G73 Brooklyn Nets vs Atlanta Hawks: Nets Try to Make It 7-8 in March

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The Nets looked lethargic in the road game 109-128 loss against the Wizards in the back end of a back-to-back game. Jeremy Lin and the starters started well leading 17-13 within 5 minutes of the first quarter but the bench was quickly outscored 5-18 the rest of the first quarter as the Wizards led 31-22. The tired legs from the previous night’s win against the Suns might have explained the lack of energy. The Nets lost the rebounding battle 38-46. Lin finished with 14 points, 3 assists, 1 rebound, 1 block in 20 minutes.

Nets vs Hawks Matchup

The Hawks may have lost six straight games against good teams but they will have Paul Millsap and Kent Bazemore back from untimely injuries. The Nets would need to repeat their high energy in the close loss 105-100 on March 8 in Atlanta. Lin was motivated to help Coach Atkinson win against his former team but it was not meant to be. He will get a second chance today.

ESPN.com Preview:

Two weeks ago, the Atlanta Hawks were facing what appeared to be a favorable stretch of games and had hopes of playing their way into a first-round homecourt playoff advantage.

But a six-game losing streak not only scuttled those hopes, it has complicated their postseason plans.

The Hawks (37-35) will try to end the skid on Sunday against the last-place Brooklyn Nets (15-57), the team with the worst record in the NBA.

Atlanta lost 100-97 at Milwaukee on Friday, leaving the teams tied for fifth place, although the Hawks own the tiebreaker. Atlanta is one game ahead of No. 7 Indiana and two games ahead of No. 8 Miami.

“Whether it’s a defensive rebound or a better decision, those plays add up to winning, and we’ve just got to make a few more of those winning plays,” Atlanta coach Mike Budenholzer said.

It would also help the Hawks to get forward Paul Millsap and guard Kent Bazemore back from untimely injuries.

Millsap, who averages a team-high 18.1 points and 7.7 rebounds, has missed the last four games because of left knee tightness. Bazemore, who averages 11 points and is the Hawks’ most intensive player, has missed three games because of a right knee bone bruise.

KEY OF THE GAME: If the Nets can come out with energy, keep the turnovers low, continue to attack the rim, provide strong bench plays and sustain their recently improved defense, the Nets might be able to steal a win on the road. It will be a nice gift by Jeremy Lin and the Nets to Coach Kenny Atkinson.

Let’s hope and pray JLin will stay healthy and return to lead the Nets to win more games!

Let’s go, JLin and the Nets! 


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  1. 1st and hoping for another W

  2. 2nd

  3. a win!

  4. A win will shock the NBA .. and Kenny too lol

  5. Let’s go JLin!!!! Spank the Atlanta Sparrows!!!!

  6. Does anyone know which link I should use to watch the game (International)…I was never successful!

    Is it http://www.nba.com?

  7. I have purchased an international league pass. Somehow, I am having a problem. I used watch.nba.com but it does not work. Any suggestions?

  8. So is Tabo…

  9. you have purchased it? so….how does it not work?

  10. I guess I am using something wrong…In the States I watch it on NBA.com….Do I need to enter with something else? thanks.

  11. I use watch.nba.com too. So…have you logged in with correct account?

  12. The Nets came out flat, really flat, last Sunday. They have to be ready to have more energy and I hope their shots fall more this game. Atlanta has a lot of players out. Also hope RHJ can go, at least some minutes. The Nets need his energy and rebounding. If Acy plays in RHJ’s place, I hope his shot is falling and he’s rebounding. But, the Nets have to come out strong defensively throughout the game, that’s key. Hope for a W today and for them to regain the form they’ve had before the loss to Washington.

  13. yes, I logged in with correct account…I used watch.nba.com too….I am in the cruise ship to Japan now….Maybe the weather related? By the way what is the score of Nets vs Hawks now. Many thanks Brent.

  14. Not yet, will tip about 10 mins later. log out again and log in to see if it changes…

  15. I shall do so. I really appreciate it.

  16. There ya go, Lin. Answer Schroeder.

  17. Foye still not passing to Lin when he’s wide open for 3.

  18. I like that pass from Lin, RHJ has to secure it.

  19. Why did the Nets announcer say Schroeder accelerated by Lin? No such thing. Lin stayed with him and forced a miss. Good tip-in by Howard, but Lin got the stop through solid defense.

  20. No idea, that was a solid defense.

  21. IW has potential. that was a nice finish on that layup.

  22. 2222222

  23. Nice, smooth drive. Lin looking good.

  24. Lins shooting form seems off… he’s shooting rainbows again

  25. I don’t know, he took one long-range shot. Have to see him shoot some more.

  26. Acy way better than RHJ as the 4
    not even close

  27. Lin plays better with Acy than RHJ
    hope hes gone this off season such a bad player

  28. Lin out

  29. Disagree. RHJ moves better and Lin finds him. RHJ makes a ton of mistakes and gets tunnel vision, but he’s more athletic on the drive. Right now, I’m not liking Acy faking the 3 pointer and driving. He’s not great at that. He’s better at shooting the 3. Lin gave him a clean 3 and he didn’t take it.

  30. Good first stint. Two layups and solid D.

  31. Disagree.

  32. Not sure what happened to Acy, he doesn’t seem confident recently. That 3 pt fake move reminds me of Scola

  33. I agree, he’s not playing as well as when he first came into the team. Maybe his 3s haven’t been falling as much lately in practice?

  34. Bench looks pretty good for the most part, especially defensively.

  35. Bench extended the lead to 8. Looks like we got the ‘good’ bench today.

  36. I’m starting to like Whitehead… When he plays off the ball his fearlessness is a big plus for the team and himself…

  37. Schroeder, 2-8. 8 shots in the first quarter.

  38. I’ve always liked him. He’s very mistake-prone, but he plays in a fearless way and he’s as good at blocking shots as Lin is.

  39. dinwiddie with the 4point play niCe

  40. Lin defending him well, 1/5.

  41. Bit of a fluke… He really needs to improve his ability to make good plays for the team…

  42. he’s horrible needs to be gone after this season imo

  43. That’s the Acy we love!

  44. I agree, I’m not that high on him. He is playing pretty well so far.

  45. Absolutely, great D on Schroeder by Lin.

  46. blowout? Lin going to play 20 min

  47. More athletic but cant shoot for shyt
    Most of the shots he takes dont even look like they are gonna go in and they dont
    he might be athletic but thats about it
    If Brook cant rebound and is soft, you need your PF to be tough

  48. Lol he doesn’t look too excited on the bench.. I think he knows it

  49. yep KA has to “protect” Lin

  50. I see a diamond in the rough. A potential Fields type of player. Guys need time to develop, RHJ and Lin can work out great. But they have to be on the floor and RHJ has to make mistakes when getting the ball from Lin to be able to get there. RHJ needs a good short to mid-range jumper and finish better. But he can get to spots when playing off-ball, and that’s key. And when he gets there, Lin will find him. RHJ also tends to knock down his foul shots even if he doesn’t finish. Drawing fouls helps his team.

  51. Come on, Lin is team guy, if it’s a blowout he’ll be happy.

  52. Dont matter if the team wont make the playoffs though…Lin should think about tuning his stats a little

  53. I’m not going with that scenario, we’ll see how the game plays out.

  54. Lin wants Ws. We all know that by now, and we know he’s not that much of a stats guy.

  55. Lol come on dude nobody wants lin to play 20 min every game blowout or no blowout he should play 30 min everygame he has rested enough….

  56. You’re creating a scenario prematurely. I want to see Lin go 28 minutes this game, but if they get a blowout win and he doesn’t, it’s a win. I think he’ll get his scoring in double figures and he’ll start the 3Q.

  57. No matter what
    it probably doesnt feel nice to be played under 25mpg by your coach
    and he is the starting PG…

  58. Lol! Come on. He is probably the only other guard worth watching on the Nets apart from JLin. Foye and Dinwiddie both makes me flatline. SKil is too inconsistent and has tendency to ball hog…

  59. Thats what i mean…

  60. Bench has made this a 20point lead.. lol.. Lin at scorers table… coming back in

  61. Who would’ve thought…

  62. Lin’s in, looks a little over-hyped.

  63. Knew as soon as Lin came in he was going to be garbage…he always does this when team leads by a lot.

  64. yeah, Lin’s shot is off. It looks pretty good to the basket, but it’s not quite there.

  65. starting unit has been hot garbage so far…Bench is going to get a lot of burn

  66. Lin is playing out of control
    Idk whats up with him td
    he needs to calm down a little

  67. Yeah… 2 quick fouls, ouch!

  68. Too harsh. They played well in the first stint. They just need to calm down and not force things.

  69. Lin uses ur head. Don’t keep making same mistakes.

  70. RHJ sucha bad shot
    hes the reason why the starting unit is so bad

  71. Not the best shot but he had to put it up. The shot clock was running low

  72. 22222222

  73. That’s it, Lin. Just put up your own shots sometimes.

  74. Lin with 3 To already come on dude

  75. not a good TO by lin..

  76. Starters losing the 21pt lead.. up by 10 now…


  78. Just, withstand the run. Get the lead back up to about 14 or so and they’ll be fine. Nets have to play with more energy and control, and rebound.

  79. God damn the starters suck big time

  80. He’s probably LeVert’s assignment…

  81. Bench the starters the rest of the quarter

  82. Lin’s body language is awful today. Keeps getting burned on defense and turning the ball over. Smh

  83. he has been garbage

  84. the starting unit is so undisciplined especially RHJ and LeVert cant play defense

  85. 333333333333333333

  86. 3 for Lin. Good looking shot.

  87. Lin has 10.

  88. 33333 lin

  89. Seriously Schroeder is not that good he should not be able to burn Lin.

  90. Lopez is really bad in D…. he should do more… smh!

  91. People still sure they dont want Lopez gone? he is good offensivly but that wont matter when he gets burned everytime defensivly

  92. Lin was fouled on that layup, still almost made it.

  93. lol thats not a foul? seriously

  94. Should appreciate KA trust Lin. Just image what will happen in former teams after Lin had 3 TO and 3 Fouls.

  95. He’s not burning Lin. Sometimes he gets screens, that’s mostly how he gets past Lin.

  96. Again, problem can be solved with an atheletic big man 6’10” at least playing alongside him…

  97. Another great block by IW.

  98. Just turned on TV. How did the starters lose a 20 pt lead with Lin?

  99. They all caught a bug…

  100. Lin has not been good so far. 3 TO not locked in defensivly.

  101. What were you saying aras? did you see the block by Lin? Lin is D-ing up Schroeder well.

  102. Good job IW. Lin needs to stop feeding Lopez at this moment since Howard is not playing in this stretch. Lin should find ways to score himself or pass to someone else.

  103. Schroder is having a terrible game.. dude is 5-14.. I guess he has the green light since milsap is out

  104. He has not been good defensivly he had a good defensive block there but overall Shcroeder went off on Lin guarding him. Lin has had problems with Shcroeder before.

  105. Disagree. He’s playing well defensively. Lin had a bad stretch when he came back from off the bench, but he settled down OK. Lopez is the one playing poorly with bad TOs and not converting on easy shots.

  106. Lin did good D on Schroeder today.

  107. Nah. He’s holding well against Schroeder. Can’t compare directly cos Schroeder is getting all the good screens…

  108. Oh please, he’s forced Schroeder into bad shots almost every single time he’s driven to the hoop. Schroeder in no way has gone off on Lin in this game. You’re being overly critical of Lin today. He’s not played his cleanest, but overall, he’s been ok, especially on D.

  109. Before the game Lin said he needs to give Lopez more touch….

  110. Lopez has been the worst. I believe Schroeder had 8 points on lin 2Quarter as soon as lin came in schroeder went off. Schroeder does give Lin problems i dont know why.

  111. Bench out scoring Starters 33 > 22.. entire bench is +.. Lin is -13 the worst on team..

  112. I agree. Lin needs to rediscover the short jumper that he’s used effectively a few games back. It’s all at the rim or 3 pointers lately. Lopez doesn’t seem to have it, and has a lot of TOs.

  113. Has anyone noticed, the nets do not pass the ball to LIN…. RHJ and Booker are the worst.. everyone’s just playing for their own contracts…

  114. He wants to get him going, which is fine. But Lopez is vulnerable to getting strip when he dribbles in the post. And he’s missing his close shots today.

  115. it’s not LIN.. LIN plays team ball, but the teammates do not look for him. He’s open in the 3-point line, and they look for short passes under the basket, and the ball gets stolen… these nets are playing for their own spots to stay with the team next year..

  116. All i saw was Schroeder having 8pts on Lin 2quarter. Only reason im being overly critical is because Lin is not playing at the level he should be playing. Lin is better than Schroeder. The dude can barely shoot he is a streaky shooter at best. Overall the one thing im irritated about is the TO’s

  117. I don’t agree. I think Lin plays strong D on Schroeder. Watch Schroeder against other PGs and see how well they fare.

  118. It’s not working bc Hawks know and anticipate it and they’re preventing that feed. Then Lin, Lopez and coaching need to adjust. Why must they keep doing the same thing if it does not work? They need to adjust to the game flow & opponents’ tactics.

  119. I know that’s all you saw. Schroeder has missed a bunch of shots and Lin is sticking with him unless he’s screened out. Lin has 10, Schroeder has 12, so where’s this big game from Schroeder? Schroeder has also played far more minutes. You had a better case for Schroeder last game, where he was effective against Lin. Not this game much.

  120. I agree. CLV needs to step up as well, he’s not doing much. But RHJ isn’t playing that great either. The guys on the bench are playing better and shooting better than the guys Lin has to work with. Both Whitehead and Goodwin did well, when playing with Lin.

  121. dude im not saying schroeder has had a big game. im saying he had 8pts on Lin the 2quarter

  122. Yeah, it’s very weird…Maybe they’re upset that Lin is the only guy that is guaranteed to be on the roster next year…well, alongside the young guys like Levert and whitehead.

  123. If Lin expands his shots, that’s a good thing. Lin is playing team ball, I think he should take more shots.

  124. He’s taken 14 shots and 3 FTs to get to 12 point… not even close to good. Just volume chucking. Lin is not having a good night himself but still managing 10pts in 9 shots and only 1 FT… Lin is trumping Schroeder for sure. But yes I do agree Lin is not at his best tonight.

  125. So what? He could have had a lot more if Lin didn’t play such tough D on him. He made Schroeder miss a lot of layups. If Schroeder takes so many shots, a few will fall. I think you’re not giving Lin credit for his D, that’s why I’m defending him. His D is good. You can play good D and guys make shots, but you make them work for it and get some stops. Lin is doing that.

  126. I dont even think Schroeder is good. I dont like how the hawks make him out to be some kind of star he isn’t Lin has far more intangibles than him. I want to see Lin torch him to be honest.

  127. I like Lin today. He had a poor stretch after coming back. But he started strong, he had a solid first stint. He was too amped up when he came of the bench, not sure why and didn’t play that great. But there’s more game to come, so I think Lin has somewhat mixed results, but he looks stronger and more active and faster today than he did the last game.

  128. Don’t we all want to? But there’s no way we’ll make that happen just by talking about it. Don’t worry the closer it gets to the final 5 mins the more likely Lin will wake the hell up…

  129. Lin is still getting his rhythm, the torching probably won’t come this season.

  130. l;lI got to watch the game. Actually I got a wrong time/

  131. Lopez 3-11. Lin takes charge.

  132. Nice charge lin

  133. Another strong D by Lin!

  134. Lopez lost his mojo tonight. The team suffers a bit as a result.

  135. Howard should never have the ball offensivly unless it’s an alley oop lol

  136. Mmmmm the team is coming alive?

  137. There, aras, see how Lin just stopped Schroeder by sticking with him forcing him to pass. This led to the 24 sec violation.

  138. Good, LeVert scores.

  139. hahah i see dude he is coming out with more energy this time

  140. sws94 – 1, aras – 0

  141. “Controlled” energy. Last quarter was too much energy ending up spilling everywhere.

  142. ha ha.

  143. aw come on

  144. Levert is a stud

  145. dude that should have been assist by Lin.. wth

  146. HAHAH what the hell is that DJ playing? my eaaaaars are bleeeeding

  147. He’s not had much of a game, but it’s good to see him come out strong. He’s a player, he’s going to be great next season.

  148. so far 3rd quarter looks better with the more team ball.. at least LIN gets the ball back… hopefully it keeps up..

  149. He’s got a bright future ahead of him. Next year I see him consolidate his position on the roster and actually become an obvious option next to Lin and Lopez. He’s pretty much what Charlotte wanted in Batum but didn’t quite get…

  150. aa damn

  151. Unfortunate foul on Lin. Lin out.

  152. refs calling that soft call

  153. Looking good.

  154. Wow. Consecutive LeVertical!

  155. Earlier, RHj was there and Lin’s lob wasn’t quite there. They are getting there, chemistry is improving.

  156. Lin having a good game, on pace for 32m…road refs call 2 phantom fouls this quarter.

    He can’t catch a break this season.

  157. I agree, one bad stretch, but overall, good game. Too bad he’s in foul trouble.

  158. Is Schroeder flopping?

  159. Flopping, not getting back on D. Coach should reel him in. He’s also taking too many shots.

  160. Just saw the replay… that was a godawful flop. Award for the worst acting and straight to Shaqtin…

  161. Lin better start 4q

  162. I can’t stand Dinwiddie’s TOs…

  163. Beautiful feed by Dinwiddie. Hardaway Jr. having a bad shooting game.

  164. Good job by the bench for not losing the lead…

  165. Starters usually don’t start 4th qtr. Want him to finish the game.

  166. Hawks are having bad shooting game, but their offensive rebounds keep them in the game

  167. hows jeremy doing?!

  168. Warming the bench….jk

  169. Lin in.. lets go!!

  170. 222222

  171. Come on Lin and Nets!

  172. 22222 for Lin

  173. You are always 2 min ahead of me…

  174. shroeder acting again

  175. He should be in Hollywood, not Atlanta..

  176. I see KA making adjustment sending Lin in at 10 mins mark

  177. yup he got up like nothing happen.

  178. Atlanta = Bollywood

  179. pacing Schroeder.

  180. 🙂 TV, laptop too slow

  181. Schroeder was going off…while Lin was on the bench.

  182. Yeah… you always ruin it for me.. jk

  183. LOL what was that, he just slapped himself.

  184. elbow of Lin hot him

  185. good

  186. Lin showing some grit

  187. Lin and Schroder checked in at the same time at 10:30 mark with Nets leading 78-70

    KA might want to extend Nets lead before risking blowing the lead. Nice move!

  188. 222222+1

  189. 4Q Lin is in the arena.

  190. 1FT in

  191. can u wait like 10seconds??

  192. Great hesitation move by Lin.

  193. sure, I thought I may have killed your guys fun watching

  194. Just quote “spoiler alert”

  195. LOL

  196. 9-4 Nets run since Lin checked in at 10:30

    87-74 with 8 min left

  197. Take Lopez out…. he’s playing to loss…. smh!

  198. Keep lin in the whole quarter

  199. or .. just say, “Lin strikes again” =)

  200. I guess Lin isn’t guarding Schroeder much because he has 4 fouls.

  201. yea thats smart

  202. that’s a very good coaching move

  203. I feel like RHJ closes his eyes everytime he shoots

  204. Lin’s shots are off

  205. Sometimes you hate Rondae sometimes you love him

  206. 3P is.

  207. Long shots, yeah. That’s why I want to see him shoot the short jumpers, and he’s hit two of them

  208. MacD is gutsy. I like him already

  209. Yup!

  210. Love the way they are playing

  211. Good plays by KJ McDaniels and RHJ

  212. Me too. He’s good for this team.

  213. Rondae is just straight beastin

  214. Lin showing some strong handles when Schroeder was guarding him, tight behind the back and hesitation moves.

  215. Lots of potential for RHJ

  216. The human chocolate box…

  217. yes, very controlled and still finding open teammates

  218. 5 and half minutes to go… up by 9. Crucial period!

  219. Lin with 17pts/6asts/4rebs/1stl/1blk with 24 min so far

    Nets leading 91-82 with 5:52 left

  220. Lin with the steal and the foul

  221. Bonus time!

  222. 2 FT in I counted 10 before post

  223. hahaha. thanks

  224. 🙂

  225. great little things that gave Nets the momentum


  226. 2 FT made by Lin.

  227. Dwight still a beast in the paint

  228. Lin and Whitehead are a good backcourt.

  229. Bonus!!!

  230. Yup take foye away put those 2 together instead

  231. Nets defensive intensity has been very good.

    Steals, tight defense leading to transition offense and FTs

  232. Kenny needs a shave…

  233. That’s an example of RHJ getting to his spot. When he learns to finish better, easy 2. But he’s going to the line now.

  234. he’s got that GQ look

  235. RHJ is one rebounding machine under the rim. Very impressive!

  236. I reckon he looked like a stoned homeless man…

  237. YEAHHH!!!!

  238. what happened


  240. RHJ with the slam

  241. Wow!!! Lin to RHJ’s spectacular DUNK!

  242. wow

  243. whoa that was nutz

  244. thats what happened

  245. wow.. the Nets really want it more than the Hawks

    all the offensive rebounds

  246. The whole team is clutch!!

  247. If rhj wasn’t there i wonder what our rebounding would be like

  248. man, RHJ hammer dunk will show up in highlights

    Great vision by Lin after recovering the loose ball

  249. 19 pts 8 assists – Lin is near a double-double.

  250. if milsap was there i wonder what our rebounding would be like

  251. lol true

  252. wow, 12 out of 49.
    Almost 25% of the team rebounds

  253. RHJ has 12 rebounds so far!

  254. If Rondae can develop into a consistent rebounding monster like he’s been showing us, Nets is going to be pretty set for next year

  255. why would you ask lin to inbound?

  256. That’s his forte. He should make a name out of himself.

  257. game over atlanta gives up

  258. Has the Hawks been trapping Lin all 4th quarter?

  259. Lin out

  260. Lin is actually a very smart inbounder

  261. Now that’s the real garbage time!

  262. The moral of the story is you can’t win a game with the Bench down the stretch.

  263. Hawks emptied the bench at 1:35 then Nets followed suit

    Very impressive win by the Nets!

  264. Great game AND the win on the road versus a playoff team!

    For those wondering, Lin was on pace for 32m tonight until 2 BS fouls in the 3Q.

  265. Bringing Lin in early at the forth quarter made a difference.

  266. Ya! KA wants to win this game.

  267. Even though Bez and Milsap are all out, a 15pt win is still saying that the Nets would have a good chance against a full Hawks roster.

  268. RHJ is useless… he’s brainless…

  269. Everyone has their purpose given certain situation.

  270. did Lin start the game?

  271. Yes

  272. almost pulled it off last time if Lin didn’t miss that last second three…

  273. i guess KA changed his mind and really wanted to win some games, especially this one

  274. You know Danny Ainge is really hating Lin right now

  275. JLin is always humble & deflect credit.
    But Nets 8-8 record in March really proved his impact to inspire team.
    Prior to March, it was 8-49


  276. 7/8

  277. Like I predicted. They would’ve won 40 games if Lin wasn’t injured…

  278. For me, this game shows what I’ve thought about Lin’s role on the team. Lin controlled every possession down the stretch, every single one of them. That’s why I don’t worry much about earlier in the game when RHJ and others start the possessions. In the end, the team is definitely looking for Lin to run the show.

    Lin does get the minutes coming down the stretch, and control. This games shows it. The Nets needed to preserve the lead and Lin needed to put some pressure on Schroeder, even if he didn’t guard him directly that much.

    Lin had a bad stretch and so what? That’s the ebb and flow of games. He mostly played well, scored almost 20, didn’t turn the ball over in the 4Q and really added organization and intensity and hustle and all that other good Lin-stuff down the stretch. There’s nothing to worry about. And also, KA mixed up the lineups today, so he’s learning as well. I hope folks see the big positives in this game. I don’t care that some of the Atlanta stars didn’t play, the Nets are down some guys too and they got a road win in a very early game. I hope posters feel good about Lin in this game, KA, and Lin’s situation on the Nets has a lot of promise.

  279. Lin’s hustle and pass was big. RHJ’s dunk was thunderous, but Lin set that up.

  280. sws94 – 2, aras – 0

  281. thanks, you’re correct. I’ll fix it

  282. I’m big on this kid. Diamond in the rough and he’s a good kid with a good attitude.

  283. Player of the game: Nets bench players!
    They outscored the Hawks’ bench 46-7!


  284. Lin to RHJ for the dunk.

  285. That game which Lin twisted ankle shouldn’t count.

  286. PlayerS of the game?

  287. Wow.

  288. After McDaniels joined the team… Goodwin also. Our bench became better…. Acy too. haha!

  289. Fair enough.

  290. Gotta love the Nets bench reaction lol

  291. Quick HL

  292. Getting more confident in Marks’ ability to dig up solid players without the big price tag. All of them were in between 2nd to 3rd stringers but certainly have shown that they can perform if given chance.

  293. very well said!

    Lin being the floor general in the 4th had such calming effect to his teammates. No more wasted possessions, silly turnovers. They knew he’s going to put the Nets in great position to score. And they followed suit with excellent defensive energy.

    KA is right. Lin’s QB leadership has such a big impact for Nets development.

  294. I think these 3 all played much better in D. That’s why our bench could do better job than starters sometimes….

  295. Sweet victory… always humble, always crediting teammates and coaches!

  296. Not big on Foye. Even if IW doesn’t start, at least have a lot of minutes of Lin and IW. They’ll challenge each other to block shots and block a bunch of them.

  297. The only thing I got out of this video: Sarah is pretty hot…

  298. i truly believe this too!

  299. Still a mind blowing stat

  300. Blaiyan HL

  301. Got this from the other side…. so funny…

    Love this comment from net fan at netsdaily.com

    “Missed the game, caught the highlights.

    Lin is the best PG the Nets have had since Jason Kidd. Anyone brings up Deron Williams can meet me outside Barclays to fight it out.

    In fact,

    1) Kidd

    2) Lin

    3) Devin Harris.

    4) Deron.

    Posted by Grandmazter_3 on Mar 26, 2017 | 3:41 PM”

  302. Thanks to Popo Chung & RLee for obtaining Mr. Nunn’s confirmation of missed foul call by Schroeder to Lin. Schroder stepped on Lin’s foot. Hope this video is sent to the NBAofficials also to alert them and put players on notice that fans aware of this miss call and their dirty tricks on Lin.

  303. I agree Devin Harris contributed more for the Nets than Deron Williams… This guy knows his facts

  304. Huh, and the commentator/announcer guy is trying to talk as if Schroeder’s defense is so good. But it was a trip.

    That said, at least from the video, it didn’t seem intentional at least.

  305. On another note: Hornets led Suns by 22pt before halftime. The Suns rallied and trailed by only 4pt with 4min to go in 4th Q. but then the Hornets went on an 11-0 run to put the game away.
    So, it’s hard to come back with large deficit as in the last game. We’ve seen enough of these. To come back from way down many players have to play well on Both ends.

  306. I think higher than 8th seed, but baby steps for the media/general public

  307. Yup, you expend so much energy going on the run that it isn’t sustained.

  308. This is the kind of stuff I hoped to see more often when Lin chose the Nets during free agency

  309. Intentional or not, but that ‘tripping’ tactic has happened too often against Lin. It needs to stop. Players will continue if the refs keep overlooking. Lin usually has great control of his step/body, so whenever Lin falls flat on the floor, a review of that play is in order…

  310. Great but don’t forget they’re against 3rd string bench today.

  311. When playing from behind, it’s harder on the body & mind. Some players are not up to the challenge, and the refs see that might not give the benefit to the the team trailing behind, IMO. It’s one of those intangible factors in competitive sports that some people overlooked.

  312. How did he do??

  313. Lin doesn’t seem to fazed by big deficits. He seems to play at the same intensity. A deficit is just something to overcome. He has been trained his whole career to just overcome, regardless of situation.

  314. A few little hiccups in the 2nd quarter, otherwise LIKE A BOSS!

  315. i meant the team. You have to get stops, and most of the time, a team doesn’t come back from 20 point deficits in basketball.

  316. Awesome!!

  317. 19/9??? why no 20/10?

  318. Needed a few more minutes. I think it’s 19/8 though.

  319. Dr. Lin’s specialty #PreciseLINcision ?

    @Sportige: “Jeremy Lin makes splitting the defense look easy”

  320. Absolutely! The team would’ve been so much further ahead in development too.

  321. Like I’ve mentioned before: All Nets record are under the bridge. This team can hang with good teams when everyone is healthy (Lin, Lopez, Levert, SKilp, Dinwiddie, Whitehead). The factors are: Lin leading. Dinwiddie >> Greivis, Foye. Acy >> Scola. RHJ >> Bennett.

  322. The bench of the Nets overwhelms the Hawks bench.

  323. Can somebody explain the Boston Celtics lottery pick or whatever.

  324. My favourite commentator PFV is back

  325. I thought the Nets has a first round draft pick from the Wizards with the Bogdanovic trade.

  326. I’m not very sure but seems like Boston holds Brooklyn’s draft pick from 2016-2018. Probably have gotten it from the Garnett/Pierce trade.

  327. Looking at their remaining schedule and with a bit of luck, they might be able to go 8-1. Celtics and Hawks would be the real threats but both teams are heading to the playoffs so they might want to rest their star players….

  328. That’s a horrible trade. The Nets got stuck with Nicholson for next seasons. They virtually gains nothing except the draft choice for dealing Bogdanovic out.

  329. I reckon it was a good move. Getting rid of Bog was good for Nets.

  330. So if they have the first round pick then they could potentially get the no.1 pick? Is that how it works?

  331. Next game, haha!

  332. Here is the background …

    BROOKLYN, NY – The Brooklyn Nets have acquired Kevin Garnett, Paul Pierce, Jason Terry and D.J. White from the Boston Celtics in exchange for Gerald Wallace, Kris Humphries, MarShon Brooks, Kris Joseph, Keith Bogans and three first round draft picks (2014, 2016 and 2018), as well as the right to swap first round picks in 2017, Nets General Manager Billy King has announced.

    “Today, the basketball gods smiled on the Nets,” said Nets Principal Owner Mikhail Prokhorov. “With the arrival of Kevin Garnett and Paul Pierce, we have achieved a great balance on our roster between veteran stars and young talents. This team will be dazzling to watch, and tough to compete against.”

    “We are excited to welcome Kevin, Paul and Jason to Brooklyn” said King. “All three players have championship pedigree and posses the veteran qualities that will make us a stronger team.”

    See : http://www.nba.com/nets/news/nets-acquire-nba-champions-kevin-garnett-paul-pierce-and-jason-terry

  333. now i’m happy

  334. Suicide deal and the gamble didn’t pay.

  335. In their trade with the Wizards, the Nets got a lottery-protected first-round pick in this year’s draft, along with shooting guard Marcus Thornton and forward Andrew Nicholson. The Wizards have made the playoffs, so the Nets will keep the draft pick and hold two first-round selections this year. The Celtics have the option of swapping their first-round pick this year for the Nets’ as part of the 2013 deal for Paul Pierce and Kevin Garnett.

    Marcus Thornton’s contract expires at the end of this season. Nicholson has a guaranteed contract that runs through the 2018-19 season. He is scheduled to earn $6.4 million next season and about $6.6 million in the final year of his deal.

    See : https://www.nytimes.com/2017/02/22/sports/basketball/bojan-bogdanovic-brooklyn-nets-washington-wizards-trade.html?_r=0

  336. natural arm motion

  337. So how does the Nets doing “good” screw Boston over? I just don’t understand why people keep mentioning the draft pick if Nets keep winning

  338. Boston will exercise their right to swap draft pick with Brooklyn. Nets is currently the worst team in the league so they will most likely get the top 3 pick. Boston is in the playoffs so their pick will be outside lottery and quite possibly somewhere towards the 30th pick depending on how they fare in the playoffs.

    If Nets did well and got into the playoffs this season, their pick won’t be as enticing.

  339. 1 down. 9 to go.

  340. well said… Its just growing pains as of new team, and unfortunate injury to Lin had kept the team down.

    KA and the Org is learning together moving forward. We have to look at bigger picture how the season had progressed and bring it over to next season. Lin is in good hands and Nets are in good Lin’s hand as well

  341. For this year, Boston is probably not that worried since even if Nets wins more game than Lakers, they will have a top 3 pick.

    Now, if Lin remain healthy next year, this would be a different story.

  342. Actually, it was a good gamble.
    Fans now say it is a bad deal because it failed, but they were excited when it happened.

  343. Great game and great win for the team!!!!!NIce Lin control the tempo of the game and show them he can be the man!!!!

  344. LOL..can’t say shroeder liked it very much!!!!

  345. Just watched the game highlights between both teams and it looked like an intense game. Good thing Nets got a huge lead at the beginning and was able to maintain it for most of the game. Noticed how Lin found Lopez a few times for his hook shot. Hawks have great shooters but only 3 main players takes most of the shots. With Nets Lin and Lopez does take about 15-16 but many other teammates were also knocking down and blocking shots with more team effort.

    RHJ is really the weakest link of the team. He works hard for rebounds but going 3-13 for 23.1%FG is really bad! He can’t shoot to save himself!

    Meanwhile LeVert doesn’t get enough shots who only went 4-9 for 44.4%FG!

  346. Or just racism and disrespect for the Asian guy. So many players on every Lin team try to ignore him or go iso for ugly misses. It’s up to KA and the coach to reign in players.

    Lets see if this will last, everytime there’s a great game, players just revert to jealousy and selfish iso ball while icing Lin out again!

  347. He wants to join the team next season…? haha!

  348. Usually think it’s humbleness but in all honesty what separated Nets from Hawks was really team work this game! Watching the highlights it was obvious most of Hawks scoring came from 3 players where as with Nets it was Lin & Lopez along with many other teammates in double figures. If Nets teammates can learn to respect Lin as their leader and play like this every night they will go far next season, further than Hawks ever could! Most importantly they MUST NOT TRADE Lopez!!

  349. Celtics will likely win the Lonzo Ball sweepstakes…

  350. McDaniels or Goodwin are possible starters for the SG position. Foye should not even be starting he’s a washed up veteran. Truly hope Foye is gone next season.

  351. RHJ still can’t shoot to save himself 23.1% field goal for 3-13 is awful! If not for his hard work on rebounding I’d say he doesn’t deserve to start. Right now Foye is the one who shouldn’t be starting the most washed up vet, no up side with one foot in retirement! That starting position and minutes should be given to developing a potential young player!

  352. Difficult to say seeing that KA have been experimenting with his awful motion offense and lineups through the entire season! Meanwhile he’s still not starting his best players ahem Foye should not be a starter!

  353. That’s cause he can shoot! He went 3-13! Dude probably knows he can’t score to save himself so he has to make up for it somewhere else! He’s lucky Nets allowed him to switch from SG to PF position!

  354. lol Booker walking back and forth behind Lin and the reporter!

  355. just like what lakers friends of Jlin when he’s being interviewed and Hornets too and new york knicks too..friends on and off the courts who shared laughter, fun, defeats, win, without a feeling of any Diva effects!

  356. It was funny though how Lin knew he was back there. His court vision is amazing. Lol.

  357. they keep going to Lopez for predictable post ups. the offense opens up when Lopez sits. unfortunately, Lin is almost always on the floor with him

  358. lol Lets say it was pay back for tripping Lin with no call. Good thing refs didn’t call that. Looks like Lin’s learned the Vet move on how to retaliate guys, “elbow to face”.

  359. Agreed, Bog was not that much of an offensive threat and took away minutes from developing the young talents on the team.

  360. My gripe with him was that he was way too trigger happy and had bad shot selection. Often result in wasted possessions.

  361. Can anyone tell me the win-loss record of the Nets when Lin played.?

  362. Was Lin expecting Booker to pull water over his head like Nicolas Batum did last year with Charlotte..He was looking over his back like they had it planned by Booker was too scared.

  363. Do you think Billy King can ever find a job in NBA?

  364. When Boston couldn’t even get a championship for himself, what make the knuckle head think that its players can.

  365. The Nets bench outscored the Hawks bench 46 to 7.

  366. You mean Nets bench?

  367. Hope that Lakers and 76ers will tank and the Nets could finally catch up with them.

  368. 9-20?

  369. Just watched the games. The Nets played like a playoff team today. Everyone scores, defends and competes. KA did a good job on rotation too. Glad he let Lin played longer. I can see he really wanted to win this time. Hope they’ll play like that for the rest of season!

  370. And the next season!

  371. Anybody know off the top of their head what the Nets record is without Lin and what it is with Lin?

  372. aras is aras. Say it a few times fast, lol

  373. The Nets have played 73 games so far this season.

    They are 9-19 (28 games) with Lin and 7-38 (45 games) without him. See : basketball-reference[dot]com.

  374. Thank you!

  375. Do you have the record when he has played under 20 minutes in those game and he plays more than 20?

  376. Last question I’ll answer 🙂

    In 7 of the 28 games he’s played, Lin played less than 20 minutes in 7 of them. The Nets were 2-5.

    In the other 21, Lin played more than 20 minutes and the Nets were 7-14.

    Here is the data : http://www.basketball-reference.com/players/l/linje01/gamelog/2017/

  377. I appreciate it. Thanks

  378. Here is Marc Stein’s entry for Brooklyn in the most recent ESPN Power Rankings [they move up 5 places] … . It’s nice that Jeremy gets a shout-out …

    23. Brooklyn Nets
    2016-17 record: 16-57
    Previous ranking: 28

    On the same night brother Robin Lopez was tangling with Serge Ibaka in a scuffle that featured clear punches if not clear-cut connections, Brook Lopez was sinking his first career buzzer-beater to seal a 98-96 win over Detroit that was only getting the Nets’ big week started. Comfortable victories over the Suns and Hawks would soon follow to nudge the Nets to a record of 7-8 this month. These same Nets, you’ll recall, went 4-37 from December through February. … It’s no coincidence, of course, that Jeremy Lin has been available for first-year coach Kenny Atkinson pretty much all month, which makes Brooklyn so much more functional. The Nets are 9-19 with Lin in uniform … and 7-38 without him. (File this away for your calendars: The Lopez twins turn 29 Saturday.)

  379. deleted.

  380. Nice article from Greg/ Sportige. He seldom writes articles on Jlin/Nets this yr. Last yr when Jlin was a CHA, he practically wrote at least one a wke.

  381. Gee whiz, how old are you?

  382. Looks unintentional to me, like Lin’s elbow to Schroder’s face.

  383. Looks unintentional to me, like Lin’s elbow to Schroder’s face.

  384. Very interesting article. Thank you. Development with accountability is what Miami is doing and Nets are missing.

    Nets are development with no accountability of players. I agree with Spolestras approach. Hopefully KA has taken notice.

  385. It’s easy to say and simplistic to want young players to fight for their spot. Truth is that sometimes, players need time and patience to build their game. When you demand results instead of seeking process goals, you can actually stunt true growth.

    Lin is an example of how his own process to improve his shot form made him less able to produce. That’s precisely why not many pros take on such a tough challenge. We all know that RHJ needs help with his shot form. Do we demand immediate results immediately, or do we accept the adjustment period when he inevitably will be terrible. Lin was mentally strong enough to accept his lousy shooting stats in the process. I recall so many people saying Lin should fire Doc and get a “real” coach. It’s a catch 22 that players need help to get through because not many of them have the interna fortitude to stick it out like Lin did.

    I believe that youngsters on this Nets team are players that others have given up on. To truly help them become better players, you may need to tear them down first before building them up, the way Lin had to.

  386. Spolestra is a great Championship coach and the Heat have a a great FO behind team. How I wish someone as smart as Spolestra was the coach for Nets instead.

  387. Hi psalm
    Don’t know why but I’ve got a recent comment on hold. Can you please release it. Thanks

  388. Released 🙂

  389. Well said. You want to determine PT according to the past 5-game average performance, not the previous game.

  390. Feels like the age-old nurturing vs Spartan-style question. I guess with their supposedly “character screening” process, Nets can afford to be more nurturing in their approach to development. Spartan-style disciplining sounds like something more effective for cocky, bullet-proof minded youngsters.

  391. Smarter. I think GM Marks, coach KA and JL7 combined are smarter than coach Spo. Think about that.

  392. I don’t think so … Where’s Greivis, Scola, Bennett ? The Nets will not tank. They have much to play for but guys need an adjustment period and so forth… From the beginning, the first three moves said A LOT:
    1. Pursuit Lin
    2. Chase talents like Tyler Johnson, Crabbe.
    3. Keep Lopez

  393. Why? You’ll just blame him too.

  394. Even in 23mpg, Lin is the difference between historically bad and half-decent. Imagine what he can do with 30mpg!

  395. No.3 is still yet to be seen. Nets would be dumb and rebuilding for years if they let Lopez go.

  396. Not sure, I just thought Booker was being funny and doing a camera bomb.

  397. How many games Nets can win for this season?
    Nets is currently ranked 23rd in the league. The bracketed number is the rank of the teams.
    Nets has also beaten teams like Atlanta(20), & Detroit(22) recently.

    Let’s see the rest of the schedule
    Tue, Mar 28 vs Philadelphia(27)
    — Thu, Mar [email protected] Detroit(22)
    Sat, Apr 1 vs Orlando(25)
    — Sun, Apr 2 vs Atlanta(20)
    Tue, Apr 4 @Philadelphia(27)
    Thu, Apr 6 @ Orlando(25)

    Sat, Apr 8 vs Chicago (17)
    Mon, Apr 10 @ Boston (4)
    Wed, Apr 12 @ Chicago(17)

    There are at least 6 winnable games left for the Nets so their season record could be 22 wins.
    Phoenix Suns currently wins 22 games and Lakers 21 games. They will not play against one another and they have absolutely no incentive to win more games.

    So there is a realistic chance that Nets can get out of the NBA cellar this season.

  398. You should give up any players unless you have found better ones to replace them.

  399. I can’t find anyone in the trading block to replace Bog. Nets got Thornton but put him on waiver. Nets got stuck with Nicholson for 2 more years and over $12M. Does a late first rounder this next season really worth that much? No, logically I don’t thinks so. Bog can play. Wizards has struck a heck of a deal to boost their push to NBA conference championship.

  400. This is a more realistic replay of the game.

  401. Playing time is given out equally regardless of performance. I don’t see how that is motivation to do better.

  402. B2B Apr 1 and 2. But it is possible they can win it all.

  403. Acbc, I enjoy your post and respect your knowledge as a coach. But when it comes to KA this season I just disagree. Your post are smart but I think it’s more justification for a system that is not working.

    Nets did not get better and were a dismal 7-41 with long losing streaks. They look decent now with coach Lin.
    Spolestras more traditional approach lead to a better record and now may make the playoffs.

  404. I do not hold high hope in today’s game that KA will let Lin be Lin. My projection is KA will keep trying to “develop” the role players and the play time and play style for Lin will back to what we saw before. Why I am so pessimistic? 1) low expectation so that I will not get hurt again 🙂 2) KA has said since preseason, he does not expect (want, truth to be told) Linsanity from Lin 3) He wanted to win Hawks because that was his old team. Therefore, I don’t hold my hope high in tonight’s game. We will find out in 10 hours.

  405. I think he will try to win to make Nets a over .500 team in March.

  406. I hope so, but I have been burned by NBA coaches for toooooo many times.

  407. I think KA will try to win as many games as possible now bc his bass also wants that… (For FA …) that’s why he finally let Lin played his game more….

  408. So true. I believe the Nets are stupid and are Taylor making this team to build a title winner. There’s no short cut for this dream.

  409. I feel your pain!

  410. Oh yes, the Atlanta game could be a hanger.

  411. Very reasonable.

  412. How does Atlanta look without Milsap? How does Walton, who looked brilliant with GSW, look with the Lakers? KA is learning, improving, now. Him having to play Dinwiddie and Whitehead so many minutes as starting PGS because he didn’t have Lin is going to make for a lot of losses.

    Spoelstra has been a coach for a long time. I don’t think his approach would work with the Nets. Some competition is good, but a lot of nurturing is needed as well.

  413. I think when you have so many games played so close together to end the season, you’re going to have uneven games from a lot of team and players. Look at the Cavs, they are playing terribly now. Each day, game, is a new story. But really, the teams don’t have that much time to rest this time of the season. And coaches may trim the minutes of starting players due to schedule.

  414. Reading this article you will think Byron Scott is really one of a kind. The other coaches aren’t like him.

  415. I think that he needs to put some wins up there. He allegedly advocated for jlin to come to the nets… now he can that with jlin back, they r winning and he can blame lack of talent wo jlin for the losses… if ka is smart, he would this to his advantage and try to get as many wins with jlin on the court.

  416. Yup every game Ka lets Lin do his thing, he goes back to motion offense and takes him out of his games. If he doesn’t great. Bottomline he only plays Lin starter minutes with PnR when he wants to win. Ka mostly wants to win against competitive teams to test the Nets’ skills and his coach ability if not, back to “development” aka tanking.

  417. Exactly! You don’t give up a star can still play 30 minutes and give you 20+ points on a night basis! Not to mention Lopez’s only weakness is not enough rebounding and slower movement but compared to many other centers with low IQs like Deandre Jordan and Dwight he’s 10x better and move at lightspeed! Unless we’re signing Anthony Davis or Blake Griffin I’d say no thanks!

  418. This is to be expected, Okafor out tonight, also Rodriguez and Henderson. Don’t be surprised by lower minutes to Lin and Lopez either. It’s the frequency of games, players health takes priority.

  419. The frequency of games? You don’t seem to know what the NBA schedule looks like. They play 82 games in 5 months or 150 days. There is almost always a game every other day. Pretty often there are back to backs. Very rarely are there 2 days off. Those teams that have fought the hardest then have to play as many as 28 more playoff games which are even more physical than the regular season. You don’t need to keep giving Nets propaganda that Lin needs lower minutes after having played only 28 games. And Lopez has rested most back to backs.

  420. Very well said. This is the highest level of competition in world class with about 7 billions peopke population. If their physical were like the rest of us, they’re in the wrong business.

  421. I’m very well aware of what the schedule looks like. Earlier in the year, they would get more stretches of 2 games off. The last few weeks, they are getting one day off in between games with a few back to backs. That’s a lot of games. I’ve been watching basketball for 4 decades, so I have experience with the game.

    There is no Nets propaganda coming from me. It’s my opinion and assessment, and if you interpret as propaganda, that’s your prerogative which I view as delusional. I see the big picture in terms of looking at player’s health, looking at coach’s responsibilities, and Lin fits within that context. So, Lin is not treated in a vacuum, he’s treated as the 28 year old player he is, one of the most important players on the team, in my opinion, the most important player, and I support a treatment that puts his health first as well as his long-term health and well-being on this team, and there is the context that he’s had an injury prone season where he’s missed most of half of the games.

  422. That’s right. They’re one of the best professional athletes in the world and their bodies are worth millions to themselves and their teams. They are not going to risk career ending injuries for a few selfish fans if they can avoid doing so.

  423. From Mike D’Antoni and Scott Brooks to Erik Spoelstra, who should be the coach of the year?
    Scott Brooks happens to be the coach of the Wizards that beat the Nets.

  424. I like MDA but both Rox & Wizard all have lots of good players. But not Heat… they are w plenty of young players. So if they really make it to playoff Erik should get it. Next year should be Nets’ time. Lin should get it. Haha!

  425. Erik long overdue couldn’t get it with the super team, mda not bad either.

  426. new thread

    G74 Philadelphia 76ers vs Brooklyn Nets: A Quest for 8-8 March Record

  427. KJ McDaniels reminds me of Jeremy Lamb, but only better. KJ, WH, RHJ are good bench players for next season

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