G72 CHA @ DET Game Thread

With 11 games left, Jeremy Lin has made a strong push with an inspiring Linsanity performance in the past 3 games of averaging 22pts with a scorching hot 63% FG and 88% 3FG that generated a lot of Linsanity buzz in the media.

  • In 2 winsΒ vs the Pistons, JLin has played well with 10.5 with 47% FG and 43% 3FG averaging 24.13 minutes/game and a plus minus of +16.9
  • The Pistons had 4 game winning streak at home vs Kings/Nets/Bucks/Magic so they have good momentum despite the lesser opponents
  • JLin has continued to ride the “Less Thought” Linsanity and to develop more chemistry with Kemba and Batum which will be crucial for the playoff run.

Let’s go, JLin! Let’s hope and prayΒ JLin would continue to play well and enjoy playing his style of basketball on the court.

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  1. 1st Hairsanity!

  2. The King is back reclaiming his throne! πŸ˜€

  3. LOL….TGIF

  4. too slow … me

  5. Let the TGIF celebrations begin soon :}

  6. In my heart, there’s a soft spot for funny wholesome stuff…

  7. It will great for JLin to win sixth man of the year award. Keep up the high play until the end of the season and the award will to to JLin instead of Kanter

  8. I’m still waiting for you to update to Zootopia! Lol

  9. Voting Hairsanity as always πŸ™‚
    I read that this game will be on NBA TV. I hope he plays well again!

  10. Am I late to the party?!!! Its Good Friday….Bless Lin, Bless Hornets, Bless his fans and pretty much everyone!

  11. So much Lin chatter in the media after just two great games. Please let’s have a third one to pour more gasoline on the fire. !!!!

  12. Let’s go Lin! and fans.

    – play to uplift people
    – play to inspire
    – play for the team to win!

    Replace with Post and we got it from keyboard to hoop.

  13. Thank you for sharing another Greg’s article. He is a devoted Lin fan, who follows Lin’s games closely and independently.

  14. I don’t care anymore if Clifford doesnt support Lin. Lin has God’s support and his fans.

  15. – play for his next contract πŸ™‚

  16. I’m not sure what’s more embarrassing for this organization. Clifford’s comments about Lin in the past 48 hours or the anti-LGBT law that passed and threatens to move ASG 2017 out of Charlotte.

  17. Lin / Lee / Jefferson has been very good defensively the past 3 games. Surprising since Al not really thought of as a defensive player. Will be interesting to see how this group defends Drummond.

  18. Like most of us here and even Greg Owens saw through the thick veil of politics that Cliff had deliberately conveyed to the public about Lin. Greg’s article of 25 March 2016 summed it up nicely the sentiment that most of us felt.

  19. What’s up w/ this all of the sudden?

  20. In honor of playing the pistons tonight a timely article by their no. 2 pick on the 2003 NBA draft. Darko Milic. He was drafted before Melo and pistons fans have been regretting that day ever since. But Darko blames the NBA system for his failures.


  21. Hornet may not get to host the next ASG because of state law of anti LGBT

  22. I doubt the all star game will get moved

  23. I think so. This statement just show they are anti the law but we are w you guys…. come to our ASG.

  24. Majority of people from NC actually support this bill. So it will be difficult to overturn it.

  25. Wish they’d apply this policy to LIN who faces discrimination by media, coaches, GMs, owners, referees, hateful public and even security guards

  26. Can’t wait the game. I need to relax!!!

  27. It’s a NBA TV game today just like the Spurs. No live games from league pass. Will have to stream live with links from: https://m.reddit.com/r/nbastreams/

  28. Pray that God will enlighten him next season ?

  29. God has its way of making you regret on wrongdoings and bad things that you have done. This organization will pay for the price. They have their chance to have Jlin in their team but they abuse his goodness and not treating him well this season. It’s too late now for damage control. The damage has been done. And I don’t think Lin is up to the repair of the damage. I’ve always known that it’s the law of nature that it’s easy to give birth than resurrect the dead. Only Jesus Christ can do that.

  30. good one, easier to procreate without care than to resurrect from the dead. Only this weekend …

  31. Pour yourself a glass of wine Sophie.

  32. pray for us, by all the arguments here. I mean, we can be basking in joy from last week, but I guess we are all stressed out with the elections bscott and what’s happening in Europe.

  33. Cliff must have said some pretty awful things in timeout. Excerpt from Michael Wallace in today’s ESPN article, 25 Mar 2016:http://espn.go.com/nba/story/_/id/15062204/charlotte-hornets-hottest-team-eastern-conference

  34. I think this Jeremy Lin karma is real. Treat Lin poorly, get dirt in return.

  35. Not sure if this has been posted yet but we had a fortuitous and magnanimous gesture by the Prosecutor Ken Thompson in the Peter Liang police shooting case
    He recommend just PROBATION and NO jail time for Peter and on April 14, Justice Danny Chun will sentence him so we cross our fingers he accepts the recommendation and justice is served.

    For those of you who are religious and if Peter himself is a Christian say a prayer for him if you faithful believers think that might help.

  36. Funny thing is that only 1 person came out of that timeout heeding the words Clifford spoke.

    The rest were timid, shell-shocked, confident-less, confused scrubs masquerading as NBA starters.

  37. That is until JLIN inspired them to do something, anything

  38. Words are powerful. Having different type of teammates in pickup games really made me realise that. One was particularly nasty. Blaming teammates for each missed basket, lost balls or whatever he can whip out at people. Another one doesn’t dis teammates at all but rather high five us, constantly pats us on the shoulder for encouragement and say things like “great shooting!”, “that was nice” etc.

    As you might expect, I always play better with that encouraging teammate. Words are powerful…

  39. The “Well forget it, let’s go.” is my favorite.

  40. I think this may be Kemba’s night because this is his chance to shine nationally like Lin did against the Spurs. However, I think it might backfire because Kemba will play more ISO today and will try to get his. It could cost the game if Cliff doesn’t utilize Lin at PG. Cliff may enable KW to do just that while marginalizing Lin so he doesn’t get another Linsanity media attention.

    What’s bad is that Kemba already had his chance multiple times to get national media attention but blew it. I mean he’s in position to be the super star. He’s starting, Lin is not. He gets the ball in his hands, Lin rarely does.

  41. Let’s see if Stan Van Gundy has a plan this time for Kemba – if SVG watched any film of the last few games of KW – it isn’t too difficult for any high school coach to understand how they need to defend & neutralize Kemba (Batum for that matter)

  42. Maybe try using a VPN which changing IP to different country.

  43. maybe JLin never needed that pep talk, he’s always ready to show up and compete.

  44. I can correct the PG-rated “Well forget it, let’s go.” to R-rated version but it might get deleted. lol

  45. well … eff it is what the web says without getting broken.

  46. So apropos! This is my epiphany or hope to be:
    1. “Let’s Go!” from Linsanity 1.0 era.
    2. “Well forget it, let’s go!” to the upcoming Linsanity 2.0!

  47. I see, I hope KW plays smart and pass more than shoot this game.

  48. Not many Home Gms left but …
    … if Starters ever have a 7pt bad Q1 again, do you know what you will hear? Not Boos for the Starters

    19,000 people chanting at the top of their lungs : “WE WANT LIN … WE WANT LIN … WE WANT LIN …WE WANT LIN ” Clifford would be flabbergasted.

    Sweet music to the ears!

  49. Lol… so true

  50. Off the bus in alphabetical order just like elementary/grade school

  51. Respect. It is priceless coming from a person of his background.

  52. Yes yes yes! I like that! Thanks to both of you?

  53. Thanks JoeTeam. You’re one of our strengths here in this forum. Please post often?

  54. Kudos to greg for a nicely written article.

  55. LIn: “Just give me the ball coach” . lol

  56. Bonjour Sophie, comment Γ§a va? PrΓͺt Γ  regarder le match?

  57. Of course Lin will opt out.
    Run fast and leave the city.

  58. Dude needs to start so we can enjoy every game.

  59. Should read “(when he opts out”)

  60. it’s shopping time for Lin in July. No disrespect to CHA, just $2M is way too low and you know ittt.

  61. Hopefully Pistons bring it to make it a competitive game. Hope they trap and double team KW and see how he reacts… Teams have done these to Lin all the time.

  62. It would be IDIOTIC to OPT IN

  63. Let’s go Jlin! ! ! Spank the Detroit wheel and pulleys! !!

  64. Lol… isnt it so obvious and palpable the energy he creates… why do they want to fight it sso much? Unleash it!

  65. Any thoughts on how jln is used tonight? By the way, im a fan of al jefferson now… dont mind his isos…

  66. as long as he passes to a cutting Lin

  67. That’s a 2M dollar question.

    Two power force struggling: PR and KW camp. Who would win out? Especially in a national televised game, a good Friday game with focus setting in given the won over Spur, stunning the nation.

    I would say KW camp will prevail but Lin will close with less touches.

  68. Yeah they have been doing that a lot lately. Interesting to see this development.

  69. it makes Alfense much better cause he doesn’t have to force a shot when he’s double teamed

  70. Wow, how ironic coming from a brown-noser

  71. Hahaha. I like that

  72. Detroit pre-game show talked about the hot 8-2 winning-streak of the Hornets

  73. Kemba will get extra minutes. Kemba’s comeback night.

  74. Lin will get under 25mins

  75. Not trying to bring this up again, but check the comments. Best comment at the very bottom. Hornets had to do the damage control for sure.


  76. @CLTure
    What kind of music does Jeremy Lin listen to? We spent some time with @hornets guard. #CLT http://bit.ly/1q0UE97 https://twitter.com/CLTure/status/713451758463401987

  77. @nba is really promoting JLin now.
    1:34 season highlights!

  78. anyone have hornets feed?

  79. oh it’s the same thing πŸ™‚

  80. only Pistons & NBATV so far

  81. What other backups get so much attention?

  82. NBA TV mentioned “the return of Linsanity”

  83. NBA has been very supportive to Lin this year. I just wish his own coach/FO was.

  84. His coach is afraid to get fired if he mentioned the “return of Linsanity” πŸ˜€
    If JLin gets paid $12M, he’ll say it before every game LOL

  85. I will try. Worried about over amping into the screen if you know what I mean lol.

  86. Fox sports feed making Batum look like he’s the key player for Spurs/Nets game. I guess local media wants to give Batum all the credit.

  87. If lin helps them go deep in playoff, the might fight to keep him.

  88. @hornets
    Bring ’em bring ’em out ?? #CHAatDET

  89. I’m with you, he threatens to post up and hook in, but then he feeds Lin on the cut. Nice …

  90. Detroit is fighting for playoff survival

  91. “We spent so much money on this player so we have got to use him more even if he is worse than that other player who is cheaper” is a classic sunk cost fallacy committed by many teams.

  92. yes, I want bidding war to happen!
    “8M/yr + starter”
    “10M/yr + starter + MDA!”
    “How about _****** + *** + ****___? ”

  93. ok thx

  94. 10-0 run already

  95. Hornets starters sucks!

  96. starters look like they need to be rescued again

  97. DET jumped to 10-3 quick lead.

    No Hornets can penetrate inside … they’re missing a certain someone

  98. this is what happens when Cliff doesn’t give the bench enough credit. This is karma. I bet you even if bench brings the game back in, Cliff’s post interview will be something like, “Yah Lin played well but Batum made him play better”

  99. Wonder who?

  100. No going once going twice?

  101. It’s setting the table for a Linsanity game.

  102. This is getting old Cliffie….time to turn on the “Linsanity Signal” and have Jlin save the day once again

  103. I want Lin to do well today but it’s not his job to save the team every game. It’s on the coach to figure things out.

  104. The guy who made the Spurs coach said, “He’s wonderful! We couldn’t stop him all night long!” πŸ˜€

  105. “Linsanity Signal” LOL

  106. Brett favre does wierd commercials… lol

  107. R pistons good?

  108. Low budget

  109. YES!

  110. Oh cool… well get a good game then

  111. 2 more mins I hope …

  112. not as good as Spurs but a top 8 team in the EC

  113. our bigs are being killed, they don’t jump like the Detroit’s bigs

  114. Hes coming in!!

  115. With Drummond that is expected. Arguably the best center in the league.

  116. lol prime example that Batum can’t facilitate on a fast break. Got away with a carry

  117. Lin in

  118. 3:34 left in Q1

  119. easy to see they need lin now … I think I get Cliff … early behind, Lin early. Late ahead, Lin out.

  120. Reggie always does good against Kemba

  121. He was standing on the side line for atleast 1 minutes of game time

  122. Having to play catch up too frequently.

  123. Lin said it a few times this season. Cliff never acknowledged this though.

  124. Reggie have a day on Kemba

  125. Even Lin in now, usually he won’t do so much since Kemba still there. Just wait.

  126. sit KW

  127. yep, as soon as 2nd q starts … down 10 now, maybe Cliff will do something this TO.

  128. It seems everyone knows. πŸ™‚

  129. Kemba can’t defend and stop Jackson.

  130. 9pts in 9min on Kemba so far
    Made him look really bad

  131. Either sit KW, or keep embarrassing KW on national TV Cliff. You choose.

  132. Stop going to AL

  133. I guess Lin is back to statue of Linberty

  134. Kemba is not a PG

  135. stop using him as a PG

  136. This is not lookin good

  137. all the better for Linsanity later in game, bro.

  138. Karma I guess.

  139. I feel u. 4th quarter madness

  140. What’s the score

  141. Nice pass by Lin, Lamb cant finish

  142. nice kw 3

  143. 34-21

  144. So today is Kemba’s night?

  145. what a quick decision by Lin
    Very smart

  146. Arrghhh not looking good

  147. he he, they are not down 23 yet.

  148. Lin doing his thing on the defensive end.

  149. Wow lamb

  150. If it is then Hornets will lose.

  151. Lamb wasting Lin’s steal…

  152. Lamb missed both FTs πŸ™
    Lin could’ve a hand in Kemba FT and Lamb’s 3pt play

  153. Lin plays defense and opens up court for KW to court.

  154. Too early to say. Lin’s game starts 2nd Q.

  155. Kemba hittingg shot but its his Pg skills keeping us Down

  156. He score a bunch but team still down 12…

  157. Kemba has Zero assist in 12 minutes

  158. Looks like today is Kemba day… Hope Lin is not for D only.

  159. Lin, Lee, Lamb, Al and Batum please

    or with Cody, Frank somewhere

  160. More about his defense

  161. feeling good for the challenge yet again. Let’s see if JLin’s shot is on. He needs a couple of early hits to get his game going.

  162. Hornets might look at the scoreboard: “We’re only down 12pts (24-36) after the 1st quarter. Good thing we have Lin!” πŸ˜€

  163. Pistons p by p has issue w lin.

  164. http://ftve5100-i.akamaihd.net/hls/live/217165/room501/4028k/prog.m3u8

    For those who can’t get the game on league pass, copy and paste into VLC media player, network stream.

  165. I honestly wouldn’t care if Lin doesn’t score that much today. He should be discouraged to carry the team when his own coach don’t support him.

  166. Kemba out

  167. ok, time for Lin to do his thing in the 2nd quarter!

  168. Alfense in

  169. Pistons announcers are so boring. JVG should have Jackson keeps driving on KW. Jackson can get records points today. KW is reserving his energy for offense.

  170. Lin to Lamb!

  171. what file is that? A virus?

  172. Should attack Morris more

  173. Lin will need to shoot 5-7 times this half to get in rhythm

  174. Lamb can’t beat his defender, Lin looked confused

  175. Aron Baynes killing them!

  176. Lazy Batum

  177. omg Batum…don’t ever catch a ball one handed and show it on a silver platter

  178. Why is Lin guarding 2 players? Lamb, come on

  179. No O, No D for Al today.

  180. Cliff is drawing plays for Al, Lamb, Kemba and Batum today. Won’t go for Lin.

  181. Bad offensive play by lamb followed by poor defense

  182. Our Defense is terrible. Ball movement and Player movement is terrible

  183. Lamb be getting greedy

  184. Looks like my boy is getting his assists… Great!

  185. Back to his old ways

  186. Lamb …

  187. When Did Lin get 3 assists

  188. man the players out there don’t look like they have good chemistry. Cliff dividing the team up before playoffs was not a good idea.

  189. Lamb will be in doghouse again if keep doing these

  190. Yeah, something’s really off tonight.

  191. Lambs defense is a big issue take him out

  192. Terrible game so far aboslutely terrible. hope Lin goes aggresive if this continues

  193. that was an example why Lamb is not good. KHuang said that Lamb can outplay the starters, hence the icing. Not true in my view, he’s iced because of plays like that. Not smart. No fake move going in. Gets blocked in an open field like that …

  194. 1 to Kemba, 1 to Lamb, 1 to Al.

  195. Charlotte needs to move more on the court. Detroit is out hustling them

  196. Piston 22 rebounds, Hornets 11

  197. Made big different, especially some O rebounds.

  198. Lin just needs more PG roles and players need to move off the ball and pass more

  199. Cliff, please let Lin make independently plays. He kept micro manage, direct & telegraph every play from the sideline. There’s no freedom and flow to the game on Hornets end, so opponents can read and get into positions for defense easily.

  200. Lin directed the offense to cut the lead to 8 but sloppy plays by Batum and Lamb made it 32-48 πŸ™

  201. Must be so irritating

  202. Shoot the ball…

  203. Go to the rim

  204. Guess Lamb gonna be replaced by Troy…Lamb back to dog house…

  205. Shoot it!

  206. Piston bigs play well tonite

  207. Lin is discouraged, maybe the stuff Cliff said is getting to his head.

  208. I want Lin to get mad and get into his game … #LessThought more passion.

  209. Defense Locking down the paint causingLin issues

  210. baynes and drummond?

  211. Lin will likely be out after this. Adjustments needed

  212. wow…Lin is not having a good one so far..

  213. no, it’s in-game adjustment problems. Look at the rebs … bigs are killing our bigs.

  214. Today is Kemba’s night.

  215. The team defense are leaving the three open but locking down the paint. Basically daring us to hit threes

  216. he should be out 2 turnovers in a row..needs to sit and get it going second half..

  217. Bad game so far from Lin and the Hornets
    Need to better in the paint Out rebounded by the Pistons

  218. He needs another 28-7 to be motivated

  219. yep Lin not to the rescue today. Maybe 2nd half but i don’t see us closing in with the starters. batum look half asleep.

  220. not yet. They are roundly getting stopped by the bigs. Rebs ratio tells it. Lin missed 2 midranges that could have heated him up.

  221. He only too 3 shot only 1 was open. All was guarded well.

  222. What happened to Lin today, maybe think to much.

  223. I wouldn’t think so, this team is playing too poorly to sit Lin.

  224. 22222

  225. kemba will replae

  226. 2222222

  227. Maybe Cliff needs to say some more nasty things during half time.

  228. so CHA took some but you die by the 3 too and runs happen.

  229. 222222222 tough layup

  230. Wow..Lin still in, that’s a big difference from Cliff. I like how Lin is keep challenging inside.

  231. NBA TV announcer: “Lin made a tough shot! I love watching Lin plays”

  232. Pistons commentators said they like watching Lin play, they like him.

  233. Lin guarding Reggie jackson

  234. there you go, Lin still in. Be positive. Game situation needs him, so he’s in as Cliff planned. Let this game play out without too much pessimism.

  235. KW iso when there are at least 2 guys wide opened.

  236. I like how Cliff stuck with Lin after timeout. He actually is letting him play after mistakes and 0-3 shooting.

  237. didn’t happen, lean to the positive.

  238. That’s why we lose ….

  239. Detroit playiiing tough tough defense everyone expect kemba struggling…Lin should play a lot this game even if he is starting slow…this is one game you need 2 attackers.

  240. So many +1 and offensive rebounds for Pistons.

  241. could be making up for what he said earlier that bothered a lot of fans

  242. shots are short tonight for LIn

  243. Shots just not falling

  244. Glad to see Kemba passing the ball to Lin

  245. This looks like a loss

  246. wow, that 3 was air … all day …JLin cold today.

  247. COME ON LIN

  248. Oh wow.. that was weird

  249. Taught about it too much

  250. Hea hesitating again…

  251. that shot wasn’t in rythm. he had to adjust

  252. not yet bro …

  253. That looks bad, airball for open shoot.

  254. We just have nothing

  255. It’s cold night for Charlotte.

  256. it was weird, like he had to look down to see his foot off the line or something ?

  257. what happened to thinking less?

  258. Walker keeping us close

  259. Cliff happy Lin doing bad. Letting him stay longer

  260. stop it

  261. They are killing us

  262. Batum in for Lin at 3:35

  263. alright, be positive else might as well stop watching now you’ll suffer all game.

  264. This is a loss, bring in the 3rd stringers

  265. No one is having a good game except kemba. Cliff has to do something.

  266. What’s wrong w Hornets? Only Kemba got doubt digit?

  267. Alright for the team to get a chance even Lin needs to get it together second half. if he doesnt its a loss. right now kemba is carrying us.

  268. Cool Joe

  269. heh heh, yelling at halftime? Effing this and that? “Forget it, Let’s Go!”

  270. 7 players have only hit one shot.

  271. no, KW is not carrying anyone. He’s making his numbers. If he were carrying, he’d be creating easy buckets.

  272. Shaq a fool shot. Lol

  273. I’m not rooting for a W today. I just want them to fail and get some rest for the next game.

  274. thats bad

  275. agreed. No one has anything. Extra rest day messed us up a little. That miss three was just too open. Broke Lin normal shot timing

  276. Hornets lack of interior D allowed Drummond to score early and opened up space for 3pt shooters
    It has been downhill since then

    Outrebounded 28-15

  277. Maybe 2 day rest is too much.

  278. No it happens often when some one is too open

  279. Only one playing PG well is Lin. But his shots are off. What happened to those Al passes to a cutting Lin?

  280. It’s all on the bigs tonite

  281. hes scoring at least the others arent doing anything.

  282. almost like he stopped a shot pulling up to get behind the 3 line, had too much time, and had to shoot from a standing start.

  283. Might as well bring in Troy Daniels and let him shoot

  284. Al hasn’t had the ball with Lin, right? I didnt’ see any action where they could try.

  285. yep its going to be all on walker and Lin but Lin has to step it up him and walker can change the game.

  286. Everyone is playing awful including Lin himself
    He needs to find his shots again and be more aggressive
    hes losing confidence as you can see how he airballed a wide open 3
    Lin made 4/4 against spurs who are a way better defensive team than DET
    Hope he comes back strong in the 2nd half

  287. Finally Batum made a 3

  288. He has, but Al shot it every time he received the ball. DId not pass

  289. you are interpreting too much. He had to reset and start cold because his momentum was taking him forward. Please don’t read his mind for us … I could make things up too.

  290. I didnt read his mind

  291. he always scores … it’s not really bball to put it in the hoop. That’s only part of it.

  292. Like i said, it’s Kemba’s day today but that doesn’t mean we’ll win.

  293. ah, ok.

  294. The only difference is Piston is a weaker team.

  295. What a shot by Kemba!!!!

  296. I can accept that if you ant to say … it’s an ISO day. We’ll lose but KW will get his box.

  297. ah please give him some cred where its due everybody else have been bricking the hell out of the rim including Lin

  298. Yah so Lin should have no problem tearing them apart

  299. Kemba is hot right now

  300. Wow, Kemba hit a Curry-like shot from half-court to match Morris 3

  301. Kemba’s night for sure.

  302. Not airball

  303. Man, 72pts 1st half points will be hard to overcome

  304. 72 pts first half is pretty amazing.

  305. it’s usually an inverse correlation to Lin

  306. happened before, I think right? Or was it JLin v Jazz where they won?

  307. Whats going on with jlin? Looks tired.

  308. yes, those Pistons are working in all cylinders!

  309. Now if only Lin can rally the rest of the players, we might win but if he cant, I can only see us losing with Kemba scoring 30+ pts.

  310. reread your post, you are being a therapist or mind reader.

  311. dont think that had anything to do with confidence that airball…he should not have hesitated just shoot it insinctively.

  312. That was a very disappointing showing by the hornets. They can really be a bit Jykle and hyde

  313. Lamb was awful tonight he disrupted the rhythm for 2nd unit
    also bigs can’t set a proper screen
    Gotta be able to help Lin and Kemba get to the rim

  314. Defense has to step up for sure.
    Too many offensive rebounds

  315. 16 points is not impossible but they need to fix the d

  316. I didn’t even notice that. Our defense is our main problem.

  317. Against weaker teams…No adrenaline rush

  318. You are overreacting

  319. yes, they need to cut on the 2nd-chance possessions

  320. maybe that road trip, everyone looks tired except Kemba

  321. Curry has off nights too

  322. That’s a problem then
    they are down by 16 hope that gets Lin going

  323. I think he stopped his shooting motion to stay behind the 3, then had to start from unbalanced jump. V weird shot.

  324. Their slow-start has been a recurring theme lately even 2-3 games before the Spurs game

  325. Piston may not keep up with their hot shooting streak

  326. Yah hes hesitant tonight

  327. jeremy not doing too well today?

  328. more like 6-8 games

  329. ya it could all fall apart next half. They might even slack off cause their ahead by so much.

  330. He doent have to play defense…

  331. no one is. The long rest 3 games seem to be in effect

  332. shooting not there. Defense and play making is.

  333. Piston Made Lin take really hard shots. Except the wide open three but it was too open. Lin thought about it way too long.

  334. That’s still fun.

  335. Wow… Pistons 72pt by half time. What’s going on with Hornets defence?

  336. Where is the d ??? Looks like an exhibition game.

  337. He needs to be charged up…that adrenaline rush…that killer instinct

  338. batum needs to handle the ball less
    they can do without his TO’s tn

  339. Idk

  340. I’m not saying he’s not making buckets. He does that all the time. CHA is down by about 20. That’s on him as PG. He’s not making the team work. He’s making his shots. That’s nothing to write home about, but you do and I accept that. For me, you can make all the buckets you want, but you’re still not effective if your team is doing so badly. JLin works to make his team effective. That’s what I’m saying. It’s not KW’s night … it’s just KW as usual.

  341. Bigs cant set proper screens

  342. Too many 2nd chances, no rebound, need tyler.

  343. The problem is Lin wasn’t doing what he was doing the last 3 games. he’s thinking too much, can’t decide while he’s in air whether to shoot or pass, resulting a couple of travelling, and the 3 point air ball which he didn’t really want to shoot with all the time and looking at the line and backing up.

  344. Ya! Hornets played bad for 1st half. Only Kemba did well.

  345. Lin will get it going the second haif. Just have to find opening. Couldn’t get to the rim at all. Adjustment by cliff have to be made.

  346. i agree that was not pretty

  347. I would have wanted him to make that just to get in the flow of the offensive game.

  348. So, is Hornets a legitimate playoff team?

  349. Bigs having a ton of issue with other things

  350. Lin needs to get pizz

  351. Charlotte really needs to find a big who can set screens…

  352. I think he tried by sitting Al, but Lamb made some horrible plays. We were as close as 8 pts and it just fell apart with Lamb and Batum making lazy mistakes.

  353. He’s sitting

  354. I am not, I am actually quite calm. I’m asking you not to post mind-reading things like … ‘he’s losing confidence’. You can’t read his mind, bro.

  355. MKG but he’s too injury prone

  356. Zeller and Hawes too soft against the brutes, Al too slow and TH too much bench.

  357. I agree some iso plays. We didn’t play as a team. The real issue is defense. They scored on us at Will. while it was hard for us to score. thats just a recipe for disaster

  358. I hate seeing Lin labelled “inconsistent” for having some good games and back to bad games again. smh

  359. They need Tyler to piss some of the bigs off with contact. I feel sometimes our bigs are too weak/scared.

  360. #LessThought I think Baynes is having a great game, and Drummond is tough to deal with. He’s going to have to work it out during halftime.

  361. Hornets might have to bring in Psycho T tonight.

  362. What ever hornets do they have to finish 5 or above. Hawks would kill us.

  363. good idea to slow down Drummond

  364. Psycho T?
    I dont think he will ever play…

  365. depends on the plan. Kemba ball is not going to work against good teams. Hornets need at least 3-4 guys on the team that does well to really compete with good teams. If only 1 or 2 is doing well, we have no chance.

  366. Their bigs are too strong for zeller and too fast for Jefferson.

  367. But hes a SF

  368. Yep, I saw the backup too. Weird … should have just taken the long 2 and got into the flow of the scoring.

  369. That’s cliff

  370. It’s not mind reading

  371. KW keep us in the game. He is really playing like an All Stars for most of the season. Someone has to contain Drummond. Hope to JL7 turn it on in 2nd half.

  372. Me too, unfortunately, he will be labelled until become a starter.

  373. and Zeller losing that reb to Blake was a bummer.

  374. not a big fan of him

  375. Hornets have had this slow-start since 2-3 games before the Spurs.
    No urgency on D. It’s hard to keep expecting Lin to come off the bench to slow down the opponent’s momentum

  376. lol, 4 quick fouls.

  377. Wha!!!!! Steve Blake?

  378. Like I said, Cliff keeps calling plays from the sidelines telegraphing everything to opponents. And most plays are set up for KW, NB, Kam so far. No one is in rhythm, except KW. KW took 14 shot attempts while everyone else has single digit shot attempt…

  379. Is this wizards game just temporary?

  380. yep, he slapped a reb outta Zeller’s (corrected by Ager, it was Batum) hands. They needed that reb.

  381. I think It was datum who got stripped by Blake

  382. His 3s are crucial in this game to keep it close.

    Hornets big men need to step up to grab all rebounds and box out Drummond.
    Lin would need to shoot more midrange Js to open up space to drive inside.
    Less thought and more instinct like he did before

  383. When Lin does his own thing, more success. Cliff doesn’t trust Lin at PG. Reason why 2nd unit has so many facilitators all season long. If it isn’t Roberts, it’s Batum, Kemba, Lamb. Bigs refusing to pass to Lin after rebound too. Would rather pass to Lamb/Batum or someone who really isn’t a PG.

  384. Feeling lucky I’m not watching it live due to work….

  385. He did. 16 is doable

  386. you’re going to miss a big second half come back by Lin

  387. Lin will finish strong. LinPrime will continue

  388. suit yourself, you cannot read JLin’s mind so your post about him losing confidence is pure fantasy. He’s confident … it’s just a terrible team game, and KW is playing for himself, there is no leadership on the floor, and DET’s bigs are killing CHA’s bigs and there is nothing in the paint. And Lin shooting that 3 air was a mistake, not a lack of confidence. He bailed out of a long 2 to try for the 3, and he was totally in reset mode. A mistake.

  389. ok, I stand corrected yes you are right now I remember. Thanks.

  390. If that happens, I know what my night time entertainment will be.

  391. Exactly, he needs to sit and shut the…

  392. Quite dumb really…when you shout instructions obviously the opposing players heard it too…

  393. I thought his shot was fixed. Is Detroit fouling him or he shooting last second shots.

  394. And confuse your players too

  395. hes shot a couple of well guarded shots detroit killing us everybody playing bad expt kemba

  396. Ok, big halftime puzzle – how to stop the DET bigs, and how to stop the hot shooting. If they can do that, CHA’s scoring will take care of itself (as long as they don’t rely on one guy in the paint … need some options).

  397. Its good defense. As oppose to bad shooting

  398. He tried to drive a lot but Piston’s interior D is too good. Also one wide open 3 that he missed. That’s the only bad shot he made.

  399. Ya exactly. To follow or not to follow if the it’s a poor instruction

  400. After Lin shoots terrible like 1/6, in the back of my mind I hope Lin goes for at least 5/6 to get to 50% shooting. High hopes.

  401. lol that was cute. Marvin passed to Cody and he wasn’t looking. It just hit his arm and bounced back to Marvin.

  402. why don’t he signal instead like most coaches?

  403. Another O rebound.

  404. When Lin plays bad, I just want the team to win. Even if it is ugly.

  405. Reggie jackson is eating

  406. Too many second chances

  407. Smack down!

  408. You mean like sending Morse code?

  409. The starter won’t Bring the lead down. Cliff has to do something else

  410. The Pistons are shooting lights out, not slowing down.
    It will be tough to win this game.

    Bring out Psycho T and Lin to guard big men and RJax

  411. Put Lin in take lee out he is not doing anything get some damn offense going!

  412. “I tried so hard. And got so far. But in the end. It doesn’t even matter.” – starters

  413. I have to say Kemba is scoring great but its having no impact. He has to worst plus/minus -19

  414. There’s no adjustments from cliff

  415. Is that how they count? Not 6/12?

  416. This is what Clifford wanted. Kemba to get his stats even at the expense of losing.

  417. Kemba is scoring 27, good game for him, but the combine point for Kemba and Lee is 30, while the combine of Jackson and Pope was 29, not much different, and the bigs for Detroit was the difference.

  418. MW still slumping

  419. We just need to find a crack in the Pistons and let Lin exploit it. I think Lin driving hard could work. He might get fouled a lot by the bigs. But to be honest, I don’t think Lin should endanger his body anymore.

  420. law of averages

  421. Seems like walkers been playing the whole time…

  422. he’s 2-5, not too bad. Obviously not getting many touches.

  423. Had to stay late for work, was thinking I get a feeling Lin will not get to play much this time. Someone should do a chart, whenever Kemba’s chucking shots the entire doesn’t poorly. Whenever Lin plays well everyone plays well and scored 15/20+

  424. isn’t Al supposed to be in already?

    EDIT: nvm he is

  425. Now, the comeback begins…

  426. Lin in

  427. Last chance for a run

  428. trip slip lol these Pistons announcers are funny

  429. Lin lets go bad pass

  430. nooo nonono Lin thats a stupid pass

  431. -___________-

  432. It’s so easy to beat Batum cause he doesn’t move his feet when asking for the ball

  433. nice move big al

  434. Looks like no come back today

  435. Lin shoulda shot that 3..

  436. DET have the hops tonight all over the place.

  437. Ah lin does not have it tonight…

  438. Detroit seem to just have more

  439. DET looks like the best defense team in the NBA today. We need to do more than just take contested shots to break down their defense. Drive and kick. PnRs. etc.

  440. *turning off* πŸ™

  441. I’m giving it 5 mins into Q4.

  442. Pistons defense is too good. Every shot is either contested or blocked out of the air. Can’t score against that.

  443. Haha.. ur firm on this 4th quarter come back.. fine I’ll stay till 8min mark.

  444. i agree their defense is just tough on us right now

  445. We just need better PG plays and off ball movement. We’re playing too basic

  446. Painful to watch, too much hesitation

  447. Well, it’s not me … It’s Lin. He always tries to give us something in the 4th, so I’m gonna let him serve it up …

  448. Only person getting open shots is kemba

  449. Alfense is not going to work today. We’re going to need more Zeller and maybe put in Tyler to disrupt the interior.

  450. he’s being smart – he’s been blocked. DET hoppin’!

  451. Because they know the most Kemba chuck shots the faster Hornets go home cause everyone stays cold.

  452. Basic gameplan against Hornets. Let Kemba shoot. Once he starts hitting a few he will freeze out his own teammates and stop ball movement.

  453. Dang, I gotta go to family dinner … sorry to preach and not be able to hold up my end. Hope for the best!

  454. Yup smart move by Pistons and this is will be exactly what teams will do in playoffs.

  455. Going to Al is not working

  456. Alfense is not working against Drumond

  457. Drummond taps it in again in front of 3 Hornets. smh at these bigs.

  458. Hornets bigs can’t rebound anything. Teams know they can get easy 2nd and 3rd chance pts.

  459. 2222222

  460. lol. it’s cool

  461. They are too soft.

  462. LOL at Drummond at 2 straight goal-tending

  463. goal tending

  464. Thanks Drumm

  465. Drummond gets up high over the rim. Hornets big men are all below the rim players.

  466. That was a mercy call from the ref. It had no chance of going in.

  467. We should send him a thank you note for saving Lin’s stat πŸ˜›

  468. true but he did goal tend

  469. All these offensive rebounds they allow

  470. Piston 45 rebounds – 27 wow

  471. Don’t expect to get a lot of that

  472. He’ll be in Lin’s Christmas list if it gets Lin going πŸ˜€

  473. This game was already over an hour ago. Just play some decent garbage time minutes, then go to Milwaukee and get a win.

  474. MKG would have been nice for this game.

  475. Has Lin played PG tonight?

  476. Mr 4th qtr ????

  477. ya he got a few assists and then Lamb tried to PG and it fell apart

  478. a little bit

  479. 22 points in 1 Q is asking a bit too much.

  480. Detroit defense have been locked down

  481. lol we never got the lead. started since 1st qtr

  482. Let’s see if JLin can make something happen in the 1st 5 min of the 4th quarter

    Let’s go, JLin!

  483. Of course Kemba had to chuck up the last second shot. Whenever Kemba’ allowed to shoot by teams he ices out everyone for his own stats. I jus thope Lin goes 4th quarter mode and gets at least 15 points.

  484. I was thinking 15 points like previous games.

  485. i hope KW sits but it’s likely he will play a lot in the 4th

  486. Good decision by Lin , just a close miss on bank-shot
    Good putback by Al

  487. Please sit Kemba for part of it, so Jlin can PG

  488. Cliff probably thinking, we’ve lost let Kemba pad his stats till the end. Seriously hope these stat padding and long minutes back fires on them.

  489. Al jeff had a bad game today too

  490. Is asking for some team play that hard? Getting blocked left and right and everyone still trying to go ISO.

  491. We have nothing.

  492. lin missing these open shots….smh

  493. game over

  494. JLin’s 3 looked good but just in and out

  495. Maybe Lin is thinking too much

  496. That was a must game too… smh.

  497. time for 3rd stringers

  498. We just have nothing today.

  499. Thank goodness a game is tomorrow

  500. Lin 2/10 come on man….

  501. Detroit has so much more energy than we did. Everyone is doing horrible besides KW.

  502. Well, 80%+ 3pt shooting is not really sustainable.

  503. Will there be a highlights for today’s game?

  504. No excuses from me tonight. Just an off-game for everyone (except Kemba, lol).

    Lin and CHA were due for a stinker. Let’s see if they freeze Lin out tomorrow for one bad game.

  505. Its just one of those games.

  506. yes for the assists and defense =P

  507. They should freeze Kemba out for icing his teammates. Whenever he’s making shots this happens and Hornets lose. This is how it will be every game once Lin leaves.

  508. Yup. No need to overreact.

  509. You paste it into a program called VLC Media Player. You can stream directly to your MAC/PC without using a browser. HD video is decently reliable with a good connection. https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/a2ca49487dcf609f1b4e5d11587131629e5f7f7f62a89476a0818992cb72fc0b.png

  510. Well, then I’m turning it off. Just painful to watch.

  511. nice pass by Lin

  512. Man, it’s good there’s another game tomorrow πŸ™

  513. MJ should have paid for an airplane trip instead of a long 9 hour road trip I guess

  514. Tonight is the one and only game where Kemba’s volume shooting isn’t hogging.

  515. Good thought by Lin to try to shoot team back in, but shot is not going in.

  516. Yay Hawes will save us

  517. His passing would have been useful. Detroit closed off driving lanes.

  518. We need some magic from Troy

  519. Chucking so many shots automatically takes away shooting opportunities from other teammates.

  520. 2/11 did Lin injured his elbow again?

  521. Yes, but he was playing injured before. Just an off-game.

  522. man why does Lamb always look for his shot.

  523. Still winnable, just need 8 consecutive 3s and hold them scoreless.

  524. Lol

  525. everything’s in and out tonite

  526. This is the first bad game in forever where Lin has actually gotten looks and just flubbed.

    It happens. Kemba has had 3 stinkers in the past week.

  527. Hansbrough checked in for Al

  528. Well, my classmate Blake. It was great to see you again.

  529. Psycho T!!!!!

  530. Oh man.. was about to turn it off, gotta watch him play

  531. Who is this banes guy? Killing it!

  532. KW 29 and the next highest one is 10. How can they not lose.

  533. Face palm* even lamb is going to miss FT. That kind of night.

  534. Hawes is the X factor of this team

  535. We just had nothing today. cant take anything from it move on to the next game

  536. Wrap it up Cliff. Bring in the 3rd stringers

  537. Learned from the best.

  538. Lin missing. Is his form and shots looking good and just not connecting or are they way off?

  539. Lin needs to take some shots and set up someone else stop just passing to Hawes!!

  540. Great interior d

  541. At least Lin took 11 shots today just an off night

  542. Detroit is just shutting him down. They got good interior defense and Lin wants to drive but can’t.

  543. Probably dealing with back issues again.

  544. he rimmed out a few easy one too.

  545. 2-11 is bad enough.

  546. Grrrrrrr …

  547. Off night
    was bound to happen sooner or later

  548. when the dancing security guy is more entertaining than the game

  549. Hey man, you n me, buds for life.

  550. Al Jefferson clogging the paint doesn’t help either.

  551. Cliff didn’t prepare properly.

  552. nope still cant get in there

  553. A bunch of trees altered his shots and he left his floater home.

  554. Except gsw later.

  555. Lin out game over.

  556. I don’t think Lin could have done anything. It was already a 21 pt lead in the 4th.

  557. Cause he’s a selfish player who got a big contract.

  558. I had a feeling we would do bad today. i just got the vibe from the whole team and coach. I hope there is no locker room drama.

  559. The whole team was just terrible including Lin. Not sure if they’re tired but they sure looked like it. It’s just one of those games that happens in the NBA.

  560. These boards lol?

  561. and the damage control. Maybe Cliff didn’t have time to prepare the team lol

  562. Not surprising. Hornets have the worst road record of any East playoff team. They just don’t win much against good or decent teams at their building.

  563. I hope all of our road games aren’t going to end up like this or we’ll be out the playoffs.

  564. Politics eats up a lot of spirit …

  565. Well, Hornets beat them twice in Charlotte. I guess Pistons just wanted it more.
    1) Let walker score, freeze rest of team
    2) allow the three (hornets 3pt fg% bad)
    3) attack hornets weak bigs
    4) control the rebounds.

    Pretty good formula to beat the hornets.

    5) cancel linsanity. No Lin. No win.

  566. Hopefully this loss will awaken the Hornets that they can’t keep starting slow with sloppy D and just expect to turn it on.
    Pistons wanted this game more and they got hot inside and out. Soon it became an avalanche.

    Let’s see how they will respond tomorrow

  567. true, we don’t need Cliff to remind us about the pecking order. We know Kemba/Batum is the franchise player. if Lin has a good game, let us celebrate it. We’re happy for Lin. We don’t need you to ruin our celebration by saying those things. It also can kill the good vibes in the locker room.

  568. Thank you Tyler Hansborough. Cliff should have sub him in earlier to guard Drummond.

  569. In both of the Hornets wins vs. Detroit, Andre Drummond was in foul trouble most of the game. In this game, Drummond barely has 1 foul.

  570. Yep it all starts with the starters setting the example. Can’t always come back from behind.

  571. Positive ….. cliff put Lin in to stop the bleeding. Cliff kept Lin in playing through his mistakes.

  572. Feels like they win games they are not supposed to win and lose games they are not supposed to lose.

  573. I wouldn’t say they were guaranteed a win tonight. Detroit has been in top 8 all year and on a five game winning streak.

  574. This post will be deleted as I’m gonna say certain posters here have integrity issues that I can’t stomach..so bye

  575. i’m not offended by this at all.

  576. Yeah. I would really laugh though if they lose to Philly.

  577. outcoached

  578. Only 11 point lead.

  579. im surprised we’re catching back up with 3rd stringers.

  580. Pistons didn’t score in awhile lol

  581. 3rd Stringersanity? Lol

  582. No, they just struggle against teams with better big men inside, Mavs, Nuggets, Detroit, all have an advantage in the paint.

  583. 5 possessions in one minute to win the game. Could we see a miracle?

  584. :any chance?

  585. nah we’ll need some 3s to win it.

  586. Troy is clutch

  587. 19-1 run? what?

  588. Is there someone they could hack for FTs?

  589. I didn’t think Zeller and Kaminsky had a chance against more physical defenders Piston had. They will continue to have the same problem in the playoffs.

  590. 3rd stringer no way

  591. Wow

  592. Pistons let their guard down w/ 3rd stringers. JVG’s mistakes.

  593. omg omg omg

  594. Garbage time, no one cares.

  595. Don’t give up!

  596. Should’ve put in the 3rd stringers at the beginning of the 4th quarter.

  597. LOL. Still fun till the end.

  598. Piston deserved to win,they’re a proud team this season and willed to avoid a sweep,move on to the next game.

  599. 23-4 run…

  600. Pistons must be pissed but they will still get the W

  601. what ever happen I’m proud of those guys. Shows we just lacked energy

  602. game over

  603. Hornets bigs are just too soft in the paint. They can’t grab rebounds in traffic, finish at the rim, or protect the paint.

  604. No more long bus rides. πŸ™‚

  605. uhmmmmm Cliff said “Don’t foul” but why? The time is running out. He wants it to end already?

  606. no more bad press pls

  607. This game pisses me off. NBA TV deliberately changes their TV lineup to show a Hornets game ON NATIONAL TV, because of the hype surrounding their upset defeat of the Spurs. What happens ? They get destroyed in Detroit.

  608. Well……. game is tomorrow.

  609. This reminds me of a Rox game against Mavs before when Lin was still with them. I think it was Jae Crowler who kept making 3s in garbage time and made the game super close. Don’t remember who won.

  610. a game to forget

  611. What game?

  612. Dear Clifford and Governor of NC,


  613. Didn’t watch the game. 2-11 is bad. But was Lin given the touches and plays like the previous 3 games?

  614. Detroit’s bigs were beasting. Hornets’ bigs were soft as usual. Rebounding advantage 62-42 to Detroit. Offence for Hornets was also sticky. Kemba making shots, but as usual not enough ball movement. Everyone had to force it a bit including Lin.

  615. Lin got touches tonight

  616. JL7 is just OFF tonight, period. No excuses. No shame either. Players make and players break even the very good ones like CP3. If JL7 was on then he and KW could have got this one in the bag. Still, couldn’t believe it’s just a 5 pt game in final minute.

  617. On NBA TV or whatevers doesn’t matters much. What matters IS: Wins against Raptors, Cavs, Spurs – Three Top Teams. What matters IS: Keep fighting, on to the next game.

    But I can agreed with you.

  618. Who’s reading minds now?

  619. I agree that Detroit had much more intensity than anyone on the Hornets, Lin included. But I still think better ball movement could have broken through the tough Detroit interior defence.

  620. One of those games that “can’t win them all.” Like GS that have those terrible loses. But at least, this Pistons is quite good. Give them credits. They need this one much more than Hornets.

  621. Detroit was the better team tonight. They space the floor giving them alot of uncontested shots. The Hornets were the complete opposite. Also the Pistons bigs were all over the paint pushing around the Hornets soft bigs. It was hard to watch

  622. this post proves a point that those posters have power to remove the post yet choose not to as they want to say they have integrity. nice. ;P

  623. don’t be as ppl w/o integirty usually are emotionless and thick skinned. hehe

  624. just got back from tonight’s game.

  625. needless to say deflated but had a good time

  626. Elaborate please.

  627. well where do I start…..can’t cheer for him because he was missing all his shots including the 3 point attempt – airball all by himself. Pistons was making all the threes. Drummond was aggressive and our bigs can’t defend like usual.

  628. Jeremy can’t drive because his shots weren’t falling so opponents are just packing the lanes simple as that.

  629. Lin had his right ankle wrapped before game time. Did he appear injured to you?

  630. Saw some Lin fans….some with Laker’s jerseys waiting for autographs…but Jeremy didn’t sign them because he had a bad game. He was trying to make a comeback but if you’re down by a lot it’s hard to overcome. 1st quarter starters weren’t aggressive enough; they were being pushed around.

  631. seems ok maybe a tad slow and no lift could be sore

  632. Thank you. I am glad you had a good time although our guy had an off night. I only caught the 4Q of the game. How did the team fell behind so much in 1Q (24-36)? Do you have any photos to share?

  633. It is what it is…you get couple of good games and one or two bad games in between. Cant really expect perfect game every single time. Lets move on.

    Hope tomorrow brings a fresh new light to the game. Go LIN!

  634. You are, Jimmy.

  635. Thanks, hope you had some fun in some way. It wasn’t fun to watch out here.

  636. Nothing to see here yesterday, moved on. O.K., will.move on today as well. Tomorrow is another day.

  637. Lol, exactly!

  638. My home team won…so not so disappointed! ;))

  639. welcome back jeremiah…..

  640. Cliff only sticks with “his guys”, Zeller, Al, and Frank. Neither of which were effective against Detroits’ bruising big men.

  641. Really? Cool to know. Drummond is a monster. I also like Whiteside, but Drummond man …

  642. No English sub yet, but he mentioned doesn’t like NY’s crowded and LA’s traffic.

  643. Just a city boy
    Born and raised in south Detroit~~~~
    He took the midnight train goin anywhere~~~~

    How’s Detroit doing, the city? from the bankruptcy in 2013? A lot of houses were going very low, and some Chinese thought it’s a good time to buy those low price houses (even in some dead places where most of the houses are empty and nobody wants to live there) and believe that it will eventually going up later. If it’s true, they make good investment then. From some articles I read, they make Detroit sounds like a dead and scary city, which I don’t know if it’s true or not. But from the pictures, very dead indeed.

  644. Crowded yes. But that’s what Makes NY, NY. Lol.

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  647. “…If I could redo it you know I will shoot the same shots and I’ll just make them”. That’s a man with confidence! I don’t know how he deals with pressure so well on and off the court. So much expectations on him from everyone. All the tweets that he gets everyday. His fans chastising his coach, his teammates. How could all these not get to him? Less thought…

  648. maybe the fans should stop then…complaining about the coach the players etc etc…it only hurts Lin in the end.

  649. Hope you observed that’s it’s still the usual Kemba show. What can you expect? Clifford is very consistent. He thought that Kemba ball can manage to win agains Detroit. Well well well…In Clifford’s mind? They are a hot team and they are in the playoffs and Kemba got his points for the all star push. Everything’s good in the hornets land even if they lose this game. We have to understand at this point, that Lin is not the first option in this team. And as long as they are in the playoffs contention, it will always be Kemba hero ball from now on. This hornets team will always be Kembas team. Lin can get scraps here and there to help them win, that’s all there is to it. That’s reality for this team. If you recall rockets before? He had a few great games also. But is he the star? Did you notice that after a great game, the coach will always go back to the old style? Same old Clifford-bscott-mchale style. Sigh!

  650. And if I may add this, if you are a true Lin fan, please don’t be content with Clifford’s remark about Lin being valuable to hornets and he will always be a bench player. Pleaaaaaaase! And some are saying he is happy in this team. Lin chose to be happy despite the circumstances. He is a mature and responsible person. He might be duped by these manipulative people like Clifford, but he is smart and God is there to guide him. We can only hope for him to decide what’s best. And all I know that it’s best not to stay on this team and be a free agent next season?

  651. What does that tell you? It’s a coach game. Players are like chess pieces to them. Unless you are Kobe, harden, melo it’s the other way around. But most of the time, it’s the coach who manage the plays.

  652. Clifford is not smart period. And he really wants Kemba to shine in national tv so so bad. They don’t care if they lose. I already have a bad feeling about this game. But as I have said, let’s move on and think about free agency. No matter how good Lin is in this team Clifford will not praise him like a star. No sir! He praised him as a bench player. Smh!

  653. Well, if it’s not on national tv, they can let Lin run the show. It’s still a win win situation for them. As long as Clifford is consistent in his post game interviews about Lin as a bench player all his NBA life, they are content with that. But a very important message to Lin, please don’t be fooled again by these sweet words from a coach who clearly deceived you.

  654. Don’t worry. They will only do this in national tv. They made a mistake in bringing out Linsanity. Clifford have to say those comments about Lin always in the bench and balance it with valuable?. Cliff will use Lin to win games.

  655. It was a tough night for Lin. Even super star like Curry has bad games occasionally. Hope Lin will have a good game vs. Bucks tonight.

  656. I fully respect what you say. I see that as the right way to express your feeling and opinions. I don’t know if I’m being labelled as on the same camp as sws or what. As a matter of fact I do not always agree with what he/she said, I just have a more temperate and modest philosophy and that translate to my way of following Lin. So anyway, our opinions might be the same on some issues and different on other issues, but that’s what makes each of us unique individual. What is important to me, and perhaps many other posters here as well, are that different ways of seeing things are communicated and exchanged with respect, like what you just demonstrated, not trying to force it on to other people.

    I came a long way this season from fully giving Clifford the benefit of doubt in the first 1/2 of the season, to now agreeing with you that Clifford is not a good coach for Lin. So I happen to share the same view on such matter now. But however, what I really want to see in this forum is that for those people who are still giving Clifford the benefit of doubt, they get to keep their basic human dignity and be respected upon as well. If we want to make them see our points, the best way is to try to win them over with our proper mannerism and civility on top of logic and facts. When an aggressive person tries to talk reason with me, all I can see if his aggressive behaviours and not whether what he says make sense or not…. If you know what I mean.

    Thank you again for your patience.

  657. music a bit dramatic

  658. Hi mods, I have a post to adele that is waiting to be approved. I hope it can see day light soon. If I accidentally typed any prohibited words in there, please let me know and I do apologies in advance.

  659. done

  660. any key points? summary?

  661. Adele was pleading. Don’t think she is aggressive. But got your point, positive influence.

  662. We are all entitled to our opinions. I’m cool. I don’t want to discredit what you’re saying. I’m just being consistent in what I believe in since the start of this season. Even with sws, I just don’t read the post. Simple as that. It’s my way of living a peaceful environment. Being too emotional about these things is not getting us anywhere. We are here to express our opinions. Of course with proper choice of words. You cannot be vulgar in public right? Now with differences in opinion in this site, you go your way, I go with mine. It’s not hard. You may not like what I’ve said, just don’t read it. If I get to the point where I don’t like what you said, I will not respond and if you continue with your views that differs with mine. I don’t read your comments anymore. I will only hit like and respond to views that I feel resonates with my views and opinions. I always believe that respect towards each other is the very essence of continuing the blog life here. Peace to you ‘joe what do you know’✌️

  663. Thanks K. I’m being passionate in my opinion about Clifford’s coaching with Lin. Obviously he is not the best fit to coach Lin period! I don’t need to elaborate but all the people here knows and observed his coaching “prowess” wink wink?

  664. I don’t blame Clifford on these single games. I blame his overall coaching and personality. My stand about this coach and this team is the same. It’s not a good fit for Lins basketball strengths. No further questions your honor. Lol!

  665. No I don’t think she is aggressive and never did I suggest she was. The aggressive person metaphor/example was just used to illustrate my point on the importance of mutual respect and courtesy wins an argument rather than the use of hurtful words and belittling. If you read my post again word to word I trust you can see that. No, I was trying to express my respect to adele for her way of trying to reach out to people who might have different opinions. That’s the way I think we all should be practising.

  666. Thank you Joe…your handle is too long. Lol!

  667. Lol. Apologies. That how my friends greet me sometimes so I just used it as my handle in disqus….

  668. Thank you Mak

  669. There’s joe team handle and now joe what do you know. ? sometimes I get confused. Ha ha. Thanks for acknowledging my posts. ?hats off to you my fellow blogger.

  670. Here is an excerpt from the Pablo Torre article about Lin, written late last season. Lin doesn’t want to hear the negativity. He’s a smart, disciplined person who’s focused only on what he can do to succeed. __________

    “[Lin] cannot help but tune out his dad and mom, who call from Palo Alto with concerns about his well-being. He refuses to engage friends’ complaints about Lakers coach Byron Scott giving his starting job to little-known Ronnie Price in December, then to littler-known Jordan Clarkson in January. The backup’s backup isolates himself from … loved ones …, from the people who cannot help but watch the games, read the articles, scroll down to the comments and emerge, in Lin’s words, “just super pissed off.”

    “It got to a point where I had to tell all of them, ‘Look, I appreciate you guys being on my side,'” he says. “‘But all this stuff about how upset you guys are, or how bad you think this is, I don’t want to hear any of it. I can’t carry that negativity to work.'”

    This edict originally came down during his second season in Houston, when coach Kevin McHale started pairing superstar James Harden (who needs the ball to thrive) with point guard Patrick Beverley (who doesn’t) over Lin (who does). It held up as Rockets general manager Daryl Morey … courted Carmelo Anthony, … . And it applies in LA now more than ever, … .”

    See : http://espn.go.com/espn/feature/story/_/id/12561636/inside-jeremy-lin-life-linsanity-new-york-knicks

  671. I would hope for Clifford to take a seat sometimes and stop screaming at the players all the time especially Lin while trying to do his job.

  672. It is like asking BS not to fold his arms during the game and being relax.

  673. That’s fine with BS because he doesn’t scream at his player.

  674. My point is it is difficult to ask people to change their habits.

  675. Last game lose mainly because of Clifford being out coached. All night their bigs were out played by the Pistons bigs. Drummond and Bane were monster above the rim while zeller, Jefferson and Hawes were glued to the floor. Tyler should be their best matchup but we only see him in the game when it was over. When your bigs are not there as a threat, it’s hard for your guard to attack the rim.

  676. Worse bosses characteristics: mean, incompetent, favoritism, and micromanagers.

    Cliff is at least not mean, maybe incompetent.

  677. ATTENTION: @Psalm, mods, everyone, tonight’s Bucks vs Hornets game starts at 8:30pm ET not 15:30 as listed upper right corner of this page.

  678. Let’s move on. Obviously a bad game. No need to shove the blame around Could have been bad food or poor sleep. I’m sure Jeremy will shake this game off and be ready for tonight. Goooo Lin!

  679. All I wanted to say is Cavs just recently lost to Brooklyn.

  680. u just said he had confidence
    you are way overreacting
    so what if he seems like he lose confidence he just needs to get it back
    theres nothing wrong with that
    he has the skill set to be a good 6th man in the NBA

  681. Tyler was brought in as a 3rd string
    he wouldn’t use him
    Hansbrough is pretty much done we know hes tough but people would rather give the minutes to youngins

  682. Another Joe here, just of the orLinary variety, lol

  683. 2nd, 3rd or 4th wouldn’t matter, he’s in uniform isn’t he? Smart coach would max out his roster whenever necessary for the win.

  684. Yes, it is a worth read on JLin – “Jeremy Lin Breaks NBA Records wherever he Goes” , the commands also nice & funny such as “Now Cliff can say all day that he played JL and not make reference to JL being played β€œout of position”… “part of this loss was on coaching and after Cliff’s dumb comments it worked to his advantage. It was like JL played down to Cliff’s assessment. Dumb and dumber” πŸ™‚ Well, after Good Friday, here comes the Ester! JLIN will be recharged with energy!

  685. Yes, just frustrating after 3 good games, starting to get media attention, talk of 6th man of the year and then this game. Feels like were back to square 1.

  686. Court case adjourned until the next game lol

  687. it does matter
    you dont use 3rd strings unless there are injuries to your 1st and 2nd unit

  688. got it. It’s fixed now
    thanks πŸ™‚

  689. Frustrate for sure but last night was so obviously it’s Kemba’s night… no one on the team played well..?! Right now playoff is the key… so just forget about it & move on. 10 more games to go.

  690. * Impression over several cities? Hometown of zero defects, like everything over there, home, church, friends, food, …etc
    * This season, how far Hornets can go? East 3-8 now is in stalemate, we are first and foremost is to fight for the playoffs, if continue to play well, hope to break through the first round.
    * This season, how far Hornets can go? East 3-8 now is in stalemate, we are first and foremost is to fight for the playoffs, if continue to play well, hope to break through the first round.
    * This season, how far Hornets can go? East 3-8 now is in stalemate, we are first and foremost is to fight for the playoffs, if continue to play well, hope to break through the first round.
    * This season, how far Hornets can go? East 3-8 now is in stalemate, we are first and foremost is to fight for the playoffs, if continue to play well, hope to break through the first round.
    * This season, how far Hornets can go? East 3-8 now is in stalemate, we are first and foremost is to fight for the playoffs, if continue to play well, hope to break through the first round.

  691. I’m not sure Cliff can be consistent in the interviews because he seems to be balancing a lot more going on behind the scenes than just trying to win games. If it’s obvious to us about Lin being important, all these years, then there is either bias or criteria we don’t know about. These boards tend to lean to bias, and that’s true to me. Then we all talk about the politics and people guess at why. In the end, I’m hoping it gets clear with a next team.

    I just read an old article where Joe Lacob talked about MJ’s release. Who knew … we hear rumblings, but his is the clearest and this kind of stuff comes out later if at all:


  692. It’s one bad game after 3 great ones I’ll take that for now. Considering where Lin was one year ago deep in despair with the Lakers. Things are looking better

  693. No, I am not overreacting if you read this thread. I am on one point – please don’t post things about his state of mind because we don’t know what he’s thinking and last year, posts like what you wrote were finally called ‘reading his mind’. We have a history here and we’ve already gone through it with many discussions.

    Yes, I did say he is confident because you said he’s not confident. It’s another way to say I disagree, and how you felt about that is exactly what I mean.

    I went on to list was was observable.

    Last year we went over and over this kind of post and generally, we get nowhere if people want to post things about guesses as to Lin’s state of mind. All we can do is watch his play and note what’s happening to each other. People here have all kinds of experience with the game, so noting what we see is really helpful, and sometimes having some estimate of the game flow and team spirit also helps for those new to team, life action sports.

    If you get into his mind, then it’s hard to have a legit convo because nobody really knows what’s in the minds of these guys or the coach. Posting Lin has no confidence is one of the false narratives we already went through last year. We don’t know what he’s thinking. Yet, when he says in interviews he’s not confident at times, that’s just him talking genuinely, like you said. People lose confidence and get it back. That’s what he’s referring to when he talks about things off the court, that he’s humble and is working on his mind and all the other things.

    So anyway, have a good weekend, it’s no big deal.

  694. I have to tip off my hat and commend @wizlin:disqus and @joewhatdoyouknow:disqus for being able to express their opinions and respect each other. This is exactly what this forum needs more and more πŸ™‚ We give respect to earn respect. And both of you demonstrated a perfect example of not putting down others’ opinion!

    You receive a badge of ‘virtual hug’ πŸ˜€

  695. Well, just to kid around, isn’t Good Friday a bad day after all and then we can celebrate on the 3rd day? Today will be a good day …

  696. I agree. Yet, there isn’t a good easy response. If they went small, they are unable to have KW as pg generate ball movement. And the shots were not falling to demand space so small ball could work.

    It seems that DET game planned v well for what has been working for CHA, and Cliff could not counter-plan because he did not prepare his team/assets to adjust in-game.

  697. Expect a rebound game after last night. Hornets are a good team and have too much professional pride to lose again. Everyone plays better, especially Lin.

  698. JLIN told us at one of his recent interview to Relax, Enjoy it, believe yourself belong here :=) He said “Ups and downs are part of the NBA, ….. I asked myself many times, this is the treatment what I deserve? But then I know, if you have been insist on believing in yourself, you never know what will happen to turn the things up”. Go, JLIN Go!

  699. Cavs has already clinched playoffs so I don’t think they’re playing too hard now. They could easily squeezed 5 more minutes out of Labron in that game but they chose not to.

  700. Lin has been very honest, vocal and insistent in speaking out for himself and Asian community as a whole this season!
    A: “Stand up for racial diversity and equal opportunity”; (The Oscar racial joke) “It didn’t sit well with me…”
    A: “Have fun and believe that you belong” (in the NBA). “Being the only Asian guy my whole life…”

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  703. Psalm, please block/delete the sales ad below. So annoying! That person has no shame!

  704. discussion on ref calls, and mention of JLin:


  705. I did.
    Sometime it would take refresh to see it has disappeared.
    They have been coming with different accounts and mods have banned/deleted them

  706. new MIL game thread.

    After a bad Hornets game where they started slow with lackadaisical defense being out-rebounded 42-62, they could not recover.

    – Despite not having a good shooting night, Jeremy Lin came in and helped with early assists to cut the lead to 8pts in the 2nd quarter but sloppy plays by Lamb and Batum gave another momentum to the Pistons
    – Only Kemba shot well with 9-18 to score 29pts but it was not enough.
    – Lin tried to drive inside but the Pistons defense packed the driving lane; he and the Hornets teammates will be extra motivated to redeem themselves against the Bucks.

    Let’s go, JLin! Let’s hope and pray JLin would not think too much and is able to get into his shooting rhythm on the court.

  707. It’s very easy to fall into the grass-is-greener syndrome. But the reality is there will always be imperfections in any situation. Jeremy will have a number of options this summer just as he had last off-season. He will need to pick a package of management/coaching/players and some of those parts will be negative.

    Jeremy’s best season statistically was his first year with Houston. He started and played all 82 games. Per game averages: 32.2 min, 13.4 pts., 6.1 assists, 3.0 rebounds, all under McHale as coach. Those are very good numbers. Yet how many here were happy at the end of that season? How many were complaining about management or coach or other players?

    This season is by far the best overall situation he’s enjoyed in his professional career. It’s not perfect, but perfection is extremely rare (one could argue nonexistent). There is always risk in chasing after perfection rather than working through existing imperfections.

    It’s a extremely likely that Jeremy will opt out for next season. There are so many variables for both the Hornets and Jeremy to consider. It’s premature to talk about this. I’d much rather focus on these last 10 games and the playoffs, which is exactly what Jeremy is doing.

  708. No objections from me. You made a good case, counselor. lol.

  709. I’m not looking for perfection. I’m looking at what’s best for his skills. You need to aim high to hit the mark!

  710. Lol. Yes! Nice to have some variety alright!

  711. Lol!

  712. He is not mean?hmmm. But what can you say about shouting and stomping of feet? What about unfair and playing politics?

  713. Thanks psalm. We should promote respect here and this site would be a refreshing place to go and unwind instead of being a stressful place. I blog in the morning New York time during my breakfast. I find it very relaxing and yes amusing minus the irritants. Lol!

  714. Adele, Hello! Lol. Let’s hope for a better Gane today!

  715. Thank you for helping to show good examples πŸ™‚
    We can all use less stress here since our daily lives are so stressful already

  716. True. This is one way of relaxing. Just think of watching a reality show of Lin. Fans should not get carried away. It doesn’t get us or Lin anywhere or any better. I come here to laugh and smile. It’s good for our health!?

  717. Yes. Hi third Joe that I know! Lol. Linsanity lives! Let’s get this on!

  718. Hi first Joe that I know. I’m in your team alright!

  719. Amen πŸ™‚ here’s to have more laughter in the next 2 months

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  722. Vivement le prochain match demain. Si Lin joue πŸ™‚

  723. J’espere aussi. Mais, il est 76rs encore. Peut Γͺtre pas. Stats padding continuer pour le joueur de franchise.

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