G79 Nets Tries for Magic Number of 20 Wins

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The Nets is scorching hot. Brooklyn has won six of its past 10 games and three straight. In their latest game, the Nets poured on 141 points to beat the 76ers at their home court 141-118. Jeremy Lin had another strong game finishing with 16 points, 7assists, 5rebounds, 2 steals. He had excellent 6-10 shooting, with perfect 2-2 on 3 point shooting.

In the last 2 games, Lin has shot exceptionally well with 55% FG and 67% 3FG after overcoming his recent shooting slump. He averaged 15.5 points, 6.5 assists, 5.5 rebounds.

Nets vs Magic Matchup

The Magic has played better lately (3-7 in last 10 games) although not as well as the Nets winning 6 out of last 10 games with current 3-game winning streak. They lost 111-121 last week against the Nets so they would be eager to redeem themselves with a home-court win.

The Nets cannot afford to relax enjoying their recent 141 point win and need to display the same defensive intensity if they expect to reach 20 wins on the road.

ESPN.com Preview:

Brooklyn is indeed progressing. Being one of the worst teams with one of the worst offenses, the team is turning things around of late to build some momentum.

The Nets rank 27th in offensive rating for the season — scoring 102.3 points per 100 possessions — but are scoring 105.3 points per 100 possessions over the last 10 contests, good for 21st in the league in that span. That is a moderate improvement, but the team is playing much better overall. The results speak for themselves.

That reached its pinnacle in the last two efforts, the blowout win over the Philadelphia 76ers and a 121-111 win over the Orlando Magic on Saturday. The Nets and Magic are set for a rematch Thursday at the Amway Center in Orlando.

The Magic are not racking up the wins quite like the Nets are, but are experiencing some encouraging signs themselves, particularly on offense.

“We’re playing faster,” Magic point guard Elfrid Payton said. “We have wings that can run, looking to shoot and looking to run in transition. (Aaron Gordon) has moved to the 4. There is a lot more space on the court.”

Orlando is 29th in the league in offensive rating for the season, scoring 101.2 points per 100 possessions. Since the All-Star Break, the Magic are scoring 103.1 points per 100 possessions, good for 24th in the league. It is a small progress for a team that also seems angling for lottery position rather than the playoffs this late in the season.

Payton seems to be the biggest beneficiary of this change in offensive mentality. He recorded five triple-doubles since March 1, including a one in Saturday’s loss to the Nets in Brooklyn. He is averaging 13.0 points, 7.4 rebounds and 8.2 assists per game since the All-Star break.

But while both the Magic and Nets’ offenses have improved, their overall fortunes have not. Both may be playing fine — Brooklyn better than Orlando right now — but the reality is the teams are both playing their final week of the season.

KEY OF THE GAME: Can the Nets maintain their defensive intensity to start the game and not give momentum to the home team? Lin and Brook should continue to provide leadership to their young teammates to continue their great ball movement and defensive effort that has given them many wins. Let’s hope they stay hungry to extend their winning streak to 4.

Let’s hope and pray JLin will stay healthy and continue to lead the Nets to win more games!

Let’s go, JLin and the Nets! 


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  1. Let’s go Jlin! !! Spank the Orlando minnie mice!!!

  2. Hope Lin take the magic out of Magic. Four wins in a roll here we come.

  3. A must-read Net Insider article on how JLin’s Point Guard leadership put the Nets back on track

    #NetsInsider: “Back On Course” 🏀👌🎉

  4. Lin’s return coincided with a jump in the team’s 3-point shooting percentage. The Nets have been one of the NBA’s most active 3-point shooting teams all season long. But Atkinson has always stressed the search is for open 3-pointers, not just any look beyond the arc.

    In those first 10 games after the All-Star break, the Nets shot 38 percent from 3-point range compared to just 34 percent over the first 56 games. Lin shot 45 percent and Lopez 44 percent during that stretch.

  5. “The next for us is 4 in a row.”, Yes, that is the attitude.

  6. any good streams?

  7. would be cool if the nets could go into the offseason with a long winning streak

  8. Lin strikes

  9. Lin strikesss

  10. someone please record this, Lin got wacked on his face but no call about 7:40 1st qt

  11. seriously how was that not a foul

  12. Such blatant racism.

  13. someone needs to clip that and make it go viral

  14. I’m starting to think the N for NBA stands for something else
    this is ridiculous man Lin gets smacked and no call
    no inclusion whatsoever
    this is so biased for only one race and if anyone were to say anything non-positive about them they get banned
    this is not justice this is bs

  15. Ya! We should send this to NBA & Nets too. Bc if your team is behind you, NBA will show more respect.

  16. how’s my boy lookin???

  17. what?

  18. getting smacked left to right in the face and no call

  19. on the bright side lin looks like he is getting to the rim easier these last few games

  20. Lin strikessssss

  21. good so far,

  22. lol.. so just the usual?

  23. Ya! 333!

  24. looks like he’s shooting well today

  25. 30 point game today??????

  26. yep

  27. Great hustle by Lin to steal the ball

  28. very sloppy nets…they aren’t letting Lin facilitate…Lopez doesnt need to be chucking mid range shots or try to create alley oops…

  29. bs foul call

  30. How was that a foul on lin he didn’t even push him

  31. lol right they call that, but lin doesnt get free throws for getting whacked

  32. Hot Lin is still in until 3:20 left in Q1

    Good adjustment by KA to let him in longer

  33. Refs are just following orders from above, don’t let Lin shine.

  34. he will be out next

  35. Lin out

  36. for once but KA is doing a good job
    I like him more and more

  37. good timing. he just picked up 1st foul.
    Hope he stays free of foul-trouble. He’s feelin’ it this game

  38. he’s learning the ropes

  39. But Lin stand next to him, so the refs just call a foul on Lin..

  40. I like the motion offense
    everyone gets to touch the ball and Lin takes over when he wants to
    love it

  41. wow the refs really want orlando to win this one.

  42. DInwiddie is a really good back up PG
    good vision and he makes good decisions
    perfect to lead the 2nd unit

  43. nice hamilton 2.

  44. Ya! He’s getting better now. I think Nets should keep him.

  45. Lin with 7pts/1ast/3rebs in 9 min of the 1st quarter.
    3-6 shooting, 1-2 from 3s

  46. At this stage in the season, NBA refs are going to make extra $$$ on low-profile games like this. They want to cover the spread and if possible, give the game to the favored team.

    They best way to do that? Hurt Lin. No one cares if the Asian guy is hammered and cheated, so they’ll keep doing it until the Nets are in playoff contention again (next season). Lin deals with obstacles no “star” can possibly imagine. Curry and Harden would shoot 35% with “Lin rules” in effect.

  47. definitely hes here to stay
    he can handle the ball when Lin is out to score

  48. nice play from goodwin to hamilton for 2.

  49. that was a great pass by Dinwiddie

  50. Adam Silver is a horrible commisionner

  51. Goodwin and Hamilton work well together. Bench picks up the starters some.

  52. As bad as Stern, if not worse. MLB is the only major sport that actively tries to fix broken things.

  53. Ross has all the tools to be a great player but oh well he just can’t play consistent
    He really needs to work on his game

  54. Does look like he has more Lin speed tonight.

  55. yeah, what?

  56. Stern at least liked Lin and admitted he got the short end of the stick because of his race
    Adam Silver just said Lin’s non-calls were valid such an id iot
    he’s the worst

  57. seems like goodwin is trying to do too much

  58. On one hand, I wouldn’t mind Dinwiddie returning next season. He’s definitely improving.

    On the other hand, I don’t think he’s good enough to take a roster spot. Lin should be healthy next year, but it would be great to have Linjury insurance so the team doesn’t implode again. Also, in a motion offense, having a veteran PG/combo can unleash Lin’s scoring ability. Right now, Lin’s teammates often fail to find him even when he’s open.

  59. Who else backs up Lin if he’s not?

  60. some of you rich&well educated AA’s need to sue Adam SIlver for all the damages Lin fans had to suffer over the years

  61. If you dont see the obvious bs non calls
    you are beyond saving

  62. Lin strikesss

  63. lin’s teammates keep missing him wide open from the 3 pt line

  64. separation – jump shot. in.

  65. the same teammates that went 1-25?
    not surprised lol

  66. Lin is really feeling his jumpshots today

  67. Knows he’s not getting any calls at the rim, so he’s confidently shooting that jumper.

  68. Great to see Lin’s fadeaway midrange jumper falling. He’s found the perfect arc on it.

  69. Free agent combo.

  70. Lin strikessssss

  71. nice assist to goodwin.

  72. Dayum!

  73. jeremy in god mode

  74. Idk why Lopez hesitated so much to pass to Lin there off the def rebound smh

  75. Great job by RHJ to find Lin on the wide-open 3!

  76. good effort by goodwin

  77. I hope Lopez will not damage our chance to win this game…

  78. archie got too many tattoos to be with the nets

  79. Lin could use some

  80. Chinese dragon on right shoulder.. lol

  81. if you want a really good back up PG u gonna have to pay way more than Dinwiddie

  82. 9 dragons

  83. Coaches want to see how Goodwin plays next to Lin.
    Hope it leads to Good-win 😉

  84. Lopez refuses to pass to Lin smh

  85. man rhj is explosive but he has 0 court vision.. once he drives he gets so many teammates wide open, but all he does is try to score despit being double teamed most of the time..

  86. Lin grabbing at his left leg a bit? Hope that’s nothing.

  87. its hit and miss with Lopez
    hes great when his shots are falling but he doesnt do anything else

  88. he needs to look for Lin actively. the coach needs to coach him.

  89. he usually passes to him the most I don’t think its anything personal really he just saw rhj driving

  90. hes a skrub thats all

  91. the battle of the hairdo

  92. not just lin, hes had multiple opportunities to pass the ball out to a wide open lopez, goodwin, etc…

  93. Lin Euro-step to errant pass. Shoot it.

  94. Lin strikesssss

  95. lin shooting 75% on 3s!

  96. 30point game incoming

  97. Felt the contact, got the call!

  98. FT

  99. smart foul by lin.

  100. lol .. great to see Spencer celebrated with Lin on pulling similar move to pull-up 3 to get foul =)

  101. that airball tho haha.

  102. feeling it

  103. Bad shot by Lin
    Horrible way to finish the half

  104. yeah it seems like hes accepted lin as the undisputed leader when earlier this season he felt like he had something to prove.

  105. lol he wanted a 2 for 1 but he was probably really tired lol.

  106. it’s okay 🙂
    a hurried 3 for 2-1 possession with 35 secs left

  107. Lopez is bad today so far no O no D. smh!

  108. having an off day

  109. Too much Disney….lol!

  110. that nets announcer the black one I don’t like him. That was Lin’s move drawing foul he’s been doing that for a while now. Dinwiddie learn that from him

  111. i feel like the announcers are biased against lin saying many negative things.

  112. I believe Lin taught the whole team how to do it…lol!

  113. theres one commentator that is negative towards everyone on the team, but sarah and the other commentator seem to only praise lin

  114. Lin with 17pts/3rebs/2asts/1stl/1blk at half-time
    6-10 shooting, 3-5 from 3s

  115. If Lopez is normal then Nets should win by now…. smh!

  116. wow those would be great numbers for an entire game.. this is reminiscent of when Lin put up like 34 against the raptors last year

  117. Nobody’s biased against Lin. As you said, one commentator is critical of everyone.

  118. Just checked box score and was shocked to see that. Must be back to good shooting form.

  119. I hope he keeps it up and ends with around 25, but want to see the assists up to 8 or more. That would be a Linsanity-like game.

  120. yes, 3s looked very good.
    nice and balanced midrange Js

  121. his shooting is excellent tonight, but magic also leaving him wide open lol

  122. 3s are falling but also a fadeaway midrange 2 off of the dribble. I think he hit two of those.

  123. Are they clogging the paint or something?

  124. I am torn between wishing for 35pts/7asts or 25pts/10pts/10rebs =)

  125. one of the great things about the way Lin’s played tonight is that hes playing within the flow of the game. Hes not forcing bad shots for the most part and hasn’t had to work super hard to score. I love when Lin is confident and starts shooting his midrange jumper he is money with those step back J’s.

  126. I agree that he needs to up his assits but I also noted that Lopez is shooing bad. Is he messing up assits or are they clogging the paint to stop Lopez.

  127. sort of, but neither team is playing great defense. magic keeps double teaming leaving lin wide open lol

  128. 25pts 10 pts would be 35 pts :). would prefer 35 and 7 though, russell westbrook has made triple doubles seem like an every day thing this season lol

  129. Did Lopez score a lot against them last time? I’m surprised that he’s 1-6.

  130. Lopez isn’t making his jump shots and missed some shots inside he usually makes. He’s not having a good game.

  131. lopez is just bad as he can be and was often early in the season; vukovic is eating him up offensively and tho nv is notoriously bad defender lopez not getting anything. and they’re not particularly concentrating on doubling him or anything.

    someone suggested maybe 2 much time at the magic kingdom.

  132. I think he did last time. Yeah he seems a bit out of it today, but its okay hes been pulling his weight all season hes been due for an off night for some time now

  133. I’d like the triple double.

  134. Lol

  135. That explains why Lin has had to score so much.

  136. I just really want lin to finish the season averaging 14+ pts per game. this is something he hasn’t achieved since his knick days

  137. that black dude

  138. Booker and McDaniel did not play on the first half. Is KA trying different lineups? I didn’t get a chance to watch the game.

  139. Lin will score 35 if no one else is able to help with the load IMO. He’ll scale back is Lopez heats up or someone else does. Lin is definitely ” coach Lin” with one eye on the game and one eye on the future.

  140. Booker is definitely gone next season lol

  141. As I thought, Lopez will miss 2nd FT…. smh!

  142. RHJ smh

  143. Nets have no answer for the screens, keep switching with Lin having the guard the big!

  144. Lin needs to go into sg mode lol none of his teammates are present today

  145. Slow start to 3Q. Nets aren’t executing offensively and are getting beat on mismatch switches.

  146. Every time Lin goes hot, his skrub teammates fail to get him the ball

  147. They should trap the screen just to slow it down

  148. Hope they are not going to loss this game…. smh!

  149. FT..

  150. who the f is this meeks guy

  151. who’s checking him?

  152. old man foye

  153. lin just needs to shoot that ball man.. a missed shot is better than a bad pass

  154. no wonder.


  156. Take Lopez out, he will not play well today…. smh!

  157. forreal.. he coulda tried to go for a shot and get ft’s

  158. no. just no. when lin is playing poorly we dont say take lin out

  159. Need Lopez to get better. Vuke is playing much better than Lopez tonight.

  160. Wonder if he is injured…

  161. haha.. it’s a test lol

  162. They guard him well, double team as soon as he touched the ball

  163. he always has Vuc is a better player simple as that

  164. FT

  165. 7-11 not sync today. No good.

  166. Hard to do much, Meeks is really hot now.

  167. game over

  168. Take Foye out
    He literally adds nothing to the team
    literally useless

  169. Nets will be hard to win if his teammates can’t do well…. smh!!

  170. Not a good game so far!

  171. Meeks had the hot hands scoring 13 straight points while Nets couldn’t score.
    Nets need some stops to halt the momentum

  172. they need someone else to check Meeks

  173. Tell KA….smh!

  174. Lets hope the bench could save the day

  175. Go second unit!!

  176. lin forcing fouls is somethign he needs to work on. he needs to just shoot the ball instead a lot of times

  177. Lin out already? smh

  178. i disagree lin is having a great game; 20 points in 22 minutes and a great stat line all the way along. i know lin wants to win but for the long term what i see as important is that lin shows his ability and he is having a great game that will solidify his numbers as a top nba player.

  179. Why no McDaniels & Booker???

  180. yep it takes 13 points to make the change

  181. I wonder why KA not let McDaniel play so far.

  182. He needs a floater. That’s a missing element in his game. Or use it. Go for making the shot, don’t depend on a foul call. Lin forced a little in the 3Q, he wasn’t as crisp as in the first half.

  183. He needs to take a break!

  184. I agree, he was forcing some.

  185. its also strange than KA stopped setting screens for Lin especially when the lead was starting to balloon

  186. well still 5 mins left

  187. i know it sweird because his floater was one of his valuable weapons last season

  188. If I was KA I’d tell Lin to use it.

  189. Vuc killed lopez on both ends
    Team is simply better w/o Lopez today

  190. he has a really good floater, but we haven’t seen him even attempt it really this season.

  191. Great to see 2nd unit plays hard. Only 8pt lead now.

    Whitehead stepped in taking charge, just like Lin

  192. you’ll still need a big to stop Vuc

  193. Nets right back in the game. Sometimes the bench does great at cutting the lead and getting the Nets back in the game.

  194. lin’s points per game will be at 13.9 on the bright side after tonight. hopefully he scores more

  195. Lin only got 2 assists so far. Something is wrong.

  196. the nets MO passing is so predictable !!!

  197. yes, well they aren’t really setting too many screens for lin

  198. nobody is making shots on his pass..that’s why..Lopez is so slow today (he’s slowness is so slow today..LOL!!!)

  199. Magic showing off now. Seems the momentum is going their way this game unless the Nets do something soon.

  200. lopez cant guard vucevic?

  201. it’s more like vuc did a good job of lopez

  202. hamilton… smh

  203. why is KA not trying to get Lin out early and try to let him finish the quarter for a change or as an option..this time management is not that really helping them when the lead so big and players are not moving or defending..RJH was not doing anything to help and should have been subbed immediately.

  204. jodie “steph curry” meeks

  205. Meeks made a lot of highly contested 3s. He was just on fire. That’s what hurt the Nets, plus the Nets didn’t execute that well on offense.

  206. What’s wrong w KA again? Why he doesn’t want to win ….??? smh!

  207. Lopez is not really a good one on one defensive player..a help maybe but he can’t guard a good player

  208. Lopez the big gentle giant

  209. Rolled the dice on the bench, they looked like they were going to get the lead down. But then Orlando pulled away. I think Lin may play big 4Q minutes, unless the game gets out of hand.

  210. Lin needs to have a small talk with him on this. 🙂

  211. the bank is open for Acy!

  212. Nets (41.7%) are not shooting as well as Magic (47.5%) but has more TOs (14 v. 9) at end of 3Q

  213. “you’re 7ft and average 2 more rebs than me….”

  214. man this one commentator is so negative of his own nets players

  215. Rest Lin please. I will watch Nets final home game in Barclays center and I do not want Lin to miss the game by any chance.

  216. Meeks is out! we got a chance lol

  217. Maybe this is KA’s plan too. Good.

  218. refs got money on orlando.

  219. 7 points game !!!

  220. Whats dinwids contract right now?

  221. dinwiddie for 3 nice.

  222. Nets bench are a +20. They’re playing well. The starters aren’t playing anywhere near as well as the bench.

  223. Ok. We need everyone shoot 3333 now

  224. Bench force 2??? 😀

  225. The starter played well in the first half

  226. Put Lin back in

  227. because of Lopez

  228. Lin in

  229. getting killed on the rebounds tonight

  230. Lopez isn’t playing well, and Foye doesn’t produce much either.

  231. Not Rondae and Lopez and Foye

  232. hows jeremy doing??

  233. Lopez’s back!

  234. Then Lin will be back soon.

  235. both are back in.

  236. 20pts 2 asst

  237. well, but starters just not there tonight. bench and lin are the reason this game is close

  238. how come lin get no assist

  239. great. 20 points.

  240. Dinwiddie should play instead of Foye

  241. that should definitely be an assist.

  242. Lin strikessss

  243. come on screen and roll with lin

  244. waiting for it

  245. KA is making a mistake for not letting Booker play so far.

  246. Even announcers notice Lin not getting calls

  247. LIN!

  248. much needed 3 by lin

  249. wow horrible just horrible defense by the nets. lin looks pissed

  250. LeVert never passes to Lin

  251. lol

  252. I like the Magic’s offense, a mixture of movements and screens.

  253. Orlando’s are just knocking down their 3s. It may just not happen for the Nets tonight unless Orlando starts missing some of their 3s.

  254. I think he just do whatever coach told him to do…

  255. idk why kenny is so adamant on running this motion offense.. sure it works at times, but right now no one is on.. play through lin, who has been hot all night

  256. its over. unknown players playing way above their heads

  257. i think Lin needs to do something here now!!!

  258. he can’t if kenny wants to run motion o

  259. Problem is the Nets aren’t knocking down shots and the Magic are knocking down their 3s. Lin is getting touches.

  260. I know KA’s system is not working most of the time but he just never give up….Even loss the game.

  261. no screens tho

  262. How come booker aint playin???

  263. Lin gets something going and Orlando misses their 3s. But, the defensive end needs to not give up 3s.

  264. Lin has the hot hand and Kenny is running plays for everyone BUT him.

  265. down to 7 again

  266. I miss Sean Kilpatrick.

  267. finally.. lets gooooo

  268. Right, let’s hope now they can keep the run going and tie it up. Glad LeVert knocked down that 3.

  269. Beautiful game !

  270. Brook getting mauled on both ends.

  271. We need some stops

  272. this has been a trend.. a couple games in a row kenny runs pnr with lin, then wants to go back to motion o which doesnt work unless everyone is on fire

  273. lopez no match for Vuc

  274. Can’t score on him either.

  275. Lin got so pissed at that call.

  276. Lin about to get a T? haha

  277. Vuc just outplayed Lopez tonight.

  278. Ref robbing Lin AGAIN.

  279. Got fouled again…but no call.

  280. i dont get why refs swallow the whistle on lin

  281. cause of his skin color.

  282. MO of KA SUCK!!!!

  283. Why Lin so mad about?

  284. he aint black
    thats why

  285. that fake joey crawford dont want to give lin any calls

  286. its crazy how few calls lin gets. truly phenomenal. its actual utter bullshot

  287. Call fouls on Lin, yet basically don’t call fouls for Lin.

  288. he keeps getting mauled and no calls. then they call so many phantom calls on him.

  289. whats there not to be mad about

  290. his last layup he was mauled and no call. he got hit in the head in the 1st Q no call.

  291. evidently giving levert all the chance to score…Lin getting out of rhythm again!!!

  292. evidently..that was a foul and ref going blind again!

  293. Getting HACKED on every single drive…no call. Blocking guys clean…ohantom foul.

  294. seriously one of you needs to sue the hell out of these refs

  295. lin gets hacked by 3 defenders and doesnt get the call

  296. someone needs to put a video together. This is blatant racism that is going to lead to an athlete’s injury.

  297. Silver the id iot will just deny

  298. who’s rich here? lets do it!

  299. a lot of people lol

  300. we are asian we are very well off lol

  301. Lin strikesssss

  302. DAYUM. Refs cheating Lin cost them this game.

  303. Lin strikessssssss

  304. Nice lin!

  305. Lin took on Vuc (lopez couldn’t)

  306. lin!!!!!


  308. Lin refuses to yield the game!

  309. Lin is deciding he will decide if its MO or Lin!!!LOL!!

  310. 2 more points to 30

  311. The Nets went at LeVert a lot in the 4th, rightfully because he was playing well
    but when Lin is hot, KA never does that for Lin

  312. 28 now, great shot. Lin lighting it up. What we’ve been waiting for. Only thing, Lopez was off. Hope Nets can pull out a win.

  313. Refs stole this game. Amazing game by Lin despite ref cheating. Should have had 6 more FTAs at least.

  314. it seems that he has plays for everybody except for Lin, why ? because he knew Lin can make a play for himself..LOL!!!!

  315. a lot to over come. refs and orlando shooting threes from the moon

  316. Maybe KA should take Lopez down and let Booker play now.

  317. but a win is better than his own stats….hope they can still turn this thing around!

  318. absolutely, lin shoudl have had at least 6 – 8 ft.

  319. refs are so horrible
    thats why NBA is the worst league out of all
    NFL, MLB and NHL are all better than this circus of monkeys

  320. Lin strikessssss

  321. Refs got this. You can’t beat them

  322. 30! Silver lining.

  323. levert dribbles too much also!

  324. BUM REFS

  325. Lin strikessss

  326. why are they going at Levert? Lin is obvious hot

  327. 30 points, but it looks like a losing effort. Oh well.

  328. No clock management by other players.

  329. well 30 pts lol cant be upset about that, but lin coulda had way more if kenny had just set plays for the only hot hand in the starting lineup….

  330. event he announcers are saying the refs are making and not making questionable calls.

  331. 32

  332. 32.

  333. Good game from Lin Levert and Isiah

  334. Obviously Booker is missed dearly. Rebounds and defense.

  335. C*ck blocking refs!!!

  336. I agree.

  337. Refs really messsed this game up for the nets.

  338. asdfasdfasdfdsafasdfsadfsaf

  339. meeks looked like steph curry. boy fore was having a hard time

  340. good stat for Lin, but he will not be happy – we know he hates losing games

  341. Whats annoying is that KA lets LeVert handle the ball down the stretch and he iso’s SMH
    KA isnt that good of a coach agter all

  342. I predicted 30point game was incoming.. but honestly I rather get the W. this sucks

  343. For Lin to win a game, not only he needs to do well, refs not cheating much, his teammates need to step up in rebounds and defense. It is tough to win a game like today’s game even if you shoot well.

  344. I blame KA for not playing Booker and McDaniels.

  345. i mean the positives are Lin shot well and the team fought hard.

  346. Is Booker or McDaniels hurt?

  347. I’m mad Lin got cheated by refs and Kenny didn’t yank Foye when Meeks was dropping 3s on him.

    But 32 points in 31 minutes?! Holy cow. That’s LINSANITY action right there. He’s still got it in him.

  348. Lin now averaging 14.2 for the season

  349. That’s not Lin want either.

  350. Still dont get why KA let LeVert handle the ball down the stretch when Lin was hot too all game

  351. All I can about is Team Win with Lin leading the charge!
    Only winning is most important for KA & Lin.

  352. omg thats all i wanted lol. kinda wanted 15 ppg but il take it

  353. Not so for this season. KA is apparently not going all out tonight.

  354. He’s not happy.

  355. At least breaks the 13.xxx mark.

  356. lol yeah me too 14+ isnt bad considering all the games he was on minute restrictions

  357. we can only hope he ends the season with such

  358. Refs robbed this game from the Nets. Someone should put together a videof a lot of non-calls on Nets favoring the home team then report to NBA.

    NBA might take no action but proof will be out there.

  359. Refs didn’t help but Lopez’s bad game and the hot shooting by Meeks, and Vuc outplaying Lopez, won Orlando this game.

  360. I’ll take either one JL7 scoring 30+ points or Team win.

  361. in all fairness I think nets played well tonight, just that stretch by Meeks turned the whole game around.

  362. also Kenny atkinson needed to give lin the ball more.. how many times this game would lin dribble the baall past half court onyl to pass it out right away.. wtf no one besides him and levert showed up in the starting line up

  363. KA didn’t recognize Meeks was heating on Foye. He took Foye out too late allowing Meeks to extend Magic lead giving them confidence. That’s when the momentum changed causing Nets to play from behind.

  364. 11/20 55%

  365. he gave it to LeVert today
    next thing you know LeVert will be the first option and primary ball handler

  366. Lin is finishing better at the rim though as of late

  367. We NEED Defensive Stops!!!
    Brook was really bad tonight – missing shots and free throws. If Hamilton or Acy started instead of Lopez or played more than him.

  368. means nothing
    these people have no shame or integrity unlike NFL, MLB and NHL
    NBA will always be a league full of disgusting thugs

  369. Yep. Refs swallowed their whistle on Lin w/o calling a blatant flagrant 1 foul, and Lin was hit several times driving to the basket. Those non-call fouls could add up to 8+ points.

  370. only the 3rd time post linsanity lin has taken 20 shots in a game. scored 29 in one and plus 30 also in the other.

  371. No, just couple shots made from our guys – Lin, Brook, Hamilton…

  372. I don’t think so. That’s odd for not playing him when we needed them, especially Booker.

  373. that black announcer needs to go.

  374. yep. only 3rd time post linsanity lin has taken 20 shots in a game. 29 and 35 points in the other two.

  375. And why do we have to take foul with 3sec left ?? Just to give 2 more points to other team… Don’t make sense.

  376. The Nets rebound isn’t good. Lopez has 5 and RHJ has 5.
    It exposes the problem in this game.

  377. id rather lin get the 30. it just shows how superior lin is to the rest of this team. this season was to be about establishing lin in nba once and for because of injury he didn’t get it done for a whole season but he’s making up for it now at the end. and they have a dramatically better w/l w/ lin back; you can’t except a team with hardly any credible nba players to win a lot.

    its huge lin have huge games like this; dominate, take shots, make shots. put up big numbers and attempt to get the team back in the game when nobody else on the team is capable of much of anything on a particular given nite like this.

  378. Wasn’t the 35 in overtime?

  379. booker is the only rebounder they have and he dnp

  380. Someone just posted:


  381. correct.

  382. “You need to find yourself a good defense coach immediately or I want take you to Taiwan this summer.” Lol

  383. Refs didn’t determine the outcome, IMO. I think Meeks crazy shooting and Lopez’s bad game did. The refs didn’t help, and had a terrible game.

  384. So only the second time in regulation.

  385. So exciting and disappointing at the same time
    — Lin has a record 32 pts 😊 but Nets end the winning streak 🙁

  386. 籃球火鍋 HLs

  387. Blaiyan HLs

  388. It worked last time. Wouldn’t mind a “booster shot” over the summer.

    Too late for this season, but it would be a great thing to have for next season. Lin will be healthy and ready to have nights like this on a regular basis. He must receive fair treatment.

  389. where is the game uploaded?

  390. JLin highlights for tonight, Jeremy did all he could tonight.

  391. Calling him “the black dude” is silly. Do you want people to call Lin the “Asian” dude. Find out his name and say it, otherwise, it’s not cool.

  392. craig’G should not try to fight racism with racism. just an idea. It makes all your arguments mute.

  393. What does the N stand for? That’s the question.

  394. So should Mel. Saying “the black dude” is fighting racism with racism and some posters don’t seem to get that. Racism against any group is unacceptable.

  395. Yep – another shot to Lin’s head.
    Refs should be required to take shots to the head as part of their training to better understand what it feels like

  396. In his postgame comments, Lopez pretty much put the loss on himself.

  397. “JLin7 played one of his best games of the year 💪”

  398. The problem with this game is simple. Lin should’ve scored 41 points. Then Nets win.

  399. Too bad the loss but I’m totally ok because lin had great game.

    You beat nobody if you had refs against you, bad night by your best big man and ridiculous night by Meeks.

  400. Lin could get those points refs gave him obvious foul calls.

  401. NO BalLin’ Azn?

  402. Checked box score. Did Kilpatrick get injured? He wasn’t listed on the roster. Lopez didn’t have it tonight? McDaniels is a scoring threat so why was he DNP?! McDaniels’ 10 points or more would’ve made the difference between losing! Even Levert stepped up with 20 pts! The loss rendered Lin’s high scoring game meaningless ><

  403. McDaniela can score 10+ points who was also DNP! Why did KA choose not to play these players?! Did they have bad attitude, bad defense? Why?

  404. KA talked about to let LeVert handle the ball before he was in starting lineup….KA likes more people handle the ball.

  405. Lin was frustrated and mad several times tonight with the refs. I bet he didn’t even know he scored 32.

  406. No LeVert did well and stepped up with his 20pts tonight. Levert should’ve been the 2nd ball handler from the start anyway. He’s the only guy other than Lin and Lopez who can score but makes the right passes and plays. You never see LeVert take bad iso shots like RHJ, Foye, and Booker.

  407. He was mainly focusing on being robbed.

  408. Lin wanted the win, a loss renders his points meaningless.

  409. I’ve been wondering the same question all night. KA seems not like McDaniels. He’s good on both O and D. I hope to see him next season.

  410. What about Booker? What did he do wrong in past games to be DNP? This feels like another experiment by KA benching key players and throwing away a winnable game!

  411. LeVert needs this kind of experience because he’s the third main scorer in the starting lineup.

  412. 🙁 poor Brookie, but that’s what a leader should do, take the blame. Lopez was due for an off night. No way he was going to score so efficiently every game. His hot hand scoring was sorely missed. Exactly why Lin and Lopez needs each other to bring the Nets far in playoffs.

  413. That’s right. KA better play them in the remaining three games. They can be the keys while others shutting down.

  414. Was Booker being “rested” with 3 games left in season? LOL.

    Reminds me of resting Brook in the 3rd game of the season.

  415. Except he never allowed it until this game. LeVert should’ve been 2nd ball handler long ago, he’s an unselfish PG. McDaniels or Kilpatrick should be starting SF. Benching McD and Booker took the team out of sync.

  416. Both he and McDaniels played last game vs. 76ers.

  417. If Lopez didn’t have his off night and key bench players like Booker and McDaniels weren’t DNPed they would’ve won or gone OT! No clue why Kilpatrick wasn’t playing either.

  418. That’s strange by ka.

  419. Same here, dnp key bench players out of no where when they’ve been playing well is throwing a winning chance away! Unless they were disrespectful, refused to pass or dis something bad during practice this is ridiculous.

  420. Why needed to rest them? Only few games left… they need to fight for the W…. weird.

  421. Any post game interview from coach? Really want to know what he said….

  422. LOL, Nets and YES indeed love to promote Lin. Just look at the blue highlights.

  423. Missing bookers who would be the key to defend vucevic

  424. I do not see any words….jk

  425. I know he won’t admit it, but it’s gotta feel good to drop 32 in 31m. Due to injuries and Kenny’s motion offense, he hasn’t had a chance to show off his scoring ability this season. Lin can easily average 20+ ppg next season if healthy.

  426. Ben McLemore is a RFA this summer. I think he’s underrated and his stats/minutes are so low that Nets can get him w/o spending too much. He’s a good catch-and-shoot SG who won’t hog the ball next to Lin.

  427. If the league ignores something like this, there won’t be anymore integrity in the game. What’s the point of playing basketball when the refs gets to decide who wins and who loses.

  428. YES network for sure.

  429. http://nbahd.net/tag/nets-replays/
    It’ll be there later, usually evening or next day.

  430. JAD 7534, we need you again for your work (Jeremy Lin: Too Flagrant Not to Call! video) so there can be another video right before next season!


  431. Jeremy’s Prayer Requests
    Prayer warriors!!

    Prayer warriors!!

    We meet again lol. Things recently have been pretty smooth, so I definitely want to take the time to praise God for our improved play, my continued health and the blessing of just being in the NBA. It just feels like our team is building an identity, growing in confidence and everyone’s settling nicely into their roles. I’m really thankful to be on the team with these guys. Even though we have the worst record in the NBA, I know how hard these guys work and what kind of teammates they are so I’m genuinely thankful to God for this season’s experience to be able to play alongside them.

    As for prayer requests, I’ve recently been reading Prayer by Tim Keller (my favorite author). I’ve been sharing for basically this whole season how I’ve been on this journey to improve my prayer life and intimacy with Christ and this book’s definitely pointing me in the right direction. Keller talks about how prayer is a response to the conversation with us that God has already started through Scripture. I’m going to keep reading this book and wrestling with the concepts, but continued prayer that conversation with God would be second-nature. If anything happens in my day or if I interact with someone, that immediately I would go to prayer instinctually and just converse with God.

    Another prayer request is for this upcoming Asia trip. We are doing it a little differently and letting the fans help design much of this year’s Asia trip, but it requires a TON of work, planning and time. Prayer that things would go smoothly and that the fans in Asia would feel like this trip is impactful!

    Thanks homies!

  432. Both Booker and McDaniels that’s like 20 pts right there!

  433. Lin got slapped but didn’t get foul call.

  434. Moderator, can you please make a side section of these websites collecting all of these no foul called clips.

  435. They on Lin’s face all over. Lol

  436. even the commentator were asking for a foul..but ref is always ref..(Blind as a mouse)

  437. The technical term is agenda-blindness. 🙂

  438. In all honestly, Nets need a real SF so LeVert’s PG talents won’t be wasted and is the 2nd ball handler as the starting SG. There’s no reason why an old vet like Foye should even be starting at SG. Today we got a glimpse of what LeVert can do, 20pts when given more ball handling duties.

  439. The mice I’ve seen can at least find their way out of a maze…. these rats of refs can’t even see if the exit is in front of them…

  440. I think LeVert can keep on playing SF in this system. He’s that versatile. Can be a point forward if needed. Ultimately it depends on what FA is out there this offseason. Nets can just get a capable swing man (SG/SF). I see LeVert as a Point Forward.

  441. as much as i wanted to point them as bats (which are so blinded) mice i deceptively can see but can’t determine anything less than a trap…they are following their own death by putting a blinders on things which are not good to them…LOL!

  442. Yes, Foye is a liability as SG. Should have put a bigger body like KJ or Hamilton. And Lin should have played 5min more and be the main scorer sooner. Linsanity didn’t happened with Lin playing 30min.
    I give KA until the next season to make the right adjustments to win the game.

  443. It’s a winnable game but sometimes things go to the other team more – just a point here and there.
    Don’t feel down on it. The REAL task is next season.

  444. Even when Lin is wide open, no one ever passes back to him. If he gives up the ball to a team mate, he never sees it back.

  445. as with previous such as ronnie price, pj. hairston, etc etc there no reason for foye to be in the nba and i would soon once he has served whatever mysterious purpose he is serving for the nets “process” he will be long gone.

  446. imo it was a great game; i dont care whether the nets win or lose, its astonishing lin has been able to lead them to a 500ish record since coming back compared to 1-25 or 1-27 before but the most important thing (again from my “agenda-blindness” perspective) is that lin show what he can do: and has been and especially last night despite brutal no calls. given the opportunity that superstars get, he puts up superstar #s.

    nobody says anything when the thunder loses and westbrook scores 30. and even lins old nemesis espn feaures: “magic win (emphasis mine) DESPITE LINS’ 32”.

    true “per 36” normally doesnt mean much but for lin this season it means he finally learned how to be productive “per minute” without minutes.

    give him a night where he gets minutes and shots and he performs just like the superstars. i was pumped. (i know lin wants to win but i agree with you it probably feels good to him to, it should if it doesnt. you can only take this self-deprecating stuff so far). and lin’s “competiveness” extends to himself as well, he wants to i beleive do better than he’s done before every time. for “his best” to continually compete with his previous best.

  447. words hard to see as well as write apparently…but getting more locquatious it seems, back from the 1 worder to the extended five words and a coda 1 liner…jk (and locquatious dont know how to spell).

  448. strange for anyone but ka.

  449. as ka has repeated ad infinitium this season “its not about wins”. (an agenda that imo is not consistent with lin’s).

  450. and getting a few rebounds.

  451. and (again) some rebounds.

  452. well lin didn’t take a step back. shows you who the real leader is. brook has never been a leader and will never be. he’s a strange (on and off the court) 1-dimensional scorer. who can be effective over a season, highly so; but can also completely and inexplicably disappear on any given occasion. being unable stop vuk not surprising being unable to score on the notoriously poor defender vuk is when magic werent focusing on lopez is not acceptable.

  453. skil, booker, mcdaniels; arguably on the season for their performance to date despite shortcomings the 4-6 best players on this team dnp. baffling only if yer concerned about winning; which ka has repeated ad infinitum this season is not what this season is about…. there could be more sinister reasons for not wanting to win this game but i wont go there as that gets into the nature of “conspiracy” which is unnecssary of not unlikely to explain whats going on here.

  454. yep and to me thats all that matters. go lin. lin is so much better than the nets, their futures are imo not inexplicably bound, its not that lin is part of the “process” of the nets–its that the nets are part of “the process” of the jeremy lin story.

  455. what else have they got to promote: sarah kustok and the czar i guess.

  456. Refs are more like rats!!!

  457. Here you go :

    adjective: loquacious
    tending to talk a great deal; talkative.
    synonyms: talkative, voluble, garrulous, chatty, etc.
    antonyms: reticent, taciturn

  458. Look who’s back…good to see you

  459. Don’t get jealous just because someone else used less words than you usually do. Lol

  460. It’s good fans sent the complain about Lin didn’t get any call from vs Magic. So worry, NBA will try to help Bulls to win vs Nets bc they are fighting for playoff spot….

  461. i agree. its quite blatant when a payton is getting calls and Lin is not. Id understand a rose or curry but geez payton?

  462. Bulls have Wade, Butler & they are fighting for playoff spot… but Nets… season almost over for them… I think NBA sure will want Bulls win over Nets. smh!

  463. Lin is more and more like Steve Nash at his prime. If Lin succeeds, Nash is among the first to cheer.

  464. Lopez is injured and is not 100%

  465. With mo lin will never be anywhere near like steve nash. Lin 5 apg now is even less than nash number in his rookie years.

  466. Frankly speaking, I find it hard to believe that Sean Marks would have made the trade for Andrew Nicholson if he couldn’t play for Nets. He has size and strength and height. But when Nicholson is on the court, he is a downright disappointment.

  467. Because you didn’t know he was mainly going for the 1st round pick.

  468. Feel the same way about Lin in MO…. smh!

  469. A late first rounder costs almost $20m!
    It all points to one thing i.e. Nicholson can play.

  470. Bog wasn’t playing for free with the nets.

    They didn’t play nicholson enough doesn’t mean he is not serviceable.

  471. skin color

  472. not national

  473. last year, adam silver said there was nothing wrong with those calls
    they are corrupted
    but Lin fans need to keep fighting

  474. but it was all LeVert down the stretch
    should share more

  475. thats dumb

  476. but game was on the line
    needed to share the ball more

  477. probably nothing to do with playoffs or racism, more likely something to do with REFS getting paid by vegas to make sure the nets dont pass the over. Its a big hit for vegas otherwise. Vegas probably won’t try to interfere in the Bulls and Celtics matchups because they think they won’t need to interfere. The magic game was the best time for them to make their move…both tanking team, less media attention.

  478. small consolation…he’d take 15 points and a win over 32 points and a loss 100 times out of a 100.

  479. “It turns out Jeremy Lin really matters to a scheme dependent on spacing and capable pick-and-roll ball-handling. He had 15 points and six assists in Sunday’s in over the Atlanta Hawks, and then added 16 points and seven dimes as the Nets piled up 141 points to smoke the Sixers on Tuesday. His return after the All-Star break coincides directly with Brooklyn becoming a respectable basketball team.”

    Wow..the words, it turns out gave away that lin is still proving himself to a lot of people that he matters or that it confirms the hype by lin fans or that lin is a starter level guard.

    Man still so much workosmirko ahead of you lino.

    And Yes, Guest I’m still posting here and there and you can’t do crp about it =P.

  480. Lin highlight at nba.com : “Jeremy Lin’s 32 Points”


  481. He knew he just wanted a first round pick and Andrew Nicholson was just a salary dump cuz nobody wants him
    its like u take his salary we give u a first round pick
    well worth it

  482. More like tony parker without the floater in the motion o

  483. and FTs cuz you know Lin aint getting no calls

  484. I hope someone makes a video about all the common fouls and shooting fouls that never get called on lin.

  485. I think it did because a few times momentum swung the other way.

    Lin’s foul didn’t get called then Magic scored in transition and the next possession. It was literally 7 point swing in 1 min so it’s hard to fight an uphill battle.

    Idk if this is another Donaghy but what he described about how refs can easily swallowed the whistle to drive players mad and influence the game are eerily similar.

    Meek’s hot-shooting helped Magic get the lead but even after that the Nets can get to 7pts but refs non-call didn’t help.

  486. Lin is back up to averaging 14.3pts. Hopefully he will finish strong so that he can get it up to 15

  487. Here are Jeremy’s career shooting stats. eFG% is the effective field goal percentage. It takes into consideration the proportion of 3 pt and 2 pt shots ….

  488. Coach KA, can we please go all out for the last 3 games. Let Lin play pg 35+ min and grab 3 W. If you hope to recruit FA this is the time to do so. Late but better than never.

  489. That would be nice.
    Lin would need to average 23pts/gm in the next 3 games to finish with 15.0 ppg for the season

    I have an inkling Lin would rather post 15.5pts/6.5ast as he did in the ATL & 76ers game if it brings Ws to the Nets

  490. uh…they did that already.
    and that’s why in the playoffs when he was with the hornets, there was one game which he kept getting calls and dragicbragictragifaggit complained about it. Probably because of that video.

  491. Linteresting Stats from the Brooklyn Nets 🙂

    10 question quiz (stats from basketball-reference.com). (Answers at the end, let me know how well you scored!)

    1. Which of the following players has the highest 3 point %?
    Caris LeVert
    Trevor Booker
    Isaiah Whitehead
    Justin Hamilton

    2. Which of these players has the most field goal attempts per game?
    Isaiah Whitehead
    Caris Levert

    3. According to stats, what has Lin improved the most on since Linsanity?
    3 point %
    Points Scored

    4. Among these players, who scores best around the rim? (Who has the highest 0-3 ft%)
    Caris Levert
    Isaiah Whitehead

    5. Per 36 minutes, who shoots more FGA?
    Randy Foye
    Spencer Dinwiddie

    6. True or False: Lin will play more minutes this season than he did during Linsanity.

    7. Out of 34 games Lin has played this season, how many games has he scored below 10 points?

    Last year on the Hornets, out of 89 games (7 playoff games), how many games did Lin score below 10 points?

    8. True or False: Andrew Nicholson is the 4th highest paid Net on the team.

    9. Who is the best 3pt shooter currently on the Nets?

    10. True or False: Lin had a triple double this year.


    1. Which of the following players has the highest 3 point %?
    Answer: Trevor Booker. Can you believe that?
    Booker – .321%
    Levert – .319%
    Hamilton – .312%
    IW – .305%

    2. Which of these players has the most field goal attempts per game?
    Answer: IW, but they are all around the same, 3rd-4th option based on FGA
    IW – 6.9 FGA per game
    RHJ – 6.8 FGA per game
    Levert – 6.4 FGA per game
    1st option – Lopez with 15 FGA/game
    2nd option – Lin with 11 FGA/game

    3. According to stats, what has Lin improved the most on since Linsanity?
    Lin’s stat line this year is very similar to Linsanity except one noticeable difference: 3 point %.
    Linsanity (2012) – .320%
    Nets (2017) – .367%
    His FGA/game is up to Linsanity levels as well (10.9 in 2012, 11.1 in 2017)

    4. Among these players, who scores best around the rim? (Who has the highest 0-3 ft%)
    Caris Levert is killing it around the rim. He is very good at finding the easy layup to the rim and has a good touch.
    Caris Levert – .699%
    Skil – .580%
    RHJ – .591%
    Isaiah Whitehead – .527%
    Lin is at .549% but this is because he doesn’t get any easy buckets at the rim from assists.

    5. Per 36 minutes, who shoots more FGA?
    If you can believe it, Randy Foye shoots more per 36.
    FGA per 36 min:
    Foye – 9.0
    Dinwiddie – 8.2

    6. True or False: Lin will play more minutes this season than he did during Linsanity.
    False, but not by much. Lin has played 820 minutes this season, and during Linsanity he played 940. There are 3 games left in the season, meaning Lin will play around 900 minutes total for the season.

    7. Out of 34 games Lin has played this season, how many games has he scored below 10 points?
    5 games (scored 7,9,7,4,8 points respectively in those 5 games)

    Last year on the Hornets, out of 89 games (7 playoff games), how many games did Lin score below 10 points?
    38 games (!!!)

    He was the 3-4th option on the Hornets and that really showed. Really glad he is on the Nets.

    8. True or False: Andrew Nicholson is the 4th highest paid Net on the team.
    True. Here’s the top 6:
    Brook Lopez – $21,165,675
    Jeremy Lin – $11,483,254
    Trevor Booker – $9,250,000
    Andrew Nicholson – $6,088,993
    Luis Scola – $5,000,000
    Greivis Vasquez – $4,347,826
    15$+ million of salary was towards very productive players in Scola, Vasquez, and Nicholson who all made huge significant contributions on the court. Sigh… that’s what rebuilds make you do…

    9. Who is the best 3pt shooter currently on the Nets?
    If you said Quincy Acy, that’s right! He is streaking hot at .443%
    After that:
    Spencer – .391%
    Harris – .385%
    Lin – .367%
    Lopez – .351%

    10. True or False: Lin had a triple double this year.
    False. Lin, unfortunately, did not have a triple double this year. The closest he got was a 21/9/9 game, and he had two double doubles. I think next year will be the breakout year for Lin and the whole team.

    Hope you enjoyed it!

  492. Wtf bro was he hit by 2 forearms above the shoulders on the head at the same time NO CALL the ref standing there letting them play

  493. When coach Atkinson put Booker and McDaniels on the bench on a road game, I don’t think he really wants to win the game that much.

  494. He probably overestimated Net and underestimated Magic. It is a lesson that don’t look down any team, even if it is struggling.

  495. No blood no foul
    No fractures no flagrant 1
    Head of officiating, NBA

  496. he (ka) has stated publicly over and over from preseason to the present that winning games is not that important. its about making progress: basically the nets treated this season as an extended preseason. in a way its been fortunate for lin that he was not there all the time to suffer it; and when he did come back showed (to anyone without predjudice againt lin) just how important he was to the teams fortunes but also (in a game such as this last) what he is capable of given opportunity (minutes and shots).

  497. Agreed, he wanted to evaluate Hamilton and Goodwin more than win the game. I’m okay with that. Lin proved that he can turn this team around by making them play .500 in the last 20. And he got to dominate the ball and score 32p in 31m! It was a good night regardless of the L.

  498. I hope he lets Lin play 36m vs. Boston. I really, really want to win that game. Also, Kenny owes Lin for not playing him more in the close Boston loss last time. The CHI games Lin can stick to 30-32m.

  499. He’s been very unlucky this season. He left 3 games early with injury, severely hurting his per-game stats. Against Dallas, he had to leave after just 7m and 4p!

  500. Truth. But if JL7 played 70+ games this season the Nets record could’ve been 35+ wins even KA can’t stopped the winning. It’ll be contagious. That’s How Impactful Lin’s role is on the team. I dont doubt with Lin + Lopez that they can’t get at least 0.45% win record.

  501. Yeah, I really think KA underestimated the “lowly, depleted” Magic team. But that’s silly to even think when we’re sorta in the same situation. KA needs to get better for the sake of Lin and Lopez’s talents.

  502. Yeah the points dont’t really reflect the context.
    I looked up his PER last night in comparison to other starting PG’s. Lin ranks at 14… Imagine if he playd at about 30mins.. should easily be in the top 10.

  503. Atlanta’s bench (w/o Shroder/Mislap/Howard) is spanking the Cavs.. Cavs are so inconsistent.. 106-89. Lol

  504. The Hawks (missing 3 starters) beat down the full-force CAVS.

  505. It’s a make or break league. Missing shots will most likely you’re gonna lose. The Hawks do have a good coach!

  506. Now, I feel a bit better from last game.

  507. Lin versus Payton highlights

  508. Harden got 33pt and The Rox lost to The Pistons. I feel much better about last night!

  509. To be honest, wasn’t sad about last nights game. Lin got 32 POINTS! It’s been awhile

  510. If anyone is interested, here is the detailed language on Brooklyn’s incoming draft picks :

    2017 first round draft pick from Washington
    Washington’s 1st round pick to Brooklyn protected for selections 1-14 in 2017, 1-14 in 2018, 1-14 in 2019, 1-14 in 2020, 1-14 in 2021 and 1-10 in 2022; if Washington has not conveyed a 1st round pick to Brooklyn by 2022, then Washington will instead convey its 2022 2nd round pick and 2023 2nd round pick to Brooklyn [Brooklyn-Washington, 2/22/2017]

    2017 second round draft pick from Boston
    If Boston exercises its right to swap its 2017 1st round pick for Brooklyn’s 2017 1st round pick, then Boston will convey its 2017 2nd round pick to Brooklyn protected for selections 31-45 (if this pick falls within its protected range and is therefore not conveyed, then Boston’s obligation to Brooklyn will be extinguished) [Boston-Brooklyn, 7/12/2013]; this potential pick conveyance is the same as the one described in “2017 first round draft pick from Brooklyn” on Boston Incoming

    2017 second round draft pick from Indiana
    Indiana’s 2nd round pick to Brooklyn protected for selections 45-60 in 2017, 45-60 in 2018, 45-60 in 2019, 45-60 in 2020, 45-60 in 2021 and 45-60 in 2022 and unprotected in 2023 [Brooklyn-Indiana, 7/7/2016]

    See : http://basketball.realgm.com/nba/draft/future_drafts/detailed

  511. This was really cool! You should share it with other communities: I think /r/gonets would appreciate it!

  512. on the lowest minutes per game since his rookie season as well

  513. its ok lin just needs a devin booker type game lol

  514. again i mean… we all know about this video, but the refs need another apparently

  515. Steve nash had multiple seasons in the 50, 40, 90 club. If Lin shot like that Nets would be in NBA finals. 50%FG and 40%3Pointer quite possible. But he’s had his work cut for him in FTs. For his entire career. Lin’s FT% lingered around 70/80%. He’d be shooting at Curry and Kevin Durant level if he ever gets there.

  516. Also no where near 90%FT when he’s shot 70-80% all career.

  517. Levert is no where bulk enough as a PF! Can you imagine LeVert vs someone like Lamarcus Aldridge?! Levert’s size is similar to Chandler Parsons but with better ball handling skills since his natural position is PG. From last game, I suspect Ka will eventually switch LeVert to SG/PG to share ball handling with Lin like it should be. Foye is definitely a place holder just not sure for what purpose.

    Either way LeVert needs to hit the weight room and bulk up. He’s got the height but even Chandler Parsons has more muscle than him.

  518. Leg cramp? after that hard fall 2 games ago. 🙁

  519. Lopez fell hard 2games before and could barely move his leg! The same could be said about Lin missing almost the entire season and being so injury prone this season!

  520. Brook Lopez plays more and more like a PF and ideally Nets should get Nicholson in their lineup. Nets needs strength to collect rebounds and big men to protect the rim. There is not a clue how Marks could fill this order.

  521. I didn’t say LeVert is a PF…. Eye test needed…lol

  522. During the halftime of last game, I had predicted the new normal for Lin’s stats. All of us were excited that he had 17pts already and everyone was predicting what his stats would be. I predicted that if Lin could get the rest of the team going his stats would be 20-25pts ( since he was already at 17 ). If the rest of the team continues to struggle, then his stats would be 30-35pts.

  523. Here are the current and final (predicted) records for 4 NBA East teams. At the moment, Miami is predicted to miss the playoffs. Milwaukee, Chicago, and Indiana are predicted to have identical 41-41 records. The data comes from the well-known stats site fivethirtyeight.com .

    Chicago plays Brooklyn twice in their final 3 games. So, Brooklyn still has an opportunity to be influential …

    See : https://projects.fivethirtyeight.com/2017-nba-predictions/

  524. All 6 to 9 seeded team

  525. The refs should be fined as much as the players when video evidence shows their unintentional or intentional missed calls. Losing their own hard-earned $ will cause them to think twice before they dismissed calling flagrant fouls for Lin.

  526. there is an interesting post on the other lin site which i can not confirm the veracity of but by punching in a specific criteria on the definitive data “basketball reference” site the poster concludes the only two 14/5 (points assists) seasons in nba history with under 27 minutes played per game (should lin continue out the next 3 games holding his current numbers) would be: lin/knicks and lin/nets.

    new york. new york. the interesting thing to note is the remarkable similarity between the two seasons overall #s.

    note: enes kanter the off the bench scoring machine has a 14/5 points and rebounds for this season with under 27 minutes but i would imagine that would be more frequently accomplished.

  527. Interesting! If Nets defeat Bulls at both games, (Bulls ends with 39-43 or 40-42 final record), Heat could clinch a playoff berth!

    Now, Nets… Shall we help the Heat by slaughtering the Bulls? 😉

  528. Don’t like Bulls even if it’s my home team, slaughter away! Also need to prove that Bulls FO is messed up and don’t know how to win nor choose the right franchise players.

  529. That’s never going to happen, Lin plays better as a shoot 1st guard. When he does too much assist he gets too many TOs and is less effective. Also with this MO offense, assists are definitely lower with more players getting shots off on their own. I’d rather Lin has 30+ pts every game with 8 assists similar to last game!

    Look at Rondo, assists are nothing without being a scoring threat. When people talk about Curry they only talk about his 3 point shooting and his high scores, no one really cares about assists if you can shoot well! High PPG average of 20-30 is what people look at for all star.

  530. Yes, Lin and Nets will tame your hometown Bulls this afternoon even with Wade playing! I didn’t follow the team much and don’t know how poorly the FO is doing.

  531. Wade was giving Lin shade during playoffs last year. I hope Lin goes off again especially against Bulls to potentially knock them out of playoff contention. That would be the greatest vindication.

  532. Sigh… “Not ideal for the Nets. VERY IDEAL for the Celtics.”


  533. It would​ be especially sweet as the game is on NBA TV!

  534. Among the next 3 games, this is a must win for Nets because it’s the only home game left.

  535. We have a different opinion on what a “star” PG should be. It’s unfortunate that the NBA seems to only value scoring as a star. That’s why Harden is a star. Will that type of star win championships? Only if you have 2-3 other guys willing to pick up the slack. Any player that doesn’t help out his teammates to be better is not a star in my book. I happen to believe that Nash was a great team player. It’s why I don’t follow NBA at all because it’s no longer a team sport. If Lin wants to win a championship with his own team, the Nets, then he must be coach Lin and make others better. That style of play fits his character and alignes with everything he believes in; that “a rising tide raises all ships”.

  536. The Wonderful, Unlikely Online Hive of Jeremy Lin – GQ

    “From conservative political analysts to moms from the South, the Brooklyn Nets guard has one of the most hardcore and diverse fanbases on the Internet.” http://www.gq.com/story/jeremy-lin-hive


  537. They would try to knock the Bulls off their balance; very unexpectedly.

  538. new thread

    G80 Nets Tries To Tame the Bulls to Reach 20 Wins
    Will Booker & KJ play? Hot-shooting @JLin7 can lead Nets to win

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