G75 Brooklyn Nets Tries for 3-0 Season Series Against Detroit Pistons

Screen Shot 2017-03-30 at 3.24.13 PMTwo times the Pistons have lost against the Nets at the Barclay Center this season but can they avoid losing all three games against the Nets by playing at home?

Nets vs Pistons Matchup

The Pistons playoff chance has dimmed after their recent five-game losing streak. The Nets lost a winnable game against the 76ers because they did not shoot well and might have experienced little fatigue that both Coach Atkinson and Jeremy Lin mentioned. Jeremy admitted he did not shoot well and there is no doubt that he would try to bounce back well as he usually does after a bad game.

ESPN.com Preview:

The Pistons will try to snap their five-game losing streak when they host the Nets on Thursday night. They will also try to salvage the finale of the three-game series after losing at Barclays Center twice.

Detroit seemed to be in good position for a playoff berth before Lopez made his baseline shot on March 21. The Pistons proceeded to go 0-4 on a road trip filled exclusively with Eastern Conference opponents sporting losing records. They returned home to play Miami in a game with major playoff implications and gave away a four-point lead in the final 30.1 seconds.

Instead of moving within a half-game of the Heat for the eighth-best conference record and final playoff berth, the Pistons (34-41) dropped 2 1/2 games back with seven remaining. The Pistons now trail seventh-place Miami and eighth-place Indiana by three games.

“We still didn’t shoot the ball very well, but we didn’t let it bother us. We stayed in there and fought really, really hard,” coach Stan Van Gundy said. “It’s a game we should have won. A couple of different decisions by me and we would have won the game.”

The Nets (16-58) have gone 2-2 since beating the Pistons. They lost at home to Philadelphia 106-101 on Tuesday, shooting 40.4 percent overall and 28.1 percent on 3-point attempts.

“You never know what it is. Is it focus? Is it fatigue, fighting through a little fatigue? But whatever it is, we did not have it,” Nets coach Kenny Atkinson said. “We did not have the juice from the beginning. It was an uphill battle all game, and we obviously didn’t shoot the ball well.”

Lopez had another strong game, with 26 points, nine rebounds and six assists, but no other Net had more than 11 points.

“I just felt like we relaxed a little bit after we won three of four, and it’s a valuable lesson for us to be able to learn that this league is tough on any given night,” point guard Jeremy Lin said. “I’ll be the first person to say that I didn’t play nearly close to what I’m capable of, so I have to live with that and just get better for the next one.”

KEY OF THE GAME: The Nets would need to focus on their defense to start the game, especially on the road. Only if they repeat the same focus and effort that they can go back to their winning ways.

Let’s hope and pray JLin will stay healthy and continue to lead the Nets to win more games!

Let’s go, JLin and the Nets! 


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  1. 1st

  2. 2nd to none!

  3. The Pistons have won 2 of their last 10 games and effectively played themselves out of the playoffs. Hope the Nets can get a win tonight.

    O/T the Pelicans have formally announced that Omer Asik (illness) is out for the rest of the season. His illness is described as a gastrointestinal infection. He’s expected to return to basketball activities in 3-4 weeks.

    Omer played in just 31 games this year, averaging about 16 minutes per game.

  4. P3(IG): @JLin7 might not look like a physically dominant athlete, but there is a reason why he’s so effective at driving to basket.#Nets?
    11.6 drives per 36 min(NBA rank 7). Hip extension velocity 94 percentile, Hip Abduction 84 percentile measured by P3sportscience.

  5. Lets go Jlin for a convincing win.

  6. Lin already 0/2… T_T

  7. just keep shooting

  8. Lin strikes

  9. lol 😀

  10. Try not to spoil you guys’ fun

  11. almost 1 minutes before i saw it but lol i was happy when i saw it. when you are quite i know Lin isn scoring lol

  12. 333

  13. lol

  14. Go Levert!!

  15. If KCP is on Lin he should look to facilitate..KCP is prob the most Elite Guard defender in this league the guy is a pest.

  16. Thanks ? honey!

  17. LOL just checked in and saw Nets and Pistons competing to see who could hit the most bricks. Everyone looked like zombies when shooting and running down court.

  18. I like Lin getting all these rebounds lately! It’s good for the Nets and good for his stats.

    Good to see him make a 3. Hot streak coming soon, whether this game or next.

  19. Lin out

  20. Yup looks like he’s going for more rebounds this game. Recently it seemed like RHJ was hogging most of it.

  21. What? Why?!

  22. rest time

  23. it is about time 2min left

  24. Acbc,
    Very well said, my friend…
    I still have full belief in Marks & KA. This Nets team as constructed is not a 2nd round playoff team. We need more good veteran talents around Lin, Lopez. Someone that’s very skilled at what he do. Two to three more legit starters will make this team competing for ECF.
    And Lin’s skillset will continue to improve and lift the Nets.

  25. Lin going thru a little shooting slump. its normal

  26. I justed checked into the game and he’s out…I do hope KA starts every quarter with his starters and give them the most minutes because that’s what all other teams do! KA’s been reluctant to do that and gave his bench the most minutes. Hopefully he’s finally learned his lesson and is serious about winning.

  27. sweeet

  28. We’ve seen worst, he just needs to keep shooting this game to get out of the slump. He has to remember to take his 15 shots per game any lower is not what a starter is supposed to do!

  29. the rest of his game is really good so it’s alright

  30. They lucky Detroit suck right now in scoring

  31. Lin out and Piston catches up, surprised?

  32. Yup both team has no urgency to win, no fast breaks just walking the ball up court! SMH boring game.

  33. sport, all starters were taken out the same time after 9 minutes.

  34. Yes

  35. Shows you just how good Lin is.

  36. The Spurs cannot match GS firepower of Trio-Splash Bros. They lost out on making Lin their viable starting pg to compete for championships. Parker and Ginobili cannot hang with Rockets and GS Warriors.

  37. Refs are horrible, Booker got hit twice and no call!!

  38. What took them so long to call time out, with Booker standing there rubbing his eye?

  39. Spurs’ issue is that they’re unwilling to let go of the old geezers! Parker should’ve been traded and Gino should’ve retired long ago!

  40. yes, and Lin got bump out of bound for turnover instead of foul.

  41. Incompetence what else?

  42. Where the f is jlin??

  43. Lin and Lopez in finally7:02

  44. Is he trying to lose?

  45. Must be invisible ppl playing. They keep passing to ghost

  46. I know, I can not stand this coach, Lin played longer than usual in 1st qt, so KA is trying to take it back I guess

  47. Wow probably the best lineup up for Nets on the floor right now! McDaniels and Kilpatrick both in with Lin!

  48. He’s done it every game! Like previous game, gave starters longer minutes then waited too long until 7-6 min before putting them in for 4th and loss the a winnable game!!

  49. Lin to KJ McD

  50. Lopez has bad shooting night so far….

  51. lin looks gassed

  52. Lin is a warrior man hes got more heart than most nba players

  53. Thats why we love him…

  54. Doc Sheppler needs to call Lin during half time

  55. Lopez needs to hit some of these shots man…Lin the same 1-6 hope he gets out of this soon

  56. Takes at least a charge a game.

  57. I believe couple of Lin’s lay-up was fouled but no call

  58. Both teams are cruising, no urgency to win at all. Lin’s not taking enough mid jumpers!

  59. Looks like Doc needs to fly over to help Lin get out of his slum asap!

  60. Lin is cold again
    hes shooting like Dion Waiters rn
    he needs to get it together
    its been a few games now not a fluke anymore

  61. I don’t think he was fouled on any of them.. I usually go by Lin’s “heyyyyyy” scream when he gets fouled but no whistle

  62. technically only 2 games?

  63. Lopez is 0-6 as well

  64. He looks gassed

  65. yes, he was definitely fouled on at least 1 of them

  66. I don’t think so. He just looks off to me. Over-thinking a bit because of the recent slump.

    Gotta stay aggressive. No more stop and starting.

  67. more

  68. Lin strikes

  69. Right, he’s kind of in-between.

  70. Beautiful mid-range jumper from Lin.

  71. Lin is clutch! Just love making those end of quarter shots even when he was missing before!! Swoosh mid jumper finally!!

  72. Shot confidently.

  73. Lin looks physically good. Just needs to be confident.

    Not gonna lie, his confidence has dipped a bit lately. A lot of hesitation, over-thinking. He missed an easy 2 early in the game because he couldn’t decide whether to go bank-shot or not.

  74. No lucky bounce for Booker.

  75. Bad end-of-half possession. Lin has to touch it. KA can’t call a play without involving Lin.

  76. Yes not decisive enough been like that since this shooting slump started.

  77. Yeah, he just needs to be confident. If you miss, you miss. As Pop said in the huddle, shoot with confidence, pass with confidence.

  78. the last possession should’ve been Lin’s
    Kilpartick decided to be selfish per usual and waste a valuable possession
    followed by LeVert’s dumb play

  79. That last midrange was good, though. Tough shot but he was 100% confident, no hesitation — swish!

  80. Kilpatrick shouldve just remained out
    what a selfish skrub

  81. Yup! Should’ve given it back to Lin who just made the previous shot! Kilpatrick tends to get selfish even though he’s a great scorer. KA and Lin needs to speak to him about that!

  82. Skil no respect for Lin in the final play, mishandled the ball badly

  83. not great
    hes a capable scorer at best

  84. Skil tends to go selfish mod at end of plays. KA needs to reign him in on that, not the 1st time and won’t be the last! Either that or Lin needs to speak up and tell Kilpatrick to give him the ball at the end of quarter!

  85. Lins shooting being of is due to him hustling so hard on both ends i think..it’s affecting him a lot

  86. Lin’s shots maybe off, but his defense is great, taking charge and containing Ish, even Morris on a switch,

  87. LeVert and RHJ too

  88. I think KA is not in the mood for one more win,

  89. Lin needs to punxh Kilpartick for being selfish and wasting the possession thats also leadership

  90. LeVert a lot better and some times too unselfish. RHJ, Dinwiddie, and Kilpatrick tends to go selfish mode a lot!

  91. Agreed, just need to tell him he needs to get the ball at the end of the quarter!

  92. Have you seen Westbrook play lately? Lin is fine. He’s just in his head.. no confidence.

  93. Still made that clutch mid jumper at 30 seconds before end of 2nd quarter!

  94. KA should sit Lin if he does not let Lin play pg.

  95. Skil played pretty well but the tunnel vision was a problem. Lin has to control the possessions end of halves and games, certainly not Skil.

  96. Well he’s great compared to other teammates on the Nets, has the confidence and rarely misses. Even LeVert doesn’t have the type of confidence that Kilpatrick has and LeVert’s suppose to be a better shooter and ball handler! Kilpatrick just has the ability to take over when offense gets stagnant.

  97. Shot doesn’t look that bad. It’s just a tiny bit off here and there.

  98. Lopez is 0-6, costing Lin 2 assists, but he’s +11, and Lin +9, so no problem.

  99. Yes Lin’s mid range his gold that’s why I complained in previous post that he settled too much for 3s and layups.

  100. I don’t think he will, they are fwends.. They share the same seat on bus trips

  101. Nets cloud win more games if they let Lin coach for the rest of season.

  102. I hope CraigG doesn’t mean that literally and is saying Lin should let it be known to Skil in strong terms that he is to get the ball in end of halves and game situations.

  103. I think so too. His teammates need to put the same defense effort as he does.

  104. good news Lin 16 minutes in the haif

  105. if lin had 40 shots to get into motion he’d be fine too lol….and westbrook is a beast no comparision dude westbrook is once in a generation

  106. He’s going to go 28-30 in some games, but really, he may need a 24 minute game before season’s end. They don’t have 2 games off scheduled for the rest of the season.

  107. wasting his time by taking pg role away

  108. Lin passes the ball too much

  109. 222

  110. Lin turns on the turbo.

  111. Looks sharp

  112. That’s what PGs do!

  113. Lopez gotta try more pnr not only pnp.

  114. So glad KA left the starters in for most of the game and to start every quarter! Needs to do the same thing for 4th unlike last time! Lin made mid jumper again and 1 more layup for his 7 points tying with LeVert for 2nd highest scorer on the team game behind RHJ with 12!

  115. RHJ should start because he has chemistry with Lin, if not any other reason.

  116. Does’t KA know why Lopes has 0 fg?

  117. Lin strikes

  118. Ugly game

  119. Lin heating up. Brook needs to stop shooting tonight. It’s not his night and he’s ruining possessions with ugly basketball.

  120. Lin, stop passing please

  121. Is KA pulling Foye out after that and 1 foul? If so good!! Foye has been playing selfish and icing out Lin and being poor on defense, doesn’t deserve to start over Kilp, Whitehead, or McDaniels!!

  122. That’s a dumb foul by Randy.

  123. Don’t like these 3s he’s taking. Too covered.

  124. a bunch of selfish players

  125. Why doesn’t Lin ever get to take those technical foul shots?!

  126. That’s not a good pass by Lin. smh

  127. no i meant it literally
    this happens in the NBA
    MJ punched Kerr too

  128. Not playing well…

  129. Ft %?

  130. Yeah.They’re playing better!

  131. Nets shooting so horrible, missing wide open shots!!

  132. cuz his FT% is pretty bad for a PG lol

  133. Lin three point percentage drowning right now

  134. A few bad possessions, got to get organized. Nobody is hitting 3s on the Nets.

  135. This offense is so predicable. Juts pack the paint and dare Nets to shoot 3s or lose the ball trying the dribbling to the rim.

  136. Lin making bad decisions

  137. moving the ball and passing but missing wide open shots, settling for 3 pointers too much! Teams knows Nets aren’t a good 3 pointer shooting team! Need to go inside to the rim and make more mid jumpers!

  138. it is more boring than high school game

  139. Lin has to drive more.

  140. Real game starts on 4Q!

  141. More take more mid jumpers!

  142. Lin needs to take over in the 4th nobody else is feeling it.

  143. Agreed, hope he comes out and knocks down a mid jumper or 3 pointer!

  144. Dinwiddie has been playing well recently.

  145. Drive and mix in layups with mid-range jumpers. He just can’t really get in a sustained rhythm this game.

  146. Excellent

  147. Nice spurt by bench. For however long it lasts.

  148. Our second unit reverse the game. Go Nets!

  149. Is this like a bench force 1 type thing?

  150. Agreed looking like a good backup PG. Should never play with Lin though since we know he doesn’t respect him and ices him out! One of the main reasons why I hope they don’t keep Dinwiddie or Foye, shouldn’t keep those who doesn’t respect and ices out your main PG!

  151. Not gonna lie Dinwiddie has been playing better than Lin these past 2 games
    Not that Dinwiddie is being great but Lin is playing really bad

  152. Why jlin look so tired

  153. Probably frustrated with his poor 3pt shooting of late.

  154. Not really just shooting better i guess but isn’t this wha we call a shooting slump. He is also shooting better then lopez. This means nothing.

  155. Lin’s 3 is off but his mid jumper and layups are there. Dinwiddie’s also playing against bench players. He couldn’t do anything against starters and looked lost. Not to mention he’s a selfish player as well!

  156. Kilpatrick wasted another 2 possessions smh

  157. Put too much efforts on defense I think.

  158. not even close lol….He is shooting better but nothing else Lin was good last game aswell just last 2 min was bad

  159. still means Lin is not playing well and dinwiddie is

  160. His shooting suks

  161. not true, even if your only looking at offense…lol

  162. no

  163. Lin uses a lot of energy on defense, Piston not shooting that well either.

  164. KA calls timeouts to get subs in to avoid going over minute restrictions imposed by performance team

  165. Chasing starter PG around this entire game is tiring! KA shouldn’t have Lin guarding the other team’s starting PG that ruins his offense game no legs for 3 pointers or shots! Lin should guard the starting SG instead!

  166. He needs to relax. Trust God.

  167. What would we do without you?

  168. If lin messes up again this game like last game..He should take a break

  169. eye test, he’s playing not great but good basketball..some here just look at the boxscore and a players who hasn’t scored is bad…

  170. it looks like two d league teams are playing a practice game

  171. CraigG =/ some

  172. no more game for him

  173. Agreed. Needs to refocus. His worse stretches is when he over thinks and forgets to have fun.

  174. Saying Lin playing really bad is not true. The difference of their contributions can judged by if they score.

  175. Lin’s been making mid jumpers and layups wouldn’t call his shooting bad, just missing those 3s just like Lopez!

  176. So lin comes in at nine minutes. If they lose. What else is the excuse..He should play 12 minutes?

  177. This is boring… even with jlin

  178. Ugly

  179. Where is KA? LA LA land?

  180. Lin. Let it go. Trust God. Remember to have FUN.

  181. Playing the entire 4th would only be 36m so it’s not crazy at all.

  182. I’m sorry. What’s your point?

  183. Not in for 4th quarter yet. Lets see what time KA subs in starters 1st!

  184. this coffee is barely keeping me up

  185. KA going to leave bench in too long again and lose the game? Not going to learn from last loss?! Starters better check in at 9/8 minutes!!

  186. Looks that way

  187. 3 min into 4th

  188. What is he waiting for?

  189. Developing the role players lol

  190. Lol

  191. Is that like using the Force?

  192. drummond only has 1fga ? wtf

  193. For his schedule minutes of course! KA doesn’t change his minutes based on the game haven’t you heard?!

  194. Starters better be back in after this time out almost 8 minute mark!!

  195. You don’t have to be sorry.
    My point is no excuse. He just don’t have it these few games. Just admit it. He did so why can yall

  196. some dont even see that Lin is making a lot of bad decisions out there

  197. Nets needs to develop the coach

  198. MomentousPetey = does not know anything about basketball

  199. see? ur clueless lol

  200. thats not eye test thats just bias LOL

  201. Wow, Lopez in but no Lin

  202. Lopez in with bench without Lin why?!

  203. Lin in

  204. Lin in

  205. Better. For someone already paid the price so everyone could have it. Not just a few.

  206. Dumb sub! how is Lopez going to score without the starting PG passing to him?!

  207. NOW Lin’s in!!

  208. Because Smith is in. Came in exactly the same time.

  209. isn’t this detroits last season at the palace?

  210. Think so

  211. He looks tired… no juice or bounce

  212. Why are the bench players still in?! take dinwiddie and booker out!

  213. Booker wasted a shot! Why can’t he pass?

  214. Booker with the dumb shot…basically a TO. Awkward jumper with foot over the line.

  215. Can’t even catch up with Piston PG. Often lose the steps.

  216. Really dumb

  217. ran too much on defense! KA needs to adjust and have Lin guard another player during game besides the PG!

  218. Lin needs to take over. Can’t see them winning this otherwise.

  219. This is on KA, leaving him there, knowing that’s booker’s habit.

  220. Can’t with bench players still in like Dinwiddie, and Booker being selfish!

  221. Definitely time to get them out.

  222. I don’t mind Dinwiddie stays. He plays better than Randy today.

  223. to whom and with whom? you always says the negative without looking at the positive, that is bias.

  224. Lin strikes

  225. why would rhj just shoot that??? why why why

  226. I guess everyone is tired. smh

  227. low BB iq

  228. Lin needs to take over. His teammates can’t score in crunch time, esp. Lopez.

  229. Lin has to take that floater…overpassing. His teammates stink.

  230. RHJ so trash just trade him already

  231. Lin strikes

  232. big strike or small strike?

  233. Nice shot!!

  234. you have to watch it yourself 🙂

  235. Finally taking over! Keep shooting. Teammates can’t make anything that isn’t wide-open.

  236. nifty strike 🙂

  237. Crafty Lin

  238. Really, even Curry or Harden playing in this team, the result won’t be any different. Talents matter.

  239. KA needs to take Rondae out and replace him by McDaniels.

  240. Fat chance.

  241. Lopez is 2-14 this game. Oof. He keeps taking bad shots, too. He should only go for putbacks and tip-ins right now.

  242. It’s called determination.

  243. take RHJ out please

  244. Lin got his points mostly from mid jumpers and layups this game, and tying highest scorer with RHJ! Bad shooting phsst yea right! Players miss 3s big whoop he’ll get it back soon!

  245. Lopez shut me up!

  246. say it to craig..LOL!!!

  247. He just made a 3

  248. Lopez strikes*

  249. Too many bad 3s! Lin and KA should’ve did more PnR and not PnP with Lopez!

  250. Need a few more!

  251. another 3 LOL

  252. OMG!! Lopez finally made a 3!!! OMG!!

  253. Twice

  254. 2 3s

  255. Lin needs to learn from Lopez, miss 3s all night still no hesitation and finally made 1 in!!

  256. Lin to Lopez! Lin really is the QB. Gets guys going, hot or cold.

  257. he said shutup twice

  258. Lopez for 3333333333

  259. lopez 2 threes!


  261. Mr 4th Q!!

  262. good thing he didn’t listen to you 😉

  263. Go 7-11!!

  264. Lopez’s like I’m not letting RHJ and Lin take all the glory, I’m getting my 14 points with these back to back 3s!!! Hahaha he’s the man!! Missing 3s all night still no hesitation taking them! Something Lin needs to learn from Lopez so calm and confident!!

  265. Lin fouled but no call

  266. 5 to 11pts just like that

  267. Lin got it going
    comes out of TO
    no plays called for him

  268. Obvious foul there…no call.

  269. argh come on lin lopez is wide open

  270. Nah, that was a good shot. Brook is still just 4-16.

  271. What

  272. Brooklyn ball!

  273. he hit 2 threes in a row come on man he was feeling it

  274. Lins going to be on another last2min report

  275. so many plays called for levert down the stretch

  276. The Bald referee #51 is rigging the game

  277. all of them are lol

  278. Lin has been hot this half. 4-6 until his last non-call miss.

  279. Brook misses. Mad at Lin and Kenny for not letting him take it.

  280. KA is beyond stupid

  281. So much for “hot” Brook. Gotta run something for Lin.

    He was doubled off the PnR to leave Brook open…he missed it.

  282. 3 timeout and he didn’t call one.

  283. Game over. Dumb Kenny. Too nice Lin.

  284. Lin better take this 3, make or miss…

  285. Yes

  286. KA drawing up a play is laughable

  287. Prefer make.

  288. then u dont know KA at all lol
    he will let Lopez, LeVert, RHJ and Dinwiddie take it before he lets LIn
    Lin will probably inbound the ball

  289. Oh well. Sad Horn sound

  290. Anyone know his stats?

  291. Lin played plenty the last two loses. No excuses. Got beat. Need to play better.

  292. Good D by Detroit. LeVert made an okay, not great pass. Lin caught it but it was tipped from behind as he touched it.

  293. Yeah. They were close though. Good sign. No more blowouts to bad/mediocre teams.

  294. Lin’s face is blue. Played too much computer games last night?

  295. how did lin play tonight? missed the game? i know we lost and only got to see that late game to by him

  296. atkinsons last possesion play calls suck or its run poorly on a consistent basis

  297. look too tired

  298. Ran around too much chasing the starting PG on defense.

  299. The mistake today, whether on Kenny or Lin, was letting LeVert be the hero. He’s a rookie and it showed. Goofed on 2 good looks at the rim. Lin has to TAKE CHARGE and attack the rim, make or miss.

    He didn’t get the FTs on the bad non-call because he wasn’t aggressive. He only took like one shot in the final 3m.

  300. What happened to the Pistons? I thought were suppose to make the playoffs.

  301. The loss is on Lin. No excuses.

  302. Played well. Missed some shots in the 1st half but got hot in the 2nd (4-7).

    Lost his aggression late, deferred too much.

  303. No, it’s not. It’s not the team. Lin played well. Other guys stunk.

  304. Lopez also draft too far below the three.

  305. How so?

  306. that 3 by Brook at the end was a dumb shot. There was no need to take that 3, THAT far out. Lin should have just drove it in and try to draw the foul/and 1

  307. Blame Brook. 4-17

  308. Lopez was 4-17, people blaming Lin.

  309. Shooting slump is hurting the Nets. Lin has to get his 3 pointing shooting back. Also committed too much on defense to the center for one of the last plays causing him to be pushed down allowing a 3. Smith was on fire the entire night against Lin. KA should’ve switch Lin onto someone else to save his energy!

  310. Yeah, i wouldnt go that far to blame the loss on Lin. It was a close game. Good D, he didnt lose the ball, it got knocked lose from behind. (at first i thought he fumbled the ball)

  311. I expect miracles from Lin. In that regards he failed. But by normal standards he played okay overall. Nets just aren’t that good.

  312. Has been constantly changing his 3pt shooting form yet nothing happened. Its his and his shooting coach excuses for not shooting 3pt as well as other elite players!

  313. Both getting the starter minutes finally but not shooting well. KA needs to get Lopez more PnR and less PnP for 3 point shooting! Also Lin doesn’t get enough plays for open 3 pointers! Lopez shouldn’t be the one taking all those 3s!

  314. How? He shot 43% fg… good d

  315. Lin’s been passing to Lopez for way too many 3s this entire game. Should’ve done more PnR instead!

  316. What I didn’t like was not the possession when Lin got the ball poked away, but it was that Smith wasn’t held in check by Lin and scored that big 3. He was wide open. Wasn’t that Lin’s man? Otherwise, Detroit had a lot to lose in the game and squeaked out a win. Lin, IMO, could use a game off.

  317. idk i really feel like coach kenny doesnt understand how to utlize lin to his fullest potential.. say what u want about clifford, but he knew how to play to lin’s strengths when he needed to. Clifford obviously preferred to play thru batum and kemba, but remember when one of those players were out lin almost always had games where he exploded… he was the main reason they beat sa, cleveland, toronto and celtics last year also games 3-5 vs miami he had a big impact.. Lin hasnt really had any of those explosive type games ebcsause kenny doesnt understand how to use lin properly imho.. I still like kenny as he has given lin a chance to start etc, but clifford played to lin’s strengths second best after MDA of course

  318. PNR. that’s been the missing story all season.

  319. OH, BTW…it is SO difficult to like RHJ. WTH was that AIRBALL with the crucial rebound he made? Be patient rookie…

  320. Reminded me of Lakers Lin.

  321. Yeah i agree, he should have just kept it and drove it in. Lin is like 90% when it comes to driving in to the rim.

  322. Every player has their shooting slump. Lin got his layup back and made his mid jumpers. 3 point shooting will come back eventually! Lin’s game tonight was solid 14 points with rebounds and assists. But that bad 3 point shooting is hurting him.

  323. Lopez and Lin had more PnR previous games not sure why it suddenly stopped. Hope it’s not KA’s call if so it’s bad decision and reverting back to motion offense issue like beginning of season! offense this game center too much around Lopez open 3 point shots and missing all except the last 2!

  324. They literally killed Lin with screens this game nobody helped him in ANY way this game Ish got to be wide open everytime. This team just sucks to be honest Kenny doesnt have much to work with but you would think he would tell his players to help on the screen….the centers atleast geez

  325. ?. I’m a big advocate for Clifford. I get it. He didn’t start Lin. But he played him in a good offense and was true to his word since meeting with Lin in the off season.

  326. LeVert made similar mistake going for his own shot at crucial moment, Kilpatrick does it too by ignoring Lin. Bunch of selfish players trying to be the hero when they don’t have it!! SMH!

  327. yeah I wish clifford would have made lin his starting pg because his offense was taylor made for jlin

  328. That’s my biggest evidence that Atkinson is failing as a coach. No defense. You don’t need good talent to play defense. You need good coaching.

  329. No he said if Lin played well he might start that was a lie! Lin played well and better than Batum but only started when Walker or Batum was out, never started together with the designated “fake stars”!

  330. Don’t believe it was Clifford’s call.

  331. it wasn’t, but Im saying it would have been perfect for lin

  332. Agreed! Passed to Lopez too much for open 3s when he didn’t have it! Not every open shot is a good shot!

  333. agreed, he didnt treat lin the best, but his offense was much more mda esque than kenny’s

  334. Agreed and Cliff knew how to put Lin at SG position for tripe threat plays! KA leaves Lin at SG position only to stand in the corner and be iced out! All Hornets needed to do was start Batum as his original SF position and Lin at SG and they’d have a chance of signing him for long term but nope! They were dead set to know have the Asian guy outshine Walker who they obvious wanted to boost as as their fake star but chucking 30 shots for his 30 points and playing 40 minutes almost every game!

  335. I agree.. lin should take a game off.. a break

    There is no excuse
    sick and tired of delusional lin fans saying it’s other ppl fault other than lin
    It was lin who mishandled that inbound pass
    It was lin who overcommitted in the post and thus fell to no D

    Lin is not getting his 3 point shots IN.

    So tell me. How can other nets fan buy into Lin now.
    To be a leader you have to be clutch.
    To be a leader you have to take good with the bad.

    So if he messed up, it’s his fault and he takes the blame but you linnafannbanga blame it out other ppl..so that means fans are not leadership type. Even lin himself admits he is at fault because he is a natural leader unless some fans here.

    NO excuses, else it make syou look weak.. weak weak like a dingoberry

  336. Okay, Lin starting was a long, long shot. I think Lin knew that too. Lin was not frustrated last season. His most enjoyable one since linsanity because he knew where he stood.

    I dare say Lin enjoyed last season more then this one. I know I do.

  337. Jeremy Lin highlights for tonight, unfortunately the team just came up a bit short in the closing minutes.

  338. Welcome back. Thank you.

  339. that’s truee

  340. Dude even his teammates start to doubt him during clutch time..can’t yall blind ppl see1????
    He passes to other than lin.
    If lin gain that clutch respect, the ball will fall to him.
    This last one went to ham because lin couldn’t get much 3 in…and I saw that even the inbounder saw lin than pass him off and the n pass to ham.

  341. I have a problem sometimes with Lin going to the paint and leaving his man. He has to not give up a wide open 3 so late in the game. I have no problem with the late TO, he was surrounded. And he made some tough shots late in the 4th. I just think he needs time off. This idea Lin needs more minutes some have doesn’t take into account that sometimes, you just need 2 days off after playing a bunch of games. He doesn’t need more minutes now, he needs less in the next game. Just play him strategically and hope the bench can hold the team close when he’s not on.

  342. What does KA have to work with?

  343. well, lin is the leader right.

    in football, the QB is the leader.. so wins goes to him, losses go to him. That’s part of being a leader. It comes withthe good and the bad.. He is not harden or kobe who only takes credit for wins.

  344. I say take him off one game.. take a break …refresh and he should be fine.
    it’s like baseball.. hitting slump, then take a break and then comes back..boom

  345. Lin and Lopez both were missing 3 pointers so KA drew up a play for Hamilton who made it but clock already ran out. Doesn’t really matter, it was the right play and the game was already loss!

    Lin made that clutch mid jumper at 30secs during 2nd quarter and teammates like Kilpatrick still went selfish mode after last second rebound and ignored him! You can’t change players mindset by yourself. The coach needs to also STEP UP and SAY SOMETHING! How many times does teammates like Foye, Dinwiddie, Kilpatrick, play selfish before KA does something to change it?! The fact that Lin even gets the ball back now is a miracle, more changes need to be made on the offense and it’s on KA’s coaching! All teams game plan for Nets is allowing them to shooting open 3s into oblivion because they can’t hit them! Yet KA insist on playing his dumb motion offense that way without PnR!

  346. it’s not pnr, it’s pnp.. (pop)
    if it’s curry who is shoting the 3.. it make sense.. but lopeze belongs in the paint.

  347. Maybe you’re right. Rest him Sunday on the 2nd of a back-to-back.

  348. 1/5 in 3s.. WT0

  349. If lopez or him just get one more shot in ..the whole game is a win

  350. I actually like him. He keeps getting in good positions to receive the ball from Lin. He has to do way better finishing, but he has a talent for getting open.

  351. I don’t think it’s that serious. When you are 15-42 no one on the team is trusted to be clutch. When you lose this much everyone on the team looks flawed. Everyone likely doubts each other. Losing is bad culture.

    Should have coached to win from the beginning if you want a good culture.

  352. Everyone. Learn to help, rotate, keep your hands up, jump passing lanes, jump the PNR.

    These are still elite athletes with two legs and two arms. Get in position.

  353. trying to get boston a better pick

  354. Notice how announcers even said, “Wish Lopez would take to Andre Drummond who’s known for his poor defense against other centers” Hello, even announcers knew not to have Lopez settle for open 3s but to draw more inside PnR and Post Up plays for him! These wins are also KA not just the team for a bad offense where teams just dares Nets to take open 3s while Lin doesn’t get any plays for open 3s! All of Lin’s missed 3s are contested shots!

  355. @33.9 left Pistons big #12 should get a foul by illegal screen Dinwiddie.

  356. I believe that’s up to coach not his teammates could decide what to do…

  357. What’s the point of all this analytics reports when you do the same thing all season. You think the point of feedback is to make adjustments.

  358. Agree. I am fine with him over-help. But in the last minute, a 3 pts shot that will decide the game. He needs to guard his man, not trying to defend the paint and get rebound. I kind of feel that Lin is not himself, trying to think too much for the past 3 games. And KA’s offense scheme doesn’t help.

  359. Nets lost by 1pt to a playoff contender on the road.

    Meanwhile, Lopez went 4-17. Yet somehow Lin gets the blame? Come on. Last game vs. PHI was worse on Lin.

  360. Definitely and if they did, they have better chance to have 2+1

  361. CHA had smart vets like Marvin, Hawes and even Al-Jeff to get Lin the ball when he’s open/hot. BKN has too many rooks/sophs trying to play heroball.

  362. Lin is a leader of the team.
    The good and bad comes with being a leader.

    He is not in the rockets anymore so blamin him on the rockets doesn’t make sense since it’s harden who should take the blame.

    But on da nets, he is the leader and thus good comes with the bad,..

  363. He’s not the leader of this team on the court and you know that. Harden is having 90% of the playcalls for him down the stretch. Lin shares blame for the loss of course, but others deserve more today.

  364. So is Lopez who is also the leader for this team.

  365. I will have to agree with you on this one. That’s what leadership is. Taking responsibility and taking blames.

    But I would say this loss is on everyone, like every loss. With loss, you learn and get better.

  366. Nothing wrong with blaming Lin too. No one is saying it’s all on Lin.

  367. Some how I feel Lin is not 100% physically, his speed is not what he used to and he does not trace down his man like he used to either

  368. Exactly. Lopez is still the #1 option. He can’t go 4-17. That’s on him.

  369. This team cant defend a simple PNR? lord have mercy on Lin because he will be out of this league by next year due to his body being completly broken down having to go through 50+ screens every game looool good luck…People love to ignore stuff like that and just be simplistic blaming one guy for a loss.

  370. I agree. I really don’t feel Lin is the leader for this team on court most of the time.

  371. That’s it. Use the loss to their advantage. All of these games, W or L, use it for instruction of getting better as a team.

  372. Most Lin fans are, ha. Nets fans aren’t blaming him.

  373. Exactly. If not for his poor O & D we could win ….

  374. I have to disagree with you here. Lin is the leader, in fact, Lopez, and others have said so.

  375. Same feeling too. Something is bothering him (speculating). He doesn’t jump that high as usual.

  376. He’s the moral leader for sure, But not on the court yet. He’s still the distant #2 option.

  377. You don’t always have to have the ball to be leader. Lin is always talking and directing the team, and even on the bench he does.

  378. That’s how I feel Lin’s role in almost every team he went… He’s always in the back seat… If he’s like Harden that he will get more calls or respect from ref.

  379. This is the result of not playing much injured or not,everyone who played basketball can attest to this.

  380. His ankle might not be 100%, but he’s played through that before. All guys get banged up over the season.

    Just a 3pt shooting slump, IMO. He’s been doing everything else pretty well. But if he can’t make 3s, then the paint collapses around him and refs don’t give him calls.

  381. He’s not, and he won’t be until next season. The 2nd injury for some reason took a lot more out of him than the first one. He came back strong after the first one, but I guess he wasn’t ready because he soon reinjured the same hamstring. Plus, maybe his ankle isn’t right either.

  382. True. He did all the coach’s job but not the #1 player treatment on court like Harden or RW.

  383. But I agree with Dorothy his speed on offense and defense isn’t up to his usual level.

  384. He’ll get there next season — his injury really derailed this season in so many ways.

  385. Hope so it’s all have to depend on who they get for next season… I think Lopez will be out.

  386. His defense looks pretty good to me. He’s been flying around the court guarding 2-3 players, grabbing rebounds, getting steals, blocks. Getting stops on mistmatches.

    When the ball don’t go down, nobody looks good.

  387. I agree. Marks was so non-committal about Brook when asked. Hard to see him staying.

  388. Yeah. He doesn’t play like he’s 100% healthy. And this affected his confidence and decision makings.

  389. On the bright side when Lin is old and slower, he has the intelligence to still be effective.

  390. I seriously cant believe Lin chose this team…They cant defend a Lick cant hit a shot to save their lives. They have about the Dumbest players i have ever seen on a court and they have a center soft as Charmin. a 5 year could do a better screen than this guy it’s ridiculous. I’d trade lopez for noel all day at least we get some legit defense on this team.

  391. Lin doesn’t have RW and Harden mentality. He doesn’t mind sharing the facilitation and doesn’t take as many shots. But, he gives more on the defensive end than Harden and often more than RW.

  392. No, I think it is the HC. Lin did not have great teammates on other teams either, but when Lin played his game, he got the wins. Nets HC only wants MO and does not utilize Lin properly that is the reason they are not winning. Lin makes EVERYBODY looks elite if HC let Lin be Lin.

  393. Dorothy, the Nets aren’t full of talent. Look at Luke Walton being undefeated on GSW and now with the Lakers, at the bottom of their division. A coach can do but so much. And you’ll never accept KA if you don’t accept his system. I don’t even see that much motion offense, lately, Lin has been using pick and pop. But KA is not going to change his system.

  394. We blamed Harden for Rockets’ loss since he’s the leader of the team.

    It’s natural that Lin shoulder the blame as he’s the floor general and supposed to make his players BETTER. He should have created a lot of good and open looks for his teammates when he’s on court.

  395. Sure, if he were used probably, but his coach did not want Lin to be Lin.

  396. Win some, lose some. Lin struggles the Nets lose. If Lin bring his A-game then the Nets win. It’s never one player’s problem. Lin will bounce back. The Nets continue to learn thru mistakes.

  397. But N.O., Clifford is not better than KA on using Lin. Never. Kemba, Lin, Batum, Lee are better than this Nets

  398. had they gotten crabbe and johnson, playoff bound? no injury of course

  399. When Lin is used like Harden, call me.

  400. Definitely. T. Johnson would be great when Lin was injured. And think they can play well together

  401. Lin is the only difference maker for the Nets (supported by the win/loss data), despite a poorly coached system similar to the 76ers’.

  402. yes, but there were games in CHarlotte where cliff ran plays specifically for lin all game long.. in brooklyn lin only gets touches sometimes and half of the time they are without screens because of the motion offense

  403. theres only one guy on the face of this earth who would ever dare use lin like harden has been used these past few seasons and he also happens to be coaching Harden, who will most likely earn the MVP award this year

  404. If this team had MDA as a coach, they would probably make the playoffs with a healthy lin.. that said Kenny is the only guy who was willing to give lin a chance to become a starting pg this season and that should mean a lot to us lin fans.. I just hope Kenny will learn how to play to lin’s strengths more instead of having him just stand in the corner for a while.. I want to see Kenny call my picks for Lin with guys like booker and rhj. Lin has been struggling to shoot as of recently so he needs to get to the hoop more

  405. I like Kenny atkinson because he gave lin a big opportunity to start again in this league, but what annoys me the most about him is that he continues to revert back to this motion offense when he had a number of wins and close games against contending teams recently by playing through lin and lopez.. The motion offense does givre everyone shots, but when Lin is running the show with picks, good things usually happen for lin. Just want to see Kenny really allow lin to run the show for the rest of the season… WHy fix something if its broke? Kenny is stubborn, but he has improved this season. But forreal, why have lin on the court at all if your not gonna utilize him

  406. Open looks but players missed shots. And yeah, like other posters, Lin is not use like Harden since MDA.

  407. His system is the motion offense. Either fans here accept that, or they’ll always be complaints about KA.

    I don’t think anything was wrong with the offense most of the game, for the most part. 3s didn’t fall, if they did, it’s an easy win. Lin didn’t get an obvious foul call. If he did, it’s a win. But the defense is still not good enough, still needs a lot of work.

    Kenny is being used as a scapegoat because people don’t want to accept his system doesn’t use Lin more. But his system is what it is, and Lin can actually come up with big numbers in the game in Kenny’s system and with wins.

  408. I don’t think so. 9th or 10 place, perhaps.

  409. Last season’s Rockets was not the same as this season. Right coaching and teammates is everything. Hey, like I said it over and over again, this is year one for the Nets team.

  410. Let’s see how well the Hornets do in the playoffs. If they go far, then, D’Antoni can’t be stopped. But his system hasn’t taken his teams to a championship. I wish it does, he’s a great coach. However, I don’t think it’s a great idea to focus too much of the offense on one player and I think the multiple facilitators makes more sense because it is harder to defend.

  411. Every teams have bad games even with superstar players – GS, Spurs, Clippers, Rockets, etc… How many legit starters on this team ?? Only two compares to Pistons (Drummond, Morris, Harris, Smith) – The Nets are rookies.

  412. Morris played well. Didn’t he play on the Rockets with Lin? Or his brother?

  413. I’ve said it multiple times already, but even teams like San antonio who is the best team at using the motion offense gives lots of touches to their star players in aldridge and kawhi. Kenny must learn to do the same with lin if he wants more wins

  414. Nets record this season does not lie about ka’s failed mo.

  415. T.J. and Crabbe – not rookies.

  416. I agree w you on KA – he continues to revert back to this motion offense when he had a number of wins and close games against contending teams recently by playing through lin and lopez..

    KA still wants to use his own MO system even Nets lose the games…. He’s nice guy indeed but he’s not a good coach. Hope he can make some change next season.

  417. Record tell it all… smh!

  418. OK, but that’s tweaking his own system. There’s nothing wrong with the MO, it’s how it is designed executed, and adjustments made.

    I see plenty of Lin to Lopez late in games, and sometimes the defense will stop Lin or Lopez.

    GSW stopped Kawhi late in a recent game. I don’t know how much more Lin could do. He’s one of the few players that can break a game on the Nets so teams really defend Lin hard. To me, it shows how good he is. A defense is doing their job when they get the ball out of Lin’s hands and denies Lin the ball. Sometimes, you have to credit the other team for good defense.

  419. Dude this team has no talent expect Caris,Lin and Brook…the rest are disposable stop blaming Kenny…The one thing kenny is bad at is Game feel thats the only complaint i have…He hs no feel for how the tide is turning or when his team is doing well. thats my only complaint

  420. But other teams have more time together plus more talent and a more experienced coach. Making the playoffs is a lot based on other teams and their chemistry and talent.

  421. Lin is a PnR specialist. For 6 seasons now we’ve heard from Lin himself that he’d love to run tons of PnRs. Just like every other PG in the NBA does. But you obviously are not a Lin fan and we are all sick and tired of you polluting this site with your anti-Lin propaganda. Nobody cares how many decades you’ve been watching NBA games. You’re too stupid to be able to analyze complex systems and draw appropriate conclusions.

  422. Yeah Marcus did but he got traded. His brother is a bit of a headcase

  423. One motion offense can shape a champion team while the others sink 76ers and the Nets. There are the good, the bad and the ugly all tagged cow boy.

  424. This post was stupid…This whole thing is all about Lin being able to run as much PNR as possible thats all people care about. It’s not LINS team it’s KEnnys and he has a system in which Lin can thrive in he has shown that. Stop trying to make Lin sound like a mega superstar! you are what is wrong with Fanboys/girls You throw away all logic basically saying if OOOH IF ONLY LIN COULD RUN PNR for 48 MIN WE WOULD HAVE BEEN PLAYOFF BOUND. Lin has the capabilaty to be a 17/7 kind of guy, Those are great numbers for a PG and i believe he would have had that if he had not been injured.

    But people seriously need to stop this playoff crap, this team has 3 legit nba players.

  425. STFU you total moron.

  426. Haha! Well said…. lol!

  427. Yes I also feel that KA’s MO has produced more losses than without it ever since the 3rd preseason game in which overcoaching apparently reversed a natural winning streak.

  428. This is not an example of how to have an adult, respectful debate with a fellow poster.

  429. He or she needs to be banned.

  430. This game was 1 or 2 3 pointers from a win. And the game before was a few more 3 pointers from Lin, it’s a win. Or someone else being hot. Don’t know why KA is scapegoated so much, but I think he is.

  431. It’s not the Motion offense that’s bad, it’s the execution. There are plenty times when the team has good ball movement and look really good. Why not look at the players sometimes instead of putting so much on the coach?

  432. Thanks.

  433. Lin is allowed to take more than a dozen shots thanks to KA. But KA’s performance this season is worse than that of Nets’ previous coaches.

  434. Dude, that’s the fact. You have great pg and center and the rest should be good enough Not to be the worst team but they are. Coach is the problem or problem solver.

  435. I don’t think it is about Lin being allowed anything. I think Lin plays within the system, and picks his spots when he’s more aggressive than other times. Lin is taking enough shots and he talks to KA constantly about his role and they exchange on how he can best be used on the team. KA is being judged too harshly in my opinion. At least he believes in Lin and has him be the go-to guy late in games. What other coach has done that consistently, not counting D’Antoni. Kenny’s a rookie coach, he’ll have his growing pains.

  436. Cav lose to Bulls today…. Looks like Celtics is really going to be #1 in the east now??? smh!

  437. Yes, but how many times are there actually set plays for lin and lopez? I can probably count on one hand how often that is.. also for the two best players only playing 31 minutes each is pretty ridiculous considering the amount of minutes guys like kyrie, curry, etc play a night.

  438. Lin used to be a lot quicker than he is this season after the hammy injuries…smdh

    Whose faults to make him injured and missed so many games?

    The performance team? Wrong offensive scheme – the stoopiid MO system? Overtrained? Lazy & stoopiid teammates don’t know how to defend? Overasserted himself by overhelping in defense? ???

  439. Agreed. Spurs win mainly because of Pop’s good MO, 76ers and Nets stay at the bottom also because of their bad and ugly MO.

  440. I think the MO system is the easiest for any rookie HC since all the HC needs to do is to ask the players to swing the ball around. The system does not require any specific play. Probably that’s the primary reason KA loves MO system = no system, no set play?

  441. PnR killed them on both ends. Lin was getting picked off with good solid screens without help defense from his teammates. Then when Lin had the ball he got some seriously weak screens from his team that hardly slowed his defender.

    Then of course the same ole bad/no-call at the end that ends up a late TO on Lin. Kind of glad they aren’t fighting for a playoff spot as it would be seriously frustrating.

  442. You can say that for most teams, if the 3s fall it’s an easy win. But the fact that Nets is not a good 3pt shooting team is where the problem is. You can’t be a 3pt shooting team if you can’t shoot. How often have we seen the defense not challenging nets 3pt shots and instead chose to protect the paint. With that in mind perhaps the system needs to be changed. Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results! This is where the difference is between a game coach and a practice coach. This is where it separates the men from the boys.

  443. Lin said someone stepped on his foot in his post interview. Before that, Baynes set a moving screen on Dinwiddie and knocked him down. Baynes should get a foul call but he got away.

  444. Lol. That’s the NBA JL. It’s full of unprofessional players , floppers and cheaters! Haha cheers

  445. You ask the right question. It’s the coach who should be responsible. Atkinson is a rookie head coach. He has made many rookie mistakes.

  446. Atkinson would have to learn from his mistakes in the off season.

  447. When both Lin and Brook are having a bad shooting night, the team is not supposed to win but however the team at least made the game close enough. If nobody stood out and did well in this game, the players were not supposed to be responsible for the outcome.

    Ever since the come back of Sean Kilpatrick, the bench has been in the negative +/- by and large. Is this a coincidence? The coach can tell. I can’t。

  448. If Brook did well, I would have to agree that Lin is responsible for the loss。 Now they both aren’t supposed to be。

  449. This is a season that every player and coach in the team must learn from their mistakes.

  450. The teammates weren’t as good as last season.

  451. To be fair, Lin and Brook both should take the credit or the blame together.

  452. Both players and the coach are learning in this season and they are trying to find the answer to win games.

  453. At least the Nets has proved that they are at least as good as the Pistons.

  454. Atkinson and Lin both give each other the opportunity. Just ask yourself what would happen if Atkinson couldn’t get Lin on his roster. Lin had just come out of a very respectable season, he would receive a decent contract one team or the other. Atkinson was the rookie coach and the team hardly had any talent and team chemistry to start with. They are in it altogether. Lin and Atkinson and others are equally responsible for everything.

  455. Dying to see the last 2 minutes report from the league..

  456. and isiah being more cockydocky

  457. Lin at this point, needs to play less, not more, minutes, or take a game off. Next season he’ll play more. We can’t judge KA’s minutes on Lin from an injury-prone season. I see plays that Lin tries to set up that break down. For a rookie coach, in my opinion, KA is what’s to be expected, and not as bad as coaches in their first season who had great coaching careers.

  458. With Nets offense scheme. if your opponent does not respect your 3 pts shooting, most likely they will just pack the paint as they know someone would just dribble into walls of body and either pass out or got stripped. It is easy on the defense as it is predicable and not energy demanding. It is a known fact that even the opponent team fans and announcers recognized that.

    Spacing is critical to Lin’s game. Lin would most likely do well with lots of spacing. On the contrary, with Nets poor 3pt shooting. we would see Lin struggle from game to game. And most of time, he can’t find a better play for the team as the players just stand around waiting for the ball to kick out. And the screen, SMH, it is not even screen. It is more like a “touch-and-roll” which results to crowded paint. From game to game, we always see Lin has to fight through opponents screens that we wish Lin has from his own team.

    Disappointed as it might be, but we need to accept that Nets is not a good team. With KA as HC which insists on MO, not utilizing Lin’s skills, we will see Lin continue to struggle. His stats won’t be pretty until Nets improve on its roster and KA changes his offense scheme.

  459. A can’t agree more that Nets needs to improve on its roster to win more games. RHL, LeVert, Foye are not legit NBA Starters. You can’t be competitive with your starting lineup like this. That’s exactly why Sean Marks wanted to bring in Tyler Johnson and Allen Crabbe. Those are the missing pieces for the Nets.

    At least, I think Lin will improve on his game. Brook can only get better in the new offense. Next season, the Nets will at worst be a mediocre team. However, the team needs to get help from the RA/FA market, if it wants to be a playoff team next season.

  460. If KA insists on his poor MO system next season I doubt Lin will stay w Nets next summer….

  461. Lin didn’t make open shots. He didn’t the game before. The team loses by a small amount of points. In games where some of Lin’s shots fell, the Nets win. I would love to get more talent in, we’ll see. Marks has done a good job getting in good players that don’t cost much and fit the “high character” model he seeks. The Nets plan is to change their culture, not win today or even next season, and they’re going about doing it.

    Kenny’s system of motion offense is not the problem and I don’t know why people keep saying motion offense is bad when it isn’t. Kenny’s implementation of it may not be the best, but he has inexperienced players and is himself inexperienced. Motion offense is fine. It’s the same motion offense that produced Lin scoring 21 points in his first game and another game where Lin had 12 assists. Guys have to execute and make shots and stops. That’s basketball.

    The end of March was disappointing but I’m happy with the big impact Lin had on winning this month, and he’s not even healthy yet. A few losses are a disappointment, but I’m not throwing everything away. Can things be improved? Yes. But they can on a lot of teams, and the Nets are a rebuilding team.

  462. If you are a good coach, an average one in NBA league, you should know that system adjusts to players, not the other way around.

    It seems to me that KA puts a mold in there and add players to the mold and hope that the players fit. That’s why I don’t get what KA is doing as he said the system will be tailored to utilize players strength in pre-season.

    Maybe Lin’s injury changes all that, such that the season becomes development stage and let young players play in fix system to see who fits and who stays. Maybe. But we should see how it unfold next season.

  463. This coming off season, Atkinson will have lots to think about. He has low expectation to begin with for this season but next season people will want answers from him.

  464. Kemba is better than all the teammates of Lin this season except Brook Lopez.

  465. Both Brook Lopez and Jeremy Lin are leaders for this team. Who is the highest paid player in the team? Who is the highest paid player in the Rockets? I rest my case.

  466. Kenny is trying that, he makes adjustments and sometimes fans here don’t acknowledge when he does. He’s tried different lineups and has incorporated far less motion offense at times in recent games, and more pic and roll, pick and pop, and multiple screens for ball-handlers.

    I think we should drop expectations, all of them, and take the good where it comes and expect some growing pains with Kenny, the team, and even Lin as he gets fully acclimated to becoming a starting PG for a full season. I’m remaining positive. I wanted Lin to go to a playoff team, he chose not to, and I’m into the role he has now as a leader of a rebuilding team. It is what it is, and they’ll progress at the rate they will. We’re along for the ride.

  467. He’s also the one who made two back to back 3 pointers in the closing quarter.

  468. It’s still a work in progress the Nets are. The expectation of 6th seed or higher playoff team the Pistons was. A good lost this game was. Aggressive and Linning Lin was. I’m satisfied.

  469. Very well and fair comments. Those refused to see what’s wrong from the coaching is denying the true results of this big failed season.

  470. LeVert is a rookie and RHJ has only played 1+ season.

  471. Thankful that you bring this up. It was the rookie LeVert who lost this game. He’s inexperienced and is experiencing growing pain.

  472. Lost to the Bulls the Cavs did with Irving under-performed. Far gone was the playoff picture.

  473. This is not your local T-ball competition to call it a good loss and satisfying. This is the NBA and ton of free agents and undiscovered talents are ready to takeover lin starting job if this is the performance level of lin.

  474. The pass was too soft.

  475. Don’t think so. Please try find another pg to take this group to promise land… LBJ can ? SC30 ? Don’t think so.

  476. Meet your Brooklyn Nets STARTING Shooting Guard. Shooting Guard! The position that typically scores the most points per game. In the last 6 games Randy Foye’s point totals have been a whopping: 3, 0, 8, 0, 5, 0

    And his defense is crappy too. Why does Kenny start him?

  477. What this team needs is Big Ed Davis who is going to be on his last season with Portland soon. He’s going to be at a very affordable price. Trade for him.

  478. There’s a big world beyond those 2 names. Nets are traveling hard to scout.

  479. Lin was not the problem. It’s a little bit from every Nets players. But seriously… How many games has Lin played with this new group ? Expecting sunshine and rainbows is not realistic – not for any one including the coach.

  480. Because they have RHJ and LeVert as starters.

  481. Talents are just still being misused under the top problem, their head coach

  482. Big ED can turn Lin’s passes to assists.

  483. Lin is not the problem, he’s just not fit to lead because nobody put the real blame on the right person, the head coach.

  484. Are we blaming Lin for loss ? The last guy to get blame is Lin. KA and Marks are not idiots. Sorry, I’m not afraid for Lin. He’s too much talent. But even Lin has off nights.

  485. You’ll be disappointed to find out ka only like mo not pnr.

  486. The thing is, defensively, why Lin not stuck to his man??? why a PG camped inside?

  487. Ok, keep believing in your perfect world.

  488. Are you saying Lin is not a leader ? You have lost me. How do you know KA doesn’t criticize himself ? The Nets are still shopping for good legit SG and PF – Johnson, Crabbe, the likes ….

  489. Why don’t you pay attention to their performance with open minded instead of asking questions.

  490. I thought it was a mistake. Lin’s foot was also stepped on when he was under the rim, but he should not give up an open 3.

  491. No. Doubting Lin’s abilities I never was. If the Nets don’t want him – I’m sure there’s others out there shopping for him. But they’ll be missing out a Gem when Lin lead this Nets team to playoff next season (even if there’s no change to roster). Year two will be different from year one.

  492. Would love to see big Ed Davis play with Lin again. They had an incredibly good chemistry.

  493. You start a crappy SG because you have RHJ and LeVert? What are you talking about?

  494. Why don’t you stop criticizing Lin and coach KA. It’s very tiring. It’s almost end of the season. This Nets team has made progress already. I’d put money down for this Nets team making playoffs next season. Still, 2 more moves to SG and PF will improve chances.

  495. Since Lin came back, most of these losses were very close games, where one small difference could have flipped the result. This is a huge improvement from earlier in the season and routinely getting blown out of games early. I think we’re too forgetful of that recent past, and we don’t nearly spend enough energy pointing out the progress and other positives. Instead, we lopsidedly talk only of the negatives and pass blame to coaches and teammates. If we want to be fair, we have to remember context, that teams don’t just go from being completely over matched every game to dominating. Otherwise, we’re being too simplistic and unfair in our reasoning. Here, we are competing virtually every single game now, and that’ s an impressive feat considering all the challenges this team endured this year. Usually when a team loses a lot of games, they’re mentally out of it near the end of the season, and I don’t see that here. Close games are the best games to learn from, but in terms of wining and losing, it’s usually a bit of coin flip. There’s luck involved in shots falling, ref calls, etc. A playoff team that consistently wins learns to build leads early and maintain them, so you don’t have to be in those situations in the first place. So, it’s good that we’re going through these close losses now, and the next step in this team’s evolution is to build to leads going into the 4th quarter or sooner.

    Being in the playoffs would be great, it’s something I’ll miss and won’t take for granted. I know it’s an important goal for Lin, a destination to strive for. But as fans, I think what compels us to watch and pay attention to Lin isn’t necessarily an expectation or entitlement to us seeing him achieve those things, but our desire to observe that drive that keeps him pushing forward against adversity, and that’s what really entertains and inspires us. It’s kinda like how Nash and D’antoni never won a championship together, but that didn’t really change how much I admire them as a player/coach/person. It’s easy to latch onto the negatives, especially that 2010 playoffs where they projected to win the championship but were robbed with inconspicuous suspensions; however sometimes the best thing to do is to move on, and not let that negativity define you, even if others try to coerce you to do so. I think Nash and D’antoni are pretty happy with their careers and their lives, and their fans are too. We’ll be fine too, because Lin’s passion still burns bright.

    Focusing on Lin , I too feel some frustration seeing Lin shoot 1-5 from 3pt like last game; However, just one extra shot going in makes that into 2-5, which is .400%. It just seems weird that if one extra shot fell in then we’re happy, and if it doesn’t we’re panicking and saying his shooting is broken. If one lucky or unlucky shot is the difference, then I don’t think we should be overreacting and fill this place with negativity. I don’t know, there’s something disingenuous about how we’re assessing coaching. We’re constantly saying motion offense this, and player x can’t do that. I think that’s natural response from us veterans who watch all these games, but I encourage you guys to consider different unexpected possibilities that might betray your initial impressions . The general public is constantly being surprised by the things Lin can do, which is funny to us because we knew all these things from the beginning. So I like to afford the same respect to other players and tell myself to give room to be pleasantly surprised. RHJ gets a lot of criticism here. First, it was that he’s not an NBA player, then it’s he’s not even worth $1 million dollar contract, then it’s he can’t shoot, drive left, etc. I mean, that sounds familiar right? I’m not saying that he’s the next Lin, but maybe he’s better than we think? Give it a shot and consider it for a game or two. I think he does some good things out there.

  496. I agree with you on this positive thinking. Let’s see what KA really made of next season.

  497. RHJ has raw athleticism but lack of skill. Yeah sounds familiar…PFV says Lin didn’t perform well in playoffs bcoz everybody plays hard during playoffs and Lin being a hardworker even during the regular season but not as skillful is outperformed.
    So even PFV can say that, why cant we fans say RHJ isnt likeable?
    To be honest, I like RHJ but i think he needs lots of development. One off season isnt enough, imo.

  498. that midget will not do well during playoffs

  499. Atkinson tries to mix up veterans with younger players.

  500. I think the refs and the NBA are trying to get the last stretch of the regular season more competitive and entertaining. So here we are, two losses bcoz of biased ref calls.
    Don’d despair, Lin probably knows he’s the target of biased/rigged officiating. But he and the Nets must “straighten” things up next season.

  501. RHJ can’t create shots for himself specially in the 4th quarter.

  502. Oh I think RHJ bends his body too much. He needs to correct his postures.

  503. I agree with everything you wrote. And I’m big on the budding RHJ/Lin chemistry. RHJ makes mistakes, but he does a lot of good things on the court. And he’s a good guy from what I’ve seen.

  504. Brooklyn Nets vs. Detroit Pistons Takeaways and Grades

    I don’t quite agree with the writer that RHS was the “Player of the Game” and “after a Nets timeout, Lin lost the ball on the inbounds play, sealing the Pistons victory.” I do like the photo of Lin.

    It was a tough loss, 90-89. Better luck next game – Go Lin and Nets!


  505. Crazy, Caldwell-Pope was arrested on suspicion of DUI.

  506. Marks target for RFA….

  507. I would have to lie to myself to do all that.

  508. Impatience is the flip side of fandom. When I used to coached juniors or top club players, I constantly remind them the dangers of the leaches that inevitably suddenly become friends. Lin fans especially seems to demand perfection more than any other. Most die hard fans like the recent comment about delusional Kobe fans is a perfect example of how dedicated fans will never see anything wrong with their hero. It just appears to me that when Lin goes through bad patches, the tiger fans beat him up. I assure you, Lin does that to himself more than enough. If we truly care about Lin, the last thing he needs is to pile more negativity on his own already.

    I don’t care who you are, positive reinforcement helps immensely. Case in point is the second year in Houston when Lin came into the season on a high because Doc kept telling Lin how good his shot was. Lin exploded for 9 3s and averaged 25pts for a week when Harden was injured. Once harden came back, Lin was put back on the bench! Lin’s confidence was shot and struggled again.

    IMO, that game against Mavs where Lin got frozen out by Foye in the 4th to lose the game really put Lin into a funk. SInce that game, Lin has been struggling again with his 3s. Coaches must not over concentrate on weakness on players and must keep reenforcing positives. Lin is mentally tough and would never admit to needing special treatment. IMO, it’s up to the coach to always pat the backs of his best players and build confidence. Confidence is so elusive that if you ignore it, it will go cold.

  509. Gracefully Written.
    Your view should be the theme of this Nets season, as well as Acbc and Sws.
    These are good times and memories for Lin. His team, his good teammates, his coach are all there for him. Enjoy the journey. He’s not alone on this one.

  510. Yeah, positive reinforcement and confidence are key. I think there’s a great deal of loss aversion going on due to witnessing all that mistreatment of Lin throughout his entire career.That’s a unique detail of Lin’s fan base that’s distinguishable from your usual NBA star, or sports star in general. So when bad things happen, no matter how minor, we fear the worst and that commandeers a lot of people’s attention.

    Lin can’t afford to be afraid. If he was back then, he would’ve been out of the league a long time ago. You got to be incredibly confident to be an Asian American and ask your mom to use her 401k to help support you in trying to make it in the NBA. I’m sure by now he’s a master of blocking out the doubters, racist scouts, and arm chair tv critics, however it would be nice for him to not have to do that with some his own fans.

  511. if lin and lopez shot just 1 mor shot in..
    if RHJ knows how to play.. I lost count how many close up shot he missed.

  512. The Nets’ March Revival, Detailed

    “And the presence of Jeremy Lin cannot go without mentioning. Although his last two games have been admittedly subpar, he was a revelation for the Nets in March. As a floor general, he’s been able to push the pace, generating looks early in the shot clock for his teammates. His 14.1 poitns and 4.5 assists in March may not be earth shaking, but the sheer presence of a veteran ballhandler was missed through a majority of the season. Defensively, Lin’s effort to navigate through screens and compete against the deepest position in basketball should be noted. Lin is trying to stake his claim as a true starter in the NBA.”


  513. Acy caught Shaq’s attention. Lol.

  514. He may have his last season to motion if he doesn’t speed up his learning.

  515. Yes, fear is our enemy.

  516. Absolutely.

  517. People are finally recognizing everything we’ve been saying. The numbers don’t lie. I keep saying Lin and Nets need a shot blocker and rebounder badly because Lin’s just working way too hard on D. The level of effort Lin expends to elevate their D by the huge difference is because Lin has to stop people in the perimeter before they get into the paint. That’s superstar levels and way better than most PGs can ever do. It’s not by accident that the people he guards usually have a much lower pt total than average. If Lin had a shot blocker, he’d be able to shunt opponents off into traps instead of trying stop them dead. Lin’s so smart that he could mislead and trap people with ease. I’ll bet he’ll perform much better on offence as well.

  518. Someone like Ibaka would be good for the Nets.

  519. Bad, true. But young kid with .08 BAC. Hopefully a blip.

  520. He would still be used as 3 point shooter under ka.

  521. Wow!!!
    GS erased a 20pt lead by the Spurs 2 days ago. The Spurs just erased a 20pt lead by OKC today.
    Lin is playing like an All-star but its not a picture perfect. Every stars have off nights.

  522. Lin is playing like an all-star? Are you talking about China league?

  523. Harden is still playing b2b tonight with injured wrist while lin and lopez were needed rest in Oct and Nov.

    Don’t you see SM n ka were a joke?

  524. MDA plays the entire rockets starters b2 b game, I am wondering how many rockes would ka rest if he run the team?

  525. Lopez throws the whole team style out of whack with his lack of pnr game both on offense and defense. this is obvious but no one, not even Lin fans want to admit it

  526. KA starts his sg Lavert as SF, SF RHJ as PF and Lopez camping outside the 3 pt line and you thought they lack of rebounder? What you do not see was ka is an overrated coach.

  527. agreed and i’ve been saying it all year. Lin is great but he can be even better with a capable pnr big. next year will be great for the Nets as they will trade Lopez by then and get a real pnr big that fits into the scheme of things much better

  528. what can you do when you’re stuck with a star Center that can’t play pnr and can’t rebound? they will be free from him next year

  529. He would be a great pnr if he was allowed to. Lopez always has to step back to 3 pt line because he was made as 3 pt shooter by ka.

  530. not allowed to play pnr? on c’mon. no more excuses. he couldn’t even execute a simple alley-oops dunk!

  531. When was the last time you see lopez screened and move forward to the basket? Never, that’s the fact. He always steps back for open 3

  532. he’s too slow to roll

  533. I can’t believe people put down 1 of the league best 7 footer can’t play in the paint to excuse to failure coach ka. Lopez has been great in the paint prior to this season.

  534. Yes, he’s All-star. Can’t help if you don’t see it. And please stop trolling. We’re tired of all the negativities. If you don’t like Lin and his choices please feel free to leave this site. Jeremy Lin does not play for you or me. Got that.

  535. he’s a great post up player but some nights he gets shut down. the point is he’s a terrible pnr big both on offense and defense. that makes it extremely difficult to execute plays especially when you want to run. the fact is Lopez had great pnr point guards in the past and was never good at it. the Nets signed Devin Harris and then Darren Williams just to run pnr with him. they’ve been losing every year..

  536. Those who lied and bias need to be brought to reality.

  537. i think the site should implement a “3 strike” rule that guy has already been banned multiple times causing troubles

  538. Too slow lopez happens to be the first to the basket for lin long pass for easy layup? No he’s no slow.

  539. Why? Because you can’t handle the truth? Lin is NOT playing anywhere near allstar level and it’s because of bad coaching since day 1.

  540. it’s sad that they recognized how bad a rebounder and pnr player he is that they plan for him to be the first to run down the court every time an opponent takes a shot attempt. what’s even worst than that is you can’t even figure that out and yet tried to use it as an arguing point for him. lol

  541. you’re in denial if you still think KA won’t allow Lopez to roll to the basket just like all of his previous coaches did. LoL

  542. Point was he could get to the basket and posting the paint, you failed to see it. What a waste of size to camp outside as smaller man

  543. He plays out of position, where do you think it’s from , santa?

  544. Sorry. No proof. This is year one for all of them under This coach. If there’s another coach to work with and there’s a different result then there’s proof, otherwise, it’s just thoughtless thinking. And most of all, Lin wasn’t even on the floor for much of the season so there’s no failure in my eyes because he’s the X factor.

  545. he’s practiced the 3’s in the off season and wants to shoot them. that’s also his problem cus that allows him to slack off even more on rebounding

  546. Reality, even with the worst coach, lin had better season in la than now.

  547. Who do you think make him doing all that practicing shooting 3, santa?

  548. and why do you think that’s the case? he played with an excellent pnr big.. Ed Davis. and when Scott separated them he didn’t do as good. thanks for proving yourself wrong

  549. Because davis goal was to run to the basket while lopez has to full fill ka, 3 point special center, he steps back behind the arce.

  550. face palm. really? they signed KA in the off season. Lopez was already practicing 3’s. stop with the ridiculous conspiracy theories

  551. Sorry, that Lakers did not make the playoffs, was also dead last, and Lin wasn’t 18pt & 8ast. So ? I’m done with you. You can troll all you want. No ones falling it.

  552. Lopez has never a 3 pt specialist like now, stop lying.

  553. More wins then

  554. watch the interviews. Lopez has always wanted to shoot 3’s and was practicing it in the offseason. he said his previous coaches didn’t let him

  555. So was gasol, duncan..they are no threat if they’re regular camp outside. They all a threat in the paint. Lopez can surprise shoot 3 sometime but KA used him like he step curry, what a joke.

  556. ….and when lopez missed 3, they had no big man to rebound and put back

  557. give it up

  558. he loves to shoot 3’s. that’s the issue. can’t even play pnr

  559. You are not allowed to cook egg does not mean you don’t know how. Pnr is the easiest offense and anyone can do it.

  560. when the Nets brought in two pnr specialist (Deron WIlliams and Devin Harris) specifically to play pnr with Lopez in the past, and now Lin and you still fail at pnr.. it means just that

  561. Those 2 were not known pnr specialist.

  562. in your world they don’t

  563. That is fact

  564. like how the world is flat?

  565. Your world that is. Those 2 pnr specialist? Lol

  566. you’re not gonna find a single person who would agree with you that they aren’t. here’s a suggestion, actually watch some basketball games and get a clue

  567. That’s for you ak fan boy, William didnt even ply pnr when he was in dallas.

    You’re right not 1 person here would agree w me.

  568. Williams was known for his pnr in Utah before he was signed to a huge contract with the Nets specifically to play pnr with Lopez. you really shouldn’t talk when you can’t even get the facts straight

  569. Most pg plays pnr, specialist is nother meaning, stop making thing up. It’s worse for fan to think lopez can’t pnr so he should camp out to shoot 3. You lack of knowledge when watch game, as long as you’re a fan boy.

  570. way to lose an argument gracefully! LOL

  571. I thought I was educating you? Theres no argument with fan boy when fan boy think it’s better for 7 footer to camp out shooting 3.

  572. you lose! and no 7 footer should be allowed to shoot 3’s. Lopez loves to do it

  573. Shoot 3 is one thing 3 pt specialit is another.

    Pnr is one thing specialist is another.

    Class dismissed fan boy my son. I am done teaching you.

  574. now you’ve gone full trumptard with your trumpspeak. i don’t have the time to engage in such circling arguments with you making things up

  575. You changed the topic I was teaching today.

  576. Do you see Lin playing PnR? No? There’s your answer. The problem is KA’s stubborn motion offense and refusal to allow PnR! We didn’t see any screens or PnR for Lin last game or majority of the season!

  577. Have you see lopez’s highlights for last season with many PnRs. Or the previous games where he made great screens for Lin. Just recently we saw a game where Lin constantly fed Lopez who was running down the court for easy buckets! Yet right after, KA insist on play “his way” with Lopez camping at the 3 with no screens for Lin. Lopez can play PnR there’s no doubt. lol Lopez is one of the faster centers in the league. If he’s slow then Dwight and Deandre Jordan are turtles.

  578. LMAO did you even “read” what Lopez and KA said at the beginning of the season?! Lopez said he always could shoot 3s but coaches did allow him. He said KA wants him to shoot 3s so he will do so! All this is what KA wants! KA doesn’t like PnR and it’s a fact even saying how he wants to focus on motion offense since the beginning of the season and failing at it!

  579. Dude Lopez ran back for “offense” because that was the main game plan against the other team! No one could guard him inside! By running the court, Lin made so many easy assist to Lopez at the rim before defenders got back! It wasn’t because he’s a bad rebounder or PnR player! Lopez does make several rebounds each game. What do you expect when the coach wants him to shoot 3s? You can’t shoot 3s and expect to make rebounds at the same time!

    Watch last game again and how Lopez camped out for the offense rebound and putback when LeVert missed his mid jumper! If that doesn’t show Lopez knowing how to box out and rebound I don’t know what would!

  580. Lin is almost always on the floor with Lopez and there’s your problem. Lin tries to run pnr but Lopez suck at it

  581. Lopez said all his previous coaches didn’t allow him to shoot 3s even though he could until KA asked him to!! That’s why he changed his game! You’re the one in denial when it was written in an interview and article at the beginning of the season!

  582. Lopez is an expert pnr big. KA won’t allow Lopez to play pnr. and KA forces Lopez to shoot 3 pointers. if this is what the majority of fans on this site still thinks, then LOL

  583. Lopez is a heck of a postup big. Awkward looking moves that seems slow but surprisingly effective due to his excellent balance. When it comes to PNR, Lopez is not on par with some of the more atheletic and quick big men. I really can’t even say that he sets good picks compared to some other solid brick wall bigs.

    Despite all of his pitfalls in terms of being a PNR roll man, I still think he’s got lots of upsides. I hope he sticks around next year and the Nets bring in another atheletic big to be Lin’s PNR partner. Ideally this new big man also needs to be good at rebounding and has to be a solid interior defender… ’tis a lot to ask…

  584. It’s not a conspiracy. Lopez practiced and was able to shoot the 3 his entire career. It’s not something he could do out of the blue. It’s a fact and was written on Nets news and interviews. KA even admitted to it. Every coach requires their players to play a certain way including Lin. KA is the only coach who allowed Lopez to shoot 3s. As we can all see it’s a great asset and Lopez is even a better 3 point shooter than Lin this season. The issue is KA refuses to allow PnR and post ups to mix up with the kick out 3s from his motion offense. Once he’s willing to swallow his ego and balance things out it will look way better. We already see KA’s adjustment of have Lopez run down the floor for easy baskets and passes from Lin.

    Also why are we even arguing about Lopez, he’s not the problem, the offense and coaching adjustments are! PnR or not Lopez is still a great center and levels above those who only know 1 offense scheme.

  585. Actually Lopez admitted he’s always been able to shoot the 3 just coaches didn’t allow it. just like how KA doesn’t allow Lin any screens or PnR. Goes to show how much coaches have in what a player can or can not do.

  586. Totally agree with you! KA is treating Lopez like he’s Thompson (catch and shoot 3s). Lopez is great at the 3 but they need to mix it up, add PnR, post ups, to keep the defense guessing. Most importantly when Lopez doesn’t hit them they need to go to PnR and post ups. Instead we just saw Lin continuously feeding a cold Lopez beyond the arc even during crucial moments.

  587. Nets need a real PF, not RHJ but they are high on him. They also need a real SF, not LeVert as SF who should really be playing SG. Foye, the washed up PG, needs to go, playing him as starting SG/PG is a complete waste of time. Not to mention he purposely ices out Lin and can’t defend.

  588. Yes Lin is a star from the way he plays now. Stats wise no he doesn’t show it due to KA’s offense limiting his abilities, coupled with injuries. Hopefully next season we will see changes and Lin averaging 20+ PPG.

  589. Indeed a tough, atheletic PF with decent size is what Nets really need. I’d settle with Booker or Acy if they were both 2-3 inches taller but realistically they are both undersized PF. That’s why I think Ibaka would be a good candidate.
    RHJ is atheletic but not tough enough. Although he showed he’s got quite some talent for the Nets to work with, he is not the long term answer at starting PF. But I really have to give him credit for his rebounding though.

  590. Going to put a positive spin in this post. There is already so much debate on the pros and cons of Atkinson the coach here.

    Let’s focus back on Lin. The way the season has gone, the media has to credit Lin for the improvement with the Nets. Good for Lin’s reputation as a starter and franchise player.

    In fact I believe Lin increases the winning percentage of any team by 20% to 30%. That’s roughly 15 to 20 more wins in a season. He did it for the Knicks, Houston and Charlotte. Lakers were determined to tank so that season should just be ignored.

    Despite all this some people still feel that Lin is not a franchise player. I guess these people prefer someone with 27ppg but 40% fg% instead of a proven WINNER like Lin.

    Anyway so here we are now. We are so spoiled by Lin. We expect miracles on a regular basis. We get upset with a close loss and want 3 wins in a row.

    But this Nets team which seriously lacks talent and the rookie (“always developing”) head coach should be one of worst teams in history. Thanks to Lin they are just a bad team.

    And the fact that Lin can achieve his stats with so little minutes and without the entire offence running through him is simply incredible.

    One last point is that less minutes should equal longer career. Maybe Lin will finally get his championship team one day.

  591. and he does shoot a lot of 3’s now

  592. Refs are always rigged lol

  593. Agree. It is all perspective and relative. Several things come out of this miserable season positively. One of them, Lin proved and media recognized that he is the main factor for the competitive games in post-march. The statistics from one of the post below proves how Lin could make a team better.

  594. There is a factor which is frequently ignored in the comments here. When Lin played with veterans, he’s more in rhythm than playing with rookies or sophomores. Now Lin got stuck with two young players like RHJ and Caris LeVert. LeVert’s pass is a little soft and not like the veterans. When Lin played with Booker rather than LeVert, it’s much easier for him to get his rhythm.
    When Booker is playing with the bench essentially younger players, his stats also goes down.

  595. It is April 1. 2 of Lin’s Nets teammates celebrate birthday today. 🙂

  596. As long time Lin fans, I’ve heard it many times before about bashing Lin’s teammates. Even great player like Kobe, Kemba and James Harden were called suck. Now I don’t see why the “never Lin’s fault” fans would not blame everything on Lin’s current teammates.

    Yeah everyone in the Nets roster are bad except lin, right?

  597. Lopez too slow for you?

  598. This should be 40% of their offense:

  599. This should be 40% of the Nets offense.

  600. These should happen MORE:

  601. It’s a myth to say Brook Lopez can’t PnR because he’s too slow.

  602. Thank you for this thoughtful post!

  603. Happy Birthday, Brook (and Robin).

  604. We’re talking about defensive help for Lin, Acbc’s point was on Lin having a shot blocker, and that’s what Ibaka is.

  605. Still no new thread?

  606. Wow! Both at the same day….

  607. took you the whole day to find a few rare NOT EVEN PNR clips of Lopez. these are equivalent of Morey trying to prove to everyone that Harden plays great defense. #SAD

  608. He can do it some, but it isn’t his strength which is post-up and now, a stretch center that can knock down 3s. In most of the PnRs, he shoots push shots from a few feet away from the basket. He’s not a Chandler Tyson, DeAndre Jordan, Ed Davis type of PnR player.

  609. Probably psalm can get to it a few hours to an hour before the game.

  610. Late and normal, maybe weekend.

  611. Can do some….that’s small improvement here.

    Lopez can shoot from anywhere unlike limited tyson, a jordan, ed davis who can’t shoot that’s why had to camp in the paint. To camp lopez outside shooting 3 is limiting him to the minimum. Like he’s useless in the paint

  612. I don’t live and stay guard here 24 hrs like you do.

  613. new thread

    G76 Brooklyn Nets Looks to Bounce Back vs Orlando Magic after 2 Losses
    In 2 Ls, Nets shot 39.2%FG
    In 2 Ws, 44.8% FG

  614. it’s released now 🙂

    sorry, I’ve been buried with work and family stuff

  615. Nobody plays well with rookies lol
    RHJ is pure trash he has no business starting

  616. Lopez is too soft and he’s not very athletic either
    also 5.1rpg
    at 7’0 he cant even do the very basic things that bigs are supposed to do

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