G71 Phoenix Suns vs Brooklyn Nets: Lin is Available Tonight

G71LinSKilJeremy Lin’s status is upgraded to probable. Would he be able to play to help the Nets to get the first win streak of the season? Brook Lopez and the Nets fought hard to beat the Pistons 98-86 with Lin resting his sprained ankel and Brook won the game on his clutch buzzer-beater.

Brian Lewis from NYPost just tweeted that Jeremy Lin will be available tonight for the Nets.

Nets vs Pistons Matchup

ESPN.com Preview:

Dinwiddie started at point guard for Jeremy Lin (sprained right ankle) and will do so again if the latter does not play Thursday. Lin missed his 45th game of the season, though Atkinson said he does not anticipate a lengthy absence.

“The constant theme and motif for the remainder of the season is to keep playing through and not quit and have no slippage,” Lopez said. “We want to build a foundation and get things right so we’re confident going into next season.”

So far, the Nets have not been able to prevent slippage when seeking consecutive wins. In their previous 13 attempts, Brooklyn has allowed 112 points and lost seven times by single digits.

The Nets are looking to sweep the season series from the Suns for the fourth time in five seasons and win for the ninth time in the last 11 meetings. Hollis-Jefferson scored 20 points in Brooklyn’s 122-104 win at Phoenix Nov. 12 and the Nets held Booker to 5-of-18 shooting.

KEY OF THE GAME: Without improved defense, reduced TOs (10 in the Pistons game) and ability to attack the rims, Lin and the Nets should be able to.have a great chance to finally get the first back-to-back win of the season. But the Nets cannot let down their guard against the Suns even when they miss Eric Bledsoe and Brandon Knight.

Let’s hope and pray JLin will stay healthy and return to lead the Nets to win more games!

Let’s go, JLin and the Nets! 


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  1. First, go JLin, go Nets get a win.

  2. Nets a rare favorite tonight, and the line is pretty significant.
    Biggest #NBA Moves Tonight

    #Nets -2.5 to -5 vs #Suns
    #Blazers -10 to -11.5 vs #NYK


  3. Atkinson is now having one of the strongest bench should Kilpatrick and Joe Harris come back from injuries. He then will pick up the pace of the game even more.

  4. Rooting for Jeremy Lin and the Nets.
    Early morning from Shanghai……

  5. Great answer by KA

    What does Jeremy Lin mean to this team? [at 3:11]
    “Lots of praise from Atkinson on Lin: It’s like having your starting QB back and he commands the huddle” (@NetsDaily)

  6. lets go lin!!

  7. Responding to a question[4:50], KA chose Caris LeVert as the best young player to complement Lin’s game the most (he doesn’t need the ball much; plays off-the-ball). Also Whitehead playing off-the-ball more.

  8. “Significant minutes”. KA speak that’s 12 minutes LOL

  9. I like what I heard from KA….haha!

  10. Hope we get this W.

  11. I was going to skip tonight’s game, but guess not!!

  12. Same here!

  13. Weird game

  14. Can’t shoot. Zone is a good choice for Suns defense. Need good shooting to beat a zone. Nets are bad shooters.

  15. when will lin learn not to waste possessions on garbage players like foye

  16. Slow burn start from starters….

  17. Lin out with 0 pts

  18. never

  19. Lin will play “significant minutes” they say
    takes him out with 5:11 left in the 1st
    yah right very significant

  20. Our starters had so many TOs…

  21. He was focusing on setting guys up as usual in the 1Q. Even Westbrook does that.

  22. But can’t make threes

  23. Lin’s shots on-line but too strong (back rim). Just needs time to get loose. Looking good, though.

    Just some cold shooting and good defense by Suns. Teams playing zone vs. the Nets is the default now.

  24. Yet they losing bosing

  25. Yes, I know, I’m watching the game too.

  26. zone defense

  27. Then you don’t need to post point totals we can all see.

  28. He had 2 great looks from 3. Right on-line but back rim, too strong.

  29. Nets getting destroyed by D-league team!

  30. It’s a game of runs. Suns might just be hot tonight, or Nets will make a run later once Lin is warmed up.

  31. Suns is destroying another D-League team.

  32. Yes, we can also see lin’s shots were too strong. No need to post. Stop trolling.

  33. Actually I’m surprised Nets are favored. Suns record is better and they play in the West.

  34. Hush, child. I’m posting commentary, you’re getting angry while posting boxscore info.

  35. Hopefully when lin warms up they will go on a run.

  36. Now you can read my mind too? Good for you

  37. booker can’t buy a bucket

  38. no bledsoe or b knight

  39. Bench save the game….

  40. Great job by the bench.

  41. Bench better than the starters cuz LeVert and RHJ dont move the ball and Foye is just too trash to play in the NBA

  42. meaningless game for Lin to play. guys playing with no defense and no motivation on the Suns team. Lin better be guarding Devin Booker the entire game! that’s the only matchup worth watching in this game.

  43. Definitely needed that tonight. Game of runs…Nets bench hit back.

  44. At this point, any win Lin can lead them to is a big plus. He can prove himself a difference maker.

    If this game can be close in the 4th quarter, Lin can close it out (whether he’s been cold or not).

  45. Phoenix is playing for the Lonzo Ball sweepstakes!

  46. Lin is playing for chemistry, and trying to help the teams get wins to have a good feeling going into the next season. So, it’s not really meaningless.

  47. I’m not sure Ball is going to be an NBA star. His PG instincts are elite but he looks a bit…slow. Not explosive. At the NBA level, you can learn PG skills but a modern PG needs to be able to accelerate into the paint, turn the corner on a screen.

  48. Booker 0-6???

  49. bench playing really well. booker is killing them. lol

  50. I knew that booker was going to foul because he got 2 good shots. then he becomes impulsive.

  51. Lin is in

  52. RHJ so trash

  53. he needs to play as support to lin, not the main ball handler and try not to do too many things.

  54. I agree. Bad possession for RHJ. He tried to get on the scoring board but there was no ball movement or momentum with his shot.

  55. are you sure about that? i just think he needs to get stronger to play at the pro level.

  56. Our starters are not looking good….

  57. Nope.

  58. Looking better in the 2Q. Lin is making some great passes to Brook.

  59. I like dudley

  60. Lin has been ice cold for a few games now
    something is wrong

  61. Levert cannot guard Booker. Put Lin on him now coach!

  62. I mean, he was scorching hot for a while. Hot streaks and cold streaks happen.

    Also, teams playing more zone vs. the Nets means Lin will have to adjust.

  63. LOL PG RHJ..leads to TO

  64. RHJ man
    trash is even a compliment to this guy right now

  65. 3 FT all in

  66. Even though Lin gets a 3 point shot, I don’t like that foul.

  67. What dimension is this? Even Lin is getting that call now!

  68. Lin get mad… and take this game over.

  69. Lopez needs to go he is the worst rebounder in the nba

  70. how is that a foul on lin?

  71. Thank god RHJ is gone
    hes truly shyt

  72. Foye time 😛

  73. equally as bad

  74. Take Foye out

  75. Starters still not playing well. Not a great TO from Lin. Think Lin needs to step up his aggression and think he will in the 2nd half.

  76. Seems like a practice game. No energy. No MO. Most ISO.

  77. at 7’0
    playing 30+mins and only averages 5.1rpg lol

  78. I agree. He shouldn’t wait till the 2nd half. They’re giving him FTs tonight, so he might as well attack.

  79. tried to get ft on the tov

  80. I’m thinking.. maybe he has very small hands. He always touches the ball, just can’t grab it. lol

  81. 3333333333333

  82. It’s painful to watch at times. And with RHJ playing PF…it’s just brutal. I’d start Acy at PF.

  83. Your feed is much faster than mine.

  84. Foye out. Lin gets the ball

  85. Yay

  86. Warming up now. Sometimes even FTs can help the stroke.

  87. TV

  88. 3333333333333333333

  89. Whew! Early rust is gone.

  90. he made 2 3s?

  91. They are saying it is a long 2.

  92. Come on Lin what kind of pass is that?

  93. in a matter of mins when i went to the bathroom lols

  94. yep

  95. 2 FT in

  96. He and Lopez still working on that chemistry.

  97. It wasn’t that bad.

  98. NICe!

  99. yup good to see lin having a good game so far though

  100. looks like our boy is warming up!

  101. He picked it up in the last 3 minutes. Once he made the 3, he picked it up.

  102. the oppurtinity wasnt there for a pass like that he took a chance

  103. Lin heating up.

  104. Lopez needs to fix his eyes on Lin all the time. I want to see them alley-oo soon. 🙂

  105. Lin didn’t wait till the 4th to take over. In addition to setting guys up, I think Jeremy just prefers to get loose/warm before he shoots. When both teams are fresh, he’s at a disadvantage offensively. When both teams are “tired” (so to speak), Lin has the big advantage.

  106. I think they are going to RHJ and LeVert. Lopez isn’t so much a leaper and lob finisher.

  107. Lin turns it around in a matter of minutes.

  108. guess im late to the party.. how’s our boy lookin?

  109. lol dude im sorry we wont see lin and lopez alley op

  110. Slow start, then hit some jumpers. Got to the line a lot and only missed one FT.

  111. I actually thought he looked good early on, shot just didn’t go in. In his second stint, he was looking to score more and his 2 jumpers fell.

  112. Don’t be so sure about it. Lopez might surprise you. 🙂

  113. just checked statline.. not bad.. had to a double take on the 14 mins.. guess the injury wasn’t that bad afterall…. and Devin Booker must be on fire

  114. Lin had low usage until they took out RHJ and Foye. Then he scored 11 of their 13 points.

  115. i hope so!

  116. Lin needs to stop force feeding Lopez
    if its not there dont force it
    2 bad TOs

  117. I think is the future on this team with Lin. He’ll get low to moderate usage with higher usage towards the end of halves and games.

  118. Just checked in. I see Foye stats is 0 across the board in 8 minutes!

  119. Yeah but the rest of the team had 9 bad turnovers

  120. Umm I just saw a replay of D.Booker getting an and1 on lin… the hell is he flexing for?? Lin barely touched him. Wtf lol

  121. Look like Lins foot on the line. unsure??

  122. Foye and RHJ are not a starters, what will it take to get it through KA’s thick skull!

  123. That’s one of those Kenny things. He really wants Lin to (over)pass. In that long ESPN article, he half-jokingly called him “selfish” for wanting to shoot more. To be fair, I haven’t seen Lin get benched for TOs by Kenny ever.

  124. That’s what Ian Eagle said, but the refs counted it as a 3 at first. I guess they checked the replay, so I trust the call.

  125. Uh, wanted to skip this game then checked the box score and saw Lin had 11 in the 1st half. Looks like he’s doing well and now I have to watch the 2nd half of the game. My procrastination important things continue. ><"

  126. Lin to RHJ chemistry.

  127. Why does RHJ keep doing this..

  128. he’s lucky he got the call but the smart move was to pass to lin.

  129. triggers me so much… oh well

  130. Lin should have gotten a foul call. he was getting contact.

  131. Their Booker is better than ours

  132. better than both of ours

  133. c’mon nail them FT

  134. way better.

  135. lets go boys! Get the first winning streak of the season!!

  136. he’s also outplaying Lin.

  137. NIce play.

  138. nice zig zag pass

  139. everyone gets more foul calls than lin.

  140. Again lin was hacked no call.

  141. Lin looks a little hesitant on drives. Needs to just put it up.

  142. Nice assist to Brook

  143. their booker took 17 shots and its not even half way through the 3rd. Looks like 2nd coming of KOBE/KOME

  144. 9-0 run by Nets

  145. Lin can taste that win…

  146. I see some very good collaboration !

  147. Lopez made a hook shot from way outside! You can’t replace such a lethal offensive center like him! His Pros out weight his cons by miles! Other teammates can help with defense and rebounds! RHJ has 14 this game!

  148. Nets are playing much smoother but a cringe every time RHJ brings the ball up and almost loses it! Why can’t he just pass it to Lin?

  149. Nice Lin to lopez.

  150. Hell… Dudley and Barbossa?? Is the Suns showing off their throwback roster?

  151. People killing Lin’s “wild” passes to Lopez. And yet they’re working more and more every game.

  152. Lopez needs to look for Lin a bit more.

  153. He needs to kick out more

  154. As long as Lin gets it in the 4th, I’m cool. That’s his quarter.

  155. Excellent take charge!!

  156. Whitehead shakes off lin and got a TO. the announcer goes “probably should have gotten it to him lol.

  157. Somehow he never hurts himself on those.

  158. id on’t get why lopez got the FT when lin took the charge

  159. Extra padding at the rear end?

  160. OK KA wasn’t lying, Lin really playing a lot of minutes this game.

  161. 222222222

  162. Better FT shooter.

  163. Wow Acy, cool hand

  164. Acy with the air ball 3 really?

  165. nice open look to acy

  166. he heard the fans loud and clear

  167. Higher FT shooter of course.

  168. Lin with the Euro step

  169. Don’t jinx it, ha. Lin may come in with 4m in the 4Q.

  170. Lin is a crazy good weird finisher

  171. No foul call? Come on!

  172. that wa sa nice crazy shot for lin wow.

  173. Lin made a rough in !

  174. i counted 3 or 4 noncalls but this is lin so thats normal.

  175. Heck of a shot! Lin knows how to fall now…made sure to land on his butt. Not have his legs/knees take the impact.

  176. Agreed, his crazy leaning away shots some how gets in.

  177. Hope he’s ok with that rough fall.

  178. …..=,= Always cheated by refs!

  179. He falls a ton. I’m more worried about that hard charge he took.

  180. dude’s gotta stop taking charges.

  181. He’s getting the 3 point on the jumper call. He’s not getting the usual driving to the rim calls.

  182. Lin must had a chat with him. Haha~

  183. Lopez on fire

  184. He might have practised Aikido or Judo and is a master at Ukemi…

  185. Whitehead and RHJ needs to stop with this coast to coast crap

  186. please come back Phoenix! Otherwise, no Lin in the 4th quarter!

  187. Lin should have 4-5 more assists as open shots by Lopez and Ace were misses, the fact that Lin can get Lopez easy shots demonstrate his value to the team. Whitehead refuse to pass to Lin and tried to dribble past and resulting a turnover.

  188. RHJ with 16 rebounds! Turning into shaq tonight

  189. Not gonna lie. I kinda hope Phoenix makes a little run, so Lin can come back in for the 4Q.

    If it’s a blowout, Kenny might rest Lin with another game tomorrow.

  190. Dinwiddie somehow turns out to be a very different player recently. I like that!

  191. I know what you mean, but Lin took some tough falls tonight. So, maybe for Lin’s sake it’s better to have a blowout.

  192. Nothing tastes better than a blowout win, and it’s a confidence booster.

  193. Suns really suck but hope they make a game out of it so Lin gets backbin

  194. meh, I like a nice easy win some times.

  195. Yeah, the most important thing this season is to see Lin clearly making the difference between winning and losing. Which he did tonight. Stats are very important, but for now, I’ll take the win.

    Tomorrow vs. the Wiz, I want to see a big stat game however, win or lose.

  196. that’s incredible!

  197. After those tough road games this is a great confidence booster!

  198. That’s going to be a tougher game.

  199. Maybe it’s best Lin save his energy then.

  200. lol Booker airballed over Booker

  201. Completely agree, try to do too much!

  202. Why is mayweather there?

  203. Whitehead and Booker spin too much.

  204. nice dunk!

  205. With this blow out I hope Lin doesn’t go passive when he comes in. Teammates might start playing selfish for stats.

  206. I like Devin Booker’s game a lot, but the dude deserved a humbling this quarter. Got all cocky, flexing his muscles after hitting a questionable and-1 on Lin. Then he choked this quarter despite playing all 12m!

  207. He might. Which is why I don’t want him in if it’s a blowout (15+). Don’t risk injuries and empty stat minutes.

    Save it for Wall and the Wiz tomorrow!

  208. looks like Lin’s done for the night. Phoenix will probably pull their regulars in the 4th also. they’re still trying to #fallforBall…

  209. The second unit plays well tonight. I will rest Lin if they’re leading in two digit.

  210. still a quarter left….but I prefer lin plays first 5 minutes. If things are going good, just sit him and let the bench clean up. Lin should try and get his stats–16pts and 2 more assists heheh

  211. I really don’t trust Whitehead and McDaniels.. both are snakes.

  212. By the way McDaniels is looking like a steal. He’s listed as SG/SF?

  213. whitehead does not strike me as a team player. don’t know enough of KJ McD.

  214. I hope the 1st unit rests for the 4th quarter.

  215. His nickname is “McDefense.” Basically super-athletic but no real skills…maybe Kenny can develop him. This team BADLY needs great athletes. Lin is a fantastic lob thrower and no one can really leap/finish on this team.

  216. Dinwiddie especially, didn’t even want to pass Lin the ball for previous games when he was on the floor with him while making those annoyed expressions!

  217. Will Lin and Lopez come back in! Doesn’t matter if it’s blow out they deserve to play and get their stats!

  218. aside from Lin, Levert seems to be the only guy who plays the right way.

  219. i think lin is done tonight

  220. back to back tomorrow .

  221. expressions? what does he do?

  222. Lin deserves it, but with the game tomorrow…I highly doubt it.

    Also, for whatever reason, Lin never plays well in blowout wins. Defers to others, flubs layups.

  223. Heard that many times but Lin ended up getting less minutes for the back to back.

  224. Levert-Lin-Lopez are keepers. I could care less if anyone else doesn’t come back next season.

  225. He finally got more than one game off. So, he should be ok. Especially if he stays at the current minutes. It’s the every other day with the back to backs that made for fatigue and his minutes being restricted on the back to backs.

  226. Nets’ Bench Force One is ON!

  227. sort of rolled his eyes after giving up the ball for Lin who asked for it for final shot of quarter. Dinwiddie also purposely iced out Lin even if he didn’t have the ability to get inside to score while being trapped. Just glad KA plays starters together consistently with more minutes instead of inserting whatever guys in.

  228. do u have a clip of this??

  229. Same here, all these rumors about trading Lopez is worrying! Nets would be very dumb to trade Lopez he’s a beast who can score in so many ways. He also has high BBIQ which not many centers have, maybe PF like Blake Griffin but I’d take Lopez any day!

  230. Yes. He’s got potential and plus I like his 3pt shoot!

  231. don’t get discouraged. Tomorrow is a much more important game for the nets to prove themselves. To see how the nets will do at full power against the 3rd seed wizards in a road match.

  232. That makes No Sense! They don’t need stat spadding… When it’s a close game we do want them to play and now we’re concern about they’re not playing in a blowout… This is the right time to develop the bench further more.

  233. Sorry it was a few games ago around the time when KA 1st started playing Dinwiddie and had him handling the ball while Lin was SG.

  234. Where is KHuang?

  235. I see Lin has his warmup gear on. He’s not coming back!

  236. I haven’t seen him since his temp ban.

  237. Lin better do this to John Wall tomorrow:

  238. It’s cool…. I never knew that about Dinwiddie. Im gonna keep my eye on him

  239. Yes, tomorrow is a test to see if Rondae can get another 16 rebounds. Haha~

  240. Why was he banned ?

  241. This goes to show you why the Suns are so bad!

  242. Got troll baited by others.

  243. I don’t mind if it’s a back to back blowout games for the Nets. It’s unwise to play when it’s not necessary.

  244. Ah I remember there was a very frustrating game where both Foye and Dinwiddie iced out Lin purposely. It was the game after they broke the long losing streak! So check out the Dallas vs Nets game again! Look closely at how Dinwiddie played when on the floor with Lin! Also the 1st 2-3 games when Dinwiddie was inserted to play with Lin after his hamstring injury, those body language and expressions were very off putting!

  245. didn’t Lin play in these blowout situations when he’s was at Golden State? put him in Coach Smart!

  246. Think we’re as Lin-fans are too sensitive. We want Lin to do good but Lin also need his teammates to do good. I like Lin’s teammates to be hot and aggressive. Lin will get his stat by the end of the night. That’s the only way for this team to compete with top teams – everybody contribute in many ways.

  247. wow.. Booker and Ulis with 40+ min.

  248. McDaniels, 16 points in 19 minutes. Interesting to see how he plays against playoff teams. Knowing KA’s stubbornness he probably won’t get the start over RHJ but he could start over Foye as SG.

  249. Ulis with only 6 points in 41 minutes ouch. If only Lin had those kind of minutes.

  250. Lin was a garbage time player back then. Now he’s the voice of this team, to put him in is disrespectful.

  251. lol I know players like Harden and Parson who loved stat padding during garbage time. Cliff also did that with Walker to pad his stats.

  252. Or maybe the Nets are really clicking in this game. And the Nets are really getting better and better. With Lin on the floor, the Nets can now have a chance to beat any average to good teams except the title contenders.

  253. It’s the unwritten code of basketball. Walker should be ashamed of himself.

  254. Nets aren’t the worst team in the NBA anymore. 🙂

  255. I agree, and I don’t think there are any issues with Dinwiddie and Lin. And Lin and Foye are talking a bunch on the bench in this game. I’m glad to see Dinwiddie playing better.

  256. I would rather have him rest on a blowout and come out strong tomorrow against wizards

  257. Give RHJ more time to improve. He got talents. He just need to find his identity. But McD, Dinwiddie, Acy are who were missing since the beginning of the season.

  258. Lin and his Nets team will get the first winning streak of the season finally! 🙂

  259. Those padded stats and the playoff birth with Lin got Walker the AllStar nod this season even though Hornets missed the playoffs. Cliff and Hornets got what they wanted which was to use Lin to get Walker the stats and Allstar just like Rockets did with Harden.

  260. How did he do??

  261. If he gets 16 rebounds a night he’s a star!

  262. This kid Archie Goodwin, 6min 11pts – A keeper!!! Playing with heart!

  263. You mean if KA doesn’t give him less minutes like he’s done all season for back to backs? Hopefully Ka’s changed his game plan and will give Lin more minutes next game.

  264. nah it’s like buying golf driver. You hit them long and straight at the driving range but once you’ve paid for it, it doesn’t work anymore!

  265. That’s a nice analogy..lol…
    Still, give this kid a chance next season… Can develop nicely.

  266. Congrats to b2b win.

  267. 13 pts 5 assist, 21 mins, so KA did not exactly play Jlin with heavy mins

  268. Well, their 3 key players not playing tonight. It’ll be a challenge if they play.

  269. thought he wasn’t a high character guy. surprise that Marks brought him in…

  270. He played only 3 quarters – played well despite a slow start offensively in the 1Q

  271. It was a blowout. If it was closer he would have.

  272. lol….coming into this game, KA mentioned JL would be getting his normal minutes, that shows KA was ready to play JL, but when its a blowout and B2B back, why the risk, would rather rest him and play the rookies.
    AGoodwin did well for 8 minutes given with 3 ast….things like that comes in the play and other evaluations as well

  273. Yes and he makes Whitehead and Dinwiddie very nervous. 🙂

  274. he’s been balling out at the other Lin site…

  275. Thanks!

  276. Thanks! Nice stats for 21 min.

  277. so that’s the head of the snake! definitely better than Ronnie Price I suppose…

  278. Lin made a funny hand signal to celebrate ?

  279. Lin-RHJ chemistry is growing stronger

    After trailing early, @BrooklynNets use second-half surge to pull away from Suns, 126-98: http://on.nba.com/2nXkFWG

  280. Nice, short Lin highlights

    ?#Nets far ahead ?️and get 1️⃣st victory in a row.
    @JLin7 13p, 3r, 5a, 3-7, 21’21” #G71vsSuns
    ➡️@JLin7 nice 3 FGM.?#BrooklynGrit

  281. I think he was responding to a dunk by KJ McDaniel. 🙂

  282. Thank you! That was an excellent performance by Lin. I really miss Lin’s Knicks teammates!

  283. oh ok, dunk signal then 🙂

  284. Both Lin and Booker’s hairstyle look great. 🙂

  285. That Dallas game was ridiculous. I’m sure Marks and lopez had words with people about it. When the guy that has been clutch in the 4th that has just recently won a game for them doesn’t control the ball, there’s something very wrong. By the end game, a good opposing coach would have made adjustments to stop everything your trying to do. Lin is the only guy that can create separation on this team. He’s the only one that can break the defencive adjustments. They lost because Foye and Dinwittle don’t have the skill or athleticism to break a defence.

  286. Lol! He’s like 3 year old.

  287. High-degree of difficulty Lindeed!

    Try this one in HORSE

  288. Another potato for Lin from his fans!

  289. Listen up, Kenny! This is what you should do in every game.


  290. The Nets have finally arrived ??

    Wait a minute… ?

  291. yeah. Booker’s hairstyle powers his game.
    QB Lin’s hairstyle powers the whole team =)

  292. Blaiyan’s highlights

    Jeremy Lin VS Phoenix Suns (3-23-2017)
    @JLin7: 13 PTS (3/7) | 5 AST | 3 REB in 21min
    Nets won 126-98

  293. Lol! Can’t say better!

  294. LOL. Cavs fans got offended.

  295. 72 games too late of what KA is trying to do now. Moving forward, is this what he doing for next season also?

  296. Can’t judge Kenny’s games without Lin. Without Lin, there’s no NBA-caliber team to put out there.

    As for next season, it depends on who they get. Marks is looking at some Euroleague stars. I think a great PF/C who can rebound, pass and shoot would enable Kenny to play his motion offense.

    But with a healthy Lin, Nets are making the playoffs regardless.

  297. You totally missed my point.

  298. This picture says it all. He’s like a co-head coach. He gets guys organized and feeling confident, even when they miss shots or make mistakes on defense.

  299. Today KA, getting Lin back like getting our QB back.

    The whole season KA, everybody is the team QB.

    Is he changing tone or promoting Lin’s values for this off season?

  300. would love it if nets could somehow get devin booker to be lin’s SG. Would be freaking awesome backcourt

  301. Happy the nets got their QB and wins today! Jeremy played pretty well today! Glad that they didnt play him much as it was a blowout. Can’t wait for Linsanity tmrw against JOhn wall

  302. Haha! Lin is like coach ….

  303. it’ll be difficult to repeat this performance w/o the MDA system…

  304. well said and that’s the facts others seems to disregard.

  305. Yes I found a lot of screens for Lin, which resulted in much active collaboration between teammates. Hope KA finally has improved his understanding of motion offense.

  306. Kenny looks humbly listening. Lol!

  307. It takes time and you need the essential pieces. Lin is the essential piece. And KA needed time. Things are looking better, but the defensive side still needs a lot of work. The offensive side is shaping up a lot better than earlier in the season.

  308. @JLin7 said, “But on the inside, every step in the right direction we’ll continue to take & we’ll appreciate it & we’ll be grateful for it.”

  309. Haha! Can’t wait for next season….lol!

  310. Yogi became bench again…. I think Cuban will get a star PG this summer.

  311. LOL…too late to regret it!!!!

  312. It looks like the Mavs want to evaluate Seth Curry as a starting PG.
    Nice debut with 23pts/4asts in beating the Clippers.
    Mavs also see Yogi as a backup PG, probably because of his size and defensive liability.

  313. I think they want Noel to start… plus Yogi size.

  314. Here is the longer version of the interview. Lin told KA that he’s a quick healer at least 20 times. Haha~

  315. I’m sure Kemba is not the only one who misses Lin in Charlotte. 🙂

  316. Lin is still not 100% in terms of minutes played but his drive to the basket is revived. So his explosive first step is probably back and he has a much better 3 pointer than before. His long pass is absolutely devastating with Brook on the other end. That means he spreads the court when he’s there. With better support from his teammates, Lin can only be better.

  317. This season, everybody on the roster is learning a new way to play the game. They are getting better at the end of this season as we see many more close games. The Nets hasn’t havd their starting five completed yet. Their bench becomes one of the best in the league though. All this team needs is elite players.

  318. Back to back or not, Lin has just been warming up for the next game. 21 minutes! It’s a piece of cake to Lin now. He is having his drive to the basket back now. Plus his 3 pointers is getting much better. His passing game is getting better every day with team chemistry budding.
    Tomorrow’s game is going to be the best game for the season. Every player in the team has warmed up and none of them has played too much. They are hungry and all fired up. With their rotation of players, they simply challenge every team to play at the quickest pace possible.

    This next game will coin the season for the Nets.

  319. Look at Nets players with the best +/-. What do they have in common?
    Isaiah Whitehead +32 28 minutes 11 points, Q Acy 26 minutes +31 12 points, K. McDaniels 24 minutes +27 16 points, S. Dinwiddie 23 minutes +26 6 points, T. Booker 17 minutes +25 14 points
    They are almost all playing at starter minutes
    ( Starters: RHJ only played 15 minutes, Foye and LeVert only played 20 minutes, Lin 21 minutes, Brook Lopez 25 minutes)
    Players above that have started for the team: Isaiah Whitehead,Q Acy, S Dinwiddie, T Booker.

    The winning formula may just be: Starters come in to break even with other team’s starters. Then the bench comes in and do the killings.
    All bench players scored in double figures except Dinwiddie and Nicholson who only played 6 minutes.

  320. The Hornets is hopelessly out of the playoff race for the time being.

  321. We don’t call the team Brook-Lin for nothing.

  322. They shut down Bledsoe and Knight they are tanking hardcore lol

  323. one of the best teams in the NBA vs the worst record by a mile
    You really shouldnt compare them lol
    Not even Linsanity can reverse that
    LeBron has been doing what Lin did during Linsanity for years

  324. Mavs should definitely evaluate Seth Curry as starting PG, never know when the younger brother becomes better than the older one like Marc Gasol and Pau Gasol!

  325. Not until they get a playoff type of record no.

  326. That is if they don’t trade Brook Lopez away with all those trading rumors. Again with how Brooke Lopez can shoot on offense and block shots there’s no reason to trade him. Defense and rebounds can be made up by team effort.

  327. Their + is a bit misleading b/c they played against a sucky Sun’s bench. In addition, the Nets starters did not play well at the beginning of Q1, that include Brook-Lin. I also agree that they get more mins or starter mins. I don’t see that change next few seasons. There isn’t a rookie that KA is not interested in so call developing or give them max mins. I personally do not think Jlin will be able to achieve his eventual goal of winning a championship with the Nets. I do not think KA is the best coach for Jlin even though he “trust” JLin. I prefer Jlin to play for a championship contending coach who is fair minded, even if JLin has to earn his trust.

  328. How did Linsanity begin?
    When you give opportunities to young players, you stand a chance to bring up good players like Lin.
    Coach Atkinson has found a way for his team to succeed without super stars.

  329. With a 20 win record tie with Lakers, Suns and Lakers are tanking. It is painfully to watch a team that is tanking. Sitting out the best players and trading away best shooter. Oh well Nets can’t tank now but had trade Young last yr, Lopez is always a consideration for trading. I won’t even be surprise if the Nets can get a first round draft pick or 2, Jlin will be traded. Plus in 2019, Nets will have their own pick. They will tank. I don’t want Jlin to be a Net in 2019.

  330. Winning 2 games is not exactly succeed, sorry, for the SAS, losing 2 games is a losing streak. I have no problem for KA to develop rookies, but not at the expense of JLin. BTW, I won’t equate Jlin -Linsanity to IW, or RHJ. Just an aside someone from the other side post a vid of IW-Watch IW on this whole stretch, waves off Lin, TO, steps on Lin and doesn’t help Lin up, doesn’t once look back, just walks away”.
    MDA gave Jlin a chance and JLin shone in Linsanity, did it take the whole season of starting Jlin to get to Linsanity? No, Jlin in fact I dare say was developed in the summer league and may even in D league, all he need was a chance.

  331. 76ers are still in the process. I don’t think they can even go to playoff in a few seasons, not to mention higher hope. The effect of tanking is overrated. To get a franchise player, you need to be at the right time and franchise players are not always lottery picks. Team building is a process to let the players play and select the best. The chance of the Nets getting another franchise player in the FA market increases when the Nets win more games.

  332. The team has improved in March and there is no turning back now. A lot more good players need only a chance. So it is up to the Nets to find them and give them the chance.

  333. Unless the team find a player that can beat out Brook Lopez or Jeremy Lin, the Nets shouldn’t try to trade either Brook or Lin away.

  334. I definitely agree chances of getting good FA, don’t need franchise players, just good FA increase with more wins. Nets won 20 last season in part b/c they sat Brook and Young for last 10 games of season, we witnessed how well /not well they did FA this past summer. I hope very much that Nets will win more than 20 this season, still have time. In order to do so, KA has to play JLin more, and not to try to develop at expense of winning and Jlin.

  335. March Madness! Lol.

  336. Happy to see coaches like K. McHale and Byron Scott in their involuntary retirement.

  337. The entire second team are playing at the next level this season.

  338. two more to go to make the starting five.

  339. I guess the difference is 1st overall pick vs undrafted.
    That’s why Linsanity hit everyone in the head like a brick.

  340. Minnesota Timberwolves having a franchise player like Karl-Anthony Towns is at the basement of the Northwest division with a 28-41 record. They have at least two top picks in the last few seasons in Wiggins and Towns. NY Knicks with Porzingis and Melo is still in nowhere land.

    The improvement of the Nets is obvious in the last 10 games with Jeremy Lin back. The Nets recently has accomplished more than Timberwolves and Knicks in March. Next season this team will contend for a playoff berth with the system that Mark and Atkinson are implementing in Brooklyn. I dare say that the building up of the team is only a player like Towns, Porzingis or even Hassan Whiteside short of being a playoff team.

    How hard is it to get Hassan Whiteside, or even Tyler Johnson before they are given a chance to play in NBA with a minimum contract?

  341. W Lin Nets is doing very well. Just like the Yes video said…. w Lin, this is a different team. Really can’t wait for next season. Hope KA can let Lin plays his game then I am sure Nets will have bright future ahead.

  342. There must be undrafted like Hassan Whiteside, Tyler Johnson out there. It’s up to the Nets scouts to find them.

  343. how do you get 0.5 or 0.8 of a win? So dumb…how stupid are these analysts?

  344. just a thought, but I do believe that if Lin had stayed on the hornets instead of coming to the nets, the injuries that Lin suffered would not have occured. Lets face it, the rookies on the nets at the beginning of the season sucked so bad, they had no idea at all how to play defense. And the one who had to continuously over extert himself on both ends was Lin. The hornets on the other hand were a well oiled machine with Cliff greasing the wheels. Hopefully the awful rookie stage of the nets growth is done and over with. Even if its not, Lin should no longer try and cover for his rookie team mates mistakes…just let things go and have the kids learn through trial of fire.

  345. The goal is to beat Las Vegas.

  346. The lastest media buzz is why I wanted Lin with the Nets. It’s all what we’ve been saying and is finally being put out into the open. The Nets media machine is doing great at making sure people know that Lin is the star of the team. Finally we can say out loud….” told you so”.

  347. Perhaps more competition for minutes will keep the bench sharp and motivated, while giving them an opportunity to step up and distinguish themselves.

  348. Netsdaily’s articles generated the idea of ‘shared starting pg’, remember? If it’s true, then SM might be scouting Teodosic or whomever for that possibility & presumably, Din, WH & Goodwin are being assessed for backup pg or future trades? Who knows. We’ll know sooner or later…

  349. I think Netsdaily’s article more like paid commercial to me. In the beginning it’s Hill then full power on Teo….smh!

  350. The focal mistake that brought the whole season down I blame on the Performance team. Within the FIRST MONTH, just the first month of the season they sat Brook Lopez down for a B2B against the Bucks. The Bucks are big and strong. Lin is smaller but would not back down. Played hard. Played longer. Played later in the week with a hamstring injury. The rest is history.

    May not be fair to blame the performance team, but sitting Lopez down that early in the season was outside the standard for training teams, even for the spurs. It was too cute and too soon.

  351. So, it doesn’t seem they are going for Hill. They seem to be going for a tall European PG that probably can play SG next to Lin. Or maybe they are looking at options for 2nd team PG.

  352. Hard to say. Hornets brought MKG back too soon from injury, may have done that to Lin and he may not be playing now. It’s really hard to say what would have happened somewhere else.

  353. new thread

    G72 Brooklyn Nets vs WAS Wizards: A Challenge for 3-Game Winning Streak

  354. Sauce, juicy sauce.

  355. True dat bruthuh

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