G65 ATL @LAL Game Thread

Will Lin be able to rally his teammates to be more “Pro” mentally to be competitive vs the Hawks?

Byron might let Lin do more PnR to have a close game against the Hawks

Go JLin!ย  ๐Ÿ˜Ž Stay healthy & continue to play for the Audience of One!

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Guess JLin's stats in Game 66 vs GSW


  1. First? Second?

  2. I feel lonely

  3. Is there anybody out there?

  4. 1-2-3 is yours. I am 4th then . Yes where is everyone? Bored and nothing to read.

  5. The Lakers just made my blood boiled with the 10 games crap….stupid tanking fools!!!!!

  6. I actually prefer dnp-cd for the last ten games…. stay healthy for your next team Jlin…. F the tanking fools! !!

  7. Just want JLin stays healthy. Too late to care about being the starter for the LA Losers.

  8. Yeah byron and kobe can go suck it.

  9. The hustun rockettes just got luck out beating the choker pg wannabe cliff paul…hahaha

  10. Ciao!

  11. That first article to the right from USA Today is pretty stupid.

  12. Pretty tall fans…. pretty to the right, tall to the left… hehe

  13. They just want to sell tickets with a pathetic losing record.

  14. Hardenโ€™s 18 free throws won the game? Wonโ€™t be that lucky if he looks Asian with Violet Palmer officiating.

  15. The face that you always see in postgame interview with Jeremy.

  16. When was this? When Lin first joined Lakers?

  17. Violet Palmer really hates Jeremy!

  18. Mark MedinaVerified account
    Nick Young will get a Cat Scan tomorrow on left knee since swelling has not improved much. Will not travel for Lakers’ game in Golden State


  19. Yeah. Sounds funny isn’t it when you watch this now, almost a month away from the end of season.

  20. He sounds jealous..LOL

  21. Byron Scott doesn’t have the faintest idea how his players always get hurt.

  22. Let me do diagnosis for the tankers……..ah ..I see…. it’s the bs stage of kobeitis… treatment recommendation. ..take the rest of the season off with iggy and get ready to relocate next season…. hehe

  23. N O Pelicans 2 points lead with 1 minute to go.
    Go Pelicans, bump the Thunders out of the playoff.

  24. Game tied, 28 secs to go!

  25. 2 points lead by NO 12 secs left.

  26. aren’t OKC playing with the bulls????

  27. Game tied 4 secs to go. N O ball!

  28. WIth Den?

  29. OKC beat Chicago by 9 points.

  30. Faried made a good foul. Now only 3 sec left for Pelicans to make a shot.

  31. That’s what I thought too.

  32. OT.
    Pelicans must win to stay in race with the Thunders.

  33. ahhhh..now i see what you mean..NO Pelicans winning will make OKC out of contention for playoff…geeeezz, i thought they are playing against each other today thats why i looked at the game schedule…silly!!!!

  34. yes

  35. The best PG for the Pelicans is Anthony Davis.

  36. what he means is if n.o. wins their game they will knock okc out of last playoff spot; (more or less).

  37. yeah got it now chief…a while ago i thought that they are playing each other tonite…LOL!!!

  38. nice pineapple Tshirt!!!!
    Cool as a CUCUMBER, LOL!!!

  39. In OT, both sides are trying 3s to put the game away!!!!

  40. Oh! Are you kidding? Byron Scott gets no respect from the Hawks.

  41. Uploaded to YouTube on Nov 4, 2014

  42. Pelicans has 14secs to protect a 3 point lead. Foul or no foul!

  43. Game tied again. 8 s Pelicans ball. What a game!

  44. Double OT!

  45. ok mr announcer who’s this will barton fellow; some addtional commentary please.

  46. i tell you he gets no respect, no respect at all.

  47. im confident commander scott is up to the tank, er task.

  48. He played for Portland last season.

  49. Wow, I hope it’s nothing serious.

  50. Yep but with the continuous swelling for so long, it doesn’t look too good!

  51. No respect from his players, opponents or fans! If I was Magic, I would ask BS to shut up and stop talking about Lakers pride or showtime Lakers whatever. BS should be labeled as Tankers forever!

  52. sad sad state the โ€™once mightyโ€™ Lakers has become…

  53. Linโ€™s Angels ๐Ÿ™‚

  54. WOW! They deserve all these as 4 flew from Taiwan and 1 flew from Japan to support JLin.

  55. Screw the Lakers now too. This stupid “will Lin start or come off bench” charade is so lame. I’m fine with Lin just riding the pine, sitting out 4th quarters.

    What is this stuff about possibly starting him the last 10 like it matters or there is some evaluation of Lin that should happen.

    The lakers are insulting both Lin, Laker fans, and Lin fans all at the same time.

    Shame on the Lakers. They are losing me as a fan with their ridiculous moves and politics.

    Keeping Kobe and humoring him is already bad enough as it is. Don’t need more to pile on top of it.

  56. Man I know someone going to the game who wanted to watch the hawks starters

  57. If he is starting then they will have the chance to cheers for him when his name is called. That’s always nice

  58. all 13 players for the spurs played tonite and all scored; 8 guys in double figures, no one with more than 15 points; 38 assists on 49 made baskets.

  59. The demote to the bench was one slap on your left cheek. The DNP-CD was the slap on the left. Bridge is already burned.

    Starting or not in whatever 10, 5 or even 16 games won’t matter any more. Just stay healthy.

  60. would except gs and atl to rest starters most of the way out.

  61. yup yup

  62. Lakers do NOT trust Lin LOL.

  63. I think the Lakers front office, the player ops, twc, LA media and everything is ALL dysfunctional.

    Go Lin and just IGNORE the coaches and dare them to BENCH you for being effective.

    Lin should have been “playing his game” and freezing out Kobe earlier in the season. Lin tried too hard to play the right way.

    Look at Kyrie – he doesn’t defer to Lebron. In fact, Lebron is now almost deferring to Kyrie!

    But in the end, Lebron will take over in the playoffs while Kyrie just looks pretty.

    Lin is the Lebron of the Lakers and Kobe was the Kyrie.

  64. If, like me, you missed this article on the Lakers and analytics (and the mention of J. Lin at the beginning) you should give it a read. I thought it nailed a lot that is wrong with the Lakers, and paints a bleak picture going forward. Pretty sure JLIN will be getting out of there whether they make him an offer or not (what’s with the rumors that the Rockets want him back – seriously?).

  65. I predict Lin will go to a smaller market this summer where the team can’t land one of the traditional “superstars”
    And all of a sudden Lin will have 6-8 teammates who all look like studs running with him and racking up a solid W/L record next season.

  66. if only they did… sigh

  67. Fan knocks ball away as LeBron is trying to save it, LBJ not thrilled (req @clevezim) https://t.co/1xoC8IcbKN pic.twitter.com/L90XZq4x2h— The Cauldron (@TheCauldron) March 16, 2015

  68. the support keeps pouring. Lin is one blessed soul. ๐Ÿ™‚

  69. Don’t get why it took them so look to get further look at it.

  70. Touching at a colossal scale.
    Follow Lin wherever you might be.

  71. 3 for 15 shooting for the lakers “starters” to start the game.

  72. Jeremy is in

  73. Wow Hawks not playing their starters and still blowing out Lakers.

  74. a TO; wake up Jeremy.

  75. Hawks defense are really tough.

  76. Just an observation. Just counted the first row seats on the court, Clippers game vs HOU earlier today had the seats full.

    Lakers game has 18 seats empty, out of 60 on the side facing the panel. A Sunday game that is supposed sold out.

  77. Hill is out. Davis is in. Good.

  78. Wow Lakers can’t get into the paint at all. Hey BS, “this” is defense!

  79. Lakers is not mentally ready!

  80. They are playing great defense.

  81. I like the Atl Hawks but I don’t like Dominique Wilkins commentary. For some odd reason he does not like Lin.

  82. This is a contender

  83. Don’t respect him as a commentator. He’s a jerk always acting like Lin can’t play defense.

  84. Byron Scott ought to be nervous now.

  85. Yeah, but without their starters…

  86. I would hardly call racism an odd reason.

  87. Swish!

  88. Nice D. Jump ball!

  89. Great defense by JLin!

  90. ATL announcer “A much more controlled offense by Jeremy Lin”
    They didn’t like Lin but had to admit he’s making plays

  91. And Lin won the jump ball too to end the quarter so Hawks couldn’t score any more points! Lin playing well against this competitive team!

  92. yeah and he out jumped the other guy ๐Ÿ™‚

  93. So what does Domonique think of Lin’s D now? Maybe he’ll shut up and learn something.

  94. That’s Dominique Wilkins. Kind of a compliment by him.

  95. I think he went silent a few times LOL

  96. Haha! He didn’t say a word.

  97. he criticized Lin on having trouble on the off-speed in the previous possession so maybe he’ll slowly change his mind

  98. Lakers has given up too many layups to the bench of Atlanta

  99. Hawks double teaming Jeremy.

  100. Now points for everyone of the Lakers bench.

  101. Not surprised!

  102. Great ball movement by the Lakers with Lin as the floor general!

  103. Omg Kelly is dancing like a headless chicken on offense… Just bench him already…

  104. BS wants to tank, Kelly and Hill are his go to guys for that.

  105. yeah they are actually playing defense now.

  106. good shut him up. lin continued with good D in the last 2 mins.

  107. Bench luckily was able to right the ship. Look like a blow out early

  108. Lakers are turning over the balls too much.

  109. 8 team turnovers gave up 13 points!

  110. For second it looked like a blow out then Lin and 2nd unit came in and brought the game closer. Hopefully since Hawks are a tough team, Lin and 2nd unit will be able to play more minutes.

  111. It looked really bad earlier, even 2nd unit came in struggling with Lin cause they couldn’t get in the paint.

  112. starters 3 for 16 bench 5 for 11

  113. wow what was that airball lol.

  114. Yeah I know but do it discretely please. Putting Kelly with 7% FG in the last 4 games out there is just too obvious FCS… Lol

  115. hehe… 1st quarter… Lin is warming up

  116. Why is Jeremy out already!

  117. just got back and Lin out already?

  118. Wow Kelly finally makes a 3!

  119. Byron took Lin out when Lakers started rolling.

  120. ATL really are loading on guards…

  121. Even Kelly wasn’t expecting that to go in!

  122. right on BS schedule… right on!

  123. that is the way to tank, the team was catching up and Lin needed to be taken out because he was the spark that made the team play as a team

  124. Yeah…but Lin looks weird…

  125. it appeared he went to a trainer and went off the court.

  126. what do you mean?

  127. you can’t just end a post like that… lol

  128. He does not have the lift, speed….feels like his feet could not push well at all

  129. The new watch is too heavy… he might want to take it off until after the game

  130. Byron makes sure nobody but Clarkson can get into rhythm with his long minutes.

  131. the only way lin will get mins right now is if clarkson picks up some fouls

  132. Byron Scott’s round robin rotastion. Hope he gets the Lakers a big blown out today.

  133. is lin playing bad or is he just getting punished by scott for being lin?

  134. Laker’s D is bad when there is a simultaneous weak side movement. Well I am wrong, Laker’s D is just bad.

  135. He is not really 100%, but now BS has 4 guards to use now..

  136. How many airballs have both teams shot?

  137. Hope he’s not injured… Any sign of ice packs?

  138. Was it the thigh contusion from earlier games?

  139. like 4 I think

  140. Bet you no one will talk crap about that air ball but lin’s will be seen as inconsistency

  141. IDK, maybe it was just the ATL defense

  142. Hawks playing ready nice D, lots of trapping.

  143. got to be more than that

  144. Give a reason that Jordon Clarkson should stay in the game.

  145. Don’t risk aggravating anything for this ridiculous tanking team. Sit if needed…please!

  146. FInally there is a game where JC was loaded by defenders from the very beginning…lol

  147. Lakers starting SGs (JC & WE) are 2-10.

  148. Don't worry! ๐Ÿ™‚ @JLin7 vs Hawks. pic.twitter.com/rGu3JzD1sJ— Librafree (@Librafree) March 16, 2015

  149. because it is BS

  150. He’s playing great D and Atl is playing great trapping D on everyone.

  151. Run boy run

  152. Early bathroom break?

  153. Clarkson picked up 3 fouls?

  154. You mean run away from this team? lol

  155. no need for trainer to go with him if it is a bathroom break?

  156. Yay!! more playing time for Jeremy!!

  157. run away from all the bS

  158. Lol yea ๐Ÿ˜€

  159. Krover got nosed by Ed Davis, will not return tonight.

  160. But I check box score only 2 fouls?

  161. Trying not to worry a bit. Want him HEALTHY for next contract.

  162. wow 2 quick easy rebounds

  163. Can’t see…following play-by-play. Is Lin on bench, or still off court with trainer?

  164. On bench

  165. Thanks.

  166. lets make a Jlin Pick and Roll counter! We count the # of PnR he runs each game!

  167. why do i get so mad when clarkson does well

  168. Good Day Folks!…I’m back ๐Ÿ™‚
    Jeremy had been playing great since ASG. I read that BScott gonna start Lin for the last 10 games.
    I dont think that would change much from Jeremy’s end. He had been playing solid, and would continue the same.
    He had put a good case come FA, with his recent games.

    Go Lin!

  169. Yes, only 2. Gotta give it to the rookie, he’s playing smart to stay out of foul trouble. He doesn’t go all out and pretends to play D when he’s in foul trouble.

  170. Where is Kobe? Don’t see him on the bench.

  171. then u can compare the # of PnR’s Jlin runs to his stats at the end of the game…good idea?

  172. lol…blame it on BS

  173. I think that thigh contusion might still be bothering him but hope not.

  174. Hawks are without 4 starters. They should still beat this Lakers team unless BS decides to play Jeremy more minutes in the 2nd half.

  175. He is there. There was a camera shot on him. He looked like he did not want to be there

  176. i think you are absolutely correct lol

  177. hes like
    bruh these scrubs are so bad

  178. Kelly has more points than his last 4 games put together.

  179. cuz hes a scrub
    doesnt belong in the NBA

  180. This team is actually so bad Lin needs to find himself a better team next year

  181. I know. But Lin doesn’t mind. His D-league time gave him a lot of sympathy for rookies trying to hang on to their toe-hold on a team. He knows his situation is entirely political…nothing to do with his skills. Can’t blame Clarkson or any other teammate for the organization politics or the tanking. He knows his skills are out of the shadows now, with coaches complimenting him and planning double and triple teams for him. He’s already moving on.

  182. LOL…thats because a Lin fan, we know Jeremy is the best player on the team, but being pushed around with his playing for no apparent reason. We want Lin to play well, but he is not given the opportunity to shine.

  183. I really want to see him play at the 4.

  184. too weak for a 4
    hes not nearly as good as other stretch 4’s in the league
    hes a 3

  185. He’s not pleased to be anywhere. That’s his dissatisfied mindset.

  186. maybe thats why BS took him out damn i hope he’s not hurt.

  187. Poor shorting and high turnovers won’t help. Need to do better in the second half. This game is winnable.

  188. Well, he’s not alone in that. I’m sure his teammates don’t want him there either.

  189. Does anyone know, when and how did Lin’s thigh was injured?

  190. Who knows with this weird but tanking Lakers org.

  191. couple games ago… detroit, i think.

  192. WJohnson, has no business to give a TOV….he needs to buck up…else this is gonna be a 15pts …by the time I

    wrote this Black racked up another! sigh

  193. What is the score?

  194. 53-46LAL

  195. Thanks:)

  196. Ellington made 3!!! that helped! its 55-51LAL now

  197. Turnovers are killing the Lakers.

  198. Hawks is fast at returning to defense.

  199. charlyconscience #dontbelievemeJUSTWATCH #jeremyLIN @JLin7 https://t.co/vuVR6N46yG— Penny Lee (@penny10654) March 16, 2015

    bathroom time

  200. Jeremy is in.

  201. Lakers playing so bad, Lin with 1 reb and 1 stl.

  202. all the great efforts from jeremy wasted by … ohshxx

  203. Go Lin!

  204. he just blamed Jlin for hill throwing it backwards over his head?

  205. JLin 2 stls, 3 rebounds!

  206. It truly is!

  207. Nice fakes ๐Ÿ™‚

  208. Nice two head fakes and mid jumper!

  209. Good defense… just need some assists.

  210. JB and JL together…interesting

  211. Both playing well. From what I’ve seen JB is much better player than Nick Young. Won’t be surprised if Lakers really are trading him.

  212. yeah his defense is great, he’s cutting off the driving lane forcing late passes

  213. Hawks announcers right after Lin checked in the game for Clarkson: bad night for Lin. Can’t make play. TO ..

  214. LAL had couple of holding with JB but they had cut him off every time, until recently he played really well at D-League…lets see

  215. Double team on Lin again

  216. 2 TOV in 3 minutes is bad at any level as well…But it doesnt matter…as long as he remains aggressive

  217. LOL what’s up with Lin going in circles under the tunnel of Davis & Kelly handshakes in the end?

  218. Nice!

  219. Mike Trudell is a good guy looking out for Lin :]

  220. Lin seems to be a bit tentative this game.

  221. I’m curious about that for a while now. Would like to know:-)

  222. Another TO…

  223. How many so far?

  224. 4 ๐Ÿ™

  225. Oh no…

  226. no foul?

  227. no assists…

  228. Just a bad game folks what can you do….turnovers happen….

  229. Yep…

  230. 20 given up 20 points

  231. Not for some folks. Not allowed for him.

  232. Yup. Sloppy game.

  233. Nice fastbreak and beautiful layup by Lin

  234. steal and a lay up ๐Ÿ™‚

  235. A good passing team knows how good Lin’s pass is..

  236. Tipping my headband to those fans from Taiwan, behind the bench.

  237. He gets 10-12 points it keeps his stats up

  238. Jeremy is out ๐Ÿ™

  239. Davis repaying Lin a bit ๐Ÿ™‚ Love this duo.

  240. What did it say? I think it got deleted ๐Ÿ™

  241. BS hates to see that Lin/Davis chemistry. Davis steal, Lin bucket…OUT.

  242. I’m done for today. Very messy all around today. All the lakers. Blow out will happen.

  243. Save some energy for tomorrow.

  244. Why is Lin out?! Not his fault if Boozer and his teammates are have turnovers!

  245. Need to rest for GSW tmrw night!

  246. Well he won’t get the chance to even out things….brown and Clarkson in reality should start if the Lakers really want to see what they have…

  247. Nice. Really means he’s out of LA. Doesn’t need to hold his tongue.

  248. BS was shaking his head when Lin was walking to the bench, camera didn’t take whether they said anything though.

  249. Clear to see the who the better coached team was.

  250. I didn’t know it was b2b. Good.

  251. back and forth ain’t enough with all these BS.

  252. There was almost no PnR for Lin on the court, and no ASTs. BS must have tied him up even more.

  253. Wow, didn’t even break 20 mins…

  254. Tells you what type of environment jeremy is playing in….to get jeremy Lin mad you have to be pretty screwed up

  255. BS you are horrible. I feel sorry for Lin Garden fans who flew all the way from Taiwan, paid big bucks to watch Lin play 19 minutes.

  256. Like I said below that environment is toxic….let jeremy run with brown and clarkson…have some fun…..Nope no way

  257. 7 pts (3-6), 3 rbs, 3 stls, 0 asts, 4 TOs.

  258. I guess it was ok because they met Lin in person…

  259. A complete schooling of Byron’s team.

  260. Lol omg…..

  261. They gotta know how games have been going…that there are no guarantees with the Scott hating and the tanking. To pay big time and show up anyway…priceless. Lin fans are the BEST. J knows his back is covered…thanks his fandom all the time.

  262. He has steals!

  263. I’m sure they wouldn’t have minded if Lin had a Linsanity night too.

  264. Without staters, BS still got schooled on how to coach.

  265. That is icing on the cake….lol

  266. Lin does seem to be a Lens to focus the light on what is ugly in the NBA. I did not know how bad it was until following Lin’s career.

  267. Aloha for the night, friends. Lin’s out…gonna go watch a Korean drama now ๐Ÿ™‚

  268. I wonder if BScott would put him back …last 2 minutes?

  269. Thank you Lord for keeping Jlin healthy….as far as the game… don’t care and FU bs and the tankers!!!

  270. which one?

  271. A dozen upvotes for this.

  272. nothing beats LAL drama..its drama within drama! lol

  273. only as a last insult for garbage time to let everyone know Lin is a garbage player!

  274. He is Asian playing a African American mans game…they don’t even take notice of the tone they are taking…flashback 50 years ago whites had that tone against African Americans playing pro ball….history matters but you can’t expect former jocks to be reflective

  275. …non-reflective jocks lol. Sad, but true.

  276. Jeremy is the Prince, BS and Kobe are the villains, but where is the dorky girl who is actually pretty.

  277. Not sure if Warriors will play starters.

  278. Lin should go out and kisses everyone of them, may be a hug is enough. LOL

  279. This drama is real though…

  280. Lol Clarkson almost got the ball stolen by the Hawks in the lane and the tankers announcer got all excited saying Clarkson got passed two hawks …smh

  281. All Lin’s fault for the loss. Oh well. DNP as a reward for the next game.

  282. Kelly the leading scorer for Lakers – that’s all you need to know…

  283. Another hater

    @BobRathbunTV Bob, I haven't heard 'Nique go this hard on a player (Jeremy Lin) since Tyler Zeller. Is 'Nique doing ok? #ATLHawks— Stephen Barwick (@StandardLeafATL) March 16, 2015

  284. No excuses. Clyde Frazier doesn’t talk garbage about Lin. Drexler and Wilkins are morons.

  285. Tank you.

  286. Clyde is a cultured man beyond being a jock….those two are the like the hs quarterback who never got passed being the hs quarterback

  287. When things goes well Lin barely gets any credit. When things go bad, he gets all the blame. Isn’t there something wrong with this picture?

  288. Does Wilkins have twitter? I’ll get all over him.

  289. Some may have forgotten kenny atkinson knows lin very well.

  290. thats when i almost think why they are being this kind of person..are they on the lakers payroll and need to echo lakers words (last that i know is that Lin is a lakers player) or just to blinded by their blinders that they are totally BLIND!

  291. Streaming, so can watch whatever I want. Just finished Healer – thought it was v. good. Will finish Misaeng tonight…it is really excellent, setting a new tone for dramas – big indie hit in Korea. MBC is broadcasting The Legendary Witch Sat/Sun here in LA…more conventional but a few fun characters so check in on it now and then.

  292. Kelly and Clarkson both with 10 points.

  293. Instead of blaming and shaming how about BS focus on just solutions.

  294. Ya! He trained Lin when they both were in NYK.

  295. Purely my opinion about Mayweather’s attitude, but I think if you called him “black”, he will cry out “racist/racism!”

  296. @dwilkins21

  297. Have you checked out Heal Me, Kill Me. It was awesome

  298. Yes!!! Please dnp-cd Jlin the rest of the season… Jlin is throwing the last 10 games of the season back in your face. FU bs!!!!

  299. The hate on jeremy is rooted in Americas greatest sin which will never be cleansed until America looks in the mirror and knows she/he was founded on bigotry/racism.

    BS/Drexler/Nique/Mchale/College Recruiters can’t understand why this Asian is playing the game that they believe isn’t for him. Its something deep within their subconscious..

  300. I will do now ๐Ÿ™‚

  301. Lin still needs to work on his game
    with his current skill set theres not much he can do against this kind of defense
    I think Lin tried hard like in any other game, just came short
    He’s still not there yet
    at least not as the best player on a team
    good effort just came short

  302. I can’t stand most Korean dramas these days… but have fun! ๐Ÿ™‚

  303. He needs help from his teammates and coach… can’t do it all himself.

  304. Are you asking Lin to “work on his game” like playing 1-on-5? Because Hawks playing team ball and Lakers playing anything but.

  305. A day late and a dollar short…and the tank rolls on… smh

  306. Maybe he wants to be called a more fancy name: Zero RGB.

  307. He does
    thats why he did well in Houston when defense cant just focus on him
    he had that 21pt game agaisnt the blazers in the play offs
    but on this team hes the only one they need to focus on

  308. BS took away his PNR completely in this game, which is the reason he had 0 ASTs. This game reminded me some games in Rox when McHale ordered him to “just do the simple pass”.

  309. There is only thing in this game IMO that he needs to improve. Just shoot. Some hesitated and wasted chances that he should have just shot the ball.

  310. FYI, it’s because Hawks knows who get the Lakers rolling.

  311. Yes, Lakers are losing.

  312. You won’t be disappointed. I also like “Masters Sun”, that was a really good one.

  313. The way Shroeder is playing now is the way I hoped to see Lin play this season, except with a better jump shot.

  314. He can still improve his shooting
    it comes and goes
    look at CP3 he has very good midrange
    Lin can really use some

  315. The best quote I heard about racism was during a presidential debate. ” I defend the smallest minority of all, the individual.” – Ron Paul. His image was twisted as a typical old white racist republican but that was just for the casual voter. Just like the casual nba watcher doesn’t know the truth about Lin.

  316. Because Lin isn the only player that can do damage on the lakers

  317. Bs is dumb not to put davis in for that last defensive play

  318. And the tank just keeps on moving right along…LOL

  319. He wants to tank not win the game.

  320. not very hard to figure that out
    every team focuses on Lin now

  321. If Lakers had the best lineup, Davis would have swatted that easy Schroder’s lineup.

    Byron only cares about making the game interesting enough to lose closely to continue tanking

  322. Jabari Brown is Byron’s secret weapon against Jeremy.

  323. Lakers ain’t trying to win…LOL

  324. Hmm seeing how JC goes when he is screened, I’d watch the game just to see how he’ll be when it’s Andrew Bogut who is screening him.

  325. No but ideally move to a better team
    this team is so bad
    all they have to do is to shut down Lin

  326. Davis’ signature swat ๐Ÿ™‚

  327. Use floaters and sometimes he picks up his dribble too much. Dribbling/handling could use some tightening up. Problem is, this coach didn’t prepare the whole team well for this game.

  328. Brown seems okay. He passes the ball back, plays defense, and strictly catches and shoots. Have never seen him try to be a pg.

  329. Bs is a dirty human being

  330. Uhh…. I’d let that pass.

  331. that too

  332. He tends to iso.

  333. I don’t believe he is a shot creator

  334. I hope this is the last horrible NBA team that JLin has to go through!

  335. LOL, he tried to tank some more by having 0% Kelly shoot, and he makes a three.

  336. is*
    its too obvious the rest are useless you can let them take uncontested shots and they will miss at least half of em

  337. yeah, I think all Lakers fans knew that.
    There’s no way layup should be that easy in a crucial moment of the game LOL

  338. The pairing of LIn + Brown is disastrous.

  339. That’s every SG but at least he doesn’t dribble in place too long.

  340. Good you corrected that because I’m ready to call you out.

  341. Jeremy is in… clarkson fouled out

  342. Hey Lin is in, time for a 5 point play

  343. The thing with Portland is majority, they fronted Jeremy on defense, put their best man-to-man defender on him. That wouldn’t work. Put 5 players on defense against Jeremy…

  344. LOL!!!!

  345. isnt** wouldnt have made sense

  346. don’t care… turn off the game…FU bs!!!!!!!!!!!

  347. Not true he was MIA defensively.

  348. Ah well… I just wish that whoever the Lakers will get from their picks next season will be a total complete bust, just to show them tanking just to get top picks gets you nowhere.

  349. man to man cant really limit Lin much hes fast and a lot stronger and more ahletic than people give him credit for
    one high screen boom hes finishing at the rim
    only player I see he struggled against onw on one was khwai leonard then again who doesnt

  350. I can see the tank exploding.

  351. I think so.

  352. I would not be surprise if the lotto ball bouces the wrong way for the lakres… the Lord works in mysterious ways.

  353. Oh they will pay for the way they did Lin. I have no doubt

  354. Tanking is painful and doesn’t guarantee success. Still many teams are getting on it. That makes NBA games unwatchable.

  355. They should just play ping-pong for their picks:

  356. Just like Knicks did.

  357. Yeah A colossal bust for sure.

  358. Perhaps, it has to do with his movement w/o the ball.

  359. haha… that must be the lakers only ping pong ball.

  360. Not true, Lin played great defense even with his limited minutes! 3 rebounds and 2 steals!

  361. I really want to know what Lin will say in his post game interview? Maybe will not show then?

  362. Hey guys, it is all good. Lin only has 18 more games left on this miserable team.

  363. Yeah, like Kwame Brown bad.

  364. I like the game like this at this pt….lin got more valuable films to break down

  365. 17 only… so happy. I think even BS really let Lin starts… he will bench him like today. smh!

  366. I can’t stand it any longer.

  367. I wonder if lin will hug and kiss every one of the girls from jlingarden?

  368. Just remember, whoever drafted by LAL can not be allowed to outshine Kobe, which means pretty much they have to play D-league games. And Kobe will fight for another contract from LAL.

  369. It will doubly hilarious if he’ll be worse than Kwame.

  370. opponent team just allow Jabari to play..no serious complication even he score 20+ point. they know whom to put their defense on.

  371. Nothing to see here….eh i mean the film. Its a team game.

  372. I really can’t stand it any longer knowing that this coach is going to find some way to make Lin look bad.

  373. why no Question MARK ding???? too afraid to ask BS WHY?
    So obvious BUT no one’s asking the right question!

  374. Clarkson was the one MIA. Bench guard scored over 20 pts against him.

  375. wes commiting TO, BS seems ok with it..Booz lost the ball..BS seems ok too..everybody made a TO, BS was very OK..but..but with JLIN..”BS mad to the hilt!

  376. 3 steals

  377. Don’t we see what JLIN’s showing a while ago..he’s holding himself back because its a waste of effort right now…he just goes with the flow if you understand His game. Jlin is his own critique, thats why we need to understand the lying factors why he seems so far away from the game today!

  378. Lin can study the film and find ways to get out of this awful situation before the next team does the same thing on him. It’s games like this that will make Lin work hard.

  379. he’s not shooting because he needs to pass the ball first, says BS (PRICE-TON), but more that ever, it will not come back to him to have the chance to shoot..LOL!

  380. That’s technically 19 games too long. LOL

  381. no point in studying film if the teammates doesn’ do the same.

  382. whatevewr.when it gets down to single digits , I will start counting.

  383. because its no longer relevant,
    BS: GARBAGE GAMES already for a Garbage player like JLIN- !

  384. Knowing what is hitting him, he can pass the ball off before he gets hit again.

  385. Counting:
    17 more games
    31 more days to end of season

    107 days to FG

    JLin, just stays healthy and improves as much as you can .

  386. They have met yesterday

  387. Lin did fine. He should keep his head up and keep going. Pfv says he is continuing to play lin prime.

  388. Can’t stand it any longer… but glad only 17 games to go. smh!

  389. Yes sir….

  390. So he prolly did that already off camera, lol.

  391. I think there is always something…

  392. Not sure about that..lol

  393. I know. It’s only to get ugly with whatever crazy BS will throw at the players. Who has the right mind to do conditional practice almost at the end of season. Only out of mind person will.

  394. Ellington played so so tonight.

  395. dude try not to put names like clarskon in there.. he is a rookie still.. it makes the team chemistry bad if other sees this….BUT then.. it’s near the end of tanking season.so I guess it’s ok. But still don’t like names UNLESS they are to blamish in a way.

  396. need to look at the coaches of that team.

  397. I think he just told the truth not trash JC in anyway….

  398. Lin will learn from this game. If all your passing lane is cut off, shot the dammn ball or just lob it to the big man for hockey assist.

  399. Lin + Ellington work pretty well. They move well w/o the ball.

  400. I guess BS just tried to make Lin feels miserable in Lakers & hope he will not sign w Lakers in FA. I hope Lin will not either… I believe even BS really starts Lin, he will bench Lin when he made mistake on court. smh!

  401. Throwing everybody under the bus… yup that’s BS for ya

  402. hey..but it’s true..no.

  403. He never blames himself. It’s always the other guy.

  404. yes.. but the lakers big stinks do stinks at setting screens.. it’s like hill stands there for less than splits second and just moves.. it’s like he is distracting opponents by attempting to set a screen.

  405. If hes just holding back then good
    no need to get injured
    he still got a lot left in tank

  406. I’m not disagreeing with you. I just don’t like Scott blaming everything on everyone else but himself.

  407. This is no revelation. Davis/Boozer are the only ones that do.

  408. Kind of amazed that BS asked, and yet still don’t know why?

    What irresponsible coach is that?

  409. well, we can blame him for just noticing this now.

  410. Lol, he doesn’t like PnR. And then he’s surprised that bigs don’t screen?

  411. anybody had the same feeling as me that Ellington play selfish recently?

  412. At this point, Lin has probably already tuned scott out because he knows that he is an idiot.LOL

  413. BS is despicable in every sense. His initial says it all.

  414. but that’s not truth. Hawks played great defense and they double a lot, not just to Lin. It is their great defense.

  415. man.. he looks so said or out of it. why did he go to the locker room before?

  416. Does it happen to you all that Lakers is outcoached in all possible ways?

  417. In other news, we have a potential playoff match up of Rockets, Spurs. Who’s ready for another Rocket first round bye?

  418. https://twitter.com/bgarcia90/status/577330325031780353

    if it is a problem whole season, and still not improved, and the coach still don’t know why. Yeah, sure, hard not to be out coached….

  419. What do you think is BS’ motivation for starting JLin for the final games?

    Also BS calling the team soft and now scared. What a great motivational speaker…

  420. No one can give scott a freebie on coaching in these last games since it won’t affect draft pick… more exposure on his incompetence.

    I am convinced scott has his own coaches huddle before talking to the players during time out during the game bc he doesn’t know what he is doing/what to do.

  421. Kobe is not pleased with this comment lol

  422. LOL Davis will be glad to be out Lakers after the season is over as well. He will get a good contract because of JLin:-)

  423. Well, they were busy running suicides, remember?

  424. Curious as well. Anyone knows why?

  425. Davis is fed up. He is definitely outta there. He/lin agents have put feelers out and got better offers..LOL

  426. Can’t believe this ignoramus can say this with a straight face. BS may know how the game should be played but he has no idea how to impliment it, nor does he have the mental strength to do it.


  427. Bless his heart. Lin is burnt out trying to be politically correct…LOL He is looking like can this be over soon…

  428. And then he simply ignores what they suggest for him to do…LOL

  429. Jeremy’s post game interview.

  430. 18 more games lin…then you will be free

  431. wow!

  432. and clueless , he is… smh

  433. I gotta say that people say lin makes dumb plays and get TO’s. I don’t think so. I think it is about players being out of place most of the time. Lin is a better focused and more calculating player. on most team when PG’s are double teamed or triple teamed, most teams will help the PG to get free. Many Laker players don’t know what to do because they have not been taught. Lin/Davis/Boozer gets it, the others don’t.

  434. If not from coach then why some games they did do well to help Lin w screen?! Lie. If Lin’s teammates guarded their man well then he would not be double teams all night long.

    Curry is the best shooter in the league now but I hardly saw him got double teams. smh!

  435. So BS doesn’t know how to teach bigs on how to screen. Can’t teach players how to handle a double team. That and what seems like a million other things he doesn’t know how to do. And he’s a head coach lol

  436. I agree… it’s his teammate’s problem & of course that sure came from the instruction by coach….asked them not to help Lin. Bc in other games, they did help well…?! smh! BS sure wanted Lin to look bad so he doesn’t have to let him back to starting lineup. smh!

  437. “It’s only 17 games more to go!”How ironic. Never thought that I would pray for the season ending asap

  438. Yup. Which is why he doesn’t want the players to hear it… haha

  439. To think I actually respected Scott as a show-time Laker…. lol

    Scott described that he use to “sneak” into the Great Western Forum as a teen. I’ve come to the conclusion that that’s his whole approach to life — he’s a conniving SNEAKER

  440. Agree bball is not a one man show. Whenever lin sees his teammate stuck he usually runs over to try to help and give the teammate an outlet to pass to him to reset. Maybe just a PG thing. Don’t know

  441. Lakers scorer is horrible, so many mistakes in this game. Lin’s 4th TO was actually a TO from Brown, and his 3rd steal is also Brown’s. And the play right before Lin got pulled in the 4th, that was Ed’s 3s violation, thus should be Ed’s TO, but it got credit to Boozer.

    So Lin should have 3 TO and 2 steal in this game. Looks like the scorer could not distinguish Brown from Lin.

  442. Who are the fans to help Lin to get the credit for his block back?

  443. Byron Scott doesn’t seem to care what other teams are doing. Days in days out, he’s using the same rotations asking his players running the same plays. Atlanta Hawks was hitting the LA Lakers from the beginning. LAKERS made no adjustments. It is up to the players to improvise. Does Byron’s coaching staff study the other teams?

    The Lakers don’t know anything about basketball. All they want are the best players and then they think they will win the championship automatically. They have thrown teamwork, strategy and all the fundamentals out of the window.

  444. http://on.nba.com/1BKz8YJ

    this is the TO credit to Lin, should be Brown’s.

  445. All Byron did was to run his fitness drills before games.

  446. Someone has to get photo evidence & e-mail NBA.

  447. really…hope so…Lin need to scrutinize the team he is going to

  448. Can you send this to Ido & ask him how can we help to clear the wrong record?

  449. Need video evidence to submit to NBA by e-mail.

  450. Paul is talking about this too… can you contract him?

  451. Can’t hear the question asked of Lin where he replied starting with “keep it simple”…Can anyone help?

  452. Glad to see him smile.

  453. Once you realize BS is BS…everything is good….I guess

  454. So true. DGAF now, haha.

  455. RESPECT!!

  456. We have said this since day1…LAKER bigs set pathetic screens

  457. That Baby Lin’s hair tho…

  458. He is injured… give him a break. lol.

  459. Sometimes, I wonder is there a conflict between BScott and the Coaching Staffs?

  460. Picture Time…The least that we have seen, for a long time ๐Ÿ™

  461. Better shots here…

  462. Thats it!!!

  463. Lin & family after the game.

  464. his hair is also Linjured :]

  465. One sign of good team play is the ability to play without the ball. Bball intelligence is finding the gaps to fill, anticipating the spacing to come from teammates’ movements and running the proper seams to create openings for passes. Davis was the one who naturally understood this and immediately filled the right gaps from Lin’s movements. It took Boozer a few more months to learn it. I even saw Hill do it once in the Heat game. Hill is by far the laziest in moving or anticipating open spaces. BTW, this type of BBall smarts also is how good team defensive play is created.

    One of the plays that showed what good passing is all about is a totally blind pass that LIN threw over his head back up the middle lane to a trailing boozer. LIN had driven deep under the basket and was running out of room with many bigs around him. Lin never saw Boozer; he felt him and the open space that was gaping behind him. Lin knew that ALL HE NEEDED TO DO WAS TO THROW THE BALL BACKWARDS OVER HIS HEAD WITHOUT EVEN LOOKING INTO THAT OPEN SPACE AND BOOZER WOULD BE THERE FOR AN EASY SCORE, and he was.

    Coach LIN has been teaching his teammates how to play team ball all season. This is why LIN is so good at making his teammates better. Lin teaches them patterns of play on how to find seams and gaps in space time. The Knicks learned to do it and you can see it as the season progressed that the Knicks players knew where to be for one another. The Knicks retained some of those patterns the following year but soon regressed back to stagnant movements again. It will happen also for the Rockets as well as they will forget the PG initiated movements from LIN.

  466. I’m trying my lip-reading.

    Did he say, “There goes that possession right here”?

  467. lol

  468. It does not matter what he says. lol

  469. I saw that during the games. 3 people still waved the 3 signs even after Lin was benched.
    Impressively cute! :>

  470. True dat!

  471. I did already. Just looking for someone with video evidence.

  472. Linsanity team has a combined Bball IQ of 1800. Ok I made that up, but not really far off..lol

  473. the tanking business definitely cloaked BScott’s slow, outdated system to be exposed this year.
    Next year there won’t be any excuses for him

  474. Sounds like Winters disagree? lol

  475. Lin is really reluctant but still complies with giving the interview.
    “Can I leave now?” while he’s looking around the locker room.
    If Byron didn’t take him out so early, Lin could be the one leading the comeback. NBA games are about runs. Byron Scott always look for excuses to take him out.

  476. Why used “Still”!?!

  477. exactly my point

  478. Byron doesn’t understand basketball talk so he just turns off his input comprehension.

  479. Another doubter! lol.

  480. Byron is much worse than McHale; at least Lin had not been so much handcuffed in running plays.

  481. Who?? Brent??

  482. Michael, of course.

  483. Both are from the same book…just different page..sigh

  484. We’ve already established Brent is a doubter. I was referring to Serena ;P

  485. haha

  486. I think she maybe just tried to know what’s in his mind about his FA… I believe Lin sure got some teams to contact him about this FA that’s why he is not worry & optimistic.

  487. Must be your IQ. Lol

    Every once in a while I’ll go back to watch the game Kicks played against Raptors in MSG. There were a few plays where the Knicks played incredible team ball. One in particular was when Chandler threw a blind pass over his head after receiving an entry pass from LIN on the right low post. It was an awkward looking pass to nobody but LIN picked it for a drive to the basket. This showed that Tyson was learning to trust the feeling for empty spaces and for his teamates to fill it.

  488. Who is reading this garbage of a book? lol.

  489. Hey thats…BScott’s line…blaming others

  490. how many min did lin get?

  491. Lakers are good at passing to their defenders tho. Equally impressive…lol

  492. lol…dont even want to look at its cover…but we have no choice….forced into…watching

  493. 18.x

  494. In comparison, BS has a hidden agenda. That’s why Lakers are not playing the game the way it should be played.

  495. lol ty

  496. TWC showed this? Or from Hawks ?

  497. In Houston, Lin still handed out assists and scored 38 on the Spurs.
    In LA, Lin has improved in his game but he’s almost totally put out of commission by Byron Scott who pretended that he didn’t have anything to do with it.

  498. Playing for Byron Scott is definitely an enormous burden. Jason Kidd did well with him as the coach but Kidd want to fire him.

  499. Byron run fitness drills for players much more than basketball drills.

  500. Thanks. Someone also contact him about how to email this to NBA.

  501. After what Lin has gone through in LA, no FA with the right frame of mind would go to LA and play for Byron.

  502. https://twitter.com/JackNieto3/status/577351461178245120 Info on contacting NBA. It was posted to the wrong game thread. I don’t see it here. Need to be released.

  503. Real dumb; Kelly isn’t a shot blocker.

  504. Good observation. You definitely can coach Lakers better than Byron.

  505. search “send an email to nba”,


  506. This is the most ridiculous thing on this side of the earth. Jabrai Brown dumped the ball off instead of passing.
    That is why the Hawks can key on Jeremy because they know that Brown couldn’t make a pass.
    Lakers scorers are cheating on Jeremy.

  507. Very nice pic of the family.

  508. I have watched the game partially. This is totally a lost in terms of the schemes. BS basically gave ATL too many chances to double team Lin and sometimes Clarkson. BS needs to be chained on a chair with the thing that keep his eye open. Then put Spurs’ offensive sets in repeat mode.

  509. Didn’t BS say that he ignores the stats provided by Madsen? Madsen must be shaking his head comparing BS to Coach D. lol

  510. Noticed on that one play when Lin was double teamed, Black didn’t move. Saw Lin talking to him after that play.

  511. Ha! Ha! Serena tried to trick him but Lin too smart.

  512. This is the second time Lin said “the best is yet to come”.

  513. It was in response to a Chinese reporter where Lin had trouble understanding him. I think he asked if anything similar to his New York days is going to happen, and Lin’s response was “best is yet to come”. Perhaps that’s why Serena Winters used the word “still”.

  514. All problems started when he put Jabrai Brown in the rotation.

  515. Brown played ok I think..

  516. Why?

  517. Ya! I am pretty sure he is very confident on his FA & next team bc all the FA players no one said the same like Lin. He is also the only one who didn’t say he wants to stay w current team. Can’t wait for this summer.

  518. Hurray! Thanks.

  519. She also said hope more fans to do so…

  520. ic thanks

  521. Only doubters are doubling that..

  522. Look at how he passes the ball from PFV’s video clip below. You will change your mind. This guy doesn’t know how to pass the ball.

  523. Then WInters should not quote his words this way

  524. He has zero NBA exp, my expectation is low

  525. With him playing beside you, it’s a time bomb and it kills ball movement. All he does well is catch and shoot.

  526. not from Serena. Chinese reporter asked some dumb questions.

  527. Well the guy can score in a variety of ways compared to Young who just like shooting contested 3s.

  528. Which is good I guess. At least he can score.

  529. A less version of Nick Young!

  530. Right.
    Hehe I’m thinking may be Lin rejected her……love or hate, there’s nothing in between when it comes to Lin….

  531. I think more….not less actually

  532. LOL wild imagination.

  533. Dude, it is exactly why he put Clarkson’s name in there. A rookie should never be sold as a starter PG when he clearly has no ability for passing or creating for others. I fully get why Gottliieb single Clarkson out. It is to torpedo the tanking lies put out by BS and FO. They are trying to sell Clarkson as a better PG than LIN. The fact that opposing teams ignore Clarkson and focus only on Lin is to destroy the lies and propaganda put out by the Lakers.

  534. Hm, I don’t sense anything sinister or insinuation that Serena doubts Lin?

    I think she wants to relay the message that Lin still believes he’s able to produce something better than Linsanity in NY?

    In the past, she’s been very supportive of Lin so it could be something amiss in the context of a tweet.

  535. Please take this face away.
    That could give nightmare to children.

  536. Hahaha that’s the side effect of listening too many BS

  537. She should not use “still” because it will bring Lin’s quote out of context

  538. https://twitter.com/CNM_JLin_Vids/status/577358901718458368. At least 3 fans have contacted NBA!! More to follow, I’m sure.

  539. Yeah, if Lin throw the ball to the direction that Hawks can anticipate, it will be another TO.

  540. LOL, pin point passing.

  541. Because Jarbrai Brown who has just come back from D-league. He spent most of his time with Jeremy.

  542. Jabrai Brown can score in a variety of ways more so than Young even though I see more potential in Young. With a great coach Young can totally be part of a big 3. It’s too bad the tanking and Kobe politics ruined everything. I really wanted to see Lin and Young leading the Lakers together but they were never given the chance.

  543. Come onboard, the Lin bandwagon has plenty of room =)

  544. perhaps I miss something or lack some sleep :], I’ll wait for others to weigh in on this

  545. LOL, you need to join Michael…

  546. If you think Clarkson is bad, Jabrai Brown is worse.

  547. It wouldn’t help to tie down a piece of cow pie to a chair. It doesn’t have a brain to absorb Intel. All it can do is to harden and stink up the place. BS is BS after all.

  548. I know that’s why I said it’s about his FA… sometimes the reporter’s tweet didn’t really tell the whole story….

  549. Look at PFV’s video clip for his horrible pass at Davis’ back.

  550. Brown and LIn were so far apart. How could they miss on the TO? Talking about conspiracy…

  551. But basketball is a team sport.

  552. Probably similar build, body type, etc.

  553. They credit one Brown’s steal to Lin too, so no conspiracy….

  554. It is ok, we can leave him there anyway

  555. Different hairstyle and colour of skin!
    Lin’s look is one of a kind in NBA.
    How could anyone miss on that?

  556. with every players serving their functions.

  557. Everyone has more than one function. A complete player needs to be able to pass the ball. That’s fundamental! You couldn’t be an NBA player w/o fundamentals.

  558. Its Jabari

  559. You are not going to have a team with all 5 starters with complete skill sets. That is very unlikely to happen. JC and Brown are at the stage where their only immediate contribution to the team is to score and to defend.

  560. kinda interesting to see we have one too many “J”s…JC, JB, JH, and obviously JL!

  561. true…lol

  562. No, conspiracy is definitely carrying it too far. Let’s drop this, alright?

  563. Lately, been having problem using firefox on this site…anybody else? Chrome is fine, though

  564. Must be some troll-banning features at work….lol

  565. that explains…from the leader!!! lol…jkjk

  566. still on crutches, behind him

  567. PFV’s video

  568. Amen!

  569. Disqus had issues with Firefox plugins in the past so it could be an issue.

    Either that or Big Brother is watching as Brent said =>

  570. Thanks. Added to Video Gallery on homepage

  571. what happened? JLin only played 18+ mins. was he hurt, off night, or something?…

  572. Would much rather Rockets not make the playoffs at all, would be a smack in the face for Morey for his MVP talk on Harden.

  573. Always felt Ellington had too many ISOs, many are misses too. He also handles the ball some times as PG which brings the ball out of Lin’s hands. How I miss the days when Lin was the sole ball handler and PG!

  574. Benched, at one point JLin did go back to the locker room but he seemed fine.

  575. oh, ok.thanks.

    was he benched for a mistake?

  576. a drive-by shooting is going down! BS, the ex-south side crips gangsta!

  577. benched for mistake of Byron Scott

  578. ha ha. yes. i should have known better…

  579. It takes time to develop chemistry between players. Putting Jabrai Brown almost exclusively on Jeremy hurt more than benefit him. For the time being, scoring is the easiest to catch on. Defense is the hardest. Byron Scott has been experimenting a lot with this team but next season as we can predict half of the team would be gone.
    All these experimentation could only benefit borderline players like Jabrai Brown, Tarik Black, Ryan Kelly, Wesley Johnson and even Ellington to make the team. Now the 4th player cut down on minutes significantly on Jeremy most. This is not going to help Lin at all.
    Can’t wait to see the end of this season for Lakers.

  580. surrounded by blue jerseys. Where are your teammates?

  581. Looking forward to it now.

  582. Davis is too good to stay in LA for his player option.

  583. Davis is the one who set solid pick. Kyle Korver knows better than anyone.

  584. Can’t stop me..

  585. The evolution of JLin goes on. Next game is against the mighty Warriors. Lin has virtually played with every players on this team each night. Hope that he eventually find the team chemistry for a good outing. See you folks tomorrow.

  586. Welcome.

  587. I’m just a troll, not a doubter.

  588. Wow. Another JLin friend steps up!

  589. What did he say…I cant hear anything?

  590. Bravo…good job!

  591. comeon…we know it happens to many players

  592. The nsa… enough said

  593. You are perpetuating the stereotype that asian Lin fans are crazy and fanatical. You’re hurting rather than helping Lin. I hope you realize that.

  594. as i predicted since the clamp down post mini linsanity run which began with either the memphis or mia game i dont remember which lins minutes have with one blip for the det. game (concidentally or not the only game lakers have won in this stretch) been going directly down game by game, 29, 26, 23, 22, 19…

    with the bizarre “annoucnement” evidently (i never actually say it just heard about it here) that lin would be “starting” the last 10 games, how that will factor in dont know. but for now clear on a trend downward, (in opporutnity) that has been initiated 3 times this year:

    first when lin was playing well in dec only to be reduced and then replaced by price, second same thing in dec, reduced and replaced by clakrson; and now post asg; reduced without being replaced!

    should the you get to start the last 10 thing materialzie it would be as someone suggested earlier an insult more than a appreication; its like we knock you down every time yer up all year and then we give you a chance to “prove” something at the end.

    tank you very much.

  595. congratulations on your second comment. of all time. as compared to kwl’s 11000 plus. who is likely to be more considered as to possible source of credible information to the posters here? i hope you realize that.

  596. thats carrying democracy too far.

  597. Ed Davis has also left Landmark Sports and will now be represented by Leon Rose of the Creative Artists Agency,

  598. Yep, Davis is gone.

  599. i am sure lin will make the best of the the opportunity.

  600. Lin’s post game interview last night: “… I am not trying to change anything, You know, I can’t … Again, there is a lot of things that I can’t control in terms of, you know, other things or how much you play or the lineup or whatever or…, just anything … ”

    “I am not trying to change anything” – I have to do this awkward and outdated quarter Princeton set.
    “You know, I can’t .. ” – I have to follow HC’s direction even though I don’t agree.
    “There is a lot of things that I can’t control ….” – Basically I can’t do P&R, I have to pass first, I have reduced minutes, I have to play with different lineup games in games out.
    “or whatever” – Whatever, I am out of here next season.

  601. Not familiar. Please explain this a little bit more.

  602. I think ED left the former agent who also reps Kobe and will sign with notorious CAA?

  603. since asg rondo and beverely have been the worst point guards in the nba by far among pg’s actually getting any significant playing time as starters.

  604. kwl has a history of being fanatical so his credibility is kinda’ shot. And, given that you’re supporting him blindly, your credibility isn’t that great either.

    Frankly, it shouldn’t matter who said what. The content should stand for itself. People like kwl and yourself have made people believe that lin fans are a crazy cult. it’s funny that kwl constantly cries racism when he acts like a fanatic.

  605. The message to his fired agent seems to be
    “Thanks for getting me into this mess. Next season I want no part of this.”

    Kobe’s agent (that is the fired agent) drew a raw deal for Ed Davis for Kobe’s sake.

  606. I knew Davis was gone the minute he gave Lin credit for helping him play well.

  607. It’s OK for you that people made a point blank mistake but it’s crazy and fanatical for me to call it out. This is the stereotype of double standard that smeared the reality.
    It’s ironic that you call yourself Open truth.
    The stereotype that submissive Asian is only a fragment of your imagination.
    We demand justice and fairness as the fundamental rights of human beings. It shouldn’t matter who said it. The truth stands for itself but you resort to ad hominem.
    This is a big mistake. It’s funny that people like you covering the unfairness and is crying wolf when I expose the injustice and unfairness.

    By your standard, Martin Luther King Junior and Gandhi is also fanatic which I fanatically refuse to accept as OpenTruth.

  608. This is a TO.
    Just take a look at PFV’s attachment and judge it for yourself. Lin isn’t even close to where it happened.

  609. I haven’t seen anything about the steal.
    Granted you might be right about the steal, it has nothing to do with adding a TO to Lin’s account.
    Don’t you think this is irrelevant.

  610. This kind of mistakes about Lin has happened too often.

  611. You resort to ad hominem. That annihilates your credibility.

  612. Both Davis and Lin don’t have the reputation of Boozer as an established basketball player. We figure their diminishing minutes would be the direct result of it.

  613. BS, you don’t have to tell us we knew you have an agenda all along.

  614. There is a possibility. We can’t prove it nor deny it.

  615. And from Jlin haters: crickets. .. crickets. .

  616. Guess he is the Knick’s next Center/PF!

  617. Not sure what I think about all these teams continue to use JLin as promoting Lakers games.

  618. The Pattern of Basketball: Atlanta Hawks Big Men
    Jan 7, 2015 – Atlanta is 26-8 and they have won 18 of their last 20 games. … thing you need to know about the Hawks is that it all comes down to spacing. … They play five-out basketball for all 48 minutes, bringing in two more big men off …

    This article clearly illustrates how bad a coach Byron Scott is. He is clearly stuck in the stone ages of 80s basketball. KOBE is a dinosaur of that time and BS the enabler is forcing the Lakers play a stretch 3 system with no spacing in the middle.

    The game is changed and continues to evolve. My thoughts and inclination is that Lin is a transformative player who can bring the game to the next level of play by his combination of skills and mental strength. Today we marvel at teams like Spiurs and Hawks of selfless team play. How is it that Lin often is misunderstood and misjudged by critics for the very same values that these teams display? Coaches have always said that Lin wasn’t very good at one on one AND THAT WHERE LIN SHINES IS WHEN YOU WATCH HIM PLAY OVER TIME IN GAME SITIATIONS OF FIVE ON FIVE. Well this really is what the Hawks and Spurs do.

    Simplistically, the difference between 80s bball and modern bball is that it’s no longer about beating players one on one. It’s about five guys working together to win space time. The movements of team play is to not beat a man, it’s to manipulate opponet’s into surrendering a space for more than a couple of seconds for a uncontested open shot. Essentially, it’s no longer about one man beating another man like how a Kobe wants the game to continue to shine on him as the star. Even Lebron realizes this because he desperately wants to surround himself with other players to create the necessary spacing for himself.

    I keep harping on the how Lin has the ability to be the best player in the NBA becasue he has a skill set developed since his childhood. He naturally understands this idea of beating opponents with spacing. This is why scouts and coaches don’t know how to evaluate him.


  619. Who else they could use?…lol …anything that has JLIN sells

  620. it was : if in doubt, give the TO to Lin. Now, if there is a TO, give it to Lin.

  621. Ok, both of you @OpenTruth:disqus and @kwokwailai:disqus , please stop it here…as you know the rules here, you maybe dispute as much you want, with respect and no personal attacks please. Thanks

  622. I am a Lin fan but a post like yours is just over the top and totally not substantiated by ANYTHING. You just write a lot. Making it worse, you say stuff like Lin can be the best in the NBA and developed a new style of play never before seen in basketball. I mean COME ON!!!!!

  623. I’m fine with the word “still”, dont think its wrong ๐Ÿ™‚

  624. Good to see this obvious question asked…as usual, we all know the answer

  625. Not sure if this had been posted…probably way down there…

    Jeremy Lin Full Highlights 2015 03 15 Hawks @ Lakers ๆž—ๆ›ธ่ฑช7ๅˆ†3็ฑƒๆฟ-
    liao anton 5:13min

  626. You would of course doubt LIN’S ability to be the best in the NBA. Unsubstantiated? No…he’s done it once already during Linsnaity when he carried a team of nobodies except for Tyson Chandler. Why is it that you and the masses choose to downplay what Lin has achieved instead of trying to understand HOW it was achieved.

    You have always parroted the so call experts line that Lin is a fluke and a mid level player. I’m not surprised that your lack of vision doesn’t allow you to see beyond your realm of knowledge.

  627. So, criticize his points, please, rather than criticizing the poster.

  628. When did Ed Davis say this? Do u have a link, Joyce?

  629. I think you forgot Steve Nash and Mike D’Antoni in those years together in Phoenix.

  630. The flagrant marginalization of Jeremy Lin is seriously despicable. It is correct that his fans protest. What’s-his-name-the-black-commentator for the Hawks just couldn’t find what more to disparage Lin with; while the other would justly praise him.

    It is true that corruption rules, but the Will of goodness is nevertheless more abundant. The greatest humiliation facing the conceited still looms overhead. The talent of JLin shall be enlisted into a fine basket ball team and then the extraordinary point guard shall be recompensed.

    How can it be otherwise?

  631. What kind of words did Lin have with Byron when subbed out in the 4th? I’d love it if Lin stands up to Byron, Byron is a fool and Lin has a better understanding of the game than Scott does. Also, get Kobe from off the bench. The team doesn’t seem as free flowing and at ease as they were when he wasn’t there.

  632. Kobe kept giving his “advice” to the youngsters I guess…lol

  633. I apologize. I will try my best to be respectful.

  634. Thanks mate

  635. I will try to be respectful when I say this. Your response to TTNN indicates how you only see one side of things. TTNN was implying that the turnover was a simple error. He gives an example of how a steal was incorrectly credited to Lin in the same game. If it was indeed racism, then all errors would be against Lin. However, you said that the steal was irrelevant. Of course, it’s relevant. It indicates that the TO was a simple error instead of some mass conspiracy.

  636. “There is no point to deny it anymore”

    That is your opinion which many people (including asians) disagree with. Don’t try to shove your opinion down other people’s throats. You have to realize that people can have differing opinions. And, if they do, it’s not based upon racism or some mass conspiracy.

    A lot of asians cry racism and bring up this submissive stereotype of Asians. I don’t think Asians are submissive. It sounds like you are the one that believes it.

    Please stop bringing up such toxic talk. It’s has alienated many regular fans into thinking that asians are crazy.

  637. He just overloads them with his “expertise” and makes them uncomfortable. Kobe’s time is over. LeBron can be tough but he’s less intense, his approach works better and most of his team has bought into his approach to the game.

  638. Well, using your logic, I can say that there is a possibility that Nelson Mandela was in leagues with Osama Bin Laden. You can’t prove it nor deny it, right?

    Well, that’s wrong. Of course, you can’t definitely prove it but the chances of it being true are not likely.

  639. Be vigilant Lin fans! This stinks of the same “trustfulness” which discombobulated the old JLin site before the hate trolls took over.

    Bigotry and jealousy exists and it is a widespread evil underhandedly tilting the balance one way or the other.

  640. An Article talks about Jordan Clarkson (and his father’s illness), Jabari Brown

    Missouri’s NBA Draft-Bound Backcourt Bonded over Fathers’ Struggle with Cancer


  641. The support from JLin Garden fans for Jeremy is simply amazing!


  642. GSW’s defense is even better than ATL’s I think. What will Lin do today?! Linsanity beyond of course! lol

  643. I’m assuming you’re agreeing with me?

  644. I use firefox, don’t have any problems. what specifically?

  645. JLin’s TOs back to 3
    Thanks to those who emailed to NBA

  646. Well done!!! fans!!

  647. Lin averages 6.2 drives per game where he converts it with 3.6 ppg off drives and his team benefits 7.7 ppg from his drives. His FG% of drives are 49.1%. Lin averages 10.9 ppg so far. Had BS providing some better schemes, Lin should have averaged 2-4 more drives a game and maybe 3-6 more in terms of ppg.

  648. It’s not surprising that Lin just happens to have been able to pull off Linsnaity with D’antoni. Yes it’s true that nash and D’ANTONI have been doing it before, so has the old school teams of the 60s.

    The reason I keep saying Lin is special is that EVEN D’ANTONI DIDNT RECOGNIZE LIN’S TALENT UNTIL IT HAPPENED IN FRONT OF HIS EYES. the degree of separation may not be that great yet what transpired WAS. The fact remains that no one else has broken the records Lin has broken. No one has scored more points as a starter than Lin for the first 5 games SO WHY IS THAT?

    As a tennis pro, I’ve seen it first hand when Agassi changed the sport with. His forehand. It took a maverick coach outside of the system to recognize its transformative genius. That stroke has changed the game. It is now the gold standard, but for almost 20 years, the old experts kept saying that it was flawed.

    Khuang and I both agree on the same unabashed belief that Lin is a star player capable of transforming the game. I’m only beginning to understand why and finally putting it into logical words and reasons.

  649. He had time to shoot a commercial during a road trip?

  650. This is one of the main separations of how good a player lin truly is. Other than Westbrook, no one has the strength or speed to consistently score at the rim. It’s not surprising that Lin was second to Lebron in scoring alf the rim last year. This metric is lost by most experts whenever they look at Lin.

    If you look at the Hawk system of stretch 5 and the great interior spacing provided, Lin would instantly transform that team into champions.

    The skill set Lin brings is perfect to take advantage of that spacing. Lin has the speed, strength, court sense and passing to create space for himslef and his teammates.

  651. Haha! Maybe when he was vs Heat?

  652. Looks like our boy is headlining ESPN commercial for tonight’s game

  653. assume what you like.

  654. ESPN knows the numbers and they monitor data for viewership. Thats why they put him up there. Time warner cable lakers channel on the other need to spend there time on building up players that will still be there because their ratings are gonna tank next year without lin and kobe (who will be old and terrible).

  655. Isn’t it ironic no matter how much BS tries to marginalize JLin, JLin is the current face of the franchise. I noticed on ESPN JLin’s picture when they talked about upcoming games.

    It’s a softer version of Linsanity. Coaches all focus on defending him. ESPN and media outlets understand his marketability. But poor BS is stuck in the past.

  656. This game is on ESPN? the duel between the best and almost the worst team in NBA?….must be interesting.

  657. You’ve got great manners. Thanks!

  658. His drive performance is below average this season due to Scott. I can not find the place to do the pre/post ASB split. I believe his post-ASB stats are better.

  659. That is a direct cause of his antiquated stretch 3 system with 2 bigs clogging the middle. Lin had that problem at the beginning of last season with Howard refusing to set PNR for Lin.

  660. You’re a really nice guy. Thank you back!

  661. Because they know who has the most all-around ability, who is the “engine”, who is the most dangerous, who they have to game-plan to stop, whose smarts the press wants to quote post-game…and who gets the fans going!

  662. That been said, I am curious on how much Lin can adapt to a tight space. With a given system, good or bad one, I really like to see how good Lin can adjust to it. I do not think Lin’s post ASB are ALL because of spacing and pace. The improvements are bigger than that.

  663. The adaptation is likely how teams like Clippers try to set double screens for Paul. However it’s still a perimeter set for mid to long range shots. I’ve heard it said so many times now how the Clipoers depend way too much on outside shooting.

    The game has changed and even great coaches like Doc a Rivers has to learn the stretch 5 system. Until then Lin will be forced to be a round peg being hammered into a square port.

  664. Lame, just put up Jabari or Hill. Funny they put up the mentally weak benched scrub who gets 19 minutes per Coach Scott.

  665. I think Lakers ranked #1 in taking long 2s….good for bail out shots, but nothing more.

  666. Thanks, no Stool tonight.

  667. But if it is Reggie Miller, I will mute the game again

  668. I did criticize his points! I said the post was totally over the top and lacks substance. I attacked the fact the posting mentioned Lin as potentially the best player in the NBA and also that Lin developed a new style of play.

    “You just write alot” –> I edited my comment and took it out. The rest should be fine now.

  669. It’s still a lot better than Stool.

  670. Of course…lol

  671. The so call experts only look at the results and never the cause.

    When BS talks about how the Hawks play the right way, he is recognizing the results in the same way. A great coach however looks at the causality of results and applies that template to transform his own team. BS can’t even apply the first step. He’s still stuck in the old Princeton that he doesn’t even understand completely.

  672. Last time the worst (minus Kobe) destroyed the best easily, so who is the worst ?

  673. 1. Lin can never be potentially the best player in the NBA.
    Reason: Lin is 6 foot 3 not 6 foot 8. Lebron sized guys will simply be better, sorry. Lin requires assistance by teammates and coaches to look good. Lebron types need help too to be their best, but if you dropped Lebron next to Kobe as team PG, Lebron would not have struggled as badly as Lin did early this season.

    Russell Westbrook is currently playing a lot better than Lin. The only way Lin can become better than Westbrook is by shooting jumpers at higher percentage and also making less turnovers and be more efficient. Otherwise, Lin cannot even be better than Westbrook.

    2. Lin is not a pioneer who developed a new style of play.
    Reason: Lin simply uses pick and rolls very well. He is also very aggressive off the first step. Lin’s best athletic trait is his burst off the first step. That is why Lin is so good. Lin is not a pioneer who developed a new way to play. He is just a heady point guard who lacks advanced ball handling and 1 on 1 moves but makes up for it with tremendous ability to attack the paint to either finish or pass for open 3’s or point blank dunks/drop ins by his big men.

  674. I respect you as a tennis pro.. But just because you are a tennis pro doesn’t mean you understand basketball.

  675. he used to have close to 9 drives per game last season in Houston. Big drop off here.

  676. I think Lin is currently a top5 NBA PG. Only Russell Westbrook is clearly better to me. Curry probably too. Lin still in that top 5-8 area.

    I just dont agree Lin is potentially the best player in the NBA. I dont think that can ever be true, MVP or not of the NBA.

  677. ESPN?

  678. come on, Lin is a local kid, of course they are going to use him.

  679. Wow, second Laker player fire Kobe’s agent now. Hm, will Kevin Ding write up another article to trash Ed? He did that to Wes though.

  680. They should put up Byron Scott vs Kerr. That will get the BB fans to tune in.

  681. Here’s the problem, Lin has been playing for 3 teams and they all have one “franchise” player to protect at all cost.

    Those 3 “franchise” players are the worst of the worst in term of selfish and ball hogging totally unlike Lin. In NY, to protect the unhappy Melo they forced D’Antoni to resign. In Houston, they benched him so Harden can run the offense almost by himself and eventually they traded him no matter how well he played in the last playoff series against the Blazers. In fact they were willing to spend 2 picks just to dumb his salary, that’s how far they are willing to go to protect their franchise player, Harden. Now in LA and you already know what’s happening, Linsanity can’t not happen in Los Angeles while Kobe is still a franchise player. Did you see how things quickly change afer Lin had about 5, 6 breakout games (after ASG)? Including Kobe now shows up at the bench? They even went as far as promoting Clarkson to the degree of inflating his potential to justify Lin is just his backup pg.

    I still believe Lin will have his chance again after this season and the best part is he will make sure mistake not to repeat.

  682. I wonder if Jeremy’s banged up a bit after the recent thigh contusion. His finger or fingernail also looked bruised from a TV shot. To me, Jeremy looked just a tad slower last night. I hope he’s healthy.

  683. Could be. Those trainers seem to be incompetent with all the injuries they keep having.

  684. NASH was 2 times mvp. Lin if given the same chance could achieve that type of status.

  685. I was a starter PG in highschool so I know the game. In my senior season, I quit my starting position because a new coach took the ball out of my hands and my teammates froze me out. It was then that I took up tennis more seriously because I didn’t need anyone else but myself.

  686. By your logic, NASH wasn’t a MVP either. NASH should have lost the second MVP to Shaq because he is twice as big.

    You still are thinking on a one one one basis. The merit system you use is still based upon what the experts today use. The Spurs and Hawks don’t use that merit system. They don’t care who the star is! What they have bought into is a system that uses 5 players to create space for an easy open shot. That space is created by ball movement and it opens up eventually for one of the 5 players on court. This is why the NBA don’t know how to promote the Spurs, instead they continue to promote the fake stars like Harden and KOBE. The game has changed and until other teams start to adapt to the new team system, they will continue to fall to the Spurs and Hawks.

  687. Thanks to JLin global family….

  688. No problem. I try to be nice. Sometimes I feel guilty popping people’s bubble.

  689. He did look slower last night, let’s hope & pray he stays healthy for the last 17 games

  690. Yeah, tell me about it…. same here.

  691. Seems like the Hawks defense is what slowed him down. Everyone looked slower against that defense. Hawks are well coached.

  692. LOL 3 of those 4 guys are going to play 32+ minutes for their teams. Guess which one gets < 20 minutes. What a joke!

  693. I still wonder why wouldn’t J Hill made a step back and takes a 3 pointer instead of the long 2.
    J. Hill has shown us that he could make a 3 point shot. Long 2s are inefficient in scoring.

  694. Scott has tried to make his offense and his rotations as predictable as possible. The he blame on his players not winning games for him. He had made so many lame decisions on the court but he still refuses to take responsibility..

  695. Only God can tell that Lin can never be potentially the best player in the NBA. You’re playing God.
    Just like people in the past telling us that American team is the best and no other team can beat them. Did they lose to Spain?

  696. Curry has the full support of his coach and the team.
    Lin can only play 22 minutes at most in the game because Byron Scott wants it.

  697. That’s certainly a blessing for his career. His FG% is absolutely fantastic and it could only be better in teams other than the Lakers.

  698. I like this ‘tank you very much’

  699. This face will scar lots of children.

  700. LOL. This is the Open Truth.

  701. I will give him the benefit of doubt if he makes a four point play.

  702. Thats true…Come FA, Lin needs to find similar scenario as well

  703. lol…you being naughty here ๐Ÿ™‚

  704. acbc, I assume you are Asian (American). Did you play on the tour?

  705. Ed Davis’ game reminds of Dwight Howard. Great around the basket and can’t shoot FTs. Though, Ed’s PNR may be better than Howard’s. He should get a nice contract, I’m thinking $5-7M range.

  706. No, I’m just a teaching pro. I took up the game too late to make anything of myself. Besides my family didn’t have the money for coaching so I had to learn the game by myself. This is perhaps why I developed such a keen eye for biomechanics.

    Yes I’m Asian first gen.

  707. I really hope LIN can reunite with D’antoni somewhere. I truly believe that they can win a championship together.

  708. I see. Yeah, it’s also very tough to make a living as a pro tennis player unless you are in the top 100. Ironically, if you are the best 500 basketball players in the world, you are a millionaire. Guys outside of top 100 on the ATP tour are barely making enough to pay for their travel expenses, if that.

  709. Lose to Spain? No not yet. But I hope it happens soon.

    Seriously, who at 6 foot 3 has been the best player in the NBA? Rose won MVP but he was not the best player in the NBA. Nash won MVP but was not best player.

    Lin can win MVP one day and may be top 10 player, but not best.

    Seriously, I’ll take a Tim Duncan in prime, Davis, Lebron over Lin. I mean I’m Lin’s fan. But be real

  710. MVP does NOT mean you are the best player in the NBA. It’s an ordained title.

    I agree the NBA does not know how to promote Spurs. But let’s be real. Nobody who buys shoes wants to buy a “teamball player” shoe. They want to buy the NBA star shoes made by Nike.

    $$$$$ talks and you are right, the NBA does not know how to promote Spurs.

    Or perhaps, NBA tried and the Spurs are not promotable.

    Who wants to buy the shoes of some guy averaging 10 PPG and only hits open shots.

    Every young kid wants to wear Kobe and score like Kobe.

    Lin himself grew up to Jordan, but watching John Stockton.

  711. again MVP is a title. DOesn’t mean you are the best player.

    I think Lin can win MVP in the right situation. Doesn’t mean I think he is the best player.

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