G62 DAL @LAL Game Thread

After 5-6 games, Kobe/BScott could not stand Linsanity taking over LA slowly but surely.

So Byron did Kobe’s dirty job to remove Pick-and-Roll to take the ball out of Lin’s hands who has proven to be the best player in the LA team.

Will LA brass and ownership intervene? Or will they let Byron do Kobe’s bidding? We’re about to find out if there are changes in the next few games.

I was hoping Lin can do well against the Mavs so they would have interest to bring in Lin the summer Free Agency. Let’s hope Lin will perform his best despite the sabotage from evil, selfish, egotistical Kobe (and Byron Scott)

Go JLin!ย  ๐Ÿ˜Ž

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Guess JLin's stats in Game 63 vs DET


  1. Me first…YAY

  2. 2nd

  3. Joyce, what do you think about no Lin back to starting lineup? BS won?

  4. Bs is not even close to sniffing the w in “won”

  5. @psalm: regarding your comment “Kobe/BScott could not stand Linsanity taking over LA slowly but surely” <– is this just your guess?

    or do you think that should be the case, based on (1) KB's death stare on TV, followed by BS saying the players shouldn't celebrate (2) BS wants Lin to cut back on PnR?

    just curious how you drew that conclusion, that's all.

  6. I mean he really made FO believe no need to let Lin run O now?

  7. I am not answering for Psalm234 but I think yes, yes and yes

  8. Scott hasn’t won anything. If lin continues playing the pick and roll then Mitch/F/O got involved.

  9. Wow! That’s good news….

  10. Awesome. ..here come the Lindorsements!!!

  11. I personally don’t believe so… I felt the FO has spanked bs before and he will be spank again. ..hahaha

  12. excellent.

    Lin should do more of these if he is approached

  13. Also, this is exposing Scott and the Lakers for the conniving team that they really are.

  14. I hate it every time when the chance for Lin to be back to starting lineup… Kobe & BS will think about something to stop it. smh! It’s OK. Only 21 games to go now.

  15. I think as a LOF, I sensed BS’s got much power over me in my mood swings. I am rejecting it. I am holding on the belief that we control what we can, and God’s plan for all of us is much bigger than any outside force can manipulate. I think through Lin’s witness, even in a silly sport like playing basketball, it enforces our trust and steadfast in our endurance through tough times. Looking forward for Lin to thrust into the future God set out for him, and he certainly will reach it.
    This is the DAY that the Lord has made, and I am glad in it, especially in this ALLHIS SONDAY.

  16. Jlin is in beast mode wether starting or off the bench. .. it doesn’t matter

  17. Go Jlin!!! Make rondo your cute little ponies toy tonight.

  18. โ€œIt might take another week, or two or three,โ€ Scott said about Young after talking with team doctors and head athletic trainer Gary Vitti. โ€œ[Nick] doesnโ€™t know. It depends on how fast he heals. Weโ€™re not in a hurry. He still has some pain in there. Thatโ€™s the biggest concern.โ€

  19. Yup…. must be punishment for the celebration.

  20. Haha! That’s what I thought…. I think he will be traded bc BS’ comment after that celebration it’s he should not wear Lakers uniform….?! If Young can really out of Lakers will be a blessing for him. Stay W Kobe…. that death stare…. Not a good thing for sure. smh!

  21. I personally don’t even think lin cares. Lin was never going to start, because lin will win the games. I think he will continue to let lin play his game and pull the plug in the 4th quarter like he normally does.

  22. Can’t wait for this summer exodus with Jlin leading the way just like Moses

  23. Young not playing in this game has me thinking he may not want to play for BS. Swaggy could not wait to come back from his thumb injury but now he is taking his time with this injury. The timetable keeps changing.

  24. Jlin next documentary shall be titled “Return of the Linsanity”… complete with movement number 4… Dragon seek path.

  25. Ya! I think BS can’t stop Lin to play his game. Even Lin may not get the help from his teammates to get the win but he should be doing well.

  26. Amen.

  27. Exactly.

  28. Right now it’s not up to him but coach. I guess he may not play for this season. Ellington can do it for Young & he is BS’ player.

  29. I particularly like #DontCrackUnderPressure”!!!! So appropriate for JLin!

  30. He is playing with boozer,davis,kelly and sacre, these guys lay well with lin.

  31. Ya! But BS will not put these players in late 4Q for Lin to close the game. Unless he really wants to win…. smh!

  32. Please add the p. .. hahaha. There are certain words that can’t be misspelled… unless you change guys to gals…hehe

  33. You raise an interesting point. Could psalm prove his case in a court of law beyond a reasonable doubt? Without help from the NSA in the form of wiretaps, bugging, email and text message records, it would be difficult. In fact there are tons of Kobe fanatics, even among Lin fans, who would strenuously argue against such a “preposterous” accusation. After all Kobe is such a superstar! Why would he even lower himself by getting involved in the treatment of a nobody, scrub like Jeremy Lin. (Roll my eyes.)

    But, if you have been paying attention to all of the drama surrounding Lin, Kobe, BS and the Lakers this season. If you consider who has the ability and the motive to artificially marginalize Lin. And if you take into account the most recent events you mention such as the death stare, prohibition against celebrating victories, and idiotic criticisms by BS of the PnR, then it becomes pretty obvious that Kobe is the perpetrator.

  34. Agreed! (but slight tweak: “The Return of Linsanity” or “The Return of the Linsanity King”)

  35. The curious case of Byron Scott aka bs….

  36. The end of the season will be coming soon. We are already 8 days into march, last game is April 15.

  37. … and the death of haters.

  38. Ya! Really can’t wait for the summer to come….

  39. Coach Scott is driving Ellington into the ground with the heavy minutes.

  40. Still advertising lins picture…smh

  41. Also Clarkson.

  42. We are to this by now. Scott will use them when they play the clippers, and that you can bet on.

  43. Just like HOU, PR do one thing but coach on court it’s the other way….

  44. BS tried to help him get the next contract from Lakers.

  45. I think the reason Scott/Kobe are trying hard to get lin off the team, because kobe wants be surround by nobodies, so that he can look like the best player on the team, and try to squeeze another contract out of the Lakers.

  46. I think the extend contract it’s the main reason why he push Lin so hard & hope he will not stay w Lakers bc if Lin stays then FO most likely will not sign him again…. but if w/o Lin, Buss family will beg Kobe to stay & sign Rondo for him.

  47. this is the same for Carmelo Anthony. they want to win, but they have all of these conditions that come along with it…which counters the winning part.

  48. Exactly. Linsanity electrifies the crowd and, in the case of LA,. even gets them free tacos. It’s easy to see that would make stars like Melo and especially a washed-up Kobe green with envy.

    It has little to do with Kobe trying to extend his contract. For that Kobe will have to play at a decent level next season. Not very likely to happen.

  49. Getting that sixth ring is next to impossible for Kobe right now if that is his thinking.

  50. Guys, I watched his interview with Amad Rasahd and he said that 2015 was not going to be his last year to play. He said that he didn’t know when he would retire. He came on twitter and said the same thing. So in Kobe’s mind he still wants to play and be the King of the hill in lA, and that why lin has to go. Whatever happening with lin is because of Scott/Kobe.Mitch knows they are scheming, so he controlling what he can when it comes to lin.

  51. I guess so Kobe didn’t want to retire & he wants to be the King for Lakers … smh! Lin has to go bc Kobe & BS will give Lin miserable life again if he stays since this FO is not strong enough to stop it.

  52. Yeah, well if he can make it to January 1st of next season that will be 2016. So 2015 wouldn’t be his last year. But I bet he won’t even make it through preseason. Kobe is in denial.

  53. Unfortunately, even though JC does the tanking job as good as KB, his stats are superior to KB’s, which makes KB’s return next season difficult.

  54. I think Kobe will return no matter what… Unless he really can’t play anymore….

  55. Exactly. He will play some games and some games he won’t. Kobe ain’t no trying to win a championship, this kobe wanting to get as money as hw can from the Lakers

  56. Yeah. What I mean is even though KB/BS try their best to pad JC’s stats to take Lin out of the spotlight, the medicine is even more poisonous to KB because JC is a SG no matter how they decorate him, and compares directly to KB.

  57. kobe will never play in the same backcourt with someone who shoots as much and holds the ball as much before shooting. clarkson is just a smokescreen, a “development” excuse for tanking.

    after he has served his purpose he will be long gone and forgotten.

    there are various scenarios possible as to what happens to clarkson when kobe comes back (and kobe will come back, and again and again). try to anyway
    with same results as last year and this year.

    but there is no scenario where clarkson plays in the same backcourt with kobe.

  58. hire the kevin durant law firm.

  59. Yep, and they will move on to develop Randle. Clarkson was one of those anybody but Lin.Also If Clarkson starts getting to much praise Scott/Kobe will cook up another scheme

  60. yep

  61. Kobe doesn’t care about the last ring, kobe wants to be paid. The new salaries kick in 2017 with more money.Kobe trying to hang until then. That is what he is trying to do. This team won’t be in contention until kobe leaves and then they can start rebuild, and who knows when that will be.

  62. So lin’s purpose in coming LA was to up his game and expose the rottenness of the Lakers so that other FA won’t come here..LOL

  63. Tonight would be interesting. How Lin play? What’s Lin’s minutes? Would Lin close out 4Q? How fans at Staples Center react?

    Just play your game, Lin.

  64. yep, i think so too. This will be Rondo’s audition tonight for the Lakers.

  65. LOL! it was part of god’s perfect plan.

  66. Also to make Lin a complete player, for the next championship team.

  67. Yep

  68. What an eventful game for Lin when the Knicks played Dallas on Feb. 19th, 2012 (during Linsanity) :

    Playing time : 46 minutes (no overtime)
    Field goals : 11 for 20
    Assists : 14
    Steals : 5
    Blocks : 1
    Turnovers : 7 (6 came in 2nd half)

    See : http://scores.espn.go.com/nba/boxscore?gameId=320219018

  69. That is what God does. Lin has passed this test, now it is time for him to get his reward.

  70. If lin can’t get the ball they way he wants, he will go into his defensive mode. I am really liking the mode lately. that gets him fired up.

  71. After an impressive 7 days on the court, @JLin7 earns our #Lakers Player of the Week honors. pic.twitter.com/zfgeYQwjTr— TWC SportsNet (@TWCSportsNet) March 8, 2015

  72. If you think of it in reverse, that could be the reason why they allowed Lin to play his game 5 games in a row. But KB couldn’t stand it any longer, he doesn’t want any player better than him to join anyway.

  73. LOL, what are they up to now?

  74. I bet Cuban asked Chandler to recruit lin, even if Rondo stays. Dallas does not have a good bench.

  75. I think lin playing his game came from Mitch/F/O. Mitch knows that kobe/Scott scheming. Also you haven’t heard a peep from scott about what said about lin cutting back on his pick and rolls because it stagnates the offense, and is easy to guard, what an idiot.

  76. So this is the lakers doing cleanup for Scott’s stupid statements yesterday..smh

  77. the last time he was player of the week. they immediately started driving his playing time down.

  78. Ya! Also Lin’s audition for Mav too… Haha!

  79. I love that lin is not answering that FA question. Some of the players said that they want to stay with the Lakers. Lin ain’t playing that game.

  80. JC just a tool to push Lin out of Lakers from Kobe & BS. He will not get the same freedom when Kobe is back.

  81. Lin is rewarded as bench player for being player of the week…. I admire Lin’s patience, I would just say I am injured for the rest of the season like what Nick Young is doing.

  82. Why? He is not even allow back to starting lineup now this? smh!

  83. Lin not doing bigger endorsements during linsanity may have been a miscalculation. If he had a ton of corporate money behind him, their reps would be upset how Lin’s brand is being marginalized on the court.

  84. Oh! Ya! I think so.

  85. Lin is a better man than me I would just say that I want to stay with the Lakers then get to be a starter (this is maybe why they demoted him back to bench) with more minutes then dump them after the season but he is an honest man.

  86. No worries, i think the defensive lin will show up tonight and I think he will make his shots. Also I think this Laker’s way of trying to cleanup Scott’s stupid remarks. This by far was the most idiotic statement he could have made. I think lin response was like “are you kidding me right now”.LOL

  87. Bec. Lin didn’t say he wanted to stay a Laker

  88. I think in these last seven games lin has shown what he can do, and also scott got exposed by not playing to his strengths, so I think lin is alright.

  89. I think bc he has more than one team wants him that’s why he doesn’t want to answer the question. He is smart bc if you talk to your team first then unhappy like Dragic you have to either take the deal you don’t like to stay or broke up then ship out…. but wait until FA that gives Lin more control over everything not pressure or rush to make the decision.

  90. Exactly. I think that his agents have gotten a lot of calls about him.

  91. I think so that’s why Lin said he is not worry about it.

  92. That’s why he also dare to speak out what’s in his mind…. Bc right now it’s his turn to pick up his own choice not like 3 years ago only had Rox so….

  93. He’ll not talk about FA question before it’s time to decide, not even to his parents lol. We got time to know.

  94. Was this today?

  95. No this was after the Memphis game.

  96. At this point, I am not sure Cuban will sign Rondo or not after read his Yahoo interview… But I think Rondo has been changed a lot… he lower his attitude & even talked to coach all the time?! But the problem is Mav keeps L

  97. Rondo is going where the biggest salary is, and that is LA, then it will be LA.

  98. Haha! I hope so…

  99. The art of flopping..

    300 lb Flop… https://t.co/gsqHt5z9jz— LetsGoWarriors (@LetsGoWarriors) March 8, 2015

  100. rondo is the perfect fit for kobe (not saying he’s going there)–because he is a big name pg that doesn’t shoot. only he and rubio have that distinction.

    also someone here said he still “drives” perhaps but not to the extent of being in danger of drawing fouls, as not only can he not shoot free throws, he doens’t take any!

    he only shoots 1 free throw a game. 1. who are the other starting pg’s taking only 1 f.t a game? names you mite be familiar with who serve(d) equal functions:

    ronnie price and patrick beverly.

  101. Bingo, nothing but word

  102. Lin should not return to LA. Such BS PR out there. The yo-yo treatment.

  103. No worries, lin is not returning to LA

  104. clippers have no bench. with crawford out the second unit consists of 3 guys who weren’t even in the league not so long ago and two guys who have been in the league since way way too long ago.

  105. That is exactly why Rondo will be a laker next season because Mitch/F/O will panic.

  106. This will dep[end on the owner and Doc. The owner is also a Harvard grad…just sayin….

  107. haha Big baby is too funny. he is a terrible actor, but sold it.

  108. I believe if Lin is not stay then Mitch will sign Rondo for Kobe.

  109. If Lakers pay max to Rondo, they will be stuck as a non-playoff team for another 3 or 4 years.

  110. Doesn’t matter if he starts or not to be honest.

  111. Really petty person. And BS is a Christian too.

  112. web, you and I know that is where they are headed. that will long enough for Phils contract to be up in NY and he come to LA and help Jeannie rule the Lakers..LOL I also think konbe trying to hangout until the 2017 salary because the players will get increases. I told you guys kobe is a straight up sociopath.

  113. Of course he will. LOL

  114. You know what I find interesting is that there are no pictures of lin/Parson chandler hanging out. You know they got together. Seems that they might not want to be seen together if lin is signing with the Mavericks off season…and the plot thickens…

  115. I saw Groupon deals for Lakers games; that’s sad. They play the most boring style of game in NBA. If Rondo runs the team, it will be even more boring. It will be not fun to see Kobe and Rondo bricking.

  116. Oh, Jeannie is panicking big time, so that is why they will overpay Rondo.LOL

  117. It’s amazing how they can’t realize that Rondo’s best days are over. I rather take Rubio over Rondo.

  118. It really doesn’t. I think it helps lin figure out the defensive/offensive schemes when he is on the bench so that when he comes in he knows where the deficiencies are on the opposing team.

  119. Yea as much as i like the laker gm dscott is too much of a fool

  120. They will sign Rondo, because Kobe wants it.

  121. Yeah, scott really is a very stupid coach, and i think that drives lin crazy, that scott doesn’t understand the new skills sets of today’s players.

  122. Web, please don’t let me start with these so called “christians”. My pastor always says that the majority of the mess makers on a job are the so called Christians and he was very right about that.LOL

  123. Christian in title don’t mean Christian in heart. But we’re getting into personal and sensitive territory here so let’s not.

  124. I think in will have his defensive hat on most of the game. He is playing with Boozer/Davis/Scare who does pass him the ball. I think Boozer will help lin play his game tonight. Boozer quoted some scripture on twiiter today and I reminded him that he needs to help lin out.

  125. Someone posted a video of why Atlanta’s offence is so good on the last thread. ALL LIN FANS SHOULD WATCH IT AND YOU WILL APPRECIATE HOW DUMB BRYRON SCOTT IS. Atlanta runs basically two types of plays, double screens for 3s and PnR for PG. This is everything Scott doesnt want to do, while almost all NBA teams do now.

  126. I like this idea too, as long as Lin is not there.

  127. Yep, no pics of lin/Chandler in LA…hmmm

  128. I think mitch might have called him on his remarks about lin’s pick and roll. I think Scott is now embarrassed on his statements because they were pretty stupid on his part, and now TCW declaring lin the player of the week. Also Laker TV displaying Lin’s pics as the cover for the game between the Lakers/Mavericks smells like cleanup to me.

  129. Just a short time ago the clippers were the hot team. Now I barely hear about them in the positive. That was fast.

  130. Lol. If I’m playing for the opposing team I’d feel pretty stupid not to foul Rondo…

  131. “Victory is certain”

  132. Yeah. Even though the F/O has been marginalized by Kobe, they still try to deliver a message to potential FAs that they may not be marginalized if they join LAL.

  133. they are a two man team with half that two man not available.

    westbrook could fill for durant but paul can’t fill for griffith. (okc actually has a good deep team now after t.d. deals)

    paul outplayed curry 2day but didn’t matter.

  134. because CP3 is afraid to bring a decent PG to back him up, because he is so afraid of somebody overtaking his position,There is some talk now that Doc is favotring his son over CP and that DeAndre Jordan is risingg fast as the face of the franchise.

  135. any team with big baby and heto turkoglu in its rotation is not going anywhere.

  136. I second that, the only category that I win against Lin….is my age.

  137. and the Clips have an organized bench.

  138. It is not going to work. Mitch/F/O got to show the FA’s that come there that will have their backs against kobe and his crew and they have not shown that.

  139. This is unrelated, but Joyce do you think Jeannie pressured Mitch and co to sign BS as coach? Because whenever Scott opens his mouth it goes against modern day basketball. Seems like the opposite of what Mitch said he wanted to do.

  140. I think that Mitch’s first choice was George Karl, I think George wanted to be compensated for having to coach Kobe, (which Sac made him over Basketball operations) and I think that is what he wanted from the Laker’s and they were not willing to do it. I think Kobe came up with Scott name and Scott promised them that he could control kobe, but he couldn’t. Also with support from the Showtime Lakers, I think Mitch was relieved despite Scott’s record because they told Mitch that they would be consultants to scott on the team, which never happened.

  141. Wow thanks for the answer.

  142. Per Acbc ‘s request, I will repost the ATL PHX and Spurs’ video


  143. Wow point of PnP per possession, lin is in top 5. He’s tied with LBJ n Durant and better than Lillard.

  144. How do you know this?

  145. channeling the spirit of the gipper.

  146. LOL

  147. It’s not who is better player but who is Kobe wants next to him….

  148. So Lin will get the endorsement from TAG Heuer.

  149. I particular like where he picked at least 5 PGs so far. Mario, Dragic, etc..

  150. I think so… they must be think bright future ahead of him to give him the contract now.

  151. No but like it.

  152. I am curious which one will he wear…

  153. Really? Good brand. Source?

  154. I saw someone post it on JlinGarden’s FB page.

  155. TAG Heuer has good taste !

  156. Nice!

  157. I own a Tag.

  158. A TAG endorsement deal will put Lin in the bigger leagues. …

  159. Thanks!!

  160. The more scott speaks the stupider he shows himself to be as a coach in the NBA. I will be at the game today so interested in seeing whether there will be and how much PnR.

  161. Great. Please give us a good report and if possible, post it when you are able to:-)

  162. Will try for sure.

  163. Thanks in advance! Big hug from Downunder:-)

  164. We should put these videos on one of the pages for educational purposes. We all love watching Lin play in a good offensive scheme. A lot of times, we don’t see how or why great teams can operate so efficietly. This type of educational vids will help average Lin fans overseas to be more knowledgable. They then can see how badly Lakers have mistreated Lin.

    Paul’s vids serve this purpose, but having videos like these at the ready for Lin fans will help to raise the knwoledge level of all lin fans.

  165. 7 mini Linsanity games give a glimpse of what Lin can do. With non-coach plays, 2nd tied teammates, hostile refs, less than 30 minutes PT, this is what Lin could deliver. 4 out of 7 opponent teams coaches/players gave props to Lin directly in public.

    Just imagine what Lin could deliver if he is given the real PG role in a team with full trust from his coaches and players and with sound sets and plays. Just imagine.

  166. Hopefully they over compensate tonight and pnr every time Lin is in, surrounded by shooters who move.

  167. You made me google gipper.

  168. Not when Hill is in ๐Ÿ˜›

  169. Pave the road for Rondo and half-time PG Kobe.

  170. So if it’s a stretch that Clarkson can be a starting PG, yet Lin is a bench player…

  171. Meaning Ellington? Another SG playing PG? Scott must have dreamed of doing it when he was playing SG for the Lakers.

  172. Off topic: I glanced at an ESPN headline saying how Russell Westbrook is playing distributor so far in the OKC game. 8 assists/7 TO! I feel like similar things were said when Kobe had those kinds of stats. JLin would never get complimented on those kind of TO numbers.

  173. My predicttion for the game tonight is Jeremy will take what is given. He will not force up bricks or make wild passes for turnnovers. He will continue to play hardnosed defense. He is a very DISCIPLINED AND INTELLIGENT PLAYER.

  174. Meaning Lin stays on thebench while his SG changes.

  175. http://bballbreakdown.com/buckets/app/#/playerView/202391_2014

    Cool statistics on whatever NBA player you’re interested in!

  176. Scott's reasoning for keeping J. Lin in the 2nd unit is b/c he's played well off the bench & he likes the way Clarkson's played as a starter— Serena Winters (@SerenaWinters) March 9, 2015

    Think Lin was going to get the start but because Clarkson got that 25 point game last game, BS changed his (little) mind.

  177. Well, what else is he going to say… but he’s right about JC being a SG.

  178. great coaching? hmm think Carlisle is being sarcastic

  179. Yeah but I also think many companies are realizing that his strength as a brand ambassador is not all dependent on basketball. He’s an intelligent, inspirational person and that is enough for many of his fans to follow him.

  180. Wait I thought the player that did good got benched next game? Oh wait, only applies to JLin

  181. He can’t really badmouth another coach.

  182. “Who cares about Lakers next season?” Lin & Lin fans said

  183. Yea got to keep it professional

  184. yeah but using great to describe BS is just going too far

  185. i prefer Lin play with Ed Davis( nice PNR with Lin), Booz (starting to create nice screens for Lin for PNR), Kelly (spacing), (would like T Black in there also but he’s starting)

  186. Seems like this Voncent is Tag’s marketing manager..

  187. That’s true. But I think they need him to have stage to shine for good PR. They sure talked to Lin about his future so….like Lin said he is not worry about it.

  188. Everyone can tell he is a SG not PG. His AS just not really he creates more like he needs to….

  189. Byron Scott doesn’t like PnR.

  190. The message is they are likely to be on the roster next season.

  191. BS thinks PnR is too much iso. Doesnt move the ball.

  192. How many did he make lol

  193. Translation: “I see what you did there. BS dumb coverup ain’t fooling no one.”

  194. The fans will be the final judge. They seem to be giving up on the Lakers.

  195. Minny, Philly and Orlando have all won recently, so Lakers can afford to win this one at home to please the fans.

    Additionally, Spurs just knocked Mavs into 7th, and it’d be great if Jeremy can school Rondo and solidify Mavs’ standing below Spurs while raising his own FA value.

  196. Definitely. Rubio is a game changer that Rondo isn’t.

  197. A max contract and 4 years of dismal team record to please Kobe Bryant.

  198. Rondo is a hard headed player. He won’t get along well with Kobe.

  199. This is the best penalty for dissing Lin this season.

  200. Yeah good point, I truly want JLin to perform well against the Mavs in hope to impress Cuban that Lin would be the engine to bring him that 2nd ring.

    But knowing how BScott had intervened to do Kobe’s evil bidding, I can only hope for Lin’s best to get hot and be totally unconscious in shooting buckets like the ocean!

  201. PRAY he takes no risk and make no TO.

  202. LOL Byron might be allergic to sushi and hates “Pick-an” Roll
    The guy doesn’t use Princeton and now hates PnR too ..

    He’s making a mockery of himself by agreeing to become Kobe’s yes man this season.
    Oh well, things that people do for the love of money! It’s his loss really to throw his name further down the drain.

  203. This seems to be a guarantee for the cellar position of the league.

  204. You can’t help but start feeling sorry for the Laker fans and TWC Cable.

  205. I think you’re right that Carlisle meant to say “great tanking” sarcastically as “great coaching”

  206. Nobody can get good team record out of rotten organization.

  207. When this contract expires, Kobe is going to have another lethal contract so he could play till 40 being ranked as the 400th player in NBArank by ESPN with a max contract. LOL.

  208. Austin Rivers scored 22 pts, 8 for 14, highest of the team. CP3 could have some pressure.

  209. Feel sorry for them. The Lakers will not be contending anytime soon.

  210. In fact, these do happen all the time… but no one ever bc of this to be replace like Lin. I read Kelly did play well last season w 25 points too… look at him now?! BS just use JC as a tool to push Lin to out of Lakers.

  211. No the Lakers will save those wins for the Knicks and the Clippers.

  212. Charlotte has won 5 games in a roll with Mo Williams as the leading playmaker.
    What an investment (< $4m per season)? GM should manage the cap properly to team success.
    On the contrary, Lakers spent the best part of their cap on injury list.
    Without Mo the Hornets wouldn't be in the playoff picture with Miami and Indiana chasing it neck to neck.

  213. Lin practices 2s as well as 3s.

  214. Helps to have dad as coach.

  215. I believe Dallas will put Rondo on Clarkson.

  216. 15 secs left OKC ahead Toronto by 2 points. OKC ball. OKC survives.

  217. Miller is a puppet for BS and Bryant.

  218. I’d LOVE to see Miller defend BS’ “less PNR” talk. ๐Ÿ™‚

  219. Bryon says Nick is not ready and might be 2-3 games or even more. Swelling in Knee.

  220. Maybe lin will play his game??

  221. Did he? I don’t tune in to listen to bias instead professional opinion.

  222. Start or bench, as long as Hill and JC don’t share court time with Jeremy.

  223. Miller will not be happy to hear Lin’s name mention… Well, don’t really care about what Miller’s opinion bc he’s just a clown.

  224. Another try-out game for Lin. Hope he does well.

  225. Of course not. He’s a complete douche but I suspect even HE knows not to make a speech THAT stupid.

  226. Kobe decided to come to this game to recruit Rondo…LOL

  227. For Rondo? Haha!

  228. Appreciate the news, but please refrain from posting eyesore photos. *ewww*

  229. Great point, he never at the game since surgery.

  230. No doubt

  231. Exactly. They have all of the ball hoggers in the starting lineup. LOL

  232. Lin was dribbling and parsons came up behind lin to say hello. They chatted briefly and now back to warming up

  233. Sorry…LOL

  234. Thanks.

  235. now i like their product…LOL!!!

  236. Are you at the game?

  237. I’m rooting for Charlotte and New Orleans to make the playoff.

  238. Yes

  239. Would LOVE to see Rondo and Lin trade places next season. Better yet see Lin’s Mavs mutilate Kobe/Rondo Lakers.

  240. Did Lin shoot well?

  241. Bromance :] Enjoy the game!

  242. He’s the perfect embodiment of their motto!

  243. he will let his FAV player play PnR because he wants them to shine, but he will ask jeremy to Lessen his calling of PnR because it stagnate the offense..what a brainer of a coach!

  244. Thanks for the update. Have fun! Go Linsanity!!! ๐Ÿ™‚

  245. Free throws not good during warm ups. Shooting was okay.

  246. Still warming up

  247. Good to know that….

  248. Tell us more after the game. ๐Ÿ™‚

  249. AC Green is the true Iron Man of the NBA, and >> Worthy in my book.

  250. Mo Williams is underrated as much as Deron and Rajon are overrated. Davis playing his heart out so it’s hard not to root for the Pelicans.

  251. Holy smokes Russell Westbrook
    40 minutes 11 rebounds, 17 assists, 4 steals, 1 block, 9 turnovers, 1 pf, +5, 30 points.

  252. mo williams has been the most improved pg in the nba since asg; even more so than lin or clarkson. and tho not a great individual game 2nite won again. charlotte looking good.

  253. Why is Worthy even in your book?! Scratch him out. lol

  254. death stare 2nite.

  255. Look closely on Boozer’s hands, he reacted in the same way I did. It is truly disgusting that KB can’t be bothered to come cheer his teammates, but shows up when a rival is in town. Speaks volumes on the lack of respect on Kobe’s part.

  256. very astute. the difference between the other tanking teams without explaining the reasons they are: the only 1 where the team has the talent its just the coach misusing to fail is the lakers.

  257. Kobe is here to make sure no one has fun.

  258. Who is he?

  259. apparently d. harris out 2nit? if so would mean more minutes for rondo.

  260. Go Lin and break some more ankles!

  261. Takes game to know game, no wonder Jeremy was at Mo’s camp. BTW, you gotta adjust Lin’s performance for the BS shackle factor.

  262. Really?

  263. Yeah , he’s not worthy!

  264. Just saw lin did a handshake with Ellington and they do the wave

  265. No i think she was just kidding

  266. Only Ellington?

  267. BTW, did you hear crowd yells “PNR, PNR…” lol

  268. Cowabunga Turtle power!!

  269. AC Green was on the 80s Lakers champ teams with Worthy.

  270. Clarkson needs to be careful and not play too well and the crowd shouting his name because he will be on the bench next game. LOL

  271. LOL

  272. Looks like Kobe is in the house. Probably came to recruit Rondo. Good, take Rondo, Lin to Mavs, sounds a like a plan.

  273. Lakers might as well put up a billboard of Rondo wearing #17 jersey.

  274. Kobe Bryant sitting on the team bench to watch Lakers-Mavs. Surprisingly no reaction from Staples Center— Mark Medina (@MarkG_Medina) March 9, 2015

    Kobe has been exposed. Fans following suit. Time to move on. Future of Lakers is not with Kobe

  275. Only the toughest guy in the NBA.

  276. lol

  277. Because no one likes a party pooper.

  278. For comparison purposes, highlights other greats… ๐Ÿ™‚

  279. Oh oh, Lin won’t close out 4Q. The death stare is right there handy.

  280. With the starting lineup, maybe JLin gets extended time with Boozer and Davis?

  281. Lin checking in already. Crowd please cheer PNR!!!

  282. Jeremy comin’ in… Rondo prepare to be pulverized!

  283. How is that not a foul

  284. Clarkson would not pass to Lin even he’s in trouble.

  285. If they let that go then Lin play closer on defense check if the refs call it the same on both sides

  286. PG of both teams have 2 TOs.

  287. Christian in name only. There are hypocrites out there. That’s why there’s a word for it. People who want the PR, and will throw up a prayer if the going gets really tough, but DO NOT walk the walk.

  288. Kobe actually at the game. First time I’ve seen that.

  289. Lin looks like he doesn’t care

  290. Lin does not look happy at all. Must be very frustrated.

  291. I saw that.

  292. JLin guarding Ellis

  293. How the f Clarkson handing the ball?SMH

  294. Must be Kobe’s presence…

  295. Lin came in w/ “F*ck it” or “mad” attitude. Not sure if it is good thing.

  296. Kobe only shows up to games for opponents. Good for team morale

  297. Lin to Davis.

  298. Alley ooooop!

  299. The way I see it, Clarkson will struggle big time once he gets out of rookie zone.

  300. Funny as soon as Davis comes in, a JLin Davis score

  301. “Told you not to PnR right away” BS

  302. This only applies to Lin.

  303. do your best lin

  304. End of prior timeout. Am are gave lin a tap and so did barea after barea entered the game. I didn’t hear pnr

  305. n f dem.

  306. And Carlisle calls a timeout. Unlike BS, Carlisle DOES believe in adjustments.

  307. 2TOs

  308. Lin plays better in the Yellow Dragon Adidas shoes. Tonight hes wearing the white ones, which I also like. But in the yellow shoes, he plays better.

  309. Not much movement with Clarkson at PG

  310. Stu only wants to talk about Clarkson.

  311. Thanks nice to know someone still looks out for him, even in opposing teams!

  312. Stuck with LAL feed…

  313. JC D is so bad.

  314. out for min, was lIn guarding Barea?

  315. JC cant guard Barea haha, what a joke

  316. But didn’t talk about how he got beat by Barea.

  317. Has lin get any TOV yet?

  318. none yet

  319. our old friend: Felton!

  320. Clarkson to Lin for the layup.

  321. JLin ends the quarter with a layup

  322. Glad it’s not Lin.

  323. How tall is barea

  324. Oh he did say something about Lin making a shot harder than it had to be. Very professional…

  325. Barea is shorter than him…

  326. 5.9 with shoes?

  327. They put Rondo on Lin.

  328. 6.0 ft.

  329. I know. Me 2. Can’t find any other feed.

  330. No.

  331. 4′ 11″ with shoes

  332. Exactly

  333. Ha lol

  334. We can honor this site’s values of not being ugly and viciously disrespectful and still manage to call out hypocrisy when it shows itself on such a consistent and obvious scale as Scotts words and actions. People can gold-leaf themselves with all kinds of titles and declarations of belief, and can become extremely agitated and defensive if their self-declarations are questioned. But aggression and defense are not the proof of truth. Marginalization, unkindness, undependability, half-truths and untruths, jealousy, vindictiveness…these are things not just we but the larger world have consistently seen from Scott. They are not values that Christ spoke or acted out. They are things he actively counseled against…they are not Christian values. I think the saying goes “God hates the sin, but not the sinner.” In the meantime, however, it’s legitimate to question whether someone who professes faith but does not practice the core values can in truth claim the title.

  335. I’m taller than him!!! lol.

  336. That’s the official height. Mother says he’s closer to 5’10”

  337. The more I watch JC’s game, the more I dislike him. Icing JLin is another repulsive move of him.

  338. Clarkson is out!

  339. Yeah. He does pick up these selfish stat padding tricks fast.

  340. Boozer and Davis both there to cleanup for JLin

  341. Lin missed Davis-Boozer connects.

  342. JLin is having troubles finishing at the basket. He must be mentally fatigued with all BS s?it.

  343. a lot of blocks.
    Lin cold hands again, ๐Ÿ™

  344. Lin Davis once again

  345. Lin-Davis

  346. Lin to Davis!

  347. Great trailer pass to Davis for the layup.

  348. Kobe didn’t clap on that last play with Lin to Davis for layup. Rest of team clapped.

  349. Rick Carlisle called timeout for Lin-Davis

  350. Relax, he missed a few at the basket but those may fall in the 2nd half.

  351. Kobe there to make sure B Scott doesn’t allow Linsanity.

  352. That’s crappy on Kobe’s part. Weird dude.

  353. bandwagon disliker. ive disliked clarkson since preseason.

  354. No he is there to recruit Rondo

  355. Ya! He needs to make sure Lin looks bad.

  356. Kobe is there…I guess it has a negative effect..lol

  357. I retract my comment about barea that he is 4′ 11″ as he walk in during timeout he pass charlie v. …..he is 4’0″ feet only

  358. Dont’ be too mean, lol

  359. No.. i see blood!

  360. Do give him a benefit of doubt. Well he proves me wrong in giving him any benefit of doubt. Sad!

  361. Lin gets hit on face and nose bleed.

  362. Been looking at Kobe’s body language he really doesn’t want to be there.

  363. no foul?

  364. foul was called.

  365. you know what that means….Linsanity about to be unleashed

  366. Another blown assist…

  367. Nice to see Ellington checking up on Lin when he was at the sideline with the trainer.

  368. Tyson talks to Lin. lol

  369. Notice that the Lakers have been on a nice run since JLin got to be PG

  370. LInsanity reunion, next season.

  371. finally … a call

  372. Tyson: Sign with the Mavs next year, JLin. I want to catch some more alleyoops from you.

  373. Lin makes 2 FTs.

  374. Mark Cuban watching the Game. Lin is basically auditioning for next season to play for Mavs. Go Lin. Impress Cuban.

  375. BS took the best scorer, shot blocker out!

  376. Currently the Mavs starters vs the Lakers bench

  377. BS cost Lakers 5 points after taking davis out.

  378. Lin out.

  379. BS took out both Davis and Boozer from Lin.
    Men, you’re doing too well.
    Lin must stay. Oh no, Lin is out too.

  380. Lin out. Watch Lakers fall behind again.

  381. dinner time!

  382. Stu praising Rondo.

  383. I’ll be reading until the late 3rd quarter then.

  384. LOL Let’s see how far it will fall. 3rd Qtr will be worse:-)

  385. Slam dunk right on your face from Dallas!

  386. Yup. Gonna go do homework.

  387. Mute Stu

  388. How is rondo playin?

  389. Ellington growing out beard? Trying to copy Harden?

  390. Poor Kelly is very close to Lin too who’s still struggled shootin.

  391. In BS’s rotation, Lin is the one who has the longest duration between his playtime.

  392. Stu loves kissing donkey’s rear end

  393. Every game Lin is in we are winning he is out we start losing. Does it take a genius. Then again Scott hate the math thingy

  394. Tyson is getting old though.

  395. Ok…not good not bad..

  396. Now starters and the bench all scored 18 points each.

  397. I think Scott saves Lin for the 2nd half, but it isn’t sound. Lin should get 30 minutes, more than he’s getting.

  398. He’s still upset the audience did not give loud cheer for his royal Kobeness’ presence.

  399. BS doesn’t do too well in stats.

  400. Black is schooled!

  401. Lin out lead gone

  402. Ellington starts missing shots when Lin is out.

  403. He isn’t the same without lin

  404. Rondo is king of TOs.

  405. He tries to be to cute. Just pass the ball my dude

  406. WOW 6 pts differences for couple minutes since JLin subs out. Wonderful!

  407. What’s the appeal of him? I never thought he was that great but he’s awful out there tonight.

  408. I sure happy that Lin played conservative and made no TO.

  409. already 6 assists, pretty good today.

  410. Rando discontinues all the time. It’s crazy refs just watch him do it all day

  411. Clarkson -9, Lin +3 despite Kelly.

  412. That soon!

  413. LOL It will be going to be worse in 3rd qtr.

  414. Davis-Lin-Boozer is the best combination for Lakers.

  415. actually it usually happens faster than that.

  416. I can’t really weigh in since I can’t see it. Maybe it was deleted already?

  417. thats why it gets the fewest minutes together.

  418. I am pretty sure Kobe is there to see Rondo, not supporting Lakers.

  419. Rondo shoot 3! Come on, you couldn’t hit it

  420. Yep, i agree.

  421. Lin and Parsons are alike. When they were out, the lead was lost.

  422. Ellis missed both FTs? weird.

  423. He believes he is supporting the team… recruiting Rondo.

  424. i like yer “despite kelly” clause.

  425. Ellington picked up most or all of his stats when he’s with Lin.

  426. it always is.

  427. Disqus is glitchy.

  428. look at kobe’s reaction lol. he’s so butt hurt

  429. He didn’t react to any made basket. The guy is mental.

  430. Rondo would go at Scott so bad. Be careful what you wish for, Kobe.

  431. Where is Cuban?

  432. Yeah, that’s mark Madsen

  433. Wearing Lakers shirt..hahah

  434. Good make up and costume, no? lol

  435. TWC kepts highlighting Lin to Davis at half time.

  436. What is the score?

  437. You guys are way too fast typing before I took out the brain fart. Was reading something about Cuban on Twitter before posting here.

  438. 44 each team

  439. Why u not watch?

  440. No,doing work on my computer.

  441. ellington’s only shooting 37% since the asg; 28% from 3; 1 of 8 2nite overall.

  442. Watch Carlyle comeback with the zone defense.

  443. Cuban is definitely in the game. Saw him several times:-)

  444. wow 3FTs

  445. I have to say mavs are not contenders

  446. Seems like they will just
    Let Dallas take jumpers all day..

  447. He’s behind Mavs bench right end.

  448. Did she just refer to Jeremy as her man? More healthy competition! LOL

  449. Lin played OK but not that aggressive in score…

  450. 1st unit played pretty well, no time for Lin.

  451. ok Lin in, still with Clarkson.

  452. Wow every Lakers are hitting their shots!

  453. BS took Davis away from Lin.

  454. LMAO, Mavs are NOT contenders, can’t even beat the tanking Lakers!!

  455. not with Rondo controlling the flow.

  456. alright, at least Lin nailed all his FTs, lol

  457. I hope ball hog, Monta Ellis and Rondo are both out of Mavs this offseason so Lin can go there and complete their Big 3 with Dirk and Parsons!

  458. JLin makes 2FTs and drives again and fouled again.

  459. Tyson like to foul Jeremy hard ๐Ÿ™‚

  460. sh*t! missed the 1st one.

  461. Jeremy in, Mavs stopped scoring.

  462. double teamed.

  463. Who is guarding Barea!

  464. Following play-by-play, so can’t see. What was the turnover?

  465. 2 TOs by Lin. Getting doubled team.

  466. 2TOs from Lin.
    Come on.
    WAtch out you will be taken away.

  467. Clarkson is a young cocky moron, he made a jump shot and stood around like Kobe without running defense.

  468. Mavs double teaming Jeremy.

  469. Carlisle paying respect.

  470. Mad respect.

  471. Thought that was likely. Thanks.

  472. Davis is a good passer for a big man.

  473. Lin not getting to play PG with no PnR, really hurts his game.

  474. Too bad 2 TOVs….keep going! Lin!

  475. Lin needs to get his aggressiveness back. He’s a bit too passive in this game.

  476. And one missed ft

  477. LIn looked dejected.

  478. Clarkson is in right now. Wait for 4th Q

  479. Clarkson played lots of minutes.

  480. Weird, Clarkson got late usage. Iced Lin.

  481. He’s playing against the Mavs players PLUS two coaches, ain’t easy.

  482. He’s playing with hustle and aggresssion. That gets you minutes.

  483. JLin is Mr 4th Quarter. I have faith Lin will get aggressive now.

  484. If BS doesn’t take him out again towards the end SMH.

  485. the sooner the better…

  486. Ellis broke loose!!!

  487. You bet he would.

  488. Lin needs to think scoring because Clarkson is consistently putting up a lot of points. He has what, 18, in this game?

  489. over 30 already with a quarter 2 go.

  490. It’s was ok. One he was double the others he was also double and got stripped

  491. Clarkson is only looking to score cause he’s been on a hot streak, and he’s gotta look good for his rookie year.

  492. Well we are back to this…it was fun while it lasted come on jeremy get 10-12 points

  493. he has not looked happy from the start of the game. only time ive seen him look that way in a game. at least not for a long time.

  494. Have feeling Lin will benched after 6 minutes. BS not going to have him go Linsanity with Kobe there.

  495. 14, 6 out 11 shots, 2/2 FTs

  496. It’s hard to know dejected, exactly. He tries to mask his annoyance with a plain face and downward eyes. He’s so confident now. I’ll bet he just gets disgusted with the tanking and the rookie crap and the unprofessionalism.

  497. Ryan Kelly wasn’t much in the game!

  498. I hope so but why he is not aggressive in score… don’t go back to the way he played before ASG.

  499. MORE points. He has 7 now. I think 7.

  500. lin only gets 12 minutes to actually play pg and then…depends at the end but…it appears the free rein he was given post asg ended last game. and its not coming back.

  501. Jeremy come on it’s all about showcasing yourself

  502. Calm down Lin. Get back in there and play some ball. Still time.

  503. nobody talked about Clarkson’s 2 TOs in 1st Q, no biggie

  504. kobe was grinning with clarkson at the break. only time kobe has smiled the entire time i think. but i guarantee you kobe would not want to play in the same backcourt with a clarkson playing the way he is playing currently. too much clarkson-ity not enuf ko-me.

  505. OK.

  506. he’s only been averaging 1 to a game since the asg. actually i think post asg he has the best assist to t.o ratio among all pgs in the league post asg.

    can;t not ever have a t.o. he will be taken out when he’s going to be taken out regardless.

  507. Refs whistle happy on the Lakers =/

  508. come on LIn, show some impact!

  509. That Ellington force was selfish

  510. Lin is not looking to score. But is it he not being aggressive or BS took it from him?

  511. A little bit both… he didn’t care anymore… smh!

  512. Haha…spacing is not bad but just wrong..

  513. No plan out there no system

  514. Feel like the guys all want a 3-5 game run like jeremy and are trying to get theres

  515. Lin playing really bad, please wake up and show some fight for your next contract!!

  516. Probably reeling from BS comments that he doesn’t like PNR, but, that’s who he is!

  517. Bandwagon getting lighter…

  518. Of course…lol

  519. Ellington gets very selfish out there at times

  520. Maybe he’s just out of patience with trying to herd cats tonight, plus getting double and triple teamed with little/no help, plus certainly BS tanking rotation. He doesn’t play as effectively when he can’t find ANY fun in it.

  521. 37% shooting since the asg 28% on 3’s yet taking the most shots tonite still. maybe trying to emulate kobe since he’s in attendance.

  522. Good Ellis out

  523. Good role player that’s it

  524. 1. Mavs offensive game plan
    2. Mavs double, triple teaming Jeremy
    3. Lakers defense is.. well…
    4. Lakers spacing questionable to say the least
    5. Jeremy Bandwagon getting lighter.

  525. He’s already fully on the radar. It’s not FG eager fans but GM’s and coaches who make the player choices…the proof that they’re seeing through the BS is already in the pudding – not only is he the one they all plan around stopping, but coaches are giving him props. I don’t worry about his next contract. If he has a night in the godawful tanking me-me-me scramble where he just can’t contain his disgust…I won’t be on his case.

  526. Good to see jeremy going for it just not falling

  527. Getting his speed

  528. Lin is the PG. Excelllent play.

  529. another assist!

  530. Good pass

  531. closing game? I guess.

  532. Get me 10-12 kid come on

  533. Not worried about Lin’s assists, more worried about Lin’s scoring! No one cares about assists when you’re scoring single digits, they only care about how many points you score. Just look at all the buzz Clarkson gets.

  534. Ipad is slow, how many ast lin got? 4?

  535. WOW, Lin is doing great!

  536. …5

  537. Seeing boozer make that pass was god awful

  538. I respect carlise. He is a good chess player. Took lin pnr away. But lin is bobby Fischer

  539. Clarkson should come in for Ellington

  540. No not the ball hog #2

  541. Why is boozer handling the ball???

  542. Haha I’m hoping for a brain fart

  543. Aminu 5 steals,

  544. Who

  545. Why isn’t Lin shooting?!

  546. This is a loss

  547. So that goes as a TO.

  548. 3rd TO and Lin’s out, sh****

  549. Shots not falling

  550. Ouch.

  551. He was bleeding FYI

  552. And that’s it folks on a horrible call

  553. Lin got elbowed, bleeding and that’s a charge?

  554. Game over.

  555. LIn and Davis gone; game over.

  556. Game over, Mr. 4Q was taken out as usual.

  557. Clean Lin up and have him finish this game. That’s the only chance for a Laker win.

  558. If jeremy were on the Mavs he would be playing just shows you the BS……

  559. Tank mode has been initiated!

  560. No PnR No Lin No Win.

  561. Don’t think he’ll be back in again. One more for the tank. One less game until FA. Bleeding, but no injury.

  562. Nothing new there…:-(

  563. Lakers ain’t trying to win.

  564. Lin was bleeding, had to come out to fix his nose!

  565. In another dimension of Lakers team with BS as a coach.

  566. No spacing everyone crowding the paint…Ellington shooting jumpers like crazy…boozer handling the ball…don’t hate on clarkson he is a kid that’s given the keys…jeremy to Portland/Bulls/Cavs next season

  567. Don’t think he’ll be back in again. One more for the tank. One less game until FA. Bleeding, but no injury.

  568. Hoping so hard that Kobe pushes Lakers to throw Rondo max money. I’d love to watch that team implode.
    Also to make room for Jeremy on the Mavs.

  569. 5 on Ellington.

  570. Nose? It’s should be patched up by now.

  571. JLin’s not going to either of those 3 teams. I’d want Lin to go to an Eastern conference team like the Pelicans.

  572. Rondo can have it. LoL.

  573. Pelicans got a solid backup pg…those teams mentioned don’t have a solid backup and in Chicagos case jeremy might start

  574. Rondo is as horrendous a player like Patrick Beverley.


  575. That’s it, done.

  576. Rondo made another shot, game’s officially OVER.

  577. Lakers 7 seconds or more of ball holding each possession.

  578. Clarkson key to, missed ft

  579. That’s BS version of moving the ball.

  580. Lot’s of vertical motion.

  581. Watch as soon as the game ends Kobe will be shaking hands with Rondo. I got a space for you on my Championship team next year.

  582. Lin will bounce back next game. He got caught off guard on this one. just think 20 more games. I am sure they are going to sign Rondo to a max contract for sure because of kobe.

  583. Yeah because the ROOKIE isn’t guarded so he can score easily. Let’s see how this guy can do against an ACTUAL defense.

  584. Thats going a little to far. Lol! Rondo is still miles away better than Bev.

  585. Nope. I might as well call them as Rajon Beverley or Patrick Rondo.

  586. Only thing Bev really has over rondo is shooting

  587. Geez jc is awful.

  588. call him air-clarkson!

  589. I was hoping this game was a bounce back from the last one. I don’t think he got the chance to play his game.

  590. But HE HAS A RING!! hahahah! okay im done playing.

  591. Sorry Wes I laughed.

  592. He’s not awful, he’s a young player. Byron is stupid to try to have him finish. Lin is cleaned up, he should be in there running the show, not Clarkson.

  593. The ring argument is so bleeping stupid.

    Mengke Bateer and Sun Yue both have rings, while Karl Malone, Stockton and Nash don’t. I rest my point.

  594. I’ll let Kevin Garnett take care of ya.

  595. Not with D Rose still there, Cavs has Lebron, and Portland has Lillard! Lin needs to go to a team where he can start not be a backup!

  596. So how injured does JLin have to get to get a foul call?

  597. Lin is the 2nd highest in +/- with +1.

  598. Bleep him.

  599. Compound fracture or worse.

  600. Could be 1st. Still 1 min left.

  601. Gj knowing Lin out. Supertanker!

  602. All the way downhill after Lin and Davis were out!

  603. “….great coaching…..” said Calisle.

    Translation: You stupid coach putting Clarkson number 2 guard replacing Lin at number 1 and also to start him?

  604. I don’t usually refer to stats and not much of a stat hogger but that says a lot as to who influences the team for better or for worse.

  605. I am telling you. He did not look like he cares when he came into this game. Something was going in the Lakers locker ‘s room .

  606. Lets replace Pat Bev with Rondo during Celtics championship year. Do you really think Pat Bev would have helped them win? Nah…

  607. DRose is shot….kyrie likes to shoot and needs a #2 og to get his points and lebron makes everyone better….jeremy would be a 6th man contender on cavs….Portland needs 22-25 minutes or more from backup pg…mo Williams leaving has hurt lillard

  608. I am glad everything is out in the open now. Now everybody knows what a piece of crap Scott is and he deliberately took away lin’s game.Those last 7 games he played is enough of a highlight real to get him so good offers.

  609. Opponents can breathe a sigh of relief when BS calls on JC to close the game

  610. Embarrassment to real coaches.

  611. Like what?

  612. No. Because they must lose.

  613. I already put it out there before someone attempts to argue using that reason.

  614. Not like Lin could do much when he was in either since he wouldn’t shoot. It’s a really bad habit when his shot his off he just stops shooting.

  615. I disagree, they now put all eggs in Clarkson basket and it’s impossible to back down.

  616. Yeah, as if fans don’t know when Kobe is back the mini-kobe Clarkson will be traded away.

  617. Good one.

  618. He did pump a few times, but did not elevate.

  619. That was a pretty much stacked team even WITHOUT Rondo, WITH Beverley – Pierce, Ray Allen and Kevin Garnett. Any PG that could have been playing with them at that title run will have his time of the day too.

  620. Rip Lakers.. Monta Ellis got this one. Lakers blew a lead again at 4th Q.. it got worse when bleeding Lin left the game. :>

  621. I don’t blame him. Give him a game or 2 and JLin will come back with some great games.

  622. Lin can’t stand losing. He has to get off of this team. The Lakers fans are talking about tanking so they are happy and the coach is tanking, sometimes deliberately, sometimes out of ineptness.

  623. Oh when kobe comes back next season, Clarkson will be a faint memory. He is a holding place for Rondo. and nothing more.

  624. Lakers have a nifty go-to format for blowing games, and it very much involves letting Jordan Clarkson learn from mistakes.— KEVIN DING (@KevinDing) March 9, 2015

  625. just 20 more games. Stay healthy.

  626. Yes not sure why he just dribbled and dribbled in place or pump faked but didn’t look to score.

  627. as seen like Beverley, Price etc…

  628. I think lin has had enough. He will play better next game for sure. He has to figure out how to beat this system.

  629. Well, Hill has a +4, lol.

  630. Lin’s weakness is one on one, when he gets double teamed or guarded with no PnR his offense takes a toll! If there’s one thing Lin can improve it’s shooting off dribble even when guarded!

  631. Tank is real…LOL

  632. I think he still needs some more good games and really, no 30 point games at all this season? That’s not Lin. He had a beautiful pass to Davis earlier but it just seem Lin wasn’t as decisive and aggressive as he had been. Like Scott said don’t run your plays, run my non-plays.

  633. Players try to win tho. But that was a bad closing lineup for sure

  634. This game Lin was very hesitant about this shots. He did a lot of fakes and hesitated on taking the shot.
    Think he knew his shots were off today so refrained from shooting too much.

  635. Yes. The cat is out of the bag. I don’t worry about his next contract now. Just want him to be able to have some fun (’cause he always plays better when there’s ANY fun in it), and stay healthy.

    For whatever reason, he just seemed annoyed tonight. Doesn’t play his best when disgusted. His teammates seemed especially discordant tonight. After some pretty good games I wouldn’t be surprised if he just couldn’t push past frustration with their “one step forward, two steps back” play.

  636. He will get better at that over the summer for sure. Lin is just as disappointed in his play tonight as much as some of the fans

  637. Jeremy one of only 2 players on the Lakers to end with a +, so there’s that!

    Looks like Byron “I dont believe in 3pters, PnR or timeouts” Scott really got to Jeremy. Hope he brushes it off and goes back to what he was doing.
    Next game I want him to immediately call a PnR the moment he steps on the court ๐Ÿ˜›

  638. I still think Lin’s focus is that Ast/tov ratio. So once he had 2 tovs, he tried HARDER to pass. I do not think he cares about scoring at this point at all.

  639. i think jlin just xcoasting along starting this game..maybe to avoid injury . i believe they already has a team for him thats why he plays well and not thinking about BS bull!

    let us not be carried away by branding Lin as passive or coming back to it, because we know already what was BS wants plays that he like. stop having a wishful thinking that there will be a better things to come lakers season.

  640. no.

  641. and strong…lol

  642. He can get by one defender unless they are an elite defender. They didn’t bite on his fakes so much today, so good job by Dallas on their defense. Spacing wasn’t right today, and I think when Lin started to get on a roll, Boozer messed up, Kelly missed so the team didn’t come together. Then he got the offensive foul where he bled.

  643. thinking what byron has said to him.

  644. Didn’t watch 4Q & read Lin left the game bleeding or bc 5 foul?

  645. ad soon as Jlin left the game..,. I knew it was over….

  646. That’s a very bat habit that he needs to get rid off. The only way to get out of a shooting slump is to continue taking shots! Every game when Lin’s shot is off he just hesitates and stops shooting. He shouldn’t be afraid, there’s nothing to lose.

  647. Guys calm down, the word is out that Scott has deliberately hampered lin’s game. That seven game streak that was on was enough of a highlight reel for most GM’s. Just chant 20 more games

  648. wow. but others just canโ€™t see that…

  649. I wonder where part of hell BS gets his basketball coaching philosophy.

  650. Man, Ding doesn’t like Byron.

  651. Bleeding…but I would bet BS was about to take him out anyway

  652. I would like 20 more games of Lin highlights ๐Ÿ˜›

  653. Yeah, Kobe will be happy if Lakers’ fans like tanking, because this is the only thing he is good at now, and can still serve another 3 seasons for the Lakers, LOL.

  654. 7 game streak was too short, want Lin to be a consistent 20 pt scorer for every game.

  655. from some BS things..

  656. So not even close the game for Lin anymore… smh! BS & Kobe won.

  657. …those with eyes to see…

  658. If he is allowed to play his game, which is p & r. Lin does better in the open court with ball movement, good spacing. He is not a spot up shooter. He can shoot the three, but he has to be in rhythm to start scoring. I am not mad at lin. He was in a funk tonight, but he will snap out by next game.

  659. Next game: DNP-bleeding…

  660. I don’t coach basketball… but I know what a closer/s is/are, BS.

  661. Given up 15 points from the team 16 turnovers and only two
    3-pointes killed the Lakers.

  662. Hate those stats, but it is what it is.

  663. Because bs has to defend and withstand his original comment that kobe is the closer and that without kobe the team doesn’t do well.. otherwise his job is on the line.. doesn’t matter about his other inconsistency of what he said.. it’s the original comment about needing kobe is what it all matters.

  664. he played JC for 35+ minutes

  665. How about shoulder some of the blame for once…

  666. LOL! This might be Byron’s best gem yet.

    So he’s admitting, as a coach, that he needs a closer to close the games out for him.
    How about you DRAW A PLAY. What a clown.

  667. That is ok, lin is outta the Lakers pretty soon.

  668. Making sure there is no free Taco.

  669. bs would not know what a closer look like …even if Jlin is staring at him in front of his face.

  670. So the order was to further reduce the number of season ticket holders?

  671. getting elbowed in the nose and not getting a foul is pretty frustrating, but good for the tank I guess.

  672. So Muse really did do THAT badly, huh?

  673. OMG, make sure no Linsanity will happen for the rest of games. smh!

  674. He is one of the TCW sports commentators.

  675. Way to win the hearts and minds. lol

  676. I feel sad bc they won… looks like Lin will have more games like this. Kobe just have to make sure Lin out of Lakers…. smh!

  677. His head is a bright spot.

  678. well forget about jlin.. maybe lin is ,..maybe lin is not.. we as fans are bias about that.. But the main point is he has to defend his original statement about kobe is needed in the game.. trying to spread to the media so that the lakers fans will say ok.. we do need kobe.

  679. the coverage this game was not as tough as against grizz. But it was a messy game, with handles given to JC late in the 3rd which isn’t usually what I remember the pattern to be – when Jlin gets the handles, he normally gets it to the end of the Q.

  680. The one who sat next to Worthy?

  681. BSc was talking advantage of the bleeding to tank it out.

  682. point is to say kobe is the ONLY closer for the lakers.

  683. Much more of Kobe would mean close SHOP for the Lakers…

  684. or the terminator.

  685. I love lin, but he got to get creative when they pull the okie doke on him. Not scoring become a lockdown defender and try to score in the paint. I think he did that a lot tonight when his shots were off. I applaud Davis-Boozer for setting screens and playing the pick and roll with him.

  686. Yep

  687. Did they double team Lin?

  688. joyce, BSc cannot afford to win many more games. I think LAL is 4th from the bottom now?

  689. Yep, tripled teamed him at times.

  690. Too bad the consecutive 4 possessions where MAVs got stops killed Lin’s chance.

  691. That’s MDA’s defense scheme.

  692. I like that. Lin is so smart. The media love to interview him because he gives good game analyses.

  693. 4 passes from Lin, which all bricked?

  694. And do what, videobombing the Lakers?

  695. Yep

  696. I guess 99.99% people here can coach better than BS……at least we all know how to play players strengths

  697. What would happen if he plays 6 more minutes? Probably 2 more assists and 3 plus more points. Maybe more rebounds and steals also. 24 minutes isn’t enough, especially with no Price.

  698. Not all…oh well…let’s just say all related to Lin

  699. Boozer’s TO was the turning point.

  700. Spoken like a real leader.

  701. Bc double team on him or his shots just off tonight?

  702. I am still puzzled why the bleeding is a charge?

  703. first half, Lin pushed it and got some cleanups from ED, so anyway, he was in the flow of getting LAL well up. It was the bloody nose pull out excuse this tank …

  704. They were saying Rondo was stationary and not in the restricted area. But his arms were up high and he moved his elbow. Stu of course said it was an offensive foul. I can’t stand listening to him anymore.

  705. well. can we be paid millions to come up with reasonable ways to lose and not look 100% like we are trying to ice?

  706. Here is your closer BS. dead last by a mile.

  707. Exactly Carlyle knew the havoc lin could wreck on his team, that is why they doubled teamed lin.

  708. Jeremy to Ed.

  709. Doc is mad.

    @BBALLGAMEPRO @zukovka all u do is bitch..hes in fucking prison..his shot is fine..ellis started slow. But was allowed to play.37 min..— dr.b (@drbrucehirsch) March 9, 2015

  710. Lakers are tanking, they didn’t want to win. They are going through the motions for this next 20 games.

  711. Alley oop to Ed

  712. I see an elite natural PG !

  713. Yes you do and you know who one of them is. Get it in Lin’s hand and let him get Ellington, Wesley, sometimes Clarkson, even Boozer and Hill the ball for good looks. And Lin can make some himself.

  714. Never get tired of LED connection!!!!!!!!!! So beautiful chemistry!

  715. Today’s only bright spot ๐Ÿ™‚

  716. well, it’s not becaue the coach.. the coach had many exspys… tyson, chandler, even monte.. who had played with lin before and know he is no fluke and when he goes off.. it’s almost hard to stop him. need to put a lid of that before lin explodes.

  717. Lin could have generated another Showtime. Too bad LAL don’t deserve it.

  718. I love this doc guy!

  719. Rajon Rondo said he loves Dallas. Says he won't think about free agency until season ends— Mark Medina (@MarkG_Medina) March 9, 2015

  720. Kobe wants to take over ….

  721. ah ok.. what happened with the whole tweet.. ?? and what is this about

  722. Well that’s just not possible with this coach on this team. Clarkson is occasionally putting up the points you want from Lin, but that’s just tanking strategy going under the name of “player development”. That can change on a dime, and likely will.

    It isn’t about just 7 games. Lin’s whole last several years are being re-evaluated and appreciated by GMs and coaches. In a weird way not only has BS shot himself in his Lin-bashing foot with his really nutso basketball opinions, but he’s sort of undone all Morey’s efforts too. He’s been so ignorant and clumsy and Lin has been so persistent at figuring out how to shine in a straightjacket that the veil has been pulled back. He’ll be a consistent 20 pt scorer somewhere else. Not here.

  723. Me too. These two are too over sometimes. smh!

  724. I saw that too, when JC was in, Lin didn’t get to handle the ball at all there was no system of offense with everyone just trying to score on their own.

  725. A thing of beauty, Lin-Davis make it seem so easy and effortless. Kobe’s forced ISO shots are like the Drizella/Anastasia compared to Lin-Davis Cinderella. Obviously BS is Lady Tremaine.

  726. Nathan was having period. So he was bitching Lin was not having a good night. Start thinking Lin can only be a good backup pg, not elite. So Doc went off.

  727. I think just limit his TOs, score about 10 or more per game, get assists, run the offense, and play good D. Yes, he should have some 20 + point games but he doesn’t have to go out every night and get at least 20.

  728. As always.

  729. So when will Nash teach JC about being a PG?

  730. So he learns this statement from Lin… Haha! I really hope Lakers gets Rondo.

  731. Just exposes this inept so called NBA coach, who needs a closer to win games.

    Since ASG, 9 games were close enough. If any of Lin fans get to coach the team in the 3Q, the outcome would be totally different.

  732. I guess Nash has to do it sometimes bc so many fans said he got paid by Lakers but didn’t do anything for them… smh!

  733. heh heh, wait in the lane with an elbow, chances for foul are nil. Maybe a knee to the groin next …

  734. Cause the tank can use the bad juju he brings.

  735. More like: “yeah, I’ll call you.” Heard that before.

  736. I’m still going to disagree with you on that. Pat Bev is a horrible playmaker! Rondo played the PG role and did it well that year. What is Pat going to do? Stand there and shoot 3’s? Wave his hands playing “defense”? I still say naw. I’d take Rondo over all that.

  737. After an impressive 7 days on the court, @JLin7 earns our #Lakers Player of the Week honors. pic.twitter.com/zfgeYQwjTr— TWC SportsNet (@TWCSportsNet) March 8, 2015

  738. LOL! I think you got that right!

  739. .Next up for the Lakers, Detroit Pistons

  740. 20 games total, 11 home games left. Can’t wait…

  741. Me niether

  742. Rondo is full of it. He said the same thing when he was in Boston,

  743. Mods…got a pending…why? Disqus twitch?

  744. 11 home game? OMG, can’t believe this…

  745. So no more Lin’s interview anymore?

  746. Notice especially the “didn’t get too specific on when exactly”. Trying to give Clarkson a little extra PR shine with some Nash mention. Grain of salt.

  747. I think more commentators are seeing how lin impacts the floor when he is playing.If his shot is off then he will impact the floor defensively to keep his team in the game. That is what he did tonight.

  748. Ireland asked Hill & Johnson about what Lin said & if they agreed. Both of them agreed with Lin.

  749. Think so…see nothing in the pending queue tho…weird.

  750. He was interviewed by somebody tonight. Somebody named Bob Garcia

  751. I saw and approved just now

  752. Yep , he will be a Laker next season.

  753. Thank you ๐Ÿ™‚

  754. Stop cursing, LAJane! lol. I think disqus moderates “he ‘ ll” so use “he will” from now on ๐Ÿ™‚

  755. I think lin/davis will not be with the Lakers next season. We all know that lin won’t, but I think Davis will get some good offers.

  756. I don’t care either if you disagree with me, it’s my opinion and I’ll stick to it. Personally Rondo played as a good playmaker because he has good finishers, but still he’s a horrible playmaker if you can call him one. Beverley is called by spectators as good playmaker whenever Harden got the hot hands. Rondo can’t shoot. Beverley can’t shoot either.

  757. Yup. Dead and Last.

  758. Rondo is a good passer. And Kobe want’s the ball. Maybe it will work.

  759. They are very unlikely to land in the same team…anyway

  760. A ballhog wanting to play with a dubbed talented-player-by-majority-of-NBA-fans-but-proven-otherwise? I’d say, make it happen!

  761. Look like everyone cracks….this is what BScott has done to Lin fans…grrrr

  762. lol…We dont have a coach who could help to close a game!

  763. Oh man!…read he was elbowed…missed today’s game

  764. Don’t crack under pressure ๐Ÿ™‚

  765. Run down the clock for which possession?

  766. The drama would be very entertaining.

  767. Rondo changed his tone on stay w Mav. So I believe Kobe must told him that he will get him this FA.

  768. Lakers was down only 2 points when Lin went out at 4:24 remaining in the fourth quarter after he had an offensive foul and a turnover. Clarkson came in for Lin and the rest was history.

  769. LOL watch Kobe comes back to end of the season only to fall flat on his face with an injury.

  770. I don’t know sw … when KT was younger, he didn’t do those game killing tries.

  771. ha ha, just disagreeing with BSc I like that. Wonder if that was a lead by the reporter of if it was just happenstance lol.

  772. Nope, Lakers was UP by 2 pnts. Get your fact straight.

  773. long time ago … when bsc said no foul and lin looked over and got waived off more than once and then kobe heroed the foul running up.

  774. Nope, Lakers was UP by 2 points when Lin got nose bleeding and out of the game.

  775. kobe doesn’t need a good passer because he demands it early and all the time. It comes after half court is crossed.

  776. Lakers only scored 3 pts after Lin being pulled, Clarkson were 0-3, 1 pt, 2 TO in the 4th, Lakers got out scored by 10 in 4+ minutes with him on the floor, he is just not clutch.
    Davis and Lin should have been on the floor to close if they Scoot really wanted to win..

  777. such an easy play for those 2 … you wonder and then you wonder.

  778. My bad got it the other way around. Davis went out at 4:50 which didn’t help the Lakers either.

  779. That’s what we’ve come to know as ‘adjustments’.

  780. It seems to be…the way things are going…lets see

  781. Lin’s nose fouled Rondo’s elbow.

  782. This was by Barea. The 2nd time Aminu pushed him onto Rondo’s elbow, a charge was called against Lin. I’ll double check, it may worth writing to nba

  783. and you wonder….look at the folded arm and wonder again…lol

  784. exactly.

  785. me…nah….I said before the game started…at this point…I dont care about his points…as long as he plays his game…like the play he did with Davis…superb!

  786. Kobe didn’t want to let Lin to close the game. Everything back to normal again. Only 20 games to go.

  787. Yes, that is why he needs a reliable passer in Rondo! Duh! #kobelogic

  788. look out for the “stare”!…lol

  789. Why no FT?

  790. refs in on it?

  791. now that you say it that way, I agree … kobe logic = whatever he wants.

  792. Another bad propaganda for Lin. Scott knows that Lin is in the fourth quarter and most people will think that Lin closes the games. So he continued his black propaganda of no closer. In BS twisted mind, he had to show to the world that Lin is not a starter and a closer. More media abuse to Lin. And these words coming from his coach of all people. Don’t worry Lin, you have the greatest coach with you (God). He will deliver you from all these persecutions (in a way) and will let you shine in His time. God probably wants to show to the NBA world the dirty politics and bad maneuvers of bad coaches and players. Slowly they will be exposed. First, the Knicks are losing badly and Carmelo can’t lead them to playoffs for 2 straight seasons. Houston and Lakers will be exposed soon. Harden will be exposed and also Kobe. Just continue to play for God. As fans, all we can do is patiently watch all these unfold and pray that Lin will stay healthy.

  793. good call … BSc even leaned forward almost hoping for what? go in or rim out? heh heh. you do wonder …

  794. nice!!!

  795. Thanks Grace..

  796. Rondo should go and get his elbow checked!

  797. Whats interesting is…the last 2 games..they seem to be playing better on Q3 but lose it on Q4…lol

  798. And these BS remarks about no closer is just a show. We need to remember that the Lakers doesn’t really care if they win or lose at this point. BS had to maneuver this kind of situation so that Lin will generally be remembered by the media who doesn’t really watch closely to the games and just relied on these kind of publicity, is no closer. Sad but that’s their evil tactics. We all know that Lin will be smart enough to overcome all these bad mouthing by his coach.

  799. uh … clarkson key TOs, bricks.

  800. Please do. Thank you!

  801. Bc Lin came in early?

  802. Pnr limited again?

  803. Picture Time

  804. Much less…today

  805. Thats it…

  806. Dragono Blood!…Who is soft?!!!

  807. Jeremy Lin Alley-Oop to Ed Davis | Mavericks vs Lakers | March 8, 2015 | NBA 2014-15 Season

  808. Lets assume these scenarios for next season (Rondo goes to the Lakers and Nuggets hire Mike D’Antoni), hypothetically speaking, where would you like Jeremy better?

    1) A starter on the Mavs to play with familiar players Parsons and Chandler.
    2) A back-up on the Nuggets but coached under familiar Coach D’Antoni who would guaranteed utilize Lin to his full strengths.

  809. I don’t know why Kobe has such a power to make this FO always changed their mind on whatever their promise to ….?! The whole Org just under his control no matter what?! He won every time.. smh!

  810. March 8, 2015 – Mavericks vs. Lakers – Team Highlights

  811. Lakers Jeremy Lin On How Lakers Mindset Needs To Change

  812. lol…didnt realize we were had it at the same time! ๐Ÿ™‚

  813. Our mindset… lol

  814. can you cut the zero and make it as 2? ๐Ÿ™‚

  815. ‘Coz little Jimmy Buss is a wuss.

  816. It does not matter, only 20 games left.

  817. Lin’s not staying as a Laker with BS and Kobe still there, doesn’t matter.

  818. BS won’t remember this .

    @CNM_JLin_Vids When BS was coaching Cavs back in 2012, they blew a 16 point lead and lost to Knicks led by Lin lol http://t.co/0e3MmtStz9— Jack (@alwaysfighton) March 9, 2015

  819. I think Lin has a high chance to average less than 2 tovs per 36, while dish out 6 or more asts. I mean given the current progress he has shown.

  820. Byron Scott gets a pass from many Lakers fans because they think he’s losing games trying to tank. Wait til next season when they aren’t trying to tank and their just as bad or worse.

  821. OCT 3L
    NOV 2L, 1W, 4L, 2W, 4L, 1W
    DEC 1W, 3L, 3W, 3L, 1W 3L, 1W
    JAN 1L, 1W, 2L, 1W, 9L, 1W
    FEB 7L, 3W
    MAR 5L โ€ฆโ€ฆ. as of March 8

    Total 16W, 46L 0.2581 PCT fourth from the bottom
    The only 3 win streak was on December, has been a painful season.

    20 more games left. DET, NYK, PHI, MIN, PHI, DEN, SAC
    winnable 50/50? Maybe win 6 more games?

    Come on Jeremy, finish strong!

  822. LOL

  823. Back from the game. Here are my thoughts/observations. I’ll re-post a couple things I posted while at the game.

    I got there about an hour and a half before the game started. Ellington was out shooting but I didn’t see anyone else. About 15-20 minutes before the game players from Mavs and Lakers came out to warm-up. Lin’s free throws did not look good so it got me concerned about what it was going to look like during the game but he delivered. He’s shooting was okay during warm-ups but I’ve found it’s not a very good judge of what his shooting will look like during the game. At one point during warm-ups, Lin was dribbling the ball, side to side, and Parsons came up behind him and they talked briefly. Whatever was said, they both smiled/laughed.

    After the starters were announced, and the starters were taking off their warm up gear to play, the players would high-five, tap, pat each other. Lin high fived everyone, but seems to have more “specialized” handshakes with Ellington and Kelley, and a couple of the other players but I can’t recall. He and Ellington high-five and do and arm wave (you can google it if you need a visual). His handshake with Kelley seemed different or more emphatic but can’t recall particulars. I think his other more specialized handshake was with Boozer.

    Fans around me cheered for Lin, and would yell things like, “Go, Jeremy!” I saw many asian fans wearing a Lin shirt or jersey.

    During the game, after Amare checked in and immediately as Barea checked in, after a time out, they both gave Lin a pat/tap of acknowledgment.

    During a couple time-outs, Lin would talk to Boozer or Ellington, and they would run a play immediately afterward. Always led to at least a good look for the shooter.

    One thing I noticed which I didn’t notice before, but I also haven’t been watching games, is that whenever a time out was called, the Lakers players on the floor would go to the bench to get water/sit down, but the coaches would be on the court talking amongst themselves. After the coaches were done talking, then Scott would go over to the bench and talk to the players. With the Mavs and Carlisle, however, the coaches were at the bench as the players would go to the bench and they appeared to immediately huddle.

    I didn’t observe much back and forth between Scott and Lin. I only noticed once in the 4th during FTs for Mavs that Lin was over at the sideline listening to Scott, Lin ran to Ellington and said something and that was about it.

    Clarkson is a pretty bad defender. He couldn’t seem to defend Barea or Rondo very well. Clarkson lacks composure. Clarkson also reacted immaturely to his TO in the end. Maybe cause he’s a rookie. Not sure if it was shown, but that last TO, he stomped his feet and then ran back to defend.

    Scott let Ellis get hot and never adjusted the defense. Ellington was having a hard time defending him, it seemed.

    Not sure if this was shown on TV either but at some point Lin was defending or helping to defend Parsons and Parsons fell on the ground. Lin helped him up.

    As a personal feeling which has no basis in fact, it felt like Lin held back a bit when there was a switch and Parsons was defending him.

    At around 2:50 when a time out was called, a whole bunch of people started leaving. What’s sad was that there was still time and it was close enough but that Lakers line-up was not going to get the job done and everyone knew it.

    There was still limited Lin gear at the Lakers store. They had men’s t-shirts. They were making Lin and Young jerseys for kids. FYI for those going to games anytime soon, not sure when it’s over but they are having 30% kids apparel and jerseys and some stuffed animal (forgot what it’s called).

    That’s all I can remember for now. I may be going to Tuesday’s game as well and will report back any observations if I go.

  824. Thanks for the write up!

  825. Always good to get these game reports. Thanks! I noticed on TV that every time the Lakers had a good play (including the Lin behind the back pass to Davis), that the bench would clap except for Kobe, who never clapped and just had his stupid stare. What a horrible teammate.

  826. Thanks mate….nice to hear from a live audience

  827. Lin biceps flexed due to that jersey lol

  828. Thanks. Really appreciate it!

  829. thank you cali7. Great writeup, tone, and stories. Did you see Parsons break Kelly’s ankles … I was so surprised that was Parsons!

  830. Since ASG Lin averaged 6.0 assists, 14.6 points, 1.11 turnovers during the last 9 games with 27.7 minutes. Per 36 would be 1.45 turnovers, 7.8 assists and 18.9 points if I didn’t scr%ewed up my numbers again. Lin getting 36 minutes on an average, not lightly from Coach Scott.

  831. Byron needs not to think with Kobe around.

  832. That jersey is a disgrace to Lin fans.

  833. The key achievement really is how to impact the game without tovs. Lin has shown so far that if he focuses…he can do it with BS system.

  834. nice ..
    Lin – 3 nice floaters, used to pic up his dribble a tad early, not as good on D. V nice ball movement all around … Melo did more here with Lin than Harden or Kobe. Great to see strong moves by Shump, Fields, Novak, and Stat!

  835. now she has the right jersey!

  836. Yes. It was surprising! Kelly was ineffective today. Guess sacre is now on the outs and black is in.

  837. wanna see more of TBlack!

  838. a true team fan would not wear that shirt anymore.

  839. Yeah. He needs to develop more. Got stripped a couple times in the paint but some good moments. Seems like a good kid. Glad he’s getting some time finally.

  840. pfv

  841. that comment in entirety seems to refer to earlier in the season in justifying his coaching of Lin, taking credit for now. If Mavs got PnR to death, that confirms my point. It was BSc making excuses for his past. He’s just coming up with 15 game tanks methods and then he confuses everything to get to the next set of tank tactics. Nothing he says is real.

  842. Which jersey is an insult to Lin?

  843. 24

  844. If he wants to look there are many mirrors in the mens room.

  845. Yeah he is doing it. Like to see him score a little more for the last two games. The assists to turnover ratio of 5.4 is out of sight, is it not? Man if Lin could keep that up.

  846. whiteside jr for a bit there earlier this season.

  847. Keeping it up is the tough part…lets see

  848. Why is it an insult to Lin & shame to professional basketball just because someone wears 24? Seems a little too much. Definitely not insult to Lin. He’s not wearing it. This forum sure gets me down sometimes.

  849. If Kobe were honest, he would tell management to cut himself. LOL!

  850. Jim buss is running out of time to make lakers the contenders.

  851. Kobe was that way even before he entered the league. He refused to play for any team except for the Lakers. So the Lakers are getting what they asked for.


  852. let see…..get my kind of guy….rondo.

  853. what happened?

  854. hard to say with kobe intefering with management decision and maybe coaching decisions

  855. Brilliant. Scott coaching his team to avoid the most effective plays in the current NBA: pick and roll, 3 ptrs.

  856. Kobe statement is to let everyone knows that he has a hold on the management! Unless…….it is otherwise????

  857. Obviously, the jersey is innocent, what’s offensive is who the jersey represents. Sorry for being subtle, I’ll be sure to spell out KOBE next time.

  858. From Lakersground.
    Lin — — He got popped in the nose, bled instantly and had Vitti the cut man go to work on him, a nose plug later and he was back on the floor in about 20 seconds. Heโ€™d get contact on it again in the fourth at the end of his rotation (possibly) and bled quite a bit on the sideline. โ€œWe settled for a lot of tough ones,โ€ Lin said of the offense in the fourth. The Lakers scored just 16 in that fourth quarter. Not a good shooting night from him scoring wise on that end. He did have some good moments setting up others with the pass and he was one of the only Lakers to get to the line with any consistency. He said mentally they need to play, โ€œto not try to protect the lead but to grow it.โ€ Yep. They just couldnโ€™t get it done on either end tonight when they needed to.

    The Stats: He scored 7 points on 1-6 shooting (0-1 from three, 5-6 from the line) to go with 2 boards, 5 assists, 1 steal, 3 turnovers and 5 fouls in 24 minutes. He was a +1.

    The Action: He pushed out a turnover and blew the layup. He worked the two-man game with Davis and lobbed to him for the dunk. Short on a pull-up 13-footer. He busted out at the end of the quarter, Clarkson threw it ahead to him and he scored the layup with a second left. He missed a layup in transition. He pushed up the break and dropped a bounce pass to the trailing Davis for the layup. He attacked the paint and drew FTs.

    Second Half: He drew FTs on the dribble, he made both. He attacked the paint and drew FTs at the rim, going down hard, he made one. He was trapped off the screen and threw it away. He was stripped for a breakaway. He missed a three up against the shotclock. He missed a short one in the paint. He attacked, drew the D and fed Boozer for the layup. He attacked and charged, more blood coming out.

  859. Well it takes a female to get it right as always…..lol

  860. Scott: I wish I still had Kobe and his 37% shooting. Kobe hadn’t made a clutch shot in the final 5 seconds of a game in 3 years (13 straight misses).


  861. Best wishes to Doubter Nation next season, hope they fully enjoy the “Kobe vs. Rondo fighting over ball” show.

  862. The Lakers definitely deserve Kobe and Rondo next year. That would be an entertaining train wreck to watch. Can you imagine the smoke coming out of Kobe’s ears when he has to watch Rondo shoot 32% from the FT line?

  863. There should be no reasons 4 @JLin7 fans 2 be upset
    Kobe wanted 2 ensure no more #LinsanityInLA
    I feel bad 4 true #Lakers fans #ItIsWhatItIs

    The best scenario is we help expose the truth that Kobe trembles at the thought of #LinsanityInLA.
    That’s who powerful Linsanity impact is. Smart Lakers fans will understand Kobe’s jealousy prevent them from contending.
    It seems they’re powerless to do anything either. Jeanie and Kupchak seem to let Kobe run around free destroying the proud franchise. It’s very sad to see but organizations will crumble when they’re afraid to act. It’s on Jeanie’s and Jim’s shoulder now.


  864. yeah….lin not shooting enough….not aggresive enough…too passive….playing garbage….bla bla bla

  865. It’s always Disqus’ fault. =)

  866. Who said anything about PG? Clarkson was talking about golf.

  867. thanks a lot

  868. I hope everyday that Kobe comes back next season, if only to be humiliated and destroyed by Jeremy and his new team.

    Nothing like starting Linsanity 2.0 with yet another 38 pts on Kobe’s Lakers!

  869. Hey!!! what you are trying to imply? ๐Ÿ˜‰

  870. the true lin fans always want the best for jeremy…one of it to perform well in 20 more games…it is a tough situation…indeed. But he must try

  871. oh yeah, and perhaps on the 38th point, Lin can score with left-handed shot for the exclamation point! =)
    But we know Lin better, probably just easy layup getting past Kobe

  872. Wish I could fast forward to the playoffs, these 20 remaining games with the ghost of Kobe the partypooper is agonizing.

    My wishes for the playoffs:
    1) Pelicans make it into playoffs, Suns and Thunder miss the cut.
    2) Rox first round elimination, preferably by Portland but I’ll take anyone.
    3) Mavs get eliminated early, preferably in the first round.
    4) Spurs (or another team heavily focused on teamball) wins the Finals.

  873. On the off chance that BS was still around, Jeremy and his team should rain 3s and PNR the Lakers to death!!!

  874. well said….Lin had proved in his 7 game stint post ASG, he could play at elite level, even with limited minutes and bad rotations.

    Let the FA come….Lin would make his choice!

  875. No doubt Lin must try but expectations would need to be adjusted for Lin fans to avoid disappointment.
    Lin admittedly said he’s a PnR guy but BScott banned PnR usage. Plus Kobe is truly afraid of Lin.

    There’s not much Lin can do to get 20+pts w/o disobeying order and potentially earning DNP.
    And that’s not who Lin is.

    Best scenario is to hope Lin’s hot shooting w/o PnR. I would adjust my expectations to 10-12pts/5-6asts in 24-25min. Kobe coming to Lakers home games truly showed how much fear he has for Linsanity to explode in LA.
    At least we know Kobe is super-afraid because he knows how dangerous Linsanity threatening his fame in LA.

  876. thats would be sweet!…like the 9 threes he made, with Rox

  877. ‘can’t wait for JLin to get out of LA!!!

  878. for me if jeremy can get 10 –15 it is already okay….need jeremy to adjust again.

  879. The mods are never at fault. It’s always the Disqus system’s fault. =)

  880. He will get out if he get offers

  881. he will also need to get out if Kobe forces Lakers not to make an offer =)

  882. It’s not that it is subtle. Like Lin said “I am not dumb”. I know who 24 is. Just objecting to your comment that it is an insult to Lin. You are insulting Lin by saying that.

  883. he will. i’m sure ๐Ÿ™‚

  884. maybe on the last day before FA….he he….we can dream..cant we.

  885. I sure hope so. 10-15 will help his FA values indeed. Or 12p/5a or 10p/7a would be great!
    He’s a survivor, he’ll figure out away.

  886. And in the post-game interview, he should repeat “My team pays me to do PnR and I’m grateful to be helping my team to win!”

    Take that, KB & BS LOL

  887. Point conceded, Lin himself would probably not feel insulted.

    That said, I firmly stand by Kobe is a disgrace to Lin fans and that he’s a shame to pro basketball.

    Just to clarify, I was not insinuating that you didn’t know Kobe’s number. I meant that my statements were not channeled at the jersey, but at the player who wears it.

  888. Hope so

  889. Just putting this KobeDeathStare out there as a reminder that Kobe wanted to shut down #LinsanityInLA as a threat.
    It’s a lie that noone can’t close out games other than Kobe. Lin did it many times and Kobe got mad and threw a tantrum like a spoiled kid.

    That’s the truth. What BScott said or did are just noises.


  890. Lin is so much bigger than so many small minded people everywhere.

  891. And this is part of why we all love him, and suffer profusely when he’s bullied.

  892. n wonder kobe wants to be on the courtside…to make sure BS fulfill his promises…lol

  893. Lakers will not make an offer. That much is clear to most people.

  894. Wow this is really deja vu…second team we want JLin out already. Hope finds a great place for his next contract with the politics with Rockets or Lakers!

  895. To add on, Lin still hasn’t exploded on a game vs Rockets to repay them for their mistreatment, marginalization, and slandering of his game!

  896. Tarik Black definitely has alot of athleticism and more potential than Ed Davis. It’s sad, Lakers have so many talented players yet choose to tank. I truly think with a great coach this team can totally make the playoffs with Lin as their PG.

  897. unless Kobe has a more evil plan to make him the backup PG & sell tix in LA but his real goal is to prevent Linsanity exploding in another city.

    I won’t be surprised if he has conjured up a similar evil plan.

  898. yes, Kobe was caught off-guard when BScott allowed ‘Linsanity’ while he’s promoting documentary =)
    Now he’s watching BScott closely!

  899. IMO there’s not gold in Ft.
    Knox to keep Lin in LA. Psalm234 please contact me. Thx JE

  900. hm, do you have the site account or twitter to contact you?
    Or you may email [email protected]. Thanks!

  901. he posted his email address yesterday to have you contact him. Obv, you did not read the postings as diligently as some of us do lol

  902. One thing that I am happy about is that Scott has been exposed to tying lin”s hands. Most GM’s and coaches and teams play that uptempo style of plan and that know that lin is a very good pick and roll guy. Kobe wants to remain the King of the hill in LA. Good luck with that. I hope Rondo does sign with the lakers. Kobe is trying to suck the laker’s dry and that is why this team will be in the toilet for years to come. I hope lin snaps back with a better game. I think this one threw for the loop with Scott’s comments about his pick and roll style play.

  903. from the business stand point lakers want to exp and the lakers brand to southeast asia (Filipina).

  904. Couldn’t believe when I saw KB was on the bench. That’s one loop I didn’t anticipate:-) However, this also show how insecure he is to play this. No matter what I’m glad only 20 more games to go. Just pray that JLin continues to stay healthy and improve his games. The rest I don’t really care that much. God always takes care of him.

  905. Kobe was there to recruit Rondo and ensure that no linsanity breakout.

  906. As someone pointed out on here earlier, is that the Philippines don’t have the money that China has. Philippines brand doesn’t have a lot of money.

  907. who knows if kobe is healthy ater this year he might want to play until the age of 41.

  908. Kobe has already said that 2015 he will not retire. If Kobe can get Rondo to sign then, Kobe will be looking for another contract. Also Kobe wants to cash in on the new higher salaries come 2017.

  909. Yes. What confuses me is that in postgame interview BS said he would be there for the remaining Lakers home game. Seem like he wanted to make sure that there was no more Linsanity prime breakout games anymore. Is it another tug war between KB and BS vs Mitch/Jimmy Buss??

  910. Lin just needs to figure out how to score when shots not falling and don’t play games when he is angry. I think last night the reason why he struggled so much was because he was angry.

  911. Could be…since he had mentioned, that he doesnt play well when he is angry

  912. Lakers is a very sick organization that guys like Kobe and Byron can dictate whatever they want on players. How could anything good come out of that? The best bet is for the Buss family to sell the franchise to have someone move to another city and uproot their connections.

  913. It would be a diastrous if you accept it. No one is allowed to share the spotlight with Kobe even if he’s wearing out and performs like the 450th player in the league.

  914. Lakers would then sign him max contract for 4 years and Kobe would sign for 3 more years to play with him.

  915. That’s my guess as well. Make sure Linsanity is not allowed in LA, sort of power game at the top level.

    Anyway, I just want Lin to stay healthy.

    FU Kobe, BS & Lakers

  916. Byron couldn’t draw up a play and all he knows is to go hero ball with Kobe.

  917. 42 pts. 4 more pts punishment because of all the dirty moves he’s done

  918. Kobe’s delusional. mitch is not stupid to allow Kobe back in uniform after next year. Their fans will get real pissed that the team is not doing much to win and will turn on Kobe. it’s starting

  919. I also hope Davis realizes that he needs to get up out of the Lakers. Lin has taken his game to a new level with their pick and roll. kobe/clarkson are two selfish ballhogs that will never give him his props. Also, i think they play Davis less because they want to try to lowball him at the end of the season. I also don’t think Boozer want to stay, but if no offers, he will stay.

  920. Don’t think many players (unless they are props from KB & BS) choose to stay if they have other better choices. That’s my take! After their playing with KB and under BS, most of them are fedup one reason or the other.

  921. Ya! I think he didn’t want to play… in fact, I sort of wish he can be DNP now… smh!

  922. I think Kobe mentioned he will workout w Randle this summer so Davis will not get his starting job or even money either. I believe he will go out to get another team. Boozer plays well why needs to stay here. I am sure lots of teams will want him.

  923. So far Kobe got what he wants…. smh! I really don’t get why FO is so afraid of him…. Too bad, next week all home games. I think Kobe not only wants Lin out of Lakers but also Young… he will be traded….

  924. Exactly. I am not sure Lakers will offer Lin contract or not now? Even I don’t want Lin to stay w Lakers but I still hope they can make big offer then Lin turn them down … LOL!

  925. And they also had Zack LaVine as well. Lakers have inept FO and scouts. From top to bottom, it’s a train wreck.

  926. Take the money and run. Guys like Price, Wes and Hill will do exactly that.

  927. No sure why Lakers fans have so much faith on Randle when he did not do anything for Lakers before injury. He was slow.

  928. I think BS said that he HOPES Kobe is gonna to be there (K*SS AZZ). I don’t think Kobe wants to be there.

  929. Some have mentioned that they wish for DNP for Lin so that he can stop being abused by opponents and teammates that don’t care and coaches that have sold their souls to Bryant Scott. I’m now in full agreement with this faction after watching Lin sacrificing his body last night. Dragon blood is wasted on this lot. Lin needs to go into self preservation mode for his future team to come.

    Only 20 games left. Lin has already left a taste of Linsanity in LA. Just enough for them to lament when Lin breaks out again with a new coach that actually will believe in him.

    The easiest way for Lin to get DNP is for him to go full rogue now and just do like everyone else does on this lousy “team”. Don’t do what BS wants. Do PNR on every play. Don’t pass to anyone except for Boozer, Kelly, Davis. If they ain’t on the court, then ISO and brick like everyone else. If BS doesn’t like it, Lin can sit or even better, DNP next game or two. Repeat and rinse, haha, stick it to LA.

  930. 5.4 is not really practical tho. CP3 is 4.2 career wise.

  931. That would be me. NBA wants to expand to China as that is the biggest untapped market. D Wade is sponsored by Li Ning.

  932. LOL, OMG @disqus_zDgJ5zJRLn:disqus has turned!!!! to the dark side….LOL

  933. I’ve joined the rebel alliance in order to take down the Death Star/ stare!?


  934. Bc he is draft #7… ranking do matter to them.

  935. I am afraid, that you become the one sitting inside of the DS…..lol jk jk

  936. Ya! I am for DNP bc the game means nothing now. smh! Keep healthy it’s more important. But I don’t think it will happen.

  937. IDK, I feel this 20 games is actually important for Lin. He needs to play through it. Just like @disqus_zDgJ5zJRLn:disqus, Lin is turning to a better player now..(in Acbc’s case, darker)…

  938. I’m sure that Jeremy will fulfill his contract to the letter because that is the Christian teaching. He Will continue giving 110% and sometimes, as last night, It cost him BLOOD
    WHY? Because he is playing for God. It’s difficult to understand if you are not a dedicated Christian.

  939. The problem is they will not let him do it. I wish he can play his game but not happen from now on… I really think the GMs or teams want Lin already knew what he can do…

  940. sorry, I’m in travel for 2 weeks so I do my best haha ๐Ÿ˜€

  941. It is not about his box score. It is about to learn how to impose your will. Things we can not read from outside on TV. He might have some set goals he wanna achieve. And BS’s nonsense system is totally a good ground for him to practice.

  942. Yeah, I’m the Darth EVader but instead I’m a double agent trying get the schematic to how to break the tank, but it’s so dam hard to breath inside of this gigantic helmet. I need my puffer, I need my puffer…gasp.

  943. Do worry about non-christian. We know what he is made of too. ๐Ÿ˜›

  944. Now we have the material for Star Wars VIII LOL

  945. That’s insider info only for Lin fans, lol

  946. I agree he should take the chance to try it but …. smh!

  947. LIGHT shines into darkness and darkness CANNOT OVERPOWER IT.
    John 1:5. Jeremy will always overcome because God is with him

  948. only 20 games…no worries…just do his own things and move on.

  949. Totally, I believe Lin will overcome

  950. Jeremy Lin trade failure still haunts Rockets: Dumb disrespect fuels Daryl Morey’s trade deadline bungling

    By Chris Baldwin

    3:38 pm

  951. #DontCrackUnderPressure

  952. But if he plays the game like last night then I would rather he doesn’t play … just rest ….

  953. lol…needs to go in line with SW version VII as well, that is due in Dec “The Force Awakens”

  954. Blood is unwanted, that is for sure..lol

  955. I am #Alllin!!

  956. A contract with the devil is not a one way street. Lin owes nothing to the Lakers if the Lakers don’t use him properly. It is not even that, it’s about how the Lakers turn a blind eye to mistreatment for their own convenience.


    To win the war, sometimes battles should not be waged, troops not be sacrificed, resources not wasted. Lin has tightened his circle to a point where he can’t turn left or right, backwards or forwards. It’s time to just sit and wait for a new opportunity to come.

  957. I think so. Kobe mentioned he will workout w Randle this summer but no Clarkson & said he needs to improve or work on D? JC just a tool to prevent Lin back to starting lineup. Rondo it’s the guy who Kobe wants to next to him bc Rondo will never outshine him on court in score.

  958. ” Lin has tightened his circle to a point where he can’t turn left or right, backwards or forwards.” —totally meant a death star I assume…lol

  959. and he is black… not being racist.. just observation..and they saw what he can do. But then again. austin rivers was like that too and he bombed.. and same with many players.

  960. I like the idea too But its not what he is and thats why he has that many supporters.

  961. and when lin actually explode and had what you guys call linsanity 2.0 with another team with a modern era coach.

  962. lol.. no wonder bs hated him..subconsciously..

  963. Haha, no…a death stare!

    I had a dream 2 months ago that D’antoni was hired by Denver and he asked that Lin be acquired as a prerequisite. Now it apprears it may indeed happen. Lol. The timing is just right for things to fall into place.

    Lin will always give 100% to win, that’s a given. The question is why and for what ultimate purpose. If he gets injured or breaks a leg, will that help him in the long run. Sometimes it’s a need to balance actions with intent for short term and long term gains. One hand has to wash the other…and in this case, Lin sitting on the bench serves both parties just fine.

    Has Lin done enough to promote his faith, his own agenda? Since Linsanity, you can argue that his platform is diminishing slowly to irrelavence. What further purpose would it serve for Lin to risk his body for a team trying desperately to stop him from winning?

    THE MILLION DOLLAR QUESTION BECOMES, will he be better served if he saves his body for a chance at another Linsanity 2.0 to elevate his platform to national and international prominence.

  964. lol…who knows….

  965. Lol truth in that if you ask my wife ๐Ÿ™‚

  966. Lin should move on as GDragic….and find a team that let him have the ball.

    GDragic said beflore leaving Suns he doesn’t like his role of “standing in the corner” and wants to go to a team where he can “be a point guard, like in the past Iwas my whole life.”

    “To be a point guard, to run the team and have the ball in my hands and try to make plays for others,” Dragic said. “That’s who I am.”

  967. His body language on the bench was pretty indifferent. Looked like he did not care about the game. Can’t blame the guy. He is highly intelligent so will internalize things to process his feelings. He has been in these emotional funks before and then regroup himself and play better.

  968. Global vs the local non-convex optimization. Hard to say….:P

  969. old… from Feb 20

  970. I agree with Lin not needing sacrifice his body right now. But I don’t want Lin DNP.

  971. why are we posting old articles over and over again.

  972. Part of the problem is Disqus format where it’s just like a continuous conversation. So it’s hard to know what was posted previously.

  973. Can anyone else get to http://www.reddit.com/r/JeremyLinFans/ ? @brentyen:disqus @psalm234:disqus

    It says “this subreddit is private. you must be a moderator or approved submitter to view its contents.” But I was an approved submitter and could always see it before when it went private. And I am logged in.

  974. Could someone post the two photos of Lin’s bloody face at last night’s game. Maybe caption it like “Soft as Charmin or is it Scott tissue soft”. Thx.

  975. yeah…i’m having the same prob as well. But it has been awhile since I been there….

  976. hm, I’m unable to see reddit due to VPN restriction during my travel.
    I’ll try it when I get back.

  977. I can see my past posts…but nothing on, New section. I’m presume that he doing some cleanups?

  978. I may have proof that bs &kobe may be the Devils themselves. … let’s say they successfully held the tankers to 16 wins the rest of the season. ..then the number of losses will be 66… now put them together you get 16-66… and there you have it…the mark of the devil

  979. At this point. .. I want to see Jlin DNP-CD for the rest of the season to be healthy for his next team…there will be no protest from me this time around

  980. Mini 7 games Linsanity 2.0 happened. .. now it is just a matter of time for the Ultimate Linsanity coming to a neighborhood near you next season

  981. Me too. DNP is not too bad after all….Bc if they let him plays so so game that will not do any good for him. The most important it’s to keep healthy.

  982. ……

  983. This is straight from the tank commander bs manual (obtained by a courageous rebel who sacrificed his basketball life):
    Tanking rule addendum 1.1.JL ( To be for Jeremy Lin only)— DNP-CD if at all possible.

    if DNP-CD is not possible then use all methods possible to take away his strength eg. No p&r, shun him on the court, isos, ect. and exposes his weakness of always trying to play team ball.

    Also as a result,If Jlin gets Injure by the opponent or ref non calls , our tanking goal will be successful.

    Side note: the emperor adam silver will handsomely reward us when the mission is accomplished.

  984. I’m at Dagoba System waiting to train people in the swamp if anyone is interested.

  985. Lin needs to get his stats as much as possible then get the heck out of LA as soon as possible. Kobe and BS are the cancer not only for Lin but also for anyone who’s in their way. The Busses need to wake up as soon as they can and not let those like Magic, Kobe, BS..etc to run this team like 30 plus years ago.

  986. Jedi master I am, Padiwan.

  987. I hope Mav don’t give him contract but Lakers do.

  988. I would argue that his platform is NOT slowly diminishing to irrelevance. In fact, I think it is actually growing, due to more exposures on how BS treats & undermines JLin. Just look at how important national media members are openingly question the latest pnr fiasco.

  989. Spare me from this mindless wild tale. Kobe CANNOT make him anything he doesn’t want to. Honestly, I need to get out of this forum!!

  990. Just look at the talents he’s surrounded with then compare to Lin’s.

  991. Do it Buss family and I am sure the Lakers will have another draft picks for the years to come.

  992. I am not moderator any more. Vincent probably cleaned up a lot of posts.

  993. Kobe was playing the mind game of intimidation. He will continue to push Lin out.

  994. so who is he referring to.

  995. so does jeaniebuss know about this.. or mitch? Anyone tweet it to them?
    Because all successful teams nowadays run it..and if ran the correct way, it’s hard to guard.
    if he said that bs shouldn’t be coaching..unless they are tanking.
    Old fashion old coach who doesn’t believes in 3 points shot..ONLY. ok fine.. I give you that.. but pnr? that’s is fundamental bball.. so no 3 point shots, and no pnr and fake princeton offense.. what?

    Like his supposedly princeton offense is unpredictable.. like one explayer whom he played for said.. I know his system.. it’s too predictable.. entry pass from pg to a forward. or to a guard as the initial play.

  996. The bible also says “render to Caesar what belongs to Caesar”. The “taxes” Lin owes to the Lakers is to submit to their will to tank for their coveted high draft pick.

    “Give unto God the things that belongs to God”. All glory to God is one of Lin’s favorite comments. Where is his glory in playing the fool in a system that marginalizes him and puts him in a situation to fail? The ounce of blood you ask Lin to surrender is pointless because the Lakers don’t want it. THEY WANT LIN TO STOP FIGHTING THE TANK. Lin has to pay to Caesar what he owes by not fightng the tank.

    What if lin gets hurt while fighting against the tank? How will that bring glory to God next year? Lin needs to understand that he has a higher purpose beyond the next 20 games. Lin may have a chance to join D’antoni in Denver and raise his platform to a global level again.

  997. NO NO NO.. linsanity 2.0 NEVER happened. IF lin had double double in all 7 games AND win all 7 .. ok fine say linsanity 2.0 or whatever you want. But that is not linsanity, else you are insulting him. 3 games wins and you call linsanity? come on. Like with westbrook, there is no nickname for his 3-d in 5 out of 6 games. He is just playing lights out. But they aren’t always winning. So what, if lin had 3-d in 5 out of 6 games, that is called linsanity 2.0, but when westbrook does it, it doesn’t call anything?

  998. It’s a matter of degrees isn’t it? Ask yourself how this blip compares to Linsanity and you’ll have your answer.

  999. I said “mini”

  1000. Any tough players…and Jlin is one of them

  1001. Thanks for the link and I like this one too:


  1002. They are the same tweet?

  1003. Thanks I was looking at the one above. LOL.

  1004. His legend & followers are growing by leaps & bounds. Underdog story continues after Linsanity. I offer you as evidence: >16 million likes on NBA China vs Kobe’s < 2 million. Newest video has over 557K views in 6 days, etc.

  1005. I can tweet it to Jeanie.

  1006. doesn’t matter…maybe in your terms, but I know lin is more capable of this already. Plus to say linsanity on just 1 game or 3 games.. it’s like semi-kidding. Have you have see many commentators on TV ..everytime they say return of linsanity? .. it’s almost like a semi-smirk or cliche or whatever, because it’s saying that is his highest level ever. To me, it’s an insult because it’s saying 20 and 10 or whatever is happened in NYK was his HIGHEST level of baskeball. Maybe it is, maybe it is. For lin, he said he hated linsanity because it’s saying he cannot be better than that era, which I agree 100%. But 3 games!?? What about 1 game? We know he is capable of scoring 30 in 1 game and even consecutively before in houston, but that was not linsanity.

    Fact is, Linsanity is over. In fact, that should be his norm. There is a new era, and has to be something out of the blue which is almost like westbrook’s crazy 3-D for 5 games straight. Then we can call it linsanity 2.0. I don’t know if you know what I”m trying to say. Everytime saying linsanity, it’s like laughing at lin fans that we are living in the past.

  1007. Kobe wants him, do it bro lol

  1008. What is Linsanity? Different people has different interpretation. Haters and doubters will use that to mock Lin. Die hard LOF will use that to appreciate and relate days in and days out. But what does it really mean anyway?

    I am not Lin or the people he is close to. But I can say this, Linsanity is only a start. Lin maybe not like the term right now as it relates to the past, as you said. But down the path, 10 years from now, different perspective and mindset will let him see it differently for himself and for people here and there that enjoy (and not so enjoy) the journey that Lin will take on.

  1009. Wuuut? And what I’m gonna do if Lin doesn’t play? Bored to death!! hahaha

  1010. Are you now? I didn’t get the email yet. Maybe internet on Dagobah is a bit slow.

  1011. of course they know. tweeting them anything is useless and only makes the person tweeting it feel better.

  1012. I know from my own experience, that getting a bloody nose is perceived by others in basketball as a sign of physical weakness on various levels.

  1013. I’m starting to agree with you more and more. I like Clarkson though. I personally think he is good for the Lakers. It’s just the Lakers sub them out for each other so many diss Clarkson. But Clarkson has solid potential. Very solid.

  1014. yes, the journey that he started.. that to me makes more sense than kept saying linsanity even when he has 1 game of even 30 and 10 which he is capable of (if he get his shooting straight again) and which he did before. In fact, linsanity should mean that ‘special’ era in NYK.. because that was truly magical and I don’t see anything that can match up to that magical era.. yet. So it’s one and only. I think it’s already trademarked.

    20 and 10 can be his norm. He has to have another magical moment of runs that precedes the previous linsanity era to be called linsanity 2.0 because linsanity is an era in my terms that should not be used so prevalently… so treasure it.

    If he has a westbrook type of game consecutively..or even say broke another record with d-d in consecutive games and it was considered like a magical or crazy moment, that is linsanity of the 2nd era.

    OR if by any chance he was able to pull the lakers from this bad record a few weeks ago and make it into the playoffs or contention when it was still a possibility (as in lifting the lakers from the dead) with lin leading and getting those 20 and 10… and have elevated other in the games.. THAT whole period can be call linsanity.. because that is another magical and nearly impossible feat. But we know with BS as the coach, no way in hel can that happen.
    So it’s not word I personally like it to take lightly.. so 3 games is not linsanity man.

    I don’t know in what people terms is, but imho, linsanity word should not be use too prevalently…and for it to even say it.. It’s like people is watering it down. quantatively it has to be

    – long games win streak (maybe like 10 to pull it into contention at least)

    – doing something rare – (ie: pulling the team up from the dead or underdogish)
    – his having stats that is out of this world also
    – media cannot ignore him..again.

    Again, that is my opinion.. and I quantified it right there. else, we are just watering that word down. That word is a treasure and magically moment so treat it like one. You get what I’m trying to say?.

  1015. Yes, I got it and respect your opinions. It is just people being people. Some likes burgers, some like noodles, some likes rices.

    We are here just to share our views regarding the person that started this all. 500 years from now, probably only the word still exists (see, now that I am redundant to use that word, thanks to you ;-)). Not us.

  1016. That collision with Larry Sanders was even more nasty. Came back into the game after a few stitches.

  1017. I gathered that feeling last night from the announcers.

  1018. Lin kept improving despite tough situation. His RPM–real plus/minus jumped to #21 this week, he’s been playing winning bball.

  1019. Wow, great.
    We should all click for Lin and LeBron, so that Kobe will be #3 behind LeBron.

  1020. Too bad it does not have dislike rank.

  1021. Rondo at 43, Patrick Beverley at 44, while JC at 61.

  1022. Thanks! Please share the link!

  1023. LOL JLin may receive tons from his haters/doubters:-)

  1024. Nah, I don’t think there are 18M of haters/doubters.

  1025. im so bored i actually said (to myself): “oh look a new episode of ‘jane the virgin’ tonite”.

  1026. we can entertain you here… until next season…hehe

  1027. soft under the kobe death stare.

  1028. May get less than KB for sure:-) I will continue to vote for him if there is a dislike icon:-)

  1029. 30+ years ago; lets see when exactly would that “take us back 2”?

    the lakers are just living out your political wish on a sports level.

  1030. it still amazes me that ordinary people imagine that important people pay any attention to their “tweets”, etc.

  1031. i have no idea why this comment i made like 20 hours ago is showing up at the head of the list. probably has something to do with it being in response to a now delted post.

    that sort of thing has happened before. maybe its only showing up here for me tho. awan. dont know.

  1032. The key is to watch your own +/- every game, reduce TOs, grab rebs, increase efficiency. Bev’s been playing losing bball lately, his +/- ain’t looking pretty for most part, that’s way.

  1033. Thanks! Appreciate the link.

  1034. One ant won’t make a difference. But millions … Not that I mean millions fan will follow.

    Anyway, that’s the celebrity’s burden if they open their social media to the public. People does what needs to be done.

  1035. remember he has mostly junk teammates and the worst rotation.

  1036. Jeremy Lin story makes all parents wanted their kids to learn and to look up to. Your dream can come true if you put your hard work in it.

  1037. Haha I was thinking my phone / disqus account got some issues. I used to think that may be I upvoted you that keep this post showing on the top in my phone…..

  1038. it’s okay for you to have a different opinion. Whether it’s true Kobe drove Lin and Dwight Howard out of LA, the fact remains that Lin has to get out of LA.

    My point is Byron was certainly hired to please Kobe and there’s a great probability of Lin & Boozer being benched in Game 20 after calling him one-man show in Game 10. Then Kobe stare happened at Jimmy Kimmel show when Linsanity broke out. 5-6 games later, PnR was eliminated. There’s certainly enough evidence that Kobe doesn’t like Lin and Byron’s actions reflect Kobe’s feelings toward him.

    It doesn’t really matter if Lin fans agree or not, we all want Lin to play somewhere else where the coach and organization trusts him.

  1039. Kobe is easy to play against and difficult to play with.
    The Black Mamba will destroy all his teammates and drag the team to the bottom.

  1040. Okay I’m counting on you guys ๐Ÿ˜‰

  1041. Makes me wanna get bored with you. LOL

  1042. It’s Philippines. Pilipinas is the Tagalog translation. Tagalog is one of the many languages spoken in the Philippines. I hope this is not ignorance on your part.

  1043. True. But NBA does not need to expand in the Philippines. Basketball is arguably the most popular sport there. It has the only NBA store in southeast Asia and an NBA cafe/resto.

  1044. May Luke Skywalker be with you?

  1045. On the contrary, I think Kobe wants to be there and Scott just tells us he wants Kobe to be there.

  1046. Kobe needs to see Jordan Clarkson’s deleted tweets


  1047. everyone on the bench got excited except koby… way to support the team… smh

  1048. infinity88
    @JLin7 with fan after yesterday’s game vs. Mavericks via reese_ #JeremyLin

  1049. That’s great that Chinese fans are growing to appreciate Lin and understand how he is being marginalized by the Lakers. What I’d like to see though is for these millions of fans is to actually organize themselves to help change the negative rhetoric against Lin by the media covering the NBA.

    What we say on this forum is to inform and create memes to grow ideas. However none of what we do can actually affect how Lin plays. We are basically like fleas arguing who owns the dog.

    Lin DNP however can serve multiple purposes. Firstly, it will further push the idea that Lin is being marginalize by BS and the Lakers. Secondly, he will not be subject to any chance of injury. Thirdly, I hope that the 16 million Chinese fans will get angry enough to finally band together and hurt the NBA in their pocket books. This is the most important way in which lin fans can ultimately change the constant negative media slant on Lin.

    Every game Lin plays where he isn’t touching the ball and not allowed to score, he is allowing the media to further promote the idea that he is inconsistent and is a low level PG. We all disagree of course because we recognize that no superstars are ever judged the same way Lin is. But it is what it is and for now, the more he allows the Lakers to abuse him in this way, the more the haters will build their negative rhetoric.

    Yoa Ming was protected by the Chinese government and fans. We need the same help from the millions of Lin fans to do something together as well to change the way the media continues unfairly judge Lin and allow opponents to elbow him and punish him with flagrant fouls on lay ups. It’s not enough that we just emotionally support him. We need to turn off the NBA TV revenue and hurt them in the pocketbooks.

  1050. Ok what is going on with the site. It’s not refreshing to the newest messages. Help!!!!

  1051. lin’s overall ranking is #99, very consistent with ESPN pre-season #nbranking which was #100.

    Keep it up Jeremy!

  1052. slow/boring day, that’s all. lol

  1053. Go bears!

  1054. Good job.

  1055. Is that CAL? Of CAI?