G78 LAL @DEN Game Thread+Best Coach/Team Poll

Only 5 games are left before Jeremy can focus on his summer Free Agency!

It’s great to see Lin got his legs back as he drained 2 threes to start the game vs Clippers. Although Byron continued to mess with his minutes playing Jeremy only 5 min in Q1 and benching in Q2 as he got hot, Jeremy still finished with 14pts/5asts as he managed to get a lot of FTs towards the end of the game

Let’s continue the new Coach and Team Poll to see where fans want to see JLin go next season

Continue to give your best, Jeremy! Only 5 games left to leave Byron in his imaginary foxhole worrying about which player will shoot him in the back (Young/Hill/Boozer?)  😆

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Guess JLin's stats in Game 79 vs MIN
Which COACH do you think Jeremy Lin should play for next season? (choose up to 2 answers/day)



  1. 1st
    go lin

  2. 2nd

  3. Fire in the hole (of foxes)!!

  4. Bronze metal for non mod! Go Lin!

  5. Perhaps when Lakers loses 2 more games (or 1 ORL win) to secure Bottom 4, they will unleash players more.
    I’m just hoping for 1-2 Linsanity Prime games.
    White mathematically possible, it’s hard to get to Bottom 3 since Knicks/76ers/Wolves have no winning streak.




  6. This is the current situation of Tankathon from tankathon.com
    With 5 games left, Lakers is probably locked into #4 with 84% chance of getting Top 5 pick.

    There will be Fire in the Foxhole if Lakers hit 16% chance to lose the Top 5 Pick in June!

  7. The bs coach didn’t want to have Lin and Ed Davis on the same floor is his boss KB’s instruction!
    KB doesnt want to see Lin playing beautifully with Ed Davis becuase he couldn’t take it! KB cannot sleep at night if Jeremy playing Linsanity mode! Anyone playing well with Jeremy will be uncoupling with Lin under KB’s intruction to BS!
    When Lin leaves for other team, i hope he torches LAL and embarass BS and KB everytime he faces them! BS is a disgusting foxhole!

  8. Lin is unlikely to face Kobe, since Kobe is pretty injury prone of late.

  9. My another wish is KB totally not in NBA anymore! Seeing him on the courtside make me sick!

  10. That is very likely to happen….we do not even need to wish for it. LOL

  11. dude im a fan of lin but you need to stop it with the kobe conspiracies its going to far with some of the theories.

  12. lin will not be a laker anymore idk why you care or need to create these conspiracy theory 5 more games and move on.

  13. Yes sir!

  14. We will find out in 3 months if Lin has a real NBA future. Get your popcorn ready.

  15. it will be so sweet if the Lakers do not get the pick due to the 16% chance. I will be laughing so hard.

  16. just Realize i meant it for the other guy not you

  17. interesting he’d tweet to this gentlemen of all people.

  18. I already know he has…and I ate my popcorn yesterday while watching NCIS…lol

  19. I still agree with you! lol

  20. Yes, it is only few more games, look what BS spat out from his rotten mouth?

  21. Technically, Jeremy is still a Laker until July 1. But is he free to just go on a month’s vacation after April 15, or will have have to stick around in case the Lakers want to squeeze the last bit of PR appearances from him?

    Also, according to my reading of the CBA FAQ [link], Jeremy’s salary will continue to count against the Lakers’ team salary this summer until either: (1) he signs another contract; or (2) the Lakers “renounce” him. It’ll be interesting to me to see how the Lakers handle things if they have to move Jeremy’s salary off their books before he’s signed another contract.

  22. I am glad you dont know much about what BS or KB said. Keep it this way is better for your mind!

  23. Brent please tell him not everyone is a guy or a dude!

  24. Wow D-Mo out for the season, including playoffs.
    Back injury is no joke, just hope JLin keeps healthy and gets the stats, this stinky organization’s not worth risking his body anymore.

  25. @Alain Gervais:disqus Not everyone is a guy or a dude. But we are all good Lin fans!!

  26. DMo is out for the season with back injury.
    Too bad, I like DMO since he’s quite a good friend with JLin.


  27. He did yell at Lin…lol

  28. For HOU, I hope it falls to seed #3 so it will meet #6 hot-streaking Spurs in the 1st round of playoff LOL

  29. But the 1rd exit will not be as epic if they fail to beat SAS. I want them to lose to a lower seed…lol

  30. yeah, I would also banish KB and BScott in my mind.
    They will get what they deserve eventually. Both start to get paranoid now :]

    Let’s focus on JLin’s getting good games before season is over plus great Free-Agency soon.

  31. Trust me i know Kobe and BS are not a fan of Jeremy lin but to say that Bryant would say to BS to bench Ed davis when lin is on is too far fetched in my opinion…I hate BS with all my heart the guy is not a Coach…Kobe is what Kobe is he is never going to change an asshole as a teammate.

  32. Jlin future is real and la won’t be in it and I will looking forward to the day the la trolls are gone from this forum.

  33. My bad just something i usually say -.-

  34. Hoping Lin Gets 15/5 in 25 min would be real nice!

  35. if Spurs beat Houston the 2 games it plays, Houston will fall and Spurs can jump up to #2 assuming Portland and Clippers lose another game or 2

  36. JLin’s hair is getting to Bruce Lee length.

  37. kobe will have recurring nightmares of Jlin dropping 38 pts on his head…hehe

  38. For now, the Mavs is the #7 seed.
    I also want Mavs w/ Rondo to lose in 1st round 🙂

    So double-whammy for HOU+DAL to lose in 1st round showing they need JLin. hehe..

  39. Lin fans don’t forget .. hehe

    I remember Lin yelled “DMo!” a lot and stomped his feet when DMo is lost in positioning LOL
    Good old times

  40. Isn’t there also like a 16% chance that they move up to #3?

  41. really? I remember Lin yell at him though.

  42. according to raining3s tweet below, 84% is the lottery chance to get Top 5 after drawing

    Not sure about the chance to move to #3. That’s the chance Phi will win to let LA catch-up.
    I’d say maybe 1% since Phi wants that Top 5 pick from LA =)

  43. No, even if they finish 4th, depending on how the balls get picked they could end up anywhere from 1-5 (84%) and a 16% chance they land #6 and above which means 76ers would get their pick.

  44. yes, I agree. I think we’re saying the same thing different ways :]

  45. 1) If Mavs wants to sign Lin as a starting PG replacing Rondo.
    2) If Denver signs Mike Dantoni and wants to sign Lin as a back up PG
    Which team do you guys want Lin to go?
    My answer is Mavs.

  46. Popcorn was always ready. Only BS keeps on trying to prevent us from having some and tacos! Ruined my appetite for more!.

  47. Immortalized on YT! Will be replayed over and over.

  48. My answer is where the $$$ is. Dallas would be a better place, no state income tax and big market for his endorsement.

  49. Lol, guys, be a gentlemen to this lady!

  50. Denver for me!

  51. Ha, trick question. With D’Antonio, Lin would never be backup. If he signed as one, he will become star or starter!

  52. See my reason below

  53. My choice in that scenario would be Mavs as the starting PG.

    If Lin has to compete for PT with Lawson & practice w/ 2nd team, that would reduce his effectiveness.
    Playing a lot of min as a starter PG with a good Mavs team will give him a chance to contend as an All-Star.

    If MDA coaches in young Magic in a weak Eastern conference, it might also be good for All-Star chances but no ring aspiration.

  54. Nuggets hasn’t played since April 4, well rested. Lakers back to back plus high altitude, its going to be tough. Hope Lin has an excellent game.

  55. Yes 🙂 MDA will ship Lawson away first LOL

  56. Ty will have to watch his back!

  57. Yeah agree but for another reason. The team that fits Jeremy best is the team who is willing to invest on him. That should be the team who is willing to pay for his real worth.

  58. I think Byron Scott is not only bad but he’s really sick. He could have mental illness. Who would torch his players like he did? I could name a single NBA coach who had said something like his foxhole metaphor. The reason that he was afraid being stabbed on the back is because Byron himself is the one busy doing just that in Laker.

  59. The breaking up of Lin-Davis and Lin-Boozer on the court is quite obvious. Byron has been trying hard to keep Lin from playing with two of the best teammates on the team. Byron has been cutting down on their play time on the court too.
    What Byron said and what he did towards his players are not helpful. Byron Scott has kept real team chemistry developed from his players.

  60. lol omg!!!!!

  61. this is hilarious lmao

  62. omg theres a game today????????

  63. who better to be influence by.

  64. Yes and its remarkably quiet in here.

  65. if lakers was in the playoffs it wouldn’t. its been a very long season lol

  66. Right you are!

  67. Haha! Bc everyone all knows the result… LOL!

  68. Well, Bhullar is Asian and has a fanbase potentially numbered in the billion, just like Jeremy.

  69. Only one thing need to be known, Lin is gone.

  70. Doesn’t matter. Lakers are tanking anyways

  71. [email protected]
    30m30 minutes ago
    @JLin7 Pregame shootaround vs Denver Nuggets at Pepsi Center. Go Lin! (yaomovers IG)

    VIDEO: https://instagram.com/p/1O6O5iDz2h/

  72. LOL Can’t wait another game to be done. Then 4 more to go. Lakers is afford to win 3 more games. So let’s how many games BS allows Lakers to win:-) With his despicable mind, most likely he wants to keep his “best” tanking record for Lakers history so that no future Lakers can break it.

    Oh maybe they will, next season with KB and Rondo play together or the next few years if Jeanie Buss wants to keep KB and BS for more years to come:-) Maybe then they will have 0-82 in one of those years that KB and BS continue to stay as Lakers.

  73. Last few games will be good for JLin . Auditioning for Denver, Mavs and maybe Wolves and Sac. lol

  74. Jlins out tonight!

  75. Another way to look at the last five games is to consider them showcasing for potential FA destinations. If DEN signs D’Antoni then it’d be an almost lock for Jeremy. Then there are the Mavs’ Carlisle (though he needs no more showcasing, he knows what Lin’s about) and Kings’ Karl.

    But yeah, Minny’s is a throwaway game.

  76. wow. Hope he’s better next time..

  77. what?

  78. ESPN radio. Ireland

  79. Jeremy Lin is a late scratch with a sore left knee. Jabari Brown will start alongside Jordan Clarkson in an all-Mizzou backcourt.— Mike Trudell (@LakersReporter) April 9, 2015

  80. But just saw his pre-game shooting around?!

  81. Yeah, so odd. Maybe it was more sore middle finger than his right knee. LOL

  82. Yep I’m really surprised to hear this. Another new low for BS???!!!!

  83. wow!!!!!. didn’t know there was a game then there was now there really isn’t.

  84. tanking… smh!

  85. Another new low from BS!!!!!!!!!!! JLin looks fine in pregame shooting.

  86. Hmmm…I’m wondering is D’Antoni is attending tonight’s game. Maybe Jeremy will go over and talk about next season… *wink*

  87. don’t think its byron. it would be lins choice after going to the team doctors

  88. Tanking… I really had enough w this BS. smh!

  89. I like it actually. Lin should sit out of the rest of the tanking games.

  90. a back to back in denver? in this case bryon did lin a favor

  91. Yeah, getting yanked around on the court hurts Jeremy’s stats.

  92. Boring night..

  93. Haha! I wish but MDA is not their HC yet…LOL!

  94. Don’t let that little fact get in the way of a good conspiracy theory and a subtle stab at BS! 🙂

  95. Well, let’s put it this way. You have a better faith in BS than me.

  96. Exactly !

  97. look at it this way 1 less game lin gets to rest

  98. Since Lin sit out today, I guess he might as well just sit the next 4 games

  99. Hehe I can focus on work this morning….

  100. I gotta say, I won’t miss the Lakers…except for the Serena part.

  101. Seem like it that way:-) BS is beyond despicable.

  102. Well, don’t miss Lakers at all:-)

  103. I hope so bc there is not reason to play the lousy games & maybe will get injury for this team.

  104. That’s good. We don’t have to tolerate another 4 games. Lin has done enough for showcasing himself, he should start fishing, playing golf right now

  105. I hope Serena ends up with Lin-Davis after FA! LOL

  106. Whoever at the game to see Lin very unlucky. Rockets vs. Spurs game going on right now.

  107. IKR, all Jeremy gets for playing D, taking charges and getting hammered (and no calls) is being called soft.

    Lakers are not worthy. (pun unsure)

  108. This I agree. Not sure JLin will agree though:-)

  109. LOL Guy is guy. That’s all I’m going to say:-)

  110. Lin not starting tonight?

  111. JLin isn’t playing tonight.

  112. Lin takes all these crazy charges, and bs says he played “ok.” I’m not surprised Lins not playing today after getting hammered yesterday like that

  113. Lin’s not starting due to soreness in left knee?

  114. Lin plays BB for fun and win, not for stats. The motivation for Lin to play the rest of the tanking games simply isn’t there any more.

  115. OK. Somehow I feel relieved. No need to waste time watching the ludicrous game.

  116. That’s what it says. Can’t wait to see what JLin is going to say. He did go to shootaround and he looked ok to me.

  117. A ha! It’s cool for you to follow Jeremy, yet you tease me on Serena? :p

  118. LOL I follow JLin because of his faith in Christ not because he is “handsome.” He is half of my age my dear:-)

  119. Wow, I hope he’s not hurt and it’s just a BS bs.

  120. LOL. Yep. Don’t want him to sacrifice his body for Tanking Lakers.

  121. Even with the five languages that I speak, it’s difficult for me to find a word to properly describe how low BS is as a person. Maybe a couple of profanities in Hokkien come close.

  122. Just tired of BS, like us

  123. Not handsome but cute to me :))

  124. He might have bruises here and there from last game. Don’t think he can’t play. Otherwise, why went thru shootaround routine??? JLin wants to play for sure. So… Have to wait to see what JLin is gonna to say

  125. LOL. I can speak more but refuse to go low with this subhuman being:-)

  126. Can’t believe Lakers -10 & BS smile…?! LOL!

  127. Like… 白目?GY?

  128. Well I like Serena because she’s witty and nice to Jeremy. There there. LOL

  129. Adorkable.

  130. Man, this season with Byron Scott has been just gawd awful.

  131. Hope it’s minor aches and pains and nothing serious.

  132. Eh, don’t wanna say it here, some ladies here understand Hokkien (Mel?). Suffice to say “G” is on the right track.

  133. She is also adorkable.

  134. LOL That’s why I said it hit men more than middle age woman:-)

  135. Bs dnp Jlin because he is afraid to get in the foxhole with Jlin….hahaha

  136. All Lakers media stink. Even Serena.

  137. LOL Yes I can understand Hokkien (around 80%). Only speak a few words here and there. Don’t have much chance to practice:-)

  138. No no no. BS wanted to stay in the foxhole passively fighting the war, while Lin wants to go out there to win the war.

  139. The Spurs just tied the game with the rockettes. ..8-0 run…go Spurs go!!!

  140. Only when she flirts with Jeremy… then she stinks 😛

  141. You take that back, you SOH you!

  142. I see wolves now!

  143. :p

  144. Another 8-0 run…Spurs up by 6….yeah.

  145. Get used to it, LAL! Because it’s going to be the norm next season.

  146. I’m out, not use to watch.

  147. Not happy Lin is hurt but glad I don’t need to watch the Lakers.

  148. “knee” is code word for coach.

  149. popcorn is all stale now ;(

  150. I switch to the Spurs and rockettes on going beat down of the hustun team…go spurs!!!

  151. Lakers 8-0 run, with Clarkson on the bench

  152. I rushed back just to find out Lin’s out today?

  153. Ah well, off to see 2nd half of roadkill that is Houston Rockets.

    Jeremy better sit out the remaining Lakers games.

  154. Thanks…Jeez…I didnt even realize…didnt look at the title as well, except for the next game counter, which is two more days….lol

    The game started!!!!! Need to get my stream up

  155. LOL…didnt realize there is a game today!…Lin is not starting today?

  156. injured ….knee soreness

  157. He’s out, sore left knee, 🙁

  158. I dont mind him resting…nothing more to show under BScott scheme

  159. lol great minds think alike

  160. is this the one he got surgery on? I was worrying about his back yesterday, now this.

  161. lol

  162. idk left knee???

  163. I got it wrong, it’s right knee today, according to Trudell.

  164. which leg did lin have surgery on ???

  165. I think it’s tanking knee… Mike Bresnahan said sore right knee & Mike Trudell said sore left knee, so it’s right or left?!

  166. I checked, it was his left knee 3 years ago.
    Knee injury is no joke, I feel bad.

  167. is crazy how quickly leonard became the star of the spurs

  168. ok, I feel much better now.

  169. JLin Fan from Australia:
    I must be about your age then. But I agree with John Lee on this one. When Serena is wearing those glasses, she’s mighty fine. And she’s virtually the only good thing about the Lakers organization.

  170. Saw him pregame shooting around…nothing wrong.

  171. 22NN4 – Neither the Lakers nor Lin made any mention of it yesterday. This wasn’t announced until moments before tipoff

  172. that’s from MarkG_Medina

  173. I’m glad Lin is doing the right thing and DNP – “opps I forgot with knee” for the remaining 5 games. Why risk injury and jeopardize his next contract for these meaningless games?

  174. Huh? He’s not playing the remaining games?

  175. Lin in the practice before last game was in bench’s uniform, I think Lakers want to start Brown anyway.

  176. i hope lin is okay..better sit out

  177. Not sure yet but I really don’t mind.

  178. Whose playing PG with clarkson and buycks? It’s a shame they get to play with Ed Davis.

  179. It’s only 4 games. If he’s up to it and won’t injure himself, it’s a chance to see him play. Don’t know where he goes following this season, but won’t get to see him play again until preseason, late Sept or October.

  180. BUycks.

  181. If you don’t like baseball I would recommend you to plan something good to do. This gonna be a long summer before the real fun comes back again. Good luck to our guy Jeremy Lin.

  182. She actually had the guts to subtly call out BS on a couple of occasions when no one else would or dared.

  183. maybe after shooting around he felt uncomfortable with his knee.

  184. lol summer is always the worst for sports. hopefully the easel puig blows up this year

  185. Wow… San Antonio is playoff ready. It will be exciting to have 2 teams that play team ball slug it out for the finals – Spurs/Warriors vs Hawks.

    Team ball vs Team ball… some Finals worth watching.

  186. LOL

  187. definitely rooting for this 3 teams in the playoff

  188. Houston is NOWHERE NEAR playoff ready with Jeremy out of the team and all those “fancy” pieces added.

  189. I’ve got Formula 1. Keep calm and Forza Ferrari… until Jeremy is playing again. 🙂

  190. mostly its kawhi leanords development. parker is not what he was last year. so spurs are lucky leonard got a lot better this year.

  191. dmo is out for the year. least year rox was much more talented looking at them this year its all harden

  192. spurs up by 15

  193. Formula to beat the rockettes. ..shutdown horgden. …pretty easy… Spurs up by 15…hahaha

  194. Rockets don’t know how to defend a team that passes the ball around.

  195. warriors being the least of those three. idk i hates hit or miss teams

  196. clarkson 2-10

  197. or maybe after shooting BS told him Brown’s starting.

  198. he’s the future, he’s allowed to play through mistakes or whatever.

  199. Do you see Lin on the bench?

  200. I would just wish him luck because reality will hit him once training camp start next season.

  201. Would be nice if Lin is having dinner with Cuban in his Lux box now. lol

  202. No.

  203. I just realized I hate the rockettes a little bit more now because of the old man prigione…brought a lot of bad memory of Jimmy “rich boy” dolan

  204. JLin is out tonight. Sore knee. Happy he is not playing for this BS.

  205. Memphis won today while Houston is well on its way to a loss.

    Anyone knows who has tie-breaker between MEM and HOU?

  206. Ironically, Lin is not playing, so Ed has 15 min PT in half time already.

  207. I hope he is OK.

  208. spurs up by 19

  209. Spurs up by 19..lol

  210. They really play well no ISO ball like Lakers. Great team ball. So happy for them & also great fun to watch their game. Kill Rox tonight. LOL!

  211. Harden’s going to play 42min again, good for him.

  212. Rockets getting hammered.

  213. someone needs to tell us the truth!!! hahaha

  214. Yeah, run him down as to set up for third 1st round exit in a row.

  215. Ok now I’m happy! Burn rockets burnnnnnn

  216. this is a statement game for the spurs its crazy last year spurs had no shot against the rockets. we we’re clearly more talented and athletic for them. but that was last year

  217. Nice to see, TParker turning it on…against the ROX

  218. Ugh, for some reason Jeremy isn’t ending up with teams who prioritize team ball. I kinda feel bad for him and I know the feeling. I do wish he can get out of that rut soon.

  219. Dang game is exciting. The spurs, I mean.

  220. Well, last year the Rox had Jeremy, ’nuff said.

  221. also parsons. the rox are harden bust to me. also Dwight rarely plays

  222. mcheil is waving the white flag….down by 22…hahaha

  223. Its actually McHale bust!

  224. no one can mess with the spurs!

  225. Ya! They gave up bc no Harden w 6 min left in 4Q. Trash time early today.

  226. well

  227. yeah…we had been wasting our season with LAL!

  228. lakers are really struggling in the 3rd.

  229. Lol the Spurs are letting the rockettes backup scrubs scoring at will…sympathy points..

  230. how did the lakers loose by 6 or so to the clippers and be down by 19 on the nuggets. whats missing. mmmmmmmmm??????

  231. WOW…LAL starters are ALL double digit!!!! on +/-

  232. tanker game…didn’t watch…don’t care..hehe

  233. clarkson -27 wow

  234. Lakers future shining bright!

  235. Turn over by papagorgio of family vacation vegas…hahaha

  236. Game over …good job Spurs.

  237. I’m torn on whom I want to see lose tonight, Rondo or Bledsoe. I hate them both, can’t they BOTH lose?

  238. He’s close to double-double, good stats anyway. #theFuture, lol

  239. rondo

  240. no defense by lakers.

  241. Yes they can by physically hurt each other. ..hehe

  242. except lin

  243. McHale has the patented “what the heck do I do” look, BS has the patented “I’m so P*ssed, so I will look tough” look.

  244. Does he look injured to you? just sayin


  245. Got 'em: Nasty crossover sends uniformed cop tumbling http://t.co/qEWxW79KKJ via @mashable— Bo (@bolero2010) April 9, 2015

  246. a little he is not jumping that high also he lands a bit soft like he feels pain. i may be bias given i know he is listed as hurt.

  247. Sore-knee-itas like Nick

  248. No doubt, his heart is hurt.

  249. No, I don’t believe that… if so then why the announcers don’t think to concern at all? Just for tanking IMO.

  250. You are seeing way more that I see. Even Nathan (on twitter) said that when he covered the Knicks,that most reporters given injuries after shoot around or before.He thinks that this is awful suspicious.

  251. My goodness the Lakers look like a D-league team right now…making Denver look like a playoff team….

  252. lakers are locked in at 4th, so it sort of doesn’t matter anymore if they win or lose now. don’t know if its about tanking more than about giving jabari brown a better look. that sounds like something byron scott would do. unless lin is really hurt, then that’s unfortunate..

  253. Exactly.lin probablyy agreed to play when playing in Staples Center. Also I think Lin’s agent(Tandem) gave him the bigger picture leading up to FA.

  254. BScott is playing EDavis to reduce the embarrassment? lol

  255. Wait till you watch when Kobe is playing.

  256. I think so it’s a B2B game why needs to play since Lakers obvious wants to loss…

  257. Lin probably got word that they are tanking this game again and decided that his knees are not well. Might as well give his good buddy Davis some extra play time since they can’t be on the court at the same time.

  258. Plus Lin said in his post game interview he is OK now… he looks so happy & in good mood last night.

  259. interesting still 1 less game

  260. was Lin on bench? Did not see him

  261. i lied. so if lakers lose today, then they’re locked in for 4th? okay, maybe it is a tank move!

  262. Already seen it…i dont know which is worse to be honest…they are all crap…Lin will be free soon

  263. Didn’t see him either. I thought that’s a little strange.

  264. Smells like Asik.

  265. I feel even TWC announcers think this game it’s so boring & hope the game to over ASAP. LOL! Ya! JC got more TO today. Didn’t really shoot that well. Now w 6 min left to pad his stats time.

  266. How are the Lakers’ starting guards doing in Jeremy’s
    absence? With 6:11 to go in the 4th
    quarter, they are a truly awful 7 for 26 for FGM, with 5 turnovers, and the
    Lakers are 21 points behind a non-playoff team on the one night of the year
    when Ryan Kelly of all people is hot. We miss you, Jeremy!

  267. No really that bad 🙂 He has good AST number…the ratio is good

  268. Should have done it a few games earlier when BS took the PG role away from him.

  269. stat wise, JC “looks” good. almost double double. but game is unwatchable

  270. Ya! In this trash time he got the points & AS.

  271. 18 points, 9 assists, 4 TOs. looks good. down by like 20 or something though

  272. He’s still watching? you have to admire him.

  273. true…there is no “real” in the PG to drive the offense, but JC did well in terms of his game

  274. It’s trash time so more easy to score also AS.

  275. The technical term for it is sleepwatching.

  276. Even when Lin had bad game, he still could get the other team defense focusing on him. Tonight Lakers have zero threat.

  277. yeah. people who only look at stats won’t realize what a bad game JC was having tonight. looked tired and frustrated out there.

  278. Statpadding.

  279. Remember that this is during Garbage time…still not seeing anything special about this kid….

  280. Couldn’t agree more, at least sit out the two after the URI.

  281. clarkson stat padding

  282. This kid is lucky.

  283. lead still 20

  284. Ya! The announcers & Trudell didn’t even care he score or not… just worry about draft #…. LOL!

  285. game is finally over. sigh of relief.

  286. Fool’s gold

    Definition: Team loses by 18 pts yet the PG with pretty stats has -24 on efficiency.

  287. LBJ once said if you score 38 but your team still lose that means nothing. So if he can only score for his own but can’t help the team win…?! I still think he is a trade asset.

  288. and PER!

  289. Who made the decision that Lin shouldn’t even be on the bench? This is ugly.

  290. no-D shooting practice for both teams.

  291. yes, yes, yes. i think he is fool’s gold. can always look good on the stat page, but won’t bring too many wins to team. he should play on bench next year

  292. I’ve just started to feel bad for Clarkson. He’s being used like Beverley.

  293. Even PB is more proven than he is…lol He is lucky

  294. without proper street clothes you’re not allowed to sit on bench, lol

  295. True. Bev was hustling and he had more experience playing in EU.

  296. I just hope Lin is ok. He MUST protect his Knee….and Back….

  297. Nothing wrong with him.

  298. sickness cause exhaustion which cause injury

  299. Bev’s D is overrated, and is in fact inferior to Lin’s. But with that said, he’s still a better defender than JC, who’s starting to look like a Harden-wannabe minus the flopping skill.

  300. He seem fine pregame…..

  301. Kobe-wannabe.

  302. No, his heart was hurt.

  303. JC is not at PB’s level…….PB is not at Lin’s Level……the primary reason why JC and PB were starting over Lin. Because they are worse..

  304. Of course he did. Lin was nowhere found, something’s wrong.

  305. So who won? Hehe

  306. THat I do not care…LOL JK

  307. Scott!!!

  308. Ya! Really hate this team.

  309. Heart broken young man. Horrible franchise Lakers.

  310. Just realized that Young and Ellington are all NWT, is that stands for Not With Team?

    I think the team is really ready for the off season mode.

    I really think the team want to play Brown, so Lin might as well just not play any more.

  311. Or something’s right? F/O summon or agents at work?

  312. As long as Lin is healthy….only thing that matter

  313. yes it does..Still hope to see some Lin action last few games!

  314. OMG….

  315. AAAAAARGGH!!! NO!!!!

  316. This is terrible… he’s taking too much contact. I hope he’s ok and will work on his jumper to preserve his body and career.

  317. His own artwork but missing Lin’s autograph.

  318. I am going to pray that it is not serious, and just maybe some arthritis.

  319. oh no …maybe for precaution

  320. I hope he did not play through it too long….

    on the other hand, he should know the problem since he went through it once, so hopefully it is not as bad, and might as well shut it down….

  321. Oh!!! My!!!!

  322. NO!!!!

  323. Awful news. It would be such n awful shame if it’s reinjured in this awful waste of a season.

  324. Yeah….hmmmm kinda odd

  325. Does not make sense. Lin was fine up until they announced. No incident, no collision etc….this must be a setup for him to sit out for the rest of remained games, the same way they decided for Young. It’s good for Lin anyway.

  326. Just hope it is nothing serious. Just rest for the rest of the season. Not worth the 4 meaningless games.

  327. when you feel soreness better give it a check.

  328. the people who watched the game are the real winners here.

  329. Yes…the Lord will protect Jlin….Prayer is all he needs.

  330. this does not sound good… he should’ve just sat out after that sinus infection… sigh! 🙁

  331. I hope you are right. Hope it’s just some PR tactics to cover up the whole sit out thing……

  332. Hope you’re right that he is sensitive now to the warning sign.

  333. Just wondering if Lin does have a torn meniscus, how long would he be out? Would he be able to make start of 2015 season?

  334. Athletic not that easy to get injury in short moment. Plus they’re hiding Lin so far right now because they know Lin is bad at lying to his fans.

  335. 6 weeks after the surgery..give or take

  336. At times…players to get carried away..as well…hope its not serious

  337. Probably no biggie the good thing was he stood this game out…might aswell sit out the rest of these games no reason to risk it.

  338. Post game TW sports and still not mentioning about Lin or interview him. They’re hiding something.

  339. WHy? Lin is not a long time Laker at all..

  340. I don’t think he has another torn meniscus. I think it might be soreness,which after surgery most patients will have to live live with. Lin has not played that many minutes as he did in NY to aggravate this tear. I think it might be more of arthritis pain.

  341. They don’t want him to play anymore. They need to get as high as they can for keeping the pick

  342. That’s why I feel so weird. I just check MM & Trudell… no infor about Lin’s injury at all. In fact, they don’t even talk about it? If he needs to have MRI?! I guess Lin is going to join Young’s group to DNP until the end of the season.

  343. I only give my opinion as I see it. I still might be wrong

  344. They already got it today the top 4.

  345. i hope so! that’s more reassuring~

  346. God forbid he does not have this injury but 6 weeks is not too bad. Lin could def make it to 2015 start of the season. Hope Lin is ok. I think he is. Lin just probably didn’t want to play this game since B2b and high altitude.

  347. probably a tanker charade to dnp Jlin the rest of the season…which i want to see anyway.

  348. They tweeted out what the team told them. Why are they hiding Lin? What’s wrong with letting the media asking Q?

  349. Still 5 or 6 games left. They also want to see rookies to play more. No point for Lin to be in uniform now.

  350. But that is for normal activity I think. Lin’s 1st yr in HOU, it took him like 8 month (from the surgery in APR, to Dec) to get back his old form.

  351. Lin needs to sit now, if MRI is needed. Positive or negative, he sits…please.

  352. WHERE ARE THEY HIDING LIN?! and why?!
    Hahahah i am curious

  353. By the end of the game, TWC announcers & Trudell were talking about secure the pick, they don’t even care about JC score or not…? If Lin’s injury that bad why during the whole game no one mentioned anything at all?

  354. MM did not travel with team today.

  355. I agree but the way it goes, SMH. Fans are still want to see him 5 or 10 min in useless game and no hard contact, no harm.

  356. I did noticed Lakers send players to MRI pretty frequently. Anything they are not sure they send them to MRI.

  357. Trudell was there. He is team beat writer. I really feel this just like when they said Hill & Young was injury… the same MRI then Hill can play…?! This team just so weird.

  358. Hotel, Airport with Nick Young, who knows?

  359. Yep, lakers media are working together with the team unlike NY media.

  360. well I dont think they are hiding..they want to know for sure..

  361. Right, I remember that. Lin wasn’t playing like himself till Dec. Well I don’t want to jump to conclusion to much but man that would suck. Lin needs to be in good shape for FA.

  362. Let’s hope for the best!

  363. It’s ok with what you believe.

  364. Whatever it is, let’s pray for our boy.

  365. Again, no one tweeted where Lin is.

  366. they’re hiding him.. LOL

  367. Dear Lord You have been protect Jlin all along…I have faith that you will protect him for the rest of his career…Thank you Lord and Amen.

  368. They kept him from the media.

  369. yeah! hahah this feels like a movie script. Lol.. oh the conspiracies.. hahaha

  370. Why are they keeping him from the media?

  371. maybe from the FA….lol

  372. remember when the knicks try to hide from the rockets from delivering the Jlin contract.

  373. maybe… if media gets a hold of lin and asks about his knee, lin might respond with, “what about my knee?” and we’ll find out that lakers just pulled a stunt. hahah i’m just joking. i don’t know. it seems weird that he didn’t sit on bench during game with a sore knee. i mean, it can’t be that serious if he was practicing right before the game, right?

  374. either way, we need mark medina. he always keeps tabs on jlin. he knows his fans are waiting for his jlin tweets

  375. My theory is Lin has been sliding around and falling down a lot lately in his games, esp last night. Lin has been wearing different Adidas sneakers which I believe do not provide a good enough grip. I think Lin’s shoes are not providing enough lateral support and agile support for the way Lin plays. Hopefully it is nothing serious.

  376. Because to avoid answering his injury. When? How? Why Where? …..

  377. What do you this is? This still a business and entertainment. Team controls what send out.

  378. MM would not have any access.

  379. yeah, however, it is kind of strange that Lin only announce not playing 15 min before the game, and nobody even ask what happened after the game. Maybe they were not allowed to talk about it….

  380. Not weird, just bunch of lying sobs with zero basketball sense.

  381. I think so. By the end of the game, Trudell & TWC announcers only talked about secure draft pick not even report the game or care JC score the last 3 points…?! Lin, no one even talk about him at all. Not TWC or even Den feed about his injury today?! Weird.

  382. Saw highlights of Houston vs. Spurs game. Parker really elite at finding ways to score against the bigs. He just seems to know how to avoid getting blocked. Parker is the best in this particular category; he doesn’t drive to the rim, he glides and scoops in shots before the bigs can lay their hands on the ball. Spurs getting in the playoff mode now to make another run.

  383. Haha! That’s exactly how I feel. Even now I don’t believe anything wrong w Young at all. Just got DNP that’s all.

  384. oh, oh, it wasn’t worth it. I pray it’s nothing serious.

  385. Parker IS good, but he also has some of the best in the business, teammates AND coaches, to help him get the spacing needed. Whereas Jeremy gets near zero picks (BS no-PNR) and lazy Hill clogging up the lane. The only guy with enough smarts to play PNR with him isn’t even allowed to share court time.

  386. WHATEVER happened, Lin’s season has ended. But, it is good.

  387. I am not talking about the help. When you see Parker go one on one against the bigs, he has very unconventional moves that I have not seen any other PGs have. He has the ability to stop and then glide and scoop his shots, all at the same time.

  388. hope you are right.

  389. Only 4 games left.

  390. What was Young’s diagnosis?

  391. Not trying to diminish Parker, just comparing situations. As good as Parker is, his play would still suffer under BS treatment and dumb/lazy teammates.

  392. wasn’t it a small knee cap fracture?

  393. Bovine excrement poisoning.

  394. Again, you are missing my point. I agree with you, but I am just focusing on the specific ability he has to avoid getting blocked by the bigs EVEN when he goes one on one. Not even comparing Parker with Lin. I am saying I have never seen other PGs release the ball so quickly.

  395. Oh ok….M……

  396. Not missing it, already acknowledged. Like the form myself.

  397. I think if Duncan was playing with Lin in that CLi game, he is not gonna be blocked that many times.

  398. Medina didn’t make the trip to Denver.

  399. Good, someone understood my English. LOL

  400. That’s not the only advantage Parker has over Lin. Parker has a great coach teaching him, he gets to play with the same guys over and over again to build chemistry and finally he has wealth of experience. Parker is not just allowed to excel, he is supported and given every opportunity to be a winner.

    When it come to Lin’s situation, take every advantage Parker has and take it away from Lin so that he has absolutely no support, no chemistry, no coaching and you will understand why Parker looks so good compared to Lin.

  401. I don’t see anywhere you acknowledged the specific skill I am talking about.

  402. LOL

  403. yeah, but he would tell the twitter jlin fans that he could not get a hold of lin. or something along that line. right now, it’s just pure silence. fishy..

  404. Here, let me spell it out. I fully acknowledge Parker’s smooth form in avoiding bigs in the low post, as stated by webattorney. Moving on.

  405. parker has a great jumpshot. probably one of his best attributes to his game.

  406. Thank you, my point exactly. Parker’s talent is further enhanced and complemented by resources other than his own. Whereas Lin not only has NONE of those, he has people working AGAINST him from within his own club.

  407. This is a back to back game and so there is not much time for practices. Lin looks alright on the court in the last game against the Clippers. It’s fishy

  408. Listen. let me remind all of you that this is a lin fan site. Our concern should be about lin and his “alleged injuries”, so all this talk about SA and Rockets,I could care less…jmo

  409. The point is you didn’t do that before when you said you did. Now you are doing it. Anyway, it’s just incredible to me how Parker manages to avoid getting blocked by the bigs time and time again. That’s why Parker is so good during playoff because of this ability to avoid getting blocked using his underhand scoop.

  410. I wish tomorrow comes quicker.

  411. Exactly. Duncan commands a lot of attention that none of Lin’s teammates have ever had except for perhaps Chandler. Even Howard was quite useless for all of his sheer physicality. Howard just didn’t have the court smarts to move off ball to help create spacing for Lin, in fact one can argue that he clogged up space for Lin.

  412. Look, I said one thing, and you are saying another thing. I don’t know why you are trying to turn my point into some general point about how Parker has so much help and better coaching when my only point was that Parker has this elite ability to avoid getting blocked by the bigs.

  413. What? TWC didn’t even mention JC? Now I find that strange after hyping him EVERY game.

  414. Perhaps those injuries of Nick Young, Ellington, and JLin are all part of a cover up. They sure look better than DNP-CD.

  415. I’m with you about JLin “alleged injuries.” Something doesn’t smell right.

  416. That too. But I have seen other PGs who has great jump shots but not his ability to release the ball so quickly by scooping the ball before getting blocked. Most PGs have incredibly difficult time avoiding getting blocked by the bigs.

  417. I said Parker “IS” good, just didn’t go out of my way to explicitly acknowledge the particular skill specified, since it was implied as I’m replying to your post. Pardon the laziness, ended up typing more to clear up.

    Has Lin ever use a scoop like that?

  418. and why are they hiding him! i always had my suspicions about nick young’s “knee injury.” but, once they got the med reports, i figured it was true. i don’t know anymore..

  419. I think it was a tear or fracture in his kneecap.

  420. I have the same suspicion. Byron Scott doesn’t want to look bad by DNP-CD lots of his stars in this team. He manages to find excuses to get the same result through other means. Lin is just the latest victim.

  421. I NEVER understood the hype about Howard. IMHO he’s really not much better than DMo. But in a league where Kelly can be an NBA player…

    I miss the skillful bigs of the 80’s and 90’s like Jabbar, Olajuwon, Ewing…

  422. This is JLin pregame shootaround. Didn’t see his knee was iced this season. If there is an injuries/pain, it should be iced during the game like last season. I haven’t seen.

  423. I didn’t see the Parker play, but just last night, Lin avoided a Jordan block by shifting to his left hand and lifting the ball above the incoming block. That was great, and BBall Breakdown called it getting more elevation off the wrong footed takeoff. I’m not sure it’s that – it’s just using his left hand to elevate above the block. That was really smooth. Jordan swatted the glass it was great.

    And did you see the footwear highlight at 25 sec where he went through his legs, necessarily unlike Harden’t windup, to create a near ankle break with Barnes and get completely free? Too bad I think that got a block, but he was like wide open in the paint with Barnes shooting to his right while he cut toward the rim.

  424. Yall have to remember this is Hollywood and the guy that the lakers have for the doc on their team is from the renaissance area with no knowledge of today’s sports medicine.He is basically going off of his knowledge in the past and not is relevant for the presence.just sayin…

  425. It’s an EXTENSION from your point. And Parker DOES have a lot of help, and it DOES NOT diminish his talent by admitting such. Why are you acting as if I’m trying to diminish Parker when I’m not, and acting up like I’m trying to hijack the thread or something. Chillax.

  426. Honestly I’m still suspicious about NY even with the so-called medical report.

  427. I’m afraid to say anything but my prayers because it could be anything.

  428. is it a coincidence that both of byron scott’s most criticized players have knee injuries?

  429. I saw the video. I don’t think anything wrong w him, IMO. This Org just weird & sick… This just like standard SOP… name injury then MRI then no more news. Like Hill & Young. Just Hill for no needed treatment ….magic he can come back to play…?!

  430. You’re right. There was no icing of his left knee during last game or previous games. .

  431. I hope Jeremy tweets something. Anything. I also think there’s something strange going on. Just hope he’s ok.

  432. If that’s the case, NBA should put this Lakers org in extinction.

  433. I read about it but missed the highlights from the last couple of games. Too depressed and too little time. Prioritized Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. episode last night. 🙂

  434. Look, I am with you on this. I watched Tony Parker play. He has some moves/skills that Lin can emulate

  435. I’ve read a lot of stupid quotes by BS. But man his “shooting me in the back” quote might take the cake.

  436. Or just move the Lakers back to Minneapolis. LA can get T-Wolves as punishment.

  437. Possibly during one of the slips, he twisted his knee. Probably felt the worse of it today. Hopefully, Lin address it in the next few days.

  438. I know. It’s very unusual for JLin not to play game in less than 15 minutes. If he is injured, we should know more. Hopefully JLin himself will tell us one way or the other. Maybe they are on the plane? Hope will learn sth soon.

  439. I think the Footwear highlights are on the last thread. Def work a look, that between the legs move at 25 sec.

  440. I feel Lakers’ trainer is not doing a good job in general. Vtti?

  441. Yep. I have “deep” suspicion on BS.

  442. why, because he blew out Kobe’s shoulder lol?

  443. Yep, Vitti..

  444. BS training regimen has led to season ending injuries for so many players.

  445. Their list of injury is just…..too long

  446. Colonel Jessup: “Is there any other kind?”

  447. yup…totally agree with you

  448. hmmm, yes to some of that being poor prep.

  449. I just remember how Lin stuffed Parker last year and totally dominated him. Parker is indeed one of the best in the league, but after watching Lin play, with some pretty bad teammates and no help from refs, I think lin is on track to be a much better player than Parker.

    The point is that when you rave about someone else on this forum, you’re going to get immediate comparisons to Lin. Maybe it was totally unintentional for you to draw that comparison, but you have to expect it because of the current situation Lin is in. MOST IMPORTANTLY, THE MOOD OF THE POSTERS ARE SUCH THAT THERE IS A LOT OF FRUSTRATION FROM THE BS TREATMENT THAT HAS HAMPERED LIN’S GAME.

  450. Yes kind of reminds of when D Rose messed up his knees when his foot pivoted the sorta side ways when he landed. Lin might have done that with those Adidas sneakers.

  451. No because he has been with the team fo more than 20 + years and has not kept upon today’s sports medicine

  452. Not sure about Vitti being guilty or innoncence, but BS conditioning surely didn’t help avoid injuries…assuming it was not intentionally designed to cause them.

  453. OIC, thx. New ideas are good.

  454. Bc they were so busy to talk about how their draft pick … I don’t think they even care about this game at all since it sure will loss.

  455. He’s a terrible coach. I can’t think of anything good he’s done for the team.

  456. This is their way of pulling him out of rotation than a straight out DNP. Remember the outrage on his last DNP and his ESPN article referring to the DNP. OK, now I’m getting cynical.

  457. He got that top 4

  458. That’s fair. This is after all, a Lin forum. But man I like Parker and I like his game, and he always gave Jeremy props because it takes game to know game. This is why the Spurs is one of my top destinations for Lin’s FA, “even if” Lin had to play from bench. I would not accepted the same from Mavs or any other team.

  459. Worse that because he wants to tank so much that he even got the uninjured players practiced so hard in between games. What a despicable person!! Never dislike a person so much besides KB.

  460. True. I stand corrected then lol

  461. I recall in TWC previous discussions, it was all about who should get the MVP award & JC.

  462. Let’s not even talk about coach, because coaching’s something BS simply cannot do. He is a nasty human being, period.

  463. I will sit with you on this, and lin is ok with this because he is sick of Scott and his antics.

  464. Lin did many of the same great drives that created Linsanity when he had Chandler and Stat. The ability to attack the rim with success has to do with speed and space. When you have bigs that can draw defenders away from you, you will look very good.

    DJ can go at Lin without ever having to think about his own man because his own man is too dumb to work off ball to make himself an easy target for a pass. Stat and Chandler worked the spacing to force the bigs to choose who was more of a threat. DJ doesn’t. As soon as he sees Lin he abandons his man and goes to take out Lin.

  465. AT times, swelling doesnt happen immediately, overnight swelling is a possibility

  466. Lol. ..I just watched that movie… “grave danger?”

  467. 2013 article…


    Kobe Bryant—ankle sprain, Achilles strain

    Dwight Howard—torn shoulder labrum

    Pau Gasol—plantar fasciitis, concussion

    Steve Nash—broken leg, strained hip

    Ron Artest—post-surgical knee

    Steve Blake—strained abdominal

    Earl Clark—strained groin

    Chris Duhon—back spasms

    Devin Ebanks—flu

    Jordan Hill—post-surgical hip

  468. They don’t care about the game for sure. To my surprised, Stu even said JC shoot rate today & TO… just not as warm as before… I just feel it’s boring game for them..LOL!

  469. But information like possible injury will hurt an UFA looking for his next contract next season. JLin is an UFA and I don’t think he would go along with it if it is hurting his chances of playing for another NBA contract, unless Lakers has already made a substantial offer to Jeremy Lin to stay being a Laker and Lin has already verbally accepted it. Then Jeremy would have to oblige to this sort of arrangement.

    Jeremy mentioned he wouldn’t answer any question about his free agency next season until July and then subsequently changed to the end of April. There must be a reason. No team can talk to Jeremy before July. If Jeremy could answer the Q of his agency after the end of April, the contract must be from LA Laker.

    Afterall just letting go of Jeremy free after paying $15m to him for this season really doesn’t make good sense; not financially. I tend to think that the FO knows what they’re going to do about Byron Scott + Kobe and Mitch Kupchak has had plans for them. Byron Scott is not happy about that and that’s why he’s saying that some players are shooting him on the back.

    Jeremy’s agent told us that victory is certain. He wouldn’t have said that unless he knew that the next contract is ready for Lin to sign; possibly at the end of this season (April).

    The FO is aware of the what Jeremy said in the last postgame interview and perhaps they don’t want Jeremy to comment anymore about this before the final announcement is made at the end of April.

    That’s logical. Because it’s hard to sell Laker tickets next season with Byron and Kobe on the spot light again. If Jeremy agreed and accepted a contract to play for the Laker in maybe the next 4 years, I don’t think selling tickets would be a big problem as long as Byron Scott and Kobe fades out as scheduled and Lin gets to play his game. We have to agree that Jeremy is a big draw to Laker fans and the poll about Jeremy’s Lin comeback is not without a reason though.

    That’s not impossible. We all know that Byron Scott and Kobe are just less than 1 more season thing. Jeremy matures and becomes a PG of the future. As to the rest of this season, the FO may decide that they would let Byron Scott finish it whatever way he wants. Byron Scott is not in the future plan of the Laker and the FO would just want everything goes quietly for the next few games left for the season. Team rebuilding will be started at the end of April and Byron Scott would be striped off his power in controlling the team’s future.

  470. With Lin’s knee, it could be that he’s feeling that it’s a little off or he has some discomfort that he’d be keeping his eye on but maybe normally wouldn’t stop him from playing…but with only a few games left on a tanking team and his FA coming up, it may be that he’s taking a very conservative approach. Check it out, take no chances, take it easy, stay healthy for what’s next. It is unusual for him to show up for shoot around and then pull out at the last minute. I don’t know that BS has to bother with a disguised DNP at this point – he’s pretty much doing as he pleases with the team anyway without creating more hassle for himself. I suspicion that he’s in some hot water for that stupid “foxhole” comment. So I’m taking the view that it was Lin pro-actively protecting himself. God willing.

  471. Something might happen at the end of April that would surprise lots of Lin fans here. My prediction, Lin would probably agree to stay in LA and play for the Lakers to my disappointment and the disappointment of many fans here.

  472. “The victory is certain”
    No victory is certain unless Lin is going to be signed next season with a decent contract. In the meantime, the contract could only come from LA Laker.

  473. Reasonably protecting his own health is also being professional. He is doing the right thing.

  474. I must be looking at a different highlight clip, saw the move at 35sec of the April 5 game.

  475. in a losing effort.

  476. what? no. no. no. i’ll put money on it

  477. some speculated the practice floor could be too hard and might’ve caused so many injuries

    But whether it’s true or not, it’s better not to be in Lakers for the long-term.
    Spurs fountain of youth or Suns famous medical staff will be better

  478. yup, that crazy conditioning could’ve contributed to Randle’s 1st game injury

  479. I agree. If Lin shuts it down until the final game or 2 to show his knee is OK to many GMs for the FA, it would be good for me.
    No need to prove anything in the last tanking games

  480. Would MRI on the knee be able to diagnose any toxic rabies from spending too much time in the FoxHole? LOL

    4 more games to Freedom!

  481. Did JLin take the pic after the game??? What do u think about this?

  482. I think it is too toxic that MRI machine might be knock off and need a re-calibration.

  483. I think it’s after the game. I believe he’s OK.

  484. a) He shows up for his fans…big heart…appreciative
    b) saving self for next team

  485. Yep. He looks “happy” to me. Doesn’t seem like concern about his knee….The plot thickens (famous @awarde:disqus word:-)

  486. LOL! too funny.. this is a good one

  487. here ya go:

  488. MRI technician be like, “Fire in the FoxHole!” lol

  489. I really think there’s nothing wrong w him at all. Just like Hill & Young. I got the feeling today’s game must be a sure have to loss one. FO is really care about the loss today also from Tredull talked to TWC announcers about Magic won or lose today? (don’t remember…) they just cared a lot about the draft #… near the end of the game. So I think that’s why they didn’t want Lin to play today.

    If you looked at Lin’s interview last night, I think someone did ask him about his health or … he smiled said he is OK…

  490. yeah, if DNP due to MRI on the “left knee” having previous injury is just an excuse but can be question mark to Lin’s FA, it would be highly irresponsible of Lakers

  491. so lin was at the game? where was he during the game? sitting in the locker room? for a “sore” knee? well, at least he looks good here!

  492. This is why I feel so odd about the sudden DNP. JLin even went to shootaround. Very very suspicious on this decision. Something is going on. Doesn’t matter. Only concern about he is getting a real injury for this nonsense org. Not worth it at all. As long as he is healthy, I’m okay for DNP for the rest of the season.

  493. Lin must be hiding out from media. Meeting many fans. Let’s see how many pics pop up.

  494. Because he didn’t expect to not play, he wasn’t suiting up and/or Lakers didn’t want another reprimand for DNP-CD . So he stayed in locker. Whatever that is, I’m very suspicious of this move.

  495. I know something is up… this team is so weird & sick. Now Hill, Young, & Boozer all DNP for no reason?! I don’t mind Lin gets DNP to the end of the season. Just hope he will not stay… So worry.

  496. If this MRI is just an excuse to DNP Lin, I hope Lin would take a lot of public pictures of biking/golfing/wrestling to show GMs and fans that he’s doing all right.

    And perhaps take a picture with someone wearing this T-Shirt 🙂

  497. Just realized that he wrote this in his FB. That means JLin is telling his fans he is okay. Definitely the plot thickens.

  498. Yes, he was warming up pre-game & getting up shots. Photo was taken before game. There was a time stamp on his photo.

  499. Before.

  500. oh okay. that would make more sense. thanks!

  501. Paranoia reins here.

  502. After JLin posted this pic in his FB, it confirms my suspicions that something else is up rather than “alleged” injury. Yeah I believe he does have bruise and minor injuries at this time but not something that causes the loss of playing time or something to be really concerned with. This is just BS way of DNP-CD.

  503. lol

  504. my theory is that Lakers want to start Brown at SG for evaluation purpose today, thus Lin don’t want to play as back up SG, thus decided not to play 15 min before the game start. There is really nothing to play for if Lakers are not playing for the win, and they don’t really need Lin.

    Usually player start to shoot around 90 min before tip off, Lin decided not to play only 15 min before tip off, which is right at the time they need to announce starter, it is hard to imagine knee injury take that long to find out he could not play. Also, in that case, usually the team will say Lin is questionable at the beginning of the shoot around, but today there was no mention earlier. And for this unexpected injury, surprisingly there is no one ask the coach about Lin’s injury after the game.

    So it could well be that they know what it is, but could not talk about it. Only one reporter report it. No other mention or update, which is kind of strange.

    Also, in the practice before yesterday’s game, Lin was in bench’s jersey.

    Further, Young wasn’t even join the team in this away trip.

    Not sure whether Byron’s don’t want to go to the foxhole has anything to do with this or not, could due to this talk, Lin don’t want to play. Could also be this whole thing was planned as an excuse to start Brown, since Lin might told them if they want to start Brown, he might as well not play, then Byron got frustrated and talk about foxhole then.

  505. Where do u see the time stamp???

  506. I really hope so,,,,

  507. Indeed its a weird team…none of their action makes sense

  508. Ya! I think so. That’s his way to tell his fans that I am OK. I really hate BS.. why Lakers FO will be fooled by him?! smh!

  509. On his LINE post.

  510. Really hope so…..kinda worried here… 🙁

  511. OK. When did he post it?

  512. Did Lin delete that picture?

  513. And…Joe with the Assist. Sick move by Jeremy!

  514. Can you at least entertain the fact that something happened during his warm-up, causing “sore knee”? They don’t do MRI for no reason!!

  515. No, still there. Viewed by over 11K followers.

  516. It is now 11:30 LA times. That pic was posted on his facebook about 46 mins ago. Not sure when picture was taken tho.

  517. We’re all hoping you’re right. MRI, no laughing excuse.

  518. Sure, ANYTHING is possible. But the timing is way coincidental on this one, and BS doesn’t exactly have a clean record when it comes to being sneaky or DNP-CD about Jeremy.

  519. Agreed. Otherwise he will go silence or say something if he is really dealing with “injury.”

  520. It is not anything. It is medical deduction.

  521. I thought Lin posted it on twitter. Just went to his facebook. Thanks .

  522. Most likely scenario.

  523. It’s in his FB.

  524. I meant announcing injury right about when starters are announced, after 75 min of practicing just fine.

  525. Yes I know. That’s just the way JLin shares to his fans that he is ok. He knows we are all concerns about his “injury.”

  526. He just posted a photo. Not telling fans anything. MRI tomorrow is the definitive answer to all wild speculations here.

  527. But before the game he didn’t have to carry the backpack?

  528. I think so. Before the game he didn’t have to carry the backpack. The dress isn’t right either.

  529. We don’t know that practicing was just fine, do we? Last minute scratch tells me something happened just before game.

  530. I have a theory about things happening to Jeremy and the comments and changes of Byron Scott about Lin.

    It seems that Lin’s agent and LA Laker has already agreed on a contract for Jeremy to play for LA Lakers for years to come. It also seems to me that there is already a team revolt and Byron Scott is the one who is desperately asserting himself in the rest of his days in LA. That foxhole comment is for real and BS knows something that we don’t to the extent that he feels he’s being shot at the back.

    The knee injury thing is highly suspicious with Jeremy taking shooting practices and complying to stay away from the media. The last time Byron Scott DNP-CDed Jeremy, Jeremy was immediately reinstated not like the other teammates. Lin’s agent told us that victory is certain. The only victory for him is a contract for Jeremy for the next season. Byron Scott seems stay away from being negative about Jeremy since then to the extent that he has even praised Jeremy. I think the would happen if Byron already knows that Jeremy is coming back and there is nothing he can do about it.

    In due respect to all Lin fans here, I am also one of them and I don’t want Jeremy to play for Byron Scott ever again but it’s not our choices. Jeremy seems to like playing in LA, not necessarily playing for Byron Scott but that can be arranged because Byron won’t stay being the head coach for too long. I guess Jeremy will have a longer and better contract than him from the Laker.

    Paying Jeremy $15m this season and just let him go free thereafter doesn’t look like a good financial decision. I guess the FO will let Byron finish this season in whatever way he wants. Byron would want to suck the organization into as many future commitments with him as possible. Byron’s effort to get more talents and help JC in padding stats tell me that he wants to have control in the team. That is not to say that he doesn’t have the control right now. But Byron Scott is feeling increasingly insecure with his position. His foxhole metaphor says something about him being shot at the back. That’s not a hypothesis. I think that’s having real consequences for his future in the team.

    So what do you think about Lin’s future season?

    The poll to test players that fans want to have them back is not an accident. The polls recently really meant something more about the future of the Laker. Jeremy seems to agree on something with the team. When he was asked about his free agency, Jeremy said he would only answer this question at the end of July but he changed to end of the April immediately. From April to July, only Laker is allowed to make an offer to Jeremy. I think there is a realistic chance that Jeremy will come back to play for the Laker next season to my disappointment and the disappointment of many Lin fans here.

    LA Laker is going to have problems of selling tickets next season. This is real revenue not like things about Byron Scott’s team management. It’s cash and revenue. The FO has to sell tickets to their fans. With Kobe coming back and Byron Scott still running the show, do you think they have enough draw to the fans of buying into their team rebuilding. My 2 cents is nobody would care to watch Kobe’s final year and Byron’s mismanagement which frequently leads only to landslide losses after losses.

    Yes Byron is good at padding stats for some of his players but he couldn’t manipulate a win from his opposition. That’s why Byron is still having the worst win-loss record in NBA. How many more fans will come to watch Kobe and Jordon Clarkson to loss games next season?

    The FO needs to sell tickets and Jeremy Lin has been a big draw to sponsors and ticket sales. Plus Jeremy Lin clearly has turned around the corner and played like a legit PG in the league. Lin has earned respect from his opposition that has been very obvious. Paying $15m to Lin this season and let him go free is an insane decision! Teams don’t run like this.

  531. Please name this Autobot…

  532. Those are expensive resources for the team.

  533. What made you think so? “It seems that Lin’s agent and LA Laker has already agreed on a contract for Jeremy to play for LA Lakers for years to come. “

  534. it’s not a matter of us not wanting him back in la. for one, he doesn’t want to be back in la. second, byron scott is not going anywhere yet. he’s staying at least another year. so, i HIGHLY doubt this is true

  535. I did ask JLin fans who had LINE. They said JLin posted this pic after game. Yep backpack is quite the telling. This pic should be taken after game.

  536. There were videos from practice. Again, it’s in the timing. Sure, stranger things have happened, but I wouldn’t put it past BS with a smokescreen.

    Let’s stop playing the conspiracy theory police here. I’m willing to entertain that medical issue IS a possibility, but people have the right to suspicion of foul play.

  537. I think so too. Bc I went to the game before… from this picture, don’t look like before the game. You can’t possible see him wears his own cloth before the game on court side.

  538. i think it’s really suspicious that the media has not mentioned a single word about this post-game. usually, they are all over these kinds of things.

  539. Agree. Let’s wait to see the result of MRI. But I’m still leaning toward foul play:-) Have taken MRI before. Sometimes it’s for ruling out certain medical condition. Am not too concerned about this until result says otherwise.

  540. That is obvious a reasonable doubt

  541. Yep. No one said anything except MRI on left knee. Didn’t give any details how this has taken place and so on.

  542. This is the same story from Hill & Young too. smh!

  543. or bothered to ask jlin how he got that sore knee. we all know media loves to talk to him, so why not now?

  544. Lin’s left knee is an easy cop-out. Even if MRI results came out negative, no one can fault the Lakers for being cautious with his once-injured knee. Too convenient and timing was fishy, especially so after NY’s injury coinciding with his dog-house status.

  545. Yep. Another telling is no one on the stadium. It’s empty. Normally you will see a few souls around.

  546. Man…I have not read this yet, but this is really long…lol

  547. Ya! He only took picture w fans after the game not before.

  548. I still do not know why Lakers care

  549. Agreed. That’s why I have called BS out as soon as I saw that he was DNP just minutes before the game. Seconds before I saw the clip on his shootaround. I didn’t see any untoward. Fans who took the clip said nothing about his “medical condition.”

  550. So what do u think it’s???

  551. No offense Kwok, not theory. This is a thesis, LOL.

  552. Yeah, press is like sharks, they follow the blood. No press attention sure is very telling, especially with Jeremy who normally commands LOTS of media attention.

  553. Well, you can tell us so, if this happens.

  554. LOL! i skimmed.

  555. That’s also true! That’s why I said JLin wants this fans to know he is ok. He knows we will be very concerned when he didn’t play and the reason was his “knee.”

  556. I think it is normal to feel sore in NBA…..lol especially when you are in a fox hole…

  557. With the Lakers’ split personality in the F/O, no one knows what to expect anymore. For all we know, Lakers could fire BS, buy out Kobe, bring back D’Antoni and resign Jeremy with near-max contract and it wouldn’t surprise me anymore.

  558. To tell the truth, after saw his post game interview from last night, I got the same feeling that he maybe will stay.. Hope I am wrong…But he looks like a leader for this team when he talked about the team, player. Also he said about his FA… just worry this will come true.

  559. you are mocking him now?!!! lol…summary would be nice 🙂

  560. so MRI is BScott’s secret weapon! 🙂

  561. i thought opposite. when they asked about the clippers rivalry, he said it didn’t matter to him. if he bleeds purple and gold, he would not say that. he would lie and say that clippers are definitely a rival. because they are. clippers think they can share LA with us, but they’ll never win any championships. yeah, the cut is deep, so for jlin to say it doesn’t matter to him is like saying he’s not a laker next year.

  562. That machine does have a big hole in the middle.

  563. Doing some analysis of Lin’s stats to see what he made of this season:


    The GOOD:

    – His 3 pt % is at a career high .368. It has been on an upward trend and it’s good to see the work paying off.
    – His rebounding % is back to normal. With McHale, I think there was an order from the coaches for pgs to not go for the rebound. He posts good rebounding rates for a guard.
    – His stats have not tapered off in pretty much all the little things – steals are good, blocks are good, assists are back at a semi-normal rate for him. His per 36 everything is very much in line with his career stats.

    The BAD:

    – His 2pt field goal % has dropped. This is due to 3 things – 1) lower % finish at rim (60%), 2) more 2pters, and 3) the lack-of-kobe effect (I’ll explain later)

    The UGLY:

    – He has a similar usage as he did in Houston. This means that he was sidelined as much in LA as Houston. No change at all…
    – He has 20% less minutes as he did in his first year in Houston. This is very sad; he had 32 min/game, and this year he was around 25. Truly a shocking statistic in my book.

    The (lack of) Kobe effect:

    Believe it or not, Lin was producing at an elite level when playing with Kobe. His at rim % was .75, which is an incredible rate for a guard. To put it in perspective, Lebron has a 72% rim conversion rate. Lin is right now sitting at 60%, which I think could be much better.
    Say all you want about Kobe being a ball hog or not giving it to his teammates, but he was a threat which took the pressure off of Lin and allowed Lin to be really, really efficient. Lin’s usage did not go up after Kobe went down either, so Kobe was an overall net positive for Lin’s game.
    It was when Kobe went down and there were no other threats on the floor that Lin had a much harder time scoring at rim.
    See http://www.basketball-reference.com/play-index/plus/shooting.cgi?player_id=linje01&year_id=2015&advanced=lineups&teammates=bryanko01-on&opponents=

    Apparently having a teammate that is a threat is good for your game.

    Other interesting notes:

    To see if the eye test matches, I looked at Lin’s shot chart without Kobe and with/without Boozer to see if Boozer had an effect on Lin’s at rim finishes. I don’t think it is statistically significant, but Lin had a very poor finishing percentage paired with Boozer – .493 vs .594 (Lin’s shooting with Kobe off, Boozer on/off)


    I also looked at Ed Davis to see if the Lin magic worked for him – it did:


    At rim finishing % – .73 vs .65

    Tons more dunks and better layup conversions for at rim shots – http://www.basketball-reference.com/play-index/plus/shooting.cgi?player_id=davised01&year_id=2015&advanced=lineups&teammates=linje01-on&shot_distance=0-3

    Finally, I took a look at where Lin can improve, if any, for next season. Besides getting more usage and more playing time, his midrange stands out as being rather weak. He posts a poor 33% average on 3-20ft. Contrast that to Tony Parker, who I think has an extremely developed mid range game, and you’ll see what I mean.


    To be fair, I’m comparing one of the best run team offenses to one of the worst, so it is apples to oranges, but this is something I think Lin can look into. He did not unleash a floater. He did have a fade away shot that is really not something I think he should stick with (a good team offense will give you an open look for 2, and those are the only 2s you should be taking). He used a step back, which I don’t really like – he is too explosive to control it effectively. I think he can refine his catch and shoot, develop a parker-like quick release lob instead of a floater (again, he’s too explosive to control), and use of screens to pop out more to get good mid range jumpers off.


    Overall, a pretty mediocre season. Not LA-Linsanity like we had hoped, but not Lintrash like we feared. Just Lin. He’s making slow and steady strides in many areas and playing his game.

    The season isn’t over but it feels like it already, so here’s to another year, another coach, and another fresh new start.

  564. …or cover up. One possible scenario, BS telling Jeremy he’s not starting at the very last second, Jeremy said F this and walks off. PR move ensued. LOL

  565. Hmm just hope Lin will make a right choice on FA, we fans can only respect his decision. Yet, I doubt he would want to stay in tankers after this ugly season….

  566. If he bleeds P&G I think he would say it is not a rivalry. It will until LAC gets a banner there.

  567. hidden fox?! so what did the Fox say?

  568. You mean…like the Colony Laser?

  569. I know I’m biased…but I will take his Post AllStar numbers

  570. i don’t think so. laker fans HATE clippers. more than a rivalry, it’s just absolute hatred for repping LA. LA= lakers. but for clippers to put LA in their name caused the rivalry. trust me, all die hard lakers players and fans hate the clippers. even though jlin does not feel the rivalry (which of course he doesn’t because he just got here), i think he could’ve at least told a white lie if he were going to be staying in LA. that’s why i think he’s definitely not coming back.

  571. Thanks for the write up. BUt Like the past 3 yrs. I still think numbers means nothing until he finds a home

  572. test

  573. Words, it’s NEVER been about the numbers with Jeremy. No matter how good his stats get, his looks don’t pass the “eye test”.

  574. IDK, I feel some Laker fan are pretty delusional. They think LAC is like 76ers. in a 50 yr span I guess

  575. yes you are right. lakers will always bring up their 16 championships to put down clippers. i’m a laker fan, but they have been horrendous for a few years now. so they should probably keep their mouths shut and stop embarrassing themselves. clippers went through rebuilding for pretty much their whole time in the league (LOL), but at least they’re at somewhat of an elite level now.

    either way, my point was that this is why i don’t think jlin will come back to lakers. if he was almost certain (as kwok is suggesting) that he will return, i think he would’ve responded with an answer that fans would like to hear. am i making any sense? hahaha

  576. IDK either, Tandem Sports? Media backlash? Agreement with Montgomery? The plot’s so thick it matches Beijing’s air viscosity!

  577. Jim Buss is the new Jim Dolan, just as the Lakers are about to become the new Knicks in terms of eternal ineptitude.

  578. I never fully understood the root of this dislike, though I’d venture to guess it’s from being stunk up by Sterling for over two decades.

  579. jim buss was, and will always be, a complete moron. this i promise.

  580. My theory is Lin has already agreed to sign with the Lakers next season and the FO doesn’t want Lin to run the risk of playing a meaningless back to back road game in high altitude. DNP-CD would lead to an abrupt implosion that should be avoided. The next best thing is to take him for an MRI. Lin can then rest through this game naturally.

  581. I think Lin has no problem with his knee. The MRI examination is just like the physical before signing the next contract.

  582. not necessarily.. Lakers just don’t want to share los angeles with another nba team. LA belongs to the Lakers. it’s a pride thing.

  583. Hiding Fox?!!!…What did the Fox say?

  584. FoxBot?!

  585. Byron Scott seems to mellow in his comments about Jeremy. Jeremy certainly doesn’t like to play for Byron but Byron’s days in Laker could be counted while Jeremy as a PG of the future is very real after ASG this year. Jeremy is the best PG for the Laker since God know how many years ago. That Byron Scott factor would not get into the way of Laker signing Jeremy now; of course this is the last thing I want from Jeremy. Of course, I don’t want Jeremy to play for the Laker next season but this seems to be the most logical conclusion that I have come out lately.

  586. Lin certainly knows about this more than anybody. He’s one of the few who had successfully blocked Tony Parker’s shot from behind. You could add Dreymond Green, Derrick Rose, Josh Smith to the list.

  587. Your last sentence is so true ha

  588. Lin’s has improved on his dribbling a lot and Barnes’ fouls against him were so ugly.

  589. Nike produces better shoes. Time for Adidas to come up with something that can withstand Jeremy’s explosiveness.

  590. Looks like a physical examination before signing a new contract to me.

  591. The FO has no respect for road games.

  592. A multi-year contract is an offer that is hard to refuse.

  593. That’s why I think Jeremy has already agreed to stay playing for the Laker next season for years to come. The announcement should be made as early as the end of April.

  594. It’s not our decision. It’s Jeremy’s choice and Jeremy seems like playing close to family.

  595. This is a strong possibility, however Lin seems like the type of person to weigh all his options before making a decision and mind you, this FA will be a big decision. I can’t see him jumping on Lakers ship without hearing offers from other teams.
    Kupchak is not dumb. He knows Lin is a fan favorite at Staples, other GMs/coaches praise Lin and game plan for him. Kevin Ding RT Brad Stevens “Jeremy Lin killed us”. Celtics is considered Lakers arch enemy. Everyone knew Lakers wanted to win that game and Jeremy delivered. If what Kupchak says is genuine, he’s been following Lin since 2010. He foresaw Lakers playing up tempo games for the future, Lin is a team player. Good observation on your post.

  596. Money talks bs walks

  597. Nobody likes to see Lin playing for Byron Scott next season but again there is no rule against firing your head coach in NBA.

  598. Mitch Kupchak is too smart to let Jeremy to test the market. The last time the Knicks tried it, the were cursed until now.

  599. How could Jeremy make a response at the end of April about his free agency? This is the key to solve the puzzle. It seems to me that Jeremy Lin is determined to make an announcement at the end of this month about his free agency. We all know that Lin loves to play close to his family and friends in California.

    Frankly, I don’t like my conclusion but it seems that things are pointing to the same conclusion now. This examination thing of his knee looks more like another physical examination before signing on a long term contract. This is in fact the best year to sign Lin for a long term contract as far as the Laker is concerned. I personally don’t like this decision. Just hope Lin will player elsewhere. Pray hard my friend that Lin will give up on the Laker.

  600. The natural conclusion is that Rebuilding of the Laker team is urgent enough to start with or without Byron Scott and Kobe. Mitch Kupchak is going to make the decision because he’s the basketball man behind the FO in making this decision. I’ve confidence in this man. He speaks softly but he is smart and tough.

  601. Jeremy loves to play close to his family and friends. There are a few teams for him to choose, GSW, LA Clipper, LA Laker and whoelse?

  602. Well analyzed. And yes, Jeremy returning is one possibility, though not necessarily a certainty despite the April comment. It shows that Jeremy’s keeping an open mind, weighing his options and taking time to decide. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: If Lakers offer a five-year 70M contract on a silver plate (true, starting PG role), then I’m all for it. Obviously Kobe won’t last next season in its entirety (assuming he outlasts the preseason) and BS would not be returning should Lakers decide to build around Jeremy.

    I’ll wrap up this post with a long stretch: perhaps D’Antoni hasn’t signed with Denver because Lakers are talking to him about reunion with Jeremy in LA?

  603. Lin’s agent told us that “victory is certain.”

    Also there is nothing that Lin and Lin’s agent on the bargaining table to stop Byron Scott from DNP-CD Jeremy at the time unless there is something that we don’t know. The FO stepped in and made Byron change his mind and made life easier for Jeremy to play as a Laker. Byron started simmering down on his comments towards Jeremy. The change is very obvious. but there must be reason for Byron to change. I’m not satisfied with the answer that the FO said so. They would have to give Byron a reason once and for all to silence him.

  604. I think the real fire on the pants comes from Jim’s promise on returning Lakers into contention in 3 years. Time’s running out and Jeanie likely has been grinding that axe for a while now.

  605. The sinus infection is already a good excuse of not playing.
    The knee examination seems like a physical check up more than anything else.

  606. Another key indicator is that, when an agent announces “victory”, it means for both his customer and himself. If your theory is sound, Montgomery’s victory means a “big paycheck for himself”, which in turn implies Jeremy gets a fat, long-term contract from LAL.

    Nothing’s certain, but Jeremy’s return is a possibility indeed. This would also explain the MRI PR coverup for today’s DNP-CD to avoid upsetting fans.

  607. That is very likely specially if Jimmy Buss doesn’t want to step down quietly.

  608. The lost the game and I don’t think Jeremy wants to make this loss more important.

  609. The conclusion comes from facts which I have tried to piece them together with consistency. Each piece of information is important to back up the conclusion that I have drawn. So, I can’t skip the facts and how the facts are related to the conclusion.
    Frankly, I don’t like the conclusion a bit. Please come up with another so that I can sleep well tonight.

  610. I’m sorry.
    I just want to show people how the ridiculous conclusion is made despite my own personal feelings against it. It’s just like a jigsaw puzzle and the final picture seems so unreal to me.

  611. This is the re-examination of the surgery Lin made in the past. the pot thickens.

  612. 🙂

  613. Could be. Well thought out…but then again, the FO business decisions haven’t been all that rational, imho. More emotional, and very conflicted emotions at that – mostly to do with being married to Kobe. It’s not that they’re stupid…I just don’t have confidence that they have clear minds. They wouldn’t be the first owners to shoot themselves in the foot. I do think Jeremy would love LA to work out (Cali boy, family, etc.), but I don’t think he’ll sacrifice his youth and prime bball years for that. He wants to find a place to shine some. The plot is either super thick, or so thin it’s disintegrating. A cliffhanger…

  614. I still thing this MRI thing is the examination conducted before a long contract.

    Mitch Kupchak must have enough confidence in Jeremy before making the trade for him. He’s not going to let Byron Scott tell him that he had made a horrible $15m deal to bring in a horrible PG worse than Ronnie Price and Jordon Clarkson. From my life experience, Byron Scott is going to get his rear busted for doing what he did after this season is over.

    I’m not even surprised by the end of April, the Laker will announce MDA is coming back to LA. It’s darn right that Byron Scott should feel he’s shot at the back; a lethal shot indeed. Jim Buss is not going to go down without a fight. Now this ex-Laker coach is so horrible and that is the time for his coach MDA to right what’s wrong with Linsanity and company.

  615. Knicks is his family as well 🙂

  616. I don’t sense that JLin will choose to stay in LA because of family…. The most important to him is he wants to meet his goals as he continues to state–starter, ring. So I believe he will choose wisely in FA. When he said he would talk about FA in April, my take is that he didn’t want to talk about FA until the season is over. Believe he will say the same as he said during ASG that it will have a more complete pic when he knows what is out there and what is being offered. Don’t think we will know much until mid or late June. There may be many rumors but we won’t know for sure until JLin makes his decision in early July the earliest.

  617. Agree MRI is a “smokescreen” of why DNP last game and most probably the rest of the season. Will be interesting to see what happens after the season is over. I see remotely chance for JLin choosing to stay LAL while KB and BS are still with Lakers.

  618. The only certainty in this whole mess is:

    Jeremy knows this FA is the most critical decision that’ll shape his career, and will choose wisely.

    Whatever decision he makes, I will respect and fully support it.

  619. hmm you seem to think that lakers FO is actually smart. trust me, they’re not. and they’re keeping byron scott for another year or two.

  620. kwok, i do commend you for writing this up! it’s very thorough. while i disagree with your conclusion, we can all agree that lin will do what is best for him in months to come 🙂

  621. Totally agree. He is Harvard graduate for a reason. With his faith in God, he will make the best decision. That’s why I pray that many good teamball oriented orgs with coach that will use him correctly make offer to him. Then he can choose where he can go.

  622. Personally I see Lakers is crippled by their past glory and still buries their head under the sand. Not sure they have gut to leave the past glory as its past and move to 21st century BB. Like an alcoholic/addict, unless one has hit the bottom and wants to be out. No one can help the person if the person doesn’t see the need to be helped. From what I’ve seen, I doubt that they have yet hit the bottom as they are still happy with the tanking BS and aging injury prone who needs to be retired KB. Seriously doubt JLin will choose to stay in this kind of org that plays past glory ball.

  623. Even if Jim & Kupchak have guts to do it, there will be a huge resistance from Jeanie and Kobe to prevent anything that will jeopardize their power and status. So far young Buss doesn’t have any advantage in this power game at all, at least seems to me, a casual basketball fan.

  624. That’s my take as well. Hence, doubt that JLin will stay unless Busses finally have the gut/needs to cut the umbilical cord of KB and ex-Lakers.

  625. That’s a good theory, Jane. That’s probably the most likely scenario. But in the back of my mind I can’t help but still have that concern about the meniscus tissue tear suffered in NYC.

    I guess our mind will be put to rest when the results of the MRI come out.

  626. Btw, did you read anything from Tofee 太妃糖?

  627. No. Haven’t heard of it. Worth the reading? Any link?

  628. I agree with Psalm here. If Lin DNP-CD for the rest of the season because the rooks need training time, it’s fine with me. I don’t want him to get banged up and risk new injuries. But if all this smoke & mirror cast doubts on his health during FA, then it becomes an issue.

    Look, we just don’t know. We can speculate. We have to wait for the results of the MRI.

  629. Says it’s a fan fiction, but sometimes it looks so real….like having an insider information.

  630. tofee.pixnet.net

  631. Perhaps, Byron Scott is the chosen ex-Laker who has given Jim Buss what he needs to make a turn around.

    Note: Jim Buss didn’t say anything that had caused alarm of the ex-Lakers although ex-Lakers all criticized him and his hiring of MDA. This season, he was completely quiet and was taking a strategically retreat. It’s a clean retreat. Even the resign of MDA was clean. The FO said that nobody could have done a better job in his circumstances.

    There is still a chance that Jim Buss is better than lots of people had given him credit for. Byron Scott has given Jim Buss a chance to come back to rebuild the team even in opposition to Kobe Bryant who had made a fool of himself this season. Lots of Laker fans want to get rid of Byron Scott because of this historical disastrous season, much worse than last season coached by MDA.

  632. Well, let’s see what happens after the season is over. We will find out soon anyway.

  633. The ex-Lakers are powerful starting with Magic Johnson and lots of Laker supporters and it is no easy job to deal with them. However, this season allows us see the weaknesses of an ex-Laker, Byron Scott. Let’s wait for a few weeks and watch how the Lakers start their rebuilding for the next season. I have a hunch there is going to be a surprise.

  634. Just a few more weeks before the end of April.

  635. mmmh. I have scanned thru what is written but felt a little lost:-( Will give it another try when I have a clearer head tomorrow:-)

  636. If he really does that, he’s not crazy; he is a genius.

  637. That’s cool. I don’t personally like the conclusion of my reasoning anyway.

  638. I only knew this blog recently, just started reading from chapter 200+ Don’t know much background as well…

  639. Strange enough, Lin is the one who got trashed most but it seems to me that he’s always treated like being the de facto leader of the team by the media.

  640. Don’t think they are actively seeking Lin like Mitch Kupchak did.

  641. Jeremy wouldn’t just walk off. From what I know about him, he would just keep it within himself and play as hard as he could.

  642. If BS is fired for having at a historic losing season and if MDA is coming back to coach Laker, I think Jeremy will have no reason to leave at all.

  643. That is not lin’s style to lie.smh

  644. @brentyen:disqus could you remind me… on the statistics that you were looking… couple of weeks ago?

  645. Hope I will find out the truth of JLin’s health when I wake up in the morning:-)

  646. I think so somehow from Lin’s post game interview vs Clippers did give me the feeling that he is the leader for this team. he said my first year here… sounds like more to come… ?! I really think Lakers FO will do everything they can to keep Lin just like all the sudden they just gave out the Linsanity DVD to fans. Hope they will fire BS after draft pick. LOL! Really hope this happen if Lin stays. Still hope he will go somewhere not Lakers.

  647. way too early mate….just hoping good things happens to him

  648. sleep tight…me too and hope its a good news

  649. Ya! Hope he test the market before make any decision.

  650. About Jeremy’s free agency:

    If D’Antoni will be an NBA coach next year and his team wants Jeremy as starting PG it would be foolish to turn down that offer. But then expectations will be high, from us fans and from media too. And even if he can put 20/10 every night they would say he’s not a winner til he’ll win an NBA title. So there are good and bad sides.

    Rick Carlisle would be a great coach but will Dallas want Jeremy? How he would be used? Dallas could be a wonderful place cause of their roster if they truly believe in Lin.

    Brad Stevens would be perfect but they already have Thomas and Smart and even Bradley. And then Ainge has a bad history with jeremy’s agent cause of Ray Allen and don’t know if they truly want to rebuild on Jeremy. Knowing Ainge he could trade him for the first star available.

    Sacramento could be good. Jeremy and Cousins could be lethal like Stockton and Malone but it depends by Karl, FO and Cousins himself.

    Brown and Philadelphia depends by Philadelphia. Jeremy could do great things there but do they want to compete?

    Pop will retire soon and they have Parker; Gundy… I don’t believe in him…. We will see…

    I think it would be wise to follow the money: more money they offer you, the more they believe in you. Obviously he has to trust FO first and then the coach.

    Pretty sure Jeremy and his agents know what’s best for him. Hopefully things will be better from July. It could also happen Jeremy will stay with Lakers if they change coach or something happens. We will see.

    This is the pivotal point in Lin’s carreer. Let’s hope and pray everything will work for the best. Jeremy deserves it

  651. I know one said right, but the other said left???

  652. It could be both knees. Or no knee.

  653. Haha! I don’t think there is anything wrong w Lin’s knee. Just for tanking to DNP him.

  654. I’m not sure, I don’t trust the Lakers but knee injuries happen and he’s getting an MRI.

  655. Hey Kwok, you have right to have your theory. At this point, nothing will surprise me. Cheers.

  656. MRI? So did Hill & Young… I don’t buy it. Saw his pregame shooting around. Nothing wrong w him at all.

  657. http://youtu.be/Af5SwZYWGWA In this clip, Griffin seemed to bump into Lin’s left knee and Lin fell down, looking painful and holding his left knee? Anyway, let’s pray Lin’s injury is a mild one and get well soon.

  658. possible….

  659. I do not remember either, I think it is about those player trracking stat and we are talking about it could not be splitted based on pre/post ASB.

  660. Imo, all of these are the decision by coaches and approved by fo. Intentional bench lin to start a rookie Dleague can jeopardize their lottery pick with the league so they chose to go the knee route. Jeremy today is many times stronger than that linsanity guy before and plus he only averages 26 mpg now comparing to 40 with many b2b games because of the short season.

    How they pulled the plug on him last night seemed very fishy. He was jumping shooting perfectly fine then all the sudden disappeared with no follow up news. Remember BS is the biggest BS out there.

    I strongly believe Lin is perfectly fine.

  661. I am w you. This whole incident was so weird. Lakers cares so much about draft pick more than anything else so… I think for some reasons they just didn’t want Lin to play… Like the whole game means nothing to Lakers but just needed to loss. If you check LP video can tell by near the end of game… Trudell’s voice showed up to talked w TWC announcers about how Magic did & draft #….they didn’t even report about the game. Even when JC score the last 3 points… no mentioned at all.. just so into the draft # ….secure the pick talk….

  662. I thought we had been looking something deeper. As for pre vs post ASB, we already have realgm

    anyways, I just realized that NBA/Synergy has filter incorporated…so you can slice/dice.

    JLin shooting..

    Generic that can be sorted based on each tracking

    LAL stats

  663. Lol Brent has joined the dark side.

  664. LOL…there is no Force if Lin had to do a MRI. LOL

  665. …and lin is the threat for them to secure the lost.

  666. Oh oh. Lakers is doing what Houston did to Parsons, trying to spread fake news about his back and how it could affect his carreer.
    Now it’s Jeremy and his knee… That knee.

    So Lakers do really want Jeremy back… On a cheap contract

  667. Los Angeles Lakers – Jeremy Lin Might Have Finally Played His Last Game for Byron Scott by Greg

    A knee injury that might or might not be serious and maybe a call back to his injury during his season with the New York Knicks could mean that Jeremy Lin has played his last game for the Los Angeles Lakers and more importantly, his final game under the coaching of Byron Scott.

    The Los Angeles Lakers didn’t lose to the Denver Nuggets because Jeremy Lin didn’t play; they’ve been losing with or without him, left or right, to everyone in recent games. But it was a continuation of a long low point of this season, in which it seems the rift between Scott and his remaining players couldn’t be greater. Not that everyone hates him, but they’re not getting anything out of him.

    Assuming the injury isn’t something too serious with lasting effect beyond the remaining week or so of basketball, it simply takes away an opportunity for Lin to impress just before he hits free agency. After doing well after getting back his starting role, he’s been more than a bit unlucky with injuries and illness.

    But back to Scott, and the bleak future for the Lakers, if he stays. Scott has been busy doing one thing, or maybe two, this season: Sucking up to Kobe Bryant while completely misjudging his ability to handle a workload that simply doesn’t fit a 36-year old player after a couple of serious injuries late in his career, and blaming everyone but himself on why the Lakers have been bad this season.

    Nothing guarantees the Lakers have a much better roster next season. There isn’t exactly a horde of players just waiting for a call from Mitch Kupchak. No one is waiting in line to play for Byron Scott, or next to Kobe Bryant.

    The fading embers of Scott’s career have been extinguished. Instead of trying to rejuvenate it by connecting with his players and teaching them some offense. Developing players. Improving them. You know, something a coaching staff and especially the head coach are supposed to do.

    But this isn’t Lin’s problem anymore. He leaves, or is just about to, a dysfunctional empire that doesn’t seem to know how to get back on course. Byron Scott, it seems quite clear to everyone, isn’t part of the road back to success.

  668. Kobe is like Jim Jones to the Lakers. Will they drink the Koolaid?


  669. Jeremy Lin Quiz — Think You Know Jeremy Lin? 13 Questions

    Lin’s story is unique among NBA players. An Ivy League grad and unlikely NBA candidate, Lin rocketed to worldwide fame during a brief, galvanizing stint with the New York Knicks in early 2012. Lin has shown flashes of that brilliance since, but is still trying to climb back up the mountain he once stood on top of. Think you know Jeremy Lin? Take the quiz.


  670. I really would like to see Rondo play as a Lakers to ensure Lakers will not make playoffs even after Kobe retires. Hope there is some news on MRI result on Lin’s knee. At least, this season was positive regarding his health.

  671. I also endorsed rondo to the tankers… git’er done mitch… hehe

  672. Let it be done!

    Lin to Mavs!

  673. kobe just killed the lakers for the next 4-6 years

  674. I agree. Signing Rondo as part of Kobe’s wish will seal Lakers’ fate for not making playoffs for years to come.
    His health and shooting continue on the downward trend.

    But Kupchak might be smart enough not to fall into the trap.

  675. good pickup. pfv said left knee.

  676. Another coach disses the 3-pt shot. “There are those who recognize the ubiquity of the three-point shot in the modern NBA as a step in the right direction, and then there are those who cling stubbornly to antiquated ideas about basketball that have little basis in reality. Minnesota Timberwolves coach Flip Saunders gleefully joined the latter ranks Wednesday when he told the media before a game against the Portland Trailblazers that he doesn’t think Rookie of the Year candidate Andrew Wiggins should worry about adding the long-ball to his repertoire …

    … Shockingly, Saunders isn’t the only current NBA head coach face-palmingly averse to three-point shooting. Byron Scott – who has been a runaway ill-advised quote machine lately – set the tenor for the Lakers back during the preseason when he famously offered his opinion on the matter: ‘I don’t believe it wins championships. (It) gets you to the playoffs.’ At the time, Baxter Holmes of ESPN.com was quick to point out that, in fact, the exact opposite is true:”

    Quoted from article “Flip Saunders Apparently Doesn’t Want Andrew Wiggins Shooting Threes” in Dime [link]

  677. Fun quiz. Guess I didn’t know JLin that well. The ones I got wrong was the grade point average and I thought Jeremy would have gotten scholarship from Div 2 or 3 schools

  678. “…runaway ill-advised quote machine…”. Hahahahahaha

  679. Missed 2: under-guessed his high school GPA, and way under-guessed his Knicks first 7-game turnovers. Knew everything else…thanks to this site.

  680. I don’t think so. Look frame-by frame at the hit and fall…J’s got a nice even stance at he gets hit – body not twisted, both legs under him. He falls directly back with neither leg torqued or at an angle. Lands on his butt/back and rolls over. Griffin manages to avoid stepping on him. As a dancer with a lot of kinesiological training, I don’t see a problem here. IF in fact he has any soreness in his knee, I don’t think this was it. I think something else is going on here; it’s possible it’s a coach/FO DNP excuse, but I equally think it could be from Lin’s side – smartly not wasting his health on a few last garbage games.

  681. I assume MRI result will not be known for days?

  682. Yea.. Maybe by end of this week at earliest. Hope it’s negative!

  683. We want a positive result that is negative!!!! LOL

  684. Mark MedinaVerified account
    Awaiting MRI results on Jeremy Lin’s sore left knee. But Lakers currently list him as questionable to play Friday vs. Minnesota

  685. Mark MedinaVerified account
    @_bk_chino I’d expect sometime later today

  686. Got 9 out of 13.

  687. Mark medina, always on top of it with jlins status.

  688. I think NY reporter does things much quicker.

  689. Yea la is lazier than ny. U can tell by the way people walk in ny lol.. Always rushing!

  690. MIN game is another Must-Lose game since they’re #2 in the Bottom 2
    They might need to DNP Lin and any other players that can jeopardize the loss with an accidental win

  691. I call BS. MRI results can be read right away. Coverup PR stunt.

  692. If I’m not mistaken, lakers are locked in at 4th. There’s almost no chance of going down to third unless sixers go on a winning streak, which is highly doubtful. So at this point, lakers can win or lose and it won’t matter! It would be interesting to see Byron use his best rotations to try to win games so that he can redeem himself. But we all know he can’t coach. So there’s that

  693. They have already locked the top 4.

  694. yes and only minute chance to overtake PHI at #3

  695. MRI results come back right away, but it depends on the Radiologist filing his report. Usually results in 24 hours.

  696. Though unlikely, Lakers are yet mathematically eliminated from taking bottom third, so this will be their last run to out-tank Philly. Another possibility is the betting odds, whenever something does not make sense just follow the money. Something’s gotta be motivating the Lakers to pull the MRIgate.

  697. I don’t think winning is Byron’s #1 goal with 4 games left.

    He keeps trying different lineups so he can evaluate who the Lakers plan to keep next season.
    And he should know Lin’s not coming back by now.

    But he might need to close with 2-3 game winning streak to save his reputation once PHI is mathematically locked at #3

  698. Yeah…and Lakers wait in line just like most patients… *wink*

    Additionally, why list him as questionable before the results are out? Almost like they are expecting a delay in MRI reading. *double wink*

  699. Lakers will give free tickets for the Radiologist to watch the Wolves game first before getting to the report :]
    Didn’t Swaggy’s MRI report get held up for weeks in Feb?

  700. Yeah, and then the papers got misplaced? It’s all very fishy.

  701. Ah, that’s right…”evaluating”. Wait, why does he care at all, isn’t he getting fired?

  702. yeah, Swaggy P’s did take along time to come back.

  703. We all know that this whole thing is slippery. I think it’s lin’s team/laker’s agreeing to sit him without a DNP-CD

  704. Bwahahahaha…”face-palmingly averse to three-point shooting”.

  705. Yeah I really wonder what’s up in lakers land.

  706. It’s becoming the Lakers’ standard MO for those in the BS doghouse.

  707. They have the answer, just when they want to release it.

  708. Yeah, the question that’s killing us is why. It could be something as simple as preventing media or fan backlash, or as elaborate as Kwok Wai Lai’s lengthy thesis.

  709. LOL! That thesis should be published

  710. Scott knows that he can’t put lin in the doghouse. Scott is mad that he can’t really touch lin.so now he picking on Swaggy P.

  711. MRI is no big deal, nowadays it’s dollar a dozen for these clubs, much like dentist telling one to say “AH” just to take a look.

  712. mark medina posted on twitter that they expect results some time later today after some body tweeted and asked him when the results would be available.

  713. No matter what, don’t want Lin to play the remaining tanking games.

  714. http://instagram.com/p/1RFP0QOP1l/

    Aww jlin just posted this on his ig. Adorable!

  715. Me neither.

  716. Interestingly, Tankathon.com offers a “Simulate Lottery” button.
    I got curious of what’s the chance for Lakers to fall out of Top 5 so I did 3 tests to see how many simulation tries I need to do before Lakers falls out of Top 5 pick even with 84% chance to stay in Top 5.

    Here is the results:
    Test #1: 7 tries
    Test #2: 2 tries
    Test #3: 9 tries

    So most likely, Lakers will get Top 5 Pick but it’s always possible to give it to PHI with 16% chance.
    Here is a snapshot of Lakers getting #6 pick in Test #2

  717. Haha! Ya! After that he never played again. So I think Lin probably will be the same. LOL!

    The whole thing don’t make sense to me at all.

  718. Nobody could have guessed the scrawny Asian kid could ball.

  719. Interestingly, Tankathon.com offers a “Simulate Lottery” button.
    I got curious of what’s the chance for Lakers to fall out of Top 5 so I did 3 tests to see how many simulation tries I need to do before Lakers falls out of Top 5 pick even with 84% chance to stay in Top 5.

    Here is the results:
    Test #1: 7 tries
    Test #2: 2 tries
    Test #3: 9 tries

    So most likely, Lakers will get Top 5 Pick but it’s always possible to give it to PHI with 16% chance.
    Here is a snapshot of Lakers getting #6 pick in Test #2

  720. Probably they’ll tell us something by the end of season

  721. If philly goes on a winning streak…

  722. no pun intended

  723. That’s what I thought… ?! Weird… smh!

  724. So anybody knows if Jeremy’s brother Joseph going to try for the NBA? He’s graduating this year, rite? So maybe I can catch him in the summer league if he plays in Vegas.

  725. Don’t know or hear any news on him. But during one of the games, Stu mentioned about him briefly? Maybe Lakers is interested in him?!

  726. Doubt LAL will be thinking about that anymore.

    Isn’t Joseph supposedly a more natural shooter? Would be cool to see Jeremy PG and Joseph SG.

  727. Hard to say what’s in FO mind now… I don’t think if they are not interested in him why Stu had to talk about him?!

    Ya! I like the idea Lin as PG & his brother as SG. I will be very fun to watch the game.

  728. Yea. Wow, he looks so skinny that he wouldn’t survive in the NBA. He sure had to bulk up quite a bit.

    Is this like from his freshman year?

  729. Lakers: Scott is giving his endorsement for Defensive Player of the Year to Jordan. “He scares the hell out of guys and alters shots and he makes guys think about coming into the middle,” Scott said. … The Lakers haven’t beaten the Clippers since Oct. 27, 2013.

    Somebody please makes me stop laughing.

  730. Is Jeremy sending us a coded message? He can’t communicate what we really want to know right now — and he knows we’re dying for news — so he tells us what he can? Let’s hope he’s saying that his knees are just as good as they were in his Paly days.

  731. LBJ is pursuing something Kobe and MJordan couldn’t do in their career, win championships with different coaches.

  732. DMo’s agent tweet:

    Tadas [email protected]
    Donatas surgery went great, he will start rehabilitation process soon and come back better than he wa. Stay strong big guy!


    from 1-2 weeks out then NOW he has already had surgery, poor guy. wish him full recovery.

  733. So surgery has result faster than MRI?


  734. DMo’s been out for 2 weeks, he already knew the MRI result earlier I guess.

  735. It took Howard 1 and half years to fully recover from the same surgery.

  736. This is the guy doing player evaluations on who to keep for next year?

  737. Well, at least Scott didn’t say Jordan Clarkson should be the DPOT, lol..

  738. easy, 100%

  739. He meant compared to Jeremy’s alleged MRI results after the last-minute pull from game.

  740. What’s the deal w/ all these broken legs this year. Yea, Lin should probably shut it down for the year as well.


  741. Weird, Boozer did the same thing.

  742. In the last game blog I wrote about how Jim and Jeanie Buss will fail due to the problem of family business succession from one generation to the next. When Dr Buss made the decision to reward KOBE for his service to the Lakers, he basiclly set up Jim and Jeanie to be patsies and morons like Dolan.

    Yes they are wealthy and powerful, but they can never be a success like their father, more importantly they will become the laughing stock of the community. It’s a high price to pay for the kids to have to honour the memory of a parent. I blame the parent for standing in the way of their own children’s developments. The failure of the Lakers is Dr Buss’s fault. Jim and Jeanie obviously love their father and will follow through with the dying wishes of their father. They will suffer the slings of insults for what they are emotionally blackmailed into doing.

  743. what did NYPD did to him? That’s horrible, best season that could run for East conference champion and that is gone….

  744. WOW! What holds up the result of MRI??? Lakers really knows how to play game in Hollywood style:-(

  745. Doubt it. There are hundreds of Div 1 players already in the draft. Jeremy even went undrafted. I doubt whether Div 3 (?) players, even though he may be a standout in that division, would get a serious look.

  746. well, Young’s results took couple of days to come back…..

  747. Not the result, it’s what and when they want to release.

  748. Lakers FO didn’t know Lin can play for tomorrow or not that’s why no result yet….

  749. Couple of days? Season end. LOL!

  750. You know, we might not know until then.

  751. Remember when Lin was sick a week or 2 ago? He was still on camera and video talking and answering questions. This time he’s nowhere found.

  752. I believe the Lakers are now deliberating what they should do with Lin now and the future. Beside Kobe, Lin is $$$ for team. Letting him go can cause them dearly. CLarkson is only a smoking screen.

  753. Guess no news is good news. The PR team probably thinking the excuses to make this dnp not so fishy….

  754. Disagree. One should know the result within an hour. I have done MRI and many many medical tests/procedures that you want to know esp the past year. The only question is when they want to release the info.

  755. LOL That’s my suspicion. It’s just a smokescreen. My belief is JLin requests for MRI to expose the truth.

  756. error nevermind

  757. I’m not sure what rules apply. It seems the rules are different for illnesses vs. injuries. If injury is involved, it seems any announcement about condition is supposed to come first from the team. But Jeremy is posting pictures. Maybe that’s his way of letting us know he hasn’t disappeared.

  758. supposedly he was interfering with the crime scene, so the police tried to arrest him, but he resisted arrest. It took 4 cops to arrest him. I assume there was a fierce struggle. His leg could have been fractured when being pinned down on the ground, possibly from the weight or being twisted.

  759. Scott could be a Tiger Dad, rips his own players and praises others.

  760. I hope so!

  761. …from the press. The Lakers are hiding something and Lin is ordered to stay low.

  762. Mark [email protected]_Medina
    6m6 minutes ago
    I’m told Lakers won’t have/announce the MRI results on Jeremy Lin’s left knee until sometime tomorrow

    ****So they haven’t got the result yet, right?

  763. This is the player in this article:

    Esperanza Investigating Racial Slurs Hurled At Foothill Athlete


  764. so is this informally being called mri-gate now?

  765. That was from last year.

  766. Waiting for more tickets to be sold?

  767. I don’t think Howard was as driven as DMo to come back. DMo is still making a name for himself in the league and doesn’t have the luxury of taking his time unlike DHo.

  768. I sure hope Lin’s knee is okay. I think regardless of MRI results, Lin should shut it down the rest of the year. No point playing on sore knees for no reason.

  769. Kobe failed to generate $$ for them early in the season when the TV ratings continued to drop from last season’s low levels.

  770. exactly how expected. Still debating Lin’s future with the Lakers.

  771. They have the result. Just don’t know what to do with it. Don’t believe it’s bad. Otherwise, they would have already released the info. They want to buy time to make an announcement.

  772. There’s something going on now and I suspect they don’t want to let Lin go just yet. Don’t be so sure they want their franchise going through another season like this with BS.

  773. The Lakers will try to sign Lin for mid level salary to backup Rondo if they can get them both. JMO.

  774. Anybody know why they would need to rest Lin? With fourth from bottom assured, I see no way Sixers give them third with their tank Do ppl get out beforeahead. It ask comes down to jc and his two Sixers ft wins our to get to ot.

    I’m confused on Lin announcement delay. Pray for the best. A serious injury is the only thing we didn’t need from this season. Do some ppl understand now? All this Lin needs to do this and that, … Pray Lin is healthy.

  775. There’s no need to hide anything because the season will soon end and Lin will no longer be a Laker unless they’re planning something.

  776. Yes it’s formally called MRI-gate to me:-)

  777. Interesting to witness the game Lakers continue to play with their players. Hopefully this is the last game they can play on JLin and his fans. I have enough of this org. With Rox, I still hold a little reserve but not Lakers. My patience is getting very thin:-(

  778. What is your take on this, Joyce?

  779. Reading fundamental.Medina posted won’t have results until tomorrow and then announce results.

  780. i don’t think they have the results yet

  781. Lakers to the medical staff: Lay back and just enjoy the weekend guys. We don’t need the results back ’till next week anyways. LOL

  782. Hey I called dibs on that one. 🙂

    Lots of gates surrounding Jeremy, first jerseygate and now MRIgate.

  783. I believe they do have the result. Just they don’t want to make the annoucement until tomorrow. Probably so-called second opinion. Honestly it doesn’t take long to read the result. Here in Australia, I received the result within an hour. If consultant is busy, probably 2-3 hours. Many patients here complained about the “slowness” of getting things done. Apparently Lakers is much much much worse.

  784. Jeremy is just so awesome, taking time to give advice and encourage others going through similar situations.

  785. Somebody summoned? — Smokescreen

  786. Highest form of flattery that is not imitation: naming your kid after someone awesome!

  787. LOLOL. Jerseygate, startergate, and now MRI-gate. What a “ride” to be JLin fans:-)

  788. Maybe you’re bigger of a VIP than a Lakers star and worldwide sensation so your results came MUCH sooner? LOL

  789. Precisely the point.

  790. This is from my friend. 林換了他的Instagram照片,and posted his high school pics.看來他的心情真的不錯,我覺得這個真的是湖人在亂搞。

  791. So you think lin is injured?

  792. Longer version of this awesome fan who named his daughter after Lin.

  793. How apt then, that even the HC’s name is BS. The irony.

  794. So what do you think is going on?

  795. This season Lakers fans saw what Kobe did and they weren’t paying for it. The F/O refused to release Linsanity after Kobe was injured fooling themselves into that a top 5 pick would be better than Linsanity plus ticket money. Now they are really scared about their ticket sales for next season knowing that Kobe is poisonous, Lin will be gone and no player is coming to help.

  796. http://www.rotoworld.com/playe
    Jeremy Lin (knee) is being listed as questionable for Friday’s game vs. the Timberwolves. While we’re still awaiting the results of Lin’s MRI, the fact that the Lakers are listing him as questionable and not doubtful can be viewed as a positive sign. Still, until those MRI results are made available….

  797. My take is yes but just the normal bump and bruise from regular season. Not something serious. It made no sense that he went thru shootaround and was pulled out from game about 15 min before the game. That wasn’t JLin. Something is going on. Hence, Lakers had to come up with a story that it was his knee. You can see the confusion between 2 reporters to report this. With saying it was his operated knee made sense of why he was DNP-CD. MRI is just JLin way of wanting to get the truth out to his fans. This is confirmed with his postgame pic (with huge smile) as well as Palo Alto game pic. JLin is trying to convey he is ok via these two pics. If he is indeed injured, he will send a different pic.

    Another tip is why he isn’t available for media??? Something doesn’t smell right here. So, I hold my belief that JLin is ok. It’s just another war between BS/KB vs FO. Maybe it’s the aftermath of Foxhole gate?

  798. WOW! Thanks for letting us know. Yep. That’s my suspicion.

  799. There are 3 more home games that aren’t sold out so it wouldn’t surprise me if they drag their feet, or make him day to day or something in order to keep moving tickets.

  800. Hahahaha. I’m just a nobody. It’s just a routine procedure in Australia:-) Unlike it’s a pathological result. Then it will take about 2 days if no urgent.

  801. Yep, with digital mri, even the radiologist can sometimes be convinced to give the result before you get dressed.

  802. Yep

  803. I don’t think people want to come in for tanking game no matter w or w/o Lin bc they all knew Lakers wants to loss the game. Why pay for the lousy game.

  804. Exactly.This has a different feel than NY when he got injured. Lin was not seen anywhere. He has been posting on instagram and a fan posted that he had ran into lin and he gave him some advice. I think there might have been a collaboration between lin’s team/laker’s to sit lin without the DNP-CD.

  805. This is his longer explanation. As a Lakers fan, he might be disappointed if/when Lin leaves LA


  806. You’re right, of course they have a result. An MRI is just an image…you get it right away. It’s interpretation and review that can take time. Also agree that it’s probably not bad, because that would be obvious…no delay needed. Just have to endure the painful pins and needles until they finally say what’s up.

  807. Lin helps ticket sale tremendously, win or loss.

  808. Not now w this lousy Lakers team.

  809. You might be right. I thought it was odd that Scott came back with the players are ready to shoot him the back. Something had to provoke that coming out of his mouth.

  810. You are right. You can have the result immediately. Only have to wait for the radiologist to read the results. It will only take about 5 minutes to veiw the pics. They will dictate what they read into recorder and someone will type the report. Radiologist then will read what’s being typed before signing the report. So, it will take only about half an hour and probably less than an hour to get this done. Sometimes I cheatchecked and asked the opinion of the technician of what they have seen. They can tell you whether there is a concern or not by using different tones without the formal report:-)

  811. Not if people know ahead of time he isn’t playing.

  812. If that is the case, does that mean Lin is injured, and they can not release that result too quickly?

  813. Yep something big is going on on that foxhole gate. I didn’t read nor watch except reading what it was posted here and Twitter. Had a feeling more interesting events will happen in offseason. BS wants us to see he is part of future Lakers and stay beyond this season. I’m not 100% sure. The silence from Mitch is very telling. From my little observation of him, believe he only makes announcement when it’s a done deal. So, can’t wait to see what might happen after season is over.

  814. My hutch is that don’t buy the ticket. JLin won’t play. It isn’t because of injury but it’s DNP-CD that is disguise as “injury.”

  815. This is getting weird and weirder the more you think about it since Lin was last seen practice shooting just before game. The more I think about it, I would not be surprised if Mitch has been talking to Lin agent.

    Remember only the FO has full control of PR not BS. It might be even BS wouldn’t really sure what’s going on with Lin either. All the sudden he was told to dress and disappeared from the press for the whole night. Now we’re told we won’t know until tomorrow? Joyce if I have to pick the best example of the “plot thicken”, this is it.

  816. If you can catch a fight tonight you might make it on time for the game. lol

  817. That kid is not a random fan, he’s the one who got thrown racial slurs last month on bball court, http://losangeles.cbslocal.com/2015/02/03/only-on-2-esperanza-investigating-racial-slurs-hurled-at-foothill-athlete/
    It’s possible Lin offered help, or the kid reached out to Lin. Could be the beginning of a great story.

  818. Maybe, but not necessarily. There can be many reasons: 1) results not available yet; 2) need to get a second opinion; 3) MRI not conclusive thus requiring a second take.

    Who knows? Also, a hospital sometimes “outsources” the reading and interpretation of MRIs to specialists in Asia, in countries like India & Pakistan. It may take time to get the report back.

  819. Here is my theory. JLin planned on playing last night, unfortunately BS has a different plan(DNP) why, because of the comment he made about the clippers putting their players in the right situation to succeed. That is very telling of what JLin think of BS. Once the La reporters found out that JLin is not on the starting five, the FO had to react immediately to avoid backlash, hence the knee injury excuse.

  820. I think Jeremy expected to play when he got on the plane to Denver, because I don’t think he packed a suit. He’d need one to sit on the sidelines. If he had any concern about his knee and was going to test how he felt in Denver, you’d think he’d be prepared to sit it out.

  821. LOL Not in a million year!!!!!!

  822. You don’t have to. You only need to wear suite if you were injured prior but not before or during game. He can just wear Laker practice suite.

  823. Good to know. That begs the question then of when he was supposed to have been injured. But another question: Who would the radiologists report their findings to? Gary Vitti?

  824. Team own all PRs in and out. This has to go to the front office first because they pay the bill.

  825. Yes LA JLin fans please go and convey our concerns and supports to him:-)

  826. Could be.

  827. I think Laker would want to win all of their home games. Even if they do, they are still the 4th worst team in NBA. I think the result of the MRI should be announced today and Jeremy’s knee would have no problem at all. The examiniation of Jeremy’s knees must be for other reasons.

    The minority owner of Laker is Dr. Patrick Soon-Shiong. People seem to ignore him altogether. He is concerned about the Laker. He even asked President Clinton about the team in an interview with Clinton.

    If you want medical advice, Dr. Patrick Soon-Shiong could help you abundantly only if you could afford the price. He’s a true scientist. I’m sure that he keeps himself informed about the Laker.

    I can see power struggle within the organization. This is not even news.

    Ex-Lakers wanted to seize control of the organization but they have been losing until MDA resigned. Byron took over the head coaching job. Then Phil Jackson the much heralded coach moved to Knicks as GM and having the worst record in NBA. The rivalry of Laker, Boston Celtics is having a good year on their way to playoff.

    The hope of ex-Lakers trying to kick out Jim Buss are in vain because right now Byron Scott, an ex-lakers, is having a worse season than MDA. MDA has at least won a season opener convincingly against the Clippers. Byron Scott lost all the games against the Clippers.

    Arguably this team has players better than the players last season. The core of last season is essentially here. The new addition of Boozer, Davis and Lin has proved to be legit NBA players despite Byron’s frequent messes around with the lineup. Granted Pau Gasol left Lakers. But Boozer + Davis more than made up the contribution of Gasol. It’s just that Byron Scott refused to play them more.

    Byron is sensitive about his comparison with MDA and this is probably why he’s so harsh against Jeremy Lin.

  828. Yeah, the plot chickens.

  829. Even if BS wanted and to tell Lin that he would not play, Lin has no right a abandon the team. He would be fine because his job is to make himself available.

  830. I understand. I was just trying to figure out the chain of command within the organization as to who reports what information to whom in the front office. It strikes me as logical that it would go through the head trainer (Vitti), but that’s just a guess.

  831. its might be FO decision to avoid JLin from telling the truth..

  832. I see this as an effort to win the rest of their games. Jeremy definitely will play in the rest of the games. Now Minn would at least be thrown off guard a little in their preparation for Laker. Seriously Laker is going to have to win the rest of their games to round out the season in a good note. They would do whatever they could to get the wins.

  833. Totally FO decision ever since.

  834. i think so

  835. Imagine you could and you did until you find out Lin is out?

  836. That must’ve been it with Jeremy, F/O said not urgent, as long as they get results by April 15. 😉

  837. I do believe Mitch is trying to get Lin for much less now while he’s in control without an open market competition

  838. Byron Scott has no chips on the table to fight the FO. He’s the head coach who has had the most disappointing season for the Laker. That’s why he’s afraid of being stabbed at the back by his players. Whatever the FO orders, Byron Scott must oblige or at the risk of an early dismissal from the team. Mitch Kupchak is too experienced in the league to by toyed with.

    Note Byron has to answer to Mitch, not Jim Buss. This is the end of the season. There should be a turn around to help the team for the next season. If Byron fails again, he may really be dismissed. That would certainly help ticket sales too.

  839. I think Lin is pretty much in charge his FA not Mitch or FO from Lakers. Lin maybe can’t make FO to put him on court for the last few games but he sure can decide his own FA.

  840. Of course both sides are in charge of their own but now the Lakers are the only team can talk free agency with their own player without competition.

  841. So that’s what Lin said after season end?

  842. We don’t know but usually player are being pulled the way Lin is now something is going on. I doubt he’s injured.

  843. Don’t worry Joyce. Nobody has been injured at the knees because of sinus infection. Both knees are examined! This seems to be a checkup before signing a player whose main asset is his explosiveness on the court.

  844. I know. Glad that I’m that crazy for planning to watch Lakers game. It isn’t in my plan to watch live NBA game:-) Even if I do travel to US again, I may not choose to travel in the season. Preferably in late April/early May. My next trip is most likely is going to Alaska Cruise, Vancouvar, Victoria and Canada Rocky Mountains region. So, it’s on early May:-)

  845. we interrupt mri-gate coverage to bring you this nba score; bulls outscore heat 33 to 8 in third quarter to take lead after being down 19 at half.

    now back to yer regularly skeduled programming.

  846. LOL You are probably right on that.

  847. Have you ever been cruising in AK? I can tell you that you will love the experience and the beauty of natural cold climate.

  848. I don’t think he is injured either. Lin seemed to be in good mood recently. Games means nothing now so no needs to play.

  849. The ad has a footnote which says, “Get an autograph with purchase. Event time subject to change. Restrictions apply, see store for details.”

    Really? “Restrictions apply?” Are they trying to discourage people from coming just to see Jeremy?

  850. Clarkson hasn’t been signed for anything to help the team financially.

  851. chickens, haha

  852. That’s dramatic!

  853. Nop but have wanted to do twice in the past but wasn’t successful. I did go to 13 days South Pacific Cruise and enjoyed it tremendously. So, my next trip to North America will place Alaska Cruise as priority in my plan. Everything else is secondary. It will take at least 3 weeks for the trip in mind plus 4 days on the flight. So, 4 weeks is a bare minimum. Well, I need to save my leave once I begin to work again:-) Thank God we have 4 weeks of annual leave here in Australia:-)

  854. The only time he can do it is before July.

  855. Yes he can now, contract extension.

  856. Thick Chicken soup

  857. Perhaps, something is going to be announced to motivate the team winning the rest of the games for the new season but it should only be done after blowing out the Minnesota Timberwolves at home.

  858. This is Lin, he can get results right away. Not u and I. Tech could give us informal read.

  859. 4 weeks would be so good. Last we went only 2 weeks plus local flight extra day was no big deal. If you love cruising and most cruises are in warm weather and fun but if you want to explore where most men can not step foot on, Alaska is highly recommended. Imagine standing there with your hot cup of tea and watching a big piece of ice broken off falling down into the water making a sound like a big bomb and it happens constantly was indescribable.

  860. Possibly at the end of April. I think Lin probably would sign a contract of 4 years for $32m; more or less like the contract signed by Monta Ellis for Dallas. After 2 years, the salary of players will shoot up. $32m is just like peanuts.

  861. It’s hard now for Lin to agree any deal if any unless a deal hard to say no.

  862. That’s called “having a real coach” who can analyze the game and devise a comeback strategy other than calling players soft and throwing them under the bus.

  863. How about winning for the chance to play with Kobe next season ?

  864. Lakers are the only choice…up until June 30th.

  865. With the promise that MDA will come back to LA as the head coach of LA Laker.
    How about this?

  866. That’s a rather bad contract, especially in light of the upcoming salary cap increase.

  867. That would be great, except lakers also hate mda…

  868. Am I the only one who thinks lin and lakers are over? I feel like his knee injury is a coverup to dnp him, but nothing more. No secret agenda in bringing lin back. I don’t know. Maybe I’m wrong.

  869. The trick is after a so so season. Jeremy Lin is at least paid no less than the previous contract or may be a little more to cover up the tax deduction. Then Jeremy may just sign at the end of April instead of taking a roller coaster ride of free agency.

  870. Psalm, we need a MRI gate ballot on what is going on.

  871. Byron Scott did worse than MDA. Now Laker is filling the promise of Linsanity to the fans. With Phil Jackson virtually fell flat on his face in NY, those hate would be moderated after a few games won by the Lakers.

  872. i think yer right. i vote for tina on the mri gate ballot.

  873. I don’t know how the front office feels about keeping Lin, but Kobe and Scott have done everything publicly to hand him an eviction notice. Kobe made no secret of the fact that he’s trying to recruit Rondo. Scott has made it clear that Clarkson is part of his rebuilding plans, and I don’t think he plans to play Clarkson as third string next year behind Rondo/Lin. Even if Rondo doesn’t come, Scott is playing Clarkson ahead of Lin.

    All we have seen are these inexplicable changes a few weeks ago in some attitudes towards Lin (like Stu actually saying some nice things). But the coach still is acting like he’s not a fan of Lin’s, which the same coach has recently used Clarkson and Westbrook in the same sentence as well as suggesting Clarkson could be a future all-star. The FO seems castrated at this point.

    Unless the FO changes coaches to someone who can actually manage Kobe Bryant’s playing and ego, I don’t see how Jeremy could possibly entertain an offer from the Lakers … even if they’d make one.

  874. Second the motion

  875. Lin should be so over this relationship. Kobe-BS-fest. Third wheel, no thank you, LOL.

  876. without Byron Scott as the coach!

  877. Third

  878. LOL Houston had JerseyGate and now Lakers have MRI Gate?

    If the MRI results are not out after Friday game, maybe we can poll on the reasons why .

  879. and it is done without a ball hogger taking all the shots for the team.

  880. dont know why/there’s no…mri…/stormy weather.

  881. yes, and perhaps ask him to give us a hint on the MRI results.
    Ask something like, “Would you be comfortable to dunk now without waiting for the MRI results?” LOL

  882. MRI conspiracy theory ballot. Add Tina, Kwok, and whoever has one

  883. hahahaha LOL

  884. If Laker doesn’t want Lin back, the FO doesn’t need to cover up any DNP.

  885. I’m thinking of one now.

  886. Fourth

  887. If I were the F/O I would have done the same to let BS finish his job. After that I would fire BS, hire a real coach (to marginalize Kobe) to send a winning signal to FAs for next season, and give Lin a top tier contract.

  888. Right on. That’s what I hope for. Since Byron is so interested in developing D=league players, Lakers should consider hiring him to be the coach for a D-league team.

  889. Well here’s the thing.. Dantoni came to replace Phil jax, so he had a lot of heat for not meeting up to standards. Byron did not come with much expectations as this roster was made to fail. So he’s given a pass for this year

  890. Ok, here’s my theory. (Sorry if anyone covered this). BS was going to move Lin to the bench to start the rooks since he is “evaluating”, since season is pretty much done. Lin said “heck no, you can take this @$!#&, and shove @$%.. bleep, bleep, my knee hurts, aint playing a chump…” (Ok, the @$!#& is just added for effect, as he would never come close to cursing like me).

  891. So Lakers is the only team who can talk to Lin about FA after season end? What about the other teams? May?

  892. Given a pass by the media but not by the fans. The fans are not going to come back watch Lakers again next season with Byron as the coach. The more controversial, the more the fans will pour in the Staples Center to watch the game.

  893. I think the more crazy fans who are always following everything with lakers are sick of Byron. The regular fans are saying they want to give him another season. I feel like media has their own opinions of the coach, but won’t disclose.

  894. LOL MRI result should be released before this event:-)

  895. 100% agree, even with the bit about Lin not being a prolific “curser.” If this is true, then at least Jeremy has enough gumption to stand up for himself and not take this bleep anymore from this bleep organization and bleep BS. Bleep bleep bleep Lakers. We’re done here.

  896. OK. My theory: the FO is concerned with the ticket sales this year and next year. Now the fourth position of the worst team in the league is secured and there is little hope to get pass 76er to the third. It’s time for promotion to sell tickets now and the coming season.

    To play safe, they want a thorough medical checkup of Lin’s knees before making the offer that Jeremy could not refuse. Lin’s agent are involved to make this possible. So they just find an ex-FBI to escort Jeremy for a MRI before making the offer official. There you go, my friend, Jeremy will come back to play for the Laker. Who cares what BS has in his mind? He’s done for the season. Players has already have enough of him. LA is going to get Randal back plus several draft choices. They would even try to sign some FAs in the off season that would work well with Jeremy. On top of the list are Tyson Chandler, Amare etc.

    Of course, Byron couldn’t stay. he has to take full responsibility of having the worst record for the Laker. Thanks for the top 5th draft choice and the first rounder from Houston. Next season, Everything looks up. PR team start promoting Linsanity for the homecoming of MDA. He would definitely sign Steve Nash as his assistant coach.

    Prediction: sell out in every home games.

  897. Yes, “We are done!” (Lin and fans)

  898. LOL

  899. Please check with the guy in the Foxhole

  900. Beside Kobe, Clarkson, Price, more than half of the team no longer trust or respect BS. It would be brainer to fire BS to save the team.

  901. There is one thing I can’t really measure. Even if the whole team no longer trusts and respects Byron Scott — with the single exception of Kobe Bryant — how would that weigh with the Busses and Kupchak? Does anyone in the FO have the stones to tell KB he’s not running the team next year? Can they make it stick? If not, then Byron Scott stays.

  902. I agree with the first half, I think they don’t want to just DNP Lin as they would get back fired, so they just find an excuse and sit Lin so fans would not be mad at them.

  903. Hahahaha ex-FBI
    I’m sure FO wants to keep Lin (for backup) but pretty sure Lin will not sign with Lakers unless
    1. Kobe gone
    2. BS gone
    3. MDA return
    So let’s enjoy the last drama in LA! Lin will wear a different jersey in October 🙂

  904. it is pretty obvious throughout the season that Lakers FO and HC are not on the same page…..

  905. Kobe loves to play ISO. This time he would not be given the BS coach. If he wants to play for the Laker any more, he has to earn it.

  906. Lin looked relax in a postgame photo. Even he has an injury, it shouldn’t be a serious one.
    And I like the effect part haha

  907. I guess my question is whether anybody in the front office would actually dare to tell KB that very thing within the next couple of months — or any time later.

  908. No way.

  909. July 1st.

  910. Whether Kobe can come back and raise his arm is still a question. There is not a darn thing he can do now. He couldn’t be a starter with the record of being the worst SG in the league.

    Mitch Kupchak will stand up to Kobe. Are you willing to give up your final season for Byron Scott? If not, stay around and watch the rebuilding of the Laker. Boston has already started doing it w/o all their stars and they are going to playoff. Kobe can take it or leave it.

    Count it as a blessing if Kobe leaves the Laker.

  911. not related but if you’re bored to death. Here’s the semi finalist in Asia’s got Talent..

  912. This is the only sure way to turn around LAL immediately next season.

  913. Exactly. The move indicates that at the very least Lakers don’t wanna burn bridges with Jeremy, his fanbase, and the sponsors. It may only be money-driven, but I wouldn’t be surprised if Mitch wants Lin back.

  914. Spent $15m just for a first round and a 2nd round pick next season and Lin’s one year service is not considered a great bargain. Jeremy must be the PG of the Laker in the future to make the trade sound reasonable.

  915. The F/O was afraid of Kobe because of his fans paid the LAL. It’s no longer true any more. In fact, Kobe began to hurt LAL financially starting early this season.

  916. Kobe could hire BS as his private coach after his retirement.

  917. One small yet interesting factor: When Roger Montgomery tweeted “Victory is certain”, he offered neither scope nor timeframe. It may have simply meant no more DNP-CD and guarantee to a guaranteed amount of average playing time, but that’s not really much to boast about. Has he achieved anything bigger or something long-term and just not telling us?

  918. I think that “Victory is certain” it’s for playing time nothing more.

  919. Sadly we don’t see that and maybe never will. Kobe has no respect for no one.

  920. Whatever it is, we all hope great news will come tomorrow.

  921. Current standing, Rockets meet Spurs. Eww.

  922. Lakers may simply have had the salary space that had to be spent on players anyways. But yes, perception is a different story, and it does look like an egg-on-the-face blunder to the masses.

  923. Texas Chain Massacre: Basketball Edition.

  924. Spurs in playoff not the same team with Spurs in reg season.

  925. Absolutely. Spurs are on a roll. Rockets should be afraid. Be very afraid.

  926. Once the pace is bogged down…..

  927. i want the spurs play the mavs and the trail blazers play the rockettes…. massacre gallores

  928. At that time, it was said in response to Lin’s 1st DNP in the Spurs game and the ensuing events showed he got at least consistent playing time.

    I guess if Lin gets DNP due to ‘precautionary MRI’, it might be better than DNP-Coach Decision which will create an uproar.

    So in hindsight, it was a small victory but not the featured Laker star and a lot of PT like Kupchak promised him early season. Dirty politics got in the way :[

  929. POR ran this very same play against HOU last yr. Lin broke the play, that’s what a smart player does.

  930. yeah, that one they had even better spacing.

  931. Man Steph Curry makes it look so easy. Hope one day Lin can shoot like Steph. One thing Steph does to improve his shooting is, he practices on tired legs. Maybe Lin can try that too.

  932. Curry is way more fun to watch than Harden.

  933. Yup he is peaking well!

  934. be ready when they announce ‘technical difficulty’ in reading MRI results :]

  935. lol

  936. yup, I remember that. Lin intercepted that pass to Lillard

  937. Yessss… Another HOU 1st-round exit then

  938. I def choose Curry as MVP over Harden or Westbrook. Steph shooting skills are just amazing. Don’t think anyone can shoot better than Curry in the league now. Curry will have a long lasting career because he does not take a lot of hits like Lin does. Lin is a true warrior, willing to get take the hits for his team. I want Lin to play smarter like Curry for the future. Lin can not last long if he continues to take those hits. Last game was just very hard to watch Lin getting tossed around like that.

  939. thanks, they’re super-talented indeed.
    We still have 4 games left but you can definitely post more under Off-Topic FUN thread from homepage in the off-season.

  940. Hopefully, he won’t end up like Wade. Wade is still good, but Wade was incredible before his knee and other assorted injuries slowed him down and of course he’s older now. Wade now uses a lot of floaters. He still can dunk, but not over anyone like he used to. Lin can shoot more mid-range and use that shot more, he will. The play against Griffin was a hustle prevent play and that’s just Lin’s competitiveness in making a big play showing. Also, Lin takes the offensive fouls late in games against guys that outweigh him by 20+ pounds. That’s gotta hurt.

  941. Didn’t d’antoni come to replace Mike Brown?

  942. I remember that play. It saved Beverley’s rear.

  943. Yeah Lin is like the running back of the team. Do all the dirty work that no one wants to do.

  944. Lin needs to emulate Steph’s game (maybe Parker’s game too. Lin is taller than them, but man, Lin needs to play smart basketball like Steph and Parker do)

    Lin takes too many of hits and falls, not good for his career.

  945. You made it sounds like Lin is playing stupid…lol

  946. I thought it was implied that it’ll be the Spurs doing the killing. No one sane would favor the Rox.

  947. Curry does not jump high. WHich is good for late game situation

  948. Blake hit Jeremy’s left knee while stepping on Jeremy’s left foot on that charge.

  949. Stupid blake

  950. OK,play better basketball
    How is that?
    But you have to agree with me (actually not just me,this is what many of us have witnessed)that Lin took too many hits and falls

  951. Personally, I see nothing wrong with it. But I think indeed the “defense is optional” approach is more appealing to fans and body.

  952. Because of Lin’s health and longer career, its better Lin plays different than he is playing now. Taking too many hits like this, will eventually take its toll on his body.

  953. Occupational hazzard…LOL

  954. I dont think there is conspiracy. I think lin’s knee really feels bad and he needs MRI to check it out. hopefully everything is ok with him.

  955. Yup it’s the exact play but Lin recognized the play and intercepted it!

  956. Woohoo 1st round exit for Rockets and 4 game sweep for the Spurs!

  957. The fact that Lakers are waiting till tomorrow before a home game is a bad sign. Lakers know if they announce that Lin is out for rest of the season it would mean, people will not buy anymore tix to see Lakers esp the Asian fans. So basically Lakers are trying to make as much money as possible until they are forced to make this announcement before the game. It is possible Lakers are doing a retest MRI, making sure for sure Lin is ok. Hopefully it’s the latter.

  958. Yeah. I think it will be hard for Lin to change his game to similar to Curry. Lin will always be driving hard into the paint, and crashing into whoever is in his way. Lin is a brave guy, running into guys like DeAndre Jordan and Lamarcus Aldridge. Lin don’t give a damn, but neither do these big dudes, they remind of Fly Swatters whenever someone attacks the paint.

  959. The question is why wait for Lin to first practice for 75 min (and videos show that he’s moving around fine), and then announce that he won’t be playing 15 min before the actual game? And then the press silence. Things just don’t add up.

  960. parker has some pretty lousy games, sir. Check it out.

  961. JLin was the one who went for the charge though. I hope it’s nothing serious.

  962. I agree! Look at Ray Allen who could’ve been the no.1 guy of his own team back in the day but he was always no.2 and shot mostly 3s, it didn’t take so much toll on his body so he has a long lasting career compared to stars like Wade who’s already run down. The way Steph Curry is so efficient at shooting 3s to get his points means he’ll have a very long career ahead of him compared to people like Lebron.

  963. yes. i may have used the wrong words.. dantoni took over HC position over phil jackson after mike brown was fired. either way, point is that since dantoni took phil jackson’s place, there was a lot more unfair criticism placed upon him.

  964. Its glad to see that a lot of people here are smarter and know better than lin himself in terms of how to play in the nba. Jealous me!!

  965. The game against Denver is a back to back road game in high altitude. If you want to take precautionary, this is the game that you should avoid. Plus Denver is not tanking, the game was pretty tough. Should Laker wants a healthy Jeremy, they shouldn’t mind save Jeremy for the rest of games.

    Now Jeremy is on a DTD basis, I don’t think it would help the ticket sales. It’s just as bad as DNP-CD to the fans. Perhaps DNP-CD doesn’t cause rouse alarm on Jeremy’s knees.

    I think the FO didn’t want Jeremy to take the risk and Byron wouldn’t mind playing Jeremy in the worst possible situation. That could explain why Jeremy was practicing before the game because Byron intended to play Jeremy there but the FO made sure it didn’t happen by escorting Jeremy away from game situations and from Byron Scott.

    What’s the motive behind MRI Jeremy’s knees, I think the FO might want to win more games this season with Jeremy. MRI examination is the reason that overruled Byron Scott’s decision of playing Jeremy at the time. My 2 cents is that Jeremy would be reinstated as soon as possible for practices before playing Minnesota.

  966. The message of MRI examination of Jeremy is as bad as telling people that Lin won’t play. That certainly doesn’t help ticket sales now. My guess is the FO would try as much as possible winning as many games as possible at the end of the season with a healthy Jeremy at home. The Denver game represents some unnecessary risk for a tanking Laker that the FO intends to avoid.

    You know Boston look like they are going into playoff with 1.5 games ahead of his competitors for a playoff berth with only 4 very tough GAMES left to play. The entry of Celtics into playoff will pose tremendous pressure to the FO, you know.

  967. Librafree (@Librafree) April 9, 2015

    i love that first photo. with the creepy nuggets player in the background HAHAHA. made my day

  968. Also revealing that getting rid of outdated stars is the only way to go! Celtics were smart to get rid of Rondo!

  969. Lin should work on a quick pull up jump shop this summer…also, catch and shoot…I would love for Lin to emphasize a bit more of 3pt shooting…I feel he doesn’t take enough of them….Lin to be a bit more crafty/creative with his ball-handling…like Irving.

    As for emulating Curry..that may be very hard…Curry handle/dribbles is very quick…Lin has a looser and slow-motion handle..which I believe is an area he needs to improve.

    I think the guy Lin could emulate is Thomson…Lin is tall enough at 6’3 and he’s not skinny…Lin needs to learn to come off screen a bit tighter and develop a “catch n shoot” jump shot”…and also a floater.

  970. Regarding Curry, can’t teach the quick release and elite, tight handles. Triple threat. Harden elite in getting his shots off.

  971. I totally agree w you. Plus if something is really bad Lin will send out the bible tweet… but nothing so far.

  972. I find that both Ramona Shelburne and Arash Markazi annoying in reporting of Lakers. They are too lenient to Byron Scott and put the blame of such a pathetic season on the players rather than inept coaching. Baxter Holmes is much more objective.

  973. The hits and falls are a function of the lax ruling by refs to allow it to happen. The league doesn’t have that many PGS that truly attack the rim. Rose used to and he paid the price. Westbrook is the only other one that has the strength and speed combination like Lin to take a hit and score at the rim. Harden gets the calls all the time so he gets protection. The hits by DJ and Aldridge on lin where they snap his neck back should have been flagrant ones instead they weren’t even called! So the league has created this problem where bigs take liberties and part of the game gets lost.

    We will see if Curry will end up like Harden and start to miss 3s in playoffs. Live by the 3, die by the 3. It’s then that they will lament that they don’t get enough penetration. Lin and Westbrook both are known to be wrecking balls for defence systems. They are the “masters of chaos”. The fact is Lin fits MDA’s offence is that he can attack the paint like NASH AND PASS LIKE NASH. Westbrook not so much. Lin attacks the paint not just to score. He does it to wreck defense and create space for his teammates.

    I may be old school to say this, but playoffs are more about trading jabs than throwing roundhouses. You need the 3s like a football team needs the deep threat or a boxer needs the big hay maker, but come crunch time, making a higher percentage shot can be the difference between winning or losing.

  974. What they are recommending is individual bball. All the skills of shooting to score is always the way they see how the game should be played. Me me me, score score score. Lin doesn’t play the game like that. The scoring skills are only there to create opportunity for ALL FIVE GUYS!

    For all the great skills of Curry or Harden, until they can involve all the other guys on the team to score, they will never win a championship.

  975. Yeah, he should learn to play like Jordan Hill who never goes into the paint to get mucked up.

    The league makes the rules up to favor one way of playing, while they let parts of it go. Rim protection has made the restricted area non existent. If they want to see more circus shots around the rim, they have to protect the players that venture into there. Right now it’s a free for all and the bigs are taking scalps.

    There was an article about how the bigs are learning to shoot from the 3s and that the game is now basically evolving into 4/1 offences with all peremiter players except for one. The kids coming up have adapted to this game. If the trend continues, it will be a game where shooting is the only premium.

    I predict that the game will eventually change again to promote more attacking of the rim and the restricted areas will be enlarged to do it.

  976. Not gonna hear them anyway….lol

  977. These two are worst… don’t listen or read what they said…

  978. Yeah its hard to get to Curry’s level when it comes to quick release and sweet handles. But if Lin can learn to shoot quicker and be a better outside shooter, that would help extend his NBA career.

  979. I think Blake knows what he was doing. That elbow hit was intentional.

  980. Pretty quiet in here…any news yet?

  981. I don’t agree, he was just making a basketball move and Lin got in the way. It was a bold play by Lin.

  982. Harden is a weird player. He definitely does like passing, but he also likes ball-stopping. Curry is a scorer but he at times gets the other guys the ball. He’s not a traditional PG. If you have the right balance of players, and the ball falls your way, you win championships. It takes some luck to win championships.

  983. I really dislike it when ppl post “Lin needs to …” so much so I cringe when I do it myself. I can’t imagine getting away with saying that to anyone close to me, they’d just divorce me you know what I mean …

  984. well, lakers friendship is better than the roxieorges for sure.

  985. Enlightening video.

  986. start at 3:16


  987. Looks like DNP to the end of season?

  988. Lin not playing tonight. Still waiting on MRI.

    Byron says team is still waiting on MRI results on Lin's knee— Mark Medina (@MarkG_Medina) April 10, 2015

    Jeremy Lin will not play again tonight.— Los Angeles Lakers (@Lakers) April 10, 2015

  989. I guess MRI is a rockets science. Lol

  990. So now it is down to 3 games if he plays at all anymore. I’m divorcing myself from the LA situation. If he plays again, we’ll see him play and that’s all. Don’t care about the Lakers. But my mindset now is that the next time he’ll play it will be for another team in the fall.

  991. the season is over

  992. Haha! Lakers really needs more advance in medical staff….

  993. There are technically 3 games left he is possible to play as of now. But there isn’t much left he can do. Lakers run was very disappointing, we had a lot of hope going in and it didn’t pan out. I guess we’ll all have thoughts of what will need to happen for Lin and what Lin can do more to further his career when the season is officially over.

  994. Doubt I’ll watch the game. I don’t care about Clarkson. I’ll acknowledge he’s put up impressive stats and has played well at times but I’m not sure he is what some people want him to be. I like Black and Davis, but without Lin feeding them, it’s not fun to watch. So, now it is time to look at the Spurs or maybe see who I can root for on another team. I like the Spurs, I can root for Leonard even though he gives Lin a hard time when he defends him.

  995. A sore knee sounds much better than DNP-CD. I will take it. And the same for the rest of the season.

  996. But sore knee maybe not sounds good to his FA? I would prefer they just said he will not play to the end of the season. I guess they just have to see when they can win the game then maybe Lin can play by then…..

  997. was hoping see this one since its nationally televised. Don’t have league pass.

  998. This is on NBA league pass?

  999. When Lin doesnt play theres so much more time for activities!

  1000. BS sure can’t say I don’t want him to stay otherwise Kobe will kill me. LOL!

  1001. No surprise there. Lol

  1002. If the results comes in negative, but it is just sore and to rest, that should be okay.

  1003. Scott acts like he in charge of FA, when he is really not.LOL

  1004. Agreed. What amazes me about Curry’s shooting is that he can be leaning backwards and still get off decent shots.

  1005. Haha! Of course he’s not… maybe he will be fired after this season. LOL!

  1006. I think the results are negative. I really do think it was lin’s agency advising him to shut it down in these last games. The way it happened was so weird. Lin said it was a little sore before the game,but they pulled him 15 mins before the game started.

  1007. If Lin were to stay, BS will shoot Lin in the back. In a way, he already did.

  1008. no its on NBA TV. I do not league pass, but do have NBA TV so was hoping to see this game.

  1009. Sounds like a ‘No’ to me. If he had ask Scott that question about Kobe, he would said yes nonstop.

  1010. Lakers.com has Jeremy Lin on front page in hollywood nights jersey. Without Lin playing tonight, no one cares about Lakers. Lakers holding onto only thing that attracts viewers.


  1011. Ya! It’s a indirectly “NO” to me but he also didn’t dare to say No bc his boss probably think “YES”… LOL!

  1012. Enlightening, yes. It might explain why Jeremy still gets so little awareness of his now very good defensive abilities. Might explain part of an NBA-wide bias on “who can guard who” that gave PB his undeserved edge over Lin (apart, of course, from the pure politics of it all). He has the exceptional speed they want, and for sure the work ethic. It’s interesting to note that the bias is not apparently just about Asians.

  1013. Got to admire their passion and love towards lin but but….you know what I mean…haha.

  1014. I think Lin’s brother probably also wants to play for NBA.

  1015. Welp. Lins not coming back to lakers.

  1016. Not surprised! I want Lakers to make the offer to Lin so he can push up the price….

  1017. I hope he will not stay…

  1018. He won’t unless he wants to be third string pg after jc. why damage his career anymore than its already been damaged by lakers?

  1019. I see three agendas flowing through this Laker’s organization. I see Scott’s agenda to stay employed(the shooting him in the back), scott playing more to the press, Kobe trying to get another contract to by bringing Rondo to get a pass from the fans because of Rondo’s name and the F/O that is running on borrowed time to become a contender and lin is the middle of all of this. I think lin/team playing it smart on their power moves.Lin has built up a brand overseas especially in Asia, and he is using to his advantage. I think lin removing all things Laker from his website was a power move. I am not saying lin will stay with the Lakers, but lin is the one in charge of his destiny and he is making power moves.

  1020. Seem like Lin is nowhere near Staples center.

  1021. 100% agree

  1022. He might have taken this earlier today

  1023. 😉

  1024. I hope lin doesn’t play again this season. Go rest and think of ways to improve his game for next season with a new team. Meaningless to play for a team as a lame duck. Time for us to move on. I don’t care about lakers or kobe or bs or clarkson..

  1025. Very interesting indeed. Explosive Athleticism has been the measuring stick in the NBA.

    [3:48] “Speed, Quickness and Hops are the Holy Trinity in the NBA”
    “Who can he guard?”

    Even Jeremy who had #1 or #2 BAM speed test had to overcome the stigma of “deceptively athletic”.
    It would be extremely hard for 5’10” – 5’11″white American players to play in the NBA.

    Only Jason Williams and of course Steve Nash (Canadian) come to mind as PGs, and they have exceptional ball-handling skills to set them apart. Nash made it w/o great defensive skill.

    Even Jeremy with good defense still has to overcome this stigma. It made me realize how tough and athletic JLin has to be to continually prove people wrong.

  1026. I think lin will sit out these games. Lin has already made his move,now it is up to the Lakers to make the next move.

  1027. Might be but still if he’s with the team, some reporter must have seen him and asked questions.

  1028. yes, it’s all about the “eye test” which was referred to secondary racism.

    When things don’t immediately fit into a blueprint of success, it takes time to change people minds.
    JLin is truly a tough, quick and athletic, and most importantly gifted PG to survive all the things thrown to him.

  1029. What questions? I think they only interviewed Byron. Lins probably chilling at home 🙂

  1030. No, he took the pix because it is National Siblings Day in the US.

  1031. BS is full of his initials. If he’s from the old school and the PG sets up the team, and Lin has that approach, then Lin should have played more PG when he was on the court with the other PGs and maybe alternate. On with Clarkson, definitely a shoot-first player, Lin played SG. On with Buycks, a D-leaguer, Lin played 2 guard but that may have made more sense since Buycks didn’t play that much and is something more of a PG in approach than Clarkson. I guess he’s right that Lin is still learning the game but he never knows how to make things constructive and always ends up sounding like he’s minimizing a guy’s talent unless it is one of his favorites., Even with Ed Davis he said Ed does a few things well which sounds like he’s minimizing big Ed.

  1032. Agree. my point was he’s staying home not with the team. Kobe had a new surgery with his arm hanging but still he’s at the game with team (for Rondo).

  1033. Mike TrudellVerified account
    MRI on Jeremy Lin’s left knee showed no new injury or change from an MRI last year. He’s out tonight vs. MIN; re-evaluated prior to final 3.

  1034. wow great news!!!

  1035. Because it never was.

  1036. More like a checkup before new contract talks.

  1037. LOL fake injury! good move. lin should just sit out rest of the games.

  1038. Still kind of mysterious, looked fine in shoot around, then pulled 15 minutes before game. Then normal MRI that takes a whole 24hrs to get the results. Knick Young injury weird too.

  1039. This is much better than this tweet.


  1040. Like some other said, hope Lin rests for the rest of the games. Sucks for us, but he’s already proven himself to whoever that wants to get him.

  1041. is that cartilage abnormality from his surgery? or something new?

  1042. I hope Lin just plays the 4th quarter of the last game of this season.

  1043. Meaning, knee is a little arthritic which is normal for this type of injury.

  1044. “abnormality” like degeneration? inflammation? I don’t like the sound of it.

  1045. No, more like arthritis

  1046. THe term is so general, can someone with medical background explains it please?

  1047. I think it is arthritis kicking in, which is very common for meniscus tear surgery.