Game 77 Toronto Raptors vs Chicago Bulls: Play Free, Jeremy!

In the post-game interview, Danny Green was asked by a reporter about Lin’s struggle. He acknowledged Lin needs more time to adjust but he just needs to play free and confidently to go back to his old style of playing basketball.

[3:13] Danny Green on Lin’s struggle, “Yeah, it took him some more time to figure it out but I think it’s him more on his own head. He’s thinking about it too much. Just play free, play his game, and things will come to him.

Sometimes you don’t get rhythm either way, you put more pressure on yourself. He doesn’t need to do that. We’ll talk to him. We’ll continue to encourage him. We’re going to NEED him. I think he’ll get back to playing his old basketball soon, especially he got a great year with Atlanta. Even before that, too. Just need to pick that back up where he left off and play confidently.”