Game 70 Toronto Raptors vs Detroit Pistons: Lin’s Versatility Starts to Show for the Raptors

NBA Canada released a new article with positive tone on Lin’s first month with his improved 3pt shooting of late


What have we learned from Jeremy Lin’s first month with the Toronto Raptors?

Whereas VanVleet is the better 3-point shooter of the two, Lin is the better scorer inside the perimeter. He generates a lot of his scoring on midrange pull-ups and he’s a crafty finisher around the basket, giving the second unit a dynamic it has been missing this season.

Encouraging defence

As up-and-down as Lin has been offensively, he’s brought it defensively with the Raptors.

Lin’s best showing came against the Boston Celtics, when he was credited with holding Kyrie Irving to 1-for-5 shooting in the minutes they were matched up together.

That’s not to say Lin will necessarily be Toronto’s answer for Irving or other talented point guards, but if he becomes someone Nurse can trust to defend players at a high level for 10-15 minutes a game, he’d bring tremendous value off the bench in the playoffs.

What to watch next

Like Gasol, all eyes will be on Lin’s scoring over the next month.

If he can find his shooting stroke, the rest of his game should fall in place. If he can’t? It’ll be interesting to see how much Nurse plays him when VanVleet returns.

As of right now, Lin isn’t doing much on the offensive end that contributes to winning. His shot isn’t falling, he’s not creating many opportunities for others and he’s turning the ball over at the second-highest rate on the team.