G65 HOU @ CHA Game Thread

Jeremy Lin finally hit 50% 3FGM (2-4) in a 3-7 shooting performance to finish with 8pts/2asts/1reb/2stls in 22 min to help the Hornets win 118-103 over the Pistons. He helped the Hornets extend a 9pt lead to a 16pt lead when he had a chance to be a ball-handling PG in the 4th quarter for 6.5 min

  • Houston Rockets will provide a tough test as they have broken the winning streak of tough Eastern teams (12-wins of Raptors, 6-1 Celtics with other loss to #1 Eastern leading Cavs)
  • Kemba would also need help as Houston held him to 14 points on 3-of-10 shooting in a 102-95 loss Dec. 21. JLin had a good game with 13pts/5asts in 22 min (4-6 FGM) so he would be able to help the Hornets with his scoring ability

Let’s go, JLin! Let’s hope and pray he figures out a way to bounce back strong  in his limited minutes to contribute with his shooting & scoring.

Game link


Guess JLin's stats in Game 66 vs DAL


  1. 1st 🙂
    It has been a while…

  2. 2nd, can’t wait to watch this game. Will feel extreme happy if Lin beat Rockets, Lakers, Knicks.

  3. ding!

  4. Hi JT! How are you?

  5. Jeremy Lin impersonating James Harden for a “Jeremy Lin Fan appreciation” contest in 2013.

  6. I am well, just relaxing watching bball tonight. Hard week. How about you? Hope life is good, and of course JLin keeps up his impact.

  7. Glad to hear that you are well 🙂
    I’ve been busy and haven’t posted much lately. The games are on when I’m at work so it’s hard to keep up live 🙁

  8. Post game interview

  9. Please RT to let Hairsanity Mohawk win over Artest’s Kings hair LOL
    It’s only 5-25 now in Sweet Sixteen round

  10. JLin wants to win the battle of Texas (HOU & DAL) next

  11. Jun Liu Highlights

  12. It’s featured on the previous thread 🙂

  13. haha.. I guess I missed that 🙂
    Been fixing game time for the last 17 games.
    Can’t wait for the playoff

  14. No worries. I thought you would have it up as part of your post game write up.
    I can’t wait for the playoffs too. I hope Jeremy would be given a larger role!

  15. are you claiming both 2nd and 3rd? Greedy! lol.

  16. Lin clutch numbers is strong.
    They’d have no choice to play him more if they want to win in the playoff 🙂

  17. Yup. It could only benefit them to play him and win as many games as they can. Its a win win. Hope they realize that…

  18. I noticed you’ve been missing when I saw your 1st. Weird now I’m forgetting the community, with all the ups and downs. Glad to see you back!

  19. watching pac12 … Go Bears! Close game against Utes. College is so different. Defense for both teams look so tight.

  20. Only 2nd, usually I hold the place frist, then add more comments. ?

  21. Thanks! Good to be back but sad to see the bickering hasn’t stopped much here…
    Anyways, weekends are the only times I can watch the whole game live and participate fully. Glad they are playing HOU tomorrow. I can watch Jeremy crush them… hopefully he plays more than the usual 🙂

  22. Artest has more votes at the moment but wait until this tweet reaches Jeremy’s fans…muhahaha.

  23. Ya! Let’s all RT this one. LOL!

  24. Why do they reverse the picture? Unless Lin is driving a car with the steering wheel on the right side.

  25. Clifford: I may be a Kemba brown-noser, but I’m still the coach!
    Lin: Roger Dodger

  26. heh heh, I might skip the game because I don’t like to watch Harden and Bev play. Maybe I’ll catch it if JLin and team are winning.

  27. Hmmmm is there something going on with this? 76ers promoting JLin? Just make DA coach.

  28. Think it’s the Chinese organizations in Philadelphia promoting discount tickets and a meet & greet. Main Line Chines Culture Center & NAAAP Philadelphia



  29. this going to be the real test for hornets and lin.

  30. Lin is fed up with the BS. he knows what’s up for a while now just as we all do here

  31. Hope the team has some extra gear left for the Rox. Rox had the tougher game against the Celtics.

  32. clifford: i tell jeremy, we’re trying to win games here

  33. Hottest team in the league is the Hornets. They have the longest winning streak. Clifford and Walker getting a lot of love in the media for the moment.

    Except for the pacers, the hornets have not beaten a playoff team recently. Rockets will be a real test tonight. How good is this team? How good are they without Lin? Lin is important, but like Houston, I would not say the team is bad outside of Lin.

  34. Absolutely nothing there. I’ve seen coaches and players go at it and that is absolutely nothing. Cliff went far harder at Al earlier in the season, and PJ and Lamb and Hawes.

  35. They have been playing bad teams thats why
    This team is still without a star although Kemba is getting there

    That Houston team was so stacked they would have destroyed the hornets today

  36. Right now there’s no one I can’t stand anymore than Cliff. With the obvious action last night adding more in the past, showed me he has personal issues with Lin only. I hope lin will play very little tonight or even not playing at all while the Rockets are kicking Clifford and the Hornets ash. Yes I hope the Rockets and Harden to win with lin dnp-cd, that’s how much I hate this horrible human being coach.

    Sit out rest your back pls lin.

  37. Not even close especially lamb.

  38. I listen to a lot of NBA radio on my commute. You will LOVE to hear that analyst repeatedly say Clifford is doing a great job AND Walker is carrying the team.

    They don’t talk about the hornets often but when they do they repeat those talking points.

  39. They are the team pr to get access right to the team locker room. They’re no different to Stephanie Ready.

  40. Psalm, I hope Lin has a good game tonight and takes it to the Rockets.

    For the rest of the season I think two things can happen. Lin’s post-ASB run is delayed and he’ll get it going late in the season on into the playoffs. That would be absolutely terrific.


    Lin’s change of shooting form adjustment will go beyond the season and he’ll continue to struggle. There’s also the very real possibility that his injuries are hampering his play.

    Last night’s game was OK. 2-4 from 3 is 50 percent which is good. He made big plays in 4Q as well defensively and offensively.

  41. I hope he doesnt play at all so his stats wont get affected

  42. From the video, lin reacted frustrating when Cliff bullcheets singling him out.

  43. Me too.

  44. Hornets MJ/Cho/Cliff feed them the talking point/narrative/propaganda to repeat in the media via press/prints/radio/tv, etc. –Image making to the mass. That’s how Rox did too. No surprise there. Those who don’t follow them closely will eat up and believe what they present.

  45. He would get on Lamb a lot. Now he hardly even plays Lamb, I don’t think he played 2nd half last night. And the Al one was very strong and Al yelled back and went on for awhile. And PJ too. He went totally ballistic in one game on PJ and in PJ’s interview, he said Coach yelled at me so I know I had to play better and laughed.

  46. A lot? Pls produce one evidence.

  47. I’m not going to go into the various games to try to find where he yelled at Lamb. The Al one I could probably find but it’s not worth it. Anyway, my opinion was it was not an argument, just a momentary thing he noticed, told Lin and it was over.

  48. This team would be nothing w/o Lin’s help and asse Clifford should be appreciative about that,Lin’s defense and spark of offense that he provides of this team is impeccable.I can’t think of a bench guy other that Iguadala and Ginobli are doing this superb role.If the dual edge fans think that Lin is not providing enough hard nose games to help him get a better situation next year are definitely just a second fiddled fans compared to the fans that really supported him and followed him through out his careers,fans like this are also helping other sport fans think that Lin is not good enough to have a starting PG role.

  49. Al was an argument because he fought back and Cliff never repeat it again. It never happened to lamb the way lin constantly got from Cliff.

  50. Just re-watched the ‘argument’ between Cliff & Lin from last night’s game, my observation: The tension was raised by Cliff. Four assistants w/ surprised look on their face had to come close and stand by to listen attentively. One asst coach had to extend his arm out to put a distance between them to mediate the escalating tension. Lin was also caught by surprise. Being a nice guy, he did not want to embarrass Cliff by nodding or making ‘ok’ gesture, but he knew in his heart that Cliff was wrong, so he later went to refute Cliff’s reasoning or discuss his side of the story to Cliff on the side line. IMO, Cliff was deliberately making Lin look bad to the public. That was uncalled for and he knows it!

  51. That’s basically called a hate rage,Lin just got a 3 points,a steal and a breakaway assist to Lee but opted to lashed his hate rage towards Lin,their team is leading at that time and that TO was not created by Lin alone,bodies didn’t move and nobody did come approach the ball or ran into an open space and besides the lead was more good enough to gain cushion and enough to win the game.BUt to take him out w/ that reasoning due to his good performance is just a big pile of shyt behavior,why not just take him out since Cliff asse coach will do that anyway.

  52. Lynn should take the rest of the season easy and save his body. He’s already proven himself for the next team he will be on. This coach in this organization give him an opportunity to shine but it’s obvious that they are. clamping down

  53. Despite all the good Lin did for the team, Cliff still had to find any excuses to take Lin out and make Lin look bad to the public. This is intentional marginalization = xxxx whatever you want to use there. That was not even a TO, it was just out of bound and Hornets still had possession IIRC. Lin did all he could to retain the possession for the team while playing out of position. This team does not deserve him.

  54. … And for some reason coach Clifford is applying double standard when it comes to publicly yelling and showing anger towards so-called mistakes with Jeremy but not doing the same to any of the other players .

  55. Absolutely,you can smell the Clifford asse hatred w/ in a mile even if you’re wearing an N-95 mask.There is a lot of hate involved on that incident last night.

  56. This game is like girl vs guy. Which one I dislike more?

  57. Lin is amazing. How does he stay centered with this ambiguity? He is suppose to help the team win but not to shine at the same time.

  58. Clifford and Hornets will go back to their losing ways soon enough. And they’ll be scratching their heads wondering what happened

  59. If Lin joined this team next year and he can help them reached the playoff,he can definitely have the chance to be voted for all star and MIP of the year,can’t wait.

  60. I actually wanted Lin to have a great game tonite just to pissed him more.

  61. Refs for tonight. Anybody know anything about these?

    Houston @ Charlotte
    Sean Wright
    Eli Roe
    Kevin Scott


  62. Exactly. Clifford is winning the public opinion because they are winning and the sad thing is Lin is helping them getting those wins.

  63. Couple of months and it’s all over. I knew Clifford was a liar. We must hope in MDA now

  64. Pathetic. Next year they will be trash as usual.

  65. That’s why I’m hoping they will lose from now on.

  66. He is so obvious in his yelling now.

  67. That’s true. Clifford is blatantly obvious in marginalization and unfair treatment to his players. Karma will come and haunt this person.

  68. Yessss. Lin should sit and the hornets can lose for all I care!

  69. Just like the Rox before when Lin was there. They were hot too.

  70. Now that’s scary

  71. I respect JLIN so much for keeping cool with such a fake “tough-guy” like Clifford. Coach Clifford’s
    double standard toward JLIN will ultimately cause him to lose the respect of others on the team. Jeremy should say to FO that his back and ankle are injured (which is true) and sit out the rest of the season… basically telling Clifford and the FO to stuff it.
    If Clifford is so tough why doesn’t he get on Kemba for often just standing around on defense and Batum when he makes all of his passing turn overs? He doesn’t because he kisses up to those two players… it’s too obvious and funny.
    Jeremy, or your peeps, if you are reading this, you have already proven yourself this season for your next team. Save your body and sit out the rest of regular season. Clifford and FO did not live up to their end of the bargain that they promised you prior to joining the team. Let’s see how well they do and if they even make the playoffs without you playing on the floor for the remainder of the season. As much as I’d love to see you play this double standard treatment won’t change until you stand up to them. All you fans support you!

  72. I don’t post much, but I’ve gotta to say it was despicable what Clifford did to Lin yesterday when he yelled at him in front of the home crowd, and his teammates. Clifford almost never yells at his players in public — not for Batum’s careless TO’s, not for Kemba’s defensive lapses, or Lamb’s, etc. So it was a calculated move by Clifford to justify reducing Lin’s minutes — to Lin, his teammates, and fans — especially since Lin has been playing well providing a spark off the bench defensively and in orchestrating the offense when Kemba is on the bench. What Clifford didn’t expect was for Lin to push back. Good for you Jeremy!

    Clifford may not need Lin, a “one-year-rental,” against the weaker teams they have been playing, but come playoff time, the Hornets will need Lin if they are to have any hopes of making it past the first round. And after the playoffs, Lin will say “bye-bye” to despicable Clifford and the Hornets.

  73. And I didn’t see lin made any outrage mistake accept he’s about to put Detroit to sleep.

  74. Need to hear from you more often.

  75. Jeremy is playing excellent in no matter what role Hornets have put him in this season – but they have marginalized his playing time and did not honor what we were told they said about giving him an expanded role and letting him play “his game.” Kudos to Jeremy for putting up with Clifford and FO’s agendas and small-mindedness. Still think he should tell them to go stuff it … don’t play and rest his injuries for the rest of the regular season. That is one way to send a message back to Clifford and the FO and maybe the NBA regarding the double standard that Jeremy has been enduring.

  76. Right. There was no TO by Lin. Hornets retained possession. That’s why blatant double standard by Clifford. When Batum makes a passing TO does Clifford yell at Batum? When Kemba plays straight-legged defense does Clifford yell at Kemba? The answer is “NO.” A coach has every right to yell at a player to correct them if they make a mistake but JLIN’s mistakes are so less frequent as less costly then other players yet JLIN get’s singled out and done in a public way… hmmm.

  77. Sorry, but doesn’t look as bad as everyone here is making out to be. Maybe if I heard Cliff’s tone, but it looks like a coach doing his job.

  78. yes, HOU is playing well now so let’s see Hornets would use Lee or Lin more in this matchup

  79. I think the rotation will be similar to previous games unless the team is down late in the 4th. He may then go to Lin. Just hoping for Lin’s 3s to fall at a good pace. If he hits 2 or 3 and takes 5-6, good enough. Not expecting much different from Clifford on Lin’s usage/minutes (unfortunately).

    It’ll be interesting to see if he goes to Lin if the team is down 10 points with 3 minutes left vs. Lin. I’m not so sure anymore he would. If he doesn’t and he costs him, only then he may learn his lesson of going to Mr. Clutch closer.

  80. Check 2:09 😛

  81. Very appropriate at this point to rest his body. Thank you for breaking it down. Keep it up!

  82. I can’t see any reason for Cliff was on lin face last night except Lin was about to cause this game a blown out which would be harder for cliff to send kw in for no reason.

  83. I agree. It seemed like nothing but a minor disagreement. Lin didn’t look happy but I certainly wouldn’t call it Clifford raging or trying to embarrass Lin.

  84. Cliff is inviting his own karma.

  85. Clinically Linsane

  86. totally agree, that was just normal for in-game convos.

  87. Don’t say that we didn’t warn him.

  88. Watched the part where Cliff scolded at Lin. I think it was right after Lin broke a play where Lin was supposed to bring the ball up to Batum but instead Lin drove in and got trapped and caused Kem’s TO in the end. (borrowed from isay.tw analysis).

    But still, even if Lin broke the play, there was no need for that unless Cliff was losing control of the team and got agitated that everyone was doing their own things (coming from Walker way down to Lamb and Kem). But I am glad Lin pushed back and had some conversation on the sideline with Cliff later.

    Fortunately only 18 games left. Being lied and abused and marginalized, I just hope Lin stay healthy and make the most of what is given.

    Stay strong, Lin. We are with you.

  89. Thank you for sharing this clip. Without the audio, it is hard to know the exchange or the tone of it. Hopefully, the coach was not unreasonably yelling at Lin like many posters said here.

  90. Lin was the PG and he called the play. If it was a bad play so what? Lin didn’t break any play.

  91. Why Lin? Why not Batum, Kemba and a long list of players?

    I can’t wait for next season for the first game Lin with his new team kicking Clifford ash.

  92. 7 is his number, today is his bobblehead day and he’s playing his old team the Rockets? Stars aligning?

  93. No according to Cliff. From here, we see the double standards. And I think Cliff was agitated and frustrated and dump it at Lin. Or he took this to justify taking Lin out late in the game.

  94. That image should be made into a wall poster.

  95. Different uniform yes.

  96. Agree too. Watched it 3 times for perspective. Thank you for sharing what you think.

  97. Cliff did really go at PJ in a game earlier in the season, and it appeared to be worse than what we saw in last nights game so I think some here might be making more of an issue out of this than they should

  98. Everyone got exposed after Jeremy left town: Woodson, JR, Melo, Felton, Harden, Morey, Beverly, McHale, Byron Scott… Next year will be Clifford and Kemba.

  99. Players must be free. They are on court, they have to take decisions, making adjustments. A good coach gives advices but can’t stop the flow ordering his plays.

  100. Nothing wrong with it, NBA politics should be the one condamned ,we will not stop saying that until Lin finds a team which treats him fairly

  101. How about that? Lin is one of the most lovable person in pro-sport history and also the most hated by the enemy of love. Tonight loves as always, overcome hates.

  102. Not in cliff’s world. He micro-coached every play

  103. If make this game perfect, Lin should start and back to the Mohawk hairstyle.

  104. We all thought Hardens had too much Iso. Now we have KW who only Hornets fans thought he was all-star. If so, why would Clifford put him in 4th quarter at Pistons when it was for sure Lin could close the game with big win.

  105. Not just this game DX, it’d make them a hypocrite.

  106. Hahaha. Yelling at Lin with no reason to justify his action as a coach.

  107. Didn’t Clifford know how to rest his big star to compete tonight’s tougher game??? Wait, maybe he treats Lin as a big star and rest him for tonight game?

  108. Should ask Ref Ronnie Nunn for Commissioner Silver email address? Need to send to him as recommended by Ref R.Nunn.

  109. Interviewing Williams right now. Without him this team wouldn’t be where they are while Lin in sitting.

  110. Ronnies is trying to keep the integrity of the NBA if any.

  111. Clifford has helped KW build inflated all-star stats. It will pop sooner or later.

  112. The great thing is Lin has never given up since his his piano career. Lol

  113. Cliff will put Lee to guard Harden but won’t be enough until Lin in for the win.

  114. Let Beasley beast tonight. Don’t really care what happens as long as Lin gets His!

  115. Yes. Inflated alright. It will burst like a bubble.

  116. I think Lin and Cody always play hard on defense and offense, they got hit on the nose a lot. Their noses don’t no look straight and might need some surgery done after retire.

  117. Hope so. But he is a helper for his star.

  118. Well well well. How about Batums 9 to? And Kembas? How come no yelling? Just a smile? And clapping his hands? Smh!

  119. I think sooner, as in April. Playoff opponents will pop that bubble huge time. If it happened to the real Harden, it’ll happen for Harden wannabe too.

  120. noone is posting,did people give up?

  121. on the team ya, but not Lin

  122. As usual, KW passes and plays team ball in 1Q, but when Lin comes in the game w/him, KW avoids passing to Lin.

  123. Jeremy is not in yet

  124. i thought noone is around

  125. Rooting for the rockets

  126. Lin in

  127. 4:48 left in Q1

  128. 22222222222222

  129. 222222

  130. HOU started slow, possibly tired from playing BOS last night & flying in late

  131. Houston leave people wide open

  132. and the lead grows

  133. im surprised they drew a play for Lin which usually never happens

  134. Batum already with 6 asts

  135. Hornets smartly jumped on a sleepy Rockets 26-12

  136. Clifford reaching out

  137. maybe because it is Rockets?

  138. Houston left him wide open which other teams do not. He moves like this every game its just Rox terrible defense

  139. AL passed lol

  140. JLin Garden fans got camera time with their famous signs

  141. I don’t think that was a drawn play for Lin. Lin cuts in so AJ can have option to pass to him. I saw Lin did that many times but rarely got the pass. AJ just did it this time bc he had missed a few before that pass.

  142. That must feel strange

  143. Terry getting physical on Lin

  144. Houston is too tired and they are going to give away the game. Safety first for Lin, keeping healthy is the most important task to night.

  145. Same with Harden on KW

  146. Yes, Rockets just happened to leave JLin while he made the cut.
    Good job by Al to pass it in to Lin

  147. Unnecessary

  148. Terry trying to play tough shoving Lin

  149. Rox trying to be more physical

  150. Wow horrible rebounding

  151. 3333333

  152. 333333333333333333333333333333333333333333

  153. kemba does NOTHING on defense

  154. haha.. Lin challenged Harden’s 3 and he missed

  155. shot looks good

  156. and thats why u dont let Lamb handle the ball

  157. 3333333333333

  158. Whoo hoo

  159. that’s too long dorothy…lol

  160. Let’s go Lin!!! 3333

  161. LAMB and KW do nothing on defense!!!

  162. the interior d is too cramped, that’s why we keep losing the rebound.

  163. A long 3? Haha

  164. hope he made that

  165. Too bad

  166. Jason Terry had always been jealous of Lin. Terry as Mavs purposely tripped Lin during Linsanity run.

  167. Indeed

  168. Lins is doing good on harden

  169. yep harden hasn’t scored on Lin yet

  170. Im very happy to see Lin keep shooting no matter what

  171. bench player Lin 5 pts > super star Harden 0 pts

  172. Lin knows too well how Harden plays

  173. Don’t jinx it man, he might heat up.

  174. Rockets getting SMASHED.

    Good to see Lin with 2 quick buckets. I even like that the last miss was long instead of short.

  175. Go Lin Go Hornets. Rockets are so dirty and jealous to Lin.

  176. yep, I remember one poster here last night even said Harden is super star lol, where is that poster now?

  177. Refs going to change that soon.nba=wwf

  178. I think Rockets would play very hard on Lin. Watch Refs!

  179. Refs not bailing Harden out…for now.

  180. KW was wide open from that last shot but Lin must have felt hot.

  181. Can’t watch the game. Just come here to see how our boy is playing. Sounds like very GOOD!!!!

  182. After what Terry did to Lin, I pray that Lin will break out tonight in Rox/Terry’s face!!!

  183. PBev tripped Lin

  184. We see how Beverley plays defense

  185. Made both

  186. Don’t like Zeller not giving the ball to Lin, makes a cross-court pass to Batum instead.

  187. NBA players seem to hit Lin a lot. It’s all the refs fault for allowing it. They need to clean it up.

  188. Woo-Hoo!!!
    24 straight FTs

  189. Lin 7 > Harden + HArward + Beverley

  190. Good D

  191. Who is guarding JH?


  193. Come on! Can’t even do your job! You’re suppose to trip the other one, not this one!!!

  194. Rox defense eis horrible

  195. the ball moving better now

  196. whoever are defending brewer and terry are not good

  197. LOL Rox left Batum and earlier Lin open under the basket

  198. Lamb does not help

  199. Lead shrinking

  200. Rox score really quickly.

  201. we were up by like 16, but Lamb isn’t defending his man

  202. Alfense shrinking the lead.

    Clifford is clueless.

  203. Lamb? you got no defense bruh

  204. What hairstyle did he do tonight.

  205. Replace Lamb with Daniels.

  206. Instead of letting Lin probe and make plays, Cliff calls every play thus slowing down the flow and easier to read and defend. It’s Cliff’s fault!

  207. Lamb and Al are bad combo for defense

  208. The two shooting guards scoring a ton. Lin is on Bev. Lamb and datum gotta play defense

  209. Lin was defending Harden earlier, now defending Beverly, neither one has scored.

  210. Brewer and Terry are giving us problems. I think that’s Lamb and someone else’s man. Not sure if Al or Batum.

  211. i did not see what was wrong with Lamb last game with only 7 mins play time. Was it the same problem we see today?

  212. Al taken out

  213. Lamb is the laziest player i’ve ever seen on defense

  214. Defenseless Lamb…

  215. So Rox game plan is to play ‘dirty’ against Lin. So far, PBev tripped Lin; Terry shoved Lin. Let’s see who’s next…

  216. Rox has a way of making runs so never celebrate too early.

  217. nice deflection

  218. Steal

  219. good deflection by Lin

  220. Lambs defense is atrocious

  221. lamb again…put your body on and backs out

  222. rebound + defense not as good

  223. Twice his man was wide open in one play

  224. we need Hawes tonight.

  225. who? Terry?

  226. Lamb out. Good

  227. Lamb

  228. refs are giving Lin calls now?

  229. owoww

  230. Batu to slow to gaud a SG. HE is also losing his man

  231. Batum is getting real good at distributing.

  232. It’s the “bobble-head” star call tonight

  233. Batum and Lamb are doing a bad job on their guys

  234. it seems the nba ref office got the memo about Lin’s situation

  235. Put Hans in, he can beat Howard

  236. where the hell is the defense?

  237. Remember the game in HOU? horrible calls.

  238. 2222222222222222

  239. 222222

  240. foul on Dwight?

  241. 9 points!

  242. 2222222222222222222222222222

  243. Batu was too slow to guard a SG

  244. And still in?

  245. Nice turnaround…got the roll. Some confidence coming back.

  246. Lins shooting coming around.

  247. Lin is drawing fouls.

  248. Don’t know why they insist on playing people out of position.

  249. Mostly Lin who plays out of position. Got to make Kemba and Batum look good.

  250. oh yeah, 3 quick bogus fouls on Harden

  251. He hasn’t been the same since the post-CLE benching, but he looks better in the past couple games.

  252. Lin getting calls because Lin fans brought heat to the NBA refs. Everybody was questioning those calls against lin. Good job lin fans

  253. Lin is def specialist – first on Harden, now on Terry (after Lamb/Batum failed to guard him)

  254. Saw the little boy w/ a sign “Jeremy Lin #1 Fan”. He looks like the same one posting turning 7yr. old. So cute!!!

  255. either that or because its Jeremy Lin Bobblehead night!

  256. Power of social media. A platform for the little guys.

  257. Very dedicated fans!

  258. Maybe Ronnie Nunn mentioned it to his buddies? LOL

  259. Hows he doing??

  260. 22222222222222

  261. aggressive + scoring
    plus getting extra “bobble-head” PT in the 2nd quarter

  262. Double figures. That means reduced PT in 2nd half.

  263. 11 points now

  264. SWAG

  265. Thanks!

  266. Lin knew how to score on towering Howard
    Nice floater

  267. Here come the refs…

  268. Thanks! Go jlin go!

  269. i think he was pushed from behind too by brewer

  270. Harden… smh

  271. Ref gave Phantom foul against Lin for Harden to score.

  272. We’ll see

  273. Lets get Ronnie Nunn on the case 😀

  274. wow that’s a foul

  275. not really

  276. Where is the foul?

  277. Lin with a nice move just missed

  278. It was a bump.

  279. Here comes the endless FTs

  280. its not a foul

  281. u know cliff didn’t like that play by Lin

  282. LOL. Harden made some phone calls.

    Lin gets bumped…no call. Harden rams into Al…easy 2 FTs.

  283. Looked a little out of control to me.

  284. Batu came back tho time last game

  285. kinda justified tho

  286. Just a bit

  287. I predict tonight JLin will get 20 min + 10 min extra for JLin “bobble-head”

  288. If he made that it would have been the highlight of the night. Circus shot.

  289. we’re getting killed on the rebounds though

  290. Not really
    Lin was there for the longest

  291. they need to sell more bobble-heads

  292. Lets go beardsanity
    Now is your time to shine!!!

  293. KW has 2 fouls, sit him or not?

  294. Wasn’t called but it’s a block.

  295. he’s not Lin

  296. Lin’s out so Rox will make a run.

  297. Cliff usually sits players in this circumstance…but he’ll probably just instruct Kemba to play even less defense than he normally does

  298. Lin should play a lot this game. Pace fits him perfect

  299. actually might need to

  300. It was 40-21 and Clifford changed everything and went to Alfense. Cut the lead to 9 in a heartbeat.

  301. Lamb just shouldn’t be playing. Batu cant guard smaller player

  302. rox commentator said he misses jeremy lin. said he played well for the rockets

  303. we are probably not going to see Lamb tonight.

  304. And we shouldn’t

  305. Lin should play a lot EVERY game troll, because he’s one of the top 3 best players on this team

  306. Lin in

  307. They bashed him for 3 years…now they’re trying to repair PR damage (China interests).

  308. KW in foul trouble

  309. Which ine?

  310. its the defense that took a hit. Al hurts defense and the pace on offense

  311. Alfense also led to easy transition buckets.

  312. They probably miss just bashing him. Glad he’s out of that hell hole.

  313. i feel like the commentator that just complemented him ( not sure what his name is) always was fair about jlin. it was just clyde and everyone else that bashed lin to no end

  314. im starting to like Batum more now cause he actually passes to Lin unlike the start of the season

  315. But Batum makes bad passes sometimes

  316. Lin assist to batum.

  317. Yep.lot’s of game winning passes to Lin

  318. Hmmm. Not on play by play.

  319. Harden fouled Marvin. 2 fouls

  320. Who is guarding Ariza

  321. Cliff keeps micromanaging from the side line confusing players and slow down the game!!!

  322. i’ve always said Lin and MW are the two best players on the Hornets

  323. foul.woohooo ref good job

  324. keep drawing the fouls!!!!!

  325. Harden 3 fouls

  326. Hit in the face again

  327. 2:27 on the clock assist:

  328. nooooooo, don’t want him get hurt

  329. Made both!

  330. Nice drive by Lin. Harden obviously can’t stay with him.

  331. i guess harden can’t keep up with Lin

  332. Rockets doubled Lin but he still drove and got fouled by Harden.
    2 FTs!

  333. LIN doing some work on harden!

  334. Should keep driving at JH in second half. He will probably get out of the way to prevent more fouls.

  335. nice game so far by Lin

  336. Another hit to the head 🙁

  337. That’s 24 straight FTs by Lin in March!

  338. Do Harden, Melo and Kobe really hate Lin that much?

  339. Other players get hit on the arms/hands. Lin always gets hit on the head.

    This is a, how shall we say, cultural problem.

  340. Yes. It’s a minority of NBA peers who actually like/respect Lin as a colleague.

    Other players are BFFs even with rival team players who trash talk.

  341. The Hit Lin’s head coalition

  342. When they said bobblehead night. They meant the toy not the actual player.

  343. maybe cliffs playing lin cuz its jlin bobblehead day?

  344. 19 lead cut to 5, Rox might have the momentum.

  345. or cause he’s doing well and KW has 2 fouls?

  346. had to cuz KW picked up 2 fouls

  347. Foul problems and lin produced when he was in. Cliff does not care about stuff like bobblehead night

  348. so Lee and Lin have been guarding harden?

  349. lol he always does well and cliff replaces him

  350. Harden never contested any shot at the rim, this must be so much hate and jealous.

  351. true, ur right too.

  352. Probably shocked that they dared call a foul on him in favor of Lin.

  353. Easy to have momentum when you know refs on your side.

  354. Ya he only tries if its Lin’s team lol

  355. Marvin & Lin led the Hornets with 20pts and 13pts in the 1st half.
    They’re the only ones who made FTs with 6-6

  356. I love the underrated Williams.

  357. Listen to Rox feed, wonder what’s going on!!!!

  358. Lin / Lee / Marvin / Batum / Zeller – now that’s a good lineup

  359. Terrific, Lin. Now get to 20 and keep playing great D and it’s a solid game. It’s a solid game already. 20 already for Marv.

  360. cliff is sneaky tho. he will wait for lin to make 1 mistake to pull him. he won’t pull him directly after lin has success. despite all the good things lin does.

  361. Lin with 13 pts, the sum of Kemba and Batum’s total.

  362. I wanna see JH fouls out. Taste of his own medicine.

  363. They have been very fair to Lin except Ms. Ready.

  364. Will start raining frogs any minute now…

  365. + Cody

  366. MW, best player second hand in a row. Good guy.

  367. “2 stooges from Rockets”…Ms. Ready not working for Rockets…unless you know something that I don’t. 😉

  368. Gotta move the ball and let Lin create. Too much Al and Batum holding it for 5-10s without moving. Make or miss, it ruins the flow of the game and lets Houston relax on defense.

  369. Only way to compliment Lin is to bash him in the same tweet. He’s coming off the bench for 20m and 6-8 FGA. And he’s been banged up.

  370. Lins great Ft shooting shows how good his form is. The rest of the court percentage will come in time.

  371. corey brewer and JT going off on Lamb and Batum

  372. Just needs touches, minutes. He’s not a catch-and-shoot guy so that’s the way it’s always gonna be, for better or worse.

  373. Did KW or Batum have bubblehead night this season?

  374. He can be. Once his shooting form settles as it seems to be doing now

  375. How is that bashing him? He has struggled lately. He’s just stating that he’s having a good game after Lin has struggled.

  376. I think so

  377. He’ll probably improve, but as a real PG for 34mpg, he’d probably shoot 38-40% from 3. Every year until this season, his 3pt% went up.

  378. thanks, wonder whether it was a sale out night too. If not, the jealousy will skyrocket

  379. Yep, they said that it was the highest sellout night in a long time.

  380. calvin is actually appreciative with lin’s game ever since

  381. I saw KW one earlier of the season not sure about Batum as I don’t care about them.

  382. WOW! Great news! Saw the really long long line to get JLin bubblehead.

  383. hi Joyce 🙂

  384. he just needs to trust his shooting like Doc said. and, get the h away from kemba and that guy i shall not name

  385. Kemba has zero to do with it. Once his shooting become elite. No one can stop him

  386. has that guy whom i shall not name yell at Lin yet today?

  387. Who’s playing D on Harden and Bev?you know who?Rockets didn’t get the memo about Lin’s D yet

  388. we’ll yell at him

  389. it’s a little weird way to make a point.
    If he said reaching 10pts twice in 5 games (including PHI), it didn’t sound as good

    But we knew Lin didn’t get more PT even when playing well in the PHI and ATL game to give more PT to Lee

  390. Batu cant guard brewer

  391. Not yet, but I did see the turd yelling at a JLin bobblehead in the stands for some reason, dude has some issues

  392. Lol, voda-mouth?

  393. yep, mchale complained Lin’s defense to no end, look who makes their “super star” have 0 FG

  394. DMo gets no respect at all

  395. If JLin doesn’t get 30 minutes this game, Hornets are gonna lose

  396. Zeller’s hands not that good.. he should;ve caught that bounce pass

  397. I don’t get you but I’m really trying to.

  398. Thanks for this tidbit.

  399. sloppy game

  400. 3 pt lead, sad

  401. Seem like Hornets is struggling the game.

  402. Both H’s have 3 fouls, time to attack.

  403. Bev collecting his fouls

  404. lol Harden got away with a double dribble

  405. Hornets doubled on Harden to force him to give up the ball

  406. He gets away with a lot of things…

  407. I don’t like Bonnell and it is poorly worded, but that’s not really bashing Lin.

  408. Bev 4 fouls

  409. What happen to hyper bev. He isn’t doing it no more

  410. Beverley + Harden = 46mins with 5+0 points? Trade both of them for Lin

  411. Bev with 4 fouls. His defense isn’t good.

  412. That is actually bad. You want to keep him on the court.

  413. I don’t know why Lee is still playing?

  414. Bev has been fouling Marv like crazy .. 4 fouls now

  415. isn’t trying to impress anyone anymore. no asian to steal the starting job from

  416. you can’t play like a psychotic headless chicken for more than 20-25 minutes per game, takes too much energy…now that he’s a starter, he has to conserve energy

  417. Yeah. Saw that.

  418. Noticed that. Maybe refs started cracking down on him.

  419. Lin will be in after break

  420. No skills at all hes all hype

  421. Jeremy is so good with kids 🙂

  422. Hornets 7 FTs and 4 from LIN?

  423. That is his defense but the refs typically don’t call them.

  424. Jeremy in

  425. MW is on playing very well

  426. JT don’t like Lin so much

  427. Great D by Lin .. covering Harden but challenged Terry’s drive to make him miss

  428. Jason terry pushing Lin twice now

  429. they are so physical

  430. He’s the new Beverly? Lol

  431. that shrimp needs to learn his place

  432. trying to throw him off his game
    Lin should drive hard at him

  433. He think it will get to Lin. The whole Lin is soft thing

  434. trying to show his loyalty to Harden?

  435. Lin can guard Harden and Terry. Terry is playing dirty on Lin

  436. No don’t need foul.Just play good

  437. the hell? im not even gonna say anything.

  438. But terry so irrelevant I doubt Lin even notices him

  439. Jason shoved Lin again and Ref didn’t call foul on him??? This needs to be in the ‘miss/no foul call’ thread!!!

  440. Yeah, Lin has to learn some Stockton manuevers or something. Terry is acting like a big punk. Lin needs to put a stop to it or tell the ref to watch out for Terry’s punk moves.

  441. he does it cus he knows refs won’t call it

  442. no fouling.. just need to drive hard on offensive end to send a message he’s not intimidated

  443. I don’t think so. He has dealt with this pretty much his whole life.

  444. Cliff not standing up for Lin. Coach has to be on the refs for cheap shots like that.

  445. They do it to players who they think is soft. Like Griffin. Lin should not get mad or even be bothered by it

  446. I wonder if Lin can petition to wear an iron mask. Just show the NBA board all the face hitting videos. Then he can drive drive drive.

  447. They called it the first time. He got away with it that time.

  448. good lineup on the floor except big slow

  449. Lin needs to practice some kung fu this summer. Just for defense.

  450. We need Psycho T to teach Terry a lesson. Don’t mess with my teammate.

  451. Exactly!!! I posted earlier that we’ve seen Terry, Harden intentionally hard foul Lin tonight and waiting to see who’s next….

  452. Lin needs an enforcer, someone like Matt Barnes.

  453. Ouch

  454. Harden Ft marathon be areful

  455. Here come the refs…

  456. Harden FTs make games 40% longer.

  457. Rox playing very physical

  458. Lin has 3 fouls now.. need to be careful with Harden’s tricks

  459. Nonsense, illegal screen. Let Batum guard Harden.

  460. sounds like their last meeting

  461. man they are slapping Lin around

  462. First miss in a while

  463. Rare miss

  464. Second one good

  465. Finally a call.

  466. wow like 3 people after Lin every time he gets it

  467. Breaks a streak of 26 in a row!

  468. Game slowing down and becoming very playoff like.

  469. So much better for Lin without Lamb

  470. JBB knows Lin very well. telling his team to go hard at Lin

  471. Made 1 out of 2 FTs
    Still 25-26 FTs in March

  472. at least refs calling stuff for once

  473. Assist

  474. Crazy assist

  475. I think you jinxed it by mentioning the streak.

  476. Yup bullet pass

  477. Yes all psalms fault lol

  478. Rox playing better defense

  479. 3 point game,is he going to close or not?

  480. Crowd appreciates the hustle.

  481. I don’t think so. Which is why i say we lose

  482. Smart play

  483. Harden the sg as well. I say no

  484. If Lin had the right personnel to work with we’d be up by a lot

  485. Nope CLifford too dumb for that

  486. Been mentioning it since it was 14-14 =)

  487. Good game by Lin so far. Hoping he will be in the closing lineup

  488. Rox coach adjusted well. So i don’t think so

  489. Good comeback!

  490. I think he can still put up #s if he has the org & coach support.

  491. Beverley 0 pts and 1 ast. Best defense player for Rockets?

  492. I don’t know if he will. Solid game. I wish he’d elbow Terry, but Lin doesn’t need to sink to his level.

  493. NBA is in the pocket to make sure Houston is playoff. No LA market already hurt them.

  494. hehe.. I actually didn’t want to tweet it to jinx it LOL

  495. pffft. excuses. lol

  496. even if he wont. great game. wish he hit that last shot.

  497. F Jason Terry.

  498. JT going to get kicked out

  499. Awesome, get into bonus fast

  500. LOL JT hates Troy Daniels more

  501. Throw JET outta the game. Dirty as heck.

  502. Say what you will about Kemba, but he’s has taken over to start this 4th quarter.

  503. Give him a tech!

  504. I think he’ll close due to his controlled game

  505. Ref could of given him 3 tech so far

  506. No , keep him in to rack up more fouls.

  507. Kemba so selfish

  508. Nobody is saying anything

  509. Bad shot by Kemba that fell.

  510. Terry has some anger issues.
    Need to be tested after the game

  511. as long as they go in people cant complain really. But i really hope he does not do that when playoffs come. he is going to be eaten alive if he does that.

  512. ya he might be juicing

  513. Cliff has Lin and Daniels guard Rox guards so KW can get his.

  514. Roid rage

  515. smart strategy

  516. Harden FT time

  517. KW is just wasting chances

  518. pretty much has been his strategy for a while now. probably yelled at Lin for just that the other night

  519. Nice aggressive drive by Lin against Ariza.

  520. I love it when Lin guarded Harden and he missed 3s

  521. 2 more fouls and then bonus

  522. Made both. Let’s get another streak going 🙂

  523. IM telling you man offseason Lin getting his handles ready he’ll be a different player.

  524. savvy play Lin

  525. Learn your lesson, stop mentioning streaks.

  526. Lin 4th foul

  527. It’s ok. I’ll blame psalm. Hehe

  528. BAHAHA are you kidding me ref?

  529. good assist from Lin to KW

  530. 16/4, solid game

  531. Game over Lin and Kemba unit doing well today

  532. 4 assists

  533. I give it to Kemba he also got a great game today.

  534. LINNING!

  535. he meant steak. keep juicy steak coming (at the buffet)

  536. Unselfish Lin.

  537. 3 on 2, that was not right.

  538. I like when both succeed, not just one

  539. I hope daniels take Lambs minutes. His defense will haunt this team

  540. no it was not. but like i said if it went in people wont say anything. when they start missing tho…..

  541. surprised line up LIn, KW, Daniels.. I guest Lamb is done.

  542. They made the run at the right time.

  543. Lin/Troy getting their revenge

  544. but he has been purposely icing our boy through out the season

  545. Lambchops is cooked!

  546. I like Troy better than lamb

  547. agreed, that’s why KW needs to respect Lin as much as Lin respects KW. Good stuff happens when they do.

  548. Lin setting up Kemba for the easy layup. It’d be nice if Kemba did the same for Lin once in a while.

    Oh well. Great game for Lin so far (esp. with his defense).

  549. This run is happening with all bench players plus KW

  550. That was Lins steal of course didnt get it

  551. Terrible, lazy defense. Selfish offense.

  552. hahahah im laughing at this comment dont know why….

  553. Lin 5th foul

  554. They can sell any Lin merchandise. People will swarm to the arena to get them. Instant sell out.

  555. Lin will be out

  556. That was a beautiful fastbreak execution by Lin ..
    Great timing to pass it to Kemba after defenders commited

    Might mean more PT to help Kemba shine

  557. Harden is the hardest guard to defend in the league

  558. swap Lin + AL with Harden + Howard.

  559. haha no way. kemba doesn’t look to pass. he only look to dump the ball when he can’t score it himself first

  560. Refs trying to get Lin outta there.

  561. ??

  562. Ridiculous.

  563. Lin didn’t touch Harden at all

  564. Nope. But Harden flopped and Lin is Asian so automatic FTs.

  565. How did he do?

  566. everyone played well except for Lamb

  567. Garbage time pretty soon

  568. Harden gets the call always

  569. anyone guarding Harden will be in foul trouble eventually.

  570. good

  571. This blind ref disease is viral

  572. He gets those calls on anyone. 10 ft shots a game

  573. Thx

  574. Great game for Lin. He can take the night off — Houston will get DIRTY (they already have) and hammer him.

  575. why isn’t MW still in? Cliff wants KW to be leading scorer?

  576. someone should make a video send to NBA withe no call when Lin got hits hardly AND fouls called on Lin when he did not foul

  577. Refs mess Lin up again but Cliff should have taken Lin off of Harden once he had 4 fouls.

  578. harden most loved by refs
    Lin most hated by refs

  579. The Lin bobblehead campaign worked. Look how many people showed up to the game today. Its jam packed.

  580. Game was over before the Lin 5th foul. His defense has some issue agains harden

  581. But thats everyone

  582. NBA protecting the stats of their “super star” SMH

  583. Sold out tonite

  584. he did well on harden, held him down to 12 pts only.

  585. everyone wants a Lin autographed bobblehead so they can sell it on ebay for $75

  586. He shut him down for the entire 1st half. Bailout calls based on race don’t change that.

  587. Lin should have known Harden better – a big flopper

  588. Harden has a very slick style of play gotta give him that offensivly he is chore for anyone

  589. He did

  590. i agree he should have put Lin on someone else but I guess he only trust Lin on Harden.

  591. Great game by the Hornets. Stick a fork in it. the Rox are done

  592. He is the toughest to guard in the nba as a small player. Cousins is up there

  593. Al Jefferson has 4 fouls now.

  594. Rockets giving up?

  595. 5 fouls on Al. He’s out now.

  596. Uncle Al has a good game with the starter. I hope he moves up to the starting unit.

  597. Clearing bench. White flag.

  598. that would help Lin a bit.

  599. i hope grandpa will

  600. I think lin is taking his time in Charlotte all in stride, because today before the game he was on snapchat and he posted a pick with him vampire makeup with the caption, “why so serious”…LOL

  601. playing Harden tight could only have helped in disrupting his shot tonight. Harden only made 2 FG the whole game. all his other points were from the FT line

  602. Lol, they sold out this game. 19,300 seats sold thanks to Lin’s bobblehead. They only sold out twice this season.

  603. 19,313 in attendance. The bobblehead?

  604. He gets those calls every game

  605. Team Rockets blast off!

  606. sold out game today. Only happened twice this season and yes, I think Lin’s bobble head did it. I mean you can pretty much resell the bobblehead on ebay for like $50-70.

  607. Crushed and burned!

  608. 12 point for Harden. Outstanding job by Lin on a guy that gets superstar foul calls,.

  609. 16p/4a/4r/1s/0TO

  610. and kept Harden to 12 pts even though Lin got 5 fouls.

  611. 20pts w/ 2:46 min left and Cliff still let starters playing in garbage time?

  612. Lin has given Harden and Beverley lessons on offense and Defense.

  613. yep he defended them both well.

  614. only nic now

  615. Once again. That push in the 4th quarter does not happen without Lin. He was real good on both ends of the floor.

  616. Harden 2-14. Was he mainly defended by Lin?

  617. Yep.

  618. Props to Jeremy

    He has maximized his minutes all week

  619. Pictured (L-R): Bev, Harden, Dwight

  620. The higher the Hornets climb the better it is for Lin

  621. would be funny if the third stringers lose the lead

  622. Troy Daniels final revenge.

  623. Harden was 2-14, LOL. Lin did fantastic. Garbage time FTs with a 20pt lead are junk.

  624. I hope daniels get Lamb minutes. Lamb lucky he got that contract


  626. The stretch that broke the game open was when Lin, Daniels were in the game w/ KW.

  627. No even chance for Lamb in garbage time?

  628. ya i dont’ like how Lamb plays, he was good when he was just a catch and shoot like troy. When he handles the ball too much he makes silly mistakes and he also makes the PG useless.

  629. Vote for troy to get Lambs minutes!

  630. I think lin bobblehead scared Rockets

  631. Dude is lucky to be paid. Didn’t really earn that contract and he’s played lazy and selfish ever since.

    Lin has remained a team-player, even while frozen out to statpad Kemba and Batum. Lamb has done what many Lin fans want Lin to do — be “selfish” — and he’s gotten benched for it.

  632. His agent had to have the goods on MJ

    Because no reason

  633. Well at least MJ knows Lin can sell out a stadium.

  634. I like Troy. More of a money player than Lamb. I have no problem with that.

  635. I need to get a lin bobblehead for the memory of defeating Rockets and Harden.

  636. Troy is shorter than Lamb, Cliff likes height

  637. How sweet it is. Bye bye rockettes.

  638. the bobblehead got into Rockets players’ heads too.,

  639. Fantastic game for Lin. Had to deal with Harden, got Terry trying to act like a thug and didn’t throw him off one bit, got to the hole, made a tough floater on Dwight, didn’t turn the ball over, had beautiful assists, was active on D and O, just solid, solid game. Refs were calling phantom fouls on him and Cliff left him too long on flopper Harden, but Harden held to 12 by mostly Lin guarding him.

  640. Dustin Phifer ‏@DustinPhifer

    Hornets beat the Rockets 125-109 in front of a sellout crowd at the Hive. 7 wins in a row and now 37-28 on the season.

  641. I’m going to do something I’ve not done in a long time and go to the cesspool Clutchfans to read their moping tonight. What can you say now about Lin, “Clutch”? Happy that he had a strong game against them. Trying to bully him just made him tougher even if the refs tried to take him out of the game.

  642. mini highlights

  643. clutchfans don’t understand basketball at all. see’s stars as gods

  644. Heat and Raptors overtime

  645. Miss your posts. Try to post more often.

  646. Wait, Beverley didn’t score in 29 minutes? Wow. And who did he shut down? Himself?

  647. i read a comment that said we should have kept Lin lol

  648. Guilty as charged. I’ve been there already. I never post there and never will but games like this I can’t help but lurk. The meltdown is glorious.

  649. yes and picked up fouls fast

  650. Smart move by our boy

  651. 🙂 Good to know.

  652. LOL

  653. dwight: why you do me like that, daawg. thought we were pals.. i taught you how to move the chocolate shoulders

  654. Veteran winning smart play.

  655. Yea …i know. Still shouldn’t bite on some of hs fakes. Lee also did a good job on him

  656. Oh good, can’t wait to read it!

  657. Ha ha, now they realize it. He was by far the best PG they had playing next to Harden. How’d Lawson work out for them?

  658. i like THIS Stephanie a lot better

  659. Stephanie is the woman!

  660. given but not EARNED

  661. Hopefully, Lin got some rhythm back tonight (and last night).

    He’s the 5th option on the team now, so he should just stay healthy and have a clutch playoff run (in limited time/touches).

    Hopefully MDA gets a job somewhere, or if he doesn’t, Lin should try Brooklyn. Marks is a Spurs guy and will probably bring in a modern, teamball coach regardless (Ettore Messina?).

  662. OUt of all the teams so far, i despise rox the most… nice game jlin… and nice that hornets won…

  663. Mostly Lin. Lee a bit.

  664. it was mainly Lin who disrupted harden tonight. this guy whom i shall not name is always watering down Lin’s accomplishments

  665. would it kill him to just give jlin the credit when the credit is his?

  666. Lin had the same amount of PT as Lee, I hope this trend continues.

  667. I agree. Should have said mainly Lin.

  668. well at least he named Jeremy Lin first.

  669. I think he did

  670. no, he watered it down as your son’s voltaire mentions above…

  671. i can see why a coach would want to include other players to boost their confidence but would it hurt to say ‘mainly Lin’?

  672. I think Beverly’s been exposed. Opponents have figured out his game on D

  673. I can’t believe we’re on a 7 win streak though. I know most of the teams we played were crap. Only today’s game was a bit challenging and required everyone to play well. MW did really well.

  674. Clifford knows it was Lin and that was why he kept Lin in until 5 pfs.

  675. He should have. Lin’s D and whole game was great. I’ll listen to Clifford later but I’m enjoying the meltdown at clutchfans.

  676. I confess- I Lurked. The Lin thread in NBA dish is really quiet because the usual suspects are speechless

  677. I’d rather see Lin get benched/limited minutes for 5 fouls than when Cliff sits him out because “it’s time”

  678. These NBA “stars” are so dumb… all you have to do is align yourself at least publicly with JLin and you’ll be beloved around the world. Instead, they act like they don’t want him around.

  679. except Lamb is the one who already got the money

  680. I don’t think so. harden was 0-3 before Lin came in. Its the team as a whole that held harden down. Lin did very good of course as well. Lee did great as well

  681. true, ride the wave or get wiped out by it. So many teams that Lin was on that could have had it all. I’m talking about sold out games, every game. Revenue going up like crazy. But nope, once Lin leaves, you’ll see the same thing that happened to Knicks, Rockets, Lakers.

  682. Nice.

  683. Don’t forget that JH is the first and second option and JL is the non option.

  684. I’m proud to be a fan of Jeremy Lin.

  685. and the reason they were 12 and 0 was mostly because of Lin defending them.

  686. It’s tough. Wade has a move that almost all good defenders bite on. I think Clifford should have had Lee or Batum on Harden once Lin got his 4th foul.

  687. Hopefully Utah, Denver or Sacramento will get into playoffs so Rox will be pushed out. We’ll see.

  688. Yes it was posted before the game:-)

  689. Lee was on him first and did a good job, but Lin was mostly on Harden and kept him 2-12. Lin also drew Harden’s 3rd foul in the first half.

  690. Lin defended Harden when it counted most. Lee benefited when the game was already broke open.

  691. lol MW and Lin swap faces?

  692. Wish i had a chart to see the shot count on vs each defender. Cliff did say Lin first which wasn’t by mistake

  693. Hardens average about 30pts/game. Now people know Lin can beat him on the both ends.

  694. Anyone have the shot chart for harden vs Lin/lee

  695. ya Lin also did a great job on Beverley. Kept him at 0 pts.

  696. now that’s ridiculous!

  697. Bev Kinda sucks at shooting but can get hot so yea he stuff all his muscle lay ups bev love so much

  698. When Lin sticks to harden, he can easily deny Harden the ball. I think that was one thing Harden was frustrated with.

  699. Lee is a better defender than Haiston, but Lin is a better defender than Lee. i don’t think that guy whom i shall not name wanted to acknowledge Lin being a better defender than Lee, which would give him zero excuse to marginalize Lin

  700. I think AL played better than Howard tonight.

  701. with less minutes than either one.

  702. Harden’s fouled by Lin was a joke.

  703. Last time Harden elbowed Lin’s face (and ref charged LIN with a foul)

  704. Clifford has tried to make Kemba become Harden – take a a lot of shots, improve scoring, make to all-star. But he needs someone to play like Beverley who has to focus covering Harden’s defense, and cover KW’s weak defense (weaker than Harden). Here is the list for the role – MKG/LEE/LIN.

  705. Hope NBA will review and fine Terry dirty elbow.

  706. The list of names who had hard fouled Lin and got away w/ no Flagrant foul call– Kobe, Melo, Harden, Terry, WorldPeace, Kidd, Hollins, Jordan…. who’s next?

  707. You can be called foul just to get in Harden space not contact.

  708. 3 of the 5 fouls were ticky tack. Lin gets those types of fouls not called 4 out of 5 times if not more.

  709. Terry must have heard so much about Lin in Houston so he got jealous and irritated.

  710. Ahhhh…. what a satisfying win… and lin played well too so icing on the cake.

    i hope lin stays. i hope batum, marv, and lee stay as well. i hope all three take less money and they take over the east with team ball. i even hope big al realizes he’s old, slow and fat and therefore not many teams will want him. he can resign for a few mill and abuse second units.

    cho needs to get rid of lamb. this dude is dumb and has no hustle. also zeller is a joke. he needs to go. all hustle and heart but no skill, no strength. homer fans make excuses for both of these losers way too often.

    kemba is legit. im happy for him. with the all star game in cha next year, no doubt he finally makes it.

  711. Terry played dirty against Lin since Linsanity days. He tripped Lin in the game where Kidd pulled Lin’s hair/head backward IIRC. Jeffrey stood up for Lin that time, I’d never forget that. Lin got along w/ Jeffrey.

  712. or he tries to kiss up Harden, just look at PBev, he is like Harden’s puppy, without Harden he would not start

  713. Lin might stay in Charlotte, about .00001%.

  714. That too. He tried to prove he’s a big puppy.

  715. JJ is a good dude. Took Lin under his wing like a big bro. He was genuinely happy for Lin when Linsanity happened.

  716. And Harden’s hard foul on Lin’s head. Good to see that Al had a serious conversation with Harden after the foul.

  717. AJ did that for Lin. I didn’t get to see that. Happy to hear. Thank you AJ.

  718. did they even have enough bobbleheads for everyone waiting in line?

  719. Note the photo of infinite wisdom, lol. Explains everything.

  720. I also think Charlotte is a better team for Lin, better than all his previous team. The question is, he will play behind Kemba and never reaches his full potential if he stays. And he will be 28 next season.

  721. Only first 7500 fans. That’s why Line were long….

  722. Why are you here with a BS picture????

  723. The only reason Lin would stay is because Charlotte is playoff contender now from being a team that wasn’t. And Lin was part of it all. Also, Lin would require a much better salary and needs to be played like he was today. You could tell the team wanted to involve Lin today. Especially that pass from Al to a cutting Lin. But the previous games, he was statue of Linberty. Lin needs that consistent role where he can cut and score and also make nice passes like the one to Al in the 4th qtr. This isn’t about Lin starting over Kemba or even being a starter (although I do think Lin could play side by side with KW cause that’s usually when KW gets hot. KW gets hot when Lin is on the court with him). I think Lin fans would be pleased if Cliff knew how to utilized Lin in the 2nd unit and give him a chance to playmake/score. However, the chance of Lin staying is slim now. I think the damage has been done. Cliff designated too many players who are taking a piece of Lin’s PG role and that’s the main reason Lin has been iced out. I’m just really tired of seeing Lamb trying to play PG now too. Batum is already taking a big slice of Lin’s PG role, but there are more players who want to take it too.

  724. The power of Lin and his fans

  725. More like .00001% x infinity.

  726. and free stuff 😛

  727. nope

  728. r u serious? i posted regularly early in the season. then he got marginalized and there was no point posting anymore. now it’s playoff time.

  729. i think it’s meant as sarcasm.. infinite wisdom and byron scott doesn’t exactly go hand in hand

  730. i’m willing to bet my house on it but no one would cover my bet!

  731. The house always wins, lol

  732. Neither does the comment, lol

  733. You have to be a Lin fan to want to collect one or just want to sell on eBay to make a profit

  734. waitsaecond,.. InfiniteWisdom’s been awhile for awhile… the “InfiniteWisdom” is supposed to be mocking Byron Scott…(hence the picture…)

  735. or a Charlotte fan who wants to add one to their collection but once they find out its worth $50-90, they might sell it

  736. i disagree. unless they offer him less than MLE i think he enjoys this team. everyone is cool and there isnt a lot of ego. sure kemba and batum are number 1 and 2 but cliff has finally woken up over playing lamb and PJ when mkg returned. cliff knows what he’s doing. what’s holding lin back is the lack of a pnr big. cody, al, hawes, frank are all garbage going to the rim. pair lin with a pnr big and both him and kemba would go nuts driving in all game

  737. i’d flag him just for saying “kemba is legit” lol

  738. Lmao

  739. thanks! u remember me and get the joke!

  740. JJ took JLin under his wing even before Linsanity broke…On their roadtrips, he invited him to dinners with his group when JLin was just new to d Knicks

  741. doubt it. Lin is a smart guy and he knows he’s being heavily marginalized. plus, he knows the team would be much better if that guy whom i shall not name wasn’t so politically driven

  742. A true Lin fan won’t sell it!

  743. But I feel his comment is more in line with the picture than with the joke. Plus, never liked his previous posts anyway

  744. Charlotte has fans? JK

  745. true he is being marginalized these past games except today. He had very few touches. Also he is not even a backup PG. He plays more like a backup SG.

  746. what team wouldnt marginalize him? the best role for him is 6th man. the only place that would be better is NY but we all know that aint happening. tonight was perfect in terms of minutes: kemba and batum 30+, lee and lin 25+. lamb? spot minutes. troy? spot minutes.

  747. too much wisdom…

  748. Zellar would be good if he was stronger and had a jump shot. Thanks for your perspective.

  749. Tonight’s game vs Rox, Cliff played Daniels instead of Lamb. Lamb is in the doghouse?

  750. those are BIG ifs… zeller sucks. period. total bust.

  751. Lamb didn’t look good at all. He was disruptive and running his own plays.

  752. he’s BEEN in the dog house. only delusional uconn homers will still think he has “upside”. athletically he is beyond gifted but there aint nothing between the ears. cant play d and doesnt hustle at all… dood LOVES handling the ball and shooting though… lol. 7 mil down the drain. there’s a reason he fizzled out of okc. reggie took his spot, got overpaid max by det, all the while lamb was given up on.

  753. I like his mobility. He is sometimes very productive in tandem with Batum.

  754. I will only let Jeremy Lin stay with the Hornets next season if they win a championship ring this season. If they don’t win one, he needs to leave Charlotte this off season.

  755. batum sets him up perfectly (when he isnt throwng the ball away on home run passes). imagine if we had ed davis? he’d do everything zeller did this year and then some… cho tried to get rid of him but portland wanted vonleh. a bust is a bust. time for the hornets to cut their losses and find a defensive minded big who can at least finish thru marginal contact…

  756. Lamb is certainly overpaid with the little utilization of mins he’s been given
    Lin is going to get paid next year Has to opt out and test the open market

  757. and only if Lin is the main guy cus they ain’t winning nothing if he isn’t

  758. going forward cliff needs to be smart with the rotations. lee is longer and shoots better, but lin is more dynamic. he passes, gets to the rim and gets fouls. lee is more steady. makes the right play and wont force anything. there is little to any drop off defensively between the 2. some games he may have to play lee more, other times, give lin a chance. in the playoffs when teams load up on kemba, this will force batum and lee into roles that which they may not be comfortable in: playmaking. batum is a home run hitter. when it goes right it’s brilliant, when it goes wrong it’s boneheaded. lin is the X factor. the guy you dont really pay attention to but will be THE difference maker. as much as the rocket fans talk about the 1 or 2 bad plays, lin saved that portland series. this year, i expect the same to happen. his play will dictate if they win the series or not. kemba and batum and lee will do what they always do, but it wont be enough. lin will take over when “nobody expects it” but WE all know and we arent surprised not if but WHEN it happens…

  759. You’re dreaming. Lin made mistake and he won’t repeat it.

  760. Yep. I hope Clifford understands Lin is the IT factor, X factor, whatever you want to call it. And he’s a winner. Has a way of making the big play. Especially in the clutch. And you are right. When will he do it? that’s the fun of watching. And you know it is when as it happens.

  761. assuming every one stays:

    PG: kemba, lin
    SG: batum, lee, lin, troy
    SF: mkg, batum, lee,
    PF: marv, frank
    C: free agent, big al

    gone: zeller, lamb

    this is a LEGIT team. GSW/spurs of the east… if they miraculously land horford, game over nba…

  762. I think he played Daniels maybe bc he was from Rox too…. Lamb only played preseason games for Rox….

  763. Wow, I did not pay attention until you mentioned it. We’ll find out soon but I doubt that, this might just be a message to Lamb that my name is Cliff and I’m in charge here.

  764. Lol, how things changed since preseason. Had they knew or they could cancel the order, this promotion might had been cancelled.

  765. Pete already saw who’s the marketing magnet and planned ahead since the China trip… He has been using Lin for advertisement to generate buzz for Hornets. Once Lin leaves what will he do?

  766. It’s beyond me why you’d think Lin should stay given how he’s been treated already. What games were you watching?

    There is absolutely no upside to Lin staying. He’d be better signing a similar contract with anyone else. Lin has a chance to reunite with MDA. That’s where he’ll get his best shot at starting and building a winning team there.

  767. Sorry Heart but he (marketing) thought Lin would be having the same respect he had in China games. Lucky for them, Lin’s fans are loyalty no matter.

  768. ^ This right here; Rockets going home with a big L, and on top of that it happened on a JLin bobble head night. I guess all my prayers were answered.

  769. Rockets announcers tried soooo hard not to talk crap about JLin. They swallowed their own throwup when they had to praise Lin for his plays. XD

  770. Yep. Pete found out today Lin’s fan loyalty. At the same time, Pete is on the business side and had already planned this product since the China trip. But FO/Cliff changed their direction on Lin after preseason. So they’re stuck w/the stock and had to get rid of them before Lin leaves. Tonight, Cliff allowed Lin to play more to fulfill fan craze of what was advertised and bc he needed Lin’s skills to win this game too. After Lin leaves, Pete will find out he has an ideal marketing tool for ‘cash machine’ that was let go…IMO.

  771. Side note: Lin, Lee, Lamb, Daniels were all former Rox guards. Lamb and Batum were drafted by Rox. Lin and Daniels were undrafted.

  772. “There’s your Harvard degree at work”

  773. anybody who thinks lin would willingly go to the sixers is delusional. even if they stop tanking, they wont contend for years. they have to develop their lottery picks to make it enticing enough for free agents to sign there. ditto for the nets. they have no picks and will suck for years to come. the crazy russian owner sold their immediate future for garnett and pierce. the only place that makes sense is NY. but melo and dolan must be willing to let lin and porzingod run the show, so basically never gonna happen…

  774. You impressed before but this time even better.

  775. Batum? Oh! Rox didn’t want them both…. Lamb & Batum.

  776. Thanks.

  777. well thats not going to happen.

  778. I was interested to see how Lin and Lee would fare with guarding Harden tonight.

    Both defended Harden very well. And each played 26 min and contributed in a different way:
    – Lin had 16pts/4a/4r/1s with 4-9 FGM, 1-2 3FGM with 7-8 FTs drawing multiple fouls to put the Rockets in the foul penalty sooner
    – Lee had 12pts/1a/2r with 5-9 FGM, 2-4 3FGM

    I’m curious to see if Lin will get 25+ min after the Bobblehead Night promotion.
    Lin’s ability to draw fouls should separate himself from Lee when the game is close in the playoff.
    It applies pressure by putting teams in the foul penalty sooner and not be as aggressive on defense since players don’t want to foul out.

    I expect Lin will still get 20-23 mpg until playoff starts when he can play 27-30 mpg.

    I really like JLin’s decision to run fastbreak and assist Kemba for the layup + exchanged high-five afterwards.
    If Lin can feed Kemba more, he should get more chances to close out games.

  779. I think we can all see Clifford 1st option is to win with Batum/Kemba as playmakers + Lee’s 3 and defense
    Only if they lack playmaking & scoring, JLin would play more or to close games.

    I’d like to see how this plan works out vs Cavs/Spurs

    Somehow I don’t think Cliff realizes Lin’s X-Factor to facilitate ball movement + ability to draw early fouls to soften the opponents’ defense

  780. The same way Lin made the Knicks great with neither Melo or Stat? Whose delusional now! MDA and Lin will turn the Sixers around and will make the playoffs in 1-2 years.

    You are the one that’s delusional to believe that Clifford will even allow Lin to touch the ball in the playoffs. You’re faith in Kmeba and Clifford is as infinately messed up as Mchale was in taking Lin out with .6 seconds left against Portland. So dream on that they will all of a sudden want to win more than they did all season.

    Besides that is that Kemba will gaged so bad that he’ll put the team down before Lin even gets on the floor. They’d be lucky to win one game.

  781. Interesting bench expression GIF

  782. A little girl with her Lin’s Bobble-doll GIF

  783. Cute kid with Lin’s Mohawk voted as Best Dressed tonight

  784. Deep….real deep!

  785. @Loveforlife0323
    @JLin7, Congrats for huge team win & you played just awesome!! ?? Keep up your good work & stay strong!! ✊?#HOUatCHA

  786. I am late as usual. so busy these days. I am so happy for our boy. Keep up the good work Lin. Always rooting and supporting you. 🙂

  787. The tweeter is trying to find a link. He basically said Lin asked Terry if he was good right at the point that it was happening and Lin never said a bad word about Terry. Also, the whole team was on Terry at one point when he kept going aggressive on Lin.

  788. JLin’s tweet to celebrate the 7th win-streak over his old team, Rockets

    ??????? #BuzzCity #7inarow #weregoingstreaking

  789. it has been a roller coaster ride..

  790. thanks!

  791. Well worth the wait..:-)

  792. So am I 🙂

  793. Amen.

  794. Rockets’ 3 stooges so glad we don’t have to deal with them anymore.

  795. And dont forget the black jersey…lol

  796. Lin finally having a decent shooting night even with limited minutes 25min? (starters should average 35+min) Hope he can continue shooting even better for the remaining season. I will continue to watch only have highlights. Recent games have been so sad that even highlights were frustrating and not worth watching.

  797. Then I must be one of those “delusional UCONN homers”.

    I love Lamb’s game.

    I wish he got more minutes. He has earned the right to play more.

  798. Keep on supporting him.

  799. Lamb played well enough to convince Cho to give him a contract extension. He sure fooled management. Else he would have ended up like PJ Hairston. His numbers were only slightly better than PJ.

  800. LOL Championship? Hornets? Not even in lalaland.

  801. Nah Lamb’s been in the doghouse even since he’s signed the big 3 year contract. Which is really dumb on Cliff and Hornets’ part. Feel sorry for Lamb who is an even better scorer than Kemba with both having poor defense.

  802. I don’t think it’s that. I think Kemba doesn’t like Lamb so Daniels gets to play, another Harden and Rockets in the making.

  803. What ever happened to all the mediocre teammates who Lin made look like stars and got big contracts during Knicks, Linsanity winning streak without Melo or Amare?! Calling Lin’s fans delusional and having a profile with BS’s photo, you’re obviously a hater!

  804. Notice AJ have been passing to Lin more these few games which is nice to see. Maybe he’s returning the favor after all the great passes Lin has given him this season.

  805. JLin’s interview with Stephanie Ready:

  806. Thank you!

  807. Old rumor just resurfaced

    Rumor: Thunder traded James Harden because he partied too much during 2012 NBA Finals http://wp.me/p14QT0-3ePz via @basketballtalk


  808. @IC316
    Dwight Howard be like: Don’t do that to me bro, I’m chocolate shoulders remember?

  809. Can this be featured? Every Lin fan should listen to this. Says a lot about his mindset right now.

  810. You guys noticed that Lamb played only 8 minutes in Detroit game and did not play at all in the 2nd half? He played less than 8 min. today and did not play in the 2nd half. Usually Cliff’s substitution pattern is very predictable and works like clock. So this seems to be Cliff’s new pattern of using Lamb, not playing in the 2nd half. We will see. I like it though. Lamb loves to handle the ball and takes a way already very little PG time from Lin. With the 2nd unit, when Lamb got the defensive rebound or something, the ball never came back to Lin. Usually the result of the play was not good. Lin is better with Batum or Lee, even Troy, when he finally gets to PG.

  811. Honestly I am still watching games (at least the parts when Jeremy is playing) and rooting for Lin. I know the marginalisation can be depressing and the politics is too much to bear. Still, I remind myself that Jeremy can only do the best with what he can control. He is a consummate professional and is still working hard and contributing to wins. Just watching his game, even with all the limitations, gives me some joy.

    Also, I already paid for NBA league pass, so I might as well use it. Haha (silly reason I know).

  812. anyone noticed how before this game, clifford has been yelling at Lin more and more but didn’t do it in this game and actually allowed Lin to play decent minutes? i think it’s because Lin didn’t take the yelling sitting down in the previous game. coaches seem to pick on players who are pushovers. i’m glad Lin stood his ground

    i’ve also noticed that AL has been passing the ball more often in this game. probably more in this game than ever before. not sure what’s up but i like it

  813. ok, Steph doesn’t win it only if JLin can have it. I’m in.

  814. lol!

  815. v bummed I missed the game … buddies dinner. Thx for the posts – can’t wait until the long highlights.

  816. Great booger-action too

  817. If it also happens in next game, then I say yes, otherwise, i would think it is because there are many Asians at the game due to the bubblehead and Cliff did not want to look bad

  818. Agreed with that…Seemed like Clifford wasn’t on board with the signing of Lamb…..and this bring the question of whether the guy who signed Lin talked to Clifford before giving Lamb that contract.

    My guess is they wanted to lock in Lamb since he was going to be a free agent after this year..they couldn’t afford to let an asset that they traded for to get away for nothing…even after signing Lamb, he’s still a valuable asset that can be traded for draft pick or a player that fits them better.

  819. Lamb had a few bad stretches defensively. Troy made some winning plays as well. Lamb didn’t even get in during garbage time.

  820. Lin took off quickly on this shot, and left Dwight on his heels.

  821. Keep it up heart. I’m with you. You’re the best!

  822. I guess! Now they are looking at an inflated bubble for a star. Good for them!

  823. “I will only …” Like you really matter?

  824. He won’t recognize that psalm. If we recognized it even if we are not coaches, why did he chose not to recognized it? Clifford knows Lins value but personal ambitions and political mindset marred his personality at this point. As an assistant to mchale before, he now become a full blooded hated mchale copycat! Worse than I ever imagined. Lin, please stay away from this kind of people. Pray that you will!?

  825. Trust me, with Kemba and Clifford, you really believe they will win a championship? Smh!

  826. True dat!

  827. It’s not Lins team in the first place, low minutes, criticized and pulled out if he makes mistakes, you think this is the formula to win a championship? Clifford and Kemba are just lucky they are playing against 6 weak teams at home. Clifford was able to use Lin as Kembas manservant, sorry but I have to vent my frustrations with this coach. I can’t even look at his face and listen to him.

  828. Haha. It’s a cluster you-know-what over at the Houston fansite. Eating lots of turd sandwiches over there.

  829. Houston tried to switch everything on Defense. Lazy guys didn’t want to fight through all the screens. Several times Marvin ended up on Bev, backed him down and shot over him.

  830. This game was so fun to watch, I’m going to rewind it on League Pass.

  831. We don’t know what Clifford is yelling at Lin for.

    I know that when I’m performing professionally in a high energy situation, I usually yell simply because I’m super intense. In fact, the happier I am with a teammate the louder I yell and the angrier I look!

    Lin always stands his ground when coaches go beyond their limits. It’s part of why he always ends up playing despite coaches trying to DNP CD him.

    Al Jefferson has learned how to play with and off Lin. I wrote before the season that Jefferson would eventually score easily off Lin and even defend well too. I felt that Jefferson would be an asset, not a hindrance. So far Jefferson has been the most problem free and consistent big man Lin has ever played with.

  832. Lamb doesn’t play enough to get into rhythm.

    Like Nick Young who never passed to Lin, Lamb is a SG who scores so well that he SHOULDN’T pass back to Lin. Besides it’s not as if Lamb hogs playmaking opportunities away from Lin.

    The bench with Lin and Lamb is totally lethal to opponents.

  833. How many Houston players did Lin give hugs to after the game? I don’t think any.

  834. https://youtu.be/28SwTPmqQ1Y
    JUN LIU highlights

  835. Horford wouldn’t help – too small.

    Now if the Hornets got Hassan Whiteside, THAT would be a major jolt in a good way.

  836. Ready at post game interview said Hornets as a team is so unselfish and Lin agreed adding that it reminds him of his high school team no money no fame to play for, also said this team moves the ball so much..etc What do you think?
    I understand Lin never said any bad things about his current team, coach nor teammates. Even when Kobe bullied Lin on a daily basis Lin did not leak a thing back then. Do you think Lin is telling the truth or being PC or comparatively Hornets move the ball more than his previous teams?

  837. My guess he was more talking about this game. Indeed it was the best team effort with the time I watched (all time when JLin was in and a little here and there when he was out) throughout this season. What I meant was that no one really iced JLin out and the ball did move more esp the time when JLin was playing.

  838. To the sceptics – did you notice that Lin closed out the 2Q and Kemba was on the bench? Nic was playing matador defense at the end of the 1H too.

  839. Some of the minutes increase was situational. KW picked up his 2nd foul with a few minutes left in the 2nd quarter so Clifford wisely sat him, hence the reason why JLin’s minutes were up around 25. Also I’m guessing with the way Lin was playing Clifford wouldn’t have pulled him in the 4th when he did but the 5th foul kind of forced his hand

  840. I don’t agree that he was just talking about this game when he referred to the team being unselfish. Later on, he was asked about the atmosphere in this game and he responded a bit to that more specifically but he was talking broadly about the team in the first instance. He also spontaneously compared the Hornets to his hs team. If he was just being pc, he could have just said ” yeah, we like each other in this team” or something as benign and left it at that. And yet he decided to expound on his own volition.

    But I’ve always believed he’s relatively happy with the Hornets – coach, teammates and all – so that’s my obvious bias. So long as others recognize their own biases, then it’s all good. It’s just really nice to see Jeremy smile.

  841. Nada. Or at least not seen on TV. Somebody else said Dmo said hello to him before the game began but no hugs after.

  842. I’ve been noticing that and alerting fans here that has been Cliff’s pattern for KW. Lin would do the hard work to maintain or extend the lead, then KW would re-enter the game. KW does not have the pressure of playing from behind when the scores are in the deficit.

  843. C’mon, Kemba was key in that 4th quarter warp speed boost that won the game there.

  844. Lin was on the floor w/him to draw defense. KW did well in focusing on his shooting. That’s ok. I’m just saying he’s been playing w/o having to be under pressure.

  845. Lin is just being nice. As always. Sometimes we forgot that iso Kemba is there before the asg. Now, it’s all about going into the playoffs so they have to move the ball and at least Clifford is lucky to play all these games at home to solidify their position. I just hope and pray that Lin will not be swayed and be deceived again by this team and mostly by this coach. Just because this team is winning, we don’t forget how he is being treated. That’s what happened in the Rox before when they are in their glory. Harden seems like a god to them. Now it’s Kemba. Sigh!

  846. They want to win this game badly. Clifford wants to win this game. Again, he is using Lin and we as fans are happy with the scraps that Clifford is throwing to Lin. Sorry but for now it’s just going through the motions for me. Like after this season, Clifford can stay with Kemba with this team for all I care as long as Lin will be out of here fast!

  847. Heart, we are not skeptics and we are not blind with what’s happening in this organization. We support Lin in our own way. We might be negative with this team but we are always positive with Lin. We have faith in him and we believe that there’s Linsanity 2. That can never happen in this team with Kemba and Clifford around. As Lin fans, we shouldn’t be content with scrappy minutes and role. He deserves more than that!

  848. Lin has not said bad things but he’s sent some pretty loud messages before. Here’s a sample:


  849. 2 fouls.

  850. What do you mean by hard work? There is only one ball and not everyone needs to score. But everyone needs to defend, hustle, know their role. In economics there is a term called marginal utility. It applies to team sports as well. You do not like Lin’s role and you’re casting blame on the coach, teammates and the org. Coach sits Lin with two fouls in the first half and he does the same with Kemba. But you can’t seem to bring yourself to give Cliff any credit when he is trying to be consistent.

  851. It sure is and they sure are!

  852. Exactly my point. Cliff was consistent.

  853. I noticed it for sure. Lamb’s PT is meager these days. Lamb can play extremely well with Lin. Lamb just wants to do as much as possible, now, possibly because he gets few minutes.

  854. Problem with Lamb is when he brings the ball up an tries to run the offense. That’s not his game.

  855. He must have met with Terry afterwards. Even though they were never teammates.

  856. You were right. Big Al certainly had Lin’s back – see him jawing with Harden after that foul to Lin’s head.

  857. I think so too.

  858. DM is Lin’s good friend. I also think they probably did contact Lin off TV….. Like D12….

  859. His shots are falling ,his shots are falling!!!!!!

  860. Terry was trying to get into Lin and Daniels’ heads. It must have been from the Kobe handbook. Lin gave him a smirk, like “whatever, old man” and Daniels also said something back. And then the two stole the ball from Howard and off to the races they went. Then Daniels dropped a three on them off a broken play. Loving it. Seeing some many more great plays the second time around watching the game.

  861. I’ve seen lin closed in 4Q too. So what changed for his role? Nothing.

  862. Lamb is not really a bad player but it seems he just want to play for himself,if he will just play on his zone not doing anything else he really can help this team.

  863. Terry trying to play as a tough guy but it didn’t work,Lin and Daniel are cold blooded players ,he should have learned in the past that the more you challenged Lin the more competitive he will become.

  864. What’s the special event/occasion of the other game which drew >19000 attendance?

  865. Chinese New Year? I jest. Idk. But Pete Guelli might tell us if we ask nicely.

  866. Bobble heads bobble heads

  867. Lin get benched whether or not he get 2 fouls. Kemba is different for Cliff because he wanted him to be available in the whole second half. Cliff protected kemba not to pickup unnecessary 3rd foul in just final 2 min of the half.

  868. Is it Lin’s go away party?IDK…lol

  869. What happened in previous game between cliff and Lin?

  870. Remember Jerry Tarkashian (I think that’s the spelling), the coach that used to eat his towel? That’s what Lin looks like here.

  871. Today we celebrated the Hornet’s win over Rockets, but I have also have to celebrate Lee Se-dot’s win over AlphaGo, a temporary victory of human ingenuity and perseverance over machine, at least postpone the coming of Terminator.

  872. Lamb is a ball hog who wants to play just about every position other than the post. Mostly he thinks he’s a PG. He doesn’t run the plays well and often looks confused. He thinks basketball is an one-on-one game. He plays horrible defense if any at all. Other than that he’s ok.

  873. He’s gonna have to figure it out soon or Daniels will eat his mins.

  874. Exactly. The last game you could hear Cliff at the back shouting at either Kemba or Lin to come and get the ball every time Lamb touched it.

  875. Wow….a nice S/O ….thos lucky kids…

  876. Wow I didn’t notice that.

  877. This highlight showed Jason Terry pushed Lin from behind at least 3 times.

    After “a little shove in the back”, the female commentator said “unfortunately he is used to get banged up” (at 1:05-1:25). So it is not just Lin fans who have noticed that! What disgusts us is that Lin does not always get foul calls.

  878. I would like to know is this the first sold out regular season game ever for the Hornets in a long time?

  879. Would not surprise if the Alphago programmers decided to recompile a lesser version of Alphago to give Lee Se-dol a chance to avoid abject and total humiliation – this is Asia after-all where we don’t like the West’s penchant for having your opponent “lose face”.
    The glaring error at the 79th move by the computer was out of character.

  880. Dell Curry only CHA commentator who speaks freely and unregulated of JLIN’s skills/abilities.
    Stephanie Ready (other color commentator) and Eric Collins only speak of JLIN taking hard fouls and other trite platitudes e.g. “well-liked by coaching staff” & “solid job”.
    Dell Curry, “…VALUABLE guy, whether you have backup that can play both positions; he can START, fill-in if a guy goes down. He’s RELENTLESS at attacking the rim.” (emphasis mine)
    Since the Lebron game, can’t recall a single substantive, positive comment from Collins & Ready.
    Add on the reduced, arrhythmic playing time… campaign to lower JLIN’s profile in full swing.

  881. IMO, Lin pays it forward by what he says. It’s almost a meme to try to influence his teammates to try to live up to what he says.

  882. Thanks God we have one. Colin is a p by p so he’s ok with lin most of the time.

  883. It is the 11th sold out this season

  884. sold out? Wow! Hornets sure loves Lin. W his low salary but bring in so much on & off court value for MJ.

  885. That is also what I suspected

  886. Thanks Dorothy

  887. I’m surprised they had a record 11 sold out games last year.

    Pete Guelli

    Tonight’s game is 11th sell out of the season. Ties @TWCArena record set last season. Thank you Buzz City!


  888. Was that Terry scheming with JHarden to assault JLin in the game?

  889. Yep, I feel because of Stephen Curry, Dell Curry does not have to buy into any of the Hornets FO politics bs

  890. Eric Collins is fair to Lin also. He would praise Lin whenever he made a shot. Stephanie Ready on the other hand would credit other players for setting up Lin’s shots.

  891. Who is the female commentator?

  892. The girl at the 8:47 starring at Lin..seemed like she was dreaming kissing Lin..she had googly eyes on Lin.

  893. Apparently you’re not getting the gist of my points. You can go ahead and give credits to whom you feel deserve. I’ll do the same. I do not shy away from giving people credits when credit is due to them. I’d love to recognize people for their goodness. However, my first concern is Lin on this team. I’ll speak up when I see something is out of place from my perspective.

  894. Thank you. You’re on point.

  895. Nah, I think she tried to read what Lin is saying to the ref.

  896. CHA could have a much higher ranking if Clff would only give Lin 30 mins consistently.

  897. Really?…I always thought that Lamb needed to go quicker when he rebounded the ball..He usually would simply walk it up court instead of trying to fast break.

    Clifford wants whoever rebound the ball to run up-court with it..that exclude the big men..but any guard that rebound should look to push it….that would usually let a quick PG like Lin to leak out and run while hoping to receive a pass for easy 2 point.

    Problem is Lamb never tries to run quick..and I believe this is one of the reason Clifford gets frustrated with Lamb..Unless you are running with it, might as well pass it to the real PG to run the plays.

  898. Was Terry on the Rockets when Lin and Daniel was in Houston?..I don’t remember him there although I wasn’t following Lin that closely.

    My guess is it was in their gameplan to get physical with Lin and push him around…Problem is they gave up too many free throws and Lin hits them at a 80% clip..Risky move to get too physical with Lin.

  899. It’s nice to imagine people liking JLin.

  900. refresh to enjoy the moment.

  901. I missed yesterdays nice win for Lin, and just noticed Al arguing for JLin and that was nice to see. Also seemed like he had a word with Terry. No highlights during the game winning run first of Q4. Did Lin play a good role on that run besides his dish off Daniels steal to KW, and his 2FTs? Nice day for us all.

  902. Too late Lin came out at 07:07 in the 4th. This was 4:00 in the 4th. Terry probably complaining about why the Rockets suck.

  903. Noticed that Lin who wears #7 and on yesterday on his Bobble-Head game the team wins #7 in their winning streak. And his stats 16/4/4 relate mathematically. Numbers can be cool!!

  904. for a little while, Collins will emphasis on “first time Lin touch the ball”, is kind of funny. I remember there was a game that Lin was in and have like a good 2-3 min not even touch the ball, so it is funny to hear Collins say that, he always have some interesting little things to say, and kind of funny.

  905. Ye olde giveth and goeth. Al to Lin. #HOUatCHA


  906. Yeah, i observed that too. Seemed like al j actually said something on behalf of jlin. Has that ever happened before by a teammate (other than his cool knick teammates like Jeffries)…

  907. I think it was googly eyes… lol

  908. Dell good in my book. The stephanie person not so much.

  909. Collins has mentioned the hits to the head multiple times. He can’t outright criticize the refs.

    Curry I imagine is on good terms with Lin since Lin and steph curry are friends.

    I don’t know why ready doesn’t compliment Lin more. She is very ra ra cheering on hornets and Lin is a hornet?

  910. Im glad when he came in, he didnt greet any rox players and just left after game.

  911. I just got thru watching the replay of the game. I wish Lin scored more than 3 points in the 2nd half but I’m glad the Rockets got smacked. This was a fun game to watch. Maybe the Hornets will make some noise in the playoffs. The Hornets should have no problem keeping a playoff spot with their easy schedule for the rest of the season

  912. @manu77728
    Jeremy Lin can tie career best 8-game winning streak next game vs. Mavs. He had 8 in 2013-14 & 7 in Linsanity era.

  913. No, I think TJ came after Lin left.

  914. Lots of AJ JLin moments … very nice as told by highlights! I’m not gonna complain about AJ anymore, his post dominance and all. It’s ok to me, he looks like a good teammate.

  915. ESPN’s BPI Playoff Odds

    Charlotte playoff chances increased today to 99.4 from 96.5 previously

    Chances of winning the NBA Championship has doubled from 0.1 to 0.2


  916. Good in my book!

  917. So dumb!

  918. I think they’re pretty much a lock for the playoffs barring significant injury on key players. I always thought they’d only stay till the first round, but I’m beginning to dream of the second round now. It will be the first time Lin will make it that far if they do. He’d love that.

    One step at a time I guess. Wait and see.

  919. Lamb was playing great with 20+ points during Bench Force 1 before Cliff left him in the doghouse after he signed the contract. Feel sorry for the guy cause he’s much more athletic and a great 3 pointer shooter. Maybe Kemba feels threatened by him so he’s benched.

  920. Need IND to beat ATL to create some breathing room. ATL is only 1/2 game behind the Hornets.

  921. No idea the cause of his bench. Personally I don’t like Lamb when he plays PG in offense and his no existence of defense. I like Daniels better as he doesn’t force any play and does better in all areas than Lamb.

  922. Just counting this One Game alone I say this season with the Hornets is Well Worth It! And it’s really nice to see what the Hornets did – Lin’s bobble head doll =) !! Like I said from the beginning this Hornets team CAN be in Top 4 or even Top 2 in the East. We don’t have to put others down to bring JL7’s value up. This is KW & NB’s breakout year (thanks in part to our JL7’s contagious happiness as in NY days). Lin pushed KW – Now, that’s a fact!! Because there’s competition then comes higher expectation. I root for JL7 therefore I root for the Hornets as a team. I want JL7’s teammates to do well because they are truly enjoying each other. JL7 is the X-factor. People can believe it or not – it doesn’t matter.

  923. Believe in the Hornets. Let’s get a W for every game from now on.

  924. she seems showing that what Jeremy was saying to the ref was so informative and if she’s a part of the conversation, her action speaks that the ref should listen while the other fellow at the back was saying..yeah i got it too!


  925. Hornets with the League best 7 active winning streak are going to play Dallas with the League worse 5 game losing streak.

  926. The Hornets are tied with the San Antonio Spurs and Warriors with the best record in the NBA over the past 15 games at 13-2.

    The Hornets have won more games since March 1 (seven) than the Mavs have won since Feb. 1 (five)

    Read more here: http://www.star-telegram.com/sports/nba/dallas-mavericks/article65844187.html#storylink=cpy

  927. I thought Lamb playing PG was Cliff’s order just like Roberts because isn’t Lamb’s normal position SG?

  928. 2nd round will happen only if Lin gets his, they will lose if Walker plays like he does now. Won’t be surprised if Walker disappears just like Harden in playoffs and Lin takes over.

  929. Hornets remaining of games:
    Game 66 14 March vs Dallas
    Game 67 16 March vs Orlando
    Game 68 17 March vs Miami (Away)
    Game 69 19 March vs Denver
    Game 70 21 March vs San Antonio
    Game 71 22 March vs Brooklyn (Away)
    Game 72 25 March vs Detroit (Away)
    Game 73 26 March vs Milwaukee (Away)
    Game 74 29 March vs Philadelphia (Away)
    Game 75 1 April vs Philadelphia
    Game 76 3 April vs Cleveland (Away)
    Game 77 5 April vs Toronto (Away)
    Game 78 6 April vs New York (Away)
    Game 79 8 April vs Brooklyn
    Game 80 10 April vs Washington (Away)
    Game 81 11 April vs Boston (Away)
    Game 82 13 April vs Orlando

    From the remaining schedule of 17 games, Hornets only has 7 home games. Among the teams, only Dallas, Miami, San Antonio, Cleveland, Toronto are currently in playoffs bound, these are the teams that require everyone to play teamball in order to win. The rest is winnable if Hornets play decent but not too heroic games. However, since most of them are away games, who know what might happen in their home fronts. Interest to see the end result.

  930. Who knows but I dislike to watch the game when he plays pg. The game is unwatchable!!!!!!!!!!

  931. Hope it’s no big deal that we’ve made of it… Still, underneath it all, I do want Lin to improve and continue to get better at his craft. If it takes a coach to yell at him in order to push him then… I don’t know. I will take CCliff over Scott and McHale a hundred times. As PG, JL7 is only behind KW. Cliff knows KW. KW is the franchise player. No story. Lin was not the hero in his previous teams either. However, Lin is being respected by the Hornets.

  932. If they can obtain 4th seed and start the first series with home court advantage that would give them their best chance at 2nd round. MIA has got to lose though. Perhaps Charlotte will have to do it themselves 3/17 when they play them.

  933. I think Hornets just tried to get their own players for team chemistry…..since Lin will not stay for next season so….His playing time will be around 20 min + or – ….

  934. Should be an And 1….body checked

  935. After all star break, Lee join the team, and both Jeremys got impacted in both playing time and touches. Lamb got hit the most. And both of them were had much less touches, and thus less points

    In addition to Lee, Marvin don’t have changes in play time, but got almost a 20% more touches, and we see a spike in points. Kemba on the other hand, is playing at a higher level, more efficient, with more pts/game without increase touches.

    Both Batum and Kemba also had a slight increase of PT, and their PT both would impact on Lin’s PT and touches.

    We all like last game how it went, but I’m not sure whether that’s because it was Lin’s Bubble head game, or because it was against Lin’s previous team. The way Lin got increased touches and on ball time just looks unreal to me. Especially that associated with decreased touches and on ball time on Lee/Batum and Kemba, that makes it even less likely to stay that way.

    So far in this season, Lin had never had consecutive two games with more than 4 min on ball time yet. Let’s see how it goes on Monday game.

  936. Lee is not their own player, and Lamb is. So ……

  937. They gave up 2 2nd round picks for him. Don’t think just for this season. They maybe like him next to Kemba since he will not outshine Kemba. Also no need the ball in his hand.

    Lamb already signed the contract so no need to worry he will not stay….

  938. Thanks for the info and typing it up.

  939. No worries. I just want to look at the schedule more closely and see the possibilities:-)

  940. My guess Lin’s playing time will stay the same like now just hope he will get more min in playoff.

  941. Lin’s post game interview talking about Jason Terry’s shoves. Link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3GlTcHdRC3o&sns=tw

  942. Great work!!!

  943. He is expiring, and Hornets don’t have control of him next season. Lee could walk.

    Next season, when MKG come back, where is Lee’s position is question. Also Lamb had 7M contract, that’s too expensive for 3rd liner SG.

  944. I noticed DHoward was more gentle or less physical w/ Lin in this game. At mark 0:44, when Lin fell and was lying on the floor under the basket w/ bodies crowding over and around him, DHoward actually tried to avoid stepping on Lin when he fell over Lin. Thanks Dwight.

  945. Troy got a shove that should have been a technical. He literally grabbed him and threw him.

  946. Maybe my guess that Hornets will be a top 4 team in the EC is right.

  947. Yep. JTerry got away w/ being thrown out in this game, three times w/ intentional shoves.

  948. I agree with you.

  949. In the post game video vs Rox, Lin said his mohawk hairdo is dead since he’s growing out his hair.

  950. Not that confidence as Miami has a pretty easy schedule as well. They have more home games than away games.

  951. It’s easier schedule than other playoff teams. I think the Hornets go far in playoff as long don’t meet Cavs in the 1st round which looks very likely

  952. I love your tracking this, bro!

  953. You mean they won’t meet Cavs first round?

  954. and he stood there an took it like a man when Lin threw the ball at his ‘waist’ lol. near end of 3rd quarter, highlights.

  955. They won’t. Cavs are a lock at top seed and it’s unlikely Hornets will fall to 8th from here on end. I think the Hornets will end up 4th at best case and 7th at worst.

    Still a lot of basketball to play though so you’ll never know.

  956. The crowd ate it up. Very lintertaining

  957. Very likely Hornets will not meet Cavs in the first round is what I meant. They have easier schedule than the other teams fighting for playoff spot

  958. Just saw the Jun Liu highlight vid.
    1. Gramps Terry, has no stake in this, but decides to be a thug on Lin/Daniels (did a pathetic job of it). It backfired because it made him look like old fool. With all the money he has, he still can’t buy class.

    2. I loved that Big Al is barking at Harden for the above the shoulder foul on JLin.

  959. Here is a stat that I texted to Khuang. He as me to post it. In the
    Hornets- Rockets game Harden and Beverley played a combined 62 minutes
    and scored a total of 12 points. Lin played 25 minutes and scored 16
    points. Harden and Beverley’s +- was -32 and Lin’s was +8. How quickly
    history may come back to haunt people. Daniels and Lamb, former
    Rockets, probably enjoyed this game very much. It’s too bad McHale was
    not there for the celebration.

  960. There’s quite some disappointment and anger here with jeremy’s situation but if hornet finish in the 4 to 5th position after the regular season, it would be the best for any of jeremy’s team isn’t it? I don’t recall houston finishing higher during Jeremy’s time there.

  961. Morey got duped… lol

  962. Houston I think was 4th seed his second year there. But they didn’t go past the first round.

  963. Dwight has never been a dirty player. He plays hard but clean. Terry, on the other hand is a punk. He seems to me to one of those jealous types of Lin’s success. I am sure he is tired of the Lin comparisons since joining the Rockets., but that has nothing to do with Lin, but rather the Rox fanbase. Bev got exposed for his defense, or should I say hand checking.

  964. probably hated the fact that it’s JLin bobblehead night, too. lol

  965. From the usual suspects. This is supposed to be a positive Lin site, but some have to learn that one can support Lin without tearing down others and it’s ok to criticise Lin since his play is not perfect. I agree that the better the team does, the better Jeremy will be perceived around the league. That can only help him max his offers next year.

  966. They tried to do a Terry bobblehead but the head kept falling off.

  967. Oh ok. I tjought they finished 6th but there’s a chance hornets may finish third. All the best to them.

  968. Not sure but iirc they were 4th and Portland was 5th when they faced each other in the playoffs.

  969. Lin is getting his numbers despite of his playing time and his situation,he doesn’t owe it to anyone because he absolutely earned it to himself,even w/ the situation he has on this team he will get paid next season.He accepted his contract knowing that he can show more what he can do to prove that he belong in NBA and that he can compete.If you think that Hornets is helping him because they are in the 4th seed right now,then you’re wrong.Hornets is on this place because Lin help them a lot to win a lot of games considering his situation on this team.

  970. Are you questioning the integrity of this site?

  971. wow they gave props to Lee on Harden but not Lin. They must be fazing Lin out.

  972. That begs to question WHY? What purpose did it serve the team when they have Lamb long term already and Lin as well. To me that’s what stinks. They got a lesser talent to make sure Lin doesn’t shine IMO.

  973. And EC is more competitive this season. A few losses and u can be out the playoffs. It’s been like that all season.

  974. that time Lin contested Dwight’s rebound and bounced the ball off the glass.

  975. I expect them to make playoffs but limp in when KW and Batum start choking. This will happen if Clifford doesn’t increase Lin’s minutes. I fully expect they will try to make it there with little help from Lin.

  976. wait how does 16/4/4 relate mathematically?

  977. I’m calling it that they’ll just squeak in 8th as they gag their way for the last 7 games.

  978. If you haven’t follow Lin on Snap chat here’s the link. He’s posting 3-4 short vids everyday..

  979. Bc they want to keep Lee. In fact, no need to click for this article.

  980. I keep reminding people that Lin is a nobody on this team. Lee and PJ were nobodies and they start before Lin! It boils my blood that some people want Lin to resign with this team. Anyone that thinks Lin will actually get any recognition for helping them into playoffs need to read this bias article. It’s Houston media all over again, they don’t slam Lin but Lin is not even mentioned for any help he’s given to this team. No matter how much money they’ve made off of Lin, they be like Dolan and think Lin should be thankful for being a part of any team playing for peanuts.

    Dream in that hope that Lin will “lead” this team in playoffs. He’d be lucky to play 25 minutes I one game…the only game they’ll win.

  981. that i don’t understand. why are they afraid to say what is supposed to say and give only props to other but vigilant on shying away re: Jlin? if its because JLIn will opt out, i don’t think it matters, but if its to make JLIN value Low, then it is a reason to do that.

  982. so much for the “batum need not to guard star players thats why an SG for hornets” , but what changes do happen in hornets that he can now play SF than SG?

  983. I don’t think it’s bc they want to make Lin’s value low… more like they want to hype up Lee’s value… Hornets is always high on the players they want to keep & also lots of freedom on court for them. Batum for one. Now Lee & MW. They knew Lin will not stay.

  984. Kemba was in foul trouble in the 1st half and did not close out the second quarter. That along with the fact that the last 2 minutes of the fourth quarter were ‘garbage time’ explain his decrease in touches. Lin benefited from Kemba’s foul trouble and he closed out the first half. Without Kemba playing beside him he was the main facilitator so his touches increased.

    Lamb only played 7:48 in the entire game. He was replaced by Troy Daniels. Lamb usually takes away a lot of Lin’s touches because he’s a ball hog and like to bring the ball down. Troy on the other hand would pass the ball back to Lin if there’s no shot.

    Rockets was double-teaming Big Al last night. Al normally doesn’t kick the ball out to the perimeter but he did last night. That helps in Lin’s touches and the first two points were a result of that.

    Lin’s increase in touches last night was more incidental than design.

  985. Afraid to tick off Kemba’s gang, it’s LA w/ Kobe all over again. Any positive rhetoric will touch Kemba’s raw nerve of insecurity, cut open first by Jeremy’s 35 pts vs. Toronto, and bared completely after he beat LeBron’s Cavs (something Kemba has yet to do in his entire career).

    Any praise to Lin is like throwing salt on Kemba’s wound.

  986. Yep. Everyone has a valid point. It’s a little of everything. On court post game interview (vs Rox), KW only credited Troy Daniels, a bench player, but no mentions of Lin.

  987. Kemba’s AFRAID of the superior PG in Lin, who has the catfish effect on him. (Or more fittingly, the crocodile effect!)

  988. Do not give click

  989. Ya! That’s what I said…. No need to click it. smh!

  990. I think so w Kemba. He’s more & more like Harden in Rox.

  991. Does not matter how stats show, Charlotte media just gave all the credit guarding Harden to Lee without mention a word of Lin, this shows what FO wants people who did not watch game to believe, and some people want Lin to stay at Hornets. SHM

  992. So, you’re saying that Jeremy’s the vector zero for the Hardenitis virus? LOL

  993. Not at all. Where did you get that from?

  994. And remember Lin said it is the loudest game he ever played in this arena? And they do not care how fans feel, they still would not give any credit to Lin even it is Lin’s bobblehead night. FO politics much

    I really give Lin a lot of credit for never bad mouth this team FO and can still give his best every time when his number is called

  995. Cliff will not let Lin takes over even if KW disappears because Hornets are just happy to make to the playoff, they know Lin is not coming back and want everyone to forget about Lin

  996. thas why the props..they like Lee because it compliments KW and Batum than Jlin who outshine the THREE!!!!!

  997. so might as well delete the post because it doesn’t help but rather it aggravates the situation?

  998. can’t blame kemba, i’d be afraid of Lin if i was him, too. bigger, stronger, faster, better defender, better floor general. the only thing kemba has right now over Lin is his scoring and i’d doubt that would even be the case if Lin wasn’t marginalized so badly

  999. I think it is fair to say FO and Cliff know Lin will not come back next season. Now I am curious what makes them think so. Because they know they ill treat Lin, they know Lin did not get what he was promised or they know Lin is better then what they are paying him? My question is if they are not knowingly guilty in how Lin is treated, used or paid why are they lack of confidence that Lin is not coming back?

  1000. Haha, I say no, leave it there so that some delusional people will understand how Lin is treated by FO and stop telling us Lin is treated better than any previous teams. Yes. They may not criticize Lin like Houston or Lakers but they are not fair to Lin either. The bias FO trying to portray about Lin is the same.
    Btw, it is not being negative, it is just states the truth. I never feel it is wrong to pint out the negative about the politics, NBA. Referees , teams, other teammates. We are here to support Lin. Anything unfair to Lin we should speak out. After all this is a Lin fan site, the only negative posts I can not stand is the unfair negative about Lin. 🙂

  1001. maybe they won’t have cap space? Maybe they can not afford?

  1002. It’s written by Rick Bonnell who is a questionable reporter at the best of times but in small town Charlotte, is probably the best connected. He mostly follows football and college basketball. I’m not even sure he was at the game.

    My guess is he surmised that it was Lee who covered Harden because Lee started at SG. He’s just lazy. I mean the coach himself named Lin first. Rick didn’t even bother to check. In other words this may or may not be a conspiracy and my guess is it’s just some badly written piece by the only credible paper in town.

  1003. If team values a player , it will find cap space and money for him. We already learned the lesson this year. When a team is not willing to spend cap space or money on a player that says a lot about how they value that player.

  1004. Of course I can, for Kemba’s supposed to be the LEADER of his TEAM. The leader is supposed to help his team develop and maximize its efficiency, rather than only care about one’s own stats and the team’s record be damned. The leader may also not have to be the strongest, but must have a big heart and not be plagued by own jealousy. I’m not criticizing Kemba as just another player, as he is called the co-captain and therefore is expected to act and behave as such.

  1005. i agree..hornets used the no cap space with JLIN regarding paying him out because they don’t want to sign him for a longer period and pay him what is due him.

    team value player and they give that player his value if they like the player…on this case, JLIN was never a part of their long term!

  1006. Well, but it was Lin’s bobblehead night and one of the 11 only sold out night for Hornets. To not mention Lin at all when he did contribute hugely to the win, I am afraid ignorance of the writer may not be the true reason behind it.

  1007. I don’t think Lin will be back even if Horners devalue him now. I think it is more that FO trying to wean Lin from the fans so that FO will not get blamed for not getting Lin back. Can you imagine what any team has to face when it let go a fan beloved player? Just look at Knicks. Of course Lin is not as popular at Hoenets as he was at NYC, but he is still one of the most popular players.

  1008. DHoward is still friends with Lin after all (youtube vid), and yes Dwight’s never been a dirty player always clean blocks.

  1009. Lin’s getting better with that turn around mid range jumper. Now if only he’d be able to shoot more off dribble 3s instead just catch and shoot. If he can use all his arsenal of moves floaters, turn around mid range jumper (creates separation), off dribble 3s, dunks?, and layups each game he’d be even more unstoppable. I think he did something like a high tear drop floater on that basket against Howard which was the best part of the highlight! Hard to imagine how Lin got that in over a tall and big guy like Howard. That smart play with hitting the out of bounds ball against Howard was great and definitely got the crowd going.

  1010. Actually, it was Jeremy who didn’t want to sign for the longer period, he wanted the opt out – that’s why they offered him the bi-annual exception rather than the the mid-level exception. I could be wrong on some of those terms but I’m pretty sure they had both but could not exercise the shorter period on one of them.

    By some accounts, he was offered 3-year deals elsewhere (Memphis iirc) but he turned them down because he wanted the flexibility.

    Jeremy himself was not committing to the team from the very beginning. If you sign on to an employer for a year, explicitly stating you want an option to leave, do you expect the employer to build around you? I think Jeremy has been successful in getting exactly what he needed from Charlotte – a year to rehab his rep in a low key environment.

  1011. But it is at least as likely as any other reasoning being put out here.

    Bonnell’s paper is not even connected to the Hornets, not in the way that CF or Feigen is to the Rockets. I follow him on Twitter, even during games he’s not following the action closely.

  1012. How do you know it’s the truth?

  1013. How about Batum? Hornets traded for him knowing he might also leave and obviously they are building with him as the core.

  1014. Different circumstances. Batum didn’t have a choice to get traded. He’s obviously seen as a higher priority than Lin, that much is obvious. He was brought in as a starter and they appear to be willing to pay him as such. I don’t actually think he’s worth it, but I’m not the Hornets.

    All I’m saying is Jeremy had total control over the terms of his contract. He chose a player option for less money. He negotiated when Batum couldn’t and he chose not to commit. It may work out for him, but to expect the team to build around him when they already have a starting PG and he himself stipulated he be given an opt out after one season is not particularly realistic. I don’t understand why people keep missing that detail.

  1015. The missing details you avoid to mention was why lin chose this team with much less money?

  1016. Actually the money doesn’t matter so much as the fact that he specifically stated the player opt out. If he was promised a starting role, why would he stipulate a player option?

  1017. What he was promised had nothing to do with player option. However, player option helps him out if things go wrong like they fail to keep the promise.

  1018. Of course it does. The ultimate manifestation of any promise is a contract. And Jeremy knowingly and contractually did not bind himself to this organization for more than this season. But this gave Charlotte the option not to build around him either. Why would they risk it when they already have Kemba, whom they drafted and developed over 4 years? I’m not saying at all that Kemba is better, I’m just stating that they had already invested in him before Lin was even available.

    They’re obviously risking it all for Batum and now Lee but I doubt whether they’d agree to a one year player option for either of those 2 following this season. They will try to get them on a more committed contract that they have Lin on.

    I actually think Jeremy in some ways has been very smart. He’s basically given himself options two years in a row, with the salary cap rising and a rather limited PG market this summer. But if you were the Hornets with this contract, would you really go all in for Lin, no matter what his upside and talent is?

  1019. Lin never said he was promised to start over kw but instead opportunity to play a lot with him etc….Lin took one year low pay because he might need it if the promises weren’t kept. Lin was smart to have the way out of contract sooner.

    It’s baseless for you to say they would build the team around lin instead of kw had he signed a long term contract with them. That would never happen.

    So the player option had nothing to do with why they go back to their own words. If anyone justify that only try to give them the legit reason to lie.

  1020. Well that’s not what people are saying here. People expected him to start beside Kemba, over Batum, over Lee. And he has been playing with Kemba, in fact every game thread that’s what people complain about.

    I don’t know whether they would have built around him had he signed a longer term contract, but it would have signalled to the organization that he was willing to stay and grow with them. We’ll never know now. You say it’s baseless and you may be right.

    I’m trying to give a perspective, based on the fact of Jeremy’s contract, that circumstances are very rarely black and white. The only truth that we really know is what Jeremy himself puts out there for us to see. I think sometimes people surmise a lot of things and state it as fact. Sometimes, it may not be the truth.

    I don’t need to be right all the time, but I don’t think people see when they talk down to other people that they actually could be wrong as much as the people they call delusional. You can interpret everything from one perspective – loudly, clearly, consistently – and still be wrong.

    All I’m asking is for people to accept that until Jeremy himself says so, we are all equally guessing.

  1021. But no one here said lin should or could start over kw except you . We can’t even talk about starting anymore, it’s been far pasted. All we asked for lin is to close and to play more to help his stats when July comes.

    Most of us have given up the Hornets future home for lin. They flat out lied to lin since game 1 of the season. Signing starting closing with Lee was final to us as lin fans and for anyone follow lin career but not seeing it is sad.

  1022. Several people said he should start over KW, with Kw and every time there is remotely an open starter position. So if they didn’t promise a starter position what did they promise? What did they lie about? I’m not being facetious, I really want to know.

  1023. that out of bounds play was my favorite of the year. never seen anyone pull that off before. Dwight hustles to save the ball from going out of bounds just to get it back while standing out of bounds. i laughed at Dwight’s expression

  1024. Your questions confirm my comment that it’s sad……after all these months?

  1025. IMO, Lin signed the second year option to make it clear to the Hornets that he was giving them a deep discount to play “his brand of ball”. Lin basically said, “I’m buying playtime and hope to impress enough to get a starting role”. It started okay until Cho and maybe Kemba wasn’t happy Lin was taking too much shine away from the “stars”. The timely extention bought Clifford and he changed into a company man and followed party lines. Clifford wasn’t lying to Lin when he told him he wanted Lin because he needed to win in order to get his next job. Once he got it, Lin was no longer needed and was expendable.

    Kemba was really threatened by Lin and I’m sure he made it known that he didn’t like it. Then it was Clifford following the Mchale playbook by taking ways away from Lin to shine while using him to defend. The problem was that Lin got too good defending and they couldn’t use the Pat Beverley excuse anymore. When MKG went down, they went out and got Lee who immediately fulfilled a Bev, a willing low usage player who would not challenge Kemba for the spotlight.

    There really is no other explanation for Lee starting over Lin. They have lamb on a extended contract and Lin who won against the Cavs and Raptors, something Lee could never do! Why give draft choices away for such a small role player? When you look at this illogical move, it can only be explained by Kemba wanting Lin gone; just like Harden, Melo and Kobe.

    This why Lin will continue to get low usage because they’ve doubled down on Kemba and Lin is not wanted. They will do everything possible to make Lin look ordinary so fans will say we can get into the post season without Lin so why not let him go.

    Lin was wise to make sure he had a player option for next year. Clifford was turned by Cho and Kemba against Lin and any promises he made to Lin became “not personal, just business”.

  1026. Yes after all these months. Because there is nothing in anything that Jeremy has said from the point he was signed by the Hornets that says he was lied to. He definitely hoped for more but that’s not to say he was explicitly told he would get it. That is completely different from being lied to.

    But he laughs and praises his teammates in his last interview and the general consensus is that he’s just being pc. Why is that the truth versus maybe he’s genuinely happy?

    The truth out there right now is that the Hornets so underpaid him and didn’t want to sign him to a longer term contract. But Jeremy actually chose that contract himself. He explicitly says he chose this team.

    Do I think the Hornets are God’s gift to basketball? Absolutely not. But people need to stop calling me sad or delusional. Unless any of you have a direct line to Jeremy, you guys don’t know any more than I do. So let’s just stop calling each other names and support Lin for the run towards the playoffs. He’s gonna need all of us in this journey.

  1027. Agreed with everything you said as usual.

  1028. “he was offered 3-year deals elsewhere (Memphis iirc) but he turned them down because he wanted the flexibility.”
    If Lin was offered a better role/PT by Mem, I don’t think he would turn it down. Flexibility is so that he can find a fit team. No one wants the “flexibility” to jump team every year.

    “If you sign on to an employer for a year, explicitly stating you want an option to leave, do you expect the employer to build around you?”
    You know LBJ contract with CAV had the player option after first year? Now we understand Lin is not LBJ, but again as I said before, if the team values you, it will do anything to keep you, does not matter you only sign one year with player option.

    This is KW team. Hornets never intend to treat Lin right. Wake up.

  1029. If he is genuinely happy, he would stay in Hornets, willn’t he?

  1030. Well, he apparently turned them down. I read it from a Memphis thread. Could be false of course but so could a lot of things in this forum, like I always say. And he wanted the flexibility to jump after one year – that’s exactly what the player option is designed for.

    Yes I do know LBJ signed for one year – because he wanted to opt out when the salary cap rises and I think to make room for Love and a few other pieces to join. He was building a contender, and that was his sole reason for coming home to Cleveland. In that way, his opt out served a purpose – just as Lin’s will. But make no mistake that his option affected the team’s decisions from there on end – they had to sign cheaper players or commit to the luxury tax. Jeremy’s contract will also affect how the Hornets will build the team from here. I actually think they will try and go without Jeremy and they would be wrong about that.

    So if this is KW’s team how come people are so upset that he’s the focal point of the team? Lin knew this when he signed. I want him to have a bigger role, but this is KW’s team.

    You can wake up just as much as me – to other people’s perspectives. What you state isn’t the truth until Jeremy says it is so. So far, we are equal.

  1031. Not necessarily. But he could if there were no other better options.

    If you think I’m advocating for him to stay, I’m actually not. But I don’t think he should go just for the sake of moving to another team either. We’ve had this convo before but I think there could be much worst places than Charlotte for Lin.

  1032. “Lin knew this when he signed.”
    What we Lin fans are upset is because Lin obviously did not know this when he signed, otherwise, he would sign with GSW to back up a Curry team.

  1033. Correct analysis.

  1034. Lin’s been going right at big men for years.

    Apart from Hassan Whiteside, there’s no shotblocker that could stop Lin at the rim.

  1035. Kemba was drafted by the Hornets, has started with the Hornets from the very beginning, developed by the team and is from UConn to boot – Jeremy can’t surmise and didn’t know that this team was Kemba’s when he signed? He even replied to a fan on the day he signed that he isn’t here to replace Kemba. Jeremy is not blind or naive, he knew.

    And I am a Lin fan, Dorothy. You may not accept that but that doesn’t mean it’s not true.

  1036. Frankly, Lin never figured into their plans in the first place.

    Lin is not actually part of the Hornets.

  1037. Jeremy Lin knew he could KICK WALKER’S BUTT.

    That’s why he knew that he could sign with the Hornets safely.

  1038. This is supposed to be a positive Lin site-What do you mean by that

  1039. But other fans don’t see it this way even if you explain the simplest way possible for what Lin situation in Hornets,I’m just totally confused why other fans were trying to buy the notion that Lin is in good situation..Lin is just getting his numbers and more of that despite of his present situation right now .

  1040. I think there is an offer from a team which is just waiting for Jeremy to have fully tweaked and mastered his shooting form. Money isn’t the main deciding factor so the raise in salary cap next season is just secondary. The right time to join a team that Jeremy can call it “home” is the core reason he has the second-year player option.

  1041. Totally agree. Let’s hope that team is out there.

  1042. Fingers crossed.

  1043. Just like Lin’s two former teams Houston Rockets and LA Lakers, the Hornets will continue to gave him his reduced role, less touches and less PT the next game. I don’t have high hope Lin will not stand in the corner most of the time when he’s on the court.

  1044. Good analysis. I agree.

    Like I said earlier, Isaiah Thomas spoke up and singled Lin out for getting “too many” All Star votes. He probably represents how most NBA “stars” (including Kemba) feel about Lin. What is so ironic is that Isaiah was delusional, just like Kemba, because Lin is simply a better player than either of them.

    I think Clifford’s extension certainly has something to do with the change in Lin’s treatment. However, in my mind, the problem already started from the first day of the season, when Kemba tried to “take charge” of the team, whereas Kemba taking a lesser role like during the preseason was probably the best thing for the team.

    Anyway, I still think Lin is in a better situation than in Houston, if only marginally. That is my opinion based on various factors.

    Also, I must say that Kemba has really learnt how to exploit having Lin on the floor to get a career best season. I really do not think that he had improved at all. Given his height and skill set, he only has a narrow range of shots he can make and yet he just keeps chucking. This was very clear at the start of the season. Hence his low career FG%. However, Lin has helped him to space the floor, draw defensive attention and helped in so many other intangible ways. I expect Kemba to regress to his usual standards some time after Lin has left.

    However,I am not too optimistic about a D’Antoni reunion because D’Antoni is not even a head coach yet.

    I am inclined to just pray for Jeremy that next season will truly be a breakout year. Lin has already defied the odds in so many ways. But I am expecting more next season.

  1045. IMO, bc Hornets are winning and are in the playoffs hunt. That’s why it’s MASKING lots of things that some have overlooked and are willingly forgo or forget regarding the impediments/breach that Hornets have done against Lin after preseason.

  1046. Because there is only one starting point guard position and the Hornets isn’t going to trade Kemba Walker. JLin is waiting for another opportunity this coming offseason to land a starting PG position in a team that fits his skills. There was no such position open last offseason, so he took a pay-cut to play one year with the Hornets, thinking it was the best opportunity to showcase his skills playing along with Kemba. However, this never came to fruition because he rarely played in the starting unit. It’s a good thing that it’s just a one year gig. JLin has shown that he is a starting PG in the limited times that he played as a PG for the Hornets. Hope he could get some offers this coming offseason, as teams have larger cap-space to sign players.

  1047. I do agree with that Kemba is doing better when Lin is on the court with him. However Kemba has really improved his 3pt shooting this season which has really opened up his game. Gotta give him credit for that

  1048. Nicely breakdown but Clifford didn’t turn by anyone or reacted after games like vs the Cavs or Toronto. He turned himself from his own words since the first game of the season.

  1049. Lin always finds a way to win. His teammates should give Lin a 5% cut for their contracts because many guys have career years playing with Lin.

  1050. I think those super stars like Melo, Harden, Kobe and Kemba. They initially really really didn’t think Lin can play, that’s why all of them actually started with trying to work with Jlin around the beginning of the season. I guess after several games, they sorta realized that Lin can outshine them pretty easily and way too easy to become an insult to them. Then the human pride kicked in.
    I don’t blame those super stars on some level. I would probably have done the similar things. Lin is just too good in my opinion to fit in this league. No one can find a proper way to accept his talent yet. It threatens every super star around him.

  1051. Lin is ambitious and has not given up on his dreams. Before his rookie season he said his plans were to be part of the team, then a starter, then an all-star, and then win a championship. Oh course I pray God has his dreams come true.

  1052. I never expected Lin to start if Walker is healthy. I got upset when Lin was no longer the point guard when walker sat.

    He is starting to play more pg recently. I don’t know if that is Cliff plan or Batum giving the ball more to Lin when they are together.

    If Batum is smart and wants a big payday he will continue to let Lin play pg.

  1053. Thanks for being such a smart blogger over here. Your comments are worth reading. Like I want to say more more more!??

  1054. Very true Heart. You always got the right view and observation ❤️

  1055. A lot of those fans are trolls, especially on the other site. Most Lin fans know he is being underpaid, playing out of position, and severely underutilized as the best passer on the team. Ideally, Lin should be running point whenever he’s on the floor, not marginalized into a guy standing in the corner.

  1056. I was just quoting the objective as set forth by our host. A site does not have integrity in and of itself, it is the users that have (or don’t have) that objective in mind that drives the quality index.

  1057. Way too complicated. I think it’s simply because Lin has been shooting bad therefore the coach does not play him more. If Lin played every game like the Rockets game and gets the same treatment, then I could agree with the conspiracy theory. You never know what you’re going to get with Lin unfortunately. With Lee, he is more predictable. With that said, I believe Lin is the wildcard that I hope Cliff has the good sense to use in this last month and then the playoffs. Good teams and good players ramp it up closer to the playoffs. I hope Lin takes that to heart.

  1058. The only leaders who I am confident in matching your description are Duncan and Dirk. Maybe George Hill and teague would allow Lin to shine, not sure. Every other teams “leaders” are too insecure to lead as you described.

  1059. Terry hated on Lin since linsanity. My guess is Terry identifies his worth by his speed and athleticism. He is bitter that an Asian guy is faster than the “jet”, especially now.

  1060. Harden, Kemba now super star? This is why teams like to manufacture stars

  1061. Don’t agree with you. The game after defeating the Cavs, Lin’s time shrunk to 16 minutes.
    The most straightforward explaination is that they expected they should have lost that game no matter what line up were on the floor, so why not rest KW for a game and sent Lin to be humiliated by LJ and Irving. But Lin pull the thing off and it freaked KW and Cliff out.

  1062. Agreed, don’t use a knife to eat rice. You will just cut yourself and stay hungry.

  1063. I agree with you – winning masks a lot of negative feelings. Sometimes team members have to suffer or subjugate themselves for the betterment of the whole. Unfortunately it seems like Lin is the one that could do more on this team but not being asked to do so.

  1064. Couldn’t agree you more. What a sharp analysis.

  1065. Do not agree. Lin minutes do not increase after big games.

  1066. It was one game. Kemba would not rest unless he was really unable to play, since he knows Lin may supplant him. I’ve posted elsewhere that I thought it was Lin who lit a fire under Kemba this year, making him play at a higher level. When challenged Kemba takes the initiative. You have to give him that. I wished Lin would do the same more often. He did it vs Houston, just need to do it against the Utahs of the world.

  1067. mmmmmmm, the difference is Lin was not given the opportunities like KW was. It is not that KW did not have a bad game, but he was allowed to play through it. Also, KW PT is very consistent vs Lin PT and role has varied vastly game after game. You are comparing orange to apple here now.

  1068. Lin gets more minutes when he plays aggressive. Unfortunately he does not play aggressive all the time. Tends to defer too much tries to get everyone going first. Well that attitude doesn’t play well in professional sports unless they have established themselves. Unfortunately Lin has not yet established himself to dictate that kind of treatment. As fans, I know we all wish Coach sees what we see. But it’s obvious they do not.

  1069. I know what you’re saying. Kemba has had 5 year headstart with the Hornets over Lin. It makes sense for the coach to trust him more at this point. Coach does not want a civil war, and Lin knows that. Batum is new too but he has the advantage that MKG is injured so there is no threat to his starts and he gets away with matador defense sometimes (like end of 2Q in last game).

  1070. I feel the Dallas team dissed Lin in free agency. I hope Lin takes that chip and plays off that in this game. He needs to get himself motivated like he was against Houston. Do it again against the Mavs and start something of a roll.

  1071. but you were saying Lin did not have the fight spirit like KW which is untrue. I bet if you threw SCurry in Lin’s shoes, he would perform less than what Lin does now, not to mention KW.

  1072. When Kamba faces Wade, Irving or Lowry, even Isiaah Thomas, he chokes. Lin, on the other hand, plays better. Everyone can see it.
    Kemba plays better since Lin shares his defense load and Batum shares his playmaker load. That never happens to Lin, and I’ve not seen any PnR set for Lin so far this season.

  1073. Lin usually gets the most bench minutes. That seems pretty involved to me. He never came here to supplant the starter. He’s had a few starts due to circumstances but we all know that is not his role here.

  1074. Hi Yascar. Thanks for your balanced, well-written posts. We’re all on the outside looking in, floating hypotheses about Lin’s situation. It’s important to keep that in mind.

  1075. Of course it does. Kemba and Marvin share Lin’s offensive load. Lin does not feel the pressure to go Linsane every time down.

  1076. This is correct

  1077. Well if he does, he needs to demonstrate it more often. He has to be willing to step on some toes, even his own teammates, because no one will give it to him. This is not high school where the coach dictates everything. These are grown ass men. If Lin thinks the team wins with best chance when he is handling the ball then he has to demand it. He even lets Lamb bring it up court, instead of running over there and demand the ball.

  1078. Calderon got a lot of flack