G68 PHI @LAL Game Thread

This would be the game we all would want Jeremy to prioritize his health by resting his back to prevent further injury.

If he does play, let’s hope and pray that he will be safe. Health is #1 at this point of the season preparing for the Free Agency.

Especially this is a “Must-Tank” game vs #3 worst NBA team, 76ers

Jeremy has nothing else to prove as he’s shown to many NBA GMs what he was capable when running Pick-and-Roll for 6-7 game stretch after the All-Star Break.

Go Jeremy!

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Guess JLin's stats in Game 69 vs OKC


  1. hehehe

  2. 2nd

  3. I thought NYK is the #1 worst team? 76ers is FAR BETTER than NYK are….lol ok I know I exaggerated…

  4. I think you’re right, I’m remembering last season hehe
    NYK got 14 wins
    MIN with 15 wins
    Then 76ers 17 wins, and LAL 17 wins (blame it to Jeremy leading 3-game winning streak LOL)

  5. somehow I knew you sensed it was about to be released soon!

  6. ICYMI here is Jeremy’s Q&A on his Quarterly gift subscription


  7. Lakers Fans enjoying their free Linsanity DVD

  8. Yes and you were not exaggerating. Lakers going for the #30 spot.

  9. LakerNation article pondered if JLin’s last 10 starts might help determine if the team wants to re-sign.
    Most of us know Lin will probably have 99% of not resigning to play for Byron and behind Kobe’s shadow.

    With Coach Scott in evaluation mode, the final 10 games with Lin as the starting point guard might help determine whether the team wants to re-sign. It’ll be interesting to see if Lin ultimately becomes a part of the team’s long-term plans with the Lakers excited about Clarkson’s progress and talk of the storied franchise going after Rajon Rondo or Goran Dragic in free agency.


  10. Sounds like you know something we don’t know. What’s up your sleeve?

  11. JLin said he’d cherish the minutes, I hope he has great performances.

  12. I hope he does too and stays healthy!

  13. “the final 10 games with Lin as the starting point guard might help determine whether HE wants to re-sign.” Here, I have corrected it for LN

  14. I take it to mean that in the last 10 games we’re going to find out if BScott will get fired AND Kobe will retire for good LOL
    Probably 0.01% chance, hehe

  15. Those LAL ppl thinking their team is so badly wanted by players is just beyond ridiculous. To a D-leaguer or some players wanted a roster spot maybe…

  16. In the development of those 10 games, Lin will evaluate how BS let Lin play P&R, how BS calls time out, how BS make sensible rotation, not in the name of tanking. Forget about play, because BS only knows 1/4 Princeton with 2 long balls.

  17. lol

  18. I agree w you… But I also think Lin pretty much has the team he wants to go in mind…

  19. I think Brent can sense when new game threads are to be released in 3-5 hours prior to game time and just waited to pounce :]

  20. I’ve talked to some Lakers fans and they’re just super-optimistic about tanking and they’ll come back up quickly. They knew Kobe’s problem getting along with stars but I guess they are just resigned to that fact and hope for the best. I don’t have the heart to tell them it might take a few years especially after Kobe is completely gone.

    Oh well, at least we all are waiting until Kobe retires. Kupchak might even be interested to recruit Lin again in 2-3 years. hehe..

  21. The process will be even slower if Scott is the man in charge

  22. I just woke up, turned on my PC, and saw your post about the new threads popping up. Plain and simple…lol

  23. I expect Byron will be gone as soon as Kobe retires, I think.
    There was a reason why Lakers waited 4 months to hire Byron before the season started and he probably knew his fate is tied to Kobe’s

  24. 6th Sense :>

  25. Eric Pincus has to explain about this Super-Bowl of losing to his wife :]


  26. According to the schedule, it looks like Lin might be back as a starter in the PHI game with 10 games left (if Byron keeps his word)


  27. They are dreaming in colour if they think LIN would even consider playing for Scott and having Kobe messing the team chemistry. It’s unbelievable how delusional the people in LA are that they think that players are dying to play for the Lakers.

  28. Insider information!??…lol

  29. Good for tank….right?

  30. Good to enjoy Lin his last 10 games as a Lakers. Lol

  31. Can not wait for FA to arrive

  32. Yes soon Brent soon 🙂

  33. Slower? It is more like one step forward, 2 steps back.

  34. They want that lottery top pick

  35. will determine who has the true tank spirit.

  36. Aww baby jlin with the ball… too cute *_*

  37. My 2nd wish after MDA becomes Lin’s coach is to have Steve Nash be the Assistant Coach #1!

  38. I don’t know whether Byron want to change starting line up on their last game of the 5 road game trip. Somehow I had the feeling that Byron might not even get Lin to start towards the end of the season. It is not like he never eat up his words.

  39. I think deep down the writer also didn’t believe it but they had to a job to do :]
    After all the reported disagreement between Lin/Byron, they must have known Lin won’t come back

  40. yeah, they might end up like 76ers tanking for years to chase that dream

  41. it might not be the easy way; but its the hinkie (some say genius) way.

  42. At least the cavs not getting it this year lol

  43. That would be interesting.

  44. it might not be the easy way but its the hinkie way.

    this game will determine who has the true tanker spirit.

  45. the orders still from BS…reminded me of the same thing last year in Houston

  46. Pressey is the man next to Scott in the picture …

  47. I think 76er is easier to get the lost, on the road, and back to back. And they have double incentive to lose.

  48. Sad for Coach Scott for the lost of his mother.

  49. and their team has been structured to lose as a clear and not hidden agenda; any time a player shows potential of producing wins they dispatch him to acquire more picks.

    with lakers its more about (mis) management.

    and they just acquired that double incentive recently as a deliberate choice.

  50. That is a terrible loss. I lost my mom about 3 months ago.

  51. I dont think Lin will sign with LA… but if he does… not sure if I would go through another year of frustration again… I might have to go back to watch the torturing hockey by the Toronto Maple Leafs.. oh NO!

  52. Me too, a few years ago. It gets better but never could get over it. How would I like to go back in time a do a few thing differently.

  53. I swear, this is scary as hell. I don’t like to mention it because it sounds mean, but the streak is insane. Remember what happened to McHale’s and Sampson’s family?

  54. Not me. I did the best I did with the information I had at the time. So based on the information I had, I made logical choices. I am never the one for regrets, because I think we all are put on a destiny track, and our little stumblings are all apart of the equation.

  55. same feeling here, don’t know what to say…………

  56. ……..too many coincidence…..

  57. Ok, let’s take it down a notch. Lin knows exactly what is at risk for his health, so I am going to trust lin in this situation. because we fans don’t have the whole picture

  58. I know, but didn’t want to say anything.

  59. Actually I am concerned Lin has recurring back issues. Just like Nash…I guess you can’t play forever anyways.

  60. Just a coincidence, all the coaches were in their 50s.

  61. If he can incorporate other ways of scoring besides getting to the rim maybe he can avoid falling down on his back so much.

  62. All these coaches were from the 80s, their parents are bound to be very old, just coincidence.

  63. I feel bad for bad mouthing Scott earlier.. In all honestly, hope he is able to get through this. It must be so tough for him. Surprised that he’s coaching tonight..

  64. So we know Percy is the second in command

  65. Not maddog…..

  66. Now that would be awesome!

  67. He is BS guy so not surprised…

  68. Wonder if it’s from that contact, heavy weight lifting, or what…

    I have never hurt my back from playing basketball, but I have from lifting weights.

    I know Lin has flexibility issues from his training videos. That is why he used the deadlift equipment that you stand inside of to do deadlifts. This is used for people with subpar mobility but also precautionary to avoid exactly a back injury. But it shows you there was concern over Lin’s flexibility/mobility etc. his trainers would have him use that over the traditional deadlift method of lifting a barbell.

    I also have seen Lin do some olympic lift videos with Houston Rockets. his form is not very ideal, but he is decently strong. I would not be surprised he tweaked his back doing those lifts with his sketchy form at the high weight.

    It is tough to recover from that stuff.

    Even just squatting wrong can cause it, but if you do not squat really heavy weight, you cannot get better as an athlete.

    It’s like a catch 22

  69. I think it’s safe to assume most people are surprised that he’s coaching tonight. IMHO a parent’s passing takes top priority and everything else can and should be dropped, especially in a tanking season.

  70. But Lin said he was hit by a teammate when scoring and that’s what cause the injury.

  71. Oh interesting. Did not know that. I’m sure at the NBA level, it is very easy to get hurt. Those guys are huge and strong. Lin is either really strong, has high tolerance for pain, OR BOTH.

    Lin would slaughter the average guy who thinks he is some rec league star. That’s why he can drop 40 so easy at the SF Pro Am these days.

  72. He is NOT coaching tonight….right?

  73. Not coaching in game against OKC.

  74. Pressey?

  75. He is not.

  76. Oops, guess BS is coaching tonight

  77. Unless the bride is also a Lin fan, this may actually backfire. Jeremy will end up stealing most, if not all, of the bride’s thunder. LOL

  78. quiz: name the 3 ex rocket pgs available to play in the game 2nite.

  79. Looks like he is. He will be missing OKC (Tue) and MIN (Wed) games.

  80. Yes…I think?

  81. Lin, Cannon, ??

  82. cannan, yeah and : ish smith!

  83. and he starts!

  84. Hahaha awesome hope my future husband do same. XD

  85. You can certainly make it a requirement during his proposal. 😀

  86. I Smith.

  87. this shows you the lengths that tanking will take you to; ish smith has played for 8 different teams in 5 years; been traded and or reaquired literally moved from one team to another 13 times! (been with the raptors 4 times).

    and now hes the spg for the 6ers.

    hard to outtank these guys.

  88. see further notes below. true and correct.

  89. Weird game again….

  90. hopefully the bride is not Kristina Wong LOL


  91. Lakers playing down to the level of Sixers.

  92. Not very far down tho….lol

  93. Jeremy barely gets to touch the ball. Even Jabari gets more touches.

  94. Back and knee injury are pretty much standard in professional basketball, its worrying at times, but its part and parcel of the game.

  95. May the blessed soul rest in peace

  96. Oh my God! No wonder Jeremy is crying.

  97. 2 pts

  98. Nice move.

  99. Convington also formal Rockets

  100. yeah, surprise he could do that with his back

  101. That’s what Stu said 🙂

  102. ‘Yessss BUT only if you invite jlin at our wedding’ xD …

  103. nice!…yeah…one touch passes

  104. Could it be just a coincidence?
    When you coach Jeremy, take good care of your mother. Of course, you should always take care of your mom.

  105. Correction: “Yessss BUT only if you get jlin to SHOW UP at our wedding”.

  106. mite be a touch optimistic about either team getting to 80.

  107. 2 TOs by Lin the first one was a really dumb one where he didn’t notice the clock (shot clock violation).

  108. That’s better ;D

  109. 76ers are pretty long….

  110. Haha….but the weird thing is no one was yelling at all…feels like no one knows the clock

  111. Yea that one was weird.

  112. But the while team need to buck up on TOV, way too may for a quarter!

  113. Good thing it is team TO 🙂

  114. True, alot by first unit as well.

  115. hahaha!!!!

  116. 76ers outscoring Lakers lol.

  117. LAL cant get their offense going…

  118. Haha LAL is really doing a good job…..

  119. what happened, 10 points down?

  120. Refs being whistle happy on Lakers, don’t know seems like players don’t want to move today.

  121. 76ers are like the collection of unwanted players from HOU
    Canaan, T-Rob?

  122. 76ers played much harder

  123. Actually its both

  124. ish smith was with houston once upon a time too.

  125. true!

  126. Lakers look like they’re the ones playing from back to back game, did Scott do too much pretank drills?

  127. Sixer bench outscored Laker bench 20:8

  128. Maybe refs bet their money on 76ers..

  129. yeah, Morey and Hinkie definitely got a lot of wink-wink deals going on

  130. Morey-Hinkie connection. Sixers now dumping ground of Rox in the name of tanking.

  131. Lin for 3!

  132. Finally, Lin took a 3s!!

  133. Havent seen catch and shoot 3 in a while.

  134. 3 push off foul calls in like one quarter

  135. LIN for 333333

  136. Is Byron using Jabrai Brown as PG?

  137. look quick while it last lin leading lakers in scoring.

  138. Back to back 3s!!!

  139. back to back catch and shoot! 🙂

  140. Another 3!!!!!!!!!!!

  141. Sweeeet!

  142. most of that is covington who is 6ers best player other than noel; he just doesn’t start most of the time.

  143. Lin as SG!

  144. More 3s from Lin please!

  145. sweet…yeah…bring it on the 3sssss

  146. 3/3 perfect from the field!

  147. …on a bad back.

  148. Jabari seems to be a good sport and much smarter than JC. Kid already got 3 asts off JLin.

  149. How many ft have the Lakers gotten from the refs? Lol

  150. Yes more always more ^^

  151. Lin it all the way! Go Lin Go!

  152. Round robin rotation by Byron.

  153. Jeremy is out 🙁

  154. Lin out already?!

  155. Go Sixers trounce the Lakers all you want.

  156. Jeremy was taking the tank apart. Bad Jeremy, bad!

  157. I’ll root for Sixers’ 15-0 run.

  158. lol…yeah…pretty much none, except for the last one from Hill

  159. All those practices are unnecessary. The team are not ready to play the Sixers.
    Scott’s preparation for this game is a joke.

  160. Refs rigging it for the Sixers.

  161. 15 more games. Then we are out. Like being in prison with a week to go. So close but so far away lol

  162. Hulk Smash!

  163. He is, but im sure his mind won’t be in the game :/

  164. he needed the rest as well

  165. he got the most minutes of any non starter.

  166. It’s like the Lakers play at the same level as their opponents and finally lost it at the end by a few.

  167. Sixers doesn’t seem they want to take this game.
    Lakers neither.
    See who is the worst tanker!!!
    They scored less than 20 points for a quarter.

  168. 8 to 1 in favor of 6ers.

  169. Lin got no assists. 🙁

    All the low post in does not count as assists.

  170. Not trying hard idk. It’s crazy canaan was like the fourth string in Houston. Never played yet he is giving us issues

  171. Lets hope Hill doess’t score anymore so Lin can continue to tie as leading scorer.

  172. Nah, it’s BS who’s giving us issues.

  173. thats what it means to be a ….tank.(er).

  174. I disagree, Sixers were playing way harder than Lakers, lead with 10 points earlier and still leading.

  175. lol….let all excel!

  176. No way! Jordan Hill is going to look for his new contract elsewhere. He needs his stats.

  177. Sixer’s coach remembering the nine 3-pointers that JLin dropped on them last time……their house record

  178. Sixers killing Lakers with 3s lol.

  179. How are the sixes beating the lakers……….by passing

  180. JC with nice footwork to go through screen in last play.

  181. Paul is awesome 🙂

  182. What has Scott done the the Lakers? The team scored less than 20 in the first quarter.

  183. Refs really rigging it for the Sixers, so many phantom foul calls on Lakers.

  184. Yeah….I guess LAL did paid those refs…for tanking…lol

  185. Too many running drills, Lakers look like they’re all sleep walking while Sixers are the ones on back to back!

  186. Jordon Hill is 5-5
    The rest on the court now shot less than 30%
    Byron did a good on these players tanking.

  187. lin hill boozer have scored almost all the laker points; rest of the team 6 for 25.

  188. Jeremy has already made 2 stupid TOs in 11 minutes.

  189. the starters other than hill also have more fouls collectively than field goals made.

  190. I’m surprised that Lakers is still in the game.
    Oh, I see. The starters of 76ers scored only 13 points so far while their bench scored 30+ points.

  191. nice…WEllington getting his groove

  192. Clarkson playing really really bad ><"

  193. Yea it’s a good thing they’re playing against another tanking team.

  194. with those drills, its seems LAL has all the game as their back to back!

  195. Sixers announcers making some good comments about Lin.

  196. Lakers are winning as far as tanking is concerned.

  197. 2 of 7 is getting his groove?

  198. Only Jordon Hill comes to play.
    Maybe he’s not going to be here on the Laker roster.

  199. Hill should take that hook shot more than his long 2s. But he should start to take 3s.

  200. I have yet to see Lakers take the lead in this game. Looks like BS want to tank this one as well. =/

  201. What are they saying?

  202. Except his hook shots are quite inconsistent as well. Last few games there were awful. But definitely should take 3s over 2s.

  203. He won’t be around to run the drills for the next two games, needs to strengthen the tank in advance to prevent Lin from completely smashing it during his absence. Lakers have beaten GSW, ATL and HOU, anything could happen.

  204. Yeah Hill’s long 2s are just a step away. How difficult it is for him to shoot 3? Jordon Hill with his 3 point shots could make him a valuable big man in NBA.
    My advice for him is to practice 3 point shooting in the off season because Lakers might not pick up his option year.

  205. hahaha/…the last 2 back to back shot was really important for LAL to stay in the game…else the lead would have widen

  206. How come they did not count a dime for JLin? (Pass to J Hill who scored?) ??

  207. He was 0-5 before that so yes he’s finally getting there lol.

  208. Stolen, as usual.

  209. i would call it falling back to a statistical mean.

  210. Except Lin’s minutes are limited anyway so doesn’t matter. And I thought Lin got off from some practice cause of his back? Lin was happy sitting on the bench, probably cause he feels better and got the 8 points 🙂

  211. he was 50% this season on 3s.

  212. BS likes WE, in BS’s eyes, 2 of 7 is Groovy.

  213. not like his long 2s are more consistent. And Hill could get fouls when he works close to rim.

  214. Laker is only 6 points behind. The 76ers are worse than I thought.

  215. tho the only lakers performing at all are hill boozer lin; actually statistically the game is even except for the fact the lakers have only been given 1 free throw. philly 10. thats the difference in teh game.

    as someone suggested when tanking is the goal perhaps the “homer” effect of the refs works this way.

  216. just realized there are so many ex-Rockets on 76ers, Like Rocket 2nd team there.

  217. A big who can shoot 3s would be very valuable indeed.

  218. I have the same feeling especially when I see Canann, The 76ers GM learned under Morey and is friends with him so.. Rockets has been dumping their unwanted players on them.

  219. 6ers have been structure to lose. its the hinkie way. you can’t blame the players or the coach. the goal is to be bad to acquire draft picks. its a long term strategy that has yet to be off but…some people feel hinkie is a genius. and 6ers are the only team admittedly and openly embracing entirely the tanking to dp’s strategy.

  220. yeah its been discussed below. and the hinkie morely connection mentioned in that context.

  221. Trait of a tanking team is that their bench will outscore their starter or at least score as much. 76er’s bench outscored Lakers’ starters.

  222. And they don’t even do it on purpose xD

  223. everyone here is equally bad; 3rd and 4th stringers from other teams. anytime anyone threatens to play well they are traded….for more dp’s. noel is the only player they theoretically will keep.

  224. Who would guess that the player 76er picked up on waiver scored 10 points leading the team. Next game they should start Thomas Robinson.

  225. Maybe I am wrong. But it looked like a B2B to the Lakers, with the hard practice.

  226. Yea Hinkie sure learned from the “best” which is why 76ers will forever be the tanking team unless they fire him!

  227. Scott’s practice is worse than a real NBA game.

  228. Must be pretty cool to be paid to fail, as long as one has the thick skin to withstand the spit in the face.

  229. LOL, in TWC, they talking about TOs and all examples were Lin, and right after that, they said “Jeremy Lin had a good game coming of the bench”, like it is not coordinated.

  230. fair and balanced.

  231. Well if the owner doesn’t care about winning and is gullible enough to believe in his dumb GM then so be it.

  232. Thats what I thought too 🙁

  233. Jordon Hill is playing like there is no tomorrow for him in the Laker.

  234. Lakers will be a better team without him, well not that it matters if Kobe and BS are there and Lin’s gone.

  235. Jabari Brown is leading the Lakers in assists.

  236. He improved quite a bit on finishing at the rim, 5-6 is pretty good. He always works hard, and is pretty strong.

  237. lol…that look!

  238. go on line and you will find all kinds of enthusiastic praise for the genius of the hinkie way. like its nouveau something great. its referred to as “not prioritizing winning” instead of tanking.

  239. Jordon Hill definitely could shoot 3s. If he put his mind into it, he could be a valuable NBA big man for years to come.

  240. LOL Clarkson continues to chuck up misses. He will be the key tonight to BS tanking.

  241. JC is taking every shot he could, that’s strange.

  242. just said the same thing

  243. any time jordan hill makes all his shots in the first half its something different.

  244. Threatened by his old teammate Jabari Brown who’s also a rookie but playing better than him.

  245. Have to say sixes play like a team. Lot like spurs. They seem like a much better team then the laker. Altought lakers have mo talent. Even tought those talents are off the bench

  246. Lakers shot about 40% 76er less.

  247. I like Jabari better than JC, JBrown always play within himself. He was better in college too. Just because he is 6’4 as SG consider a bit short.

  248. 76 starters are shooting @35% for the Lakers to win this game.

  249. Lakers took the lead while 76ers insist on using their starters (16 points so far) to tank.
    76er called time out.

    “Good job! way to go. Lose this game and dinner is on me!”

  250. Starters made 10-1 run in Q3 for a 3pt lead, 51-48
    It’s too hot for the #Tank so Byron might bring 2nd unit in early to cool them down

  251. 2nd unit minus Lin will do.

  252. 7/27 for 76er starters. They couldn’t play for the bench of any team in the league.

  253. Playing with Brown ruined Lin’s +/-, his RPM could drop next week.

  254. yup, Lin scored 8 while the rest of 2nd unit only had 10

  255. Want Lin to make another block shot today to keep his no.1 PG shot blocking lead per 48mins.

  256. I’m sure Byron is not going to give Lin too many minutes.

  257. Halfway through 3rd, and the Lakers had 3 FTA. Sixers had 12. Hope the Lakers win and the cheating refs lose big money on this game.

  258. “Rest your back, Lin. That 8pts in 11 min is bad news for the tank”

  259. Clarkson and Ellington already has 8 and 10 points even though they started off shooting bad cause they kept shooting. Lin needs to learn to do that.

  260. The 76ers dropping 3s all night

  261. They are getting serious with the game; they send in their bench.

  262. Lol….

  263. Don’t care so long as Lin gets his stats and keeps making shots!

  264. I really admire both coaches to make this game a close one. How come I’m not excited?

  265. LOL

  266. Lin is in yes!

  267. Lin is IN

  268. Lin showed them how to run a fast break

  269. Lin is tied with Hill as the leading scorer for Lakers.

  270. Sweet pass!

  271. Lin with a bullet pass for the FLUSH!

  272. Perfect Pass!!!!

  273. Nice layup down the middle and assist to Johnson!!

  274. Classic no look bounce pass 🙂

  275. Oh God. The first assist for the game.

  276. Definitely a crowd pleaser

  277. Lin is gaining #Lakers fan respect from not playing 100% but pushing through

  278. As long as Brown is not in, Jeremy will be OK.

  279. Should be on ESPN tonight =)

  280. ed davis ft, such a nail biter event.

  281. Poor Canaan scored no point for the game. He was much better in Houston.

  282. sweet..nailing the FTs

  283. Ed Davis won’t blow that assist too often

  284. Lin having a great night.

  285. Ouch, Lin be careful, take some 3s instead of just going to the rim.

  286. Hi nailed a 3, 🙁

  287. Lin 13pts/1ast/2reb in 15 min

  288. More freebies 🙂

  289. not in his dna

  290. he’s feeling it!
    maybe we;ll see 5 3s hehe

  291. 1/2…will take those frees 🙂

  292. Am I mistaken? Lin has scored 15 points already?

  293. another FT!!! 2/2

  294. Jeremy is Everywhere!

  295. “Jeremy Lin Making it Happen!”

  296. yes!

  297. This lineup is bad, he has to sacrifice his body.

  298. Lin works way better with JBrown

  299. Let the crowd remember jeremy

  300. Lin has picked up 3 fouls. One more foul Byron will take him out.

  301. Lin the game changer!

  302. They will regret it in the offseason

  303. That was beautiful poetry in motion #LinDish #Brown3

  304. nice another jumper…17pts!!!in 16min!

  305. What a way to close the 3rd quarter 🙂

  306. Crushing it

  307. Side note was that Jason Richardson???

  308. Aww man if Lin made that last mid range jumper it’d truly be Linsane!!

  309. Lin 3 ex-teammates 28 points.
    Two other bench players of 76er 10 points.

  310. And still 4th Q to go 🙂

  311. @JLin7 #17 with 17pts/2a/2r in 16 min to close out Q3
    5-6 FG
    5-6 FT

  312. 17points in only 16 minutes and 49 seconds!

  313. more points than minutes played and more points than any other player on the floor for etither team. thats all ready pretty linsane.

  314. Which is his quarter!

  315. on the jerky stolen stream im watching commenters say: “dont worry scott will take lin out in the 4th if lakers threatening to not tank.

  316. ED is a beast!

  317. That was a mean DUNK by Davis!

  318. Ed!!!

  319. Way to go Eddie, full court pressure on Lin and he just went down the court for a slam!!

  320. Lin 19pts!!!

  321. yep hes now the 6ers starting shooting guard.

  322. Linsanity!!!!

  323. phew .. No Kristina Wong =)

  324. Lin continues!!!!

  325. Very sweet!
    Honey honey.

  326. comeon RKelly!!!

  327. She’s not invited.

  328. Jeremy drawing fouls… smart man.

  329. Sixers double teaming Lin. Bring it on!

  330. hehe.. not Lin-vited

  331. yes, putting them in bonus early. Will pay off hopefully for Lin.

  332. Woohooo!!!!

  333. It’s the LED show now!! Ed with the block, Lin with the lay up, Lin with the dish from full court double team, Ed runs down the court for the slam. Then Boozer topped it off with the nice turn around shot for Lin’s assist.

  334. “Lin All Te Way…Scores!!!!”

  335. Yeah go for the dimes. 3 assists.

  336. Is jeremy auditioning for the Sixers….I’m serious btw

  337. Jeremy is pumped up 🙂

  338. Announcer said its been the Jeremy Lin show !!!

  339. BS: Jeremy what are you doing? We’re trying to tank here!!!

  340. Lakers fans who are Team Tank are so angry at Lin right now. I love it!


  342. Yup he sure is!!!

  343. See if BS dare to bench the hot hands.

  344. Sixers GM might be the guy who signed jeremy while in Houston

  345. Jeremy in Philly with the young kids stranger things have happened

  346. dont wanna give him any ideas now!

  347. Hinkie is just like Morey.
    They claim T Robinson from waiver and saved the team millions.

  348. All it takes is a foul.

  349. Jeremy to ED!!!! Beautiful 🙂

  350. wow…Linsanity game…tonite!!!!

  351. I like how Ed swiped that block to Jeremy’s direction…

  352. Up vote high fives to everyone!

  353. This is just SO MUCH FUN.

  354. Free taco coming!

  355. “That’s fun to watch.” Guess who said that. Stu

  356. 76ers is playing their best team, the bench, now in the 4Q.

  357. LOL .. “The Tank Force is weakening! HELP!”

  358. Jeremy doing everything to blow the tank

  359. Lin’s my “Little Apple”! (Biggest hit in Asia since Gangnam Style)

  360. 76ers took their top scorers of the bench out.
    It’s definitely a crime!
    Tanking utmost.

  361. Linsanity!!

  362. I like that maroon dress on the right.

  363. yes baby!!!!

  364. Little Apple: T-ARA version.

  365. free taco on the way!

  366. Jeremy says who cares I’m NICE at this game called basketball

  367. Aggressive Lin

  368. Tacos anyone 😛

  369. hope his leg is ok!

  370. Announcers keep saying ‘Jeremy Lin’ I like that ^^

  371. Lin alone will get philly in foultrouble.

  372. Another Mid jumper!!!

  373. Nobody can’t stop Lin. LOL

  374. Go LIN!!!

  375. Lin picked up his 4th foul.
    That’s what Byron is looking for!

  376. LOL who said to end the 30 point drought after Kobe, who’s the announcer next to Stu!

  377. Has to get 30 points Kobe has been the only one to do it

  378. 5 more points Lin, lets go for that 30/30+ point game!!

  379. BS is gonna loose his job if he doesn’t bench Jeremy soon….

  380. I can answer that: EFFICIENCY OVER QUANTITY

  381. I want Lin to score more than 30 points to score more than Kobe in a game this season!!

  382. Hope he is allowed to do so!!!!

  383. LOL
    Byron is going to lose his job whatever way you look at it.

  384. Is this already season-high for Lin? 25 or 27 pts?

  385. I want Tacos! And I hate Taco Bell!

  386. youtube video makers, hope you get it quick with those highlights tonight!

  387. 5 more min…need to keep the lead

  388. Not if he was hired to Tank…..does it better than anyone

  389. Darn free throws for Kelly and not Lin =p

  390. Jeremy can’t miss Lin

  391. 25. Hope he gets more but it’s been a superb game for him!

  392. Jeremy “can’t miss” Lin – Stu 🙂

  393. What a pathetic team? 16:4 run in the 4Q!
    76er will loss to Kentucky, for sure!
    correction: 18:4

  394. 27pt!

  395. 27 POINTS!!!

  396. yes!!! another!!! “jeremy cant miss the RIM”!!!!

  397. >30 pts what’s his high this year?

  398. Go to their wedding Jeremy.

  399. Jeremy CAN’T MISS Lin!!

  400. 1more point

  401. not 30 for sure

  402. 30 points!!!!

  403. 32 and drop mic jeremy

  404. New season high as Laker. Jabari Brown better PG than JC, all 4 asts from feeding open Jeremy.

  405. Are you kidding?
    Giving up 20:4 in 4Q
    It’s a crime for the 76er.

  406. only 29 not 30 yet opps too excited!

  407. only if he’s pulled … he’ll def get a foul. Dunno …

  408. Better still, opposing PG is 1 for 11.

  409. Can JLin get 40?

  410. 2nd team play the whole 4th?

  411. Lets get to 30 first 🙂

  412. nice block by ED

  413. First free Linsanity and a game later Linsanity for a night. Something DEFINITELY came down from the F/O.

  414. Give the ball to Lin !

  415. Philly in the penalty with 5 min left! Wow!

  416. LAL…need to watch out those 3s

  417. 1 more point Lin out there freestyling

  418. 31 right there

  419. Just need Lin to make a dagger 3 to complete the night for a 32 point game.

  420. missed it…but its coming!!!!

  421. Did he get the foul call? FTs coming for 31 pts?

  422. 25pts

  423. wooohooo… I got Linsanity again!!!!!!!!

  424. I’ve never been so happy to lose (poll result)!

  425. There will be a lot of GMs interested in #LinDavis package soon

  426. What? you didn’t vote LInsanity? You call yourself a fan? lol

  427. nice, let’s hope he keeps going. Seems he’s shut it down.

  428. I’m not a GM and I’m interested in that.

  429. plus Mike Dantoni

  430. I propose @JohnLee:disqus to change to @JohnLeeLinsanity for 1 week LOL

  431. that would be nie…hope so hope so

  432. Lin drew 5 fouls in the 4th

  433. It’s psalm’s fault (arms crossed, pointing at psalm), no other choice other than Linsanity should’ve been allowed! LOL

  434. 1 more point

  435. How many minutes has Lin played straight? He’s exhausted.

  436. yes, pleeazeee

  437. The hardest to get

  438. That’d be like Malone/Stockton Jr., or young Amare/Nash combo.

  439. 1 more point for Lin; FT or anything.

  440. Come on Lin just 1 more shot to get 30 points!

  441. bench him then? 🙂

  442. next year i will get 82 linsanities in a row… book it!!!!

  443. Lolif he it’s it great if not I’m ok

  444. yeah…its seems to be 🙁

  445. he’s a bit exhausted but yes FT will do

  446. Ref are trying to give the ball to sixers?

  447. lol…they did

  448. What a pass by LIN

  449. Welcome to the Jeremy and ED show

  450. wow…what an assist!!!

  451. Forget the scoring, these dimes are ridiculous

  452. The dime is good 5 assists but I want 1 more point.

  453. I’ve never seen Jeremy clap so much… since Linsanity.

  454. I like how Ed can totally read Jeremy’s no-look passes… very basic passes but very effective.

  455. Another beautiful #LinDavisBullet to beat a double-team!

  456. Jeremy is slicing up this D at will.

  457. I do, for JLin’s 30 point game! Kobe’s the only one he got it this season!

  458. 5REB, 5AST, 29PTS, 27min

  459. Meanwhile Boozer didn’t anticipate…

  460. You can do it Lin.

  461. They’re making each other’s job easier.

  462. Two bodies, one mind 🙂

  463. No “death stare” from Kobe in the house?????

  464. Bullet heard around the world for all Lin fans!

  465. cue the bench points starter comparison.

  466. Ed also knows exactly what to do when JLin’s double teamed! Still loving that slam after they double teamed Lin from full court!

  467. Vulcan mind meld? LOL

  468. PnR are bad…we dont like them!!!…lol

  469. Lin + Davis = Nash + Stat

  470. LOL complete fail by Canaan.

  471. 1 more point lol well idc still happy

  472. One more Free Taco basket please. Three not required but preferred.

  473. Lin got 29 out of 56 bench points!

  474. 76er called timeout twice to save time for Lakers to bury them.

  475. Shaqtin a fool there by Canaan.

  476. I though players usually aren’t in on the tank.

  477. Canaan’s shot should be on Shatinafoo! that was just…Wow.

  478. yep, just drive and get 2 FTs.

  479. Was very funny

  480. Sigh!

  481. i am going to rewatch this game twice…one from la stream and one from 6ers stream…yay for league pass..hehe

  482. Lin is full of SWAG now =)

  483. 1 more point, 1 more point, 1 more point!

  484. Lin is laughing at brown because he did not milk the time?

  485. SwagLin

  486. 2 more point, 2 more point, lol

  487. That was a scary fall by Brown

  488. This will bring the question to the minds of casual Lakers fans: Where has the duo been all season?

    A: In BS jail, of course.

  489. The way I know Lin is he will just dribble the ball away and kill time.

  490. Enough is never enough 😀

  491. Unless Lin is fouled.

  492. Tacos 🙂

  493. Free Tacos!!!!

  494. yes he is classy like that

  495. 1 more point, 1 more point, 1 more point!1 more point, 1 more point, 1 more point!1 more point, 1 more point, 1 more point!1 more point, 1 more point, 1 more point!

  496. Lin will not shoot.

  497. never!!! greed! 🙂

  498. Three Free Tacos nights, all brought to you by Linsanity, NONE by Kobe “Death Stare” Bryant.

  499. Jeremy will never shoot the ball even when he’s wide open.

  500. Lin fans have been starved for too long!

  501. Lin got double wasn’t selfisht to get 30… Class

  502. We will settle with 29pts then!!!! 🙂

  503. Dumb Sixers, I wanted Lin to get a last chance for his 30 point game! <.<

  504. Lin earned the respect from 76ers players

  505. If Jeremy was allowed to play like that the whole season… the free tacos sponsor will be questioning “why are we doing this?!?!”.

  506. Great game by Lin. His floater has turned really ugly though… more work there plz. Exciting game to watch.

  507. LOL

  508. Lin’s 29 points 5 assists will at least take his PER rating close to 16.

  509. I guess Pressley didn’t follow Scott’s tank plan.LOL

  510. bcuz you can’t just eat tacos, you gotta get drinks and fries, orings, pies, … Jeremy is money for TBell.

  511. Wesley looks jealous at that connection.

  512. So, Scott left the whole bench team finish the game, what that means?

  513. That’s unsportmanship conduct that Lin will not even try.

  514. They should give Jeremy a commercial deal or something.

  515. BS was there in the game.

  516. A worthy bromance!

  517. loved that Stu called it finally – Lin stretched out the double team and made room for a great pass.

  518. LOL, Ed on radio, and he said UNC beat out Havard, and they had a $100 bet, and Lin has not pay Ed yet. haha

  519. Ya, just thinking that. For some reason Scott left his best players in. Seemed like he wanted to win this game for some reason.

  520. freakin beautiful

  521. LOL, I was totally waiting for Ed to say this.

  522. #Lintimacy LOL

  523. Didn’t some CF losers say Isaiah Canaan is better than Jeremy Lin?

  524. Defense leads to offense, and easy points.

  525. Game was better than it looked like from the slow start. Thanks to Linsanity!! 😉

  526. We need a fire hydrant here… not to pee on but actually use it to put out a fire here! 😛

  527. hahahaha

  528. I thought you called “losers” . Why care? hahahaha….

  529. those two ex-Rockets PG are combined 4-26, ouch!

  530. he’s got to go with a higher class food like … Ruth’s Chris or something.

  531. 0_0 – that’s all I could say…

  532. yes they did…and they are having a melt down right now….hahaha

  533. 1 for 11 and multiple fouls to get them into penalty early, all because of 17. Philly PGs were 3 for 25. Yikes.

  534. They were doubling him and being extremely physical to stop him. Hadn’t see any team do that in a while.

  535. This Lin guy kept breaking records LOL


  536. Never

  537. Lin still has it. He is close to a star player when he gets going. Tonight Lin shot the ball, and I think that’s when he is at his best. That while not being 100 percent and Byron playing him, what, 14 straight minutes?

  538. The shock wave of the death stare?

  539. Haha, Lin is already gething Davis paid! Lin Davis rush hour!

  540. Robin Lundberg tweeted that Lin and Davis are their best players.

  541. some ladies got Linterested now LOL

  542. Those dimes are worth more than $100

  543. Jeremy makes a lot of people eat crow. He’s done it his whole life.:)

  544. Canaan isn’t as bad as he was tonight. But CF is full of losers, they aren’t worth anyone’s time at all.

  545. kobe is in tears right now…. crying into his lakers jersey…hehe

  546. Take the handcuffs off and play Lin and Davis more often.

  547. no haircut and got that asian fro that he had before. I like it!!

  548. He should use Charmin to wipe away those “tears”

  549. Dancin’ around the bonfire here! Well…the kitchen table actually, but feeling the glow and using my imagination!

  550. Proudly serving crows to NBA fans, coaches and GMs since 2012.

    Jeremy Lin, the official crow caterer of the NBA!

  551. I Canaan is what he is.. a canaan from the 3 point line.. but he can’t make plays. ppl just see scoring.. they don’t see the play making intangibles. that’s why cf losers are losers.

  552. That’s Linsanity Hairstyle 🙂

  553. Lin and Ed is a FA package now…haha

  554. Rare, medium, or well done… they can take their pick.

  555. or scott tissue…hehe

  556. Lin always rewards his teammates. You get a steal, most likely Lin will look for that player to score. make a block and Lin will find you for two on the other end. Thats why players play harder on the D.

  557. such a beautiful game. Can’t wait for highlights so I can enjoy it again

  558. Boiled or broiled, braised or fried. You name it, Jeremy’s got it!!! LOL

  559. shouldn’t be eggrolls? =).. lol j/k That’s so wrong. But hey remember, I’m a mixed.

  560. I like it. Strikes the middle ground between boyish + man look.

  561. Was Kobe at the game?

  562. Transformers Combiner Wars: Lin-Davis Edition!

  563. It has got to be such a high when they connect with such perfection!

  564. Explain to my kid how a dime = $100. The new math! Lol

  565. Lin blowing up da court blows ups this board.

  566. He always did that.

  567. People who hate on a humble and selfless individual/teammate like Jeremy must be mentally sick.

  568. Well today he looked mostly to score and didn’t do too much passing only when double teamed. Been saying it all season, Lin needs to look to score and pass second to play well! When defense focuses on him and teammates like Ed, Boozer, Johnson are moving and making shots that’s when good things become easier. Not sure which Sixer it was who wanted to make it a one on one battle against Lin and Laker announcer was laughing, “But Lin has better Bullets” lol that was sweet!! That was when Lin was making back to back to back mid jumpers!

  569. That photo at the bottom right of Ed looking at Jeremy’s direction though…

  570. i don’t know… but he will cry nevertheless…hehe

  571. Where’s the “but” part?

  572. A bullet pass.

  573. Ed was getting interviewed too by another reporter.

  574. Make sure she stays away from Japanese algebra.

  575. AC Green was very positive on Lin. Said Lin coming out and playing the way he did despite the back spasms shows a lot about his character.

  576. BS: “Lin playing great on both sides of the court…”
    Interviewer: “standing ovation on the court for tacos the last seconds!”

  577. “Bro, you take me to new FA heights, ok?”

  578. Yoy mean he kicked butt.

  579. Creature of habit, he can’t take his eyes off Jeremy (ready to receive passes).

  580. yes the racist haters at cf are all sick…and also the tankers at lakers ground…hehe

  581. He wants to treat his fans like me to another dose of Linsanity.

  582. Any psychiatrist here? Time to make a fortune in Houston!

  583. no thanks unless Ed is coming with him to the starting line up

  584. Maybe he’ll say I can’t stand Kupchak kept calling my phone anymore! lol

  585. He probably left early.

  586. Preposterous idea ever. Putting your best player in the starting lineup at the last leg of the regular season?

  587. true, they’re 1 package!

  588. Too bad BS not close to coaching.

  589. Please put Ed in the starting lineup too replacing Hill. That is if BS wants to win some games

  590. Hope we get some game reports soon. Reporter interviewing Scott mentioned that fans gave Lakers a standing ovation.

  591. What’s the definition for “take it and shove it” again?

  592. Is Lin still no.1 PG in block shots per 48 minutes after tonight?

  593. Free tacos would be changed. Everytime JLin gets 25+ points and the Lakers win, free tacos.

  594. Standing O for the free tacOs.

  595. Lin is hurting Lakers’ chance of lottery pick next season. But since he won’t be there next season, so who cares!

  596. Yea for what? There’s nothing to win now xD

  597. I’ve been waiting to say this. LINSANITY!

  598. Lakers need a ratings boost? Who do you call? Ghostbusters…I mean Linsanity.

  599. For destroying the Lin-Davis connection, of course. Why else?


  601. Courtside interview

  602. They are still bottom 4 no big deal to win this one.

  603. Absolutely. Great game. Linning. Tacos. Go home and sleep happy. Great value for ticket price.

  604. I don’t understand Scott. Based on tweets I’ve seen on twitter and Scott’s interview, tonight was a must lose if there was ever a game to lose this season for tanking and yet he plays the group that has proven they can close out games and win. Some fans will not like Lin for winning this game and they will blame him perhaps and he could become a scapegoat.

  605. Jeremy’s highlight is going to be long. Can’t wait!

  606. Seriously, who cares?

  607. Ed, “You still owe me $100 bet money” lol.

  608. bs doesn’t know how to coach.. he is trying to win for real.

  609. Lins a free agent what happens next year don’t matter

  610. well maybe it is bs way to get rid of Linsanity…but whatever…I’ll take it.

  611. this made me LOL

  612. Who cares about “some fans will not like Lin”? Are you serious? Be happy, be joyful.

  613. I get that. Scott just infuriates me.

  614. 4th from the bottom still 85% chance of landing top 5 pick, 3rd from bottom improves to 95% or something.

  615. As far as tonight’s +/- goes: ALL Lakers are on the positive side and ALL 76ers are on the negative side. Wow!

  616. Twitter is definitely going off on Jeremy, the comments are horrible and disgusting. Makes my blood boil.

  617. He wouldn’t dare to take Lin out in 4Q.

  618. Translation: “F/O twisted my arms…Ouch!”

  619. Whoot whoot! PV will be in trouble with his neighbor tonight!

  620. very good nite; just after the game my son called to tell me hes finally booked his thrice delayed flight to france that hes been trying to do since last fall.

    lyon, avignon, marseilles.

    and a big lin day.

    tres bon-(a)

    things aren’t always horrible all the time. sometimes they’re


  621. Of course, I’m happy. I hardly care about that. I’m just stating a fact based on what I’ve seen. I just find it odd by Scott and what he does is inexplicable.

  622. Block/Mute function is there for a reason. Put it to good use.

  623. A game like this is money in the bank for Lin. Great to talk about in free agency.

  624. Jeremy is trending @ #1!

  625. He just emits random gas. Can’t take anything he says seriously…whatever is self-serving in the moment.

  626. lol bromance novel cover.

  627. Nah, he’s probably like Ha, he didn’t get 30 points to break my scoring record this season!

  628. lins best game of the year. and after that obviously afflicted performance previous when he clearly was hurting and not able to be himself.


    or lin-sational.

  629. i wanna see that.

  630. Somehow Scott has placed Lin in this position of being hated on for winning which is ridiculous.

  631. That sounds worst than the common coreath.

  632. Short highlight but this will have to do for now 🙂

  633. yeah. sweet. and especially coming after a game where he is obviously seriously hurting physically to comeback with a fabulous dominant performance like this. just blowing up.


  634. BS did not go wuth Hill who was also hot. So was he going with the hot hand or with the guy the fans wanted?

  635. They aren’t people I follow, its comments I’ve read from the #jeremylin hashtag, there’s hundreds of them, way too many accounts to to go through and manually block.

  636. Ellington interviewed: Lin owes him something too. Small wager on UNC Harvard game.

  637. Fast!

  638. that early pass to johnson was sick.

  639. Haha! Davis said so too…LOL!

  640. And now the haters will say the 76 ers suck thats why. Or Westbrook will triple double him next game.

  641. Lin interview: Praising Ed Davis again. Lin says they needed this. Good momentum for long road trip.

  642. Too good. RT @AminESPN: Dirk on Nash: He overcame a lot in his career, being injured, and being slow, and white and unathletic— Chris Palmer (@ChrisPalmerNBA) March 23, 2015

  643. Yup. Davis and Ellington both went to UNC I think.

  644. Hope to see it on HIGHLIGHTS!

  645. Almost a double double, 4 blocks impressive, 76ers 6 blocks for the whole team.

  646. AC Green liked that one

  647. It was Ish Smith. Earlier in the game Stu quoted Lebron James statement that John Wall and Ish Smith were the two fastest players in the NBA. Then Smith was paired against Lin and Smith didn’t do anything. People forgot before the draft that Lin was clocked as fast as Wall. I remember when that fact was brought up before that hater Clyde Drexler just chuckled and repeatedly said he didn’t believe it. Well I didn’t see Smith the fastest guy in the NBA do much against Lin.

  648. See, I’ll probably get bashed for saying this but I’m stil going to express my freedom:
    Lin did play a great game. I was impress with his scoring efficiency in 29 minutes and had a better stat in terms of points that I expected (15 and 8). But at the same time, before the game even started, I’m thinking, if Lin plays a good game, it will not be impressive to me because this is the lowly philly. (say if he has 15 and 8, that’s nothing to be impress about because he is capable of playing like this against regular teams with 25 min of pt. and this is a lowly philly team). He is SUPPOSE to play well (if he got 15 and 8, in 15 minutes.. THAT is impressive). how the lakers trail them at 1 point, I think about 10 points, is even beyond my guess. I’ll definitely be very impress if this was against GSW…if it’s against GSW, it might not be 29, 5, 5. You dig what I’m saying.

  649. ‘white’ and unathetic.. WHAT?

  650. TWC praising Jeremy

  651. LOL. not me, I’m asian. I’m so cheap I just get my free tacos and go home to get a drink.

  652. ha ha, smart. So sucker’s bets for you.

  653. we could see it and it was infectious!

  654. Jeremy’s post game interview

  655. i agreed and keep it up Jlin

  656. Dazzling PnR.

  657. well, you have to adjust that his 29,5,5 will not come if he was playing some team like GSW.

  658. Yes, definitely Linfectious 😛

  659. Just occurred to me, BS is not the coach tonight and Lin excelled!

  660. Dirk speaking the truth about the bias against Nash not to mention he was from Canada, a foreigner.

  661. The pattern of tanking teams.
    Players don’t tank. Tanking starts from coaching and rotations.

  662. Mitch is concerned about the attendance and ticket sales.
    We can’t give out that many tickets to charity.

  663. and i missed all the fun. my bad ..lol

  664. I see.

  665. He stayed with the unit who was playing well.

  666. It’s ok… watch the highlights below 🙂

  667. thanks, waiting for longer highlights!

  668. yeah! thanks 🙂

  669. Rule #1: You don’t tank at least obviously on your home court in front of your season ticket holders.

  670. Aren’t we always? lol.

  671. Byron definitely is not his normal self.

  672. 4 other Lakers were in double figures tonight. It’s not like Kobe where KB gets 30 and rest of team gets nothing.

  673. I really want to know what Kobe thought tonight? Mad for sure. LOL!

  674. thanks, now the bandwagon … nice to have one for Lin. Let the drums roll!

  675. Just rewatch the game on NBA Replay tomorrow. They update really fast. http://replay.nbaliveonline.tv/

  676. his thought : “HA.. he didn’t get past 30 points.”.

  677. Also Jeremy scored 29 pts on 16 attempts not 30+ attempts and made everyone around him play better. When has Kobe done that?

  678. Need I remind you Lin dropped 29 points on OKC last season? And had 30+ point games against Spurs twice! https://youtu.be/Gt5Y81T5lmQ

  679. I got a fever. And the only prescription is more JLin

  680. ew.. be more specific.

  681. LOL I said the same thing earlier, he’d totally think that.

  682. Here was what 76 coach said about Lin…


  683. Man….some Lakers’ fans…..smh

  684. lg are full of tanker fans mad at Jlin right now….hahaha

  685. They’re just bunch of haters who don’t want to see JLin succeed and winning games.

  686. Egggcellent… lol.

  687. Who cares? What ultimately matters is the big “W”. Lakers led by Lin have beat tough teams like GSW, ATL and HOU. Give it a rest with raining on parades, unless your goal is to become the Kobe of JLin Portal.

  688. I just woke up and OMG I actually missed this game.

  689. Where is that “it is just business” saying now?

  690. C’mon, just come out and say it. They’re Kobeta*ds.

  691. Fans at Staples Center gave them a standing O and yet fans online are mad. This system which rewards teams for losing and doing poorly needs to be changed asap.

  692. They called Jeremy deceptively quick; the silliest expression. Who is deceiving whom?

  693. Fans who are actually going to games are really unlikely to be those who wants the team to lose…I think

  694. Scott is too rough for him now.

  695. No wonder….no wonder….

  696. This is where you separate Lin fans from Laker fans, don’t count moi in.

  697. Hating tankers are usually not paying customers of the Lakers, so their retard*d comments are irrelevant.

  698. DEFINITELY, the blue Adidas from now on!

  699. yes yes yes… I cried so hard!

  700. I kept saying we have to drug @Michael:disqus before each game, but sure no one ever listens to me. LOL

  701. oh, of course ..and he has 38 vs the #1 spurs.. Those are surprisingly impressive for lin fans and should get excited about.

    But this is lowly phillys.. it’s expected that he plays well.. if he has like 15 and 8, it’s expected against the phillies, because he is capable of that against many team..so it’s obvious that with lowly phillies, he should have that performance. I mean 29 points is nothing to squeeze at esp with back spasm.. no matter which team.. heck 15 and 8 is very good with back spasm. But the main point is if this is GSW and/or a good team with a coach that knows how to change course or a great defensive team, lin with his current laker players, will not get 29, 5, 5. it might be a bit lower. If he gets 15 and 8 against those tough team with back spasm..that will be even more impressive than this. So this is nothing to be ‘wow’ about and stuff.

  702. Didn’t even notice Lin’s shoes, has he been wearing those dragon shoes yet?

  703. well even in previous games Lin got doubled once or twice when he got hot, but tonight they were really worried about him LOL
    That amazing bullet pass to Davis was to beat the double-team. Can’t wait to replay highlights hehe..

  704. Off topic… Is Eddie Jones your avatar?

  705. hehe.. branching out

  706. JLin Highlights taken in pill form.

  707. So, an chained and shackled player and his fans are NOT allowed to celebrate when he gets out of (BS) jail? Who exactly do you remind me of…hmmm…

  708. He was too sad to care about anything Jeremy did.

  709. JLin will find another Davis. Lin is a Star-maker.

  710. Totally agree. Besides, these dumb fans are not that important anyway.

  711. yep, you pay, you want to see a real game.

  712. True, but some stars are easier to “make” than others. 😀

  713. hmmm. Kobe.
    But difference is.. kobe won’t be impressed.

    Plus If I ain’t getting a little of the excitement, I won’t be on both boards still at 1 am in NYC. but you can celebrate A LOT more if you want. I’m not going to go all out as it’s one game and know his capable of a lot more.

  714. ok .thanks so much 🙂

  715. From Lakersground.
    We finally have a rocking banana!
    Lin — — “We needed this win,” Lin said. “On the road you never know what can happen, it’s tough.” He got better as the game went along. He had 8 points in the first half, 9 points in the third quarter, getting to the line and being aggressive. He threw the knockout punch in the fourth when he went off for 12 and led the charge against the lowly Sixers. All of his assists came in the second half, including a sweet no-looker to Wes for a dunk and a fastball off the dribble to Davis from about 35 feet out for a layup. He didn’t have that Steve Nash stiffness to him tonight, but had the game. Extremely well-rounded attack, hitting threes, step-backs in the lane, drives, drawing FTs. He got the 29 points in 29 minutes. “He looked pretty good and obviously he must have felt good,” he said, giving him praise for his play on both ends of the floor.

    The Stats: He scored 29 points on 10-16 shooting (2-2 from three, 7-8 from the line) to go with 5 boards, 5 assists, 1 steal, 2 turnovers and 4 fouls in 29 minutes. He was a +10.

    The Action: He wasn’t aware of the shotclock after entering the game and it expired with the ball in his hands and the D giving him room to shoot, tanksational. He attacked from the wing and scored a layup. He had a lob deflected (should have gone for a two-for one). He was called for a push-off with his off arm on a drive. He sank a three in early offense. He dribbled into a crowd and was tied up on the floor. We won the jump and he swished a three. He missed an elbow pull-up jumper. He had 8 points on 3-4 shooting, no assists and 2 turnovers.

    Second Half: Quick attack down the middle of the lane for a layup. He no-looked a sweet bounce pass between defenders on the break to Wes for the slam. He attacked the paint and drew contact trying to turn the corner, he made both. He attacked the paint and ran over a player, looked like possibly a charge but he got FTs, he made one. He drew a touch foul on the perimeter for more FTs, he made both. He stripped a man, pushed it up and hit Brown for the three. He swished a step-back wing jumper in early offense (possibly going for a two-for-one). He missed a wing pull-up to end the third. He sank an elbow jumper. Davis blocked a shot and Lin took it the distance for a layup. He pushed out the Davis block and hit Davis for the layup. He missed a floater. He probed the lane and swished the step-back 10-footer. He attacked and was blocked out of bounds. He attacked and hit the step-back wing jumper. He curled off a screen and hit a fading 16-footer. Nice challenge on the other end to get a stop. He was trapped and drew FTs, he made both. Wide open wing jumper and he missed. He pushed up the break, awkwardly scooped a shot around a defender and bricked badly. With trapping defenders trying to track him down, brilliant bullet baseball feed off the dribble from about 35 feet out to Davis for the layup.

  716. I pay to watch on internet. And I want a good entertainment value. Got it tonight.

  717. Lin just pissed on Kobe.

  718. Overall game summary by Dancingbarry.

    Give Ed Davis some credit defensively for dominating the paint and Lin credit for dominating on the offensive end on his way to 29 points, 5 assists and 5 boards. Behind those two, especially in that fourth quarter, the Lakers won 101-87.

    As badly as fans wanted this loss, you can’t blame the Laker players for playing hard. If you want the tank, have Vitti tell Lin to rest his back prior to this one. In the bigger picture, the Lakers still had a good week for the tank and are heading out on the road. No need to jump off the rooftops.

    “I’m sure there are going to be a lot of people saying what the hell are doing? What’s wrong with you guys? But it is what it is,” Scott said. We’ll see exactly what it is come June.

  719. Scott — — He brought a gun to a tank battle and got out-tanked.

  720. LAL about to go on a winning streak with Scott out. It’s been a masterful job he’s done, just shifting the momentum bit by bit.

  721. Let’s commemorate this Linsanity season-high 29pts moment in a new post! 🙂

    Let’s CELEBRATE a true Linsanity experience in LA! 😛

    What a tremendous performance by Jeremy Lin who still had the effect of back spasm but managed to have “Cant’ Miss” game with hot shooting and highlights-worthy of Lin-Davis connection

    29-points/5rebounds/5assists/1steal/2TOs with 10-16 shooting, a perfect 2-2 from 3pt-land in just 29min.

    He shared a game-high +10 with whoelse but Ed Davis himself

  722. Cheers!! More of Lin/Ed tandems:)

  723. Very interesting facial expressions.

    BSc: “Look, that’s the way we do it.”
    Lin: “Huh, that guy is way out of position.”
    ED: “No way that’s winning ball.”
    Ref: “You say that just a little differently and I’m calling a technical.”

  724. Aiming high doesn’t necessarily mean you have to start small. Cheers!

  725. Sad that NBA fans get upset for a win for the home team! Lol

  726. humble kid, i say…but, no he says he struggles dealing with pride 🙂

  727. what happened to coach?

  728. I like that!!! 🙂

  729. Indeed…that was fun!!!

  730. LA fans should love him. He gave them free tacos again 🙂

  731. How come I missed the Linsanity game!!
    Any highlights? It should be 12 min long.

    Lin, no hair cut until season is over. It’s the Linsanity hair style :))

  732. And you got that…exactly….Lindose

  733. lol…Nathan…reads here as well?! 🙂 He says what we had been saying

  734. He truly his…he had never changed…from the day of Linsanity todate, he always gives credit to others

  735. Yes sir, thats my man!

  736. He asked which color should he wear during last game? Majority went with yellow.

  737. Go back to bed!

  738. This Linsanity game was totally unexpected. When I voted for Linsnaity this afternoon on the poll, there was only 2 votes and it was 100% for linsanity. Lol. It must have been just Brent and I, or was that Rookie? The spoil will go to the faithful!

  739. Looks like SIxes bench is better than their starters as well….

  740. oh, this poll was for the next game vs OKC but the previous Game Thread was for this one.
    I’m sure there were lots of Linsanity too! hehe

  741. That..plus make sure JL closes the game….I dont want to see lin for 3Q and not closing

    BScott has some weird rotations

  742. Darn it, I didn’t even read the title. Hope I win the OKC poll then. Lol

  743. IMO he’d try for weird rotations to ensure they get to be Top 3 in tanking at least

  744. This should go into our record thread

  745. me too! :]

  746. eh, do we have it yet?

  747. He’ll be out for three games to attend his mother’s funeral.

  748. oh i see… thanks.

  749. Dont tell me you sold this site!!!!! hahaha

  750. too late

  751. If you think the other way, what if they lose against Philadelphia because of tanking and Lin is not allowed to play pnr and has 2 points?Would it be much better to enjoy the win than to be sad on a loss?

  752. ah I see what you meant =]
    I thought it’s a specific JLin record-breaking page but it’s the tweetable stats, hehe..

  753. Sixers Coach Brett Brown wasn’t
    happy about the number of points his team surrendered to Lin and the Lakers.

    “That’s not who we are. On the defensive side, to give up 60 points in the second half is what bothers me the most,” he said. “We tried to double-team with 7 or 6 1/2 minutes left and he still found ways to score.

    “We tried multiple people on him. We tried to get length on him. We tried to get quickness on him and we tried to blitz him. We searched to find ways to defend him and we struggled all night.”

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