G7 CHA @MIN Game Thread

JLin tried the right approach to aggressively score in the Spurs game and his shooting has improved at 40%FG. His FT would need to get better from 3/6
But his man and team-defense had to be better so not to leave his man too much space on 3pt line like Patty Mills did.

Will JLin have the same mentality to continue attacking and shooting? Will his shooting finally get better?
Will Lamb and Batum get chances to be playmaker with the 2nd team?

Zach Lavine matchup would also be difficult since he’s 6’5″ with long wingspan and a great dunker.

Let’s hope JLin find a way to regain his shooting touch like in preseason and be the most lethal scorer by repeatedly going to the FT line.

Let’s go, JLin!

Game link

  • http://goatd.net/