G73 CHA @ MIL Game Thread

After a bad Hornets game where they started slow with lackadaisical defense being out-rebounded 42-62, they could not recover.

  • Despite not having a good shooting night, Jeremy Lin came in and helped with early assists to cut the lead to 8pts in the 2nd quarter but sloppy plays by Lamb and Batum gave another momentum to the Pistons
  • Only Kemba shot well with 9-18 to score 29pts but it was not enough.
  • Lin tried to drive inside but the Pistons defense packed the driving lane; he and the Hornets teammates will be extra motivated to redeem themselves against the Bucks.

Let’s go, JLin! Let’s hope and pray JLin would not think too much and is able to get into his shooting rhythm on the court.

Game link


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