G61 Brook-Lin Duo Leads Brooklyn Nets vs Portland Blazers


Picture Credit: JLinFans.com

Despite the loss against a motivated 4th seed Jazz team who came out blazing after losing to Minnesota Timberwolves, it’s important to note that we were pleasantly surprised to see Lin checked in the early 4th quarter trying to rally his teammates. He had 5 quick points (thanks to 2 Booker’s screen), helped the Nets made 9-6 run in 5 min to cut the lead to 14pts (82-96). Then, Brook and Lin checked out with 6 min left. Prior to the 4th quarter, Lin only had 2 points  in 11 minutes hampered by foul trouble with four fouls.

The Jazz was too good tonight and they have another game tomorrow against the Blazers who have the rest tonight.

Whether Lin lobbied Coach KA hard to put him in early in Q4 to see if he can help the Nets to make the run or it was KA’s decision, it’s good to know KA has some flexibility regarding Lin’s minutes. Lin tried to carry the scoring load but it’s clear the Nets D can’t stop Jazz hot shooting tonight (46% 3FG, 51% FG). The Nets shot poorly tonight (24% 3FG, 40% FG)

The Nets poor 3PT defense will be its demise if it doesn’t get fixed quickly. Even in the win vs Kings, they let Kings shot 50% 3FG. It was like a parade of 3pt shooting practice for Nets opponents that it was so embarrassing.

Positive Notes

1. The Nets are willing to run plays for JLin (Brook’s screen, 2 Booker’s screen) and he and Brook should be #1 and #2 scorer every single night.
2. Acy’s starter-level performance (18pts in 18 min) is another positive note that can’t be ignored. He’ll get more minutes off-the-bench to see if he can bring consistency and then he might even start. His 3pt sharp-shooting, strong D and high BB IQ were so obvious
3. JLin is getting healthier although he seemed cautious not to go 100% full-speed to drive through big bodies (thankfully)

We wished for another 17pts game but the Jazz is a good tall team, not like the woeful Kings who couldn’t score. And Lin is still not 100% yet. Let’s keep our eyes on the prize. A healthier Lin, more Brook-Lin, more PnRs, and 5th consecutive game vs the Blazers tomorrow.

He gets closer to break his 6 consecutive games for this season. Lin needs to play all 26 straight games and excite the Nets fans with some Linsanity games that he can be their de-facto starting PG for years to come.

Nets vs Blazers Matchup


ESPN.com Preview:

Point guard Damian Lillard fully expects to beat the Nets (10-50) and begin a playoff run. Portland has 22 games remaining — and 10 of the last 12 are at home.

The Blazers are in a six-team battle for the eighth and final playoff berth in the West, trailing No. 8 Denver (28-33) by 2 1/2 games.

“We’re not going to pack it in,” vowed Lillard, who has averaged 32.0 points in the four games since the All-Star break. “That’s not our character or who we are.

“We can beat out those teams and get that (No. 8) spot. We know that. All it’s going to take is to put a good run together.

KEY OF THE GAME: Brook-Lin duo would need to find ways to outperform Damien Lillard-7 foot, 280 pounds Jusuf Nurkic. Quincy Acy’s strong game would also be needed to fortify the Nets defense and space the floor with his sharp 3pt-shooting. But the second night of the back-to-back game might be too much to overcome for the Nets. We can only hope for a competitive game led by Brook-Lin duo and a healthier Jeremy Lin as the best outcome.

Let’s hope and pray JLin will stay healthy as his body adjusts to the rigor of NBA physical games and help the Nets believe they can win more games!

Let’s go, JLin and the Nets! 


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