G69 DEN @ CHA Game Thread

Despite the shooting slump and minimized role, JLin got the call with 14.6 seconds left after Marvin Williams missed 2 FTs to allow the Heat to close within 3 pts. He delivered with 4 clutch FTs silencing any hope in the building that the Heat can steal a win in the last seconds

  • Will this boost his confidence to keep shooting and get over the shooting slump?
  • Jeremy took time to relax and watch Zootopia movie with his cousins so hopefully his care-free attitude will help him to play all out on the court.

Let’s go, JLin! Let’s hope and pray JLin would relax and simply play his game to make a strong push before the playoff starts.

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Guess JLin's stats in Game 69 vs DEN


  1. here’s Lin’s last 15 seconds heroics:


  2. That first free throw by Marvin was so bad. His whole body was lunging forward.

  3. Marvin seems fatigued in those attempts.

  4. would have been nice if Wade drained that last 3 pointer attempt to force it into OT. Lin would have played OT for sure

  5. my only concern about lin’s clutchness is that the bar is now set very high for him. if he ever fails to deliver in such moments, especially in the post season, the stigma would then stay with him through the summer and free agency. hope Jeremy will continue to come through in these situations for the sake of his future in the league.

  6. See the headline of the Chinese article concerning JLin’s FA. I didn’t read that article. However, I did see this tweet hours ago and let you make the decision of what it means.


  7. At least they know and agree with us that lin will optout and leave.

    No Al? That’s so disrespect while they are giving Batum $20 mil? Wow

  8. It’s pretty apparent from early this season that Al’s game does not fit the style of play that Hornets is trying to adopt. So it’s really no surprise his name was neglected in this tweet.

    Another thing is, I think Trade Street Post is just a Horents fan’s account right? I don’t think whatever comes out of that account is a representation of the Hornets in any official capacity. However it seems that while this account holder was saying that Lin is important to the Hornets, he’s hoping they can get another bargain deal on Lin. That kind of peev me off…

    I would like to think Lin, with his performance this year, would still be worth AT LEAST 10-12m in the new year with cap space increase. Fair enough they probably won’t have enough money to give Lin for his true worth, but at least show a genuine gesture by offering like 8-10m and beg him to stay if they really appreciate his service. Another attempt to low-ball Lin would be an insult…

  9. Not sure how legit this Trade Street Post is. He’s a Hornets fan just like we’re Lin fan. He seems to think Lin is worth 10-15mil per year and not playing at his full potential now. He said Lin’s struggle with shooting is why Kemba stays in. If Lin finds his shot, he’ll be on the floor more.

  10. I’m hoping Lin will get the Sixth man award. I think that will increase his value even more.

  11. Let’s go Jlin! ! ! Spank the Denver 5$-for-20 nuggets! !!

  12. Playing in Denver is always a challenge.

  13. He’s nice to Lin. I also agree w him that Lin will get more than 10M next season. I know even his stats is not good but he will be OK w his FA.

  14. Batum will be #1 guy in the team next season.

  15. Not worried Lin has always been clutch and players are human too, you can’t make all the game winning shots.

  16. Anothe good day…LIN FOR THE WINNNN!!!!!!

  17. Bang!!!!!

  18. Game is in CHA.

  19. I rarely see you posting now,wazzup with dat?

  20. Welcome back bro!

  21. No, this is good! Hes clutch… it takes a special dude with the stones to shoot when everything is on the line, let alone make it… our guy is special…

  22. just too busy at work….and this season is not really that exciting for me to get up early to watch…LOL

  23. Thanks!

  24. I know, i dont even watch a lot of the games. I used to rush home from work, neglecting everything else. Now, i go out with friends and have reconnected with a few. Its awesome. But once jlin gets the keys, ill go back to obsession. Lol

  25. Oh, yeah!!!! No lin, no win… that is a fact… lol

  26. I know,same here I slipped in every now and then when there is a chance.

  27. If he’s Linning, Hornets Winning!

  28. And it’s an hour earlier.

  29. Let’s watch how Clifford will use Lin. Might still be Kemba shining star because he is nominated for mvp.

  30. What? Kemba for MVP? True?

  31. So you would rather he was not as clutch just to set the bar lower? I think prefer the higher bar.

  32. This game is going to be difficult to win. No Cody Zeller means Big Al, Kaminsky, and Hansbrough need to step up. So far, Kaminsky and Hansbrough have disappointed.

  33. OMG…. Kemba for MVP. Someone has a sense of humour… Just laughable…

  34. He’s got some tough competitions for that category. It’s a pretty tight race like the east conference playoff spots. He’ll probably have to pull off a few more games like against the Cavs and Rockets to be ahead of the other contenders… We shall see

  35. I really don’t see Hawes on the team next year. His impact on the court has been average to subpar at best, and he’s always injured. Better to use that cap space on someone like Hassan Whiteside.

  36. Would have been nice if Lin had defended Wade in those last 2 Heat possessions and made him miss the shot.

  37. Yes. He is one if the nominated players.

  38. Check NBA.com

  39. I see the Eastern Conf Player of the Week helped him to be #10

    He won’t win it but it sure helped for his All-Star candidacy next year

  40. Not that I don’t believe what you said. What I meant was someone in NBA obviously likes to joke for nominating Kemba.

  41. Ya! Next year Batum for sure will get in ASG if he stays w Hornets for next season. I am sure Kemba will fight for it.

  42. Chris DempseyVerified account ‏@dempseypost 4h4 hours ago
    #Nuggets F Kenneth Faried (back) is doubtful for today’s game at Charlotte. He also missed the team’s last game, at Atlanta.

  43. After Marvin missed 2 FTs, It showed Lin’s 4 FTs more important.

  44. Can’t believe this? Lin came here to help them a lot but what he gets so far? Low playing time w low stats… Hornets only take care those players want to stay w them. smh!

  45. Lin picked Marv up.

  46. So if Zeller out does Big Al play with starters and Hawes play with BF1? Lin and BF1 were doing better with Hawes.

    Charlotte Hornets PR ‏@HornetsPR 4m4 minutes ago
    INJURY UPDATE: Clifford tells media that @hornets center Spencer Hawes will be available to play tonight. #DENatCHAhttps://twitter.com/HornetsPR/status/711286657723531265

  47. NO more BF1 no matter who’s the center w Lin. Right now Hornets primary focus it’s to push Kemba to get most improved player for this season.

  48. Hawes will be available to play tonight

  49. Oh crikey…. Does that mean Al is back to the bench again?

  50. I’m guessing al is stronger and healthier and will start and Hawes play backup along w Hansboro perhaps. Hawes has had back pain for many weeks

  51. @JLin7 is ready! Go JLin!! ✊???#DENatCHA

  52. Zeller is still starting. So Al stay with 2nd unit.

  53. yes, unfortunately

  54. yes, not sure if Hawes will even be needed

  55. Don’t know if Hawes is really injury.

  56. Bad D&O for starters.

  57. It’s the lady ref tonigt. good for Lin

  58. Jordan hasn’t showed up for long time. Satisfied for current situation?

  59. Very good sign!

  60. golfing

  61. That’s 3 consecutive blocks for Zeller. Good for him

  62. Kemba gets 3x as many PnRs as Jeremy, sad…

  63. I see. Fun is more important.

  64. just listen to Stephanie Ready!

  65. but if team is doing well he should be there supporting the team.

  66. I remember certain lady ref was pretty biased against Lin….

  67. Not this one.

  68. come on nuggets!

  69. Hornets C barely looks good, but today is one.

  70. all batum does is shoot from outside…

  71. hes coming in…

  72. Glad to know, thanks

  73. Oh yeah Lin and Al PNR all day long!

  74. He is good at spot shooting.

  75. did they do one? i missed it…

  76. yeah, but not much else

  77. just being sarcastic!

  78. seats look empty today

  79. oh, i missed that… lol

  80. Al lost the ball

  81. And he like to do something else.

  82. he is so boring to watch…

  83. I am a big fan of big al though after he stood up for our boy… he is added to my “good” list, which includes tyler H and M. Williams…

  84. need the sarcastic emoji 🙂


  85. need some plays set up

  86. So when Kemba and Troy are both on the court, Lin plays SF and defend opponent SF??

  87. I love her… what is her name?

  88. Good spirit, but Al only can do 3 minutes depends on his energy. 🙂

  89. I never understand why Kemba would shoot a contested 3 immediately in a possession without any passing

  90. Lin should get touches immediately upon coming in. He touched it once and gave it to Kemba.

  91. 222222

  92. beautiful layup

  93. Because he like and he can.

  94. BC he does not know how to play…

  95. Good to see Kemba passing to Lin who cut to the middle to drive for an easy layup

  96. as usual, Lin always plays well when he is pg. but Clifford would make sure kemba take the pg role no matter what situation is

  97. Nice steal by Lin

  98. sorry pslam, but they are crumbs…

  99. Denver ‘s uniforms are more like honents

  100. shoot the ball!

  101. Frank doesn’t wear long socks today. 🙂

  102. he shot it and airballed r u happy?

  103. he hasn’t passed to Jeremy for 3-4 games IIRC
    so it’s surprising

  104. Kemba does – 0 defense

  105. Lin getting some touches tonight

  106. without hesitating!

  107. yes, let’s hope it keeps going!

  108. we need more set plays looks like players are just winging it

  109. It was well contested.

  110. that’s ok he should always take that shot.

  111. he initially hesitated but did not shoot the 3. instead, he was hesitating probing, then shot a bad shot…

  112. rather that shot then a three

  113. Note: KW 1/6 for 3FGM in 12min (1Q).

  114. he had a good look at the 3… imo, he should have shot that without hesitation!

  115. Don’t worry, he will keep shooting.

  116. We’re just winging it man

  117. Good to see Lin taking that midrange

  118. Right idea, take shorter jump shots.

  119. God help Lin find his shot soon!!!

  120. 22222

  121. yes, keep shooting and it will fall in

  122. Nice post move by Lin to back in Augustin for the bank shot!

  123. Lin posting up for a banked 2!

  124. Bruising SG there!

  125. Aha…. Definitely something up with his right ankle to affect his jump shots… Layups (right-handers use left foot to jump) are all fine, FT not a problem…. It’s only the jump shots…

  126. Did Lamb even show up today?

  127. Post up, hmmm.

  128. 3 games now. Daniels plays team ball better

  129. Yes, he’s in the doghouse.

  130. Good to see Lin tried various ways to score (layup, midrange Js, post-move) to get himself going

  131. no free throw on that foul?

  132. that is what he is – keeps shooting until it drops. Just like Kobe, Melo and Harden.

  133. They’ll say it wasn’t in the act of shooting and I don’t think the Nuggets are in the penalty.

  134. no act like Harden

  135. Franks defense = 0, lin gourds 2

  136. Good D by Lin to cause Barton to miss

  137. Team has low energy

  138. Can I say Hornets has the worst centers in NBA?

  139. How can you not be angry at the 2nd unit playing like this?

  140. yes you can

  141. Zeller couldn’t catch Lin’s hand-over pass, TO credited to Lin

  142. Denver was making tough shots

  143. so, BF1 is officially disassembled?

  144. I was hoping that the bench got the lead down, it’s not happening so far.

  145. Just checked in.
    Interesting to see that Hornets is struggling to play with Nuggets:-(

  146. to be fair all the last 3 games have been close until the end

  147. The focus has been on the starters a lot recently, I don’t think the 2nd unit plays with high energy anymore cause of it. Those games where KW gets 40+ minutes and bench gets less than 20 minutes each while KW/Batum babysitting them. It messes up the chemistry.

  148. Give me TH and hawes any day. Zeller and kaminsky are just too soft.

  149. It’s a thing where the 2 don’t look comfortable playing PnR together.

  150. is home game? so cool.

  151. Zeller couldn’t handle Nurkic’s big presence in the paint

  152. Why was Lee so hesitant to pass to Lin?

  153. Lee look away from Lin too

  154. by the instruction

  155. it’s clear they don’t practice together

  156. Soft

  157. Lin caused Denver another TO, no credit

  158. but Cliff was obviously mad about that play not running smoothly

  159. Lin probably out soon.

  160. yes, better.

  161. actually that was his only personal foul

  162. Hornets are sloppy except Lin

  163. Lin out

  164. Bad PnR D.

  165. It seems everyone forgets who is pg when Kemba was out,

  166. Lin looks winded

  167. horrible system especially for Lin

  168. BF1 is dead/crashed, it’s all up to the starters

  169. Lin should shoot more when he’s near the rim. Look for his scoring on the drive game more. Hope he does in the 2nd half.

  170. What’s the score guys?

  171. 48-33 for DEN

  172. Team just looks tired. Denver high altitude part of it.

  173. Ahhrrgh

  174. They are in Charlotte.

  175. lol then idk. They look really tired and slow

  176. They are playing down to the opponent. Game is only 1 hour earlier.

  177. Thats probably the best answer.

  178. Jeremy in

  179. have not looked at the game had better things to do to be honest. so how does it look?

  180. Lin never used to miss those shots.

  181. Is Lin still in?

  182. just saw that. weird

  183. DEN has made some difficult shots.
    They shot 49% FGM and 50% 3FGM

  184. back in for Lee who got 2 fouls

  185. Good drive by Lin but missed contested layup

  186. whats been going on? i see hes in there. is he playing ok?

  187. should have made that imo used to make them

  188. come on Lin

  189. Indiana vs Kentucky ncaa is more exciting than this game

  190. Still hoping for 50 percent shooting.

  191. lol… they brought the thin air to charlotte…

  192. Lin missing his shots. Its the shot thats missed up

  193. Good drive by Lin, difficult fadeaway J missed but tapped in by Marvin

  194. No D from Kemba

  195. Lin needs a comeback game badly right now. if single digit games continue stuff like this may affect playoff playtime.

  196. It’s just not happening for him. He had some good looks and some at-the-rim shots but they just didn’t fall. It’s frustrating. He’s trying, though. He looks active tonight and that’s all he could do.

  197. I think Lin’s bad ankle reduced his ability to finish strong.
    He stumbled a bit, not as quick as before in finishing at the rim.

    But good to see him not being passive and keep attacking.

  198. When Lin is missing layups you can tell the funk is real

  199. I concur

  200. I doubt it he got there easy its just the roll thats off. His bad shooting is effecting his layups as well

  201. also, some bad shot selection by Kemba.
    1-7 from 3s, rest of team is 2-5 (40%)

    This team is built around Kemba’s shooting so if he misses/not passing, there goes the offensive possesions

  202. hes trying but he is missing shots he usually makes. i dont know man i just feel this team is not for him. i know i’ve said it many times but it’s like when i see courtney lee play on this team i feel like yeah this guy is an instant fit. he is not a better player but he fits the system better. Lin i feel is getting the short end of the stick. not much you can do just go out there and play. But its just annoying seeing his stats. because that affects his future. Hope he makes a wise decision offseason. because this season im mentally out of for Lin it’s clear how they want to utulise him. Hope The bulls get going!

  203. could be but he’s definitely not as quick as earlier in the season

  204. of course thats normal. as the season goes on.

  205. it would be nice if he didn’t play if he is hurt…

  206. The whole BF1 focus is gone now. I think the changing of personnel on it has thrown Lin off. He isn’t running the PnR with his usual efficiency and getting guys going like we know he can. His shots still aren’t falling and he’s even missing at the rim and bunnies. It almost feels like he’s forcing now because he wants to get both his facilitating and scoring game going and neither one is really kicking in.

    His stats can improve somewhat but there’s no real sign of it. After the Houston game, it’s been the same thing every game. Single-digit scoring with assists going to Batum and sometimes Kemba.

  207. Not this pronounced usually. He’s doing it on a sore ankle that while the pain might not be as bad or the swelling, the strength isn’t there.

  208. Kemba is back to his vintage form lol…

  209. i agreed. We will see once the season ends. Lin will never say anything during the season. I see no limping though

  210. when Marvin’s and Kemba’s hot shooting slow down a bit, this team will be in trouble

    They should rely on team ball movement and passing more than their shooting

  211. Well there are reasons for the single digits games Sws. Lins shot has been awful this season. Grant it he is a flow player that needs to touch the ball a lot more than he has been given, usage percent give us the proof he is given way less than he should. when you dont get the ball for long periods of time it throws off your game. I saw the houston game he had 22% percent or something, thats real good thus you get a good game. the other ones have been less than 15 percent. thats why im mentally of this season it’s just not going to be his year. real good first half. but second half is forgettable.

    Edit: but usage percent is hit and go sometimes he can have high usage percent and still stink. but it is what it is this season. he had a real good half.

  212. It’s probably similar to mine. I have bad ankle as well but I still plays. I don’t limp but it hurts and stiffens when I try to get up after sitting for a while. My wife didn’t notice anything until I brought the issue up…

  213. Wow, if JLin were not playing, these NBA games would be so boring!

  214. there’s some truth to that

  215. hah, yup…other than Lin, the GSW are the only other reasons to watch this league

  216. Oh yea, and maybe spurs. but these 2 teams right now are really boring to watch…

  217. Exactly… In fact, I don’t watch that many games anymore… begin to feel bored more & more…. Hornets games are no fun either. smh!

  218. Gee wiz, i don’t know how they are going to expand into other parts of the world… most teams are terrible, and it’s so boring!

  219. Totally right… i go outside now, it’s getting warm… bike, go out with friends, drink… lol

  220. This is a good game for Lin to heat up. I hope he can. Kemba, Marvin and others are off tonight. Lee is missing shots too.

  221. Can’t agree more….LOL!

  222. yes, it’s a good chance to rely on some PnRs but it might not be on the menu tonight

  223. Come on, JLin… put a show on for us second half!

  224. That Cavs game was so fun to watch. Why wouldn’t Jordan, who was there, want to recreate that?

  225. The show goes on. I have faith in Lin. I know he is a great player and looking forward to highlights.

  226. If he gets the chance to do it but I don’t think so….maybe more min today but less than 10 shots. That’s it. smh!

  227. Batum throws a lot of bad passes. A lot.

  228. Stephanie Ready: “Wow, 25% 3pt shooting is low for the Hornets”

    (looked at Kemba 1-8, team 4-16)
    Ms. Ready: “……….”

  229. Just hope Lin can get 10+, it seems luxury now.

  230. He has 6 already. He actually played a good amount of minutes and took shots, they just didn’t fall.

  231. 21 point game

  232. I find NBA 2K more interesting than most of these regular season games. At least I’m in control of what happens on the court….

  233. lol

  234. wow smack down tonight

  235. Marvin was hitting 3 or more a game. That shouldn’t be expected

  236. Clifford thinks he is a point guard.

  237. Denver isn’t even that good.

  238. He maybe will take up to 10 shots today so 4 more… His shots didn’t fall so he maybe still will take less than 10 shots… smh!

  239. it sounds like the Hornets played fencing with the rim *CLANG*
    this is pretty bad

    Run some PnR, will ya?

  240. Batum worth max? puuuuhlease he should be happy he can be in a team where he plays so freely. dumbfounded as to why he is allowed to….he is not a star not even borderline

  241. She is very annoying…

  242. 8 assit to 4 tov is better then what kemba can ever do

  243. he is so slow…

  244. I’ve been cringing all season long. He has very good court vision and can see lots of passing lanes. But he’s execution is just sloppy. I guess no one is perfect….

  245. his assists are offset by all his turnovers

  246. If GSW can lose to LAL then this is not too surprising.

  247. Good point….

  248. He just want to get easy ast. but it’s not that easy most time.

  249. the worst thing is that he used to be a better defender but has, with the permission of Cliff, saved his energy for his offense…sad

  250. Yes, but still. Those TOs are going to be costly in the playoffs.

  251. Lin in

  252. anybody can get good amount of assist when you never get punished for not thinking when you pass….he can get 7 assist but 4 turnovers every game…any other team he’d be in the bench for 10 min straight.

  253. for kemba

  254. Why coach not using Lamb since everyone has a poor shooting game?

  255. the hell are you talking about ready about things being wide open when al is in? are you stupid? oh sorry my bad you are should have known that.

  256. Clifford way overrates him. Batum is OK but he doesn’t have the great BBIQ Cliff claims he does.

  257. Lin replaced Kemba that’s new!

  258. 3333333

  259. BTW that loss was meant for Kobe’s farewell tour. Not real.


  261. Let Lin run the game Cliff

  262. DIdn’t think, just made the shot. Great to see.

  263. nice ball movement

  264. Great D by Lin
    Mudiay can’t back him down

  265. Oh behave~~~~

  266. 14 point game

  267. If white side can’t do it then don’t even try it

  268. This is what I wanted to see. Lin is now getting the guys going.

  269. CHA making a run w/o Kemba

  270. much better ball movement with Lin as pg

  271. He’s allowed to play his game

  272. BAHAHA batum my god that was deandre type of post moves the hell was that? went in though.

  273. Cliff want this win, so he must sit Kemba now.

  274. nice reb

  275. Want to see Lin make some assists…

  276. It seems I can watch a longer highlights tonight

  277. Layups are back lol

  278. 22222

  279. hornets in bonus Lin should go inside and draw foul


  281. is it too early to say Lin is back?

  282. yes dont put the curse seriously people should learn there are basketball curses.

  283. all of a sudden al is not an issue

  284. Haven’t seen Lin hit a tough layup like that. Maybe, something has clicked in. PLEASE. Loving what I’m seeing from him this stint.

  285. Just happy for every good play of Lin made.

  286. he was so wide open and the pass was still slow in getting to him.

  287. Al has not had the ball at all so far this half did not see the first half.

  288. Come in FOR Kemba, not with him so much. That way he’s initiating things and is involved.

  289. I think Cliff was not posting Al

  290. Shhh dont put he basketball curse.

  291. aww i missed it, just tuned back in


  293. our bigs can’t rebound

  294. that’d be a big 3 if he made it

  295. the other guy is just too big

  296. thats not a good look he had a guy right on him

  297. they should at least jump for it

  298. Alfense now

  299. Al playing real well right now

  300. alfense is working on this team, but they will make adjustments soon

  301. they need more variation they’ll give it to al 10 times in a row

  302. not really if it works. They have to stop it then we do something else

  303. Don’t like the reduced Lin involvement with Kemba back in. Make sure ball continues to go through Lin and keep the ball moving. Kemba is NOT good at playing with Lin.

  304. They’ll make adjustments in the timeout. I agree with aras.

  305. nope they should not play with each other imo

  306. Even Hornets will loss this game. Cliff still will let Kemba to in charge not Lin.

  307. Al is out

    EDIT: nvm

  308. Isn’t Troy supposed to be a 3pt specialist?

  309. i swear when kemba is in it’s like Lin is not even there. might aswell play with 4 guys on the offense let lin stay behind

  310. It’s that or Lin is off the floor. So, Kemba should be utilizing Lin more.

  311. Like that its a 15 point game

  312. rebound fail?

  313. Kemba played no defense on Augustin

  314. He is, but he’s not making them the last 3 games as much as usual.

  315. Lins probably cooled of right now not exepecting much from Him. Harden is a better facilitator than this guy.

  316. wide open 3

  317. 2222222

  318. 222222222222222222


  320. feed Lin more, he makes it look easy when he drives

  321. 333333333

  322. HE GETS 15!

  323. 333333

  324. 15 pts!

  325. kemba cant guard dj

  326. augustin taking kemba too school right now.

  327. If only Cliff fed Lin more every game.

  328. Can he get to 20?

  329. Lin aggressive tonight

  330. missed one ft 🙁

  331. WOW! Didn’t expect Hornets to lose this game. Glad that JLin does well thus far.

  332. Lin out

  333. Really Lin out?

  334. JLin 16 Am a happy camper:-)

  335. why?

  336. LOL. Lin is the only player having a great game…BENCHED.

    Keeping his stats down…gotta make Kemba feel better in a loss.

  337. Lin was playing great, BAD move by Clifford.

  338. Lin was in the groove and has the highest points, but to the bench he goes!

  339. Just a stupid move. Bring Lin back in the game. Lee isn’t even playing that well in this game.

  340. They want Kemba and Batum to shine. Lin only plays if those guys are getting stats instead of him.

  341. Lin does the hard work. Now Cliff wants Kemba and Batum to get stats and glory.

  342. Lin missed 1 FT, benched lol

  343. Exactly. smh!

  344. Very obvious

  345. Of course… Kemba will try to get the highest point….

  346. CHA is silly if they think Lin will come back next year. They’re going to be a disaster next year.

    I’m pulling for BROOK-LIN NETS 2016.

  347. bad foul

  348. I think it was for that free throw that went in

  349. No bc he got 16 pts.

  350. During the stretch Lin was in, he was the only one scoring to keep Hornets in the game.

  351. No way in HELL Cliff is letting Lin get 20+ and outshine Kemba/Batum. Not even for one game.

  352. i saw Rich Cho in the audience. He’s watching the game.

  353. Cho=Morey!

  354. Is it short rest?

  355. we need clutch player aka Lin

  356. Morey paid Lin

  357. That helps his stat to go up today.If he will end up with 14 pts ave this season then that’s a great numbers considering his limited playing time.Nice game,good to know that he didn’t forget to shoot.

  358. Maybe he’ll come in for the last 15 seconds again for the clutch fts lol

  359. Batum lost his man, this is why Nic shouldn’t have went in for Lin. That was Lin’s man.

  360. Batum dumb contested shot led to defensive breakdown.

  361. Then demoted him and ruined his value. Lin’s value is still feeling the effect! Cho/Cliff took big discount from Lin but don’t let him play his game, therefore, Hornets are continuing what Morey had started.

  362. that was way too easy

  363. Lin always had been a great player. C Mon hornets do not let Lins work go to waste.

  364. he’l likely avg 11 pts this season…maybe a little less

  365. Les did. Morey didn’t want him.

  366. Lin shooting looks like his old form tonight. slow rhythmic and high release.

  367. He won’t be allowed to do that. He’ll get benched like tonight.

    When Lin is hot, he gets benched. When he’s cold, he gets benched.

  368. Cliff will always try to defend Batum or KW but not Lin

  369. The good thing is he got a lot of winning games that can be vividly remember by everyone .

  370. If Lin was in, we might have been up already with batum shooting all those 3s

  371. True and its sad.

  372. Zeller gave up on that rebound. He forgot to jump again.

  373. His defense alone would have saved 2 DEN buckets.

  374. Cliff would rather lose than let Lin shine. So pathetic.

  375. All those games Lin was in late cliff acting like it never happened

  376. Lin was going to be the player of game but now it’s going to Batum

  377. So just let Hornets loss this one today.

  378. Batum is as fools gold as you can get my god WHY IS THIS GUY GETTING STAR TREATMENT

  379. 16 pts shot 6/10 fg, 2/2 3fg. Good.

  380. Tell me the last 4 minutes what did Lee do??

  381. That’s it…we can’t win unless we push the pace. Lin’s the guy.

  382. We knew ahead of time. Cliff has learned his lesson from yesterday game. He will not allow Lin to be the hero like the last game w/ clutch FTs.

  383. dribble and pass to KW

  384. Just goes to show there’s nothing “wrong” with his shot. He just has no rhythm, touches, swag lately. He’s p*ssed with his usage since the CLE game. Hasn’t been the same since then — it’s night and day.

  385. Yea i thought so. Thank you just wanted to check

  386. and the next and the next until they’re no more in the playoffs

  387. What do you think of Lins shooting tonight?

  388. He was being not Lin.

  389. DJ closes, Lin doesn’t? This was the game screaming for Lin to close and Cliff goes away from his PROVEN closer. That’s it, no Hornets for Lin next season. Lin has to be really frustrated on the bench knowing what he can do this time of the game and has done for this team.

  390. Clifford thinks he’s French Lebron. He’s more like Slow Parsons.

  391. Kemba has 15 pts – 6/19fg, 1/9 3fg. smh.

  392. NOTHING

  393. Lol i see Charlotte forum A guy wants to trade augustin for Lin…my god some people.

  394. yea i agree

  395. Exactly.

  396. u can’t trade Lin, he’ll leave soon

  397. 8-10 yea that happens everyday

  398. Batum clutch again this game. He’s not a max player but he’s decent. Just nowhere near as good as Clifford keeps saying he is.

  399. I just wish Lin would fake an injury and see how Hornets hold up without him. KW would have to play 50 minutes every game lol

  400. Let them! Lin properly used >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Kemba

  401. LP just reacts to stuff. He’s as fairweather as they come. DJ is alright but Lin is way better.

  402. let him play the way lin gets to play and he’ll say i’d love to trade augustin for brian roberts or something.

  403. game over Cliff deserved that

  404. game over, HAHHAHAA

  405. i know man its just annoying he has no explanation to 90% of the things he says its just ooh im too lazy to explain.

  406. Terrible coaching.

  407. No Lin No Win 🙂

  408. Thank you Cliff you did so well

  409. agreed, at least have Lin in the last minutes. He was doing great. Why replace him with Lee who did nothing?

  410. At least Lin didn’t have to stand around for empty minutes and watch Nic/Kemba shoot.

  411. Well at least those 5 get the limelight for losing and not Lin.

  412. Congratulations Hornets for the loss:-)

  413. this loss is on Kemba. 1-9 on 3s and no defense on Augustin.

  414. Good to see Lin prove us right. When he gets the ball regularly — tonight, HOU, CLE — he’s a great shooter. When he doesn’t, he gets listless and is just a Derek Fisher role player (defense and hustle).

  415. And they likely will lose to Spurs. Two loses in a row when the middle of the pack is so tight will really hurt.

  416. Thinking this is a winnable game but with Cliff and his favorite sons, it’s so unpredictable:-)

  417. Hornets loss cause of the defense. Right when Lin sat down, the defense broke apart.

  418. Me too. I was cheer for Nuggets. See, Cliff was rather lose this one than let Lin helped them won… smh! Playoff will be the same.

  419. But will he learn his lesson? What’s with the love affair with Lee? He’s acclimated now, there was absolutely ZERO reason to have Lee replace Lin. Maybe it is a win with Lin in, we’ll never know now.

  420. This is Cliff and Hornets choice. Can’t blame anyone but Cliff and his favorite sons.

  421. and the ball stop moving. Batu iso failed. Making bad shots is still bad shots

  422. Highlights already lol

  423. How did Clifford become NBA coach? What a joke, zero IQ.

  424. No Lin. No Win. No Pizza.

  425. Yes we all know that but Cliff and Hornets. He is their hero!!!!!!!!!!

  426. That’s it! I am officially a Cliff hater!

  427. Lee is Cliff’s son besides Kemba and Batum.

  428. Cliff is a force of habit so i doubt it

  429. like last season, no tacos

  430. by being an emotional baby?

  431. As I thought, more min & 10 shots for Lin today. That’s Cliff’s standard for Lin’s game now if they need him. If not less than 10 shots. smh!

  432. I missed it, kids soccer, biz … hey, I thought they were close in the 4th. less than 10pts? Was that the case and the Lin sat? I was just checking scores from sidelines of kids game.

  433. I hope Rich Cho took notes on why we lost the game.

    Lin benched so Batum/KW can shoot. No defense. Augustin outscores Batum even though Batum was making 3s over and over again. Augustin made it look so easy.

  434. So obvious Cliff didn’t want Lin to be the hero of the game. Lin could have helped w/defense if Cliff kept him in. Glad Lin got his points. That’s all I care now. Win or Lose.

  435. we know Cliff isn’t happy Lin got his points. Next game we might see Lin with those 2-5 pt games again.

  436. What took you so long to decide?

  437. LOL ! so cute.

  438. Ya! Hornets would rather lose this one than let Lin be the hero for the won. In fact, if Lin really be the hero today next game probably will get less min & less ball. So it’s OK w me.

  439. Yep. Single digit point is to be expected for each game from now on, until he sees a need. Again, Lin’s PT is dependent on how others play not how well he plays. Cliff has learned from the last game vs MIA to not allow Lin to be the clutch hero player again. Cliff is so predictable now.

  440. idk Cliff might think 16 pts for Lin is a little too high so next game he’ll get less touches.

  441. Like I said Lin took less than 10 shots per game now. Today bc they needed him so 10 shots. Ya! Next game probably 6-8. Hope so.

  442. Cause hater is a strong word… really want to avoid going there… but this stupid &)@#%*

  443. Only caught the final 50 sec of the game tonight. I am glad Lin scored 16 points, but surprised that Hornets lost to a team with worse W-L record (28-40 before game), and 10th rank in WC.

  444. Clifford is home.

  445. Just keep practicing that Jumpshot Lin. We are proud, even in a loss. You could have won the game..

  446. Cliff thought his #1 & #2 guys could win this one… Well, NO. LOL!

  447. He abandoned the have JLin in in the clutch even when he was instrumental as part of getting Denver’s lead down. That’s unacceptable. If he wants to step it up as a coach, you don’t do stupid things like that. Clifford also knows how clutch Lin is. There was no good reason for Lee closing tonight, defensively or offensively.

  448. What lineup is he talking about?

  449. What’s “we broke the lineup”? So Lin will play less min next game?

  450. Kemba Batum hero ball doesn’t win every game. More often than not, it loses games.

  451. You think, coach!? Then why the hell do you keep playing those players who are not ready and limiting those who are hot!!???

  452. Broke the starting lineup I guess.

  453. so true.

  454. That’s what I had in mind…Kemba didn’t play long enough min & took too less shots…. smh!

  455. Right on!

  456. It can never beat any good team. That’s why he has literally never beaten a Lebron team in his entire career.

    It’s so sad/funny watching them diss Lin. We all know what’s going to happen: EVERYBODY LOSES. Just like HOU, NYK, LA. Lin gets marginalized and held back, and his team craters and crumbles without him.

  457. Hornets don’t match up well with the Nuggets who have stronger big men inside. It happened with Dallas too.

  458. That jump shot looked good tonight. It looked like his old form. He took it up slow and long and release at the top.

  459. I only caught the final 50 sec of the game when Hornets were down by 8 points. I thought perhaps Lin would be put back in the game! Lin had 24 min PT and 16 points. Great!

  460. Who wants Lin to stay in Hornets next year?

  461. Hey. This big red canine is more adorable than the other Clifford.

  462. go spurs

  463. Lins shot (three goes in once he makes a few layups.

  464. i missed the second half. what happened? Lin seemed good. Hornets would not missed the 50% pizza if Clifford let Lin played 1 more min PG

  465. Cliff learned from MIA game not to allow Lin be clutched again… Or else he should have kept Lin in bc he was in the groove and was helping Hornets trimmed down the deficit. Lin had the highest points at the time (16pts), but Cliff subbed Lin out for Lee. Cliff thought the momentum has turned to Hornets when NB hit 3s 3times, but he and Cliff’s chosen players couldn’t carried through w/ a win.

  466. Lin got hot was taken out with 5 minutes to go for Lee. who had no stats after that period. We lose

  467. fify:

    “There are a few teams that can show up, not play their A-Player and win, we’re not one of them,”

  468. Really? Clifford was just insane. He just cannot let Lin shine.

  469. so, nothing new!

  470. nope

  471. will they ever learn?

  472. Yup lee added nothing i don’t get why he finished Kemba couldn’t guard his man but was left in.

  473. Kemba never played good defense and that is how he can focus to pad stats like Harden

  474. Ask them what GPA or SAT they got.

  475. I guess the politics of star making (MVP?!) trumped winning again!

  476. In his career Courtney Lee has averaged less points, rebounds, assists and steals than JLin. His upside is far, far below Lin. Lin has been Mr. 4th quarter his whole career. Why on earth is Lee playing more minutes and closing games over Lin who is clearly the better player?

  477. Exactly. KW couldn’t get going tonight. He couldn’t hit shots. He ended up w/ 1/9 3FGM. Yet, Cliff didn’t want Lin’s help down the stretch when Lin was in his stride tonight. Augustine had a field day w/KW.

  478. He is taller

  479. 05:52 to be exact

  480. Clifford has been successfully devalued Lin for whatever reasons. Lin showed his value in 14 seconds last game. It did not make Clifford look good.

  481. its a mystery… after giving every benefit of the doubt, i can only conclude the nba does not want an asian american star…

  482. no lin, no win…

  483. True. If they lose against the Spurs they might fall to the 8 or 9. Washington and the Bulls are winning. They still have 14 games to go

  484. lol… youre giving them way too much credit for assuming they even took it…

  485. LOL. Yeah but Lin is taller than Kemba.

  486. If Lin closed this game with win. you know what questions would go to Clifford.

  487. Yep. Read my posts I’ve been saying that!

  488. No. It’s in then a news. You see the headline being flashed.

  489. i bet they never care.

  490. i hope he is asked the appropriate questions now after bone head moves…

  491. Lol well kemba escapes the laws of physics

  492. Thank you for the briefing. I am waiting for the long Lin highlight.

  493. Meaning him and datum lives by different rules

  494. Not me. I don’t even want them in the playoffs

  495. They prefer Anybody but Lin. We all should know that by now. No matter how proven Lin is, it will not be enough…That’s a hard core fact I’ve come to realize since I started posting…

  496. Yes but he was pulled out because Clifford thought he will get lucky again with his formula.

  497. What about a 3 year deal with the spurs

  498. would love it even if he got 15 min i’d love it.

  499. Clifford needs Lee to cover KW’s weak defense and set screen for pad KW’s stats. Lin would pass ball more players and would hurt KW’s stats

  500. Sounds like Rox; Bev’s D for Harden’s O.

  501. I know it sound insane. but please find a better explanation

  502. Heart’s earlier posting:
    “Cliff learned from MIA game not to allow Lin be clutched again… Or else he should have kept Lin in bc he was in the groove and was helping Hornets trimmed down the lead. After Lin having the highest points at the time 16pts, Cliff subbed Lin out for Lee. Cliff thought the momentum has turned to Hornets when NB hit 3s 3times, but he and Cliff’s chosen players couldn’t carried through w/ a win.”

  503. I want a place Lin has a chance to grow. Ginobli and Parker is old. He can be groomed for either spot

  504. Welcome to the club.

  505. Exactly. KW is taking full advantage of it

  506. Spurs second unit is lacking

  507. didnt catch the 2nd half but guessing they lost cus clifford tried to win without Lin but failed again?

  508. Patty is in the way….

  509. Lol!

  510. wow. exactly.

  511. Hes dissing walker and batum unknowingly… lol

  512. no better chance to grow than going to san antonio if he has the chance? no brainer

  513. not really he plays more like daniels then Lin. He was the last off the bench 20 minutes per game

  514. Thats on u coach…

  515. That’s why I kept saying they should not be in the playoffs. Clifford will not change.

  516. He may not play a lot at first

  517. Free Range Lin >>>> Caged Lin….
    Time to switch farm….

  518. and i’d have no problem with that. because its the spurs not charlotte lol..they have an ACTUAL SYSTEM

  519. I didn’t watch the game at all but meh whatever Lin got his tonight!! 😀

  520. Thanks HVJoy for helping & understanding me.

  521. Thats exactly what happened

  522. I did not see Hornets player and coach said any good thing about Lin last game. Now you know why few players would pass the ball to Lin. NOT KW, NB,FRANK,LAMB (not sorry),LEE, CODY

  523. Got to thank the dedicated fans on here, some times the situation is just too toxic to the point I have to get away from this place and only look for highlights when I come here. Glad Lin did well. From comments it looks like Cliff pulled him out and lost the game again as always. I bet he’s doing this on purpose so Lin doesn’t get any credit for winning games.

  524. Me too.No other choice but Philly or Nets.If Kidd will get him I will be very very happy for him

  525. Cliffs philosophy tells me he will always go for the taller player over Lin at sg. Lee will likely love after this year. MKG will return to that spot. If Lee also is back then He has two people over Lin. Lin would bring something different to the spurs

  526. You got it Sport.

  527. Thats the whole team!

  528. But he’s another midget SG playing PG… Unless Spurs are willing to give up on him and trade him, Lin will not be totally freed in the Spurs. Damn Lin just can’t catch a break…

  529. Yes it’s a waste of talent. Clifford is also a bully in his own way. Very subtle. Deadly than mchale.

  530. Off topic but i have to say those dumb state farm commercials with chris paul, kevin love and others r so bad that it makes me want to switch to progressive… lol

  531. nah thats just another excuse he’s using just to limit Lin. i mean, look at kemba at the PG spot. too short

  532. I so believe they follow Clifford’s instructions or Clifford just encourages them did so by not saying anything

  533. I quit talking about the incompetence of the coach. It’s time to watch a real basketball game – Spurs vs Warriors

  534. thats how commercials work. they dont care if its bad or good. they just want to get you talking about it bringing up their name

  535. WOW Joe Lin! Not sure about his assessment on Hornets though. Maybe better in a sense in few games.

  536. Saw a clip of Lamb’s face. He looked sad on the monitor tonight. Probably bc of the loss but his situation is dire. We’ll see when Cliff let him out of the doghouse… Daniels plays team ball but he couldn’t make shots tonight either. He’s a shooter and needs to be set up for good shots. He’s also covering too much D which could tire him out too to be an effective shooter.

  537. Right. If Lin did not play for Hornets, I never watched Hornets’ games – except Lin beat Kemba when he lead falling Lakers team last year.

  538. I actually feel nauseous when i see those commercials… geico and progrrssive have the best

  539. He is on a three year deal so i doubt its dire

  540. it seems everyone is suffering because of kemba-ball

  541. I thought Lamb’s expression has always been dopey….

  542. I dont think he cares about the loss.

  543. Probably. Thinking when Cliff? When can I be out of this doghouse?…

  544. Hes lying about charlotte bc jlins on that team rt now

  545. He deserved his stats by trying to copy KW’s iso style.

  546. I’m thinking: Dire=PT, not $.

  547. True too…

  548. The only teams worth watching.

  549. You are welcome. It is my joy to move/share great perspective/insight. 🙂

  550. Spurs are so wonderful. 11 players with a 15 plus PER. only 3 players scoring in double figures.

  551. What? Hornets knew how to use Lin? Well, they sure knew how to make Lin works hard for them. I don’t see Lin as PG in this team?!

  552. only 2 with over 30 minutes 32 minutes is the most. Everyone play and does so unselfishly

  553. Lin did not seem happy after the game yesterday. he knows why.

  554. THe one in traffic was great to see. It was such a tough shot and it shows he can still finish like that when he’s determined to.

  555. Well it doesnt’t fit the narrative does it? So of course he MUST be lying.

  556. Is this reverse psychology? Bc Lin is still on the team? It’s good that his brother does not say anything negative regarding Lin’s team… To me, that’s smart of him…But we fans can speak like we see it.

  557. MJ: “Lin is our most important acquisition this summer…”. Case closed…

  558. You want unselfish thats the best option

  559. He’s young. He can take it. Lin’s situation is more dire because CHA is wasting his prime in favor of their chosen “stars” who can’t beat Denver at home.

  560. Should have been an and-1 as well, but ref swallowed his whistle.

  561. Not bad. At least he knows his treatment will be fair, low minutes or high.

    Brooklyn or Philly should be his top targets, though.

  562. I honestly think MJ likes Lin. By far the most excited MJ has been this season was the CLE game and it’s not even close. It’s Cho and Cliff who don’t want to bet on the Asian guy. Too “risky.”

    They love their pet favorites. Lin is leaving so they have no real desire to see him succeed. They’ll use him for dirty work and Lin is so good at that, they can make the playoffs that way.

  563. They’ve been as good as the Warriors. If they didn’t rest guys, their records would be the same.

  564. those organizations are notoriously run terribly

  565. Who would of thought his minutes pergame would be lower then last year

  566. Lee is an aging role-player. He’d be happy to stay in CHA for 3-4 years for moderate salary.

    Lin is definitely opting out and leaving. They want to see if Lee can replace him.

  567. I kinda want Lin on the spurs.

  568. Ya!

  569. You have to keep everything in mind and both of those teams have bad aspects to them. Brooklyn has a horrific owner and Philly is just young and wet behind the ears. And, MDA is associate head coach, not head coach. In other words, MDA is in the same position Ewing has on the Hornets.

  570. Not ideal, but better than this!

    Too early to settle, though. Lin has elite ability and just needs a chance. So many PGs are role-players until they get a chance and BAM, they’re putting up All-Star stats for winning teams.

  571. I was just hoping he’d get to play his game for 25mpg. But nope! Kemba statpadding takes precedence just as Lin was really finding his groove off-the-ball. Now he’s the 5th option at best.

  572. Why would you say this of Cho? I really haven’t heard or seen much of anything from him to get any conclusions of how he feels about Lin.

  573. He strikes me as an Uncle Charlie and I don’t entirely blame him. He can’t support, empower or make any decent offers for the lone Asian guy in the NBA, or else it would come off as racial favoritism.

  574. He could be one. But, maybe not. Maybe he just doesn’t make his opinions public. I think you have a point that he may not want to show favoritism to the NBA’s Asian player. And may even overcompensate not to.

  575. When al was not there he was used more. Now Al is back he is push more off the ball. This team is a middle of the table team. They will lose a lot of the player they have now. They will never contend with Kemba as there top player.

  576. Al is mud off of the bench, not a spark. I don’t see him coming off of the bench as such a great idea.

  577. He is a free agent. Some teams just cant guard him. Have to give him credit he is shooting better recently. Lets also not forget the competition. Charlotte got lucky with a week schedule Later in the season

  578. In terms of what is in Lin’s power to change, he had a wonderful 2nd half. He struggled some in the first half but really, when he was needed to score and get the offense in gear, even with Big Al in Lin got the players going and himself. 16 points in however amount of minutes was good. OK, so he didn’t get an assists, but he still was doing the right stuff to set up assists, which is something that doesn’t show on the stat sheets. And Al blew some more chances that Lin set up for him.

  579. I am just so glad Lin’s hots finally fall. Hope he can go strong all the way to the end of the Season and possible playoff. Then please sign with another team. This is a good team but unfortunately Clifford and the front office not really believe in him. Hope he can sign with a team that will allow him to play PG next season. Go Lin!!!

  580. so, has Lin reverted back to this old form?

  581. Lol. Those are Clifford’s sons

  582. Lin was the most important acquisition this summer was solely because of the 2 preseason game in China for marketing purpose. You can see how Hornets see him which is a solid back up role player with about 20 mins a game.

    But I would say Clifford still a lot better than BS.

  583. no

  584. I can’t even tell the difference… his new one, his old one, the quicker release now versus the older slow release. it all looks the same to me, haha. that’s why i need other people to tell me.

  585. I am also glad that Hornets lost this game, Lin was part of the guy on the floor that bring the team back from down 22 to single digit. And Clifford took Lin out around 6 min left in the 4th qtr which I have no idea why as Clifford has shown that he love to ride with the hot hand. Anyway, that what you get for not Lin close the game.

  586. has always been the new form. inconsistent due to the system and forcing shots. kemba handling the ball means no open shots

  587. When they were down by 22 points and Kemba sat down I was thinking that Clifford wants to win because he let Lin play pg and they were 9 points behind but Lin was scoring double digits. That’s a sin in Clifford’s bible. Lin cannot out score Kemba. So he took Lin out and Lin is done for the night. Too bad Clifford, Lin wins (he got his points) and your team lose!? this is the way that I want it to be.

  588. From my observation, ever since Lin became marginalized after the Cavs game (where MJ stood on his feet and was really into the game), MJ never showed up to anymore home games. I really do think MJ likes Lin and wants him to be the future of the Hornets but Cliff wants KW/Batum. It’s kind of strange for MJ to not show up when we’re winning so many home games. I think MJ knew it was about to happen.

  589. If they lose against the Spurs, they might drop to 8 or 9. Miami is winning and Atlanta is winning. Washington is winning also. Miami, Atlanta and hornets are tied on the 5th. Hornets lost so this team will drop to 7. Bulls, Washington and pacers are only 2 games behind hornets now. If they lose against the Spurs, hornets might be out. There’s still 14 games to go.

  590. Spurs playing small verses Gsw and its working. Mills and Parker even though they are short. Real coaching.

  591. Will Cliff continue to use Lin sparingly?

  592. He will use Lin for defense. As usual. Cliff probably is mad because Lin got his points and they lose.

  593. should have kept Lin in the rest of the game for defense. We didn’t lose because of offense. Batum was on fire. We lost because of defense. Especially Augustin getting where he wants to.

  594. We will not drop that low. We face too much bad teams. 3 games from the 7th spot. We face detriot, brooklyn, and philly twice

  595. Bulls won today.

  596. oh please he’s the owner and kemba was his pick and has jordan shoe deal, you honestly think if MJ wanted Lin to start he wouldn’t say anything? the

  597. well my bulls won thats not good for charlotte Rose is heating up i tell you. hope lin gets to play in the playoffs

  598. True. Cliff chose to win w/o Lin, but his chosen players couldn’t carried to a win. So sad that we have to think this way…

  599. do you think MJ has that power? I think Cliff does.

  600. Who has more power Dolan the owner or Phil Jackson? It’s definitely Dolan if not Melo would’ve never gotten his extension. It’s MJ’s team and he’s the owner if he wants something there’s no way he won’t have a say. Their plan was always Batum and Kemba, Lin was used for marketing purpose in China.

  601. spurs win whooooooooooo. Lins future team ….yes???

  602. Even Curry can have a bad game. It doesn’t happen often, but he had one tonight.

    Great win by the Spurs.

  603. Brook-Lin.

  604. Rox caught cheating. The ball is literally “sticky” in Houston:

  605. Um how can you cheat in basketball?

  606. Stickum on the hands for a better grip.

  607. If he does i better not hear Its the coach again. I better not here he is being treated unfairly. If thats a bet. Im ok with Lin to brooklyn

  608. Can you explain what’s this about? Stickum?

  609. Unless it’s MDA, there’s no guarantee with any coach. But I’m going with Brooklyn because they’re in a unique situation. No 1st rd picks, can’t get star free agents, desperate for ratings/$$$. Lin is someone they need. Also, GM Sean Marks is Spurs guy.

  610. His next contract will likely be a 3 year deal. You sure 3 years in brooklyn

  611. Still need to add 1 year opt-out clause just in case.

  612. no

  613. Lebron had it with his Cavs contract. It’s to protect himself from being stuck with a bad team!

  614. Thanks.

  615. He is not lebron. he will get with inflation he will get 4 mill which is equivalent with the 2 mill he got this year because of the raise in pay next year. He also would be in a situation where team doesn’t need him to succeed. Team doesn’t have to play him like the lakers. 3 year deal or no. ITs becoming a running joke that Lin last 1 year for each team

  616. I like Spurs but don’t think Lin will go….

  617. 14 games left b4 d the playoff,Cliff better not get comfortable since his centers and 3 chosen players are really shaky against fast and long players.

  618. What? D12’s really not smart…. smh!

  619. You have to wonder if he had done this before. Milsap brought it to the ref attention. According to report, they said that Bickerstaff slid over to hide the bottle…http://www.cbssports.com/nba/eye-on-basketball/25523933/rockets-dwight-howard-busted-for-using-stickum-spray
    “Official Monty McCutchen grabbed the ball and went to each bench to issue a warning, saying ‘Stickum is illegal in the NBA.’ After first going to the Hawks bench he made his way toward the Rockets bench. Rockets coach J.B. Bickerstaff slid in front of the can, still at the scorer’s table. McCutchen noted he knew what Bickerstaff was hiding.”

  620. I think this summer FA is not going to be hot for him like 3 years ago….

  621. Not only was Howard cheating using a banned substance but Bickerstaff obviously knew it and tried to hide it…


    “From the Atlanta Journal Constitution’s Chris Vivlamore:

    As Howard was about to check back into the game, he sprayed his hands at the scorer’s table with a can covered in white tape – apparently to hide its contents. He entered the game as Paul Millsap was at the free-throw line and grabbed the ball after a made attempt. When Millsap got the ball back it clearly had a foreign substance on it.

    Official Monty McCutchen grabbed the ball and went to each bench to issue a warning, saying ‘Stickum is illegal in the NBA.’ After first going to the Hawks bench he made his way toward the Rockets bench. Rockets coach J.B. Bickerstaff slid in front of the can, still at the scorer’s table. McCutchen noted he knew what Bickerstaff was hiding.”

  622. the Spurs and Warriors are a Lin shy of a dynasty

  623. Jordan is the owner. He calls the shots.

  624. the Warriors have two excellent ball handlers/passers (Curry and Green) and they make sure the ball is always in their hands. the Hornets on the other hand.. uugh

  625. Does anyone know why lakers took jlin. They had to pay the poison pill 15 mill but treated him doo doo.

  626. It was playoff atmosphere tonight on Spurs home floor. Pop made adjustment to sit Duncan. He’s all about winning. And they won. GSW will learn from this game and do better. I really like both teams. Their team spirit and team ball are very admirable…

  627. Successful v. Clueless.

  628. Something about first pick draft IIRC.

  629. Oh, thanks. Thats right they got picks… how has that worked out for either team… lol

  630. More turmoil in houston. Gotta luv it…

  631. They got Larry Nance Jr. With that pick.

  632. yup. in the off-season prior to Lin signing with the hornets, i argued that Lin should really consider his team wisely and join either the Spurs or Warriors but the haters keep saying he won’t get playing time. well, look at his situation now 😀

  633. Is he any good?

  634. They’re intended to keep him until Kobe and Scott ganged up on him

  635. rox are really desperate. Les Alexander is really angry and probably lets them know it every day 😀

  636. MDA looks like best scenario. He needs a good pg

  637. Ya! That’s what I thought….

  638. But they’re the owners. They can do whateva they want.

  639. think Jimmer Fredette Jr

  640. Kobe dictates what needs to be done in LA,owners thought that Kobe can still reel his team into the playoff.

  641. I see… so both teams got nothing by screwing jlin…

  642. They need Kobe for the rating & money….

  643. Same story just different scenario,although LA wants to win it at first but Scott and Kobe can’t just do it since they refused to incorporate Lin and Davis to have a solid line up.

  644. Buss should have instructed kupchac to knock some heads down there.

  645. Nance is a 7 foot tall Jimmer, LOL !

  646. I don’t trust any team other than MDA’s and Lin needs to reunite at all costs! He’s the only coach he won’t marginalize him over “fake stars”.

  647. They had lin!

  648. Bad teams like the Nuggets were supposed to be ? This team can’t seem to close out weaker opponents.

  649. brooklin a 2nd choice since it rhymes

  650. Spurs still has Parker while Warriors are loaded with guards and star players.

  651. Only mda do we trust.

  652. Warriors who didn’t even give Lin a chance when he first signed with them? Right…Lin wants his own team as starter, not play backup behind Curry and Thompson!

  653. I believe Jeanie was genuine but encounter ed resistance from Jim and Kobe. That was why Jeanie gave his brother 3 years to turn things around otherwise he will be fired.

  654. I remember some drama… so she calls the shots?

  655. No matter we like Kobe or not but he’s the King for Lakers. Lin still not there yet.

  656. Rockets really lack morals as an organization. Even their head coach, J.B. Bickerstaff was trying to hide the spray can of Stickum. The coach was in on the cheating. One has to wonder how long this has been going on, and how many games have been fixed due to the Rocket’s cheating.

  657. Yes. In fact Jim promised in 2014. So there isn’t much time left. But things seems really bad with Kobe calling the shots. Things can only get better after Kobe quits.

  658. Yep. This could be big if they can get to the truth. Unless someone comes forward to spill the bean, NBA won’t want this to get any bigger…IMO.

  659. If JLin gets no starting opportunities this offseason, I’d rather see him play as a backup for MDA for a year to get his stats up

  660. If MDA has any say/power, Lin will start for sure. It depends whether Jerry Colangelo will buy into JLin. MDA can rave about JLin but he will have to back it up with stats and wins.

  661. Brook(Lopez)+Lin=BrookLin?? Hmmm….

  662. Ryan Kelly Jr? you get the idea

  663. So if next year they don’t turn it around…. And they look nowhere near it…

  664. My son told me JLin would get good shooting after watching Zootopia 🙂
    After 60% FGM and 100% 3FGM, he should watch it before every game LOL

  665. Some Linsanity inspired me to hit 3/6 against some HS-ers tonight in a pickup game after not playing full-court for 4 years 🙂
    But no circus shots .. and thank God no injuries LOL

  666. Disclaimer: there might be some kids & veterans involved in the game but they were tough 😀

  667. @Loveforlife0323
    @JLin7, You played great & aggressive tonight! Nice to see you shooting 3s & made the shots!!??? #KeepItUp #DENatCHA

  668. Missed today’s game….from game play and the score…Lin was hot Q3 and Q4….was he playing PG?

    Overall NB and JL had good game…KW shots was not falling I guess and trying to force the shots? Going 1-9 on 3s is bad.

    MW couldn’t get it going too, I guess..

    CC should have kept Lin for the whole Q4…that could have made a difference!

    Happy that Lin’s shot starts to fall…great game for Jeremy! Go Lin

  669. In today’s post game vs Nugget, at mark 1:22, Cliff admitted he didn’t know if Hornets were going to win the MIA game. So he threw Lin in at 0:14 secs in left in the 4th Qtr. After sitting on the bench almost the entire 4Qtr, Lin still got Hornets the win w/his 4 clutch FTs. From my impression of this video clip, it’s clear that Cliff did not know that Lin was going to be the hero who won the game for him w/his clutch FTs.
    In this game vs Nuggets, after Lin was the only one who was scoring and cutting down the deficit w/ the highest points at the time, but Cliff still took Lin out about 5:00min in 4th Qtr to sub in Lee. Obviously, Cliff didn’t want MIA scenario to repeat and wanted his chosen players to carry the win home, but they could not and lost.

  670. Today was set up for Batum & Kemba to be the hero for home game but they failed to deliver….

  671. today?…not everyday?!…lol

  672. haha… you make me laugh. Thanks.

  673. Oh! Almost but vs Cav…bc they probably thought they would loss anyway. Why not gave Lin a tryout….

  674. Yes, it’s clear that the Hornets wanted to see if they can win with the starters.
    Otherwise, they’d play Lin who was hot enough to score.

    They snooze and they lose.
    They can say good-bye to home-court advantage in the playoff if they keep doing this.

  675. Or let Lin be the scapegoat. Why sub Lin in at 0:14secs left? Cliff wanted Lin in for defense to pass the rock to KW or NB, but instead Lin got the rock and made the heroic clutch FTs to win the game. So thanks to MIA who fouled Lin whom actually made Lin the hero of the clutch win.

  676. Ido asked the question that everyone wants to know

    Please explain, @hornets, @At_The_Hive, anyone in CHA, why it was so important to sub Lee for Lin in the last 5 minutes.
    #NBA #DENatCHA

  677. Ultimate question!!!

  678. best shot of the game, 1 on 3 and making the circus shot!

  679. Not the first time they’ve pulled Lin like that when he’s scoring well and won’t be the last. Cliff didn’t want Lin to out score Kemba and take the glory! I hope they do that a few more games with Lin getting his points so they’d be out of playoffs! If not for Lin they won’t even be in playoff picture, they don’t deserve it.

  680. it was so clear and evident the first regular games begun..cliff got jeremy but seeing so many new players whom he could use and start on, he immediately abandon what was working and experiment till the last game..who among the nba coach would change his winning ways if he found it and still stubborn to play his anointed ones!

  681. LOL pre-game ritual just like MJ’s applesauce!

  682. It’s the elephant in the room, really

    It shows that Clifford will be unable to adjust by playing the hot hands in the game because he already had a pre-set rotation. The bad thing is the Hornets will be out in the first round
    The good thing is JLin will be more likely to find a different team in the off-season.

  683. always..leave JLIn there to get the lead and then insert and replace JLIN for KW and Batum to win!

  684. no KW there..no choice

  685. yup, it happened in the ATL, PHI games now the DEN game
    It’s definitely intentional to let Lee close no matter what

  686. i think with regards to JLIN, its a pre-set rotation but when others are the hot hand, cliff can dispense the time of JLIN and he can give it to others who are hot at the game time.

  687. i just hope the HOrnets fans can see it clearly that their coach had shown bias towards JLIN and shout it loudly (maybe a wishful thinking!)

  688. Cliff has proven himself to play the “chosen ones” even if they might lose games

    In a way, McHale was a braver coach to bench Harden in a comeback game vs the Clippers in the last playoff. I think that was the start of the Harden’s plan to get him fired.

  689. yes, things changed after the ASB or the Cavs game

    Before ASB, Cliff would ride Lin’s hot scoring to close games but no more.
    My guess is they asked Lin for a verbal promise to resign but he refused so they try to phase him out.

  690. He’ll be so bored of the movie 🙂
    Maybe a different cartoon movie before the game

  691. maybe, a non committed Jlin with hornets will change hornets view and plans for him, but with such role, JLIN knew he can get the breather as a true PG. before asg, they knew they can’t rely with PJ hairstone thats why the Jlin usage, but after Lee arrived, cliff like Lee much and maybe persuaded by usage to resigned with them, thats why the confidence on his play!

  692. i think no more braver, McHale can’t think things for JLIN..he is a no coach and no semblance of it!

  693. What about Lee? They gave up picks for Lee trade and he’ll be FA also. Did they also got verbal commitment from Lee? They’re given him Lin’s minutes to integrate him for next year.

  694. Naw, Lin needs to be in the Playoffs! The entire team worked so hard to get here. Remember, at the beginning of the season, media predicted that either the Hornets were going to be near the bottom…look at them now, Playoffs bound.

  695. yes, Cliff’s comment of “wait until you see Lee in a few weeks” after Lee had the 1st good shooting game showed he planned to feature Lee as the perfect “3 and defender” next to Kemba because he doesn’t need to ball like JLin does which takes away some scoring from Kemba

  696. He was kinda playing PG. Well, in some sequences he played PG. Then Kemba came back in and it was back to the usual. Still he was making shots.

  697. Maybe there was a verbal commitment from Lee that he will stay on for next season…we really dont know whats happening behind the season…never the less, keeping Lin as a closer would only provide Hornet a greater chance of winnning

  698. Dang, you got ice in your veins!

  699. My guess is they like Lee enough to promise him he’ll be a perfect defending SG next to Kemba as the future All-Star. Otherwise, it doesn’t make sense not close with a hot-scoring Lin over Lee

  700. MDA + Lin + 76ers’ bigs = Linsane!!!

  701. Bc Lin will not stay & Lee likely will stay…. They want to build their own team chemistry for next season. Lin is just one year deal. Consultant + Firefighter.

  702. God was watching…. LOL!

  703. Rox lost to Hawks today…while watching the highlights…man! Michael Beasley can really pick and roll…wish he plays with Jeremy…this guys sets some strong and smart picks and he goes strong on the roll as well

  704. Ya! Lee will not outshine Kemba. Even he got more min than Lin but he took almost the same # shots like Lin … less than 10 shots most of the time.

  705. yes, it’s pretty clear that’s the direction they’re going

  706. nothing so special about Lee and Lee knew that a good trusting team is ok with him, so he will stay with Hornets because cliff promised him to be a starter and will not be traded..LOL!

  707. That’s why they would rather loss but let Lin back in late 4Q. They got what they asked for it. smh! I think they will not make it to playoff next season.

  708. Ya! My friend told me. He’s better than Ariza… hope he can be the same team w Lin next season. Don’t want Rox to get him next season.

  709. Thanks…dont think it was posted

  710. cliff making a wishful thinking then that Hornets win without using ahot JLIN!!! a LOST CAUSE!

  711. To me, they changed direction on Lin since Day 1 after preseason when they started PJ, then Lamb, then back to PJ, then MKG , now Lee. It’s a precipitous decline since preason. Not integrating Lin in their future plan but using him to win games, after knowing that he had given them the biggest discount to resurrect his career, is heartless and calculated. If they’d allow him to play his game as they promised, they would have enjoyed more wins and Lin could or may give them an even bigger discount to call Hornets his home. They’re missing out. There’s a reason and time for everything under the sun. We can’t explain it, but God has a better plan in store for Lin. Looking forward to the future and praying for Lin…

  712. G – Jeremy Lin, Charlotte Hornets – The years following the Linsanity breakthrough in New York have been at times rather trying for Jeremy Lin, but he looks like he’s finally found a bit of comfort on this blossoming Hornets team playing behind Kemba Walker. In 26 minutes a night, Lin is averaging 11.4 PPG and 3.0 APG, while turning the ball over only 1.8 times per game. Ever since Michael Kidd-Gilchrist was declared injured for the season, Lin has stepped up considerably and really helped the Hornets establish themselves as what appears to be a sure-thing playoff team. That early-season Mohawk was the real MVP, though.

  713. but beasly’s a bit hogger too and loves to shoot!

  714. sure…since he is a SF but playing SG

  715. Really? Oh! Harden OK w that?

  716. Nice to see JLin posting up Augustine..

  717. That was great defense!

  718. Uncle Charlie, that’s a good one.

  719. Wait…there is good ole’ Marvin Williams.

  720. GIF Time: JLin Bruising Post-Up Move on DJ Augustin

  721. Abusing dj

  722. JLin Smart Thinking & Help D stopped 7′ 280lb Nurkic cold

  723. I’m surprised Cliff didn’t let Lin post up on DJ more than once tonight. Lin clearly has the height advantage. Kemba was hopeless against DJ.

  724. First time seeing Lin do a post up move! Applying what he learned with Hakeem few seasons ago? Cutting to the basket like SF and posting up like a PF, good side effect of being marginalized and not playing his PG position? When Lin finally gets to be PG and lead his team with MDA he’d be more unstoppable than ever.

  725. They might not even make it this season let alone next.

  726. Cliff put Lin in with 14 secs left in the Miami game not because he thought Lin could win the game. It was purely a matchup call. Spoelstra replaced Whiteside with Dragic and went small so Cliff pulled Al and inserted Lin. It just turned out that Lin made the 4 free throws. But the whole play was to go small against Miami small. I wouldn’t give Cliff any credit for the win. Had Spoelstra kept Whiteside in the game Lin wouldn’t have entered.

  727. lefon got it right

  728. IMO, Sacramato is another good place to land for Lin. Rando will leave and It is in Northern California.

  729. Don’t have that much faith in MDA. He digged out Lin from the end of bench 2012 just because he was out of option. Then Linsanity was out of his control, he had no choice but played Lin.

  730. Both of them are well coached teams. It is sad to watch Lin sticking to McHale, Scott and Cliff. Bad coaches have linear thinking and inflexible rotation plans. So the STARs are above them since they are clueless.

  731. The Stars have aligned. Something great is coming for Lin. Sometimes when you think that everything is not going well, a better situation will surprise us! That’s what hope and faith and perseverance can do. And I am positive in my thoughts in this aspect. The coming of Linsanity 2. I don’t give up my hope for Lin ?

  732. They don’t want Lin to outshine Kemba. Lin is not in their future plans.

  733. Clifford doesn’t mind the loss as long as Kemba is not outshines by Lin. Their goal is still with Kemba. Playoff is a bonus.

  734. Me too. Praying for him always.?

  735. Clifford deserves to lose every game now if he insists on using Lee and not Lin

  736. Because Lin bail them out most of the time. They don’t deserve to be in the playoffs. They are not in the playoffs picture in the first place. Every player in the NBA works hard and it doesn’t follow that they have to be in the playoffs because they work hard.

  737. Nobody knows yet before Linsanity. After Linsanity mda trusts Lins play. He is like Lins second father in the NBA.

  738. That would be good but need good coach and organization. No more houstons, lakers, and charlottes please…

  739. The fake stars r so bad. Yesterday made me realize that nba has terrible teams sans gsw and spurs…

  740. What was the rumour? Oh yes, Kemba for MVP!!! ?

  741. Laughable.

  742. He’s not even the best in his team. And you can see sometime Jeremy is open and Kemba doesn’t give him the ball even if he sees him

  743. Oh nope. He did vs Nate Robinson couple of years ago… And another one maybe but don’t remember against who.

  744. nate robinson in bulls game, and someone else,,, will let you know when i remember…

  745. You got it! Cliff really “didn’t know that Lin could win the (MIA) game”, but the fact that Lin did win the game for Hornets to have home advantage on MIA is a testament to Lin’s clutch skills & ability, not to Cliff’s credit. And yet, after that important win, Cliff still determined to win w/o Lin at cost of losing winnable game vs Nuggets that his preferred players could not bring it home. Even Spo and Wade had to give Lin credit for the FTs, but did we hear Cliff give Lin any mentions or praise for his Clutch FTs for the MIA win? NADA…

  746. Recap/Observation: Watched both Cliff’s MIA and Nuggets post games interviews, there should be no more doubt that Cliff has been trying to win games w/ his chosen guys and w/o Lin. In Nuggets game, Lin posted up on Augustine wasn’t enough for Cliff to allow him stay and play through crunch time. But Augustine can abuse KW all night long, yet Cliff wouldn’t take KW off the floor and let a winnable game slipped through. Cliff took Lin out around 5min in 4Q to sub in Lee even while Lin was hot and Hornets in the game. This very action is an indication that he did not want Lin to win w/ Lin and wanted to avoid the MIA scenario for Lin’s clutch play to be the hero of the game. In the MIA Post game, after Lin won the important game for Cliff to have home court advantage on MIA, Cliff did NOT even give Lin any mentions or credit for his Clutch FTs to win the game, but he did credit Hansborough and Daniels. Even Cliff himself admitted that he didn’t know if Hornets were going to win the MIA game in Nuggets post game interview. http://www.nba.com/hornets/video/teams/hornets/2016/03/20/1458437346552-160319-coach.mov-375853

  747. I have long maintained that Lin is in a better situation compared with Houston and LA. I will explain my reasons. But first I should set some parameters.

    I believe Lin should be a starter and I believe Lin has not completely given up hope of starting.

    So when Lin signed with the Hornets to be Kemba’s backup, there were only 3 good outcomes:-
    1. Lin supplants Kemba as starter.
    2. Lin starts or plays starter minutes alongside Kemba.
    3. Lin improves his marketability for the next season.

    Option 1 is out of the question (it was always a long shot anyway). Option 2 was promising at first but politics killed it.

    We are left with Option 3 (audition for next season) and thankfully Lin has done a lot to improve his image this year.

    He saved the Knicks and led them to the playoffs. He then also brought the Rockets back to the playoffs. However with all the hype around Harden, Lin never got the credit.

    In Charlotte we have an interesting situation whereby Kemba has enough political power to ensure no one overshadows him, including Batum. At the same time Kemba is such a long term proven loser, you can’t help but to think that Lin has helped to turn the team around. So the narrative is that Lin and Batum helped to bring this team back to the playoffs, unlike Houston where the media machine was only focused on hyping up Harden.

    Free agency is really all about perception and not hard stats. So even if the system or his stats were better in the past it does not matter as the general perception is more important.

    Remember that Harden got his big contract after he was Sixth Man of the Year and his team was in the NBA finals.

    Yes Lin may not get the same opportunities due to prejudice but he certainly has the best chance in the longest time for getting a proper starting role. Or put it another way, if there was an “Asian discount” it would be even worse if he was in a bad situation like in Houston or Lakers.

  748. Agreed on the old adage that winning solves everything. This is why if Lin has a bad game I still want the hornets to win. Last nights lost was a disappointment. More the hornets win, the better Lin looks.

  749. Highlights …

  750. I remember the Nate Robinson post up. Lin was playing his usual game but after Nate scored on Lin and taunted a little, Lin took him to the post a couple times and shut him up. The message was I have not abused your lack of height from choice. I could score on you all night at any moment I want. Played Nate like a boss that night.

  751. We are on the same page on this issue.

  752. Of course Cliff didn’t want Lin to be the hero for helping them won the game bc right now they are pushing Kemba to be the most improved player. They don’t like Lin seems to be the guy who helped them to playoff… it’s to be Kemba & Batum. See… there’s no more BF1. Bc in the past the news it’s like Hornets bench’s good….. Not anymore… it’s our starters help to lead us to playoff….That’s the scenario for this team now.

  753. The reason why Lin didn’t finish is not because Clifford thinks one way or another about Lin vs. Lee other than Lee is longer than Lin defensively. Lee is now part of the starting 5 and Clifford has gone with a very strict starters finish policy now. Earlier in the year, he did not do this. If someone else had got hot and finished like Frank or Daniels, I think we can build a case for this. But, since that hasn’t happened, it looks like Clifford is just going starters finish the game.

    I think if Lee stays he may not start or finish providing Marvin and Batum are still with the team. The starters will be Kemba, Batum, MKG, Marvin and Cody. Lee will be a backup and I think will be treated now like Lin is treated. For now, Clifford likes Lee’s length for defending and in my opinion, that’s the only reason why he finishes over Lin.

    I simply do not believe Clifford is thinking of any player outshining any other. I know posters won’t agree and say I’m defending Cliff but I’m not. I’m not pleased at all with Cliff going with this starters finish policy and it is totally unfair to Lin who absolutely, without a doubt should have finished over Lee last night and in other games. But I don’t think he’s absolutely targeting Lin or thinking of keeping him down. He’s just not that flexible or smart a coach to now go with what’s working over set rotations.

  754. It’s very interesting to me living in New York City to see what happened with Lamb and the Charlotte media lack of reaction. As far as I know, they haven’t asked Clifford about Lamb. Here was the highest scorer off of the bench earlier in the year and now he doesn’t play for 3 games. Where are the questions about him? In NYC Cliff would be drilled about what is going on with him.

    I’m not a Lamb fan and yes, Lamb hasn’t played all that great, but does he really deserve 3X DNPs without the coach saying anything. If you are following Lamb that must really feel terrible to get nothing from the coach and not having your player play at all. I really dislike that Cliff could do this to Lamb without saying anything and it’s hard to tell if Lamb will play anymore or in the playoffs. And it isn’t like Daniels plays well most games, he’s played no better than Lamb. And sometimes, this team could use Lamb.

  755. Haha seems like everyone is noticing his flaws…just being stubborn… Stiff neck.

  756. I doubt that they would rather loose. I can see the scenarios where Cliff thinks Lin and Lee are interchangeable defensively. So, he subs in the “fresher” player to finish the game. But to us Lin fans, Lin is a rhythm player so taking him out at the wrong time has negative impact on the team.

  757. Yep. Glad you see it too. That is their agenda and they are pushing this narrative to support their agenda. Lin’s hardwork go unrecognized and deliberately suppressed…

  758. I agree..The Lamb drop out of the rotation is very weird…Lamb is not a good defender, but is Troy Daniel any better?…At least, Lamb has some length to bother the guy he’s marking.

    My guess is Lamb got into an argument with Cliff..He probably snapped because of Clifford constant yelling at players, just like we saw Al Jefferson snapped at Clifford during an previous game earlier this season…This probably happened during practice and Clifford is showing him who’s boss…Of course, that is just speculation of my part.

    Anyway, if you check Lamb per36 stats, it’s pretty good….Shocked that he was dropped like that with no explanation.

    Maybe Clifford didn’t like the fact that he got paid…Probably felt Lamb did not earn that type of money yet.

    Or maybe there’s a war between Clifford and the general manager who decided to sign Lamb..How can Lamb be given such a contract with the approval seal of the coach who is in charge of playing time..Did the manager who is Cho, checked on Clifford before signing Lamb to this contract?

    Of course, if the coach says I don’t trust him on defense, Cho should had held off on giving Lamb such a contract.

  759. I think Cliff just said “don’t say any good or bad things about any players in the interview. Let me say it”

  760. I’m hoping that William and Lin will play together next yr. either in New York or Philly.But Bucks won’t be a bad choice since Kidd just play to win not for anything else.No Spurs or GSW for me.It’s just me.

  761. Something does not make any sense about Clifford rotations. It not just hurts Lin, MKG and Lamb, it is risking injury on KW, CODY and Marvin by playing extensive non sense minutes in many games. Lin has no reason to stay. It does not matter how nice Clifford is nice to him (all lies!), it is just no sense.

  762. The Hornets signed the contract with Lamb too prematurely. It was based on a small sample size early in the season. Lamb is a player with low basketball IQ and he’s constantly a disruption of the offensive flow especially when the offense is running through Al. But I do agree that Cliff should not shut him down entirely. Lamb is still a useful matchup against longer player. From a basketball standpoint you have to give a player enough minutes to find his rhythm. I think that’s what Cliff is doing now to Troy Daniels. Troy’s 3 is needed in the playoff.

  763. Again, Hornets is not a good team and Clifford is not a bad coach. I mean at least Clifford never do what Byron Scott did to Lin. But there is no room for Lin as Clifford never really let Lin play PG which for some reason he doesn’t believe in it. But Clifford show he believe in Lin’s defenses. This season really benefited Lin as previous coaches like Kevin McHale has used this stupid excuse to demoted Lin. And clueless BS follow by using that excuses to protect Kobe and as an excuses to all the losts.

    So glad that Lakers is suck like it suppose to be this season. I haven’t watch BS post game interview anymore but I am pretty sure by now people realize that BS has zero talent on coaching. On the other hand he is the best on blaming. I really hope that Lin can sigh with a team where he can play as PG such as Philly, Brooklyn, Jazz or play with a real coach like Gregg Popovich next season.

  764. I meant Hornets is not a bad team.

  765. I think the age requirement had to be over 30 to with the Spurs so Lin still has a few years to go ?
    GSW is already stacked Lin will not get much playing time
    Spurs played well last night against the GSW They do a lot of dribble penetration and if no lane, pass back to outside shooter or another dribble penetration
    GSW seems to rely on Klay or Curry outside shooting
    Lin’s game fits better with the Spurs than GSW

  766. Lol, Kawhi Leonard is a young 24 years.

  767. Sportige rocks!

  768. I am with you! Someone in this forum always gives him a reason doing this or that to Lin, this is already end of the season, so obviously C lost all the benefit of the doubt!!! Like Miami game, C didn’t give any credit to Lin but Daniels n Tyler H.

  769. Exactly!

  770. Actually GSW and SPURS would fit Lin better because their system seems cater to his strength but these2 teams are already set with their players unless their coaches will let him play for more than 20 mins and that will be a big IF.With his strong performances with Hornets even with the circumstances ,he still posted a solid numbers which is good enough to buy him a team that will give a shot to be either a starter or be a really solid 6th man .With Philly and Nets he has a big room to improved for a 3-4 years contract,then prolly join a caliber championship team for a possible shot to a ring when he will reach the age of 32 and up and if he’s still playing.

  771. The probable reason Lamb isn’t playing is the same reason Lin doesn’t play much:

    Lamb OUTPLAYS Batum and Lee when given a whiff of regular minutes.

  772. Clifford’s mentality is easy to understand.

    He has his “stars” in Walker and Batum and Lee and MKG and Williams.

    Everybody else is regarded as “underneath” those guys, and anybody who outplays those guys gets punished.

  773. hornets have good players but the coach is horrible

  774. Lamb just suck. Lin is clearly being misused/marginalized. don’t confuse the two

  775. it’s not weird at all. it was predicted by most people right after Lamb did some extremely dumb or selfish things. and his lack of defense limited his playing time from the very start

  776. Didn’t like a bit how Lamb played lately. But to flat out say he just sucks is a bit harsh…. His main problem lately has been that he forces and hogs too much. I remember at one stage we have quite a few here wanting Lin to do the same. I don’t blame Lamb for trying what he has done. It’s really a result of offensive orchestrating duty being taken away from Lin that players like Lamb graduately losing his share of touches. If we are in his shoes, I’d guess we would do the same.

    I’d say most of the problems we see lately are related to Clifford over-prioritising his pet players namely Kemba and Batum. I’d say the other 3 in the starting lineup are put there to cater for them. While the rest just gets dumped on to the bench… Clifford could’ve been a good coach if he can get rid of his obsession with his pets and focus on chemistry building for the entire team instead of trying so hard to devide them up into starters squad and bench squads…

  777. When I say THEY, that includes Jeremy Lin. No man is an island. When the team wins Lin Wins. At least that’s my view.

  778. Charlotte Hornets: What’s Up With Jeremy Lamb?
    ‘ via FanSided Android


  779. agreed. Lamb doesn’t completely suck. he’s a good offensive player in a system that utilizes him correctly and with a good point guard to get him the ball where he likes it. but his flaws like selfishness, low basketball iq, and poor defense outweighs his positives. and agreed that over-prioritizing players especially kemba is hurting the whole team

  780. decent players.

  781. Yes bro. With the same roster plus Pop at the helm and a supportive FO, I’m sure he’ll sort the balance out and make each player accountable. That’ll create another championship contention team. The problem with the Hornets is not really on the court. It’s behind the doors…

  782. Lamb outplays Kemba as SG that’s why Kemba doesn’t like him when they gave him that big contract, he felt threatened. Then Cliff just benched Lamb entirely. I have no doubt Lamb’s mistreatment is the same reason Lin is mistreated.

  783. Glad to see JLin smiling in the post-game interview

    @JLin7 Postgame interview with J-Con Taiwan.

  784. Nope Cliff is played Lee just like he played PJ so Lin doesn’t get to start and outscore the “stars”.

  785. good closing summary

    There isn’t any reason that Clifford or the team has given as to why Lamb has been benched but many have questioned his work ethic in the past. There have also been questions about his defense and his ability to share the ball on the offensive end of the court.

  786. First time? then you didn’t see Lin’s game enough. LOL

  787. I find this extremely amusing because Kemba Walker does not play defense nor share the ball on the offensive end of the court but he is handed minutes after minutes even in games where he could rebuild the great wall with all his bricks.

    To put it simply, Lamb probably pissed off the wrong people in the organization and he got black-mailed as a result. He really needs to learn to behave better since he was not drafted by the Hornets nor designated as the “star” of the team. The silver lining here is mostly all NBA contracts are guaranteed so Lamb’s got 21 million reasons not to get too mad through this mess.

  788. Haha! He looks happy…. Well, Hornets is the worst bc from NYK, Rox, & Lakers all had Lin’s postgame interview almost every game but not Hornets. smh!

  789. The actual answer is far simpler than the article makes it out to be.

    Clifford simply doesn’t want Lamb to outplay Nicholas Batum in Batum’s contract year.

    Troy Daniels is not as good as Lamb, especially defensively. He doesn’t threaten Batum the way Lamb does.

    The three best Hornets players are Lin, Lamb, and Hansbrough. None of them play very much.

  790. The better Lamb does, the more he’s benched.

  791. As usual, the superb defensive numbers that Lamb puts up contradict your hater eye test position that views Lamb strictly as a player that takes shots away from Lin.

  792. One of several things to tell Lamb, if you rebounded the ball, give it to Lin your on duty point guard to bring the ball up to setup play. DO NOT GO COAST TO COAST.

  793. NO.

    Contrary to what you think, basketball isn’t just the “Jeremy Lin Show”.

  794. On duty pg. Hello?

  795. YES

  796. NO NO NO.

    Guards in the NBA have to be able to dribble attack the ball, and it doesn’t matter if they wear “Lin” jerseys or not.

  797. OK, since you are a diehard legitimate LOF.

    But I’m not, so NO.

  798. Yesyesyes, it matters because it’s not street basketball.

  799. NO, you are ONLY thinking in terms of Lamb in relation to how he “takes away” touches and shots from Lin.

    You only want Lamb to meekly pass up all his shots to Lin because you only want Lin to be the star to the exclusion of everyone else.

  800. Does not matter, he has NEVER proven anything YET. You don’t take the ball coast to coast

  801. I want lamb to shoot and to drive to the rim BUT NOT BY HIMSELF COAST TO COAST. WE ALREADY HAVE KEMBA.

  802. You want the wrong thing.

    If you REALLY wanted Lin to score more, then you WANT Lamb going coast to coast and attacking and shooting almost every time he touches the ball.

    When Lamb is attacking, he puts tremendous pressure on opposing defenses. He is good enough a player that opponents cannot load up on Lin defendively, unlike Daniels who opponents don’t fear.

    Just like Nick Young, Lamb shoots and scores enough such that it peels defenders off Lin.

    This is why no one should be surprised that Lin has struggled offensively since Lamb was benched.

  803. That does not make sense. Lamb had played the first half of the season. And so you think Lee is okay to beat Batum? Batum is now playing SF, and he is in different level with Lamb.


    Lamb has proven that he not only is a double figure scorer, he can defend really well and open up the court for Jeremy Lin to put up huge numbers.

    Clifford knows this, and that’s why Clifford won’t play Lin and Lamb together.

  805. NO.

    Lee is playing like crap and doesn’t have enough game to outplay Batum or even Daniels.

    Lee and Daniels don’t threaten anyone, but Lamb and Lin do. That’s why Lamb and Lin don’t play despite putting up massive production.

  806. Kemba is even better in peels defenders off Lin, and I don’t see Lin out of struggle playing with Kemba. Something is not right in your theory there.

  807. Ok, Lamb rebounds n go coast to coast. Now how many dnp games already?

  808. Batum played with Lin/Lamb for more than half a season, and none of Lin/Lamb could stop the shine from Batum, or put it this way, if Lamb continue to play his role like in before All-Star, Batum would not be threatened either. It is not like put Lamb on bench and all a sudden Batum becomes all shiny…..

  809. Never disagree lamb attacking and stay agresssive, Not by himself. He has 4 other teammates too.

  810. He’s trying to be giannis a

  811. You are looking at things from a fan’s view, which also happens to be the correct view as far as actual basketball production goes.

    But the way Clifford perceives it is completely different.

    Clifford is TERRIFIED that Batum will walk in free agency.

    Thus Clifford is giving Batum every privilege while making sure that any competitors at Batum’s reserve PG and starting swingman positions are eliminated. And that’s Lamb and Lin, specifically.

    If Courtney Lee were not playing like utter trash and the team had a backup point guard, Lin would be DNP CD just like Lamb.

  812. Do me a favor khuang, stick with your opinion instead of telling others who disagreed w you wrong wrong wrong. Lamb was lucky because he got millions from doing what?


  813. The problem is, lamb freelances and tries to do more than he’s capable, just like kemba.

  814. Sorry, you’re more wrong than ever.

    I’m not a hardcore LOF like you who pretends that a player scoring double figures in barely 20 mpg while putting up super +/- and defensive numbers is “lucky”.

  815. That’s a GOOD thing.

    It opens up the court for Lin, and that’s why Lin’s numbers are much better with Lamb than without Lamb.

    Unlike Walker who is not gifted enough to truly create, Lamb can actually make things happen. That’s why the Charlotte Hornets win so much more with Lamb than without him.

  816. It is not for you to judge who’s wrong in order to make your point, pls stay with your opinion and let the readers doing that.

    Yes I’m lof but it does not mean lamb should go coast to coast.

  817. I agree with take me back here. Lamb is very hard to watch, he’s trying to play alone a lot. He doesn’t do that well. He’s not on the bench because of great play..

  818. Lamb is not the selfishness problem on the backups.

    Batum hogging and bricking and turnovering with the 2nd unit is the problem, not Lamb.

    It’s only natural that Lamb would try to attack more when Batum is stinking up every game as a horrible reserve PG.

    As you’ve seen, removing Lamb from the 2nd unit in favor of the far less talented Daniels has not solved Batum’s terrible play, produced more touches for Lin, or prevented the once invincible Lamb bench from losing every game.

  819. Sorry, being judged is part of a discussion forum.

    And you STILL believe that Lamb shouldn’t be taking the ball “away” from Lin even though that’s part of the game.

    You can call me wrong too. I can take the heat AND not take it personal. You have good points, even thogh I COMPLETELY DISAGREE.

  820. You would be right if lamb kicked out out, but he doesn’t so it’s effectively a tov.

  821. Please do not bring batum out justify lamb iso coast to coast. Lamb has been a freelance nba player hitting a 24 mil jack pot

  822. Pop, Carlisle and Stevens are the three best coaches. Carlisle and Stevens have worst players on their roster and they’re killing it

  823. oh pahlease. Lin gets tons of assists if Lamb plays the right way instead of going 1 on 5

  824. Lamb doesn’t take shots away from Lin. Lin feeds Lamb and gets tons of assists if only Lamb plays the correct way instead of desperately forcing shots over 5 defenders

  825. no Khuang. every time Lamb forces horrible shots, every one on this board predicted he would get benched

  826. Yes totally agree. Pop is a genius but I heard he can be very blunt and short tempered. I think Carlisle and Stevens looks more mildly tempered so I’d like to see JLin give them a try eventually….

  827. My speculation is even simpler: KW doesn’t like Lamb who can pad better stats than him yet doesn’t do many intangibles.

  828. There haven’t been any rumblings from inside the organization as to why Lamb has been benched by Steve Clifford but many have pointed out that Clifford loves the way Daniels’ practices. Troy has an incredible work ethic and an impressive outside shot that he is not afraid to shoot almost every time down the floor.

    Troy is averaging 5.1 points per game on 45.9% shooting from the field and 47.3% from the three-point line on the season. He only averages 10.3 minutes per game this year. Before being pushed into Lamb’s role in the rotation, Daniels didn’t even play in 11 of the Charlotte Hornets’ 16 games and most of those minutes came in blowout games.

    There isn’t any reason that Clifford or the team has given as to why Lamb has been benched but many have questioned his work ethic in the past. There have also been questions about his defense and his ability to share the ball on the offensive end of the court.


  829. Nop, according to reporter, JLin looked rather “sad,” angry, and non-smiling face, the reporter didn’t know what to do for few seconds after he was able to catch JLin. He was speechless when he caught an eye with JLin. After a while, he finally found a way to reach out to JLin and get the smile from JLin.

  830. Yes. It’s sad for me to see people wanting Hornet to lose even though I realise they are angry at Lin’s marginalisation. If we are true Lin fans and Lin wants his team to win, we should do our best to cheer for that cause in order to support our boy….

  831. Jeremy Lin’s Brother talking about Jeremy playing with Rockets, Knicks and Hornets


  832. That’s a joke on cosmic level…

  833. Khuang, I haven’t seen lamb play it according to the script you wrote.

  834. ever wonder why the hornets aren’t shooting/making a lot of corner 3’s? here is a play specifically designed to get Lin opened in the corner but kemba already determined to shoot the ball himself..

  835. Wow really…. Then I guess we shall see some bible verses very soon…. Hope all is well for him.

  836. Good post. Bro telling it like we all see it. Don’t like seeing Jeremy at the corner. He plays better having ball in his hands and creating for teammates makes them better

  837. I think perhaps Joseph doesn’t have the time to really sit down and watch Jeremy’s full game… He wouldn’t say the coach knows how to play Jeremy correctly if he has seen the games from the past 2 months or so…

  838. I guess he just upset they lose the game.

  839. the difference between lamb and Lin here is their approach regarding their PT..Lamb always go rouge and coast to coast to score more for himself rather than to follow a set play, and most of the time Lamb failed on that situation, hence cliff was force to bench him because on other player not named KW. Batum,LEE and MKG, errors and mistakes are magnified and thus make cliff pissed, so the natural tendencies is to bench or DNP the player. while JLIn take the subtle approach , that is to at least follow the norm and take his when theirs opportunity and when cliff’s head turned (so to speak)..Cliff can’t DNP JLIN (even he wants to) because on everygame, JLin played the right way and it helped the team win..he do try sometimes just like the denver game but his actions was seen and was looked upon as questionable and his decision was a head scratcher.

  840. Maybe. On the other hand, Lin is still playing for Hornets and very low chance maybe stay. So can’t blame on Hornets right now.

  841. horrible offense and defense possession. on defense, kemba fell asleep ala harden but Lin helped out which left his own man wide open. of course, batum doesn’t bother covering for Lin either. on offense, kemba just stands there while everyone else tries to execute the play. Lin is forced to pass it to kemba who then makes a bad pass..

  842. From the write up:
    Jeremy Lin Efficient, But Hornets Run Out Of Gas
    by 2Paragraphs in Sports | March 20, 2016

    “Head coach Steve Clifford must push his team yet
    manage his players’ minutes (especially Walker’s) efficiently to both
    maintain position and enter the playoffs with energy.”

    this is a question mark that writers seems to believed..Cliff managing KW time effienctly is a misnomer and devoid of truth as i watched all games this season yet shouted it out by the writers who seems given by Hornets flyers to spread!

  843. @penny10654
    ashcheekssssss:driving by the stadium n @JLin7 was outside,Held up at least 6 other cars to get pic n got honked at


  844. It isn’t just the leaving of Batum, though like you I feel that is a major reason… I think he also has instructions to maximize Kemba’s production… Best way to entice superstar free agents is to show some kind of superstar pairing, and I think that is what Charlotte has been planning since the ASB. That would explain their acquisition of Lee and reducing PT for Lin and Lamb.

    Lin is getting his Khuang… At least 3 positive articles in mainstream media, already. I think he’ll get a good place next year, with a decent contract.

  845. I’m sure deep down he’s not happy not having the chance to help his team win. 13 more regular games to go 🙂

  846. true, I’m glad he’s most likely won’t come back there next season

  847. I agree Lamb probably disobeyed order by playing selfishly and got DNP-ed as a result. Kemba has the Harden treatment for now; it’ll be interesting what happens if he slows down or gets fatigued

  848. I like to give Kimba the benefit of the doubt and assume that he has poor court awareness and it isn’t because he’s selfish

  849. wow…only 13 more…time flies!

  850. I agree, lamb list his gambit. Lin is winning, randomly lol

  851. Love this move. Lin utilising his size and strength posting up smaller guards. Very nice indeed.

  852. was very encouraged by Lins performance this game. He showed signs he is growing in confidence. As soon as he nailed that 3 in the second half his game flourished, he looked more like his old self which we haven’t seen much of late. I hope he can build on this performance and improve offensively with each game.

    My new article on Jeremy Lin shooting Struggles. It’s tough for Lin right now but I’m confident he will become a better player coming out this poor stretch.

  853. Just watched the highlights.

    Some observations:

    1. Lin’s speed seems coming back. The first step is mystically quicker than previous games. (injuries healed?)
    2. Walker passed 2 times, yes, 2 times to corner Lin for 3. That’s rare gold but too late.
    3. This Augustin is quick. He played with chips on his shoulder (a former Hornet). It is classical seeing him destroying Walker.
    4. His shooting (and dribbles) coming with confidence, at least from where I can tell. Especially with different drives and these two 3 pointers were quite different than the ones in previous games – smoother and quicker release. Maybe it is the spacing. Just my takes.
    5. This game teammates were willing to get him involved. Not sure why. I am shock that Walker passed these comer 3.

    Again, we can see that Cliff is playing with fire, letting Batum and Walker play with long minutes. These are going to backfire in later games and playoff. Good luck Hornets. Good games Lin. Keep shooting as you said, you will be fine.

  854. Game highlights…for those who missed the game…

  855. Warriors vs. Spurs Lockdown Defense!

  856. Playoffs Defense…right here!…wow

  857. Thanks for sharing…good recap as always 🙂

  858. Thanks for the kind words Maknusia :D.

  859. Clifford has really built a system that caters well to Kemba. But I am not impressed. Kemba (without Lin winning games for him) even at his best is a decent scorer and .500 in the wins column. Jeremy even when marginalised has had greater efficiency on both ends and is more of a winner.

  860. Lamb was been playing dumb basketball lately and just trying to play by himself so being in the doghouse may help him realized that basketball is a team game and needs some defense to guard an opponent .

  861. What he said was so true, shooting is an art not a science. Sometimes it’s just a matter of getting into the rhythm or in Lin’s case getting the passes from his teammates sooner.

  862. new Spurs Game Thread

    After a relaxing family time of watching movies with his cousins, JLin had a good shooting game (6-10) with 2-2 perfect 3pt shooting in the Nuggets game. It seems family time always helped Jeremy to relax and perform better on-court.

    1. Jeremy spent time enjoying cooking for his family and friends. Will more family time help him to perform well against the mighty San Antonio Spurs?

    2. Will Jeremy even get a chance to close if he performs well? It’s more likely that Clifford will continue to close with Lee and the rest of the starters since the Hornets have tried to close games consistently without him no matter how well his performance (i.e. JLin shot 61% in the Hawks/76ers/Nuggets without closing)

    3. This trend has further increase the possibility that the Hornets have moved on from JLin as he might exercise his player option in the off-season and they have no plan to resign him. This might explain why JLin doesn’t close even if he performs well since they prepare to build team chemistry without his presence.

    Let’s go, JLin! Let’s hope and pray JLin would continue to play well after some relaxing family time no matter if he finishes or not.

  863. Lin actually get some play right after time out, thus it does looks like coach is actively trying to involve Lin in this game. Which is quite different from previous couple of games.

  864. let the countdown begin 🙂
    playoff here we come!

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