G66 LAL @GSW Game Thread

Lin playing in front of his hometown crowd tonight. Tonight’s game is nationally televised on ESPN, despite GSW being the 18-pt favorites.

He usually plays well at Golden State (career 15.0 pts/36, 6.0 ast/36, 48.3% 3pt). How will he fare against the MVP frontrunner and his good buddy Steph Curry?

Go Jeremy!

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Guess JLin's stats in Game 67 vs UTA


  1. Haha First

  2. First human!

  3. Given the foot speed Lin demo’ed yesterday, I hope bigs can provide more help today. Why always clog the lane their own PG need while make it wide open for the opponent?

  4. LOL First JLin 3D avatar!

  5. Good question !

  6. Hey I’m Moomintroll. Troll is human….

  7. humanoid you mean?

  8. Go Lin!

  9. Ha I’m thinking BS when you say humanoid

  10. Coach’s order / too slow / low BB IQ

  11. 17 more games until the release party for Lin.

  12. Instad of per 36, i would predict lins stats for tonight 7.5 pts and 3 assists per 18 min. haha.

  13. Lol…

  14. Fun fact trivia: Where and when did Lin make his first NBA 3 ptr?
    Bonus: What were the circumstances/context of that shot?

    (Don’t post the answer if you looked it up. Legitimate guesses only!)

  15. Absolute blindfolded-middle-of-the-night-without-a-clue-shot-in-the-dark guess:
    March 16 2011 with the GSW.
    Am I even close?

  16. Not a bad guess, got the team and year right! Within a month.

  17. Hopefully Lin does not get too amped up for this game.

  18. Not sure if posted here yet…


    Late Shot Extends Harvard’s Run and Yale’s Drought in Ivy League

    “I’ve always said about Wesley like I said about Jeremy Lin: It’s not about the points he scores; it’s always about the points he’s responsible for,” Amaker said. “He put us on his back and carried us in stretches.”

  19. Such a vital nuance fans miss as the NBA rewards send celebrates players who score a lot.

  20. Hm, great question.
    Was it against the Lakers when he had that season-high in points during his rookie year?

  21. 17 more for #17!

  22. I think that too, in the first Q

  23. Warriors playing for top seed and homecourt advantage in playoffs and for loss against lakers last Dec. Will Lin be unleashed and up to task? Will the BS tankers come to play? The plot thickens, as Joyce would say, LOL. Yes, let’s go team Lin!

  24. Good guess, but no. The similarity is that it also happened in the final game of the year at Oakland.

  25. Good guesses! I will post the answer now since I will be busy tonight. Spoiler below:

    Lin’s first NBA 3 ptr came in the final game of the season during his rookie year with GSW. He hadn’t made one all year. The Warriors were beating the other team by a lot, and Lin got to dribble out the clock. He crossed the timeline and started to dribble out the clock casually. Then when there was only a couple of seconds left in the game, he suddenly sprinted forward and launched like a 30-ft 3ptr with his defender caught off guard. He made it and had a chuckle with his teammates. And that’s how the GSW and Lin’s rookie season ended!

  26. Hi Wukong, glad to see you back to us:-) I know you posted few days ago but I wasn’t able to make comments in time at the time:-)

    Thanks for posting this.

  27. Instead of points, should the poll ask about minutes? Always a guessing game with this coach

  28. Go JLin! What’s good about a road-game is that you won’t find Kobe on the bench like this.

  29. That is truly scary!

  30. the death stare is fully operational.

  31. minutes have been declining steadily over the last however many games since lin was clamped down after the mini-run post asg. only the one win game against det broke the pattern of each game fewer minutes down to under 19 the last one.

  32. Go Lin…hope to see him play his type of game…immaterial of points…obviously getting higher than his season high, would be nice! or 3pointers all days long! 🙂

    Go Lin!!!!

  33. Dragic is still standing in the corner playing off ball….lol….

  34. Terminator 4?

  35. These so called wanna be ‘superstars” need to understand that when they leave their team where they are the star and go to a team with other “big time superstars’,they will be in a corner.LOL

  36. No just get the kid injured,smh

  37. standing on the corner watching while the stars go by.

  38. Tired legs are good for the tank.

  39. LOL

  40. I notice that scott didn’t throw lin under the bus in yesterday’s game, instead he blamed the bigs…LOL(which was true).Also none of the reporters asked about lin/scott’s dispute

  41. BS doesn’t believe in 3 pointers will get you a championship but the Spurs has done it many times.

  42. Why would he be suddenly so kind to Lin? I begin to have a sick feeling that he has something on his sleeve against Jeremy soon.

  43. I was not saying he was being kind, i think he has been told to shut his mouth when it comes to Lin.

  44. Hope you find this interesting.

    2014-15 Hollinger NBA Player Statistics – Point Guards

    Hollinger Stats – Player
    Efficiency Rating – Qualified Point Guards

    RK LIN 64 25.7 18 29 59 34 56 35 45 26 20 20


    Players on pace to play 500 or more minutes

    *To qualify: a player must have played 6.09 MPG.

    TS%: True Shooting Percentage – what a player’s
    shooting percentage would be if we accounted for free throws and
    3-pointers. True Shooting Percentage = Total points / [(FGA + (0.44 x

    AST: Assist Ratio – the percentage of a player’s
    possessions that ends in an assist. Assist Ratio = (Assists x 100) divided
    by [(FGA + (FTA x 0.44) + Assists + Turnovers]

    TO: Turnover Ratio – the percentage of a player’s
    possessions that end in a turnover. Turnover Ratio = (Turnover x 100)
    divided by [(FGA + (FTA x 0.44) + Assists + Turnovers]

    USG: Usage Rate – the number of possessions a player
    uses per 40 minutes. Usage Rate = {[FGA + (FT Att. x 0.44) + (Ast x 0.33)
    + TO] x 40 x League Pace} divided by (Minutes x Team Pace)

    ORR: Offensive rebound rate

    DRR: Defensive rebound rate

    REBR: Rebound Rate – the percentage of missed shots
    that a player rebounds. Rebound Rate = (100 x (Rebounds x Team Minutes))
    divided by [Player Minutes x (Team Rebounds + Opponent Rebounds)]

    PER: Player Efficiency Rating is the overall rating of
    a player’s per-minute statistical production. The league average is 15.00
    every season.

    VA: Value Added – the estimated number of points a
    player adds to a team’s season total above what a ‘replacement player’
    (for instance, the 12th man on the roster) would produce. Value Added =
    ([Minutes * (PER – PRL)] / 67). PRL (Position Replacement Level) = 11.5
    for power forwards, 11.0 for point guards, 10.6 for centers, 10.5 for
    shooting guards and small forwards

  45. lol…pretty good Photoshop

  46. well, once Lin went into that DGAF mode, there is really not much BS could do.

  47. Yep, scott almost looks scared.LOL maybe the kids will play more at ease without kobe’s death stare..LOL

  48. Cleveland is taking a horrendous beating from Miami. Dragic has had a fantastic beginning but he was taken out for Wade after about 6 minutes. He is going to have a good game today no matter what.

  49. It would have better is you had posted it as a picture? 🙂

  50. waiting for that to happen on today’s game!

  51. Hope so! Thank God. Jeremy needs more than 20 minutes of play time.

  52. That’s good enough. I’m sick and tired of his unkind comments on Jeremy and his game.

  53. Not sure if you were referring to the below ranking?

  54. I do not get this post….

  55. Boston is on his way to playoff. Lakers and Lin played a very good game against the Celtics. They were in fact rolling and Lin utterly destroyed the Celtics defense and torn them apart.

    After losing to Lakers, Boston beat Phoenix, NY, Charlotte, Utah, NO, Miami, Memphis, Orlando and Indiana.
    They only lost to GS, Cleveland and Orlando since then 9-3.

  56. Please show us the linkage for us to read directly from the site.

  57. Looking at Lin’s agents, I think Tandem is the big one and lin might be keeping Roger Montgomery on for smaller endorsements?

  58. I think FO sure was not happy Lin got benched & BS just put the blamed on big for not helping Lin for screen to get away from double teams.

  59. Rondo hit a lucky 3 pts…and the mavs announcers celebrate like they just won a championship. .. then I looked at the score…mavs down by 10..hahaha

  60. Isn’t roger handling NBA related things?

  61. Mavs down 11…go thunders

  62. I don’t know.

  63. ronjo sit by coach 9:00 mins 3rd qrt

  64. I think tenden handles bussiness side, endorsement, etc.

  65. Used to be. .rondo out mavs make a run…now not so much…guess rondoitis has infected the whole team….the only cure is Jlin. ..hahaha

  66. Yes like the high end watch embasador

  67. Pooh, lin is letting Montgomery handle his NBA contracts..good luck with that.

  68. That reminds me another player…

  69. check out this score; utah over charlotte by double 74 to 37! held charlotte to 30 in the first half. utah has been the best defensive team since the asg. rudy gobert already with 19 rebounds.

  70. jlfa beat you to the punch.

  71. Nightmare on Figueroa Street

  72. i like jlin to utah gobert + lin

  73. Tip off here we go. Good luck Lin, have a good game!

  74. Let’s go!!!

    Lin for the Win!!!

  75. dont care win or loose just pad stats

  76. JC the Future has 3 TOs in 5 min.

  77. Wonder if @JoeTeam is watching the game live. An ingame report would be nice.

  78. Ellington is on fire, heading to bench soon.

  79. Still, its a good start from LAL

  80. BS is like WTF?

  81. Lin in! Smiles here.

  82. Yes. But making a decent impression as a SG.

  83. Ah speaking of… 🙂

  84. Yeah, BS was thinking easy tank tonight, maybe take the night off.

  85. lol

  86. Blocksanity!

  87. That’s a block!

  88. You ain’t making that steal from me!

  89. Lin is pissed, will have a good game.

  90. Not in my house!

  91. Playing good D.

  92. 2TOs, their D’s tight.

  93. Great game for Lin !

  94. Not keeping tabs but seems like Jeremy and Davis have the most blocks in this Lakers team. Jeremy with more blocks than Jordan Hill.

  95. I think Lin should just play, however many TOs happen happen.

  96. Jlin got hit by curry. Minutes later on first to, hi walked up to ref with acting face asking for foul … great game.

  97. mavs and thunder tied with 1 minute left.

  98. Definitely, Lin for the guards and Davis for the big men.

  99. It really just depends on what kind of TOVs..

  100. Well, he tried the floater there.

  101. Good Q1 LAL keeping up with the pace, except for their TOVs

  102. Jb was arguing with Lin, and Lin waived him on. Next jb passed to Lin so just working out our.

  103. Too fast for the rookie

  104. Need to keep the ball tight and slow the pace, to reduce those TOVs…it may kill them in a long run

  105. Thanks. Enjoy the game first. Turn in your dissertation later 🙂

  106. Actually just by a little is enough. Don get ahead to a play

  107. Loosing the lead….LAL cant hit the basket! 🙁

  108. LOL. they’re booing Jeremy.

  109. FT…missed

  110. why?

  111. Looking to pass too much in traffic, take the shot.

  112. Because he is a threat

  113. very fast…

  114. Could go both ways I think…

  115. FT.

  116. Did lin block that shot or did igoudala just miss really badly?

  117. If you heard the ESPN broadcast that’s the general consensus on jeremy for most NBA pros or jocks on who cover the game…unfortunate

  118. well, there is also an incentive. if the opponent team shoots below 75% FT, they get something… i think that’s what Stu said.

  119. what?

  120. They are all unimportant. He just needs to play his game and he’ll shut everyone up like he’s done plenty of times before.

  121. Like that block…lol

  122. I hope Lin didn’t get hurt on that drive…

  123. Did he?

  124. Exactly people will believe what they believe until you force them to change it

  125. Right, he can’t play D. Well, he sure has a lot of blocks for a guard that can’t play D.

  126. Not sure which possession you talked about. JLin had 2 blocks thus far. Davis had 1.

  127. I mean he probably doesn’t feel it because of the adrenaline but it may hurt after the game.

  128. I thought he did… but not credited.

  129. What?! Knicks were right to not pay Lin. Losing Lin was the biggest mistake Knicks have made. A star fell in their lap and they let him go. Smh

  130. Starting to not like these commentators. Saying it was wise for the Knicks not to match the Houston poison pill. The Knicks went downhill since Lin’s departure

  131. Who are the commentators from ESPN tonight?

  132. Why Lin didn’t shoot that 3?

  133. Looks like he wants to get Davis going. Looks like Lin has his mind made up to get his team mates going.

  134. too scare?.. i don’t know..so disappointing.. if you don’t try.. you have no chance

  135. Thought he was gonna get blocked

  136. Jon Barry skill set was nowhere close to Jeremys and got into the league due to his name being Barry but you know why does that matter

  137. Except after that he’s already taken out!

  138. Boooo.. Clarkson in. Jeremy out already.

  139. watch the lead to balloon…

  140. Not when Lin isn’t getting the all star stats of 30pts per game after leaving Knicks.

  141. The Bench racked up to many TOVs

  142. Lin Out

  143. Why didn’t Clarkson save that ball from going out of bounds?

  144. It goes both ways. Chicken or egg. Shoot then get assists, shoot then assist. Assists not going, then shoot to free that up.

  145. and you have the correct answer. congratulations.

  146. In short time

  147. Lin is -12. I didn’t see the beginning but that is rare.

  148. Somebody said below… too scared LOL

  149. Jesus he gets the shortest leash I’ve ever seen

  150. Lin’s minutes has been limited alot in recent games. =/

  151. Looked like he got a good pick.

  152. To far

  153. Well challenged, near block.

  154. Boozer 0/5, Brown/Davis/Lin too many TOs, too fast for the D-leaguer

  155. with the exception of the i beleive detroit game lins minutes have been going down sequentially each game since the clampdown on the mini linsanity run from 30 to 18 in the last. on pace for about another 18 today unless something changes.

  156. To many turnovers by Lin and his teammates. Golden state seemed to pick up the d.

  157. Limped to line.

  158. The block/swat heard around the world 🙂

  159. what is going on with Lin?

  160. Lin kept feeding the booze.

  161. Subbed out.

  162. I agree, but Lin looks like he had a different plan. He may shoot more in the 2nd half.

  163. Two times hill had oPens. Just didn’t want to jump and shoot

  164. lets wait and see…

  165. its like the NBA thinks somehow jeremy suckered owners into him getting paid…

  166. JC is in

  167. Great floor general. He and bsc coordinated twice so they are working this game.

  168. Even Brown played longer than him.

  169. looks like getting the continued declining minutes that have been the pattern since the mia. game.

  170. Then he needs to go in and play his game, and be be efficient. Maybe he will wake up in the second half.smh…

  171. Haters just don’t want the Asian guy to succeed, if only JLin would just look out for himself more and just score!

  172. Lin knows this just he still insist on passing to teammates to get them going instead of scoring =/

  173. nice 3 from WE

  174. We’ll see. Still rooting for him. Don’t care much about Lakers, just want to see him do well.

  175. Only thing he pissed me off is he keeps passing to Boozer .

  176. Who is floor general? Who is bsc?

  177. Yes even when Boozer’s been missing his shots!

  178. Well, if Boozer makes his shots, then nothing i would complain.

  179. Starters…playing well…brought the game back

  180. Boozer not finishing. Lin should not force the cold hand.

  181. Not what I wanted to see.

  182. Half of JC’s baskets are cherry picks…

  183. I know..it is what it is

  184. and you are picking on him?…lol…just need to credit when its due

  185. Go easy on the Booze JLin. It will affect your performance.

  186. I hope he gets to the line at least 3 times for 6 shots in the 2nd half. Sometimes he shies away from taking his shots too much. He’s a scoring point guard.

  187. I hope lin wakes up in the second half

  188. and JC should give credit to Curry for that bad pass..lol

  189. Andre Iguodala is their best perimeter defensive player who starts from the bench.

  190. probably he will text him tonite…lol

  191. At least he’s shooting the ball, wish JLin would do more of that since he knows his minutes are being limited! The only way he can prove he’s a star is to score alot every game. He really needs to change his mindset and just go out there and shoot.

  192. Well, MVP candidate Stephen Curry ain’t doing any better
    1-4 , 2 pnts, 3 TO , 4 Assits. played longer mins.

  193. So? Who is jlfa? Lots of duplicates on this blog anyway!

  194. boozer has not played well since the asg; probaly just tired. long season. old guy. not used much down the stretch last year.

  195. The thing with lin is that is that he falls into the okie doke with scott every time,. He just needs to get him and score and then try to get the others going. I just don’t understand his thought process sometimes.

  196. but doesn’t matter.. it’s what the coaches, fo and media portray lin as.. and he is and will alway be a backup in their eye..UNLESS

    Lin leads the team in points and assists and lead them to a championsship..with a coach who believes in him.. then about 50% will say ok..he is a starter..

    He will have to win another championship in a row.. to prove that HE IS A STARTER and all star.

    that is the ONLY way to prove those commentators and everyone wrong.. Why? because they don’t want to be wrong because they are the ones who OVERLOOKED him..and it will invalidate the scouting system of the nba when lin actually took a team to championship TWICE. When that does happen..laymans will then say MAYBE it is because he is asian ..that’s why he was overlooked..but the nba does not want ppl to say that. So now you can see how the whole thing is a bit rigged.

  197. maybe you should twitter him

  198. historically lin needs minutes to play well. declining minutes go with declining performance. throwing out the one lakers win lins minutes last few games: 29, 27, 24, 22, 19, only 10 in the first half this game and with the starters actually playing well for a rare time likely to continue the pattern of reduced minutes each game.

  199. ellington….

  200. The moment laker stops making shot…..

  201. 4 point game. Let’s see what Lin can do in the second half

  202. If he even plays

  203. Backup should play the garbage time? Lol

  204. Lin has faced this his whole NBA career, so nothing new here. That is why he just needs to shut their mouths and go off.

  205. OK, here comes all the so called Lin “fans” expecting him to score, defend, assist, no turn overs, more minutes, etc, etc. Can’t we just be happy that he is healthy, & will be out of LA soon. We don’t know how BS wants him to play. Seriously, this is discoursging!!!!

  206. Starters playing better than bench. More excuse to ride the pine.

  207. Yeah

  208. Let’s stay optimistic.

  209. Unfortunately, this happens everytime Jeremy doesn’t have a good start. sigh..

  210. Team player, does what the coach asks of him. It’s as simple as that I think. Team/Coach over his personal stats.

  211. Listen we are all lin fans here, but we all know that he can play a better game than this. We are wandering what is going on with him. he doesn’t look like himself tonight.

  212. Don’t care on stat, let him play

  213. Sorry fan here, but he’said not playing well. Tovs, low assist feeding cold hands, hesitant in his shot.

    Highlight was the block on Green.

    Still second half.

  214. Yup. Game ain’t over yet.

  215. Are you watching the game?

  216. i agree, I just want him to play his game.

  217. Lin himself went 1/4, can’t blame too much.

  218. Yep, he seems hesitant and tentative toight

  219. I think he’s falling into bad habits again with trying too hard to get other guys going and hesitating on his shot. He wasn’t doing that in his hot ASB run.

  220. Maybe on O but his D seems fine.

  221. I agree

  222. We all live in the real world of the NBA, the only that matters is how many points you score, until that that gets coded into lin’s brain, the NBA will always see him as a backup. If he wants to be relevant in the NBA, he has to figure out how to put up numbers scoring.

  223. He hasn’t played the same since that stupid comment that Byron Scott said about him running too many PnRs.

  224. Game isn’t over… we’ll see.

  225. Ever since the team is divided with Lin paired with a new comer, Jabari Brown, the bench started failing.

  226. he might not play the whole 3Q… sigh

  227. I agree, hopefully he will come out playing his game.

  228. Lin. BScott

  229. The team chemistry with your partner in the back court changed to a new comer. He is hesitant because he would be more likely isolated and he couldn’t find the one that can help him.

  230. Hey, the great S. Curry himself is having 2-8 night. It just happens.

  231. Yeah, BS is good at adding sands to the rice, whether for tanking or for screwing someone.

  232. I’m always suspicious when Byron suddenly called up someone and stuck him with Jeremy.
    Jeremy has to make do with Brown and help him. It seems that Brown is playing more minutes than Jeremy too.

  233. Give it up @John Lee:disqus .That argument is moot here right now.

  234. Hope fully Lin turns it around

  235. Jeremy is in

  236. Jeremy can use a shooter, but a rookie is a rookie.

  237. Starters playing well tonight
    Now BS does not how to tank

  238. Sweeeet 3333333

  239. Go Jeremy!

  240. Sorry guys, I’m rooting for Warriors (my team), especially with Lin out. Didn’t mind if Lin lead them to win the though.

  241. Lin with an aggressive 3!!

  242. Lin’s in now.

  243. Still NOT.ENOUGH. (sarcasm)

  244. Lin with 3! Get back on the horse.

  245. GS is getting mementum now. It’s about time to put in Jeremy.

  246. That 3 bomb is not enough for lots of people, including people here.

  247. Jeremy is warming up 🙂

  248. Another!

  249. NOT.ENOUGH.

  250. Not sure why the double standard. Lillard shot the lights off a few nights ago, but had a 1-13 game four games before that. I didn’t see anyone calling for his head.

    Why does Lin have to be perfect 24/7?

  251. Stu, you need to also credit JLin for starting the pass…

  252. No, we know that he can play better, just was wandering what was up with him in the first quarter.

  253. Because he is Lillard and black and Jeremy is Asian-American.

  254. Curry’s getting hot too, SMH,

  255. So Curry decides to get hot when Lin is on the floor.

  256. Lin played with Ellington instead of Brown.

  257. Lin just pissed curry off

  258. OK, Curry starts doing his thing

  259. You know if Curry only had 19 min, it would be a disappointing performance

  260. LOL. YUP.

  261. Curry just doing his thing.

  262. body warmed up! You have a problem.

  263. Lin needs to shoot now, mid range shots. His shot is falling, take it.

  264. You need that iOS 8.3 new keyboard quick! All your spaces are periods!

  265. Totally

  266. Byron scott is gonna bench him.

  267. Lin has been back to his facilitating mode after Byron made the comment about reigning in PnR to see how opponents react to his Priceton system.

    So I think Lin only turned on his aggressive scoring mode in the 2nd half. Last game he didn’t get a chance to do so at all.

  268. No way curry will swallow that five points and doing nothing

  269. yes, it will let Byron know that he needs to close the game.

  270. Yes, but he shakes it off, and keeps shooting. Liked it when Lin came back shooting.

  271. Trading basket only keeps your from losing more.

  272. He’s been waiting for lin, lol

  273. Wondering about why he’s playing is quite different from slamming him on why he isn’t scoring much.

  274. Great ball movement Lin-Boozer-Wes. Bucket!

  275. Defense! Lin.

  276. Great Defense!~

  277. Great 1-on-1 D on Curry by Lin!

  278. That Curry getting whistled for a foul made me grin. Evilly.

  279. It’s Lin’s responsibility to use Brown properly at both ends of the court with 1:30 left in the quarter.

  280. Defensive player of the game 🙂

  281. Man that defense….on the national tv. curry will come in full force in 4q……lol

  282. JLin gets a foul! Only when right in front of refs face

  283. That’s defense

  284. Lin playing great defense

  285. I like how Lin took that last shot, even though he missed. That’s Swag right there

  286. Jon Barry you see that D you clown

  287. I will stop bashing Clarkson the rest of this 4th quarter. haha

    After Jeremy Lin took the offensive charge, Jordan Clarkson leaped out of the bench to pick him up— Mark Medina (@MarkG_Medina) March 17, 2015

  288. Ah, like how Asians need to have perfect SAT scores and 5.0 GPA to get into any college now? LOL

  289. They get along well. Clarkson really respects Lin. Clarkson has been a fan of Lin since Linsanity days.

  290. Good look, should take it every time.

  291. It almost went in.

  292. Didn’t JC help Jeremy get that custom iPhone case with JL7 on it?

  293. JC is just a rookie. It is the ones who set up the adverse selection should be blamed.

  294. very good look. I thought he was going to pass it a slumping Booze. Lin has been ignoring Booze the 3rd qtr after a terrible half by Booze

  295. Yes. Applies in the NBA too. Asians need to have perfect stats to be in the NBA.

  296. wasn’t aware of that. JC got the hook ups I guess lol

  297. 4Q, Byron put in Ryan Kelly together with Brown for the bench to absorb.

  298. The bench has to blend together in a short time, 2 games, with its new element, Jabrai Brown.

  299. Boozer picked up his 4th foul. I betcha Byron will put in Jordan Hill soon!

  300. Jeremy being a running back out there drawing fouls

  301. More freebies coming up.

  302. He’s upped his aggression in the 2nd half.

  303. Being aggressive means drawing and taking fouls.

  304. You can’t block shot if you aren’t athletic enough in NBA.

  305. Im thinking Lin will finish the game. Fingers crossed.

  306. Jeremy Lin is too athletic for a PG!

  307. Every time the big were willing to swing the ball….good things happen

  308. Who would dare question lins athleticism

  309. Got depressed over JLin’s limited minutes so decided to get some work done for school. Just checked the game companion and he’s got 10 points, just need JLin to get 8-10 more points for a nice game!

  310. Byron Scott. Kobe etc.

  311. Charge!

  312. Another great D by Lin drawing the charge!

  313. Jeremy is BLOCK!

  314. Should be tied for 3rd place not 1st but that’s coming off the bench! If Lin was starting he could easily be no.1 or no.2!

  315. GS made lots of foul in 4Q

  316. Exactly what I wanted 6 FTs.

  317. In bonus. Lin will just drive to the rim. I think he will take another 6 free throws

  318. Good…padding stats..

  319. He blocks using his body!

  320. Lin is super-smart!
    He knew GSW had 14 fouls and he’d get the 15th to get GSW in the penalty (FTs for every foul)

  321. OMG. Boozer! another blown assist…

  322. did Boozer really miss that??

  323. Boozer hits nothing

  324. Boooo…zer

  325. Boozer can’t score my god

  326. He missed another one, again 🙁

  327. Lin, don’t feed the booze! Shoot!

  328. Boozer is really struggling

  329. Boozer is too slow to react to Lin’s feeds. He’s really blown a lot of assists and big buckets.

  330. Lin needs to attack the rim to get FTs and stay in the game

  331. Idk…more often he got the pass fine, but just…blew it

  332. Livingston and Lin go at each other hard. Bad blood from Rockets days.

  333. Last play, he penetrated, but passed to slower Boooz. Davis would have finished that.

  334. It takes time for Jabrai Brown to fit in the bench and play as a team.
    It’s tough for the bench to absorb a new player.

  335. I think he’s mixing it up nicely. He’s taken 6 FTs, so he’s attacking pretty well.

  336. aggressiveness defined!

  337. Need couple of good stops now…

  338. Boozer really lose this game from bench… smh!

  339. What Boozer layup but no assist for Lin?!

  340. I get a feeling that you are doing the “Jabrai” intentionally, despite the warning during last game?

  341. exactly!

  342. He got credited.

  343. thats smart..padding stats 🙂

  344. Nope not showing on game companion nor play by play! Should’ve been 4th assist!

  345. thankfully refs are actually calling fouls this game.

  346. My man Lin. What a courageous PG!

  347. Jeremy 2FTs, 15pts now!

  348. Lakers can make the season by defeating GS.

  349. I see it.

  350. Lakers are playing the best of GS now.

  351. Ok now I see it! Game Companion didn’t show the assist with Boozer’s play by play.

  352. dammit, terrible pass by lin

  353. lin doing too much to impress home crowd. needs to calm down

  354. One more dime and I win the poll. 🙂

  355. Well that’s that

  356. Lakers ties the game only to have two dumb TOs!

  357. 2 b2b TOVs…luckily SCurry missed the shot

  358. Scott and Jeremy exchanging words…

  359. In the last 3 games, Lin started having many TOs.

  360. Lin got out of control there first time this game.

  361. Well Warriors are tightening their defense on the inside to anticipate Jeremy’s inside passing.

  362. It would be great if he stayed in control. He shouldn’t have had those 2 turn overs.

  363. Yeah, but he’s made an impact. Sometimes he’ll have a few TOs. I just wish he wouldn’t do the jump pass. Go up and shoot it. But spacing on the Lakers is a problem.

  364. Haha….lin will think those TOVs for a while..

  365. better to shoot it than pass than TO

  366. Crazy jeremy TOs showed up at a bad time

  367. he better win this one for the Lakers or he’ll be buried alive by haters and “fans” alike…lol

  368. BS took out Lin =/

  369. But why is it always Jeremy getting yanked out?

  370. Benched, BS is dumb!

  371. Lin Out

  372. He did, so he’s free to pepper BS with the F-word.

  373. Good night !

  374. Benched

  375. yeah , and that one too… 🙂

  376. Should have had Lin with JC as the backcourt duo

  377. It does not matter to lin..lin has his own goal

  378. Yep

  379. GS defense would not let up; the rest of Lakers made TOs.

  380. If Scott is smart, sit Lin for a minute and get him back in the game. He played too well in the 4th to take him out due to 2 TOs. Oh geez, what am I saying? Byron smart?

  381. ok, Lin is out
    Let’s see how much GSW puts the gas pedal to the max!

  382. 5 TOs, BS won’t allow that.

  383. BS wants to loss the game… he must be very happy now.

  384. shoot it than pass TO

  385. Lin has too many TO. I think it is just too many.

  386. Lin made an impact.

  387. more like – Punished!

  388. Notice it happened when Ed Davis was taken out? Byron Scott handicapped Lin by playing him with Jordan Hill.

  389. with BScott…we dont know what we are going to get…lets see

  390. Curry has 6 TO today.

  391. Agreed.

  392. Despite those careless TOs, the Warriors actually planned on taking out Jeremy’s passing on the inside

  393. After Lin out, Lakers’ offense collapses.

  394. he’s not allowed to play through mistakes…

  395. Yup collapsed the paint

  396. but compensated with AST and PTS

  397. Nope he is a backup not a starter for this ahem team

  398. True. Too bad. But Curry has 6 TOs. Much hate coming his way? Is he benched? (Rhetorical Qs)

  399. Just another learning opportunity for Lin.

  400. WHile BScott makes all kinds of mistakes.

  401. Not afraid to make things happen.

  402. Steph has like 6-7 TOs not a peep

  403. All good…lol

  404. Peep

  405. Way too much hate kid has to be perfect

  406. Those risky passes are lins habit. It will take a little while to break. But, he will get passed it

  407. Sometimes being ‘selfish’ actually helps the team. The opponents expect Lin to pass…thus easy TOs.

  408. Always the double std

  409. When he did that his TO always went up… smh!

  410. I say when he is coached again by a real coach he hasn’t had a good coach in 3 years

  411. The +/- of the bench dropped significantly ever since Jabari Brown has been called up.

  412. Maybe have him play through it… not yank him. It’s not like they’re playing to win.

  413. it seems that he is talented to perform those “mistakes”

  414. Lin should be more unpredictable as when to pass and when to take his own shot.

  415. yea he will have his choice

  416. Dantoni coached jeremy…since he left NYC he has not had any coaching…a lot of learning on his own

  417. Ok, hope the Warriors really close this out now!

  418. Agreed, but Lin isn’t Curry. He will get there.

  419. LOL

  420. So to win against an elite, unselfish playoff bound team with good defense and offball movements, you have to play selfish?

    Ok that would help.

  421. Win or Lose…JLin came back and played well second half….superb game from him

  422. Never seen a guy cross his arms so long —- BS

  423. Kobe had 10 in one game, it was part of a triple double but the 10 TOs was a negative stat.

  424. Defensive stance right?

  425. YEs, he kept the game close getting to the line. Only player capable of doing that on this sad team.

  426. That’s enough for me. Just stay healthy and learn from experience.

  427. Clarkson looks pissed, Lin and Hill had to talk some sense into him.

  428. Too many TOs for a superb game but he had a solid 4th Q and led the team well.

  429. 3pt game, wow, got to give the rookie credit.

  430. not an easy task!

  431. I’m pissed at Curry more. He didn’t make that shot!

  432. I sense a jordan hill 3 here

  433. Jeremy for 3

  434. Jeremy back in?

  435. Lin is in.

  436. JLin coming in on final play

  437. lol

  438. Sheeit

  439. Wow.

  440. lin back in? yay!

  441. Lin in. Byron wants to win this game.

  442. Lincredible, Lin’s in.

  443. GS foul; not like Byron let the other team shot 3.

  444. with 6 seconds left? Then why did he take him out in the first place. OMG

  445. Lin out…Boozer in

  446. Jeremy pulled out of the game. AGAIN.

  447. taken out because Clarkson got fouled. He should come back in again

  448. 1pt game!

  449. For offense. But switched back to Boozer on D.

  450. game over? 3pt game

  451. Hey remember when sacre started

  452. OT?

  453. lets see how the drawing board goes

  454. All you need is a 4 point play.

  455. Good grief.

  456. Does Lin got to go back in fr the clutch 3 shot?

  457. Why bring up bad memories? lol

  458. Lin is IN

  459. Lin in again. go Jeremy!

  460. Charlie Brown is that you? 🙂

  461. yup

  462. GS fouled again; not like Byron.

  463. Seriously…Boozer, Lin, Boozer, Lin. BS really is a chicken with his head cut off.

  464. I missed that, who drew the foul?

  465. GS wouldn’t give you a chance; they foul.

  466. thats pretty much a norm for O and D; many coach does that

  467. good FT…WE…1pt game!

  468. Seriously Kerr, why put your good defender Andre Iguodala on Jeremy on that inbound?

    Admit it…

  469. 1pt game,

  470. It was for rebounding

  471. Kerr is smart

  472. LOL…back to 3pt game

  473. Wow. Wes…

  474. and no timeout to use.

  475. Lol….talking about the TOV..

  476. Given another coach, this team can win lots of games.

  477. Another TO by Johnson to end the game, that’s Lakers for you.

  478. Clarkson foul and Johnson TO in last moments, so Lin can’t take all the blame.

  479. Wes certainly does not help his cause with TO like that

  480. You know this game is bad when Jordan Hill has the most assists!

  481. thats a bad TOV…as I said earlier…its gonna come back and bite late in the game…sigh

  482. Good turn around from Lin. Relapsed a bit Lin with 2 tov but hey it happens

  483. I would still say…overall a good game from LAL

  484. JLin out blocking him. Clearly a role switch is in order

  485. Lin should pass to the big man when he’s double teamed but the big man has to come out and help.

  486. ok, at least it wasn’t Lin who took the last shot.
    Wes’ TO was pretty bad

  487. and he shouldn’t. He was the reason why this was a close game. It is a team sport.

  488. Lin has 15 pts I’m happy.

  489. that’s the way to look at it… 🙂

  490. yup, too bad BScott was no D’Antoni who trusted Lin.

  491. Freebies are awesome 🙂

  492. Overall…its s till a good game from LAL

  493. Those idiots are gonna blame Lin anyway.

  494. Given a real coach, this would be a playoff team with Lin period!!

  495. i wish lin got to take the last shot lol. would have been a tie game!~~

  496. That is why they are ….

  497. Talking about aggressiveness…

  498. When you know you have a new teammate, that doesn’t help your case at all.

  499. He can’t but those two TOs happened back to back so it looks extra bad.

  500. Lin got 15 points. I am happy

  501. He was back in his mode the second half!

  502. @mimiface_00 @felixfkc @CNM_JLin_Vids It's worse: In some places IT DOESN'T MATTER if @JLin7 proves himself again & again. NEVER trusted.— Ido Amir (@IdoAmir) March 17, 2015

  503. Thank you Lord…Amen.

  504. I’m not happy about the TOs. The number is not good at 5 but a lot were bad passes, forced passes. He regressed a bit in that regard. But he got to the line a lot. I’m not happy he didn’t play the whole 4th and Byron seemed to discipline him for making TOs. Remember the game Kobe had 10?

  505. Curry has 7 TO and Lin has 5 TO. Lin gets benched. Ok Curry is a better player but Kerr trusts his players. BS does not. BS is focused on TO instead of trying to win the game.

  506. When Jabari Brown wasn’t called up, Lin got to play more with guards of some more experience, that help his game, wouldn’t it?

  507. for a bad work condition , i love the 15 points share by Jeremy..it takes a good /great player to achieve and get those points the hard way (BS tied him with a short leash!)

  508. Yep. He figured out what he needed to do because sure in the h3ll didn’t know what to do.

  509. One forgotten thing is lins growth as a defender. Made leaps this year. 1 year or two he could be an elite defender. His size is an issue for pgs

  510. Even Barry said Lin played well in the 4th. So you know he did.

  511. I love my brother in law pic.twitter.com/eqLFIVmwyP— tania (@barajaaas) March 17, 2015

  512. Why was Curry’s last turnover (7th?) not a turnover?

  513. Nah, he is usually aggressive. It’s just the refs are calling the fouls for him more tonight for some unknown reason.

  514. discipline???BS doesn’t know that word except with Jeremy…
    But how can one pass to a teammates who doesn’t work his butt out to make himself free and just let the ball come to him as a lazy boy!

  515. The idea is those tov or not currys impact is more positive vs negative. bs does not view it the same for Lin.

  516. He’s Curry!

  517. Jordan Clarkson starting to get a little too whiny with these refs. Someone bring Kobe in to threaten to kill him.— Awwbrew Wiggins (@KobeNeverSleeps) March 17, 2015

  518. going now to his head????

  519. Byron would always figure out something to lose.
    What a loser.
    He couldn’t win even when he wants it.

  520. He gets to the rim, skies for blocks. you know he can dunk. he’s just waiting for the right moment. can’t wait to see it. it’s been too long, since the dunk on Garcia.

  521. Lin only had 22 mins!!!!I
    Jeremy said,’I don’t have control in many things (my 2 cents: that our stupid coach cooked up for me)’

  522. Yup. Everyone know including BS… he chooses to ignore.

  523. Then Barry spent the entire one minutes to bash Lin after 2 tovs….pure gold…lol

  524. And Lin’s non turnover awarded as turnover.

  525. His blocks for a guard are phenomenal. Blocking requires proper timing and good leap – he mastered them both.

  526. Lin really should dunk more when he’s able to jump high enough for blocks. Two handed dunks are a more sure way of scoring during fast breaks but Lin’s mostly done one handed dunks.

  527. Kerr plays to win. BS plays to tank (if not, I give him too much credit).

  528. with BS, we can’t get something meaningful!

  529. Curry had 7 TO’s ans lin 5 TO’s, don’t feel so bad about lin’s TO’s.

  530. SAve the energy for blocking shots.

  531. Kerr is smart…

  532. That’s cool too.

  533. @LakersSBN: Jeremy Lin says no https://t.co/UQD2ZG4xnf”— Lakers Facts (@LakerFacts) March 17, 2015

  534. If Kerr praises Jeremy in any way in his post game interview, I will ‘forgive’ him for what he said that Patrick Beverley is an elite defender.

    If he wouldn’t… I hope they lose in the Finals!

  535. Lin’s wish: Please create some space for me, partner!

  536. Still gotta score and shoot more though. For once I’d like to see Lin being the one cutting to the basket for a dunk which Parsons, Clarkson, and Johnson all do except they are taller.

  537. i’ll be just waiting to see JLIN go to a new Team next season and with less expectation from Lakers on their treatment with Jeremy!

  538. He’d be a good volleyball player too.

  539. I would like it more if he can work on being the receiving end of an alley. That attempt with Harden was just….. well….

  540. He is not gonna to..

  541. Even on volleyball he’ll be a good defensive player.

  542. Lol, yeah…

  543. He is the one and only ‘Lin’

  544. Lin had two handed dunk(s) in Harvard – at least one was shown on YouTube. Announcer said that was “impressive”.

  545. Same here! I’m pretty sure Lin can try that with Clarkson throwing the lob.

  546. Then I hope they lose.

    Trailblazers, Hawks, Spurs hear me out on this – crush Warriors!

  547. BS said in post game interview. Clarkson did a better job being PG then Lin in second half.

  548. Kerr is a true Lin hater just like Mchale and BS!

  549. BS really wants to win this game to show off but he is so used to losing and making bad decisions.

  550. He needs to review the tape of his alleys with Landry Fields.

  551. Why are you listening to jibberish? lol. Just listen to Jeremy’s post game. He is the real coach 🙂

  552. BS is trash talking as usual.
    Give Jabrai Brown to Clarkson should be a better choice because Brown’s his ex-teammate.

  553. haha BS is trying to sell Clarkson as future. I get it. BS knows Lin was the reason Lakers even had a chance.

  554. no wonder its BS talking…like a parrot who doesn’t know the meaning of what he’s saying!

  555. I want to see a Trailblazers vs Warriors match, Lillard vs Curry, Aldridge vs Thompson with Spurs vs Hawks that would be the best match up before finals.

  556. Why didn’t Tony Parker dunk more often?

  557. Got to give credit to starters as well..they played well

  558. ESPN commented on that specific fact. Slso wondered why Lin pulled just for “a couple of turnovers”.

  559. Did Kobe threaten someone?

  560. seriously..what is a better job of being a pg.
    what is his definition of pg.
    price? then he will hate westbrook and lover rondo.

  561. Write to NBA to correct.

  562. he can go and have a good sleep then

  563. Byron’s nightmare is when Lin took the last shot and won the game for him.

  564. Clarkson played well but lets be honest. Lin’s performance in 4th qtr is what kept Lakers in the game

  565. No BS is just trying to sell anyone but Lin!!

  566. Given a bad situation, anyone would TO.

  567. I’m pretty sure this will be the block of the night 🙂

  568. Anyone is smart next to BS. Kerr is genius today.

  569. But you have to roast this coach first.

  570. Jordan Hill should be embarrassed of himself. A guard can swat better than him.

  571. A sign of no security.

  572. When have we ever seen Hill block? Dude doesn’t even want to jump for his mid jumpers!

  573. True that!

  574. He only jump for scores….

  575. This is a better vid. It shows how Jeremy recovered from the foul that was not called!

  576. I CAN’T STAND Real GM’s Laker forum. I went there and one of the mod’s, none of them are fair to Lin, said he was a tank commander along with Wes. I said to him that is unfair, Lin did great things in the 4th and Curry had 7 TOs. I wasn’t about to let that stand. I really shouldn’t go there, those mods and that whole board gets on my nerves. Most Lin fans have left it because they are sick of the tone of it.

  577. Byron did not prepare to protect his PG from being trapped and double teamed.

  578. I think he made a pathetic one but I forgot against whom but it’s pathetic so it’s not worth remembering and mentioning.

  579. Forget about it. They will say whatever they want to say… You can’t change their opinion.

  580. “hop” is more like it…

  581. He thought Jordon Hill were Anthony Davis.

  582. Scott is a disgrace. That is just a crappy thing to say and do to his best PG especially with what Lin gave the team in the 4th. Even John Barry recognized that.

  583. I think you can start by asking them what do they mean by “tank”.

  584. Can watch that over and over and over…Oh I just did x100

  585. Never thought anyone can be worse than McHale… but… *sigh*

  586. ABJ mentality, nothing new.

  587. What’s the story behind this?

  588. To Scotts credit. He did say Lin played well. Just had those 2 TO and thats why he took Lin out.
    From Lins post game interview. BS basically yelled at the team during the half about the TOs. So guessing BS said if you guys keep making TO, you will be taken out. So BS prefers punishing his players rather than trying to win.

  589. or ask them their scores in SAT.

  590. hinting something? lol

  591. Both played well … Q4

  592. Q4…Both played well

  593. No, JLin’s not going back to Warriors when Steve Kerr the extreme hater coach is there!

  594. I dont think he hates JL

  595. Ryan Kelly should be ashamed by letting those layins go through him.

  596. looks like it. lol. GSW shows interest on him last summer. The only thing they can’t wait for morey..

  597. Jeremy graduated from blocking another guard (Derrick) to bigger men (Josh Smith, Draymond Green)

  598. Just a doubter…

  599. He does! Steve Kerry have dissed Lin before during Linsanity! Imagine what he thinks now that Lin’s been marginalized by two teams in last 3 years!

  600. Byron is delusional. He thought Ronnie Price is the head of the snake. (Who is the snake?)

  601. show me the case…

  602. Tell it to Curry! The coach would be fired.

  603. Not hates on Lin just don’t think Lin is good.

  604. probably…

  605. Too many….lol

  606. hate?

  607. Wasn’t the GSW fans booed Lin the loudest on the free throw line?

  608. Unfortunately, Lin still has to prove himself and Curry doesn’t. The nature of Lin’s turnovers was the problem more than the amount. Like if 2 were offensive fouls or so it wouldn’t be that bad. But most were bad passes and bad decision passes.

  609. Did they say who was the super sub of the game?

  610. That’s normal bc they did that to anyone in FT. They are GSW fans not Lin’s fans.

  611. I can’t believe Ryan Kelly was North Carolina High School Player of the Year.

  612. I don know. I mean you can clearly tell Jon Barry is just idixtic. Kerr knows what he is talking about, so I think he just does not like Lin. Miller and Weber is more neutral in a sense that at least they praise Lin, just Bash more…

  613. No, and they aren’t objective. They have bad moderators there. The other GM boards were better. The Houston one was tolerable, just not a good group for the Lakers board.

  614. I love Lin and he said himself that he is very prideful,but if he wants to remain relevant in this league,he needs to learn not to compromise his game no matter what. As far as bad coaches, he needs to learn to chew up the meet and spit out the bones. Lin is smart, he needs to figure out how to work around bad coaching. When he came out in the 2nd half, that was the real real lin. He needs manage time when he gets into the game. If he feeds 3 or more players and they still are not hitting shots, then lin needs to move on. He also needs to cut down on the dumb TO’s, three were because team mates cut not finish, the other two was because he was trying to pass into limited spaces instead of taking the shot himself. That is what bothers me about his mindset sometimes.

  615. Oh, don’t tease. Fans would love him here. Just don’t like him on Fakers.

  616. Byron didn’t take charge; who would.

  617. Jeremy’s post game interview

  618. Give Byron to them as their coach. They would disappear.

  619. that was quick!

  620. A forced pass is just as bad as a force shot. Coach getting into his head. He needs to know they are not helping him.

  621. Only 2 tovs are dumb to me tho. I guess everyone rate them differently. 1st one is the one b4 the block, 2nd one was the 1st one in 4Q where his ball just poked away.

  622. When I saw Lin’s bad pass in limited space.. I knew the old Lin was back.. smh! I think FO gave him the freedom he could play his game then he started the careless again. That’s bad. He should back to the Lin who just came back from NY after ASG.

  623. That is not what I meant. Unselfish team ball is always better than any other. Lin is almost like 100% unselfish, that would make him a little bit too predictable because most people would know Lin is always(or maybe 90% of the time?) looking to pass to other teammates. Opposing teams could lure Lin to pass by intensionally opening a pass ing lane for him but actually anticipating him to pass. If he could be more toward being selfish maybe he could become more unpredictable? Just my thoughts.

  624. He is the only one proactive on D like that.

  625. Jeremy didn’t block Josh Smith. I swear Lin simply took the ball out of his hand, PERIOD.

  626. Block on Josh Smith is one of my favorite. That was monster!

  627. That was a good block. I heard that swatting sound. Sorry guys I just had to post this:

  628. I feel he took Josh Smiths head with him for a moment too..

  629. Now you are challenged to find anyone worse than Byron Scott.

  630. Byron Scott is the one who wanted to bench Jeremy Lin before the season even started. Even when Magic Johnson though it should be Jeremy Lin to start for the Lakers. He definitely has a hidden agenda against Lin.

  631. Any TO done by Jeremy is dumb for some.

    The only careless ones for me are the last two at 4th Q.

  632. Let’s hope that Jeremy one day can come back and roast the Lakers and Byron Scott.

  633. I think those passing to the bigs passes was good. GSW just too good at blocking passing lane. It was not like he did not know what to do and just throw the ball away. He might be seen like his old self, I think he is totally not. Even the way he turns the ball over are different now.

  634. You haven’t heard how Byron trashed Lin in the postgame interview yet.

  635. Was there any doubt Scott was gonna call a timeout take out his PNR pg and call a post up?— Haralabos Voulgaris (@haralabob) March 17, 2015

  636. He is SO NOT his old self. Kerr actually planned on taking out Jeremy’s inside passing and Warriors were all over the bigs on the inside like bees to honey. With Jeremy in, Warriors actually tightened their defense on the inside.

  637. on that one, if it’s one near the 3 min mark when he was pulled, when Lin can back to shoot his frees, the assistant coach for GSW made fun of him before the horn sounded and Lin went over and they both had a good laugh with Lin gesticulating on his arms being shredded. You might have seen that as he was approaching the FT line. Nice to see JLin having fun with ppl he knows from GSW.

  638. Where’s your dissertation????

  639. Dear @JoeTeam:disqus,

    We’re waiting for your ingame dissertation..

    *taps foot impatiently*


  640. Go write your report, chop chop. lol. Hope you had fun!

  641. There is a very huge improvement under the surface. Man if 3 or 4 scout and GM notice it and take action, Lin will have a good career

  642. There were mixed, cheers and boos. But he gets a lots of attention from fans.

  643. First one just before the foul was a really hard knock by Curry on Lin, and he was complaining to the ref after the block and also, a few mins later during the first TO. It was good to see Lin really schmoozing up with the refs, and if KHuang were still reading this site, he’d be proud how Lin pulls out his acting face. So, what I saw on first TO, it was likely a foul by Curry but I wasn’t able to see replay as I was live. Just don’t think Lin is a whiner or pride foul guy, so I go with his call.

  644. I wish Boston would go to the playoff this season. That should put the Lakers to shame.
    Currently Boston is tied with Indiana and Miami for the 7th and 8th spot.
    Boston is playing with all their star players gone.
    Lakers got stuck with Kobe and is closer to the cellar than being a playoff team.

  645. #DoNotCrackUnderPressure

  646. Ha ha. I had a blast. Let me do some work emails first.

  647. Stomping foot here!

  648. Will be here in say 30 mins.

  649. #CrunchTime

  650. Shaun Livingston did a monster job on Lin 1-1 and then there was Iggy inside. His 4Q effectiveness was really hampered by Shauno.

  651. I said that was a bad one because he had control of the ball, fouled or not. It is not like some other tovs.

  652. they copy Kobe …

  653. This is def true. report later.

  654. From what I could see..Livingston could not guard him one on one. Kerr called to change D coverage, and Lin made 2 tovs. BS should have called a to after the 1st tov. I mean, I would..

  655. I think Barry was saying after Lin was out, LAKERS starts to get quality shots.

  656. Aside from Jeremy, Davis has quality interviews.

  657. Even Jon Barry said, “Since Lin got taken out, Lakers don’t have any good shot at the basket anymore”

  658. He meant we do not have a HC to put the vets in to finish the game. Not we don have vets…lol

  659. Banging tables here!!!

  660. Pots and pans! LOUD NOISES!!!!

  661. Pfft…can’t wait until July 1st. JC is no PG. Even Jon Barry recognized that, which is not much.

  662. OK I stand corrected. Just watched the BS post game interview again and said JC had a better second half compared to JC’s own first half. He did not say JC played better than Lin in second half. My mistake.

  663. fork and spoons @joeteam:disqus

  664. You are all scaring @joeteam:disqus away lol

  665. Sorry I stand corrected. Just watched the BS post game interview again and said JC had a better second half compared to his own first half. He did not say JC played better than Lin in second half. My mistake.

  666. My mistake I stand corrected. Just watched the BS post game interview again and said JC had a better second half compared to his own first half. He did not say JC played better than Lin in second half. My mistake.

  667. we’ll be impatiently waiting =)

  668. Do kill him, we still need that dissertation.

  669. OK I stand corrected. Just watched the BS post game interview again and said JC had a better second half compared to JC own first half. He did not say JC played better than Lin in second half. My mistake.

    Basically BS said JC was taken out first half because of two TOs and said second half JC played better compared to his own first half.

  670. I think by now he knows how impatient we are 😛

  671. Again, why are you listening to his jibberish… twice? Haha. Nothing he says has merits anyways. Thanks for the update tho 🙂

  672. The Lin face here was about that foul, which you cannot see here because it looks like he ran into booze. At the game, it looked like Curry bumped him into booze, and it looked like a rib thin for a bit there. Much later, Lin on first TO went straight to the rev with same face and gestured he should have called a foul. I was amazed he was hurting and could get back for that block.

  673. Barry says lots of dumb stuff. May be ESPN keeps him for entertainment purposes and ratings.

  674. Lin was Subway sub of the game.

  675. They put in rookies for us to finish the game. Sigh!

  676. you prob saw more, but i was seeing a few key possessions where Shaun really cut Lin off and the intensity between the 2 of them was high. Maybe 3 key possessions – I was thinking, wow, Shauno is motivated!

    Problem was even if Lin got a little edge on Shaun, Iggy and then nobody on LAL was moving with him very effectively. Just my live watching bias, I think. No replays to see what really happened.

  677. he got knocked very hard, like the OKC Sefalosha knock, I was really surprised he got back for the block. You could see his head snap back. On the replay, is see it might have been Booz who hit him, but I think Steph did something to push him in maybe. Need a different angle.

  678. LOL all good. Now please go finish the report…LOL

  679. I thought he was tied at first with Teague?

  680. Yeah….seems ok on TV. Then there is only one dumb tov to me.

  681. I’m not sure, but as long as he’s in the top 3, I’m good.

  682. You know it’s real difficult to make this play.
    Lots of other guards would be gassed out. They couldn’t possibly recover soon enough to make that play.
    They might even foul and give up an and-one.

  683. you have 13 minutes to go!

  684. indeed!

  685. You’re right.
    Lin not only blocked but he took the ball away cleanly and set up a play down the court.
    That’s a beauty to watch now again and again.

  686. Ed knows the deal. He probably doesn’t care for Byron either.

  687. No, Barry said, LESS quality shots.

  688. OK, not like it matters. I will take your words…lol

  689. People want him to be aggressive and attacking in limited playing time and now whinning about his 5 turnovers.

    He played hard nose defense for 14 minutes straight without a rest against the best offensive team in the league and still manage to score 15 points with 8 shot attempts.

    Please give me (lin) a break.

  690. LOL….exactly

  691. #SelfieOpportunist

  692. Why bring in Kobe on this. Kobe is just as guilty always whining to the refs about not being fouled during beginning of the season.
    JC getting upset with himself for not finishing at the rim. Lin & Hill talking to him at courtside. Worthy & Horry saying its a rookie reaction & should be glad that both of them took the time to talk to him. It shows that both of them care about JC. They said Hill was trying to tell him that he rushed the play& should have passed to open guy.

  693. don’t forget his block in 4:34 in his Taiwan game:

    and of course everybody should remember his block against DRose when DRose was in his prime.

  694. Yeah, we all know that Lin is a playmaking PG, he’s not PBeverly or RPrice. Lin will always have more TOs than your Prices and Beverlys. No one complains about Harden’s or Curry’s high TOs because they have the freedom to play to their strength and rack up big stats that can make the TOs inconsequential.

  695. At the beginning of the game, I was deciding who would be the lesser of two evils. Listening to Barry or Stu. Ended up listening to Stu. lol

  696. I think Davis is not happy either.

  697. Lin had to play a part of the center for his team.

  698. Well he is better than most of their centers so…

  699. @joeteam:disqus !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  700. Zzzzzzzzzzz

  701. Ok, game Report!

    Went early and took a tip from my friend with season tix. Waited in the right spot. JLin came out about 1.5 hrs before the game and did his warmups, about 25 mins. Strangely, no LAL of note were out there, so maybe they came out later. Lin practiced the very step back that he pulled in the game for I think his first 2 from the field, very cool to see him work on that move about 5 times during warmups and then use it.

    Then he ran over to the tunnel and the GSW staff were gold. We were there early enough where we were ok’d on the opposite side of the tunnel from where he signs. The staff said it depends on players, but they’ll come over if they are nice. So, he ran straight to the opposite side and signed a few and then one of the ushers pointed him to our side and he was so nice, he crossed a barrier and came over and signed a bunch. Success! So happy for my son.

    He didn’t break concentration though, no chitchat with fans. No smiles. Just very nice guy signing and he used my pen for a few people and waited to catch my attention to get my pen back to me. I was fumbling trying to get a pic, but not fast enough. Yep, he has to keep his game focus on after warmups, so I really appreciated this gift he gives to the kids. Lotsa kids lined up with balls, hats, etc.

    To the game:

    I noticed at least 4 times when he and BSc conferred on game strategy. I think BSc wanted to win this one and Lin did too. Once, Q4 I think, Lin was running to set up and still time before the horn. He then cut very quickly and ran straight to BSc and they had an engaged convo about game strategy, so I think BSc called him over and he cut like a kid happy to go talk to coach, so maybe they get along on that basis.

    Another time, I saw the 2 of them team up on a ref and BSc was rolling his eyes at the ref, laughing at the ref, and Lin was nodding and after BSc walked away, Lin started to make arm movements explain why they were right. So not bad, as far as Lin/BSc action.

    When BSc pulled Lin during that TO, 3 mins left, Lin was standing at the edge with a towel on his head, so I knew he was out. Then when he sat down, he drank from a cup and sort of spiked the cup to the floor, not angrily, but just sort of to indicate he wanted to finish out the game. Interesting to catch that, as I felt LAL could have won, dunno.

    One poster dissed Lin for not taking a shot, but really, he was defended and the defender’s hand was above Lin’s apex so he had to give it to Booz.

    As to him not taking his, I noticed with JBrown on the floor, Lin had to really keep instructing him. No magic there, a Rookie needs help. I think early in the 3rd, Lin started yelling at JBrown and signaling with high pointed arms, like you get to your corner or something. Really with force, and rook took it though he looked intense. That was during a break just before action. The very next play, Brown kicked out to Lin, so I don’t think it was any angry exchange, just emphatic here’s what you do, now, bro. Also in the fourth, I notice Lin had to have D up on people, and he had to keep waiving to get JBrown into place. On one play, lin had both hands up and notice brown out of position, so he yelled over gesticulating wildly, and Brown chop chopped ran into position and was able to cover.

    So that’s to say JLin does have quite a brain load when he’s out there with the 2 rooks.

    On Clarkson, I notice he has good plays, but he really gets too aggressive himself and fails at the rim, unlike how good Lin was during Linsanity. So, no chance JC makes as much difference as BSc says. Also, there was a stretch there where Lin was out, and everybody got infected by JC calling a play for himself. He took a PnR and kept it and bricked. I think it was Johnson or Ellington to 1-1 bricked next. Then Hill 1-1 brick. 3 possessions messed up because JC went for his own. Really a quick way to break down the team.

    Anyway, also notice Lin having fun with the refs, joking around with them and making faces in the 4th quarter. I wish I had gotten a pic of that, because I’ve never seen Lin clown around on the court with refs. I think he was making fun of him not getting a call.

    Finally, on that charge he took, he hurt his wrist, so for those of you upset he didn’t shoot near the end, he was messaging his wrist a couple of run ups after that.

    Overall, I think Lin was still competitive, but nobody on the team seemed too serious and uptight, given how it’s gone this season. JBrown was intense, and I don’t blame him – he’s trying to break in for a good K, so though Lin had to yell at him 3x that I saw, he was very responsive to the tough love.

    Aside from that above, I was also watching GSW so sorry I can’t tell you like probably what Brent or KHuang could as far as the play, movement, etc.

    Had a fun night – and that 3 series fouling with 10 sec left was cool too. When JC got fouled, Lin did a fist pump like yeah, now we’ll go head to head with Curry on FTs. They and a chance.

  702. Nonono, after ASB, I totally believe Lin can have a less than 2tov per game in a season

  703. see above hopes it makes you Happy, but not in a copy Marvin Gaye way.

  704. was it him message his wrist or just turning his wrist band? Thanks for the report!

  705. Thanks for the report.

  706. He was definitely messaging the wrist after taking the charge, I saw it 2x. He was shaking the wrist loose too, so not fiddling with wrist band.

    KT got hurt I think 3rd Q, but came back in the fourth ok. He limped off the court for his rest period, I was worried for him but he’s ok.

  707. above now.

  708. yeah, live action happens too fast so I did cringe at one TOV, but wished I could see the game again to see if my live eyes deceived me.

  709. Thank you for the insightful report!

  710. Blubell, you do a ton for us hear so it’s the least I could do. I wish I could remember more … oh, here it comes. JHill … he had 2 wide open looks, and if he just elevated and shot. But no, he had to pump fake and try to find a better flat footed shot.

  711. I agree. Lin has been taking care of the ball after the ASB. But I feel when he does that, he limits himself to play safe rather than playing his game, being creative and aggressive with playing making. It’s a tough balancing act. I hope he’ll find a coach who lets him play freely like MDA did in NYC.

  712. Thanks for your firsthand report with such great insights! Good to hear that Lin came over and signed stuff for your son. I wasn’t thinking too much about the addition of Brown but really sounds like Lin has his hands full watching and correcting Brown while still having to defend his man and control the offense. Maybe this coincides with Lin seeming a little “off” the past couple games according to someone’s post below.

  713. I sense it … JBrown really snapped to when he was reminded, but you know that takes a lot out of you like trying to control GPS when you are driving. Now I know and one has to watch a live game to appreciate all the moving parts. So easy to watch from a TV feed and miss all that off ball action.

  714. PFV’s medium video

  715. During the game, I heard (not sure which feed, most likely GSW) said that Ed Davis decided to opt out player option and became a free agency. Does anyone know more about what this means?

  716. Sounds like Jeremy was babysitting two rookies. That’s a lot of responsibility. I appreciate his game even more because he also played great defense and contributed on offense on a back to back game!

  717. yep, no other veteran was helping the JBrown. I guess JC has had enough minutes where he doesn’t need direction to stay with the structure of the veterans game, but you can really see JC cannot finish well consistently. So he’s not ready.

  718. Lakers gave him 2 year contract but the second year has a player option, meaning the player can opt out.Ed is choosing to do so which IMO means he thinks he will get more money elsewhere or he doesn’t want to play for the Lakers anymore or both. Or he possibly thinks the Lakers will offer him more.

  719. Yes sir! lol

  720. From Lakersground

    Lin — — “We were able to come out and throw the first punch,” Lin said, mentioning how the team was in attack mode from the start. He was, for sure. He had a couple of blocks on D in the first half, one was another nice track down of his man and rejection off the backboard. He blocked shots, deflected passes, forced offensive fouls (a clear-out by Curry and a charge to save Boozer). “He was aggressive. He did a good job defensively,” Scott said, but also mentioned the two key turnovers. He got on both his PGs for their turnovers tonight (Lin finished with 5). Asked what turned it around in the third quarter when they had no turnovers, Lin said, “We got yelled at.” Classic.

    The Stats: He scored 15 points on 3-8 shooting (1-3 from three, 8-10 from the line) to go with 1 board, 4 assists, 1 steal, 2 blocks, 5 turnovers and 4 fouls in 23 minutes. He was a -11.

    The Action: He lost the ball on what he thought was foul, hustled back on D and rejected his man off the backboard (so sweet). He hit Hill for the short jumper. He missed a good look at a wing three. He pulled back the dribble to lose his man and hit the 17-footer straight away. His pass was picked off, breakaway for the Warriors. He was block/stripped from behind on a layup. He missed a floater in the lane. He attacked and was tripped for FTs, he made one. His feed to Davis in the lane was picked off. He hit Brown on the break a few seconds later for an And-1. He had 3 points on 1-4 shooting, 3 assists, 2 blocks and 3 turnovers at the half.

    Second Half: He swished a wing three a few seconds after entering. He swished a long wing jumper off the handoff. He hounded Curry on the perimeter and drew a push-off foul by Curry after Lin poked the ball free, very nice. He missed a step-back wing jumper at the buzzer. Quick attack off a sideline inbounds and he drew FTs, he made both. He missed a three in early offense. He was hit at the FT line for FTs, he made one. Great job stepping in to take a charge on Boozer’s man (as Boozer was nailed to the floor). Quick attack from the wing and he drew FTs again, he made both. He stripped his man from behind. He shoveled a pass to Boozer on the break for the layup. He drew contact on Bogut on the perimeter to draw more FTs, he made both. Turnover trying to connect with Boozer in the lane and then another one on the perimeter on back-to-back possessions.

    Not sure what these different smilies mean combined…hmmm.

  721. thanks so much for such a detailed report. It makes so much sense out of how the games have gone for Jeremy since Brown came in, and only increases my admiration for his play and his values.

  722. Definitely. I am glad you noted it for us. I also agree that watching a live game shows so much more than a TV feed. I hardly look at stats at live games because I am so engrossed in all the interactions on the court and sidelines.

  723. I took my cues from your reports, thinking yeah, that’s what poster want to know. So thanks.

  724. What a nice night to see JLin play live.

  725. …and according to JoeTeam’s game report, he managed double digit O and hard-nosed D while at the same time spending energy schooling the rookies.

  726. 🙂

  727. LOL

  728. I guess just like layup and dunk. They both only worth 2 points.

  729. game highlights minus the block…

  730. I have been trying to tell others, including Brent Yen, that ever since JBrown was called up, Lin’s game has suffered. You have put evidence and belief in this.

  731. Thanks! Appreciate it. So he is free agent as JLin. He isn’t restricted one.

  732. to me, the block on pre-injury all star D Rose was more impressive:

  733. In fact, Jeremy is tied with John Wall being the first among PGs in BLKP48M.

  734. I didn’t notice those comments before, it was just happening so I reported it. Oops, hope I don’t get into a fight ha ha.

  735. Gnite all … Guess Lin was just out of this frame.

  736. Counting:
    16 games
    30 days to end of season
    103 days to FA

    So happy JLin played very well despite of the new nauce that BS threw at him (putting him to babysit another rookies…) + typical BS acts. Please stay healthy and continue to work at “perfecting” your games, JLin!!

  737. Jeremy’s PER is 15.8.
    As long as LIN’s still playing with JBROWN, Jeremy’s PER won’t be able to go much higher.

  738. https://twitter.com/linspiredinca/status/577748280144048128 Fatigue likely played a factor in Lin’s late turnovers.

  739. The spacing of the court suffers most with rookies on the court.
    Spacing the court is the skill for veterans.

  740. Davis’ agent convinced him to sign for less than $1m/yr.
    He definitely should fire his agent.
    Even Stephen A Smith thought it was a steal.
    Now I understand. His agent was the same agent that Kobe has.

  741. DRose was shocked and angry after that block.

  742. I just stated my observation and has absolutely no intention to get into an argument.
    But somebody just answered my posting and called me a fanatic, giving me the credit of giving Lin fans a bad name. Let bygone be bygone. We can always agree to disagree among ourselves and there is no point of getting personal with the OpenTruth. How dare he called himself!

  743. there’s nothing like it , huh — watching JLin with your son. 🙂

  744. Dissertation grade: A++

    Thanks @joeteam:disqus!

  745. 100% upvote, so true.

  746. Test: This is my first post.

  747. Hey guy, welcome, glad to see you posting over here. This is a great site:)

  748. Welcome KP. Glad to see you here.

  749. To Joeteam, thanks for the first person perspective.

  750. Welcome sir!

  751. Centres would not have been able to chase down Green, full court.

  752. Don’t forget it was a btb too.

  753. Played 14 straight on a btb night. Probably had a lot of family demands as well. Not an excuse because Lin needs to learn from these mistakes.

  754. Great insights that only on court experience can tell. Thank you.

  755. Must have just walked off… ☺ next time focus so it’s not blurry.

    thanks for the first person perspective and write-up.

  756. Ed Davis should get at least $5m/year

  757. Hey JT, great that your son got an autograph. Woohoo, and don’t wash that pen!

    I also believe that Jbrown is a distraction. Coach Lin is always trying to do way too much to raise the tide for all ships. That’s why we love the guy.

    Thanks for the write up!

  758. You can tell that JC already has Lin’s influence all over his game. That reverse PNR drive is all Lin.

  759. Did you all notice that since the game against Detroit Pistons, the +/- of the bench started declining. What was Byron doing? He has Jabrai Brown signed for a 10 days contract. Now there are two teams, the starters and the bench + 1 rookie from D-league who is new to NBA and has had no team chemistry. The +/- of the starting unit improves and the bench declines significantly. JBrown was assigned almost exclusively to Jeremy Lin. JLin has started making more TOs again. Just hope Lin can fix the problems and returns to Linsanity Prime again for his FA contract next season.

  760. Boris Diaw, Steve Nash, Jeremy Lin

  761. If you @joeteam:disqus account of the game below, lin spent a lot of time babysitting Jbrown, because he was always out of position.

  762. How many NBA players who could do that, 1-on-1, right after his own TO w/o fouling?

  763. @brentyen:disqus he said when Lin was out the quality of shots went down. The structure of the plays was gone. Nice comment on JLin’s contribution to the overall team movement and execution of plays

  764. Good stuff @joeteam:disqus

  765. Lin always came in with a few minutes in the 3rdQ and then played the 4thQ.

  766. Byron Scott obviously will take the credit.

  767. After this game, Jeremy is tied with John Wall with a BLKP48M of 0.84.

  768. Were your nose about to bleed is that why your photo is blurry? LOL

  769. Your pen has Lin’s DNA overall it. You should put the pen for auction and you’ll make good $$ from the ladies.

  770. They played best with Ellington at SG.

  771. It made whole lot of sense and confirmed my “suspicion.” That is why I don’t get too upset for his turnovers, scores… It’s just another hurdle/obstacles/block that KB and BS throw at JLin. They love to show/prove the world why JLin “only” deserves to be a bench player. These twos are very sick persons. Calling “sick” is just too mild.

  772. Whiners will always be whiners so mind them less and happy more.

  773. I noticed that as well, I think that’s because Lin has to play with Brown & Kelly now, it’s still ok on offense end, but it’s like 3 on 5 on defense end..
    But Lin still has a RPM of +0.99 this year, which is amazing on a team that is 30 games under .500; Clarkson is -3.24 this year by the way.

  774. went back and confirmed an old study of mine that last year with rockets– games lin played 29 minutes or more rockets winning % would have had them tied with spurs for 1st place in west, less than 29 minutes lin tied for last playoff spot with dallas.

    this year with lin getting significantly less minutes (how many lin fans inbetween seasons thought that would be possible) i used a lower base of minutes of 24 minutes and considering not playoff relative rank for the good rockets team last year but tank rank for the bad lakers team this year:

    when lin pays 24 minutes or more the lakers have almost 50% higher winning %. 17% wins vs. 33%.

    would translate roughly interestingly into 22 wins currently which would put them just outside the top 5 tank rank they need to retain draft pick.

    so still; no lin, no win–but this time much more incentive to hold his minutes down.

  775. revolutions per minute
    rips petrol man
    rondo pumps mavericks
    relax play majong
    what? is rpm.

  776. lin was very involved in this game. with other players on his team and opponents team, with bench, with refs. a lot of gesturing and talking. exact opposite of last game where he appeared to be sort of sleep walking.

    people will make a big deal of the two late turnovers producing 5 total; but his t.o.’s per game for march are still 2.3 ave. which is career ave. also i think. and fine.

    my bigger concern is his reduced shooting % lately. as a direct result imo of fewer shots.

    couple games (like the last one) he has compensated for that by going harden and just drawing a lot of fouls attacking the basket. and getting his points thru free throws.

    but over all shooting percentage tends to vary by # of shots. when he’s getting double digit fga’s his % is good, when single digit, not so much. 6 strait games of single digiti fga’s after 6 strait of double.

    course continaully reduced minutes and constant rematching of teammates dont help matters.

    still since the asg the only lakers players who have improved their performance are: lin, davis and clarkson.

  777. Hello, and welcome

  778. Been looking at this photo for quite a while….trying to find Lin of course 😛

  779. Me stomping ogre foot…

  780. LBJ

  781. And a lot more would yell…ehhh!! and not get back on D. Very impressed by this play, but maybe I shouldn’t be since I don’t expect anything less from him 😛

  782. Its too bad lin didnt make another 3. To be the leading scorer on the team with only 22 mins would have embarrassed BS even further. But BS just had to pull him in the last 3 mins especially when they were in the bonus.

  783. v funny – clone wars! Highest bidder wins!

  784. um, trying to hold onto my son and take a pic and not get pushed in the mad crowd to get out. Also a little shy about taking that pic, it was a glamor shout for some fans I think. Don’t know for what as they dancers don’t usually come out at the end of the game that I know of. Not sure.

  785. Thx, a small repay for all the link sharers who make this site so fun to read.

  786. He also had a v good slow down accelerate to the layup. Good point, that he might have learned a few tricks from Lin.

  787. Speechless…

  788. I like Curry.

  789. your welcome. I’m going to look for the distractions from now on in the games. Happens a lot on D, but on O, it’s all that arm waving after they make the call. There’s a hand on head signal and another closed fist. Do you and Brent or others know what that is?

  790. thank you I was just taking your order, m’am.

  791. yeah, one gets daddy credit when they’re so happy.

  792. so many unfair posters out there. I’m amazed JLin can be nice to fans still with ppl so pushy.

  793. yw, we have a sort of history that game-goers pass along what they see off camera, so that was fun to note during the game. Hope I got most of it.

  794. he got knocked very hard in the chest just before that. You can see the head snapback on the replay, and that was what caused the TO. When JLin ended the play with a plea to the ref, it was for that foul. I think he got knocked by Curry into Booz.

  795. welcome KP.

  796. Iol, it’s worth it, to try to find Lin that is.

  797. too bad he didn’t make the 2 free throws. with a 3 yes, they tie, but he might not play so what ‘s the point of lakers going into ot.

  798. It’s like playing the game Cooking Dash!

  799. LOL, “real plus minus”, Lin is rank #21. See glossary on the bottom page.

  800. woah, not safe for work!

  801. lol.. kobe is saying pay everyone less, so I get more! LOL..
    But unless you are rondo or superstar get them.

  802. He’s a likable guy, Mke d’Antoni. Wish he’d hook up with Jeremy somehow 🙂

  803. He’s gotta be around there somewhere ;}

  804. No BS was truly IRATE at Lin for those Turnovers.

    See BS is a micro manager who runs unimaginative offense.

    He really feels TO’s kill his team’s chances. He is unwilling to bear risk.

    MDA is GREAT because he is willing to roll the dice and let players PLAY.

    MDA is flawed all over the place but MDA is so much greater than BS because he lets his players PLAY. They get to make mistakes when he believes in his player.

    MDA is known for going hot and cold with his roster and all that too, but if you are not in the dog house, you get to make mistakes. Jlin needs that room to make mistakes.

    Granted Lin’s errant passing is an issue at times.

    I feel Lin wants to attack even more on teams, but knows BS will pull him regardless of the outcome. So Lin just avoids driving when he sees daylight, pulls back, and looks uncertain and then makes a lame pass.

  805. Could you imagine the NBA fallout if the nerdy Asian guy was a top 10 NBA player? The entire NBA is afraid of this happening. They are so scared some rogue team might let Lin be that guy.

  806. its not like BS signed Jabari. Mitch and the front office did. But yeah I get your point.

  807. Kelly is HORRIBLE. TO me, Kelly at the 3 is the problem.

    Play Kelly at the 4 and use a real 3 like Wes Johnson. Actually Johnson is the only 3 on the roster right now. Kind of sad.

  808. the refs will not call fouls fairly for Lin. If they did, Lin would look like an NBA superstar. Granted, I see other “non stars” get jobbed on every other team as well.

  809. this was LEGIT. I dont see Curry or Kyrie doing this crap but supposedly they are way better on defense than Lin.

  810. Slimy Lakers & Byron:
    Lin isn’t good enough to allow Linsanity to happen, but he’s good enough to mentor Clarkson (or anyone else).

  811. Basically he likes smart, versatile players.

  812. Imagine if this happens after he leaves the Lakers? FO, Scott and Kobe will be exposed for not seeing, utilizing his talent and letting him go. I predict if Lin breaks out, Scott will soon be fired.

  813. Or MItch? it did not happen to HOU…too bad

  814. Didn’t happen in Houston because Lakers are as bad or worse than Houston in suppressing Lin. Once Lin breaks out fall out will hit Lakers, Houston and NYK.

  815. lol…anyway…Lin is even better now!

  816. I REALLY hope that happens.

    I also really want Lin to go to a team short on talent and has NO stars or team ordained “fake stars” so Lin can either fit in as one of the guys or become the main star guard.

    THE Teams:
    Den (Lawson 2 short so I’m not worried, at worse Lin plays the 2 as a small backcourt),

    Long Shots:
    Minn (though Rubio the “fake ordained star” is there lol), Nets (paid too much for Dwill), Celtics (too racist there and small minded for Lin to pick them but there is a void).

    If Lin is smart, he will pick one of those 6 teams.

    If not, prepare for more pain.

    Also these teams must not be able to pick up a “star” wing player other wise Lin should avoid.

  817. Lol pretty funny face hes making there

  818. Yeah. Smart people like (or respect) smart people. MDA is articulated. Does not like some of the BS coaches who do not know what they are talking about.

  819. Nice to see you’re back!

  820. he will get his when he becomes the anointed one on some team, I hope so.

  821. ah..yeah ok.

  822. Nice one by Ido!

    I provided the sarcastic prediction of protests by NBA analysts/fans =)


  823. someone please tweet this to the clowns at espnla.com, especially Mason and Kelvin Washington…

  824. We wished that when Lin was traded from Rockets, he’s with Lakers now and we’re still wishing for the same thing!

  825. Phil76ers are the forever tanking team with a GM who learned understand Morey! No thank you!

  826. Lets hope Lin gets a big contract to an Eastern conference team as their starting PG!

  827. Whereever Mike d’antoni goes to become head coach, I hope JLin goes there! He’s the one who knows how to utilize Lin properly! I hope they’re still in contact and Lin has already planned to team up with him again!

  828. Boris Diaw is also a team player, which is why Spurs got him.

  829. a “smart” team player

  830. Didn’t Davis fire his agent already, that’s why he’s opting out for more money?

  831. Which team would you prefer?
    Maybe Orlando Magic with MDA as the coach?

    #LinsanityMagic has a nice ring to it!

  832. That’s why I hoped Lin would get blocks every game cause stats don’t like and they prove that he’s a GREAT defensive player!

  833. I agree about Lin making risky passes instead of just shooting the ball! He really doesn’t take enough shots. He was great after ASG just looking to score first and pass second then it faded away.

  834. He WAS working hard not to TO…..

  835. Let’s hope the new Lin can figure out a better way to make passes so he can reduce his tovs. Asking him to just shoot is just limiting his development. There is no sound reason to do it right now. PPL quickly going to judge a pass is a risky one simply because it is really a risky one or it results to a tov. The bad about it is that, the results oriented thinking is unlikely to make him a better player.

    Again, Lin had his goal set loud and clear during the ASB,
    1) reduce the tovs and
    2) make plays more efficiently.

    Ultimately, that means he wants to be able to IMPOSE his will on the court better. Note that that is not 100% equal to just shoot the ball. Indeed, keep shooting like Clarkson did will results in a very nice tov stat, but your impact on the team suffers, hence your developments suffer. Let’s not asking Lin to devolve to a rookie level now. He still has 16 games with Lakers that he can just toy around and practice with his approach. That been said, there are times where indeed shooting was a better solution, but that is easy for us to say, harder for him or anyone to do. Unless he is just a player who always think his shots are the best shot no matter what.

    What Lakers can achieve is not important at this moment at all. The only important thing is what Lin can still get from the situation.

  836. http://forums.lakersground.net/viewtopic.php?t=170272&start=10175

    Would you agree how I responded to yinoma2001 from LG? Cant stand that some of them acted like no teams will offer lin a contract but the lakers.

  837. Following that logic, is he implying Lakers are just too dumb to offer a guy while no one else will?

  838. I like him to practice in the remaining games at the defensive end (although he has improved a lot already). Offense will come and turn overs will be reduced overtime once he joins a team with better offensive structure and a stable lineup.

  839. I think so too. But still, at a personal level, he probably can figure out something that works better for him anyway. Some of those that were not needed if you stay in a better team might come in handy later. For example, in playoff.

  840. It’s a fair question since Jeremy himself set the goal to reduce TOs after ASB.

    Granted fatigue was a factor in the 2 bad TOs last night, I’m sure Jeremy himself has evaluated what he could do better to avoid the bad TOs late in the game. In the post-game interview, he calmly answered early and late TOs costed them the game.

    I haven’t rewatched the 2 TOs but I seem to remember they were made in traffic as he tried to drive inside so the passing lanes might not be there. Do you remember the same things of passing in traffic? I understand he tried to make something happen but without reliable PnR partner, it would be extremely difficult to make risky passes.

    I think after 1 TO in the 4th quarter, Lin would need to be extra cautious to make risky pass since it would be grounds for benching. Byron is not MDA who will let him play through mistakes. Perhaps swing the ball around to be more patient.

  841. Not sure, but the Plan C quote bothers me.

  842. Because the 2 tovs in 4Q were not the same in natural. If he made the same tov twice, then we should be concerned. Anyway, I am not harping his tovs. Just saying there is no reason to be afraid to do what you wanna do. Any optimization involves certain trad offs. So. I think he can be a zero tov guy for sure if he does not have to pass. I guess. LOL

  843. Lakers fans perspective will always be Lakers-centric so they only think of Lin as backup Plan B or C.
    They like Clarkson since he’s cheap $875K and some probably knows BScott hates PnR and has no use for Lin

    I’d just ignore them. Most fans know Lakers is a bad fit for Lin, the PnR player, at this point.

    At least they know that Lin can post All-Star numbers if PnR is allowed after the ASB. It’ll be Lakers loss if Lin blows up with PnR system somewhere else next year. They will demand BScott’s firing when that happens.

  844. yeah, I have to rewatch it again to see how it happened.

    Not sure how it can be avoided if Byron has a tight leash on Lin anyway, ignoring his contributions of running the offense/excellent D.

  845. I used to prefer Mavs but after second thought, Kings may be a better team for him in view of Karl is the head coach now who likes run and gun. Lin has a better chance to start over Collision simply because Lin is a much bette player both offensively and defensively.

    Only worries is Rudy Gay who seems like a Melo lite in terms of scoring and hogging the ball, but at least he is not the pg/sg.

  846. Thanks for the excellent breakdown of the game experience, @JoeTeam:disqus =)
    Glad you enjoyed great time with your son. It must’ve been very memorable!

    I think Lin’s plays definitely impressed GSW fans and team. Who knows if they’d find a way to make an offer to Lin the FA? I don’t like the backup PG but more offers will be good for Lin’s FA

  847. I can understand plan b, but plan c is a bit disrespectful to my hero, lol.

  848. I also like Kings with Karl as the coach because he likes to play fast and heavy on PnR
    Yes, at least Rudy Gay isn’t a guard, I think Lin can coexist with him to give him wide-open shots.

    My #1 priority would be a coach who really believes in Lin’s strength (MDA and maybe Karl/Carlisle/Pop)

  849. yeah, forgive them for not having the capacity to understand lol

  850. I also give a little bit of credit to GSW. They are an athletic bunch and play with hands up, constantly deflecting passes and balls. Unlike other undisciplined teams that just stand around with hands by their sides.

  851. Yes. And I really hope the Lakers aren’t even in Lin’s plans.

  852. Utah has Exum, Milwaukee has Carter-Williams and Orlando has Payton – all three teams are grooming these young PGs to lead them into their future. If Lin went to one of those teams, he would automatically start off on the totem pole behind those three guys.

    Denver then has Lawson who has seniority and better raw stats and would start over Lin – even if Lin came in and was on fire.

    Lin’s only legitimate chance to start (as of now), is in Sacramento or Philadelphia. If he goes to one of those teams and plays at a high level, he could be named starter.

    Other than SAC/PHI though, I’m having a hard time thinking of other teams Lin could win a Starting job with if he just plays well though. His stock is at an all-time low, and there is a bias against him – so he has to perform at a near All-Star level to even get his reputation back enough to start on a team.

    It’s going to be a rough road for Jeremy if his goal is to get and be recognized in the upper tier of NBA players, but I think it can be done. He’s got the talent. But it’s going to be hard. His options for fair opportunities are limited after the 2nd Houston season + this Lakers season created a narrative that Lin is a “just a good bench level player.”

    We should keep the hope alive though that things will all work out. Lin hasn’t plateaued yet and he’s still improving.

  853. good point, GSW is ranked #4 in Steals/Game this season.
    They have good individual defenders like Iggy and Greene but they also did a great job as a team

  854. You can!

  855. I hope the only plan Lin has for the Lakers next season is to circle the game dates vs the Lakers (Kobe/BScott)!

  856. I don’t know how to read or find your response. That format is confusing. Did someone outline plan A, B etc, & your response is the D part? That forum confuses me, so never go there.

  857. Lakers’ Jeremy Lin, Byron Scott at odds over his turnovers

    Very explosive revelation from JLin:

    “I told those guys, you’re the point guard, you have to get us into
    something every time. You can’t just be flip with the basketball,” Scott
    said. “This is one of those teams where if you try to thread the
    needle, there are so long and so quick, you can’t do that,” You can’t
    make the home run play. You have to make the obvious play. That’s where
    we got ourselves in trouble in trying to make these home-run passes and
    they were off to the races.”

    Lin maintained he never heard Scott offer such analysis to him.

    “I haven’t talked to him about the turnovers,” Lin said of Scott. “He
    hasn’t given me feedback on what he wants me to do to be better.”

    The answer seemed puzzling considering Lin has said this season he
    has talked with Scott numerous times this season about his role. Lin has
    admitted he found it difficult for reasons including shifting between a
    starter and reserve, playing in a non-traditional point guard-oriented
    offense and sharing ball handling duties with Kobe Bryant before he
    suffered a season-ending right shoulder injury after 35 games. A
    perplexed reporter remarked how that revelation seemed odd since Scott
    is the Lakers’ head coach.

    “I don’t know how to respond to that question,” Lin said. “No comment.”

    On his turnovers, Lin would only say that Scott “wants to keep them
    down.” Lin also reported that Scott “yelled at” the team regarding its
    18 turnovers, most punctuated by Wesley Johnson bobbling the ball out of
    bounds before taking a potential game-tying three-pointer that could
    have forced overtime.

    But Lin then revealed that he has spent more time analyzing his
    ball-handling issues with his personal trainer. Lin reported his trainer
    offered him comprehensive feedback after watching film of every single
    one of Lin’s 123 turnovers he committed this season leading into the NBA
    All-Star break. Since then, Lin has collected 23 turnovers through 13
    games, marking an average of 1.7 per contest during that stretch.

    What did Lin’s trainer tell him?

    “Stay out of tight spots, especially when you come out of the
    pick-and-roll and you have the big man there,” Lin said. “Don’t try to
    dribble down into the block unless you know you have that space because
    there’s a lot of hands there and be careful of the pocket passes.
    Tonight I was guilty of a few of them.”

    That feedback sounds fairly similar to what Scott has said publicly
    all season. Yet, Lin sounded somewhat defiant of his latest miscues.

    He indirectly questioned one of his late-game turnovers before
    declining to discuss further, saying, “I don’t want to get fined.” Lin
    revealed he has nursed an undisclosed injury on his right wrist that he
    has played through for “weeks” with varying success. Lin then strongly
    defended what he called his “high-risk, high-reward,” play.

    “It’s a constant push and pull. Everything about the game is a
    balance,” Lin said. “I can sit there and play safe and not have any
    turnovers. But that means I won’t be myself as a player. I won’t be
    making plays that I make. I drive to the rim and to the basket really
    hard and put my head down. The majority of the time, I feel like
    something good will happen. But there will be times it won’t. To some
    degree, you have to live with some of those risks.”

    Scott refused to live with those risks.

    Lin sat out at the end of the fourth quarter for the second
    consecutive game, though Scott said Lin’s absence for the final minutes
    of Sunday’s loss to Atlanta related to an undisclosed defensive issue
    instead of his three turnovers.

    “It’s happened multiple times and many times this year,” Lin said.
    “It’s not anything new. Some games I finish them. Some games, I don’t.
    That’s true for any player on this team. When you’re out there, you try
    to make the most of it. When you’re not, you try to root for your team.”

    For Lin to stay on the floor, Scott will want him to reduce his
    turnovers. But considering Lin’s concerns on how much that will limit
    his playmaking, his approach may not end up with the result that both
    Lin and Scott want.

    “I have to stay aggressive. I have to stay aggressive with
    everything,” Lin said. “I can live with mistakes as long as I’m being
    aggressive. That’s what I tried to do. Whatever coach decides, I have to
    be ready when I get called. Then I’ll try to make the most of it.”

  858. JLin’s wrist injury is confirmed in this article as well.

    “Lin revealed he has nursed an undisclosed injury on his right wrist that he has played through for “weeks” with varying success.”

  859. I have to say Lin really made a good progress in his TO problem after ASG, but last night he really made more bad decision in his TO. Well, to most of the PGs, TO is very normal. Just check RW, Rondo too…

  860. Haters will hate. There’s no point in having ANY intelligent discussion with them. It’s like telling them Lin’s glass is half full and they keep saying Lin’s glass is half empty. Liking and not liking someone is no point for discussion.

  861. Yes everyone made tovs, why even JLin fans make such a hugh and out of porportion fuss over his tovs. That’s my main issue with JLin fans. Can understand doubters and haters bashing on him but for JLin fans I have no tolerance. I had to hold back my tongue

    and in this case “writing” in the past few days.

  862. Fatigue is a major factor in bad decision making. BS making lin play for a long stretch with a rookie in tow is designed to make Lin look bad.

    Note that BS never mentions about KOBE’s 9-10 TOs, ever.

  863. If you want a nice graph summarizing the speed comparison of Jeremy Lin, John Wall, and others, from 2012, see below.

    If you’d like to do a bit more reading about the study, here are some links :





  864. With this Lakers team you want the high risk high reward plays because guys tend to settle for the long jumpers which are low risk , low reward plays. So you have to balance them out. With other teams that have multiple playmakers, finishers and good three point shooters, make the safe play because there is a system for that. The Lakers have a basic offensive system wuth points that don’t come easily. I hope Lin sticks to his guns.

  865. Nothing new, BS is a disgrace human being who until today hasn’t taken any responsible for any of those 49 loses.

  866. Seemed like you insulted Lin more like it. Sarcasm doesn’t work on internet.

  867. lins turnovers since the asg are consistent with his turnover for career and for the season. and none of them are particularly high for point guard. nothing to make a big deal about; “lin fans” are just buying into a narrative that lin is a “turnover machine”. (actually his #s have gone down every year, but his overall carrer numbers not far from now).

    ridiculous to focus on two turnovers at the 4th quarter of a game and make a big deal about it. smh. re.

    a turnover machine would be westbrook, harden, cousins, james, kobe, mcw, rondo, wade; etc.

    im more concerned with lin’s drop off in shooting % last 6 games; which could be related to the previously undisclosed wrist injury.

  868. Ya! I read some Lin’s fans said lots of bad comments on his high TO last night but not many talked about his good D. Well, I do think he really made some bad TO last night but so was Curry… not good & also not big deal either.

    I don’t know MM asked BS & Lin both on this TO issue or BS talked to media about it. Sometimes I really think MM should not ask BS too many questions or opinions on some issues if BS didn’t bring it up… it only made problems not good. smh! Some Lin’s fans should not bring up the issue either. I know MM do followed Lin’s fans to get more infor….He’s not friend bc he is a reporter & likes to get the headline. Nothing wrong but his job it’s to get the news not friend to be w you.

  869. JLin crossover on Livingston.
    credit: Tomfoolery3


  870. Love it! Don’t back down attitude.

    All Scott know is “No turnovers, no turnovers, no turnovers! Better defense, better defense, better defense!” He has no clue how to coach his players or change strategy to accomplish those things.

  871. n.o. pitching a shutout against bucks 10-0 in the first 3 minutes.

    shutout continues thru 5 minutes now 15-0

  872. he’s been “preaching” better defense since preseason yet the lakers have consistently been the worst defensive team in the league. needs to try to induce some practice beyond preaching.

  873. I hope do, GSW + Lin would be great home town stuff for me. Ha ha, I cannot move out of CA 🙂

  874. victor oladipo outscoring the beard 11 to 1 in the first 8 minutes.

  875. Lin wrist injury:

    If this is true:



    1. Fan’s let’s stop knocking Lin if he doesn’t shoot more the 3 shots a half.
    2. I saw him massaging his wrist and shaking it out last night, but thought it was taking that charge. This is why.

    See we all need more faith in our by. It’s a marathon and we might as well trust him.

  876. Thanks! I’ve noticed few times in the past few games. Can’t remember when it started. Maybe soon after ASG. I did wonder about that. What you shared last night and then MM’s article just confirmed my suspicion. Good to be known. That’s why I always give JLin benefit of doubt. Somehow with JLin, his team will never disclose his “injury” to public. JLin is always the one to disclose it himself. I trust JLin 100% rather than bash/diss him without having all the facts.

  877. Game report:

    Lin was very loose and relaxed. He and Boozer were like BFFs, always sitting next to each other, joking around, high fiving from start to finish. Lin was very into the game. While he was on the bench, he was very focused watching his teammates play. Although when he wasn’t in the game, he didn’t join the team strategy huddle.

    During halftime warmup, David Lee walked past Lin and they hugged each other. After the game, Lin again crossed paths with his brother from another mother and hugged him. Lin didn’t go out of his way to greet other Warriors, although there are none left from 2010-11 except for Curry and Lee anyways.

    Lin talked with the refs quite a bit, not sure about what. Lin is a good communicator, good quality as a leader.

    Game action:

    I watched Lin the entire time instead of following the ball. He did a lot of curling off screens to get the ball, I liked seeing that. He was very effective using the screens to receive the ball, Rip Hamilton style.

    He defended well. His guys, Curry and Livingston, didn’t do much while Lin was guarding them. He never lost track of them, just stuck to them like glue.

    Lin did a terrific job of being aggressive and picking up fouls without turning the ball over while penetrating. He had some fancy dribbling moves and showed good handles. The turnovers I didn’t like were the floater passes. Those are just too easy to pick off, and against a good team defense like the Warriors, they took advantage.

    Crowd reactions:

    The BLOCK absolutely stunned the crowd into silence. They were all expecting a monster jam from Draymond.

    Lin’s pullback jumper got a huge “OOOOOOH” from the crowd even though it was against their own player.

    Lin was booed mercilessly at the free throw line, but not because his hometown all of the sudden hates him, it was because the screen would show a graphic during Laker FTs that if the Lakers shot 90%.

  878. True, I am guilty at times, but your account of the game last night put my soul to rest about his play and I love the way lin is fighting bacl against Scott and exposing himand not let the narrative continue that he is TO prone

  879. The reason was because every Lakers FT, the screen showed a graphic that if the Lakers shot < 75% FT, everyone gets free chicken nuggets. So that encouraged the fans to boo really loud. They booed every Laker loudly, it just seemed that Lin's was the most because he got 10 FTs, whereas the next highest Laker was 2 FTs.

  880. Maybe Jordan Hill has a “set block”

  881. Taking Lin out in the last 5 mins sealed the win for GSW. Good job, tank commander!

  882. just look at the #s. go to any stats and compare lins turnover overs for the year, since the allstar break, for his career; none of them are anything to get upset about, average to low. smh. two extra turnovers in the 4th quarter of one game and it gets hit on like its a major disaster.

    its like lin can’t do anything wrong with out taking it on the chin from friend and foe alike.

  883. A lot of times, people criticize an athlete for not playing up to their usual standards, and a lot of times, it is because the player is more injured than was revealed publicly.

  884. Thanks. Good stuff.

  885. Scott: “Play better defense!”
    Players: “How do we do that?”
    Scott: “Just play better defense! It’s not that hard!”

  886. click on the #TTFGolfClassic15 hashtag and you’ll find related tweets

  887. Thanks for sharing this insights. Did wonder about the boos. Now we know:-)

  888. Agreed 100%. It’s esp true in JLin case!

  889. sounds like Tim Tebow Foundation had a golf fundraiser. I don’t think Lin attended, though, did he?

  890. Thanks Joyce for posting this:-) Feel shy, honor….

  891. You are very welcome 😉

  892. Did Tebow still follow Lin? I thought not ….?

  893. Thanks for the infor. Fun to read it.

  894. well, Lin got hurt when he was waived. I dont think he can go home.

  895. With lin’s latest comments about scott, lin is letting him know that I don’t care if you start me because lin knows that he will try to set him up to fall. Lin even said i will make the most of the minutes given to me,but i am still going to play my game

  896. Interesting Boozer is BFF with Lin. Boozer is one of Kobe’s agent’s bigger client, well he use to be.

    Still Wes and Ed dumped the guy. Now Boozer is BFF with Lin though still with the agent.

    Haha, it’s an interesting dynamic.

    Not sure how cool Wayne is with Lin since they share the same agents, but I guess it’s good enough.

    I know agent’s host partys with their clients and all the clients get to know each other.

    I dont see Boozer and Wes and Ed seem to talk that much.

    And Kobe doesn’t talk to anyone.

    I wonder if Kobe’ agent will dump Kobe if nobody wants to offer Kobe a contract after the season. I doubt it. I think they are looking at other non basketball businesses to invest and open. I bet Kobe is planning to build a legacy Nike shoe line like Jordan, but I don’t think Kobe is big enough like Jordan to do it.

  897. what comments?

  898. Agree with you.

    Phi or Sac it is.

    I really can see Lin play 2 guard in Denver though if MDA is there. I wouldn’t like it but I can see it. I think Lin is too small to play the 2. Sure some teams he can do it, but not against all teams.

    Utah, I know they have Exum and Burke but I’m not sold on either and I still believe if Utah has any brains, they will offer Lin a contract.

    If Lin went to Philli, I’d like it. Back to the East, kind of an unexpected team, Sam HInkie signing him would mean he believes in Lin, and all they need is good shooting to put around Lin.

    They have Noel, Embid and the young long studs to make it work with the brainy but athletic Lin.

    Lob city all Day or better yet LIN city all day.

  899. What comments? article, video?

  900. oh, I didn’t you watched the game in person?
    Thanks for sharing the personal in-game experience.

    Thanks for confirming what we saw on TV that Jeremy blanket D neutralized Curry and Livingston. Any normal coach would’ve praised Jeremy for his defense. I only saw flashes that Jeremy played a tight man-to-man D especially when he forced Curry’s TO. I personally think his great D impressed GSW players a lot.

  901. Read down below

  902. Read below

  903. See below

  904. I bet you at the end of day, they won’t bother starting Lin even 1 game.

    They are delusional right now and stupid and will realize Lin is not staying and just not bother.

    The Lakers are showing their hand to be basically incompetent lately.

  905. exactly…he is preaching coach, as many players had indicated in the past interview…rather than a practice coach…sigh…good luck LAL

  906. Did you read lin”s comments?

  907. comeon guys, ball is sticky!…lol

  908. yeah I like it. I wish he was saying this about 10 games into the season. That’s all I ever ask from Lin. I wish he spoke up earlier than when the damage has already been done. but Lin is Lin. I think he knows he can speak up earlier, but for whatever reason, he holds it in, until he KNOWS he has been treated wrong I guess.

    For him to speak out, he must know there is total crap going on around him.

  909. The F/O is trying to repair their image to FAs which has been destroyed by KB/BS.

  910. I dont think that is what the FO is doing. I think the FO is feeling pressure. Big time.

    With Lin, he is like the outlier player. You can treat him like crap and other non Asian FA think it wont happen to them. I’m serious. I don’t think Lin’s treatment really makes other FA’s think twice.

    Just my personal opinion.

    Still what the Lakers are doing is TANKING. We all know it.

    Why they mention, or why Scott mentions, starting Lin? Now I have no idea what that is all about.

    The cynical side of me thinks Lakers are so delusional they think they can force Lin to take a backup PG lame role and pay him 3-5 million to come of the bench to be the backup PG and rip off more people from Taiwan and China.

    And by starting him, they are just humoring him and probably misleading him thinking he is so stupid he will buy more of their BS.

  911. This guy Medina trying to stir up the pot.

  912. I was thinking the other day, Mark Madsen should be better than this. I guess he’s still young on the coaching ladder and just keeps his mouth shut.

    A lot of this stuff is happening around Mad Dog, and I don’t see Lin and Dog communicate that much anymore on the bench or in practice clips.

  913. I don’t think any damage has been done to lin since with the Lakers. I think lin exposed kobe /scott an Lakers organization. Lin0 still excelled even when they tried to handcuff him ?l think more damage was done to the Lakers, because I know some die hard laker and kobe fans are ready for kobe to go…Lin has shown most teams that he is changer

  914. I agree, but we’ll have to see really how many teams go after him this summer. That will be the proof in the pudding.

    I think people know Lin can play, but I still think they believe he is a backup PG who should get like 20 minutes at best.

    We know Lin is a STARTING guard who should finish games and get 30+.

    We just need 1 team Joyce, just 1 freaking team to take a chance on him and give him a shot.

    1 TEAM.

    Right now, I believe it’s Philadelphia.

  915. Regardless of what other FAs think of Lakers’ mistreatment of Lin, the Kobe factor alone is enough to deter ANY and EVERY FA out there worth anything.

    And that’s not even taking BS (and his infamy) into the equation.

  916. Joyce:

    “I told those guys, you’re the point guard, you have to get us into
    something every time. You can’t just be flip with the basketball,” Scott
    said. “This is one of those teams where if you try to thread the
    needle, there are so long and so quick, you can’t do that,” You can’t
    make the home run play. You have to make the obvious play. That’s where
    we got ourselves in trouble in trying to make these home-run passes and
    they were off to the races.”

    This is Scott talking. It sounds EXACTLY like MCHALE. HOME RUN HITTER!!

  917. Great report.

  918. I agree the pass to Boozer was a bad idea. But the 2nd TO looked avoidable & something Lin can work on. Lin got doubled and tries too much to throw over the top. Sometimes I think he can do a reverse pivot and throw a wrap around like CP3.

  919. Now on that I COMPLETELY agree. NOBODY wants to play with Kobe. Now if you double or triple my pay, sure I’ll deal with it.

    but for the same money, FORGET THAT!

  920. But he is like the second in command, is he not?

  921. The real problem is that BS doesn’t know what type of offence opponents are playing, nor the complexities of modern stretch offence for open 3s. How are you able to defend if you don’t know what to defend against?

    Look in the mirror first Scott for the emptyness behind the eyes and you’ll find the answer to why the Lakers can’t defend!

  922. My point really is, almost every tov can be avoided, but at what cost?

  923. yeah but still, I dont know. I thought MadDog would be more hardcore. I guess as 2nd in command, you do your job being faithful to tank commander.

  924. I read one opinion about Byron’s motivation to start Lin in the last 10 games.
    It was more about preparing Clarkson to come off the bench for whoever big-name PG (Rondo/Dragic) Lakers will try to pursue. It might make more sense as Lin is not in Laker’s future plan.

  925. It could be the “Keep your friends close, keep your enemies closer”
    If Byron got fired, Mad Dog will be the interim head coach

  926. good point

  927. Huang suggested this in the other site. But BS can’t care less about how a rookie JC feels coming off the bench had the F/O not given him order to start Lin.

  928. Honest, that doesn’t make sense. A young kid has better experience starting. More responsibility, more exposure. I feel most coaches would want to let the kid start so then when he goes back to bench it will be easier, like practice being harder than games. So starting is harder than playing 2nd string opponents off bench. 4th Q time is better than 3rd quarter….better training for next season.

    So to me, makes no sense not to start JC despite the angle you just posted.

  929. The moment LAKER got the star, maybe even JC has to go.

  930. Ya! I think so bc Lakers FO is cheap now & they maybe will do it just like Nuggets. To try AS coach first then…..

  931. YUp, thats a viable reason as well

  932. Great report…did you and joeteam, meet?

  933. Given their supposed target is the championship, I find it hard to believe that they will use an AC for a whole season.

  934. No it does not make sense at all. They have the whole training camp for that.

  935. That makes sense for them.

  936. “That promotion backfired as the Lakers shot > 90%.” <————- hahahahaha I can not stop laughing at this…..LOL Thanks for the report!!

  937. I was thinking of a more strategic plan to close the game.
    If knowing 2 consecutive TOs will make Byron bench Lin, I wonder what adjustment Lin would make next time.

    I agree Lin needs to be aggressive so it can be a lose-lose situation if Lin stops being aggresive after the 1st TO.

    Judging from Lin’s comments on Medina’s article, he’s probably fed up with BScott at this point

  938. That’s what khuang has been saying like last month.

  939. Their target for now it’s only make it to playoff, I believe they know very well, championship is not going to happen in the next few years.

  940. yes, BScott definitely does everything not to make Lin succeed.
    Playing 14min non-stop from Q3 to Q4 was bad coaching that he didn’t admit either.

  941. WHat about that contend within 3 yrs constraint?

  942. EXACTLY

  943. But you have to admit, it was better than 10 mins then 4 mins

  944. So the inflation of JC continues today and the more I think about it the more I understand them. TW sports Lakers are in desperate and panic for the money they’re paying for a long term without any promising of return anytime soon. So they have to manufacture a future superstar to cover up their real problem and those are BS and old injured Kobe.

    Kobe will continue to miss practice next season and he will not last beyond Xmas 2015.

  945. maybe it’s giving valuable game experience to give sparks by coming off the bench which TC can’t replicate?

    idk .. it seems counter-intuitive that BScott wants to start Lin for his benefit.
    It might be more a trap that he still can’t succeed even after BScott starts him again

  946. The BS training camp is only good for Track & Field. LOL

  947. As a coach, who is not a farsighted, he could have his thought skewed. Thats what I meant.

    The entire season was a lost, immaterial, if they had talent or not, BScott just wanted putting up a viable strategy going into next season.

  948. I know, exactly. IMO, Lin’s number 1 priority is audition. So I bet he rather have tovs, than to just be like Price. With that in mind, he will just work with the perimeter he is confined in and try to have as less tovs as possible.

  949. needle, there are so long and so quick, you can’t do that,” You can’t make the home run play. You have to make the obvious play. That’s where we got ourselves in trouble in trying to make these home-run passes and they were off to the races.”
    wow.. this sounds so much like mchaleo.

  950. lol….training camp are short and BScott concentrates more on his suicide drills

  951. Forget not that D12 walked out on 30M to get away from Kobe. (That’s ~18M after-tax cold hard cash)

    Oh, and I think more and more players are starting to be conscious about the state taxes, which is why Miami and the Texas trio have an upper hand in talking up their offers.

  952. We do not know if Lin will really start or not. Let’s say it happens, BS is not gonna let him shine anyway. JC is very limited, but one thing he did very well. He only did things he can do, which is to shoot and to run. Right now his ppg is covering for his deficiencies, wait until the team’s target is getting into playoffs, he will be exposed.

  953. I never heard him saying that to Kobe…or…JC…LOL

  954. I said it before…saying it again…JL first step is faster than UBolt!!!

  955. Fire BS n promote mad dog as interim would make an instant improvement but since they’re in tanking so…

  956. So no one can have turnovers except Kobe right? Scott didn’t say a peep when Kobe had all those games with 9-10 turnovers! So whatever he says now is moot due to his hypocrisy and we all know he’s a Lin hater! Lin can have amazing games and you wouldn’t hear any praise without a jab at his so called mistakes.

  957. Unfortunately they don’t have a good mind to make the hard decision. They do have more than two hands on the steering wheel.

  958. There are telltale signs that Kobe may not last much beyond preseason 2015. If @awarde:disqus’s comments on this type of injury holds any water, Kobe’d be lucky to lift his arm properly, much less shoot the ball with any degree of accuracy. His shot has already been off before sitting out, and it looks like it’ll keep being a steep way downhill. Look at Kobe (though I know he NEVER looks happy) during his Jimmy Kimmel interview and Muse promotion, he never gave details on the progress of his recovery. IF he was doing well, you know he’d talk it up and rant about return and making impact. But instead he’s sullen and bitter and does not talk about it. Yes, I’m reading between the lines for sure, but chances are…

  959. Been rooting for MEM, SAS, ORL and NOP this morning, only 1 of 4 won. Perhaps I should put my jinx power to good use by startint to root for the teams I hate.

  960. Agreed that KB’s recovering isn’t good. His age factor plays a major role. He is only going downhill and worse than this season performance in whatever seasons that he plans to squeeze Lakers out of. It’s Lakers prob once JLin is free from this prison.

  961. I’m losing faith in Madsen whether he’s truly a Lin supporter or not. Haven’t seen anything from the coaching staff to believe so.

  962. It does not make sense tho, to face a better team, if you keep making “safe” play, how are you gonna win?

  963. WOW! First time I look at this JLin’s expression. He was really really ….. If look can kill!!!

  964. At the verge to turning to the dark side? LOL

  965. LOL

  966. Not a bad thing, Lin needs to speak right away when he’s being mistreated!

  967. Seems like he is doing so, largely thanks to BS tho.

  968. Better late than never. Lin doesn’t want to be perceived as the whiner, but Kobe’s got one thing right, in this league you gotta p*ss on the hydrant when appropriate, or else it’ll be someone else p*ssing on you! (McHale, Bev, KoBS, etc.)

  969. I guess Lin wants to win but not this coach …. smh! He sure felt upset by this team.

  970. Knicks beat the Spurs?

  971. TWC got robbed by the Lakers. Haha, I don’t feel bad for TWC. If they had half a brain, they’d bank on Lin and see global potential.

    but they are small minded and can’t see and will go down in flames with Kobe and bad management.

  972. I think he will “try” to stay beyond 2016

  973. Yes! What a surprise!! Just check at the score and nothing else.

  974. true, BScott hasn’t delivered yet
    For all we know, he can change his mind and said Lin can’t win the starting job to make him look bad.

  975. Their mistake was they thought kobe would play forever plus at the time, lak r s had Howard and nash. Like I said linsanity would nev er happen under kobe watch

  976. Picture Time…sorry for late delivery 🙂

  977. More Pictures…

  978. Thats it for today!

  979. If kobe had any good charcter, he would behave differently

  980. Good defense!

  981. Jeremy Lin Full Highlights 2015 03 16 Lakers @ Warriors 林書豪15分4助攻: https://t.co/mNUhTsj8td via @YouTube— CITY FOX (@mfoxloves) March 18, 2015

  982. Technically that’s inaccurate, BS delivered aplenty…in the flatulence department.

  983. LAL are lucky to have had TWC paid for their tanking. But once the cap limit goes up, the owners could find LAL in a money losing spiral.

  984. Lakers PG Jeremy Lin May Debut for Chinese Taipei at 2015 FIBA Asia Championship or Maybe Not

    Los Angeles Lakers point guard Jeremy Lin has made a name for himself in almost every level of organized basketball throughout his journey from a skinny kid from Palo Alto High School to global sporting star in the NBA.

    However, there’s one arena Lin hasn’t conquered yet up to this point. Although there were initiatives in the past for him to suit up in national colors, the 26-year old Asian-American star has been a relative stranger when it comes to International Basketball.

    Local analysts believed Chinese Taipei may be a piece away to become a serious title contender, and as expected, they view Jeremy Lin as that ‘missing link.’

    As for Lin, playing for Taiwan or internationally alone has remained a toss-up. In 2011, the Chinese Taipei men’s basketball team made an effort to push for the inclusion of Lin in future international competitions, but the campaign never gained much traction because of his non-committal.

    With the 2015 FIBA Asia Championship – which also serves as an Olympic qualifier – just around the corner again, Taiwan is expected to make another concerted effort to finally convince Lin of playing with them. Unfortunately, Lin’s upcoming free-agency could be again another road block for Taiwan to realize dream.

  985. Well, good Christians getcover their pride and bitterness.

  986. Hehe I know you will be a good & tough spokeswoman and defend Lin from all kinds of craps :))

  987. Yes, and though we know Lin cannot agree with bsc or losing, he was still very much a coachable guy in talking with bsc in game, talking with Scott on the ref, and still could show a moment’s disgust at being pulled but calmed himself v quickly. Lin is really a leader for that gen.

  988. LOL….another Lin has not place in NBA article?

  989. WOW
    I know he’s quick but faster than Bolt!?!
    Better send it to all haters / doubters announcers

  990. I need help with my ncaa brackets, who are you picking?

  991. Not just age but the wear and tear from all that mileage.

  992. Don’t forget BS Jr is on the staff.

  993. #Linsanity! In honor of #MarchMadness, this week we reviewed @LinsanityMovie: http://t.co/UtBV0qAbLw @JeremyLinNet pic.twitter.com/yVbus6URqW— Screen Thoughts (@ScreenThoughts) March 16, 2015

  994. Need to learn death stare from Kobe.

  995. Thanks another great report from jlinportal members

  996. Ok, Kobe has been in the league for 20 years and really doesn’t have a brand. According to this article, he made his first investment last year. So Kobe wanting to come back after next season is all about the money.


  997. He is not ranked high I think

  998. Kobe’s current endorsement partners are Nike, Turkish Air, Smart Car, Lenovo, Hublot and Panini.

  999. So Lin has played with wrist injuries…..I did not know that….m….

  1000. That’s something Kobe has perfected that won’t go away with age. LOL

  1001. Not exactly something you’d loudly advertise on FA / contract year.

  1002. I guess, but he seems fine tho….FG% is good.

  1003. i love Lin exposing Scott’s bs. Lin is like” I am so over this”. Medina is a pot stirrer, he made it seem that Scott has been telling lin about his TO’s in the press, but speaking with lin directly. Medina was called out by lin fans on twitter for his trying to stir the pot.

  1004. That kind of injury is very common. It might have hampered his shooting, but not the rest of the game.

  1005. Pls stick w bb

  1006. lol

  1007. MM always likes to do stir the pot… this is not the first time…

  1008. Let them stir it…..better than just some LA media blindly praising BS for no reason. BS is exposed…

  1009. don’t understand your comment?

  1010. with a bad wrist and all… what a pro!

  1011. yes, gotta love Lin dished it back to let people know that the so-called coach hasn’t talked to him about TOs.
    Reporters know the gap between Byron and Lin are widening, and the coach is so inept in his job.

    In a way, I don’t mind Medina stirring the pot and uncovering the truth, as long as it doesn’t result in Byron cutting back Lin’s minutes

  1012. yep, curry held lin in opening foul so lin fulcrumed into Booz, TO, then he went for the block because he was mad.

  1013. didn’t know about that. Thomas Scott is Byron Scott’s eldest son and assistant coach/player development.

  1014. Yep, just after he threw the cup down.

  1015. Some days ago, Medina wrote an article on Lakers players on one-year contracts playing for their next contract. He implicitly gave credence to Nick Young’s foolish claim that Jeremy Lin played “poorly” before the All Star break because he was ‘trying to maximize value for his next contract.” Here’s an excerpt :

    “It’s always going to be tough when you have a whole team going into free agency,” [Nick] Young said. “Everyone is trying to stay in this league and get some money. I don’t blame anybody. But it’s tough.”

    That explains why Young openly suspected that Lin’s struggles before the All-Star break partly stemmed from trying to maximize value for his next contract. Lin is in the final year of a deal that pays him $14.9 million, something Houston granted him amid the height of “Linsanity” three years ago in New York. Yet, Lin’s 10.9 points and 4.7 assists per game average may not yield the same kind of lucractive deal.

    “I can say with 100 percent confidence, I have not worried about my contract situation one bit,” Lin said. “I haven’t changed my game one bit because of it. I’m never going to do that.”

    See : http://www.dailynews.com/sports/20150311/one-year-contracts-fuel-competition-amid-tough-lakers-season

  1016. Whether MM’s stirring up the pot or not, BS doesn’t need any kind of excuse to cut back on Lin’s minutes.

  1017. Lin’s like “I’ll give you this one. I’m not getting posterized by a potential future teammate” =)

  1018. It doesn’t make any sense. Why would anyone play poorly at any given time in order to “maximize value”?

    Young must be smoking some mighty fine stuff.

  1019. true so Lin might as well speak the truth about BScott’s non-coaching :]

  1020. Me too. Medina could have written what he wrote objectively but there is a bias towards scott. Based on Scott’s attitude of I can do whatever I want and I don’t have to talk to the player if I bench him, I highly doubt scott talked to lin. Even then lin sought scott out.

    Not surprised lin is getting help outside of the coaching staff considering scott apparently believes that asking his player stupid questions like how come you cant set up a good screen constitutes coaching as opposed to saying this is how you set a good screen but this is what you are doing wrong. Anyway, What lin has done since asg shows how diligent and teachable he is. Also how quick.

  1021. OK, who do you want me to root for, and how much are you willing to pay for my 75% success rate? LOL

  1022. Hey, missed you at the game! Lol.

  1023. No, I would have I like real-dsb.

  1024. For Lin, after the boos that are standard at o.Co were the loudest cheers for any LAL player. The cheers come from the embedded LAL fans, but Lin gets it from GSW fans too.

  1025. If you read Chinese, there is a pretty detailed report in Chinese forum. A guy somehow had media pass in GSW game was able to get into the locker room and went through the interview process.

    He said a reporter asked a lot of questions regarding Jeremy to Byron, and then later on asked a lot of questions to Jeremy. He was the one next to Jeremy in his post game interview video, and looks to me that’s Medina.

    So he asked Lin a lot of questions about turnovers, and only towards the end, he ask Lin about Scott, and Lin basically said he did not get much feedback from Scott. Anyway, how to structure the question is an art, and the Chinese journalist thought Medina is a big Lin fan. lol


  1026. Watching the replays, I am again very happy to see that Lin picked up all his fouls on the floor rather than in midair. This gives him a big advantage since he can usually still plant another foot and turn to get a decent shot off, as opposed to in midair, which is difficult to shoot. But mainly because it’s much less dangerous. Yet another valuable skill Lin as acquired this year.

  1027. add together with the thigh injury as well

  1028. especially since Lakers are shooting 74.6% as a team this year!

  1029. Great post, Melody!!!

  1030. Well. Sort of silly for BSc to knock Lin for TOVs when Kobe and JC get free passes. Just BScatology.

  1031. Sorry folks, some of these pictures…seems to have repeated..having issue with my connection here 🙁

  1032. Jeremy mentioned that he’s got minor injuries on knee(s) and back, but just using icepacks on them.

  1033. I think Lin and Boozer have camaraderie both being benched by Scott even though they deserve to start. They both know that Scott doesn’t have a clue, so they stick together to endure the rest of the season. Both are free agents after this year, so they are outta LA!

  1034. Would this affect his FT or is it a focus issue?

  1035. Should we give credit to Harden? lol

  1036. I think his FT got a bit better actually.lol

  1037. And, with losing going on, nothing in terms of TOV really matters because it’s not really a competitive situation, so it does feel like practice. Your points are good, and I think the rest of this season is just training camp and stats and having fun. Drama only comes from BSc point, and counterpoint in terms of defense necessary.

  1038. We have witnessed it repeatedly. Don’t think I care that much anymore. Another 16 games to go.

  1039. Sometimes I think DNP is better if BS intends to make Lin look bad in the last 10 games as the starter.

  1040. Hey yes, Lin was stretching out his back coming on on one of the stints.

  1041. Lol. 75% ‘success’ rate is pretty good.

  1042. Learn from the best.

  1043. thomas is jr to me. with jr on his staff, no way mad dog will feel empowered to say or do much without it getting back to daddy.

    which player has developed under jr?

  1044. Lin will still trying to,cut down TOVs, but he is figuring out how to do it while staying aggressive. This is a play by play thing. So it is regardless of your team winning or losing. Once he learned from how to operate in tight spaces, he will be great.