G69 Nets Seek a Rematch against Mavericks at Home



The Nets lost a tough-game 95-98 to Boston Celtics who missed Isaiah Thomas for injuries. The Nets had a chance to win the second game of back-to-back game but they had to fight an uphill battle when Lin checked in late with only 2:41 left in the 4th quarter with the Nets trailing 6 points, 85-91. Coach Kenny Atkinson tried to put Lin in at 6min mark in the 4th quarter when the Nets was trailing 77-80 but Lin had to wait 3 long minutes because there was no dead ball situation and Kenny did not want to burn a timeout too early.

In hindsight, perhaps he should have called a timeout or inserted Lin with LeVert at 6:42 mark but he showed good intention to rely on Lin nonetheless. He might have made a mistake in game management but it didn’t erase the fact KA has trusted Lin to run the offense in fourth quarters for the previous 4 games resulting in two wins.

The Nets also missed Trevor Booker’s defensive presence which could have slowed down Jae Crowder who posted 24 points and 12 rebounds in place of Isaiah Thomas as the leading scorer.

Nets vs Mavs Matchup

The Nets seem to catch Dallas in good moment of their recent 3 losses out of 4 games (Suns, Raptors, 76ers) after they lost the game in Dallas on March 10. But they are also short-handed missing Trevor Booker, Sean Kilpatrick, and Joe Harris to injuries.

ESPN.com Preview:

Dallas makes the short trip to New York after being dominated during a 116-74 loss to the Philadelphia 76ers.

The Mavericks faced the Nets and emerged with a 105-96 home win on March 10. That was the last game of a four-game winning streak and gave them six wins in eight games.

Dallas has dropped three of four since and two of those losses were ugly and lopsided.

The Nets remain the worst team in the league and have split four games since their last meeting with Dallas. Brooklyn is 4-8 since the All-Star break, when Jeremy Lin returned from a second strained left hamstring.

Three of Brooklyn’s last four losses were by single digits and the Nets are 8-26 in games decided by fewer than 10 points.

KEY OF THE GAME: The Nets will need to find ways to replace Trevor Booker’s defensive pressure and rebounding if they want to win against the Celtics. Both units have worked well in moving the ball but they missed the defensive stops that Booker provided. Lin would need to play 30+ minutes to organize the Nets offense efficiently in the 4th quarters, a lot of Brook-Lin powered offense and provide his underrated tough defense highlighted by several impressive shot-blocking highlights against bigger players.

Let’s hope and pray JLin will continue getting stronger and lead the Nets to win more games!

Let’s go, JLin and the Nets! 


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  1. 1st

  2. Kenny made a big mistake last game. But if Lin plays 30m and has a ton of freedom, then we’ll know he learned his lesson. If not, then I’m going to be worried about this team.

    For the record, Dave Blatt, who’s also a former Ivy Leaguer, is out there. Just sayin’…

  3. On my way to watch Lin play, hope KA does not throw away another winnable game by limiting his best player on the team

  4. Wait for your report.

  5. I think Nets will give KA one more season to see how he’s doing… Lin’s injury saved his job for this season……before that don’t think he will be fired….

  6. This game is too early. I have to miss some of it. I’ll see the first 40 minutes or so but I’ll miss the rest. I’ll watch it on League Pass when I get back.

  7. why Lin only play 21 minutes. back to backs are horrible on the body ……here is doc rivers on it .”We have to protect our product,” Rivers said. “It’s hard. It’s impossible, if you actually knew what went into scheduling, but the look of back-to-back ABC national games — it’s not good.” cavs rested the big 3..http://www.espn.com/nba/story/_/id/18948153/doc%C2%A0rivers-says-nba-needs-address-back-back-scheduling

  8. Enjoy your day. Let it be as the song says. No more expectation from me. Just hope Lin won’t get hurt. Observe how KA handle the pressure of being a HC. Media usually does not show how he interact w/ players. Thank you.

  9. KA finally talked about this issue…

  10. Not only the back to back, but he was only getting one day off on previous games. There were quite a lot of games that week. And, the 12:00pm game today. Lin’s low minutes make sense in that context. I hope the league minimizes back to back in their scheduling in upcoming seasons, but I think there will still be some for awhile.

  11. Good.

  12. He probably got some flack from management or after hearing waves of complaints from some fans. But KA is still too stubborn. He said “probably” in his admission. We’ll see if he has learned his lesson.

  13. I think he had no idea that’s the big deal…. smh! But at least he said he learned the lesson….Well, he’s not sharp so …..

  14. More…
    BTW, these reporters are nice… asked the question for Lin’s fans….haha!

  15. You’re right, “he’s not sharp” as you said. If he keeps up w/ his stubbornness, he will not succeed. KA should know this verse: “A wise man will hear and increase in learning, And a man of understanding will acquire wise counsel”–Proverbs 1:5.

  16. Wow, like I suspected at that moment and called it that he was saving a timeout. That was an unwise move which means his instinct was not good, especially when he had Lin chopping at the bit pleading him to let him return to the game…

  17. I really think no matter it’s Lin or Nets will be better w/o KA. But looks like now we will have to take him w Lin for next season….

  18. This writer may have that opinion, but professional coaches always fight when to use timeouts. So he’s not necessarily right and there may not even be a right or wrong about this issue. There are 6 timeouts total in a regulation game with one 20 minute TO per half. So, coaches have to be strategic about them.

    I think Lin should have been in the game at the first timeout around 7:30, that gives a coach the best chance to make sure he’s playing down the stretch. The important thing is to have BOTH your timeouts and your best playmaker/clutch player and team’s leader playing down the stretch.

  19. I saw comments Lin made about CLV on the other site. He’s very supportive of CLV, they review film on planes, and Lin may take CLV with him to China in the off-season.

  20. Lin got wins for the Nets and raised everyone’s game and confidence after his return from injury. Yet KA still doesn’t trust him enough to burn a timeout for Lin when the game was on the line??? Awful instinct….

  21. I am not sure Lin really will take CLV to China or not this summer… bc that seemed to be like fan asked Lin who you will take to China…? Ya! CLV is more willing to learn from Lin. haha!

  22. I think if there is no KA, you take a chance with Lin’s role on the team. KA plays Lin down the stretch and such, and looks for him to be the guy with the ball late in games. Another coach may change Lin’s role substantially, we’ve seen that happen with the Knicks, Houston, and the Lakers. So, I disagree with you here.

  23. No matter Lin will stay w Nets for long team or not… but they sure got a very deal from Lin. He’s not just a player but also trainer for young players. Plus help developing coach. lol! If he stays w Nets, they should give him max.

  24. Also, CJSHYY, we can’t expect “perfection” out of coaches. They aren’t going to treat Lin always in an ideal way, or even close to it. KA gives us a lot of what we’ve wanted, but we won’t get everything. I root for his improvement and I think he’s studied enough, to review what he did over the season and hopefully, make adjustments to his coaching. That’s my hope.

  25. I really think the young players respect Lin’s leadership. It may not always look that way on the court, but based on feedback I’ve seen from people at games and around the team, they look to Lin for leadership, for him to mentor them.

  26. It’s so funny… I never heard any player from Nets talked about KA…. all about Lin to do all the O & D …. Well, Lin likes to do these… I think he is very likely will be the first Asia NBA coach in the future.

  27. KA is not only stubborn but also not smart… I bet he really no idea what to do at that time or simple not even thinking about it… smh! Nice guy but not so good coach. lol!

  28. I really think KA is not smart or sharp ….. he is NOT that type of coach just IMO.

  29. It’s true w/o KA, Nets maybe will not consider Lin in the first place but now it’s w/o Lin, KA may not stay in this job for long.

  30. I think he’s not a natural at the job, maybe he’s really an assistant and doesn’t have what it takes to be a head coach. But he needs more time, coaches need 2 seasons usually to understand fully. So, I’m patient 🙂

  31. I think he’s not HC for NBA yet… I guess as long as Lin is w Nets, his job will saved.

  32. Too early… haha!

  33. Enjoy it! I think we will see plenty if Lin today. Hopefully 30+ min

  34. Takes a men to admit when wrong. M view of Atkinson grew today

  35. Have fun!! Go nets!!

  36. Hope we can beat Mav today.

  37. Bad start

  38. Ya! Not good.

  39. I don’t like these early games. The Nets don’t have their energy yet, they need to up the energy.

  40. Mav is fighting for playoff spot so they sure play w motivated…

  41. Mav looks good but Nets… ?? smh!

  42. 222222

  43. 2222

  44. Lin is limping. Take him out.

  45. hope Lin did not do his hamstring again seeing him limp like that.

  46. Limping?

  47. No…

  48. Looks ok at the sideline

  49. wow…Lin went into the locker room..I don’t think he’s coming back in guys

  50. No still here

  51. KA still insist not use primary PG so Lin+Brook becomes much less effetive

  52. Lin workout out his ankles standing up

  53. Lin ankle twist

  54. Lin seems OK on the bench.

  55. On the bike now.

  56. Lin on the bike

  57. yup

  58. Lin turned his ankle, he’s on the bike now.

  59. Dinwiddle has 3 fouls???

  60. Dorothy, what do u see?

  61. Why does he not start out aggressive rather than waiting for his teammates to scrw it up and then having to dig out of hole…

  62. System. Like Mav really makes Yogi looks a lot better than he’s w Nets.

  63. See what?

  64. Jlin

  65. Lin?

  66. No. Not here

  67. He’s conserving his energy. Lin is not 100 percent physically, he’s sort of playing an “old man’s” game right now in a way. He’s pacing himself. I think he’s playing smart. Often Lin defers more in the 1st half and turns it on in the second.

  68. Right. They play more through the PG. But there’s still a good amount of ball movement. They have an excellent coach.

  69. YA! Yogi is really luck…

  70. Jlin coming back?

  71. Don’t know. Didn’t see him.

  72. Well, I hope Dorothy gets to see a W, and whoever else is from here that’s at the game. I’ll have to leave in about 7 minutes, I’ll watch it on LP later.

  73. Don’t see him

  74. The collective iq of this team is low with jlin probably with 1/2

  75. goodwin not nba ready

  76. I think from now on we maybe will see lots of playing time for bench bc they want to evaluate these players for off season. Still no Lin on bench…? Maybe he’s done?

  77. Lin hurt again?

  78. well, it may make sense to shut him down this game.

  79. What’s wrong w this team… bad again? smh!

  80. if he injured again and missed one two games, it might be better just rest for the rest of season

  81. I think so.

  82. at d game— annoying coach olredi

  83. I agree.

  84. Trash time in 2Q already? smh!

  85. Lin hurt again..I see Dinwinddie getting ready to check in..

  86. Jlin still seating

  87. it is not worth to play KA’s development games

  88. Lin has sprained ankle, won’t return in this game.

  89. I don’t even see Lin on the bench.

  90. How do you know?

  91. Nets announced it.

  92. Bye.

  93. wow im out then

  94. Done watching

  95. Lin may start looking at his shoes.

  96. Oh! If so then I am done. This game is boring….

  97. I’ve seen Lin play through much worse. nets are just too cautious

  98. Why do that? especially now.

  99. He is not in d bench

  100. Lin played through a much worst ankle sprain for like 3 week for the hornets. but i get it the game dont matter

  101. Really think the Adidas shoes not good, should change to Nike. But hardly happen since Lin has contact with Adidas.

  102. Nets really look like they need Lin to calm things down for them but… *sigh*

  103. This season is cursed.

    Lin watches at the scorer’s table as winnable game is lost in the 4Q. Then he sprains an ankle in the 1Q of game that looks like a blowout. Training staff is probably being cautious but this is almost comical.

  104. Ya! I agree.

  105. Sprained ankle 🙁

  106. All this minute restriction for what. Can you really stop injury? It just seems like your asking for it by being so cautious

  107. But for now I think it’s the best for Lin just rest. Maybe he should not play anymore game for this season. Since KA wants to see how these bench players do for the remaining games.

  108. Why play Lin if your goal is not winning. Waste of his talent and efforts. Just rest.

  109. No news here inside barclay—

  110. Really wished jlin was on a playoff team than this developmental team

  111. I know but right now I think I just wish he can be healthy….

  112. Things really took a wrong turn after Dinwiddie’s 3rd foul that makes Goodwin having to check in… Archie isn’t NBA ready…

  113. I can see the whole team is upset and out of focus after knowing Lin is not coming back. Certainly hope Lopez can lead the team to win this one for Lin.

  114. Brook himself looks very frustrated and very upset. The whole team took a big hit. You can do feel it from their demeanour…

  115. He only can be backup on other teams. Maybe only 10-15 min per game even without any injury.

  116. That’s right. I see KA is disappointed too.

  117. I blame the schedule. Why they schedule this game at 12pm? Smh!

  118. Waking up at 2am to see Lin getting injured… so depressed. Going back to bed.

  119. Omg… Just hope JL7 recovers soon. God bless him and the team.

  120. If you are meant to get injured, you will be injured. Look how they restricted Lin’s minutes, and he still got injured.

  121. Lin was definitely gimpy after his bent right ankle landed awkwardly, possibly brushing against Barrea’s heel (not sure). I didn’t believe Puccio guy when he said Lin looked fine because I thought Lin will not return the way he looked. Lin needs to rest fully and forget about this season. It’s not as if Nets is in the middle of a playoff battle.

  122. Thank God only a sprain. Lin’s muscles may now be too strong for his tendons. Over train.

  123. The performance team is ridiculous. I hope the Nets trade Lin

  124. It was a freak accident that he landed on Barea’s heal. But I agree with you about the performance team. Lin needs to go back to his own training routine. There is a reason Lin trains the way he does prior to the Nets. When they say he over trains, try telling that to Kobe or Jordan. I’m not saying Lin has earned that caliber, but it shows his dedication on training and getting better.

  125. I don’t think it is serious. Some Lin fans blame Lin’s skill set and weigh.

  126. Where do they come up with the magic formula last game that Lin should only play 24 minutes? They act like its an exact science and led to Lin not getting back into the game until less than 3 minutes left.

  127. Jlin never had this problem when he was in hornets and he played in starters minute. Why is it so different this time?

  128. Did they come up w/ those minutes for the last game? 24min?

  129. Yes. He was at the scorers table with 6 minutes left, If he had gotten right in he would have played 24 minutes

  130. 6 mins times 4 quarters lol

  131. yeah exact science. This team is doomed if they keep letting the performance team rigidly determine minutes. There has to be some leeway depending on game conditions.

  132. I see. Yet, KA still didn’t want to call a TO to let him re-enter the game while it’s on the line. And yes, so far it seems like the minutes distribution has not been based on the flow of the game but on a planned schedule. This needs to change…

  133. Lin gets more rest in a back to back game. I’m Ok WITH that. Moreover the win-lost record is unimportant to the Nets this season. The priority of this team has changed since the injury of Lin. Now they want to take a serious look at their roster and combinations of players to make an impact to the team. I expect Lin to involve his teammates more and score less in the coming games. It’s all for the future. The future of this season is written off so the development of younger players takes precedence over individual player’s stats.

  134. I don’t like Lin coming to the table at 7, 6, or 5 min. It’s not enough time and like many games, he comes in after several minutes. I know about minute restrictions, but I’ve watched almost every other game where that happens, him waiting to get in.
    When Lin shoots a lot, why does he go back to passing first the next game? Is this by design, or Atkinson saying he would have rather seen Lin make a pass vs shoot while reviewing game film in the locker room? Or less PnR and more MO, which takes the ball out of Lin’s hands?

  135. Great question. When you put it out there that this is going to be development year, things happen to coincide what you put out. Lin with Lakers, now Nets development. Lin’s quote after the Atlanta hawks game, “He is not one for moral victories” says it all. I tried to post the youtube clip, but it got taken down?
    Lin is always playing to WIN because he knows what he can provide for ANY team if given the chance and Coach willing to let him take control!

  136. Lin did have some small injuries when playing in HOU, LAL and CHA.

    He was a starter in HOU 1st year.

  137. The performance team sets up a number of minutes before the game that is the max for that player. Then that number of minutes is rigidly adhered to by KA. I’m not against limiting players minutes based upon their condition, injuries etc. but there has to be some leeway. THIS IS NOT AN EXACT SCIENCE. For example if KA was not so hampered by having to play Lin EXACTLY a certain number of minutes then Lin would have returned against the Celtics with 6:42 left in the game. Instead Kenny had to keep Lin out another 42 SECONDS so that he wouldn’t go over his alloted minutes by 42 SECONDS. This kind of rigid, non-scientific nonsense has to end or the Nets will lose far more games than is necessary. You can’t run a professional team like this.

  138. Can’t beat father time

  139. It was an injury a few days ago that is taking its toll. It’s better for Lin to rest out for a few more games now. What the heck! This season is not worthwhile to take a risk for. Lin will come back next season with better teammates and a healthy body. Ankle injury is not serious. Don’t worry. It will be OK within a week.

  140. This injury had nothing to do with the performance team.

  141. lol Lin injured again? yeah eff this season

  142. how the hell did he get injured this time?

  143. Thanks Steve P for the video. Thanks linspiredinca for attaining review of the foul. Thanks Mr. Nunn for confirming the foul and pointing out coverage concern. https://twitter.com/NunnBetterRefs/status/843113949537165313

  144. This reporter is really funny…. he’s very nice to Lin’s fans….haha!

  145. He has become one himself ?

  146. I think Lin could’ve come back if it’s a playoff game but in this case, it’s better to not aggravate the injury

    Jeremy Lin (right ankle) will not return to Sunday’s game against the Mavs.
    He tweaked his right ankle on a drive and checked out on the next possession. Lin was on the exercise bike a few minutes later and looked like he was going to try to come back in, but he went to the locker room at some point in the second quarter. It didn’t look bad, but of course the Nets will be very careful.

    Spencer Dinwiddie should play most of the point guard minutes while Isaiah Whitehead gets some added run, too. We might see a little more Archie Goodwin. Dinwiddie is only a lukewarm add if you’re desperate for a point guard. Mar 19 – 12:58 PM

  147. If so, Lin should only rest 1 game, just like Lopez did after a sprained ankle! If Nets rest him more than 1 game something is up! Also I still think from the way Lopez is allowed to shoot and the number of minutes, he’s being showcased for trade! I’d be surprised if Lopez is still there after this off season!

  148. How many times have Lin being tripped or fouled with refs turning a blind eye? When will these bias and crooked refs be held accountable?!

  149. from post above it was a tripped foul.

  150. dippertripa trippadippa

  151. Not few more games! Lopez only rested 1 game after the same injury, anymore games would just be excuse for Nets to not play Lin while rebuilding around their young players who would replace him in a heartbeat!

  152. It is probably a held over injury from last season. Last season he played with ankle problem for half the time. Best wishes for quick recovery.

  153. Nets rested Lin too much not allowing him to be in top shape and form causing injuries to happen. Feel their over cautious methods and minutes limitation are detrimental to players! All their PG have had hamstring injuries this season, ridiculous!

  154. This season has gotten to the point of unbearable and depressing, going to stop following Lin and this site for a while. :/

  155. it’s certainly been a very trying season 🙁 with so many trials and our heightened expectations during pre-season

    Take a break and recharge as much as you need. I’m just hoping Lin can finish this season healthy for the last 13 games. We just need to focus on any positives to have hope.

  156. That’s good point on show case Lopez…. I also believe Lopez will not be a Nets next season.

  157. That’s not it.

  158. Back. So, Lin has an ankle sprain. This is a very routine injury that happens to players an this is something Lin has had many times before. I hope he plays next game, though, on Tuesday even if it is limited minutes. But we’ll get more details later.

  159. i really think Lin needs to wear ankle braces when he plays man he is always rolling and twisting his ankle.. its been a common theme that occurs atleast once for the past 4 seasons

  160. This Net’s performance team PT limits does nothing to either deter or cause Lin’s injury. Just play Lin to maximize Nets’ chances to win. Look at Harden who plays over 40 minutes per game for an entire season; he almost never gets injured.

    Having said this, it’s pointless at this stage to play Lin or Lopez hard; just rest them and give more Pos to others so KA can decide to keep few and let others go.

  161. Might miss another game but that’s it.

  162. Agreed. Doesn’t deter or cause injuries.

  163. He didn’t land on Barea’s heel. What happened is his right foot touched Barea’s heel on the way up and then twisted it enough so that he landed in the wrong way.

  164. I am ok with KA not calling time out in that specific situation but the fact that Lin was scheduled to play 24 minutes only in that game bothers me.

  165. This is not a starting PG’s minutes.

  166. I don’t think so. Brook is a hot commodity. He can shoot treys, score from the post, pass, good teammate. There’s not many players like him. The Nets can make it work with Lin, Levert, Lopez. It’s year One and we’re throwing in the towel. Personally, I really think Lopez is good for this team.

  167. Bc he never do anything that will put himself in danger. Plus he always gets the call from ref so no one will really close to him…. PB did all the dirty job for him.

  168. Not this season. I think Lin’s hammy still isn’t as strong as it usually is. Also, as I keep saying, you have to look at the frequency of the games. The guys are playing every other day, and then some back to backs. That’s a lot of games concentrated into a small amount of days. You can’t just go on one game and look at minutes in one game. Be careful with Lin is the best approach, IMO. Some days, he’ll have to get less minutes if he’s going to play most of the games remaining (assuming the ankle injury doesn’t keep him out from missing games).

    As far as Harden goes, I don’t know. I do remember him getting injured and missing games when Lin played with him. But if Harden is healthy, then he can play these games. Lin isn’t that healthy.

  169. Maybe we should all sent the tweets to him on this issue.

  170. I wish Nets can be like Rox, get a SG to do all the dirty job for Lin & also ask NBA to give Lin more calls…. Too bad, just a dream. Don’t think Lin will get that…

  171. I’m talking about the Celtics game

  172. DRose is the perfect example to never wear Adidas when playing ball

  173. Finally, the truth is being admitted, even by a fellow Asian and only Asian GM in the NBA. Very important, and very disgusting.

  174. Harden does not play hard defense (not a knock on him), but he just doesn’t

  175. It’s sort of funny why a lot of people think Asians can’t be good in basketball when that kind of thinking doesn’t exist in some other sports? You look at the number of Olympic medals won by Asian nations every Olympic. That’s a lot of medals in different sports. To be fair, I am also biased in thinking that non-Asians cannot be good in ping pong, archery or badminton. lol

  176. it happens, but it is recurring injury with lin.. its his shoes

  177. I don’t think African Americans were not allowed to be in the league based on the perception of their subpar talent or ability. On the contrary, it was the opposite. And they were banned from these sports purely as a result of racial discrimination, not stereotyping.

  178. I’ve been saying that since middle of last season. Cho was never in Lin’s corner. He was too much of a coward to ignore the pier pressure. That’s why I appreciate Marks and Atkinson so much. No matter how bad a coaching job Atkinson does, he’s pushing against all the ignorant bias hurled at Lin since high school. It makes me sick that Cho was such a Uncle Tom.

  179. What you have now is the reverse but not long ago, a black QB was unheard of. Warren Moon had to go north to play QB in Canada for many years and was such a great QB that he finally got a chance in Houston. He was a gepreat talent that was ignored because the conventional belief was that black players were grunts with no brains and could never have the smarts to lead.

    Perception is bias which is also stereotype and prejudice. Most Asians don’t even believe they are good enough to be a pro athlete. Li Na had to fight her own Chinese tennis association’s own ignorance to compete against the best ladies in the world. She lost many great year wasting energy in battles against her own countrymen’s stupidity. Had she been pushed instead of held back, she could have been such a great champion.

    It must always come from self belief, the kind that Li and Lin has proven that we are good enough. It’s so important that these great people shine and never forgotten because they break our own lazy self delusions.

  180. The last time Lin reinjured his hammy in-game, he tweaked his ankle before. It wasn’t even bad but that slight pain altered his movement enough to tweak his hamstring again.

    I guarantee the Nets training staff remembered that and urged Lin to sit to avoid missing the rest of the season. He’ll probably rest next game and come back on Thursday.

  181. Not sure if this article has been posted. But, I’m happy that AK admitted his mistake on Lin’s minutes on Boston game,


  182. Lin’s hammy was on left, this sprained ankle is on right. Hopefully, it does not impact his hammy.

  183. exactly…I don’t think all the minute restriction does much to stop injuries.

  184. that’s good to see.

  185. Better safe than sorry, felt last season Lin played too much with ankle and bad back without Hornets caring about his healthy which led to so many injuries this season! Remember that baseball ankle? He probably compensated to much for those injuries and they finally caught up with him! Doesn’t help that with limited minutes he’s not in top form in speed, flexibility, and athleticism wise either.

  186. Like all GMs and coaches who want to keep their jobs, they will do what the boss wants. At least GMs won’t get fired for doing what the boss wants but coaches not so much. We’ve seen so many coaches who does what are asked at the expense of Lin and talents who ended fired for not “winning” ahem Mchale, BS. Don’t be surprised that Cliff would be next no Lin no playoff ever again, MJ will be upset blaming him instead of the politics he ensued!

  187. Lopez missed only 1 game, for Lin at most only 2 unless Nets go crazy.
    I felt the bike was similar to what Melo had to due for his hamstring, keeping the muscles loose as precaution.

  188. Finally saw some highlights of the Celtics game.

  189. Great, another setback
    can this season get anyworse for Lin
    smh how many games will he miss this time?
    Knowing the Nets cowardly performance team, probably another month

  190. Doesn’t matter. Anything that causes you to favor a leg/muscle can throw your body out of whack.

    The sprain last week was super-light. Lin was basically exaggerating for the refs, didn’t even limp once he got up. This was a legit sprain that hurt.

  191. He shouldn’t miss much time, but it’s annoying as heck. At least Kenny publicly admitted making a mistake last night and called it a “learning experience” for himself.

    I appreciate that. McHale, BS and even Clifford would NEVER say anything like that.

  192. Not sure how Lin copes with NBA players like these. Shocking!!! and Shaq is supposed to be one of the smartest players…

  193. Lin actually twitted this “On behalf of myself, the Nets and Harvard, we support Kyries claim that the earths flat lolllll”

  194. Lol… sneaky way of saying kyrie is a moron

  195. Yes man cho is a follower… of moron jordan

  196. Coward is exactly the right word fo cho… fo sho

  197. Warren moon kicked buttt

  198. Shame on Cho, he is one of those Asians sacrificing his own race in order to secure his own job, smh. I sensed it last year.

  199. I can’t help thinking that Kyrie and Shaq want to stick to flat-earth belief until they’re selected to go to a 2018 SpaceX trip around the moon for free =) Otherwise, they need to play upwards of $20M

  200. yes, full respect to Kenny for showing great character and leadership to admit mistakes and learn from it. He set precedence for his players to follow. He earned the respect from his players.

  201. Of course, they were legally not allowed to join professional sports organizations etc for long time. I am talking about what Acbc is saying below.

  202. Great respect for sports figures like Li Na, Michael Chang, Ji-sung Park, Yuna Kim, Seri Pak, Lu Sian etc.

  203. The irony is that being a Lin fan is a lot like being a flat Earth believer. Everyone thinks we’re delusional but we know they’re all in denial.

  204. But he sure plays a lot of minutes every game. He’s very durable.

  205. It’s over for this season. Hopefully, Lin will play at least 30 minutes per game next season. I don’t see how Nets can win many games with Lin playing 25 minutes. IMO If Nets can win 30 games next season, they should be lauded.

  206. It’s lucky Lin didn’t need surgery.

  207. I can’t help but see some very deep sarcasm here. I think they’re all trolling…

  208. I actually read the entire passage of your post. But my response was referring to this section you wrote :”As I understand it, long time ago when blacks were not allowed to play in professional basketball league, many whites thought that blacks could not be good in basketball, right?”

  209. thats good to hear but I dont want Lin missing more games and being labeled injury prone

  210. Not that he needed before either still missed more than half of the season

  211. Why should he do anything to put himself in danger? He’s a franchise player for Rockets. He does get hacked a lot when he goes to basket though.

  212. In fact it’s worst as the body instinctively use the other leg more.

  213. Yup, he was a great player that could’ve broken a Lot of records.

  214. Lin walking out with no crutches, but with a slight limp & what appeared to be an ice pack wrapped around his ankle.

  215. I don’t have this concern about Lin’s minutes. I think the restrictions we’ve seen are based on his injuries this season. He played 30 minutes plus in close games before he got injured. And he played 30 minutes against the Knicks on Thursday, but understandably much less on a back to back the next game.

  216. I’ll add Michelle Kwan. When she was favored to win gold in the Olympics, Tara Lipinski won. A major American newspaper wrote something of the order of: American beats out Kwan to win gold. Kwan is just as much American as Lipinski.

  217. Shouldn’t bring this Flat Earth discussion over here though. You’re assuming all Lin fans agree with you.

  218. I don’t know what you are talking about. Did you see Lin’s lol twitter below?

  219. He is not smart. His “PHD” was handed to him not earned. Have you ever seen Shaq on Inside the NBA? He makes Charles and Kenny look like a savant. He’s sensitive and a huge bully in my opinion.

  220. It’s very Machevalian to pass on the blame, keep your head down and “do your job”. That’s where bravery and righteousness must supersede self preservation. That’s why I called him a coward.

  221. True

  222. I thought so too in the beginning, but after I read the whole thing Kerie said I think he was serious

  223. ICYMI
    Coach #KennyAtkinson on failure to call time & get Lin into 4Q early v #Celts: “Lesson learned”
    Rick Carlisle praised Kenny for his job on LeVert, Dinwiddie, Acy, and Whitehead.

    Nets coach Kenny Atkinson on Sunday revisited the ending of the Nets’ 98-95 loss to Boston on Friday night, when point guard Jeremy Lin played only the final 2:51 of the fourth quarter. Lin got stuck at the scorer’s table for about three minutes as play continued without a stoppage. Atkinson said he should have used a timeout to get Lin in earlier.

    The Nets trailed by six when Lin returned, and he had two points, two rebounds and two assists as they stayed close, missing two potential tying three-pointers in the final seconds.

    “Obviously, we have a plan for him in terms of what his minutes look like on a back-to-back,” Atkinson said of Lin, who is coming back from a hamstring injury and played 30 minutes the previous night.

    “That being said, he was sitting at the table. I went back and forth. I said, ‘Do we call a timeout and get him in?’ Being a coach, I wanted that timeout, which we ended up needing at the end of the game. In hindsight, I probably should have gotten him in. That’s my conclusion. But it’s a great lesson for me.”

    Carlisle praises Nets’ grit
    Mavericks coach Rick Carlisle was impressed by the determination the Nets showed to battle back from an 18-point second-quarter deficit and make it close late. “Brooklyn is persistent,” Carlisle said. “They keep coming at you. Kenny has done a great job with that roster. Caris LeVert has gotten better. Spencer Dinwiddie is night and day better since he’s been here. Quincy Acy is having a great year. Their young guys, Isaiah Whitehead, are all going to be players.”


  224. If Kenny had gotten Lin in the game together with Brook at the 7 min mark, or with LeVert at the 6 minute mark…

    The Nets would have beaten the playoff bound Celtics. It would be their first time winning two games in a row all season. Their record would be 5-5 in the month of March, since Lin returned and played significant minutes. Lin would have been credited with being the crunch time hero once again. All Nets fans, but especially Lin fans would have been celebrating wildly. Lin’s spirits would have been high instead of nearly broken. And that might have carried over to the next game which instead got off to a horrendous start and yet another Lin injury. It might be portrayed like a small mistake that could have gone either way, but no starting PG is ever left at the scorer’s table for 3 minutes like that. And the consequences are were more harmful than most people realize.

  225. Why is NetsDaily keep publishing/reporting that Nets are interested in getting Teodosic? Here’s another article about him w/ full of praise. This guy demands competitive salary and a starting job, but he has yet to play one NBA game. A warning sign for Lin? Read the excerpt: “The Nets have been identified by multiple sources, including news outlets in Serbia, as being one of two teams with high interest. The other is Denver. Both have cap space galore and the Nuggets of course have Jokic. The Nets connection reportedly is Trajan Langdon, who played eight years for CSKA. Mikhail Prokhorov of course owned the team for a decade, but before Teodosić joined them.”

  226. Don’t click for NetsDaily on this article.

    Paid article… but this guy has pretty big ego… At least for now he doesn’t say starting PG anymore… I think he wants $$$

    “It’s true that I’m seriously thinking about the possibility of the NBA, but nothing has transpired yet, and nothing will until the summer. I’ve said before that, in order for me to go to the USA, a team has to meet both my competitive ambitions – which is the most important thing – and everything that has to do with the financial aspect as well as the aspect of the length of my contract.”

  227. Never played in the NBA and can’t play D to save his life. But you know what will really hurt if they give JLin’s starting PG role to him? Kenny will probably scrap the MO and let Teodosic run PnRs all day.

  228. No, he wants to make it known to the pursuers that he wants to start. He just does not say it himself; he lets his friend be his mouthpiece. Excerpt from the above article: “Also, he wants to start. He has said that in the past and in a video he posted in his blog, Jokic talks about how he’s certain Teodosić can play in the NBA. Jokic is also quite clear about his teammate’s desires. “He wants to play here but I know he doesn’t wants to come here and be on the bench.”

  229. He’s just like Rodriguez from last year. They all think they are so good… but Nets didn’t want to give starting PG position to Rodriguez. He later became 76 backup for money.

  230. Exactly! That’s what I’m afraid.

  231. He’s 30 not 20 now…

  232. Yep. Judging from these articles, the guy sounds very cocky or demanding. Comparing to Lin, we’ve never heard him or his agent pushing something like this… What a contrast…

  233. Deleted. Ryan Michael Lazo had tweeted that : “Kenny Atkinson says Spencer Dinwiddie will be the team’s starting point guard moving forward. From D-League signee to starting lineup #Nets”

  234. I believe if Nets is really offering him starting PG position then he will not need these articles to push his value up….

  235. So is Lin resting for the remainder of the season? If he’s not and is still coming back playing after ankle injury, then this is slap in Lin’s face.

  236. I hope he can stay … he seems to be match well w Lin.

  237. Yep, Lazo’s earlier tweet was alarming. He should know that we take every word seriously when it comes to Lin’s NBA career and well-being.

  238. Haha! I don’t think he knows… but he correct immediately…lol!

  239. This sounds more credible from Lazo …

  240. Good.

  241. Whew!

  242. Good news, but must say this is the worst season for him. Not only injured 6 times and missed most games, but he will be labelled as injury-prone. We will see how much damage to his career.

  243. least he owned up to it tho

  244. true, but I also kept thinking Lin played 30 min the previous night so at least he meant well to save Lin’s energy for the last 6 min so Lin would’ve played 24 min instead of 21min.

    It’s a costly lessons learned but at this point, they can only move on. Hope Lin’s ankle only sidelines him 1-2 games so he can finish the season strong. Lin and the Nets still need a few good wins to impress Free Agents to want to join them in Brooklyn.

  245. Reporter answered Lin fan’s question of the possibility to play tomorrow vs Detroit.
    Lin didn’t know, depending how it responds. Will be surprised if he did.

    Lin really shouldn’t play 1-2 games if it means he can finish the last 11-12 games strong.

  246. I don’t think he will. Maybe Friday? Plus KA already said Dinwiddie will start… that sounds like Lin will not play tomorrow….

  247. Be concerned. Be very concerned.

  248. That Kenny! Tsk tsk.

  249. Lin’s the best!

  250. Friday makes sense. Not tomorrow. If he plays Thursday, limited minutes.

  251. I think you see through this. Paid article. Nothing to take very seriously. Nets look at some European players as insurance, that’s standard.

  252. 24 minutes sounds right and determined by the performance team.

  253. He played on a much worse ankle in Charlotte. However, he didn’t have hammy issues that season. But his ankle looked horrible for many games, yet he played. And we were angry here (I think rightly so) about it. So, this is a game or two sideline, with the Nets you never know and could be three, and unfortunately, it’s a season where Lin played far less games than in any other full season.

  254. Oh dear…so sad. See what can happen if you diss Jeremy? You lose the game, the first win streak of the season, nearly break Lin’s spirit, lose the next game, Lin gets injured again, and Nets will lose more games as a result…oh my!

  255. Paid article is what concerned. The question is who paid?

  256. If SM and KA are pursuing this guy, that means they are hypocrite about the character quality they’re looking for.

  257. Lin is paid very well this season at 11.5 million for 25 games. getting paid more than LBJ…

  258. So is Nets. Bc of Lin they got some endorsement from Asia.

  259. So are other injured NBA players. Look at Chandler Parsons this season at 23.5 million for 34 games.

  260. All guards hmm…

  261. Hope he’s gone, obviously doesn’t respect Lin and doesn’t impact the game. harris, whitehead, and Kilpatrick are all more talented and need those minutes.

  262. @JLin7 ankle might be ok in 1-2 games but Nets can use time to evaluate Dinwiddie/Goodwin.
    AG contract has 5-more days/3 gms (Pistons, Suns, Wizards)

  263. I think this is misleading. Here’s the Ryan Lazo tweet saying Dinwiddie is starting PG until Lin is back.

    @ByRyanLazo: Kenny Atkinson says Spencer Dinwiddie will be the team’s starting point guard moving forward. From D-League signee to starting lineup #Nets
    @_bk_chin: Ryan is he saying Spencer is the starting PG if Lin is out? Or is he the started PG regardless if Lin is healthy?
    ‏ @ByRyanLazo: He’s the starting point guard until Lin is back
    @_bk_chino thanks for the clarification!

  264. I’m thinking it’s okay for Lin to miss 3 games (Pistons, Suns, Wizards) while Nets evaluate Dinwiddie/Goodwin as PGs until Archie’s 10-day contract run out in 5 days BUT Lin needs to finish the last 10 games healthy with good stats to avoid any off-season controversy.

    3 games to let Lin’s ankle heal and also see how Dinwiddie/Goodwin fare as PGs. I expect 3 straight losses with the same 4th quarter struggle full of TOs, though.

  265. yeah, I’m anticipating between 1 and 3 game absences to coincide with Archie Goodwin’s contract running out in 5 days

  266. I hope both Dinwiddle & Goodwin stay w Nets. They are more easy to get along…. haha! Marks really likes young players. Both in their early 20…

  267. Watching Goodwin had me dropped to the floor facedown… oh dear god…

  268. I neither like or dislike Dinwiddie… That’s another way to say I have ZERO feeling towards him. Just another pedestrian who makes no difference to a roster.

  269. Who actually wrote this garbage? Not Tony Puccio I hope…

  270. The last article was Puccio. This one is Net Income.

  271. I did. But you made a personal comment about Shaq and ‘NBA players like these’, implying that Shaq was not being smart.
    Even if Jeremy was being sarcastic, that’s him. By looking down on those who hold this view, and I know a few, it’s no longer basketball but a critique on another topic.

  272. SMH, you are entitled to your opinion and I am too. I am not going to respond to you any more.

  273. We’ve seen it before.

  274. Injuries happen. MKG, who was pretty healthy most of the season, out for the Hornets with a right ankle strain in tonight’s game. It’s really hard to play all 82 games in a season.

  275. Incredible how AC Green managed to play all regular season games year after year with the exception of one year. And that was back when NBA was a lot more physical than it is today….

  276. How does he not respect Lin?

  277. Relatuvely speaking, for what he brings, he us getting paid squat…

  278. Forget AC Green, more amazing is little John Stockton who missed very few games in his career with very high usage rate. Lin should take a page from his book…

  279. Lin’s injury is a blessing in disguise. Any good basketball player needs support from his teammates. Now the defense is porous and his teammates can not sink a clutch shot even when they are wide open. They will grow much faster though with Coach Lin sitting on the bench. Win-loss in this season is just a meaningless figure. His teammates are growing fast and the team can match a mediocre team in NBA any day now.

  280. it’s a shame that Brooklyn aren’t in the Lonzo Ball sweepstakes this season. he would be a great running mate with Lin. also a very high character person. Lakers fortunes could change if they win the Lonzo Ball sweepstakes…

  281. You think Lonzo Ball’s dad would let him go to Brooklyn?

  282. he will. dad’s all talk. Lonzo’s all business and work. plays the game the right way.

  283. Yes only if ka becomes player development coach.

  284. That will be one way ticket out of town for lin.

  285. Athletes need to train smarter and not harder. There’s a movement toward agility and balance rather than pure speed and strength. These athletes are becoming so strong and fast that the joints cannot handle the torque put on them when changing direction. Overtime they become injury prone.

  286. I remember ac green… he was awesome! He was hard working every night… he started out with bad shooting outside and fts… but he worked and worked and became a reliable outside shooter and ft shooter…

  287. I cant watch tnt… mchale is a commentator… i despise him the most…

  288. You kidding? Dinwiddie outright disrespects Lin everytime by icing him out while making annoyed expressions when Lin asks for the ball! Dude thinks too highly of himself when he’s just a bench player!

  289. Oh! Didn’t really notice that….

  290. You can SMH all you want, but you know your mockery of Flat Earth and Shaq or whoever’s belief in it is not about bball.

  291. It’s a different story when you miss more than half of the season

  292. He wasnt a full time employee this year he was only a part time

  293. Yahoo fantasy says KA announced Dinwiddie will be the starting PG for the remainder of the season also some one tweeting Dinwiddie will be the starting PG moving forward then saying its only until Lin is back in a reply to a fan.
    What exactly did KA say? the way these people said it felt very confusing and also weird for KA to announce Dinwiddie as a starting PG if Lin’s injury isnt even that serious

  294. He says good things about Lin
    was only an a-hole when he coached him…cuz you know he was Moreys puppet(and harden)

  295. Don’t forget Lin has been ‘coaching’ his teammates on the sideline and I bet his contribution is no less than those paid assistant coaches. 🙂

  296. He treated jlin like crep, remember that? Well, even if he is saying nice things, he has no credibility with me… actually, it goes to show what a cowardly gutless man he is…

  297. It is a blessing that is really, really, well disguised. His teammates need Player/Coach Lin on the floor to show them how it is done and give them that winning feeling that only comes from … wait for it … winning.

  298. His dad will complain he should be the primary ball handler and Lin should play off-ball.
    I believe Levert is a right fit playing along with Lin.

    The Nets should find better bigs who can rebound.

  299. Never thought Lin’s injuries this season ended helping his teammates to have huge chances to prove themselves. I hope Dinwiddie grasps the chances to lead the team with Lopez winning comings games for the Nets and Lin fans!


  300. The Nets must rest Lin until the B2B game at WAS.
    And they can give the newly signed PG with 10days contract more minutes to play.

  301. that will be perfectly fine. Lonzo has great court vision and a willing passer. Lin with his cutting skills will easily average 25+ per game playing alongside Lonzo Ball.

  302. The price is too great. At the cost of a year of Lin’s prime. It’s an ultimate sacrifice like what Jesus has done for his people if you ask me. God really knows how to test people’s faith…

  303. Wow… I’m speechless. Seriously?

  304. or just unlucky
    its not like Lin hasnt been tested throughout his career
    maybe theres no god lol

  305. Look at the positive. Nets took last 2 games from Knicks with Lin leading Nets and took over games late. That is an accomplishment considering all the injury and minutes restrictions.

    Since Lin came back, Nets has been competitive in every game. That is a good sign for Nets. Just stay healthy and eye on next season.

    One note about refs, I hope Nets and NBA push some pressure on refs to at least not blind to those hard fouls on Lin. Those stepping on foot, poking into faces (thanks Melo), hard bump into knee/legs, that is gradually killing players health. I understand it is part of the game. But if refs are blind to those, it is going to encourage those hard fouls.

  306. I know . It is indeed a sacrifice for Lin. Thank God his faith gets stronger after every setback!

  307. I hope someone like last year would collect all those uncalled hard fouls on Lin and edit them into another video to send to NBA.

  308. It has to come from Nets politically, which would be more efficient and more influential. Nets need Lin to do well on the court and to play healthy, if Nets wants to utilize Lin’s marketability. Let Nets “talk” to NBA and refs league that at least a fair officiating is good for everyone and at least taking out those biased calls in the game.

  309. No Mchale was furious and threw things when he found out that Lin is coming to the rocket. He really did his best to destroy Lin. mchale abused lin nonstop for 2 years. I will never forget.

  310. How is it a sacrifice by Lin that he got hurt, thus forcing KA play other guards on the team? Did Lin choose to get hurt multiple times so that other guards on the team would get more playing time this season?

  311. new thread

    G70 Detroit Pistons vs Brooklyn Nets: Lin Listed as Day-to-day
    Lin might miss 1-3 games to let sprained ankle heal ?

  312. he threw things? you know this how?

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