G81 LAL @SAC Game Thread+Best Coach/Team Poll

Only 2 games left. Byron has announced Jeremy Lin won’t play for the last 2 games due to sore left knee, although the fractured finger injury of Dwight Buycks might give a small chance for Lin to play.

Lin sure looked healthy in shooting warm-up before the DAL game:

It’s possible that Lin himself is okay with not playing in the meaningless last 2 games since he will start a Free Agency soon.

Lin fans can’t wait for the Lakers Tanking experience to be over. Lin was promised a lot of playing time but it never materialized under the watch of Byron Scott. His future will be better served not as a Lakers at least for the next 1-2 years as long as Byron and Kobe presence are looming over as dark clouds over Lakers franchise.

Keep giving your best, Jeremy!  😎

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Guess JLin's stats in Game 82 vs SAC
Which COACH do you think Jeremy Lin should play for next season? (choose up to 2 answers/day)



  1. hehehe

  2. Did Lin even travel with the team to Sacramento?

  3. He should not

  4. According to BS, Kobe should be in the overall MVP discussion. LOL.

  5. D'Antoni's offense was derived from what he played in while a pro in Italy in the 70s… The drive and kick is straight from Euro game— BBALLBREAKDOWN (@bballbreakdown) April 13, 2015

  6. Don’t like Lakers but still will vote for Lin to be their MVP… LOL!

  7. No.

  8. yes, let’s show them who’s still the real MVP despite the propaganda and tanking :]

  9. I thought it was reported that he will still fly to Sacramento with the team, no?

  10. Ya! We should do that. Even I hate TWC vote. LOL!

  11. That’s before they said he is out for this season. Johnson did fly but not Lin.

  12. I did it
    Try to piss on the hydrant, haha

  13. George Karl goes home again

    Do you still think Denver is a good place for JLin and D’antoni.?

  14. BS as usual. The worst coach in the league.

  15. If you want to show TWCSN Poll who the Lakers MVP is this season despite the propaganda and tanking, let’s do it together!
    Hopefully this is the last time we have to do TWCSN Poll


  16. Yes I wan’t him to get more votes that Kobe. Then goes somewhere else and schools the Lakers next year.

  17. Done 🙂

  18. Ya! We should all try our best to show our support for Lin. Even I think they will make Kobe the winner. smh!

  19. I voted!!!

  20. yes, so there’s evidence that Lakers fans know better about who the real MVP that Lakers let go

  21. I VOTED FOR JLIN……………..

  22. 1 vote for JLin !!!

  23. It would be so embarrassing for the Lakers if JLin beat Kobe in the poll.

  24. Ed Davis for me.

  25. I voted Ed Davis!

  26. Lin and Davis should be joint MVPs

  27. It’s disgusting, though by all means not surprising, that the league has rescinded Russell Westbrook’s technical so that he can play vs. POR tonight. Goes to show that rules are there to be broken for vested interests.

  28. Looks like Young didn’t make the trip either:


  29. I like Davis, smart hardworking player, runs the floor, works hard on defense, good PnR player. Only thing is he needs to work on his free throws.

  30. Agreed. But since most Lin fans will vote for Lin, I felt compelled to vote for Davis.

  31. BS doesn’t like his hair, so into the doghouse Nick goes. LOL

  32. This from today? I think Young made the right choice. Why needed to travel w BS…? LOL!

  33. we might be able to vote every day, I think

  34. ahhh, I think we find another reason why JLin grows his hair long..
    To stick it to Byron LOL

  35. Or use different browsers, computers: desktop+Chrome, desktop+IE, phone+Chrome, phone+browser

  36. yeah, thanks. I think we might have to clear the browser cache first

  37. Yes, this is from his instagram

  38. Jlin is not lakers mvp because he has been misused and abused all season. The real mvp are the lin fans and laker fans who had to endure a whole season of bs by BS! Lols

  39. But all joking aside, of course lin is the mvp of lakers. He went through so much this season, but I’m sure he’s came out stronger than before

  40. He sure hates to be w BS.

  41. Ya! Can’t agree more. :)))

  42. I can vote again and again w/o clearing cache – not sure if they count them all, though.

    Yet, I have no confidence in such voting, especially when they don’t show the results right away.
    If Lin gets more than KB, I believe the final result will be rigged.

  43. Done…another vote for Lin.

  44. Heard you. Saw you many times

  45. I said I will vote once and said I voted once here. Must be confusing here with the other site.

  46. Voted for Lin !

  47. he wasn’t in the previous road trip already.

  48. Close but he is a liability late games due to FTs. I like Davis a lot, Lin played his best basketball as a Laker in tandem with big Ed.

  49. after watching westbrook play a lot lately i think the “eye test” supports yer theory that he seems to be drugged up. he is completely out of control.

    amped up.

    also: i saw a stat but dont have it to hand how severely bad is the okc record when westbrook scores 40.

    hopefully no will keep them out of the last spot.

  50. Unless NOP can beat Spurs next game, or Minny beats OKC, the Pelicans just got royally scr*wed by the league rescinding Westbrook’s technical (no one game ban vs POR).

  51. star power.

  52. The league used to do this in more important games, like Conf. Final or NBA Final. But now it’s gotten so cheap that they do it just so one team can “make” the playoffs. Pathetically cheapens the sport.

  53. Long article but hits the mark about BS on most counts.


    Byron doesn’t know when to foul or not to foul. He rides his veterans far too long for the sake of chasing meaningless wins at the expense of the development of his youth. He throws his players under the bus with the subtlety of someone whispering into a megaphone. He runs an antiquated offensive system and his defensive chops are wildly overstated. Byron is the tank commander. Byron makes untoward statements about foxholes. Byron’s rotations are nonsensical. Byron is stealth tanking. Yes, we know, we really, really know, but his absurdity rears its head so often that it legitimately bears repeating.

  54. So it seems JB plays PG and JC plays SG today?…

  55. Why am I not surprised?

  56. Just so we’re clear, this is NOT towards @Maknusia:disqus…

    Who gives a cr*p where the cow drop a load? The Lakers are deader than dead to me…

    …unless they offer Jeremy a 70M/5 year contract and fire KoBS.

  57. Doesn’t look hurt either

  58. Swaggy’s knee injury is no less suspicious than Jeremy’s. BS doghouse symptoms.

  59. lol…agree…was just checking the box-score

  60. lol…never thought of it as well…good catch!

  61. Not surprised. JC is used to squeeze Lin’s role just as Bev was used in Rox.

  62. Caption: ” So Jeremy, what’s our plan for summer?” Parson asked.

  63. I found it to be more fun watching Celtics (and hopefully Pacers too) outpace Nets (DW) and Heat (Dragic). Also if Clippers and Grizzlies can kick Rox down as much as possible. Rox at 6th would be ideal setup for first round elimination.

  64. More like “Mi couch-a es su couch-a.” LOL

  65. Yay truth was told on the court! At least for NOP. Rats that OKC stayed in there. Pop should take ha ha.

  66. Watch the King, Lin might go there if they can’t get Ty lawson.

  67. All hail @psalm234:disqus !!!!!!

  68. Wait?! there is a game now?

  69. The Warriots vs Grizzlies, lol.

  70. Davis is no doubt MVP of the Lakers if Lin not the one.

  71. It’s gonna cost much more now for team wants to sign Davis.

  72. Spurs can’t afford to forfeit with Rox biting their tail. Otherwise it’d be an awesome troll move!

  73. Seems like OKC is gonna make the playoff. Too bad AD…your time is not here, yet.

  74. Unless, of course, LaVine has a Super Saiyan night against OKC next game, like he did vs. the Lakers.

  75. I voted Lin three times and Ed Davis once!

  76. How? I thought you can only voted once?

  77. LOL that could be it

  78. Lol, BS’s all-stars got beaten by King’s garbage.

  79. I refreshed the page and it works!

  80. This is such a positive site, lots of things to celebrate and no hating. We just wish for the victory of our enemies’ opponents. LOL

    Next up, rooting for the Jazz and T-Wolves.

  81. Thanks. 🙂

  82. Really? The final score?

  83. Seems everybody got some impressive stats but the team lost by 10 points.

  84. 92:102
    The Missouri backcourt got star stats with star-like # of shots, JC fell on somebody’s foot kind rolled his ankle, no big deal.

  85. MRI! MRI! MRI! smh

  86. 21-60, mighty impressive indeed.

  87. “impressive” only matter when you win.

  88. Boston Celtics clinched the 7th playoff berth; a successful rebuilding effort for Ainge and Stevens.
    Jason Kidd turned around a 60 losses season last year to playoff for Milwaukee this season. Yes Kidd couldn’t stand BS.
    There is no accident Knicks and Lakers are among the worst teams in the league this year. The have the Laker connection.

  89. I watched the last few min of the game. I really think BS is bad. JC played 47 min?! Crazy!!! Why needed to destroy the player’s body? smh! This coach sucks. I am glad Casspi played well tonight.

  90. Ya! They all played long min & took lots of shots… of course the stats looks good.

  91. …or when you’re a used-car salesman with a bridge to sell. LOL

  92. That’s why per36 stats should be used more often.

  93. Star of the game!!…Omri Casspi had 26 points, nine rebounds and six assists to help the
    Sacramento Kings beat the Los Angeles Lakers 102-92 on Monday night.

  94. Lol… No Jlin ..no posts… no care about the tankers anymore here

  95. I think this time around…Rox would be able to give real fight…but winning is another story….

  96. Rox back down to 5th after Clippers beat Nuggets tonight and took 3rd. Each has one more game, Rox vs Jazz and Clippers vs Suns. If Clippers win, Rox lose home court advantage and play Blazers in first round, just like last year.

  97. just waiting for the season to be over and get the good news on FA

  98. That would be a rematch fun!

  99. Yes, and more fun if Rox lose to Jazz and Grizzlies beat Pacers for 5th seed, dropping Rox to 6th. Then Rox will play Clippers in first round.

  100. Yes !!! Then the racist haters at cf will eat crow for saying the rockettes is better with out Jlin. .. hehe

  101. I’m a glass-half-full kind of guy. Even if the Rox win, at least it can also prove that Bev’s disposable.

  102. The final poetic justice now is for the tankers draft position to be 6th…. hehe

  103. I also love to see the tanker online fans melt down in LG when the tankers lose the pick.

  104. Now THAT would be epic. Second biggest celebration after Jeremy’s FA success.

  105. KThompson (42pts) had monstrous game to get a win against MEM and SAS TDuncan keeping their winning streak! Nice to see them excel especially nearing playoffs

  106. This is my preferred scenario. ..rockettes lose to the clips in the 1st round again….then cliff paul lose in the second round again to never reach the final for his career. … that will teach him for switching place for his brother cp3… hehe

  107. mixed emotions here lol… but, after this season of purposefully tanking and throwing players under the bus, i don’t think BS deserves a pick. He needs to learn to coach with what he has. he always expects things to be easy, and wants to take credit when he’s done nothing. so yeah, hard to admit, but kinda also wish this.

  108. All IIRC due to JC FTs on sixers, 2 wins.

  109. Mak, like your lineup of KT plays SF, SC SG and JL PG,. Perfect lineup for the Warriors. Championships in many years to come.

  110. Weird. Why not together on the same day?! But it’s OK. Can’t wait.

  111. So these players don’t have to attend the wed game? Since they are out…?! LOL!

  112. Then next I like to see Sebastian curry and his racist coach steve kerr lose to the Spurs in the western conference final then Tim Duncan and Tony Parker win another ring.

  113. don’t know much about steve kerr. why is he racist???

  114. I like Curry, but hate Kerr for two things: 1) Disbanding the championship-caliber Suns in 2007, potentially costing Nash his last shot at a championship, and 2) Badmouthing Jeremy.

  115. he called Yao Ming “chinaman” on national tv

  116. That’s what I said so weird. So these players are no longer a Lakers after tomorrow exit interview?!

  117. #2 is definitely a no no!

  118. Randle is definitely coming back next year.

  119. oh yuck. didn’t know that.

  120. I know but the rest of players don’t need to attend the Wed game?!

  121. BTW, where is Kobe? He is injured too.

  122. Kobe never exits!…ALways in the Foxhole

  123. Good to know

  124. Lakers are so irrelevant these days. Lakers Ground has a piece about a young Australian man who caught a big tiger shark just because he wore Kobe’s number 24 Laker jersey. But those comments are funny.


  125. Mistake: it should be Lakersnation

  126. It’s true nothing to report about Lakers so even this kind of news can be on….LOL! Feel so sorry for Lakers this year.

  127. Yes, and it’s more like Kobe will conduct BScott’s exit interview lol

  128. Kobe owns the Lakers, he doesn’t need an exit interview. If anything he will preside over B Scott’s exit interview. Hopefully exits permanently if JLin stays with Lakers. If JLin leaves I hope they keep B Scott for the entire 4 years and suffer the consequences.

  129. Byron Scott is one irresponsible coach for letting JC play 47 min. 1 min rest?
    That’s truly endangering player’s health.

  130. man… i saw it coming. in this lost season, it would’ve been more sensible to just not have a PG on the floor for 5 minutes here and there to give players a rest. just let things flow as they will. but BS is so stubborn.

  131. no, only 50 s rest, which comes after he rolled his ankle and get off the court before the game ended.

  132. Wow! Even Mitch? I thought in NYK & Rox only w coach?!

  133. JC said he will play on Wed. Really no need to play for this lousy coach.

  134. wow .. that’s the definition of craziness
    If I didn’t know any better, he might’ve wanted to schedule as many early exit interviews for injured players

  135. I’m not sure why he still gets compliments from FO after poorly using his players & wrecking locker-room chemistry w/ his antics

  136. Let Byron be jelly of Lin’s and Swaggy’s hairdo!

  137. awesome! let’s give them a nice surprise =)

  138. true, we shall try our best. last time, TWCSN did show Lin winning the poll.
    TNT was the one cheating frequently

  139. I recall in Houston, it was with McHale & Morey.

  140. blind-sighted compliments. praise the HC so that the blame does not go back onto the FO.

  141. Paul is always great in giving encouragement to all JLin sites and supporters


  142. A really cursed team.

  143. Kobe will meet his last season soon. Nobody is going to change this. He is going to he history. Nobody wlll miss him.

  144. Paul gave credit to @JLinPortal to help w/ fundraising & I definitely should pass along the credit to mods who helped w/ the effort & ALL generous Lin fans who donated to support him in this tough year!
    You know who you are so give yourself a big Lincredible BACKPAT! We definitely cheered up Jeremy’s spirit =)



  145. Well Laker might not have the pick afterall. Then they can tank again for the next season.

  146. he will be remembered for as long as MJ will be. kobe used to be great… just isn’t anymore

  147. yeah. many will cry

  148. We will call for celebration.

  149. I wish Spurs will win this year, so every single ring Kobe won with his ridiculous attitude will be matched by a classy player in Tim Duncan, and then some.

  150. i really think they might!

  151. JC was then injured.

  152. Let hope so, winning a ring take more than being the best team. You need anti-Murphy’s law too….

  153. he’s probably very scared to imagine being out of the spotlight

  154. And another Spurs win will solidify the blueprint of #TeamBall success that will be replicated by teams across the league.
    Bunch of old-timers beating DivaBall to get multiple rings with beautiful TeamWork?

    Hopefully it will raise the interest and FA value of JLin as one of the best team-ball players!

    Even if it doesn’t, Spurs reigning as champ while Kobe DivaBall continues to be irrelevant would be so satisfying!

  155. But he apologized…its was ignorance from his end to use the term “chinaman”

  156. oh my….I didnt realize he was injured in the long minutes…good job BScott! sigh

  157. thats would be sweet…..although on paper it seems doable, but on the field…its totally another ball game….would still root for them

  158. Seriously…I dont think its fair to call SKerr as racist

  159. Oh! Really? I thought only Mc.

  160. Lin in adidas Climachill: Playmaker

  161. Unrelated but just would like to remind Lin fans about the May 2 fight between Pacquiao and Mayweather.
    I’ll cheer for Pacquiao for sure.

  162. Those sneaks… and the guy wearing them… my heart…

  163. lol

  164. Teamwork showdown between the Spurs and the Hawks would be nice.

  165. Usually, when do teams start making offers to FAs? Just wondering.

  166. These are completely pointless fluff meetings where nothing real is said, they shake hands and then lin signs with another team a month later.

  167. Hey, how about Joyce? Isn’t she Mod also?

  168. Lol come on rook get with the times. Kobe is exempt

  169. July 1, officially

  170. Cannot even negotiate until July 1st?

  171. They have been fine without lin to be honest.

  172. Buddy the rockets can beat the clippers.

  173. They do behind the scenes

  174. JUst can not be caught……

  175. She is in that list

  176. Yellow and blue… Denver

  177. Live streaming of exit interviews?


  178. yes, Brent’s right. she’s there

  179. Lin’s exit interview is at 11:40 according Medina’s tweet and Young’s starts at noon
    So we might expect to see Lin around noon for the media interview after the actual exit interview.

  180. So I can go grab something to eat and then come back? lol

  181. It’ll be interesting to see how Lin’s mood will be after the exit interview.
    If he disagrees a lot with Byron/Mitch, it might show

  182. depends on how long you eat lol

  183. Go Manny!
    Win or lose, his theme for the fight is very admirable

    Lalaban ako para sa mga Pilipino is the title of this fight,” states Manny Pacquiao. “Translated to English, it means I will fight for the Philippines.”

    – See more at: http://www.fightsaga.com/news/item/5517-Manny-Pacquiao-Motivated-by-his-people-not-hatred-for-Floyd-Mayweather#sthash.iW2hdjAk.dpuf

  184. dang…post below.

  185. Wow…LaLa has nothing else to draw an audience/media, so they’ve resorted to this?…pathetic!

  186. I thought those times were for the press interviews. If the live stream starts at 11:00, that’s the announced time for Ronnie Price’s interview.

  187. I’d imagine this is how the exit interview will be conducted
    “Exit Interview Out of the Tank”


  188. ah, you’re correct
    Medina said those times are the “media interview” so 11:40 it is then


  189. Me too!

  190. I guess it’s as good of a time to clean up the twitter following list.

  191. It’s 11:22 and nobody yet. So Lin probably won’t be until after 12 then.

  192. I don’t follow Lakers & LA media for a while…LOL!

  193. Done that yesterday, and am amazed that my twitter account is so much more uncluttered now, should’ve done it earlier…….lol

  194. no sound?

  195. I don’t have it as well.

  196. I’m trying to watch the live stream of the exit interviews but not getting any sound. Any of you having the same problem?

  197. I kept Serena’s Twitter still for now.


    Media really trying to push the JC agenda I guess.

  198. No sound for me either.

  199. me either.

  200. No sound!

  201. yup, no sound 🙁

  202. Yeah, you guys have to pay for the stats we have heavily padded.

  203. typical of the lakers…high expectations and then silence

  204. Los Angeles Lakers ‏@Lakers 2m2 minutes ago

    The audio issue during the Ronnie Price interview has been fixed. Coming up: Ellington; Lin; Young; and Randle.

  205. Thanks!

  206. Still no audio for me though.

  207. Ellington up, still no sound for me.

  208. No sound for me

  209. Still could not hear a thing, is that just me?

  210. Oh I wish BS’s live news conference had this audio.

  211. Still no audio.

  212. Let Lakers knows ASAP before Lin comes out.

  213. HOOORAY

  214. Audio finally working!

  215. works now

  216. yeah, before Lin’s interview. Great!

  217. Kobe is injured too, why isn’t he doing the interview today? Ahh…He’s Byron’s boss, he’ll do the interview whenever he feels like it.

  218. Ellington: Coach did a great job… Best to shut the audio

  219. He needs to get the contract from Lakers again. LOL!

  220. yeah, this was better when the audio was off.

  221. I guess they just wanted to silence RPrice lol

  222. It seems that they asked everyone if they want to come back next season. Really wonder what Lin will say about this question!

  223. I hope he is honest

  224. Really? Wow! Probably will not ask Lin bc he never said he wants to come back before…. I really want to know his answer too.

  225. You figure these first 2 guys do wanna come back. BS was always supportive of them.

  226. Of course they are not going to say, I don’t want to be here, burning bridges is not smart.

  227. Those two are fighting for an NBA Roster. They have to pray that someone would pick them up. Jeremy is a valuable asset for any team that knows how to win. Jeremy show them you arent soft!!

  228. Let’s discuss on a new Post
    2014-15 Jeremy Lin Lakers Exit Interview


  229. Go Philippines Go!
    Go Manny Go!

  230. well, now that season’s over, did Pop tank this? I don’t like the SAS Clips matchup.

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