needs about 30.

    1120. Thanks for the report. I guess this is from Hornets reporters… So weird, why no one asked him about Lin’s short playing time today?? I guess not allowed… ?

    1121. Still don’t make sense. Lin is Still Better than Lamb: Playmaking, FTs, sometimes Shooting, and D – Lin with Kemba is Better than Lamb/Kemba. Just like I would pick Kemba over Lamb: Kemba/Lin >. Lin/Lamb. Two playmakers or game changers is better than one.

    1122. Lin? some firepower off of the bench and doesn’t seem to want to mess with that.

    1123. If this Lin’s treatment continues, then perhaps he should go to a playoffs team that will give him playing time. But I don’t see too many friendly teams… Hope a miracle will happen somehow for Lin’s sake.

    1124. When I listen to the coach he sounds really intelligent and measured about basketball. He may not see Lin as we do and he may not play as much as we’d like. I don’t know yet. The coach is trying to figure out what he has. He loves Batum and he thinks the starters have been good. The rest is still up in the air as I see it. And remember, Lin was confident in the coach. Lin may not be pleased tonight, but he’ll move on and be ready to play. Big picture. I’ll see what happens by January. I’m not judging the coach now.

    1125. You don’t need to experience on the guy who just won the last two games for you. How about 5 more min in the 4Q and Lin would still only had 22 min game.

    1126. Lin brings a lot of fans. No doubt. Even though it is MJ’s team, no big names. Lin may be the biggest name on the team.

    1127. how is hitting 2 shots getting hot? cmon now, let’s be real here. lin needs the pnr to get him going. i often think him getting an easy layup or him getting fouled, shooting ft’s and seeing the ball go thru the hoop gets him going. but none of that happened tonight. so how was he going to get hot? selfish chucking? that’s not his game. he is an elite pnr player. he had no partner tonight. it’s as simple as that…

    1128. It’s not weird. The reporters were mostly focused on Batum. It makes sense today. It’s not the day to talk about Lin. Last game was, not tonight.

    1129. nope, Cliff implied or alluded 30 more games in his post game. He threw out that number. So that’s a hint.

    1130. It does not matter what they say anymore. Lin must keep it within himself and he only speaks wisely in front of the press. Cliff, he’s a hypocrite.