G80 CHA @ WAS Game Thread

With 3 games left, the Hornets is still at the 6th seed and 1 gamesbehind the 3rd seed Atlanta Hawks. The Wizards game is an interesting game against a team who missed the playoff but will only play for pride.

  • Jeremy’s elbow received a timely treatment from Mr. Lo who hopefully will help to treat injured shoulder and all kinds of bumps and bruises before the rigorous playoff round will begin.
  • There were glimpses of teamball in 3-4 plays in the Nets game that’s very encouraging to see. The Hornets will only have a chance to advance in 2nd round of playoff by playing unselfish teamball to give them open shots and strong defense. Heroball will continue to be their demise by creating inefficient offense and lackadaisical effort in defense because teammates are not very involved in the game.

Let’s go, JLin! Let’s hope and pray JLin continue to hit his stride and carry the momentum to lead to big wins.

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