G77 LAL @LAC Game Thread+New Coach/Team Poll

Only 6 games are left before Jeremy can focus on his summer Free Agency!

Despite not fully recovering from URI, losing some weight, it’s good to see Jeremy had fun when playing on court. He just liked to play and will continue to give his best on court. Let’s hope he can finish strong

Let’s start a new Coach and Team Poll to see where fans want to see JLin go next season

Continue to give your best, Jeremy!

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Guess JLin's stats in Game 78 vs DEN
Which COACH do you think Jeremy Lin should play for next season? (choose up to 2 answers/day)



  1. haiz. just 2 tempting. this time for sure i promise. no mas. cause baseball season is on and lins lakers time basically done. no mas. no mas. 6 and out. no doubt.

  2. haha .. I thought no more first to give others a chance.
    I guess the temptation is too great :]

    So who are your Top 2 Coaches for JLin?
    I got MDA and Carlisle for now, whoever will give the most faith and PT to JLin

  3. geez, this 1st post is nothing to mod. Why is it so hard for you to resist the temptation?

  4. I just hope that Lin can make some shots. That is all.

  5. Makes all of it!!!!

  6. @1mtoldman:disqus has been first for the past 4-5 threads.
    Let’s ask him why the temptation was so great LOL

  7. Tiger Dad mode for today :]

  8. LOL, it does not hurt to wish for the unlikely……..LOL

  9. Sometimes I think what Coach Musselman tweets is so appropriate in JLin’s situation.
    Perhaps he’s been sending subliminal messages to Jeremy :]

  10. i dont think any particular coach matters; what matters is an organization that is fair and a system where and circumstance where there aren’t clear hidden agenda’s working against him.

  11. cause its just sitting there. virgin. untouched. i actually waited this time. i waited for someone else. it seems a big deal to people to post first, they get so excited and say “first”. i dont say “first”. and this is the last absolutely cuz as i said baseball season is on and lin’s lakers purgatorial stint is basically over.

    i probably wont be posting here again till next fall. when nba starts up again. so a farewell. acheivement (of sorts, even tho geez its nothing to s.s. above)

  12. yes, achievement is still an achievement :]
    You can also stop by in July when Lin decides which team he decides to join for the next 2-3 years and why.

    Melody has been good in providing the countdown to FA & NBA draft. We’ll add countdown counter on homepage so people know when the next important dates will be.

    Great job figuring out how this Disqus thing is actually supposed to work!

  13. That would drive out the evil doers from this fan site for the day.

  14. Enjoy the Lin hiatus..hopefully when you come back it’ll be because of great news.

  15. I have been thinking, this whole thing about scott who he wants in the foxhole is why to DNP-CD Lin/Boozer/Davis, and if Young were playing, then he definitely would be in the group.LOL

  16. I think Lin/Boozer/Davis are not BS’s favor bc these players are not Kobe’s favor… Boozer maybe a little bit better sure not Lin & Davis. Kobe hates PnR. But since Lin & Davis will be free soon. Young is another story.

  17. Kobe pretends with Boozer, but Booze has his number. Also that wanted lowball Davis, and not play him, but he spoke up. I think Scott’s move is a powerplay.He doesn’t want them to resign lin/davis/boozer. All he has is a bunch of young players, who he can bully. I am sure they willl try to trade Hill/Young in the offseason.

  18. I doubt Young is still injured and unable to play. This has to be a fu to bs.

  19. 7 mores days and a wakeup left before this nightmare ends for lin.

  20. Scott was the one saying Young will be gone for the rest of the season. I think Young wanted to play.

  21. I totally agree that they will traded Hill/Young. BS & Kobe want to be in charge the whole team & they don’t want Lin/Davis/Boozer to resign w Lakers. Specially Lin. I hope Kobe & Rondo can be in the same team next season. Can’t wait to see their lockers room story… LOL!

  22. And a party!!!!

  23. Ya! Young wants to play but BS will not let him. I don’t believe Young is injury at all.

  24. Wow. Strong. Read the following tweets from the bottom, up.

  25. Yeah, I am about that life…LOL

  26. What is that APP…looks cool

  27. Why the switch? They were featuring Clarsanity vs CP last game.

  28. Yep, both ESPN and TNT know who is the most popular player on the team, whick Laker should they sell one next year?
    Rondo? Clarkson da Westbrook 2.0??

  29. I wanna know what would Kidd say about coach Scott..

  30. LOL…they are using Lin AGAIN!

  31. Always… It’s getting sickening

  32. They? NBA or Lakers?

  33. NBA

  34. I think this probably from your team to NBA…

  35. APP: Tweetbot for iPad

  36. Could be

  37. maybe the @NBA Media people is a closet Lin fan LOL

  38. 6-game night around the NBA and we've got you covered with Gametime tonight at 7 PM ET on NBA TV! pic.twitter.com/x1IRwCv7me— NBA TV (@NBATV)

  39. they used clarkson here.

  40. From Rox period, I read somewhere said so… I guess the picture it’s from your team to NBA, TNT, or ESPN.

  41. Bc that’s old picture from last game so they continue to use it…

  42. it’s the same one??? that’s lame

  43. I guess so?!

  44. 7 more days before Lin’s freedom so I got the Champagne bottles ready .. plus the Ben & Jerry’s ice-cream LOL

  45. sharing is caring 🙂

  46. c this is the old one (above) cause masked marvel still masked– in new one (below) unmasked. (as is now). also one above is generic can be used for any date; one below is specific to 2nites games.

  47. do u pour the champagne over the ice cream or drop the ice cream into the champagne?

  48. oh you’re right.. nba twitter lazy sometimes.. just reuse old ones

  49. absolutely, we should have a virtual toast after April 15 =)

  50. I prefer to swim on it but it’s free-styling for everyone … hehe..

  51. uh yer aware thats also tax day.

  52. some of us may have double toasts then :]

  53. “When a team is enduring a tough season, the ideal scenario would be that the players and coaches lean on each other to get through it. But Los Angeles Lakers coach Byron Scott does not think that’s the reality on his team. After practice Monday, Scott said that a fair share of his players would turn on him if given the chance.” –For The Win

    Los Angeles Lakers, Byron Scott, Coaching

  54. It’s not surprising that so far MDA is leading the Lin’s Next Coach poll with 72% of votes, followed by Rick Carlisle (24%) and George Karl (4%)

    At the end of the day, the coach is the one with the power to utilize a player’s strength or marginalize it.
    I don’t want to see BScott-like treatment anymore to bench Lin when he gets hot

  55. probably something along the line of “I wouldn’t hesitate to get him fired all over again” lol

  56. For Hello Kitty fans…..one more reason for LA to root for Clippers than Tankers


  57. oh i got hello kitty toaster!! its supposed to imprint a hello kitty face on the bread but it doens’t really work but it is an attention getting kitchen piece. (toothbrush holder and one thing i dont know what is, but its cool cause its got hello kitty on it; someone was gonna throw it out, i think maybe its an ashtray.)

    do you know they actually have hello kitty stores that sell nothing but hello kitty; wierd, i can’t remember where i saw the first one, maybe in l.a.

  58. Who made that poll?

  59. Can't wait to watch @ScottiePippen & @JudahWorldChamp spreading laughter to the world. Tonite on #FreshOffTheBoat 8p pic.twitter.com/0XKN64nkfN— Forrest Wheeler (@wheeler_forrest) April 7, 2015

  60. No idea about the store location coz I’m not in states.
    Please come to Japan / Taiwan / Hong kong, and you will find yourself surround by infinity Hello Kitty….we even have Kitty DimSum restaurant in HK

  61. A Good place for celebrating Lin’s out of LA 🙂

  62. yeah it was probably in taiwan or hong kong then i saw it.

  63. My mom got to meet @JLin7 at her office party last night. What a baller. Jeremy's not bad either. pic.twitter.com/otxl5vaRmb— Sophie Dichter (@sophiesdichter) April 7, 2015

  64. @JLin7 Thank you for the card Jeremy!! My brothers and I really like it. Thank you again!!!! pic.twitter.com/15h2bwcYYO— Ben Kim (@southpawdrblr) April 7, 2015

  65. Because Byron knew that he had betrayed the trust of all players and he’s afraid of Karma and retaliation from the players.

  66. He’s always been especially good to young kids.

  67. Are players expressing their opinion to the front office of Byron Scott’s incompetence? Jason Kidd all over again.

  68. I’m certain if the coach is MDA, this team will make the playoff. Jordon Hill is easily the big man who can shoot 3s. That will space the court enough for Lin-Boozer-Davis-Wesley Johnson. The front line of Lin-Davis-Boozer-Wesley-Hill will be a strong team to beat.

  69. Haha yes i almost forget this scene

  70. That’s my kitty there

  71. spurs keep rolling 23 8 over unmasked man and whatever else is left uninjured of okies.

  72. Lol nice. I went to the hello kitty store when I lived in Tokyo it’s huge *_* Got some straps for phone. Oh yeah I also have a top pajama hello kitty too haha

  73. Taste the Linsanity OO
    (I’m thinking about something else than ice-cream lol)

  74. Westbrook cannot do everything. He already gets 3D every game. Lol

  75. i’ll trade you the toaster for the pajama top! haha (first time ive ever said haha) smh.

    i think the store i saw must have been in hong kong.

    why do you need straps for a phone? what do they do?

  76. westbrook got a quadruple double; 2 points, 2 steals, 2 rebounds, 2 fouls.

  77. can you say that here?


  78. I did. it’s up above inside the post

  79. Ikr!! The toaster I might be interested xD

    There’s no use really it’s just for fashion. It was the trend on those phones:

  80. Exactly ;D

    (Getting hungry btw)

  81. So nothing from Scott today since he dropped his little bomb threats yesterday>>LOL

  82. Jordon Hill don’t like MDA forgot the reason why, he openly complained about him.

  83. Idk either but I didn’t say anything really. I just read the ice pot 😉

  84. Bwahahahahaha!

    Funniest quote of the year!

  85. see if you had that toaster you could be eating bread (du pain) with hello kittys face on it.

  86. No it’s not. It’s called cluelessness, favoritism and complete lack of leadership. He’s so pathetic idk whether to laugh or cry.

  87. Lol I root for the Spurs anyway

  88. not new but i dropped in a new post with a slightly different emphasis by the commentator below that just showed up recently;

    ” After practice Monday, Scott said that a fair share of his players would turn on him if given the chance.” –For The Win

    (theres more below)–so its still generating buzz.

  89. And it’d be for a good many legit reasons too. At least BS is not completely clueless, only 99.99%. LOL

  90. Byron just lives in a planet of his own.

  91. Spurs in full playoff mode now, crushed OKC last meeting and mopping the floor with them again tonight.

    68 to 44 one and a half minute into 3Q.

  92. There are already a pile of players under the bus before Nick was thrown there.

  93. I’m rooting for NO who is fighting with all they have against GSW in order to stay alive in their playoff race.

  94. Rooting for BOS and IND/CHA for the last two berths in the East, and DAL and NOP in the West.

    Hate Miami (Dragic(s)), BKN(Deron), OKC(PED Westbrook) and PHX (Bledsoe).

  95. You know how to coach?!? Hahahahahaha

  96. that looks good!

  97. only negative here apparently parker tweaked achilles; sitting out rest game. hope is mainly just cause not needed and not because serious.

  98. Spurs is the only team where I don’t mind Jeremy playing off the bench. Manu is starting material anywhere else, but has no issue taking the bench for the team. TP and Manu both getting long in the tooth, and Pops rests his players, if based on merits alone Jeremy will get his chance to shine.

  99. no up now; difference here davis 2/10 first half 6/7 second half.

  100. FYI
    Due to some requests, I created 2 Off-Topic Sticky Posts (Recent News & FUN things) on homepage.
    This will allow us to:
    1. focus on Lin-related news in Latest Thread and
    2, provide longer discussion in the Off-Topic threads (i.e. Fun Videos, Clean Jokes, latest news, education, etc.)
    So hopefully it will provide the best of both worlds.

    Note: @takemeback2reaganyears:disqus, please feel free to use the Off-Topic News thread

  101. You have so much Asian in you for a French gal. Best of both worlds. 🙂

  102. Interesting comment from Ed Davis about BScott’s foxhole comments.


  103. Didn’t Wechat the same thing about Lib playing back up to Nash? See what happened to Lin on the Lakers?

  104. That mystfies me …

  105. Please…just PLEASE…DO NOT compare BS to Pops. And who’d be Kobe’s counterpart in Spurs?

  106. Ed Davis confused with another type of hole.

  107. there’s just too much locker room tension… those coming back to lakers vs those who are not. players are not on the same page with each other or the coach. and it shows on court.

  108. funny. (but idk if you can say that on here). maybe they give special compensation when directed at bs.

  109. hehe

  110. Ambiguity is your friend… 🙂

  111. yes my imaginary friend. glad you see him 2.

  112. Please just stop saying Lin be a back up to any player. LinLin can shine anywhere as long as he is the starting PG.

  113. Yeah….my recent visit to Philippines, showed hello kitty was huge there as well

  114. That is NOT the argument here at all.

    Lin’s starting now, but in name only and without control of the ball. How’s that really better?

  115. Man…Spurs are completely ready for playoff…

  116. What an honor psalm, I’d be glad to but it’ll be night without lin playing. this is your great idea for us since we will have a long summer. Off topic would be fun and to keep all of us in touch.

  117. I wonder once Lin left LA, will that Linsanity sandwitch be taken off from the menu?

  118. East coast Spurs too. Just wrecked the Suns with their near-max Blahd…I mean, Bledsoe.

  119. Mark Medina deserves a promotion.

  120. Hating is not coaching

  121. you’re welcome 🙂 Great idea BTW
    It just took me a while trying to create a good format for the off-topics.

    I really hope Lin’s off-season will land him to a good coach/team worth rooting for next season!

  122. you guys i look at davis/Lin, they really don’t hangout with a lot of the players on the team.Lin has always been straightforward and honest and when he has disagreements with Scott.Lin has taken it upon himself and went to scott to find out what he needed to do better.I think Young/Hill/Boozer having been saying things to the Rooks about Scott and it got back to him. I think Davis was just saying that it was not right.jmo

  123. Me too. Let us also be active here to update for our other lin fans around the world.

  124. GSW lost…OKC lost..

  125. now we understand why Byron Scott is such a poor leader with miserable poor coaching record
    He doesn’t inspire, he just attacks in media and works out his players too much

  126. WOW, what does this mean?

  127. means pelicans got the 8th spot for now (i think).

  128. meaning OKC is now outside looking in

  129. davis first half 2/10 second half 8/11

  130. LOL

  131. NOP holds the tiebreaker over OKC…if I am not mistaken

  132. hm, that could really happened that way.
    After Hill/Boozer/Young got DNP-ed, they must have held some grudges.
    Young has been outspoken to the media about what he really thinks of BScott.

    It’ll be interesting to see if Boozer/Hill complained about BScott’s coaching to others.

    I think Byron is afraid this is deja vu with JKidd and Nets players plotting to get him fired.
    That’s why he’s paranoid now

  133. yes, I don’t doubt some of us will scour the Internet daily to get hints of what Lin’s plan next in the summer 🙂

  134. “” After practice Monday, Scott said that a fair share of his players would turn on him if given the chance.” –For The Win


  135. yup… he might even suspect JKidd has been talking to his LAL players 🙂

  136. Lin has been very open and candid when scott tried to make him look bad. Often times Scott has been the one to really look bad. I think Lin is straightforward and not about the backbiting. I really think that scott is talking about Boozer/Davis/Hill because they seem to have have all access to the rookies.

  137. I think you’re right that the vets (Young/Boozer/Hill) could be who Byron is afraid of.
    Good ESP =)

  138. LOL WT…..

  139. Nice Lin photobombing =)
    In the summer, he should show up in random weddings to create fun videos hehe..

  140. Jeremy would be the world’s most welcome wedding crasher!

  141. So looking forward to this game! because 3 hours later, only 5 games left!

  142. If true, who do you think was the little snitch?

  143. I need to hang around here more. You guys are so civil and you know, act like adults. I’ve missed this da.mn place.

  144. woohoo! 333333333333

  145. 3 pointer!

  146. this looks better

  147. Another 3!~

  148. another one! Yes!

  149. finally got his touch back, about time. Go Jeremy!

  150. nice crossover

  151. Great move though…

  152. Jeremy doing well on nationally televised game!

  153. jordan is a problem

  154. got killed by Jordan again, isn’t this guy the one JLin was cut for when he was with War?

  155. Is the solution playing PG yet?

  156. That was a great crossover/drive by Lin. Lakers have no bigs that are an offensive threat so DJordan can camp in the paint. On any other team, the big on Lin’s team would have taken his man out of the paint.

  157. already more then yesterday

  158. out as clock, SMH

  159. why!!!!

  160. 6pts in 6min!

  161. No tanking tonight
    It is showtime (only to Adam Silver)

  162. Tank tank

  163. Take out the leading scorer who is shooting well AND getting to the basket. Tank mode in full effect.

  164. BS BS

  165. this game will be over soon especially if the 3rd pg plays

  166. Had a nice looking assist to Black too. Lin more involved in the offense in this game.

  167. make sacre yer first sub; tank mode in full effect.

  168. pretty much standard 6min substitution…sigh!

  169. yes first game since he was sick where he looks to have his strength back.

  170. Lin is out, so next time he steps in, the gap will be too large……..

  171. whats new??!?!

  172. Half the Lakers points. BScott takes him out, Clippers go on a run.

  173. I am torn between to go watch NCIS or keep watching the game

  174. what’s up with pulling Lin at 5min mark consistently in the past 5 games?

    ensure the tank + mess with Lin’s rhythm?

  175. to tank…

  176. dodgers game

  177. how about Fresh Off The Boat? hehe..

    our house is former NCIS fans too 🙂

  178. Do not like baseball

  179. Playoffs can’t come soon enough. *sigh*

  180. lol you sound like a robot but i compute

  181. Oh Kelly!

  182. they put Wes on JJ Redick, big mistake.

  183. 2pt game…became 7pt game in 2 minutes!

  184. Vets back court is schooling rooks right now

  185. if Lakers manage lose the Top 5 Draft Pick, idk what will happen to Byron 🙂

  186. I’m not even mad…knowing what BS is

  187. LOL

  188. Sacre is tanking well…

  189. That is just ridiculous

  190. Let’s see how Silver stays in denial about tanking after this game.

  191. The voice

  192. How ’bout Agents of Shield? haha

    On a more serious note, I do think BS works for Hydra.

  193. With Jeremy out of the game, I got entertained by that Kia Optima commercial by Blake Griffin. Got a good chuckle from that one.

  194. Exactly. Effortless

  195. Actually now, NCIS, NCIS:NO, FOTB, Agent of the SHIELD and Person of interest are there in my DVR waiting for me.

  196. Lin broke Paul’s ankle, too bad the layup was blocked.

  197. I feel he works for Thanos

  198. Hey…I own one! 🙂

  199. I think Lakers are doing a pretty good job on developing rookies and d league players. They are our future…….. Silver

  200. Thats Tankulous!

  201. Mind the gap

  202. Not as effortless as Kelly though.

  203. Hydra will have strong Taiwanese branch soon =>

  204. oh man, you gotta send me that DVR brand hehe

  205. LOL just a Tivo

  206. Ton Loc is on Clips bench

  207. The Lakers future is effortless with effortless coach

  208. JB only think about shoot now…..completely been assimilated by BS

  209. Davis playing aggressive. he knows he won’t have a lot of minutes.

  210. Good for you. You’re in great company.

    I’d like a Dodge Charger though. Dominic Torretto’s fault for making it fierce on my eyes. 🙂

  211. Yee-haw

  212. The Borg Queen looks sexy despite being bald, BS bald is just unsightly.

  213. Yes, agent of shield. Tanks for reminder

  214. Dodge is pretty good as well…use to own an Intrepid

  215. Not just any tank…a not-quite-invisible quintank! LOL

  216. I would love to put BS into that cube, and kick in the hper-wrap for him. Sent him to Omega quadrant..

  217. Nooooo. Rented one. All looks, terrible drive.

  218. scot don’t want the same embarrassment like the day before hint why Davis is playing

  219. Ah the Intrepid…from the cab-forward LH era when Chrysler’s vehicles actually looked good.

  220. At the end of the 1st, Lin only played 6 minutes and still leads all Lakers in points.

  221. 0_0

  222. Ford for me, they didn’t take any taxpayer bail out money.

  223. well here’s an even better not “small sample size” stat for you i bet even u didnt know: for the season at this moment right now lin leads the lakers in points scored for the season despite starting only 29 games.

    (also leads in steals and assists).

  224. true enough! 😉

  225. I was wrong, it is only a 2pt game.

  226. 6 points

  227. thought they said buycks would only play on emergency situations….that was some buuuuuullcrap

  228. The shot was too good, it was counted as 4 pt

  229. @JLin7 leads Lakers with 6pts in Q1 but benched after 6 min.

  230. the not nab player is in. scare as well

  231. I hate Byron. Playing Buycks. Why? Lin was doing well and he is just going to waste on the bench? Let LIn play point and bring in Buycks as insurance only. He’s not any good.

  232. That was BS indeed

  233. who cares 5 games left

  234. close game so far. Lin still on bench. I guess he’ll be limited to about 20 minutes no matter what.

  235. Kaboom!!

  236. #WereNotInPlayofffsSoWeWillSulk

  237. I care. I don’t care about the Lakers, Lin was playing well. I’m watching for LIn.

  238. I’ve seen Jeremy on the receiving end of that Davis foul on Austin many times and that never gets a whistle and replay review. Just because that kid’s daddy is a coach they’ll review it? ah well…

  239. Lol 1extra point for artistic value

  240. Buycks for 30+ min he is the truest PG there will ever be!

  241. Why was that a foul?

  242. Kelly almost always makes the right play. Just could not execute…too bad….I wonder who will sign him

  243. LOL

  244. Daddyball…wins!

  245. Lin is already leaning on the door now…

  246. Leaning? He already has one foot out of the door! LOL

  247. Then I guess indeed, he should mind the gap…

  248. Miserable season, humour needed

  249. Jeremy coming in.

  250. Google eyes? Shiny!

  251. Shoot…I was just about to tune away…

  252. Coming in with Clarkson so….

  253. Good pt

  254. Ed out Lin in

  255. I was about to switch to VS until Jeremy went to scorer’s table…

  256. Yeah. Too bad Davis can’t play with him.

  257. You need to go to staple center.

  258. At least Black is in…

  259. and not hill

  260. LOL even Lin agreed it is LAC ball..

  261. BS wants to make Lin a SG.

  262. or Sacre

  263. He wants Lin gone

  264. Shhhh lol

  265. He doesn’t want Lin in his Foxhole

  266. He is afraid

  267. Byron is determined to ice out Ed Davis with D-leaguers.

  268. Good job deflecting.

  269. lin rush that last shot

  270. Not impressed Clarkson. Too much one on one and not involving the team mates.

  271. iso iso iso

  272. That’s a very funny little genuflection.

  273. Fox bite can be disastrous as well!

  274. I think Clippers will still not go further this playoffs.

  275. iso boring

  276. It was indeed littl 🙂

  277. I so agree.

  278. Pick and rolLin

  279. So TNT didn’t notice that pass by Lin. Come on.

  280. got a block, right?

  281. “Who’s the Real MVP?” discussion


  282. mvp talk

  283. curry

  284. Which they could have talked about after saying nice pass by Lin.

  285. curry

  286. He was always an eager-beaver rook. Now that it’s foxhole season, there is no reason to learn how to be part of a team. Friendly fire, and devil take the hindmost….

  287. Like some spicy gold and blue Curry

  288. BS wants Lin to guard Barnes and Wes guards Crawford. I guess he doesn’t think Lin can guard Crawford.

  289. The one principle of analytics that Morey did follow, put the ball in the hands of your best player as much as possible increases your production. He certainly did that this year with Harden and to his credit Harden responded. Curry is more entertaining but can’t fault if Harden gets the MVP. He carried the Rockets to the 2nd best record in the west and he is now clutch.

  290. Look at Clarkson demanding the ball…

  291. This is how BScott should have managed Kobe’s minutes. 6 min beginning of 1st & 3rd, 6 min end of 2nd and 4th. Total 24 minutes.

  292. got the call!

  293. He’s given all green light.

  294. made both FTs!

  295. FTs!

  296. “Hydrants, charmin, head of snakes, Foxholes, Tanks.” WTH is this team talking about this season? Is this what low IQ basketball people talk like. No wonder the reporters crowd around LIn for quotes. He is the only one smart enough to talk about basketball in professional terms.

  297. Kobe should do the right thing and just retire and take BS with him.

  298. end of season….I guess everyone just wants to pad their stats

  299. assist #2?

  300. yes big ZERO minutes for both of them next year please. I say this as a Laker and as a Lin fan. When Lin first got to the lakers I thought I was in basketball heaven, BS turned it into a nightmare.

  301. yes!

  302. I can praise Clarkson’s floater if it gives JLin and assist lol …

  303. Dang, they got TNT announcers fawning over Clarkson now? SMH.

  304. Black is in foul trouble. Looks like we can see Lin-Davis connection tonight.

  305. *gasp* lol

  306. wow…looks like Lin is trying to nail his 3s this game….Go Lin

  307. Clarkson’s shot selection is pain in the eyes, especially his attacks on the basket.

  308. It is all about the ROY race, that is it. We all know that once Rondo is signed Clarkson will be a faded memory.

  309. its amazing how much focus dander has on lin so much so he let clarkson straight to the rim. clarkson still missed

  310. Kelly should shoot 3’s from the gutters. His shoot chart shows he’s much more accurate there.

  311. My, Kelly 1 for 12, ouch.

  312. Byron wouldn’t mind losing the game. He insisted on playing Sacre and Black with Jeremy. Davis is still out with 2nd lowest minutes.

  313. fifme: “May I praise Clarkson’s floater if it gives JLin an assist?”

  314. Ryan Kelly with 2 pts off 1/12 shooting, played 20 min and Wes also 2 pts off 1/5 playing 21 min.

    Mr. Silver does not think this is tanking?

  315. Lin made the only 2 3s for Lakers this game.

  316. Byron still let him play while Boozer got no minutes.

  317. 12 shots when?

  318. Don’t know why Scott needs to try so hard to lose. It would be tough for the Lakers to beat the Clippers if they tried.

  319. No matter what Byron Scott throws at Jeremy, He just keeps his cool.

  320. 30+ minutes for Kelly would be BS’s “logic”

  321. Somebody else 0 for 5. Guess who?

  322. Yes, 2-13 at the half!
    Amazing stat

  323. Kelly is tanktastic!

  324. Totally agree. It’s worse than bullies and mean girls in high school, or twelve-year-olds hiding in the internet to spout obscenities. It’s been going on for most of the season now, and I still can’t get used to the immaturity and unprofessionalism of it all. Shocks me afresh every time.

  325. That is a good tanking stat 🙂

  326. yes, especially it ends up with 4-26 with Lin making 4 threes LOL

  327. come on li and get in double digits tonight for points.

  328. I don’t think it’s even that it’s the end of the season. That “foxhole” comment just destroyed any last shred of team possibility and abandoned the rooks to mosh-pit mentality.

  329. Beautiful ending…

  330. Byron Scott insists on keeping his better players on the bench. Boozer, Hill got no minutes. Ed Davis only the 2nd lowest. Ryan Kelly, Jordon Clarkson, and Wesley Johnson got about 20 minutes. Then Lin and Sacre played about 13 mins. Then JB played 11 mins. Ed Davis played 7.5 mins and Dwight Buycks played about 6 mins.

  331. I like how Lin kept smiling while making FTs.
    Just him and the net

  332. Very close to it 🙂

  333. Tune out the BS.

  334. Agreed. Harden Most Valuable Player to his team.

  335. Kelly and Wes got 20+ minutes, and they’re ice cold. Between them, 4 pts. Must be in for defense.

  336. Ryan Kelly (2 first names) can’t shoot, no D and doesn’t pass. Only on this tank team he’s getting the minutes he’s getting.

  337. Swish!

  338. Byron Scott is good at allocating the most minutes to the ice cold players.

  339. That’s why they got 20 min bc good for tanking. LOL!

  340. Drunk with power. “I can do whatever $h*t I want and you all will have to eat it.” I think his own bile is starting to corrode him from the inside.

  341. Wesley Johnson and R.Kelly combined for 2-17 in the first half. what did BS do? he gave them 20 min each. Ed Davis (4 rb), Tarik Black (8 pt 6 rb), and Jeremy Lin (8 pt, 2 ast) got 7, 11, and 12 min respectively. commender BS should drive this tank to the middle east and the war would end in no time.

  342. I guess Silver is there to make sure Lin plays.LOL

  343. I guess Silver just wants to know how bad Lakers is tanking now. If he can he maybe will fine Lakers… LOL!

  344. LOL

  345. Guess who wouldn’t want to be in foxhole with Byron Scott?

  346. Byron Scott is very good at losing games but he can’t win.

  347. Guarantee johnson and kelly will be in the foxhole with bs. lol

  348. I think he will but I’d like to see him get to 50% FG as well. 6-12 would be fine.

  349. I admire that Jeremy can still keep his cool on this inept coach. This must be the worst coaching he ever experienced. It’s not easy with Sampson and McHale the years before.

  350. I thought Byron Scott didn’t believe in 3 pointers.

  351. nightmare 3 years.

  352. I couldn’t imagine anyone worse than McHale…but BS really seems worse…d’ya think?

  353. Be conservative Lin. This is not your team.

  354. nice find by Lin for Wes 3

  355. Assist #3

  356. No, no, bombs away!

  357. No real point in comparing which one stinks more, BS or horse manure. But yes, BS is worse.

  358. Kelly no match for Griffin.

  359. If it’s Boozer and Davis instead of Kelly and Black, Laker would be able to compete.

  360. Kelly has as much chance at stopping Griffin as I do.

  361. Sub Boozer in for Kelly, dumb coach.

  362. Destroy the tank!

  363. black is challenging jordan too much

  364. LOL…skipper’s got a point…why pick at a scab 🙂

  365. Boozer>>>Kelly

  366. Black is good but Ed Davis would have the quick hops for the easy putback

  367. In conclusion, BS is at fault.

  368. JLin seems to slip a lot. Adidas got to do more research.

  369. Trading baskets! sigh!!!

  370. Nike shoes didn’t slip that much

  371. Jeremy’s steps too powerful, shoes need even more traction. (I used to do the same back in high school)

  372. Double Digit!

  373. lay-up!

  374. LIN!!! With left!

  375. Nice 2nd elevation with the ball for the JLin layup.

  376. In Reddick’s face…

  377. Lin did a nice job clogging the passing lane between Griffin and Jordan. Great Help Defense!

  378. Woot woot!

  379. Yay!

  380. Lin threads it to Black!

  381. Beautiful assist #4

  382. nice assist for Black dunk

  383. Clarkson does his best imitation.

  384. thats was an easier pass

  385. 5min mark, time to yank lin, I hate BS!

  386. i find it funny how aback is alway waiting for lin but never for clarkson

  387. jordan

  388. That was his best effort, LOL.

  389. It’s getting to where I like Lin’s defense as much as his offense. Not all fans can see it…heck, half the so-called sports writers don’t see it. To me it’s like Paris couture…nobody sees the seams inside the dress, but they are all finished off with hand stitching. A thing of pride and beauty.

  390. There is an electricity about Lin that Clarkson lacks. Clarkson has good enough athleticism, but that spark isn’t there.

  391. Of the starters Black is the only one with less assists than the starting PG.

  392. Don’t care about game out come. Lin is back!

  393. Linning!

  394. refs are letting a lot go

  395. Black certainly can pick up his confidence playing with Lin.

  396. lin sits

  397. Lin over dribbled that time. No big deal, just play his game.

  398. Lin is out because you’re playing too well!!!!!!!!
    Byron’s logic.

  399. 10pts, 5 asts.

  400. Watch how Lin uses the switch from one side to other to generate power on off foot layup https://t.co/SCPTeI30iE— BBALLBREAKDOWN (@bballbreakdown) April 8, 2015

  401. Jordon is aiming at Lin’s shot but Lin uses the board well.

  402. “Byron’s logic” is an oxymoron, like James Harden’s share, or Miley Cyrus’s aesthetics.

  403. better than pass for a TO

  404. 6 pt game, and obviously BS is afraid the Lakers are too close to win the game, so he takes out Lin and puts Davis back (but not play Lin and Davis together cuz that will be too dangerous, haha)

  405. 58-64 Lin with 10pts/5a in 19min
    Tank is tilting so Byron sat Lin with 5min left in Q3

  406. if lin don’t olay its ok he played great against a pretty good team

  407. Drove into a lot of traffic. Lin needs to reset when the spacing isn’t there. But no big deal, he’s playing well overall.

  408. Lin-Davis is lethal to the tank!

  409. Laker has to play against Clipper and Byron Scott.

  410. 2 more points we got season average. not bad.

  411. Once LIn was taken out, the defense collapsed.

  412. I thought he was just avoiding the block with the left hand elevation, but it’s interesting the catch on the off foot layup. Hmmm … maybe that’s why he needed the other hand to elevate the ball above the block. So maybe it’s not power he generated, but elevation through switching hands.

  413. Wow, 4 clippers against Lin

  414. and the lead balloons.

  415. Do you think Byron would let Jeremy come back?

  416. JC lost CP3 all the time

  417. Lin not getting any calls again. Last game was the same. Lin got fouled on that last shot attempt. Two guys were holding his hands.

  418. Lin is in the game for a reason, their Ds has to watch him seriously.

  419. Super sick with bs coach! Took Lin out and put in Ed Davis! Such a moron!

  420. That will never change

  421. It will be garbage time by then. Probably won’t play anymore.

  422. I thought Refs were starting to give him calls. Not the last 2 games.

  423. Hey what is good tonight is it looks like Lin is over his URI and playing physically well. Hopefully he will be breathing well for Mile High tomorrow.

  424. Then JC started scoring on Chris Paul + 2nd team.

  425. Lakers is at least playing much better tonight. They’re at least in the game with a small chance of winning it.

  426. I think CP3 & Clippers are nice to JC tonight. They don’t want to make him looks bad again.

  427. or not giving him respect.

  428. Doc gave LAL no credit at all for staying in the game.

  429. It is the 3 pointers that keep Laker in the game.

  430. watch out guys kelly coming in hahahahahah

  431. NO credit to BS who doesn’t like shooting 3.

  432. awesome!!!

    and many are blind to this … smh

  433. The bench has changed

  434. Lin and Davis are best in team chemistry, while BS is doing everything to separate them.

  435. I think Byron Scott has just showed the world his true colors with his recent comments about his players. So sad, I liked him at first because he was part of the original Vancouver Grizzlies. Now, I’m even embarrassed that at one point, he represented my city. Not professional at all. Wonder why NBA is tolerating such behavior!

  436. Have they played together a minute this game?

  437. coz Lin became starter … lol

  438. That’s why they are not playing together. Byron wouldn’t allow this.

  439. No but even a minute or two wouldn’t make any diff because Lin is not the pg.

  440. Jeremy played 20- minutes.
    JC played 30+ mins.
    Both are starters.

  441. which is travesty!

    oh , well.. whatever… 🙂

  442. Byron Scott is an insecure coach so he needed to look “tough” to appear he has control.
    JKidd and Nets players plotted to get him fired. He’s getting more paranoid now

    The truth is without Kobe, he won’t get another job in the NBA with his losing record

  443. 5 points separation. Danger! LAL is getting too close

  444. Clippers will not go far in playoff as their bench are garbage.

  445. 4 points separation. LAL could win the game.

  446. What is the point of Silver being there if he doesn’t police this up. I have to say that the Chinese are much more passive than African Americans. If this had happened to a black player in the league, black players would have called them out.

  447. Byron is thinking, “Davis is on floor. Note to self: Don’t put Lin in yet. The tank might explode w #LinDavis”

  448. 2 points separation!
    LAC timeout
    What would happen if Lakers win this game?

  449. Egg in face for coach!

  450. Clipper’s starters are coming back.

  451. ha ha but there are no other Chinese American players to call them out lol.

  452. Message to Clippers.
    Lakers 2nd team is blowing up yours.

  453. Yep. I don’t even understand why he’s out there coaching. He’s clueless. He doesn’t know what he’s doing… smh…

  454. No need to worry bc Lakers will find a way to loss the game.

  455. …your second unit.

  456. LOL, Byron Scott looks worried. It’s not garbage time what’s his excuse for not putting Lin in? If he does they might win.

  457. The one chinese player would be labelled cry baby. Very unfortunate. And fans are crazy Lin fans.

  458. Jeremy is all alone 🙁

  459. The only way Lakers will win this game is if Lin comes back into the game. No Lin No Win. Duh

  460. not for long heh heh.

  461. Yes, you’re right — that’s why he shows his “toughness” through the media. haha smh… kinda like “little kids fighting in the playground”

  462. well all the players are black so i doubt that. its the fact he is a minority in the nba that lowers his voice. not the fact he is asian. like jackie robinson who could also be called passive but he just had no power since he was the only one of his kind.

  463. The first team of Clippers is coming back but the first team of Lakers is still sitting.

  464. How’s that so? He’s got you, IJ, Lily, Sophie…and the list goes on and on!

  465. Tank Mode reactivated

  466. Byron is good in 1 thing .. Smiling while tanking LOL

  467. 20 and 10 per 38. Lin can sit iM satisfied

  468. This is a disgrace. Byron you should at least put the starters in

  469. You should just stop at “He’s got you” 🙂

  470. Oh Lin coming back

  471. Looks like Lin will be coming back in.

  472. BS wants to win, Lin in.

  473. What is Sacre doing?

  474. Lin-Davis finally!

  475. Making Jordan make FT’s

  476. Maybe BS wants to win.

  477. Byron is thinking, “88-89 1pt behind Clippers. So yup, play 3-16 cold shooting Kelly to save the #Tank!”

  478. BS, is full of BS.
    What is the reason behind the sudden change?

  479. Lin slips too much.

  480. You know what, if Jackie Robinson thought like that, where would he be. The fact of the matter is that the African American community got behind jackie Robinson. They didn’t care about the consequences, but they recognized that it was a significant piece of history to break a color barrier.

  481. davis out

  482. I’ve been noticing Lin slipping and sliding around. Maybe bad shoes?

  483. Come on Kelly…

  484. short-lived. =(

  485. Really Kelly? How much more open do you want to be??

  486. of course…

  487. why is kelly out there

  488. lol

  489. on the moon open

  490. What’s with this back to back with the Clippers? They’re really rubbing it on the Lakers… lol

  491. he will keep the #Tank safe with 3-17 shooting

  492. Very

  493. Kelly has blown so many assists for JLin.

  494. I think so too, Adidas really not that great compared to Nike. Assuming those are new Adidas and not worn out. =/

  495. BS wants to look like he wants to win. Lin in. Davis out.

  496. HappyTank LOL

  497. But he’s retarded. He reacted too slowly.

  498. Happy to Tank.

  499. Dave Miller on who would be the best 3 point shooter this season, Kelly.

    Dave you’re fired.

  500. The “Uncontrol” theme might not be a good idea

  501. Come on, Addidas. So not clutch with the shoes.

  502. Kelly agian?

  503. lakers missing open shot with bad defense

  504. Who is this Dave guy?

  505. Not watching game but Ryan Kelly must be really bad on defense, 5 fouls really?

  506. Inept coaching of Byron Scott is exposed.

  507. TW lakers

  508. Ugh…. this is so….

  509. and it’s only us here that notice it … nobody seem to care out there…smh

  510. BS calls.

  511. refs letting lin get roughed up

  512. What was that?

  513. Lin is super upset the refs didn’t make any calls when he got hammered inside

  514. Refs begin to chip in.

  515. listed as “stepped out of bound” smh.

  516. I think I heard him say “you gotta watch the hands”

  517. Look like he got push and BS stand with crossed arms.

  518. probably thinking Jeremy is turnover prone. smh.

  519. fourced to play davis

  520. Pushed out of bound.

  521. Some one needs to make a #LinGotHammeredAndStillNoCall vid

  522. exactly.

  523. Late f k call.

  524. i don’t like how lin is being pushed out there

  525. Matt Barnes got extra shove on JLin there

  526. seems to be pattern in every Clippers games. What is going on?

  527. Who’s paying refs, LAL or Clips, LOL? Refs: why did we get paid twice?

  528. JLin still short handed by BS coach, 23 minutes compared to inconsistent Johsnon’s 39 minutes and Clarkson 35 minutes! BS playing him as starter with bench minutes since day one!

  529. another miss, 🙁

  530. lol 5 more game

  531. tough shot

  532. Doc probably gave his men an ultimatum to “play against Jeremy Lin hard or bust” since he doesn’t really know really know how to defend him, with Jeremy picking their defense apart.

  533. So glad I’m not wasting time watching these last games. Once Lin told Lakers he’s not signing they completely turned down his minutes and forced him to play SG waiting at the corner.

  534. ED out again? BS!

  535. Kelly 37 minutes….

  536. I gather Lakers will continue to exercise the art of Tanking, which means limited PT for Lin with no PnR.

    So much for ending the season with high note.

  537. Matt Barnes is one dirty player.
    A shove and poke in the eye on Lin now

  538. Considering it’s lucky that they even play Jeremy.

  539. Seriously, Clippers? Trying to be like tough 90s Detroit Pistons “bad boys”?

  540. scratched Jeremy’s cheek… it is visible.

  541. Wow Lin actually got a foul call late in the game, thank goodness!

  542. I would rather LIN just DNPed.

  543. please make the 2nd FT!

  544. Made em both.

  545. Oh My God! It’s a 3 points game!

  546. 12pt! not easy

  547. Whoot, 2 mo made FTs!

  548. 12 points. I will take it.

  549. Let’s go to OT.

  550. Lin for the clutch 3 pointer next? With this BS coach fat chance but one can wish. 🙂

  551. Kelly -18 SMH

  552. Good thing he missed!
    I hope Lin will give his other cheek (bottom one) to bump him out-of-bound

  553. oh NO!

  554. ???

  555. Let’s do it!
    In-your-face 3 😀

  556. Only watching last few seconds of the game but really want OT game!

  557. Come on Lin make these Fts again stat padding time!

  558. More freebies coming up!

  559. Bonus extra 2.

  560. Hope Lin’s FTs will get Lakers to OT

  561. 1 TO of Clipper would make the difference

  562. his 1st foul, nothing serious

  563. 2 mo! 14pts

  564. 3 point game again, seriously can BS just trust Lin with a clutch 3 pointer?

  565. 3pt game again!

  566. Clutch FTs!

  567. is that mark on his cheek from Barnes? pretty obvious and Barnes was complaining?

  568. Lakers does not have the set for that…at least I have not seen it yet..

  569. Lin can make that happen, he’s the best defensive player on the team along with Davis!

  570. Barnes is a known dirty player

  571. Lin with only LAL block, shesh.

  572. I told you that this team had never been used at its full potential.
    The retarded coach doesn’t let it happen.

  573. It was an obvious foul and I’m glad Lin got the call! He gets cheated of fouls way too many times!

  574. ok, Johnson fouled out.

  575. Now Johnson is out with 6th foul just like Kelly.

  576. Lai, not you told us but us/we told the world.

  577. I guess that’s why he didn’t wanna foul. Was wondering what he was doing.

  578. Buycks got so lucky, got to finish game for lakers

  579. BS’ so scared now.

  580. I see, that explains the delayed foul.

  581. Clarkson will shoot 3, told by BS.

  582. No, win win for him.

  583. LOL what the H was that last drive? lol

  584. No foul call for Lin.

  585. Refs want to go home so no call.

  586. this was much better then last game

  587. got blocked by Barns, 14/5 I ‘ll take it. lol

  588. Um I’m not sure, Lin should’ve just pulled up for a 3 pointer.

  589. I just hate how the refs are always cheating Lin. I wonder if he can sue for discrimination?

  590. Lin’s not happy with the refs tonight

  591. refs rarely call last second fouls unless they’re rigging it.

  592. Lin looked po’d walking off

  593. Robbed him of 2 mo pts.

  594. Clipper refs are always bias for their own team!

  595. Not really, you want to go to the line to extend your possessions.

  596. every night.

  597. maybe a quick 2 or got fouled since it’s a 5pt game

  598. Robbed him more than 2 pts.

  599. Except refs rarely call fouls at the last seconds.

  600. Lot of trash talking from the Clippers towards the end regarding Barnes’ foul on Lin. Glad to see Lin jawing back. Looks like something along the lines of Barnes “that was no foul” and Lin’s response “…please”

  601. Good news, no waiting, game tomorrow that means the season will end faster.

  602. And gave him a to when he was obviously pushed out

  603. at least 3 fouls got robbed

  604. I don’t like thieves

  605. Barn is just being jealous, forgive him.

  606. LOL @psalm234:disqus Since JLin is 14pts/5asts, am I winning this poll????

  607. We all got that from shaving all the time.

  608. I kinda gave up. No chance to catch up with #1 LOL.

  609. Is Barnes your razor? lol

  610. I know. Just have fun here while dealing with shameless Lakers:-)

  611. Checked stats Lin got 14 points in only 24 minutes with 1BLOCK, 2 rebounds, 6-6 FTs, I’ll take it! Been saying it, Lin needs to keep making at least 1 block shot, want him to be the no.1 PG in both total block shots and block shots per 48 minutes! Breaking that false narrative that he can’t defend!

  612. hehe.. maybe you will.
    I’ll check later

  613. The sole on the adidas maybe does not have the grip Nikes have.

  614. Lol yeah I think so too.

  615. especially those wearing stripes and know Vegas odds

  616. Lin played his game tonigght. Stayed within the limitations of his game and was a game changer down the stretch. He gave the Clippers a lot of headaches duirng the end of the game.Not worried about lin’s next contract, he is set for a good contract with a good contending team or him leading a team to contention. Clarkson just proved that he is a scoring guard and nothing else.

  617. CLIPRs players complains about every call.

  618. If you notice the Clipppers were really focused on lin and nobody else.

  619. You shoot 3s if you are out timeout.

  620. he got blocked 3 times today. 🙁

  621. I know, I am laughing at refs. They obviously just wanna go home

  622. They knew if Lakers would win all bc of Lin.

  623. that’s why JC got a bounce back game.

  624. Chris Paul and Rivers weren’t going to let that rookie show them up. I hope more teams game plan for the purposely hyped “rookie of the month”.

  625. Also CP3 & Clippers were more easy on JC.

  626. That is expected…

  627. Because they respect Jeremy but not JC.

  628. Deandre Jordan is there, that’s expected.

  629. They didn’t pressure him as much. Clarkson played ISO ball too much. I didn’t like his approach much this game. His stats look better than he played.

  630. Byron Scott is not that stupid. Scott wanted the win badly so he put Lin back in, for final 5 minutes. Lin was playing point guard because Scott knows Lin is his best PG on Lakers and his best player.

  631. You’re right. Can’t let the Lakers take away our fun 🙂

  632. Lin is more dangerous because he can lead the team on to runs with doing more than scoring.

  633. They know that that they can shut down Clarkson at anytime. Lin made the Clippers compete tonight.

  634. This game would turn around completely if JC can get rid of the ball sooner.

  635. All opposing coaches respect JLin except his own coach. Can’t wait for JLin to phone Mike’D and tell him we really need to reunite, I’ve had enough of these hater coaches!

  636. But why he pulled out Davis? I guess he still wanted to loss.

  637. Yes of course Davis would be better in but Black was warmed up and was playing well tonight.

  638. In terms of dirtiness, he is on par with Tony Allen

  639. Kelly is not in game shape at all, and he played 37 minutes…

  640. Tanking key piece. I’m sure every time Kelly misses an open shot, Lin misses Novak!

  641. GM’s and coaches in the league know that lin is a game changer….just saying…

  642. I like Kelly, I hope he will have a good summer to turn things around. Lin is not gonna feeding him next yr.

  643. Of course

  644. Good game from Lin some errors he made along the way but all around good game…Clarkson had a good game aswell individually…as a teammate not so much…

  645. what about Psycho T?

  646. Most of the time he was being pushed.

  647. M…good Q….I am not sure

  648. I just realized JC took 17 shots…

  649. Except how many are will to give the Asian guy the keys to the team besides Mike’D?

  650. Those who really wanna win

  651. Ya! His good stats was not surprised bc he always took lots of shots. Wait until Kobe is back & Randle…

  652. so did Kelly.

  653. Kelly took a lot of wide open shots tho. Well…he was open for a reason, I know I know….lol

  654. it was 16 by halftime so atlas he slowed down lol

  655. LOL WTH

  656. 1/8 from the 3 point line… a lot of the wide open -_-

  657. Lin really needs REFs’ protection for challenge bigs like DJ or Ibaka.

  658. oh yay…..

  659. So he didn’t take any shots until that pass from Jeremy for a wide open three? lol.

  660. lol i just remembered it was kelly with 16 by haif i remember cause of all the misses. jc didn’t shot much in the fourth i noticed. although scott took the ball away from him.

  661. i was wrong mixed kelly with him he was at 8-9 by haif took a lot in the 3rd 1 or 2 in fourth

  662. yep, he has promise but this team and how they play messed with him, I think.

  663. If he doesn’t get waived first…

  664. he cannot, he is trying for his own or an easy score for and assist.

  665. Highlights from footwearfoot

  666. Yes even more than Young’s average which is 13 shots. In fact start players take average of 12-15 shots per game! Lin really needs to do the same and look out for himself!

  667. Paul, OK but does it work at all for the Lakers?

  668. they really have no choice they need someone to spread the floor

  669. a trooper!

  670. ha ha ha… well he is the star of the team right?

  671. Nobody on Lakers take hits and takes charges like Lin, nobody. Lin is definitely the toughest Laker. He has the scars to prove it.

  672. at 25 secs, Lin through the legs beautiful move that gets him major separation from Barnes. That’s the kind of no-fancy moves that win games then you need it.

  673. Eeks…I never thought of that. “If you can’t stop him playing basketball, then just switch to rugby.”

  674. I’d rather they played Kelly than Lazy Hill, really can’t stand that player. Never seen a center who doesn’t want to play under the rim and just shoots mid jumpers all day, doesn’t know how to box out and can’t play PnR! Dude wants to be PF then play PF not Center!

  675. … we got the call & we got the ball!

  676. His head and heart is in the right place. Always thinking about the team.

  677. Loved TBlacks 2 handed tamahawk dunk from Lin’s assist.

  678. Those injuries really was unfortunate for him. He is completely out of shape

  679. yep, no set role, no set way to play, no set teammates, just random. Hard to stay focused and get on track for being reliable. That also says a lot for Lin’s focus and concentration – v admirable. His spiritual life probably helps a lot.

  680. Anyway, I feel Kelly is done for the NBA.

  681. Boooooo

  682. Like I said who is this Dave guy, lol.

  683. 1 weeks later, Lakers is just another team

  684. Lin keeping it real. LOL

  685. Is Lin going for that do too?

  686. LOL JC is getting very good in isoing “pg.” Learn from the best — KB.

  687. why keep asking this question? Lin could care less about lakers rivalry with any team. if anything, Lin’s biggest rival will be the Lakers soon. my goodness..

  688. It’s Lin’s way of saying, “I’m OUTTA here” LOL

  689. biggest rival…? LOL Laker is not even a legit NBA team

  690. Nop. Not giving the power to Lakers, BS, KB, haters, doubters… for taking away my fun of watching JLin. Learn from the best — JLin. Look at how he smiles when he takes those free throws:-)

  691. after lin hit 2 of those 3’s in the beginning, i think defense shifted to lin, not clarkson. then, when clarkson was on the floor without lin, defense shifted on clarkson. towards the end of 4th quarter, defense locked in on lin, but he was able to do well by drawing smart fouls.

  692. Lin was never left open, before or after the 3 tho. The only difference is they were afraid of his drives more.

  693. hahahah true true. bad choice of words from me. but he will still make sure lakers get crushed next year by his team. sure of it.

  694. He sure is good at crushing his former teams 🙂

  695. sad he couldn’t do that to rockets this year due to this crappy lakers team. i’m sure he wanted to.. 🙁

  696. Where can you ask for a team player like this? Maybe only Sacre are on the same level…lol

  697. Nah he’s going for the Steve Nash rocker long hair style in his prime LOL.

  698. his drives can be lethal if defense doesn’t stop him.

  699. Dirtiest plyer is Hollins. I recall that was his name. He was the one who kicked Lin in the chest when Lin was going down.

  700. When was this?
    Are they celebrating Kobe not sitting on the bench & marginalizing them as bad products?

  701. THe reason why it is lethal is because defense has to do something to stop it, but can’t.

  702. omg, imagine the look on kobe’s face if they celebrate like this during game. such a mood killer!

  703. ah .. yes, this is the beauty of team-ball.
    No Diva-ball

  704. From Lakersground.

    Lin — — He got leveled by Griffin to take a charge in transition and was also nailed in the face on a reach by Barnes, leaving a long scratch. Throw in a few more bumps to the floor and Lin will feel this one tomorrow. Painful. He sank a couple of threes in this one, but nothing came easy. He had to scratch and claw to get his tonight. Good overall aggression. We ran Buycks at backup PG, but Lin and Clarkson both play that PG/SG role pretty well together when on the floor, where they can stick to their strengths and pick their spots pretty fluidly. “We were just in attack mode all night,” Lin said, liking their assertiveness.

    The Stats: He scored 14 points on 3-10 shooting (2-4 from three, 6-6 from the line) to go with 2 boards, 5 assists, 1 block, 3 turnovers and 1 foul in 24 minutes. He was a -5.

    The Action: He swished a three off the split action for the Lakers first score. He missed a wing three. He swished an open wing three in early offense. He crossed over a man badly but was rejected at the rim by Jordan (extra pass there would have been nice). He attacked the paint and bounced to Black for the dunk. He tried to put on the brakes in the paint and coughed up the ball. He airballed a step-back jumper. Nice setup in a tight space to Black on the baseline for FTs. Quick first step to get into the lane and draw FTs with the shotclock low, he made both. He missed a wing three. He scored 8 points on 2-6 shooting.

    Second Half: He attacked and threw a pass away, getting off balance with no call. He kicked out to Wes for three. Quick attack in early offense and he scored a lefty layup. He circled through the lane and no-looked to Black for the slam. He was stripped on a drive. Wow, he took a hard foul from Griffin in transition to stop a hoop, painful. He attacked and was called for stepping on the line, he yelled at the ref for the no call (I like it). Bad off-balance 20-footer with 20 seconds left (I don’t like it), we were lucky to get it back. He was fouled on an inbounds with 15.7 seconds left, he made both FTs. Quick attack baseline on an inbounds for more FTs with 11.2 seconds left, he made both. He was blocked on a drive when we needed a three.

  705. Heading to leave this Tankers….

  706. Can’t watch as it says it is private:-(

  707. Yup, just realized.

  708. He made his bed and now he can lie in it.

  709. I think Lin wants to go to a team that he can succeed.


  710. JLin Post game interview

  711. BS does not want Lin.

  712. BS on Jeremy Lin ” he played ok, he was aggressive, made FTs, no one’s shots were particularly falling for the team, no one played great”

  713. Hint hint…Jeremy’s so good at this!

  714. We’d shoot you in front Byron lol

  715. Translation: Our head coach doesn’t play each player in a position to succeed.

  716. He always has nice things to say about the opposite teams. Hehe

  717. Hint: our coach does not know what is players positioning ie no game plan strategies…

  718. ‘MFW my gf kisses another guy on kisscam’ xD

  719. In 5 games he’ll talk!!!

  720. Byron Scott wants to advertise JC as the future of Laker as much as he wants; giving him more minutes and putting him in a position to succeed. JC basically has been playing with the same players in practice.

    Jeremy is always the one who is moved around and most notably away from his favourite target Ed Davis and Carlos Boozer. Jeremy still gets to play but Boozer and Davis are all deprived of their play time. Byron set them up with D-leaguers.

    Byron Scott is good at making some players look good in stats. The only thing that he couldn’t is to win the game because it’s up to the opposition.

  721. Sure glad that Lin’s recovering. From what I can see it, he’s still not 100%. His energy level is still not there yet.

  722. DeAndre Jordon has targeted on him but Jeremy made him pay several times by passing off to Black for dunks.

  723. I’d like to see that

  724. so much the better.

  725. Good that JLin was able to hit couple 3’s in the very early of the game:-) Glad that another game and day have gone:-)
    5 more games
    7 more days to free from Lakers imprisonment
    83 days to FA!!!! Hope we will hear more JLin thoughts of his FA when the season is over:-)

  726. Another Least number of Pictures, game.

  727. Thats It for Today…

  728. I’m gonna go pig out on Ramen after Jeremy’s last game as a Laker. Is anyone here from Hong Kong who will be able to join me for lunch at Central (中環) on April 16? I’m gonna do either Ippudo or Yachiyo Ramen.

  729. Jason L (Twitter) from Sydney, Australia is working @HK now. Maybe you can work it out with him to celebrate the end of season (a week from today:-))

  730. I live in Manila but frequently go to HK for business. Was there last week but need to be here April 16. Really like Ippudo. Maybe next time!

  731. Ippudo is good! Too bad I have appointment already.

  732. At a minimum, they’ve already known all along he’s tough & unbreakable, someone who will watch your back, a good buddy to have in the foxhole…just saying…

  733. Need to do a poll – will Jeremy shoot BS in the back, groin, front head or not at all?

  734. 100% upvote, totally true, imo.

  735. Nil. JLin isn’t the one who will throw anyone under the bus even though the person deserves it with no doubt.

  736. Highlights from jay910221

    2015-04-07 Lakers vs Clippers

  737. No worries @MoominFloren and @Yascar, there’ll be plenty of things to celebrate in the near future.

    Ex: D’Antoni going to Team X, Lin signing with team X/Y/Z, BS getting fired, etc.

  738. You got it! Lin did his best to say it without actually saying it.

  739. too bad reporters didn’t do the follow up question. “So do you think BS is putting you guys in a position to succeed?”

  740. All of the above except D. Lin should always shoot the ball when there is a good look. He went to Harvard and tiger mom raised a good test taker With high bball IQ.

  741. DB is always fair in analysis. Now the lounge forum, uggg.

  742. BS encouraged him to shoot until he got shot in the back. I would actually like him, just not following through tho.

  743. “Heck no, I ain’t gonna kiss Boozer!”

  744. In some ways Lin is saying the Lakers are outcoached in many games. Here he says they do a great job in putting players in a position to succeed where it’s hard for him to say that Scott does anything positive for his own team. That is, his own team for the time being. I think Scott knows Lin doesn’t think highly of him as a coach, but practically very few do except for the rookies and D-league players.

  745. Sacre actually sank a 3 and a hook shot. Could’t believe it last night. Almost sank the tanker!

  746. Lakers have many rivals. We all know how teams they can’t beat with this coach.

  747. UCLA could be their rival….maybe, if they actually get a coach. Lol

  748. w/ BS negative IQ, i wonder if he realizes dis is the shot he was looking for in his foxhole..goog job JLin, hit him w/ ur harvard IQ right inside ur locker room aka foxhole 🙂

  749. For instance they don’t let Reddick to play point guard or CP3 to shooting guard.

  750. When a person made a remark like this, that implies he would do the same thing in that situation.

  751. I like this interview, especially when one reporter asked lin was he ok, and kind of smiled and said the usual complaints and that it was part of the game. I liked the fact that he was very matter of fact when asked how did Clarkson play.Also reporters asking about FA, because Lin is not giving that “I would love to come back to the Lakes”…LOL

  752. The biggest Jlin hater was at the game last night….adam silver. …that is why the racist reference were over the top against Jlin. … F!!! Them all!!!

  753. The main one that will shoot him in the back would be kobe…. Jlin will just pray for him in front of his face.

  754. no, BS put you in a fox hole.

  755. Yeah they banned me… so I don’t go there anymore.

  756. Is he really ? Then Jeremy is totally against all odds, amongst all races as well as religion. Jeremy a full pledge Christian, Asian, Harvard grad plus his personalities and traits are all factors that detriment his success in the world of NBA. I still believe that Jlin will have a major impact in NBA and our country as a whole. Slowly but surely he’s changing people’s mindset about races, religion, however it will take a great deal of effort for him and I hope he won’t fumble. Jlin is huge, bigger than NBA and his followers will be countless.

  757. Maybe I miss something, but why you think Adam Silver is LOH?

  758. my favorite quote!

  759. I guess in the case of Lakers organization, outsiders are clear of what is going on in the bigger picture than the insiders.

  760. I also thought it strange that lin said he won’t talk about FA until in the middle or end of April.

  761. He seemed to be in good mood in last night’s post game interview. Maybe I am over thinking… he said this is my first year here in…. I hope he didn’t mean more to come..?!

  762. I think he said August.

  763. I think BS was trying to take pressure off JC by having Lin around.

  764. No, April end of season.

  765. April, end of season.

  766. Yes, I rechecked. End of April it is.

  767. Yeah he seemed to be. Also it was strange when he said end of April, but the playoffs will be going on up until May. Also Silver was at the game last night, i hope he took note of the non fouls on lin last night.

  768. Did you listen to it?

  769. I think he will not really say which team he will go more like what he wants from the team, leave it open staff like that…

  770. I agree

  771. yes, a little section about Jeremy. Baxter Holmes was pretty careful, trying to clean up for Byron, but still admit the truth. He did say that every one can see this is not the right system for Jeremy, if Jeremy is under a different coach he could be a very solid player. He was saying that we could see confidence is slipping away from Jeremy….

    Praise JC a lot for sure, also saying that JC is in great position and he is making full out of it, saying that JC is okay to play through his mistakes, since the team has nothing to play for, so he could do a lot of things other rookie do not have the opportunity to do. They talked about the draft pick, free agents, whether people want to play with Kobe or not….And does not feel Byron is on hot seat….. Talked about Kobe was shooting for MJ record at the beginning of the year, and Byron just let him.

    I think he is fair, maybe not a Lin fan but not a Lin hater either.

  772. Thanks!…Genuine comments on Kobe and how he plays…and How Scott let Kobe to do whatever he wants, even though it was effecting LAL and their players

  773. yeah, I think he was fair.

  774. I think from a reporter point of view, he is fair in most of the parts… I really think FO still wants Lin & maybe will surprise lots of people if they offer Lin contract to stay… Whatever … I still hope Lin will not stay but FA is so unpredictable….

  775. Ya! Lin is the only player from Lakers who never said “I would love to come back to the Lakers….”?!

  776. Yeah…I too liked the way he re-caped JLin’s performance…and saying…” I dont if the situation from the beginning was setup for Jeremy to succeed” he gave credit to Pablo’s article as well…

  777. Why is that Kelly (3-17) get 37 minutes while Black 22 minutes, Lin 24 and Davis 23? Johnson with 40 minutes before fouling out replaces the injured Ellington with maximum minutes from now on? Would last nights results be different if Davis starting and Kelly coming off the bench? Somehow I don’t see the coach want to win games, even home games.

  778. They are tanking what’s why… no need to use normal good coach will do to think why BS didn’t do it?! BS is BS.

  779. Because BS is not just a moron, he’s a stubborn too.

  780. Sounds like he got in trouble with comments about the team and now he is trying to do damage control…LOL

  781. lol…the players are the one who are frustrated!

  782. I think so & I really can’t stand him at all. Hope FO can really fired him after this season end.

  783. they most likely need to tank next season as well, so I dont think they would fire him…but you never know…lets see

  784. If Lakers tank another year, they won’t have any fans left, especially the ticket buying fans..LOL

  785. Somehow I think Lakers FO will surprised everyone in this FA. Just like they never said anything but sent out Linsanity DVD for fans?! Really can’t wait for FA to come bc it sure will be more interesting than listen to BS talk. LOL!

  786. I think so. In the past, road game w Lakers always sell well but not anymore…

  787. sure…pretty much like NYK….

  788. Lin made it competitive at the end.

  789. Nice young man but how many more out there haven’t read the truth?

  790. Lin is one of their targets.

  791. No more April fools? lol

  792. In his small capacity brain, this guy spews out words without going through that little brain of his. That is what low IQ does to him. He always says things that should not have come out of a COACH.

  793. But I don’t get why Lin has to be their backup?! smh!

    “Right now we don’t exactly know the market for Lin’s services in free agency, and Dallas probably doesn’t want him as their starter even if Rondo walks, but with J.J. Barea coming off the books Lin should definitely be in play for the backup spot.”

  794. I just think that they have not seen lin really play. His views seeem like the old narrative on lin.

  795. Kelly offered no resistance, Griffin could do anything he wanted.

  796. I know… Even I think the system will fit well w Lin but not sure Cuban is really that high on Lin or not? I know Cuban had always said nice about Lin but he never gave him the chance after Linsanity. Have to wait & see then… This FA is more & more interesting now. Can’t wait.

  797. Playing Kelly with poor 3-17 shooting is definitely an obvious Tanking move. Too obvious, I might say.

  798. they will be stupid not to consider Lin. At this stage, Lin’s market price is not that high, and teams might think they could get a bargain. Lin should fit in any team very good as the third guard, and have the capability to step up as starting guard and have the capability to carry the team when needed and give a chance. Just think what kind of security Lin could provide if the coach could use him right.

    I really wish he could go to a championship caliber team this summer. Instead of looking for starting position, as that could change…..

  799. If we watched the highlights, it’s interesting to see that only 1 player got up from the bench to cheer for Lin 3 times when he made the 2 threes and a beautiful assist for the dunk in the 1st quarter.

    He sat next to Sacre. I think it’s Jabari Brown. I think he knew he owed Lin for giving him the balls to secure a 2-yr contract.
    Lin’s always good to his teammates on the bubble since he’s been there before.
    I hope all his good deeds will be rewarded richly with great team/coach next season.

  800. I don’t know. I totally could see Lakers will have a hard summer. Just look at their highest target: Love and Rondo, and they over lap with their current best young player, Randle and Clarkson. Either one comes in will hinder the young player’s development, and neither one is an no brainer for the team that could carry the team far. Laker’s real season is next summer, they want to keep the space open for next summer so that super stars could come with his own friends, so they could sign a group of them as a package, no team could offer that.

    And for Lakers to do that, they could not lock their space to middle level players, so Lakers will be like this year, if they could not hit their target, they lost the opportunity for players like Lin. They will not wait for them, and I don’t think they want to go to lakers to fill gap, and got replaced once their super star get in.

  801. lin will have to fight to start anyway honestly. but i think he can and will do it. with a great coach like the mass coach he will win out like the knicks days. bad coaches cant tell talent from scrubs.

  802. For a backup spot.

  803. Nah, the Lakers deserve to keep BS since Lin is leaving.

  804. Game 78 vs DEN is open

    Only 5 games are left before Jeremy can focus on his summer Free Agency!

    It’s great to see Lin got his legs back as he drained 2 threes to start the game vs Clippers. Although Byron continued to mess with his minutes playing Jeremy only 5 min in Q1 and benching in Q2 as he got hot, Jeremy still finished with 14pts/5asts as he managed to get a lot of FTs towards the end of the game

    Let’s continue the new Coach and Team Poll to see where fans want to see JLin go next season

    Continue to give your best, Jeremy! Only 5 games left to leave Byron in his imaginary foxhole worrying about which player will shoot him in the back (Young/Hill/Boozer?) LOL

  805. You might be right, there was a role for him on a losing team. He’s had enough unproductive minutes it will be hard for him to come back unless he goes to another country and comes back in one or 2 years with a different track record.

  806. JLin is def a focal point by opposing team thats for sure. Lin can make the biggest impact on team.

  807. I think most of the time Lin just was sliding because his shoes did not provide enough grip. Lin’s athelticism requires a higher end shoe that can withstand his lateral movements.

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