G82 ORL @ CHA Game Thread

One game after Jeremy Lin was in the total Linsanity zone to power the Hornets to beat the Celtics with a jaw-dropping 21-pts 1st half dominating performance, how would he follow it with a home game against the Orlando Magic?

  • The 19pts/4steals/4rebs/1blk/1asts/10FTs 2nd-quarter by Jeremy Lin to drive 24-1 run might have been a single dominating quarter in Jeremy Lin’s career. In this stretch, the Hornets came back from being down 5 pts (32-37 at 8:08) to take 18pts lead (56-38 at 2:12) in a span of 6 min. JLin had 4 steals in  The Hornets led by 22 pts (63-41) at the end of the 1st half and the Celtics never threatened again.
    • Whether this was helped by the extra scrutiny of the “Too Flagrant Not To Call” viral video on blown non-calls on JLin’s flagrant fouls that could have sent the message to refs to give fair calls or the work of Mr. Lo the massage therapist that has worked wonderfully to treat JLin’s injured elbow/shoulder/ankle, etc., it was a sight to behold to watch how dominating Linsanity can be in the offensive and defensive end. It definitely sparked the whole team to play well and beat the Celtics on their own home-court
    • Will Clifford choose to play hard to win the last game vs Orlando? They have a chance to move up to the 5th seed depending on how Heat, Hornets, Celtics, or Hawks wins

Let’s go, JLin! Let’s hope and pray JLin can heal his injured elbows and shoulders to be ready for the playoff

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Guess JLin's stats in Game 82 vs ORL


  1. Hairsanity!! It is ok to not get the 6MOY…..he is supposed to be a starter anyway

  2. 2nd,again

  3. yeah, 6MOY is just for a scorer off the bench.

    JLin is a starter hidden on the bench capable of leading teams with complete game (pts/asts/rebs + defense) to topple Top teams such as Spurs, Cavs, Raptors while many starting PGs can’t

  4. 3rd is Magic!

  5. Let’s go!

  6. The Vertical ‏@TheVertical 13m13 minutes ago

    Sacramento planning Thursday announcement on firing of coach George Karl. @WojVerticalNBA report on @TheVertical.


  7. Lakers should be next.

  8. will** be next

  9. He’s happy to be outta there

  10. Just like that the season is about over. Wow.

  11. I hate to do it, but I want the Hornets to lose so they stay at #6 and avoid facing LeBron if they make it to the 2nd round. I also want the Heat to win so Hornets don’t have to face the Hawks. Hawks scare me more than Heat. But that’s a secondary concern. Main concern is avoiding LeBron if by chance Hornets advance. But you know the thing I want the most? Houston to lose AND Jazz to win! Also, I’m rooting for Warriors to get their 73rd win so I can witness history being made.

  12. Today what I care the most it’s for King to beat Rox. Just don’t want Rox to make it to playoff.

  13. Harden got 6MOY and became a superstar the following season
    It doesnt make you a bench player permenantly

  14. Hornets barely make the 2nd round so just hope Lin can have good game. If lucky Hornets can face Cavs or Raptors, will be same for Lin since he had good games before.

  15. Charlotte usually struggles against bad teams like this.

    That’s because Kemba Walker hogs the ball and sinks the Hornets.

  16. But Harden has no D….isn’t that the reason Lin stays with bench..? 😛

  17. It’s been a LONG season to me.

    The end is soon – and I’m not sure if even Linsanity can save the Hornets from themselves.

  18. Ya! I have the mix feeling about this 6MOY for Lin… if he really gets it then I hope he can be like Harden to get his own team next….Haha!

  19. Same here. Too bad Jazzs couldn’t beat the clippers even they have rest all their starter few days ago. Hopefully Rockets lose today and Jazzs win!

  20. Harden is lucky bc Rox made him a super star but look at most of the winners for 6MOY… not so…

  21. I can’t wait for the playoff…!!!!!

  22. Any schedule for playoff games yet?

  23. I wouldn’t say lucky. He played really well. You don’t become one of the best players in the league by luck. Everyone knew Harden was gonna be good.
    McHale became a starter after and HOF
    Mike Miller started too
    JR is starting now
    GInobili on and off

  24. Ya! Harden played well but Rox set up everything for him to be a super star.

  25. Some here! Jazz also have to win in order for Rox to be knocked out. So BOTH things have to happen, unfortunately. But Jazz should be able to beat the Lakers.

  26. The rockets gave him the chance to lead a team and he made it
    kudos to him

  27. I hope Jazz win tonight. Just hope NBA & ref will not try to help Kobe to win his last game.

  28. If what he had all belongs to Lin then it’s another story.

  29. the league probavly wants harden to play in the playoffs

  30. That’s what I am afraid… but Rox sure will get more rating than Jazz.

  31. Harden had a number of big games to start off the season and Lin struggled then
    it happens
    they decided harden is better and hes been really impressive since

  32. No. When they signed Harden it’s already made the decision. He’s #1 guy in the team.

  33. Harden has decided Harden is better….

  34. Haha! Even D12 became Lin #2 after Rox… (Thanks to Morey & Harden).

  35. He sure hates Harden so much….LOL!


  36. Thats the thing I fear… They might rig a happy ending for Kobe.

  37. NO… That will make Kobe’s agent very happy. smh! Don’t want this to happen….

  38. Another coach bite the dirt? Karl will get the ax. Lots of openings this coming off season.


  39. Why not wait until after exit interview?

  40. Kings may have a chance since it’s going to be George Karl’s last game as coach of Sac.

  41. Sure hope so.

  42. Divac and Karl don’t want to talk anymore?

  43. Haha! I think so… nothing to talk about it. LOL!

  44. Well it’s a feel good story for Kobes fans. It makes great TV, right? I know a ton of crazy Kobe fans out here. I wouldn’t be surprised if they win. Kobe might go all out on his last game and score big or something.

  45. Ya! It’s home game. But Jazz is fighting for their playoff spot so….

  46. Hoopshabit: Why Jeremy Lin Discussion Always Comes Back To Race

    More thoughtful article actually adding to the conversation rather than many others just parroting one another. Brings up context of the Asian’s being stereotyped at the Oscars.

  47. How do people view Jeff Van Gundy on the Nets with Lin?


  48. A lot of games but still I feel the season has gone by fast.

    It doesn’t matter because I am looking at the excitement and hope. This is playoff, I think Cliff will use Lin a whole lot more. We all shall see.

  49. What’s with Sacramento? Someone actually wants McHale as a coach. After Lakers fire Scott we’ll hear rumors of them pursuing Scott too. SMH


  50. There are more better coaches out there why these three?

  51. He said some good comments about Lin before…. but I don’t see Lin go to Nets.

  52. Probably because they don’t think they can attract good coaches:


  53. Very interesting for Eastern Conference, there’s a chance #3 to #6 will end with the same numbers of W-L.

  54. Oh! No wonder….

  55. Should make for a competitive playoffs.

  56. so they’re looking for someone to kiss Cousins’ booty

  57. Absolutely.

  58. McHale is good at that.

  59. I think so. Maybe also needs him to get the approval.

  60. Ya! Indeed.

  61. lucky for mchale, this time it wont be too hairy

  62. This is the best article to discuss of racism factor in the #TooFlagrantNotToCall video
    Kudos to Ben Gibson to thoughtfully tackle the difficult racism on “Why Jeremy Lin Discussion Always Comes Back To Race” instead of brushing it off.

    Let’s give him some props!

  63. Who will go to the playoff games?

  64. JVG has NY roots same as JLin

  65. McHale’s statement shows how much he hates the beard without naming.

  66. What statement?

  67. the one where he says he liked Curry cause he doesn’t have a stupid beard

  68. I noticed that Lin always has a lot of trouble guarding Oladipo
    This man is gonna be really good

  69. In a way with his dominating play

  70. Oh well, either way it worked for them

  71. And charlotte will be 6th seed because they have done so poorly against those play off teams

  72. Good man but probably not gonna make Lin his first option

  73. Kevin McHale: “Do I miss coaching? Depends on who I’m coaching.”

  74. More national media exposure.

    Alex KennedyVerified account
    Jeremy Lin fans made a video showing Lin hasn’t gotten the flagrant foul calls he should. @JLin7 is certainly tough:



  75. It’s beginning guys/gals. NBA media bloggers/twitters are taking notice of the issue.

  76. Let’s RT for AK. He’s always helpful for Lin.

  77. i like the fact that people are beginning to realize just how tough Lin is

  78. i don’t have twitter, but someone should post/tweet the NBA’s response to his twitter feed.

  79. English version of video us up to 934,242 view
    Chinese version is up to 667,058

    As much as the NBA wants the issue to go away it is snowballing. I find it amusing that the NBA tries to act like they are actively anti-discrimination by threatening to move the All Star game due to the North Carolina law when they deny and fail to recognize, acknowledge discrimination in their own organization.

    Kind of like the person who accuses others of farting to shift blame when they the one that did the farting.

  80. I don’t mind them getting sweep by Warriors and also lose the first round draft pick.

  81. good. i want the blind chinese kobe fans to realize what a horrible person kobe is. he is a mentor to melo and i would bet anything the two conspired to injure Lin with vicious hits. the clotheslines and uppercuts aren’t allowed in ANY SPORT and yet these two got away with it

  82. Perhaps they should play Cody with the bench. Lin will get him the ball. He started out really hot the beginning of the season with BF1 and BF1 was better with him. Put Jefferson back with the starters, maybe he can help them not create a big hole to dig out of in the first quarter:



  83. Sports Radio Show hosts are picking up on this:

  84. Ed Davis made the list too. he needs Lin

  85. Hope this will improve in playoff.

  86. Guys/gals, I feel little bit sad that tonight will be the last game of the season. It has been a roller coaster year for our man. But it still has been really nice having you all here to chat and share our joy and sorrow of Lin’s journey. My first time posting was here. So wishing that Lin will be Magic tonight and we’ll talk some more in the playoffs. Ok!

  87. I would think players would be a little hesitant to make a hard hit on Lin knowing everyone is paying close attention now because players don’t wan’t to be labeled racist. Also refs will be more cognizant of their calls also not wanting to be labelled biased. For now I think they are trying to be on their best behavior. I think this helps Lin because that first playoff Houston vs OKC they seemed to intentionally hard foul him causing him to miss games with a chest contusion. That seems less likely to occur this year.

  88. Maybe Lin can team up with Davis on the 76ers. Lin has probably told MDA about how good the chemistry with him is. Davis would probably still be 2nd team as they already have Embiid and Noel but would be a great backup when those players rest.

  89. It is a fair and objective article.

    The last sentence, “Maybe this has nothing to do with race, but with Jeremy Lin, it almost always does.” If you change the context a bit, with 90% NBA players are white and switch the name to John Wall, damn it is something to do with race.

  90. Yep. I’d never forget Selfosa did that to Lin and Durant intentionally touched/nudged Lin in the area where he was hurt.

  91. Gotta mention this again. I smell trouble in Phily. A bunch of immature kids. I am really not sure if I wanna see Lin with the 76ers. I actually prefer the Spurs instead.


  92. Yes, hat off that video creator. Now it’s spreading wider and out of control despite the NBA and elite media like ESPN trying to ignore it. Seem like the public is well aware of what’s going on.

  93. I shift when I fart to direct the dispersion vector.

  94. Talented kids but need leadership and adult supervision. Lin is perfect.

  95. 76ers needs a leader on and off the court. Lin would fit it perfectly.

  96. He’s talented and play off the ball well. Who cares what he does to his rental? The owner now will get pay 10X more than the actual damage.

  97. Last game. It dose not matter #5 or 6. Lin is a game changer, not a stats “padder”. Rest Lin for the playoffs.

  98. Within a month Noel will be doing bible study with Lin and clean up his act. The team just must support Lin as the leader of the team.

  99. Embiid is the answer. He and Jeremy will be a joy to watch

  100. I remember how Lin would keep in touch with the players sent down to D-league encourage them to develop and come back. That is a leader.

  101. Not only Noel, Okafor too. And you really think players will listen to Lin about the off court issue?

  102. They should. Especially that elbow.

  103. If Hornets plays Hawks in the first round. I wonder which team this Atlanta tattoo girl would cheer for.


  104. If he is supported by the team as the leader rather than marginalized by a no character prima dona like Harden. Also these guys are young and have been beaten so often they don’t have big head egos like the Melo’s and Harden’s and Cousin’s. Especially when he’s the floor general and passes to them for easy buckets making them play better.

  105. At the hive posters has no clue why Lamb regressed as a basketball player?The simple answer was Lin,Lamb was playing great basketball when he was playing along with LIn,he just started to regressed when he started to play for himself thinking that he can do it without a great facilitator.

  106. Lol. With that kind of attitude, you think Noel and Okafor will accept Lin is a general and being a good teammate as a team. As Gregg Popovich mentioned, character of the players is very important for a GOOD team.

  107. NY sure miss Lin a lot…. he’s a Hornets now but this still make it to NYPost. Haha!

  108. Total agree. Each time Lamb rebound the ball he went coast to coast unless Kemba was on the floor.

  109. Why is she from Atlanta?

  110. i think she said she is from Atlanta in the video comments.

  111. And he get lost on defense very often. But his length make up a little bit of his below mediocre defense. And that’s the reason Clifford don’t wanna play him even Hornets gave him a new contract. I have a feeling Hornets might wanna trade Lamb this off season.

  112. Or was it Atlantis?

  113. Young and stupid. Look what happened to Russell with Swaggy as friend and mentor. Team needs high character guys, veteran leadership. Probably why new GM emphasized that in the first press conference. Stuff that doesn’t snow up on a spreadsheet. Flaw in Morey / Hinkie analytics.

  114. He might not be a clean person to live with but it has nothing to do with what he does at work.

  115. Agreed!

  116. yes. Lamb tried to control the ball and forgot Lin kept passing ball to him whenever he was open.

  117. He would take a bad shot over a double team before thinking passing the ball.

  118. Pls check out Rick Johnson replied.

    And here is the video of Popo below.

  119. Please tank this game Clifford! 5th seed is the worst seed of all!

  120. Why?

    Don’t think he wants to tank this game if so he should rest all his key players but NO…

  121. as a 5th, you probably have a very long grueling series against the 4th seed and if you happen to get through that series, the #1 seed will be lying in wait…tough road to get to the finals.

  122. they will prolly trade him,and try to persuade Lin with a better contract,but they made a mistake of paying him early.

  123. I remembered when he”s getting alley oopps and crisp passes from Lin w/ his laser shooting and then he took matters into his own hands….stupid player!

  124. #8 Detroit holding 2-1 match up with the Cavs this season and they will meet again tonight. Detroit has their bigs can overcome LBJ pulling an offset.

  125. Yup. The offer the contract a little bit too early.

  126. So looking at the odds, most likely Miami vs Hornets (3 vs 6) and ATL vs BOS (3 vs 4)


  127. The weakest team that Hornets can face in the playoff with their standing will be the Celtics,they need to win to carry that mentality and consistency in the playoff.

  128. They will have to try for McHale. Hope Cousins punches him.

  129. Sometimes statistics lies. Never say never.

  130. Don’t lie, just give you the chances. Casinos make a living on statistics.

  131. …and most of the times wrong.

  132. Miami is known to be a great team during play off but w/o Bosh and unlikely 100% Wade,I like their chance rather than playing against Atlanta

  133. yea i agree but it also is the least likely

  134. LOL! They all knew that they if they do coach the kings, they will all end up with the usual Demarcus Cousin and get fire.

    Once again it prove the character of the players is very important for a team and coaching.

  135. I meant the usual Demarcus Cousin drama.

  136. That’s what my colleague said. I do agree. And also if they go through to 2nd round, TOR or IND won’t be as tough as CLE. Might not be a bad thing being 6th seed.

  137. yep

  138. How about Lin?

  139. If we do play the heats, the coach have to draw up a plan to get Whiteside in foul trouble early. Otherwise we will get kill on the boards….

  140. Haha! I now really hope Mc gets this job ASAP. LOL!

  141. Cliff needs to play Lin as a starter if they play against Miami since Whiteside will be coming of the bench

  142. Last regular game and I will likely miss it unless American Air offers free WIFI on board.

    I will be thinking about the game and friends here as I fly to CA. If Lin does play, hope he has another great game. Go Lin.

  143. Just rest Kemba, Lin, Batum and tank.

  144. Maybe we can use Al to get Whiteside in foul trouble? Whiteside is long but not quite strong enough.

  145. Agreed. And Al too.

  146. If someone can frustrate him since he’s like Cousin’s lite,I think that’s a better strategy.

  147. Well if after that video refs are calling JLin’s drives fairly he can get Whiteside in foul trouble. He did that with Bradley.

  148. Lol. True. Then Tyler Hansbrough will be the perfect fit for that job.

  149. Yep…Give him 3-4 hard fouls and he will explode like a volcano…LOL

  150. I am surely hope so. Since the video is snowballing, I think Lin will get the call he deserve.

  151. Pls check mine above. Young living messy is not bad behavior or criminal. Why do people already convicted that young man for being sued for property damage? $75K for dirty carpet, 1 window screen, rock decoration, roach?

  152. …and you want to give them more clicks?

  153. I want it because harden got max just after that. Just sayin’ … you are probably right.

  154. that I agree!

  155. Actually to a certain degree I agree with this article. JLin is the XFactor and it all depends on which Jeremy shows up. I realize how he is used within the flow of the game does make a difference but a fair amount of it is all on him

  156. That’s what I’m saying they’re watching the game but they don’t understand the context of the game…lol

  157. Yea. I shouldn’t visit their site anymore.

  158. Pay $10 for wifi

  159. With all the inconsistencies of playing time,roles and rotations, Lin still broke records in Charlotte,Give him the DAMN Ball!!!!!

  160. I think Philly will wait until the playoffs are over to replace Brown with MDA. Too much “heat” right now, but once people have moved on to something else, they’ll pull the trigger. At earliest: conference finals or NBA finals.

  161. Lin is a XFactor for sure. But his strength is not about shooting and scoring like many so call NBA Stars. His strength to make people around him better by running a good offense. Taking what the defense give him even if it mean his teammate end up shooting the ball. To me, ATH is writers are just one of those “Box Score’ Fans to me.

  162. Thanks for the acknowledgement. I will pass the message to the team:-)

  163. Agreed. After all that father and son drama, they need to cool down first. I was actually surprised to see a lot of 76ers fan support Sam Hinkie.

  164. Before Lin joined Hornets, I’ve never had any interest in Hornets. I’m sure I’m not the only one here. Once Lin leaves Hornets, Lin fans, media attention, and international media coverage will follow Lin and Hornets will be forgotten… Just a thought.

  165. Ok. Then what about Okafor? Is this serious enough?

    Noel isn’t the first Sixers’ forward to have off-the-court issues brought to light by TMZ. The website posted videos in November and December of Okafor’s involvement in at least one altercation outside of a Boston nightclub. Okafor was suspended for two games in December because of the incident and other non-basketball issues, including a reckless driving citation.

  166. Not sure if Hornets will be forgotten but if Lin left then I will not follow them for sure.

  167. before Lin joined, nobody even knew what the Hornets were.. cus they were the Bobcats 😀

  168. If they intent to fire Brown they would do it as soon as the season over. The rebuild process is already underway.

  169. Former Ref Nunn ruled on the Celtics play where Lin was given an offensive foul. It should have been a ‘defensive’ foul.


  170. some ATH writers can see JLin’s values and contribution like Daniel Coughlin
    Most only see Lin as backup PG to provide sparks.
    Not realizing Lin’s outperforming his $2.3M salary many times over, definitely more values than Lamb’s $7M/year salary

    Charlotte Hornets bench runs wild in Boston against Celtics

  171. How the heck were we able to convert Nunn to a lin fan? G-d bless that man

  172. Thanks @Psalm for creating this blog and allowing Lin fans to aggregate and share. Thank your for your humbleness. Many Thanks to JAD, Jenny & KP Chan again. We can’t thank you enough for your hardwork. We Lin Fans are grateful for helping Lin’s cause. https://twitter.com/JLinPortal/status/720356169831698433

  173. Ya! That pretty much cover it all. LOL!

  174. Finally, the last game in regular season is coming….


  175. He’s just objective.

  176. aww, don’t make me blush here :]
    I just need to clarify since Nate thought it was me but it’s all hard work by JAD, Jenny & KP (#TeamFlagrant)
    They deserve the full credit for sure.

    So many good Lin fans like JLin Garden club, twitter #GlobalLinFam doing good work out there
    For our forum, all mods and good posters work so hard to make this place a positive environment.

    Hopefully that helps in any way to encourage faithful Lin fans to create something wonderful like the viral Flagrant video if we don’t get distracted by excessive bickering that can kill a forum.

    I’m still amazed by how viral the video gets. 942K views today!!

  177. yes, he calls it as it is

  178. Archive this comment for Video #2

  179. Mike D’Antoni has been friends and worked with the Colangelo’s since 1980’s – 35 years – they are so close that it’s possible that Coach Brown is not even in the loop on the off-season personnel discussions between MDA & Colangelos.

    Agree, one day soon we will hear that Brett Brown wishes to return to Australia to be closer to family and friends.

  180. They should look at college coaches like Boston getting Stevens instead of re-tread NBA player / coaches.

  181. I watched Miami game last night and Joe Johnson had a Linsanity 4th Quarter nearly 20pts he was unstoppable and if they also get Bosh back they would be dangerous.

    If that is the case then only JLIN starting many games would the Hornets have a chance.

  182. Ok guys/gals, this quote is directly from Lin that he wants to start. Once and for all let the debate on this end. Here’s an excerpt quote from today’s article 4/13/2016, “Jeremy Lin believes he is part of “something special” with the Charlotte Hornets”, by Mark Suleymanoy.
    LIN: “Does that mean I don’t want to start or whatever? Everybody wants to start and be the man, me included.”

  183. The Colangelo’s and MDA at the Pheonix Suns were all about accountability and character.

    Sam Hinkie was oblivious and subsequently aloof to the off-court shenanigans of his young players and made Brett Brown do the explaining.

    That won’t happen going forward under new regime.

  184. Beyond me how anyone can claim that JLIN is satisfied on the Bench… there is no quote in existence from JLIN saying that is his preference. Whoever claims JLIN is satisfied with Bench is being patently dishonest.

    This video also from 2 1/2 months ago: 0:42 on Vid

    Reporter: “Do you prefer your role being like a starter or bench for this team?”
    JLIN: “Every player wants to start”

  185. Now a must watch.

  186. Love him or Hate him…. it’s his last game….So tonight will be really Kobe’s show. He can take as many shots as he wants but just let Jazz win the game!!!


  187. Only the local Hornets bloggers want him to be satisfied coming off the bench for cheap discount.

  188. That’s always the case. When does he ever change his goal????!!!! Only “some” fans believe he should remain to be bench player.”

  189. Nop some of his “fans” even in this site said the same thing as well.

  190. Just like I said in the game thread, an obvious blocking foul. I really wonder how the ref thinks he can get away with that stupid call.

  191. can’t wait. last game of the season is like clutch time. that’s when Lin is at his best!

  192. I guess each has their own opinion. But he plays for God and God didn’t bring him all this way, this whole journey to be a backup PG in some small city.

  193. I think they don’t believe he will be able to get starting job w high salary.

  194. Once and for all as well, I don’t think fans don’t want him to start. We want him to start. We just don’t want him to start for starting’s sake as in Lakers, maybe Sixers aka tanking teams. The man wants to start but he also wants to win. Between having a chance at the playoffs and starting for a 15- win team, I think the choice is debatable, even for Lin. That’s all. For me at least, I have never said I don’t want him to start.

  195. Sixers are not a Tanking Team.
    A tanking team wants to LOSE, tanking team does not hire 2 Colangelos, Mike D’Antoni, free agent veteran Elton Brand then FIRE Sam Hinkie

    Sixers are a RE-Building team who wants to WIN.

  196. I find it odd too that out of nowhere he became Lin’s fan.

  197. Ok whatever you want to call it. Until last season they were unabashedly tanking. I could throw as many quotes in here about Lin hating to lose and wanting to win. Until recently a lot of the so called fans in here didn’t even want the Hornets to make the playoffs when Lin was bubbling over with excitement about it. Sixers will have to prove to Lin that they can rebuild enough to win.

    And HE will make his decision, not you, me or anyone else in here. He’s not even thinking about it yet. I bet he will surprise us all.

  198. Yascar please add melodyting3 in your Twitter so that I can add you in the Team Fragrant group. Thanks!

  199. That would be ME, but only because I think Lin is better off not sharing the court with Kemba Walker’s terrible ballhogging.

    Even the worst Lin haters know that Jeremy Lin should be a starter in the NBA based on ability alone.

    For the Asian guy, starting was never about production or ability.

  200. See how Lin draws audience, hahaha. Hopefully, the rating is viewers’ audience is as equal or higher than Kobe’s last game of his career. The media has been hyping Kobe’s last game all day…

  201. Until you can show me a quote from JIN that he prefers bench then all the talk about wanting to stay in CHA as bench backup to Kemba is suspect and less relevant than our theory which is backed up by JLIN’s own words.

    If Ishmael Smith can lead 10 wins with a ragtag group of Philly youngsters, then JLIN can lead 35-40 in his first season. Sixers don’t need to prove anything, JLIN is brought in to prove he can lead wins.

    Hornets will miss playoffs next season without Marv and JLIN.

  202. “My time to shine.” – Kemba

  203. Cody also got hammered a lot….

  204. LOLOL You’ve got it right.

  205. I did, thanks!

  206. Quote me and tell me where I said I can find a quote that he wants to stay on the bench. Of course that isn’t his goal but his goal is to win too, equal to starting. A team that is not capable of winning is a team that may not get as much consideration as some fans here might think. But J Lin will control his own destiny and has the playoffs to get through yet.

    Until you can show me a quote right now that says he wants to play for the Sixers next season, this conversation is worthless.

  207. Ok. Just add you in Team Fragrant. Please check whether you can access to the group.

  208. I presume Mike Laney is a local Hornets fan. If he is, glad he speaks up. Hornets fans have only seen Cody hammered, but now they can compare against Lin’s case who got hammered continually above the shoulders. They didn’t know that Lin has been suffering poor officiating for 4 years+. Hopefully, the NBA have put the refs on notice so they will officiate Lin more fairly from now on. If not, Lin fans will have another video made.

  209. No the conversation is not worthless (worthless perhaps for Hornets first fans who seek to keep JLIN as the perpetual backup to Kemba on CHA bench) — for JLIN fans it is a WORTHY topic of speculation, contemplation & discussion on a JLIN Centric Fan Blog Board.

    JLIN has never said he won’t play for a losing team as long they are not purposefully tanking, with the moves Sixers have made and continue to make – obvious they are no longer tanking.

    JLIN has only ever said that he doesn’t want to play for a Tanking team (e.g. Lakers under Byron Scott)

  210. Melody,
    I’ve been posting and keeping track of all Lin’s related videos, articles, twitters regarding Lin’s Flagrant Fouls on the Sticky Note. Please check there if you need info.

  211. Sacramento letting Houston into the playoffs?


  212. Ya Cody’s nose always looks messed up.

  213. I am not a Hornets first fan and I am disappointed that you are calling me as such. This conversation is worthless because you’re putting words into my text that aren’t there. You’ve done it before and you can go on doing it but it doesn’t make it true.

  214. What? Why they need to help Rox? NBA asked them to do it? smh! I guess NBA wants Rox in the playoff more than Jazz.

  215. Oh my GOODNESS. ESPN Tom Haberstroh in-depth analysis on JLin’s lack of calls (no Flagrant in 813 fouls!)
    #TeamFlagrant have arrived. Congrats!!!!


  216. Nice find, the momentum continues…

  217. Congratulations. This is HUGE.

  218. I did not see this poster anywhere here so enjoy and if it has double enjoy


    Latest Buzz: Top 10 Moments of the Year

    I really like number 1.

  219. So HAPPY to see this!!!! ESPN, now NBA take NOTICE NEXT!!! This should be part of our future evidence to submit to the NBA Officials if need be.

  220. excellent! but wish he’d used the clip where kobe fouled Lin instead of Wesley

  221. Wow.

    This is the first time ESPN has ever done something positive about Lin.

  222. The Kobe foul is in there.

  223. 20 mins to game time

  224. ahh. my bad. i wasn’t really paying attention til the end lol

  225. Next day “Sorry Tom you are fired”

  226. 20 minutes = 20 points

  227. Good enough but not satisfied…lol

  228. You ruined my sandwich lol

  229. that would be 20 points from free throws..

  230. Atta boy, jlin… swing ur ___ around…

  231. Team Fragrant Task Force will take this in note.

  232. Yeah, it worked so well that when Lin left, this is what Harden is leading them down the road to!

  233. Wohooooo….refs are also Lin fans now?….hmnnnn

  234. can i join Team Fragrant? i smell lovely too! just kidding lol

  235. LOL .. “Tom, you committed a Linconceivable flagrant!”

  236. Great! Thanks! I will inform the team to look it there when they are ready to write and do another vid.

  237. Its HAPPENING!!!

  238. was gonna post the exact same thing! OMG!

  239. Mda and Jlin sitting in a tree, w-i-n-n-i-n-g

  240. Thanks for the reminder! Thanks for keeping all updates there. We will need all these when we are ready to do the next piece. For your info: I’ve informed the group.

  241. ok- a lot of detractors have been arguing that when you look at his drive numbers and foul called percentage JLin sits at the average but this is a pretty strong argument put forth here by an ESPN guy

  242. WOW! Great news! More are coming.

  243. Jeremey with the start!

  244. 3333333333333

  245. 333333

  246. Hmnnnn???!

  247. Lin is starting? So we actually trying to win this?

  248. that was actually pretty by Kemba

  249. great drive by Kemba in transition w/ spin move

  250. Our bigs is terrible. Avoid hawks at all cost

  251. yes.. teams with big men will make the Hornets life hard

  252. if we win this we play Hawks?

  253. No heat i think

  254. Great teamball so far.
    Everyone is touching the ball

    Just need better D

  255. so that’s why Lin is starting lol

  256. More like impossible

  257. Kemba is playing w/in the flow?Am I dreaming????hmnnnn

  258. Great penetration by JLin… even better delivery to Lee who hit and open 3!!!

  259. Its tough though Lin has a hard time with miami. But team has a hard time against scoring bigs. Lin will have to find a way

  260. he wants to win 🙂

  261. Hope this will carry to the playoffs

  262. 222222

  263. aww he stepped on line

  264. 33333333

  265. I can’t believe I’m seeing Lin playing PG and Kemba plays SG
    Pinch me!

  266. Wow Lin 333333

  267. Game almost over lol

  268. 3333333333333

  269. Lol

  270. from Kemba, that’s rare!

  271. Cliff been saving that for the playoffs?

  272. Great team ball so far

  273. Lamb in. good to see. Lin rest so he can play with the bench

  274. Lin is completely different as a starter — he’s a Top 5 PG.

  275. Ssshhhhh don’t jinx it lol

  276. Kemba and Lin play like dual PG now .. Excellent!

  277. Maybe that’s the formula for playoff..?

  278. Lamb refused to pass to Kemba lol he thikn he’s point guard

  279. Lin got hot hands and then benched?

  280. He has to play with the bench.

  281. Someone has to PG for 2nd qtr

  282. First time since preseason. Won’t last though. Kemba wants his personal glory in the playoffs. This game is meaningless, so he’s probably just trying to stay healthy.

  283. It’s a blowout 😀

    They probably want to stagger

  284. Come on, he needs a break.

  285. it’s cool. he’s got his 8 points already. gotta give the other guys a chance too!

  286. They will hang around. Hornets just never blow out people unless lin goes ham

  287. Maybe he’ll behave since he wants to win in playoff.
    Let’s hope so

    To think this comes in Game 82 :[

  288. lets win a championship ring

  289. His jumper is elite when he touches the ball regularly. Doc knows what he’s doing. Too bad Cliff doesn’t!

  290. Lin is going to start 2nd quarter to play as PG.

  291. Pinch me too! How did this happen!? Never mind….very happy about it. GO LIN!

  292. I think it’ll happen once when they’re down 2-0 or 3-1. And then back to Kemba Ball.

  293. he better cause last time Cliff didn’t manage Lin that well. Played him like 30 minutes straight with no break

  294. I’m liking Al when he dunks.

  295. Is this guy’s source reliable?

  296. Lin blow them out the 2nd quarter then rest for garbage time the 2nd half.

  297. Nah, showcase for MDA/Philly/Brooklyn! He won’t be allowed to shine in the playoffs anyway.

  298. Think that was because Batum was injured early in 2nd half.

  299. The Hornets look unstoppable with this combo of starters + bench

    Kemba+ Lin then Kemba+Al
    We’ll see Lin+Lee in 2nd quarter?

  300. Clifford , please rest KW for the playoffs too.

  301. Yes Sir. Just an expression. Statistics changes per circumstances. Characters don’t.

  302. Good block Lamb !

  303. Kaminisky blew it!

  304. is Batum out for rest of season?

  305. KW passing a lot today.

  306. Clifford, please play Kema non-stop.

  307. Really liked Kemba’s play in the 1st quarter. Was getting teammates involved and not forcing anything. And it was amazing seeing JLin and Kemba sharing PG duties

  308. Sprained ankle. supposed to be minor should ready for playoffs.

  309. he’s playing more like a point guard today but i think he will shoot a lot later.

  310. am i dreaming? kemba playing teamball? and cliff resting lin so he can lead 2nd unit?

  311. What JLin did right to start the game is to not waste possession
    – Find open teammate w/ wide-open shots
    – Make open shots
    – apply so much pressure

  312. Miami blowing out boston 33-11

  313. nahthey said he was fine

  314. and the fact that Lin started too. I wanted this all season but it’s only being done when playoffs coming.

  315. ajhhhh… i dont want them to be 5th seed …

  316. BOS still upset about that loss.

  317. JLin 8pts/2asts/3rebs +13 in ONLY 8 min
    3-4 shooting, perfect 2-2 from 3pt-land

    His starter stats is looking GOOOOD 🙂

  318. Wait if they lose and we win who do we face

  319. Good teams will quickly shut the Hornets down if Kemba plays that way. May have worked with weak teams in the league.

  320. After tonight and 13 games of starting, his starter numbers will look ELITE

  321. Al is peaking up in the right time

  322. Nop when Batum is out. When Batum is back, JLin will be back to bench.

  323. Wow Al and Lamb connection

  324. Good for our #HiddenStarter campaign later 😀

  325. Al with the great pass

  326. Now Lin to Al ..dunkfest !!!

  327. we outplaying them

  328. Al is on fire

  329. Lin whipped the Celtics so bad they still haven’t recovered. They are still in a stupor MIA 35 BOS 13

  330. LOL … Lin with a smart penetration and timely pass to Big Al’s DUNK!

  331. looks like we will face the hawks

  332. Is it Miami?It should be Miami right?

  333. So at this rate the hornets will get the 5th seed and play Atlanta in round 1

  334. Heats 33-13 Celtic. WoW

  335. Miami is the 3rd seed and is up by 20 on boston

  336. That’s tough either way..,

  337. As #4 vs #5?

  338. i think heat is better then the hawks. Our big will have to step up.

  339. Its good in that the travel between cities will be super easy, no jet lag

  340. Hornets guards have trouble with Whiteside.

  341. Big Al’s post-move will be HUGE in the playoff if he can keep it up

    But if it’s Heat, Whiteside will be tough

  342. Yup heat are always hard on Lin

  343. I guessed so too.Hawks is just a handful and they already have a taste to play in the Conference final so that’s tough

  344. lol jump ball

  345. Lin is playing it lightly

  346. that reaction from the girl sitting in the crowd

  347. yes

  348. Should have dunked it!

  349. Setting up other guys, get them going before playoffs.

  350. That’s a good strategy,building up their confidence

  351. Lamb especially needs to find himself. Totally lost of late.

  352. Actually might work out. If Lin keeps playing like this and schools Teague and Schroeder like he did Isiah Thomas Lin will be a top PG target in free agency.

  353. seeing too much of lamb for my liking

  354. Kings conceding their game with 3rd stringers. Have to settle for GSW blowout sweep of Rox.

  355. it is messy

  356. Lamb is just awful defensively

  357. maybe we tanking now to play against Miami

  358. Daniels will have to take his minutes

  359. Miami is dangerous in the playoffs. Spo, Wade, refs on their side.

    ATL or slumping BOS is better. Without homecourt, I don’t see CHA beating anyone.

  360. Should give it some serious thought

  361. He’s just lost,I hope this game will get him going but in playoff coaches usually used 8-9 players only

  362. Why? that’s the worst.

  363. Coach Lin gave approval to Troy’s big 3 with butt-slap 🙂

  364. Lamb probably won’t play at all in the playoffs

  365. I hope they’ll pull an upset in the playoff,it’s a slim chance but possible..

  366. need more of lin and troy together in the 2nd unit

  367. honestly, i hope it turns out that way. much rather have troy out there with lin

  368. Hawks bigs are just so much better than the Hornets

  369. Kemba shooting more now but bricking them all

  370. Hornets can get into second round if Lin starts as pg. But Clifford will take a harder route and risk the chance.

  371. can we even play against BOS first round?

  372. I hope for an upset it’s a slim chance but possible

  373. They can go to the ECF with Lin in Kemba’s place. But instead, he’ll stand in the corner for Kemba Ball.

  374. That’s what I am afraid of,if he can manage Kemba time to 8mins per Q,they will have a chance.

  375. Not if they lose, I don’t think.

  376. I didn’t think the Hornets could beat the Celtics in Boston and 2nd game of a B2B especially since they’ve never beat them all season. But things seem to be clicking for Lin now.

  377. Can’t believe this! why are they trying to win? Celts are tanking to avoid the Hawks since they match up better against the Heat. There’s no home court at stake here! Not sure if Hornets match up better against the Heat or the Hawks though?

  378. Nooooo, what are they doing . Avoid the Cleveland bracket lol 🙂

  379. He’s already in the playoff mode and he plays better when the game is on the line.

  380. honestly i think they would have a harder time against the Heat. Heat this season have been very dangerous

  381. pick your poison basically.

  382. If we lose we face miami

  383. I think so too. Hawks are the easiest

  384. miami is 3rd seed ?

  385. yup

  386. Whiteside, Wade, Dragic, Joe Johnson. The team is stacked.

  387. up by 23 on celtics

  388. I see, they own the tiebreaker over Hawks

  389. yups

  390. I still think Raptors in round 2 is easier than Cavs in round 2

  391. I forgot about Joe! He’s been a secret weapon for them. Very clutch.

  392. More like he’ll be coaching the little league basketball camp.


  393. Even Stephanie Ready thinks Hornets should lose this game to avoid the Cavs…

  394. I think Hornets would match better with Hawks. They lost to Hawks only 3 pts in first two games (kw missed the final shots in both games).

  395. 16 wins. lol last earth won 21 and tanked the last 15

  396. lol ha

  397. I see, they wanna tank some more … ok then

  398. Play the heat

  399. Hawks play at a very fast pace. I think they will kill our bigs.

  400. Doesn’t matter… clifford is playing walker ball… jlin is out next year, clifford did his job getting into playoffs, so everything from now is just icing on the cake… now, if he wakes up and gives jlin the keys, they will go to the finals…

  401. Personally I don’t care much of that organization. Whatever!

  402. SMH. This organization is letting the league pass them by.

  403. He is still thinking to coach…..LOL

  404. I want JLin to play well against the Hawks. Teams have been so hot for Teague and Schroeder I want JLin to blow them out of the water. Would greatly increase his free agency market value.

  405. Wade and Spo are battle tested, and bosh

  406. agree

  407. Rather take fave cavs and heat later on after some confidence in the playoffs

  408. To worry about that bridge, Hornets have to first get there…

  409. Kemba rested

  410. via ESPN — Heat 62, Celtics 38 (halftime)

    Boston’s lackluster effort exemplified late in first half as draft lust Justise Winslow hauls in two offensive rebounds then drills a corner 3-pointer as boos rain down.

    Celtics and Heat trending towards first-round series that will open in Miami as Boston is set to plunge to the No. 6 seed.

  411. Oh, you dont mind cavs in round 2

  412. Lin too relax

  413. I think they heard you Alain,they need to drop this game

  414. 222222

  415. I get it, I just think the teams in 3-6 are essentially on the same level so hornets can beat any one of them

  416. good assist

  417. Lin “STRAIGHT to the rim all season long!”
    “Doesn’t take no for an answer”

  418. That is IF the Hornets can even get past the first round. It’s not like the Hornets have any sort of championship aspiration with Clifford seemingly allow Kemba ball to happen most of the time. As it stands now, I will be surprised if they win more than two games in the first round unless something drastically changes.

  419. lol, stephanie ready making the case on air to drop to stay at 6

  420. I can’t blamed her

  421. Cliff wants to win this?

  422. yup, i completely agree. its about the path

  423. Lin being trapped and making the right pass

  424. Stephanie Ready talking about staying in 6th again!

  425. raptors in round 2 > cavs in round 2

  426. Lol are we tanking for the 6th spot

  427. Lin delivered the ball to Frank inside who got fouled.
    2 FTAs but we won’t see the assist in the boxscore :[

  428. Looks like it

  429. at least we look less like we’re tanking. Celtics are tanking for sure.

  430. i just believe playoff positioning is important

  431. Stephenie Ready is so annoying! She said Jeremy Lin starting tonight, then said traditionally he is not a starter.
    Does she need to include the second sentence? Super annoying! I am changing feed, cannot stand her big fat mouth!

  432. Stephanie Ready loves the 6th seed and believes that Pacers have a shot against the Raptors! Let the tanking begin! Get the anti-tank weaponry (Lin) out of there Clifford!

  433. Frank and Lamb taking shots like what the hell

  434. Cliff calls timeout to say “good job keep tanking.”

  435. Lamb is really bad. Just not a fan of his game

  436. Are we still going to watch this game?we already know the result…Magic will win this.

  437. haha, probably

  438. they have to make a decision and by 4th quarter

  439. get jeremy lamb outta there plz. i really dont like watching his game

  440. no keep him in for tanking

  441. Game getting boring with Frank and Lamb playing like dummies. Maybe Lin will be allowed to take over. Or maybe Kemba resting means Cliff wants to tank the game.

  442. Full tank is on lmao

  443. Hahahahaha,we’re tanking this

  444. That’s why they call him “Frank the Tank”

  445. Lamb didn’t get the message. Why he score for.

  446. Lol

  447. Bring out the tank!


  448. Jorge in for Lin? Guess they really are tanking. Don’t know why. Playing MIA is not better than playing ATL.

  449. gutierrez?/ lolololol


  451. WOW! Cliff is planning to lose the game as he plays all the 3rd squard.

  452. guitierrez lol = tank confirmed

  453. Tank!?!

  454. Al didn’t get the memo,he’ll get bench…lol

  455. we are not tanking hard enough.

  456. lol

  457. If Lin is done for the night, then a nice short game.

    Got his %s up, hit 3 jumpers. Stayed healthy for possible MDA reunion.

  458. bench Al and Lamb

  459. If orlando cant beat this squad then they need to leave the nba

  460. Although one thing about the Heat though, Whiteside’s length bothers Lin going to the hoop it seems

  461. After this t/o it’s going to be a full tank mode

  462. i’ll believe it when they insert kemba back into the game

  463. Maybe they dont wanna play with cavs on 2nd round?

  464. We are 1-3 with the hawks. Our bigs cant deal with them.

  465. Thats a kilelr as well.

  466. Lol

  467. Leave lamb. he will help the tank

  468. Cliff needs to point at Frank the Tank and say “What’s his nickname? DO IT!”

  469. Man, I’d like them to avoid Miami Heat. Whiteside has the ability to neutralize Lin’s drive to the basket.

  470. Would this be the Lamb’s final game of the season?

  471. lol if audience don’t know we’re tanking.

  472. Cliff after he learned the heat was up by 20 on the celtics= Bring in the tanks

  473. Lin did great against Whiteside in the season opener. 17p in 27m.

    He has to have his jumper working, and for that, he needs touches instead of standing in the corner.

  474. He’ll be back to Houston

  475. celtics are making a comeback

  476. Where’s byron the tank commander when u really need him, hehe

  477. What’s going on now? Are Hornets playing to win or lose? Who are they aiming to play against? Heat is winning against Celtis; Hawks is tight vs Washington.

  478. No one wants to play Cavs in 2nd round if they do beat Hawks

  479. We are 2-2 vs the heat. We also miss the cavs in the second round. I get the thinking

  480. Exactly

  481. Jlin may struggle in first round but then he’ll dominate the raps

  482. Hahahaaha,the foul,these refs are awful,it’s not even 2 minutes in 4 Q yet and they are reviewing

  483. Different squad though. Without Bosh (more ball movement) and with JJ, Miami is much tougher. Josh Richardson also emerged (shooting 48% on 3). This is a big mistake, IMO.

    Thinking about 2nd rd already? LOL. Win one game in the 1st rd before you do that!

  484. yeah, everyone will understand 😀

  485. Cliff to refs= we are tanking help us out

  486. I think there is chance that hornets go to eastern final if they dont play with cavs in 2nd round.

  487. they working to help us tank

  488. Will Lin come lol? Or full tank

  489. Lamb so trash

  490. Haif tank or full tank?

  491. Jordan:I’m giving you my Jordan 1’s…Lol!!!

  492. If the Hornets lose & secure #6 seed, they’ll meet the #3 Heat and avoid Cavs in 2nd round

  493. Im watching orlando feed and they have no idea we are tanking lmao

  494. they need to go all in

  495. Hansbrough hasn’t played.

  496. He can do great if he gets the ball. Jumper looked great tonight and he had a good game against Whiteside in the season opener (17p in 27m).

  497. Hahaha,that’s sad.

  498. I have to say. quite a savvy move by Cliff haif way through a game

  499. Boston catching back up. Only 4 behind now. What if Hornets lose and Boston wins?

  500. Dam we cant full tank

  501. What???LOL

  502. Obviously trying hard to lose but ain’t easy againt Orlando.

  503. hahahahahahahah

  504. Full tank

  505. Hey, don’t be limited. If Hornets need to go all the way, bring Cav second round.

  506. are they trying to lose?

  507. lol. Thanks for the laugh!

  508. damn this is harder than i thought. Maybe Miami saw that we were leading by a lot and was like, We gotta tank harder.

  509. Hopefully, Al, Lamb and Troy pull this out anyway. Or maybe Orlando rests its starters too.

  510. Im going to watch heat game his may backfire

  511. You don’t here that tank behind you move out the way

  512. Prolly heat is tanking too…LOL

  513. Clifford keeping close eye on Celtics-Heat game on the side, will decide whether to beat Magic based on that game’s result.

  514. Because Hansbrough has no Tank mode.

    only a Psycho Mode and Super Psycho mode … he won’t work here

  515. Troy Daniels with the great play there. Deftly turning the ball over without making it look too obvious

  516. Thats so cruel

  517. Only Frank has Tank mode! LOL

    Jeremy has Super Saiyan mode.

  518. you guys aren’t gonna believe this but Boston is trying again! they really want to avoid the Hawks and really want to play Miami in the 1st round since they match up so well against the Heat. crazy strategy going on right now between the Hornets and Celtics!

  519. go heat!!!!

  520. Change to heat game

  521. Wackiest final day ever!

  522. I hate all this pathetic in-game tanking/maneuvering. Embarrassing for the league.

  523. Heat win then Lin ,kemba, and Lee run to check in

  524. This is to remind Lin fans that 1 game tank to secure #6 seed & avoid Cavs in possible Round 2 is desirable 🙂

    Hornets lead is cut to 7pts (86-79) after 3rd quarter
    If they lose to get #6 seed, it is more desirable? #1GameTank


  525. The gamblers are scratching their heads at this time

  526. good acting skills by Kemba/Al complaining about the clearpath

  527. Need to really slow this game down then

  528. a game of chicken going on right now between coach Clifford and Coach Stevens

  529. MIA 67 vs Celts 61 also is w/in 6pts MIA

  530. wow full tank mode activated. that was not very smooth from gutierrez. coughed up the ball and gave up on purpose haha

  531. True, didnt some asian teams get disqualified in the olympics for trying to game the system by tanking?

  532. really tank????

  533. Wait. Who do hornets want to play. I’m confused.

  534. I think we will tank no matter what happens. We don’t want cavs second round

  535. You know it is a tank when TH is in so early.

  536. Heat, no bosh and banged up dwade

  537. I bet the Celtics are trolling the Hornets.

  538. I think avoiding cavs second round is the goal.

  539. I think I heard something about that. Pretty lame stuff…typical for the NBA though.

  540. You mean bosh

  541. There won’t be any second round.

  542. this is a bit tricky

  543. Feel bad for Jazz, Sac is a disgrace org.

  544. Cliff needs to use up all his timeouts to see if Celtics are winning or losing

  545. lol this is embarrassing.

  546. i agree

  547. No it’s not when you intent to lose.

  548. Magic is trolling the Hornets…lol

  549. Now ATL losing too? They also tanking? I’m so confused who will play who.

  550. Will orlando really lose to our third stringers

  551. Boston wants the Heat very badly in round 1!

  552. Cliff: “Tyler we’re trying to lose here”

  553. We want the heat too…

  554. GO PSYCHO Ts (Troy and Tyler).

  555. fight boston heat

  556. So this is the Hornets tanking lineup:

    Who’s the tank commander? 😀

  557. i understand the point of tanking to get a better seeding, but its an embarrassment to sports. sigh, the inner athlete in me hates it but i guess ill swallow if it puts jeremy in a better position.

  558. Yep they need to be penalized for that

  559. so, who do we want hornets to play?

  560. Cliff should just command Tyler to start pushing and punching the Magics. We need to give them 2 flagrants and 6 common fouls.


  562. scott!

  563. daniels is too good put Lamb in there

  564. Me? Atlanta. MIA is too tough in the playoffs w/ Wade and JJ. Boston has Stevens, the best coach in the East. Atlanta doesn’t have that superstar who gets superstar calls.

  565. yo , the celtics can win their game vs the heat

  566. Makes you relies how good of a tank artist BS was

  567. i agree, and jlin doesn’t usually play well against them… so, do we want hornets to win against orlando tonight?

  568. if celtics wins what happens

  569. Wouldn’t it be better to be 6th seed no matter what?

  570. Heat. ATL will kill our bigs. Cavs will kill us in 2nd round.

  571. i want them to play the Hawks as well. Hawks is less sporadic. You don’t know what you’ll get from the Heat, and Whiteside seems to give Lin trouble

  572. That’d be Psycho-Tank 🙂


  573. Lin does very well against the Celtics (and solid against the Heat/Whiteside), but playoffs are totally different. Especially with inevitable Kemba Ball hogging, Lin freeze-outs.

  574. Lol we are not tanking good enough

  575. Hornets still need to stay in 6th,if they got lucky passing 1st round,they will avoid CLE

  576. oh, yeah… right… my enthusiasm just got deflated with the thought of walker iso ball… lol

  577. see the full scenario above in the article.
    If Hornets lose, they’ll be #6 regardless of other teams

  578. Heat and Hornets both tanking…Celtics trolling Hornets…

    Will we see triple OTs today? LOL

  579. Dang Cliff went all the way down to Aaron Harrison and still can’t lose a game.

  580. BTW, I think Fournier would be a good SG next to Lin in an MDA offense. He’s a restricted FA and ORL won’t pay much to keep him with Oladipo and Hezonja also at SG.

  581. Where’s Scott when we need him 😀

  582. keep fouling Tyler!

  583. It’s coming…we all know it is… ugh. The MDA situation will be much more exciting than the playoffs.

  584. just lose, that is the only scenario you can control haha

  585. I think it’s a soft back court,he needs a tall defensive minded player that can shoot 3 and run with him.

  586. I guess unlike Lakers, the Hornets are not good at tanking!

  587. But the Heat should want to win. They could get the 3rd seed and avoid the cavs in the 2nd round

  588. they are terrible at it 🙂

  589. Fournier is 6-7. He can shoot very well and run.

  590. these 3rd stringers should have got the memo. Why else would they be closing the game?

  591. Celtics are within 4 now

  592. Yes, Lee will be good

  593. WOW! Orlando is really bad. They can’t even win the 3rd stringer.

  594. Queen City Hoops
    If the Celtics end up winning and the Hawks continue losing, Charlotte still plays MIA in a 3-6 matchup. My head is hurting.

  595. He will be a disadvantage against the elite 2’s from opposing teAm

  596. No to Lee! Watching him this year…he’s selfish.

  597. Tyler Hansb doesnt want to lose lol

  598. Yeah, a terrible tank team!

  599. omg whats all these scenarios

  600. Now or never guys! Give the tanking order now Clifford! Let’s see if their energy starts to drop to close this game out.

  601. Not next to Lin. Lin doesn’t need a star SG. Better if his SG is NOT a star. No ego.

    Not many 3&D SGs available. Danny Green would be good, but he’s locked up!

  602. No we are winning nooooooooooo

  603. MIA vs BOS all tied up now. LOL

  604. Up by 13

  605. Covington is good enough for me,he’s matured enough for next season

  606. Ok these 3rd stringers are too good

  607. up by 14

  608. Yes Tyler! I wanted to see that!

  609. lmao we have no one else.

  610. He’s a SF/PF, but yeah, I like him as a MDA/Lin complement.

  611. Sixers Nik Stauskas has been playing great lately at SG, also Covington could play some.

    If they get Simmons, Ingram or both then they need some playing time next to JLIN at SG

  612. I think a few of Hornets players are going to get season highs tonight!

  613. looks like we win

  614. No matter what, I’d like to let this group of guys win the game. I think they want to see when they play for once.

  615. Playing for a 10 win team in blowouts makes it hard to gauge. Lin can make anyone look good, but I’d rather have someone more proven. I do like Covington…but he’s a SF/PF.

    I’m also thinking about Brooklyn, who is apparently interested in MDA as well.

  616. spencer with a step back 3 LOL

  617. Psycho T 8 points in 8 minutes.

  618. Rox leading by 36, will Jazz just give up, or will they vent frustration on Lakers?

  619. Celtics winning now 72-69

  620. I can see him capable playing as 2 and his long too.

  621. Hornets quit messing around and jus lose this game already 🙂

  622. Go Celtics

  623. The whole Brooklyn thing, I’m convinced is just a ploy to fire Brown and install MDA in Philly

  624. Rockets can be dangerous in the playoffs. They will win a couple of games, the refs will make it interesting.

  625. Does Clifford look mad?

  626. Why not. Give Kobe a parting gift.

  627. Damn rockets vs warriors first round
    Some beardsanity vs slpash bros

  628. Possibly! Sounds like a Colangelo/MDA style move.

  629. Celtics up by 5

  630. Coach probably doesn’t care about win or loss. Just wants to give 3rd stringers some significant play time.

  631. Yep,smart ploy from the Colangelos

  632. Bad job coaching. Should have pulled his starters much earlier

  633. Way more smash then beard.

  634. Refs sure made it interesting last playoffs, except for the Clippers.

  635. So Heat wants to loss like Hornets too? LOL!

  636. So Rockets going to playoff while Jazz is out?

  637. Playoffs on saterday. nice little rest

  638. Agree, it’s kind of nice to see the fight in them.

  639. I like him too

  640. Maybe Morey promised Kings to give them Bev.

  641. Doesn’t make sense

  642. She’s annoying. Lin is not on the top of her list for sure.

  643. Utah eliminated. They going to let Kobe score 80 now?

  644. so if boston wins and atlanta and heat lose we stay at the 6th seed. the brackets stays the same basically

  645. 3 pointers vs flopping 2 FTS.

  646. who holds the tie breaker ?

  647. lol harden with almost 30 FGA

  648. Rockets LOSE their lottery pick – no chance at Simmons or Ingram

  649. It’s all about proper strategy

  650. I honestly think Kobe will take 40 shots tonight. 18-41 or something. Or 14-33 with lots of FTs.

  651. Rockets

  652. Magic can’t even win against the 3rd stringer

  653. boston should now lose to get the heat in round 1

  654. look at lamb worth 7mil playing scrub time while the 2mil player being preserved for tank purposes

  655. I think so. If Boston wins we don’t have to tank this game to retain 6th seed and play Miami.

  656. Conspiracy theory. NBA wants Kobe to win big in his last game. But if Jazz still has a chance for playoff they will fight hard. So SAC is made to concede so Jazz is eliminated.

  657. I think Kings just gave up. Total mess of a season. Karl/Cousins failed like everyone predicted.

    Also, players and agents don’t want to risk injury on final day. I would have been fine with Lin being rested today.

  658. Entirely possible in this corrupt league. Still think 1998 Jazz were defeated more by league/refs than the Bulls.

  659. 117 vs 103. Our man’s number guys/gals 117. Linsanity 2.0 here we come in the playoff!

  660. Here you go guys,the final game of regular season!!!!

  661. Not the playoffs…Kemba Ball during the playoffs.

    Linsanity 2.0 will require MDA reunion in Philly or Brooklyn. But it’s looking promising every day!

  662. So we are in #5 or #6 now?

  663. Against OKC or Clips, yes. But not against the Warriors or Spurs. Will be an ugly sweep.

  664. its playing NOT TO LOSE instead of playing to win, which is not good for one’s team maturity. you have to believe on your own strength to rely on opponents weakness!

    good win by hornets today even it was an obvious tank, because the 3rd string players deserved to feel the win too!

  665. Shall I say Playoffs and beyond. The sign is on the wall 117!

  666. Lol. Pistons vs cavs in OT. IDIOTS

  667. so, what does it look like now for #3-#6 Boston, Miami, Atl and Cha?

  668. Heat, Hawks, Celtics, Hornets

  669. It looks like Hornets will remain 6th

  670. Can’t tell yet, Heat-Celtics game too close (5pts).

  671. VS Alt or Heat?

  672. Thats the part i dont know i think heat

  673. Heat didn’t want to win…

  674. Hornets have no tiebreakers against anyone. Thanks, Kemba Ball! Couldn’t beat the top teams w/o Lin leading.

    If CHA had homecourt, they could advance. But on the road, it’s a loooong shot. 10%, I’d say.

  675. ..?

  676. what if Heat loss?

  677. Hornets are 18-23 on the road. Bad, bad omen no matter whom they face.

    Homecourt was so important, but CHA didn’t have a single tiebreaker against ATL, MIA, BOS.

  678. Just checked. They are playing their starters. Wonder what is going on:-)

  679. Check out the chart.

    I guess the only way Hornets stay at #6 is if Hawks lose & Celtics win

  680. Nah, we have Daniel to shoot a few last minute 3 pts and champion is easy.

  681. Now I’m confused

  682. So far looks like that way

  683. lol, im so confused. i just see colors

  684. yup 2 min left BOS leads 7pts & Hawks trailing 13pts

  685. Howdy Folks… had to be away due to family emergency….

    Looks like Lin is finishing the season strong…love it!….Are we there yet?! 🙂

    Hoping to see Lin and Hornets go deep into playoffs…Go Lin…Go Buzzanity

  686. Hawks tanking to avoid CHA and play BOS is pretty telling. Puts them in the CLE bracket too.

  687. He didn’t we tanked the second haif but won

  688. So Heat doesn’t want to face Hornets? LOL!

  689. Meaning he didn’t finish. He sat after 5 minutes the second haif

  690. what do you make of JLin and Kemba truly sharing PG duties while both on the floor tonight?

  691. Current standing

  692. So looks like the only way to avoid Cav’s is through MIA in the first round.

  693. This could be JLin’s chance to have his team beat the Heat in the playoff :]

  694. It’s hard to evaluate since it’s against a weak team and just for 1 game but it looks good.

  695. it might be a tune-up for the first 3 quarters in the playoff .. before Kemba plays heroball in the 4th quarter 🙂

    It’s great to see! Hope they’re serious about it

  696. going to anyways

  697. its miami vs charlotte

  698. yup

  699. really…I thought CC was giving the starters a break and get some of the bench players some workouts

  700. Who’ s against who?

  701. 3-6 , miami has no bosh

  702. Meaningless, unfortunately. The other 81 games are a better judge.

    Kemba Ball will take over in the playoffs and Lin will stand around watching Walker and Batum.

  703. They got joe johnson

  704. then its JLIN FACING his monster!

  705. i have a feeling that they will turn to jlin in the 4th…

  706. Lin always has a hard time vs miami

  707. and he will slay it!

  708. So we have 4 teams with exact same records.

  709. thats true,

  710. i know… i was hoping atlanta…

  711. then this is his time to dispel that perception

  712. its will be different now i guess, for everybody wants to go and win…stats now is less important provided team wins! #my take

  713. Actually he had a more difficult time against Atlanta this season…IMO

  714. Noooo lins gonna have to play the heat

  715. Celtics won 98 vs 88 Heat

  716. PERFECT time!

  717. No thats not true someone posted the stats below.

  718. you mean in the last 14-22 seconds? They sure had a lot of practice in regular season LOL

    But yes, I hope so.
    Lin and Kemba dual PG will be very effective in not wasting offensive possessions

  719. should be 5th placing v s 4th placing….versus Heat…then?!

  720. its now or never for cliff!

  721. Tim Reynolds
    Tim Reynolds – Verified account ‏@ByTimReynolds

    The Miami Heat are the Southeast Division champions and the No. 3 seed in the Eastern Conference playoffs. Will play Charlotte in 1st round.

  722. Heat vs Hornets first round showdown. Can’t believe Miami, Atl, Charlotte, and Boston have 48 wins each.

  723. This is how its meant to be, charlotte won their game today

  724. Either way it’s a tough choice,i’m just glad I can see Lin in the playoff…Let’s GO!!!

  725. Jeremy better spend the time to practice his jump shots, Whiteside is a no joke blocker, Wade has advantage in size but may fade off in the series in the the playoff.

  726. Had a very good game against them in the season opener. It’s about his usage, not his matchups.

  727. All 4 teams got the same record so now who is #3?

  728. things might change…lets see

  729. Heat

  730. What about Hornets?

  731. 6th; Hornets vs MIA

  732. MIA over CHA in 6.

    Lin will be unleashed in 1 game and do enough dirty work in another. Kemba Ball loses it, though. Then Lin leaves for PHI to reunite with MDA or possibly “reunite” with Kenny Atkinson in Brooklyn.

  733. If we didn’t lost to washing ton we would lol

  734. It’s just came out,yep it’s gonna be the Heat

  735. oh no…I hope Spo won’t game plan JLin….

  736. Is nba.com lists CHA #5

  737. Its wrong

  738. of course he will, this is the playoffs. they gameplan for everybody

  739. For sure he will since he know that Kemba can be just a single coverage

  740. yeah, let’s get it on!!

  741. i see 6

  742. I’ve been saying all along that the seeding has already been determined after Hornets dropped to 6th. Hornets have stayed at 6th ’til the playoff. Just pray that Linsanity 2.0 will be unleashed in the playoffs and beyond!

  743. Hornets 2-2 vs Heat and 1-3 vs Celtics or Hawks.

  744. I don’t worry about Heat that much bc they don’t have that many good shooters.

  745. #3 Heats #4 Hawks #5 Celtics #6 Hornets is the result. So it’s Heats v Hornets!!!

  746. Throw that out the window. It’s like Bulls versus Lebron. Bulls often beat Lebron in the regular season, even 3-4 wins. But in the playoffs, Lebron’s Heat and Cavs always triumph.

    Early season results with different starters/rotation players also makes it hard to read.

  747. #8 beat #1 Cavs tonight, anything can happen in playoff.

  748. he makes 3s too

  749. Joe Johnson and Josh Richardson have been huge for their 3pt shooting!

  750. yes I see it now at #6

  751. lol…you peeped faster than they could update

  752. I know. Somehow I feel Heat & Hawks all don’t want to face Hornets…. So I think Hornets will play well. Hope this team can go deeper in playoff.

  753. hornets vs heat!

  754. That was when Hornets won and before the other 3 results came in.

  755. does not mean anything but still the best source if compare.

  756. so the hornets won for nothing because they lost so many games against those teams
    they wont get past the Heat

  757. Haha, these 4 teams are literally equal to each other. In terms of record

  758. YUp…pretty much confirmed…its Heat vs Hornets

  759. But ball will be in Wade’s hand a lot not these two in playoff.

  760. Can’t trust the NBA – lol!

  761. tough match up but not mission impossible..

  762. he usually focus on him often…started during LInsanity

  763. it does not matter which team Hornets would compete, it only matters if Lin would play PG.

  764. Sheesh, What’s all this Kobe [email protected]##$# on ESPN today or even the whole season? You don’t see Maradona or Pele given this kind of send off.

  765. It’s his last game tonight.

  766. thankfully

  767. Haha! He sure gave Lakers a lot. (Both good & bad.) LOL!

  768. Give him a testimonial match after the season is over. That should be sufficient. Why harp on him the whole season? He’s already washed out as a BB player for the past few years.

  769. We will see fewer uncalled flagrant faults on Lin because of Kobe’s absent.

  770. i celebrate it tonight for that reason.

  771. Is anyone having a hard time to access Twitter?

  772. Me too. I can’t get in.

  773. Seem like I’m not the only one. Guess same issue by using my mobile as well.

  774. Ya! I think it’s twitter’s problem.

  775. Yep I checked both. Normally I did things in my laptop but after a while I would use my mobile to check whether it was my issue or provider.

  776. I also expect at least one Linsanity game from Lin but we of course would love to get more than 1 game where Lin goes off.

  777. Kobe has 11 shots with 3 minute left in the 1st. It has come to this

  778. Well, that just match what MWP said around 40 shots…. LOL! Lots of people paid tons of money to see him take the shots.

  779. Golden State Warriors are on the brink of making more history this season. If they beat the Memphis Grizzlies tonight then they get their No. 73 win to best the 1995-96 Bulls. End of 1stQ they are 37 to 23, Go Curry!

  780. Penny Lee Retweeted

    Jeremy Lin ‏@JLin7 9m9 minutes ago

    Thank you Jesus, my teammates/coaches and the best fans for an amazing season!!! #BuzzCity #playoffs2016

  781. Curry = best shooter of all time

  782. No doubt

  783. Yes, he & JLIN are good friend, I like his personality too, and his daughter is so cute on Lin’s video!

  784. unless….

  785. yup, and it’s not even close to the 2nd . he is that good

  786. This tweet sounds like good bye for me.


  787. Me too…It’s sounds like a farewell message

  788. Why expose his hidden message?

  789. Lol,my apologies…we ,Lin fans are pretty good at that

  790. even though Kobe was a jerk to Lin I still have respect for Kobe and am sad that he’s retiring

  791. Before Lin, I only know two players from NBA MJ & Kobe. Even he’s mean to Lin when they were in Lakers but I still think no one can replace Kobe’s position in Lakers. Love him or Hate him… He’s Kobe.

  792. If Hornets face Heat, Lin will have a tough time due to their defense and bigs. Eirk Spoelstra knows how make things tough for Lin. If they don’t give Lin full control as PG they won’t get past them. Looks like Hornets 1st round exit is sealed.

  793. Well, then he will have more summer to enjoy and rest…

  794. It’s true. Spoelstra always tried tough for Lin but I am confident in Lin bc after 4 years training. He’s not that player who just played few real NBA games. Somehow I feel no matter it’s Heat or Hawks all tried to loss on purpose today bc they don’t want to face Hornets. LIN, LOL!

  795. Go somewhere else jlim!

  796. He will & starts….

  797. I don’t doubt Lin having that ability but the team and coach won’t allow him to.

  798. They will bc this is the only chance they can go deeper in playoff.

  799. The image of him trying to decapitate Lin will be the only thing I will remember about him, not matter what kind of achievement he had.

  800. Respect what he accomplished in his career, but hard for me to respect the way he went about it.

  801. So King tomorrow…

  802. Lin always come through especially when we’re not expecting him to do so. Only people to stop him are his teammates and Clifford.

  803. You’re forgetting that we have “in rhythm” Lin; gelling Hornets; deep bench (although not consistent); Non-Flagrant Foul Video; and new hair do. So I say Hornets in 7

  804. The way to beat the Heat is to push the ball and score in transition. If Clifford goes with his old school half court offense, Miami will just sit back and pick off passes and bother shooters with their length.

  805. Lin needs to prove that he can produce in the playoffs. That’s how he can maximize his next contract.

  806. Lin needs to be given a chance to produce. He had that epic game against Portland when Harden was cold and they let him handle the ball. MDA already knows what he can do. And if his next coach isn’t MDA, then it doesn’t matter what he does off the bench.

  807. MDA IS NOW a hot potato

  808. This Laker game is such a circus. I’m not a big Kobe fan, but it’s fun watching him chuck his way to 50. I don’t think I’ve ever seen anything like this. In MJ’s final game he only shot 15 times in 28m.

  809. Colangelo and MDA’s agent putting some pressure on the Sixers.

  810. Really? MJ only took 15 shots? Kobe will try to get his record high today for this season but only way to do it it’s by took more than 40 shots…LOL!

  811. Just check, Kobe already took 40 shots w 7 more min to go in 4Q. Looks like he will really go for 50 something today.

  812. new thread on ESPN Haberstroh’s video

    [ESPN] The New Linsanity: Lack of Calls for Jeremy Lin
    ESPN Tom Haberstroh came out with a compelling video chockfull of interesting statistical analysis regarding the curious mystery of Jeremy Lin missing flagrant calls when leading all guards in NBA with 813 fouls in the past 3 seasons without getting a single flagrant foul.

    Will NBA Officials be forced to take notice of these astounding statistical evidence that Jeremy Lin has not been getting the benefit of the doubt in the past 3 season?

    What could possibly the underlying reasons?
    – Jeremy Lin is seen as an NBA outsider due to race, being undrafted, Harvard pedigree and world-wide popularity especially in Asia. Many think he doesn’t belong in NBA or deserves all the attention creating jealousy.
    – Many times, it seems that some referees refuse to give calls to Lin to prove there is no preferential treatment to an Asian player. Instead of just calling it fairly, they went overboard in showing Lin barely got any calls. If this is true, it is wrong and it needs to be rectified.
    Will NBA follow the usual way to not admit any guilt to protect the referees but give more favorable calls to Lin after this embarrassing scrutiny of blatant missed flagrant calls? Only time will tell as JLin and the Hornets will start a playoff series with the Heat.


  813. His final season, MJ averaged 20p/6r/4a/1.5s on 44.5% FG as a 39-40 year-old!

  814. I LOVE JL7 facing the Heat in the 1st Round!! Nothing better than facing them in the first round.
    #1) never forget the Heat pressing JL7 during Linsanity – It’s Revenge Time or “moment of truth”
    #2) When the “stars” (KW & NB) faltered they still get JL7. It’s Now Or Never, Do Or Die. CCliff, your move – make it wise ?
    #3) Coming out and make a Statement !! Boost of confidence.

  815. MJ is better player than Kobe.

  816. Isn’t Scott is Thunder’s HC???

  817. This isn’t right.Any player should put himself beyond team.

  818. No – fired last year. Billy Donovan replaced him as head coach of OKC.

  819. its his last game why not

  820. they havent missed a play off
    harden is 29+ppg 7+apg and 6+rpg
    conference finals last season
    id say great accomplishment by a great player

  821. in his last game kobe shot his career average on fg%, 3 pt fg%, and ft%

  822. Well said. He’s placed himself above the team and killed it for two years in a row, why would the last game even matter.

  823. And…he strikes again!

  824. there is no comparison here! They are far apart

  825. CC gotta learn to use dual PG offense and bigs to cover the rim for defense

  826. The Lakers decided that it would be the Showtime Kobe once he announced his retirement, and basically ignored developing young players, which will probably set the team back even more. Such a mess…

  827. He could imitate Jordan and comeback from retirement and take the Lakers to 3 Championships in a row…I need my meds.

  828. He could make a comeback and lead the Lakers to a 3 peat like MJ…you never know.

  829. This reminds me of my interview test, if A sits beside B but never sits beside C….head hurts.

  830. A B C

  831. Its ridiculous, one whole year to say goodbye. In a proper sports team, Kobe would be playing on the bench or probably traded to Philly or some bottom dweller. That’s what happens to most great soccer players when they are passed their prime, brutal but out of necessity. Lakers seems to be a semi entertainment/sports team.

  832. The biggest beneficiary is LeBron James, now off the hook for The Decision, which is tragically dwarfed in comparison to the Lakers’ entire tanking year for farewell tour.

  833. Good timing the video and article! Hopefully the refs will be fairer to Lin in the play-offs . Maybe now he will get to the line after being fouled by an opponent’s nose.

  834. I’m Super-pumped that the GS Warriors Got the Record, folks =) !!! Now, Let’s handle another important business, Sweep the Rox in the first round. Let’s Go, Champs!

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  836. So you are the dude who took my job…arrrr.

  837. I don’t have a problem with the last game. Just all the games before that.

  838. I want Lin to start. However, I “think” sixers made an offer to Lin last year as a potential starter but he chose against it bc he didn’t want to go into a situation like Lakers which he just left.

    But you’re right, sixers situation now looks significantly different now with the changes to the front office. Lin can easily lead those young horses to wins and possibly playoffs. He is that good.

  839. for 2 years?
    how about 20 years

  840. It’s your prerogative to exaggerate, I’m strictly speaking numbers here, 21-61 and 17-65 don’t lie and don’t look good.

  841. He had real bad teams

  842. Yes, but why? Why wouldn’t top FAs wanna go to LA? Why did D12 and Pau leave?

    Think about it.

  843. They would have if Kobe was in his prime
    Kobe was still a great player one of the greatest to ever play the game

  844. Kobe fans just don’t get it. NO ONE is questioning him as a player, the problem is him being a leader.

    And a leader Kobe is NOT, other than in stats.

  845. They always have to add that sentence just clarify that he is bench player on the team and “starter role” is only temporary. Hornets is not special at all, if not for Lin they wouldn’t even make the playoffs.

  846. He’s a jerk he admits it himself
    He still has 5 rings and 2 without shaq and he was definitely the leader of that team
    He’s just harsh

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