G75 PHI @ CHA Game Thread

Will Jeremy Lin be rested for another game to rest his back and/or to give Jorge Gutierrez some playing time to test him as the 2nd or 3rd string PG for next season?

    • He is listed as questionable this game due to sore lower back

    • JLin would be much needed in the next 2 games vs Cleveland Cavaliers and Toronto Raptors so it’s possible that he will get some rest or minimum playing time
    • Let’s go, JLin! Let’s hope and pray JLin would not think too much and is able to get into his shooting rhythm on the court.

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    Guess JLin's stats in Game 76 vs CLE


  1. Rest Jeremy

  2. Yes, it’s very likely he’ll rest unless Clifford thinks he needs some warm-up time before the tough Cavs and Raptors games

  3. Rest is good

  4. Don’t know if 76ers still miss Cs like last game.

  5. Questionable is not an upgrade.

  6. No, maybe decide on court.

  7. That’s game time decision, that’s an upgrade. Now status is the same.

  8. On Lin:

    He “looked a lot better. It’s his back so you have to be careful.” “Don’t want to do something that he’ll be out longer.” Clifford

    Meaning without Lin, we have no chance in playoff.

  9. Hornets are playing the 76ers essentially aD-League team on their home court where they’ve been strong. No sense in using Lin while he’s trying to recover.

  10. I do not want to see Lin plays with injury for the rest of season.

  11. Not all Rox fans are haters.

    By Blanket Jackson:

    Ariza takes 10 shots. Beverly takes 13 shots. Harden takes his 20. And Beasly, the guy who just got off the plane from China, gets to take 18 shots. I know the dude is a baller and everything…….in China. Howard-4 f*$%ing shots. Bickerstaff tried to implement a game plan. When the game started we were feeding the post, and we built a double digit lead, then like always, something happens. Our guards and small forwards start playing for shoe contracts. Who is in charge of this team, because it is not the coach. 3rd. quarter same thing. We start out hitting the post again and boom-double digit lead, then back to the adidas commercial.

    This,” it’s not whether you win or lose, it’s how good you look,” culture that’s been created with the rockets has got to go. I liked the team better when we had Lin, Parsons and Asik.

  12. They would not announce Lin’s absent too early to drop the thicket sales.

  13. NOT

  14. LOL…Google hit themselves with April Fool!

  15. totally…I think majority likes Lin both there are a bunch who goes over the top to belittle Lin for every single moves…who cares…its their lost

  16. I hope Lin rests and doesn’t play.

    Unlike most Lin fans, I’m perfectly fine with Lin sitting his underpaid $2 million butt on the injured list until he’s REALLY ready to play.

  17. Shaqtin’ the Fool Moment involving errant no-look Big Al pass to JLin.
    Good idea but bad execution 😀

  18. There’s ups and downs to that. If Lin rests, that’s good because he gives his nagging injuries time to heal. But if he rests too long, whatever rhythm he was establishing in his mostly good to fantastic recent games he may lose. I’m not into the $2 mill thing, he’s playing for God. I know money is a sign of respect but he’s made money and will in the future. So, some rest is good. Maybe these 2 games. But I think to get ready for the playoffs, if his body is strong enough to play, then it is overall better for him to play. But backs are tricky, it has to be he’s ok to play.

  19. I only want Lin to play to try to boost his shooting line…I’m afraid that 41%FG and 33%3PTFG won’t be good enough to get a team to offer Lin the chance to start…He had better shooting line with the Lakers and didn’t get any good offer.

  20. I don’t think it matters that much. A team will have Lin start depending on their needs. He’ll play off the bench if it depends on their needs for others. I think they all have an idea of what he can do and that players have down shooting years.

  21. Clifford??!! Oh … April Fool’s LOL

  22. No it is not.

  23. I know – too bad

  24. cliff is pretty good. Whether he is great for Lin is questionable but non the less still pretty good

  25. ‘Charlotte Hornets’ Guard, Jeremy Lin, Learned to be Effective Without the Ball in Houston’ via FanSided Android


  26. For those receiving the Quarterly package, prepare to use JLin’s ‘Spiker’ hair gel to create your own Mohawksanity.
    No April Fools!

  27. The team’s record was excellent in March, so he gets the coach of the month.

  28. Haha! This is good one. LOL!

  29. We can agree to disagree

  30. ESPN says Jlin is out tonight. http://espn.go.com/nba/game?gameId=400829015

  31. I give more credit to players like Jeremy who played well and pulled off big wins in March

  32. The least surprising announcement of the day – was foreshadowed to 2 hours before the previous Sixers game that JLIN out would be the case tonight.

  33. Yep, most of the tough wins against top teams have Lin’s fingerprints on them. He played and won those games while injured too.

  34. We gonna have to trust what he heard.

  35. Of course it is April Fools day

  36. I want to trust what he heard. One week without JLin basketball is too much! I can’t handle it… lol

  37. Good point… sigh

  38. It’s possible that Clifford is getting worried JLin won’t be ready to contribute in the Cavs/Raptors game if he’s out for too long.

    The Hornets need every win to get home-court advantage in the playoff

  39. Of course the NBA establishment is questioning referees in this case but what about questioning refs’ objectivity for JLIN.

    Rachel Nichols, Raja Bell and Israel Gutierrez examine if the referees in Wednesday night’s Kings game were too quick to give DeMarcus Cousins and Rajon Rondo technicals and if this is a league wide issue.

  40. I think shooting makes a difference for his contract. You see guys like Rondo and Rubio losing their values simply because they can’t shoot. They still can do all other things well but to be able to spread the floor is big in the NBA. Dallas couldn’t play Rondo because teams won’t even come out to guard him. He did ok in Sacramento because their offense is based on Cousin’s post play. Just imagine if Lin can shoot this year, you’re looking at minimum 10 mil. I think he should try to play instead of resting. You don’t want to give the new PG any chance to see the floor in case he plays well.

  41. Agree! Just play 15mins to secure the blow out (and more importantly the audition). He can then relax on the bench.

  42. @HornetsPR
    INJURY UPDATE: @hornets HC Steve Clifford says Jeremy Lin (sore low back) listed as questionable, will warmup and try to play. #PHIatCHA

  43. Clifford is talking about ‘Rest vs Rhythm’ w/Chris Kroeger. Probably, Clifford is wrestling w/ this issue bc of Lin’s sore back situation… Lin is a rhythm guy. He must get enough PT to be ready to play w/competitive top teams, Cavs, Raptors, Boston, etc…http://wfnz.com/2016/03/31/primetime-w-chris-kroeger-3-31-16-steve-clifford-interview/

  44. yes, Clifford is feeling the urgency to ensure his team is ready to win every game for the playoff positioning.
    This will be good for JLin to get regular PT

  45. Heads Up:

  46. Just for fun, anyone remember this prediction?

    10. Charlotte Hornets*

    Proj. record: 35-47

    Last season: 33-49

    After @espn named the Hornets the 2nd most improved team in the NBA (using WARP), I’m thinking 40-44 wins is more like it #ESPNForecast

    – Sports&Politics 500 (@SP_500blog) August 17, 2015

  47. I hope Lin rests tonight

  48. Firs round home court would be over achievement for the Hornets season comparing to the past.

  49. Me too. But if he plays, I pray he will do well… We’ll see…

  50. Lin gets his 15 in 15 min then sit I am ok with that.

  51. NBA.com power rankings has the Hornets at #7.
    Good credit to #7 JLin to give #signaturewin over the Spurs
    50 pts in 2 games (Spurs & Nets) when Kemba had off nights

  52. If Lin is not playing which I am ok with it as I thinks Lin need time to rest and heal his back, then I am not gonna watch this game.

  53. Sad thing is that a Lin-led CHA team would be fighting for 1st in the East. How many first half games did they give away with Kemba Ball? Honestly, Lin unleashed with Brooklyn would immediately compete for 1st/2nd in the East next year. Lin, Lopez, Bogdanovic, Young. That alone is enough.

  54. Let’s go, JLin!

    INJURY UPDATE: after going through pregame warmups, @hornets Jeremy Lin (sore low back) will play tonight. #PHIatCHA

  55. top 3 for sure by now.

  56. The instant and constant updates like Lin’s the team starter PG.

  57. Yay,I can watch today,great…

  58. Yes. Then I will watch this game. 🙂

  59. It’s not April’s fool right?lol

  60. Lin just take easy.

  61. Shhh, Cliff will say don’t let the secret out 🙂

  62. Nice

  63. It’s a joke that Steve Clifford is coach of the month along with Kerr. It shows how ignorant the writers and NBA insiders are.

    The recent article about how Kerr took the advice of a small role coach to change a lineup during the finals last year is indicative of modern business models. Then today’s article from New York Times solidifies how this non hierarchical management style fosters an inclusive environment from the top down that invites everyone to participate in the good of the team.

    The traditional command structure is not nearly as effective as the modern holistic flat structure. I especially like the way Intel built their company based upon this system and is as a rule how most silicone valley valley companies operates.

    When you look at Steve Clifford micromanaging his team from the sideline, he is excluding all I input from his players to the point of not allowing them any creativity or participate in the analysis Of the flow of the game from the floor. It’s his way or the bench. Clifford is the traditional boss who looks over your shoulders and crosses every t and dots every i before the ink dries. His lack of vision is due to the fact that he refuses to see with many eyes from many perspectives.

    This was something I wrote March 2013 to try to understand how. Mchale thinks and why Lin was treated so badly by him.

    Hierarchical organisation.
    Analytical Thinking – seeing the parts
    Budgets and Targets
    The Performance of the Individual
    Job Specifications
    Accountability (and Blame)
    Staff Appraisal
    Training on Individual
    Auditing and Compliance
    Performance Related Pay

    Holistic Thinking – seeing the whole
    Systems Thinking
    Capability of the System
    The Performance of the Team
    Statistical Process Control
    Stable and Unstable Systems
    Self Organising Systems
    Intrinsic Motivation
    Our Needs as People
    Theories as the Basis of Knowledge
    Organisational Learning

    Team performance or lin’s thinking is contrary to individual performance or Mchale’s thinking.
    Mchale’ traditional style of management is based upon hierarchical control, accountability and blame, and compliance. It is a very east coast business traditional model

    Lin is west coast, silicon valley new model management theory. It isn’t hierarchical, it’s holistic and networking. It’s about teams and self organized systems. It’s not individual performance, but team performance.

    In the matter of being selfish, it’s semantics and relative to who is looking at a particular action. Looking at Mchale’s management model, you can understand why he sees Lin as being selfish, a home run hitter and wanting to make 29 points and 9 turn overs. He has a system in place that basiclly replaces the PG’s creativity. He has a hierarchy of performers, 1/ Harden, 2/ Parsons. Lin is a wrench in his wheels so he puts him in the corner where he can’t get in the way.

    Lin’s business model is not about individual performance and that model is very modern. Team performance is used by modern manufacturing facilities in order to empower its employees. This has engaged every member of the team into finding improvements in process of the production for their area. Therefore it encourages innovation.

    This is why Lin continues to be in Mchale’s dog house. His ideas and the way he plays is contrary to the traditional individual performance model that Mchale understands. When Lin tries to be unselfish to involve everyone of his teammates, he is seen by Mchale as being selfish.

    Given the parameters of his situation, he is not asked to be “unselfish”. He is asked to improve his individual performance the way that Mchale’s hierarchical system demands. For Lin to move up to number 2 option, he has to perform within the system Mchale provided. That is not being selfish, it is called meeting targets and being accountable to the thing and the merit system he’s in.

    tell me if this doesn’t sound like Mchale.
    Traditional Management style doesn’t apply nowadays, except for the military. But it does, still, exists widely, especially on government agencies and some private institutions, believe me, I know some (not in the military, of course).
    I like to call it the “Command and Conquer” management style, where managers who posses this type of management approach doesn’t really care about the well-being of their employees.
    Fear, most of the time, becomes the main reason why employees obey their traditional managers, which is bad. Fear is far very different from the word respect and it doesn’t correlate with each other. You just can’t have respect if you don’t give respect to others. Just like if you show and ask your employees to fear you, you can never have respect, but surely they’ll fear you.
    These managers never talks to their employees, unless they need something from them. If these managers feel some silent grudges going on against them, they will do what it takes just to make their people obey them. They offer sanctions, and even pile up the job to the staff that shows signs of inobedience. And after a job well done, nothing! As if nothing happens! And if the employee fails them, staggering words of failure from their superiors will be heard and planted into his mind.

    Clifford will be blindsided next year when Lin leaves and Hornets revert back to the way it has always been. Clifford won’t have coach Lin fix his problems for him.

  64. JLIN is a coach on the floor and on the bench how many times have we seen JLIN explaining plays/actions to other players while sitting on the bench.

    JLIN is “Force Multiplier”; FM’s are critical in the military and business – he makes units MORE than the sum of their parts, he is the SYNERGY catalyst.

    Past Hornets benches had destroyed any chance the could be a good team, this year The Bench was a critical reason the season was saved. Maybe Jorge will fill JLIN’s VOID but maybe Jorge will not.

  65. There’s still a chance he might not play, depending on how he does in warmups

  66. Official word is he went through warmups and will play.

  67. Is that right, ok then 🙂

  68. I don’t know. What do they do in practice, film sessions, etc? They came out flat a few games but still pulled things off. Credit Clifford or not? He gets it. Coaches get too much and too little credit. They say so themselves. But they do a lot of work between games that we don’t see.

  69. As a tennis coach, ” force multiplier” is a little known and misunderstood source of biomechanics of the tennis stroke. I love this term because it explains how Lin the glue guy being in the centre of play can create the lift that elevates the team.

    A helicopter uses force multiplication to fly. Without the core stem pushing the tips of the props those tips could never achieve enough speed to fly. Unlike how Clifford and traditional coaches who wants to get the tallest, fastest and most athletic to push the tips of the prop, MDA puts the ball in the core of the offence. MDA uses Nash and Lin as the force mulitpliers to propel their teams to fly.

  70. Came from the Hornets PR twitter.

  71. clifford is the dork multiplier!

  72. I like it!
    Perhaps we can save it as an article entitled “Jeremy Lin: The Force Multiplier”
    Even better if we can provide the statistical impact after JLin leaves a team (Knicks, Houston)
    Perhaps with team plus minus, team AST/TO ratio, etc.

  73. I see Mike D’antoni 🙂

  74. Looks like jordans at the game

  75. hm, that’s odd
    Why would he come to the 76ers game?

  76. Yes, the white T shirt.

  77. I have a feeling that Lin won’t play much tonight as it is gonna be a blow out.

  78. Schedule opening

  79. i don’t think it will be a blowout unless Lin plays a lot

  80. That’s what I was wondering. Why this game? Is only 76ers.

  81. Hard to say. Hornets is very good at home.

  82. I think whichever game fits his schedule he goes to. I think he will be at the playoff games

  83. No golf today.

  84. wow MJ decided to show up today

  85. for playoff?

  86. MJ brought his buddy Charles Oakley to watch the game

  87. 76ers is actually leading?

  88. Lin plays better when Jordan is in da game. 🙂

  89. Im sure jordan is busy. My have an opening today to watch the game. As for playoffs i bet he will be there for all the home games

  90. yup

  91. Lin is more wrapped up than usual this game.

  92. He looks familiar but I can’t remember who he is. Now that you mentioned it, he does look like Charles Oakley.

  93. William ,Grant and Covington are good players,they’re ready to play with the big boys next year

  94. the white hair threw me off but the face is unmistakable

  95. Good catch! 🙂

  96. Even the BBall god is on Hornets side. 🙂

  97. Canaan is garbage

  98. Wth?lol

  99. I also like Stauskas .. he can be a more athletic version of Steve Novak

  100. Starters are still struggling.

  101. Lin in

  102. Batum and Zeller chemistry have grown significantly
    Easy dunk there

  103. 22222222

  104. 44444444

  105. But is really Cody as he has been moving so well without the ball.

  106. Easy layup for JLin!

  107. So are we gonna see another MJ-Lin dap after the game 🙂

  108. And steal too!

  109. Kinky

  110. The letter is done by Jenny & KP Chan.
    @psalm234:disqus and others are welcome to review and give your input about what corrections should be made.

    Dear Commissioner Silver,

    As fans of the NBA and its players, we care deeply about the quality and integrity of the game and the safety of the players. When we see excellence in officiating, as we sometimes do, we can’t help but admire the professionalism and skills the officials have brought to the game, often under difficult conditions. Conversely, when we see dubious officiating by the NBA referees, we cannot help but question the integrity of the game at its very core.

    As we are sure you will agree, officiating is the life blood, as well as the heart and soul of the game. Fair and unbiased officiating elevates the game to its rightful place in our society that prizes above all, fair play, sportsmanship, and respect for one another. We are certain that it is your commitment to the game, and will never be less than that.

    With that in mind, we would like to bring your attention to one NBA player in particular, Jeremy Lin of the Charlotte Hornets. Throughout Lin’s six years in the NBA, we have continuously witnessed Lin as the recipient of numerous hard fouls with unnecessary and excessive force by other players. In these cases, the referees either didn’t make the calls or made incorrect calls.

    Since these are not isolated instances, and they occur with regularity, we wonder what the league has against Mr. Lin. Many fans have contacted and demanded answers from the NBA Fan Relations NY office at [email protected], but have so far only received generic and dismissive responses, if at all. We also have sent numerous tweets regarding the questionable calls to @NBA, @NBAOfficial, and @OfficialNBARefs, but have received no response either.

    To make matters worse, Lin continues to receive tick-tack foul calls on him and non-calls from the referees as Lin repeatedly gets hammered by other players. It’s not just the fans who have noticed. The TV commentators from various teams also have questioned the referees’ non-calls on the hard fouls Lin has suffered.

    Below is a video of some examples of the questionable fouls for your review. Please kindly provide a comprehensive response as to why these fouls were not called or not called as flagrant fouls.

    [insert video]

    Lin’s health and safety are at risk, as Lin gets hit unnecessarily and excessively in the face, head, and neck areas by other players frequently. The most alarming aspect of these incidents is that the referees didn’t make the right calls to protect the player, Lin, from harm. Evidently, the lack of calls from the referees encourages other players to continue using hard foul tactics on Lin.

    Fans want the NBA officiating to be more transparent and fair, whether the player is a superstar or not. When the referees step on the court, they are the extension and representatives of the NBA. The referees are to uphold the integrity of the game, show impartiality, and enforce civil behavior from all NBA players. Unfortunately, we do not always see this when it comes to officiating, especially pertaining to other players hard fouling Lin.

    NBA has a huge following in Asia and Lin is the only active player with full Asian descent in the NBA. It’s disheartening to see Lin’s mistreatment by the NBA referees. As fans, we ask you to please review this matter seriously and to take action.

    Thank you!

    NBA Fans

  111. Lin under the basket but pass. Very unselfish

  112. When Al is in the game, everyone is trying to set him up. Nice to see teammates still respect him (Co Captain) even he comes off the bench now.

  113. Take into account the defense

  114. And he has some range too

  115. Thank you for taking the time to work hard on the letter! Great dedication indeed
    I’ll feature it now so fans can help provide feedback after the game

  116. Wow Lin

  117. 2222222222

  118. woooooooooooooowwwwwwwwwwwwwwww

  119. 22222 and1

  120. And 1111111

  121. U guys are way ahead of me on the game.

  122. What an ACROBATIC layup by JLin!!!!
    In front of His Airness 😀

  123. just saw the and 1 now

  124. That’s the craziest circus shot Lin has ever hit. One of the craziest of this season by anyone.

  125. Your lagging for about good 30 secs

  126. He didn’t even look at the rim

  127. it was timed and handled well

  128. There was some luck in that shot

  129. Putting on a show in front of MJ 😀

  130. I am using VIP box. But tks. Will try next game.

  131. LOl. That was fast

  132. Walker settle for the J instead of threading the lane.

  133. Damn. The 76ers come to play tonight.

  134. Same old Kemba. CHA is going to get crushed in the playoffs. Lin leading gets them to the ECF.

  135. he had a few guys opened. When KW commits, he will not pass the ball.

  136. Even Lin is like …..Im on one. Has been on fire since that spurs game.

  137. Haha, easy 3 points

  138. It’s difficult to win that way

  139. Yeah, it was just a get hit, throw it up. Every so often, they go in.

  140. Yea i agree

  141. Good. JLin wil play longer then

  142. I’m ok with that esp in closing secs but he needs to attack the basket,he already beaten his man

  143. Traping Lin

  144. spacing looks bad, if they trap Lin teammates need to come for the ball instead of standing and asking for it

  145. Stauskas baited Lamb. 3FTs

  146. I know Lambs is more upside the Troy, but his defense is just hard to watch sometime….

  147. good dunk by Al

  148. Pressuring Lin full court

  149. Nice Lin assist to Big Al for the flush

  150. lol they know Lin is a big threat

  151. Sixers want the ball out of Lins hands

  152. Nice pass,they need to tighten up the defense

  153. Yes. He got block but never give up and stopped a east lay up.

  154. Lin putting up a highlight reel for 6MOY!!!

  155. Lin’s doing a good job, just powering past the pressure.

  156. i hope this helps make a change. Thanks for the time you put into this letter.

  157. Another one lol
    Check out @NBATV’s Tweet: https://twitter.com/NBATV/status/716048477269180416?s=09

  158. Cliff is running plays off of Lin. Since sixers are focused on him it leaves others open

  159. Keep it coming bell

  160. NBA twitter accounts just LOVE JLin! 😀

  161. wth, the 6ers touched it last

  162. Big Allllll

  163. Big Al is a beast inside!

  164. Why can Frank and Kemba hit the 3? Lin would have 4 ast already otherwise.

  165. Lambyyyyyy

  166. Lin will get mad now

  167. Love how good we look.

  168. Dude, Philly is a dumping site for unwanted Rockets!

  169. I think Lamb knew now who’s the boss,as long as he will play along with Lin and not going wayward he will be an effective player

  170. Easy pass and layup

  171. bucketssssss, dimessss

  172. This is the Lin effect basketball

  173. We look so good. compare this to last game

  174. That’s a PG right there!

  175. Piling on the stats.

  176. Nice Lin Ball to take control of the game.

  177. when the 2nd unit is running good things happen

  178. Take away one player. lol

  179. A perfect PG for a team like 76’ers but I think Hornets will bid hard

  180. Lin and Batum big for Hornets. Those are the 2 main guys who keep the moving well.

  181. is that Mayweather? lol

  182. The floodgates has been opened! 15-4 run
    JLin’s passing and ball movement helped the Hornets to find the rhythm

  183. Lin had a great timing on that assist to freeze 2 defenders before passing to Frank!

  184. Nash upgrade

  185. Keep the stats coming!

  186. What?

  187. someone isn’t defending

  188. “Jeremy Lin has run fastbreak to perfection in the 2nd quarter!”

  189. Lin is balling tonite.

  190. Even Ready is changing her comments about Lin

  191. only thing wrong is giving up too many 3s. The Lin led offense is a thing of beauty. And with Batum and Lee in there, it’s just clicking beautifully.

  192. Wonder if Cliffy watched Pops coaching video?

  193. Batummmmm

  194. Who left Grant open for that 3 jumper?

  195. Yes. Lin, Batum and Lee can complete with any superstars back court.

  196. @JLin7 is rolling with 7pts/4asts/2rebs/1stl/1blk in 11 min

  197. Lamb or Lee i think, Lin was on the white guy

  198. Now CC going to send in KW to evaporate the lead! Lol

  199. Lin turned his game to playoff mode

  200. Canaan really looks like belong to D League.

  201. Absolutely

  202. Lin slacking on the rebounds yo. How are you gonna get a trip dub going like this??

  203. That entire team does really. Only Noel and Okafor are quality. Ish Smith would make a solid backup.

  204. Lin is out. 🙁

  205. Now this is what I can a “Shoes Deal” play.

  206. Lee nothing but net (air ball)

  207. Grant,Williams and Covington can play they just need a PG

  208. good rest after playing 12 straight min

  209. Agree

  210. I think he played a good 12-13 minutes straight? Played more than I thought he would but he’s playing great.

  211. LOL .. Double-double now, Triple-Dub for Cavs

  212. True. But I just wanna watch him play. Haha.

  213. yes .. needs to rest for sure

  214. He did ant that’s good. It just that I wanna watch him plays more. Hehe.

  215. we need to care for his back too LOL

  216. Don’t burn Lin out coming from an lower back injury

  217. Grant and Covington look pretty good

  218. Come on Kemba.

  219. Everyone loves JLin’s circus shot!

  220. at the casino! lucky night gonna bet big 😀

  221. Nice. Good luck!

  222. MJ must be thinking, “How much do I need to pay JLin to stay?”

  223. 12-15 nothing less

  224. thanks

  225. He must think more than money.

  226. They really should think about trading MKG. But none of Hornets’s fans will agree with though.

  227. Money is not the issue. Role is. Starting is a must.

  228. Hard for me to say this since I like the guy but those injuries will scare away a lot of teams

  229. It would be hard to keep all these guys. They are going to have to prioritze which one they want.

  230. Picking up Lamb for 7 mil was the worst move.

  231. Yup. I like him too. But the injuries and he is not really irreplaceable. He can’t shot from out side so only his D and penetrate to the basket or fast break. I mean, Batum and Lee should be able to make it up.

  232. No it’s whether he can make Lin starting PG which he won’t.

  233. Then again the cap rises next season, so that might not look too bad

  234. 12-15 and let Lin be the primary PG or even playing time

  235. I just checked the box score for the game and was surprised to notice Elton Brand was on the 76ers. I thought he’d retired.

    He’s been in the league since 1999, has career earnings in excess of $167 million, and is now on a $900 K contract. He must love the game.

  236. Yes, and only MJ can override the current direction
    Kemba/Batum/MKG/MWill/Zeller are the starters.

    Only if Batum is leaving there might be an opening.
    And I think he’s staying

  237. have to trade Kemba which isn’t happening.

  238. I read when he came back, he wanted to provide veteran presence to the young guys.
    I think he’s doing some good there. It can be the Lakers without any good vets

  239. Yea but paying 20+ mil just to DNP the guy? that’s just dumb. Lamb could be a powerful weapon if paired with Lin but they are separated just so they won’t outshine Kemba and Batum. Truth is Lamb is a far better offensive player compared to Kemba who doesn’t play defense either.

  240. He was hited by the 76ers as mentor.

  241. I love how JLin handled the ball pressure very well in the beginning of 2nd quarter.
    He kept pushing the pace, feeding Al and the 76ers can’t stop the ball movement

  242. But but but his handles is weak,just kidding.

  243. Loved the one near when he ended his first half run by holding off the defender on his back, then going in for a layup. That was strong handles, keeping the roll option but I think it was Kam and he couldn’t get open just ran with JLin.

  244. see below I posted before seeing your joke. Great minds thing alike.

  245. 🙂

  246. JLin’s handles just made the defenders’ knees weak :]

  247. Notice Sixers stop pressuring him

  248. JLin had full control of threatening to drive inside and assisting his teammates.
    Love it!

    He really shows how a true PG controls the offense.

  249. Batum isn’t the probably, even without Batum Lin at most only be starting SG. Playing with a shot chucker PG like Kemba will be no different than Harden but with worst shooting skills.

  250. yes, once they saw he didn’t produce TO, they had to worry about leaving his teammates open.

    That assist to Big Al’s dunk was the necessary shock.

  251. Marvinnnn OMG!!!!

  252. That’s a nasty facial Marvin

  253. Wow. Marvin!!!

  254. Says “the number is clear” guy…hehe…now every game Jlin play well which is alot, he is “utterly humiliate ” that hater…haha

  255. LOL JLin is playing his air guitar after 2 offensive rebounds + Kemba’s 3

  256. LOL Lin and another Hornets player were swimming on the floor!

  257. Marvin should get like 4 points for that dunk

  258. People don’t give him enough credit for getting low, holding off a guy on his back, and maintaining his dribble very low while moving toward the basket threatening in all ways. That’s something he is way better at this year, and I don’t see a lot of PGs who have that skill. For example, Steph doesn’t do that much. CPaul? Sometimes but I haven’t noticed it as strong as JLin.

  259. Looks like a blow out, wonder if Lin will come back in.

  260. I will say this again this sixers team is ready for next year,they’re tall ,athletic can shoot 3’s,they just need organization and a penetrating PG

  261. Hornets do have some young talents, It might not be that bad if Lin sigh with 76ers.

  262. I mean 76ers have young talents

  263. Lin in

  264. I’m in.

  265. Great letter and content! A few edits if you want to use them:

    …we are cettain that this is your commitment to the game and it will never be less than…

    …many fans have contacted and requested answers …

    …Lin continues to receive ticky-tack …

    ..Lin frequently gets hit unnecessarily and …

    The NBA has a huge following …

  266. At least $20 million on any team he chooses.
    Don’t think you cannot start a $20 million player.

  267. It shows that team is jelling in.

  268. Frank can’t get low like that, he has to crouch first then lay down.

  269. WTF Lin!!!

  270. AL DUNK!!!

  271. caused an earthquake.

  272. i like how Lin and Al are jelling

  273. Yea kinda surprising lol

  274. hey they didn’t give Lin that assist? He should have 5…

  275. That was a tremendous wrap-around pass by JLin resulting in Big Al’s dunk!

  276. Yep,I love the developing chemistry it’s just hit at the right time

  277. for all the different lineups he’s been working with, i’m amazed at how well he worked with all of them.

  278. Lin taking shots but they are falling short, benched too long again.

  279. it counted
    5th assist

  280. No it was well defended

  281. and to end the quarter, his low hold-off dribble again. He’s missed 2 midranges at the FT line … maybe his back? both front iron.

  282. ok my stats aren’t updating i guess

  283. He’s just gifted and you can’t teach that

  284. contested mid jumper, not really his butter

  285. Mine neither.

  286. Hope Lin’s shot starts falling soon, just gotta keep taking them.

  287. Cam + Hornets = Win Win Situation

  288. unproductive minutes when overlapped with KW … he did ok earlier in game, but those long stretches in the corner hurt his efficiency. At least he’s in the game flow and next bit should be good.

  289. why is lamb playing point…this coach

  290. it’s getting sloppy when Lin isn’t point and Lamb tries to do more than just shoot.

  291. Lamb’s terrible!

  292. They gotta let Lin touch the ball man.

  293. Lin take over

  294. That Grant will be an awesome player next year.

  295. why isnt lin looking to shoot?!

  296. This is why Lin needs to leave. After all this time, his teammates NEVER pass the ball back to him. EVER. Once Lin initiates the primary action, they always hog it for themselves.

  297. No ball movement!

  298. someone not happy. On espn post m,maybe sixes writer https://twitter.com/BobCooney76/status/716065605258985472

  299. He was trying to get good looks for his team mates and go through Al but he may need to look for his own scoring now.

  300. or try to be the point guard. I don’t understand how coach can allow this. When too many people are playing point guard, they refuse to shoot and make bad passes.

  301. cocky about what?

  302. Simple cause coach doesn’t want Lin to shine.

  303. Things get better with Batum and Lee. Lamb and Kaminsky aren’t great at playing team ball.

  304. Maybe Lin rejected an interview? If Lin is cocky then what are most NBA players? Ego Maniacs?

  305. IDK just saw it while looking at the stats

  306. Hairstyle?

  307. Even that basket by Lin, he had to do it all himself. No team ball movement.

  308. yes, attack the rim

  309. Another non-call on Lin.

  310. Lin made it look so easy..
    Made it while getting hit, too!

  311. MJ has left during half break.

  312. have no idea what this guys is talking about

  313. lol jeremy being cocky? is jesus already coming down???

  314. or the guy who agrees with him lol maybe trying to grab attention from Lin fans.

  315. Teammates not passing to Lin again :/

  316. not Lina, Lino

  317. Don’t help him get clicks…

  318. See how much better things are with Batum in there? Lin and Batum have solid chemistry now.

  319. Lin’s 6th assist to Batum!
    This is really good!

  320. That’s the reason why Batum likes Lin since he know that he will get the ball in scoring position.

  321. Gonna benched soon to get Kemba and Lee some more stats.

  322. Yup. Lin fit much better with Batum.

  323. hope it will reach double-digits

  324. Isn’t Lin score supposed to be 9pts?

  325. LOL it was a typo but Lino is fine too.

  326. I like Batum he passed a lot of game winning shot for Lin

  327. boxscore very behind today still says 76pt when it’s 85

  328. Grant looks promising.

  329. i think box score is frozen

  330. ESPN is fine.

  331. He’s a gamer

  332. Hornets shouldn’t be working this hard against the sixers!

  333. Thompson hit four 3s.

  334. Lin going to sit now…

  335. CHA offense is so simplistic. Easy to defend by good defenses.

    Every possession it’s 2-3 guys standing still doing nothing.

  336. lin and batum is fine lin and kemba is ok but lin kemba and batum on the floor = lin never touching the ball

  337. this is ridiculous, Lee didn’t do well today but because Lin gets 1 PF this entire game, he is benched?

  338. another bad shooting night by Kemba

  339. This team is Jekle and hyde

  340. Lin gets benched for Lee as expected.

  341. Imagine if they lose the game?

  342. Yah Clifford doesnt trust Lin lol

  343. But we know what the headline will be.

  344. great coaching as per usual – smh

  345. This could be another game when JLin checks in with 15 secs left to shoot FTs to secure the win

  346. Lin gets benched when he was getting the ball moving.. great lets applaud our coach of the month folks.

  347. Maybe is his back. Otherwise Cliff shows that he is willing to let Lin finish. That is before CLee traded to Hornets though.

  348. Lin always gets benched if there’s anyone available to replace him.

  349. Lee only 1-6 for 32 minutes.

  350. LOL, Kemba and Cliff gonna beat their chest over beating the Sixers.

  351. Lin 9 pts (4-8) 6 assists and 1 personal foul in 24 minutes (benched for 1 foul)
    Lee 4 pts (1-6) 2 assists and 3 personal fouls in 32 minutes (got his 3rd foul right when he came in)

  352. He’s Cliff’s favorite son.

  353. Knew it, Lin misses 2 shots, teammates icing him out again and gets benched. Watch Hornets lose again. Lin will NOT stay with this bias coach!

  354. Like head of snake and BS.

  355. Clifford surely does not trust Lin

  356. obviously that’s why he doesn’t let Lin play backup PG. Maybe trying to make him lose his 6moy too.

  357. Not even about that. It’s about politics. Lin is 100% leaving. Lee is 90% staying.

  358. No, Lin plays long enough for today… he’s back is not fully OK yet.

  359. MKG will take Lees minutes

  360. It is ok. Lin got what he wants this season by signing a 2 mils deal with Hornets. He will be worth a lot more next season.

  361. not anymore

  362. I like the letter to Silver. Kudos and thank you. Jlin gets screwed on every level.

  363. No need to defend Cliff, he doesn’t trust nor likes Lin. Think he’s only bench player. If Lin reunited with MDA his team will give Hornets a beating next season.

  364. Lin does have the back issue, I think 25 mins is good tonight.

  365. CHA is going to be destroyed in the playoffs. Don’t get your hopes up.

    Kemba and Batum can’t do jack against contenders. Only a Lin-led CHA team can beat top teams (CLE, SAS, @TOR).

  366. still politics though. No way would any coach play Lin like that.

  367. Well let’s say trust and politics don’t make for anything good for Lin. I really hope he leaves …

  368. enough with excuses, i’ve heard it over and over again to justify coach’s mistreatment

  369. I want to see Lin make a 3 tonight. We’ll see if Cliff let him back in the game.

  370. Lin probably shouldnt come back if he doesn’t wanna go down like this

  371. Great adjustment by Cliff ,I’m not mad about Lin going to the bench he did great…this is not the play off and besides he already shown his value as a player

  372. I can gurantee you he won’t knowing clifford he doesnt like Lin very much

  373. Zero chance he stays. But he’s not a whiny beotch like most NBA players. So he’ll do what he can until the summer.

  374. This game again shows Cliff doesn’t want to win with Lin! He will do the same in playoffs and Hornet will get 1st round exit.

  375. Game over

  376. he’s one of the few

  377. walker and batum go off on 76s. let’s see if they can bring it against cavs.

  378. LOL, Kemba statpadding against the Sixers. It’s Lin who does all the work against CLE and SAS. But thank god for Kemba beating the Sixers!

  379. only when they are behind 20 pts will they become desperate and use Lin.

  380. Never have, never will.

  381. Collins. Every night it’s “Kemba Walker, Nic Batum, Marvin Williams, Jeremy Lin”.

  382. Well. I am sure Lind done for the night. Glad he is doing well. And good night y’all!

  383. He was cold the whole night except for the last couple of shots, it’s all Kemba now!

  384. Once the game was over, he got hot.

  385. it takes guts… jlin got it…

  386. The Hornets aren’t shooting from the perimeter well. Kemba’s the only one really making them.

  387. kemba takes a million shots and finally heats up lol. lin will never be given that opportunity. oh well atleast his 3 pt % and fg % will go up overall

  388. Lin started off shooting hot tonight but he was benched too long and when he came back he was already cold.

  389. 1-5 before the last two he made!

  390. doesn’t matter he still ends up with 50%

  391. Well, Collins has been pretty good to Jeremy. He’s such an upgrade from the 3 stooges in Houston and Stu L. with the Lakers.

  392. I think he stiffened up a little. Back isn’t totally there.

  393. I mean yeah Lin isn’t averagin 20 points a game like Kemba, but he is only allowed to take so many shots. there are games where kemba starts off 0-5 and he heats up because hes given the chance… Lin needs to reunite with MDA next season forsure

  394. He was doing fine…but got iced out and benched early. Lin did fantastic with very limited touches. True PG.

  395. Shooting well you kidding? Batum was the only one shooting well tonight. Kemba was cold until the end bt he gets to taking as much misses as he likes. That is exactly why Lin should not stay. He’s not even 6th man on this team just seen as regular bench player by Cliff with a short leash.

  396. that’s what I’ve been saying too, 0-5, 2-7 isn’t that bad if you know you have to green light to keep shooting

  397. No he played this style all year. Idk if his back tensed up late. Anyways Playoffs are close

  398. I think Lin chooses to facilitate and not shoot so much. It’s his style. I don’t think he’s not allowed to shoot.

  399. Perhaps Cliff wants JLin to rest his back after playing 24min on the 1st game back
    Or have a taller Lee guard 6’6″ Stauskas after the foul

    But I’m glad JLin found his groove before the big game vs the Cavs.
    7 more games before the playoff!

  400. go sixers!

  401. That’s what I thought… I guess maybe it’s MJ asked Lin to play tonight… he showed up for vs 76 game… haha!

  402. I mean, Cliff always treats Lin this way. Healthy or not. It’s BS but there’s nothing we or Lin can do.

    Just stay patient, healthy and reunite with MDA. Or a similar coach/opportunity.

  403. when will jeremy ever be given the trust from his coach? sigh

  404. 6’6 for sure.

  405. true, but its also because cliff isn’t setting up plays for lin like MDA did

  406. His shots were falling short at 2nd half guess his back is still not 100% oh well. Just hope he rest up and be ready for playoffs to show what he’s got.

  407. If the opposing team has a tall guard the lee will finish unless lin goes off

  408. Unless that coach is MDA, doubt it. The double standard is too obvious, Lin misses 2 shots and gets benched even with all those assists while Kemba can take as many misses as he wants.

  409. Lee is not much taller than Lin…

  410. I’m sure JLin would relish the chance to play with MDA.
    Let’s hope things are aligned well in the summer.

    If JLin had more PT, he would stay hot in the 2nd quarter and the rest of the game.
    That 7pts/4asts/2rebs in 12 min can become 21pts/12asts/8rebs in 36min

  411. he knows there are going to be a lot of team going after him. Just the fact that CHA makes it to playoffs is already enough to give Lin a 8-10 mln deal

  412. lin thrives on the pick and roll, but if the coach doesnt set hardly any up then hes not going to thrive. thats like making dwight howard play the power forward position lol

  413. That is cliffs way of thinking. He is closer to 6’6 then Lin

  414. MDA has a very point guard centric, PnR offense. Cliff doesn’t. But Lin was saying it made him learn about cutting and being effective off-ball. But Lin has had games when he’s shot in the hot teens and scored a lot. I think Lin is just trying to establish chemistry with Al, Batum and others on the team. He tends to score when the team needs it.

  415. despite everything though, Lin is still averaging 11.7 ppg so that gives me much hope 🙂

  416. walker is allowed to shoot until he gets into rhythym… jlin get the whole team in rhythym and he gets yanked…

  417. Then Kemba should be benched for Lin, he alot shorter than him! it’s just an excuse.

  418. Just ride this season guys,people knows already what Lin’s true value,next year will be a different year.

  419. but Lee fouled right after he was put in the game.

  420. Not even that. Just give him minutes and the ball. But no one ever does that. Always go with the non-Asian guy, even if only the Asian guy ever beats the top teams.

  421. Basically, Cliff is using Lee for D covering for KW’s O, like Rox uses Bev’s D for Harden’s O.

  422. truth

  423. Kemba is the star. Its his team

  424. Spot on!

  425. LOL, classic Kemba. Statpad on a meaningless possession.

  426. right lol. how many teams have beaten the spurs or cavs? but Lin beat them singlehandedly and still isnt trusted by cliff

  427. No not the same

  428. Cliff could use Lin’s D to cover KW too. He has been doing it a lot especially the times when Lin became statue of Linberty.

  429. Let’s go DAL. Let’s go UTAH.

  430. courtney lee 36 mins lmfao.

  431. is he still at 4 pts? i stopped watching awhile ago

  432. Still low compared to starting PGs, 15 PPG would look a lot better. Hopefully Lin will average 20+ PPG when he’s starting PG for MDA’s team.

  433. Good to see Lin overcome his teammates and coaches. Got that FG% up; got those highlight reel assists; played that elite defense. Stay ready and healthy for free agency.

  434. yup

  435. Yes it is, they used MKG to cover him when he was healthy.

  436. I ‘m with Psalm, i think they just want to rest lin’s back. I think him playing 25 min well on sore back is excellent.

  437. it is low, but how can it be any higher when hes not given the ball in his hands lol. hes not a shooting guard like a crawford who can just put up 15 a night when he is playing off ball

  438. Hopefully? Definitely. Not even a question w/ MDA.

  439. 15M vs 2M…

  440. Kemba has literally never beaten a Lebron team in his career. It’s hilarious.

  441. True, just wish he had better stats for off season contract.

  442. i kno lin is “hurt” and MAYBE cliff is resting him, but i seriosuly doubt it. he even kinda mentioned it before how he prefers to end with lee unless jeremy is absolutely fuego. give jeremy those minutes consistently and he will avg AT LEAST 15 pts and 5assists (plus awesome def, and control the offense). sigh pls God let Jeremy find a team thatll give him a chance

  443. Yes!! Both mavs and jazz are winning!!!!

  444. Yep. For tonight’s game, Lee has the highest minutes and KW w/ 2nd highest minutes. Whenever Cliff sees that KW shoots well, he lets KW stays in longer to get good stats especially when the game is not on the line. He does not want Lin to compete w/ KW for points when it’s an easy game w/o pressure.

  445. He did well. Very well. I think like the last game he was looking more to facilitate than score and he was able to do that well. His D looked sharp too. 25 minutes on a not-great back is more than I would have liked, but Cliff tends not to put minute restrictions on good players playing through injuries.

    Have to say Lamb has become a liability. He tries to do too much on offense, shouldn’t be trying to initiate offense and defensively he is very mistake prone. He’s got a lot of development to do. The rest of the team looked good enough, didn’t shoot that well from the perimeter. Marv let to get some primal stuff out on that dunk, which was impressive.

  446. As a Lin fans we need to look at the big picture,Lin highlights were already everywhere and people are noticing that,for every win that Hornets will get from now on as long as Lin is playing his game credits will also be given to him.

  447. Lin ranks #5 on NBA pulse and he isn’t even a leading scorer in today’s game. Cliff can do whatever he wants to Lin to try to put him down but it’s not gonna go his way.

  448. Give him Kemba’s minutes and touches, and he’s easily putting up 20/8. That’s conservative too, since Lin would blow out too many weak/mediocre teams and just rest most 4Qs.

  449. It’s likely if the game on Sunday is close, Lin will be in there in the last minute and maybe the closing minutes as well.

  450. That’s exactly what I am saying.

  451. I like that attitude! I agree with you.

  452. I was surprised to note that Kemba Walker’s double-double tonight is only his third of the season. It says something about his focus and playing style.

  453. Cavs will be out for revenge Sunday, I hope Lin’s ready and his back will be ready to go.

  454. Hornets now #4

  455. Lin is also trending on twitter.

  456. I agree. Not the same. This is not the Rockets, it’s a different team and dynamics altogether.

  457. that’s shocking considering he’s been getting the green light all season

  458. Yes I was surprised to see a Lin highlight on ESPN maybe things are slowly changing.

  459. anyone watch paul villareal’s breakdowns of jlin’s games. they are very good and insightful I highly recommend watching them

  460. Doubt Lin will be allowed to shine. Only chance is if Kemba is 1-9 with 3 fouls by the 2Q or something.

  461. lol a double double from points and rebounds from a PG isnt very impressive. if its from pts and assists then thats a diff story

  462. ya NBA is definitely helping raise Lin’s value as well as other international sports media. Unfortunately, i think CHA media is trying to keep the hype down and promote other players.

  463. Lin is always more aggressive against top teams and great players. Just a matter of whether his teammates will give him touches.

  464. And they won’t unless they have to. Even then, they usually don’t.

  465. At this point I just enjoy Jlin games and not worry about anything else….. and also enjoy watching the rockettes lose..hehe

  466. Coaching is about what guys are playing well together as a unit. KW and Nic have sort of established minutes, MW does too to a point. The starters can play with Lin or Lee. I’d take Lin out for his back tonight. In general, Lee or Lin can finish but I like Lin for close games because he’s just magic in the clutch a lot.

  467. No thanks from me.

  468. I’m excited for Lin to be on a team that is in the playoffs. Regardless of his past teams, he has gained more fans with each team he played on. He is starting to peak at the right time as long as he lets his back healed, I think he will have an excellent streak of games heading into the playoffs! Go Lin!

  469. we just have to hope Cavs make the Hornets starters look bad so Lin can come in with full control of his unit.

  470. lol why?

  471. Tough to enjoy when he’s easily benched with low minutes. If Lin wasn’t bench so much his hot streak in 1st half would’ve carried over to 2nd half but nope Kemba and Batum had to stat pad. At least Batum was making his shots, Kemba just chuck shots with close to 40 minutes.

  472. true the more teams he’s on the bigger his fanbase lol

  473. I used to like a few episodes but I’m done. Here I can read and learn better opinions and they don’t even call themselves expert.

  474. He’ll be shackled like always and it won’t be much fun. Kemba Ball will lose the series and Lin won’t get enough touches to save his bacon. All three elite wins this year are Lin-led, with Kemba taking a backseat.

    It’ll be okay. Not much fun, but better than nothing.

  475. thats true, I just like how he breaks down each game quarter by quarter.

  476. He didn’t beat them singlehandedly. He led the team to victory by directing the offensive flow and getting all of his teammates involved on offense and defense. MKG had a lot to do with the Cavs victory as well hence the Lin shoutout for him in his post-game on the court interview.

    How is he not trusted by Clifford? See, I have to challenge that. Let’s remember when Lin was brought in to the Miami game and shot the 4 FTs. And when Lin was brought into the Wizards game after scoring 2 all game and made 2 big field goals scoring a huge 5 points in that game. Or when Batum was out, Clifford pretty much saying the best player on the team, he consistently went to Lin for subbing for him. He’s trusted to be in the game in the most crucial moments and sometimes has plays run for him. He’s also trusted to take over for Batum if Batum can’t play.

    Clifford’s way of playing Lin isn’t in line with the way we’d like to see Lin played. But that doesn’t mean he isn’t trusted by the coaching staff. And Lin was in there at the end playing the Spurs. If Lin looks like he’s in a scoring rather than facilitating mode, I think Cliff is more likely to play him. But sometimes he has Lin and Lee in there anyway and I think if matchups allow, we’ll see Lin in a “super small” lineup closing out games.

  477. Charlotte will have to use him. Clifford is not like McHale, he will not squander a chance to go far into the playoffs. He’s already shown that he will use Lin if needed. But Lin will bring it up another notch like he did with the Rockets, in the playoffs. I was amazed to see how aggressive he played and now he’s even better, regardless of his struggles with his shot.

  478. Yes, one consolation is that Lin is on a team that is headed for the playoffs and he’s getting more attention from around the league lately.

  479. Charlotte is not like GSW or SAS or CLE. They’re just thrilled to make the playoffs at all. They will win or lose with Kemba. Lin is 100% leaving regardless so they couldn’t care less.

  480. I spent 3 hrs watching the game with all the information I need to know. I dont want to spend another hour the hear the breakdown.

  481. 🙂 Agree.

  482. fair enough lol I usually catch it If Lin has a great game or if i miss the game

  483. Yes, he is probably leaving. But we have the playoffs to enjoy if we’d like in the meantime. He shined against the Spurs, he can shine in the playoffs.

  484. I agree, Kemba and Batum will be put in positions to shine, hopefully the same type of decision making that Cliff made restricting Lamb’s minutes, will be used to unleash Lin! We’ll have to wait and see.

  485. I like his stuff. I prefer the medium or short ones vs. the long ones.

  486. Common Dallas and Utah. Continue to win games so that Houston will continue to stay in #9 in Western Conference until end of season. I know that’s pretty mean of me but……

  487. Exactly. Don’t even get it twisted, lin will be playing a lot down these stretch of the games because Cliff knows that Lin is the “X” factor on this team. Cliff is just a kiss up to the star players, because he thinks that is the only way to keep his job. Lin is so over that. Lin just goes in now and plays his game.. Kemba is a one dimensional player. When he is double teamed he can’t function. When his shots are not falling, he does nothing for the team.

  488. It would be just as good to watch them be destroyed by 20-30p in a sweep by GSW or SAS. Missing the playoffs allows them to avoid that ultra-public debacle.

  489. I think Lin is good in the playoffs because he is just focusing on preparing for one team in a series, vs 2-3 teams in a week. He seems to study a lot of film and probably comes up with his own gameplan on how to beat individual players on the other team.

  490. Lol 😉

  491. I just don’t want Houston to make into playoffs at all. That’s how mean I’m to this org. I used to be Rockets fan when I first arrived in US in 1984. I watched Rockets, NCAA….

  492. I don’t know how much more he’ll rest. Just hope the treatments he’s getting kick in. They have 7 games left with 2 back to backs. Maybe play him in Cavs, Raptors and Boston games and rest him for Knicks, Nets and Washington games. Unless it really matters, most major players won’t play much in the Orlando game probably.

  493. Just look at all the defenders he drew on that play!!

  494. This shot has became so famous tonight…. Haha!

  495. Batum didn’t shoot well from distance. Kemba made a few 3s earlier in the game. MW, Batum, Frank, Lee all didn’t shoot well from 3 tonight. Kemba was the best of them.

  496. Kemba has had 3 double-doubles this year. In two months with the Knicks, Jeremy had 7.

  497. I’ve seen so many different clips/versions of JLin’s circus shot +1 from all major sports Twitter accounts. No matter what Cliff/Hornets did to JLin, no one can wash away his “talents” anymore. Keep it JLin!!!!

  498. Those 2 were big. He made them when nobody else was scoring. Batum made some funky 2 pointers, but the team was kind of cold and the Sixers drew closer. Kemba’s buckets made the game out of reach.

  499. LOLOLOL JLin even posted his own swimming reaction of Marv’s dunk.

  500. LOL – Al is like, huh???

  501. Lin averages 26 mpg.

    9 min (1st and 3rd Q) stuck with Kemba on the floor.

    2 min with Lamb

    4 min with Batum

    Net minutes Lin plays POINT GUARD per game = 10 mpg.

  502. Reminds me of Jordan’s circus shot. I guess that’s why he points at his Airness after the shot.

  503. Wow cant believe Hornets are 4th right now.. amazing..

    I missed the game today, any highlights yet??

  504. 10 minutes?? On this team it seems he plays more like single digit minutes at PG!

  505. Observation: On the surface, Lin looks energetic w/o any signs of back problem to me. If he does have it, he hides his pain well. When Lin had the rock, he was in the groove, finding open teammates, giving them easy baskets & helping them gain confidence to score. Playing unselfishly, he knew when to make a basket and scored when they couldn’t. As he was getting into the offense groove, Cliff took Lin off the floor w/ ONE foul when the paint was wide open and no teammates help w/ defense. Cliff then sub out Lin for Lee to play in the 4th who had 3PF. Why? Bc tonight’s game is for KW/NB to stats pad. This is a no pressure game when the lead has already been extended. If Lin stayed in, Cliff knew Lin would also be taking shots away from KW. How many times have we seen Hornets won against bottom pole team, with KW/NB playing longer than 30min? Stats padding of course. And how many times have we seen they can’t do it against top teams? I already sensed that Lin was not supposed to be playing too much tonight, but I still get annoyed when I see the same pattern keeps repeating itself…

  506. If Atlanta loses.. Hornets will be 3rd in ECF.

  507. via ESPN … Dwyane Wade won’t play tonight when the Heat take on the Sacramento Kings. He has back and neck injuries. Hope they’re not serious at all.

  508. Excellent…well said!

  509. For me I just learned to not watch it when JLin wasn’t in the game. No point to get myself upset for this. Then kept on reminding myself how many more games/days I have to endure this kind of treatment. 7 more games with 13 days to go + Playoffs. Don’t believe Kemba will do well in playoffs. So I will have more chance to watch JLin. Probably from now on I only can watch highlights plus archive games if it’s worthy to watch.

  510. Atlanta will be .584.

    Hornets are .587

  511. Still waiting for mine

  512. All thanks to his games against the Cavs and more importantly the Spurs.

  513. So that was the highlight they showed on ESPN. Lin’s made many circus shots in the pass but he made this one look easy especially going 1 on 3!

  514. Wonder why Jordan left after 1st half, maybe the game was too boring since the 76ers are a low ranking team.

  515. Hard for the great ones to be excited about inferior talent. Probably why Lin look to be in cruise control tonight.

  516. I missed the game tonight, so glad that Lin was featured on ESPN!

  517. On the floor post game interview, @ mark 00:42 second, Lin said, “Our job is to sustain the lead or decrease the deficit.” Lin confirmed what I had been saying all along. What a luxury! Starters don’t have to play under pressure at any times, and they get credit for win, but the bench does most of the dirty work! http://www.nba.com/hornets/video/teams/hornets/2016/04/02/1459561195077-linpostgame.mp4-411306

  518. hilarious

  519. MW: “…trying to tap Linsanity, man…!” LOL! I Like MW.

  520. starters job is to dig a hole

  521. funny…lol

  522. LOL – what were Jeremy and Frank doing on the floor?

  523. btw anyone see any interaction between lin and mda?

  524. Carvs. & Hawes play on OT now.

  525. Hornets is 4th now and will be 3rd if Hawes lost.

  526. Ok. Hopefully you will get it soon. It’s a great one to have:-) I didn’t post all the pics. Didn’t want to spoil fun for those who have ordered it:-)

  527. Hawks lose the game….

  528. WOW! Hornets is #3 as we speak. Let’s see how long it will stay there.

  529. Am even happier when Utah wins the game. It’s 96 Utah vs 81 with 2:03 left.

  530. Unless the pathetically weak Charlotte starters have lucky hot 3 pt shooting from Marvin Williams, it’s Lin’s job every game to clean up the atrocious messes made by the starters.

    This game was not different.

  531. If keep playing like this, Hornets will back to 6th.

  532. Just looked at the last 6 games among Dallas, Utah and Houston. Seem like the easiest schedule is Utah and Dallas is the toughest one (all 6 games are playoffs teams). So, look like Houston might make it into playoffs unless they lost all the easy games.

  533. Time to play Lin as a main ball handler. He’s beaten them with safe margins when having the ball to control the team.

  534. Me too!

  535. You’re not mean at all. Wishing someone to lose or to win in sport is what all fans do.

  536. Fox are broken. Losing to the Bulls with 16 points lead entering 4th quarter must provoke another locker room storm.

  537. Wrong time to do down hill.

  538. We all know this, but Cliff will try to let KW or NB redeem themselves and take over the game to take credit for the win. And Cavs probably will also double or triple team Lin to take the ball out of his hand to save face from the last loss. Hopefully Lin will have field day w/ his 3s and floaters if they do that. We all know that most teams target Lin even though he’s just a ‘backup’ player in their eyes. In doing so, they actually elevate Lin as a starter when they they do that game plan against Lin instead of the actual franchise player…

  539. Kings are roaring back, game is not over!

  540. Well, at least, CC is consistent…. consistently unkind to Lin

  541. Warriors Vs Celtics game is must watch right now

  542. Not on League Pass.

  543. espn

  544. Curry is unreal

  545. thanks, I just watch online streaming.

  546. Warriors is behind by 10 at 7:20 4Q.

  547. Hello everyone!
    Onward, we go!
    Seth Curry had another good game. Happy for him.

  548. Crap, Warriors are gonna freaking lose at home?!?!

  549. Celtics Coach, Brad Stevens is good in motivating his team against GSW. In time out, he encourages instead of demeans his team to elevate their plays when they see SCurry made some crazy shots. He makes them believe that they can do. I think it was in a Detroit game, Lin said in an article that Cliff had said some R-rated talk including challenging their ‘manhood’….

  550. And he was named the Eastern Conference Coach of the Month for March!


  551. Are they doing face swap!?

  552. Back to No. 4 for Hornets after Miami win

  553. If Celtics win against GSW tonight, it’s going to get lots of press and kudos from coach to team, and they deserve it. Bc they play team ball and believe only if GSW let doubt creeps in and play carelessly so far to let Celtics win. It’s in their hand. I hope they can overcome. If they do, it will also be their strong mental testament of team ball.

  554. JLin:Marv had him in deep waters so…you know…I had to go swimming lol #freestyle #badtechnique #morelikedoggypaddle #whatsfrankdoing #dumbrook #BuzzCity

  555. Boston won Warriors. WoW

  556. Celtics won! Wow.

  557. CRAP!

  558. I definitely don’t wanna see the Hornets face Boston now…they are gonna be flying high with confidence going into the playoffs…no thanks!

  559. Brad Stevens is a great coach. Maximizes his minimum talent. Always has the right teamball play out of a timeout.

    Clifford and Kemba will be dismantled in 5 games if they face Boston. So frustrating to see CHA play a forgettable season that will end in a lame 1st rd defeat. The only time they’ve ever beaten a top team is with Lin at the helm. All 3 big wins this season are courtesy of Lin. So telling that MIA, BOS and ATL all have tiebreakers over CHA.

  560. Stevens >>> Cliff. Though match up. I would just have Lin post up Isaiah until either Stevens or the refs have to take Isaiah out.

  561. Yep. GSW played carelessly and had too many turnovers. Celtics Coach game planned against Curry and succeeded. He really helped make his team believe to stay the course. Kudos to Coach Stevens and his team. GSW will come back next game. Kerr has to shelter Curry from opponents tight defense.

  562. Amazing game, playoff feel

  563. They are a well coached team. Isaiah Thomas was impressive.

  564. Hornets should align themselves to play Hawks

  565. or Mihammy

  566. Out of the 3, Hawks are the “easiest” . I think both Miami and Boston are tough

  567. Probably. Anyone but Boston. Stevens is infinitely smarter than Cliff and will easily stop Kemba’s streetball. Whiteside makes Lin’s job harder (since he’s not playing PG), so ATL is probably the best bet.

  568. Yup, both Miami and Boston play gritty bball

  569. Miami has “focus” problems, but Wade and Spo will bring it during the playoffs. Even Joe Johnson can still be clutch. Atlanta plays the right way but Bud is not as good as Stevens and they don’t have a one-man layup stopper like Whiteside.

  570. In this season and last, every game between the Celtics and the Warriors was won by 5 points or less. The Warriors won 3 and the Celtics 1. The game in Dec, 2015, went to double overtime.

  571. I agree. Boston is the toughest one… better not face them in first round.

  572. I guess homecourt is most important, but 4th seed vs. Atlanta is better than 3rd seed vs. Boston.

  573. i’ll take Miami please…Wade is hurting and Bosh is most likely done for the year

  574. Hawks sure is better than Celtics.

  575. –Boston got the warriors…wow- what an exciting game compared to the one we saw in MSG tonight-waste…I think I wouldn’t want JLin with the Nets–no one can shoot-……Hornets won’t have a chance with the celtics..C. Cliff would be out coached by Stevens.

  576. Celtics are tough indeed

  577. No one in Brooklyn can shoot because they have no PG to collapse the defense!

    Lin, Bogdanovic, Ellington, Kilpatrick can all shoot with space. Lopez and Young can shoot from midrange with space. During Linsanity, Novak was the only above-average 3pt shooter and they beasted. Kemba couldn’t hit anything from deep until this year with Batum and Lin giving him space.

  578. Celtics is good. Let someone else face them not Hornets.

  579. Here is CHA Win-Lose record vs #3-6 seeds plus JLin stats (pts/asts/reb with TS% and +/-)

    MIA 2-2 (Lin 8.5p/2a/4.5r 49.3% TS with -1.3 +/-)
    ATL 1-3 (Lin 13.3p/2.8a/3r 58.7% TS with +3.2 +/-)
    BOS 0-2 (Lin 13.0p/2.5a/6.5r 51.2% TS with +10.8 +/-)

    Surprisingly, JLin has the best +/- against BOS and True Shooting & although the Hornets never won in 2 games.
    ATL is 2nd best in terms of individual performance.
    MIA is not ideal with the trapping defense and Whiteside as the athletic blocker

  580. Dang it Lin, make eye contact bro! She’s giving you the googly eyes. XD

  581. Hawes is hilarious!

  582. True true!

  583. Highlights from JUN LIU

  584. Kudos to Coach Stevens… He credited the team for the win. He said when Curry went crazy w/ his shooting, his team came right back and answered. They were composed and stayed the course. It’s really good coaching out of time out and game planned from B. Stevens. He also noted that chasing Curry also expended lots of energy. He knew that Thomas would eventually score even though he was 0/7, w/0pts in the first half. It’s team defense that got Curry out of rhythm and the rest of his teammates couldn’t get it together until it’s too late bc all the focus was on Curry… Kerr didn’t make quick adjustment in this game and fell into Celtics trap.
    We saw Celtics double team Lin and not KW IIRC.

  585. It’s nice to see JLin feeding Big Al/Frank with 2 assists each plus Lamb/Batum with 1 assist.

    It’s clear JLin tries to build Bench Force 1 with Al in the middle because he knows BF1 will be needed to win in the playoff. Great dynamics with Batum and hopefully the chemistry with Kemba/Lee continues to develop

  586. Lin and Frank ‘swimming’ celebration after Marvin’s dunk 🙂

    Jeremy Lin and Teammates Wilding on Marvin’s Dunk #PHIatCHA

  587. Celtics always tried to find the way to stop Lin. So I hope Hornets will not face Celtics in first round.

  588. yes, BOS is bad news since they’re gaining all the momentum now.

    ATL might be floundering. And the Heat would be the 2nd choice for 1st playoff opponent

  589. I prefer the Boston. Lin does well in front of Brad Stevens. He had a big game scoring 25 pts last year when the Lakers played the Celtics. Here’s what Brad Stevens had to say:


  590. I agree .. it’s best to avoid BOS having all the momentum
    Better coach, bad matchup

  591. The interesting twist could be that the Hornets might have to rely on Lin who plays very well statistically.
    But the Hornets will only do so if they’re trailing 0-2 or 0-3 so it might be too late to win

    It’s a dilemma

  592. But Lin was used as PG, floor general, in that game, not on this Hornets team. Only if Cliff allows Lin to have enough touches and to have the freedom to make plays and w/good shooting, then maybe Hornets could have the chance of defeating the Celtics.

  593. I agree. The only way the Hornets will rely on Lin as PG is if Kemba/Batum don’t work and they trail 0-2 or 0-3. And they might still not do that knowing JLin might leave in the summer

  594. looks more like a skydiving maneuver

  595. In terms of match up I still prefer Boston over Atlanta. I think Atlanta is much more physical and more suitable for playoff.

  596. Three things I see against Lin if Hornets face Celtics. 1) Coach Stevens– He always game plans against Lin w/ double team, tighter defensive pressure. 2) Coach Clifford– He took Lin off the floor even though he was the only stopping Thomas in the last game. He subbed Lin out and KW allowed I. Thomas to go haywire on him. 3) The Referee– I fear the biases from ref is strong when Clifford does not defend/protest for Lin. Remember, Thomas blatantly pushed Lin out of the way to pull a jumper right in front of the the ref, but no offensive foul was called on Thomas. W/ tonight’s win against GSW, ref will give Thomas even more preference for foul calls in his favors.

  597. Me too!!!

  598. Atlanta does have deeper bench so it can be worrisome.

    I also like seeing how JLin performed well vs the Celtics.
    He can be a hero in the playoff series!

  599. GIF time: JLin circus layup

  600. was he pointing at MJ ??

  601. I thought so but I think he’s just happy to get an And-1
    Besides MJ was talking to Oakley

  602. And Lin/Frank celebration!

  603. JLin Air Guitar after Kemba 3

    Plus Batum “French-speaking” celebration?

  604. Yep – Bscott only gave the reins to Lin because Scott was desperate to win against the hated rivals of his playing days. This is not going to happen with Clifford unless injuries force him to use Lin. And Brad Stevens will most definitely out-coach Clifford.

  605. Thank you!

  606. Thank you for your input! Good job!

  607. I hope so too! Otherwise…..

  608. Hope Lin has finally fixed his shooting.

    Following is his average from the last 6 games, which he shot 50% or better, except for 1 game.
    26m/14.7p/3.8r/3.2a 54.7 FG% 61.5 3P% 71.4 FT%

  609. Thanks Heart. You always give in depth comments. Love it.

  610. True. Nice one heart.❤️

  611. Smh!

  612. I get annoyed when I look at Clifford. I know already his style. Same old same old. The only interesting thing is they’re in the playoffs and credit to Kemba Batum and Clifford as what they have painted it since then. With just a glimpse of Linsanity which they try hard not to show. Sigh!

  613. They’re already prepping to get Lin this coming post season

  614. Interesting if Brown really praised Lin…Lin had a good game, but wasn’t his best, by far….So if he praised Lin, maybe Philly is indeed looking to make an offer.

  615. Lin’s circus shot got so many tweets last night. Haha!

  616. Absolutely Lin has fixed his shooting.

    His form is completely different.

  617. Yawn.

    Coach Brett Brown praised Lin last season too, but the Sixers didn’t think Lin was good enough to play for them.

  618. But the Celtics rarely have been able to stop Lin.

    They haven’t given Lin trouble since Jerryd Bayless was let go.

  619. Words are cheap, he’s just saying that cause he knows MDA and Colangelo wants Lin. If anything they should fire Brown and have MDA as head coach.

  620. Not at all. If you go by coach’s comments, Pop wants him. It’s not unusual for a coach to acknowledge an opponent’s player or players after a game. And it sounds like he praised more than Lin.

  621. What have they said that makes you think that? I know you want Lin on the Sixers because of MDA. But they’ve not shown any interest. Philly made big overtures to Schroder and that’s the only PG they seemed to really express any official interest in so far. My guess is they go after no PG over 25.

  622. Lin next season is premature until we find out where Lin is now in his priorities. We talk of Lin based on old priorities. Lin’s latests interviews show he may not even want to play steady PnRs anymore. He’s a PG minded player with best stats as starter but he may end up in a situation we did not envision. So, I say this with complete soberness and not with my desires for where I’d like him to go, I just think it’s playoff time, and only after season’s end will we know what Lin’s priorities are. We don’t know now.

  623. To be fair to Brown, they obviously started out this year in tank mode…next year will be radically different

  624. We’ll see if they play each other.

  625. Or not. We’ll see.

  626. Those numbers are why I prefer Atlanta or Boston to Miami for Lin. Even with the 0-2, I prefer Boston the most of the 3 but just for Lin and not for the team. I think Cliff isn’t in the same league as a coach with Stevens.

  627. The Hawks have beaten the Hornets three times this season while the Celtics twice. But Brad Stevens us such a good coach that the Celtics have became a well-coached giant killer, I don’t think the Hornets have a chance to beat them if they keep marginizing Lin like the regular season. Though it is unlikely, I hope the Hornests facing the Hawks 1st round and Lin leading them win to shut up bad-mouthing D Wilkins.

  628. Sixers Coach Brett Brown on board with Jeremy Lin


    “There is a chance we’ll see [guard] Jeremy Lin come in the game. That’s a legitimate, at-any-moment, 20, 25-point player. He can just sort of burst off a bench and be lightning in a bottle and score at that rate, and so we’re going to need to play with pace and free”

  629. Tally Sheet of Sixers on board with JLIN

    1. Mike D’Antoni
    2. Jerry Colangelo (by way of MDA) ?
    2. Brett Brown ??

  630. He needs touches. He’ll be PG when Kemba isn’t on the floor for the most part. But that’s just 12 or so minutes of the game, if that much. Otherwise, when Kemba passes the ball to Batum, if Batum involves Lin then the offense can really roll with Lin looking to make good plays or for his own offense. If Kemba decides that he’s going to do it all, it’s going to be an ugly playoffs.

  631. The whole Sixers organization sounds like a scam. They are purposely bad so everyone has a built in excuse for incompetence, including the coach. They call it collecting assets but all they collect is money with a low overhead and revenue sharing. They don’t need people to fill the stands. Just sell hope and keep their jobs.

    Old clipper team was more honest. Don sterling was many things but he was up front about being cheap. He made the clippers the most profitable team in the nba along the way. Win fine. Lose fine.

  632. Notice that Coach Brown spoke of no other Hornet besides JLIN and Batum in his pre-game comments.

  633. No Kemba?

  634. Shorthanded Sixers fall to the Hornets

    (and the nice Brown comments singling out JLIN’s P&R keep coming – JLIN hardly even does effective P&R this year what with marginalization and lack of strong roll big.)

    “and when you look at Jeremy Lin, they have gone from very much a post-oriented program with Al Jefferson, now to a hybrid where they can run, shoot threes, post Al” – Brett Brown

  635. Not one word on Kemba

    Maybe they interested in Batum and JLIN in free agency – wouldn’t that be a Hoot!

  636. Ya! Both are FA this summer…. Kemba is a Hornets.

  637. Really good comments…..

  638. The Warriors can only lose one more game to break the record. The Spurs may try for the undefeated at home record since the Warriors lose theirs late in the season. It’s tough to get records. The Warriors just couldn’t pull out the win last night, but if they weren’t chasing the record it would probably be best for them. They could use some rest. They still are the best team in the NBA.

  639. If JLIN is a ” legitimate, at-any-moment, 20, 25-point player” off the bench…
    … then imagine what he can do for you as your starting franchise point guard, Coach Brown?

  640. Ya! If Lin can be free like other starting PG then he sure can be franchise player.

  641. I think 76ers inventing tanking and showing everyone how to do it wrong.

  642. Man, look like he’s already scouting j lin for this summer.

  643. sounds like that to me….

  644. When I made comments to that effect that Steve Clifford purposefully wanted to not showcase JLIN in front of the Sixers Organization – many posters discounted the notion that Sixers are scouting as mad ravings.

    This is the NBA, this is Mike D’Antoni — they want to audition JLIN.

  645. Lin should not go to the toxic sixers organization. Yes mda is a plus but that’s it. Organization culture will make the best people ineffective and worst they become toxic too. They become a product of their environment. When a culture has been like this for years, the change always need to start at the very top of the organization. The fact that They are shameless in tanking should give you guys a hint as to what kind of mindset the leaders operate.

    No Lin in sixers, it’s just plain bad

  646. Colangelo, the godfather of USA olympic bball, will be the man with all the power starting next year…Hinkie will be gone, Brown will probably be gone with MDA taking his place…Colangelo has direct orders from the NBA to construct a competitive team

  647. When the NBA started distributing TV money more fairly among teams, the Clippers under Sterling stopped being cheapskates overnight.

    It used to be that major media teams like the Lakers had total TV rights, thus giving them total spending capacity over lesser teams like the Clippers. That’s how the Lakers built “Showtime” by assembling superteams of max contract players.

  648. What about the owner? I have seen plenty owners who doesn’t listen to good consult.

  649. Sixers will win many more games if they just go for Lin instead of trying to get Lin and Batum.

  650. I rembember that.

    Philly is lack of pg leadership. Brown’s comments showed lin is intelligent and discipine pg who they’re desperately need.

  651. – Sixers are Injured 5 men
    – Addition of Colangelo, MDA, Elton Brand, Ish Smith proves they will not be in tank mode coming season
    – Of course they would like 1st pick in Draft (who wouldn’t) and this season was lost before Jerry arrived.
    – JLIN makes NBA scrubs who are hard-workers play like a well-oiled team
    – If you play with JLIN and you hustle then he will make sure you touch the ball
    … go read some of my other reasons to understand why your position is the wrong one for JLIN, frankly I’m tired of listing them all the time

  652. The owner hired Colangelo and gave him the reigns to even fire Sam Hinkie and he probably will next season.

  653. It will be all changed starts with the top. Lin will take the job if he gets starting role and fair contact.

  654. The one thing the Sixers have going for them with getting Lin is the one thing that likely will be more of a factor than any other:

    The Sixers are a BAD team that no backup or veteran free agent PG dares come to.

    By default, the Sixers may end up with only Lin as the starting PG.

    Even if the Sixers drafted a hotshot NCAA point guard, that player could not possibly outplay Lin. Besides, Lin would simply slide over to starting SG and terrorize the NBA from that position instead.

  655. And JLIN will not demand a HUUUGE salary to play for the Sixers as starting point guard.

    He just wants the amount of money that shows respect as a starter. He is not humiliated by playing for a “losing” team.

  656. Good point, lin can go either 1 or 2 position

  657. Additionally, when you begin with a bad team:

    a) expectations are low
    b) meeting those expectations are easier

  658. Sixers is a solid team,they just need a PG like Lin a couple veterans(Williams,Bazemore)and this team will be humming next season.

  659. Nostalgia is a dangerous thing. Most of your reason Le for Lin to go sixers are based on hope and change for the future. It’s a lot of work and time from sixers team to go from last place to playoffs. The sixers still has ways to go to change its ways. Jlin doesn’t have time. Can Lin be impactful? Yes but Lins best option is to go a healthy organization that’s fair and fits Lin to his strengths.

    Colangelo is not basketball God savior

  660. Houston,Hornets and NYK has no hopes before Lin came in to the picture and help these teams to playoff

  661. MDA and JLIN are fierce competitors AND if they have the “Nostalgia” …

    … then you better believe that they dream about the opportunity to show the world that Linsanity was NOT a fluke and they will spend every moment preparing to make sure they accomplish their goal.

  662. More accurate to say the NBA pressured him to hire Colangelo. There’s still plenty of uncertainty to how this will play out.

  663. And all of them has toxic environment just like sixers. Linsanity will not be sustainable

  664. Amen if Hinkie and BBrown will be gone after this season. Can’t take their losing mentality anymore, just like the Lakers! At first, I thought BBrown was ok as a coach when he won against the Rocketts in preseason in the game that Lin made 9 3s. But I think after that BBrown caved into Hinkie’s overall tanking plan. To me that shows he’s weak and should be let go along w/ the mastermind tanker. He’s not doing a service to himself nor the players… Shameless!

  665. How’d you know that sixers has that kind of env’t?because they were losing?

  666. This is hopefulness and faith that I do not have for the sixers

  667. Look, the only chance of JLin starting for a good team is if Conley leaves Memphis or Bulls ditch Rose…that’s it…otherwise, he’s gonna need to focus on the crappier teams, but at least Philly has some good basketball minds with Colangelo and MDA, lots of young talent, tons of cap space, and tons of picks

  668. Because they willingly tank. The organization does not have grit. They try to take shortcuts and exploit system weakness in a negative way.

  669. Why hire Colangelo, MDA, Elton Brand if your desire is to continue to tank.

    Nope tanking stops season end.

  670. You’re still dealing with rookies and a young team. Lin is in his prime. He needs to win now and sustain it with a healthy organization

  671. Uhmmm,you’re talking about the previous seasons…I’ll tell you this if you know some basketball foresight,Sixers has more upside as a team even w/o Lin compare to Hornets next season.

  672. He’ll get 30 wins and be a star, if he gets into the playoffs (and Hornets don’t lol) JLIN will be viewed as a SUPERSTAR in Philly.

  673. JLin needs to START now…winning will happen if he starts

  674. You’re still hoping and putting on faith based on your projections. Projections should be supported by historical evidence. Sixers has started yet. And Lin and should not be in a team that is like a new born baby filled with rookies.

  675. Too bad.

  676. No player in the NBA is better at making new born athletic, enthusiastic rookies play like an NBA team than JLIN.

  677. Hornets,Houston and NYK wasn’t enough for you as an evidence?With a team like Sixers with a lot of tons of money and assets to burn next season is still not enough?????I don’t know where you coming from but better do your research

  678. If they let him starts, if all your hopes are correct. Right now, and also in the past there is nothing that indicates that the changes made this off season will produce a dramatic change with great impact that Lin will be linsanity 2.0.

  679. Then you must want him to be a role player.

  680. Hell no. I totally want him to be a starter absolutely.

  681. Lin would turn that entire franchise around.

    He would have yesterday’s banged up 76er roster in the playoffs if Brett Brown allowed Lin to play.

  682. There’s no more Linsanity 2.0,it’s just pure basketball POV’s.

  683. Tell me where he would be guaranteed a starter?

  684. LOL

  685. So?

    He had rookies and nobodies in his first Houston year, and they made they playoffs despite James Harden playig terribly.

  686. Well I don’t know lol. I wish sixers plot line you guys saying will be true. I will make me ecstatic.. I just couldn’t see it happening

  687. Friggin please.

    The last time Lin had a team of rookies, they made the playoffs when the Western Conference was much stronger than either conference is today.

  688. It’s our wish too but it’s just a best case scenario.

  689. Well I’m wishing for a better team I guess. Teams That are in the playoffs this year.

  690. Colangelo is likely the biggest stumbling block to Lin joining the Sixers.

    Colangelo has that 80s mentality that overpaying a fake star player will bring other star players in.

    I would imagine that he doesn’t think Lin’s capable of playing in the NBA, given how Colangelo has deliberately overlooked Lin for the Select Team in favor of nonAsian less producing players.

  691. Totally agree.

  692. Will Lin be able to lakers to the playoffs if he was starting pg? I’m looking at sixers like I’m looking at lakers

  693. If Lin is “forced” to play the 2, then he’ll “just” average 20+ ppg if the Sixers do nothing but not deliberately try to freeze Lin out .

  694. Then you have to prepare for lin as bench again. The Hornets were horrible past seasons but they still treated him as crap.

  695. Colangelo didn’t have any problem with Steve Nash and if with this team Colangelo has raw, talent already in Okafor, Noel, Ebiid, Saric and draft picks – he doesn’t need any more – just a good leader.

    Colangelo wont be a stumbling block, he and MDA have been drinking buddies for 20 years.

  696. If he over looks Lin, that’s pretty much it for Asians. The NBA needs more at least excellent Asian players so I’ll then know if they are overlooking him because they don’t like his game or because he’s Asian.

  697. You don’t understand

    The playoffs follow Lin, not the other way around.

    The only time Lin has missed the playoffs was with that tanking Lakers team – and Lin’s Lakers 2nd unit would have beaten Charlotte’s Bench Force One!

    Had Byron Scott not hated Lin’s race, the Lakers could have EASILY won 50 games last season and made the playoffs.

  698. But he won’t overlook Asian JLIN – so rest well.

  699. 1 thing, 6ers don’t have kobe

  700. No team can win when the name Byron Scott is coaching.

  701. EASILY.

    As long as Lin is not race hated by his coach, Lin can lead ANY team into the playoffs including the Lakers who have more talent than their pitiful record indicates.

  702. Lakers have not hired Colangelo, MDA, Elton Brand or ANYONE to indicate their tanking stops yet – lets see who they bring in next season to determine whether Byron Scott tank commander keeps rolling.

  703. You have to have faith (not of religious type either). If you went on recent historic “evidence”, many would say Lin has no business starting.

    I think 76ers is an option and will depend on what they do in the off season.

    I hope he will have other options as well.

  704. I’m labeling sixers to be toxic. You guys said sixers are all about profit. There are no guarantees Lin will be treated fairly even if he starts. The probability of Lin getting treated poorly is even higher at toxic organizations.

  705. If the Sixers did absolutely nothing other than add Jeremy Lin as a starting PG, the Sixers would improve by 30 games and make the playoffs while Charlotte missed the playoffs entirely.

  706. I’d like to see a bidding war for JLIN’s services as starter.

    But ultimately I believe the trust that MDA and Colangelo will instill is worth more to JLIN than any other franchise.

  707. Actually, no.

    Even with toxicity, Lin would still get MINUTES on the Sixers.

    Their inexperienced frail team is so banged up, even Kendall Marshall who plays like a 90 year old Lin is playing SF!

    Lin would play tons of minutes on the Sixers simply because of all the injuries.

  708. The fact that hate is allowed in the organization is toxic. If the organization is unaware of that hate that is also an healthy organization. A healthy organization is highly self aware and does not promote or allow hate and would also have the resourcefulness to find a way to win without tanking.

    Sixers exhibit similar characteristic to current lakers. The exception of a few things does not differentiate sixers from lakers enough.

  709. Lin had single handedly led the charge from the bench to win against the #2 top team in the WC, Spurs, after he also won against the #1 EC team, Cavs, just weeks prior, yet, Clifford downplayed the significance of the Spurs win as any other wins. SMH! However, the entire Celtics org. and Coach gave credit to team and I.Thomas for this significant win against the #1 WC, GSW. They milk every piece of favorable press to bring favors to their players. What a difference in treatment! http://www.nba.com/2016/news/features/ian_thomsen/04/01/celtics-isaiah-thomas-grows-in-stature-in-league/index.html?ls=nbahpsplit1

  710. NO.

    The Sixers are a young team with new ownership, the Lakers are an old team with old ownership.

    Besides, there are only two nontoxic teams in the NBA: the Warriors and Spurs. NEITHER of them wants Lin.

  711. Wrong lakers has a new owner. Thus the poor toxic lakers emerge

  712. Lin would if positive optimal conditions apply

  713. Clifford and the Hornets have made clear to JLIN and his agents that he can NEVER be anymore than a perpetually, permanent bench role player for CHA no matter what wonderful games he produce it will not change.

    JLIN and agents heard Clifford and Hornets loud and clear.

    JLIN moves to his new starting pg job next season.

  714. Clifford has only one goal, and it’s not to win games.

    Clifford only wants to keep his job by kissing up to Walker and Batum. That means degrading Lin while using Lin strictly to faciliate both those players.

    Next season, that mentality will backfire because Lin’s a GONER.

  715. How so?

  716. Not even.

    Lin’s way beyond that, as we are seeing.

    Lin’s gonna WIN in whatever minutes he gets.

  717. That’s an overzealous statement . But I applaud it

  718. ???

    Who is the Lakers new owner?

    Last thing I knew, Jeannie and Jimmy Buss are the Lakers owners. Both have been around the Lakers since the 1980s and helped their father run the team during the Magic Johnson era.

    I don’t remember those two giving up ownership.

  719. When MDA started JLIN in New York, from that point on — he NEVER started anyone above JLIN through the moment he got “fired” by Carmelo complaining to Dolan.

    And MDA will continue to NEVER start anyone above JLIN – mark my words.

  720. Sorry. I meant leadership owner. The leader is new in lakers organization

  721. Sorry I was referring to colangelo. You are confident that colangelo will not overlook Lin as Asian being inferior. How can you be so sure?

  722. There are articles that Colangelo planted moles
    1) MDA is the “eyes & ears’ mole on the coaching staff
    2) Elton Brand is the mole in the locker room

    Colangelo works from Pheonix and relies on his trusted lieutenants for the real story.

    MDA has more power through Colangelo than either Hinkie/Brown who are outsiders.

  723. You can’t go by that. How long was MDA Lin’s coach? That’s the most important thing. How long did it take him to even play Lin? Wasn’t Lin on the team a long time? And what of the story that said MDA was considering bringing in Deron Williams. I don’t see how it is possible to praise this man so much when he was only Lin’s coach for a few weeks. I’d judge him on a full season, not a few weeks and that never happened.

    All this talk of MDA and still, he’s the Sixers Patrick Ewing. Same position. He is not the Sixers head coach.

  724. Lin is not starting because of the prejudice eye test. Not evidence

  725. Breaking your PROMISE once again to not address my Post but I will entertain a reply…

    What you bring us is a red herring, you do NOT know what happened in practices, what role JLIN had in practice whether MDA even witnessed what JLIN could do. And you bring up COUNTER-FACTUALs none of the DWill comments were ever actuallized, he never became a Knick and pure speculation.

    All you have is hot air.

  726. Yep, I cannot see Lin staying with the team sideline celebrations notwithstanding. Something good will break for how steady he’s been for 4 seasons now.

  727. What about Dallas? Deron Williams will have a player option and will probably be seeking a big contract. He’s 31 yo so some teams may be reluctant to give him a 4 yr contract with his injury and age considerations.

  728. Yeah I was excited when everyone pegged him to go there. Not sure if Dallas wants him. Certain a way better organization. Cuban seems like a reasonably fair guy.

  729. Personally, I feel Mavs from the negotiations last summer left a bad taste in JLIN’s mouth – I’d rather not see him go there.
    But the NBA is a business so you never know.

  730. I made no promise to you here about responding to you and I’m not interesting in the slightest into get into the personal barbs you like to get into so let’s keep this strictly about the subject matter or I won’t respond to you. MDA was Lin’s coach for a few weeks FACT when he played as a full-time player. They went on a nice run and then the opposite. I was in NYC when this happened and I know exactly what was going on with the Knicks at the time.

    MDA is an associate head coach now, same position as Ewing. Not head coach. And all of what you say is your speculation on how much MDA wants Lin or what he’ll do. The Sixers aren’t even MDA’s team now.

    I understand why MDA is held in such high-esteem here but for me, he’s an NBA coach that has this PG-centric offense and Lin for a few weeks thrived in it. It doesn’t mean that Lin is the only PG that MDA wants to coach if and when he becomes a head coach nor does it means that his FO are considering just Lin as a PG or at all.

  731. You wish to know the truth about MDA?
    1)Go down and read my response to LinJa about Colangelo’s eyes & ears in Philly.
    2)The latest video Colangelo released 2 days ago on nba.com did NOT even have Brown or Hinkie in the entire tape — COLANGELO is THE power in PHILLY and MDA is his man.
    3) Brown doesn’t last another 12 months and he will play what MDA/Colangelo tells him to play..

  732. Interesting that they decided to insert new clips into an older JLIN interview – not real sure why they did this.

    Seems like interview recorded quite early in the season if not pre-season, splice in with recent game shots.

  733. Teams pull together with a single mentality to win champainship. If all players focus on one goal, they can thrive to get to the top. Wining gets every player advantage to get better contracts.

  734. I don’t need to know YOUR truth. I gave my opinion. Let’s move on. It’s not the MDA thread, it’s Lin and he doesn’t play for MDA.

  735. “he doesn’t play for MDA” But he will again soon.

    Dont’ tell other posters what is an appropriate thread on this forum. It concerns discussion of JLIN then it is appropriate to some of us.

    Now, take your customary last word as you love to do.

  736. Move on don. And I’ve seen your exchanges with others and they go in the same direction with you getting personal for no reason. He will soon again is a wish, not a fact. He may again is much more practical and sensible than making a prediction that nobody knows will happen or not.

  737. Yet what evidence you have 76ers can not be good for Lin?

  738. The way Brown described Lin is almost exactly how Cliff described Lin. Lin is now seen as one of the greatest weapons off the bench by much of the NBA teams. I think he is extremely respected as such. I disagree with the “only a bench player” type of notion. Bench doesn’t equal inferior. Havlicek was a 6th man and he’s a great name in basketball as an example. McHale played off the bench as well and while a not-great coach, was a great player.

    The thing is, Lin has better numbers as a starter. I’d personally like to see him start games, around 40 percent, even if he’s coming off the bench more games. How the league sees Lin has nothing to do with the Lin fan. I’ve come to this conclusion. The Lin fans here, not in all forums but here, have a majority opinion he is best used as a starting PG with a lot of PnR. The league is not seeing this. The league is seeing Lin as an absolute force that can change games from the bench for playoff contending teams. He can score, he can pass, he can play defense, he can do whatever it takes. He’s gone way beyond the MDA days of PnR slasher/passer with high TOs. He’s now a versatile player that can play PG, play off ball facilitator, play strong D, rebound, but still explode and score 20 plus on any given night.

    As I said earlier, starters are just part of the picture. Great teams have depth. Bench is depth. I strongly dislike that the bench players are called reserves and backups because they are more 2nd team players, maybe 2nd/3rd lines in hockey, not ancillary players or just relieve the starters players. Their play often makes the difference between Ws and Ls. Lin is not just a backup in the league’s eyes. They know he’s a dangerous finisher/closer as well.

    So the choice may come down to Lin going with winning in the way much of the league sees him vs. what fans here want to see in the majority. And that’s Lin’s choice. I think we don’t know at this time. And what he said years ago isn’t as relevant now in my argument, not fact but my own impression, because his whole tone/voice/manner is evolving which define his priorities. I hold off on any post-season enthusiasm for any particular team simply because Lin hasn’t tipped his capped recently about anything. I take his lead which is, I’m playing for God, I’m playing with a sense to enjoy my time in the moment. I’m enjoying this season, I’m enjoying that we are going to the playoffs, I’m enjoying my teammates, I’m preparing for the playoffs. Good enough. I’m enjoying it too. It’s fleeting for a few weeks and then the whole uncertainty of what comes next is upon us. But, I can’t look past right now.

    I welcome responses but please refrain from I only see Lin as a bench player type of reactions or the very unacceptable to me I am not a Lin fan reactions. I won’t respond to those. I see Lin as a great force that wins games, no matter if you start him or play him from the bench. I see the league’s point of view as well as our point of view on this forum and think both are quite valid as well. I think he is talented enough to strive either way but in different ways, with his best stats favoring starting. I’m not advocating for him to be a bench player or starter at this point, just for him to decide what his priorities are and support him from there and I feel we don’t know them at this point in his career. Thanks.

  739. I’ve read on the other site what you really think of Jeremy as well as his fans on this site. That posts and views here are unbalanced and that we think he will somehow magically get a starting position next year. Put it this way – I take everything you say with a grain of salt.

  740. See the guy just can’s stay healthy

    @kc1nyk ‏@kc1nyk 1m1 minute ago
    #Mavs #Mavericks PG-SG Deron Williams (hernia) hopeful he won’t need surgery, progressively got worse, no timetable.


  741. On the last game Lin showed that he’s been bonding with the second team Bigs, Jefferson and Kamansky, that they anticipated his wrap around pass for easy dunks, before they sometimes fumbled his passes.

  742. You and I don’t often agree, but I agree with everything you posted:) Lin has become a very well rounded player and now he is being regarded the best in the league. The league unfortunately has blinders on or because of political pressure to see him as a starter in the league. I think Charlotte has been his redemption in bringing his value up again. I also notice that the NBA is writing about him more and he is finally earning respect in this league. The coaches on the other teams see Lin as a very major threat when he is playing against them, and you don’t build your whole defensive game around somebody that you think is mediocre. I think lin loves Charlotte. He started a bible study among some of the players and the team as a whole seems to be pretty close. I think that Charlotte wants to keep Lin, and will probably pay him as one of the big three in Charlotte. i think they will move on from MKG next season. The fans in Charlotte love lin. I think if Charlotte gives the salary he wants and the playing time, playing PG and the full running of the 2nd team, he might consider staying. Lin knows how hard it is to go another team and start all over. As far as Cliff is concerned, he is just a kiss up, and if lin becomes one of Charlotte’s featured players next season(if lin decides to stay), then Cliff will be sucking up to him too. As a lin fan, I will sit back and enjoy the games that lin has left to play without overthinking things about his playing time, because all lin cares about is the win.

  743. Thanks, Joyce! I very much appreciate this coming from you.

  744. 🙂 Also too, you might have a team that promises him a starting position and you know the scrutiny on him will be intense, and whose to say that he won’t have his starting position snatched away as before because of some eye test of some rookie. That’s how this league does things.

  745. Yes, been impressed with how Jefferson’s game has evolved from archaic a slow post up player since playing with JLin.

  746. He seems to be good with Kaminsky

  747. I think on his snapchat, i have seen he jefferson/Kaminsky hanging out.

  748. Exactly. Healthy skepticism is good. I just can’t get idealistic about any organization or coach after watching what has gone on with Lin the past 4 plus years.

  749. Yes – hope this bodes well for playoffs!

  750. Trust me, Lin knows that. I think the playoffs will be a deciding factor on lin making a decision. I personally think that Dell curry and a few others have already been in his ear about staying because this team is this far because of lin’s smart plays in the 4th quarter and knowing exactly what to do. I don’t worry about Cliff, because he will do what he is told.

  751. Walker leading Hornets out of oblivion. The writer was nice and mentioned Batum and Lin too.

    “Batum will likely garner a maximum contract this summer after proving to be the versatile facilitator and defensive ace the Hornets expected when they acquired him from Portland before the draft. Lin has offered wacky hairdos and flashes of that memorable three-week period in which he owned New York.”


  752. I think Clifford got in trouble with the FO over those comments because he went on the Rhome show the next day and song lin’s praises like a canary. LOL

  753. Where is that in NY

  754. I can agree just a little. I think lin is tired of moving around and starting over. I think Cliff is a ‘yes man”, and if lin was to stay, he would be sucking up to lin also. I don’t even think Lin is bothered about Cliff.LOL

  755. haha, fooled me 🙂

  756. I agree with everything you said but i think Lin can be what you are saying really without trying. Being a force off the bench is something Lin has always been. Bad media and unfair treatment is why he got no respect in houston and LAL. Like the reports earlier i think Lin want one more chance at starting. If he cant get that he may return to the hornets. If he does i think he is gone at really any price. Lin thinks he is capable of Insanity and even more.

  757. Isn’t he one day too late for April fools’ joke?

  758. As the season unfolded, I realized Clifford is a Yes man, but a respected one at that.

  759. All the great bench players that you talk about consistently get over 30 minutes games. They’re really starters that are strategically positioned as bench. Under the Hornets Lin is a starter material but restricted to be a bench player. If he’s getting over 30 minutes game then I’m totally ok if he comes off the bench. But he’s not. On a good day he gets 25 minutes. “He can score, he can pass, he can play defense, he can do whatever it takes. He’s gone way beyond the MDA days of PnR slasher/passer with high TOs. He’s now a versatile player that can play PG, play off ball facilitator, play strong D, rebound, but still explode and score 20 plus on any given night.” If you have notice such improvement, what make you so sure that the perception of NBA on Lin hasn’t changed? Numbers don’t lie! Lin has better numbers as a starter. It’s time to think beyond the label.

  760. Just the general feel of how Lin is perceived on how teams would want to use him. And it is time to think beyond the starter or backup label. Or even PG and SG labels IMO.

  761. Regardless of how much better lin is today, his bread and butter is still PnR, space, attack etc and he needs the ball in his hands.

    He’s now full of skill, to maximize it he needs the most opportunity but in Charlotte, fun is not what he trained himself hard for.

  762. Really well said. “He can score, he can pass, he can play defense, he can do whatever it takes. He’s gone way beyond the MDA days of PnR slasher/passer with high TOs. He’s now a versatile player that can play PG, play off ball facilitator, play strong D, rebound, but still explode and score 20 plus on any given night.”

  763. It matters little that most of the league thinks of JLIN the same way Floyd Mayweather Jr, “Jeremy Lin is a good player but all the hype is because he’s Asian. Black players do what he does every night and don’t get the same praise,” – FMJ

    It’s irrelevant what JLIN’s detractors on this board or in the NBA feel because JLIN just needs 1 or 2 teams of the 30 to disagree with the “concensus” including disagreeing with Clifford and this Charlotte Hornets organization.

    One lesson that is so quickly forgotten is the lesson of Amare Stoudemire in 2016 – 4 years after the fact we finally learn the unfiltered truth from INSIDE the locker room. JLIN speaks what is politically correct as he has learned to get along in NBA you must go along and many if in 4 more yrs you again learn the truth from inside the Hornets, you will still not believe.

    JLIN is not destined to be a bench player for the rest of his career. YOU ONLY SEE JLIN AS A BENCH PLAYER – that is your issue.

  764. JLin looks kind of like Daniel Craig (James Bond) in that photo, what the heck?

  765. How much pressure do you think is on him when he leads as starting point guard for a team who previously went 9-75?

    Spare us the pity the poor JLIN – he is a professional athlete who specializes in turning a group of nonames into a Team that can win. He can handle the scrutiny.

  766. Chance is really what Lin needs… like Jackson from Detroit & IT from Boston, they both were backup but w chance & skill they all became starter in the league now.

  767. Actually Manu Ginobili only averaged 30 minutes or more per game for 2 out of the 14 seasons he’s played in the NBA. And over his career his MPG average is 26, and I would put him up there with the greatest off the bench players of all time.

  768. “That’s how the *league* does things.” (emphasis mine)

    That’s not a statement on what Lin can handle IMO.

  769. He’s old and full of injuries.

  770. Of entire universe of NBA Bench players – just ONE per generation is satisfied – this gen. Ginobili.

    All the rest (even Iguodala) if given the opportunity would prefer STARTING due to practical and cosmetic concerns.

    1) STARTERs make between 60% and 6000% more money than bench players

    2) Regularity of starter minutes and team roles are well-defined which is critical to most players to play well.

    3) Did Harden or Batum (was quote in Portland, “Batum loves bench”) do you think Batum would welcome bench now?

    4) You will never find one player (x-Ginobili) who PREFERS to come off bench and CLOSE rather than start and sometimes NOT close – if they do they have a flaw.

    JLIN has repeated ad nauseam that he wishes to start and when that team, grants him that wish in the off-season he will seize it – end of story.

  771. That average cut down due to his age so it’s not really true when he’s in his 20 something.

  772. Good point. There’s need for the team and fit for both. And hopefully, if Lin is in that situation he’ll get that chance.

    Linsanity is going to be different IMO. I think less scoring, more strategic taking the game over at the right time from Lin.

  773. Think out of the box, fight against all odds. That’s what lin does all his life.

  774. That’s not how MDA does things.

    The issue is one of trust and confidence in the floor general that runs the D’Antoni offense.

    Just as Steve Nash didn’t get pulled for everyday occasional mistakes so too JLIN was not and won’t be pulled for small mistakes.

  775. My BFF in real life JE Ballew said this to me today:

    If Charlotte is throwing max money at Batum, why not throw it at KEVIN DURANT instead?

  776. Jefferson is playing superb two way basketball.

    He’s playing harder defense than I’ve ever seen him play.

  777. Because the Hornets will have a disaster of a bench squad next season when JLIN leaves thus no hope of a Champiionship.

    Durant goes to GSW if they win finals and OKC does not; If OKC wins he stays


    Until some team steps up and offers Lin money that a nonAsian player of his same statistical achievement would get, I remain faithless in the NBA and am worried that these are LIN’S FINAL DAYS IN THE NBA.

  779. Al is a disruptive, slow movement-less force on the bench squad as much as he occasionally scores he hurts the dynamic bench.

    This will need to be addressed into the playoffs because smart teams know how to defend this type of low-post playoff tactic.

  780. Pick and roll, having the ball in his hands, that’s the case for ANY player.

    In fact, I would strongly argue that Lin’s the ONLY guard in the NBA that regularly succeeds big despite a horrifically low number of possessions run through him.

    Lin finished dead last in that category as a Houston starter, plummeted below that the last two seasons, and has sorta raised that number not because he has the ball, but because injuries to other players have forced him onto the court against Clifford’s wishes.

  781. All roads lead to MDA? No, not for some of us.

  782. But the Hornets bench is defending superbly and scoring easily.

    There was a brief stretch of recent games where Troy Daniels came in and stunk up the games, but otherwise Jefferson has been a FORCE.

    Anytime a Lin teammate plays well, I’m all for it because it takes pressure off Lin and allows Lin to get better stats.

  783. Well the weight of the evidence toward Sixers will start to sway most JLIN watchers/fans.

    Of course it probably won’t for you, but that is you.

  784. But I don’t hear that from Brown and other coaches, Pop included. I hear them pigeonholing him to some degree as the X-factor type off of the bench, but not that he doesn’t belong in the league. I think that notion has been defeated by his continued winning performances against some of the highest competition. Can’t be denied anymore. The undrafted nature of Lin has the NBA exposed.

  785. MDA isn’t the only choice for Lin and we don’t even know what teams Lin will consider or his direction in FA. You’re getting away from the points that I made in my original post or the points I think that Joyce was making in her topical response to my post.

  786. Lin’s first year as starter in Houston his assist stat was even better than Harden.

  787. How would Lin play with Embiid? Don’t know much about his game but seems like a good rim protector big. Highlights kind of remind me of DeAndre.

  788. If JLIN was a starter, guess what?

    They would just replace the part where they rained accolades on JLIN with “starter” rather than “bench”
    e.g… “JLIN was spectacular in starting against us…”.
    e.g….”JLIN as a starter JLIN can burst off and be lightning in a bottle ”

    Take off your BENCH Blinders

  789. Any of those bigs guys are talented enough to roll hard and finish, Embiid, Noel or Okafor. Embiid finally healthy

  790. Harrison Barnes is going to want a max contract and some team is likely to give him that. GSW probably figures if they have to pay max for a SF it might as well be Durant.

  791. We just need one or two teams to not look at JLIN the way SWS94, Joyce and whoever else feels like you do about JLIN – and one of those two teams will be the 76ers – how hard is that to understand?

  792. Then they pick up Ben Simmons as a Forward on top of that. They probably don’t need Okafor. Maybe trade him for a good SG and get Lin as PG.

  793. Agreed if Durant ultimately leaves OKC then GSW will get him and he’ll gladly go.

  794. Dario Saric is also a range shooter star from the Euroleague that will be the recipient of many JLIN kick-outs for 3pts.

  795. You’re just making an argument for Lin to start and again making things personal where they need not be. I’m talking about Lin’s talent shining through however he is perceived and ultimately applied by the league and that whichever way he chooses, he’s now a more complete player than ever. We aren’t on the same page.

  796. How is advocating for JLIN to start “making things personal”
    Let’s check the wiring upstairs before posting… annoying.

    Who cares if 27 or 28 of the 30 teams think like you that JLIN is a bench player?

  797. don, I don’t think you understand how I look at JLin. It certainly isn’t reflected in your posts. Time to move on, please. I asked that responses not be the I only see Lin as a bench player stuff, which isn’t true, and that’s where you are going along with injecting MDA into the equation.

  798. Well you’re going to get the last word in anyway because that is your modus operandi.

    But I’ll just say that you pigeon-hole JLIN and many of us do not. You claim he’s only ever going to be used from the bench. I claim some team will pick him up to start or he could if all else fails play from the bench.

    Who has a wider view on JLIN’s prospects? You or I?

  799. “Take off your BENCH Blinders” is making things personal. I really don’t want to continue anymore with this discussion and I hope we agree to leave it here. I like to keep things topical.

  800. So with worst record in the NBA wrapped up. Will we see the 76ers start playing better? Players aren’t intentionally tanking but perhaps Brown is in on it?


  801. They are just bad
    They do try but they are just so much worse than other NBA teams talent wise

  802. Because they know they have no chance at KD

  803. LOL Harrison Barnes hes not that good

  804. A good view from 100k ft, I like it.

  805. Lin first year in Houston his assist was better than Harden and best in the team.

  806. I don’t mind JLin and Dell being buddies and mentor/mentee. I would love to see JLin on a Steph team down the road. Dell was at a lot of GSW games last year, but this year with his CHA duties, we only see him sometimes in the vids.

  807. I read your bit above on how much Lin like it in CHA and how you see him as a big 3. I hope you are right, and the only thing I’d like to see worked out is usage when he and KW are on the court at the same time. I have no issue with JLin not starting as long as he gets 30-35 mins, has high usage, and plays his way. Wouldn’t that give CHA a big downhill lead often … this year, they lost so many games because Cliff would not use Lin at PG. You are right, if he gets big 3 salary, then they will use him to win games and Cliff will support Lin on and off the court.

  808. wha? I thought JE Ballew lived in San Aton?

  809. Harrison is playing solidly all around, but his shots are still off from a hot start and then ankle injury. He may not get max because of that.

  810. I’d like to see Dell help JLin on his shot.

  811. They’ll have a disaster of starters as well

  812. Ya! They can get Batum but sure not KD.

  813. Jae Crowder is 100 times better

  814. cool as heck ‎@cool_as_heck_
    First official day living in Charlotte and I run into @JLin7 at Chipotle! ?

  815. No, Albuquerque.

    We see each other regularly in person.

  816. http://www.nba.com/sixers/news/game-recap-hornets-100-sixers-91

    Brett Brown before game: “There is a chance we’ll see [guard] Jeremy Lin come in the game. That’s a legitimate, at-any-moment, 20, 25-point player. He can just sort of burst off a bench and be lightning in a bottle and score at that rate”

  817. I’m happy for Jeremy in that he has been able to rehab his reputation and value around the league this year given his limited playing time, less than ideal usage, and another coach that doesn’t trust him or believe in his talent. He’s made an undeniable impact for CHA and for now they are #4 in the East when many didn’t believe they could even contend. Imagine what he could do as a STARTER with more and consistent minutes! Another positive from this year is that he has bonded with most of his teammates and truly seems to enjoy playing with them – so for him, personally, it’s been a rewarding and fun year – one that he needed to help him regroup and recharge.

    However, he has consistently stated that he believes he is a starting caliber PG and that is the position he wants. I hope he gets it. He is more than capable and ready. If he goes for a starting job, I’m sure with all he’s had to go through especially in HOU and LA, he will choose wisely to go to a team where he will be trusted by the coach and F/O and given the freedom to play his brand of basketball – without his job being artificially or unjustly taken from him.

    Unlike the League and some on this board, I will not go along and justify continuing to use him as a bench player or pigeonhole him into the role of a force off the bench/x factor. And from what he has said, Jeremy does not think of himself as someone who plays best off the bench. If his priorities and goals have changed, then we will soon find out once the season is over. Until then, I disagree with entertaining the narrative of continuing to use Lin off the bench after this year. I would hate to see Jeremy buy into the belief that his ceiling is that of a bench player on a contending team when he can be so much more.

    But whether he stays in CHA or leaves (I hope leaves for a starting job, though) I will support Jeremy in his goals and appreciate his game because he tries his best to play basketball the right way, he is extremely talented, intelligent, and exciting to watch (especially when given the reins) – and he’s the kind of player the NBA needs more of both on and off the court.

  818. Embiid is a solid good young big who has the intelligence and athleticism to learn to play off Lin.

  819. Could not agree more whole-heartedly with your post. It is spot-on target.

    Couple quick Comments:

    First, JLIN has clearly NOT bought into the belief that his ceiling is that of a bench player – why? Because JLIN knows that HE, HIMSELF is the man who this season led Wins against Lebron, Love, Kyrie, Kawhi, Duncan, Parker, Ginobili, DeRozan, Lowry, CP3, Griffin —- these are the elite players of the league — JLIN knows that without his effort these wins against the best starters in the NBA don’t happen, proving he can play with the best.

    Second, we must remember that JLIN designed an artificially low $$ contract with the express intent of easily divorcing CHA when his starting opportunity arose. He did this because he knew he could show the NBA that all of BScotts talk about him was LIES and JLIN foresaw the Hornets might continue the narrative that Clifford just reiterated “JLIN is a bench role player” while desperately attempting to keep him on Hornets bench for yrs – his opt-out [which JLIN demanded] prevents Hornets obstructing his movement.

  820. sweet. i like Brett Brown already. maybe MDA has been talking to him about JLin

  821. MDA still needs to become Head Coach.

  822. Oh now cool for you guys. I like it! Come out to Bay Area …!

  823. Yes, Jeremy can play against the best and win – he’s shown us time and time again. He is more than ready to take on a starting position in this league. Forget the force off the bench/x factor narrative. He didn’t work this hard for this long for a role like that. So glad he structured his deal with CHA the way he did!

  824. one change per year, but yah! I just like that the closer JLin is to Dell, the more he and Steph can continue to be buds. I think personality-wise, both are v down to earth and elegant young men.

  825. I totally agree … I hope it’s because he likes her. Did you notice her look of slight disappointment at his lack of personal engagement? Just being professional. I interpret her last seconds as … ‘oh, well … la di dah. ho hum next time” People have such loud conversations about what they need if you are just willing to listen with your heart.

  826. Refresh to see: 1 – her game face

  827. Refresh to see: 2 – her “Did you see that, ladies?” face. C’mon JLin, step up and be warm.

  828. Lets hope San Antonio takes out the Raps tonight…being 3 games down with so few to go may lead them to “call off the dogs” and start resting players, which will result in the Cavs “calling off the dogs” and resting themselves, which would increase the odds of the Hornets beating them exponentially

  829. Jeremy looks happy and relaxed. Nice to see …

  830. Why GSW? They already have Curry and Thompson. Unless they want to form a big 3 with KD. In that case, they’d be a big 3 with the best 3 point shooting and bulldoze all teams in regular season.

  831. Hope DaBoss wouldn’t mind, I want to highlight your main point AGAIN:

    Unlike the League and some on this board, I will not go along and justify continuing to use him as a bench player or pigeonhole him into the role of a force off the bench/x factor. And from what he has said, Jeremy does not think of himself as someone who plays best off the bench. If his priorities and goals have changed, then we will soon find out once the season is over. Until then, I disagree with entertaining the narrative of continuing to use Lin off the bench after this year. I would hate to see Jeremy buy into the belief that his ceiling is that of a bench player on a contending team when he can be so much more.

  832. Sound like his most concern.

  833. Been away a few days following the news of the random murder incident of that poor Taiwanese girl….
    The aftermath and social effect of the said incident displayed in social media and online forums, really reminds me of this place. I guess such is the nature of human beings. Just some thoughts….

  834. He believes in God’s perfect plan. I doubt he believes God brought him all this way to be backup for Kemba.

  835. Don’t mind at all – this is what I understand of Jeremy and what he has consistently said.

  836. Nice thing about 76ers is I haven’t detected any superstar Prima-Dona types on the team yet. Lin as team leader and starting PG could bring them up quickly. But that’s his life story, always bringing up the underdog. Palo Alto High against Mater Dei, Harvard Basketball, all but eliminated Knicks. Bringing up the worst team in the NBA to playoff contention would be just like him.

  837. The underlying issue is family education in Taiwan. Many parents are both working full-time to make ends meet (or are busy with other things) and wind up neglecting the kids. Many kids never feel loved and are not taught about crucial concepts of love, respect, ethics, etc, and subsequently developed psychological issues.

  838. What happened?

  839. Please help to translate “Letter to Silver” to Chinese


    Dear Commissioner Silver,

    As fans of the NBA and its players, we care deeply about the quality and integrity of the game and the safety of the players. When we see excellence in officiating, as we sometimes do, we can’t help but admire the professionalism and skills the officials have brought to the game, often under difficult conditions. Conversely, when we see dubious officiating by the NBA referees, we cannot help but question the integrity of the game at its very core.

    As we are sure you will agree, officiating is the life blood, as well as the heart and soul of the game. Fair and unbiased officiating elevates the game to its rightful place in our society that prizes above all, fair play, sportsmanship, and respect for one another. We are certain that this is your commitment to the game, and it will never be less than that.

    With that in mind, we would like to bring your attention to one NBA player in particular, Jeremy Lin of the Charlotte Hornets. Throughout Lin’s six years in the NBA, we have continuously witnessed Lin as the recipient of numerous hard fouls with unnecessary and excessive force by other players. In these cases, the referees either didn’t make the calls or made incorrect calls.

    Since these are not isolated instances, and they occur with regularity, we wonder what the league has against Mr. Lin. Many fans have contacted and requested answers from the NBA Fan Relations NY office at [email protected], but have so far only received generic and dismissive responses, if at
    all. We also have sent numerous tweets regarding the questionable calls to @NBA, @NBAOfficial, and @OfficialNBARefs, but have received no response either.

    To make matters worse, Lin continues to receive ticky-tacky foul calls on him and non-calls from the referees as Lin frequently gets hammered by other players. It’s not just the fans who have noticed. The TV commentators from various teams also have questioned the referees’ non-calls on the hard fouls Lin has suffered.

    Below is a video of some examples of the questionable fouls for your review. Please kindly provide a comprehensive response as to why these fouls were not called or not called as flagrant fouls.

    [insert video]

    Lin’s health and safety are at risk, as Lin gets hit unnecessarily and excessively in the face, head, and neck areas by other players frequently. The most alarming aspect of these incidents is that the referees didn’t make the right calls to protect the player, Lin, from harm. Evidently, the lack of calls and reviews from the referees encourages other players to continue using hard foul tactics on Lin.

    Fans want the NBA officiating to be more transparent and fair, whether the player is a superstar or not. When the referees step on the court, they are the extension and representatives of the NBA. The referees are to uphold the integrity of the game, show impartiality, and enforce civil behavior from all NBA players. Unfortunately, we do not always see this when it comes to officiating, especially pertaining to other players hard fouling Lin.

    The NBA has a huge following in Asia and Lin is the only active player with full Asian descent in the NBA. It’s disheartening to see Lin’s mistreatment by the NBA referees. As fans, we ask you to please review this matter seriously and to take action.

    Thank you!

    NBA Fans

  840. Has anyone seen the commercials for the new rush hour tv series? The jackie chan character does not even look asian at all! Smh

  841. Excellent written letter!

  842. A five-year-old girl in Neihu area in Taipei was decapitated in broad daylight in front of her mother. The murderer is a unemployed drug addict. This is the latest in a series of similar incidents that stir up the capital punishment controversy in Taiwan.

  843. Thanks. I just read the article. Sad.

  844. The important part is not the bench or starting. It’s the force! He’ll tell us when and how what he’ll do when the time comes which isn’t now, but in a few weeks from now. No coach, no organization, no fan need speak for Lin. I honor his path through Charlotte and all the great ways he help the Hornets win until now and as long as he’ll play for them. And then beyond and in whatever manifestation that is worked out, he’s a force.

  845. A 4 yo girl’s head was chopped off on a busy street as she was playing in front of her mum…. The killer’s psychological state is yet to be professionally diagnosed but he was heard ranting he is an emperor of ancient China… Could be a real psycho, could be just acting to get away from capital punishment. But the most profound impact of this incident is seen through social media and forums where people stepping up an existing discussion of whether or not to abolish death penalty. The human emotion and over the top reaction from some posters were astonishing. Some went on and attacked the victim’s mother for standing strong, trying so hard to hold herself together and pleading for the society not to descend into chaos. It felt like these people wanted to see the picture of a typical screaming, sobbing mother of victim but they couldn’t get what they wanted so they decide to question her humanity. Obviously some people are using such incident as an opportunity for political gain…. It’s just a circus and it’s sad to see the victim and her family being taken for a ride on this crazy bus…

  846. And it reminds you of this site???

  847. “No coach, no organization, no fan need speak for Lin.”

    What right do you have to condescendingly dictate to JLIN Fans what they “need or need not speak of” on a Jeremy Lin fansite where the express purpose is come together in a community to discuss/exchange/explore topics and ideas about our favorite player?

    I resent your comment.

  848. Lin speaks for himself and he has consistently said his goal is to be a starter in this league.

  849. That is so unfortunate. The mom is staying strong for the nation seems like when it.should.be supporting her. Political gain? Uggh, i feel like throwing up.

  850. Yes to a certain extend. Obviously not having anything to do with the nature of such incident. It’s totally irrelevant. It’s really the things I observed in social media and forums talking about such incident that reminds me of here. And again, it’s just my own feeling.

  851. it looks so bad

  852. According to wiki, Jon Foo is a Chinese/Irish actor.
    I guess more Asians on TV will be better, even with 0.5 Asian 🙁
    This is similar to how “The Avatar: The Last Airbender” was badly miscasted

    In hindsight, JLin had the brilliant foresight to create his own version of “Linsanity movie” knowing something like this can happen.


  853. Don’t forget — the Hornets play the Cavs tomorrow afternoon (3:30 Eastern time).

    They’ll fly out early tomorrow evening for Toronto.

  854. I think it’s much bigger than that… Both parents need to work full-time due to low salary (Taiwan hasn’t really seem any salary increase for a LONG time while inflation is business as usual). This also has things to do with the overall Taiwanese economy, which is deeply associated with its very sensitive political wrestle with mainland China. Their education system is also another factor in contributing to the overly academic oriented social value and their negligence of the other aspects of childhood education. It’s a mess, and if there are no visionary leaders stepping up to bring on some reforms, I see no bright future for Taiwan….

  855. NBA is really promoting JLin!!!!

  856. Playoffs start April 16

  857. Bulls lost so Hornets no lower than 8th

  858. Thanks!

  859. No problem, it’s either hornets get a game that day (Saturday) or the day after (Sunday)

  860. No AJ picture on this NBA poster?

  861. The only part of him that looks Asian is his last name.

  862. Ok. Will keep an eye on it even though I might not have the chance to watch any live games anymore from now onward due to works and commitments.

  863. Actually, as I said in my post, he’s not mentioned anything of starting recently. DaBoss, my point wasn’t to get into this old starting/bench stuff. My point was that he’s now recognized as a force, grown as a player, and however he’s used, whether it’s what the some of the league sees him as or how we see him, he will be that force and a case can be made he’s that force starting or from the bench. That’s all. It doesn’t have to go the I’m limiting him to bench stuff route. It really doesn’t. I said I’m not advocating him being on the bench or starting also that he has better stats starting and that *if* he has to be off the bench I’d like to see him start 40 percent of the games. So let’s be clear when you go into narrative of what others are saying. The real point is Lin as a force and at this point he’s talking about more being in the moment and enjoying his time in the NBA, than *anything else. It is the fans that are really saying so much about starting or not. I don’t disagree with the majority that he’d prefer starting. I have a problem with the majority defining how that is priority over other considerations such as team chemistry, how he fits on what the team needs, style of play of coach and so many other factors that go into the equation in making his decisions moving forward. And that’s what Lin will tell us when the time comes. Before then, he’s saying he’s enjoying the playoff run. And he’s also making fun snapchat videos with his teammates.

  864. I know and am surprise. They put JLin with starters. mmmmh….. Mind is wondering…..lolololol

  865. Now pushing Lin for 6th Man of the Year?

  866. Must be a Cavs fan.

  867. I shudder to think how Linsanity movie was going to be made by Hollywood.

    JLin is really opening up the paths of more Asian-American actors, athletes, to mainstream America.
    Only 20 years from now people will truly appreciate the huge impact he has made.

    And race is only 1 aspect of many (looks, physical build, God-fearing athlete, gamer-athlete, kids role model, minorities, innovative digital media athlete, etc.) that made him the true underdog. So many people with diverse background can relate to him and root for him as a good role model, especially for kids.

  868. More JLin fan:-)

  869. Wont be watching that crep.

  870. The Hornets would love JLin to win 6MOY and come back to play for them in the same role 🙂
    Nice try lol

  871. False statement – “he’s not mentioned anything of starting recently”

    JLIN in an interview not 2 months ago with the Telecon Chinese media told the interview that of course “…all players want to start” and he was no different.

    Why do you use these sorts of facetious statements to minimize the import JLIN places on starting? And what does it matter if he dreamed to start at 13yo or 18yo or 22yo? Did he tell you that he relinquished his dream?

  872. No…I don’t think so. They’re just using Lin for promotion and to capture the Asia market $. Lin would have to play out of his mind and make big noise in the playoffs before they’d consider. And only if he was the last contender on the list if they have no other choices or something happen to the others on the list. Right now, the voting reporters are voting for or looking at giving the awards to one of these: Livingston (GSW), Mills (Spurs), or Dennis Schroeder (Bulls), but Bulls might be out of playoffs after tonight, so it’s the other two jump higher on the list. It’ll be a miracle if Lin gets it.

  873. This is the NBA twitter not the Hornets account. Very interesting they put Lin with the starters.

  874. Not surprise bc they need him…. even Cliff didn’t say much about how important Lin to this team but w/o Lin they sure can’t be where they are now….

  875. Money.

  876. Agree.

  877. No… I really think NY media & NBA more push for Lin not Hornets….

  878. Jeremy on the Inside Stuff

  879. I think where Lee stand that was supposed to be Al place…. Looks like Al will not stay for next season.

  880. April fools day on hornets… jlin gonna come back to haunt their stupid org

  881. Lol…

  882. It could be because he tested positive for drugs earlier in the season. Hard to promote with that hanging over him…

  883. Ur so right psalm… i would consider our boy a great man…

  884. It’s just weed. : lol

  885. I know but it is what it is.

  886. Another Lin photo promotion, 6 man?


  887. Where is the franchise player on the team?

  888. psaalm, isn’t it great to see Lin on the banner. The only non-starter on the banner. Whether core or not, he’s on the banner! 🙂

  889. its nice for them to sell lin that way!

    hope it translate into action and more usage

  890. All the promotion by NBA… I think Lin maybe really will get 6th man this year.

  891. Fingers crossed!

  892. Hey I kind of like this picture…. Lin and mean….

  893. Just a note about NBA’s end-of-season player awards (including Sixth Man Award) :

    – 129 sportswriters and broadcasters make up the voting panel,
    – they receive their ballots two weeks before the regular season ends,
    – ballots must be cast by the end of the final regular season game.

    – last year the award was announced around April 20th.

    See : http://www.basketballinsiders.com/peers-believe-crawford-is-sixth-man-of-year-2/

  894. lol.
    Hornets’ big 3

  895. Kemba and Superman

  896. Somebody should post that if the CF forum.

  897. 6th man this year and all star starter next year. I can dream.

  898. It’s more of a small 3 to me but big things come in small packages.

  899. You the foo

  900. No doubt, Hornets are the most improved team and the bench was the main reason led by Lin. 6th man is very highly possibility.

  901. Zero body fat!

  902. If I was in the league, I would want to start, be known as a starter, and not sit on the bench hoping for inconsistent minutes or playing time or God forbid injuries to my teammates.

  903. What an absolutely fantastic proposition! Perhaps add an image with Harden, Howard and Morey, titled “Failed” would be the best dropkick.

  904. Nah… post it when rockets miss the playoffs.

  905. Good idea. LOL!

  906. Totally agree. And I wish the posters who continually claim that JLIN has not recently mentioned that he wants to start scroll 0:42 on Vid.and know that that claim is false.

    Reporter: “Do you prefer your role being like a starter or bench for this team?”
    JLIN: “Every player wants to start”


  907. Frankly, theres no room for Lin in Charlotte, unless they don’t resign Lee. Because they are not going to sit Kemba no matter what he does. Even Teague sat when Schroeder played well. But Kemba in untouchable and he plays Lin’s position. I want Lin to handle the ball and get minutes, which will not be the case here. I kinda think Utah will take a run at Lin.

  908. Dont do that, wait, this is not anything great …..yet.

  909. Saying MDA or nothing is pidgeon holing too.

  910. They have been using Lin’s pictures a lot lately.

  911. so happy Lin is going to his 4th NBA playoff  games!

  912. Sws, many of us already recognize what a FORCE Jeremy is and has been – we don’t need anyone to tell us this. It’s like this is a revelation to you and others around the league when it isn’t to those of us who have followed Lin for awhile. We fully know what he is capable of. Maybe this is the crux of our disagreement. We also know he is fully capable and ready to be a starter.

    “I’d personally like to see him start games, around 40 percent, even if he’s coming off the bench more games” – I believe you were the one who brought up this old bench/starter stuff in your post. I don’t agree that Jeremy would want to start 40% of games – he’d want to start all games if he could. He’s no different than any other NBA player in that regard.

    It is not just the fans who are saying so much about starting or not. This is what Jeremy has consistently said all along is one of his goals for his career – and recently too – not in the distant past. We also fully understand that NBA players take many things into consideration when making a decision in FA.

    Until Jeremy says otherwise, I will not agree with the narrative of him being a force/x-factor off the bench.

  913. Don’t recognize the guys on the right and left in the Chinese Restaurant. Just recognize Frank & Troy. Those trainers?

  914. woow….. fonts on steroids?

  915. Rockets play Thunder then Dallas next then schedule gets easy for final 4. Hope they miss the playoffs.

  916. Hornets back to 3rd place after Miami lost.

  917. Hope they can keep it. Going to be tough with Cav’s then Toronto next. But then JLin carried them over the Spurs so hopefully.

  918. Gongbao Chicken, Frank is funny guy!

  919. Mostly they won’t. But will be great if can take one home court advantage.

  920. He is in the pic raising his arms…hehe

  921. Key is actually to beat the Celtics to get home court advantage. They could lose to Cav’s and Toronto and keep home court advantage if they beat the Celtics and the Celtics lose one other game perhaps to the Hawks.

  922. I think it’s more about $$ then 6th man. Lin is big in east Asia.

  923. Ha! Those “experts” who declared CHA as “losers” during preseason must be eating crow. Case in point, this writer on a betting website, Cole Ryan, is eating his words, or worse, lost a lot of money if he actually bet on what he predicted.

    As KHuang said earlier in this thread, “Playoffs follow Jeremy Lin.” Guess Mr. Ryan didn’t read the memo about the Lin Effect…( cue evil Machiavellian laugh)…

    Here’s the link to the article so we can gloat in satisfaction. He basically said that the Hornets were doomed when Gilchrist was injured since they no longer had any defense. Also, he said that Kemba would be the xfactor for this team as he would be able to distribute more, spread out the floor and get others involved (Wrong again, Mr. Ryan… KW had underwhelming assist numbers for a PG and he disappeared or was not present during BIG games. And, how can he be the xfactor considering he’s been the franchise player for several years… If his xfactor-ing hasn’t shown up after all this time, it ain’t there.)


    “The Hornets are not admired by anyone at the betting window and this could include fans that reside in Charlotte. With preseason injuries and a gloomy outlook this team could be in big trouble. The Eastern Conference odds show that the Hornets are longshots to win the weakened east with their odds posted at (+10000). The odds to win an NBA title are equally gruesome as the Hornets are at (+25000) to pull off the impossible. The NBA regular season win totals show that the Hornets should win approximately 29 wins this season, which could be a stretch with the way this team looks.

    Any hopes that the Hornets had to have a good season may have went south in the NBA preseason as they lost one of their best players to what nearly amounts as a season ending injury. Charlotte Hornets forward Michael Kidd-Gilchrist is expected to miss six months after having right shoulder surgery in the preseason. The Hornets’ top defensive player, Kidd-Gilchrist tore his labrum and dislocated his shoulder in a preseason game against Orlando and when he went down so did the hopes of the Hornets faithful.

    The Hornets like many teams in the off season saw plenty of turn over. The team welcomed Nicolas Batum, Tyler Hansbrough, Aaron Harrison, Spencer Hawes, Frank Kaminsky, Jeremy Lamb, Jeremy Lin, Sam Thompson, Jason Washburn and Elliot Williams.

    Then they parted ways with the likes of Bismack Biyombo, Gerald Henderson, Jason Maxiell, Lance Stephenson, Jeffery Taylor, Noah Vonleh and Mo Williams. They went after players who could shoot, or contribute something on the offensive end, the most notable being Nicolas Batum and Jeremy Lin. The team drafted multi-skilled big man Frank Kaminsky because he could score inside and out, however, many of the draft experts considered this an awful move by the team, especially because they reportedly turned down a big deal from the Boston Celtics that would have helped this team build for the future, which is something that they desperately need to do.

    This team is hoping that the offensive moves will help the team progress as they have always played well on the defensive side of the floor. Defense has been the name of the game for Charlotte ever since Steve Clifford came to town, and this season should be no different. The Hornets have been a top 10 defense the last two years, and this season they have the potential to be in the top five, but that defense took a big hit when they lost the services of Michael Kidd-Gilchrist. If they can still play fundamentally sound on the defensive side of the floor they can steal a few wins on the season.

    Kemba Walker could be the x-factor this season as he has to be able to distribute the ball more than shoot it. In the past he was an offensive weapon but with their offensive additions he will now have to be a better-rounded player. The Hornets will be carried on the big shoulders of Al Jefferson but Walker could help space out the floor and get more players involved in the scoring.

    Charlotte Hornets Season Preview Predictions
    If the Hornets were completely healthy this would be an entirely different preview. The Hornets have the pieces to improve on offense but will still have to maintain the defensive intensity they have shown in the past which now becomes a challenge without one of their best young players. The Hornets will be right around the win total but most likely will fall under the posted win total when the season comes to a close.”

  924. he he

  925. Which team is easiest for Hornets between Celtics, Miami, Hawks? My choice is Celtics.

  926. And the Rockets are now in 9th Place following a loss to the Bulls, and possibly another loss to the OKC Thunder tomorrow. Can’t wait to see ClunkerFans implode.

  927. Anyone but the Hawks. They are too deep in every position.

  928. I think it’s a no-brainer. Would I rather start or hope for consistent playing time?

    What kind of question is that? I want to play against the best on the other team. I am not happy just being on a team but be in the game when it counts.

    I play in a league and I still hate sitting, even for a second. If I sit, I can’t wait to get back in the game. I want to contribute and help win the game and I can’t do that sitting.

    I do think Lin is much more driven and competitive than me so I can’t imagine him not wanting to start.

  929. Thanks, good info

  930. Psalm: I think this VLC link should work for remaining games: http://ftve5100-i.akamaihd.net/hls/live/217165/room501/2628k/prog.m3u8 (got it from https://www.reddit.com/r/nbastreams/comments/4cdkmr/usaltyvlc_appreciation_thread_rip_you_beautiful/)

    VLC is awesome; I like it better than Ballstreams.

  931. Yes, none of Lin’s former teams get into playoff this year, Warriors doesn’t count.

  932. Miami looks more vulnerable. Portland just slaughtered them whereas the Celtics beat the GSW’s on their home court.

  933. Thank you, @kris_huang:disqus
    I will post it in the Game Thread.

    After Ballstreams, I’ve been watching the free stream which had some delay issues.
    I’m sure many JLin fans will really appreciate it 🙂

  934. Is this link only working during game time? since it doesn’t work now.

  935. @psalm234:disqus
    It’s time to open new Thread for Hornets vs. Cavs. since only 14 hours left. I am waiting for the 1st. 🙂

  936. Hey Mods- my post got deleted can you take a look? I think I got filtered as spam, but definitely not trying to sell anything and it was hornets and Jeremy related post…

  937. Frank has a funny voice too 🙂
    His fun-loving personality meshes well with JLin.

    Perhaps we can expect some epic videos in the off-season lol

  938. thanks

  939. Which is..?

  940. ok, it’s freed 🙂
    Disqus must have suspected as a betting post

  941. ok, stay tuned 🙂

  942. Thanks!!

  943. I am totally ready for fighting the 1st place.

  944. Well said. Well doc.

  945. DaBoss, what has been the theme of Lin’s comments this season? Is it starting? That’s not what I’ve been hearing from Lin and that comment made by another poster that he said he said he’d like to start is standard of many NBA players when asked. Is he actively seeking a starter role over anything else? I honestly don’t know. I think it’s all about weighing things and that’s what I mean by let him define this when that time comes. Not keep going back to some goals he stated years ago, he’s not static. My feeling is he’s in a different place than he was years ago. That’s been the point of his message to fans.

    My point remains he is a force. He can’t be limited to not being an impact player by being on the bench, by not being a PG. Even if he plays 26-27 minutes on average from the bench and doesn’t play one PG minute he still will find a way to be that force. What I’m saying is he has power regardless and that is a huge compliment to JLin. I think some here understand this way he distinguishes himself is power view I have of Lin.

  946. Baby Lin’s hair growing out faster than JLin.


  947. new CLE game thread

    Jeremy Lin and the Hornets are preparing for the playoff push to secure home-court advantage by reaching the 3rd seed or the 4th seed. Jeremy Lin displayed excellent chemistry with Big Al and Frank Kaminsky by dishing 2 assists to finish with 9pts/6asts/4rebs/1blk/1stl to help the Hornets beat the 76ers in his first game back after the sore lower back sidelined him in the previous game.

    – How would the Hornets play against the Top 2 Eastern teams (Cavaliers and Raptors)? He has been shooting well with 50% FG in the past 5 games so he would definitely be needed to help the Hornets to win

    – Jeremy Lin would need to lead the rebuilt Bench Force 1 with Big Al and Jeremy Lamb but also find ways to finish strong with the starters.

    Let’s go, JLin! Let’s hope and pray JLin continue to hit his stride and carry the momentum to lead to big wins.

  948. He’s started and 2 times had his starting status change to inferior players taking his place on teams that made him a scapegoat for their issues by two coaches that publicly bad mouthed him. Now he’s coming off of the bench mostly, finished most games, has a coach that doesn’t badmouth him, and he’s on a banner as the only non-starter that is part of the squad significant enough to be there. I don’t think that it is all marketing. It’s some but it is part Lin EARNED that distinction by his play and impact on the team.

    Is Lin’s endgame I want to start and have my best opportunities to play the most minutes or I want to be on a winning team and on some of these teams, I’d be in a role similar to what I have on Charlotte. That’s the real question in my opinion. He can start on some non-competitive teams. But is that his priority? If he can start on a competitive team I don’t think there is one fan here that wouldn’t prefer that over being on one off of the bench.

  949. yes, I love the publicity for the last few games before the playoff 🙂

  950. not liking the hair but whatever. i’d still support the Lin’s no matter how goofy they look. haha

  951. You are entitled to your opinion as I am to mine. I don’t see things the way you do. We can agree to disagree.

  952. “The Hornets will be carried on the big shoulders of Al Jefferson” – well this didn’t quite come to pass.

    “Walker could help space out the floor and get more players involved in the scoring” – and this most certainly did not come to pass.

  953. Yep- this writer was wrong in pretty much all of his predictions. He obviously really didn’t know the team and he definitely did not know Jeremy Lin and what he’s capable of.

  954. What evidence shows that 6ers are a good team period? They have been losing consistently. A losing toxic organization. Please don’t believe a few small personnel changes can turn things around. I actually think the owner and every decision making personnel needs to change for 6ers to succeed.

    And even with the hanged it takes time for changes to create impact. It will not be immediate.

  955. Guess it all boils down to the question:
    Main role on a rebuilding team, or small secondary role on a better team?

    I say, if there is confidence, a leadership role on a rebuilding team is more rewarding. Lin does better when the situation is more urgent with more ball time, imo.

  956. Main role in a playoff team. Lin can easily replace a lot of starters in this league. He just needs a fair chance.

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