G69 LAL @OKC Game Thread

Lin will start again in the last 14 games of the season but how many times will Byron allow him to finish?

Will Byron only allow Lin/Davis to thrive at home games to generate home crowd excitement while ensure enough losses to tank?

As Byron undoubtedly feels the pressure to tank more after the potentially costly Win vs the 76ers in the “Must-Tank” game, there will be more expectations to lose the majority of 5 road games.

Starting Kelly with Lin instead of Ed Davis would explain the desire to tank because Lin/Davis combo easily threatens to blow up the tank.

Go Jeremy!

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Guess JLin's stats in Game 70 vs MIN



  2. congratulations and kudos for not announcing yourself as “first”.

  3. continuing the ryan kelly theme ive been trying to hammer home and tying it into your game summary above: davis has been the best player on the lakers since the asg; so of course he doens’t get to play.
    (already since the asg he’s been getting fewer minutes than for the season overall).

    kelly has been the worst player on the lakers; arguably the worst player in the league getting any playing time; shooting 26% 26% 26% and 23% on 3’s since the asg;

    and so he gets to start. tank ambitions reverse traditional assumptions.

  4. nice stats to back up the assertion of intentional tanking.

    I know @brentyen:disqus:discus likes RKelly due to his intelligence and I also saw the promising start before ASG but clearly he suffered the most from this unclear role and frequent lineup shuffles. Even his 3s% surprisingly dropped. There were wide-open 3s that he should have made in many recent games.

    I agree Kelly is a smart player but he’s in a slump, possibly due to this constant lineup shuffle.
    Lin OTOH just grew stronger no matter which teammate he plays with now!

  5. Steve Nash said that he wanted to be remembered as a great competitor and grat teammate.

  6. JLin said Kelly is best friend on team. Always tried to get him going. Maybe this will revive him.

  7. Does anyone know how much cap space Lakers have to sign 2 major star atheletes?

  8. I think they will have the cap room for 2 max contracts only after Kobe’s contract expires.

  9. good to hear that. He was very nice in person.
    When I asked him to sign the card for JLin, he was very accommodating and smiling for Jeremy =)
    Very humble and approachable. I personally want him to succeed.

  10. Kobe didn’t say anything to Nash? He was the one who called Nash to ask him to Lakers…smh!

  11. its complicated but that is essentially correct; or more correctly if kobe were to retire they would have space 2 sign 2 or even 3.

    however after next nba season; that is in 2016 cap space is expected to increase by as much as 30 mil.(with failure of owner proposed “smoothing” of new tv money. so not in the coming f.a. class but the next there will be a lot more space to work with.

  12. Let’s be clear…lol….kelly now plays like a average d leaguer….he has a lot of works ahead of him. I just think he is better than hill, and has a higher ceiling. If he work hard and able to stay injury free of course…lol

  13. hehe..that’s still a lot of confidence though
    Kelly to be better than Hill
    Let’s hope Kelly can bring it!

  14. To bad kelly does not have hills body…lol

  15. Hope this helps. Just click on the graphic to enlarge …

  16. Their TWC contract of about 200M per year was made without the inflated expense of 30M in mind. Now that TWC could be losing ad money due to tanking, it is hard to “smooth up” the TV money.

  17. Which card was this? When?

  18. I don’t even think kobe was there. They had former players and coaches from Phoenix,Denver and LA. AC green was there. Nobody mentioned kobe.

  19. oh, during the Suns game in Jan when I presented the JLin Foundation check & greeting card with well-wishes from us

  20. that’s the thing :] Kelly needs to hit the gym with JLin to be tough

  21. Just received Jeremy’s Prayer Requests 7

    Hey guys,

    First off, thank you guys so much for praying for me. I’m constantly surprised at how many prayer warriors are out there and how selfless you guys are to take the time to pray for me. I wish I could return the favor for each of you individually as well!

    Here’s my upcoming prayer list:

    -Praise God for a pretty strong stretch (from a basketball standpoint) since the All-Star break. Also prayer that I would learn to give thanks and praise God more often. Often times, I pray hard for certain things, but I struggle to spend extended time in praise even though I know it’s important.

    -Prayer for the right mindset to finish the season strong. Sometimes, it feels like there’s less to play for because we’re not in playoff contention, but God calls me to play every game and live everyday to bring Him the glory He deserves. In other words, my mindset and my work ethic shouldn’t waver because I’m playing for God, not for the playoffs.

    -Prayer for humility to surrender the results of each basketball game to God. I am naturally a perfectionist, so I always want to play a great game and get the win, but God is humbling me and teaching me to focus on the process and trust Him with the results.

    -Praise God for our new Youtube video and for a chance to interact and build relationships with a few homeless people in the LA area. Prayer that these individuals would have open hearts to truly know Jesus Christ! Also prayer that God would provide for their physical needs, whether it’s for housing, a job or stability in general.

    -Prayer for my teammates and coaches. This season has had its fair share of discouragement, disappointment and brokenness. Please pray that their vulnerability from a tough season would allow them to seek and see Christ, whether through joining chapel, Bible study, daily devotionals or a church.

    -Prayer for spiritual revival within the city of LA, the US, Asia and the world. Often times, I’m afraid to pray big prayers because they seem so intangible or too unrealistic, but I have to remind myself that God is bigger than anything I will ever face or encounter and my biggest dreams are nothing compared to the power He possesses. So prayer for global revival!

    Thanks again for your prayers and support…much love!!

  22. I see Joyce has more Asian in herself than Clarkson has in himself.

  23. Wow that’s impressive

  24. So when is Ed Davis starting? JLin needs his big man

  25. How do you decide? By coach or players on the court?
    Laker’s coaching is absolutely disgusting in decisions making. They don’t care about the game. They tries to dictate but more than often fail in a large scale.
    BS & Pressley, FYI, you may only dictate on your players and not your opposition.

    Of course the Thunders want JC to have the ball more often. With ball in JC’s hand, Lakers are toasted for sure.

  26. when lin doesn’t start or when pigs fly whichever comes first.

  27. I think there is a situation where Lin has to use a floater rather than pick up his dribble in the paint.

  28. He hasn’t taken a floaters since last two seasons not sure why.

  29. LAL sure playing fast. a lot of running.

  30. Damn 2 TOV because people can’t catch his pass.

  31. I kept saying because that is not a good shot in almost any situation

  32. And alot of misses. ><"

  33. first one was his fault to throw rite under opponent’s basket.

  34. I don’t think he got a TOV for that. I don’t think he had possession.

  35. Agree, the second one was more bad communication. If that’s E.D., it doesn’t happen.

  36. oh. ok. thought it would be TO

  37. I think he got the TO with black and wes johnson

  38. They just not used to Lin. BS fault for that.

  39. Brown in Clarkson out, thank goodness!

  40. Dude i think Lin got fouled. they are out to get him.

  41. Go Lin Go! 7 pts and 2 asst already

  42. So many running up and down court, I actually missed Lin’s 2 point layup for 7 points.

  43. yeah he’s playing well but he’s a hit frustrated by his teammates.

  44. no davis no boozer no hill

  45. no davis is bad. no hill is good lol.

  46. I liked the 1st foul Lin gave. Pushed Adms away

  47. Tarik black really struggled not used to Lin yet. Also okc big was handling him and kelly

  48. Holy snap is that sacre.

  49. Great start by Lin but poor coaching, bad team defense, no Ed Davis, Clarkson chucking. Somehow Lin keeping them within striking range.

  50. YES! Nice assist.

  51. Sacre in and fouls, eww….

  52. Jeremy is playing really well.

  53. Davis is in right now!

  54. Understood… he is playing along with the LA Tankers of BS.

  55. Thanks for reporting

  56. Yes very well! Making almost every shot!

  57. haha!

  58. Bigs getting chewed

  59. Can’t say for the others.

  60. Is it the first time Lin played a full quarter?

  61. lets just say if it wasn’t for him, they would be around 20 points down. lol

  62. Hope this show case Lin for his next team whatever that might be

  63. bigs on the bench.

  64. Well give Kelly some credit he made his first dunk this season I think with the pump fake and ran right down the middle for the slam! Very smart play. Must be due to playing with Lin! Just be glad shot chucker Clarkson is out!

  65. How’s Lin’s defence so far?

  66. 1st Q, I think there were 1or 2 times when he was a starter.

  67. yep leading the team in about everything; this is a good compromise, lin gets to excel team still gets 2 tank with this lineup. and leaving all other possible actual scorers out.

    works for me.

  68. but have to win

  69. Davis in. Lin out. Sigh…

  70. better than clarksons. actually lin wasn’t on westbrook a lot but it was the bigs that kill lakers tanker bigs. as predicted kelly is just as bad at 4 as 3. sacre playing, hill boozer davis on bench. sacre, black and kelly will be destroyed by kanter or even mcgary.

  71. for who? not for the lakers.

  72. keep them apart for tanking purposes.

  73. No rebounds =(

  74. the forgotten man (best left forgotten)

  75. Who needs to tank purposely when you have Clarkson who shoots every time he gets the ball?

  76. OKC bigs are killing it.

  77. Nice shot ed davis.

  78. JC chucking it. SMH.

  79. They should try putting in Hill and Davis or Black and Davis.

  80. Damn Kanter is killing it.

  81. Well at least Davis was in for a few minutes. Coach did say Lin and Clarkson minutes will be staggered and he need his rest. Just hope Lin comes back soon and bench unit can hold on.

  82. You know what would be funny, if Lin got a triple double and Westbrook didn’t. Just sayin!

  83. With how the rebound going, that is unlikely LOL

  84. Bigs are not showing up.

  85. would slow down the tank.

  86. Can’t do much without Lin, Clarkson not a playmaker. Ellington can do some playmaking but he’s not handling the ball much. OKC just doing whatever they want at the rim.

  87. well the actual best bigs are on the bench most of the time.

  88. Bigs need to go to the hospital after the game because this is painful to watch

  89. You sure bigs are in the game

  90. Kanter has double double in 1st qtr.

  91. This game will be a blow out very quick if Lin doesn’t come back in soon.

  92. With this defense, can not do much with Lin either…LOL

  93. Lin back in.

  94. Lin back.

  95. who said anything about rebounds? I’m talking blocks!

  96. If pressey has aspirations to be a head coach one day perhaps he should aspire to win not tank.

  97. Davis out too, 🙁

  98. This game is getting out of hand real soon.

  99. Lin in. Davis out. More sighs…

  100. Foul trouble

  101. Bad game to play Kelly as OKC has too much size inside.

  102. Kelly has 2 fouls too. Tanking.

  103. E are getting zero rebounds

  104. Keep Davis and Lin apart… BS instructed before the game

  105. Kanter taller than their bigs.

  106. Tarik is having an awful game

  107. Lin with the 3 pointer! Still can’t miss!! He really needs to shoot more for Lakers to have a chance of winning. His teammates are playing like crap.

  108. 3 pointer!

  109. HE was not given enough minutes…

  110. 2ND 3 PT for Lin! 2 of 2!

  111. Lin is playing Westbrook pretty well. He won’t stop him but he cut him off and forced him to miss at the rim.

  112. Jlin can’t miss tonight!

  113. Lin and clarkson playing great but the rest of the guys are awful

  114. I’m happy lin only has 1 PF. they seemed out to get him with that push foul in the beginning.

  115. agreed that was a great defensive move.

  116. Lin was like, “he is all yours (to LAL bigs)”

  117. whoa lin is balling out. very exciting to see..

  118. Too many iso circus shots, I’d be fine if I don’t see another Laker with a dumb missed iso jumper, layup, anything when defended.

  119. If the Lakers game plan is to LOSE then why not simply call ahead and forfeit the game.

  120. Thunder still up by 14 after Jeremy’s 3, yet Brooks calls a timeout right away. Smart coach who shows respect.

  121. 5th assist for lin. good stuff.

  122. NICE ryan kelly!

  123. Kelly surprising playing well with Lin and scoring!

  124. he wants to make novak jelly

  125. Well offensively

  126. So Novakane is in the game. Awesome shooter.

  127. He is on OKC? Didn’t know that

  128. Lin with the nice Harden-esque move, driving AT Westbrook and getting a call.

  129. damn jeremy looked like he got pushed hard.

  130. wow Lin is freaking going craYyYyYy

  131. Thunder broadcasters just said that Lin and Westbrook have a rivalry dating back to Lin’s Houston days. Cool!

  132. Linsanity!!

  133. superstar calls. i hate the nba.

  134. hohoho! he is!!! BS calling: sit him down!

  135. Definitely a superstar call. But you’d like those calls if Lin was getting them ;).

  136. clarkson iso = ugly

  137. He made a long jumper right in Lin’s face. Haha!

  138. Is Stu Lantz converting? Admitting Lin got fouled before the half time buzzer.

  139. I hate the NBA refs man that is a foul right there on Lin.

  140. Lin playing better than West”brick” but Lakers down by 15.


  142. Need more Davis, Lakers getting out-rebounded 2:1

  143. Homecourt advantage, they also called a tacky foul on Lin for Westbrook at the end!

  144. Lin has to play one against five … again!

  145. Lin is back in the staring lineup and Kelly is balling may be ppls can stop hating him for now.

  146. Then LA will win and that is a big NO NO…

  147. What? LOL Not really, Lin’s rivalry is with John Wall since summer league. Thunder rivalry is mainly against Harden.

  148. Help one pass away, a 3.

  149. Haha. Hating on how he has been playing not him. But Brent may have called it.

  150. Yes, can’t believe… he get s10 pts for the half!

  151. The only one in the “staring lineup” is Kobe… 🙂

  152. this arrangement works for me lin gets to ball out as someone put it and lakers still get to lose. everybody gets what they want.

  153. LAL’s rebounds were short and their bench had no assists !

  154. Even Davis can’t save them, Lakers bigs are getting killed by Kanter who has height advantage!

  155. But against the cocky Isocentric OKC team, I’d want Lakers and Lin to win!

  156. lin took the first half by a nose.

  157. You are right!
    Now that’s LA Tanker Basketball!

  158. When Clarkson and Lin are on the floor at the same time, who’s playing PG/SG?

    Are Westbrook and Lin guarding each other?

    Who’s guarding Kanter mostly?

  159. Bench lead by Clarkson, who just cares about scoring for himself that’s expected.

  160. When was the last time lin scored 20+pts back to back?

  161. feels like a century ago…lol

  162. i don’t care if lakers lose. I just want lin to get 30 points and 10 assists

  163. Some time after ASG?

  164. nm he did it earlier this month ha! Good month for him 😉

  165. nah. most likely front office telling lantz to cool it cause the lakers gotta sell out the last 10 plus games and try to salvage some ratings

  166. Seems like Lin was the PG for 1st quarter, now it’s clarkson in the second.
    Westbrook fouled Lin twice. not sure whose lin guarding cause I can’t see with the streaming.
    No one can stop Kanter lol

  167. Lin and Clarkson taking turns initiating the offense at halfcourt. Lin’s assists are coming mostly from drives and kick outs, because there aren’t a lot of pick n rolls (surprise).

    Lin and Westbrook ARE guarding each other. Lin doing a decent job.

    Kanter is killing the Lakers bigs. Sacre/Kelly/T. Black aren’t slowing him down at all.

  168. as many as possible, #AuditionTime

  169. Clarkson brings the ball up then passes to Lin right away so Lin still gets to be PG but lets Clarkson do his thing too.

  170. Stats anyone?

  171. I think this is a must lose game anyway? OW, BS will be looked very bad.

  172. Westbrook only got 1 foul counted on Lin while Lin has 2 fouls not sure why.

  173. 16pts/5asts/1reb/2to

  174. They didn’t get to play face off during linsanity days, WB tried hard to prove something each time they met thereafter, lol

  175. They can still keep it close, will be more exciting if Lakers can tie the game.

  176. Damn right

  177. Against a brand name mvp matters

  178. I don’t understand they keep saying not looking over his shoulder, they only reason why he’s doing that is cause the NBA is racist. Let’s see them achieve the success lin has with phantom calls, no calls, being iced out, going to the bench for no reason, having your coach single you out only, and not being surrounded by the best players purposely.

  179. He looks bad either way.

  180. only once this season: 01/03, 03/03

  181. how many steal Lin lost here? I was listening to Thunder radio, and it says lin steal multiple times, but I don’t see any one on score board,why?

  182. one To was made due to not having playing time with black, he took his eye off the ball, it would have been a great pass to Ed davis. Even the commentator said it.

  183. Yeah, but those could not exactly be said tho…just saying

  184. An AC brought a tank lineup to beat OKC is beyond very bad.

  185. It did look like Lin stole the ball but i’m not sure (my quality is crappy), it needs to be reviewed, i hope they don’t rob him of his stats.

  186. By my count is either 3 or 2

  187. Oh the irony. Jeremy getting his steals stolen from him.

  188. I also remember a steal but not sure why it wasn’t counted. My stream quality is blurry =/

  189. LOL!

  190. Brooks and the coaching staff’s plan is to put more pressure on Lin.

  191. nop, LAL way behind, they are going to play their best now and that’s when lin is best.

  192. Lin was ball watching there he got lucky lol.

  193. His Stats are great. Everything else is icing on the cake

  194. that was a nice pass by clarkson to kelly.

  195. Not saying Booze and Hill are defensive stoppers, but I think we kinda need them in this game. Wonder why they weren’t in the first half.

  196. Sigh. If you look at the sport vu defensive dashboard at nba.com, opponents are shooting 41.4% against him from the 3. Lin has decent stats for 2-pt defense, but his unselfish help defense is hurting his 3-pt stat

  197. Haha Lin got another foul on Westbrook!

  198. Lin and clarkson who woulda known

  199. Lakers come back! Lin owning Westbrook this game on OKC turf! XD

  200. that. will. be. news.

  201. Clarkson is having a great game. He’s getting a lot of easy buckets like a putback and that last play.

  202. Nah they’ll say Westbrook had off game.

  203. Bc Lin is on court w him. OKC put all the attention on Lin not JC.

  204. Double teaming Lin will help someone else score

  205. Clarkson finally slowed down mentally, to speed up physically.

  206. 18 pt in just over 20 min, Jeremy’s been as efficient as ever

  207. Yes Lin and teammates are figuring out the double team after playing together for months.

  208. Clarkson should have passed to Lin.

  209. exactly. terrible break by Clarkson. Of course it leads to an easy two for Westbrook.

  210. Wowo Clarkson also 18 points with 2 more rebounds than Lin.

  211. That transition O just showed how much more Clarkson has to learn. Jeremy is probably one of the best in the game

  212. Darn Clarkson leading scorer now.

  213. just think of it as the asian american dual leading the pack.

  214. Wow now Clarkson has better stats, also 5 assists but 2 more rebounds.

  215. When will they let lin play PG…

  216. Clarkson is a very quick learner, must give him credits. he shows resemblances of Nash and Lin at times.

  217. Bad pass by Clarkson.

  218. Clarkson a little out of control.

  219. Clarkson is the player of the game.. he’s got 3 blocks…more than the bigs.

  220. Uh-oh. Westbrook is going off.

  221. OKC is keying on Lin and making someone else beat them. They want to slow him down.

  222. Still have mistakes but he’s playing well with slightly better stats than Lin for now.

  223. 2 TOs as well. =)

  224. Lin also has 2 TOs, their stats are almost exactly the same it’s weird.

  225. I wouldn’t mind he got better numbers, but he is playing out of himself now, which is no good. I think he start to get bigger head now

  226. Bc in 3Q so far Lin didn’t take any shot but JC took most of the shots.

  227. Lin will play the whole fourth

  228. Ok Lin out, hopefully he’s going to play the entire 4Q

  229. or just not play at all?

  230. THat is what tunnel visions does to you. When the alignment is right, you can pass.

  231. Clarkson has height and long arms as advantage.

  232. I think that would be the natural rotation. last part of 4th if not the full 4th.

  233. Don’t bring that over here…smh

  234. Damn they do foul Kanter hard lol.

  235. Down 20 points this game is already loss =/

  236. JC made poor decisions and is totally incompetent in running fast breaks.

  237. if they trail >20?

  238. he is a rookie after all

  239. down 20 already, go lakers!

  240. Stop being so negative.

  241. Tanking perfertion

  242. Looks like Clarkson will be player of the game so far with 20 pts, 4 rebounds, 7 assists, 3 blocks.

  243. Don’t care. You see other rookie in the league not doing this crap.Clarkson will soon learn that they are not preparing him for anything except to be traded. He is not the Lakers future. He is anybody other than lin.

  244. back to -16, still reachable

  245. He played the most minutes.
    He shouldn’t be given that role.
    It’s mind boogling to give only 8 minutes to Big Ed .Davis.
    That’s tanking by coaching.

  246. Ed Davis only played 9 min and 3 pts … No Lin No win for Ed??

  247. no worry about that yet, Lin will put up at least 5/2 I think.

  248. He got the stats but the team was hurt by him.

  249. why are you worried about that. Lin got his points and played his best game against Westbrook.smh

  250. rebounds and assists maybe but not 3 blocks those will be difficult to catch up.

  251. I do think the Lakers will keep Clarkson around probably as a second string guard. Unless he can be packaged in a big trade of course.

  252. Hehe… the secret is out … BS wants to know who leaked the LA Tanker strategy

  253. smh…..

  254. Lin is patient and spaces the court properly and make good passes.

  255. what’s wrong with you? you want Lin beat every one?

  256. I hope he plays patient because sometimes he feels like he needs to make something happen.

  257. JC simply gave up back to back points and was selfish running fast breaks.

  258. Clarkson will be around as long as they get a rookie PG that outplays him.

  259. I wish the experiment was to get down by 15-20 points and give Lin & Ed the last quarter to see how good they are together to cut the deficit and try to win under extreme circumstances.

  260. Sacre is the best +/- Lakers tonite

  261. Pressley and Byron is so afraid of the Lin and Davis connection.

  262. The Lakers FO does not want to win this game. So letting Clarkson play wild basketball is what the coaching staff wants.

  263. I noticed nobody on this site can get poor Paul’s name right.

  264. No just want him to have the best stat line on his team.

  265. He imitates people, that is not fast learner…smh

  266. Sacre hasn’t played for so many games. All of a sudden he was yanked out.
    The Lakers’ rotation was horrible.

  267. Who care about them? We don’t like them anyway.

  268. Just tuned in. Looks like Lin and Clarkson have all the scoring, but they also have all the assists. Must be assisting each other, I guess. Meanwhile, no Boozer and Hill? Must be protecting the tank.

  269. LOL

  270. This LA Faker team is a joke and I really think the management team really sucks.

  271. Now that ed davis is playing well, Lin is out of the game.

  272. All those coaching decisions and player combination are just stupid at large.

  273. They just wanted to loss the game when Byron wasn’t here.

  274. Both Lin and Clarkson are not doing enough to slow down RWest and DWaiters. But the real difference is Enes Kanter and the other big men while the Lakers play Sacre and Tariq.

  275. Damn… clarkson is doing really well.

  276. I think LAL is playing respectable considering LAL keep changing their line up thruout the year.

  277. I would like to see Lin play wtih Ed Davis and Boozer and finish this game.

  278. have to give credit where it’s due..what is so damn about.. we lin fan should not be insecure because clarskon is playing well.

  279. Of course, the players are respectable and the coaCHES ARE DESPICABLE.

  280. I really see J.Clarkson as a mini Westbrook, in the way of putting up monster stats with a fearless attitude…at the cost of the team. A pointS-guard rather than a point-guard.

  281. Why are some people insecure about clarkon. Let him do him and lin will do lin lol

  282. Take your Clarkson love to another site…

  283. He lost himself in the game.

  284. Clarkson is having a great game … happy for him!

  285. Nobody is insecure about Clarkson, he is just stat padding. So how well he is doing is in the eye of the beholder.

  286. Clarkson was running fast break in the worst kind of manner. He gave up more points than he earned.

  287. Boozer and Hill not in at all… resting them??

  288. He’s doing the best he knows to help the team win, i’m not blaming him. with proper coaching, he would be a very good player and good asset for a well-coached team.

  289. They both need to perform to win anyway.

  290. OK. Lin in and playing PG

  291. The flow of game was totally destroyed by his trigger happy offense. His defense doesn’t blend into the team.

  292. If he is doing the best he can, he needs to dial down the ball hogging.

  293. OOOOH the potential lineup is ok. Lakers have chance if Wayne Ellington doesn’t go selfish and passes to Lin.

  294. Is Sacre a legit NBA player? How do you not score there??

  295. There you go. Nobody is insecure about lin, maybe not a fan of Clarkson because I see he has gotten the Big Head,

  296. played 17min so far… best plus minus of the Lakers… oh… no score… a centre???

  297. There you go with the mini westbrook tandem…smh

  298. Lin got Adams with foul again.

  299. Davis and Lin connection … finally 😉

  300. All of a sudden Sacre was given minutes of large amount. He had been NP-VD.
    The decision sucks.

  301. OKC announcer said Lin is the focus of the defense…

  302. Ed out 🙁

  303. missed the 1st one, 🙁

  304. Lakers down by 15 points, hope they can make a huge come back.

  305. What?!!!!

  306. yeah it hurts!

  307. thats when coaching comes in. what a player believes in what’s best doesn’t always mean the best for the team. but you can tell he’s working and playing hard. it’s a coach’s job to tell him what’s the right thing to do.

  308. Damn that sucks…

  309. When Clarkson ran the offense, Lakers was in chaos. Now they are in control.

  310. Lakers playing small line up now with Lin tanking mode is really activated

  311. It’s streetball time out there. Hopefully Lin can pad his stats.

  312. -20 now, come on Jeremy!

  313. Ellington missed layup badly.

  314. Ryan blocked or Lin?

  315. Lin got blocked by singler

  316. Yea, but I meant the play on the other side.

  317. this liineup is a joke. How can you not fine the Lakers.

  318. Defense is pissing me off

  319. Ellington is a good back up but not at the same level of Lin.

  320. looked like a foul to me but counted as a block.

  321. Ellington doesn’t defend well.

  322. players with only 2 points automatically plays better and scores when with Lin, no surprise! Both Brown and Johnson scoring this quarter!

  323. JC knows what he is doing, like not passing the ball for 6 minutes in the last quarter or giving the lin the ball at fast brake to only TO for Westbrook to score. He is not a team player.

  324. Sad garbage time basketball

  325. some kids are taught when in doubt shoot. Clarkson has been trained that way so it’s what he knows.

  326. wow. is it bad defense or OKC just hot?

  327. bad defense and bad LAKER offense

  328. The biggest enemy of Lakers is their coach.
    They take away the pick and roll game from Jeremy by sitting Davis.

  329. Both. jeremy’s at -20 and clarkson at -9. clarkson really outplayed lin today.

  330. what do you anticipate when Kelly is play center??

  331. It wasnt a foul

  332. LAL created too many open 3s for OKC.

  333. game over..
    this game is lost on the lack of rebounds on lakers.

  334. Yep. i agree. Lin could have exploded if he had his boy davis. Lin is doing well even without Ed.

  335. hitover 20 and it’s ok

  336. Okc is a way better team people….chill out

  337. Steve Adams in foul trouble; thanks to Jeremy!

  338. I think Lin is doing fine. Some of his teammates just can’t score with him trying to penetrate.

  339. OKC announcer: "Lin's been focal point of OKC's D" #jeremylin— Jack Nieto (@JackNieto3) March 25, 2015

  340. They don’t have any rim protector on the floor.
    Lakers is tanking!

  341. Lin played a lot with Kelly as 4/5, no inside D at all.

  342. JLin got foul calls on Westbrook as well which is a surprise with bias refs.

  343. Why Boozer and Hill not used?

  344. Lin did great.

  345. where is linaj

  346. What? lin out.

  347. Lin out

  348. They put better players on the bench. There is no rebounding and rim protection now.

  349. Lin out =/

  350. so lin sit?

  351. As I suspected Lin is out. I thought he might not play much in the 4th. I guess 6 minutes is all he gets.

  352. Sb mentioned they’re not going to play the rest of this season.

  353. Very clear especailly with out boozer or hill

  354. Conserve energy

  355. It’s fine that Lin is out. It is just garbage time. Don’t wanna get hurt trying to fight back from this lost case.

  356. LOl they always put Lin on the bench lol

  357. Thank goodness lin not playing garbage time

  358. I feel that Lin could’ve been in still if the score is closer.

  359. B2b tomorrow night.

  360. Wish he got 20 though.

  361. This is a way to tank. get him out of the 4th quarter

  362. People complaining about Jeremy being out??? He got 30 minutes with 19 and 7…I’ll take it

  363. I’m just complaining because Clarkson played better than Lin.

  364. Clarkson made a disgusting TO in fast break again. Rookie mistake!
    This kid doesn’t know how to run a fast break.

  365. Good that Lin is out. Garbage time

  366. BS didn’t want his assistant coach to out-coach him.

  367. Yea. He did well for an away game. No complaints.

  368. Glad I’m not the only one who was complaining about Clarkson’s stats and getting more minutes than Lin too! Lin should be allowed to close the game!

  369. I like how he came out in the 1st quarter and did well. It shows he was mentally ready to play today.

  370. lol clarkson made a steal before that though.

  371. but -20, his RPM will take a hit next week.

  372. If so why put JC back to pad his stats? smh! I think that’s the playing time if Lin stays w Lakers when Kobe is back.

  373. No he did not. OKC D was more focused on Lin, who played without Pnr partner.

  374. Maybe i should say he has better stats than Lin. that’s all people look at. Also he has 3 blocks.

  375. I think somebody said that the lakers can win two more games and still keep their pick. I think those two games will be against the Clippers. The Lakers play them twice when they come off the road. Lin/davis pick and roll will be in full effect.

  376. Don’t even compare Clarkson o Lin.

  377. was lin hurt from that slide..isthat why he is not in

  378. Proud of Lin. Didn’t lose his cool. Played his game.

  379. 10pts.. image lakers came back…

  380. No he didn’t. He wasted too much opportunities. He didn’t cause spacing that helps the team. He blew too many opportunities. The coaches are trying to disable Lin by taking his best teammates away from him.

  381. Nothing he could do about that, OKC was just hitting a lot of 3s when he was in.

  382. It’s hard to tell with this team. Very hard to tell. I feel like Pressey is required to do a total tank job while Scott is away. You know the Lakers will lose to Minn. tomorrow to make up for Sixer win. It’s in the bag.

  383. Ed only played 16min he was 5 for 5. Great Laker coaching!

  384. Even he knows that the coaches are fixing the game.
    This team can go to hellll with Byron Scott and his accomplices leading the way.

  385. good piont

  386. He didn’t. Lin played better. He organizes the offense better and runs the fast break better plus Lin played solid defense. Clarkson did good at scoring and blocking but he doesn’t make winning plays yet or organize the team.

  387. Damn that was a nice airball.

  388. That’s simply disgusting throwing the game away for the sake of stats padding for Jordon Clarkson.

  389. it is a win win. Lin gets his linsanity prime and BS gets his tank

  390. Funny

  391. No Scott hates the Clippers. He will make it a point to win in the Staples Center.

  392. JC just beat Lin’s high.

  393. We know that Lakers are a better team than what Their record shows.

  394. Yup. Good for him. Lin needs to focus on Lin.

  395. And to be the only Lakers player to score 30 besides Kobe. Lin could’ve done that last game with 4 minutes left but he just had to be unselfish.

  396. they would be a decent team with a good coach.

  397. No, the coaches are fixing the game and stats to take the ball away from Lin. Lin is playing patiently even he knows that he can’t win all by himself.. The coaches keep on rotating players around Lin to make sure he’s not productive but Lin still manages to hold his own.

  398. Great game!! I think Both JC and JL will be gone…..lol

  399. Stats are deceiving.
    The Lakers breaks up their best players for the sake of stats padding for Clarkson.

  400. So Kobe will be coming back for at least 2 more games towards the end? What for? Unless he’s retiring early?

  401. game is lost on rebounds

  402. Kobe will only make a fool of himself with the dumb coaches around him.

  403. Tankers get rid of the Pick and Roll plays from Lin and Davis

  404. JC will be trade bait for sure but JL will be gone no way is he staying with the Lakers.

  405. The best rebounders are on the bench.

  406. GOOD!

  407. JLin will leave Lakers with this coaching staff.

  408. Ya! I think that’s the plan from BS & Kobe to show FO you don’t need to sign Lin bc JC can do it too w cheaper price. smh!

  409. He knows the Lakers are tanking and he’s not 100% so why even bother? He still has 1 year left with Lakers unless they’re forcing him to retire early, why come back for just 2 more games? Just going to make himself look bad.

  410. Who said that? Joke?

  411. coach knows that they are losing in rebounds and the opponent is shooting 60 pts in the paint and they made the line up small with Lin playing surely BS told them what to do

  412. Why made you think JC will be gone?

  413. Jordon Clarkson in no time takes control of the game like what Lin has done.
    The coaching staff just stinks.
    How long can Laker fans put up with these despicable coaches.

  414. I don’t mind clarkson scoring in this pick-up basketball game. Jeremy is the guy on the floor who needs solid solids to have enough tape to say “when given the minutes I produce”

  415. No Lakers announcers sounded serious just like they were serious when they said Clarkson will come back during 4th quarter for sure.

  416. Too bad, NBA.COM has one Jeremy Lin “highlight” and it is Lin’s blunder

  417. JLin scored 29 and the game was under his control.
    Clarkson scored 30 and the team lost in the worst way. The opposition outdid Lakers in all possible ways.

  418. You think they are showcase JC?!

  419. Wow, now they replaced it with a Westbrook to Kanter highlight.

  420. Maybe just for support their team on bench not really playing, right? Don’t think he can play now….

  421. Maybe they didn’t specify just that he would return for 2 games towards the end. If he’s just watching on the bench I don’t think they needed to announce that we’ll see.

  422. Ya! Just to pad his stats to look good in garbage time.

  423. Jc does not have the toughness of Lin. We all know it. It is obvious in the interview.

  424. Clarkson is like last season’s Carter-Williams for 76ers. They had padded him like he was going to be a star to make fans pay because no real stars would play for them, similar to LAL now.

  425. I think so bc right now he didn’t show up on the bench for the game bc he said it’s hard for him to watch the game now. smh!

  426. While having a real star in Lin, just total disrespect!

  427. What toughness? The one thing I can’t stand is when a rookie gets the biog head. We all saw the game. Now they are putting up Clarkson’s stats against Westbrook when we know lin guarded Westbrook…smh

  428. Bench not doing well without Lin. Like to see Clarkson with
    the bench and compare.

  429. Well, guess he is too afraid that his fans will leave him behind for good.

  430. Lin is leaving.

  431. Carlos Boozer didn’t play.
    Ed Davis was underused.
    They gave Sacre almost 19 minutes; even more time than big Ed. Sacre scored no point, made 2TOs, 3 fouls, 2 rebounds and 2 assists.
    Davis made 5 of 5, 1 block shot, scored 12 points, 3 rebound, 1 steal.

    If I were Davis, Boozer or Lin, I would certainly leave this team for dust. That’s purple and gold tradition; you can see this in Byron Scott’s coaching.

  432. All 3 should team up together on their next team!

  433. Kinda feel bad for this guy.

    Rockets guard Pat Beverly could have a season-ending wrist injury as a final analysis is expected in the morning, sources told Yahoo Sports.— Marc J. Spears (@SpearsNBAYahoo) March 25, 2015

  434. He’s definitely injury prone.

  435. Only Lin haters would compare Lin to Clarkson. Clarkson still have a lot to work on his games.

  436. Don’t feel sorry for the scrub at all such a fake person! He’ll disappear eventually.

  437. Don’t care about Beverly.Sorry he got injured….

  438. Ya! I think it’s either showcase him or tried to tell FO that no need to sign Lin?! smh!

  439. We don’t need to be down on Clarkson. He can score, he’s a rookie, and it’s a good accomplishment for him tonight. This was a bad game by the Lakers because it mostly was like a blowout. A few runs got it down to 9 but then it ballooned back up.

  440. LOL, no heater here. Lin’s PER is going up again.

  441. Clarkson is fools gold. The thing that he appears to be humble, but he is not.

  442. From footwearfoot …

  443. Really not his fault, LAL bigs got beat all night.

  444. Nobody is down on Clarkson, I am calling a spade a spade. He is a little ball hogger with no humbleness about him.

  445. You know what, they took away all of lin’s playing utensils and lin had to go it on his own. Besides I really don’t care about Clarkson. Never have liked Clarkson’s game when you really look at it. BTW this was a tank job from the beginning to sit the Boozer/Hill. That alone should get the Lakers fined for the tank job…smh

  446. Boozer did not play. Davis was underused despite doing well on the court.
    What do you expect?
    They played Robert Sacre 19 minutes for almost nothing but gave only 18 minutes to Big Ed. That’s mindboggling. How could coaches do such a horrible thing to his team?

    They are destroying the team chemistry to lose!!!!

  447. Thanks! footwearfoot is fast!

  448. Lin is patient and keeps his cool.

  449. Go create a fan site for JC!

  450. This Beverley has no class; a dirty player.

  451. Marc J. Spears ✔@SpearsNBAYahoo
    Rockets expected to learn in the morning whether Patrick Beverly can play with his wrist injury or risk further
    ligament damage, source said

    It’s his non-shooting hand, no big deal I think, ?

  452. 2 st right there on vid.

  453. yes, i saw a run where he went for it when he should have dumped to lin … he bricked.

  454. OK lin fans unite and send it to the NBA.

  455. About what? The lose?

  456. JC reminds me Karter-Williams in 76ers last season.

  457. Lin beat WB many times and I liked that one Lin denying WB on a layup..

  458. Twitter already distorting the truth that Clarkson dropped 30 on Westbrook, when lin guarded Westbrook most of the time…smh

  459. post game interview

  460. Contract year. And he hasn’t been playing well this season so I think it will affect his value. Not that I particularly care.

  461. this i half a tank.

  462. Sacre played 19 minutes with 0 point, 2 rebounds, 2 steals, 2 TOs missing all 3 of his shots, 2 assists and 3 fouls.

    Comparion of players’ PER with minutes they played tonight

    PER of Jordon Clarkson 14.60 – 36:23 minutes
    PER of Wayne Ellington 12.10 – 23:55 minutes
    PER of Jabrai Brown 12.13 —- 27:18 minutes
    PER of Lin 16.02 —————– 30:28 minutes

    PER of Ryab Kelly 5.96 ——— 29 minutes
    PER of Wesley Johnson 11.53 – 28 minutes
    PER of Sacre 11.17 ————– 19 minutes
    PER of Tarik Black 12.99 ——– 18 minutes
    PER of Big Davis 20.14 ———- 16 minutes
    PER of Jordon Hill 16.5 ———- 0 minute DNP-CD
    PER of Carlos Boozer 16.72 —- 0 minutes DNP-CD

    Fire Byron Scott!

  463. That’s good news. Bc I thought it’s Lakers said something to him during that time… so it’s another team then… Ya! Hope he will not stay.

  464. LAL are taking a page from 76ers last season, and the tanking will eventually become natural.

  465. Nah, definitely a full tank.
    “Boozer said he was told by Byron he’d sit out “four or five games” along with Jordan Hill so the Lakers can evaluate young guys.”

  466. More than once. He should have passed.

  467. What??? What he did to stop RW tonight was NOTHING. RW was fouled by Lin 3 times tonight, Lin let RW couldn’t do what he wanted to do.

  468. He plays rough and dirty. Will get seine hurt or himself hurt. It’s bad Karma.

  469. Mindboggling indeed. It’s like the coach is not for the team, and the players are pawns being sacrificed, for tanking.

  470. Locker bonding time between Jeremy’s and Ed’s lockers…

  471. Lie just for tanking… I think to most of the players, they sure hate this coach… hope none of them will stay w Lakers next season.

  472. The “number is clear” racist hater klutzch is crying in his beer right now…hahaha

  473. I was just noting sitting hill doesn’t amount to a hill of beans lol.

  474. Hmmm… He is growing his hair out like Linsanity days 🙂

  475. That’s what I thought too. I think he will not go back to Rox… LOL!

  476. BS is bs.

  477. Rockets guard Pat Beverly could have a season-ending wrist injury as a final analysis is expected in the morning, sources told Yahoo Sports.

  478. I think Ellington is next to Jeremy at home… guess it is not the same on the road.

  479. The harden ‘we’?

  480. ISO – me. Lose – we.

  481. lol

  482. They really do think fans are stupid. We watch the games, we saw Clarkson’s selfish game.

  483. lol. Kidd is not around to pull it.

  484. Remember announcers were talking about how strong the bench was and better than the starters? Gee wonder why that is no longer so.

  485. I missed the game but listen to it on the way home. At half time, Mychel Thompson said Westbrook is not getting a triple double tonight because Jeremy is outplaying him.

  486. Clarkson might be getting pumped up for trade bait. Like 76ers did with MCW.

  487. I know… but the problem is not many people watched the game now. smh! Well, it’s OK not many people watched their show either. LOL!

  488. A lot of it has to do with him being a rookie and coaching staff giving him tons of confidence. He does need to learn about humility tho.

  489. lin is so sweet. I bet he will talk to clarkson about his game tonight.

  490. Sort of feel the same way today… in fact, in some road games they kept talking how good he was too before… weird feeling.

  491. Kidd is busy spilling drinks… no time to pull hairs.

  492. I believe this might be an option for slick-back long-hair!


  493. Yeah, kobe probably saying I will take lin. let lin lead the bench, and if we can’t get rondo, let Price just toss me the ball so I can shoot.LOL

  494. And hopefully teach him about humility 🙂

  495. Pl leave this message to Lakers tweet. LOL!

  496. Clarkson is truly blessed to have Jeremy as his mentor

  497. Not this again… collapsed. You’re lucky you cannot be banned 😛

  498. Yeah, hopefully. I think Clarkson was untruthful tonight when he gave the impression like he was guarding westbrook, which clearly wasn’t the case most of the game.

  499. what’s with J’s thumb? (useless comment)

  500. hey, this is the best of all those 4 fashion :>
    nothing is wrong with this European look

  501. lol, I didn’t even know Clarkson was half filipino until now!

  502. porcupiny..

  503. admit you’re trolling me! LOL

  504. We know what happened. He got time to figure it out and he did. It was good that Kobe was out but it has a lot to do with a season that doesn’t matter and he can figure it out. Being on the lakers is a hidden blessing. Even so, I don’t like how Lin has been treated all year but it is what it is.

  505. Mychal Thompson said that…WOW!!!! that is major….

  506. hehe .. Nice TrolLin to make Lin look good is OK :]

  507. Yup. He was a doubter and now suddenly a believer. lol.

  508. Mychal Thompson said the Linconvenient truth in LA that Lin’s defense is good enough to contain Westbrook!

  509. 33 minutes per game would be the best!

  510. Kharma

  511. Big Ed isn’t there!!!!

  512. Yup the fact that both JLin and Clarkson played well tonight as starters says it all!

  513. Lin kept overcoming back spasm, sinus infection, hidden Ed Davis, etc. to silence his doubters and make believers of more LA Media

  514. Very missed tonight not even playing 20 minutes!

  515. Don’t fall into the trap set by those in power to argue over artificial limits. The Lakers tanking is such a case in point. It’s so obvious that the coaches and FO wants to lose when you separate a team like Lin and Davis. So now we argue about who’s to blame for a loss by dissecting an artificial limit.

    A long time ago, I was put into a role playing game in college that got me so mad and upset. We were divided into groups of seven and told to pretend that we are in a nuclear bomb shelter with room for one or two. The arguments were very heated and emotional. Guess what, this game became a made for TV “reality show”.

    I actually called out my prof on this game for the psychological impact it had on us because we turned into little ugly monsters deciding the fate of people outside of bomb shelter for what benefits they would have for us! I told the prof that the real answer would have been for all of us to give up our spots to the team of humans that could best survive the nuclear fallout later.

    Clarkson, JBrown or Lin were put into a no win situation where the game was such that the only way for the team to win is if all the players decided before the game who should be best together as the starters to have a chance to win as a team. They are basically powerless to do anything but be angry like I was at the absurd no win situation they were put into.

    BTW, this is exactly the same way governments divide and conquer the masses by allocation of limited tax dollars to multiple needs of society. They throw crumbs at the programs while calling them hand outs and belittling the people in need. Don’t let people manipulate your emotions in this way into nasty fights of no win arguments.

  516. I heard that too.

  517. Good. I wasn’t imagining it 🙂

  518. I believe deep down, JC is still selfish looking for his. It will take a couple of years to develop JC. Don’t think J.Buss/Kupchak can sacrifice his development time.

  519. Somehow, the Kobayashi test came into my mind….lol

  520. I wouldn’t be surprise if he gets traded. The scenario fits for trade bait.

  521. Usually before Lin goes on a long road trip, he cuts his hair really short. Letting his hair grow out. I actually like it. .

  522. Anybody noticing that Lin has been getting a lot of call for him lately being fouled.?

  523. It helps not having Violate Palmer officiating in these game too. lol.

  524. Ya! Compare to the past… Do you think bc NBA gave him more credit now? Or can FO do something about it? Like Harden didn’t get that many FT when he was in OKC but w Rox… he got tons of….

  525. I think he sells it better too.

  526. But it was OKC homecourt so for Lin to actually get FTs and on their star and MVP candidate is huge! I hope NBA looked into the mistreatment and are giving him more credit now.

  527. I’ll buy whatever he is selling 😛

  528. LOL gotta love Lin’s hastags of #asianinvasion #halfasiancounts

  529. AsianLinvasion is better i think…

  530. Be careful what you are wish for…lol

  531. LOL, what do you want to buy from him?

  532. I noticed from highlights that Lin was consistently quick and decisive in his attacks that refs had to make the call.
    When a player keeps pouring points, the refs tend to give more favorable calls throughout the game.
    So awesome to watch Lin’s relentless attack! :]

  533. Hmmm… I think more than these… no?

  534. exactly, he forces refs to make decisions. Same with that push foul on Adam. Basically saying, I am not gonna be stood here staying silent about it.

  535. Poor harden. He has to do everything all by himself.

  536. He already was anyway

  537. So many highlights since ASB….great!

  538. What did brooks say?

  539. You can tell Lin had a single-mind to attack decisively throughout the game.
    Let’s hope he has enough in the tank tomorrow in the B2B game (pun not Lintended)

  540. Post game interview – longer than TWC version

  541. Tag Heuer watch like this LOL

  542. I think he will. I think he actually likes the fact that Clarkson can share some of the burden with him. I think he will put Clarkson on the right path.

  543. Lin loves to have 2 ball handlers on the court. THat is just more smart than focus on one…

  544. yes, it certainly makes his job easier. Let’s hope the 2-guard attack will free up Lin more and make defense think twice to double-team

  545. I think it’s good for JC to score but not Lin.

  546. either way it will be good. Lin always sees what the defense gives him.
    If JC keeps scoring, they had to account for him so eventually Lin will get more room to operate

  547. Hope so bc it the past when Lin w Harden they always lock Lin to let Harden to score… Bc they considered Lin can run O more than Harden. W JC, sure it’s Lin again.

  548. I thought it’s PG for Lin not SG?

  549. It’s insane to throw a season away just because Kobe is hurt.
    It’s insane to throw a season away for Anthony Benett, Nerlens Noel, Parker, Wiggins etc. How many of them will become a franchise player? Tanking itself has no guarantee for good players? It could be a bust.
    Rondo did work well with Dallas. There’s doubt that it will ever work out for any team. Rondo is at the age of 29. Next season may be 30. If he gets an injury, the hope of Lakers collapse together will big bills following the team for years.

    Laker is a very sick organizastion! They are moving to a black hole.

  550. Ball handler does not equal to ball hog, yet…lol

  551. From my friend. He said Lin is too free in 1st half, need to put the pressure for him in 2nd half.

  552. Also this one… So many good comments on Lin tonight. OKC announcer said “Lin’s been focal point of OKC’s D”

  553. Missed game tonight. Feedbacks please. Lin didn’t finish game, why! +/- 20? What happened?

  554. It will sicker in June, when the draft news are around. It will feel like all 60 drafts are future HOFer…

  555. The coaches of the Laker has taken the worry away by isolating Lin from good players, making sure Linsanity will not happen when Byron Scott is gone. Boozer & Jordon Hill received DNP-CD. Ed Davis got less than 20 minutes with a PER > 20.
    Lakers started a PF with a PER < 6 and probably worse after this game.
    They gave their backup center, who hasn't played for God only knows how many games, more minutes than Big Ed. A surefire way to take a loss when the head coach is gone. All of these tell us that Laker is a critically sick organization and is not worth playing for.

  556. That won’t work when Clarkson stops fouling up fastbreaks and missing easy layups.

  557. Kelly with a PER < 6 couldn't possibly get any worse.

  558. Per SportVU, POST ASB, 43.5%, 29.8% 12.4% 9.3% 3.7% of Lin’s shots were shots
    less than 10ft, pullup 2s, pullup 3s, C&S 3s and C&S 2s,
    where he hits those at 48.6%, 45.8%, 20%, 66.7% and 66.7% respectively.

    His pull up 3s suffered the most, will be his summer workout list I think.

  559. Bigs benched (Hill and Boozer), and good defender Davis kept away from Lin to prevent L-Ed connection from harming tank. Kanter (and Adams) took Kelly and Black’s lunch AND dinner money.

  560. PFV’s comment

  561. Looks like stubbed it. Blood under nail.

  562. Meant someone.

  563. Man Brent, you really a Trekkie….like me! Too often we are subjected to outside forces that forces us into mouse traps of running wheels that exhaust our energies. The trick is to know and recognize it and get off it.

    The Kobayashi Maru was a no win situation as was the end world scenario I faced in that bomb shelter. The questions we needed to answer went much deeper than our lives. The test asked us about duty, responsibility, bravery and sacrifice. The question was not about how to live or survive, the question was about how to die for the sake of others to come.

    So when we look at LIN’S game within this no win scenario of a game he’s in, we have to understand the multiple levels of the answers he’s answering about the meaning of his life, of duty, responsibility, bravery and sacrifice. Haha, this means that Lin’s not on the Lakers ship of fools but in the spaceship Kobayashi Maru! Lol.

  564. gracious man …!

  565. Yes sir! Capt Kirk!

  566. What is Lin’s?

  567. He says the “right” things in interviews but what he said during the Behind the Lakers video showing the team playing tag, I didn’t like. A little bit of ego coming through. It was like he was all that. needs to learn some humility from Lin.

  568. How many of them could even make the team?

  569. Those guys are VEERRY LATE to the party.

  570. I heard something similar too. They said the D were focused on Lin.

  571. He’s the engine of the lakers, if you stop him, you stop the lakers. Also, the coach does a great job of benching the players that deserve to start.

  572. See like I said… Lin w JC, only will free JC not Lin bc JC is not Harden. In fact, when Lin was in HOU, they would rather let Harden to score but lock up on Lin. smh!

  573. You are right. But if this team wants to win they will try to help Lin out… of course this is not the case tonight. Coach wants to loss the game. Lin will always be the target bc he is the only guy the other team cares so much about it.

  574. 16.02

  575. That’s cause they are tanking on purpose, the entire team knows. At least Lin’s able to play his game and score.

  576. Jeremy Lin looked very good from the highlights. This kid was meant to be a star. He has the mental makeup. He just doesn’t look the part.

    I’ve been mocked for saying he as good as Curry Lillard and the like. I know he is. He just needs the same chance and organizational support these other guys got.

    I’m not saying Lin is all NBA or the best. But he is clearly a top shelf starting type NBA PG. Screw the NBA. I’ve been watching long enough to know what i know.

    Lin is a top 5 NBA PG right now. Starting, benched, Asian, screwed by his owns teams or not.

  577. Scott Brooks definitely made the right half-time adjustment to respect Lin’s ability to wreak havoc with his driving

    If Davis was in there, I bet Lin would’ve made them pay for double-teaming him just like the 76ers game.
    More reason for Lin/Davis to bloom somewhere else together in July FA.

  578. Unless you are Lebron, you need some devasting teammates. Even Lebron needs help.

    Westbrook can almost do it himself & is probably the best guard at trying to Kobe his way to wins, but Lin is a good decision maker so even though he has limitations, Lin can make good enough decisions with the ball to overwhelm teams that way to match/combat Westbrook’s individual brilliance.

  579. his hair is ugly as hell. but he is playing damn well.

  580. Awesome highlights! 16 pts in the first half against Westbrook. Lin had more points than Westbrook at the half. Some of those plays were definitely at the elite level. Other teams will definitely be interested in Lin in free agency with his strong second half.

    I’m happy for Clarkson’s big game. Everyone benefits when Lin starts and plays more. The better Clarkson does, the less likely the Lakers will attempt to re-sign Lin.

  581. Man, I cannot even figure out where Lin will sign this summer. Crazy….

  582. And it was even more impressive since against a good OKC team, not the sixers!

  583. To a point, RWB started to pretend he was not guarding lin…

  584. A better team….

  585. Another 14 games….stay healthy and end the season with outstanding results…that is my wish for Jlin

  586. i could care less about Clarkson. He is being used by Lakers organization,as anybody but lin. Clarkson is a selfish rookie who is looking out for himself. I am a very good judge of people, and Clarkson is all about himself. When leaves this dysfunctional organisation,Clarkson will be in for a very rude awakening,in which I am sure lin is trying to tell him, but Clarkson is to caught up. He will see once lin is gone.

  587. Yep….get the body ready for the summer work out and the new team…

  588. He is like that, and lakers is encourage him doing it….very bad for the rook. But like u said, it does not matter, lin is gone…

  589. Several category post ASB. He is at least top 10

  590. Thanks for the highlights and the discussion…Iam so busy nowadays…

  591. i think you are being too harsh on the kid. What’s he going to do? Be selfless and pass all game? These kids all want to stick in the NBA and grew up watching Kobe ball hog his way to glory.

    Not saying you are wrong, but I dont think JC is as malicious as you think. he’s trying. He just lacks the depth of Lin’s game.

  592. no you are wrong. He is top 5!

  593. and a better coach …

  594. Well I did not make those numbers…

  595. That is included, a must for a better team…lol

  596. What I long realized and what I think the NBA is now finally realizing is that Jlin is just DAMN GOOD. Like scary good. He does NOTHING that looks insane, and he just hits boring mid range jumpers with devastating effect. And when his 3 pointer falls, it’s like deflating for the other team.

    Then Lin drives on you and puts pressure on you and then when you finally stop him, he passes it off to some guy near the rim or keeps feeding some 3 point guy wide open.

    Lin does his damage so effortlessly when he is on and his speed and quickness is his NBA gift.

  597. haha

  598. I disagree, Clarkson knows exactly what he is doing. For instance during his post game interview, he acted like he guarded westbrook, which he clearly didn’t. He was disgenious during that interview. If he was a stndup guy, he would have spoken the truth. I have Clarkson’s number. You can hide behind that he is a rookie, but manners and good taste is not learned, it is how you were raised. BTW as I stated before. I really am not feeling Clarkson because he is all about the phony.

  599. I think Clarkson is just very young. I noticed small things he did like picking up Lin when falling down or getting up the bench when Lin made a 3 in the last game, I think he respected Lin who took him under his wing.

    For now, he’s going to try to use his athleticism and keeps shooting when hot to prove himself for next season because he can’t read the game well and it’s still too fast on him as a rookie.

    He might go all-for-himself like Bev did or he may not. Hopefully he feels kinship with Lin being 50% AA and Lin showing the rope.

  600. hm, I haven’t watched his interview but I’ll do so tomorrow to see if he’s disingenuous
    Thanks for the tip

  601. so non-tanking team like 76ers then :>

  602. Very good game by Lin. Let’s hope he can keep that up for the rest of his career and play like an All-Star from this point on.

    In the name of Jesus Christ, Jeremy Lin will have another great game later tonight against the Minnesota Timberwolves. 20+points/7+assist/5+rebounds/3+steals/2+blocks/1-turn-overs.

  603. I disagree. If it the respect and generousness is there it would have been very natural and without guise and we as fans would not have to play this guessing game of whether he was sincere or not. . I don’t see that with Clarkson. I think he and Randle are the same prototype…just my opinion

  604. Actually, he did guard Westbrook for a couple of possessions,………and got lit up everytime

  605. Preach it, brotha! =)

    That’s how our SmiLin Assasin operates all right!
    1. He sees the floor with his court-vision, seizing the opening to the rim and slicing to the heart of the defense with his burst of speed
    2. When defense collapses and is forced to double-team him, he simply finds the wide-open teammates around the rim or at the perimeter and makes them pay.
    Only because Ed Davis was separated from Jeremy that OKC didn’t pay much for their double-team tonight.

    Lin’s game is even too fast for these NBA athletes. When Lin gets all the weapons around him in the new team, the NBA better be afraid of Linsanity Redux soon!

  606. Why wouldn’t he jkeep that up?lin knows that he is fending for himself, he goit it. so what is this rederick , i hope lin keeps this up? I am so sick of the so called lin fans doubting him with these just in case alibis…smh

  607. just a couple exactly. Westbroogjk was not focused on rookie, he was clearly focused on lin showing him up.

  608. it’s okay =) we do need to hope and pray for uncontrollable things like health in the NBA and finding the team/coach who really believe in him.
    nothing is really guaranteed in life, but I have faith Lin will keep rising in the last 13 games

  609. Can’t wait for 4/1 release of the full interview

  610. LOL at the last question. Is JLin growing his hair to honor Steve Nash?
    I’ll say yes for the last 13 games =)

  611. it’s a problem since smart coaches know it’s better to neutralize Lin as the engine of the team and allow others to score. Lin would eventually learn to force his will. I believe he would if Davis was out there with him today

  612. J is too humble for sure hehe

  613. TV = opiate of the masses. Let them eat cake, someone said.

  614. Kobayashi Maru.

  615. Man, this game at OKC vs the Lin Slice and Dice of last game:

    – No ED
    – No Booz
    – Too much JC partnering

    I wish this team was trying to win. They would have given OKC a good game. Ah well, see now easily it is for Lin to play well when the FO decides it’s ok? I mean, they are in good position to get the bottom 5, and they figured out all the moves to keep the team from competing with ease, so now they feel a-ok to let Lin play his game a bit. Just make sure they let JC run the show a bit, mix up the personal a bit, etc.

  616. yeah! before the game, he predicted that lin will outplay westbrook, and i thought he was making fun. but throughout the game, he kept mentioning that his prediction was true, and that lin was outplaying westbrook

  617. i like it!!!

  618. LOLLL

  619. That is awesome that Lin is getting some well deserved recognition!

  620. “Only because Ed Davis was separated from Jeremy that OKC didn’t pay much for their double-team tonight.” Last night, the 76er’s saw the Lin Davis connection and was punished for the double teaming Lin. Tonight would have been really interesting to see ED start with Lin.

  621. I do see JC jumping up and down when Lin performs well. I’m just not sure if it is disingenuous or not. If it is, he looks like a good actor.

  622. Amen!

  623. a thousand thumps up! 🙂

  624. Nice to see Jeremy had another good game and some splendid move to the basket!

  625. Jeremy Lin Prayer Requests
    Hey guys,

    First off, thank you guys so much for praying for me. I’m constantly surprised at how many prayer warriors are out there and how selfless you guys are to take the time to pray for me. I wish I could return the favor for each of you individually as well!

    Here’s my upcoming prayer list:
    -Praise God for a pretty strong stretch (from a basketball standpoint) since the All-Star break. Also prayer that I would learn to give thanks and praise God more often. Often times, I pray hard for certain things, but I struggle to spend extended time in praise even though I know it’s important.

    -Prayer for the right mindset to finish the season strong. Sometimes, it feels like there’s less to play for because we’re not in playoff contention, but God calls me to play every game and live everyday to bring Him the glory He deserves. In other words, my mindset and my work ethic shouldn’t waver because I’m playing for God, not for the playoffs.

    -Prayer for humility to surrender the results of each basketball game to God. I am naturally a perfectionist, so I always want to play a great game and get the win, but God is humbling me and teaching me to focus on the process and trust Him with the results.

    -Praise God for our new Youtube video and for a chance to interact and build relationships with a few homeless people in the LA area. Prayer that these individuals would have open hearts to truly know Jesus Christ! Also prayer that God would provide for their physical needs, whether it’s for housing, a job or stability in general.

    -Prayer for my teammates and coaches. This season has had its fair share of discouragement, disappointment and brokenness. Please pray that their vulnerability from a tough season would allow them to seek and see Christ, whether through joining chapel, Bible study, daily devotionals or a church.

    -Prayer for spiritual revival within the city of LA, the US, Asia and the world. Often times, I’m afraid to pray big prayers because they seem so intangible or too unrealistic, but I have to remind myself that God is bigger than anything I will ever face or encounter and my biggest dreams are nothing compared to the power He possesses. So prayer for global revival!

    Thanks again for your prayers and support…much love!!
    Copyright © 2015 Jeremy Lin Foundation, All rights reserved.

  626. great video.

  627. yer right this time they’re wrong. never liked clarkson from the beginning; boxscore will look like clarkson had a big game but if you actually watched the game you saw that the game got out of hand only when clarkson “took it over”.

    people give him way too much credit because he’s “a rookie”. and as i have pointed out before no way the kobe is going to allow clarkson the backcourt freedom that hes given as a cover for “development” for tanking purposes and to keep linsanity suppressed.

    a possible back up shooting guard somewhere but by trade deadline i would imagine next year he’ll be gone and forgotten.

  628. When one opposing coach after another devises his team’s defense around you, you know you have arrived And Lin was still in total control in spite of being double-teamed most of the time.

    Some said his game was off a little in the few games prior to his monster game vs Philly, but I thought that was because of his bad back and injured wrist. He still played aggressively in those games.

    There’s no question he has taken his game to the next level. As Lin has said repeatedly, the best is yet to come. Hello Free Agency!

  629. 90% of the time lin is stopped by tanking desires of his own team and the individual agendas of his teammates; not the other teams “adjustments”.

    lin got the last game and the first half of this one. then they let clarkson take over for the tank and his own #s.

    but hey i can live with that. lins’ post asg #s keep going up and two years from now the lakers will still be nursing kobe along to one more time and clarkson as forgotten as acie law, toney douglas, ronnie price, p.bev, and all the other abl’s.

    this seems a nice compromise for everyone and probably as some have suggested something worked out behind the scenes.

    as for harden; well its all about the free throws. they take away his fta’s in the playoffs again rockets will fail again.

    and yep when lin had free range lin in motion in the first half he out dueled the masked marvel.

  630. lin only had one bad game recently; as opposed to being stopped by his own teams other agendas and that was the one game before the big philly game and as you i think are suggesting it was clearly a matter of his back and wrist perhpas lingering also issues.

    he should not have played that game; clearly it was limiting his ability to play to his normal level. i was actually concerned that he played and tried to play thru tho injuries and could have longer effects but i guess thankfully that was not the case as the philly game proved.

    waht was interesting to me was how he wasnt able to move defensively with the injuries and seeing that gave greater appreication for the normal solid defense he does play despite reputation unearned of weak on defense.

  631. I agree with you, Imtoldman, but was it the game in which his Linsanity DVD’s were handed out at the gate? Also, I understood a group from Taiwan came to see him. He was just showing his true professionalism.

  632. I think Lin did improve a lot in his double team trap & his D. Really happy for him. Ya! He can still score but coach decided to let JC in charge that’s what I thought for 3Q. Don’t know what’s going on w coach? I guess today will be Ellington’s time maybe like they said they want to see these young players on court …

  633. Way too much Clarkson in this video.

  634. I don’t think he considered himself under Lin’s wing… more like to Nash & Kobe… Ya! I know he picked Lin up bc everyone in the team knew that’s the guy who boss wants for the future…. to be fair, it’s nothing wrong for him tried to be act like Kobe or PB… I don’t like he is too selfish but NBA is all about competition so….

  635. it’s his playmaking and strategy.

  636. I am w you. I think he tried to take any chance to make himself as the guy… just like the article from Mike to say Lakers should keep JC instead of Lin bc he can score & cheap… and he got all the support from BS & Kobe… He knew it he also took the chance… something like that…. I really think he is just another tool from BS & Kobe to stop Lin to stay in Lakers only. Once Lin is out he will be just like PB to forget about it. At that time, Kobe will say JC needs to learn PG’s duty. LOL!

  637. LOL. I do like the dunks though.

  638. Can we take anything that release on 4/1 seriously?

  639. “He is definitely a NBA player.” -Byron Scott. LOL.

  640. well, you have to understand.. they are rookies and rookies knows THEY HAVE to make a name for themselves..and in this nba leagues, gms and others look at stats (look at reggie jackson.. he over shoots to get to 20points and they say oh wow he is good..blah) over efficiency. They hyave to prove they are at least nba material.. so they don’t have any regrets. He eventually might learn to play unselfishly (maybe) after he is in.. but for anoyone who is on the border, they have to make a case for them self so they can stay in the nba. Lin said the same thing.. he sayd he doesn’t care and have to play his game else he will regret it and if he play his last game, at least he will have no regrets..and guess what… linsanity happened. During lisnaity or after melo or amare came back, he was still the focal point with mda..but some and including me was thinking he starting to ball hog a bit because I saw amare was wide open and he didn’t pass to him. So maybe he was learning.

  641. Exactly. He is just a tool for Kobe now to make Lin looks not that necessary to keep if you can pay less to get it. But since it’s BS control who gets playing time & in charge the ball so it’s very easy to make him looks good in stats. Even in garbage time to let him pad his stats…. smh!

  642. At 0.53 Lin take W-Brook 1vs1 and oh boy, Lin is fast.

  643. No fooling

  644. Pretty sure some of them knew but BS is their buddy so.

  645. Lin is sick today and he still makes a difference and let the game comes to him.
    At least, we see that Jordon Clarkson is still years behind Jeremy. He got 30 points but the game is beyond his control.

  646. Dunks are less effective than layups because it’s more predictable.

  647. Lin was sick today and nobody on the court really was aware of it.

  648. It takes this bright coach so long to say that.
    Byrone thought the otherwise and his mistake was irrevocable and I am almost certain Lin won’t come back and play for him next year.

  649. Which is beyond the understanding of Byron Scott and Kobe until they play against Lin.

  650. What changed? Since ASG, Lin played like a total different player.

    1. Changed from passive to aggressive in terms of scoring. (Lin took the first shot in the game vs OKC, scored a 3 pointer. This never happened in this season.)
    2. TO reduced down to a level that even doubters were quiet.
    3. More favorite fouls calls from refs.
    4. Before ASG, Lin struggled from time to time, lost in the games. After ASG, Lin played in the flow of the games.
    5. Moved and dribbled in more controlled tempo, knowing where he was going.
    6. Played more confidently (at least to the eye test), more assertive, less hesitant. (Just looked at his eyes.)

    During ASG, something MUST happened. My takes:

    1. He reviewed and studied the films THOROUGHLY with trainers, coaches (not Lakers), friends, and getting all the advises and absorbed them.
    2. Some aphorisms might lighten him up, turning on his switch. This changed his mindset from being passive to aggressive.

    He has the talents and skills. Fans, just wait thru this training ground in Lakers to sharp and arm his mental power and a new NBA chapter shall begin.

  651. Lin is the one who almost single-handedly got Steve Adams in foul trouble. If Jeremy played for another coach, he would take control of the game.

  652. I really think someone talked to him during ASG break that’s why he changed his game so much.

  653. Byron Scott made sure that wouldn’t happen before he left. This is a despicable person who certainly wouldn’t achieve any thing in Laker because he has ended his opportunities all by himself. Who would like to play for Byron Scott any more? Jason Kidd really knew what he should do. No wonder he’s such a successful coach now.

  654. docky?

  655. For some strange reason, he usually does better after ash. It’s not just on the Lakers.

  656. I was floored and so excited when lakers signed lin…

  657. Id like lakers to give lin and offer. of course, then say it’s been real. laaater!

  658. That was not said. I will always pray for lin no matter what,

  659. Jeremy, please say NO to the LA Fakers if they want to resign you. A team is not a team when it intends to tank. There is no spirit at all and will go no where.

  660. I hope he will not stay either. This team will continue to tank as long as Kobe & BS are still on the team. smh!

  661. Bottom three is much better (For the Fakers)

  662. I just gave the benefit of the doubt and extended grace since he also wished well for another great game in the next day. IMO no evil Lintention =)

  663. So Lin got 29, then JC gets 30. I think Lin needs to come back and score 31.

    Today is another battle of the tankers. I think for LAL, it’s pretty critical they lose this one since LAL are 2 1/2 above the wolves. Will have to see if they keep the same rotation as yesterday.

  664. Some more highlights from Jay910221

  665. Didn’t it looked like Westbrook (even Westbrook and Kanter double team on Lin) couldn’t guard Lin, at lease that was what I saw from the Lakers highlights. Westbrook saving energy for triple double?

  666. Lin has talked a lot about spiritual readiness. What exactly does he mean and how does it help a player to perform?

    A young rookie like Clarkson goes wild or rogue is a sign of mental chaos. Often coaches would reign that energy in to maintain a team discipline. On the Lakers, this type of behavior is allowed to happen for the sake of tanking. It isn’t much different than when KOBE does his thing and ices everyone else out. It’s just that LA is so used to it that the don’t understand how it negatively affects team play.

    Spiritual readiness is a higher order of self. One of the best sports psychology books is “the Inner Game of Tennis”. It talks at great lengths about how all of us have 2 voices within us, a king of “ego vs id” kind of dichotomy that can negatively affect our inner balance. There is often an inner voice from our ego to judge everything we do as good or bad. Sometimes it’s a reflection of how others have judge us that triggers the self hate within us. It takes very little to push us down this path of self defeat.

    It takes incredible self control to silence that inner voice. Spiritual readiness is that ability to have the strength to overcome the dark forces that can overtake our actions.

    Some coaches mistake mental toughness and “will to win” with spiritual readiness. There’s no denying that KOBE is mentally tough or have massive will to win, what he lacks is spiritual readiness to separate his own need to win for the greater good of the team. That’s something he has never been able to do. Winning a battle is not the same as winning a war. A soldier who goes rogue for what he believes is the best for himself can easily threaten the long term strategy of winning the war. This is the situation that faces the Lakers franchise.

    An athlete that allows his mental chaos to power up their desire to win can make things worst. This is much easier to see in an individual sport like tennis where team dynamics can hide the faults. A tennis player who loses his cool and blindly powers up will likely start to go for winners too early and start to lose many points on unforced errors. In BBall it’s in making bad passes, bad shots, ball hogging, going for bad steals, fouling, technicals and picking up flagrant 1/2s. A player who is spiritual ready can be calm under pressure to see how to maintain control of his personal centre will applying the correct changes to help the team. The team or you may lose anyways, but you can learn positively from the experience to build towards the next encounter.

    Spiritual readiness for an athlete is the ability to see the big picture under stress and to calmly adapt to the pressure in such a way that sets the course towards defining ways to improve.

    As a coach, we often see students work so hard off court to better themselves but can never redefine themselves mentally until they are put into these situations. Believing in ones greatness isn’t the same as owning it. Spiritual readiness opens the mind and soul to that experience of ownership of their own talents. Coaches that don’t put their players into situations to test themselves are limiting their abilities to grow. At the same time however, they also need to recognize when a player has pushed themselves into mental chaos and pull them back into spiritual readiness.

  667. Right after last night’s game Lin moved one notch up in ranking. After Lin’s PER was recalculated later, he moved up another notch, now ahead of Derrick Rose, Mo Williams and Tony Parker.

  668. Great!…thanks for the update…..Lin is really focused now…to close the season strong…his determination is really mind blowing…Go Lin

  669. sick?!!! what happened?

  670. hahaha…good one!

  671. nice shirt!!! 🙂

  672. its ok…got it…sinus/flu

  673. So we get treated to some bad bball as coached (purposely or not) for 48-25 mins, then with Lin in there, there will be maybe half that set for messy rotations so only 12-15 good mins a game. Better than nothing, at least now it’s ok for Lin to play his game for when he’s given the helm. I think in the past, there was a fight over that as they needed to ensure no Linsanity breakout, and now everyone is confident the team cannot break out with Lin playing well as long as they task him with hard D, court-coaching of JBrown, put him next to Hans Solo JC, etc.

  674. yep, they count on youthful exuberance to destroy all seasoned runs and responses. You know as a coach how devastating that can be for a team effort, the inkling of individualism either for glory or an individual suffering alone. The leader (Lin) uplifts everyone, and that is why he looks average some days. He’s giving out energy to get the team total up. The numbers are clear, second unit ruled this year. May real sports and life fans continue to see and learn from that. Inspirational!

  675. It’s not the scoring that scares the opposing coaches about Lin. It is his ability to break down the defenses in addition to that scoring, organize the team, get them on a roll where most of the team is involved in the offense, or Lin feeds the hot hand. They don’t want Lin in a rhythm and getting his team going. So when Clarkson scores, OK, he scores. But when Lin is going, he is more a team player that can get the team on a roll and be the chief motor. Lin doesn’t have to compete with Clarkson for points and we shouldn’t really concern ourselves with Lin vs. Clarkson’s scoring.

  676. did anyone see lin say hi to novakaineo

  677. I would say he negotiated a green light to play his game. He needed to do that because the team cannot play his game unless the coach says ok, else too many indiv breakdowns.

  678. What I am loving is JLin following the seams that open up for him when he’s doubled and people overplay a coverage. You can see in your mind’s eye his zigzagging, and with the low TOV to Assists ratio, I think his handles are mighty fine. Yet another narrative put to rest. Only here can I get respite from that crude oil most days.

    BTW, I notice others zigzagging fine through coverage too, but JLin has one more potent set of choices – he has vision so he can nail a wicked no-look pass, or he can go in above the rim for an easy score, or he can draw contact that FT awards have shown lately.

    Just goes to show, it’s there if they will let him play competitive bball. We almost lost faith, but it was there always.

  679. I love it, lin is really baling. I think what you posted the other day about it might take lin a couple of gameto whip them into shape is excatly right. Lin was zipping past Westbrook and the double teams. Lin looked really good ou there last night.

  680. When Clarkson decided to takeover the game in the 3rd Q without some effort of playing defense was when the Lakers had no chance to come back.

  681. When a pg with 19 shooting attempts he’s a “me” not “us”.

  682. Clarkson reminded me of Kobe in the beginning of the season when he only cared about chasing MJordan all time scoring.

  683. I did not have time to see the game. Who took 19 shots. That is a lot of attempts.

  684. try 27 by monte who got 38 points.

  685. but they praise him still. they won that’s why

  686. what I feel last night the game at 4th Q, it started with Ed and Lin on the court together and it went well for 3 min, and then Ed was pulled, and Lakers put in a insane small line up with Kelly at center, that really killed everything, that Laker had no rebounding, no defense, everyone help inside and give up tons of 3s, and I see Lin was looking back to the bench and talking to coach about something, and sure enough, he is out right after. Not sure whether Lin asked to go out there or he was complaining so they take him out, but right there, when Clarkson comes back in, he is back together with Black, a real center, then the game is a bit more watchable though still bad. But that is a really secret tank move for a solid 3 min.

  687. Our starting point guard, Jordan Clarkson. What’s wrong is they put him as a ball handler but instead he looked for his own shot first.

  688. guess not..
    thought they are close friends.

  689. Monte is a SG, his job and approval by coach was to shoot.

  690. he has been like that from the beginning. I think he really benefited by playing together with Lin.

    The second half he started to dominate the ball, and he basically get all his teammates out of the game, include Lin. And towards the end of the game, I think all his teammates is rooting him to break his scoring record, and pass everything for him to shoot, he missed his last shot otherwise he will go to 32.

    I seriously think he got the MCW treatment in Lakers, and he team might look for drive up his stock price and sell him. He is a mini-more selfish version of Lin, drive and no kick, there is no way he could play well with Kobe, if Kobe could not stand Lin to play with him.

  691. You pointed out so well.

  692. it’s not really secret at this point. It’s been obvious for the last 25 games now.

  693. an unleashed Jlin is very hard to guard for anyone, especially if he gets proper screens.

  694. so if jc is a sg when lin is in and jc took that much shots, you are saying it’s ok?.

  695. Absolutely if he’s an effective scorer.

  696. Yes, thanks … Lin will resolve the puzzle, and I noticed he is admonishing JBrown with a smile on his face now. In the PHI game, he was really directive and even stabbed his finger to the corner place for JB, and JB leaned back and went away intense. But it was no harm no foul as JB kicked out to Lin on the next play.

    If I were in competitive ball, I would love to have a teammate like Lin. The really best player, but always working toward team play. I knew a guy like that on college soccer. This guy was on full scholarship and yet, he spend 1 hr one day feeding me headers and shots to get my game going.

  697. very RWB-ish…

  698. but that’s not what some people here will say.. they will say jc is a ballhog and complains he shoots too much..but when lin shoots 10-16 last game everyone was alright with 16 fgas.. heck if lin gets 19 shot attempts.. and gets 30 points that ok?
    I don’t get the hypocrisy of some people.

  699. Don’t you get it,some people here are not Clarkson’s fans. So please don’t come on here and call people hipocrits because nobody is agreeing with you…smh

  700. If Lin was the pg, Clarkson would not have 19 attempts because Lin only looked for the open guy first.

  701. I think that will depends on whether those are good shots or not. If a PG goes in, take a good shot, I think that’s okay. If a PG goes in, call consecutive plays for himself, I would not think it is okay, and if a PG goes in, go directly to ISO, and take a shot do not even look for his teammates, that’s bad.

    I do think a PG as a ball hog is worse than a SG as a ball hog, since he will hog the ball from start of the possession, whereas SG could only hold on the ball PG distribute to him.

  702. Wai Lai: It was reported that Thunder keyed its D in on Lin. He was a marked man, Clarkson didn’t get the Thunder’s full attention & had more freedom. That was also my impression watching the Game.

  703. Westbrook had to foul Lin 3 times too.

  704. Ok, I get that this is a lin fan site.. that I forgot. But so you are saying that on this site, lin is 100% right all the time and should think of all the reason why he is not doing well if he is not doing well? Doesn’t that invalidates any really good basketball discussions? At least to be a proud lin fan, we should be consistent. If lin got 19 fga and 26 points, that’s fine, but jc gets 19 fga and 30 points, that’s not fine? What if lin gets 26 points on 20 fga AND jc gets 30 points on 19 fga. Is that fine? To me, either way is fine. no one has to agree with me, but I personally dislike inconsistency. Same with the plus and minus.. lin has a -20, but jc has 0.. last time lin has +15 and jc has -20 or soemthing and everyone start bashing on jc. I was appall at the inconsistency of lin fans. Lin fans suppose to be classy and in my opinion consistent and if someone does well give credits when they are due.. (like wb and his 9 td).

  705. So psalm, you’re saying Lin is Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon? Lol!

  706. So I am just curious, given there are 20 shots to take, you want Lin take it or Clarkson?

  707. I think you got a point. Being objective and fair. But again we need to look at the game dynamic, not just the stats. Only people watching the game closed-up would know what happened on the court.

    JC ballhog a bit last game. IMO, he just tried his best for his future, with the back of the coaches. No matter what, it is ALL on the coaches.

  708. ok, that’s true.. but I think they will both have the same FGA plus or minus 1.. maybe 18 each.
    because you have to remember, both of their position is interchangeable and thats what the coach said, 50/50…. so that’s why I’m so disgusted at the inconsistency of what some lin fans are saying.

    In fact, the heat won championhsip because of erik’s thought of POSITIONLESS BBALL. and they are almost interchangeable..unless you are the center who is over 7 feet tall.

  709. The Heat won championship because of an ultra rare breed of human LBJ who can play point better than anyone. Clarkson can drive, shoot but his floor general showed otherwise. He looks for his own shot first just like Kobe this season.

  710. I personally will prefer lin to take more shot. But I care about his efficiency more than fga BUT with fga over 10. But if lin has say 8-8 and clarkson has 9-12, That’s fine. What is not fine to me is if lin has 5-5 and jc has say 7-15.. because lin should have about 10 fga at least..

    Now if lin has 2-15, and jc has 5-5.. I will cringe. But I know he will never do that.. because if he notice he is off, he stops to guard his efficient stats.

    Note that the above are assuming they both starting with 30 minutes about each.

    I would not want either lin nor jc both who are starting to have 0 FGA.

    Do you get what I’m trying to say. The beauty of lin bball as fans should know, is BALANCE.

  711. I get what you are saying. Just a curious question.

  712. I agree that jc did ballhog a bit, but that is a separate issue. He ballhog because it might be that he is not yet polished..and plus he wants to stayinto the nba… to prove that he belongs.. that’s the same with everyone including lin during linsanity.. in fact, a few fans even start to call him a hogger. But they are trying to stay in. it’s really competitive, the nba.

  713. yes, lbj is also a big factor too… he is basically a player who can play any of the 5 positions so to have him on the team is perfect to fit in almost any puzzle.

  714. good one. I totally expect Lin with Nash hair on 4/1 then LOL

  715. Agree! Open tanking in full force!

  716. I only agree maybe 2 3 4 and 5. lol

  717. We are classy fans. I am not a fan of Clarkson. I get the fact that he is a rookie and looking out for himself, but often times on the court he ignores lin. I am talking about respect. I don’t care if he gets up everytime while he is on the bench and cheers lin, but it is what he does on the court with lin. So if you are Clarkson fan, then good for you. I will always give lin the benefit of the doubt because he is not playing on a level playing field. I wander if you were in Lin’s shoes how you would fare. or any athlete that has been yanked around like lin has. The inconsisntency word that you like to use, it just a convient way for you to critizie lin. You might call yourself a lin fan, but you are a lin critic mostly.

  718. You got it right, @kpchan:disqus :]
    I was waiting if anyone got the hint hehe..

  719. Another “Must-Tank” game vs MIN Timberwolves

    LaVine is quoted as the Key Matchup. He did explode vs Lakers in the Staples Center partly to prove a point to Lakers which didn’t draft the UCLA product

    Key matchup

    UCLA product Zach LaVine led the Wolves over the Jazz with 27 points. That’s one short of his career high of 28 — earned against the Lakers in November.

    The rookie guard is inconsistent, but explosive. Through the month of March he’s averaged 12.2 points and 3.4 assists a game, while shooting 43.5% from the field, along with an impressive 51.4% from three-point range.

    The Lakers are now starting Jordan Clarkson and Jeremy Lin at guard. They’ll need to be well aware of where LaVine is at all times.

    Clarkson scored his own career high of 30 on Tuesday night in a loss to the Oklahoma City Thunder.

  720. This is the same old script. I don’t even know why they bother to write these articles, because we all know they are bogus. As I posted last night, I think Lakers still can win 2 mores games and not interfere with their draft pick. I think those two games will be with the Clippers. They will play the Clippers twice in Staples Center. That is when Scott will pull out the Lin/ED pick and roll. LOL

  721. Byron definitely abhors the Clippers so he’ll pull out the secret weapon in Lin/Davis =)
    Eric Pincus does advocate tanking so it’s quite funny to read him root for the loss

    I see the last 2 games are against the Kings and George Karl.
    I want Jeremy to impress Coach Karl in this games so he’ll be constantly on his mind during FA hehe

  722. the thing that i liked the most about this game was that , he just flew by Westbrook a couple of times 🙂

  723. Good post. Made me think.

  724. Omar Casspri said that he wants to stay with the Kings now that George Karl is the coach. He said that he has learned so much from Karl already. I think Lin will have offers from :76ers,Mavericks,Lakers,Nuggets and possible the Kings. Who knows Rockets might try to get him back…LOL

  725. I don’t know if you notice this, the TWC reporter Mike Trudell asked the same question to Coach Pressey, Lin, and Clarkson, which is what reason to cause them got out-rebounded besides Boozer and Hill did not play yesterday. Pressey said they (Lakers) didn’t create some space and their effort is good but not good enough. Lin said their weak side was not there, probably means they are not in position to rebound. Clarkson said guards need to step in and help out.

    I think only Lin pointed out their main problem of defense and gave the best answer. No wonder he is Coach Lin.

  726. That I totally agree. Lin is all for that. Not just based on the whole game, but maybe first half, second half, 1Q, 4Q, all depending on what defenses give and react differently. That’s beauty of what Lin is capable of.

  727. You have expensive taste, so it’s pocket change? A Harvard econ major knows the value of a sugar mama.

  728. Game 70 Thread vs MIN is open

    This is another “Must-Tank” game which Lakers definitely needs to lose to move up in the Great Tanking Race to get Top 5 NBA draft. Expect Lakers to pull another “TankMove” like 3 min with small lineup w/o true center in early 4th quarter to allow minimal defense as @disqus_Qw9GaYTag0:disqus correctly pointed out

    Let’s hope Jeremy continue his aggressive, strong plays despite Byron’s effort to hide Ed Davis away from Lin to ensure the tank and allowing opposing teams to score.

    Go Jeremy!

  729. Excellent observation of little things that Byron did in every game to ensure the Tank, @disqus_Qw9GaYTag0:disqus

    This is definitely the #TankPlay of the Game.
    TWCSN should give award this like they do “Sub Of the Game”

  730. fyi, I’m not a clarkson fan, even though it sounds like. I’m putting things into perspective in hope that others might see it because everyone who is bias is equal to blind to one side. You think JC is fake.. try beverly.
    Jc at least has skills and that’s the truth.. pb is nothing and doesn’t deserve to be defended like how I defend JC. If JC is a 3 year vet.. with a contract in place like nick and he does whatever he is doing, ok I might agree with you that is fake or whatever or that he just might not know how to play well. But the fact is that he is a rookie. and is trying to stay in the nba, and this is a big factor in why he is hogging the ball so much. In fact, playing will lin might even help his game to be unselfish. If you notice, his progressive in the assist area when lin is out there with him.

    I am a lin fan, even though in your opinion I’m a critic. What I am is what my peers and everyone calls a devils advocate. I try to see things as neutral as possible even though I can be bias. So if you say north ALL the time, I will believe you even if I know norht is the best route, but I will also think why not go south and depending on who, I will purpose challenge your reasoning because it can open up perspective or because I do not understand certain things. And vice versa. So on a site like this, of course for people who are 100% gungho about lin no matter what.. to them I will seem like I’m not a fan RELATIVELY. To bleacher sites and other where there are people who doesn’t know about bball and say lin stinks, it will seem like I’m a lin fan, which I am, BUT not to the extremist where they will say go ride on his you know what. Extremist in my definition is that lin is 100% right all the time and can come up with all the reasos why he is not doing well.. which the reason can apply to any nba player.

    There is nothing ashame or bad being a critic of something that you appreciate. It’s like what you do to your own kid. You love him unconditionally, but you will criticize and yell at him for doing crappy work or mess something up or find out why. The parents and people which I find annoying the most are the ones who kept saying that their kid did nothing wrong and is 100% right when in fact they are wrong, and they find and tell you all the reasons why their kid are not wrong , which those same reasons can be apply to any kid.

  731. I can assure you blubell is no sugar mama.
    She’s got game as a real contender =)

  732. I hate company politics, never could get the true answer. Give
    Coach Pressey some truth serum he would bleep out something like: we’re in
    tanking mode off course we got rebounded badly, did you expect a sports car
    could hall concrete?

  733. Rockets did the math and they lost a boatload of money w/o Lin =)

    Man, Morey must be so misguided that Lin will be tempted to play for McHale and behind Harden again hehe

    The guy believes his own #MythInMath

  734. To ensure tanking, Jeremy Lin will play blindfolded.

  735. and designated as a Center

  736. Overall season PER
    Davis 20.28
    Lin 16.15
    Clarkson 15.36
    Lin is most improved, Davis already bad a s s ranked #9,
    Clarkson has a lot of up side being only 22.

  737. LOL that well even be too much for Jeremy Lin.

  738. with one hand tied behind his back…

  739. I am as sharp as the magical Green Destiny, legendary Master Li Mu Bai’s treasured sword. Lol!

  740. What the heck, let him try… could at least match Sacre that way, dontcha think?

  741. When there’s nothin’ to say other than tank tank tank, they still have to try to make a living. Drag out old stuff, or make stuff up….

  742. He’s been seduced and abandoned by Japanese Algebra.

  743. That’s a great way to put it…”following the seams”. It’s so thrilling and magical when he sees those and plunges through like a hot knife through butter. I’m thinking where the heck is he going…into that crowd…and then OMG there’s a seam there! How did he see that in the split second it showed its possibility? and rocket through it before it could close up again!

    My bro is a rock climber. He told me some rock faces seem impossible. But if you sit and flop your mind completely open and just look, you start to see a tiny toe-hold here, and then a hand hold, and a line starts to reveal itself. Like something magically appearing out of nothing. Lin has that vision. He knows if your heart is open to anything (especially not limited by me me me), you’re free to see the seams flowing around you. Of course a whole lot faster than in rock climbing 🙂

  744. So well said. You and others have this wisdom…it’s available. Studies done and books written. Yet it always surprises me how few coaches -sports, arts, business – conduct themselves in this way. We count such NBA coaches on the fingers of one hand, it seems. I guess it’s like the guys who’ve never gotten over the loss of the illegal defense…McHale, Scott, etc. People seem to get stuck in patterns, and are often actually hostile to guys as mature in their openness as Lin. What can you do…probably why Lin is so inspiring, because he struggles with the limitations of lesser spirits but he manages to push through and be CONSISTENT in living his values.

  745. That’s so cool, life has paths forward if we are calm.

    What I think Lin is doing now is a more sophisticated move of following the big man in (if they turn their back to you on D). What he seems to be doing is to make a fake to cause one or 2 double team guys to commit, and then he makes the move that forces them to turn and adjust, and a big part of that move is facing their back. In that split second, he can go anywhere. It’s been really fun that last 2 games to see him do this, to totally use the double against the double and triple. I can’t break it down for you, I’m just seeing it in memory so watch for it next few games!

  746. I don’t even know if Byron intentionally went to hide Lin from Davis. He just puts in players regardless of the chemistry and maybe Davis/Lin on the bench was more by accident than design and now this latest change separates them again.

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