Game 72 Toronto Raptors vs OKC Thunder: The Lin Bullet Train

After finishing his best game as a Raptor with 20 points off 7 out of 11 shooting, 1/3 from downtown while dishing out 2 assists, grabbing 3 rebounds, Lin posted on Instagram, “A Bullet is Forever”. It means you can’t “unfire” the bullet. You pull the trigger, it goes out, and the world is forever changed, hopefully in a small, insignificant way, but irrevocably no matter what.

Despite his points came in a blowout game against the lowly Knicks, Lin looked like himself to shoot jumper after jumper without hesitation. Perhaps this was the beginning of Lin getting comfortable in the Raptors system. The next game against the tougher team in OKC Thunder will be a bigger test if Lin can continue his offensive output. With only 11 remaining games in the regular season, Lin will need to convince Coach Nurse that he can be relied upon as a 2-way player in the playoff providing both offense and defense. Let’s hope the Lin Bullet Train has launched starting from the Knicks game.