G67 ORL @ CHA Game Thread

After a bad Hornets loss against the Mavericks, will the Hornets get back on the winning track again?

  1. How will Jeremy Lin respond after a bad game when he only shot 3 times and made 1/4 FTs? He bounced back strongly in 2 games this season of scoring 2pts by scoring 19pts/1a (1/13 Hawks game in 27 min) and 14pts/4a (2/10 Pacers game in 28 min)
  2. But in 2 previous bad games, he shot 0-9 and 1-7 while he only attempted 3 shots in DAL game. As Lin got fewer touches and shot less, he would need to keep shooting despite having diminishing role in this team as the season is closing.

Let’s go, JLin! Let’s hope and pray he keeps scoring and shooting well to have a chance to close out games in the playoff.

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  1. First ? Go Jeremy

  2. 2nd chances always. If one door closes another will be opened. Don’t give up!

  3. 3rd (first time). Expecting this to be a close game. I think Lin will be guarding Fournier. He’s shooting well lately, 45 percent on field goals, 40 percent from 3-point range and 80 percent from the foul line. Hope Lin gets a good start on offense.

  4. Go Jlin. Stop KW. Lol!

  5. Funny…:) Thanks for making me laugh. Needed.

  6. I’m just going through the motions here. Lin wants to be in the playoffs. Really admire his tenacity and endurance.

  7. Window of Angels

  8. Predict a close lost. Cliff will try to win with Lin marginalized again to prove last game was a fluke. Need to put the ball in Lins hands to make the playoffs. Unsure if Cliff could stomach it.

  9. Let’s go Jlin! ! ! Spank the Orlando mickeys! !!!

  10. any likelihood of Lin in similar Lamb situation and they play JGutierrez instead ?

  11. If they don’t want to be in the playoffs. …. then yes they may do that

  12. I would say no.

  13. never thought about it until i saw the media notes and started wondering if this is a pecking order list of sort?? maybe i am just overthinking lol

  14. Provided that Cliff does realise the fact Lin improves Hornets winning chance drastically (This is hypothetical, he really doesn’t seem all that bright), the situation that the Hornets are in now would warrant them trying to stay in the current playoff spot (5th, aiming for 4th). This means they would try to win at all cost. And that would mean that Jeremy would be used to a certain extend to impact the game. Saying all these, it hinges on whether Clifford is bright enough to realise the importance of Lin, and subsequently his willingness to translate this to actual court time and length of his leash on Lin.

  15. I think it’s alphabet order of last name. I know what you mean though.

  16. lets get a win. I want to see lin in the playoff

  17. I hope Lin will get to shoot more today

  18. Last game against Orlando, I thought Clifford was putting on & off his glasses during the game……..to me, the two coaches look so much alike.

  19. Note: KW passes the rock in this stretch 1Q. KW and NB pass to Lee. All starters get touches. Monitor if NB/KW pass to Lin when he enters the game?
    Note: BJennings is 6″1 and Oladipo is 6″4. Both are Magic starting guards.

  20. JLin in for Lee with 5:33 left in Q1

  21. Lin smartly drove inside and got fouled

  22. the defense sucks

  23. what happenedd to lins great freethrows?

  24. 1-2 FTs

  25. not sure, he was 27-29 before going 1-4 last game.

    Hope he starts another streak soon

  26. Lee has plays set up for him, while our boy has to do it all by himself.

  27. Lin 2 fouls already? Another short night for lin

  28. ya whats up with that. Lin has been marginalized and the plays are not set up for him anymore.

  29. only 1

  30. good PnR

  31. What a nifty wrap-around pass to Al!

  32. Anymore? Were they ever?

  33. Troy missing his 3s

  34. why kam hesitated to pass to JLIN?

  35. Lin was wide open too. Frans slow with the pass! He was going to take it himself!

  36. Lamb might come in if Troy keeps missing

  37. Did I see that PnR live or from another old game?

  38. cause he’s a hater

  39. It has been like that lately.

  40. not a hater maybe but it seem that Kam only has eyes if its not JLIN?LOL!

  41. Lin isn’t even PG when 2nd unit is in

  42. this is going to be a long game with Lin being marginalized like usual

  43. Usually he and Batum would be playmakers but hasn’t happened yet

  44. I think he is just following baldie’s order, Just pass to anyone but Lin.

  45. i understand but I always feel like Batum bringing the ball up is not a good choice

  46. they are double teaming Lin

  47. Lin has to slide over when Batum was trapped.

  48. Lin will not succeed in this style. Whether his shot was on or not

  49. Yes. Think so too.

  50. Most NBA teams know Lin is the difference maker but Hornets never want to admit it.

  51. Magics didn’t double team KW but Lin, a reserve?

  52. cliff has made the second unit alCentric

  53. they did

  54. Scouting report said Lin has problem with trap

  55. Exactly, they don’t want Lin to overshine KW and the gang coz Lin just a bench warmer aka scrub.

  56. If they’re double teaming Lin, Cliff needs to put KW in as well or someone who is willing to drive and score quickly. Lin can pass it to KW when he is double teamed.

  57. Most NBA teams know Lin is the difference maker but Hornets never want to admit it.

  58. KW escaped that play by placing Al with the bench..so its JLIN hand to give AL the ball

  59. Also KW. But they don’t do it. Anyone would have a hard time w/ double or triple team long enough.

  60. Exactly. Smart coach would see that.

  61. Al can’t even make a bucket under the basket…

  62. Wake up, Al. Lin set you up so well.

  63. Al is Lin killer, Jeremy can’t do anything with Al posting inside and clogging the lane.

  64. should have dunked it like before

  65. sad thing is Clifford is everything but smart….smh

  66. that’s just frustrating to see.

  67. AJ should have dunk that. He had 3 tries still missed and lost 2pts on the other end.

  68. Al could have 2 offensive rebound and 2pts with that play!

  69. my god Lin please hit one

  70. damn Lin still not finding his range, only time tank pass to him and he can’t convert.

  71. How many shots has he missed

  72. Lin just needs to shoot it 12 times today

  73. 2222222

  74. 0-3 from three

  75. Batum missed 4 attempts so far too. So let’s not panic.

  76. and he just got hot, just need to keep shooting.

  77. Al Makes it really hard for Lin to get anything but threes

  78. I say Lin should not take anymore 3 today

  79. its been a reoccuring thing thats why it gets annoying after a while. hope he turns it around but his coach sucks

  80. Al leaves, bench looks much better and get the lead. Good drive by Lin. Jump shots still not falling but he looks really active tonight. Great energy.

  81. It’s funny how some people think Lin has a bad shooting night cause he goes 0/3. But players go 0/4, 1/5 all the time. THey just keep shooting until they end up 9/16, or whatever. Unfortunately, Lin doesn’t get that many shots.

  82. Another bad shooting night for hornets. Hornets are lucky that they are still in the game.

  83. Even when Lin drives Al man guards Lin so Lin has to pass it to Al lol

  84. Al is a unit killer

  85. i agree lol

  86. Exactly. With more consistent minutes and touches, and can play through mistakes.

  87. But Al needs to finish those.

  88. Lin in with the starters. No Kemba.

  89. I know what you mean. We want him to do well and hit shots. One thing going against him is that if he does not hit, coach will not allow him to play through. That’s the luxury that he does not have.

  90. it could very well be that Al doesn’t fit this team/system. I remember when Al was in starters, the starters sucked. When Al moved to bench, the bench sucked. When KW doesn’t have to deal with Al, he gets those crazy games where he scores 25+.

  91. He barely gets off the floor

  92. KW will be in soon

  93. mmmh wonder why. Can’t watch the game. Only catch up a little when I’m on break.

  94. What? Is kemba hurt?

  95. For now.

  96. I think Cliff wants to take advantage of them double teaming Lin

  97. Good, so CHA can catch up!

  98. Lin is FAB tonight!

  99. KW in now for Lin

  100. Great pass Lin!

  101. Ok. Lin out now for Kemba with Hornets up by 8 pts.

  102. There goes the lead …

  103. Lin doesn’t look happy to come out. Good. He should still be in. He was just getting it going facilitating.

  104. Lin drew so much defense. Left MW wide open. Now, the scores are up and momentum favors Hornets, Cliff returns KW to the floor like clock work, SMH!!!!

  105. He was great apart from his 3pt shooting he deserves to play.

  106. cause its rare chance of him playing without Al on the floor

  107. He did his job great being a big part of setting up the comeback and go-ahead.

  108. 45 v 37 +10 3 points with 1-4 when JLin left @ 4:30. Just want to set the record before I’m off again.

  109. The shots were pretty close, though. He just has to take them in game situations and hopefully, some will start to fall. But I like his energy, involvement, driving to the hoop, dealing with the pressure. Good, solid play.

  110. One nice PnR but he fluffed the rest of Lin’s good setups. One time he just stood there with the ball inches from the basket and just waited for the defense.

  111. Good that Batum is jacking up shots instead of passing to Kemba.

  112. Yes and save KW’s face (because while ago, he and Al were the only two with the negative +-.

  113. JLIN works well with the starters as pure facilitating PG without KW, they run fast and set well. all touches the ball.

  114. So when Lin can in they were down and when he left they were +10. Sorry having trouble getting on NBA.com

  115. And catch the lead fast & easy!

  116. KW is feeding the hot hand and took a nice charge

  117. MW is hot too

  118. Again, do you see what Cliff did there? Like I’ve been saying, this has been Cliff’s pattern, by allowing KW to play when the score is up or tie is turning in favor of Hornets. Even though Lin could not score himself, he helped w/ defense to suppress opponents from scoring while allowing Hornets space to score. NB got his shot going when Lin was in w/him.

  119. Lin is the catalyst for this team, setting the example. KW kind of mimicked the way Lin plays today and who got hot? Batum and MW.

  120. Everything will back to old day after Lin is not in Hornets… I really don’t like this team. smh!

  121. magic’s commentators mentioned that when hORNETS tightened their defense, they got back and take the lead..

  122. I think he should try very short shots, like 10 feet shots, and then 12-15 and so forth. He needs to get his touch and feel back to his jump shot and just trying to hoist up the long shots probably won’t bring it back.

  123. It all happened when Al left

  124. Big Al -2. Only player in the negative

  125. he should take all available shots for him even the 3’s because with hornets team, he can’t chose well the opportunity for a shot!

  126. It makes sense.

    Al is the only one with negative +/- at -2

  127. he so slow and not strong right now..he needs to at least lose some weights because he can’t jump!

  128. So what happened?
    Did JLin help with the drive or ball movement during the Q2 run?
    Or Batum was the main playmaker?

  129. both were vital for the comeback.

  130. Big Al should be a specialty player who plays only when we have no choice. He is a help against teams who cant defend him but this it. He should be benched. If this continues. We will lose in the playoffs. He makes Lin minutes pointless. Way too inefficient. Defensively he struggles

  131. i think he should do that too.

  132. JLIN with starters sans KW made a run with right facilitating and ball movement, thus taking the lead and made it as 8 points until cliff inserted KW again and sub JLIN.

  133. I have no idea What Marvin is on.

  134. Yes. Charlotte led by 8 (45-37), when Lin was substituted by Walker at 4:30 in 2Q.

  135. NB and Lin were in while KW was out. The moment the scores were up and momentum favors Hornets, Cliff returned KW. NB found his shot and continued shooting, so did MW. When the scores are up it’s easier to play while you’re in the lead instead of playing from behind.

  136. thanks .. I wished JLin was rewarded more in the boxscore

  137. He’s like Reggie Miller out there

  138. Nothing change, JLIN did not get his reward; once CHA is up safe enough, Clifford quickly bring back KW, because KW & Al were the only two players with negative +-

  139. It cont be sustainable

  140. It’s hard to see Lin only being used as a catalyst to facilitate ball movement :[

  141. MW is on one

  142. Lee having trouble

  143. Marvin now getting superstar calls

  144. Tbh he should get superstar calls with the way he is playing. Its ridiculous. It started 5 games ago and I’m like this won’t last but its still going

  145. cliff needs to rest the starters now and put the bench again so to prepare for the fourth…

  146. If he could just shoot and finish when Lin sets him up that would be nice. I don’t expect him to play defense. But he only converted 1 out of 3 or maybe 4 good Lin setups.

  147. MW benefits of having consistent role and minutes throughout the season, thus increases his confidence to play well.

  148. 24 pts already. Kemba better ice him now.

  149. somehow Kemba always catches up and surpasses MW from behind lol

  150. KW only has “ice” for Lin… It’s easier to play while in the lead.

  151. KW will get his once Lin is in. He passes when Lin is not in w/him.

  152. Lin in with Al unfortunately

  153. Lins stats is just taking a toll with this second unit it’s not good for his FA he should at the least average 11 pts

  154. What did I say, KW starts shooting when Lin is in w/him.

  155. Al can’t handle Lin’s pass :[

  156. Nice try Lin, but Al isn’t a PnR big

  157. Eff al seriously eff him

  158. MW poses no threat to kemba since they play different positions. and kemba can always take credit for “elevating” MW’s game

  159. when JLIN in with Al, his role is to feed Al the ball.

  160. Shoot it yourself, Lin. Al looked like he didn’t know what a basketball was on that play.

  161. It has been taken a toll gradually after preseason, more drastically after All Star, and continues to dipping w/ Lee on the team.

  162. i know al’s not doing well (from reports), but i do still appreciate how he stood up for lin in the game against the rockets.

  163. they are double teaming him, it’s better he set others up or drive.

  164. did he or was he just joking with Harden?

  165. good person. bad game

  166. Did I hear Cliff yell ‘MOVE, MOVE’ when Lin just got the pass from KW and had to pass it back to him??!!

  167. maaaaaan its been real hard watching this after All star break its so annoying because he is so much better then what they have him featured as. im out

  168. air ball

  169. Lin needs to dribble more and drive

  170. 222 finally

  171. Dang, TO, air ball. His game is really a mess. Not sure what the problem is

  172. Al and confidence

  173. Watching this kind game! Sucks!!!!

  174. Lin for 2222!
    Midrange J!

  175. Lin confidence is low right now.

  176. Glad to see take that shot against Oladipo pressuring him. That’s what he needs to do. Forget 3s for awhile and shoot the short jumper.

  177. we all know he’s better than this. He just needs the confidence back and the coach behind him.

  178. he needs to just play his game the way he knows how to and eff everything else. eff the coach and the ‘system’. he’s not a 3&D guy. all of this other stuff is throwing him off his game

  179. yesss.. he needs to get comfortable to shoot his J off dribble-drive

  180. midrange

  181. he was a little bit hit but no call.

  182. He actually looks ok to me tonight. He made a few mistakes, but he seems aggressive and he just scored on Oladipo who was pressuring him hard.

  183. Just keep shooting, Jeremy!

  184. I think Lin focusing on D so much lately has cost his shooting and also the fact that he’s been iced on offense for many games after All Star Break. He does need to keep shooting. Tired of hearing that Lin’s on a shooting slump cause he goes 0/3 a game.

  185. What Lin is doing like picking up Kemba & Batum left over.

  186. 0-3 is uacceptable 0-10 is more like it

  187. still setting his ryhthm right now, lead so big no need to exert too much effort

  188. ya i said it last game, he is picking up the scraps and he has to do something with it. No one really sets him up.

  189. Go! Jo lin

  190. He elevates too much on his 3s

  191. Watching the Orlando feed. After Jeremy missed the buzzer beater, ref walked to Jeremy and said “my fault” meaning he should have called a foul on Jeremy’s shot.

  192. it was in Charlotte feed too, I read his lips.

  193. funny how KW still playing..stat padding time!

  194. right, I see he got a chance to dribble first
    Catch-and-shoot is bad for him now

  195. he usually doesn’t play in the beginning of Q4

  196. As always

  197. Crazy block by Lin.

  198. Bc right now he’s not the highest scorer…. smh! He’s still fighting for his most improved player.

  199. KW definitely ignores passing to Lin.

  200. Did Lin block that shot?

  201. Lin blocked Hezonja!!!!

  202. YESSSS!! 😀

  203. Definitely 2 possessions by KW where he looked away from an open Lin only to brick and TOV.

  204. Yes …lol

  205. REALLY?!! Up 20 points, KW is still in?!

  206. He is so obvious.

  207. So funny.. ORL announcer just said, “Lin deflected that ball from Hezonja” quietly..

    They can’t bring himself to say BLOCK 😀

  208. Lin cant drive with Al there. Kemba cant either

  209. Troy a bad shooting day too

  210. Rare, but it’s not his night shooting the 3.

  211. It’s not the right way to using Troy.

  212. he intentionally wanted to call his own number

  213. Troy and Lin play hard on defense, but couldn’t find their shooting form today.

  214. Good call, big difference.

  215. Take Kemba out, bring Batum or Lee in. Then the offense will look better. And take Al out as well. Let Kaminsky play center.

  216. take out AL

  217. its so obvious that any jeremy lin follower can see, (only those who say that they are true JLIN fan will not accept it..[sarcasm]LOL!)

  218. Saw that, very obvious now!

  219. How can they? almost didn’t touch the ball and shoot in the last second with heavy defender.

  220. Clif is only thinking of riding Kemba’s hot hands after 3 threes in Q3

    Kemba is going play 38-40min today

  221. kw in feast mode.

  222. The lead is more than 20Pts, yet Cliff leaves KW in to get his 20pts+ bc KW still has not reach that yet! So obvious what they’re doing.

  223. it’s a back 2 back tomorrow, KW needs to sit.

  224. Come on lin,

  225. Catch it Frank.

  226. Who would of though Al and Kemba iso loses the lead

  227. This is just ridiculous!!! @%$$^
    I tell you he will sub out JLin before KW even with 30pt lead!!!!! ?

  228. Lin and Kemba cant even get close to the rim. With that unit Lin has to go mid range only.

  229. Nah, MW is 24pts, NB got 21 pts; KW still need to pad more than 8pts!

  230. that could be it for Lin. 5 pts.

  231. Starters may come back in.

  232. Sorry everyone, this team is so hard to watch. You’ve got Lin so open at the 3, and each time KW takes a brick. It’s v ugly bball.

  233. growth for the sake of growth is the idealogy of the cancer cell
    -edward abbey

  234. Cliff is playing with fire.
    Playing Kemba so much in 2nd half non-stop

    ORL outscored CHA 15-8 in the 4th quarter

  235. cliff forgot, so he let kw play because he hasn’t got his due points!

  236. so obvious

  237. That’s why they lost to Dallas so badly.

  238. BOOOOOORING lin leave this scrub team if this does not say Charlotte wants kembas stats nothing will. absolutely nothing that warrants him being in. im disgusted what kind of crap is this honestly? screw this team a below average team if Batum and Lin leaves lets see kemba jacking up his 25 shots a game.

  239. why? game is over already, let Lin get in rhythm. He hasn’t been for awhile.

  240. They were at the scorer’s table before the time out.

  241. I missed that. Glad …

  242. here cmes troublr

  243. only a fool will say that he will continue playing for this team!

  244. oh wait we’re only up by 12 lol

  245. Not hot hands, Cliff purpose is to allow Kw to get 20pts+. KW still has 4pts to go. That’s why he’s still on the floor while the lead is 16pts.

  246. did we give up already?

  247. Lead closing. Was Lin in that whole time. How did lead shrink.

  248. KW wants to go in lol

  249. Bad coaching again

  250. no o touches.

  251. three starters with +14, one with +20, and kemba with +1. lmao. he is dragging the second unit down with him

  252. Cliff doesn’t even trust JLin to lead 2nd unit in Q4 by over-playing Kemba

    Now ORL is getting the momentum. Cliff is a bad coach

  253. i dont even care if Lin already given up on this team. He seems to be refusing to shoot the ball cause maybe he doesn’t want to bang his body up like he’s done all season.

  254. What kind of pick is that Cody???

  255. a selfish man is a theif
    -jose marti

  256. GO MAGIC!

  257. that was definitely many series of KW iso bricks. The momentum us set. This game will be very close.

  258. Lin out.
    GO ORL GO!!!!

  259. So they had the lead. Kemba hogged. Lin on court but not touch the ball. I’d that what happened?

  260. Excuse to sub out Lin!

  261. The team is playing iso heavy. Against good team we will lose. Wouldn’t be surprised by a sweep

  262. Magic might not be able to finish strong but they can finish it if they’re smart enough to keep driving

  263. ok, here’s what happened in the last 10 mins:

    CHA up by 20, KW just decides he’s going to score every ball.
    Lead just over 10, KW sits.

    But, the rest of the team is ice cold and Batum now tries to drive the ship. JLin had maybe 2 usages, and he was doubled and could not go in. When Batum had it, he just kept it on his side and no ball movement. Lead sub 10.

    KW back in. Lin out. I think CHA has a good chance to lose.

  264. they deserve to lose this one. and if the selfish player gets injured, he’d deserve it too

  265. even ORL’s 3 ball is hitting. That’s what happens when you brick ISOs – you give the other team hope.

  266. Marvin william isn’t this good

  267. The second unit has taken a big hit because the entire second unit has been marginalized. Al doesn’t help the pace either. Al makes it so that everyone in the unit scores less. When 2nd unit comes in, there is always 1 or 2 starters leading the unit. There is no backup PG anymore. Lin has been the person who has been marginalized the most though. But every game, it is starting to look like day and night when you compare starters with 2nd unit players. Just look at it, MW, Batum, Zeller and Walker have double digits. None of the 2nd unit players hit double digits.

  268. CLIFF: i really know how JLIN play, I REALLY DO!!!!?

  269. Don’t forget, AJ was in w/ Lin clogging the lane.

  270. Hey Sws what do you think about this game for Lin then? you telling me he was utulised in a good way? terrible team, terrible coach i hope please i hope batum and lin leaves pleeeease make it happen.

  271. Al is not working out. And Lin not in the closing lineup is a bad move by Clifford. Lee is playing well, but he should have kept Lin closing.

  272. Lin played pg 2 min in 2nd half.

  273. yes, but I give AJ a high 5 because he tries to work with JLin.

  274. Lee is not playing well, he’s just running with the flow, no impact and can be replaced by any other players

  275. he took 2 probes, saw double teams, gave the ball up early in the clock and never saw it back.

  276. Not really datum did

  277. that says it all… sigh

  278. Usually kw is no good…smh

  279. Kemba has been figured out this game good teams will chew him up. well most good team has so

  280. we’re getting chewed up tomorrow.

  281. Sad BF1 goes to the Magic now.

  282. i hope we will.

  283. Yes, I do too. KW iso during that stretch decreasing the lead.

  284. Keeping KW in in the 4Q was very dumb by Cliff.

  285. easy. make him miss a couple of shots and he’ll start chucking the rest of the game

  286. its JLIN fault!!!


  287. KW shot too early, should have ran the clock.

  288. nah its not that. They have been playing excellent defense on him switching

  289. he was so bad … wide open Lin, look away, brick.

  290. Thanks for summary. Can’t watch

  291. Why are you on the impossible

  292. anyways on to the next game. How many games we have left this season before Lin can be unshackled?

  293. That’s a bad decision by a PG, but a great decision for a stat-padder

  294. yw, I cannot watch either. Enough bad news every day, this just isn’t so fun. But then, I recover by watching GSW or SAS play, and I think ok, I can watch a CHA game again. Rinse repeat. So I’ve cut out reading all articles about world affairs lol.

  295. what?

  296. unshackled. Is this last year or the year before

  297. the coach was afraid to lose, even with the lead was more than 20 points..LOL!

  298. Just like I thought, ORL is a young team so they can’t execute well down the stretch.

    But an experienced team like MIA tomorrow will capitalize on CHA coaching decision mistakes

  299. Its Kembas team he will play even at 0-20

  300. No. I mean I literally am out and can’t watch the game on my phone. But I understand what you mean about world affairs. I recall linsanity being such an uplift for the soul when things were tough.

  301. Hornets better hope Marvin keeps up his recent form

  302. I think he expected they would blow the Magics out then rest Kemba in early garbage time. Well he screwed everuthing up.

  303. Even though the points aren’t there and he missed 3s, Lin played a good game tonight. D is strong as usual but his playmaking help get the team from a deficit to the lead in the first half. Also, he should have 4 more assists tonight. Frank didn’t catch a catchable pass and Al just messed up 3 easy looks.

    Unfortunately, Lin isn’t closing anymore. And that I think is a huge mistake that will cost the coach. Very bad decision.

  304. when lead was 20+, cliff needs to rest his starters KW, Batum and let Lee MW and Zelelr play if he wants…playoff is forth coming and need to get JLIn the real back up PG because KW can’t handle it by himself. but what we know, cliff so stubborn to play his player like a secretariat!

  305. Exactly, Cliff made mistake or stupid.

  306. yep, I watched every Linsanity game many times because they had them on yt then, and it was a hard time for me at work esp with politics. That month and the afterglow of those games was so great. This year, it is SAS and GSW. JLin cannot uplift us because he’s doing his best just to stay very very good at what he does. Only, the place he’s allowed is D, and we aren’t able to see the joy in great D plays because you know they just don’t show D highlights or have D box scores.

  307. Now you’re talking psalm!

  308. KW had one assist tonight. The stretch that he was in w/ Lin and Daniels were for him to score. He tried and did at the expense of the lead and didn’t even care to set up teammates for good shot. Lin and Daniels must have spent lots of energy on defense while KW was in w/them. Even Daniels’ shots couldn’t fall tonight…

  309. very bad coach, because his politics comes against reason…a good coach will know by now who are his players who can deliver, but it seems cliff is still experimenting???

  310. not to mention everyone else being KW’s decoys.

  311. exactly!

  312. Cliff’s mantra is simple: “ride Kemba or Batum when they’re still hot”

    He doesn’t trust other players to build chemistry, strong bench which is necessary for a playoff run.
    If the star players get hurt, Cliff would shoulder the blame

  313. oh please…Screw the D who the hell cares if he does not get rewarded for it. nobody cares about Lin on this team i saw frank look him off kemba looked him off only ones that pass are batum. The bench unit is gone and people on the charlotte forum are dumbfounded as too why that is. This whole team is dumb. Nothing special about it. Marvin has been playing like a all star how long will it last? Kemba is getting the business 2 games in a row teams are playing harder defense on him. he had a whopping 1 assist. Lin should leave, batum should stay to be honest because i dont believe any other team will let him play so freely. Basically everybody got a good deal excpect Lin he got screwed majorly.

  314. Thanks for the magic help from great Cliff and KW 🙁 all the 2nd unit wash out to negative!

  315. That’s how I amuse myself with this frustrating situation for Lin. I try to copy Lins perseverance. ?

  316. I believe Lin’s back is still bothering him, he can’t dribble at lower position like he used to and his ability to drive by people does not seem the same.

  317. There are just too many barriers that are keeping Lin from doing well offensively like he did in other seasons or before ASG this season. Way too many barriers now. I think he would rather focus on defense this season. I mean 2nd unit is basically led by a starter (KW/Batum). Cliff doesn’t want the ball in Lin’s hands. He never was assigned the backup PG role (except preseason). You have Al clogging up the lanes and slowing the pace forcing Lin to only shoot mid range or perimeter shots. There’s less ball movement too.

    I’m not surprised at all that starters have stepped up their game. They all have free reign to score and do well with the right personnel while 2nd unit are on a short leash with lots of friction and wrong players trying to make something happen. This also gives Cliff a reason to play the starters longer. But the starters will be fatigued when playoffs begin.

  318. yeah batum will/should stay even with less money because only Hornets will allow him to be the team star.

  319. The situation with Lin has not change in the last 4 years. The only constant is his minutes and PPG drop. Im starting to doubt he ever becomes more then what he is. Whether its him not shooting well in the worst possible time(contract year). Im just not sure he has a stars mentality. He seems ok being a energizer bunny. Still hoping for the best but once a player is 30 NBa teams Lebel you as old. He has 3 years. 2 years after this. Just being realistic

  320. nope, that’s Al clogging up the lane.

  321. thanks for the analysis, helpful to know since i couldn’t watch the game.

  322. They’re two different things.

  323. well, at least Lin will be rested for tomorrow’s away game…

  324. nah all he needs is one team that lets him play the way he wants. 1 chance not this bullcrap

  325. That’s why I’m saying before the game started that I’m going through the motions. I can’t stand the coaching, the iso hero ball of KW. Boring same old thing Clifford does every game at this point. Don’t know how this sorry of a coach will do in the playoffs with his inflated star.

  326. yeah noticed that too..dribbling was not fluid as before (maybe because of his constant hit and fall)

  327. he’s not playing?

  328. JLin has to be in the right system to be a star.
    Mark Cuban was correct in his assessment in 2012.

    Only time will tell if JLin can be the main ball-handler in a PnR system.
    Hornets turned out to be a mirage of PnR

  329. i meant, he didn’t play so much today, so, he won’t be tired out.

  330. He will be 28. He has 2 years to figure it out.

  331. he has 2 years to figure it out.

  332. one

  333. Ok, we need an official “what the bleep is wrong with Lin’s shot” thread because at this rate he’s going to give Rondo and Rubio a run for their money as worst shooting PG. I like how Lin is trying to showcase his defense to prove the haters wrong, but at the same time all the big name PG’s in the league are scorers. If Lin is looking for a starting role next season he needs to figure out that jumper and fast since the current season is ending soon.

  334. Lin chose a team who could Win rather then a team who would give him a chance

  335. Lin chose this team

  336. why is it all on him though? it’s not like he is being put into a postition to succeed now is he? somehow he manages average double digits is a miracle and shows how good he is. You are talking like he is playing 30 plus minutes and is the one with the ball in his hands majority of the time. Basketball is more than just hitting your 3 pointers.

  337. By now, we know Cliff is not a good coach and very slow-to-adjust

    If it were BOS/MIA/CLE, it would be a sweep in the 1st round because Cliff will be outcoached.

  338. Clifford praised Jeremy for his energy and defence.

  339. He needs to play for himself. From now on.

  340. cliff replacing Lin during magics run (4th Q) was a testament of his doubts as to Jlin’s capabilities and the proof that he lied to Jlin when they offered him to sign for the team. JLIN believes that starting is not that important for as long as you close, but now, even closing is far fetch..its started with His PT, then his Being a PG of the team, and now his closing the game…what more can cliff can do to clip Jlin and boxed the max out of his player

  341. and he has more than 2 years i dont know where you get that stuff from. why cause he’ll be 30? look at marvin right system is more like it not age.

  342. He gave them a big discount to play his game. They have not kept their promises, instead they make him play out-of-position and expect him to produce in constant changing role and reduced minutes.

  343. Thank God he can exercise his player option as an insurance

    If Lin writes an autobiography someday, I’d expect he realize Cliff’s promise didn’t materialize.

  344. Lin should of chose a team that gave him playing time and minutes rather then a playoff team. Hornets was too safe of a team for the price. A cheap deal for the sixers would of been great but knowing lin that would of been worse. What can go wrong will go wrong in his career so far

  345. PF is not a deep roster spot. PG position is stacked

  346. No, we don’t.

  347. He made a bad choice

  348. LOL!!!! as if his doubts was not sufficient, he still say those as if rubbing salt in the wound

    any praise from clifford right now is a waste of time because his action is different from his words!

  349. whatever it takes, he and MDA needs to reunite.

    At this point, I wouldn’t care if people say Lin can only succeed in MDA’s system.
    He could in other system like HOU and even CHA but jealousy took the ball away from his hands.

    Lin can succeed in many systems but not against all NBA politics.
    He needs to choose MDA because MDA needs him to be successful

  350. Hope these tiger fans here will stop all these blame game against Lin saying they are realistic? Are you for real in the first place? Why post here if you don’t like his play? We are here to support him not to pull him down. We are here to explain to other Jlin fans what’s really happening with these games. People like acbc, heart, Dorothy, cdblue, and many more who can really give you a more realistic approach of Lins situation in this Hornets organization.

  351. Lin isn’t going to find a better spot then sixth man if he is lucky. With his stats as they are. Hornets maybe the only option. He got himself in this spot. Going into free agency with worst stats then last year. He will get less then last years contract. Maybe a sixers contract. If that fail it maybe it for him in the nba. Safest bet is stay on the hornets.

  352. No doubt.

  353. Thats a hail mary type of choice. What if it fails??

  354. Also said they lost focus in the second half lol

  355. yes, but he’s smart enough to have an insurance.

    He expected a chance to start next to Kemba or even backup PG to run 2nd unit.
    But who knew all were taken away?

    He made the best decision at the time but clearly it was wrong

  356. Laughable This Clifford coach. He should run for president. Best politician ever!

  357. unfortunately Lin of late has failed to prove himself on the court. Can’t blame Clifford.

  358. Can’t take Cliff’s words or praises seriously anymore. Like I said, it’s a ‘token praise’, nothing special, not to be repeated by the media. Since his preferred players got stats w/the win to go along. All the talk will be KW and NB. Cliff’s assigned duty for Lin is purely defense, and that’s it. Nothing else. Lin finds way to score on his own when he can touch the ball which is rarely. Therefore, his stats will be in single digit more often for the rest of the season.

  359. how did he do?

  360. I beg to differ. Lin’s not getting passes from teammates because they know he’s riding a cold streak. The icing out will just further mess with his head and by extension his shot. He’s Harvard educated so I highly doubt he’s dumb enough to have tried tweaking his shot mid-season. So if you ask me, it’s either mental or something wrong with him physically.

  361. i better stay out if i am JLIn rather than to experience the same treatment all over..but that’s me.

  362. like i said right system and a breakout year like teague had and voila things opens up

  363. oh no, why would he want to stay at the Hornets?

    Why should he relive his mistake?
    Status quo won’t be the answer.

    Having a chance to star in a bad team or even backup to GSW would be a much better deal

  364. dude clocked in 25 minutes

  365. The coach is winning. He’s not bad. He’s not great. He’ll probably be exposed in the playoffs.

    If Clifford wants to be a good coach he has to stop being so rigid and micromanaging and stop overly running everything through Kemba and Batum. That’s going to backfire. Kemba is already showing vulnerabilities if you run too much through him. Batum will also struggle if you do. You have to move things around. And, he can’t use Lin in the spots he is in on the floor now. It’s a waste. Run the ball through Lin more. Running it through Marvin is saving him because Marvin is a very intelligent player. And Cody is really stepping up for him too, doing dirty work and getting rebounds.

    If he doesn’t have Lin next season then he’ll see that he doesn’t have that tool anymore.

    I think the problem is, Lin is the bailout guy. The luxury to have when his main guys don’t go well. Batum had a good game and Orlando made mistakes but this won’t work against Miami, Atlanta, teams like that. He didn’t nurture Lamb, he isn’t optimizing Lin, he isn’t using the combos of guys for long enough when they start to get going by bringing in the starters as a rule. He didn’t always do that and he is a better coach when he’s not doing that.

  366. no..not really..the icing is just because its an order and the pecking order is JLIn will be the last option…no play call for JLIN, thats the proof!

  367. My answer to your first question is after careful deliberation, best option. And that’s after considering the personnel, stability, role, how the interviews went with other teams, etc.

  368. It has to be a calculated risk on any teams that he can compete to be a starting PG.

    Bulls might be good if Hoiberg wants to play fast.
    We know Rose is not very healthy

  369. with that predicament, i am so surprised that JLIn is still playing with energy!

  370. Lin may average single digits this year if this continues.

  371. please. u need to relax. theres ups and downs in life and this is clearly a down. he will get his opportunity BUT i can tell you for sure its NOT with the hornets

  372. Good.

  373. Even the best players have bad games in a supportive team. Lin, having to overcome continuous adversity, is “doing as well as humanly possible”. (I think I am quoting Khuang.)

  374. It’s too early to declare anything best option.

    The off-season hasn’t started yet. Only when JLin receives multiple offers, he can decide which one is best

  375. well he doesn’t know it by then, so he was hoping Cliff was true to his words..(even asked silas, MDA and his friends ) regarding cliffs promises, but unfortunately, cliff words was just for the signing.

  376. I just posted that I believe Lin’s stat will be in single digit more often now for the rest of the season. For playoffs, it will depend in close game when Cliff will need him. But Cliff’s assignment for Lin is defense and only defense, nothing else.

  377. half of it was to serve dinner for AL JEFF!!!

  378. I can’t wait to see when this happens:-) Next game is playing Miami, hope it is a huge loss unless JLin does extremely well and save Cliff/Hornets butt again.

  379. I think when they have the schedule this season, Clifford and the management planned this all along. At least in Rockets even if they deceived him, Lin was able to get his pay due him, but this team? He gave a discount to them because Lin trusted their political speech. I admit Clifford is really believable like a car salesman. Hmmmph!

  380. NBA politics are so bad that JLIN’s option is to be “BLACK” or be with somebody he can truly trust!

  381. They are very close shots. I think Lin needs to diversify his offense. His good games he shoots the mid-range shot. He shot one against tough pressure of Oladipo and hit it. He needs to do that more. Going into the paint he’ll get fouls called or get stripped if fouls aren’t called. And Al is in the way. The 3 pointers aren’t falling. So, find the mid-point.

    I agree that team mates will look for the hotter player. To be fair, when Lin’s game is working the team mates find him usually. Except Kemba. But Marv, Batum at least find him. Frank has a tendency not to. Al sometimes does. Seems like Lee is looking for him too.

    Physically he’s probably banged up but he seems ok to me physically. Mentally, that’s another story. I think Lin is a flow guy and that flow, rhythm, whatever you want to call it is like a mental on/off switch sometimes. Overall, today he was involved and trying to make things happened so I liked his game today and his energy. Too bad his points were low, but this was a much better game than the previous one.

  382. Clearly he forgot Jarrett jack starting at his age.

  383. I think from mgmt POV, bottomline they are still winning…so slips in in-game adjustments would not be in their microscopic view

  384. Looking at some scrub players that get to start on teams is ridiculous And people say Lin is going to have a hard time finding a team to start for. please at least 5 teams he can start for at PG. People dont understand you need a breakout year to have a chance at climbing the PG ladder. I wonder what the hell Lin was thinking really when he went to charlotte to play with kemba? what did he excpect was going to happen. Ball dominant guards have followed him around all these years.and this time it’s his fault really for picking this team. bad choice.

  385. How can a tiger fan relax?

  386. yeah and right now, Hornets is his WORST OPTION! he must start from that because if he thinks hornets is his Best, what will be the scenario from other teams who will offer him a contract..it will be a joke to say the least!

  387. Well, since we know Kemba and Batum don’t run Clifford’s plays and Jeremy doesn’t run point anymore it’s even more important that he shoots well since he’s not going to see that ball very often. Basketball is about feeding the hot hand and Kemba and Batum are not that generous with the ball to begin with. Of his 7 shots tonight, I think only 2 or 3 were off passes. We’ve already seen Lee taking more of Lin’s minutes and the worse he shoots the less he plays.

  388. Yes. But what I meant is he may end up with Hornets if it is his best option compared to other teams he talked to and met with.

    I think, for now, Lin just wants to get his shot back. Except for the airball, it didn’t look that bad tonight. A few that left his hands I thought were in.

  389. Wow tiger fans are posting like mushrooms. Lol

  390. He expects to break out. W/ the promises that Hornets sold him, that’s why he gave them the big discount. But Hornets changed direction on him after preseason. And continued to use him to suppress his minutes and role. Pure and simple.

  391. He’s staying in the NBA. Alain. I think the feeling may be, however, that he hasn’t shown he can put a full strong season together yet. Even if he goes on a strong run in the last 9 games or so, overall there are a lot of single-digit scoring games and on this type of team, he’s not the assists leader. Batum is.

  392. I wish Clifford would reward Lin for his “energy and defense” with PT and/or touches to score.

  393. And one forward. But mostly guards, yes. That’s why I’ve said for awhile now that maybe the challenge given to Lin is how to play his game and be effective and get numbers playing alongside them without compromising his team game too much.

  394. Clifford only play the lip service; praise without reward Lin with PT or freedom, it is in vain!

  395. I think he’ll have some good games to come. I guess I’m more optimistic than others. I’m not saying it is impossible, but I don’t think it’ll happen. And you did say may if this continues. But I think he’ll have better scoring games.

  396. Think you for debating rather then name calling. You are correct offensively Lin is extremely inconsistent. Im happy with his defense although his defense has some flaws. He keeps getting better but not in a superstar type a leap. Lin is simply becoming more well rounded. This will keep him in the NBA longer. His shot at being a star is dwindling. The role he has now maybee an option for 5-6 years. Then a specialty the of player after on limited minutes for a championship team. This is how Lins career is reading

  397. That is a simile, not name-calling.

    Saying “she sings like a canary,” does not mean she is a canary.

  398. Yep, they should think how disappointed Lin is feeling right now. If we don’t like it, he sure does not like it either. And he has to deal w/it personally each day. I hope they understand that.

  399. who cares, it’s almost over

  400. And he’s stepped up in some back-to-backs, especially when he played moderate minutes in the first game. Hope so. He’s due for a high-teens or even in the 20s scoring night.

    Miami likes to target him, though. Something about Spo, he sets a lot of heavy pressure and traps on Lin.

  401. can’t make something happen out of nothing. These tiger fans need to understand Lin is in a position not to succeed.

  402. Then he is given a challenge i dont think he can take. and he should not have that kind of mindset where he has to try to make it over an unmountable mountain. Lin is not a shooter he is a PG id he played PG the majority of the time he played for this team and stunk i’d call him out done it couple of times. But he is not playing PG. Why should Lin always get the rough task? nobody can last playing alongside this. and people say playoffs is so damn important why? if you cant win the whole thing what does it matter? nah Lin got plenty of time to have that later in his career. What he needs to do is Get his and be done with this whole dominant guards.

  403. I wouldn’t put too much on the right system. I think it is now time to just play with a sense that he has to get his numbers up. As Alain said, play more for him.

  404. Critic are needed. You cant protect Lin. If he becomes a star Like in NY again. He will have to dothat on his own. He will not be helped by coaches coddling him. Or teams pushing for him. He is an outsider in the NBA. Its sad but true. Has always been.

  405. critics are needed true but a fair and balanced one is what is needed.

  406. cliff was so focused when he kept KW plays early 4Q..!!!


  407. I wasn’t being fair. Explain?? What did i say that was unfair?

  408. “Like mushrooms” is a simile. “Tiger fans” is name calling. And even if it isn’t, it’s insulting and divisive. There is no need for that.

  409. if it’s like with al in there its not going to happen. honestly though Sws where do you think Lins ceiling is to be honest.

  410. those who do not learn from history are doom to repeat it

  411. i can’t say the coach is winning….right now, he is doing his thing to the detriment of winning games…

    chances for the team is in favor, but not because of his coaching!

  412. Tiger parents, tiger fans… are now popular sayings and used widely. It is not insulting or divisive for me.

  413. Hornets remaining of games: (15 games)
    Game 68 17 March vs Miami (Away)
    Game 69 19 March vs Denver
    Game 70 21 March vs San Antonio
    Game 71 22 March vs Brooklyn (Away)
    Game 72 25 March vs Detroit (Away)
    Game 73 26 March vs Milwaukee (Away)
    Game 74 29 March vs Philadelphia (Away)
    Game 75 1 April vs Philadelphia
    Game 76 3 April vs Cleveland (Away)
    Game 77 5 April vs Toronto (Away)
    Game 78 6 April vs New York (Away)
    Game 79 8 April vs Brooklyn
    Game 80 10 April vs Washington (Away)
    Game 81 11 April vs Boston (Away)
    Game 82 13 April vs Orlando

    From the remaining schedule of 15 games, Hornets only has 5 home games. Among the teams, only Miami, San Antonio, Cleveland, Toronto are currently in playoffs bound, these are the teams that require everyone to play teamball to win. The rest is winnable if Hornets play decent but not too heroic games. However, since most of them are away games, who know what might happen in their home fronts. Interest to see the end result.

    Wonder how JLin responds to the remaining games because of how Cliff/Hornets uses JLin. Can he get his rhythm in offense? Can’t see Cliff will use JLin more in offense and with the current starters in playing more non playoff teams, doubt that starters will be prepared for playoffs games. So, my guess is it will be 4-0 to current top 4 teams. It will be sweet sweet to my eyes.

  414. Lol your goal for lin is jarrett jack

  415. why do you say, Coach is not winning….Hornets thus far had performed well above expectation, especially after the ASG

  416. You may be right. Maybe he has a winner’s mentality but not a star player’s mentality. Maybe he’s a player that is a solid weapon to be used along with star players. And if he is good as an energizer bunny, that means he’s more suited for the bench than starting. And I’m being realistic as well as a basketball observer and not as a Lin fan with these comments.

  417. The way you write sometimes it seems like we are watching different games to be honest. I critique Lin as well but when there are games like this it cant all be on Him. again he has not been put in a position to suceed. Last great game for him was against cleveland where he got to run the offense. After that few and far between where he has. Kemba played whole 4th quarter almost even with the bench unit. Lin did what in the 4th? zitch nothing he was invisible people looked him off i think he got the ball 2 times rest of the time was standing in the corner. When kemba went out it was pass it off to batum. Cliff yells at Lin everytime down the offense he does not let him play the game freely like a batum or kemba. He is in his ears ALL THE TIME! i bet you when he had big games this year there was no one yelling at him 24/7 and he got to play his game.

  418. Well it is to me. Your argument is like saying the Oscars were ok about the Asian joke because it was not intended to insult. But it did insult and it did hurt and people were offended by it.

    No one has a right to tell people what insults them or not. I was hoping this is why this forum was created as opposed to dot net. Now I’m not so sure.

  419. I prefer lin plays well in the playoffs and help the team to the 2nd round. That will help him to pick his team next team.

  420. I think some of what he’s doing, over reliance on 2 players and such and sub-optimizing guys like Lin will be exposed in the playoffs.

    Cliff has a lot to learn as a coach. He has some good qualities, like not trashing players and definitely having a good knowledge of what works for other coaches. But he also is blind in many areas and can’t recognize when a guy in a unit is hot and needs to stay in the game yet conversely some guys are running out of gas and making mental errors he keeps in.

  421. Unfortunately, there is absolutely no reason to believe his role/usage will be any different come playoff time.

  422. What you said may or may not be correct. I believe constructive criticism/discussions on Lin’s play may be interesting or productive, but a new thread with the title “what the bleep is wrong with Lin’s shot” seems so negative that belongs in a certain Houston BB website.

  423. may be worst

  424. In tonight’s game, I thought I heard Cliff yelled “Move, Move” when Lin received a pass from KW and was about to do something w/it. But once he heard that he passed it right back to KW. Anyone heard that? That’s why Lin cannot hold onto the ball or do any dribbling to probe defense to get offense. It’s disgusting to see what Cliff is doing to him.

  425. You are making this game specific. I was having a broader career discussion on his career and the downward spiral it has been on for the last 4 years. Having a bad shooting “year” is the worst possible time to have it. Lin has always played well for one haif then bad the other haif. This is not new. Im watching the overall arc of Lins career and its concerning. I remember linsanity. His career thus far since Lin sanity has been a disappointment. Fault on him or coaches or racism. ITs very disheartening

  426. Blaming everyone but Lin isn’t helping as well

  427. Lin’s jumpshot is broken.

    He’s now a liability out there on the offensive end. Defenders are packing the paint and giving him tons of space to shoot because that is the only way he can score effectively now.

    Changing his shot form can no longer be an excuse as it’s been the pretty much the entire season already. Shooters go through slumps through the course of the season. But I think it’s clear there’s something fundamentally wrong with his shot. I’m not a shot doctor so I don’t know for sure what’s wrong but his shooting woes are no longer an anomaly.

    One thing I clearly notice is that his shooting arc is much lower than when he was playing last year with the Lakers. I thought Lin’s shot was the best of his career towards the end of last season.

    I’ve been saying this for a while but Lin needs to move on from Doc Scheppler and get a proven NBA shooting coach. His FT shooting hasn’t gotten any better, his 3pt shooting is not consistent enough. The only time I remember him shooting the ball well coming into the regular season was his second season in Houston.

  428. Thank you for your contributions here. I like to talk basketball and Lin as a player.

    I have a deep respect for those that see Lin as a symbol and worry about mistreatment. There is something very wrong when we see some of the hits Lin takes and not get calls; some of the biased comments other announcers make about him; still insensitive racial remarks made on his culture and so forth.

    But then there is the very practical part of Lin’s mental and physical game and us giving our observations of it.

    I think what helps Lin is that he realizes his weak points and works on them. He’s done some. He’ll do more. He’s a fun player to watch when he’s in gear. I think Lin has problems figuring out how to get in gear regardless of coach/players/system etc. It’s something internal in him because a lot of the same traits are now showing up on 3 different teams.

    Star, maybe not. But great impact player that is respected. That’s what I hope for. He is and I hope to see him able to have a strong season where he is in most game and has fewer of the dud games he’s had the past 3 seasons.

  429. more like a broken system and forcing shots

  430. Correct. His shooting is now worst then his Knicks years.

  431. lol year or haif year.

  432. Does Lin take any blame

  433. i understand what you are saying but look at the teams he played on? its like a tragedy. Knicks,Houston,Lakers,and now charlotte all have a ball dominant player. Lin gets the sour deal. so his career has been alright thus far conisdering the circumstances. All he needs is a team were he can be starting and running offense. I believe that will happen but people need to stop thinking about the playoffs and consider a team that may not make it.

  434. it’s a broken system and forced shots. facts

  435. Nah his shot is pretty broken no way around that.

  436. I’m really not sure. Because he can play at the level of the Cavs game, I wonder why he can’t do that more. I’ve seen him come off of the bench and have triple doubles and even on the Hornets, have a huge impact on the game. Other games he just seems complementary, not looking to get it going.

    I’m puzzled by Lin overall. I can’t really answer that question.

  437. Lin came in the season shooting well with his new shooting form with quicker release and lower arc and less jumping but then it just went downhill from there. Truly hope his new shooting form will be set before playoffs.

  438. truer words have never been said.

  439. you know what, if the team goes to second round, and even Lin did not play well there, the concept will still be a successful year for Lin.

    There is no incentive at all for the team to fail. I mean incentive to Lin, not incentive to fans.

    I don’t see a single reason for a Lin fan who truly want Lin to success would wish his team to fail.

    However, for fans rooting Lin to fullfill their own satisfactory, I could understand they want the team to fail, so they will feel better, after all, themselves happiness is still over Lin. I think I could understand that.

  440. He gets enough blame from doubters and haters. You should start thinking about which camp you belong to. Lol

  441. It matters going forward.

  442. Well, in time we well see

  443. Haha! Wonder what the Rox announcers had to say about that!

  444. you don’t know that for sure. fans aren’t shooting coaches

  445. Lin chose this team. There are only three teams that aren’t ball dominate.

  446. Why hasn’t he played PG on 3 teams now? What are the coaches looking for that they keep taking it away from him? The thing I keep coming up with is they don’t trust his handles. His passing and court vision are wonderful. But his handles aren’t on the same level.

    If he had stronger handles, he could deal with the what may become inevitable ball-dominant players better.

  447. Well true sat,

  448. Drexler: Great defense but better offense

  449. I think you are comparing apple and orange.

    What Chris Rock did at the Oscars had a underlining racism/stereotype and was offensive/insulting to Asians/Chinese. Calling someone a tiger fan or tiger parents, does not have a racial implication, at least for me personally.

  450. I was definitely offended by the Oscars and that insulting Asian “joke”. And wasn’t that thrilled with their apology either. But it is a step.

    Nothing gained in being divisive.

  451. yeah and thats on him. And there are not only 3 teams that are not ball dominant. plenty of teams dont have a ball dominant guard, where are you getting your numbers from?

  452. Till then he is need to adjust.

  453. Stating fact is not blaming. It’s what has happened before our eyes.

  454. Do you sense a clique here? I do. Why can’t we just post on Lin and the game?

  455. name them?

  456. as of right now, the Hornets are predicted to make the playoffs but Lin’s year is considered a down year

  457. Better effort than usual. He actually ran and put his hand up to feebly contest (way later than he should have of course)

  458. Well, he is in the middle of changing his shot so he will be terrible at shooting even if he go back. Might as well go through and hope the new mechanic will stick and result in much better shooting FG% going forward. It takes a year or 2 to own it and make it natural. Not sure if his career can survive the shot change though.

  459. Also,
    Lin’s assist to Al at 1:09 1Q is highlighted at nba.com for tonight’s game.

  460. Idc what hater do. Lins career is not going great right now. I doubt haters care anymore.

  461. yeah they are looking at his handles said it plenty of times. He played pointgurd in houston with harden? Had kobe on the lakers where he hated jeremy you telling me that wont mess with your head having kobe and byron on you? so where has he had a chance to play PG dictating offense without any bull? now his shooting is all on him and being stuck to his stupid coach. His handles is all on him being with some idiot called the doctor. his choice of team this year ALL ON HIM Lin is not guilt free in this. thats why i hope he choosed wisely next year.

  462. He has to utilize his mid-range shot. The one time he did that tonight it was under strong pressure and he nailed it. Going to the paint so much makes him too predictable. And he’s not nailing the 3. So, the logical thing to do is go inbetween.

    HIs FT shooting is actually good this year. He has a few games where he struggles but mostly he’s shooting well from the FT line.

  463. yes, they did

  464. nets,bucks,76ers,timberwolves,Dallas,Pelicans may be in need of a PG Jrue holiday is hurt a lot. JAzz are in dire need of a PG, pacers are in need of a PG monta ellis is not a PG, Grizzlies may need but i dont think lin will go there.

  465. JLin can play well but with Cliff and starters aren’t prepared for playoffs, the chance of getting to round 2 is very slim realistically. I’m all for JLin to play well in playoffs more than anything and everything. My doubt has never on JLin but Cliff and starters.

  466. Unfortunately, life is full of should’ve, could’ve, would’ve for Lin, for you and for me. Hindsight is always 20-20.

  467. that’s your opinion. And if the team fail now, it won’t make Lin’s year less down.

  468. This from the charlotte forum.

    Last game he had 14.1% USG.

    You guys always say “he had his chances”, but never mentioned that he delivered every time when he got his chances. If you look at his performance when he started, when he had high number of touches, and when he had longer on ball time, those are all his good games and he had good performances.

    The problem I had with you is that when he don’t have the touches, when he don’t have the on ball time and play time and USG, he struggles, and you guys just ignore those, and complain about his performance.

    There are plenty of time people saying that coming from bench it is harder to get into grove and get consistent shooting. Just like Kemba, how many time he started with a 0-5 or 1-7? However, he would touch the ball and shoot it enough later on to get a chance to bring back his shooting%. Lin don’t have that luxury. His play time some times stop after that 0-5 or 1-7.

    And don’t give me those “he had his chance” argument. Yes, he got his chance, he delivered, and those don’t count and never contributed to his PT. He could never earn his PT, his PT always based on team needs not his performance. He was given a chance to start as a PG and he delivered with a win, and he go right back to bench and have only 15 min play time right after that. He would have a 50 min playtime directly followed by 15 min in next.

    I will be okay if he is yo-yo’ed like that, but keep your anticipation correlated to his opportunity. When team only need him to come off the bench and leave majority of the ball handling/play making to Kemba/Batum, then anticipate him shoot inconsistent and not give big production.

    But I’m not okay with tiger fans like you guys, anticipate him shoot good percentage out of the gate, no matter he got touch the ball or not, no matter what role he is in.

    Lin has been working fine in this team, he never dragged down the team or cost the team a win. He contributed whenever he is leaned on, he never complained when he is not needed. It is always guys like you and some others on this board, (I’d say quite some of them are so called Lin fans), you guys always demand him to deliver, every game he did not perform to your standard, you guys will complain.

    Lin just had a good game vs. HOU, when he was given chances. Okay, that game he had a lot more touches and more than 4min on ball time, which is way above average after ASB. I see nobody mention that game when you complain about his shooting.

    This is a team thing, you guys always sounds like Lin just need to go out and demand the ball and be aggressive and that will help the team. That might not even be the coach’s plan for that game.

  469. Lin just ask for prayers for his new shot form. Doubters and haters are gleefully pending away at his trails. No sympathy, no empathy…wow great “fans”. Lin asks for positive spiritual help and “fans” pound him with more doubt and negativity.

    Does he get no respite from the marginalization from his own team and coach? How can he work through his problems when he gets no easy sets. He gets the ball in hand and is immediately told to pass it away.

    A shot stroke mechanic is extremely difficult to change. It takes time and total commitment. When your own team makes it doubly hard for you, when they never give you easy shots, when they give you shot clock bail out shots, it’s just not going to make it easy. When Lin has been given starter minutes or sets, he’s done very well. That means it’s not the form, it’s the way that form is put under extreme duress.

    It’s not a matter of IF, it’s a matter of WHEN Lin will finally get this new shooting form. For all the Lin doubters, Lin will have the last laugh. When it happens, I hope you all eat your equal share of humble pie for all the negativity you dish out.

  470. for all the armchair fans thinking Lin’s shot is broken, did you forget to post when he scored a bunch in games where he wasn’t marginalized like against TOR and CLE?

  471. Yes and I had an all out convo all on my own about his contract the other day.

    It’s getting a bit tiring and disappointing but it is what it is. No one is forcing me to stay, I suppose.

    I value the Lin community because I have only a few friends that watch basketball like I do and even less that are as inspired by Lin as I am. But these days not sure it’s worth it.

  472. LOL Wes Johnson must’ve felt like taking candy from a baby

  473. Thank You! Amen to that!

  474. dont thank me thank the guy who wrote it just wanted people who says he gets enough touches to see this.

  475. “He contributed whenever he is leaned on, he never complained when he is not needed.” Well said.

    Lin is a tough, reliable and diligent worker bee for sure.

  476. Thanks for posting it. At least someone else besides us see what’s happening.

  477. Not racial but it is meant to describe or stereotype a particular set of people. That’s divisive. You know what? We can argue about this all day and not come to a conclusion.

    I originally came here because it was a non judgmental, positive site as opposed to the other one. I just don’t think it is anymore. My opinion. So I’ll just decide whether to come and go.

  478. LOL, thank you for moving it here.

  479. Thank you TTNN you could not have wrote it better to be honest. i hope everybody reads it! by the way the usage percent how do you look it up?

  480. Shortcoming for sure. When Kemba or Batum or hurt it changes though. Ride Lin. But he hasn’t learned the results of that well enough.

  481. He’s playing well within the flow. At first he didn’t know what to do, but he’s contributing about 10-12 a game pretty consistently. That’s his game. And his defense is quite good too.

  482. yes, and don’t forget Lin also shot 62% (8-13) in ATL and PHI games.
    But he was still limited in 20min to give Lee more time.

    If I were to sit in JLin’s living room, I would ask him 1 question,
    “Jeremy, do you know why Clifford assigned you to be an SG whenever Kemba and/or Batum plays PG on court since the big CLE win?”

  483. Yes. We can come and go as we please. I think we both hope that Lin finds his shot and does well. As you said, the sites are what they are.

  484. and to add to this, his starter stats is way better. it’s really not a case of his “broken shot”, but of his usage on the team

  485. This is from a Charlotte’s fan?

  486. I agree they’re winning with Kemba and Batum plus Marvin who has been playing like an All-Star against easy teams so they don’t look at what’s necessary for a deep playoff run like Spurs and GSW to strengthen the bench.

    The goal is just to reach playoff while keeping the stars happy so the coaching staff and FO won’t get fired. Even if JLin helped them to play team-ball, his role is not recognized or prioritized. Very sad :[

  487. NBA.com


    This game he had 15.6% USG, and he had his 8% of team touches again.

  488. no, that’s me. I had a rant before today’s game.

  489. Hornets, say hi to Celtics.

  490. thats not that big of an improvement is it?

  491. What games have you been following? Lin has missed like 2 FTs since the beginning of March. He was shooting perfect 100% till he missed one last game.

    I believe in Lin and his faith in Doc. I happen to agree with the logic behind what Doc teaches. You may not understand the biomechanics of it but obviously the Harvard grad does.

    As a tennis coach, I understand how difficult it is to make such a dramatic change in a stroke. It’s not that Lin doesn’t have it yet. He does! What he is working through now is what we call ownership of a skill. What that entails is taking it from the practice court to the game. His FTs tells me that when he is not under pressure, he can make his shots. It’s when he can’t control the way the flow of the game brings opportunities for him to shoot that he struggles. This is nothing new. Tiger woods has gone through multiple swing changes and each time he had to “own” his swing by taking it from the practice range and onto the course.

    Please watch some BBall Breakdown videos on Stef Curry and his shooting and you’ll see that he gets a lot of set plays made for him to create enough separation so that he can take a “practice shot”. Lin never gets these types of “practice shots”. He doesn’t know when or how he’s going to get the ball. Most times it’s a desperation shot at the end of shot clock.

    This is why Lin has done so well when he’s started. He was given the role in which plays are set for him to shoot. That’s why he scored 35 against Raptors and 24 against Cavs.

  492. If playoff started today, Hornets will travel to Miami for game 1 of the series tomorrow.

    Yes they should be on the plane right now.

  493. You may be right that the phrase “stereotypes a particular set of people.” Let’s agree to disagree.

    Living in NY, I have followed Lin since he broke out in the BB world in 2012. Here I have been a lurker for a long time, just recently started posting. It is mostly a fun, positive, and informative place for me. I enjoy different perspectives from various posters.

  494. It’s so depressing. Just getting worse and worse.

  495. That’s really good work TTNN.

  496. im going to have a field day with this usage rate procent after every game.

  497. That’s your problem as well isn’t it. You just doubt too much.

  498. Cant argue with this great stuff. New hope found

  499. Can I upvote you and TTNN 100 times?

  500. Its getting hard

  501. I force you to stay!…come on mate….just take it easy…there are many type of fans…they way I view it….as long as they are fan…differing opinion is fine as long as we react in civil and show respect to each other and the points that we are arguing on.

    I do understand some fans (immaterial Tiger fans or Lion fans) gets emotional in their posting, which is fair in terms of fans’s perspective (although the post maybe bias with emotion); when we know, Lin could be better used to his strength and team’s betterment.

    The other group of fans, tend to think to take things objective from BB or NBA perspective with lesser emotional biases hence differing opinion is formed.

    Ultimately we wan Lin to excel, we invest much of our time here online, for the LOVE we have towards Lin

  502. Can I also up vote you 10 times then, lol

  503. How about why do you sacrifice so much for this team?

  504. So wait my comment of saying someone calling me a tiger fan is childish gets deleted but The person saying I’m a tiger fan gets a pass lol sounds about fair

  505. Respect!!!

  506. Ive always notice a group of 5-6 people who are quite possibly moderators. They act all we are moderate but say something they don’t like and just watch. Even if your being reasonable. They will name call but its ok they are moderators. Its ok idc i come here for Lin anyways. Not to join clique

  507. Just for comparison, 21.3% USG vs Rox, ranked 4th in the team.

    While this game with 15.6% USG ranked 2nd to last in the team.

    Guess who has the most highest USG in both games?

  508. I join it here because it free

  509. Thats too but there are definitely cliques here. They definitely don’t make here very welcoming especially if you have your own mind

  510. Alain and others…..the problem we have here, where we have empowered fans here to highlight any trolls by down voting.

    Its a double edged sword, because at times we have fans who disagree with a another members POV, then uses the down vote, hence this posting goes into moderation mode. Its not the Moderators who are deleting them.

    We only delete them when it breaks the forum rules…maybe @psalm234:disqus need to think of another way…..lets see…we shall discuss

  511. dont worry it . I g uess it will be fine.

  512. well, Jin is okay. he, is okay

  513. Yea he will rise. This year Is just not his year. Hopefully next year

  514. Thx for the response. i appreciate it. Just hate the feeling of being ostracized simply for having a differing idea. Simply debate me like the post below from aras and i would agree. Debate rather then name call.

  515. It was just humor, as they’re on the plane now or in Miami already. They are going to play the Heat tomorrow.

  516. bam

  517. Someone dislike your music taste. My “Missed call” post got deleted.

  518. maybe that’s why Cliff said that Lin played with good D.

  519. What clique? I don’t feel any clique at all.
    I only feel the intense love of Lin fans here.

  520. how wrong you are… This year is a nother year….. Year of f experiment

  521. Theres a group that take any criticism as a personal attack to Lin.

  522. No need to. i know it is depressing, but still need to stay positive. Lin will find his way. As long as this team could go into playoff, Lin’s season would consider not wasted. i don’t mind he slump now. Good time to see all the potential problem and hopefully he will be well prepared and figure out an way to be effective.

  523. I read this blog often but don’t post. So I’ve read many of your comments, Alain, and I think of you as a JLin fan.

  524. Thx i remember during Lin sanity being on the Knick blogs. Man the hate that was there was crazy. Those days was so great

  525. I wonder if Lin’s great effort on defense is affecting his shooting. After all PJ supposedly started so he could make it easier for Batum on defense so Nick could concentrate more on offense.

  526. Name-calling and personal attacks are definitely violating the forum rules.

    Our ideal vision is to have respectful discussion of differing ideas. Things have progressed since the forum existed but it can certainly get better.

    We wish Lin fans can extend more patience to one another, especially when things get tough like now.

    Is there name-calling below? Our mods should be able to look into it

  527. Im wining. wow…… great a way of calling me a baby without saying it. Very mature

  528. Very possible that his great effort on defense is affecting his offensive game.

  529. Lol, you called it.

  530. You and I will always have some differences, but I agree with you on this one.

  531. Because they caring so much about Lin , and feel so much for lin’s situation. Therefore, it’s disheartened to see others criticize Lin for something that may not be his fault or something he can change. You can give opinion how he can improve instead of how he sucks maybe helps a lot I supposed.

  532. Hm, we do have to see how downvotes impact posts into pending state.
    Let me check the setting.

    Thanks for looking into it

  533. This feels weird. I’m 200 pounds so crying about something someone says is not my thing. I rarely get upset for anything. It just feel wrong that someone called me tiger mom which I’m not offended by but i said to respond don’t name call its childish . Guess which one got deleted. Ive had moderators say way worst thing to me but theres is ok. They seem to be an abuse of moderator power. Its ok idc. Ive notice it for a while now. just so you know there does seem to be a clique on this site

  534. i understand but i criticize to say Like hey Lin we are in the 3rd quarter of your career. Its now or never. Thats what i was saying but i understand why people are protective. Just debate though don’t name call

  535. I should effect him because it’s hard to pickup momentum if you are NOT one of the main offensive weapons.

    Believe me, Lin would love to overcome that problem ASAP.

  536. Well i think the moderter did well

  537. This is why Harden lacks defense. ITs difficult to be a two way player. The issue is Defense is like a rumor. If the rumor is not out, you won’t get paid for it. Lins defense is really good but i doubt they pay him for his great defense

  538. Great job providing good information at Hornets forum

    Of course, some skeptics will always deny it or refuse to ask why Lin’s usage not increased when performing well if it helps the team win.

  539. Yes. Agree .I feel for Lin too. It’s definitely now or never. But I won’t say it out loud though because it only brings frustration to the already frustrated situation.

  540. I think jlin did fine. Well fine here it is a bit objectife.

  541. Well to say some one is a tiger mom is an indictment on how this person act. For me to say some one is acting childish is an indictment on an act someone did. A lot of this is semantics non the less. anyways sense I’m not in the clique. The other person get the benefit of the doubt

  542. I doubt Bluebell, Jlinfanfromaus, psalm234, real dsb, Mak or wukong, will say something really awful to you? Ever? As far as I observed, they did great job. Occasionally, maybe a slightly off, but overall wonderful job moderating this forum.

  543. It’s obvious you want JLin to be a star, and so do the others. I think we just have different ways of expressing our frustrations with his career trajectory. Let’s move on.

  544. Why theres a reason why Lin is falling. He has the talent and the work ethic. This is fixable. If its racism or Bad team selection. Or confidence issue. Lin doesn’t have forever to figure it out

  545. Agreed. Would you have believed me if after insanity i told you this would be lin 4 years from now. At one point i was thinking. 18 ppg then 25 ppg then take over the world lol. Dam how the mighty have fallen

  546. thx

  547. I will never known for sure. But applying logic and reasons, this seems to be the case. I accept that Lin is only a human and humans have their limit. Obviously Lin is not on the level of MJ where he can be extremely effective on both offence and defence at the same time, so he’ll have to choose. And I think he chosed to spend most of his effort on D since that may be what makes Clifford keep him on the court longer. I just wish he can balance it out more because at the end of the day, doesn’t matter how good he becomes in terms of his D, he will never get the recognition he deserves. He will most likely not be regarded as a lockdown defender like Tony Allen or Shawn Marion type and get paid for such reputation. It’s just the way the NBA hype machine works. We’ve seen enough cases of JLin’s contribution gets turned a blind eye on. So I wish he can at least maintain his reputation as a instant spark off the bench or elite offensive guard….

  548. No. He is,not

  549. Yea, I had high hopes too, not as specific as you because I’m just a casual fan from way back watching the Warriors with Nate Thurmond, Barry, Wilkes.

  550. You make it sound as if he has a choice. If he doesn’t play lockdown defence, he’ll get the Lamb treatment. Clifford has got it down to a fine art on how to take the ball out of Lin’s hands on offence. Why do you even suggest he has any option to actually play offence? Lin doesn’t so wishful thinking won’t make it happen.

  551. Al jefferson had a 27 usage rating. is cliff ok???

  552. This is not true. Every good game Lin had this year with the exception of the cavs game he played great defense and offense. The shots are not short. They are just off

  553. bam just saw that and laughed my ass off.

  554. no it is no ok.Cliff us using him.

  555. This one stats explains all of Lins issues. Lin can average 12 ppg on driving alone. With al there he cant drive at all. When he does the only option is to pass it to al. Kemba also couldn’t drive with Al in. This new bench reminds me of the lakers last year

  556. Of course he has the talent and the work ethic. In art industry or designing industry, many talented one, but only few able and have the opportunity to raise to the top or get famous.
    So what’s your take on lin’s situation? Is it Racism? Or bad team selection? Or confidence issue? Or all of the above? What can he do to improve or to solve any of the above? What is your suggestions for him?

  557. “And I think he chosed to spend most of his effort on D since that may be what makes Clifford keep him on the court longer”.

    WHAT? He chose? Defense was the ONLY thing left for him to do to earn 20 mpg.

    If you watched the game you should know a BIG difference between 1st half and 2nd half.

  558. He is just just be in there just a defensive use.

  559. yeah…I noticed that as well…lol

    I was just messing around during that musing….

  560. refresh to see it again…on your post

  561. Lin is a set in as a defensive mode. Lin is just going in the plan.

  562. lol idk. work on what you can control. His shooting must be better so no matter his usage he can thrive

  563. I hope this will be featured. Umm…this should be featured. Lol

  564. Lee has a higer usage then Lin. Marvin has to come back to earth at some pointl

  565. hi

  566. it is 😉

  567. Cherry picking a few games out of an entire 82 game season is not good evidence to being a good shooter. I’ve watched nearly every single game this season.

    He’s missing stand still wide open 3s. You don’t need plays run for you to hit those shots.

    You are entitled to your opinion. I can’t breakdown mechanically what is wrong with this shot. I just think you are no longer getting used to a new shot form after an entire season.

  568. Lamb has a much better shooting % than lin. Where is he now? I agreed with Joe. Should lin playe less than good defensively, he will only get 15mins. Thats how Clifford plays the bench.

  569. Well, I think lin there is just to defend. May be lee and marvin just assist lin to get the job

  570. @psalm234 or other mods:

    It may be a good idea to feature TTNN point of view down below so that all posters can easilt see it?

  571. Good idea psalm!

  572. Well im tired of people bitching and whining all the time as if they know better than lin himself in terms os what he should/need to do.

    Lin knows better than anyone and has menioned himself and asked for prayer already and still there are people, or so called lin fans, to add salt into his wounds.


  573. Get use to it. Lin is learming how to be a defensine . In the very limited time he is having a difficult time to be a ofensive threat.

  574. It is being featured :)…maybe you have not refreshed your page to view it

  575. This game’s usage rate

  576. Touches ans Passes

  577. hey everyone. is there something wrong with Lin physically? I’ve been watching him these past few games and he seems a step slow. he used to be much quicker and more aggressive. hope he doesn’t need any off season surgery when it’s all said and done. I think he’s sacrificing way too much for this coach and this organization.

  578. Great..thanks

  579. You talk apples and oranges. Lamb and Lin have two different roles. Lamb’s problem was not his defense because his D is not worse than Daniels. We don’t know why he’s in the doghouse but one thing we know he’s a ball stopper.

    If you think Lin would play less had he played less defense then you should agree with me not Joe. Joe’s comment was Lin chose to play D more instead of offense like he had a choice.

  580. No one here claiming they know more than Lin does know himself but they do know why and what the situation Lin’s in.

  581. oh no, he is too much in involve in the defensive assignment.

  582. Why can’t they let me up vote more than once for that feature comment?

  583. Well… Technically he has a choice. Everyone has. It’s just the matter of where your choice will leads you to. His choice was whether to appeal to Clifford and gain as much playing time as he can get, or otherwise. He obviously did a great job but it wasn’t in his control that Clifford is simply too stubborn or too dumb to recognise his effort and impact and reward him with what he deserves. However, the discussion was about whether if his effort in executing lockdown D is affecting his shooting performance. And my take is that it is very possible.

  584. Haha~~I am just kidding! Good song still though I agreed with the deletion because the lyric show some Inappropriate content for the site, I wasn’t aware when I posted it.

  585. Mate, chill. Seems like your focus was about what happened in this game, but I was talking about his general situation thus far. Please stop criticising me just for the sake of it.

  586. There was a point in OT against Kings when Lin went right up to Hairston to ask for the ball and he just ignored Lin and passed it to Kemba. What’s Lin going to do, steal it from him? If Lin doesn’t do as he’s told, he’ll just sit like Lamb. That’s not a choice, that’s career suicide. That’s not technically a choice is it.

  587. This is an interesting ESPN 730 article about the Hornets team chemistry.
    It looks like one of JLin’s prayer request to reach out to his teammates have a good impact with up to 10 guys in the Bible Study group. 10 out of 15 players in the roster is quite an impressive attendance. I wonder which 5 guys skipped out LOL

    Charlotte’s Team Bond

    Mar 15, 2016 — 7:39pm

    There are many reasons to point to why the Charlotte Hornets are playing such good basketball at the moment. You can point to the upgrade in talent on the roster, you can even downplay their success by saying they play in the Eastern Conference, but neither are the sole reasons for why Charlotte is having their best season in a long time.

    We can go back and forth on what is the driving force behind this team, but what we can agree on is one of the reasons for success is the fact that guys are playing for each other and not individual accolades.

    You can’t say that about every team in the NBA.

    Monday night against Dallas, Nic Batum hit the first 3-pointer of the game for the Hornets at the 8:18 mark in the first quarter, a meaningless bucket to start the game. Jeremy Lamb, Troy Daniels and Jorge Gutierrez all stood up celebrating as if it were a crucial bucket in the fourth quarter.

    The celebration isn’t because the points came on a fancy Kemba Walker crossover, or a Cody Zeller putback dunk that’s a SportsCenter Top 10, its routine. When there’s a made basket, appreciation is shown.

    What makes this bond of teammates special is that it extends off the floor also; it’s deeper than basketball and more than defensive stops and free-throws.

    “This by far is the most together team off the court that I’ve been a part of,” Marvin Williams said. “When we go out of town you’ll catch four, five or six guys getting together for a poker game or guys going out to dinner, or 10 guys at Bible Study something that Jeremy Lin brought to the team.”

    If you’ve ever been in an uncomfortable working situation as far as the environment or the people you work with, you understand the importance of enjoying the people you work with.

    The Charlotte Hornets aren’t the circus that is the Sacramento Kings.

    Courtney Lee, who was acquired from Memphis in a trade, was assured by Memphis’ front office that he wasn’t going to be traded. Now that he’s here, Lee is enjoying his time as a Hornet.

    “If I would have known I was getting traded to this team, with these character guys in the locker room, it wouldn’t have fazed me at all,” Lee told me in an interview Tuesday afternoon. “When you see your best player on the team getting up and cheering for you when you make a play, makes you want to do the same for him, it’s definitely contagious.”

    This team isn’t a group of guys who’ve played together for five or six plus years, Williams is in his second season year, Lin is in his first, and Lee is on an expiring contract.

    A happy work environment leads to quality to performances, and the Hornets are a clear display of that.

    When watching a Charlotte game look at the bench after they score, there’s at least two teammates standing up and clapping. There’s a genuine happiness with this team that loves to see their running mates succeed.

    All is well when guys are winning and receiving playing time right?

    Majority vote will say yes, but one usual in the Hornets’ rotation didn’t see a minute of action Monday night, and that didn’t stop him from cheering.

    Jeremy Lamb had his usual 15 minutes of playing time given to Daniels.

    “We care about each other and it shows on the court, “Daniels said. “When somebody has a great game, we’re happy for them, it’s never “I need I need”, I got a lot of minutes yesterday and Jeremy (Lamb) didn’t play and he was still cheering me on. That’s just that type of team and players we have, and it’s working our great for us.”

    Charlotte is currently sixth in the Eastern Conference and half a game behind Atlanta for fifth. It’s uncertain how high or low the Hornets will go in the standings with 16 games remaining on the regular season schedule, but one thing that won’t be forgotten will be the relationships and bonds formed over the course of this season.

    Justin Thomas

    ESPN 730 Charlotte Hornets Reporter and Blogger

  588. That’s my point, he chosed not to do a career suicide cos he realise it’ll become one if he choose to defy. Which is the right way of approaching his current dilemma. This also brings my thought to another point. There had been a few very vocal people in this forum wanting Lin to be selfish for his own personal stats. I was the one to hold opposing view and want Lin to play within the system to avoid being further marginalised. And now I’m been ganged up against at a mere suggestion that Lin has the ultimate choice of what he wants to focus on in order to make
    the most out of his bad situation? I’m about done with this forum. It has in my opinion become a school yard where bullies and mob mentality thrives. It’s exactly the kind of feeling I had when I left the .net forum…. Talking about positivity, most of what I see is intolerance, negativity and mud flicking…

  589. From JUN LIU

  590. The starters probably skipped out. lol.

  591. lol…cant really expect 100% turnout…there are always gonna be timing that doesnt suit all, and maybe some of them are not pious as well

  592. Yup. But like psalm said 10 out of 15 is very impressive. Very inspiring 🙂

  593. Sports psychologist that works with teams tries very hard to build team chemistry. They know that it’s this aspect of team play that makes or break a team. Dr. Saul Miler in his book “Why Teams Win” talks in length about how that chemistry must have a unified sense of purpose. Without that unity, any little bit of doubt can destroy the chemistry from within.

    On page 111 in the chapter about chemistry he cites a sales managers emphasis on building a cohesive sales unit. This sales manager states “one bad seed talking negatively on the floor can have negative impact on the group. Mindsets can shift. People begin thinking about why it’s difficult to sell and performance suffers. That can’t be tolerated. You must get rid of the bad seed.”

    We can plainly see this negative affect on the knicks with Melo, Harden and the Rox, Kobe on the Lakers and Kemba on the Hornets.

    When I look at the fans that belong on this site, to me it is also a team unit. The mods and owners may feel differently, but to me this site should be an extention of team Lin. It’s not a clique, it’s a team. We are here to support Lin and positively provide spiritual support and positive energy to him. That’s my opinion.

  594. Is this the bobblehead that the rookie broke? 🙂

  595. LOL .. I can see this Bible Study is very important
    When Al was out injured, he felt left out and smoke some marijuana to hide his sadness =)

  596. yes, maybe some with wives and GFs would have conflict to come

  597. This game is just small sample, my comment could also direct to his general situation.

    Ok since you asked, I’ll leave you alone. Just make sure you’ll do the same, mate.

  598. I’m L-in

  599. Im J-in

  600. indeed! 🙂

  601. I do agree that we want to create a community that “Positively Bringing Together JLin Fans”.

    The challenge comes when tough times discourage JLin fans that might result in them questioning and contemplating what he can do to improve. My wish is that we also respond kindly to support fellow true JLin fans not to give up on him because the chapters are not fully written yet. If it were newcomers who come to only put down Lin, I see experienced posters know to flag them and mods have been quick to ban them.

    JLin’s story of perseverance among trials can and will continue to inspire many people who experience struggle in life, work, office politics, etc.

    My hope is for long-time JLin fans to show kindness, respect and patience to others who might have different opinions (i.e. JLin should be backup PG for GSW, Lin should be main PG in bad teams, etc.)

    I do realize the danger of excessive negativity to cause JLin fans to lose hope (and I warned people not to do so) but for the most part, we ought to positively encourage fellow Lin fans to keep the hope strong; just like JLin spreads positive vibes with his teammates even when some don’t deserve it in our eyes.

    We must not allow ourselves to be tempted by the Dark Force to use negativity to enforce positivity =)

  602. well, there should at least be a sticky to remind new members, team first fans, or people with short memory of how Lin has been treated all his career or stuff like that. it seem like we have to remind people all the time. a few bullet points like
    -mchale bad
    -byron scott bad
    -clifford bad
    et cetera

  603. For me, the issue is more about the hate and negativity directed strongly towards Jeremy’s current team and coach and the related questioning of people on this site who choose to be more tolerant or take a more moderate view. The use of delusional, liars , blind Lin fan terms is not positive by any stretch of the imagination. I’ve been called each of those terms in the last few weeks. And yet, as what I’ve always maintained, NOBODY here knows the entire truth. that gives none of us the right to pre judge or label anyone else.

    Jeremy himself has never shown anything but love, tolerance and integrity. Even against Houston, Lakers and everyone who has wronged him. I think sometimes we need to take that view too. Otherwise, our positivity is tainted by just as much bias as a completely negative site.

  604. I think we have to take into account that male fans and female fans sometimes react differently to a bad performance by Lin. Also some posters have higher expectation than others and thus higher disappointment. Perhaps we could increase our tolerance level just a bit and not to use the word ‘troll’ so loosely. What I have seen sometimes is inputs with different views get knocked down even though they’re not negative at all.

  605. Well said Psalm as always and I thank you for your effort in maintaining the order of this forum while being diplomatic and classy about everything. If only everybody here can be sensible and courteous like you, we would be a community with diverse opinion yet share a common goal in supporting Lin and wishing the best for him. But it appears to be quite unachievable with the level of viciousness and intolerance here. I really miss the good old days when I first join this forum back in late 2013/early 2014. Things were more under control and discussions were more reasonable back then.

  606. The Bible Study mention is great to know but is almost incidental. The team seems to be a good bunch and like each other, which is nice to hear. Whatever else Jeremy is going through with the team, at least his teammates seem to be generally good guys.

  607. Oh man…. You’re saying the exact same thing I’m trying to express. Different words, but same vision. Thumbs up.

  608. I am a lfan. I root for him. All t he best for the him and thehornet.

  609. At the 3:08 mark, did the ref said to lin “my fault” that he did not call a foul? ? First time i saw a ref to do that. Respect!

  610. @Pete B I might have deleted your highlight post while I tried to feature the post. Sorry for unable to undo it.

  611. Melody, I think we should leave the featured post as is instead of the highlights video.

  612. That’s all good as I can’t do anything about it anyway:-) Instead I deleted Pete B highlight post. Feel pretty bad about it:-(

  613. Pete B
    1 hour ago

  614. normally we would be able to undelete…not sure…why this post unable to recover it back…anyways…I copied and pasted above

  615. Good game. JLin was very aggressive in defense. Getting better each game….

  616. I saw Blubell posted it below but when I load discus it was not updated in my browser so I deleted mine. SIAP

  617. I support your opinion 101% you clearly provide great analysis on the games and situations and give good examples and analogy on certain topics. Thanks for being here in this forum. May your breed multiply a thousand fold!

  618. Ah, so now youre the new whipping boy. Patience young grasshopper, patience. Please don’t go. Your voice is just as valid as everyone’s here.

  619. Alain, I’ve observed the same thing as well.

  620. I’ve observed the same as well.

  621. Thank you for the post.

  622. When I couldn’t undelete the post, so I just reposted the vid itself so that posters like me who couldn’t watch the game could watch the highlight.

  623. Clifford is really a disciple of mchale. He finished what mchale had started. Mchale bullied lin when he was in the rockets. And now, although Clifford said some nice things once in a while, its all lip service. The yelling, foot stomping and yanking him out if he makes mistakes are actions like the tiger fans here. If there are people who reacts to being called a tiger fan, then you just tagged yourself as one. You chose to be that way. Also I really really dont like the fact that Clifford gets away with marginalizing Lin. He is a genius in making lin a manservant to stars by putting him more on defense and not on offense where you will be forgotten in the nba history. Thank you Clifford wink wink, for making lin a defensive juggernaut, but no thanks for making him a star without his shine. You really managed to end his shining moments in this Hornets team.

  624. Unrelated to basketball actions, I’m really starting to wonder what hairstyle Lin is growing his into… I’m hoping to see some perms or things that is a bit radical…

  625. I hold a more moderate view. I can’t reach a very definite conclusion that Clifford is evil and is intentionally sabotaging Lin’s career. Perhaps that day will arrive eventually but for now, I can be sure that he’s stubborn and dumb. He has a diamond in the rough right within his reach but he doesn’t acknowledge it and does not even want to give it a polish so it can shine brighter. But I’m very glad that at least JLin seized the opportunity he was able to get and turned his defensive reputation around. It’s very encouraging that we are starting to see some main stream media recognising Lin’s defensive contribution. I would never dream of that before this season….

  626. Linsanity was similar to a seeding event. However instead of the seed falling into nutrient-rich soil, it fell into the crack of a rock. It wasn’t nourished and looked after well like other flowers in the greenhouse, instead it was battered by storms, baked by harsh sunlight. But the seed still grows, albeit slower and without pretty flower. With time, it will one day, grow into a strong tree, cracking open the rock, and survive the harshest weather while those flowers in the greenhouse would never experience what the awesome nature has in store for them. They’ll be pretty, good looking. But they’ll be just what they are, a few fragile little flowers….

  627. This is the first time I have done this. I have tried several ways to undelete it but I wasn’t able to. It speaks volume with my IT skills:-(

  628. @psalm234 is there somewhere that we can send an email?

  629. Read above and tell me that’s not negative and name calling. The worst thing is, people think it’s safe to rinse and repeat, claim it as true and further alienate other fans. I’d like to know how they know it’s true. I guess they have Lin’s mobile number and a secret camera to the Hornets locker rooms.

    Some of your mods are supportive of that as well. They need to leave their biases at the door if other people can’t.

    What would Lin say?

  630. The power of language is that if unchecked becomes a snowball that turns to an avalanche. I’ve taught parole to use it as key catalysts to initiate certain sets of actions. A coach that keeps yelling about how dumb a play is turns an event into a narrative of character flaw unrelated to what actually happens!

    One of the greatest sports psychology books ever written is ” The Inner Game of Tennis”. Tim Gallwey talks at length about how self judgement is one of the worst attributes of any athlete. Game analysis is different. That denotes a detachment of value judgements to the game itself. A player that starts placing bad language to events creates a slippery slope of value judgements that has nothing whatsoever with the event. A double fault is a lost point, move on and learn from it to change the stroke mechanics instead of attaching “bad”, “stupid”, “idiotic”, “dumb” mistake as an adjective to that event. You start inviting in unrelated personal issues that has nothing to do with losing a point. Those personal issues can bring in frustration, anger, self hate and negative emotions that affects the way you play worst than just losing one point.

    Great athletes have to have very good control of short term memory. You have to control the impact of a missed shot and to a lesser degree, the temptations of good shots to pull you away from game plans. When Kemba starts off shooting poorly, he tries to shoot more, but when he shoots great like the Utah game, he shoots more. Neither deviation from game plan is good for the team, yet Clifford allows the stars to do that.

    Too often we see during game threads when Lin has been marginalized, we see posters take value judgements on Lin. They say “that was a bad shot”, ” he played bad, he deserves to sit”. These types of value judgements have blame attached to it that denotes character flaws. That to me is unacceptable. When Lin misses a shot, that’s a missed shot that must have the same value as how it’s judged by other superstars, BECAUSE FRANKLY, LIN IS OUR SUPERSTAR!

    Ultimately, it comes down to how fewer long time posters are here. People like LAJane, the black lady that always says “the plot thickens” ( that’s how bad it’s been, I’ve forgotten her name ), even Melody. What was poignant was on the last thread, Wu Kong was so despondent about even posting stats. She’s given up! So this site is slipping ever slowly into negativity. It’s now no longer a safe house for downtrodden Lin fans to feed off one another’s positive energy and carry on. Both JoeTeam and I have had to take time out from this site because it’s just more fighting our own negativity instead of finding a haven. I may have to do the same too because it’s just too much work.

  631. There’s also the concept of diversity of thought and perspective that ultimately results in individuals learning more about each other, widening their views, promoting understanding, and ultimately increasing productivity and effectiveness. The real team Lin – led by the man himself – promotes acceptance and love. I read about how Lin, as a high school student and leader of the Christian Club, accepted marginalized minorities into his club and school activities, even if they spoke and lived in a way that was not aligned to Jeremy’s own beliefs and values.

    Jeremy once said he surrounds himself with different people of other faiths and beliefs because he does not believe a linear way of thinking is the way that Christians like him are called to live. Wouldn’t an approach like that be truly more positive than calling people out for not believing in exactly the same train of thought as the majority?

    If we are team Lin, then let us be positive for him but tolerant and accepting of other opinions as well. Like some others here, I find a lot of posts that are labelled as trollish and negative as actually quite constructive and knowledgeable. That’s my opinion.

  632. Furstly, I do not believe Clifford ever coached on same staff as McHale, so I don’t know why you are saying that. Secondly, Gary Payton, Dennis Rodman, Bill Russell and many other hall of famers are noted primarily for their defense.

  633. I don’t see things are as dark yet as it is compared to Lakers last year. The team is winning and heading towards a strong playoff position and they (reportedly) have good camaraderie. The Hornet fans are not(yet) blaming Lin for anything(though they might yet change if Hornets start losing). Clifford is still letting Lin play around 20 minutes plus despite his current mediocre stats and I think Lin will get his shooting form right in time for the playoffs.

  634. Agree whole heartedly with your bolded text.

  635. Hear hear. We should form an opinion on a person’s comment based on the entire context and how well the comment complies to the forum rules. Not taking the comment out of its context or trying to judge how well it fits with the line of thoughts of a few… Only oppressive regimes do these kind of things IMO…

  636. Now THAT is positive. Thanks!

  637. Agreed. Just take what is given and make the most of it, while working on the shooting form in real games.

    As you said, the shooting might be back in time for playoff. It could be also some minor injury that bothering Lin. The capacity is there. Just need keys to turn it on.

  638. Thanks for the encouragement. I really don’t fully understand how it came to this. Perhaps because I attempted to defend sws on a few occasions when he was being ganged up due to his alternative opinions to things despite being pretty eloquent and well mannered most of the time. But man, do I feel like I’m going through the Cultural Revolution where if I don’t yell “long live chairman Mao and down with capitalism” I’ll be put on shackles and labeled a capitalist pig….

  639. Seriously I don’t know why he changed his shooting form. He was doing pretty good in the first place, guess he’s a perfectionist.

  640. I think Cliff’s usage for Lin is situational. HOU game and the last 2 games are 2 contrasting examples.

    In HOU game, everyone knows the story of HOU vs Lin. Cliff gave Lin quite a few plays and touches and decent minutes and Lin delivered. But in the last 2 games (and the games hereon without any significant reasons), we should see Cliff building his team for long term development and won’t use Lin much unless it is necessary.

    Come to the playoff, I am not sure what Cliff will do for Lin. If he aims to win, the leash will be long. This I believe every coach wants to win some playoff games. Besides, I think there are $ incentive from NBA for getting deeper into playoff, IIRC. You know, the TVs revenues, ads, endorsements, publicity etc. We should see.

    No Lin, no win, especially in playoff where everything is reset and the stakes are higher.

  641. That’s funny.

  642. I think you have a point. I actually agree it might be situational. IIRC Lin’s leash was pretty long in the Knicks game? But if this is true, that just further proves that Clifford doesn’t employ a reward system when it comes to minutes, which I’ll then hope Lin get the heck out of Charlotte ASAP. Coaches like that give no incentive for good performance and thus doesn’t motivate players to play hard. It kind of all makes sense now…

  643. Diversity of views is okay if numbers are there to absorb the negativity that may ensue. For example, a church is a safe house for Christians to gather and commune with one another on their faith. Why is that necessary? It’s the unity of minds that fosters strength together. Without that entity, the individuals can not draw strength from one another to withstand the pervasiveness of modern ideology and philosophical attacks.

    If your church becomes too diverse to the point where members start to not attend, then somethings not quite right. Diversity in memes are like viruses that invade a body, if the body weakens, it becomes susceptible to more invasive viruses. A church that loses its capacity to maintain a certain purpose or ideology loses its identity and it can splinters into smaller sects of faith.

    There have been members who’ve grown tired of the “diversity” of opinions. We are losing them. It’s tough being a Lin fan. It’s tough being a Christian. In real life, a paster listens without saying much but he is the vessel that carries the love of the Holy Spirit. On this type of environment, all we have is words. Can we do much by saying nothing? No. Love is felt directly not by words. Hate however is easily spread by words, just look at Donald Trump.

    When posters persist on maintaining a certain way of subtle negativity or just out right blame of Lin and his situation, that type of continued negativity wears on people and they start avoiding the site. I agree that most of these posters are Lin fans, but they do it in a way that brings down the site.

    It is encumber on us to change the way they post. It’s the language that they must change in order to fit in to the positive environment we all seek. Whenever Lin has a “bad” game, we hear that negativity. ITS NOT GAME ANALYSIS, IT BLAME ANALYSIS! In Lin’s defence, we blame back at the coaches, teammates and FO…and we start blaming them back.

    If posters really want to talk about bball, the stick with game analysis. Lin didn’t have a “bad” night shooting 1-4. That’s a value judgement on a fact that denotes low usage. Lin didn’t get a chance to play offence period. When posters complain about how his shot is broken and that he needs to get away from Doc, that’s value judgement on Lin and his inability to see his own mistaken trust in his coach. We get that about his agent, his family, his faith, his trainer, his diet, his gaming, his lack of practice. Theses are all negative value judgements that makes posters uneasy, especially when they themselves are already frustrated and emotionally challenged.

    Being positive is a mindset that requires careful use of language. When you post a comment, ask yourself would you say that to your own kid? I’ll bet that you are very much more encouraging to them and reenforce the good in what they are trying to do and not focus solely on the results of their failures.

  644. So glad to hear Lin brought the bible study to the team and Daniels acknowledged Lamb for cheering him on while losing minutes to him. There’s a positive spiritual impact that Lin has brought to this team. Whatever else happens, that is more everlasting than having the rewards of the presence. If you know what I mean. (Thanks Psalm for having/moderating this forum.)

  645. I’m a mother acbc. I have a happy and bright girl, who I am pleased to say is often praised for her character and good naturedness. I encourage and reinforce the good, but I also point out ways in which she can improve. I tell her with love when she needs to try harder. I encourage her to face this world with eyes wide open. And I prepare her for unfairness and inequality and hate, because that simply exists in this world. Not acknowledging her weaknesses and her mistakes and attributing all her failures to other people and the environment around her may make her feel better about herself, but does not equip her with the strength of character and work ethic to take accountability for her own decisions and actions.

    She chose to do basketball this year as an after school club. She came home once adamant that she was never going back and not doing well because the other girls did not like her and did not help her practice shooting the ball. That may in fact be true, but some of it as well is simply that she needs to practice more herself, recognize her strengths and learn how to improve. I spoke to the coach – she did not think the other girls were excluding my kid. Meanwhile, I took her down to our court and had her practice on her own. A few weeks later, she is doing better and likes the girls in the team now. I’ll never know the exact truth of what happened and why her performance at different points was the way it was, but I encouraged her to look at herself first before blaming other people. Lin’s situation is obviously not as simple but I think we as fans could also be more open to more than one viewpoint. The truth is out there but we are not always privy to it.

    It is ironic that you should describe people being thrown off here because they feel ostracized because that’s exactly how I feel and I’ve never criticized Lin at all – I just don’t think his performance is solely down to his coach or his teammates or his situation. The “positive” viewpoint (which frankly I don’t see as being positive at all) is putting people off as much as the trolls.

    We will never resolve this acbc. But people need to look at themselves and what they say.

    Wake up, stop being blind, stop being delusional, you’re a tiger fan, are you just being stupid?

    Those were the words that were used to talk to me. So I agree, let’s be careful with words around here.

  646. Ultimate goal is a quicker release. He’s trying to get it as quick or almost as quick as Curry’s. But I read somewhere his release was pretty quick.

  647. I hold the viewpoint that Clifford is similar to other coaches in he doesn’t seem to favor Lin’s PG play or trust it much. So, I’m wondering why. It’s hard to figure out in that Byron and McHale seemed to not favor his game, I think that’s not the case with Clifford for the reasons below.

    I think Clifford loves Lin’s strength and stamina, his ability to get in the paint and draw defenders, his ability to hit big shots, change the energy flow from negative to positive (he was the only one in the post-game interviews to mention Lin’s energy impacting the team in the 2nd quarter of the interviews I heard), his ability to be there and make plays when Kemba and Batum are taken out by the defense. But I think something about the way Lin runs the offense makes Clifford go back to Kemba to the ball-handler and Batum the facilitator even if Lin is on the floor. I don’t know how he used Mo Williams, I’d be curious to see. But Lin isn’t a back up PG on this team, he’s a guard off of the bench that plays a bit of PG.

    Clifford has helped changed Lin’s defensive rep and that’s a good thing. Clifford hasn’t advanced Lin’s offense much or used him in the high PnR when he’s on. If I were coach, when Lin enters the game, Kemba is off and then a bunch of Lin plays are called to get him in rhythm. Why coaches don’t get Lin in rhythm knowing he’s a rhythm player is mind-boggling.

    Lin/Kemba doesn’t work most of the time. Lin/Batum can work really well sometimes. Lin/Al is ugly too. Somehow Lin can still pull off some good games when some of his shots fall. Objectively looking at Lin, he hasn’t recovered from injury fully to have his explosiveness and lift. And his shot is still being worked out. So that’s part of his down year. Hopefully, he’ll be good and healed and ready to go in late October when the new season starts, wherever he’s playing. In the meantime, IMO, he should diversify his game and look for mid-range jumpers. Mid-range or short jumpers will be crucial tonight vs. Whiteside.

  648. The posters I’m talking about are long time posters that have been here since the beginning of the site. Joyce ward is not with us any longer. Maybe her situation has change. I don’t know. But when other start slacking off and don’t come on the site, like LAJane, WuKong and others that may have slipped already through the crack, I have to wonder aloud if things have gotten out of hand. It’s not being ostracized as much as a kind of self protection. it’s just no fun anymore to be part of something that just brings you down.

    Do I just not say anything and let it become something different? Is it worth trying to stem the tide of negativity? We can only look at the other site and hope to learn that there needs to be limits. The delineation of that is what we are talking about.

    Words are being used to make it unpleasant to be here. The subtlety of words is as simple as how an athlete says “come on” to themselves. That’s the power of language. It can push us into positive energy or it can become”come ooon?” and the athletes turns upon themselves in negative reenforcemnent.

    As you become more and more elite in any sport, the way in which you talk to yourself is key to how we perform. Scientist have proven that complex actions are perform by projections like a movie. How and which of those projections are played is triggered by key words in our mind. If those words become muddled by emotional baggage, then they are laced with doubt and indecision.

    When the use of those negative words become rampant, they become the norm. The way Trump talks about Mexicans and Arabs disassociate them from the norm and they carry connotations of his words. In the same way, mainstream media is trying to correct that language.

    If we ignore it will it go away? People will always be site free speech and diversity as a matter of convenience to them. There’re not Mexican, Arab, Asian, black Indian.

    “Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere.”

  649. Your point is exactly why I don’t ignore it when people call me by hurtful words. Why is it ok for Lin fans to call people by names? How does that make us any better than the trolls we abhor?

    Some people’s free speech – and this site reinforcing their groupthink – is indeed an injustice. They are driving people away too. Then they high five each other and truly believe they’ve done good. Even some of the mods do that – then have the gall to call everyone else self righteous Lin fans. I find it completely and utterly ironic that they then label other people delusional.

    But for all your eloquence and intelligence, you clearly don’t see what I see. Let’s hope for your sake I’m wrong then. Because otherwise, you’d be just as blind.

  650. im going to keep an eye out for the usage rate this game. im going to compare it to how much Lee gets. In the houston game Lin had over 20% he had a good game. the bad games i think his usage rate was under 15 so there is the sample size.

  651. It’s Al’s usage rate that is a problem. What was Al’s in the Houston game?

    All I can say is Lin, for whatever reason, is often on the “weak” side vs. others. I want to examine why that’s the case. Charlotte is not a team that employs going from the strong to the weak side much.

  652. people should come and go whenever they feel like it. There’s life out of this forum and beyond a Lin fan. But the mods need to be here no matter what which why I said they do a fine job.

  653. “Wake up, stop being blind, stop being delusional, are you just being stupid?”

    I dislike these as well. And agree words like these are annoying to the discussion. But I am ok with tiger fan if someone call me that.

  654. Agreed, but the Lakers set a very low bar. The Hornets are enjoying a loose schedule for now. The Lin effect shows its influence one season after Lin’s gone.

  655. What we are talking about is language. When people use the wrong language to dsicribe a situation that implies and infer any negativity to Lin’s situation. That’s what I find appalling. If they claim to be Lin fans then choose to use the kind of language that empowers him and not tear him down.

    Maybe that’s where we differ. You have a high level of tolorence of that type of language. But to me it’s a warning sign. Both sides must use proper language to discuss their differences. I see already that people are using less adversarial language and choosing their words wisely. If that is the ultimate benifit of this discussion, then I’m all for it.

    I’ve had to take a time out myself many times in the past to rid myself of the anger and negativity that I find unacceptable. In a debate, it’s necessary to use non emotional words that complicates the exchange of ideas. Maybe it’s time for me to take a long time out like Joice Ward or Wu Kong.

  656. My wife thinks I spend too much time on this site anyways. Time to spend more time golfing and playing tennis. Going to see about a new RV tomorrow. May be time to drive off into the sunset and live life beyond this forum.

  657. Lin is on the weak side because whenever he passes the ball to Al he has to cut down the baseline to the other side. That gives room for Al to do his thing and to prevent Lin’s man from sliding over and double team Al. Basically everyone has to clear the side where Al has the ball. The other reason is Kemba chooses to go to the other side of Lin. Kemba looks the other way.

  658. Exactly what everybody should doing once in a while. Then we can all take it with ease.
    Come and go as what make you please. 🙂

  659. Not only Kemba. Only Marvin or sometimes Batum looks for Lin. Daniels, Lamb get the ball when Lin is on and Kemba isn’t on, yet still don’t look for Lin. Frank too, who often looks to do his one or two moves of shooting the 3 or pump faking and driving to the hoop.

  660. In terms of rotations most coaches stick with the minutes allocated to the players. It’s almost cast in stone if the team is leading. The logic of that is so no one would have to look over their shoulder to see if they’re getting yanked or not. That takes away performance anxiety. Lin’s minutes have been quite consistent. The issue is more on how he’s used within those minutes.

  661. new MIA game thread

    Kudos to JLin for his perseverance. Despite not having a lot of usage & touches (15.6% USG and 8% of team touches per @disqus_Qw9GaYTag0:disqus ), JLin still found ways to contribute to spur a big Hornets run in the 2nd quarter

    – How will JLin contribute in the 2nd game of back-to-back against a tough MIA team? He played 25 min while Kemba and Batum played 38 min so he might be needed as a playmaker.

    – It seems like scoring and shooting well is needed for JLin to get more PT but it’s also hard to do so with minimum touches, especially when Batum and Kemba dominate the playmaking. But there’s no other way but to keep shooting and driving strong to the rim.

    Let’s go, JLin! Let’s hope and pray JLin would have the same mentality to play his game just like he did in the NJ game in 2012 that created Linsanity.

  662. That’s definitely a huge positive that JLin can reach out to have positive impact in the lives of his teammates.

    Some might be focused on the short-term gain of on-court production but the off-court impact is equally important to create team chemistry plus establishing credibility of JLin as an all-around good guy.

    Also, if someday JLin wants to run for a coach or even an NBA Commissioner, he would have tremendous support from ex-teammates that trust he wanted the best for the team.

  663. True comparing it to al would be better. Al had 28 procent or something last game crazy.

  664. If your girl practices dribbling for just 5minutes a day everyday, she will be better than all these other girls by leaps and bounds in a year time.

  665. Alfense is just not good for team pacing and flow. Especially when he misses bunnies.

  666. I understand the gravity of the Lin situation in the Hornets and the corrupt nature of the NBA, Acbc. Wu Kong was also disheartened that stats by itself can’t convince people of JLin’s value because NBA teams have politics and agendas to follow.

    I appreciate the hard work from faithful JLin fans like you, JoeTeam that continue to shed the light of JLin’s value to the Hornets despite the marginalization coach and FO.

    It’s interesting to note that even JLin fans become trapped during game threads to focus on his shooting and not acknowledge his good defensive plays or playmaking brilliance as much.

    We definitely need to constantly remind people of JLin’s good plays so the game thread doesn’t dissolve into bashing contest from supposedly JLin fans.

    If true JLin fans want to provide constructive criticism, they really should work hard to wish him well. Otherwise, there’s nothing constructive in their post.

    I completely understand where you’re coming from that positivity is very important. I will keep encouraging our mods and posters to focus on the positive things even when it comes for long-time JLin fans to have respectful disagreement.

    Thank you for continuing to share your wisdom with us 🙂 Someday I will take a golf lesson with you whenever I have a chance

  667. Sorry I thought mine was a double post , So no worries thanks

  668. Same sentiment. I strongly believe playing with Al and having him eating up majority of usage rate is one of the most important problems for Lin….

  669. Amen to that. Very well said!

  670. Yes hit a few balls will probably help.

    On the note of negativity in this forum, I’m not sure if we are all on the same page when it comes to defining what negativity is. Some people seems to regard any assessments on Lin being less than perfect as the negativity that is driving away longtime forum users. Some people sees the vicious, intolerant ways to smother people with a slightly different view to the situation as the main negativity.

    So I think to clear the air in this forum and to improve the way we communicate within it, we perhaps need to firstly clearly define what this so called negativity is. Perhaps the mods should make it more clear what kind of forum they want it to be.

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