G68 CHA @ MIA Game Thread

Kudos to JLin for his perseverance. Despite not having a lot of  usage & touches (15.6% USG and 8% of team touches per @TTNN), JLin still found ways to contribute to spur a big Hornets run in the 2nd quarter

  • How will JLin contribute in the 2nd game of back-to-back against a tough MIA team? He played 25 min while Kemba and Batum played 38 min so he might be needed as a playmaker.
  • It seems like scoring and shooting well is needed for JLin to get more PT but it’s also hard to do so with minimum touches, especially when Batum and Kemba dominate the playmaking. But there’s no other way but to keep shooting and driving strong to the rim.

Let’s go, JLin! Let’s hope and pray JLin would have the same mentality to play his game just like he did in the NJ game in 2012 that created Linsanity.

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Guess JLin's stats in Game 68 vs MIA


  1. 1st, good sign. Trust Lin will do better in this game.
    1st, he usually did well on B2B.
    2nd, he do better when vs. strong team.
    3rd, Cliff will give him more time since need this win.

  2. Don’t give up. God gives 2nd chances! One door closes, the other will open for Lin. Lin fans, cheer up!

  3. It’s certainly a big game as the Hornets can move up from #6 to #4 or #5 if they win

    BIG Game Night for @jrich23 and the @MiamiHEAT VS. @JLin7 and the @hornets


  4. Wish Lin returns his mohawk hairdo, but he had said that it’s ‘dead’. Too bad!

  5. yes, unfortunately the hair is too long to stand up for Mohawk

    this MoHawk-effect wouldn’t be so bad either 🙂

  6. Psalm and others,
    Can you say why you r fans of hornets winning? I feel ambivalent about rooting for hornets when they r treating our boy so poorly. Even if the rationale is that playoffs give jlin a chance to play well, thats assuming he is played properly which is certainly no guarantee. Other than its his team or its bc jlin wants to win, any thoughts on this?

  7. Playoffs are exciting basketball. I for sure want to see Lin be part of it. Beside with the stifling playoff defense on Kemba, Lin will have a good chance to shine.

  8. No matter who said what, I guarantee 100% of people here want to see JLin in playoff, even sws. LOL.

  9. Ok, thanks!

  10. I do too, but not as a delivery boy.

  11. Although many Lin fans feel disappointed and angry that JLin’s strength was not utilized well especially after the All-Star Break, I personally believe the Hornets winning to reach the playoff is good for JLin.

    Main reasons are:
    1. Part of JLin’s decision to come to the Eastern Conference was because he wanted to go to the playoff on the supposedly weaker conference last season.
    2. Playoff will be good for JLin’s resume (4 out of 6 seasons) in order to increase his FA value
    Clutch performance in the playoff had a history to give players recognition and rewards in contracts (i.e. Danny Green and the Spurs, Nate Robinson & BOS Celtics)
    3. I believe playoff will give JLin more time because he has proven his clutchness (HOU vs POR series when Harden disappeared, multiple games in the season when he was inserted in the final 30 sec-2min to draw FTs and get a win)
    Not going to the playoff will “hide” JLin’s clutchness this season because the Hornets have started phasing out Lin’s role after ASB.

    Besides, if JLin’s clutch performance and presence helped the Hornets this season but the Hornets struggles again next season by focusing on hero-ball, it would offer proof that JLin is valuable to this team this season.

    No Lin, No Win!

  12. Playoff will be different. Playoff in 2nd season with the Rockets, Lin played a lot and closed majority of those games over PB who’s a starter. Hope Cliff will put politic aside. I hope.

  13. @ACBeltran20
    Lin & Al PNR play is #9 in NBA daily top 10!?


  14. Very true. Thank you for being in this group as what some fans categorized.

  15. Hope so too?

  16. If the shine will not be dampened by the coach or the fake star.

  17. He better if he wants to go the 2nd round in his first career.

  18. Let’s go Jlin! ! ! Spank the Miami beaches! !!

  19. I guess Clifford found the best formula for his star Kemba using Lin as the delivery boy as what kauaiblue said. At this point, Lin fans should not expect Lin to have big stats in terms of assists, points and rebounds because he is busy running around chasing other guards. Other than that, he is standing at the corner waiting for the ball which seldom happens. Clifford’s game plan for Lin? Just repeat above cycle.

  20. Lights on! Green for Lin (happy st. Patrick’s day?) red for Kemba?

  21. Yeah, that’s mostly what we’ve seen so far.

  22. I would just positively focus on Jlin. .. kw is not even worth my negative attention. … in other words. .. he is dead to me..hehe

  23. I love your joking around, we need more funny stuff here!

  24. I try to come up with clever names for each opponent. ..hehe

  25. JLin always finds a way to be close to a big … TChandler, Asik, ED, now AJ and tryin’ with Cody. D12 … if he worked hard on the pnr, he would have had feasting too.

  26. LOL, isn’t Nate Rob heading to the NFL?

  27. Give me one for the Cavs …

  28. yes indeed, closed door, open door.

  29. Caverledouches…hehe

  30. yes, even though Big Al is not an ideal PnR big but it’s great that JLin tried to establish chemistry with him.
    If it works, it will only open up more space for JLin to score due to the PnR threat.

    I really admire how hard JLin works to make lemonade out of any lemons =)

  31. I think we should look at it as a question of which one benefits Lin more, playoff appearance (even if in a limited role) or no playoff appearance at all?

    It is understandable that you dislike CHA due to their handling of Lin and if they fail to get into playoff, you get some sort of “emotional revenge”. But what does Lin have to gain from it? Nothing. On the other hand, if they do get into playoff, then there are opportunities for the things Psalm mentioned below. And the limited role is not set in stone (maybe due to injury, really wanting to win etc). You never know. Can’t win if you don’t play.

  32. Good good!

  33. yeah 🙂 he kept getting one good game per season to get contracts
    But he might be running out of teams so NFL.. here he comes LOL

  34. Linsanity and psycho T would be an instant classic. A crazy duo.

  35. Everything carries more weight in playoffs as well. If all Lin does is play defense, rebound, and a few points, he will still get more credit for those things since it’s the playoffs.

  36. Lin day??

  37. Miami has gotten better since Bosh went down. Hopefully the Hornets can get hot from 3 point land so they don’t need to get all their layups swatted by Whiteside. That and attack on the fast break so they won’t have to deal with the shot blocker.

  38. Adele, you make me smile again… witty..

  39. Lin has some of his best games with green.

  40. Harvard, JLin’s almamater, didn’t make it to the March Madness tournament this year.
    But Yale, another school from the Ivy League, as a #12 seed just pulled an upset to beat #5 seed Baylor earning the 1st win ever in the tournament.

    Hope JLin is inspired to pull a ‘Heat upset’ performance


  41. Lin will shine in the playoffs, my prediction is Hornets with Lin will get to Eastern finals against Cleveland.

  42. MIA is ranked #9 in 3PT defense so it will present a real challenge to the Hornets

    I hope JLin’s midrange Js can work well to open up more space to attack the rim

  43. LIN for the WINNNNNN!!!!! I hope he will close today

  44. i like both, not reaching playoffs or being there and hoping they reach for more.

    it seems being marginalize is a recipe for JLIN’s follower to hate such team, but i do so totally if jlin already left that team. for as long as Jlin is still there, i always want to see the great plays Jlin make for the team, including reaching for the star :).

    Jeremy played with heart even though the treatment they are giving him is so obviously poor, so that’s what we want to see from him, his strength in cases he needs to be and humility in times of success…

    Life is but UPs and Downs, and Jlin knew it being a player, He play for his Almighty and not for anything else!

  45. Whiteside plays off the bench. I think going to the rim is not advisable in this game. The short jumper is going to have to work unless someone can draw him away from the rim.

  46. let’s hope JLin is practicing his midrange Js and floaters before the game

    Whiteside got Triple-Double with 10p/r/b last time.
    It was too good.

    Usually JLin can come up with a counter-attack the 2nd time.

  47. Look at this vintage St. Patrick O’Lin jersey on Ebay 🙂

  48. @rick_bonnell
    Look for the @hornets to drive at Whiteside some tonight to test him foul-wise. That was sure Clifford’s message based on last meeting.

  49. Look at the high-arch JLin’s floater!
    Here comes Lin vs Whiteside


  50. he will test Jlin’s ability to drive and get a foul to balance whiteside effectivity?

  51. He would certainly love JLin to draw 2-3 fouls on Whiteside

  52. talks without the corresponding action is meaningless, and unless everybody buys such changes to make things work, it will be a frustrating result for everybody!

  53. LOL, a sinking ship with the captain speaking but every sailor on the ship looking for self.

  54. Just need to make sure those ref’s whistles are working.

  55. only one problem with them, Harden not doing the dirty works and maybe blaming game on each other!

  56. That looked a little strong. Hope in real game totally different.

  57. Refs for the night

    Game Official 1 Official 2 Official 3
    Charlotte @ Miami Courtney Kirkland ,Nick Buchert, Gediminas Petraitis

  58. Why did Cliff/ Bonnell announce Hornets game plan? If Heat is smart, they will anticipate and foul hard whoever will drive to the basket like Mavs, especially Lin. Don’t want Lin to get injure… That’s just not wise!

  59. if it was cliff’s message, i wonder why he didn’t draw plays for lin to drive.

  60. None are found in the Non-Calls list .. yet


  61. what do you expect from them…even simple things they don’t understand..LOL!

  62. @hornets
    “We have to find a way to keep them out of the paint.” Coach Cliff on keys to tonight’s #CHAatMIA matchup.

  63. don’t play AL Jeff and whiteside will be out of the paint!

  64. Lets hope jlin,can try to get a win. All the best to lin.

  65. ya we’re toasted

  66. Only Marvin keep the level.

  67. We’re actually not far from #3 in EC

  68. or #8

  69. 3pts are falling

  70. Lets hope it bleeds over to Lin also

  71. it’s neck to neck for the 3-6th position. But ya a few losses and we’ll be out of playoffs.

  72. Dragic has a team that fits him well. Stoudemire.

  73. no defense out there. When white side comes in it will be over

  74. Lin was having similar performance as Dragic.

  75. He got the most boost with no bosh

  76. It was said that the team didn’t fit him well for a long time. But he has the ball and is making plays so far.

  77. No Defense Kemba strikes again

  78. dragic clearly liking the height advantage he has over kemba

  79. Dragic just take advantage from Kemba’s D.

  80. with wade and bosh there, he was lost, but with ball in his hand, he will find ways to score.

  81. That’s the game plan, I guess. Attack the weak link.

  82. almost applies to all PG?..


  83. He’s always a liability against quality PG’s

  84. Who is on Dragic? Dragic is scoring at will

  85. fast pace game

  86. Looks like Cliff wants to go with this unit longer.

  87. Lol really

  88. Spoelstra put whiteside on the scorers table as soon as Lin is going in

  89. Note: Scores are down and Lin enters the game around 3min. Heat 18; Hornets 17

  90. 22222222

  91. floaaaateeeeerrrrrr

  92. beautiful off the glass

  93. Smart shot. Keep doing that Lin. That’ll work for you.

  94. leggo. plz take more of those bank floaters

  95. What’s that? Bank floater? First time seeing him taking that. And looked smooth and confident.

  96. they know the Hornets bench is talented.

  97. That’s the plan. Same thing last time they played.

  98. more off ball movement, floaters, and handles for jeremy in the off season and he will be GOLDEN

  99. after jlin scored, spo made adjustments by calling a timeout

  100. double team coming up?

  101. Right when Lin gets a bucket….Spoelstra gotta flip the script and start game planning for Lin.

  102. easy layup at Walkers path…lol

  103. Al hesitated with that pass, it was not on time

  104. This is the game that you don’t need Walker,he needs to sit

  105. Seem like Lamb is DNP-CD again.

  106. Al doing some work today

  107. he’s in the doghouse cause he runs his own plays.

  108. he’s improving

  109. He makes that but misses the easy feed from Lin.

  110. First time Lin made his first shot in awhile!

  111. Can’t watch the game again, rely on everyone to report what’s going on.

  112. me too. :)))

  113. Seems to happen a lot this season. Bigs missing bunnies.

  114. JLin just posterize DWade with a one handed tomahawk dunk!

  115. Lin sped up I guess he shoots better at a faster momentum but missed it.

  116. Almost an easy lay up by Dragic against Walker

  117. wth was that inbound?

    edit: oh wasn’t paying attention to time left

  118. Nicely put!

  119. Kemba always dribble on opposite direction where Lin is.

  120. Thanks!

  121. Al had 5 shots in 5 mins, Unbelievable!

  122. 🙂

  123. KW first half he always pass the ball, but come 2nd half, he will always shoot the ball!

  124. Lets hope!

  125. He already took 5 shots. 5*4 = 20 if he goes with this rate.

  126. 1Q Dragic took advantage of KW’s height and scored at will on him. Dragic 8pts for 4/7 for 8:04min, KW 3pts for 1/5 FGA-M for 12min.

  127. Lin blocked or fouled?

  128. blocked

  129. 2 TOs for Lin already

  130. No lin, no win, agreed!

  131. Stupid pump fake. No one is falling for that. Go up aggressive and at least get fouled.

  132. lin struggling with the height of miamis bigs

  133. That was a clean block on Deng but ref called a foul on Lin.

  134. They are pressuring Lin

  135. Miami stepped their defense

  136. This unit getting murdered

  137. NBA teams have it out for Lin. They pressure Lin whenever he touches the ball.

  138. Seem like Lee isn’t a good mix with second unit.

  139. Heat playing great defense. Forcing bad shots by charlotte. Charlotte having a hard time getting into the offense

  140. Its the Heat defense

  141. If Lin beats that defense they won’t do it anymore

  142. Lee is lost on the rotation and defense was wanting!

  143. miami second unit honestly better than their starting

  144. Lin needs to pressure them back. Drive and kick or drive and score. But it’s going to be hard with Al clogging the lane.

  145. They look more athletic

  146. That’s coach’s job to set up plays for Lin, but all of us know, he won’t.

  147. Just about every offense runs through Al

  148. he needs a PnR partner but Kam and Al are not those players

  149. Gonna bench jeremy?

  150. Our offense isn’t good either it’s basically Alfense

  151. hope cliff find something to neutralize the defense by miami, by not substitution but a working rotation play

  152. plz don’t bench jeremy yet

  153. He didnt know how to pass out to Open guy!

  154. Miami very strong. Only hope is psycho T to set some screen for Lin and disrupt the defense.

  155. Why people worship these morons… dwade sounds uneducated.

  156. Coach’s abilities are miles apart, no way Hornets will win this game unless somehow Linsanity returns which is impossible at this time.

  157. How come Lin gets whacked in the face every game

  158. Miami players are taking the advantage of home court. Lin need to be tougher under the heavier D.

  159. Lin blocked Whiteside.I THOUGHT he did

  160. This is clearly why Alfense doesn’t work.

  161. open up the offense remove Al. We will get swept because of AL

  162. Spo knows how to defend Lin, when Lin is stopped, game is already won. Poor baldie hasn’t realized that yet.

  163. Kamisky n Al? Omg!

  164. idk Didn’t look like it

  165. Part of the reason Kemba is having the kind of success he’s having is because he doesn’t have to play with Al.

  166. but al is there inside that’s why its so hard to penetrate

  167. couldn’t agree any more

  168. yeah he blocked it but deng got the ball and had open shot

  169. and weak opponents with weak defense

  170. Good defense by jeremy

  171. This is the kind of defense during playoff, Hornets will lost bigtime when baldie won’t adjust his lineup.

  172. Great D by Lin. Dragic turnover

  173. Good defense again!

  174. Good D by Lin hahaha

  175. Save tape on this game. Good lesson on what playoff defense will be like. Hornets have to get real and stop playing around making walker look good.

  176. Great d by Lin on white side

  177. Lol cliff take off Lin. This will be a mistake

  178. He takes him out?

  179. Miami is just making Cliff look bad lol

  180. lol of course he takes him out

  181. BF1 with Jefferson not as good.

  182. Lol He brings Al in for offense. What a stupid idea. Ill call it now. Game over

  183. I don’t really care that Lin is sitting out. Cliff needs to solve the problem with 2nd unit first or is he going to continue to ignore it and just give 1st unit more minutes every game?

    -Alfense won’t work on good teams.
    -They are double teaming/pressuring Lin, need to change the pace and put in someone else to help relieve the pressure on Lin.

  184. That’s the adjustment by baldie, get Lin out of the game, what a joke?

  185. he will blame JLIN again for this!

  186. Lin played great D, put him INNNNNNN.

  187. Lin played some great defense.

  188. Lin. Hansbrough. Williams. Batum. Lamb. Stop fooling around Cliff.

  189. that’s what cliff wanted in the first place, make his starters a true starters without competing for recognition with the bench

  190. Dont expect much from this scrub team under this coach, first round exit.

  191. Like Mavs, Heat is well prepared to win this game. MIA defense is good, stopping every Hornets’ possession.

  192. Kaminsky, stop thinking you’re a guard.

  193. No need to watch, Miami will win.

  194. Go heat

  195. Cliff gets outcoached by opposing coaches who are actually competent… Of course those who’ve actually watched the games already knew this =).

  196. another non thinking player…7 footer who like to be a 6 footer!

  197. every team is stepping up their D. Dallas last game with good D also.

  198. said this long ago.

  199. instead of playing al , cliff should try hans against whiteside for he know how to space the floor

  200. Jeremy is so much better than walker and to watch him and other players like Beverly and clarkson be given the green light is infuriating.

  201. The main reason we slipped away was because Miami’s pace on offense was too much for Al Jefferson.

  202. Lin (6’3″) had great defense on Whiteside (7’0″), caused him to turnover and then Cliff took Lin out, SMH!

  203. Walker gonna score 45 and hornets will lose by 10

  204. I actually thought about putting in Hans cause he will actually disrupt them

  205. who cares the ship is sinking. If we even make the playoffs, we’re not going pass the first round.

  206. hornets bench needs space so they can draw and pass for a shooter, not a stopper who is always waiting inside for a pass for every possession they have.

  207. Whos we?

  208. He did and they continued. Don’t see they do it w/ KW.

  209. He didnt try to get rebound too!

  210. he won’t score that much

  211. they. The Hornets.

  212. Ok, hell shoot it 45 times…

  213. I don’t mind Walker plays 36 to 40 minutes on B2B. He is a superman, with energy saved from defense.

  214. Miami too athletic they can stop KW easily

  215. he can’t wait to change lin whenever there’s a chance…i think he better DNP him for a historic second of Lin..

  216. I keep reminding myself that there are only 15 games + 4 playoff games left.

  217. Walker sure gets a lot of high screens huh?

  218. Go stoudemire!

  219. While Lin needs to beg

  220. Got it. Thanks.

  221. Jeremy in?

  222. Lin in

  223. I think this is the pace Cliff knows Lin likes. And the spread of the floor.

  224. Just for D to let Kamba score.

  225. yup

  226. Lin in for Lee with 3:51 left in Q2

  227. What’s wrong with Batum? One game hot one game cold!

  228. Gets countless oppts

  229. KW gets a superstar call lol

  230. Have some faith… may be only 15 games… period.

  231. Miami is playing a good team defense

  232. yet consistent minutes and free rein every game unlike Lin

  233. Nice to see. Does Lee have 2 fouls?

  234. He just lost the ball .. Dragic got the bad-call 😀

  235. lol 2 minutes later foul

  236. That was like the latest whistle ever

  237. Thats a superstar call

  238. He has 2 fouls but so is LIn

  239. No one gets jealous… hmmm

  240. A superstar foul call and completely bogus. Shame.

  241. Wade initiated contact with his legs/hip… MIA Heat announcers were silent

  242. He whistled after the bucket missed lol

  243. Phantom foul on Lin for Wade to score FTs!

  244. Kemba got a “superstar” call. Lin gets hit with a bad call, as makeup. Sigh.

  245. So Lin is in just to play defense. Has not seen him had any passes from anyone on court in this stretch!

  246. I think Lin’s in coz they need another ball handler

  247. Watching this defense Lin is just sad.

  248. nice 2 by KW but should have went for a 2 for 1

  249. Why arent they passing to wade

  250. Just for note, Lin in for Lee in Q2 only because Lee got his 2nd foul

  251. Lin is just a defender

  252. Ya! That’s it. smh!

  253. Oh…

  254. We caught up, i’m amazed. Alfense needs to be removed this game.

  255. Wade hardly scored…

  256. lin will get the minutes because other has foul trouble..Lee got a pass when he’s on the court but when Jlin is on, no pass for a shot.

  257. spread the floor and Lee in foul trouble.

  258. KW usually gets hot when Lin is in. That’s a pattern I noticed.

  259. LEE has 2 foul

  260. lin shot is soo bad he is not even an offensive option

  261. Thats why i despise this team

  262. Ya! That’s why Lin is in for Lee

  263. he tried to probe from the corner but no space to attack :[

  264. That foul was a clearly an offensive foul against him,it shouldn’t be Lin

  265. So Lin helped w/ defense for KW and NB to score. Now Hornets lead by 2. Hornets 54; Heat 52. NOTE: Lin had not one shot attempt during this stretch!

  266. Well, even when Lin picked up that loose ball, he just gave it to MW. It’s like he doesn’t want the ball.

  267. Lee was more of an offensive option then Lin

  268. Lin’s shot will come back eventually. Have faith. Changing your shot or overcoming a prolonged slump is about mental strength. And Lin has loads of mental strength.

  269. no, they said he got the benefit of the doubt..LOL!

  270. He is shooting Kobe Level bad

  271. Right now he only will take around 7 to 8 shots per game so….4 shots for 1st half. smh!

  272. He helps in a lot of ways though

  273. Well Lin played great defense anyway, I don’t mind Kemba getting hot and pulled Hornets to a lead.

  274. Ive become immune to those calls now… lol

  275. Lin was always on the corner.
    Did Lee initiate drive from corner?

  276. I’m not sure Lin’s in just for the defense. Wade’s not exactly scoring.

  277. never mind that Lin has 2, he will never close games

  278. I really think his ankle injury earlier this season has a lot to do with his shooting struggles as of late….

  279. Wait til jlin gone next year… walker gonna be his old walker self

  280. I know…LOL

  281. He is shooting 23 percent since the allstar break. He has to show more efficiency then that

  282. So-called “superstar” calls delegitimizes basketball. Don’t think you have that in any other sport.

    Won’t see “superstar” calls for a baseball ball or strike, or “superstar” calls for unnecessary roughness in football.

    NBA can be quite moronic

  283. Noticed that. He also drove in and had the shot but passed it out to MW. I was hoping after sinking his first shot on a floater, he’d look for his shot. He has to just forget the tough stretch he had and bounce back and play his game.

  284. Boring. Thats why i root against them

  285. no even with the prove, it was so obvious just for passing and not to shoot…we know how Jlin works

  286. Yes, Wade elbow Lin and Lin fell down and the referee called the foul on Lin delayed for getting in the way of a star player. Even the Miami broadcaster on replay concede that Wade got the star treatment.

  287. Nothing was set up for Lin to score. The ball was not moving around like when Lee is in w/KW. When Lin is in w/KW, KW keeps the ball to himself or between NB. SMH!

  288. Shame. That was a ridiculous foul called on Lin.

  289. I would like to see him embarrassed Walker every time they play against each other

  290. that’s what puzzles me!

  291. Lin is not an offensive option anymore. He’s not even a 6th man. This started right after the Cavs game. He’s just there for defense and setting up Al Jefferson imo or to spread the floor and play D for KW.

  292. maybe got a memo because of that 15 point deficit they got.(joke..but no joke!!LOL)

  293. It feel like if Lin threw a rock in the ocean he would hit a two inch island

  294. On the other note, Batum’s FG% is pretty unbearable too so far this game…

  295. It rarely happened in the past and will not happen in this team, he just gotta find his way to score

  296. Oh, walker will get embarrassed… jeremy has that gift…

  297. yeah but wade is struggling offensively also so why defense?

  298. KW/NB look to pass to Lee to score. They even set him up to have a good shot, but not Lin, SMH!

  299. Lol

  300. Lee hit his 3s, definitely opens up other things. Lee’s beginning to string some good games together. Lin was more running the offense but as PG, Spo will always try to trip him up.

    Either he lets the tough 2nd quarter stretch affect him the rest of the game or he gets strong and makes adjustments in the 2nd half. Miami’s 2nd unit looks as tough as the first, tougher in some ways and Spo put Dragic back on it and Richardson or Winslow on Lin, not Dragic.

  301. Its 1 game not 1 month worth of it

  302. Heat announcer complimented jeremy

  303. I don’t see the shot as a problem. He missed one, got blocked and hit his first. He didn’t take many. The problem was, dealing with the traps.

  304. saying what?

  305. He’s a good 3 point shooter

  306. He was explaining a play and said lin is a good 3 pt shooter.

  307. We need to stop judging game by game and look at the overall arc. He has shot poorly for 1 month now

  308. Did jlin score?

  309. Lee has 2 fouls, Cliff reserving Lee for 4th Q, need to continue defense for wade because he can explode..Lin only in because of fouls made by LEE

  310. It has to. I pray so! Keeping hope alive!

  311. Edit: for the whole year. Al in there just exposes it.

  312. I understand that and I agree with you. I don’t see it applying so much to this game yet. I think Lin struggled with Spo’s defensive schemes again. I want to see him beat them. He beat Atlanta’s but Spo seems to have his number in most games.

  313. In his career its correct but not this year.

  314. The good thing about this is, Lin is becoming a very good defender.Good to be a 2 way player when he’ll get his own team

  315. Our memory tends to be short but I remember at least 2 prolonged single digit scoring slumps in Houston and 1 with the Lakers. Lin will overcome. He always does.

  316. the usual 1 or 2 points

  317. 2 on his first shot.

  318. Not one shot attempt in 2Q.

  319. Historically Lin always struggle against the heat

  320. That must be it. Lin also has two fouls so Cliff sacrificed Lin for Lee!

  321. His new nickname is “1-for”.

  322. Lol

  323. Said he got the ball from behind but ball bounced to Dragic so they made a broken play to work.

  324. I know but no one gives him that. They still say tragic and wade will have it easy on Lin. Good defense gets you paid when the rumor is out. Its not out for Lin. Actually the opposite is the rumor for Lin

  325. lol

  326. Lin has been holding Wade off. Wade tried to get going by driving to the basket. You’ll see Wade drive more on Lee in the 2nd half if his shots still not falling.

  327. Not this long and this bad. Maybe a week and a haif at the longest. He also would make 10 threes some game, Not this year

  328. He needs his agent to work on this area to get some media on their side

  329. Lin is better than this, but there’s really no ground to bash him right now.

    Kemba started 1-5 today…but he kept getting the ball even more and hit 4 in a row.
    Kemba started 2-10 against ORL…but he kept getting the ball even more and hit 6-8 after that.

    He’s a great shooter as a true PG and very good even as a true SG, but that’s not his role.

    He’s in there for defense and hustle and he’s key to the CHA winning streak. Just look at his winning effect just now. Without scoring, he keyed the big run with defense and ball movement.

  330. i like the discussion here, but noticeable how one poster keeps on Posting always the negatives and negates the positive..

  331. It would have been nice if during linsanity, anthony was still out and jeremy and company had crushed em

  332. During break, Lin didn’t practice 3, only long 2 and not look good.

  333. Lin has a tendency of shying away from shooting if he miss. Did a better job earlier in the season

  334. R u there?

  335. His poor shooting doesn’t form a streak but it also wasn’t just a one off event. He’s done it quite a bit for me to notice. Not a knock on him as a player but I have higher expectation of him. He is another glue guy and would be a force if he stick to catch and shoot and not handle the ball too much….

  336. Who?

  337. He can’t help it,he thinks he’s part of Lin’s life…LOL

  338. Ok I believe that Lin makes at least 4 shots in the second half.

  339. Yeah, I admit that he’s lost some mojo lately. He’s been depressed on the court since getting benched after the HUGE Cavs win (17m in the next game!). That diss clearly shook him.

  340. Maybe smart . take 1-2 threes only a game go up if you make a good percentage

  341. He’s not motivated to be playing this role, defense only. He knows teammates won’t pass to him anyway.

  342. Al starting yes

  343. Gotta get BF1 going!

  344. Cliff i love you lol.

  345. Zeller hurt.

  346. Offense not going through Al

  347. Hope Cody will be OK.

  348. It is

  349. walker letting dragic just go right by him

  350. the end of Kemba

  351. no more drives for the starters lol

  352. batum get countless opportunities.

  353. see how when AL is there, KW can’t shoot all the ball! its always ALFENSE

  354. What happened to Cody?

  355. yup

  356. true that. Kemba is out of rythm

  357. strain calf

  358. wade doesn’t shoot much anymore?

  359. If its not in the corner, chase the other guards and running around. Rinse and Repeat.

  360. Alfense !

  361. this is boring.

  362. This is the best move that Cliff’s made,it will pay off in a long run.This will maximize Hornets offensive book in the next games if he will moved Al to the starting five

  363. With or without Al, Kemba — and ALL POINT GUARDS even Curry — are like that.

    Kemba started 1-5. Then went 4-4. Then went 0-3.

    When Lin goes 1-5…people stop passing to him. Refs don’t give him calls. And lately, Lin’s confidence/mood is down so he doesn’t even try to attack that often.

    Lin is an elite starting PG….but he’s a spotty backup SG/SF.

  364. If seller is healthy it looks like he will go back to the bench

  365. I thought it was an halftime adjustment also, but learned it was Cody injured.

  366. Al takes everything when he is on the court Like a planet orbit .

  367. unless Zeller is injured, i don’t see Cliffs doing this because starters are better with zeller than ALJeff

  368. It’s one step closer to resurrect BF1 by removing Big Al

  369. Good for bench and starter.

  370. Lin in

  371. Exactly.

  372. Meaning Al will likely go back to the bench

  373. Hornets have no more bigs except Al

  374. How Lin miss that

  375. Black hole, vortex, sinkhole…anything else?

  376. dunk that please

  377. Ankle. Lin had nothing on the shot there after making his move.

  378. Why did Ms Ready state that when clearly Lin isn’t being played to his strengths

  379. Scared.

  380. No rhythm!

  381. Possibly.

  382. nah I think he could have laid it in if he was holding the ball with one hand instead of two

  383. I’m starting to think Lin is hurt

  384. Lin, you must make the easy ones.

  385. Miami bigs are just too athletic

  386. Does anyone on this team dunk?

  387. He’s banged up, but he was banged up against CLE too.

    No rhythm. Low confidence of late.

  388. Lin blocked wade

  389. Blocked Whiteside too, though they didn’t count it.

  390. yea he looks healthier then in the stretch he was balling

  391. yes, something is off on that drive.
    It should be an easy layup

  392. Al has 17 pts? wow they fed the ball to him a lot

  393. I think he was going for a 2-hand dunk perhaps. The shot had no juice on it.

  394. Good D by Lin again

  395. Wow kemba hasn’t had any offensive touches for at least 7 possessions now

  396. good D by Lin

  397. Poor rhythm. It happens. He probably wanted to dunk it or something, but hesitated.

    He’s always looking over his shoulder after the CLE game. “MISS THIS AND I”m BENCHED”..

  398. But you don’t hear Heat commentator say anything! Wade got flatten by Lin…

  399. Again a negative comment on Lins defense

  400. They are trying to shut down KW and Lin

  401. Didn’t show on stat. yet.

  402. Lin made Wade travel 🙂

  403. Batum is 3-13…no comments. But then he gets it back and hits a 3.

  404. I think it’s Al. The offense has been running through him

  405. uhm, Batum just slipped that ball off his hand

  406. bs call… im so sick of this

  407. Wade getting superstar calls

  408. Kemba scored because Al didn’t get back in time

  409. Lol another bad call. Lin persona as a bad defender will not go away anytime soon

  410. he’s done a good job so far just some bogus calls

  411. So far, Lin is in to contain Wade by playing Defense ONLY, not one pass for him to score!

  412. And it took him a long time to get into it. When Lin is on, he gets the ball and zoom, he’s gone.

  413. Forced Wade to travel and TO the ball.

  414. The only team that will think he is a good defender is charlotte

  415. Cliff will take Lin out soon w/ 3PF.

  416. he did try to score once

  417. I’m sick of calls like that. Lin plays good D on Wade, some incidental contact, and now struggling Wade gets 2 FTs.

  418. Al, kemba, batum before Lin on offense

  419. i think he should keep him in. Who else will keep some of the pressure off KW?

  420. Yep on his own.

  421. seriously the shot was already done without Lin touching him. Wade falls down on purpose and a late whistle.

  422. You give Lin a bloody nose…no foul
    Lin brush against your arms….foul
    Welcome to the NBA….No Azn Ballers

  423. Zzzzzzzz. Seeing Lin used like this and cheated by refs for destroying Wade (1-8) is unwatchable.

    He’s a winner and he’ll help with defense and teamball. But only the playoffs will be worth watching. Lin’s too competitive to check out mentally for that. Right now, he’s just annoyed/angry/frustrated.

  424. Bad shooting and Bad calls on him.

  425. he didn’t even touch him

  426. they want Lin to get out

  427. Just hasn’t been the best shooting, sans free throws, for Jeremy this season

    Frustrating for the guy I bet

    Defense big improvement no matter the calls tonight

  428. thats why i despise this team and root against them

  429. goal tending lol

  430. ?

  431. Lin has 4 fouls

  432. Second call made after the shot misses and Wade looks like a chump on the ground.

  433. That was another phantom foul.
    No contact by Lin. He just went straight up

  434. miss again

  435. go heat

  436. Lin out

  437. Why are we resting Lin not like he will play late

  438. They’ll be crushed first round. Lin will leave. CHA and Kemba will revert to the mean.

    The only question is what happens with Lin next year? MDA will be a real candidate for a job somewhere. Brooklyn needs a PG and can’t attract a “big” free agent.

  439. I can’t defend JLin in this game. Not happy about his game today. That’s my opinion don’t kill me.

  440. Watching Lin’s game, feel so awful now.

  441. Cliff needs to preserved his fouls

  442. See why I don’t want the Hornets to face the Heats in the playoffs. Always bad for Lin. Preseason in China don’t count. That was all theatre.

  443. Lin never got the call from ref like Walker did.

  444. cuz he has four fouls

  445. If mda and jlin reuinte in brookllyn, i will buy season tix…

  446. Because it is not about when to play him but when to use him to fill in the gap when someone else needs a break.

  447. I agree

  448. Agreed, bad game for Lin so far. No excuse.

  449. He won’t play late so it doesn’t matter

  450. no one asking anybody here to defend Jlin because he doesn’t need our defense, but what we are beinga sked here is to be objective on all our post.

  451. Like pulling teeth

  452. of course it matters. if he picks up 5, then hes practically unplayable.

  453. Something happened after the CLE game.

    He was elite as a starting PG and beat Lebron, which Kemba has never done in his career with CHA. After that he was benched and Kemba was statpadded like crazy, even in 20pt blowouts. Lin hasn’t been the same since.

  454. not worth watching this junk

  455. yes the hornets is leading no point in risking the fifth foul.

  456. sadly, refs only give calls to scorers :[
    I don’t like this defensive stopper role

    These were some unbelievably bad calls

  457. Idk anymore lol

  458. BrookLin Nets (Lopez and Jeremy).

  459. Lin’s releasing his shot too early. Not to mention it looks like he’s shooting with his arms and not putting his feet into it.

  460. Geezzz.Hornets are winning,Lin is helping his team on D,he’s not shooting well but he’s contributing in a lot of ways.Am I watching a different game?

  461. Walker played the entire 3rd qtr. Will need to rest some time before the end of the game. Lin will come back in.

  462. i picture the refs getting together for beer and laughing together about how they can always throw phantom fouls at lin.

  463. Agreed. Lin’s shooting is bad but he was a big contributor. D Wade is 1-8 with +/- of -17.

  464. He definitely made his defensive presence known vs Wade but refs made some horrible calls

    Let’s hope he can score 3+pts more

  465. Not only that, the Heats throw any players on Lin, they get the free foul call. SMH

  466. expecting lee to create at end of clock is a disaster.

  467. Lin needs to guard Richardson

  468. He is like Bev. His shots mean nothing. He won’t make a big shot verses great defense. He simply cant. Unless Lin is his pg

  469. Lee has 4 fouls

  470. cliff’s a genius!

  471. or lamb. Richardson is tall

  472. So does Lin.

  473. yup

  474. jlamb out?

  475. Heats bench is a beast

  476. for the last 3 games.

  477. Is Lin even going back in? Kemba might play the entire 2nd half.

  478. I think he will

  479. Cliff is playing “silence of the Lamb” for a week now

  480. I like that richardson player. Heat always find players out of nowhere

  481. nope

  482. possible given the collapse of hornets D. but then again, these refs against lin…

  483. If Lin is back in NY, I will buy game ticket.

  484. batum is not that good… he is just a jump shooter

  485. well, it was also daniels guarding him. open sky as space

  486. To think that there were some people who claimed that Jeremy could play SG just as well as PG.

  487. Lee getting FT … remember when Lin did that

  488. Close game

  489. what was the point of getting him?

  490. Come on. ??

  491. Lin may be done unless lee fouls out

  492. My biggest fear is if Lin plays like this in the playoff

  493. Mine too

  494. see how KW stopped shooting when JLIN is out?

  495. whats ur pt

  496. glass half empty!

  497. Not KW fault. I see JLin keep passing the ball

  498. Hope not. He’ll kill it

  499. If he’ll play like this but he will negate the best player impact on the offensive end,I will gladly take it

  500. Many think that negativity alone will kill him. But Nah, he is strong enough. We should see.

  501. When ever Hornets needed offense they would go to Lin. Now they avoid him on offense.

  502. he just scored as you mentioned it…probably …he heard you! lol

  503. Is Lamb on the bench?

  504. kemba’s been passing cuz he cant get open by himself against heat defenders

  505. Yes, Lin needs to keep shooting until it falls

  506. when JLIN is in with KW, he starts to play with himself and shoot the ball all the time most of the time…and thats a fact because it happened always (most especially during 2nd half of every game)

  507. Oh my. The game is painful enough without negative comments.

  508. i missed first half of game, but i dont think kemba can get much against the heat defense.

  509. soo is it not true

  510. Basketball is not just about scoring points,there’s a lot of way in how to help his team

  511. Hey I’ll gladly take that extra foot of height from him….

  512. So are mine.The negativity is sickening.

  513. don’t lose heart

    if JLin couldn’t finish strong due to injury, it might be better for him to get better first
    For all we know, JLin might be in with 22 seconds left again

  514. if lin had thrown the pass like batum, cliff probably would have yelled at him

  515. ok lets watch just in case cliff puts jlin back?

  516. I don’t think he can every game. But he’s had a rough game.

  517. i do not blame KW for Lin’s setback , not Lin’s shooting techniques . Somehow Clifford’s treatments have messed up his offense games. I do not see Lin would stay in Hornets next season, or I am quitting watching Hornets.

  518. the tall players when they end up defending kemba have been giving him problems

  519. Excuses. Only When things go bad

  520. Heat’s trapping D is certainly not easy

  521. I think it’s now very apparent who the white elephant in the room is…. Al in the starting squad = BF1 outshining starters, Al on the bench = demise of BF1…

  522. Lin would be crazy to stay with Charlotte.

  523. then its not only JLIN’s nemesis, also KW!

  524. What excuses did I say?

  525. unless they pay him crazy $$$

  526. It’s over, Lin has his street clothes on. LOL

  527. kemba’s pathetic defense. as usual. late closeout, and fouls him too

  528. KW tired and playing sloppy last couple of minutes

  529. i do not see $$ can buy him

  530. If Lin is back to the Hornets in this role, I might only need to create 1 thread per 10 games 😀

  531. im done with this crep…

  532. The simple switcheroo

  533. 3min mark and no sign of lin. i guess its done

  534. At 4:20 timeout, Kemba looks exhausted, after 2 possession previously failed to convert and almost failed to receive at pass, Clifford refuse to relieve him.

  535. I’m just stating what I watched so

  536. LOLOLOLOL Not many of us are making comments anymore esp me:-)

  537. That’s good D by Lee on Wade followed by bad shot selection by Kemba (no passes in that possession)

  538. Unless Lee fouls out.

  539. kemba should have burned more clock instead of chucking early. cant stand this guy.

  540. yeah…I thought…he will be in the last 3-4min mark…sigh

  541. that was such a bad shot selection

  542. I didn’t. I think Clifford was going to go with starters and that was that.

  543. maybe…but since the game is close and CLee is not doing much…maybe Lin gets a chance…looks like Im wrong

  544. i havent watched hornets games in a while, but it doesnt take much to be reminded how much i cant stand walker as a player.

  545. Lets focus on his defense instead. Lin is supposedly a sixth man. He is failing his job. He was not brought in to play defense. i mean its nice but too what. In this one Heat broadcast I’ve heard Lin is a bad defender 3-4 times. Get over that aspect of his game. He will not get noticed for it. His offense is his specialty. It has been absent for 1 month. The longest in his career. In a contract year. HELLO rRING THE ALARMS

  546. 17 min PT for Lin. smh. Hope he is not injured.

  547. foul trouble

  548. OK Kemba is playing 42+ again. Good on him! Roll on until he can’t play much.

  549. Lee is playing solid D on Wade without fouling. So, he’ll stay in.

  550. if he wasn’t he would get 22 at most

  551. thats the thing that we dot know…some fans here had mentioned…they observed some slowness in Lin and he might still be hurting

  552. no way will cliff sub kW now!!!LOL, no trust with the back up

  553. It’s lin’s shot- it is so bad right now

  554. anyway, pretty obvious by now that cliff treats lin like hes not going to be on the team next year. thats clear.

  555. that’s his rotation minutes

  556. I don’t think he’s injured.

  557. At this point, it’s Clifford vs The Law of Physics

    The odds is not good for Cliff.
    OT, pleaseeeee =)

  558. He doesn’t deserve more right now

  559. I gave Hornets the benefit of doubt for quite some time and I’m done with that. Hoping Lin realises his situation and get the next bus out of Charlotte.

  560. Nic is playing fantastic down the stretch. Usually he isn’t this clutch.

  561. Truth!

  562. If your tired of his games why not just turn off your computer.LOL

  563. He we go with the little snide comment because you cant debate the truth

  564. cliff wants to see if they can win with this players

  565. He was playing better with worst injuries.. He isn’t limping as he was before

  566. Why is Dragic not in crunch time? Spo makes a mistake there!

  567. tired?

  568. yeah…i think 9 pts this Q…

  569. without offensive touches and only in it to play defense, I said he played pretty good.

  570. This game, no. Some other games, 26-28 minutes would be more fair. Lin had trouble with Spo’s defense this game and never got his game going.

  571. cuz winson or whatver his name is has been doing good job defending kemba. kemba is scared of him.

  572. oh my…we just jinxed him!

  573. Hornets is in the lead so he’s pretty good in that.

    Only if the Hornets trail by 3-5pts that he missed a lot before

  574. its been a couple of weeks

  575. Debate what?Your just posting shady comments,what debate are you asking about/

  576. Agreed Kemba’s been locked down

  577. 5 point cushion is enough

  578. batum isnt clutch. hes just been lucky. if u get chances, u get lucky sometimes

  579. 3pt game now

  580. Lin should bring a book to read on the bench next game.

  581. he’s playing with fire playing starters 36+min

    all good coaches will prepare strong bench, but Cliff is not there yet.
    He just wants to ride the starters risking the fatigue

  582. or make shots

  583. I really think Spo should have played Dragic. He’s a better playmaker.

  584. bring video game

  585. okayyy then.. Marvin missed 2 FTs

  586. Next game is a new day. I’m hoping Lin will play great next game. Either you believe or not.

  587. Wow MW not clutch

  588. LOl shady why because i said so

  589. CLIFF needs a backup PG because what he has right now is not what he liked!

  590. lol. franchise player.

  591. Maybe Marvin wants his good friend JLin to get some PT in OT

  592. NOTE: This is about the third game KW shows that he’s NOT clutch when the game is on the line and has to play under pressure.

  593. there’s stats to back that up too

  594. psalm, youre wish come true..JLIN in!

  595. Lin back in

  596. Lin had chances in the 2nd quarter and struggled. And he struggled in the 2nd half. You have to go with the guys that are doing the best and Lin wasn’t one of them in this game. He played 25 minutes last game and scored 5.

  597. LOL Lin in with 14.6 seconds left

  598. 14.6

  599. credit to spo for keeping winson on him. dragic has advantage on offensive end, but with winson on kemba, its basically whether batum can make isolations. i think thats a good situation for heat.

  600. Lin, makes these.

  601. Lin is IN

  602. Clutch LIN is IN

  603. Lin made 1st FT

  604. Made both!

  605. Lin to put the game away

  606. nice shot!

  607. Lin is still clutch good

  608. The heck, Cliff playing with our emotions?

  609. I don’t care. Then come to playoffs, JLin and the bench has more chances to play:-)

  610. 14.6 sec remaing in 4Q

  611. Wow. Lin making clutch FT…. nice!

  612. So what did Cliff do? Bring Lin in close game… What have we been saying all along…

  613. There you go, Lin.

  614. Clutch Lin nailed it.

  615. He scored 4 points and they win but of course one poster wants him to score 20 points every game to satisfy his needs…LOL

  616. Overtime please

  617. take buzzer shot . lin no matter what

  618. Clifford said, “LINNING Time!” with 14.6 seconds left
    2 CLUTCH FTs!!

  619. can we have 40…pls?! 😉

  620. No. Lin wins

  621. story of lin’s post-NY career.

  622. This is why I don’t hate Cliff. You can hate me and hate my posts, but after a tough game Cliff brings Lin in and Lin delivers. Lin gets some chances and trusts from Cliff.

  623. More fts

  624. Its all good mate, lots of passionate fans, including myself

  625. game not over yet

  626. Now he will score again but a very important points.LOL

  627. again!!!!LOL

  628. LOL

  629. now you see Lin’s value even he did not shot well

  630. well….

  631. Deng’s face vs LIN’s face

    LIN’s face WON!

  632. well well

  633. Iron Lin

  634. dwade just muscled lee with ease for layups, twice.

  635. well well well

  636. Made both again. Clutch!

  637. CLUTCH!!!!!! (not the Houston mascot….)

  638. Lin’s face been training getting hit all season long LOL

  639. Sorry with those ice veins in him MIAMI BEACHES

  640. wow great job Lin

  641. yes baby

  642. that is cold blood on KW and Clifford’s faces!

  643. This game just went from Sh.. to great lol

  644. ice

  645. 2 MORE CLUTCH FTs!!!!!!

  646. That’s it for me today! I feel like we have a moral victory at least….

  647. 4 more FTs would be nice!

  648. He’s not a FAN!

  649. Ouch Lin! Dont sacrifice for this team!!!!

  650. ICE is running on LIN’s vein!

  651. There you go LIn. After a head butt, knocked down the clutch FTs.

  652. lol i agree

  653. Anyway we can get them, lol!

  654. 4 points in 10 secs

  655. This is like the ugly queen/beautiful queen (for people who know that story). Emperor only goes to the ugly queen when he absolutely needs her to save his a$$

  656. Ball game. Thank you Lin

  657. more headbutts?!

  658. Along with difference making clutch.

  659. So .. with 14.6 secs left, Clifford thought “I need JLin’s CLUTCH FTs & his CLUTCH face to ICE the game” LOL

  660. Clutch LIN Wins!

  661. Yes!

  662. Kemba is so choked now

  663. 14.6 seconds was all our boy needed. I’m so proud I could cry. This is why we believe. Nice one Jeremy.

  664. Clutch Lin thank you. I knew I had to watch til’ the end 🙂

  665. woot!

  666. In Lin We Trust

  667. Heat would never call Lin soft.

  668. OK, almost anything. But that Lin has a tough, hard head. Doesn’t he???!!!! 🙂

  669. Your faith is rewarded, Sista! 🙂

  670. Yes, the final few seconds totally clear my unhappiness.

  671. For sure!

  672. Spo made two mistakes in crunch time. Didn’t let Dragic in early in crunch time and let Wade took the final 3 when his shot has been cold all night.

  673. Why did Lin do the head but? Seemed like he could have just secured the ball, didn’t need to thrust his head out at Deng.

  674. I reverse psychology it by saying Lin’s done before the game is over. YW

  675. Why playoffs are important. Lin did not play well but you remember key moments like Lin clutch 4-4 FT to ice the game. Lin Wins again.

  676. a little. Still this Isa tough stretch for Lin. Has to overcome it somehow

  677. i did not see KW when Lin back in. Was he on the court?

  678. You know, it looked pretty bleak for our guy. But then Lin comes in and does what his good buddy Marvin couldn’t do. Ice the FTs. Marv gets a pass. He was tired.

  679. Cliff should play small lineup without Al or Zeller at the end of games. Too bad Hornets don’t have a Draymond Green type defender to guard all positions. Of course, I’m biased because that would give Lin an opportunity to close games.

  680. He finally got pissed off!

  681. Cliff kept testing Lin’s clutchness.
    It was 22 seconds, now 14.6 seconds left.

    Next time it’ll be 9 seconds 😀

  682. wow…and JLIN saved you again Coach Cliff…..you should believe in him now..Hey, coach spoe–you should recruit your fellow asian guy…

  683. and i thought you already abandoned such trust for all of this happening and with only few games left for the season? LOL!

  684. Me too. That would be tragic for Lins basketball career. Forget about Linsanity 2 if he still play with this team next season.

  685. There are now 4 teams that are 39/29

  686. Lin had to make Clutch 4 FTs in final seconds of the game after sitting out almost the entire 4Q.

  687. Lin has always figured it out before. Waiting for the breakout game to shut the haters. Question is when not if.

  688. Yup. Logjam at 3rd position.

  689. LIN for the WINNNNNN!!!!!It doesn’t get old

  690. He has this is true. But its been season Long. once this season he went to 34 percent three shooting

  691. who did Lin replace?

  692. AL

  693. I give props to Lin for staying warm and mentally ready to hit those free throws. He had a bad FT shooting game in Dallas a few games back after hitting a great percentage for a long stretch of the schedule.

  694. Never give up !

  695. #QualityOverQuantity

  696. Is Lin’s role becoming a defensive specialist + a clutch FT specialist?

    I don’t know how to feel about it

  697. Batum had a great game today.Good for him.

  698. i thought it was KW. i did not see him at all.

  699. Such efficiency!

  700. Man, Wade had a terrible game. Lee and Lin shut him down.

  701. I remember seeing all Small players. No bigs

  702. Forget The Voice, not watching American Idol….its all about the “X-factor”

  703. ATL will win tonight and move ahead of the pack.

  704. At least clutch FT gets him some extra points at the end. Efficient for his Points Per Minute.

  705. after the FT miss of MW, and KW a goner during clutch, Batum being marked, he can only think of JLIN ..

  706. I think once his shots come back so will his minutes. He cant hit a shot but during Clutch moments he can.

  707. Lin’s roles are the weight lifter and stats donor.

  708. I’m just happy he was able to do something positive for the win. And seeing him on the floor closing minutes, even if he only played a few seconds, be impactful and clutch, turned a gloomy game into a I’ll take that sort of game for him. Hope this builds his confidence now and he balls out next game. Lin will find it. I believe.

  709. Truth.

  710. Instead of 3 and D, he is FT and D.

  711. You got to give him credit for having Lin in there. Lin is definitely trusted by team mates to hit clutch FTs.

  712. Cliff uses Lin when the scores are down, and when starters cannot get it done. So his PT is all contingent on starters and how close is the game.

  713. I mean, it’s good that Cliff trusts him to ICE the game in a few games already now.

    But I’d like him to run some plays to get him going too.
    But yeah, I think this will get Lin to shoot better

  714. Cliff: what? what you sayin”’? it was the starter who won it, their tenacity and perseverance…i like to commend KW for passing the ball to JLIn for a freethrow, twice! KW is really clutch passer!!!

  715. Weight-lifter and stats-donor Lin! I like these labels.

  716. Alain, send Jeremy Lin some positive energy!

  717. LOL, give Clifford credit…? Lin being used to bail him out as usual…..

  718. I’d be cautiously waiting. He shot 62% (8-13) in the ATL & PHI game but only played 20min.
    But maybe he can get more PT after Lee is acclimated

  719. I don’t worry about his games at all and I’m pretty confident that he’ll do great in the playoff,there are players that are just build that way.

  720. Clifford is smart. He perfected the Kemba formula with a little mixture of Lin. Voila! Playoffs and Kemba all star!

  721. I like it! 😀

  722. Bail he out or not, he went to Lin and not Daniels or someone else at the end. Right?

  723. LOL!!! he feels better when he vent those fumes so as not to explode!

  724. I like that idea. Go with Marv at the 5.

  725. Absolutely, this will be a great confidence booster.
    Even when he didn’t have a great game, his coach put him in to secure the win.

    He can just shoot brimming with confidence starting from next game!

  726. Al is correct. Lin replaced Al. Kemba was on the court.

  727. I look at Lin and he is not happy at the end even if they won. I miss his happy smile?

  728. In other words, Lin is a spare tire on Cliffwagon….

  729. Yeah, he wanted to win. Point is, he knows how good Lin is, but caters to Walker and Batum.

  730. I don’t think they will be a the same team next year.

  731. Sooelstra looks like he is ashamed of being asian… ir at best uses being when it when it is convenient

  732. Wait, did Lin finally get his revenge game against the Heat in the most unlikely way? LOL

  733. Its about getting Walker and Batum going that is most important to him =)

  734. He’s got to run some plays. I think Miami’s second unit is more athletic and better defensively than their first unit and they really clamped down on Lin. It’s a challenge for Lin to beat that but I think he’ll figure it out. Their defenders forced Kemba into a lot of mistakes too.

  735. Wishful thinking

  736. If Lin will stay with them according to some fans here this is not a bad team and Clifford is a good coach!

  737. Loyalty will be rewarded!

  738. He won’t stay,they can’t afford him next season.

  739. Spo: CHA made tough fts down the stretch.

  740. He shot and played well in the Houston game too.

    I think now that Cliff likes Lee’s defense. He’s a little longer than Lin and stays in front of opponents well. Lin is tougher to post up but tends to run down the opponents. Both are very good defensively. I still think Lin is way more clutch and better suited for closing.

  741. Don’t worry, we will forget Hornets and follow Lin to another team next season. Just hope Hornets can get to the playoff so that Lin can have his share of shining moments.

  742. Just need his shot back .

  743. Yes but Kemba is still the hero in hornets psalm. Look at Lins face and tell me if he is happy.

  744. That’s the only thing that he didn’t prepared for Lin….LOL

  745. Now that I think about it… You know Cliff really set Lin up to fail…After sitting Lin on the bench for more than half of the 4th quarter, then Cliff returned Lin in last seconds of the game… What if Lin didn’t make those free throws and the game was lost due to those missed FTs? Who do you think will get the blame??? God forbid that Lin would allow that to happen. I thank God that he made those Clutch FTs.

  746. who would be happy if you will only be used for defense and not for you’re offense too…time taken out and Pg duties being stripped, only left is just to believe that all things work for those who believe!

    I believe that what keep lin ticking is he believed he shouldn’t slack on his enthusiasm because he was the one who pioneered with the hornets about rooting for one another and be always the example in action!

  747. Well, wishful thinking is what we do here. And some of those wishes have come true partially.

  748. I hope so. I feel his pain inside somehow.

  749. LOL wtf? Heres a correction Spo, it was Lin that made tough fts down the stretch.

  750. If he really is going to change his job title I hope at least the media should get along with it. Lin deserves better reputation than what he has been labelled with all these years…

  751. Actually Lin wants those free throws,he was going for the ball.

  752. Of course he’s as a firefighter for this team now. When they need him for D he’s in otherwise he’s nobody.

  753. This win is such poetic justice after the way Heat has always disrespected Jeremy since Linsanity!

  754. Wow freaking didn’t wanna say Lin, dude must be salty.

  755. He’s clearly not happy even after he got the clutch FTs to secure the win.
    Knowing how he is, he expects to get a bigger role or playing better.
    He’s very competitive.

    But no doubt, this will help him to just play all out next game.

  756. I hope so. I can’t stand the coach and this organization. Sickening!

  757. I disagree. Clifford knows Lin can hit clutch FTs and he put him in there to make them. Why in the world would Clifford put Lin in there to fail? He’s trying to win the game to get to the playoffs against a team with a similar record for home court advantage. He was definitely not trying to see Lin fail.

  758. How many games that he made a winning shot on this team?This is the 2nd time right?

  759. wow 4 teams tied at #3 east?

  760. HE also coached lee in Orlando

  761. Made tough free throws?

  762. Nah, it was actually a bailout, as per usual when Cliff is actually looking for the win.

  763. oh, i thought Lin was out all of the 4th quarter.

  764. You could see Dwayne Wade telling Spoelstra. “Lin is gonna miss these free throws. He’s can’t handle the pressure.” They were so confident Lin would miss. I hate wade. Punk.

  765. He’s made a bunch of them. And some in a similar situation. Sat a lot of the 4, came in late, didn’t have a big scoring game, and made huge shots. Sometimes FTs, sometimes FGs.

  766. LOLOLOL tough fts???!!!!!!! Who??? Anyone we know????:-)

  767. yes, I’ve seen so many articles and references how the Heat killed Linsanity and always stopped him.

    But at least he got 1 win so they can’t say he never won against them.
    It’s a start

  768. Wade is an old veteran trying to get into Lin’s head. I think Wade knew he’d make them. He was trying to throw Lin off. Didn’t work.

  769. his chipmunk face is hilarious

  770. maybe not really, wade was telling spo what to eat after the game..LOL!

  771. Yeah, pretty odd huh? Well, not really, as Cliff was actually lookin to secure the win, so he put him in to bail him out

  772. Great.Most of the time,those were the only thing that people remembered anyways

  773. He came in with 14 seconds left and hit 4 FTs after being fouled twice. The second foul he was head-butted. But he still made the FTs with ease.

  774. whoa, he actually said that?

  775. As I write I’m thinking he’s in 4th quarter crunch time so not out the entire 4th.

  776. I just hope that some professed Lin fans will notice his sadness and feel for him instead of bashing him.

  777. Yes they surely targeted Jeremy. You can bet Melo was the instigator.

  778. I think Lin looked better than he did before he came in. At least he feels he helped the team win and he loves the big spots in the game to thrive.

  779. Just keep on keeping on now!

  780. I meant, I thought he was out all of 4th quarter until the last 14 seconds or whatever.

  781. He already had 1 for James and now Wade,they can’t say that he’s soft anymore.

  782. the irony of it was, even Hornets doesn’t know that JLIN can kill the chances of heat also..blunder by spo on Dragic (maybe because lin was not playing then) but they can’t make a right choice then for JLIN wants the ball the clutch seconds and wants to shoot the FT (see how he doesn’t want to pass the ball and hold onto it till foul came in)

  783. Heat know how good Lin could be. that is why they doubled on him many time since Linsenity. It is good to see Lin crashed their chance in very limited play time

  784. Based on the past evidence where Lin also secured a win with clutch FTs (22 seconds left), I think it’s safe to say that Clifford used that to put Lin in with 14.6 seconds left.

    He knew Lin can draw FTs by getting fouled and making them.

    I think as a player, Lin would also relish the chance and risk to show his clutchness.
    Thank God for the blessing so Lin made all the clutch FTs

  785. Yup,I noticed that too,and he was really going for the ball to seize the moment.

  786. there you go

  787. really???… he went back several times to asia especially the Phil. for his youth basketball academy…

  788. I’m gonna go out on a limb and say Cliff out Jedi Spoelstra on this one. Cliff put the ball in one of the most unsuspecting player, not once but twice. Damn, he played chess, Sproelstra played tic tac toe

  789. twice he did that, not shying away from the pressure always!

  790. We know Clifford would not let Lin shine unless the game is on the line.

  791. The mantra that will linger for a long time.”LIN FOR THE WIN”

  792. he may or may not, but i saw that LIN also want to be that player who shot the last winning basket!!!

  793. Yes, thank God for allowing Lin to shine for a few seconds there and made those clutch FTs and not be blamed. That was a tremendous pressure that Lin had on his shoulders in those last few seconds of the game.

  794. was Jar Jar Binks ever a jedi knight?

  795. I think deep inside he knows JLin’s clutch or he would not have put him back at crunch time….it’s just baffling how he limits his minutes…good for Jlin tho…he will be fresh for the playoff while Batum n KW would be huffing and puffing for being overused 🙂

  796. brutal!

  797. Yep. Lots of pressure on his shoulders in those seconds when the game was on the line. Lin takes on the challenge whenever he’s given minutes. In this case, it’s seconds and he made the best of those seconds when the franchise player could not do it. That’s a lot of pressure on a reserve player, don’t you think? Lin has clutch gene. Thank God.

  798. Two out of the four Redemption Games for Lin are successful so far.
    Win against Houston & Miami; Lose against Dallas
    Boston is the last one.

  799. Lin is doing himself a favor in making a lot of great wins on this team even with his low usage.Can’t wait to see him to have his own team

  800. Me too. Hoping and praying for that to happen.

  801. I just get this feeling. Like he himself seems to hate jlin…

  802. It won’t be too long.

  803. That rhymes

  804. Shameless… putting him in last 20 seconds? Using and abusing our boy during his prime.

  805. Well he did put Lin in the game, and Lin ended up with the ball. Sounds like that was planned out. Maybe not the first but definitely the second time.

  806. Really? He knows nothing about our boy! Idiot.

  807. That’s why I can’t wait to see them play in the playoffs, when Cliff can ask himself to win or not to win.

  808. Shakespearean tragedy… for clifford?

  809. Exactly! Cliff had at least twice or three times now put Lin on the spot to Clutch Out the win either w/ FTs or jumpers. Thank God Lin had done well each time. Otherwise, he would be the ‘scapegoat’ for the loss for sure.

  810. Not good to hold it in bro

  811. Yeah, he seems to mchale jlin. Set him up to fail or look like a hero for putting him in for the win.

  812. He’s trying to stop JLin. If Lin goes crazy he feels he can get dangerous. But he always schemes against PGs.

  813. I think Lin struggled badly against an athletically superior 2nd unit tonight. He didn’t have the athletes in his unit to counter. And they were taking away his court space, something Spo is good at. So, he wasn’t extremely effective in this game. In some other games, I think Lin should finish. His minutes would be fine if he played the last 3 or 4 minutes of the game. Then, he’d be at 27-28, vs. 22-25 he’s been playing. But Lin is struggling with his scoring so it is harder to make a case for more PT.

  814. Would really love to see that while he’s still in his peak physical form. I’d say probably the next 5 years or so until he start losing a bit of his agility. Lucky he’s a brainy player rather than pure athletic type. He’ll remain effective as long as he’s willing to stay in NBA…

  815. I agree. It usually happens post ASB, a stretch of games. There are 14 games left in the season and Miami always plays to take away Lin’s floor space.

  816. And he’ll score 6 in 9 seconds. Cliff will brag, I get super condensed closing Lin now.

  817. I think he may have been. If he played any 4Q time it wasn’t long.

  818. I think it was Marvin Williams who missed 2 FTs

    Let’s keep praying that God’s blessings will sustain JLin to find a way to breakthrough in this difficult circumstances

  819. Hopefully those Ft create a wave Lin can ride into the playoffs. Lin had the ” YOUR DAM RIGHT I MADE IT” face.

  820. Ultimately Jlin will score from the bench without actually be in the game. … he is that clutch…hehe

  821. NBA Recap

    Dwyane Wade started 1 for 10 from the floor, but made a pair of layups in the final seconds – each getting Miami within a point. Charlotte’s Jeremy Lin got sent to the foul line after each of those baskets by Wade and went 4 for 4 from the stripe in those moments, the last of those coming with 3.8 seconds left to restore the Hornets’ three-point lead.

  822. By reinserting Lin in the last seconds of the game when it’s on the line, Cliff wins 4 ways: 1) Secure the win when Lin clutched the win. 2) Got the scapegoat on hand if he didn’t; 3) Cliff will be praised both ways win or lose for trusting Lin in these last seconds (which is happening now); 4) NB and KW already got stats for the media and fans to focus on.

  823. What do you mean, his own team?

  824. Great analysis. Thats why i despise this team and dont care for them. Jlin leave for a better place.

  825. Yep, Toney D is more my bag.

  826. A team that will recognized his talent and willing to let him do the PG job not just a supporting cast

  827. that rocket pass to AJ 2 games ago was nice to see, below the basket over the defender.

  828. I’ll just call them the Calves …

  829. Looks like if TOR beats BOS tomorrow, CLE beats MIA on Saturday and Hornets beat DEN at Home on Saturday (which all seem likely) the Hornets could move up into 4th place.

  830. It doesn’t work that way. Even bad teams have ego and Kobe like players. The idea they will part seas in let Lin lead is hope not reality. Lin in my perception unless dantoni is a coach or has a lot of say on the sixers going into free agency is a bad idea.he hornets assistant coach was one of Lin trusted coaches yet he is in the spot he is in now. T

  831. Exactly

  832. He needs to do some work over the summer, mostly ball-handling. I hope he gets a PG job. He excels at court vision and passing, getting his team mates going. If he has those elements, he’s solid. But, he gets exposed when there are athletic, bigger guards trapping him like tonight. Lin has to work better to play effectively against those traps.

  833. Hashtag is Apropos!

  834. Shooting is the main focus

  835. Sixers and Nets doesn’t have those players and I still believed that there is a team that will give him that key.

  836. If a team needs a PG, Lin can play it better than some guys that are starting now. But that doesn’t mean the system and the team mates will be the best suited for him. It’s really hard to find the elements he had in NY. And the reason that worked so well was Anthony was injured. When Melo came back, everything changed.

  837. Playing live games with longer minutes will help him refined his skills .

  838. We’ve been waiting every season, hopefully next season will be the time he gets to lead his own team with the help of MDA.

  839. ITs wishful thinking. Team don’t just give you things like thing. Look at Lin on the knicks young and talented on the Knicks. Lin has to build a relationship over year with one team. Its the only way to gain trust, playing time, and usage. His most playing time and usage was the two years with houston. Hoping from team to team won’t work unless you have a coach you have played with before.

  840. What up man! I do agree, but it’s incredibly hard to replicate game experiences in simply just off-season training. Lin did had off-season training with ball handling, and not just with the Professor. Remember Lin also said he’s been working on floaters, but he rarely uses them.

  841. ball handling?! He needs to work on his shooting and getting that new form done!

  842. I disagree, Alian. Handling the ball is the main focus. I think the shooting will come back. But he has to be able to handle the pressure situations and not have happen what happened tonight. He’s getting there, but tonight proves he has a way to go to get where he needs against teams like Miami that take away floor space for PGs.

  843. Yes, nothing beats in game experience than actual in game experience.

  844. I bet if Lin was signed as a college player and had been in NY for a couple of years with 1 coach it wouldn’t of gone like that.

  845. Remember, how Heats trap/double team Lin? They didn’t do it to KW the main pg? This is what I dislike most– NBA teams seem to have Lin as their target to humiliate at point!

  846. It doesn’t work against Kemba so they don’t do it. It works on Lin

  847. Ball handling. If he can handle the ball better that opens up him freeing himself for better shots, opens up his PG play so he then can use his court vision and passing skills. If he has to worry about ball security so much and get slowed down, he can’t be the PG he’s capable of. I feel he has great passing and court vision skills but his handling is not on the level of those two skills. He is a facilitator also, just not a scorer.

  848. Yes! even some JLIN fan don’t think this kind of team exist, but we all know If God willing, He will turn the impossible to POSSIBLE! Go JLIN! Best wishes on your NBA path!

  849. We will see. He can always work on both lol

  850. All players and fans always wish what they want and some opportunities are just in the corner.

  851. Whatever Curry did worked. Curry used to have fairly shaky handles. Now he has terrific handles. He has to find some drills and really work hard they way he did on defense. Now his defense is very solid. If he gets his handles there, he’s going to be the force he can be.

  852. As how long as it takes and as long as Lin does not give up, we shouldn’t either.

  853. It doesn’t work on Lin cause he knows show to handle double teams now. They don’t double Kemba because they know who the real threat is on the court.

  854. If the coaches don’t trust you to run the team, then you won’t get the minutes. So he has to get his skill level up to the point the coaches think he can handle the heavy-pressure situations.

  855. Spo only need i good player to guard KW, while spo need always 2 or 3 or 4 to guard JLIN, and thats a fact!

  856. I think it is the form with shooting. But he definitely has to work on ball handling this summer.

  857. Curry has also been getting 30mins PG since his rookie year, but Lin doesn’t need to go far if he wants that same training. Curry trains in South Carolina and he’s buddies with Lin. Just a phone call away.

  858. what does Tim Duncan, Kawhi Leonard, and Jeremy Lin have in common other than being great players that are unselfish? they’re all frugal!


  859. Like I said, any prolong trapping/double teaming against anyone may cause and can cause havoc/turnover. They don’t do it to KW so we don’t see how KW gets out of these traps. Pure and simple… Lin is being targeted…and Lin got out of the double teaming today… So it didn’t work on Lin either!!

  860. What does Kemba ,datum, Kwhy leonard, dragic now, Kyle lowry, Chandler parson,harden, kobe, melo, and all top players have in common? Multiple year in one spot to build trust playing time and Learn how to play in that system. Ive heard of no players hoping from team to team and Becoming a star. Lin already had the Big out of nowhere free agent. He need time to grow in one system

  861. MDA is one coach and this reunion may not happen. It’s possible he may not ever coach Lin again.

  862. This is not true

  863. so trust is really the issue here?

  864. I’m with you on the hopping from team to team. I hope he stays with the next team 3 years minimum.

  865. He may not get paid much with the stats as they are.

  866. True but Lin showed already in the past that he can handle pressures pretty well,that only 1 game with no help from Melo against the Heat that fans always harping about was just a hate propaganda.You watched a lot of basketball and yet you haven’t understand his skill sets yet.Lin is a solid player that can run a team,he did it in high school and he did in the D-league and I don’t know what other facts to be thrown for Lin to be recognized as a very solid player.And yeah he catapulted the NY Knicks to playoff where in the
    100mil dollar players can’t even do it.

  867. They pressured KW hard too. Kemba had some trouble against their defense as well but.
    1) he wasn’t playing against the athletic second unit as much
    2) he had better guys to pass it too
    3) he has stronger dribbling skills to beat some of the traps to buy him time to pass the ball

    But everyone on the team faced pressure. Miami plays strong defense.

  868. its make or break, cliff somehow found JLIN sitting again, so he might thought, nothing to lose , evrything to gain..win or lose, its JLIn’s fault! joke!!!

  869. Lin has to show he can beat Spo’s traps. If it works, they’ll do it. At times, Kemba beat them, at times he struggled also and lost the ball.

  870. I agree. Stability with one coach and one system and chemistry with a core group helps players. Dragic is finally looking comfortable with the Heat. But it took awhile.

  871. I think he should make the phone call.

  872. Yeah they have the same in common,they were given opportunities.

  873. What do you think the problem was with Lin running the offense at point tonight? Do you think Lin has solved Spo’s traps.

    Other teams have put lighter pressure on Lin and they weren’t as athletic. This team has very athletic defenders. Lin can handle Dragic. Richardson is longer and active, Winslow is big and strong and a solid defender, guys like that were coming at Lin in waves. That is the combo of different longer defenders. They also pick him up close at around half court.

    This is the NBA. This isn’t high school or the D-league. This is the best of the best.

    I’m not talking about his shooting. I’m talking about him running point effectively.

  874. Kyle lowry can be a good example for Lin. He took a while to blossom but one thing he did was play for the same teams. # years with memphis, 4 with Rox, 4 with Toronto. Hoping from team to team with unknown reward and pitfalls is a risk. Sure signing a place long term has its own pit falls but its easier to maximize you potential in one scheme if you have multiple years to do so. When lowry went to toronto. the had a bunch of ball hogs and selfish players. Sure enough he won out. The main issue with Lin in charlotte is starting. If he stays here i am sure once his shooting is good he will have the six man role in lock. We have no idea what datum, Al, and lee will do. If he leave i don’t want another 1 year deal. Long term is a better bet.

  875. Who is more likely to give you “opportunity” someone you know or don’t know?

  876. Lin was given opportunities. He was starting PG for a full year next to Harden. He started for LA and Byron moved him.

  877. Then he’ll make it up in endorsements. He needs a another short term contract to get his stats up and then renew it and stay with the team.

  878. He was injured one. The other one was not quite his style of game. Very unlucky is correct

  879. Yeah he defeated GSW last year as a PG in Lakers and defeated Cavs this year as PG,what other proof do you want that he can handle to run a team as a PG.

  880. 3 years tho not any shorter. Team needs to be invested in him

  881. I think 3 years is the right amount of time.

  882. Unlucky yes. But I think he had some chances. McHale inherited him and didn’t like him. I’m not sure he’s recovered from all of the negative stuff McHale did to him. Sometimes I think he is but then I think maybe not.

  883. This is correct his stats was a good part of last year and the beginning pop this year. It takes a while to find your footing in a new place. Only lebron and the top players get thing catered to them. Lol if not you’ll get fired. Lin needs time to acclimate to what ever coach he has. 1 year is not enough

  884. i agree

  885. It’s good that you’re not Lin,otherwise you will be buried in Hornets line up as a spare tire.

  886. The Cavs had Irving and Mo Williams guarding him. They didn’t put any real pressure defense on him. Lin also had MKG next to him. The Cavs second unit didn’t have the type of athletes as Miami has. Miami has consistently made Lin look bad as PG and he needs to solve them.

    GSW that game was one game. I’m not saying Lin can’t play PG at all. I’m saying when he faces tough ball pressure and coaches scheme to stop him, some of them are able to.

  887. The difference between a regular player and a superstar is confidence. RG3 in washing ton look like a shell of himself( lol another player I’m a strong fan of). Michael killed his confidence. I think his confidence seem pretty good this year. That look on Lins face was smog when he was on the free throw line. Cliff in my opinion has been a great coach for Lins development. He makes a big effort to actually coach Lin. Some hate it but i don’t. The issue for him is all mechanic

  888. or the lakers or hornet or knicks or Gsw. Its like the rodeo never gets old for some people. You must Learn and do things different. He has hoped from team to team basically his whole career

  889. So you’re telling me that Heat is the the only measurement for Lin’s talent?Probably you realized that a lot of good PG’s always have a hard time against Heat defense or you just singling out Lin on this area?

  890. The good win.

  891. That’s good he will learn a lot from every coaches besides Billups got his ring after hopping a lot from every team to team

  892. I think Cliff has some good points and bad ones regarding Lin. Overall, he’s been way, way more fair and more positive for Lin than what Lin had previously. McHale just didn’t like his game and Byron was an incompetent coach that didn’t communicate with his players. I think Clifford yells sometimes at Lin because he cares about him and knows he can step it up and not because he has any disdain for him. But I don’t think we’re in the majority here about Cliff. Still, that’s my opinion on him. I just wish he stuck with using Lin to close.

  893. can’t believe the last 15 seconds of his playing time was the most impactful for JLin! That was great to see him knock down those FTs. What’s amazing about Jeremy is his knack of getting open in these in-bound situations! Way to go JLin! Hope he’ll get an opportunity to put his personal stamp on the upcoming playoff series…

  894. Well articulated. I doubt Clifford’s agenda for the last few seconds was to set Lin up for failure.

  895. I’m saying that the Heat expose him worse. When Atlanta clamped down on him in the season he had the same issues. It shows in a lot of games. You can choose to deny it and say Lin’s current level of handles is ok but it is just that one area I think he needs to vastly improve on. I’ve given him credit for court vision and passing, but handles, no, they aren’t very good.

  896. Yes, Marv.

  897. billup had 8 years with detroit, 5 with denver, 2 with Lac at the end of his career. During his prime he did not hopp around

  898. Every players can’t win all games,he’s not even a PG on those games.

  899. Lins shooting right now shouldn’t be closing I’m sorry. he clogs the lane because teams are backing up. Lee has been scoring pretty well. People hate cliff because of the other coaches Lin has had.

  900. Or you can take it as a major compliment from all these teams cos they know who would truely whip them if left with even just an inch of space.

  901. Oh~babe! Yea~babe!

  902. I think Clifford likes Lee’s defense only because he’s longer than Lin. Lin’s shooting doesn’t seem to matter late in games. He also can draw fouls better than Lee and playmake better. Lin is valuable because he gets to the line late in games probably more than anyone besides Kemba.

  903. LOL.Billups played w/ Celtics,Toronto Raptors,Denver,Minnesota,Detroit,New York and Clips

  904. Thats also true. He wound get more time if his shooting was better. Lees height and good shooting makes it impossible to use Lin unless its a clutch moment you need lol ;P

  905. Yeah and he helped them into playoff

  906. also early in his career

  907. Same as Lin

  908. I think coaches like Lin off of the bench. His challenge is to show he’s better starting. His numbers are better starting but his sample size this season is small. Yet his numbers are dramatically better. At the very least, it should say the more minutes he plays, the more effective he is.

  909. Lin is 27 but i understand your point. He started Late. His NY days was his rookie year. Still opposed to 1 year deals. 2 year deal atleast from now on

  910. Starting role was not consistent either in Houston or LA. Benched many times unreasonably and unfairly by Mchale you called that opportunity! And not to mention LA!!!! Playing with another egomaniac star and a dumb coach! Opportunity! Yea! Big opportunity with this two teams!

  911. He wheeled NY to playoff,same as Houston,I don’t know what more to say,since with those short period of time he already showed that he can handle a team if given the chance.

  912. If you talk about opportunity, when he’s with the Knicks, that’s the opportunity you are talking about! A real opportunity! And he took it! He took it very well!

  913. Could we add a nickname for this thread, lets call it “Lin Your Face, Miami”

  914. I wish more people viewed it like that but they don’t. Except for the knicks year most don’t give him anything for the Rox days. Knicks is viewed as a fluke. again If Lin shows a coach it isn’t its easier to get opportunity. Starting from scratch with a new coach is a tough hill to climb

  915. Same reply on my previous post

  916. no it isn’t its you perception which is flawed. Everyone don’t see things as you. Im giving you reality. In most people mind he did not wheel Rox to the playoffs

  917. Great D by Lin on Whiteside who tried to put a spin on him but instead spiraled out of control

  918. Those are facts and just plain reality.Lin won a lot of important games during their run at the end of regular season when Harden was injured,I guessed that’s a solid fact and reality.

  919. Who knows that but mchale. Your coaches would know that if they were apart of it. A new coach won’t know this. they would Just surface read and will experience things as they go. Why Lamb has minutes over Lin early but once Cliff had experience with Lin he changed things up. Why is Lee getting respect from Lee. He coach him while in Orlando. Opportunity come with trust. Trust comes with time. Do you trust a stranger was you lively hood. This is what you are asking for Lins next coach. If he doesn’t in a year time then he Gets hate. Its just ridiculous to expect this

  920. Same answer on my post below…OPPORTUNITY

  921. I’ve always been bitter seeing Wade go to the free throw line repeatedly in the mavs vs heat championship series. Glad to see him get a taste of his own medicine.

  922. Let’s get beyond a few weeks. Opportunity over time is for a season. Playing one season as starting PG was an opportunity. I think McHale was a horrible coach for Lin and treated him horribly. I didn’t say they were ideal opportunities, but they were opportunities other players may not get. And he earned it due to how he played with the Knicks as well as his salary.

  923. In life you just need one acceptance, one relationship, or one job offer to change your life forever. One chance with one team maybe all the difference in the world.

  924. Lets finish this. You have a Lin bias. You are not reading things correctly.Lin better see it correctly because this bastion of opportunity won’t be given but learned over time. Why do you want Lin to go to Dantoni??Because he has “experience with Lin and would trust him. Im done after this.

  925. Even big men have a hard time posting up Lin. He becomes a wall against the offensive player.

  926. Totally disagree. There is no perfect basketball player. Lin is not perfect but has shown enough in his career to be treated as an elite point guard. He doesn’t need to improve or prove anymore to be trusted. He needs to change the one thing he can’t to be accepted, the color of his skin.

  927. Do we have those phantom late call fouls on lin?

  928. lol

  929. Lin needs a screen or release to pass for a give and go. That is not handles problem, that is teammates and coaching problem. No one is going to have the stamina to hold that type of ball pressure for 40 minutes. Spo has a hyperaggresive defense. The team needs to adjust, to make them pay behind the defense. Not just one player. One player would tire out.

  930. heat shut down CP3 before,

  931. LOL. NO, but he was a Sith Lord.

  932. grover, Lin was playing tonight in the 2nd quarter and couldn’t get it going because of his handles and no other reason. Even after time outs he just couldn’t handle the pressure. It’s just a skill. I’m sorry, I don’t see a skin color issue here. I see it as a skill issue. Just like shooting is a skill, so is ball handling. It’s an essential skill for a PG. If it is a one on one defender, then blow by him if he is too close. If it is a trap, find the open player, get it to him before the trap comes and then go from there.

    Cliff gave Lin the time to try to work it out and he didn’t. He DOES need to improve ball handling just like he does need to improve his shooting right now. I think the shooting will come around. But the ball handling is a skill that needs more off-season work. And our hope of him becoming a starting PG and KEEPING his position may hinge on his improvement in ball handling to the point that the scouting report no longer says take Lin out of his game by pressuring his dribble and running traps at him.

  933. Lin had repeated problems from half court. Screens aren’t set at half court. Lin has to be able to advance the ball to where screens can be utilized. PGs are good ball handlers, it is a requirement for the position. Lin’s handles are fine in the open court, very good. Maybe we’ll just have to agree to disagree with this handles thing but I think the one thing holding Lin back from taking his game to a star level is that his ball handling skills do not match his court vision and passing skills. When they do, he’ll be a force to reckon with.

  934. I don’t know why Cliff did it except Lin has bailed them out in the past so he went to a familiar habit. I think objectively as a regular NBA fan I would blame the coach a lot for that substitution if it did not work. I have many times before with questionable coaching substitutions in the clutch with other teams sans Lin.

  935. I agree. Not unusual to put one of your top FT shooters in during a close game.

  936. He’s been training that head for a long time. Started banging it on walls as a toddler 🙂

  937. Lin has always been a win specialist to me. Always doing something different to help win depending on his team, the other team, the game, and his game. Like a lot of successful people I feel Lin’s hate of losing outweighs his love for winning. No matter how well things are going, tonight he does not want to lose. period.

  938. I love how Lin poked the ball into Whiteside’s face and out of bounds. Ha Ha.

  939. Hahaha, Al does not like video too much.

  940. I’m not a doctor but isn’t there a bump on the lower back that shouldn’t be there?


  941. From JUN LIU

  942. Looks weird.

  943. Maybe bc his back has problem so Cliff played Lin less now?

  944. I’m sure players have bumps and bruises around this time of the season.
    Combined with back-strap we’ve seen at games, it’s definitely lingering but we don’t know how serious

  945. Looks like inflammation of some kind and he usually has an ice pack on that part of his back before he comes in. It’s not serious enough for him not to play, like whatever is wrong with Hawes, but it may be affecting his play in some ways.

  946. did not see the game but looked at the stats and it was not very good. once again single digits, not good. 17 min is terrible. This season took a turn for the bad reeeeal fast for Lin. Next season is crucial for him. time to look in the mirror and start having real coaches helping your game.

  947. Feel the same way.

  948. Im pretty sure Lin is just ripped

  949. Jun Liu highlights
    nice slow-mo on non-calls + Lin’s superb confidence in draining 4 FTs (“nice arc” by MIA announcer)

  950. Lin was the only bench player who had a +. The others were all -. Cliff really needs to work more on the 2nd unit. Alfense isn’t reliable.

  951. Lin with 4 clutch FT for the win, last 10 seconds.

  952. I didn’t actually watched the game too but was following play-by-play at work. Lin had 4 fouls near the end of 3rd Q. Got subbed off and didn’t come back in until 15s left in the 4th (?? I think, not very sure now). But he made those CLUTCH FT, and basically redeemed himself. This forum went crazy over it (I think so many people were posting at the same time I thought the forum has crashed…). It was a nice moment…. Happy to see all the people here on the same page once in a while.

  953. without Lebron, it’s not a revenge game imho. But ya!

  954. I love PFV’s basketball and sports analysis. But I cannot stand anyone who supports Donald Trump for President.

  955. guys how is lin’s shooting form? do you think its finally settling or should he revert back to his old form?

  956. Yeah, but it’s difficult to hold onto the Top 4 Seed. The next game after DEN is vs. San Antonio Spurs.

  957. Oh yes. Al simply isn’t compatible with any sort of lineup within Hornets now…. It’s sad. I truly feel for him… He was a force down low just a few years ago and now with the whole basketball philosophy evolving, he’s become a misfit in today’s system…..

  958. His form has mutated into an ugly push shot, with almost no arc, that you would see from a 7 foot big man like Spencer Hawes.

  959. JLIN: OUTSTANDING PLAY…..getting better each game…

  960. his free throw percentage is the best its been in a long while tho which is confusing

  961. I just don’t udnerstand what it is with Lin’s shot its been over half a year and his shot is worse than its ever been. In the preseason his shot looked sooo promising

  962. Yes, preseason was great. Now is getting worse and worse. Fortunately, FT is getting better. It means Lin need to keep more stable when jump shooting.

  963. @manu77728
    Luol Deng’s denied by Jeremy Lin, but Lin’s whistled to a foul.

  964. his shot hasn’t looked the same since the demise of the mohawk. coincidence? i think not!

  965. Bring Back the Saiyan Hair!!!!

  966. so who did the most damage on Wade defensively tonight? Lin or Lee? he shot 3/13 and from the highlights it looked like he got 2 shots off of Lee

  967. I agree. I think it’s the angle and light/shadow effect.

  968. you asked for it!

  969. both Lin and Lee defended Wade quite well .. with the exception of Wade driving around Lee for his 2 layups.
    But Wade was a shell of himself tonight.

    Heat fans was so mad at Wade for taking the 3 since his 3FG% is 19.4% this year (2nd lowest in his career)

    Lin’s defense made Whiteside looked foolish on the tailed spin trying to back him down.
    The Heat announcers claimed he hit Whiteside’s face but went silent & mumbled .. after watching the replay LOL

  970. you mean to say his views are not reality because you believe majority of people believe you’re reality? that is flawed also and until you give here enough proof regarding your reality, you’re theory is flawed too..LOL!

  971. yeah…they mumbled something..”he did not hit the head of whiteside as Spo wants it to be”…LOL

  972. i don’t understand some poster here claiming their reality is the truth and if somebody go against it, he will say it is flawed as if has the monopoly of the truth..

    BUT can he change the color of a Tiger???!!!!

  973. Lin fell on his back in the game against Timberwolves. I think he is still injured.

  974. His new shooting form was actually getting more consistent in Dec with the highest FG% at .452 but got injured ankle in Jan dropping it to .407.

    But the reduced min to 20-21mpg, reduced touches, playing with Big Al dropped it further

    Month FG% MP
    Nov .411 22.5
    Dec .452 28.8
    Jan .407 30.8
    Feb .390 23.9
    Mar .318 21.8

    I honestly believe his recent drop in shooting % was due to not handling the ball/being a playmaker as a PG since he played SG next to Batum/Kemba, plus not getting enough min. He only played PG sparingly in 3-4 min at the beginning of 2nd and 4th quarter but not if Kemba played with him. He needs to be a ball-handling PG to “feel” his shooting rhythm.

    Lin is simply being phased out after Lee arrived. He’s trying to find what his new role at the moment.

  975. it was hilarious LOL

  976. that’s one person who doesn’t understand basketball and has no sense on things! Winning games means you will fill the seats because you are a championship caliber..if one chose just to fill seats , he will never achieve it for people tend to disliked tanking teams!

  977. Horry is very candid here regarding Kobe: only good at filling the seats. However, since NBA is an entertainment business, Kobe is marketed as the “superstar” because of his ability to hit higher difficulty shots. Dr. Buss also chose Kobe over Shaq because Kobe’s style fits the Hollywood show time better. NBA likes to market individualism over team work because “superstar” sells more jerseys and merchandises.

    On the other hand, we Lin fans need to keep in mind that the majority of NBA players, NBA officials, and NBA viewers simply do not enjoy the success of Lin. Or you can even say these people enjoy watching Lin fail (as entertainment). We have seen so many examples of each categories. Carmelo was called out by Amare, the NBA refs with their horrible treatment on Lin, as well as the “fans” with the illogical hatred towards Lin (Clutchfans comes to mind).

    Thus, the fact that Lin is still able to stay in the NBA is a huge accomplishment itself. There is really no need to use the microscope to analyze all his missed shots and stuff like that. Just enjoy the ride and give Lin all the support we are capable of because Lin surely isn’t getting much from any team he has been on.

  978. Hornets feed show that Whiteside get away with his elbow wrap around Lin too. This play Lin was great in help defense…… and he was taken out right after this play……

  979. great analysis!

  980. When did he start the new shooting form? I thought it was after the all star break?

  981. He worked on it from the off season. He did mention then, it would take a while before it would get better. It was a frustrating experience even to him while going thru the process. With so many nagging injuries that he has suffered in the past few months as stated by psalm, that’s why I don’t put too much emphasis on his “shooting slump” nor Doc.

  982. I agree with you to some extent, but when Winslow was on Kemba, he too had issues getting the offense set up. Grover has a point about his teammates being aware and getting into good angles for outlet passes. One outlet pass, swing the ball around, get it back into Lin’s hands and then he can go to work.. The defenders will tire eventually playing that way. Later in game they no longer did that pressure tactic because it was too much energy for them. Hornets sets were to predictable, that was the reason for the turnovers. Spo is a good coach. Miami has the athletic guys to put oressure on ball. Hornets have to change it up.

  983. It was an opportunity and LIn passed with flying colours. Did you see Marvin tapped Lin’s shoulders twice in the huddle? He recognised Lin’s clutch gene. Rest of team has to know now. Lin is clutch. That 15 sec was great.

  984. No coach sets a player to fail, when they are trying to win an important game. I am not sure where this line of thinking comes from.

  985. His face showed me intensity of the moment, like take this you mother fathers. It was the face of a gladiator victorious.

  986. I’m glad it was Marvin inbounding the ball. You can tell he trusts Lin. Frank does not.

  987. Clippers are better than Lakers in every way, except at the box office.

  988. No. A tiger is a tiger. Growwwwl!✌️

  989. No matter how hard we analyze his shooting form, if the coach told him to concentrate on defense, his offense doesn’t matter anymore. You think he is not tired of running around the whole time chasing those other players? Who do you think will do well if they do what Lin is doing? Also, if you just stay in the corner and nobody passes the ball to you, isn’t that emotionally and mentally draining? I don’t think Kemba will have the same stats right now if he will just chase those other players and stay in the corner and nobody will pass him the ball.

  990. Anybody please tell me who among these NBA players can have 20-30 points a game who is running and chasing around other players and stay in the corner and nobody passes the ball to him? I am challenging those so called basketball analysts out there. Enlighten my limited basketball knowledge.

  991. No one comes into my mind that fits the description. But what’s the point of such question? There might be a few games where a player might have done that given the planets were aligned perfectly for him that night. But that certainly didn’t last to the extend that it became the norm. I believe normal people would realise it’s quite a difficult feat. If there was ever anyone who have achieved it, it would be pretty much based on luck.

  992. Only look at the pic but not the article itself:-) If anyone is reading, they can post what it is talking about:-)

  993. I like that. Win specialist. It’s true, he finds ways to influence the game to win.

  994. Here is a chart that shows Jeremy’s field goal “percentage” for this season. The x-axis shows games in which he’s played. He’s missed 3 games so far. The dashed vertical lines indicate the beginning of January and the All Star Break, respectively. Click to enlarge the chart.

    His recent string of “poor” shooting games (FG% < 0.3) started with his 44th game (Jan. 27th), well before All Star Break. He missed the next Hornets game due to an ankle injury.

  995. That’s true for almost all nba players. If coaches scheme to stop them, most coaches are able to. That’s why it’s important to have coaches know how to adjust and counter when that happens and teammates that knows how to play their roles and the key player continue to contribut in other ways.

  996. Compared to his teammates or other PGs, how many screens does Lin get or plays designed for him?

  997. just feel happy…lol

  998. If you watch those 4 clutch FT by Lin last game, each one hit the net perfectly. No bouncing or edging on the rim. The arc was beautiful (said Heat Announcer), and the action and follow-up was smooth and no hesitation. All these done in a high pressure game situation. I believe Lin’s shooting form is coming back. He just needs PT to get his rhythms.

    Defense is now a strength for Lin. The ages-old narrative about Lin’s defense can go to grave. And it seems to me that the announcers from opposing teams are gradually acknowledging Lin’s plays and strength, giving props without much reservation, compared to last 3 years. The tide is turned, I think. The NBA insiders are picking up to recognize Lin’s play. Lin is building his reputation gradually. This will help his FA coming in July.

    Lin was quite active in last game, in terms of defense. He spent lots of energy in that. We can see the blocks here and there (though some were not obvious or recognized). And the move against Whiteside was ingenious. And the lock-down on Wade. What more can you ask of a PG, turned defensive PG/SG/SF?

    IMO, the best take-way from Hornet season is that Lin’s defense reaches another level of competitiveness.

  999. I am wondering if you can correlate it to PT/USG/Touches?

  1000. Dwyane Wade reacts to Miami Heat’s 109-106 loss to Hornets. Mention Lin’s free throw at 3:15 mark

  1001. “Jeremy Lin went up there and made some big free throws”

    Good interview. Wade gave long answers and you can tell he’s been doing this for a long, long time.

  1002. in the off-season, it was almost perfect in the preseason but it has been up & down with Dec being the best one due to more PT & PG role with BF1

  1003. I guess so .. better than nothing 😀

  1004. Yes, his FT is excellent and made 25 in a row if remember correctly. For his jump shoot, there are a few reasons maybe still need to work on.
    1. Since FT is working great, so just need to keep more stable when jump
    2.Balance the energy since Lin spend more on D now
    3. More confidence, this is most important reason for Lin

  1005. Did Lin get credit for that block on Wade’s jumpshot in the 3rd quarter ?

  1006. Here is some more game data. I highlighted his poor shooting games (FG% < 0.3), starting with his 44th game (the one against Utah). Click on the table to enlarge it.

  1007. The point is Clifford has been trying to win w/o Jeremy but he couldn’t help himself to insert Jeremy Lin in with only 14 secs left. That is proved to be the key movement for the Hornets to secure the win because Jeremy for some reasons that we don’t know suddenly took over the game. Why didn’t Kemba or Courtney Lee get fouled? It was Jeremy who got the inbound pass in both situations and protected his possession and got fouled.

    At the clutch, there was no room for mistake and Clifford inserted Jeremy in. I wish he didn’t and then his starters would get bonkered by the ferocious defense of the Heats. Jeremy came in and saved the day for the Hornets despite being shackled for the whole game.

  1008. Actually, Heat announcers were not willingly giving props to Lin on defense until the replays showed otherwise. They implied all game long that Wade or Whiteside would have it easy bc Lin was guarding them, but each time the video replays revealed Lin did his job guarding these two– Ref gave a Lin phantom foul to give Wade free FTs. Lin held off Whiteside in the paint and got him turned over the ball.

  1009. Lin plays it clean; not like Wade.

  1010. No Lin no win. How many less wins would Hornets have had w/o Lin? Where would Hornets stand now without those wins? Would they make the playoff?

  1011. Thank You! Imagine, if Lin didn’t make those FTs… Guess who would be the scapegoat for the loss? The news and discussions would be different… God forbid that would happen to Lin!

  1012. There is a great difference in height. Don’t know how Lin could do it.

  1013. The point is for posters with high expectations to realise that some of their expectations are unreasonable. For Lin to have 20+ points when he’s never given the offensive touches is downright impossible. Basketball is a 5-men team sport. You can only be as good as your teammates want you to be.

  1014. Jeremy Lin is the only bench player with a positive +/- and Courtney Lee is the only starter with a negative +/- in this game.
    That says it all.

  1015. “Coach Steve Clifford inserted guard Jeremy Lin in the last minute, after Lin had played just six second-half minutes. Lin showed great poise in making four consecutive free throws to avoid relinquishing the lead.”

    The writer mentioned D Wade, Marvin Williams and then Jeremy Lin before other players. The win in Miami is called the “Biggest victory since the NBA returned to Charlotte in 2004.”

  1016. I think it is more he’s trying to win with his starters finishing rather than a conscious effort to win without Lin. Lin is always still a weapon to come in and do what he does when needed, like last night, but he thinks the starting unit can bring him home most games. He hasn’t mixed in Frank or anyone else in the closing unit, it’s been his starters. The difference is earlier in the season PJ didn’t finish and Lin did. Now that PJ is gone, Lin is only a spot finisher. I don’t like it and wish he stayed with Lin, but that’s what he’s doing.

    As for why Lin got fouled, he aggressively went to the ball and he really wanted to shoot those foul shots. He’s come through like this and I really think that everybody on the team, including players and coaches, were confident Lin would knock down those clutch FTs.

  1017. Lin is photogenic in action. This looks like a gung-hu move. lol.

  1018. All well and good but some skills some players need to work on. Lin has honed many of his skills and is a more complete player than he was since his breakout, but I and others feel that his handles need to get to a higher level. The issue here is coach’s trust or at least excuses they can make not to play him. Coaches can easily say we don’t have Lin starting and point out games where other players handle similar pressure better. If Lin proves he can handle the pressure, then they don’t have that excuse to not start him and I feel then there are no more. Not defense for sure, not handles. So even those days when his shot isn’t falling, he can make it up with his superior playmaking, passing, court vision. I say this to empower Lin and make him the best Lin he can be, not necessarily to criticize him. And it is something that all players do, continually improve their skills.

  1019. Right on!

  1020. psalm234, when I look at all of the devastating injuries that have happened to players I’m grateful Lin is on the court and playing. I know these games are frustrating, that we want to see him have extended time to warm up and get in a groove so he can produce. But I think, as long as he’s healthy, there will be great moments. He provided one last night when it looked like he wouldn’t play the remainder of the game. I know it isn’t all that he may be worthy of as the capable player that he is. But, things could be far worse if he had a major injury or a coach that at least didn’t give him what looks like the scraps at times this coach does given him.

    His time will come this season. I believe. That shot will fall, it’ll open up his penetration game, maybe Lin and Daniels can create some fun together, maybe Hawes can come back and open things up for him. It’s all possible as long as he’s on the floor.

  1021. Observation: Cliff’s pattern has been to insert Lin in the game for defense as decoy to erase the deficit, increase or extend the lead, so KW and the rest don’t have the pressure playing from behind. That has been the case lately if you observe closely. Last night KW could not get it done. Cliff reinserted Lin for defense and to get possession. However, the circumstances dictated that Heats had to foul Lin due to limited seconds left on the clock, so Lin got his chances to execute clutch FTs. But if Cliff had inserted Lin in earlier, more than likely, Lin would have to pass the rock to KW, and KW would have been fouled and got to the FT line instead of Lin.
    Speculation: Cliff will learn from this game and will avoid allowing Lin to be the hero. And it’ll be more certain last night’s scenario will not likely to repeat if KW voices his displeasure to Cliff bc he was not the hero of the game. I anticipate from now through the playoffs, it’s a very high probability that Cliff will re-insert Lin early in close game like this. Unless the game continues to come down to the seconds like this game, and opponents had no choice but to foul Lin instead of KW. It’ll be the opponents somehow end up making Lin the hero of the game not Cliff.

  1022. And Lin always had something to do with it. Lin is made for historical moment. May we see his moment shine again…

  1023. @JLin7
    Sharing my story about struggling and persevering to encourage kids in the @khanacademy #learnstorm challenge http://bit.ly/1R4rPl1

  1024. So glad he made this video to calm down some anxiety from fans at large. That’s what you called perseverance and courage. Lin will prevail. “The effective, fervent prayer of a righteous man avails much.” (James 5:16b)

  1025. “mumbled”….XD
    Cat got their tongues…seen it numerous times this season from announcers after replays involving Lin.

  1026. What’s the point of playing ball if you’re not going to get the right call?

  1027. Or the coach demands your teammates to follow instructions or else no PT. Case in point, Lamb.

  1028. Very true! Taking defensive load off for offense per Cliff… BTW, according to Heats announcer NB has moved back to SF, his natural position. So really Lin is taking the defensive load off KW, Lee and NB. Seems like Lin ends up guarding opponent big guys too. Lin shares defensive load w/ Lee last night in guarding Wade. Lee allowed Wade to get to the basket twice in last minutes crunch time.

  1029. funny…

  1030. And that is a tragedy of a man called tragic who idolized Jlin so much that he wears Jlin number and try to use the nickname dragon….pathetic.

  1031. Good observation heart and very true.

  1032. Thanks for the explanation.

  1033. Alright then…. I understand that concept myself and thought that was pretty obvious so everyone should also understand without such question being asked….

  1034. Cody Zeller is listed as questionable for tomorrow’s game due to non-serious knee injury.
    Perhaps Big Al will start and Lin can play with Hansbrough more


  1035. No doubt the FT were clutch as they can be. But I really do think that Lin has some sort of nagging injuries lingering since his swollen ankle episode. FTs are set shots so you can get away with them without a strong, healthy ankle. But with jump shots, which requires more leap and balance, you’ll really need all that you have to help you execute.

  1036. whenver Frank inbounds the ball, he tries to pass it to Batum or KW even when they are not opened and it leads to turnovers after turnovers during crucial times.

  1037. Al to the first unit and Psycho T plays with the bench. That could work well for Lin.

  1038. Doubt that would happen. Al in first unit will kill the starters momentum.

  1039. Let’s hope Zeller rests for 1-2 games and see how Al’s dynamics will change the 1st and the 2nd unit.

  1040. Hornets has no choice but to put Al in the first unit. I don’t see Psycho T as a starter.

  1041. IMO JLin’s 4 FTs were clutch. M Williams missed 2 FTs prior to that. That shows playing at Miami with the game on the line and fans distracting him when taking the shots needs lots of nerves.
    The best part was the Miami announcer emphasised that JLin is shooting 81% from the FT line. He must be very confident that Lin will miss at least one FT. He must be very disappointed.

  1042. You made some good points about that FT are set shots and about the nagging injuries.

    The shooting slump, IMO, is either mental or physical. Based on the last FT that Lin did without doubt and hesitation, with high level of confidence, I think and I hope Lin is getting over the barrier, whichever it is.

  1043. Let’s hope so bro. I’m dying for a breakout game… Kind of like a smoker going cold turkey…

  1044. When is the next game? Let’s roll!

  1045. Here is the plot of PT/touches, and touches/FG%

    I also had Kemba as reference.

    Kemba have very strong PT vs. touches correlation, that means, when he is on the floor, he got consistent touches, the longer he is on the floor, the more touches he got.

    Lin’s touches is not as consistent, he could play much longer PT with still the same number of touches, thus time is not a very good indication for his involvement in offense.

    FG% trend with touch time correlation is not strong, but with games have higher than 60 touches, (not many game for Lin, and all Kemba’s game), Lin had only one game with lower than 40% FG%, Kemba had 27. In general, Lin’s FG% trending positive correlation with touches, and Kemba with weak correlation that trending negative correlation.

    I’d prefer this info only shared in Lin fan site, please don’t tweet it, or use it to bash Kemba, since the trend is there, but sample size is small and correlation is weak. Thanks.

  1046. Lin has been making historic moments of Charlotte possible this season. Paradoxically, Lin’s success has led to new ways of his shackling in the team.

  1047. Lin has been making historic moments of Charlotte possible this season. They had never beaten the Cavaliers and LeBron until Jeremy delivered his timely performance w/o Walker but it didn’t help Lin to gain anything in the team. When Batum was out, Lin helped the team defeat the Raptors as a starting SG. Lin will only be used when Clifford has no other options to win. Clifford even prefers Courtney Lee over Lin although both would more than likely be a free agent next season. Perhaps the Hornets will sign up Lee before the season ends just like what they have done with Lamb.

    In fact the early signing of Jeremy Lamb has been proved to be an immense mistake. Now that he’s only been given so little play time showed that his $7M per year contract next season costly to the building of the team. This team is winning this season but may I ask what would have happened if they did not have the service of Lin. How many more losses would they have right now. Are they still contending for a playoff spot? Same thing will happen next season to this team I guess because they don’t have anyone on the team who could take up the different roles that Jeremy has been given to.

    The strangest thing that had happened was whenever Lin had proved that he could do his job admirably, Lin’s play time and role were taken away from him. Lin had not been used like what he was started to defeat the Raptors as SG and to defeat the Cavaliers as PG. Every success that Lin had in this season pointed to a new and diminishing way of using Jeremy Lin in the team.

  1048. Hi there. Haven’t been here for awhile. Not sure if you read this. Good to see Lin getting a nod.

    Jeremy Lin makes 2015-2016 All-Reserve All-Star Team:


    When it comes to postseason awards, all most people really care about is the race for Most Valuable Player. However, this year it really doesn’t look like much of a race at all considering how many games Golden State has won behind Stephen Curry’s insanely efficient and entertaining play.

    There are, of course, other postseason awards that matter, including the Sixth Man of the Year Award, which has been doled out every season since 1982-83 to the players who have offered up the strongest performances as reserves for their respective teams. It’s a severely under-appreciated award because every true fan of the game knows how integral a strong bench is to winning games, particularly in the postseason. To have the best reserve in the league is a massive advantage over other teams in the NBA because it essentially allows for starter-quality production to continue even when the starters are getting a breather on the bench…

    This is the 2015-2016 All-Reserve All-Star Team:

    G – Jeremy Lin, Charlotte Hornets – The years following the Linsanity breakthrough in New York have been at times rather trying for Jeremy Lin, but he looks like he’s finally found a bit of comfort on this blossoming Hornets team playing behind Kemba Walker. In 26 minutes a night, Lin is averaging 11.4 PPG and 3.0 APG, while turning the ball over only 1.8 times per game. Ever since Michael Kidd-Gilchrist was declared injured for the season, Lin has stepped up considerably and really helped the Hornets establish themselves as what appears to be a sure-thing playoff team. That early-season Mohawk was the real MVP, though.

    G – Jamal Crawford, L.A. Clippers – While it seems like Crawford injects himself into the conversation for the Sixth Man Award every year, the two-time winner of the award only continues to end up there because he deserves it. Even at age 35, Crawford is still filling up the stat sheet, and in the months of February and March, no reserve player in the NBA has scored more than Crawford’s 15.6 PPG, meaning he’s finishing off strong enough to once again earn himself consideration for the award that could someday be named after him, especially if he ends up winning a third one this year. No other player has ever done that.

    F – Evan Turner, Boston Celtics – While his numbers probably aren’t massive enough to win big money consistently in nightly DraftKings contests, they haven’t been bad, either. In fact, his all-around averages of 9.9 PPG, 4.8 RPG and 4.5 APG are pretty well-rounded on a team with so many contributors, and he leads the league’s reserves in 10-point/5-assist/5-rebound games with ten this season. Also, no other reserve in the league has more assists than Turner, which is surprising considering he’s not a point guard. While scorers typically win Sixth Man of the Year, Turner deserves a spot on the All-Sixth-Man Team for his versatility. The points might not be there, but everything else sure is.

    F – Will Barton, Denver Nuggets – For a good chunk of December and January, Barton was the trendy pick for Sixth Man of the Year, and really there’s little reason for those good vibes to dissipate considering he’s now the team’s leading active scorer despite his coming off the bench. His quick, athletic play has helped the Nuggets be a good running offensive team, and while Denver is 12 games under .500, they’re still a lot better than anybody thought they’d be, and Barton deserves considerable credit for that. As a sixth man, he’s been absolutely elite this year.

    C – Enes Kanter, Oklahoma City Thunder – While the Thunder sure have received a lot of grief for giving Kanter what could have been James Harden’s money, there’s no denying the fact that the Turkish big man has been a considerable asset to that team since signing his big contract. He hasn’t started a single game, but is averaging 12.3 PPG and a team-leading 7.8 RPG, all in just 20.6 minutes per game. Kanter’s per-36-minute stats are All-Star caliber, and his team is one of only three or four that have any sort of real shot at winning the NBA title this year. Come playoff time, OKC will be glad they’ve got such a bruiser headlining their second unit.

    6th Man – Andre Iguodala, Golden State Warriors – While his numbers aren’t staggering (7.3 PPG, 4.1 RPG, 3.4 APG), the reigning Finals MVP has a huge positive impact on his team when on the floor, particularly on the defensive end. The fact that he’s the key reserve for arguably the greatest regular-season team in the NBA earns him the honor of being the key reserve for arguably the greatest all-reserve team ever (hypothetically) assembled. The Warriors are a lot worse without this guy, which is what makes him so valuable, even if the stats aren’t as sexy as those put up by some other guys on this team.

    Great NBA reserves are hard to come by, which is why the Sixth Man of the Year Award is so important. Not all of these guys can win that award, though, so as a consolation prize they get a spot on this All-Star team of reserves. It’s not much of a silver medal, but it’s better than nothing.

  1049. Lin your face, Clifford!

  1050. well. lol, 81% means JLin would have missed his 5th but you know, I think he would have hit the 5th too.

  1051. lol, I’m going to change my shot and stick with it through thick and thin …

  1052. Examining the win-loss of some teams in the league:
    One of the following team in the Western Conference will miss the playoff; Portland, Houston, Dallas or Utah.
    Similarly, two teams of Eastern Conference will miss the playoff too; Chicago, Detroit, Washington.

    The competition for teams of the above to make the playoff will be intense.

  1053. Playing behind walker… i cannot accept that… jlin is so much better and valuable, its a joke…

  1054. Did you guys notice that Jeremy Lamb wasn’t given any minutes to play in this game at all? He was signed for 3 [email protected] How many more games could MKG play for this team in the future? After Lin is gone from this team, we will see the difference just like the other teams that Lin had played for. Everything is pointing at a disastrous season for the Hornets after this spectacular season with the service of Jeremy Lin. In the coming off season, the Hornets will have to offer Batum close to a max contract. They would have to sign up Courtney Lee too with Lamb far from being successful in this team. Their cap management is gonna be very difficult.

  1055. Let’s see if Walker can stay as good as he is after this season.

  1056. The Hornets were trying to stop Lin being nominated for 6th Man of the year or any award!!!

  1057. I think maybe bc they want to see how Daniel is doing for keep it or let go?

  1058. Why would to DNP a 21M player who is more athletic over a rookie like Daniel? It’s all bias and disconnection with FO! Coach and Kemba doesn’t like Lamb so he gets benched with no playing time it’s that simple! Kemba likes Daniel so he gets some minutes.

  1059. Nothing we can change. Just enjoy the moment and his journey. A lot we can learn.

  1060. Lamb is an asset but if they want to keep Daniel for long term now it’s good time to see his skill on court before season end.

  1061. I wouldn’ go that far but I would think the Hornets is preparing for the future without Mr. Lin now. We all know Lin would definitely opt out because his agent will find him a team that he will start! This is an offer that Jeremy couldn’t refuse.
    The 76ers should definitely fire their coach Brett Brown and sign MDA up because Brett Brown couldn’t win games at all with his offense. The first player that MDA wants will be Jeremy Lin, his favourite PG. The season ticket sale for the 76ers will then shoot up immediately. In fact, the sixers has the bigs that would make Lin’s offense unstoppable. Plus more help is coming in for the sixers from the draft next season. All they need to do is to fire two persons that their fans would want to get rid of to complete their changes.

  1062. Yes but not at the expense of a big contract player! Why give Lamb so much money and not play him at all most of this season? Lamb is another victim of politics and being lied to. If Lamb is an asset that value is dropping very fast with his minutes and stats like this. Even if they trade him they need to make sure Lamb has great stats, and not playing him won’t achieve that.

  1063. This team especially will miss jlin…

  1064. Kyle Korver

  1065. I wouldn’t want to watch Hornets next season; a king size disaster.

  1066. Two people? You mean the GM Hinkie(learned under snake Morey) and the coach Brown? I’d feel safer for Lin if those 2 people are gone with MDA as head coach and Jerry Colangelo, MDA’s friend calling the shots. At least they have history together and will trust MDA’s decisions. In fact, Jerry Colangelo can consider hiring his own son “Bryan Colangelo” as GM to replace Hinkie.

  1067. LOL I won’t watch but won’t mind hearing all the “good news” of this fake selfish team! Just feel sorry for Lamb the guy who gets along with Lin the most and actually liked playing “along side” him unlike Kemba and Batum. Still remember how great Bench Force 1 was with Jeremy as PG and Lamb as a true SG. The Jeremys could start for another team and totally be similar to Curry and Thompson with Lamb being a great spot up shooter and create his own shots.

  1068. They must be gone for the franchise to change.

  1069. I think the fallout started when Lin was stripped of a big chunk of his PG role. We know how he loves getting his teammates involved. Lamb was one of those major benefactors, so he didn’t mind playing within his abilities and let Lin sets him up for a good result.

    But ever since Lin lost his PG minutes, Lamb could hardly get a good look and things started to get difficult for him. Naturally, he would start to hog the ball looking to get things going for himself…. And the vicious cycle just starts from there. I guess I don’t have to go into details on that do I?

  1070. Post game vs Houston, KW gave credits to TDaniels but no mentions of Lin when Lin was the reserve who had more impact for that win. Have not heard KW compliment Lamb before either. Have you?

  1071. they made a mistake of overpaying for Lamb. he shouldn’t get more than 5mil per year

  1072. I noticed two things in the video:

    1) Nonserious: If Lin still had his spiked hair, then instead of a headbutt on Deng, it would’ve been a stab.

    2) Serious: Before the final play, Lin and Deng do a fistbump and pat, kind of making sure that they’re okay w/each other. I liked that.

  1073. With Celtics loss today, Charlotte now ahead of them. Things changed fast. I expect rankings to continue to fluctuate until the playoffs.

  1074. JLin went for the inbound ball at 105:104 after Wade scored. With little time left JLin knew Heats gonna foul him and that he will be sent to the FT line. Not once but TWICE. That’s gutsy.

  1075. Can’t blame Lamb when Kemba’s such a ball hog and everyone is out for themselves with no plays set for him. He has to look to score every chance with such low minutes, worst than Lin’s. It’s this vicious cycle that it’s important for Lin to build his iso skills and off dribble 3s or 2s so he can still get his when iced out.

  1076. Seriously, can a rabbit work with a fox?

  1077. BF1 was hot when Lin and Lamb were duo guards. Remember the phrase “Buzz Brothers” referring to Lin and Lamb? Its success was too overwhelming which was interfering w/ the making of KW into a star, so FO/Cliff had to immediately put a stop to it.

  1078. I think Lin would’ve done it by now if he is open to the idea of ISOing for himself. I guess this could be where our boy is being stubborn….

  1079. If a sloth, a mammoth and a sabertooth tiger can get along, I’m sure they can…

  1080. I wish he would spend that time working on his shot. He’ll have plenty of time to watch movies on his annual flight to and from Taiwan.

  1081. It doesnt help.

  1082. My father used to want me to leave all the gaming til summer break…. Not gonna happen old man…

  1083. People asked me what I think about the new Star Wars movie or Deadpool. I always say I’ll wait for it to be on Netflix or watch it on a plane.

  1084. I spent money so I can tell my friends for sure that it SUCKED and don’t waste their money!! (I mean SWFA, Deadpool wasn’t bad at all…) I’m such a nice friend….

  1085. Boston lost, Hornets is No. 5 now.

  1086. wooooohoooooo

  1087. lol….give him a break

  1088. This is good!

    Family time always relaxes JLin so he can play freely in the next game

  1089. wow, tiger fan, LOL

  1090. Breakout game against Nuggets?!!! Go SaiyanLin

  1091. Star Wars not the same on Neflix. Gotta watch it on big screen.

  1092. FYI
    The site layout is in the process of being upgraded so if you see black header & changes, don’t panic 🙂

  1093. JLin will go collect some golden Nuggets tomorow 🙂

  1094. OMG what the H is going on!!!!

  1095. I have a big TV at home, with surround sound speakers and fast Internet cable.

  1096. lol relax… reprogramming preseason Mohawk-sanity is ON!

  1097. Lamb’s contract, is now like Nick Young’s contract with the Lakers. Based on less than 1 season of hot shooting. No other team will take on that contract in a trade.

  1098. Was thinking be attacked by some hater hackers.?

  1099. Their success depends on Pick n Roll, which Charlotte rarely used for anyone except Kba and Batum.

  1100. no worries, if you see this picture as the logo, that means @blubell:disqus was the Linstigator :]

  1101. This is the best Lin hairdo of all time. Short length mowhawk is the way to go.

  1102. And PnR w/ bigs is one of Lin’s best skills and I’d assumed that was one of Cliff’s selling points for Lin to sign w/Hornets. As it turned out, no screens from bigs, no PnR w/ bigs. Gone after preseason…

  1103. News from Sina of China said, Lin is unsatisfied with current situation and will leave next season.



  1104. Agreed zootopia was a good movie. Looks like it is for kids but very adult ideas about prejudices and race relations. I’m sure Lin could see a lot of himself in different aspects of different characters. My kids still loved it, entertaining, fun, and deep enough for adults to get something.

    I hope it picked up Lins spirit in various ways. You know what I mean if you saw the movie.

  1105. Uncle Google’s translation

    Beijing March 19, according to “Christ Daily” reported that the Charlotte Hornets is currently ranked sixth in the Eastern powerhouse, but as the team’s main rotation player, Jeremy Lin likely to leave this summer.

    Jeremy Lin in general this season, averaging 11.4 points, 3.1 rebounds, 2.9 assists and 0.6 steals 0.6 blocks while shooting 40.2%, a decline compared to the data aspects of last season, but the Los Angeles Lakers tactical position than in the period slightly better.

    Nevertheless, Lin or their own situation in New Orleans is not very satisfied. On the one hand, Kemba – Walker back healthy, taking up more opportunities; on the other hand, cited Rukuteni – after Lee, Lee also takes up some opportunities Jeremy Lin. In addition to the status of team tactics, some experts also pointed out that Jeremy Lin is also not satisfied with their salary. After all, the new broadcast contract will take effect in the summer, the team’s salary cap room will rally for Lin currently only 200 million of annual salary, this is an opportunity to get paid for.

    “For a player who has caused a sensation, has been playing off the bench is unacceptable,” “Sportsrageous” columnist it Neier – Ayala said, “Of course, Jeremy Lin’s character, these rumors may not be really happened. but as long as the NBA continues, what things are possible. ”

    Lin is the need to have the ball in the hands of the players, but now Lee Walker and takes up some of his time. Lin came from the Lakers Hornets, is hoping to get some improvements in the tactical position, and now the Hornets treated him and his appeal is conflict.

    “Jeremy Lin has been trying to adjust, but the Hornets to locate his role is not clear, because his playing time has been changing,” “Hoops Habit” columnist Andrew – Snyder said, “When Walker health, can only beat Lin Substituted or shooting guard responsible for the ball or Bartum Walker. Walker only injured or in poor condition, as Lin to your favorite golf course commander. ”

    Lin’s two old club, the Houston Rockets and New York Knicks, this season is not good, they are closely watching the free agent market. There is speculation that Jeremy Lin might be two return to his former club to recruit.

  1106. I’m going to delete this post 😛

  1107. These are all speculation. The article was from Christian Daily, some kind of Christian newspaper, which from what I heard, is notorious for their gossip reporting based on guessing games. There are only 2 outcomes to whether or not Lin will stay with Hornets next year so good for them if they guessed it right. But I would wait for JLin himself to confirm it through reliable media channels. And I surely hope he would choose carefully this time.

  1108. new DEN game thread

    Despite the shooting slump and minimized role, JLin got the call with 14.6 seconds left after Marvin Williams missed 2 FTs to allow the Heat to close within 3 pts. He delivered with 4 clutch FTs silencing any hope in the building that the Heat can steal a win in the last seconds

    1. Will this boost his confidence to keep shooting and get over the shooting slump?

    2. Jeremy took time to relax and watch Zootopia movie with his cousins so hopefully his care-free attitude will help him to play all out on the court.

    Let’s go, JLin! Let’s hope and pray JLin would relax and simply play his game to make a strong push before the playoff starts.

  1109. No, quite the opposite. Lin now sets more screens for big men and wing players, than they set screens for him. Roles are totally reversed !

  1110. Wooooooooo!

  1111. please don’t take it so seriously. Marvin’s fans would be as angry as you are 🙂

  1112. especially to Wade

  1113. waiting for comments from stupid fans asking Lin to practice shooting in the gym… 🙂

  1114. I know I saw Lin set screens for others and got none in return. And before signing w/Hornets his understanding from Cliff was probably the opposite.

  1115. Thanks. I’m not. Just that this is a Lin forum, my 1st concern is Lin.

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