Game 66 Toronto Raptors vs New Orleans Pelicans: JLin’s Quest to Regain A Free-space, Free-Flowing Creative Playmaker Mindset

The 3-point shooting slump has never been this bad for Jeremy Lin before; he has missed all his 17 three-point attempts in his #17 Raptors jersey. Will he make the 18th one soon or at least one in the next game for good measure? We can only hope so.

But in order to do so, Jeremy would need to block out any distraction or doubt and simply shoot in the game like he does in practice, knowing his shooting form will carry through in the game.


In a post-practice interview, Jeremy Lin shared that he is in the process to to change his mindset back to a PG with a lot of freedom since Coach Mike D’Antoni in NY, because Coach Nurse does the same. It has been 7 years since his Knicks time in 2012 and playing in many different system in Houston Rockets, LA Lakers, Charlotte Hornets, Brooklyn Nets that did not offer that much freedom to the Point Guard position.

Recently, Lin still sometimes looked to Coach to run plays after bringing up the ball like he did in Atlanta and Brooklyn. Now he is finally given the chance again to play to his strength of being a natural free-space, free-flowing creative playmaker:

“That is kind of how I always played,” he said. “I was always more of a free space, free-flowing playmaker. That’s just kind of who I am by nature. That’s my personality. That’s probably what attracted me to this team and obviously vice-versa. We got to just make the pieces fit and [we] will.”