G8 NYK @CHA Game Thread

Jeremy Lin finally had his 1st Hairsanity game with 19pts/3ast/1r in 27 min (6-11 shooting, 6-8 FT, 1-5 3pt shooting with 1 fouled resulting in 3FTs)
Coach Clifford chose to close with JLin due to his superb defense on Kevin Martin who was completely shut down with 4TOs.
Credit Coach Clifford for recognizing and praising JLin’s shutdown defense.

More importantly, he played JLin non-stop during crunch-time for 16:35 (4:35 left in Q3 and the whole 4th quarter) to produce a big Win.
He admitted looking for opportunity to insert the hot-shooting JLamb 8-10 with 18pts but decided against it.

So defense and aggressive shooting will be JLin’s calling card to earn Playing Time.

Will a determined JLin continue his strong game in the 2nd night of back-to-back game vs the Knicks?
The Knicks surprisingly won against the Raptors so they can be a dangerous team.

Let’s hope JLin continues to regain his shooting touch (esp. 3pt shooting) back and be the most lethal scorer by repeatedly going to the FT line.

Let’s go, JLin!

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    1. 1st
      JLin,keep up the good work

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    4. Go Lin! Question #1. Does anyone have an idea why Lin wanted go back to NY although we all know (?) Anthony does work with him?

    5. LOLOLOL Finally new thread!

    6. 4th!

    7. Sorry, Anthony DOES NOT WORK with him.

    8. This one is tough. Back to back and flying all over the country.

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    11. HOME sweet home?

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    14. Bench player checking in!

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    16. Mods don’t count. Insider information, lol.

    17. I do what I can in limited minutes!

    18. These puns are starting to get viral 😀

    19. Back to back for Knicks too. Could be bench vs. bench for the win.

    20. Karl and Cousins breaking apart in SAC…again. If someone goes, it’ll be Karl. I’d love to see Lin play for Karl or MDA in Brooklyn. Clifford is leagues better than BS, but Lin needs a modern coach with an attacking, guard-driven approach.

    21. I am 10th!

    22. LOLOLOLOL I almost called @psalm234:disqus out for such a sneaky new thread. I was still checking the posts when he posted the the thread. That tells you how much insider info I received:-)

    23. Hahaha. Just teasing as my usual self.

    24. I am not first!

    25. Oops, I forgot that.

      Charlotte bench is far better than the Knicks’ one. Starter must stay in the game at the beginning.

    26. We can delete the other comments before yours 😉

    27. Benched!

    28. Give her towels to throw!

    29. I can mark all of the posts below me as spam/delete and black list everyone but then I would be the only poster… lol.

    30. Okay, I’ll just sit right next to Jeremy 😛

    31. You win!

    32. nazziiiiii

    33. better not bring any acupuncture needles :]

    34. Starting or not starting?

    35. Of course. starting.

    36. why, what happens if i bring acu needles? spell it out for me!

    37. of course,PJH is gonna start cuz CC likes the bench as it is LOL. Well, starter quality bench player JLin, I feel you. Just keep producing, and you will be a starter, hopefully.

    38. if PJ is not starting, he will not have PT…. LOL

    39. you will get this acu-Lin-face :]

    40. Good for him. Not for the team.

    41. Good and bad.

      He’ll get destroyed by the Knicks starters, but at least Lin and Lamb will be kept together.

    42. Clifford IS a modern day coach.

      Karl and D’Antoni are old school compared to Clifford.

    43. Lin won’t ever start for Charlotte unless injuries knock out the starters.

      Lin is better off with the bench.

    44. I know. No worries! Just having fun here before the game.

    45. I call Linsanity tonight!

    46. Hairsanity!

    47. Coach cliff is going to let Lin loose against his old team. 20+ points 7+ assists!

    48. If his 3s splashes in, he’ll reach 20+points easily. Assists on the other hand are up to his teammates…

    49. as expected, same starting lineup
      Hope Lin/Lamb can shine again for the 2nd night. Hairsanity rules!


    50. B2B, I don’t know about their bench guards and defenders. If Lin’s shots fall, great. If not, they have rim protectors so his layups may be altered against them.

    51. That’s good bc if coach really starts Lamb, some Lin’s fans will go nuts…. PJ is not the problem.

    52. Maybe Lin will do an off the backboard assist to himself? =)

    53. If PJ wasn’t playing Lamb would have started. If Kemba is out, Lin starts at PG.

    54. Ya! I think so.

    55. That still doesn’t count as an assist lol.

    56. yes, there’s actually a positive if Lamb starts.
      He won’t be as effective without Lin feeding him & giving him space to shoot

    57. I think yes and that neither Lin or Lamb get enough touches with the starters. PJ starting helps both. Both could use more PT and I hope Cliff cuts down the starters PT and increases Lin and Lamb as the season goes on. 28 or more for Lin, 25-27 for Lamb.

    58. Lamb won’t be effective because Batum would hog the ball and the shots.

    59. how will lin fare against their big bigs? will there be drives tonight ?

    60. I know. Just saying. =P

    61. yes, Batum and Kemba will dominate & not pass enough

    62. sounds like a good plan.

    63. Sooner or later this is going to happen.

    64. Patrick Ewing, TRAITOR.

      Praising Porzingis but trashes Kaminsky even though Kaminsky outplayed Porzingis this summer and in preseason.

    65. ewing cant see himself in kam. pretty straightforward bias.

    66. What? trashes Kaminsky ? Today?

    67. Ewing was trashing Kaminsky this summer after a single practice.

      Ewing said that Kaminsky was out of shape and not ready for the NBA.

      Then Kaminsky went out and DOMINATED Summer league with Ewing as his “coach”.

    68. Knicks feed is sure nice to Lin so far (though the game hasn’t actually started.)

    69. Mike Breen and Frazier don’t trash players. Breen is a great announcer and Frazier is fun, he’s a good color commentator. They wouldn’t trash Lin, they were calling the games for Linsanity.

    70. Nice break from some of the ignorant announcer teams.

    71. So far, I’ve only disliked Atlanta. I didn’t like the Chicago color commentator that much but he wasn’t that bad. Atlanta was horrible. Minny was nice to Lin, actually praising him.

    72. Minny was pretty good. Get a bit tired of the “what’s up with the hair?” and “Linsanity happened a long time ago in New York” comments. But they were pretty good during the game.

    73. He’s wrong. On 11/17 not today.

    74. I thought Hornets are playing at home?

    75. Hmmm, doesn’t sound like Breen. But it is Clyde Frazier next to him.

    76. I thought so too .. so I fixed the Game Thread title.
      It’s MSG!

    77. Slow start again

    78. Marvin Williams plays fearless. Like that.

    79. No you were right. It is a home game. The tweet is wrong. NYK @ CHA

    80. Same old. Batum TOs. Kemba, Hairston bricking.

    81. I’ll take “what’s up with the hair” a thousand times over even a single “no defense”

    82. Starters don’t look good. Only MW playing OK.

    83. And Batum

    84. You basketball smarties – why replace Wms w/ Zeller? Want to go bigger?
      Wms just hit a three and then was out? Was that a bad thing? Not part of a plan?

    85. Look on the court, it is Hornets!

    86. Keep that rookie on the bench and we have a chance.

    87. my guess is that he was making porzingis looking like an all star

    88. thx

    89. Clifford needs to reward the bench players by bringing them a bit earlier…In my opinion, Lin and Lamb should be in the game by the 5th minute mark…It’s not like they are playing well, specially Kemba.

      Clifford is way too cemented on a certain time to bring in his best bench players…I’m so angry when I see Lin come in so late in the first quarter…It is because of this stupid sub pattern that Jeremy will be lucky to ever break 30 minutes in a game.

    90. His hair is only gonna keep getting longer. This could get very interesting. Epoxy?

    91. No one is delivering. The stage is set for Hairsanity!

    92. Wow this starting lineup is not so good. First time I ever watched them.

    93. that is why I don’t think Clifford is smart at all even though I don’t know bball, I know that.

    94. First unit cold as ice.

    95. outshump the shump.

    96. the Jeremys. That was fast!

    97. Lin’s first missed shot was an high archer

    98. Bit cold from the bench.

    99. nice to be hearing Clyde again with Lin on the court. Want to hear what he has to say along the game.

    100. PJ, Kemba and Al shot a combined 2-12, what a great “start”.

    101. Only following play-by-play. Wonder what reception J got from NY crowd when he came in.

    102. Home game.

    103. Zeller challenging Harden for FT leadership.

    104. This is a home game.

    105. Whenever the starters start out “ice cold” yet still get their full minutes, the message sent by the coach is “no accountability”. Definitely a bad move. as meritocracy is a much better motivator.

    106. freelancing

    107. Well, let’s hope Lin and the rest of the team step up their game.

    108. ahhh…thx

    109. Next drive by Lin, just didn’t finish it. Touch was a little off. I think he went a little soon also.

    110. Hornets getting the shots just missing

    111. nice coach said go, he went a little early but gotta take your opening.

    112. Everything looked good, just didn’t finish. He looks like he’s playing his game so far.

    113. rebound rebound tyler tyler?

    114. Clyde: The Lins have been (held down) so far, Jeremy and Lamb
      Other: You mean the Jeremys …

      Ha ha, Clyde loves Lin still.

    115. 22222222222222

    116. 🙂

    117. The starters gave the knicks the momentum now the bench have to deal with it

    118. 2nd unit looks better than first but Cody needs to pick his spot. Lamb only took 1 shot so far.

    119. Hope they can chip away. At least they look more organized.

    120. And the Coach didn’t adjust in time.

    121. Both were B2B, but only Hornets looks like they are not ready

    122. Lin is taking charge. but need more decisive.

    123. Just like that!

    124. 4 pts!

    125. TO and steal 🙂

    126. Clyde: elusive, relentless pursuit

      on 2 plays.

    127. 2222222222222222

    128. Oh that lovable Clyde 🙂

    129. Lin does NOT like to have the ball stolen…very aggressive to get it right back 🙂
      Edit: RELENTLESS is the right word.

    130. Walt: They need to keep this guy(Lin) out of the paint.

      Edit: thanks golf. wasn’t Cliff

    131. Floater working!

    132. Still talking about the right hand though

    133. Walt Frazier

    134. He’s calling every play by Lin positively. “relentless pursuit by Lin after a turnover”

    135. 6 pts and 1 asts.

    136. Lin playing ANGRY. Misses 2 shots…hits 3 in a row!

      Refs no call on an obvious foul…gets a steal right back!

    137. its not pretty but Hornets have heart

    138. the Jeremys Show

    139. relentless pursuit, as Clyde said.

    140. Current top performers per espn:

      Top Performers

      NY: K. Porzingis 8 Pts, 5 Reb

      Cha: J. Lin 6 Pts, 1 Ast, 1 Stl

    141. down 5 now. Lin driving into the paint loosen up the game a bit

    142. Bench bailing them out again 9-2 run.

    143. Great to hear from Frazier, the Knicks great.

    144. Love hearing Clyde again.

    145. clyde noted they can’t keep Lin out of the paint.

    146. Hornets have a lot of heart

    147. I like Clyde’s word…angry may or may not be Lin, but RELENTLESS is on the money.

    148. within 3 min, Lin & Lamb 11 pts, 1 ast

    149. Okay, Lin is warmed up, time for business!

    150. Lin out

    151. why is lin out lol

    152. Lin warmed up, time to sit him.

    153. Lin tried a monster AlyOop with Lamb, rest was them taking turns. If that AO hit, it would have been a good thing.

    154. Why Hairston now? Lin was hot.

    155. He’s warmed up, time for the bench

    156. Patrick Ewing always be chillen

    157. Time for benching according to Clifford.

    158. Lin out what did I tell you about NBA politic?

    159. I KNEW IT! Jeremys start to shine, Lin sits.

    160. Clifford strikes again! Lin better come in with 3m left or so.

    161. Lin got momentum back, time for Walker to take the glory

    162. Outshining and embarrassing the starters.

    163. Why is Lin out of the game?


    165. Asian. Politics. Make Lamb and Kemba shine.

    166. I think he will come back later

    167. I don’t get this….

    168. Ya, what the heck is that? Get the team back out of a hole then take him out?

    169. no chance on Kemba, watching him now.

    170. Outscoring starters, gotta butter up Batum.

    171. 6 min for 1st half?

    172. No idea.. i don’t know why Lamb is still i when Lin is out.

    173. He’s on the roll.

    174. He’s going to play 4 minutes left in the 3rd until the end of the game.

    175. I remember this commentator in nyk 2012 saying Lin slashing and dicing etc. he praised Lin all the time, his voice is high pitch, seems like the same guy now, anyone knows who he is?

    176. Batum/Walker as green as Melo was during Linsanity.

    177. Clyde Frazier?

    178. Only 6 mins, WTF!!!!!

    179. I get keeping the peace….but that seemed too short of a leash. Be still, my heart 🙁

    180. FRAZIER!!!!

    181. Yes.

    182. Guess they want Hairston on Melo but Melo is heating up nevertheless.

    183. really, this starting team is the 2nd team they just cannot perform v well, and you can tell because Melo isn’t really upping the starting team so anyway, it’s not a starters v starters thing.

    184. Well, blame Jeremy. It only took him that long to outscore the starters.

    185. Find me guilty but this moment I am rooting for the Knicks.

    186. why only 6 minutes? don’t get it

    187. Once they time that, good things to come. It was a little high I think.

    188. Good one!

    189. I will trust you and come back then lol.

    190. Wow… even Hawe played almost 10 minutes. Jeremy not even 7 Min! what is going on?!!

    191. guilty of being rational.

    192. Batum playing crafty to get Affalo out of the game.

    193. if only Lin and Lamb were allowed to play in Houston. Lin could have make Kevin Martin look like Klay Thompson Lite.

    194. AirJordan >>>>>>> than Hairlinsane.

    195. Hawes is scoreless, will not outshine Al’s 1-5 shooting.

    196. Even McHale wouldn’t even do that.

    197. That’s a guess, really. Nothing else makes sense. Unless Cliff thought Lin was too amped up. I don’t think he was.

    198. A few get it but most people here are turning the other cheek.

    199. Kaminsky 7′ guarding porzingis

    200. Lin will play 24 minutes in 2nd half?

    201. Jeremy has the least minutes. Even the Rookie Kaminsky has more minutes!

    202. Kemba is so bad this game!

    203. Yup. Good thing I put off signing up for league pass if I’m just going to spend 1/2 to 2/3 of the time doing dishes and folding laundry until J comes back in.

    204. BS will do. Let’s see how many minutes Lin can get in the rest game.

    205. Lin on pace for 18 MPG again. Wow.

    206. Kemba has to make his points for the all star.

    207. But probably the highest impact. We’ll see what happens in the 2nd half.

    208. Is there such a thing with Jeremy? He just gets EFFECTIVE.

    209. He played strong on that last play. Hope he keeps it up.

    210. Hopefully he closes the game.

    211. You think he will play 20 in 2nd half? Maybe 20 is the total. lol

    212. This isn’t useful. He had 9 minutes at the half yesterday. Clifford doesn’t play him even halves so let’s just wait and see please.

    213. Exactly. NBA is not making a single penny off me as long as this BS continues.

    214. I think Lin gets 13 minutes to in the 2nd half . As long as they let him finish the game.

    215. If it is close, that’s been the pattern.

    216. For those who felt Lin deserved to play less minutes in previous games because he did not play well, could you please tell me why Lin played only 6 min this game for the first half?

    217. I will get it just so I can play the JLin parts and skip live games if I’m busy. It’s not worth watching a game live except to hang with y’all once in awhile. There’s no competitive spirit when you start your 2nd unit, etc.

    218. Not sure what he’s looking, best rebounder is still on the bench.

    219. He gets what he gets. Whatever coach gives him. We’ll see.

    220. My pollyanna interpretation: Lin was getting to the paint at will so Clifford decided to save his energy for later, when the bigs will be tired and it will be even easier to get to the rim.

      Odds of this being accurate: <5%

    221. LOL

    222. six minutes is a bit short. even for Lin.

    223. They don’t get it. They’re on denial.

    224. Because it only took him that long to outscore, outshing and thus embarrass the starters.

    225. time for Arrow

    226. Still more accurate than weather reports… LOL

    227. It’s a good way to get to the 3rd q tho.

    228. Thank you!

    229. ;-p

    230. as long as Lin plays well in the minutes he’s given, he is faultless.

    231. It’s too short. The substitution didn’t make any sense. Lin was playing quite well.

    232. yup, same pattern as yesterday

    233. Clifford is now “The Fridge” 2.0.

    234. Lin will come in for sure if behind 10 points. The hole filler.

    235. Yes but he need his points no matter what. He is the star.

    236. Let the 1st unit have all the glory while the second unit does all the dirty work…

    237. <.5

    238. Okay, I give up! Just hope the starters keep the game close so Lin will have a chance to win it in the 4th.

    239. WOW PJ has 17 minutes?

    240. Kemba 16.5 min 4 pts, Jeremy 6.5 min 6 pts. Any more questions on why he’s benched?

      HINT: Whoever paid Kemba that 48M contract doesn’t want people to find out that he messed up.

    241. Oh wait, Lin is just coming on and wearing a Blue 17 ha ha.

    242. Tank, doing great. sobut look out of breath,

    243. If its close Lin might be in.

    244. If Lin keeps it up 70 more games, then we have something.

    245. What is that Kemba????

    246. Kemba played like a scoring champ against Spurs. Don’t diss him so fast for 1 game.

    247. lots of politics with this team. no way Lin only plays 6+ minutes and Kemba plays 15+ with that performance. Sad…

    248. Harden needs his points. He is a star.

    249. Even if we are I really don’t understand what is expected. We gnash our teeth? Tear our hair out? I support Jeremy as much as you do but I also find joy in seeing how he handles his fate, not just by seeing he gets treated well.

    250. LOL, when game started, I was looking for Lin amongst the blue Jerseys before I realized he plays for the other team.

    251. Jordan gave JKemba Jordan Brand shoe deal.. Bemba is the MAN on Hornets.

    252. Kemba wasted the last shot!

    253. If ANYONE is 0-6 for shooting, he’s not getting more mins lol

    254. You still don’t get the idea?

    255. Looks like Cliff has this hge obsession in playing Kemba 35minutes…Also, he’s dead set on playing Batum 35…This makes no sense considering Cliff statement that when they made the playoff 2 years ago, they got swept because Kemba and Al were playing big minutes during the regular season.

      Maybe he feel 35 is just about right…but that leave very few minutes for your bench players in which you stated could be among the best bench players in the NBA with Lin/Lamb leading the way.

    256. That is a reality that can’t be avoided. sigh

    257. does Kemba has to do wild buzzer shot all the time?

    258. Lin can keep it up 700 more games and we’ll still have nothing.

      – my best impersonation.

    259. 0 for 6.

    260. Can you imagine if Lin played like Kemba, what kind of treatment he would get from coach, teammates, fans??? SMH

    261. bet kemba requested to get back in once Lin started playing so well. he’s afraid comparisons will be made if Lin completely outplays him…

    262. It’s not about who plays well or who is hot. Its about celebrity stardom maintenance. Kemba, Batum and Lamb are the stars to be propped up. All others are pushed down.

    263. as long as Lin plays well, I am ok with it because that’s not on him. I just get mad when Lin doesn’t play up to his own ability. He seems now to have gotten over whatever it was the first six games and seems better again.

      5 minutes, 25 minutes, as long as Lin plays well, I think it stands for itself.

    264. Im calm alright but im very realistic and follow Lin with my eyes wide open and heart full of hope and prayers.

    265. someone should tweet “thanks @hornets” for posts like that because Lin barely plays

    266. “Too great to fail” only in NBA

    267. Hornets fans see the same thing as we do:

      “Might have to let Lin get more time tonight, obviously Kemba didn’t sleep in a Holiday Inn Express last night”

    268. True, it is exceptional to watch how a REAL PRINCE behaves.

    269. Nope

    270. Maybe Lin will get tons of min in 2nd half? Hope so… smh!

    271. if I were Kemba, I would be very scared of Lin taking my job. Luckily for Kemba, he doesn’t realize the asian guy has it tough and it’s not only performance based.

    272. Trend is – starters dig a hole and bench fill it up. then starters dig a hole again, bench fill……. on and on and on…

    273. Coach Clifford has no back-bone. Let’s see what happens in the 2nd half…

    274. Holiday Inn? I don’t get it.

    275. You ever tried playing with shackles? It’s not Lin’s fault when screens are not set and/or ball is not passed to him. Go on Brave Keyboard Warrior!

    276. Good name, Job713:

      When I say, ‘My bed will comfort me, my couch will ease my complaint,’

    277. At least Jeremy played well with the given minutes. Let’s hope Mr. Efficiency can close out the game… Next up, Mr. Clutch and Mr. 4th quarter 🙂

    278. Too late for that.

    279. Cliff’s rotation is putrid!

    280. Me neither.

    281. Probably the same thing. SMH Something other than basketball is going on.

    282. He’s playing like he slept in a bus.

    283. he’s not shackled. He needs help. Russell Westbrook and Kobe in their primes scored on their own.

      Lin is not that type of player. He needs screens and teamwork to look like a star.

    284. Free Jeremys!

    285. 🙂

    286. Hornets fans are as smart as we are 🙂

      – Kemba jacked up quarter ending shot against 3 defenders, that never happens
      – Kemba


    287. Lin’s on a one year contract

    288. Lol!

    289. Lin did shoot poorly in LA last season some games and was mocked.

    290. LIBERATE LIN!

    291. Correct. Thanks for seeing the light. We are here to cheer Lin even if we are frustrated with the minutes given. He played his best for us.

    292. no place to go. this is his best shot to play

    293. It’s the commercial.. You wake up smart after you sleep in Holiday Inn 🙂

    294. Just joke.

    295. if Lin had options, he’d be on another team ok?

    296. Cliff is just ‘another coach’ who does not want to upset the apple cart! Sorry no more benefit of the doubt for him.

    297. In their primes they were already anointed and given free reign to “score at will”. They were not benched when they got hot.

    298. Even with bad result in coaching, Clifford is still a coach after 3 seasons. But if franchise player is not happy, it would take 3 games for a coach to get fired, ask D’ Antoni.

    299. Yes he is the star of this team. We have to accept that.

    300. Clifford’s coaching and subs do not match what he says off the court. Just not sure who is responsible for it.

    301. Do you realize that you’re contradicting yourself?

    302. Thats the Hornets star. He is allowed

    303. The main reason why Lin don’t play more is defense. Cliff think Lins defense is crap. Till that changes we will be here every game

    304. It’s never been except preseason.

    305. I would not be surprised if Clifford was told to keep Lin’s minutes under 20. So Clifford is say ok, I’ll play Lin 5 minutes in 1st half and then 15 in 2nd.

    306. Lin needs to look to score the ball with every opportunity he gets now. There’s not that many on this team apparently. When will Lin find a team which truly values him? sucks…

    307. huh, I thought he commended Lin’s D this past week.

    308. We understand it, but no we don’t HAVE TO accept it, for he’s NOT a star.

    309. no I think yo got it wrong. I think Clifford is ok with Lin.

    310. I thought players are normally given more minutes when playing their previous team….wth 6 min?!?

    311. If they keep it close I’m afraid we won’t get to see Lin at all. Seems like they only bring him in to recover from >10 pt deficits. Then take him out once they catch up.

    312. Who and why told Clifford that?

    313. True. They are drafted.

    314. Who told Cliff? Show his face. MJ? PE? CHO?

    315. Minny Post game Cliff said Lin’s defense on Kmart was the reason he was in the 4th to close the game.

    316. One of the best player in hornets Lin 6 mins (lowest mins),
      one of the worst player in hornets hairston 17 mins (highest mins)
      i dont understand…LOL

    317. just my suspicion. I have been watching and reading NBA over 3 decades. Owners and front office can and do decide who plays and how.

      Time limits can be placed on rentals like Lin. Coach can also be forced to play people he does not want.

      Coach Smart was FORCED to play Lin in his rookie year. Probably blamed Lin for the losses.

    318. I didn’t say he wasn’t. He just think Lins defense is not that good. Mostly because of his height. Kemba playing the same amount of minutes he has normally played

    319. Told by who? To me this makes no sense. At the end of the game, we’ll see how many minutes he gets. It makes no sense anyone in the organization would say play Lin under 20 minutes.

    320. Nope. It’s not basketball defense. It’s defending the “star”.

    321. the 1 yr bridge to higher salary cap makes him a ronin, so I agree.

    322. He closed last night mainly because of his defense, that’s what Clifford said.

    323. I know but Cliff is clearly not sold on it. Which is why Lamb plays extra minutes and Pj guards the other teams top player

    324. Not to take the spotlight off Lin but JLamb is being screwed too by the politics…

    325. Egos…not as good as Eggo’s.

    326. ronin JLin, by his own choice.

    327. NBA = politics

    328. How? The man got paid 21 mill

    329. Its his height for the SG position

    330. but he also has limited opportunities on this team

    331. But most people here are cool with Lin’s team mates and coach

    332. Yeah, and Jeremy got 25, for all the good that did.

    333. Go knicks! Except melo

    334. people are not stupid. Even Lin haters know if Lin gets 30MPG he will get 18 and 8 and 5. I think front office or Clifford is trying to avoid Lin getting stats that are too good or Lin looking like main stat winner of team.

      My personal opinion. Just not sure if its Clifford or someone else. Everything Clifford says off court about Lin makes me think it’s not Clifford.

    335. Go Knicks! Except when Lin on.

    336. When words don’t match actions, the motive is revealed. There’s usually a behind-the-scene force. This has the feel of MJ’s demand. KW is wearing Air Jordan brand, and also is his pick to lead his franchise. Cliff knows this, but he does not have the courage like D’Antoni.

    337. Lin is a fine defender for a PG. He is TALLER than Kemba. What you say makes no sense.

    338. As was I, in the preseason. Once the regular season started teamball went to the curbside…

    339. Maybe they are trying to blackmail him into signing an extension, holding his minutes hostage until he signs. “You think you’ll get a better deal elsewhere? Not if we keep your minutes down.”

    340. as the season wears on, if they want to win it will even out because no Melo, no Harden, no Kobe, and no tanking agenda. That’s about it, this team to perform needs Lin so it will probably work out as to JLin getting good stats to find his team next year. Hang in there everyone, it can be a fun ride.

    341. PJ is playing large minutes due to defense on Melo. Since Melo hasn’t gone off, PJ is in there to guard him. So he may get a lot of PT tonight.

    342. Clifford is quite stubborn with his substitution pattern.
      I get it that he wants to see how lineup works after 10-15 games but not at the cost of losing games.

      Let’s see if he adjusts at all in the 4th quarter

    343. Was somebody going off on him here? Can’t see the game…so who was he guarding. He’s done well against some bigger guys. Has he been losing a mismatch this game?

    344. MDA did not either. That’s why he quit.

    345. Well said but perhaps Clifford also part of it.

    346. Ya! That’s possible. Lakers did that….

    347. Then they have more reason to bench Batum, jus tsaying

    348. He got a 3 year contract. we don’t even know if Lin will get extended or have a contract next year or so the way this team is treating him.

    349. Exactly but Cliff don’t trust him

    350. He did, he stood up and resigned because he refused to allow Melo ball dominate.

    351. Thanks. I was starting to get short of breath 🙂

    352. Hairston is the problem for Jeremy and Jeremy….get him away

      My Knicks look better

    353. He is not playing PG When the starter come in .

    354. I think Lin gets better as season wears on usually in middle of season he is at his best after ASB.

    355. Walker, Batum are the franchise’s “stars”, no matter how poorly those guys play, they will get their min, Lin is the one come to help to gain back the momentum but FO don’t want him to out shine the starters too much. Well, even Jlin makes the difference, he still only get bench min. nothing we can do. Pray Lin can better use his play time, keep the confidence, play strong & smart defense, stay healthy, when chance come, catch it! Go, JLIN Go!

    356. I don’t buy the lack of trust after the good things he’s said about Lin’s underrated defensive skills.

    357. As long as Lin gets his when he plays. If Cliff continues this Lin’s treatment, then Hornets win or lose–>do not care any more.

    358. he should be playing PG. that is the problem.

    359. Lamb will start over him soon.

    360. yep on that too but I’m just counting on all the plans going awry and there then is Lin. This team needs a difference maker. He’s ready. HOU, NYK, LAL have their difference makers do or die, and they faded no glory.

    361. Won’t work with Batum. He’s already perceived by the league as a good player. He will just walk or demand a trade. JLin doesn’t have the cred yet to do that as long as the keep him bottled up. Look at Lamb, as soon as he signed he was unleashed and got the green light to shoot and the minutes to do it with.

    362. Exactly but that won’t happen

    363. Yikes Kemba is 0-7

    364. no he quit because he wanted to trade Melo for Deron Williams per the actual rumor

    365. The only way for Jeremy to get more minutes is to have starters dig a big enough hole.

    366. Superstar!!!

    367. At least he’s not shy. lol

    368. just 1 game. but kemba has never been a good shooter.

    369. finally a layup for Kemba

    370. Good job melo

    371. Yep!

    372. Lin time to stop the Melo run I am feelin’

    373. Ya, build up a >10 pt lead so we get to see Lin again.

    374. No reason for Hairston now….bring lamb in…which will at some point give Jeremy more run

    375. Melo is hot again. Who guarded him well before? Zeller?
      But Clifford stuck with his rotation, Williams

    376. If Kemba’s never been a good shooter, then it’s not “just one game”.

    377. Kemba has a chock hold on those PG minutes

    378. easy screens for Knicks. Hornets bigs need to learn,

    379. I’ll be happy when Lin comes back in. Not only to see him play but we are really belaboring the minutes thing. It is what it is and there is a lot more game for Lin to play. I’ll complain like anyone else if he doesn’t play a lot more in the 2nd half.

    380. When he’s hot he knocks down crazy shot.

    381. Hornets starters doing a good job…at hole-digging!

    382. #HappyVeteransDay to my friends in the USA

    383. And yet he is the star of this team. They are starting the ‘vote for Kemba’ for the all star.

    384. Same as Lakers’

    385. for example, Coach Clifford does NOT WANT TO PLAY Frank kaminisky. He says every time he is asked Frank is too weak. Says skill there but no power and strength.

      Tonight? Frank got 10 minutes.

      Call it back 2 back. Call it whatever,

      But i guarantee you front office is forcing Clifford to play more Frank.

      And I think Clifford personally does not want to play Frank at all!

    386. Batum with 5 straight pts 56-57

    387. Praying and cheering for Lin. He is always an all star to me.

    388. defense liability?

    389. No point to watch the game if Lin is not playing…. GSW is more interesting!!!

    390. They don’t even need shovels…

    391. In front of the Hornets home crowd, Cliff does not want the bench (specifically Lin) to outshine the starters (specifically Kemba).

    392. AL looks so small against Knicks

    393. Bad decision by Kemba to force layup vs Porzingis.

    394. Nice BAtum layup vs Lopez! 58-59

    395. Let’s see if Lin comes in much earlier in the third quarter or if he again comes in very late at the 3rd minute mark.

    396. I don’t think it’s a question of courage. The owners are the biggest guns, and more so when you’re not just the bonehead moneybags but are a basketball legend. The shoe deal really cemented Kemba. MJ is NOT going to want to look like he picked a dud. Clifford’s best shot is to let guys reveal their limitations and slowly work Jeremy up the ladder.

    397. life is all about luck. at least lin got lucky in 2012 : or was it 2011? 🙂

    398. Cliff try to win without Lin

    399. 10 point game

    400. So time for the 2nd unit!

    401. Clifford is so stubborn…Kemba is not playing well but he still has him playing 30+minutes.

    402. Whatever ego politics he’s stuck with, he would still rather NOT lose. We’ll judge how much he doesn’t want to lose when we get to the 4th.

    403. It’s already 3rd quarter, Hornets are losing, and Lin only has 6:47 minutes?!

    404. What would happen to the Hornets without changes in the off season? Batum really is having fun today. He’s going to match Melo bucket for bucket. Then the 2nd team will come in and finish the Knicks off.

      Zeller will put Porzingis in check. Oh my God! who is keeping Melo in check. A blowout is coming with the first unit just like in the first Qtr.

      Oh Jeff has to give up!

    405. HOLE is BIG enough yet?

    406. Ugh Lopez is eating Al Jeff alive inside. Trade this lazy cog in defense!

    407. Batum is playing terrifically.

    408. 1 year

    409. Lin going to be so cold by the time he comes in.

    410. Calderon totally beat Kemba

    411. Stick with the first unit, they’re going to lose the game.

    412. What’s wrong w/Cliff, not calling the time out?

    413. That’s the plan. But Lin can shake it off if they let him play enough.

    414. Strange… u put in someone who was the best player in for 6 min…

    415. late..if Jlin has time to play..LOL

    416. Over his head.

    417. No choice, MJ is high on Kemba and gave him the Jordan shoe deal.

    418. Batum is useless. Even on a scorching hot night, he’s getting ROASTED by the Knicks.

      He has almost as many TOs as assists this season. Just not a star…but treated like one.

    419. They cannot let Lin shine!

    420. get Jlin a stationary bike to keep warm

    421. Exactly!

    422. he will gone for hornet fans know their basketball

    423. Jeremy might get 14 minutes….score 10 call it day

    424. I must admit that I have over-rated Cliff’s BBall IQ

    425. Whats going in??


    427. everyone in except JLin?

    428. So everyone but Lin comes in?

    429. Did Cliff actually see JLs close the gap in the first 2q?

    430. lamb in but no jlin….

    431. as usual Lin is the last sub in… SMH…quite frustrating…

    432. In our dreams

    433. Jeremy is out until Kemba has double digit scoring?

    434. Maybe Nic complained that Lin and Lamb outscored him last night. They’re desperate to do anything to resign him, even though he doesn’t want to stay in CHA.

      Kemba still in there too. Imagine what Lin could do with 34mpg. All-Star stats easy.

    435. Old school coach!

    436. Jordan is a horrible basketball gm

    437. I think Cliff wants to prove Hornets starters is better!

    438. A duel between Melo and Batum.

    439. So much for Cliff letting Lin play his “game”, it just gets worst every season with Lin’s minutes. I hope this wakes him up to really let go of his stubbornness and just look to score from now on.

    440. No idea what’s going on in CHA. Maybe it’s Cho. Or Clifford. Or MJ and Cho but not Cliff.

    441. Lin is FINALLY in

    442. Finally, now Lin should play the rest of the game.

    443. Ya will get another 6 minutes.

    444. Hawes is horrible

    445. Hawes shooting 3’s is like a turnover.

    446. i am so furious right now

    447. He is not blind.

    448. LIN, WHY gave to Hawes??????? everyone expects you to attack!

    449. Who in the world kidnapped the preseason Hornets Hawes and lineup?

    450. 333333333333333333333333

    451. Close to 12

    452. 3333333

    453. That was an aggressive shot by Jeremy too p

    454. I hope Hawes sit because Lamb n Hawes is a bad formula!

    455. Okay Lin heating up, take him out.

    456. who did that steal?

    457. Another steal by Lin? Hate the player guarding him who was challenging Lin but Lin showed him with the 3 pointer and steal!

    458. Steal was given to lamb

    459. What kind of game is this? We are scared if Lin scores because he will be taken out of the game. Sigh.

    460. Amundson
      Edit. oops, thought you meant who stole it from Lin before the 3

    461. Good cocky shot! Don’t even mind the miss (possibly a foul)

    462. Lin was fouled and they didn’t call it?

    463. Beautiful move by Lin and ultra hard shot. That time he handled the clock correctly.

    464. How many pts?

    465. 9 pts in 9 min for Jeremy. walker 9 pts in 24… yup.

    466. I thought Lin had 10 points?

    467. It’s not even about that. It’s about 26m for Hairston!!!

      WTH???? Does he have criminal evidence against MJ?

    468. Same minutes as Kemba!

    469. That Carolina blue man

    470. Unless something great from Lin like D otherwise he’s out in 6 mins.

    471. It’s just baffling…that’s the REAL conspiracy. How is a guy whom they won’t even pay vet min for ONE year starting and playing 20+mpg?

    472. Even Mchale and Scott let lin play more..LOL

    473. Not even great D. It is already set before the game.

    474. Jeremys 9 each

    475. Lin keeps getting fouled and no call.

    476. I still prefer this! At least he gets to SHOOT and play his game. No more standing in the corner.

    477. Yup

    478. One step up, two steps back. Mr. Cliff, you DO NOT have 70 games to improve

    479. I better go do some more chores. That usually seems to be good luck. I come back to a stream of happy posts 🙂

    480. batum the PG is in

    481. They play him SHACKLED. At least he has FREEDOM here.

    482. That is Lin’s 3rd steal not second.

    483. No chance of Jeremy being PG…

    484. Lin YELLED at someone. Was that Batum?

    485. If that is the case, it does not matter how many games…really….

    486. Michael sleeping…Jane doing dishes… *scribbling*

    487. JLin should have the freshest legs for the stretch. He’s hardly played.

    488. Really not liking batum… hes so slow…

    489. I thought someone at the sideline?

    490. Batum game is like the best player on a bad team….he doesn’t know his talent

    491. Looking at the +/-, again Clifford’s strategy is to watch the starters get beat by the opposing team and then hope Lin and the bench will somehow save the Hornets in the 4th. So which is Hornets’ real 1st team?

    492. Good push & pressure 76-79

    493. Lin playing great Defense.

    494. I saw Lin call a play and someone ignored/refused to run it.

      You could see him wave “Go! Go!” and when they didn’t move, he shook his head and gave it up.


    496. i see that for sure.

    497. No, not this again…

    498. Lin drawing so many fouls…already in the bonus this quarter!

    499. Lin kept drawing fouls .. 2FT

    500. Hornets are going to win this game on FTs.

    501. heh heh lin and fish … I remember the spin move he put on a mad Fish.

    502. 11 pts in 11 minutes 🙂

    503. Lin in only 11 minutes already 2nd highest scorer

    504. Lin so far:1 pt per min.
      11 min. 11 pts

    505. I think it was Batum because no one else would do that.

    506. Great Lin hustle to get rebound!

    507. Give me the Hornets roster and I can coach better than Cliff.

    508. 2222222222222222222222222

    509. 3rd behind the other Jeremy

    510. Game is tied on Lin’s shot.

    511. Jeremys at it again

    512. Batum isn’t on the same page as everyone else.

      Nic won’t pass to anyone. Now nobody will pass to him.

    513. Lin nice 15ft-er 82-82!!! YEAHH!!!

    514. 13 pts in 13 minutes lol

    515. Lol the Jeremy’s

    516. I’m 99% sure it was Batum that Lin was YELLING at for not running the play.

    517. Walker first to congratulate Lin with the 15ft jumpshot from the free throw line to tie the game, did anyone notice Batum?

    518. Clyde’s probably doing some victory cartwheels with that Jeremy 15 footer

    519. Lamb and Lin is the tandem on this team. Brought them back again. Proud of both of them.

    520. Lin erases 12 pt deficit to tie game. Once each half.

    521. He’s so cocky from midrange now! No hesitation.

    522. and its a tie game everyone!!!

    523. fitting, Lin to the Tie. MSG roars!

    524. Hornets are on bonus. They are going to have FTs on every foul. What an advantage!!!!

    525. Lin looks confident…..he changed the momentum….but this will happen if coach let lin play more in first half…LOL

    526. Clyde: “Jeremy with a nice stop-and-pop!”

    527. go full speeeeed hornets!

    528. someone is waving Lin’s Knicks jersey?

    529. clyde, Lin with the stop and pop.

    530. This team would be so much better without selfish Batum! Can’t believe I like Walker more than Batum! Lin and Walker can co-exist and potential be the best backup but POLITICS always gets in the way!

    531. Who is this Clyde!

    532. Either Clifford is really saving Lin for the 4th or he has the shortest leash on Lin.

    533. Frazier.

    534. The most awesome color commentator in the world!

    535. Saw Fisher complaining to Ref on the sideline…..haha. guess he haven’t get over the JLin Spin move passed him in 2012

    536. Walker looked excited for Lin but i don’t like the way Batum plays with Lin

    537. Knicks commentator.

    538. I hope Knicks players start to pass ball to Lin.

    539. Who’s Clyde?

    540. I agree. No complaints about Kemba! He’s a team player, make or miss.

      Nic is really being a selfish dolt.

    541. LIN DEFENSE

    542. 3 steals!

    543. Same old; same old

    544. I’d love to hear a fan’s account from behind the bench. Must have been some serious words this game.

    545. Hornets guards are killing NYguards

    546. Hawes no more shooting for you.

    547. FT again!

    548. It’s almost 15 minutes… Jeremy is due for his 15 points

    549. Which Jeremy will close?

    550. no, different clyde. the original commentator who called all the Linsanity games.

    551. Fan: “Kemba, will you check in soon?”

    552. Nic should be traded, selfish, not buying into the team at all and never passes to Lin. He’s a 1 year rental and Hornets should stop tailoring to him wanting to be SG! Batum wanting to be SG is like Dwight wanting to do post moves, it’s not happening!!

    553. The Jeremys have as much steals as Knicks team.

    554. Batum is prolly pushing himself forward harder than Kemba feels the need to…a foreigner stepping into the big ring, anxious to cement his rep and $ worth.

    555. Damn zeller get your FT in!!!

    556. Lin, please do not look Cliff. you are doing GREAT.

    557. Win or lose, this one is still the Lin show with Clifford’s good for nothing starters.

    558. It’s the 2nd team of Hornets vs the 1st team of NY

    559. No. That Clyde is Frazier’s evil twin.

    560. Knicks in foul penalty with 6 min left.. FTs galore!!!
      Thanks to JLin 😀

    561. Jeremy might be out folks but he played damn well….be the best player on the floor

    562. has to frustrate C Anthony…

    563. Hope Clifford doesn’t get dumb and take Lin out now. Or Lamb.

    564. hornets offense now like..
      Lamb shot, then Batum shot, then Lin shot..over and over …LOL

    565. I think Cliff ask Lin pass to Hawes in the past two possitions!!!!

    566. i will be pissed

    567. Time for Lin to sit? He might overshadow Batum and Lamb’s stats.

    568. yep get melo in emo and we win.

    569. With the first team, it’s a blown out by 20 points.

    570. not if Clifford wants to win

    571. Lin should have 4 steals

    572. Hornets in the bonus, but they’re just running jumpers for Batum.

    573. Hope Lin gets highest score again, Batum’s leadingin now at 22 :/

    574. If Lin is taking out it is not dumb but something fishy.

    575. He stole my heart too… so…yeah

    576. If Kemba comes back, Hornets are going to loose

    577. Yes Lin should have 4 steals not sure why the other one didn’t count.

    578. When Hawes starts scoring, NYwill be finished。Sorry big fella, you are out。

    579. Gotta let Lin attack the rim and shoot FTs.

    580. Clifford is saving him, and MJ is holding the leash in favor of big shoe contract Kemba. Y’know, if Kemba really is a good guy, this situation is probably uncomfortable for him too. He might not enjoy being a roadblock.

    581. GREAT REBOUND by JLin!

    582. ;-D

    583. great handles by Lin to get it to Williams.

    584. Great drive with no calls on the obvious blocks.

      …but that was a lucky assist, hehe.

    585. There we go!!

    586. The game is too close forcomfort.

    587. Lin running out there

    588. Beautiful dime!

    589. Lin alleyoop to Batum .. easy layup!

    590. Kemba is in the bench. Clifford does want to WIN

    591. Scorers gave that to Lamb.

    592. They gave the assist to Lamb.

    593. 22222222222222222222222222

    594. Need to remember this one for NBA to correct it.

    595. Lin for 2222222!!!!!!!

    596. “Defiant Lin!” Clyde

    597. every Lin score and Fish grimace is a spin move to me.

    598. 91-89!!

    599. We’ve gotten them to correct it before. Who knows how to do that?

    600. Great defense by the HORNETS!

    601. Great game

    602. I think Nic and Jeremy had a talk during the timeout. They’re finally passing to each other.

    603. Robin Lundberg ‏@robinlundberg 35s35 seconds ago
      Knicks don’t have anyone who can check Lin.

    604. Email to NBA stats. We need the splice of the video.

    605. Lin again single handed turned this game from a boring loss to a thriller. Hope the Knicks can handle the pressure!

    606. 222222222222222222222

    607. wow

    608. Jeremy whoa

    609. WHOAAAAAA



    611. just wow

    612. Rocket Lin!

    613. Come on, Lin.. Lin on Calderon….. CLUTCH LIN!!!!!! 22222 Hanging floater!!!!!

    614. Lin still own the Knicks fans!! Eat that Melo!!

    615. Jeremy the destroyer

    616. NO CALL???

      NO PROBLEM!!!

    617. LInsanity. Linsanity. Linsanity. LInsanity. LInsanity.

    618. Linsanity vs melo…LOL fun to watch..

    619. LINSANITY!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    620. No foul?

    621. Want the Knicks to win but Jeremy’s game is great to see

    622. Lin double pump one hand under pressure, that is mature more mature than 2012.

    623. haha…

    624. Robin Lundberg
      Knicks don’t have anyone who can check Lin.

    625. Lin would have 30 pts easily if he was a starter with 32 minutes!

    626. Clutch

    627. GO GO GO JLin Linsanity Hairsanity Show Cliff and Hornets of why he is called Mr. 4th qtr.

    628. See. See! Just checked back in after doing some tub-scrubbing. I’m gonna save up chores for game nights 🙂

    629. And yet PJ Hairston plays 26mpg…what is going on in CHA?

    630. Jeremy eyes light up when he sees Jose man

    631. I want Lin to get the highest score this game again even with his low usage to show he’s a starter and better than Batum and Walker! I’m happy he gets to play PG almost all 4th quarter.

    632. Dolan can pay “Check” Lin LOL

    633. The old Hornets watching new Hornets do the killings.

    634. 🙂

    635. That was actually great/illegal defense.

    636. My dragon ball z. Go go go. Play with a vengeance.

    637. Another game winning 3 over Calderon’s head would be nice.

    638. Jeremy 2nd in team scoring, 8th in PT minutes.

    639. any link to a livestream , guys?

    640. Marvin william becoming one of my favorite hornet players

    641. LIN – 2nd best scores in Knicks


    643. By the way guys, they’ve fixed the assist. He has 3 now.

    644. My goodnesss.. JLin vs KNICKS…. Clutch Hairsanity!!!!!

    645. Please go back to dishes! Michael already said that he won’t be sleeping, so you gotta pull double! LOL

    646. thanks!

    647. Batum are a horrible shot

    648. LOL Calderon in to check Lin lol

    649. Whoa. Dishes done. Um….dusting. I’ll do some dusting.

    650. Ugh, no. Bad defense by Lamb, followed by bad offense by Batum.

    651. Will JLin get the ball?

    652. Nic

    653. Batum has chucked up enough misses to last the season, someone please tell him to stop that crap!

    654. Clifford better draw one up for Lin.

    655. Nic… YOu’ve been missing your 3s for the past couple possessions… stop

    656. Make or miss, this has to go to Lin.

    657. Give the ball to Lin who deserve it…

    658. Want a win no matter who. Lin has been a hero. Batum has thrown bricks down the stretch.

    659. Kemba

    660. did you see him super hesitant to give the ball to lin? lol he wants the spotlight SO bad

    661. Wow midseason form game!

    662. It’s too late to make changes.
      This team has to grind it out and hope Lin will win the game for Hornets.

    663. Walker & Jefferson benched for the stretch?

    664. How many times have we seen Batum tried to be the hero and gave up the lead destroying Lin’s hard work?

    665. Win for Lin and Hornets, Loss for Cliff!

    666. Come on Lin, game winner just like how you did it in Toronto.

    667. Actually, I kinda want OT. More minutes for Lin, off day tomorrow.

    668. batum wasted too many possessions at end game.

    669. LOL .. Knicks fouled!

    670. lol, i guess i do too now that u mention it

    671. No clutchiness.

    672. CHA radio announcer thinks Jeremy should get the last shot.

    673. Batum wants to get paid but he’s choking. He hasn’t hit a big shot tonight.

    674. FT for Hornets.

    675. Everyone but Batum agrees.

    676. Lin should get EVERY shot

    677. Those announcers’ impartial comments are partially responsible for Batum’s jealousy.

    678. Well Melo ISO time

    679. Zeller work on you FT

    680. Thanks Zeller for missing those FTs if Hornets lose it’s on you!

    681. Zeller…smh. I think he’s still reeling from whatever illness made him dehydrated.

    682. Walker in for last shot?

    683. Lamb’s defense is xxxx


    685. why not let Lin play PG???? do not let Batum handle the ball!

    686. Hack a Zeller coming?

    687. Politics.

    688. Let’s hope Lin can make something happen here.
      Bad Zeller!

    689. true true. not even Lin involved to draw D.

    690. He’s been chucking shoots since Preseason! Can’t stand watching him play selfish as heck!!

    691. Are we surprised? Now he’s going to draw one for Walker.

    692. Win or lose, Lin made his point. Again.

    693. OMG, Zeller is so bad at FT

    694. They took lamb out for walker?

    695. Well he has to pay for it.

    696. Zeller missed the free throws because Hornets likes extra challenge?

    697. For last shot.

    698. Zeller caved under pressure? Yikes.

    699. OT. OT.

    700. Batum has a high FG% though you can’t

    701. OT

    702. OT, what the h with our Rebs.

    703. Is it really OT?

    704. Wow, sit AL and Walker? maybe too late, too little?

    705. If it’s OT. The Hornets will win.

    706. More pts for JLin

    707. Lin for last shot

    708. Shot clock violation!

    709. Oh no Walker looks he’s hurt? Gosh why can’t it be Batum (sorry really don’t like him.)

    710. Give the ball to JLin!!!!!

    711. 0.2 sec left.. we hope.. 93:93

    712. Yessss… I need oxygen..

    713. I see. OT hopefully. Thanks!

    714. Thats a rookie mistake by Cliff he should have put better FT shooters or vets in that possession

    715. Give the ball to Lin please…!!

    716. Midrange J from Lin????

    717. nothing to lose, let’s GO!

    718. Lopez leg in between Walker’s legs

    719. contact win on FTs.

    720. wait Walker is in? he looks off for these two games!

    721. play by play says its knick ball?

    722. GIVe to LIN!!!!

    723. Zeller got to work on those FT’s. Could have had the game right there.

    724. I want Lin to take the last shot, but the Knicks will go all out to stop him. Lots of Lin haters on the team: Fisher, Melo, Calderon.

    725. 3 in Calderons face 😛

    726. Kemba looks injured

    727. give to MVP !

    728. LIN was wide open!

    729. Hawes blatantly ignore LIN

    730. OT?

    731. Wow, Lin was there, but no, had to give to Batum and got knocked out

    732. Cliff … not too good out of Timeout so far.

    733. WIDE OPEN LIN

    734. Wide open folks

    735. Lin was wide open Hawes!!

    736. Lin was on Hawes’ right yet he passed across court.

    737. Unbelieveable, Hawes had Lin open on the cut. WHY didn’t he pass??

    738. Lopez leg got in the way of Walker’s middle

    739. no, Clifford draw the plan for Batum

    740. Cliff, GIVE BALL TO LIN!

    741. Hawes got tunnel vision

    742. hawes threw the ball to batum instead of lin

    743. ZELLA

    744. Zeller

    745. Kissing up to the “star”.


    747. He redeem himself…

    748. Zeller made up 4 the missing FT..

    749. Damn my Knicks

    750. Good play

    751. Zeller made up with this bucket using Lin as decoy!!

    752. Yep I was right, extra challenge

    753. Redemption for Zeller! That was good.

      Lin deserved the earlier shot, but that was a great, smart play with Lin as the decoy.

    754. Love it, Lin was in that play as decoy! That’s the way, go to guys who can do something.

    755. Great play drawn up by Clifford. Lin was decoy and drew two guys, including Zeller’s guy, Lopez.

    756. lol…why?what happened?

    757. wooohooo zeller

    758. 0.6 seconds

    759. get your sweaty french pits off of jeremy nic

    760. Great inbound play with Lin as a decoy.. resulting in an open Zeller for the lay-in!!!!! 95-93

    761. Cody totally redeemed himself! (line from dumb & dumber)

    762. That was good play. Knicks expected Jeremy to take the last shot. Jeremy played decoy instead. BURN.

    763. Good scheme

    764. Clifford showed he can write up smart plays for once.

    765. Please yes

    766. WTH.. OMGOMG

    767. An unbelievable hero. Zeller didn’t exactly play the greatest game in life but he scored the last bucket for Hornets.

    768. Shayt! Porzingis!

    769. LOL, Hornets. Let’s hope this is overturned.

    770. Oh man Knicks hail mary 3 won the game!

    771. What happened, what happened. Did the dusting work?

    772. Ot?

    773. HORNETS WIN!

    774. That’s the punishment for misusing Lin.

    775. I don’t think that was good. Porzingus has a long shot release and that was a low pass.

    776. yesyesyesyeysyeysyeysye

    777. Damn Knicks

    778. yay. Win !

    779. YES NO GOOD!!!!

    780. NO GOOOOOD!!!!! Hornets WON!!!!!!

    781. Wow what a game

    782. OMG heartattack 3 was no good!! Hornets win!!

    783. Wow, that was amazing Porz is amazing and glad for Lin, CHA.

    784. YESSSSs!!! Hornets won.. 95:93

    785. wow that hurts

    786. OMG!!!!

    787. what a thriller

    788. TOO CLOSE. Lin not getting that inbounds from Hawes was disgrace.

    789. Not surprised, Porz has slow release. Should give to Melo instead

    790. OMG

    791. What a game!!!!!!

    792. To be serious, who brought back this game? Who is the player of the game? We all know who.

    793. I mean, it was 0.2s too late. Can’t argue with that!

    794. again, waving for the ball, and teammate ignores

    795. OMG. thank you Walker!

    796. Take THAT, Melo and Dolan!! Best win everrrrrr!!!

    797. YES!!!!

    798. Cliff showed he is no Mchale using Lin as a decoy

    799. Ya we know who and he was ignored in all the play calling for the last minute.

    800. Love FRAZIER’s commentaries. He recognized that Lin was used as decoy to get Zeller open for that winning basket.

    801. And a great decoy he was on that play!

    802. best player and the key for the final play enabling Zeller to score

    803. hahahaha…. what a great game! A THRILLER!

    804. He expected Fisher will put 2 men on him.Used this to their advantage.

    805. i go read knicks boards now to enjoy hah

    806. BENCH save Hornets BIG!!!

    807. I have no problem with Lin as a decoy on the GW by Zeller. That was a great play.

      But the inbounds before that, Hawes overlooked wide-open Lin in the corner and almost threw a cross-court TO.

    808. Who won the game??????????

    809. Did not watch game. Box score shows Lin did well. Batum played a lot and played well. Did he pass to Lin?

    810. Lin’s talent in drawing fouls scar the Knicks.

    811. Have to review the PZ’s shot…I not sure if the Ref got it correct…..looks good to me

    812. We demand switch BENCH with Starters!!!!!!

    813. Lin always wide open and ignored by teammates.

    814. It would’ve been an easy win but we’ll take JLIN HEROICS!! 🙂

    815. so happy they won so lins hardwork didnt go to waste!

    816. Except Hawes.

    817. So when Lin leads and finishes game, there’s high probability it’s a win. Please note that Hornets FO/Cliff and Hornets fans.

    818. Porzingis, instant star.

    819. Yehaaa!!! Linsanity 2 games in a row!!!!

    820. I SECOND

    821. Awesome efficiency by Lin 21min, 17pts/2Reb/3STL/2TO with 1.5 A/TO ratio.

    822. Not so fast.

    823. Hornet wins

    824. In 21mpg.

    825. Lucky shot

    826. Im out of breath. Sweating from the excitement

    827. Charlotte, you just got a taste of Linsanity!

    828. Not convinced the last NYK shot was not counted

    829. Where is my message.
      I second, third and fourth etc。

    830. Sounds like maybe I should have watched it. xD

    831. LIN should be MVP for both teams.

    832. Everyone even announcers expected Lin to get the last shot but Cliff is smarter than that used Lin as decoy instead and didn’t give to the so called “star” Batum.

    833. any link to post-game interviews?

    834. night ppl

    835. yep gotta divide pts however you score it by mins to get real productivity.

    836. Lin’s Per now is almost 20 lol

    837. This is a classic

    838. U really missed a good game..

    839. Lin to Knicks – ON YOUR FACE! 17 pts/3 stls in LESS and LESS paytime

    840. left wide open.

    841. Now, folks the Hornets can’t win without taking Lamb out。

    842. We can all go to sleep with a huge smile on our collective faces!

    843. Cliff tried to give Batum the last winning shot so many times and just he just botched it each time.

    844. Lin’s PPG is still only 12.5 for this season gotta keep shooting well for that 20+ PPG average.

    845. omagosh—hope it would be this exciting in MSG……we will be there…

    846. Looking at the +/- boxscore again, is Clifford coming up with a new NBA tactics: let your best team play from the bench?

    847. Poor Lakers..

    848. His defense was an issue late. Good move by Cliff

    849. My thumb hurts from refreshing the play-by-play button! What an intense game!

    850. Need to thank Clifford for putting Lin there all 4Q and benched Walker most of it.

    851. A Bonus, the Lakers lose another one. LOL

    852. i like Frazier! He is very fair and always say true good things about Lin!
      He said Jlin energized the NY franchise etc!

    853. CHA radio: non stop praise for 2nd unit led by JLIN

    854. What a game!!!

    855. Well Cliff isn’t dumb he knows Lamb can’t guard a tree.

    856. Poor, my backside. Very busy driving themselves into the ditch.

    857. Clamoring against Cliff’s management of Jeremy’s minutes instantly disappeared on that Jeremy as a decoy play.

    858. Everyone in LA now knows what we’ve known all along – Scott’s gotta go!

    859. Nah Lin to Melo in your Face!

    860. thanks you Lin

    861. They did a good job tonite.. blew out the 1st unit led by Walker n Al

    862. When Lin hit that bucket w/Lopez and Porz (I think) draped around him, did I see and hear correctly that the Knicks actually cheered for him!

    863. Good to see you here. That was fun!

    864. Thank you PFV。 Looking forward to your excellency。

    865. Linsanity tonight. After only getting almost 7 minutes in the first half he played from about the 2 minute mark in the 3Q to the end. He was key to both the comeback and making big plays. It was Linsanity mode, crazy shots and feeds, aggressive, and just great. Kemba and Al sat the end of the game, Kemba came back in for just the last 20 seconds or so for Lamb.

    866. I assume he’ll hear about that one. He better get a talking to about that one.

    867. Finally Linsanity has arrived in Charlotte

    868. So funny! Lol!

    869. Why you sneaky Clifford! 😉

    870. and you kept the fans here cool until Lin’s 2nd rotation.

    871. Batum and Lin played well together. Batum let Lin run the show mostly. I think Batum gave the ball back to Lin after an exchange. But Batum deferred to Lin tonight.

    872. Crazy 4th quarter!! Thanks Kemba was put aside he was totally off!!

    873. In final 3 mins, Cliff toke ball out of Lin and even benched him. WHY????

    874. Hornets are lucky Lin can bail them out with the 2nd unit these past 2 games but he can’t do this against elite teams. Starters will create a hole too big to dig out against playoff teams and Lin won’t be able to save them! They NEED to start Lin! How can MJ not see he’s the best player on the team?! Does he even watch their games at home?!

    875. Appopriate that Gohan’s clothes are Knicks’ team colors

    876. let us know if they miss Jeremy not Lamb.

    877. bad boy 🙂

    878. Walt “Clyde” Frazier

    879. Hey Joe Team:) I am in the middle of football season so it’s a balancing act. Great game by Hornets, especially JLin:)

    880. We just needed him to come back in. But this was the most dynamic he played and we are a happy bunch tonight.

    881. When PJ HAIRSTON has more minutes than JEREMY LIN, something is wrong

    882. I already said that coach Cliff understood that Lin can win games for it if Lin are playing well

    883. He was part of the great Knicks team of the late 60’s/70’s – World Champs. Point guard. He knows Lin can play and is a special one!

    884. very lucky jeremy put the team on his back

    885. Batum shot well until the stretch, then he and Lamb were laying bricks. Lamb’s was not volume like Batum, just I think one at a key time.

      That’s what great about Lin – he always knows the game flow when he can risk, when he can defer, and when he has to go for it or make a stop.

      This was a fun game to watch him sort it out and lead the team to victory.

    886. Jeremy is being interviewed

    887. I’m glad it worked out like this because this is the first game I’ve watched in CHA end-to-end. JLin really picked his moments and true bball flow guys will know he’s still got it.

    888. So Clifford indeed managed Lin’s minutes for saving him for the 4th!

    889. He sounds so happy

    890. Was MJ at the game

    891. Sounded like people who had heart attacked! Lol!

    892. He had it tonight. That mojo. That I’m in charge here but he was pretty calm too. This is the Lin I’ve been waiting for. He was terrific.

      Batum did brick some 3s late and I thought should have drove in or chose another option.

    893. No – its if Lin is given the MINUTES!

    894. When Lin came in toward end of 3rd quarter the Knick player guarding him was trying to show him up and steal the ball but got a foul instead and then Lin nailed a 3 on the other side! That’s the Lin with fire that we know, it’s finally coming back and no more Mr. Nice Guy Lin has matured alot. Now even when he plays well he’s serious!

    895. Lin’s 17 pts/ 21 mins , AL + Walkers 13 pts/51 mins. Cliff said our starters are good, bench need to be good. I do not mean Lin can always do that. But, come on, Cliff, we need to have some flexibility to win to games!

    896. Saved minutes from yesterdays game and today’s game to have kick for the 4th quarter on a B2B? We giving him too much credit?

    897. No Lin, no win!

    898. Lundberg having sweet time again

    899. If he was, I didn’t see him with the team. He may have been in a booth.

    900. Agree, I was really bummed at the Batum bricks as that was keeping Melo in the game. It comes down to that for me, Fish and Melo against Lin lol.

    901. post game interview links?

    902. what are you talking about?

    903. Jeremy: Kemba and AL are super unselfish

    904. Any love after the game from Melo7?

    905. Football … Raiders over 9ers, want Aaron Rodgers to step it up, don’t think Denver can make it deep, etc.

    906. Robin Lundberg
      ‏@robinlundberg Robin Lundberg Retweeted ben
      Good coaching by Clifford because Al and Kemba had no business touching the floor again.

    907. as if JLIN was the starter and KW is in the bench!!!!

    908. Im sure he saw that from his mansion or at the arena lol 🙂

    909. And intense game…whew….glad hornet win

    910. 2nd UNIT!!!!!!

    911. Clifford is not a stupid coach. I think he is trying to prove a point to management that your best players aren’t your starters sometimes. Clifford likes these bench players over the starters

    912. Linsanity in Knicks’ face!

    913. Calderon?

    914. LOL

    915. And this is why I love Robin Lundberg

    916. i hope you are right, Joyce….enough with the politics

    917. LOL!!

    918. What ever happens Lamb and LIN is a duo never shall they part lol

    919. When Zeller missed those 2 crucial free throws…

    920. But did he take Lin out in final minutes? Thanks GOD!

    921. Exactly!

    922. Needs a new shooting coach.

    923. More like your best players aren’t starting!! Ahem Lin and Lamb over Hairston and Batum!

    924. Stingy Clifford only gives Lin 21 minutes。 He’s worse than McHale and BS in allocating minutes to Lin。

    925. I didn’t see that. Looked like Lin in the whole home stretch.

    926. If I’m Clifford I will put Zeller in intense FT shooting practice every shoot around. No scrimmage until you shoot better FTs

    927. LOL

    928. @JLin7 #7 scored 17pts with 7-11 shooting
      #Hairsanity #Unmasked #Hornets


    929. I’m sure he will bang his head against the wall if he doesn’t redeem himself with the last bucket.

    930. =(

    931. 2 games in a row Al sits in the final crucial minutes. This game Kemba. Are we sure about politics now? Or is Cliff’s rotations just plain strange?

    932. I thought so too. I missed one min. Only heard the commander said Walker is hurt and Lin replaced him. Did i hear right?

    933. To remember where he comes from ^^

    934. fna nice!

    935. That’s cool! But should change to Hornets uniforms.


    937. haha…i like this comment in tweeter….

      Jason L ‏@jas83j 1h
      1 hour ago
      Omg, my head is bleeding… Caused by non-stop head scratching.
      Play the JBros Cliffy, play the JBros!!!

    938. If only we could say the same for Batum, dude totally just looking out for himself and rarely passes! This Hornets team would be much better if Lin and Lamb were both starting and Batum was traded away.

    939. Still creepy 😛

    940. That was at the near the end of the game. Kemba got pushed hard by Lopez and was shaken up.

    941. so refreshing to actually have a Coach who knows the Xs and Os

    942. Plain strange

    943. I guess. Can’t really figure out his strategies but it paid off tonight.

    944. Who was replaced by Walker? I thought he was on bench,

    945. Greatness inside LOL

    946. I didn’t like Lamb before this season. Was a constant doubter him and Lin could coexist but I’m eating so much crow and da da da da da I’m loving it

    947. No Walker came in for Lamb for defense and got hurt so went back to bench. Lin played from 1 minute end of 3rd to entire 4th quarter!

    948. I think kemba got hurt that’s he was taken out. All I can say is God has plans in lin’s favor.

    949. Say it 1000X, baby! LOL

    950. Lamb was replaced by Walker. Lin played from about 2 minutes 3Q till the end of the game. No rest.

    951. Not true it was at the under minute mark he sprained his Leg.

    952. It’s his mind game that needs to improve.

    953. apparently cliff said the best lineup were the STARTERS lol

    954. Like I said, Clifford plays those who can score well.
      I think he follows that formula well

    955. He basically saves Lin and Batum for the Last quarter. Datum doesn’t guard Carmelo until the last quarter

    956. If he missed that shot he’d get even more blame for losing the game. Good thing he went up with both hands at the rim. His defender left him open to guard Lin at the rim.

    957. Yall give Zeller a break, he probably was nervous, but he redeemed himself.

    958. From Real GM

      Re: GT: Godzingis and the Knicks Wed Nov 11 7PM EST
      Post#360 » by bws94 » 35 minutes ago
      Seriously, this is what Linsanity looked like and why NY just went crazy over this guy. Good job, Lin. This is an exciting ride.

    959. I see. Sorry Cliff. Thank you to dare sit starters and trust Lin.

    960. best paid? 🙂

    961. You mean ” The Jeremys” LOL

    962. The more he praises the starters on the obvious, the more I think he is under pressure and have to play politics along.

    963. CLifford takes the blame off of Cody Zeller for the reason Porzingis was open. Says it was on him.

    964. Thanks for the review. Looks like I picked the wrong night to work late. 🙁

    965. I have the Popovich style of discipline, so no breaks until you shoot FTs or learn to set good screens.

      Player to point out regards to FTs: Tiago Splitter as a Spur.

    966. Clifford is the anti-McHale

    967. That’s me!

    968. Sound like B-Scott LOL

    969. Great coach, gave Zeller a chance to redeem himself!

    970. Just pathetic. The starters of Hornets dug themselves in a big hole in the first Q and the third Q. Very big holes indeed. The substitution of the 2nd team came in late in the 3rd Q. I don’t know about the 1st Q.
      At the end, the 2nd team got the teams back 2 times in this game. The winning margin is just too close for comfort.
      Should they start Jeremy, Hornets could have won easily. This game almost gave me heart attack when Porzingis’ shot went in.

    971. Thumbs up, man.

    972. LOL

    973. Sounds like a Motown group

    974. Linsanity never ever left Lin. He just needs to be given the ball!

    975. Listen , I will give him the benefit of the doubt because Lin trusts him

    976. The world is laughing!

    977. Hope he’s ok but seriously would rather it be selfish Batum instead!

    978. What do you mean sprained his leg?

    979. And minutes.

    980. All you need to do is to give him a hefty extension like to MKG.

    981. yep–was a witness of those 2 exciting weeks..hope LINSANITY will be back in MSG on Nov. 17—would be worth our trip…

    982. I SO AGREE WITH THIS. Can’t say it enough times…Clifford is trying to play patient and smart poker. Don’t freak out the “stars”, don’t make MJ anxious about dropping value of shoe-contract favorite, don’t shake the confidence of the new higher money guys. Let them show their limitations and keep inserting Lin until they all calm down and embrace him into the Big Man Club.

    983. It was on the play Melo bricked the last shot on the side of the backboard. The center fell on him i think

    984. And 32 minutes!

    985. It’s nice for him to say that, but why wasn’t that stressed in the TO. NO OPEN 3 PTRS.
      When I was watching that, it was like why is he by himself out there.

    986. Nobody can guard Lin and Lin can stop any PG now.

    987. He only needed 21 today.

    988. cough cough example BS: ” I like Lin I really do”.

    989. Yes Robin Lopez I think pushed him hard to the ground, but did Kemba sprain his leg? Did someone say that? Looked more like he was just shaken up.

    990. “The Jeremys” LOL

    991. Every time I saw fisher, just recall this killer spin move. 🙂

    992. Against the knicks. If its a strong team he need more time

    993. 21 minutes only got him 17 points! 32 minutes will get Lin many 30+ pt games!

    994. Was sandwiched between Calderon and Lopez and still got the shot in. Wow. Like the smirk at the end too.

    995. Doesn’t it though? Hope it sticks! Sounds even better than Splash Bros.

    996. LOL
      #JeremyLin hits the impossible shot, then looks like he can karate kick everybody with that hair of his. #Knicks https://vine.co/v/el0BMdwZBIO


    997. And it’s a new moon.

    998. Love Lin’s serious expression after that shot. “Take that!” Seriously no more Mr. Nice Guy or smiles!

    999. Tell me what’s wrong w/this thinking? Cliff said in post game paraphrasing: You play your 5 best starters against the opponent’s best starters… He got asked four times today. Everyone can see that is not true and he still stuck w/this bogus starting line up.

    1000. OK its official – “The Jeremys” LOL

    1001. LOL. Also Zeller probably never had to up his game this much until lin showed up. He can’t hide because lin will make him play a better game.

    1002. somebody tweeted JBros, that’s better maybe.

    1003. I’m going to be at MSG for the Knicks v. Hornets game next Tuesday! It’s going to be sooooo exciting. Part 2 of the Return of Hairsanity!

    1004. Enjoy!An ingame report will be welcomed! 🙂

    1005. We will see if it was nothing

    1006. I’ll be at the game Tuesday. I don’t know if Lin can repeat this but just want to see him play like this and make the big impact he did in tonights game.

    1007. He just blah blah blah.

    1008. You can bet that I’ll bring back the best report I can put together. I’ll try to post live from MSG.

    1009. Come on, give him a break. There’s absolutely no need to throw the starters under the bus just because they played a few poor games. It’s ok to say the starters are better than the bench, while letting the bench outplay the opponents, but it’s another thing to say the bench are the better units. it’s not good for the bonding of the team. If you were the coach you wouldn’t do that either.

    1010. Are you kidding me?

    1011. NBA politics – Clifford plays his cards close to the chest.

    1012. Its def. not tonite or 4 the last game, either..

    1013. Nope. Look below my comment.

    1014. Zeller scoring the winning basket …

    1015. His actions spoke louder then is words. just protecting the starter for 2 bad games

    1016. I love it。 
      This game pisses off James Dolan.

    1017. “The two Lins, Jeremy and Lamb.” Clyde.

    1018. I feel the same way..

    1019. I think MJ loved what he saw tonight from Lin, not so much from Al and Kemba. MJ had the fiercest killer instinct and that’s what Lin showed tonight. He wouldn’t be denied. MJ noticed. Keep it up JLin.

    1020. You didn’t read correctly! Tell me if PJ is the best player?

    1021. I’ve been too. I still am. Still watching.

    1022. Al Jefferson odd man out on this team

    1023. Sounds like a coffee brand, but I’ll take it! 🙂

    1024. They have dug two big holes enough for Dolan’s relief.

    1025. whatever makes it fun …

    1026. Zeller finally saved himself for missing too many FTs.

    1027. we would be there too…hope it would be as exciting as this–we would be surely sore –enjoy

    1028. Right, it’s not what you say, it’s what you do. He is probably just saving face for the starters so it’s easier in the locker room.

    1029. This is why we love Jeremy – always classy and a great teammate!

    1030. awesome game . best lineup for the hornets and Lin the centre of it

    1031. LOL Love how Knicks audience cheered for Lin and the opposing team, he still owns MSG arena!

    1032. Lin turned over twice but he stole the ball twice at least; 3 times in exact, more than even it out.

    1033. Now you guys know Clifford is just voicing the political skew. It also depends on the teams they are playing, who is the better unit on his team. I ain’t even mad. I’m just glad lin played a good game. I’m going to take one game at a time.

    1034. Yes ma’am!

    1035. just imagine , these 2 were suppose to play together in the Rockets . until Harden came

    1036. Lin has him numbered in Linsanity.
      Now still has him numbered in Hairsanity.

    1037. So you think Clifford is dealing with some messed up politics that prevents him from starting Lin and Lamb? What will it take to start them over Hairston and Batum and to bench Al?

    1038. Many thanks in advance! Have a great time 🙂

    1039. Lin: Nobody can guard Jeremy Lin !!!
      Lin: I can guard Jeremy Lin !!!

    1040. Rose of Rosebud 1968 will be there too at the court side with her 2 boys. The boys will be wearing Hornet’s shirts. I hope you will get to see them.

    1041. I hope so. I hope MJ was watching Lin. I wonder if MJ will come watch next Tuesday’s game at MSG. I’ll be there to watch the Knicks play the Hornets in a revenge game.

    1042. I like your enthusiasm but go easy on the RealGM folks. They are becoming big fans on their own – let them think it’s their idea and they won’t fight it.

    1043. hmmm….looks like several of us posters would be in MSG–

    1044. playing lin only 7 min in the first half when his unit was going on a run is not clifford playing politics. it is just dumb.

    1045. Game was in Charlotte. Next week at MSG.

    1046. replay of Cliff post game interview. Start about 6minute


    1047. No did you see the Knicks bench. They threw their hands up in the air like “lin again”. LOL

    1048. awesome parent 🙂

    1049. Warriors have splash brothers and Hornets have the Jeremies.

    1050. it’s funny. I’m watching knicks postgame and knicks extra and they kept saying the clock is incorrect because it should be .8 seconds.. ..going all the way back to when zeller made the game winning ‘dunk’..

      But they never metioned that melo has his feet on the arc so it’s a 2 instead of a 3….so at the end, the best knicks can do is tie it not win it.

    1051. It’s one thing to know who the best players are, it’s another thing to throw the players under the bus IN PUBLIC. Clifford is saying that so the team bond together and minimize jealousy amongst the players. There’s no need to give him heat while he’s been the most avid supporter of Lin since D’Antoni. He’s allowing Linsanity to happen while working hard to avoid another egocentric Melo-drama. Isn’t this what’s best for Jeremy AND the TEAM ? Do you think Jeremy would rather have his coach said “no, I think Jeremy is better than Kemba?” What’s the point of saying that? to cause more hate and divide?

    1052. i know. lol

    1053. Now I see it! lol.

    1054. WORD

    1055. Sorry, I disagree, I just don’t think Clifford is that stupid.

    1056. i hope kemba is ok , we need him to lead the bench . hehehe

    1057. at the end it’s all on that lin , himself now. no more excuses.

    1058. I think maybe bc he already wanted this unit to close the game so he let starters played more min in 1st half?

    1059. he ALMOST missed that one too.. it’s like it slowly falls into the basket!!!

    1060. No but it’d be nice if Clifford would just rightfully start Lin as PG.

    1061. when the game is was already lost before the 3Q begins?

    1062. I think Clifford don’t want to make too obviously early in the season about how suck his starter are! He knows who are his best players are. Seems like coach just want to let FO to know and show what JLin can bring to this team. Tonight’s game shows it and us lin fans just need to take our time and appreciated Clifford’s strategy of “don’t rock the boat and turn it around slowly by saving Lin for the best crucial moment when it comes “go to guy.”

    1063. he can’t keep up with Progress, that’s why..he need to reinvent himself and tweak little thing like ..JUMP A LITTLE HIGHER???

    1064. i dont agree it is politics because kemba and al were getting huge minutes in first half. there is no reason for them or anyone supporting them to complain about those first half minutes.

      cliff righted the ship in 2nd half, but the 1st half was foolishness.

    1065. and you have ppl bashing on cliff here before.. what hypocrites man!

    1066. 1 2 3 4 T
      NY 27 20 32 14 93
      CHA 18 31 20 26 95
      Lin Lin
      Starters Starters

      Lin’s presence and the result.

    1067. Melo and Lin after the game … . Melo is 6′ 8″ and 240 lbs. Lin’s arms look as big as Melo’s.

    1068. Wow! Melo to Lin? Surprised….

    1069. Totally in your face to CHO and MJ IMO. “I’ll play your guys like you ask, but Lin’s my guys to save this team.”

    1070. Well he didn’t have a problem benching big Al for two consecutive games in a row. So we ca agree to disagree:)

    1071. Maybe Clifford just want to improved Lin’s +/- !!! LOL

    1072. At the end Knicks have their starters, but Charlotte has Lin and Zeller, and Kimba wasn’t back until 2 minutes.

    1073. NY has better FGM-A, FTM-A & # rebounds (52 vs 33); but Hornets has more successful 3pointers (8 vs 4) plus conduct much less PF (9 vs 24) & less TO (5 vs 16); so over all, Thanks Jlin to stand up to take care of the court business. God did answer my prayer, JLin did better use his play time, keep the confidence, play the strong & smart defense. I am so happy for him! Go, JLin Go!

    1074. Missed today’s game….Good Game…Good Win and Happy Lin Happy Fans?!!! 🙂

    1075. Nope. His words actually do not match his actions and are void of reality. If something is not so, it’s better not to say anything if you want to avoid drama. What he did is actually enabling and building up egos and false hope.

    1076. I second that …

    1077. if coach cliff is REALLY in control of the team, he will say the opposite..if the player played poorly, he will say so and is the starters are no doing their job, he has right to say it in public like other coaches do because they arent afraid of the consequences..DAntony is at the doorstep and cliff seeing the changes if He’s not CATERING to the Chosen ONES!

    1078. aj – it’s LAL sucks 🙂

    1079. need to be patient about it, let the boast slowly turn around. I felt the same way you do during the first half, but I’ve changed my view after watched the 4th !

    1080. can it be trifecta tonight hornets win, LAL & HOU lose?

    1081. Esp. the Q4, the crazy one.. Dont 4get 2 breathe when u watch the recap.. 🙂

    1082. why?
      I never really think anything bad blood with them..
      I think media made it like that.

    1083. He’s misunderstood.

    1084. btw michael was going to the game but I waited outside and hit him in the head with baseball bat

    1085. Rox losing to the 0-7 Nets lol

    1086. Lin mentions Kemba and Al as team players (no mention of Batum LOL good!) Please if Hornets were smart they’d forget about signing Batum and just trade him by December! I don’t mind Al Jeff staying but he really needs to come off the bench!

    1087. wrong schedule..maybe you already had seen what happened next game at MSG!!!!

    1088. Good job!

    1089. I’m happy but I am not sure what is going on with rotations… Cliff keeps letting the starters dig holes… Also why can’t Al fit in with Lin?

    1090. …AGAIN!

    1091. They were talking about the guys on the bench cheering. Baum was playing ….

    1092. Someone said at one point in the game Jeremy was “yelling” at Batum to run the right play, or something like that. Anyone know what time of the game that was? I want to re-watch that.

    1093. Yes. It happened Brooklyn Nyets won! LAL got beat at the buzzer.

    1094. Lol, gotta do what ya gotta do for the team.

    1095. Wow! That was fast!

    1096. Lin is trending on twitter.

    1097. Trust me, I’d LOVE to see Jeremy starting. I believe the best line up should be Lin/Kemba/Batum/Williams/Jefferson. Lin plays PG on offense and guards the opposing SG. Kemba and Lin then takes turn playing PG for the 2nd unit, which is led by Lamb’s firepower.

      However, there’s a reality where this line-up would mean the depth at bench would be paper thin. Lamb is hot now but he’s been streaky all his career. If the Hornets have all their best players starting like we all wanted, their competition would suffer a huge drop when the bench comes in. The usual consequence is that the starters would play heavy minute and lead to a drop in performance in the 4Q, and injury late in the season or playoff (see: Clippers). Clifford has said in his previous interview that he’s trying to keep the starters min low so the players would be healthy throughout the season. I’d stay that’s a smart move with good vision.

      The bottom line is, Jeremy is thriving well, and he definitely has the trust and blessing from the coach, the teammates, AND the city of Charlotte. The way he’s utilized may not warrant 35+ min PT, but probably will allow him to play a more consistent pace and stay healthy until the playoff comes.

    1098. Nets beat Rox

    1099. oh hate that guy with the taiwan flag.. it’s not the olympics.. it’s USA.. what is wrong with him!

    1100. Been waiting for this! Thanks!

    1101. the microphones in the NBTV stream were picking up the voice of Clifford, quite awesome to hear him direct the players in the D

    1102. Al barely fits with the starters.

    1103. good that’s whyat I want from him.

    1104. My night got a whole lot better. ..yeah….

    1105. Ouch, that makes us Linsane wives!? Like Happy fans, happy life?

    1106. Batum had his arm around Lin in the timeout and Lin was the primary playmaker late in the game when he played with him tonight. Batum was fine tonight. If Lin yelled something at him, he’s just doing his job as floor general and it is perfectly normal for that to happen with a PG to his squad.

    1107. politics..

    1108. Nets eventually got the 1st win fm Rox..

    1109. oh zammmmmm owned.

    1110. Beverly 9 minutes and Lawson 3-11 8 points

    1111. haha

    1112. Woo hoo! Mr. 4th quarter Jeremy Lin came through again. Man I needed an oxygen mask during that game.

    1113. Haha Papa John is losing profit margin with Lin on the Hornets! Will they raise up the bar?

    1114. I meant skill set wise… I actually envision Lin like Parker and Al is Duncan

    1115. Well…it was pretty crappy for Melo to publicly diss Jeremy’s Rockets contract as “ridiculous”. Maybe not exactly “bad” blood, but certainly “sour” blood at least on Melo’s part.

    1116. I love all of you and also MICHAEL but at the back of my head thinking about putting michael in permanent sleep…..gotta do what ya gotta do for the team

    1117. GD’s highlight is always fast but too short.

    1118. Thanks! I hope someone makes one with Clyde’s commentary

    1119. Hairsanity game. Dynamic Linsanity mode Lin. He didn’t even play that many minutes and was really in charge this game. Watch the game if you can. First the highlights, then the game. Skip the first unit, they were awful.

    1120. He cant

    1121. Haha the wolverine. ..the numbers are clear. ..

    1122. Al is no duncan. missing shots Duncan would make. Also a liability defensively

    1123. I think he misspoke. He just put his foot in his mouth. Later he tried to retract it. Smith just stood by his comments but Smith isn’t cool anyway.

    1124. Having the right to criticize your players in public doesn’t mean it’s necessary to do so. Let’s say if you were the coach, you’ve started Jeremy for 10 games and he’s had 2 consecutive poor outings, would you say “Jeremy played worse than the bench Kemba” or would you say “I have faith in my starting unit” IN PUBLIC? Which one would you say to benefit the team in the long run?

    1125. how is that even possible lol!!
      that will nets only win this season

    1126. Melo was mad because his son adored lin:)

    1127. ok =)

    1128. Link?

    1129. NY had a word for it…

    1130. In 38mpg too! They’re giving him every chance they didn’t give Lin, and he’s still playing 10X worse on both ends of the court. Harden will be HOU’s Melo. A stat-padding anchor holding them back.

    1131. Just watched that highlight. Did Lin get assist for that squeeze pass to Marvin under the basket? Marvin was like what is this.
      Then the long pass to Batum was over Melo. Melo is on the other side of watching Lin’s passing.

    1132. 2R/ 3AST/ 3ST/2PF/2TO & sweet 17Pts within 21 min! & I vote for 18pts/3asts.

    1133. LOL worst then Lin ever played in houston.

    1134. Yes. Hometown call…he’s been robbed of legit dimes everywhere else.

    1135. Papa John pulling the strings: “Stop playing Lin so much or we’ll go bankrupt.”

    1136. Say what you want about Al Jefferson and Kemba Walker, but they were up cheering for Jeremy Lin many times tonight, I like that.

    1137. I think Batum is trying to live up to the hype that hornets front office has placed on him. There have been several games when batum ignored lin. I think lin got fed up tonight and called him out.

    1138. I’m still waiting for @psalm234:disqus on the Poll verdict…he better gimme 2 game wins! grrrrr

    1139. Jeremy acknowledged it as well in his interview.

    1140. Seriously speaking. They are awesome teammates. The fans of Charlotte are very mature as well. Imagine if Jeremy was benched for 2 consecutive games……

    1141. Only Batum was selfish tonight. Holy smokes what a jerk — even Lin yelled at him. And everyone stopped passing to Batum for a while, haha.

    1142. Hope the team pushes Batum out, not a team player at all.

    1143. will will…waiting for my flight now…once I reach my destination…will be watching…thx 🙂

    1144. I want to see this clip!

    1145. Just woke up….did we win?

    1146. Mr. Efficiency, Mr. Clutch, and Mr. 4th quarter all came out to play tonight 🙂

    1147. I think Walker and Al really like lin. If you notice lin, walker, big Al and Roberts hang out and are always in lin’s videos.

    1148. need all eastern team to loss


    1149. hahaha…still need to watch how awful they were…lol

    1150. Lin was the worst player on the floor. He sucked.

    1151. My 18pts/3asts is very close too 🙂

    1152. lol…..good to see happy mode here

    1153. Keep going! LOL

    1154. This is all a dream….

    1155. lol…maybe Brent’s friend?

    1156. Had Lin played 30 mpg, he’d likely would have had 30 points and 8 assists.

    1157. Well guess I don’t have to sleep on games any more.

    1158. lol

    1159. hahaha…poor dad

    1160. He doesn’t even want to be there! MKG has Nic’s natural position and CHA is the last place on earth Batum wants to live. He already told his agent to contact TOR.

      Nic is playing Clifford, Cho and MJ for fools. Telling them he will resign if they give him 20 shots a game. Such lunacy from the Hornets. Batum is at best a #3 guy…and they treat him like he’s Durant.

    1161. go back to sleep…and we will keep on winning!

    1162. Thanks for the thoughtful and perfectly timed nap!

    1163. Looks like Hornet’s video site know who to promote now as well.

      Jeremy Lin Scores 17 Points vs New York – 11/11/15 http://www.nba.com/hornets/video/teams/hornets/2015/11/12/1447298086138-151111_jeremy_lin_highlights.mp4-110622 via @hornets

    1164. Urk, Lin’s got a CHALLENGE ahead of him there.

      My man Jerryd Bayless will be laying ready for Lin. He’s the only guy in the entire NBA who’s capable of facing Lin straight up mano a mano without teammate assistance.

      I’m really looking forward to Lin vs Bayless.

    1165. Sky’s the limit. Still remember that triple double he hit with the rockets in like 28-29 minutes?

    1166. This is messed up, by @CaliUSMC:disqus ‘s remarks I thought it was a bad game.

    1167. LOL Remember to breathe on the 4th qtr and make sure you don’t scream too loud at the last few seconds:-)

    1168. yelling…doesnt mean he is a bad teammate…right

    1169. The most improbable ending to a beautiful dream!

    1170. He would have had that in 21 if they gave him the damn ball at the end! It was Batum all day, all night.

    1171. Of course.

      Lin has had MANY Linsanity level games since NY.

      To me, Linsanity was PRESEASON.

    1172. JLinportal enforcer lol

    1173. Actually, I think Lin and Batum walked over to Melo

    1174. hows the baseball bat in your head

    1175. Good. That’s what I want to see from Lin.

    1176. Lin was being a great teammate. He stood up to the selfish guy breaking the called play.

    1177. Clutchfans are happy –

      those guys are NOT ASIAN.

    1178. ouch….hey we love @Michael:disqus

    1179. Damn, if linsanity was preseason, I can’t wait to see what regular season and postseason look like.

    1180. lol

    1181. Well. Let’s reserve our opinion until the season is ended.

      With Lin, we trust. You never know.

    1182. finally saw the floater jlin need to do that everytime that floater he did, didnt waste more energy…..he should do that to conserve

    1183. He at least gave up the rock a few times to lin in the 4th quarter. A bit better than the freezeout yesterday.