G62 MIN @ CHA Game Thread

The Hornets is riding 3-game winning streak after beating the Pacers to secure the #6 spot in the Eastern Conference standing. The Hornets face another non-playoff team tonight in the Timberwolves.

  1. It is interesting to note that the Bench Force 1 won the game in Nov vs Timberwolvs with Lin (19pts) and Lamb (18pts) leading the way in only 26 min and 23 min. But BF1 had Hawes and Zeller in this game. BF1 had been dismantled with Zeller helping the starting lineup and Hawes out with injury.
  2. JLin will get more minutes only when the Wolves can muster enough challenge to be competitive and one of Kemba/Batum struggles.

Let’s go, JLin! Let’s hope and pray he may seize his chance in limited minutes to contribute with his shooting & scoring.

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Guess JLin's stats in Game 63 vs NOP


  1. First!

  2. Sportige
    There’s no Jeremy Lin Curse – New York Knicks, Houston Rockets & the Los Angeles Lakers Simply Stupidly Run Teams http://sportige.com/new-york-knicks-los-angeles-lakers-houston-rockets-charlotte-hornets-jeremy-lin-no-curse-92694/

  3. It seems that Lin has Charlotte’s shooting coach at his disposal. The same coach who helped Kemba improved his shot.


    Walker is better because his jumper is better. Teams didn’t respect his perimeter skills, sacrificing open looks to keep guards in front of him and not let him get to the rim. But after altering his mechanics in the offseason with shooting coach Bruce Kreutzer, who replaced Mark Price — Price took the coaching job at UNC-Charlotte last spring — Walker has become much more consistent from the perimeter.

    The 6-foot-1 Walker has always been able to score in the paint, using a collection of floaters and his strength to get his shot off over bigger defenders. “Making the tough shots and leaning in a certain way and a fadeaway and stuff like that, those are tough shots, but those are shots you have to learn to make in this league,” Walker said. But his jumper needed work.

    Kreutzer moved the ball on Walker’s jumper from right in front of his face to off to the side. It took a while for Walker to get used to it, but now he swears by it. After shooting 30.4 percent on 3-pointers last season, Walker is shooting 37 percent on them — which changes the whole calculus of his offensive game.

    ….Also, as we already knew Kemba is tight with MJ.

    “He’s here a lot actually, which is great,” Walker said. “We always enjoy seeing him. We always enjoy talking to him. I know I do. I love talking to him for the years I’ve been here. I’ve had the chance to get pretty close with him. It’s been a really fun five years here. We’re getting better as the years go. It’s been really cool. He’s done a great job with the team, giving us advice when we really need it.”

  4. The 1st game vs Wolves was the one that we remember fondly because there were 2 girls who kept screaming after JLin made the shots =)

    Lin and Lamb +BF1 won the game leading with 19 pts and 18pts in 26 and 23 min.
    The original BF1 had been dismantled since then with Zeller in the starting spot and Hawes out.

  5. mmm, how many years it took Kemba to improve his shooting% and coincidentally happened when Lin joined Hornets? I don’t think it is about the coach… Kemba will probably falls back to his norm after Lin leaves, just saying.

  6. This goes to show the importance of having a right coach. Not all coaches are good and some of them could do more harm than good.

  7. The feature article that David Aldridge (TNT analyst) did on the Hornets gives an outsider’s take on the team. Thanks to wandertheglobe for bringing it forward (see further down the thread).

    Jeremy just gets mentioned in passing. The article completely ignores the possibility of Lin leaving at the end of the season.

    “The Hornets will have work to do after the season. Batum will be an unrestricted free agent, and he’ll be one of the top wings in demand. Courtney Lee, acquired at the trade deadline from Memphis, will also be unrestricted — as will Williams, who has had one of his best all-around seasons at the four, and will also have lots of suitors.”

    See : http://www.nba.com/2016/news/features/david_aldridge/03/07/morning-tip-rise-of-kemba-walkers-game-for-charlotte-hornets-baron-davis-gives-nba-d-league-a-try-paul-george-qa/index.html?cid=nbacomsocial_tw_sf22094126

  8. Yep, KW uses Lin as motivation to shoot well this season. Remember the first few games in the season. His shots were not falling? KW has the entire Hornets team from top management to coaching to teammates catering and helping him to become the ‘man’ of Hornets team. Shooting better is a by-product of Hornets’ and KW’s objective. With that kind of help, most NBA players would enjoy similar result.

    OTOH, Lin has to rely on his own effort and God-given talents to motivate himself to push forward while having heap of obstacles thrown at him every step of the way. Lin has to also rely on his loyal team including friends, family and past coaches to help him improve his skills and ability in reaching his goal while waiting for an opportunity to play his game. It’s obvious to me that Lin is being pigeon-holed to be a backup role player by the teams that he’s been on, even though his stats and on-court performances clearly point him to have starting quality pg ability and skills.

  9. Further down in the article, he did support Jeremy’s displeasure with the Asian skit at the Oscars.

  10. good find!

    Aldridge correctly called out Lin’s protest and Chris Rock’s un-coolness to stereotype another group with trite “joke” despite being correct to point out Hollywood’s lack of diversity

    3) Jeremy Lin was right to decry the tired and stereotypical “Asians are smart” joke at the Oscars last Sunday night. I thought Chris Rock was otherwise great and on point, but African-Americans can’t (again, correctly) point out the complete lack of diversity in Hollywood, as evidenced by the absence of any black actor being nominated for an Academy Award, and then be okay with a trite “joke” that stereotypes another group. Not cool. Lin was right to point it out.

  11. Would much rather go after Harrison Barnes over the summer. Kid has more upside than Batum.

  12. Please enlighten me here. CLee is also an unrestricted free agent this summer. Why are Hornets willing to put up so much for him at Lin’s expenses plus gave away 2 picks? CLee may very possible leave too. Yet they treat Lin like a step child.

  13. Any blind man could see Lin’s game when Hornets beaten the #1 Eastern conference Cleveland Cavalier (Lebron and Kelvin Love etc.)
    But they suppressed Lin for a big reason!!!

  14. I doubt Hornets will re-sign CLee for next season. He is just a temporary replacement for the injured Michael Kidd Gilchrest. I wish the Hornets could have gone after Corey Brewer in a trade, he is a much better defender and scorer than CLee.

  15. cause CLee is a smaller threat to KW.

  16. Unlike Lin, Lee will never be a better guard with the ball than Kemba.

  17. I don’t think so, otherwise, they should sign someone from D-league 🙂
    Teams should always try to maximize their players. That is why I don’t get it. Why sacrifice so much for another free-agent, yet treat Lin like crxp.

  18. That is why I am puzzled. CLee probably will not stay, why bother sign him and give him big role. If they try to devalue Lin to keep him, aren’t they supposed to devalue CLee too to keep him?

  19. I thought about it for a while and the best explanation is the Hornets wants to keep JLin as a backup PG on the cheap.

    The CLE 24pts/8a win and TOR 35pts game sent the signal to the rest of the NBA that he can be a starting PG.
    Unfortunately, this is an ominous signal to the Hornets who wants to keep JLin on the cheap (perhaps $5-6M/yr in the new CBA contract). The Hornets can’t afford to give JLin too many big games because they’ll be in a bidding war with NBA teams.

    But it might be too late.
    NBA teams who needs a PG desperately soon (76ers, Nets, Bucks, etc.) knew very well that JLin is a starter material after leading the Hornets to beat #1 Cavs team by LeBron.
    JLin has 1-0 record as a Hornets starting PG vs LeBron-led teams while Kemba has 0-17 record

  20. I don’t know. We think it is a huge deal that Lin led the team and made Hornets history beating LBJ, but teams may feel Hornets were lucky just like Lakers beat GSW. Plus teams may not even notice Lin beat LBJ.

  21. I think we should not really consider Lee was a replacement for Lin or something like that. Lee was a 2 month rental which will enhance Hornets’s wing depth. I think coach do not trust Lamb, and PJ is not reliable. If when you got a chance to get Lee, you go for it, especially Hornets don’t draft well, so they don’t really appreciate 2nd round pick that much.

    Lin can work as a 2, but I think Hornet coach and FO don’t consider that as long term solution, so they are looking for SG/SF wing players when MKG is out for the season.

    For Hornets, they have to make to the playoff, otherwise there will be some changes in FO, so they are all in for it.

    Regarding Lin, I don’t think they changed their opinion throughout the season, they did not start him when MKG was out at the beginning of the season, they are not going to start him now either. That’s why they got Lee.

    That kind of telling the stubborn of coach Clifford.

  22. “Lin can work as a 2, but I think Hornet coach and FO don’t consider that as long term solution, so they are looking for SG/SF wing players when MKG is out for the season.”

    I know Hornets don’t consider Lin as long term solution, but neither is CLee. And they are investing in him. Whatever strategy they use to devalue Lin, keep Lin should also work for CLee, but obviously it is not the case. Only Lin needs to worry about being devalued at contract year. Any other teams devalue their players so the player will stay for cheap? NOOOO

  23. well, that will most likely been taken like that. It was a 4th game in 5th night for Cavs on that game, and it is not that out of world to think Hornets used a bit of luck in that game. Consider the talent Hornets had. However, they did used show their best capability in that game, and I do think in a lot of game, hornets did not use their full potential, which is kind of frustrating.

  24. yep, just like preseasin vs Clippers, Clippers did try to win but could not. Yet everyone else considered those were preseason games and don’t count.

  25. oh, when I said long term, I’m not talking about go beyond this season, it means to run that line up day in and day out this season. I don’t think FO or the coach really thinking about next season that much. Lot of things could change.

  26. 4 games in 6th night for the Cavs and they had their night off before played the Hornets.

  27. Brewer a better defender than CLee? No….. Brewer is much worse…..

  28. By itself, it may be a fluke but JLin also had a strong 11-game starter stats (17.8pts/4.7asts with 41.5% 3FGM)

    76ers media like Mark Perner also noticed enough “Rather have Jeremy Lin (vs Rubio)”

    We don’t need all NBA teams to take notice.
    We just need 1-3, especially with MDA on the corner

    Pablo Torre also used it to help drum up interest so we know every big game is important to generate publicity

  29. thanks. It was the end of a road trip……

    Anyway, you get my point, people will find their excuse for Cavs.

  30. Obviously the Hornets want a starter PG to be their backup PG. It’s a good thing JLin has a say in it, and the answer is probably “no thanks!”

  31. obviously every team want a starter PG as their backup PG, that’s why Lin was considered the best backup PG. That’s why I don’t think Lin will stay in Hornets next season, since Hornets did not offer anything extra that than any other team could provide if they use him simply as a back up.

  32. The Hornets know JLin will not stay, thus lowering the minutes because eventually they will have to play without him.

  33. well, not sure whether that was a complement to Lin’s game or simply an acknowledge of the price Lin is getting. I have seen a lot of national NBA reporter kind of plug in Lin for any team as a cheap but very effective backup PG. I don’t really like that.

    I do think the worse thing Lin’s year in Hornets was his price. Otherwise, he was doing okay.

  34. Go Torre; key words “A Starter”.

  35. They see Lin as backup PG… Lee as a push for playoffs and to replace MKG.

    As long as there will be Walker, Lin will never start. For now let’s do the work and go playoffs for more opportunities. I hope he’ll change team next year where he can start.

  36. So far I’m not sure if 11 games of good starter stats would be enough to convince many NBA teams (maybe just a few now) to give a chance for a veteran PG like JLin to start (or lead the young players like in 76ers case)

    For sure, 1-2 great playoff games would help Lin’s case to generate a lot of interest to get starting PG offers.

    But IMO even a comparison against Rubio as a bad starter from 76ers media would help his case to start, especially in 76ers situation. We just need a lot more reporters to drum up the interest.

  37. You really have a heart in your posts. I’m glad that there’s somebody like you around here.

  38. I always like his/her point of view! Very true and honest!!!

  39. Double standards obviously. In China, MJ said that Lin is their biggest acquisition. But I think that’s for marketing purposes. Then with regards to basketball stuff, they treated him like a nobody even if they know that Lin is a superstar when they went to China. Jealousy is also one thing. Hornets is doing as much as they can to marginalize him but in a subtle manner because they also need him for the Asian market knowing that he had a lot of followers and fans. This Hornets team is very cheap in the way they treated Lin. Hope and pray God will guide him next season. So much unfairness and marginalization.

  40. Thanks Adele.

  41. CLee and batum both have undisclosed agreements to stay with team. that’s why they look like rentals but they will certainly sign with hornets during their ‘free agency’. CLee’s playing time now is probably part of the undisclosed agreement they have with him.

    you dont give away two first rounders for nothing. that’s why CLee is not just a rental.

  42. I’m sure Hornets has the intention to keep Lin for the long term but as a backup combo guard. Lee’s primary job in the starting unit is defense. And Lin’s primary job is to lead the second unit more so offensively than defensively. Cliff probably feels that to start Lin would make him redundant offensively with Kemba and Batum as the primary scorers. If those two struggle Lin will get more play time. Unless Lin find a team that allows him to start as a PG, this is what he has to put up. Until then, he really has to improve his shooting if anyone is to consider him as a starting PG.

  43. He is redundant in the starting lineup but valuable in the closing lineup. If Lin were to start at SG instead of Lee, he’d hardly see the ball. There would be mostly (justified) complaints that Lin isn’t getting any touches. With Kemba, even without Batum, there already are. There are even less touches with Batum in with Kemba. Lin doesn’t really start to play until Kemba is off the court. And how much is he off the court?

    Lin doesn’t need to improve shooting to be a PG. Rondo and Rubio can’t shoot. There are PGs that hardly take any shots and Lin can get assists and get to the line if the refs are responsible. Yes, his shooting is below career average but I believe in the law of averages and it’ll be better next season. He needs to keep his control when he drives and get stripped less, his control when he handles the ball in tight spaces (his control is great in open spaces) and be really, really decisive to get where he needs to get on court (sometimes he hesitates too much). His defense is near spectacular some nights and always better than average.

    I think a team like the Pelicans Lin may get a starting PG job but in all honesty, it isn’t up to Lin fans what happens or what we think. It’s up to the the GMs and the FOs on teams where Lin might go. We often learn more about them when he goes there and I hate to say this but I hold no high hopes for any FO or GM in the NBA. None of them.

    So, Lin can be the best Lin and he’ll have great moments going forward wherever he plays as long as he’s healthy and he’s allowed to play some.

  44. Next year MKG hopefully comes back strong. So where would that leave Lee? Lee may very well be a short-term plug-in solution and is only playing that much because his defense is OK and he has more length than Lin. And that may or may not continue until the end of the season. I don’t really think Charlotte is that big on Lee and may be bigger on Lin.

    I agree Lin is an off-the-bench player in Charlotte (I hate the word backup). But he’s proven to step up when he starts and if not much changed, would start for Kemba or Batum as he did this season.

  45. Sorry to say this but I wouldn’t start Lin either. As the team is constructed, Lin is a waste in the starting lineup. This has nothing to do with Lin’s talent (of course he’s good enough to start) and everything to do with it (versatility, leadership). The starters as a unit don’t need Lin’s ability to lead a group and organize them *as much as* the bench does. And how much do the Hornets depend on their bench? A lot. So, you take one of your top 5 players with great versatility to lead the unit that can beat most benches in the NBA to get back in a game or go ahead. You can always use him at critical parts of the game because he’s talented and versatile enough to play with the starters (though this coaching staff does a poor job of integrating him). And you can always use parts of the bench with starters.

    Starting Lin just doesn’t work as well with all things considered than using him from the bench. And you could go however minutes you’d like with him, 16-36 minutes, he’s that flexible, ready, capable and is a team-first player.

  46. Unacceptable. Pay him or lose him. Look at what he’s done for you. You’ve got your bargain year so don’t insult him with any cheap offers. And at this point, I don’t see Lin staying with them.

  47. I’d have thought the Hornets would appreciate JLin coming on a bargain deal by giving him a chance to shine as the 3rd offensive option then hoping he will stay if he’s happy.

    But this is not even close to the Ginobili option. Very disappointing

  48. Ginobili and Lin are both great but they’re 2 different players.

    Ginobili is a score first guy, Jeremy is a pass first guy.

    If Ginobili could be really good from the bench cause he can score against weaker defenders, Jeremy should play as starter and keep everyone involved and in rhythm, things that are much harder to do with bench players (but Jeremy can do that very well too).

  49. Hornets gave Lamb $7M/yr. There’s no way Lin should take anything less. But, I think with Lin, it’s not all about money. I can see him taking $5M for a chance to be a starter….but again, $5M is backup money, starting PG should command around $10M/yr.

  50. Lee is plan b for hornets in case batum does not re-sign. Clifford always wants length esp in the 2 guard spot since kamba is too short and is irreplaceable starting pg for whatever reason. If batum re-signs, lee will be gone as the hornets are too cheap to offer him 7-8 million as a back up 2 guard (they have already extended lamb) unless they can trade lamb.

    Lin will never start as long as kamba is healthy. Clifford hates his turnovers and could be the reason why he only lets lin handles the ball in less and less mins and use him strictly defensively. If lin did not improve his defense plays greatly, he prolly will see less than 20 mins on the court.

    Strongly believe lin has recognized the situation and prepare himself to look for another team next season. Hope he can find a team to call home.

    Bucks are my fav team if Kidd commits to him i.e. offering him a reasonable contract.

    My 2c.

  51. Lin is more of Lee backup than Kemba, don’t let that mislead you.

  52. I think you are pretty famous on this board that you don’t want to start Lin on Hornets, and we get that. No need to keep repeating it.

    I don’t agree with you. Let’s just keep it as that.

  53. Basically it was Kemba/Batum/Lee and then Lin and Lamb on the rotation of 1-3 position. So yeah, Lin is backing up both Kemba and Lee, and Lamb is backing up both Lee and Batum.

  54. good to see you occur.

  55. Lin’s first 8 min was Lee’s backup until Kemba rests at approximately at 8 min of 2Q. That repeats again in second half. Lin only play 3, 4 min at Kemba position in each half.

  56. Not a lot of comments. Probably most fans are tired of the marginalization of Lin and the Kemba ball and Clifford’s rotation. Not exciting and not looking forward to watch and hear the Kemba comments. So depressing.

  57. Disappointing, yes. Depressing, not yet.

    Hey, cheer up. Lol.

  58. There’s an old saying be careful what you wish for. It doesn’t always result in what you wanted. There are good reasons for that saying.

  59. I doubt it. He’s just a regular shooting guard. Batum can facilitate, Lee can’t. He’s not a complete enough player to replace the role Batum currently has.

    And Batum has more TOs than Lin yet does most of the facilitating playing with Kemba.

  60. Interesting insight into Hornets owner Michael Jordan.

    B. J. Armstrong, former Chicago Bull guard, was asked why Jordan did not seem to give up the way Peyton Manning seemed to resign in his press conference. The reporter felt Jordan acted like he could play right now.

    Armstrong’s answer was Jordan always thought of the score as 0-0. No matter how big the lead or the deficit, Jordan always said the score was 0-0. For Jordan the game was infinite. The game has not ended in his head because it never started. The game just IS.

    I thought that was a great clue of why Jordan never stopped and always played hard and competed no matter the circumstance. He is still probably playing the game in his head right now.

  61. BJ Armstrong also said the triangle is not popular because it forced players to have good fundamentals. Many young players don’t have fundamentals and the triangle exposes them: footwork, spacing, timing.

    He added the triangle has started to force Melo play fundamental basketball now. Lin is all fundamentals. Would be great in the triangle.

  62. Let’s go, JLin!
    The LIN Engine that could

  63. 1. Thats why its a plan b. How many sg can facilitate in the nba? There are a few but not much. They need a 3&d 2 guard with length if batum not re-sign.

    2. They want batum to re-sign and as such clifford has no choice to continue to let him to facilitate.

    Make sense? Lol.

  64. I agree.

    At this point, the salary shows the commitment that a team has in a player.
    JLin should also consider this aspect so he doesn’t give too much discount.

    I can see JLin taking $7-8M/year for 2 years with 76ers to see how it works

  65. Problem is, Kemba needs Batum to play better. Lee isn’t the answer. He needs some sort of facilitator at some position to play alongside Kemba.

    If Batum leaves, then they don’t have a player in that role unless they look to Lin (who probably leaves). And Lin and Kemba’s chemistry doesn’t work plus Clifford thinks Lin is undersized for SG.

  66. Were all here! MOre than enough… were in this together!

  67. You are right. Batum is Kemba’s backup. Not Jeremy.

  68. ok, so I’m being half full here… i’m indifferent to whether hornets make playoffs… if they don’t, awesome… JLin rests and finds his new home… if they do on the other hand, there is a chance that we see Linsanity II… I know i am late to the party here, but it is a win win!

  69. Bad move… don’t understand it… they need a better center… a bruiser type player… all those big men, other than hansbrough, are so soft and finesse oriented…

  70. Go Lin! Be aggressive!
    Go get 15p/5a in whatever minutes (sadly, I think it is 20).

  71. i care more about the touches he gets

  72. I saw that Hansbrough was at the NC Duke game… i really like him… he and JLin would make this team dangerous…

  73. Go steal the ball… from Kemba!!! 🙂
    Actually, I would cheer for this.

  74. both of them too ‘diverse’ lol

  75. lol

  76. timberwolves announcers singing walker’s praises… uh, mute…

  77. are timberwolves any good?

  78. they are not

  79. oh, so JLin not gonna play much… what else is there to watch?

  80. fuller house

  81. Wolves have lot of talents. But a bad coach.

  82. Cody tried to dunk?


  84. Kemba doesn’t ball hog until Lin comes in

  85. bad defensively, giving up 105 ppg

  86. OR BATUM.

  87. The two teams last played back on Nov. 10. Hornet won 104-95 win. 19 bench points from Jeremy Lin & 18 Jeremy Lamb. Batum with 17 points. Cody Zeller 14 and Walker 10 pt .

  88. Lin in

  89. for Lee with 3:22 left in Q1

  90. assist #1

  91. LInstant impact with 1 defensive rebound + 1 assist to Marvin’s 3

    Good start

  92. Saturday night fever Lin lol

  93. this is new, KW out early

  94. Kemba rested with 2.5 min left in Q1 for Lamb.

    Very unusual. Perhaps coaches start to worry about the heavy minutes

  95. yes

  96. Quota reached. Rest for next quarter.

  97. Lin being too unselfish there

  98. this probably just one of the games where KW will get more rest but next game it will most likely be back to heavy minutes for KW.

  99. what?

  100. Pad stats means nothing now.. maybe? Bc even KW had better stats than LBJ but he’s still lose….


  101. Don’t mind both Kemba & Batum to play more than 48 min if there is such chance until the end of season. That will be great!:-)

  102. Oh No … Another chip on his shoulder. He will shoot 25 FGA starting today.

  103. Lin needs to score. This season cant go to Sh.. this quickly

  104. He’ll score in playoffs ^^

  105. Kemba is back in 2nd qtr. Seem like JLin is playing in between all posts except Center again.

  106. yes, too much traffic and Zeller was in a bad position on that drive

    Hope Lin score soon

  107. Looks like Clifford is playing with the rotation. Now Kemba is in.

  108. WOW! Who is Kemba guiding??? He seems like getting more and more like JH each game.

  109. Wow Al is really the king of blackhole, never pass.

  110. Greg Smith in for Wolves.

  111. if only Clifford the stupid will use him properly

  112. Lin made a big screen there to get Al free.

  113. Notice how Lamb brings the ball up when he rebounds. Doesn’t look for the PG.

  114. Lin gets 2 FTs

  115. Points finally

  116. Nice aggressive drive by JLin.
    2 FTs

  117. lol wth was that

  118. Lol a sign

  119. Who is #1 player in Wolves?

  120. Parachute Toy can’t distract JLin
    2 FTs! SWISH =)

  121. Lin in and we’re up by 14.

  122. Lavine?

  123. towns

  124. Thanks!

  125. I notice KW is passing to Lin more now. I wonder if he’s trying to get Lin involved now. Tired of seeing statue of Linberty.

  126. wiggins…

  127. They’re all young so it an change. Wiggins scores the most but towns seem like he can be a number 1

  128. 37-23

    Lin’s +14 is 2nd highest after Al’s +19

  129. Towns or Wiggins. Both are the team’s stars.

  130. lol

  131. Sure?? As I looked at the list, he is center. So, now JLin has to guide center as well?

  132. Looks like The team is trying to get Lin going for the playoffs. he is getting touches, at least more frequently than before. Lamb is a black hole along with Al.

  133. im in your camp, sophie…

  134. First two plays Al passed to Lin. Then he forgot I guess.

  135. he’s trying to be a PG now so it’s a good progress

  136. Talking about the jersey number 1.

  137. I notice Lamb never passes the ball to JLin to bring up the ball.
    He’s afraid he doesn’t get the ball back

  138. No body pass to Lin. Sad!!!!

  139. This game looks like a rest game

  140. look at the result… surprised?

  141. he got it few times…

  142. Cliff is definitely playing with rotations now.

  143. Will Lin get to play more today since we’re up by a lot?

  144. Kemba on bench

  145. This is a rest game

  146. Good unleash the Linsanity now lol

  147. second time in and out lol

  148. Almost an alley-oop from Lin to Zeller

  149. Like its just not Lins year

  150. What’s wrong with Zeller???? How come he didn’t get the ball????

  151. Everything this year has been close but not quite. Thats describe this whole year

  152. maybe Lin will be benched now.

  153. Wow! Lavine…360

  154. bad timing .. Lin/Zeller didn’t play much lately

  155. He isn’t really doing much

  156. Lin bench and he kinda deserved it

  157. I think he’s doing ok. He’s just a little off on some plays. He needs to be in there and work it out with the chemistry with his team mates.

  158. Yeah. 3 turnovers

  159. No more watching until JLin is in next round.

  160. Batum made just as many bad passes though.

  161. did not count

  162. Lin actually made some good drives & drew fouls.
    Hope he scores more and only passes for easy dunk/layup

  163. What are you talking about????

  164. The Hornets falling apart now

  165. I liked how he played. I think he was just a tick off on execution showing he needs to be out there playing some more to get sharper.

  166. only 2 tos

  167. He looks unsure of himself. Not really driving or scoring at the right time. Getting stuck in the air. Thats not Linprime

  168. Lin is being to unselfish with passes like that. come on man take it to Rubio. He has to score more for it to be more open for him.

  169. one was Cody’s miss … right?

  170. Seem like things start to fall apart when zeller came back in

  171. Even Lin didn’t have good stats so far, but he really did well especially on D.

  172. KW needs Lin to spread the floor so he can score.

  173. he did impact the game defensively and got everyone involved. Offensively, he had some good passes but they weren’t caught.

  174. Lins confusion i think starts with his reduced role and confidence. He hasn’t been involved in a while now. Hornets will pay for it later

  175. Yes, and he stops the fast breaks and 3 Rebs are good.

  176. agree with this. You can’t expect the player to shoot his lights out after not being involved on offense for so many games.

  177. Zeller biggest -16

  178. Lin has to adjust because its a contract year

  179. Great job of starters, it’s down to 5 leads now:-) Nop it’s 3 now:-)

  180. Lin about to come in

  181. Lin in = reboot

  182. Kemba has been blocked 2 times in 3 min.

  183. Wolves caught up 39-41

    Hornets need to bring back the BF2

  184. I think Cliff sat Lin out hoping he was the reason we were slipping but it wasn’t Lin. It’s actually the bigs.

  185. Any record of what time was out in 2nd qtr? The lead now goes down to 2 pts with 2:50 to go.

  186. Lin is that special weapon when nothing else works.

  187. Zeller?

    He’s got the worst -19 now

  188. Involvement. If he’s involved no matter the minutes, he’s fine. But Cliff may have finally realized you need him involved. He’s playing him differently tonight. Finally.

  189. I have no problem he only plays Lin when he needs to, Cliff problem is he does not play Lin even when he needs to lol

  190. Lin was in and made some mistakes and he’s getting fair minutes so far.

  191. Zeller is the worst. He is -5 before he returned. Now he is -19. He is really the mega problem of Hornets.

  192. He sat Lin cause Timberwolves scored twice in a row…but we were still up by a lot. Now we’re only up by 2 pts.

  193. Relax everyone, JLin is going to get 10 mins a half. Nothing he did or coach … this is his current setup.

  194. 5:04 left.

  195. Any idea about the points when he left the game?

  196. His shot. Yikes.

  197. not his year. it is what it is

  198. Well deserved by Cliff and starters. Not surprise when Hornets loses the winnable game.

  199. I will call snobbish

  200. give him more shot attempts every game and he’ll get hotter

  201. Hornets were up by 12 pts.

  202. WOW! Cliff put JLin back in:-)

  203. just need to keep shooting.
    with 100% confidence

  204. 2 Lin jumpers rattled in-and-out. That’s actually a good sign. His shooting stroke is getting back on track. Impossible to find your rhythm with wildly inconsistent touches, usage and minutes!

    His role is to do the dirty work and be ready if there’s injury…and he’s done a great job of that (great stats as a starter).

  205. They really want to sell the Lin bobblehead. It’s probably making them $$$$

  206. Don’t like Lin risking his body for this team…

  207. yes, he just needs to keep shooting. It will come in bunches

  208. Whats wrong with his shot.

  209. Lin needs to change his pass first mind set to shot first until he can fix his shooting

  210. i know… the way he plays, it’s like hes playing not to get cut again… just coast man…

  211. His shot is a miss even when its close

  212. WOW What’s Kemba doing for not passing the ball to JLin earlier?? He was wide open.

  213. i know, he is always hesitating, looking for an open man, when he is the one open!

  214. he didn’t want to take the last contested shot, so he bails it out to JLin to take it… what a chump…

  215. 2 shots where it went in and out, 2 shots he took that were when the shot clock was running down (1 half court shot). He’s just taking some bad shots cause he has to.

  216. The ball will go haif way down and some how pop out

  217. JLin’s shot is really just not good right now…

  218. Lin’s buzzer beater didn’t go down. Not quite set yet.

    Hope he drives more to get easier shots in the 2nd half

  219. 0-5….rough game for Lin

  220. What is going on with lin shooting?

  221. Exactly. People worried over nothing. He’s not Curry but his shot is great when his touches are consistent. Like everyone else in the NBA!

  222. 2 which were buzzer beaters. He had 2 out of 3 that went in and out. On stat sheet it looks bad though.

  223. Thanks! So for 2:14 they lost 10 points. Not a bad job for the starters.

  224. KAT is too good.

  225. 2 hot potato misses. 2 in-and-outs.

    When his usage is wildly inconsistent, so is his shooting.

  226. Its like every game is a bad shooting day

  227. Yep, two of JLin FGA were a bailout shot: end of 1qtr and 2nd qtr.

  228. Off shooting night. Maybe 2nd half

  229. Every game he doesn’t play PG. Even as SG, he shoots great when starting.

  230. Unless he is going straight to the rim

  231. 2 were bail out shots: end of 1st qtr and 2nd qtr.

  232. He has been playing off the ball for 3 years now. He should be better then this

  233. That shooting coach needs to be fired

  234. hot potato=bail out

  235. It’s weird how we were up by 16 a few minutes ago, now we’re down by 2.

  236. We’ll see if he plays much second half. He needs to get himself going if he wants minutes. couple of plays he could have gone for his own but went for a pass that was much riskier than if he had gone for his own. Lin needs to understand he is not the PG in this team thus he must change his mentality. Look for your own much more.

  237. Just needs to play PG! That always fixes his shooting from poor to great.

  238. Meh so like Hou and LAL
    A couple of mistakes, you are gone

  239. If this continues lin shouldn’t go into free agency. He won’t get much if this down spiral continues

  240. That was the great job of Cliff and starters. They lost 10 points in 2:14 min that JLin was out. What do you expect from them?????

  241. He’s getting a lot no matter what.

  242. He should be better then this off the ball

  243. He shot fine in preseason and played mostly off-ball. He’s just not finding his shot 3 games out of 4.

  244. Agree, I think Cliff should have left Lin in. He was getting in the rhythm and he was PG. He was making some aggressive plays too.

  245. 1) Lots of games left (cold streak, hot streak).
    2) Ankles apparently still sore.
    3) He does seems more depressed than usual.

  246. Well, Hornets was up 12 when Lin left, when Lee can’t contain LaVine and lead dwindle to 2, Lin was reinserted. Lin stopped LaVine but others kept giving up points. Lin missed another ending buzzer.

  247. compared to this year but he should not sign longer then 1 year

  248. Brook-Lin Nets.

  249. He should just revert back to his “old” form for the rest of year. It can’t get any worse. And then spend the entire offseason with a real shooting coach.

  250. Because of KW took over!

  251. Playing PG is not a panacea.

  252. It’s defense that caused this. Lin doesn’t shoot enough to make an impact like that.

  253. nah you dont wanna be a journey man

  254. He seems pumped up this game. He’s frustrated in his shot and for not making a few passes.

  255. Counterpoint: If a team invests more than 1 year in him, they’ll be motivated to use him and make him look good. Hornets know that Lin is leaving so they don’t care about letting him shine.

  256. his shot will come if he has the right coach who empowers him to shoot and touch the ball more. Just like any starting PG.

  257. This season has been the most frustrating one. Lin shooting has been sooooo off it pisses me off. Screw the shooting and train handles all year. Train your midrange J rather than the damn 3. if he wants to be a PG next year he should train the neccesaries.

  258. He sat like a minute. He was BROUGHT Back in. Some posters here said he deserved to sit. Clifford has been ok with him this game so far.

  259. JLin’s shots will come when he’s the main ball-handler.

    Lin’s shooting as an SG is not as a good as Lin the PG

  260. Exactly. Even with the wrong coaches his shot has been pretty darn solid. And his TS% always makes up for it.

  261. Lin fell down hard! Lin pls don’t risk yourself for this worthless team!

  262. His shooting mechanic looks smooth and looks in but it never is

  263. agreed, he’s averaging below 12 pts per game this season but the amount of shots he takes is less than previous seasons. Also the amount of touches are less.

  264. His game has to mature more then just layups

  265. He missed most of his shots to the right. You think his coach would adjust that by now!

  266. Handles, mid-range shots, more variety of floaters and shots not totally at the rim, passing from different angles and areas of the court.

  267. Rox was not “motivated”

  268. We’ve seen this before. Lin the SG struggles with shooting when he doesn’t handle the ball much.

    He’s going to drive to the rim to get closer shots, draw fouls & FTs in the 2nd half.
    He knows what he needs to do. He’s been there before.

    Lin is not a PG now so he doesn’t have the luxury to pick-and-choose when to shoot

  269. In a way I think Lin chose this team cause he wanted to experiment with a new shooting style. It’s actually good that he’s doing it this season. But seriously, coach puts Lin in more for defense now. It’s not for offense.

  270. guys, don’t listen to this guy… he’s a trump supporter… caraazy…

  271. Yes he should train all of that. I feel like he has been butchering himself about training up his long range shots he forgot all the other parts that are more important. he still has time but he needs to start training on it right after this season. I dont want to see his damn shooting coach anymore. Find a real Coach and let him torture you everyday on training until you improve on the areas that are much more important. I dont care about his long range shots. I care about his decision making more.

  272. Nop he sat for 2:14 min.

  273. What??

  274. It has actually. If his midrange isn’t falling it makes him too predictable and easier to guard. None of his jump shots are falling tonight.

  275. I know what i meant is his shot this year is worse then before. Which has to do with the need shooting style but it better come around.

  276. he practices his shot so much but yet he hesitates to shoot to find the open when he is the open man!

  277. Fine. 2:14. But he came back in not much later is the point.

  278. No he has had it long enough. Just stick through the growing pains

  279. I agree. Time to drop Doc. Get a different coach and see what happens.

  280. Idc we are talking ball. He is talking ball. Politics have nothing to do with this

  281. Make sense, less pressure.

  282. let’s keep politics/religion out of basketball discussion to avoid fights

  283. Cliff has to make adjustments

  284. Marvin has been amazing this year

  285. Unfortunately, Lin didn’t play so much with him.

  286. He made some big 3s

  287. That resulted in JLin 2 turnovers.

  288. you got it… i thought i was on the other site… lol

  289. its crazy kemba is shooting better then Lin. Kemba was averaging 39 percent shooting from the field. Terrible three shooter and now he is better at both then Lin.

  290. He wanted that alley oop too. Cody set that up for himself by running to the basket but couldn’t finish.

  291. They aren’t used to Lin’s speed. Lin is much faster than Batum to get the ball to them and moves fast and can deliver the ball at any time and they aren’t prepared.

  292. Consistent minutes and get to handle the ball all the time..

  293. Kemba has improved his shot and he’s just dialed in this season. We’ll see if it continue into next.

  294. He had all of that better. Lin had this inconsistencies and still shot better

  295. He’s always had that and hasn’t shot the ball as well as this season. He worked his butt off in the gym and it paid off.

  296. When you have a coach like cliff..of course

  297. KAT is a beast
    too bad they are so sold on Zach LaVine
    Rubio is a better point guard

  298. Buck just like hornets…cant go far inthe playoff.

  299. Is Rubio the new shooting coach Lin was working with?

  300. Lin’s presence makes KW want to play better.

  301. Rubio is a bad shooter and defender. Thats his biggest issue

  302. Rubio just had a practice layup without any defender

  303. perfect time for Lin to do the unexpected and be “the man” down the stretch..

  304. Lin about to come in

  305. I think KW just wanted to improve his game. He needs to work on other stuff but his shooting is better now.

  306. Kemba is just having a monster season this year.

  307. Yes.

  308. he should be in for Lee

  309. he’s hot now
    3 straight 3s is certainly very hard to do

  310. Kemba is a gamer. He is doing his thing and he has improved. It is what it is. Jeremy has to produce even with the limited minutes he is getting now. Jeremy has no chance to get in rhythm since he does not touch the ball much.

  311. Say what you will about Kemba chucking, at least when he shoots there is some level of “expectations” that it will go in. With Jeremy you just hope it will go in.

  312. Lin/Frank in with 2:59 left in Q3 for Lee/Marvin

  313. sadly thats the truth.

  314. yup

  315. Lin just gave up an open shot…. smh

  316. Lin is hesitating. This is why you got to let Lin touch the ball more.

  317. Difference between kemba and lin is the killer instinct.

  318. Gave the ball to a hot shooter.

  319. good D by Lin

  320. Nice JLin’s D led to Tyus Jones’ errant pass & TO

  321. He was open, and less covered by Kemba. Can’t give up open shots like that.

  322. KW having his night

  323. One thing about Lin is that he does not seem to ever get pissed. like never. Courtney lee is such an average role player i’d be pissed if he’d take minutes from me. But just does not seem to care. I mean look at Kemba, it was said that Lin would compete with kemba for the starting position. Kemba took that to heart and started ballin. Cred where it is due.

  324. Lin give up open shots and gets the team into Kemba iso mode.

  325. he’s feeding the hot hands like a true PG should

  326. Its actually the correct way to play.

  327. His shot isn’t falling, Kemba is on fire, Lin is a team player.

  328. Folks on the feed…..is his jumper flat?

  329. And how many drives has he taken?

  330. Edited. Agreed.

  331. looks good just miss

  332. 1 drive I think.

  333. Just now checking in…So the scores were tied or Hornets were down by one, Lin came in, played mostly D and has not had one shot attempt?

  334. Difference is Lin’s instincts are “team” win, Kimba’s, “I” win.

  335. Kemba is hot. Al is making buckets too. Lin is getting rebounds and playing D. He touches the ball but he is feeding it to KW.

  336. his inconsistent jumper will hurt his ability to jump teams in the offseason

    NBA is all about spread the floor

  337. Lin did the right thing to find hot shooters (Kemba) and contributed in rebounds (2) and defense (causing 2 TO) in the 3 min that he was in.

    Hornets made the 11-run during the time he’s in to have 7 pt lead (82-75)

  338. Lin has a way of fading away in the background that not helping his position in the nba.

  339. Lamb is taking the ball and shooting. Where is lin? In the background.

  340. Seems to be his job to feed the hot hands now

  341. There’s no way Lin would have the energy to play offense if he has to guard Andrew Wiggins!

  342. lamb and kw celebrating an ISO lol mkay.

  343. Lins stat sinking down i’d be glad if he averaged 10 points when the season ends.

  344. Agree. He’s getting big rebounds and that defense on Wiggins was impressive.

  345. Thats the play call
    Lin is never featured in their offense

  346. Sometimes i wish he was more if y’all won’t help me i will do it on my own. If i lose ill lose my way.

  347. Lin doing his thing on defense though. I think Cliff wants to involve Lin in offense now. When Lamb had the ball he was yelling “AWAY!” so he can pass it to Lin but he didn’t. I think Cliff really wants to involve Lin but Lin doesn’t even care right now. I think Lin is enjoying his role as a defender this game.

  348. Great JLin D on Wiggins.

    Twice Wiggins tried to back down JLin to no avail

  349. Wig brick.

  350. Say what you want i wish Lin did it more. At least lamb is trying to get his.

  351. Not say enjoying..but to get the team going.

  352. Why do we only lead by a lot when Lin is in? His defense and unselfishness.

  353. if no one will play team ball, the game is over. it’s 5 on 5.

  354. cant believe Kemba didn’t pass to Lin on that breakaway

  355. Is Lin not going to take any shot attempts and just played D for the entire game when he’s in? Is that the order?

  356. Yes, team often plays better with Lin on the floor – Lin gives the team more confidence somehow.

  357. KW had Lin at least 2x for that fast break, he’s so selfish.

  358. Lin risking his body for a charge but refs don’t call it.

  359. Sometimes we want JLin to be a little selfish but we know he’ll always put TEAM first.
    For good or bad, he’ll do it his way

  360. Lins defense is great but his offense leaves so much to be desired

  361. no call on the foul being hit on the face?

  362. 0-7

  363. Did his hand get hit w/o a foul call?

  364. I’d rather Lin not get involved in O today since refs aren’t calling it and his shooting isn’t there today

  365. no call on blocked charge, no call on face hit, wide open at the elbow no pass, wide open in corner no pass.

  366. Lin did a heck of a job on Wiggins I must say

  367. shooting hasnt been there whole season.

  368. the whole season is not a lie

  369. Lin definitely not doing well tonight

  370. Lin is becoming a burly defensive player

  371. You tried to guard wiggins and see what happen

  372. I think Clifford will be OK with Lin this game.

  373. offensively .. but good in defense and rebounding

  374. 333333 finally

  375. 333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333

  376. finally a 333333333

  377. YEAHHH!!!

  378. Finally a 3

  379. Maybe not shooting well tonight, but always contributing in other ways – helping team to win.

  380. I’m still waitning……

  381. Batum…..cmon step up closer to the line.

  382. 33333333

  383. Hit in the chin, no call

  384. wth happened there? Lin looks upset. Was he hit?

  385. Kick ball

  386. oh, no wonder. These refs are cheating Lin.

  387. 3 hard foul and no call. Wow, good job refs.

  388. What’s up with the turnovers?

  389. Notice that Lin brought up the ball first, passed to Batum, pass to Al inside who kicked out to Lin outside for a wide-open 3.

    Lin needs to handle to ball to get his rhythm Can’t say enough of it

  390. Lin is not getting any calls tonight…offense or defense.

  391. Lee is about to come in

  392. Lin is no longer a closer. I don’t really see why Lee gets to close. He hasn’t done much all season.

  393. we’ll then get on a team where thats your primary role

  394. That was a nice, easy play.

  395. I don’t see the logic of Lin guarding wiggins

  396. Lin out. cant say he deserve to be out there

  397. He’s doing a good job.

  398. he did a good job

  399. Lots of work on that jumper needed befor the playoffs

    He can earn the money lost during the season with a solid run

    But the jumper has to be at 45%

  400. yes, being a PG even to a bad team should be #1 priority

  401. for defense he does. I wouldn’t be surprised if Timberwolves catch up again.

  402. He looks banged up. May not be out for the game though.

  403. yeah but it’s just a bad matchup

  404. With all the shots at the head with no calls, probably good for his safety to sit down.

  405. Next season is do or be done for Lin i believe as a starter. He says he wants to be a starter but plays like a typical role player. you want to be a starter? take it to heart and go ball every game. I dont care if it is a blowout against a scrub team or not. Go out there and play like a starter. Enough of this

  406. Wolves announcers nicer to Lin then Lin fans tonight.

  407. Not sure I see starter for Jeremy

    More like Ramon Sessions or Mo Williams type of deal

  408. Gotta look out for himself
    Teamball will only get you in the rotation

  409. Yeah he does deserve to be out there, +14 for the game.

  410. keep on working hard..it is hard to predict the future..

  411. he is better than them. But he holds himself back thats his problem. Last chance next season.

  412. well I’m out. Good to see lin improve defensively but he has regressed offensively. Hopefully it all pays off once the shot settle till then . Its drive or bust

  413. Not if he keeps playing like this. He is going to get 20 min tops in the future. it is sad really.

  414. I have to say Rubio’s shooting form is not easy on the eyes

  415. Lin is upset
    He needs to play for himself

  416. There always a chance.. Believe it

  417. defense looks bad when Lin is out. They leave people open.

  418. A lot of negativity about Lin as a player. Tonight has not been great but at 33-28, hornets don’t get this record without big contributions by Lin consistently.

  419. Hope not. I say if he can’t do starter, do sixth man.

  420. that’s why minnesota wants to trade him.

  421. Try Shawn Marion and Carlos Boozer
    You will love rubios after those guys

  422. The 2 big leads happened when Lin was on the floor. Sure he wasn’t scoring but he played great D.

  423. But only your offensive output counts

  424. remember that he scored/shot well in ATL and 76ers game but didn’t get more PT so it’s harder to get shooting touch now.

    Hope he comes back strong with a plan next game

  425. Marion nailed his shots and Boozer is a great midrange shooter.

  426. You never know

  427. Doesn’t mean their shooting form was beautiful

  428. 1-8 3 turnovers not doing anything other than what a role player would do leaves a lot to be desired. dont people have expectations from Lin? I excpect him to have double digit games atleast.

  429. his shooting has been inconsistent all year

  430. always a meltdown here….lol

  431. And like I said, I knew Cliff wanted to get Lin involved on offense after putting so much effort in D. However, I thought Cliff should have just stuck to feeding the hot hand while Lin contributes on the other end. After that timeout, we saw Lin trying to get some points in but those refs robbed him.

  432. Someone needs to talk to him to tell him be the man like you did in your best games in every game. I have a feeling Michael Jordan looks at Lin and thinks, this guy can do so much. But does he choose to most of the time?

  433. My observation: Lin is spending lots of energy on Defense. He’s Not allowed to dribble long enough to get open and into rhythm, so he rushes and has to hoist up shots from passes that are not in his sweet spots. Plus, biased Refs don’t give him foul calls. So much for being able to play his game. When the scores were in deficit, Cliff returned Lin for D to get opponents out of rhythm. Now, Hornets are leading, Cliff took Lin off the floor. Get away from this team, Lin. They don’t deserve you.

  434. You guys have to know guarding Wiggins is no easy task. It takes a lot of energy.

  435. What?! You mean in actual production of wins or losses. Or do you mean perception for a big contract.

  436. He looks like he aggravated something on the fall. He’s guarded tough players before and has played well.

  437. He isn’t not a perfect man. his games has flaws. He decided to change his form. Its not working thus far. Walker changed his form and look at his stats. i want him to be a star. Not this back up pg/sg. Who is ok. mo william type player but with better defense. If you told be during insanity this would end up being Lin i would be disappointed. He will come out of this but the clock is ticking

  438. Then look back at the rest of the season. Many double digit games.

  439. Lead closing in?

  440. 7 pt game now…

  441. He plays like a role player far too often. Fine if thats how you want to play then i dont want to year you saying i want to start. Play like it then. Frikkin Lamb is playing like he wants to start more than Lin. Lin does not even demand the damn ball it’s so frustrating. Next season do or be done.

  442. Marion’s “shot-put” form is weirdly effective

    Rubio managed the first part only =)
    If Rubio can start, Lin should be able to start.

    Just need to find a good system for PG for almost any bad teams

  443. And no one complaints about CLee 4 pt, 2/7, plays 27 minutes!

  444. Lee should not finish. He doesn’t have what Lin has.

  445. they”ll be better off with Lin for sure

  446. He is a defensive player

  447. his 2nd game where he gets 30 minutes and ends up with 4 pts?

  448. Guess thats Lin now

  449. He’s almost invisible.

  450. so was Lin tonight


  452. I have to say I’m not surprised

    New shooting form and constantly-changing role were big factors

  453. Well nba likes euro bb player…for lin he has to be perfect in all aspect to be a starter.

  454. yup. Hopefully his shot comes around and he become a two way player

  455. Just wait until we play more top tier teams. Lin will be needed more. We’ve been winning a lot of teams that aren’t that good.

  456. contract
    Lin should be playing for his next contract not for this shyt team

  457. too inconsistent. problem here is people dont seem too understand why people are pissed at Lin. He has so much talent but plays like a role player majority of the time. he can put up double digit game far more than the 25 times he has done this season, Not good enough for a starter.

  458. What do you want JLin to do??? Play Asik tactic with a coach like Cliff who doesn’t fulfill his promises to JLin??

  459. yes, but at this point FO is frustrated since Lee won’t stat-pad
    He’s making them look bad on the trade

  460. See in cliif eyes his guys will have more pt

  461. If he plays like this i know.

  462. bad foul ….

  463. All above is true but so is all the positives that in production makes Lin a starter. Speed, IQ, court vision, rebound, blocks, team defense, pace, penetrating, clutchness, 50/50 balls, and wins, wins, wins. All of that is true too and makes future games and future in general bright. Lin is not perfect but far more good, far more.

  464. that’s the worse thing that couldve happened when they’re in bonus.

  465. Kemba has out shot Lin both from the field and the three. If there was a battle Kemba won and it wasn’t close.

  466. 5 pt game now LOL

  467. The fo looks bad not because of lee only…

  468. The ones that don’t deserve to be out there are the starters.

  469. Lt see if cliif made adjustment..lol

  470. yes, NBA would love Lin to look more “European” =)

  471. I think you are really short sighted on the 333s. If tonight was a 3 point contest I give it to walker. But this is a basketball game. Walker deserves a lot of credit tonight, but so does Lin for all he did this season.

  472. If Hornets/Cliff lose the game, they deserve it:-)

  473. That CLE game on Feb 3 was a “mental turning point” for Lin.

    Until that game, no matter how few minutes he played, Lin had only TWO games with 1 FG. After that game, in just a month, he’s had FIVE games with only 1 FG. The fact that Lin’s FT% is so good lately tells me nothing is wrong mechanically.

    After providing the best CHA win in 5+ seasons, he was benched the very next game (16m). That really seems to have bothered him mentally. He seems really unhappy on the court and it shows in his play.

  474. that is probably not going to happen, it is 5 pt and only 24 sec left

  475. Lee isn’t doing much for sure.

  476. it might. I’ve seen some pretty dumb plays from this team at the end of the 4th quarter.

  477. Hmmm…maybe need a wake up call

  478. wow Timberwolves possession. This is why Lin needs to close the game. This team can’t even inbound properly.

  479. With Cliff and his starters, you will never take it for granted.

  480. From what I’ve observed this season, Frank is not a good closer for any inbound play.

  481. That’s ok. If they lose the game, I will laugh my head off at Cliff and starters.

  482. lin in

  483. Lin coming in.

  484. Who predicted MIN would catch up once Lin was out? Lol.

  485. i did lol 2nd time it happened today

  486. nooooooo, I want Hornets to lose

  487. everyone lol

  488. So does getting hit in the head and ran over with no free throws to catch your breath.

  489. Clifford SMH

  490. ME ! Though I thought Minny would take the lead.

  491. Good call!

  492. Lin the defense specialist!

  493. lol what the ……why did Batum inbound it so quickly?

  494. Go go go Wolves! Only 3 points now. You can make it.

  495. Lol!

  496. I’m sorry but everyone on this team doesn’t know how to inbound. Maybe try Lin as the inbounder.

  497. mmmm, not when Lin is in though

  498. Oops! JLin is in now. So Hornets better win the game:-)

  499. Do something Lin. It’ll be fun if Lin gets the big basket here.

  500. That’s not how the team works. Kemba statpad FTs comin’.

  501. Why doesn’t Clifford ever learn his lesson? He needs Lin out there!

  502. I kinda wish for an OT =)

  503. phew. Really Cliff, you can’t put Batum and Kemba as the receiver. Batum is slow on his feet. KW is undersized.

  504. Thank God for Jlin!

  505. Doesnt seem like Lin is interested in whatever the [email protected] clifford has to say

  506. Made both

  507. If lin cant start anywhere else he should stay in Charlotte for one more year Already built chemistry with everyone. Is trusted by cliff in big moment even with his shot off.

  508. Almost turned it over AGAIN on the inbounds.

  509. JLin saves Cliff/Hornets buck again.

  510. Wait in frustration then. Lin plays for the team win. Not himself.

  511. Lin makes the most important baskets.

  512. Lin made the smart play to get the ball & get fouled.
    2 CLUTCH FTs for 2 possession game now. 106-101


  513. Saved the game as usual with hustle/dirty work.

  514. Phew

  515. now we know who’s more important

  516. he ran from half court too. LOL he bailed Cliff out.

  517. Yeah, no more forcing the ball to Kemba for a TO.

  518. JLin the “savior” of Cliff/Hornets:-)

  519. 2 possessions game this is over

  520. Clff, now you know not to wait too long to bring Lin in. Great job, JLin.

  521. LOL, horrible shooting night, but where do you go if times are tough and you need a play to win. Lin, Lin, Lin.

  522. More freebies 🙂

  523. 2more ft

  524. Cliff: “Umm..lets put our slowest player Batum and our undersized player KW as the receivers.”

  525. I’ll take it, if only to hold against the tide of criticism by ‘Lin fans”

  526. It’s Lin again

  527. My gosh. As if the obvious marginalization is not enough.

  528. made both

  529. Nice, important fts and stat pad

  530. double digit, not bad. Plus really good defence.

  531. Lin is killer!

  532. Clifford – learn your lesson – better use Jlin to close from now on!

  533. Lin somehow, with the grace of god, gets double digits. This game doesn’t look that bad anymore. haha. He saved this team’s butt.

  534. His stats won’t get a much better deal then he has. He likely won’t find a team he will make the playoffs with and play as much as he does. He would have to build trust . Al likely won’t be back. Lee won’t be back. Datum has a choice

  535. LOL .. Gotta love the smiling grandma behind Lin after JLin got fouled the 2nd time
    “Finally, the poor guy got hit so many times in the game”

  536. he did not get double digits

  537. Mr. 4th Quarter !

  538. At least his FT is 100%, 6 pts

  539. LOLOLOL JLin! You are the “savior” of Cliff/Hornets again but will Cliff/Hornets give you any credit???? Let’s wait and see!

  540. 9 not 10

  541. 10 points

  542. Mr last 4 seconds.

  543. Again, Lin’s great FT shooting of late tells me his mechanics are fine.

    In addition to usual BS usage, he’s not right mentally since the post-CLE game benching.

  544. Amen, BROTHA!


  545. 9 points

  546. 9 pt

  547. This game should not have gone down to the wire. Good teams don’t struggle at home vs. crappy teams.

  548. Wasn’t I right about Curry lucky not have a last name as Lin? Man curry was 1-12 from 3 last night. Sheesh…. These ingrate fans drives me nuts.

  549. Lin is the real closer. Put him in instead of Frank/Lee.

  550. oh ur right. My bad.

  551. Lin knows how to cut towards the ball.

  552. Nop! Stubborn Cliff and Hornets will never learn their lessons.

  553. I think Lin should stay in charlotte if he cant start else where. Philly/brooklyn maybe the only option but he better be sure he is the starter. If he isn’t stay in charlotte one more year

  554. When batum is receiving the ball from an inbound pass, he doesn’t move his feet. So next time Cliff, try Lin and KW. I don’t know how many times we failed at inbounding the ball this season when it really mattered.

  555. Wolves: “Can we leave Rubio here and bring back Lin?” =)

  556. Exactly!

  557. Are people happy with Lins play here? i dont get it to be honest. I excpect so much more out of him. no more staying up late to watch games at least. This was the last one. cant take any more games like this when there is work in the morning.

  558. Once again provided, No Lin no win. It shouldn’t be that close if keep Lin on the court.

  559. If he can’t reunite with MDA or start in PHI/BKN, then he should backup an injury-prone PG. That’s the only other way he’ll get a chance. Maybe backup Rose in Chicago?

  560. I know Hornets will want to keep Lin but they need to give him more touches and minutes and also pay him more.

  561. Another game was saved by who else?

  562. JLin is +14. Hornets will win the game quite easily if they let him play on but……

  563. You are right – I doubt Clifford will change anything 🙁

  564. Unfortunately, too late to help them get into playoff.

  565. Besides that rebound putback by the much taller Andrew Wiggins. Lin’s play was solid down the stretch.

  566. Lin should have said to Cliff….” He’s doing fine” and sat down.

  567. LOL!

  568. one affects the other. Not to mention the uncalled charge, head hits, etc. It’s also hard to keep trying if you are wide open many times and no ball.

  569. Lin did well on Wiggins. He denied Wiggins the ball but that miss shot led to a rebound. It was just a height thing.

  570. LIN = Lord In NBA

  571. Yes, Cliff want to close the game w/o Lin. Lesson has been repeatly learned.

  572. sadly, that’s the story of Rubio in Minnesota.

  573. Yawn. Even when Lin shots 1-8, gets no call flagrant fouls, no call turnovers. He comes in to save the game when game is on the line in the end. Was +14, involved in hornets two big runs, and played as always for the win. Shooting woes, whatever. 9 pts and win 33, matching all the wins hornets had last season.

  574. True, i don’t see why Lee is taking so much of Lin’s minutes. It should be Lin in there cause Lin actually makes KW play better too.

  575. yes he’s taller but the ball also bounced more to Wiggins position.

  576. Gotta love the ending when they needed JLin’s decision-making and clutch FTs to seal the win.

    This will be good for playoff run.

  577. I have given up on Cliff for almost 2 months now. I equal him to KM and BS in the way he treats JLin but he is just more subtle and many are fooled by him.

  578. i don’t think so, but Lin did his job :-))

  579. At the end of the game Jeremy and walker just walked pass each other, no hand shake or congratulations. Strange!

  580. I agree, but I also admit that others have a point — even when frozen out, Lin has shot better %s in the past. Something hasn’t been right since that game. Both in the boxscore and the body language.

  581. You know they know could’t keep Lin next season. So try to practice w/o Lin, but failed.

  582. That’s one of the best parts of Jeremy’s game – he makes his teammates play better!

  583. really? interesting.

  584. First half was about the same, they took lin out and the lead gone. Had the Wolves have more time on the clock in 2nd half they would have a chance.

  585. More evidence of the nba conspiracy to eliminate Jlin.

  586. very well said

  587. Kemba probably wanted dem FTs. He always gets the statpad gimmes at the end of the game.

  588. Cliff and Hornets have a colorblind in this. Not much JLin can do until he leaves this team behind after the season. No way I would like to see him back to Hornets after the season ends.

  589. All I will say is that when Lin was in, the team had the 2 biggest leads in the 2nd and 4th quarters. When he was taken out, the led closed in twice. One where the TImberwolves took over the lead. Lastly, putting Lin in to close the game was the best decision Cliff made. He saved the game right there. Frank is too rookie to handle the pressure. Batum can’t move his feet quick enough to receive an inbound pass. KW needs Lin to spread the floor. The one mistake I saw was that Batum and KW were too close together when asking for the inbound pass. This made it easier for them to deny the pass. Lin had to run in from half court to save that bad play that Cliff drew up.

  590. That’s too much. Lin haters will quote you.

  591. they had a soft low 5.

  592. maybe just tired?

  593. We need to retweet this non-call of JLin hit on the face to @OfficialNBARefs


  594. It’s the politics. We may hear something from his testimony.

  595. yea i agree that as well

  596. Wolves’s feed show them just passing each other!

  597. He knew! He needs to put KW out there to take the glory, propped him and stat pad him, so that they can protect each other’s careers!

  598. That should be fragrant 1. Look like an intention.

  599. How many times need to be ignore?

  600. main problem with Lin at minnisotta is lavine

  601. they gave each other a low five.

  602. Wes Johnson did the same thing and no call…. These refs are just terrible.

  603. Oh, didn’t see it. Thanks!

  604. I suspect that the Hornets want to statpad Kemba to entice free agents to join them. “Play with a 17/5 PG and a selfless 6MOY!” isn’t as attractive as “Play with a 24/6 PG!”

    The folly is that Kemba has never led the team anywhere and statpadding against bad teams is meaningless. Even tonight, CHA needed Lin to ice the game versus the awful Wolves.

  605. The charge, that, the elbow to the face. Who were these refs tonight?

  606. Well, he thought Kemba was injure prone. LOL

  607. NBA will only take action if a ton of fans start to call them racist. If you can somehow tie this to race, they will do something about it. That’s what happened on Twitter earlier this season when Lin got bloodied at the Clippers game and no call. Lots of Twitter users called it racist and I think they started to give Lin more fair calls. ESPN and other sports media also covered it.

  608. Hey, I guess he closed this game. Kind of. Just the short amount of time he’s in the closing minutes he makes a difference. He’s a winner.

  609. Had 2 days off…hard to see fatigue as a factor.

  610. Sounds like a good idea!

  611. Lin is actually 1-4, considering non calls and quarter-end throw. It looked like he would have 2 pt game, but things turned around fast and he nearly got double digit.

    Look at the bright sight, he closed game and had 100% FT.

  612. lol kemba at 41 minutes.

  613. Even wolves commentators made a big deal of Lin hit to the head and said that’s was called a flagrant in previous game

  614. He can play 48 minutes and more in regular season. I have no issue on that. Then maybe JLin can play more in playoffs.

  615. that’s what I’m saying, and just the observed facts alone can just tell you – wteff, just cruise the rest of the years and reset. Some battles are not worth fighting. His D is fine, because that’s what the rest of the team will allow him to do. His O is stuck, because nobody wants to play 5 on 5.

  616. Gotta watch games ’till the end ^^

  617. Cliff needs to manage his minutes better before he gets injured. If he’s injured though, that means Lin will get to run the team

  618. Gotta make sure Jeremy doesn’t get a chance to shine, don’t you know?

  619. LOL I stopped watching long ago. I guess fans don’t expect much because we all know he’s being mistreated, limited minutes and not playing PG.

  620. yesterday was definitely a very very bad outing. Not worth anything for people paying to see a great team and a v bad team.

    Yep, in ingrates.

    And, KT, Curry Splash bros 1/18 from 3 last night. They were both just trying to lose. Tonight’s the night.

  621. lol rose will be injury free if Lin joins chicago

  622. yes, things can get LINsane in the end LOL

  623. No, but I’m not “worried” about his talent/game. Like every other PG in the NBA, he’s not going to succeed playing backup SG/SF. Make him a real starting PG and he’ll be elite. Otherwise, we can’t complain that “Lin needs to…”

  624. subtract one TOV. Cody just didn’t catch it.

  625. This is the most minutes he has played for his entire career… somethings going on… and considering he started the season playing less because lin was doing great on handling the team…

  626. They’re really going crazy with the statpadding — esp. against bad teams like Minny, Philly, tanking Phoenix.

    I guess it’s to attract a “star” in free agency (like Morey did in HOU). Ain’t gonna work! As much as I hate Harden, Kemba is no Harden. And even Harden couldn’t do jack for Houston. Charlotte is also not a desirable market for “star” players.

  627. Amazing. I didn’t know that. Thanks.

  628. Not happy but I came to expect a lot of hits & misses in terms of shooting.

    When JLin scored/shot well in ATL and 76ers, he still didn’t get enough PT to shoot more.
    Not being the PG already affected his shooting %; now the limited PT as an SG next to Kemba playing 40+min will be even worse with his shooting touch.

    Lin needs to continue checking in by driving a lot to get layups+FTs to improve his FG%.

  629. They’re really playing with fire

  630. That was one heck of a pass but ….

  631. He’s talking about the religious pun.

  632. This is what great players do ladies and gents. Lin has been assigned to play multiple positions beside center anytime anywhere and he just shut his mouth and pray and play.

  633. Or Lin will take pressure off Rose so Rose can play well and gain back his All-Star status! Lol

  634. It’s JLin affect!!!

  635. That’s 7 min short than what i hoped.

  636. Not to mentioned to be hit hard with no calls over and over again.

  637. Nope.

  638. Lin’s clutch stats just had a big uptick

  639. Most fans will only remember that, clutch. Media will spin to whom scoring most.

  640. He played well but 41 minutes is really running him down.

  641. coaches should be concerned with more transmission fluid buildup on the knees

    they’re really careless

  642. I am watching the Clippers playing right now and I wonder what if Lin had what CP3 has? What if Lin had D Jordan as above the rim player? What if Lin had a coach that give him total green light? What if he had 3 pt shooter like Reddick and much more…? And what if he had an owner also a Harvard grad? WOW.

  643. KW didn’t seem happy in post game interview.

  644. I’m sure both splash brothers were so unfocused that they couldn’t get it back. Their performance really tells us how important the mind is in performance. I’ll write piece later about how Stef was the proof of how mental dissonance affects the peak performance of great athletes.

  645. What if Lin’s coach for these past seasons was MDA?

  646. I agree. Kemba is being overplayed. Cliff is, as you said, playing with fire.

  647. glad you said so, it was amazing!

  648. Lin would do well with Doc. Lin can do well with other coaches too. The Clippers are lacking something, they seem to find a way to choke. Maybe Lin could make a difference. CP3 is talented, but somehow, his team manages to choke all of the time.

  649. What if jimmy dolan is still only a twinkle in his daddy’s eye?

  650. B/c he played too many minutes? I guess he would want the last 4 points.

  651. The starters blew the lead. He shouldn’t be. They almost lose that game at the end and may have if it were not for Lin.

  652. Very good point. I agree.

  653. Don’t really care as this is what Cliff/Hornets wants for their favorite sons.

  654. The bench gets the glory and not him despite of having top point again.

  655. Not happening. They’re going to let Lee and Batum and Kaminsky shine.

  656. Me too. As usual he bails them out. Not happy.

  657. Lin’s FG% might be struggling but his recent FT% has been impeccable

    Lin has made his last 16 free throws straight (100% in March)
    and is 22 of last 23 in the last 5 games (96% since the ATL game)

    He knows what needs to be done when his shots don’t fall.

  658. I trust his shooting will come in time….he knows what he has to do and how to adjust. Hope to see better shooting by end of season and continuing in playoffs.

    Ginobili had 1-8, TParker 2-8

  659. As always.

  660. Yes it wil like many times before

  661. John Mckenroe once said that all athletes choke, the great ones just choke less.

    That’s the rare gift Lin has always shown.

  662. He barely touched the ball tonight do hard to expect much when he has limited time to get into rhythm.

  663. To me Lin is not about how well he shoots or shots he takes…he brings much more to the court in order to WIN and not stat pad.

    Jeremy Lin is is about probing the defense, creating the offensive flow, with right tempo, breaking down the defensive, putting his teammates at their right place to win and playing team defense. He is a leader in that, with superb court vision. With Lin you can trust it happens day in day out…immaterial of his scoring

  664. Down to earth people. Wealthy but live like the rest of us.

  665. He just makes big plays and tries to make the right basketball decisions. And he helps win, he makes a difference.

    and when he needs to score in some games, he does.

  666. Couldn’t agree more

  667. Cool. I like his dad.

  668. Omg, what did i miss? I stopped after he got yanked in the 4th… so, cliford came to his senses…

  669. Hes always wearing a different shirt… what does he do, wear it once and throw it away?

  670. For last 4 seconds. Lol

  671. Lol…

  672. You can’t really tell they are wealthy. Agree, down to earth.

  673. If you’re feeling down about JLin’s shooting, relax.
    Lin is fine

    He shot 62% in ATL & 76ers game (8-13) but ONLY played 20 min.
    Harder to shoot with reduced PT

    But Lin’s smart enough to counter by driving more to get fouls & FTs to improve the chance to score in limited time.
    At the same time, it’s tougher to do so against teams with shot-blockers.
    So it will be a hit & miss.


  674. I don’t know and don’t care much but Harden is a superstar but Not one that makes his team better. Great player he is – I just despise him.
    Love the MJ’s Bulls but hope the Warriors can roll all the way and be the best for many years to come.

  675. JL7’s next in line after KW. No one else can play PG better.

  676. Lin effect: No Lin, No Win. Coach Cliff dont have to be a genius to have figured it out.

  677. so for most of us here whose not harping for Jlin production points wise, we just wait and see for the forthcoming FA for his next team. His production will come if the team makes him its go to guy because he makes his teammates involved first and when everything is in place, there goes his points.

  678. I think so. smh! So glad LBJ beat him for player of the week. LOL!

  679. I do agree with Trade Street Post that it is hard to change your shot at 27. Some could say it almost impossible for Lin to change his form. But when had Lin ever stopped at what is impossible. I don’t expect less from Lin and I don’t expect him to fail. He is living proof of the impossible becoming possible..

  680. Love this pic!
    Always wanted to see some more of Ma and Pop with him.

  681. He did not become sensible. He became anxious and desperate. The usual circumstances where Lin is allowed to come and save the day.

  682. I don’t think Lin will have trouble in shooting but just right now his role changes & also not gets enough playing time & ball in his hand…. Not happy about his stats but he will be OK.

  683. Hate laundry …. remember ??
    It’s fine. It’s nice to have photos in different clothing versus same ones.

  684. I can see Lin’s shooting getting better with more reps.

    But one consistent thing is JLin needs the ball in his hands.
    It’s a difference between a great PG and just OK SG

  685. I agree. I think Cliff knew it that’s why he put Lin back.

  686. If no CP3 maybe but w CP3 & River…. not a good idea.

  687. yes, can’t keep JLin’s talent down.
    He proved tonight that he can contribute with defense, rebounding and clutch FTs even with bad shooting night.
    Not every player can be that complete

  688. We could not always live on the mountaintop. On games where not everything is clicking, I like to remember everything Lin brings to the table.

  689. Yup. Everyone wants to be financially secure, but beyond that wealth was never a goal of his. God, family, and then crazy love of ballin’. The other junk that comes with the NBA territory (glitz, fame, and “stupid” money) are far down his list.
    Edit: Took a money hit for the rep rehab opportunity in Charlotte. Thank heaven that was accomplished before Walker and the FO began to panic about the shine he was attracting. Mission accomplished – going forward his main reason to push for the bucks is because he knows that’s how the NBA rates players. When in Rome ya gotta do as the Romans do 🙂

  690. Watched the game on DVR….the follow-through on the jumper is not the same for every shot. What’s challenging is that most shots are good ones. The touch has positively returned on the free throws.

    Being a steaky shooter as a sg is tough but Jeremy is not a sg so I’ll take the improvements on D the patience as the playmaker as improvements.

    Just hoping for 45% or higher for the next couple of games

  691. I think his shooting slump has largely to do with his role… he is more focused on defense and tiring him for offense…

  692. I think its a combination of few factors…cant really pin point on just one

  693. He’s really nice one of the few players to stop to sign autographs for the fans. Most just drive by.

  694. is that roger Montgomery beside him?

  695. New shooting form + inconsistent and limited minutes.

  696. Looks like him

  697. Not true. He has worn this one couple times before. He still wore clothing from last few seasons. Saw it too many times to count.

  698. They must holding those Lin Garden boards. I think Lin could recognize his fans. Remember seeing one short video that he was throwing a T-shirt directly to one of his fan wearing his T-shirt without even looking at his direction.

  699. @penny10654
    Fans from Taiwan fly to Charlotte to support @JLin7

  700. They are huge fans indeed!

    Wonder if Jeff Wu gets into NBA…would he be having similar following?

  701. I watched a BBallbreakdown episode with Stef Curry against the Clippers (?). In it the announcer kept using using an interesting term for some shots Curry was making. The announcer kept saying the set plays made for Curry was giving him so much time to make his shots that it was basically “a practice shot”.

    That was such a great discription of a situation. We talk about separation a lot and how Lin’s crazy athleticism allows him to create separation for himself. What this episode showed was how Stef Curry’s quick release has matched up so well with the way the offensive scheme creates so much separation for his great shots that he feels so little pressure from the defence….that’s why it’s just like “a practice shot”.

    Lin’s shot from the foul line is basically a practice shot because there’s no pressure from the defence. With a bad ankle, Lin just can’t create his own separation like he used to. We all know he gets no plays made for him, no screens and hardly any touches. How can Lin ever feel the same level of comfort Kemba or Curry feels on any given night?

    When lint play full minutes as a starter, he’s stats are amazing. We must not become like the doubters and constantly focus on the lows as his defining metric. Every other developing star gets that benefit. Why can’t Lin fans afford that to our own star?

  702. look fwd to it!

    Tonight they are winning against a bad team, but so many bricks and TOVs. Yet GSW fans support their players because everyone is bought into a winning system. For CHA, there is not really a system that they adhere to except grind out the games and let the contract guys do what they will.

  703. Please no, no way to play with coach’s son, and he is playing the same position as Lin, no way.

  704. Definitely fans from Taiwan but not sure about other countries. I won’t watch any NBA games once JLin retires.

  705. I’ll take that autograph!

  706. it depends if he can create his own Wu-sanity =)
    I see some clips; he can be a good SG but will need to work on defense
    Taller would be helpful I think

  707. how about if he coaches an NBA team?=)

  708. Because Lin fandom attracts all kinds.

    I am watching lots of GSW practice shots right now … the open space is amazing. LOL, Lin is about as open too, but nobody will pass it to him when he is open.

  709. I would love to see Jeff Wu makes it to NBA but I doubt he can…. Bc so far he’s not make impressive game from his college yet.

  710. Haha! I think Hornets would like Lin to be their coach.

  711. Really? I thought he’s older?

  712. Gotta ditch Doc Scheppler’s coaching.

  713. It’s better to have Errorme Lin from the field than from the line.

  714. Since Lin is loyal, I can see him coaching the team that will give him & MDA a chance to start to recreate Linsanity =) Maybe 76ers, Nets, .. or even Lakers?

  715. KT bricked so many, but because they kept going to him, he gets hot. KT is v streaky.

  716. part of the fandom i think is that he’s “good looking” and intelligent/smart… that’s proven btw… (harvard)…

  717. I think Hornets knew how good Lin is but too bad he will not stay but as their coach …. There’s chance…..haha!

    All these teams, I think he would like Lakers the most… LOL!

  718. What about Batum’s TO. They are painful to watch but Clifford never said anything.

  719. Magic is going all out against warriors in Q4!
    Oladipo clutch!

  720. exciting game!

  721. GSW pulled it out, not playing their best BB right now but they make big plays/shots. Green wasn’t feeling well and it showed somewhat.

  722. Unless JLin changes his mind about coaching. He said numerous times that he wasn’t interested in coaching when he is out of NBA.

  723. Seems like Lin’s back is still bothering him. Did you see how slow he got up after falling flat on his back? Not the time he got fouled in the face but before that he came straight down on his back and could tell it really hurt him.

  724. How about NBA commissioner….

  725. I don’t like Lin to play like this but that’s the way he always do it so….

  726. Laundry Fields.

  727. They’re all human and they don’t need to keep speeding 100 mph anymore as everyone else are still far behind.

  728. yeah…KT and SC made big play towards the end to nail it

  729. Well unless leopard can change its spot…. if they don’t treat JLin well as a player, don’t think it’s going to happen:-(

  730. Steph Curry and Klay Thompson combined for 47 shots. I don’t think they’re sharing the rock either.

  731. He is not getting the minutes either…he need to remold his game….JLin been mentoring him as well

  732. They broke the home win record tonight. They are now trying to break the 72 win season of the Bulls. They look like they are getting tired.

  733. Yes, definitely looked like he was hurt a lot on the play and he fell on his back. He also got knocked down and was slow to get up. It may explain his shooting struggles too some.

  734. totally…looking back then the 72 wins from Bulls was like video game indeed!

  735. That goal could hurt their chance of being fresh and healthy for playoff. Not to say that they don’t need to win, just don’t kill themselves doing it.

  736. GSW lost to Lakers with Curry and Klay shooting terrible. It was awful and sloppy. What that performance shows is that when player aren’t focused and take an opponent for granted, they can have a awful night. Pop uses his bench liberally and the starters often sits out altogether. What this does is it keeps people alert and ready when they need to stop up. GSW are doing that very well too but not an expert like Pop.

    What Curry’s 1-10(?) form the 3s showed is that when the mind is not there or it is suffering the affects of dissonance from teammates and coaches (as Lin is so often fighting) that it’s very difficult to perform well. If you have your boss looking over your shoulder as you do your job, it is very difficult to work at peak levels.

  737. valid point!

  738. How can that be? Both inbound plays designed by Clifford were not for Lin but still Lin got them all and go to the free throws.

  739. I honestly worry about the pressure GSW is being put under to break the bull’s record. They may find that they have nothing left in the tank for the playoffs. IMO, records like that are meaningless. What counts in the end is how many championships you win.

    It’s up to the FO and coaches to stop it and refocus on what is more important. Team chemistry and shared responsibility is vital when playoff makes everyone’s contribution a necessity. Pop is so good at managing that. I really hope they just change their mindset a bit and just don’t chase a empty stat record.

    When Patriots won 16 regular season games for a perfect season to only lose in the playoffs, no one remembers that perfect season. It’s fools gold and media contrived goals.

  740. HIghlights from Jun Liu. Painful to watch some of Jeremy’s falls. Hope he’ll be OK …

  741. GSW talked a lot on ball movement but for some reason the ball always ended up in either Curry or Thompson’s hand.

  742. becoz they are the best shooters and the teammates wants them to take the shots

  743. kinda like kemba?

  744. lol…nope…it was well documented in one of Warrior interviews…SC didnt want to take shots…but it was their team mates who pursued him and Klay to take the shots

  745. Fair enough but when their shots don’t fall the team is ugly.

  746. Cliff should have known that they would double team DW and also Batum can’t outrun his person. Cliff should have drawn the plays for Lin. I dont think Lee has the experience to help the team in those situations. He just stood back and watch rather than running for the ball.

  747. Kemba is definitely icing Lin. No doubt about that!

  748. anyone landing like that would take awhile to get back up.

  749. WOWOWOWOW so many noncalls. Refs are definitely colorblind and bias!

  750. I got bored, so I looked at the WNBA website. To my surprise, there is a Japanese player named Ramu Tokashiki playing for the Seattle Storm. She looks like a talented player who can finish tough layups and hit the midrange J out to about 18 ft (No 3 point range though). And she’s 6′-3″ tall. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zOdh9QnLNL4

  751. No way. It is good for lin to sealed the game.

  752. Refs are blind.

  753. A player coach..lin a natural leader. Since highschool he lead his team to championship, he did it at Harvard and he shows it in nba.

  754. Yes, if only he can handle the ball more.

  755. Absolutely true.

  756. In some of the games earlier this season, I got the feeling too. Some possessions are so odd, though he does make some passes to Jeremy. Just no way to confirm it.

  757. Every team is coming with their A game against GSW trying to stop them. Going to make it tough on the GSW.

  758. –Starters–
    Nicolas Batum -14
    Marvin Williams -6
    Cody Zeller -21
    Kemba Walker +8
    Courtney Lee -11

    Al Jefferson +28
    Jeremy Lin +14
    Frank Kaminsky +9
    Jeremy Lamb +18

    didn’t catch the game tonight, but from the +/-, i can only assume that the starters as a whole were horrible. and i would also guess that Kemba’s +8 was a direct result of him playing with Lin’s bench the most out of the other starters. it’s like Lin goes into battle with a dead weight on his back and still come out victorious

  759. kinda expected…..aint it

  760. Lin is obvious the best perimeter defender, if not the best defender on the whole team. clifford really has no excuse not to start him at SG. and it’s just been so obvious he’s just making excuses since the start of the season not to start Lin. don’t want to hear any more excuses coming from so called Lin fans either for this miserable coach

  761. The first one, obviously the first options were Kemba and Batum, both of them try to run towards the ball, they double Kemba and Batum is not fast enough to get rid of his defender. Lin see the nice openning and run towards the ball, smart play.

    The second one, Batum run to set a screen for Kemba, the guy who defending the in bound switched and double teamed Kemba, and Batum is in bad angle to get rid of his own defender, Lin again find a good angle to run towards the ball, and catch the dangerous pass.

    Both play Lee didn’t really do much but to try to space out by going towards the back court.

    Before Lin was in, it was Kaminsky trying to run the similar play, but Kaminsky is not fast enough or smart enough, that he did not get his space and wasn’t able to catch the ball. That’s why Lin was sub in.

  762. He might have his back spasm again, he usually had that towards the end of the season, which is no good. He looks like have the problem before his fall even, since it looked like he could not do much to protect himself while he was falling. He falls really flat. If his back was not that bad, he at least could curl a little bit and try to slide to decrease the impact.

  763. I somehow see more Lin as a closer. He definitely close way better than Lee.

  764. Interesting. Hope that she will find success. Keeping my eyes on her.

  765. But you “rarely” sees that from SC30 and KT. They do take a lot of shots but the ball moves around. They are proven stars unlike KW. I agree that GS bench should have step up more and be given bigger roles when the duo is struggling.

  766. Absolutely. Priority: Two-Peat Championship. It’s time to rely a bit more on the bench players.

  767. Yes we know that but Clifford refused to let him play as pg. he will let Batum be the pg or he will experiment on Lee. Anybody but Lin in Clifford’s gameplan

  768. Yes in good times and bad times. Lin all the way!

  769. Very true and I’m not happy about it because all the glory goes to Kemba. Nobody will credit Lin except us. If you listen to the announcers, Kemba carried this team to the playoffs. They are now comparing him to the likes of harden, Durant, curry, wall and all the other “great stars” they said that he is putting up 20+ points each games. They said those are all star numbers.

  770. That’s why I really want Lin not to use his body and effort for this team. He can rest is his ankle or his back or whatever part of his body that’s not in good condition. Some players even if it’s their finger that’s hurt will rest for weeks.

  771. A closer and a nobody? A shadow and wind beneath Kembas wings?

  772. I counted like 2-3 bailout shots passed to Lin from either NB or KW in this game. Lin had no choice but to hoist up a prayer shot in the very last seconds. Is this how NB and KW save their shot %? They only wanted rebound stats, so who did they pass to? Lin was hit and knocked around and biased refs swallowed their whistle… So far, I only see Lin, Zeller, and MKG played hard and get knocked around more than anyone on this team. Seriously, Lin needs to save his body. This team is not worth it.

  773. I don’t know if zeller didn’t get enough rest but he really killed the momentum in the first half and didn’t add in the second half.

  774. He will literally turn and dribble the other direction pretending he didn’t see Lin.

  775. Didn’t watch the game. Just reading the play-by-play it seems like Lin saved the team in the 4th quarter. He hit a big 3 just before being subbed out. Came back right at the end and saved the day with 4 clutch FTs.

  776. Not at all. When they are playing well, the team has 30+ apg. Just recently they had 2 games with 33 back to back. Their aim is to have over 300 passes per game.

    Kemba is one of the lowest apg PGs in the league with the highest usage rate.

  777. Jeremy Lin “Curse” Isn’t the Reason the New York Knicks, Los Angeles Lakers & Houston Rockets Suck

    -By Greg
    Among the lively Jeremy Lin discussions online comes a theory explaining the current state of the Los Angeles Lakers, New York Knicks and Houston Rockets.

    It’s simple: Get rid of Lin, and some sort of curse will befall your organization. Personally, I don’t believe in curses. The Charlotte Hornets have nothing to worry about, at least not when it comes to a curse rampaging through the franchise the day after Lin leaves.

    The Knicks made the conference semifinals the season after Lin left to the Rockets. People were talking about Carmelo Anthony as an MVP for a while. The Knicks even had a hold of the Eastern conference lead for a short time. It was the first time since 2000 the team won a playoff series. It was only the third (and the last, so far) playoff series Anthony himself had the pleasure of being on the winning side of. But things quickly fell apart after that season with just 54 wins in the two following campaigns.

    The arrival of Phil Jackson is supposedly a way of taking James Dolan out of the decision making equation. There’s a lot of criticism over Jackson, but was there a better team he could have assembled this season? Hiring Derek Fisher, in hindsight, was a mistake, clearly admitted by firing him midway through his second season. Re-signing Anthony might have been another mistake the Knicks will pay for in the future and are paying for now. But they’re not cursed. They’re just a pretty bad team, with decent flashes and a possibly developing European star in Kristaps Porzingis.

    The interesting thing about the Houston Rockets is that without Jeremy Lin, after trading him to the Los Angeles Lakers, they made the conference finals. It was the first time they won a playoff series since 2009, and it was their first conference finals since 1997, back when Charles Barkley, Hakeem Olajuwon and Clyde Drexler were playing for them. And yet there wasn’t a feeling of making the next step after the 2015 playoff experience was over. The 4-1 loss to the Warriors was more than humbling, it was humiliating.

    And of course, this season was a slap in the face. Kevin McHale was fired after less than a month. That didn’t generate a special reaction. The Rockets are still a borderline playoff team. James Harden is the same player. Dwight Howard is declining. The Ty Lawson trade was a disaster, and bringing in Josh Smith in the middle of the season seems to work just once. The team Daryl Morey built seems like it doesn’t enjoy playing together, cares less and less about playing defense and most of the guys around Harden probably hate him.

    This bring us to the Lakers. Lin played a part as the Lakers had their worst season in franchise history. Well, not a big part. Byron Scott pretty much disliked him openly right off the bat, and on a tanking team, even when Lin was playing well through the awful coaching it wasn’t what the team needed or wanted. It was a wasted season for Lin and everyone on the Lakers except for maybe Jordan Clarkson. No one played for anything.

    This season? They’re even worse, right now with 13 wins, last in the Western conference, needing nine wins in the final 20 games, something that seems close to impossible for such a bad team, to make it to 22 wins and best last season. But that is what happens when a team is being held hostage by the ego of just one player, with a head coach who is more than happy to throw everyone under the bus as long as Kobe Bryant gets the retirement tour he wants.

    So is there a Lin curse? Probably not. But if you do believe it, logic yourself into the thought that you’re right by saying that it’s like a computer virus that kicks in over a year after he’s gone. But it’s probably just a coincidence: Lin playing on teams built poorly or run by people who don’t really know what they’re doing. The Charlotte Hornets are doing OK and even more than that right now, but Lin is gone after the season is over. I wonder what’s going to happen next.

  778. Totally disagree with Greg of Sportige for once.

    There very much is a “Lin curse”. That’s why I called Lin “Coach Killah” during Linsanity in spring 2012.

    Lin is a truly great superstar level player who raises the play of his teammates and takes over games.

    But because Lin is Asian American, nobody in the NBA can stomach the idea of being “led” by a “weak Asian”. It’s too upsetting to the fake macho pride of American players and coaches and franchises.

    So after using Lin to win a ton of games (and never as much as they could win if Lin was truly featured as a 30 mpg dominating starter), teams happily eject the Asian guy and his oversized production.

    Then those racist teams find out that without Lin doing his elite thing, they just cannot win without him. It’s no different from ejecting Tim Duncan and replacing him with any big man in the NBA – it doesn’t work.

    Lin’s biggest damage on the teams he plays for is that he leaves a PERMANENT IMPRINT of how the game should be played. And so far, NOBODY has replaced COACH KILLAH.

  779. Lin did a lot more than just that.

    He played bonecrushing defense (especially on Andrew Wiggins who was the latest star to be shut down by Lin), controlled the boards, and spaced the court by executing the halfcourt offense.

    Lin was elite in all areas other than standstill jump shooting.

  780. Lin is the best perimeter defender in the ENTIRE NBA.

    Nobody, not even Kawhi Leonard, is better than Lin in perimeter defense.

  781. I missed those 4 clutch free throws. Not thrilled that Lin nearly never touched the ball, I turned off the game when Lin was yanked in the 4Q. I never guessed he would be brought back at the end with 22 sec. remaining.

  782. Great find.

    Ronnie Nunn is a retired NBA ref.

  783. Charlotte will fall BIG after Lin leaves.

    He IS their team, both offensively and defensively.

    Charlotte without Lin can only hang with opponents. Charlotte without Lin cannot beat opponents.

  784. When I hear the word “All Star” nowadays, I always think of an overhyped low efficiency bricker who plays no defense and is grotesquely ref protected.

  785. Very true.

  786. Because they almost lose the game. I was hoping they will without Lins help.

  787. In addition to the previous seasons, we have continued to witness many more flagrant hits on Lin without foul calls this season from big name players to no name players. Then, we have to ask this question and most of us probably already knew. But we still have to ask, why didn’t Cliff contest/complain to the Refs for these blatant flagrant non-foul calls on Lin at least once? We have not seen it! Cliff’s inaction to protest to the refs these outrageous missed calls or no-calls on Lin is also underlined an implication to the refs and opponents that Lin is a free for all ‘punching bag’, and refs and players alike have no fear of retribution for mistreating Lin on-court.

  788. Why he didn’t say Lin but Rondo? He’s still afraid of Lin….? LOL!


  789. I don’t see Hornet’s bloggers or media raise the issue either even though the announcers seem to notice it’s pretty common for JLin to get clobbered in the face and get no call. Ready seems to take the non-nonchalant attitude that it’s just part of the game. You can bet if Kemba or Batum was getting repeatedly clobbered they would be raising a stink about it.

  790. i wonder if someone will start making another video compilation.

  791. ‘Charlotte Hornets’ Point Guard, Kemba Walker, Isn’t Getting the Respect That He Deserves’ via FanSided Android


  792. Carmelo is a cancer to the Knicks. They won’t go anywhere with him as leader of the team.

  793. he is a frequent contributor to coach nick.

  794. That pass to Zeller was a perfect pass. He just let it slip away.

  795. There is no magic to why teams fall apart after Lin leaves. What is neglected is that before Lin arrives those teams were going down the drain fast. Lin saved those franchises and turned them around but instead they pretended it had nothing to do with Lin’s inspirational play. Lin inspired and elevated teammates around to play above what they did before. This is why I’ve always said that Lin is a once in a generation transformative player. He transforms his team from a bunch of disorganized separate entities into a working unit. THATS A SKILL USUALY ATTRIBUTED TO COACHES, which is why we all call him coach Lin.

    Knicks were losing so badly that they were already desperately looking for FAs to fill the gaps. All the writers were saying that they needed a true pg to run the offence. Houston was also a mess as well before Lin arrived. The media didn’t expect them to get to the playoffs but Lin did his magic and pushed that team beyond expectations. Lakers didn’t need Lin’s help to fall apart, they cursed themselves with Kobe and not. Lin. This year the hornets again weren’t expected to get into the playoffs. The indomitable Lin even with low usage has transformed this team into a playoff contender.

    Coach Lin keeps transforming every team he plays for into playoff contenders. They were nothing before Lin arrives and even though he leaves an imprint of his coaching behind, those teams eventually forget it and revert back to old habits.

    It’s not a Lin curse at all, it’s that they rise above expectations then fall back to the old ways once Lin leaves.

  796. Collins was wrong when he said it was too high. Zeller isn’t used to passes from Lin, but there was nothing wrong with Lin’s pass.

  797. that was not a TOV in my opinion. I looked and the box score went up by 1 TOV for Lin, which is too bad.

  798. ooof…hurt my stomach laughing…hahahahahahahahahahahahaha

  799. We can see JLin practicing midrange J on the top-left.
    Will be waiting for a strong bounce-back game


  800. Lin always has artificially high turnovers.

    If Lin fails to catch a bad pass, Lin gets the turnover.

    If Lin throws a good pass and the teammate fails to carch it, Lin gets the turnover.

    Lin’s actual turnover rate is the same as for other players, only Lin gets blamed for everyone else’s mistakes. That’s why Lin’s team always win even when he has “high” turnovers.

  801. I openly predict on this forum that Lin will not only break out this game but start a long good shooting streak that lasts past the playoffs.

    Lin only has to bend those knees in order to start hitting everything.

  802. How many times can we get this re-tweeted? Also to Pete Guelli !!

  803. Hear, hear, KHuang!

    Do you think Lin didn’t bend the knees enough lately?

  804. If so, you have to bend the ankles in order to bend the knees. Nagging ankle not healed enough yet?

  805. whatever happen to respect need to be earned not given and never should be demanded? his shooting improved in the last few months, meanwhile people waited for 5 years without effect …so naturally given time maybe another season people will start to embrace ?

  806. NYC Knicks with Anthony are melting down. It was a fiasco his “apology” and then him saying it was the team’s idea. Bringing Rondo in would add to the circus.

    MSG is hanging its hopes on the Rangers hoping their star goaltender is OK. The Knicks are becoming a laughing stock and Phil Jackson has failed as GM.

  807. Good idea. Maybe he needs to practice some out of moves, like Curry does.

  808. I suspect back too.

  809. Yeah, it always go to the passer.

  810. Like we’ve seen seasons before, Lin did have long bad shooting weeks and then he’s unstoppable.

  811. Well, he’s due for a good shooting stretch. I’m definitely hoping for it.

  812. That was a clear intentional hit to Lin face. Should be an FF2

  813. If Lin’s ankle and back are messing up his shooting form, perhaps he should rest them for a few games.

    The next few games are supposed to be an easy stretch. See how the Hornets fare without Lin’s contribution. Sometimes team has to miss a player to realize their contribution.

    Too bad we know Lin is stubborn; his trainer probably has a hard time convincing him to rest. Perhaps one good game when he shoots well then rest them so he’s ready for the playoff. It’s not like the Hornets gives him a lot of min now

  814. oh that’s great to hear ..
    it gets to the point that it’s very dangerous

  815. Cavs are questioned on what is their identity. They have none. What are the hornets identity?

    As far as I could tell the hornets identity is to have Walker score points and then have Lin fix everything to get a cushion lead, then have Walker score again. Rinse and repeat.

  816. Charlotte HornetsVerified account
    Ready to #SwarmToServe to kick off our 2016 Military Care Event!

  817. Robin LundbergVerified account
    @Ish_1988 you don’t want to pay Rondo for more mediocrity…don’t fall into their trap

  818. I don’t know about this, every athlete wants to compete. They don’t wake up and think – I’m going to sit this out except maybe when they get to the Tim Duncan age. Look at Payton Manning. He played until it was clear his foot problems were causing him to throw wounded ducks.

  819. heh heh, draymond green’s TOVs last couple of games …

  820. I understand an athlete’s competitiveness would drive them to fight through pain.

    But at the same time, Nic Batum also had at least 2 games where he rested after his toe injury made him unable to perform well (0-4 and 1-11 shooting). After 1 game rest, he performed better

    I guess there are 2 ways to look at it. An athlete can rest because if he plays badly while injured, he can cost his team a chance to win and that would be selfish. Or he can rest to help his individual performance get better.

    The problem is even with lingering injuries that might contribute to Lin’s bad shooting, Lin is a more complete player now that he can help to contribute with his defense and clutch FTs to help his team win.

    So even with not being 100%, Lin can still help his team win. And he doesn’t mind his individual stats would suffer for the Free Agency.

    Oh well, we just have to trust JLin and his trainer that he knows when to play through problems or rests.

  821. what’s the basis for the prediction?

  822. Rondo, then maybe Ty Lawson …. Melo has the ANYBODY BUT LIN complex.

  823. It is laughable that ESPN is celebratinging that the “King” of Kings has padded a record-breaking number without mentioning the miserable record of his team caused by his stat padding.

  824. Good acknowledgement of Lin’s big FTs down the stretch from Rick Bonnel

    Final: @hornets 108, Timberwolves 103. Kemba Walker 34 points, seven rebounds, six assists. Jeremy Lin with big free throws down stretch.

  825. i wish they’d also acknowledge his mistreatment from refs.

  826. It’s quite sad to see how much a backup PG is being under-appreciated. Many Hornets fans incorrectly thought it’s between Lin vs Kemba, not realizing Lin lost time to Lee even when he played well.

    This Hornets season has not turned out the way JLin envisioned with reduced PT even playing well in the 76ers and Hawks game.

    It’s clear that NBA is a numbers game and going to a supposedly playoff-team as a backup PG with a discount can lead to minimum role despite all the sacrifice with playing hard-nose D and multiple hits. We can only hope for the best that JLin would get chances to perform big in the playoff to help his Free Agency.

    If I can offer 1 advice to JLin team in the off-season, it would be finding a team who is desperate for a real PG. He needs to show the NBA that he can lead a team as a starting PG when given a chance.
    Finding a coach who seemed to understand his game & a playoff team is not enough because it can backfire due to politics and broken promises

  827. Strong stat and the Hornets know they misused Lin so Kemba can be happy……until……

    When the lead is comfortable enough, guess who has to go the bench in final closing minutes?

    When game is dangerously close, guess who has to be sent in to save the day?

  828. 36% is disgraceful. Not sure what Lamb’s PG usage is but I bet he’s about the same as Lin.

  829. Yep. Yesterday was another example. As expected like usual in yesterday’s post game, without hesitation, Cliff immediately brought up NB, KW, Kam and gave them repeated praises. But when it comes to Lin, Cliff has to be prompted by a reporter’s question to give Lin a mention. And when he does mention Lin, it’s usually a very brief one line or one word of mention, but in a very passive tone of voice like he couldn’t wait for the next question… Didn’t McHale do the same thing?

  830. Somehow they “missed” the main reason why Lin had to come off the bench down the stretch.

  831. nope, his post game news article for CharlotteObserver has zero mention on Lin. Not just referring to this but most of the past articles too.

  832. yes

  833. i was a bit confused when collins did mentioned that the pass was a little of high to a SEVEN FOOTER player. I don’t know where it came from but i hope they start to acknowledge the mistakes of others too and don’t put their assumption first!

  834. Ashley StroehleinVerified account
    We talked w/ @JLin7 about the teams success. Lin says health has played a part, but so has having the right mindset.

  835. I think he learned this from Rox/McHale. There must be some talks about Lin going on behind-the-scene in the coaching circle. Cliff sounds and acts more like McHale every day to me.

  836. just like McHale afraid to butthurt Harden upon mentioning Jlin on court performance, it MIGHT BE that Cliff subtly doesn’t want also to hurt his players when he try to give praises to Jlin, anyway, he’s leaving the team!

  837. Let me just put it this way: 天下烏雅一般黑. That’s why I’ve placed Cliff=KM=BS. It is just how they present themselves to the public. Cliff is just more subtle than the other two but they still smell the same.

  838. Lies, lies, lies. How do you sleep at night cliff?

  839. of late everyone in hornet org conveniently omit to mention Lin in post game interviews or write up .

  840. good find
    There must be some heavy politics going on in Hournets

  841. You’re not there with me yet hehe, I placed Cliff worse than KM, BS. One of the reasons was from Richard’s twitter posted by you.

  842. It’s a league wide conspiracy.

  843. LOLOLOL I agree in many ways. Each one has his own evil ways of marginalizing JLin. Sick and tired of NBA discrimination, racism, bias…… Only still care about NBA because of JLin. Am barely hanging in at times…..

  844. Well, to take a rest, one has to be in a supportive situation where you know if you sit, you don’t endanger your role. TDuncan knows he comes back to a great role. Steph, KT. HBarnes got back into the rotation, but he’s still not stable after a hot start. I’m wondering of he’ll be on the team next year. Etc. JLin may be pushing it because he perceives his role as unstable. Don’t know …

  845. Leading the team to beat Toronto was a warning but Leading the team to beat fully rest and healthy LBJ, Irving, Love and the Cavs first time in decades was the last straw for Clifford to stop the reborn of Linsanity. Sadly Cliff and Cho “so far” are success doing it far enough just to keep Lin in for the wins.

  846. This is a real problem for long term health. Today, I heard a story on the news about a lady college hockey player who had a slight concussion but actively hid it from her parents and coaches in order to keep playing. She got hit hit again later and now can’t play anymore. Her hockey career is over.

    Athletes are wired to be delusional in the belief that they are bulletproof. Look at Kemba, he’s delusional to think he could play 40 minutes a game without repercussions after injury. A normal thinking human would think maybe I shouldn’t push my body too much and pace himself.

  847. Good thing the public does not know what he’s getting.

  848. it’s all about usage, bro. when he’s used correctly as the primary ball handler/distributor, the floor opens up and the whole team gets more open shots which makes it a lot easier to score. games like TOR and CLE where kemba and batum were out respectively are prime examples. but when he’s standing in the corner and no one is passing it to him, he’s usually forcing bad shots and that’s why his shooting percentage is down this season

  849. Looks like back pain. You can tell by the way he stands at the counter.

  850. anti-kembiotics?

  851. Not really. somehow I feel McHale don’t like Lin, he had the same thought as other NBA players, and feel Lin got more than he deserve. I don’t think McHale ever liked Lin.

    Clifford did not don’t like Lin, I think to some degree Clifford like him, but he just likes Kemba way more.

    However, I do feel one thing Clifford and McHale behave the same, that is, somehow they got annoyed when people asked about Lin. That I don’t know why. My speculation is that someone (player) on the team is kind of sensitive to the media and sensitive to whom the team is promoting, thus any question bring up Lin will make those coaches uncomfortable.

    It is not like player don’t do that, on one of Lowe’s podcast, he said that LMA in Portland has been like that, he is so sensitive that he want to preview all the commercial material the team put out, and after he left for Spurs, everyone in the franchise feel relaxed a bit. So there are some high maintainess guys on team will make coach behave like that I guess.

  852. I think Melo really don’t like PJ bc Rondo is not really the idea PG for PJ’s system.

  853. That postgame is labeled wrong. That was for the Pacers game. He mentioned beating a good team 3 times and they only played the Wolves twice, yesterday’s game was the 2nd game. 1 of 2 when Lin is mentioned is for Pacers game, 2 of 2 he talks about Lee guarding Paul George, that’s the Pacers game also.

  854. Who could that player be on Hornets, I wonder???? 🙂

  855. I think Marvin Williams really enjoy Lin as a teammate. He was on the DavidGlenn show earlier and briefly talks about Lin from around 7min mark. He was asked about locker room, Lin bobblehead giveaway and Mohawk

    MW jokes that watching Lin put his hair together before the game is always a trip: He makes sure it stays up.
    MW also very much looking forward to the upcoming Lin bobblehead night and wants an autograph too LOL

  856. wow, Marvin wants to keep JLin’s Bobble-head and have him signed it too =)
    He sounded genuinely excited telling story about JLin’s hair

    “It’s a crazy hair-do but I really like it!”

    Thanks for sharing the link!

  857. Williams is my second favorite hornet. He is professional, good teammate, plays hard, produces on the court, and does not have a big ego. He reminds me of boozer. Veterans who have been around. Know what needs to be done. Comfortable in who they are after going through all the angst of making it in the NBA.

    Younger, selfish players like harden- walker just smack of anxious young guns who still don’t know where their place in the NBA world is.

    Lin who has a ton of reasons to be anxious and turn selfish chooses otherwise. Who is soft now?!

  858. I really like MW. The only Hornets player I like. LOL!

  859. I like MW and Batum they’re really the only players that’s really play team ball

  860. Batum will be #1 guy in this team & I hope if he has to fight w Kemba for ASG next season. He can win. LOL!

  861. i like the sound of it this way rather than giving all mistakes to lin’s control .(part of it yes , but not all)

  862. MKG also can rest because he know that coach reserves his spot well for him!

  863. he is eating the pie and he wants the plate too!

  864. Maybe Clifford thought NB, KW, and Kaminsky had more impactful performances in the game than Lim?

  865. well, i might stay here posting rather than share my thought on the other forum whose being invaded by jaded opinion not just to share it but want to make them the forums bible!

  866. nice thought….

  867. I agree 100 percent….

  868. I did that – too many sprains and put off surgeries. It’s crazy what we think we can do when we are in the zone. You pay for it later in life. Joe Montana says he can’t run anymore. Etc. Yep, people good at something feel a calling, are trained to suppress pain and personal wants, and keep going until they have to pay for it later. Then you add in pro sports all the doctors and trainers. Some go over and dope up. Most just take the cortisone injection and get worn down.

  869. Because no one passing to Lin n standing in the corner affected Lin’s mood, so shooting poorly is not a surprise! Who can shoot well when not in a good mood?

  870. Congratulations JLin for having another little fan:-)

  871. Its been awhile since we have seen the Super Saiyan hairdo

  872. Our boy buying candies? Lol

  873. Li is a sg, sf, center and little bit of everything…lol

  874. Cliff is a student of mchale. He is an assistant of mc hale.

  875. They come from the 80s bigboys club.The stubborn old schools

  876. Lin is a special case. Politics takesover everything whereever he goes.

  877. Oops forgot about that. So, they are in the same breed then!

  878. Wow, it would be nice if he didn’t sacrifice his body for this team so much…

  879. that place has gone kaput…

  880. We all would like JLin not to but it’s his choice/game. The only thing we can do is to support him and pray that he does not get more injuries more than unnecessarily to. Sure glad that he only has 20 regular games to go. I don’t mind to see him to play less minutes but in more meaningful minutes/roles…. and definitely shines in playoff games.

  881. i dearly HOPE NOT!!!

  882. These diehard JLin Taiwanese fans really know everything about JLin:-)

  883. i just recently encounter the Game of GO (though i can’t say i know it and how to play it)…of which i can surmise the principle lies on playing it seems applicable or being applied by JLIN on his own game at hand….and i quote:” If in a bind, look at the center where CALm is..it MAY not win you the battle yet, but will just get you by and get victory at the end”

    got the quote from a korean series “incomplete Life”

  884. Should have known better.

  885. True. Frustrating.

  886. Lol true.

  887. Right on the mark in your analysis.

  888. Very nice. Your views are insightful. Thank you!

  889. I think he is immune to guilt. He is in his glory right now. He will be like mchale who is out from rockets after awhile. Next season, Clifford won’t be coaching the hornets.

  890. that’s true. Batum can rest knowing he’s needed as the 2nd playmaker.
    With Lin, we never know if his role will be further reduced if he rests for too long

  891. Lin is clearly being phased out of the Hornets *sigh*

  892. He will stay at the end of the bench and play during blow out.

  893. Lol. You’re starting to use my “sigh”

  894. Let’s hope and pray that Lin will go to a team who values his attitude and personality.

  895. Could it be the one that was benched once in the 4th quarter in one game and never again after Cliff’s contract extension?:)

  896. Yep. After Bayless complained about Lin’s spiked hairdo, we have not seen it again. That’s his best hairdo since the season began. Maybe Lin got too much attention from that, so jealousy once again reared its ugly head…. who knows…

  897. hehe .. contagious *sigh*

  898. Maybe they will call a flagrant foul with the Mohawk.

  899. I wish coach cliff would react and support Lin when he gets pummeled.

  900. Colbert goes off on Trump and the presidential race. During his rant/joke he mentions Linsanity at 6:40 which gets the loudest cheers from the audience.

  901. Ha ha, Stephen Colbert makes politics so funny.

  902. I don’t see anything funny about his guy, another Hollywood liberal stereotypes against Asian. Many thing happened in 2012 like the super bowl winner NY Giants but he just had to make fun of 2 Asian guys in the same line of mocking Republican M. Romney.

  903. There’s no difference between him and C Rock.

  904. I don’t agree … Linsanity was the biggest thing in sports that year, and Gangum style got hundreds of millions of hits on youtube – these 2 were sensations that year. He made the right call …

  905. Yes, recall 2012 the biggest sports figure and the biggest pop star were both Asian. Love it. More Asian celebrity stay in the conversation, the better for the asian community in the long run. Nothing to make reference to if what you are referring to is too small to recognize.

  906. So was Asian kids, they’re smart, hard work and some have to work early to take care their own poor parents. To them Linsanity was splash in the pan and so was Gangum now.

  907. Colbert is a liberal making fun of Romney, using 2 Asians in the same comparison, I can’t believe you missed it.

  908. I think I’ll just delete the post. Don’t need this to become a political thread.

  909. This is normal to make fun of politician especially in election year. Who cares about Romney? It’s stereotypes against Asian was what I meant.

  910. Great, now i can’t seem to delete my post. I just thought it was cool people were cheering when they saw the Linsanity shirt. He is still missed in New York.

  911. Dont think KW delusional.He doesn’t play defense, he has all the energy to do the offense for 40 min+

  912. new NOP game thread

    The Hornets is enjoying 4-game winning streak after beating the Wolves. JLin was curiously subbed in with 22 seconds left after the Wolves cut a 9-pt lead to 5. After Wiggins scored to cut the lead to 3, JLin made the smart plays to get the ball upon inbound to get fouled and he made 4 clutch FTs to secure the win.

    It’s unknown if any back or ankle injuries affect JLin’s struggle in shooting.

    With Lee still getting more Playing Time after the trade, JLin will get more minutes only when the opponents make the game to be competitive and one of Kemba/Batum struggles.

    Let’s go, JLin! Let’s hope and pray he figures out a way to bounce back strong in his limited minutes to contribute with his shooting & scoring.

  913. can you link me the first video compilation?

  914. Cliffy just needs to be less rigid in the closing line-up. He has been taking Lin out in Q4 when Lin was playing great defense and/or getting in a groove on offense, and subbing in Lee, when the latter was just OK in comparison to Lin.

    I think in the Wolves game, Cliff finally came to his senses, albeit a little too late. They almost lost the game before Cliff finally realized he needed Lin, and subbed Lin back in to save the game.

    I hope that’s a lesson learned for Cliffy. His rigidity is a problem.

  915. Now now be positive jk

  916. With the way hornets are using Lin, we can’t help but sigh. I keep on hoping and praying for him. And for all Lin fans out there to find inner peace and contentment in everything you do. Aim high but with true understanding and sincerity. I’m happy being in this wonderful site for Lin. Thanks to the people running this site. Keep it up!

  917. Cliff now finds the formula to pad Kembas stat, use Lin to win and be in the play offs and give Batum and Lee minutes. All in the glory of Clifford and Kemba. Lin? Not even mentioned in the post game interview unless someone will ask him and he gets annoyed. Really Clifford? I can’t wait for them to be like the Knicks and the Rox

  918. thats why he doesnt get big contracts and more PT

  919. not necessarily
    some people make it work

  920. His ridgidity is all due to fact that his brain is a tree stump.

  921. Watched the long video and Linsanity only got a mild response.

  922. like Melo? Harden? Kobe? Lebron? MJ before he made a change? The game is pretty well balanced, and with 5 players, if one is iced, the other team has an advantage.

  923. durant and westbrook
    Kobe made it work for a long time
    AI did too
    Harden went to conference final last year
    Team ball is effective but not the only way

  924. Ok … how many championships does KD have? Kobe had teammates who he relied on. A darn good coach too. On his own, he hasn’t done too well, and it’s not just his age.

    I saw Harden at the WCF … he choked pretty mightily if you watch that last play. He tried to do it himself and KT, Curry just doubled him and the game was over. The crowded knew it the minute he went for it, and KT, Curry knew it too.

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