Game 68 Toronto Raptors vs Cleveland Cavaliers: Growing Lowry-Lin Chemistry

Toronto Raptors announcer: “One of the things I have enjoyed is the relationship on court with Jeremy Lin and Kyle Lowry. It just seems that they connect. Kyle takes great joy of Lin’s success on-court. They read each other so well. Both play the game at a high-level as far as how they think.
And every time Jeremy Lin, he’s gone through some struggles, when he had some success, Kyle is the first one there to give him props and make him feel good”

[mark 5:09 of highlights]

Kyle’s the de-factor #1 leader in the Raptors. His joy and desires for Lin to play well next to him because they share the same high level of basketball IQ will be extra crucial to Lin’s role in the Raptors. It’s almost funny to see Kyle jumped for joy when Lin almost made a play for the And-1. He almost looks like an older brother being happy when the little brother made a good move. Perhaps Kyle missed the connection with DeRozan who was traded to the Spurs and he’s happier that he can find some joy to connect with Lin on-court making high-level basketball plays.

It’s early but this is a great sign for Lin when the #1 leader wants to play with him. It could be the opposite scenario in Houston when Harden liked Bev so much that Lin’s role as the starting PG was relegated to the bench in Houston.

In the Heat game, Lin struggled early by missing his first two 3s but Kyle Lowry helped to make the extra pass to help Jeremy drained his 3-pt shot from the corner in the 4th quarter.

Afterwards, he seemed rejuvenated in the fourth quarter by making the excellent no pass from Lowry to Lin which leads to Anunoby dunk.

He finished with 11 points, adding in 3 rebounds, 2 steals, 1 assist and 1 block in 23 minutes of play – shooting 3/7 from the field.