G64 DET @ CHA Game Thread

As the Hornets enjoyed a 5-game winning streak, Jeremy Lin found ways to contribute with his scoring (12pts/2r) despite limited min, his shooting struggle and having non-calls from the referees. He also managed to keep an impressive 22 straight FT and 28/29 FT in the last 6 games.

  • Pistons might be a tough opponent as they have beaten the Raptors and Cavaliers recently although they can be inconsistent as they lost to the Knicks. The Pistons is ranked 2nd in 3PT defense holding opponents to 21% so they can challenge the Hornets 3PT shooting
  • The recent trend shows  that only if Kemba, Batum or Courtney Lee struggles that JLin would get more PT.
  • With Lee having his best game (16pts 4/5 3FGM) as a Hornets and receiving Clifford’s praise, he might be given more min if he can contribute with defense and more catch-and-shoot 3s. He has been given extended playing time after the trade despite not scoring much as Lin’s and Lamb’s minutes were reduced.
  • Let’s hope JLin will overcome any nagging shoulder/ankle injuries and break through his shooting slump to score 11+ppg in his limited 20 min. If the game is close in the end, the Hornets will need his ability to draw FTs and score.

Let’s go, JLin! Let’s hope and pray he figures out a way to bounce back strong  in his limited minutes to contribute with his shooting & scoring.

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Guess JLin's stats in Game 64 vs DET


  1. congrats… first ever?

  2. Lots of Lin fans found his bobble-heads

  3. yup. it’s a sign that good things are coming! let’s go JLin!

  4. sweet i want one

  5. Let’s gooooo Linsanity!…

  6. people try to cash in .. $75 wow

  7. If the playoff starts today, it’s Hornets vs Celtics.
    I kinda want to see this one 😀


  8. good market for the old teams … lol.

  9. they are now 5th seed as Hawks loss today

  10. hopefully they overtake heat to grab the 4th seed and homecourt

  11. I wish Utah was better so they’d knock HOU out of the playoffs. HOU would be only #10 place and out of the playoffs if they were in the Eastern Conference.

  12. Yes that’s best chance of getting to the second round. Long playoff exposure may help Lin for FA.

  13. and this is the best JLin may enter the playoffs, right?

  14. A Hornets fan shared what Isiah Thomas said about Lin’s importance as a playmaker.
    It’s great that Isiah as a Hall-of-Famer can recognize JLin’s playmaking ability.

    Isiah Thomas had some nice things to say about Lin as NBA TV covered the end of the Pelicans game. He made it a point to say that Lin may not start for the team or get big minutes but he is very important to this team as a playmaker. Isiah is not my favorite person but I thought it was cool of him to give the Hornets props and single out the importance of Lin and his role and wanted to pass it along.

  15. Best in what way? He’s a better all around player now but his shot has been off and he’s backup to Kemba and Cliff has been misusing him. The first year with Houston he was a starter but playing next to ball hog Harden. Second year at HOU he was also a bench player but was clutch in the playoffs.

  16. Good read about Jeremy’s shooting.

  17. i meant seed position so far.

  18. v nice read! thx

  19. Unless hornets play the pacers, I don’t feel confident they could advance to the second round. They definitely lose in the second round.

  20. No, Atlanta lost, so Hornets would face Miami in first round.

  21. Hornets actually would have better chance vs the Heat than the Celtics.
    The Heat’s trapping D is also worse for JLin.

  22. It’s true Heat is more easy to beat than Celtics. Also agree – The Heat’s trapping D is also worse for JLin. If so hope Hornets can move to #4. LOL!

  23. Lin has the most success against the Raptors I think.

  24. Better than Houston Rockets one with face shape and features completely off. At least they got the face shape and features closer.

  25. But his shooting needs to be there as well.

  26. I think the Hornets shooting coach is a 1-2 step coach and Scheppler is hop. Maybe maybe doing a mixture of both is messing up his footwork cited in that article.

  27. In 2014 the Rockets were #4 seed playing Portland who were #5.

  28. Its more the shot blocker in Whiteside that Lin is having the problem wtih. CHA does not space the floor properly and many shots get blocked.

  29. Let’s go Jlin! !! Spank the Detroit flat Tires!!

  30. Go Lin Go!

  31. Hairsanity!

  32. Literally LOL

    Good morning from @JLin7. Your messy hair looks incredible. It’s so? Lol


  33. Let’s get a good start today!!!!Lin for the Win!!!!!!

  34. thanks!

  35. Jeremy needs our prayers……….

    Item #4 from his prayer request :-

    4. Please pray for me as recently I have been frustrated with my jump shot and overall performance. The new shooting form has been one of the most frustrating things of my career. I know it will pay off in the long run but going through the adjustment process has been harder than I anticipated, so prayer for the right mindset, great muscle memory and a pure heart that shoots/plays solely for God’s approval would be greatly appreciated!

  36. Starting tonight Lin, keep shooting.

  37. Lin bubble head. Hes so lovely….

    Check out @ashstro’s Tweet: https://twitter.com/ashstro/status/708396940837441537?s=09

  38. ok, from Lin’s keyboard to my brain – JLin is officially working and struggling with his jump shot.

    Also, that reddit post linked yesterday by a Yascar here was a great analysis on his jump shot.

    For future, informed discussion lol. Some people attacking his shooting coach, his choices. Crazy, when the player is doing his best to do something good for the long run. It’s like attacking someone for being on a diet and having a beer or ice-cream once in awhile.

  39. Okay Brent, I haven’t voted for awhile so you better be right. No pressure! Lol

  40. high 5 you gracing us with your time bro!

  41. Let’s have some Linsanity tonight.

  42. …starting tonight.

  43. The major difference in what Lin is trying to do from what he used to do is to change from what I call a platform stroke to a one piece stroke. In the past he’d use his big muscle in his quads to deep load and jump as high as possible in order to set a platform for his arm to throw the ball from a extended arm position that often went behind his head. This motion took way too much time to get the shot off and shooting 3 doesn’t require maximum height as much as efficient and quick release.

    The hop is only part of the solution and a first step to train his body to use the speed muscle in his ankles to create lift as much as possible. It’s that speed muscle that gets the quickness of lift to get the shot off fast. The second component is that the one piece stroke uses the full body in sequence to propel the ball up and into the release point that is much lower than Lin’s old form. It’s this lower release that also adds to the quick release. The advantage of the one piece is that it alplignes his elbow much closer to an ideal linear single vertical plane that reduces the dispersion of his throw. The last advantage I see is that the power of the throw is created much more by the body and a mechanical chain that minimizes the wrists from having to produce thrust. This loosens the muscles in the hand and maximizes the feel of the fingers to feel for the arc needed to get the ball into a good rotation towards the hoop. Tightness in the arm and forearm will naturally occur when it is required to contract and expand to produce force. Separating the tasks of having to produce trust with the hands will make the shot that much more repeatable.

    The hop and 2 step both has its place in the production of a shot in the flow of the shot. You’ll see sometimes a layup with a hop step, but very rarely becuase it’s inefficient to maximize distance travelled. Both footwork has its place and Stef Curry will do both as needed. IMO, What Lin is trying to do is to train his ankles to provide more quick lift by using the hop as a key though to break an old habit.

  44. Man, even off-court JLin’s face still got hit =)

  45. Hope so. But with Clifford? You think?

  46. 4/1 early?

  47. did he write this awhile ago?

  48. Pete Guelli is hoping for JLin’s breakout game tonight

    [email protected] getting some shots up on the practice court pre-game. Feeling like he breaks out tonight! #DETatCHA


  49. I do not think Lin’s shooting skill has much problem if you check his stats as starter – fg% and 3p% were on the top 20 (all NBA starting guards) and better than Kemba. I believe it is the way Clifford has treated him (very inconsistent roles and minutes) has big impact on him.

  50. Top 20

  51. he broke at last game in the 4th but it ended when Cliff benched him.

  52. that’s why no way to play JLin in fantasy or bet on his team, because the icing is happening at illogical times.

  53. Lin could have ended with at least 16 points yesterday if he stayed in the rest of the game. It does seem like Lin is being used sparingly only when Cliff wants to bring the game back. it sucks for Lin fans.

  54. I think Pete might’ve seen JLin draining many shots on the practice court so he thought JLin’s shooting will break out tonight.

  55. i hope he doesn’t fatigue himself

  56. FYI
    JLin scored 13pts/3asts/4rebs/2stls in 26 min on 12/7 DET road game with a 104-84 Win
    5-10 FGM, 1-3 3FM, 2-4 FTM

    Hope it won’t be a blowout since he won’t get a lot of min

  57. he probably won’t get fatigued in his 20min PT =)

    But yeah, that’s the hard part coming off the bench.
    He can be hot in practice before game but then he had to sit to cool down

  58. But he shot well in practice last time too. 🙁

  59. well, Patrick Ewing said Lin had an outstanding game off the bench the last game in his pre-game comments. He said the team needs more than Kemba and Nic, they need guys off the bench. Truth is, starters usually just match or are a bit below the opponent’s starters most games where the bench, or more like a few guys from the bench along with a few starters, usually way outplays the other team’s bench.

  60. This is fresh from this morning……his prayer request #16

    Here is item #5 :-

    5. Please pray for the world. Recent events, whether it’s natural disasters, terrorist attacks, racial tensions, the U.S. presidential campaign and many other world issues, have shown me more and more how this world is still so broken. Hopefully we can pray that even amidst our world’s brokenness, God’s name and glory will be revealed!

  61. Someone send this to @NBAOfficial

  62. Agree. I re-watched his preseason games and he shot very confidently and successfully with the new form. During such time, Cliff allowed him to play PG w/consistent minutes/role. However, since Day 1 of regular season, Cliff had been jerking Lin’s minutes/role constantly. On top of that he had to play w/injury which did not help w/muscle memory and can affect his confidence in his shot.

  63. Off topic but I just realized Ewing is Associate Head Coach, same title as D’Antoni with the Sixers.

  64. When Lin is in with Kemba, Kemba scores more. I don’t know if it’s because Lin makes it easier for KW to score or because he waits until Lin is in.

  65. my feed is lagging

  66. Already started, Hornets is doing well at home court.

  67. Hornets off to a good start. Lately a lot of players hitting three except for Lin. I hope Lin is listening to the hornet shooting coaches.

  68. idk but ever since the Cavs game it looks like the bench has been marginalized a lot. Not just Lin but Cliff seems to be putting all of his chips into the starters. Lamb, Al, Frank, etc. are not getting as much opportunity as before.

  69. they caught up already. The starter defense is not there.

  70. Bad D for sure!

  71. that last 3 was from Kemba’s guy

  72. marvin williams playing ridiculous

  73. no defense on both sides

  74. I wonder if Al’s okay with being a bench player.

  75. He still gets the ball a lot

  76. Lin in

  77. MW better not out score walker, or his next stop is the bench

  78. NOTE: 1st Qtr- ball movement to bigs & every player has touches. KW passes and plays team ball. Watch the difference what KW does when Lin comes in to play w/him.

  79. 333333

  80. 333333333

  81. Batum to Lin

  82. so far Batum was facilitating so Lin got to shoot

  83. I think he heard you groves

  84. Yes Lin missed one 3 but had the guts to shoot again and made it.

  85. Yes, Lin will feel much more comfortable after hit 3.

  86. Those 2 steals, 1 caused by Lin’s defense and the other Lin stole it

  87. Can someone watch the replay of Lin’s 3. Was that 1-2 form or hop?

  88. The 3 is not a clean shot it’s still in the process of refinement

  89. I like Lin’s aggressiveness

  90. it sucks for Lin lol not funny though.

  91. The lead will stretch even more now

  92. Lin said he’s frustrated with his jumper, but I’m not. He sets high goals for himself, but he’s not Curry or Redick, who can hit jumpers whenever. Most players, including most “star” PGs, are not that way either. Like 90% of players, Lin just needs regular touches, rhythm. Notice how he bricks the first 3, makes the 2nd. That’s how it works.

  93. No hop. Someone must have told him to stop the hop coz it’s borderline on travelling.

  94. Lin just needs the practice, he’s not naturally gifted in that area but he is smart and can adapt/train himself

  95. He looks great in practice according to Doc. It’s in-game where he stops shooting well because he doesn’t get touches. In practice, you shoot over and over and over.

  96. nobody is Curry, with 55footers being made … it’s a weird time. Kids all over will be doing circus shots and in 10 years, we will see magic bball.

  97. Thanks. I don’t really understand when people mention 1-2, but I guess hop is self-explanatory.

  98. Well, Novak has a rare gift too. He can sit for 20m and then nail a pair of 3s.

  99. Our bigs can’t get the rebound

  100. Lin not getting his touches right now but he’s doing other things right

  101. KW is being scored on by everyone

  102. Kemba can score but it’s just cancelled out by his opponents

  103. Ya KW can get 30 pts and end up with +4. Lin can get 12 pts and end up with +14

  104. He can just touch the ball at 3mins mark on the the 2nd q

  105. kemba scores while Lin is on the court with him. coincidence? i think not!

  106. KW got scored on several times. KW didn’t want to shoot that last seconds. He consciously saving his shooting %.

  107. 2nd qtr Lin will get to be PG? or will KW still be in the game?

  108. That was hilarious. Speaks volumes about him.

  109. That’s a selfish act for sure.

  110. So obvious!

  111. Hornets want him to be player of the month in EC

  112. when kemba goes out, batum comes in. sigh

  113. Kemba is the only player that plays a whole quarter

  114. Batum is actually better now. He passes to Lin

  115. who was Cliff yelling at? Lamb?

  116. yeah. the only thing i have against him is clifford making him play SG. it’s so dumb

  117. what is this Lamb and Al hot potato?

  118. shot doesn’t look that good to be honest.

  119. That’s why in previous game, we saw KW & NW passed to Lin last seconds to shoot even after they got rebound.

  120. Al gets the ball every time

  121. Kemba killed ball movement at the end of the 1Q. Now it’s Al killing movement.

  122. Blake grabbed on Lin

  123. Both teams shooting like garbage.

  124. good sign that Lin is looking to score. stay aggressive

  125. Obvious fouls not being called though.

  126. Lin playing on the slower iso unit. Which is why his shooting is bad

  127. Novak said at the steiner sports in interview during Linsanity that he used to do 500 shots every afternoon in high school.

  128. Cliff took the bench force one and blew it up

  129. I saw that one.

  130. Can’t get a rhythm

  131. It’s all about boosting Kemba’s stats. And with the recent weak schedule, you can win anyway.

  132. Another no call by ref. SMH

  133. especially without the ball in his hands, it’s been Lamb/Al hot potato

  134. BF1 only missing Cody

  135. Lin is now playing an unrecognizable role.

  136. Lamb OMG

  137. Less ball movement and less touches for Lin. In this 2nd unit in this stretch, AJ is first option, then NB is 2nd. Lin brings up the ball and passes to NB.

  138. Thats exactly the offense. not only is he playing less but not the style he was promised

  139. Lamb doing his own thing too. He got more touches than Lin and he’s not even PG

  140. Lamb is playing so many idiotic plays.

  141. 222222

  142. Just drive the lane

  143. Need to practice that jump shot until he “gets it”.

  144. That will come

  145. I hope Al will foul out.

  146. Lin wide-open from 8ft…no one passed to him.

  147. The Kemba Effect: because he shoots so much when he’s in, everyone ballhogs when he’s out.

  148. everyone trying to get theirs with the limited touches left

  149. hate al as a player on this team. dont work

  150. Clifford’s game plan is very much predictable. And the marginalization continues.

  151. Exactly. And that’s not how Lin plays. He succeeds with teamball like the Spurs, Hawks, Warriors.

  152. 2222222222222

  153. Lin tries to get rebound to get touches, but he even gets competition in that department.

  154. What ever unit he is on this is the result. He had the same effect on the starters

  155. Hornets trying to promote Lin there…but he barely touches the ball. Hornets PR trying to please the Lin fans but it’s like saying one thing and doing the other.

  156. yep black holes father

  157. Hope he comes back after this time-out, but probaby not. 5 points is not bad, but he needs more touches.

  158. he scored?

  159. Lamb getting 5 shots shows you his priority

  160. He got 5 points even with few touches,it’s already a good game for him

  161. Lin is almost NEVER a pg leading the bench even KW is sitting. Cliff, wtheck?

  162. Batum is a terrible “long-distance” passer. Don’t think he’s completed a full-court or half-court pass this season. Always, always intercepted. It’s how half his TOs happen.

  163. Both ends. He’s horrible on the defensive end. He’s only good running PnR as a team player but there’s not much of that run with him.

  164. By design. When Kemba is out, they want Batum to get stats.

  165. Lin has never been PG this season. Only preseason when the team went 7-1 and that Cavs game. The Hornets trying to fool us by calling him a backup PG.

  166. That’s was like finally.

  167. lol he scored again?

  168. Lamb making things worst for Lin on the bench

  169. Zeller is taller than Drumond right? GET THE REBOUND GOSH

  170. I think Cliff saw that and sat him right away.

  171. Need to drive on Drummond and get him in foul trouble.

  172. that’s a Lin mission but idk if Lin should sacrifice his body for this team, only a few games left this season

  173. Lin just standing around.

  174. i am not seeing that.

  175. Lin’s defense is very solid this season

  176. Wow is he closing the half?

  177. Can we stop calling fouls. This game so slow

  178. Let them play refs

  179. Not touching the ball, I mean.

  180. Batum got himself benched with some bad passes.

  181. to me when JLin is in, the defense has structure to it. He’s aware. When they switch up and he’s at the top of the key, he cuts off so many plays.

  182. nope

  183. Refs made those extra minutes for Lin pointless

  184. strange that Batum comes out earlier than usual after just coming back in

  185. on O yes, I saw Al vacuum up lots of balls, saw JLamb eat of a few possessions. On D, he’s all over the place.

  186. Piston should go on a run now

  187. well, they gotta make the game competitive for Lin and the Hornets 🙂

  188. they play team basketball when Lin is out, ISO ball when Lin is in.

  189. More like Lin’s teammates. Got some bailout whistles, but they ballhogged.

  190. Punitive benching for bad passes.

  191. Lamb think he is smart. He runs and gets the rebound so he can g iso and score lol

  192. well, that’s a first

  193. Signing him for $21m was a mistake

  194. i remember he did that with under 2 minutes left to play in a close game a few weeks ago and Batum looked at him funny. got benched too

  195. That’s why his min is hurting.

  196. Imagine if MKG is healthy this season,I doubt if Lin can even get 15 min

  197. Agreed, so Cliff lied to Lin to begin with

  198. It’s hard to say. Lin comes in for Kemba and Batum as well.

  199. He got around 22-25 minutes

  200. Uhmn,MKG will make his spot better,I got where you coming from

  201. i’m not wasting my time anymore with this team. I’m just tired of waiting mid 2nd qtr to the end of 3rd before seeing Lin again. And when he’s in, he’s barely touching the ball and getting to play PG.

    Hoping for a better next season on a team that actually empowers him.

  202. Absolutely,but I guessed it’s about surviving on his own personal interest too.

  203. Lin’s situation is like when you have been working hard for a company and when it is promotion time, they’d rather hire someone from the outside than promote you.

  204. Good things come to those who wait!

  205. They took the best passer on the team and made him stand in the corner and go defensive. Yawn. What a shame.

  206. I’ll stick to highlights.

  207. ya and they made him like that because they know KW/Al/Batum arent good defensive players. But that’s not even it. They let C. Lee get free rein. He wasn’t with the team all season, he barely signed a few weeks ago and he’s getting better treatment than Lin. That’s a big disrespect to Lin.

  208. karma will come bite him

  209. He will be set to get a better position no matter what’s the outcome of his shooting this season

  210. Not only that, you clinch several huge deals while you take over a position temporarily, and when the person comes back from leave, you get even less clients than when he left, even though you did a better job.

  211. Don’t worry about him. He’s done more than you could imagine in this bad situation.

  212. More like, hire someone else and promote them rather than promoting the guy who worked hard for your company.

  213. He can just do what he does now. Practice the shot and if it falls in the games, it does. I think he should drive more. And I don’t think he’s that concerned with free agency. I think he just wants to get his shot right so his game can be balanced. He still wants to help this team he’s on now when his number is called and into the playoffs.

  214. That’s actually is a big face palm to Lin in terms of skills and abilities.

  215. People for once please stop worrying Lin next contract. Here’s the worst case, he can sign another one year with another team.

  216. He has been in worse spot and played better. He is not in an ideal situation but its the spot he signed up for. He shooting change has been quite disappointing

  217. been there, done that. i’m sure all asians have experienced that many times in the corporate world

  218. pardon me, staying here for one more year????

  219. That’s the past, he’s making the best out of it now. Still many games to play.

  220. 76’ers and Nets desperately needs a PG ,who do you think in FA IS A BETTER PG than Lin?

  221. Yes unless dantoni is a coach and ak him to come stay put. being an important part of a playoff team don’t come easily

  222. exactly, whenever I think of Lin has to back up this lowly KW, I am furious

  223. He can go to any other team backing up a true PG, instead of this ball hog KW SG

  224. You want another lakers situation. Unless dantoni is the coach it would be a leap of faith. This season was a leap of faith an look what happen. He is shooting change has failed. Theres still time but who says it ever works. I’m still hopeful tho or atleast go back to the ld form

  225. Haters will never let him start or run a team but they know he’s a luxury coming off the bench.

  226. that doesn’t mean anything. Every team has a KW

  227. Perhaps Lin should have signed with Memphis after all. Conley and Chalmers both out for extended time. He would have had a chance to play starting PG.

  228. I think it is not far to say Hornets situation is worse than every before.

  229. Yea I’m hopeful he will turn it around

  230. I just want him to have enough leverage not play behind another PG again.

  231. It’s an open discussion I think no one is worried about it at all

  232. He did not want to be stuck 3 years with any team. At least he has option in July.

  233. yes it is. It seems worse because this is his worst shooting since his rookie year. Thanks to his shooting coach

  234. Read below.

  235. Sorry but that’s just not true. Almost every team has a ballhog, they just vary in degree. I don’t think this is ideal either but Lin can be in a far worse situation than he is now.

  236. What gives you the idea about his situation next year unless you’re reading a crystal ball

  237. We all do but it’s out of his control right now. He’s playing with a coach who didn’t keep his words.

  238. Was it for 3 years? Didn’t know that! Still, he would have inevitably proved himself. Force them to play him at starting SG at least.

  239. There are KW everywhere. Who did you hate last year. It was kobe. The year before that it was harden. Then before that it was melo. before that it was curry and ellis

  240. “Lin can be in a far worse situation than he is now.” Please enlighten me.

  241. experience.

  242. 3 years with team option, that was why he rejected.

  243. Memphis play at a slower pace I think. It would suit him even less than Charlotte.

  244. No it’s not everywhere. Be positive.

  245. agreed, thanks.

  246. Randolph is the worst for his style.

  247. if Lamb got 21 mil for 3 years and Lin seems to be more valued and playing more minutes, then it’s safe to assume Lin will get more than that

  248. GSw and spurs. Maybe atlanta. Thats it

  249. and boston.

  250. If you stop being so antagonistic, look up all the videos of Lin at the Lakers and his second season at Houston. Look at the man nearly crying at interviews. Then tel me which is worse. I watched each and every one of them.

  251. I don’t know what to say but I still believe that he will have a better year next year

  252. No he didn’t. He was told to play a lot more with KW but Cliff used Batum to cut his min more.Remember Batum is a SF not SG.

  253. The way the bench play now. The one he is struggling to find a rhythm in is exactly like the memphis tempo

  254. disagreed, Lin unfortunately played with the worst ball hogs over the years.

  255. Off season, things will reset. many options.

  256. he said he may

  257. If you want him to be labeled as mediocre player then dream about those teams

  258. I thought he signed for playing PG and SG, but look what he is playing now.

  259. But we have a valid reason to do so. It’s not about KW every where it’s also about Clifford’s, mchales, bscotts in this league.

  260. You and I can go forever because we have passion to watch and root for Lin. Let hope he’s healthy and leave the rest to him and his God.

  261. i don’t like their slow style but it’s better for Lin than the Hornets cus they don’t have anyone who can drive and dish like Lin. they don’t have any offensive weapons. plus, Big AL is the WORST, well, next to kemba

  262. agreed. The future still looks bright.. He is getting better. His shooting will eventually come around. Linprime will live again lol

  263. hopefully

  264. I absolutely agree

  265. Lin’s lesson in the NBA I think now is how to be more effective with ball-dominant players. I think he’ll always encounter them. He’s had them now in 4 teams to play next to.

  266. that was far worse

  267. is that for real?

  268. See, I know most of us here have one come on goal.

  269. Real or not, KW will not allow that.

  270. I agree with you. Lin has been used for his defense, his versatility, he’s closed games at least prior to when Lee came in and, for most backup PGs, Lin has far more minutes because Clifford sees him as more versatile than just backup PG. If he was just backup PG with the season Kemba has, Lin would have Lamb’s minutes.

    There are fare worse situations Lin could be in.


  272. Did Jackson do that purposely to KW?

  273. Lins been hit much harder then that

  274. they display twitters.

  275. agree

  276. Obviously photoshopped. Open the original pic.

  277. That’s over acting,I don’t think he got hit that hard

  278. Direct contact too.

  279. Even if he is the coach Lin could be starting PG for a few months and then be moved to another position depending on feedback from the FO. Nothing is that secure in the NBA. Look at Noah for instance. Some guys get things and keep them, others don’t. Next situation we can only hope for the best. But things will play out as they do.

  280. Like they were swinging a bat

  281. Yes it does.

  282. here’s the un-photoshopped version..


  283. Exactly. Lin’s lesson is, I contend, play more effectively with ball-dominant players of whatever position. It’s a challenge, but it is the one he constantly is facing.

  284. Is it interesting the previous players Lin has played with has smacked him straight in the face. Will harden try next?

  285. It seems Jackson got it worse, landed on his arm/shoulder. KW usually stays down longer to sell the foul. Didn’t see him get hit like Lin. This is the first time saw his head was fouled and the ref called flagrant foul 1 on Jackson. Where were they when Lin got smacked on the head/face/neck???

  286. Flagrant. and yes, he has.

  287. Well interesting! The opp got fragrant 1 and what happened to all those JLin intentional hits at least 1-2 hits every game???? Dirty and biased NBA to no end!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  288. Kemba couldn’t guard Reggie at all.

  289. No.

  290. No match to watch when Lin is on the bench. So i look around the bench and found the assistant coach next to Patrick Ewing only has half seat (on his left there is gap for court side seat people to work thought )… poor guy …. how boring the game is….

  291. Elite offensive players no need to guard except Spurs and GSW’s.

  292. So true

  293. Isnt he is always like that..lol?

  294. you sure that’s the assistant coach and not the water boy?

  295. but fake elite players don’t defend either LOL

  296. they should give Ewing two or three seats.

  297. a bald water boy?

  298. Heres to hoping Toy daniels plays instead of Lamb

  299. Big Al got 4 fouls ..

  300. No. Cliff wont do that

  301. Daniels defense

  302. Hero Kemba…

  303. Lets hansbrough play

  304. What is marvin on

  305. 9 pts game! Time for LIn

  306. Cliff love his sons

  307. He already isn’t playing much so i doubt that

  308. lins turn finally? hows he doing btw?

  309. our other favorite player is bailing the Hornets out. Williams.

  310. Kemba’s cooled off this game. Time for Lin.

  311. Lin yawned too

  312. Lin in

  313. Lin is less sad this season not because he is treated better, but he forced himself to be content. No one likes to be lied again when he thought he already saw all the darker side of human beings.

  314. Reggie is too athletic for Kemba. Playoff defense will wear Kemba down.

  315. Marvin is playing very well, 8 out of CHA 17pts in Q3 so far

  316. What makes you think KW will play defense during playoff? lol

  317. Thanks goodness for Marvin!

  318. Did Marvin push lin on defense?

  319. 2:39 left in Q3
    Lee/Batum for Lin/Frank

  320. I mean playoff defense on him will slow him down substantially.

  321. Marvin will get big contracts

  322. I see, agreed.

  323. Somehow the old Kemba is back this game.

  324. Cliff will help him

  325. Kemba is 3-11 and 3TO

  326. Kemba did not see Lin wide open 5 feet away????

  327. He sees he turns away

  328. that was really bad of him … just went for his foul shots.

  329. KW avoids passing to Lin on his left. He kept passing to Lee, Kam.

  330. That is our hero Kemba!!!!

  331. Lamb had the ball and immediately give to KW, he never does that to Lin. He’d go coast to coast.

  332. Kemba not just toke BF1 pg role from Lin, he not even pass ball to Lin no matter what.

  333. lol 3 min of 3rd quarter only to be ignored

  334. Al and Lamb with -11 and -7
    The only ones with negative +/-

    Big Al is a big problem defensively

  335. Lin can explode if had green light.

  336. Have seen that all the time. Lamb wants to be pg when he plays with JLin. Guess more Hornets players want to be a pg more than anything.

  337. ok, Kemba is out to start Q4.

    Let’s go, JLin!

  338. everybody just iso, posting not ball movement.

  339. Good active hands by Lin defensively..
    Hornets got the ball

  340. Thats the style Al plays

  341. no one passes ball to lin, lin needs to take shot whenever get the ball

  342. yep, and Kam picked it up. And Lee banging away on his side.

  343. Such an ugly game. No ball movement.

    No one passing to Lin whatsoever. He’s just in there for defense.

  344. he did, mid-J not good for him per the reddit discussion.

  345. What happens to this Hornets team now?? Even Lee plays pg now.

  346. see look at this. how can anybody say He should stay in this team? courtney lee gets more touches than lin to initiate offense.

  347. My dose of reality – GSW later tonight. This is just hanging around with friends like you lol.

  348. he needs to shoot more to to fix it.

  349. Lin is literally the 5th ballhandler behind Kemba, Batum, Lee and Lamb.

  350. 3333333

  351. 333333333333333333333333333333333333333

  352. When Kemba is on bench, we have 4 pgs

  353. Cliff claps hands when KW made turnover but scream at Lin.

    Cliff yells to kaminsky to take your time but count down to Lin.

  354. The other non-PG is Lin

  355. Lin unleashed: 3, steal, assist for easy layup.

  356. great hustle by Lin

  357. Lin’s steal led to a beautiful fastbreak & assist to Lee’s layup!

  358. Lin still making magic despite marginalisation!

  359. Nice tap to the back of Jeremy’s head by Courtney Lee after the shot.

  360. You wont give me the ball? SCREW IT ill get it myself

  361. That is the right way to run a fast break

  362. He always does when given a chance — even if it’s for 2-3m per game. Which is literally how long he’s allowed to be involved in the offense.

  363. This unit blowing them out

  364. Lin with hockey pass to Batum to Al’s jumpshot

  365. That unit with datum and not Kemba has been good all year.

  366. Lin clinches the game as usual.

    Now it’s time for Kemba to statpad and talk about how great he is.

  367. So sad but true.

  368. Everyone knows.

  369. Believe JLin will sub out pretty soon. He can’t take the glory away from Kemba and Cliff!!!!!!!

  370. Recent games, Lin’s FT, TO, ST are really improved.

  371. Lin makes the game more fun to watch

  372. Every postgame, it’s all about how amazing HE is, even though he’s sucked every season until this one. Never talks about the team enabling his success and helping him.

  373. What reggie jackson cant score on Lin lol

  374. Honestly he started this season the same as every other season. I did not see any magical improvement. It was the rest of the team, Marvin, Batum and Lin who helped him to rise.

  375. Lin guarding 2 ppl

  376. but he has no problem on Kemba

  377. See without kw is no choking! Lead piling up with Lin in n no KW!

  378. the sleepy assistant coach next to Ewing is waking up and enjoying the game too ..

  379. Picking up dribble bad habit

  380. Lol..

  381. yep, he’s only getting a few touches once play has kicked off.

  382. did not get the turnover

  383. Cliff yelling at Jeremy?

  384. Did Cliff just scold Lin about something???

  385. on time like train schedule.

  386. cliff yelled at Lin? seriously screw him

  387. is he BOB WEISS?

  388. Yep!!! Believe it’s time for Kemba’s glory now.

  389. Even Lin was like, “WTF? Not on me, Cliffy boy.”

  390. Clifford wont yell at batum for that to

  391. Idc if Cliff yells at Lin.

  392. Frank actually got that TO because he bobbled the ball trying to drive

  393. Lin is learning. He is the sensei

  394. Cliff needs to wear big glasses

  395. Ha Lin in no kw!

  396. KW about to come in

  397. Lin got to be mad

  398. He’ll be benched soon.

  399. KW is getting less minutes recently. Fatigue?

  400. Cliff is actually trying to stay with this lineup that gave a big lead.
    Kemba not in yet with 5 min left.., maybe with 3 min left

  401. I never saw cliff yelled at Kemba and batum. He just claps when they mistakes. LOL

  402. Lin is better now in getting rid of the ball when they trap.

  403. I see Lin and Cliff have some exchanging.

  404. Cliff just took Lin out and Lin was explaining something to Cliff on the sideline…

  405. He’s averaging 38mpg of late, even in blowout wins against bad teams.

  406. He is a coach that what should happen

  407. “starters” are back

  408. NO reason to take Lin out!

  409. Lin has 0 TOs, to boot.

  410. Only reason to take Lin out is to make sure he cannot get double figures.

  411. Statpad for Kemba now that Lin clinched the game.

    Lee is Cliff’s old favorite, so he gets priority as well.

  412. Look for Reggie to take over now.

  413. JLin: Cliff you are bias and a liar

  414. Cliff found fault on Lin w/o merit. He’s giving the public the appearance that Lin did something wrong to have excuse to take him out.

  415. Kemba too lazy to fight through screen so Reggie drained the 3

  416. where is 7mils Lamb?

  417. Too fatigue

  418. Thats gotta be a record for me… i started watching and 5 minutes later forget it…

  419. Lin has become Cliff’s whipping boy. Why are we supporting this team again?

  420. Isiah Thomas is correct that Lin’s playmaking is very important. The ball just moved better with him starting the offense.
    Unfortunately, it didn’t show up much on the boxscore

  421. 3 air balls for Reggie, no complain.

  422. We are supporting lin.

  423. This is very boring basketball, and I’m surprised Detroit was so bad. Oh well, next time. Happy evening y’all. I’m sure I will be back if GSW are playing well – they always cheer me up as to real bball.

    JLin tonight was v good on D. That’s what he does for this team, provide good structure. Generally, if KW weren’t getting so many shots that fail and if PG was not initiated by nonPGs, this team has some good variety on it as to scoring options. but those 2 team killers make this a v boring watch.

  424. Hope Lin will sit out tomorrow due to back needs rest.

  425. Guess only Cliff is blind

  426. Lin helps creating a big gap and Clifford let anyone else to pad the stats

  427. Lin and Kaminsky put the Pistons away in the 4th Q.

  428. i wouldn’t mind if he sat out the rest of the season.

  429. Am I the only one not excited about the games these days..? I lost excitement about the games.. LOL

  430. He is not blind but worrying about his job

  431. Lin hustles and spreads the floor. The defense always have to watch out for him even when he’s at the corner.

  432. Lin did his job today. 2-4 from three. one less game left in the season

  433. No you’re not.

  434. Me too

  435. I like the way Lin shoots his 3s tonight.

  436. I cheer for lin

  437. That’s the strategy. Try to hold Lin the 2M contact for another year.

  438. It happened only when JLin was the pg and so glad that Lamb wasn’t in the game.

  439. 3rd string came in with 2:42 left.

  440. Somehow, Lin is +10 and KW is +5. The magic of Lin.

  441. so freaking stupid. i hate the hornets. i need lin to get minutes and be INVOLVEDand not stand in the freaking corner

  442. Of course I cheer for Lin but not excited..

  443. tell clifford, im sure he would understand

  444. Cliff even claps hands when 3rd string backup make turnover.

  445. At least the game was putting away when JLin was the pg in 4th qtr.

  446. 2-4 from 3s tonight..
    He’s regaining the shooting touch

  447. He is a chief brown noser! Sad to say that!

  448. You will get highblood prssures if you are this mad..lol

  449. lol

  450. i have high blood pressure! haha good guessing

  451. Everyone is taking credits rignt now except Lin

  452. Good warmup game. Now to get revenge on the Rockets tomorrow.

  453. not happening when fans are upset. Lin won’t do us like that.

  454. yesss.. Let’s hope for a big one from JLin tomorow 🙂

  455. 50% on 3s for Lin. That’s music to the ear!

  456. I’m glad Lin didn’t back down when Cliff went after him. Cliff is very adept at making himself look good at Lin’s expense.

  457. Guess what Lin said to Clifford when he was pulled out?

  458. Why bother. Once in playoff, everything reset. Let’s see how this team survive with Lin playing less minutes and roles.

  459. Yes.

  460. We are not supporting this team lol

  461. I will stop watching the hornets play unless Lin is being used properly ( hopefully in playoff ), otherwise I will just watch Lin’s highlights. Watching Clifford the stupid and Hornets play is really bad for my health, I can’t stop cursing….

  462. I’m a better coach?

  463. seriously i think Lin is the only one that listens to the coach in the NBA

  464. No. What did i do wrong this time

  465. Compared to what he has to put up with now
    Rockets were a heaven

  466. I thought I was the only one feeling that way

  467. Yep. But tonight we saw Lin did say something back to him. Prior to tonight, Lin would be silent and went to his seat.

  468. hahaha, that thought crosssed my mind too

  469. I let you lead us. I dont have twitter..lol

  470. I just want to say this, this will end sometime in the next games. The Hornets are winning because they’re playing without any pressure and against bad teams at home. They’ll learn the hard way because of inexperience plus they’re gambling with their best PG. Yes you heard me, Lin is their best PG.

  471. Thats what Greg Kelser said at the post game review. He said Lin’s consecutive plays on offense (the dagger) and defense (steal and assist) ended any hopes for the Pistons.

  472. People just need to stop buying LIn jerseys and all
    and stop going to the game stop supporting the team
    make them lose money

  473. Wow, Rox leads Boston by 4 pt with 5 min left

  474. “You are Fired!!”

  475. Cliff acts and sounds like McHale. This is fact now. No more excuse!

  476. He took after his mentor

  477. He educated Clifford. Cliff is just lucky right now.

  478. Not a good strategy

  479. Lin needs to refuse to play for the remainder of the season unless he gets more minutes
    The Hornets can’t afford to lose him now

  480. he is worse. McHale did not lie!

  481. In the past games yes, but he’s no pg making his team better. Not without Lin.

    KW has all the tools to get his stats. Lin has to dig the ground with his own bare hands.

  482. you got better ideas?

  483. Lin wont look good in FA

  484. I know that as a fact couple months ago:-)

  485. McHale sure lied to media…etc, just did not make false promises to Lin.

  486. It is what it is
    Kemba is playing very well in this system
    He makes shots when they need them
    no need to take that away from him
    he is carrying the team

  487. Doesnt look good already

  488. But he and Morey are the culprits demoted Lin to the bench and ruined his value. I’ll never forget that! It’s started w/ Rox/Morey/McHale. Cliff is just perfecting the Rox model and that’s why he’s more dangerous…as I think about..

  489. Lee is beginning to play better and played well tonight. To be honest, Lee and Lin would play well together but don’t get the chance for that many minutes together. I have nothing against Lee.

  490. If Lin still can’t find a home next season, I will probably call it quits. NBA is too tough for Asian, not in terms of lack of skill but Racism is too strong. Lin can’t handle it and really can’t do anything about it.

  491. must be the snap chat thing. lol

  492. No.actually lin situation is more difficult than we imagine

  493. He is still playing.

  494. Perfect observation, all marginalization starts with Mchale and everybody follows the guidebook.

  495. Dont give up that easily.He is a pioneer.

  496. it is
    but to protest the best way is to make them lose money
    not that it will help Lin much…

  497. Lin has shown that he can indeed handle it. i have faith he will get through hard times like he always does.

  498. Lin is still a better player than Lee
    He should play more mins

  499. not too well

  500. actually Yao was

  501. “Harden proved to be a super star”?

  502. You can’t win over NBA, its an institution. Racism will win 100% of the time.

  503. bunch of 40pt games
    and he is one now
    No need to take that away from him

  504. ha ha. Let us supporting lin in everyway..ok?

  505. Can you guys imagine if AL, Batum, MKG were healthy all season? if Kemba did not miss Cle game? Lin’s mins and stats could have been worse than his rookie year in GSW.

  506. Yao’s case is 100% different from Lin’s. Yao comes from China, world economic power, NBA surely welcomes him but not Lin, who is just an Asian American.

  507. Yao is big different – physically.

  508. Have faith.

  509. Looks like Lin shot better. Thank God. But sounds like the marginalization program still running.

    Is it worth it to watch the replay of this game or should I wait for highlights?

  510. China was not that big of a deal back them
    The NBA welcomes Lin too but he couldn’t the success like Yao did and he was a No.1 pick
    he always had the benefit of the doubt

  511. haha my bad

  512. mmm, KW could have bunch of 40 pt games too you know.
    Not trying to take away from Harden, just call spade a spade

  513. not worth it unless u want to pull your hair out

  514. Not worries, Linsanity happened because JLin kept working hard and seized the chance.

    If Donald Sloan and Ish Smith can start, JLin can certainly shine.
    He just needs to reunite with MDA and everything will take care of itself

  515. Just wait for highlights… or watch the 4th quarter until 5:12 when JLin helped to make 17-10 run to give a comfortable lead

  516. i always watch the highlights two or three times. ?Lol

  517. Lin is one of the best at college level,why is he not being drafted in the first place? Its a no brainer. .

  518. 15-20mpg which is fine that was given going in
    but Clifford lied to him about letting him play his game
    instead he doesnt get featured in the offense at all

  519. Sounds good. Watch Mr 4th quarter now and highlights later. Thanks.

  520. let focus on what is going on now..

  521. i focus next season

  522. He went to Harvard, come on and he wasn’t super athletic or anything
    a lot of the players who won the NCAA dont get drafted

  523. Can it just be that he isn’t marginalized? If the other players are stepping up then Lin gets less usage. I think Lin did well in the 2nd half tonight and pretty well in the first half. I think he’s out of the game too early, that’s the only thing I don’t like. I’m also not crazy about lack of touches. But Lamb gets less run as well, is he marginalized too? Or is it just an order of players that Clifford wants together?

  524. ha ha…usually in bb not everyone is healthy 100%

  525. That scene of Cliff yelling at Lin upset me to no end after Lin made a defensive play of the night on a steal and fast break passing to Lee for a layup during that stretch. Cliff has to find something to make Lin look bad in front of the home crowd when they’re leading 14pts+ and the win is assured???? Cliff’s marginalization of Lin is out in the open now.

  526. I see him playing better and being strategic. It seems to be his game plan. He seems to save his best play for the 4Q now and he hit 2 3s tonight.

  527. other players know that this is kw team. They want touches too afterall lin wont be here next season

  528. You really have a wonderful way of seeing how Clifford thinks. Thanks you for white washing it for us.

  529. Marginalized definition to me. Players not being played according to their worth. That includes Lin, Lamb, Daniels, and hansbrough.

    Favoritism is Players played more then their worth. Lee and Walker.

  530. big elephant in a very small room

  531. But they aren’t thinking of next season. They are playing to get better for the playoffs. And KW wasn’t doing his usual lot of scoring tonight. There was a lot of Marvin and somehow Courtney Lee got 15 points. He plays more minutes, yes. I think Lin somehow is always away from the action of the ball movement and I’m not sure why. And no, I don’t believe other players are consciously freezing him out on purpose.

  532. but there is always ‘if’.

  533. Lin is not featured in their offense at all, which is different from what clifford told him in the offseason
    its Kemba Batum Al Jeff Lamb Kaminsky Lee then Lin
    He is not even their 5th option

  534. Jeremy stepped up and got benched…

  535. sooooooo true

  536. Lee is a blend in player. He seems to work well with the starters and is getting more productive now. Walker is playing his worth. Lin just needs more integration in the offense and more chances to use his facilitation skills. It doesn’t happen long enough. Daniels should get regular playing time. But I think on most teams it ends up that some guys aren’t playing to maximize their talents. They end up moving about from team to team. Good thing for Lin is, he can move if he wants. Lamb can’t. Not sure about Daniels. And TH is just there for emergencies and garbage time.

  537. Sometimes I think sws94 is either related to Cliff or his agent

  538. He did go to the bench but he played after timeouts where I thought he’d be taken out. The rotation by Cliff has become to favor the starters now opposed to going with a hot bench player. I don’t like it, but that’s what he’s doing.

  539. well it always M and M in Rox.
    Now it is C and C.

  540. Chicago going to be 9th. Losing to Miami. This was the team that was suppose to challenge the cavilers?!

  541. Just watch highlights, it will be better for your health.

  542. Yao was protected by the Chinese government.

    Lin is not.

  543. They should have traded for Lin before ASG at all cost.

  544. When the Houston media wrote an ugly race based hate article about Yao before his 1st rookie game, the Chinese Consulate angrily called up the Rockets and forced a retraction.

  545. too depend on Rose and Butler.

  546. Cliff started stepping up in phasing Lin out when one of those players returns. Now, most of them have returned to action, Hornets MJ/cho/cliff even added Lee to start over Lin, so Lin’s marginalization operation is in full mode.

  547. And I think you’d benefit by being more open to other perspectives. You give very long posts on your own but it’s all coming from your own perspectives. And it’s super valid to you. There are other super valid perspectives as well on what’s going on with Lin on this team.

  548. what a lame route to take out a player,but it is what it is i guessed .Good luck next year Jeremy

  549. You’re basically saying he is being marginalized.

  550. the pro rose and pro bultler wont allow this to happen

  551. let finish this season first. ?

  552. You’re better than that grover. That’s unnecessary. Clifford isn’t that horrible to me and you have to accept that from some Lin fans. I’m seriously not pleased with what’s going on now but it is what it is. An I and other fans just hope Lin still shows his worth which I think he is doing. I have no need to just sit around and say repeatedly he’s being marginalized. I’m looking at empowering him through his play, not saying everyone treats him bad.

  553. The never ending cycle goes on and on and on…when will Lin find a home?

  554. I’m looking forward for the playoff then next year,I hope there’s a fast forward button for the regular seaso

  555. Yes he is and yes he was in every angle.

  556. Let’s hope that it’s going to be next year

  557. Please, KW and Harden were ordained to be the franchise players, has nothing to do whether they played well or not. KW was baaaad for the past how many years? but still got a chance to “redeem” himself with Lin’s help on the team. Lin was never given the chance, don’t blame on Lin for having a mediocre start coming out surgery. many players have time to gradually getting better after injury except Lin.

  558. I don’t use that word. He’s part of a rotational process that means he doesn’t get the play time that he used to. But if Lamb or others were to get hot, they’d sit too. And that’s not unlike what other coaches do. Will Clifford go back to running with a hot player off the bench? I don’t know. But it isn’t just Lin that he does this to.

  559. Too many injuries for Chicago.

    Their team’s window has passed and now they should contemplate rebuilding.

  560. Lin is different than Lee. More of a winner in more ways. Lee isn’t bad for the starting unit, his style of play works well for them. But Lin should play more minutes. I don’t like his reduced minutes and I doubt he does either.

  561. @ashstro
    Hornets fans waiting outside the arena hoping to get autographs from their fav players!
    Tag: Lin, Zeller, Hansbrough

  562. we are living in a reality..

  563. pray that lin stays healthy, keep on fighting, improving, learning. He will eventually find his home

  564. Unfortunately, there is no team in the nba that will make Lin a starter. He has to use every opportunity to showcase his ability, but at the end it is the owners an coaches that make the final decision . It is a team sport, you can argue all day long, there is no clear cut decision.

  565. Obviously isn’t it

  566. he was protected sure doesnt mean hes not the first asian ball plahyer to have success

  567. no team? More like the team afraid of getting backlash from their peers.

  568. “Clifford isn’t that horrible to me and you have to accept that from some Lin fans”
    Clifford isn’t that horrible to you that’s fine, and you have to accept that Clifford is horrible to some Lin fans. And though you have denial but you have to accept that the way you talk sounds like you are cliff’s agent or related to him to some Lin fans”

  569. ha ha.. Be strong..lol

  570. You say one thing semi negative and lin fans jump on you like wildfire. Its crazy. Im a huge lin fan myself but sometimes you need to point out facts like you just did. Lin is nowhere near steph currys level but lin fans make him out to be the next mj. Im not trying to put lin down but jesus come on people stop being so delusional. Lin is a great basketball player but just like everyone else he has his off nights dont get mad at someone for pointing that out. With Mda i think lin can do great but as sws said the situation is what it is.

  571. I don’t even know what you mean?LOL

  572. Ha ha..

  573. LMFAO

  574. Omg Michael Beasley of the rockets took 19 shots in 14 minutes smh

  575. I don’t want a Charlotte vs Miami series, at least not in the first round. Erik Spoelstra knows how to game plan for JLin. It’s an AZN thing.

  576. Some brief highlights …

  577. Thanks!

  578. There are some I think.

  579. They’re supposed to wait in the arena

  580. That’s how me and my son got it

  581. If Tony Douglas can be a starter, so can Lin

  582. Yep.Rox M&M and now Horn C&C… The nightmare continues until a curtain is lifted to let the sunshine in for us to wake up from this nightmare.

  583. Sws, no possibility whatsoever that jlin is not being marginialized, abused, and subjected to a gigantic double standard…

  584. Of course kw has a corvette and lin still on a horse.

  585. So cute boy!!!! Looks like the growing up version of my little nephew the face feature, and the hair style. Haha. ^_^

  586. HOU won 102-98 vs BOS.
    Harden scored 32 pts and 13-15 FTs

    I think tomorrow will be a big test if Lee can contain Harden.
    If yes, he might get more PT

    But I think coaches will find out that they need both JLin’s ability to draw fouls and defend well to close the game.

  587. He was 9-19 with 8 REB…he was the key for the win

  588. But come on 19 shots in 14 mins?

  589. maybe thats the key…next season, Lin need to make sure the coach and GM doesnt share the same initial?! lol…kidding kiddin

  590. Everyone has their own perception and I dont think sws is far away from general fans thinks as well

  591. The cute #7 kid got a lot of HoneyBees to celebrate his 7th Birthday

  592. to me both points has its merit…. Lin fans see things as marginalized…compared to Lin’s potential and what he could bring to his team.

    On the other hand, general perception is, Lin is being used as rotational purposes, because, he signed cheap with no certainty for long term stay…..hence, a Coach would not make Lin as the core of the team, coz when he leaves, it breaks the team.

    Hence he is used as an injector, where and when necessary…..

    Coach dont want to make him as the core…hence Lin fan call this marginalization and NBA fans call this part of rotation necessity

  593. totally

  594. funny…

  595. just too tired on whats going on….when the season ends?

  596. 5 offensive rebound was huge…nothing wrong with 47% shooting there….CHA need to watch out for him on tomorrow’s game

  597. We may not all feel the same way about Lin’s coaches and team mates. We all support Lin, that’s why we are here.

  598. How do you get to stay behind in the Arena after the game? When I went the ushers cleared you out.

  599. me too… can’t wait ’til the end. 17 games+ and playoffs… but not sure Lin’s PT in playoffs…

  600. I think Cha need to have some plans for MBeasley…Harden is gonna get his no matter what…..unless we go pesky on him

  601. No doubt, Lin is not used to his potential or in a style of play that suits him. I guess NY and Houston to a degree fit Lin best. Since then, it’s been a struggle. (Houston of course was due to McHale and coaches and Harden) But I find it rewarding to find how Lin can still make his mark on a team that isn’t designed that much around his style of play.

  602. to me..as long as he gets the experience that is good…come FA…he will be evaluated as a player who had 3 season playoff experience…that do carry some weight

  603. You don’t think that’s fine. Others think that way also fine, right?

  604. To some owners and teams in the NBA, the game is a business that’s not really about winning on the court and that it’s a business in the winning in who owns the biggest stars like collecting gemstones or the biggest house or fastest car. It then becomes a popularity contest that each team decide who the stars are.

    So how does an outsider ever win a game that relies on popularity? You have to focus on selling yourself to the small population that actually watches the game for what it is and not the “beauty pageant” that it is sold as.

    In NYC, there’s a lot of purists that are fed up with the fake product put out there that continues to lose. That’s why Lin became a hit with the fans. Unfortunately Dolan and the FO wanted none of that and opted for the fake stars follies on Hardwood.

    This is why Sixers is exactly the same opportunity for Lin. The fans in Philli are fed up as well. They have had a tradition as well with Dr.J they want to win. With a good GM and MDA, how can it go wrong? The point is you can only be who you are to the best of your ability. You’ll attract the kind of people that appreciate you’re talent. The rest of the people is never going to be any good to you anyways.

    It’s kind of like dating and finding your own soul mate. Everyone wants a super model for a girlfriend or atom Brady as a hunky boyfriend….or so we’re supposed to at least. How many of us actually ever really want that for a wife or husband? Some would want a chance to date them and maybe hope to change them into less superficial types of worldly values, but in the end they wind up not being able to adapt to your set of values. This is the kind of “dating” Lin’s in with these teams.

    There’s so few people in this world that are our perfect fit or soul mates. Lin just needs to be who he is and be the greatest at who he is and hope someone out there will appreciate him for who he is.

    I have absolute belief that his faith will guide him to his destiny.

  605. It’s not fine to say I seem like I’m related to Cliff. It’s extreme and to be perfectly honest, insulting.

  606. No Kemba or Batum? LOL!

  607. Seems Lin is getting along well with his team mate Courtney Lee. Called him his half-Asian brother on his snapshot video.

  608. I believe you. I don’t doubt you being here to support, though I don’t know what supporting approach you are taking for I don’t read all the posts. I don’t know how my above post is relating to doubting your support in Lin for I merely point out that if you are asking some Lin fans to accept certain truth or reasons from other kind of Lin fans, then it’s vice versa too.

  609. If you look at Lee where he is coming from, he’s also a victim of being lied himself. He told us he was promised not to be traded but what happened?

    Lin is far beyond smart for his age. He tried to tell us Lee is a good person and the evil one is…. you know whom.

  610. hope Lin could do that some day, just totally take over

  611. My comment got deleted. I don’t mind but please tell me why and by whom?

    Thank you

  612. If you found it’s insulting, it’s insulting then. I can’t denial your feelings. Though I think it’s not the poster’s intention to insult but merely point out the impression other poster have with your posts. That’s what you convey to other posters. Can’t argue what they feel too.

  613. Well I do.

    The best passer on this team is being marginalized.

  614. ‘slavery is a super valid practice’……… some old white dude.

  615. You’d benefit even more why we ignore your ” other” perspective. Your ” other” perspective belongs in ” other” sites…maybe a Clifford site.

    The truth is you think we don’t already see that other side, we all do. That’s the sad part. We see all too clearly. We just choose to denounce it as lacking any meritocracy or lacking racial bias. Why you don’t is what bothers me and a lot of others.

    You keep spewing it so I keep posting my perspective.

  616. what do you have against Cliff’s relatives?

  617. After a while, when you see an apple, you have to call it an apple.

  618. If Clifford believes everything he does, I dare him to bench lin like he does toHawes, over extended back injury.

  619. For all the frustrated fans, just stop watch games and highlights for a while and you’ll be much happier.

  620. Died hard fan will never stop. It’s not about us or how we feel.

  621. And I think you’d benefit by being more aware that this is a site for Lin fans. The “very long posts” of Acbc you criticized are always quality posts and quite enjoyable to this lurker fan.

    You give numerous posts but they often seem to be veiled attempts to justify every move Clifford made that upsets devoted fans. Worse yet, your posts frequently are arrogantly self-righteous and therefore, annoying.

  622. What happened? Why did cliff go off on Lin?

  623. I think Hornets could lose tomorrow. Houston is talented, just lazy. They seem to be more focused vs Lin. Hornets already lost to the Rockets earlier this year.

  624. I don’t get why that guy in the sign is covering his face 🙁

  625. Highlights from JUN LIU

  626. I think you need to be less sensitive or something. I don’t know. I offer a sober view of the NBA and you offer something else. We both have value. I hope you can respect mine one day. That’s all. I’m not spewing anything really. I’m just posting here.

  627. So you deleted my replied comment, why?

  628. I like KHuang and listen to him because he’s passionate, has many views, has great debates with me and understands my point of view and mostly, he knows the NBA and basketball well. Much more than I do. I’m over 5 decades on the earth and black and lived through the turmoil of the 60s, 70s and I’m here now.

    KHuang offers something I can’t understand and that’s how racial bias works against Asians. I know it with blacks but it is a different form. If you want to talk meritocracy that’s fine. I’m talking about soberly what the NBA is, how Cliff is part of that, and I think, as NBA coaches go, Lin could be worse than under Clifford. You don’t, we can disagree, but it should’t be so acrimonious.

    But I’m here to more discuss basketball and hope for Lin to perform. I’ll talk of the corporate constraints I see, not the racial stuff. It’s not my place. I can say I sense it, but I don’t experience it the same way as Asians do or recognize it. It’s different for blacks than for Asians although both is racism.

    If it bothers you I’m sorry it does. But many things bothered me over the years that don’t now. Time changes things. It’s not like I accept things. It is more I don’t let them have power over me and assert my power when I can as slowly constraints are brought down. But it takes time.

  629. Isabeli will love this video. Lol. The moles on lin’s face and shoulder is so clear. I finally get what she’s been seeing all these time.

  630. Let me repost it, lin tried to tell all of us that Lee is a good person and they don’t have a problem. The problem is lied Clifford.

  631. Where’s Isabelijane? Haven’t seen her around. The Twitter header needs her help. Lol. Still living in the laker era.

  632. That doesn’t mean he’s treated worse than before either. You’re surmising things just like we all are. How much of what was told to him were lies? He was never told he would be a starter. He’s being utilized less at PG but he plays a critical role on this team – not the role we Lin fans want, but a productive, contributing role that even outside analysts appreciate.

    What about getting stripped of a starter’s position? Or being thrown under the bus constantly? That’s not worse?

    Jeremy is 27. He’s not a kid. He made this decision, eyes wide open, his own signature on this contract. He had total control of where he would go and he chose this team. He was lied to? After Dolan, Morey, McHale and Scott, he doesn’t know how the NBA works yet? He’s a fine young man – smart, ethical, a very very hard worker and I trust his moral compass and his decisions.

    He will make whatever he can out of this season and he will be a better person for it. But right now, this is his team, his choice and hating on his coaches and his teammates does not help him or us.

  633. Clifford is a disgrace, even BS didn’t pull lin out and lecturing him from a losing game. Lin gave cliff a big lead for his starters in clutch time and he had to show hates to the guy.

  634. Why people need snapchat when they can also post video on Instagram? Too many social media apps asking people to follow and join. Instagram, Twitter, snapchat, Facebook, line, Pinterest… All these apps! So overwhelming! Technology! >_<

  635. Lin needs to rest his back and stay out. See how Cliff will adjust the team without lin. I’m out.

  636. if Lin stopped caring then the team would have already been out of the playoff race and clifford looking for a new job

  637. clifford is ungrateful. he doesn’t even know how good he has it with Lin on the roster. i guess he has already forgotten how it was with Lance on the team

  638. Clifford is weak and kissing up to anointed “stars “. Even worse, Cliiford’s double standard toward JLIN will detoriate the respect of the team and may result in him losing the locker room .

  639. Frankly, I’m amazed Clifford plays Lin as much as he does.

  640. Let’s get ready for the big Rockets vs Hornets game

    Jeremy Lin finally hit 50% 3FGM (2-4) in a 3-7 shooting performance to finish with 8pts/2asts/1reb/2stls in 22 min to help the Hornets win 118-103 over the Pistons. He helped the Hornets extend a 9pt lead to a 16pt lead when he had a chance to be a ball-handling PG in the 4th quarter for 6.5 min

    1. Houston Rockets will provide a tough test as they have broken the winning streak of tough Eastern teams (12-wins of Raptors, 6-1 Celtics with other loss to #1 Eastern leading Cavs)

    2. Kemba would also need help as Houston held him to 14 points on 3-of-10 shooting in a 102-95 loss Dec. 21. JLin had a good game with 13pts/5asts in 22 min (4-6 FGM) so he would be able to help the Hornets with his scoring ability

    Let’s go, JLin! Let’s hope and pray he figures out a way to bounce back strong in his limited minutes to contribute with his shooting & scoring.


  641. This is the NBA where no Asian can succeed without protection.

  642. The notion that Lin can play, that’s very upsetting to most NBA folks on many levels.

  643. We know Lin’s going to be mistreated with not much to do this season. Why not just take a step back and wait for playoffs or the next team (preferably with MDA)?

  644. The refs cheated Lin that game.

    They artificially put Lin in foul trouble because it was James Harden that Lin was going against.

    I’m so tired of fake superstars like James Harden playing FAKE REF PROTECTED basketball.

  645. If Clifford wants to blow his voice out by COACHING Lin, I’m OK with it even if Clifford is being abusive.

    While Clifford is yelling at Lin, there are starters like Walker and Batum who desperately need the coaching but are not getting it.

  646. Michael Beasley grew up with Kevin Durant and has the same talent as Durant despite Beasley’s history of drug use.

  647. Well, I sorta “forgive” Clifford for his (mis)handling of Lin so far.

    Clifford has to keep his job by kissing up to Walker and Batum. That’s just how the NBA works. Those coaches who defy that, they end up embittered and out of their head coaching jobs like Mike D’Antoni.

    Clifford is just trying to figure out a way to hold the entire team together. He IS getting results, though not a single person on this forum doesn’t believe that the Hornets would be much better with Lin as a starter.

  648. Disagree.

    The team is SO focused on freezing out Lin, it’s making games harder to win.

    Clifford’s system is a motion system that allows anybody to touch and handle the ball. But Walker and Batum won’t allow it, specifically against Lin.

    The reason Lin always appears in the corner is because that’s the only place he has to go when Walker and Batum are hogging and bricking.

  649. yes, now I remember Lin got into 3 quick fouls

  650. Agreed. Clifford is a yes man who kisses up to walker and batum. Abuses and uses jlin.

  651. The problem here is that jlin is being subjected to disparate unfair treatment that everyone else observes and believes is ok to repeat.

  652. no point in being “coach” by that guy i shall not name

  653. He is “dabbing”. See Cam Newton, Carolina Panthers quarterback.

  654. If you want to believe Lin is not lied to by Cliff, be my guest. which is against what most people on this forum believe.

  655. Yes I do. And most people on this forum could be right, but also could be wrong. Saying it loud every game doesn’t make it more or less true. Some people love it clearly, some people find it too negative in what is meant to be a positive forum.

    Most people appear not to be bothered rooting against a team and teammates that Jeremy is clearly working his butt off for. Most people are clearly not bothered by Jeremy himself taking a stance of contentment and integrity while most people here are preaching a culture of hate. Fine. Hate the coach and the team and the teammates. But don’t expect some people to be happy about it. I don’t think Jeremy himself would be happy about it but I’m not most people in this forum, so clearly I’m probably in the wrong.

  656. I’ve been out for awhile. Can’t stand the treatment they have on Lin. Broken promises, politics, deceit, unfair treatment, yelling, etc. too much for me. I don’t know how Lin was able to survive in this kind of environment mentally and emotionally. Perhaps his spiritual side balanced these negative energy he is facing now.

  657. True. Been doing that.?

  658. Fine with me!

  659. He needs only one team. ?

  660. Correct! Don’t forget Jarrett jack even if he is old. You can never tell. It’s about the right time, right coach, opportunity and team.

  661. Too much for me. I can’t watch anymore. I slept early instead.

  662. True. The games are not even worth watching.

  663. Very good observation. Keep it up ?

  664. I’m on your cheering squad. Get it ion!??

  665. He got playoff experience already. It’s all about opportunity with Lin at this point. He needs to be healthy. Period!

  666. Me too?✌️

  667. True. Makes me want to vomit.

  668. I’m not excited. There are a lot who are not and just getting through the motions.

  669. I’m not supporting this team. I hate this team with Clifford and Kemba and the commentators on it!

  670. Same old game plan. I don’t find it exciting. I find it excruciating.

  671. True. Hate him so bad!

  672. But with Lee or Batum or al. Same old Clifford gameplay

  673. Lol. Like your comment.

  674. You’ve desensitized your personal sense of right and wrong for a view that’s safe and acceptable to the norm of the NBA. Your value is based upon making statements that are those of the people whose rules dictate the way Lin gets “marginalized”, oh sorry you’ve grown weary of that word. Maybe it’s becuase you’ve become homogenalized.

    You say you are just posting here and you keep making excuses for the exact people we dislike for the way Lin has been lied to, misused and abused. What exactly is your basketball points? How is it you have said anything that makes any sense of Lin’s on court time management or usage? It’s clear as day to us that Kemba and Batum or any of Clifford’s favorites have a separated set of rules but you keep making veiled excuses for Clifford.

    You think you are making basketball comments but In fact you are making comments that don’t pertain to how to improve the product on the court at all. What you say is very personal and emasculating to the Lin fans here who believe that Lin is being treated like a leper.

  675. He doesn’t have a choice. He needs to win games.

  676. Exactly. And that’s the way the NBA works and other sports.

  677. He’s a floor spacer. But that’s not an optimal way to use him. I find when Kemba is off, Batum finds Lin and even looks for him at times. But I dislike Lin as a floor spacer.

  678. That’s your interpretation of me but you don’t have a clue about me overall. I think a person ultimately wins by empowering yourself and excelling. Lin is doing that but it doesn’t happen overnight. I’m dealing with what life experiences has taught me and that is how to use energies in a focused, way. I’m not desensitized as you fallaciously put it, I’m measured. But I really don’t think you want to see that now so you’ll go on and on about me where when you could choose to listen to the points we agree on and go from there. I stood right up about Rock and other issues. I’m talking about basketball here, how Lin is playing in his usage in this system. Clifford is winning games and that’s his job and you aren’t always going to play any particular player to all of his strengths. And he’s playing Lin. Not to my or Lin fan’s liking, but he’s playing him.

    You aren’t changing me and it isn’t your place to change anyone here. And I don’t know why you feel you have to appoint yourself the ambassador of Lin fans. I’m a different type of fan than you and you either accept it or you don’t. But your energies are wasted trying to define someone you don’t know or particularly understand.

  679. VERY talented player.

  680. It would be great to see against Houston for sure. We know he can.

  681. Definitely, Lin played great D on Harden that game as well.

  682. No player can succeed w/o protection
    Lebron has it, Kobe has it, all the star players have it
    but you need to be really good to get protection

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