G77 CHA @ TOR Game Thread

With 6 games left, the Hornets is trying to improve their seeding from #6 to 3-4 to secure home-court advantage. But Batum and Al Jefferson are questionable for the game due to injuries

  • Would the Hornets start JLin to provide a small lineup (Kemba/Lin/Lee) that matches up well with the Raptors small lineup (Lowry/Powell/DeRozan)?
  • Would Jeremy be able to make life difficult for the Raptors as he has a knack of doing in his past performance? He had 35pts/4asts/rebs in the OT win in Dec 17

Let’s go, JLin! Let’s hope and pray JLin continue to hit his stride and carry the momentum to lead to big wins.

Game link


Guess JLin's stats in Game 78 vs NYK


  1. First ever?

  2. in contrast to DAngelo’s leaked video of Nick Young, there’s this video leaked by Manu Ginobli of Tim Duncan:


  3. Or first NEVER!

  4. 3rd, big game for Lin.

  5. I just want lin to get his season average to atleast 12 ppg.

  6. Me too. But probably will not ….w only few games left….

  7. A few 40 points game here and there…LOL

  8. If batum is out its possible he can put up atleast 20 tonight

  9. Even w 20 pts today it will only add 0.1 to 11.70

  10. Ginobli leaked that Duncan, 39, stayed up past 10:00 p.m.. And, the writer added that Duncan sometimes did not eat vegetables at dinner.

    Is this not an April Fools joke? Or, a parody of DAngelo-Young saga. Lol

  11. I wonder who the big is that will hold Lin like that in a NBA Championship final.

  12. For the next 6 games, if Lin averages 16 pts per game, his average can make to 12.0

  13. Thats too much to ask given his circumstances lol

  14. no worries, if JLin can average 16+pts in the playoff that would make up for it 🙂

  15. Yep, it depends how long the leash is.

  16. a game of 96 will do 😉

  17. Hope so. It all depends on PT Cliff is willing to give.

  18. Seriously thought this was an April Fools Joke at first.
    “Hornets debut Kemba Walker campaign for Most Improved Player”

    Basically Kemba increased his shooting a bit since he has playmakers on the team and he can now lead wins against the “bad” teams of the league that he should have beaten in previous seasons but never was able to beat.

  19. I think we can see from tonight’s game how Cliff might use JLin if Batum is out.
    Hopefully it’s the 2nd playmaker next to Kemba with more PnR plays

  20. If Clifford starts such a small backcourt lineup of KW/Lee/Lin it would be surprising since :
    a) Frank Kaminsky seems to who Clifford always leans to, to replace Batum
    b) While DeRozan is only 6.7″ he plays bigger and not sure CLee 6’5″ can prevent a big night from DeRozan. But Derozan’s speed will beat Frank too.

    So if it’s the likely case that Frank starts, Ideally I’d love to see Kemba with 24 +/- 6min as point guard and JLIN 24 +/- 6min at sole point guard and let Kemba play with Al more for a post-up squad and let JLIN have Cody, JLamb, CLee, alternate Hawes/Troy/Hansbrough for a quicker squad

  21. Nice to know that they recognize that this has been a NEW season for Kemba.
    Unfortunately with Lin moving on next season, Kemba will resort to his previous ways

  22. Even better, their hashtag is #WinWithWalker. The irony… is too much.

    If you want to beat top teams, you have to WinWithLin. That’s the only way CHA has beaten them this season.

  23. The pressure is on. You better win this game as the first!

  24. That award should go to Boston IT, he was a bench guy last season, now starter with better points and assists per game.

  25. I have to say I agree Clifford is stubborn enough to stick with the rotation of Frank replacing Batum in the starters just for the sake of playing JLin to power the bench to prepare for the playoff, even it TOR small lineup will beat the CHA starters to gain lead.

    If Al is also out, it’s a big loss because he’s quite reliable threat inside to give spacing for the shooters.
    Zeller is so up and down that we never know what we’ll get from him. Batum has been helping him to get it going offensively but now he might be out.

    I predict Batum will rest and I hope Al might be back so JLin can run his offense well with some PnR to get hot.

  26. Sure hope so.

  27. Hornets had tried to push this for a while…. I hope anyone but Kemba.

  28. So I guess no end to stat padding Kemba Ball. SMH


  29. Stop hating. Kemba did improved though. We can root for Jeremy Lin without putting teammates down, no?

  30. Win what? Playoff or his most improved player?

  31. Bemba is a tool of the Hornets organization – He’s a player, players want to play – nothin’ personal. Disparagement of Walker really is just disparagement (or hate if you wish to use such a harsh word) of the MJ/Cho/Clifford who utilize the tool for their interests rather than optimizing the team for best chance at wins.

    Look no further than the fact that of the top 6 teams in the NBA, Bemba has beaten NONE this season as leading playmaker (add none in previous) while JLIN has beaten FOUR (4) of those top 6 teams in the NBA

  32. that tells us what their priority is.

  33. Most improved player. Good teams like the GSW and Spurs don’t have to have campaigns for their players.

  34. their players don’t care either that’s why they all team ball.

  35. I know… Hornets had tried from ASG & now MIP… never end… smh!

  36. LAY OFF KEMBA GEEZ. Why the hate. Then wonder why players don’t like Lin

  37. Ya! That’s why I don’t like Kemba…has big ego even he never really said anything about it but he sure demands a lot behind the door…. So glad season end soon. smh!

  38. Not attacking on KW, he pointed out the hypocrisy of the Hornet organization.

  39. That’s why many were fooled by his humble appearance.

  40. Same feeling from every team Lin has been on. If he was on the spurs your reaction would be no different. Anyways This is how it seems some here are. Will always be no matter how nice Lins teammate are to him or how much Lin praises the player.

  41. humble appearance? To me that’s so fake… 笑面虎.

  42. Good. Only few more games to go then playoff.

  43. Let’s go Jlin! ! ! Spank the Toronto reptilians! !!!

  44. It’s clear that this MIP campaign is designed to elevate Kemba’s profile for next year’s All-Star candidacy.

    The Hornets are definitely fully invested in Kemba as the franchise PG although he hasn’t been as instrumental as JLin in getting big wins against Top teams like Spurs, Cavs. He worked well with JLin in the Raptors OT win (although his ISOs caused TOR to have late comeback).

    It’s pretty sad for the Hornets declines to capitalize on having Kemba/Lin/Batum because it means Kemba has to share the ball. It could be because Cliff doesn’t see Kemba/Lin having natural connection being dominant ball-handlers or they think it’s better to have Kemba as an All-Star even if it means not going very deep in the playoff.
    Next year, they have noone in this team that can help them beat Cavs or Spurs but it’s their choice 🙂

    As for JLin, he would need to find a new home who believes in him.
    If the Hornets doesn’t capitalize on JLin’s ability to lead the team against top teams, it’s definitely their loss.
    Jeremy has been quite successful rehabbing his credibility in this gap year.
    Just 2+ Linsanity games in the playoff so more teams will be interested in him.

  45. Oh pls don’t compare hornets with the spurs organization, this why you’re wrong about me.

  46. 4 teams same reaction, next team is the 5th. The pattern is there

  47. Saw post on the CHA fansite saying that JLIN did not do enough to :
    a) help Kemba win the last 2 CAVs game
    b) nor enough to beat Clippers in western trip
    c) nor enough to help beat TOR off the bench

    Said JLIN only plays well when he has control over playmaking and that he hopes next year they get rid of JLIN to find a good backup who can hit 3s and defend primary scorers coming off the bench.

    Sounds like you might agree with that thinking. And I believe JLIN will give that CHA fan his wish in the offseason.

  48. No, treat our boy fairly, then no complaints.

  49. Absolutely, JLIN needs to find a new home and I believe next season is his year. When I heard of the Lakers trade knowing how old-school (in every conceivable way) Byron Scott was I knew nothing good could come of LA; From the constant barrage of negative signals Kobe/BScott sent to the NBA borne of their dislike for JLIN, I couldn’t fathom any teams would take JLIN as serious starting material. This season is different; and frankly I think he has already attracted the attention of teams who are desperate for a great starting point guard – without need for more Linsanity games in playoffs.

    My wish this entire season was for Hornets to trust JLIN more in the “backup” role that he signed up for – that hasn’t been the case. He’s played as SG defender mostly. Had he been the backup point guard getting solo playmaking point duty for 20 minutes per game without other PGs or point forwards he would have had an explosive year – luckily through injury we got to see him shine.

    Yep, I expect final games in push for MIP, Kemba will get to increase his stats and minutes and Clifford will be more than happy to help.

  50. Well said. Why Hornets never like NY media to help Lin push for 6th man?!

  51. Oh please. What I don’t understand to some fans is this: Kemba have so much praises from hornets, NBA, commentators, coaches, hornets fans and so few praises for Lin. At least we can still be able to express our sentiments for Lin here. But to give more praises to Kemba in a Lin site? I don’t know what we’re thinking or doing. Might as well create a Kemba fan site then praise Lin there.

  52. I have realized that most of the Lin’s fan just don’t get it. This is Kemba’s team whether Kemba wants it or not. FO have decided to invested into Kemba before Lin arrival. And he has been playing ISO ball way before Lin arrival. So why the hate on Kemba?

    I mean I can understand fans bashing on Clifford and the front office but if you are blaming the players that it is just wrong in my pov. We all should be happy that Lin found some good teammate this season whether or not they fit Lin’s playing style. He is way more happier and enjoying basketball compare to his time in Rockets and Lakers.

    Bottom line, Lin got what he wanted;a rehab season after the nightmare in Lakers. Let hope he can find another team and start as PG next season. However I really doubt it as most of the GM just don’t believe in Lin no matters what he has done to prove them wrong. SMH.

  53. Realize that even if 29 GM’s “don’t believe” in JLIN, that’s still fine — all he needs is one to believe he can be the answer to start and lead. Personally there are more than just 1.

    Understand that JLIN will always be diplomatic when speaking of his team and teammates – really means little in relations to his stated desire to find a starting point guard position.

    Of course this is Kemba’s team and Kemba as starting floor general is primarily responsible for wins AND LOSSES. Often CHA fans blame JLIN for not doing enough – when assigning blame to a bench player is actually just ludicrous.

    When most of us express disdain for Kemba it really is incredulity, exasperation and even bemusement that MJ/Cho/Clifford would rather LOSE a game than let the best playmaker on the team who has proven himself by beating 4 of the top 6 teams (while Kemba Zero) make an attempt to lead a win.

  54. I do hope Lin found one JM will let him run the team as a starting PG. Lets us pray.

    And you can tell from all his interview he is enjoying this season with these teammates but playing time & starting or coming off the bench is really up to the coach and the FO. I am pretty sure Lin wants a bigger role and be starter but as I said it is really on the coach and FO.

    I have seen a lot of ridiculous comments on Lin from some of the Hornets fans and that was the reason I have decided not to visit those forums ever again. I am sick of the haters and bias poster.

    Lastly, you were right, it doesn’t matter if Kemba is the best player on the team, the true is a lot of $$$ have already been invested in Kemba so no matter what he will be the main guy in most of the situations even if it mean losing some gamse. Furthermore, Clifford has been trying his best to not letting Lin out shine other core player such as Batum and Kemba.

    So yea, get use to it until Lin sigh with another team as I believe he would since there really no place for Lin beside a back up SG and 5% PG.

  55. Crocodile’s tears

  56. The Spurs and Cavaliers will support the logo to win with Walker.

    When they play against Walker they will win.

  57. Crush the raps!?

  58. Lol not voting for Kemba.

    Win with Lin

  59. Is he running for President too, lol?

  60. It looks like Al is healthy enough to play during shoot-around.

    No word if Batum or Al will play yet.
    I think the Raptors are praying Lin won’t start 🙂

  61. Watch this photo carefully, red dress lady in the 1st row and red tie guy in 2nd row don’t look happy at all. 🙂

  62. No Batum, history will repeat?

  63. For me, it is very hard to hate on Kemba simply because he happens to be the starting PG ahead of Lin.

    First of all, Lin was not promised the starting PG spot…When he signed with the Hornets, I was a bit disappointed because I knew that Kemba was fully planted as the Hornets main PG…I was hoping that Lin could had signed with the Knicks or Nets because I believe Lin would have had a greater chance to win the starting PG spot there.

    So once Lin signed with the Hornets, he fully accepted that he was going to be the back-up PG behind kemba, therefore, us supporters of his needed to accept it without any gripe on the guy that was ahead of him.

    The only good reason to hate on Kemba is if he was having a terrible year but was still starting ahead of Lin while Lin himself was having a better year….Unfortunately, that is simply not the case, therefore, I feel all the hate on Kemba are simply sour grape.

    Let’s just hope that Lin will be able to sign with a team where he has a better chance to start..Again, Knicks, Nets or Philly.

    Let’s stay off Kemba’s back…He’s done well.

  64. Surprise when Cliff will let JLin to start. He prefers to lose than let JLin to shine.

  65. My point exactly.

  66. Hope Lin will start.

  67. Let’s hope so 🙂

    This poster should be posted in Raptors locker room 🙂
    “Beware of Linsanity!”

  68. Don’t care about anyone but JLin. I’m truly JLin fan in every sense. If JLin isn’t being treated fairly, I will state what it’s. I learn to support only JLin as I know most of his teammates show their true color sooner or later.

  69. Lin must back to mohawks.

  70. Who is that laughing behind Lin? Jordan?

  71. These 2 pics match very well!

    Raptors don’t like Linsanity very much

  72. whoa, yes.. it’s a scary MJ with the earring

  73. Lol at Knicks bat.

  74. His hair are too long

  75. Yes, there will be a challenge.

  76. yeah, too bad it’s too long.
    Good thing JLin didn’t need Mohawk in the Spurs game 🙂

  77. Here is the letter to Silver.
    Please help copy paste the letter and send it to Contact NBA website: http://contact.nba.com/contact-nba/
    or to its e-mail address: [email protected]

    Dear Commissioner Silver,

    As fans of the NBA and its players, we care deeply about the quality and integrity of the game and the safety of the players. When we see excellence in officiating, as we sometimes do, we can’t help but admire the professionalism and skills the officials have brought to the game, often under difficult conditions. Conversely, when we see dubious officiating by the NBA referees, we cannot help but question the integrity of the game at its very core.

    As we are sure you will agree, officiating is the life blood, as well as the heart and soul of the game. Fair and unbiased officiating elevates the game to its rightful place in our society that prizes above all, fair play, sportsmanship, and respect for one another. We are certain that this is your commitment to the game, and it will never be less than that.

    With that in mind, we would like to bring your attention to one NBA player in particular, Jeremy Lin of the Charlotte Hornets. Throughout Lin’s six years in the NBA, we have continuously witnessed Lin as the recipient of numerous hard fouls with unnecessary and excessive force by other players. In these cases, the referees either didn’t make the calls or made incorrect calls.

    Since these are not isolated instances, and they occur with regularity, we wonder what the league has against Mr. Lin. Many fans have contacted and requested answers from the NBA Fan Relations NY office at [email protected], but have so far only received generic and dismissive responses, if at all. We also have sent numerous tweets regarding the questionable calls to @NBA, @NBAOfficial, and @OfficialNBARefs, but have received no response either.

    To make matters worse, Lin continues to receive ticky-tacky foul calls on him and non-calls from the referees as Lin frequently gets hammered by other players. It’s not just the fans who have noticed. The TV commentators from various teams also have questioned the referees’ non-calls on the hard fouls Lin has suffered.

    Below is a video of some examples of the questionable fouls for your review. We are showing just a selected few examples, out of numerous incidents to illustrate the point. Please kindly provide a comprehensive response as to why these fools were not called or called as flagrant fouls.


    Lin’s health and safety are at risk, as Lin gets hit unnecessarily and excessively in the face, head, and neck areas by other players frequently. The most alarming aspect of these incidents is that the referees didn’t make the right calls to protect the player, Lin, from harm. Evidently, the lack of calls and reviews from the referees encourages other players to continue using hard foul tactics on Lin.

    Fans want the NBA officiating to be more transparent and fair, whether the player is a superstar or not. When the referees step on the court, they are the extension and representatives of the NBA. The referees are to uphold the integrity of the game, show impartiality, and enforce civil behavior from all NBA players. Unfortunately, we do not always see this when it comes to officiating, especially pertaining to other players hard fouling Lin.

    The NBA has a huge following in Asia and Lin is one of the very few active players with full Asian descent in the NBA. It’s disheartening to see Lin’s mistreatment by the NBA referees. As fans, we ask you to please review this matter seriously and to take action.

    Thank you!

    NBA Fans

  78. Or tweet the photo and the video link to @NBA @NBAOfficial:

  79. Thank You JAD2456. Please follow up with them. Where did you send this letter to? If they don’t respond, hopefully media will. There’s a guy named: [email protected] , who has always write up good article about Lin. A suggestion is to email him and ask about printing your complaint if you don’t hear anything from the NBA. This is one of his article:http://www.morningnewsusa.com/jeremy-lin-must-re-unite-mike-dantoni-philadelphia-2362456.html

  80. Any word on starting line up? Will Lin starts?

  81. Thank you for the hard work, JAD2456!
    Have you tweeted it? If yes, we can retweet it so we make sure to have the right Subject/message to @nba and @nbaofficial?

  82. Linsaiyan is attending the game and will tweet pics tonight

  83. One minor typo. Right before vid, please update “fool” to “foul”

  84. well said. I do hope, however, that Kemba could play less iso down the stretch, and spread the ball more, bc that’s usually how they win the game. The situation has gotten a bit better lately, which coincides with the recent surge of the Hornets. The willingness of Kemba to share the ball is just as important as giving Jeremy the ball to orchestrate. Hope Kemba learns from the success and continues to transform himself as a better all around PG.

  85. nothing on twitter yet

  86. @JLinFanZone Repping @JLin7 Harvard style 2nite!

  87. Rrrrr. I really want to see Lin start.

  88. Great job sir. Hopefully Lin will finally get some call. I am sure once he does then his TO will be a lot less as well as most of the TO is due to non call.

  89. Let’s go!!

  90. Didn’t GSW campaign to get Green an Allstar start?

  91. Linsanity is in the house!

  92. Yes!!!

  93. Cool, let’s go!

  94. “Linsanity has been known to STING!”

  95. I can. It’s disappointing Kemba and Lin’s chemistry didn’t really work out. But I think Kemba has problems playing well with other PGs. But I like to focus on his teammates he’s played well with and Batum seems to have a good on-court chemistry with Lin. I guess the most disappointing thing about this season is he never developed the type of chemistry with a Hornet he had with say Ed Davis, Tyson Chandler, or say Smith on the Rockets.

  96. Hopfully Clifford is willing to unleash Lin as well.

  97. 40 Mins close game for Lin pls.

  98. Hopefully Kemba pick up the 2nd foul soon. 🙂

  99. 2 ft

  100. Good start for Lin.

  101. JLin drove inside, Powell had to foul him
    2 FTs

  102. 3 possessions, 3 smart plays by Kemba/Zeller, Lin, Lee

  103. Jonas is gonna be a problem tonite.

  104. 333333333


  106. JLin SHARP 3333333!!!!!

  107. Man, that 3 came with an Exclamation Point!

  108. Kemba D is really……

  109. Lin was wide open in the cut

  110. He had enough space to dunk

  111. The Kemba & Cody failed ally hoop should consider as TO

  112. Drive 2 FTs, made 3, blocked on drive. took 3 shots and looks aggressive. Looking good.

  113. Kemba can’t run an offense. Wow. Just incompetent.

  114. MW should have pass to Lin cutting right under the basket. That’s why Lin needs to be PG!

  115. It’s a B2B. Cliff has to watch the minutes for starters. 35-36 I think.

  116. Our bigs cant rebound… sigh.

  117. JLin helped to fight on the rebound causing Raptors TO on bobbled pass

  118. Pretty sure Lin was wide open… Kemba and Marvin both ignored him

  119. Lin was wide open again. MW forced the shot.

  120. Hornets not used to see teammates being open all the time

  121. Agree. MW not seeing LIn enough so far.


  123. Nice pass from Lin to Al

  124. Marvin playing dumb tonight.

  125. Lin’s nifty assist to Big Al’s midrange J!

  126. Powell cant guard Lin

  127. refs forced to call a foul after his arm was grabbed.

  128. Powell can’t keep up with LIn. He’ll keep fouling him.

  129. It was a late call smh

  130. they decided it was too obvious so they called it.

  131. Taking out Lin that early is a mistake.

  132. Can’t make shots

  133. Valacunus is killing us

  134. Lots of digging going on

  135. CHA has the worst big men in the league. No question.

  136. please

  137. Lamb in for Lin at 4:48

  138. They can’t see Lin only as per order from the baldie

  139. Lee defense is much better than KW

  140. What the heck??? Cliff subbed out Lin???

  141. Yea thats true. Al is helping today. If he was there OMG how bad it would be

  142. So will Scola.

  143. Baldie sub the best player out of the game, what a stupid a hole, agenda too obvious

  144. So he can play with the bench. Thats what he does when ever Lin starts

  145. I see the game plan is to start Kemba/Lin but have Lin leads BF1 in early Q2

  146. Lee’s defense is excellent. Truly excellent.

  147. Yeah at 4:48 mark.. not sure why so early..

  148. Cliff is staggering Lin/Kemba so he will have Lin start Q2 without Kemba

  149. Thats what he always does. Which is smart. Lin has chemistry with both so why change things

  150. And he’ll play besides Marvin it looks like. I guess Hawes will play some center in BF7a.

  151. Lin really needs to find his own team, he is being treated as trash even though he is the real gem among the garbage out there.

  152. subbing lin is actually smart. we will need him to lead the bench. esp since were missing b roberts

  153. Exactly

  154. yes.. it was the game plan
    Although Lin was slightly hotter than Kemba so Kemba could have rested first

  155. This is my sense– Cliff is going to let KW run w/ 2nd unit to get his scores w/ Raptors 2nd unit since he can’t get going w/ their first unit.
    Edit: Remember, Lin is the only one w/ the highest scores so far. He can’t outshine KW.

  156. true but kemba doesnt have chemistrty with the bench guys like ilin does

  157. Right but Kemba has almost always played out the entire 1Q. Clifford won’t change this now

  158. That’s exactly what I mean. Lin draw 2 fouls as well.

  159. Glad that Lin had a quick start with 5pts/1a/1r in 7 min

  160. I agree

  161. plus drawing 2 fouls on Powell

  162. Cliff pissed at what Al did there. Didn’t follow game plan

  163. yes, sticking to the rotation

  164. Is he mad at Al? Or is it Courtney Lee? Or both? but he’s really mad.

  165. Al is the other dude beside Lin and PJ who will get yell at by Clifford.

  166. it’s a joy to watch Lee. great teammate, does all the right things to his best ability

  167. Im not sure but Al looked away while he called the time out. Im guessing its him. Wasn’t screaming at anyone in particular

  168. let kemba take that technical lets get him to pad those stats lol

  169. Lamb gets it worse then anyone

  170. I really don’t think Al will be with Hornets next year. Unless a really small contract

  171. Yea. Haha.

  172. Digging of holes.

  173. Hornets struggling

  174. Cliff, where’s your timeout??? NOTE: Lin wasn’t in this stretch where Raptors made 12 to 2 run.

  175. Kemba should 2 TO instead of 1.

  176. Kemba struggling a bit

  177. took lin out for no reason while he was clearly most confident player on floor, now in deep hole smh

  178. #WinWithKemba

  179. Lin needed to be subbed out

  180. But baldie won’t let him lead, thats the truth.

  181. Lin would need to lead BF1 to push the Raptors back to climb back from 16-26 deficit

  182. There is no way Clifford can win the Coach of the year. He is not as bright as most Hornets fans think.

  183. Bench without Lin is a disaster.

  184. idk, i like the idea of lin starting 2nd at pg leading 2nd unit, but with no batum idt u can afford playing lin less than 34-40 min in a game like this

  185. Clifford – coach of the year? LOL! worst coach of the year maybe, hehe

  186. He cant play 48 minutes. The bench needs him

  187. 333333333

  188. Lin!!!

  189. no byron and mchale way worsee not even close

  190. clearly the starters need him as well

  191. Raptors Commentators saying nice things of Lin

  192. Lin for 3333333333!!!!

  193. come on Lin!

  194. no win situation

  195. marvin williams…

  196. TOR announcer said, “Lin is a GOOD PRO!
    I don’t like Melo’s cryptic comment when he left NY”

  197. what happened lol my feed is like 2 min behind

  198. lin looked like he was feeling it early as well its not like he had a bad start

  199. im watching the box score lol

  200. Someone else needs to hit a shot

  201. lamb is bad

  202. lin needs to take over

  203. “Do you agree?” said the announcer? “Yes, I agree”, said the other.

  204. Not the worst but he just got lucky this year. He got lot of guys that willing to buy in to play defenses and have a lot to prove.

  205. People need to make shots

  206. Hit your 3s Lamb

  207. damn we are getting killed on rebounds

  208. Frank!

  209. lets go lin with the assist!

  210. Doubling Lin.

  211. Raptors smartly tried to trap Lin

  212. LOL!

  213. yeah if they set screens for him it will open stuff up

  214. Frank helping Lin a lot. Lamb not so much

  215. Yup. Hornets fan just doesn’t realize it. Lin draw double team

  216. Inching back, getting the lead down.

  217. team needs to adjust to the double teams.

  218. yes, need multiple screens and Hornets will push Raptors back

  219. Ya, that was great defense

  220. Way to beat that is have someone cut. Lin will find them.

  221. They are doing it every play so Frank is waiting at the three for a wide open shot or drive

  222. Expect more of that. Lin will adjust.

  223. need more PnR to get Raptors in foul trouble & lose momentum

  224. Made possible by Frank not moving or cutting just standing still next to Lin.

  225. Love to see lin relaxing out there. He’s still in cruise control.

  226. Hawes!!!

  227. Yup. I think Lee play well with Lin. Let see if Clifford will let them play together more.

  228. i want lin to hit double digits before half

  229. Agree.

  230. I think I am 5 mins behind. LOL.

  231. somebody’s got to rebound!

  232. Bigs too soft.

  233. Can’t rebound at all. I have no idea why Hornets don’t resign Biyombo. That show how smart the Coach and FO is.

  234. our bigs blow a big fat one

  235. Hornets bigs don’t know how to rebound the freakin’ ball. 3 looks on every Raptors possession.

  236. Cannot get a rebound

  237. nice pump fake!

  238. lets go lin!

  239. c’mon! free throws!

  240. damn he missed first one

  241. Lin is an expert at drawing fouls with pump-fake in the paint now

  242. One more Linsanity game pls.

  243. CHA has this tough guy Hansbrough, which is completed under-utilised by Cliff

  244. Rebounding again a big issue

  245. franks playing well but he needs to rebound…

  246. Yup. It has been like that the whole year.

  247. spencer hawes…. unbelievable

  248. Do you know Hawes can’t jump?

  249. unbelievable.. SPENCER HAWES!

  250. At least he fouled the right person

  251. Hornets big men getting bullied inside.

    Play Psycho T for Hawes, please!!!

  252. Hornets getting killed inside

  253. big al doesnt get bullied

  254. MW 3!!!

  255. Lin assist to MW3!!!!!!!

  256. Frank + Hawes < Biyombo

  257. Frank is helping so much

  258. Down by 5 only!

  259. lamb keeps looking for his own.

  260. Lamb 1-6

  261. Need some stops

  262. Good keep it close

  263. Good 3 by Frank

  264. this team would be done without lin and frank tionight

  265. Down to 5 now. Lin looks terrific.

  266. CHA is playing teamball, wondering why ..

  267. Lamb gotta learn to pass a little.

  268. Down to 5 and KW comes in and then…

  269. lin needs to shoot more tho, no?

  270. KW comes in…? NO….

  271. Lin Ball! Bigs are playing AWFUL on both ends, but Lin keeps hustling w/ help defense and passing to them on offense, so they eventually find their shot.

  272. Stephanie Ready just droning on and on with the negativity ….

  273. Hornets would be leading if the bigs can simply move their feet and grab rebounds instead of waiting for the ball to bounce their way.

  274. Lamb had a nice string of games earlier in the season. What has happened

  275. Game over.

  276. One more Linsanity game so all the GMs can sign Lin as their starting PG pls.

  277. Ya! Should use Daniel instead.

  278. So far Lin’s playing great

  279. I don’t think it is legal for him to join multiple teams.

  280. JLin 9pts/3asts/2rebs in 13 min with 2-3 shooting

    Just need Psycho T to set screen and grab rebounds, Hornets will take the lead!

  281. Ya

  282. Rebound 101, “BOX OUT”.

  283. Cuz Kemba is out. Lamb is not exactly playing team ball though.

  284. daniels and lamb both hog the ball tho

  285. Raptors are playing physical tonight. Raptors double team Lin today. They’re stopping him from driving into the paint.

  286. Lin really own Raptors.

  287. Lin’s out! whats going on here……

  288. Needs lambs length

  289. Daniels wont handle the ball

  290. he’s okay, he’s finding MW and Frank 3 when his path is cut off

  291. Lin rest

  292. Wow that is dumb sub

  293. Good thing he’s hitting the 3

  294. Lamb is just not a smart player, why would rockets and thunder dispose him if he is valuable, only Hornets is stupid enough and easy to fool.

  295. Lin out Lowry scores

  296. Lin back in 30 second rest

  297. no lin rest hes the one winning for us.. who the heck does clifford think he is

  298. So 40 sec rest

  299. Lin’s running two shows!

  300. Lowry scores when Cliff pulled Lin from the floor.

  301. Tried to ice Lin…immediately got burned.

  302. Lin should only rest briefly for 2-3 min since he’s hot and facilitating
    Hopefully Clifford is smart

  303. 33333333333

  304. 3333333

  305. Lin 3!!!!!

  306. Cliff think the hole isn’t deep enough. Keep digging!!!

  307. ???

  308. Raptors’ defense too soft to Lin

  309. lol

  310. lin is 3/3 from beyond the arc!

  311. Yessss…. “What’s up with the Raptors and Lin?” said a bewildered TOR announcer after he made his third 3pt shot

  312. ( Y ) ( Y ) ( Y ) !!!!!

  313. That 40s rest directly contributes to the 3. Cliff is smart.

  314. LOL, Cliff desperately wants to bench Lin to make Kemba shine.

    Won’t work! CHA is mediocre w/o Lin. Can’t win any other way.

  315. what about whats up with Lin when he gets the chance to play basketball lmao

  316. no. just merely saved himself from being a complete moron

  317. Haha, really?

  318. LOL

  319. The bigs in this 1st half. Just don’t have it.

  320. He’s playing 11th dimensional chess!

  321. Most of the passes from Lin lead to a wide open shot.

  322. Lin is stepping up again for Batum. He’s just solid.

  323. *eye roll*

  324. man kaminsky is playing great also

  325. Lin getting wide open shots for people

  326. Lin’s no backup

  327. solid starter

  328. Lin is the best PG in Hornets

  329. Why?

  330. Lin is being allowed to touch the ball w/o Batum. He’s elite, but Asian. So he comes off the bench as backup SG.

  331. solid super star

  332. and they kept missing.

  333. Too bad not much Hornets fan really watching basketball. All they know are down play Lin’s contributions

  334. Only Lin fans can see that, rest of NBA will never admit that Lin is a good player.

  335. you know it! No bench for Lin after this year!

  336. 3v1 really?

  337. Good PG keeps passing. Eventually they will fall. This game or next.

  338. lin and kaminsky OH MY GOD!

  339. Others need to get their shots going or they will not get over the hump

  340. Not for long after this season

  341. Lowry going off now

  342. man this lineup blows cuz they are too small

  343. great decision by kW, ignoring LIn and pass to CL who was blocked. LOL

  344. Frank and Lin are the only ones scoring. Everyone is is not showing up

  345. LOL, of course Kemba passes to Lee, not Lin on the fast break.

  346. why was I not surprised?

  347. I know. So bad… smh!

  348. lee overrated imo

  349. Kemba and CLee are shooting the Hornets out of the game ! Put Lin on DeRozan, he was locking Demar down last game.

  350. pass it to the hot hand plz

  351. It was actually the right pass. Lowry just treated really well to it

  352. Difference in this game is the hornets bigs getting owned by the raptors

  353. Hawes is bad… why he is still on court?

  354. Lee should know his game. 3 and D. Not driving in

  355. He is good at D really. Not so much of his offensive game.

  356. Even Lin is more free than Lee. Sadly.

  357. Hawes sucks ! Clap Clap!

  358. Lin should cover Lowry if they want to give raptors a fight. But if this game is only for KW stat padding, doesn’t matter.

  359. Toronto is playing like they want it more. More energy, more force on the boards, stronger defense. The Hornets can play with them and maybe beat them if they up their hustle. Lin and Frank playing well, not so much the others.

  360. As usual

  361. Why Kemba didn’t take more shots?

  362. Kw getting shut down so far

  363. I agree. Lin was backing it up for a tip in.

  364. Why keep Hawes on the court if he couldn’t even make 3.

  365. was fhat courtney lee floater an airball by the way? my eyes might be trickingme

  366. not too impressed by his d either

  367. atleast lin’s ppg can’t go down now lol regardless of what happens

  368. DeRozan is driving past Lee like a traffic cone.

  369. It wasn’t. Lowry was cheated towards Lee.

  370. link anyone?

  371. He can’t get open

  372. Lee and Kemba are aggressively freezing Lin out.

  373. 3333333333

  374. 3333333

  375. 3333333333333333333333333333333333

  376. He made a great defensive play.

  377. In 15 mins of playing time – CHA starter PG has got only 1 Assist only, while the ‘Real PG’ has got 4 Assists already

  378. he’s good at D compared to most players in the league. but Lin is on another level on D. i like Lee because he doesn’t take stupid shots and doesn’t really need the ball in his hands

  379. Lin is on fire!!!

  380. “Jeremy Lin is on fire again”

  381. 33333 4/4!!!

  382. ????

  383. JLin 4-4 from 3pt LAND!!!!!!!


  384. nice pnr with hawes

  385. who is LIn guarding?

  386. dude lin with that PASS

  387. link anyone???

  388. Lin having a great 1st half anyways

  389. What a pass!

  390. Psyco T please ……….

  391. Of course they have to, they will be the laughing stock if a backup scrub outshine them. smh, stupid team from top to bottom.

  392. i’m afraid of watching this game.. don’t wanna jinx anything

  393. Lin is ELITE. Imagine if they let him touch the ball every game.

  394. kembrick chucks one up again..

  395. When you can get Hawes a dunk, you know are something special.

  396. WTH!!

  397. Then Kemba say I need to score as well = force a 3.

  398. did that corey joseph 3 get off in time?

  399. Hornets best chance is if Kemba gets in foul trouble and has to sit.

  400. Lin 4-4 on 3’s.. steph curry type of game tonight??

  401. trying to match Lin? that’s the thing about being a starter vs bench. a starter can chuck shots to improve their percentage if they’re shooting poorly early on

  402. 5 more to tie his career high 🙂

  403. Can Lee and Kemba sit out for the rest of the year? Please?

  404. Raptors acknowledge that Lin at 2nd is doing a good job, what if Lin is the PG, wow…pure politics by hornets, they don’t know that Lin is the best play maker of the team….?

  405. It would suck to lose this game when Lin is doing well.

  406. Must say if there is really some changing.

  407. Not even PG really. Just a SG who touches the ball.

  408. Lin – 15 Pts // Rest of Starters – 12pts

  409. Rapter just are hitting hard shots. Lin and frank carrying the Hornets

  410. We need Kemba sit out and rest. Lee play well with Lin imo.

  411. Others need to score too

  412. Btw Lin has only taken 5 shots

  413. Lin isn’t a bench player. heck, he’s better than all of the Hornets’ starters!!

  414. It’s not his fault. Nobody else is stepping up.

  415. Without JLin and Frank, they’ll be down 25+pts for sure

  416. yeah.. but others need to step up so that we can win the game T_T

  417. Linsanity tonight. WIsh the team was playing well. But someone else has to step it up in this game. And Kemba is awful.

  418. Lin starts. Lin kills. Looks to be another excellent Lin-starting game

  419. Krappy Kemba and Lee ruining everything.

  420. 10 will be on today.

  421. Happy with 4 more …

  422. i just wish Kemba was a TRUE all-star when he plays against top teams

  423. wow didn’t notice that . sweet lol

  424. What happened to Cody Zeller ??

  425. great.. I was just about to start studying for one of my exams and then I realized the game was on

  426. One more data point for the “plays great when starting” data set.

  427. Impossible. Never has, never will.

  428. The fact that Lin has to come off the bench behind Kemba and Lee is a crime against basketball.

  429. In order for us to have a shot. Kemba will have to so something. The rest just hit open shots….PLEASE!!!!!!

  430. That’s a pure PG play right there!

  431. Really happy for not only 4-4 from 3s, but 5 assists. That’s real PG staff.

  432. Or sit his butt down. That works too.

  433. Kemba: Stop chucking. Take better shots, and play some defense.

  434. yup

  435. Lin already did in every season since Knicks

  436. I can already imagine poster from other Hornets forum will say stuff like “he is back up, 2 mil player, can’t handle the ball, inconsistency, etc etc.

  437. Kemba and Lee’s refusal to pass to Lin is really costing them.

    Frank, Hawes and Al’s non-existent defense is the other problem.

  438. So this game shows Kemba can very well pass to Lin if he wants to, but somehow chooses not to when Lin is playing off the bench.

  439. i cant see hornets winning this unless lin drops 40

  440. I hope MJ,Clifford and Hornets Kemba fans take some notes

  441. Kemba isn’t that good at driving without Zeller setting those strong picks for him.

  442. cliff needs to grow a pair and let lin run the show he has 15 and 5 as a sg!

  443. Lin with 15P, and 5 assists worth12 points, that’s 27 out of 42 total points by Hornetsm not to mwntion about 3 open shots created by Lin and missed by Lamb and Kaminsky and Hawes.

  444. His teammates were not doing well… Somehow I feel Kemba was not happy…

  445. Our bigs is our undoing

  446. Um sorry but Lin is dropping 42.. and ten 3’s..

  447. Or Kemba sit our and rest. That why I have said it before that Batum actually play well with Lin. Both play team ball.

  448. hes finding open look after open look for his team

  449. 100% agree

  450. Kemba needs other to create shooting chances, lin did the other way around

  451. Doc Scheppler showing up his haters. “Give Lin the damn ball, and that 3pt stroke is ELITE.”

  452. Should have cropped out baldie

  453. should have used it on baldie

  454. this team with dwight howard would be something special

  455. Sprewell 2.0? LOL

  456. If Hawes isn’t going to work on rebounds, then put in Hansbrough ! Unleash Psycho T ^

  457. i wonder whose hand touched Clifford’s right hand? DO NOT MOVE!

  458. It’s not even that other guys need to step up.” They just need to be unselfish and let Lin be PG. Lin is not a selfish guy like Kemba. He will ALWAYS find the open man, make or miss.

  459. I guess Lin’s new shooting form has finally settled?

  460. LOL! he will be out of NBA if he does that.

  461. Lin has 4 off the 5 ft Hornets shot and 4 of the 7 threes they’ve made

  462. Id say yes

  463. It was great during preseason. Just a matter of touches/rhythm/confidence.

    NO ONE, not even Curry, can shoot without rhythm. I think only Novak can do that (sit 20m, shoot 2 treys, make 1).

  464. exacty

  465. I think he assisted on 2 three pointers.

  466. This proves kw can’t handle pressure big game against strong team. He’s good when meeting 6ers, lakers….

  467. completly forgot they had him, smh definetly couldve helped big time

  468. Dwight isn’t the same player. He would have to be humble. not a ton of post ups.

  469. lol yup

  470. yeah but why did it just fall off for the season? its not like hes had that many touches today hes only shot 5 shots! lol

  471. He’s become a good streetballer. But against top teams, you need an all-around team player.

  472. So he’s responsible or partly responsible for 6-7 three pointers, not to mention 3 other tries they missed, but was way open, created by Lin.

  473. hes like harden.. doesnt show up when it matters

  474. Benchings/erratic minutes got into his head, IMO. He touching the ball a lot tonight, shoot or not.

  475. id think hed be much happier in charlotte as a pnr guy then in houston as garbage guy

  476. true lin definitely needs his confidence to play well

  477. Ding ding

  478. Hornets keeps saying Kemba is all-star – only by his scores. Lin’s 3pt%, fg% as starter are better than Kemba. Do not even mention about defense.

  479. Let’s Go on a great comeback, Hornets!!

  480. The bigs PNR defense sucks

  481. let’s go lin atleast 20 points tonight!

  482. *30

  483. Stat padding time for LIn, go go go for your next contract!

  484. No Cliff was bringing his fist together as a sign of respect for JLin! XD

  485. Hornets fans just doesn’t realize that Lin can draw foul, double or triple team, pass, attack the rim, ok mid range and long range. Most of the PG can do that in NBA. But what make Lin so good is he read the defense perfectly and make the right decision most if the time.

  486. Win or lose, Lin has made his point. Too bad CHA will never learn…Lin is gone this summer. And Kemba will turn back into a pumpkin (not that he could ever beat top teams anyway).

  487. “What’s up with Lin and the Raptors!”

  488. What’s UP with Lin and any top team? What’s DOWN with Kemba and any top team?

  489. shooting with three raptors under the basket. now that’s confidence he’ll make it!

  490. Without Batum, Lin led the team beat Raptors, Without Kemba, … beat Cavs,… Without Lin, no any big win.

  491. Strong plays by @JLin7 (15p/5a with 4-4 on 3s) and Frank (9p/2r) kept the Hornets in the game.
    Just need Psycho T and toughness to slow down TOR big men in the 2nd half

  492. i was debating with a friend on top 10 players in the nba atm and i could not find anyone id take over lin at the 10 spot, what do u guys think?

  493. one plays to win, the other plays to stat pad

  494. thats too much to ask with kemba trying to take over now. lin may only touch the ball 5 more times

  495. In the real life, they would build a team around jlin.

  496. Kimba just needs to relax and enjoy Lin leading the team, at times, and do his thing.

  497. heck no! he doesn’t like to pnr. haven’t we learn from history?

  498. No one can’t hit beside Frank and Lin.

  499. “sometimes you just gotta enjoy other’s success”


  500. It’s not Doc’s form that Lin is using.

    Quite the opposite.

  501. Lin has the dip back on his shooting tonight. None of that quick release that Doc wanted him to do. Slow and deliberate.

  502. So that last 3 pts shot from Lin dont count as a miss because of a foul call? Nice!

  503. Look at raptors get all this touch foul call. smh.

  504. Lee didn’t pass to Lin when wide-open. Then he threw a bad pass after that first look.

  505. Lin points > all other starters combined with high fg%

  506. Yup. He should have pass early much earlier.

  507. woot! just got banned from realgm again. this time for saying Lin ain’t coming back to be the 8th man

  508. KW’s body language is not good. He’s playing to score for himself instead of following the flow of the game.

  509. But it count if in

  510. Cliff loves his selfish guys. *shrug*

  511. dang lin TO

  512. Ref called foul on Lin for that steal?

  513. Raptors is getting all the call. WTH!!!

  514. come on lin make your shots lol

  515. Come on. Stay hot please lin!

  516. everyone bricking

  517. What is up with all these calls Raptors are getting. Damn!!!!!!

  518. we need Lin play PG

  519. FT are 19-9

  520. No one passes ball to Lin?

  521. whats going on with lin guys?

  522. BIG TIME! the haters and know it all’s don’t understand that when Lin is unleashed, he’s a dead eye shooter!

  523. He’s playing great? Just missed 2 shots with Kemba playing PG.

  524. Nothing tough shots no rhythm

  525. no one passed ball to him until few secs left

  526. Forget about jumpshots, need to attack the basket now. They fear your outside shot.

  527. Needs to play PG. But missing 2 shots is not “losing your stroke.”

  528. this game is over if Lin can’t find his stroke back, baldie should let Lin be the PG which won’t happen, so will just wiat for highlights

  529. And draw fouls

  530. He did, the shot just sort of went in and out.

  531. Refs are inconsistent. Some soft call but some let it go playoff type calls

  532. The danger is the raptors still let these hornets hanging around.

  533. As usual.

  534. He did drive inside after pump-fake on 3
    Just a close miss

  535. Cliff, please take out KW. Let Lin be PG and sub in Daniels to get the scores up!

  536. Lin is okey. keep shooting please.

  537. I don’t want to see him get injured. Would rather finish with 18p on 5-11 shooting, than 30 with a battered back and sore knee.

  538. The Hornets can’t make shots.
    This is the time PnR will help get open shots or get fouled

  539. Not happening until he gets his 20pts

  540. Kemba does nothing positive, rest him please

  541. Zeller cannot let Valaciunas gets that deep in the paint

  542. Kemba needs to sit. He doesn’t have it tonight (or against top teams).

    Even Pop benches Duncan and Parker when they don’t have it.

  543. Their not playing like their down by 15 points. I don’t think Clifford has displayed good clock management skills by adjusting the style of play, even for short periods of time.

  544. That’s way too easy 🙁

  545. Bigs cant defend

  546. Bring in .. Psycho T!
    Come on, Cliff!

  547. Hornets bigs gonna get abused in the playoffs

  548. this game could have been so good

  549. LIn on the floor! nice hustle

  550. cliff did everything he could to kill linsanity

  551. Lets see if Alfense would work

  552. Hornets have no rhythm
    Can’t make shots :[

  553. Lin has to come out soon

  554. Kemba wrecking everything. Let Lin sit and wait for Kemba’s butt to be benched.

  555. he needs to rest so he can come back to run the bench

  556. They need to drive to the paint, draw fouls and stop the clock. Don’t they have a player that can do all those things?

  557. We’ve seen it over and over. Cliff the momentum killer.

  558. “Courtney Lee” – Clifford

  559. Why the hell Lee went under the screen???

  560. this is a beating

  561. wow Kemba wih a -25. looks like he played with the bench again but this time Lin isn’t there to bail him out!

  562. Lin has dark circles around his eyes. got hit or played a lot of computer games last night?

  563. what a waste… clifford is so dumb… just let jlin handle the ball…

  564. hes playing a computer game right now… watching walker and lee shoot the bricks off the court

  565. What is wrong w/ Cliff? No adjustments?

  566. Kemba and Lee messed up the game

  567. kainsky is so soft!

  568. They are both truly terrible… walker is no star…

  569. Feather

  570. Lin getting rest at 3:03
    Hopefully he starts strong in Q4 when Kemba is resting

  571. It is really the bigs cost us the game.

  572. What’s he doing playing center? he couldn’t guard an elderly man!

  573. Last chance to come back.

  574. Nope

  575. yeah. Hornets do not have true bigs and true starting pg

  576. Cliff sees KW has only 1 pt for 3Q, so he can’t take his franchise player off the floor until he gets his points…

  577. Lin just get your stat now. No way to win this game if other team-mates play like this.

  578. this site has double the post counts of the “other” site for today’s game thread. good job Mods for not letting the trolls take over like other site!

  579. This team is hopeless.

    “Lin has 15/5 in one half..what do we do?”
    “Take the ball out of his hands and let Kemba and Lee try to statpad?”

  580. I think maybe try to get to the line, get the points that way. He cooled off during half-time on the jump shots. Problem is now the team is way behind with the poor 3rd quarter they’ve had.

  581. i know pretty dumb

  582. EXACTLY

  583. Lin not involved in offense much 3rd Q. Things gotta change …

  584. Get some FTs to get to 20p. No use trying hard for selfish teamates like Kemba and Lee.

  585. Like I said Kemba is not happy so …. they will not win today.

  586. i always feel that no one can stop Lin except Clifford

  587. Well said.

  588. Win or lose, his happiness is always directly related to his stats. I see him laughing it up during blowout losses, if he’s statpadding. And sad after the game if someone else outshined him.

  589. If Lin has a bad game, the post count of the other site will be triple of what this site has.

  590. LOL

  591. Feel? It’s reality

  592. so true

  593. that’s a BS call

  594. its reality…

  595. Q. Will cliff sit kw start 4q?

  596. well, clifford isn’t called a game changer for no reason!

  597. No one on Hornets can hit the broad side of the barn!

  598. Like this one. ?

  599. I like the raptors announcer… he always says nice things about jlin…

  600. Toronto the 2nd team in the east did good on Lin. Lin will have to adjust . He wasn’t getting in the paint as easily as the first

  601. Lin in

  602. walker made a shot!!

  603. now, clifford is thinking “feed the hot hand”

  604. JLin can still steward a comeback…

  605. he’s bound to eventually given the amount of shots he takes!

  606. Not if they keep running statue of Linberty plays

  607. yup… man i hate this team so much

  608. doubt it, kemba is gonna start stat padding to fix his fg%

  609. right, i should add as long as clifford doesn’t get in the way…

  610. THANK YOU, mods for your great work keeping this a fun, positive and informative Lin fan site!

  611. Love Raptors commentator calls out melo jealousy of lin and his ridiculous contract comment caused lin leaving ny.

  612. this would actually be a good team for lin if kemba walker wasnt here

  613. Let’s see if clifford gets either smart and/or less racist…

  614. Kemba finally scored 2 at the cost of 3 pts (no defense) in the last min

  615. Raptors let him drive for a token 2 at the end of clock. They’re so way ahead. Cliff is letting them win by keeping KW on the floor.

  616. Right? but they need to play hanbrough… the big men are amazingly soft and bad…

  617. Mr. 4th quarter is good for 15/5(again). Symmetry is good

  618. Their coach made adjustments. Now Cliff has to make adjustments.

  619. Let’s go Jeremys!!

  620. Lin definitely stole that move from harden lol

  621. like let lin get more touches than lee cliff

  622. 1st Team foul. They better let Lin attack so that they can get into bonus early.

  623. Both FT good

  624. lets go lin!

  625. at the hive ticks me off as well

  626. Yes, Lin 2 FTs!

  627. like i said 20 points tonight lin and i will sleep good

  628. for lin to get 20 points on this team is like kemba walker playing team ball

  629. There you go!

  630. Lamb is pumped up. Let go BF1

  631. Lambbbb

  632. kemba sits and immediately the team looks alive. coincidence? i think not!

  633. That is why Lambs plays no matter how bad he plays

  634. i like lamb but he seems to hog the ball for personal stats also

  635. last 5 pts from lamb. Redemption!

  636. Awesome… that one guy went nuts during linsanity… he’s good in my book… better than s. readie…

  637. LAMB stop PG!!!!

  638. In order to make a come back, they need better D.

  639. BF1

  640. man, lamb does not pass…

  641. KW is off the floor and the offense is picking up.

  642. Well, at least Lamb hit his 2 bad shots.

  643. Only 9pts now

  644. ok theres 10 minutes left in the game. Lin has about 3 minutes to produce without walker and lee on the floor.

  645. JLin and JLamb a good combo…

  646. Kemba sits and the lights are brighter

  647. The first one was bad

  648. Why are we still on the negative on here.Lamb scoring is good. It allows Lin room to score. toronto have to account for Lamb now

  649. We needed Lamb’s shoot-first mentality there.

  650. Soon as Kemba sits, everything looks good.

  651. BF8c

  652. yeah, those were prayers answered…

  653. Lin saved the Al near-TO got it to Lamb for the tough J.

  654. yup

  655. Lamb 6 points in less than a min.!

  656. lets go lin and lamb. bf1 revival right now plz

  657. only if it’s a good shot. don’t need chuckers

  658. Second one he never looked at Lin. It was an on-balance shot from not such great offensive execution.

  659. Was that an assist?

  660. Lamb and Lin have proven to play well with each other.

  661. Nope. Of course not! It’s Lin!

  662. i dont have a stream whats going on?

  663. D and rebounds are the key in the 4Q. Scoring isn’t the issue.

  664. id still take troy over lamb anyday tho

  665. totally

  666. lin needs to drive now stop taking jumpers

  667. push the pace too

  668. come on lin make a shot

  669. see cliff now hes cooled off cuz u kileld his confidence

  670. lamb’s gotta go. He’s stopping the ball movement!

  671. jlin shoot!

  672. Can they let Lin bring the ball up pls….

  673. We are not getting good shots

  674. WTH REFS ?? That’s 2 jumpshots where Lin was knocked down by a defender.

  675. Toronto is locking us down defensively. Making it hard on Lin.

  676. i told you guys lamb is not good to play with lin. he never passes the ball to him

  677. Come one… Jlin, play pg! Let’s stop screwin around

  678. Just curios, can Al jump?

  679. low IQ basketball player

  680. Our PnR D sucks

  681. Why Lamb keeps playing PG??????

  682. Both teams cooling off FG-wise.

  683. Sigh. That was the time for Lin to seize the opportunity and he didn’t

  684. He’s getting hit on jumpshots, but not getting a foul call.

  685. 2 inch vertical leap

  686. get lamb outta here!! killing ball movement

  687. They wasted that stretch when they were getting stops.

  688. Lamb hogged the ball.

  689. yeah, ur right… he plays by himself!

  690. sadly … you’re right

  691. Raptors keep setting screen for their guards

  692. Hornets don’t set screens.

  693. He wasn’t given the ball… Lamb comes in and just chucks…

  694. they do and then when cliff sees its working he decides its time for kemba iso ball

  695. Lamb can’t even make a simple entry pass to Jefferson.

  696. Or no one can sat a real screen. lol.

  697. not sure why Kemba always get the ball when he plays pg, but Lin only got 50% of touches as “pg”

  698. Things were disrupted and the offense didn’t come together. Lin’s shot not falling this half unfortunately. Got blocked on a nice drive. I think he should take it to the hole and get fouled.

  699. Lowry received screen from Biyombo. Has Lin or Lamb received any screen from bigs? This has to come from the coaching scheme..

  700. That’s very bizzarre indeed

  701. lol its always true with lamb lol.

  702. FT

  703. timeout. looks like Kemba will be coming back in. clifford sealing the raptors’ victory. good game tho

  704. Fts

  705. get these free throws!

  706. Oh shot up Joesph

  707. Raptors trap on Lin is so bad

  708. Lin 19!

  709. That’s it Lin. Get the points that way.

  710. this game isnt over guys

  711. Here come the BS call again.

  712. Yes, 2 FTs!
    Now set some screens for Lin, plzzzz!!

  713. Refs not giving us calls either

  714. Physco T can, but he ain’t playing

  715. BS Blocking foul. Lin was set and drew the charge on Lowry !

  716. man this chat room is so addicting even when i cant watch the game

  717. pizza!!

  718. Offensive foul of Lowry. Obvious.

  719. lin 6 minutes for 1 point

  720. Bad pass…

  721. Too fancy

  722. oh no, walker in… game over…

  723. we have 5 minutes to make up 11 points we can do it

  724. could’ve been a great pass

  725. laptop, tablet and cell phone – all in use 🙂

  726. 22222222222

  727. if kemba was injured instead of batumn we coulda won this game

  728. 22222

  729. Lin should shoot it there. Bad pass. THat’s ok. Like the aggression.

  730. i just about to say Clifford needs some guts to sit Kemba for the rest for game

  731. Yeah, but I’ll always tolerate an “unselfish” aggressive pass TO.

  732. game is over with Kemba back in

  733. Assist

  734. what a pass!

  735. I am surprised that Kemba keep passing the ball to Lin.

  736. Great move by JLin!!!! Up-and-under

  737. Man that was a tough layup Lin made.

  738. i think your behind lol

  739. Damn that was some finish.

  740. So simple PnR

  741. come on kemba stop hogging

  742. That was probably Kembas worst game in his career

  743. Lee should to KW earlier.

  744. Terrible fast break

  745. HUGE mistake .. Cliff!!

  746. See, this is why you should never let CLee lead a fast break, he keeps it for himself and only passes if he can’t get his layup.

  747. lee and kemba run poor fast breaks twice

  748. 5pt swing. Kemba flubbed layup, Lowry 3.

    From last chance to game over.

  749. lowry making some horrible shots

  750. why Kemba>????

  751. clifford switches lin to guard lowry… the only smart move he has made today…

  752. lowry looking like steph curry today

  753. He got lucky. He is overrated. Same as Thomas with the Celtic.

  754. Walker is a liability…

  755. Hornets get no stop. Sigh.

  756. He’s in the zone…

  757. No chance of coming back. Lowry hitting 3 pointers with a hand in his face.

  758. always

  759. at least lin’s ppg will go up to 11.8

  760. They had a chance until you-know-who took over in the late 2nd and 3rd.

  761. Exactly, he takes bad shots and they fall. Not much you can do about that.

  762. We (I mean us here) still got JLin… never count that boy out…

  763. lamb messed up the comeback at the start of the 4th as well

  764. Welp, Lin got his stats despite seflish players and suck-up coaching.

    I’m satisfied. This team won’t go anywhere with Kemba leading them, so who cares?

  765. with limited mins and role

  766. Lamb and Hawes were deadweight in this game.

  767. clifford was raving about his signing early in the season. my gawd he’s clueless

  768. Cliff kills the momentum, Kemba gives the momentum to Raptors. Perfect combo.

  769. people say lamb is great, but ive been watching nearly every game the hornets have played… he is terrible to play with its like another kemba walker, but at SG

  770. Lamb shouldn’t try to facilitate. He’s really a mixed bag but not balanced towards the positive. Does some good stuff, but a lot of bad stuff.

  771. Both JLin and Lowry got 21pts/6asts

  772. Just feels like Lin wasted his efforts because he always wants a win.

  773. Lamb has tons of talent, but he’s mentally weak — when guys hog, he doesn’t trust Lin to set him up. He hogs it, throws up a bad shot, then pouts on defense if it doesn’t go in.

  774. come on lin hit one more shot

  775. One guy playing off his teammates, one guy forced to play against.

  776. lets pad those stats lin

  777. But Lin wants to win!

  778. another assist!

  779. Assist

  780. wooooooooooo

  781. 21 and 7 is a great game!

  782. great mind thinks alike!

  783. JLin delivered, as usual…

  784. his season average can be 21 and 7 under MDA

  785. I was right. I said Lin will have 40 mins.


  787. Outplayed the “stars” walker and lowry…

  788. AGREED!

  789. Marvin is clutch.

  790. JLin 7th assist to Marvin 3!!!!!
    only 6pts now

  791. Some Chinese mogul has got to buy a team and let JLin start!

  792. No doubt 😀

  793. Great assist and pushing ball by LIn to Marvin 3.

  794. NO DOUBT!

  795. yeah walker killed lins chances of getting 30 points

  796. and TRUE PG

  797. Could Happen Again!

  798. its on coach actually, but i don’t see cliff clipping lamb this part of him facilitating.maybe that’s cliff plan and system, so i guess its not lamb fault, but if cliff trying to restraint lamb of this habit, then lamb is lost as to his capabilities.


  800. Marv can hit big last minute shot(s)

  801. theres no way in hell that lin doesnt get a starting job next year..

  802. JLin has a quarter of the hornets’ points…

  803. Toronto makes some of the worse shots I’ve seen

  804. Lin still fighting

  805. NBA cannot ignore jlin anymore… as his career goes on, the more the discrimination is apparent…

  806. i see Kemba dancing around on defense

  807. 5-11 not bad… 3-13 from the “superstar?” well…

  808. Refs really have it out for Lin in this game. Got fouled a bunch of times, no call. Gets ticky tack fouls everytime he makes a defensive play.

  809. Time is running out. 🙁

  810. Got the stop, but bigs can’t rebound. Second chance — no shot blocker to contest.

  811. That’s why we follow him… never give up…

  812. That’s Raptor’s O all day long, hitting tough tough tough shots…

  813. I disagree. This was actually a fair game, IMO. Well, relatively speaking.

  814. And 1

  815. Walker and 1, 2 possessions game

  816. Imagine if Kemba just sat. Lin and Batum win this game easily. Lin alone wins it close.

  817. Nice trap by Lin and Williams

  818. Lin with 7 asts now…

  819. Walker is a liability…

  820. kemba made a tough and-1. down 6 points with 37 seconds left

  821. The fat lady is not ready just yet!

  822. Lets go Lin! Win this

  823. 5 points…

  824. Let get a steal.

  825. JLin is about to improve his starter stats to 18.1pts/4.9asts with 45%3PG in 12 games

    He is a STARTER indeed!

  826. I don’t care what anyone say, Jeremy Lin is a star….base on all the coverage Lin is getting on camera. LOL

  827. Lee’s terrible on the full court press

  828. about time he contributes!

  829. Nice! Against tough teams too!

  830. That’s every game!

  831. Similar good stats when he plays over 30 mins

  832. Dam right!

  833. Raptors cant stop Lin coz they dont trap. Celtics cant stop Lin coz they have Evan Turner.

  834. yeah plus he plays alongside kemba for all of them

  835. proof is in the stats!

  836. For sure!

  837. Yes Walker and 1

  838. It’s not over!

  839. kw…lol!

  840. Kemba another and one

  841. Yes and 1 again!

  842. Yep, Lin don’t like the Trap! game. LOL

  843. wow kemba walker.. go figure

  844. and he missed the freebie

  845. Not clutch

  846. Walker choke!

  847. OK gotta give him credit.

  848. Choke!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  849. Walker just don’t got it…

  850. OF COURSE! He deserves to bra starter.

  851. Kemba only woke up in the last 5 minutes of the game.

  852. got stat padding skills but when the game is on the line…..

  853. kemba crack in the big games

  854. Walker miss wow lowry miss

  855. Need a 3!!!!!!!!!

  856. Lawry not clutch too

  857. Lin’s turn!

  858. kemba is such a damn hog

  859. That’s cos Lawry’s a steakhouse!

  860. lets not give our best player the ball.. great strategy cliff

  861. Disagreed. Lin pass him the ball. Gotta shot as no time left.

  862. kemba playing just for stats and it shows

  863. Kemba Choke…….

  864. not fair, he earned that shot.

  865. He is not a plus for this team…

  866. LOL. Has anyone noticed Tor’s substitutions at the end here…Biyombo, Valanciunas…no, now Biyombo…uh back to Valanciunas…oh..Biyombo…Valanciunas again… Gotta find some humor wherever it can be found 🙂

  867. always!

  868. Well. At least good game for Lin. Starter next season!!!!

  869. LOL. Kemba just ain’t clutch. Total myth.

    They don’t even want to win. They just want to get Kemba’s volume stats up.

  870. no doubt!

  871. Only if MDA or (maybe) Sean Marks can save him.

  872. I hate Corey Joseph so much.

  873. Lee let Joseph got away again

  874. What are the stats when he plays over 30?

  875. East top 2 had a tough game against Charlotte. Hornets earned their respect!

  876. Yea. Lee full court pass sucks.

  877. Walker is a ball hog and choke artist… the more i watch, the more i dislike his game… they picked the wrong guy… oh yeah, he is boring to watch too…

  878. So can we finally please put to rest the talk about Lin as a force/x factor off the bench?! He has proven himself against the toughest teams in the league. Don’t want to hear it anymore – especially on a Lin fan site!

  879. Not really. Hornets look like a classic treadmill team. Can’t beat any top team…unless Lin is leading.

  880. With out Batum too. Imagine if Clifford allow Lin to play 40 mins with Batum on the floor?

  881. Great game Lin! You’re a starter!!!!

  882. Walker… boo!

  883. I was right. Lin 40 mins!

  884. So you are the arbiter of opinion here? Wow. Take a positive game by LIn to make a dig at me. Uncool.

  885. 4-16 is horrible…

  886. That’s given. Don’t you want lemonade out of lemons? Sheesh!

  887. somebody will be pissed, since he insists that Lin is better off to be the bench warmer, that guy …

  888. Walker is not a winner.

  889. Don’t be so sensitive.

  890. Toronto is good.

  891. You aren’t the only one who thinks that way.

  892. Kemba against top teams:

  893. Nah. “Small number of samples”, they will say.

  894. Lee and KW played bad in this game. And of course, Cliff let the one guy who couldn’t shoot all game took the last moment shots! SMH!

  895. Can’t be happy about Lin’s game. Dig dig dig. Very mature of both of you. Well, I’m happy to see Lin play. So if you have to take digs. Dig on. But it’s pathetic.

  896. no shots for the best player tonight

  897. No Hornets sucks today…

  898. Very good defensively. made a lot of hard and late shots

  899. True, he stat-padded really hard vs bottom feeder teams. Definitely earned it.

  900. I know stupid

  901. so kemba took the last 4 shots and was 4-16… lets clap it up to our all star point guard here. He definitely deserves the most improved player don’t you guys think?

  902. They just empower their best players. Not great coaching, but with no Asian guy, there’s no race bias.

  903. What is wrong? We are all very happy about this game!

  904. Cliff would rather loss than Let Lin took the last few shots.

  905. lol

  906. 52 wins. Toronto is good!

  907. hooray for the bench warmer who outscored the stat padding all star PG

  908. indeed

  909. When your center has the most 3 point shot attempts…

  910. Surprise! Surprise! The last minute all balls gone to Walk..

  911. Knicks game at MSG tomorrow. Maybe Lin’s freeze-outs can keep him fresh.

  912. Wink wink. Face palm. Lol

  913. gonna go right back to being an inefficient chucker next year when Lin isn’t on the floor to help him out. the hornets fans are gonna act shock

  914. Curious to know KW stats vs play-off teams

  915. actually, 2nd most. Walker 8, Kaminsky 7 attempts.

  916. Obvious dig is obvious.

  917. Actually just hoping that you can now see why Lin should be a starter, not a bench player. It is not a newfound revelation that he is a force in games,

  918. Don’t respond to the provocations. Just let go of the rope.

  919. you can’t stop others for thinking differently from yours..just as others want to silence yours, if theres a disagreement, move forward and leave it that way!

  920. I’m not. Lin did well. But the team didn’t win. I’m happy with Lin’s performance tonight overall, not the game.

  921. good strategy to bring down his stats, most improved player no more …

  922. From brick factory to brick city == Most Improved!

  923. who was 4-16 FGM-A in this game!

  924. They almost lose this game.

  925. Lowry, Dragic, Lin. All three good point guards and all three slipped out of the stat guru, Daryl Morey’s hands.

  926. Of course you address me and not the one making digs. It’s just really annoying to be here sometimes.

  927. Great game for him as a starter …again. 🙂

  928. Come on … No real surprise there

  929. If you want tot talk about stats…yeah…he did the right thing in taking that shot.

  930. Lowry is lucky one… he got the money, freedom on court & became All star.

  931. It’s not important to me as it is to you. He plays well I’m happy however he’s in the game. This game wasn’t as great as the Spurs game where he came off of the bench because they won that game. Playing well is playing well, you and others make this big deal about bench vs. starter that I just have a different opinion on. Instead of just disagreeing and moving on, this always come up with these little digs. It gets annoying.

  932. ok

  933. he doesn’t know the word restraint!

    if you don’t have it now, pass the ball!

  934. It seems a waste of his great performance in a team loss. We know Lin wanted a Win!

  935. Maybe it’s a hockey influence in Canada.

  936. Too bad it’s a loss, but as usual Lin GOT HIS! Why smog it up with gassing out some provocations. The guy you’re aiming at has never said Lin should come off the bench, but had his opinions about whether it matters when he always manages to be the difference maker anyway. Let us have some ummolested fun savoring Lin’s great performance tonight.

  937. Even though he plays SG, Lin continues to put up All-Star caliber stats as a starter (12 games this year).

  938. This is the game that we can point to that Cliff rather lose w/ KW than have Lin win the game and be the hero. We always have a feeling that when KW can’t shoot well or shoot a lot even, the game somehow would turn out to be a loss. Bc Cliff/KW don’t adjust according to the game flow. It’s all about politics w/ Cliff and his own stats w/ KW.

  939. Dragic is luckier, IMO. Least talent of all 3 and bigger $$$ than Lowry.

  940. THey’re constant. If it isn’t here it is the other site. Why can’t they accept diversity of opinion and enjoy our guy stepping up. I said he does great as starter or bench player and his stats prove out he’s most effective at starter yet all they hear is I want him to be a bench player. And I’m sick of it.

  941. no way jose!

  942. He deserved the $.. he just peaked already.

  943. 5y/92M??? No way.

  944. But he didn’t get the respect & freedom on court like Lowry even he got the most money now.

  945. He got plenty. Just squandered it twice and still got a 3rd chance now.

  946. If Walker made a few shots the game would look better but still a loss. What really hurt the Hornets was Walker’s defense. Raptor backcourt scored half the points.

  947. it was like that since his contract got extended.

  948. Hope Lin’s turn will come soon.

  949. Walker and Lee. The difference was, the Raptors have big men who can protect the paint. Hornets only had Cody for a few minutes at a time.

  950. Lin got almost the same stats like Lowry but he took less shots & control less ball… Hope he can be free next season.

  951. I believe you were the one who kept bringing up the bench vs. starter role. But you should let it go now.

  952. watching the hornets is so draining… lol wait its not as bad as last season

  953. Cliff said Lin had a good game but It cant just be him. Kemba looking at you bro

  954. yup. a point guard playing as a SG while putting up the kind of number Lin does is unprecedented. just imagine if he’s allowed to play his natural position as a point guard…

  955. And thanks for the support, Jane.

  956. I think he will otherwise it’s too unfair.

  957. Great efforts!
    Just so close… At least we’ve put in the fight for the combat.

  958. So Lin got his tonight then Walker just had to ball hog mode at the end and lose the game. I think it was Jimmy asking me why all the “hate” at Walker. Well I this game once again proved why. At a glance his average stats might look “good” but for those who have watched highlights and enough games they will know Kemba palys 40+ minutes every game while barely making 1/4 of the shots. This game’s 4-16 is already consider low in his shot attempts, he usually goes for 20-30 shot attempts just to pad his stats! And this is a non star player we’re talking about here!!

  959. he meant to say, “lin had a good game, but it can’t be only him which is why I took the ball out of his hands when he was hot.” Coach Clifford

  960. Who said Life is fair? 🙁

  961. The key word is OPINION. Everyone is entitled to their opinions, even if it isn’t right. Don’t dwell on it.

  962. Correct me if I’m wrong, but Marvin bumped Terrence Ross on a 3 point attempt, and it was a foul with 3 FT. Lin got hit multiple times on multiple jumpshot attempts, NO FT’s.

  963. Not to get too yoga on you, but really just let it go. The folks who don’t have a problem with your opinions are here…you just don’t hear much from them because these little mud fights are really tedious. Post, but don’t work so hard to stop others from misreading or bending meanings or taking out of context or exaggerating. The bell curve is undefeatable 🙂

  964. Yep. He’s so selfish. Statpadding against bad teams, bricking and stinking against top teams. Refuses to feed the hot hand if that hot hand is Lin.

  965. True. But I still believe God is watching… Haha!

  966. You’re preaching to the choir brother.

  967. Well said. In contrast, Lin was 5-11.

  968. And he DEMANDED a trade out of the sinking Phoenix Suns.

  969. I’m ok now. Breathe. I’m good. Thanks.

  970. you’re wrong cus Lin didn’t get a nose bleed.. refs only call it when they see Lin bleed

  971. Negativity is getting old.

  972. I’ve gotten used to it. At least they correctly called reach-ins on drives.

  973. I’m away from this part of the discussion on to the fun stuff. How he did tonight. I vented, I’m done. I’m good. Thanks.

  974. He had 8 fts though. Cant get all of them.

  975. This is not new… smh!

  976. Can you just move on? It was not a dig, and you are not the only who posts that Lin should be a bench player.

  977. True. Hornets frontcourt are not as strong. Hansbrough would be really important for the playoffs but he will not see a minute.

  978. well, at least when Lin apply for a starting job next year he can write in his resume, “as a starter last year, I’ve put up such and such numbers”

  979. You’re welcome. But…don’t count on seeing it in a post very often ’cause usually when the provocations start I just walk away from the computer. Too childish. Also, so very very much not Lin.

  980. If Kemba played to his usual level, Hornets win. He played such a poor game tonight. I think Marvin had an uneven game, did some good things at the end. Lin, except for getting cold the 3Q, played solidly. I like that he had points and really good assists. Seems he made the adjustment to get the ball to the bigs. They were able to handle his passes tonight.

  981. you replied to them that’s was your choice and my point was RESTRAINT,

    you also dismissed the positive in my post for you? sometimes you have to know when and who to fight with…maybe i am also through with you.. hope you see the light in my suggestion, not only for you, but to others too!

  982. as a starter playing out of position last year …

  983. Maybe Hornets get to second round. If lucky. Last two games shows team is not ready for elite teams.

  984. Lin should definitely get a starting position. Has been nothing but productive when getting the starting nod

  985. What do you think of his game? He plays strangely to me. He makes shots but I don’t know. And he missed 2 FTs and had a lane violation in the end of the game. That could have cost his team tonight.

  986. True. They played so bad after watched these two games… I am not that high on their playoff anymore..if they continue to play like this then it’s first round exit.

  987. Very not Lin. I should take your lead. And Lin’s. I forget sometimes. Thanks so much.

  988. After tonight game I think Lin & Kemba really had different opinion on game plan… it’s not going to work for their playoff. smh!

  989. For 2nd round in the playoffs, we definitely needs a favorable smile from Lady Luck!

  990. Right on.

  991. James, I was in a state. Sorry. You’re fine with me and thanks.

  992. Well, unless some miracles like the spurs one.

  993. Actually, Lin shines if he plays is my theme.

  994. Batum is really an x factor for the hornets. I believe if hes healthy and cliff lets lin finish games out (30 Minutes playing time) then the hornets will do well in the playoffs

  995. but if he got all correctly. game results differ!

  996. Think Lin’s going to get 6th man of the year now?

  997. I think Lamb did more damage tonight. Hornets could’ve won if they didn’t mess up that stretch where lamb hogged the ball.

  998. But that’s not what I’m saying. Just telling you that for the record. Lin should play. His most expanded realizations have been starting, but he’s done great in other capacities as well.

  999. I hope so.. if they had won this game, then without a doubt he would have won it

  1000. Hope so but doubt…. Kemba & Batum will in charge not Lin.

  1001. The call I wish they got right was Lowry’s charge into him. That was an obvious charge, not a block.

  1002. Vote end or not?

  1003. Sorry, Jane – I usually enjoy your posts, but this is a Lin fan site and she’s constantly coming on here with obtuse, long-winded posts and if we disagree with her, she comes after us as you can see – and she must always have the last word. It’s not just on this site either. She dishes it out plenty, but can’t take it when other do not agree with her – THAT gets real old, real fast.

  1004. He’s at the mercy of writers. So, I’m doubtful. I would love it if he did.

  1005. you always need the last word, right? – but ok.

  1006. Pretty sure they swallow their whistles even when there’s blood.

  1007. Why you think so?

  1008. well, miami paid him so no argument

  1009. at the mercy of clifford is more like it

  1010. Writers have their favorites. They don’t notice him or give him enough credit from what I’ve seen of them.

  1011. Dragic only has shown glimpses of what he did in his great Phoenix year. I think the fit isn’t right. He had a system more suited for him in Phoenix.

  1012. Lin should play. What does that even mean??

  1013. Not happening if Kemba gets to play his iso game. But it will be nice to see Lin flourish while Kemba crumbles like Harden playoffs.

  1014. Remember this game: Raptors vs Hornets 4/5/2016– KW choked on the final FT and on the last two 3ptr shots. Raptors stifled KW w/ their defense so he couldn’t shoot all game. What did Cliff do? He then designed three final plays for KW, yet he couldn’t come through. Remember, there was a game when Cliff had sat Lin almost the entire 4Q and inserted him in the last :22 seconds, and he made two winning shots!

  1015. Cavs and Raptors playing absolute best. Shows why they are #1 and #2 seeds in the East.
    The good news is the Hornets don’t play them until later rounds

  1016. I don’t know about others… but just got the feeling NY media push hard for him… ONLY NY truly loves him.

  1017. Breathing.

  1018. kinda feel sorry for the hornets next year without Lin cus they’re gonna see a whole lot more of today’s version of Kemba

  1019. lin take shots when he sees he needs to take it, not for stat padding but for winning the game. he empower his teammates by acknowledging their contribution for he know that winning can’t be done by only one player, that why his shot is always best selected!

  1020. They’ve been watching for a few years now so they’re used to it.

  1021. Not surprised what Cliff did. First he’s not smart second he’s just do whatever his boss asked him to do. That’s the way for Hornets now & future. smh!

  1022. They’ll get rewarded with a lottery pick. Don’t worry for them.

  1023. true. but some of them act like they don’t know what’s going on. will probably blame the next guy that replaces Lin

  1024. They got used to it…

  1025. When all the odds and hopes are gone, then the dragon surfaces. Wait till they loss 2 in a row and have no choice but let Lin play.

  1026. lol!

  1027. Does seem like Hornets are happy to just be in the playoffs. Respect Lin’s game. If things are good or bad, he plays same. He always plays the right way and plays for the win. Personally very disappointed they did not win tonight. Lin usually wins when he gets the minutes.

  1028. Mark my word…. KW will win the MIP award…….most incompetent player.

  1029. My favorite line from tonight’s game. Raptor commentator said with a sigh, “What is it with Lin and the Raptors?” The other commentator answered, “He is just a good player!”

  1030. miami is not catering to him right now because of wade and bosh. he also needs the ball in his game that’s why he’s also lost, except whe injury befell on their star players.

    jlin on the other hand (if i may interject), learned that the ball will not always be given and he tries to play off the ball that’s why he’s effective even not catered!

  1031. I like it too. Haha!

  1032. Hornets’ defenses have a lot of holes, especially against pick and roll, I saw Jeremy Lin again and again defending both the picker and roller with no help from the bigs. He was double teamed on offense and defense.

  1033. not when at the crucial minutes, agenda still is evident!

  1034. they love it to the max!!!

  1035. as if cliff story is everywhere to read so all can react quickly!!!

  1036. fairly – YES, but with bias – no!

  1037. just checked and saw Lin had a great game! im happy bye now!

  1038. They should have put Kaminsky as the power forward and move MW to small forward. JLin and Lee back court.

  1039. His over 30 mins pt stats – 18.6pts/5rbs/4.5asts/ with 47%FG 46%3PG in 16 games

    Very impressive indeed!!

  1040. i think it will be a close fight between fair minded writers and those with agenda!LOL!

  1041. He’s a factor too!

  1042. batum is ok and also less minutes (PT) for KW

  1043. yeah, I agree with all of that.

  1044. And doesn’t play defense at all. Look at Lowry’s stat.

  1045. You don’t forget just sometimes, from what I observed, you forget all the times.

  1046. unlike harden, kw tries but lacks the fundamentals…need to strengthen it!

  1047. What’s wrong? Better rest tomorrow.

  1048. If you choose to fell into the hole, then don’t blame people who dig the hole. It’s pathetic on your part too.

  1049. he always gives his all allthe time

  1050. Why feel sorry, Hornets should be feel lucky for this year.

  1051. Thanks. Featured 🙂

  1052. Didn’t watch the game. What happened? ?

  1053. Now Lin’s 12 starting games are average 18.1 pts, 4.9 ast. 45.6% FG, 44.7% 3P% in 35.6 min.

  1054. DeRozan had way more FT on way more shot attempts. He was doing a James Harden out there.

  1055. Good game by Lin. Raptors played better than Hornets. Tough matchup if they meet later in the playoffs

  1056. Exactly!
    Just as some would pleaded or advocating diverse opinions, can he also pleaded for stop talking Lin as a backup? if you don’t like his pleaded then ignore! Just like some would ask others to ignore their posts if they don’t like to read it.
    I sincerely hope those remember what they preached!

  1057. Didn’t we see that huge swelling on his elbow for a while now? He still plays well even with these huge swells on his ankle and elbows.

  1058. Did he hurt his elbow?

  1059. GD’s Highlights

  1060. It’s just a 6th man of the year award, Lin and fans should be looking at starting PG, all-star, Championship! 6th man are for bench players and Lin is a star who’s unfairly benched. That 6th man of award means nothing to those who knows they can lead their own team!

  1061. When JLIN did not have enough touches, someone said CHA need to feed the hot hand; now JLIN become hot hand, Clifford prefer the COLD hand; whatever, just wish JLin totally speedy recover, enjoy the playoff and has a wonderful FA selection!

  1062. Wonder if Kemba was like this last year. Didn’t watch him so I can’t judge.

  1063. but right now he’s at the bench so he’s playing great for that role. next FA, all star!

  1064. I’ll try to come up with some fresh Negativity lol. Just kidding (stay positive, stay positive, stay..)

  1065. Nope

  1066. He has hands?

  1067. He will do even better when he gets his starting PG job next year!

  1068. Game was objectively lost because of Kemba, not unlike many others…so trippin’s justified.

  1069. Get the playoffs started already. I’m done with the regular season.

  1070. I’ll give you childish…(poke poke poke) (¬_¬ ) ☞

  1071. 🙂

  1072. What’s the rush? They still big reason to win more games.

  1073. Wow, Lin dissatisfied with his defensive energy. He doesn’t like losing.

  1074. Wish the coach would intervene more, when KW’s shot’s aren’t falling he doesn’t bring that much more to the table.

  1075. always mature in his answers.

  1076. Even when he was the only showed any life in this game and did well, Lin always takes it hard when it’s a loss and responsibility for the team. He was the one that provided the spark, energy and offense throughout the game. Lin knows when to change the momentum, but he didn’t have the rock in his hand to do it in most possessions in crunch time. Don’t feel bad Lin, this loss is on Cliff and KW.

  1077. Lin and frank. Everyone else was absent

  1078. Lin was the key. He created for Kam and others and scored himself to keep Hornets in the game when it really counts.

  1079. I think Lee had his usual game. DeRozan is tough to guard and he did a very good job guarding him tonight. I agree with Lin, team lacked defensive intensity. I don’t really think anything was wrong with his energy.

  1080. I didn’t say he wasn’t .

  1081. Yes.

  1082. Lee is always what Lee i. Very dependable. Lamb is the opposite. Al as well.

  1083. It’s hard for him bc his teammates didn’t play well even they played team ball tonight.

  1084. Most of the players Lin has played with really like and respect him. It’s only the jealous losers like Melo, Harden, and Kobe that don’t like Lin.

  1085. Yes, I did. Everyone is welcome to tweet and email it! Thank you all!

  1086. Weird and uncomfortable to watch.

  1087. he always man up and at least contributing to the cause of hornets!

  1088. Yes, when Lee is overmatched he is OVERMATCHED.

  1089. He did a decent job. Derozon hit a lot of tough shots.

  1090. Got this from the other side…fan in tonight’s game.

    1. I did not know Lin going to start because of Batum’s injury. So when they introduced Lin in starting line up, you guys could picture how surprise I was. jaw drop!! Lol!

    2. Lin was super calm and relaxed through the entire game. He was distance from the team gathering. Always at the very outer perimeter of the circle, till very end of the last couple time out. I think he was trying to focus and tune himself out of the noises again.

    3. During the entire, Lin was comfortably playing Clifford ‘s game system. He could turn on and off his own offensive game seamlessly and that was very impressive!! So I think our boy is really ready now.

    4. After Lin scored a 3’s at beginning of 2Q, ball went to Raptors procession, ball was out of bound at Raptors end, Raptors’ Head. Coach pat Lin’s back while Lin passing by. I remember he did that and talked to Lin too while Lin played for Lakers. So, I do think he likes Lin. Lin to Raptors!!!?? No, Toronto is too cold. Not ideal for California boy. lol.

    5. Lin was very fast! His first step was legit!! I know a lot of people posted that repeatedly after watched his game. I don’t mind to repeat that again. Because it is really impressive!!!

    6. I think we can say Lin’s 3’s is back officially. His shooting at first half was just flawless!! Just beautiful!!!

    7. Lin received the biggest cheers among Hornets players during introduction. We were surrounded by all die-heart Raptors fans. But I hear those significant welcome noises from the distance, and that was good to see.

  1091. i like this :
    “3. During the entire, Lin was comfortably playing Clifford ‘s game
    system. He could turn on and off his own offensive game seamlessly and
    that was very impressive!! So I think our boy is really ready now.”

    jlin’s ability to know when to score and when to let his teammates be involve, a complete PG!

  1092. lol!

  1093. McHale hinted he was stabbed in the back by Harden.

  1094. He did and Lee forced him into some bad shots or giving up the ball.

  1095. Can’t believe Mc will say this… but I love it. LOL!

  1096. McHale picked the wrong player to trust – Harden didn’t respect him at all.

  1097. It’s Morey not Mc…he’s just a puppet.

  1098. That too.

  1099. casey was JLin HC at Mavs summer league I believed

  1100. GSW having a hard time with the Wolves. Game is almost tied with Curry in foul trouble with about 2 minutes left.

  1101. whoa they caught back up? guess i’ll tune in again

  1102. McHale got what he deserved:

    a FIRING courtesy of James Harden, the one guy Mchale trashed Lin in order to butter up to.

  1103. They just changed a call in GSW’s favor. From a blocking foul to offensive foul against Wolves.

  1104. IMO, McHale is still bitter and he’s firing back in a backhanded way using the media outlet.
    My interpretation:
    “I love Cury.”– I don’t like Harden.
    “Just love how he shoots.”– Instead of shooting, Harden refs bait.
    “How he moves the ball.” – Harden Iso
    “How he doesn’t have a big beard and isn’t named James.”– Curry doesn’t need to hide his face bc he’s Curry, the true MVP & best shooter.

  1105. He did. I don’t feel sorry for McHale. He disrespected Lin every chance he got.

  1106. Morey wasn’t the guy that axed McHale.

    Owner Les Alexander, likely still seething from the toxic way McHale and Morey treated Lin, was the one who kicked McHale out. Morey had nothing to do with it.

    Les Alexander should have fired McHale on the spot for yanking Lin off the court in that Portland playoff series.

  1107. if that is the case, Les also has to fire his FO morey?

  1108. To me, GSW doesn’t look invincible anymore. They look tired. They’ll probably get 73 wins but they look like they need to rest some key players to be fresh for the playoffs.

  1109. OT in GSW

  1110. McHale is SOUR!!! take the consequences of his past deeds! what you sow, you will reap, he created a monster so he has to take he bite!

  1111. Long Highlights form JunLiu

  1112. i think, they are scouted well now, that’s why invisibility is now flimsy!

  1113. they havent been playing well recently. I really hope the spurs win the championship this year. Can’t not root for them its like rooting for lin

  1114. Salty! Lol.

  1115. yes, McHale spoiled Harden like a diva and blamed Lin as a scapegoat unfairly.
    Then Harden turned on him to be the scapegoat

    McHale created a monster who ate him and spat him out.
    Hard to feel sorry for him

    But I enjoy these commentaries :}

  1116. If lin could go to Spurs and average 15 a game I would be so happy alongside Kawhi and Aldridge.

  1117. dynasty!

  1118. It will happen soon

  1119. They may lose this game. Green has just fouled out and they are down in OT. This is the one game they can lose to still get the record. Then they can’t lose any more.

  1120. Yup 🙂 also pop would treat Lin very well and would know how to play him just enough not to get injured

  1121. Thanks!

  1122. Thank you! Just a little fast this time.

  1123. at least bscott know that he will be the target of backstabbing that’s why he will not like to be on the same foxhole with his players!


  1124. dang the warriors are so clutch lol

  1125. Pop is da man! he treats ALL players equally. so if Lin produce, he’s gonna be a star on the Spurs team

  1126. hope so if that will be jlin’s decision!

  1127. Lets wait and see, if Spurs really want Lin they will give him a big contract but bottomline, Lin needs to start with Kawhi and Aldridge to make their new big 3.

  1128. Yeah I want Lin to play with MDA for 1 season and average 20 and 7 then go to SPurs for remainder of his career and play good solid team ball

  1129. Lin lost his shoes again at 4:35. Really don’t like Adias, maybe should switch to Nike especially after Kobe retired.

  1130. Yeah. I would rather Lin play for MDA first then join spurs when Tony Parker is relegated to the bench

  1131. GSW looks like they are losing tonight.

  1132. Get the feeling they peaked too early? They will have to bring it in the playoffs to repeat. I think they are definitely beatable now, especially by the Spurs.

  1133. Feel the same… even I lives in bay area….

  1134. Curry shooting awful tonight

  1135. yeah I think they burned themselves out in the reg season

  1136. theres only one ball to go around 15 might be pushing it

  1137. 124-117 Wolves win. They can’t lose any more games to get the record. They now have 9 loses, Bulls had 10 in their record season.

  1138. They lose.

  1139. rubio play good defense?

  1140. even curry will have bad shooting nights here and there

  1141. Of course, he’s human after all…LOL!

  1142. Warriors lost to the timber pups …lol

  1143. yeah but you have to think that pop is not gonna play 100 percent against them in either games to rest his starters

  1144. wow, i love Bruce Lin movies! mchale betrayed Bruce Lin and ended getting stabbed in the back by Bearded Bolo!

  1145. Trying to break the record is wearing them out. They are pressing now, things aren’t coming together with the ease they use to. While the Spurs are purring along. They’ll go for undefeated at home, but it isn’t as much pressure.

  1146. exactly so we can give kemba a break tn lol

  1147. Curry missed a lot of shots he usually makes. I guess Rubio did. I didn’t really notice and only watched the last 6 minutes of regulation and the OT.

  1148. yes, Kerr recently admitted the pressure to break the record is getting to them.
    Spurs is very experienced, just following the process and their system to be ready for the championship run

  1149. Maybe in 5 years! Lin needs a chance to show what he can do. If fully empowered with a remotely decent team, he can absolutely put up 22/8 for a 1st/2nd seed.

  1150. History is quite heavy. They are putting way too much energy on this record. May way on them in the playoffs

  1151. Kemba still needs some improvement so gave him some advice it’s good for him since he wants to get the most improved player, right? LOL!

  1152. They play the Spurs twice. They can’t lose anymore games to beat the Bulls record. Wonder if Pop rests his starters?

  1153. its gonna be tough for them. when they have 3 games left to play and two of the games are against the spurs

  1154. He may. I don’t think he cares

  1155. well i hope pop goes undefeated at home

  1156. Agree…they may have drain themselves. .. at least they still have one more chance to break the record

  1157. Great Scotts,
    Shabazz Muhammad destroyed GS Warriors tonight! Is it possible: Can they go 3-0 rest of the way ??
    Can Hornets go 4-0 to close out the regular season ?? Grab that 4th Seed and get home court.

  1158. Warriors getting some mental/physical fatigue. Also, Towns is fantastic, creates so many problems inside.

    Pop knows what he’s doing with his “rest games” for starters.

  1159. 2 vs Spurs? Wow! It’s going to be very interesting games.

  1160. wow. #4 is interesting. the raptors’ head coach and FO has always had an eye on Lin

  1161. Lebrons probably licking his chops seeing that the warriors and spurs will probably exhaust themselves trying to win the western conference

  1162. Probably tie the Bulls. Either way, Kerr gets to keep the record!

  1163. They have 4 games left to play fyi

  1164. I don’t know about that. Unless Kyrie sits, the Cavs look awfully vulnerable. If Kemba didn’t play at all, I’d pick the Hornets over the Cavs w/ Kyrie in a 7-game series.

  1165. which is the third game? I know one is vs memphis

  1166. lol fair point, but Kemba WILL play make no mistake about it

  1167. Then it’ll be a SWEEP. Or 5 games if Lin actually gets to play PG in one game.

  1168. maybe toronto could win, but idk man lebron always seems to come out on top in his conference