G64 Jeremy Lin Leads Surging Brooklyn Nets against Dallas Mavericks

G63JLinAlthough the Nets lost the game to the Hawks 105-110, Jeremy Lin has brought leadership and his sharp-shooting (51.7% from 3 in the past 7 games) to make his Nets teammates believe they can win any games they previously had no business of winning. His 9 straight points in the fourth quarter helped the Nets to break down one of the best defense in Memphis Grizzlies and his valiant attempt in the 4th quarter to rally his teammates against the Hawks gave the Nets a chance to win a game. Lin’s leadership has made the Nets exciting to watch in competing hard against two opponents that are playoff-caliber teams being ranked 5th in the Western and Eastern conference.

Steve Lichtenstein from CBS wrote that one should never count out Jeremy Lin

It’s because I have learned that one should never count out Jeremy Lin.

The Nets point guard, who missed 44 games this season due to multiple hamstring woes after signing a three-year, $36 million free agent contract last summer, has a way of making a believer out of the most pessimistic curmudgeons like me.

That Lin missed the potential game-tying desperation 3-pointer on Wednesday is of no consequence. The Nets had no business being in that position given that they were down seven points with 3:11 to play.

However, in the ensuing 30-second span, Lin hit a jumper in the lane and then created a steal that led to his assist on a transition hoop by Sean Kilpatrick. In the final minute, Lin executed a perfect pick-and-roll bounce pass to an open Brook Lopez for a dunk that cut the Hawks lead to 104-102. Then, after Kilpatrick’s costly turnover seemingly put the game out of Brooklyn’s reach, Lin nailed a corner 3-pointer with 13 seconds left to make it 106-105 and re-open the door.

After getting a horrible record of 2 wins and 24 losses in the first two months of 2017, the Nets currently has 2 wins and 3 losses record in March since Jeremy Lin played in the 4th quarters.  No wonder many of his fans called him Mr. 4th Quarters. And the beauty of his game is he did not try to do it himself but it is all about empowering the team and making his teammates believe. It starts with his ability to break down defenses with his drives and to find open teammates to make their jobs easier to score in the offensive end.

Building ‘Nasty’ Nets Defense

On defense, he has talked about building on nastiness or toughness as the Nets identity. He lead by example by being willing to foul to prevent easy score by the opponents. He has averaged 3.4 fouls per game in the past 5 games. Hopefully his teammates will follow his example to play tough brand of defense in order to win tough games.

Hot Lin, Hot Teammates

It is not a coincidence that Sean Kilpatrick has averaged 16.8pts with 52.6% 3pt shooting in the past 5 games. Randy Foye averages 6.6pts with 69.2% 3pt shooting in 14.6 minutes per game in the same period. They no longer had to try to be a point-guard to organize the offense which resulted in so many ugly turnovers and easy score by the opponents. They can simply play their natural position as shooting guards to score when they are open.

It is notable that Lin averages 17 points per game when playing 22+ minutes in the last 5 games. A 100% healthy Lin would play 28-32 minutes per game according to Coach Kenny Atkinson and we can’t wait to see what Lin can do.

Nets vs Mavs Matchup

The Mavericks has been playing well winning five of their last six games and are 16-9 since mid-January. Yogi, ex-Nets player, has been playing very well for them to replace JJ Barea who just started coming back from injury.

Coach Rick Carlisle acknowledges how dangerous Jeremy Lin’s game can be and will game plan against him

ESPN.com Preview:

The Mavericks (27-36) have also won five of their last six and are 16-9 since mid-January to make a run on the last playoff spot in the Western Conference. Dallas trailed No. 8 Denver (29-35) by 1.5 games going into Friday.

The Mavs are coming off a two-day break having beaten the Los Angeles Lakers 122-111 on Tuesday. Nowitzki led the way with 25 points, and became the sixth player in NBA history to reach the 30K-point plateau.

Dallas gets another boost in its pursuit to go 4-0 on the current five-game homestand with the return of J.J. Barea. The veteran guard has missed much of the season with a nagging calf injury.


Brooklyn (11-52) concludes its annual “Circus Trip” in Dallas. The Nets are 2-5 so far on the eight-game trek and are coming off a 110-105 loss at Atlanta.

Jeremy Lin pulled the Nets within 106-105 with 13 seconds left, but the Hawks were able to close it out at the line. Brooklyn was trying to win consecutive games for the first time since last March.

“We are definitely getting better,” said Brook Lopez, who scored 18 in the loss but also sprained his ankle. “We have to take what we did well from this game and keep improving, learn from what we did wrong.”

Sean Kilpatrick scored 27 in 30 minutes off the bench and is averaging 23.3 points over his last three games. Lin added 16 points.

Brooklyn has success against the Mavs, especially in Dallas when the Nets have won four of their last five trips. The teams have yet to meet this season.

KEY OF THE GAME: Cut down turnovers, tough defense and more than 25 min of Jeremy Lin. Nets can’t afford losing the TO battle like it did vs the Hawks 22-15 and gives up on key rebounding to lose close game.

Let’s hope and pray JLin will stay healthy as his body adjusts to the rigor of NBA physical games and help the Nets believe they can win more games!

Let’s go, JLin and the Nets! 


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  1. Let’s get a win!

  2. Go Lin Go!

  3. I see a maverick trapped by nets….

  4. This season may be the most tragic chapter yet in Lin’s career. Expectations were running extremely high until a fairly severe hamstring injury early in the season made him sit out more than 40 games with another dozen or so played cautiously and under minute restriction. But the sports world is cruel and unforgiving. Nobody cares about excuses. Lin is the starting point guard for the Nets and as predicted by all the contemptuous NBA pundits, the Nets are the worst team in the NBA. Lin is averaging only 23 minutes per game but his production is compared unfavorably to PGs who average 35 mpg and routinely play close to 40 minutes in close games.

    The question is, why did Lin start to suffer hamstring injuries as soon as this season started? Is it because he’s gotten old? I doubt it. Russell Westbrook is also 28 years old and he doesn’t seem to be slowing down. There are plenty of guards who play hard well into their 30’s without hamstring problems. Is the new and inexperienced Nets performance team responsible? Maybe. Is it possible that changing his shooting form which required him to practice a thousand shots a day somehow wore out his left hamstring? Starting to sound far-fetched but who knows? Could it be just an unlucky, badly-timed, freak injury? Sure.

    But as someone who believes that there’s a reason for everything, I would argue that the hamstring injuries happened because Lin “overdid it.” Lin overdid it because he’s super-ambitious and hyper-competitive but I would further argue, that it was Coach Kenny’s contempt for winning that pushed Lin over the edge. Starting from preseason, when no one played more than 20 mpg, to the first game when the Nets mounted a comeback against the Celtics but Lin and the starters were left on the bench, to the third game when Lopez was rested, to the fourth game when Lin played scarce minutes and was then benched completely because the game was a blowout–Lin’s frustration with losing while not being given the playing time or touches necessary to make a difference probably drove him crazy. I would argue that a super ambitious Lin playing frustrated under limited minutes was the recipe for this disastrous season.


  5. its been a long and hard road for us lin fans and obviously for him most of all. However, here we are the moment we have all waited for. Lin has finally been given the keys to lead his own team.. We thought we would never be here, after counting down his dreadful days in houston and Los Angeles. It was not until he signed with Charlotte, where he had somewhat of a resurgence, did we all begin to finally see some positives in Lin’s tarnished reputation from all the critisim from Byron Scott and Kevin Mchale. Coach Clifford, although not the right coach for Lin, still helped Lin defensively and did give him plenty of praise to the media that undoubtedly led Lin to where he is right now. Obviously KA always believed in Lin, but if it wasn’t for Lin’s heroic games against SA, CLE, Boston and Toronto last year, Sean Marks may have never bought into the supposed hype and phenomena that surrounds Lin’s name. However, after all those rough years and times Lin was buried by his coaches and teammates publicly, Lin finally is healthy and in the role all us Lin fans wanted. He is a starting point guard and is the undisputed leader and closer for this team. This season, Lin has been riddled with injuries, but finally, finally, Lin is healthy and has been on absolute fire since his return. I am so excited and happy to be a Lin fan. All of us have stuck it out with Lin through many bumps and bruises, but we can finally have a moment of joy as no one deserves this more than Jeremy. Can’t wait to see how Jeremy does tonight! See you guys in a few hours!

  6. Never forget: all of Lin’s heroic games as a Hornet were made possible by injuries to either Batum or Kemba. No exceptions. Lin was allowed to shine only when Cliff had no other choice. Batum was back healthy for games 6 and 7 of the playoffs and that’s why Lin was not given the chance to win those games. Cliff said that Lin was, is and will always be a backup and Lin was payed $2M for his role as injury insurance. There’s a lot of revisionist history out there.

  7. Cliff also could have buried Lin like mchale, byron and woodson did, but he did not.. if he had buried lin like mchale or scott, Lin probably never would have been considered as a starter ever again

  8. That’s not quite accurate either. Even McHale used Lin when he really needed a win. Sometimes he tried to use Bev instead and got burned for it. The only real differences between Woodson, McHale, and Cliff vs. Scott: the first 3 were trying to make the playoffs. They were forced to use Lin when the game was on the line. BS was tanking. He unleashed Lin in only 1 game: when he wanted to beat their arch-rivals the Celtics.

  9. Wow, Yogi spoke his mind. Wonder what SM & KA think about this.

  10. Here is what I see about KA’s MO system: No one can excel in his MO system. He is molding the players into his system and not playing to his players’ strength. Have you ever seen any successful person in any field get on top of the world not playing with their strength? I also wonder Lin’s injury has something to do with his MO system.

  11. It’s the opposite of what he said in preseason that “roster dictates system”–http://www.netsdaily.com/2016/8/23/12603444/kenny-atkinson-roster-not-system-will-dictate-brooklyn-nets-offensethe. It’s uncreative, one-size-fit-all offense. He’s molding instead of grooming.

  12. They should up his minutes to 28 tonight after 2 games of 24 minutes. Watch when he comes out in the 1st Q. If he comes out after 7 minutes he’s going to play 28 providing no blowout.

  13. They got rid of him and barely gave him any minutes, he’s free to speak his mind. Only Lin doesn’t publicly shame those who mistreated him. Yogi will be playing with a chip on his back for sure. KA is not a good coach and is limiting the potential of his players by forcing them to accomdate his half glass of Motion offense.

  14. If I recall correctly, KA has NEVER left Lin in the first quarter more than 5-6 minutes starting from game 1. That’s the frustration I’m referring to that made Lin play too hard and tear his hamstring.

  15. Lol means Ka really wants to win against Yogi after the diss?

  16. excited to see jlin light it up

  17. I hope they beat Mav.

  18. Cliff still buried Lin just not as much it was obvious he copied Mchale and Rocket’s playbook to marginalize and use Lin to draw defenders while allowing the PG to score as many as he wants.

  19. Mavs and mavs fans love “short” point guards……………….. petite is good~~~~~ lol

  20. Wow so will Lopez come off the bench or is he out after the sprained ankle?

  21. He’s out.

  22. Sarah Kustok, Nets announcer said Mavs loves to run PnR for Seth Curry (paraphrased). KA, hear that!?

  23. At the post game presser I look forward to saying, “Credit to them. “

  24. dont mess with acy!

  25. 3333333333

  26. Hope Rondae fouls out.

  27. sweet 333333

  28. there’s a pnr

  29. Nice pass Lin to RJH

  30. Lin picking up stats tonight!

  31. this could be a blow out!

  32. yogi cannot guard Lin

  33. so much faster pace without brook and quincy in rhe starting lineup

  34. I dont think yogi is guarding lin

  35. it’s gonna be a good game today, i can feel it!!!!!

  36. Lin is out within 2 minutes. Bet?

  37. Lin is toying with dirk

  38. 222222222

  39. smart move lin!

  40. Almost made that 3 lol

  41. Lin is IN THE ZONE.

  42. 3 FT all in

  43. Lin has finally gotten is in between game going i have harped about this for 2 years. So glad to see it finally happening for Lin 😀

  44. yogi is still just a backup…not quite ready

  45. Looks to be a high scoring night for Lin – 25pts?

  46. In 6 minutes Yogi has 1 stat: a foul

  47. shhh dont jinx it

  48. Thanks Hamilton for catching it, it was almost a TO for Lin

  49. yeah hamilton did good on that one!

  50. Lin should have shot it before. I think he was expecting a charge on him.

  51. darn yogi scored lol. wanted him scoreless

  52. Kenny doesn’t call smart timeouts. Yogi was on the ground, Lin had a 5-on-4 break.

  53. the most lin has played in a while in the 1st quart!

  54. Lin played 7 mins = 28 mins today?

  55. i thought he was calling timeout to sub LIN out. he’s trying to protect LIN’s legs

  56. Looks like the plan. Kenny had a chance to yank him earlier but didn’t.

  57. Probably. Should have waited ONE more possession though.

  58. Damn looks like they’re only playing Lin 24 minutes again!

  59. It’s a miracle!

  60. It’s equal playtime. no one gets over 25

  61. he played 7min first q

  62. They look like they are playing better defense. I saw booker try to set a screen multiple times.

  63. No im wrong Lin still in!!

  64. ???

  65. Smh… SK really has poor court vision and spatial awareness. Can’t let him orchestrate the offence

  66. SA is such a bad passer lol

  67. Lin checked out around 7 mins

  68. SK that is

  69. Such a bad shot by booker
    why does he take those shots

  70. did lin make an and1 earlier?

  71. Booker is good but why he takes those bone headed shots… ??

  72. Lin made all 3 ft on a foul from 3pt range.

  73. fouled on a 3

  74. Cuz..he’s Booker..

  75. Bonkers more like…

  76. Only prime kobe can take those shots and actually make like 30% of them

  77. Cuz Kenny encourages him to.

  78. lol maybe he thinks looking like lebron helps

  79. Missed most of 1st quarter while on the way home, how did Lin do? Pts?

  80. get those FT whitehead!

  81. Lin is playing well. 8 pts, 2a, 2 rb. In 7 mins.

  82. JJ passing to the scoring bench… lol!!

  83. Skill is cold tonight.

  84. Similar to last good, and it’s only the 1st quarter. If his minutes are increased this game he might get 10-15 in the 1st half depending on whether KA sits Lin for 10 straight minutes again *rolls eyes

  85. it was bound to happen

  86. too much threes

  87. Yeah, hope Lin can help him out. We need his scoring.

  88. Good thing about Lin is that when hes having a cold shooting night he doesnt take too many shots because he has high bbiq
    some players just take those anayways and hurt the team
    Kilpatrick is getting there tn

  89. Here’s hoping he warms up with more smart shooting. We need his pt production.

  90. law of statistical averages

  91. 2nd unit takes way too many 3s, when they start missing it becomes “live by the 3 die by the 3” allowing the opponent a come back with long rebounds. Kilpatrick missed 3? 3s so far so I’m guessing teams are starting to game plan for him

  92. usually it’s die by the 3s

  93. can we get seth curry lol? would love to see him and lin play together but that would be a smaaaaaaaaalll backcourt duo haha

  94. please dont’ rest lin too long.

  95. Kilpatrick missed 3? 3s so far so I’m guessing teams are starting to game plan for him hence all the misses. logically after 2 missed 3s one would quickly try something else, 2nd unit really needs to get to the rim more.

  96. When will KA change Lin’s minute restriction substitution pattern. Will he let Lin return and start 2Q? Why does he let his starting sit on the bench for 10m straight?

  97. wow, thought that out of bounds ball was going to the mavericks.

  98. When his minutes restriction is off. It’s still on. Lin is still not explosive on his layup finishes.

  99. nicholson for 3!

  100. Nicholson on the floor… hmmmm

  101. Starters usually dont start 2nd quarters lol

  102. NIce booker to dimwiddie across court

  103. what a pass booker

  104. Whitehead’s turn to be on fire for 3s with Kilpatrick not getting going (probably defended and game planned well by Mavs)

  105. He should pass more and shoot less!

  106. i was wondering how dimwiddie would catch that but he just slapped it and then grabbed it

  107. i have to admit…. our bench got PLENTY of time to develop while jeremy was injured

  108. They are leading but I hope Lin doesn’t go pass happy and over pass causing TOs. He needs to keep shooting!

  109. Not true. If they play heavy minutes they do. Especially if they’ve been taken out after 5-7 of the first.

  110. bench is hurting their bench, 9pt advantage 34 to 25

  111. man, i am starting to like this team.

  112. Is he good? Haven’t seen KA play him much.

  113. I love dinwiddie as back up PG hes good
    WHitehead is strong attacking the rim he might start next to Lin next year
    hes big, can attack the rim very well and can even shoot the 3 ball
    LeVert is great just looks so smooth
    once he gets to used to shooting in the NBA he will be fantastic

  114. LOL Imitating Lin’s football passes! Teammates are learning how to run fast breaks and “look up” the court.

  115. The pattern has been to sit Lin 10m straight. Then KA subs Lin back in after that. That’s too long.

  116. how it only takes LIN 3 games to change the team atmosphere

  117. Nice pass from foye to booker who sliced and diced throught he defense for a layup.

  118. I said usually
    starting PG plays like 7-9mins first q then comes back for 7-8 more
    thats the usual way

  119. OMG defense on wide open 3’s are terrible again.

  120. cmon…. dirk isnt going to stay cold forever

  121. he had minute restrictions its getting better

  122. Sounds like a good lineup. Just need more rebounding prowess from our front court big men.

  123. With LeVert switched to SF from his natural PG spot, SG is really between Harris, Kilpatrick, and Whitehead with Kilpatrick edging out so far. Too bad for Harris, all 3 players does the same thing well except Harris made the passing flow faster when he initiated the offense.

  124. Yep couldnt agree more
    cant have a centre averaging 5rpg

  125. Kilpatrick should come off the bench

  126. Or we need a PF that can grab 12-15 rebounds per game…. Too bad the worm is retired.

  127. Nonsense. Kemba played all 12 of the first and still came in to start the second. Kobe would start the first and start and finish the second with just a short break in the middle. Stars who get to call their own minutes get those patterns. Lin is not treated like a star or even a starting PG.

  128. nice spin move by whitehead!

  129. Not sure so far he’s the most confident. Whitehead still looks like deer in headlights every time camera pans to him.

  130. See what I mean? The tempo is changing. KA better subs Lin back in. Carlisle lets his main guy, Kirk, back on the floor each quarter to get him in rhythm. OTOH, KA cools down his guy, Lin???

  131. Get Lin in!

  132. chaos without lin

  133. Lin should come in next sub…

  134. that was a smart move by booker.

  135. Lin is coming in on the next sub.

  136. He was pretty solid for Orlando a few years back. Pretty servicible.

  137. Booker’s rebounds and scoring inside really helps the 2nd unit! KA made the right decision to have him in with starters who were mostly chucking 3s and missing.

  138. Lin in

  139. Lin in!

  140. Lin getting 7m per quarter tonight.

  141. 22222222

  142. Look at Lin boxing out the 7 footer… he’s strong!!

  143. Lin hanging in the air 2!

  144. over yogi

  145. Mavs can make the playoffs. They need this win. Nets are playing the spoilers.

  146. damn that was a terrible foul by nicholson.

  147. His injury might be a blessing in disguise. He’s forced to shoot jumpers and now he’s automatic on most open shots.

  148. The team passing back to Lin when they can’t get a shot off now, lol Looks like the lost last game finally made them trust Lin or made KA make adjustments!

  149. Acy taking the charge! he da man!

  150. offense is awful right now!

  151. Lin needs to shoot more. His teammates are bricking.

  152. TIME OUT !!!

  153. Kil is not good tonight.

  154. Mavs playing good defense

  155. wellp that was a quick turnaround lol

  156. and it’s with people passing back to lin, Mavs D is good. Nets missing shots.

  157. Hows he doing??

  158. pretty good

  159. more PnR please

  160. lin should try to draw more fouls at the rim

  161. He’s doing well but Mavs D are playing well. Dallas coach making good adjustments.

  162. Lin not playing as well this quarter, should take a 3 instead of another mid jumper last time. Looks a bit hesitant. Teammates also not moving the ball.

  163. Thanks!

  164. Move the ball! Lin included
    all of them need to move the ball more and find the open guy

  165. He tried but didn’t get it. He’s not 100% yet…missing that explosive drive.

  166. Ok thanks!

  167. jeremy should take some 3s. the paint is pretty clogged

  168. Yes his drive to the basket lacks speed still. All the more reason why he should’ve taken a 3 instead of another mid jumper.

  169. yea, paint is clogged and too tall. nets should pass more

  170. lol What I said below as well! He’s still not confident with his 3s and hesitant. You know he’s hesitant when he takes 2 mid jumpers in a roll at the same spot, not good.

  171. Rhj on fire.

  172. Good D, Lin.

  173. nice take kilpat

  174. 2 FT both in

  175. Lin Owns YogiBear

  176. Wow my feed is lagging about 2min

  177. man everytime he bursts with speed im afraid he’ll reinjure himself

  178. yeah jump ball and he helped yogi back up.

  179. Great plays by Lin!

    Organizing his teammates to get them going. Good D on the block/steal and jumpball win. Nice drive for FTs.

  180. 2/2 ft for lin!

  181. No jinx, man.

  182. Ferrell kept up with Lin when he went to the rim but Lin got the Foul call. Lin definitely isn’t 100% yet, lacks his speed. Looks like he’s in slow motion when he goes to the rim. 🙁

  183. Acy don’t hurt yourself but great effort

  184. This team is fighting hard. I love it!!

  185. that should be a foul on dirk!

  186. Need a rebounder on this team. Zero rebounders. Lin may be the best, ha.

  187. Agreed. They really fighting.

  188. lins speed is definitely coming back though! great to see!

  189. dat block

  190. However, Lin kept with Ferrell on Ferrell’s drive and forced a jump ball. Lin’s not 100 percent, but is making sensible adjustments to his game.

  191. Oh, forgot Lopez was not playing.

  192. Mavs a bunch of cry babies.

  193. yeah he’s definitely not 100, i would say he could be 10 – 15% faster when he’s healed

  194. Yogi 16 mins 4pts
    Lin 14 mins 12pts

  195. Yogi is nothing special
    wouldnt have succeeded in Brooklyn
    Dinwiddie and Whitehead are better imo

  196. yogi doing a good job going over screens tho. he knows jeremy loves the off the screen 3

  197. Had sprained ankle from last game, Acy started in his place this game.

  198. anyone notices LIN doesn’t really go pick up his teammates? lol

  199. Not quite but glad he tried getting to the rim for FTs. Without his speed, it’s tough for him to finish at the rim.

  200. Little by little, yep. Not quite there but way better than last week.

  201. I thought mentality-wise, Yogi is a bit more advanced with his understanding of the game. But due to his lack of length and other specs, Dinwiddie and Whitehead is the better bet.

  202. LOL He does just certain players. Honestly can’t expect him to get along with all his teammates.

  203. Feel the same way. Yogi is nothing special ….

  204. Lin turning alpha

  205. Yogi is more of a playmaker than Whitehead

  206. hes almost 30 his speed wont be the same

  207. yea, guess that’s the Alpha way. lol

  208. he picked up Yogi after the tie-up tho. good sportsmanship

  209. This may sound stupid, but I don’t want Lin straining his back picking up BIG teammates.

    He helped Yogi up actually, ha. But Yogi is 5-11, 170.

  210. Without BroLo, Lin is the main ‘MAN’

  211. but he tried to pick up Yogi

  212. Exactly Acy is huge just like Lopez, he has to pick himself up.

  213. I can actually see the Nets performance team saying, “Dude, you have back spasms/pain in your history. Don’t strain yourself.”

  214. Nah Lin got away with one

  215. Lin used to pick everyone up and has probably learned his lesson not to be too nice and to focus more on the game. Some teammates are too big and others you’re not close or don’t get along with so why bother?

  216. He’s 28. You don’t lose speed at 28. Lin’s is effected by the injury. Even at 30 he won’t lose that much speed.

  217. Dam right…

  218. Dinwiddie is useless, can’ t playmake or shoot to impact the game. But yes Levert, Whitehead, Harris, and Kilpatrick are all better. No room at the PG or SG spot for him.

  219. Good. You get on the lin train or you get OUT

  220. He’s not bad. I think it’s too early to say how good he is.

  221. Like Lin said he’s NBA player for sure….That’s it to me.

  222. damn right! Many of his teammates don’t even trust him or see him as the leader so why be so nice when they might even see it as weakness? How often do you see these teammates picking Lin up?

  223. trying to recruit`?

  224. Its time he gets nasty. Jlin leads, you follow. Period.

  225. Is that supposed to be an insult?

  226. a lot of people do
    even ronaldo got slower after 30

  227. Gotta love how JLin pulls the trigger whenever he sees open 3s now

  228. From a Mavs gamethread :

    I pride myself on knowing a lot of NBA players
    But wtf is playing for the Nets?
    Posted by jjco on Mar 10, 2017 | 6:41 PM

    Lin and the nobodys
    Posted by Dynomite on Mar 10, 2017 | 6:43 PM

  229. After 30, he’s not there yet. He’s in his prime now. He had hammy injuries that affected his speed and it’ll take awhile to get it back.

  230. You’ve posted that bs a number of times. How is 28 almost 30 unless you’re totally retarded?

  231. “@JLin7 12p, 3r, 2a, 1s, 3-6, 14’09” first half #G64vsMavs. #BrooklynGrit Shoot more for win!!”

  232. half time stream, don’t see Lin at the shoot around as much. I wonder if Nets have him do stretches and prevention every half time since he got back?

  233. Now, that’s a proper execution of motion offense. Lin to a cutting Levert to a drop pass to Acy for an easy dunk.

  234. Awesome passing..

  235. Could’ve been better if teammates moved the ball more but at least they looked to pass the ball back to Lin not instead of forcing a shot. Last game lost was a blessing in disguise! I sure hope KA yelled at them for not getting the ball back to Lin!

  236. Levert should stick with passing tonight

  237. nice poke by lin!

  238. Good D Lin.

  239. 2222222222

  240. love sarah as commentator.

  241. Badazz #7

  242. Nice!

  243. wow that was a good play by foye to lin.

  244. good pass by Foye.
    Faye is such a class

  245. lets freaking go

  246. LINNN

  247. nets D playing well this quarter. i hope i don’t jynx it.

  248. Have to say Nets found 5 good player out of nowhere. Acy is a keeper

  249. So much fun to watch this team.

  250. lol Nets found one good player

  251. Acy is big and athletic and works hard. approved.

  252. id take quincy for center if the opponents line up arent massive over brook anyday

  253. I like how Lin is not over helping.

  254. i know man. only takes LIN 3 games to do that.

  255. This team is notttt baddddd!!!!

  256. Lin passes to Foye for open 3s and Foye returns the favor during fast break for Lin’s easy layup! This lineup is finally rolling especially with Acy as the center!

  257. Dinwiddie, whitehead, levert,acy,brooker

  258. This is why Foye plays! He makes the right passes.

  259. deLINQUINCY!!

  260. Sarah is a great commentator that doesn’t hate on Lin.

  261. i almost like this team better without lopez because he really gets to control the ball

  262. Foye played selfish at the beginning of the season but he’s changed for the better.

  263. LeVert’s mom is proud of her son.

  264. I think Acy is a good replacement as a starter. His 3s are better than lopez

  265. Pretty good looking as well tbh.

  266. better screens also.

  267. When teammates passes back to Lin instead of forcing shots, it makes it so much easier for Lin to score! Can be much better though!

  268. RHJ going to the hoop without the ball!

  269. smhhhh rhjjjj

  270. Of course! drafted rookie, recovered from injury and already starting while playing well!

  271. Praise Lord he’s a changed man~~~

  272. Quincy working hard man.

  273. Can KA please bench him again put Booker back!

  274. He always works hard on defense! KA is looking for players who plays defense!

  275. come on guys…

  276. Get the rebound!

  277. Damn foye messed up like 3 possessions in a row lol

  278. dont play foye man

  279. trash

  280. foye neeeds to take it to the basket. his shot has been stone cold tonight

  281. he’s playing too many minutes already.. he’s class but old. lol

  282. can we get seth? plz haha

  283. So many possessions thrown away by Lin’s teammates.

  284. Foye shouldn’t be at the top of the arc, Lin should be the one standing at the top of the arc to initiate offense.

  285. no we have lin.

  286. Lin also not initiating the offense as much with Foye at the top of the arc as PG. Lin looks like he’s playing the SG for a few possessions and it’s not working.

  287. haha id love to see jeremy feed it to him but I get ya!!

  288. Lin with the most min.. weird

  289. Acy one of the best bully player

  290. Classic KA

  291. No because we have LeVert who’s way better with higher potential. Seth is really an average player unlike Steph Curry. Interesting how the old brother usually plays the best in the family compared to their young sibling.

  292. Great D by lin.

  293. Of course Offensive foul by RHJ

  294. All these wasted possessions by Lin’s teammates. Every other possession!

  295. Why isnt Foye passing the ball back to lin???

  296. wow come on givel in the ball..

  297. foye trash

  298. KA is working his minutes up.

  299. Foye should’ve passed to Lin, I don’t like how he’s the one initiating the offense and it’s not working!

  300. 3 from Booker. Ok, we’ll take it.

  301. nice but still they are ignoring lin.

  302. Foye playing PG and Lin is forced to be SG and it’s not working! PG should be the one iniating offense not Foye or anyone else!

  303. much needed 3 by booker

  304. The team doesn’t look for Lin

  305. Lin out

  306. why isnt lin bringing the ball up anymore..

  307. Maybe b Lin will take more shots in 4Q…

  308. Too much one side of the court offense.

  309. Why was jlin standing in the corner on the last 3 possessions

  310. the wrong side of the court

  311. Lin is playing well. If Lin aint touching the ball the offense looks really bad to be honest. couple of possesions it looks good with the MO but overall stale.

  312. Lin looks PISSED as he should be. Low IQ teammates wasting half their possessions.

  313. That was a foul on whitehead and they didnt’ call it that was bs.

  314. No lin, no win.

  315. maybe they are trying not to be predictable.. but still

  316. Lin is being iced out right now. You know Dinwiddie doesn’t respect him so why did KA put him in with Lin?! Dinwiddie was trapped but still refused to give up the ball to Lin and instead went instead and passed to Booker who got a lucky 3!

  317. shouldve made the layup

  318. OMG this is getting ugly!

  319. well here goes our lead.. back in like 5 mins lol

  320. Good that they’re losing. Learn their lesson.

  321. Lin’s usage is less than minimal. That’s Kenny’s master plan.

  322. Coach should sit anyone ignoring Lin and then you will get a much more competitive team.

  323. No just selfish teammates icing him out and especially Dinwiddie who refused to give up the ball to Lin! Seriously he needs to speak up and yell at his teammates to get the ball to him!

  324. C’mon Atkihnson, get off the bench and coach!

  325. Doesn’t even matter if teams predict that Lin has the ball. Lin himself adjusts better then any of his teammates or his coaches.

  326. thats probably it kenny is experimenting.Overall Lin looks real good offense and defense he aint even 100% yet

  327. Heh heh, stupid team. Lose 44 games wo jlin. And u still ignore him. Then, lose, idiots

  328. EXACTLY

  329. Dinwiddie is complete trash, doesn’t respect Lin, can’t get shots at the rim or make plays! Totally needs to go after this season!

  330. Thats on ka.

  331. Atkinson making adjustments but the adjustment is always wrong if it doesn’t involve Lin.

  332. Jealous of Lin and doesn’t want him to lead the team it’s on the coach to say something and bench players who don’t (Dinwiddie) Instead Dinwiddie has been getting more minutes than Kilpatrick and Whithead! total bs when he’s trash!

  333. Getting physical…

  334. Agreed.

  335. Or will get more people to pass to Lin! Why would you play Dinwiddie with Lin knowing he ignores him every time and doesn’t respect him! Not to mention giving Dinwiddie more minutes over Kilpatrick and Whitehead!

  336. Then he is stupid. And he will lose.

  337. Seth Curry is a pretty good player. And a true shooter like his brother and dad.

  338. Now you know why Lin doesn’t pick up teammates anymore so many of his teammates don’t see him as the leader and this is totally on the coach! You need to bench players who ice out Lin!

  339. Stupid team.

  340. finally whitehead

  341. Yes but not as good not a star player.

  342. Cant shoot 3s and miss all the layups

  343. mmmmmmm, I dont’ think Lin is that type of person. He must have some physical reason

  344. You think by the way he is coaching KA never heard of linsanity. Sadly he was actually standing right there when it happened. ?

  345. Jlin should pull a magic johnson and demand a coach that maximizes his skill set. Otherwise, bye bye marketing money…

  346. I really dislike dimwiddie.

  347. Me too. Hes not even that good.

  348. lets go lin will bring this game back

  349. booker you got to make these 2 ft

  350. I have a feeling it is race.

  351. missed 1

  352. he missed

  353. Dinwiddie can’t shoot, can’t make plays, can’t defend made so many stupid fouls this game already for Mavs’ 3pointer and this and 1. Dude is trash yet has the nerve to disrespect Lin and not pass him the ball!

  354. Low iq players and dumb coach.

  355. Lin in

  356. fouled with 6 sec! much of dumbass

  357. Lin in

  358. Cavert initially ignored Lin but it’s gotten better but all his teammates still wave lin off. Foye did it today which is very strange because he gets along well with lin.

  359. Lin’s going to take the final shot

  360. Another stupid play non jlin related.

  361. OK, Lin was fully covered, that’s why Skil got the ball. And lost it.

  362. there is no final shot lol

  363. Kilpatrick again. just like that bad TO from the last game. Pass it to lin fool

  364. omfg

  365. Lol

  366. that was bad!

  367. not gonna happen they will cover Lin so hard

  368. grrrr TO machine at times Skil…

  369. i like Kil as a person and a player, but man… he’s gotta work on his handles..

  370. ok i didn’t see.

  371. 2 guys were on him.

  372. Take Kil out of the game now… smh!

  373. Mavs are blocking Lin from getting the ball. That is why they are having a hard time getting him the ball. Dallas is 100 % focused on making sure Lin doesn’t beat them

  374. so whats gonna happen.. dinwiddie has 4 fouls.. but lin shouldnt start the fourth cuz then he wont close

  375. dallas team know whats up.

  376. It’s fear. Jealousy and selfishness makes you do cruel things. James 3:16

  377. Didn’t think Lin would get the ball but Kilpatrick with another dumb TO
    he needs to be gone for the rest of the game
    he’s not playing well and he is tryng to do too much and its hurting thr team

  378. Of course it is! Dinwiddie doesn’t want the Asian guy to lead the team. Even when he was trapped and Lin came up to him he refused to pass him the ball and instead went inside with no where to go and passed to Booker for a lucky bail out 3! Dude is totaly trash and needs to go! Sad part is KA is giving him more minutes than Kilpatrick and Whitehead while having Foye initiating offense taking the ball out of Lin’s hands!

  379. He’s got more than that to work on. Court vision for instance

  380. They dont’t learn….get that ball in LIN’s hand in the final seconds.

  381. Spot on.

  382. He wanted to take the shot by himself… smh!

  383. Sound defensive theory. He’s by far the most dangerous guy on the Nets. Ball denial makes sense.

  384. Good I hope he fouls out that pieces of trash and racist Lin haters!

  385. thats fine but he lost the ball
    didnt even take a shot
    very low IQ

  386. He was double teamed.

  387. he was covered pretty tightly

  388. they couldnt

  389. They are double teaming Lin but Nets not doing enough to get Lin the ball.

  390. Lin came in 4 that 1 play

  391. Same can be said for Dinwiddie and Foye!

  392. booker is playing well

  393. lets hope we can keep it tied or close by the time lin comes in

  394. They put Yogi back in to lock Lin down
    its okay he didnt get the ball lol

  395. Deep breaths. We and Lin hopefully need to calm down. Two third of season is gone. Need to accept Lin teammates are bad. They just are not capable of playing better.

  396. not really but i guess he is better then the other guy

  397. it is what it is! lol

  398. That punk cant hold jlins jock strap…

  399. hand down man down.. come on booker

  400. booker getting full of himself

  401. damn 2 fouls already in the quarter.

  402. brea cant guard so they put a better defender on Lin

  403. GG once dirk warms up its over.

  404. 4th quarter yet Lin isn’t there to start why?!!!

  405. Booker with those dumb shots

  406. hold oiut for 3 minutes come on guys hold on

  407. dirk not gonna miss… we lose gg ;(

  408. min restrictions

  409. Sit that dimwits azz down.

  410. omg I hope that lin doesnt not come in because the mavs blow out . the nets…

  411. Are Nets good or bad? Obviously bad. This is who they are. Just not use to Lin playing with this bad of teammates.

  412. good lol dinwidddie foueld.. get him outta there

  413. KA still doesn’t want to put Lin in due to his scheduled minutes, total BS!

  414. Call a TO to break Mavs momentum KA!!!!

  415. this season was about Lin showing people he is a starter dude. he got injured is all

  416. man dirk looks old

  417. he is old!

  418. lol i know i used to love watching him play tho

  419. Dude nicholson was just freaking standing there he has so much height over yogi

  420. without brook or lopez.. they would lose to a d-league team atleast 50% of the time.

  421. Go Dinwiddie get yourself fouled out!! Hate him so much!!

  422. 2 minutes just hold out nets

  423. Can’t say I’m surprised. I don’t believe Nets will ever be winners with KA. He just misses that edge in true competitors.

  424. these freaking fouls

  425. they are in foul trouble…

  426. thats why nobody wanted him lol

  427. wow.. terrible fouls, but atleast . dinwiddie is prob out for the game

  428. Not look. IS. LOL

  429. Cmon Kenny put Lin in. You can play him 1 whole extra minute

  430. lol

  431. Time to bring Lin in and ask his clueless teammates to follow his lead!

  432. if they all pass back to lin they would seriously get much better looks and shots.. But they don’t want to play that way.

  433. lol i know lol kenny is so strict with playing everyones minutes down to a tee

  434. Put him in! 1 extra minute won’t kill him

  435. This game is fun when they play as a team but they are playing terrible D right now.

  436. No lin no win

  437. a sad fact

  438. I know. It’s wierd. The only other time coaches care more about players minutes then players winning are exhibition games. This season feels like one long marathon of exhibition games. Except the Nets are the Washington Generals and the rest of the league are the Harlem Globetrotters.

  439. lmao.. good analogy. I do think KA is getting better with Time outs tho

  440. Team is sooo stupid. Have to play Lin exactly 28 minutes

  441. A good fact. They have to learn to give jlin the dam ball.

  442. Just put Lin in. this is very sad. refs are giving every foul to the mavs too

  443. Stupid team.

  444. Stop jacking up 3s

  445. Totally agree, so many bad decisions by him, poor offense doesn’t know how to utilize his players properly, taking the ball out of Lin’s hands. Not benching players who ice the main PG out but instead give them more minutes. Not starting every quarter with his starters and giving them less minutes than the bench! I could go on. Don’t care how close he is with Lin, I hope KA gets fired and they hire a PnR coach! KA doesn’t ahve any fire or guts to yell at his players except the quiet ones like Lin and Whitehead.

  446. Lin in

  447. finally. smh!

  448. KA needs to sub Lin in now to get him in rhythm and organize the offense. Don’t stick to your rigid minute distribution. Don’t let the deficit grows bigger.

  449. What the fk r they doing

  450. 28 mins it is

  451. Another stupid turnover

  452. RHJ is amaZiNG

  453. levert shoudl have passed to lin.

  454. RHJ soooo trash

  455. Lin frozen out

  456. Again they iced lin out what the hell. they did it 2x in a row.

  457. this is crazy!

  458. so foye i the new pg wow..

  459. Lin and Acy are the only decent Nets.

  460. foye is apparently the new pg lol

  461. what the hell are they doing right now? Kenny needs to reel these guys in.

  462. Lin has to take the ball

  463. Whats going on on nets board. R they seeing what we r seeing

  464. Foye totally ignoring Lin now!

  465. cmon now lets give our starting pg the reigns to rhe offense

  466. hes terrible

  467. One pass and Lin does not see the rock again!

  468. Aggravating because as Lin fans we smell blood. A winnable game. But to the Nets all games are losses until proven otherwise. LOL.

  469. Lin needs to go up to Foye and just get the ball! Harden did that all the time!

  470. definite signs of jealousy from players who want the chance to be the man in the streatch…. not even giving Lin the ball to set things up

  471. definitely, only lin believes they can win.

  472. Maybe LeVert too

  473. or smack him in the head!

  474. run screens for lin and watch the magic happen

  475. F it

  476. even nets reddit page is upset they know who the best player is

  477. I really don’t blame some of the teammates. I pity them for not having the knack and senses of what to do in this situation…. pity the fools

  478. This is on the coach! He sees this yet doesn’t bench those players his fault!

  479. Exactly. Why ruin your Friday night. Nets going to lose. Have a nice night.

  480. I don’t they deserve to rot for being jealous of Lin and icing him out! When they are only bench players!

  481. Lin’s wasted by Nets

  482. Lin should have tried going to the mavs it would have been great.

  483. 2FT missed 1

  484. Foye finally benched? tahnk goodness! KA should’ve benched Dinwiddie and Foye long ago for icing out Lin, no guts or back bone at all just clueless stubborness!

  485. lin breathe and don’t rush your shot.

  486. Dirk is too old

  487. Gg. trash game. trash team.

  488. This game is over.

  489. Explain to me why Nets is a 3pts shooting team?

  490. How many mins Lin actually played like to PG? 3?

  491. a lot

  492. this team is horrible

  493. Trash KA

  494. they have pretty decent players he would have been a big part of the offense.

  495. LOL. I know that’s a rhetorical question.

  496. kenny better not give up now.

  497. Take Kil out of the game.

  498. Its Jlin’s fault too. He was asleep. now he’s trying to make plays

  499. if you count mins the ball in his hands, i don’t think it is over 3 mins

  500. I truly don’t think they are purposely trying to ice Lin out. I think they just are those that trying to see the whole picture peeking through a tiny key hole. Their awareness is just too shallow that they are unable to see what Lin sees. Just not enlightened like Lin is.

  501. Booker, Dinwiddie and all Net players minus Lin, defends the 3 by fouling, total garbage!

  502. What development? Lin’s teammates make so many mistakes at the wrong time and waste so many possessions…

  503. refs giving everything to the mavs.

  504. what are you smoking?

  505. Well. I’ve given up on Kenny.

  506. wow lin easiy coulda had 25 but his teammates iced him out

  507. Sit Lin if you do not let him control the ball

  508. wow…

  509. wasn’t that a JUMP??

  510. From Nets Daily Fan Forum:

    Lin needs to handle the ball on EVERY possession if possible
    Everyone else is clueless.

    by zxcvb on Mar 10, 2017 | 11:07 PM reply

    stop the stupid motion offense, just let lin run the show and attack the rim.
    of course, kenny won’t change it.

    by Girodano on Mar 10, 2017 | 11:08 PM reply

  511. He was iced out and didn’t just go up to FOye and take the ball and he can thank KA for not benching Foye and Dinwiddie!

  512. Yogi making rookie mistakes again!

  513. 2 FT in

  514. Yea you crack head

  515. I’m always shocked how loyal Nets fans are. They deserve a medal.

  516. yup called plays where he was in the corner for catch and shoot 3’s. The ball never got to him

  517. Barnes is who we need

  518. HaywArd

  519. foul trouble killed us this game

  520. Cuban is shouting all the refs to Texan BBQ dinner afterwards and flowing booze…

  521. Lin with 18 pts having a good game despite team being garbage. thats all i care about. This is why i dont like kenny he is not a game Coach.

  522. Where have you been ACy?

  523. Please do not lie! Marvs used Yoqi much much better than KA uses Lin

  524. Mavs play good defense nets play non

  525. that was a miscommunication between Lin and Acy.

  526. lin just shoot that ball..

  527. KA is not a good coach & still doesn’t care win or loss now… smh!

  528. this is stupid. totally winnable and they r just blowing it. not to mention some bogus calls

  529. Too many TOs and stalled offense, even when Lin was in he wasn’t getting the ball enough. Nets fouled too much. Lin has to play 38 minutes for the team to win. And he doesn’t have that many minutes in his body now.

  530. sigh… thought it’s gonna be a good game…….

  531. Yeah, just shoot it… screw this team…

  532. Yeah, they need more playing time together.

  533. kenny is a good trainer, but a bad game coach lol

  534. Was a winnable game but the bench couldnt excute
    too many wasted possessions by RHJ, Booker, Foye and Kilpartrick

  535. They were rolling, then ka does his stupid coaching thing…

  536. Kil’s bad shooting night hurt the team. smh! Lin should take more shots.

  537. Too LIttle too late, Lin wants to win but KA refused to let him play in the 2nd half while playing his selfish teammates liek Dinwiddie and Foye heavy minutes who were icing him out what is he supposed to do?

  538. KA.. has a lot of work to do this summer..

  539. the sean kilpatrik foul call was dumb, and jeremys tie up on yogi call…. dont even get me started

  540. Mavs coach adjusted. He made sure someone else other then Lin had the ball. Nets didn’t adjust to that. Mavs bet was a good one

  541. should have been totally but the refs are against the Nets today as always.

  542. This is depressing.

  543. want lin to finish with 20 pts

  544. KA would make good coach in D leaque – always develop players without considering winning

  545. No screens or great passes fro Lopez makes it that much tougher. Lin isn’t an iso player!

  546. This is muscle flexing session of the refs…

  547. come on lins only had 1 20pt game this season

  548. Sometimes for the offense to flow the designated PG of the team needs to initiate some offense and flow lol….motion offense works when you got ball handlers and multiple threats. Nets got Lin and Lopez with Levert hopefully…The rest of them are im sorry to say it borderline and i mean BORDERLINE nba players…Acy i like a lot along with Booker.

  549. Nets foul a lot

  550. Take Kil out of the game, KA. smh!

  551. Early in the season.

  552. Take KA out of the game.

  553. thats what i mean…He is like Wenger in Arsenal…Everything is preplanned and wont be changed no matter what.

  554. GAME OVER!

  555. if the nets didnt ice lin out maybe we coudla won

  556. the nets had a chance but they freezed lin out, stopped playing d, and fouled too much.

  557. KA does not make Nets any better. Making Lin worse

  558. Stupid team.

  559. KA is so dumb & bad. smh!

  560. Agreed x 100

  561. god screw this..

  562. Lin needed to play more minutes for the Nets to win. Plus, no one on the Nets really was hot in this game.

  563. Dimwit is back

  564. yes, but minutes are meaningless fi he isnt touching the ball..

  565. Game over already, whatever KA draws up it better be for Lin!

  566. What?!!!!

  567. Lin is out I think

  568. Screw this team… as long as jlin gets his, dont care anymore…

  569. Lin out

  570. youre kidding. lin out….?

  571. Lol

  572. So crazy how matthews got such a huge contract.. he hasn’t been the same since portland.

  573. Yes, he’s out.

  574. What? Give up….

  575. White flag?

  576. Why would you take your starting PG out before the last play? Total disrespect!

  577. Ka is abad coach even for a rookie

  578. KA has giving up even before the game started

  579. The Nets have no chance to get back in this game. Doesn’t make any sense for Lin to play anymore.

  580. Mavs are one well oiled machine. Have to give it to them. Nets are not at all.

  581. No, im glad hes out… the game was lost with the idiotic play and coaching

  582. Lin looks sad

  583. by the end of the game 8 players would be in the 20mins. This is grade 4 basketball! Equal playtime.

  584. dude its 16 points under 2 mins. Even cavs wont be able to make a comeback lol, these are just the nets.

  585. Lin needs to run the point. When he shoots less than the backup pointguard, how are you suppose to succeed?

  586. BS, KM, or KA ?

  587. I think they shot better. Nets missed a lot of open looks they made in previous games. Even Lin didn’t really have his shot tonight. Skil didn’t. LeVert continues to struggle with his shot.

  588. Game was lost because SK kept shooting even though he had an awful shooting night
    Booker, rHJ and FOye’s bondheaded plays didnt help either

  589. I look sad too.

  590. Good. Take Lin out at this point. That’s no coming back … Not enough time. We got smashed by out-rebounded and fouls…

  591. me too

  592. LOL

  593. Lol… my goodness… hes had the worst coaches… dont forget mw and that moron from golden state…

  594. Of course he is playing with a bunch of selfish and jealous teammates playing keep away from him! Yet coach still insist on playing those players and leaving him out of the game!

  595. Game was lost by not giving the ball to Lin in the Motion Offense.

  596. Plus Lin needs the ball.

  597. and this is not even a Motion Offense!

  598. 3 backup point guards, Booker, Skil and Whitehead.

  599. KA doesn’t want this game very much. They are training their backup PG.

  600. At this point, Lin played PG fewer mins in Nets than he did in any team by mins/game

  601. Lin attacked more
    he got the fouls

  602. Dinwiddie and FOye icing out Lin while being on the floor as PG with Lin as SG was another great factor! Playing those 2 scrxbs heavy minutes while benching Lin most of the gameis a recipe for tanking.

  603. Pleasure talking to your guys! Dressed up I’m going out!

  604. Ya! In trash time… really good training. smh! KA is so bad…. he should be out now.

  605. nope it is not. need screens for lin and a bit of PNR. not lin playing SG / corner boy

  606. I have to disagree. Nets played no defense mavs played good defense. Not to mention the nets were worse at rebounding. Which i didn’t think could happen. Lopez helps a little there i guess

  607. Especially Foye, he never passed back to Lin, usually try bad drive or going the other direction.

  608. I didn’t get to watch the game but if it was that obvious that not giving Lin the ball was the reason for the loss of this winnable game, then let today’s loss be a lesson imprinted on the players’ and the coaches’ minds. And on Lin’s mind also.

  609. He is bad… jlin cant get a break on coaches

  610. Stupid teammates, Stupid coach. This is all I can say.

  611. KA + Lin < Rick Carlisle + Yoqi

  612. Lol

  613. I thought Lin attacked a lot today

  614. but…. KA does not care, he only wants to groom his own players

  615. Figure this is what Lin must feel like on the court during the game. https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/ff48aa63c2014e4a0310e218462d13c0e29764b8c47e8b6e05242f8a82f00afd.jpg

  616. If Kenny wants to win, he gotta play lin at least 30mins with tons of pnr plays..
    NMMO=No More Motion Offense

  617. I think it was a combination of things. Lin didn’t get the ball enough, would need more minutes, the team fouled too much, too many turnovers, and nobody shot the ball well. I guess, in a way, Whitehead shot the ball well. On the Mavs, some of them started to hit their shots. Lin played mostly well, needs to have the ball more on his unit.

  618. he attacked more than in the other games. he’s feeling his body. But still, he’s probably only around 75%.

  619. Kenny must feel some really intense pleasure from losing. He seems to want to set the bar extremely low so that he can show improvement next season.

  620. Feeling the same here

  621. Lin was playing so well yet KA decided to bench im for most of the game while playing him with PGs who were icing him out and also givng them minutes! Sorry but I doubt Lin’s relationship with KA is as close as the beginning of the season made it out to be! KA is a bad coach and needs to go. Lin fell for another bad situation again. They are rebuilding for “years” and Lin’s prime is now at 28. 2 more years and he might be close to retirement at 30!

  622. Do nets fans see what we r seeing??

  623. I though Lin had the ball in his hand a lot today
    he just played more mins and they let others handle the ball a little too
    Lin cant run their offense all the time, he needs a little break too
    He wasnt involved in the offense for some possessions, that happens to all the star guards its okay

  624. He doesn’t feel pleasure from losing. You can see that on his face. He’s trying to get his team to play a certain way and has mixed results.

  625. That’s true.

  626. But not in 4Q…. I really don’t get what’s wrong w KA? Why he never tried to fight for a W? smh! Don’t like Kil either. He is bad today.

  627. there is no mixed results, it is losing formula. He is stupid, does not use people to their strength, no excuses

  628. Sado machocist

  629. They are getting better
    I think next season they will be better
    maybe 30+ wins
    who knows
    they are definitely getting better in this offense with Lin back

  630. What were you smoking? Lin didn’t get more mins this game! And he was iced out and mostly benched for the 2nd half of the entire game!

  631. He tries, he’s just sloppy when he has to handle the ball.

  632. It was baffling… he was like not involved at all in so many plays

  633. This is exactly how I feel too. Ka and Lin relationship is no longer that great, I can tell from Lin’s face tonight after he was pulled at the end

  634. Kil isn’t as bad as Foye and Dinwidide both looked away from Lin and purposely iced him out!

  635. Lin’s defense looked great today, and he got a decent amount of free throws. Whitehead had a nice game, real solid off the bench. I wish we still had Yogi.

  636. Lin handled a lot after the first TO after he came in
    just couldnt get everyone going

  637. Mixed results in sometimes they play the right way, but too often they don’t. I don’t see just negative with KA. He’s a rookie coach and it shows.

  638. Doesn’t know how to use his coaching position to bench players who are playing bad or icing out the main PG, Lin! Instead he gave them more minutes as if telling them they are doing the right thing!

  639. just a few in the 3rd and 4th
    sometimes they cant get the ball to Lin

  640. Nonsense. He’s had that same culo face all season. He looks slighy more content after losses.

  641. I am OK w Yogi out. But I wish it’s KA out… lol!

  642. Nope. It’s KAYogi. Coaching is key. Offense/defense is another. Carlisle utilizes Yogi’s talents. Lin doesn’t have that. KA does not utilize Lin’s talents appropriately. He instead buries it! No PnR, no screens, no adjustments, no control of the offense for Lin…It’s sickening that KA is wasting Lin’s talents in his prime year. SMH!

  643. Losing my fandom of ka and this team sans jlin…

  644. Yogi is lucky to run away from KA

  645. Alot of plays… this team is trash… they ignored him not bc they couldnt get him the ball…

  646. That’s nonsense. the bigger picture is KA is supposed to develop the team and change the culture. Guys are supposed to play hard. KA analyzes the game, looks at some general improvements, and looks at what needs work. But the team isn’t moving in a just up fashion, they have ups and downs in their overall develop. Just because we want to see wins mean that the big picture on the Nets is to get wins. They are still assessing things.

  647. Ya! KA is worst coach in NBA now. Developing … smh!

  648. yes. it is not how good Yoqi is, it is how little freedom KA has given to Lin

  649. Lin needs to ask KA, ” Hey, you remember linsanity?” Because KA sure acts like it never happened.

  650. Right, jlin not happy

  651. Lol

  652. What we need is a Darn Good Rebounder !!! Whitehead is good. SKil tries… And a whole lot better defense from Lin’s teammates. It’s just 3 possessions that doomed the Nets tonight. Barnes + Curry = Last saviors.

  653. To quote KA “Lin you are selfish” on Linsanity. 😛

  654. I really hope they can trade or cut all the players but Acy. If they don’t play well should just bench them.

  655. LMAO anyone who thinks next season will be better are totally kidding themselves. If Nets and KA doesn’t bench players and make consequence for playing bad or icing out the main PG there’s no point! That’s what a coach is suppose to do so that players would “listen” to him! Starting a bench players like Foye is beyond dumb and playing Dinwiddie any minutes is ridiculous! Except KA is clueless and players take of advanage of that going rogue and ice out Lin every chance they get, take their own shots whenever they can!

  656. Lin played well in given minutes.
    18 pts 5 rbs 3 assts 2 stls 2 to in 26mins

  657. I agree. W KA this team is not going anywhere…

  658. he didn’t play 26 mins I would say 18 mins. Most of the second half he wasn’t involved at all.

  659. Feel so sad for Lin, he needs to suffer another lousy season again w these teammates & dumb coach…..smh!

  660. If your back PG and forward are shooting more than you then there’s something wrong with this team.

  661. Changes are coming…no way RHJ stays. That alone will add 10 wins, ha.

  662. yeah..but atleast he is getting paid this time around.

  663. Is RHJ contract will end by summer?

  664. No, but he’s not Marks’ guy and makes no money. He will be waived or traded for a 2nd rd pick.

  665. Slso getting more minutes and touches with the ball then you and somehow gets to initiate the offense when you’re on the court.

  666. rookie coach rookie results

  667. even worse, i think KA is behind it, players have his approval to play everyone-is-pg style

  668. Lin needs to GO OFF on his teammates after the game. That was a disgrace how selfish and soft they played.

  669. booker ignoring Jlin.

  670. what if it is KA’s idea

  671. I sure hope so but who will want him w his lousy stats & game???

  672. Players make. Players break. It’s not on KA. It’s the Teamball… But we also need hero-ball from Lin and Whitehead and Skil… and Lopez…. Coaching will get better and so will the team as a whole. Of course, we can still use another good shooter and another good rebounder.

  673. Jeremy was not into it during the second half not sure why?

  674. They would have to overhaul their entire team especially Dinwiddie and Foye along with RHJ! Marks said he’s rebuilding for “years”. Lin does not have “years” to waste on this selfish team and bad coach!

    Only player who truly respects Lin and wants him to lead the team is Lopez, no one else does!

  675. I think so bc they got ordered for what they did on court… it’s all KA…. smh!

  676. How bad is KA? Byron Scott with Lin had a 21-61 record. And he was purposely tanking. KA on track to have a worse record.

  677. Jeremy Lin highlights for tonight. I think some small adjustments would have made this competitive down the wire. Nets had fewer turnovers and just as many shot attempts despite being out-rebounded. They needed some smarter offense in the 4th tonight and didn’t get it.


  678. I don’t think they are trying to win at this point. Remember his last interview he said I believe this team can win but I can only speak for myself and some players.

  679. Lin has player-option for next season?

  680. KA let everyone to play like PG – it means no PG. Anyone would take the advantage

  681. Where could he go??

  682. Good point.. T_T

  683. No. After next season. So he will stay or they will trade him ….

  684. T_T

  685. Ya! But his starting PG. smh!

  686. Only player who truly respects Lin and wants him to lead the team is Lopez, no one else does! Those who said Lopez should be traded? Guess what ths is what will happen without Lopez to make everyone accountable and pass the ball to Lin and him! Lin never speaks up when his teammates does the obvious icing out on him nor goes to get the ball! Seriously if I was Lin I’d just punch Dinwiddie in the face MJ style already for not passing him the ball!

  687. Kenny said, Lin is progressing. Talked about consulting the performance team. Each game they evaluate Lin to determine how many minutes he gets.

  688. Yes. At the END of next season.

  689. No it’s for his 3rd year. So he needs to go through this for 1 more year unless he asks for a trade. But if he gets traded there’s no way any team would allow him to start due to bias and hidden agenda. Honestly it’s Nets or nothing. Best hope for KA to get fired or hit his head and see the light.

  690. KA only focus run and shot, he does not care defense and organized offense at all

  691. What? This dumb performance team. KA too. smh!

  692. I don’t mind the minutes. I mind Kenny not benching/scolding ballhoggers like RHJ.

  693. No… It’s not like that. Players do want to help – by scoring and passing but talents are limited. I don’t think there’s negativities- icing Lin out… Its up to the coach to find the balance of sharing and going iso with the star players. If KA doesn’t fix the problems then he’s truly stubborn and …

  694. Mavs… they need a pg… ferrell not gonna cut it…

  695. He knows nothing….

  696. Hes a terrible coach… great assistant coach

  697. He did, he hustled some but not his usual.

  698. I’ve seen Lin okay after a loss if they played unselfish. Tonight he looked ANGRY all through the second half.

    When LeVert passed to Booker for a late 3 instead of him, Jeremy’s body language was “IDGAF” as walked back.

  699. Me too. KA is really bad & I believe he can’t control the players.

  700. Bingo Kenny never yells at players who are palying bad or benches them for going iso and iceing out Lin! Only time he yelled was at Lin and Whitehead!

  701. I think if Lin doesn’t stay w Nets. KA will be fired soon. He should.

  702. Yes that’s why they keep icing out Lin!

  703. Who and when? What are his options? Who can he play if he benches those players?

  704. Do they use a Ouija board or a crystal ball? Because there is no medical or scientific way to “evaluate Lin and determine minutes” each game. That’s total bs.

  705. No because KA was hired by Marks and he hired KA for “development” not to win games. At this rate Lopez would be traded and don’t be surprised if Lin does as well due to rebuilding. Nets will want something for Lin next season if it’s obvious he will opt out of 3rd year contract.

  706. Right now I really like Hornets teammates after all…. Even coach too. lol!

  707. Lin should go to the pelicans with cousins and eyebrow guy

  708. Hornets were good for Lin. But, he had to move on due to limited role.

  709. We are angry too ><

  710. plus not getting paid

  711. agreed

  712. You know, he could move again. But, Lin needs stability.

  713. They got Jrue

  714. Ok I’m done with the rant. Well at least now I can channel the anger for other more important things in life before sleep. see ya!

  715. No, Lin only got to shine when Batum or Kemba was injured. Otherwise he stood in the corner and played D.

  716. You guys need to be more realistic on KA. He’s a rookie coach. How long has Carlisle been coaching? Coaches aren’t great right away. As I said many times before, many great coaches in many sports had terrible first years and looked as bad as Kenny does if not worse. It’s not fair to compare a rookie coach to one with Carlisle’s experience.

  717. I don’t believe his boss really think KA is good… right now he can use Lin’s injury as good excuse for his lousy coaching skill & poor record… but next season it’s not going to work… they will fired him as soon as Lin is not a Nets.

  718. This is from the recent ESPN article on Brooklyn (by Jackie MacMullan) …

    [Kenny] Atkinson imported a practice from his mentor, Mike Budenholzer, who uses film sessions to single out the vets and spare the rookies. If there’s a bad defensive rotation, even if rookie Isaiah Whitehouse is at fault, someone else will pay.

    “The other day Kenny was yelling at Jeremy, ‘You should be helping these guys more!'” Foye says. “And Jeremy wasn’t even playing.”

  719. It’s KA not MDA. This team would be above .500 if it’s MDA coaching… Again, what choice do we have… KA has to be better or he’s not going to be here for years. His job is

  720. KA is a rookie coach. MDA has years of experience. A mistake, in my opinion, many are making on judging KA is not factoring in he’s a rookie coach. If you look at many, many great coaches, they had terrible first seasons. Absolutely awful. So, I think many posters are just too harsh on Kenny and not factoring in he’s a rookie coach.

  721. Remember the term “community of pgs”? Everyone gets to handle the ball and shoot when they want under the disguise of a “good shot”? They’ve been given the authority to do so in KA’s MO. Tonight, we saw them took many contested shots w/o focal point to organize them. They didn’t want to wait for Lin to organize them, IMO. They chose their own shot. That’s why there were so many “empty possessions”…

  722. Kenny isn’t a bad coach. He’s just a weak coach. He lacks the leadership of guys like Pop, Carlisle, Stevens or even Lin.

    He can get better over time, but Lin will have to guide and talk to Kenny this offseason. Have a heart to heart.

  723. yes, we are not judgemental about KA, even Nathan agrees with us

  724. The D slipped. But, the Nets missed many open shots. I agree about the rebounding. They held the Mavs to just 45 in the half. The D slipped the 2nd half, but they just got really sloppy and scattered on O.

  725. Good to see emotion though. He’s like “Damn, you guys stink.”

  726. No way, also stupid and incompetent coaching with selfish “superstars.” 4 mill… please

  727. KA is stubborn, I bet Lin has had private talk with him already, heart to heart does not work for stubborn type.

  728. Kenny wil say “Lin you’re stubborn”

  729. no way, Cliff was too political

  730. Yup – KA’s game adjustment is very poor, eg. compared to Cliff last year.

    Nets is actually playing reasonably well in the first half, especially first quarter.
    Compared to Hornets whom was playing catch up most time last year.

  731. After so many games it’s so easy to see KA is not a good coach…. smh! Why he’s Nets HC???

  732. emotions are not enough, Lin should speak up and went to those players who were icing him out and told them to give him the ball!

  733. Ask Sean Marks why he hired KA while not even giving an interview to MDA before Rockets interviewed him!

  734. why can’t Lin be the man on this team ? I don’t get that. He has start power and he can play. What’s so hard about that and let him shoot 30-40times

  735. He did talk and he even tried to coach on the sideline. As the result, mysterious disappearing from simple strained hamstring.

  736. I can’t be too harsh on Kenny. Besides him and Mike D’Antoni, I doubt there’s another coach in the NBA that will even listen to Lin. There’s no doubt Lin and Kenny clash on certain issues, but at least there’s a relationship that encourages organic dialogue, as opposed to no communication and a coach just giving orders.

  737. Many issues with this:
    1) we’ve seen Kenny yell at players all the time
    2) coach doesn’t even need to yell, he can just bench or reduce minutes
    3) If he can’t lead high character guys what will he do with problematic players?
    4) leadership can’t be taught
    5) he has no trouble scolding Lin to assist more and score less.
    Nets are a mess.

  738. Hey, on the bright side, at least we did better than the Celtics tonight which they got blown out by 20pt to Nuggets… We fought hard to the last few minutes.

  739. Ya! But they beat GSW the other day.

  740. Lin averaging 13.85pts after tonights game. He needs to say F* the team and go all out so he can finish the season with atleast 16ppg

  741. yeah…but he wants to please his teammates and his teammates doesn’t want him to be the man

  742. You wouldn’t want to see the Celtics standing tomorrow and cry instead of laughing like tonight.

  743. Lin needs to play with the best players. CAVS? Warriors? Spurs? pick one

  744. He needs to win a championship before it’s too late

  745. 13 ppg with only 23 mpg and minimal usage is an amazing accomplishment. Other PGs play 35 mpg and control the offense.

  746. He’s going to the spurs.. I’m sure of it.
    Next year, Spurs will resign/extend Mills for a 1 year, then go for Lin in 2018.
    Spurs 2018-2019 Champions.

  747. honestly at this point I would rather him be with a good team and under a good coach than be a partial star player like the nets.

  748. Maybe Spurs. If Cav can let Lin as starting PG/SG maybe…. but I doubt.

  749. not sure if these teams will like Lin

  750. I got my predicition right about Lin going to the Hornets.. Nobody believed me.. I think I’ll be right one this one too!!

  751. KA didn’t really give Lin star treatment on court like he should… he used Lin as trainer for his rookie players. Help him for game plan …. and so on…. They are not even paid him big money. smh!

  752. They could have won this game easy. Don’t know what they are doing not letting Lin lead.

  753. you are right. I think that’s what they are doing developing these young players and kick Lin out in 2-3 years.

  754. I’m not harsh on KA. He’s getting a grade B. With this roster outside of Lin/Lopez… I’m 110% truthful in saying that the Nets will go above .500 next season. And they better get 1-2 more good starters or backups.

  755. Don’t know what’s w KA… show how right they picked Whitehead instead of Yogi? So Whitehead was the star for tonight’s Nets…

  756. I think they still want Lin for marketing & low pay salary to help developing players & coach…haha! But if Lin doesn’t want to stay they will trade him for pick. If that really happens KA will be fired soon bc he just can’t win a game ….lol!

  757. We beat the Grizzlies and Hawks in my book… Winning at this point is pointless… If we win I’m very happy but I’m looking forward to next season already. Lin can still get better at his craft. The team and players still have much more room to improve…

  758. I don’t like Lin’s prime time just to help KA to develop rookie players & his poor coaching skill. But one more season to go…. smh!

  759. We’re playing for next season 2017-18. This season was just practice…. “Practice.” -Iverson
    I’m down for it. The talents on the team is just so raw besides Lin/Lopez. Plus Coach KA need his “practice.”

  760. This is the game that makes us miss Brook Lopez ?

    Lin misses his partner badly tonight. Brook and Lin are pretty much the playmakers in this Nets team.
    Noone else has the BBIQ high enough to make motion offense somewhat works.

    If the Nets trade Brook in the off-season, they better get a dominant-center first.
    Otherwise, Lin is better off traded somewhere else

    The end of the game was so ugly, Lin kept trying to find a big man or anyone who can finish but barely anyone was moving. Noone else can finish off his passes or draw fouls.

    This game will be a valuable input for the Brook-Lin experiment in the last 26 games.

  761. Patty will be making 8 figures. If he stays with Spurs it won’t be one yr. I hope Tony and Manu will both retire after next season. That will leave Jlin, Patty, Dejunte Murray and Danny Green as their back court.

  762. They will not trade Lin unless Lin will not sign extension contract w them. I think it’s best just fired the coach. Totally agree w Nathan KA is incompetent HC. Don’t want KA to waste Lin’s time anymore. smh!

  763. I am sure everyone who watched the whole game noticed that when in the beginning of 1st and 3rd quarter when Lin was controlling the game, Nets jumped into a lead. Then later on in 1st and 3rd, Foye began to be the PG, and the lead started to fade, with Lin standing on the corner while play developed on the other corner. There were some ugly plays and some lucky bounces, so Nets wasn’t out of the game. Yet Lin’s body language showed he’s not happy for not touching the ball. By the 4th quarter Lin was double teamed and even closely guarded to prevent him from getting the inbound pass after Dallas scoring. KA might want to let Lin has some breather by using Foye as PG, but there was no excuse of Lin not touching the ball during the motion offense when 4 other guys touched the ball. If Net coach wants to win games, Lin has to be in control. Lin when double teamed he usually managed to pass to an open man to take a shot which tonight mostly missed, and his teammates has to learn to cut when Lin is double teamed. With Lin back from injury, it seems every game is competitive, and more wins will come, but KA has to install discipline by benching offender when they ball hogged and put up bad shots.

  764. I think Spurs like JLin.

  765. I think Lin should also take the wait-and-see approach if the Nets can surround him with talent to start winning quickly. If the Nets will take 4-5 years, time might be running out on Lin.

    But Lin is a loyal guy so he might see things through if KA stays and hope he will also improve.

  766. IMO, KA was outcoached, as simple as that. KA just need to tell the players to follow JL leadership and on court coaching and take a backseat to enable Nets to win games like this one. Haha Cheers.

  767. With a decent coach, I am absolutely convinced that this team could make the playoffs.

    In sharp contrast, many of you claim that it will take years for this team to be competitive. I’m starting to agree. If Lin leaves but KA stays, this team will remain at the bottom for many years.

  768. Agree w/ other sentiments, except “more wins will come”. For Lin’s sake, I hope so too, but we’ll see. IMO, some Nets teammates are showing signs of selfishness bc they’re auditioning for a payday either on Nets or other teams and they need stats. Additionally, KA’s MO allows them to handle the rock which means they have equal PT and equal chances to jack up shots that they want.

  769. You may have noticed that Lin talked about winning as many games as possible. KA not so much. For whatever reason, the Nets see winning as a bad thing this season.

  770. yes, KA is a hard-worker but he doesn’t make enough adjustment and he’s too idealistic to expect his players can develop quickly to run the Motion Offense. He just doesn’t have the right players but he refuses to accept it.

    Only Brook, Lin, and perhaps LeVert can be playmakers. The rest can be good role players.

  771. Only 18 games left I think. Will Nets win at 10 more to get over the threshold 20 wins of last year?

  772. ICYMI
    Jeremy Lin offers high praise for former @BrooklynNets PG Yogi Ferrell, who has enjoyed major success since joining Dallas.

  773. maybe but 5-8 sounds more realistic

  774. yeah.. he was an mda disciple. he should try and incorpoarte that style more into his offense as okc, the warriors and obviously the rockets play that style

  775. KA didn’t care win or loss… what he cares the most it’s not even developing young more how to developing his not work MO system… he used lots of games to tryout & failed but still not give up yet… we will see more to come.

  776. Hope they will not loss to NYK again on Sun.

  777. I’m also not a fan of KA too and I’m hoping Lin can have a great statistical year next year and opt-out for hopefully, a starting gig with a better team…maybe chicago bulls,…Don’t want him to join spurs…I don’t think Pop respect Lin but the young chicago bulls coach does and he wanted Lin badly. last off-season.

  778. source please. was it reported bulls coach wanted jeremy badly?

  779. Nathan can’t take it anymore…. the other day he said wait until next season….

  780. I think Nets needs Lin but not KA. Hope the owner can fired KA asap.

  781. yes..it was reported that the Bulls FO offered Lin a 1 year contract or a 2 year contract but a team option after the first year but Lin declined it for Nets better offer with a player option after year 2.

    It was also reported that Hoiberg liked Lin’s game and Lin was his first choice instead of Rondo.

  782. From the look, Lin sure is unhappy… he probably thought why I am w KA…..??? smh!

  783. NO. Don’t think so. Lin along can’t do it bc this coach will not allow him to do it his way to W the game.

  784. If they try to win, they could. But if they continue to experiment to force plays through non-playmakers, then no.

    They probably will get to 15 if they don’t mind losing ?

  785. Thanks! YAY!

  786. Ya! Bulls wants Lin. Hoiberg likes Lin but FO only see Lin or Rondo as one year rental only. They want to chase big name this summer….

  787. 1 yr stop gap solution is also not too good for Lin.

    When injuries happen, they’ll move on too quickly to other PGs.

    Tough choice for sure. Hopefully, GM and owners put pressure to adjust MO to win more games

  788. It seems that KA still wanted to just develop the young players. Once Lin passes the ball out (to satisfy KA’s MO), he rarely gets it back. People just ignored his ball demand. Everyone attempted to be the PG and often ended up either TO or a contested shot. KA does not teach or discipline the players that they need to pass to Lin. The most disappointment of this Nets is that Lin still does not have enough touches as his prior teams, even though he clearly is situated as a leader. It is a winnable game. The loss is on KA.

  789. He was in ATL ast coach longer so he might know more about MO than PG-centric system

    But we can see ATL MO system set more screens for Schroder than Nets do for Lin. Imo players quality and experience play a big role in this MO

    Nevertheless, at crunch time they should give to Lin rather than wasting possessions like tonight. It was hard to watch

  790. What’s there to experiment? Everyone watching game gets frustrated w/KA’s clueless coaching. He makes no adjustment during live game. Subbing players in and out is not coaching. There’s no plays drawn, no pnr, no defense nor offense adjustments, when the tempo picks up no time out call or calling too late letting the lead expanded. Sorry either KA or MO needs to go or both….

  791. yup…I wonder whether they had a deal with Boston to lose as much as possible so Celtics can get the most ping pong…

  792. Player development needs to be positively rewarded with winning, or it could turn into another 76ers who also think they use the Spurs’ “motion system”.

  793. 76 is also MO system…I didn’t know that… if so Lin really needs to go bc 76 w lots of top pick players still…how many years they rebuild? smh! If Nets fired GM & coach then Lin can stay if not… he’ll be 29 this year. Not good place to stay….

  794. The MO may also be more of Marks pet-project

  795. Their HC used to work under Pop I think.

  796. I am patient and optimistic because Lin does well stat wise under KA. Next season if KA still coaches like he doesn’t care about winning he may not be able to keep his job til the end of season.

  797. I think KA will care about W record next season bc he has to….his boss will not be happy if this team still play like worst team in NBA …. plus no more Lin’s injury as good excuse….

  798. I hope lin can atleast get his ppg average to 15 by the end of the season

  799. Should I watch Nets vs Mavs live next week? I was going to buy the tickets, now have a 2nd thought. Never thought I would hesitate going to a Lin game. But the way KA coaches, I think it may be a torture for me sitting there watching KA lose another winnable game “developing” his your AND old players whom may not even come back to Nets next year.

  800. Marks is shielded by KA on the MO thingy. If the role is reversed KA will advocate to Marks to play more picknroll to cater to JL strengths if Nets need to win more games. Haha cheers.

  801. His teammates seem to be shortsighted and of low bbiq eventhough they may be of good character. As for KA based on the 60+ games so far he is not an in game coach and got outcoached almost every game. You may notice that all the opponent coaches called a time out immediately when JL turned the momentum around for the Nets although still leading comfortably.

  802. And the assists to 7… only hoping…

  803. Moreover KA didn’t get the respect of the refs who never hesitate to give him a technical fir the slightest infringement if any anytime and bias toward his charges. Haha cheers

  804. Players development is all KA cares about…..
    from this article — http://www.netsdaily.com/2017/3/9/14868910/the-state-of-the-brooklyn-nets-jackie-macmullan-delivers-the-goods
    “‘The other day Kenny was yelling at Jeremy, ‘You should be helping these guys more!'” Foye says. “And Jeremy wasn’t even playing.’

  805. The team can’t win without Brook and Lin on the floor. We wouldn’t call it Brook-Lin Nets for nothing.

  806. Had to skip the game after Q1…missed the game 🙁

    BTW, why did JL only took 9 shots, despite having better minutes among starters and compared to yesterday?

  807. The Mavs adjusted and guarded Lin very tightly and the Nets just stopped passing to Lin, with disastrous results. Also screens didn’t work for Lin as the Mavs would double Lin off screens but the roll man didn’t roll properly.

  808. Why do you think Lin was frozen out the 2nd half? Low bbiq? Jealousy?

  809. Both. In addition to KA’s MO which allows the autonomy of handling the rock to any players. The reasoning behind this directive is to get ‘better looks’ for ‘better shot’. But it’s defeating the purpose and hurting the team bc not all have court vision, handle, or bbiq to execute the offense and the innate ability to control game tempo, etc. Instead of letting Lin makes plays to draw the defense to set them up in their sweet spot for easy shot, they keep the rock and pass it around like a hot potato which in turn taking time off the clock and resulting in many ’empty possessions’..

  810. Yeah, thats how i feel… i am less excited to even watch games… rather go out with friends or SLEEP…

  811. other teams know that being physical or double team on Lin would shut down Nets offense…… unless Lin is either a Westbrook or a LeBron…..

  812. Some fans told me the same… “less excited to even watch games”. In fact, they don’t watch the game or full game anymore bc it’s always L even w Lin on court.

  813. KA as HC was supposed to know teams would double team Lin to shot him down before the game? He should have game plan to do something about it… but NO..

  814. No, it’s ka is being out coached nightly by other coaches.

  815. The difference between an assistant coach and a head coach is the difference between a battleship captain and boiler room chief. There is an exponential jump in responsibilities from one to another.

    My nephew is a recent grad and working at his first job as an architect in a small prestigious firm in a major city. He was a brilliant student but he lacks the real world training to be a great architect….yet. He’s now doing partial design works on projects and will only become a real world architect when he finally begins acquiring clients, working with clients, creating a concept with a client, signing a deal, organizing the city permits, organizing individual working trades and timing them. The toughest is the always present unforeseen human factors that intervene. Theres a lot to learn that you can’t learn in school. When time constant and client demands collide, “Winning” then requires quick thinking, adaptations and compromises. Until my nephew learns that no matter how much time he commits to a project, it will never be enough. A plan is just a plan, but at some point, you’d need to get the building done. Perfection just doesn’t exist when dealing with multiple human combinations of wants and desires.

    An aircraft battle carrier captain must win the war first and foremost. He can’t be thinking up great plans on how to make his ship the best ship for the future. When you get to the dance, you have to make do with the dance you came with.

    Atkinson doesn’t yet realize that during each and every game, opposing coaches are fighting in the trenches and making quick changes to counter Atkinson’s system. The Nets are an open book right now and that’s why they are constantly losing close games. Even the new England Patriots would lose if opponents knew what they were going to do on every play. There’s a reason they run hurry up offence! It’s so that no one can predict and counter what they do. This is the most important lesson to learn in an human competition.

    When you focus too much on developing the system, you lose the learning behind the purpose of building that system. The system brings you to the breaking point only. Without preparing men to learn how to “bring it”, that system will always lose. I firmly believe that the greatest feats of sports is when human triumphs are achieved with super human will power that seems to over come reality and the odds makers.

    Many have said that Atkinson is dumb, slow, stubborn and a bad coach. To me he’s a lot like my brilliant nephew with so much talent. It takes time to learn what needs to be learned to be a street fighter when all the rules get thrown out the window. It takes time to learn how to will a project into completion. In the end, it’s the human will to win that gets us anywhere. Until then he’s still stuck as a boiler room chief trying to be the captain of a battle ship in a firefight.

  816. This is the comment from one of Lin’s fans….. Really well said….

    This is one of the Nets losses we r used to seeing. The Spurs’ ball movement is not the Nets random pass, n ball movement doesn’t mean ur PG is left there watching the other 4 mess up the offense. Kenny is so incompetent n don’t know when he can become qualified.

  817. Very few words but right on points.

  818. Boiler room captain , yes. A brilliant battleship captain learning to come out – not so sure about that

  819. Your nephew is Levert with potential to be great someday. KA is so lacked of potential and unqualified head coach, we’ve seen the evidence long enough.

    Not a good comparison.

  820. Can’t agree more on this…KA is so lack of potential and unqualified head coach….

  821. I’ve been saying this all along that Nets is not the right team for Lin because of the coach and the situation of the team itself.Rebuilding is a long process especially that they don’t have assets to demand a good trades in the market,it will take years before they will become a solid team unless miracle happens that they can signed up 2-3 good players next year but that’s like winning a lottery or finding needles on the haystack.

  822. The problem is,he’s not also developing Levert in the right way,he rather want to field in those mediocre players they got from the draft.

  823. I really want Lin to have his own team & Nets is supposed to be good for him w the good coach. Why Lin has to be the one who always needs to leave… KA is the one who needs to be fired asap. smh!

  824. Yup….Lin simply needs to concentrate on putting good stats for next year and opt-out…The Nets situation is not a good one for him since winning is the last thing on their mind right now……Let’s hope he can find a team that could offer him a chance to start.

  825. “@JLin7: “I just think we hit a wall as a team, but I’m proud of the guys for their effort tonight.” #G64 #BKNatDAL ”

  826. Help them by being iced out sure…KA is so incompetent and can’t hold the locker room! Only knows how to yell at the ones who don’t speak up like Lin and Whitehead.

  827. GM not likely but coach definitely needs to go.

  828. Good leadership by JLin.

    It could be true several factors might be in play: hitting the wall after 8-game road trip, or zone D that Carlisle threw in the 2nd half caught the Nets by surprise, or the Nets simply playing a bit selfish by not passing in the 4th quarter.

    Whatever it might be; hopefully it’s solved internally and the Nets go back relying on Brook-Lin combo against the Knicks tomorrow.

  829. 1 year team option means he’s not in the long term plans of course he won’t take it! Look at Bulls it’s all Wade and Butler with the conflict with Rondo being the scapegoat no thanks!

  830. Except he was only a trainer during Knicks and not assistant coach! KA have also said he doesn’t want use PnR every set except he’s not allowinng screens and PnR at all! His MO just takes the ball out of Lin’s hands and allows others to ignore him and jack up shots when he’s playinng SG and not PG.

  831. Good leadership by JLin.

    It could be true several factors might be in play: hitting the wall after 8-game road trip, or zone D that Carlisle threw in the 2nd half caught the Nets by surprise, or the Nets simply playing a bit selfish by not passing in the 4th quarter, or offense breaking down without Brook as the most reliable big men in crunch time.

    Whatever it might be; hopefully it’s solved internally and the Nets go back relying on Brook-Lin combo against the Knicks tomorrow.

  832. Lopez is also loyal and now they want to trade him, it’s a business. Marks already said they need rebuild for years. Lin at most only have 3 years before he is too old and loses his speed and athleticism. At age 28 not many teams would rebuild around such a old PG let alone an Asian player.

  833. Practice losing and icing out Lin on every play sure.

  834. Maybe… KA is using MO for developmental purpose only so everyone gets to have similar min and experience. Hopefully by the end of the season, he changes things around. Just my hope.

  835. However, IIRC in preseason interviews or articles, Lin or KA expressed that Nets are in “win” now mode. IMO, I think Lin really thought that KA would let him control the offense with plenty of PnRs instead of limiting his scoring and requiring him to share the rock.

  836. Brooklyn, we have a problem. Or KA, you have a problem (out of so many problems on your hands). But this one you need to address ASAP. Don’t wait until next season in the name of development.

    Lins’s leadership is questioned on court. Last game in 4Q, it was exploited evidently. Under KA’s offense scheme, if you have the ball on your hand and have a good look, or a good path to the rim, just do it. So every player does that with that mindset and has the tendency to “Just Do It”, even though the look is slim or the path is narrow.

    So, Lin is ignored, MO is ignored, energy is diverted to offense, in the name of “I have a good look b’c you said so.”

    But it is more than that. No that I wanted to start a conspiracy stuff. But it is evident to me that a group of players are looking to work together against Lin’s leadership. I don’t need to name those players as their acts were shown in these 8 games road trips.

    What KA needs to do, well I don’t need to tell KA what to do. That’s his job. But if he is on the same side as Lin, as Lin thought that they are in this together, he needs to address this. He needs to help Lin to help Nets.

    Well, unless you are OK with this. Then the ship is going to sink and Lin will opt out or traded next year and your job will be in ????

  837. i feel like a player should get credited with an assist if they pass the ball to someone who gets fouled shooting the ball and can sink both free throws

  838. NBA has advanced stats tracking this FT assist

  839. no one looks at that tho. lin has so many of those plays

  840. well, at least it is available. A lot of people don’t look at a lot of things, hard to control that.

  841. i miss the mda lin days where lin could turn the ball over 20 times and his coach would tell him to keep shooting it and keep driving :/ houston, La and even charlotte has made lin much more gun shy

  842. I really don’t think there’s this big problem. Lin was definitely looked to in the other games and in this one game, things didn’t quite go right. To a guy on the team, they ask who the leader is and they don’t say Brook. They say Lin. Sometimes guys get tunnel vision when they play. I think the team is showing growing pains.

  843. Yup. Happens with all teams, ebb and flows, ups and downs during the season. I hope Brook is back tomorrow.

  844. Yeah, I’m waiting and seeing. Atkinson lacks experience and it’s showing as a lack of feel as head coach. But, he also has working with the performance team restraints when it comes to Lin at least. Ultimately, is he a good NBA coach? Time will tell.

  845. Rockets has Harden, they can afford having Lin sitting in the corner while Harden drives and draws fouls. Nets have no one else if they sideline Lin to the corner while passing the ball among themselves, and when Lin gets the ball, Dallas double team him while his teammates remain stationary and not cutting.

  846. Lin is always loving and supportive. I believe it’s because of his Christian background. However some people get better by correction and criticism. The Bible still says God corrects people. I hope in the locker room Lin is tougher on guys then in the media.

    Leadership style often has to be adjusted for individual. We are not all the same.

  847. MDA gave Lin many screens, none of those team including Nets gives him PnR and screens!

  848. Maybe. Maybe I am wrong. But I can see more than once those overlooks were so obviously as long as those players were on court with Lin. Let’s see how KA reacts and how the remaining 18 games play out.

  849. We’ll see what happens in tomorrow’s game and the others going forward.

  850. “Everyone has a plan until they get punched in the face” – Mike Tyson.

  851. Like the mentioning of the Patriots. Best halftime adjustment coach in the league. Ref. Last Superbowl.

  852. That is not gonna happen in Brooklyn. Sadly

  853. Team out coached and coaching staff not enforcing discipline. Too many forced shots , ISO-plays, lack of real effort on defense and rebounding. And yes — Jeremy was iced out multiple times when he was wide open for jump shots and also running the wing for possible fast break.

  854. Nets are trying a lot of new things. But not everything new is better. Just being new doesn’t mean they are open minded because they have stubbornly shut out old ideas that work.

    Eg. Play your best players more. Get them the ball. My biggest gripe is run some plays because the players are stupid. They need more direction. It’s like asking my 4 year old to write in cursive when he could barely write his letters now.

  855. Reacting would be KA finally benching both Foye and Dinwiddie for good both who are washed up players. Developing is for the young players not players who are past their ceiling with no talent. No teams would be starting the likes of Foye and RHJ!

  856. Yup Lin needs to speak up and tell guys who were icing him out to pass him the ball!

  857. 100% agree

  858. where are the stats that track FT assist?

  859. 20 minutrs of nauseatingly boring mo offense and incompetent coaching and bad and selfish teammates… no thanks

  860. Lol

  861. Agreed!

  862. Well said. Talents are rare in any field. KA has it in training but probably doesn’t have it for games.

  863. KA may be a good friend but NOT a good coach. Period.

  864. MDA era is gone and won’t be back. Lin is different now than then, and many coaches and assistants have asked Lin to involve teammates because he’s good at it. Lin continues to consider the balance between scorer that can take over games and facilitator that can organize them. That’s why we get both and Lin picking his spots to do both. We can miss the MDA era, but it’s gone. I like Lin’s evolution, each game is its own story.

  865. They do run good plays out of timeouts. Sometimes, you have a play in mind, it breaks down, and you don’t have the experience or talent on the team to run the next option. Charlotte did it better and still they broke down. But, on Charlotte’s team, Lin bailed them out as the 3rd option or best player to make something out of a broken play. On the Nets, Lin is often covered because other than Lopez and to some degree, Levert, and some nights Skil, there aren’t any. So maybe a Whitehead will do it sometimes, but often Whitehead turns it over. Or Nets simply turn it over because they don’t have the experience/talent ball-handling or BBIQ to do it. The issues aren’t simply on the coach, a lot of the players don’t execute. But, notice when they do. Because to me it shows that Kenny is OK with the X’s and O’s but lack the feel of who can execute when need be. Especially when Lin or Lopez are covered.

  866. He may. We aren’t there. I think it’s harsh to say he’s incompetent or can’t hold the locker room. There’s a combination of ways to deal with guys not executing, yelling doesn’t always work and especially if you aren’t by nature a yeller. Not all coaches are Pop or can have the results of Pop.

  867. Need some fun…
    2017-03-11 In Dallas Fans brought Bobble Head from Houston and Jeremy signed autographed

  868. I personally think KA wants to give those players more chance to prove themselves, as team players. But in the end, it is the character and team works that matter for this team. Since winning is not that important, KA might just take these chances to see how these players act on the court. Remember what KA said about missing Lin and team’s haphazardness in handling the balls.

    This would eventually single out the players that are not fitting, assuming Nets still keeps its high character/team playing Spurs like belief.

  869. Though I am not a fan of Lopez’s game, his absence is felt last game. His presence on the court along would at least keep Dirk and other Mavs big in check. Dirk’s 3 pointers (3 at least?) are the daggers that kill Net’s momentum.

    The quick 2 fouls by Nicholson in the beginning of 4Qs put Nets in a very bad situation. 6 minutes into 4Q Nets already in foul penalty. Late disorganized offense in last 5 minutes is another factor. But I see that as KA wanted to play MO and let Lin started the sequence. And more than often, it ended up the 2nd or 3rd player got the ball from Lin and then either shoot bad shots or drove into TO. The same scenario kept repeating for the past 50+ games.

    Maybe it is the inexperience, maybe it is the last game of this tiring 8 games road trip. But this team must fight as if this is the last game on this world, you know, to make a statement to NBA that “We are here to play”. But disappointed that they only play a good 3Qs game. Again, this is on coach, with agenda or not.

    Unfortunately we could never know what KA’s true intention and his true coaching capabilities if Nets is using this season as extended training camp. The coming 18 games, hope this development stage stop and show KA’s true coaching, if he has something.

  870. We see this over and over. My question is Lin being iced due to the lack oft vision from team mates or are they selfish. I think Jlin needs to take part of the responsibility of demanding the ball.

  871. It’s practice. It’s training. Still for coach Kenny and this team until the end of the season. No PnR, no screens. It’s just passing to certain players and building their confidence.
    I’m more than fine with Mavs game. They played much better since Lin returned.

  872. Yes take a page from what harden dis to him, just walk up to the player and take the ball!

  873. Building CONFIDENCE by getting blown out like that?

  874. I am fine with KA developing players for the long term goal, but developing Foye who is 33? Also developing a bunch of players who are not in Nets long term goal? In the mean time crest a lossing culture and damage players confidence? I don’t get it.

  875. The offense doesn’t even need to run pick -AND-ROLLS, just need damn PICKS!….spacing….

  876. Well said.

  877. Yes, more of them please.

    There’s a nice PnR in Lin’s highlight starting at the :24 mark. RHJ rolls properly and Lin finds him for an easy lay-in. A good MO has lots of picks (screens) and has some PnR.

  878. Many things they do didn’t make sense to what the told the public.

  879. Talk is cheap. If KA use the whole season to develop players then how come their poor D still the same almost every game??? smh!

  880. If KA knew or wanted to do it…. he would do it ….smh!

  881. For yesterday’s game, Nets the whole team have only 10 screen assists, and 5 of them were from Andrew Nicholson, so not sure how many Lin got there.

    Dallas as a team has 15 screen assists.

  882. Based on previous Whitehead’s, Yogi’s, SKil’s feedback, I think JLin did give them guidance behind the screen, not just on the technical aspects but also to instill confidence particularly to SKil when he was struggling.

    As long as the correction happen behind the screen without clash of egos, I’m okay with that. It’s better than when McHale used to throw players (well, Lin) under the bus publicly.

  883. Without screens, motion offense is just music chairs iso.

  884. Sounds like NYK has the problem w system too…. lol!

  885. https://twitter.com/apooch/status/840414464264536065

    Not just Lin fans here have the same opinions. Look at the comments. LOL.

  886. Generally we should not expect rookies to excel. Atkinson is a rookie and he is fairly young for a head coach. So I cannot say that he will NEVER be a good head coach.

    However I can simply criticise him for not playing to his roster’s strengths. Distributing minutes equally makes no sense if Lin and Lopez are so much more talented than the others. Also for the younger players those who do well should be rewarded with more minutes and get “developed” more. Unfair for the end of the bench? Too bad but that’s life.

    It’s like setting up a business where you may want to create the perfect system in the office. However if you do not do the little things to generate cashflow, you will be out of business long before you create the perfect system.

    Atkinson’s cashflow is the owner’s goodwill and the fans’ patience. It will run out sooner or later. I would say deliver some wins and then we can spare some time for development.

  887. What basketball? Melo ball?

  888. Both NY teams with messed up FO and coaching how lovely.

  889. In KA’s mind he doesn’t want anything to do with PnR not even screens just motion offense but Nets are NOT playing motion offense it’s really just iso ball and renders PG useless without touching the ball, so mad and sorry for Lin.

  890. develop players but trade away a obvious starter and replacement for Lopez in McCullough and never giving him even an actual bench role! Giving heavy minutes to washed up vets like Foye and Dinwiddie while the young players like Kilpatrick and Whitehead are mostly benched and not playing with Lin! lol Funny how Foye said KA yelled at Lin “You should help them more” What?!! Earth to KA, they DONT want his help and you’re not allowing the actual talented players to be on the court with Lin and start with him! All this talk about develop yet KA is develop 30+ year olds in Dinwiddie and Foye who are way past their ceiling! So Stupid! Meanwhile he’s done nothing to develop Levert as a Guard! Just to play his bench as starters like RHJ and Foye, Levert is forced to play SF!

  891. If you’re a rookie coach and the team have no chance to be a very good team in the next few years,your plan is to create a fun basketball and a culture of winners.If this team won like 30 games this year and they should have focus on their best talents,I assure you that more free agents will think to come on board because they have the chance to showcase their skills and they will come not just because of money but also of fun playing the game.

  892. A culture of winners is more important than claiming a system or winning lottery picks, just look what 76ers have been doing without it.

  893. Ya! If you have winning culture you can get good FA but if not…. no one wants to come ….

  894. In lieu of Tomorrow’s game vs the Knicks, my thoughts can’t help but think about Lin as a Knick. Hard not to be nostalgic. The game, the crowd, the coach, the commentators. Rewatching the video Lin seems unstoppable (unless he has to go left ) ? https://youtu.be/m3A6wJBZ7hE

  895. Yup finally has a star and still going..NOWHERE. FYI: Joel Embiid is now injured and out rest of the season. Sounds familiar? Injured while being on a crappy team… Once healthy and contract is up you can be sure Joel Embiid will be gone.

  896. That’s the fun & good old days….

  897. Those FA who had matched contracts are probably thinking “What was I thinking saying I want to go to Nets, so glad I didn’t ruin my career”.

  898. Same destiny….lol!

  899. Excuses, Excuses, Rookie coach should still be able to win many games (Lakers’s coach). Lakers have all young guys and actually won games against GSW while their PG were healthy! Meanwhile Nets with a healthy Lin couldn’t even beat the Knicks!

  900. They sure are very happy now …. why only Lin is so bad luck ….. year after year w all the lousy coaches from NBA…. smh!

  901. Good coaches and teams don’t want him nor will start him. Bad teams want him for hidden agenda, promotion, marketing, developing rookies (Nets), and in KA’s case developing his Motion Offense is more important than the success of his players, Lin included.

  902. Exactly. Rookie coach doesn’t mean they should be OK to loss winnable games…

  903. Nets at this rate WILL make history, Worst Record in Nets history that is, not 2nd but 1st that’s KA’s goal this season!

  904. Coach is so important. Look at Wizard, they are #2 now…. they have almost the same roster but just change the coach to make it big different….

  905. Nah, Knicks is sinking and Nets rising.

  906. Good NYPost article

    Why the Nets aren’t losing by so much anymore
    #2 They’re 5-12 with @JLin7 in the lineup, but just 4-41 without

  907. Hope Nets can beat NYK tomorrow. Not another L again.

  908. Beating the Knicks would be quite a statement that the Nets can beat the in-town rival.
    It’ll be good as Lin as the leader. Hope Brook will be playing 100% and the Nets play tougher defense.

  909. Huge week for JLin.
    Knicks on Sunday and Asian glow (and his abs) on Tuesday

    [email protected] shows off his Asian glow (and his abs) with pride on Tuesday’s #FreshOffTheBoat!

  910. new Knicks vs Nets game thread

    G65 #Nets Seeks to Snap 16-game Home Losing Streak vs NY Knicks
    Ironically, the last home win was on 12/26 vs Charlotte Hornets with Lin (when he reinjured his hamstring)


  911. Woooohooo~

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