G78 Can Nets Defense Stop 76ers for 3 Straight Wins?

A vastly improving Nets team beat the visiting Hawks 91-82 on the second night of back-to-back game. And defense has been the key. It was the first time of all 18 wins that the Nets held opponents under 90 points.

Jeremy Lin finally broke through his shooting slump to finish with 15 points, 6 rebounds, 6 assists (5-10 shooting, 2-4 three-point shooting). His driving threat made the Hawks focused too much on him, giving a tremendous assist to a thunderous Trevor Booker dunk. It gave the Nets 8-point lead (90-82) with 28 seconds left in the 4th quarter and broke the Hawks spirit in the process. Brook carried the Nets with a great all-around game (29pts/5rebs/5asts/5blks/5tos/2stls) before sitting out the last 2 min due to cramp.

Nets vs 76ers Matchup

The 76ers has lost 3 straight since they beat the Nets 106-101 on March 28. We can expect the Nets to be extra motivated to redeem their loss by beating the 76ers on their home-court. It should help the Nets that the 76ers won’t have Embiid, Okafor, Simmons, Bayless, and Covington.

ESPN.com Preview:

Jeremy Lin added 15 points, six rebounds and six assists for Brooklyn, which limited Atlanta to a season-low point total. The Hawks, who shot 37.5 percent from the floor, made just 30 field goals, a season low for a Nets opponent. Atlanta also turned the ball over 19 times.

“I think our defense is getting better in general,” said Atkinson, whose club won despite shooting 39 percent from the floor and committing 21 turnovers.

He attributed the defensive improvement to more “competitive fire.”

“You need to get stops,” Atkinson said, “and I think our guys are, again, raising our defensive standards, getting better.”

The Sixers (28-49) lost 113-105 in Toronto on Sunday, their third straight defeat. They lost Robert Covington and Jahlil Okafor for the season to knee injuries last week, after earlier seeing Joel Embiid (knee) and Jerryd Bayless (wrist) ruled out for the year as well.

Ben Simmons, the top overall pick in the 2016 draft, is out for the entire season after breaking a foot in training camp.

“We are kind of just dropping like flies, man,” point guard T.J. McConnell told Philly.com on Sunday. “We are just giving new opportunities to new guys. We have to continue to play hard. You’d be surprised in the month of April what playing hard will do for you.”

Rookie guard Timothe Luwawu-Cabarrot scored a career-high 23 points Sunday for Philadelphia, which because of all its injuries was allowed a hardship exception to sign a 16th player, forward Alex Poythress of the NBA Development League’s Fort Wayne Mad Ants, to its roster. Poythress scored 11 points off the bench against Toronto.

Rookie forward Dario Saric, placed on a minutes restriction because of a sore left heel, notched 16 points in 23:47 and said he felt fine afterward.

“It’s not something that can be serious like some injury that can take me out for one month or two months,” Saric told Philly.com. “It’s just soreness (from) too many games, too much jumping and running.”

Coach Brett Brown told the same outlet that the Sixers, who like the Nets have five games left in their season, want to play hard to the end.

“None of us intend on just rolling over,” he said. “We’re playing with a spirit, which I’ve said many times, I hope that the city of Philadelphia is proud of.”

KEY OF THE GAME: The Nets continue to rely on their defense to start the game and not give momentum to teams. Lin should continue to excel in late-game situation by distributing the ball, drawing fouls, and putting the Nets in position to win their 19th game of the season.

Let’s hope and pray JLin will stay healthy and continue to lead the Nets to win more games!

Let’s go, JLin and the Nets! 


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  1. Hope we can get this win tonight.

  2. Great team chemistry is very enjoyable to watch.
    I’m thankful Lin is finally in a team as a starting PG with high-character and fun-loving teammates.

    “JeremyLin’s mocking of playing baseball with Brook Lopez & Rondae Hollis-Jefferson before vs. Hawks.”

  3. What a shame. Hope Nets bench would still have enough firepower with Whitehead’s absence…

  4. Lopez continues to shoot well!

  5. great pnr with lin and rhj

  6. Lin definitely has PnR working with RHJ. RHJ getting better at finishing.

  7. Why does Lin do unneccesary turnovers at times…smh it’s so annoying

  8. Lin strikes

  9. I didn’t find that TO so bad.

  10. shooting 3s stepping on the line lol

  11. yeah they need to run more pnrs with those two

  12. least he made it

  13. Foot on the line, he should look down at his feet, lol.

  14. Yeah, but that was 3 distance, just a tip of the toe away from it 🙂

  15. it wasn’t bad. If he made it, it would of created major momentum.

  16. college 3 🙂 watching too much march madness

  17. Right, it was a slightly risky pass, just a tip short. I think it was a good play to go for it.

  18. Nah… That’s actually a distraction to a good shooting motion.

  19. lin really needs to work on finishing at the rim this summer

  20. I think it’s the legs. He’ll be fine next season.

  21. Who would had thought that

  22. yeah Lin is definatly not 100% fit yet

  23. even so hes getting there hes just not as creative as he used to be

  24. 33333

  25. Lin strikesssssss

  26. Lin’s shooting is back!

  27. Is it me, but McConnell seems to be faster then Lin. Lin needs to counter with his intelligence.

  28. doubt it. Lin is not playing at full speed.

  29. Lin is at 80-85 percent speed. He is countering, but he’s not going to be himself until next season.

  30. Well he is faster then Lin tonight it seems.

  31. Lin is not at 100% those hamstring injuries slowed him

  32. i doubt it. I think Lin will show his speed at times but this is the norm in order to have a longer career.

  33. McConnell got the screens and Lin tried to fight through them. He’s better off going under the screens, McConnell doesn’t seem to want to shoot that 3s.

  34. I also don’t think Lin is at his usual speed and elevation. Obviously his legs are still not back at full strength.

  35. cant believe this.. I live in nyc and I can’t watch this on tv? I need leaguepass??

  36. Lin on pace to get a double double

  37. yes network is display stupid yanks games.. they should yank them away..

  38. that didn’t work.. which link… I tried a few of the link 1 to 7

  39. His usual elevation is nowhere to be found. That’s why he gets stopped so many times.

  40. Leaguepass blacks out the “local” network games.

  41. link is working for me.

  42. do you need to create an accout with them?

  43. 38-22!? Nets bench on a run?

  44. no

  45. It’s blacked out on leaguepass.

  46. Nice drive by dimwit

  47. lol

  48. he shot too soon

  49. Lin’s 5pts/4asts/2rebs in the 1st quarter. With +5 in 8 min

    Very good start 🙂

  50. try starting from home page: http://ifirstrowus.eu/sport/basketball.html

  51. Hoping he can multiply it by 4…

  52. Agree.

  53. wow 40pt-quarter by the Nets

  54. This one works for me well, good clear feed.


  55. this one worked. Thanks.

  56. yes..did for me too.. thanks.

  57. McConnell is on fire!

  58. I’ll settle for 3x multipler for Pts & Asts if he gets 5x rebound

    Triple-Double, plzzz =)

  59. Well aren’t you a greedy one…?

  60. Nets bench play well… 76 bench aren’t good…

  61. haha .. I did give a little trade-off lol

  62. So annoying that Dinwiddie always gets those calls
    and Lin doesnt get any
    dont tell me theres no race issues there

  63. The last time Lin got that no-call it costed them the game!

  64. yep the NBA is so annoying with the racism
    Non-blacks always get the shorter end of the stick and if you say anything about the blacks you get perm banned(donald sterling and hawks owner)
    this is injustice

  65. just started tunign and and saw a clip of kenny really happy with lin and giving him a pat on the behind. You know theses guys are close

  66. lol no comment…

  67. He knows that Lin is going to save his career

  68. Does Nets look like a playoff team or what?

  69. Agree….

  70. I’ll still hedging on what?

  71. cant imagine what their record would have been had they gotten crabbe or tyler johnson

  72. I kind of like McConnel, a very good back up PG like Delly

  73. lin already did save his career lol. had linsanity not happened kenny may have gotten the boot as well

  74. The problem is he only has one speed.

  75. Damn Yankees pre-empted Nets on YES Network.

  76. I think most of the remaining Nets games will be on YES2.

  77. its about time we beat this team.. tired of losing to the sixers lol

  78. The game is shown on YES2 – check your local TV channel:


  79. Goodwin and 1

  80. two bad plays in a row by lin come on..

  81. Two real bad plays by Lin…

  82. that behind the back pass…

  83. Was that really a foul by Lin?

  84. idk what that was, but hes been doing that a lot this season and its usually not good lol

  85. Yes

  86. yes

  87. Yes, that was a bad TO. Just shoot it.

  88. clear contact

  89. It’s another one of those things he’s working on but hasn’t totally gotten it right yet.

  90. 2 really bad TOs by Lin so far
    he needs to make better decisions

  91. That looked like a leg kick out.

  92. yes but when he does it it makes no sense

  93. he was tryin to give goodwin more chances to shoot before goodwin goes out

  94. the first to wasn’t bad but that behind the back was really a poor decision especially since the nets were starting to run away

  95. shooters do that to get fouls
    if that was Lin, they wouldve called offensive foul on Lin

  96. anderson with a shaqtin

  97. I think he did it because they had a big lead but still poor decision
    and the first one was a poor decision too there was a tall guy with long arms

  98. trying to save his life

  99. RHJ should’ve kicked that one out

  100. dont think lin has to do anythign game.. everyone is shooting lights out

  101. Nets 3s are falling tonight.

  102. Reminder: Tonight’s @BrooklynNets game can be seen on YES2. More: http://bit.ly/2ozihIN

  103. Lopez is a match-up nightmare now. A Big that has the spin move and shoot the 3s. But 1 rebound ouch!

  104. I like that drive by Lin and assist to RHJ. Reminded me of the type he made with big Ed Davis.

  105. nets are playing at a crazy high level tonight

  106. 22222+1

  107. he made foul shot as well 🙂

  108. T_T

  109. say strikes!!!!! T_T

  110. 81 in a half. Takes Kobe a whole game to score that much. LOL.

  111. lin with 9 pts 6 assists and 2 rebs at the half, which is great

  112. lol come on

  113. That should be Lin’s steal, no?

  114. Lin won’t play the fourth. This game is over. Hell id debate them starting the third

  115. may hardly play the 3rd lol. my hope is lin can atleast get his pts up to his season average at 14.

  116. Win Lin got back from injury who would of thought the nets would get 19 wins?

  117. on espn, i think they changed the last steal from lopez to lin.

  118. not many people lol

  119. Should be- he poked it away I thought

  120. When Lin got back how much wins did the nets have? The idea of a healthy Lin all year gets the nets to 30 wins is almost certain now.

  121. 81pts in the 1st half on the road! 81-53

    wow, that had to be a record!

  122. i know it wouldn’t be “smart” to play the 4th…but i wish KA would just keep the regular rotations. They’re the worst team in the NBA as of now, and i know injuries could be an issue…but this game is a statement for next year =(

  123. i just realized rthe nets are about to win their 3rd game in a row for the first time lol

  124. true lol. would be disrespectful to both the starters and opposing team though

  125. dont jinx it lol

  126. Not uncommon for team records to be broken when Lin joins a team.

  127. but like…why? Where is the disrespect coming from? It’s not like the Nets are the Warriors or Cavaliers.

  128. No they won’t play the fourth. Its just unnecessary. imagine if brooke or Lin get injury. they media would come for him.

  129. There’s another half to go. They need to play well. They aren’t going to shoot at such a high percentage for the rest of the game.

  130. I am on Verizon, they don’t have YES2 in my channel list.

  131. Those time really are for the bench of the bench who hardly gets playtime.

  132. come on the nets are not the falcons lmao….too soon?

  133. Nets – 70%fg / 70%3pt…. lol.. wut

  134. great point!

    We need to start listing them, i.e. Hornets road win record last season, I think spanned for years

  135. Yeah…I just wish they’d make a statement with this game. If the 2nd unit doesn’t keep this up and the game comes back to be marginalized…81-53 at the half would be meaningless, everyone forget

  136. “Kenny Atkinson looks like he’s super happy with @JLin7”

  137. ok, Nets just tied the record with 81pts in the 1st half

    “The Nets have matched a franchise record for most points scored in a 1st half ?
    81-53. #BrooklynGrit”

  138. This is likely they way atkinson wants the team to play most nights. of course their shooting percentage is video game like but the movement is great this game

  139. will Lin start the 3rd?

  140. gotta get foye out of there! lol

  141. poor nicholson

  142. I bet he was making fun of Lin stepping on the line.

  143. everyone scored lol geez

  144. wonder why he starting..
    I mean feel for him..but it’s the survival of the fittest.

  145. no idea, sometimes i see foye waving lin off. ignoring him. And he’s still in the rotation? weird.

  146. I’d like to see just once they iso Lin on McConnell

  147. Not a good start!

  148. Here comes the choking.. ?

  149. Twice they couldn’t advance the ball half court!

  150. Thank you Lopez!

  151. 333333

  152. great catch-and-shoot by Lin

  153. 4 more assists…

  154. So Lin with about 5 points this quarter.

  155. i think hes gonna get pulled lol

  156. He should just focus on passing now

  157. i want him to get his ppg up to 14 by end of season

  158. there you go lol

  159. He did pass, but his teammates missed the 3 shots he was trying to assist.

  160. He’ll get it. I predict a high scoring game for him when they play Boston.. Lins gonna bring it to that punk IT

  161. Lin 7th assist to LeVert 2

  162. gotta get to 14 ppg this season

  163. 3 more assists…

  164. lol he is definitely no punk. lets be real lol. dude is like 5, 7 and is averaging close to 30 a game

  165. I like how they always pass to lin now. He’s the main ball handler from what i’m seeing.

  166. Any guy that is on the TmT is a punk!!!

  167. would love to see lin score once more

  168. they’ve tasted Linning and want some more =)

  169. good tie up by lin

  170. 222222

  171. you the new Dorothy now?

  172. shows his athleticism

  173. i live in philly, so i get to watch the games on comcast sports net. i would hope I get the fastest stream


  175. 5 to’s T_T

  176. way too many TOs

  177. lol. true

  178. revenge for those two losses earlier this season

  179. Lin has more rebounds than Lopez!

  180. lin’s out

  181. I guess thats all folks. GG

  182. Don’t think Lin will play in 4Q. I am OK w that… big win…

  183. he’s being a bit ftoo risky with his passes. his pteam mates can’t handle that.

  184. our bigs dont get a ton of rebounds cuz they are always hanging out on the perimeter.. i think sixers commentator said booker had second most rebounds on this team with 6 a game, which is really bad for a big man lol

  185. he def won’t play lol .

  186. 2 more assists to a double-double though…

  187. 3*

  188. He has 2 steal and 7 assists, you can’t have everything.

  189. I want everything.

  190. Missed most of the game. Nice to see Ka continue to play starters and Lin still taking shots after such a huge lead. Now it’s looking like a blow ou with lin and lopez both with 16pts! Sweet!

  191. 16-7-5 very versatile
    Lin might average like 15-6-5 next season cuz Lopez cant rebound for shyt thatd be pretty impressive

  192. 16-7-5-5

  193. that was a great set up by dinwiddie but it bounced off mcdaniels feet lol.

  194. WT? what is going on? Nets crashes 76ers with Lin’s 5 TOs?

  195. Lin with 16pts/7asts/5rebs/2stls with 3 min left in the 3rd quarter
    6-10 shooting with a perfect 2-2 from 3s in 23 min of play

  196. You are right. Lin has 7 assists so far.

    I clearly cannot count in the excitement of anticipating a winning streak of 3 games. Lol.

  197. excellent game from lin.

  198. Think KA reigned in the team and made adjustments instead of his everyone is the PG motion offense all season. 🙂

  199. Lin has good stats, but too many TOs.

  200. I’m very happy .. even if the blowout erases the chance for a Triple-Double LOL

  201. Still hope Lin will play 4th quarter. Just 5 more minutes and no need to close.

  202. Is KA in the mission to get 21 wins?

  203. jeremy did pretty much everything haha! *cough** including turnovers cough** but HEY! what a game from him. Nets need to find a new starter to replace foye and rhj in the offseason

  204. yes, perhaps 76ers will mount a little comeback so starters need to come back

  205. As many as possible to get FAs and show what they can do for mext season!

  206. absolutely, some of the TO’s weren’t bad TO’s just miscommunication and timing from team mates.

  207. High risk high reward it’s his style.

  208. And, this will be Nets’ FIRST winning streak of 3 games this season!!

  209. Turnovers don’t bother me when the momentum is still strong. Linsanity produced some high turnover games, but Lin’s plays outweighed the TOs and produced wins and great memories.

  210. its ok haha he already got one a few seasons back.. triple doubles are being dropped like candy this season anyway

  211. are nets over .500 now when lin plays?

  212. Throw your keyboard against the wall of your rubber room. You’ll feel better.

  213. agreed.. luckily those turnovers were committed when the nets had a substantial lead. lin does need to shoot more tho

  214. you know what would be impressive 31 10 and 10 lol

  215. What happen ? It seems the game is over already.

  216. Lin has a good sense when a risk is worth the benefit. He also has a good sense when you could easily afford a risk. A trait very successful people have.

  217. Any possible to keep 1st rd pick?

  218. well hes not westbrook lol

  219. TO is one way to test the chemistry. Haha

  220. probably not even they send Lopez
    Lopez + Lin maybe but still unlikely

  221. What if it was Lonzo ball – Lin – Lopez ? lol

  222. They’re over 500 since March. There were too many losses when Lin played but for very limited minutes. For example there are 3 losses when Lin played but didn’t start.

  223. Hell no. Plz no Lonzo Ball….I don’t get they hype around him

  224. I don’t get it either.. but he’s more of a team player so I think he’ll do well in any system.

  225. I kinda hope 1 triple-double before the season is over so Nets fans can get super-excited =)

    Very important to give fans something to dream in the off-season lol

  226. That steve nash behind the back pass was pretty careless though

  227. I predict a 30pt game against Boston.. Lin is due for one!

  228. Will Lin play 4Q?

  229. Guess the chance that Lin is needed to come back in the 4th quarter.
    25% or 50%?

  230. 0%

  231. 10%

  232. I wish he’ll be back to get double double.

  233. hehe.. make it at least 1%
    there’s always a chance

  234. Bulls—!

  235. probably not

  236. I like the way you put it. Lol

  237. 16-8-5-5

  238. Full court press, half court trap, Sixers is looking like a NCAA team!

  239. trust the process?

  240. its already a won game and those TO doesn’t matter to a player if the team wins.(stat wise, its not good, alright) but i take it as long as they win. Much that Jeremy liked to have minimal TO, i believe he’s a bit lax right now and experimenting on how to give passes that are more riskier but can yield high reward

  241. They’re having some success but don’t work in the nba.

  242. I felt bad for Nicholson – just got a tech foul. Hope he would score some.

  243. Lin has been the rebounding leader in the starting unit for two consecutive games.

  244. Hamilton has been disappointing. I hope they get rid of him next season if possible

  245. Nets has its first 3-game winning streak this season!

  246. Turnovers are highly overrated. During Linsanity Lin had around 6-7 a game but they won 7 in a row. I’m so sick of hearing about Lin’s turnovers. Why don’t people talk about Westbrook or Harden’s turnovers they lead the league? You can have very low turnovers play it safe and never accomplish anything.

  247. Lol. Looks like Hornets aren’t making playoffs this year

  248. dont instigate publicly

  249. Yeah and he only played 3 Quarters

  250. Yeah, they probably won’t.

  251. Lol

  252. Exactly and it pays off more often than not. Don’t forget during Linsanity he turned the ball over 6-7 times a game and they went 7-0. Turnovers are overrated.

  253. Exactly. For some reason If Lin has 5 turnovers in a game everybody notices. Westbrook & Harden average 6 a game and nobody even mentions it.

  254. Nets are 10-10 in their last 20 games…and that’s with minutes-restricted Lin. There’s no doubt they would have made the playoffs as the 7th/8th seed if Lin had stayed healthy.

    Sad to see this season mostly wasted, but at least the potential of a Lin-led team has been confirmed. And Kenny can learn from his rookie coaching mistakes in the offseason.

  255. Westbrook just tied the Big O for most triple doubles in a season

  256. KA was asked if the difference was all because of Jeremy coming back. Of course he had to say no.

  257. Only the top players in the NBA get a lot of TOs lol

  258. Yeah, you definitely can’t say that out loud. Even if Lebron were asked if he’s the reason Cleveland won a title, he’d probably say no. “I’m the leader, but my teammates make us great…” etc.

  259. I think w/o Lin these undrafted & DL players will not have their chance in NBA like they do now.

  260. I feel bad for Hamilton. He only plays garbage time now, but he he’s super-skilled but never got a chance due to his vision/migraine problems and Lin’s injury.

    I’d definitely give him another chance next season.

  261. They tried hard to push Lopez’s value… if you all only credit to Lin… not good idea…lol!

  262. LOL! thats niagra falls! Raining hard on the 76ers for sure.

  263. Did you guys watch Lin’s last post game interview? He talked about what he thinks of KA’s coaching and about character. I thought that was one of his best interviews. Await his today’s interview.

  264. JLin’s highlights for tonight. Another fantastic shooting game for Lin.

  265. Lin’s more than just a poster guy of un-drafted players. Persevering through prejudice and maltreatment, he’s a special talent who has the uncanny ability to significantly elevate the play of his teammates. Not something most undrafted players can do.

  266. i’m first to give you a LIKE

  267. Well said!!

  268. Exactly, Lin makes TOS because guys aren’t looking for passes. Good TOs lead players to be better off ball players. When the pass whizzes by them, they realize that had they been there, they would have scored.

  269. Wow, respect tj for speaking the true

  270. We don’t want Lin to stand under the basket like Westbrook to stat pad his rebounds. Lol. It’s all about culture. No stat matters, only wins.

  271. Yes McDaniels and Goodwin really elevated the bench! Both were great finds by Marks! You can tell just by KA giving them more minutes! Past few games if you look at the minutes divided among players you can tell who are the most important and valued by KA and Nets! Still don’t think Lopez should be traded.

  272. “The Nets score 141 points and win their 3rd straight game. No, really.”

  273. Why aren’t you just happy the team has blown out a team for 3 straight! Smh

  274. Was it real?

  275. This post gives no indication of whether I’m happy or not. I simply provided an interesting excerpt from KAs post game interview. SMH.

  276. He’s a…..as I’ve said in the past. KA was desperate otherwise, lin’s still injured.

  277. Only winning matters.

  278. He’s a true lin fan who believed he was robbed by his own coach

  279. I’m the 12th =)

  280. Not something most All-Stars can do! To actually elevate the play of your teammates is a very rare talent. It’s why superstars like Melo keep losing year after year. Kyrie did jack squat until Lebron came back.

  281. McDaniels is also a great leaper/dunker. If he can crack the starting lineup next season, he and Lin could have some Landry/Lin-style alley-oops.

  282. Although he clearly loves Kenny, I’m glad that he flat-out said that Kenny can (and will) improve as a coach.

    Over the summer, Kenny needs to figure out how to unleash Lin’s scoring ability more. He can certainly average 20ppg in 32mpg with proper usage. Jeremy is unselfish. Get him going and he’ll make sure others get going too.

    If you have him start too pass-first, he loses his rhythm and refs don’t give him any 50/50 calls.

  283. He started his reply with, “Greg, …” So it might have been Greg Logan of Newsday who asked the question. I was happy the question was asked?.

  284. Ya! Compare to what Marks did last summer, these two really give our bench a big upgrade in O & D.

  285. Cheers to character and always wanting to get better

  286. I don’t know about that, really. Lin averaging about 14 now and you think he can jump up to 20. I really don’t think he scores that much due to his own emphasis on getting other players shots. He likes to get RHJ and Lopez going, he had a TO tonight because he wanted to get Archie a shot. I think maybe Lin can get to 16, but I don’t really think his game is a 20 ppg player. And not because he’s not capable of it, mind you. Just, that’s not his mentality and approach to the game. I’d like to see his assists go up, but he needs better 3 point shooters and RHJ and others to finish better at the rim to get the assists up.

    KA is a good coach that can improve due to his hard work, wanting to get better, emphasizing character, stuff like that. And, I think if we judge a coach we have to look at how he builds in getting the most out of the team, develops young players, expands the games of veterans, and how hard guys play for him. Then there is the in-game adjustments which clearly KA is learning on the job. I just don’t really agree that there is going to be any unleashing of Lin’s scoring, I think Lin’s scoring will be about 15/16 a season, but he has to build up to that.

  287. I would love to see Lin’s stats go up to 20 ppg but today’s game is very typical Lin’s game plan for the team… lots of players got double digit stats but no really big number….Well, if KA really allows Lin to play his game next season then I will be very happy….

  288. Im the 15th!!!!

  289. I am the last…hehe

  290. Not really, hehe…

  291. I know…hehe

  292. Is @Dinoneseus:disqus Still here? lol He seems sleeps a lot lately…:P

  293. Everyone is the PG is not motion offense.

  294. Maybe that is why Nets are winning abundant games. Lol.

  295. We should give him another good dose of elephant tranquilliser…

  296. Hmmm havent seen the sleeping beauty for a looooooong time

  297. if lin played under mda he would surely average 18-22 a game though

  298. He doesn’t and I’m not so sure even if he did. This isn’t the 23 year old Lin fighting to stay in the NBA. This is the 28 year old veteran who is now mentoring other players, is the captain of his team, and who is the head PG and almost like a player-coach in actively making his young teammates better. He isn’t trying to put up so many shots that he scores so much, or pat his stats. He wants to win, and to do that he needs his teammates to play better. I’ve closed the D’Antoni book a long time ago. This Lin is not Linsanity 2012, and I don’t think we’ll see that Lin showing up much although sure, he’ll have his 20 plus and 30 plus scoring games next season (provided he stays healthy). But this is a different player, and he’s got a different purpose now. And he’s doing a fantastic job of it right now.

  299. yeah, he had napped for too long.
    I should send him an email to wake him up 🙂

  300. I agree Lin in Nets” is a player-coach. ” I believe Lin will be the first Asian NBA coach in the future.

  301. WHy do we constantly worry about stats? If this coach and GM really care about culture, then throw those stats out the window and just focus on wins while building everyone’s game. Lin don’t care about Westbrook stats because he wants the team to play well together. This team will keep improving because he will try everything to make everyone better. To Lin, if he can put his foot up after 3, it’s a win win for him. It means he’s done his job and bench gets play time.

  302. KA just need to ask JLIN to score and he will score, but as we know, KA asked JLIN to facilitate more and put the scoring as secondary thats why he is doing it. I can see JLIN as 30 points guy with 10++ assist and 5 to 7 rebounds , 2 to 4 steals, if he really thinks its necessary, but he’s a guy who follow the teams principle different from what other players are thinking for themselves

  303. Erik Spoelstra is the first Asian American head coach in the NBA, Jeremy can be the first Chinese American head coach in the NBA.

  304. Very interesting Brook-Lin winning rate for the Nets

    “Brooklyn Nets this season:
    12-15 when both Jeremy Lin & Brook Lopez start
    7-44 when only one or neither of them start”

  305. I watched old highlights of Lin. What I miss the most is an Ed Davis PNR center for the dunks. I also missed a high flyer that would catch long passes for alley oops – Landry, Shumpert, Wesley Johnson, and Jeremy Lamb. The last one could dunk and kill ya as a shooter.

    Interestingly, both Ed Davis and Jeremy Lamb have fallen out of favor with their current teams and looked their best alongside Lin. I would love these two ex-teammates to join Lin and the Nets. Which ex-teammates do others feel would look good with the Nets and are actually possible acquisitions?

  306. couldve been 13-14 or 14-13

  307. and don’t forget that first few games, they were not doing pnr .. it was mostly lopez low post.
    there is a lot of brooklin connection in the latter games.

  308. coach Spo is the first American with Filipino decent head coach in the NBA, and Jeremy could be the first American with Taiwanese-chinese decent later.

  309. RHJ at 4 is getting more PnR with Lin.

    Brook-Lin is more a PnP combo to me.

  310. Lin is a very special player not only because he’s a great athlete. He was tested top 3 with John Wall for speed, quickness and acceleration. Why he was never drafted and ignore is mostly racial bias but also it’s to do with how he plays the game outside of the box.

    We all have PTSD fears that Lin will be treated badly again if he doesn’t get recognition the same way all other “star” players do. This was also why scouts didn’t see Lin’s real value because they use the common metrics of today’s “stars”. I hear a lot of fans say how they hated the NBA and only watch because of Lin. Well, this is why! Lin is like old school where winning is about the team and not individual accomplishments.

    Marks and Atkinson wanted Lin for this very thing no one sees or wants to see, that team culture is NOT INDIVIDUAL ACCOMPLISHMENTS, its team wins and team building. Lin’s done that all his life and has finally found bosses that believes in him and shares exactly the same view.

    When reporters ask leading questions to single out one player, it’s a sound bite that promotes what the reporter wants to make of it and not what the team wants to promote. Lin is the first person to deflect acknowledgements to his teammates. WHy do we need affirmation if Lin’s bosses align themselves with Lin’s own thinking?

    It’s time for us to lay down our fears and PTSD and just feel confident about the process. The only thing that matters to Lin is team wins and team building. The proof is in the wins and wins alone and stats are metrics most other NBA teams use. The Nets use the same metric as Lin’s own game. Let’s just enjoy the ride.

  311. Nets’ lottery pick … (via Kevin Pelton / ESPN)

    The Brooklyn Nets seemed to have the top spot in the lottery wrapped up months ago on behalf of the Boston Celtics, who have the right to swap picks with the Nets. But Tuesday’s 141-118 win over Philadelphia was Brooklyn’s sixth win in the last nine games.

    With three wins in their last four games, the Nets could tie the L.A. Lakers and/or Phoenix Suns.

  312. I thought he’s half Asian only.

  313. If Lin’s healthy all season, I am sure Nets will be in playoff list now.

  314. disagree, mda is a pg esque system than encourages its players to shoot the ball.. heck even ish smith was starting to look like an all star playing under him. the entire offense is run through the pg its not a motion offense system and it is designed to get players to the rim, which is Lin’s specialty (will be again when he works on it this off season again.)

  315. yeah i like their chemistry.. but i really wish rhj just stuck to his role.. there are times where he and booker think they are the point guard and just run across half court only to turn the ball over and have their shot blocked

  316. All we do is Lin Lin Lin!

  317. If Lin is healthy all season, KA will probably win the coach of the year. 🙂

  318. agreed.. winning is about mroe than one player.. tony parker who is one of the great pg’s to play in this era only had like 2 seasons where he averaged 20 points because he also played on a team that implements the motion offense

  319. The Nets shows huge improvement in both O&D in the recent three games. There are four more games to go: Magics/Bulls/Celtics/Bulls.
    I’ll say the tough one will be against the Celtics. It’s like a final exam for them as well as the coaching staff. Hope they’ll beat them, also the Bulls, to close the season perfectly!

  320. Lin’s basketball motto: To make everyone better!!

  321. The Nets 2016-2017 graduation photo. Some of them will be gone next year I guess.

  322. Both Lakers and the Suns have 22-56 record but they want to tank badly while the Nets don’t.

    It will really be up to the Nets to try to reach 22 Wins. Hope they can make it

  323. We hate Lin’s selfish teams who pat their own stats, but many fans here keep asking Lin to pat stat himself… I don’t understand.

  324. “I’d say the way we got the shots was like, really beautiful to me,” Lin said. “Beautiful basketball. Super unselfish.”

  325. Right at this moment, I actually wouldn’t mind having KJ as the starting SF and have LeVert moving to SG next year. KJ is showing how much of a utility guy he is… jack of all trades.

  326. Brown was whistled for a technical foul in the third. … Brown said a lopsided loss this late in the season was like, a “poke in the eye.”

  327. “We’re just trying to make the right play,” Lin said. “And I think we understand now better than we did in the past: Where are we getting our shots and where are we getting our touches? … I felt like tonight it came together, to some degree.”

  328. and I will be the first American with Chinese-Hong Kong decent later 🙂

  329. very true. thanks for reminding us. Lin is a true competitor who wants to win. I’m equally happy if he scores 20 points or make 10 assists…

  330. that’s why he is the major factor

  331. one would hope most of them as there are only 3 or 4 nba quality players on this team.

  332. RHJ never fail to gimme a heart attack every time he brings the ball up court and try to score….

  333. the bulls game at home is winable as the bulls are extremely erratic they can be good or really bad. (as they were in last nites loss). to possibly break the season forecast (vegas) it could come down to the last game in chicago.

  334. locquacious

  335. the problem is this team (as its coach perpetually reminds in his post game conferences) is not about winning; at least this season. whether that “systems progress” mentality continues next year with a (hopeful) healthy lin is the question.

  336. fears are real. i dont agree that lins goals and the nets goals are in alignment. it could change. can’t really tell anything by this season about that; have to wait till next year. but the one thing lin did show and especially in this last blast (6-3 in their last nine with lin playing most of the time at or above his avg season minutes) is that (for the first time ever actually) he is capable in being just as effective in reduced playing time as he is getting significant playing time.

    take what yer dealt and do the best you can to make something good out of it. once again.

  337. can they get 22? i thought it was only 21. im a bit jet lagged. have to check. i would say 2 of the last 4 are very winable and it could come down to that last game in chi. and what the bulls situation is at that time. (ie do they have incentive to win). (maybe more importantly do ka/marks?)

  338. KJ is the fifth highest paid player in the team with Nicholson getting paid an increditble $6M+
    Yes, I agree with you that KJ could start for this team.
    No doubt starters could come from the following: Lin, Brook, Booker, KJ, RHJ, LeVert.
    If Booker must lead the bench. The starters will be Lin, Brook, RHJ, LeVert, McDaniels.

  339. Thanks for keeping tap

  340. Nets this season is very much like an expansion team except Brook-Lin and so they mature really fast.

  341. Too bad this game was a blow out or else, Lin would had finished with 20 points.

  342. or 40! LOL

  343. that’s MO.

  344. Lin’s post game interview?

  345. Those who are gone could only play overseas.

  346. Seems the Celtics game is the most interesting one to watch.

  347. Let’s make lemonade with the lemons Lin’s been given. Sure, Atkinson is flawed and sometimes acts like a lemon but he at least wants Lin as the leader of the team on court and maybe even off.

    I know as well from experience that being Asian, you face a lot of bias in team dynamics. The resistance is there to allow Lin to take the reigns. We’d like to believe that his talent and the wins would change people’s minds, but that’s not what has happened with his past teams. Marks and Atkinson let’s it known that they stand behind Lin. That in itself says everything to me. Players have to accept it if the boss says so.

    I love this Native American parable for all us Lin fans.

    One evening an old Cherokee told his grandson about a battle that goes on inside people.
    He said, “My son, the battle is between two wolves inside us all.
    “One is Evil – It is anger, envy, jealousy, sorrow, regret, greed, arrogance, self-pity, guilt, resentment, inferiority, lies, false pride, superiority, and ego.
    “The other is Good – It is joy, peace, love, hope, serenity, humility, kindness, benevolence, empathy, generosity, truth, compassion and faith.”
    The grandson thought about it for a minute and then asked his grandfather: “Which wolf wins?”
    The old Cherokee simply replied, “The one you feed.”

  348. He’s just like anyone of Lin’s teammates who can improve.

  349. McDaniels has shown his defense and it’s quite good.

  350. In Lin’s mind, a perfect night would be 16-20pts, 10-14 assists, with him not having to play the forth. It means that the team has already secured a win and bench gets lots of playtime to improve.

    The reverse is if he has to score 25-35 pts with 5 assists. That means that no one else is scoring and he has to take control to win the game by his own. Do you remember how Lin was so upset with himself in a Linsanity game that at half time he watch films to see how he could get Tyson going? That’s how Lin thinks IMO. If he has to take more shots in order to win, he feels he’s failed as a leader.

    I’ve had to rethink my own expectations of his stats as well to adjust to his role in the Nets. I’m really hoping that with success, Lin will remain with the Nets for a very long time as a player and work his way up to coach after he retires. That would be yet another glass ceiling broken by Lin.

  351. Lol, Linning isn’t locquacius, it’s locomotive. Lin is the engine of this team afterall.

  352. It’s fear IMO. We fear that unless Lin meets the common accepted metrics of “superstar”, he’ll again be mistreated. I’m hoping that he has finally found a home and bosses that thinks like him.

  353. Guess how many of them may be kept next season
    Contracts of players (*guaranteed)
    *Brook Lopez $22,642,350
    *Jeremy Lin $12,000,000
    *Trevor Booker $9,125,000
    *Andrew Nicholson $6,362,998
    *Justin Hamilton $3,000,000
    *Quincy Acy $1,709,538
    *Caris LeVert $1,632,480
    *Rondae Hollis-Jefferson $1,455,720
    *Isaiah Whitehead $1,122,248

    K.J. McDaniels $3,476,874
    Archie Goodwin $1,577,230
    Joe Harris $1,524,305
    Spencer Dinwiddie $1,524,305
    Sean Kilpatrick $1,524,305
    Randy Foye

  354. Didn’t know Nicholson got paid so much but he almost never played…..???

  355. Yes Sean Marks knows that when he makes the trade to get a first round draft choice which would cost the team $19,911,007 for the next 3 years (the contract is guaranteed)
    That’s why I say this is a bad trade because that will cost the team $20M for a late first round pick.

  356. I think they probably going to trade him otherwise why DNP him?

  357. I doubt if they can find a taker!

  358. If so then KA should let him plays…. weird.

  359. I think you’re probably right. All I heard from Marks talked about this trade only first round pick… never mentioned anything about this player…..

  360. KA couldn’t because he wants to win games.

  361. So he’s bad…?

  362. He hasn’t shown anything at all. I just couldn’t imagine that he deserves such a contract. He probably couldn’t make the team if his contract is not guaranteed.

  363. Then he must have a good agent knows how to get big pay for him 🙂

  364. Yeah…thats a mystery!

    On February 22, 2017, Nicholson was traded, along with Marcus Thornton and a 2017 first round draft pick, to the Brooklyn Nets in exchange for Bojan Bogdanović and Chris McCullough.[26] On March 17, 2017, he had a season-high 11 points in 17 minutes off the bench in a 98–95 loss to the Boston Celtics.[27]

  365. Looks good I think they should give him some playing time since he got paid so much…lol!

  366. He is sitting on his $20M contract now.

  367. ESPN Stats and Information

    In what’s otherwise been a season to forget, the Brooklyn Nets put together one of their best performances of the season in their 141-118 win over the Philadelphia 76ers on Tuesday night.

  368. 1st round is precious especially to the nets who is in rebuilding mode. 6M a year is not a lot when you have nobody you can trade for 1st rd pick beside lopez or maybe lin straight up. Bog is scheduled to sign for a lot more money whom also had no use for the nets. This is a good trade by sm.

  369. Lin breaking records.

  370. Hey guys, Nets Store Swingman jerseys are down to $44 now (replicas are $24-$28). Great deal for those who can’t make it to Barclays’ Swag Shop where they’re selling them for $20:


  371. http://sports.yahoo.com/news/nets-rout-76ers-third-straight-win-033425837–nba.html
    Washington (AFP) – The Brooklyn Nets, long languishing out of NBA playoff contention, are looking to the future — and a third straight win, 141-118 over the Philadelphia 76ers on Tuesday, is a step in the right direction.

    “We are getting better, and I’m just thankful to see that,” said Jeremy Lin, whose 16 points matched the 16 of teammate Brook Lopez in the blow-out victory.

    Lin’s three-point play just before the halftime buzzer gave the Nets 81 first-half points — matching a 34-year-old club record.

    They powered home in the second half to claim their first three-game winning streak of what has been a less than memorable season.

    Nets coach Kenny Atkinson noted that the 76ers, who have lost five players for the season to injury, were “a little short-handed.”

    But he was pleased that his players were able to “take care of business” against their depleted foes.

    He said the return of Lin in mid-February, after a 26-game absence with a strained hamstring, had marked a steady, if slow, change of fortunes.

    “One thing about Jeremy being back — it puts everyone else in place,” he said. “Everyone’s kind of settled into their roles.”

    Lin had seven assists Tuesday, as did teammates Caris LeVert and Spencer Dinwiddie.

    The Nets shot 70 percent from the floor in the first half and 70.6 percent from three-point range. Eight Nets players scored in double figures for the game.

    They trailed only in the opening minutes, using a 13-2 scoring run to claim an 18-8 lead that they stretched to 40-27 after one quarter.

    “We’re just trying to make the right play,” Lin said. “And I think we understand now better than we did in the past: Where are we getting our shots and where are we getting our touches? … I felt like tonight it came together, to some degree.”

  372. “Nets are 10-10 with starting lineup of Lin, Lopez, RHJ, LeVert and Foye with bench anchored by Booker and Dinwiddie”

  373. Agreed.

  374. Getting a first round pick for 1 year and then pay $6M for 3 years is not exactly a good deal.
    Archie Goodwin is a first rounder, Trevor Booker is a first rounder and so are RHJ, LeVert and Andrew Nicholson. Anthony Bennett is a lottery pick. First rounder could be a bust too..

  375. Good team highlights posted by @BrooklynNets

    There’s a lot of Lin, KJ McDaniel, and Dinwiddie good plays.
    Dinwiddie’s length has helped Nets defense lately.

  376. I think Marks should just keep Dinwiddie as backup PG for Nets. This unit seems to work well now.

  377. Did you know the bought a 2nd Rd pick for $4M to pick whitehead? From a GM to to have $100M to spend a year to run a team is not the same as what a fan thought.
    Do you know bog was making $5M already?

  378. 6M is nothing they have to spend money anyways
    also, LeVert is a steal for where they got him, wouldve been a lottery pick if not for the injuries
    the thing is you never know with ur draft picks some will develop others will shyt the bed
    but typically you get better players in first round if you do your research right
    Morey’s analytics told him to pick Lin around 15th back in 2010, guess what, the way he plays now, he shouldve been a first rounder
    and spurs first round picks or even 2nd rounds usually turn out to be pretty good and Sean Marks is from that organization
    so this was a good trade

  379. My goodness, I paid $55 and $35 respectively last time when you posted and thought it was a great deal already…

  380. $55 WAS a great deal. In fact, I bought 2 jerseys from that sale at $55 and 1 jersey when they were on sale for $77 in December. It sucks that they’re being clearanced out now and I didn’t wait, but sizes were running out, so I felt I had to get them before they sold out.

  381. I agree. Dinwiddie somewhat provides similar role to Shaun Livingston as backup PG; perhaps more on the defensive side than offensive side.

    It’s amazing how confident players get when they get enough PT and know their role.
    Dinwiddie was initially super cautious to distribute the ball and not shoot but he got better later to be more aggressive.

  382. you know it takes them like only 3 bucks each to make right.

  383. Ya! Nets bench played good D than our starters. This unit played well now.

  384. 1. You have no proof how much these cost to be made.

    2. There’s also shipping costs (both from manufacturer and to the customer), cost of storage, licensing costs, quality control, cost of people returning items, cost of using credit card companies / PayPal, taxes, etc. that you’re not factoring in.

    3. If everyone bought everyday products at cost, no company would make any money.

    4. I try not to buy things at retail price.

    5. Who cares?

  385. 1. You have no proof how much these cost to be made.
    Dont need proof. I know..from Import export business and connections. That’s how I know.

    2. There’s also shipping costs, cost of storage, licensing costs, quality control, cost of people returning items, etc. that you’re not factoring in.
    Still doesn’t cost as much as you think. Those are just stuff on top. Branding is what the profiting from. Why you think they can make money still selling it at 10 bucks.

    3. If everyone bought everyday products at cost, no company would make any money.
    Yes, but there is a price point where certain ppl will pay.. Just like real estate and other merchandises.

    4. I try not to buy things at retail price.
    Me neither. But requires more work than usual. So I just say f-k it and buy if I feel like it because I have dough.

    5. Who cares?
    I do. Don’t want to be suckered in.

  386. 1. Dont need proof. I know..from Import export business and connections. That’s how I know.

    ROFL you still have no proof and are just talking out your butt. You don’t have any idea what these cost and you’re just making up some random number.

    2. Still doesn’t cost as much as you think. Those are just stuff on top. Branding is what the profiting from. Why you think they can make money still selling it at 10 bucks.

    Doesn’t cost as much as I think? More like you have no idea how much things actually cost other than cost of production. There’s a ton of added cost on products we all purchase. Again, you’re talking out your butt.

    3. Yes, but there is a price point where certain ppl will pay.. Just like real estate and other merchandises.

    It’s called supply and demand. Right now, there is too much supply for these jerseys because Nets didn’t play well this year (before All-star break) and Lin was out for too many games. So they’re clearing out their stock because next year, Nike is taking over. Basic economics.

    4. Me neither. But requires more work than usual. So I just say f-k it and buy if I feel like it because I have dough.

    So why are you here arguing? People who want to say F it and buy these jerseys at a significant discount will buy it. Know-it-alls like you won’t. Gotta love people like you who try to tell people how much these cost when it doesn’t affect you one bit since you’re not going to buy the jerseys anyway. I come back to post a good deal on Lin gear and in you come to bash it. Glad I don’t post here anymore so I don’t have to deal with dbags like you.

    5. I do. Don’t want to be suckered in.

    So don’t buy it. You think you’re being a nice guy by warning people not to be suckered in? Or are you trying to make yourself feel better for not buying Lin / Nets jerseys?

  387. Why don’t they ship internationally~~~~??

  388. An interesting quote from Dr. Marcus Elliott, a sports scientist who has studied hundreds of athletes from both the NFL and the NBA, and the physical toll each sport takes on its players :

    “The NBA is harder than the NFL, even if it doesn’t have the big contact injuries,” Elliott said. “NFL games are brutal on the body. At some positions they are head-to-toe bruise, and then they basically rest from high-intensity loading for five or six days.”

    NBA players, Elliott said, seldom have time for meaningful recovery.

    “NBA pace and intensity has gotten so high. It’s so ballistic, with accelerations and change of directions, even the athletes who are best adapted to play the game incur some tissue damage, with muscle soreness generally peaking 24-48 hours out, at which point they can be playing another game after a long flight and crappy sleep. Do this 82 times, plus playoffs … that’s a recipe for injury.”

    See : http://www.espn.com/nba/story/_/page/presents19071734/end-82-game-nba-season

  389. i recently posted that randy foye was arguably statistically the worst starter in the nba (this season); interesting how old names comes up…i did find another possible choice tho not sure how much hes a starter at present: lin’s old faux-bromancer the vainglorious chandler parsons would give foye a run for his money for worst.

    also noting in this search another old name: in the category of points per shot (one of my personal favorite scoring efficiency guidelines) the “head of the snake” himself ronnie price comes in dead last among all nba players playing in at least 10 games.

  390. This is as I suspected. The similarities of jarring movements to tennis and the grinding stop and go of the game on hard court also produces many injuries…and that’s without contact! The only saving grace is that players are only required to play 13 events (unless that’s changed since I last remembered). One of my favourite young players has had repeated injuries to his hamstring, just like my favourite basketball player.

    People don’t realize how long the season is and how much grind it is to play 80-100 games. No matter how good a shape you are in, you need time to recuperate and replenish muscles. AFter injuries, it’s imperative that players build up that recuperative power as well as rebuilding conditioning. It must be a balance ledger or you’ll hurt yourself again.

    In reality, the NBA is a marathon made up of a series of high intensity bursts. IMO, the performance team of past special forces specialist may be good at building conditioning nut they aren’t used to preparing people to be more able to recuperate and regenate their bodies.

  391. it was 7 assists

  392. Parsons been injured all season hes a lost cause but he’s leagues better than old man Foye who really has no business playing at all KA is an i diot for playing him still

  393. I’m Betting on 23 Wins!
    Nets All the Way!!!
    If I believe that they can make 7-8th seed since Lin’s back then 4 more straight wins is very probable. Then… We did have a Linsanity season afterall ?

  394. You see? That’s the price you pay for not being a regular here. Regulars know that @Dan cohen is the dumbest, most annoying mf you’ll ever encounter online or in the real world. When he has something particularly moronic to say he posts copies on both JLin fan sites. We’ve learned to ignore him.

  395. ““I don’t think it’s just Jeremy,” Atkinson said of the transformation. “I think our habits are starting to kick in a little better. It’s us getting a little more familiar with each other, the system.

    Let me translate what Atkinson said. In other words “there was nothing wrong with my system and coaching. The motion offense and equal playing time does work. It just took time and one more player.”

    Atkinson learned nothing. They win not because Lin compensated for their flaws, it’s because the system needed more time and they were short handed earlier.

  396. Another interesting article from Chris Baldwin

  397. I love Chris Baldwin, but as a houstonian myself I wish he stop writing articles about Lin in a local paper. The articles now seem silly. Jeremy has not been in Houston for 3 seasons now. People don’t consider Lin part of Rockets history like Yao or Francis. Let it go.

  398. Painful to say it, but people in Houston really love Beverly.

  399. What Greg Logan didn’t write is that he asked KA the following question: How do you account for the dramatic turnaround? Is it all just Jeremy Lin?

    On the one hand you just know he couldn’t say, yes it’s all Jeremy. With him we have Linsanity and without him we’re the worst in the league. It’s probably not good for Jeremy, the team or anyone for him to say that.

    On the other hand, as he went on to elaborate his answer, he could have given Lin a lot more credit than just pushing everyone else into their proper positions. But however he had to answer for political reasons, we can only hope that he and Marks realize how valuable Lin is and don’t think that any starting-caliber PG would do just as well.

  400. Really? That really shows how low class Houstonians are which align with the treatments Lin received at Houston. Sorry to say that…

  401. goon lover city

  402. Hornets lost to Heat LOL I am happy

  403. He is on local advertisement and people think of him as tenacious, gritty, and a hardworking type of player. Baldwin is correct. HIs defense is a myth but he looks active. He also makes spot up three pointers occasionally so he seems to be contributing to the offense in spots. Then again MDA offense caters to people making three pointers.

  404. That’s the final nail in the coffin of the Hornets’ playoff hopes for this season. And by losing to the Heat tonight, that increases the chance the Pacers also miss the playoffs which will result in the Nets getting an additional 2nd round pick.

  405. Glad Lin left Houston and I believe Lin will never go back there as long as Morey is the GM.

  406. Good point about making his answer politically correct. I believe KA likes, trusts, and values Lin. My concern is that Atkinson doesn’t feel he made any mistakes. Admitting your mistakes is difficult but necessary to improve.

  407. My bad, Nets do not play against Heat, it is Bulls they will meet twice

  408. We don’t face the Heat anymore. But maybe the last game against the Bulls? We’ll have to watch the standings closely.

  409. I also think it is time to move on.

    1-star system with Harden or Westbrook would have a hard-time beating multi-stars team like GSW or the Cavs. Harden made the choice not to share the spotlight with Lin and Dwight and there will always be a ceiling to the team’s accomplishment.

    Let the next few years play out, then people would wonder what could’ve been if Houston chose to develop Harden/Lin/Parsons/Dwight.

    Bev is good but he’s not a game-changer. With him as backup PG, Houston could’ve challenged GSW. It really comes back to Harden’s ego to be an offensive star and choosing Bev to cover his lack of defensive effort.

    I haven’t watched Houston lately. Has Harden put more effort in defense?

  410. Do you think Lin is being dishonest when he says Kenny is doing a good job? I think Atkinson has said plenty how much Lin matters and this time said it’s not all Lin, but in addition to Lin it is guys becoming more familiar with each other and the system, developing, etc.

  411. I agree. In fact I’m concerned that we can beat bad teams like the Magic but to beat Celtics or Bulls, KA needs to fix the starting lineup.

  412. Some of the next games are going to be hard. Celtics are going to try to keep their 1 seed, so that game they are probably going all-out to win. And I don’t think they’ll take the Nets lightly, either. The Bulls are fighting with the Heat to try to stay in the 7th or 8th spot, so they probably will be playing the Nets hard as well. The most likely W is tomorrow if the Nets play well, but the final 3 games won’t be easy. I think they are possible, but they will be well-earned, tough wins against maybe the top team in the East and a likely playoff-bound team.

  413. 1000% correct. All teams scout lin when the play with the nets.

  414. I think feelings cloud judgement. Lin is not dishonest. Lin is Atkinson’s friend. He really believes Atkinson is doing a good job.

    At 1-27 with bad defense, I really believe Atkinson is doing a bad job and I believe Coach Lin is doing a good job.

  415. Well, he only mentions Lin in passing, comparing the irrationality of LOHs and Curry-haters. Chris Baldwin is way too smart for the environment he’s living in. This agonized rant about the ignorance, arrogance, and alternate-reality fantasies of Houston’s athletes, owner, and so-called sports commentators makes me wonder if the awfulness of it all isn’t wearing him down. Good writer. Needs more fresh air.

  416. Bunch of racists in that Southern state, nothing more.

  417. I think Atkinson is doing what needs to be done for the team, culture, rebuilding of the Nets after the Billy King era. Those familiar with the Nets know that King did a terrible job and the players didn’t play well for the former GM and coach, or show care or effort. Looking at the Nets now, they embrace Atkinson’s system, play hard for him, and now, with Lin back, they are getting wins. Atkinson is slowly learning how to make adjustments. I don’t think he’s doing a bad job at all, and I think there’s a desire of fans here to have Atkinson give Lin a D’Antoni type of role as well as play Lin more minutes. I think playing Lin more minutes would be unwise based on the schedule and that Lin is coming off of injury. And I think Kenny will play the system that is engrained in him from his years of working with the Hawks, and that’s the system we’ll see going forward. But he already has Lin doing more PnRs with both Lopez and RHJ than we’ve seen, he’s already altered the system around Lin some.

  418. I actually like him too. Plays hard, a fighter.

  419. Never going back Morey there or NOT! Can’t ever trust an FO like that especially with such a toxic FO and fans! Rockets will never be a Championship or significant team in the NBA.

  420. Beverley is a good guy, and a closet LOF. I remember him cheering Lin on last season during the playoffs.

  421. great post. Im actually surprised that the rockets are doing so well this season. I think part of the reason for their success has alot to do with Eric Gordon and Ryan Anderson. Both players are just below the cut off to all-stars

  422. Foye isn’t supposed to be an all-star caliber player. He is supposed to be a reliable vet, a guy every team needs to help out the kids and keep the team disciplined. And also someone to give out advice.

  423. Haha hornets. Practically Third in the east with lin. Without lin can’t make playoffs

  424. I think starting lineup is fine for the most part minus Foye. You can see KA trying Lin x Lopez more with 2nd unit as well as McDaniels. i doubt Foye would start next season once McDaniels get more familiar with the offense!

    RHJ has improved a lot this season, he still does a few boneheaded mistakes but he gets rebounds, make good passes, and has learned to get to the rim, dunk when needed, and hit a few mid jumpers. You just can’t ignore his rebounding and defense advantage from his height and long arms. Also with Lopez hitting 3s, RHJ playing the PF isn’t bad at all.

  425. We can take on both the bulls and the celtics. Just need the team to be in sync, play solid defense and a little bit of luck. Realistically speaking though, we will win tomorrow against magic and have a high probability of losing the 3 games after that. I have a feeling that if we win tomorrow against magic, then we will go on to win one more game, likely one of the bulls’ matchups.

  426. As of now, the Celtics are #2 in standing in the EC, behind the Cavaliers.

    You are right it will be a tough match for Nets, as Celtics will fight hard to rise to #1.

  427. Disagree about RHJ. He’s not a better rebounder than Booker or Acy and he’s much worse on defense against opposing 4s. He creates a huge vulnerability on defense that Lin and Lopez struggle to compensate for. In fact KA knows this. During crunch time, the last 4 minutes of the Hawks win, KA took him out for Booker.

  428. very true, Gordon and Anderson are sharp-shooters so they thrive off Harden’s playmaking ability.

    But when playoff comes, the ref calls would be fewer for Harden like before. CP3 had these issues too so that’s why he struggled in most playoff. Teams just need to focus to slow down Harden but GSW has so many game-changers in Curry/KD/Draymond/Klay that Houston has to pick their poison.

  429. True but the later two doesn’t make great assists or passes for Lin to score. RHJ has done that many times passing the ball for a cutting Lin or passing the ball out for Lin 3s. Also speed wise RHJ is quicker. Acy and Booker are both slow and would not make well with Lopez. We’ve see Booker play with Lopez beginning of he season and he as trainwreck. Acy could be a starter but not Booker. Acy also doesn’t draw fouls like RHJ can. Bottomline I think RHJ meshes better with Lin. That’s not to say Nets can’t find someone better of course.

  430. What I noticed last season is that the Hornets have no trouble beating bad to mediocre teams. In fact they could often blow them out without much usage of Lin. But they couldn’t beat any of the good teams without Lin. The Hornets were at their best whenever Kemba or Batum was injured so Lin was allowed to play a big role in the offense.

  431. Cliff and Cho deserve this

  432. As much as I say just give the ball to Lin, that has been a nagging thought in the back of my head.
    What if Lin had the perfect coach?
    What if Lin had solid players and shooters around him?
    What if Lin’s team was 50 wins and going into the playoffs with Lin controlling the ball?
    What if Lin was in Harden’s position now?
    What would happen to Lin in the playoffs when all the focus is to stop him?

  433. What would happen to Lin in the playoffs when all the focus is to stop him? You already know, it happened during Linsanity, with Rockets, and with Hornets in playoffs!. Teams have been trapping and focusing their defense on Lin every since then. It just opens up teammates to score and for Lin to make great assists.

  434. I would be a hypocrite lin fan if I say I feel bad for them.

  435. I really wonder if he even writes to Houstonians since no one seems to be listening anyways. That’s the truth about internet news, it’s sent into the cyberverse and goes where ever. It’s only relevant to the Lin fans who likes what he writes and will subscribe to his writing. He gets clicks so he writes for them.

    So what is the truth chris writes? In the alternate reality we live in at this moment, truth is now definitely subjective to whoever wants to believe it. How long have Lin fans been called delusional? Only now is the truth coming out that it was a lie that Lin is a poor defender. Chris Baldwin will repeat what all Lin fans have recently be able to say out loud with pride, “told you so”.

    Harden and Morey have made their bed and convinced everyone to get in with them. So while there’s joy in Mudville right now that they are actually doing well this year, they will fail again come crunch time when the monolithic system comes crashing down due to the weight of expectations.

    I look forward to the day when Lin and Nets take out the Cavs to go to the finals while rockets still be looking on from the outside.

  436. Do not forget they almost advanced to 2nd round because of lin.

  437. Yet, Hornets got what they wanted, use Lin to push Kemba Walker into All Stars. Walker totally did not deserve the All-Star nodd. Hornets had low seed and wasn’t going to make playoffs. They most definitely credited the playoff birth last season and only looked at the fake, ball chucking stats by Walker playing 40 mins almost every game!

  438. I do feel bad for them. I actually thought they would sneak into 6th-8th spot even after Lin left. I was expecting a 40-42 win team. I knew long ago that batum was fools gold, and them signing him and letting lin walk was the nail in the coffin. The second most important player on the team that they let go was Big AL. They should have kept both, offered Lin a starting SG/ backup PG role, offered him $15M per year and offered big Al another $10M contract. Hornets would have ended up keeping both Lin and Al and made a big splash in the playoffs.

  439. They didn’t even move a finger to try to keep lin.

  440. they offered lin $6M to stay for 1 year, and re sign him in 2017 for a much fatter pay cheque after they secured his bird rights. Of course they didn’t expect a team like the NETS to offer Lin $12M and mess up their plans.

    Even still, it was a mistake for the hornets to sign Batum. I saw that train wreck coming from a mile away.

  441. If losing to the Bulls gets Marks a pick, it’s pretty clear that he’d force KA to tank that game. Maybe they would “rest” Brook-Lin. A good game to bet on ?.

  442. Just a reminder of the NBA Playoff Tie-Break procedure:

    Teams 1 to 4 in each conference are the three division winners and the team with the next best regular-season record, with the seeding of these four teams determined by regular-season record. The playoffs seedings of Teams 5 to 8 are based upon regular-season record. Ties are broken pursuant to the rules set forth below.

    Ties for playoff positions (including division winners) will be broken utilizing the criteria set forth in subparagraph a. below (in the case of ties involving two teams) and subparagraph b. below (in the case of ties involving more than two teams), and the guidelines set forth in subparagraph c. below. [Added : subparagraphs b and c are not shown here]

    a. Two Teams Tied
    (1) Better winning percentage in games against each other
    (2) Better winning percentage against teams in own division (only if tied teams are in same division).
    (3) Better winning percentage against teams in own conference.
    (4) Better winning percentage against teams eligible for playoffs in own conference (including teams that finished the regular season tied for a playoff position).
    (5) Better winning percentage against teams eligible for playoffs in opposite conference (including teams that finished the regular season tied for a playoff position).
    (6) Better net result of total points scored less total points allowed against all opponents (“point differential”).

    See : http://www.nba.com/news/features/playoff.tiebreakers/

  443. They never wanted Lin as starter, only to do all the heavy lifting and defense so Walker could focus on chucking shots like Harden! Hornets didn’t want Lin to outshine Walker even if Lin was the better player that’s why he could never start with Walker and Batum which was ridiculous.

    Hornets went as far as starting a 0/single digit, PJ Hairston (SF) over Lin just to keep Lin from starting. Then go on to trade PJ, and acquire Courtney Lee (PG), another single digit player just to stop Lin from starting again! Hornets were no better than Rockets, and copied exactly what they did to Lin!

  444. There was no report that any offer was made but if $6M to lin would be a spit in the face because even lamb was offered more early in the season.

  445. I think that if Lin was given his OWN team from the start and given alot of trust plus a good coach/Front Office, Lin would be in a much better position right now.

  446. Unfortunately, Batum recovered too soon.

  447. No one signs for 1 year contracts, 1 year just means they only wanted Lin as temporary bench player! Lin had less than 15 minutes when MKG was healthy! That showed how they really would’ve treated Lin if MKG didn’t get injured!

  448. No..there were reports that Lin was offered a $6M contract for another year, around 2 months before the offseason started. They needed to do that in order to get his bird rights. Lamb was a special case…a young guy who they set their sights on with a relatively cheap contract.

  449. Interestingly, they made an exception whenever Kemba or Batum was injured. It’s as if Cliff had the green light to use Lin if there was no other choice.

  450. LOL you kidding right?! Lamb was in the dog house the moment he signed on the dotted line! Lamb had a long leash and was allowed to handle the ball at the beginning of the season. Then once he signed the 3 year contract, Cliff quickly DNP him for almost the entire season with barely any minutes!

  451. Sorry rick, I followed lin very closely but nothing was offered. Again even the rumor was true, for them to that to lin while full force max contract to batum, that tells me they deserve what they are getting now.

  452. its called bird rights, they didn’t have Lins so they couldn’t offer him more money than that without going into heavy luxury tax. This is already OLD news that we covered in depth and beat the dead horse over.

    It was pretty easy to see what the hornets desire was last offseason: 1) Batuum >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> 2) Marvin Williams, 3) Jeremy Lin 4) Courtney Lee 5) Big Al

    Marvin Williams I understand but offering Batuum so much money was a mistake…they fell for the hype.

  453. Both Batum and Walker are fools gold. Batum is a good starting SF, not a SG, who can’t handle the ball and isn’t a game changer. Walker is just a low efficiency shot chucker, even worst than Harden. A fake, manufactured start like Walker, makes the Westbrook snubbed even more alarming and the All Star selection rigged!

  454. I disagree on Kemba. Kemba is a solid player. He’s no less efficient than a lot of other PGs. Plus he’s really a lot of the times the only guy on the Hornets who is working hard to score or make plays and isn’t afraid to take the big shots. Batum is more of a facilitator, but shrinks in the clutch. Walker doesn’t. I respect the effort Walker has, his extremely good ball handling, and his various ways of scoring and ways of stepping up to help his team win games.

  455. That’s weak and big lie, if lin gets injured or under performance, will that fat pay check still comes in 2017? All lies and speculation.

    Portland was right, the Hornets were stupid.

  456. BS, if they really wanted Lin they would’ve kept him! Not to mention Courtney Lee was traded the offseason Lin left! Hornets never wanted to keep Lee, he was just a place holder to keep Lin from starting.

    Lin is worth way more than those 3 bench players combined! Would you offer someone you saw as your future only a 1 year contract? I don’t thing so! Imagine if Lin got his hamstring injuries with that insulting 1 year deal?! His career would’ve been over!!

  457. Cliff had to make sure Lin was only a bench player and to keep him from outshining Walker! If Lin was a regular starting SG/PG he would’ve played better and outshined Walker entirely! MJ and Hornets were intent of marginalizing Lin to fit their own agenda!

  458. Batum is Clifford’s favorite player on the team. Cliff overvalued Batum, overrated him. Batum isn’t clutch, isn’t a guy who leaves it all on the floor or who can take over games. That’s what the Hornets miss now, Lin brought the clutch and guy who could take over games and over and he also is a big game player. That’s what the Hornets miss now.

  459. I also followed closely, and there were rumors flying around that Lin was offered a $5.6M contract rework by the hornets on another 1 year term. This place was having a melt down when the news came out, and happy that Lin rejected it.

  460. “Rumor” not confirmed. Knicks tried to rumor and say they offered Lin a contract but in reality they didn’t.

  461. I don’t want to lose 3 games to end the season. I hope we go 2-2 win, lose, win lose or win lose, lose, win would be better than win, lose, lose, lose.

  462. I never said that Lins decision was wrong…in fact I would argue that it was the CORRECT decision in leaving the hornets. Bottom line is that nets offered him more $$ plus a starting job. That should be the only thing Lin is thinking about. Especially with Lin’s injury…in hindsight its good that he took the most money he could.

  463. Plus playing with a coach he trusts. And he can deal with NYC, not every player performs well in NYC.

  464. No way to confirm it…only Lin knows the truth.

  465. uhh..Lin treated as a bench player? They played him like a dog. I remember he was suffering ankle injuries after ankle injuries, and the hornets forced him to play. I was kind of annoyed that they didn’t give Lin more rest.

  466. Lin was not stupid and my point was if the Hornets had 10% of their efforts like the had for Batum, I would say I feEl bad bad for them not making the playoff. They even bragged that lin was easily replaced with cheaper Sessions.

  467. Would you take nets won all 4 for 7 in a row to finish season on a high note of Linsanity.

  468. I don’t think there was any thought of Lin outshining Kemba. Lin would be third option in the starting lineup because Batum was also in the lineup. When Lin and Kemba played together, Lin would get going some nights, Kemba other nights. Kemba is a solid scorer, a better scorer than Lin and stronger ball handler. Lin is a more complete player, he scores, he playmakes, he’s great at defense, so they do different things.

  469. I noticed an interesting thing, correct me if I am wrong: When Lin was a Hornets, Cliff played Walker much longer and Batum would handle the ball when Walker was not playing. This season Lin is gone, Walker played less time and Batum handle the ball less. My conclusion: Cliff and Cho used every way to stop Lin outshine their “stars”

  470. Lin was a 6th man. In fact, on the Real GM board the Hornets fans said he was so important to the team, that they depended on him to win games in the playoffs and if he played his normal game in the 6th game, the team would have gone to the next round. Just because he came off the bench doesn’t mean he wasn’t a huge part of the team. He often closed games as well, before ASB he closed most games and most games Cliff wasn’t sure about, Lin was in to close as well after ASB.

    And you’re right, he was forced to play every time Batum was out. And Batum was out a good amount. Cliff didn’t want both Lin and Batum out.

  471. Cliff is a puppet of Cho and the head office. I remember how much Cho was boosting Batum. He was guaranteed a MAX contract from the hornets back in November 2015. Like you said, Lin brought the clutch to the hornets and won them alot of games they would have otherwise lost. If Lin didn’t sign with hornets last season, I think its safe to say that the Hornets would have BOMBED and missed the playoff again. Instead, because of Lin, Batuum and a bunch of other guys got PAID.

  472. But I think Cliff loved him as well, based on what Cliff would say about him. I don’t know why they couldn’t see that Batum wasn’t a money player. In fact, Lee was more of a money player than Batum. Lee was limited, but at least he came up with big defensive plays, rebounds, and a 3 every so often. Batum rarely hit clutch shots or made clutch plays.

  473. Rumor was a big lie.

  474. I think at that time they tried hard to please Batum since he’s not sign long team contract w them yet…. But no one can outshine Kemba that’s true. Like today, they lose to Heat, why no post game interview from Kemba in their tweet?? Again, Batum needed to speak out not Kemba for the loss…. smh!

  475. Of course, but I don’t now how realistic that is based on what the opposing teams have to play for. I won’t be surprised if they beat the Celtics or Bulls, but I don’t expect them to beat the Bulls two times. But anything’s possible.

  476. hmm…Lin got the 3rd or 4th highest minutes on hornets If I remember. Cliffs substitution pattern was actually similar to Kennys in alot of ways.

  477. Wade is going to try to play on Saturday. So he’s taking the Nets seriously.

  478. yes, found that funny as well.

  479. Cliff “loved” anyone who MJ/Cho loved. That was his cardinal rule…agree with everything the boss says. I remember one of the games where Lin destroyed the Cavs, or the spurs. The reporters kept pressing him about starting Lin and Cliff actually got angry for a moment.

  480. A few things are going on. Walker hasn’t been as durable this year, maybe due to his knee surgery before the season. Batum’s function is the same. I don’t think Walker’s minutes are much different this season than last. And I don’t go along with anyone worried about Lin outshining the others. That’s a Portal thing, but I don’t think it’s real. Lin was used as an X factor, Cliff’s weapon to use strategically depending on the factors in the game. And no one else could have run the bench so efficiently. In fact, Cliff admitted that the starters would often start slow and the bench would come in and beat most benches, that was a pattern in most games. Who was responsible for the bench doing so well? Lin. But Lin was used to finish games too. He had a big role on the Hornets, but very different than he has on the Nets.

  481. It’s a bad idea, he should try to come back for the playoffs. But I don’t know his physical status.

  482. Bulls is fighting for playoff spot so… I think if Wade is really going to play maybe more harm than good for Bulls since he’s not OK yet….

  483. Harris looks like a goner next year…

  484. Come on, what do you expect Atkinson to say? Of course he said it’s more than just Lin, and to a certain extent I agree with him. Lin and Lopez need time to jell and know each other. They need to trust Lin be in charge, and I expect they will perform better as time goes on. But if Nets win 4 more in a row I doubt anyone will disagree to the return of Linsanity 2.

  485. theres a good chance that nets beat the bulls at least once. I would say that even winning both games against them isn’t really out of realm of possibilities. I think Wade knows that and will take the risk to himself.

  486. Didn’t he perform so well to earn his first all star player the first time?

  487. Cliff has said Lin is a starting level player. Lin was a luxury on the Hornets for Cliff. A one-season luxury.

    i think he got annoyed because Kemba was the established starter, so after Kemba came back, Lin would go back to his normal role.

    i think one thing we must remember is the long 5 minute Q&A he did with the press this season and it was all on Lin. He said a lot of good things about Lin, and pretty much said, he belongs as a starting PG on an NBA team.

  488. You think so? Doesn’t Nets need his shooting ability? He is recovering from injury, and we know how cautious the Nets performance team is.

  489. Absolutely. When Bench Force 1 got too successful with Lin leading it, it was broken up. After that, Kemba would sometimes play the entire 1st quarter plus 2 minutes into the second quarter. Anything to prevent Lin from being the sole PG leading the team. I’ve never seen another starter play the first 14 minutes of a game like that. By the end of the season Kemba was so worn out he needed knee surgery.

  490. Yeah, Wade isn’t taking Lin/Lopez and the Nets lightly. Respect, IMO.

  491. I don’t think there was a conspiracy to limit lins minutes because he was outshining kemba and batuum. But its also probably true that these guys had some negative feelings towards Lin. Lets be honest, these guys have ego’s and the main stars on the team weren’t overly happy about a $2M bench guy outshining them alot of times. Especially the win against the cavs and the spurs. On top of that the press attention he got was insane. Of course its a $$ thing in the end. Lin was way under paid…if he recieved his true worth, I doubt there would have been as much hard feelings about it. Near the end of the season, the chemistry really started to flourish with Lin/Kemba. Was sad to see how it ended up but money talks.

  492. Probably fear lol

  493. Also Kemba missed only 1 game that season: the game that Lin led the Hornets to a fantastic win over LeBron’s Cavs. After that Kemba was too afraid to take another game off.

  494. I don’t think Batum and Kemba had any negative feelings toward Lin. They knew he was severely underpaid. They’ve played against him and knew he was going to have some big games as well, as he had them against him. But I agree that the Lin/Kemba on court chemistry flourished toward the end of the season. They performed well together in the playoffs in at least 4 of the games. They did post-game interviews together.

  495. They didn’t brag about Sessions lol….they just accepted him and were hoping for the best. I will say it a million times, signing Batum to such a crazy amount of money was completely stupid.

  496. Also, I have a feeling that what Wade would hate the most is Bulls dropping out and the Heat taking their spot LOL!

  497. Specially Heat won today. Right now they have the same record.

  498. 1) Like I say I don’t need proof. Making a jersey is not expensive. Inside info, believe it or not.

    2) Oh like you have any idea? You are talking about the obvious for people who knows business.

    3) It’s not only supply and demand. It’s emotional aspect too. Crazy fans will go crazy and pay 300 bucks for a jersey because they like it even if there are plenty around. Or ppl will overpay for a property in hope that it will rise.

    4) Point is that it’s a good deal but I’m just saying it’s just doesn’t cost that much and you getting overly sensitive to an innocent comment. I think you are the one over reacting. Then I have to deal with overly reacting and sensitive people like you and ‘Guest’ (who is afraid of me). Note that I say you ‘people’, not resort to name low life name callings like dbags which you use. Not very classy there. You are glad you don’t post here? tsk tsk tsk. More like it’s your loss.

    5) No, I’m just having a simple conversation and you are the one who first turn it to something bigger and personal attacks.

  499. You see, I don’t see you ignoring me. Very nice that you are exposing yourself to be a low life by resorting to lowlife name calling attack first to me all the time which is forbidden in this board. Guess I successfully got on your nerves for you to do that. Doesn’t bother me. I am flatter that you are infatuated with me. btw, you are a chicken for not exposing your real name other than ‘Guest’.

  500. yes, but I don’t think it was out of hatred for Lin like mchale, I think it was more like I can’t let this asian kid outshine my star player especially since hes only making 1-2 million this year and Kemba has been the star player for a number of years. Remember guys if it wasn’t for Clifford though, Lin wouldn’t be in the position he is in right now. Clifford def had his favorites in batum and Kemba, but he constantly praised Lin to the media, which surely raised his market value in the off season. Had it not been for Clifford unleashing Lin when he had to, Kenny probably wouldn’t have been able to convince Sean Marks to recruit Jlin.. Im sure marks regretted getting Lin after all the injuries initially, but seeing what Lin has been doing for the team since coming back I am sure Marks knows he made the right decision. Regardless, Charlotte wasa very good stopping point for Lin, both he and CLifford knew coming into the season that he was a one year rental that was going to be used to help the team only for that year and Lin was going to use his time in Charlotte to really raise his market value back up because after his time in LA, Byron Scott really hurt Jeremy’s reputation.

  501. lamb got 7++ M!

  502. You mean like when Cliff said Lin was, is and will always be a bench player? (jk)

  503. I’m in total agreement with you. Cho and Cliff with their so call “kindness” to give Lin a slim chance to start was like putting a worm on the hook and we all fell for it line and sinker. I can’t believe there’s people that still want to believe their lies. They used Lin for their own benefit and stepped on him to get a leg up. So yeah, they almost coulda beaten the Heat to get to the second round, but the price was too high. They just couldn’t let Lin carry them into territory they’ve never gone to before and will never ever have a chance at again. Now that Lin is no longer doing the heavy lifting or there for them to use as a step stool, they are where they belong. “Told you so”. Lol

    Just like Kobe wanted to win with him as a star or not ever. The Hornets chose to fail rather than have Lin be the hero.

  504. Lin and Kemba, the slash brothers!

  505. bet ud rather have lin play behind beverley in houston with kevin mchale then

  506. No I’d rather Lin start. But don’t pretend that the Hornets were so generous and kind to Lin. They used him, hardly paid him, and called him a bench player.

  507. you’ve gotta be kidding me man. Yeah the hornets didn’t make Lin their starter, but guess what Lin and the hornets knew that coming into the season… LIn knew he was gonna be a sixth man again. Clifford could have buried Lin’s career just like mchale and byron scott did, but he didn’t. sure he played batum and kemba more, but guess what he knew those two were gonna stay and he knew Lin was gonna leave, so I don’t really blame Clifford at all because he was playing with the guys who he knew were gonna be with the team for a long long time. Whenever Lin had a great game he always flat out said it. CLifford never bashed Lin in front of the media and if he did treat Lin like dirt just like kevin mchale and byron scott did I am sure Lin would never see himself in the starting spot this year or ever again, so stopped being biased. Every other coach Lin played for has treated Lin way worse and bashed him publicly time and time again in front of the media. I am confident only three coaches would be better for Jlin at this point and they are atkinson, MDA, and Pop.

  508. this is a ridiculous post man. Charlotte treated Lin better than any other city aside from New York. Kemba and Lin are very good friends and he never showed any jealously towards Lin so stop this nonsense

  509. statistically I don’t think Lin can put up the same numbers as Kemba. He may have more of an impact because of his defense and he gets his teammates involved, but at thi sstage Lin won’t put up like 24 every night Like kemba has this season

  510. Lin was treated like crap by McHale and BS so we have to kiss Cliff’s butt because he wasn’t as bad? That’s pathetic. This is an old and tired argument. Bottom line: last season was very frustrating and another waste of one of Lin’s prime years. No it wasn’t as bad as LA or even Houston but it was much worse than we were expecting.

  511. much worse than we were expecting.. what were you expecting, Lin to play 35 minutes per games.. first of all you shouldn’t even be allowed to make an account named guest. Secondly, Lin had all his best games against the best teams last year like SA, cleveland, boston and Toronto, so idk what your talking about. WE ALL KNEW THAT LIN WAS GONNA BE BACK UP TO KEMBA LAST YEAR… kemba has been the star for years and years. Clifford only spoke well of lin to the media so be quiet.

  512. IIRC, Harris doesn’t have a guaranteed contract next year. He started the season looking quite good but eventually lost his shooting confidence like JHam. I just have doubts regarding whether Nets would be willing to bring him back…

  513. What are you getting so upset about? You sound pathetic. Maybe you need to be grateful for every little crumb but don’t project that onto Lin. Read Lin’s interview before the season started. He expected to start if he played well. Instead PJ and Lee started over him. The only reason Lin had those great games is because either Kemba or Batum was injured. So you be quiet because you’re ignorant and too submissive.

  514. Overall, Cilfford was more than good to Lin. When Walker was out Lin took his job. Lamb was paid more but he was playing behind Lin. Which bench player played most in playoffs ? Lin. So yeah, Lin was the 3rd most important player.

  515. yeah im ignorant for speaking the truth.. okay get lost

  516. Lin wouldn’t have average 24ppg like Kemba but I highly doubt he’s far behind. I would bet on 20-22ppg if his mentality is like Kemba, and used like Kemba.

  517. Read @acbc‘s post above. He’s saying the exact same things as me. Argue with him because I’m not interested in rehashing the same old story.

  518. yeah your right Lin should have signed with Dallas and played back up to deron williams instead

  519. You see? You don’t know the details of that FA. Mavs signed DWill only after Lin backed away. The other option to Hornets was Grizzlies. But Lin chose Hornets cause Cliff sold him a bill of goods. But like I said, argue with Acbc instead.

  520. theres a reason why lin didnt sign with dallas.. obviously jordan not signing had to do with it, and their team just didnt have a vrery good roster at the time. Also, the mojney obviously wasn’t right, which is why Lin didnt want to sign as he knew he probably wasn’t in the Mavs long term plans either.

  521. Maybe one day Lin will write all about his NBA experiences and you’ll be able to know what was really going on. But maybe even then you won’t believe it because you sound like one of those eternal apologists. But until then, don’t pretend to know who Lin is genuinely friends with or who showed jealousy.

  522. I agree. I saw them interacting in Barclay’s twice. They seem to be good friends. And Marv and Lin seemed very close as well. In fact, he seemed close to a lot of the guys on Charlotte. His time in Charlotte brought back his love for basketball. It was, all in all, a positive experience for Lin.

  523. They’re different players. Kemba is a great ball handler and scorer, Lin is a scorer, playmaker, strong defensive player. Both are clutch players and big game players.

  524. There’s No debating.
    The situation was not perfect but it was a really “fresh breath of air” – something Lin really needed it after 3 seasons of miseries. I can only judge by the results: JL7 got his chance to prove to ppl that he wasn’t a turnover machine, bad defender, bad scorer, and a bad teammate.
    Thing was there’s no better choices.
    Even if Hornets did offered Lin a starting gig next to Kemba with a big contract I’d tell him not to take it. Because he can become Even More with his Own team to run under KA. Again, Kemba is a ball dominant … just like Harde, …. just like Kobe.

  525. I’m glad. Wouldn’t like Lin to return as a “Robin.” JL7 is Batman.

  526. Yes, I never forget the bragging and comparison of Sessions to Lin. I’m glad it back fired. I want the Nets to outshines the Knicks, Rockets, Lakers, and Hornets. The Nets did it – to NYK this season. Gave them two L’s.

  527. It’s tough but that’s what separated the great players from simply the good players. Lin is a great player and he will impose his will on the game (now that he’s unleashed by KA, playing 30+ min.). KA wanted to win these last couple games to solidify the improvements to the team.

    The Nets Will take the next Four Games. Celtics or not, the Nets is capable of winning… They almost did with a limited Lin.

  528. Ahh, the Hornets talk continues…
    Honestly, Lin was really, REALLY lucky in Hornets. MKG was out. There’s not a P.Bev on the team. Lee came in late. Lamb sucks on defense. Batum got injured. All these variables saved our boy from another season down the tube.
    Clifford recognized talent in Lin but FO agendas were there.

  529. In recent games, we’ve seen everyone in the team wants to finish strong by playing hard, gritty and one heart. The remaining four will be fun to watch for sure!

  530. I think the lucky ones are the Hornets and Clifford. True with MKG’s injures, Lin got more playing time but it was Lin save the Hornets and took the whole team to another level while others unavailable.

  531. Yes, Cliff and Hornets were lucky that MKG was out. And some injuries to Batum.

  532. All games from now on are for the season ticket holders. Every team wants to win. Lakers defeated SA which gave him 23 wins for the season.. The next game for Nets is going to be a tough matchup.

  533. speaking of hornets talk: interestingly walker and lin both have the exact same # in points per shot (one of my favorite stats) –klay thompson the same #.

    from another point of view regarding walker: as was the case i beleive last seaon: only one other player in the league takes as many shots as walker and scores fewer points, that being–carmelo. or put another way, any one shooting as much as walker scores as much or more.

    on the other hand and from the view of points per minute versus points per shot: only enes kanter scores more points per game than lin and plays fewer minutes.

    (and even with those short minutes lin is still in the top 100 per game scorers in the league.)

  534. I agree. Lin cant put up 20+ pts every night. But he’s a better 2 way player and makes the entire team better. I honestly believe that if you swap out both players from the start… Lin would be taking Charlotte to the playoffs and the Nets with Kemba would barely have 30 wins.

  535. Big AL was a HUGE factor in the playoffs. He made some big plays down the stretch. He brought grit and experience for that team

  536. Coaches don’t trust Jeremy bringing up the ball or they know that teams will double team pressuring him to cause a TO. Even the nets is using Levert to bring the ball up the court if you noticed. Jeremy’s handle is shaky at times he needs to work on those and his shooting is not consistent. He needs help with those maybe during the offseason find someone different to train with him

  537. Lin’s been lied to by Knicks, Rockets, Lakers and Hornets. Lin may be more able to forgive and forget because of his saint like character. I on the other hand can’t yet find enough love to overcome my hatred of these teams and their henchmen.

    Lin is no fool. He used them as well as they used him. My own deep rooted negativity with Asian American history is that since the first group of railroad workers that gave up everything to become Americans, its more or less the same story repeated again and again. They were used and abused then left to live out their existence alone without family for the rest of their lives. The Toisan that suffered planted deep seeds in to resist all efforts to be eradicated after their usefulness was no longer needed. As Asian Americans this is so often our story. We accept abuse and being used. We keep our heads down and trudge on for the next generation. This is our way! Lin isn’t doing anything different, only that he’s making much more than any of us will ever make in our lifetime.

    Asians don’t make waves and keep planting deeper roots that spread like tubers so that they can’t ever be eradicated. We win by our own mere enduring presence. The fact that Lin is still playing is wired into us. We measure what we want and accept being used in order to advance our cause. That’s not to say I think it’s fair and enjoy the abuse. We just have the mental toughness wired in to just ignore it.

    For myself, I’m tired of it. I’ll leave it to the next generation to battle on. I hate that we Asians must accept being used like how Clifford and Uncle Tom Cho used Lin. He was treated much like the railroad workers who were considered nothing more than dogs. The weight of our collective history wears on my psyche and takes away my ability to forgive and forget.

  538. You have no idea what you’re talking about.

  539. @disqus_zDgJ5zJRLn:disqus

    Wow, you’ve laid out a lot in your post. I study and appreciate human history and psychology also so I get where you come from.

    It’s not just Asians or Asian-Americans though. There is a lot we human beings share across the board, and over the span of human history. Not that any of the unfairness and wrongdoings should be merely accepted.

    Overall, Jeremy Lin has it “good”- he plays the sport that he loves so much, and has the financial and social means to support the causes and people he wants to help. His celebrity status, charisma, underdog story, magnificent game – they all magnify the message that he so believes in.

    In any event, keep watching to see how JLin’s story and the story of the Asian-Americans keep unfolding. They are both quite interesting and exciting.

    Here’re some inspiring words from the musical Les Miserables which takes place during the upheavals of the French Revolution. The words move me – the thirst and need for human beings to be FREE and to live with LIBERTY is innate and undeniable and people across time and place have willingly given their one life to obtain freedom and liberty. But then the same liberated people over time will be overcome by their own need for power/control/security etc. and go on to oppress another group of people and so on and so on.

    Here are the words. The song is really awesome.

    “Do you hear the people sing?
    Singing the songs of angry men?
    It is the music of the people
    Who will not be slaves again!
    When the beating of your heart
    Echoes the beating of the drums
    There is a life about to start
    When tomorrow comes!

    Will you join in our crusade?
    Who will be strong and stand with me?
    Somewhere beyond the barricade
    Is there a world you long to see?

    Then join in the fight
    That will give you the right to be free!
    . . .

    Will you give all you can give
    So that our banner may advance
    Some will fall and some will live
    Will you stand up and take your chance?
    The blood of the martyrs
    Will water the meadows of France!

    Do you hear the people sing?
    Singing the songs of angry men?
    It is the music of the people
    Who will not be slaves again!
    When the beating of your heart
    Echoes the beating of the drums
    There is a life about to start
    When tomorrow comes”

  540. Yah Lin is very well off lol

  541. It was Clifford’s decision to not play Lin more mins that he deserved
    He said Lin was a bench player himself in interviews
    There were no agendas, they brought Lin back as a back up PG and they played him like one

  542. Not really
    they are fighting for the playoffs spot, that’s why

  543. Not everything is about Lin LOL

  544. They brought him in as a bench player and Lin was on board with it
    nothing wrong there and Lin had a great season got a lot of praise from all over the league
    it was win-win

  545. Here is a picture you might not have seen before. It shows Brook Lopez visiting children at the Anchor Farm in Santhe, Malawi, in 2013. You can see he’s got a walking cast on his right foot.

    He went as part of the “NBA Cares” program, traveling with Bill Clinton and Chelsea Clinton. The Anchor Farm is part of a Clinton Foundation Initiative.

  546. It wasn’t Lin agendas to stay with this team.

    Lin and AK were talking to each other since AK was hired.

  547. Lin fans like to see how Lin’s ex-teams miss him and beg him to be back.
    In fact, THEY DON’T. Particularly Lin has injury this season.

  548. Thanks for you efforts. I look to Lin for my inspiration because he lives it and yet is able to look past it. It’s why I admire him so much….besides the fact that he’s just such a great athlete.

    “Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere. We are caught in an inescapable network of mutuality, tied in a single garment of destiny. Whatever affects one directly, affects all indirectly.” Read more quotes from Martin Luther King Jr.
    Quote by Martin Luther King Jr.

    This really is the kernel of my despair that people seem so intent to look past the minute crimes in injustice as Machiavellian collateral casualties. To me it begins with the little lies that excuses us from responsibilities. It saddens me that the great hopes we had in the 60s to change the world has devolved into our current state of affairs where lies are pandered as truth….all the way up to the most powerful office in the world.

    When people conveniently excuse others for using someone else for their own benefit, it’s a reminder of how little issues lead to very big ones. The next generation will have to deal with climate change and the inevitable climate related wars. We keep passing the buck and conveniently say ” it’s not my problem and don’t touch my money”.

  549. You people are out of line and the same time making me laugh. Lin is having a great time of his life with money, fames and a dream career while you people comparing to his bb struggling to racism during the Civil Rights and Miserable during the French Revolution?

    Even if lin didn’t make to the NBA, he’s still one heck of financial success in some major firm. His parents are living in one of the most expensive town in the country and his brother is a dentist etc…please get back to basketball and stop lecturing the rest of us about life lesson or victimized

  550. I believe he has found one.

    I think Lin is highly appreciated by the Nets coach and front office. I also agree with the coach that this year is a development year where the D leaguers need more on-court experience, playing with the real NBA players for development reason. They need confidence and freedom to learn and develop their game. Playing under control will limit their development only. Therefore, motion offence is what Kenny implemented here. This will definitely help the team for chasing a good standing next year, hopefully a championship.

    Basketball is a team sport, Lin can’t do all by himself. It is good to see that heavy minutes on other players has paid off. I’m glad that Lin will be well-equipped with more weapons next season.

  551. I understand Hornets was committed to Kemba, but Lin was the one that won game 3, 4, and 5 in the playoffs. I think Clifford didn’t want Lin to start in game 6 and 7 and win the series and force the issue.

  552. Haha! I think Lin do get some unfair treatment from Ref on court right now. We should complain to NBA about that… besides that I agree Lin is having a great life after Linsanity. Even I think Lin got underpaid from Nets …Consider what he do for Nets… has to train coach, players, & game plan…..lol!

  553. I have a different view about Hornets or Clifford.

    When Lin inked the contract, he knew how much he was getting paid, regardless he got any other offer or not. But I’d say he is very smart, he knew Hornets is one of the weakest teams offering him a contract. He used every playing minutes with Hornets to elevate his values and increase his exposure.

    Others may see Lin as being abused by Clifford because Lin was paid 2m only but was asked to play like a 20m all star. I believe that is what he wanted. I was kind of okay with him not having heavy minutes in the last game vs Miami. It exposed how important Lin is on the team, and games with or without him will clearly make a huge difference. He has proven that to everybody.

  554. LOL! @ uncle tom cho. Why is he an uncle tom? Because he married a white woman? Seriously get off your pedestle…we are all humans regardless of background. Your woe is me attitude of asian american history….guess what, if you go over the mao years, tens of millions of people lost their lives in the revolution. Why not write a novel about Mao? Or lets go back to the opiod pandemic that spread through asia in the 1800’s because of the british poppy trade. How many people died because of that? Lets go back to the genghis khan years…what about them? This is the problem…people getting bent out of shape over things that happened in the past to their “ancestors”. Get over it my man, History is littered with human right abuses, and in alot of the biggest cases of genocide, it has something to do with nationalistic beliefs, or delusions of racial superiority.

  555. agreed….the crazy soap box of some people here talking about the rail roads. Reminds me of how blacks bring up the cotton picking days of plantation…absolutely ridiculous.

  556. I wanted to disagree on this one.

    Yes. Lin and his family live comfortably in terms of finance and life style. But the path that Lin has taken and had to endure (see Too Flagrant Not to Call Video) exemplify the regular Asian-American has to taken on a daily basis. It happens in NBA, it happens in NCAA, it happens in Wall Street, it happens in educations, it happens in corporate. It happens when you walk down the street and you have to ignore those discriminating and hypocritical words, thoughts, small acts and such.

    Lin is successful, not just because of his talents, but also because his endurance, resilience, his sheer determination not to quit. Without these, Lin won’t even be a bench player in NBA. These traits quite often can be found in many Asian American that work hard on a regular basis. They have to achieve what peers can achieve, (remember, I use can, not have) in order to be in the same clubs that privileged own. That is only getting into the door to compete. Most often, the doors are shut.

    You could say that Lin has achieve fame and money. But it is the processes and obstacles that Lin had to endure and fight that define Linsanity. It is Lin’s traits that get him into the door. Even now that he gets into the door, he is still facing discrimination and biased comments and has to fight every day game in and game out.

    You can just talk about basketball only. But NBA is not just a forum for basketball competition. If you add politics, finance, owners, FOs, refs, agents, sponsors, and fans to the pool, it becomes a context of its own.

    Not saying what you say is incorrect. But just consider the other perspective, the other view.

  557. All work place have politic and favoritism, that’s part of life. We lin fans can complain but at some degree we’re also very bias ourselves.

  558. this is the big issue with political correctness. People can’t even crack jokes without someone else jumping down their throats. Racism is a global behaviour..trust me its not restricted to just whites…..us asians and other minorities just love to beat them over the head with it because they take it so seriously.

    We all know that lin has done ALOT to combat the stereotypes of asians not being good at sports, but part of the fact is its the asian communities fault for forcing their kids to focus only on academics and nothing else. Lins parents did an amazing job, allowing lin to continue sports his whole life and supporting him in it. How many asian parents do you know that would do something like that? Alot of times, theyd pull the kids out of athletics and extracurriculars and send them to tutor/cram school instead. Say what you want, but Lin is who he is because of his parents.

  559. To teach our kids we must show them both bad aND good but we must also tell them to focus on the good and stay away from the bad. I don’t focus on teams didnt pick lin but to focus on teams that gave him a chance, Dallas, GS, NY, Houston, Charlotte and Brooklyn. Yes many wrong decisions were made during he was there but those also led lin to where he is now.

  560. Yes, the parents I know pretty much do the same as you said. That’s why Lin is so special in so many levels, not just him, but his family.

    I believe there are many Asian families like Lin’s. It is just not as high profile as Lin’s. I kind of have a positive view on this. Asian community is changing. They know the ceiling has to be broken. They follow every rules set out by people and reach it. And then rules are conveniently changed. Even so, I would say Asian is good at adopting. There will be more Lin coming out in every fields in the near future.

  561. There are only 4 games left for us to watch Lin and his Nets. Hope they get all 4 wins! Love to read KHuang’s about BB, copy: KHuang to donsmacau • 2 hours ago
    The Bulls don’t have anybody that can match up with Lin 1-on-1 on either end of the court, so it’s going to be a steady diet of double and triple coverage anytime Lin crosses the 3 point line.

    It’s on Lin’s teammates to get to the right spots and exploit opposing defenses that load up on Lin with multiple defenders. Whenever Lin’s teammates lay down and play scared or lazy, Lin suffers because he’s the only starter (not even Lopez) that opponents truly focus on defending.

  562. I admire your positiveness. But I have to admit, I always root for the loss for Knicks, Rockets, Lakers and Hornets. I want karma. Haha.

  563. Hey me too but those were just entertainment because the end of the day, they know who they all are, entertainers. Rooting for teams to win or loss meant no harm.

  564. Support Lin, his teammates and his coach. Give them a full season to develop and gel. Another copy: KHuang •
    My unsolicited thoughts on the Nets:

    1) The Nets bench is BEASTLY now that Lin has taught them how to play. They are the #1 scoring bench in the NBA and the defense is likely not far behind. Personally, I wouldn’t make any roster changes to the bench.

    2) I’ve been the biggest RHJ (something) on this board, but he and Atkinson are doing a great job of proving me WRONG. I “eye test” the guy, watching him make bonehead plays and be bullied by bigger and better opponents. Yet RHJ is also the NBA’s sneakiest producer in that he is a big time HUSTLE player who has a real instinct for the ball. I now understand why Atkinson starts him, and I am HUMBLED by Atkinson and RHJ!

    3) Caris Levert reminds me of a very poor man’s Grant Hill with that high flying dribble line drive game and accurate pull up jumpshot. I see him strictly as a 3, nothing else.

    4) I do believe that the Nets need to do a massive upgrade at starting SG. That said, Randy Foye is a “ceremonial” starter and not an actual one. He doesn’t play enough minutes to hurt the team, and then he has regular episodes where he EXPLODES offensively like last game. The true starter is Kilpatrick, and he’s been essentially the Eastern Conference James Harden off the bench for the Nets.

    5) I don’t know what the Nets are going to do with all their incoming draft picks. They have a LOGJAM of capable NBA players now that Lin has returned, so whoever gets drafted will either be stashed or will be so darned good that they end up starting!

    The ONLY key to Lin’s jump shooting is Lin’s TEAMMATES scoring enough to prevent opponents from abandoning them to load up on Lin defensively.

  565. We need to take it 1 game at a time. Lets beat the Magic tonight! But there may be a little wrinkle when we get to the Bulls games. By tanking those games to let Bulls win, we may be increasing our chances of getting an additional 2nd round pick by helping keep the Pacers out of the playoffs. I’m afraid Marks will gladly lose 1 or even 2 games just to get an extra pick.

  566. lol…hopefully things do change like you said. I think the younger generation will be more happy to follow their dreams

  567. new thread

    G79 Nets Tries for Magic Number of 20 Wins
    In past 2 games, @JLin7 shot well 55% FG, 67% 3FG (15.5pts/6.5ast/5.5reb)

  568. 4, good observation. Ceremonial starter, excellent term. Good post.

  569. Which draft-pick prospects are worthwhile? Which will they be able to land?

  570. Sounds nice but how does one explain how bad these same players looked before Lin came back. I could not watch their games when Lin was out.

    I still have doubts outside Lin, Lopez, LeVert, Acy, and Skilpatrick.

  571. Unfortunately I am still here just had to deal with some family matters.

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