G7 CHA @MIN Game Thread

JLin tried the right approach to aggressively score in the Spurs game and his shooting has improved at 40%FG. His FT would need to get better from 3/6
But his man and team-defense had to be better so not to leave his man too much space on 3pt line like Patty Mills did.

Will JLin have the same mentality to continue attacking and shooting? Will his shooting finally get better?
Will Lamb and Batum get chances to be playmaker with the 2nd team?

Zach Lavine matchup would also be difficult since he’s 6’5″ with long wingspan and a great dunker.

Let’s hope JLin find a way to regain his shooting touch like in preseason and be the most lethal scorer by repeatedly going to the FT line.

Let’s go, JLin!

Game link

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    1. 1st

    2. 2nd

    3. Here we go again. My nights are not my own when JLin and his team is playing.

    4. bronze

    5. 5th!

    6. lol ..
      I also need to make a conscious effort to respond to conversation and not have the “Huh?” expression everytime my family member tries to talk to me during the game

    7. oh? u sure?

    8. Yes i counted the posters before me, lol!

    9. I still support Lin’s pass first mentality FOR NOW. I think that’s Lin’s strategy. Lin basically tries to gel with whoever is willing to work with him and one by one. I always admired Lin’s stubbornness on this. He did it with Rockets and Lakers (DMO, TJones, Asik, Ed (natural gel) Hill and Boozer). It looked bad now but proved it worked well for long term by what he is given.

      Lin needs lots help this season especially more teams will target Lin when Lin gets hot. Maybe it takes half season to see some results.

      Of course if the coach one day let Lin to coach those bench players, it would be must faster πŸ™‚

    10. Go Lin. Attack!

    11. ah, actually my browser didn’t update those posts correctly. You are right, I am wrong.

    12. He has to be attack FIRST (it does not mean score first )! Otherwise, he would not get ball back , no matter how open he is.

    13. ah? I thought he was attacking all the time??

    14. It’s ok, no big deal, it is just the silly fun! I should stop being so silly!!!

    15. Not until last game. But even last game, he still passed more than 40% changes BEFORE he could have attacked or shoot first.

    16. oh, that I think he is not allowed to

    17. That means Clifford did not let him play his way. Did you notice Lin keep looking the coach when he brought the ball passing the half court? If Lin did not control the game, even when he was PG, how could he be happy?

    18. hehe, Attacking is his nature. Whenever he is not attacking, that must be some reasons behind it.

    19. I hope I see Lin play with confidence and leadership tonight. I hope he can demand other players “get out my way” like he did to Kobe last season (although just once). And start attack or demand the ball when you are open. When Lin has confidence, he played the best,

    20. Despite Clifford, Lin will produce, don’t worry.

      I just want to break the idea some people have of a Clifford who is a Jeremy Lin believer, which is false.

    21. I know. He kept looking Clifford when he handled the ball. Something is wrong!

    22. It seems Clifford is type of coach to control each play, I guess that’s okay. Lin should look at him all the time.
      Of course, I agree Lin is definitely not playing his game right now. I think Lin is still trying to figure out how to work with Clifford and his bench of brothers. It’s a classic problem for Lin, he doesn’t have a consistent role on this team.

    23. Some people like Scott expects consistent play from a player inconsistent role and limited minutes.

    24. Lin coming to my state to play tonight. My husband asked if i want MN win or Jeremy’s team win. I said if Jlin plays well n play enough minutes then i want Jeremy’s team to win! He said: huh? You live here and you dont want MN to win? I said it all depends, if Jlin plays limited minutes n teammates play selfish, then i want MN win. LOL!

    25. No matter what, I support JLin 100%. Whatever is working, he will continue to make it better; whatever isn’t working, he will figure it out how to make it works. I’m cool as cucumber. Not going to bash him or anyone for the result. The most important is for me: I agree with him that when he gives 100%+ and does his best, he leaves the result to God. Of course he and I prefer the result will transcribe to a win but if he isn’t, I’m ok.

    26. I am 100% agree with you!

    27. I won’t blame BS, he was hired to become a clown in the lakcus. So he was doing his job.

    28. Perfect! πŸ™‚

    29. Despite all odds, he’ll be fine as a player.

      As long as he’s in Christ, he’ll be a winner.

    30. Actually I prefer you cheer for MN first. Because I believe Lin would not get more minutes unless Hornets is in trouble. That is what i saw in the past 6 games. I doubt it would change.

    31. Did someone bash Lin in this website? Kick him out.

    32. I will see but until it happens!

    33. we did after the Spurs game

    34. Good. Thanks!

    35. anticipated matchup of Lavine/Shabazz vs Lin/Lamb


    36. Also fyi, prefer and hope is so different in meanings! I feel that “You prefer” is kind of bossy, you know, lol!

    37. Hive Talk Live will start soon

      The Charlotte Hornets got the shakedown late in San Antonio but still went punch for punch with them for more than a half. How much is the second unit to blame for the Spurs shooting streak? And can the Hornets use some much needed road rest to tackle a much improved Timberwolves team or will they meltdown in Minnesota?

      – Who will be getting that all important PT, playing time, by the time the all star break rolls around? Cody or Spencer? Lin or Lamb? Doug and David put on their prognosticating hats and discuss.

      – Nick’s Picks with Nick Denning and a look at the week ahead in Hornets action.


    38. LOL. How about “Please…”

    39. Yes I’ve done so. I have given enough warning to all posters here for the last 2-3 threads. Not going to tolerate it anymore. If I see anyone bashes JLin, his teammates, coach and other posters for no good reasons, I will delete the post immediately without warning. I only banned one person when I found the person was really a troll. Yes, if any posters–new and/or are doing it again from now on, I will ban the person with no regret. Be warn!!!

    40. The Hive does not know how much Lin can run? He just needs his shackles off.

    41. Yes I know. I have no problem thus far.

    42. Thst is cool! Tq

    43. yes, Lavine & Shabazz would need to wear those shoes if Lin is given green light to dribble-drive

    44. All posters, please observe the vision and rules of this site fervently.

      Our #1 Vision is β€œPositively Bringing Together JLin Fans”
      Build a community to enjoy interaction and positive discussion among Jeremy Lin fans

      If you haven’t read the rules, please read it here:

      I have given enough warning to all posters for the past week or so. Not going to tolerate it anymore. If I see anyone bashes JLin, his teammates, coach and other posters for no good reasons, I will delete the post immediately without warning. I only banned one person when I found the person was really a troll. Yes, if any posters–new and/or are doing it from now on, I will either delete the post or ban the person with no regret if the poster is clearly breaking the rules. Please be warn!!!

    45. Lin is ready to beast this season: the only question is whether he gets fair, consistent minutes. So far, that hasn’t been the case. It’s on Clifford to give him 28+mpg on a regular basis. No more 17m, 27, 22, 15…no one can produce like that.

    46. *fervently!

    47. My wife and I are together for so many years and we still don’t agree with everything which makes our marriage fun.

    48. OK Melody, but I can’t be a liar.

      If I see Jeremy’s minutes go down and things not going good for a really good team in my opinion, I can’t be silent and saying everything is good.

      I still keep my opinion that with a better coach this team could have better results.

    49. LOL Thanks for the correction! My mind is getting clumsy after 2 hours of hard working on tasks that I need to finish before the games. I really want to enjoy the game without reading all the bashing posts and/or moderating all posts. If every posters behave, at least all the moderators that are active during and post game can enjoy the game even more.

    50. Yes you always can post your opinions. We value those great opinions with great reasons.

    51. But if you warn people in a non tactful way, then trolls wont want you to enjoy your game. Newton’s 3rd law! Lol!

    52. Yes we can always agree to disagree. Not my worry on that but more on posts that are clearly quite “provoking” or baiting others to arguments and then calling each other names….

    53. Lin has the courage to say publicly in his tweet that has he ‘surrender'(ed) to Christ. That’s a very humbling admission on the world stage. God bless him for it.

    54. Not going to warn anymore. I state what I plan to do from now on when I come across those posts. With no warning, I will either delete the post and/or ban the person if the poster is clearly a troller.

    55. As long as no name calling, we should be ok to enjoy to debate.

    56. Thank you Melody.

      I admit when I realized Jeremy is facing same adversities like he did in LA and Houston, I used words I didn’t have to.

      But things will get better, I remain confident.

    57. My hope is those streaming will work fine.

    58. So many times I have to thank Jeremy for learning me how to deal with tough times.

    59. Yes, I have no issue on that. Only when the posters begin to break the rules. That’s when I have issues with. The rules that often posters break without knowing are:
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      7. No name calling. (Example: β€œMcFail, KoME”)
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    60. nicely done, Mel :]

      Things will get over-heated during game so please exercise self-control, folks.
      And trolls should be ready to get banned if they try to provoke and insult people.

    61. I don’t know what happens during game time cause usually I’m sleeping πŸ™‚ (2 am in here)

    62. lol .. you and @Michael

      keep doing a great job sleeping πŸ™‚

    63. Fortunately, have the League Pass.

    64. @psalm234:disqus I have one post about the rules has placed in moderation and I don’t know how to do the ok. Please help! LOLOLOL Pretty bad on this:-)

    65. I think Jeremy is fully aware if the fact that this team’s starting PG belongs to Kemba and the Hornets are committed to make him the star. The open spot on the team is starting SG which Jeremy so far hasn’t proven he is the best candidate yet while Lamb has been delivering.
      As much as the Hornets are being friendly and supportive, Jeremy should know that this is a dog eat dog business. Ultimately, everybody has their own agendas to achieve. I hope Jeremy knows which team will make him the starting PG. If not, if he wants to be a starter again, he may have a chance with this team. Having said that, the season is still young and and there many unforeseeable, unpredictable events will happen. Lets hope for the best, prepared for the worst. In God we trust. Go Jeremy! Go Hornets!

    66. Ok, post your username and password please. (lol)

    67. Yes that’s clearly against the rule #1. Depending on what the words are, it can be any of those rules. If you do that, no matter how good your reasons are, I will delete the post. Should be fair to everyone. Thus far I have been quite lenient on those posts. I’m only speaking for myself. Other mods may delete those posts in the past but I will do so from now on.

    68. Haha, don’t have. Just cracked. πŸ˜‰

    69. Neither was PJ Hairston.

    70. Lin looked awesome in preseason. That’s why I bought league pass. I want 15/5 in 25min and hornets in playoffs. So ft it’s trending downhill. It’s making me almost regret getting LP

    71. Always do what you think is best.

      You’re a good girl so I trust you. If I need a slap, you can stamp your five fingers on my face (I’m only saying this cause you can’t do for real :D).

    72. Welcome! Guess I’ve enough of those. I really want to enjoy JLin games and this site again. In the past week or so, I stayed away as much as possible. This isn’t good. I want to support JLin 100%. So, in order for me to enjoy this site, I will exercise my mod job 100% just as JLin will play his best in the game. His bb life is tough and he soldiers on. Why not me???!!!!

    73. Good for you, so you just bought 1 team?

    74. let me check πŸ™‚

    75. Nope. Thank God for warriors looking awesome!

    76. LOLOLOL Who knows! One day I may travel to Italy for this purpose:-) hehehehe Don’t think so. I will enjoy beautiful Italy and meet you:-)

    77. Want to have all the positive comments here tonight? Lakers got blown out, Hornets win with Lin 20/8

    78. I approved it πŸ™‚

    79. you’re always milli-seconds faster :]
      Did people ever tell you that?

    80. Thanks! Lousy me. I tried to get in but didn’t know how to. Gave up and sought assistance:-)

    81. That’s scary :O

      -Welcome in Italy Mel!
      -Thank you Spot… SLAP!!


    82. Yes, warriors may get the champion again.

    83. lol .. Kobesanity + Hairsanity!

    84. I’ll send you the link on twitter

    85. Or Spurs!! I want Duncan to have more rings than Kobe!!

    86. LOLOLOL No worries! Haven’t planned to return to Italy in my travel bucket lists. Prefer to go places I haven’t visited in my future oversea traveling plans except Israel.

    87. Maybe, Damn, really wish Lin can go to these 2 teams.

    88. Kemba and Lin can easily play together.

      I thought Kemba was selfish but he’s not. Kemba and Jeremy can share the ball and take pressure off each other.

      Could be another evolution of the game, 2 PG starting like Frazier and Monroe.

    89. Best DM me. So I don’t have to look for it in future:-)

    90. Why no Israel?

    91. yes, I just DM-ed you

    92. Jealous of Casspi’s sister πŸ˜‰

    93. He will get even less minutes there.

    94. I just saw Melody’s post first is all πŸ™‚

    95. I am sad as a Lin fan. I now come to expect less from Lin. For him to play worse then past years and would be more surprised with linsanity like game then a mediocre game. For multiple reasons we have all discussed Lin performance has been down. I also feel Lin is in his prime by age but his athleticism is less then before.

      He does not finish at the basket like he use to. His layups look slower, the vertical even more nonexistent. Defenders are closing the gap on the drives just a little bit more. The 50/50 balls that use to always be Lin’s are not so much as before. Lin is half a step slower then before makes a bigger difference then I expected.

      His weaker legs may also explain his shooting slump. I’m sure some games he will look like the old LIn but I’m afraid Lin has gotten older. The decrease in speed has been subtle, but it has been enough to likely take away the linsanity edge he once had. Even on a back to back I think the younger legs of the wolves will show Lin was not as fast as he once was.

    96. Maybe true, but he will work in the perfect system with great coach. Try imaging if Lin was in these 2 teams last season. He definitely will improve.

    97. AtTheHive Talk Live is discussing Lin’s happiness & comfort to play his role in Hornets based on CBS


    98. I think it’s too soon to be discouraged.

      3 weeks ago, the preseason Lin was praised for his improved ball-handling, aggressive shooting, no-hesitation, knowing how-to-finish without jumping too high to get injured vs big men. IMO He’s just trying to find his role & shooting in a new team.

      Personally, I think he simply needs to go back to his aggressive self in the preseason who shoots at the smallest window w/o hesitation & keep attacking the rim. Everything will take care of itself.

    99. Thought I was the only one seeing Jeremy’s athleticism subtly deteriorating…not sure it’s his back that’s bothering him, his wrist is hurting or simply he’s slowing down…

    100. Over time yes. Will he be able to break through the rotation? Probably not as quickly. I think hornets is a fast track situation for Lin. It’s the team he himself handpicked. He believes he is in the best situation for himself. Lin has no excuse but himself to blame. Lin simply has to play harder for God and himself in the court. Did he practice and trained hard? I bet he did. I personally think he probably trained harder than playing harder.

    101. I tried to not see it since it is subtle. But take his old highlights vs new highlights and you see that spark of speed missing between the two.

    102. immediately even after a great performance during the pre-season..He was fast then , but now he deteriorate as you explained for just 10 to 13 games..what a sudden turn of events? we were just as happy for Lin’s new found team, and just for a measly 10 games, he becomes the player that seems ready to retire any soon now?

    103. Last year JLin had a below par for him first half of the season, then, after the all star break, he played terrific in most of his games, even on a dysfunctional Lakers team. This year, he had an excellent preseason, but has not played at that level once the regular season started. There are probably many reasons for this, but I am hoping it will not take him until the all star break to play his brand of ball again!

    104. this was unpredictable, unforseen.LOL!

    105. Me too…..

    106. I don’t think Lin is slow or whatever… it’s the system he didn’t like that’s the problem.

    107. You might be right. I’m not sure. He plays differently but he certainly doesn’t seem to finish at the rim like he did in NY and the first year with Houston. I think he moves side to side quicker however.

    108. He didn’t play with the first unit and then was suddenly placed in it. He had an OK preseason and showed his immediate chemistry with Ed Davis. After the ASB, he decided to relax and play more to his capabilities but was also used to Byron Scott.

      This year, he showed a lot of improvements. I think he needs to revisit what he learned over the off-season and try to implement it back into his game. It’ll take time to really figure out this team and how best to use his talent in it.

    109. hornets time management and i believe consistency of game plans is the culprit

    110. Agreed, that’s why I don’t blame on Cliff now even he gave Lin less mins. We all know Lin practice hard, but it seems him less confidence and relax on court now. He can perform his best when he not think too much.

    111. Yeah, that’s the reason, I think.

    112. She looks so happy. Probably one of the best moments of her life. πŸ™‚

    113. Wade had his best athleticism before 27 but then he fell so much and drove so hard, he got a lot of injuries. He’s changed his game, more floaters, more mid-range now, less hard dunk and over the rim stuff, but he’s still a great player. Lin hasn’t had those injuries Wade has had and he doesn’t play so much over the rim, but he may be making adjustments not to rely on his speed as much.

      So, I don’t know if it is really a decline in his speed, because 27-29 there should be no decline. But can be if there is a lot of injuries slowing an athlete down. I’m not sure Lin’s had enough to cause decline. LeBron has a slight decline, but he’s 30 and turns 31 this year.

    114. Might be his hair, too heavy and slippery at the top. He will regain his speed if he cut his hair short. Cut the air resistance. Swimmers shaved their hair before competitions.

    115. As long as Jeremy will take charge, back will get worse.

      Unfortunately that’s the truth.

      That’s a problem Larry Bird had in last days of his carreer.

    116. It’s tempo of the game. Charlotte wanted to keep the tempo slow.

    117. Ridiculous.

    118. Good.

    119. What’s ridiculous, may iI know?

    120. It’s all about that. Physicality.

      That’s why Jeremy plays few minutes, that’s why Batum is a SG and Hairston starts.

      If you want to play you must be tall and full of muscles.

    121. Lin is tall with his hair, and has muscles!

    122. LOL!

    123. Watchout. Lin is pulling out the acupuncture needles.

    124. Acupuncture! haha!

    125. Today is a new day. Have good feeling Lin will get his bounce back, and his shots will bounce in. To make it more pleasurable, I have LP and Stephanie Ready. Ready, set, GoLin!

    126. Didn’t Lin have a fear of needles?

      If he can overcome them, the Wolves better watch out tonight lol

    127. Looked at Lin in China vs. the Clippers, preseason. Shot is so good there, so fluid and feathery. He definitely is not doing the types of stuff he did there and not moving off-ball as much.

    128. He still does. Look at his expressions. Mom made him do it, lol. No pain no gain.

    129. Thanks! I saw it and responded. Had to make calls and was shock to learn one of my best friends has passed away on 18 Oct from her husband. She was diagnosed with stage 4 cancer 3 years ago. Visited her twice since then. Should call her earlier but… She lived in LA. She was just 49 when she passed.

    130. Well, just check in 4Q vs Spurs that 3P shot… He looked so good….

    131. They all looked like that shot. That one shot was like preseason. The other shots were rushed or something. Some missed badly.

    132. Exactly, Lin had the freedom in preseason that we questioned that he does not have it here in the regular season.

    133. Oops! Didn’t make myself clear. Israel is the country that I would love to revisit. I’ve already been there twice. Would like to return there for the third time.

    134. So sad. Cancer is so horrible at stage 3 and 4.

    135. I am really not happy about this glass ceiling which has been installed on Lin. Looks like short lease situation again.

    136. Everthing looked different. Hawes was moving better, the team looked faster paced, Cody looked more active, Roberts passed him the ball a lot and now he doesn’t play much. The whole offense looked different, and better.

    137. Purely my conjecture, but Jeremy’s stellar preseason performance may have raised the alert level in Batum.

    138. Because in China he signal his team and play his game. Here he looks at Clifford for play.

    139. I know. The last time I called her she was so weak and bet me to visit her. I couldn’t. She did ask me a few times how the dying look like. I shared in order to prepare her last days (For your info, I do have the qualifications and experiences with dying, grief…).

    140. I think coach wants every player to play every move by his game plan so if anyone didn’t do it… he can clear put the blame on the player. smh!

    141. Of course preseason defense isn’t as tight, but whatever they were doing in China, they need to reimplement. Everyone was so involved and everything was fast. The 2nd team needs to play like that to have more success, IMO.

    142. what, could lin’s minutes limited by his injury? i just looked the acupuncture picture.

    143. It’s not good news if he’s hurt but it is a break for Charlotte. Although, I’d like to see Charlotte beat Minni with all of their team playing.

    144. I rather to see Hornets and Lin to play against the best team.

    145. Bless you.

    146. But where can Lin get the acupuncture in Min?

    147. Walker did play much in 4q last game. I am not sure why?

    148. Asian/Chinese are everywhere.

    149. reimplement? I got Clifford numbers, want to talk to him? πŸ™‚

    150. Lin is posting some weird pictures.

    151. Miami is having a picnic.

    152. “I hope Jeremy knows which team will make him the starting PG.”

      Answer: NO TEAM IN THE NBA wants Lin to be their starting PG.

    153. Each time he has the ball running up court, he has to look over the court side to get ‘permission’ on what plays he supposed to run or pass. Clifford is micromanaging his plays IMO.

    154. Sorry to hear that πŸ™
      49’s so young.
      Hope God provide comfort & strength for the family

    155. Indeed as we’re watching game.

    156. What a disparity in coaching

    157. If you remember Lin’s performance last season after All-Stars break. Lin played his way and played very well. They won some games until Scott was afraid Lin could pulled the team out of bottom 5. Clifford, please let Lin play his game – at least once for 30 mins!!! Even Scott let Lin played 30 mins more than 6-7 times, including two of them made Hornets so headache.

    158. Just like yesterday.

    159. Yesterday??!

    160. I remember like it’s yesterday.

    161. Yes, and he’s ruining D’Angelo Russell’s career now. Scott is a horror story. He’s tanking again already.

    162. And that’s not good for coaching instincts, i.e., not flexible or able to adjust to current situation. This is when the assistant coaches should help in game situation, but apparently they’re not…

    163. There you go again. Your behavior/comments remind me of this: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dmtShneCGv8

    164. I don’t think they’re tanking,they’re just so bad that everybody’s think that they’re tanking.Coach needs to go.

    165. Why no fans? It’s worst than Hornets….

    166. They had a hard to deal with this: Sons are very young (8, 11, 13); husband not coping well nor her family. Just called her sister (I have close friendship with her sisters as well). Pray for them. Thank God they are all good Christians.

    167. rubio may not play tonight

    168. No wiggins or rubio?

    169. Not sure but seems like this season Lin is finally not charging at the rim aimlessly and instead taking more mid range shots and 3 pointers which isn’t a bad thing. Getting hit and falling down at the rim takes a toll on the body.

    170. 12-3 Minnesota

    171. I agree. He is a micro manager. Lin is pretty slow to adapt.

      I know from far away Lin plays best in a free flow. Houston offers free flow even though Mchale was not a Lin fan.

      Lin should have chose team where the coach is loose and lets the players play.

    172. Al bricked a dunk…. Lmao

    173. lol I thought you were joking.

    174. then i looked at the box score

    175. Good so long as they insist on not starting Line but starting guys like Hairston and Batum as SG instead of SF they will lose.

    176. By the time Lin comes in, game will be over.

    177. The Hornets will be blown out by the young Wolves this game.

    178. Hairston is actually doing a solid job so far…

    179. Rubio is out tonight.

    180. LOL maybe time for hornets to tank

    181. LeVine seems too tall for Kemba to cover.

    182. 6’5

    183. Lavine ate Walker alive.

    184. I mean the starters did so well vs Spurs only to see bench throw the game. Maybe they are paying the bench back now.

    185. He’s tall. He gave Lin a lot of trouble last year and Levine scored a bunch against the Lakers in a game.

    186. Assists ratio 7:3 Wolves ahead.

    187. Not to mention he can jump really high, showing off those dunks already.

    188. six foot 7 versus 5 foot 10

    189. If we lose with no Wiggins or Rubio…man I’ll be pissed.

    190. Wish they would put in Lin after this time out.

    191. lol. Is walker that short?

    192. Wolves’ announcers said they were surprised that Clifford didn’t call time out yet.

    193. no he is 6 ft i think

    194. Hornets look and plays like an old team against Timberwolves.

    195. Wolves are way more atheletic than the Spurs…

    196. Poor old Jeff would be schooled by young Towns.

    197. players pad height. I think Walker is like 5 foot 11

    198. There’s a reason why Hairston is always open.

    199. Lin only gets 15-18 MPG. too early.

    200. LOL Hairston sooo good such a good starter well deserved!

    201. Hairston is missing everything, so far except one made of 3.

    202. LOL PJ?

    203. Towns looks solid, setting good screens. Lin needs to play with a big like that.

    204. LOL yep

    205. Timberwolves is the type of fast pace team Lin would flourish with.

    206. Just an observation…Clifford doesn’t make any adjustments even if the line up is not working.

    207. Rebound ratio 10:5 Wolves advantage.
      Assist ratio 7:3 Wolves advantage.

    208. When Hornets decided to become a three point shooting team, nobody told them that did not mean missing layups and dunks!

    209. He’s very stubborn. No hope. smh!

    210. I’ve noticed that too, bad coaching.

    211. he’s slow

    212. Batum got some very head scratching shot selections….

    213. Indeed.

    214. Hornets 1st unit is not good vs Wolve

    215. my head is already out of skin and hair now..

    216. Lin CHOSE to come to a team where he only plays 15-18 MPG and gets placed more and more in the corner baseline 3 hiding away like he did in Houston.

      Clifford said Lin’s role would be the largest since Linsanity. This usage is lower than Houston and Lakers so far.

      It’s scary to think what the other teams would have done to him.

      Or perhaps, Lin didn’t pick as wisely as he thinks.

      Seasons still young so who knows.

    217. Wolve’s 2nd

    218. Lavine is going to be tired out if he keeps dunking at the basket. We’ll see if he can keep up. He’s getting his chance to start so he’s showing off his skills.

    219. Lamb in LOL

    220. Oh! Ya!

    221. his usage is actually 26. closest since linsanity

    222. No he wouldn’t. YOu want to bet!

    223. Lamb is in before Lin, interesting.

    224. He’s behaving like my 2K my career mode AI teammates….

    225. As I said he’s 8th-9th rotational player on this team

    226. Send in the Lamb to the Wolves. Good Grief!

    227. always like that… smh! Cliff never change….

    228. always the case

    229. Lamb got contract extension of course.

    230. Baaaaaaaaaa~~~~~dd

    231. Wow Lin isn’t even in the 2nd unit

    232. Ever since the 21M extension.

    233. Hawes, terrible.

    234. I’m telling you these Wolves will eat Lamb alive.

    235. I don’t bet. I want him to succeed.

    236. lmao

    237. nice pun

    238. lol lin last again . i might just give up watching nba until he get rotated first from the bench.

    239. I hope Lin comes in gun blazing to show he’s a game changer and deserves to start. His teammates are bricking shots and needs his scoring.

    240. Batum can not defend Martin..lol

    241. He was brought here to shoot 3s, to stretch the defense, no? What is he driving to the basket for?

    242. LIn is Kemba’s backup. He’ll probably get 15-20 mins a game.

    243. Hawes a PF doing floaters. Can’t tell who is worse Robert Sacre or Hawes.

    244. nom nom

    245. How can you not lose?
      Rebound ratio 13:5
      Assist ratio 9:4

    246. Kevin Martin is getting by Batum like he’s not even there…

    247. Lin finally end toward end of quarter!

    248. We have a Horse, a Lamb and a Bat against a pack of Wolves….bahahah

    249. Hard to talk with the coach and GM with playing time esp with his contract

    250. Lin finally in

    251. Lin is at the scoring table.

    252. Is Lin really happy being no 9?

    253. 2 ft like that

    254. Seriously, again?

    255. 2 ft

    256. Why are my comments deleted. Not even trolling.

    257. Lin is agame changer and coach doesn’t see that

    258. Damn. Lin comes in and destroys the fun!

    259. Lin missed 1FT, gosh he’s gotta practice those FTs.

    260. Not watching, what has changed?

    261. Before Lin comes in, Lamb has no field goal.

    262. Hockey assist? lol

    263. Lin if you don’t want to sit on the bench, don’t foul!

    264. 1 foul on Lin already gotta watch out for that as well.

    265. Don worry…he has 4 more to use in 10 mins

    266. Nice, Hawes went to help Lin up.

    267. More FTs!

    268. Tired of these politics in basketball

    269. That is the kind of foul Lin needs to avoid.

    270. Lin don’t help the bigs inside…save your fouls

    271. Wow Lin got a 3 point foul called for him! That’s a first!! He better make all 3 FTS!!

    272. That help-D really wasn’t his responsibility… Silly

    273. Lin , please make FT!

    274. Lets get the lead!

    275. make FT please!!!

    276. Get those 3 fts!

    277. Rebound ratio 15:7
      Assist ratio 10:6

    278. thanks

    279. Don’t worry. Lin will be LIFO.

    280. He got better usage in Houston when they were trying to trade him near the trade deadline.

    281. lol

    282. Please 3 Pts for 3 FT

    283. Look Lamb, no hesitate shot over the screen. Lin needs to do it too. score first

    284. Hell yah!!!!

    285. YES this is the Lin we all love!

    286. Even a half screen, 20% screen, shoot.

    287. Jeremy has more points in 2min than Big Al in 9. πŸ™‚

    288. Panera is expensive.

    289. Haha, I think Lin committed that light foul just to get the ball back. And then he got 3FTs out of it!

      Clifford’s BS lineups still ruining the Hornets and holding Lin back, but Lin is doing everything he can.

    290. Can anyone tell me why would Lin foul Bjelica
      and then Bjelica foul Lin. Gosh hope that they didn’t put Lin on the PF.

    291. Yep. Lamb held onto the ball to make his own shot.

    292. This is not acceptable,,,,sit him!

    293. yeah makes them pay with 3 FT’s made at end of quarter. Let’s get Fired Up! Go JLin! Pick and Rolls please in 2nd Q!

    294. All I hope is players setup screens for Lin, the game would be totally different than last game.

    295. Just like that, Lin 4 pts, less than 2 mins.

    296. I didn’t think he was the one who fouled, but I guess he just wanted the ball back! We all know Lin can go end to end in no time flat.

    297. Of course it was. Stay on his man, don’t get unnecessary fouls.

    298. Sounds like BS.

    299. Where’s our local resident anti-jinx chat band???

    300. Coach is half blinded,can’t see the obvious

    301. Not bad Lin, 2 minutes, 4 pts

    302. I hate it when Lin comes in and help the Hornets win this Qtr.

    303. 22222222222222222222

    304. Pad that stats…

    305. 6 pts!

    306. bigs in charlette not good at screen

    307. Yes! Jeremy’s first pnR with zeller = short jumper in the lane for 2 pts!

    308. Love the vocal Lin fans at game!

    309. Good, Lin is the game changer with that 3 Pts Free Throw! Go JLIN, Go!

    310. LOL

    311. Lamb….lol

    312. Hornets just do not know how to set screens!!!!

    313. Zeller should’ve dunked that!!

    314. is zeller just a little bit too predictable? needs more moves perhaps…or to think ahead and predict defender a little bit more

    315. zeller not dunk!!!!!!

    316. To be fair, that wasn’t such a good pass by Lamb

    317. Scoring Lin
      Happy Site

    318. Lin is open for 3. Lamd did not care!

    319. He did not score much, did he? lol

    320. lol i saw that. Tunnel vision

    321. Lin defending – 90% complains

    322. Lin should play tougher D on that rookie that is trying to D him up.

    323. who is that?

    324. The bench scored 17 points for the Hornets. The starters scored 21.

    325. Can’t risk the phantom foul.

    326. Lin killing the Wolves, drawing FTs, looking to shoot and set up Lamb for the 3 and the lead!

    327. whooo assist for jlin on lamb 3. works much better when jlin is the playmaker!

    328. Jeremy Lin will do fine tonight in the stat box. He has midget in Tyus JOnes guarding him. Coaches dont learn.

      Pop got away with it though with Mills because Spurs special.

    329. When Lamb plays WITH Lin he looks good. Otherwise, he’s that 4pt guy from last night.

    330. Grrrrrgghhh!! I hate it when I saw Hawes dribbles and try to bring the ball across the court!!

    331. Tyus Jones

    332. Looks good tonight.

    333. The Wolves let their starters rest while the Hornets’ 2nd team is killing them.

    334. The Hornets needs to get into their offense a bit faster..

    335. Difficult to get assists on this team. Lin needs to keep shooting, get his first!

    336. Lamb learned how to get noticed from his previous team mates,needs to be animated somewhat.

    337. Clifford, do you see no one setup screen for Lin when he brings ball cross middle? no more PnR???

    338. That’s so ridiculous. Can the coach do something? Bench him!

    339. because the “2nd team” is on the bench now

    340. Wolves announcer says Jones is 6’2″…lol, he’s good 2 inches shorter than Lin, without the hair.

    341. All these plays run for Lamb. Ugh.

    342. Again pad that stats

    343. 3333333333333333

    344. 333333

      Take that Clifford.

    345. 333333333

    346. YES/111111

    347. just like that 9 pts!

    348. UM Clifford thinks he CAUSED this to happen.

    349. Lin is ruinning everything!

    350. That 3 looked good.

    351. Lin for 3!!! Yes finally he’s shooting more, he needs to do this EVERY GAME!

    352. CHA only wants Lamb to succeed to justify their extension.

      Lin saying EFF IT. I’m the best guy on either team.

    353. The Jeremys highest scoring Hornets!

    354. Get your number 1st Lin,you’re doing just fine

    355. jlin heating up with a 3! told you guys he will bounce back!

    356. All this about lamb i will say they complement each other pretty well.

    357. No look at coach today! that is the way to play!!!!

    358. It’s OK, he’s the shooting guard. Lin and Lamb can be a strong tandem.

    359. ha ha lol

    360. lol 9 points and 1 assist in 6 mins of play, that ridiculous efficiency there.

    361. Lamb and Lin both 9pts about 7mins

    362. was that 3 off a pnr?i missed it!


    364. I want more assists and at least 11 more points. I want 7 assists tonight.

    365. if he did not check up with coach, he always played well.

    366. yep

    367. Jeremy is going for 20p in 20m, Curry-style.

    368. Screen

    369. 2nd team is looking better than starters

    370. who set the screen?

    371. The Hornets’ bench has outscored their starters by 4 points
      Mainly Zeller, Lamb and Lin do the scoring.

    372. From the reactions here, looks like Lin is playing well today. Guess Clifford will give Lin the minutes today.

    373. You betCHA!

    374. Lin is due for 30 pt game! Let s go keep shooting, forget these selfish teammates! He needs to get high PPG so people will recognize him as a starter and star! If he shoots 20+ 30 pts every game, he WILL be noticed!

    375. As long as Lamb stays c&s guy, he’s effective.Leave the leadership to the Lin.

    376. Lin forced that travel with his “overhelping.”

    377. Bench winning it

    378. Reactions here can only tell if Lin is shooting well or not…LOL jk

    379. I don’t understand why put Al back?

    380. Come on, Al…

    381. OMG , easy pass

    382. Ok, that was nice by Lamb.

    383. Never dunks.

    384. He’s shooting well,and lot of posters value that at tantamount.

    385. Al don’t get off the floor much

    386. 1 blown assist of another pnr for lin! MaybeClifford does understand his game, we are seeing several pnr’s in a row since the start of second qtr for lin.

    387. Lost whatever spring he had.

    388. If he understood the game, there’s no way Hairston would be starting and taking 20m!

    389. Lamb plays well with Lin, with out Lin he goes back to bench player .

    390. Lamb and Lin having their way

    391. Almost and 1

    392. jeremy fouled on layup after cut to the basket 2 FT’s!

    393. Great PnR action! FTs for Lin. Nice pass, Al.

    394. Almost and 1 darn it!!

    395. How many points Lin got from Bjelica? Thanks big fella, you made my day.

    396. Hornets better stay on top of Tayshaun

    397. Hornets no big know how to play PnR. Lin needs to attack like this again and again

    398. 11 pts and counting

    399. Lin has a vocal female cheering section, hehe. You can hear them on every FT.

    400. Great Free Throw today for JLIN!

    401. Pad that stat sheet Lin,I’m loving it

    402. The Jeremys are killing it!

    403. can Al Jefferson not dunk from a standstill? even if he just shot it normally it would have went in…argh!

    404. Ok, he plays well every game but his shooting is hot today.

    405. I was typing the exact same thing, word for word! LOL

    406. I hope Lin giving up hope for PnR and just keep shoot!

    407. Fried chickens. Chickens don’t fly…

    408. 2222222222222222222

    409. Once again just keep shooting

    410. Woo! Attack mode engaged. But now he’s not getting yanked and phantom fouls.

    411. Attacking

    412. yes! Jlin layup off another cut to the basket!

    413. another layup for Lin yes!! Keep shooting!!

    414. I’ ve always loved a Jeremy Lin-Tayshaun Prince match up.

    415. I have nothing to say.
      Who could have guessed that Clifford goes to Lin-Walker-Lamb

    416. Lin needed that 3!

    417. AL and Kemba only seeing each other!!!

    418. oh almost hit a wide open 3..would have been linsanity 2.0 if he made that!

    419. Lin out

    420. Lin is out. Wolves are back!

    421. Great minds πŸ™‚

    422. What can you say? They’re in LOVVVVE

    423. Lamb still in?

    424. I hope this 1st unit will not stink it up

    425. This is the problem with Lin not starting. He needs a rest but that means he can’t play enough.

    426. Lin out, fun over :/

    427. He has to make that.

    428. Lamb still in

    429. The Jeremys stealing ALL the thunder, can’t have that happen.

    430. Lin played great! Only 9 minutes, come on Cliff!!!

    431. the whole idea of playing Batum at the SG really needs to dies. it’s so bad, if i was the GM i’d fire the guy who came up with the idea…

    432. Lamb still in there…promoted to 6th man over Lin for doing nothing.

    433. why break up 2nd team?

    434. dont get too excited. these are the young and lowly timberwolves playing without the starting backcourt. Lin and Lamb are just doing their job killing these newbies.

    435. 2M player stealing Batum thunder.

    436. yup does not matter how good lin plays, he wont break the 20 min mark lol!

    437. playing Batum at the SG i mean

    438. don’t want Lin to do well. smh!

    439. It’s painful seeing Al shoot midrange while Zeller is boxing out for a rebound.

    440. Lin is playing well,that’s a bad rep from other players

    441. Lamb is in the future plans of Hornets with the new contract, Lin isn’t.

    442. zeller misshed the easy bucket!!!!

    443. Lin has dropped 38 on the Spurs and lit up countless other top teams.

      Lamb, on the other hand, hasn’t proven anything.

    444. lin is 6-7 on FT’s right now, no other hornet has more than two attempts!

    445. 13 pts in 9 minutes.

    446. LIn should have finished the half. Kemba and Batum should have stayed on the bench.

    447. What thunder? Batum’s been playing like a bench player. Hornets are dreaming if they think he’s a star, and can start at SG even Walker plays better than him!

    448. 9 minutes is not enough

    449. Second highest scorer.

    450. Cliff should have ride with hot hands.

    451. maybe clifford will make changes to rotation after 10-12 games, but he won’t before that according to himself.

    452. Watch the lead go away when Lin’s out.

    453. Lamb 12 minutes is ridiculous. If lin has 9

    454. That’s what they said about Lance! “Cornerstone.” Same mistakes repeated over and over.

      Lin will beast and leave (Brooklyn?). Batum will leave. Lamb will go sheep-mode again.

    455. They really think jermey need to sit…..come on Cliffy

    456. Lin was the engine that had the team moving. Even though Lamb is shooting well and scoring, Lin was creating and providing that spark for everyone. Doesn’t make sense for him to come out. He needs to keep his flow going.

    457. Not liking that even Lin is having a great game, he still get subbed out….Cliff needs to reward him by giving him more minute.

      Under current pattern, Lin will play no more than 25…That’s too low for a player that is playing so well.

    458. This is still Linsanity to me k.

    459. Up Up and away!

    460. he might have been tired though, but i dunno

    461. I don’t have a problem with Lamb being in. Both Lin and Lamb should be in because both are playing very well.

    462. Held Conley scoreless once.

    463. Lin play good tonight, he should have finished the half; only because Lamb signed the contract, he get Lin’s minutes… What plan?

    464. Too many assists are wasted!

    465. I told you Lin is LIFO.

    466. When Lin’s back he’s gotta keep shooting and get HIS! Prove he’s a starter and star over those fake starters!! He should know after 5 season of mistreatment that the only way he become a max contract player if through his stats with high PPG!

    467. I have no problem with him resting after 9m. The problem is not starting! He could average 18ppg with 28mpg.

    468. someone said LIn averagae 25 MPG. He averages 16-19 MPG ok? Lately its 18 MPG.

    469. It’s not about Lamb. Batum could sit, he wasn’t doing much. Lamb was productive. Lin should have stayed in as he and Lamb were both producing well.

    470. Lamb is backup at SG. He’ll get more minutes than Lin for sure because Hairston isn’t like to get much time as a starter. Lin is back up at PG, Kemba is going to play long minutes.

    471. Nope. The Lin that I know is he would pass to Lamb for 3s.

    472. lol…..I’m fine with the game thats going on….Lin’s unit it killin it

    473. The second unit outscored the 1st…

    474. true. Lin struggles more against long atheltic team though.

    475. A few pass here and there is fine but Lin’s gotta look to score first and pass second! That’s when he plays at his best!!

    476. As i said, Clifford would give Lin more minutes ONLY IF Hornets in trouble.

    477. Hairston is another problem. If they love Lamb so much, start him at SG and make Lin 6th man again.

    478. Lamb and Lin could be a good tandem. The Jeremies. To me, Lamb isn’t the issue. Cut Batum and Kemba’s time when Lin and Lamb are cooking.

    479. lets see…if so…let it be an eye opener for CC

    480. what is bs?

    481. And move Batum to SF.

    482. I disagree, does not matter what is the situation, Lin will only get 20 mins or less.

    483. Exactly. Such stupidity from Clifford/Cho.

    484. Yeah, only way for Lin to get more minutes if they made Lamb a starter and Hairston sit at the end of the bench for good.

    485. lamb is 2-3 on 3’s so if that continues that would be great for both lamb and lin. We didn’t complain when lin passes to novak for open 3’s right?!

    486. It’s gooddayLA

    487. yeah and it was really good to see him getting to the line…

    488. The new additions, Batum, Lamb and Lin, have scored 49 out of 63 points for the Hornets up to now.

    489. Hot hands sitting and not allow to have a bit of flexible rotation? Strange coach!

    490. Kemba and Batum both are their first unit & face, unless they play really bad, they will have their min.

    491. MN 10 OTs?

    492. No Lin, no win! GO WOLVES.

    493. Here comes the wolves

    494. 4 pont game just wow

    495. Lin sit n the lead is gone ! Mr . Clifford!

    496. Should’ve kept Jeremy in – that’s what you get, Clifford!

    497. Looking at the +/- between Hornets starters and bench, and my head almost fell off from shaking.

    498. So Lamb closes the quarter instead of JLin…

    499. Coach!!!!! Lin should have stayed….

    500. wow al jefferson is 0-6…that doesn’t happen much, hopefully he will turn it around in the 2nd half

    501. Lamb did nothing after Lin came out

    502. Yep he played 15:30 min straight. No more points after JLin was out.

    503. lol…now they are missing all the shots!…someone should tweet…with Lin 10pt lead (was it 10?) without Lin Lead demises

    504. Clifford another bias coach, willing to ride hot hand of other players except Lin!

    505. Will happen ten more games and won’t change.

    506. If Lamb is playing over Lin because he’s part of their future and Lin is not, then why is Hairston STARTING? He’s not even wanted for vet min!

    507. Lamb hasn’t scored since JLin was subbed out.

    508. You have to go by circumstance and how guys are performing. There is no reason, unless Lin was tired, to take him out. Lin and Lamb were in a rhythm. Kemba and Batum can get their minutes, but Lin and Lamb got them back in the game, got them the lead, and was effective. The first unit comes back in, with Lamb, and the lead goes down.

    509. So wolf come back so soon!

    510. I told you, Lin was out and Wolves were back. They made a respectable comeback and made it a close game. The starters of Hornets lost big to the Wolves starters without Wiggins and Rubio.

    511. So many times now, Batum makes his TO at the most crucial time and change the momentum in favor of opponents.

    512. I thought it was 11

    513. its up to Lin to play very well in his 7-8 minutes each half to create the debate. almost with robot like focus.

    514. trying to make sure lin doesn’t score more than lamb

    515. so when both JLin/Lamb are hot, Lamb gets to play more?

    516. Lin would get under 20 mins when Hornets win, get 25 or more when Hornets struggle.

    517. I’m guessing this is the reason but still Lamb cant get more minutes then Lin https://twitter.com/HornetsPR/status/664263082017955840

    518. do the dirty work for Batum?

    519. the final lineup with batum in it screwed it up

    520. just wondering…firepower off the bench aside, why not have Jlin play point and Kemba play 2? Kemba too short to guard 2’s?

    521. You see what I see. Lamb’s points mostly were scored when Lin was in.

    522. PJ is making Clifford look really bad

    523. I think he has the correct balance today. He’s looking to assist as well as score. He’s playing the point yet is a scoring threat. He’s playing well. I want him to tighten up on D but his O is good.

    524. Cho and Clifford trying to make “their boy” look good. He only looks good when Lin is out there. He literally did nothing for the past 4m.

    525. Am happy with the points that JLin has. If Cliff not playing JLin much in second half. Don’t mind Hornets loses the game. That’s my evil part talk:-)

    526. Glad you see that.

    527. If Lin stayed in I doubt he would’ve gotten more shots. Kemba, Batum, Lamb and Jefferson take precedent.

    528. What have we seen so far?

      Lin does not look to the sideline while bringing up the ball.

    529. Starters haven’t even been making shots since 1st quarter muwahaha, they get what they deserves for not starting Lin and treating him fairly! Lin needs to stop being stubborn and get HIS POINTS! No one he goes to respect him nor see him as a star player unless he scores 20+/30 pts every game!

    530. Did I tell you Lin would get more mins until Hornets in trouble?

    531. hornets were up 9 when lin came out

    532. Hopefully Lamb sees it too.

    533. They keep touting Lamb when he had only 1 more point than Lin and did it in 15 min vs 9 for Lin. Give Lin those 15 min he’d score much more than Lamb.

    534. Lin did the work and Lamb got the points.
      That really sucks.

    535. Kenba should be sitting more as he is not defending Lavine. Too short and too lax.

    536. I’m still rooting for the team. Losing sucks πŸ™

    537. that’s 20-25 pts swing πŸ˜€

    538. I wish! The least he could do is be an “enforcer.”

    539. He’s too short to guard LaVine, let alone 2’s.

    540. lin got assists though, that’s still great!

    541. Chill, Lin got 13 points only 1 less than Lamb along with 2 assists!

    542. Starters are not defending. Take Al out if he is not defending Townes. And going 0-6.

    543. Lin would back in when Hornets trailed by 10.

    544. Lamb is featured even if Lin orchestrated much of it.

    545. The point is Lin doesn’t only score his points; he got the whole team moving.

    546. Just keep doing what your doing, Jeremy.

      BTW, he did this against the Spurs too until the BS phantom fouls. Even so, he got 12p in 22m with bad FT shooting. Doesn’t take a math genius to see that’s 18p in 33m. Which is great.

    547. They are all in minus. That speaks all. All bench players are in positives except Kaminsky because he played with starters.

    548. would i be off base if i thought kemba is more of a scoring point guard while jeremy is more of a playmaking pointguard (that can score as well obviously)

    549. When JLin playing hard & scored well but still did not earn the min, nothing I can say; Yes, if so, don’t mind the loss of the game, No Lin, No Win!

    550. I dont like coach C anymore! Old school coaching! Hot hands not playing more min n poor cold hands have to have the same amount of minute eventhough killing the team and destroying the lead! Strange!!!!

    551. Yes I made the same comment down below:-)

    552. Wow its the Jeremys show…too bad the show got interrupted when Jlin went to the bench

    553. Let’s not get too far ahead of ourselves, Lin was in against third stringers.

    554. I am glad Lin is more in score first mode. Do NOT change it.

    555. what are you talking about??

    556. Yeah, because Lin has never lit up All-Stars before. (eye roll)

    557. he was against 2nd string… lol

    558. Wolves announcers notice Lamb get good shot because of Lin..

    559. when wiggins and rubio are out, there is no such thing as wolves starters

    560. Lamb and Lin deserved minutes. kemba not much so.

    561. Not that he’s not defending. It’s that he’s unable to defend Towns

    562. AtTheHive poster also sees the same thing:
      “Lamb and Lin were on fire. Takes Lin out, insert Kemba, Lamb never touches the ball again, lead diminishes.”

    563. Lin’s gotta learn to loose up a bit on D to avoid those phantom fouls. Glad he finally realized he’s in hot waters and need to score every chance he gets!

    564. Lavine is young w/high energy and taller than Kemba. Even though he’s inexperienced thus making many turnovers, but his coach (perhaps by default w/Rubio out) still allows him to play through his mistakes boosting his confidence. Lavine is benefiting from his coach’s trust.

    565. Kemba AND Al.

    566. Kemba did fine. Guys blew his assists.

      No more Hairston! I feel like we should fight the REAL enemy: starting PJ and giving him 20mpg. Without him, both Lamb and Lin could get 30mpg.

    567. Not really.2nd stringers were fighting.Pit them against the sucky Hornets starters and it would have been worse.

    568. good! at least Cliff clears that out and knew its not helping the team dictating offense where he is not an offense coach!

    569. No, Kemba was nit fine. Look at hus d against Lavine.

    570. starter and chosen ONE!

    571. JLin checked out at 4:42 and the score was 46 (Wolves) vs 55 (Hornets). 59 vs 63 in half time.

    572. No guard but Lin defends on this team anyway.

    573. The starters are not defending that is why they were down.

    574. Kemba always great at offensive pg but on D he’s not.

    575. Lamb head swollen when Lin out…started to think much that when Lins out, nobodys passing the ball!

    576. I hope they put Lamb in starting lineup ASAP. Hate this coach.

    577. Don’t tell me that Lamb got himself open shots.

    578. I agree. And he only picked up 1 tonight. And got 3 FTs as a direct result.

    579. Is that mean coach C wants to win without Lin? I say no Lin no win! It will serve him right if he doesn’t know how to use the hot hands!

    580. I have never hated Lin so much before in my life.
      He has ruined everything. The Wolves were feasting on the Hornets starters and once Lin came in, the momentum struck back to the Hornets. When Lin came out, the Wolves were back again.

    581. If Lamb keeps up this rate, he’s an underpaid stolen next to Lin.

    582. So sick of seeing Batum at SG he’s so horrible at it! Just play his old position as SF! Why are Hornets so infatuated with Batum and bending over backwards for him?! Last time I checked he’s not the type of player who can bring them a Championship! Why start a scrub like Hairston is beyond me, doesn’t deserve and is practically invisible!!

    583. Lavine is 6’6″. No way Kemba has any chance defending him. They should let Hairston defend Lavine and let Kemba run around defending Martin.

    584. lol

    585. There you go folks, it’s official. Kwok Wai finally lost it.

    586. He won’t play well in that lineup

    587. cliff wants to see it in at at least 5 to 7 games more before he can decide.. he’s not fickle minded you know!

    588. lol .. was that a Wolves fan post or your inner-Wolves spirit?

    589. JLin has 2 assists as well playing only 9:21. Lamb played 15:30; Batum (16:30); Zeller (11:18); Marvin (16); Kemba (17:06)

    590. 3 newcomers, Lin, Lamb & Batum combined for 39 of Hornets 63 points (62%) in the first half.

    591. Still he has to knock it down too.

    592. I don’t even think he wants to play SG. He can get just as many shots at SF and defending SGs wears him out. He looks slow this season…he used to be the most versatile defender in the league not named Lebron.

    593. Except Lamb only plays well with Lin. He’s isolated when playing with selfish starters.

    594. Lin scores 13 pts in 9 mins = combined 4 starters scores in combined 60 mins !!!! and he is on bench!!!!!

    595. Exactly, there would be no problem with minutes if Batum played SF, like he would on the 29 other NBA teams. Lin playing PG and SG would get 25. Lamb playing SG would get 25. Walker playing PG would get 30+.

    596. With his new contract, he’s not underpaid anymore. That title belongs to Lin

    597. I don’t think Cliff is good either.

    598. He was BWA. Balling While Asian.

    599. Next to Lin, I said.

    600. not a CATERED player , you know!

    601. Shhh…Keep it down or Lin will get even less minutes!

    602. No, you’re not off base. It has been said by some announcers the exact same thing.

    603. In Okc we saw that in the past 2 seasons. He’s suck next to Westbrook.

    604. Yeah i think so! Now the lead is gone pls put Lin back! I dont want them to win if coach doesn’t put Lin for enough min.

    605. go Jlin and hornets! Strong second half, two more 30 point quarters! Let’s get fired up!

    606. Today never Lin bench to Kemba

      But Lin is a Asiatic guy playing in the NBA

    607. I don’t think bc he’s not sign long team contract or coach just hates him? Bc Hornets maybe don’t like to see Lin plays too well so they can’t keep him next summer?

    608. If Lin keeps this up, the coach will be forced to play him more minutes. Lets see in second half what happens as the othe rteam makes adjmts.

    609. Lin/Lamb scored 27 pts in 1st half, same with all 5 starters combined

    610. Keep the reverse jinx going my friend. You’re doing a mighty fine job!! Lol

    611. Real GM wants more Lin. More Jeremy Limb so they want the Lin/Lamb tandem.

    612. Starting Lineup just suck.

    613. You make me laugh John. lol

    614. Is this the Lakers all over again? 2nd team is better than 1st team.

    615. Clifford wants to put his stamp on the game with his awesome idea

    616. dont think you have been watching the games lol, Lin only got 25 mins once in the last 6 games lol

    617. Hairston is the problem folks….get him out and stop with the Carolina blue crap MJ

    618. cliff said, KW can guard anybody! not a mismatch…Lin, Cannot guard him because he’s small! (in my dream only..LOL!)

    619. He’s not the problem. Cliff is.

    620. Batum at SF would have helped at rebounding since Al is very lazy at rebounding.

    621. Jefferson blew an easy PnR layup.

    622. Lin got his season average,needs to shoot more to get 25pts tonight

    623. You mean Airston.

    624. Hairsanity!

    625. I thought Hairston doing alright. Wolves has a big line up and Cliff has to go bigger.

    626. I want Lin to be the highest pts player for this game but Hornets loss…LOL!

    627. So Lamb starts the 3rd?

    628. why is he still in……

    629. Minny announcers giving Lin and Lamb credit…

    630. Bum Batum; offensive foul

    631. Hairston done for the day

    632. The first team is losing the lead now.

    633. Lamb is a starter now.

    634. Lamb in starting lineup. Hairston done for the day

    635. Lamb now supplanting Hairston

    636. Here you go…Wolves are biting back.

    637. Mn commentator said Lin is really good!

    638. PJ injury

    639. PJ Hairston is dizzy, Lamb is in starting lineup.

    640. I like them too…they have always been pleasant especially Petersen, the former Houston Rocket.

    641. Good. His +/- will go down.

    642. Good. Cliff wants to move him to starting lineup.

    643. HaHaHa CHA is losing now

    644. towns eating Al alive lol

    645. Lamb cant defend a fly

    646. There goes the lead…smh

    647. Hornets is going to lose a bundle soon.

    648. Hard-earned and well-deserved.

    649. NiceLamb is starting,Lin will solely run the 2nd U

    650. Damn! I want Towns on Lin’s team

    651. So much Lin for nothing.

    652. Lets make it permanent.

    653. impressive KAT rebound over three hornets players and 1. lamb was caught just looking

    654. Lamb is ahead of Lin on the depth chart and PJ is injuried

    655. Wolves is blowing away the Hornets.

    656. Lamb starts missing. Your guardian angel is not there!

    657. Lamb can score easily but can’t defend

    658. Man so many TO the beginning of 3rd Q!

    659. Together with Zeller and Hawes

    660. Cliff dumb move made the lead gone.

    661. That’s why Cliff didn’t want him to start.

    662. Starters look like crap

    663. Starters are TO-machine

    664. Wolves should start eating Hornets alive before Lin comes back.

    665. Big Al looking like Big Old

    666. I have issues with guards who can easily score but can’t defend a wheelchair.Adding Lamb on that list.

    667. You lost me at “look like”…

    668. TOs after TOs for selfish the starters.

    669. LOL 4 TOs by starters hahaha

    670. Starters produce endless TOs.. wow

    671. still no Timeout called SMH

    672. oh man another oreb for wolves over three hornets

    673. Hornets realllyy lucky that Minny isn’t ahead by more!

    674. Levine shoots over Kemba like he’s not even there

    675. Efficiency!!!

    676. Speechless for Al.

    677. No true PG in the 1st unit….too much TO..LOL

    678. His hard breathing looked like he’s about to pass out! Been saying since preseason, he needs to come off the bench!

    679. Lambs iso fit that lineup

    680. 4 TOs in 4 mins. Kemba’s legs has problem. Clifford needs to take him out if he wants him to play more than 60 games this year.

    681. I have to admit I like the +/- LOL

    682. Dude needs to retire already shouldn’t even be starting!

    683. Can coach n MJ remember how they beat Clippers in China? The crafty CP3/Blake G/DeAndre Jordan?

    684. Whenever Al bricks his shots or isn’t boxing out for a rebound,a baby dolphin dies.I don’t like how many baby dolphins the Hornets sacrificed already.

    685. 3 starters out today!

    686. Shouldn’t be this hard

    687. If it’s Lin with those TO, he won’t get to play anymore. He willl be benched for good.

    688. the more i see Coach Cliff wants to WIN GAMES, the more it becomes evident he doesn’t know HOW!

    689. CA Towns >>> Al Jefferson. I’m glad Lakers didn’t get that #1 pick.

    690. Too old, they have short term memory.

    691. That’s unforgivable atrocity against nature and wildlife… Lol

    692. Thank you. That’s what I thought… he isn’t good at all. I doubt Hornets will keep him no matter they make it to playoff or not.

    693. Lamb is playing starter mins and Lin is playing Hairston mins.

    694. Never mind…. hope they loss this game.

    695. With this messed up starting lineup and Lin not starting nor playing 32 minutes every game they aren’t making the playoffs.

    696. Lakers got what they deserved.

    697. Big Al eats baby dolphins for breakfast

    698. Coach!!!!
      No Lin No Win
      No Lin No Playoff
      No Lin No Fun

    699. what the F. i thought we have fresh legs. why look for easy layup????

    700. Really lucky that MIN started sucking in the 3rd quarter

    701. NO LIN NO WIN!

    702. Lamb in with starters. So does this mean Lin playing SG and Roberts PG at end of 3rd?

    703. Ah… I love this site for its sarcasm.

    704. Who kidnapped the preseason Coach Clifford and Spence Hawes?This is NOT the Clifford and Hawes I saw last preseason.

    705. Lamb is the starter with Hairston out?

    706. Batum can not guard Marvin who is not that quick as SG….!!

    707. Real coach and Hawes are getting A’nl probed somewhere in an UFO…

    708. what what ever reason, Clifford does not want Lin play with Walker more than 10 mins. i thought everyone knows it could be one of the best back court in NBA

    709. Lin getting bench minutes on this Hornets team! So much for all that talk during off season!

    710. Benching Lin is like clubbing baby seals…it’s just so wrong.

    711. Lin in

    712. Batum is being schooled tonite

    713. well they need to feed Big Al some how

    714. Lin in!!!

    715. Lin with good challenge on KMart to make him miss a 3

    716. JLin is in @4:35 left in 3rd qtr with 78 (Hornets) vs 74 (Wolves).

    717. I think people take Batum to school pretty much on nightly basis…

    718. What the heck was that Lin?!

    719. nice Lin! pass that ball with 3 seconds left and let Walker take the miss. lol

    720. Lin had some split second openings but was too gun shy.

    721. I didn’t even noticed that Lin is in already,that’s how bad his time management for this team

    722. Lin plays PG, Walker plays SG please. Walkers cannot handle ball well today!!!!

    723. Lmao

    724. Nope

    725. Boo, Lin passed up 2 shots during that Nash probe. Should tried the stepback midrange!

    726. Since Lin is in, Go Hornets!

    727. Gotta let it fly JLin!

    728. Hate it when Walker does that dribble with no where to go, pass the ball!

    729. I nominate the Wolves’ announcers for new Hornets’ coaches.

    730. Won’t happen.

    731. bit too careful

      Need to pull the trigger

    732. I wish he didn’t do that…Kemba doesn’t deserve that. Harden and Kobe do.

    733. You didn’t notice him too right away?

    734. Trying too hard to draw the foul off the pump fake. He’s 7 foot tall, he’s not jumping.

    735. It’s inexplicable… not adjusting to game situation or current opponent players…

    736. OK, Lin, no more passing up shots like that. Go Lin!

    737. Well his hairstyle is just too plain for us to notice

    738. its been silent 2 minutes for Lin……Go Lin Go Hornets!

    739. Lin, please do not hesitate when you play with “Starters”. You are much better –

    740. Good D

    741. Sorry Martin,not that easy this time

    742. 10 points lead and then sat Lin! Now what happened?, coach?

    743. Screens just BAD

    744. forced consecutive turnovers

    745. KMart really wanted to take it to Lin but 3 TOs so far

    746. Lin flopped, ha.

    747. Lin is gonna mess up Andre Miller

    748. Rub Jeremy the right way you get LIN. Rub him the wrong way you get NIL…

    749. Lin guards Martin 10 times better than Batum..!!!!!!!

    750. Funny lineup that clifford is using. Roberts-Batum-Lin-Zeller-Hawes.

    751. No hornets can play PnR with Lin

    752. Lin stand in the corner

    753. Yeah, weird lineup by Clifford.

    754. did lin really get hit by martin or did it just look like it? i think he got hit for sure. The wolves announcers are saying he was acting but didn’t look like jlin reacted untill after the contact to me.

    755. Starters in there. He was getting them going. Only mistake was the Nash probe where he passed up the jumper.

    756. Oh for gods sake what is Hawes doing!!!!!

    757. Now MIN is racking up the TOV…but Hornets are not capitalizing it….comeon guys!

    758. The right elbow disturbed the Hair! lol

    759. He flopped

    760. I thought he was hit, but the replay made it look like a flop. Can’t lie!

    761. Lin, forget about PnR, attack!!!

    762. when have we ever seen Lin flop?

    763. When ever he dribbles i close my eyes

    764. bad blood between them from houston days

    765. no plays drawn for lin whatsoever???

    766. Playing down to a bad opponent’s level.

    767. Alright Lin, you played Mr. Nice guy there. Now ATTACK for yourself.

    768. I think that’s by design by the coach.I’ve seen that several times when Batum and him were together on the court

    769. I think he’s trying to play basketball… i’m not sure.

    770. The last 2-3 Hornets possessions Lin was wide open and didn’t even got a touch.

    771. That’s what Hawes is always doing lol

    772. 1 or 2

    773. This is what the Hair designed for.

    774. cliff holding jlin, need to stop him feeding and having a great game..put Roberts to handle the ball…WHY? you have lin inside, why need roberts?

    775. What Hawes always does, pump fake, then make a stupid play.

    776. lin will never see the ball with roberts and batum initiating offense

    777. Don’t have alot of faith in the lineup thats in now. Not a good look.

    778. Batum getting a rest here.

    779. coach needs to tell hawes not to dribble the ball, ever. it looks like he can’t even do a regular layup he moves super slow off the dribble. he should just shoot those shots that are only slightly contested

    780. I am so busy reading these comments that I’m not even watching the game!

    781. He was hit in the forehead and he had to shake it off after it happened.

    782. is he going to get a call from the league?

    783. Elbow-Detection Foul!

    784. LOL

    785. loosing post?

    786. no, it was too close to call. I think

    787. LOL

    788. do what everybody else does. watch and type. don’t read ahha

    789. hello, my post kept being deleted

    790. Lin protecting his FG %

    791. Lin didn’t get touches at least in the last 2 Hornets possession. Batum has Not pass to Lin even once.

    792. If Lin is on bench, few cares to watch!

    793. helllloooo

    794. IT was one of the scariest movie I’ve seen as a child. And Hawes’ basketball just topped that…

    795. hawes can pick and pop for three but he cannot pump fake and drive to layup or dish. shoot or pass only!

    796. So frustrating JLin not playing PG. what’s up with that.

    797. PG LIn?

    798. okay.. Lin playing PG now

    799. Good shot idea but Lin, but way ugly arc.

    800. o wow he proved me wrong good one hawes…but don’t do that again please.

    801. The coach’s offensive game is much much worse than I thought, unless there is an agenda….

    802. Cheer for the big fella Hawes for his first bucket!

    803. I think its Disqus….just refresh the page to see your posting…happens to me as well

    804. Hawes looked like he’s always falling even in a made shot

    805. In the replay you can clearly see his mohawk shaking. With the amount of hair product needed to keep it vertical, I’m assuming there must have been contact.

    806. MIN announcers: Contain Lin.

    807. 2222222222222222

    808. In your face!

    809. Lin for 222222222! In your face LOL

    810. It has been ugly but its working

    811. Lin needs to play better off the ball so that he can get the ball more often

    812. Minny lady announcer just commented that the Wolves’ strategy is to stop Lin from going. She’s a better coach than Clifford.

    813. Lin copying Lamb, shooting in the defenders face.

    814. Pad that stats ….Don’t think about them.

    815. Minny’s coach said in the huddle that the “#1 priority was stopping Lin”

    816. Yep, heard that.

    817. lin with a 1v1 2pt jumper in defenders face!

    818. I know what Lin is doing. He gets everybody going. He has to do it even though he’s really screwed by this team.

    819. Cliff says…WHAT?

    820. That’s what I’ve been saying. Sometimes he doesn’t move enough. Sometimes he moves around a lot. He should always move around a lot.

    821. ALL smart coaches know this.

    822. YES. LIN ATTACK!

    823. Hawes missed Lin for the easy outlet layup.

      But Lin got the tough midrange J!

    824. You noticed that too.

    825. When I heard it, I was smiling. So funny and his own coach doesn’t know.

    826. Linsanity! !!!

    827. I don’t see any of your posts in moderation… it could be disqus acting up.

    828. Lin makes this game more “watchable”

    829. Clif has the exact same priority.

    830. He’s spacing the court for his teammates. Dmy.

    831. hardenesce right there haha

    832. I hope the coach doesn’t sit Lin n let Lin get cold n let the lead evaporated! I hope he is smart on this!

    833. JLin needs to have accupuncture before every game

    834. yes! lin

    835. yeah…and a quick timeout from MIN…smart coaching

    836. Plays with pace and energy on both ends!

    837. Lady announcer? lol

    838. cliff…you kidding me?

    839. All I know is Lin better be in there to close out this game!!

    840. That’s embarrassing to this coach

    841. yep. this goes back to what i’ve said about learning a thing or two from Curry who does an excellent job off the ball movement

    842. our bench does everything for this team. Overtime theres a lead 90 percent of the time the bench got it

    843. rocking the big boy to sleep with those jabs! like harden

    844. I know right.. I was pleasantly surprise.. they know what’s up.

    845. Lin makes everyone in Hornets watchable too if they are more consistent.

    846. Clifford has removed virtually whoever stands in Lin’s way of playmaking. Looking for Hairsanity!

    847. OOps, airball.

    848. Jeremy Lin second in Hornets scoring, while 7th in minutes.

    849. whenever Lin throws up an airball, a baby seal gets clubbed

    850. Rushed that 3, had two guys rushing. He should’ve faked and drove.

    851. Voice of Angel…

    852. Come on Lin! 2 open 3s.

    853. what’s up with Lin missing wide open 3’s. he needs a defender in his face

    854. at least he is shooting.

    855. Wow, those were 2 ugly 3 point attempts!

    856. He needs to hit every shot ever lol

    857. Lin assist to Roberts

    858. Lin should work on his 3?

    859. K. Martin is the best for the occasion.

    860. Too high a jump, I think.

    861. assist #3?

    862. Lin needs to work on his shot all the time. He is too streaky.

    863. Approaching 20 min mark

    864. Just keep shooting, Jeremy. No fear. Even Curry was 2-10 from 3 last night.

    865. I know it. This is Lin’s game.

    866. 2 and 1

    867. Hahahaha f you all

    868. JLin!Whenever you miss an open 3 a wolf pup dies!


    870. Good aggressive JLin!!!

    871. you can’t stop him, you can only hope to contain him

    872. Feeling the mojo

    873. “LIN YO FACE” -Jeremy 3:16

    874. Nice, he beat the defender to the spot in the paint. Easy call.

    875. Rushed FT!

    876. arrr c’mon guys let jeremy make plays for easier baskets jeez

    877. Let’s go, JLin! 17pt/3a

    878. good job zeller

    879. Thats our Lin.. Luv this attitude..:)

    880. Something wrong with his shooting. Even FTs are an adventure now.

    881. Clifford should’ve kept Jeremy in at 1st half (score, assist, draw fouls … hot hand), now Lin help team back again, they better let him close out the game, if not and they loss this game, it is on coach.

    882. JLin and 1

    883. Lin forced 3 TO’s on Martin

    884. Martin is being schooled

    885. Great defense by Lin.

    886. LOL .. Kmart another foul on JLin πŸ˜€

    887. Martin is the ultimate flopper from way back.

    888. Old dog learning new tricks lol

    889. oh crap, Batum is back in. guess Clifford wants to lose this game

    890. That’s 2 offensive fouls on KMart haha

    891. yup…he should have taken his time

    892. Learned from the best (= Harden)

    893. plus 1 lost ball trying to drive past Lin

    894. BEST DEF of the team!!!

    895. Thats whole lotta offensive fouls.

    896. Martin trying to overcompensate, trying too hard to beat the Asian kid! 2 offensive fouls trying to be aggressive; 1 other turnover losing the handle trying to blow by Lin.

    897. turn over city by both teams

    898. why Lin is not moving???

    899. That’s 4 TOs in a row from both teams. WTF?

    900. Cliff system.

    901. 2 more points and Lin will have game high.

    902. sloppy plays on both sides

    903. Indeed

    904. I guess he’s the corner position man when he’s on with Kemba.

    905. But they’re the right calls. Hornets bigs are terrible at setting picks. Lin needs Tyson Chandler or Ed Davis.

    906. No turnovers tonight from Lin either.

    907. Batum in becomes sloppy

    908. Yeah, this is not the time for TOVs

    909. Batum 3 TO LOL, if it were Lin, he would be benched

    910. Spacing the floor for Kemba and Batum to turn it over.

    911. Lin, forget about Clifford. Demand the ball!

    912. I didn’t catch the first half. Did Lin get to play PG at all tonight?

    913. and season high.

    914. A really funny lineup Hawes-Williams-Lin-Walker-Batum

    915. Yes! Most of the time, except when he played with Roberts.

    916. Batum will lead the team with TOs I think.

    917. Batum should go stand in the corner

    918. Lin, forget about Clifford. Demand the ball! Offense is not moving!!!

    919. Hawes is one of Cliffs favorites

    920. No rhyme or reason of rotation again.

    921. ….in Toronto. That’s where he wants to be anyway.

    922. Common JLin I would like a win in my poll:-)

    923. Coach better let lin close this game … >:(

    924. He ALREADY DOES at 3 TOs per game.

    925. with a douce bag hat

    926. MINN announcers: Jeremy show.

    927. We all seen how Lin did as PG today. I almost want to hate Clifford.

    928. Kemba/Lin/Batum/Williams/Hawes .. with 6 min left
      Will they close Q4?

    929. Lin is getting calls tonight. Wolves announcer says Lin learned from spending time in Hollywood last year

    930. I’m starting to agree that Batum would be a Hornet bust…

    931. A lot of thanks to Bjelica this game. He gave up so many foul shots to Lin all by himself. Take the bait again. Nobrainer!

    932. They nominated Jeremy for an Oscar.

    933. Lin forced KMart to give it up

    934. Now!

    935. Good D on KMart.

    936. Bad playcalls by Cliff.

    937. yup…me too…

    938. LIN IS OPEN , KEMBA!!!! AGAIN and AGAIN!

    939. what’s up with Hawe’s jumpers. some stretch four he’s become

    940. Give the ball to JLin!!!!

    941. 222222222222222222222

    942. clutch!

    943. WOW!!!

    944. YEAHHHHHHHHH!!! 2, BABY!

    945. Calmly dribbling into the paint…!

    946. Give the ball to Lin !!!!!

    947. That’s the Preaseason Lin we saw! Cocky midrange shot.

    948. MINN announcers: Jeremy has been Crazy Good πŸ™‚

    949. nice high arching shot over the outreached hands of Towns

    950. Jeremy Lin…GAME HIGH 19 points.

    951. I like how Minni don’t give up.

    952. Take Kemba out!!! a big mess.

    953. Let JLin hot hands handle the precious ball!

    954. I LOVE these Minny announcers, so impartial.

    955. sweet!!!!

    956. 2 more pts then I can win the poll πŸ™‚

    957. I like Lin playing off the ball. They can’t load up on him.

    958. My precious lol

    959. They also said JLin has done well in Hornets.

    960. No way Hawes can keep up with Towns. Zeller would be a better choice

    961. Well I guess this how he gets minutes -====== score all day

    962. What’s the score? I’m watching the game by reading your posts.

    963. The poll be darned, Jeremy can smash my vote for all I care. LOL

    964. 99 to 91 hornets lead

    965. LOL… Towns TO

    966. Hawes no hustle to grab that loose ball, and when he does, loses it!

    967. 99-91

    968. Hornets 97
      Timberwolves 90

    969. Lin play against 11 perople at the same time – 4 Hornets, 5 MNs and two coaches

    970. Thanks!

    971. Lin-Zeller strikes again.

    972. Good Al looks content sitting on bench .. watching scoreboard hoping for Q4 to end

    973. LOL!!!

    974. +2 refs usually.

    975. Give Cliff credit. Lamb still on the bench in crunch time.

    976. I see Jeremy smilLin… winning is awesome πŸ™‚

    977. Jeez…buck up guys….no more TOVs!!!

    978. Lol.Aint that right

    979. Hope he learns this!!

    980. MNs almost want the send this game to Hornets with nn TOs

    981. Just need 1 more bucket/FT to get 20.

    982. Lin has been the pivot for the game.

    983. And 3 refs.

    984. Is Lin going to finish this game? He’s made some nice plays but he needs more touches when in with the Kemba/Batum unit.

    985. KW not passing..hey cliff , ball is sticky!

    986. GOAT lol

    987. give him a bucket of Popeyes and it’ll be hard to get him off the bench

    988. YES

    989. Jeremy with 2/3 of Kemba’s PT, same amount of FGAs, twice the score.

    990. Who’s for Traveling Accupuncturist for JLin????

    991. Acting as decoy standing in the corner…

    992. And he played well. I don’t get what Cliff is doing, I would have both Lin and Lamb on the court and sit Batum.

    993. Everybody around Lin has scored.

    994. Sign that contract with your acupuncturist, Jeremy!

    995. he needs that for his 3 jumpers….not nailing it tonite

    996. Reading your comments are as fun as watching the game- but only when Lin’s doing well

    997. Lin overcoming the poor plays of this teammates (especially Batum) to carry the Hornets

    998. Yes. I think that’s a waste. He has come out to the top a few times.

    999. Made up for it with tough midrange Js.

    1000. Wolves announcer, Jim Petersen says Lin is “crazy good”

    1001. he sure did

    1002. does Kemba pretend not to see Lin, ever?

    1003. Linsanity 2.0 will happen if Coach let Lin play around 32-34 mins per game…

    1004. good to see some announcers woke up

    1005. Game play, Lin is supposed to be the decoy..

    1006. One more exclamation point for the drama ending Lin and I’m happy to go to bed.

    1007. Lin has scored too many points. Kemba doesn’t want to be shown up.

    1008. The best lineup for Hornets finally plays on the court.

    1009. LOL .. need to audition first

    1010. I never see Batum passing to Jeremy…

    1011. 2 mins to go…10 pt game

    1012. For the poster who can’t watch the game, just follow along with the box score: http://espn.go.com/nba/boxscore?gameId=400827998

    1013. Hornets are going to win this game not because of Lin’s crazy good game, but because if PJ’s injury

    1014. Clifford will not

    1015. NBA Replay is garbage. Takes so long to make an easy call.

    1016. Towns loves to complain a lot. As a rookie, he should just shut up.

    1017. he kept passing to the backboard πŸ˜€

    1018. You can’t see what is not happening.

    1019. It looks like 4 guys playing on one side, and Lin standing on the other side in the corner.

    1020. With Lamb’s hot hand, they should’ve had Lamb back in instead of Kemba so Lin can play PG

    1021. As long as Lin gets one more FT trip, I’m good.

    1022. First Pick is now in his head.

    1023. Charlotte needs to just slow it down now and run the clock out!

    1024. Lin has been awesome on D tonight: fighting smartly through picks, not biting on the pump fakes, staying in front of his man. That’s the main reason he’s closing out the game.

    1025. 101-91 with 1:59 left

    1026. that head ref, number 55, used to always cra pp on lin’s games. he didn’t do that tonight, so im glad.

    1027. The reason I can’t watch the game is that I’m too busy reading everyone’s comments. I have Leaguepass.

    1028. and most importantly, not over-helping

    1029. LIN smirk after the +1 drive layup. I LIKE IT I LIKE IT

    1030. Give JLin the ball to make 6 FTs to ice the game

    1031. really weird….

    1032. The story is wolves starters blew the Hornets starters away. Then the bench of Hornets carried over the load and blew away first the Wolves bench and then the Wolves starters with a center piece called Jeremy Lin. End of episode!

    1033. Kemba hands ball and never looks right side – Lin. I thought he trusted Lin. No?

    1034. Nobody cares, so open another browser tab and load espn. It’s 2015.

    1035. Lin has Tyus Jones on him and he isn’t touching the ball.

    1036. same with Batum. seems, they don’t even look Lin’s way

    1037. Knicks beat the Raps

    1038. Great hustle by Zeller!

    1039. Kemba and Batum are jealous.

    1040. Same with KMart πŸ™‚

    1041. Who should start for the HOrnets

    1042. I’m watching the Knicks play the hornets next Tuesday!

    1043. All the talk about being a leader

    1044. They don’t like thunder being stolen.

    1045. If Lin does not handle the ball, he has no chance at all.

    1046. 104-93 Hornets lead with 45 seconds

    1047. Ty!

    1048. has batum EVER passed to Lin before lol?

    1049. LOL Kmart got bothered by JLin’s D
      Missed another shot

    1050. nope

    1051. awesome eyewitness report please

    1052. MVP of the game – LINLINLIN

    1053. Batum sucks so hard.

    1054. Yes, Lin finally touch the ball with 7 seconds left!

    1055. Last year when Batum was on the Blazers and Lin stole his pass.

    1056. Lin finally touches ball… to dribble out game clock.

    1057. Lin with highest points tonight!! woo hoo!

    1058. they finally let Lin have the ball to run out the clock

    1059. Lin please take one more shot to secure your highest score!

    1060. Burn!

    1061. LOL, the Hornets #1 job in the clutch was to prevent Lin from scoring 20.

    1062. Lin 26 minutes…Better

    1063. I’m going to be at the Knicks v hornets game next Tuesday. Can’t wait. Will bring you guys a detailed report and confirm or refute your suspicions.

    1064. Kemba did not make a single pass to Lin too

    1065. Lin has just played a perfect game with no turn over.

    1066. Batum 4 TOs, Kemba 3 TOs, LOL

    1067. Can’t wait….

    1068. He doesn’t even look at Jeremy’s direction.

    1069. Batun New anti Lin

    1070. Relax game was over for a while

    1071. Jeremy with Hornets team high, Kemba and Batum don’t look happy at all, despite the win.

    1072. wooo wooo finally a WIN…we needed this and a A+ game from Jeremy Lin!!!!!

    1073. lin denied kmart the ball almost all game, and played great d against him when kmart did get the ball.

    1074. Lin 0 TO!!!!!!!

    1075. Lamb is the best player…LMFAO!!!!

    1076. Not quite perfect, he missed some FTs. But, yeah, he played really well. Good to see.

    1077. record the the huddle if you can. thanks!

    1078. KMart blotted out by JLin

    1079. MVP MVP MVP!

    1080. Lucky you! We’ll be waiting for that DETAILED report πŸ™‚

    1081. they were trying to get Batum to have be the high scorer for hornets. Didn’t make it. Screw up Lin from getting 20+ points.

    1082. KW,BATUM and CLIFF make sure, JLIN doesn’t add anything to his points and assist etc..Frozen again!

    1083. LOL lamb is the best player?????

    1084. Nah. They should share with the guy who doesn’t get to play nearly as much.

    1085. Hornets win! great game by jeremy too! would have been nice to see him more involved at the end of the 4thQ instead of standing in corner but still great overall. YEAH!

    1086. lol

    1087. Great game to lift our collective fan spirit!

    1088. thanks rose!

    1089. KMart was smothered and closed shop!

    1090. Lin is not the type to Stat pad. so why get injured just run down the clock

    1091. how many FGA did lin have tonight?

    1092. RT this one. Haha!

    1093. Still want to see more assists. But sometimes his team mates aren’t ready for his passes. Good game.

    1094. we are getting carried away here

    1095. Thats not true game was over

    1096. 11

    1097. So when Lin leads, Hornets can beat Hawks.

    1098. Darn it I missed end of 3rd and entire 4th quarter but glad Lin got 19 points and the highest scoring of the team for the first time! He needs to look to score every game!

    1099. some of those 3s are really ugly though.

    1100. how, if his teammates look the other way around when he’s near…

    1101. HAVE FUN AT THE GAME !

    1102. I’m Happy!

    1103. Maybe Lin is ghost to Batum…LOL

    1104. Already have πŸ™‚

    1105. 11

    1106. What are you talking about Willis?
      He doesn’t even finish the game.
      Who has been creating the lead and who’s playing more minutes.
      That is not funny.
      οΌ€ο½ο½Žβ€™ο½”γ€€ο½‹ο½Žο½ο½—γ€€ο½—ο½ˆο½ο½”γ€€LMFAO means.
      Get out of here. YOu’re not welcome.

    1107. cant wait either…thanks!

    1108. not quite perfect but my fantasy league ain’t complaining πŸ™‚

    1109. kkkkkkkk

    1110. Lin For the Win! Too bad selfish teammates prevented from from getting 20-25.

    1111. Good game guys !! 8)

    1112. LOL..Cliff:see JLIN, you’re our PG!

    1113. Hey, at least Clifford let hot JLin closed Q4 πŸ˜€

      Otherwise, they’d have blown the lead during cold spell

    1114. As clear as the blue sky,Lin is the best player of this game!

    1115. game was over

    1116. JLIN MVP! 26 min, 6-11/1-5/6-8 + 18; 1R/3A (0 TO), 1 PF & 19 PTS! Go JLIN, GO!

    1117. PG!

    1118. clifford neeeds to run a jj redick play for lamb and jlin they are good at off the screen

    1119. great defense by lin, well deserved respect to kmart’s offensive game

    1120. Lin was ignored by teammates the last 4 mins

    1121. Can’t figure Cliff out but Lin again finishes a close game. And he sits Al. I do think that Lamb fits the first unit better and Lin is better without Batum on the floor with him. Lin may close games because he is a much better defensive player than Lamb and shows he can hit big shots in crunch time.

    1122. Zero TOs for Lin tonight as well. EXCELLENT.

    1123. Lin finished last 2 games

    1124. Padding his stats when its no longer matter!

    1125. Somewhat close game so its good sign.

    1126. NO REASON to keep KEMBA in 4q, he looked totally out.

    1127. What player of the game is Lamb and why not Lin.? Lin had 1 more point and finished out the game. Oh well we all know the real reasons.

    1128. Yep. Marvin even motioned to give it to Lin at the end, but Batum took it for himself. And missed. LOL. What a dummy.

    1129. I am talking about several games not just last pass…

    1130. he hardly got a chance to even commit turnover’s lol. batum and kemba hogged the ball all night

    1131. Lin only gets to be PG with second unit, not going to get much assists.

    1132. Don’t let Batum shoot to overtake his high score.

    1133. Good to see Hornets winning games they should win. I was hoping to see Lin vs. Rubio matchup …. but gotta wait till next time.

    1134. entire 4q

    1135. I almost want to cry.
      Finally there is no dispute who is the floor general [email protected]!!

    1136. Last game doesn’t really count as it was garbage time. The test was to see if he finished a closer game and he did.

    1137. Screw league pass, screw ball streams. I’m going back to watching free live streams like I did during Linsanity.

    1138. As long as Batum continues on this track, I’ll continue to point out that Batum has been making his TO at the most crucial time. In the last few minutes of 4th qtr, Batum ignored passing to Lin like a hot potato. When he finally did, it was for decoy to set himself up for a bucket.

    1139. We all know who the REAL player of the game was!

    1140. Lin is a TWO-WAY player. that’s very rare for a PG

    1141. we will see

    1142. Clifford saving the starters for tomorrow night. Giving bench more minutes and shots. Bench stepped up big time!

    1143. First time, Iο½„ο½ο½Žβ€™ο½”γ€€ο½ο½‰ο½Žο½„γ€€ο½™ο½ο½•γ€‚

    1144. I’ll take Kemba. Batum doesn’t pass to Lin enough. Kemba does sometimes.

    1145. Kemba 35 minutes

    1146. last game was for garbage time though

    1147. LMFAO means Laughing My Fat A*s Off. You completely missed the sarcasm, like the way Al missed his shots.

    1148. Again, Lin plays best when he’s looking to score! Lamb closing previous game and his diminished mintues to only 18 must’ve finally woken him up and made him get his first!

    1149. He is saving Lamb’s minutes for tomorrow not kemba lol

    1150. Why it’s Kemba’s picture? smh!

    1151. The more AL sit on the bench, the likelier it is he is gone next year.

    1152. 2nd half, he played with Kemba, then Brian. So I don’t think he was the PG

    1153. He needs to switch starters and erd team for the entire season

    1154. Lin’s defense was as impressive as his offense. Amazing close outs, ran around screens, drawing fouls, helping everywhere like a mad man. Such racial BS that he’s known as anything other than a top defensive PG.

    1155. οΌ¦ο½‰ο½Žο½ο½Œο½Œο½™γ€€οΌ£ο½Œο½‰ο½†ο½†ο½ο½’ο½„γ€€ο½Œο½…ο½”γ€€οΌ¬ο½‰ο½Žγ€€ο½ƒο½Œο½ο½“ο½…γ€€ο½γ€€ο½—ο½‰ο½Žο½Žο½…ο½’γ€€ο½‰ο½Žγ€€ο½’ο½…ο½‡ο½•ο½Œο½ο½’γ€€ο½“ο½…ο½ο½“ο½ο½Žγ€‚

    1156. I’m not rose but I heard of her.

    1157. New rule, you can’t be player of the game if you make < $3 mil/ year. You get bonus points for each mil of salary.

    1158. The only game he didn’t finish was a blow out??

    1159. They will not keep him if they can’t trade him this season.

    1160. buddy buddy with Cliff and KW!(batuM)

    1161. Bc Lin helped him to win this game.

    1162. The MIN starters are all +double digits, how come they lost? Were their starters not allowed to play?

    1163. Aren’t they all new additions to the team?
      That sure makes Clifford and Chao look good.

    1164. I like Marvin, he’s a lot better than I thought, and a REAL team player (not lip service).

    1165. That JLin Fadeaway looked real nice tonight. Also the Jab hesitation pull up jumper. Too bad he didn’t’ knock the other 4 threes. Would’ve been even more LinSANE

    1166. So lame. It’s all politics. That’s why I refuse to fawn over “stars”…even Curry lately. No one but Lin has to deal with this garbage treatment 24/7 every season.

    1167. yeah, batum, marvin, and kemba only swung the ball to their side the last five minutes of the game, ignoring lin on the other side even though lin was leading scorer of the game. They could’ve pushed the lead even further if they passed it to him, he had the hot hand.

    1168. ESPN showing Batum as Top performer for Hornets

    1169. Pardon me! what is TBD?

    1170. Batum passed to Lin once out of how many games now? Selfish player, and I thought Walker would be worst.

    1171. Note Turnovers: Batum 4; Lin 0

    1172. To Be Determined…

    1173. The hornets bench killed them

    1174. That’s the only area where I agree with Clifford. Even if Marvin doesn’t put up big stats, he’s a really good glue guy team player. Like Nick Collison or something.

    1175. I was so afraid that Clifford would put the Lamb in for Lin.

    1176. see yah…hope it would be another linsanity game to perk up MSG

    1177. Bench won the game for Hornets tonight!

    1178. The bench should be aptly named the Wasps! (more bada*s)

    1179. jeremy’s last point was a hard earned one man game because nobody’s passing the ball to him!

    1180. The game was in the bag. Lin got his, so they went for it.

    1181. Is Batum carrying a grudge against Jeremy for outplaying the Trailblazers? Guy ain’t passing the ball to Jeremy when he’s running on point.

      Anyway, I’m still irritated seeing him on point.

    1182. Lin going intense, serious, business face now.

    1183. The fight with AL and Cliff becoming more interesting https://twitter.com/CNM_JLin_Vids/status/664279656472924161

    1184. Lin 19 pts in 25 mins = scores by Walker + AL in 70 mins! Clifford, please LIBERATE Lin !!!!

    1185. Agreed. Marvin is a 10 year vet with money in the bank. Batum is a free agent to be trying to pad the stats and Kemba wants to be the undisputed franchise player.

    1186. Lin took these Wolves to school. Let the haters/tiger fans eat crow!

    1187. Turn Over Prone performer….?

    1188. I like that Lin seemed angry at the end even with the win and game-high pts. He’s like “Guys, I don’t even get to play as much and y’all bricking shots like selfish chumps.”

    1189. whenever Batum plays the point, an Angel loses it’s wing

    1190. All basketball players get jealous, Lin needs to stop being stubborn and get his first every game. Always remember to shoot first pass second!