G63 Brooklyn Nets To Build On ‘Nastiness’ vs Atlanta Hawks

G63NastyNetsOne game after Jeremy Lin took charge in the 4th quarter with 11 points and 9 straight points against one of the top defenses in the NBA, he made a statement that the Nets want to develop a ‘nastiness’ or toughness to build from the surprising win. Lin wants his teammates to continue believing that if they can beat the 4th ranked team in the West, they can build on creating more wins by playing tough-brand of basketball.

Improved 3-Point Defense in the 4th Quarter vs the Grizzlies

After allowing a horrendous 53.4% 3FG to Utah, Sacramento, and Portland in the previous 3 games, the Nets managed to keep it down to 40% 3FG (10-25) by the Grizzlies. Surprisingly, the Grizzlies were red-hot shooting 71% 3FG (10-14) in the first three quarters but were shut out in the 4th quarter with 0-9 three-point shooting. This greatly contributed to the Nets accomplishment to outscore the Grizzlies 34-18 in the fourth quarter.

It is interesting to note that the Nets did not rely on 3-point shooting by only attempting 5 shot attempts and managed a respectable 40% accuracy with Whitehead and Lin making two timely shots. Whitehead’s 3 tied the game at 91-91 and Lin’s dagger 3 put exclamation point to put the game out of reach with 10-point lead (116-106) with 1:43 remaining on the clock.

This might be a ‘nastiness’ recipe that the Nets need to follow in the next 2 road games against the Atlanta Hawks and Dallas Mavericks.

Nets vs Hawks Matchup

The Hawks has been slumping by losing three in a row and there was heated exchange between Dennis Schroder and Dwight Howard in the last game against the Warriors. This might be the best time for the Nets to steal a win from the 5th-ranked Hawks in the Eastern Conference with their new-found confidence but the Nets would need to repeat their high 3-point shooting percentage (47% vs the Grizzlies) and tough defense to even have a chance.

ESPN.com Preview:

The Hawks have lost three in a row and six of their past eight games, and all is hardly harmonious on the slumping team.

Dennis Schroder was benched for the rest of the game after exchanging heated words with Dwight Howard on the court and then coach Mike Budenholzer in the third quarter.

Schroder scored 19 of his 24 points in the first quarter as the Hawks jumped ahead of Golden State early before being done in by the Warriors’ 3-point shooting. One of the treys came while Schroder and Howard argued.

“We’ve got to stay together and find a way to move on to the next play,” Budenholzer said after the game. “Those things are important.”

“I don’t understand coach’s decision. I want to be on the court,” Schroder said of the benching. “Maybe I’m too competitive. I’m just trying to be competitive and win games.”

“Wish it didn’t happen but it did,” Howard said. “Hopefully, everyone will just let it go and move on.”

KEY OF THE GAME: High 3-point% and Tough Defense. Jeremy Lin would need to play more than 24 minutes to help his teammates with steady offense but all the Nets need to play tough defense throughout the game.

Let’s hope and pray JLin will stay healthy as his body adjusts to the rigor of NBA physical games and help the Nets believe they can win more games!

Let’s go, JLin and the Nets! 


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