Game 7: Atlanta Hawks vs Cleveland Cavaliers

One game after Jeremy Lin received the season high playing time at almost 19 minutes (18:58), he posted the season-low minutes at 9 minutes (9:19) in the 76ers game.

He only played 4 minutes in the first quarter before playing another 5 minutes in the fourth quarter after the Hawks was trailing 22 points with 5 minutes left.

It is unclear if 1 early turnover by Lin made Coach Pierce not rely much on Lin in a game against his old team where he worked as an assistant coach. Or there might be additional consideration of a back-to-back game to save his legs while still recovering. But the inconsistent playing time certainly does not help Lin’s attempt to regain his NBA form.

There is a lot of truth when Dominique Wilkins, one of NBA greats who works as the Hawks announcer, said Lin probably should be given a bit more time to get the rust out since he has not played much in 2 years.

Coach Pierce’s answer to a reporter’s question on Trae Young might offer some insight of what he looks for in the Point Guard position and his overall system.

[2:17] Reporter: “Trae Young did not get ginourmous numbers in the points column but his assists were there once again tonight”
Coach LP: “His numbers are not, you know .. 8 assists 0 turnovers. We’ll take that all day, every day. As I said, we didn’t capitalize on some of the shooting but we play the want we want to play:
– we got ball movement
– we got to the paint
– we made extra passes
and shots didn’t fall when we needed them to.
But I thought his floor-play, command of the offense, is great tonight”

Hopefully, Lin will know what Coach Pierce expects from him so he can get more playing time to gain his shooting rhythm quicker and help his team.


  1. please look at the basket when you get the ball tonight Jeremy! stop looking for cutters. there are none!

  2. It’s a back-to-back game. Playing only 9 minutes last night, Lin is probably fresher than many of his teammates who played heavier minutes. May be coach LP will give Lin more meaningful playing time tonight. One can only hope!

  3. I hope Lin takes this easy jumper. This is the shot he should look to take during this rehab period. And in general, going forward maybe this is a shot he should utilize much, much more.

  4. I hope so too!

  5. Assists is higher for Trae cuz he’s with starter, better player!

  6. Posted Lin Philly highlights last night. Didn’t work out so well. HOPE TONIGHT WILL BE BETTER!

    Pregame Warmup. Lin Win over Cavs.

  7. #ICYMI Commentator (Dominique Wilkins) said in #ATLHawks G6, “…you got to get the right minutes though to try and get your rhythm back….Spotty minutes.” and @JLin7 said on playing time.

    Good to hear the Human Highlights said, “In talking to Jeremy, he said he still got to work out some kinks .. it’s tough with spotty minutes”.

    @linthezone:disqus , I just noticed you said Wilkins is the VP of Basketball. The wiki certainly said so. I’m not sure if it’s an honorary or actual role that gives him some say in basketball matter. But perhaps he has some influence to give his feedback to the Coach.

  8. wiki information
    Since 2004, Wilkins has served as the Hawks’ Vice President of Basketball. He works in a variety of management functions within the franchise’s basketball and business areas. Wilkins is responsible for advising the Hawks’s senior management team on basketball-related issues and is a goodwill ambassador for the community.[15] Wilkins also serves as a color analyst for Hawks games, pairing alongside long-time play-by-play announcer Bob Rathbun.

  9. good advise….but he won’t listen cuz he’s stubborn.

  10. I’d like to see Lin doing more with the ball rather than just pass it away after half court.

  11. Maybe that was he asked to do.

  12. probably but that’s really no set play

  13. No, Lin didn’t play like PG.

  14. I’d like to see him handle the ball more and try to break down the defense by drawing the help side, then pass it.

  15. Right now, this team doesn’t lead by Lin, so he just try the best

  16. Is Lin on the bench? didn’t see him.

  17. Trae Young no match for George Hill

  18. May be riding the bike.

  19. No, but Young will play a lot and get his numbers.

  20. lin in

  21. He’ll shoot a lot more. It’s just a number and percentage game.

  22. Hope no DNP

  23. He is in. 7:27 1Q

  24. Saw it. great!

  25. Lin is looking good so far. Smart, veteran plays.

  26. agree. smart plays. not looking to be agressive though

  27. Lin’s MO (instruction by LP?) seems to be “to pass first” again!

  28. Lin assist

  29. pull up looked awkward

  30. Ooops. One TO. Lin to the bench soon.

  31. 2 assists

  32. Lin looks weak on O now.

  33. Lin another Assist!

  34. don’t think so. Lin has a bunch of nice assists. Even if he goes to the bench after this stint, it was better and he was more involved in the offense.

  35. he is not as aggressive with his movements.

  36. off to the bench for the rest of the half now. earned his paycheck today…

  37. picking up his dribble too much, but looks good

  38. It’s going to take time for Lin to get his strength back. He’s rehabbing his body, relearning how to use it from the ground up, getting used to playing at NBA speed, and he’ll have to play without using his speed now because he has less of it after the injury. I hope he regains most of it, but I don’t think he’ll regain all so he has to redefine his game. That’s a lot for him to do and it’ll take time.

  39. See, he’s still in because he’s running the offense well.

  40. Yes. He played 5 min. already. LOL.

  41. Big men love Lin

  42. there’s that pullup jumper

  43. old Lin would have dove on the ball…

  44. another assist

  45. 2pts game. Killing it!

  46. looking good out there

  47. Guys, it’s not about the points tonight. It’s about the assists.

  48. LOL.

  49. Lin should have just put the 3 up.

  50. how much is he being paid per point?

  51. It’s about the hair.

  52. Wished that 3 had fallen. So close.

  53. keep shooting Lin!

  54. It’s always about the hair!

  55. the gel is not working

  56. Lin’s legs are not back for the 3 pointers yet?!

  57. Yes, he is hesitates now.

  58. It is about PT, haha

  59. looks alot like lin today. not 100 pecent but im seeing it

  60. im not sure. his touch all over looks a bit awkward

  61. Lin is playing well far

  62. Someone complained to LP for Lin? 🙂

  63. his mid/short range has been consistent since preseason, 3’s is still short, but lining up. Defense on point

  64. i can tell when lin shooting its just awkward like he is uncomfortable about something. that being said he looks more comfortable in everything else

  65. He hesitates

  66. 7 min already? More than Young?? Very interesting play time distribution.

  67. slightly and its causing him to miss or get striped

  68. that’s all he get for the rest of the half/game…

  69. whoever plays well is on the floor

  70. maybe HOF and VP Wilkins told LP to play Lin more?

  71. 9 min. in total last game.
    7 min. for 1Q tonight.
    Perhaps Lin is nearly done for tonight. (Hope not)

  72. KCP in Lebron land is unhappy with playing time. get it done Magic. sell more Asian tickets. salaries match.

  73. Yes, just not quite there.

  74. can’t believe Bembry is passing up good looks for great looks! that’s news to me…

  75. I wonder if his back is bothering him a bit. Remember when it used to flair up, Lin would not shoot well or move that well. I like his approach tonight of hanging onto the ball, not camping in the corner, and looking to make the assist himself.

  76. 14 assists for Hawks already. Only way they are going to win games

  77. Maybe he’s learning something from Lin. They seem to get along ok.

  78. We can only make this kind of statements if it happens consistently. And I really doubt that.

  79. i dont think so. its probably the rebuilding body to walk different and run different. that will effect his shot. cant do all of that and it looks comfortable immediately

  80. True.

  81. As someone said yesterday, sitting too much on the bench will ache your back.

  82. Lin should not play anymore for the night. LP is lowering is hourly (minutely) pay!

  83. that’s the problem with these players, they’re not consistent.

  84. LOL

  85. He needs to play for future payout

  86. Lin has 4 assists in 1Q!

  87. Yeah, so I consider all observed behaviors one-offs unless proven otherwise.

  88. Peachtreehoops like Clutchfans Rockets again.

  89. So last game only played total 9 mins but already 7 mins this game?

  90. asking to trade him?

  91. With Lin out, it’s only 15 assists from14, 8 mins ago

  92. I don’t think so.

    I think it is more llike LP put Lin in to stop bleeding.

    he does not want to loose to Cavs which has 0 win so far this season and he does not want Hawks to be the first one losing to them.

  93. Trae can’t never be a star.

  94. Lin in

  95. Are you on LP? much faster than my live stream!

  96. Unless he’s in a good team with supporting players so they cannot take the ball out of his hand.

  97. Yes

  98. he is like isaiah thomas the most

  99. Away or home?

  100. he’s a giant compare to isaiah thomas

  101. it’s the Erie Bay Hawks 48 and the Reno Big Horns 50?

  102. BS touch foul

  103. It was a good foul

  104. I felt like they are kinda same lol.

  105. On Lin? No it was a touch foul. Good D by Lin tho.

  106. Lin 3 pts shot is not falling still.

  107. That was way short. But I like that he didn’t hesitate.

  108. always short

  109. Too bad Lin shot is not falling. He’s thinking too much. Taken out after the missed 3point shot.

    I guess they want him to at least make his open shots.

  110. Wasn’t a good shot. He was too far away from the 3pts line.

  111. i dont understand his shot not being there after injury

  112. I am sick of so many “stars” who can’t win but are allowed to pad their stats for the marketing department.

  113. his name is Jeremy “Klay” Lin…

  114. tbh his shot hasn’t been there since the preseason game he made his shots. even then the threes wasnt close

  115. The problem is, one miss shot and got sub right away? How can Lin have confidence to do anything under this coach???

  116. So…7 mins and then 1 min.

  117. he had too cuz he saw trae coming in…

  118. Yeah that is so stupid. This coach is clueless man.

  119. No. This time Lin didn’t really help the offense like he did the first stint. The first stint, Lin was more aggressively looking to run the offense and did well. This stint, he wasn’t getting to the same spots to make good passes.

  120. blinded by the yellow shoes

  121. Don’t think I have ever seen 1 min stints. Even if the sub is to give rest to the starter, it would be at least 3-4 mins.

  122. Lin is not priority on this team. He’s merely collateral damage

  123. I notice he usually takes him out right after a quick turnover so early in his stint or a couple open missed 3point. So it’s all about performance with a very short leash.

  124. I have said he is not smart, he does not have the smart look…

  125. let’s see how these two G-league teams finish the half…

  126. Yes. One mistake or miss shot, you are a goner.

  127. I don’t know. I’m not watching it in that way. I’m looking at contribution to the squad and Lin wasn’t as solid in the 2nd stint. I didn’t notice the time. I’m happy with his play tonight. He’ll get another stint in the 2nd half and if he plays well, he’ll likely play 6 or 7 minutes again.

  128. he can’t score because plays are not designed for him to score. no screen no P N R. Hard to score

  129. LOL, loving it

  130. lin probably wnt play more then 20 minutes until his sht start falling

  131. Lin’s short-leash treatment by LP

  132. Even if it is performance based, 1 min is still too short to see any effects. I have only seen 1 min stints in end game situations when players are constantly swapped for def/off.

  133. He made two mistakes in the first stint. He had a turnover that led to a fastbreak point and he also had a defensive lapse. So, it’s not like Lin makes a mistake and is taken out. It’s more. It’s how well he’s advancing the squad and running the team. And he did it great in the first stint and wasn’t taken out.

  134. So Lin would have another 1 min. for the 2nd half maybe?
    Can’t figure out LP’s “wonderful” rotation and minutes assignment.

  135. i wonder if they lowered ticket prices in Cleveland and have $1 beer/hot dog nights…

  136. I missed the 1st qtr so I cant tell…

  137. Lol

  138. Exactly!
    Lin’s PT so far is at the whim of LP, not performance based.

  139. They should, LOL

  140. Lin needs to just play and Pierce is making a mistake with the short stints. I agree with that. But I think I understand his mindset from his team standpoint.

  141. 1 assist in 2nd quarter vs 14 in 1st. No ball movement or off the ball movement in 2nd. Lin in 2nd for 2 minutes. Correlation? Trae can’t organize the offense.

  142. He played well. Lots of assists and was assertive in running the offense. He was less assertive the second time.

  143. you have to down a few beers to enjoy this game. just ask newly appointed justice Cavanaugh…

  144. Exactly. Lin’s PT is a the whim of coach LP, not performance based.

  145. Agree with this. This is no way to treat a veteran. To take him out so quickly after a missed shot is humiliating. I wished LP would stop doing this because he doesn’t do it with any other players.

  146. I’d take 15 minutes or so until then. But I think sooner or later, they’re going to fall. All of them, including a lot of the 3s. He’s due.

  147. No politics here. 🙂

  148. It seems that LP views scoring more than anything else. If you are cold, he probably would take you out right away, don’t care about rhythm or momentum even if the player is contributing in another way.

  149. His PT is at the whim of coach LP. It is almost insulting to Lin to be yanked after 1 min. play in 2Q.

    So today Lin’s PT:
    1Q 7 min.
    2Q 1 min.
    Let us see what his PT is like in the 2nd half

  150. It is rather disrespectful in a sense to Lin. No doubt. However, there are some players not playing at all. Lin has not gotten a DNP CD (did not play, coach’s decision) and that’s good. I think Pierce is a rookie coach and it shows. I think he will “reward” Lin with playing time if he’s more assertive. Lin will figure it out. I’m very happy to see him play significant minutes in a back-to-back. I thought they’d rest him in one of the two when I first saw the schedule.

  151. Lol. Pretty funny!

  152. Haha true. Now a day politics doesn’t worth one minute of my time. Lol.

  153. LOL

  154. So a poster on another site thought Lin made a rookie mistake by shooting a quick 3 instead of trying to draw a foul as the Cavs were in the penalty. I think that’s possible.

  155. Lin should look to score as much as possible. His yo-yo minutes assignment is not helpful in building his confidence, rhythm or momentum!

  156. Lin won’t get the call…

  157. As I said, it wasn’t a good shot.

  158. 4 assists in 8 minutes. Excellent. Lin not perfect but overall, I’m happy with what I saw. Baby steps.

  159. What happens on another site STAYS on another site. LOL.

  160. LOL

  161. Unless it is some kind of exclusive Lin news.

  162. OK. 🙂

  163. Here is my take on LP da coach so far

    – He is trying to win and this is only human nature. And he is not up to a point where the front office tell him to tank, yet. Beside team don’t really need to tank if they are on the east.

    – He knew he won’t get fire during the 1st and second years

    – He knew that he won’t get blames as long as he plays the young players.

    – He doesn’t think much on Lin so the chance that he will revive Lin’s career like Steve Clifford is almost impossible.

    – He is a true rookie coach and might just stay in the rookie level in the future years to come.

    That’s it for now.

  164. Q3 collapse again?

  165. all lins shots are short. when ever that happened i the past. it was always his legs

  166. Lin is fine, his shots will fall, it’s a confidence issue because he’s on a short leash

  167. 3 back to back TO by TP

  168. geez. cavs havnt won yet. i told yall. we are worst then our recrd

  169. 0 assists so far in 3rd, 15 assists total since early 2nd qt.

  170. This team is a JOKE, I can see LP putting Lin back in soon.

    He only puts Lin in

    1) stop the bleeding

    2) Young to take a short break

    3) garbage time

  171. Agreed in Point 2 & 3. Not 1, not at all.

  172. Hey, but that is ok, if he were Lin, he would be gone

  173. Agree on 2 and 3! Not sure about 1. I don’t think LP believe in Lin. 🙁

  174. Yup.

  175. 4TO in a row lol

  176. What…Lin comes in when the 1st team is down by 10 or more and helps with D organize and stops the bleeding. Just like Charlotte, and he’s playing less minutes and to be able to be an impact is remarkable.

  177. Yes but that wasn’t LP intention.

  178. another yellow shoes just walked in

  179. Then why put Lin in at all, are you on the right fansite? Maybe you should create a Trae site.

  180. no defense

  181. Get LIN in NOW!

  182. ??? I don’t like Trae at ll, didn’t you see my posts?

    Secondly, I think Lin for sure can stop the bleeding or win the game, but that wasn’t what LP was thinking when he put Lin in. What’s wrong with that?

  183. Len?

  184. It seem like you just wanna to pick a fight with anyone. You go the wrong guy man.

  185. If LP sub Lin in one minute again, I will turn off the TV.

  186. Heurter

  187. It will happen only if LP trusts Lin!

  188. LP will never trust Lin. Lin really need to get out.

  189. trae young is heating up so bad news for Lin

  190. Young can play.

  191. Means I can turn off the TV…

  192. Lin in

  193. Just saw it, are you watching the home or away verison on LP?

  194. Garbage time already?

  195. Thank you. Advance notice for me. 🙂

  196. I don’t know, how to tell?

  197. LOL. Hope he is not pulled in ONE minute again.

  198. It let you choose when you login. I am watching the away version.

  199. so far lin & Young hasn’t be effective

  200. on TV, so I don’t get to choose, only 1 version this game

  201. Looks like Lin will have lots of mins in Q4

  202. Lin was wide open and Bembry just keep driving and made a bad shot. Sigh….

  203. I think LP wants to stop bleeding

    Wait, are’nt you the troll?

  204. Two pg on the floor and the can’t get it going. What’s wrong with this team?

  205. They’re not playing off each other. Bembry went back to forcing

  206. Not sure what LP is teaching the young players about ball movement, but it is not what is being played on the court

  207. Two pg on the floor and bembry went coast to coast. Unbelievable!!!

  208. We have trolls here?

  209. because this is a selfish team

  210. the coach?

  211. I see. 🙂

  212. Yes, it is ball movement. Eye ball movement

  213. Young out

  214. ball movement means move the ball by myself

  215. Bembry still in….

  216. From the article “what is like to return from major injury?”

    When a player goes through an intense rehab regimen, it can drastically change their body. This forces them to make adjustments once they’re healthy enough to play again. Dan Barto, who has trained over 100 NBA players as the Head Skills Trainer at the famed IMG Academy in Florida, has seen this happen many times as a player makes a comeback.“Any time an athlete misses an extended period of time, they typically come back and work extremely hard, but they’re working with a new body and an old mind,” Barto explained to Basketball Insiders. “When they get back on the court, these ultra-athletic guys have a bunch of very strong muscles from the rehab they’ve done, so their old movement patterns and old reactionary on-court moves put pressure on different areas that their body isn’t used to. Sometimes they try to avoid the pain by moving too hard to one side. Sometimes their muscles are so strong, but their body and joints aren’t ready for the hard cutting and reactionary movements they’re doing. This can lead to an overuse injury or a tear because you’re basically putting a different engine into a car. In some cases, a player has to change the way that they play or work out after an injury to avoid wearing that area of their body out.”Barto stressed that the key for a player to return to full strength is taking the rehab process slowly. Many NBA players are extremely hard workers who want to be in the gym as much as possible and push to return earlier than expected. While the player thinks they’re doing what’s best for themselves and their team, that kind of mentality can cause problems.“I think sometimes a player will be cleared and then they think, ‘I’m ready to do everything again,’ but they need to ease back,” Barto said. “In baseball, you have minor league rehab assignments and simulated games for players to test themselves. But in basketball, you hardly see that method used. Rarely do teams send a guy to the D-League for a rehab assignment, but that could help ease them back.”

  217. Time for the star player to sit after 23 min. PT

  218. he’ll be pg soon

  219. Should have be an assist by LIn

  220. 2 FT

  221. lol you’re a lot faster than ESPN boxscore… nice!

  222. 1st 3 pointer tonight (and this week)!

    Hopefully more to come!

  223. I am watching LP too but she is even faster than me.

  224. LOL

  225. Smooth confident 3 by Lin.

  226. must be Super LP!

  227. good assist!!!!

  228. Lin & Len

  229. Missed Lin’s assist due to the playback.

  230. Nice assist and playmaking

  231. you guys excited yet……got me worried when he was holding his knee

  232. Lots of highlights for this game. Got a bit worried when Lin fell and touched his knee.

  233. I love it when Trae is out. I hope LP can take Bembry out too. Let’s Lin run the team.

  234. lin looking good again. shot fallling nw

  235. me tooooooooooooooo

  236. got me worried too

  237. same here…

  238. Give the ball to Lin Bembry!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  239. The announcer said he has been waiting for first Lin-Len P&R

  240. Haha now I see the 2

  241. Come on, moving pick.

  242. I am hoping LP will play Lin in 4th Qtr…

  243. BEMBRY NEVER PASS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  244. Lin has 9 points and 6 assists so far.

  245. he’s trash!

  246. in only 13min

  247. Yes he pissed me off!!!!!!

  248. Double double please!

  249. wow, Lin 9pts/6asts in 13 min so far

  250. great D Lin

  251. Well played Prince.

  252. Good D by Lin!!!!!!! Trae can never do that yet!

  253. great mind thinks alike! .. Coach needs to ride his momentum in the 4th

  254. what the heck Prince come on!

  255. he thinks he’s Shaq hahahaha

  256. Hawks need to run the offense. It’s been one and done

  257. I hope so.

  258. 2 people in front… yep im going though

  259. Yes. Should have let Lin run the offense

  260. yea, deja vu.. scary. I guess he was just adjusting his knee pad?

  261. that’s ok our boy is being aggressive.

  262. Bunch of selfish dumb player in atlanta.

  263. Mad selfish!

  264. Prince is dumb

  265. Lin wanted the ball the last few sequences

  266. Man, Bremby and Prince have tunnel vision. They’re way too selfish.

  267. Bembry is just ridiculous

  268. Like all the great players Taurean wants the ball in his hands…..except he is not.

  269. Nets are far worst, at least Vince is passing the ball back to him.

  270. Saw it too. But both Bembry and TP ignore him.

  271. Lol so true.

  272. Young in

  273. Taurean isn’t PG material, more like a spot up shooter forces shots too much unlike Trae Young. Honestly I’d rather see Lin x Young than Lin being stuck with old Vince and selfish Prince!

  274. yep

  275. Lin still in!

  276. This team ain’t going nowhere with those player.

  277. Lin has played ~7 min. in 3Q. Time to give him some rest?

  278. Len good!

  279. Damn in & out.

  280. Small ball with Trae and Lin can work if they play team ball

  281. Looks like he’s finally getting some rhythm. 333333333333

  282. SECOND 3 pointers!

  283. wow lin’s shooting tonite!

  284. No complaints for this game now. Respectable line and decent play time in non garbage time.

  285. Yup!

  286. Lin out

  287. LOL

  288. Love the Lin x Young lineup! Taking turns scoring and passing to each other. These two need more time together!

  289. I hope LP will put in again if it is a close game.

  290. slow down!

  291. can’t tell if it’s tunnel-vision or brick-vision lol

  292. Good stint for Lin. Hawks had too many defensive breakdowns but Lin hit 2 3s.

  293. Prince just launching stuff and not getting set. Horrible

  294. Unfortunately they pay Bazemore too much to not play the majority of minutes

  295. terrible. gone in 3 seconds

  296. Ball hog!

  297. Hawks need to slow down, playing way too frantic and fast.

  298. Lin has played 10 min. non-stop. Time for a break. Hopefully, he could come back in shortly.

  299. Once Lin got in the game, assists went from 15 to 21. Now lets see how many assists they get remainder of game without Lin in.

  300. except he’s not great

  301. TP is missing everything and mad TOs,

  302. Lin did well, he got mad about having a 3 pointer made in his face so he went right back got his own 3 pointer on the next fast break! Finally see some fire in him again! But his 3 pointer is still inconsistent.

    Young tried passing to Lin twice for open shot and he missed bummer.

  303. wish he made that third three wowowoww

  304. Lin’s unselfishness must be contagious.

  305. take TP out coach

  306. with the way lin was going i would f left him n there but anyways This game is a massive step for lin both physically and psychologically

  307. tiger fan. Lol.

  308. Prince is immune.

  309. it is, he helps set the tone and organizes the offense and defense for that matter.

  310. almost

  311. 🙁

  312. I agree. I do think he was looking a little tired. Lin and Trae together can work. But overall, huge improvement for Lin.

  313. Taurean Prince is selfish! Hope coach benches him and starts Lin or moves Prince to a different position to have Lin as SG!

  314. Agreed. And hopefully teams see Lin value and make a trade!

  315. Lin’s 3 are good when he seems able to step into it

  316. Bembry too.

  317. Lin has the most assists at 6 .. Coach will have to put him back in

    Hopefully only 4 min breather so he checks back in with 4-5 min left

  318. Yup. I’m OK with the 17 min. It’s only game 7, and so far so good. Patience is a b*tch, but keep healthy on the way back. Go Lin!

  319. Both guys will hinder Trae Young’s performance. If coach wants Young to play better it’s a no brainer to start Lin as SG to share ball handling! Both Lin and Young are unselfish players and can be a great duo!

  320. I was just thinking Prince might foul out and then he did.

  321. Or least with a couple minutes left to stat pad

  322. was he fouled out?

  323. Well I am satisfied. As long as LP play Lins 15 ro more meaningful minutes, then I am good. This way Lin can build his value and trade.

  324. lin in

  325. Lin in again?

  326. Lin in

  327. Prince’s fouls is Lin’s gain.

  328. Saw minutes of Lin x Young and I liked what I saw, sharing the ball and Young looked for Lin’s open shot. Not sure if Lin is 100% yet but if he is there, coach needs to start them together!

    Young is the better PG I have no doubt about it, less TOs, great assists. If Young is Curry 2.0 than Lin can be Thompson 2.0 on this team!

  329. He took himself out of the game. Selfish.

  330. What a chance for Lin. Go go go!

  331. Lin checks in with 6:03 left but Hawks is trailing 99-117

  332. Woohoo Prince out and Lin’s in! Let’s Go!

  333. TO by Trae, he is too short….

  334. This is garbage time now but who cares.

  335. Lin need to score whenever he has a chance.

  336. Good save by Lin

  337. Lin played 15+ meaningful mins today thats good
    9mins last night though
    Hope he ends up on a good team

  338. Bad foul by Bazemore but I’m loving this lineup! Hawks best players on the floor, Lin, Trae, Bazemore!

  339. Is kinda like when Lin played with Walker

  340. Who cares the best players are playing and Trae and Bazemore there!

  341. Bazemore is trash

  342. Young is gone so official garbage time.

  343. No way. Bazemore is the best player on the team.

  344. 4 more assist for Lin please…

  345. Lin and Young together are too small

  346. Trae is, not Lin.

  347. Young is too small period

  348. Then that’s really really sad.
    Bazemore is just overall awkward.

  349. Cavaliers are shooting lights out!

  350. Saw Lin once in person he was huge

  351. Better than Lin and Prince or Bembry! Other bigger players can help make up for it!

  352. Damn Bazemore have 5 TOs

  353. he shot himself out of the game

  354. Bembry wanting to ballhog and stat pad. I want Lin to stat pad. hehe

  355. bazemore really struggling. crossing own players

  356. yes he’s very physical. Not your typical Asian.

  357. gave it to lin

  358. Low character guys on this team. Lin needs to get out.

  359. Seems fixed

  360. players obviously haven’t played enough together, not in sync at all.

  361. Hope they change that.

  362. Bazemore is really trash
    I don’t know why he’s starting
    should be Trae Young Lin Bembry Prince Len

  363. Lin needs to pad his stat first.

  364. Was that Spellman that asked for the ball and let it just go by him? He is not good, at all

  365. Bembry and Prince together!! Not a lot of assists.

  366. Better and more talented than Nets! At least Hawks has a legit franchise and better coach who knows what he’s doing! Lin’s been on far worst teams! I like the Lin x Young starting llineup if coach allows it, great things can happen!

  367. Like Kemba and Isaiah, they won’t take you far in playoffs, EVER!

  368. Really wow it should be on Baze..

  369. A typical Asian wouldnt last a day in the NBA.
    Lin did really well for an Asian.
    At the end of the day, black guys are just stronger, faster and jump higher

  370. I really don’t like Trae AKA Charles Chaplin

  371. fixed

  372. I think they will be fine. They are playing their role. It’s guards job to move the ball and find open guys

  373. Young guy, bounced around teams in his short NBA career. Understandably desperate to sparkle…that kind of pressure leads to bad performance and bad habits.

  374. nailed it.. ha ha. He’s losing his hair, also. Not to call the kettle black

  375. #6 looks so unfit for the NBA with a bad attitude

  376. Pad that assist

  377. Spellman?

  378. yeah

  379. That’s his norm

  380. 2 more assist.

  381. 1 more!

  382. ESPN not giving Lin extra assist

  383. Lots of assists for Lin. 3 ball is getting there.

  384. 12 pts / 8 assist in 23 minutes. Not bad!

  385. true my initial impression was Leprechaun

  386. 23 minutes for Lin. So, maybe Pierce doesn’t have an agenda against him. Right?

  387. Agree, bad attitude but good thing he fouled so Lin got more time to get another assist!

  388. Prince fouled out

  389. He’s not bad. Some basketball players just look heavy.

  390. the 5 extra minutes from Prince fouling out

  391. Right, maybe P doesn’t have an agenda.

  392. I think his hands were forced massively tonight. The starters were not playing well, specially Prince.

  393. Yes. Lin also played quite well tonight, for the most part.

  394. Great game for Lin despite the team loss.
    12 points, 8 assists, 1 rebound and 1 steal!

    The TWO 3 pointers made surely lifted his confidence and spirit!

  395. actually roughly 20 mins, the last 3 mins was garbage time.

  396. I agree….highlights pls

  397. Yes. So he had 17 minutes in a back to back. Not bad for Lin’s stage of rehabbing.

  398. Prince’s poor selfish performance and fouls is Lin’s gain! Coach definitely like the Lin x Young lineup.
    Lin is slowly getting back, been saying if Hawks are willing to give Lin the starting SG position and decent contract it can be a great destination. Hawks found a great franchise in Young and coach is great better than KA, Cliff, BS, and Mchale!

  399. 17 minutes without that. Big improvement over 10.

  400. if he plays well hell play more. if he out plays bremby and the other rook. helll play. today was a big day

  401. Still, they’re minutes. As the season goes on and he gets better, with hopefully no injuries, he probably won’t play in garbage time.

  402. Nah, starters fouls trouble, plus B2B.

  403. Yes, but in terms of injury recovery, every minute on the court is essential re-boot time.

  404. Lin +- 0
    Trae +- -29

  405. I agree. Lin has great basketball instincts. He just has to believe in them and execute.

  406. baze -32

  407. Lol

  408. big day today for lin. this is massive. i literally cant overstate this.

  409. For this game, I say Lin have his 60% back.

  410. I don’t understand LP’s minutes assignment still. I dislike his yanking Lin after 1 minute’s play, which is not conductive to Lin’s rhythm or confidence.

    9 minutes last game and 23 tonight! (18 had Prince stayed)

  411. good game for Lin. Would of love 1 more 3’s to get down for him.
    Hopefully this game gives him a bit more confidence. Needs to be more steady with the ball…Train of his 3ball more during practice.

  412. He played much better tonight and his +/- was good. It actually ended up a neutral 0 but it still was way better than most of the team.

  413. Yes bummer, wish that pass from Young to Lin for the open 3 went in, that would’ve sparked a nice come back.

  414. LP knew I went to dinner last night so he only played Lin 9 minutes. 🙂

  415. yeah saw that too….it’s ok it’ll come

  416. LOL

  417. saw clarkson talking to Lin during FTs

  418. sometimes i think lin does things for dramatic affect. 1sr hif was like every other game then all of a sudden he goes super saiyan

  419. saw tht as well. lin looked tired then

  420. He watched too much manga.

  421. As Alaingrivs mentioned, this is a BIG game for Lin. Hope LP will play Lin more after this game.

  422. yeah wish he could be super saiyan all the time

  423. lmao. get beat most of the fight then all of a sudden overcomes everything and win…lol like 80 percent of manga.

  424. thats coming soon

  425. Lin looked more himself tonight.. a bit more quickness and lift and he’ll be good to go

  426. this is big for lp as well. he is seeing the real lin since that game in the preseason. like no it wasnt a fluke.. this is barly scratching the surface of what he can do

  427. but couldn’t go super saiyan without getting beaten up badly first.

  428. I really hope LP is smart enough to see that.

  429. he’d have to be blind. from what i see, he plays who scores and does well with the unit

  430. Prince is so dumb driving with two players in front of him…..he’s like I’m not giving up the ball…..I don’t care hahaha

  431. Yup. Ride with the hot group, typical strategy for a rookie coach.

  432. Jeremy got his points tonight because he did it his way….he didn’t execute the so called motion offense haha

  433. i feel like prince is trying to be more then he is. bembry as well. baze is not as good as i thought he was. like i said before a healthy lin would likly be the best player on the team

  434. no because Prince fouled out…and bazemore not doing well

  435. I need highlights asap = )

  436. me personally id play the proven guys more. even if they are not playing well. why? because things that get hot quick also go cold quick

  437. we are 1 month into the season. lin has made strides in only 4 weeks

  438. LP: we’ll take Jeremy’s 8 assists anytime

  439. it’s funny that bembry doesn’t give Jeremy the ball back

  440. mind wants to be something the body cant be

  441. I don’t have any hope in LP.

    He is a rookie coach, he has no guts nor the intelligence to make his own judgement

  442. SMH

  443. Trash talking?

  444. This game tells us that LIN STILL CAN BALLLLLLLLLL

  445. no…friendly chat

  446. Lin for KCP! get it done Magic!

  447. Lin to LP: You need me to win!

  448. who’s KCP?

  449. Kentavious Caldwell-Pope. basically a thug but make around 12 Mil so salaries should just about match. KCP has been complaining to the media due to lack of playing time on the Lakers. dude is a team cancer. let him mentor Trae!

  450. Haha. Yeah but he is with Lakers dude.

  451. that’s fine. Lakers are not a tanking team!

  452. Hmm, I am not sure if Lin should play with another super star but I do thinks LBJ is way better than Kobe as far as being a teammate is concern.

  453. I do like to see Lin playing as a STARTING PG for the Magic tho! 🙂

  454. LBJ plays the right way. Lin can definitely help that team.

  455. danger of that is the Orlando Magic could end up tanking again if the season goes south…

  456. I was about to say that. KCP plays for the Magic.
    I do believe if Lin can show he’s back to his old self, Clifford may try to acquire him via trade. Magic could use a PG.

  457. KCP plays for the Lakers. need to see Lin get traded to a non-tanking team. first time with BS, team was clearly tanking. LBJ won’t stand for that…

  458. No great but Magic do have a decent roster, Nikola Vucevic, Aaron Gordon, Evan Fournier is a okay shooter.

  459. i still believe that team will try to tank at some point of the season once it realizes it’s out of playoff contention

  460. so obvious when he’s on, whatever lineup is out there plays together with energy…

  461. Lin needs to find a way to bring energy every time he’s out there since he has a very tight leash. Hope he does it again on Thursday.

  462. not funny anymore… just expected. you can tell bembry wasnt getting the ball so whenever he had it he chucked like mad.

  463. I don’t mind if they really go to the tank mode as long as Lin is the starter. If Clifford really go for Lin, that means Jordan was the one who were holding Lin’s back during his time with the Hornets and Clifford was the one who actually believed Lin can play. That wouldn’t be bad at all. 🙂

  464. yep. “motion offense” basically means pass to bembry and never see the ball again…

  465. problem with that is once management decides on tanking, Lin will not play much and G-league guys will play more since they’ll be trying to lose. need to see Lin make it back to the playoffs and he will earn his next contract and remain relevant in this league…

  466. He wants his stats and wouldn’t care less even when his team is blown out.

  467. should be called no motion offense

  468. yep. their role is greater than their skillset. prince is a phenomenal player. but he’s not always a team player and his passing/TO’s leave a lot to be desired… bembry is all athleticism and no control. his shooting got better so there’s hope for him yet but i dont really care. on this team, he’s just in lin’s way…

  469. Yeah, I meant to say KCP plays for Lakers, not Magic.

  470. yeah, let’s see this every night, not only 2nd game of back to backs… this game just makes up for yesterday’s 3 mins + garbage time…

  471. And deal with Rajon rondo and Lonzo ball ahead of him at PG?

  472. We can only see Lin play when this team is blown out by landslides. So I have to wish this team got kicked around so bad that it has to let Jeremy play.

  473. They are good friends

  474. yup. But Lin can force his hands a bit by playing super well as soon as he subs in. That’s really the only way Lin will play at least 15 minutes. Not only that, but his units needs to also do well and close up huge deficits like tonight in the first half.

  475. that’ll be fine because LBJ will only play with guys who gives him the best chance to win. based on Lin’s abilities (at least pre-injury Lin), he’ll find his way into the lineup somehow in crunch time. i still think Lin is clutch once he gets his legs back and learn to trusts his body again.

  476. In LA JLin would be behind Rajon Rondo and lonzo ball and that would not be good. As long as JLin gets PT and is not injured ATL is a good place to rehab because of no pressure to win

  477. but hard to be valued and get another contract when playing for a tanking team…

  478. Or to Houston. They need help and it would be fun to watch how Clutch is going to spin it.

  479. think CP3 still looks at Lin as a D-leaguer?

  480. don’t forget lebron and the heat banded together to stop lin during linsanity. i dunno how much lebron likes/dislikes lin behind closed doors.

  481. dear god no….

  482. i think LBJ will appreciate what Lin brings to the table. game recognizes game…

  483. not so sure about that… everything becomes personal when it comes to lin. like people talking about his ridiculous contract…

  484. LBJ is much more mature than most superstars. Also would like Golden State to get him back near the trade deadline…

  485. toronto or bucks. lin + kawhii or greek freak. bucks still undefeated.

  486. Even NBAFantasy celebrates Lin’s good game 🙂

  487. agree. is Delly still playing for the Bucks?

  488. Lin is going nowhere but Atlanta. Lin has to be 100% before he moves to another team.

  489. just curious how many of you guys are watching the highlights over and over again? Press like

  490. no to golden state. talk about being over shadowed…

    i think a good playoff team in the east like bucks or raptors can use him off the bench. i fully believe if given the chance he will shine just like the hornets’ playoffs run. this is how he can make his mark now after the injury…

  491. No @disqus_GbCVlzFqbW:disqus, no Lin!

    lol you should keep the no-dinner streak from now on

  492. Yes. Even for last night with bad game, Lin still brought energy with the 2nd unit.

  493. That’s interesting development. I know it is not likely. But Just image how Melo will feel if Lin starts for Mike D’Antoni. LOL

  494. delly isn’t very good. funny how good people look when you have 2 or 3 people draped all over lebron and you can take wide open shots all day. bucks have bledsoe, brogdan, and delly. i think a healthy lin is better than all of them. an 80% lin can be a great 6th man and compete for the starting spot vs any of them.

  495. I don’t see the Lin to Len assist in the video.

  496. LOL…because it starts to be sweet right now and it seems Lin’s body responds well game after game given the right time.

  497. see below.

  498. You mean in front of Chris Paul?

  499. did you press like James? Are you one of us?

  500. what do you mean “are you one of us?” just cusrious on what you meant by that..

  501. watching the highlights over and over again?

  502. you bet…LOL!!!..this is the first time i celebrate over a game even where JLIN team still lost the game, but what matter was JLIN recovers fully well!

  503. yep. that’s why I was asking if you press like under my initial post. I’m counting how many people are watching the highlights over and over like me.

  504. Trivia time: When is the last time JLin finished with at least 8 assists before today?
    a. 1 year ago
    b. 1.5 year ago
    c. 2 years ago
    [Scroll down for answers]
    Answer is (b) 1.5 year ago
    The last time Jeremy Lin finished with at least 8 assists was April 1, 2017. That’s 576 days ago, approximately 1.58 year ago

    In the 2016-2017 season, Lin had 7 games in which he finished with at least 8 assists. The maximum was 11. All were done between 24 and 32 minutes.

    Today Lin only needed 23 minutes to finish with 12pts/8asts with less than 100% health so it’s very encouraging to see. Perhaps the Pick-and-Roll system helped.

  505. I got teary-eyed when Lin made his first 3…..:-)

    And then my heart stopped when he fell on that layup and reached for his knee….ARRRRGH…..:-(

    Stick to 3’s & mid-rangers!


  506. Too soon to open the champagne yet?

    Okay, okay, I can wait…..

  507. when he grabbed his knee, i was like NOT AGAIN!?!?!

  508. That will be second option.

    First option, Lin gets to play a lot, stays healthy – AND the Hawks win! I like that more…..:-)

  509. heart skipped a beat there

  510. Yeah, that was like “OH NO!” He continued playing so I assume he’s okay….HE BETTER BE!

  511. Thank God he’s okay.

    Season high in points, assists, minutes. I wonder if he shouldn’t play too many minutes in an extended stretch yet against the Kings in 2 days.

  512. Haha. I cheated. Looked it up.

    Just give the ball to Lin. Another big on the floor. PNR, Pick and Pop, Lob city. Easy buckets all day long! Who cares about the other 3 players on the team? Okay, just kidding…..

  513. This one has the Lin/Len PnR assist.

  514. Yes, very scary moment.

  515. And a second make on a long one – thing of beauty!

  516. his 3’s are still not there. glad to see him using the mid range again, like in preseason. no need to go all the way to the rim and get hacked time and time again hoping the ref calls a foul. more mid range pull ups. this is where his new shooting form has made him deadly. the ability to retain good shooting mechanics even while off balance. he used to miss a lot of gimme mid range shots, especially after the stop and spin move he does so often. when he gets like legs back under him, then those threes will start falling. im glad he at least attempted them tonight. no hesitation swish on that pull up 3. was so sweet…

  517. In this sense, I’m liking the Hawks offense if they employ more PnR than the Nets. It’s Lin’s bread and butter. It will be very easy for him.

    And the bigs (Spellman, Dedmon, Len, Huerter) are quite versatile with dunks and 3s

  518. When he’s comfortable, he is such a good floor general. He gets his teammates playing more as a unit and in sync. I think he just makes it more FUN for his teammates.

  519. did you see the rockets ????

  520. Of course! CP hasn’t helped the rockets win since Harden out. He should come off the bench….kidding…. NO THANKS – NOOO ROCKETS (even if it’s D’Antoni.) Twice is already once too many. (Counting when Houston originally cut Lin.)

  521. the problem is atl needs more role players. these young guys feel empowered to be the ballhandler waaaay too often leading to the silliest of turnovers…

  522. Reunite with Steve Novak? I think Steve is TV Analyst for Bucks. Steve would make sure Lin gets all the positive spin and credit!!!!

    Seriously though, not sure. Giannis’ usage is really really high. Do other players get to touch the ball? Don’t watch enough of the Bucks to know….

  523. i will bet that lin’s minutes will be limited the next game – hope not but wont be surprised

  524. brook-lin too. they can compare who marks stabbed in the back worse…

  525. He thinks he can do more than he really should. IMO, his court awareness is not too good. I think he also committed consecutive bad possessions last night (or maybe the game before) and killed the Hawks’ momentum.

    Remember the Brook-Lin season vs Hawks, when Trevor Booker cut behind Prince to get the pass from Lin for a monster dunk?

  526. Just kidding? which part is kidding? I can’t find it!

  527. Agree on Prince. His third year already….

    I’m willing to give Bembry a little more of a pass. Because of his injuries, he’s kind of still a rookie….I think he can learn to be better….

  528. It does look like JLin has some nice PnR partners. In the clips Huerter looked pretty good and in double figures scoring.

  529. it’s the opposite for me. im willing to give prince a pass because he’s so talented. he only got the role of ballhandler after the allstar break last year. he can be an allstar if he puts it all together…

    bembry is a straight up selfish player. im sure LP empowers him to be the 6th man so you can’t blame him but he plays like an athletic knucklehead. i can see him out of the league in a few years because he’s not conducive to winning…

  530. Totally missed the fell on layup. Lin needs to stick to mid range jumpers, 3s, and add a floater if possible. Only go for easy layups.

  531. B2B yes.

    But disagree about the foul trouble. LP could have played Huerter, or Bembry, longer minutes instead?

  532. huerter plays within himself thus leading to team success. he’s really improving… didn’t play summer league so i guess his poor play in preseason was to be expected.

  533. Huerter is the best big on the Hawks right now! His 3s are streaky, and can get to the rim for dunks! He also has great chemistry with Lin!

  534. Come on sws94, you’re better than that! Stop trolling….

    Let’s just enjoy it!

  535. lin’s floater is a myth. just stick to his mid range pull up. it was money in preseason and tonight shows it wasnt a fluke.

  536. Minus lineups with Bembry and Prince. Lin, Young, Bazemore, and Huerter should be the starters.

  537. Lin used to make floaters but for some reason he just stopped, maybe he feels it gets blocked too easily and isn’t as consistent.

  538. We really missed JLin didn’t we?

    @ 2:10 Bob Rathburn: “there it is, our first Lin-Len Pick and Roll – I’ve been waiting forever!!! Since training camp!!!!”
    Dominique Wilkins chuckling……

    That made me LOL. I’m kinda warming up to these two guys.

    BTW, the Cav’s play-by-play guy (Fred McLeod) also talked about how hard Lin had to re-train his body, and that it was NICE TO HAVE LIN BACK. Appreciate anyone nice to Lin.

  539. i honestly want him to stop driving all the way to the rim. get close enough then stop n pop. exploit the moreyball defense where they give up midrange shots to defend the rim and 3’s. lin needs to play like an old man. steady, smart, and strong. this is how he will remain the league and still have a big impact… gone are the days of his explosive first step. he doesnt need it anymore. let guys like bembry be a mindless driving TO machine. shooting is invaluable in the nba…

  540. play by play guys have all been very nice to lin. i think deep down they can see he’s deserving of more….

  541. The encouraging part of Lin not playing at 💯 is that he still has the mind, heart, and discipline to play an old man game if necessary to stay productive. Andre Miller had a long career in the nba playing an old mans pg game. Lin already has the tools today to do the same thing. His mind is still the best out of the ten players on the court.

  542. And the Heat on Saturday.

    Agree. Don’t want to be too greedy. Hope Chelsea Lane will guide the right decision. The good news is, at least they’re home games. No traveling.

  543. Hahaha!

  544. dont forget collins is still out. i wonder how these inconsistent lineups will change when he gets back.

    starters: trae, baze, prince, collins, len
    bench: lin, bembry, huerter, VC, dedmon

    for lin’s sake i hope LP see’s the value in keeping a consistent rotation so they can start gelling.

  545. I agree but he still needs to go to the rim on drive and dish. He did that effectively on the last assist of the game. But do that sparingly.

  546. Yes, that’s a concern. There are a lot of games this week. I guess his only playing 9 minutes Monday night was fortunate.

  547. Plumlee not bad either for dunks.

    The Hawks are almost all athletic and can shoot 3’s. The wings like Bazemore, Prince, Bembry can all get up there for lobs and dunks.

    They just need to work on being unselfish and passing the ball. Develop chemistry and court awareness to reduce turnovers. Play tougher defense.

    That’s not asking for a lot is it? LOL.

  548. Spellman is good for the outside shot. Dedmon and Len are good for PnR and some perimeter shooting. Huerter is better at outside shooting as he isn’t as big or as strong as Dedmon or Len and Spellman is a wide guy.

  549. Why not have Lin in the starting lineup?
    starters should be Trae, Lin, Bazemore/Prince, Collins, and Len
    I like Bazemore’s game better but Prince got the height and shooting talent.

  550. That’s okay. Like I said, we can’t get too greedy. Whatever minutes work that will keep Lin healthy. 75 more games to go. + Playoffs! 🙂

  551. The thing to look at is chunks of games and how Lin is relating to his teammates. I see more chemistry developing. It’s a process and will have its up and downs. Even if Lin gets big minutes Thursday he may not on Saturday. Or the other way round. But trending toward more minutes and Lin looking more comfortable with teammates is moving in the right direction.

  552. being realistic here… what i want and what’s actually gonna happen are 2 different things… it is what it is… gotta get through this then on to free agency…

  553. Lin and Trae have to be staggered, then overlap playing together.

  554. Double cause for fist pumps! Rockets lost again. Didn’t even score 90 points. Maybe Harden is MVP after all….nah…

  555. spellman is a bit of a chucker from 3 though… he’s too out of shape to make a difference right now. he should only get sparse minutes when collins comes back.

  556. Well, I’m not a fan of Houston at all or really any of their “major” players. But I feel bad for D’Antoni. And Houston wants to add Jimmy Butler to the mix. Things aren’t looking good there. That’s a shame for Coach.

  557. On seeing it again, he also faked out the defense before passing to Len. SHOWTIME LIN!

  558. i only see chemistry when bembry isnt dominating the ball… when bembry goes on one of his chucking sprees, the whole bench unit suffers… and dedmon coming back has been a godsend for lin…

  559. Yes. I like Dedmon and Len. But Dedmon isn’t quite back yet. Close, but not quite.

  560. Rockets about to implode after acquiring Melol lol.

  561. Coach is willing to try the Lin, Young, Bazemore lineup so there’s definitely a chance of that happenings. Young & Prince just doesn’t work with Prince being too selfish.

  562. Can’t wait!

  563. dantoni won coach of the year and has rehabbed his image after what happened in ny and la. i’d say he’s good either way…

    morey on the other hand…. lost ariza and luc but got melo? LOL…. this season’s disaster will be and should be blamed on him…..

    my schadenfreude is off the charts right now… it’ll explode when morey gets fired…

  564. I know MDA gave Lin his career. And Lin is grateful.

    Don’t feel bad for MDA though. There are only 30 HC jobs. Don’t blame him for taking this one. But he knew what he signed up for. The same way he knew what he signed up for when he went to the Lakers with Kobe there. Unlike with Melo and the Knicks.

  565. wizards and dwightmare. match made in hell….

  566. There’s good possibility that Dedmon will be back as starter, instead of Len. Unless the Hawks are really looking to trade him. Hope not. So far, I like the guy. Hustles, rebounds, can shoot the 3. Sets good picks, can run the court.

  567. just lineup overlap… it wont be a thing….

    i think trae, baze, and prince is not working. too many alphas… need more role players who WANT to be a star in their role…

    guys like bembry are DESPERATE to “break out” yet all they do is make silly turnovers…

  568. Lin definitely loves the game. And plays with heart.

    Once Lin gets back into a groove and gets the rust out, his BBIQ will be back on track too!

  569. better than plumlee…ugh…. i swear LP is tanking when the score is close and he, all of a sudden, for no good reason, puts in plumlee…

  570. I knew once Houston got rid of their 3 & D role players like Ariza, they would suffer.
    Melo might only cost veteran’s minimum but he’s so ineffective these days that it would disrupt any team chemistry and efficiency.

    But let Morey keep dabbling in math, and not chemistry 😀

  571. Unfortunately, Bembry thinks he is a playmaker and LP seems to like him in that role. Bembry should play off Lin, but he doesn’t.

  572. i think it’s clear for us lin fans… but for LP bembry is like dlo. they need to see him play more to figure out if he’s worth keeping. lin is a pure rental thus 10 minutes a night for most nights.

  573. That’s exactly it. A good starting lineup has one or two leaders who know how to alternate, or let’s the PG run most of the show. Prince is a disaster as a playmaker. He can kind of get his own shot but there are a lot of bad shots in it. But he’s horrible as a playmaker. Baze isn’t much better. Both of them are scorers. And Bembry thinks he is a playmaker as well and really hurts Lin’s unit when he gets in that mode, which is often.

  574. Yes, the Philly guys were giving Lin kudos too, at least by talking about how much fun Linsanity was.

  575. len is younger and on a 2 year deal. he has played very well being that he was terrible in phx.

    dedmon opted in to his final year. we’ll see if dedmon makes it to trade deadline. very valuable to a win now team…

  576. The thing is, the second unit is going to have to make the game competitive because the starters are going to have some awful shooting nights. Trae is a good player but he has bad shooting nights. When he’s off, that unit has issues. If Lin comes in and plays like Lin, Bembry’s role will have to change. Lin ran the offense today and LP saw that.

  577. baze shouldnt be starting in all honesty…

    but i think they need to keep his trade value high…

  578. they’re development tanking. wins or losses dont matter… bembry is exactly where he is because LP wants him there. no playoff contending team will look at bembry’s wild drives and silly TO’s and be ok with that…

  579. It may seem like he’s chucking it. But believe it or not. Spellman is shooting 41% from 3. Better than Prince (36%) Young (34%), Len (33%), and Bazemore (32%). And poor Lin at 21%.

  580. sample size. let’s revisit at the end of the season…

    obviously he can make 3’s, that’s partly why he was drafted, but he’s way out of shape for the nba. he needs to contribute more than shooting 3’s….

  581. Yeah, wins and losses don’t matter. I learned Bembry was injured most of his rookie and sophomore seasons. Makes sense when you see how he plays.

  582. totally agree. that’s why I hope Lin gets an opportunity to play with the best player in the league.

  583. Lin x Len have the best chemistry so far! Len is way better than the bigs Nets have on PnR and both are great defenders. Haven’t seen Lin pass for an Ollie-Opp or dunk on PnR in so long! Hawks are reminiscent of the Knicks during Linsanity but better!

  584. that last line… make jlinportal tshirts with it…

  585. j allen is a beast.
    with lin, he would feast.
    ed davis is also there.
    together they’re a deadly pair.

  586. Not trying to be mean to Trae Young. He has talent. But his height is something that he can’t change. (Unless at 20, it’s possible he can still grown another inch or so.)

    Unless he learns to box out really well, he’s not going to be a good rebounding guard. Won’t be able to start as many fast breaks. Also, when he’s doubled by tall defenders, it’s hard for him to see over them at the rest of the court to pass out. (I forget how Kemba works around it.)

    Also, he should stop wearing those neon green shoes. Doesn’t that make it easier for the defense to track where he is on the court?

  587. Baze is most likely on his way out even though he has some talent. Prince showed he could score during preseason but so far he’s not the same and making bad shots. It can be fixed by switching him to the SF with Lin at SG. That way Prince is the third option and barely handles the ball.

    Will have to watch more but so far in regular season I like what I see from Baze over Prince. Baze can drive and get his at the rim quite well, not sure I think he can also shoot the 3?

  588. LOL.

  589. giannis? he’s a 3pt shot away from being the most OP nba player… if they keep winning, MVP baby. i love giannis. from his humble beginnings, to his low key life, to his loyalty (so far) to a pretty “bad” franchise…. i wish nothing but the best for him.

  590. I would buy!

  591. Collins?

  592. Miss those guys too. Sigh…

  593. noooooo… any time prince plays with the bench he chucks like crazy. im sure he thinks to himself, “trae is not on the court, im #1 now” then proceeds to shoot whatever, wherever, whenever… keep lin far, far away from prince…

    i want lin to form a “bench force one” with a consistent bench lineup with consistent bench minutes. this way other GM’s will see lin can still ball…

  594. He’s wearing those bright shoes to remind people he’s Curry 2.0 lol. Many NBA players wears bright shoes to stand out. Curry is 1″ taller than Trae but Curry has proven that you don’t need height to be considered one of the best. Trae just needs to learn to defend better and he will be fine so long as he can actually shoot 3s like Curry and post 20-30+ pts. He’s still young and has plenty of time to develop.

    Either way, Trae although given the green light is a ball hog and passes well without TOs. His passing aren’t as risky and fun as Lin’s but they’re effective. Trae’s easy assists are something Lin can learn from as well as that extended range.

  595. Collins isn’t back yet so I think this lineup are the best players the team has right now. And with Lin starting he can definitely help Young keep Prince & Bazemore playing within themselves.

  596. on the front of the shirt: moreyball
    on the back: chemistry > math

    and the trademark of this apparel company is: 0-27

  597. True. But he’s a rookie. He had an 8-rebound game. Can learn to set good screens and learn to roll. Hopefully he will improve. For Lin’s sake. They may be playing some minutes together.

  598. That can still happen with Lin and Young’s minutes being staggered. Coach will have to tell Prince and the rest of the players that Lin’s the 2nd option. Same as how Trae is the designated franchise.

  599. Ed Davis not as tall and J Allen too raw. 🙂 Len x Lin rules them all…

  600. kemba’s handle is amazing.

  601. collins is another alpha that needs touches. when he gets back who knows if they all start clicking, or imploding….

  602. lin is like 10th option at this point….

  603. Do you mean Trae is “NOT a ball hog”? I was following you until the last sentence.

    Uh-uh. Nope. Lin learn from Trae about easy assists? What are you talking about?

    Forget the extended range. That’s probably not a high % shot for Lin. I’m happy if he just makes lots of regular 3’s. They are the same 3 points.

  604. the fro has length for days
    love the way he plays
    davis might not be that tall
    but can still dunk the ball

  605. When the Hawks play the Clippers. LIN – STAY THE HECK AWAY FROM BEVERLEY!

    I’m not a fan of Westbrook. But Beverley is a dangerous and dirty player. He already hurt Westbrook once. Like Dellavedova. The two of them. Can hit a few three’s. Other than that, not much skills. So plays fake defense. People are probably laughing at this. I don’t think it’s funny. Can end someone’s career. STAY A MILE AWAY!

  606. i prefer VC. collins will play a lot so VC should get most of the bench minutes. at this point, every minute lin gets from LP is precious. i dont want him babysitting too many rookies. huerter is enough. VC will be more savvy and can do what spellman does, stretch 4.

  607. Read what the coach said about Trae getting 8 assists with 0TOs. And if you’ve watched Trae passes they are effective in getting assists majority of the time without losing the ball. Lin tends to receive more TOs and force passes to teammates too much.

    That extended range will bring defenders out even more, can be a great advantage for someone of Lin’s caliber if likes make mid range jumpers and layups. But yes, I’d be happy if he can make his 3s as consistent as Klay Thompson.

  608. dayum…that’s zaza level…

  609. Kevin Huerter – pretty funny! Isn’t he a little too young to know about Keanu Reeves and the Replacements?

  610. Zaza’s dirty plays are more subtle. PB just goes straight for the legs and tries to injure players cause he has zero skills! You can thank Morey, Harden, and Mchale for allowing this rat to be perceived as a “good defender” and stay in the league. One of these days I hope another dirty player takes Pat Bev out for good.

  611. lol .. or we can have “Houston, we have a [math chemistry] problem!”

  612. Oh yeah. Zaza and Westbrook too. (And Kawhi.)

    Maybe Zaza is just stupid clumsy. I mean, I don’t think he purposely fell on Durant and took Durant out too.

  613. NBA brand of defense..claws and nails!!!

  614. Okay, so that’s where you’re coming from. I will have to start paying attention to what kinds of assists Young is getting. I think quite a few are from pick-and-rolls with Len.

  615. And tackling and taking legs out from under guys. Beverley, a great defender! (sarcasm)

  616. PB doesn’t deserve any of this great defender stuff. But even I won’t wish him physical harm. Talk about injury prone. The way he plays, PB gets hurt himself plenty.

    I just want the silly narratives about PB to stop.

  617. But does VC play defense though? I’m not sure….will have to pay more attention. I’ve been mostly focusing on Lin. LOL.

  618. They need to listen to Lin more. Will they respect Lin?Perhaps they have been addicted to Super Stars Stuff thinking they are top 100 NBA players without knowing much about winning basketball games.

  619. It is a process.

  620. One game at a time. Don’t be too greedy. Lin is still rehabilitating; without setback!

  621. [1:52] When asked about Trae, Coach praised both Trae and Lin to be good in PnR.

    Good to see Jeremy get the ball in the basket a little bit. A lot of them are In mid of PnR. We’ll find ways to get them going downhill. They are our two facilitators

  622. please let jimmy butler come there – can you imagine the egos???

  623. okc isnt that far off either – westbrook is just meh

  624. oh look LIN & Len

  625. but they can’t notice how JLIN make his teammates better like Alex Len et al…

  626. It’s so good seeing Lin take more shots, even if he’s not making as many as he used to. He’s slowly breaking out of his mental funk.

    Even though it was against the Cavs tonight, Lin showed that he’s still able to make great passes, assisting others around them to make his temamates better. Once he gets his shot back, everyone will see how valuable he is again.

  627. Lin really needs to stop driving into defenders off balanced and landing on his bad knee. This was scary AF…

  628. Wow, PBev purposely trying to hurt Westbrook again

  629. I agree. Back in college I had a good friend who had a ton of bad habits he’d swat at the ball and hit you if the face, or swing his elbows and hit you in the face, or kick his legs out and hit you in the …..unless subconsciously he hated me for being so short, when we were on opposing teams I’d almost always get injured. So there are players like my friend and Zaza and then there is PB.

  630. get ready some towels…more to come……its a healthy progress there…personally at this point, i’m happy if he gets 12-15mins till about 10-12 games down the road

  631. cheater, cheater, pumpkin eater

    ditto…i guess most of us would have cheated as

  632. say rox doesn’t make the playoffs.. you know who they will blame right.

    Take a look at all the contending team which didn’t make the playoffs after a certain starting player was added to their roster.

    Not hating.. just saying=

  633. He plays like a thug because he is a thug

  634. im Also just watching replays instead of games just like Sport. It’s easier than being fully invested when we all know Lin isn’t quite ready yet. Many of his mistakes are from rehab and relearning how to move more efficiently. We can see more clearly now how his back is upright straight. It looks stiff and awkward yet, we are starting to see his speed returning and he’s becoming more comfortable with everything. I still think Lin will need another month at least to fully trust his knees, though I can’t blame him.

    Technically speaking, Lin does seem almost too upright with his shoulders too square and pulled back. We are taught this to straighten our backs and alleviate the spine compression. However, to dribble and move quickly, one must bend over and roll the shoulders forward so as to make the arms hang more freely inside the shoulders to handle the ball. By having the shoulders pulled back, your arms must operate at your side almost. The adaptation may be for Lin to be like sprinters from the start, then once off the block, they need to relax the upper body and centre their spine. Essentially, lin needs to use both body forms as heeded. It’s no wonder he looks uncomfortable.

  635. From the highlights, it appears that whenever Lin was on the floor, the team came back. Any opinions on this?

  636. Stubborn? He’ll definitely be out of the nba if he gets injure again. Seems like he put himself in this predicament every game!

  637. if he had a floater like Trae, he wouldn’t be taking so much contact .

  638. Possibly because some of the starters sees no one but themselves…lol

  639. Halloween costume ?

  640. Lol I did watch last night starting at 3rd quarter. Lin looks a lot more natural and his speed and knees are slowly coming back. Need to get that 3 down.

  641. Like Trae, Curry, and Parker, all these guys has floaters to avoid contact. Lin probably doesn’t like it so replaces it with the mid range jumper.

  642. Lin likes charging head on against defenders which is dangerous. He needs get them to reapect his 3 ball the. The lane will widen for him to get easy layups and mis range jumpers.

  643. Lin got more minutes when Prince was fouling too much. If coach didn’t notice he wouldn’t have used the Lin, Trae, Bazemore lineup! Lin needs time to slowly get back after injury. Just hope coach and GM will give him the starting SG spot!

  644. My observation: Energy Lin brought to the court, and discipline, he constantly talking to the players on the court. And of course the read on the play and the players on the court.

    For the past few games, Lin was not comfortable with his speed and shots so that he was merely focusing on himself. Last night. he got his confidence back and with more playing time, he got his rhythm going. His shots might not fall but he organized the offense and defense that few really notice and appreciate.

  645. not always true

  646. that i agree with

  647. Lifted from a RealGM post:

    With Lin at the point, every player except Miles Plumlee had a plus rating. The starters were all in the negatives with the team trailing by one.

  648. I agree, that was risky and very scary.

  649. I doubt they’re give him the starting SG spot. If any of the starting wings gets hurt, I’m sure they’re just put Bremby or Huerta in there.

  650. WOW great article. Thanks so much for posting this! Everything that makes Jeremy so fascinating is on display here – his intelligence and analytical mind, his world-wide viewpoint, and his enthusiasm, perseverance, and compassion for the underdog and the newbie. He is so clearly aware of what it takes to succeed not just in profession but in life that I have to say it does make me eye-roll sometimes when we fans speculate on what he “needs” to do, “needs” to understand, what kind of confidence he “needs” to step up to. Urk. He is SO far ahead of us. LOVE this guy. Still. After all these nauseatingly roller-coaster years.

  651. Post-Game Humor:

    (remember, when Heat played Hornets in playoffs while Lin was on the team, all Spoestra and Wade complained about early in series was Goran Dragic’s inability to “organize” Heat’s deliberately purposeful half court offense early in series. But, it wasn’t until later in series, when Wade I think decided to step back a bit and let Dragic be Dragic (I think game 5 or game 6?), that Heat pulled away from Hornets. Dragic also won an Euro-League championship despite same presumed criticism. Fairer criticism is that that great a defender)

  652. Coach plays defense on him. Well said. We all know this with Lin’s past (and may now) coaches.

  653. Lin is so far ahead of all of us. We can only marvel at his ability to lead us in areas of work, life, family and faith.

    I also get annoyed by tiger fans wanting Lin to do this or that. I truly believe that we should have faith, just as Lin has faith. We should accept the fact that Lin does everything in his power to be the best NBA player he could be. We should all only send our best thoughts and prayers to support Lin in these trying times. If we truly want Lin to do well, it’s just not helpful to send doubts and criticism. You may say that I believe in quantum positivity and energy. Lol

  654. hope Lin watched D-Rose tonight and play with the same fire and passion and energy tomorrow! what a performance by the former MVP Rose…

  655. 50 points is crazy. Good for him.

  656. Thanks! He is awesome… and psalm, thanks for having this site… i learn so much…

  657. Wow what’s going on with all these crazy records lately? GSW taking turns to one up each other and now Rose?!

  658. Totally agree, Maria. If a starter is out LP will have Bembry replace him. If it is Bazemore or even Trae. Later in the season I’m not sure. I’m not looking past the next game.

  659. Good for Rose, but it took him YEARS to come back to resembling his MVP days. Lin does not have this luxury, since Rose got injured at a much younger age and was allowed the freedom to suck for a several years.

    The league, sports media, and fans were a lot more forgiving and understanding of Rose’s injury / situation compared to Lin. Also keep in mind, DRose almost quit basketball and had ditched his teammates multiple times, which I did not respect.

  660. Lin is always underrated and dissed much more than DRose.

    I’m not a DRose fan. I am a Lin Fan.

  661. Thanks for posting the Lin highlights!

    But what’s up with your Avatar? Isn’t it bad enough that we have to look at @infinite wisdom’s Avatar of BS Scott? Is that really McHale’s mug that we have to look at every time you post? Kidding Not Kidding!

  662. It’s not “hating” if it’s true, right? 🙂

  663. With your background and knowledge, I’m sure your view of being careful with Lin’s minutes is even higher.

    I kid around but I agree HEALTH is still PRIORITY NUMBER ONE. There is no point in rushing back and playing heavy minutes. But 12-15 MEANINGFUL minutes would at least let him slowly get the rust off and get back into his rhythm on the court.

  664. Some friend, huh? A friend like that, who needs enemies?

    But sounds like you survived…haha.

  665. EXACTLY! I said the SAME thing! HEALTH FIRST!

    But it’s still good to celebrate that Lin had a great game!

  666. I don’t know yet if they respect Lin. But for sure, we started seeing signs of Lin communicating with several of his teammates during play stoppage. And directing them on the court.

    I don’t know how much this is from Lin being the natural leader. Or that the coaches have empowered Lin to take the leadership. I hope it’s both.

  667. And it all started with the Rockets trying to hide Harden on defense. Not only that, but the Sports Media is also complicit by voting PB into All-Defensive First Team. Unbelievable. They are all idiots.

  668. Yeah, forgot Brook just signed with the Bucks too. “they can compare who marks stabbed in the back worse…” Funny, but not funny.

  669. Lin took 23 shots making 13 against the kobe ked Lakers. Lin can sympathize with DRose:

  670. Yes, I saw Wilkins’ title from this link at Basketball Insiders too. (Which also gives all the official titles of entire Hawks organization. Chelsea Lane is listed.)

    Given his history with the Hawks, I agree the position could very much just be honorary. That’s why I was half kidding about Wilkins speaking up for Lin.

    It’s actually a weird kind of relationship. Because Wilkins does color commentary for Fox Sports, but also is an executive of the Hawks. Interesting.

  671. Derrick Rose CAREER-HiGH 50 Pts! 2018.10.31 vs Jazz – ViNTAGE D-ROSE! | FreeDawkins

  672. Good post. I have never understood why NBA fans are so enamored of guys like Rose and Westbrook., who only play for themselves. I don’t share any of this enthusiasm for what he did.

    But that’s probably why I am a Lin-Only-Fan.

    It’s all about opportunity and given the green light. Both Butler and Teague were out tonight. And he played with Thibodeau’s backing.

  673. lets not go into name callings please and demeaning another player….yeah i understand this guys had acted badly against Lin, but we should not stoop low too.

    anyways, its against forum rule here….cheers

  674. Definitely UP-VOTE. Lin usually outplays Rose. The Brook-Lin year when Rose was on the Knicks. Lin made him look bad.

  675. Rose was MVP only once?

    Sorry – not all that impressed. Not that my opinion counts. Everybody is going nuts over this.

  676. I’m not a DRose fan but this is a HUGE accomplishment. It’s the story of a once top athlete that had a lot of bad breaks, a ton of injuries that changed the trajectory of his career. He came back at age 30 to put up career numbers on a night everything went well for him. This is a huge story.

  677. One can choose to be a fan of Lin only but Lin’s accomplishments are not in a vacuum. I know Lin is Asian-American but Lin also is the type of player that plays for team, plays for a faith, plays to elevate teammates and plays on both ends of the floor. So he comes out of a tradition of players that play for at least some of those reasons. Lin is the type of player that has overcome many obstacles of a specific type, but whatever the type of obstacles and barriers, smashing through them happens to some athletes and in that way Lin can relate to them.

    I appreciate Lin more because I’m not a Lin-only fan. I’ve watched basketball for a long, long time and have seen all sorts of players. Some were hyped up, some were underdogs, and Lin’s great qualities shine even more to me because I pay attention to other players as well.

    One does not have to like Rose to acknowledge this accomplishment tonight. This is a struggle that he’s dealt with. And on some level, Lin shares in that same struggle of overcoming injuries and getting back to form. Lin is on his way. So, I think Lin may even text D Rose and maybe give him a public shout out. Lin is very aware of the history of players in the NBA and other players. Lin is not a Lin-only fan.

    Not everything needs to be compared to Lin. Rose has his story, Lin has his. There is some overlap. But Rose had a great night. Good for him. And in a way, this may help Lin I believe. It’s an example in a way even if the details are a bit different.

  678. Not only that. His team won. This is more important than his career high 50 points because 50 points are only meaningful if he helps his team win the game.

    Derrick Rose has accomplished something exceptional showing that a player at the age of 30 is still at his prime. He has put lots of work on it for sure. We should all respect him.

  679. All because Lin is given a chance to play his own game. Lin’s defense is superb in this game; a perfect example of team defense.

  680. Just an abstract before you have got the time to read the whole article.


    I was lucky enough to have a really good support system around me who wouldn’t let me give up. While everyone else was saying I was crazy, my mom and dad said I should give it a shot. A lot of gamers don’t have that same support around them.

    The people who want to turn pro might be too ahead of their time. But I say you’ve gotta go for it. My high-school basketball coach would often say that the cream always rises to the top: If you’re good, success will find you. You will be shown the way. I’ve always tried to stick with that. Even when things were discouraging or I was filled with fear, I would stay patient and positive. ***Having people around you that believe in you is really important.***

    There will always be naysayers, and you will always have doubters. But the more we talk about esports, the more and more it becomes normalized. You always have pioneers who are called crazy, but at some point the scales will tip, and society will have no choice but to adapt.

  681. Lin needs to be familiar with his teammates before he can pass to them successfully. Previously lots of his passes to his teammates were dropped right under the basket. Now Len and Dedmond just fill it up.

  682. Nobody can teach Lin how to play but himself.

  683. Lin’s teammates need to learn to win rather than scoring and losing. Young played a good game statistically. He scored 24 points in 31 minutes, hitting 9 out of 13 shots, 3 out of 4 3PT, 1 REB 4 ASSIST 3 TO +/- -29. The team lost by 22 points. Just like DLo who in Brooklyn who could compile great stats for himself and his team lost most of the game.

  684. Huerter would improve a lot more in his game playing with Lin. When he’s open, Lin will find him. Huerter is a very deadly 3 point shooter like Steve Novak and built like Steve too..

  685. Lin has made players around him better.

  686. Just like Lin.

  687. Plumlee is athletic and he could be a valuable asset if he gets enough play time. The strength of this team is at 5.

  688. Playoff! Not with Young as the starting PG. His defense is going to be exploited by other teams. In the future, all opposition will plague the Hawks with an explosive 3rd Q to blow this team away.

  689. Did you guys see that?
    When Lin sat down after his PnR with Alex Len, Chelsea Lane went immediately to Lin! That is her even I can only see her back.
    @5:00 min of the video

  690. Lin has begun to find the sweet spots of his teammates on the court, Dedmon, Len, Kevin Huerter, Vince Carter, Spellman etc.

  691. In God he trusts. Jeremy is going to play like this now and in the future. He’s not going to change this; not for anything in the world. He’s stubborn. His mom told us long ago. He needs to bulk up to take the hits. He needs the best trainer in the league. He needs the ref to make the calls; too fragrant not to be called.

  692. To be fair, Lin didn’t play too long with Plumlee.

  693. Dedmon and Len have really long wingspan that Spellman doesn’t have.

  694. Then you don’t love basketball enough! It’s been 7 seasons/years since Rose played like this!

    How long as it been since Linsanity? And when was the last time Lin had any performance comparable to that stretch? Now he has 2 injured seasons and getting back to that form seems further away.

  695. So the most shots Lin ever took was 23? Nice to have the green light for 30 shots. This only happened because Timberwolves had 2 injured starters and Rose was able to become the no.1 option again.

  696. Good eye there!!!

  697. Rose also had the game clinching block at the end.

  698. I think the NBA is playing a bad brand of basketbal nowl. The emphasis on the 3-ball and layups leads to what the Hawks are: a team that takes bad shots. Also, too much 1-on-1 “breaking ankles” stuff is promoted. Or dunking on someone. A dunk is 2 points, just like any other score.

    The shot that needs to be brought back is the mid-range shot. Michael Jordan was known as “Air Jordan.” But actually, if you look at Jordan from 30 years on, he was more midrange Jordan. Sure, he’d get to the hoop and hung in the air sometimes. But most of his hanging in the air were fadeaway jump shots. Wade is another great player that went from dunking and driving to a series of fakes and midrange shots. He had to. He was often injured. Rose last night got points with the midrange. Maybe long 2s aren’t good shots, but midrange 2s are.

    Lin’s game is evolving. In Brooklyn, Lin was beginning to use the short jumper more and some midrange shots. Lin has had injuries. And the last one was very, very, very serious. Lin’s future may not be driving in and getting fouled as much, but using craftiness to get where he wants on the court and then putting up mid range shots. One of his good-looking baskets in the last game was a midrange shot.

    This is poor quality video. But it talks about how Michael Jordan was a midrange shooter. I saw MJ go from high-flying and acrobatic in his early years but still having a midrange game to using mostly the midrange game in the middle to late stages of his career. Lin is in the hopefully middle stage and I hope to see him utilizing the midrange shot more and more.

  699. I sympathize with the frustration most Lin fans feel with the media bias against Lin. We see so many undeserving players pushed ahead of Lin that it’s no wonder we have PTSD. So many players are put in as place holders instead of Lin that have since disappeared out of the league. The totality of the injustice is beyond maddening.

    DRose given the opportunity by his teammates to shine is just yet another deep splinter in our painful memories of how Lin continues to be put down by everyone. It’s not that we hate on DRose as much as we hate on the media and league that keeps lin down while promoting so many others around him.

    The other day I dared to compare Lin to Kawhi Leopard and I’m sure some of the people here thought I was over reaching. The media bias is so strong that we’ve been brainwashed at least a little by it….even I felt maybe I was too much of a LOF. However, once I started to dwell on it more, I realized that Lin has always been the “Spurs Killer”. We’ve seen Lin destroy the Spurs so many times. I need someone to fact-check me, but I believe there was at least one game where Pop actually put kawhi on Lin because no one else could stop him. Who else but Lin could beat the Spurs coming in as a sub for the Hornets down by a mile? We forget how great a player Lin can be if given the same chance as kawhi or DRose…even I forgot it …ALMOST!

    While what DRose did was great, it’s a even louder reminder of the injustice Lin has faced to never be given the same chance…except for the magical chance MDA gave Lin to have his Linsanity moment. WE MUST NEVR FORGET!

  700. Igoudala was put on Lin because Lin was so dangerous. Iguodala is the same guy that is used to try to contain LeBron. Spoelstra would send traps 3/4 court at Lin. Bradley was assigned to Lin when Bradley was on the Celtics. A lot of the time the toughest defenders would guard Lin. LeBron and Wade have guarded Lin over the years.

    I think most unfair to Lin were coaches McCale and Byron Scott and pretty much all of the GMs. With Linsanity, Lin came out of the blue. He really was all but forgotten at the end of the Knicks bench. But the media really hyped up Linsanity. Then, IMO, Lin had the legacy of Linsanity that people unfairly judged him by as he was honing his PG skills in Houston under a coach that built an offense around Harden. But I think Lin had great moments of winning in Charlotte. And he created quite a buzz again in the playoffs. Kenny Smith and Shaq talked about how he won the games for the Hornets during two of the post-games on TNT. And some in basketball and some in the media were stating that if Miami wins the series, they have to figure out how to contain Lin. He had kind of a chance with the Nets. But I personally think Marks didn’t see Lin as long-term and sadly saw he more as a stopgap PG until he made the whole team younger.

    I see the positive in any story of a player that was once hyped up coming back to show he still has it after huge struggles with injury and readjusting (also dealing with a very hostile player in Chicago in Jimmy Butler). In a few days, the media and NBA will be back to hyping up some rookie somewhere, or talking about some other high-scoring night by some NBA player.

  701. i guess i have a little different take on the rose/lin comparison:

    rose was something lin never was except for one “bright shining moment” with the knicks.

    rose was a mvp a legitmate praised acknowledged accepted sup sup sup superstar. but that was way back in 2009 and 2010.

    he got injured initially in 2011 did not play at all in 2012 and basically was never again a full season starter.

    by 2017 he was reduced to pretty much what lin is now: a 12 minutes a game bottom of the rotation sub getting 5 points a game.

    if you watched rose last year basically he didn’t want the ball he would bring the ball up and run to the corner to hide, he was trying to keep away from the basketball and he was absolutely not attacking the basket.

    my point is: it took a celebrated recognized top star eight years to get back to the adulation level he once knew. (and that may well be for one game only!)

    and really then only because another recognized superstar was pouting. (again).

    how about isiah thomas? anybody hear anything of him lately other than if you subscribe to his own tweets?

    or the tale of the two brandons: knight and jennings. both once acknowledged high scoring nba talents, then injuries came. and where are they now?

    my point is: for even the accepted its very hard to come back from any extended period of injury.

    like most other venues with the nba its a matter of: what have you done for me lately?

    for someone (lin) who has (again with one inital and largely accidental in the sense of unexpected circumstances dictating the opportunity, not that the opportunity was readily available exception)
    never been accepted. it will be even harder.

  702. Noted. Thanks.

  703. you’re welcome .. we definitely have a lot of knowledgeable and top-notch posters and mods here 🙂 ex-athletes, dancers, engineers, doctors, lawyers, nappers, sleepers, and many more!

    It’ll be interesting someday to poll how diverse the professions of many people here.

  704. Great find! This was immediately after Lin fell down after a hard layup in the 3rd quarter and briefly checked his knee. It’s good to know that Lin gets a lot of attention from Chelsea Lane during the game. She must have given the green light to check back in the 4th quarter.

    I’m glad Lin is in Chelsea’s good hands.

  705. Good to see DRose with great performance. It gives me hope that Lin can also do the same.

    It’s interesting how he used a lot of finesse to finish his drives trying to avoid too much impact if possible and got a lot of 3s. Lin can learn a lot of what DRose had to do to change his game to avoid injury during strong drives to the rim.

    What’s most impressive is he lunged to to block the potential tying 3 to secure the win in the end.

  706. there are certainly similarities and stark differences in DRose/Lin comeback.

    As @disqus_ofjj1NSn9P:disqus and @linthezone:disqus correctly pointed out below, Rose has had a lot of opportunities being the ex-MVP and 2008 #1 draft pick. Even before his NBA days, he got a pass in the SAT cheating scandal to get into the University of Memphis.

    Lin wouldn’t have so many chances because there were not as many people invested in his success, and probably more people being jealous of the outsider and fame. But Lin also has his advantage being the NBA ambassador and millions of faithful fans around the world. So life can be unfair in some areas but offer advantages in other areas.

    The similarity of trying to mount a comeback after a tough injury is probably what Lin can appreciate in his tweet. And what many people don’t realize is Lin’s strong character not to make many people enemies (i.e. KMart, Kobe, Melo, KMart, etc.) is one of his great assets to make new friends rather than enemies in the NBA.

    It’s another proof that Lin is an incredible survivor. From being 1 game being cut in the Knicks to create Linsanity, to be less on-the-ball guard in Houston, left hand, 3pt shooting, playing off the bench, playing in tanking teams, injuries, Kardashian’s potential date, etc. I mean, people with lesser mental strength would have quit ages ago!

    Lin simply knows how to survive and we can learn a lot from him. If cats have 9 lives, Lin has at least 9 cats in his heart!
    (and I don’t even like cats lol)

  707. Not to discredit your great pick-up. But I want to hold my expectation until 20 games later if Lin still have meaningful PT. Then we will see if Hawks really has plan for Lin.

  708. Wow, good catch!

    I always look for Lin interaction with teammates on sidelines. And I still missed it.

  709. Thanks for post. This is why I’m a Lin fan. Not just for the basketball on the court.

    He is a good teammate. An inspiring leader. He is simply a good-hearted soul!

  710. There’s so much lack of understanding with your post that I’m sorry I wasted time reading it.

    Suffice it to say. Character matters. I don’t like DRose. Not impressed. He could score 150 points, for all I care.

    Time to move on.

  711. YOU ARE CORRECT! To me, professional sports is just casual entertainment.

    Until Lin came along. My LIn-fandom is NOT only about basketball.

    And then I learned how the NBA works. So, if and when Lin retires from BBall, I’m out. (Hopefully, there will be another Asian-American BBaller that I may check out from time to time.)

  712. Trailblazer Lin, forging a legacy! Hope he will be right, that other Asian bballers will follow. So that his time and effort won’t be forgotten!

  713. Nappers and sleepers, hahaha!

  714. No one has mentioned Dinwiddie yet? Hey, I want the Nets to lose because of Sean Marks.

    But I’m happy for the guys. KA. And, BOTH Harris and LeVert had great games! And Dinwiddie, the Pistons-killer! LOL. Good for him.

  715. Oh come on – a JOKE!

  716. But that might be the problem. How and when to get Plumlee more playing time?

  717. Dinwiddie trade value is way up there right now. Sad to say, Sean Marks will probably trade him away for draft picks. But Dinwiddie may be better off if he gets to start somewhere else.

  718. new thread

    Game 8: Sacramento Kings vs Atlanta Hawks
    After @JLin7 had a mini-breakthrough to finish with season-high 12pts/8asts in 24 min but a bit scare with his knee after a fall, will the Hawks be cautious to play him under 20 min? #GoJLin #GoHawks 🔥🏀

  719. never underestimate nappers and sleepers .. they’re underdogs like JLin! lol

  720. Good for Dinwiddie .. He, LeVert, and Joe Harris are good guys that are easy to root for!

  721. I like Dinwiddie. Good guy. I saw his play late in the Nets game and he made the difference. DLo sat. That’s becoming common in NJ.

  722. RHJ too. He went to China with Lin. Glad to see he’s back from the injury.

  723. Sorry you feel that way. i think context matters and I feel you missed that. The story to me wasn’t specifically about DRose more than a written off player coming back from injury.

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