G82 SAC @LAL Game Thread+Best Coach/Team Poll

Jeremy will not play tonight although he verified that his knee is OK and is ready for 1-on-1 practice during his exit interview.

LA Media mostly acknowledged JLin will most likely leave LA in the free agency although Lin diplomatically leaves the door open for a return. He commented a lot of thing would need to happen for it to come to realization. He seemed confident that there will be other options than staying in LA. Kevin Ding even touched upon the scenario when Jeremy Lin and Mike D’Antoni will be reunited in Denver Nuggets acknowledging the real possibility.

It’s tremendously uplifting for Jeremy Lin fans around the world to hear Jeremy said, “My true fans will be with me until the day I die!” No stronger words can express how much he appreciates his loyal fans

Your Free Agency will soon start. Your true fans will be fully behind you to extend wishes/prayers/hope for a team with the best fit, Jeremy!  😎

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