Game 71 NY Knicks vs Toronto Raptors: Lin’s Mission to Fit Into the System

Jeremy Lin did not look comfortable on-court and it certainly showed in his stats after the Pistons game finishing with 3 points, 3 assists, 2 rebounds in only 17 minutes of play. In the 2nd half, Coach Nurse started Fred VanVleet back in the starting role and he had a good game finishing with 17 points and 4 assists in 31 minutes in his first game back after the injury.

Strategy to Break Out of the Shooting Slump

In the post-game interview, Jeremy Lin confirmed that he is still in the process of figuring out how to fit into the system and the transition process will take a bit of time:

Reporter: “You’ve been trying to take more shots lately. Is this your decision to break out of the shooting slump?”

“I’m just trying to get comfortable and figure out how to I can fit in and the transition process is gonna take a little bit of time so as I get more comfortable I’ll figure out where my shots are within which sets and and what everything looks like in building chemistry with my teammates”

The Strategy to Sink More Shots

Reporter: “How would you plan to sink more shots and play more aggressive in next couple games?
Lin, ” I think you have to be smart. You have to make sure there’s within team schemes and what the team needs but I’m still figuring things out and like I said it’s a transition process but um you know I’m going to keep chipping away

Reporter: “Being a leader in winning team in the past so how do you think you bring those lessons to the Raptors team as this thing won a fight for the championship?”
Lin: “I’m just gonna keep playing my game and doing what I do and what I bring to the table in terms are just you know the abilities that God’s given me so let’s just keep chipping away at it. I have been here for 10 games or so so I just got to keep keep working at it and hopefully make a deep run in the playoffs”

Challenge to Fit In Within the Remaining 12 Games to Secure Playoff Rotation

From his consistent answers that he’s going to continue to chip away to fit into the system and be comfortable to take shots, it is apparent that Lin is still struggling but continue to work hard to be comfortable in the Raptors system and it might take some time to complete the transition. The challenge might be to finish it in the remaining 12 games of the regular season so Lin can contribute in the playoff rotation.

If Lin can’t break the current shooting slump and be comfortable as a playmaker, he might need to fight for the 4th priority in the 2nd unit with Norm Powell after Ibaka, VanVleet, and Anunoby as Coach Nurse said in his post-game interview. (starting from 2:00). That might mean minimum 10 playoff minutes or none at some games depending on matchup.

But if there is someone who can draw deep from the experience to survive, Lin is the right person. He was days away from getting released by NY Knicks in 2012 before creating his first Linsanity NJ Nets game breakthrough. Will he be able to do it once again with the same mindset of “I’m just going to play my game; it they cut me, they cut me”? [mark 2:32] Stay tuned.