G72 Brooklyn Nets vs WAS Wizards: A Challenge for 3-Game Winning Streak


Fresh off the first winning streak of the season, the quickly improving Nets will face a tougher challenge on the road against the Washington Wizards, the currently 3rd seed of the Eastern Conference. Will the Nets have fresh legs after beating the Suns the previous night? It helped that the Nets played 13 players against the Suns in the 28 point-rout and all starters played no more than 21 minutes other than Brook with 25 minutes.

Jeremy contributed 11 of his 13 points in the 2nd quarter. The bench overpowered the Suns with 20-0 run in the second quarter.

Prior to the game, Kenny had a lot of praise on Jeremy Lin as the “quarterback” of the team [NetsDaily]

With the win, the Nets improve to 6-7 in March after going 4-37 from December to February. Call it the Lin effect. We call it development, from both sides: the players AND coaches. And hey, power ranking pundits, take note: the Nets are 5-5 in their last 10.

Kenny Atkinson attributed a lot of the team’s success to his “quarterback.”

“More than his talent, more than his experience, I just think there is a confidence,” Atkinson told Fred Kerber. “I compare it to football when you have your starting quarterback out there and he commands the huddle.

“He commands the respect of everybody: the coaches, the players.”

The Nets won this game after a big second and third quarter bridge, one that saw them outscore Phoenix 62-33 in that span.

They started the game on a very bad note, but Isaiah Whitehead and the bench picked up a 20-0 advantage in the second quarter. Then, they handed it over to Jeremy Lin who scored 11 of his 13 points in the quarter. He also dished out five assists on the night.

Nets vs Wizards Matchup

It might help that the Wizards might not be playing their best form by dropping 4 of their last 6 games (Celtics, Hornets, Mavs,Timberwolves) although they just won their last homegame against the Hawks.The resurgence of the Nets bench has been refreshing to see because they will help win more games and give starters plenty of rest.

ESPN.com Preview:

The Washington Wizards are gearing up for a brutal five-game road trip, not to mention the playoffs. Overlooking the cellar-dwelling Nets would be easy, though Brooklyn is the one entering Friday’s season-series finale with an actual winning streak.

After surviving what John Wall deemed a “nasty” first half filled with turnovers and other miscues, the Wizards rallied past the short-handed Atlanta Hawks on Wednesday for a 104-100 win. The victory came after Washington (43-28) dropped two in a row and four of five.

Bradley Beal scored 28 points, and Wall had all 22 of his points in the second half. Washington’s post-All-Star-break funk remained until a 19-6 fourth-quarter run moved the Wizards in front for good.

“I think that’s what we’ve been missing, missing our swag. Just our energy, our fun of the game,” Beal said. “Everything is just so tense. We just need to relax and have fun playing the game.”

Brooklyn’s bench helped turn a slow start Thursday against Phoenix into a 126-96 rout over the Suns. The Nets (15-56) have won two in a row for their first winning streak of the season.

Washington is 3-0 against Brooklyn this season, but needed overtime in the previous meeting for a 114-110 win on Feb. 8.

KEY OF THE GAME: If the Nets can cut down turnovers, continue to attack the rim, provide strong bench plays, and perhaps catch the Wizards looking ahead to the next game against the Cavs and losing focus, the Nets might be able to steal a win to extend the win streak to 3 games. The biggest obstacle of the Nets lack of energy is having the 2nd straight game in 2 nights.

Let’s hope and pray JLin will stay healthy and return to lead the Nets to win more games!

Let’s go, JLin and the Nets! 


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  1. 1st, Let’s go Lin

  2. Lin has done well against John Wall in the past. Let’s go for a Nets three-peat, lol

  3. The ‘Nets in March’ meme continued today …

  4. Interesting stat from last night’s game …

  5. Good news: Lin is finally the starting PG of his team.
    Bad news: On this Nets team, the bench players get more minutes and respect than the starters.

    From day one, Kenny Atkinson has talked the talk, but he doesn’t walk the walk.
    His decision to leave Lin waiting at the scorer’s table for 3 minutes of the 4th Q of the Celtics game is a perfect example. (And btw, he did something very similar in the very first game of the season which was also against the Celtics.)
    It should have been a no-brainer for KA to call a time out and bring Lin in. But truth is, KA always prefers to give his underdog bench players the chance to shine. It gives Kenny the chance to be the hero due to his development skills.

    Bottom line: Since Linsanity ended, Lin has never been treated like a “star” or even a typical starting PG. Most likely, he never will. The NBA tolerates Lin. He can be a role player. But he’s not allowed to be more than that.

  6. Good team is resting their best players and bad team is tanking.

    Only the Nets plays so hard like fighting for a Playoff spot.

  7. I think bc KA is evaluating bench players now that’s why they get more playing time than starters.

  8. If evaluating guards is so important (and winning isn’t), why on earth does KA waste 19 minutes on Randy Foye?

  9. He was paid to play this season.

  10. Good one!

  11. Lin was paid way much more.

  12. LOL, I know, pathetic, isn’t it? But I still want Nets to win 🙂

  13. This.
    “Since Linsanity ended, Lin has never been treated like a “star” or even a typical starting PG. ”
    I will see how KA treats Lin next season.

  14. KA will always be evaluating and developing rookies. Some will work out some won’t (at the expense of starters, not just JLin, Brook also). After developing or taking on IW, now he will develop Goodwin. Do you think this will change?

  15. If Wall is questionable then it is time to make hay. Let Jlin loose and win this one.

  16. Fun to watch!

  17. Disagree that the bench players get more respect. KA respects all his players and he was hired to develop all the players.

  18. In the eyes of non Lin fans and the NBA, he hasn’t established himself as a starter. Hopefully he’ll do so the rest of this season and next.

  19. I think it is more like NBA and non Lin fans do not want to believe Lin is a starter, Lin has established himself with starter stats, but they chose to turn their heads and not look at it. Even Morey and Cho agree now that the bias is big for Asian athlets… Cho I will never forgive him treating his own race the way he did to please non-Asians.

  20. Agree!!
    In addition, , Lin as was asked to teach the youngsters.

  21. What do you call it when Lin is left on the bench during the crunch time of winnable games? How often do you see starting PGs calling for the ball but are looked off by rookies? Maybe the bench doesn’t get more respect. Maybe everyone is equal. But that’s bad enough.

  22. exactly, I don’t see any other team treats their starting PGs this way. That is why it puzzles me.

    Mod, I have a post being held to be released by Mod, please release it. Thanks.

  23. Maybe. It is what it is. Life is not fair but Lin handles it admirably. He holds his head high, never disrespects or talks badly about anyone and just carries on working hard and playing to the best of his ability regardless of the circumstances he’s in. He’s achieved more than he probably ever dreamed of achieving in the NBA or life. I’m rooting for him, all the way.

  24. How is KA developing Brook and Lin.

  25. Listened to Pistons podcast and heard that the Nets is interested in KCP.

  26. Ya! From Marks radio interview he didn’t deny it…

  27. I agree. Lin is very respected on the team. Lin isn’t going to get the proper minutes until next season due to injuries.

  28. Brook’s 3 point shooting is one. And Lin, I think Lin is showing more maturity as a PG under Kenny.

  29. That happened once. If you look at the big picture, Lin has not only been in the game in crunchtime, he’s had the ball in his hand taking the big shots or making the plays to his teammates.

    And KA was hoping for a deadball that never came. It’s not accurate to say he had Lin stand there for 3 minutes, it happened that way. And, he said in hindsight, he probably would get him in the game sooner by calling a timeout.

    Everyone is not equal. When Lin is good and healthy, things will be different. KA is quite supportive to Lin.

  30. Is KA working with Brook for his 3? Or is Brook’s shooting coach. Jlin maturing is a natural progression. Lets give KA credit for at least not impeding their progress.

  31. I’m not familiar with him at all but his stats doesn’t really jump out of the books for me. His scoring output is around 14-15ppg at 36mpg which is not outstanding. His shooting percentage is at 42% and 3pt% is fairly below average at 31%… I just hope he’s not a volume chucker. The only thing going for him is his FT% seems decent at above 80%…

  32. Brook never made so many 3s. KA’s given him the green light and stretched Brook as part of his Xs and Os. Lin is maturing for sure, but I think KA and Lin watch film and discuss things and I noticed KA still practices a lot with Lin.

  33. Not to stir the pot, but Next season will be telling. Lin is either not playing because of: development, injuries, or blowouts. There is always a reason why he is not on the floor this year. These final games will say a lot. After the slow start last game with MO, perimeter 3’s; Atkinson adjusted and called more PnR’s and I even saw a double screen.

  34. Let’s go LIN and nets…haha.

  35. I feel as if some people can’t tolerate even a mistake or two by anyone other than Lin himself… All I can say is, every single human being learn through making mistake. And the most important thing is to admit and accept their mistake rather than being in denial. Atkinson isn’t perfect, he makes mistakes but at least he is willing to suck it up and openly admitting it unlike most of the coaches before him when it comes to misusing or being biased against Lin.

  36. Lin’s first step looked good on that drive.

  37. Lin playing well so far. guys are passing the ball back to him.

  38. Lin came to play! Let’s hope his teammates can keep up with him.

  39. would have been sick if he made that 3 pt shot

  40. Lin getting beat up out there..

  41. They are hammering lin.

  42. Once Foye is gone, this Nets starters are going to be Deadly. Foye is a good player, but not a difference maker.

  43. As Lin fans go, we should be Very High on Coach KA and Mark’s direction for this Nets org and team. No Worries. These are the reasons: 1) Spurs style basketball. Lin will be like Parker – here to stayed for years to come. His BB-IQ, playmaking efficiency, and all around efficiency will only go up and plays a vital part to KA’s offense. 2) Lin has played 30min games – but he’s out for majority of the season. Not worried about his PT. 3) Seriously, We did not expect this Nets team to be top 4 team in the EC this season… We’re so obsessed about Lin’s individual stats that we don’t want to look at the bigger picture – building a “great team” Vs just a “player’s stat sheet.” I believe in Lin. He will get his numbers when he’s on floor – but he didn’t due to setbacks. 4) Only a great team will help Lin in the long run. Being top 4 teams in East or West requires a deep bench and contributions from every players. We can hate KA for many reasons but he’s not perfect, still get ways to go. One thing for sure, to me, he’s gonna be a very good coach and a good one for Lin just like MDA but he has his own style. We will be top 4 teams in 1-2 more seasons. And that’s a very Big accomplishment for KA and Marks. And Lin has every bit to do with it.

  44. LIn got hit much more times.

  45. Levert got them moves

  46. Definite non-calls in the paint. Should have had another FT trip or two.

  47. Whitehead got his ankles broken by Bogs. How embarrassing.

  48. If Nets are this bad. How bad are the Suns. Whew.

  49. John Wall played 11 min of first quarter.
    Wizards might try to create separation by playing lots of starters vs Nets 2nd unit

    It worked for now as the Wiz has 7pt lead by end of Q1 (29-22).
    Wall will be gassed later, though

  50. Oubre talking smack to Lin

  51. Lin doesn’t care.

  52. Brook-Lin starts the 2nd quarter. Trying to cut the lead while Wall is out?

  53. Lin’s still not recovered. he’s still doesn’t have his speed / height yet.

  54. They’re getting good looks, but Lopez and Lin are cold shooting. I think if they stay in longer they’ll get in a groove.

  55. Not recovered.

  56. yeah, they are very cold. They need to be on the floor longer

  57. yeah the nets shooting is off today. o

  58. cold spell for the nets

  59. need to play better defense. shot will fall

  60. wiz getting wide open threes

  61. Nice to see Lin return early…minutes restriction slowly being lifted.

    Basketball is a game of runs. Give Lin time to get hot.

  62. Lin has been ice cold from the 3

  63. It happens. He was scorching hot…cooling off a bit now. Then he’ll get hot again.

    Also, he was basically 2-3 yesterday (toe on the line 2).

  64. Lin and Lopez are both looking real bad out there….Wizard are just on another level.

  65. Nets down by 14pt. No Worries. Linsanity will turn on soon.

  66. Lin 3. There you go.

  67. They have to chip away.

  68. oh yeah, Lin 3.. Let’s go!


  69. No. It’s not. The game is about run. Wiz got theirs and we will get ours.

  70. Plenty of game to go. But I’m scratching my head as to why Kenny sat Lin at the 5m mark…only to insert him early.

    Is he on minutes limit or not?

  71. Nice give-and-go from Brook to Lin for the score

  72. Nets made a mistake trading Bogs

  73. Nets not up for the game

  74. very low energy

  75. I’m not quite sure. Probably trying to see if 2nd unit can give more rest in the B2B game?

  76. Lin getting no help. Lopez bumbling every post-up and RHJ playing like a fool.

  77. more screens for lin

  78. hope Brandon Jennings tears his ACL or something
    very annoying
    Lin needs to get nasty with this ghetto punk

  79. No worries.
    The Nets will come back. This game will be close. JL7 will be unleashed.

  80. RHJ is way too trash

  81. The Nets have no energy on Defense. Wizards are getting everything without resistance.

    B2B takes a toll?

  82. what the f is Lopez doing out there!!!

  83. layups everytimel

  84. Defense is always an issue. If your offense isn’t going, you got to have defense to get stop.

    And I don’t know what offense they are playing. More like free to play street ball

  85. even the reporters are getting annoyed with RHJ’s selfish plays that dont result in anything

  86. At least Lin already has 10p. Glad to see him “get his” even if his teammates are messing up.

    At the very least, he can get some stats in the 3Q.

  87. Net’s are taking poor shots. Forced shots.

  88. RHJ should be worried. Nets will trade or waive him and he hasn’t shown any value. Just when he looks like he can be a decent backup role player…he goes back to his selfish, lazy ways.

  89. See what I mean? Fans on here keep saying there’s back to back game so Lin gets less minutes for the 1st game but this entire season KA has given Lin even less minutes for the back to back game.

  90. RHJ*

  91. Iso bricks. They are not playing as a team just trying to show up the other team individually when they don’t have the skills to.

  92. He checked in at the start of the 2nd.

  93. wiz bench is killing. our bench is dead

  94. I’d rather see them missing open shots but man, lots of contested horrible shot selection.

  95. rhj should never start on a average team. He is a back up at best

  96. Lead cut from 31-59 to 36-59. Just 23 points more to go!

  97. We will keep this one close. It’s not over.

  98. Meanwhile everyone else has single digits.

  99. I guess KA needs the bench to bring it back close. I don’t get why he can’t leave the starters in longer to bring the game back though. What if the bench creates an even bigger hole?

  100. We have to get it close first. And there’s time. But, the 2nd half has to look a lot different than the first for that to happen.

  101. He has potential. But we’ve seen the bad RHJ tonight.

  102. Teammates need to move when the ball handler is covered. Lin is the only one cutting towards the basket.

  103. It’s not an efficient 10p. I think Lin looks a step off tonight. But, I think he’ll improve 2nd half.

  104. At work today so didn’t catch the game. How did they end up in this big hole?

  105. They also need to pay some damn attention on defense. Rebounds are falling into their hands and they’re not ready. Guys are not hustling back on a missed shot. RHJ has no idea where he’s supposed to be and when he’s supposed to switch. No IQ.

  106. Lin and the Nets came out sharp, got the lead. Kenny ruined the momentum by yanking them early as usual.

    BENCH GOT CRUSHED like a middle school team. Game over ever since.

  107. When the starters went out in 1st quarter.. all down hill from there

  108. Wizards defense and poor shot selection.

  109. He brought Lin and Lopez back early, and they didn’t do well, however.

  110. That was after the bench blew it. Shouldn’t have subbed them out early.

  111. Momentum probably beyond saving…

  112. What hapoened? Hows he doing??

  113. KA is still living in the moment from yesterdays game and thought the bench would bring it today.. nOPE! Yesterdays game was just an illusion

  114. Washington wayyy to confident of a team. I dislike jennings the most. does a lot for nothing.

  115. Knew it, KA always treats the starters like they are the bench while allowing the bench starter minutes!

  116. 38.1% 15.4% Nets shooting.

  117. Yesterday was a D-League game, today NBA

  118. Weird rotation by Kenny again.

  119. Plenty of game left to play. Win unlikely after Kenny’s poor decision to sub out the starters with the lead, but Lin can still take them on a run in the 3Q. You can be sure he’s steamed. Halftime may give them some time to regroup. Wiz may take it easy.

    RHJ needs to be chewed out by Lin and Kenny. At the very least, his defense shouldn’t quit. Right now, he’s the worst defender on the floor, including Foye. He has no idea where he’s supposed to be.

  120. It’s Not Over. Looking at a Lin’s 30 point game.

  121. He brought them start of the 3rd and didn’t have them close against the Wiz starters. What type of rotation is that? Is that Atkinson saying that the bench can play against the starters. REALLY?!

  122. there are times when Lopez looks like TRASH in the low post!

  123. Exactly! Statistics show that the Starters from any team will outplay the Bench! That’s is why Starters play more minutes and end games on Other NBA teams.

  124. worse than old-man Gortat?

  125. everytime he lets opponents get the off rebound

  126. He’s robotic sticking w/ scheduled minutes instead of what’s happening on the floor. Scott kept Wall in to take advantage of Nets 2nd unit to catch up and got the lead. They expanded the lead while KA still had LIn on the bench.

  127. In all fairness, no other teammate is adjusting to the defense Wiz are playing with. They are not giving him an opportunity to pass out if need be. Unless it’s a dump into the paint with tons of traffic.

  128. Lin has to drive more

  129. RHJ avgs ALOT of tunovers for a forward, doesn’t he?

  130. Will this be another blowout, a reason for Lin to sit again?

  131. he’s a skrub

  132. In time for the Kentucky-UCLA game!

  133. he has non today but those 1 and done shots are terrible.

  134. He’s been doing the same crap since summer league. Kenny should bench him every time he pulls that s***

  135. Why do you let the bench close the half against John Wall and the starters, even if the thought was to get the starters in at beginning of the 3rd? You knew the bench would have to match up against the starters to end the half? WTF?

  136. I started watching the game at ~5:40 2Q — wondered why Nets bench was playing against Wizards starters to the end.

  137. 22222222

  138. very smooth layup by Lin

  139. First coast-to-coast from Lin since he returned. Legs coming back.

  140. what no foul?

  141. Lin not getting ANY calls. Damn. That was blatant.

  142. KA has no answer for Wizards coming off the screen

  143. Come on let’s just cut the lead to single digit in the 3rd and Lin will take care of the rest in the clutch moment

  144. He needs to complain more.. it seems to work

  145. Slow down idiots!

  146. Down by 20, only Lin should be bringing it up.

  147. Finally a FT call for Lin.

  148. Ref didn’t want to call till he saw how hard Lin fell. smh

  149. They wasn’t even going to call that if he made it.

  150. rhj playing really well now. man he is jykell and hyde

  151. If he made the bucket, he wouldn’t have gotten the and-1.

  152. he’s athletic, he needs lin to get it to him in a good position to use that athleticism. However, remember he coudln’t buy a point blank range bucket in the past lol.

  153. He’s like a box of chocolates

  154. in the same game lol

  155. Bad defense still. Not a net positive.

  156. Lin getting 20 tonight? Good enough for me

  157. Might not play in the 4th if it’s a blowout like it looks.

  158. Who’s lopez guarding? He’s like running around guarding everyone.

  159. Damnit Lin

  160. How is that a foul on lin? 2 phantom fouls

  161. That was so telegraphed lol

  162. It’s not. Refs are cheating him pretty hard tonight.

  163. Come on Lin, you don’t need to throw those passes.

  164. Lin got him on the hand

  165. Why does Lin throw those passes
    like he wants to turn it over
    such a low bbiq play by Lin
    its really bad when Lin over passes

  166. Lin and Lopez need to work on that pass in the offseason

  167. They worked before. Would prefer to see him take it coast to coast though, since he’s probably coming out at the 5m mark.

  168. I think he does it too much prob on scouting report..

  169. I have to agree. There were two defenders on Lopez and it kills the momentum.

  170. Kenny wants him to. They are working more often these days.

  171. Lin knew where the rock is and has to cover defense for his teammates. And of course, refs will use their whistle w/o hesitation on him.

  172. This is the stretch im worried about. Bench time

  173. It seems Wizards run a better Motion Offense than Nets

  174. LOL, everyone else runs better MO than Nets

  175. So with jlin, they cut the lead from 28 to 18?

  176. Where the heck are the starters? Feels like KA has given up the game already when it’s his fault for playing the bench so much!

  177. Wall controls the offense and his teammates know their role to get into position waiting for his pass while KA’s MO has everyone create his own shot, dribble drive or dribble shoot. The spacing is poor bc they keep moving their feet so most of the time, they’re not ready to shoot or shoot wildly…

  178. KJ showing something every night. No more Foye or RHJ in the starting lineup; go with KJ and Acy.

  179. Don’t give up. Please fight to the end. McDaniels finally heat up more now….

  180. It’s ISO RHJ more than anything else…

  181. lead is decreasing… maybe they can do it!

  182. McDaniels should be given the minutes from Whitehead, Dinwiddie, and Foye!

  183. Ya! Fight to the end…..W or L…

  184. Kenny needs to put the starters back in no matter how well the bench plays. Lin and Lopez can make up ground against the Wiz while Wall and Beal are out.

  185. At least KA is smart enough to play McDaniels who is instant offense compared to other backup PGs!

  186. Wizards not playing defense now

  187. 75-89 now getting close!! Come on lets go!!

  188. hamilton playing really well

  189. They cut it to 16

  190. They need to come back at the 10min and close out. Not wait till 7min.

  191. Exactly. I call it mini-iso.

  192. If it’s offensive shootout we may have a chance!

  193. Kenny put Lin and Lopez back in at the start of the 2Q. He should put them in now at the start of the 4Q.

  194. Wiz not playing defense, hope the bench can bring it down to 10!

  195. Bet ya a million bucks Kenny sticks with Foye and RHJ.

  196. Starters cut lead the most. Bench at least kept it close and cut lead by 2pts.

  197. No way, they need to close. Come back in at 10m

  198. There won’t be a game to close. And Lin will have another 20m game.

  199. It’d be garbage time by time. No reason why starters can’t play the entire 4th quarter! They barely got any minutes last or this game!

  200. Kenny sticking with bench…tempting fate.

  201. The gap is shrinking. Hope the bench really step up and get them within 10. Let Lin do the rest in the last 7-8m

  202. Hamilton doing good

  203. He’s talented. Just lost his confidence and needs to play with a PG like Lin.

  204. Really when are starters going to come in?!

  205. The gap is shrinking and expanding, shrinking and expanding…I’m getting dizzy!

  206. Dinwiddie…smh.

  207. KA has no flexibilities

  208. They cant play d

  209. Nets just cannot get a stop. 🙁

  210. OMG bench scoring is all Hamilton! He’s doing really good! Why isn’t he starting with Lin?!

  211. Still no starters why?!

  212. Need to bring them in now or this game is over.

  213. If KA plays to win, then he would have subbed Lin to direct the 2nd unit like Scott did for Wall. He played w/ 1st & 2nd unit for all three quarters to get their lead extended.

  214. Because he has FOYE!

  215. LOL, still no Lin

  216. KA doesn’t adjust. Lin adjusts whenever he plays.

  217. Foye the washed up veteran who isn’t a long term answer nor should he be starting! Every PG on this team gets to start and play with 2nd unit except Lin!

  218. Sure, develop this “young” Foye. SMH

  219. Hamilton one more time!!!

  220. A good coach would allow his starting PG or SG to lead the 2nd unit too but KA is clueless!

  221. Winning is not 1st priority for the team?!

  222. Wow, 3rd unit now

  223. Bog looks mad

  224. KA given up?!

  225. How come you and I see this but not KA? Sigh!

  226. Starters done for the night…Kenny is really green.

  227. Man, Lin can not get a 30minute game..It’s either his team blows out an opponent or his team gets blown out thus keeping Lin from ever playing more than 25.

  228. danggggg, of course as expected. Gives up in the 3rd. Should have brought the starters in with 14pt difference.

  229. foye needs to go

  230. It’s ATKINSON!

  231. how has lin been?

  232. I appears we may not see Lin and starters back in… it’s already 6:10 4Q. 🙁

  233. cold

  234. Dumb foul by Foye why does this washed up veteran get to lead the 2nd or 3rd unit but not Lin? KA has treated the starters like they are the bench all season long!

  235. Guys, good night, I am sick of KA

  236. Lin & Brook should come back in for one last run but Kenny won’t do it

  237. Bad coach

  238. That’s why I said Lin and Lopez deserved to playing even during garbage time last game to pad their stats! KA is not saving the starters for back to back games when he just gives them fewer minutes the next game! He just likes giving starters the least minutes!

  239. KA coaching not to win! The Nets got a ‘PLAN’! Haha cheers

  240. Go ahead ISO Foye

  241. KA wont let Lin play more than 25mins
    Whats the point of starting anymore

  242. Mostly on the bench with the other starters after KA subbed bench too soon and it became a blow out. Then instead of allowing starters to make a come back he continues to play mostly 2nd and 3rd unit!

  243. They should have been back when down only 14-16pts.

  244. ok thanks for the feedback! sounds like i didnt miss much

  245. What are you talking about? It’s a blowout. Do you see Lopez playing? LeVert? If it wasn’t a blowout Lin would be playing.

  246. But at least Lin and Atkinson are friends and have a cool relationship!!

  247. Brooks tricks AK in thinking it’s garbage time by not putting Wall in.

  248. KA gave up the moment it became a blow out without ever allowing the starters to play long minutes for a comeback this coach is horrible! Still think he should be fired!!

  249. I don’t treat friends like that…

  250. Lin lost the battle. What give?

  251. I’m living in bizzaro world. Bench plays more then starters. Coach leans on bench to win games, not starters. What?!

    I guess in this world, losing is winning?!

  252. 5-13, 14 points, 20 minutes, 1 block, 2 TOs. Jump shot not on tonight. Was most aggressive in the 3Q when the Nets came out strong.

  253. That’s what I’ve been saying, KA plays his bench starters minutes while treating his starters as 2nd/3rd unit all season long! What’s the point of the starter position if they get less minutes than bench?!!

  254. Free training camp for the bench.

  255. Nets let go of yogi ferrell and bogdonovich, anf they are thriving… smh

  256. KA is thinking he needs to be a players’ coach by having equal opportunities and minutes distribution at the expense of wins. He is still in development coach mode. Haha cheers

  257. Well Yogi’s back to bench PG now. Bog is thriving yes.

  258. Not really, they never really got the game close. Even when it got down to 14 a few times, with both starters and bench, it then went back up to 17-19 point lead. This wasn’t a well played game by the Nets.

  259. Maybe evaluating for next year?

  260. I do. I don’t want my friend to get hurt more for pointless reasons and also no need to embarrassed my friend for a pointless blowout game if they don’t do a comeback.

    I guess u want your friend to get hurt and also be embarrassed…No friend with u !

  261. Kenny absolutely refuses to play starters in the 4Q unless the game is close. He will never change his mind ever no matter what. He can’t be that rigid…that’s a rookie mistake to have iron rules.

  262. As if the starters don’t need training and time to build chemistry?!!

  263. Were they good moves?

  264. you should stop argue for the sake of arguing.

  265. Made shots at the rim, getting FTs, etc.

  266. I don’t agree with most posts. Kenny is doing the right thing. The team didn’t play well, the starters really couldn’t get any closer than 14, and the Nets really didn’t show up enough on the defensive end for this game. Kenny had Lin and Lopez play early in the 2nd, so he did try something different in the interest of winning. It didn’t work out.

  267. Good night everyone, have a great weekend.

  268. You know nothing about basketball. No team would give up down only 20 points.

  269. “Development” excuse. He’s giving up too soon. If coach gives up why does he expect players to play hard? If coach does not have a game plan to help players win, why does he expect players play to win?

  270. No he refuses to play starters regardless! He barely played starters in 2nd or 3rd quarter!! How the heck do you expect to make a come back with the bench?!

  271. Good for Bogs. He looks similar to how he did on the Nets. And he gets to go to the playoffs.

  272. Tanking an entire season just to evaluate as if summer camp and a few games after trading isn’t enough for a player to prove his worth?! No coach in the league does that!

  273. plus 3 assists and 1 rebound.

  274. You hide behind the excuse about getting hurt. Lin played 20 minutes tonight! This is NBA. wake up! Go watch ping pong or something.

  275. Foye played most minutes.

  276. Agreed! a 20 point game can disappear in an instant if the other team fights back! Except KA never allowed starters to do that!

  277. Another experimental game. On a 20/20, KA should not play too much bench last night. Bench didn’t show up this game. No energy.

    Lin, to be honest, rushed too many plays later in 2Q.

    I think there is a thing between Lin and Wall. They started trading baskets earlier in 1Q. A shame that Lin does not have good big to help defend Wall.

  278. Foye a starter who also gets to lead 2nd unit while Lin the suposed starting PG doesn’t get to play with 2nd unit ever! In fact Lin’s the only starter who never gets minutes with 2nd unit! So much for being leader of the team!! All starting PGs get time to lead 2nd unit!

  279. Did coach Atkinson wave the white flag too early?
    It was just unsatisfying not seeing our boy on the court after the 3Q. 🙁

  280. Yea 76ers had a similar “PLAN” to go the Spurs way too and look at where they are now?

  281. He already gave up in the 2nd quarter! Starers were no where to be found even in 2nd quarter and barely played any minutes!!

  282. I guess you’ve never seen Lin make a difference in the 4th quarter–when given the chance.

  283. How the heck is this equal minutes when bench are getting close to 30 minutes while starters get 25 or less! In fact this has been going on the entire season. It’s no wonder the players don’t respect Lin or the starters!

  284. Lin barely even played in 2nd quarter. KA gave up the moment it was a blow out when it was only 15-16 point lead!

  285. Nets’ D is so bad. 1 on 1 couldn’t stop any Wizards player. Lin tried help others, but lost his own man.

  286. He’s been doing that since the preseason.

  287. With a 14-16pt deficit, Atkinson should have brought in the starters at 9-10min mark.

  288. Guys like mcdaniels and nicholson and maybe re evaluating foye and rhj and dimwittie to see if they want to dump them…

  289. Seems like in 1st qtr!

  290. They weren’t all that effective, KA was looking for the right mix. When Lin/Lopez/Lavert got it down to 14, that’s as far they went. I truly didn’t feel any miracles happening with them. Their shots weren’t falling, Lopez was so-so, LaVert didn’t have it going, so, I don’t know. I think Washington showed why they’ve won so many games and overwhelmed the full team, starters included.

  291. The starters brought the Wiz lead from 28 to 18 in the 3rd quarter. The bench at one point brought it down to 14-16 in early 4th. The bench did their job in keeping it close. Atkinson FAILED to bring back the starters when the TEAM had momentum. What happened to Brooklyn Grit, fighting for wins?

  292. Even if the game is close he won’t bring in the starters if he thinks “the young guys” are playing well. He did that in the season opener.

  293. Of course I have. But the momentum, lack of stops, lack of any other player having it going that Lin could work off of, this looked like a badly outplayed team tonight. Some nights aren’t your nights, and it wasn’t the Nets night. They played their worse game of March tonight.

  294. It’s not a winnable game for the Nets anyway.

  295. When he did, he got a block. And Wall gets lots of screens. Right now, Wall can get by Lin but Lin doesn’t have his burst of speed. He’ll get it back next season.

  296. Perhaps this is a “scheduled loss”?

  297. You’ll never know if you don’t even try. And maybe Lin needs better teammates than Foye and RHJ: McDaniels and Acy.

  298. He did try, he brought the starters back early in the 2nd quarter. The lead just grew, the starters in that instance, didn’t get it done. It happens. Sometimes it isn’t your night. I don’t think this was the Nets night.

    I’d love to see Lin play longer, but it wasn’t meant to be tonight. I don’t agree with always using Kenny as a scapegoat. He’s a rookie coach trying to find solutions, he’ll get some things right, some things wrong, but he isn’t at all not playing Lin or Lopez late in tight games. That simply is not true. This was not a tight game and even after those runs, none of the units really seemed like they had enough to sustain getting the game close.

  299. I wonder if this, seemingly early white flag, would dampen the player’s (Lins) fighting spirit. Where is the so-called “Brooklyn Grit”?

  300. You’re just repeating yourself and going around in circles.

  301. So are you. You haven’t disproven my points at all. You want Lin to play more and blame the coach because the game went poorly. I don’t think that’s fair to Kenny or that he did anything wrong.

  302. The team couldn’t make stops. While they started to get it going offensively, and there were a few runs, the team could not stop Washington from scoring. That’s why I think he waved the flag and he did it in the 4Q. Had they had gotten stops, Lin/Levert/Lopez would have finished the game. But they didn’t.

  303. How can Lin be Mr. 4th quarter if he sits on the bench the whole 4th quarter

  304. The remaining games are meaningless for the Nets but do provide the last opportunities for KA and the Nets to prove themselves.

  305. This Nets team as coached isn’t going anywhere without a proper defence yet. JL realised this inability to get stop in since the 1st preseason game. Haha cheers.

  306. In games where it makes sense, by all means bring him in. IMO, in this game it wouldn’t have made any sense.

  307. Hard for Lin to prove himself if he doesn’t see the court in the 4th.

  308. True, but… I guess this fan was spoiled by the 2-game winning streak. 🙂

    On the other hand, knowing Lin wants to “get as many wins as possible” for the remaining season, it is disappointing not to see him in the 4Q to put up a good fight.

  309. It would make sense if they could get some stops. But to get stops you don’t play Foye and RHJ so many minutes. RHJ is NOT a PF.

  310. Yes, poor defense and the many gut-wrenching turnovers are fatal!

    I guess it is not realistic to expect a Nets 3-game winning streak against a top play-team. 🙁

  311. Someone show KA Lin comeback vs spurs last year down 28 pts. To Lin 15 point deficit just means they need to out score opponent by 16 points by the end.

  312. That could be the coach’s thinking. As a fan who knows Lin hates losing, I wished he had been able to put up a fight in the 4Q.

  313. RHJ had solid stats this game. He made a few foolish plays, but he played pretty well. Defensively, he does get overmatched. Foye is in because of experience. You just don’t know which Foye will show up.

  314. Lin was on FIRE that game. Lin wasn’t playing like that this game. You can’t have a comeback without stops. They just weren’t getting them at any point in this game,.

  315. Another game. Let Lin rest. They play games every other day and big picture, there may be a more competitive game for the guys to show up in coming up. These games every other day wears players down.

  316. the coach gave up before the players…. WTF!!!!!!

  317. But he wasn’t. He brought Lin and Lopez back in much earlier in the 2nd quarter than usual. And they didn’t do well. So he took them out and let other guys try.

  318. It’s not worth it, folks!
    Honestly, if Lin played 30+ min. and team defense is good then there’s a chance for a Nets win. Defensive stops ain’t there yet. KA is still developing bench force. KA’s mindset was not to win. If he really wanted to win he would played Lin for 30+ min. I’m fine with that. No purpose to win at all cost at this point.

  319. 🙁

  320. Lin shouldn’t go 30 minutes, too many games too soon and Lin is still obviously not full strength. If they had a few games with 2 days rest, then I’d love Lin to go 30. For now, I think he should go 30 in games that look like they have a chance. The team’s defense wasn’t good today, way worse than their offense.

  321. I agree. If this is next season, that’s another story.

  322. That’s why I say it’s not worth it… If it’s for a playoff spot then heck yeah

  323. Only a loser thinks that way, a winner always wants to win no matter in what competition.

  324. I’m sorry but that’s haters talk… It’s ONE game and there’s nothing to prove. Every teams go through a “down” time and it’s the Nets… But they’re already looking better than the past 2-3 seasons. So what if Lin got his 30pt and the team still lose by 20 points … Didn’t people hate on Harden, Westbrook for this very reason – stat padding…

  325. Lin said he wanted to win as many games as they can……..that’s the mindset of a winner. Thanks God he does not read many comments of his fans.

  326. It doesn’t matter… A lost is a lost whether it’s 5pt or 20pt . What turn heads is a Win. There’s no rushing. No easy formula for this team to win against top teams. They will learn from losing these games… They will try to get more better players to help Lin and Lopez.

  327. Because KA is the worst coach in the NBA

  328. so?
    Lin deserves more respect

  329. Lin said after Hawks game, “he is not one for moral victories.” Whenever they interview Lin, he is always talking about bringing a WINNING culture, even through development, because he knows he can win. I sound like a broken record, but I’m tired of the Lin fans just being blind and saying everything is ok. It’s always, wait until next year, wait until he has a new coach, wait until he has better players around him, wait until…(fill in the blank). This is Lakers all over again.

  330. He gave up way too early

  331. You learn from losing BUT you will never learn from giving up.

  332. He wants to win. He wants to play… But that’s not reality if the opposing team is simply Better. They are the 2nd seed. Are we kidding ourselves. Players hit shots. Players miss shots.

  333. It’s not about the opposing team, it’s about how he is treated by Nets and Atkinson and their “Development” rhetoric. Originally when Lin signed up, he was in Win now mode, knowing they might not have the best team, but felt they could compete if he was the “Starting” PG and treated like a “Starting” PG. Atkinson and Mark flipped the script and pushed development, especially after his injuries. But the writing was on the wall during preseason and the first 10ish games before his first injury.

  334. This is why he is where he is and you’re NOT.

    NBA is a tough world for tough men with tough mindset.

  335. It’s not giving up. It’s setting an example. We all can see how bad the team has been without Lin playing major minutes and in crunch time. That’s a FACT. Because KA has allowed it. KA has shown it to the world. NO ONE can replace Lin or Lopez on this team.

  336. Most fans think the NBA is like their local little league. It’s ok and you’re still in the team next year because mom and dad have money.

  337. LOL… you’re funny.

  338. Are you blind?
    He is averaging 22mpg as a starter
    he played less than 25mins in18 out of 26 games he played this season
    A lot of players on bad teams still play 30+mins
    you can make all the dumb excuses you want but at the end of the day
    he is averaging 22mpg as a starter that’s just inexcusable
    This is a Lin fan site
    You can go to KennyAtkinson.com or nets.com
    this isnt the place for you obviously lol

  339. the worst

  340. Lin chose the wrong team

  341. Walking away because you think it’s not worth it or meaningless win is giving up.

    It’s bad with Lin too. Who did they beat?

    I hope you would not wake up when reality hits, no one can replace Lin or Lopez? LOL

  342. I’m sorry but no one think Lin is Soft on the court or on this site.

  343. Lin was 1 game away from out of the NBA.

    Despite Linsanity, Lin had to make the minimum to restart his career last season in Charlotte.

    Those are reality.

  344. Believe it or not, Lakers wanted to win, until Kobe had his injury they realized Lin was getting attention and Kobe was not having it. So they turned on Lin and used him as a scapegoat and Kobe treated him like crap. But before the injury Kobe was excited Lin was there and they were actually being competitive until Kobe wanted to keep fabricating the score until he could do a game winning shot, but missing all of them. I can’t even remember how many games Kobe had a chance to make the game winning or tying shot. He wanted to fabricate hype for his retirement. Why didn’t he retire that year? Because he wanted it to be all about him and retired the next year. Now that Lin hater players Like Kobe and old school racist coaches are retired, the new rookies or players Lin’s age respect his game because they’ve played against him. Just like racism, it takes the death of old generations and their racist ideas to heal. That is what I feel happened in the NBA, the stars that disrespected Lin are either horrible or retired, so the tune on Lin has changed. He has some respect from the NBA and other players now because of that!

  345. Fan like you do.

  346. To KA and Nets FO, this season is already done. No such thing is losing. Nets lost big already since King’s great achievement.

    In this regards, Lin’s winning attitude is not necessary in line with Nets. KA is just doing his job to develop and evaluate and at same time see if he can steal a win. Today’s game is lost on energy (B2B). Lopez played badly and the offense was back to same old dribbling and iso on the top. All the opponents do just pack the paint.

    Is this game a winnable game? Maybe, maybe not. KA put starters to start 2Q. That’s a first for the season. That tells you KA wanted to win too so he made some adjustment. But B2B effects kicked in late in the game.

    Had KA gave up too early? I think so. But I think, most of all, KA is developing himself.

  347. The only way is KA left town.

  348. Lin is averaging 22mpg as a starter
    played less than 25mins in 18 of 26 games played this season
    Whitehead, Dinwiddie, RHJ and LeVert are all averaging around 22mpg
    The Nets only paid Lin 12m/yr while throwing 75mil at a bench player and still actively looking to add a PG(Euro, George Hill and so on) and planning on throwing max deals at KCP(not even that good) and Hill.
    They have added 2 young PGs since the season started and DInwiddie is playing more mins than Lin most of the night.
    It is what it is.
    The Nets are not treating Lin as one of their stars.
    He’s essentially expandable to them, the way they are treating him.
    With his contract, he can easily be traded and quite a few teams would want him
    22mpg as a starter still looks bad on you no matter how you wanna spin it
    On top of all this, the Nets are not even competing.

  349. He waved the flag in 2Q when he played the 3rd strings

  350. He’s rested enough he can play he’s not even 30 yet

  351. I heard the announcer said that Nets took the morning flight to DC, instead of last night. Wondering if this has some effects on the legs.

  352. You act as if Lin never had injuries. Well, let me refresh your memory. He missed more than half of the season’s games due to injury. And may you’re blind in not seeing how Lin doesn’t have his explosion and stamina this season due to that injury. Go on and on and on and on and complaining every single game every time you can that Kenny is so against Lin. Well, he’s not. Lin’s health actually matters to me. Lin’s future matters. And I can see that the games are a game every other day where you seem to be oblivious to that. You see one game at a time and Lin has to play however many minutes that you think he should.

    Well here’s some reality for you. On a J Lin site people have different opinions and different perspectives and you either deal with them, or moan and complain. Your choice.

  353. Heck yeah. But it’s not. I think Lin should play moderate minutes to preserve his body. He takes hard hits every game because he plays hard. And, it’s not worth another injury for him. I want to see him go into the off season in good shape, work on things he wants to in his game, and then come into next season healthy and hopefully stay that way.

  354. Great observation. JL mentioned that Nets team as constituted have very thin margin of error and need to get stops meaning defence during his post game interview after the 1st preseason game. IMO the Nets is just a Jae Crowder type of player away to be a good team. Haha cheers

  355. A few facts.
    1. Lin hates losing.
    2. He has a tendency and mindset of wanting to over exert himself in situations like today’s. 3. He has already gone through several injuries this season.
    4. This season is already lost.
    5. If coach put Lin back in and he really does follow the script and ended up getting hurt from trying too hard, Atkinson is going to get roasted by not just the Lin fans, but the entire Nets fan base.

    Either way, Atkinson can never win…

  356. No. They lost out in T Johnson & Crabbe deals. If they had them we would see a very different situation. They can’t push for playoffs if Lin wasn’t on the floor much… They hope to sign more talents around Lin and Lopez – not to replace them but to give best chance at making playoffs. As for Lin that got less PT than others is not true. He has played 30+ games when was fully healthy.

  357. In my opinions, the Nets are developing bench players for trade pieces if need to. Only Lin, Lopez, Levert are here to stay for sure.

  358. I don’t think so bc it’s such a short flight… more bc it’s B2B. This team not really played hard in every game specially in D…. today was bad again. smh!

  359. This team always had bad game in 3Q plus coach gave up so easily…. that’s why Lin couldn’t get the real starter’s min…. smh! I think it will change next season when they really need to fight for the W not just developing all the time.

  360. That’s so true! 110% agreed. That’s the last thing we want as a Lin fan – trading One win for injury is not a good gamble.

  361. I like your assessment. Play whatever mental gymnastics you want to justify Lin’s benching. Bottom line his minutes are not cornerstone of a franchise.

    But easy to say a team with only 15 wins, everyone is expendable.

  362. Suns lost tonight to Celtics 130-120. Booker scored 70 pts. The Nets played well to beat them yesterday and Lin played tough D to get the win. Nets played hard to get second win in a row. The BtB is a schedule lost because guys came out with no legs. Pop sat out entire starting line up once in a schedule lost because one game is not a season lost. Lin isn’t being saved for playoffs but they just can’t risk losing Lin again. The Wizards are fighting tooth and nail with Raptors for second seed in the east. Why else would they play Wall when he’s questionable?

    Lin may want more play time and wins but he’s a player and not a manager. Players must always be self delusional and must always feel bulletproof. However, Lin needs to know that he’s needed more as an active roster player/coach than a hard charging attacker and hard nose defender. Lin’s played limited minutes since being back and the Nets look like a different team. Everyone sees it! There’s no denying how much Lin means to this team. The Nets are playing hard for team culture and bench building. Guys are trying to secure jobs for next year. That’s why they are getting more burn. Lin’s role is to help build team culture and be a role model for youngsters to follow on court and NEVER FROM THE BENCH AGAIN.

  363. I don’t agree with the culture being built. If I want to learn something, I watch and try to imitate someone who knows what they are doing.

    Lin knows how to win but he doesn’t get enough opportunities to show the guys how to do it. It’s the blind leading the blind.

  364. It’s 50/50 that Lin could pull out a Linsanity type win in the forth. It’s also on tired legs. Legs that have sustain ankle sprain to miss a couple of games just recently. Legs that have forced him out with multiple hamstring pulls.

    Do you really want to roll the dice on winning one game and risk another injury? Tired legs loses proprioception and balance. The unlucky twist on his ankle IMO is due to lost of proprioception and balance. Overtraining and. Pushing too hard are compounding causes for this type of injuries. Add in fatigue and over desire and you have a receipt for disaster.

    I’d much rather see Lin play the rest of the season!

  365. – Lin has been injured all year and is still on a minutes restriction.
    – In his 2nd and 3rd games of the season, he played 33 and 34 minutes…in back to back games.
    – Nets are at least treating Lin like a long-term PG. The praise for his leadership is totally new.

    What I disagree with is Kenny sticking to his iron-clad sub-patterns even when Lin hasn’t reached his minutes limit (28m right now). I also disagree with his lax attitude towards RHJ, Booker and lately Foye’s dumb plays.

  366. Agreed.

  367. Ehhh… next year my friend… watch out… jlin and nets gonna rock n roll

  368. He played beginning of 2nd… what was that about?

  369. I don’t see that changing next season. Jlin signed the contract, he just needs to make the best out of it, then exercise his player option and leave the Nets after 2 yrs. He has more playing time even as 6th man in CHA.

  370. Not meaningless, b/c more wins means higher chance of getting better FAs.

  371. Well said!!
    We Lin fans just want Lin to be on the floor All the time, myself included. Lin’s injuries have changed me. He’s not superhuman. I don’t really know how much he can pushed his body to compete at the highest level at 28-30+ min every games for entire season. I rather bet on the safe side. I’m not saying he’s soft but let’s take it slowly for this season and goes for there. It’s always a good thing to have a coach that care about your well being, health – that’s what KA exactly. I do want to blame him for the losses but this team is not complete. Lin can play. And he will be ready for bigger things when surrounded by more skilled players. He’s just one man. We need a full team to get the winning streak.

  372. That’s not true. JLin gets 30min here as the leader, as the number one option. But this is year one for everybody including the coach. Blame on Lin’s injuries ?? He would average 30-32min for KA.

  373. Cornerstone equals more minutes ?? Some players get more minutes before being shipped off. Not all coaches are the same. KA is not MDA. But what’s good for the long term ??

  374. Well then, please tell me who can replace Lin and Lopez ?? Only a Lin-hater coach would justify… Sorry, that’s not KA.
    Just accept the fact that: this Nets team is not complete with or without Lin against the top teams.

  375. Fans talking about Lin as bench player for playoff contenders. Well, Hornets was one of them – people quickly forgot how Lin only played 15min in Game 6 and Game 7 ?? How about Rockets ?? Played behind PBev the defensive genius ?? And he got benched when he missed shots or fumbled ?? Reality is: JLin will only get about 15-20 min for contending teams because the starters will play much more. So, I’ll take this starter 28-32min over 15-20min bench min.

  376. good point. just sucks not seeing Jeremy in the postseason…

  377. Sure being next to dead last with lin is better than being dead last without lin.

  378. I hope so, we shall see.

  379. Jlin is getting 20 mins at Nets BTW rank last. Remember his goal- rotation player, starter and win a championship. I don’t see Nets being champion in the next 8 yrs.

  380. Most recent power rankings of all PG. This is not a ranking of the 30 starting PG, but all PB, so e.g. Smart and IT are both in, and Rondo who is a starter is out. Jlin is ranked 20.

  381. He’s getting 20 mpg mainly because he’s been injured pretty much the whole season. Also, because he’s been out so much, development probably became an overriding factor over winning. Basically, he’s getting 20mpg due to his injuries, player development, and the Nets getting blown out in games. Apparently the Nets playing at the fastest pace in the NBA also plays a factor in limiting players’ minutes. Oh, and don’t forget the Nets’ fancy performance team.

    Lin played around 30 to 35 mpg at the beginning of the season before his first hamstring strain. I think those are the minutes he’ll play next season if he stays injury free.

  382. Some teams have never been champion at all despite they have so many top draft picks.

  383. First it’s a back to back game and if the players are tired, you wouldn’t want to push them too hard for a meaningless win to cause an injury specially Brook Lopez and JLin. Perhaps NBA should get rid of back to back games.
    The players UNION is not doing its job though.
    The team has been improving but still this team needs better players. Young players need play time to get to where the team can be competitive. It takes time for young players to be better players. It’s better to give the time to them now than the next season.

  384. Lin only played 20 minutes which is about the average for the starters. I would consider the rest of the season as an extended training camp for next season. The most important thing is to have better players for the next seasosn. How to?
    You either get better players and get your players to play better. I believe this is exactly what the team managers are doing. I wouldn’t want to burn out the star players of this team this season.
    Plus, there are a few holes in the team that couldn’t be filled this season. With only half of the team starters are legit, the Nets simply need to give play time to young players to help them get better.

  385. The priority is to develop players rather than winning.

  386. He is still under minute restriction.

  387. Relax dude, it’s just basketball and it’s Lin’s career, not yours.

  388. The wizards is simply a better team.

  389. For those who want to hear from Lin.

  390. The most important matchup for this game is Spencer Dinwiddie vs Brandon Jennings.
    The Wizards is one of the very few teams who has a stronger bench than the Nets. The +/- for Wizards starters are all -ve.
    The bench of the Wizards simply beat the heck out of the Nets bench.

  391. I think when Lin is at full force he will. Right now the goal is to keep him on the court.

  392. I totally agree with you. Let’s have Lin on the court. I take that way over seeing Lin try to win last night by pushing himself. I think what we really have to realize is the games every other day schedule with a few back to backs. That’s exhausting and tough on Lin who is coming back from a major injury. The last 2 weeks have been games every other day with back to backs and that’s what we have in the next two weeks. Then, we have the early game on Sunday, that doesn’t help.

  393. I think he needs the off-season to heal, then Lin can probably play 30 minutes per game next season. But the hammy still is hampering Lin’s game some and the amount of minutes he can play on it this season. Add the usual Lin injuries, back and ankle, and it’s best to play it safe for him.

  394. Now they have 2 newly acquisitions; Brandon Jennings and Bogdanovic. They have high hopes for themselves this season.

  395. Ok, here is da beef.
    Some here complain oh ka not playing linna and this and that.
    But dude. he is not playing lin for us linna fanna’s satisfaction..but for the sake of lin and the organization
    But dudies…. do you not see what is going on.? it’s common sense.

    1) It is a blowout game with low chance of winning (dont’ say if lin is in there they will win.. it’s a gambler fallacy or lin fan fallacy..bbal is a team sport..not one man team)
    2) Winning this game will not get them in da playoffs
    3) If say linna go playa with brooka in this blowout game, they will think a) they padding their stats b) they really want to win (which is pointless so their logic falls back to ‘a’..padding statas.
    4) they can use this game to develope other players since wiz is a high ranking team..which is perfect for them at this stage.

    So if point 3 above happens and it’s all dandy candy if they win , but this game has no meaning as they can’t get into the playoffs. They only incresing potential injury to both playas, lin included. PLus they cannot develop and refiness the younger players who they must evaluate for next season since this season is gone already.

    But if they loses, they will be embarrassed because ka was trying to win and lin and lopez can’t even get da job done. And defeatl next years purpose.

    So I see why KA did that because it’s common sense..not linnafannabangga sense.who wants to see him lin all them time 40 minutes and it’s all cool until if he does get hurt which the linna fannas will bash the coach for playing 40 minutes. blah. how hypocritical. it’s always hindsight with some linnafannas.

    So if say linna gets hurt in this wiz pointless game, some of these fans here will DEFINITELY blame ka for playing lin in this pointless game.. I can gauranttee it , bet with you, because some lin fans are too predictable.. tiger mom? blah.. it’s more like american mom where their kids can do no wrong and all teachers are wrong. hate those ppl.

  396. It’s not a blowout game until KA decided it was. At around 9 minutes mark the Nets was down by only 16 points (Did you even watch the game?). Knowing that Wizards was reluctant to put Wall back in, KA should’ve put all the starters in. If they pulled it off Lin would still only played 28 minutes (not 40 minutes – fact check). Garbage time is around 2-3 minutes mark before the game end, not 9 minutes! If KA’s plan was to develop then at least call some timeouts, run some plays instead of letting them run around like chickens without heads. What you have here is a junior coach that creates a losing culture. A coach that let the game slide without attempting to make a comeback. A delusional coach who thinks he can win with the Bench down the stretch!

  397. On one hand I am glad he ranked Lin 20th, although it is lower than what I think of Lin, but knowing most people do not appreciate Lin, so I will take that. On the other hand, he ranked PBev right behind Lin at 21st and Harden at 1st is a joke, no credibility.

  398. it was kinda. We scored better but defensively we couldn’t stop them. even though we got close. It was always an illusion.

  399. Harden is legitimate MVP candidate. No denying his talent. But Harden would look horrible chucker self if it wasn’t for MDA.

  400. Nets lost because of defense. Who is most responsible for defense. Coaching.

  401. Hear hear. Yet, players without energy is also a factor. (B2B). IMO, bench played too long in the blowout vs Suns

  402. How is KA creating a losing culture when they are winning as many games this month as the Cavs have won? They’ve won 6 games in March while meeting KA’s needs of simultaneously developing players and having the starters in, except for one game, to seal the deal.

    I don’t know what game most folks complaining about Lin’s minutes saw but I saw a Nets team badly outplayed, and especially defensively, they didn’t play well except for the 3Q, but they gave up over 30 points in the 3Q. They needed to hold Washington in the teens to make this a game in the 3Q, but they didn’t. So, rest the starters, who have to play early Sunday, and learn from this game.

    This is just one game. There are more to play and as I said I don’t know how many times, THEY PLAY A GAME EVERY OTHER DAY. that’s a lot of games to play, and a lot of teams, playoff teams, are resting their STARS with a similar schedule.

  403. OT: Joakim Noah suspended for violating NBA anti-drug policy


  404. Nets were out played, simple as that. Lin wasn’t shooting well and neither was Lopez.

  405. “Nets with Lin 8-18, without Lin 7-38. Hornets last year 48-34, this year 32-39 ”

  406. Jeremy Lin VS Wizards (3-24-2017) Highlights by Blaiyan
    LIN: 14 PTS (5/13) | 3 AST | 1 BLK | 1 REB

  407. Please name a game when Jlin played 30-35 mins prior to his injury?

  408. It’s extremely hard to compete at the NBA level, let alone win games, when your starting Shooting Guard is old man Foye and your starting Power Forward is little, mad-dog RHJ.

    Lin is known for making all of his teammates play better, but he’s not a magician and it would literally take a miracle to beat top NBA teams when Foye and RHJ are in the starting lineup. And that’s on Kenny.

  409. Many teams have top picks and never become champs. I agree, but since Jlin’s goal is to win a championship I support him. I think he will fit nicely in some championship contending team. There are many ifs of course. WE know Manu will retire at end of season, most likely DeJ Murray will take his place next yr. Hope Mills will resign, and PG13 will sign with SAS. Likely TP will retire 2018-19 and Jlin sign with SAS. Jlin has a much better chance to fulfill his goal if he leaves Nets after 2 yrs.

  410. Yep. We saw Coach Scott adjusted immediately by double-teaming Lin after Lin was cruising in the first few minutes of 1Q.

  411. Until they get a tough big whose intimidating the defence will always be porous. Rebounding and shot blocker is the one thing that will make the defence solid. Don’t blame the perimeter D if they have to try to stop penetration. That’s not possible. You just can’t be on top of small guards and expect to stop them in their tracks. I don’t care how good you are. Even LeBron can’t do it because the defence must react and give away that 1/2 second start. If you back off to stop drives, you give up 3s.

    Defence is a team effort. If you don’t have a stopper, it’s like trying to stop the run in football without a big tough nose tackle. You could have the best players in every other position but you’ll always be susceptible to opposing teams pounding it up the middle.

  412. Heh heh, hornets stupid…

  413. Heh heh, stupid knicks

  414. Hope not… lol

  415. Starter!

  416. I don’t think anyone should blame KA for Foye and RHJ being part of the team or the overall lack of talent in Nets.

  417. Culture is more than just winning and losing game, especially for the Nets, where the organization is hampered by the mistakes of the previous GM. They need to juggle health of the players and planning for the future. This season has been complicated by Lin’s unfortunate hamstring injury, and with the way the season unfolded, Lin’s activities behind the scenes are equally as important as what’s going on in the games. Right now, when Lin is playing, he’s absolutely trying to win, learning from the game, and developing chemistry with his teammates; however, when the game is over his work still goes on. There’s so much work in between games, and the human body has a “sweet spot” in terms of how much work load is right. Get it right and you will build and grow, but if you overdo it the body breaks down. That’s a fluid ongoing process that needs to be carefully done, Lin has to stick with a plan for a period of time, evaluate it, and make small adjustments, then rinse and repeat.

    The culture they want is being built in their preparation and training. Like it or not, it’s just going to take some time before we see the fruits of their labor in its entirety. As a fan, I’m just going to enjoy the glimpses of what this team could be, and enjoy watching Lin fully recover from his injuries, and then enjoy watching him surpass himself.

  418. Great post!!!

  419. Instead of STARTING RHJ at the POWER Forward position, Kenny should start Acy or Nicholson or Booker or even Hamilton. RHJ is too short and lightweight to play defense as a PF. That’s why there are no stops. The only reason Kenny starts him at the 4 is to hide his lousy offense as a SF which is ridiculous. RHJ should play his natural SF position off the bench in limited minutes in the hope he develops.

    Instead of STARTING Foye, preference should be given to McDaniels, Goodwin or even Whitehead.

    Winning is not top priority. So if you want to maximize development and evaluation of talent, old man Foye should not get a single minute of precious playing time. As it is Kenny doesn’t have a coherent strategy.

  420. I think he’s talking about them part of the starting line up.

  421. 100% agree.

  422. Which one?

  423. Lol. And one more thing, the bias call or no call of the refs during the game especially in favour of the anointed and created stars/superstars. No team can beat the refs. Haha cheers

  424. Good observation. IMO, KA is quiet clueless in in-game adjustments and strategies. KA is following a PLAN!…. Probably, but no in the appropriate way in building a winning and competitive spirit by losing the BrooklynGrit motto. Haha cheers

  425. The coaches knew it and it’s possibly why there were trade rumors around their Bigs.

  426. Excellent and balanced post. Having the right mindset in rationality in evaluating the Nets at it’s present states as a team with a PLAN. Haha cheers

  427. Lin has no girlfriend.

  428. I think that’s a very big problem since Lin came back from injury. I remember he was getting a decent amount of fair calls (of cos there are always going to be some that were missed) in the beginning of the season. The refs seem to have changed their perception of Lin since he went down with the injury. I’m not sure, or perhaps they thought the no-call video from last year is now less of a problem for them so they are starting to gang up on Lin again…

  429. A very pleasant surprise from a colleague today. He was at the Knicks vs Nets game in MSG during a trip to NYC and bought me this tee knowing that I’m a big Lin fan…

    https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/b3c8052e9095313a039fe98d61ff6d19d26626103d70407a2e0ca674a6e38514.jpg https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/192a127e7c6fa8e494462017806c389600338313be727c986e124ce001eb8c79.jpg

  430. Wow, CAVs lost to b2b Wiz, Cavs is also b2b though

  431. LeBron: I need a new PG!

  432. Oct 28 2016 vs Indiana Pacers. He played 34:27 minutes. Gee, I’m surprised you don’t know this Lin Dunn. Interesting user name btw. Hope you don’t mean Lin is “done” in the NBA.

  433. Jlin is only done in the NBA after he fulfils his goal of winning a championship, and that will most likely happen with another team not called Nets.

  434. It has been 2 seasons Lin changed his shooting form in aim for higher 3pt % but looking at the stats thus far, it seems Lin isnt a natural shooter. Hard to compete if he still sucks in his shooting. seriously.

  435. So Lin played 26 games so far, but how many games he played over 25 minutes?

  436. too spent on making his teammates better at the expense of his own shooting %.
    look he’s better than John Wall though Wall has much higher assist rate since he has the ball in his hand most of the time and the team assists all go to him.
    with this MO system and Lin has low usage, its’s hard to expect LIn can have very good stats, may be except for Lin’s clutchness if KA allows him to play during crunch time.

  437. Just look at Wizards, 3 of starting 5 took 52 out of 82 shots. If you takes FT into count, 62 out of 95. That’s about 65 % of offense, focusing on the most 3 talent shooters on the team, given different shoot skills. And they maintain 9 men rotation.

    Cavs has similar offense output and rotation.

    My point is, if you want a even distributed offense, you need at least 4 to 5 shooters that at least can compete at starter level in terms of shooting. like Spurs. And you need some bigs that are willing to do the hard work, screening, defending and rebounding.

    The game vs Wizards exposes Nets weakness. Forget about lack of talent for the moment. Forget about defense factor. Just compare the offense in general, Nets only has 2 starters (Lin and Lopez) that are above average scoring capability, but with Lopez inconsistent in his shooting. And he needs someone to feed the ball. Nets does not have bigs as diligent ants, does not have at least average scorer, and Nets does not have consistent offense sets. So no wonder Nets cannot match the offense output. The big 3 from Wizards are either guards or shooting forward, meaning they will have balls in their hands most of the time.

    I know it is not fair to compare NBA starter and D-Leaguers. But that’s what Nets has unfortunately. And Lin, unfortunately he is in this MO myth that he can not do much other than waiting for the ball coming back to him. So the Lin factor is not maximized.

    You ride the hot hand, not the average hand. If average hand is hot, you will have blow out games. But how often does it happen. It all reverts to average if you ride the average. Sometimes you need to ride the hot and bury the cold to take advantage the game dynamic.

  438. Great observations. The Nets is trying to develop their players into reliable shooters. What is missing was the lack of ball handling and passing skills in the team besides JL and CL to allow KA to develop the MO efficiently. JL being out for so many games and CL DNP and minutes restrictions of these two play makers limit KA MO progress. Haha cheers.

  439. I once read a long interview with Phil Jackson. This was after he retired from coaching but before he took up the Knicks job. PJ explained various offence schemes based on the personnel. For example there is an offence scheme when you have a dominant SG and C. A different offence scheme for teams with a strong PG and PF.

    Then there was a rarely used offence scheme which is when the team has no great players at all. The offence is just shared equally. I believe this is the Motion Offence used by Atkinson.

    Frankly this MO would make sense if Lin and Lopez were out injured. But cannot be good if they are both healthy and playing but have to work so hard to score with limited minutes or opportunities. The offense is simply not built around them.

    I also think the number of points scored by the Nets is overrated because they play at such a high pace. It is easy for the opposing team to defend since the plays are not being done by the best playmakers. On the other hand the Nets are exhausted because they have to defend so many possesions which are being funneled through the other team’s best players.

    All in I am not blind to the positives of Atkinson but he really needs to adjust the MO if he wants to win.

  440. To execute a good MO, a team needs experience. Experienced veterans who knows how to react to certain situation when it pops up. Experienced crew who have been playing together for an amount of time that knows each other’s tendencies under certain situation.

    The reason Nets are so horrible to watch at times is because they lack both. They’ll need more time and keep the core players intact to familiarise with each other’s moves.

  441. This version of MO is kind of keep-the-distance MO because it tries to distinguish itself from other MOs by reducing the conventional screenings and PnRs and thus ends up with iso and lots of injuries.

  442. I don’t think they are even executing the MO properly but its the general principle comprising spread of minutes and playmaking that bothers me.

  443. Very well said.

  444. He wanted to be less tired firing off shots, and Lin’s shooting is now good, overall.

  445. Yes, seems like it. But the coach and players are still learning and improving. The Nets MO will surround around Lin and Lopez and another star in FA. We can see Lopez get plenty of touches whenever he’s on the floor. Lin was not available … I’m not worry about their efficiency or stats. This is a learning year. But we can already see that Lin shot more these past couple games compared to earlier in the season. It’s called progress. More Things will come together when they have more time and KA’s rotation is set.
    This version of Lin will not be like NY Lin – he is more mature and play with more control. He will take 12-15 shots and average 18-30pts.

  446. We can speculate all we want. But the Nets is not the Wizards – in coaching and playing style, and talent wise. But I doubt the Nets will get blown out again by the Wizards. This team has improved significantly compared to the first quarter of the season. This Nets team with healthy Lin, Lopez, Levert, RHJ, SKilp, Dinwiddie, and the rest of the roster will be hard to beat in twice in row – not by Wizards, Celtics, Raptors… maybe GS Warriors and Cavs.

  447. JLin improved a lot but he’s not done improving. He will get there. He’s not Steph Curry. But he doesn’t need to be in order to compete.

  448. We’re talking about how games JLin played (30+ min) with these guys thus far ?? Linsanity didn’t happened with Lin playing 20-25mpg… Nobody wants to lose but injuries happened.
    Still believe if Lin, Levert, Lopez are all healthy from start to end, Lin would get his 30+ mpg and the Nets record would be 8th seed or better.

  449. And that’s not true record for Lin games, should be 12-14 or better if Lin was not on restriction. So yeah, this Nets team can play some.

  450. why so few sistas in this photo?

  451. I’m sorry. But don’t think you’re a super psychic. How many teams can be NBA champs ?? Honestly… Joined the GS or Cavs wagon ?

  452. 37% on a higher volume of shots despite limited minutes due to injuries. He’s doing really well. And he’s in a “mini-slump” to boot. He was at 40% last week. He’s also better from midrange.

  453. This offense is good for development because many players get to touch the ball.

  454. This is an excellent pick up. Recently the Nets has gone out of their way to recruit SGs. Both Goodwin and MCDaniels will help the team.

  455. The best five players for the Nets is

    Lin, Brook, Booker, RHJ, LeVert. ( I didn’t like RHJ before)

  456. No one is a super psychic. I am only supporting JLin;s dream. I haven’t joined any GSW / Cav wagon. From history, it takes about 5 yrs for a team most recent example Hawks to implement the MO system, and Hawks had much better players. Not too many teams can be NBA chanps. But w/o being a Psychic, Nets will not be NBA champ in the next at least 8 yrs. Do you support Jlin’s dream of winning a championship?

  457. Too lazy to look up Brook-Lin and Lever stats, practically everyone agree Le Vert is legit. I looked up Booker and RHJ’s pre All star and post all star netrtg. For Booker it was -11.1 improved to -22, for RHJ it was -6.9 improved to -0.1. Huge improvement on both. But is KA currently starting Booker?

  458. Acy?

  459. yep and the team is losing so badly

  460. Thats another thing
    he unnecessarily missed more than half of the season because the Nets were holding him back
    so what if he doesnt have his explosion? hes almost 30 he could be losing some of it and his game evolved so that he doesnt rely on his explosion and pure athleticism anymore, well I guess you were too blind to see that
    still doesnt mean Lin needs to only play 22mpg as the starting PG
    Kenny is not against Lin but the way hes treating Lin does not help Lin at all
    he might mean well but hes not doing any good
    Fans here have different opinions but some have ridiculous ones and some are trolling
    you are the one who complains when people dont talk highly of KA LOL
    so yah deal with them, moan or complain, your choice

  461. It does appear that way. The way the Spurs run MO is with so much more motion. The ideal is when Lin passes off, he’s given screens that he can run into and cut back for a position that gives him an open shot the same way Parker and Curry gets.

    I can see spreading the minutes to develop players to get trades and picks. What I don’t get is why they don’t utilize the one guy that can make guys look like stars. Lin naturally teaches players to move by Pavlovian rewards. Move and you get points!

    Let’s see what happens when Atkinson gets more time and experience. I’ll put up with Atkinson as long as he continues to push against the long held predjudice against Lin. Even if nothing comes out of playing for the Nets, the media message is now being drummed into consciousness.

  462. why adding so many PGs smh

  463. new thread

    G73 Brooklyn Nets vs Atlanta Hawks:
    Nets Try to Make It 8-8 in March #BrooklynGrit

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