G70 SAS @ CHA Game Thread

After a relaxing family time of watching movies with his cousins, JLin had a good shooting game (6-10) with 2-2 perfect 3pt shooting in the Nuggets game. It seems family time always helped Jeremy to relax and perform better on-court.

  • Jeremy spent time enjoying cooking for his family and friends. Will more family time help him to perform well against the mighty San Antonio Spurs?
  • Will Jeremy even get a chance to close if he performs well? It’s more likely that Clifford will continue to close with Lee and the rest of the starters since the Hornets have tried to close games consistently without him no matter how well his performance (i.e. JLin shot 61% in the Hawks/76ers/Nuggets without closing)
  • This trend has further increase the possibility that the Hornets have moved on from JLin as he might exercise his player option in the off-season and they have no plan to resign him. This might explain why JLin doesn’t close even if he performs well since they prepare to build team chemistry without his presence.

Let’s go, JLin! Let’s hope and pray JLin would continue to play well after some relaxing family time no matter if he finishes or not.

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