G8 NYK @CHA PostGame Thread – Back-to-Back Hairsanity!

Jeremy Lin saved the Hornets with a great comeback win 95-93
He finished with 17pts/3ast/2eb/3stls/2PF/2TOs in 21min

For the 2nd game in a row, the starters struggled (-8 to -10 except Batum+1) and the bench brought the sparks with +11 and +14 except for Zeller -3)

JLin was his usual clutch Mr. 4th Quarter ; hitting the impossible one-handed shot and looked like he can karate kick everyone with that hair of us.
Multiple clutch shots were simply impressive.

His last play to be a decoy drew Robin Lopez to cover him but left Zeller empty for the easy lay-in.
Weller redeemed himself after missing 2 crucial FTs to take the lead 95-93

Porzingis made a buzzer beater 3 but was ruled no good since the ball was still on the fingers when the clock ran out of time


Guess JLin's stats in Game 9 vs CHI


  1. Hairsanity could be the popular vote now

  2. first.. n/m

  3. First Mod! πŸ™‚

  4. Man this game made my day. I don’t remember feeling this good at all last year when Lin was on the lakers, even with some of the wins he had with them.

  5. Beverly was arrrsted!

  6. Hornet won and Jeremy had a great game is all that matters! πŸ™‚

  7. You guys keep talking about Hairsanity. I was thinking you guys are sarcastically talking about PJ Hairston.

  8. lawson ave only this I thought he was the third star that will fill

    Ty Lawson


  9. I’d like to thank the real MVPs of this game, @Michael for sleeping through the game, and @LAJane for doing over 100 dishes and folding a mountain of laundry during the game. It is passion like this that fuels Lin’s victory on the court!

  10. True!

  11. Lol

  12. They even have a ‘word’ for it

  13. Offtopic- Has anyone seen this shot? Curry is unreal…

  14. ?/?

  15. oh zammm. owned.

  16. lawson got blocked twice in last few minutes of game

  17. nuts

  18. Just come back from NY for the following.

    From RealGM – Kincks:

    Post#1270 Β» by mpharris36 Β» Today 2:05 am

    lin just made an incredible shot…nothing u can do. GOD I HATE THAT HAIR

    Post#1282 Β» by vallen Β» Today 2:06 am

    we got J-Linned

    Post#1321 Β» by Mr Rabbit Β» Today 2:10 am

    Lin trying to steal Melo’s shine again!

    CP3Melo wrote:

    The revenge game for lin.

    Woodsanity wrote:

    Much rather have Lin over **** Calderon….

  19. He’s ok. Jk!

  20. Meaningless wins last year. Winning actually means something this year.

  21. Completely forgot about this rule… thanks for reminding me πŸ˜›

  22. im confused. is the top one hornets or knicks?

  23. “I hate that hair.” LMAO

  24. Not sure why people keep hating on the hair! lol.

  25. Hornets one at the bottom.

  26. whats this guy’s pt? that hornets hit a lot of midrange?

  27. That seems to be the point. Not sure it’s a good one.

  28. Hornets at the top They’re all drives and put back. Jlin scored mostly on drives. He only had one 3s

  29. Who’s PJ Hairston? jk lol

  30. Wow! I really can’t wait for 11/17 Lin back to MSG. SO happy to see Lin plays so well now.

  31. After watching the Knicks post game show, they kept talking about the Hornets’s bench as the main reason why they won, especially JLin. Love it!

  32. NY loves Lin.

  33. I think Knicks fans were screaming “stop the Linsanity” first!

  34. Not long time age, some of us hated it too

  35. Really? But I saw they all stood up & cheer for Lin when he scored.

  36. it has no special relevance to hornets winning.

  37. CHA’s radio post game gave 2nd unit a lot of love too.. led by Jeremy Lin πŸ™‚

  38. And we love NY fans, always shown Jeremy love, just like Charlotte fans are beginning to do now.

  39. I didn’t like the unspiked hair. Spiked hair, I like.

  40. Why thank you thank you. We all do our part!

    Although I feel the dusting wasn’t potent enough. When dishes and folding are done, may have to get on roof and clean leaves out of gutters. That should be some strong juju.

  41. Sending dirty dishes your way on Friday πŸ˜›

  42. No one can contest for Jeremy’s place in my heart, but Steph Curry is on deck now. Talented, and seems to be great guy.

  43. I’ll wash them in spirit πŸ™‚

  44. Hornets on top
    1. Point: Hornets made more 3 pointers
    2a. Hornets got to rim more than Knicks
    2b. OTH, Knicks took more midrange jumpers

  45. Bucks Lose!

  46. hornets 8th seed bucks lose

  47. I still think it’s too much. Just go out and put up the wins and numbers, and it’s all good he can wear diapers.

  48. Yay, we’re going to the playoffs……. too early? lol

  49. too early but positive sign

  50. the announcer is wrong, Steph makes those all the time. I bet he and Seth played that stuff all their lives at home.

  51. Oh here’s where your post went…moved over from the end of the last thread. So I’ll re-post too:

    They can hate the hair, but really they should FEAR the hair.

  52. I just check it’s 10th.

  53. these past 2 games, showed the true potential of the second unit. why the big difference? zeller is setting the high screens and hawes is spotting up, exactly what i was clamoring for. it’s no coincidence. lin’s been attacking because zeller rolling to the rim can’t be ignored. lamb of course benefits as always from defenses keyng in on lin. when the ball swings, he has room to operate.

  54. I hate Mav why Clippers lose the game. smh!

  55. lol double check imo its 8th……bucks lose so 4-5…….hornets 4-4


  56. Never hated the gelled up hair, just hated the mushroom hair look.

  57. Hawes is not a threat yet he has to work on his shot and being calm when he’s got the ball.

  58. Can u post a link to it please? Thanks

  59. The best compliment that we have seen for a long long time. From Chris Barnewall at the http://www.atthehive.com.


    The Hornets had a huge quarter thanks to the incredible play of Jeremy Lin. Finishing with 17 points on 11 shots, Lin had fans shouting Linsanity as he took over the game late with a nice mix of scoring and passing. His ability to penetrate, and get to the middle of the floor, left the Knicks completely off guard and unsure of how to respond.

    Thanks to Lin’s play the Hornets found themselves in a tie game with little time remaining. After some incredible defense by Marvin Williams to force Carmelo Anthony into a bad shot, the Hornets had the ball with a chance to win the game. The result was a gorgeous play drawn up by Clifford.

  60. It’s 9th seed, Knicks drops to 10th after this loss assuming it’s already counted.

  61. JLin can finally let down his hair after the game .. literally! LOL

  62. awesome game almost perfect ! and it builds a big case for Lin to start

  63. Gelled hair really helps prevent those hard fouls on the head/face for him!

  64. 9th? Good. I think if they continue to let Lin plays his game they will make it around 4 or 5 in playoff.

  65. Linsensational Psychological Warfare πŸ˜€

    “Not gonna touch that!”

  66. its 8th learn to count wth????

  67. Bought JLin jersey, totally paid back. πŸ™‚

  68. any links to these radio online?

  69. Not expert but just some impressions:

    First unit doesn’t have any grit, so you just don’t feel they can hold a lead or impose their will.

    Batum shots were good and needed but he bricked most of 4th Q. Lin gave him a very long ally oop and I think Batum mistimed the jump so just caught it and laid it in.

    JLin tried a massive ally oop to JLamb but coudn;t quite tell, might have been too deep. It was well behind the 3. That was the only JLin and JLamb combo stuff I saw, we need more. They are generally working off JLin drawing D and Lamb then gets is and works it himself. He’s got a nice shot.

    The 2nd unit … I would love to see better play between Lin and Lamb, more working together. I think that would explode them even more.

    JLin’s D was amazing. On this team, you can see it better than Rox. Not sure why, maybe his teammates move more so it is more orchestrated. For sure Harden did not move. But, I also saw many times when Lin could not get through the screen, but recovered v well because teammates slowed the options down. Only one time did Lin see a shot after getting screened, for a long 2. Rest of the time I mostly saw Lin get over or under the screen in time, and part of that cred goes to teammates.

    I’m not a x o guy so this is just a sense.

  70. LOL … ok, noone changes the routine for next game πŸ˜€
    Thank you for your house-cLinning!

  71. hahahahaah

  72. “Can’t touch that” lol.

  73. Game on Friday, gotta keep it up! Consistency in scoring is what Lin been aiming for and I hope he achieves that and averages close to 20+ PPG for first time this season!

  74. I have xm radio but maybe audio league pass has it in archive but you have to pay for it so no links.

  75. their hands will get sliced by the razor hair.

  76. more convinced than ever that Clifford does trust and believe in Lin but was told to limit Lin’s minutes to 20 minutes.

    So Clifford is trolling the front office and playing lin 5-7 minutes and then 12-15 to end the game in the 4th exactly HOW the front office does not want him to do it.

    I really believe so.

    Clifford is getting more bold and obvious now. IF this keeps up….

  77. he has a rep. and that still holds some water. on the other hand zeller goes from being a -20 every night to scoring 10+, shooting 15 FT, and hitting game winners. one little switch and everything changes…

  78. Lin is not starting. Please just hope Lin puts together 5 games in a row.

  79. The game should have been won on Zeller’s free throws.

  80. NY loves Lin. Too bad, he didn’t go back. Can’t wait for next Tue game.

  81. I miss the Lin & ED Ally oops. Can you image Hawes does Ally oop?

  82. Noticed that almost-bobbled long alley oop to Batum who had it a little mis-timed, as you say. Couldn’t help thinking about those beautiful Lin-Davis alley-oops. Hope somebody on the Hornets gets psychic enough to make some more seamless magic finishing with Jeremy on those shots.

  83. It’s true. He needs to practice more on FT.

  84. No, too bad they won’t let him back.

  85. cyberx
    Since: May 2006
    Posts: 1,498
    Member: #17959 Alexander has made it clear to Morey that he has had all the resources available to him and that if this team isnt connecting by All Star break then something will need to change.

    If the Rockets dont make it to the WCF – expect changes in the summer.

    Prelim talk, but Les has made it clear. He said, “I did my part, not you have to stick to your end of the deal”.

    Personal feelings asid

  86. To heck with Dolan. But the fans there will always enjoy Jeremy!

  87. Most bald guys hate Lin hair

  88. msg – mda, woody, mch, bsc didnt coach D.

    jlamb is the guy nyoung is not.

    Green n growing, ripe u rot.

  89. 1st unit lacks penetration. kemba can get there but is horrible at finishing. batum has shaky handles. and al totally clogs the paint. on the 2nd unit with zeller setting the pick and hawes spotting up, there is no one in the paint and 2 players who can finish coming at basket. and if you stop lin, swing it to lamb and he can get to the rim with space.

  90. wanna have it soon.

  91. Just want to say, “Party Time! Hammer-Time” πŸ˜€


  92. can’t touch this wohowohowoho!

  93. better than DWIGHT FT

  94. Should’ve fired Morey and Mchale long ago. If Lin’s Hornets team makes the finals it will make the Rockets look even worst!

  95. I like the fire Jlin is showing. It’s not normal for him to look angry in his face but sometimes you need to play that way. Westbrook scowl. I hope he can keep this up now for the season and not regress again.

  96. Hell yeah, they’ve had the “linsanity blues” since he left.

  97. Not meaningful, it’s a small sample of games in only 2 weeks.

  98. Totally agree! Glad he’s serious now even when he’s scoring, no more smiling and Mr. Nice Guy! It’s up to him to bring it when opponents purposely challenge him by going after the steal.

  99. He was saving Lin for the end. But Lin should have gotten more min with the way Kemba was playing.

  100. You mean starters didn’t play well last two games.

  101. no need to be angry but he is now engaged and not looking deer in headlights. No idea why he has these bouts but he’s on a bout now of tearing people up. FINALLY. I hope he kills the rest of the season.

  102. I’d like to say, “I told you so” but I won’t πŸ˜€

    And he will have a down game but I won’t say it either

    Just smile & celebrate lol

  103. Regress?!! Put up your dukes mate!

    Only those looking at the surface fail to recognize the iron fist ready to strike from the patient glove!

  104. no I think he has a 20 minute limit restriction on Lin. just my personal opinion. he’s starting to show his hand more and more now.

  105. playing with fire there if that was the case…how you know that Jlin will be ok even after a long rest when the game is at stake? beyond reason..

  106. plus the double pump one handed floater/layup to seal the comeback when Lin was covered by 2 bigs nice!

  107. KW was blocked 3 times during his drive to the basket…no rhythm.

  108. LOL fire the guy who thinks he’s smart but is not. Hubris needs to be taken down to move people ahead.

  109. Your older sister here is ready to smack you in the back of the head. Stop with the “deer in the headlights” and the “bouts”. Killer instinct has to pick his battles in the choppy $/political/ego waters of the NBA. “The Force” will out in the end.

  110. this team could look scary if both 1st and 2nd units play well at the same time. we only saw that in the chicago game. i hope they get there soon.

  111. “I’m too sexy for my hair”

  112. Haha, thanks. Sometimes I need smacking. I’m not sure if its politics or Lin when Lin was playing subpar this season after a good pre-season. Just glad it seems to be ending.

  113. Gorgeous play it was. None of us ever said that about McHale nor Byron Scott I tell you that.

  114. Nice breakdown, good to know.

  115. lol .. yeah the non-tanking record is 0-5 for Knicks vs JLin teams

  116. ok I concede to you.

  117. Wise. πŸ™‚

  118. Love the smirk as he ran back after that shot.

  119. he’s doing it to say something quietly or loudly depending on who’s listening.

  120. 3rd unit > 2nd unit > 1st unit.

  121. Wait for the next game then, we’d appreciate the sacrifice.

  122. As they fly out the window, lol

  123. He was gritty in the Miami game but then he lost some of it in the Atlanta games. I think since San Antonio, even though he didn’t shoot or play defense well in that game, he’s been more aggressive, driving, having that grit back. Tonight, he went beyond that into Linsanity mode.

  124. You can say you told me so. I would not even think Lin could do what he did the last 2 games after how’d he been going. He’s starting to show glimpse of what we and probably he envisioned when signing for 2 million.

  125. Does that mean you want Lin to BRICK AND PLAY NO D and FREEZE OUT TEAMMATES like Westbrook too?

  126. Well you’re learning what Lin really is – but you’ve got a LONG road ahead of you before you can begin to understand why a game like today is Lin’s NORMAL game.

  127. Yeah, I like Zeller and I can see he is inconsistent. I like how me moves for a big guy, though.

  128. Batum’s attitude screams elitist. He sounds so condescending. I’m glad lin called him out tonight.

  129. Clueless as ever.

    Multiple people have been telling you that it’s not Lin, it’s his TEAMMATES.

    If Lin’s teammates don’t show up to play, it drags Lin down too.

    You’ve been told this for the LAST TWO SEASONS, but you refuse to listen and blame everything solely on Lin.

  130. Really? Haha!

  131. My take on the minutes distribution. Coach knows Lin’s agmes from before. He needs a long wind up before he plays his best. So to run him 14 min straight he needs to cut back on earlier play. Then he has to balance giving guys about 20 min each as that was what he said at preseason. I think that was why he had it like this.

  132. Wonder what he’s saying … he** yeah?

  133. I think he was conserving Lin and then told him to go all out when you get in. I think Cliff rode Lin some because the last 3 games, San Antonio, Minny and Knicks, he’s been more aggressive about facilitating, going to the hoop, looking for his shot. But, it was a b2b so he did the limited 1st half minutes, big 2nd half minutes thing. Maybe he just had a feeling about Lin lately from what he’s seen in practice.

  134. sometimes the selfish Lin fan in me would say yes. But of course I think we all see he is a team player who does not ball hog and always try to make the right play.

  135. in the post game interview, lin didnt mention batum (with kemba and al) bc batum was part of the unit that closed the game.

    i dont read anything into lin not mentioning batum.

  136. After I listened to JLin postgame interview above, I realized it’s true that Hawes also played a big part to be the big man to pass the ball in-bound in the last Hornets possession. He was patient and skipped Batum as the 1st option then saw opening with Zeller as Lopez tried to cover Jeremy.

    I loved the parts about:
    1. JLin talked about how the bench (him, JLamb, Cody, Hawes) talked a lot after the Spurs loss on how they wanted to come out together. Their chemistry has paid off.
    2. Loved the comment praising Kemba and Al as the leaders setting the tone and cheering the bench players unselfishly. Great diplomatic skills

    Finally, we gotta give Coach Clifford huge credit for benching Al and Kemba and trusting the hot-shooting JLin and Batum in the end. Did any of us think he’s going to do that? Probably 0 of us πŸ™‚ It’s okay, Coach Clifford is the real deal to reward players who’s hot to finish the game. He’s not perfect since he was late to adjust but none of us are either.
    Stop for a moment. McHale and BScott would’ve never benched Harden & Kobe to let JLin be the HERO!

    Gotta tip off my hat to Kemba and Al who genuinely cheered from the bench!

    Go Hornets!

  137. yep, Lin needs to feel it’s time to win and he gets better when he has a pulse on the game and things count. To early and he isn’t as clutch because he’s trying to give everyone a fun game when it’s not on the line.

  138. And my icing on the cake: Rox lose to the Nets. =). Hope Hou can go on a losing streak.

  139. That’s arbitrary. How many minutes did he play last night? It may have turned out to be 20 minutes but in my opinion, who cares? Let’s celebrate. Lin made THE difference tonight.

  140. I don’t think Clifford is that scientific.

    He had a tired Lamb and Lin who had played heroically like All Stars less than 24 hours ago, as Lin and Lamb had to work extra hard to save the Hornets from the atrocious play of their starters.

    Then once Lin and Lamb got a little rest, they were able to come in and save the terrible starters AGAIN.

    MARVELOUS usage of minutes by Clifford.

  141. i went and watched the 4th quarter of that game. it was hilarious, made me laugh.

  142. Houston is a bad team and they will get what they deserve.

  143. 2x tonight.

  144. Not Hawes. Anyone but Hawes.

  145. +1, that is Net’s first Win!

  146. Coming. It’s in development now. Batum and Lamb and sometimes Marvin Williams to be the recipients.

  147. That one botched fast break was 5 vignettes of Shaqtin a Fool crammed into one fabulous play by the Rockets!

  148. 8-15 for Zeller FT? Shaq Like.

  149. I have to say I never thought Kemba would be benched in 4Q today. I was mad before Lin showed up in late 3Q. I think Cliff really let Lin played his game today. Good to see this. I believe Lin will continue to play like this from now on for this season.

  150. Zeller may not have most talent, but he is a good teammate for Lin.

  151. I personally don’t think Harden wants to be in houston anymore. I think he might be looking at LA after Kobe retires. After all his girlfriend lives in LA.

  152. Lol I wish I could cheer for my hometown team (the rockets), but everything about that organization is negative.

  153. You got THAT right, Max Boot!

  154. It is. Normal Lin game for sure against most opponents.

  155. Zeller is not perfect but his aggressiveness & hustle also paid off.

    Again, Clifford benched a cold Kemba for JLin!
    It still hasn’t sunk in my mind yet

  156. Excuse me for this one little negative feeling but FCUK clutchfans.

  157. we don’t know what to expect. I fear the front office will not let Lin shine. We will see. I am starting to trust Clifford and no longer worrying he is not pro lin. There is politics behind the scenes we don’t understand they are all dealing with.

  158. He benched big Al

  159. See my post above.

  160. Lamb and Zeller have STEPPED UP.

    Hawes – he is HOPELESS. He doesn’t deserve to play at all.

    Kaminsky and Hansbrough need more minutes.

  161. yup, Coach Clifford earned my RESPECT

    If Lin is cold, I won’t be mad if he didn’t finish the 4th quarter next time.
    Well, I’ll be grumbling but I’ll remember this game πŸ˜€

  162. Yeah, I saw the box score and had to do a double take. Rox lost to the 0-7 winless Brooklyn Nets …. LOL.

  163. Only twitter site to block me. I just told everyone Hardisty was a disrespectful, unprofessional jerk.

  164. Yeah I dislike clutchfans and the rockets.

  165. Cmon he made that key assist.

  166. yes, Big Al was cold too. And he did it multiple games in the 4th quarter vs small lineup.

  167. LOL

  168. One good play does not redeem an ENTIRE SEASON SO FAR of poor play.

  169. Hawes has limitation but he was key in the last play.
    Plus he converted JLin’s assist. So he’s okay in my book

  170. Funny. He played well a few games but seems he’s back with KK. Now look at him.

  171. Listening to the interview. Batum thinks he the playmaker on the team (obviously, Hornets OF sold it to him). At 1:20 mark he said, tonight, he doesn’t have to be the playmaker (1 assist) because Jeremy Lamb, and Spencer Hawes can be the playermakers (LOL) and his job was to score. Did he leave out Lin purposely or not?

  172. I love this – New York, they even have a word for that.

  173. big Al cannot be happy in contract year either

  174. The rest left unsaid, because no need.

  175. Harden’s playing as if he’s Lamar Odom’s roommate in intensive care for drug rehab.

  176. I understand but you might want to rephrase because mods have to delete

  177. you can say I told you so because
    I would say I told you so regardless..
    I will not remember you didn’t say I told you so.
    so kill now or be kill later. hahhahaa

  178. I root for Kemba. I like him. I hope he and Lin can develop some chemistry on the court.

    I’ve like Al in interviews but I get the sense that Al knows that he doesn’t fit the team anymore.

  179. I was just making a statement in general. Batum is a black Frenchman and my experiences with blacks from other countries tend to look down on American blacks. That’s the point I was trying to make.

  180. Please delete. I just needed to vent.

  181. Please, noooo! Although LAL is probably dumb enough to do it.

  182. ok πŸ™‚

  183. He’s had more than one. But not much more. He’s looked kind of comical most of the season.

  184. what he say now.
    someone point a tazer to his head.

  185. Since they coined that three letter term to dis asians, FUDGE is good. Make mine maple.

  186. if only he can really dunk and score..
    he ALMOST missed that dunk/layup

  187. I think kemba wants that kind of splash brother’s effect with he and lin.

  188. ha.. sorry still breaking Rule 1.

    Gotta delete, bruh πŸ™‚ Little kids are abound

    1. We take the β€œBe Polite & Be Respectful” rule very seriously. We do not tolerate any rudeness. Any member who is intentionally unpleasant or disruptive may be banned without warning.
    No cursing/swearing or any substitute/variation. Keep the language to PG to be family-friendly.

  189. Hawes a playmaker. Did Batum get a really hard foul in this game that I didn’t see? Come on Nic.

  190. better movement than Asik, I’d say.

  191. but he can’t.. because lin not starter…they want batum to be..or was it hairyson

  192. It would if he had passed that to Lin for the layup.

  193. oh yeah.. remember Asik’s ballet move? πŸ˜€

  194. bring it on!

  195. Except ‘He’ played welled personally.

  196. 95:93 – Lin delivered 50% off Papa Johns pizza for Hornets fans again. Should we Lin fans get extra 25% off? I hope Hornets fans will demand more minutes for Lin.

  197. oh i see.

  198. I’m part Bajan, part American. The Bajan side looked down on American blacks. Sometimes that is the case. Parker may be OK, Batum so far has my antenna up.

  199. Last year two games against the Hornets, Lin scored 21pts 3 reb, 7 ast 1 Stl and 23 pts, 6 reb 8 ast 2 stl 1 blk. He outplayed Kemba both games. Cliff knows Lin can play….

  200. well.. ok now
    remember cliff did say ..whoever is hot, he leaves them in in the 4th..remember this.
    so don’t go cursing about cliff if lin happens to not have his good game and wonder why he ain’t playing him.
    you can curse if lin does have his good game but benched.

  201. Thank you.

  202. detroit lose east are tight race

  203. In this case I’m not sure about the black part as much as the Frenchman part. They have a centuries-long reputation for feeling superior, and my experience as a traveler has me tending to agree with their tendency to arrogance, whatever the color. I’m cautious about him. We’ll see.

  204. I’m telling you Khloe Kardashian has ear telling him he should be in a bigger market and that’s why he didn’t win MVP.

  205. tigt losing race.hahahaha
    you get 6-4 and you will be number 1!!!lol

  206. I have very vocal in the defence of. Clifford for some time. Some fans have even accused me of loving the Hornets more than Lin. IMO, it’s CHO and MJ putting Hairston and Batum ahead of the team. Even tonight, I sensed that he was giving them the finger by letting the starters hang themselves with as much rope as they needed. In the end Clifford showed them up by sitting the starters for Lin led second unit. The “game” is afoot as they say.

    It’s a long season and Clifford is making a statement. He’s going to let the fans demand Lin and lamb more and more until CHO and MJ will stop meddling in the actual running of the team.

    My only reservation at this point is in how good a sideline coach he is to make quick adjustments. That may eventually be more obvious when he finally gets management out of his hairs and he doesn’t have to play the political game while trying to win games as well. Every team will be gunning for Lin the way the Mavs tried to and Clifford needs to create an outlet and mid court screens to peel off smothering defenders.

  207. No, remind me … I just remember when I think it was him – he caught the ball, 2 people feigned offensive foul and fell down. Was that him?

  208. Would be nice. Kemba is usually a volume shooting scorer and not a playmaker for others so its challenging.

  209. if lakers rockets playing east team root for east……….. pray east team lose if not playing the team I mention

  210. Understand, Batum got highest score 24pts tonight, but too bad, JLin just play too good a game and shine over him =)

  211. check my post above for rooting purposes

  212. was MJ at the game tonight?

    i watched the game using the knicks feed and didnt see him. what about the charlotte feed?

  213. ..all his girlfriends live in LA…lol

  214. Yep, that K family knows mass marketing … FWIW.

  215. Problem with the Cho/MJ thing is that mentality doesn’t make sense. MJ wants guys to contribute and Cho wants to make his acquisitions look good. There’s no good reason I can think of to put Lin down. I don’t think of MJ as caring about Lin’s ethnicity and Cho is Asian. So, I don’t know.

    Clifford is smart. His decisions and rotations are strange. Still observing.

  216. hmmmm I know where ihe is…. if you have a hot wife wink wink wink

  217. Another thing is Lin is an incredibly easy guy to market. And Lin may be fine with Kemba as main PG and he as 6th man PG. Already Kemba seems to want to pass more and shoot less. Maybe Lin’s influence. You just have to make it so that you don’t market Lin too hard and continue to market the others.

  218. Ouch…even worse they told him “not interested” very recently.

  219. Amazingly true. I don’t think he meant it to happen that way, but it has turned out that way. He used to get smashed in the head so often. Now the hair just vibrates. Maybe a subconscious fear from opponents not to be poked.

  220. at the golf course making bets?

  221. “Elitist”? “Condescending”? Nope, just French. πŸ™‚

  222. Clifford will never have a player like Lin. So humble.

  223. So. Kemba the cornerstone is not the jealous snake-in-the-grass. It’s Batum. Well let’s see as the season goes on whether Jeremy can seduce and/or discipline him into being a more genuine teammate.

  224. I can feel the cries of a million haters crying out in agony when they hear that.

  225. I had the same experience traveling in Europe.

  226. anyone have links to clifford post-game interview?

  227. LOL. That is hilarious!

  228. wrong dude…..my wife beautiful too……………. so I am always at work, whats golf gotta do with it, you work and not almost go home if you have a beautiful wife…..easy answer that you did not get

  229. I even called the two of them the “buzz brothers”. Kemba is a really good guy and I’d like Lin to be his teammate for a t least a few years to see how they can work together. It’s just so hard to find good character guys with any abilities in the NBA.

    Kemba definately need Lin much more than the other way around, for now. Lin will make Kemba a better shooter by giving him much more room and time than ever. Lin will also lend him some of his personal faith and belief to him and add to kemba’s confidence as well.

    I have so much high hope for this team for Lin. He could finally have Be happy playing with real friends in the Hornets.

  230. Arrogant, French whites, I agree. But if you go to Marseille (the Detroit of France), blacks and arabs are being looked down by the whites.

  231. if so, she actually has a very good point.

  232. In other words, Lamb rushed to sign big contract. He would have gotten more if wait few more months.

  233. I think Clifford felt bad hanging Lin out to dry and he’s trying. Clifford is now showing his hand. It’s a dangerous play. You can only bench Kemba so many times before it becomes an issue.

    To this who think this normal ,its’ not. See, Lin scored on Calderon, a fellow PG.

    If Lin was SG playing WITH Kemba, Allfalo or someone bigger would be on Lin. As I have said, Lin shines as the smallest man on the floor for his team. They usually have to put the midget on him or his SG teammate.

    And that karate floater would have been a lot tougher to get off, much less get to that spot on the floor for Lin.

    So I still see issues. But at least Lin is playing well.

    Clifford has the hardest job of all. He has to find how to sneak Lin in while not pissing off the starters, their agent, and the front office.

    I am a Clifford fan and watch closely how he tries to do this.

  234. yes, I won’t be happy πŸ™‚ but I will understand
    His job as a coach is to win games so if he’s fair, we can accept that.

  235. cliff cannot publicly says starter sucks…….thats disastrous if he say that to media

  236. Skip to 6:15

  237. i think people dont appreicate one fact of lins lowers mins is that hes just not going to be as run down as the season progresses. i mean this was a back to back, but sinces hes not playing 35 a night he can still be strong and explosive.

  238. That’s true. But Americans are even further down the pecking order. Dim. Uncultured. Laughable. Blacks and arabs come from vastly older cultures than our teen-age upstart one, so they’re a rung up.

  239. man, relaaaax .. it’s time to celebrate
    you can go back to be suspicious tomorrow =)

    Gotta enjoy the big win

  240. Unless you like looking at an empty chair and microphones.

  241. thank u!

  242. Hawes moves like the one who is malnourished now. The doctors should check him out too.

  243. Agreed.

  244. If you’re into that kind of thing… ok. sure… lol

  245. your sarcasm detector are broken?????? what you gonna if you have a hot wife?…….. bed will be noisy

  246. I didn’t see him at all
    But I bet he will watch reruns of how his biggest acquisition made him look smart!

  247. LA’s desperate and FO’s messed up so they’ll welcome Harden with open arms once Kobe retires after this year.

  248. Did not follow the Rockets for a long time. What happened to them?

  249. Lin caused all defenders concern.

  250. LOL

  251. LOLOLOLOLOL Can’t help myself and laugh of this:-)

  252. Exactly, Dolan does not deserve Lin.

  253. Haters gonna hate.

  254. His biggest acquisition needs to start every game! An early max contract sounds about right.

  255. LOL I wouldn’t rub it in Melo’s face but Ido’s tweet is still funny


  256. hey byron scott also said that during lakers harharhar

  257. cough cough what about “starting lineups” Like starting Lin and Lamb? cough cough.

  258. ha ha, yes, I don’t get web tone sometimes. Don’t work to hard, spend time at home. That’s the happy road.

  259. was about to say that…. I think Clifford experimented enough. He should already know what works and what doesn’t, but he keeps repeating his mistakes… Lol

  260. GoodDayLA has a habit of ending his posts with backhanded compliments. He does it so much it is like a talent.

  261. WOOO GO REFS!

  262. Before the season started, I made a prediction that the success of the Hornets will depend on how MJ and CHO would make use of Lin. Both of them must set aside personal pride in order to put Lin ahead of their own draft picks and highly paid stars. It will depend greatly on how much they’d prefer to win with Lin than losing with their management decisions.

    Pride is a powerful impetus. Duels have fought over it, wars have been waged because of it. Lin has been a splinter in every NBA experts eyes since Linsanity. How could they have made such a colossal blunder to let Lin’s talent slip through the cracks. 3 years of brainwashing couldn’t bury Lin and the truth is making these experts fools again. So CHO and MJ aren’t immune to this complicate total failure to be blind to Lin’s value.

  263. French and Italians are very rude to tourists, because they don’t care, tourists will come regardless. I have covered most of Europe, by far the friendliest European country is Croatia, bar none.

  264. Byron Scott had no plays or defensive schemes. Clifford does. Clifford is looking for chemistry. Scott was looking for an excuse to put Lin in the 2nd unit and bring in head of Snake and also bench Boozer.

  265. good idea, I’m listening to PFV to celebrate.

  266. Yes he’s experimented enough with starting Batum at SG and Hairston who’s haven’t done anything to justify his starting role! Start Lin and Lamb please!

  267. It’s not actually a question of putting Lin down. It’s being nervous about letting him shine above.

  268. This.

  269. i dont think anthony and jlin and all others players have animosity toward each other………..but what if you are in their place and people rub it in your face although your civil and friendly with other players ……….must be irritating LOL!!!

  270. Nah. Leave Lin and Lamb in the 2nd unit and even out their PT to match the starters. Lamb can get 26 MPG or more, Lin 28 or more. Since Kemba and Al have to start, Lin and Lamb wouldn’t have the space as starters. Both would be 4th options. It’s better they start from the bench. Hairston is a stopgap to MKG. Always has been.

  271. Lins contract is ridiculous.. 2million a year!?

  272. I was late but that’s LINSANITY type game#AWESOMENESS….

  273. Ido gets carried away sometimes. It’s just Ido. He’s a diehard fan but I don’t like tweeting other NBA players.

  274. I agree. I studied for a semester in Italy and travelled around Europe with my roommate who is Nicaraguan but looks more European. When we ask for directions, they always respond and pay attention to my friend instead of me (Asian). Germans were nice though.

  275. It was. Linsanity in Charlotte against the team where he started it. The NY announcers knew what they were seeing. They recognized it early on.

  276. Yeah, even if he produce great numbers this season, I feel no one’s going to give him an offer like he received from the rockets. I hope they give him what he deserves, a max contract.

  277. me neither. It might get them mad to plot against JLin next time to embarrass him
    It’s counter-productive so I don’t retweet it

  278. That’s what I’ve been saying. Just chillax and celebrate, feel good, and back to the regular worrying and conspiracies tomorrow. Have fun tonight. It’s a great night.,

  279. point taken

  280. I’ve read your previous post wanting Lin to be more aggressive and take charge. I am an agreement with you. I don’t think Lin started with his usual aggressiveness until the spurs game, but he was overmatched by a well oil machine.

    I don’t feel you could put the sole blame on Lin’s teammates. Lin could’ve been more aggressive earlier in the season but chose to try and get the whole team going. Maybe when Lin said to surrender, he meant he surrendered to the responsibilities of being the teams best player, picking up the other guys, and sometimes carrying them.

  281. Lol…it aint that easy…if we are in his shoe….

  282. Ho hum.

    It’s another Linsanity game, almost as good as Lin vs Charlotte twice, Lin vs Boston, Lin vs Atlanta, Lin vs Phx, Lin vs. San Antonio, and other Linsanity level games from Lin’s Laker season.

  283. the surprising thing about cliff’s postgame interview is that cliff praised batum for almost always making the right decision about when to shoot, drive or pass, and that batum has the perfect level of aggressiveness.

    wow, i watch batum and i see him frequently forcing shots (like the sideways drifting jumper he likes to do, such a low percentage shot and he loves it) and making questionable decisions, especially in the endgame tonight — wasted possessions.

    i dont see what he sees but i understand now why he plays batum so much.

  284. But why them with nothing to really go on? It’s more like since they are in a position to do this it must be them. That’s why I can’t really go along with it. I see the reason behind it, but for these two, I’d want something to really go on.

  285. It’s indeed a great night. Thanks for being so level-headed
    Lin and his fans felt redeemed tonight.

    Hornets fans are riding the Linsanity high fever right now πŸ˜€

  286. It’s an EGO BOOST by a coach trying to retain his job by kissing up to his “star” player.

  287. Strepsils?

  288. now . if he can only catch an alley oop..lol

  289. I seriously doubt Lin will get even a single offer, no matter how well he plays.

  290. I don’t know. With the markets he could open and his high character, and knowing people want to see a return to Linsanity, I just don’t see how it doesn’t benefit them to be strongly behind a resurgence of Linsanity.

  291. It’s just so much fun esp. when Melo is on the floor.I can’t control myself screaming even it’s a replay on my DVR

  292. Yes indeed!!!!

  293. listen to the interview. to cliff’s tone and the ‘extra toppings’ in his praise like ‘batum can flat out play’ — that sounds genuine to me, instead of him politicking.

  294. Batum played the whole 4th

  295. with 3.7 seconds left, Hawes passed up JLin for a wide open corner 3 and tried to find Batum with a dangerous pass. the politics on this team is ridiculous

  296. Best would be to start Lin and stagger his minutes with Kemba so they can still be PG in certain parts of the game.

  297. I’m not so sure it’s pride in this case. They did, after all, go after Lin pretty aggressively once they saw their chance. Wasn’t it Cho who flew out to sign Lin? I believe it’s more being careful and nervous about not letting the Lin-train get ahead of them and upset the rest of the apple-cart. I’m sure they’re directly or indirectly asking Clifford to take it slow, and I actually believe they’re not wrong. I am quite certain part of their unusual long phone conversations and actual face-to-face meetings was exactly feeling Jeremy out about how truly willing he could be to squeeze into this delicate situation. They had to be satisfied they weren’t going to spend their modest budget on a piece that would only create friction. If it all works out and they can truly gel, it’s equally likely that they prefer Jeremy not be a rental but would become one of their tent-pole guys. Now THAT would be a genius “get”.

  298. dont care about that just win a ring…..if that happen it will be glorious

  299. So when Lin completely shut down and outplayed 6’7″ Kevin Martin, you still feel that Lin is too small to score on or guard Martin?

  300. Funny thing is Chinese tourists are their bread and butter, they come by the bus load. Buying every Luis Vuitton in sight, matter of fact, in Paris, they put a limit on Chinese tourists to two per person. Germans are cool, but a bit robotic, west Germans are nicer than east. Dutch are also nice. Brits are a bit dry nature.

  301. although Batum was good tonight 24pts with 10-18 shooting, it’s also partly politics to make Batum happy and come back next season.

    some of the shot selections made me cringed but they went in tonight

  302. That’s classless.

  303. Yes yes yes

  304. Melo’s hit the side of the backboard game-winning chuck was a joy to watch too. Lin hitting big clutch shots and strutting was a joy to watch. But Melo seemed OK, happy his team was competitive. Maybe part of him felt good for Jeremy.

  305. mj : cough cough Lin and Lamb cough tradezezezez cough cough

  306. This was only the first good game of batum for the year… it wasn’t even great… just good…

  307. Debbie downer….can’t even enjoy a linsanity game…smh

  308. He’s very high on Batum for some reason. Batum has good basketball IQ, but he’s made some questionable and even bonehead plays IMO.

  309. Will they even respect Lin if he accomplishes that?

  310. It has always been a lie about Lin defense.

  311. Hmmm.

    I feel no redemption or even much excitement.

    I just saw Lin playing his typical game, just like he has done for the last 4 seasons.

    Actually, I feel that Charlotte did not deserve to win. The starters were terrible and dug deep holes
    for Charlotte’s bench to have to dig out.

  312. I think it’s genuine.

  313. I should have hit you with a baseball bat instead of michael

  314. Coach called. It has to be.

  315. Cliff should change his subs… at 6min mark, Lin and Zeller should come in for PJ and Marvin…

  316. Clifford is SLOW.
    Lin already IS a good defender;
    This silly future-tense is getting annoying

  317. It’s a genuine ego boost, yes.

  318. dunno…..history says not

  319. that’s why it’s fun for Lin fans, to see him win. If he’s a starter, I’d want to see the run downhill like GSW.

  320. hahahha

  321. They will not.

  322. I don’t get it. Batum doesn’t seem able to put pressure on opposing defenses like Lin does. I knew he was good from the Rockets- Blazer games but when did he become a star?

  323. AtTheHive article has high praise for JLin

    The Hornets had a huge quarter thanks to the incredible play of Jeremy Lin. Finishing with 17 points on 11 shots, Lin had fans shouting Linsanity as he took over the game late with a nice mix of scoring and passing. His ability to penetrate, and get to the middle of the floor, left the Knicks completely off guard and unsure of how to respond.

    Thanks to Lin’s play the Hornets found themselves in a tie game with little time remaining. After some incredible defense by Marvin Williams to force Carmelo Anthony into a bad shot, the Hornets had the ball with a chance to win the game. The result was a gorgeous play drawn up by Clifford.


    Watch as he pulls Robin Lopez away from Zeller with that quick move towards the rim. Lin then immediately turns back the other direction, and Zeller uses Lopez being off balance to make his run. A wide open passing lane for Spencer Hawes allows him to hit Zeller for the layup, and the eventual win.

    Link: http://www.atthehive.com/2015/11/11/9718806/charlotte-hornets-steal-win-over-new-york-knicks-95-93

  324. yeah, Lin had a good look and he was waiting for the ball. darn you HAWES!!

  325. flagged for mods.

  326. Feel like lin got 25&10

  327. its for his offense not his defense so much.

  328. If we’re talking about the same play that I noted earlier in my post: Lin was to Hawes’ right open and waiting, yet he passed it across court. He got lucky that it was knocked out of bounce, but time was lost on the clock. If the worse happened, it could have gotten intercepted and lost possession in those late seconds.

  329. dont wanna change anything now got the win we wont know if jlin made the shot if got the ball at least we know hornets won when hawes miss lin in inbound

  330. Cliff is providing lip service for the FO?

  331. Yea, if it was, that was bad.

  332. i agree. batum is a very versatile player, theres nothing hes bad at, and hes an excellent rebounder for a wing player, but hes not good when trying to do too much, and on this team he does way too much.

  333. coached called the play, but i’m sure he didn’t say to pass up a wide open look like that!

  334. politics of keeping job

  335. lol kidding cause theres a joke here if michael does not watch we won so I hit him with a bat

  336. Who was the commentator on Knicks game…I should record that one instead of Hornets commentating,that should be a lot of fun if Frazier was on.

  337. Batum played great in the 3rd quarter, his 4th quarter was garbage

  338. just finished watching the game and gotta say that was the best game i’ve seen in a long time. congrats to Lin and his fans!

  339. ok

  340. He’s not a game-winner. He’s a guy that looks to make the good basketball play. But he isn’t a guy that wills a team to victory through hustle and determination like Lin does or even Kemba tries to do.

  341. Hornets almost lost this one in spite of Linsanity:


  342. Frazier does color as usual. He was great.

  343. he said really, really good defender. maybe he think he’s really good now.

  344. I saw that. But it could be an honest mistake since he didn’t look at the right side at all.

    I won’t make a fuss until I see a repeated pattern.
    Otherwise we can be paranoid

  345. I am so surprised it’s not Melo who took the last shot?

  346. No, they deserved to win due to the valiant effort of one spiked-haired player.

  347. NOT AT ALL.

    Melo made the statement, he now has to chew on it yet again just like the last 3 seasons!

  348. Why do you think they wanna put lin down?…to my eyes I see, no such indications

  349. Sorry, I side with Ido.

    Melo shouldn’t taunted Lin’s contract as “ridiculous” in the first place.

  350. “His ability to penetrate, and get to the middle of the floor, left the Knicks completely off guard and unsure of how to respond.”

    ive heard that a few times already — eg, on knicks forums as well — about how lin was penetrating deep in the fourth quarter. (esp knicks fans, they love to blame calderon for anything resembling dribble penetration, haha, whipping boy) but its not really accurate.
    in the 4th quarter, lin hit a free-throw line stepback, a difficult runner, and whatever u want to call that other one over calderon but none of that was anything resembling a layup. it was penetration that didnt reach all the way to the bucket, resulting in shot attempts that are difficult. lin made it look easy but it wasnt like a walk in the park.

  351. yes, he’s a solid Robin role, a very good one. But he’s not a game-changer

    He’s getting extra opportunity since Hornets want him to stay with a small market team next year.

  352. Had Lin and Lamb not protected Batum, Batum would have been down in the dumps with the rest of the starters too.

  353. Except you should start your best players. Starters have been digging big holes and playing poorly. A serious contender would not want to catchup from behind every game.

  354. absolutely.

  355. Frazier was great as always.

  356. with .6 seconds left on the clock, you just inbound to whoever is open. no time to find Melo

  357. That’s because you, and really most fans, find it difficult to accept the messy realities of running a TEAM. We snark at outfits that cater to their stars, yet we want that same brass ring for our own hero. ALL of the elements you mention are valuable, and for sure the organization knows that. But they become less valuable if they aren’t contained within the TEAM universe. They become divisive, polarizing, and that is not a chip-winning scenario. Everything points to their effort to “develop” this group. It’s not fast enough for we abused-child Lin-fans, who naturally see disrespect lurking everywhere, but I believe they are really trying to work Jeremy into place in a winning team. And I believe Jeremy sees a genuine possibility here. He doesn’t want the explosive Linsanity here – it would be too destructive to the team. He wants a Linsanity that builds slowly, organically. A Lin-sunami, perhaps? That kind of resurgence.

  358. Maybe. I like how he looks now.

  359. A very strong Robin turns into NightWing…never Batman.

  360. The Knicks had a pretty good plan against Lin:

    run Lin off the 3 pt line, send shotblockers to the rim on his drives, and squeeze Lin into the contested midcourt.

    Unfortunately, Lin was able to score wildly out of the midcourt!

  361. clifford’s fault for bad design on defense. cannot leave anyone wide open, even Omer Asik.

  362. Porzingis caught the ball low… no way was that going to count… in .6 secs you only have time to catch and shoot… but Porzingis has to catch, bring the ball from his knees to over his head ( all 7 foot 3 inch) and then shoot that is too long…

  363. I dont mean to pile on veverly but heres the story……………………..

    Houston Rockets point guard Patrick Beverley to returned to the lineup Wednesday night after missing a couple of games with an injury. But he wasn’t at practice Wednesday morning, after being arrested on an open warrant.

    Beverly was arrested along Beltway 8 at Telephone Road in Pearland. Video from Officer De La Cruz’s patrol car shows Beverly in a black 2013 Rolls Royce.

    “You don’t have your driver’s license with you?” said officer De La Cruz when he approached Beverly. “When I run the plate on your car, It’s not coming back to anything.”

    Beverly explained that he purchased the car months ago and didn’t have the new plates. Beverly said he was headed to practice. The officer ran his information and found Beverly had a warrant for his arrest for failing to pay $321 in toll fines and fees.

    “I have cars in my name that other people drive,” said Beverly to the officer.

    De La Cruz gave Beverly a warning for the bad registration and no license and then made the arrest.

    De La Cruz: “Look that way and put your hands behind your back”
    Beverly: “Hey man, At least let me pull over. I don’t want to have people put me on social media.”
    De La Cruz: “You can walk back there.”
    Beverly: “I’ll walk back there.”
    Beverly then says he doesn’t want to be handcuffed. The officer politely tells him he has to be before he gets in the patrol car.

    De La Cruz: “Take a seat.”
    Beverly: “This is crazy. This is (expletive) crazy man.”
    The officer offers several times to cuff Beverly’s wrists at the front of his body instead of behind his back. Beverly declines and also takes off a seatbelt the officer buckles for him. In the back of the patrol car, Beverly is heard getting frustrated at the officer for the initial stop.

    Beverly: “You know you lying bruh.”
    De La Cruz: “Yeah okay.”
    Beverly: “You know you lying. Don’t worry about it. I’ll be out this (expletive) in 10 seconds. I’ll hop back in my Rolls Royce.”

    After viewing the video, it wasn’t until later in the traffic stop that the officer accused Beverly of initially speeding in a school zone. Beverly was not given a warning or citation for that.


  364. OK, so progressive emergence.

  365. In Batum interview, he said he was the first option on both plays. For the second play, Hawkes didn’t go to him but Zeller. He was ok with it. Please watch his interview. It was quite detail in there.

  366. Excellent phrase πŸ™‚

  367. What happened to enjoy this game and back to the normal stuff tomorrow? Any beer or wine nearby you?

  368. I agree.

  369. agree. hawes had a preconceived notion that batum would be get open so wasnt really looking for anything else.

  370. he actually did a pump fake to Lin right before passing it to Batum

  371. lin was open at first, but later his defender closed out.

    regardless, the pass to batum was a risky choice. not a good choice.

  372. Can’t believe I read the whole thing.. Beverly should have just listen.

  373. its not like he plays anymore. He got Lin’d by Mchale. Except Lin had talent.

  374. Thanks but this was about the first play that Lin was wide open. Second one Haws must have been wised up.

  375. if he had passed it instead of doing the pump fake, it would have been a wide open 3

  376. Who’s Patrick Beverley?

  377. No. It’s diminishing returns. Too many guys that are scorers need the ball and need to score. That’s what is wrong with all-star teams. You put guys on that complement each other. Then you get a second team that is strong in its own way to either sustain it, or bring the team up if the first team isn’t performing up to par. Great teams are deep with strong benches. Ginobili is one of SA’s top players, he comes in from off the bench. So does Iggy for GSW. And you also look at pairings. Lin and Lamb are a tough duo now, putting them as 3rd, 4th, 5th option and having Lin not run his own group is a waste of their talent.

  378. It was 3 years ago. Time to move on.

  379. heres for green……………..

    Police: Heat guard Gerald Green punched man, was combative


  380. A Lin-tectonic shift, pretty slow.

  381. desperate move by Hornets for sure since they’re afraid big FA don’t want them

  382. hm, ok.. bad decision then
    he should trust JLin more

  383. HE was suspended. Dude needs to get some counseling now. He’s gone off the tracks.

  384. So we must praise Clifford for giving just 21 minutes to the best man on court?

    Despite being cold Al and Kemba played more minutes than others.

    Just a bad coach who Jeremy saved. Again.

  385. yes, almost stolen.. bad decision for sure

  386. Unfortunate. Have mixed feelings about this one.

  387. yup.. JLin’s instinct drove that one-handed shot that will itself in.
    Amazing play that brought the house down!

  388. great to see JLin be king of midrange again.
    He was automatic in NY

  389. He acknowledged it.

  390. I liked how he just willed some shots in. They fell out of pure determination. That’s what winning players do. Gamebreakers do. That’s what he is.

  391. in the post-game interview, cliff called them ‘circus’ shots.

  392. Spot. Jeremy chose Clifford and has expressed support for him. I know the minutes aren’t what we want them to be but Lin has a chance here. And things can change and expand for Lin and probably will. Keep the faith.

  393. no way asik even gets a shot off in .6 seconds

  394. who cares about beverine. but did you see lawson’s production in how many minutes he plays? lol

  395. Of course Lin would never start a controversy, he’d let his game speak for itself.

  396. JLin postgame interview (different one from the above) in the locker room.

  397. clutch game-changer!

    That determined face that JLin had was the same stuff that MJ had
    Lin has less physical talent but his killer Linstinct has laid dormant long enough; perhaps MJ would have 1:1 session with him to give some tips

  398. I like the idea of Lin playing with Marvin Williams. MW is a smart player, good team player, very good defensive player. I think they can develop chemistry. When Lin was swarmed on a drive under the basket MW was positioned perfectly to receive LIn’s feed.

  399. It’s in the past long past. Lin would not support that. They shake hands.

  400. Lin did make them Knicks look like ‘clowns’ in that play .. so point taken lol

  401. lin hit many ‘circus shots’ during his NY stint.

  402. Not how much but the poison third year he meant to say.

  403. I’m not talking about Jeremy.

    I’m just questioning the fact “he rides the hot band”. Which is not true.

    I always keep the faith, don’t worry. Jeremy is one of the best in the league right now despite usage.

  404. JLamb perfectly described the HAPPY-SAD-HAPPY roller-coaster feelings we all felt at the end of the game πŸ™‚
    I shared the same feelings with my son


  405. No one cares about the Beverine and his Rox koolaid, but we do occasionally enjoy a cold side serving of karma.

  406. Maybe there’s a bigger plan with Lin and the guys he plays well with. That’s why I say keep the faith.

    Lin may know stuff we can’t know yet.

  407. imagine jlamb and kawhi leonard in the same room………………..

  408. GS will get their first loss on 12-2-15……if Clifford puts Lin in early to guard Curry.

  409. hes so inarticulate in interviews hehe

  410. my baseball bat is ready for michael

  411. 17 min highlights? That got to be a record lol
    I need to sleep .. but okayyyy πŸ™‚

    someone has worked hard for this

  412. Jun Liu’s highlights are longer and comes out faster than Christine’s. We have some competition here. Good for us πŸ™‚

  413. They have the same agent Tanner…They should play more together!

  414. The ability to will in shots is a gift that few great athletes have. It’s what truly makes sport transcends mindless entertainment. It makes us believe in something beyond our physical reality into magic and mind over matter. It elevates our consciousness to believe for a moment that we have the ability to do what ever we wish to achieve as a specie.

  415. I find this Jeremy endearing somehow … what he said just about covers it πŸ˜‰

  416. Lol this makes me like him more

  417. This is exactly the difference. As a coach, the value of will power is a gift that is almost uncoachable. You simply cannot ever teach someone to be clutch and to have enou will power to lift a team to victory.

    For many years I’ve been saying that no one, not even Lebron can hold a candle to Lin on this level of sheer mental toughness and determination to not lose.

  418. yes.. for sure πŸ™‚

    [9:37] man, that Lin pass through 3 big men .. not sure how it got to Marvin Williams hands.

    I think Lin tried to pass through as it bounced, and on the way down he tried to push to Marvin Williams’ direction

    I wish we had an another angle. That was spectacular!!! Trailing 85-86 they took the lead 87-86

  419. Jose Calderon be like, “Not again!”

  420. someday, Calderon will be on 30/30 ESPN documentary answering the question,
    “What’s your secret to be in so many JLin posters?” =)

  421. Does Jeremy Lamb have any connection with Carmelo? Watching the Hornets feed, at the end, Carmelo walks over to the Hornets bench and it looks like he called out to “Jeremy”. Lamb was standing in the vicinity, walked over to give Carmelo a hug, but Lin was right behind him and gave Carmelo a hug shortly after. It seems like JLin forgave Melo for that “ridiculous” comment.

  422. Lol, it makes absolutely no difference anyways. Every team gets up to take Lin down. That’s a fact. The truth won’t make it any worst since its application is well underway.

  423. Any max contract is chump change if Lin ever gets a chance to lead a team to a long run in the playoffs. His endorcement value will be worth 100 million.

  424. On the cross over pull back jumper, Frazier was in shock when lin missed it

  425. I think Melo was calling out for Lin not Lamb but since Lamb walked to him so they hug….

  426. They really want him to stay next summer.


  427. I thought so too….having to Jeremys on the same team could be confusing to lots of people

  428. [12:22] At 91-91 with 1:31 left, Lin decided to do dribble-drive with 5 sec left on the shot-clock after Batum gave him the ball.

    The one-handed shot that he willed in as the shot clock expired after getting away from Lopez was simply marvellous!

  429. Haha! Ya! That’s why when Melo hug Lin… Lamb looked back… I think he knew at that time it’s for Lin not him. LOL!

  430. Who is Chad Buchanan?

  431. I don’t know….

  432. LOL…at around 1:20 minutes left in the game. Lamb got the rebound, Batum wanted to bring up the ball, Lamb ignored him and brought it up himself. Lamb doesn’t care now that he got the $21M contract.

  433. Chad Buchanan is Hornets’ Assistant GM :

    Chad Buchanan is in his second season with the Hornets as Assistant General Manager after joining the franchise in July 2014. In this role, he collaborates with General Manager Rich Cho on aspects of the team’s basketball operations including professional and collegiate scouting, draft preparations, player acquisitions and salary cap management.

    See : http://www.nba.com/hornets/executive-staff

  434. He must really hate Jeremy πŸ˜€

  435. Less unselfish? I thought Batum is slowly become the most selfish player in this team, even AI will pass the ball to Lin now.

  436. Did not watch the game..no feed. But watching all the highlights felt like a playoff game..LOL

  437. Batum was passing when he was in Portland as their 4th option. In Charlotte he got a big head after they promised to let him be 1st or 2nd option.

  438. Christine has some family crisis right now. She only could do what she could when she has quiet moment. It’s good that she still can do the highlights. What a JLin trooper!!!! Give her a big hug!!!!!

  439. Probably was his son who told his father to hug Jeremy! πŸ™‚

  440. oh wow .. Hope she’s doing okay in tough situation :[
    Hope it gets better soon

  441. Thank you for the info. Hope everything will be ok.

  442. these highlights are great

  443. He is indeed much better in 4th qtr. I had no issue with him in this game.

  444. he’ll enjoy the perks telling the stories traveling in Asia/US & documentaries so it’s blessings for him too LOL

  445. This game is fine tho

  446. Yeah I’m watching the highlights again. What a game!

  447. Kemba Batum – 33 points combined in 30+ minutes

    The Jeremys – 31 points combined in 20+ minutes

    Who must be selfish?

  448. Anyone, you can watch archive games here:

  449. Yes he is. That’s why I have no issue when he played with JLin in 4th qtr. Not last game. I dislike the last 4 minutes of the game.

  450. It may not be just pride but also self preservation as well. Like I said, it’s matter of which motivation is more important to them.

    This much I do know is that Lin trusts Clifford, so I also trust Clifford due simply to my faith in Lin. Then why has there been such questionable rotations and PT for Lin?

    Humans act upon basic drives, love, hate, jealousy, pride, revenge and self preservation….. Melo was pride and jealousy. Mchale and Morey were pride and self preservation. BS and Kobe was jealousy, pride and self preservation. Everyone of these people acted irrationally in dealing with Lin, to the ultimate detriment to their own teams and to themselves. We can see it now with 20/20 rear view mirrors.

    It is with this knowledge and past history that I’m basing my theory on what is going on with thee strange PT and rotation with Lin.

  451. Same old same old
    Guess what Deron Williams must have felt.

  452. What a great video.

  453. anyone know what Lin’s new adidas are? he got rid of the slip and slide

  454. Pray so. Don’t know the details but I know it’s very tough situation (a family member or more is/are in the hospital or something like that).

  455. Batum had a good game he took 18 shots, most on the team, 7 more than JLin’s. He could have pass more but no complain since Hornets won.

    BTW, I saw you and aj rafael on twitter. In case you didn’t know…aj is JLin’s friend and a youtube celeb out of LA. He’s a life long Lakers fan. He’ll support Lin, but no matter how awful the Lakers are, they’re still his team.

  456. thanks

  457. Maybe we should do something more concrete for her.

  458. should be the Crazylight Boost

  459. Mixed things from Batum with Lin. When Lin was knocked down, Batum came quickly to pick him up. Several times Batum passed to Lin in the 4Q. On the sideline, Batum seemed friendly towards Lin. When he speaks, he seems to avoid talking about Lin.

    I don’t like making productive players adversaries. Batum can help Lin with his athleticism. Batum can receive Lin’s lob passes and he’s a decent 3 point shooter where Lin can feed him. Batum can feed Lin as well. They just need to complement one another. If they aren’t the closest guys on the team, it can still work out. They need a good working relationship on the court and both are professional enough to do that.

  460. Lin was open right in front of him

  461. I like this intelligent poster AtTheHive: khyber900
    He knows what he’s talking about

    Lin was the best player at both ends.

    His defense on the ball was really good. Seemed to always get his feet set defensively between his man and the basket and used that big body to bother shooters.
    – Offensively, he did Linsanity type things, some of which are easy to see and others more subtle. The big thing he did was to constantly put the defense on notice that he was coming into the paint. He had the Knicks on their heels and they had to take note of him. That created space for others to make plays. That was no small feat against a very big and versatile Knicks front line. –On top of that, he moved seamlessly into the SG role when someone else like Batum or Lamb took over initiating the playmaking.

    This role he has with the Hornets could end up working out for him. Clifford has served notice that he wants a deep rotation and every player has a baseline of minutes. The amount of minutes can go up based on how well someone is playing and the game situation. My criticism of Clifford is that I think Lin’s baseline of minutes should be higher than the 15-19 minute range, because I think he and Batum are the most talented players on this team. However, where I find Clifford to be a breath of fresh air is that he lets Lin play his game and is willing to reward him with more minutes if the situation warrants. Tonight was one of those nights.

    by khyber900 on Nov 11, 2015 | 11:30 PM reply

  462. Man you sound like a rainy day in LA.

  463. The cross over and pull back jumper was sick. Too bad lin missed it.

  464. For his postgame interview? When he speaks, he seems to avoid talking about Lin.

  465. If if wasn’t for the rain it would’ve been desert! πŸ˜€

  466. Yes, postgame.

  467. figured he’s get use to that by now with all of the fan attentions Lin gets

  468. LOL love this vid
    What all #Hornets deserve to get tomorrow morning LOL #welldone

  469. Lin is already getting way more exposure than anyone else on this team. I wouldn’t read anything into it because no one likes to be interviewed and then be ask about someone else. It’s actually quite rude! “Don’t ask me about someone else, go ask them yourself!”. Reporters are constantly doing that and it really annoys me because I know how these top athletes are. They are ultra competitive, they have a lot of pride and they all have egos.

  470. I think this is the same khyber who follows Lin from Knicks to Rockets to LA and now Hornets. I recognize the handle.

  471. Forget acupuncture. Massage is the best… especially from a cute kitten πŸ˜›

  472. thanks.. great to have him around!

  473. I don’t trust cats .. but kitten might be ok :]

  474. I think I may have to stop watching live games and just stick to highlights. The 2 games I missed… Hairsanity happened lol. I will do it for the greater good haha

  475. That’s a great idea.. Maybe Melody can help w/ ideas

  476. if we can pool some donation to help, I’m sure some will be glad to do so.
    Do you know?

  477. keep up the great job!
    don’t change a thing lol

  478. Difference is last game was Lin playing well and being a big part of the comeback. This game was Lin taking command, carrying the team, willing it to victory. This game was far more dynamic. This was a real Linsanity like game, you can feel the energy in Charlotte’s crowd when Lin mad plays.

  479. If the puppy can trusts the kitten so can you.

  480. Hornets fans are Lintoxicated :]
    They’ll want more very soon!
    They’ve tasted the rainbow!
    No going back

  481. So Michael sleeps, LAJane on dish duty, and you sticking to the highlights… our new game ritual. Got it. lol.

  482. hopefully he will be a “Ring-Lin” brother soon.

  483. Thanks a bunch ^^

  484. Or Carmelo knows that hugging Lin will be on camera. Sorry couldn’t help it. lol

  485. No worries! Got this from a poster here in early games when I missed. Glad to share!

  486. What if his son has a room full of posters of all the shots Lin scored on Calderon.

  487. I know. Just had fun with him. It was my first exchanges with him.

  488. Always like genuine interviews. So glad he didn’t say ” We gave 110%, we dug deep, we played hard “

  489. The only two players who can sit in a room full of Sound Sensor alarms and not set them off.

  490. Love me some dessert.

  491. No idea. She is a member of Jeremy Only Lin Garden. I just read the posts about her situation. She lives in Taiwan. Maybe I can ask the mods there what we can do for her.

  492. Maybe you should like Michael. When he slept, JLin would have a great game:-)

    Just kidding. No worries! We are just having fun here.

  493. Maybe because Cho said Batum needs to be unselfish at times. lol

  494. Melo would have got that shot off in time….it just wouldn’t have gone in.

  495. Here’s your repeated pattern, feel free to start fussing.

  496. Great name for a commercial drink. Ego Boost! You should have it patented.

  497. https://instagram.com/p/9-XbeKuP6v/
    jlin7:Great team win and THANKS to all the veterans who protect our nation!! β€ͺ#β€ŽBuzzCity‬ β€ͺ#β€Žhoopsfortroops‬ β€ͺ#β€Žthreestripes‬

  498. Anybody notice JLin keeps scoring average of 17 points on the Knicks almost every year except for dismal Lakers year? Something about that number. LOL


  499. But he is still experimenting…

  500. Calderon had his hand right there. Jeremy must have pushed the ball right through his hand and still made the basket. Wow.

  501. Forget Jeremy, that is one heck of a CUTE video!

  502. Chairman.

  503. *gasp* blasphemy!

  504. I can totally picture that image, lol.

  505. Disloyalty in every sentence including “is”,”a”, and “of”… but I don’t care when cuteness is concerned πŸ™‚

  506. KHuang? jk

  507. Cute overload indeed. I’ll let this slide πŸ™‚

  508. It may turn out to be the Jeremy brother’s instead.

  509. Lin is top 10 in point guard PER efficiency at #7. http://insider.espn.go.com/nba/hollinger/statistics/_/position/pg

  510. Kaminsky needs to get more minutes from zeller and hawes. he’s more of an impact player than those two.

  511. That red looks like blood spatter.

  512. CSI: Charlotte

  513. If you and me had the chance to go to a live game, everyone can recognize us by the two guys sleeping in their seats.

  514. I just listened to Clifford post match interview, and he stated he doesn’t believe in increasing the minutes of a player who plays well…and he likes to give every player a fix amount of minute so they know the type of minutes they can expect.

    I’m not really liking this type of philosophy…I prefer a rewarding system where if a player is hot, he gets to play much more that.

    That pretty much answer the question of whether Lin will be averaging more than 25mpg…Clifford minutes range for Jeremy is from 18 to 23 on a good night…Are you guys okay with Lin fixed minute range?

  515. So you would prefer this over #7 giving you a massage.

  516. Hornets #7 ain’t giving me JUST a massage πŸ˜‰

  517. No. That’s why I say he’s a bad coach.

  518. Yes, the crowd’s excitement was palpable.

  519. Just thought of something. Isn’t Batum a French citizen and a native of that country and culture? Stereotype but aren’t the French less outwardly expressive than us Americans? Perhaps we should not expect the France-raised Batum to be as emotionally and visibly supportive of JLin as someone like Kemba would be. In any event, I say although we freely support and criticize JLin, we should be more circumspect when it comes to criticizing his teammates. That would for sure create tension and jealousy in the locker room and on the court, and ultimately impede the coming of Linsanity 2 a/k/a/ Hairsanity.

  520. Can understand his points. Not sure I like it for I obviously would like to see JLin to play more minutes but it’s what it’s. At times he allowed JLin to play more minutes when he was needed. At least we know he is more consistent than previous 2 coaches. Thank God that we don’t expect DNP-CD. That is good. Most likely he will make a little changes here and there after 15-20 games.

  521. Well… That doesn’t sound very capitalist at all… Yes that might discourage hero ball in a way but it may also backfire as some players might think he’ll have to put up stats for himself in limited number of minutes…

    In fact I see more cons than pros in this kind of approach. But oh well what do I know? I’m not an NBA coach…

  522. Read earlier that you are going to JLin game next week. Hope to hear live report and overall game report from you:-)

    Admire all of you that can go to JLin games. I’m definitely too far to make any trip:-)

  523. For the first time I watched his postgame interview earlier. My take of watching the tape was he looked quite “shy” in the interview. Guess probably he is more introvert as compared to Kemba and others. He sounds quite a nice person, not an arrogant or anything.

  524. Great writing.

  525. That’s good. Hope he can keep it up over the season!

  526. Good observation about Batum. The same thing crossed my mind.

  527. Update news on Christine Cheng:

    I talked to her via Jeremy Only Lin Garden. Learned that her mom was doing well and would be released from hospital this coming Monday. She thanked us for showing our concerns to her and her family. She appreciated our offered assistance. She said she was ok.

    Personal note:

    In the mean time please be more patience and understanding on her slow release of JLin game highlights. She has enough to deal with until her life is back to normal again.

  528. God, please give this lady and her family, what they need, good health.

  529. I don’t have any problem with Nic Batum as himself.

    I have every bit of a problem with whoever is letting Batum play as a guard.I said whoever because I don’t really know who decided on that (Clifford, Cho, MJ,whoever else) Nic is one of the league’s talented small forwards and was Trailblazers’ top defender. It will be the same issue I will have if JLin will be played as a center. It’s a complete waste of manpower.

  530. What would the Hornets be without the off season additions; Batum, Lin, Lamb & Hawes.

  531. The positive is they play to win. If they want to win Jeremy must play. As simple as that.

  532. You’re a good girl, Melody.

    Hope everything will be OK for Christine.

  533. Yeah~~~!!!!!

  534. Does this mean Dolan > Buss?

  535. I understand. No JLin no win is still the truth and fact.

  536. LOLOLOL Haven’t been called “girl” for many years. I’m a middle age woman:-)

    From what I gather, she is under a fair bit of stress of her mom’s hospitalization. Thank God that at least her mom is recovering enough to be able to go home soon. That’s a huge relief by itself.

  537. No idea. One thing I know they are #8 now. Hopefully they will do better from now on as they gel more each day.

  538. From game vs Sacramento, games will be much tougher:


    Then we will see what this team can do.

  539. If 20 is the new 30 for Lin, and he’s balling every night, it begs the question of what he can do with 30-35 minutes. Teams will be taking notice.

    He keeps saying he’s happy. I can’t question that. Only he knows how he feels and he’s entitled to how he feels. But we all know this cannot continue. Time for Cliff to face the music, as much as he thinks he’s being rational with his rotation.

  540. praying her mom stays healthy. No need for any apologies for how soon her highlights are done. A blessing she does them at all.

  541. Why do think management is meddling, Acbc? I haven’t heard that before. But that doesn’t mean it’s not true.

  542. With the exception of Milwaukee (Bayless) and Cleveland (Dellavedova), there is no reason Lin cannot produce big against any of those teams even if the Hornets lose.

  543. I FORGIVE Batum for his bouts of “selfish” play.

    With that toxic starting lineup playing worse than a D League squad, SOMEBODY has to put up shots and make the game happen.

    Before the season started, I wrote that Batum was a downgrade from Lance Stephenson if Batum was at SG. And that has indeed been so. But fortunately, Batum has been a SF so far. Plus his numbers are inflated from playing with the Jeremys.

    I am always OK with players playing “selfish” if they PRODUCE. Well, Batum produced in the win and so he’s OK.

  544. I mostly agree with what you have said., Psalm. I also credit him for benching Kemba and Al down the stretch. But I find some of Cliff’s post-game comments rather confusing and contradictory. He says it’s not smart to automatically let players finish games just because they’re hot. OK, I get that.

    But I am also confounded that he would leave Kemba, who was struggling all night, in that long, instead of letting Lin come in a little earlier. He says being hot does not translate into playing time. OK, but when a player struggles and is being killed by his match-up, and a high-energy player is sitting on bench, does it make sense not to make a timely adjustment?

    Not complaining or trying to stir up discontent after that sweet win, but these things do puzzle me and I think it’s right to ask. If he has a legitimate reason to play Kemba so much no matter what, I would like to be enlightened. Maybe I am missing something.

  545. I hope the reporter would follow up with him on he said Lin would play more time than at Lakers and ask Clifford’s explanation.

  546. Hope he remembers to do that next time with the hawks. Did not take those shots when they played against the hawks.

  547. The crime of Bev resisting the traffic stop is not as bad as the crime of Bev and Lawson STEALING MONEY from the Rockets with their atrocious play.

  548. What are you talking about?

    Why are you criticizing Clifford for a guy shooting a shot that DID NOT COUNT?

  549. 0-8!

  550. This team is 4-4, plays two different styles, and Lin’s minutes have a baseline amount but in flux depending on who is hot. In short, I have no idea. I would not be surprised if they win any of those games or lose any of those games.

  551. Or just have a sleep over, lol

  552. After eight games, Jeremy Lamb and Lin have the top PER of the team (24.4 and 21.2, respectively), but are 5th and 7th in PT minutes (21.7 min and 22.6 min). Hornets fans are witnessing the power of the JLs (Justice League, LOL) and may demand more of their excellence. These Hornets fans are really savvy and genuine in their support for the team’s players, and so far I’ve observed no bias or hidden agenda. Announcers spare no effort in praising Lin, Charlotte is like HEAVEN compared to Houston.

  553. I actually saw Batum passing to Lin during this game. Sign of improvement and/or acceptance?

  554. I don’t really agree with this Clifford is being nice to Batum cause he wants Batum to stay on with them next season. Wouldn’t the same argument apply to Lin? I think the coach just likes Batum and is overlooking the fact that he is not a true SG.

  555. I forgot that Lin didn’t played in the preseason game against Knicks.

    The discussion in the media last time was Lin wanted to go back to Knicks and got rejected. My feeling is that he and his agent just checking his options and got no interest which is no big deal.

    With last night’s game, Lin was able to stick it to Dolan and perhaps Phil that they should’ve at least show some interest.

  556. Hornets gave up a very good rookie and some other players for Batum. Batum is considered a top player with all star potential. It costs them measly $2mil to get Lin plus the sponsors that came with Lin.

    I feel that Hornets really need to pump up Walker and Batum for that All Star weekend which I guess will be at Charlotte this year? If the value of Lin goes up though, Hornets will have to pay more for Lin.

  557. I agree that Batum comes with a very good reputation and has a higher standing in the complex political landscape of the NBA. More than that, I still think Batum has a unique skillset which the coach genuinely appreciates, (based on the coach’s comments).

  558. Or it was just his hands slipping

  559. I am upgrading my personal view of Clifford after this game. Lin has finished every single game except 2 blowout wins (Am I remembering correctly?). Even the loss against Spurs (which was arguably garbage time), Lin was playing and you could say that coach was hoping for some miracle turnaround.

    If Clifford is rigid about rotations, the bad thing is that Lin would not get more than 25 minutes even if he is shooting well. At the same time won’t that mean that Lin would finish games even if he is not shooting well?

  560. stick to him?
    you have to double stick to him when he is in MSG!!!

  561. Hate to say it, Batum looks and has reputation of bball player. Lin always fights this stigma of being Tembow or Vanilla Ice of bball. Much disagreement of who he is and what he can do.


  563. I am 100% agree with you. Go Lin, Go Cliff and Go Hornets!

  564. Don’t you think Lin should had gotten more than 21minutes?…He did finished but 21minutes is way too low, considering how well he was playing.

    If Lin was having a slightly worse game, he probably would had not finished…Instead, Kemba and Lamb would had been on the court while Lin watch from the bench..

    My concern is, Lin will have to be playing just like he did yesterday against the Knicks to have any chance of finishing…while the other players like Kemba/Lamb won’t have to be so hot to finish….So Lin is at a huge disadvantage.

  565. Remember, Cliff tried to install Kemba on that last play, but he botched it and got hurt, that was probably the reason he was not able to finish the game and Lin instead. The Hornets announcer even subtly implied that. Lin should always finishes game when he’s doing well, given the level skills and experience that he has as a veteran and proven-ability.

  566. Sounded to me like Lin would had join the Knicks if they had made an offer….The Knicks is the team where he’s had his best success…and I truly believe he would have started for them or at least gotten much more than 22mpg that he’s getting in Charlotte.

    Also, Fischer had some very positive thing to say about Lin..Fischer stated he wasn’t aware Lin called to Knicks FO to asked them whether they were interested…The Knicks could really use a PG right now…Galloway, Grant and Calderon are no where as good as Jeremy.

  567. Most of us act with logical reasoning to promote our well being and self preservation. When we look at Lin’s history with the NBA, it defies all logic. Why? Lin is the logical choice to be promoted as a star in the league. Any team could hit the jackpot of owning the Asian market. Money fame and instant recognition. None of us can understand the whole truth behind the bias against Lin. Melo and Dolan, Morey and Mchale, BS and Kobe, Mitch and the Busses all self sabotage their own teams in order to rid a valuable asset for nothing in return. It is with this history that we must look at how Clifford, CHO and MJ are also making seemingly illogical decisions in regards to how to ensure a winning season by giving Lin much more control of the team.

    This was a very long blog I wrote a couple of years ago.
    M&M continue to defy logic (self.JeremyLinFans)
    submitted 1 day ago* by Acbcbob
    After a game like tonight when it was obvious that Lin could have save the game, Mchale chose instead that he’d rather lose than let Lin shine on a nationally televised game. To us logically, Mchale should have played the hot hand to get the win. Yet, when Lin brought them back in the first half, he got benched. Mchale’s inexplicable sub patterns defy all logic for a coach that would want to win a game.
    Keith Smart also tried to promote a lesser Acie Law above Lin while he was with GSW. The guy that they said was better than Lin is now out of the league. Bev will as well once the Rox get rid of Lin, he’ll outlive his usefulness.
    IMO, M&M started last year to marginalized Lin with Douglas but Douglas was toooo good a player. At least Douglas was already in the NBA. To really make a statement, M&M decided to bury Lin by getting a washout from Russia to take Lin’s place. With Bev overtaking Lin, M&M is out to prove that Lin shouldn’t even be in the NBA. Nothing M&M has done to Lin makes sense. To allow their own PR team, website, announcers constantly berate Lin is beyond comprehension.
    This is a post I made back in November 2013. People called me delusional then when I suggested that M&M had something more sinister in mind for Lin. Some have suggested that my “conspiracy theory” that Mchale and Morey have a much deeper hidden agenda is unfounded and delusional. That their actions could be because they do not respect Lin’s talent.
    Not true
    giving no respect to Lin is not a strong enough motivational factor for Mchale or Morey’s actions. For them, a player is under contract to be used by the club as they see “FIT”. The players are commodities. As such, a stat geek and a Sloan grad should know better than to sell short on a trending stock like Lin. Giving respect to someone suggests that it comes from a kind of merit system. One can earn respect! But as we can see, no matter what Lin does, he gets no credit or respect. Why? I don’t believe that it is prejudice; I think it’s pride.
    As Scottish philosopher Adam Smith proposed, the primary reason for most people’s actions is for the purpose of personal gain. His thesis on the wealth of nations is widely regarded as the “father of modern economics”. Adam Smith suggested that man “INTENDS ONLY HIS OWN SECURITY; and by directing that industry in such a manner as its produce may be of the greatest value, he intends only his own gain,”. What we value in life begins with our physical needs. That comes with a job and with it money, food and shelter. Beyond the job however is the feeling of personal satisfaction, of place, of status and personal pride. “Saving face” is a well known Chinese expression for pride. M&M’s actions cannot be explained logically by wanting to win a championship. The only logic in their action is that they are trying to save face for having failed to see the latent talent in Lin.
    Mchale and Morey’s actions are baffling and inconceivable to us because it defies logic that they would bench a statistically better player in Lin. It is a crime the way M&M have treated Lin. What personal gain can this crime be for? If we were detectives investigating a crime, we must begin by searching for clues and evidence. But often what close the case is if you find a motive or reasons for committing the crime.
    The point that just because Mchale, doesn’t respect Lin isn’t strong enough a motivation for him to resort to the kind of inconceivable blunders as to actually want to risk losing before allowing Lin to shine. It is when you look at their motivations that you can guess what that motivation would be.
    In the anime “Bleach”. They have brought up the subject of why humans fight to the death a few times. One of these reasons is to protect the ones we love and the other is to protect our pride. For the characters on “bleach” fighting for personal pride is to fight for ones honour and reputation. They would risk death to do battle to protect that pride.
    Men have died in duels to defend honour and pride, wars have been fought over pride. In sports, I recently brought up the case of 2006 World Cup captain of the French team Zidane who was ejected from the game for head butting an Italian player. The headbutting incident was made all the more tragic by the fact that Zidane had announced that the match would be his last professional appearance as a player. Zidane later claimed that Materazzi had provoked him by insulting his mother and sister. How could he have been provoked to such extreme measures? It was because there was nothing more important to him than to protect his pride.
    Both Morey and Mchale are respected by their piers as experts in their field as experts to assessing talent. They were proven wrong by Lin; screamed and shamed in front of their boss. My suggestion is that Morey and Mchale is fighting Lin in order to protect their honour and pride.
    That is a much more valuable gain for both these men than losing a few games. They stand to regain their honour and pride if they can somehow prove that Lin was an actual fluke and scrub.
    “when you have eliminated the impossible, whatever remains, however improbable, must be the truth”.

  568. I agree that Lin should get way more than 21 minutes. But it really does seem that Lin is closing out every single close game. For this game, I think Kemba would have been on the floor if he was not hurt but it probably would have been Lamb substituted, not Lin.

  569. What a thrilling game, so glad Jeremy got to finish and show how clutch he is in the 4th yet again. Two good games back to back let this continue and be a trend. None of the Knicks players were able to contain Lin and he was able to get by them at will. Another good win for the Hornets.

  570. By looking at the advanced stats (especially on Per 100 Poss), Lin has already outperformed his Linsanity year in just 8 games. Be patient, we might not get Linsanity2.0, but we could have something better – Linsanity Pro?


  571. hehehehehhehehe lmao
    didn’t get it until I took a sip of coffee

  572. I disagree…I believe that Lamb will finish unless Lin is having a better game.

    Remember that in some of the games that Lin finished, Lamb was injured….Lamb has a contract that needs to be justified, and I believe that he will eventually finish ahead of Lin unless Lin forces Clifford hands by playing very well.

    Watching the game, you could tell Clifford wanted to badly sub Lin out for Kemba, but Lin was playing so well that he simply could not do it because if the Hornet had lost, everyone would had blamed Cliff for subbing Lin who was hot, for Kemba, who was cold…Cliff eventually subbed Lamb out for Kemba.

    Otherwise, I don’t believe Lin will finish at all…In the other games that Lin finished, he was simply the best Hornets player…That will not always stay that way

  573. but only that happens is if he is playing 30 minutes..and he leads.. and hard to do that with this team..unless he really and a few bench players become starters concurrently.

  574. Too bad, it did no show Lin’s defense value. It is as good as his solid offense.

  575. I think some coaches and teams who are looking for a starting PG would notice it.

  576. instead of “per36”, I’d like to see a “per32” advance stats…..Not too many NBA players get 36minute per game….but plenty get at least 32….is there a way to calculate Lin’s current number on the “per32” advance stats.

    Right, now his per36 states he would get 21ppg…This stats could be a bit misleading because it suggest that the player would keep his current trajectory and doesn’t take into account the player getting tired as his minutes rises…Maybe when he gets to 32, his legs are a bit heavy and his shot is no longer falling…so per32 would be a much better stats.

  577. I hope MJ extend his contract sooner than later. Lin needs a home.

  578. NO, not to get this kind of PT and back up Kemba for another 4-5 years.

  579. I think his main value is not the ppg. It is his abilities to lead the team to win.

  580. What a sweet irony.
    JLin scored his 1st point on Admundson who wore #17 that JLin used to wear as a Knick during Linsanity


  581. Amundson was his GSW teammate. I am so surprised he picked 17 for his jersey?!

  582. kw is done after 2 years there though

  583. I would say 2-great games to remind us of JLin’s defensive prowess.
    Plus 1 game to give Calderon fans some hugs LOL

  584. They’re quite close from their post-game interaction in the past 2 games.
    Perhaps to give him a good vibe for his own Linsanity mojo in NY?

  585. No, if Lin did not play as well, he would not have closed the game. If Clifford really values Lin, he would give Lin more PT, but he is not. It is that simple. Another possibility is CHA trying to suppress Lin’s stats in order to sign Lin forever back up Kemba. We can see it by CHA keep promoting Lin on its FB…etc but don’t give Lin enough PT to shine.

  586. Lin will be 30 yo.

  587. It is tough. I think starting Lin as PG could be the best for Hornets. Walker plays SG would score more, but Walker’s defense seems very weak. Lin is one year rental and they cannot bench Walker. So the best they can do is to give Lin more mins (25-30 would be good enough for now) and let him lead to close games if he is the best choice at the time.

  588. yeah..but lin has to play for a coach that he trusts.
    if he gets to another team..it might be houston all over again.

  589. but you know and I know Lin is not getting 25-30 min as Clifford promised Lin during off-season.

  590. Is he much better off now vs Houston?

  591. right so how can he also know that with another team he will be the starter.. lik eyou say he will be 29 or 30.. he needs a home he can feel comfy with and plya his game so his stats will go up.

  592. yes.

  593. he is happy so he knows what he is settling for or doing

  594. They did in 3 games already. They would realize they might have won the 2 ATL games if Lin had few more mins.

  595. Really great analysis. It’s so complex, I don’t even think M and M realize that’s their drive to do illogical actions.

  596. Butler must know how good Lin’s defense too. I cannot wait to see Lin vs Kobe.

  597. It mostly won’t happen.

  598. Kobe probably can’t play.

  599. Lin might drop 40 pts on Lakers this time if he was free to play in 40 mins.

  600. Boy did I wake up in a good mood today πŸ˜€

  601. He would have blamed on Lin again for Lakers poor performance this season (1 -7).

  602. YES

    Is anyone in Charlotte badmouthing him? “We’re trying to win here, Jeremy”? Get under the bus, Jeremy, bad-D Jeremy, hideous etc after etc. Worst coach, worst GM.

  603. He wore 17 when he played for New Orleans so guess it’s just his number

  604. me not. too few hours sleep after the games.

  605. Batum fingers? Lol

  606. Thank you for the update!

  607. What Clifford said in his post-game is that he doesn’t want to change most of the closing lineup. He doesn’t want to go into if you play well you finish. Lin was a huge factor in winning the last 2 games. He was great. He did shine with the PT he got.

    Some here think that Lin shining on the team has to be slowed down to not have jealousy from other team members. Whatever the reason for less than desired playing time, he still has finished the close games. Every one of them.

  608. The Hornets announcer was wrong. Kemba came in for 20 seconds to sub for Lamb, not Lin. Lin played the entire 4Q. Actually, Lin had no breaks in the 2nd half. He came in 2 minutes in 3Q and played the remainder of the game. Clifford had absolutely no intentions or plans to take Lin out at any time in the 4Q.

  609. Also, Clifford said Lin’s defense in 2 straight games was great and played a big role in the 4Q of both games. HE wasn’t in there just for scoring. He also said he likes skilled PnR players late in games. That’s Lin.

  610. Lin’s PER (Player Efficiency Rating) as PG moved to top 8.


  611. You can believe that but who has finished in the close games? Lin or Lamb? If you listen to Cliff’s post game comments he doesn’t indicate that at all. What he wants, PnR player, best defensive guard, points more to Lin than Lamb finishing. And Clifford also said that he will not have hot players close games.

  612. BS is the main loser.

  613. Yes. Recognize the handle too. Good fan with bball smarts.

  614. You know, only a few stupid people think that of Lin. Some people think he can do it sometimes but not always or his defense isn’t as good as it actually is. Batum isn’t so well known to people, he has no real pizazz factor.

  615. and then put a salary number next to them in the top 10… only one is the most value.

  616. He was looking for Lin and playing off of him.

  617. shove it in bs’s face..
    but again bs might play clarky just to try to say ‘see.. clarky is can replace lin easily’.
    so lin has to burn clarky on both ends.

  618. Why I saw it’s 7.

  619. oh and all top 10 are starters.. except for lin.

  620. Well, we LOFs can get tiger-protective :), and the media live for trying to invent conflict…but Jeremy has been very strong lately in saying he just doesn’t let the noise in. And if anyone can seduce a potential rival with GENUINE good will, it’s our prince!

  621. and one of the lowest mpg in on the top 50. it will change!

  622. You’r right. Sorry.

  623. There is NO angle left in Lakers.

  624. I want to see Lin vs Curry and Lin vs Harden.

    Lin’ historically shut down Curry, as Lin is too big and too quick and too fundamentally sound for Curry.

    I think Lin would have no trouble shutting down James Harden. Besides, Harden has had a terrible season so far.

  625. I wish Cliff would not insist to put Walkers on Curry for 30 mins.

  626. With you on the “faith” πŸ™‚
    But…”may” know stuff? FOR SURE knows stuff we don’t.

  627. Save your dishes and laundry for the next game, lol

  628. Nobody is shutting Curry down anymore. Not even K Leonard. Curry’s shot release and handles are just at a high level of development.

  629. Calderon must be saying to himself, “please don’t let Lin have the last shot over me again”. Lol

    Lin is living proof that by focussing on your own process is the key to your destiny. Every aspect of his game keeps getting better year after year. All we need to do is have faith in him as he continues to have faith in himself and his maker. Lin can’t ever control how he’s used but he keeps making a case for himself by being super efficient with whatever minutes he gets. We are lucky to be fans with eyes focused on his Linsane play.

  630. Curry is going to get hot real easy.

  631. @JLin7 is Top #7 PER PG at 21.16
    Impressively, with ONLY #34 in Min/G at 22.6 #Hornets

    Thanks, @Nonono

  632. For Lin’s sake, I hope so. Lin should finish games. That’s all I’m saying.

  633. Lin played well vs Curry but “shutdown”? SMH.

  634. For Lin’s sake, I hope so. Lin should finish games and be considered as a scoring option also. That’s all I’m saying.

  635. The Linsanity atmosphere is coming back in Charlotte but not MSG!
    Look at those people on their feet, don’t they love Lin?!!!

  636. Harden will claps his hands under the basket whenever Lin scores, Lol!

  637. If Lin shined then he should get more play time, isn’t it?

  638. I just noticed that former Hornets backup PG Mo Williams, starting PG for Cavs, has been doing very well this season with 32MPG/16pts/5.5PGA. What made him leave Hornets? Surprisingly, he has the same “minimum” pay as Lin in Cavs!?

  639. No one may be able to completely stop Curry but slowing him down and making him work hard on both ends of the court would take his legs out for the end of game situations. If GSW and Spurs have proved anything, it’s that a team wins with everyone contributing.

    Defence is a team effort that doesn’t necessarily have to stop someone all the time. It’s also about subtlety changing opponent’s game plan and flow. Winning a game is dependent on how many points you score and how many you can force an opponent to miss. Play it like a poker hand and raise the stakes when an opponent raises theirs. If you can force them into a situation where skill alone isn’t enough, then you have a chance to win. Stress and choking, fatigue and frustration all adds to the end game situation. As you say, Lin has the ability to will the victory. Reduce the game down to that battle instead of allowing it to be about pure skill unimpeded by stress.

    If Curry is use corectly, he is the fear factor that takes opponents out of the game before they step on the court. How and when he’s used is much more important than having him be the scoring machine that fills the bucket.

  640. PER doesn’t get Lin PAID.

    If PER had any influence on NBA front offices, Lin would have been offered over $10 million per season based on his Houston and Lakers production.

  641. Best chance to win a ring, why not?

  642. Calderon should FEAR Lin.

    Lin completely shut down Calderon in a Mavs game once when Calderon was the starter. ZERO POINTS.

    What Lin did to Calderon is routine by Lin standards.

  643. Are you talking about that game when Curry had that 7 turnover game and like single digit scoring against Lin in that UGLY Warriors loss to Lin’s Lakers late last season?

  644. BOOM! Chris Baldwin wrote the inconvenient truth of JLin emergence as the Most Underpaid Player in the NBA
    I fully Expect Lin haters to emerge from their caves.

    “Jeremy Lin Emerges As the Most Underpaid Player in the NBA: How Linsanity Lives After Houston”


  645. 100% true! It’s great that the Hornets gave Lin opportunities to showcase his production.
    Chris Baldwin has seized on the opportunity to show JLin as the most underpaid NBA player

    This will be great to drum up interest in JLin after the offseason where noone wanted to pay him his worth due to BScott’s treatment

  646. khuang is actually lin or lin relative in disguise…
    notice he never posts when the game is on….
    hahhhha.. it’s like that lois lane wondering what when superman appears clark kent vanishes. hahhahaah

    ok.. it’s afternoon and 1 glass of wine is making me think of these things.
    yes, I”m a alcoholic in your term doberman guest.

  647. Whenever Curry gets less than 28 points, he’s been “shut down”.

  648. I just did the gutters cleaning two days ago! Lol!

  649. I don’t know. He plays when it matters. I can’t worry about that. He’s playing, he’s contributing big, and his unit is looking great now. He’s been closing the close games.

  650. I’m SO TIRED of Lin haters and even Lin fans that spew that myth that “Lin can’t defend”.

    I’m also tired of people claiming that “so and so defends better than Lin” when the actual game results totally debunk that 100% of the time.

    Before I had seen Lin play, the best defensive guard I had seen in the NBA was Jason Kidd in Kidd’s All Star prime. But compared to Lin, the great Jason Kidd was a SIEVE on defense.

    Kidd competed as hard and as athletically and as relentlessly as Lin does, but there’s a huge advantage that Lin has over Kidd.

    Lin SCOUTS OPPONENTS much harder than Kidd ever did.

    Unlike Kidd who pretty much played everyone the same way and thus got burned in different ways depending on the opponent, Lin will dramatically shift his approach based on what the opponent is doing.

    This drives Lin’s coaches crazy because it appears that Lin’s doing different defense from game to game, and he IS. But the RESULTS are consistently good, and that’s why Lin’s not only the best defensive guard in the NBA but HEAD AND SHOULDERS better than the nearest competitor.

  651. Lin should play at least 10 minutes during 1st half, just to get in the rhythm.

  652. Clifford talking up Lin’s defense is a strategic move to change the narrative and justify Lin playing more to MJ, the team, and everyone else.

    Clifford really wants Lin for his effect on games but Clifford knows he can only try to justify Lin playying more if he can show Lin is good on defense and better at it than the guards who play ahead of him.

  653. STHOP.

    I’m a nobody.

    I also guarantee that Lin and I wouldn’t even get along in real life.

  654. Best writing in years.

  655. It would be really funny if MJ couldn’t care less how much Lin played, as long as he contributed and played to his strengths. For me, people saying this and that about MJ are just making it up. We don’t know one bit of any involvement or feedback MJ has to Cliff for the team.

  656. Soooo glad to hear from him again. Chris Baldwin is one of our media heroes!

  657. I have been saying 18 to 24 minutes will be Lin’s average; don’t know why some people think Clifford will give him more minutes. Those games where Lin played more minutes occurred when Lamb was not available. Lin was brought in as a bench player, and for a bench player that’s not too bad. Less minutes will force Lin to shoot as many shots as possible, so in some sense, it’s good for him.

  658. yup, he has a creative way to write the truth that many don’t want to see.
    Good for Lin and his fans πŸ™‚

  659. Hope it’s linked to the Hive.

  660. NOTICE: He’s now with Papercity magazine not Houston Culture?

  661. Glad to see Chris Baldwin again.

  662. Nobody hates the racist American media more than I do.

    But when Chris Baldwin writes, I humbly applaud.

    Baldwin is the ONLY intelligent unbiased journalist in sports today. He’s the only pro Lin journalist in the entire mainstream media.

    Baldwin has courage and integrity. He has my total respect.

  663. are you telling me to stop or shop? stop and shop?..is sthop the new word for Stop and Shop grocery store ! hahah ok. I’m outta here. hahahaha

  664. Chris Baldwin just SLAMS the Lin haters.

    He does it in person too.

  665. Yes we are all guessing

  666. Actually, don’t shtop.

    Touch me here.
    And there.

  667. For years we’re sick and tired of hearing he’s overpaid by haters, including ESPN “experts”

  668. But he can have his choice, right?
    I think he looks cool considered he is 27. If a 50 yrs old man with his hair then it is too much, i say gross and ewwww! Lol!


    I’ll bet that’s what happened.

  670. Mo Williams is like 100 years old.

    Older guards get paid less.

    Williams at Lin’s age was VASTLY OUTEARNING Lin.

  671. So true, Lin beat opponents with his mind by understanding their game and tendencies. He gets better at it as he gains more and more experience playing against opponents. It’s so funny to see the fake bravado from opponents trying to show him up by going one on one with him. They don’t even realize that they’ve already fell under his jitsu. The only way to beat Lin on defence is through the guys that he isn’t guarding, lol. What we see as failings when he helps too much is Lin making calculated percentages to change patterns of play and force opponents into lower percentage shots. Haters are always using these examples of Lin’s bad defence and we often subscribe to it and blame Lin instead.

  672. The cheering LinFan Canadian girls at MIN game showed appreciation to warm JLin fans πŸ™‚


  673. LOL. Too much of a “nice guy” for your rugged penchant? πŸ˜€

  674. It won’t make a difference.

    Racism against Lin is TOO STRONG.

  675. Opponents who face Lin ought to be quivering with fear, not joy.

    If I was coaching against Lin, I’d use a totally different scheme against him than what’s being done.

    I’d spread the court against him and iso him 1on1 against a dribbler. No screens, no fancy plays. I’d then have my ballhandler attack Lin, daring Lin’s teammates to step up to help him.

  676. And creating an adversary out of MJ. I don’t see where that’s useful. If something is up with MJ or anyone else in the org, it’ll reveal itself. Why create stuff? Lin played well the last two games and all this focusing on his minutes and finding people to limit him isn’t useful. Someone at a game just a few weeks ago said Lin looked happy. The team seemed to genuinely enjoy each other. That’s great. He looks happy, he’s beginning to find his groove. Whatever minutes he gets he’s capitalizing on. I don’t get all the drama and worrying. He seems to like where he is.

  677. Lin made his money for now. It was a good strategic move to take far less than he’s worth.

  678. Lin would be HORRIFIED at how highly I thought of his game.

  679. This season, that’s totally true!

  680. That’s EASY.

  681. I don’t know. I think there are guys that give Lin trouble just as there are guys that give other guys trouble. He isn’t superman, he’s a solid basketball player. Bruce Bowen used to give all but the best SG trouble, he used to shut down guys that would go way off on just about anyone else. K Leonard was giving Kemba all kinds of trouble and Batum and I see him doing this to so many players. Some guys are just great defensive players.

    Lin himself said he isn’t where he can be defensively, that the coaches have shown him areas he can improve. Of course he works hard and all that, but some guys will beat him and a lot won’t. It’s OK, every sport has that matchup where another player just has your number.

  682. Lin should be HONORED.

    The Knicks pay Louis Amundson far more money than they’ve ever paid Lin.

    See, the Knicks STILL believe that Lin isn’t good enough to play in the NBA. So giving Linsanity 17 to Amundson was an UPGRADE in the Knicks’ eyes.

    I doubt the Knicks even realize that Lin’s been kicking their tail for the last 4 seasons.

  683. I have a good feeling about Charlotte. Feels like the tide is turning. Like the air is starting to deflate out of the Lin-criticism. Like that negativity is starting to be old news, tired, unhip, another era’s story. We shall see….

  684. They had much more of a need for Okafor than a PG. Now they aren’t even playing the PG.

    Okafor would average 13 with Byron Scott. I feel good for him he didn’t have to go to that incompetent coach and dysfunctional team. But poor Russell can now only doubt himself now. BS should have been fired last season.

  685. If Okafor was a Laker, he’d be lucky to get half those numbers.

    In fact, there’s a high likelihood that Okafor would be KNOCKED OUT with a SEASON ENDING INJURY due to Byron Scott’s excessive training camp.

  686. I think BS will be fired after Kobe retired.

  687. Yes, yes, and yes.

  688. NOT ME.

    I’ve known for YEARS that Michael Jordan is totally hands off with the team.

  689. Strong points. I will wait for things to devleop. Per clifford 20 games. Then we can revisit

  690. Lin is a terrific RENTAL in Charlotte this season.

  691. I can’t stop laughing about this. Horrified! You are SO RIGHT on that one. Right at how great his game is, and right about his attitude. It’s not that he doesn’t have confidence, it’s just that he’s so aggressively focused on always improving. Humble, in the context of huge ambition.

  692. Bruce Bowen was the MOST FAKE defender I’ve ever seen.

    I didn’t seem him stopping anyone, and he was one of the dirtiest players of all time. I hated his game and considered him wildly overrated.

    This is the NBA where even the greatest defenders get scored on. For example, Patty Mills went off on Lin even though Lin has TORTURED Mills defensively before.

    Compared to any other defender in the NBA, Lin gets more stops and has more impact.

    I do not accept that Lin needs to “improve” his defense. That’s a MEDIA MYTH that Lin has “defensive weaknesses”. It’s not humanly possible to play defense better than Lin’s been playing it.

  693. Too late. He’s ruining a lot of young players now.

  694. I know, you don’t agree with what Lin has to say about himself.

    Bowen played in a dirty era. Bowen was a shutdown defender, especially in his prime.

  695. Dolan’s pride was hurt so he’s mad at Lin. He knows Lin is great. The Knicks management is a lot different since Lin was there.

  696. He won’t.

    Those fool Laker owners Jeannie and Jim Buss think that Scott is the ULTIMATE WINNER because they expect Scott to return the team to 80s Showtime.

    The Lakers brass is so dumb, they don’t even realize that Showtime would be mathematically impossible in today’s game.

    See, Magic and Kareem and all those expensive All Stars on the Lakers were acquired when there was NO SALARY CAP and the Lakers exclusively controlled local TV rights without having to share revenue. Thus the Lakers could outbid everyone for the best players in the 80s.

    Today, the collective bargaining agreement BANS teams like the Lakers from hogging TV money and top players. But Scott and the Busses have HOODWINKED THEMSELVES into thinking 80s Showtime can be restored in today’s game.

  697. Acbc: “Every team will be gunning for Lin the way the Mavs tried to and Clifford needs to create an outlet and mid court screens to peel off smothering defenders”

    Much agree, and refs need to stop siding with demon-possessed defenders like Harris

  698. zamm they hot, esp blue ones.. no offense to females here.. hot is a compliment.

  699. Wouldn’t be surprised if Kobe sits that one out. Afraid of being posterized by Jeremy!

  700. I concur

  701. This article quotes JLin as saying that his current hairstyle is not the final product:
    I am consumed with curiosity. Anyone have any idea what the final target will look like?

  702. I saw guys routinely score their average and more on Bowen – and that’s because I am a SPURS FAN.

    Bowen was just like Patrick Beverley: fake posturing, slow reflexes, DIRTY PLAY, couldn’t stop anybody from getting their numbers.

  703. Closing lineup was pretty good, perhaps their best lineup.. JLin at the PG, Lamb at SG, Batum at SF all at their natural positions. What would be the best #4 & 5 with this lineup. Zeller & Williams? Zeller & Hansbrough? Kaminsky & Zeller?

  704. So far Lin has made the most out of the minutes played, leading the team in USG% (usage rate) at 26.6%.

    Big Al and Kemba are nearly identical at 24.2% and 24.0% respectively. Lamb and Batum finished fourth and fifth at 21.7% and 21.6%.

    The Hornets have a pretty balanced attack with 5 rotational players (> 10MPG) having USG% >= 20%.

    The Rockets, on the other hand, only had 2 players having USG% >= 20% with James Harden at 34.3% and Howard at 23.4%. It’s good that Lin is no longer part of the Rockets where only the big two were allowed to shine.

    Note: All stats are from stats.nba.com

  705. All i know is Samson, i mean jeremy lin better not cut his hair, its the source of his power.

  706. After watching the highlights 3X, it’s always great to observe Lin teammates reaction & even Knicks’ after every big play.
    – genuine reaction of Kemba and Al cheering from the bench. Almost impossible to fake.
    – I see a lot of high-fives; even after not-so-good plays, i.e. Lin low-fived Hawes after he missed him & almost got a TO with cross-court pass to Batum
    – dejected look & slumped shoulders by Knicks bench after JLin made the biggest play of one-handed shot to make it 93-91 after escaping RLopez’s bear hug

    It tells me that these Hornets players really liked one another, unselfish & trying to gel together unlike HOU and LA teams.. It won’t be perfect but I believe for this season, JLin is in the right place and system as a Hornet

    JLin one-handed shot after escaping RLopez bear hug

  707. Sounds like Hawes will play, Zeller more of a maybe. Of course, Zeller has been the bigger force in the 2nd unit.

  708. How come when I do the Google on Jeremy, a raft of articles show up, but not this one. It is a matter of clicks pushing it up the ranks? Can we help with that?

  709. Tank and Psycho

  710. He gets us Lin fans and eloquently describes our frustrations and joys. I hope he writes about Jeremy at least once a month.

  711. Thinking something like this. Not bad, but like Super Saiyan look better!

  712. Right now, the best would be Lin Lamb Williams Hansbrough Kaminsky.

    Eventually it could easily be Lin Lamb Kaminsky Hansbrough Zeller.

  713. LOL

  714. Anyone who hates on Jeremy’s hair, I will call them Delilah from now on. lol.

  715. this replay never gets old..esp 4th qtr and the circus shot.

  716. I admire Chris a lot. He’s a great journalist unlike Marc lamont hill……………

  717. Wow, that would look great. I think you may be close to target because Lin stated that it has to get longer to get where he wants it. Current style looks kind of ragged, like it is still growing in. Apparently, the longer it gets, the better he plays!

  718. Sure, choices … my words were “I think …” so I’m not trying to control someone who doesn’t know me.

  719. No Batum? I though he did pretty well at the 3 with Lin? Ya he needs to move the ball a bit more and work on the turnovers. Perhaps some of the turnovers are when he’s playing out of position at the SG.

  720. Oh no please not the man bun….

  721. to avoid being called Delilah, I will just say that I like the way it looks in the after-interview in his street cloths. Pretty retro 70s on some angles, and why not there were a LOT of cool Asian guys back then like Bruce Lee, who had that kind of look.

  722. Ding!

  723. Reading you is like a favorite band … you hear now songs and you just like it but you don’t know why. Then you realized it’s a great Steve Perry refrain or something like that.

  724. These guys from WFNZ are questioning these starters since the Jeremys are doing well. Haven’t listen to the whole thing yet though. Talked about patience too though on these starters.


  725. Not sure that Jeremy would look quite as good as “Captain Shang” ( sorry ladies) but at least it’s better than the un-gelled version!

  726. Beatles…mop cut was so cool in my days. It was so rad then.

  727. Sorry … I guess it’s better than wearing a girl’s hairband though.

  728. Walt Frazier is the man, always loved Jeremy from day 1.

  729. That’s a pretty long team, has size on every position.

  730. thanks!.. starting at 7:30 on the concern for bench to bail out starters

  731. I googled Jeremy Lin, filtered search to within past 24 hours, and the article shows up on 2nd page of search results.

  732. KH loves Hansbrough but he isn’t going to be playing much in this unit. Really, Zeller is pretty solid and Batum is a plus in the closing unit. He and Lin need to get more chemistry and play off of each other and they both have TOs at times, but he seems to have more.

  733. Sounds like a dangerous combination.

  734. Woohoo, let’s go with my dream team, Lin, lamb, Kaminsky, Marvin and psycho. Demolition time!

  735. but starters have al.. and when he is in, he is playing inside out.. so it’s like passing ot booze in lakers.. that’s not lins game man.

  736. True for Batum. Not true for Lin. Alot of haters out there. Can see it social media. big spectrum. Some “fans” here already gave up on him until recently. Those bandwagoners!

  737. Hornets could have won the yesterday’s game easily if coach let lin play more minutes….


  739. Kam can be v good if developed. I don’t see why he should languish on the bench esp as it took so much to beat NYK. You look at GSW and they are just having fun with a first time interim coach. That’s the sporting standard, not beating Melo, etc lol light hearted.

  740. One Hairsanity game can get you this loose, wonder what 10 games will do?

  741. I like the way he said “pretty cool”.. so calm and mellow πŸ™‚

  742. I’ve been loose for the last four seasons.

  743. Actually, I don’t think so!

    Lin and Lamb had just come off a grueling effort against the Wolves with Lin receiving two elbows to the face less than 24 hours earlier!

    Had they played more, they may have been too fatigued to pull the win off at the end!

  744. I’ve seen Al look to pass to Lin on cuts. I found that interesting. Lin likes to go to Al when he plays with him. It’s not Lin’s game, but Lin can help Al get more easy buckets. Kemba tries to but it isn’t as much his game as it is Lin. Still Al’s offense only works against some teams and not with the flow of the way most of the team plays.

  745. I think the coach should really be more flexible depending on who they are playing against. Couple of the games, Al was so dominate and the opponent weren’t able to stop him. And then there are games when he can’t do crap.

    I know Cliff talks about giving the players set amount of minutes, but when the other team got your player’s number, I think coach needs to make the decision and pull the guy’s minute a bit earlier.

  746. The best thing about watching the game last night, after sleeping on it, is that we got to see Lin solve the puzzle to win. We haven’t gotten to see that all year last year, maybe once. This was the first time for me since Rox days, and on that team, it was sporadic and likely on days when Parsons and Harden were not playing. To more games like that, where there is a challenging puzzle for our man Lin.

  747. The game is always give and take. Look at the numbers and averages, 50% is considered good…yet Lin is purposely and endlessly reported on the 50% fails. It’s all about perception and not reality. You can have a crappy game until the 4th like Lin often has done and score all his points to save the team. Defence especially is hard to define but overcoming perception is especially difficult for Lin because, people keep looking for that 50% fail when in fact he’s done better than most in efficiently keeping his opponents from reaching their potential for that game.

    Essentially, a different metric must be made to determine effectiveness of defence. For example, Harden may score 30-40pts but if he allows more of them to his opponent, then his effective affect on the game becomes neutral or even net negative when you consider that he takes all the offensive flow away from his own teammates. A player like Lin would wear down his counterpart to such a degree that by the end of the game, they become lead footed and useless.

  748. LOL

  749. Coach let Lin play the PG. The previous games Lin only get to be SG. Last game, it was Walker and Batum on top with Lin at the corner. I was surprised that Cliff sat Walker until a little bit at the end.

  750. Another radio show praising the Jeremys. Says the 5 who finished the game yesterday is the best. Talks about it’s fine for Lin to not start. They started talking about it around 10 minutes


  751. I see you all out there. My comment is under approval, lol.

  752. The 2 jeremies and 3 whities..
    the nickname for the bench..

  753. Exactly. Lessons from Pop on how to manage his team’s energy.

  754. This is so much more apparent in a one on one sport like tennis. Skill is not THE defining component. At the very top level, it’s the 6 inches between the ears that makes or breaks a winner. This is why I’ve been so high on Lin since I first heard about him. When you play against Lin, you can almost feel his penetrating eyes peeling away your game and undressing you naked. It’s totally unnerving.

  755. somehow you can put them in the lyrics of the twelve days of Christmas…

  756. This. The team just plays better when Lin is leading. When he brings the ball up the court, he does all the surveying of the defense and listens to the coach, then gets everyone where they need to be. This takes a lot of stress off his teammates and lets everyone get into a rhythm. He does this on defense too.

    It may seem like a small thing but it is huge and it doesn’t show up on the stat sheet.

  757. Watching to the Knicks feed, I love it when the shot goes in and Clyde goes, “Oooooo…”. I love that guy.

  758. i didn’t even make it up.. .that’s what the ppl in sc calling in the radio was calling them.. hahahahah

  759. For once, Lin’s coach is helping him instead of working against him.

    The final piece of the puzzle is to get Spencer Hawes to play better.

  760. I stay with the Jeremies πŸ™‚

  761. I like Clyde’s term, “The Lins”. Ha ha.

  762. The Renegades … Or The Renegades ft. The Jeremys LOL

  763. The “Splash Brothers” sounds so much cooler than “The Jeremies” Haha. We need to come up with a better name for them.

  764. J^2 (J square)?

  765. How about “JL Brothers” or “JL Duo”?

  766. Buzz Brothers as some said already.

  767. But PER is a calculated per min played… why is it impressive to do it in lower minutes? If you meant to say Lin should get higher minutes I totally agree (~30 mins per game), but that is not coming across in the tweet.

  768. It’s nice that they praised Lin, but I don’t agree that him being a starter won’t work. I hope they rest Walker some games this year and Lin takes over the starting role. Clifford definitely needs to give Lin more minutes at least 27-28 minutes.

  769. Buzz brothers sounds cool!

  770. This is good too.

  771. This is cool too. Anything is better than “the jeremies”. Sounds like a bad music band. =)

  772. Lin Lamb Duo! like batman and robin, sun and moon, day and night?

  773. like this too.

  774. Anything with Bros. in it sounds too much like wannabes. The Jeremys is catchy – quirky and different … in a good way!

  775. There you go! That’s what naturally pops into your head!

  776. JLin & Josh fan with David Nurse in downtown Charlotte

    NBA Shooting Coach & Consultant, CEO Perfect Shots Basketball


  777. PER is such a convoluted stat…One number that somehow sums up the entirety of a players contribution in the year!

    Further, last 3 years this stat showed Lin to be about an average player – which means his salary this year (given the new contract) should have been at league average ~$4.8 Mn (or $2.5 Mn if you use median) this year (given the virtual 1 year contract for Lin)

    I’m a big believer in stats, but not PER – I believe it is a ridiculous concept used by stats guys in media to rank players – that can never judge a players talent devoid of circumstance / coaching / position on team

  778. Another great angle of the Game Winner from David Nurse/Josh Fan’s seats


  779. LLC. Lin + Lamb taking care of business.

  780. Interesting post. kudos!

  781. The Bench Swarmers

  782. P.S. Even though I do not believe in PER, I am happy you are tweeting these stats out.

  783. that’s partly true w/ the formula. Just trying to point out Lin should get more min with such high PER & too low MPG.

    IMO Aside from PER formula, there’s some correlation as we all know it’s hard to be productive in only 17-25 min for any players because they can come in cold. Jeremy did too a few times but he managed to overcome that. That’s the impressive part for me. Ramon Sessions is also ranked #11 with 18mpg.

    So you’re correct, they’re good candidates to be given more min to see if they can maintain the high PER.

    Sometimes it’s hard to say all that with 144-char limit =)

  784. yeah, mine was too πŸ™‚

  785. From your keyboard to god’s eyes

  786. Shouldn’t it be (JL)^2?

  787. Even last night you could tell he still likes Jeremy. Linsanity reminded him of the good ‘ol Knicks days when he led the Knicks as champs and the Garden was exciting and electric. He’s a champion – he knows Jeremy is the real deal. Melo – not so much.

  788. Jimmy Butler angry Brian robert finished the game

  789. Come on Josh, do you have to have the soy sauce in front of you? That is so………Chinese?

  790. I love how after the shot goes in, Lin is still in game-mode and motions for Zeller to get up and get ready. Leadership.

  791. Brian Roberts had the audacity to launch the last shot in a blowout. That’s very foolish of him.
    We know the Bulls will use it as a motivation to exact revenge.

    Clifford should bench Roberts for this game.
    This will not be an easy game.

  792. At the time it seemed like a bench guy putting up stats. Butler just making up stuff to get hyped up.

  793. Wasp Bros. coz they’re more bada*s than the rest of the Hornets.

  794. Sure Butler is using that for extra motivation.

    But that’s exactly the point. Why gave any team extra reasons to beat you in the next game?
    I can see Pop yelling at any Spurs for pulling the move.

  795. How can I send you a pm?

  796. It’s Captain Li. Captain “Shang” is one of Disney’s famous production mistakes.

  797. This is a good test. Good team will beat Bulls again like Warrior beat Memphis again. Bad teams will lose this one to Bulls this time.

  798. Spencer Hawes is a brainy player as well. He just isn’t nearly the athlete Lin is so he looks a bit awkward and his shot is not consistent enough either.

  799. won’t happen a lot. we must savor the few we get.

  800. That game, the shots were falling including free throws. Gonna be really different for this game.

    TOTALSFGM-A3PM-AFTM-AOREBDREBREBASTSTLBLKTOPF PTS47-9114-2322-231240522664911 13051.6%60.9%95.7%

  801. LL Cool J

  802. DDT

    The Daydream Team

  803. No need, Lin is already on it.

  804. If Brian Roberts had not shot, Jimmy Butler STILL would be mad for having been blown out.

  805. If Zeller continues to play aggressively like he does and Hawes somehow stops playing like a wimpy D Leaguer, there’s no reason why Lin and Lamb cannot erase the massive deficits that the starters will incur.

  806. Just clarify 2 plays:

    First one, Carmelo Anthony was 2 not 3, unfortunately, it wasn’t corrected.

    Second, last shoot was over time. Good call, ref.

  807. I’m glad on Lin’s final shot they did not call travel on him when Robin held him up. Refs are usually crooked with Lin.

  808. Zeller is a high caliber teammates in terms of character. May not have the most talent in comparison to other lottery picks but character is important.

    Hawes still worries me though. Only so much talent in him. But he seems like a thinking player. Just lacks talent at that level.

  809. game will be close but good teams win. #linsanity.

  810. got lucky.

  811. Christine’s Highlights

  812. it is not

  813. a good team will beat bulls again. lets see how it goes. Hornets starters will be hot from benching.

  814. WOW JLin! No wonder I only root for you. Awesome!

  815. I watched Fisher’s post game interview, he said something like we were doing good from 1 to 3Q… I guess he never thought Lin would show that big in 4Q….LOL!

  816. Next 3 games will be very odd for them to flight: up north to Chicago then far west to Portland then far east for NY.

  817. NBA Official review of game. Looks like Melo got away with to incorrect non-calls where he fouled Williams:



  818. haha .. thanks for the reminder & the pressure too LOL

  819. Twice by him.

  820. Ya, All-Star calls still exist. SMH

  821. The stinging farts

  822. Guess who?

  823. Mr. Elite

  824. and he drives a Rolls Royce now. SMH

  825. Who? PB?

  826. You’re good.

  827. Yes

  828. Here’s the SAVIOR that “rescued” the Houston Rockets from Jeremy Lin!

  829. The Houston Rockets are the CRIMINAL TEAM in the NBA right now.

  830. Lin told Beverly off for doing it in a blowout early in Rox.

  831. Lawson & PB… LOL!

  832. ok. let me tweet that. lol

  833. That Mr. Defensive Juggernaut is making 6 mil a year, and Lin 2 mil? SMH

  834. I think Lopez touched the ball too.

  835. Hope JLin does well tomorrow. Might be like a second interview for a starting job at Chicago.

  836. Haha! I hope they beat Bulls again.

  837. Visual presentation, ha ha

  838. I hope so too. Bulls will play tougher this time, revenge game.

  839. Chicago Bulls won’t want an Asian guy as starter PG, forget it. Not to mention D Rose still has a huge following of fans.

  840. It’s funny actually. In a twisted sort of way, having Lawson on the team has helped Houston fans see what we always knew. When Harden and Lin were on the same backcourt, it was always how Lin was trash, but now that Lawson is there and not performing well, they are now willing to consider that perhaps Harden needed to adjust too.

    Will be interesting to see whether Lawson works out for them in the long run. Or whether he performs better than Lin did with Harden. So far, he’s worse.

  841. JLin’s got an Audi Spyder and can totally afford expensive cars if he wanted to with the money the makes.

  842. I think so. Plus it’s home game.

  843. i think lin got fouled. but you know what i mean

  844. Not at all.

    Clifford is just figuring out minutes distributions for his two different squads: the “athletic” starters and the “skilled” bench.

  845. Steph Curry scored what Lin does in 1 quarter. Edit he scored 21 in 1 quarter. LOL

  846. According to the NBA he doesn’t need a “defense” attorney.

  847. the entire NBA needs to figure out how to train shooters like Curry WOW

  848. Come on now, I like Bev. He plays well with Lin. Not his fault starting over Lin, its McHale’s. Pay the ticket fine and move on – end of story.

  849. I thought of it for Lin and Kemba originally, but since lamb and Lin have more chemistry, why not use it for them instead.

  850. The Splashed Jeremies….even worse.

  851. Or “LambLin rose”

  852. Typical NBA star. They make a lot of money and think it will last forever. Unfortunately for many their careers are short and the money dries up. The smart ones don’t overspend and invest in things to carry them after their short BB careers.

  853. Walt himself was called “Mr. Cool”. Him and Pearl Monroe were the “Roils Royce backcourt” tandem that won the NBA championship in 1973. Maybe our Buzz Brothers with the cool hair will repeat that chemistry.

  854. can Hornets finish the month 7-2?

  855. Lin and Lamb are athletic πŸ™‚

  856. need miami to lose

  857. No Wade, Dragic do better…LOL!

  858. info on Justin… there is a go fund me site trying to raise money for a handicap accessible van…. more info at the link:

    Justin Lee is a 16 year old, sophomore from Vienna, VA that attends Marshall High School in Falls Church, VA. Prior to being stricken by the rare virus, acute flaccid myelitis, Justin was a perfectly healthy and happy teenager. He simply loved spending time with family and friends; he loved bringing smiles and laughter to all around him with his gifted sense of humor; he loved playing sports and excelled particularly in basketball and football. He played basketball and football at Marshall HS in both his freshmen and sophomore years. He is incredibly well loved by many including friends, teachers, and coaches.

    On February 27, 2015, Justin was admitted to Fairfax hospital for a virus. He quickly declined and has been in a coma in the pediatric ICU since then. He was diagnosed with acute flaccid myelitis which is a recently named rare new virus. There is no known treatment for it. The virus has caused damage to Justin’s brain stem and spinal cord.”

  859. I don’t like bev because he turned out to be phony friend . I was at a Laker when he tried to trip lin. There was also at that same laker game, lin went to extend his hand to help him up, he batted lin’s hand away. So don’t really care about bev, he got what he deserved.

  860. You have to admit – all the NBA greats are known by their first names: Michael, Lebron, Steph, etc. So The Jeremys is perfect! πŸ˜‰

  861. PER of Players Played for Hornets
    Jeremy Lamb 24.37
    Jeremy Lin 21.16
    Jefferson 20.09
    Kemba Walker 19.15
    Zeller 16.46
    Kaminsky 16.2
    Batum 16.07
    M Williams 15.54
    T Hansbrough 10.9
    S Hawes 7.49
    Hairston 5.21

  862. Similar to the 90’s jail blazers

  863. He was Lin’s fair weather friend.

  864. This is a back to back game. Lin used to have problems in back to back games but this game he’s absolutely fantastic. Coach has found a way to keep him productive in back to back games.

  865. Jay highlights:

  866. I don’t have a problem with him, this is a smack in the face of any in the Rockets organization who told us he’s a elite and to get lin out of town.

  867. Yes, he did that in 2 games. Not cool.

  868. Kemba’s reaction?

  869. JL squared?

  870. Clifford kept Lin off the court to save his energy for the end game push. That’s the confidence he has in Lin. Players all think they are bulletproof proof. They want to be on the court all the time. All of us have limits but all elite athletes have ultimate self belief to push themselves past those limits. Physiologically, it’s been proven that just doesn’t happen. Good coaches must override those delusions sometimes for their own good.

  871. I’ve enjoyed last quarter of the NYK game..It was i envision when i see JLIN play. It was played with heart and perseverance. It was a great game because it dictates the personality of the hornets and it builds Character on the team. It was a game that shows potential and Not hunches only. It gives us follower another reason to believe that this team can do something if it keeps its eye on the proper way of doing things. Its like pre-season game where all enjoyed being used to excel and not to limit.Team wants to showcase the Team rather than certain individual player. And i know that it is where that JLIN thrives and perform well…when everybody longed to see everybody excel and not only their own selfish agenda.

    Last quarter of that game had shown that 5 players can win basketball, but that 5 players needs a leader and that leader knew he doesn’t have to tell everybody that he is one, for his action speaks better of it.

    Batum played well to his potential with strength and weaknessess , Lamb did what he can offer to the team without self promotion but on himself knew his limitation, Zeller played unselfishly and with commitment to do good when it is needed and william played it smart, Hawes needs to improve , but he ‘s a veteran and can only suffer on some of his limitation….But i would say without fear on being branded as a LOF, Lin on Crazies, Lin Lover etc, Jeremy Lin was LEADING them with Humility for his willingness to sacrifice glory for the sake of winning even though he knew that he himself can do it for he was doing it before, that even at the mistakes of his co-player he did show encouragement rather than self-promotion. He did shown obedience to the will of all but to help by showing his own Will to continue playing hard. Jeremy did fall, stumble and made mistakes too, but he knew he cannot live with this but has to move on playing the way he can contribute.

    I did say, i’ve enjoyed the full 4rth quarter only (maybe a little of 3rdQ) because it is where the game begins as Jeremy would LOve to be played!

  872. Ask this on behalf of JLin fan from Taiwan:

    Does anyone know where you can get good home Hornets tickets on 2 Jan? Preferably the section where you can interact with JLin after he finishes shootaround.

  873. As much as dislike Beverly for his fake fair weather friendship with Lin, I really feel sorry for him as well. He was used just as he used Lin while Lin was useful to him. Beverly got his just rewards but I feel no happiness for his misery, instead, I feel anger for Morey who uses people like stepping stones and tosses the aside when he’s done with them.

    I keep coming back to the same question, “what would Jeremy do?” I’d bet he’d forgive him instead and lend him a hand just as he did on the court.

  874. this is it

  875. A commentator said ” The JL boys “

  876. Like Barry said, overall they are ok, but the comment about Lin not being good as a starter is just utter false… he didn’t even provide any evidence… Lin has started a lot of games and he has won more times than lost as a starter…

  877. floor seat, get there super early and get seats on the way to the tunnel. Buy online anywhere. Easy these days.

  878. Bemba doesn’t care. He got bench and is not happy. photo is obvious.

  879. all these people kidding themselves, Lin fans, Hornet fans. Kemba NOT happy benched in 4th Q. Who would be happy? NOBODY.

  880. Looks like Kemba was injured, hard to jump up and down when in pain.

  881. High energy if only given 20 minutes.

  882. Doubt that was the reason. People need to know unless he is a saint, he will have jealousy…etc. He wants to be a true leader, sure, but it has to be under his leadership, just saying.

  883. exactly, plus Clifford did let him close the game, but he injured himself. He is just like anyone, he wants the team win while he is on the court playing.

  884. He was rooting for Lin on other games. Give it a few more games and we will see.

  885. ok, hear you, but it will be against human nature though.

  886. my question is, why was it that the ref didn’t corrected the 3 of melo into 2. they have chance to do that and it was supposed to be corrected on this kind of game where the difference in margin was so small?

  887. Good eyes. Interesting. Hopefully means nothing.

  888. I don’t think he’s happy either but coach said so….

  889. But its a used one, you could own one too. Its not that expensive for a well used one, the repair bills will kill you though if you don’t have deep pockets.

  890. Hornets is currently ranked 8th with a 4-4 record. There is going to be a fierce battle between the last 2 playoff berths. Look at the standings, you will immediately see the dogfight between Eastern Conference teams. 13 out of 15 teams are going to be competitive enough for the playoff. Perhaps the first 6 teams could be stronger than the others, the next 7 teams are always at the same level competing for the last 2 playoff berths. It’s going to be fun watching basketball in the Eastern Conference.

    Perhaps only the Nets an d76ers are almost totally out of the race to playoff. That makes the games in the East very interesting.

  891. One thing not to invest in is fast women and slow horses.

  892. Good Instagram video showing JLin exchanging low-fives with Kemba & Coach Silas during a time-out

  893. can’t wait till tomorrow

  894. Hellooo, fellow JL7 fans =)
    Let’s continue where we left off from last Bulls game – another blowout win for our Hornets! The starters definitely have to show up in this game and we can fire on all cylinders. We need “everyone” to play hard and perform above expectations and not continue to fall behind. Still a long way to go but the sooner they can come together the better they will be.

  895. Thats a $200K toy, goes with the hair.

  896. Did you change you name? From cap P to small p?

  897. Game 9 Poll vs the Bulls is up.
    I wonder how many will vote Hairsanity!!!

  898. I think it’s always small p

  899. At least Kemba has congratulated Lin more than Batum has.

  900. He did ok for a bit on the Clippers but I think last year was a bust. IIRC.

  901. Yeah !

  902. and he got sustained prime time minutes. That’s when Lin gets onto his zone.

  903. From what I know of JLin after shoot around at Oracle, he will sign autographs and be nice, but he doesn’t engage or talk to fans because it takes him out of the zone.

  904. I was very happy as well with Lin’s mindset. Seems like in the beginning of the season he wanted the whole team to move together. Be one of the guys. Glad to see Lin take the role of the leader. Accepting that he is not like the other guys. He could do more and he is the best. Play with aggression and pull the team along to a victory.

    His strength of will gives the role players confidence they will win. When they see him dominate on both sides of the court his teammates feet have an extra hop, their arms get lighter, and shoulders looser to make the shots. Why? Because as only Lin is capable of doing, he lifted the pressure off of them and showed that the burden was not heavy for him.

    If Lin continue to wait and see if someone else on the team could play this role, then he would continue to watch his team lose. Sorry. The job is Lin’s to be the difference maker, the “star” to carry the team. I’ve seen him accept it the past three games and come out on top the last two. So happy for Lin last night.

  905. I expect them to contend just as the rockets did when Lin played significant minutes. They were battling for 6th seed until Mchale and Harden gagged. It was Lin that saved the day when Harden pulled up mysteriously lame after he was benched against New Orleans (?). Lin played a great game against the Clippers at home to secure a playoff berth for them.

    This team can do just as well if not better than anyone can predict. All they have to do is give Lin the minutes to do it.

  906. 2 yrs, it was Lin that took them through the final stretch. CF have no way to see that, theme the breaks.

  907. Another thought … remember when McHale pulled JLin for the final defensive play against Portland, and Parsons/Harden/Bev just let Lillard put it in? I mean, so many ways to have stopped that one. Well, last night, Cliffy just said, you earned it. Hands up on D, or hands on hip, who wants to complain now? I’m positively in!

  908. Yep off the highlights thanks to post below, good call by refs … his hand is still gonna follow through and the red is on! (hit refresh to see pic):

  909. Just donated some money to his gofund site under as webattorney, Jeremy Lin fan.

  910. McHale’s cardinal sin is to undermine and erode JLin’s confidence over 2 years.
    Lin fans are just starting to get to know Clifford but boy, I’m glad he’s no McHale.

    I mean some of us forgot how McHale:
    – never praised JLin after his great team D blowing out Utah for 40pt win
    – never praised JLin for shutting down Tony Parker, contained Mike Conley +Jrue(?) in a string of games
    – continued to talk down Linsanity as a rare meteoric event
    – repeatedly throwing Lin under the bus by accusing him of preferring to score 28pts but 9 TOs even though he’s never done that. Harden did it and he did nothing.
    – Finally, benching JLin in 2nd season despite impressive preseason. All because Harden didn’t want to share the spotlight with JLin & refused to play defense. That started the “backup PG” stigma that JLin tried to erase now.

    So yeah, give me Clifford anytime over McHale. The most important thing is JLin is happier in Charlotte than in Houston or LA.

    I really want to see JLin & the Hornets beat HOU with Harden scoring 28pts with 9 TOs.
    That would be a sweet justice!

  911. No way you gonna catch low then jump up and shoot in 0.6 seconds.

  912. You are right with all these points.

    Me, I think it was more McHale and the system of egos grinding on Lin’s values, spirit. I don’t think he ever lost his confidence … it was more … what can you do (ride bikes to keep warm, pray, pal around with teammates, obey, freelance, etc you try it all …), but I have to try because God has called me to it. So, that mental and spiritual battle was what was hard on Lin. As a fan, I would never doubt his confidence.

    Same thing happens when you meet a spirited leader, or entrep … they got it. They will always have the confidence to try to win it for the team. But, some have gotten beaten down, so you just have to help them get warm and dry, and the fires reignite.

  913. Fans have to realize that players are so engaged mentally already in the process that they can’t allow their minds to wander.

    Olympic downhill skiers prepare their runs by mentally and almost physically move through every turn and bump on the way down the hill. This is how biomenchanically our mind presets our body to function unimpeded by our upper brain functions. It’s the closest thing to being in the zone. You can imagine what would happen if someone interrupts that process and actually engages the upper brain. All that mental energy is lost.

  914. I wish there were exercises we can do to do that in business … they are calling that more mindful leadership now I think, selling mediation packages, etc.

  915. I see you are right. He had to do a Curry throw, and then he would have had to have been messing around with a bother called not-Seth all his life to have that kind of skill.

    Thanks, I learn something every day.

  916. yeah, Lin survived the belittling from McHale and got stronger as an off-guard and spot-up shooter; no thanks to McHale.

    His faith & work ethic certainly became stronger so it’s part of God’s plan to use man’s selfish desire to make him tougher. I hope we’ll get to see the oasis after a long walk through the Sahara desert.

  917. He’s injured. He got injured on a play late in the game. Usually he’s jumping up and down.

  918. He’s injured. He’s always jumping up and down. He was hurting.

  919. He, and people like Lin, is why wise guys say what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger. Good points. Me I’m just gonna pull lazy an talk concept lol. You’re doing the real work, bring out the truths we all started to forget.

    But I don’t forget the big truth, and that is why I am so thankful for this year: a good team to set himself up for upping Salary Cap. The league still needs good PGs, I play fantasy. There are only maybe 5 like Curry who can score player points (equated to performance) consistently, and those are Curry, CPaul, etc. Not even guys like Conley have as efficient a line as Lin. They get hot and touted, but nope. So, JLin can next year still be to me, up there, right after the top tier. Curry is taking the top tier to a new place. Hope JLin follows him there in 2 years, or this one.

  920. Lin would never have allowed Lilliard to even catch the ball. He would have left his man and just chased down Lilliard to intercept the pass. Lin did just that Kate in the season against Portland late in the game when Beverely was assigned to cover Lilliard on an inbound pass. It was late in the game on the Houston side of the court and Lilliard lost Beverly instantly going to catch the ball for an easy layup. Lin left his own man and read the play to intercept the pass and aced the game.

    This is one of the many defensive skills that Lin has that Khuang and I talk about. His bball intelligence makes him deadly on both ends of the court because he gets into your brain and and leaves you defenceless. We never recognize these great plays because we’ve been brainwashed into looking only for the mistakes.

  921. Yes sir!

  922. that’s right now I remember. You have a great memory. There was the below the basket video very execiting. Now I know, Rox threw ice water at us for 2 yrs.

  923. Curry is certainly in a different Twilight Zone altogether now. It’ll be interesting if JLin asked for the assignment to guard him since he knew Curry well. But letting Kemba guard Curry is also an interesting scenario πŸ™‚

    For this season, I’d say 6th Man of the Year and clutch playoff performance would increase his market value to be a starter next season. As a bonus, throw in a girlfriend to help his confidence when things get tough LOL

    I wonder if we might have a nuclear meltdown when JLin finally has a GF. I’m kinda worried a bit =)

  924. Just put me down for Hairsanity for every game, seriously! Lol

  925. haha .. you might win the poll if the trend keeps continuing =)

  926. there you are πŸ™‚
    What do you think of the hair-raising Hairsanity! performance?

    People do their jobs: napping Michael, LAJane doing dishes, etc.

  927. Coach talked about what happened in locker room. We really can’t judge whether Kemba is happy or not in that little glimpse second of that photo. Probably he has already celebrated the victory or he didn’t catch what was being announced by ref. We really don’t know.

  928. 12:45 in the highlights. That’s Batum’s arm on Lin. That’s after he made that tough buzzer floater.

  929. After watching McHale’s substitution patterns for Lin, it was pretty obvious he was trying to marginalize him. He kept pulling him out when he was hot. It was so weird.

  930. Tomorrow’s game gonna be tough. Bulls at home, and Jimmy Butler wants a revenge.
    I predict a loss unless the starters want to make a strong statement.

  931. This we will see very soon, GSW v CHA. I think Jan.

    GF? I would think he’ll lose a little bball Qi, but he’ll be all smiles at home. Curry has 2 kids now, so it’s ok if Lin dates the right one.

    I should buy tix, but that would be v expensive given Bay fans. I will see Curry Sat and this team is now just rockin’ the fun. Pretty amazing to have a team that good in a sport.

    Notice how Luke is doing better than Kerr? Cred for last year goes back to system, I guess. Lin Fans who want to keep remembering Kerr dissed him on TV are happy with Luke on a stronger start than Kerr lol.

    And I’ve thought – it has to be Curry getting everyone to buy in. ACBC will have to comment … every team needs a winner to cause everyone else to step up and buy in. I think that is Curry, and Lin will do more of it this season.

  932. Good eyes! Batum put both hands on Lin’s shoulder to encourage him as they’re about to sit down

  933. Correction, Lin is deceptively athletic lol

  934. I’m still in for psalm’s q on next 7. I said 6-1 and now that SAS have one and we won against NY, 5-0 from now on in bro!

  935. After he got hurt he wasn’t celebrating as much. Up to that point, he was one of the main guys celebrating. But coach brought him in about 30 seconds left and he got hurt when someone banged into him and knocked him down on a rebound play.

  936. walt clyde frazier: “relentless pursuit” = relentlessly deceptively athletic.

  937. It all depends on how well Rose plays and teammates. JB can’t do it by himself.

  938. It depends which DRose will show up:
    -11pts/5TO with 3-13 shooting in 38min in MIN loss
    -29p/7a with 12-25 shooting in 37min in OKC win

    But check out his 3P% at 6.3%
    That’s 1-16 3P shooting. Yikes!

  939. I know Kemba was hurt. That’s why I said we can’t really judge on that pic why Kemba wasn’t so jump up and down based on that glimpse second of pic. There were number of reasons.

  940. you read my mind!
    oh my, 6.3% 3p shooting

  941. too much stuff happening off the court?

  942. his eyes still can’t see .. blurry eyes from orbital fracture on face, I think

  943. ah, sorry I don’t follow the injury reports.

  944. he really shouldn’t be playing. He has had so many injuries in his career.

  945. @psalm234:disqus Please respond my messages in your DM Twitter account. Thanks!

  946. I have absolutely no worries about Kemba. He’s fine. If you look at Lin he’s the one Hornet that didn’t celebrate after Cody’s made shot under the basket. Should we conclude he wasn’t happy for Cody and the team because he didn’t celebrate? If not, isn’t that what we are trying to do with Kemba? Most of the time, Kemba’s jumping up and down, *especially* when Lin makes plays. To me it is obvious after he got hurt he stayed calm because he was injured. And even if he didn’t in that one picture, it doesn’t mean anything.

  947. I watched that highlight around 10x today and didn’t notice it. Good eyes.

  948. ok, I will

  949. I risk my job to watch…does that count? lol

  950. Wow! It’s first time I saw Batum so warm w his teammate.

  951. Can I just by default vote it? for every game?j Sometimes I can not login….

  952. He’s French after all =)

    beaucoup d’amour

  953. Maybe Batum is:-) Just that we don’t see it because of how the game is cut:-) I saw different stuffs when I watched the archive games as there was no commercial ads….

  954. What’s constitute Hairsanity????!!!!! Just a phenomenon???

  955. you will know what it happens….when Lin happens…LOL

  956. That’s not fair with that kind of vote:-)

  957. Check out websites such as StubHub, Barry’s tickets, SeatGeek. Courtside seats (v expensive) would be best but not sure of availability. Sections on either side of the home tunnel where players go in and out are more reasonable. I’ve done this for games at Staples Center. Other posters are right – Jeremy will sign autographs but doesn’t interact before the game. My daughter was able to get Jeremy’s autograph by leaning over railing near visitors tunnel when he was with Rockets. He doesn’t look people in the eye or say anything but just goes from person to person signing whatever they give him. A few words of encouragement might get a small reaction, though. And be sure to get there at least 1 to 1-1/2 hours before game time.

  958. Nice info, thanks!

  959. Anything for the dedicated Jlin supporters in Taiwan – or anywhere for that matter! πŸ™‚

  960. Thanks! That’s what the fans are expected. Shouldn’t say interaction, just the high 5 and/or sign autographs after the shootaround. These Taiwanese fans know very well JLin routine. They go to JLin games every year no matter what teams he played for. They go for home games plus away game. So they plan to go 6 games this year. They just don’t know Hornets home court. Which section they should purchase the tickets to do this. Any idea??? For your info, some of them also went to China global games.

  961. Getting that swag back that’s been missing since Linsanity NY. Good to see. Hope to see him put up a 3 in Kobe’s face. “you soft Kobe”

  962. I will only melt down if the gf is me. Anyone than me? Cold stone heart and adios.

  963. sometimes you can’t be mr nice guy. good for him

  964. 3P% due to orbital fracture, lost of depth perception. Got to feel bad for Rose, so much bad luck.

  965. Kemba, Tim Duncan are in this episode.
    Inside The NBA: Shaqtin A Fool

  966. no i really hope Lin does not win 6th man of the year. It is just an award for 2nd rate players. Lin is artificially benched. I hope he is not even considered for it.

  967. sounds about right to me. Up to Lin.

  968. even Lin wants to be on the court and sometimes does not clap as hard especially on Rockets. It’s human nature.

    I do agree some photo is not the whole story though. Maybe Kemba clapped before and after the photo. In his defense, Kemba has been a very good teammate compared to Kobe Melo Harden etc.

  969. Wow, Andrew Wiggins lost his adidas shoes off his foot too, just like Lin. It was the same shoe fall off Lin’s foot. No wonder Lin changed his shoes to the new red Adidas.

  970. Can the Warriors break the record of 15-0 start?

    Warriors advance to 10-0, set sights on NBA record 15-0 start


    “The Warriors’ next five features the Nets, Raptors, Clippers and Bulls before their 15th game in Denver on Sunday, November 22. The Nets have one win as of Thursday night. The Raptors have been in a slide since injuries started dragging their defense down. The Warriors have already beaten the Clippers. The Bulls have been uneven, and the Nuggetstrailed the Warriors by 30 at the half the first time they played before a spirited garbage time comeback fell short by double digits. So yeah, the Warriors have a pretty good shot at this thing. Their 16th game of the season is vs. the woeful Los Angeles Lakers.”

  971. Wow! So lucky to go to so many games! They are dedicated fans – Jeremy is really blessed to have such great supporters! I’m not sure about set-up of Hornets arena. Maybe one of the posters on this site that has been to a game at TWC arena might be able to help with exactly which sections are near home tunnel, etc.

  972. Lin wears new crazy quick low 3. no more prime knit fall off foot and slide everywhere.

  973. I know. These are the most dedicated fans. They support JLin 100% in everything. Never seen that kind of dedication.

  974. Got his Linsanity face on.

  975. I dreamt that the name of the Jeremys should be “the Jems”, as in ” the gems of queen Charllete”; or “Def Jem”.

    Their theme song should be Bob Marley’s ” I’m Jemming”
    “Ooh, yeah! All right! We’re jammin’: I wanna jam it wid you. We’re jammin’, jammin ‘, And I hope you like jammin’, too.”

  976. Just “pissed on the hydrant”!

  977. Lol, “the woeful Los Angkes Lakers”.

  978. I’m so very pleased that Hornets won and Rox lost and Lakers lost.

  979. The Eastern Conference is so competitive now. You may say that the Cavaliers, Hawks, Heat, Raptors, Pistons, Bulls, and Wizards are sure in for the playoff this season. Then that leaves only one playoff berth for Pacers, Bucks, Knicks, Magic, Celtics, not to mention the lowly Nets and 76ers to slug it out. None of those teams are step-overs.

    I can safely assume that if the team isn’t an above 50% winning team, it won’t stand a chance to get to the playoff. Without the off season additions the Hornets would have been a cellar team now like the Nets and 76ers.

  980. you are awesome

  981. Q: Who is the Lakers with the best PER this season?
    The answer is absolutely stunning.

  982. Not compared to Hairston in Clifford’s eyes.

  983. Byron Scott? Cause his PER is zero.

  984. today gametime my baseball bat is ready for you

  985. No need for violence. Food-induced coma based on a french fries diet would work just as well.

  986. With MKG already injured, the team should be careful with further injuries. Play Kaminsky and Tyler more (says KHuang)…

  987. The East actually has a winning record against the West currently.

  988. thank you for putting some sense into these crazy comments…which I just start to ignore.

  989. that’s business as usual move on.
    and should already know when he say coaching isnot needed when you have stats and chem is not needed..so you can already tell in the beinggining he treats players like objects in a foosball table

  990. thank you for articulating it. I can tell in the beginning that it’s all fake when pb say lin is close to him in houston. and therefore never care or like pb. now it confirmed.

  991. I attended the first 2 Hornet home games. The price for the section on lower middle is around $350, upper deck you can get at game time for 20s and 30s. We got at game time on opener for $41 for middle upper deck with good view. The second game we got ahead of time from Ticketmaster for about $85 on lower corner. The premium seats include club house meals. You can pay extra for Uber seats which is resale with premium you can get online. The parking around area is $7 if you go there before noon for 12 hours parking. At game time at rises to $10. There are 2 lines of trolley train and Gold Rush buses free crosses the area, another train cost $2.20 on honor system and I don’t find many buying the tickets, but theoretically police can check on you. Major hotels like Hilton or Omni are near the area, but motels like Comfort Inns are about 5-10 miles from downtown or near airport for around $100.

  992. Off Topic: #Respect for @KingJames for taking time to encourage Emanuel, 19yr old HS football coach w terminal illness
    JLin & LeBron have many things in common in making an impact in people’s lives


  993. Good to hear Frank will play more soon, not to burn out Marvin Williams.
    Coach should do the same for all starters with heavy minutes

  994. Lin and Lamb are the mark men on this game but how you contain this team if they have an agile Batum(willing to pass back) Williams and Zeller closing out.

  995. Kaminsky should be starting and Williams should go to the bench.

  996. I’d guess either Nick Young or Marcelo Huertas.

    Jordan Clarkson maybe too.

  997. Kaminsky is their future. I like Williams he plays well.

  998. Injuries would actually IMPROVE the team, as long as it’s not Lin going down.

    If Lin went down, that would submarine the season.

  999. It’s partly Lin’s fault.

  1000. Off-Topic: Oh my, if you ever have seats close to the arena, please don’t do what this lady did.
    Going viral as the nose-picking lady is not the way to fame. I feel bad for her


  1001. JLin’s clutchness still resonates with Knicks fans


  1002. so what????? i dont get it humans picking nose will affect everyones lives???? you can see how low human can be

  1003. Like nobody has ever picked his nose.

  1004. Starters are going to be destroyed, bench will produce big time.

    Lin will be headhunted with extremely dirty play.

    It’s gonna be another BLOOD GAME for Lin.

  1005. Rick Bonnell asked if Lin will enough All-Star fan votes.
    I think we better be ready soon


  1006. It’s so satisfying to see Lin WRECK the Knicks every time they reject him off their team.

  1007. No way the NBA allows Lin to start.

    They’ll rig the votes to keep him out.

  1008. She’s doing much better than what Kris Joseph did in the Celtics practice

  1009. We should try to do everything we can to help Lin to get this time. Hornets will host this year’s ASG. Kemba or Batum probably will make it but Lin needs fans to vote for him.