G78 CHA @ NYK Game Thread

With 5 games left, the Hornets would need to win the majority of the games in order to have a chance to secure a home-court advantage as the 3rd or 4th seed in the first round of playoff. Jeremy Lin showed why he can be a true starter in the NBA after finishing with 21pts/7asts/4rebs in 40 minutes with 4-6 sharp-shooting from 3pt land. Had Kemba shoot slightly better than 4-16, the Hornets would have a chance to win the game vs the Raptors

  • JLin continued to raise his starter stats in 12 games to an impressive 18.1pts/4.9asts with 45%3PG. Hopefully it will impress many teams convincing them that he is a true starter in the NBA when given the chance. The impressive part is he doesn’t need to always have the ball in his hands to play well

    • Would Lin play a lot due to a swollen elbow (elbow bursitis) in the next night vs the Knicks?

Let’s go, JLin! Let’s hope and pray JLin continue to hit his stride and carry the momentum to lead to big wins.

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