G73 CHA @ MIL Game Thread

After a bad Hornets game where they started slow with lackadaisical defense being out-rebounded 42-62, they could not recover.

  • Despite not having a good shooting night, Jeremy Lin came in and helped with early assists to cut the lead to 8pts in the 2nd quarter but sloppy plays by Lamb and Batum gave another momentum to the Pistons
  • Only Kemba shot well with 9-18 to score 29pts but it was not enough.
  • Lin tried to drive inside but the Pistons defense packed the driving lane; he and the Hornets teammates will be extra motivated to redeem themselves against the Bucks.

Let’s go, JLin! Let’s hope and pray JLin would not think too much and is able to get into his shooting rhythm on the court.

Game link


Guess JLin's stats in Game 74 vs PHI


  1. 1ssssstttttt!!!!!!!!

  2. 2nd Lets go!!!!

  3. dang it.. gj

  4. 3rrrdddd!!!!Lin for the win!!!!!

  5. no.

  6. no..

  7. Lol

  8. Sorry I got everything.

  9. 2nd from different poster or 4th Linsanity 2.0!

  10. Lin needs to go off tonight so that yesterdays game never happened!

  11. Lin didn’t feel bad for not making shots last night. It just didn’t fall. He said he got where he wanted to shoot and would do the same … Thank God for his persistent and confidence!

  12. I also like the mentality that he had saying he’ll take the same shots and will make it.
    I’m surprised some Lin fans start talking about ‘consistency’.

    Even Curry and Kemba have inconsistency even when they start but JLin can’t be consistent when coming off-the-bench while the Pistons was rolling with all momentum? Sometimes I think even some Lin fans have unrealistic expectations of him. But I’m glad JLin just focuses on the task at hand and ignore the noises


  13. Good to see @nbacom has optimistic tone on JLin

    In two of his last three games @JLin7 has scored 20+
    WATCH: http://on.nba.com/1VOb3tv

  14. again… what game?

  15. Yep! I’d wish they remind themselves before putting out negative comments about Lin’s shots. We have to remember that Lin is operating from a lesser advantageous position. The team offense is not catered to him. He’s making the best of his situation and he continues to produce in different ways when his shots are not falling.

  16. Off-topic … Visiting a national park in North Sulawesi, Indonesia, photographer David Slater left his camera unattended for a while. This is a “self-portrait,” taken by a crested black macaque monkey.

  17. Marvelous! The wonder of God’s creation!

  18. Let’s go Jlin! ! ! Spank the Milwaukee bambies !!!

  19. Just keep swimming just keep swimming (refresh)

  20. Going to see the batman movie… any reviews?

  21. I heard from my friend. ..it is awsome!!!!!

  22. Lol… we dont give enough credit to God’s creatures…

  23. I think it’s more like we don’t give enough credit to God.

  24. I heard there was a copyright battle over the photo. Some even arguing the monkey owned the rights to it.

  25. Yep, let’s end the false narratives. It drives his ppl and good convos away.

  26. it got bad reviews by the critics, but most of my fb-friends have said that they enjoyed it.

  27. Yesterday they were bad shots, but in context with how det planned and crushed cha, it was totally acceptable. Kw ball proved useless once again, and they gave them the three and kw points.

  28. What a handsome monkey. Perfectly symmetrical facial features.

  29. I always have an uneasy feeling when opponents let KW shoot. When that happens, it seems like 9 out of 10 times, the game will be a loss. Opponents know they can win when Hornets teammates are out of rhythm, and they can continue their onslaught attack in the paint w/o much adjustments from Clifford.

  30. Thx! Ill give my review for u guys later!

  31. not bad for a 2mil dollar man, lol

  32. Haha. I was just about to post this!

  33. My son was travelling back home, but just heard he is stuck in Houston because he was robbed at the airport and lost his pasport and wallet

  34. You’re talking about your son, right? Sorry to hear that! Is he ok? Praying for him and you!

  35. Bucks are a bad match up for the Hornets. Not sure the Hornets can win but as long as Lin performs well, no big deal. haha.

  36. It seems any team with a few above average big men controlling the inside is a bad matchup for the Hornets…

  37. Yep, they get paid lots to use judo on other teams. Remember when harden sites high, lin/rox lost? Lol cf.

    Only, when curry scores, so do kt, others mostly.

  38. yes, he went on a trip by himself to the USA to a friend in Florida and everything was fine. But he reported the theft and first thing monday he will report to the consulate for a laisser passer and hopefully he will be back in Amsterdam Tuesday. We were just shocked

  39. sorry to hear about the bad news 🙁
    Hope he’s safe and okay and will get the passport taken care in the consulate quickly

  40. It must be a very Shocking event for everyone when that happens. He must feel violated and I know you’re worried about him as a parent. Prayers do help…Keep the faith!

  41. In fairness Kemba did play well last night. He was 50% from the field and 63% from the 3s. Most importantly Kemba was a willing passer to Lin last night. Lin had 11 shots only 1 less than Batum and Big Al. If Lin can get 11 shots every game that’s workable.

  42. thank you, at least he is safe now and being taken care of by United airlines

  43. Thank God. Safety is first always…Hope everything will resolve for him soon.

  44. I enjoyed it and the cinematography was great.

  45. Pray for a safe return back home.

  46. Yes ,they have a hard times against taller and faster players than the bigs,not even stating the obvious from the starting PG.

  47. Pray that passport, etc. is solved soon. Haven’t heard that this happened in airport. mmmh….. Keep us update.

  48. Pray that everything will be resolved soon, and he’ll be safely home in a few days.

  49. Just imagine if you spent the big bucks today to watch the Spurs-Thunder game!
    Aldridge (rest)
    Duncan (rest)
    Ginobili (rest)
    Parker (rest)
    Leonard (right quad contusion)

  50. Sorry to hear this. Sending my heartfelt prayers to your son and you. God bless you always ?

  51. Popovich takes care of his players

  52. Doesn’t the team have some kind of obligation to the paying fans?

  53. hopefully some good cameras at airport to get photo of robber
    Best wishes

  54. Pop starts playoff mode.

  55. Team has obligation to play well, plan well, take care of players and make a strong playoff and championship push.

  56. Not sure if such obligation is ink on paper. I do remember a few seasons ago Pop did the exact same thing and caused some drama. And he got fined in the end?….

  57. yes, that is what i thought. there must be camera’s everywhere. But atm we can do nothing from here in the Netherlands

  58. Bc their “srar” is a midget.

  59. Howen, bent u an Holandse onderdaan ?

  60. Thanks for those who responded to my post below. Just saw batman v. Superman. Despite mixed reviews, i liked it although it was long and didnt need certain aspects. It was great for first half. I liked the characters except jesse eisenberg character. Go see it if u like comic book movies!

  61. It’s called the winning strategy.

  62. True. At some point fans will understand the whole picture.

  63. How would you rate Affleck’s Batman performance?

  64. Sorry about that.

  65. Thank God he’s safe. Look up Paul Tam, San Francisco tourist, from uk, IT guy. There is a vid of him. He was just crossing the street like we all do … so sad.

  66. Hes good. I really liked him. I always thought he was good except he picked bad movies like armageddon… lol

  67. Cuties.

  68. Kalinsky … lol if only …

  69. Pop knows how to troll lol.

  70. Chicks dig goofiness… Gotta memo that….

  71. Thanks. Might give this movie a chance then.

  72. Pregame Bucks commentators said Bucks are 2nd in block shots in the paint… Hornets bigs need to protect the paint and help their guards tonight.

  73. Yeah. Doubt that it’s going to happen. Just pray that JLin is able to overcome all these issues and able to do well.

  74. Sorry to hear that; my friend got wallet stolen at Lima airport (Peru) just passing through the security check; fortunately the camera caught the guy, follow up several camera check point, security got his passport back from the trash can, only lost some money and thanks God, did not even miss the plan! Best wishes for your son’s safety return home!

  75. Your prayers and mine to God’s ear. Please bless Lin to do well tonight!

  76. they really need this win. lets go

  77. Amen!

  78. Bucks commentator said that NB is “now playing at the 3” (SF) position now. So Cliff readily moved NB back to his natural position after Lee came on board as a 2 (SG).

  79. Returned home from Easter Service. Hopefully I will enjoy this game. Pray that JLin is making his shots.

  80. My nba league is showing. Anyone else having same problem?

  81. its working for me

  82. Batum seems more comfortable at his natural position of 3. I really think Hornets will eventually have to choose betweeb Batum and MKG before next season starts, if they want to solve their roster spot clash.

  83. they look more energetic today

  84. Ya! Good starts…. looks like they want to win this game.

  85. Hornets starters look like they are more into the game compared to yesterday

  86. Exactly! Since he’s been back to his natural position 3, he plays w/more confidence. And I notice he does just a little bit more defense.

  87. 6:52 Batum must be in his comfort zone, 7pts/1ast already! Lee also playing good, 3pts & 2asts! Best wishes to JLIN!

  88. I can’t even watch this game its so laggy…

  89. LP?
    goatd.net is pretty good

  90. I know JLIN is going to have a good game… cause I can’t watch this game again. ?

  91. Lin in

  92. 2222222

  93. Lin and big Al in

  94. Yaayyyy that came so early…

  95. wow he split 3 bucks

  96. Classic Lin drive! 2222

  97. Lin ready to play!

  98. That makes it $1.50….

  99. that dude fouled Al the first time

  100. How did Lin got that layup in w/ all Bucks around! So glad it fell in!

  101. Thank u for your sacrifice 😀

  102. Yes! and only take him 33 sec to do it!

  103. bucks commentator says lin should opt out is having a fantastic season

  104. that’s vintage Lin. he can do that all day when team is pushing the pace

  105. lol they want him but so does a handful of other teams

  106. haha… Someone is trying to make a move on him…

  107. steal

  108. nooooo. their style doesn’t fit Lin

  109. Bucks would also be perfect with Middleton+Giannis+Monroe plus JKidd as coach

  110. back to back steals 🙂

  111. nice steal by LIn

  112. Great Lin steal!

  113. this offensive plan not working, gotta do something else instead of passing to Batum

  114. Wow Lin what did you eat today?

  115. Those lousy shots wasted the steals

  116. assist

  117. good pass to Al

  118. Stats are piling up rather quickly. Hope it lasts

  119. 2 pts, 2 ST and 1 ast! So fast!

  120. The more the merrier:-)

  121. Good stats for less than 4 mins of play.

  122. Lin doing well at PG so far. And defending well too.

  123. Lin always has a knack to find an open lane to the rim.
    Beautiful drive!

  124. Yummy:-) Miss this so much:-)

  125. Lin is auditioning for the Bucks!

  126. Could have had at least 3 assists if teammates made the basket.

  127. hehe.. they’re so bad but yet so good 🙂

  128. Interesting that Kemba didn’t stay in the full 1st quarter. Maybe they’re learning that he plays better when he’s rested.

  129. Starts over Bayless anyday

  130. Your reaction is so fast, just like JLIN! how can you find this pic so quick?!

  131. Heh, you never know.

  132. I wouldlove Kidd to be his coach if D’Antoni will not pan out

  133. Kemba usually plays the full quarter where he stats pads. Was pulled out. Guess hornets wants to win?

  134. Good observation,yep they need this win.

  135. Frank making some circus shots

  136. Bucks commentator: “Frank the tank and bank” in the basket!

  137. Forgive them, they don’t know what they are doing!

  138. Al really

  139. The tank is turning into a ball hog

  140. Common Al. That’s an easy basket to make!

  141. Our offense looks ugly

  142. No worry! I haven’t had one since probably 1991:-) Can’t remember I had one all the other stays afterward:-)

  143. Is Lamb straying from the herd again? Got pulled out after 5min?

  144. he blew a play, i guess Cliff wasn’t happy with him on offense

  145. He missed his man during a transition lead to a easy score by Bucks. I thinks that’s why.

  146. So far Lin creating some nice shots but can’t finish. He’s drawing 2 defenders though and he passes it out

  147. Yea. Too bad Big Al can’t finish on that easy laying.

  148. 22222222

  149. wow

  150. 2 quick baskets…. who’s on Plumlee? Sux when work computer doesn’t have updated flash player. Can’t watch…

  151. Strong layup for 22222

  152. WE have 2 bigs on the floor too

  153. They’re doubling Jeremy

  154. our bigs getting hurt though

  155. Man up Zeller!

  156. Kidd knows how dangerous Lin can be.

  157. Our bigs are uuugghhhhhhhh

  158. good looks, just not going in

  159. come on zeller

  160. Its been an issue all year. These bigs soft Like charman lmaoo

  161. Damn. Our bigs can’t finish at all.

  162. or get the rebound or defend athletic bigs that can dunk

  163. 3 asts gone cuz others can’t finish easy buckets.

  164. i know what we’re missing… MKG.

  165. Yup, that’s the third dime JLin lost.
    Edit: Dang! They gave him a turnover on the pass to Cody?

  166. and caused Lin 1 TO.

  167. Lin’s teammates are so incompetent. Lee never moves the ball; Frank never knows when to shoot or pass, Zeller can never catch a simple pass in the PnR. Al can’t make any point-blank layups.

  168. Lin out

  169. I know. Those “bigs”

  170. Agree. He really does make quite a difference.

  171. Expectable when I heard Kemba prepared to come in next stop.

  172. The momentum was good when Lin was running the point. Just players missing easy or wide open buckets.

  173. Lin had missed assists from AJ, Kam, Lee, Lamb, NB, Zeller, only if they made them…

  174. KW in, Cliff needs 4 bigs on the floor. Batum, Frank, Zeller and Marvin

  175. Seems like whenever Lin is looking too hard to pass to his teammates they never make the assists. Maybe he should look for his own offense first.

  176. Lin was getting in the paint with ease. Good sign

  177. Lee back in

  178. Seem like it’s Batum night.

  179. man they were doubling like like no other

  180. All wide-open shots, too. Cliff is also to blame — they’re not used to playing with Lin as PG.

    Lin always draws two guys, passes to the wide-open guy, but they’re never looking for the pass and fumble it.

  181. which allowed a lot of good passes from Lin too. It’s up to his teammates to do the damage

  182. Holy moly Batum caught fire….

  183. true, the offense looked good from lin. I mean what does coach cliff expect lin to put up 12 points in 10 minutes. surprisingly lebron james and steph curry also need more than 10 minutes to get into rhythm..

  184. Zeller 2 fouls. Will Lin go in?

  185. 20pts 1st half… pretty good..

  186. Yes, he start strong, 23pts/3asts/5R & 1 ST! not bad at all! For his friendship with LIN during those 2 games, I support him too!

  187. Wow Hornets commentator talks about how Cliff yells his plans out to the opponent

  188. Batum shooting Like marvin.

  189. NOP

  190. Batum, he needs to stick to catch and shoot too like Lamb. This is what happens. This game he didn’t dribble much but shot quickly.

  191. Wow Batum can’t miss 5 3s!

  192. lin should be given at least 30 minutes a night

  193. Gotta keep his stats down. It’s all about statpadding Kemba and Nic.

  194. HE is just hot right now. It will come back to earth sooner or later

  195. Better him than shot chucker Kemba.

  196. i know but it just seems like that’s his butter. I dont’ like how Cliff designates PG roles to other players that aren’t PGs.

  197. Feed the hot hand.

  198. At this rate Batum will get 40 points this game.

  199. NB plays confidently and comfortably at his natural position 3 (SF). Credit to him.

  200. He’ll probably slow down 2nd half

  201. Clifford would love to have Batum score 40+pts so he will stay next season

  202. Buck commentator praising the lift on Batum’s jumpshot and Doc wants to reduce Lin’s elevation on his shots!

  203. Hallelujah. Been saying that all season…

  204. Lin uses his legs more then datum. Batu is a pretty slow player

  205. Actually Lin also wanted to reduce it so he won’t get tired by end of games.
    More like Curry?

  206. How is he doing?

  207. Bingo!

  208. Exactly, Lin’s trying to shoot faster with less jump like Curry’s, a lot tougher to guard.

  209. he’s not good at penetrating or driving like Lin. He does well when he catch and shoot though with a screen set up for him..

  210. When NB starts dribbling too much and almost caused a turnover, Cliff bailed him out and called a time out immediately!

  211. Maybe that’s way Batum’s clutch numbers is not very good in the last 2 min.
    He’s super tired :}

  212. i missed that lol

  213. Kemba only 2pts w/2 shots, w/a lot of assists. Looks like he’s playing more unselfishly.

  214. He’s playing well…should have 3 or 4 more assists (misses by teammates) and 1 less TO.

  215. just waiting until Lin masters this shooting style

  216. They’re also guarding him tighter now

  217. playing smarter, the bucks are tall

  218. Bucks commentator said yesterday KW got his 20+ points first in first half, tonight it’s NB’s turn. So you know that Cliff’s game plan to have these two taking turn to get their stats….

  219. It’s old vs new shooting philosophy. Some people prefer one to another. Kobe’s and Jordan’s shooting mechanism is more of the old style jump shots.

  220. Lin still jumps high on his jumpshot. Batum just has really long arms.

  221. ok, good. i just checked in and hes not in…

  222. We know this for the whole season now. Now going to get upset. I just want JLin to do well despite of all these obstacles. When those two Kemba and Batum aren’t doing well, they need rescue from JLin. If JLin can’t, this team is doomed. When JLin is gone next season, we will know what happens!

  223. that’s true. The old school are more for midrange so you need the elevation.

  224. Read my comment. Bucks commentators said it’s NB’s turn getting his 20pts+ tonight. Yesterday was KW’s turn so NB did the assisting yesterday for KW to get baskets.

  225. We cannot change this environment, but JLIN is a smart, disciplined person who’s focused only on what he can do to succeed! Go JLIN! Stay healthy & Happy!

  226. Kinda tough to criticize a coach for playing 2 guys who are having the best seasons in their careers.

  227. The Bucks dancers really put on an elaborate Broadway-show with this Tarzan show.
    Cute kids on the tiger outfit!

  228. Not criticizing. Stating fact. We’re concerned about Lin and give our assessment of his current surrounding circumstances. Is this not a Lin Fans forum?

  229. It doesn’t seem likely that a player would make all these improbable threes just bc the coach decides that it’s the player’s “turn” to get his numbers up. Batum just seems to be having a good night. “In the zone” like Lin said the other night. I just hope that Lin plays well to contribute to the team’s win tonight.

  230. yes, he’s hot so it’s expected that a coach will ride the hot hands.

    as long as it becomes balanced when he cools off, it’s all good

  231. for as long as he is contributing to the team. its ok

  232. Some don’t understand the behind-the-scene game plan like you and I and a few others do. Of course, it’s good that NB is hitting shots bc he’s in the zone, but he’s put into a position to succeed and getting the assists from others, specifically KW. They have to ask themselves, who has been getting the most shot attempts?

  233. Cliff only stays with hot hands — Kemba and Batum. The rest are dispensable esp JLin. Unless those two are really really awful and Hornets lost a big time and JLin is doing really really well, then JLin will have a chance to shine. Cliff won’t let JLin to shine no matter what. This happens too often to miss what’s happening on the court. Can’t we change his sick mind??? NOP!!!! That’s why I want JLin to be out of Hornets after the season unless they pay him 80M with a starter job. Otherwise, forget it. If JLin decides to stay with lesser, I won’t waste my limited time to watch NBA. I still support JLin in other way.

  234. Yes, just like I said earlier, NB is in the comfort zone and glad he play well. but heart also has a point because “he’s put into a position to succeed and getting the assists from others”.

  235. its just crazy that lin only gets 10 min in the first half

  236. I hate the way Bucks play

  237. I know. This is so obvious. If other fans won’t see it, they won’t see. They just want to see what they want to see. Not much we can do.

  238. apparently Lin’s role is and always has been as a bench player tho… a bench player thats the best player on the team

  239. zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

  240. you got me all excited. I thought it was 2222222222

  241. Haha. So I’m not the only one…

  242. lmao

  243. -__________-

  244. Bayless did a good job on Kemba

  245. Did you guys/gals hear Bucks said KW has not been the issue; he is following the game plan?

  246. Do everything else but watch the game:-)

  247. Yes, feeding the hot hand Batum

  248. With big lead means stat padding for starters. Lin won’t get much minutes this game.

  249. I’m even worse. Listen to Hornets feed. Can’t get out of that:-(

  250. Starters always gets to stat pad against lower teams. Good thing I didn’t waste time watching, just check stats and whether Lin will be in.

  251. still no Lin..

  252. The way they’re going it’ll be garbage time soon and we won’t see Lin much tonight.

  253. The bucks do have a PG spot opening but their style will not win in todays NBA

  254. Lin in..

  255. Yep!

  256. he usually comes in after 5 minutes left

  257. 3333333333

  258. 222222222222222222

  259. 3333333333333333333

  260. Lin 3pt Shot: Made (7 PTS) Assist: Batum (6 AST)

  261. excuse my fat finger :

  262. Sorry to hear…lol. I’ve been avoiding Hornets feed. Opponents usually give me more insight…But sometimes it’s not good either so I mute.

  263. You really try to confuse me tonight

  264. hah!

  265. Are you trolling? Lol

  266. Throat Jab

  267. Shoulder to the face

  268. Gee I though he made 2 consecutive baskets….

  269. Oh no…

  270. :X

  271. Kemba def avoids passing to Lin – SMH

  272. a beaten up JLin is a beast mode JLin

  273. 3rd steal

  274. Ya, another ast!

  275. Assist

  276. wow 3rd steal and he looks for his teammates to score for each one. That’s unselfishness right there

  277. Bucks: “Jeremy Lin takes it on the chin” after Middleton elbowed him w/o review for heaven’s sake! Didn’t like tha!

  278. good ball movement on that steal

  279. Hornets announcers commenting that Lin needs to consider wearing a mouthpiece.

  280. and so are we, you studs!

  281. That was a flagrant 1!

  282. Lin is much shorter. didn’t seem malicious

  283. That’s our JLin!!!!

  284. If you’re Asian, no such thing.

  285. I agree, at lease chew on one like Steph.

  286. Why not? Doesn’t hurt Curry

  287. no its not

  288. if your asian, it was lin who committed the foul

  289. Lin should counter attack with a round house kick!

  290. Kemba should follow Jeremy’s lead!

  291. above shoulders, definitely needed a review!

  292. Lin so unselfish. Imagine if Kemba set up Lin like Lin does for him. So many easy buckets for Kemba.

    When Lin leaves, the free lunch is over.

  293. Steph must chew through one a week. They are about $200/ea of you go to a dentist.

  294. Sorry, it was flagrant intentional or not when it’s above the shoulders. Since it’s Lin, no review, no flagrant call.

  295. 2222222222

  296. Lin should’ve went for his own shot after that steal.

  297. Exactly. Kemba uses one also.

  298. Epic drive and finish.

  299. Lin can drive in today

  300. lol in one of the replays you see kemba shooting the ball with lin wide open, but the opposing team knows kemba wont pass the ball

  301. Probably, but that’s why we love him. True team player.

  302. that’s not him. He empowers others first before getting his.

  303. Don’t much like Stephanie Ready, but she pointed out you can get a concussion from hits to the jaw.

  304. Bucks: Find a point on the board when shooting…

  305. I hope Lin stays in for the 4th when the starters go out..

  306. Bucks announcers know how miserable last season was for lin with the lakers.

  307. he will, to start the 4th

  308. Lin got 2 steal in the sequence

  309. aww KW dribled on his leg

  310. Yup Thats good

  311. 5 steals

  312. WOW! JLin! 5 steals now.

  313. lol Al’s dunk

  314. 5 steal!!!!!

  315. Lin gave Kemba an easy layup….didn’t convert.

  316. If the lead remains large, the end of the bench will get playing time. This late in the season the coach probably wants to give the 9-man rotation as much rest as possible.

  317. First dunk attempt in years?

  318. lin 2 pokes on that one hope he gets at least one steal

  319. Bucks really need JLin:-)

  320. Yeah, another lost assist.

  321. are the bucks known for running PNR tho?

  322. Is 6 his career high?

  323. That would have been an easy layup if Kemba just gathered the ball instead of dribbling it off his foot.

  324. was it a kemba to or Lin to?

  325. no

  326. Kemba still just playing for himself.

  327. what a ballhog walker is…

  328. Bucks need a real PG. MCW was a mistake. Giannis gets stats, but they don’t win.

    It’s all about dribble penetration to create space for shooters and drives.

  329. batum would be dumb to sign with the hornets to play with kemba if Lin leaves, which he will

  330. I have no idea

  331. ive noticed that most nba teams are crep…

  332. KW and Kam avoid passing to Lin.

  333. Bucks have a ton of talent. Just no real PG. Kidd wants someone like himself instead of a modern PnR playmaker.

  334. KW was trying to get his cause he’s going to sit now. Lin will get his chance next qtr.

  335. i don’t like either player

  336. They play too slow. They need a three point shooting Pg. Unless they decide to play faster. They have a SF playing pg now. Trying to make him the next Lebron

  337. that’s what i mean… there are teams that have talent but lack this or that, bad coaching, bad organization, etc. nba is a very poor entity…

  338. I think he had more steals in a game he played for Golden State at Lakers. But he also picked up many fouls and it was in a blowout loss too.

  339. 15 min, 9pts/2asts/5sts

  340. yeah, both are selfish and boring…

  341. Lamb must really be in the dog house…

  342. Lin dribble drive to basket is working tonight

  343. Waiting for Lin to get double digits points tonight!

  344. he is and he needs to learn from it. His defense needs to improve and he seems to blow a lot of set plays.

  345. Can stat padders Kemba and Batum sit so Lin can finally get his!

  346. I mean, I know a lot of poster hate KW here. But I thinks Lin is really cool with him. It kinda can tell when you see them to played together.

  347. They put it on JLin. Shouldn’t be. It was Kemba’s own turnover. Same one with Zeller. He touched the ball but it put on JLin’s turnover.

  348. Lin is cool with everyone. it’s kemba who isn’t very cool with Lin on the court

  349. Zeler and AL have wasted at least four good opportunities under the rim created by Lin. The Hornets’ bigs are weak.

  350. Off court, yeah. On court, they don’t mesh well. Lin is always professional though. He even compliments Melo!

  351. oui, si Jeremy Lin va joker … something like that.

  352. Lin is cool with everyone, on court is another issue!

  353. Agreed. Their styles don’t fit well together.

  354. so ugly …..that was not good

  355. WOW Kemba is still stat padding in 4th qtr even the win is huge.

  356. no, jlin is cool with literally everyone… walker is a selfish player…

  357. LOL. Kemba still in there to statpad in a blowout.

    And he blows a possession by refusing to pass to Lin.

  358. Ehhh. Not sure about that at all imo. Their style doesn’t fit well is true though.

  359. And avoid passing to Lin who’s the closest to him!

  360. 5 steals but 3 TOs

  361. Lin is a decent person. Get along with any teammates. Kobe, Harden and Melo are like kindergarden boys.

  362. jlin gotta leave this idiotic organization…

  363. Eh. A fumble by Zeller and a non-call right here.

  364. Kemba should be sitting right now.

  365. Please pass to LIN, he only take 5 shots (4/5)!

  366. I saw that too – again!!

  367. walker is a ballhog!

  368. style is one thing but not passing to Lin while passing to other players is a whole different thing

  369. Al is a liability right now. PnR killing Al.

  370. kemba is so ballhog

  371. no ifs, ands, or buts about it!

  372. Yeah. zeller fumbled earlier too.

  373. cycling to the Bucks to run … happens every time.

  374. hes so annoying… jeremy is wide open and he goes and drives in for a contested layup or 3… geesh…

  375. this sucks i hate watching hornets iso

  376. Al is useless when the other team starts to run and push the ball.

  377. boring.

  378. Keeping Kemba in right now isn’t helping. We need another big to help Al.

  379. Too bad SWS is not here tonight. I guess she doesn’t know that it is only a short terms ban. She is again praising Lin on the other site calling Lin a thief of the night. 🙂

    Coming back SWS. We miss you.

  380. lin will only iso when hes on fire and he still is willing to pass the ball

  381. Not really a Ballhog. He is a SG and ISO player.

  382. that other site has turned into a strange unregulated place… that’s why i come here…

  383. Ok, it’s like two or three possession in a row that KW tried to get his own points and got either turnovers or blocked. He’s not passing like he was when NB was in. It’s all about his own stats at the expense of his teammates.

  384. jlin wide open but passes!

  385. it’s been taken over by clutchfans parading as Lin fans with “different views” lol

  386. so right!

  387. If u talk about realgm, I gotta be honest with you that i hates most poster there. Except only a few which SWS is one of them that I like.

  388. no he wasn’t

  389. hes boring to watch!

  390. So glad finally Kemba is out.

  391. also hot hand (4-5 FGM)! with 5 ST (great defense)!

  392. lol kemba wanting ti stat pad obviously

  393. I just want Lin to score one more basket before Cliff clear the bench.

  394. Finally I can enjoy this game a little:-)

  395. Lin and MW ran into each other lol

  396. I dunno. I suspect Alfense will rule and then Lin will sit in a few minutes.

  397. Maybe the Bucks are suited for Lin as well.

  398. Agreed. That why Lin is special. 🙂

  399. 20 point lead. if kemba comes back, we know what’s up

  400. Pray Lin get another 3 to get his double digit points.

  401. I know. but for jlin, i wouldn’t watch these dorks if you paid me!

  402. Lin not looking to shoot!

  403. Lin could have more than 7 ast. Sigh…

  404. lin is so pass happy today

  405. Lin not really trying to score

  406. Well. But he is having fun. Smiling all the time on the court.

  407. beautiful pass!

  408. yay for Al making that bucket

  409. Assist #3

  410. Cliff telling him not to shoot probably

  411. Nice pass to Al. And finally Al can finish!

  412. Doubt it

  413. thank god for that basket interference cus Al was not defending

  414. Lin is the only guy playing defense. the rest (especially Al) are just watching

  415. Heard that too! That’s why Lin is following instruction not to do any scoring himself right now….

  416. What’s that rule ?

  417. true, Al has been beat over and over by their bigs and guards. Most their buckets were from inside.

  418. keepin’ it real …

  419. I don’t

  420. DaBoss and I heard it and you didn’t?

  421. Haha. I think is not Al don’t wanna defend. But he is just too slow………

  422. Al rarely plays PnR like that.

  423. he caught that alley-oop over the basket apparently so it doesn’t count.

  424. no touching ball when in the cylinder of the basket, but that was an outside tip into cylinder so bad call.

  425. someone should help him that is big enough

  426. more options for him

  427. Can Lin take some shots already?

  428. He blew so many assists from Lin for easy baskets…

  429. azzizt #4

  430. Assist #4

  431. another assist

  432. Yes – cmon Jeremy – don’t listen to Cliff – just shoot!

  433. Lin in full defer m0de

  434. why are they still in there?

  435. Post#85 » by bws94 » 22 minutes ago

    Lin the thief tonight. 3s are raining.

    Post#89 » by bws94 » 19 minutes ago

    Lin should just take it to the hole whenever there is an opening. He’s finishing solidly at the rim.

    As you can see above, I really hope that all Lin’s fan stop trying to fight with each other even if our pov is different. All we have to do is agree or not agreed.

    SWS. Hope you see this and come back to us soon.


  436. 5 stls, 4 asts, 4 rebs

  437. garbage time

  438. kw better not come in …

  439. Lin still in for garbage time lol guess now he can eat

  440. Sit down Cliff!

  441. hungry! he’s been cooking for others.

  442. Lin seem content with what he did

  443. Making sure they win. You never know 😛

  444. Lin needs one more basket to get double digits score. Please Lin, do it!

  445. that could be it though

  446. Scoring is not even on his mind

  447. I know I keep on hoping he will shoot another one:-)

  448. Cliff won’t allow it 🙁

  449. Not easy when he gets double on every possession.

  450. Wish Lin could have statpadded like his selfish teammates, but his %s will increase and I suspect he’s feeling sore (elbow, ankles, jaw). Save it for the playoffs!

  451. he really did well on shooting, defense and playmaking today. He just didn’t take more shots and should have had at least 8-10 assists

  452. Just want Lin to take at least 2 3 pointers for better stats, is that too much to ask?

  453. have you seen him drive though?

  454. The “brilliant” Steve Clifford says the commentator…

  455. LOL!

  456. No more JLin:-(

  457. Ya, 5 ST, 5 shots! I wish he can shot a little more!

  458. JLin is the stealer for this game:-)

  459. 5 shots is not enough he should have shot more but I guess he enjoyed helping others today and was satisfied with his defense. Few players really benefited from Lin today. I think KW, Al and Frank did.

  460. Lin is in a passing and stealing mode tonight.

  461. Problem with coming off the bench. Do poorly? Low minutes and touches. Do well? Low minutes and touches (because the game is over!).

  462. JLin isn’t forcing his games. That’s good!

  463. I know. That’s why I want him to leave Hornets after this season.

  464. I really hope lin opts out next year

  465. Knew it. That stretch that Lin was in Cliff instructed him to pass and make plays instead of scoring… So Lin followed instruction and didn’t shoot…

  466. at least lin got to start for some of the season last year

  467. Good for Lin to stay out of garbage time and preserve for playoffs.

  468. he is. He wont’ accept 2M. He will have to opt out and Hornets will have to offer him a lot of money for a chance of keeping him but I doubt it.

  469. lin gave al so many opportunities and dimes lol. if he made everything jeremy would have at least 7 assists just from al

  470. Worst part about watching Lin, he’s less aggressive when his team has a big lead and doesn’t look for his shot more!! So frustrating! Meanwhile Kemba and Batum are stat padding like crazy.

  471. This is not good enough he should look for his own stats a little bit more 5 shots is not good enough…4 turnovers is not good either….stuff like this is what Lin needs to understand..stats matter in this league if you want to start…

  472. Hope? He 100% is. The only reason his contract is set up that way is because CBA requirements. He wanted a 1yr contract only, so they had to use the BiAnnual Exception which is a 1yr guaranteed, 1yr player option.

  473. I’m totally happy with what Lin has done today. 5 stl being the most awesome performance today. That’s Gary Payton/Scottie Pippen kind of performance. 4/5 FG is gonna do his FG% good.

  474. he looked healthy today and energetic. Wasn’t afraid to drive into 3 defenders.

  475. He has no choice to follow “coach” decision. That’s why I dislike Cliff so much.

  476. Under Cliff’s direction/instruction.

  477. 4/5, it’s okay. Maybe he just wants to keep a high percentage while helping others.

  478. Lin could have taken a few more shots but overall good game Much better than the stinker last night

  479. But he’s shooting 80% tonight, maybe he doesn’t want to wreck that stats!

  480. He got frozen out for most of the game, but he could have taken 2-3 shots at the end. TOs are meaningless off the bench. His guys blew 5 easy dimes.

  481. The entire team did well today and I think a big part of it had to do with Lin playing unselfishly.

  482. he probably doesn’t need to be told what to understand, aras.

  483. We all understand but Lin seems to be too stubborn. We’ve been saying for past 5 seasons already. If Lin looked out for himself more he would’ve never been in such horrid situations.

  484. He needs to put his will on the opponets in games like this 9 pts is not good enough…he shot it good so keep shooting stop being content…people want him to start? he should statpad as much as he can when the game is blown out. its good for the confidence aswell.

  485. from what I watched, after the 3s rain, he didn’t have many open looks. Nobody was working for him, so he just worked the ball to people, played D, and stayed open.

  486. its ok next year will probably be his year. Good chance he’ll start somewhere and get a lot of shots

  487. Just put it this way: We are different point of views.

  488. He can’t – he’s listening to his coach. He is told to facilitate, not shoot.

  489. I just think that Lin knows he will be courted in FA, and he is really not worried about it. He knows that he got game, and most of the NBA knows this now…So no worries about Lin. Yall just need to be happy for him and stop complaining.

  490. Defense wise yes, offense wise no. He took 10 shots last night while tonight he only took 5 shots with 4 TOs.

  491. Yup. And Lin’s D, help defense and steals also played a big part of this win.

  492. ya i agree, just a few more shots. The ball wasn’t moving to him as much though when Kemba was still in or Batum or Al. Cliff wanted them to score, not Lin.

  493. True. He’s not going to be allowed to score much on this team, so he should watch his %s. A little low this season for obvious reasons. 80% shooting game will help!

  494. Actually, it’s not on Cliff’s mind and he directs Lin not to pass. Heard him from the sideline…

  495. I think half his TOs were petty ones. One where his teammate couldn’t catch the ball. And i think KW dribbled the ball off his leg.

  496. Same ‘ol, same’ol – first McHale, then Scott, now Clifford … smh

  497. To me tonight is you know, getting ready to celebrate the 3rd day from Good Friday. Nice game. We went down, and now we are up.

  498. Yep that’s my viewpoint as well. Thanks for pointing this out. He shines on those important games. Can see many (media esp) have changed their narratives on JLin. That’s all good!

  499. Lamb playing garbage mins. Must be tough on him. At least he gets paid well

  500. Exactly, shooting a lot or score a lot won’t always makes a player looks good and the NBA is now full of this kind of players.

    Instead, a discipline, willing passer with 100% positive attitude player is very hard to find now a day. GM will see that. Lin will get a lot of interest from a lot of teams this off season. No worries. 🙂

  501. Worst part about watching Lin, he’s less aggressive when his team has a big lead and doesn’t look for his shot more!!

  502. Agreed. Lin doesn’t care about the money. But after Lin took the discount this season, the next contract must be worth a lot more as a respect to Lin.

  503. Yes, that first 4 minutes of his play are nice! 5 ST also exciting!

  504. He shined at the right moment and when it counted the most. He needs to stay relevant and embarrassing the Spurs on national TV certainly helped. So will CHA going to the playoffs.

  505. Lin market value exceeds 2M easily Question is how much more will Hornets offer Lin and what other teams will make similar offer sheets?

  506. It’s not Lin’s stubborness. He is being a good soldier and executing the coach’s orders.

  507. There are not many PGs on Lin’s caliber next off season. A lot of teams will want Lin. Especially seeing how much the Charlotte improved this year. I think there are lot of team who wish they had Lin helping them push to the playoffs.

    Also when Lin joins another team, Cliff will be having a headache when he plays against Lin’s team. Lin knows the team’s weaknesses.

  508. Yes. Those really helps. No one can deny JLin’s “talents” anymore. People do know him now. If people continue to speak those silly narratives that KM and DM began with, they look really really silly!!!!!

  509. I don’t bother listening to post game comments from coaches anymore It’s the same crap
    The only “real” coach is Pops. He’s not afraid to sit out his starters and doesn’t cater to the franchise diva player BS

  510. So coach doesn’t want Lin to score but allows Kemba and Batum to stat pad all games. That’s called being jibbed not a good soldier.

  511. Yes JLin is definitely more complete player now. He can shine no matter how much coaches, gms, refs… want to take him out. He isn’t even peak. He is still improving as a player…. Next team is really important to him. He can singlehandedly bring the team far if coach/org believes in him. Can’t wait for the offseason and learn which team he will land at:-)

  512. then he should probably look for his own a lot more…nba is not a team oriented game anymore its all about the stats..stats gives you respect…being a good teamplayer gives you a rotational player…unless he plays for a team like spurs i’ll never like that Lin does not get double digits he is capable of doing that but does not at times.

  513. I only trust MDA to use Lin properly hopefully they can reunite as head coach and player.

  514. Why did sws get banned? sure she had different opinions from others but still valid ones.

  515. As I have mentioned before, he is having fun tonight. And I don’t believe that “Clifford don’t wants him to shoot”. I believe is Lin what to get other player involved and play teams ball. That’s his game. Can he shoot a few more? Of cause. But he was the one who choose to pass.

    And I am glad he is happy. He once said before, he don’t wanna carry all the negative thoughts to the game as he can’t do his job that way.

  516. Yes, unfortunately this scenario is being played out again in Charlotte too (we’ve already seen it in Houston and LA). We may not like how Jeremy is treated, but I believe Jeremy feels its important to follow coach’s orders – he is a good soldier. He will be okay in the end, even though its frustrating to watch.

  517. Agree here…Maybe he Lin had taken additional shots, he would had missed and brough down his fg%.

    I;m satisfied with the 80% fg% for the night.

  518. believed what?

  519. his defense has improved a lot. I think that’s the one thing that stands out from the rest of the top PGs in FA

  520. I think he already had team that he wants to go or should I say he will go so he didn’t even care about his stats at all…. after that famous vs Spurs, Lin, as usual did his unselfish style again. Don’t know what to say… this is not the first time sure will not be the last time …. Anyway, w 9pts, his stats will stay 11.7. So 9 more games to go. Playoff it’s more important.

  521. What’s this all about ?

  522. He looks confident, healthy & happy, that’s what I pray for under certain weather! Go! JLIN! Go!

  523. How come only a few of us can hear or see this? SMH! Lin does not do things w/o instructions… Don’t they know that?

  524. Speak for yourself maybe better for I dont miss sws94 at all and not all of us as “we” miss sws94.

  525. In a heated argument, then I guess she got pissed so she called a poster name. That’s was all.

    And it seem she didn’t know it was only a short term ban which only last 24 or 48 hours.

  526. looks like they want to him next season

  527. And I am 100% agreed with you about SWS. Different pov but a solid Lins fan.

  528. Many people see this; just more vocative people post about another different viewpoints. If you look at it, just the same few people:-) We are allowed to have different viewpoints here as long as we stay respectful to each other.

  529. under the worse circumstances, he still finds a way to be happy and smiling and that’s contagious to his team/fans.

  530. I think Jason Kidd would make a good coach for Lin too. I think Kidd likes Lin since Linsanity era. Today, although Lin was not a top scorer, he probably caught Kidd’s attention with his play making abilities and defense. Also he shot well so that’s also a plus.

    You know Kidd respects Lin when he sets up double team.

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  533. haha

  534. Agree. Some have diff. views. I’m just wondering after all these years following Lin and they still don’t know the reason why he does certain things on court… That’s my curiosity…In my heart I know why, I’m just expressing my own thought…

  535. Yup. Very possible. Kidd has praised Lin before. And he doesn’t believe in MCW. So it is possible that Kidd will go after Lin this off season. Problem is if Kidd have this kind of power in Bucks organization.

  536. This is a happy Sunday! Godspeed Lin!

  537. Real problem is if Bucks know how valuable Lin is to their organization. He will draw more attention to them just like he did with CHA.

  538. I don’t know, I think a lot of the time Lin has to create his own buckets. The only ones willing to help Lin are the bigs who set up screens that aren’t that very good. Every once in awhile he may get a pass from Batum or Kemba outside the perimeter for a 3 but that’s not really enough for what Lin does for his team. I think all 5 steals he got today, he passed to someone else to score. You would think his unselfishness is contagious but it stops at certain players on the team.

  539. Did Kidd have Bucks double team KW tonight?

  540. in my opinion, sws got bullied here; people were pretty mean to her. it’s very kind of you to welcome her back, but she’s going to have the same opinions and ways of reasoning that she had before, and so people are going to be mean and attack her, just as before. to be honest, i don’t always feel welcome here either.

  541. They were tried to trade MSW before the trade deadline. So. And I do believe Lin can do well in Bucks and under Kidd.

  542. i don’t think so. He’s too small so 1 guy was enough I think.

  543. It’s what the Bucks team is missing. I bet Kidd was watching Lin the entire game and was like, “We really need a guy like him and we’d be in the playoffs”

  544. we all know Cliff isn’t fair to Lin but Lin made something good out of it. Few more games left anyways then we can look for a brighter future.

  545. where are the highlights?

  546. Agreed. And I feel bad for her as that how I was treated in the other forums by the bias posters. Hopefully she is coming back to us soon.


  547. Lol. I hope so. If Lin can start as PG in Bucks, I will be happy to follow Lin and become a Bucks’s fan.


  548. nothing yet …

    so this will 1 vs 3 will have to do for now 🙂

  549. beat me to it 🙂

  550. Beatiful as always

  551. one of the rare occasions 🙂

  552. Those refs, smh, How is that not an +1?

  553. I heard Bucks announcers said Batum will draw lots of teams are interested in him…. for Lin it’s like he has good season w Hornets?!

  554. Looks like Lin didn’t even know whether he made this lay-up since he felt down with his back to the basket and simply got up and ran back on defense without even knowing whether the ball went in.

  555. It’s interesting Dale Earnhardt Jr (NASCAR driver) wants JLin to stay.
    No surprise since he’s based in Charlotte.
    He and JLin follow each other on Twitter


  556. thanks psalm,that’s a beautiful drive,he splits 3 defenders,awesomest!!!!

  557. i’m glad you agree! btw, i do think it must be a headache to be a moderator here. i applaud their work. i’m not sure what better they could have done. it might just be for the best that she posts at the other site. maybe that’s the value of having two sites. one need not necessarily be better than the other, but they could each serve different purposes.

  558. Suns only down by 6 at the end of 3rd qtr. I really hope the Suns can give Celtics a L this game.

  559. It’s working for the Hornets. Not really for Lin… It all depends on which angle you see it from.

  560. Exactly, if I am MJ I will want Lin to stay too. Why not?

  561. Yup. it really doesn’t matter where she posts as a Lin’s fan and as long as she is happy.

    But I really hate that forum. Most of the posters there are bias imo.

  562. A 25 minute player on a fifth seed that likely won’t make it out of the first round is “what was working”? Shut your mouth Dale

  563. It’s good short-term partnership for this season just as JLin planned.

    I doubt the Hornets would be willing to overpay to get Lin come off the bench.
    Let’s hope JLin gets some lucrative starting PG offers.

    Even the Hornets know it would be hard to compete.
    Let’s hope JKidd and the Bucks are also interested.
    I like Giannis, Middleton and Monroe

  564. let him be 🙂 He’s a Charlotte resident so he’s doing what he’s supposed to.

    Let’s enjoy the last 10 games + playoff.
    I believe JLin knows his role has a ceiling in the Hornets and will make the best decision for his career in July. No worries 😀

  565. I don’t think Lin likes Kidd. Didn’t hear Bucks wants Lin last summer….

  566. I guess, but Dale wouldn’t place those restrictions on himself cause he believes he’s a champion, so he shouldn’t comment on JLin’s situation

  567. Didn’t they have MCW to experiment last summer before it failed recently?

    Lin was pretty close with Monroe in the past 2 games so those 2 can have some alley-oop chemistry for sure

  568. They don’t even like Monroe that much now… Lin did a video talk about how Kidd pull his hair when he was in Rox…. I don’t think Lin likes Kidd & so is Kidd.

  569. This guy is obviously not following what is going on…

  570. Yes. Can’t deny it’s a mutually beneficial arrangement. Lin did benefit from the smaller market team environment he likes. He turned his defence reputation around 180 degrees (of course he is the person who put effort into it but I’d thank Hornets for giving him the stage to prove it). I also think that he benefited from Dell being a very fair commentator and always keep things in perspective for the audience (as oppose to all the stooges from his past teams).
    However I think Charlotte really picked up a bargain this year. 2M for a player who is able to offer much more than what they need him to be. But it’s all good. This is Lin’s charity year.

  571. It’s not as ideal as MDA for sure.
    I just want more starting PG offers so the bidding war can start 😀

  572. Agreed. Clifford interview with Jim Rome are very important to Lin as well. Clifford has mentioned that he didn;t realize and he also a lot of people didn’t realize Lin is a VERY GOOD DEFENDER.

    I wanna see what Kevin McHale gonna say now. The Jerk that label Lin as a weak defender.

  573. As long as his reputation is good enough for him to land a starting gig next year…

  574. Don’t worry he will. Look at him, it’s not even thinking about FA right now? If he didn’t get something why he said so…or act so carefree If you know your job will end soon & why you don’t worry or even thinking about it? Unless you already had next one or plan to take one year off or so….

  575. yeah he’s been talking about sacrifice and his brand of bball, so you are hoping for something he doesn’t want. He want to play his way, and he won’t do the scoring thing until he’s part of a system that allows him to do it. Right now, he’s playing in this system and this role.

  576. Lin will play in the playoff,enjoy it while it last.Goodbye BUZZ CITY!!!!It’s been a good ride!!!!

  577. I did. I remember because I had to look up where exactly Milwaukee was and discovered their style of play was too slow for him. But after a while, they seemed to drop off when it seemed like Jeremy would go to the Mavs. We all know what happened afterwards.

  578. yes, it’s part of the plan to rehab JLin’s credibility after going through the LA tanking season.

    The Spurs win definitely created waves of many NBA articles crediting Lin’s heroic. JLin just needs 2-3 more huge games like that in the playoff to drum up the publicity to discuss which team would be lucky to sign him up next season

  579. But I remember there’s a tweet from Bucks said they like Lin but …. don’t think they are interested in him at all. Plus when Lin was in Taiwan… he named all the teams that were interested in him… No Bucks.

  580. Kidd andLin could be a match in heaven.

  581. Well…. What McHale thinks and says now is pretty irrelevant IMO cos he’s been exiled from the league by the traitor he adopted and raised. It’s so ironic that I’m pitying him right now…

  582. One more from SWS below.

    PG13 wrote:

    yosemiteben wrote:

    PG13 wrote:

    The media is making a big deal out of Lin’s three solid games, not necessarily the fans.

    PG13 wrote:

    If Clifford is bold he could start Lin this game in place of Kemba.

    Really? That’s your comprehension? You don’t see the media and the league coming up with a bunch of tweets, articles and highlights about Lin in the past few days?

    Lin is taller, bigger and a better defender than Kemba. I suggested a match-up against the big Bucks. It has nothing to do with whether Lin shot well for 2-3 games. I didn’t say Lin should be a starter in place of Kemba. With less than a dozen regular season games left, I doubt there are many people out there rooting for Lin to start, but rather rooting for Lin to leave after this season.

    By SWS———-Don’t know why some of the regulars are overreacting to your posts. But I think they are.

  583. Post#1540 » by PG13 » Yesterday 11:08 pm

    bws94 wrote:

    Not sure why some posters think Lin is as good as gone. But the timing isn’t right. It’s a close race and his team needs to win. Lin himself said he’s not thinking of it, he’s thinking of the next game.

    I think Lin will opt out. But there are huge games and hopefully a playoff run before that happens.

    By PG13 – I’m one of those who think Lin will be gone, because Lin will opt out and the Hornets have better use of their money – in the front court. A back up PG is not one of the Hornets’ top priorities. You only need someone who can give Kemba a few minutes breather here and there, up to 12-14 minutes a game. You won’t need Lin to play SG either. MKG will be back, Batum will hopefully stay, and Lee complements Kemba well.

    I’m cool with that. Hoping for a good playoff run like you do.

  584. Personally, when Lin’s role was reduced post-ASB for Lee, the Hornets knew JLin will exercise his player option so they prepares for next season without him.

    Not sure if any coaches can say/promise anything to Lin now but looking at Ish Smith below-average stats in 76ers and Lin/MDA texting relationship, I’d say Lin thinks he definitely needs to exercise his player option.

  585. I believe I have made my point. SWS have different pov but all her comment are positive toward Lin.

    Let all get along and have a BIG HEART like Lin.


  586. I think Hornets knew Lin will not stay long before Lee came…. Remember they used to put an interview by CBS to Lin to say how much he likes Hornets on their web? But after vs Raptors game (the one Lin got 35 pts), their beat writer said Lin came here to help only as a bench player…. I believe they did talk after that… no more freedom on court for Lin like they did for Batum. Hornets seems to only nice to or give freedom to the players will become one of them….

  587. It’s quite a good assessment that while there’s a small chance JLin will stay, the Hornets are preparing to play without him next season.

    I heard the Bucks announcer mentioned Lee was a good defensive option playing next to Kemba, similar to what we heard before with Harden/Bev pairing. I think that’s also the Hornets direction.

    We know it won’t work in the end if Kemba follows Harden’s path of saving his defensive energy to play offense but the Hornets have chosen that path, good or bad.

  588. are you trying to earn brownie points from her?

  589. hehe, yup…have fun in the playoffs cause it’s gonna be the last time for quite awhile…especially if JLin goes to Philly or Brooklyn, cause then there will only be 7 other teams that will make the Playoffs in the East, and Charlotte won’t be one of them

  590. Cliffie is gonna play Kemba 36-39 minutes per game for the rest of his career, so yeah, no need for a good backup PG…an adequate one will suffice

  591. they can get bayless….lol

  592. Don’t need to about worry him/her. He/She will find a way out or comes back sometimes…. I don’t agree w what he/she said sometimes… but I don’t hate him/her either. Just move on. If you really miss him/her so much. Chat w him/her on the other side for now. Move on.

  593. I also read Hornets GM forum from time to time and know sws defend JLin regularly.

    Not many will agree with her previous preference that JLin will stay with the Hornets as backup PG but I can respect that although I disagree. sws know it’s less likely the Hornets would pay a lot to bring back JLin.

    It’s okay. We can all agree to disagree respectfully.

  594. BTW, she got some supporters from the other side. Cheers!

  595. Play nice, LinMad

  596. sws is a tiger mom 😀

  597. Not sure why you post is not active so I can’t reply. Anyway. Lol as I don;t miss her. However, I do believe she is a TRUE LIN FAN and I wanna to make a point. That’s all.

  598. ha, same feeling here. She want Lin to be super all the time…..

  599. until all NBA teams are scheming on Kemba to trap him/stop him. I think it’s already happening to him.

  600. Funny video showing JLin asked Batum why he was so on fire tonight 🙂

  601. It’s ok. I believe he/she is in contact with Psalm and said that he/she will be back when she feels like it. If he/she is happier on the other forum, then he/she might choose to camp there permanently. Let the fate does its work. There shall be no doors to this forum.

  602. I am glad you guy agreed with me. It is not fun for being billed in a forum. Poster accusing me a one of the crazy Lin’s fan follow him around. They laughed at my Grammar, personal attack, etc, etc.

  603. Hmmm…. weird. Another comment by me in pending approval basket…

  604. On another topic Does anyone know when Lin will change his hairdo? I think it’s about time, don’t you think?

  605. Lin played like a 12mil player on this team,if they want him to stay at least offer the man with 10-12 mil with a promised to move Kemba to another team.LOL

  606. Not sure why but approved it.

  607. Batum has been playing well for the past few games. I think he’s peaking at the right time so is Lin.

  608. Haha. That was the part I disagreed with her. I think Lin will sigh some where else for sure next season.

  609. If MDA unable to find a head coaching job, I really really really hope Kidd would commit to Lin to play for the Bucks. They have great potential.

  610. Didn’t he say final style will be revealed off season in the summer?

  611. Maybe he wants to be like Steve Nash!

  612. I think Batum will be a perfect fit for Lin but only if Clifford don’t force Batum to be a Point/Forward.

  613. Sounds good to me 😀

  614. Really? It’s getting kind of long and greasy looking… Hope he will trim or temporarily change a little bit for playoffs.

  615. He’s really having fun with Snapchat lol

  616. Really? Do you think his hair style looks like Nash?

  617. Batum is a willing passer and he cares about his assists. Whereas Kemba only cares about his points.

  618. i wonder how many followers he has on there. It doesn’t show does it?

  619. Kidd pulled his hair and his head backward once. That’s not easy to forget and certainly don’t want him to have power over Lin as a coach…

  620. I really hope so…I’m afraid though if JLin doesn’t get a starting offer next year that he’ll just sign for a bigger contract with Charlotte, which would absolutely suck…if for some reason MDA doesn’t come through for him, he needs to find a team where he can play the most minutes in a spread PnR system

  621. Tks for the snapchat. Funny as hell. 🙂

  622. those are separate things though.

    Everyone deserve to have their own POV, but, if so many people hold a different POV with you, it does worth to think about why.

    I don’t like to label a poster this or that, since their POV will change. Maybe now you agree with her, next day you will have different opinion from her.

    So, I always prefer to agree with/against one person’s opinion, not that person, unless I think that’s a troll, then I will against that person.

  623. i dont’ think there is bad blood between them. Lin gets hit a lot cause he has a quick step

  624. You really shouldn’t speculate.

  625. Don’t think so….if he wants back up job he will go to GSW.

  626. Similar scenario when Ellis was moved to a different team and the name Curry became a household name in the NBA.Not saying that Lin is like Curry but Lin and Batum could be as dangerous as Clay and Curry right now.

  627. Agreed. I actually disagreed with her that Lin will stay in Hornets next season.

  628. Of course not Lin’s part. He forgives but not forget. A coach has power over you, your PT and career, etc. Someone hurt you once, you don’t want to be at their mercy for you will not know what they will do to you…

  629. that’s fine with me if he can’t get a starting job…20 minutes a night as the 3rd guard on a dynasty would be fine by me

  630. Her views are mostly from a basketball standpoint and not necessary about Lin.

  631. coach’s have to work with Lin if they want to win. Otherwise Lin would be in the doghouse. Also I think if the next team he’s on pays him well, and there are no superstars like Kobe or Harden or Melo or Kemba, Lin will be used by the coach properly.

  632. When? During the game against Mavericks?

  633. Nah that team evolves around Gianni and Kris Middleton

  634. linsanity … ppl said that’s where he got the knee injury.

  635. It’s a he i thought

  636. I see. I don’t quite remember but I will go back and watch the replay. Tks!

  637. There’s a rumor that Michael Jordan hates rap music and he’s getting backlash from it

  638. Of course, there’s no guarantee for any coaches to use Lin properly w/o preconceived prejudices/ biases. But if someone has carried out their action to hurt you once physically, then they must have had that thought in their heart… So, the trust won’t be there for me…

  639. Haha. I am not sure. Some say “he” and some say “her’. But I don’t think gender will change my pov about the comment that he/she has posted about Lin which were mostly positive.

  640. Lin played really well tongiht aside from the To’s really happy for him
    He’s gonna make money this off season
    None of that asian discrimination bs
    Lin is a good bball player Let’s acknowledge that!

  641. I was actually happy about that. I thinks McHale deserve it as he was the one who labeled Lin as a weak defender to protect Harden and promoted Beverly. And then the all Medias starting to agreed with it.

    God I hates McHale so much!!!

  642. I could be mistaken but don’t think it is her preference. It isn’t mine either but I do believe there are worst places to go while most people here think there is nothing worse than Hornets. Unlike a lot of people here I don’t think a starting position in a tanking team will be good for him and I don’t hold out for starting positions just for the sake of starting. He started at Houston for an entire season and he was miserable. So I think there are a lot more factors to consider other than just being a starter.

  643. Commentator said Kidd “did this all the time”??? Bogus!!! Who else did Kidd do this to???

  644. I don’t think that single incident would be the deal breaker for those 2. If things don’t work out between them, I’d say it’s probably because of the fundamental difference on the characters and persoanlity between Kidd and Lin. Lin is calm and collected, level headed in most of situations. Kidd is more impulsive, hot tempered, old school kind of macho man. They might share some similarities in their basketball philosophy but it’s a bit hard for me to see their personality mix well….

  645. Agreed. Lin doesn’t have to be Starter as long as he is treat as 6th man of the team, supportive coaches, playing as PG, closing game and a respectable contract.

  646. They still need a point guard. I’m sure they’ll get rid of Bayless in a heart beat.

  647. Even from basketball standpoint, there are different POV too. Sometimes I still don’t agree with her.

  648. Tks for the video.

    Ehhh. I agreed it was a hard foul but you also have to understand that as a smart BB players, you should make sure that the shot won’t go up so that it won’t be a And One. So maybe Kidd intention is not hurting Lin but to make sure no And 1.

  649. The way he fell and his leg snapped back could be the cause of his meniscus tear.

  650. I agree with you. I’m just flicking some sympathy his way because he did lose his wife during the course. I know I’d be devastated and probably lose my purpose of life if same thing happens to me. But anyway, it great that Lin has finally dispelled the curse McHale laid on him.

  651. But it definitely should be a flagrant 1 foul

  652. His ex-wife

  653. I agree on no for starter for tanking team (like Lakers last season) but yes to start in bad team who wants to win. He can help Bucks, 76ers, Nets to reach the playoff in 1-2 years if they don’t tank.

    Of course it all depends what opportunities will be available in July but I actually think JLin should follow Steve Nash path when he moved from DAL to the Suns to unleash his full potential

    If JLin believes that he can lead a team as a starting PG (which I have no doubt he could), next year is the perfect timing because he will turn 28. He will have 3-4 years in this peak period to achieve his full potential.

    Let’s hope and pray JLin gets starter offers for non-tanking team so we get to see JLin’s full potential finally be realized

  654. Lol. Good one.

    But Kidd was the one got abused by his ex-wife? At least that what he said..

  655. Rigghtt

  656. Pulling Lin’s hair to snap his head backward in order to make sure Lin drop down on his back hard on the floor is intentionally not just preventing the And 1!!! Kobe did the same to Lin w/o the hair pulling…

  657. I don’t really like him much but I actually agreed with him on this.

    Post#15 » by fatlever » Tue Mar 22, 2016 9:24 pm

    I’m voting for him to opt out, but re-sign with Charlotte. I’d love to have him back for the right price. It will be tough considering Charlotte does not have full bird rights and Charlotte also have a ton of other FAs they need to worry about – Batum, Marvin, Lee, Lin, Jefferson (he can go) and Daniels.

    For the record, Lin appears to be really happy in Charlotte, loves his teammates and they love him. Kemba is one of his biggest fans and there does not seem to be any jealousy or pettiness between who gets the shots, minutes and accolades.

    it will come down to what is most important to Lin –

    1) a good situation on a winning team, albeit in a lesser role, usually at a combo guard and secondary playmaker behind Kemba and Batum

    2) money (probably not most important factor

    3) starting role – having a team set up to his strengths with strong screen setter role/lob man and some shooters

    4) chasing rings

    maybe he can find a place that has a shot at all 4, but unlikely.

  658. Not the resigning the Hornets part though.

  659. I don’t think it works like that. I’m sure Lin will look at the overall view and see how the Bucks will play him and how he can fit into Kidd’s coaching style. I just don’t think they hold grudges (especially Lin) like that. These are professional basketball players and I just don’t think they make decisions based on a vicious play.

  660. That’s what I’m guessing…Steve Nash long hair is probably the hairdo he wants to go with.

  661. Lin signing with the spurs next season…BOOK IT right now just book it in advance so you’ll have nice seats BOOK IT!!!!!

  662. Agreed with Kobe’s foul and 100% on Melo foul on Lin.

    Kidd? Not so much. Just my opinion.

  663. he ain’t coming back just so you can have someone to back up kemba for life

  664. Pfft, I called it pre-season. 😀

  665. Ya! Lin said so in his video when he was in Rox… I don’t think he likes Kidd. Plus if Lin wants to come to Bucks why he didn’t showcase today…? 9pts is not the good impression you want your future team to see…

  666. What if Cliffy gets fired and Jordan hires MDA :O

  667. Yup. I have said it below. I don’t agree on resigning with Hornets as back up SG and 5% PG.

  668. that would be a perfect scenario. i think kemba would be backing Lin hin that case lol

  669. Following Lin for a quite awhile now, I’ll be very surprised if Lin will allow himself to be under Kidd’s control. Lin will be far more careful and sensitive whom he wants to be his next season’s coach. He once mentioned that it’s important for the coach to like him and trust him… But anything can happen in life, we’ll see where God will lead him.

  670. One can dream..

  671. seriously if it happened maaaaaaan imma be sooooo stoooked let him play 15 min i would not care because its the SPÖÖÖÖRS!!! ;D

  672. I dont know if Pop is willing to let go of mills though…. :

  673. i could see him getting rid of mills for Lin…but maybe not, time will tell though!

  674. 1) I’d rather go for GSW if they part way with Livingston. Or SAS if they plan to let go either Parker or Patty.
    2) NYK….?
    3) 76ers, Nets
    4) Again, GSW or SAS

  675. I don’t disagree but teams like the 76ers and Bucks would have to get the right personnel together so that they are at least fighting for a playoff spot and have at least the potential to get better as quickly as possible. I think he needs to be in a team that is competitive for his prime years, otherwise whatever numbers he puts up would be seen as superficial.

    Ish Smith is having the season of his life but there is not much buzz about it because it is the 76ers. Starting PG in a bad, really bad, team, even the one where MDA is the associate head coach, is not the answer imo.

  676. Yeah…. I’m torn…
    Patty is a fellow Aussie so I’m also following him a bit. I like that he’s in a championship team now. It’ll be sad to see him go,….

  677. Short highlights

  678. I can only see JLin getting recruited by the Spurs to replace Manu if he retires

    IMO JLin would choose to reunite with MDA if given the chance.
    JLin has a limited window in his peak age (27-31 years old) to see how far he can take a team in the right system so I’m sure he would relish that chance.

    2-3 big games in the playoff would definitely help open up doors for JLin

  679. 1) Agreed
    2) I really don’t think Lin care about the $ at all. Beside he is making a lot more than the average NBA stars since he made a lot more from the endorsements such as adidas and tag heuer.
    3) 76ers is in a very bad spot. And MDA is only an assistant coach. So I would rather the Nets.
    4) Yup.

  680. Ehhh. I am not sure but I believe the Spurs big 3 and gregg popovich have mentioned before that all 4 of them will be retired together?

  681. You also have to consider that his level of play both offensively and defensively has improved drastically this year that he’s ready to take on the starting role for teams not tanking. Even a team like the Philly, with the right floor general it can turn around in a hurry. Just look at the Hornets from last year to this year, a few pieces put together would make a difference. Any teams that come and get him would probably pick up other pieces to complement him.

  682. Highlights from JUN LIU

  683. Yes. Lin def wouldn’t even look at option 2.
    Fatlever is wishing like I wish I’m 6 feet tall.
    The only scenario Lin would remain a Hornet is if he gets promoted to starter and be given a golden key to run the team, which, is about as likely as Harry Potter being my friend…

  684. Haha! Feel the same way.

  685. You know where to find sws94 if you really want to talk to Sws so badly.

  686. The Bucks actually has the nice personnel in 3 positions (Monroe C, Khris Middleton SG, Giannis SF) but they need a true PG to give them the ball so JLin can definitely lead the Bucks to the playoff immediately.

    The main reason I support JLin to be a starter first is because NBA is a numbers game. Starters will get accommodations (multiple screens, minutes, plays) to help get the All-Star numbers to make the franchise look good like Kemba. As a role player in the Hornets, JLin is not expected to get plays/screens/minutes that suit his strength. His margin of error is very small.

    Ish Smith is not good enough as a starter (39% FG, 32% 3FG) even in his best season. I definitely think JLin has the ability to lead 76ers to the playoff in 1-2 years. He just needs a chance.

    But at the end of the day, we just need to wait for JLin.
    Whatever he will decide, we will support 🙂

  687. Tim and Manu might retire but I think Parker can still play at 31?
    LMA and Kahwi are definitely the next gen of players

  688. Man…. gotta tip our hats to the SAS management. All these years keeping their team in championship contention with crafty roster changes, FA signings, rookie drafting and player development…. All the transitions are connected seamlessly. Seriously speechless, what a dynasty.

  689. Thanks…was waiting for highlights…missed today’s game.

    Good Win and Great Steals for Lin

  690. What Pop said about the Spurs organization being built on “characters” is truly inspiring.

    I hope JLin has a chance to play with the Spurs sometime in his career

  691. Why? Isn’t ones choice of music a personnel issue?

  692. Yes, JLin’s 4 steals marked his season high for 2015-16 season.

    His career high was 6 steals which he accomplished twice in his 1st season as a Houston Rockets

    Glad to see JLin trying to feed Kemba multiple times plus other teammates.
    I see he’s trying to use the final 10 games to build chemistry with his teammates because they will need it if they want to surprise teams in the playoff.

    Brilliant Ivy-League tactician!

  693. Believe JLin has 5 steals in this game.

  694. I hope not…unless Parker retires, Lin should not sign with the Spurs and I don’t care whether they play team ball…Lin needs to go to a team where there’s no entrenched point guard.

  695. This is a must-read article by BBallBreakdown on Linsanity win vs the Spurs

    Explaining Linsanity: Jeremy Lin Torches the Spurs
    Posted by Jesse Blanchard

    The San Antonio Spurs’ defense has been an impenetrable wall all season, and through the first 12 minutes of Monday night’s game, those walls appeared to be closing in on the Charlotte Hornets.

    After shutting down the Golden State Warriors’ offensive juggernaut just days ago, the Spurs jumped out to a 28-7 lead over the Hornets, strangling all the passing lanes and three-pointers that had been Charlotte’s lifeblood for what appeared to be another in a long line of easy victories.

    And then, Jeremy Lin happened.

    Those words alone are enough to invoke images of what played out over the final three quarters as Lin engineered perhaps the most improbable comeback of the season. Even several years removed from his breakout season, memories of “Linsanity” are never too far from the public mind.

    The pull-up three-pointers. The downhill drives. The ability to find seams in a defense and space through the trees near the rim. All of it imbued with a sort of kinetic energy that’s hard to describe, but easy to get lost in—for fans and opposing defenses alike.

    “He was spectacular,” Spurs coach Gregg Popovich said [per NBA.com]. “We couldn’t stop him all night. He had a great night. He was wonderful.”

    Linsanity is still referred to as a phenomenon. For all our advanced stats, video, and projection models, it’s difficult to explain the perfect confluence of events that occurred in New York—perhaps because it was too far of an outlier, or maybe because the folklore of it all is just too fun to.

    Basketball is such a fluid game, it’s hard to quantify it all. The hot hand, momentum, clutch, swagger. These things exist on some Ethereal plane that logic has tried to suss out or deny, but by which anyone who has played the game swears by; almost at a religious level. And like God, the evidence is anecdotal, but the miracles are difficult to discount.

    More Charlotte Hornets articles

    The Hornets Under The Radar Playoff Push

    The Hornets Under The Radar Playoff Push

    By Vivek Jacob Follow @thesportstudent Written off after the early season loss of Michael Kidd-Gilchrist, the Charl…

    Taking Stock: Charlotte Hornets Trade Value

    Taking Stock: Charlotte Hornets Trade Value

    After an unexpectedly strong start to the season, the Charlotte Hornets have sputtered, falling just outside of the…

    Jeremy Lin is not a great basketball player, but he is able to tap into greatness. More than many, when given the opportunity, Lin is like a lightning rod that pulls those aforementioned intangible qualities out of thin air.

    Against the Spurs, Lin scored 29 points on 11-for-18 shooting, hitting all four of his three-pointers to ignite the Hornets. And as is the case when it comes to Lin, it appeared to come from the smallest of sparks. A flurry of Spurs’ turnovers (six) in the second quarter provided a little momentum for the Hornets, and few players in the NBA ride its waves as expertly as Jeremy Lin, who scored 12 points on 5-of-8 shooting during that time.

    “He made some unbelievable shots and got his confidence going,” Tim Duncan said [via Jeff McDonald of the San Antonio Express-News]. “It changed the game for them.”

    Lin can single-handedly change games, but his individual talent isn’t the franchise-altering variety. His game has star-like qualities. He has good size with plus-athleticism and good instincts for breaking down defenses. There’s a fearlessness in how he attacks the game, making him a conduit for big, momentum-shifting plays.

    But to access the full breadth of this talent, he needs to consume superstar-level resources on the court, and his overall game falls just short of justifying that.

    Lin has good, not elite, athleticism. The same holds true for his shooting. He can get to the middle of the floor out of pick and rolls against most defenses, and has underrated court vision, but doesn’t have full command of an offense the way a Chris Paul or Kyle Lowry would. Defensively, he’s more playmaker than stopper. He can gamble for steals the way Manu Ginobili might, but without the same substance or intuitive calculus that keeps those risks squarely in the positive ledger.

    To best utilize Lin is to place him as a number one option—and he’s certainly capable of operating in this role—but there are simply too many better players to entrust with such freedom and responsibility.

    In his stints in New York and Houston, Carmelo Anthony and James Harden stood in the way as better offensive fulcrums than Lin. Perhaps with more time, better systems, and a Jeremy Lin who knew how to better operate off the ball, those pairings could have worked. In Los Angeles, Lin’s one viable NBA skill—the ability to operate a quality pick and roll—was lost on Byron Scott, whose lousy coaching tainted Lin’s value to such a degree that the Hornets were able to acquire him for a relative pittance.

    It’s proven to be a beautiful match.

    Charlotte is a small market with limited resources, incapable of luring superstars in their current environment. Instead, they’ve stumbled upon a successful formula by investing in quality coaching and flawed players with elite qualities. Purely in terms of breaking down a defender, Kemba Walker is as good as anyone in the NBA. Though often injured, Michael Kidd-Gilchrist is just short of the Kawhi Leonards and Draymond Greens of the league, defensively. Al Jefferson is an elite post scorer and can command a double team. Those players are among the very best at what they do, but what they do has a very narrow scope.

    Building around such players isn’t ideal, but without a franchise player or the ability to attract one, it’s the hand Charlotte has to work with.

    They’ve built an infrastructure to accommodate these flawed talents. Nicolas Batum is, perhaps, their most important player. His playmaking, basketball IQ, and defensive versatility from the wing balances Walker and Jefferson’s scoring tendencies and defensive deficiencies. That he is solid in most other facets of the game allows him to defer to more explosive scorers while still impacting the game. They’ve also injected a lot of shooting into the roster—something that smooths over a lot of imperfections.

    Lin is perfectly at home in this environment, where better players can fill in the gaps of his game; but with no one so dominant that they’d severely limit his own playmaking opportunities.

    He’s averaging 11.7 and 2.9 assists per game, but his impact—like so many of his teammates—goes beyond the simple box score. To his credit, he’s rounded out some of the edges of his game to better function off the ball (which allows the Hornets to pair him with Walker at times). According to NBA.com, Jeremy Lin hits 35.6 percent of his catch and shoot three-point attempts, and 38.8 percent when left wide open. His shot selection has shifted to include more points created by others (the number of three-point shots he was assisted on jumped to 84.1 percent, up from last year’s 58.5 percent according to Basketball-Reference).

    Most of this is more acceptable-to-solid than good or great, but the improvements are enough to keep him on the floor without having to completely turn the keys to the offense over to him. Which is important, because while he’s not quite good enough to run a team, he’s impactful enough to carve out some space for him—because you never know when lightning will strike.

    Jeremy Lin is a part-time catalyst with the potential for big time yields. And if he’s only capable of such play for brief moments, it’s important to note that few players have a bigger sense of the moment, or capture it so vividly. A lot of words have been spilled to try and explain Linsanity, and the overall numbers suggest a poor return on investment. But not all basketball has to be quantifiable.

    The Charlotte Hornets are 40-30, which isn’t a comfortable lock for the playoffs. But most of their struggles are due to injuries, and they’ve been one of the more formidable teams in the NBA since the beginning of February, with a 17-5 record and a top 10 offense and defense. Should they get into a competitive playoff series, they’ll need some chaos to tilt the numbers in their favor—and what better way than from a player who’s been able to distill magic from basketball.

    Or, as Jeremy Lin put it Monday night:

    “When I’m comfortable and in the zone, it’s usually good for me.”

  696. Frankly I don’t like this article. I personally disagree with the “good not great” narrative about Lin. I think even Lebron James would not do as well as Lin if Lebron went through all the marginalisation Lin has gone through.

  697. Unless Parker is retiring which he isn’t I’m not sure Lin will go to Spurs, he has better options as starting PG and reuniting with MDA is far more important.

  698. Lin’s not going to “settle” for a lesser role, his prime is coming up and he’s not going to waste it being a bench player with only 15 minutes when people are healthy. He still going to chase his All-Star and Championship. No way Hornets are championship caliber with a selfish ball hog like Kemba.

  699. Kidd doesn’t like Lin, if not he would’ve made an offer during off season.

  700. this season had not been concentrating much on steals…its more of blocks and rebounds.

    And it was 5 steals! 😉

  701. yes, thanks 🙂

  702. Those who say Lin’s good not great are just bias haters. If Lin gets to lead his own team as PG I have zero doubt they will be finals bound!

  703. Why does he have to like rap music? He can’t like Jazz and RnB instead? This is dumb.

  704. Nederlander ja, jij duidelijk vlaams?

  705. there is no need to call others as haters….everyone entitle to their opinion, some view him as average, some good, some at very good given a team.

  706. That chubby ref seems oblivious to all the “non vertical contact” that Lin is absorbing, That’s 3 times right in front of him = =.

  707. You don’t see them calling other players like Batum or Kemba “he’s good but not great”, it is what it is.

  708. MJ would have to offer Lin a max contract to hire the coach he wants and I don’t think that’s happening.

  709. If this this was only Batum and Lin as starter it would be perfect unfortunately, Hornets insist on propping up a fake star. Once Lin leaves if Batum does sign with them he will regret it just like Dwight. Truth was right in front of him but he missed it.

  710. Not assistant but associate coach.

  711. Lol! Fire up your sons legendary Voltaire. Like your post?

  712. Not happening. They like Clifford and they like Kemba. They just extended Clifford’s contract and Kemba is their franchise player and they build Kemba for the asg next season. If Lin stays, he will stay as a back up for life. Would you be happy to watch Lin marginalized all the time all his NBA life?

  713. If Lin is offered max contract, how much will it be?

  714. Lin will never be a selfish, me first, stat-padding ball-hog. There are already plenty of those in the NBA. Personally, I’m very pleased to be his fan and love him just the way he is.

  715. Latest Conference Standings – Eastern Conference

  716. Western Conference

  717. As shown in video it would have been 6 steals, but the ball bounced around many players back to a Milwaukee player.

  718. When the writer said that he’s not good enough to handle a team then he negated all the good thing that he have said.Wait for next year and prolly let’s visit this article again.

  719. Thanks bluebell I missed the game but I know you will post the highlights.

  720. I just want him to be a starting PG ,no more no less.

  721. Whooah where’s the legendary came from…sounds nice though…

  722. Nets,76’ers or Bucks I don’t care which of these 3 teams as as he is starting.

  723. Bayliss defended Kemba really well.

  724. Bucks have lots of legth and guys that can finish a pnr unlike Zeller and Al who have costed Lin so many assists this game. If Ennis can get double digit assists by throwing lobs to Henson and Plumee, think of what Lin can do with those guys. The problem is Bucks don’t defend and they need a three pt shooter – both of which Lin can help out in. Lin may not like the cold though.

  725. Bayliss played Kemba straight up and stopped his drives. They did triple Lin on one play that he passed to Al underneath for the finish.

  726. I know lots of fans want Lin & MDA on the same team. I like the idea too but don’t think Lin will go to 76.

  727. He’s playing like a real playmaker out there.

  728. I think the Bulls would be a good team for Lin. He will not start but he will play a huge role and that team is one or two players away from top three seed in East. That team needs a third playmaker. Houston could use a guy like Lin, but that fanbase is toxic. Charlotte would be a good landing spot but I think they will not sign Lin unless they strike out on Batum and Lee. Bucks would be a good team too. I am not a fan of Philly, Brooklyn, Sacramento – basically teams that are bottom of the barrel.

  729. Another average article that tapes on brief Linsanity to show how great the author knows the basketball.

    Nothing new here, the same narrative that Lin is good but not great. These writers just touch the surface, never really dig their heads into the water.

  730. You would be surprised how good would be the 76’ers next season even w/o Lin on their roster.They have the money to spent and a lot of picks to burned.

  731. There suppose to the a video with the BBallbreakdown. Here it is…worth the watch.

  732. I think 76 will turn around. But I don’t think Lin will go to 76, IMO.

  733. It’s hard to predict where Lin really wanna be next season but I just hope he’ll choose a team that he will give him the opportunity to start ,or not just opportunity but the right to start.

  734. Can’t agree more.

  735. Bulls after D Rose and MJ history? no way, their organization don’t know what they are doing and need to rebuild already! Again you lost me at “not start”.

  736. Why does nobody mention the Utah Jazz as potential teams in need of a point guard? All their PG draft picks have been busts since Deron Williams left town.

  737. Lin keeps breaking records but people still think that he’s not capable of holding a team ,I hope Lin will dunk on the free throw line,shoot 3 from mid court,20 steals a game,10 shot blocks per game and 15 rebounds a game

  738. Good you mention that, his skill sets will really fit in with their talents they have but if the coach is not sold to what Lin can do for the team then it’s another disaster waiting to happen.

  739. behind D rose and Butler? thats not much better than Charlotte

  740. Greatness has to be proven over a period of time. You don’t become great over a few games. Many greatness are discovered when presented with the opportunity. And that’s what the author is saying. Giving the right opportunity and situation Lin has what it takes to be great. A hidden talent is no talent at all!

  741. Right on! There were numerous moments in games, at Houston, LA, or Charlotte, Lin would pass the ball to a teammate to score when he could’ve put up a shot himself (even when his points looked dismal and this fan would scream at TV or computer screen for him to shoot).

    Last night in 3Q, one Bucks commentator said “Lin passed a good shot for a greater shot,” when he threw the ball to Walker for a 3-point shot. Lin is a consummate team player.

  742. Love the term “Triple-L Lineup of Death” — Lin, Lee and Lamb with Jefferson and Kaminsky in the spurs game.

  743. What?dunk on the free throw line,shoot 3 from mid court,20 steals a game,10 shot blocks per game and 15 rebounds a game? Only Basketball God can do that!

  744. 2 pts played only 21 minutes he no starter. Bucks definitely are looking for a PG.

  745. Those are exaggerations but even with those numbers he will still be doubted.

  746. What records?

  747. Don’t know if the ban is lifted but thanks for the support to those that have expressed it toward me. I never called anyone a name, Captain Sullenberger is a compliment, not a putdown and it was a question to someone if they named themselves after him. He’s a hero, saving many lives with his swift thinking and actions. And I remember that day in New York when the ferries came over to rescue the people from off of that plane.

    Anyway, I think Lin’s game exemplified his sense of being a team player. Although Lin had some tough drives through traffic he finished on and hit a smooth 3, and went 1 for 2, he was looking to get his guys going and be a facilitator. I think his guys let him down by not catching and finishing several times. I think most of the TOs weren’t his fault and also his defense was very strong, determined and effective and of course included the steals but there were deflections and forcing guys into TOs that aren’t in the stats sheet.

    Happy Easter.

  748. He holds the highest points made on the first 5 games as a starter,3ple double as a rockets off the bench in less than 30 mins.1st player (team)to beat the Spurs with a lead more than 28 points on the first quarter,isn’t that good enough?

  749. Welcome back sws94

  750. Good to see you back. 🙂

    Happy Easter to y’all. Tea time for me talk to y’all on Tues *Against 76ers”. Go Lin!

  751. De consulaat is erg ver van het luchthaven. Ik hoop dat ze kunnen klaarmaken in een dag.

  752. Good enough for what?
    He has done those great things we all acknowledge that but leading a team isnt all about records
    If your coach doesnt think highly of you, you wont get the chance to show ur full potential and consistency so people dont know if you can lead a team

    Terrence Ross and Corey Brewer had 50+ pt games but noone trusts them either

  753. I read it differently. But I agree with you that greatness has to be proven over a period of time.

    Yet, the key is if Lin is ever given the opportunity for a whole season, not just one game here, another there. And these opportunities were mostly situational and accidental.

  754. My choice is for Lin to go to the Spurs. It a group of all team no stars. He would fit perfectly there exactly how and who he is. He would be with the most intelligent coach and players in the league. It’s a perfect fit. He would have the opportunity to be a major contributor to a championship.

  755. BTW, the Spurs are my favorite team. It would be nice to have my favorite player and team together.

  756. I don’t know what precipitated the ban, but welcome back. I always found your posts reasonable though we have our disagreements.

  757. I would be great if JLin can have a year to play with Tim Duncan, but that’s maybe not possible.

  758. So what’s your point?

  759. This article has some gems for everyone, and it was probably written to cover 2 bases. Coach Nick always tries a bit to knock Lin and yet, he says good things. I believe he will be a belieber with a b grade when JLin gets his team. JLin will get it, I have trust.

    “And as is the case when it comes to Lin, it appeared to come from the smallest of sparks. … and few players in the NBA ride its waves as expertly as Jeremy Lin …”

    So yeah, baby, JLin is a great surfer! Mavericks! here we come (not Dallas lol).

  760. Coach Nick is building his own brand and I believe he’s conservative with his career. He’s trying to fit in the NBA crowd but also create space for himself. He knows bball and has helped us see many aspects of JLin’s game over the years, but he will not double down on JLin until JLin is a made man on his own team, because Coach Nick is trying to make his brand with his cadre.

  761. JLin got up early this AM and thought … I’m glad Good Friday is over and I feel happy today 🙂

  762. And you called yourself Phillycheese?

  763. This article is not by Nick, you know that right?

  764. Spurs won’t have cap space for him. Unless TD, Manu retire, and not to pick up their player option….. And they have Parker and Mills, so don’t see it happen

  765. Did anyone post this yet? This morning’s LA Times states: “Jeremy Lin, who wasn’t much of a factor with the Lakers last season, has been a key member of the Charlotte Hornets as they head for the playoffs in the East.” With nice pic of Jeremy with his arms raised and sastisfied look on his face during Spurs game. Happy Easter!

  766. oh, then I stand corrected, sorry/thanks. Maybe I’ll delete my post after reading the source. Later … nm, I’ll let it stand. It’s the editorial policy of that site and also the partners. More to my point then … they are competing for fan base. I like Coach Nick, just gotta keep that view in place when one reads stuff.

    It’s weird now … with the high stakes of online clicks, very fast profit momentum of news cycles, it’s v hard to get good new editorial and we are left more on our own to learn, and who from? Sometimes from forums, but anyway, it’s now hard to get good info because the info providers are so guided by the $ (and they need to be to survive the ups and downs of clicks, etc.)

  767. if Charlotte cannot get home court for playoffs, I would like them to drop down to 7 or 8th. then JLin would have to be fully unleashed in order for the Hornets to even have a chance.

  768. Really? Wow! It’s about time….

  769. Yes! The title of the short article said “Lin Sparking Hornets”. Talked about how he has helped “lead the surge for the Hornets” this season (glad he’s being given props!). Mentioned that “Lin was unstoppable against one of the best teams in the league, socring 29 points against the San Antonio Spurs …” Also talked about game against Nets, etc.

  770. Consistency and trust from coach are the most important things

  771. If Charlotte is in the 7th place then they’ll face the Raptors. The Raptors defense doesn’t trap very much and even if they do they’re not persistence. I think the Raptors are the best matchup for Lin. Lin played well against the Raptors.

  772. I think vs Spurs game it really helps Lin a lot for his upcoming FA. Bc it’s vs Spurs. The rest are not that important anymore….

  773. Yes that’s it!

  774. How about consistency for role,usage and playing time and definitely a coach that will trust him to run the team as a PG.

  775. hij zegt dat hij in goede handen is dus hopen we op het beste en kunnen alleen afwachten

  776. welcome back Dude!

  777. lav dis…..grand finale music at ST. Patrick’s Cathedral -5th ave. this morning with Cardinal Dolan officiating d mass

  778. yeah, this is the author…… a good one……

  779. I’d imagine if they face the Cavs eventually, there’ll be lots of cheap shots from Della and JR on Lin. That makes me worry for his wellbeing…

  780. Lin’s brother is doing well in Taiwan.


  781. Some of Lin fans probably don’t like this article, but skip the CHA part, I am okay with it, at least the first few paragraphs; such as JLIN is able to tap into greatness. More than many, when given the opportunity, Lin is like a lightning rod that pulls those aforementioned intangible qualities out of thin air. he mention Tim Duncan’s command about LIN “He made some unbelievable shots and got his confidence going”, “It changed the game for them”; he also said Lin can single-handedly change games. His game has star-like qualities. He has good size with plus-athleticism and good instincts for breaking down defenses. There’s a fearlessness in how he attacks the game, making him a conduit for big, momentum-shifting plays. To best utilize Lin is to place him as a number one option—and he’s certainly capable of operating in this role. He praising Lin’s skill, after took out those BUT, looks not bad at all.

    I personally love all of the JLIN’s personality, basketball skills, IQ, energy, good qualities, his ability to play shutdown defense and provide clutch scoring. But certainly some of the Lin fans may have different level of “Likeliness”; it is fine, as long as they provide the positive, constructive suggestions, write the true statements, I am okay with it. even I may have different angle of the view, it is fine, if I don’t agree with that opinion, just ignore it, press on! It is not easy to find an above average Lin site to safely visit; we shall treasure more of this site. Go JLIN, Go!

  782. Ya, I like Steve Novak, such a nice teammate, they have a happy summer together!

  783. I wish JLIN can find a team that he can call HOME and offer him the starter PG position with reasonable contract! If not, then land at Spurs and get the fair treatment and get a RING!!!

  784. Zeller probably thought Lamb’s head was the basketball. (refresh for image)

    It looked painful. This was at the SASvsCHA game, 2nd quarter.

  785. Joseph might be too good to play in Taiwan. Perhaps he can look at Euro leagues as his next step…

  786. do you know his salary in Taiwan?

  787. Lin said baby Lin will play for China in the future…

  788. No I don’t know how much exactly. But from my impression Taiwanese professional athletes get paid peanuts compared to NBA. I’d not be surprised if their top star players get around the same or less than what Jeremy is earning now. But then again, I left Taiwan over 20 years ago as a kid.

  789. It makes sense, Chinese League is the next step. I don’t think he’s big enough for Euro Leagues.

  790. You mean playing in the Chinese League or representing China national team…?

  791. For Chinese League. Baby Lin can’t represent China National Team bc he’s US citizen.

  792. Lin will excel when the opportunity is presented. He is More than capable to handle and lead a team.
    The writer is brainwashed by the haters.

  793. That’s what I thought.

  794. Oh yes. I forgot he’s not as tall. Barely 6 feet?

  795. As of right now, Joseph Lin still needs a lot of work before he can become too good to play in Taiwan. Here are some of his regular season statistics:

    30.5 MPG, 27.66% 3PT, 44.62% 2PT, 40% FG, 74.7% FT

    12.13 PPG, 4.1RPG, 4.4APG, 3.5 TOV/G (1.26 assist/turnover ratio).

    The low 3 point percentage is certainly worrisome because Jeremy said that Joseph is a better shooter than him but it hasn’t translated into the actual in game results. Hopefully, with a successful rookie season under his belt, Joseph can keep getting better and can one day play in Europe.

  796. Looks like he went to get pizza was left holding the pizza box

  797. Yeah Rockets lose. West is pitiful. Rockets are 2 games under 500 and still in playoff picture at #8.

  798. yeah, I thought if he played in Taiwan for 2 years, then he will qualify for a special category to play in China. I think each team had limited spot for foreign player, but for baby Lin, he might be able to get around that and play for a team without taking that spot. Then it will be much easier to get on to a team.

  799. #8, Why? I thought they were #9 after lose to Jazz few days ago? smh!

  800. I put $20 on Philly tonight.. LETS GOO $$$$!!!

  801. Dallas lost 3 in a row. And Parsons had knee surgery so they might not make it into the playoffs.

  802. I don’t like Mav but now I really want them to win more games.

  803. The Mavs couldn’t even beat the Kings today. Doubt they make it

  804. Ya! China pay a lot more higher than Taiwan. I believe he can go to Yao’s team…. he’s hot in Taiwan so he sure will be hot in China too.

  805. Mavs have 9 games left, 6 against playoff teams. Houston has 8 games left, only 2 that are playoff teams.

  806. Maybe Joe can play for Taiwan’s Olympic team?

  807. What? I hope it’s not Mav out of playoff …? Why Rox is so lucky…. But you never know… they lose to Jazz….

  808. But his teammates or PR person should be more alert…. none of his teammates knew he went to get his pizza?! Not very close friendship….

  809. Just check Mav lose to King today. smh!

  810. It depends on the issue of his citizenship. It’s a pretty sensitive topic so I’d avoid discussing it in depth before that time comes.

  811. https://twitter.com/therealmikekb/status/714113113595985921
    1) Dump Hinkie and Brown. 2) Acquire MDA and Lin. 3) Rebuild complete.

  812. I know… Thanks God, Rox lose too. Hang in there, Mav.

  813. 🙁

  814. Looks like Dallas and Houston will be fighting for the 8th playoff spot. Their game next week is going to be intense.

  815. wow you must have been uplifted. I’m always amazed that many average to good singers can get together in a choir and knock the socks off a song that one can carry for a lifetime. Even 20 people in a local church, I still remember those moments from my childhood.

  816. I’d love to see Rox out. That entity needs some righting.

  817. Him and Brown are gone…MDA and Colangeo will be officially running the show by the start of free agency

  818. And they will strike hard in the free agency.I’m not ruling out for Dwight and Lin reunion with shooters around them.Dwight ,Lin Okafor plus 2 good shooters that can defend will make this team a scary contender in the East.

  819. yes,all the time n have goosebumps……heard this so many times in carnegie or lincoln center and people would always get up n applaud everytime this song is played

  820. YES!

  821. yah you need those too
    u cant be great without a consistent role

  822. Love it. NBA keeps promoting Lin now. Haha!

  823. Guess it’s great to be on the East Coast for some culture!

  824. That’s very big deal for Lin this coming summer.

  825. Haha! This is great news to see…. LOL!


  826. karma is a @@#$%… there’s a higher power who is taking care of dolan, melo n JLin 🙂

  827. I think someone in NBA management have been waiting for Lin to break out to promote Lin. Spurs game give them the reason. The China connection could be one of the forces behind it.

  828. good to see you back.

  829. fun!

  830. Yes! Hope media attention and JLin’s play keeps it up.

  831. You won! +20.5 spread

  832. interesting, but if I were him, I’d probably keep playing in Taiwan just to make a name and also all the business/sponsors I would get just for being Lin’s brother.

  833. I feel bad for Porzingis. He’s a great player.

  834. I think they always had during the season especially after those horrible ref calls.

  835. NBA finally sees Lin’s marketing potential.

  836. If only their FO can wake the hell up, get rid of Melo and bring in someone who can seriously help Porzingis and put magic buffs on all other teammates…

  837. poor guy!…it happens at times

  838. Found this, really enjoyed this, hope you will like it.

  839. How many years Melo is w NYK?

  840. NBA and Melo trying to blame someone else again

  841. Great video. Tks!. I respect Gregg Popovich as a basketball coach so much! He is one of the few real coach that won’t back down from so call NBA Stars (Melo, Harden and I can go on and on all day).

  842. Great find. I’ll feature it 🙂

  843. The lottery race:

    Eric Pincus ‏@EricPincus 33m33 minutes ago
    At 15-58, the Lakers are not catching the Sixers, but they also aren’t going to be caught by Phoenix or Brooklyn – #2 in lottery it is

  844. 6 years including this season.

  845. So Melo can’t even carry this team to playoff. He went playoff twice w NYK. One had to thanks Linsanity. W huge salary but he only took NYK to playoff once by himself?! smh!

  846. this is excellent. thanks for the link

    throughout the speech, kept thinking how perfect Lin would fit into the system. all of the players have character, the front office isn’t bogged down by politics, and the coach is a genius who treats everyone equally. Lin can just come in and be himself.. play his game, lead his group, and even draw up plays without having to worry about inscure coaches or jealous teammates. seems like a perfect match for both parites

    and then i remember how Lin mentioned that this year was a special year for him. what exactly did he mean by that? maybe he’s using this season to showcase his character, skills, unselfishness, leadership, work ethics, et cetera to the Spurs and then sign with them in the off-season. maybe they had some kind of unofficial agreement set up. kind of a stretch but i’m calling it right now, Lin to the Spurs!

  847. Aiming for D’Angelo Russell #2

  848. That once by himself I would credit to all the vets he had, especially jason Kidd.

  849. Wonder what the chances are of Lin winning a billion dollar lawsuit for repeatedly being asked to show his ID at NBA arenas (assuming that no other NBA player experiences this)

  850. That season he had Jason kidd, raymond felton, ty chandler, stoudamire, novak, JR smith – his Career year, iman shumpert, Brewer, Chris Copeland -huge scorer off the bench, Kenyon MArtin, Rasheen wallace and Marcus Camby…

  851. Hornets causing a lot of buzz. As playoffs approach, more talk about them making noise. Talking up walker, batum, and Lin is a win win. If hornets do well then the hornets give the nba some new stars and if they upset a superstar then that superstar does not look as bad. For now hornets have “great” players and one guy nicknamed “linsanity.” And Lin is not bad and could help you get a “lucky” win.

  852. If rockets do creep into the playoffs, the one good thing is golden state will embarrass them four times in a row on national tv.

  853. why can’t i see it? how can i locate the file

  854. Agree, I doubt anyone predicted that lin will be coming to charlotte this season…

  855. that should be 0.

  856. wanna see Jeremy’s little bro get to the CBA to play his big brother’s alter ego: Guo Ai Lun.


  857. no wonder his jumpers aren’t falling!

  858. stranger things have happened – Hulk Hogan.

  859. eyes blinded?! naah…he is fine…he uses his ki instead of eyes! 🙂

  860. Thank you I liked it!

  861. Is he growing his hair for THIS!!?

  862. I never thought Charlotte was a bad option. Lin appears happy here and team likes him. They have a shot at top three in East. Can he have a bigger role? Sure. But I don’t think they will try to sign him as first priority, so he may not be available when they do decide.

  863. And you call yourself xeroid, so what’s your point?

  864. I think xeroid meant from your statement above ” I am not a fan of Philly”…lol

  865. yeah, where is the video?, I only saw Kobrick;s video there.

  866. I read somewhere that players got about USD35k a year. Maybe the club throws in housing as well because it’s hard to live on that salary.

  867. I like the sandwich but not the city where it originated. Philly fans are a crazy lot. I think they will treat Lin worse than Houston fans if he makes any kind of mistake.

  868. They are good option but they may want to invest on developing Exum. Lin playing behind Exum would be totally unfair.

  869. Bulls may end up blowing up that team since they are not really playing to the coach’s vision. I like the coach and think Lin’s game would fit in very well. I can see them trading Rose. Right now they are in a disarray.

  870. That would be perfect.

    Brian Colangelo as GM, MDA as coach, JLin running the show.

  871. Yes but they will be back to nothing when Lin will be out of this team next season. Too bad for them.

  872. Hmmm.

    I wasn’t reminded of Lin.

    I was reminded more of Dennis Schroeder for some reason.

    I think it’s because this guy doesn’t have Lin’s explosiveness or strength or deceptiveness or court instincts.

  873. I saw this on the hornets site, and wanted to share this poster’s thoughts with you guys. Sorry, its a little long, but tldr – Lin will not stay with the hornets given his current or lesser role in the future. Largely agree with his / her points from the 3rd para onwards.

    “I’m a huge Lin fan–and I don’t care if Lin plays 30MPG, 28MPG, 25MPG–whatever. There is no idea that a backup PG needs to be playing around 30MPG in this league. Jeremy’s been shown a lot of love in Charlotte, it’s been cool. Mainly in regards to Jeremy, I just want him to play competently, because sometimes he plays against his own-skill set and strengths and it annoys me. Like come on dude, at least fail in your own style.

    I see your annoyance based on your interaction with people online about the differing opinion on Lin’s situation, but who cares? At the end of the day, ball is ball. Life is more important. I like Jeremy, and whatever that dude needs to be happy, he should go for it. When I talked about minutes and all of that, these weren’t words I was projecting randomly from my own hopes for Lin. I say that he does want to play 28-30 minutes a game, and I say that he has a strong desire to want to close games, and I say that he vastly prefers to be the active PG, and I say all these things because these are topics he’s addressed within interviews in the past from his time in New York, Houston and LA. The topics came up often because he had to play with ball-dominant guys like Melo/Harden/Kobe–and there were times when he was benched, etc. So yes, he’s on record on saying these things, they are not just internet words made out of thin air to argue against strawmen.

    There’s something that’s funny to me though, and it’s that there seems to be such a disconnect with what the FA bonanza will actually bring later this offseason. Especially strange to me is this idea that Lin is completely cool with being slotted into a role where he is solidified on the bench. And I don’t mean solidified in a bad way either, but just in a real practical application of the phrase. He’s a bench guy here. He’s not “one good stretch away from being inserted into the Starting lineup,” or anything like that–he’s a solidified bench guy. Yet the important thing to know here is that if you’ve followed Lin after Linsanity, he’s always bringing back the point (when he’s asked after the season is over), that someday he wants to be an All-Star, and that he wants to prove that he’s more than just Linsanity, etc. That is his ultimate basketball goal. He always talks about it. It’s a common quote that appears annually every offseason–ever since the Summer after Linsanity–so clearly, these are not the words of a guy who is totally cool with being the swiss-army knife bench guy. But here in Charlotte, it strangely has become common to believe that this zen mindset of the team-first is his priority.

    But it’s really not… I think what has happened is that a disconnect has occurred between the perception and the reality of the upcoming FA situation. Lin is just a cool dude. He gets along with his teammates, and he’s over himself enough that if the coach gives him a role that is not ideal for him, he’ll do it without complaints. He causes no trouble in the media. Always talks good about his teammates. Cheers on the bench. Things all seem dandy, so it’s easy to think he has no plans of leaving at all. But I don’t think this is the truth, because actions are everything. If he was cool with taking a 6th man role and settling his ceiling in this realm, his time on the market would not have lasted as long as it did, and he would not have come to Charlotte in the first place, where he took a sizeable paycut to get down to 2MIL.

    If you really think about it, and you read between the lines, I think it’s clear as day that Lin is (and has been) making his moves based on where he thinks he has the best chance to become an impactful player who has a path to an all-star birth. The most obvious of these moves is his player option. He sacrificed money just to potentially find the right place where he could rebuild his reputation, and skyrocket back up afterward. And to be honest (though he’ll never say it), signing up to be a 6th man behind a Kemba Walker who had shot below 40% from the field for 3 out of 4 seasons was one of the best opportunities for him to raise his stock back up. Jeremy’s not stupid… and it’s not just chance he’s here. If he would have blown up and had a real good season @ 45/36/80 or something, his value would’ve gone up tremendously–and he would undoubtedly be gone–instead of being in this grey area of hush-hush-wait-til-the-season-is-done-let’s-hope-the-sixers-stop-tanking-and-want-a-serious-PG-or-Brooklyn-wants-me-so-I-can-PnR-With-Brook.

    So yeah, there’s a disconnect everywhere about what’s going to happen, but when in doubt, just ask, “What does someone want?” and “What do the actions say?” Dig up the past off-season interviews and all that stuff, and the predictions become much more accurate. For the Hornets fans who are skeptical (or hopeful) that Lin stays, much love but it’s probably not happening. Not due to any loud people on the internet saying otherwise, but because in the end–Jeremy is still 27–and he’s in the prime of his career. Simply put, just think about the situation logically, and I think if you do, you’d just have to admit that it doesn’t make much sense to think that an athlete in one of the most competitive leagues in world would be willing to give up his dream goal of being an all-star–a goal he talks about desiring to achieve EVERY offseason. I mean, this guy sacrificed literally millions of dollars in favor of a player-option, just to try to find a proper landing space again if things didn’t go to plan. This is clearly not someone who is eyeing being a long-term 6th man. Just think about the situation in proper context, and I don’t understand how the consensus can be anything else other than Lin is gone, especially when you factor in that being in Charlotte will deliver a fatal blow to his ultimate goal, since it will solidify him as a swiss-knife bench guy. In the end, these are the reasons why I think he’s gone. He will leave for his own personal reasons, based on where he is in his career. I think there will be an opportunity for him that is more viable to his path than Charlotte can offer. And that’s cool. Season’s not over yet–still gotta make some noise in the playoffs.

    For the very few fans who think Lin is leaving based on some weird lack-of-respect angles, they are completely out of touch with reality, yet at the same time, so are the Hornets fans who believe a 27-year old Free Agent in the prime of their career would prefer to stay in Charlotte playing in a bench-role, when his self-admitted goal has always been to become an all-star, and that window is closing.

    So yes, it’s all true that Lin enjoys playing in Charlotte genuinely, and that this team has great chemistry, and that the fans have been super cool, but I highly doubt he’s going to sacrifice the prime of his playing career when he still has that glimmer of his dream of being an all-star still alive. You’re not giving an NBA player’s competitive edge enough respect if you think otherwise.”

  874. Where can I find a Jeremy’s highlight link for Buck’s game?

  875. I don’t think they even tried to recruit Melo, Howard, Lebron when they were free agents. I’m surprised they let Tracy McGrady on the team though.

  876. Its buried deep 🙂

    Anyways here it is

  877. So who posted that?

  878. Should have mentioned – Poster named “JohnStockton”, posted in their “off-season plan” thread.

  879. Thank you very much. I have a group of Asians and American friends who get to view the highlights regularly but after making a transatlantic trip, I could not find it since it is somewhere buried. So I appreciate it very much.

  880. Knicks?? what happen to Porzingis? The fake Linsanity, I guess.

  881. Thanks for the highlights. Watched them again and it looks like Lin had 4 blown assists from Zeller (twice), Al and Kemba on a fast break. That bounce pass that Zeller fumbled out of bounds was probably charged as a t/o for Lin.

  882. Presented as good an analysis as any out there. Not the typical “Lin has to leave because he is getting disrespected” kind, which I am thankful for.

  883. He also posted an excellent analysis of Lin’s dribbling style in the Lin thread there. Puts things into perspective.

  884. One thing about media narratives is that it always gets repeated. I can imagine a sports writer covering a wide range of sports would not have time for in-depth research. Even basketball journalist with the NBA would have to watch 30 teams and over 300 players. So they just pick up something someone else said and repeat it, just like parrots.

    Hence false malicious narratives about Lin has had remarkable traction. Houston started it with “Lin is a bad defender”. Another false narrative from Houston is “Lin is inconsistent”.

    Thankfully this year, the narrative is that “Lin is playing better cause he found his niche”. Stats wise, things have not changed that much for Lin since the previous season. Yet almost every commentator is talking about how Lin has found a good fit and that he is playing well.

    I hope this translates into a good deal for Lin next season.

  885. Thanks. Great find. This is a more detailed and objective analysis from a Hornet fan’s perspective, which is quite in par with the views of most posters here.

    Let’s enjoy the remaining 9 games and the playoff. Hope Lin can be a big part of it.

  886. Was server down?

  887. agree..he’s happy now but he’s not abandoning his dreams!!!

  888. I don’t.

    He’s wildly overrated only because he is seen as Lin’s Knick replacement.

    Coach Kurt Rambis has handled Porzingis atrociously, just like Rambis does with all players. Rambis is not any different from Byron Scott – and thus I don’t want Lin going to the Knicks while Rambis is coach.

  889. Geez-can’t someone praise Jeremy without having to knock him for something?!?

    “his seven-day shot chart shows he still can’t drive effectively to his left very well.”

    Really!?! Jeremy takes what the defense gives him. However, the chart shows he made multiple shots on the left side of the rim, not just the right…. How did the analyst “see” that he wasn’t “effective” going left!?!? I looked at the chart of Tim Hardaway which was after Jeremy’s chart… No mention of him not being effective going right even though he didn’t make shots on the right side of the rim…

    Can the media please stop being lazy!?!? And actually do unbiased analysis instead of regurgitating already blown myths about what Jeremy can and can’t do…. That was just a snide remark… I’m surprised the the article didn’t comment about Jeremy’s lack of defense, hence the reason he was hot in shooting if he wanted to bring up another idiotic false narrative…

  890. Pete Guelli tweeted JLin’s Shot Chart

    ICYMI. Chart that includes @jlin7 epic game against SA – Jeremy Lin in Last Seven Days | PointAfter https://www.graphiq.com/wlp/aO7Rsb6DKK1

  891. NBA Top 25 Performance of the Week
    JLin’s Spurs game was ranked #4

  892. no, I think it is okay

  893. Most of his 3s are made from the top of the arc and none from the corner. He didn’t even take any shots from the corner. It makes you wonder what purpose does it serve to have him stand in the corner!

  894. Thanks!

  895. It makes sense for him not to go left coz Big Al parks on the left side of the post. So Lin has to go right for the lay-up or the pass to Al. To say he still cant drive effectively to his left the author obviously didn’t watch the games.

  896. well, we all know the reason to make room for the designated playmakers in Kemba and Batum 🙂

    So glad this 1 week performance shows the NBA again that he’s capable much more than an off-the-bench role player in the Hornets team.

    I think whoever runs @nba and @nbacom likes JLin enough to keep promoting him

  897. Sometimes to make room means watching the game on the bench…lol

  898. Lol, nobody is passing to him in the corner 3s, his best shooting percentage 3 spots.

  899. spread the floor for KW.

  900. It gave me pause too, but I decided:

    – it depends where his screen is coming from.
    – it depends where D funnels him
    – his finish at the rim chooses no left or right
    – small sample size

    So, the article is not objective on where he ends of scoring – it’s not by his choose. If he had a ton of FGM from the left side, then that says something about shooting or finishing from the left. etc.

  901. Thanks! I appreciate you providing us this forum to talk about our favorite basketball player jlin!

  902. true, no more room for Lin in the corner lol

  903. our pleasure .. Big thanks to the mods and all users who work hard to make this forum a positive environment 🙂

  904. great find.

  905. It’s really rational and respectful, very clear on how this person reads others.

  906. Agreed

  907. you might be right. I thought he attacks the basket pretty well. on a side note, do you think Lin has turned the corner on his jumper?

  908. Kemba credited Nic and Jeremy Lin as being phenomenal when asked about new guys this year during today’s post-practice interview.
    “Of course, Nic and Jeremy Lin (the guys we have been playing all year) have been phenomenal, they have been playing very well. It’s been playing with those guys all year”

    This could be diplomatic but it’s still nice to hear Kemba to consider Nic and JLin are important factors of this year’s success. What’s more impressive at the end is Kemba credited his shooting success this year to the same guys who gave him spacing. I thought that’s a commendable answer since he was not asked about it and volunteered the information.

    [mark 3:23]

  909. Nice to hear it…..better than those….”I (or me)” BS

  910. NBA knows that JLin can bring in the fans, so probably waiting for something good to report on.

  911. It’s time to root for the Hornets and Lin. They can’t afford to under use his contribution anymore from.

  912. Kemba is cool and he seems like a down to earth guy. You can tell by the way Lin joking around with him (Calling him a midget) and that was why I don’t get why there are so many hates on Kemba.

    I do agree with Clifford and FO have been misusing Lin and don’t seem to want Lin over shine their franchise players (Kemba and Nic) but there really on coaches and FO.

  913. Ok I’ll give my 100% support for now,go Lin and Hornets.

  914. Good to know this…. I really hope Hornets can go behind first round in playoff.

  915. For die-hard Hornets fans that really needed convincing that JLIN won’t stay, this was a good exposition of the reasons.

    Most of us true JLIN fans post the same constantly and consistently but in 3 sentences.

    If an entire tome of expository writing is what it takes for unbelievers to come to their senses about JLIN’s plans and intentions all along – then great.

  916. Spread floor is ostensible reason but any team that uses analytics knows it’s obvious from the data that JLIN does not receive passes in Corners thus having no need to send a defender out to guard him. Double some other Hornet then Only guard JLIN if moves without ball – and that is what they usually do.

    JLIN out there for defense primarily; 85% his time on court this season.

  917. I’m a little more skeptical that a leopard changes spots so quickly.
    It’s incontrovertible in my mind that Kemba has jealousy (envy) toward JLIN as have many of his past playmaking rivals.

    If Kemba for the sake of team cohesiveness is willing to give credit to his teammates, great.

    However, this is the same player who scored 52 but iso-heroed winnable game into OTs then claimed, disingenuously that “he let the opponent into the game with his play” then proceeded to immediately isohero the next games

  918. I agree here…I haven’t seen or heard anything that would put Kemba on par with the likes of James Harden and Kobe Bryant or even Carmelo Anthony when it comes to his relationship with Lin.

    Lin seems to speaks very highly of Walker and that’s something we didn’t hear much when he talked about the other “STAR” players he’s played with.

    Now, maybe Lin is simply being very diplomatic in praising Kemba’s character, but I never heard him call Harden, Melo, Kobe, down the earth good guy that is humble and only care about winning…He even stated Kemba has been his biggest supporter since he arrived in Charlotte.

    Now, saying all that, I still want Lin to leave because his playing time is somewhat restricted in Charlotte and I don’t like the fact that Clifford can only see Lin as a sub regardless of how well he’s played as a starter.

    If Clifford was fair, Lin should had been starting at shooting guard beside Walker, but instead, Clifford insisted on starting guys like PJ Hairston, eventhough PJ was shooting poorly and not playing that well.

  919. Teammates can be great friends off the court but hate each other on the court.

    That’s what happened with Goran Dragic, Eric Bledsoe, and Isaiah Thomas last season with the Suns.

  920. The reason so many people here dislike Walker is because his oncourt chemistry with Lin is TERRIBLE.

  921. More JLin Snapchat fun with teammates LOL

    @JLin7 & @hornets teammates are having so much fun together?
    1 Leo from the Revenant?
    2 #sleepatnight


  922. Regardless of what Kemba said off the court it’s obvious that Kemba looked the other way with Lin on the floor. Kemba iced Lin. Although it’s gotten slightly better in the last couple of games, perhaps due to public scrutiny or his own shots not falling.

  923. ok, he’s not a bad guy for sure. I just get a pit in my stomach when the lead fading or gap is increasing early in 4th, and we don’t know of Cliff will pull JLin or let him try to right the end-run. We all know when KW gets into his scoring groove, the team starts to stand around and close games are lost. That’s the challenge with this good guy … yep, he’s a good dude to JLin so far.

  924. FYI—
    Sat., 26 at Milwaukee 8:30– Road Game

  925. Here we have been discussing basketball NOT about who that person is off court.

  926. It’s not what they said publicly that led us to think that way, it’s what Kemba did on the floor. Haven’t we seen Kemba play team-ball in the first quarter up to the time when Lin checked in? Then he started to Jack up shots. Countless time Lin’s open but the pass never came, instead Kemba passed the other way. On the fast breaks Kemba refused to pass to Lin even though Lin is ahead of him. Instead he waited for someone else to catch up. It’s not what Kemba said, it’s what Kemba did!

  927. I guess better then being call soft as Charmin it needing to piss on a fire hydrant. Lakers were too obsessed with bathroom function and basketball.

  928. No doubt fans have been calling this out. But I’m more keen to see how the officials and non Lin fans react to it…

  929. kemba is having a career year playing with unselfish buys like Batum and Lin. it’s about time he gave Lin some credit

  930. it does look leo from revanent lol

  931. he’s doing a lot of damage inside and i like that he’s taking jumpers inside now

  932. With recent promoting Lin in the league, I have good feeling Lin has good chance to win 6th man.

  933. Who would be 6th man of the year legit candidates this year

  934. There’s no official list yet except media predicting.

  935. Why not?

  936. I mean who are the names being mentioned ? I would imagine you would have to be on a winning team

  937. listening now.

  938. its funny how analysts predicted Hornets wouldn’t make the playoffs earlier this season. I wonder who the X-factor was.

  939. Thanks for sharing.

    Wow, it’s pretty scary a fangirl refused to let JLin close his front door in Ny during the heights of Linsanity.

  940. Absolutely, it would be no sense to select a 6th man from a losing team.

  941. Good to knows that he is having fun this year. It must be a nightmare for him at the Knicks with Melo, Rockets with Harden and Lakers with Kobe.

  942. Great stuffs!

  943. Lin has a legit chance to win 6th man of the year, he is in the conversation. Jamal crawford is the only competitor that comes to mind that is on a winning team

  944. LOL JLin said, “Anything that says Jeremy Lin … I just don’t click”
    when asked about how he can avoid reading about 6th Man of the Year articles [9:26]

    Best line of the interview 😀

    Note: The closes thing our humble Jeremy Lin talked about himself in the 3rd person .. so hilarious! 😀

  945. Agreed. I get so frustrated with Zeller…How many assist has Lin lost because of Zeller not being able to finish properly.

  946. i like that he mentions his usage has been down compared to his time with Knicks

  947. If we compare JLin & Jamal Crawford for 6MOY race, JLin is more efficient and better in:
    1. shooting % (41.5% vs 39.6% FG, 33.3% vs 32% 3FG) and
    2. WinShare (3.1 vs 2.4)
    while Crawford slightly score more (13.7 vs 11.7)


    (refresh for stats comparison picture)

  948. If and when Jlin win the 6th man award he will ” utterly humiliate” the anti Lin group in Huston especially the “number is clear” guy, who’s name is not worth mention in this positive site… hehe

  949. Dude be pronouncing the movie wrong lol

  950. This is pick by reporters, right? If so then Lin probably will have good chance to get it bc right now national media tried hard to spread the news on how good he’s this season in Hornets & helps Hornets for playoff.

  951. yup. if it’s a race between just Lin and Crawford, then Lin’s got the upper hand. just like when selecting MVP’s, the league looks at overall contribution and impact on a team, not just scoring

  952. If Hornets can really make it to #3 then Lin sure will get it.

  953. Hornets is #7 above #10 Clippers….


  954. Summary from the Chris Mannix Radio interview w/ Lin on 3/28/1016, paraphrasing Lin’s points as follows:
    1. Lin is still not recognized by arena security guards. It’s annoying but he’s used it. He’s acknowledging he has a unique platform for being recognized. There’s pro and con to his fame.
    2. Lin does not care what people think or say about him. He comes up with his ‘own standard of success’.
    3. NYK offense was catered to him. The game was designed for him w/ PnR time after time.
    4. His usage rate and opportunity have been lowered after NYK.
    5. Since he has to play w/in the team system after NYK, he has developed and expanded his game while maintaining his core strengths since NYK. Lin believes he’s “a much more refined player.”
    6. In Houston, there’s a group of anti-Lin fan. Lin has learned to stay away from social media in his 2nd year in Houston to now.
    7. Lin’s focus is in the now while playing for God.
    8. Lin thought things will keep going up from NY. However, he’s happy w/ the group of guys he’s playing in Hornets and wants to make (the season) more special.
    9. Reporter said he’s voting for Lin to be the Sixth Man of the Year. Lin does not know this and he thanked the reporter.
    My impression: Lin didn’t and won’t say it specifically, but we all know that Lin’s career was derailed after he went to Houston. I believe (or at least I hope so) that Lin continues to reach for his goal to become a starter pg, to lead his own team in order to play his game (his brand of basket ball).

  955. 2.5 FGA more per game than Lin too.

  956. Thanks! I have listened closely to what JLin said and not said in this interview. Glad that whatever fans/medias said “nasty” things about him didn’t “get” now. That’s good! I would be gone “crazy” if I listened to fans too.

    Yes he did mention about he’s happy to play in Hornets but he didn’t say is what will happen after the season is over. Good! Can’t wait for the season to be over: 9 games over 16 days + playoffs. Always look forward to JLin’s offseason activities + JLin FA

  957. Thanks for summary. I think he will start new team next season. But this season like he said it’s a special year for him. I think he just wants to help this team w these teammates to see how far they can go in playoff…. I hope it’s Eastern Final. Haha!

  958. Cant listen to this at work so thank you , heart!

  959. Thanks! Great interview. Who is Chris Mannix??? (Will look into his profile soon)

    Have known most of the info but most fans need to relearn all these.

  960. Not sure if posted earlier. Good listen. Spurs game really seemed to have lifted JLin’s profile. They talked about him getting 6th MOY and getting paid next season.


  961. #6 we all know what bunch of Houston anti-Lin fans he’s talking about. I hope Houston spends the next 10 years in middle level purgatory: To bad to make playoffs, to good to get good draft picks.

  962. Do you think Hornets is pushing for Lin to get this 6th MOY?

  963. why did they ask him about the Clippers?

  964. great work, heart! on #1, the security guards knows who he is. they probably just want to be mentioned and get their 15 minutes of fame. lol

  965. Not the Hornets but the media are aware of his contributions esp. after they beat Cavs and Spurs with his fantastic plays.

  966. Ya! That’s the question I want to know too… maybe bc Jamal Crawford is also for 6MOY?

  967. You nailed it,even my grandma knows Lin so that’s just absurd.

  968. I know media are… what about Hornets? This radio is for Hornets, right?

  969. Clippers are playoff bound no matter what so the chance of winning for Lin as a 6MOY is greater than Jamal since nobody expect them to even in the play off contention,so the impact of Lin as a player overall is better.

  970. Plus in power ranking right now Hornets is better than Clippers.

  971. Yes but ESPN is also featuring him hard in the media lately.

  972. Exactly,it’s more dramatic to give the award to the player that haven’t had it before,otherwise Ginobli will get it every year.

  973. I know… My guess NY media really tried hard to push Lin back to NY… they hope ….Haha! But anyway, this sure can help his FA more… why not?

  974. I think Enes Kanter of OKC is the frontrunner for 6th man of the year.

  975. Enes Kanter is the frontrunner.

  976. If not for Dolan,Lin has been a Knick long time ago.

  977. Ronnie nunn rocks!

  978. I hope whoever determines the outcome of the award thinks like you.

  979. I reckon another big game like the Spurs and he’s got it in the bag.

  980. Ya! So Dumb Dolan, If he took Lin last summer NYK is in playoff now. smh!

  981. If they won’t do that they’re leaving a bad reputation to the fans ,but whoever deserve it should get the award ,I’m just happy that Lin is in the mix.

  982. great summary!

    i hope some followers here can see jlin as he is and not because of their analysis.

    being happy and content doesn’t mean he is staying with hornets but just an expression of what he feels now, and definitely not a conclusion of his future events.

  983. its so obvious to us and jlin just make it black and white!

  984. More JLin media exposure. Opt out and get paid.


  985. Opt the eff out…

  986. haha, it is almost a given he will opt out

  987. A nice Zootopia “Try Everything” theme song tribute to JLin’s struggle and perseverance

  988. they missed the most important aspect on this decision to opt out-usage and position!..Jlin almost always mentioned that money is not a problem but most of these so called reporters are so DEAF to hear him. he will opt out unless hornets trade KW (unlikely but NOT impossible)

  989. opt out, not being used properly the entire season. Also too many facilitators on this team. It’s a coaching problem that needs to be fixed. If Lin is backup PG, make him backup PG. Not a statue on offense.

  990. Only chance of that happening is if Melo pisses Dolan off so much that he hires Lin. Except Phil’s triangle offense doesn’t utilize a PG as the main focus.

  991. best description of JLIN’S struggles and persistence!

  992. Yea that’s scary and stalkerish.

  993. i can even see the behind the screen of this report, some people want to say the truth about hornets problem but the chief editor or director follows the command of the owner and make it appear its not their fault!

  994. Batum does that as well, always passing to the opposite side of Lin. Both looking out for the themselves with Kemba being more extreme.

  995. uh, a bit confused here. He will for sure opt out, that means he will not continue that 2M contract next season. That’s pretty much 100% sure thing.

    The opposite of “Opt out” is “opt in”, that means, he will honer that 2M contract with Hornets, play for Hornets with that 2M contract next season, which is pretty much 0% chance.

    After he opt out, he could either sign with Hornets with a new contract or sign with other team with new contract.

    I feel you mixed up the term of opt out and opt in here, thus your post is very confusing.

  996. I say it was IJ7. LOL

  997. With the way things going Lin is locked in to have a better contract and better role next year.I’m looking forward to watch the playoff and how it will rolled in,I predict that Lin will flourished and team will passed 1st round.

  998. Other than GSW, there’s hardly any bigger fire hydrants than both Cavs AND Spurs, and Lin’s p*ssed on them BOTH. LOL

  999. no confusion here…..

    its with hornets to sign Jlin a new contract if they want to after they traded KW (trade- my unlikely but not impossible dream) but Jlin having a contract and knowing the trade.JLin can decide to waive his opt and continue with the contract being the starting pg now with the hornets. and i don’t think thetre will be problem with money for him, he know it will come!

  1000. oh, even Hornets trade Kemba and give him a starting role, Lin will still opt out, no way he will play a starting role with 2M. Come on……

  1001. For sure better contract, this one is peanuts 🙂 He is outplaying it for sure.

    I really hope there’s a team out there willing to give him a bigger role next season.

    I think the Hawks are the “easiest” out of the 3 – Hawks, Heat, Celtics. As long as the Hornets can stay out of the Cavs playoff bracket it won’t surprise me if they get all the way to the ECF

  1002. Are you guys seeing this? Utah 96, Lakers – 56 at the end of the 3rd! hahah

  1003. The potential to make money off of jlin is enormously ridiculously beyond imagination. But tuese teams r too short sighted to see this.

  1004. he did play for 2mil as a back up on a team that he has found chemistry with his teammate {sans cliff} so why not play as a starter for 2 mil? (“JLIN – Money WILL NEVER be a Problem”)

    but you did not get my point here…he will stay with hornets if he will be the starting PG even with less money and same contract. (deep down inside and Jlin business side he know that hornets wants to be sure its not a rental now (KW gone)so Hornets will later let him sign for the best offer possible)

  1005. tanking at its best!

  1006. Just watched the last 2 min of the game. Lakers lose by -47 to Jazz. Can’t believe how bad they played….

  1007. Sadly some refs will feel mad about being called out and take it out on Lin.

  1008. A fitting farewell for Kobe.

  1009. Thanks for the effort!

  1010. don’t forget the 3 stooges..

  1011. BScott broke the losing record as a coach with the most games under 0.500
    He still has 8 more games for the Lakers to put that record out of reach

  1012. finally caught the bucks game and clifford was extra bad this game. Middleton torched Lee in the first quarter for 4/4 shooting and 1/2 free throws but clifford never adjusted or call a timeout. in the second quarter, Lin helped out and tried to recover but got screened and his man scored a 3 pointer, clifford immediately called a timeout and sat Lin. what the heck?

    full game link..

  1013. Gotta love the endless publicity from JLin’s Herculean effort of 29pts against the Spurs.
    And more importantly, more comments of him being a coveted FA

    The game against the Spurs was the most impressive from Lin since his Linsanity days in New York and highlights exactly why the pending free agent will be coveted by any team needing a point guard who can score.


  1014. so im guessing everyone thinks Lin’s year in Charlotte has been nothing but a success?

  1015. for free agency maybe, but i think he barely showed what he can do this season on the offensive end.

  1016. what an accomplishment!

  1017. his success for doing things even with the limiting factors!

  1018. some will feel that way, but there should be no stopping also on calling their actions when it is there!

  1019. We’ll see come free agency…if JLin lands a starting gig, then it was a success

  1020. For the purpose of rehabbing his reputation after Byron Scott, yes.

  1021. Nice!!!! Why NBA start to promote Lin now? Try to sell more playoff tickets? Anyway, anything that will help JLIN’s FA value are welcome & greatly appreciated!

  1022. The article summarized it correctly that JLin’s bet on himself to do essentially 1 yr-deal will pay off big time due to the late-season bounce. It’s not 100% success in terms of what JLin is capable but 100% success to inflate his FA value (2nd to Mike Conley) within 1 year after Lakers tanking season did some damage.

    He bet on himself last year in free agency, securing a deal with Charlotte that seemed under his market value but also gave him a player option after the first year that allowed him to test the market again this coming offseason.

    While it has been an up-and-down season for Lin, his play lately and the rising salary cap make it likely he gets a hefty raise if he chooses to opt out.
    Lin hasn’t shot the ball well from three this year, as his 33.3 percentage is a personal worst in four years. But, after shooting 38.1 percent on threes in February, he is 37.1 percent this month. The late-season bounce, combined with passable three-point shooting the last two years, could lead some teams to believe that he will be just fine as a shooter moving forward.

    If Charlotte wants to keep Lin, the team will have to pay a lot of money. The free agent point guard market isn’t impressive in a year where plenty of teams will be looking to spend money. In fact, you could make the argument that Lin is the most valuable unrestricted free agent point guard on the market other than Mike Conley. Lin’s bet on himself last free agency is very likely to pay off.

  1023. true but jlin was solely responsible for beating 3/4 of the best teams in the nba

  1024. ya and his defense has improved a lot. I hope teams don’t sign players based solely on their shooting.

  1025. the Spurs game save his season

  1026. The Cavs game didn’t hurt either…

  1027. Raptors & Cavs games were good but not as big as vs Spurs. He got all the attention after vs Spurs game. This one really helps him a lot.

  1028. An embarrassing display from the Lakers.

  1029. His shooting % line needs to improve further. I’m hoping he can finish with a 43%FG and 35% 3ptFG….He’s currently at 41%FG and 33%3ptFG

  1030. Other coaches have praised Lin in the past (Brad Stevens, George Karl, etc.), but obviously no one’s compliments carry as much weight as Pop’s.

  1031. 41%FG.

  1032. Thank goodness Ref #27 called it, cuz Ref #42 was about to turn a blind eye to that vicious foul. SMH

  1033. Cavs, Raptors, Kings, many others. his value was depreciating right up to the Spurs game though

  1034. SHOW ME THE MONEY !!!

  1035. BS’ thick skin is nothing like Charmin. In fact, scientists now believe that his face can withstand and shield from heavy gamma radiation in the event of a nuclear power plant incident. True story.

  1036. To me, everywhere he is at this point will be success for him and his team. His talent is being suppressed in this team but somehow he managed to come out. It depends on the kind of success you are referring to. If it’s about starting, no success there. If it’s about playing as a franchise player, no success there, if it’s about being an all star, no success there also. What else? Yes, he is very successful as Kembas back up in defense and sometimes pg. he is very successful in being a bench player as per Clifford. Maybe this is the success you are asking about? In my opinion, there’s more to this success that meets the eye. If you try to read what Heart has posted, he compared his time after New York Linsanity. What does this mean? He wants that kind of success. As Lin fan, I want to watch him having that kind of success. Lin have personal basketball goals and being a starter and an all star plus championship are part of his success if he can achieve these goals.

  1037. Lol. You put a smile on my face?

  1038. Is Kobe still playing?

  1039. Wonder why all of Phil Jacksons so called disciples are not doing well in coaching.

  1040. Not much longer, only eight games left. Good riddance as he overstayed his welcome…by TWO YEARS.

  1041. This hair style sometimes gets loose after intense action and spread out on each side, which reminds me of this:

  1042. I don’t remember any other player in NBA history who made his “retirement tour” to be bigger than his team…ever. It’s just ridiculous…well maybe not to Kobe fans.

  1043. Even some Kobe fans openly admit that he’s an A**H***. Sacrificing the team for two years while insulting teammates will forever brand him as a bad leader, however great he was as an ISO-player in his prime.

  1044. He’s all heart.

  1045. Haven’t been able to enjoy watching the game. As I told before, my son’s belongings were stolen at the airport of Houston. At first he downplayed his situation so we wouldn’t worry too much. With help of the Consulate in Miami (USA is too big), Houston and security at the airport he was able to get on the plane home. Very hungry and smelling awfull he finally arrived in The Netherlands today. We let him sleep and save the lecturing for tommorow.

    btw my profile picture is my youngest son

  1046. How traumatic! Glad that he got home to you safely!

  1047. Safety is always first. Everything else comes later. Glad your son is fine. That’s what is important.

  1048. Because all those guys are stuck in the 80s when the illegal defense rule made post up play much more dangerous than today.

  1049. Wonderful to hear he is home safely. Thank God

  1050. No way. Starting pgs do not play for $2mm. If they traded Kemba, Lin has even more leverage.

  1051. Lin is a model for perseverance. We should never give up hoping. Cheers to all fellow Lin fans out there. Stay tuned to Linsanity 2! Never give up??

  1052. We are #ALLIN

  1053. Thank you for your update. I was about to write you and ask for the update. Thank God for keeping him safe and arrived home to reunite with you and your family. That must have been a heroin incident especially when it happened overseas w/ no family around. Safety is first and foremost. I understand your heart… God bless.

  1054. Well said, Adele. May Lin’s dream/goal come true for him. And when it does most Lin fans’ wishes will also come true for him. We can’t wait for that day…May God hear and answer our prayers…

  1055. I re-watched the Kings 2OTs game. It was kind of funny to see three Bigs fouled out (MW, Hawes & Hans), and at the same time it was also was upsetting to know that Hornets could have won w/o going to 2OTs. Then, it was most satisfying to see Lin helped pass the winning shot to Daniels and Daniels called out KW for straying from an earlier setplay that was drawn up for him.

  1056. Yes sir!!!?

  1057. Thanks Heart. Love your posts. God bless always!

  1058. new PHI game thread. 9 more games before playoff!

    With 9 games left in the regular season and the 6th place Hornets being 2 games back from 3rd seed in the Eastern Conference standing, JLin and the Hornets will make a strong push to secure home-court advantage in the playoff.
    – 2 games against the 76ers should help them to close the gap if they can focus
    – Will JLin continue to develop more chemistry and strong defensive/offensive plays on the court? Let’s hope so.

    Let’s go, JLin! Let’s hope and pray JLin would not think too much and is able to get into his shooting rhythm on the court.

  1059. KHuang is correct. The triangle offense is getting outdated if the focus is too much on the post

  1060. lol .. makes me remember the head of snake term that he’s so fond of

  1061. IJ7 will only offer food and stuff animals 🙂
    this fangirl was at another level of scary.. phew

  1062. No way the Hawks are easy. They play team ball and have very good defense with athletic players at every position. Hornets don’t match up well and in the playoffs, it’s all about match up. I hope they’ll get the Heat in the first round. Washed up Dwade and no Bosh.

  1063. 100% agreed

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