G63 DET @LAL Game Thread

Now that Kobe is back on the bench patroling to ensure BScott won’t give Linsanity to see a daylight, it’s getting tougher for Jeremy to play his game. How will Jeremy try to solve this latest puzzle?

I have confidence that he will try his best and I can live with that since it’s hard to play well when your boss wants you to fail. Jeremy, stay healthy and just keep trying your best to be the best player even when PnR is being benched.

Go JLin!  😎 Continue to play for the Audience of One!

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Guess JLin's stats in Game 64 vs NYK


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  4. Go Lin! 14 pts, 8A

  5. yes, I agree

  6. All these incompetent coaches are exactly why the NBA is in such a poor state!

  7. Different coach different school of thought, end of the day, it all depends on how the mold their philosophy to the players best capability…this is where many fails…and wasted talent

  8. Jeremy’s eyes look softened & sleepy? i wonder why =)

  9. I guess it does….

  10. I’m not sure if it’s posted but here are 3 parts of Coach Diepenbrock’s Q&A video about Jeremy (Favorite Memory, Strength & Weakness, NY Knicks Run)
    I also added them to the Video Gallery on Homepage




  11. He should have a good game.

  12. Really interesting insights, especially the first video about being concerned about the welfare of his friend and teammate as well as playing down to opponents.

  13. I found it to be very insightful that Coach Diepenbrock shared about Lin’s biggest strength & weakness.
    His strength is the ability to make any plays (steal, shot, block, etc.) whatever it takes to win.
    While his weakness is to play down to level of the opponent to sometimes be inconsistent.

    it tells me that this is a sign of a basketball prodigy with immense talent to harness the talent to raise his level of clutch-ness to match the big moment. It explained why he can surprise the world with Linsanity which was a flash of his ceiling.
    But he would need to continue to find ways to be motivated when the big moment is not there, that he continues to give his best plays even when his opponent is much weaker.

    If he has compassion not to step down on the weaker opponent, he can change his mindset that he will actually respect them by simply giving them his best plays w/o playing down to their level. Just a thought that came to my mind.

    He has shown significant improvement but I found it to be very interesting of what Coach D revealed to be an area of growth to be an even better player. It reminds me of a scene in Superman Movie where he couldn’t find ways to control his power during his childhood years (i.e. seeing skeletons with X-Rays) but his mom remind him that he’s created special and he just needs to find a peaceful island to center his mind and ignore the noises. Then he later uses his power for good.

    Here’s to Lin’s journey to harness that power consistently to do good things on and off-court! Godspeed, Jeremy!

  14. yes, it really speaks to us about his sense of loyalty that drives him.
    Plus the weakness of playing down to opponents which was a sign of gifted prodigy who needs to continue to raise the high level consistently. Very fascinating indeed! I shared my thought above.

  15. BTW, what’s your general observation after watching the DAL game with Kobe there and Byron removing PnR?
    Was Lin in a searching mode in trying to facilitate w/o using PnR which lessened his aggressiveness?
    I wonder how he feels about playing ball at the moment after Byron removed PnR

  16. I was gonna tease @disqus_3ojL2FVU9I:disqus & IJ if the pretty reporter had something to do with it to make him relaxed LOL

  17. Old video but it was a very well-made inspiring video with the music of Lin’s mindset about his faith to bring about Linsanity.
    Anyone knows the soundtrack name?


  18. Hey…you never know…..

  19. A little chemistry just spilled out of my monitor… Would Mama Lin approve?

  20. She’s a Chinese actress from Singapore. Did movies and TV drama. Does interviews as TV show hostess.

  21. The draft system needs to be revised. When 25% of the teams are tanking, the league WILL sustain serious damage over time. Adam Silver better do something effective quick, and if he’s successful in the draft reform it would be his legacy move as commissioner.

  22. ah, thank you .. looks like a good couple.
    Let’s see if there’s a chemistry during the TV interview

  23. yes, good for Lin .. although I worry a bit about our Lin female fans here =)

  24. yes, it’s about time but he recently denied tanking even exists so it might be a while before he makes any changes.
    Quality definitely dropped because of tanking. They need to do something quickly.
    If people start boycotting tanking teams, it might force changes by the fans.

  25. ICMYI Kevin Ding wrote a scathing but honest review of Rondo which might open up PG spot in DAL if Cuban believes it
    @Rookie75094:disqus, don’t miss this one! =)

    “Rondo is simply overrated now.”
    ” He is a mind-bogglingly bad shooter.
    ” It’s that he doesn’t have the game to back it up.”


  26. that would be nice 1-1 exchange

  27. Curry’s 36 lead Warriors to 50th victory of season

    Stephen Curry scored 25 of his 36 points in the second half and the
    Golden State Warriors beat the Phoenix Suns 98-80 on Monday night for
    their 50th victory of the season.

    Curry made 7 of 13 3-pointers, 6 of 8 in the second half, in his 13th 30-point game of the season.

    Stephen Curry and Klay Thompson combined for a 21 3 pointers!!!!

    Thats more than the entire LAL takes on a single game!….This needs to be tweeted to BScott!!!!

  28. Meanwhile Hawks score season high in 130-105 victory over Sacramento.

    Hawks set a franchise record by going 20 of 36, breaking the mark of 19 set against Dallas on Dec. 17, 1996.

    Wow, thats 55.6% shooting percentage for the three pointers!

  29. Tough night?

  30. I root for Curry as mvp

  31. who wouldnt…he had been playing great in-addition to his pleasant character as well

  32. I approve.

  33. Ihope he outplays reggie.

  34. You are wrong. She is a chinese actress and reporter who studies in Sigapore.

  35. LOL probably playing Trivia Crack all night long :]

  36. I think he will have a different mindset today because it served him no purpose in the last game. I am sure lin will be good to go tonight.

  37. I gotta give Lin props that he has upped his game some much that it rattled kobe enough to shut it down. He doesn’t want lin nowhere near the Lakers next season because he knows that lin will outplay him. kobe wants to surround himself with rookies and less talented roll players.

  38. China’s Prettiest Bilingual Basketball Anchorwoman and Interpreter

  39. Let me up the ante!!!

    Betty’s Love Life:

    When posed the question repeatedly by the press, Betty frankly admitted
    that it is still not the right timing yet, although she does have
    someone in mind. When asked if she has someone by her side, she said,
    “Everything has to depend on fate.”

  40. The result is Lakers’ worst season in its history.

  41. Yep. I really think Kobe is looking for another payday, because he knows player’s salaries go up in 2017.He is trying to get another contract with the Lakers after this season.

  42. I don’t really buy the theory that Kobeis out to get Lin. I just think he has a certain way he thinks the team should goand this just happens to run contrary to what is beneficial to Lin. The outright courting of Rondo should motivate all PGs on the team to play better. Clarkson more so since he is likely to stay. As for Lin, he has one foot out of Lakerland already so not sure he really cares.

  43. I don’t understand the logic. Ding is a LA reporter, shouldn’t his nefativity impact Lakers more than Dallas, since Dallas does not know who he is?

  44. Exactly. Kobe sure wants to get another contract…. He said he is great & I think he wants to play until at least 40.

  45. That’s right, anyone better than Kobe is not good for the team and should be marginalized.

  46. Someone said he got paid to write this article. I agree… I guess this is from Lakers FO to response to Kobe’s request to get Rondo.

  47. I knew rondo was never right for the mavs since the beginning. ..what I keep wondering when reading the article is. ..1) is ding bad mouthing rondo so that the mavs don’t resign him and he goes to the lakers 2) by bad mouthing rondo, his lakers will stay away from rondo. ..
    which is it? I think it is #1 because there is an earlier br article saying rondo is honored kobe wants him…regardless of the motive, ding has inadvertently exposed rondo as one of a truly overrated players in the league.

  48. I guess the interview ended with a happy note.

  49. I respectfully disagree. I think that Kobe has always been threatened by Jeremy. Kobe and Melo are really close friend from the Olympics…you don’t think that had discussions about this? Remember how Melo basically got Jeremy kicked out of New York for taking all of his limelight?

  50. I wouldn’t call it a weakness that he plays down to opponents. All the so call superstars do it to some degree. THEY JUST DONT GET CALLED OUT FOR IT LIKE LIN DOES. It’s just yet another backhanded compliment IMO. Watch Lebron and you’ll see him casually play for 3 quarters then when the time comes to switch gears for the win., he’ll press on the gas.

    A lot of coaches worry about building points and leads from the tip off. Players like Lin and Lebron don’t think like that. They establish patterns of play that works that night by assessing the level of opposing force and determination. Bball is not won in the first 3 quarters. It’s won in the forth and last 3 minutes. The team that makes the last run of points usually wins. Two well coach teams will make adjustments on each run. Unlike BS who never calls timeout, good coaches will stop opponents runs with proper counters. The trick then is to make the last run before the opposing coach finds a counter.

    Top players often will play lax like poker players hold back their hands to fake out an opponent into committing resources at the wrong time. Winning isn’t about how many points you make. Morey and the NBA is selling fairy dust that ordinary fans eat up.

    The bad out of this comment is that a so call expert is mouthing the inconsistent accusations about Lin.

  51. I agree on “Kobe has always been threatened by Jeremy.” That’s why Lin has such miserable season in Lakers.

  52. I would still call it an educated guess, since we dont have real prove of it.

  53. But Kobe had veto powers over anyone the Lakers bring in. If the had been threatened by Lin he would never have come to the Lakers in the first place.

  54. Only the absence of support for one another after about ten games. That’s telling if a conflict, two we don’t know the cause.

  55. The lakers just want the draft picks and Lin is just a bonus that Houston wants to get rid of.

  56. Almost got the record that mj debuted on hou Lin by fouling.

  57. He is playing insane right now. Funny, I always think he is shorter than Lin when I see him play, but no.

  58. Ps:)am, is it true he removed pnr? I only saw a few mins and saw pnr. Some else tweeted I think they pnrd veffectivelyin that game. I read bsc quoted as saying that’s what he did to Lin earlier this season, but Lin is playing well now. Didn’t see the connection in his direct quote to canning pnr today.

  59. No hover hands this time 🙂

  60. Hey psalm, I just wrote a comment back at you and it got held up by the discus. Can you please find it and get it released?

  61. If that’s true and he dotes not make an old man’s game deal with Lin or some other v capable first team, he’s gonna blow his legacy … ppl sometimes go for cash the way it worked in the last, and they lose more that that. Cash is not the same for all situations, times, and ppl. It works to power our purpose.

  62. Yay!

  63. Respect your opinion. All opinions are valid as no one knows. I believe Kobe had no issue with Lin in the beginning, but Lin is not playing the way Kobe wants. Kobe really wants to look good and go to the play offs. Lin was to replace Nash with primary Job to dish to Kobe. Heck, Price can do that. None of those winning things happened, even tho Kobe contributed to that. Now, Kobe definitely does not enjoy team success after he is not playing. Why show up to one game after all this, and still no words of encouragement to the team. Definitely does not like Lin and his loyal fan base now, LOL. Feelings mutual.

  64. I have all the confidence in the world that Jlin will be successful playing in the nba because I feel he truly does have God watching out for him..example: his mom prayed to God the night before Linsanity hits…. and boomed… Jlin destroyed the nets….. now the journey to the top continues. ..

  65. Kobe would be lucky to play pass December next season, even if he does he would not go pass ASG.

    Nobody beats the father clock.

  66. I don’t think Kobe worried that Lin is better, it is more of playing style. Lin work the best dominant the ball, and Kobe don’t like that. It was pretty clear that in the first half of the season, when Lin was playing great with the team the week in Nov, when he was averaging almost 16 and 6, with > 50% FG%, Kobe feel very uncomfortable that burst out at MIN game, after 18 and 11, Kobe complained that he got cold in 3rd quarter. That’s the beginning of Lin got marginalized and benched.

    So Lin did that again after ASG, and Kobe don’t like that. Especially the way they win, the way they celebrate, that’s the game Lin play the best and the team win. And Kobe don’t want to lose his team, even he is not playing, he want the team to be his, the team playing his way, and everyone like mini Kobe there.

    I think that’s the main reason he don’t want Lin to shine, and also he want the pick for sure.

    Lin, given a bit sunshine could easily take over the city, I think that’s what Kobe don’t want the most. You could tell that only 2-3 good game, everyone is talking about Laker might want to keep Lin……

    To Kobe and Melo, I think they feel the most unfair to them is that, Lin could be the fan favorite so easily whereas they have to work really hard to gain and keep, and they of course don’t like that. Clarkson, Price, team could promote them hard, but they will never be able to take any bit of spot light from Kobe or Melo, so they don’t feel threatened. Thus they are more willing to share the spot light with them, but not with Jeremy.

  67. I wouldn’t call it a weakness that he plays down to opponents. All the so call superstars do it to some degree. THEY JUST DONT GET CALLED OUT FOR IT LIKE LIN DOES. It’s just yet another backhanded compliment IMO. Watch Lebron and you’ll see him casually play for 3 quarters then when the time comes to switch gears for the win., he’ll press on the gas.
    A lot of coaches worry about building points and leads from the tip off. Players like Lin and Lebron don’t think like that. They establish patterns of play that works that night by assessing the level of opposing force and determination. Bball is not won in the first 3 quarters. It’s won in the forth and last 3 minutes. The team that makes the last run of points usually wins. Two well coach teams will make adjustments on each run. Unlike BS who never calls timeout, good coaches will stop opponents runs with proper counters. The trick then is to make the last run before the opposing coach finds a counter.

    Top players often will play lax like poker players hold back their hands to fake out an opponent into committing resources at the wrong time. Winning isn’t about how many points you make. Morey and the NBA is selling fairy dust that ordinary fans eat up.

    The bad out of this comment is that a so call expert is mouthing the inconsistent accusations about Lin.

  68. I can smash up grand father clock though…hehe. .jk..I know what you meant.

  69. I saw some pnr but also did see him trying to facilitate without pnr for himself. I’m not bball savvy but basically he would pass and then there was pnr with the person he passed to. It seemed to me he was trying to balance it but he seemed to do less pnr for himself which inherently seemed to lessen his aggressiveness in that respect.

    I am going to tonight’s game so will try to make more observations.

  70. Kobe is old as dirt. He won’t last throughout next year. Kobe is done.

  71. Kobe is all about himself and his production. It’s worked for him throughout his career, now that he’s no long relevant he still won’t change.

  72. Frankly, JLin looked uncomfortable to me. It was not anywhere a happy look. To me, she is not his type.

  73. https://twitter.com/wojyahoonba/status/575355315186626560 Lakers to sign another guard for 10 day contract. Jabari Brown plays SG.

  74. Defenders is such an ironic name for a D-league team where literally no defense is played.

  75. Hope he does not take away minutes from Lin

  76. Maybe he will do a Steve Nash. Go through pre-season, call it quits and collect $25 mil. If he retires or negotiates a buyout he wouldn’t get the full $25 mil.

  77. He’s SG & right now only 2 PGs.

  78. Hope he takes a lot of minutes from Lin so that Lin can just rest and stay healthy for the next team. Nothing to prove at this point.

  79. Mark MedinaVerified account
    Byron said Jabari should be able to join team on bench tonight. But he will most likely start playing on Thursday


  80. I still want to audition for FA for these last 19 games. Hopefully Lin can get a nice contract with a good team

  81. oh ok, cool. I still like watching Lin play, even though it is for terrible team, terrible system and most importantly terrible coach.

  82. for a second there i thought Byron was going to start him, lol, tank mindset reflex

  83. Not surprising if Lakers don’t see Lin in their long term plan.

  84. I wish but don’t think so. Kobe said the other day 2015 will not be his last year…. smh!

  85. Hard to audition when Lin doesn’t get many PnRs or handle the ball. Lin as a SG is not as impressive when he plays as a PG with many PnRs.

  86. Hopefully BS will let Lin handle the ball more and Lin can do PnRs. Since ASG break Lin has been playing well except last 2 games. It seems like there isn’t much communication between Lin and BS. Lin has been doing his own thing and BS has been letting him roll with it. BS recently did say less PnR but I think Lin will go back to playing his game if it means wins.

  87. Okay mods, what’s going on with my comments being put into moderation!

  88. Good for the kid. However a trigger-happy guy might take away shots from Lin, he’s been cold a little bit gun-shy the past two games, hope he got out of the slump quickly. More shots, more POINTS please Jeremy.

  89. Smart people should think the opposite for whatever comes out of BS’s mouth.

  90. Their mistake. In the future they will regret it when they go the way of the NY Knicks.

  91. Too bad but I am fine with Lin playing less too. Why risking injury for this shameless coach?

  92. And more importantly, he next few yrs.

  93. They don’t. You are not convinced yet? JBrown is SG. So hopefully JLin won’t have to switch gears during games. When he was SG, Clarkson didn’t often pass to him when he was open. I am hoping this turns out better for him, plus have extra scorer like he had with NY.

  94. https://twitter.com/calder_h/status/575372131116019712 JBrown joins JLin, Ellington & Clarkson as guards?

  95. SG

  96. NBA on ESPNVerified account
    Hassan Whiteside suspended by NBA for one game for his flagrant foul on Kelly Olynyk in Monday’s game. Whiteside will sit Wed. vs Nets.

  97. I know, so is Ellington. I think players are referred to as guards now, w/out differentiating. JLin can be both, but not others.

  98. FYI. Some info on how D – leaguers make the jump to the NBA …

    A call-up occurs when a player is signed by an NBA team. An NBA team is allowed to sign any D-League player as long as they are eligible to play in the NBA under the current Collective Bargaining Agreement (CBA). However, an NBA team cannot call-up a player whose draft rights are still held by another NBA team. A D-League player is usually signed to a 10-day contract, a short term contract which expires after 10 days. A player can only sign two 10-day contracts with the same team in one season. If the team wants to retain the player after the second 10-day contract expired, the team must sign the player for the remainder of the

    See : http://www.nba.com/dleague/santacruz/dleague_faqs.html

  99. and?

  100. Another guard who will try to prove himself and try to beat every guard on the team. Nice….let see more hero balls for the remaining games…

  101. Yes. He’ll focus on “aggressiveness”. Apparently, “Scott argued Brown’s “laid back” personality contributed to him showing inconsistency with his aggressiveness.”

  102. Hey Brent, what’s going on with my comments being put into moderation. There isn’t any foul language that I could see. Have I been banned or silenced? Am I no longer welcome to express differing opinions?

  103. my comments often get put into moderation idk its a mystery to me; even the moderators get their comments put into moderation. sometimes its just a particular word or a technical thing. there’s no point in trying to edit but what you can do is spot things that with time you learn are possible “triggers” of a “in moderation”. and repeat the same comment with those words deleted or adjusted slightly to other words that say the same thing but it doesn’t mean yer banned. i used to get annoyed at it but i just try to work with it if i want to say something here.

  104. they’ve already gone the way of the knicks. actually i think of the knicks-lakers as just opposite coast branches of the same buss-jackson franchise.

  105. excellent post.

  106. true and correct. congratulations on your 4th comment.

  107. It happens…It was done by Disqus system. The weirder thing is I have not seen anything thing in the moderation queue so far…

  108. https://twitter.com/ericpincus/status/575390715359969280 Lakers vs Pistons preview & prediction

  109. I just freed the latest one.

    I think Disqus might’ve put the 1st in pending for some unknown reason & the subsequent ones got put on hold because it has similar content (spam filter?). Not 100% sure since Disqus software has erratic behavior.

    Sorry I’m on travel so response time might be slow.

  110. yes, excellent summary.

    I concur that Kobe simply doesn’t like sharing his team with Lin or anyone else (i.e. Dwight, Shaq, etc.) in the past.
    Whoever gets in his way would fall out of favor quickly.

    Great point that Linsanity has the ability to quickly take over a city in just 2-3 games so it is more threatening to Kobe’s reign of his Lakers team.

  111. nothing is “very winnable” for the lakers as long as bs is the coach with his current approach. and a clear pattern either from intent or ineptitude of “not prioritizing winning”.

  112. hassan whiteside is accumulating fines from suspensions, technicals, ejections at a pace of over $1300 a game. even for a relatively low salaried player like whiteside even kept up over a season would not amount to much relatively speaking in terms of lifestyle adjustment but still quite a remarkable stat. imo.

  113. I am perfectly content if the Lakers CHOOSE TO CUT LIN’S MINUTE. He has nothing to gain. Fulfilling his contract as he always has is commendable
    He is getting compensated the same. whether he plays 4.8 or 48 minutes per game.
    I hope he gets a well deserved REST.:)

  114. Jeremy was jeopardizing THE TANK and also making Kobe look BAD.

  115. He is, however, about Kobe. He is just bad, period. With or without Lin. Only koolaid drinkers and Lin haters think otherwise.

  116. He is so big-headed for some reason.

  117. Why they want to win? Magic won so Lakers can get one too?!

  118. Return of speed-ball? Mike D’Antoni may be getting new job

    If Denver went with a run and gun style of play they would hold a definite home court advantage. Teams wouldn’t be used to the thin air will have difficulty keeping up whereas the Nuggets would be acclimated. George Karl’s Nuggets had a huge home court advantage.

  119. We will not know until July I guess.

  120. Teams may want to hire a head coach before the draft.

  121. If that is the case, they should have just hire him now. So all the returning players can get used to the new scheme sooner. To get a head start for the next season

  122. Makes sense, this mile high stuff.

  123. It wasn’t clear to me from the post previous to mine (by lleepar, the tweet from Adrian Wojnarowski) that Jamaal Franklin would be going to the Lakers so I dug up some info on the “call up” rules. I thought others might want to know. Perhaps I should have provided more context. Thanks.

  124. I know Jeremy has been taking some criticism because he doesn’t continue to shoot when his shots aren’t falling.

    I was looking at what Chris Paul did in the Clippers game last night. He shot 1-6, had 4 turnovers, and ended up with only two points for the approx 30 minutes he played. (Austin Rivers scored 13 as the backup PG.)

    But Paul also had 15 assists and 4 rebounds in the game. It just wasn’t his night as far as scoring, and he played a different role in the Clippers win. So we have an example of a premier PG who doesn’t just chuck away when his shots aren’t falling. But Paul has a significant advantage, too, over Jeremy — in that he has teammates who can convert his attempts at assists.

  125. Guess it just depends on the organization. Some want to take their time and go through an evaluation process. Some like the Kings want to get on with it.

  126. It is true. Whatever deal they made, it’s too hard to tank if jlin gets usage and he gets near thirty mins.

  127. Around the NBA news: Apparently Leandro Barbosa’s elbow has some Jedi Force=)


  128. Fyi many missed assists since asg

  129. Must learn from CP3. Have they been giving out anti-flopping fines this year?

  130. Don’t understand why BS signing another guard when Lin isn’t being maximized. Must be really deflating for Lin, but glad he has his faith to lean on

  131. Don’t understand why ppl still trying to understand BS. LOL just kidding. Lin will be fine, they can sign those 2nd/3rd string guys all they want. Lin is gone.

  132. Lin don’t get extra time even they have only 3 guard anyway.

  133. Ha ha true….

  134. Kobe has tightened the leash on BS to watch for any sign of possible Linsanity and contain it.

  135. Ok, am going to change my mindset now- from hoping he’ll play well with Lakers – to: where is he going?

  136. Will be interesting after Lin’s NBA career and he can speak freely we will hear all the behind the scenes BS that had been going on.

  137. This is SG. Right now No Young it’s Ellington to play w Lin so Ellington’s playing time will cut short, I guess.

  138. Kobe and Melo. Two guys in a dying breed of ISO ball. Both didn’t want JLin’s help. Both on sinking ships. I for one enjoy the Titanics sinking.

  139. For JLin’s sanity, he should just wipe it from his memory

  140. We will hear it in his testimony during his summer trip to Taiwan.

  141. I always thought the 5 consecutive quasi-Linsanity games were not just coincidence when Kobe was busy with promoting his own video. The timing was perfect because Kobe had to put his attention elsewhere no matter what happened in the team. Who gave the order of releasing Linsanity during the time interval ? Someone speculated that it’s Jeanie.

  142. He is one of few, if not only player, who has played all games this season.

  143. I’m confident that the imaginary tank, has enough fuel and a capable commander to accomplish the mission, a feat that will be admired for years to come. He should also should get the COY award.for his surpurb performance. The president and his staff should be shown respect for denying that there was a TANK to the citizens, that they thought gullabile to believe. May their accomplishment bring, SHOWTIME AND HONOR. to them for many years.

  144. Signing another guard to help Clarkson to minimize Lin.

  145. i agree

  146. He had one DNP game. So, not all games:-(

  147. Ya! FO did let Lin be a real PG & played his game. But Kobe is powerful than FO… smh! Don’t know who is boss?

  148. yes in 5 mins

  149. In regards to coach Dieterbrock’s comment that Lin has a weakness in playing down to oppoennt’s levels, I disagree that it is a weakness in the context of a pro athletes long season.

    All the so call superstars do it to some degree. THEY JUST DONT GET CALLED OUT FOR IT LIKE LIN DOES. It’s just yet another backhanded compliment IMO. Watch Lebron and you’ll see him casually play for 3 quarters then when the time comes to switch gears for the win., he’ll press on the gas.

    A lot of coaches worry about building points and leads from the tip off. Players like Lin and Lebron don’t think like that. They establish patterns of play that works that night by assessing the level of opposing force and determination. Bball is not won in the first 3 quarters. It’s won in the forth and last 3 minutes. The team that makes the last run of points usually wins. Two well coach teams will make adjustments on each run. Unlike BS who never calls timeout, good coaches will stop opponents runs with proper counters. The trick then is to make the last run before the opposing coach finds a counter.Top players often will play lax like poker players hold back their hands to fake out an opponent into committing resources at the wrong time. Winning isn’t about how many points you make. Morey and the NBA is selling fairy dust that ordinary fans eat up.
    The bad out of this comment is that a so call expert is mouthing the inconsistent accusations about Lin.

    Case in point, a few nights ago, Lebron was playing the Raptors in Toronto. The Cavs were losing at the end of the third but not by much. On a play that turned to be the turning point of the game, Valentunus wrestled Lebron to the ground when he blew by him. He received a flagant 1 but it made Lebron mad and he proceeded to turn it on and completely took over the game. The lesson! Don’t wake up a sleeping dragon.

    This happens a lot with top athletes. They have an extra gear that the average players don’t have. It is this gear that separates them from the rank and file. In pro sports, the season is often long and very hard on the top players. The rank and file tend to defer to the star players and this puts constant pressure on them to perform. The mental fatigue can be equally difficult as physical. Top players often hold back not just to conserve energy, they do it to promote an develop their teammates into better assets.

    The Spurs are a prime example of a coach that utilizes their bench strength during regular season play to prepare the entire team to peak for the playoff run. Pop uses his bench much much more than anyone else in the league because he wants them to be equally tough mentally to handle clutch situations. BS seems to think that you either have it or you don’t, which is total BS. Sure there are some that can handle it better than others, but the truth is EVERYONE CHOKES, THERE ARE SOME THAT CAN CHOKE LESS. EVEN Lebron had to learn to not choke.

    Wanting to win a title is what drives players to work hard. That’s how they got to where they are. What separates the great ones from the rest, is that physical gear AND A WILL TO WIN. the great ones develop an absolute distaste for losing. They hate losing so much more than winning. It is this attitude that drives them to BE CONSISTENT.

    GMs and coaches that think they can tank to get better players fail to recognize this very basic fundamental of the human psyche. Once you accept losing as an okay thing, it becomes a slippery slope to acceptance of being second best. A team like the Seventy Sixers is so wallowed in this negative attitude that it may never dig itself out of accepting losing. LA and the Knicks think they can maintain the culture of winning by simply flipping a switch. That’s not going to happen.

  150. Sure, go ahead! You know what I mean, since posts were addressing injuries.

  151. Yea yea… ;p

  152. Yes… well some are saying Harden… I’d even prefer Westbrook and his 3Ds. Lol

  153. WOW! Well spoken!!! Thanks!

  154. ???? Didn’t see a word of injury in @jeballew:disqus post? Am I missing something? Maybe my English is so poor that I don’t get what you mean.

  155. Exactly. They are trying to give less minutes to Jeremy and looks for an excuse.

  156. Kobe will receive his penalty soon.

  157. But he’s healthy to play.

  158. Kobe has been horrible and beyond being bad. It’s not Jeremy who makes him bad.

  159. Yes he is healthy to play but didn’t because of DNP.

  160. Byron Scott is without a clue in spotting talents.

  161. For marginalization of Jeremy.

  162. Kobe has kept the team and the coach on a short leash.

  163. Wow you’re counting my comments. I dont usually make comments, I just want to read sensible and viable ones. Mostly Joyce Ward comments are very in depth, love reading those.

  164. Thanks for appreciating.

  165. Lin is very smart. I saw it on his game against Memphis. He knows that they are very physical and a defensive team so he avoids contact and injury. At this point, I trust Lin like he trust God.

  166. I don’t think he gets deflated by that sort of thing anymore. He’s been through every version of it already. The only thing that deflates him now is when he thinks he hasn’t performed to his own expectation…and even that he is learning to be more even tempered about. His level of maturity just keeps rising.

  167. Great point !

  168. Lin jogging&flip flops / girl in her high heels xD How nice being a bballer ^^

  169. Wasn’t Valentine’s Day last month 😉

  170. gotta lose those flip-flops. he needs to have got some fashion advice from jeannie mai.

  171. LAL planned to tank when giving Kobe a 2-year max contact, wishing that their ticket sales and TV ratings won’t with the help of Kobe’s fans. They realized they were wrong in the first few weeks of the season but couldn’t do anything because Kobe and Scott had full control of the team. Kobe may not be able to win a game in the D-league but he can play when winning doesn’t matter and he is trying to get paid top dollars for another contract doing that. Scott can help him ensure that no other players can shine in this team. A possible outcome in the end is that the team begins to lose money and control and the owners have to sell it to them at low.

  172. She’s dressed properly to score points with Mama Lin.

  173. And the Razzie for Fakest Flop of the Year goes to…

  174. Let the plot thicken… 🙂

  175. It doesn’t matter at this point, you can tell she’s totally into him.

  176. With an exception of C. Parsons (he hates Morey) history showed Mark Cuban does not like to pay max to players because he wants a great talent and balance team. He declined Nash, T. Chandler and D Will and they all ended up with another team. I have good feeling that Rondo gonna be the same. He will go to LA for more money and good chance Lin will sign with the Mavs for less. He knows the the connection between CParsons and Lin and also Amar and T Chandler during Linsanity. So looking forward to this off season.

  177. Except Jeremy isn’t CP3! When have you see Lin dish out 15 assists for a game? Not even during Linsanity was he able to do that! Not to mention JLin’s a bigger offensive threat and defender than CP3! JLin plays his best when he’s looking to score and pass 2nd that is for sure so he has to learn to keep shooting even when he 1-6!, take a minimum of 13 shots per game!

  178. He had three 13 assists and one 14 assists with the Knicks.

  179. rahon ronjo is disastrous

  180. Jeremy said (from the Instagram) that he wishes to become a PG like Nash, but can’t quite handle the mane of long hair part. LOL

  181. https://instagram.com/p/0EcB3GG65e/
    Warming up, shots falling, go Jeremy!

  182. It seems that Rondo had 2-3 games of ball control, and now it is back to Ellis.

  183. even he has the ball and control mavs offense looks bad……dude cannot shoot not a threat

  184. I agree that Rondo + Ellis <<<< Ellis

  185. He is having the least PT among starters, guess Mavs have made their mind.

  186. Haha. .. mavs down by 23…enough said

  187. Seems to have fixed his hover-hand handles.

  188. Well if Mark Cuban gets JLin, no one will remember the Rondo trade because Linsanity will be back!

  189. rondo’s had a very hard time getting pt from the beginning. its been a 3 headed point guard just like b4 with mavs; rondo was supposed to be the 1 but he just became one of 3 with harris and barea, i guess he’s an upgrade on jameer nelson but thats not what was expected.

  190. not true.. u will never know

  191. Lol, it makes it seem like JLin is the only Laker player on the court

  192. what I know is rahon ronjo sucks

  193. I’m so happy that Pelicans won over Nets, Mavs down by 23 in 4th, and Spurs up by 10 with 4 min left. I wouldn’t mind Lakers losing as long as Lin gets his stats, but in retribution to tanking F/O and KoBS I hope the Lakers win and players CELEBRATE!

  194. Let’s go Jeremy!

  195. At least playing with Ellis will be better than playing with Harden, because he is not the franchise player of the team. The best outcome is that both Rondo and Ellis are gone and Lin is hired.

  196. Yea but Ellis won’t be a FA until 2016

  197. Doesn’t he have a player option for next season ?

  198. He’s got third year player’s option this summer, and he’s already announced opting out.

  199. see it’s NEVER jlin in the starting lineup even AFTER he did well ..but then he fell again in the last 2 games.. so bs probably say f k..
    it’s johnson now who is playing well.

  200. Ah, well that does make things interesting then

  201. Cuban is tight, he will most likely let Ellis go to other teams. Ellis is a SG trapped in a PG frame.

  202. Is Kobe on the bench tonight?

  203. Is Kobe at the game again?

  204. Hill does not move on defense. Can’t believe Davis sits as hill starts.

  205. I don’t see him. Prince is there.

  206. Not a lot of support there, Byron …


  207. Lin in

  208. So true, no one dares to win with Kobe watching.

  209. Is Ed Davis learning from JLin on passing?

  210. Kobe is on the bench

  211. Quiet before the storm. Supporting our brother jlin7. Thanks for hooking it up @allenclu! #lakershttps://t.co/HpR0gyR7Ku— Jason Y. Lee (@jasonylee_) March 11, 2015

  212. Good pass by Clarkson

  213. OMG, he is so insecure.

  214. HE has 5 assists. That’s good.

  215. I see him now to the right of Hill.

  216. What position is Lin playing now, 1 or 2?

  217. How boring… jlin creates excitement… this is dumn

  218. 1.5

  219. Just saw his ugly death stare.

  220. Lin being aggressive.

  221. No continuation?

  222. This is BS (pun compulsory), Lin barely even touched the ball in 4 minutes. Can’t believe some here have doubts that Kobe’s behind this.

  223. Bad call, Lin should have went to the line for 2 FTs.

  224. It was first quarter. Will see what happens when lin is pg in the second.

  225. Well it will be interesting if JLin’s inconsistent treatment coincides with Kobe coming back to view games

  226. His court vision has improved. He is just a rookie but seems open to learning. Light years better then start of the season.

  227. Poor Kelly. Lin setting him up but he can’t buy a bucket

  228. How about poor Jeremy, keeps making good feeds but teammates keep blowing the assists?

  229. I think Lin will not have another breakout game unless it’s against teams that BS really wants to win (Kidd or Boston). Kobe Is at the home games to make sure it doesn’t happen. I hope I’m wrong, I still watch Lin play every game but not going to get my hopes up. Will wait for him to re establish Linsanity Prime next season on another team.

  230. I am finding this idk help Kelly game annoying. This game looks like a mes

  231. I don’t see lin scoring much. He is getting blanketed.

  232. this whatever No PnR BS is truly BS.

  233. Do I have to watch this mess

  234. Dallas is now in 7th place

  235. At least it was fun for a few games. Back to this ugly. Mess

  236. BS kept saying he’s gonna bring Lin to starting lineup, so as soon as the sorry Muse promotion tour was over, Kobe came back to put a cap on Linsanity. The timing of Kobe’s return and BS “no PNR” talk is no coincidence.

  237. it was fun while it lasted.

  238. Lin needs to take some shots, that opens up his offense to pass to team mates. Trying to get Kelly going is good intentions, but he’s not going.

  239. Yes

  240. Simply put, as per BS:

    PnR + Clarkson = Ball Movement
    PnR + Jeremy Lin = Ball Stopper

  241. BS probably told JLin to pass to Kelly to get him going. Nothing Lin can do. Hands are tied.

  242. Just stay healthy and don’t force things.

  243. Idk. Lin never seems to get open. Detroit has formed a “wall” around him

  244. Nice rebound Lin.

  245. No you don’t…I’m not and haven’t been for a while, just highlights.

    This mess reminds me of the failed Knight Rider reboot. Autoblog had a liveblog mocking the show that was much more entertaining than the show itself. I feel like we’re doing much of the same here.

  246. is ryan doing better than Lin on assists?

  247. A glimmer of PnR with JLin and Davis

  248. time 2 take them out.

  249. Instant free throws. Is that the stoppage BS was talking about.

  250. Low scoring game again

  251. JLin racking up rebounds. Put him in the post lol

  252. Black Davis and lin. Awesome big line up.

  253. He’s not looking to score, does he have 1 attempt?

  254. Lin eplayed 11 minutes of rebounds

  255. JLin out

  256. It was nice of LAL announcer reminding us that Lin had 3 TO last game and 1-6. /s

  257. Lin out. Really does not look happy.

  258. Took zero shots really didnt do anything

  259. No

  260. When was he open to shoot. I saw him drive, without a pick, and still not get open.

  261. Rebounded well, set up a few plays.

  262. Gotta wake up early tomorrow this is a waste of time.

  263. He also did add he had only 6 TO in the previous 6 games to that. Also mentioned Lin had team high in points in last 7 games

  264. Jlin is not attacking in this game…. that’s the way I like it. ..stay healthy for your next team J.

  265. I’m sorry Rick. I have no idea what you are talking about. There is no way that Kobe had final say in this decision..it would usurp the authority of the GM.

  266. Something must have happened to Lin last 2 games. His body language is showing that he is not happy. He plays like someone is forcing him to play. weird

  267. Yeah after the kitt vs karr battle that show was never better.

  268. I think BS told Lin to give others a shot and not take too many shots. Lin is dejected because of BS

  269. Where is everyone today?

  270. Might as well, Hill sure as h3ll ain’t spending much time there.

  271. Just came back!!!

  272. You miss nothing.

  273. No lin until 2nd half. Nap time. Lol

  274. Shoot!!! sounds bad

  275. Maybe Lin will make a statement by taking zero shots and just do it on the D.

  276. I think Lin is being passive aggressive in retaliation, but that plays right into KoBS hands.

  277. 0 shots

  278. Put it this way. It is not bad. Just no usage.

  279. Lack of effort today. It’s very clear

  280. Yeah, he should just KILL IT on boards and steals. I’d LOVE to see BS say something like “less rebounds and less steals…”. LOL

  281. Am I seeing thos correctly? 0FGA? 0AST 0TOV?

  282. Lin currently is playing Price’s role, just setting up others and not looking to attack.
    The offense has looked sluggish as others tried to create offense but resulted in TOs and tough look.
    Only 1-2 PnR plays with Ed Davis

    Lakers has much better look with Lin PnR creating open looks for his teammates but of course BScott insists on his own slow outdated system. Noone other than Lin can create offense consistently but Byron continues to fail to tailor his offense to his player’s strength.

    I hope Lin would be more aggressive trying to attack in the 2nd half.
    He truly did what Byron asked him to do to set up offense through others which is failing miserably

  283. Lack of effort. For some reason tried to help kely

  284. 1 TO 1 A.

  285. 1TO but 3 rebound

  286. Weird…shows zero..let me refresh

  287. I did not see many pnr with Jlin today…maybe 1 or 2

  288. Probably Coach BS told Lin to get Kelly going and as great teammate Lin tried.

  289. Lin is afraid to disobey BS because next thing you know BS will tell Jeremy to stop breathing while on the court. I wouldn’t put it past him.

  290. Lin siting next to Kobe with an empty chair in between looking the other way

  291. not looking to attack at all, just tried to set up others & to create for others.
    Kelly failed to convert assists, plus others have TOs trying to create offense.

    Painful to watch Byron’s slow, outdated system on display

  292. Stop it. He looks like he don’t want to be there

  293. Showcasing Clarkson much ala he’s a rookie Derrick Rose 2.0, which is quite hilarious.

    I don’t identify with this guy in any way, even with the ethnicity thing.

  294. Is Clarkson playing Byron Scott’s system? He seems to be taking more shots and not looking to pass as much.

  295. Would you?

  296. Goes to show how Kobe being nice to Jeremy early in the season was all an act. Total déjà vu of the Dwight chapter.

  297. I think Lin’s trying to make a point in the 1st half by purely trying to do what Byron asked him to do.

    Not looking to prioritize PnR through his dribble-penetration but trying to set up for others to create offense.

    I hope he starts shooting in the 2nd half when he checks in the 2nd half to flip his approach.

  298. BS told him to facilitate and not playing PNR until later in the game. he’s playing hard on D and rebounding with ferocity.

  299. Lol Scott would be lucky if I didn’t castrate him in interviews

  300. 1 assist … ^^’

  301. Lot of empty seats at staples.

  302. Prove what to who. Play your game and if he benches you so be it. Also you re a free agent who cares what Scott thinks

  303. Perfect fit then. Jeremy won’t ask for crazy sum as long as he gets to play teamball with friendly players.

  304. i don’t know why they are doing all of that because when Rondo signs, it will be Kobe?Rondo/Randle as the big 3 and Clarkson will be a faint memory.,

  305. Fans showing who’s boss, silent protest.

  306. Lin first to the locker room as soon as buzzer sounded. I wonder if he feels okay.

  307. Man, the Pistons are hitting bullseyes…

  308. To marginalize Jeremy, of course. Why else? Clarkson and Ellington both playing one.

  309. This ain’t New York. Weather is nicer. You don’t have to stay inside for something fun to do. Lakers are not the only game in town.

  310. 1. To prove BS’ point that PnR kills ball movement
    2. To please Kobe
    3. Probable trade bait

  311. Exactly. No Jeremy, no free tacos, no buying tickets! LOL

  312. this whole no PnR over the so-called Princeton O is pure BS. Pete Carril personally said whatever Scott is running ain’t Princeton offense. Developing Clarkson is one thing, but not allowing Jeremy to PnR is another. I say Jeremy should just F it and play his style. If BS wants to bench him for playing well, the fans will be after him. Serious BS we’re putting up with here.

  313. He doesn’t even have assists to show. Clarkson has 7, part of it being that guys he’s thrown the ball to have made shots. But maybe 1 or 2 were due to some dribble penetration. Right now, Clarkson is playing better and with more energy.

  314. prove to BScott that his instruction to shelve PnR is not working very well.

    I guess Lin tries to respect his coach’s decision like we know he would.
    Let’s just hope he’s more aggressive in the 2nd half, otherwise he’ll stay on the bench

  315. this total rebuilding & tanking is just ugly to watch, no excitement at all

  316. Unfortunately it takes 4 others on the court to play with you. I’m sure BS has told the others don’t screw with me if you help JLin. They are not mentally strong like Lin. They won’t cross BS.

  317. Doesn’t seem to improve ball movement like Byron says.

  318. I hope he finds some comfort in talking with Betty Zhou. 🙂

  319. J Clarkson has 7 assists, and JLin has no PGA and 1 assists? Wow, what has this season come to. Too much politics in this sport. Lakers have given up JLin and JLin has given up on playing. Since Lakers have no plans to bring JLin, why showcase him? Lakers want to showcase their other guys they have a vested future in. Makes cents.

  320. Any Jack Nicholson sighting? He’s the one who can make the loudest slap in the Lakers’ face by being absent. Better yet if he sold his ticket.

  321. I hope when they interview JLin post game on why the quiet night he says he is just doing what the coach ordered.

  322. Who cares about Clarkson. This site certainly doesn’t…smh

  323. it’s clearly designed to marginalize Lin. If Princeton offense is used, Clarkson won’t be given free reign to shoot and attack. He’d have to use big men inside to create offense first.

    Clearly double-standard for Lin and Clarkson’s strength.

  324. Well said.

  325. An excuse not starting Lin for the rest of the season.

  326. It’s not like I care, but he plays the same position. Lin was beating Clarkson in assists if not points, but now Lin really isn’t doing much of anything in his favor. Lin has to get back to where he was playing, this game is a step back. He needs to turn it up in a big way in the 2nd half of this game, not the next one or his doubters sound right with their “inconsistent” label.

  327. Can’t wait for playoffs just to get over these ugly games, even if Jeremy isn’t playing 🙁 🙁 🙁

  328. Just to be clear, Byron has double-standard for Lin and Clarkson’s strength.
    Handcuff for Lin’s PnR but Kobe-like freedom for Clarkson.

    Lin needs to solve his puzzle quickly. Playing like Price won’t do it.
    Perhaps set up for others & attack himself w/ PnR with 1:2 ratio in the 2nd half.

  329. Yah right. Sorry that’s why I have respect for Lin.

  330. I do not think it is like he does not know. He simply are just….doing his own thing.

  331. Lin needs to be creative to follow Byron’s order to set up others first but still be aggressive to attack.

    It’s a trap by Byron to paint him as being inconsistent

  332. But is it Lin or Byron? I know he said less pick and rolls but can’t Lin do more to assert himself in the past few games. Byron did complement Lin when he was in the good stretch.

  333. The system, or whatever, is obviously catered to HIM, Clarkson.

  334. Maybe not this game. But eventually close to the season, Lin will break out in the face of Kobe, defying BS’s order not doing his games. Just pick a game to do that.

  335. The more jeremy plays like this the more you know there is a lot of something going on Beyond basketball….i don’t know how to describe this

  336. Lin has to do something, just reach in and play for himself and his own future. Going into next season he’s 27, time to get it in gear and play like he was a few games ago.

  337. Some exchanges and communication must took place that make Lin not happy.

  338. As a matter of fact, the lakers’ offense has pretty much been broken or poorly executed plays. Specifically calling out Jeremy NOT to play PnR, their by far the most efficient strategy this year, is really ridiculous. What if the next moment JC has mastered how to PnR ??? would BS have the same thing to say? Just too much BS. too much.

  339. Just “Life sucks” sometimes. LOL

  340. Well, Lin can be stubborn too to prove his point that Byron’s demand is not as good.

    But it will be to his detriment if he doesn’t shoot at all. I’m hoping for an aggressive 2nd half

  341. More like BS tastes as BS.

  342. Please you are not saying anything we don’t know. Lin can’t be labeled inconsistent anymore when scott announced that he didn’t like lin using the pick and roll so much because it stops ball movement. Scott admitted to the world that he tied lins hands.

  343. Never seen a basketball journey like this

  344. Try telling that to him or better, BS. There’s no coincidence that when he’s back to Staples everything became different.

  345. This does not need words to describe…

  346. I hope he starts shooting or attacking the basket when he sees an opening.

  347. There’s something rotten in the state of Lakers… It’s a place in Japan, a type of beef, and rhymes with homie.

  348. Not many Asians playing PG before either.

  349. Just one pick then a 3 all day long. 😛

  350. Yup man…its a journey one has to take so that those after can thrive

  351. Exactly! Can’t prove anything against another tanker.

  352. That’s how we know that Lin’s PnR made him look to good in LA while Byron’s hired to make Kobe look good. It’s a conflict of interest.

    It’s really hard to watch dirty politics.

  353. I don’t think that will work anymore, because when Scott said that he didn’t like lin doing pick and rolls exposed scott’s whole scheme to marginalize lin.

  354. yeah, it’s another tough stretch for Lin 🙁
    Let’s hope Lin knows what he needs to do

  355. I don’t get why he has turned down his aggressiveness. When he was in the good streak he didn’t turn the ball over much, so it can’t be that. His shooting opens up his game. He took one attempt and didn’t get credit for continuation so he didn’t even get to the foul line. From that point on, not one attempt, not getting to the foul line. At least he got to the foul line in the previous game.

  356. Lin will figure it out in a couple of games. He’s probably in that stage of being upset again. Don’t worry he’ll figure it out but also knows that the writing is on the wall and he won’t be a Laker. He just looking at finishing out the season healthy and will look for a team that wants his strengths of PnR.

  357. I can’t recall Lin ever playing like this, I really hope the truth of who said what would come out.

  358. Well…just play through motion. Only 18 games left.

  359. jarret jack and mo williams have had strong years…so jeremy has a blue print…go to playoff hunt team…get solid minutes and thrive

  360. Smell maybe?

  361. no, he’s given free pass to break BScott system to look like Kobe in the name of rebuilding. Plain dirty politics designed to make Clarkson good but handcuffing Lin. This is simply evil

  362. Game 5 I think. He just stop shooting.

  363. Because BS called him not to indirectly. CASE CLOSED.

  364. At some point, Lin has to shoot right? Maybe he can think, “What would Price do to make BScott look impressed?”

  365. He looks for his shot more, he moves more off-ball. Part of this is on Lin to me.

  366. Maybe the signing of that kid was the final straw….jeremy knows it’s his minutes gone…Ellington ain’t losing minutes and Swaggy is not coming back…so jeremy just said screw it (hypotherical)

  367. that should work.. That’s what Price will do anyway LOL

  368. This is beyond politics. How does Jeremy playing well has anything to do with KB’s legacy? It’s a coach’s dignity to do what’s best for the team. period. I understand asking each player to sacrifice for the greater good, but ordering one player NOT to make the most efficient play is purely irrational. Too much BS.

  369. He’s sick of Scott. He knows he should get more minutes too.

  370. yes, at least GMs would know.

    Only Lin’s stats will suffer and we have to bear with “Clarkson outplaying Lin” narrative although there’s double standard

  371. We ain’t friends no more – Lin and Kobe on the bench sitting apart and not talking to each other.

  372. At this point I’d rather Jeremy get DNP-CDs. The league has seen what he can do, knows he’s being Kobe’d hard, and BS is putting triple shackles on his game (Hill/Kelly to blow assists, JC/Ellington to take away ballhandling, and no PNR allowed).

    I say Jeremy saves his PPG stat and preserve his body for the FA, and we all save some time and mental stress.

  373. Not me, I want to see him get minutes and enforce his will on the game. Not playing at all doesn’t to him any good.

  374. Final post….Jeremys career was in big peril in the Portland series last year…mentally he could’ve broke but he didn’t….free agency will be frustrating and the offers will be not anywhere he deserves but he is that same mentally tough kid from that Portland series so he will rebound

  375. haha the only think I am watching is he get at least 3 on ast/tov every game

  376. What he’s doing on the court now really isn’t “playing”.

  377. Yes, it might be more strategic for Lin to play his aggressive game+PnR and get DNP

  378. Piston’s are terrible. How is BScott going to figure out how to tank this one?

  379. By ejecting himself so he could have an excuse.

  380. It’s not that long ago he was playing his best ball of the season. Lin has to step up and play well somehow, even with Byron’s stupidity.

  381. clarkson going for DD tonight

  382. Haha. ..bs must be furious. ..the tankers are leading without Jlin… apparently Jlin winning attitude is spreading among the tankers

  383. Hero ball at its finest

  384. Yeah, that was when Kobe was busy doing his Muse P.O.S. Hater’s back in full bullying force now.

  385. So JC just did another P&R.

  386. Yep.

  387. Here comes J

  388. Hm, Clarkson just got a screen on that PnR play to score easily on a layup

  389. A revenge from Kobe for taking the spotlight for the past 5 games.

  390. yes. after struggling in few possessions to create on ISOs, got blocked

  391. I guess that’s BS’s version of improved P&R with ball movement b/c the ball is not rolled with Lin’s hands.

  392. It’s “everyone give the ball to Clarkson” day.

  393. Lin is doing NPR but getting trapped

  394. Kudos to Lin to still give efforts!!

  395. Only applies to Lin to NOT do PnR. My heart goes out to JLin and all his fans. Life sometimes is not fair.

  396. PG has taken 12 shots made 4. Still waiting for Lin’s first shot.

  397. Yup Iwas thinking the ssame

  398. He should just play the way he wants. If BS doesn’t like it so be it. He needs to play for himself or god, not BS.

  399. Dear Clarkson.

    Put your hand in the face of the opponent you’re defending! LOL

  400. Byron Scott’s instructions. “Jeremy pass it to guys who can’t hit shots, don’t shoot it yourself”

  401. yes, I see he’s trying to attack the rim.
    Let’s hope for more

  402. LOL….Lin’s number is called, then after 2 screens, no one was open….BS really worked some magic on the schemes.

  403. Lakers is bad Piston is worse.

  404. What da heck. 0 shots?

  405. Pistons get to know Lakers now; hitting all the shots.

  406. Awesome D by Lin.

  407. Good job by Lin finding an open Hill.
    It might not be an assist since Hill jab-stepped first?

  408. I think J is intentionally not shooting this game

  409. Aggressive Lin is back!

  410. hill screws up A LOT of lin’s potential assists. his 3 double double was gone because of him.

  411. I like that Chrysler commercial. Jeremy Lin America’s Import.

  412. lin get double double.. rebounds and assists.. and zero points. LOL

  413. Clarkson with 4 fouls

  414. Kobe biting his nails. Oh no lin only pg on the floor.

  415. That was a Lin block?

  416. Stu don’t know what he’s talking about. He’s not a passer.

  417. J is warming up a little

  418. 4th foul on clarkson

  419. Ft coming up

  420. Nice Lin attack. 2 FTs now!

    Lin knows he needs to be on FT line a lot to get rhythm going!

  421. Lin has been playing really good defense. Both team and individual.

  422. Tim MacMahon
    Rick Carlisle calls this debacle the lowest point of Dallas’ season: “I’m sick to my stomach about this.”

  423. Oh no Jlin!!!

  424. Lin is hurt

  425. Oh no..please don’t get hurt

  426. Defense doesn’t count as being aggressive per some people.

  427. what happened??

  428. Yes JLin on the board.

  429. What happened?

  430. Knee to the thigh

  431. oh no bruise thigh?

  432. Thank God it was on thigh.

    3/4FTs, good attacking mindset by Lin.
    He can do this all-day-long

  433. Kicked in thigh

  434. Like charlie horse?

  435. Oh no Lin down knee to his thigh.

  436. More like bruised

  437. 3 pointer by Lin!!!

  438. 333333333333333333333333333333333333333

  439. Come on Lin. 333333

  440. J for 3333

  441. WOW .. Lin’s LONG Bomb!

  442. This must be serious, I hope Lin rest a dozen of games.


    So he’s double-double now for you

  444. He’s coming to life now. Playing with a bit of a chip on his shoulder.

  445. Lin closes quarter, the lakers close well.

  446. Guess if Byron Scott takes away the PnR start bombing 3’s.

  447. A statement to someone saying he’s double-double… a long 3

  448. Maybe we will hear BS complaining about not wanting Lin to shoot 3’s.

  449. Health is def. #1

  450. Piston announcers just said that Lin is probably going be gone after this season. Clarkson is auditioning for Lakers. Sound like Lin knows what’s up . I think Lin plays passively so he won’t get hurt.

  451. Ya, that will be next. SMH.

  452. LOL .. Give others 3 first before you hit 3s

  453. lin get double double.. rebounds and points and 2 assists. LOL

  454. Lin had those thigh pad when playing for HOU…right?

  455. Undrafted, Unheralded, Unreal, Undeniable… Jeremy Lin!

  456. What can you do if someone passes the ball to you at the end of the shot clock?

  457. uh ohh 🙁

  458. The guys really need to do a PNR play for Jeremy. Seriously.

  459. What do you mean “maybe”? BS made it clear since the preseason that he wanted no 3s.

  460. They are doing it he is trapped every time

  461. c’mon coach. let Lin close this game..

  462. EVERY team knows that they haev to shut down Jeremy to win, that’s respect.

    Have yet to see any team worry about JC.

  463. Yeah I guess so. Last one just got triple teamed…

  464. Lin to Davis.

  465. Lakers look like a real team when Lin runs the point.

  466. The suspense on these games is “how is Byron Scott going to manage to lose this game?”

  467. Whoever gets Ed Davis is lucky.

  468. Give it to bs.

  469. I don’t even have to watch.. I just watch what is going on different boards and espn stats and I can picture what happens

  470. I wish too but Kobe not going to let that happen.

  471. Ellington doesn’t even acknowledge the pass by Ed?

  472. Lakers is officially eliminated from playoffs. Tickets are gonna be cheaper. YES

  473. Lakers back court. WE and JC – 8/22

  474. I really wish Ed Davis ends up on the same team as Jeremy. He genuinely support Jeremy and knows PNR really well. Those trailing layups are beautiful, as are the seemingly effortless alley oops.

  475. With Lin/Davis, it would be winning the lottery twice!

  476. Maybe Scott will take Davis out and put Hill back in. That will slow Lin down.

  477. JLin and 2nd team are so fun to watch.

  478. CLarkson would have shot that, Lin passes it to Davis.

  479. let’s go.. 6 6 6 !!!

  480. Another rebound for Lin!

  481. Ed is another high bb iq player.

  482. Jessie Jackson plays like SH*T

  483. Reggie Jackson 1 for 9…lol

  484. Ed Davis is the man! and this coach is so clueless about it…

  485. Pistons announcer: Lin puts some go-go in the Lakers attack!

  486. Wish finished on that drive but I think the knee to the leg has slowed him down.

  487. Ed will leave too if he has other offers.

  488. I guess that’s it for Lin.

  489. Lakers without Lin always someone holding the ball waiting to pass to someone else.

  490. Uh oh…Jlin may be out after this time out

  491. Thats probably it for Lin. All I wanted was 3 more points

  492. Darn, for every one tov, Lin has to get 3 more asts…lol

  493. yes. he should.

  494. Don’t think so but, you never know with the tank commander.

  495. Lin sits now. Two bad plays in a row.

  496. oh no…

  497. his teammates aren’t fast enough for him.. no seriously.

  498. He left 2 at the line. But I think they have momentum and Byron may keep him in. I’m 50/50 on it.

  499. If Lin is back, it means Byron wants to win his 1000th game

  500. Being slow might be ok….but having zero idea how to stay available to Lin is….just….sadly….bad

  501. THis puzzles me, I think he is leaving soon.

  502. who? Lin or Byron?

  503. Kelly doesn’t add much. Thought he was supposed to be a good 3 pt shooter.

  504. Haha… beat me to it 🙂

  505. Does that mean another rebound for JLin?

  506. attack attack attack

  507. Lin…leaving the game

  508. Lin tips ball and fouled.

  509. That was not a shot attempt

  510. What’s with JLin’s free throws?

  511. He rushed the second one

  512. Hmmm… those free throws..

  513. Piston announcers: Some Linsanity in 4th quarter.

  514. Cmon lin, focus on those FT. No one is in front of you.

  515. Sits Davis. Nooooooooo!

  516. adrenaline kicking?
    maybe he needs your presence to calm him down, sista 🙂

  517. Jordan Hill in. Davis gone. Game over on the inside.

  518. Davis is beasting and he’s out again???

  519. Unreal.

  520. Lin 5/8 FTs

  521. Hill is the tank commander

  522. Nice D!

  523. great D by Lin without fouling

  524. Just what Kobe likes to hear. LOL

  525. lol Hill came in for Davis and another TO…

  526. Tank canon.

  527. Hill the lin’s assist killer.

  528. …and coaching incompetence.

  529. Stop twirling Hill.

  530. aaargh Hill…

  531. Wow guess its 1000 game and coach bs leaving Lin in. Torn whether I want lakers to win even with Lin in.

  532. Hill is like an automatic trip back the other way. He doesn’t get the rebounds as well as Davis either.

  533. yeah, sometimes Byron plays for himself =D

  534. He got dizzy, so did I, lol

  535. Lin’s D was strong and the LA announcers said nothing about it.

  536. Davis is excellent but out and Tanker J. Hill came in to tank?

  537. Well clarkson last game led a lakers to 2 points in 6 minutes

  538. Should have left Davis in too. Or at least replace him with Black not Hill.

  539. I have to say, compare to the positive on Lin’s contribution. Hill beat Lin in terms of how heavily he can contribute negatively. This is not easy…..

  540. Time for the closer RPG17

  541. How many rebounds Hill got; half of Lin.

  542. Lin don’t pass to hill, use him as a screen.

  543. What???

  544. Ed Davis playing great and he got taken out, only 18 mins for the game…tank you BS

  545. Looks like Olajuwon ….. at 60.

  546. C’mooooon!!!!!

  547. You mean if you take the Absolute Value of contribution Hill > Lin ?

  548. Jodie making the Lakers regret letting him go.

  549. Pistons Announcers say Linsanity game tonight.

  550. Hill sucks

  551. I swear hill is on Kobe/bs payroll.

  552. add Wes to the list.

  553. I think he is grateful that the lakers let him go. Don’t you think so?

  554. Screwed by Jill again…smh

  555. and the coach is clueless about it…

  556. Hill is not the guy to bring in late in game unless he’s hitting his set shot.

  557. Lol for sure.

  558. 2 more steps and he’d be a 3-point specialist.

  559. Jill just redeem himself…lol

  560. LOL

  561. Hill hit it but he should have shot it as soon as Lin passed it to him.

  562. exactly

  563. Brain processing delay.

  564. Hill did good .for once

  565. ha ha ha…

  566. Yes STUpid, it is always Lin’s fault! The ugliest commentator spit out nothing pretty!

  567. Those long 2’s make me cringe.

  568. Lakers played a low score nonexciting and winning game.

  569. I mean Hill’s negative impact is too large even Lin can not compensate it back…

  570. Pistons won’t Lin breath out there. Time for him to make them pay for being over aggressive and pick them apart with shooters.

  571. One more 3 from Jeremy and I’m happy for the rest of the day. Goal is to get 11pts/5asts or better every game before FA.

  572. what’s the score now?

  573. Lin hurt again

  574. 82-87 lakers

  575. Lin amonge the trees. Tough enough!!

  576. That effort!

  577. JLin gets the rebound. Awesome D!!!

  578. Maybe Lin does know what is going on..
    He preserves his energy in the later part of the game and if he closes, he will win it for you and if he doesn’t he doesn’t give a fk about lakers.

  579. thanks!

  580. Better rebounder than Lakers bigs outside of Davis

  581. Tacos again. Lin again!!!

  582. 10 points

  583. Killer FT

  584. Lin took down 7 rebounds for the game.

  585. I think it is very unlikely that Lin knows nothing

  586. Yesss!

  587. Jlin with 2 daggers!!

  588. Pistons Announcers praised Lin again.

  589. 7 boards 10 points and a great defensive game. How many assists?

  590. Someone tell BS the lakers have more points then the opponents, that means they are winning. He looked confused closing to commercial.

  591. Lin got mauled after the huge rebound between 2 bigs. Great rebound!
    Come on, Lin! 2 FTs!

  592. I thought it has to be over 100?

  593. when it matters .. ha ha

  594. Detroit announcers are high on Jeremy… “He may not be with the Lakers after this year but he sure can help a lot of teams 🙂

  595. Pistons announcers again: Jeremy Lin may not be here with the Lakers, but there are a lot of teams he can help.

  596. Make them!

  597. Opponents announcers notice Lin, but not Lakers…

  598. Pistons announcers: Lin is very gritty. He may not be here with the Lakers, but there are a lot of teams he can help.

  599. Yes, 2 more FTs LOL

  600. Not such bad night for Lin as far as numbers go, 10 pts, 7 rebs and 5 assts, 1 steal

  601. Is the pistons tanking or not?

  602. Bs just found out he had a closer in Jlin all along

  603. Lots of practice 🙂

  604. FYI, Lin outscored Clarkson.

  605. What do they need to do to get taco’s? Just win? I thought had to get 100 pts?

  606. he’s rebounding better than the bigs (except Davis)…

  607. Make that 12/7/5/1, outscored JC.

  608. score 100 while holding opponent under 100

  609. TACO TIME!

  610. Hold the opponent to less than 100 points

  611. STUpid is a Lin hater! He has to say Lin only has ONE basket tonight! Ugliest STUpid has nothing good to say for Lin!

  612. Yes they’ll not make a 100.

  613. Jeremy “Mr. FTs” Lin made only 1 shot but scored 12 pts!

  614. Yeah I like that better, lol. I am watching on duck stream, slightly delayed

  615. took it for granted..
    oh no..
    becaue kobe is there.

  616. But Bill said they will be getting taco’s.

  617. He can help other 29 teams.

  618. Lin did well overall. He is not playing selfish and has overall good numbers. It isn’t just about scoring and he really held his composure even when nothing was happening at the beginning. Good for him!

  619. No way.
    According to Lin’s practice, just kill the time and no shooting.

  620. could’ve been 15.. sigh

  621. I’ll settle for that! Whoot!

  622. That is selfish! Lets see how KB reaction end of game!

  623. it’s okay, he’s human =D
    And he’s smiling.

    It could’ve been 2pts/20min, ya know

  624. ha ha ha . “Mr. Aggressive” too.

  625. SVG thinks they still have a chance down 8 with 10 secs to go…LOL

  626. And that is how you close a game

  627. What a Jekyll and Hyde game

  628. Lakers won. Lin outscored Ellington and Clarkson.
    Lin outrebounded Jordon Hill.
    What more do U want?
    Lin can defend.

    This game stinks!!!!

  629. Something that makes you go, “how did he do that?!?!?!”

  630. Proud of J today. It’s been clear that he hasn’t been able to play his game on this team but he still finds a way!

  631. Be aggressive – says some people

  632. Lin should be POG tonight. Reggie Jax looks sad.

  633. This is the game I was talking about. Impose his will when the set is just BS. Lin did it.

  634. Linsanityyyyyyy :p

  635. Ladies & Gents, let’s give a hand to Mr. Jeremy “FT All-Day-Long” Lin!
    Bad 1st half but great aggressive attack in 2nd.

  636. Awesome. Lakers made a huge mistake.

  637. That’s what I wanted to see. Proud of him.

  638. no question he won the game for LAL. No way to get all those FTs without dusting it up in there.

  639. Without davis someone had to rebound

  640. Seems like not

  641. Yeah! Where was Clarkson in this game?

  642. I don’t think the 1st half was bad, he played solid defence all-around =)

  643. Did Lin get a block shot?

  644. He’s not scoring so he’s bad on first half per some…

  645. THe good thing about it is you did not see him went rogue. He plays with BS sets and make big impacts.

  646. Let just say, he at least knocked the ball lose

  647. Doesn’t seem like Reggie Jackson is panning out. Pistons need another guard other then Jennings.


  649. better hope that lin is healthy.. he got bruised someplace.

  650. From now on, Lin shoot just shoot 3s and FTs! =)

  651. Topped Clarkson with less time (barely), played D, Whoot!

  652. What the heck?

  653. knee to thigh.

  654. Gonna need more wins to get those seats filled again.

  655. It might swell up tomorrow

  656. Since he finished the game, hoping it’s nothing serious then…

  657. How on the earth Lin outscored Clarkson and Ellington?
    Outrebounded Ed Davis and Jordon Hill?

  658. On Lin’s last rebound, he grabbed it with Drummond and Monroe surrounding him. Love how Drummond gave him a playful bear hug lift from behind and Monroe patting him with some words. Great sportsmanship from Monroe all game towards Lin including evening picking Lin up when he fell.

  659. The key is to get to the line for him. He did that. Also, good he had Ed in there for the most part, Boozer and Hill tried to ruin it but Ellington stepped it up while Wes had his usual good and bad moments in the game. Lin’s D was strong, really strong tonight.

  660. Compare that to whiteside…smh…

  661. 3 assists and all 6 points from free throws in the 4th quarter. Didn’t Lin have two blocks?

  662. I wish he could maintain 3 tho…still, great game.

  663. Jeremy got sandwiched/bearhugged 🙂

  664. and some place besides the thighs.. as someone on the other said he got a bit hurt near the end of the game… I didn’t watch the game..but only boards and espn play and stats so not sure where.

  665. 7 Lakers scored in double figures.
    hold a team at 85 points.
    The game wasn’t even close!

  666. He picked Lin up too. Nice kid. He plays really well too.

  667. Thanks, I got tortured with Stu on LA feed.

  668. Yea that was an ok game for Lin overall. He saved it with his fts. 😉

  669. So ironic that I spoke earlier today about how games are often won in the last quarter and especially in the last 3 minutes. The good coaches make adjustments to make the last run of scoring before the opposing coach can create a counter. In the case with coach Lin, he has to out smart the Lakers BS as well as the piston coaching staff to make the last run before anyone can make an adjustment….especially BS. Lol

    Like I said in the same comment, Lin knows when to switch gears and up his game into clutch mode. Only the great ones can do this.

  670. let’s not laugh at others.. just because Lin does better than them.

  671. Luckily they didn’t interview Lin on the court?
    I feel ashamed of the Lakers.

  672. (cue star war theme song)

  673. That’s what I thought, Lin blocked that shot. Not Hill.

  674. When a guard can outrebound your bigs…

  675. I thought the spotlight was on Clarkson but he congratulated Lin =D


  676. The real problem is they actually won the game!

  677. Sign that guard…

  678. Or just waive your bigs

  679. Who is He? Drummond?

  680. Clarkson has the spotlight, but Jeremy’s got the rebound that turned this game around in Lakers’ favor. A win is better than the spotlight.

  681. Probably, didn’t get credit for one of them. Not sure about the other.

  682. This guy is a starter. smh …

    Not Reggie Jackson’s finest outing: 1-9, 0-4 from 3.— Baxter Holmes (@BaxterHolmes) March 11, 2015

  683. Lin played a triple double type of game today.

  684. He wasn’t really. He just got Kevin Durant as his finisher.

  685. Truth be told Jeremy’s 12/7/5/1 line was better, but Ed Davis also deserves recognition for being smart and selfless.

  686. Lin almost picked RJ’s pocket. I wish Lin had that….

  687. He looks really sad at the end of the game. He left OKC wanting to be the next Harden. Reggie is not a star and will never be…

  688. I think he’ll be OK. Ice the leg tomorrow and he’ll be good for Thursday.

  689. He used to play with big 3.

  690. He seemed like he was going through the motions in the first half. But he got passionate and aggressive in the 2nd half.

  691. Lin closing the game?? what’s with the coach today?? lol

  692. We kept saying that….no one listens

  693. We’re the 10th..

  694. I’m laughing because I don’t have a clue how can Jeremy get such a result from taking only 4 shots!
    Jeremy is an underrated rebounder & shot blocker (They didn’t even give it to him!)

  695. Shhh… let him have it 🙂

  696. great post

  697. His 1000 coaching games. Need W.

  698. Pretty crazy that Bscott chose to go with Lin when Clarkson got career-high on assists
    It shows BS wants to win that bad!

  699. oh that’s why…

  700. Bc his boss said so that’s why….LOL!

  701. Too bad no free tacos today. Would’ve been guaranteed if Davis got more of Hill’s minutes.

  702. Ed only played 18min. 6/8 and 6 reb. Its close but Ed was a little more efficient

  703. I hope the NBA statistics reflect this.

  704. underrated defender actually.

  705. He did well in the games before.

  706. It really shows the importance of getting to FT line.
    Lin shined tonight while RJax was not registering in the radar at all

  707. He wanted to win this one. Lin stayed in the game and Lakers won, simple as that 🙂

  708. “A New Hope”. Go away Kobewan, you’re death stare is about to be blown up by Jedi Lin.

  709. The shooting % of Ed is super high.

  710. I think just win and hold opponent to under 100… not require to score 100

  711. Yeah, Drummond picked Lin up.

  712. I was told that you could send the pic to the league; they will adjust the stats.

  713. People will do crazy things when they’re desperate.

  714. He will need the dream team to be playing for him and that will only happen in his dreams.

  715. yup, kudos to Ed Davis who converted a lot of Lin’s passes. Beautiful post-move around the rim!

  716. BS and Kobe are like father and son.

  717. HAH!

  718. I thought he played hard on D and rebounded like a mad man in the 1st half. He didn’t attempt any shot in the 1st half either.

  719. BS could try comedy, because I laugh every time he tries to be serious

  720. Jeremy and Davis have a simbiotic relationship. Jeremy relies on Davis to convert the dimes, and Davis on Jeremy for the feed and high FG%. 🙂

  721. Tyson benefited from Lin, during 2012-13. 75% I think

  722. Hehe ok I’ll keep this information secret ^^

  723. Lin’s a better center than Hill. Out rebounding and blocking

  724. What’s your next prediction =)

  725. I think Lin is playing these last fews game to try different things. He knows he can score and get assists but now he’s trying to play differently. Lin wants to try and focus on other ways to help the team. He is focusing on Defense, getting the Rebs, steals, and make plays for his teammates.

  726. Lin ended up outplaying Clarkson but did so in a team context. That’s what I want to see. I want to see him find a way to help the team either come back or win games if he finishes. Very happy about tonight. It isn’t always about 20 points, just stay in double figures and maybe get other stats. Tonight it was rebounds. And he still is better than 2:1 in assists to TOs with 5 to 2, so that’s great.

  727. Lin getting 6 rings..:P not including the one for the wedding..

  728. Ah, nature… so beautiful 🙂

  729. Hehe.

  730. I’ve got an idea. Let’s start a campaign to keep #LinDavis together for next season!
    Let’s give Ed Davis some love from Lin fans! Spite BScott in the process =)

    Note: He was kind to say “I appreciate it, man” when I wished him well for the season in 1 game.


  731. yeah, he’s really pitiful, isn’t he.

  732. PnR to death!

  733. Great post!

  734. Right, he will and with Kobe as his PG.

  735. Personally Ed Davis struck me as an indifferent,quiet type but turns up he’s a nice guy.

  736. Maybe they lowered their expectations… Lol

  737. A point of clarification. The Lakers need to win and hold an opponent under 100 points for tacos. Nothing to do with offense except score more points


  738. Ahem! LOL

  739. Who’s the Daddy? Kobe?

  740. Oh I see…thanks!

  741. I thought that whenever they hold to opponent to less than 100 points, they got tacos. Lakers’ score doesn’t matter.

  742. I know. Not to insult Clarkson, but to be sure they don’t use Clarkson to dis Lin.

  743. I am so happy with Lin’s play tonight. He fought threw and came out victorious.This game was not about Scott winning, but this was about kobe putting the rookie in his place. Kobe knows that lin won’t be back next year, and he doesn’t want Laker fans chanting Clarkson’s name…LOL

  744. Highlights… Footwearfoot is fast!

  745. Just thinking Scott kept Lin in for playing good defense. Must be the new “deal”.

  746. Very true! I got the same feeling that there is no one to have better individual stats than Kobe.
    Most days it’s Lin but tonight it’s Clarkson!

    BScott is guarding Kobe’s legacy as the “closer” like a watch dog!

  747. Whoah that was fast!

  748. ah, it makes sense.. thanks!

  749. Oic!!! ^^
    Crowd didn’t look like very hyped tho like last time when Lin put a 3. But he hit the 100 and that’s why they got tacos that time ?!. Confusing.

  750. Lin got Tyson Chandler DPOY -2012

  751. Jeremy’s post game interview.

  752. Well-said, Lin raised the level of his game to the big moment.
    All great players do that!

  753. I don’t think so… I guess FO made the call that’s why Lin got to close the game today.

  754. Lin is always classy.

  755. At least no one can say he didn’t apply pressure on the back court compared to ______, like they always do.

  756. I like how he plugged the positives of the pnr.

  757. I love that the smiles are back!

  758. “Were you aware that #Lakers held Pistons scoreless in 1st 6 min of 2nd half?
    Lin: Yes, coz I was watching” LOL

  759. Love his humor 🙂

  760. 12 points in free throws (3 from the Pistons) in the last
    quarter from Lin (6), Hill (2), Wesley(2), and Kelly (2). Each one was like
    driving a coffin nail into the Pistons.

  761. LOL, you have more faith in FO than I do. They’re soft like Charmin!

  762. Dead-panned expression =) Love It!

  763. Interview with Greg monroe, was asked what made the difference in the lakers win, he responded the two main guys that made the difference is Ellington and Jeremy Lin, kept penetrating paint, and making plays for team!

  764. WoHoo..Linning

  765. Another LOL

    Reporter: Does Knicks games mean anything to you?
    Lin: No, it’s been 3 years .. and 6 games ALREADY passed

    Lin doesn’t think much but he counts 3 years & 6 games already that have passed? What? #HarvardMath LOL
    Did Lin unintentionally let out that he’s counting the number of games since Linsanity broke out?

  766. Piston’s targeting Lin in FA this summer too?

  767. I believe only FO can make BS to do anything besides Kobe. smh!

  768. “way it’s gotta be, way it’s gotta be …”

  769. Funny how la media will just skip right over that

  770. Opposing players and coaches know what Jeremy is all about. GMs too so no need to worry about FA. Will be getting lots of offers for sure 🙂

  771. Which one? IsabeliJane17, or blubell, LOL?

  772. Ed Davis is the third guy.

  773. Van Grundy likes lin. I also too think that Bigs like Lin.

  774. I love winning. It brings out the comedian in Jeremy. lol.

  775. I believe when Kobe and BS is made to disappear, lol. smh too.

  776. Haha,.. I can’t tell if he’s being funny or he’s really counting the # of games
    We can tell the reporters LOVE interviewing him!

  777. You’ve got to give props to a guard who can outrebound you.

  778. Thank you, Greg Monroe!

  779. Sarcastically funny…

  780. Sarcasm is an art 🙂

  781. This was shown on TWC Lakers post game show

  782. yes, respect from Monroe to Lin!

  783. Lin is unselfish, Bigs definitely like Lin

  784. But I really think their plan it’s to go w JC for double double tonight W win but during half time something changed…. that’s why Lin got to close the game.

  785. thanks, so .. AC Green & Worthy covered the topic, too?

  786. Bigs know Lin can make them better. Davis has had a breakout season and looking for a bigger contract in big part due to JLin.

  787. Any YT clip? One for archives!

  788. It takes a different sass and smarts to deliver it.

  789. Too bad the reporters didn’t laugh right away LOL
    Funny guy!

  790. In the beginning of the post game, Worthy def gave props to Lin. Mentioned he only made one shot but took a lot of FTs, overall a positive review by Worthy

  791. I’m sure it’s a value that he appreciates in his future soul mate LOL

  792. Kobe stopped that action for Clarkson. Kobe knows lin won’t be here next season with possibly Rondo coming. Let lin play his game and let him get a good contract because he won’t be back with the Laker’s next season.

  793. Lean-ing time for Linning!

  794. Nice theory. Not sure why Kobe would do that. Don’t think he would help Lin. Who knows.

  795. Good! This type of gritty-game will definitely earns a lot of praises.
    Lin needs to turn on his HardenFT game a lot and he can do it!

  796. I really hope Lin will not stay here w Kobe. Did you see Kobe’s pregame interview? He said right now I will not play after next season but if I am healthy… smh! I really think he will not retire after 2016.

  797. Pffft..What do they know about art…

  798. Pistons announcers said Jeremy is gritty when they were praising Jeremy in the 4th Q.

  799. Looks to me that Kobe left as soon as the game ended. Didn’t congratulate the players coming off the court.

  800. Needed some time to process it hahaha

  801. He sure was mad about Lin could help the team won… LOL!

  802. Key plays I liked 1

  803. Yep , they’ll be feasting while Lin keeping feeding them easy dishes.

  804. 2 of 6

  805. ok, didn’t like this 3 of 6 – be careful out there, Jeremy!

  806. Long 3!

  807. 5 of 6 Lin tap for steal

  808. He keeps that close track? 3 years and 6 games. LOL


  809. Obviously he would. Drummond and Lin are both on my Fantasy Bball team. They must be friends!

  810. no watched it on a stream 🙁

  811. BS wanted to win tonight since tonight was his 1,000th game. JC committed 2 crucial TOs in last 2 games.

  812. oops, here

  813. Probably went way over their heads.Lol

  814. And finally, a key game ending rebound:

  815. It was the reporter who kept track.

  816. Monroe’s contract year this season. May not be with Pistons next season.

  817. Maybe Kobe wants to make sure another team gets Lin off the FA market before the Lakers FO could entertain thoughts of making Lin a modest offer. If the Lakers start having trouble attracting talent that will play for Scott and with Kobe, they might try to re-sign Lin — regardless of what Kobe wants.

  818. Followed by Jeremy Sandwich… yum… LOL.

  819. ha ha .. he’s actually counting…

  820. Jeremy is trending @ #4

  821. They love him, knocking him down and picking him up all night.

  822. Actually its 2 years have passed, and 4 games. He only spent 2 yrs in Houston.

  823. His rebounds were more than JHill. smh

  824. This year makes 3.

  825. Hill parks beyond the FT line too much. He should stay under the FT line to get rebounds instead of those long 2’s.

  826. I think Lakers FO will make the offer to Lin but I really hope Lin will not stay…

  827. Thank you!!!

  828. In LA, he has to say so… but he DO care about back to MSG.

  829. I called it.

  830. Robert Sha
    Of the six active NBA coaches to have coached 1,000 regular season games, Byron Scott is the only one with a losing record.

  831. From Lakersground

    Lin — — Lin mentioned the defense in the third quarter as key. “That carried into the fourth where we didn’t lapse and give up a huge run,” Lin said. He got the FT line 12 times tonight, 4 of those were in the final minute, but he was still able to manufacture some points there effectively. I love guys that get to the line. It means their aggressive even if their shots are not falling or whatever. Lin had the 1-4 shooting, but finished with 12 points. It’s vital to get points from the line like that. Scott gave him the close tonight with Ellington. Clarkson had some foul trouble, but I think if he’s going with the vets down the stretch, he really wanted the W. Lin liked the ball movement and unselfishness of the team. They did a very good job in that regard tonight. Good work by Lin on the glass, as well. He took a hard knee to his thigh in this game that will leave a mark. Better not show that to Vitti.

    The Stats: He scored 12 points on 1-4 shooting (1-1 from three, 9-12 from the line) to go with 7 boards, 5 assists, 1 steal, 2 turnover sand 1 foul in 28 minutes. He had a +/- of 0.

    The Action: He lost a dribble off his leg for a turnover. Nice defensive board, going up high on a scramble to pull it down. He hit Davis with a pocket pass for FTs as he was about to dunk off that.

    Second Half: He drew FTs attacking from the wing, he made both. He was kneed hard to the thigh on the break and went down (that will be a big bruise), he made one. He sank a three on a kickout. He was blocked on a short jumper in the lane after fumbling the ball. He pushed out the turnover and fed Davis for the slam. He drew FTs and made one. Sloppy pass on the two-man game, dunk the other way. He attacked and missed a layup. He poked a ball loose and had it fumbled back to him by Wayne on the break for FTs, he made one. He attacked the paint and missed a layup. He drew FTs on an intentional foul and made both. He drew more intentional FTs.

  832. You said it, I read it.

  833. Hahahahahahaha Only in his dreams. Coach BS is full of BS.

  834. Back from the game after chants of “We want tacos!” We got tacos!

    I got there about 40 minutes before the game. Like last game, I only saw Ellington out taking some shots. Ronnie Price was there from the start and Kobe came at some point. I didn’t see Young, don’t know if he was there. Ellington and Lin did the arm wave again.

    Clarkson seemed to have some problems defending his man. Remember Jackson blowing by him a couple times and Jackson broke his ankles once. From my vantage point, I saw much less PnR from Lin this game than last game, although I sure saw PnR from Clarkson.

    In the middle of the second quarter, Kobe arrived at some point or I just noticed him then, and Kobe was talking exclusively to Clarkson towards an end of a time-out right as Clarkson was checking back in. They were sitting on the bench, side-by-side. Kobe talked to Clarkson again through the game at the sidelines.

    The times I looked over at the bench during time-outs, besides Clarkson, I saw Kobe talking to Ellington and Johnson. During the fourth, it looked like Kobe was pointing some things out defensively.

    There was one time during a time out in the fourth where Boozer and Lin sat side by side to get some water and Kobe was talking to Boozer and/or Lin. It seemed like Lin was listening. Other than that, I did not see Kobe and Lin sit next to each other or talk to each other.

    At the end of the game, Lin talked to Drummond and Monroe, I believe. Someone was number 0 and I don’t remember the other, but he was much bigger. One of them tried to help Lin not fall on that one rebound towards the end of the fourth when Lin was poked in the eye. I think the Pistons’ player actual slightly picked Lin up so as not to fall.

    Like last time, during time-outs, Scott and his assistant coaches would talk amongst themselves first on the court and then walked towards the players waiting on the bench for them. Whereas the Pistons would immediately form a huddle with the coaches, like the Mavs did. Unlike last time, a lot less people left at two minutes left in the game. Made me think again how it’s ridiculous that reporters ask Lin about closing out games and losing leads Lakers have at the beginning of the fourth when Lin doesn’t close out games. That question might become moot if Lin was left in.

    Lin got beat up a few times this game (fouls), and some rough shooting, but wished he would shoot more. Nevertheless, loved how Lin continued to fight except I didn’t want him to risk injury.

    There’s no question the fans still love Kobe. When they showed Kobe on the screen, many people cheered. There was also a clip of Kobe talking about himself and how he loves the fans, and people ate it up.

  835. You got tacos?

  836. Hope you enjoyed your tacos 🙂
    As always, love reading your post game thoughts. Thanks!

  837. I dreamt that D’antoni became head coach in Denver 2 months ago and Lin would join him there next season. I woke up so excited.

  838. Yup. Have to hold opposing team under 100 and Lakers have to win.

  839. Yay! so far all tacos delivered by JLin.

  840. Thanks for the report. As I thought tonight was supposed to be JC got his double double to help the team won…. Things changed…. Anyway, 19 games to go…

  841. How did you get free tacos when Lakers only score 93 (below 100)?

  842. Lakers just have to win. They have to keep the opposing team below 100.

  843. JLin’s High School English teacher:


  844. One thing that amazed me is that lin played 17 mins straight without a rest. Anyone still questioning his stamina?

  845. He played smart, paced himself.

  846. Stupid Byron Scott rotation puts that on him. He should play beginning of 3rd, rest end of 3rd and beginning of 4th so he has energy in to come and close the 4th. Like a starter. Scott’s rotation kind of stinks.

  847. I see! That makes it a bit easier. You have 2 free tacos coupons now. Will you actually use them?

  848. 3 tacos games from Lin so far. lol

  849. Thanks for your ingame report and taco update.

  850. I don’t know. I never have in prior seasons because I don’t go to Jack-in-the-Box. Maybe I will this time since it is courtesy of Lin and teamwork.

  851. That was an awesome post. Thank you. Glad you got to see Lin have a good game.

  852. Men will always be boys.

  853. Me too. I can’t tell. It’s ridiculous that reporters interview him about things as if he were playing during those times. First part of third quarter question as well in other post-games where they ask him about losing leads in the fourth and losing when Lin didn’t even play in end of fourth to lose the lead.

  854. Serena Winters
    Jordan Clarkson was joking that his head was a little “clogged up” from all the teaching Kobe Bryant was doing w/ him on the bench.


  855. Same old trick… it will not help in anyway. BTW, where is Nash? I heard he said he will workout w Nash soon but didn’t say when? LOL! Season almost end so I think Nash sure feels his duty it’s up now.

  856. JC had foul trouble, 4 pf… The coach gotta sat him because he would play less aggressive to avoid being fouled out.

    The same thing happened in Lakers vs Mavericks, JLin had 5 pf and he did not play to close game.

  857. Kobe stopped that. Nash is out and now Kobe is his mentor.

  858. You left out a lot of ladies…:P

  859. I watched the game on the Detroit feed tonight. They did a nice mini-feature on Lin before the game, talked about his recent productivity and showed a bunch of Lin highlights (ironically old ones featuring passes to Kobe or from Kobe). Every team out there except the Lakers know the value of Lin.

  860. Excellent!
    Now we’re more assured that GMs will surely know Linsanity’s recent surge if the TV crew made some mini-highlights.

    Hm, possible scouting due to the looming FA by DET maybe?

  861. Man, that’s some serious vertical right there!

  862. Aha, you’re Boyz II Men’s fan?

  863. The Lin highlight reel was a little weird because they didn’t show any recent Lin highlights. Instead, it was all old highlights from beginning of the season with mostly Lin/Kobe plays. My guess is some video editor was instructed to pull some video highlights together and that person thought it’d be best for the audience to show those of Lin with Kobe in it.

  864. Ah, thanks again for the excellent in-game report!

    So Kobe chose to mentor Clarkson next? 🙂
    Did he even talk, high-five or acknowledge Lin at all?

  865. That’s right. When BScott wants a W, he calls Lin’s number as a vet

    Clarkson had some foul trouble, but I think if he’s going with the vets down the stretch, he really wanted the W.

  866. maybe they want Lin on FA..

  867. Hahaha I was.. and a fan of men who have that boyish sense of humor like Jeremy’s

  868. That’s some serious media work and effort there to watch Jeremy’s game highlights, or they know what Jeremy brings to the table, marketing-wise? Either way, Detroit media sure is doing their homework.

  869. 12 pts on 4 FGAs is incredible.

  870. As bluebell retweeted earlier, Robert Sha is right that “Byron Scott wanted to win his 1,000th game tonight. Anytime he wants to
    win a game he makes sure to close the 4th quarter with Jeremy Lin.”

    The main reason Lin and the veterans (Boozer, Hill, Wesley, Ellington and not Clarkson) closed the game tonight was because Scott really wanted a win for his 1000th game for the record.

    For the Knicks game, I believe Lin will close again.

  871. Thanks! Excellent in telling us that what I didn’t see as I wasn’t able to watch the game in most 1 qtr and the time that Jlin didn’t play.

  872. Many of us (including myself) often call out Scott as a terrible coach for blaming everyone else except himself in losses, whereas a good coach would take the blame for not having the team prepared. Here’s a great role model of that:

    Coach Rick Carlisle said he was “sick to his stomach” about Dallas’ performance against Cleveland, blaming bad coaching for the Mavs’ many mental breakdowns and concentration lapses. “Well, we’re going to find out what we’re made of from here,” Carlisle said. “This is the lowest point we’ve been at. When you get to this point, everyone has to come together.”


  873. “Byron Scott wanted to win his 1,000th game tonight.”

    Oh, at first I thought you meant Byron Scott had 999 wins and was shocked. But now I understand, that statement could be interpreted two ways. You meant it was Scott’s 1000th game that he coached. (Scott only has 433 wins).

  874. Bummer about fan’s still liking Kobe. I guess so …

    Great writeup again. I loved how Lin got pickups from DET. There was one open 3 Lin didn’t take in the 4th. I was bummed about that. Would have been nice to see him make that but he passed.

    Amazing D at key points … wasn’t fun for me until Clarkson went out after 4Fs.

  875. Just how crazy Laker fans get.

  876. but I think if he’s going with the vets down the stretch, he really wanted the W…... Nicely put

  877. Librafree
    @JLin7 at The Black Sheep, LA after game vs Pistons. (credit stan_and_potato IG)

  878. Yep, this tells me Lin is out next year for sure even more! I ain’t trippin.. Clarkson is the Laker future.

  879. He did not mention that key rebound

  880. They picked up the wrong PG at the trade deadline.

  881. Byron always try to detached himself from the team, people do notice. I heard this from ESPN LA. Yes, they were talking about Byron always blame his player.

  882. LOL, Piston made the same mistake too.

  883. Bleacher Report NBAVerified account‏@BR_NBA
    Report: Despite Rajon Rondo’s recent quotes. he’s “not a happy player’ in Dallas. http://ble.ac/1Eyfz8d


  884. At least stu said, “boy he is quick”. Not “boy he is deceptively quick”……:p

  885. No one-on-one that I saw. He could have acknowledged him in passing, but certainly not very talkative with each other.

  886. Enjoy the rationale and the expertise!

  887. D was good. I have been impressed at the improvement and you can really see the effort. Even watching the game live, it was only fun when Lin was in.

  888. It’s not up to Kobe when he will retire.
    Most retiring players don’t really have a choice; ditto to Kobe the Bryant.

  889. That was a dumb question!

  890. Got kneed

  891. ok, thanks.
    Just cordial relationship, I guess

  892. Highlights is added to Video Gallery

  893. Good, I was counting on him leaving Dallas and hopefully trading places with Jeremy.

  894. wooooooo! got to have a good sleep, night!

  895. I turned away at halftime from the blurry FREE ONLINE La Lakers vs. Detroit computer version (it can be painful for a mortal as myself to watch). I see now that a bit of Llinsanity returned to the second half…fantastic, that Jeremy Lin is! Should ‘ve known.

    It should be plain and evident by now to the doubters and haters alike that the Kobe/BS block to stifle Jeremy Lin shall ‘backfire’. Ha! They have turned out to be two despicable elements on Mr. Lin’s expense.

    No matter. Jeremy Lin is unstoppable. Whether the BS/Kobe clot Unleashes him for not, his glory seeps through. Remarkable!

  896. I think players around the league know that the mistreatment that lin faces on the teams he has been on and now also with the Lakers. I am sure a lot of coaches/players/GM’s around the league where stunned with Scott’s comments about lin doing to much pick and roll knowing that it is lin’s strength as a basketball player. That is why no quality FA’s will come to the Lakers with Kobe/Scott snake duo. Most of the players around the league admire lin not whining even with all of the adversity he faces. Last night lin showed everybody what he was made of. Only nineteen more games to go before lin is out of this nightmare.

  897. Yes, can see the respect opp teams on him. Was impressed that Pistons players pulled him up or prevented him from falling down. JLin has done well for many games now. PFV said 11 games but to me, he has played well considering all the hurdles and obstacles that KB and BS threw at him. If any other player, he would have crumpled down and would be out of NBA long time ago. With now that his games up to another level, he will play well in any team that just give him playing time. He will help the team to win games. I like his “calmness” and much control of his games now.

  898. That is not a good thing. Kobe is such a phony. His documentary to his ego got luke warm reviews and he is probably mad about that and that lin’s Linsanity documentary got excellent reviews and still getting excellent reviews. As someone posted on twitter that Kobe’s social skills never got beyond high school, and that is true, because as the aging superstar on the team with a lot of young players, he should be mentoring them, not competing against them. That is that high school bullying mentality. The thing that scares kobe about lin is that he is educated, smart, fast learner and has a really high bball IQ.

  899. I agree, and that is what make Kobe/Scott so angry about Lin because lin chooses his battles wisely and he won’t let them bully him. Also kobe coming back means that he is pressuring Mitch to sign Rondo because no other quality FA is going to sign with Lakers while kobe is still on the team.

  900. Counting down:
    19 more games
    35 more days to end of season
    111 days to FA

    Seem like time passes too slow for me:-)

    JLin, stay healthy and continue to improve your games. I like what you are doing!

  901. Agreed. He chooses to battle in the court. He let his games speak for himself. Do you notice that reporters like to interview him not only for his bbiq for in game analysis but also he speaks it respectfully. He gives nothing away but is able to convey the message he wants to deliver. Very genuine, honest in his delivering but doesn’t provoke any controversial. That’s genius in public speaking. He will be a very good first Asian US President if he chooses to be one!!!

  902. LOLOLOLOLOL Look at JLin! He is saying, “Please don’t take my candy away!!!!!!!”

  903. Finally this interview that JLin was done last July will be aired on 14 March.

  904. spoken like an expert analyst, kudos!!

  905. Yep. Those reporters eat up everything lin says.LOL

  906. Thanks to everyone for the updates.I must say Iam terrified when our boy falling down and hurt his tigh.He tried everything to get a win. Much love and respect from me Jeremy.Please stay healthy coz I am rooting for you.

  907. Going home to watch the game.

  908. But lakers have not played knicks this year.

  909. it was very obvious and unusual this game that especially the det. bigs (monroe and drummond) went out of their way even to help lin up when he was down or keep him from falling. you just dont see that much. thru most of his career lin hasnt even seen that from his own teammates.

  910. why would he be? he’s publicly and widely reported fight with coach; came here to be the man and ended up being just one of a new 3 headed pg; with barea and or harris often outplaying him both in minutes and in quality of those minutes.

    without looking it up right now i think since asg of the big names players both traded and remaining where they were perhaps only lowrey in toronto on that fading team has fallen further in terms of overall performance.

    i have a feeling tho that like derrick rose or deron williams rondo’s best days are long past and not coming back no matter where he goes.

  911. most of the traded players have fared worse since the asg; only mo williams has had a signifcant increase in performance.

  912. where are the grammar police when we need them.

  913. going harden.

  914. Seems that he’s hugged by two giant gorilla.

  915. this is like kobe saying he will “mentor” lin at the start of the season. smh. as ive said before kobe will never ever play in the same backcourt any signifcant time with a clarkson who holds and shots the ball so much. that 7 assist game last was an exception to the rule. before he got the starting role clarkson didn’t have any assists. now he gets a few. but thats not what hes gonna do and kobe needs a price or a rondo someone who doesn’t shoot. and will “give (him) the ball” and “get the…..”

  916. in this rotation to keep lin from actually controlling the ball for any signficant amount of time it means ellington an old d leaguer is playing butler-esque max minutes like 38 40 minutes a game. how long will that last before he goes down too?

  917. as i noted below in response to jlinfa observation; these two guys were unusually helpful and respectful to lin on the floor for someone on the opposing team. they are really good players whose play has improved as the season has gone along. what sunk det was getting reggie regiie i wanna start too.

    dj augustine was doing fine (as he alwasy does) replacing a starter (jennings this time, rose last time). but they wanted someone else. ever since then theyve failed; just like milw i dont understand at all in the middle of a playoff race in good position giving up brandon knight who was playing well for them for the useless micheal cw; and knight has failed big time in phnx.

    most of those desired point guard moves (or not desired) at td did not work out.

    mo williams the exception. actually the only two other pgs to signficantly increase their performacne (typo’s here sorry) sonce asg–have been lin and clarkson!

  918. yeah how many guys can shoot 1-4 be not allowed any significant time with the ball at all for the entire first half and still over all improve on their performance for the season which was already top 100 in the league anyway despite being a starter only some of the time.

    impressive. even when lin has a “bad game”; he doesn’t really have a bad game. usually at least not more than 2 in a row and there is a specific reason you can trace it to.

    the exception was when he was first benched for price this year. that seemed to really shake him up; took him about 10 games to recover.

    since then each specfic humiliation, marginalization, demotion, etc. he has responded to more quickly and learned how to adjust to and still do something useful.

  919. i think the most important point for lin fans to realize in the featured quote above is the last; tho to knowledgeable fans laker or otherwise kobe is a ego driven worn out old star dragging down his franchise to the casual fan he is still the legendary kobe bryant. goat. still #4 in jersey sales; cover of magazines (gQ), a big STAR.

    and jeremey lin is just a bench player who has a big moment once a long time ago and hasn’t done anything since and is “overrated” because of that.

    kobe has the power. his crown is rusted but from a distance the masses dont notice. as long as he can drag himself in front of the cameras (not even necessarily on court) he will be the man in l.a. and anything that detracts from that wont be permitted for long.

  920. Good post. You always have some thoughtful and inspiring posts. Thanks

  921. I think Worthy likes Lin, most of the guys in the TWC booth do. It’s just Worthy is a Laker first and won’t criticize his buddy Byron Scott. But deep down Worthy is too smart to think Byron is a good coach.

  922. since I’m traveling things seems to move in a bleep 🙂

  923. lol…did he!!! Happy to see all positive on Lin

    Next comes the Knicks…hope its a blast

  924. must be my brother from another mother =)

  925. Hahaha…the league loves those who can get to charity stripes; both seriously those are game impact numbers!

  926. LOL you should go ask your dad.

  927. wow..nice thanks for letting us know…the market seems to be positive for Lin

  928. adding to that..2 classy sportsmanship Pistons

  929. Kobe is messing with JC’s head now…lol

  930. Mo is tough… like him on your side. Hate it when he is against you. he is really a tough one! Respect!!!

  931. Again, Jeremy brought the excitement back to the Lakers fans…

  932. hahaha… got it… one more to pass

  933. Nah, your giving him way too much credit. More like he never got passed the terrible twos. Lol

  934. Now I got it. Thanks.

  935. He is mad Jlin was the “closer”

  936. True. If only.

  937. She’s D rated.

  938. Ya! I think Kobe tried to make a statement that he wants to get Rondo & he wants to get another contract after 2016. I think Kobe will not give up even right now FO said No but things can change…. just like what Kobe said & expect … the favor it’s on him as long as Lin is not on the team.

  939. Right in the middle of third tier point guard ranking. Hope he gets into the second tier, mid PER 16s.

  940. Still no credit for that block.

  941. I don’t get the move by Augustine & Knight? They both played well w their old teams why moved them out of the team?! IT too. He played well in Sun why moved him?

  942. I think Worthy for the most part is honest about Lin. He can be harsh when criticizing Lin but as Lin fans it is hard to hear. Worthy does give props to Lin when he does do well. Worthy during the post game broadcast Worthy switched the numbers up by accident, said Lin had 7 assists and 5 rebounds, lol. Probably not used to seeing Lin get that many rebounds.

  943. Lin is so down to earth. Even though he is a mega-Asian star, He just hangs like anybody you might know.

  944. More free throws, can’t touch Lin.

  945. Last nights game proved once again that Lin can impact a game without taken many shots. So kudos to Brent and others for their stance and I will have to eat crow for stepping into the dark side. I am still very worried that Lin will hurt himself going into the big trees to fight for rebounds and taking charges from the Big Mac trucks. So I’m not completely out of the dark side yet until Lin escapes this terrible org.

    I should know better since I keep writing about how important it is to stop opponents from scoring. I was quite the nasty mosquito pest that harassed my opponents in my playing days and forced quite a few TOs and steals myself. I too have succumb to the constant brainwashing by media and NBA rhetoric that scoring is the only thing that matters.

    Let’s hope lin stays healthy until he lands on a team that will appreciate his dedication and work ethics.

  946. A survival will always find way to survive. Lin’s now aggressive on defensive end more because his ball handling and PnR are very limited by BS.

  947. 3 tier has PER of 15 already.?

  948. cue star war…….dark theme song…..again……LOL

  949. Nah, cue Bobby Mcfaren “don’t worry, Be happy”.

  950. But an @Acbc:disqus on the dark side is more fun…..jk

  951. I said it last yr, about how Lin seems to better just play 2 long stints than do 3 shorter stints. I guess once he finds his rhythm/feel, he plays more efficient for the remaining time of a stint.

  952. Lin was coasting for most of the first three quarters, deferring to Clarkson to run the floor. To me, the narrative looks like Clarkson is the future and Lin has one foot out the door, so why not help the kid get ready for next season. Stu probably had a chubby while talking about Clarkson. What do you expect though, he part of the Lakers propaganda machine now. Funny thing is, Stu used to be straight shooter back when he partnered up with Chick Hearn.
    Only when Clarkson sat out towards the end of the fourth quarter, did Lin step on the pedal, he started ballin’ but couldn’t really get into the groove. Is it safe to assume Lin=Tacos?

  953. Mo Williams Academy works wonders!

  954. Lin is not next to Kobe … said it all….

  955. He should just man the camera….let photographer stand at his spot..

  956. Yes, Lin did it again, with different approach to feel the game and impact the game. We can see how he took the opportunities (mostly adverse ones) and turn it around.

    I can sense that he is approaching to a level of a complete player, to win championship finals. All these are training grounds to him.

  957. It’s an old photo isn’t it?

  958. Also look at Young… picture can’t lie.. Well, 19 games to go. Ya!

  959. No, new one.

  960. I don’t believe he’s really hurt, I’m thinking Asik last year. These guys …

  961. Nice…Acbc is here all weeks folks! Don’t forget to tip your waitresses.

  962. yep, that was when I started to enjoy, when JC left the game. Stu did say a few spot points on how good Lin was, esp in pointing out the steal and subsequent foul on lin on the layup. He just enjoys pointing out players’ faults probably for his own edification, and we Lin fans tend to over focus on his Lin knocks. I’ve come to accept Stu when I take his comments as self serving, rather than Lin bashing. Then I started to note when he self-serves to compliment Lin. He just wants to sound smart, I think.

  963. I don’t believe it either bc he didn’t play that much before the celebration… but someone sure didn’t want to see him on court. He’s supposed to be back on Sun game but no….. Kobe decided to be back for the home game… I don’t think he will play for this season anymore… Will be traded in the future.

  964. Wonder what he really said, as the public stuff is pretty much par for the course in modern social media stuff. He might have pushed somebody hard inside the camps.

  965. I think Young maybe tried to come back to play that’s why all the sudden they wanted to bring in the DL guy?! Just like the way to Lin. Anytime when Lin’s about to move back to starting lineup someone or something came up… no way they will let Lin or Young to get what they want… smh!

  966. Strange, at the season about to be over, what to setup? This picture must be the celebration of they’re eliminated from playoff this early? LOL

  967. They take the picture near the end of season I think for every team?! Saw Lin w Rox before… Anyway, I will not RT this one bc don’t want to see it again. LOL!

  968. Good one. The final farewell.

  969. I tend to give him the benefit of the doubt, but when you see a pattern game after game….but then again, maybe I was trying to look for things that might not be there. It would probably be better to listen to the opposing team’s announcers during games.

  970. Sacre looks uncomfortable. BS is like, I have to move over? I wanna be behind KB.

    I would guess next year, PG will be Price and Clarkson, SG are KB and Ellie. They should be able to resign those guys cheap. Doubt they will get much offers outside of LAL. Lin most likely should not be back for any reason.

  971. Maybe there are total 10 tiers of point guards, as I thought 14 was the average.

  972. Price & Ellington are all BS’ favor. Maybe should say it’s his own players… I hope Lin will not be back. This team is not good for him & they will continue to tank for more years to come if BS as their HC. Totally waste time for Lin & his fans.

  973. see if you hear it differently after testing a self-serving approach to be smart. Clyde from NY serves the players – he’s not trying to talk smart. He’s just comes across as smart when he supports the players. Anyway, it doesn’t matter, Stu does say wrong things to knock Lin, and he does say good things to call out good plays by Lin.

  974. I’m assuming first tier ranking 1-10, second 11-20, third 21-30. I maybe very well wrong, you tell me. Lin has PER 15.63 for now, here is the Hollinger ranking for point guards in PER.


  975. Ellington was aggressive last night. I was going to knock him in never kicking out to Lin, but he was hot and he did kick that long 3 out to Lin.

  976. He’s fighting for his next contract. I think he will get one.

  977. Where is nash? Is he not there bc he was out in pre season ?

  978. Price and Ellie were on BS’s previous team, so BS definitely will likely fight for them.

  979. Pistons had 8 blocks and Lakers only one and it should have gone to Lin.

  980. Starting guards next to Kobe.

  981. Have to say with the PT, Clarkson is looking a lot better as well than the beginning of the year. It’s just that he eats into Lin’s PT.

  982. A few of the black suits acting like firewalls, blocking some of the easy wins.

  983. Nash sure didn’t want to part of this group anymore… LOL!

  984. lol

  985. Got the automatic response from the NBA that they forwarded by email to the statistics dept, who would review. Hopefully enough of us wrote to get their attention.

  986. Ya! Not only that bc they will do whatever BS asked them to do.. no problem ask no matter it’s good or not….that’s why BS likes them a lot.

  987. Penny Lee
    @JLin7 Lakers Team photo day

  988. Penny Lee
    @JLin7 Lakers Team photo day

  989. Lin doesn’t look too happy.

  990. 3 Asians were formed in a small group.

  991. Two groups of coaches and players. The head of the coaches and and the head of the players are the reason of this disaster season long before they even began.

  992. There is a happiness sucking device in the center. Against the constitution I assume..

  993. I think he is OK. Young is even more unhappy to me. This team w Kobe is in it…. no one will be really happy. smh!

  994. In the one above he looks like he and Randle are smiling, chatting. Another one Randle has his head in his hands so maybe JLin cheering him up or making a joke.

  995. He managed to play well the whole 4th quarter in pain with a thigh contusion. “Not tough” my foot.

  996. Mike BresnahanVerified account
    Lin didn’t practice because of a thigh injury. Wesley Johnson sat out because of a sore calf. Both expected to play Thursday vs. NY.

  997. Ah well…

  998. Those knee to thigh thing usually acted up a day later I think. “Not tough” my foot in deed

  999. Mark MedinaVerified account‏@MarkG_Medina
    Lin (thigh) and Johnson (calf) missed practice today. But they’re expected to play tomorrow vs Knicks


  1000. There’s no need to audition for NY. NY fans know what he can do already.

  1001. Tough, not soft like Charmin

    Mark MedinaVerified account
    Jeremy Lin says he will be able to play tomorrow

  1002. Good time to rest.

  1003. Oh, now I see. Byron Scott is a Dementor.

  1004. Mark MedinaVerified account
    I asked Jeremy Lin if he has worked out with Steve Nash. Lin: “No invite for me, but it’s all good.” OK then


  1005. Mark MedinaVerified account
    I stand corrected. Everyone in Lakers team photo except for Steve Nash

  1006. “I’m on the highway to hell”. ACDC

  1007. I don’t think LIN needs it anymore… in fact, even JC said it’s just basic workout & last time when reporter asked JC when are you going to have the workout w Nash…? JC said soon…? No time set yet… LOL!

  1008. Lin’s been through a lot of BS and still comes up smelling like roses. Let’s hope he reunites with D’antoni and NASH somewhere. They’ll win rings for sure!

  1009. I’m proud of lin for speaking up. He could have just said no and left it at that but he made it a point to say there was no invite. Let’s the fans know that this organization doesn’t really value Lin and doesn’t see him in their long term plans.
    I’m confident lots of other teams will have interest in Lin this summer. Can’t wait!

  1010. JC runs better, but he’s still a tiger and not a cheetah. I know I know, he’s better and it’s true.

  1011. I totally agree. Most moves you can’t really teach anyway since different techniques work totally different for different people. The reason Nash was successful was because he was in a system that catered to his strengths and he had years of experience. Jeremy just needs to get more and more experience and he will be just fine.

  1012. Friends don’t need invites …

  1013. they really hurt starting the day after when you wake up.

  1014. Lot of talk in the media about Kobe planning to “mentor” Randle over the summer. Not sure if this is a good thing. Wasn’t Wesley Johnson also “mentored” by Kobe during the summer. Look what happened to his game.=)

  1015. Lots of playmaking it’s in your mind & that’s something you can’t teach. Lin already did pretty good & I really don’t think Nash can teach no matter it’s Lin or JC too much…. It’s all have to be from the game & they will learn by themselves.

  1016. exactly!

  1017. so will thigh contusion prevent him from shooting like his chest contusion did in houston. hey.. shooting requires the legs.

  1018. Haha! You expect Kobe to teach you anything? On court everyone is his enemy… LOL! I believe he just wants to know how much you can do on court & how he can beat you… LOL!

  1019. HAHAHAHAHAAHAH zammm. why you so race conscious.hahahahaahah

  1020. Kobe needs to mentor himself and learn how to be a team player

  1021. Hahaha.

  1022. Exactly. LOL!

  1023. JLin phone case? Looks like logo silk-screened onto phone.


  1024. Yes they do.

  1025. Btw, about getting injuries. I know a large part of that is out of players control. But good fundamental skills/mind should keep some of the unneceesary ones from happening. Let’s just hope some humanly inevitable ones won’t happen.

  1026. I know, but these two are quick, aggressive, passionate, and fantastic blockers, lol.

  1027. So as seen that this Lakers organization has chosen Clarkson to be their franchise pg. After Lin’s gone this off season, the Lakers will pickup his contract option or to decline so they can sign to keep him for a longer term with more money or perhaps throw him under the bus as soon as Rondo arrival and Kobe return?

  1028. try dropping in sometime. The joy is immeasurable for some friendships.

  1029. Very impolite in my world. They must at least tell their friend when and where then you don’t need invite.

  1030. Where can we get one of those? I WANT ONE!

  1031. brain wash time!

  1032. LakersTV
    Jeremy Lin breaks down his strong performance since the All-Star break.
    VIDEO: http://on.nba.com/1C7TeOo


  1033. Thanks for your detailed ‘report’. I noticed the same thing when I was at the Blazers/Lakers game back in Jan.re BS talking to his coaching team before the players. How ridiculous is that? I’ve followed bball a lot NBA, PBA, etc.. Never seen his style of coaching anywhere. Wasting precious time-out minutes..Subbing players at the same time every game… Smh…

  1034. Yup…I think in his mind ‘mentoring’ means taking control of their heads.

  1035. Very true. Hope he doesn’t push it too hard…will just make it heal slower. No injuries please!

  1036. Nice insight JoeTeam – some serve the players and others are serving themselves…trying to be the smartest, all-knowing experts. Makes perfect sense out of some of the nonsense. Thx.

  1037. I think it was the last straw of him placing any importance on the valuations other people put on him. A tough last mile in a long road he’s traveled, but he seems like he really is confident within himself now in a way that frees him to just be his own best in any situation, no matter how limited. That’s what makes him an even faster reactor, ’cause he’s not wasting time and energy getting old filters out of the way. Just what is the reality now and the best way to work it. All in his signature lightning speed 🙂

  1038. Right about the no whining. There were many tiger fans who used to get their knickers in a twist demanding that he should speak out and “stand up for himself”, accusing him of being a wimp. The respect he gets from coaches and players is because he never whined or sulked while being abused…just put his head down and kept getting better. I think he gets big props for that. Tag Heuer was very smart adding him to their star promo roster, and I’ll bet it’s in part why Lin said yes, because he really exemplifies their motto “Don’t crack under pressure.”

  1039. Just need rest, ice, and some massage.

  1040. That’s why they like to interview him, Lin always give them a good answers. lol. smart dude..

  1041. Lin said his trainer (Doc Scheppler) reviewed every TOVs he had in this season. Citing lin should have avoided certain spot on the court where he lost the ball due to tight spaces. Thanks to BS whe created those tight spaces…..lin completely turned the game around by reads the game differently and avoided certain spots on the floor. Good to hear…

  1042. I’ll add to this chorus. Was just watching highlights again and really, the Pistons players had their hands all over Jeremy all the time. Helping him up, giving him pats, holding onto him till he recovered from his thumps. Respectful, sure…but seemed kind of more than that…like, appreciative. Liking the guy. Like you say, unusual…and really really nice to see.

  1043. Really? Wow! That’s good. BTW, when did he say that? The interview from Lakers TV?

  1044. Yep, in his interview…he did not mention docs name. But he said during ASB…so I assume it was doc.

  1045. Starts to smile the minute he’s asked about Ed Davis and their chemistry together. “That’s my guy.” They get a play going together “and that’s about it.”….meaning it’s a done deal. And more smiling.

  1046. bus.

  1047. poor randle.

  1048. am i reading it right that this years i.e. lin’s 2015 f.a. class will be the last b4 the big tv money up cap and then the 2016 (next years) class will be the one’s to reap the 1 time big benefits before the next years (2017) when agreement is up and probably will be break again while owners/players hammer out new agreement?

    i dont understand all this contractual stuff in the nba it seems more confused and confusing than in any pro sport. but that is my initial take and requesting additions and or corrections.

    the immediate upshot being that players will seek only 1 year deals this year to be available to the 1 year windfall sure thing of big jump in cap in 2016. yes? no?

    “There may be some free agents this summer who only accept one-year contracts so they can retest the market in 2016, when it will be awash with available cash.” — ESPN.com

  1049. Busses?

  1050. Or two yr deal with second yr as players options

  1051. largest 1 year cap jump previously 7 mil. 2016 expected to jump as much as 30 mil.

  1052. Man, that is a large jump

  1053. I think that’s why Kobe wants to continue to play….$$$

  1054. show him the money.

  1055. there are 42 players including the entire celtics starting lineup projected to start games in the nba tonite averaging fewer points per game this year than lin.

    and thats in a relatively light schedule. with only 20 of 30 teams on the court.

    one would think that fact alone should be enough to establish that there should be a place for lin in the nba as a starter.

  1056. Lin actually could look for a reasonable deal with longer years. As knowing that the cap will go up, and then some team could potentially paying a bit more as the price till next year will look not that bad, yet one got a chance to lock a player in a reasonable price for longer term. For instance, 8M might look high now, but will look really nice 1yr 2yr later, thus if a team has space, they might want to lock a player in 8M for 3 years now, rather than wait.

    I could see Lin might look for a 3yr deal with a good team this summer, I don’t think it is good for Lin to go back to market on 2016 or 2017, whereas major star will go out that summer, then as second tier or third tier player, they will have to wait for big fish to make decisions. Also, could have too many changes for each team that would be really hard to decide whether a team fit or not.

  1057. IT don’t start for Celtics?

  1058. out
    bruised lower back and bruised right elbow

  1059. I agree long contract it’s better than just one or two years deal bc what if he gets injury?! Besides, they can have the deal like first 2 years reasonable price then jump more in last 2 years.

  1060. what happened?

  1061. so yer saying teams will be willing to pay more now knowing that they will have to pay even more later?

    i think what the articles i am reading are seeming to say is that there is going to be that 1 year big jump and players will wait to take advantage of that by signing only 1 year deals (see espn quote in my previous post). or player option only deals for 2nd year as mod below suggests.

    speculation further is because agreement is up for grabs again in 2017 and chances of play stoppage greater players will want to be available for the one year windfall when cap jumps a projected 20 or 30 mil.

  1062. You sure he didn’t mean Josh Fan as his trainer? I think he refers to Doc Scheppler as his shooting coach.

  1063. if yer asking about the source of the injury i dont know. bulls have 4 fifths of their starting lineup out 2nite. life in the nba. at the end of a season.

  1064. Me too!!!

  1065. some smart team should sign lin and davis together for next year.

  1066. witty

  1067. I do not think josh fan is capable of that…lol plus I think in an earlier interview few days ago. He referred doc as a trainner too..

  1068. Yes, Josh Fan is his trainer.

  1069. That’s unexpected, but nice to hear if true. Didn’t know he worked with Doc on non-shooting matters.

  1070. I’m surprised, I would have though Houston using the analytics and SportsVu should have been able to figure out that there were certain spots where he had a high probability of turnovers. Guess analytics just a guide and raw data that needs looked at correctly to glean important actionable information.

  1071. I think so. The way JLin said it I