G81 LAL @SAC Game Thread+Best Coach/Team Poll

Only 2 games left. Byron has announced Jeremy Lin won’t play for the last 2 games due to sore left knee, although the fractured finger injury of Dwight Buycks might give a small chance for Lin to play.

Lin sure looked healthy in shooting warm-up before the DAL game:

It’s possible that Lin himself is okay with not playing in the meaningless last 2 games since he will start a Free Agency soon.

Lin fans can’t wait for the Lakers Tanking experience to be over. Lin was promised a lot of playing time but it never materialized under the watch of Byron Scott. His future will be better served not as a Lakers at least for the next 1-2 years as long as Byron and Kobe presence are looming over as dark clouds over Lakers franchise.

Keep giving your best, Jeremy!  😎

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