G66 DAL @ CHA Game Thread

After riding a 7-game winning streak, Jeremy Lin and the Hornets will face Dallas Mavericks on a home stretch

  • In the last 2 games, JLin had improved his shooting (7-16 FGM, 3-6 3FGM) and increased his playing time to 26 min. It remains to be seen if JLin would get more than 22 min but the only way seems to be to score a lot and shoot well.
  • On 108-94 win vs DAL (11/5/15), Lin had 7pts/2a/1r/2b/1s/4to in 17 min

Let’s go, JLin! Let’s hope and pray he keeps scoring and shooting well to have a chance to close out games.

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  1. 1st 🙂
    Let’s go Jeremy!

  2. Lin’s shot form finally looks right.

    He’s putting his knees into his shot and is not flinging the ball at the rim with a low arc.

    I predicted that once Lin got the hang of his new shot form, Lin would continue to shoot well on a very consistent basis.

    Lin has just hit his true prime. Now it’s Linsanity, but better than ever.

  3. You need to keep posting 1st =)

    JLin got 16pts and 26min last game with good shooting.
    Let’s keep the streak alive!

  4. Lin for the win!!!!

  5. Awesome! I thought of asking you to post first. You brought good karma to Lin’s last game… hahaha 🙂

  6. Go Jeremy!

  7. Laundry field on The jump a tv show on ESPN2.

  8. #Streaking lol

  9. yeah, I feel very comfortable in his last two games. Also, he bounce better at the rim too.

  10. ESPN’s power index projects @hornets to finish with 46 wins and play the Celtics first round.

  11. The good thing is Lin maybe able to school IThomas, bad thing is Celtics has a coach who actually is smart.

  12. Brad Stevens definitely out-coached Clifford in their last 2 games.
    The Hornets will try their best to avoid the Celtics

    But yeah the positive is the Hornets might have to rely on JLin more on tough games

  13. I hope I am wrong, but I feel Hornets goal this year is just getting in play off. They don’t plan to get to 2nd round. Therefore, I feel during playoff Cliff and FO would rather lose than let Lin gets the credit.

  14. So much uncertainty as to where Lin will be next season. But one thing is for sure and we see it every night, Kemba ices Lin. Kemba and Lin cannot coexist on the floor together. There’s just too much jealousy and threat for Kemba to play with Lin. Lin could easily increase his touches by 30% if Kemba is a willing passer. How often have we seen Lin with an open shot or an open lane but the passes never came? Three men weave between Lin-Batum-Kemba could be unstoppable but it’s never happened. Kemba has the hot hand and shot well lately. I get that but there’s no reason for him to ice Lin other than jealousy. Their offense would be so much more efficient if Lin’s engaged. Unfortunately Hornets has been winning so I don’t see Cliff making any adjustment. Why fix it if it’s not broken right? Hornets is in search of an identity. Like all NBA teams identity comes from the ‘Star’. And we can clearly see from the medias that the Hornets is pumping Kemba to be their star and their identity.

  15. Let’s go Jlin! ! ! Spank the Dallas pink little ponies!!!

  16. The best thing about the Courtney Lee trade is that it reduces Lin’s time with Walker.

    I’ve always considered Lin’s minutes with Walker to be WASTED MINUTES, though Lin always squeezes out ways to score and put up fabulous numbers due to the increased minutes.

  17. The Hornets would crush the Celtics.

  18. The playoffs are far less physical against Lin than the regular season is.

    Increased scrutiny of the refs, that means less race based cheat calls against Lin.

    That’s how it was against Portland, though the refs still found ways to bludgeon Lin illegally.

  19. The bobblehead is not complete without BLOOD gushing from Lin’s nose.

  20. Just to put thing in perspective. Kemba scored 75% of the points and Lin only 25%. Could Lin have gotten more points? Absolutely if he got more touches. On the defensive end we all know who did the work! So in other words, Kemba sings Lin hums along. Is this a healthy relationship? I wonder if Jeff Zillgitt ever watch a Hornets game.

  21. Healthy for Kemba but malnourished for Lins stats. 🙂

  22. True. They keep Kemba’s stats healthy in preparation for the all star next year. I’ve heard about all the all star Kemba next year in these commentators. Poor Lin, his stats are malnourished because they have to feed Kemba and only give scraps to Lin.

  23. Kemba for loss. lol!

  24. LOL, exactly

  25. It seems that way that the #1 priority is to win with Kemba/Batum as the stars.
    We can only hope that the temptation to win would force them to use Lin’s clutchness to win in the playoff.

  26. Was this shared in the last thread? This is a nice 10 minute highlight by Christine.

  27. Let’s go Lin, make MAV regretes they did not sign you.

  28. 2 teams in a row where Lin can get revenge

  29. yes yes

  30. Oh no Kemba is Eastern Conf player of the week. Bet it will be ISO Kemba tonight.


  32. its always Kemba

  33. He credited Batum for his success!

  34. Started, hope starters don’t dig too deep.

  35. KW finger injury?

  36. Such poor start.

  37. Did we beat the Mavs this season?

  38. good D by Lee

  39. Yes.

  40. lee cant do anything off the dribble.

  41. Lin in

  42. Wow Daniels came in , instead of Lam

  43. Will they involve Lin early on offense or nah?

  44. wonderful!

  45. Yes troy in

  46. Lin hit in the head again lol

  47. was it bad?

  48. that tag huer ad with Lin on it

  49. elbow to the head

  50. hope all these hits don’t build up into something serious.

  51. Lamb is in doghouse now.

  52. Troy’s 3s much needed

  53. Aww bad foul

  54. give Harris a technical!

  55. that kickout by kemba should be offensive foul.

  56. ya it should have

  57. Kemba hero ball isn’t falling, can we expect a loss if no adjustment is made??

  58. nope

  59. Cliff trying out new rotation?

  60. KW is 1-5 to start the half. I think others need to be involved on O. Especially Lin and Troy.

  61. lin needs to be getting plays drawn

  62. ya Troy before Lamb

  63. I can see why Harris was mad. He kicked his leg way out. Offensive foul.

  64. its so obvious he’s forced to give it to al or kemba. annoying as crap

  65. they’re playing flat footed

  66. Not surprised with the call though. NBA officials give us nothing good to expect…

  67. Kaminsky fouls Nowitzski

  68. Not sure I like Kaminsky game.

  69. Tank makes way too many rookie mistakes.

  70. Such a sloppy game

  71. Is Lin getting to play pg?

  72. I have to say Troy is probably a close second in terms of shooting ability amongst Lin’s teammates present or past…. He’s just automatic…. I’d probably take him over Novak though given that he’s more well rounded player…

  73. Harris giving us problems

  74. What no foul call?

  75. Cliff looks angry at Lin

  76. Lin wants to penetrate and draw fouls

  77. Dallas playing some really good defense out there

  78. This referee is ridiculous. Lin hardly touch Barea, he got a foul, then 5 seconds later, he got hit, but no call

  79. WOW refs are getting dirtier and dirtier each game. They continue to silence their whistle on JLin. That isn’t good!

  80. he’s really good catch and shoot at perimeter

  81. Lin unable to get his shots so far. Al clogging up the paint a usual suspect

  82. nothing new

  83. Lin foul wasn’t on barea

  84. I think Lin just got his first 2 FTs opportunity before the timeout

  85. who was it?

  86. Dallas good defense. wasn’t a foul

  87. harris

  88. Lin drew a foul on Nowitzki

  89. yep, you are right.

  90. ohoh, missing both FT

  91. wow that was rare

  92. WOW JLin none was in.

  93. So no new ft streak?

  94. Something is going on w/ the Ref… Heard Mavs commentator said something “foul not call” … I think they know it’s a foul that was not called on Lin.

  95. is lin playing pg this quarter?

  96. W*F, 2 missed FT.

  97. Cliff will defend Batum, but not Lin. Lol, Cliff got a technical.

  98. Yes.

  99. good to hear.

  100. Batum can’t even make the basket on fastbreak, no good for this game. Will stubborn Cliff make any adjustment???

  101. 3 still off

  102. Thats his only 1

  103. excessive foul

  104. oh yes, he will adjust players other than KW and Batum

  105. No. The defender was fast. He blocked the shot then went straight to fast break. That says how fast he was.

  106. Lin will be out after this

  107. Maybe, hasn’t done much except for the rip away.

  108. Lee and Kemba at the scorer table

  109. bye lin

  110. Lin and most of the team cant find any rhythm . Dallas playing good defense

  111. Go MAV

  112. sad thing is Lin only took 2 FGA. Kemba is 1-5. But ya, Lin needs to make his free throws if he risking his body like that.

  113. Hornets have made a total of 7 shots this whole game

  114. God… Mavs are a violent bunch…

  115. I have to give credit to dallas defense thus far.

  116. Or the Hornets underestimated them.

  117. Send in Hansborough to HARD foul on Anderson!

  118. yup

  119. We’re shooting so terribly today.

  120. This may be a blow out

  121. KW 1-6

  122. Cliff has to do something else. Starters won’t be any better

  123. 1/7

  124. man this game is so boring.

  125. this is upsetting

  126. Yep I know. Heard so many times even announcers said the same. That’s why I said incompetent refs get dirtier against JLin.

  127. Missing everything, sad to watch

  128. Dallas is devouring us alive lol.

  129. How about KW, Lin, Troy, Batum and Zeller?

  130. The effort from both teams are night and day. Hornets are still in friendly mode and the Mavs are all out for the kill.

  131. Playoff defense. They’re trapping Kemba half court.

  132. The game is over for Hornets in 2nd qtr.

  133. This is like a soccer team playing against a rugby team…. The level of physicality is totally different.

  134. So much for best winning streak vs worst losing streak. Mentioning streaks is just bad karma.

  135. Kemba is trying to build his own Great Wall with all those bricks. I think this is pretty much a preview of what we are going to see in the playoffs.

  136. Hornets now 7-30

  137. this is why Kemba centric offense won’t work against teams that prepare for him.

  138. He will get shut down in the playoff.

  139. If Cliff wants any chance, he needs to put Lin in with KW to some of the pressure away from KW and actually draw plays for Lin.

  140. This is what should be expected from good coach. Wonder why other teams don’t follow this.

  141. Yes, foolish Cliff/Hornets think they have gotten a gold.

  142. 2nd half, Lin needs to score a lot for any chance to win.

  143. ya sometimes I feel like Lin just picks up the scraps on offense and has to turn it into something. The other players have plays for them.

  144. Mavs coach quick to adjust..Time out after Hornets made 2 basket, while cliff, he will call time out on cue!

  145. Cliff is very predictable. It’s like he’s following a play book.

  146. Exactly, coaching staff is just ignoring Lin, they don’t know how to use their deadliest weapon, so stupid.

  147. The level of physicality, mental toughness as a team, and the ability of the coaches. These are the main determining factors for this game….

  148. Speaking of coaches’ abilities, there is none in Hornets compare to Dallas’ brilliant coach.

  149. I’ve anticipated this for a long time. Wonder why other coaches don’t follow the same!

  150. Mavs Hard fouls are intentional to hurt so Hornets don’t have the strength to recover. Hornets need to do the same to these Mavs.

  151. I just realized that the winning streak was mostly cause KW HAD to score 25-30+ points night. He can’t do that every night. This is why Clifford’s offensive plan will eventually fail. Someone needs to pick up KW’s slack when he’s not doing well and Clifford needs to make it easier for that guy to help the team.

  152. refs out of their minds..flagrant foul on not and no call on flagrant fouls..LOL!

  153. Not a flagrant. Not half as bad as the noncalls Lin gets.

  154. Kemba 1-8 and 2 TOs. Charlotte, here is your superstar!

  155. Horrible game so far by the Hornets.

  156. cliffs still ok with the TO!

  157. He doesn’t play all of his game like this. Any good player can have an off game.

  158. Felton slipped.

  159. payback by ref for the wrong call!

  160. Kemba is not at the level he can play well against a good team without Lin’s help. Plain and simple.

  161. see..carlisle another timeout, cliff’s still on cue!

  162. Lee is not doing anything..dynamics says put JLIN IN!

  163. The planets are just not aligned properly for Hornets today. The refs are dishing out some bloody ridiculous calls on top of everything….

  164. another TO by BATUM!!!

  165. cliff’s being outcoached by a SMART COACH!!!

  166. The ship is sinking

  167. This game is heavily rigged in the ref briefing room….

  168. 2 more technicals on KW and Batum

  169. really fast

  170. you can hear Cliffo shouting at the background from league pass. It’s hilarious.

  171. how did kemba and batum get the technicals?

  172. KW yelled after being bumped at the 3, Batum talked to ref and got a T

  173. lol kw and datum get to do whatever the eff they feel like without worrying about getting pulled

  174. no, cliff’s just being outcoached by mavs!!!

  175. thanks!

  176. We are being dominated

  177. I think TWC arena is on the brink of descending into a riot…

  178. wow, Hornets can’t stop Felton from driving inside over and over again

  179. We all know who’s Mr. 4th Quarter!

  180. what? the game has started already ! wow we are getting killed. how has Lin been?

  181. This is so entertaining for me.

  182. better the blow out when JLIN is not playing, so all can see why cliff’s stubbornness..no reaction and adjustment made?

  183. One man show exposed.

  184. Nothing surprising. Coach Carlisle is one of the best out there, while Clifford..nevermind.

  185. 52-33 beatdown by the Mavs after the 1st half

    Will Cliff make any adjustment?

  186. About as good as the rest of the team. Poor.

  187. Cheeseburger Felton killin the hornets lol

  188. This is a prelude to the playoff.

  189. Honestly I’m so glad to witness this: 3 techs thus far — Cliff, Kemba and Batum!!!! They really can’t handle playoffs physical and mental games!!!!!!!!!!!

  190. More hero ball is the best recipe to win over MAVS – Clifford thinks.

  191. That was obvious. But the ref being one sided favouring Mavs is black writing on white paper as well

  192. NopNopNopNopNopNopNopNopNopNop

  193. This Hornets just not strong enough for some tough fights.

  194. from the looks of his stats. im guessing he barely got to initiate offense?

  195. See how a coach can make big different on player? Felton 8 assists, Lin 0.

  196. Not before he grows some hair on his shiny scalp…

  197. Flat Footed…Back Pedaling…Low Energy = Boring

  198. yeah. Mavs are physical, But hornets starters are so soft and slow reacting and adjusting, i guess its on their coach!

  199. I don’t like how Cliff will stand up for KW, Batum and even get a technical for it but when Lin gets banged up, it’s like he doesn’t care.

  200. That’s very likely .. although the normal logic would put more playmakers on the floor
    And a certain PG should stop Felton from driving inside to break down their D

  201. because their supposed best players are all fake, manufactured and hyped by their media outlets. In the mean time, the real deal is rotten in the bench and being iced out while playing, stupid org from top to bottom.

  202. Cilff, Kemba, Batum all get T. So who control the game?

  203. He played PG, the whole team is a mess. Lin get fouled, got the call and missed both FTs. The whole team beyond Daniels is letting Dallas bully them and the team has 3 techs called on them.

  204. ah ok looks like a trap game then we got cocky after all those games eh?

  205. MAVS play as a team while Hornets play hero ball and matador defense. Lin is their best facilitator, but he is being used as a statue at the corner, wtf!

  206. Time to sit the starters and let the 2nd unit and 3rd stringers play.

  207. Definitely did not come out with the proper energy. So, yes, so far.

  208. Exactly like a pitcher plays catcher.

  209. Haha

  210. 3rd. The 2nd unit stunk too except for Troy.

  211. That Felton drive+Lee dunk last play by DAL summarized the real problem that Hornets can’t stop Felton from driving inside to breakdown their defense.

    Felton had 2pts/8a in 1st half.
    Someone should start defending him

  212. not really, refs are ref so hornets can’t control it, but their coach (not adjusting nor quick to respond to situations) that’s a recipe for FAILURE! (not to mentioned being outmatched.)

  213. Still a lot of time but this game is too far reach and I have much doubt on Clifford.

  214. 2nd unit didn’t get enough opportunity. Lin only shot twice.

  215. The way back would be a big run in the 3rd, like score 30 and hold them to 17. Somehow, I don’t see that happening.

  216. A preview of the playoffs.

  217. Not only defend him, but all players need to coordinate.

  218. Lin looks good in the half time shoot around. Made just about every shot.

  219. cliff’s lost again his composure and coaching staff not helping him to think clearly!

  220. In a sense yes. But you can’t just say ref is ref and let the bad officiating get away with it. I play competitively since middle school so I know how infuriating it is when you have extremely bad refs assigned to your game.

  221. Couldn’t watch. What the HELL is going on?

  222. Really shouldn’t missed both FTs.

  223. I thought Frank and Al looked terrible and Lin never really got it going.

  224. More Lin and we would have a fair chance of winning this game. The winning streak was misleading because they played against many bad teams.

  225. i know, he did lose his mind. He’s an emotional coach. He also has favoritism towards certain players. Lin isn’t one of them cause you know there has been so many silly calls on Lin that Cliff never got upset about. But one silly call on Batum and he’s there to get a technical.

  226. only Cliff got going , he shout too much. lol

  227. obvious up and down travel by Harris and a bunch of illegal screens as well as questionable possession calls. These refs aren’t in good control of the game.

  228. That’s just it. They played against teams with no defense.

  229. i agree with that, Al clogs up the lane for Lin. He needs plays to be drawn.

  230. It is ok, tiger fan 🙂

  231. This is true. Our schedule is really helping us recently

  232. From what I saw, Dallas playing great defence and putting a lot of pressure on Kemba. Also tough interior D against Zeller. Lin hardly had any touches. Only 2 shots.

  233. we’ve sucked at PnR defense all season. Our bigs are too slow to stop it.

  234. thats when a coach needs his composure because pressure do come in when you can’t find a basket..need to control the flow and thats on direction of the teams coach, not on ref..(but of course refs call are really annoying!)

  235. 3 Technicals already on our team. Cliff, KW, Batum.

  236. That hard foul on Lin must have really hurt. He missed both FTs. God help him to recover quickly.

  237. Yes. Some of my Sunday league refs can call better than this bunch…

  238. Actually I think the timeout just before his FTs messed up his routine.

  239. What happened?

  240. frank did play too much and should be replaced immediately for he was disruptive during his stint!

  241. cant believe we were held down to 33 pts for first half.

  242. Yes, disruptive. Forcing too many shots.

  243. agree

  244. Which one is our team?

  245. no adjustments still, LEE’s not doing anything!

  246. If you let Dirk take open shots he’ll make you pay.

  247. Dirk is still an amazing shooter.

  248. celebrating already? We are still down 13 lol

  249. LOL!

  250. Basically refs swallow their whistle so Lin got fouled after fouled w/ no calls, then when he drove to the basket Anderson hit him hard and he missed both FTs.

  251. Looking MUCH better now. Play faster, seems to be working.

  252. Did hornets just won the NBA finals?

  253. OIC, thanks for the info

  254. Yes. I know. But that’s coaching issue and we all know Cliff isn’t the sharpest tool in the shed. I was talking about refs here and I just don’t think the issue of coaching ability should be used to make excuses for terrible officiating.

  255. A much smarter coach called time.

  256. If marvin don’t continue the level he is playing at the starters will struggle.

  257. on that note i agree!

  258. obviously!

  259. C. Lee not doing much, but D. Lee playing great. Best wishes for JLIN!

  260. Did the hornets celebrate too much yesterday for KW’s player of the month title?

  261. Player of the Week, I think

  262. True

  263. Good good good!

  264. Sounds good! Loving the technical on Clifford

  265. Nobody?

  266. Hows he doing??

  267. wrong move..they need speed and cliff put AL????

  268. this coach knows to do PnR/SnR when Al is in.

  269. But wait some people here are defending Clifford. Sometimes I thought this is a Clifford and Kemba site.

  270. Lin in

  271. Triple sigh!

  272. That was a bs call on lee… lol

  273. yup

  274. Jeremy would never get that

  275. Hornets paint defense had been better to start the 2nd half + Marvin playing well.
    More ball movement on offensive end in the last possession scored by Marvin

  276. lol i was thinking that

  277. there’s been a few bs calls this game

  278. Did he do ok so far

  279. Lin would get the travelling call

  280. Yup!

  281. trying to make up the call on Courtney lee, but Lin never got that kind of compensation

  282. Hed get an offensive foul called in him.

  283. 0 pts

  284. 50/50. depends how well he is doing

  285. not much touch, whenever he got the ball, he passed to batum or AJ. Not sure he was told to, or by choice

  286. Excellent.

  287. Well then, go mavs… sorry guys…

  288. Has Lin ever get zero points in a game after NY days?

  289. Cliff needs to involve Lin on offense if he really wants a push.

  290. Rooting for mavs too.

  291. Yes Lakers

  292. Is this worth watching?

  293. He likes and loves Kemba. Let Kemba hero ball all the way!

  294. I will do that after lin leaves the court

  295. walker out, daniels in, hope lin gets to play pg.

  296. I think KW might play all of 3rd and 4th. Lin will not get that many shots today. Wouldn’t be surprised if 0 pts.

  297. Is Lamb getting a DNP tonight?

  298. Sure looks that way!

  299. Well then theyll lose…

  300. If Cliff doesn’t involve Lin on offense, then well, Go Mav, at least I live in Texas!

  301. AL man always there when Lin drives

  302. why does it seem like Lin always has to have permission to shoot it? He always has to look at Cliff and ask.

  303. Al good in my book now.

  304. because Lin is not allowed to outshine KW

  305. when barea scores on Al /facepalm

  306. He deserved it

  307. yes, 1 time in HOU 2nd year plus 2 times in LAL

  308. Lamb is in the dog house. Hope Lin get some scoring soon.

  309. Dirk!

  310. Goes to show that if jlin dont score, u lose.

  311. wide open

  312. Lin passing off too much

  313. he can’t at this rate. Every play is for someone else.

  314. Great, seems he will get one tonite.

  315. normally a pg should get the ball back except Lin

  316. it looks like he didn’t feel the rhythm yet

    He should try to drive inside and attack first to get to FT line

  317. He should know that by now

  318. jeremy cmon man. sigh don’t blame him being so reluctant… shooting form and cliff on his neck is really stressful

  319. ya needs to drive more, but it’s so clogged when Al is there

  320. need to be patient, plays not calling for him,need to stay playing with in the system until the opportunity comes..

  321. Man… Gotta love Marv for his dedication and energy…

  322. good point .. he needs to find a way to score quickly

  323. Yep. Saw him cut inside the paint, but NB didn’t pass to him on the last play.

  324. miss 1 FT

  325. 1-2 ft

  326. well, at least he’s on the scoreboard. =P

  327. LinMad, at least he will not be 0 pt tonight 🙂

  328. what is up up his ft?

  329. This is the reason why Lin should not play anymore. Would you like to watch Lin playing scared to be yelled at? Getting less and lesser points or zero because of constant marginalization?

  330. Lin cant make a shot or FT right now

  331. did you see that, no charge call on Barea, and no call for Lin when he drove?

  332. He is not playing scared. The new shooting form is on and off

  333. one of those games for lin

  334. Lin should be there too.

  335. If walker subs in for jlin, dirk and parsons get em

  336. Lin is not in rhythm. 2 shots first half. 1 shot 2nd half. All missed. KW, took like 9 shots in the first half.

  337. the drive to the basket by jlin seems so off right now, no lift on his feet?

  338. Its happened a lot this year. His shooting form has been annoying

  339. It was a tough layup

  340. Glad i missed most of it… frustrating!

  341. He’s been shooting them fine. Just off tonight for some reason.

  342. He has a monkey on his back while playing. Sick of seeing every play he has to check with Cliff on sideline.

  343. Must say Lin is off on O.

  344. time to wait for highlights, oops, no highlights for Lin tonite.

  345. ya 6 seconds and 4 defenders

  346. Then what about avoid being yelled at?

  347. Watch Cliff is calling every play for someone else when he brings up the ball. No screens for him to shoot.

  348. Cliff doesn’t want to involve Lin in O. And this is one prime example why you need to involve Lin.

  349. and full speed

  350. Where’s the freedom to play point for Lin? He has to look at Cliff on sideline on every play. WTH?

  351. Al makes it hard for KW to drive too.

  352. 4th Quarter

  353. Kemba has been clutch

  354. He often is.

  355. Boo…

  356. Lins shooting this year is so bad. It better be great once it settle in.

  357. cause he’s not shackled down by his coach. If Lin didn’t have to worry about anything, he would be playing well too.

  358. Or maybe because he’s a good player.

  359. That’s how you can play without the monkey on your back.

  360. he has the green light to shoot

  361. Cliff yells at him(coaching) on defense usually

  362. there’s no way Lin could hoist up shots like that. Be fair!

  363. Kemba shooting coach just did a great job. His shooting percentage before was way worse then lin. He was playing a ton before this

  364. next team he’s on he will improve. It’s all coach and the unit he’s on making hard to do anything but defend.

  365. sure, such a good player did not show up for 5 years
    It is very hard for you to resist praising I understand. You finally got the chance. Must be hard for you for the past several days

  366. its so dang annoying. not getting to see lin make his own plays with a pnr. he’s just “setting the offense” which is a play drawn for kemba/batum/jefferson

  367. Yes good 6-15

  368. unless things change drastically, Lin is going to be at best a role player going forward

  369. That’s true. But it takes more than freedom to be clutch…

  370. Career 1 playoff appearance and got swept.

  371. Shoit the dam ball…

  372. Lin’s screen knocked someone out

  373. but but, he is a great player in Cliff, Cho and sws eyes

  374. Its shooting form

  375. david lee.

  376. KW missed first five 3s; has the ball in his hands the entire time; has consistent minutes and able to play through mistakes; has screens for him to shoot. And he usually does lots of shooting when playing w/Lin.

  377. I really wonder why this person likes to praise Kemba in a Lin forum. I really don’t understand. Anybody enlighten me!

  378. He’s scoring when it counts.

  379. why is Frank always inbounding when he sucks at it?

  380. I’m fair. Saying he doesn’t make big shots or plays isn’t fair. Just given fair credit when someone always says it is for some reason other than Kemba is going out there and having the confidence to make big plays for his team.

  381. Lin is playing flat for him. He played well last game, this game he’s flat.

  382. is lin in? he hasn’t been mentioned in the play-by-play the whole quarter.

  383. yep, he should host a kemba.com lol
    but he likes to come over here pretending to be a Lin fan, then bashes Lin at the dot net with other trolls.

  384. It does.

  385. second half of this season Lin has been rough to watch to be honest. hoping he turns it around.

  386. Al good

  387. Not really involved all game

  388. Id rather Lin go 0-10 then 0-3

  389. Lin drew a play for Al right there

  390. Yeah, its been frustrating… playoffs maybe?

  391. Jeremy still in? Whos out?

  392. Take Lin out.

  393. Ok, if jeremy is out, then mavs crush em

  394. Batu will come in next for Lin

  395. man other players slacking on defense

  396. Lin is playing like a setter in volleyball. It will be fine if hornets win

  397. again????

  398. u sure? It’s our defense taking a hit

  399. Lin just not involved at all

  400. how’s lin doing on defense?

  401. Hes just so defering again.. shoot it!

  402. he just wants to set the offense and play defense. I think he’s not in rhythm to score. 3 shots only this game.

  403. yup.

  404. But if he didn’t miss that many they wouldn’t be in this place.

  405. its cliff!

  406. Not a bad thing. Lin is a good person. He likes praising other people. As his fan I think praising other players can give Lin the benefit of good karma as well. That’s my personal belief. Bad mouthing others attracts bad karma and vise versa. 幫書豪積一點陰德、口德⋯

  407. ok. but it doesn’t look like he’ll be on the floor for much longer

  408. Looks that way. Love that deflection he made, so him plan and time it. But he just couldn’t get it going much this game for some reason.

  409. well, but the rest of the team isn’t doing well.

  410. This is a lose

  411. Lin needs to take shots. that is how Kemba improve his shooting.

  412. Nope! I love to taunt the Kemba and Clifford fans here though. I’m enjoying this!

  413. Lin doesn’t need this. He should be out of Charlotte as soon as he can.

  414. Lee is shooting better then Lin right now.

  415. Cliff and teammates don’t involve Lin in their offense. He mostly plays defense during this stretch so far for others to score and to catch up w/ Mavs lead.

  416. Lin is not a SG. He’s effected PG.

  417. The whole team missed. Stepping up is when you do it in the 4th and he’s doing it. If Lin was doing what Kemba did this quarter, we’d praise him and rightfully so. Just being even . Kemba has turned a bad game around with his 4Q play. So far.

  418. ok so Cliff wants more offense rather than defense. I think this is a lost.

  419. yes, this catch-and-shoot role doesn’t suit him.

    He needs to dribble the ball to be effective

  420. Good.

  421. HE played pg in the third and the 2nd he still didn’t do well

  422. When Lin is in with Al, all he really can do is set up Al.

  423. yup

  424. Lin can’t finish at the rim anymore.

  425. kam is the off player with the hornets…

  426. I cant believe im cheering for parsons and deron williams

  427. not with Al

  428. And you need a thicker/fairer skin? I come here and praise Lin most of the time and I’ve said plenty times Kemba was playing horribly. In a game thread, you just tell it as the game unfolds.

  429. He’s not suppose to shoot too much as a pg. He needs to set plays for his teammates to score. That’s the PG job.

    He put this team 19 pts behind mostly by himself.

  430. Good both Batum and Kemba are going to play 40 min game…..

  431. lol he wasn’t playing pg. he was the guy that dribbled the ball across half court.

  432. I know, sad right?

  433. This season is the worst shooting of Lins career

  434. Zeller and Kaminsky bein useless again.

  435. By the order of Cliff.

  436. Really? So you’re telling me that at this point it’s going to be a Kemba praise forum here?

  437. i want to hear cliff postgame

  438. 3333333333333333 Parsons. I hate this team.

  439. What was the score when JLin was out??

  440. Lin set up very little as PG. He just didn’t get his team going as a PG in this game. He’s done better, it’s not his game this game. Kemba is a scoring PG, like Irving and others. PGs in today’s game score too.

  441. So please don’t blame Lin why he’s not scoring. The ball is not passed to him for scoring; it’s for decoy and give and go.

  442. Bring the ball up and pass and stand corner yes.

  443. Lin only shot 3 times

  444. I never blame lin.it is up to the coach to win a game

  445. The point is that if Lin does what Kemba does, make big shots in the 4Q, we praise him. And rightfully so. So when Kemba does it, if we don’t at least say every once in awhile that he made a good play, we’re hypocrites.

  446. Ok. We all could see Lin is not shooting well. We don’t need reminders every third post. Like Chinese water torture.

  447. take Lin out and the defense takes a big hit. Now we’re down 10.

  448. 7: 53 Lin is out

  449. Only those so called fans blame him relentlessly.

  450. I don’t see nobody blaming Lin here….

  451. Oh no, leenis making em

  452. What was the score then?

  453. So it’s ok if he yells at Lin and not on other players if they make mistakes and not plying defense. Lin should not make mistakes but Kemba and Batum can?

  454. easily Lins worst game this season and i only watched 1 quarter that was all i needed too see. very frustrating too see lin like this. waste of time.

  455. this is why focusing on Lin’s offense only is a bad thing. If he isn’t shooting, he’s playing defense. He’s the glue for this team cause he knows how to feed the ball to players who are hot.

  456. The so called fans who comes when he is not doing well

  457. He is not allow to set any offensive play. He brings ball up then give it to KW, Batum or Jeff.

    If he’s the scoring pg the why needs Lin to play with him?

    Don’t you even watch the same game we’re watching?

  458. Lin is too good of a scorer to have both marvin willliams and Lee scoring more then him on a consistent basis.

  459. 84-79 Dallas

  460. What can JLin do when this is the only thing stubborn Cliff wants him to do.

  461. Now some people wants a Kemba praise movement here. Go ahead make your day!

  462. Heh heh… clifford, u fool

  463. coaching has his offensive chips in certain players but not Lin.

  464. I can not believe I am happy Felton hits a 3

  465. Oh yes he is. Let’s not make a bunch of excuses. Plenty of times Lin has made plays in the past as PG when he needed to get it going. If Lin was playing his game, he’d keep his dribble alive and create. He’s been picking up his dribble and when he passes the ball, he didn’t even look like he wanted it back. Lin did not play a good offensive game today. He had a bad game.

  466. Yes dude. He’s always looking to contribute one way or the other. He never quits. He’s our boy

  467. Anyone knows the score when JLin checkout out??

  468. If anyone is looking for any +, this game probably helped to convince JLin more to move on next season.

    This catch-and-shoot role is not good for him.
    He needs to dribble the ball as a rhythm shooter.

  469. cliff thinks hornet can enter playoff that easily..lol


  471. These excuses are annoying

  472. Lin the setter

  473. Me too.

  474. Another 33333333333333333

  475. btw, ever since Lin has been marginalized, I haven’t seen MJ at any home games. A coincidence or MJ bumping heads with coach?

  476. Lets wait..not long now

  477. Mavs doing this with Dirk on the bench. Carlisle knows how to coach, unlike Clifford.

  478. 5pt lead.. 84-79

    It’s DAL 13 pts lead now

  479. Good!

  480. both catch and shoot players..JLIN is a PG who cliffs wants as a defensive SG only.

  481. cant be all on clifford. He took 3 shots. sometimes he needs to call his own ticket and go for his own. this is not the spurs. he shot the ball 3 times and missed 3 freethrows thats all i need too see for me to know he was passive this game. Courtney lee will probably play a lot more if this continues which is a shame because Lin is a better player.

  482. I don’t think so

  483. no, Cliff said he talks to MJ constantly

  484. They should take back player of the week award back.

  485. Mj to busy with other things

  486. cannot believe I am rooting for Felton and D Williams!

  487. Lin talks about how unselfish the team is and about His struggles with his shooting. You cant say its the coaching When Lin has scored much more in worst situations

  488. yes… it’s hard to watch Lin not playing to his strength :[

  489. No, jordan is owner… he calls the shots…

  490. Mavs doing this with Lin on the bench.

  491. Yep I know. I just missed to record down when JLin was out:-)

  492. Thanks!

  493. do you really think Lin thinks his teammates are unselfish when he barely touches the ball?

  494. Alain, do you find Lin shying off from finding his offense many games? He was looking for his own shot and playmaking in Houston, but for me, Lin did not much in this game. He didn’t get to the line much, didn’t shoot much, when he had the ball looked to get it to others, I don’t see how he can play effective when he isn’t decisive and having direction in his game looking to playmake/score.

  495. so commentators are accepting Dallas is the better team.LOL!

  496. He said that

  497. Nonsense, this team was mainly run by KW and Batum. Lin was clearly a service ball handler not a offensive Plays maker.

  498. Kemba can score well because JLin helped to set him up
    Lee just doesn’t do it for Kemba

    But Cliff doesn’t recognize it.. so he deserves the loss

  499. he’s not looking to shoot the 2nd half..move on next game!

  500. Ha ha…

  501. Got it. Lin is shooting badly. Please stop trying to drill this point all night long. Game is painful enough. Lin is human

  502. So glad Mavs has a 13 pts lead now:-)

  503. this i agree with so much. dont understand people saying he is good at playing that role.

  504. They can’t win this game. Lin just didn’t have it tonight. This game, Lin was needed.

  505. Hope Cliff stays with this 5 toward the end.

  506. Just frustrated. This year has gone to sh…..

  507. was wondering what Ready has to say, I am watching Mav feed

  508. Lin is not needed in this game..

  509. Did I say that? Lol. Please don’t take things out of context. My point is that it’s not a bad thing because we as Lin fans can look to contribute anyway we can to our boy. I just look at it as contributing good karma for Lin. Unless you don’t have a good understanding of what karma is…

  510. Some games we need to move on, say Lin didn’t have it. I don’t find it useful to go on about how bad his team mates are. They tried, but not enough guys played well enough to win tonight.

  511. very quiet

  512. its over

  513. Kemba the defensive salve

  514. During the stretch when Lin was in, he helped with defense bc no one involved him in the offense. He was allowed 3 freaking attempts for 18:57min. He helped w/ defense so KW/NB and others can score to even out the score and once it did Cliff took him off the floor. So please don’t tell me that he should stay w/ this team!

  515. Felton just put Kemba-move on Kemba

  516. u know Mavs coach is smart for slowing the game down and running the clock

  517. JLIN out at 4thQ 7:53, CHA is 79 to 84. Now is 92 to 105!

  518. Exactly, Cliff did not want Lin plays his game

  519. No lin, no win

  520. LOL

  521. Once Lin couldn’t find nothing i knew it was over. The bench with Kemba usually gets the finishing group a big lead. Without it . They will lose often

  522. Of course. Carlislle is top 3 coach in the league

  523. Gee…. Pretty boy is doing good in Dallas…. Kind of wish Lin is in the same team as him… (Have to say though I don’t really like Pretty Boy… Taking advantages of Lin’s publicity)

  524. So am I. But keep repeating the negative starts to sound like you are celebrating his struggles. Lin is a good player. Period. He could do a lot in the court including score. Had done it this year and numerous times before that. Tonight is not his night. He has never been Curry. What player coming off the bench has?

  525. After how many loss…lol

  526. Something wrong when your rookie Frank takes 7 shots, more than Al’s 3, more than Lin’s 3, more than Troy’s 4.

  527. Time to put Lamb back in.

  528. That’s why I’m saying before the game started… Kemba for the Loss! Sorry guys but I don’t know if you listen To Kemba being interviewed before the game started and it’s all a staged question about Batum helping him this year. Really? I’m happy that Lin is not going to bail them out anymore. It’s a good thing if Clifford will put him in the doghouse beside Lamb. His stats is really suffering and this will affect his free agency.

  529. If they wanted to win, a big 20 point 6 assists night was needed. Lin didn’t have it this game. Not the only one, a lot of other players didn’t either. But if Lin had it when the game was tied, Lin could have done his 4Q magic helping his team to a W. But not to be tonight.

  530. Troy was good.

  531. Cliff smart plan..lol

  532. No respect!

  533. Everything is wrong today starts with Clifford. This is one man show score first PG looks like. He freezes everybody else.

  534. I have to say. Rox style of offense is far more open court. Fit Lin the best of any team he has played with since Knicks .This style Lins shooting will need to be better

  535. Yeah, wierd feeling.

  536. 2nd unit barely took shots though cause KW was in there babysitting.

  537. nope

  538. Me three! ?

  539. No..i hate the rox to the highest level..lol

  540. Yeah. I meant his status in the team as a solid starter and the coach’s willingness to place trust in him…. I wish Lin has that…

  541. Yeah but he just hates this team more.

  542. Rox will always be the worst.

  543. to be honest he wasnt getting involved a lot. thats on cliff as well. You put a lot of it on Lin when offense is not run through him. he is the 3rd ballhandler if even that anymore. If cliff was smart he would have utulised him much better. It was needed and this is just another example that cliff is not a good offensive good. good defense terrible offense.

  544. I remember a lot of frustrations with the Rox. Not a lot of pick and rolls when Asik or Smith didn’t play. Harden hogging the ball and over-dribbling. Parsons freezing Lin out. I don’t know. There was more transition play, that was good for Lin.

  545. i agree. Lakers style was worse than Hornets but I still think Hornets style is not good for Lin.

  546. yeah troy was better even on defense than lamb and with same capability..yet cliff has no plays for him when he’s hitting..maybe because KW was the PG and our Pg doesn’t follow set plays.

  547. Yes but not even close to this level with the Hornet next to Kemba under Clifford.

  548. Exactly. A strong game from Lin and someone else on the bench was needed. But primarily Lin.

  549. Old Lin form would be a better. This new style better eventually shoot over 40 percent from 3. This season won’t be worth it if he doesn’t shoot that high

  550. So glad Cliff and starters are exposed now. This is what happens when they play good teams.

  551. ciff..it is time to reignite BF 1..

  552. Starters still out. LOL. Cliff is being schooled.

  553. Ha ha. ?true

  554. The culture was the worst. yes. Play style fit Lin though. Harden iso was not good. Lin also played a lot.

  555. Not with Al there

  556. I think all the teams know how to shut down KW now after the 7 game winning streak. Cliff will have to make adjustments and get Lin involved.

  557. I hate Rockets. That was where marginalization of
    Lin started.

  558. Fair. I just think Lin as PG didn’t hold his dribble and look to be the guy getting the others going. But Cliff didn’t call plays for Lin. I think in this game, Lin was the primary PG and as primary PG, he didn’t get going nor did he really get the offense going. He elected to go through Al or Batum.

  559. Lots of transitions that was right. But I think it also has something to do with them being the youngest team in the league back in Lin’s 1st year with them. Plenty of capable legs to run…

  560. Serve him right..lol

  561. As long as al is in the paint Lin will struggle if his shot isn’t there

  562. Al can rest..it is up to the coach

  563. This iso score first pg created by Clifford is being exposed by the Mavs unselfish ball movement. MANY more to come.

  564. We have to also be honest. The last 7 game wa part momentum and part Bad teams. We are not that good. The schedule is just easier

  565. I see no difference. Harden really holds the ball a lot. That’s why PGs don’t do well with him and he needs the 3 and D type player next to him. At least Kemba is playing the PG spot and is supposed to handle the ball the most.

  566. no, after tonight’s game, I feel Cliff is determined to not let Lin play his game, even that means loss

  567. (style)

  568. Lin took 3 shots only. People think that will actually impact a game. You want Lin to take more shots, ask cliff to draw up some good plays for him like he does to everyone else.

  569. if MOrey will be fired, Harden/Bev traded..rox will be a good destination for Jlin (clutch forum can be disregarded)

  570. Hope so.

  571. Until losing streak begins endangering playoffs stand, Cliff won’t change as long as KW/NB get stats.

  572. If you can balance offense and defense..you can win.

  573. He’ll probably get Lee more involved as Lee is more consistently having good games lately. Lin is the X factor. If he’s on, Cliff goes with him. If not, he gets high-teens to low 20 minutes. Clifford figures he’ll play good D and hustle.

  574. Sad to see Felton and D Williams both played starter for > 30 min, and Lin got only 18 from bench.

  575. yeah, pairing Al with Jlin is a mistake, for Al clogged the lane for a slashing Pg.

  576. Kemba was also bound to cool off. In fact, he may cool off a lot and get cold in the playoffs.

  577. Yes as long as Kemba gets his fat stats.

  578. and 3 shots. Someone has to pay for KW’s missed shots early game.

  579. That speaks volume about Mavs’ PG depth. DWill I can understand. But Felton….

  580. RIght, he usually shoots at least 8.

  581. You know no matter how well Lin plays, has nothing to do with whether Cliff plays him. Do no try to blame Lin for inconsistency hence no PT. Remember what happened after CAV game???

  582. Harden did passed the ball to Lin in the corner which Kemba never did.
    Harden let lin play pg 30% with him and 100% when he sits. Kemba and Batum never did.
    Lin has many PnR with Asik, Smith and Howard. He has none here NONE.

  583. Its on Lin as well. If plays arent run for him he needs to get do it his own way which he can. But if cliff so desperatly needs him for the win he should run more plays for him. something to give him a easy basket to get him going. Lin has been so under utulised the second half of this season since after cavs game its laughable, i mean the guy can help you. Sure courney lee had 12 points but they were the most MEH points ever just like last game. he is a solid player but not a game changer never will be. Again this just tells me Lin cant stay in this team. He is not a off ball player, sure he has become better at it but still its not good. believe it or not i think he would be perfect for the spurs. Team ball and everything thats where i would not care how his stats looked because there is a bigger picture there. This team is all about lobbying for your star players. I mean look what Collins said this game when they were down like 10. OH the dominant backcourt of Lee and kemba outplays Dallas backcourt. Really?

  584. Harris and barea is too short..lol

  585. We’ve been saying that the schedule has been easy for Hornets playing at home w/ bad team. Mavs heard about Hornets 7-win game streak and they did their homework to put an end to it w/ good coaching and game plan.

  586. He was in late took 3 shot then. Not with the bench

  587. Yes I hate the Rockets BUT let be real:

    Harden did passed the ball to Lin in the corner which Kemba never did.

    Harden let lin play pg 30% with him and 100% when he sits. Kemba and Batum never did.

    Lin has many PnR with Asik, Smith and Howard. He has none here NONE.

  588. and part KW having to score 25-30+ points like he can do it consistently every game. If that’s the only way Cliff thinks we can win games, we’re in for a treat.

  589. Yup

  590. Lin did not look to either playmake or take his shot enough this game. I think he had a bad game. On to the next. Lin may be great in the next game. Hope so.

  591. but i think harris is better than felton…carlisle balance the guard for the Mavs with Dwill and felton for starters and Harris and Barea bench

  592. Lin’s job was pass to Batum or Al, coach doesn’t want him to force the issuer.

  593. Not even the screens. How many screens he got this game?

    Whenever Walker got the ball, the screens were there.

  594. The style was more open which is isn’t here since al went to the bench. He new shooting style is also worst then before

  595. He really didn’t have it as PG tonight. Happens. Moving on to the next game. I’m still hoping Lin’s hot streak comes end of season into the playoffs. We’re not quite there yet.

  596. I have seen a few PNR attempts for Lin in the Hornets. But WAY too few for the benefit of the team. And most of the time the big men just didn’t know how to roll correctly…

    But again…. I hate rockets… Period!

  597. For this kind of night my comfort is to count:
    End of regular season:
    14 more games to endure
    30 days to go
    FA: 3 months 16 days

  598. Much of the time Lin looked like he was setting picks in the paint, not going to the corner. And Lin had the choice to dribble more, he picked up his dribble too much this game.

  599. well right now, Cliffs high on Lee and JLIN’s performance will not dictates a changes with Cliff’s cue plan especially when they are winning..so right now, Cliff is happy that thei team is doing ok with his made up rotation.

  600. I heard by the broadcasting team that Lin said this team was the most unselfish and team oriented team he has been on since high school. Take what you may from that

  601. Yep. DWilliams is 6’3″ and Felton is 6’1″. Both are starters. Why is it working for them and not Lin? Sick of the excuses from Hornets/Cliff.

  602. If you run and run and run to play D without touching the ball much, your shooting will be off.

  603. 16 games, unfortunately.

  604. Cliff was out-coached by Carlisle.

  605. Free agent with what.Stats worse then last year. Hope the defensive stats help.

  606. Propaganda from front office.

  607. Al is the main issue. He removes attacking the basket from Lin.

  608. Very few in few games. Kemba and Batum do have PnR with Zeller so this team do have just not designed for Lin.

  609. Yes, 3 out of 66 games, where the team beat Raptors, Cavs and Rox.

  610. doubt it. He said it

  611. I agree. And, Cliff was out-coached by Carlisle.

  612. It’s the offense the coach calls for not Al’s fault.

  613. Lin said it. He really like these guys. He is struggling but He still likes this group of guys

  614. LOL, Cliff’s offensive game plans are ineffective, in fact I don’t even think he even knows how to draw up plays…hence losing to well-coached teams.

  615. Yeah I can attest to that. I’m the 3 and D guy in my team. When my teammates get slack on D, I have to cover for them and do most of the running around. That severely throws my shooting touch off…

  616. Cliff is the one making the plays….the second unit is no longer the bench because it is a hybrid of starters and bench..starters are a true starters right now because they have been given and allotted EXACT PT all games.

  617. Al is killing the bench. Why isn’t he starting

  618. The problem was Hornets was down 19, and when starter started the come back, Lin’s job was defense and passed the ball to Al. He doesn’t have the freedom to shoot 3 or initiate offense.

  619. The only offense play he set up is to yell at Lin to move the ball.

  620. Minus Kemba of course.

  621. no he is included

  622. move on to the next game…this is not the end of it right now because future are still set to be made.

  623. Thats okay to me, he is a vocal type of coach…he just isn’t really competent…=)

  624. All of Lins issues has been line up change and role changes. The 3rd main problem is his shooting.

  625. No bench player has 6th man minutes. They all have bench minutes.

  626. if the only factor is Liking your co players, so you are right here, But WE KNOW ITS NOT the only factor for his decision come next FA!

  627. He said it after the Rockets win, perhaps just speaking about the specific game.

  628. Yeh, right, vocal to selective few.

  629. Only vocal to players not named KW nor Batum?

  630. yea thats true

  631. Well, that may be true after Linsanity. With Harden, Kobe, Kemba was marginally better during the last week before tonight.

  632. they played teamball that time.

  633. it is coach double standards that make things difficult

  634. Hornets drop to #6 after this loss.

  635. 16 games left. A change would be quite sudden

  636. lin said before fans dont know what is really going on behind the scene…

  637. again!

  638. If marvin stats drop The starters will struggle. He took 17 shots.

  639. that is why they predicted Hornets will meet Boston at first round

  640. 0-3 was not the problem. Only allowed 3 attempts was.

  641. good. Sooner the management knows that their team just a mediocre team not a contender the better

  642. Nope 40 percent fg percentage and 31 percent from three is

  643. Have you not heard Lin said anything different from almost every team he’s been on? He’s talking about teammates on personal level, but on-court is a different matter. His teammates have a coach who looks out/ involves them in the offense, why should they complain.

  644. Good. They should be 8 then 9 then people can wonder why Lin will leave the Hornets when he’s happy here. LOL

  645. kw and batum cant take this team far…lol

  646. So 1-1 is 100% like Tyler has sometimes would be a great shooter?

  647. give it to him..we are just following him and he has to do it on his own and the only one being affected by it..he’s also frustrated as his recent statement the even he himself doesn’t understand why the new form is not working for him but he believed it will be because he knew that it need to be changed right now to be better later!

  648. We have to wait.

  649. (happy?)

  650. Yes JLin was interviewed when he played good games and the team was play teamball. Of course, as compared to teams that he has played (can’t comment on Warriors) — Knicks, Rox, Lakers and Hornets, obviously this is the team is the “most” unselfish team he has played with. After ill-treatment from Rox and Lakers, he is literally fighting to get “his” games going. Once again, Cliff/Hornets has broken their promises. Cliff is just a very very good politician among those coaches JLin has. I’m not being fooled.

  651. He’s doing his job on and off the court.

  652. Because Zeller would be killing the bench.

  653. Even charlotte fans say Lin needs more touches and usage that says it all really to how cliff has played him after the cleveland game thats where everything went south. Again Courtney lee fits better with kemba thats the only reason. Lin is playing with al which is not helping.

  654. 16 more games to play and most of them are on the road. They are not in good position to mess around with iso ball hog hero basketball. Tonight game was a good lesson when they face against unselfish ball movement team.

  655. cliff thinks he knows best

  656. Three technical fouls: Cliff, KW, NB. Three leaders of the team got techs; Core players got stats but the result is a loss! One proven player, Lin, whom could have helped w/ offense, but was left out. Lin played defense mostly so KW & NB could get stats. Once the score was tied, then like clock work, Lin was taken off the floor to sub in Lee. Then Mavs went on a run and won the game. Did I miss anything?

  657. 18 min PT and 3 fga! What a shame!

  658. Probably 2% usage.

  659. nope…you are right

  660. The funny thing was Lin’s dribble-drive help to free up Kemba while Lee is purely 3 & defend.

    Kemba & Marvin have been hot with 3s.
    When teams can stop that, Cliff will need Lin to help Kemba score
    It might happen sooner than later if more teams saw how DAL defended Kemba

    Lin/Zeller is definitely better than Lin/Al

  661. Even Lin was almost allowed to do nothing on the offense, he still helped the team with spreading out and defense.

  662. Only if the coaches are able to learn!

  663. Zeller is definatly miles better for the second unit than Al. Al just kills any type of penetration to the basket, it gets too clogged up. It’s basically Pass the ball to al in the second unit. Cliff cant play offense he does not know it. He has kemba and he has Al he does not like to deviate from what he is comfortable with. If kemba or someone else does not have a hot game it’s over. Lin is needed in this team but he is being used like he is nothing. which is mad annoying.

  664. well if you compare to lamb…lamb in the dog house

  665. Yes it is 5 home games and 11 away games. Even though they play mostly non playoffs team, if they continue to play heroball, they might drop from playoffs scene as the leverage between #6 and #9 is only 5 wins.

  666. Chicago wins tonight, Hornets now only 3.5 game out of playoff picture.

  667. Excuse me. No comparison. I like the other Jeremy, but am a fan of this Jeremy only.

  668. Zeller actually rolls. When TH is in he PnRs with Lin. Al, every 9th play PnRs with Lin.

  669. He didn’t play well. The 18 minutes tonight was justified. He played 26 in the Houston game. But he played way, way better in the Houston game.

  670. You bet!

  671. They’re used to Zeller who plays better defense and has good offensive chemistry with Batum.

  672. You are welcome. I have been a lurker here for quite a while, enjoying many posts and links by you. A big “Thank you” to you.

  673. I understand, It is ALL Lin’s fault, SMH

  674. LOLOLOL You can continue to put JLin down all you want but some of us know better.

  675. Well. I remember Coach Cliff himself said that
    a player can not be really effective/get into rhythm with PT less than 20 minutes at the beginning of the season.

  676. Players have bad games Dorothy. Other Lin fans thought he played poorly today as well. And I did say he played better in the Houston game, where he played quite well. He dropped off tonight for whatever reason.

  677. Simple fact is when JLin was taken out on 4th qtr at 7:53 it was 84 v 79 with 5 pts lead. When the game was over it was 96 v 107. The game was loss because of Cliff and starters.

  678. What does he mean Lin didn’t play well? SMH! He was not allowed to be involved in the offense, for heaven’s sake. He got only 3 attempts. While on the floor, Lin helped w/ defense to allow NB/KW and others to score and got the scores to a tie, then Cliff pulled him from the floor. But guess what happened next, defense collapsed when Lin was out and Mavs went on a run and won the game!

  679. What did Lin contribute? I don’t even think his defense was a strong as usual. If Lin was drawing fouls, going to the line, doing the sort of Lin stuff that helps the team I’d not agree with taking him out at 7:53. But Batum was making shots and such, so him coming in for Lin made sense once he got his rest.

  680. Not putting Lin down. He had a bad game. Sometimes that happens. But we don’t need to always find excuses. Sometimes players don’t have good games.

  681. Lin saved the day for kW when he went 1/14 against Kings. 1/14 to finish with 5/22! Why is it that Lin shoots 0-3 and you scream bloody murder? How does a player ever get going if a coach won’t let him work through a cold start? How does a player ever feel comfortable if all he knows is if he misses a couple of shots, he gets marginalized?

    Even Stef Curry has bad nights. Come on! Stop beating down Lin every time he gets yanked around by Clifford.

  682. look KW was 1-8 before his shot picked up a little. Lin never had the chance to do that and people are blaming him had a bad game. Give me a break.

  683. Did not watch the game full but even charlotte fans are saying he is not getting nearly enough touches. and from what i saw second half that seems too be the story of it all. Houston he had the ball a lot if remember correctly he got into a flow and had a good game.

  684. What do I mean? He didn’t hold his dribble and picked it up as PG. That’s not effective PG. Earlier in the season and when Lin plays well he doesn’t pick up his dribble.

    He didn’t draw fouls on players like he usually does.

    When he got the ball he tended to not look to make the assists or advance plays like he does when he plays well, he just sort of wasted seconds off of the clock.

    He took few shots and only took 4 foul shots.

    In other games Lin has helped the team go on runs in the 4Q, or got to the line, or made big deflections. Not this game. He did not impose his will. Therefore, not a good game from him. The picking up the dribble and not getting the offense going in a rhythm, maybe too much dumping down to Al or whatever it was, for me was the element that made him look not effective in this game. And that wasn’t balanced by making shots.

  685. Mavs won and moved up 7th; Rox dropped to 8th. Hornets dropped to 6th. Hawes continues to be on injury list. Lamb is in the dog house. And if Cliff continues to give Lin these kind of minutes and role, I rather Lin gets early vacation and no playoffs to save his body for FA.

  686. playing Nic and Kemba 40 minutes in a loss is bad coaching IMO , so yea I agree with your comments

  687. Most Charlotte fans I’ve read thought Lin had a poor game tonight. Last game they loved him.

    Watched the full game, it was ugly. I don’t think the team was ready for Dallas and didn’t match their intensity. Lin wasn’t part of the guys that tried to make a 2nd half comeback unfortunately.

    He never gets enough touches. But when he plays well, he more optimizes his touches.

    I did make a note that Kemba should try to involve Lin when Lin enters a game. But, at this stage, we know he isn’t going to do that.

  688. Lin is incapable of having a bad game? And why always look to Kemba? Lin has his own standards. KW had a good second half, bad first half. No player played well for the Hornets except for Daniels in the first half. But some did play well in the 2nd half. The comeback started in the 3Q with the starters who did bring the lead down.

  689. True he does not get enough touches but this game it was less than usual. I mean i saw the second half when he played. He barely did anything. He was not in the flow of the game he was cold. Cliff is not exactly putting him in a position to suceed, do you like the way Lin has been used since after the cavs game?

  690. We do NOT find excuses for Lin. We state the facts what happened to Lin, how he was used.

  691. Even superstar Curry could have a bad game. But with low usage, Lin was yanked at 7:53 at 4Q. Had he been given more minutes, Lin might’ve surprised us pleasantly.

  692. He’s done better with the same usage.

  693. Lin never had a whole game bad when his usage was high. Remember when he was at Knicks or Rockets, Lin always picked up and redeemed himself. He now has bad games because of Cliff, because of the broken promises. Don’t tell me Kemba would do better than Lin, if he were put in the same treatment to fail.

  694. Fact: low usage, not enough touches
    Lin is not a miracle worker!

  695. Lin got a lot of touches and screens and plays last game vs Rox. But it is only for one game with marketing purpose.

    Tonight, the revert trend continues with marginalization purpose. They would rather win or loss without much of Lin. More games like this will come.

    But I still hope Hornets make the playoff. Season games are warmup. Only playoff games will tell what a player is really made of.

    IMO, Lin picks a good time to change form playing for Hornets. Let’s pray Lin will get his shooting back before playoff.

  696. He was the PG more of his time on court tonight than usual. And I think his lack of touches wasn’t dramatically different than usual.

    I don’t have any divider after the Cavs game and now. I think post-ASG there’s a difference that I don’t like however.

  697. The starters cant bail the team….

  698. I usually think so HVJoy. I just don’t think tonight was his night. And I thought Clifford just tried to go with the most effective players. But without Lin being one of them tonight, no win.

  699. Agreed. I think tonight wasn’t a night they’d win.

  700. After tonight’s game, I truly believe Cliff, Cho and HornetsFO would rather loose than win with Lin’s help. Their goal for this season is getting in playoff. They are happy with what they got now, they are trying to wean fans from Lin.

  701. i believe clifford think he can win without lin…

  702. I don’t. Lin hasn’t had a DNP like Lamb has. Maybe using Lin less, but not using Lin in key times doesn’t lead to Hornets wins. Kemba and Batum are not enough.

  703. dont give too much credit to clifford..he is incompetent just like mchale…

  704. A poster questioned why Lin didn’t draw foul or made plays as much in this game…Did you guys/gals see that each time Lin brings up the ball he has to look over to the sideline to receive instruction from Cliff on what play to execute? That’s one of the reasons that he could not hold on to the ball to dribble to make plays. Lin lacks the freedom to independently make plays and draw fouls like in preseason, IMO.

  705. I saw that too. It was quite a difference than last game where Lin had the go to play his games.

  706. Is it possible that Lin did well last game and Lin too popular last night due to his bobblehead night and Cliff trying to have damage control?

  707. they are stupid management.. Getting to the playoff is not a goal. No wonder they always at the bottom.the championship is the goal. You go all out to achieve that title..smh

  708. He’s way more competent. I’ve never heard McHale explain the game the way Cliff does. Or talk of how he’s learned from other coaches. All I heard was we didn’t play hard, we have to play harder. All of the time. Clifford has a good understanding of the game. He has his team in the playoffs now. He’s a much better coach. He isn’t a top coach by any means and he isn’t using Lin optimally and sometimes unintelligently. But he’s a way better coach than McHale and he seems to communicate to his players overall better than McHale did.

  709. remember before season started, no one other than us thought Hornets could make to playoff?

  710. It is the continuum of the agenda since game 1, no player should outshine the so-called star.

  711. Lin did not have a good game this time true people can twist and turn it however they want. But it is hard for him to contribute with the constant lineup changes and minutes. tonight less than 20 which is ok he did not have a good game. But i have said it before, Lin is vital for games like this. Courtney lee is not doing any difference in this game. Sure he had 12 points but they were meh points. Dallas will gladely make Lee or anyone else besides kemba beat them. Yes kemba is the only one they care about not batum not anyone else. Lin should have been a game changer this game because it was needed and he can provide it. But i put blame on Cliff as much as i put it on Lin. They dont seem to have any common ground to me.

    come playoffs we’ll see what happens.

  712. Mchale have speech problem.He is not articulate.clifford is mchale mentee.m

  713. I am conflicted – I really wish Lin gets to showcase his skills in the playoffs games, but worry that Cliff would still not use him properly or sufficiently.

  714. no. Last night is only because of bobble heads night.

  715. I think if you know how to bring things out of a player and can then get players to buy in consistently and deal with difficult ones, you’re a great coach. Clifford I think knows better how to do some of those than McHale does. But we may just disagree about this. That’s fine.

  716. lin wants to go to the playoff. Whatever the outcome…we have to watch the remaining games

  717. I think much of it was Clifford. Lin has to do things despite the coach sometimes and he’s at his best when he can at least do it to some degree. Tonight wasn’t the night. He’ll be ok.

    I agree he’s the real X factor. Lee is alright, but nowhere close to Lin’s ability to impact a game. Lin is a winner, Lee is a nice player. Batum is a good player but not a winner. Kemba is a clutch player, but ultimately, not a winner without being under control by a balancing force in the form of Batum/Lin. That’s what I’ve seen from this season.

    Truth is, when Lin just has that empowering spirit which I still find a mystery and not that much dependent on the coach and other players as others find it, he can lead a lot of games with his will to play the right way and win.

  718. Cliff is control freak. He controls everything about JLin.
    Anyway missed this game. Looking at the boxscore…seems like didn’t miss anything.
    I will go insane having to watch this control freak.

  719. I wrote a long piece a while ago about how Kemba shot terribly against the Kings, 1/14 in the first half while Lin played great that game and finished 20/10 for a rare double double with this garbage team. That game saw Kemba finish with a miserable 5/22! Yet Clifford put Kemba in to finish the game to make him the star and not Lin. Kemba choked and instead of winning the game with 2 foul shots, he gagged the last FT and put the team into OT. Clifford again didn’t use Lin or Daniels who was hot and made 8 3s that game to finish with 28. Kemba again couldn’t put the Kings away and went into a second OT. Finally Lin passed the ball to Daniels and he buried a 3 to finish off the Kings. Notice how Daniels has not played again? This is how this garbage team roll.

    What annoys me even more though is how some posters keep blaming Lin? They say Lin deserves to play only 18 minutes and that Lee plays better with Kemba. Wow, are they blind? Lin gets yanked if he can’t produced and yet KW gets to shoot the team out of the game. How’s that even fair? How does that help make a player ever feel comfortable? How does a player ever get to play without fear?

    Why do these fans only measure Lin’s results and yet measure Kemba’s potentials? Why do they look at his lows and complain like he’s only capable of that low? I’m so tired of these types of fans!

  720. I know, but it pains me to see him being marginalized like this. I understand his desire to win, he’s an athlete after all. I will support and endure ‘whatever the outcome’ for his sake. But I hope to God that there will be a miracle in the horizon for him to break out in the playoffs if they make it.

  721. Just because hornets beat rockets last night..so they think team can beat mavs..not that easy..lol

  722. this so called fans only post when lin has a bad game..lol

  723. the control freak is afraid if lin outshine his beloved players.

  724. there is always a light at the end of a tunnel. I believe Lin can survive and contribute to the team. The rest is in God hands.

  725. that is why I think they should have their own Kemba.com, or stay at the dot net forum. I don’t go to the dot net forum at all now, but I can imagine by the way they blame Lin here, how they will trash Lin at the dot net.

  726. I agree with you Sws that He plays best when he is not dependant on the coach. But it cant be that everytime he needs to get himself going to the playoffs and Cliff needs to realise this. I honestly dont think Cliff knows Lin is vital for a good playoff push. I think he knows Lin is a good player and a starter in this league just not on this team.

  727. He doesn’t have the right feel for Lin. It’s more it sounds like he has a good idea when he talks about Lin, but using Lin right is a feel.

  728. cliff needs to think outside of the box..

  729. Agree.

  730. I don’t give any excuses; just stating the fact!!!

  731. yeah thats where i get it from he thinks Lin is a good player. i remember after he had a real good game against raptors he said if you look at his game this is something he can do consistantly. I mean Cliff likes Lin he just does not know how to balance it out with batum kemba and him.

  732. Yup, key is balance and Cliff hasn’t figured that out.

  733. Thanks @disqus_zDgJ5zJRLn:disqus for speaking sense to JLin bashing fans.

  734. Hornets

  735. you can join others at dot.net..they want to fire his shooting coach too.

  736. Yep. Mavs have a good, experienced coach. He prepared his team well tonight and can make in-game adjustments quickly. Tonight, after being down for so long, Cliff still stuck to his rigid game plan. He didn’t involve Lin in the offense. Didn’t draw up plays for Lin or Daniels, 3pt shooter, to get them out of the deficit early.

  737. true, that is because he is a great player, does not mean he should always be superman, does it?

  738. No doubt you are always right on Cliff and none of us is!

  739. that is why i kept telling people at the start of the season when MKG went down that starting was important. the excuse makers kept saying how it doesn’t matter if he starts or not as long as he finish games. well, now they see for their own eyes.. or they refuse admit they’re wrong and keep arguing

  740. Exactly Dorothy. That’s why I said he has a bad game. Michale Jordan, Magic Johnson and many others have had not only bad games, but bad playoff games. Lin isn’t superman, he’s a humble player who can work magic on the court when he’s in a groove. I just don’t think he found that groove or had it in him tonight. But tomorrow is a new day (well, Wednesday).

  741. Words like that don’t come out of my mouth. It’s an opinion.

  742. This again. Give me a break. Everyone here is a Lin fan and this isn’t helpful. The mods have banned obvious trolls.

  743. no, what Lin did today is what other players would do every night if they had the same usage like Lin. When Lin had a good game, we should be amazed by how he could perform under such bad treatment. When he has a bad game, that should be the norm for the usage like his. but you blame him not playing well and deserving his 18 min. You are holding double, triple or multiple standards. Wish you would do that to KW. SMH

  744. Well of course,posters have a different outlook of Lin’s situation right?I’ll better enjoy to see what a true fans objectives about Lin situation other than seeing posters who bashed Lin when he has an off game.

  745. Too many turnovers and missed freethrows…clifford. Well do something about it..

  746. good game, bad game, good game, bad game. why was the outcome of this game so predictable hmm?

  747. We’re all true fans. Lin isn’t being bashed. There’s a game Wednesday.

  748. This is the numerical statistical expression of No Lin No Win

  749. Wow, saw Lamb actually got DNP, Coach’s Decision. If this keeps up, he might be traded in FA.

  750. Yes, Lin deserved 18 minutes tonight only. The first half, all the players played poorly except Daniels. The second half, if the Hornets had any chance of winning, Lin had to sit because he wasn’t performing. Nothing personal. Taking everything that happens to Lin personally means you can’t be a fan and really enjoy the games and accept that he is number 7 on the team and number 7, in this particular game, wasn’t one on the squad that gave the team the best chance to win.

    This isn’t a double standard. If Batum is ineffective, take him out. If Al is ineffective, take him out. If Kemba is ineffective, take him out. If Lin is ineffective…?

  751. Yes. But the hornets dont care as long as their stars got points

  752. I’m pretty sure what would happen on Wednesday everything is just predictable since after the Cavs game.

  753. I don’t agree with predictions. Lin did great against the Rockets and some were saying he should sit for the rest of the season. Lin has had solid games since the Cavs game.

  754. We rest our case.


  755. LOL, KW was 1-8 , was he taken out? NOOOOOOOO
    ok, i am tired of you. I will just flag you from now on like other posters suggested

  756. LOL .You’re so naïve…can’t blame you since you’re giving props to Clifford as a coach .Lin had solid games because he can easily adjust to situations even if he was marginalized to the mean.

  757. The refs wanted to give this game to the Mavs to keep them in playoff contention and stop their losing streak. Simple as that.

  758. This game was a blown out because of out coaching, not refs.

  759. Out coaching, plus didn’t want Lin’s help

  760. Why did Lin have to check in w Clifford on the sideline on every play but no one else?

  761. Naive about what? You know, not going along with the majority because I have a different opinion is not being naive more than having an opinion and my own analysis and takes after watching decades of basketball. And Lin fans are allowed to have their own opinions as long as they believe in and support Lin which is what is happening here. You want to say marginalized, if you feel that, fine. I want to say not used optimally. That works better for me.

  762. Yep

  763. I bet he was told so, otherwise why didn’t he do that during Houston game?

  764. Clifford:I’ll give you some playing time but you still need to have my approval for every designed plays if KW or NB is not around

  765. And you don’t think I’m tired of you? Kemba played well in the 2nd half, poorly in the first half. Go ahead and flag me, it’s all emotion because you aren’t debating me on points.

    Kemba had more energy, looked for the ball better, advanced the ball better, scored way more than 1 point, didn’t he? Kemba didn’t really have a great game but he was making big baskets in the 4Q. So take him out? What objective reason do you have to take him out the way he was performing?

    And I am VERY tired of you, for the record. If you aren’t equipped to handle a decent debate then DON’T engage me EVER.

    Flag away. I don’t care.

  766. Of course, I meant why Cliff has to do that to him only?

  767. So sad.

  768. If you watched a decades of basketball then you know what I meant.Dont worry …I’ll used your own word,Lin wasn’t use optimally because the coach and some players doesn’t want that to happen.I hope it’s good enough since that’s pretty much a straight forward answer.

  769. Marginalized is a powerful word for me. I don’t care to use it. I know some others do and that’s fine. I think we should use our own words.

    What I’d like you to think about is the Coach’s job. His job is to deal with a rotation of 9-10 players. Find the right combos. Assess minutes and rest times. Look at matchups on the floor. Look at how guys are not only playing with each other, but what they have that night.

    Coach planned not to use Lamb and use Daniels. Then he looked at most players and nobody did that well. Then in the second half, Marv, Batum, Kemba to a degree and Lee started playing better. Al and Lin didn’t get it going. That’s the whole picture that I think is involved in Lin.

    I’ll complain just like anyone else when Lin looks good or I think has it and Lin doesn’t play him. Just not tonight. Maybe next game I will. I sure have many recent games.

  770. Kemba had a decent game. but it’s a given he will have better stats he is the franchise player, Lin isn’t

  771. He didn’t play well…thats funny.

    You mean he hardly got any touches at all. Only disappointing part of his game was his FT shooting. He had zero plays for him. Every shot he took was a forced one because there was no other way to get a shot off.

    The Hornets have been playing selfishly for a while now it’s just that they were playing bad teams and Kemba has been hot. Honestly Marvin Williams has been bailing out the starters big time. He finally couldn’t do it tonight and then they got dominated by a well coached hungry Mavericks team.

    Jeremy Lin didn’t played bad or good because he didn’t get to play.

  772. Thats on Clifford he knows defense but offensivly it’s always been relying on kemba and Al and now Batum. I said it before they have had an easy schedule so far. I dont think they will fare well in the playoffs to be honest. If this is how Lin will get used then it’s going to be bad.

  773. you 2 need to chill honestly. Both of you have been going at each other for a while now.

  774. Because these so-called fans are closet Lin-haters, plain and simple, masking themselves with a pretense of false objectivity.

  775. I agree. We both need to chill. But I didn’t write a separate post on what I hoped was all said and done for that discussion.

  776. btw, the reason I post this reply is because this is buried way down. This is how sws truly feels about Kemba. If Kemba was take out when he was 1-8 like Lin would, Kemba would never have 4th quarter big shots, LOL. Lin never had a single bad game when he was at Knicks or Rockets because his usage was higher.
    From the way sws wrote to me he thought no one else would read it except me, can you imagine how he trashes Lin at the dot net site?

  777. the right combos has always had Lin in it running the offense like a PG and playing defense (although many Hornets fans don’t recognize what he does on defense). Ever since Al joined the 2nd unit and Lin became statue of Linberty, things have taken a dip. Lin has been marginalized cause he is getting less minutes than before the Cavs game. Before he would get 25-30 minutes a game, now he’s down to 18-25 or less depending on his performance. I just think it isn’t fair to say Lin had a bad game today when all he had was 3 shots the entire game while KW had 9 shots at the end of first half. I think the winning streak we had was going to end sooner or later because we can’t have KW scoring 25-30+ every game. That’s impossible even if Cliff gives KW free rein like he is now. Cliff needs to bring Lin back as the 6th man or we won’t have a chance against teams that actually prepare for KW. Right now, it looks like Lin is 8th man or something. Even Frank is taking more shots than Lin.

  778. Al is a problem for sure. BF1 as it was in the beginning of the season was quite good. But Hawes has been out and I think Al is here to stay for the remainder of the season.

  779. I can not stand a so call Lin fan blames Lin when Lin is obviously and unfairly mistreated by his coach.
    He toned down a bit lately so that he would not be banned, but when he thought no one noticed it, his true color came out again. That is why I decided he needs to be exposed.
    I don’t think he dare to post what he replied me if he knew everyone could read it. I also feel if he could let me read it, he should let everyone reads it too. So I help him to expose what his true thoughts are.

  780. Basketball is about feeling the game not about being the coach.GSW and Spurs are playing great because they play unselfish basketball,they used their 5 players on the court to have the best shots available not because the coach are telling them what to do,they don’t care who will take the best possible shot because they trust each other.OTH you have a coach here that’s trying to find the right combination because he doesn’t know yet what to do on his players,he can’t really coached them because some players have more power than him to decide what would need to be done on the court rather than winning and losing as a team.

  781. He wasn’t allowed to impact the game. His window is so small. You miss 3 shots and you’re benched without any plays drawn for you. Next thing you know, the game is over and you’ve only touched the ball a few times. Most of your touches was about setting up other players to help them score but not about making you score easier. Cliff likes to focus too much on his favorite players, he’s forgetting what actually win games.

  782. My response to aras is that Clifford lacks the feel of how to really utilize Lin. So, I think we’re aligned in that.

    Cliff is a micromanager which represents some level of insecurity and trust in his players. He becomes a better coach when he trusts more and develops a real feel for players and game situations. It’s not mathematical, it’s spiritual.

  783. i agree that sws94 is a Kemba fan boy trying to defend him and the hornets. I’ve read his comments lately and I know he takes small jabs at Lin every time we praise him or point out what is going wrong with the team.

  784. The reason I find these tiger fans so annoying is that it reminds me the psychological damage that some overly demanding parents can damage their children’s mental health if pushed too far. These types are quick to beat down on their kids and blame them for their failures when often their kids are trying desperately to do their best just so they can feel some love from them. I’ve seen kids psychologically damaged because they feel unable to ever earn the love of their parents. They can ever only equate their worthiness for love by how well they do…..why? Because these tiger parents can’t love their kids unless they meet their own expectations. For some deeply damaged teens, suicides are the only way to escape this mental abuse.

    When I look at Lin fight so hard to soldier ahead under an abusive boss and manipulative coworker, I can’t help feel empathy for him. I feel so sad for him and yet he keeps going. How can tiger fans demand any more from him? I sure hope these types don’t ever treat their own kids this way.

    If you think that athletes are immune to this type of mental attack, all you have to do is look at Rhonda Rousey. After she lost her last fight, she was so depressed that she almost considered suicide.

  785. there are kemba fans on this site who only support Lin because they know Lin elevates kemba’s game. without Lin, kemba goes back to being just a inefficient chucker

  786. I absolutely agree with you. I think Lin throughout his career tried to impress his coaches and should have earned respect from his coaches but never got it because of politics. Even Byron Scott but they kept pushing Lin into the corner and telling him he’s doing it all wrong. Clifford is the same thing. He yells at Lin over the slightest mistakes. Lin sacrifices his body, takes hard hits and Clifford won’t stand up to the refs who miss calls. But for Batum and KW, he’ll happily take a technical for them over 1 play like a basket interference that wasn’t. Some players try to earn their respect like Lin. Others are given respect on a silver platter and never need to earn it. This is why Lin is loved by many fans. Lin has earned his respect from fans more than his coaches. It’s like the coaches and the fans are watching 2 different games and not on the same page. This is why he gets top 10 in ASG polls every season without having to be a top scorer. Why KW even though he’s having a great season didn’t even make top 10 in ASG.

    But ya, these tiger fans need to relax and accept that Lin is in a sticky situation right now where he isn’t put in a position to succeed. Every once in awhile he may have a good game, but that’s because he’s putting in 100% effort every game under very bad circumstances. No one but himself deserves the credit for his great games this season.

  787. after clifford get an extension..he forgot his promises to lin

  788. ha ha… He is a big fan of both of them

  789. Wow, thanks for this. A good reminder for any Asian parent.
    I really feel sorry for Lin especially when I think of my kids. I am sooooooo mad at Cliff and Hornets. I can not imagine any true fan is not upset when Lin is treated so unfairly.

  790. its like they forgot what Kemba was the previous seasons. They need to be reminded every day.

  791. Understand you completely.

  792. That is why we love lin.

  793. agree but I don’t see why Cliff has to marginalize Lin so heavily. Are they scared of Lin scoring 15+ points a game when KW is already scoring 25+ per game? Do they really need Lin to score less than 10 pts every game to feel less threatened by Lin?

  794. That’s what I had posted earlier. No freedom for Lin to make independent plays. Cliff micro manages every play so he can’t hold onto the ball and dribble for long to probe what defense gives. You notice after Lin brings up the ball, he has look to the sideline to see what play Cliff wants to execute. Then he takes a few bounce of the rock waiting for NB or KW come for the ball, or he has to pass the rock right away and it would never return to him.

  795. and people blame him having a ‘bad game” SMH
    With a fan like this, who needs enemy?

  796. exactly! smh too!

  797. a micromanager? He should held kw and batum accountable for their turnovers…he supposed to yell at them not only lin. Double standards

  798. The only time our excuses for a bad game are not valid is when JLin is playing as the point guard of the team, is allowed to create and play make, and his teammates are supporting him by setting a reasonable amount of screens, running in transition, cutting to the ball, and expending some energy on defense…by my recollection, I honestly cannot remember the last time JLin had a “bad” game when placed in these circumstances…

  799. Exactly! Couldn’t agree more!!!
    Hate to see those egotistic people always complaining Lin not good and not doing this n that! We should support Lin unconditionally because he had been through so much.

    I feel really sad too to see him faces all the mental n physical abuses by referees, coaches, teammates n whacked by opponents n sacrifies his body! I hope Karma will find its way to those people who intentionally did this to Lin!

  800. That is a question i cant answer linmad. all i can say is that next season i hope he chooses wisely. It all depends on what he wants. he wants to start? maybe find another team.

  801. What we need to remember is only 3 team play teamball.

  802. this shows you that Lin is a team player that requires team effort and coach’s agenda is the opposite of that. Clifford wants selfishness from a few selected players and unselfish team effort from everyone else.

  803. and I have friends who advise that we must allow our kids to fail while at home, where it is safe, so they can figure out life better when the stakes are higher.

    Our tiger fans here … just so noisy like a politics rally.

  804. Sorry I missed this game … I went to GSW/NOP tonight and noticed Asik got a DNP-CD. Anyone know why Asik is sitting the pine so much? ADavis is pretty impressive, but Asik I always thought was great except for his hands. Maybe he needs a JLin to keep feeding him high. Toney Douglas got a lot of usage. I’m glad Toney is still in the league. Starting guard, 38 mins, 22 pts/8 A. How nice for Toney. Go Lin, next year!

  805. Why don’t we talk basketball rather than go on about other posters?

    Anyway, I think ever since Lin has done the following two things he hasn’t been the same player.

    1. Limit his shots. During Linsanity Lin would shoot the ball freely and if he had the shot, he’d take it.

    2. Worry about TOs. Clifford drones on about TOs and I agree with those that say Batum is allowed TOs others aren’t. That’s why Batum makes some good plays too, because he can make terrible TOs that Clifford doesn’t seem to get on him about. When Lin is just handling the ball without thinking he can’t turn it over, got to be safe, he just goes and does his thing. With McHale, Scott and now Clifford droning on about TOs, he can get hesitant. I think D’Antoni was right in that he’ll make TOs, but he’ll also make big plays. So let him play. Some of the best players in the league have a lot of TOs. LeBron has had many Batum-like TO nights.

    I’m most satisfied that regardless of coach not calling plays, regardless of Al clogging things up, regardless of Kemba or anyone else, when Lin gets the ball he looks to make plays, the right pass if it is there, but doesn’t give up the ball hoping others will do the right thing and pass it around. I like when he takes the ball and empowers himself to make the play. And he usually does that later in games, when he’s allowed to be in them recently.

    My stance is empower Lin. He’s more in charge of himself than others. You can agree or not but that’s my stance.

  806. can’t wait for next season. Lin will be free and kemba will go back to being an inefficient chucker without Lin’s sacrifices. it’s gonna be hilarious watching them struggle and wonder why. that guy whom i shall not name will be fired or demoted to dleague coaching

  807. I don’t really blame Kemba, he’s paid to be the man on the Hornets. He had Lin on his heels when he was out beating the Cavs (a feat he never achieved). He’s bound to feel a little intimidated.

    Lin also has the best court vision on the team and is taller.

    I just wish they would let Lin play his game more without Kemba sometimes, that’s when good things happen and Hornets will win more games.

  808. Yes, I’ve realized that too. Pretty transparent.

  809. lol. Interesting. I think Lin was a little off offensively this game but didn’t really get the chance to get into a rhythm either. It happens.

  810. Clifford has decided to go down history as a mediocre coach who enjoys the noxious fumes coming from the bottom of a fabricated star.

    So be it

  811. He was in the group that brought the team back from a 19-pt deficit in the third quarter. After he left the game, the team rapidly fell apart. His departure might not have been the sole reason for that, but certainly a big reason.

  812. Thank you for being there. You always give light to the downtrodden Lin fans. ?

  813. True!

  814. I noticed they blog a lot when Lin is not doing well and criticize his play most of the time. I just amuse myself in taunting them.

  815. It’s probably already been noted but when Lin went out in the 4th Q with about 7 minutes remaining the Hornets were down by 5. The lead quickly went up to 13 which I believe was caused mainly by poor defense on the Maverick’s guards Deron Williams and Felton. Chandler Parsons also went off but it was mainly our defense on their guards that killed us. Jeremy didn’t have a good offensive game but his defense was keeping us in the game. Did anyone else notice this?

  816. Lin’s defense was keeping us in the game. When he went out with 7 minutes left in 4th Q we were down by 5. The lead quickly went up to 13 points. Poor defense on their guards and Chandler Parsons killed us.

  817. Also when Lin left in the 2nd Q the Hornets were down by 11. At the half they were down by 19.

  818. How can Cliff forgot the Cav game with Lin the Elite Point Guard? How Lin brought the team beaten the Number One Eastern conference team with Lebron & Love etc.? Is Lin so useless in Cliff’s mind or being surpressed to bring down Lin’s value?
    There is reason why they did this to Lin!!! MJ is not stupid, Cho is not stupid, Cliff is not stupid n naive!!!!

  819. That is why Lin has the positive effect (+) when he is in the game.

  820. Lin continues to be marginalize further and yet fans want Hornets to go to playoffs? They will not let Lin shine if they do make it. I hope they go on a losing streak and fall out of playoffs because this selfish fake team doesn’t deserve it. Lin should forget about “defense” and just look to shoot every chance he gets. I bet Lin will get the last laugh when Cliff gets fired just like Mchale.

  821. Yes. KW can shoot and get the glory but his defend lost the game! It happens all the time. He can shoot 30 points n gave up 40 points to opponent and that is why he always have (-) negative in the game.

  822. It was quite unusual that Lin missed 3 out 4 FT. Could be a minor wrist injury and hard hit from previous game vs Rox.

  823. If you look at the Net Rating chart Lee had the worst defensive rating by far this game.

  824. I can see that! Lol, gave away PJ n Robert for Cliff’s ex-player Lee, politics over anything else.

  825. I had more or less figured out McHale but Clifford is harder to read.

    For McHale, the sheer embarrassment of cutting Jeremy, only for Jeremy to became the league’s biggest star a few months later, was too much to bear. McHale had to create a delusion to preserve himself. Either he was a racist and incompetent at evaluating talent (and hence not deserving of being a coach) or Jeremy was a flash in the pan.

    He opted to go with the latter and came up with his “ceiling theory” which he repeated over and over again. McHale’s behaviour was always consistent with that belief. So when Jeremy played well, he got more minutes because “Hey what a surprise Jeremy is playing well again today, let’s see how long this can last”.

    With Clifford, I have noticed that he is constantly giving instructions to Lin and also berating him for small mistakes. From the single game I watched live at the arena, I noticed that Clifford does not talk to Batum or Walker and they basically ignore him. Also Khuang made the observation that Batum and Walker are not running Clifford’s offence.

    I think Batum and Walker are untouchable in this organisation and Clifford knows that. He has given up on coaching them.

    So it could be that Clifford sees Jeremy as the only one willing to listen, to try to put some structure into the offence and defence, so he is always getting on Lin’s back. And yet he marginalises Lin. Why?

    Here is where I might be persuaded that Clifford is worse than McHale. Whereas McHale really believed that Jeremy was not as good as Harden and did not deserve to be the main playmaker, Clifford looks like he is just playing politics very insidiously. He is using Jeremy and all the other players to prop up Kemba and Batum. Honestly, for Clifford, between winning now and having a job for the next few years, it is pretty obvious what is more important to Clifford.

    I still think Lin is in a better situation than with the Rockets or Lakers and he will get good offers for next season. But it sure looks like Lin was lied to again.

  826. I wish you would post this on the other site, because there are number of fans who are harping on Lin when he is not satisfying their expectations.

    It is very disheartening to hear some toxic comments from those who advocate that they are Lin fans. I feel the post like yours will help them to be more reasonable and understanding.

  827. Half of them aren’t really Lin fans. They are just there to stir things up, It’s pretty obvious from their statements.

  828. Well Lin only took 3 shots and played 19 minutes. Perhaps, it’s just another no Lin no win game. The others couldn’t control the tempo of the game for a win. Lin hasn’t been given the better situation for his game to bloom.
    Dallas has shown Clifford that they could beat the Hornets convincingly and I believe other teams could follow suit and a new losing streak might have started.

  829. Are you blaming Lin for the stifling circumstances he is in? Blaming the victim? You know well that Lin has no control that he was given low play time and not used properly.

    I also don’t understand why you raised the TOs when Lin had 1 and Kemba had 5 in this game.

    You said your stance is to “empower Lin”, yet you seem to subtly blame and attack Lin. Why don’t you tell Cliff, Cho, even MJ who have the power to do so.

  830. JLin is a strong-minded person. I think he’s better equipped mentally to handle the injustice and disappointment he experienced with his past few teams. He has the love and support of his inner circle of friends and family. He has his faith. There will be times that are tougher than others, but I think he will ultimately overcome them. As his fan and outside observer, I’m just waiting for the next opportunity for JLin to play his game. As for tiger fans and their nit-picking criticisms, I just tune them out or ignore them. I just choose to read the positive and ignore the negative. It doesn’t matter to JLin what a few fans think of his game. Fans come and go.

  831. Thanks for you’re support. It’s so frustrating for all of us to hear it. You and all of us have our doubts as well. A nasty little voice that wants to say the same things but we manage to always keep it in check with whatever positive energy we can muster. It’s already hard enough to not let mainstream doubters and haters get us down, but to come on to a Lin site….a home site where we should feel safe, we get these few posters that continue to bring us down as well is just unbearable.

    I left the other site a long time ago and wouldn’t feel right about intervening there. You’re welcome to copy my comment and paste it there.

  832. LOL ….so true!!!

  833. We all have observed that coach Clifford has been trying to win by marginalizing Lin’s game for his starters. Lin has been given a less and less role for his team to succeed. Coach Carlisle comes to rescue and simply tells coach Clifford in reality his team could not succeed without Lin’s contributions in offense. The rest of the Hornets could compile impressive stats but the team still would lose, not to a contender but just a good team.
    Lin is an indispensable component for the Hornets; perhaps, Carlisle has recognized this more than coach Clifford. This lost to me is good news to Lin fans.

  834. I wanted to agree. But human nature and stubbornness will still prevail. To them, getting stats and getting into playoff are good enough for this team. They won’t aim higher. If so, that will expose KW weakness and exploit Lin strength.

  835. So typical Cliff. Three 20- min games follow one Lin’s blow out game. Jeremy, if you want to stay on the floor, go to the corners and watch KW playing.

  836. Thank you for allowing me to paste your comment on the other site.

    I always appreciate your thoughtful and insightful comments!

  837. Not good news, Great news. This is simple, we’re no Hornets first fans, we’re Lin first Only fans. We move to new team whenever he goes.

  838. Right on money, first year with the Rockets, Lin beat Harden in assists per game stat. That’s how much offense Lin was allowed to run.

  839. I sometimes go over there and challenged them but believe me they are hopeless.

  840. Almost when Lin had good game then next game it’s always bad… He only took 3 shots. What can you expect? Hornets put their own players as top priority since Lin will not stay so….They are building their team chemistry for next season now so I don’t think Lin will be as big part of any game from now on to the end of season unless they are in trouble.

  841. Correct!?

  842. Sounds good to me!

  843. I took this from Joe from the other side. This is great.

    Hornets updated On / Off Stats:

    Entire Game: http://stats.nba.com/team/#!/1

    Q4 only: http://stats.nba.com/team/#!/1

    (LOL, Clifford is going to have to come up with another excuse for why he is playing Courtney Lee over Lin, because Lee’s off court defensive rating, is 95.7 for the entire game, and a stunning 91.1 for the fourth quarter considered separately!)

  844. After Lin left the defense did not get any better and the offense suffered. With the Dallas ‘In Your Face’ defense the Hornets needed another ball handler.

  845. He is not in a better situation at all! He receives more money in rockets and lakers than in hornets. Same marginalization. How can that be better? Same heartache, same receipt, same jealousy. Sigh!

  846. Carlisle out-coached/out-smart Cliff. Instead of adjusting to change up the offense by allowing Lin and/or Daniels to get more involved w/the offense scheme, Cliff stuck in his rigid ways and allowed his preferred players to continue to ice out these players for their own stats. Once Cliff saw the scores were tied, (like always) he immediately took Lin off the floor probably thinking KW/NB/Lee could pull this game through. But Carlisle probably thinking to himself “thank you, Cliff, you remove the defensive juggernaut for me.” W/ Lin on the bench, defense collapsed and Mavs went on the run to win the game.

  847. Absolutely, Carlisle knows Lin well and he thank you.

  848. Stats never matter. been watching games and doing stats for years and none of the actual numbers ever correlate to playing time or trust for players. There are behind the scenes contracts and money and agendas that we know nothing about that dictate who plays and how long. It is entertainment, not a sport.

  849. So true, entertainment. But unfortunately NYK makes a bad business about entertaining its large based clients, indulging a fake star and forsakes a true one.

  850. That’s exactly what’s going on. However, those stats are not intended to use for those insiders behind the scenes but for fans who doubting Lin while praising his teammates.

  851. i think the stats are useful.

  852. Money is relative for 1 year rental, he gets to shape his defense and work on his offense. Just as he’s not worth 25 million on his first contract, he’s worth more this contract, it’ll average out.

  853. Guess who said “That other site is a bunch of whining ….” on jeremylin.net?

    I don’t think this site welcomes a hypocrite that has his (her) hidden agenda posting here and conveniently and constantly bashing jlinportal posters on jeremylin.net. Sometimes I am wondering if that person is related to KW or Cliff, or maybe clutch?

    Of course this is a free forum. One can post his/her opinions freely as long as rules are followed. But this is true Lin fans site, not take-every-chance-to-denounce-Lin-when-Lin-played-bad posting site or Lin-needs-to-step-up or Lin-play-scared or Lin-is-a-scrub or Lin-is-a-backup-PG or every-nba-pg-is-better-than-Lin posting heavens.

    Those at best doubters never understand what is like to be the true loner playing in a black-dominate league with almost everyone against you. GMs, Coaches, fake stars and the gang, refs, hostile fans, tiger fans, agencies and the list goes on. It is easier to say one needs to step up, man up, shoot like hell, disobey coaches, do a Aslik etc. But just look at Lamb now in a doghouse. Lin is smart enough to survive and make the most of it. His is fighting for PT with all he can offer, offense and now defense. He is not giving up or conveniently relinquishing excuses to those behind the marginalization to demote Lin or limit Lin, even though it looks like they are succeeding now. Well, it is business.

    To the hypocrite(s), you can do your high talks all you want at the other site. But if you don’t like our opinions favoring Lin, protecting Lin, acknowledging Lin, fine, please leave.

  854. Supporting this.

  855. Haven’t got a chance to read other post yet, so let me guess, this is towards sws94?

  856. Who? Who bashes linportal.com fans at other Lin fansites?

  857. uh, help, is that just me or what, but the link does not work for me. 🙁

  858. JLin is ranked #4 in the Yahoo The Vertical Guide to Free-Agency: PGs
    There is also a list of 7 teams in need of a starter. Vote which one is the best for JLin

    new thread
    Jeremy Lin is Ranked 4th in Vertical Free Agency Guide for PG

    In a new Yahoo The Vertical guide to free agency: Point Guards, Jeremy Lin is ranked 4th in the available Point Guards.

    4. Jeremy Lin, Charlotte Hornets
    FA age: 27 | Salary: $2.1 million
    Insider info: One of the top point guards coming off the bench this season. Lin has found a nice role with coach Steve Clifford. Player option with non-Bird rights means Charlotte will have a hard time affording him.

    It’s encouraging that the Insider Info emphasizes Jeremy Lin as one of the top PGs coming off the bench this season to validate the opinion that he is a capable starter that chose to come off the bench this season with the Hornets. And the Hornets would have a hard time to afford him, which might explain why the Hornets have given more playing time to Lee than JLin to reduce their dependency on him.

    The article also provides 7 teams in need of a starter and many more teams in need of a backup

    Teams in need of a starter: Brooklyn, Houston, Memphis, New York, Philadelphia, Sacramento, Utah.

    Teams in need of a backup: Brooklyn, Charlotte, Chicago, Cleveland, Detroit, Indiana, LA Clippers, LA Lakers, Memphis, Miami, New Orleans, Philadelphia, Phoenix, Portland, Washington.

    It’s quite clear that Jeremy Lin is a much more effective PG with the ball in his hands but being the 3rd, 4th, 5th choice to set up offense in the Hornets have minimized his strength. Add the fact of no reliable big men who can roll strong to the rim to play PnR, the Hornets backup PG is not a good long-term role for Jeremy Lin.

    The ideal role for Jeremy Lin is a ball-handling PG in a team utilizing a lot of Pick-and-Roll system with bigs who can finish his passes strong at the rim. Out of 7 teams in need of a starter, HOU and NYK were not ideal due to the ball-dominant James Harden and triangle offense that minimize PG role/Melo’s personal dislike of JLin’s presence. The Kings has a dysfunction since they plan to fire George Karl as a coach. So that leaves us with 4 teams (Brooklyn Nets, Memphis Grizzlies, Philadelphia 76ers, Utah Jazz)

    Which teams will offer the best starting PG role to suit JLin’s strength?

    A 7-day Twitter poll is currently ongoing to assess JLin fans’s preference:


  859. A positive article! Thank you for sharing.

  860. You know who, TTNN guessed correctly. Went there to check it’s true.

  861. Yw, yes .. it’s great to see Woj’s Vertical publicize this list because it will influence a lot of public opinion that JLin is #4 PG in this upcoming FA.

    They knew JLin is very capable of starting with impressive 11-game starter stats + a flash of Linsanity as the primary PG but was just hidden in the Hornets.

  862. Lin is smart enough to take the 2nd year opt out. The coming FA, only Conley is competitive enough against Lin in the market.

    Just wait for MDA’s move first (or promoted), I would say.

  863. thanks!

    Wow, impressive. 😉

  864. I believe these stats help us be more positive about Lin. How it affect others has obviously been ineffectual at best. We get attacked from all sides as delusional Lin crazies but when we see these kinds of numbers, it allows us to know that we are the ones seeing reality and it’s the haters that’s delusional.

  865. Thanks for the great work on the stats on feature comment. Always appreciate you’re great work.

  866. Really well said.

  867. This post should keep it as long as it can. No rules I see is breaking here. He didn’t attack anyone specifically and baiting anything. In fact he helps to expose the hypocrite.

  868. You’re not a mod. The question was for the mods.

  869. I’m with you!?

  870. I obvious don’t need you to tell me that. But I need to obvious tell you I don’t need to be a mod to say this.

  871. I should have been more clear. Yes, of course stats verify in our minds that JLin is being unfairly treated. That Linsanity is not a fluke. In fact that is who he is consistently when given the playing time. I started an entire website to gather stats and try to make any of JLin’s treatment have some logic behind it. I continually found he was being used poorly by his teams with NO rhyme or reason for it.

    My statement that stats mean nothing is in regards to trying to use them to make sense of the NBA world. Stats are almost nothing in regards to who is a ‘star’ player. Who gets free reign to play long minutes and be the man’ on a team.

    Morey the supposed statistician guru is a charlatan. If he knows stats he is NOT actually using them to run his team….and furthermore it does not seem to me that any team truly uses them. Players are propped up with smoke and mirrors and stats with no context… PPG means NOTHING without your efficiency and defense numbers. Yet that stat alone is celebrated and award winning stat. go figure?!?

    I used to spend a lot of time gathering stats and I have given up. It does not matter. We know he is a great player. We know he is fully capable of running a team as a starting PG. We know that a team with Jlin at the helm would work as a team, they would make it to playoffs, be a great team to watch and a great team for any player lucky enough to be on it. It is now up to the greater NBA world. sadly I still think there is too much of a push for the Melo’s and Harden’s style of play…and not so much room for JLin’s style of play.

    We often talk about how Jlin would fair well under a SPUR’s type team… think about it… out of the entire NBA the SPURs are an anomaly. That is why Jlin and we as fans suffer so. We all want to watch SPurs style of play. But the Spurs are not representative of the NBA. and until the NBA decides the SPURs style is a money making style there is not going to be a big change.

    UGH. I am feeling sad and down and can hardly watch a game anymore. all the non calls and flagrant foul non call beatings JLin takes make me so angry. It is not healthy for me to watch. Too much anger bad for me. 🙁

  872. It’s a Lin fan site. KHuang is here, a bunch of people I like are here. I think psalm and the mods have a tough job and I’m very appreciative and grateful of all the hard work they’ve done providing and moderating this site. I think there are some basketball fans here with more Lin as a symbol fans and I hope we can coexist.

    I don’t agree with
    1) all of these posts about other posters. I thought we were here to talk about Lin
    2) this stuff about who is a true Lin fan. It’s insulting to constantly say those that have a different take on Lin as a basketball player or his team-mates and coach are not true Lin fans. Wanting the best for him, whatever your POV, makes you a Lin fan. And there will not always be agreement on things.

    Sometimes personalities clash. You aren’t going to love everyone you encounter on the net. That’s life. Best to at least be civil. And follow the guidelines of the board. I don’t always succeed at the former, I think I do the latter.

  873. It’s really hard to stomach the way Lin has been treated for sure. I don’t watch games anymore as well. It’s not worth the aggravation. Hang in there Wu Kong. I’m putting a lot of faith in next year with MDA in Philli. The stars are aligned perfectly IMO. Let’s hope for their reunion and Linsanity 2.0.

  874. Lol, can’t expect homogenized to ever appreciate marginalized.

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